Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1861 Page 3
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t T I FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. 1 Thursday, August 15?C P. M. The remaining sections of tlie plan of the bankers' committee were this day unanimously adopted the meeting of bank presidents, held at the American Exchange Bank. The government thns gets all the money it wants, and on very reasonable terma; everything is, in a word, settled on a satisfactory basis. There will be no want of money to earry on the war, and the government credit will be sustained. There is no change in the money market, nml no kaainesa doing. Negotiations are generally sus. (tended, iu view of tho uncertainty heretofore at utcmug io me lunuuuuiuig Kuiviuui<.u? Brokers are borrowing at 4 a 5 per cent, and tho best names would go readily at 5 a ti on short paper. Exchange opens without much inquiry, but tho supply seems shorter than it was, and hence hankers are stifler in their views. The general rates are 107% for sterling and o.Oi for francs. The real business of tho packet w ill not begin till tomorrow, however, and a better supply of bilismay then alfeot quotations. Itates are not yet low enough to tempt speculators to buy bills for the purpose of drawing gold from Europe. Contrary to general expectation, the stock market did not respond to the success of the government negotiation this morning. Very little business was done; there wus little or no buying by the public, and prices varied so little as to attract no attention. New York Ccnfcal, Illinois Central and Toledo were quiet at yesterday's price; Galena advanced % and Erie with small sales; Pacific Mail, on the arrival of the Champion, rose %. United I States stocks were inactivo at yesterday's quotations; the two years Treasury notes, howeverwere in lively request, and sold up to !)7, un advance of % per cent. Of the State stocks, the only ones which varied were Tennessecs and Virginias, the former rising %, the latter \x/t percent. The advance was caused by orders from the South, apparently predicated upon the bill to which we referred in this morning's 11?>ai.i>. Wc learn that the bill has been favorably reported in the Con federate Congress; that it urges the Legislature o( eaoh of the Confederate States to instantly declare bonds held by "alien enemies" null and void, and that there is no doubt of the recoinmcudation being promptly acted upon. Savings banks and other institutions holding money in trust will commit a grave error if they neglect to sell any Southern bonds which they may continue to hold. After the board the market was steady, without change of quotations. At the second board a general and rather unexpected decline took place in the railway shares, State stocks, especially Virginias, being still sustained by the Southern demand; at one time the decline almost promised to grow into a panic, but at the close stocks steadied up somewhat. The following were the last prices of the day:?United States C's, registerOd, 1881, 87% a 88; do. 6's, coupon, 1681, 88% a W; do. 5's, 1871, 81 a 82; Indiana 5's, 75% a <C%; Virginia'C's, 5Gn50%; Tennessee C's, 43% a 44; North Carolina C's, CO aGG%: Missouri C's, 43% a %; Pacillc Mail, 77% a %; Nov York Central, 73% a 14; Erie, 26% a %; Hudson iiiver, 33% a 34; Harlem, 10% a 11; do. preferred, 25 a 26; Heading, 3(1 a ooya; Micmguu central, ' 1-4; mi-iiigiui Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 14; do. guaranteed, 28% a 29; Panama, 100 a 107; Illinois Central, 04 a %; Galena and Chicago, 05% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 29% a %; Chicago and Ilock Island, 39% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quin< _\. 48% a %; Milwaukee and Prairie duChien, 15 a In; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 89% a %. The London papers seein to be in a frenzy o; alanu lest a United States loan should he negotiated in Knglnnd. The steamer which leaves In 1 n Saturday will relieve their minds, and will inform the British capitalists who were anxinu." to Invest their means in United States securities that they can only do so by sending order, hero to Vniy_ This country is rielt enough to supply its govirnwient with all the money it needs, and it w ill do so. Before the war and its sequel are over the public debt of the United States wiU probably exceed a thousand millions, the whole of which can be conveniently placed in this country. By that time the Merit and safety of United States stocks will lie reooeiiized everywhere, and Modish capitalists. who are now threatened with prosecution if they seek to increase their income by subscribing to our new loan, will be buyers in this market at a handsome premium. The newspaper warnings they arc receiving will cost them from ten to twenty per cent on their investment. The whole course of the British press in reference to the civil war in this country illustrates the short-sighted i character of British selfishness. in their 511oenceoled sympathy for our rebels they forget that the North is their chief custom r, not the South, and that whatever inconvenience might ensue from a temporary stoppage of the supply of Southern cotton, much (raver mischief would follow a suspension o1 Northern orders for cotton goods. Delusive hope" of an extensive commerce with a free trading Southern Confederacy?based on the corner stone f slavery?have induced them to treat this country as though its strength was gone and its ruin a I fixed fact; the result of which is that the hands of protectionists here are greatly strengthened, and the friends of free trade correspondingly weakened. And now the silly spite of politicians' combined with the anxiety of bullionists, induces the press to protest against the negotiation of a loan which never has been and never will be offered In England: the only consequence of which folly is that Englishmen, who desire to get seven Instead of three or fonr per cent per annum for their money, will have to pay something extra for premium and commissions to brokers in New YorkThe business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? TowJ receipts $88,888 ir> ?Frotn Customs y ,000 00 ?Treasury notes IO.SUO ou Payment* 143,781 07 Balance .r> ,004 .902 2d The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $15,200,693 56, and the balance $886,753 2 0. it is interesting at this time to present in tabular form the combined strength of the banks of ihc three cities which have so nobly responded Ui the wants of the government:? Cimitat'n. !frl Unf*. W. York. Aug. J0.$l(H) 'V;j.Ut2> ?,730,482 | Boston, Auk. 13 ?1.I38'?I0 6,4U'.u0(t 6,450.(100 Is,OI< ."uu Fhllnd'a, Auu- 13. 24,oG4.07o 6,790,.140 2,074.009 16,56!v'CW TvUl .*19.1,180,012 til.SSS.240 17,234,491 125,l?-\;vl The Chicago Tribune of Tuesday says:? Vic itanks still buy Nmv York exchange ut par, and ell at yt per coot premium l'or apjiruved currency. For gold It cit.i In- had at <t ;i Jj |K?r ri'iit disconut. For ( a- I fiodion currency 2 a 2per cent pretnjunt Is tlic rate. At Milwaukee, on Saturday last, the shipments of w&eat and Hour wore equivalent to cue hundred tthousand bushels of the former, and four per cent yroatitim was the most that the leading banks : wca\i pay for sight drafts on New York. A meeting wiw? held in the cxuHitiig, and the bankers resolved .on Monday to rodwic their selling irate to five per s>;nt. At Cincinnati, on Mondkvy,, according to the Gatette of that city:? Exchange ?is but in moderate request, nnil prieewore not onuiy maintained, though no uniform change ' was eslaWinhwI. The selling r?u- was premium, but l ID some I 'twv whore currency was wanted a slightly toner llgure v;#' accepted. (iold remains dull. The receipts of lumber continue sjniiM. and the stock: is ' ceiuouiathig on the yards. The supply is ample and ' *bc asairimcnt good. tol s ore dull and only for imme r <tUte net)sumption, i(h less inquiry for foreign ship- ( meii'. mi account i t the dilllc.ulty In obtaining foreign ' vnsse's, tbi? insurance being so increased on American 1 bottoms us o> prev ent shipping by them in a great men " sure Pr.ce,; ur." nominal on many articles, and we have ( no chango to notloe. thocglt it is that concessions I bare been mad > vrnCrp sulek have clliclcd. Ihc < l#ceipls by tko Icrand fJatliplaiB bftwUti AttfiUg the ge _ 4 ' I i coud wo. k in August in the years named wero as f lows:? Boa ids a rut Shingles, Timber, Start Scantling, ft. M. c.ft. lbs. I860 11,0111,000 1,797 2,878 5,212,t 1860A.. .11,017.000 3,006 ? 5,928,1 1661 4,480,464 381 ? 3,131,1 The receipts both from the West anil the Nor continue to fall off', but the greatest diminution exhibited from the West, the receipts of boat and scantling by the Erie Canal for the week bei only 1,946,434 feet. The receipts by the Eric a Champlnin sanals, from the opening of navigafi to August 15, in the years named, were as follows: Boards ami Shingles, Timhrr, Starts Scantling, ft. M c.ft. lbs. 185 9 155?,988,762 32.987 62,228 73.086.1 186 0 174.1S9.000 29,776 31.964 64,120.1 186 1 63,763.901 10.514 32 72,048.1 The receipts for the three months and a half tho navigable season of the canal show a falling in the articles of boards uml scantling, compnr with the same period last season, of one-half, a a considerable increase in staves. Tho Liverpool Times of August 3 reports:? TV Hoard of Trade returns for iho mouLli of June i-li tlmt tho oxports of homo produce and manufactures the month were again upon a much larger scale tli could liavo been expected, reaching ?10,362.893, which more by twelve per cent than iu tho same mouth l year, though loss i?ythrc>o percent than in June, 1859. I the llrst six mouth - of the present year the total lias In ?00,143.425, b ung only throe per cent ie.-s than last ye, nud four per cout liss than in 1659. Thu export tr; with the United States is shown to be ui w completely | ralyzed; hut the fulling oil iu tliut dircetiou i- fully eo pensatcd by tic increase iu oilier quarters. With regi to llnportod commodities, it apfears tluit the an ivuls grain, althoughexcessively large, were not quite so lieu as in die preceding mouth. Their value, iucluduig all < scripllons, may he i ntimated ut upwards of ?3,i>0o,b wliiii' lli,it ill I In- .May iiuimrtations wan 14.000,000. I> iur tho llrst six mouihs of tlio year, tho returns for wli urn now i onipli toil, our il>i|x>rUttiurut of grttiu of nil kit have amounted to ubout ?21.000,000. against uli< ?0.600,000 ill tlx- i'iirrr-|x iiiliii(f half of Im'O. Ah rospc tin consumption of oihi-r articles of foutl ami luxury, I IIrutcs for tho inouth of June show a falling oll'um every lu ud except thorn- of cocoa and Wiiic. We have iwccired a copy of the annual report the Pennsylvania Coal Company, mado on the (i inst., and showing its business for the year endi Ifay 1, 1801, as follows:? : ales of coal $2,648 1 Trans|*)rtaliou Co.'s roud, &c 57,f Coal en hand May 1,1801.. 130,5 Total (2,741,8 c oal tilt liuud May 1,1HG0 $777,707 Itoail expenses 81 m,370 freight 078,880 Tolls to rdawuro & Hudson Canal Co.. 341.116 Port Ewea expenses 50 SM Into tax 11.200 liu crest on bonds 42,000 Sa'arics and expenses 34,081 Co il yards, harbor expenses, &c 140.203 2.4.",(!,? Profit for the year $201," Being about nine per cent on tJie capital stoc from which two semi-annual dividends of thrceai a half per cent each have been declared. Annex* : . . I.? I...I....... ,.l ,1... I I* kUC "UIW VI .ilk, v VU.J..HIJ, To capital stock $3,200,0 To seven per out mortgage bonds uoo.u lo bonds andmortgagespayable 83,8 To bills aud accounts, payable, Ac 115,8 To balance, made up as follows:? balance (x r Inst report $471,012 burnings 1860, per statement 20-1,722 $76*2 73?"> Dividend August 16. 1800.... ft 12,000 Dividend February 16 1861.. 112,000 tVedit real estate 20,000? 244,000 Total $4,518.4 Hy railroad and oquipinent $2,000.0 h) real estate, docks, Ac 1,210,5 Hy cunnllKiat. 4 178.2 by barges and steamboats Pittston and Tclegrapil. tools, Ac 34.(1 By opeuiuR mines 150.2 I y b dances in tile bands 01 agents of III en 13,5 lly balances duo from tile Delaware and Hnds' n ('anal(or n puny, on business ol jsf o and 1851, not iucludbig interest, sundry unsettled claims, kc 25,6 lb disbursements on acconut of ticsi in ss of 1801, Ac $104.062 I)\ ca.-li on baud, Muy 1.1801 167,408 1 > loans i oo'ivable and bonds paid and cancelled 102,274 Hy b lis and accounts receivable 309,750 Hy coal on band 130,722 900,2 Total $1,518.4 I'y balance $518.7 Tlic report states that the business of the cot pany is progressing with regularity and econom and the works continue to be iinjirovcd witho charge to construction. The directors unticipu ,t decreased consumption of coal from t ho deprei ing influence on certain branches of industry tin; political disturbances of the conntrv. The Chicago and Northwestern Railroad carni tin: first week of August:? 1861 $12,458 i.suo s,mo Increase >4,'-112 The Toledo and Wabash road earned for the fit week of August:? 1801 $21 ,7 lfcCO 26 4 Decrease $0,8 The earnings of the Milwaukee and l'rairie i f'hien Railroad the first week of August were:? tY<>m passengers $3,360 T'rotn freight 10.408 krem sundries 1,310 Total $18,083 Corresponding week in 1SCU 18,0.77 Increase (3,036 1 The receipts of the Norwich and Worcester roj for July were:? lstil $26,660 1860 36,in.i Decrease $.10,080 The decrease is almost wholly from local traffi Stock Kxchnngc. TnpHstMY, August 16, IStil f.10000 U S 6'Sj'Sl, reg 88 (1000 Harlem 1 m lis. lis lt'000 IT S (Vs. :bl, eon 88',' 13000 Mfeh So 2 rn lis. 60 1000 lT S 5'.",'71, reg 80 '? 15.slis Bk (ifAmertea 96 12000 1'S 6's,'74,eon S1 ?450 Metropolit'iiBank S2 40600'l'rens 6 p c, 2 y tit!1 j 30 ImpfcTraders'Ilk 78 6000 Ohio 6*s. I860.. 91 300 Kri" lilt 26 1000 111 con bs, 1862 . 81,'j 6 F.ric ltRpreUl.... 47 1900 III cou lis. 1877. 82 46 ilo 60 34000 Tenu b'S, 90... 45 126 Pacific M 86Co... 78 8000 do 44?.f 6 do 75 16000 do 44': 140 do 77 10000 do.'. 44 fj 10 do 77 fiUOU no S3 if.o no c "s 9000 Virginia 6's.... r>4'. IOCS Trust Co 110 ".000 do s]-.7 64100 NYCenR,ox-d.s30 74 9000 do 66 160 do opg 74 6000 do 66 '4 100 do pfcc 74 >000 do 50 226 do opg 74 6000 do 815 66 50 Hi d River RR.... 04 6000 do 66,\' 180 111 Coo RR scrip.. 01 6000 do 65; J 60 Gale & Chic RR.c 06 0000 Georgia 6 8.... 70 460 do c CO 22000 North Car fl'8.. 00 50 do s4 60 14900 Missouri 6'S... 44 64) do 830 05 11000 do 400 Clcvc \ Toledo RR 00 10000 Mod'StoHfcSl JR 40 >, 200 do 1)15 :;o 600 I/ml*i(ina fl'i., 63 300 do bl5 30 3000 do 04 >3 200 do 630 20 0000California 7'c.. 76,200 do.. , liOO 60 1000 ErlcRllSmb '83 85 ' 33 Chlc,BurfcQmnKR 64! IIKIOO do 85 H 60 U? 68 1000 llad RR 3dm b. 80 PRt'OND nOAHP. #180001'36'? 81.rou S8>i f2000 lll'Oen RU h?.. 89 10000 1*8 6 s '81. reg 37\ 100 .-Us Pacific M SR.. 78 10000 TroacO pi 3 yr. 90\' 50 do 7! 7000 do '96!! r>0 do 77 1000 frotu>12 |M- note 101V 6>0F.rieRK 2rt lOCOllliliooToiiliv-62 81 60Krie RR pre!'.... 49 600 I/iulsiuna OV.. 64 60 Hud Riv RR. .830 03 6(018) do 64100 fbirlom RR pi fl. 25 12000 X Carolina 6V. CO too Michigan t'cnRR 41 1000tieorgift6*8.... 70 00 ? 880 4! 2OOOMo0'si8toII,VS.IR 40 100 Mich S&N lg Mk. 29 StiOOTcnucssocGVM 4426 l uuama RR 107 cnoo d<> pIO 44 160 III Ccn RR ?crip. 64 iOMUTI do 44 100 63 17090 Virginia O's... 7a; MO Chi O Rk la BR.. 39 MM do MK 100 do ^fio 30 43BM'Missouri 6*s... 4?>', 100 do 1.10 39 10000 do 1)30 43.', 100 Chi, Bnr .V Q Bit. 58 C^TV CUMHIBBrUb REPORT. Twbsday, Augu>t 1.7?8 P. it. Asmm? (Sales of libltf. ireio made ut 5>^c. fi* pot ind H%c. tor pearls. HnKAnsTrtvs.?Flour was ill brirk demand nt He. a 5.7 or bid. higher, \?i?h moderate receipts , and sales01 25.18 Oils. State and Western, 2.40(1 hhls. Southern and 1.61 dds, Canada, the market closing buoyantly, P ith a gor ntpiiry from shippers. iiiwrline Stale ?J 4.7 a 4 ." '.xtrn Stale, good to choice 4 65 a 4 8 iupei tine Western 4 40 a 4 6 'owtnoit to choice Western extra 4 60 11 6 6 !xtr? Canada 4 65 a 7 5 4ixe4 u> straight Southern 5 10 a 6 8 Straight to pood extra do 5 85 a 87 limine extrn family and linkers'brands... 0 75 a 0 0 lyn Hour..,, 2 25 a 3 6 'orn meal, Jerwy and Brandywlne 2 70 a .'! 2 - Wheal I'as ml racted 2c a 3c.. and been in active demand NEW YORK HERALD, FR ol- mostly for shipment, at tho riac; sales wore made oJjj 200,000 bushels ut fl 36 a $1 40 for white Kentncky,$l ' '' a $1 36 for white Western and Canada.$1 24 a fl 28 lor reiBJ <1 146 and auilier Western winter, l'6c..if I 16 for Milwaukee club ] i0U and timber Wisconsin, fl 06 for Canada club, and 85c. a HH) 1 fl 06 fur Chicago spring. Corn was very nctlvo and _ dearer, with sales of 305.000 bushels, mostly Western mixed, at from 41c. a SOc. for unsound and very choice' 1 ^ with Western yellow ut 60c. a 61e. Rye and outs wero ng quoted firm, with a moderate demand, llarley was en . tirely nominal. Cohpkk.?The market was quiet but llrm. rtuleg w ore on made of only 460 bays Rio at U '..c. a 16c., 160 mats Java . , at 10c., and 60 bags Marucaibo ai 16'.,e. f Cotton.? Though holders were n t disposed to reilure i prices to-day. they were manll'esl ly more inclined to sell t ut yesterday's quotations, the extreme tigureaof which, 103 however, were not sustaimd, im only 460 bales wh o pur ol' < lia.-ed and tin-e on a liasi.- el lse. a 18',e fur middling f I'd uplands, per lb. of Fkkii.'hts.?There was more produce offering today, g . and shipowners were'chiiminK higher rates. The en .aye ii mints wore moderately extensive, parlu ulurly el grain, ' ed which Knglb-h and Ireneh buyers were purchasing . liberally. To Liverpool, 600 bids. Hour were taken at 2s; 11,1 7,00u bushels wheat, by steamer, in steamer's bags, p at lOd.; 110.000 bushels corn, In bu'k and ship's bays, a!8l,d. a 0'.|d. To London there were slopped 4,500 j ' bbls. llour at 2s. 10'4<! a ...- . and'Jo.ot 0 bushels corn, in ' mv bulk, lit 0'4d. To lbll re. u l'relic'll veeel lis k 600 bids. 1 | lor Hour at 76e.; 30.000 bushels wheat were also engaged at j um isc., in shipper's bags. The charter included a I'rc -lull d i is bilk, with 16,000 bushels wheat lor Mai seiileg, at 2iV., m t ast ship s bags; and uitritish brig to l ublin, with whcul at 121 , in bulk. , an ll.w Holders quoted the market llrm for K< rih liter, , *r, hut reported only small sales ol new a id old (chiclly the ido former, us the latter is becoming scarce) at from 40c. a f [* 62b.c . according to qiialdi. ' m llors.?The flguria. 18c. a 25c., wero realized for 60 f 'I'd bales, lasi year's growth. ef Ikon.?The market was quite dull, and no quotations t vy that were reliable could be procured. ........ ...... ........... ... ..... ..... ... I" IV 00, and sab", ware limited. MoutssKS.?Tlia principal demand was lor Porto Klco, J) I' ll of which lf>0 hluls. wore wild at 28c. a 33c. \ ids Navai, Storks?There wore Halt h lo day of 800 lihls. * 'tit spiritR turpentine at $1 lOafl 26, and 6,000 hhls. r" in, 1' i:,s mostly at $4 87 a $5 for commou. ' .lie Provisions?Wtrk w?R tlull. and only .100 bbls. wore 1 lor sold al $16 for moss ami $10 12'.. a *10 26 lor prime, pt r j bbl. Beet wae quiet, with k&) a at 260 blibi. at $12 16 a of $13 26 for extra mens, and $0 26 a $11 26 for ked r Tilt .HH. The sales of lurtl were 360 park in- . at H"'jC a fi'.,c. Cut moats wore lu limited demand at 6'.,r. a 6',v. 1 njr for lams, ami 4 k,c. a 6e. lor shoulders, ll.r imsim in butter w..s moderate at 8c. a He. for Male, ami 7o. a He. for Ohio. The market was inactive for thcese, and 4e. a ) 22 TJfc. for poor to prime. ? isl Kick.?The sales today amounted to CtlO llercefi at fle. '22 a 7e., and 2.6(0 Imps l ast ludlu on p. t.,thr market J ? claeing very llrmly. j 26 Si'n?.?-Sales wi re made of 000 eastand 6.000 mats s cassia at 2! 'ar. a 22c., ami 600 bales cloves at 12c. a 12' a\ " Scoaks.?The demand was good and the market was J tlrm, with sales of 2,300 lihds. am! 08 iioxei al 6 ,e. a 0'c . ft r CatM, ttd 7''. for Havana. , Tai.uiw.?There were 20.000 lbs.. < Id al 8a 81 ,o. 2 Wiusksv was a shatle limn r. ami 700 bids, were .- old, ? meetly at I8|$e ^ 2 SHIPPING NEWS. | k, Al.MANAC FOR MW YORK?HITS DAY. , SOS RISKS 6 11 I MOOS SKTS 1110m 12 M) J dd SOS SKTS 6 68 ; 111011 WATKR morn I 42 Bd ~ 1 Port of New York, August l.T, 1801, 00 I ' 00 Ship Great Western, Furber, Liverpool?0 li Mar-ball A 68 Co. 90 Ship Thornton, Collins, Liverpool?Williams A Guion. 1 Ship Devonshire, \ndej>on, lvf>rufon?K K Morgan .V Wiley. Bark J M llioks, Groonmau, Gloucester?Lawn ucc, Giles A * Brig.I Freeman, Trowel 1, Hlo Janeiro?I 11 Gager. 1 BrH? Ldey Ann, Ilinks, St Johns, NK?Brett, Son A Co. 11 Brig Balnmh, Crow, Halifax?J F Whitney. J Sellr Walter Ruleiith, Phi Mips, li, clean x?1> Coblen M array. Sehr B Wat mo i?, Wiib by, Maroilh s-J E Ward. 1 SVhr Klva, Cttlmer. Nas-uu? Jo. rli Eneas. 11 Sehr Julia. Cox, Hallfnv, NS?J F Whitney, 1 35 Seiir D O Hulsc, Kempton, Key West?II Bonner. . S? hr Aretie. Hicks, Alexandria-?Merrill A Abbott. ' rw> Sehr Lavlnia, Fatten, Baltimore? Master. *' iu. Sehr llelleu Mar, Tuthlll, Philadelphia?Morrill A A . ' ;V Sehr Klcanor, Townsrnd, Philmb Iphia?II T Ittinyon A Co. 1 0;' Seiir Marietta Hand, Terry, Piiiimh Inhia?J W M< K * . 1 IT Seiir M Flnter, Blezurd, Wilmington?.las W McKce. Selir W111 Allen, Cramer. Toum Hirer?Muster. * 00 Hcl??* llattie Ross, Poland, Fortlaiid Miller A Houghton. . S' l?i Corn. Kelly. S.tletn?K W Hopes. S<1h ?.'H IVuliham. RkmI, ITarifn; il?1! SRarkcll. 1 Steamer J R Thompson, Chance, Baltimore. J Steamer Alida, Robinson, Philadelphia. AiinivKp. ! Ship Far Wcs , Page, London mnl Isle of Wight, July 2, in 1 0b ballast, to WT Frost. 18th iir-t. 50 miles K of Sandy Hook, j was struck by a heavy s'p nll from NK, which carried away J the miz/enmust and lore1- o .ill jnt t!, hb-w an ay and split ail j the ails set at the time ; B ' .u.ies i'SK of the High in lids, look ' a pilot ftilit' Matt A Nod. J Brig I) Haveloek (Br, of Kemp. NS). Dexter, t.lngan, CB, J 17da\y. with eoal, t- J S WbiJi.iy A i o. J2(h bed, o? Mm.- ] tank,it: a gale from KSK to KNK. lost two jibs. j Sehr I Ii.Hhii t^ueen (J mavis,' Montreal), Hodgson, J >]'j Lisbon, of days, with Milt ?v? , to LK Amsine), t WhaIW j jda s beculnieu; bad mm h toe. July lf>. lal !"> 61, b i M -IK, 1 Hpoke Ham bark Florentine, i'rom West Fndi< s f? r red-moth \ for orders; 25th, tin 44 30, Ion 51. fishing sehr t )liv or C .ok. of l 3;, Pros i nee town, with 16,000 lisli. and put. on In nrd J. hn M. F;oi<,en, seaman, sick, who was hrm-pii to tnis (H>rt;Sth ti.s.t, l ni- iat I! 12, Ion 65, spoke Ki ln J B Sawyer, of ami from M.e bias 1 lor Buenos Ay rex. \ y? Sehr Gazelle M? > hod (Br, of Gibraltar), Da^oy, Gibraltar, | 62 day with wool Ae, to Giro, Fraucta A Co. : lib ima, 46 ? J i miles j? < f New York, mov two steamers, e.-oh with one masi ! | to and n hu;h upper deck fore and aft; they ft'??d towards us a 1 ) shun lime and tln u turned uwny; tin y wen: apparently s?S" cruising. I Sehr Dan Smith (of New Haven). Demon, A if a Caves, m duys, with eoll'ee Ac. to Young, MeAndrew, I'anken A( o. The j ship Ramlder, Run s, for Fnlnioutb lor orders, and Sard bark .Mary Alar-den, tor Genua, vail-d July 28: vlir K Oowell. for .1 l%(] Boston, Slat; aiid B: scbr t.'uras.*o\v, for New York, sailed in * oinnauy, Sehr Sarah John: <:ti (Br), Dnveanit, Turks Dlai.ds via N-'W j 04 Haven, 17 days, to C K Knox. Seiir Ocean Wave t Br), Flewclling, Si John, NB, 10 diivs, 1 ? with laths, to 1' I Xevius A Son. SehrGeoige W WbisiJ/T, Paeker. Eli/abethport for Boston. 21 Sehr Julia Morrell, Ta gait, Eli/abcih])ort for Fassaie. Sehr JnincM A Samuel, Hai i, E!i/abetbf?oii Joy Netvpbrt. ' 1 Sehr Dan, Palmer. FliznU ihpoiTfor Stamford. ^ Sehr Ariadne, Robinson, Elizabeth port (or Providence. t Sehr Mary Tfee, 'i' . K!i/ai.ef bpoi t j'or New Haven. 91 Seiir Maine, Brov. n. Buncor. H days. 77 Sel-.r Clnrixtta, i n, lili/abcthnoi t for Cambridge. Sehr Prudence, Smith. Liueolnville. 6 days. i S' hi 17 W Ibdrnlge, Snow, IbMiou J da.\M. \ Sehr Entire, Kinuier, Bridgeport for Albany. , ]\t S'-ln llattie Kiev, Poland, Roiulout for Portland. Sloop Pent), Cobbdg)?. j'Ib/abeihporf for Newport. ' Sloop <i A Jobtu on, W i.*kv. Kli/r. both port for Tin iu^tnn. r? Steamer .Maritin, t rosby, Bnbr.uore. Steatnet Klizabetb, Foster, Baluim re. Ironsides. Vnm'-itv.m" , I'liiladelj bin. . 90 Sienmcr No\ chy, Slutu', Pld'adeipbia. Steanmr D-jpray. Keniiey,Providenee. 00 Steamer () pray, Kenney, Frovldem e. i,: Steamer W.imsmtn, A rev, w Bedford. _ BK1.GW f ni. Sehr Grecian, firm Philtub inhia of and for ('nlais, with , " eoal. On Tuc:-r!;\y, otf MontnuK, in the late NK Rale, bvt the 111 fonunnst, had deeks swept and mu uii'.; ah:?ik; w lid to ' this port for repairs.?Bv Cnpt Ib nneMsy, pt"amiug Achilles. v SAJJ.KlA p nw 11 S ship National Guard. p r2 14th?Bark Jane K Williams, Montevideo; brigs Tliomas "1 Owen, Kin.* Krot!i< rs fBr), Fort. an 1'rincC; Cnro? line, Aspi.-iwull; ft,dear tMcx), Vera Cruz. 1 ^ Wind dur ing the day N to SSK. -J a. J Mi?cell?iieoiifi. f The steamship Africa, C'apt Shannon, Mined on Wednesday s for Quocnslowu and Liverpool. The steamship Kangaroo, Capt Micrhousc, sails to morrow* ' i at noon, for Queen?towu Hud Livcipool. ,j Stf.amfhip Pacific, from Portland, O T. July 17, for Sun y Francisco, struck Collin Rock same night, ihe steamer at the j lime running about V2 knots per beer, with a live mile cur- ?, rent. The concussion stove sn her ?ws, and tin* ship oom* mer.erd making water rapidly. Endeavor* were made to keep ibo vessel afloat by getdng the pump* to work, and I siren hing sails over tho hows, so us to reach Astoria. l>nt n Capt Staples was compelled to beach her about ? mi lea from i wdiere she struck. The passenger* (70 in all) and crew, to\ cither with the. mails, express mallei, passengers' baggage, \. and a portion of the frWgfit saved. The luteal accounts from * the vessel state that she could he got alloat in a week. ~ Wuai.fvhip Li xtscTos?Vr Phelps, chief oflieer, and Mr Ferry, second ofli'vr. of ship Lexington, before -poited lout J y I Aug I, 1880, when going out through f he pu.Hifagp from Htrong'a x\ j Island, anIveil here to day in the Flying Fox. The Lexington t J went to pieeo* in about in minutes after striking; all hands ' ? wcte saved, thiough the exertions of a Kanaka who swam olf \ l4 to the sldp wit h e rope, by which me;, us they were all hauled ' , on shore. The captain of the Lexington and all of the crew, ' P with the exception of >tr Flielps and Mr Ferry, pro-ceded to Honolulu in the, American w hnbv hip Vesper. After remain- o j1 lug a number of months on the island thev built n small sclir i\ v which they named the Flying Fox, the principal partol her )'? being procured from the wm k of the Lexington. Their destination when leaving the island waa Sah Francisco, hut not : having Municient sails it was deemed prudent to bear a nay for p China, as the NK trade wind* were favorable. When leaving 1 Strong's Island the crew consisted of MrPlnlps, Mr JViry, and one Kanaka. During the passage they stopped ;it Kh'io ?' Inland lor water, when the humfku deserted them They 1' proceeded on their voyage to this port, and arrived safe this i ; morning after a pas-sage of 3'J days. Messrs Phelps and Ferry f 4 were treated very kindly by Mr Snow during their stay at the Island. Whan oil the Banshee Island* had heavy gales tor 5 days, in w hich the Flying Fox proved heraeif to be a noble sea i ' boat. This ningulai efult Jo s oJlKas! point, and n, well worth f 4 Inspection.?I long Kong Shipping List, Juno 12. n/ SkipAshouk?Baltimore, Aug 15?A large ship from Chin- ; i1 \* elm Islam's, name unknow n. is ashore on Hoi* T.<Juiul. iKi i v? iiU d x* Back Coon IIoi?K?S< Ituate, At"; 15?Bark CI no i Hop* U i) *,*. ashore born. Fiftv-ono bales wool N consigned to Brown, <? sv Brothers A Co, ?*?'" Now Vork. (By tel.) Another despatch 3a savs she is ..if, and at anelv >r in S.-it uate Ilarb >r. ' ? Kcjiu Onn FKi.row, (of Boston,) <'< >, from l'olnt I.e. 3a piwiiix, \B. fi r Boston, wont usbiuv (ah befcm? r# , ?tied) on i 11)4* heie h between tin* J'lmn Island Hotel and the Sandy p | Beach I Intel, Newburyport, at about on:: o'clock, Tin- lay noon. Shi* i- about 100 ton* burthen, 10 yars old. She bad , u diM ic load of boardfl, and pi' kei* and laths in the hold, eonirigim-d to Kent A: Co oi Boston. Him will undoubtedly go to *~ pfew*. At tim time of her going ashore a topsail se'hr was i ?*6sei-v?d standing southeast, which probably went ashore on | } j ik*?-lower end of the inland. | )i ' CoiJJMON-Tbfl Outer Station b low B- ston rejs.rts that , ' acbr \Vikt PlgiMrt!! came in eoHision with sloop Hippie, t arry- > , lug away the ma*t of the nttler and htuvug u. hole in her | aide- a Sotax Viu.age, August 14--A sdu anchored off S'ptan In- | *4 lot tbm moi nlng, at i(Fo\io?k, with foremast gone, supposed ' * *> to be an Eastern w>*el. Wind heavy from NK. ?'t ElswORk, July 2\)-?The bark M B Karriman, of Now York, j j front Il/n.iRU for Nokuping. with a < o'go of sugar, got ashore | r ' . on iln? Mldrilegtound, off Coj>enhngen, on 27th lost., but got ! . Vi | ?U by tin* ws>isi-inee of a aujamor, lor which Mr vice the fat- J ^ j tor ree->iv?d ?50 sterling. i ? j Rio Jakkiko, JluwH-1The schr Exchange. fjoru Kivu* Plate, * *1 was found own pieiely unscHtvorihy, and lias been eondeirmed and Mold. The whip* Ocean Express, from CaJJao lor New * I York: J.volf Badger. (r"'n <Vjilu?> for Hampton li jada, ami h B ! Osborw llnusa. from Fweih'j lor Estates, have ail airivod here r 15 . ami will repair. t] ; StCfcj|jor Santa Crux ha* been p/ireliased in San Frain-Ueo n () for panic* In China. She v. as io/j*ave about the ixt irisi for ^ a 0 Shanghai* vftt Honolulu and -Japan. jj 0 J Notice to Maritfrri. I ,i a ; The Glade* t'A'iov., Cuba.* jp?t, report* oie of the Buoya an n 0 j having drifted lTotn ii? position, and rauiC a?horo near the ,? ! (?;ade>< fli-use. () | Spoken, <Vo. 1 Ship Cyclone, heme lot San I'ranciseo, Juuc25, ' I; J kl 21 N (bofum jepvrtcd .N^h>h date, lat 19 40 S)% leu 3ft- U 1DAY, AUGUST 16, 186 Ship Mazatlnn, Niol>ol?, from Shield# for Madrft*. May, sit 22 S, I. n 31. Ship Samaritan, Small, from Callao via Valparaiso forCo Iune22, lut 7 N, Ion 2ft. Ship Bazaar, Stewart, from Havre for NYork, July lft, at, Ac. Still) Orozimbo, Townsend, from Liverpool for Eautpf villi loan of jibbooin, July 26, lut 3D, lou H.

Burk Australia, lnun Montevideo for Liverpool, July 12, 4 17 S, Ion 30 41. Bark John Aviles, I,ee, from Bangor for Cnpe Verde, Ji 2, lat 3ft 26, lou 38 15. Foreign Porta. Autwkuf, July 30?SM AuUuImju, I'liinney, Sweden. Archanuki., Julv 16-Cld Calmuek, Johnson, Pennrth. Alijua Hay, Ctill, June l.j?ArrMury Lord, Moore, Lotub AmmY, June 4?In port l ark Carrie Iceland, Smith, from t 5ast Coast arr May 111, une; brig Ida 1J Rogers, Morehoui nun Shanghai' arr May 17. UoKUKAUk, July 26?Sid Delphoi, Wilson, Carthagena; 261 .omnium, Pieri'i', HoMetihitrg. Hatayia, Juno 14?In port snip Surprise, RanleM, ding. Buknom Ayrks, June 27? In port ship c A Morrison, Mm on, for Antwerp Ulg; barks Vigo, Thurlow. for Cadiz d<>; j x under, Kolunson, from Hull arr 22d, ding; Sulueia, Bm y, from llosion hit23d, do; Convoy, Woodward, from Pal ;oiuu arr 26th, do; V S Meaua, Means, and Are her, Lew me; brig Brothers, Brooks, do. Shi Iftth, bark S'oi'thwor ill left, Uruguay. 1'itohSTADT, July 26? Arr Corn, Hatch, Havana. <'uxiiAVKN, July 30?Sid Paragon, Robinson, Newiastle. CiviTA Vkociiu, July 22?Arr Virgluia ?t Estelliiia, Wilkii SiUSgoV Cam'Utta, June 22?In poi i ships Henry Harbeek, True, f >Voik; Wm Witt, Power, for Boston; Palii-urn* (Br), J fhuriestoii Idg; llanges, Kv.ins; Witeh of tlu* Wave, Tod nd Highlander, Sheiman, for London do: Triinountai ieid (lroin Akyabj, for Falmouth reldg; Nimitt, Kay, tn ielbourne ar1 llih, for do hi:,; Jus Littlelield, Putter, t'is nan 16th, i' r dodo; Star of Pea e, Hale; Tjeimderoga, Ci ivU; Ja? t'ln- on, Bryan; Dolphin, Pulleys: Chas Coopi ordan; Josiah Bradlee, llopner; Turuuln, Smith; Hem he Ocean, Willi-im. ami Regent, Hiimbiiu, unc; bark Ki lesnake, llendee, tor Bombay big. Preceding down t iver J line 22, ship Beverly, Chase, lor Honiarara. \\ .ft to sea from S nigm* June 14, ships Cry stal Palace, 2 linr, Mauritius; Uiih, Daniel Sharp, Pushing, Horn: Ron 7th, hir?ila (Br), \< m leans; 22d, C ll Luut, Moore, London. Kim.-iomk, .! i.y 26? Arr Adelaide Hell, Robertson, lirciiu or liudiek. wall: 29lh, Sartelle, Cole, Wybiifu for Hioucesti Foocuow, June 2?In port bark Commodore, Ross, lor A werp. HkNOA. July 26?Arr Wellington, Bars tow, Newcastle, llosc Kohu, June 12?In port ships Nautilus, Klwell, t i .j ii;.e ld^; Raven, Nye, n titling; s. i.tnun's Ilride, W ion, iroiu o iiitinp<in !iit -hi, i?U'lg(. nr r!?ar??'i-; Amies, AM trong, and Catharine, Foster, urn-; K ;eiia, lloxvhind, tr<i I'll impoa ai r 10th, ilo. Fertnna, Hansen, autl Harriet A J< ie, 1 .rshon, do; Huntres.*, t >\v? n; MaLu\, \Viloomb, and Sli y, Brow n, do; hark* Keneiactor, Corning, ? r San Fianeh lg; Curler, Ballard, lor Shanghai' do; C L Bevan, Podrrst or Nagasaki do; Houquii, Caritvright, disg; Prigs Jan Mi hall, Jmhhhi), line; Ktuuiu, Sherman, for tale; k<_lir Klyi \?X, Phelps, tit). Shi 8th, .-UipH Kai-t Indian, I.< craw, Whnutpoa; 10th, T oil, Morgan Unon Whampoa), Manila. Jaomki.. duly 23?In port aehr li Pitwott, Jones, from LI? on arr 21ft. lux l'ui'ooi., Aug 2?Sld Eagle, Curling, Faedporl. Macao, dune II ? tu port ship Southern Cross, Howes, m Manila, Juno b?In port ships Indcpendenre, ( rowoll, t lung Kong hi ; Sarueeii, Craudall, for Boston do; hark h otlo, Pean e, for Sydney via N loilo do. Hit> J am i Uo, dune 27 Air hai k Mary KJiza' ? th. Dim't; iontevUfeo (and sld Julyti for Capo Verde); st iir f h \Y. ier, Hyder, do; duly 3, hipa Indian, Averill, Liverp. ol; i? i M Mills, Stmges, Newport, K, via Madeira; hurk Eil.i \ inla, Fot k<\ hueims A} res; 7th, ship Mary Kussell, Tiiotn on, Liveipool; harks ll'aznnl, Laxvson, Charlesmn ; < avalit ileLe'otl, and Mondatnin. Karitdl, Mainmort , NVilln lniii jiwrenee, Cardill; l-rlg Brandy wine, Harmon. Bahni. Sld June JO. hai k l'\ rinont, Oliver, NYoi k , 27<h, St Jauv 'ruse, do; brigs ? bum Sevcndaen (Swe), dt'liuninen. 8th, Mlingo l'.Hr. Mil), Cape Verde; 30Ui, hark Saoiie, ivi ten, Boston; dulj h. ship Hamlin, Davis, Callao; hug An Vellingtoii, Hall, NV? . k. Swatow. May 31 -Sld ship Magnolia, Hunt. Shaiu;luie. Saigon, June 5?sal previous, Noraeman, Iluski il, Chii: lereainer, Snow, simup r . StNOAFOKF, June 2?s?In port ships Argonaut, Norton, fr< toston l'or Shun: l a* , repg; Weymouth, Senvt y, toi Loud dg; hark Koeke', S:. iiulel's, line. \V u am i'd a. dui.f 12?In port ships Alexander, Baxter, Jvstmi Idg; Catt*.as Bark, Clark, ironi Hong Koiig au d i lor NYurk; J ^i Jay.Doty, itnc; Mur> Wbttridue, Or y, I rem llow^Knng arr J nne ?, do; Mermaid, S< udder, t r> lo, line; Orion, I.ihhy, ii in dodo; /dugarl, Nrxvbegln, f?i? lo arr .1 tine 10, do; bark Heroine, Hyder, f rom do hit .1 un> or N Vork. American Porta. AI\\!.A< HICOJ.a, Aug 3 ? hi port ship Finland, Join roii) Liverpool, Ui->:'. BOSTON, Aug 11.?Arr sehr Kate Sargent, Brown, Jaem 'Id steuim i Kensington. Baker, Philudt Iphia; bark Fruiter u.*xv, of Kingston, Mars, 32J tons) llin<'N, Malaga; se? Ienrv Payson, Crowvll, Baltimore; Edwin Kofttl. Ooouspt t md Holiert Corson, High, Philadi Iphia. Sld?Wind NN learner Kensington. Ship Kdxvnrd llyinan, whit h sillied ilutuluy, is at aiH'hor in the roads, has liig put hark on aeeou if i he Mot an. SJnp Europe, which sailed on Monday, x\ dsn in tiie hay yesterday during the gale, and was seen tl lim ning oil Hail' Wav lt-uk, standing out to sea. IMi CIMllltl. Vie- 14- II. UI..., n.liit. wan... uov eland, Bunion via fortivrn Monroe . aehrT. .1. Tull, t'o< ir, Hontnii. ('id steam-Mop Joseph Wl.imey, l.oveland, fork; b'hisj,,' II < 'a tor, * 'nllcn; lb-bit, Lativrull, ami S.i iel 4'ooprr, Mo. SIM (from Swan i'oinij slops Dabiiuw..y. i > er, Faleillta; Wanderer, Forbes, NVork. BANUOll, August 13?Old hark Luey \ Nirkrln, Ford, I < 1 pool; - Mi: Mn oiile, Bt'i jy, Sierra Leone, A 11*i? .. I'll I LA DKLl'll I An- It -Ai r lurk Leo m, I,, w iey West: I nUm, Ileum, Rio de .Janeiro; firs (<itn Ko< 'nicer, ('alms; t. A H.tyden, Sinilli, NYork; K.I K vm Uyner, NYork; K KugUh, Nun is, roitsmoni n; M \ Mover, LtMand, B"ston. i ? t?l hri. Ml' (Joule, Liuden, ! no?nh, Ma ; nehrs .1 1) My?n?. 4'obh, Boston; \V ll She: ti 'oiling M?>; .) 'i Hater, Wiliria, Mo; .1 D Me<\tilhv, r,.n ll?M I); c Mom e, I?? ?>* >11, Bo-Ion; A ToWll.HeuM. ToU tend, B slon; AHee l.eo, (\n s ?n, Boston; Burrown, I'?')? lies on; AS l .mntHi, N'o\Ve!l, Ne .vbury p ?rl; I) Hal Coi ix', Rto.! uty; ?' William*, tinklim;, I'roviM net ; Onmi Xtill ' l, Nf" p.?? . SI? \sh?n? I, Y"on ;, S-n W it-la. IVj lin \vn, IWt summit; Win Lop -r, Robinson, llai tvelipo livei ,;ic"H. Potter, Baker's Landing; L'ra.iia, Wil'ox, Y lieMi'ftxti; C He i, > i oe, Bilker's I imtin;: I, II Kudo. Lt'tfnv, Nnvpoii; ino, LYowell, Provid-lev; o.ruu V 'ri<-r, VciVincrUiWtl', .1 ll , Sntllli, .Mai hleliea.l: LA bniih, Smith, Beverly; K Itieky, .ic<?, Taw tin ket; K Yin Yink, Ronton: I'M Ravino-, idiyner, Boston; KH/a ?V I eee i, Price. Boston; I* uielia, Kilwrrds, Old t'ainbriMge; 1 Dennis, Lake. Salem. IjI'Avfm, Del, Aug 13?The bark Washington, for N? w Yoi n iu I/inrenee, lor Denntrara; nehrs Isabella, lor Halifax; > Uken it ml Jane N Ji.r i. ,, !?.j K< v Wt?(; U ii Lloyd, 1 Varum; Hippie for l'r* video , \V Saul-bury, for Bosh lelle, lor NYork; W 1' Cirison, lor Poi'tlund; i' Lne* or Sale,i.; Mary I' Ballon, all before reported at I ireukvN . lei, went dim n to r?-ii this morning; the cutter !>< en :iIm> }# ?; lor a < rime. PORTLAND, Aug 13?Am ?"Uv* (.' T Hubhaid, Williai ml Heiilngtnn. x'iark, Philadelphia. PORTSMOUTH, Aug li?Arr * In- John St roup, l?h lln? ?hhi. SAN July 3!? SIM shin Andrew Jail .. tM.nson, NYork: Ini-; M'-phista (DaniMi), Sydney; An; hip Sunrise, li v!;jef I'nJlno. Aup2- Arr ( pel pony ex pit sb), hark I.onis", Sydney , b Sdwitrtl Witl.uiin, Auhtralla. PKKSOWh. HKAKTLkss RAIN. msAffoiNrmi). there again tomorrow (Sutnnlay) evening, pai jn?t? and pJare, Willi your tru'inl. HILTON' FFRUY k CO Ml KKNI'i'- Y H it APPOINTMENT WII.T, N 0 iny.ti i. I pi limno on Friday with "it, fail. M' no <>ii 1 11 luy w H iKiiit I a it on lnwird the - uxnnlMiat al Iri taut lour, or wo liny never rivet again. K.VIK INFORM .'[.'ON Wtyi'Kf?OF I.Ol'irl EONAItl), I'H n"l inn', by liirlli, vv 'iivor l?y trade. Addrr.-jH iv iDijf t'iii, liox .1,8621'i*l "Itlee. rXrORJIATION WASTED?or MARGARET MUKPH 1 who b it Ireland tho 8ih of May. 1800,a native o'liity (aVan. parish of Knniskeane, Ireland Wli i-i beard from, a i in lioaerne county, Hyde I'm imsylvaitia. living with Mr. Skelly. Any infortnati rill be tliahkfully received by lier brotlvr, I'at. Mt fry, No. .'tl>8 West forty-Kcvcntli street. I'eutisylvat apcr.-i please copy. MICHAK1. DKXNEl.l.Y. !nkir\!\t;on wanted?of 'tips mui.i.ov, wi left iri'lnnd abotit two years ago; d feet H niches ieiel t: aged 2 i year-'. Any information wid b tint ' I. received by ANN GORMAN, 124 EriM Thirty foil ' reet. INFORMATION WASTED OF MISS > : nwy KINO, stranger in th" city. b'be left ber borne on Wetlm lay afternoon. August 14, alnee whieb she bas not b eel) or heard of Sin- i" al o it live leet bigli, vvell bin nil face, and ii d on vvlienulio loft a while silk bono duck sHk t look and light dress. Any inforination i pocting It'I'vvlr a 'abiaiis (either dead or alive), will hankftilly received by George \V. Iteid, box 177 IJert flke. J* c. <j.?a li, max. _j? i> F. (i. ? r MAHY i i.i.i , of v. ii.i.r sm-hi k<j.? there ' dteri o tin \\ liii .In di ii " l'ost oibee lor yon. jyj'iNMi: wtiii.n i.iki id si r.??. n. and t. at i. 1711 .Ct'Ni; MAN WHO I .EFT HIS HOME ON KKliM m mint! Iisi.wh just., anil who sepaaled from 1 oo-iii at. t!ie corner of Fnltnn ; set unit llrra I way. in: hour of-ix P. M.. is timet earnestly urged to re'lu r at least notify tliein of his sufi'ty. 11HR PI RSON WHO 1JCFT A SI M OF MONEY AT t- nttli street, up stall's, can have the same liv i lyinp (lioro Cor .fosopU O'.NVII, proving properly a MJ III;' expenses. It IIA AltUI VKI) AT I.AST. . _ __ T jrtHB LADY WEARING A WHICH BONNET At I iil.ioh i I; Imsum \ who rode up t- wn at iilioiil ha ast live on Thursday al'ieruooti in a Fifth avoniio Ma, ill onuler a treat Cavor e.jHin the friend who Hat at t oor and pot out at Eleventh street. by granting him itrrvtow. l'leero nildn rs l iuil Godfrey , N< iv York l't fllee. II' A I I ; -?OiIH Hi>ri.? i m i i: I AMILY TO UK) VV Aflnefemal cblM,ogod fn s month*, left . linn. <'all at Ml Moil roe . trout tor two day?. II- OF NEW YORK.?' OMK. TO >IK Oil WRI \\ , lieioro I am I'Tt penniless by your plr. 11 T. Western papers plcaso eopy. M. 0 i * 'III. mi; I.MiY WHO HOT OCT OK A MY y\ -i reel nub Sixth avenue Made at the earner lli oeker stl'o t and Broadway, and who was addro-soii gentleman ni the corner ot I'r.nee and Baxter -tree bout tun n'clnuk on Thursday evening, send her addrt u Harry Allison, b ox :>,4U7 i'ost oilicc, as he wishes poloflizc. ? ^ ill ma hkwarp?win# lit: i au> for tiik h y 1 ' ill e ivory of the body of -John Iy*ovey, tv ro. i|> himself from tlie dia k of the sleatnlioul II nag Hunt. while on an excursion to Cli.'l'ivood Grove, lontbty, .August 7?. and lias ta t been seen or heard Inee, |o-'t altoilt three or lour lutlc below Fort lib Who vcr ia "overs ttie body wilt receive HiouIkj iwnrd.aad hi oak tin tloim that lumps oyer his >orm up mother. lie is five tfc"t nrul seven it.ehcs in li a I go about lb > oars; hi name is written in Cull on his li rtn. and on the ha< k of his ripht hand are the initials c na.tie in India lul The above rewin d will bo pni I i#p!yky: to ilv> C'o '.phhD Guard, 108<Vdar street. It iarfi'leary, II. Gonklln, Win. fiunler, committee. | r-?-r ? WII I. K. S-?-H. FGHMi'KI.y OF 177, O.'il.h L f | a CntLd by sending pr stot ad<iri?s io N if. i icraJd otficef L J8, HOUSKS, KOOHK, AC., TO L.KT. ik, A HANltSOMK HillNISHKliSUITOK I'AK1X)RH. WITH 1 J\_ extension, ami two or three H<xlr<Mi(tui; also Kitchen j lla amt conveniences for housekeeping, to let, In a Aral class J ir) house, occupied l>y a private family; terms reasonable. It ' References exchanged. Apply at 150 Wavcrley place. I' lat $ ITtl'RNISIlKl) IKH'SK To I.OT.?TO I.OT ON THR FIFTH . avenue, . . i i.illy situated above Madison Park,a flno corner House, wail furnished, with stable conuorh'd "1 in the ri'iir. Possession Immediately. Address bo* 2,COO J Post olllce. in. | Til KN18HED HOl'SR TO I.OT?IN SOI'TM llltOOKI.VN, ( ha J a now throe story bouse, with gas, water, range, Ar., urutly furnished throughout; lft minutes' rido from South p [h ferry. Terms very moderate, Possession given initne y ' dlately. Address box 2,802 l'est office. rl. TTOCM TO f.OT?IN BROOMK STREET, A 11.7 Jj VI- _f"J_ doors north of the Bowory, three story brick, luo x, l'K' dern improvemuuts; reduced rent; furnished or nnfur- p nislied. Cull from 12 to 2 o'clock. TLT1UJNKRY STORE 'n? LIT AMD FIXTURES FOR IT I. sale?With a good run of eestont. Terms mode- ^ rule. Inquire ou the premises, 126th street, Harlem,next '* to Post olllce. Suitable Cor any business. Sr I TTANHSOHKI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.OT ON '' id, , I t Klcvcntb street, near Broadway.?Two l'arlors and Rv tension Loom ou tin> llrst floor; also single Maims on -i second lloor. Ilath, gas, chandelier, Sc. House tlrst class. eeeii|>ioil by a small private Cainlly. Apply to PLOT s ,r" k THOMAS, 820 Broadway. j, |V CJTKAM riiwm?'POUCr.lH HOWARD'S lit II.IlNi.s lie | td Nos. 42,44, -Id, 48 and M (Sreeno street, otto block . Irom Canal street and Broadway, one loft SO by 100; | lighted on all sidos; steam hoist; hi ated by steam ami r" every convouh-nce. Insurance eno (h i- cent. Inquire on - ii th" premises. j u- rpn lot--a nusr class iiuc-k. iin.ii stoop, j' A brown stone front, with all the modern iniprovemeiits, four story and high basement, 60 feet deep. In y. quire at Ilia West Forty second stru t. I itk- ' A III mil I .IT?A MAItltt.K FBI INT II'IISK, I.OCATKI) IN THE ' I. most pleasant part of South Brooklyn, containing all 'I1 tl the modern improvements; usually rents for $500 per "J *? annum, but the present occupant tielug on the |siint of 1' ,r: /mill,; abroad ?ill let it at $300 |ier year and Sell the fur eg u.lure, which was new In June, at a bargain if applied ] for immediately. Address T. C. Abbato, No. 1 Broad- J If- way. ' I rilO I.I T? TO V SHALL FAMILY, AN ENTIRE IHIKD > I JL Floor, with extra Hetlroom, in a tlist cIuhh house. s ic. ] For further |uirticulnr8 cull on tho prcmlno*, l",u Fuel or Thirly inurlb street. I FTM) LET?A FOUR STORY. ENGLISH BASEMENT, MO J |J,'. | A ilern built hoiwe, desirably loeatod, with kuh fixtures T i, 1 i-<>iti|>|. t< mill in perfect order. Fosseseiou Immediately, n i Apply I" .IAS. MOOliK, No. 5 llootinuu place, Went 1 ip I Thirty third street. ^ " I rfH> LET THE THRKK STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE L i L No. M f. i t Thirty toeood street, between L^xlngtoo and Tliirii avenue*; liiaCrotoii water, Kont j.'.oo | o ' liupiiro on ihe premises, or of It. Ht'SSKlX, 127 \V? nt -1 im Twenty null street. :l : d mo I IT?A NUMBER <>F LARGE AND MEDIUM "l' I. Houses, ill tlie upper part of Uic city, principally in ^ ,m the middle and west side; also a number of Stores on tlie y on li.iH.nesH uvenues; also u lurge Store and Uasenient, at the V Junoi ion of Itradu iy, Seventh avenue aud Forty secoud li "r sirct: Jii f(,(.t front by about 1 'ifi feel deep. Tie'siorl s "" over tlie store are l>einn titled up lor a hotel, in roniioction "I ,,,, with the a.ljoiuiiis'luillilins's. J. It W. UKNIIAM, in corner Sixt 'oiith street and Eighth avenue. o i>. Oil ice open front morning till it in tho evening. mo let.?the ri'i'KR r.titr of house to let,con- ^ (?ft, I I uining nix rooms. wry convenient; gaa and wator; a j lar^o yard; good )nca'ion. Funtituro for salt*. Apply at 0 ?'! 20 Morton Ml root. mo LET?THE TWO PARLORS KITCHEN iNO FRONT j/ f_ Ka^ nn nt, with Jivo Kcdrooms. in (ho first cUimh j, mi houso (UW llulson stroot, with all iho modern convc ? nit iiifiici s; ivnt $20 u month. Jii?|irii*o ou (lit* proiufson, or ,j ;i- ol Mr. GRKY. is-> Fulton ntr??t mo LET THE FIRST FLOOR ABOVE THE STORE OF ,,,1 | hoii!- htiti IJroadway ; it is i tip top locution for any p n kind ??r li Jii i? . iii -ss, and will ho lot formich if roipaired. ^ in , Apply at. ttv i?b number. . p j rp i LIT -Ml-'i AI'AKTMF.NT.-. AT 104 LAST TWENTY i J ighlh.. > ft Uo .no* . will ho |i?t in led and grahiod: js, j al.-o low i i>;i t i tntj 1 v.ouiy-'dKhlh *jtiocd,ti 1 tool us; also u] j 4 Koom ??n iron ' tl nr,iii I2f? Kind 'l#\\ only < ighth Hi root, ? ? , j and low 'v part of 127 Idmi Twouty-oighUi ntr?o: all to be 11 n 1 pdntod. Apply at O.K. WIMOX'S nfllro, :>i:t Fourth ' r?V) LET?A FIRST CLASS DWELLING HOUSE, WITH ik, I 1 a I l(io mode 11 irnp.ovoinoiilH. furnisin d. and ill one >) ' J oi tho 1'nr.-1, ticsii:ii)!o Jot .j'itios in Knokiyn. ('onvniont "[ to ;ip the f"rries. Kent ofioap, :iiu( Jioard of owwr taken "J: \ in par. pay 1 i?i nt fo, ; mil tl desired. Amiro**. S. >1., Herald , (>u' j ollioo, lor ihrvr days. itt, ' i mo i i r iv'/i inwniwj av i/hxi It j | lli><ii, tluim H'Hiiiw i?i third II in', tins' iiH'iit, with Jv' ln*n im;;j{ is II Mini's mill lliir, 111 (It.* tlirco story | l.i ii:k Ihiiis Nn. H7 I'mv m sUi'. ;. item SI.'iO |nr milium. " i Apji'v tn WM. SToNK, Iti-ryu nliii't, iii ur 1'uwcrn. k; 3 i.i I mu i.irr mi i.kask?< iii:ai\ a iuintby moihk, < in | X. with four iutpk of linul mid oulliotisrK. liult u niiir '"i from VTUttamcbrhljto, on tbA Ihrlem RuUrotwl, tmln ['j; j mll.'H from tlio ilty Iniioirn ut Iti iiinl 18 t'linnilici illJ. -tiert, Ni w York. ii*. mi) RENT, liM KKWlNlil.Y IJlW?A I I W KIRMSHEH I Rooms or a wlmli' Si'i "i?il Elnor, wi'li n privnii fiuiii ly 7 Is in lexcolkiat ocation. Awly*i M Vwl rhlrtj e ooMftraot, Utrea doom rrat 8hw ivnw. tadnli I ronii's p unii-rd. , ii%> mo physicians.?'in \ keckihon j 1 ah Fritflinh buM'iiicht, with hot ami col<l water, :iii?I jrrate; hnu<l.soni"iy i in :?? t?c<t; \?ry .-nit abb- lor an niliro- rr:i( $12 |w?r month, worth $26. Apply nt 27 Amity Ft"eel. hi: M THE WAR. t Army a'oom. J .000> Hivnmifk.". 3,owl X'lV'. tiill' li1 |ctl";-n ? I.utrpill!. I Of wn' -r|iro?il' liluiik. I.. ' , And ntln-r u lirli'H, fur milr 1". If y. r. WAONEIi.Dl I ili.m nwl. X. Y. J (jiii>K'E aimi'iky noniy J KI'ANi s or UEOIMKXTAI. INO NATIONAL COJ.OKS. ? A. , riVVAS \ S: < '(>., Xo>\ si'O hit:! 662 Hroaifwny, ' Iiivit? the attention nf tin- mi'itury pnhiio to their uow nKlWK'JWJFNT OF (.'KNKKAf, MJOI'MKNT, ' y I w hirli will lie loiiml to n Hit lit! evi n 111 i # < _' |i rtilioinp Inthe ?|' I PERSONAL Oil ( AMI' I' l KMTIJl'tK OK THE SOLIMKH. i ;i J Oltir ts RlmlyiiiK the neces: dies ol active service and k. ' 1 (HTlVi'tl'in of uniform and material will do well to exm I ?m nn their lur^e collocthui ol' it ir i FOREIGN ARMS. UNIFORMS AND Ml-(.'KLLANLOI S , ,(tt TRAPPINGS. \ I711REARMH.?ANY PARTIES HAVING FOR HALE ANY -i Firearms and Army Accoutrement* oi any ilmrrip- I ! lion in inrnw iiunnlities, plc.ino address box it,197 l'"td , oiltco, Now Vol ? . I , ' "VTOW READY. ' HIE SECOND EDITION OK lO.OiK) s- THE ONLY CORRECT EDITION. "0 IM I'nffi'K, Ilium. 90 Enicrnvingg. it, 1INJTED STATES i I, INFANTRY TAITU'S. '* Ask lor Fortune'* Edition. i !? Prfc -Jftconl*. ! ild 19 Chatham street, New York. I cordially approve of thin work, anil recommend it to Hie iihc of Olliccrs of Volunteers. , GEORGE H. McCLl.l.l.VN, I Major (. ma n! United Stat as Army. ' V/Asiiixino.x, 1>. t'.,.lnly 2'i. 1801. | "VJ trnCE.?MEN WHO HAVE SIGNED THE KOI.I. OF , ' i- ! 11 my cavalry comjrftn; no ' mporf h.*0?ro t'rirfay j , ii:|{iit al hividqtmVU'rs, Hro;i Iw.iy. I haw vurunrkv J. ? , lor a frvv first 1 'as. hor.s m 1 r 1 v roltirn to <?m;? tV ; I?yoii, L. I. i>'2arlc.s, rations, ct| .? ? .. i:H : imiiH'Ui.'ilol.v. LYoX h:\ACS, Captain. at ,fl rn I yr\KShTtVK.?ilMEKir.W "hMJC/fANT^ A Sit CAf'T.MXS f? I * / can bo fnipplinl v. iih ihflcs au't !< \ 'Hrty .?t i? - than H J ma nilai'.'iirars' pn?* <. by t.TOh'M*. I.KU ]S IMLMKlt. ffruUi ',."9 j Court. No. > I m!< stI'm I. l.ivrrp. <-l. n?i i t*i:<;m its wantkih ou an company ? XV at facta d to ('nloiii'! S?y?'I- i yiiwni of Kn^i floor.- I' and Artisan-.?Pay rotnin in ? > . u % i.? ?*il. lio<>! ^ quartois CnriiiylMMl. 1 J<* idqimrt r Murl%?*t. Itghth rogtmeut armory. J. K. retain. ' ;\) Dll-K ANI> HUNTING M \<d Alt -l/i v <u\>TA\T ',k ?j- ^ lyouhuud; H? '?i:? tit ?! I i . i . ' ' <?*, .r<* I ; on hfuul and to ordi-r at ii"' n '*v ' M.o 1* jlt. j time Flan? and Sr.'h .1 i 4 .y \ ? *I 1' )st j IiOJKIt k <?R \HAM l. >ii : - i i 1 "lirANTXP?KitK nil v 1 M -"MK | i 1 W Rood PropHI i - 'ti -d, l * 1 1 low i?n,KstiviM,ngiin> : " t t ?>t j ti 15 i watnr, ami pyidv i , t 1 ? Ai??> miui.* n I N linnti'T* ni Sis to t i:i ' d?. . ' r ?*c?j*1 (* * ta.-ti'W'd, of alioill 200 D ? ni l.? t -ail?T-. 4 IF Also ; '< n? Sti'urntu>r iSoal*-'. - iti ?'?? . - i \ :r??,o| 1* toSoOtoiig rojfisiiT, iiwdnii' iy mikI Int ' t-? Ih* io goml N condition. PropoMil* from hic r* in writing, .iddrt -^1 n to Navftl <'oii>triu:ior. 64 KxidiiiiiKo I U? c, naming Io\v?\*t ?j PH price, will receive attention. Jj llfAM'KI'?TWO SKKCKANIX AN'll TWO COKl'OKALS I." W for t'oiiipatiy K, (' tiiiurtl; ats', a low able "I y i bodied im, win) will lie taken to camp iiiiiih diafely. to I Apply iidiin'ilii?t',ly I" Capt. Evan, Roman's Unti l, 193 ' Kulion street. 1 i TJTANIE&-IS A FHWT CLASH 1NKASTKV HBOIW meut. now orgnuiteo I, a few well drilled men. as i.Tgeiuits nn'i corporals, who bring run recruits. Apply to " picnic mint of Company tl, .134 llroadwav. ? otr " , :?- : : "11 r aSTKI> immediatki.y?TOIt a fir.-t ci.a.-w ac i VV copied regiment uolr iu qnurturs, a louder tind J4uvu ! sumns for a i'ornot Hand. Apply al t'.to Itoiolniwrtors * j gf tht OnUntMil Mtrl, Moot igua Flail, BtooWjib. on r "J ST REGIMENT WASHINGTON GRAYS, HKADQUAR"! X t 'rs No. ;? Varirk Rlroot, t olotii-l ,l?-. H. Koiunino ' >' Tlii.u W ono of tin; ri giniontR orxanl/ml imdor 111 > now call. It promlsi* to l>o a very ctUoiont IhhIj- of men. Thvy tioiv ninnbvr itoino four liundrod strong, and am chiefly from the country. Tlioir otllrors am gon'lemon of military ox- i IK perietice,and'tho greater imrtion luve coi rt active service. I II., One full company will lie aereptcd, with oflleors, by i mak ing applicat ion InudMliatalY M peatU)tauter*. i 3 THB TUHK. FAWHOM PI.KAS1 RK GROUND ASSOCIATION.? Ti oiling match l i r *1,000 between Flora Temple and ohm Morgan, formerly Mi doe.?Thursday, 3'Jil met., at ij P. M., two mill hi'ut.i, in harness. Also Thursday fol>wno:, same horses, throe milo heats, in harness, for I,000. Good iluy uuil track. Joskph CHOCHERON, Proprietor. r?t(>K SA1.K?T1IK TROTTING HORSE HONEST PETER. [; Apply to HIRAM WOODRUFF. VH i RlPAY. iti'lll DreT MATCH FOR |800A RK, F In t ween sorrel gelding Alliert Kemlde and hay riding Nutwood; milo boats, host II in ft. in harness. v. Jones names Millwood, Jar. Talhnan names Iliert Kemlde. IIEVIN8 .V C0NKI.1N, Proprietors. N. It.?Cars leavo South and Fulton terries for East lew York every live minutes, and thence by railroad to rack. Stages ieavo Williamsburg every half hour. Stage rill leave Twenty fourth street and Third avenue direct >r the track at two o'clock P. M. Purse and staku $2,AO. HOUSES, CARRUORli M, 4 FAST HORSE FtiR SALE?GOES IMSIDE UF THREE \ minutes: warranted sound and gentle. Also a Top tigey and Harness, city made. Inquire at 373 Coual II. el. rjHiR -Ml SEVEN HQBSES; THEY ARE MX FROH L Ift 'j to 10 hand >uNt<. they are all f: in ix to even years old ; and oho one low prte. il Mare. |60 ih J re warranted in ever) n-poct. To he seen at 31), Perry hoot. [.SOU WACOM. SI'IT A lU.K FOR KXI'VS'S L man or grocer. 317 Silllvun slroet. [.Molt SALE?A LIGHT ROAD WACOM. AT OXE-THHtD L' Us value, nearly uew, anil 50 S-wiug Machines of "' ' ...... ........ n i J. LKAIU'V, Utt Piatt street, X. Y. [JV)R SALE.?A SI I.KNH1II THOROUGH RUED itl.oOR. cd Cow fur sale, one of the very best kind, with i? ill ti n day* old by ln-r Hide ; she will give twenty four mi In ni milk n day nl' the best quality; she m four years it. Apply at liiil East Twenty tilth slroot, between irsl ami Second uventioH. [JWR BALE?HORSE, WAQON AND HARNRH8.?A . sorrel Mure, seven years old, cau trot in 3 minutes, .mid, kind mid gi ntle in every respect: a Wagon, new, Hide by Itii ivster ic Co. All will bo sold low, for cash, >'apply tug the Merchants' stubles, lu Twenty ninth tn el. near llroailway. [TVlit SAKE < IIKAI*? IKlltSK, WAtitlN ASH HARNEY; . Horse 1 a'^ bonds high; grocer's Wagon and Hurness; ill lie sold separate or together t'nu lie seen at 236 I'usliingtim street. rjOK.-KS AND CAKKI 1GKS SKI XING OKI' ( HEAP ? rL l.lxbt Cwelies. Itretts. Cttleehes and Haggles. 100 amily Carriages ami Business Wagons; 50 Horses, at 10 evlns street, Brooklyn. rOlWE WANTED.?ANY PERSON HAVING A VERY L.L stylisli Horse, If, i, bands high, for sale, can flint imrelui er by addressing S. A. ,M., Herald olQcu, stating l ire uml where the horse may be seen. jEt'OND HAM) WAGONS, WITH OR WITHOUT TOPS, X for sale i heap, at l-ARKER, J1RKWSTER A- HAM). VIN Seaman' uiaiiiifaetm y, 05 East Twenty liftl) street, "Iwei n Third and Lexington avenues. I IT ANTED?A HORSE, ion HIS K KM TNG, FOR TWO \ X or three mouths. Kor particulars inquire corner l rhirty lirst street mid Broadway, III the market. [JtTANTKD?A t'l.O-'KI) ONE HORSE CARRIAGE, XX w ith seats fur I'onr persons, not too much used, at re. oiialile pi lee. Address box 2.179 New York Post (Bee. . It7-AGON'S I OR S.VI.I-:.?FOR SAKE, A PARKER XIX Iaght shilling Top Wagon, one of the handsomest l the city, and a Wat soil Trotting Wagon, fan ho soon I 3S l)ey sir 'i t from lu to a on Friday and Satura>N ITrANTKtl TO IM'KCHASR ?ANY GENTLEMAN XX hiving a line pair of Horses, from la to l;.)m in.Is high, ill it 0 oi trot in 2'46 to 3:20, and Is willing to ell tin in at a Riiv | rir.-. may tlntl a purchaser by apply, a n. P. .1. Shrink. 128 Pi ncpnnt street, Brooklyn. A pod llrett aud tlariiiv.- might be puiel an d with tnein. FIN AXCIAIi. 1 UGl'ST HKi.MONT A ft)., BANKERS. NO. 60 WAI.L J\ street, New YoiT. i ue k'tli'i's < ; credit t. travellers M.olabl. ill all ).arts of I'!i)|'i)|h', throiigii the M-'.srs. Roths bud el I'm ,s. Isuidon, Krankiort, Viemia,Naples and thi Ir UTi Ills. I^.'K Stl.r-lK'Mi.VM' \\i K Foil $1 000, OS 1' nn-i < < Irnlii" I(<'?I I iat.1. or will ox u.iuge I'm funny n. i 11|< i.-i <-1.-<n.11 < hi n uoimi busies;-. .SOI ! IIIVU K .t W'UOlh t>2 .Vii-sau st. Nrl'.\V YORK ASIl S'f'.X IfvVK.V KAtf.ROAl) COM PAny, < <irncr of l'.Hinh uventio an . T\v iitj seventh iri'i'l, Tr; .i-ui'fi V Ollli'.', August lit. Cv i ?A ilivitleiul f till liulllll'S per sll'lfi hllS bll'll ilerlul'eil I'll till' eiipi;i! stork Hi' llii- <:<nii|iniii . mill is p,.yubl< lit u. - "ltl.;i: on ml nfter Monday, the 12 li in. Ity enter o tin-IVurd if Jln'iTiiu s, W. lii.MK.VT. Trriisuror. N1"!>. ?: iva11, st.';:'! r. augi >t it ihc>?. hiilliM'!.?Tii' liu. iTorn Hi- Xiugnn. Kiro In iiliinr I iii|i.iiiy, <>l lit, i ity.' ivi-II iliiv ili'i'l iri il ii ini-iitiiiual ilivi'li'U'l 11 e n 11(1) i'i r i" iii mi ill.-i iiimiil li'i'k. |I.I. ,'.bio en til ill.Ill I.. !. IKV! \'i!. i;i rtiil'V. Omen nh' i:c. st: vmx.vxr ix.-ru.wt: > omImliy. 122 I 'l vi-ry I Ike! I. : .!|i;? N w 1 " k . Aiiyi|i-t t?. 1 .'.I ?i i'. i l' tii!.--Tli" i it' n: I i i i iini In", ili!.- 'In; A-' in > ! i > i umi'iiil . : ! i 1 ; si\ per HI. parable in tii -I'l'T-iiiiliiiTK nil uli'l ul'ter tin1 20th in.ii. Trnusfi'i in.'k- i. i'!nsi'il ttniil Hut . Id n'.ia ill\ .(. I'l NT/. SfiTimiry. 1>ACH'1C M ill ' ' ilMi'A.N'Y.?VK1V YORK, August IT ! (it.?Tli" I i'nr.1 nt I irii'!"..? have tills In y tlocliireil ii uivi ' il I ) ' . lit'- per n'lil "i till r net a I'll tugsof this I in iiny ! i ill p i.-l tiiri" hi :ntIik, | a,VIlili' to the SIM' "k"ii!i .'.el i'l I'flu on Tlnir- :iv (I'e 'AST IiH. Til" Ti'hiihUi;* I'm.U will li iT.ii'il I'll llie lttill Inst, I 2 I'. M.. inn! wi i It - I'lip iii'l mi Si I mst. ily 'I'iioi m' '.li Itmril I. Ml 1C 11 ' \ I', *' c'i tnfy. Jll ,j At w v W.WTEP?OX l?>\T> xi? MORT1 '* ' '"I mi''.' i "I ! ' !;. uptown, torth i.i 'iv ili'iii ' ! i i" ..111-111;11. .! . f l.oik; on b 1 I i iess pioperty '! V." .. ' ! 'or < ointi . v -it i worth 12,000, iihw renting f'-r *1.100 p r luioiilu. Interest livable in liiis l i' v h lev 2 r, I' ri olfiee. JlOl'SJ.'S. Ki.'OMS AC., lVAM'fiD. i SMAI.I, KAMil.Y. WHI11I1.T (TIC.i iii-iN, WANT \ JMirt of It H'I'.> . i'l i'.: link ;. P. I!' i. I'll IjOigliborinl, within I en tulin l s " i'V "I itl ',!. .. llamiiii n vim lie ferry. Term < in he innileriit ,'. Ai'.ilreiw M. It. I.. hex 150 llelnlit e! i' [,T!RX1S!11:R lid.-.: WANTKi1.?.' ( OM- I I1TA1 U'?t [ well furnis'i ill'" v. tvli siti ! In Urn itjipei' |ntrt 1' Hie city is wiuit .I i'ii* n 'ill wii.ii n -in ill liuniKent must ini. low. A ilress, stating Incuti n Ac. I"; W<4 I'ost niUcc. noi'sk \VA\n:i!?TP rilllKK or vopr storiks ll.yll lei- 'lie III. W 'II II: 11 - ill i! .til" I'Uj'ili y : itnulc I in siiiteil to the tun' . i'l'l ' -s C., Ii'ix 3.422,.Tilting erms. I r ?il XT' it' ivir _'V t:t:ni.i. t.vv wieit w t . n H. mil k in n h Itliy lo ut ?>:?. w t iln tm miie-i <.| in lerri' ; o it ul,. it ?; < i, e mint in Addnss, suiting nil |-iiI"rti'iitnti-, T. il.I'.. hi ?; 14K ileruld oil <v. WANTED?A TWO STORY \NDATTH HlirsE.YVTTH about tlirco tu four ticriof Inml; ami it must bo ut tho water and not uvbr Iw ivo miles from tlie city, And I nly shado around if. Addr 1 !!. I). .\I.,eiS Broadway lirANTEP?IN EAST I lU'OKRYN l'l! tVJMJAMf?VV burgh, by u(gniilinrn i > ' an I child; four in1 live infurnifdiod Room .1 Koti i'.< it *12 per iniiiitb. Any trivnto family li ivinv in > ( h m,i 'than tliey re jtilro ran i I il to alvuiit jge liv a'blii. s.n ' Warren, 11- r.i Id oltlcn. II' ANTED?IN A CENTRA I, ROTATION, TWO ROOMS, vt communicating, In- a small Any family .at iiif! ehildrcn toe.du, ale will liin! il in tlieir advantage an.'W" r. A|>l>Iy In (ullllu ittlullck. lii East Fourteenth ?reet. Uf ANTED?BY A small FAMILY, a small iboSK or 1'art o| a Morse inn respectable neighborhood i Williamsburg or ll.ooklyH. Rent tu t In vxren 1 ?10 or mouth. Addre-s. stating positively full jmTks a's, I'. It., box 161 Uernlil nllice, lor one week. ITT ANTED?BY A SMART, AMERICAN FAMII.Y, A fV Second Floor ami front Basement: house must (hi rst eLiss. icighborhoo I ami rob rent c; miexr.oplloiiuhle; millv small, American or English; location In twecn ighth ami Tliirly fourth streets. A'Mress l>. E. F., box ill Herald ofllee, stating relit and I oration. II r am EI-.- a four STORY house, with Ml, the Vt modern improvement*. The rent not to exeoed I,000 per annum. II must Is; situateil between and Thirty fourth . treels and Fourth and Sixth aveno". Address immediately M. M., box W!1 l'ost cilice, ' a York city. WrANTED?a HOUSE. CONTAINING NOT m ire ttutu lour rooms, In a Kspec table quarter of r.>w York or ltrooklyn, for a man and wire, it must he ear a ready communication with Fort Hamilton, I, I. irooklyn preferred. Terms must he modcrutc and to suit lie One s. Address immediately, 11. A. S., Fort Hamil n. X. Y.. Slating loc illty atitl terms, trrANTED?THE (K'CAEIONAI, ESE OK A KERNIStlKn \v Room, in n quiet neighborhood uml smill Tamlly. 'uymcot in udvunco ins loud nf reference. Address, lor lireo days'. James Be, Humid oilier. HT ANTED IMMEDIATELY?BY A iAIft, A ROOK TT mid two Bedrooms, on (list ll(?>r, in a rest* cluble muse, on Fonrlh acinic, below T\v ntieth street; rent ilO |ier month. Address Funn'tny, Herald oilie . njijj.tKDS'. BILLIARDS.?8TAPL .'oS I.?V! i.v<; ~T.\Ti-:v ISIAND. Three tlr.'t class ita .-lord Tublt over Van Rqier & Martin's" line grocery." By (HAS. I.ORD, long with Bassford ltd Fulton. B. continues the old stand SHBAHS AND TOBACCO. SHOARS VERY CHEAI'.?THE ASSIGNEE, AT NO IT Broadway, must close out the balnnco of the stoclt, Mid is ottering great inducements to cash bo vera. Pieaan soil and siamlne the stock ami nrices

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