Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1861 Page 6
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^ __6 _ { PTILATIOIVS WAWTBD- KEMALBI. A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS COMPANION TO rii invalid lady, or to ono about to travol; In competent to give iiiHtructiuu to young children, and would not object to m-sisl in household duties and mako herself generally useful; roferenoea exchanged. Address K. F., Uaoandaiguu, N. Y. AOEIRMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, IN A privute American family, ua cbuuibermiiid or waiter. Call at 80 av. A, third floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPEtTAHUC GIRL, Jt\_ to cook, wash and iron: no objection to do general noun work. Heat of city reference. Call at UlM West 25iU at., between 8th aud 9lh avs., for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young woman, as good plain cook, washer and {goner, or would do chamberwork and waiting or any kind ef plain sewing. Best city reference for each. Cull fur two days at 409 West lilth s!., between 9th and 10th avs. A?erman girl, smart and strong, wants a Situation as chambermaid; best of recommendation (Iron by her present employer, luipiirc at 28 llroud st., up stairs. A HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A /\_ respectable young lady, 19 years old; in a widower's fimily preferred, is perfectly competent. Address A. M., Herald ulBce, for two days. A RESPECTABDE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ nurso; is oomiieteut to tulro cbnrgoof a baby from Its infancy; no objection to the country. Can bo seen for two days at 97 Bridge st., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, us u first rate pastry cook; under Stands all kinds of cooking; is u first rate washer and lroner; has three years' reference from her lost place. On be seeu for two days al 107 West 37th St., between Tth and Kth avs. a young giri. wisiifs a situation to take J\_ care of children und do cbambcrwork. Apply ut M710th av. A WIDOW, OK GOOD ADDRESS AND ACTIVITY, ujL. who has one of Wheeler A Wilson's sewing ma Mines, to the use of which -lie Is ae.eiistomed, wants a Situation (hut will enable her to earn her board, either in a family, store or shop. Call for Mrs. Iioireuu, 82 Middagb at , Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation as wot nurse; fresh breast of milk; no objec tioh to take the baby liomo or to go out. Reference tf reftulrcd. Call at 86 Auiity St., corner of Columbia, right hand going down. A SITUATION WANTEP?BY A RESPECTABLE WO J\_ man, to rook, wa.-h and iron, or n.s laundress or to logeneral housework iu a small family. Good city re lattice. Cull for two days at 120 Atlantic St., Brooklyn, first floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART, TIDY GEKman girl, to uttend children and do light chamberwork. Call for two days at her present employer's, 106 Bast 17th at. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ?IS ACcustomed to take care of children and do chamberwork or housework; is a good washer and lroner. Can bt> eon at84 Wyckoffst., Brooklyn, first floor, back room. A RESPECTAUUC YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUAjA. tjou to do light housework. No objection to the BoSntry. Cull at her lost place, 60S Broadway, corner of Fourth street. for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, LATE J\ ly lost her Ursl buhv, wlihfll t<> take a child to uurso It her ow n residence, or "to go out. Apply at 238 av. A. A RESPFATABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A J\ ftltuatldn uk wet nurse; baby two months old. Best llty reference. Cull for two days at 13 Washington st., |hlrd Poor, fropt robin. A 1ADY OP SOME YEARS EXPERIENCE DESIRES A a situation, either iii a school or family, as teacher #f Music and French, also Latin, if desired; or would be willing to assist in other branches. Address box 360 l'ost Office, Springfield. Mass. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA A. tion as seamstress; is u tlrst rato dressmaker; no Objection to assisl in the care of children or to go to the oountry. Call at 121 East 16ih st..third floor,back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO; man, as good plain cook and first class laundress vest city rcicrcnco given. tan n?r two days ai no. 8 Moorou at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARricil woman, as wet nurse; tio-t city reference, if required. Call fur (wo days at 31!) 3d av\, ucar 33th st. A RESPECTABLE GIRI. WANTS A ITACE IN A SMALL -A. private family, to do houFework. Cull at 98 York it., Brooklyn. for two days. A GERMAN GIRL. WHO SPEAKS GOOD ENGLISH, would take a place as seamstress or to tako care ol' children, or any kind of work Good city reference given. Call at 97 Watts st., between West and Washinton sis. A PROTISTA NT WOMAN WHIIES A SITUATION?TO cook, wash aud iron, in a private family. best city reference. Call for two days at 60 West "Washington place, near 4lh St., second lloor,front room. ABB3PB0TAHLB TOONS GIRL WANTS A SITUATION to dl> housework or chamborwork. Moderate wages. Please call for two days, at 148 Varick St. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, to travel with a family or go as children's maid and make their clothes if required; would make herself generally useful. Call at 36 Rector St.,for three days. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and ironor; no objection to do general housework in a small private family; no objection to the country; wages can tie moderate: best of city reference. Dell at 113 West loth si., near 6lh uv., in tbo rear, first Boor. A YOUNG AND HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED WIDOW lady, now in reduced i renin;traces, wantsnsitus lton as governess or housekeeper, or both combined, in a respectable family; would accept of a very small salary if allowed the privilege of keeping liar little girl, iiged C yoars, with her. Most unexceptionable reference given. Address Mi s. E. N., P osl olllee, Brooklyn. COOK ?A SITUATION WANTK1), HY A GERMAN cook, who in a professed French and American cook and learned pastry cooking in a first class house; best <>! 3lly reference given. Call at T. (J. Stcurbeiu's 4h Chatham lioct. up stairs. Companion -A YOUNG LAKY WHO HAS UKEN educated in a first ( less h arding school is desirous ?f obtaining a Situation as c unpaui m to a 'a ly or uman oasis, no objection to travi 1 or to resale .n the country. Address J. M . box l'Jh Herald "dice. Reverse gfaacomsaxtab has obliged mk n seek some honorable employment; 1 would take earo of children or do plain sewing or cbmnberwork; uni fully ooin|H tent of instructing small children. Those wishing to obtain a genteel American g'.rl. njay apply for two days at No. 3 Allen St.; country preferred*. SITUATION WANTED?IN THE COUNTRY, FOR A smart industrious girl; is an excellent washer and lroDor; understands housework; is thoroughly acustom ed to country work, baking, milking, Ate. Apply at 10 Hilary st., Hrooklyn. Wages $4 to $5 per month mmt ADVKHtriHltR. A YOTTNO in i i 1.1 kirn's i ?nv 1 wishes to obtain a situation as housekeeper, ttaloswo mtui, nursery governess, or as a general seamstress; salary no objcot; would leave the city. Address lor out week Miss Hammond, slatiou I>,8ili st. THE AOYEBTI8EB, AH AMEBICAN, WISHES A 8ITOA tion as a companion, or nursory governess; is will iug to make herself generally useful, in a rospoitubh family where she would not he looked upon as a com mot servant; no objection to travel, t an give the best of re forences Call for three days at SOU West 30th st., be twecn lti'b and 11th avs.. for Ul tra Brown. W.wi: I' i MPLOAMEN; mm :: A.- H0C8RKEEP19 or to take eare of an invalid, by a middle aged Scotch woman She is a kite! nurse and 11 at 111 lev |>ers u: and habits. Odl at her present emploj ei V, 143 West 40ll street. WANTS) A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIBL ai cliuiniioriu 1 or to take c re (l children. I'leasi eaH at In r |a-i ,ent on.plot it's. 101 Iiuflield St., Brooklyn WANTKD-A SITUATION, W A YOUNG GIRL, As Child's nurse, is a good sewer and can do all kinds of embroidery would prefer tie- eounlrv < 111 l>0 s*-en until Monday,at 2i!> West 'JBtli st.,s>.<:oiid Hour,front room. ~\tT A NTKU?A SITUATION BY A RfSHECTABLF '4 YV yi ing woman, to do genera hotisew rk in ismall private fam ly is a good wa-'her nod irocr ucd good \i plaincts-k. tlie fcesl of city relcronee given. Call for tw. diys at 460 Banal St., corner of Greenwich, third lloor 1 treat room. "117" A NT)'J' t - \ - ''a IK. BY 1 JRR0TE8 W taut won- in *ko ( 1 y aiderstaiids cooking in al * Vs branches; I,rem1 pastry nd pre-erviug: is willing l< twist in the u asiiuv and irnuin-:. Goi>.I reference. Tin co-intry preferrod. A).pl> at J03 West pnli t|. be.twccr 7tk and 6th avs can '* >.? ti t?>r fw-a ilays if not cn gag? d. "MTANTKU?BY A I J.1** "< TABLE VbCSG WOMAV JY asiti.aliii a* chair;nrrmaul or waiu*>?'s; cm pre docc k.c b st if tesiioioi/.'au - 1-ranis lcuctor and .capability; w uh.ect.oti t?> th-'. niry. ( . till engag-"' at 120 Eaul 10th . I. WANTET? A MTCATION, BY A JUfUUABLI ypiji ji woman, us- 1 hauilx- 11. ud and tea*rcss o> uurae and ai'.viistr< ss; wlllaes .-1 .n washing and ironing Can be seerrnt .b r last employe) .wlu rc she ba^ivwl lor the last twelve months, l.'ts Mu-oou .1 t., n a Am.'!)"llTAXIMt?yi w n ATION BY A KESI'Kt TABLE t. RI W to do goii.Vpv lion rework; 1 a good plain cook! was), r aud in-ner. K.'* go al city i -l rtUee. Call at 124 Bill ; I I ;vueu l?t pud avwre * WANTEDa-A s'l i'l' ITIOV,- AH WET NURSE, BY A ri js i table ir 01I vrof'ian. with a fresh breast of mi.k. refcrer.ce giv n if rei|ui\'d. Can be seen at ltd) V" t l.'ith st., second floor, back rodi.'i. WITHOUT WAGES ItKQUIRED.msA MTOATION wanted by a German lady, of lluit education, in a very genteel American family) to make be.'self useful. Helenui 1 s given and icjuircd AddTpfg C. 0 * II. Herald oil.ce. V 1 SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES. WANTED?A SITUATION^ BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waltrme, or as nurse and seamstress; ciui como well recommended from ber last place. l Oil I at Mrs. Royuolds', 375 Pacific at., Brooklyn. I WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, ' u situation as wot uurso; lost her baby, Ave weeks old. Can bo seen for two days at 262 East 15th St., third floor. W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT GIRL, a situation as chambermaid, or to do plain sewing; understands wuniting and ironing; no objection to do general housework for a small family. Can be seen for a few days at her employer's, 87 Prospect st., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN girl, a situation as seamstress or chambermaid; no obloetion to go to the country. Inquire ut 285 Bowery, up stairs. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BABY TO dry nurse ut her own residence, where it will obtain a mother's care or would take a littlo boarder. Call for two days at 1D4 East U8d St., between 1st and 2d ays., i third floor, back. A* 1 WANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A young woman; her baby is four mouths old. Call at 291 1st avo.. between 17th and lBth sts., oyer the drug ^ store. ' WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young worn in, tut dressmaker and seamstress, in a private family, or would take charge of a baby from its birth; understands all kinds of cutting and fitting Doy's clot lice; satisfactory reference given. Can bo seen for two 1 days at 88 15th st., corner of 3d av. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as nurse and seamstress; e.un lake the cniiro charge of a baby; has no objection to travel; the iit-ni ui cny ifiui nur .;?u uu Ijivuu, iui da> s ut 73 West loth St., six doors west of (Hli av. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A HM'Et TABLE girl to cook, wuah and iron, or would do general housework of a -mull family; is a good cookand tlrst rato washer and ironor. (food city refercuoe. Call at 44 Tompkins place, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A NEAT, TIDY CIHJ., WITH EXCEI.leut city reference, a situation us chambermaid ami nurse; is quick at the needle; will wusli and iron for u lady who b >ards. t'all a?or address 184 Hist 21st st., near 2d avo. Wages |5. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSI'KCTAIUJ? young German girl, to take care of children and make herself gonorally useful. Apply at 143 Cedar st., in the butcher shop. WANTED?A SITUATION UY A RESPECTABLE MAR , ried woman, as wet nurse at her own house or to go , out. I/wt her own b.Ui", two months old. Good reference given. Call at No. 4 llivingtou place, Ubtwoen GOerck and Lewis sts. SITUATIONS WANTRb-MALili. SITUATION WANTED?BY A GENTEEL YOUNG MAN, (colored), as light porter or any responsible position where honesty and integrity are the necessary qualiflca tlons. Address Hamilton, Herald office. SITUATION' WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, AS CLERK i or assistant bookkeeper, or any other business that will pafrom $50 to $200; according to sulary, to any person procuring him a situation. Best of reference given. Address Jones, box 147 Herald office. I TIIK PRESS.?A GENTLEMAN. WHO HAS flAD TFN : years' experience on the London, Liverpool ami N"'w York imperH, is njieu loan engagement as flight or subeditor ou u daily or weekly new\spa|>er; can givo good reference a? to ability, steadiness, and attention to tlto 1 dntioB entrusted to hint. Addfess Telegraph, Herald 1 oftleo. 1 WANTS A SITUATION?A SMART, INTO J.IGKNT lad, who writes well end is a good accountant, would bind himself lor two or lliree years to a reipOct- i able business. Address A. B. 0., Herald office. ~\XTANTEJ>?A SITUATION, BY A YQUNC MAN FROM VV the West, aa assistant in a product) and commit!- 1 slon store. Has good recommendations. Address J. G., i Herald oltice. WANTF.D?BY A MAN, WITH TIIE BEST OF CITY references from his employers and others, a situation in an office of a coal or lumber business. Address Confidential, station B. HELP WANTHO-MALES. ACiENTH W ANTED?THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY to sell the great n av Union l'rize Stationery and Recipe rnckage, containing a sup.'rb print (0x10) of our great Chicftan General Sc>tt,75 valuable Recipes, Stationery and Kuveloj o< printed In colors; gifts of flno Jewelry, Ac., tbe most salt able article in market. Tim above (lockage contains twice tbo amount of articles and of a superior quality to any other, and sold only by us. Our agents are making lroni |6 to $/>0 per day. Send stump for circular KQU8C6k(ft, 102 Nassau street. A GENTS?WANTED WITH FROM #2 TO $6, FOR A 2\. well paying enterprise. Active men will find this an 1 excellent Chance. Otll at 445 9th av., near 37th St., third floor, front. 4 MAN WANTED?TO ASSIST IN AN OFFICE; HE (\ must have $400 to loan oh tho very best security, afid lie can liave a permanent situation at a salary of $K?o, payable weekly. Apply at 500 Broadway, up stairs, Sewing Machine Company. BOY WANTED?IN AN OFFICE. APPI.Y AT 2d FEU ry st., up stairs. EOY WANTED?TO MAKE HIMSELF USEFUL ABOUT an office?one wlm can write a plain liand. can oomo well recommended, lives with Ins parents and willing to work for $1 per week, may apply at 599 Broadway, room No. 3. COMPETITION DEFIED!?AGENTS WANTED FOR A. Isaacson k Co. V celebrated Fly Stickingl'aper. The tiude nud agents supplied at tln> rale at' $1 28 per 100 double sheets, with a line box and show cards. Wo also offer our preparation for the destruction of Bedbugs, Cockroaches,Croton Hugs. Ants, Ac. Alt. lSAAffcEN k CO., 44 Fulton stroet. COACHMAN WANTED ? A STEADY MAN, WHO THO-' roughly understands driving end grooming horses, can obtain a permanent situation l>y applying at the lata residence of W. H. Aspinwall. near Vandarbllt landing, Btatsti Island, between 'J and 10 A. M., for two days. Dutches, bghembctadt and onondaga counties.?Ag?nis wanted ip these counties to Pell the best Washing Machine, with wringer attached. Price only $6. Apply at 7.12 Sixth avenue. Recruiting agents.?wanted, smart, i.nk.r getic men to act as agents to obtain recruits for a lirst class regiment. Pay w ill ho given tor every man furnished. Call at 491 Broadway, second tloor, at 9 A. M. SAIJ-SMAN WANTED?IN A CASH DRY GOODS JOBbing house. None need upply except those having a i large aequaintanro with cash buyers. Address, with , mime, stating last or present situation, box 747 Post office. "|I r ANTED?A MAN OF CHARACTER AND 1N\\ tluence to take charge of a club house, also three good second hand billiard tables. Address box 2,900 Pest ofllce. tttanted?< LERK FOR A railroad OFFICE. clerk TT for a steamboat, 3 porters, 4 girls to travel to California and Europe, 2 boys for trades,1 entry clerk, timokec|ier for a mnciliiuo shop. 2 express drivers, 1 barkeeper, clerk lor a grocery, 6 men to work on steamers. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. A n A MONTH' AND AI.I, EXPENSES PAID.?LO 1^5 ~rv' cal and travelling agents wuntcd. throughout the United Stales. Upon receiptor $1 particulars, with samples worth f:;. delivered free. Call on or address C. , M. Brown ?; < o., 74 Rleecker street, N, Y. ' kai 1 / W \ ''KK MUN1H.?AGENT- ABSOLUTELY L5JLv"\' make it selling our patent II. m Folder and llick Gauge and other articles of ready sale. Call ou or address (enclosing stamp) Joseph Dodin & Co., 22 Duaue street, near Cnatliarn street, New York. 1 - /-WV LIVE MEN WANTED?TO SELL A STAPLE i I article that every family wants; it. sells cosily i | anil pay largeproflts. Try it and put nianey in your I pockets. Apply to LEADBEATBR,1OT Fulton street. ' tifcl Fli l'l,< MONTH HADE BY ENERGETIC NT LO' ' agents selling Downer's Heratuer and Shield i l": hand.< .vug Sample sent ou receipt of 25 cents. Ad 1 dress a. II. Burner, 142 Broadway, X. Y. T1U3 TRADM. | \ MHROTYP1S I.?WANTED. A YOING MAN TO TRA ' J\_ vet with one who has travelled for seven years; | good routs'only a small capital required. Apply itninci il lately at No. 302 lileecker st. TJAKKH WANTED?A MAN WHO THQROUtiHLY 1> uniieistands the fancy Baking and Ornamenting In.sin *. Call on H. N KIST1K. 40 Chatham .street, this j day (Friday), between t2 and 1 o'clock. l .rpo TIUDERS.?A PRACTICAL FRENCH PERFUMER I 1 and s.inpinaker. having been oesnpiod 12 years in , | I Arum Mut four vara in this country, wanfe" a situation, i r pi in ike tin -a ipiHintaticite'' a person uhleco go in busiI it< s.s w !h. Add us- Perfumer box 121 Herald otHce.fur | two days j ! \lrA\TV.Ii_A KIBST CLASS VHOTIXIRAPHK!. ESI'K 1 ft cially giod at making < ar?' pictures upon albntnen j paper. Apply tr. scovill .VLititifutr. nrlng Company, No. 4 j ! Bcekuan st. CA/""| <"AT HANTS WAMJEI IMMEDIATELY ? ej" 7\ * None received with ut having a good roMm*. ndaiiui and hook Apply ut \o toy Bowery, iip?luiis. rDLITlCi^ VTTKNTION, REGl I.AI; ill: MEMBERS OF THE S X I dy of Regulars, of die Kigluh v .. mblv district, arc requested to atteud a Hf ' ciul in rung ;,|>c held litis evening, ut tic hall, corner of Pitt and Breo.tnc sto-els f nf 7 o'clock. Punctual nltyndatu e is net? as husilu v el importance will he brought before ifi? society By tfeder of. PETER McKNItillT, President. | \ DANIEL HUOHKH, Vice Proaldent. ; Robt. Ctinson. ('has. (). Kkatixo, Secretaries. DKNTINTHY. Artificial bonk mum rdk decayed teeth, Inserted while soli, without pressure or pain. Aching teeili or ,N?ere shells can be tilled and preserved by tho discov, re.*., JAMEB PEARSON, M. D. Rooms U69 Broadway, west B.OC.O'iu door above Seventeenth street. \ STEW YORK HERALD, FT HELP WANTED-FEMA^B?. A"UT KAUIlie ANll SKKVANT8 WILL FIND THE largest tioloct Institute, at 138 Eleventh street, cor aer of Sixth avenue, for German, Scotch, American and Irish help; civil and capable; waxes to suit the times: good places always ready. All orders by mail promptly attended. A YOUNG GIRL WANTED?WELL RECOMMENDEDfor light work; cither Gorman, Scotch or English. Apply at 24 East 20th st., near Broadway. All families in search of well recommend c.d help for city or country huvo now an opportunity of being satisfactorily suited from the large number of worthy girls now in attendance at the Urst class agency, 320 4th av., between 24th and 26th Sts. No charge. WANTED?A FIRST RATE COOK. ALSO AN FX collect laundress. They must perfectly understand their business. None others need apply ut 90 9th st., between Broadway and University place. WANTED?A GIRL TO l><> WASHING, IRONING AND general housework in a small family. Good refe roncea required. Apply ut 73 West 47th St., between tith and 7th uvs. "tlTANTED?A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN yt ami do up stairs w>.rk. she ime-t be tidy andaome well recommended. Apply between tho hours of 10 and I o'clock at 172 West 30th st. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TO 00 A SHORT DIB tauco In the country, a steady, respectable girl, us nurse and seamstress; must understand her business the roughly; wages $e. None need apply without the best of references, at 309 Mulberry at., between 10 and 12 o'clock, to day (Friday), basement entrance. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, FOR GENERAL housework in a private family; one that undcrsoauds washing and ironing well und can give city reference. Apply at 10 West 64tli st., near 5th uv. WANTED?10 TAKE CHAB0R 09 TWO OBODREK, a capable young wouian, (if a kind disposition, with city references. Call in the store, 356 C'aual at. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WAITRESS AMD PARLOR maid. One who understands tho business thoroughly and hns pood city reference, ami la willing to go to tlie country in tho summer. Mono other need apply to day, between ten and two o'clock, at 46 West "25th at. WANTED?A (illtl. T?? DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, to go a short distance in tho country; must be a good plain cook, washer and ironer; good city reference required. Apply from 11 A. M. to 2 o'clock H. M.,Sit 74 Wost 46th at. V\ ages $6 per month. W\NTKD?IMMEDIATE! V, A NURSE; ONE tVlIo understands tak ug core of children and can give tho best city references. Apply at 240 Ureeno St., one floor from Wavorley place, between lh" hours of 0 and 11 WANTED?IN A FAMILY OK THREE ADULTS, A woman who is a llrst class cook, washer and lienor, and who can produce unexceptionable references as to boucety an<l capacity in the above duties. None others need answer. Apply for two days, from 10 to 2, ut (id West 46th st. Wages liberal. WANTED?A GIRL TO It) GENERAL HOTOWORK good reference required. Apply lietween the hours of 11 and 4 o'clock at 622 Columbia st., Brooklyn WANTED?A WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS! AND can take the charge of manufacturing corsets and let as saleswoman; to a competent person a permanent id t nation is offered. Apply after 12 o'clock to Sherman, '.Hit Broadway, second lloor. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRJ., TO do tiie housework of a small family (English); must l>o capable to cook, w.islt and iron good, and give pari of Iter attention to the children. Apply for two days at ti':5 I'acille st., near Carlton av., Brooklyn. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A NURSE WITH A FRESH breast of milk. City references reauirod. Aiinlv it 04 West 19th st. WANTEP?A G(K)l) COOK,WTO $'?. A PROTECTANT rook and laundress, $8 to $10; another, $7; a colored laundress, W; colored Imy waiter, fl2; also, girls for housework, he. Places ready and good. 994 fourth avenue, botwoeu Twenty-second and Twenty -third streets. gPECIAIi NOTICES. AT \ PPE01AI, MEETING 01' TUK ASTOR \ I .HUGE, I. 0. of 0. F., held at the lodge room, Saturday evening, 10th irift., In tlic village of Astoria, I,. 1., the following preamble anil resolutions were unanimously adopted:?Whereas, it hns pleased Almighty (Sod in Ins wise providence to remove from our midst, while in the morning of life, our esteemed and much respected sister, Mrs. John J. Whitehead; and whereas, It Is1 proper on sueh occasions to mingle our sympathies with those who mourn, and commend thorn to the rare of God; therefore, it is resolved, That wo tender our sympathies to our brother and family of our deceased sister, hoping the same WIbo Power who has removed from thorn their earthly mother may watch over tlieiu and protect them from all harm, and may rely on His mercy, for He doetli all tilings well. Second, resolved. That we attend the funeral in a body, wearing the usual badge of mourning. Third, that a copy of these resolutions he presented to tlie friends and family of the deceased and published hi tho county papers. JOHN R. MORRIS, ) JAMES N. WHITCOMB, E Committee. JAMES CROSBY, J A RMY Sl'PPI.IKS. /\ hmc! or Armv Clothing ami Eqnrnas, corner of ltownrd and Mercer streets, New York, August 12,18(11. Proposals will be received at this ofllco until twclvo o'clock M. on Saturday, the 17lh iust.. at which time they will be publicly opened, for Ten Thousand Small Tents, like the Flinch tente abrl," a sample of which may be seen in tins office. Tho work required in the fabrication of those tents, will admit of tlm employment of women. Employers of that class of operatives arc Invited to bid accordingly. Two sufficient sureties will be required for the faithful porrormanco 01 tuo contract, w nose nam win i> r given w ith Um bM. The privilege it reserved by the United #atcs to reject all bids doemrd unreasonabb'. Proposals will bo endorsed -'Proposalsfbr furnishing Tents," and addressed to Major D. II. Vinton, Quartermaster United States Army. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE CAPITAIJSfl AND Owners of Quarries. The City Ooiinell of Havana is to contract at public auction, which will take place on the 1st day of October next, the supply of materials and the execution of the necessary works for the establishment in the streets of said city of 70,000 square meters of atone pavement and 23,000 of cotiteii sidewalks. The works are to commence on the 1st day of January, 1862, not later, and to be finished within two years, 3,0oo meters of stone puvement and 1,000 of sidewalks to be executed every month. The 70,000 meters of stone pavement at five dollars and fifty cents (square meters), and the 23.000 of sidewalks at five dollars per meter, amounting to five hundred thousand dollars. The payment of tins sum will he made by the City Council in municipal bonds, with the Interest of seven ]hiicent per year, inalienable iu ton years, and payable to the bearer at the expiration. To this purpose said bonds will be delivered to the contractor whenever the monthly works executed should be received, the coupons to be udmlttod for payment of municipal taxes, and the City Council will charge to its yearly expenses the necos-ary sum for the payment of the interest and mortmain of capital, as ilio most preferring and obligatory ones. It further details of this important matter be desired, they may be found in the Havana Caceta of the 27lli July last, at the Spanish Consulate in this city, and at the office of this newspaper. Acot st 14,1861. ' EXCI USIOVS. (1III-A1' EXCURSION TO CAMPS ON BEATEN ISLAND.? j Pare six cents by Siate.n Island ferry, foot of Whitehall street.between the battery and South ferry, Guide to camps:?To reach regiments of New York ltilles, British Volunteers, Mechanics and Arttecns' Empire Zouaves, and Yal.cs Utiles, all at ('amp Washington; Scolt Uillcs and Tra Harris (iuard tuvnlry, at Silver lake; Tlrird Irish Volunteers, nl Camp Carrlgan, (>hl Qparantiue Ground, and Cameron Light Infantry, at Camp Morrison?steamboat at first latidiug. To reach Camp Scott and ('nop liecker. change boats at first landing for Camn Scott direct (no extra cluirge.) Heats leave every hour from 6 A. M. to7 P. M. On line Sunday's every half boar to 7 N. 1". M. 1 ."INCURSIONS? ON UARI.KM KtVKR TO HIGH BRIHGH? lj The Harlem and Spnytcn Duvvil Navigation Comjinny's steamboats HMll.Y, TIGER and TUl'MPETER, leave Harlem every hour far High Bridge mid Klngsbridgo: ou Sundays, every half hour. N. H.?Either of tlie above limits can lie chartered for excursions, picnic jmrties or Sunday schools, on application ni the ofllco, Harlem I71XCURSWN TO SEA BASS BANKS.?THE 8EA sP'.imer JACOB HKt.I, will make an excursion to Cholera Banks, Sunday. August 18; leaving Jackson street, Hast river, St. six: Bridge streel, Brooklyn, 0V,; Peck slip. 6;;: Spring street. North nv?r, 7: pier4, North river, ?i.j A. M. An ( \|su iciici'd pilot w ill he on hoard to put Its' boat on the right sjiot. TiekePs$l. Chowdar scrvcri on board. X. \ HOCSMAN. Fast Broadway Ilousc. Wm. II. Cohuinctox, Cot* modore. EHOI l.AU BOAT TO 1HE FISHING BANKS.?THE steamer CROTON, Captain Jas. A. Humont, will run to the Banks every day during the season, (weather permill dig.) t.KAVI.Vi KASC RIVER. JAM VINO NORTH P.IVtttt Tenth street .7:15 A. M. Spring street 8:10 A. M. Broome street... .7-10 A. M. Thirtieth street.. S:bO A. M Bock slip .7:46 A. M. l'ier No. 4 SHOO A. M. And Fulton street, Brooklyn, at 7M A M. This is auo of the best excursions out of Nets' Yorlt, Hare for thecxeursun 50 cents. fTOROUGH AN .VO 'IHHNT HAVING HAPPENED TO I the sleanvr THOMAS hunt, she was unable to fuillll her engagement of making the Hxcursion advertised to the Hulling Banks on the l&tli instant. She will make the Excursion on Wednesday. August 21, without fad. N. B.?Tickets Issued for tl?e loth will be received for the 21st. C. K. Gil.MOB. WINES AND MftPOKI. The attention of tavhbnkeepers and liquor dealers hi general is respectfully sohclted. to the superior quality of Hammer's fresh brewed fth?mi>agn6 Aid. Tbis ale is brewed fresh at all seasons of file year, and^lie keeping ipiallty of it, esi>ecially of such brewed during the most excessive hot weather, is guarantspil for nny length or time. Charge $112 per hhd.. and per ljbl., defivcrikl to any jmrt of the city of New York, free of expense. Ptymont, cash on delivery, Orders tont to Haifomor's Bre\swyJ iu Harlexu, will bfaueudtd to with despatch. EIPAY, AUGUST 16, 1861 _ BALKS OF REAL ESTATE. A FARM FOR KAI.K?ON I.OSO ISLAND, TI1IRT jTjL miles from Brooklyn, an<l half a milo from Farmlni dalo depot, containing 70 acres of land, 50 ucres under high stato of cultivation and 20 of woodland; on tbo Fan there is a large dwelling House, liarn, outhouses, Ac., un fruit of various kinds; 300 pear trees, mostly dwarf; 8C peucli trees, tho right ago to be in full bearing next yea plenty of apples for family use; smull fruits, suchi grapes, gooseberries, currun|s, Ac. ; asparagus bed toll ciont for family use. For particulars inquiro of i POWEIX, on the promises, or of JOHN CKONS, 227 Soul

Seoond street, Williamsburg. A COUNTRY PLACE WANTED?ONE WITH A FE1 acres of land und small dwelling, in exchange f( lull paid stock of a manufacturing company, in successfi operation. Principals may address Rub, box 3,785 Pol ofllce, New York. CHKAP CENTRAL PARK LOT, FRONTING ON TU Park, to ho sold by tho owuey for half cash. Addrei Mr. Ludwig, Herald olllco. FUR SAIJ:?EEAL ESTATE OF GOOD CLAW, 0 other property, free from encumbrance, takm exchange for $130,000 of llrs-t class ilrst mortgage Ilailrot Iloiids. Apply at No. 40 Union gquurc, Fourth avenue, I BR LEY, WARNER A DAY. Tj?'U SAI.E? A FIRST RATE 1IIHEE STORY IUlt> .Jj and full lot, in perfect repair; will he sold low; opt all clay. 407 Fourth street (Albion place.) JOHN WOODWARD. ITtOR SALS OR EXCHANGE?FOR NEW YORK C . Brooklyn prope tj a beautiful and productive pr p i ty on Mvstio i i\ , iu the beautiful city of Mysti Conn., cons is* mg of u splendid Mansion built in tbo Italic style, six cottage Ho usee and about utio acre of Ground. \v. c. GODDAM), M Cedar street. FUR SALE OR EXCHANGE?HOUSE AND GBOI NI in Brooklyn. House 25x60, three stories, and bui by duy's work; gas and water throughout. Will be sol at a sucriilco, or exebangod for other pro|>erty. Addrei C., box 74 Brooklyn Post ofllce. TJVJR H*TJt OB To LET?ON THE HI D80N, AT II I. vingtou, a hin.ill t^attago, cheap: at Tarryiown, lai re House, with spacious grounds, at a bargain. Appl Pi EDMUND COFFIN, 27 Nassau street. Houhe to exchange owner of a fin Dwelling House, wu.Tl: 000, iu the central pa id' Brooklyn, wiil exchange lor one worth half the tnone; hulanco on mortgage or cush. Apply at 24 Ann slrcc New York, third floor. R kales! ViK. i will sell FOR CASH only ON oi 'ii boot built and moot beautifully hieatad Hout in Soufh Brooklyn, m perP < t order, with all modem in proveiiients. Can lie pnretained for two thirds its valu Principals only dealt with. Address Cash, box 1 lo II raid olllce. mo EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPER fV?Wi >IU X $26,000. A splendid Country Scatund Farm of j; acres, with #26,000 rush. Apply to E. II. LUDLOW A CO No. 8 lino street, N. Y. mo exchange OR for sale?A VERY good nt _I. House, Barn and fourteen acres of good Land; di sirable lacation, plenty of fruit, near Nanuet depot, Roel land county, N. Y. Western lands would be taken i exchange. Call on II. Y. BROOKS, 167 Thirty-first slreo New York. Wanted?a country i lace of from niTKli to forty acres, with fruit and shade trees, an good water; convenient to railroad and within one hour ride of New York. Iny person having such a place fi salo for part cash and th ee or four hundred acres of fu prairie land, located near a railroad, in Uentoii count; Indiana, address M. & I'., Herald ofiloo, New York.statit price, location and full particulars as to huildiugs, fir. ra 'IP I"II THK- CI'IIII FARMING I.AND. NKA OU the city, free and clear, to trade. Good Hutu and lx>t in Brooklyn to trade or for sale. Also first efai Tenant House, paying 18 per cent, near the Bower; 1'riee #18,600; mortgage $12,600. Apply at 12 Centi street. zeguo N hastings. 1 ACRES dK KINK FARMING I A NT I IN 1'IK [ ^t) county, 1'eiinsylvania, for sale low orexchiutg also one. two, throoorsix lads uptown; two small Hoiisi in Brooklyn; will trade for horses, wagons, hotel, llqig or grocery stores, Ac. Apply to PAYTKN, 06 Division s qrfani 'asms, oodntrt beats, houses AN OlHj Lots for sale or to exchuugo. Also Real Esta oi every description for sale. If you wish to purcha. houses, fui m or country seat, at prices varying from $1,01 to$3t),o00, apply to A. SKRllEANT, 16 Wall street. MflCBLUWWIIfl. V8S< )rtment unequ A1.1 ,KI >. The large additions made to our stock during tl past week of NEW AND FRESH Goods, enables us to say, w ithout feur of contradictioi wo have ut the present moment the most couiplc and varied assortment of HOOK FCKMSHINti AIUTIT,BJ in our line that cai) he found iu New York. The prices c it few will befotmd below. REAI'! HEAD!! REAP!!! White French China Pinner I'lates, the dozen SI I White French China Breakfast 1 dales, tho dozen 1 ; White French China Tea Plates, l>er dozen 1 While French China Covered Pushes, each ( White French China high Fruit Baskets, each t W hlte French China Soup Tun ens, ouch 'i ( White French Clilna Tea Seth, 44 pieces 3 tioid Band French China Tea dots, 44 pteoes ft i Fancy Froueh China Tea Sots, 44 pieces 6 i Cold Hand FrenchChina Dinner Sets, 191 pieces.... 4U t Fancy French China Dinner Sets 30 t tint Class (ioblels, the dozen 1 I Cut Class Is-e.intei , the pair 1 I Colored Bohemian Class Finger Howls, the dozen.. 1 I Ivory Handled Pinner Knives, tho dozen 4 i Ivory Handled Tea Knives, the dozen 4 Silver Plated Tea Spoons, tno dozen 1 ! Silver Plated Table S|)oonH. tlie dozen 3 Silver Plated Talde Forks, the dozen 3 Silver Plated Castors and Cut Buttles 4 Silver Plated Cake Baskets 4 Silver Plated Tea Sets, 6 pieces... 13 Silver plated Tea Kettles h Silver plated Codec Urns b $5 Silver (dated lee Pitchers, $5 largest size handsomely engraved. $3 best quality of Plato fo reduced to $6 $6 $5 13. The following articles iu IKON STONK CHINA are of Haddock's best ' double thick" goods:? Iron Stone China Pinner Plates, the dozen Iron Stono China Soup Plates, the dozen Iron Stone China lireukfusi plates, the dozen Iron Stone China Tea Plates, the dozen Iron Stone China Soup Turoeus, each 1 Iron Stone China Toilet Sets, 12 pieces 2 An immense choice in CAS FIXTURES. at about one half the uniial price. CUT OUT THIS LIST and bring it with you. Orders from tho country must enclose the cash, wi tlio addition of a suflicicut sum to pay for packages. 1' funds only taken. W. J. F. DA1LEY ft CO., No. 031 Brondway. between Houston and Blocckcr streets. ALEXANDER HKANPKS. HAMBURG, <OMNtl-SK merchant?In country produce?butter, cheej gr . se, lard, &e., oilers his services to tho Americ ni'rcliants in this branch and grants liberal advances consignments. / 1 000 I XTRA FAMILY FLOUR, $6; ' H KCB DOUB \T K\tra White Flour, $0 30. Itellverod in New Ye or Brooklyn. IV. It. tilLI.Kl'TS, No. 201 Front street, ni Fulton furry. Marble mantels.?great bargains in ma tele. Those wishing to buy mantels at a great motion will lind it to their advantageko call at A. KI 111-K S marble yard, 113 Fast Eighteenth street, nt 'i bird avenue. Machinery wanted small enoine lathi l'lauers, lb ills. Vie s, Ac., wanted; such nshn I lie. li n.-ed by sewing machine makers and similar sn; work would answer best. Addroaa Cash Buyer, box i | Herald office. WANTED?A SECOND HAND STEAM ENGINE, good order, off rent twelve to til teen horse Jsw I Also two plain Pollers, ulhont thirty inches diameter a I eighteen to twenty le't long. Any person having oitli . ot the above tv sell, lev for rash, may address, with p I ticulurs, steam, box 103 Williamsburg Post office, 1,. I. "IIrANTKI >?ALL PERSONS WHO DO NOT GET THE ?V |>ay t?> theidlleo of the undersigned, No. Chambers street, room No. It. and receive legal advi freo of charge. M. VAN llOYKNBERGJl, A ttornoy and Counsellor MIUTAKT. CNOMPANV I, TWKI Efti KKGIMKXT NKW YORK ST A j IVoopg Ni v, York, August 14. 1861, The offic sad mcmbert-' i>r this command are directed to assomt in citizens' dress, at headquarters, 094 Broadway, Friday, tlio ldth iust.. at. V) o'clock A. M.. to receive lit pay duo from tlio United Stater government. By ort of WM. RAYN'OE, Captain J. AfORji, Orderly Sergeant. SSI MATH WARD 11'tMK <11 MID, ATTENTION.?\ arc requested to attend a meeting on Kiday evcuit the I61I1 inst., at 8 o'clock, at 68 East Broadway. W. a BRD3LR, Cqri tin S! lifll REGIMENT XIAV Yoitiv STATU MILITIA Officers and soldiers of this regiment who wish r< enlist for tin- warfare requested to attend a meeting bo licld at O ntro market,on Saturday evening, August ; a: Eight o'clock. By request of Col. I'iuckney and scvei other officers. SOME KKOIMKNT WHO MAY DESIRE THE SKItVIC of a young man having brains and nothing else, the caistclty of hospital steward, adjutant's or cotone clerk, may bear of such an one. reuommemled front ntc cantile sources, by addressing C. G. B., box 134 Hera office. n8T REGIMENT, NEW YORK STATg MII.1TIA. A) meiDbcrs, ex members und volunteers of the Sovi tytlrst regiment wifl itleaso make return to tin- armory ail Guns and Military Equipments, It'-. Jielongingt ttlie'j neralgovernment or State of,New York at the mrliost 111 ment, to enable tho Quartermaster to make his returns tbo general department. Any pergnnB having clalii against said regiment wilt please present their accour &roporly certified for payment, to the Quartermaster,2 Dulb street. GEO. W. UOSEVKI.T, I Quartermaster Seventy first rogtmeot. t AM8I AT AUCTIOlt. Y A UCnOM NOTlCfl. (J I % JV. Wo will soli on Friday, August 16, at ten o'clock. O a 100CASES MENS', HOYS' AND YOUTHS SOFT HATS, sales n In great variety of styles and colore, consisting of Callfor- a! II id nia, A mason, Nutria, Renfrew, Opera, curled andetiff mils X) brims; I'rinco of Wales, Ac.. *c. All fresh and desirable Cord r; goods of tho latest styles, direct from city and Kustcru is manufactures. ft- BOOTS AND SHOES. rp I 100 cases Boots ami Shoes, comprising a full as sortment, 1 < h received direct from Eastern mauufaclurers. o'ck WOOLLEN SHIRTS ANll DRAWFRH. ""'I - 900 dozen plain aud ribbed white, blue and gray mixed Hoi ,. IV Woollen Shirts and Drawers, of various qualities. i ot th >r Also 200 dozen blue mixed Army Shirts, with collurs, | ill culls and pockets. ~Y\, tt AI.SO ?T Cloths,/'assimores, Satinets, and C'othingOoods general- [no < _ ly; seasonable Dress Roods, black and colored Dress Silks; '"gl. IE Embroideries. Domestic (ioods of various kinds, Hosiery Thir sg and (1 loves, Muslin Shirts, Silk Neck Tics audlravats. black and colored Silk Velvets, Ac. Ac. Arm - Catalogues and samples readv early on tho morning of vvart iR sale. WIJJ.IAM TOl'WNO A (X)., AUCTIONEKI'.S, In N'os. 0 and 11 Park place and No. H Mmray Street. ^ to A MORTIMER GRIFFIN ft CO., AUCTIONEERS.? Si0'1 x\.a Over $13,000 worth of elegant and cossly Hons ' lm" - hold Furniture, to be per. mptorily sold at public auc- ' m:"' R tlon, this day (Friday), at 11 o'clock, at private resi I year n done. 48 West Sixto nth ste el, between Fifili aud Sixth avenues. Rosewood 7 octavo I'lanoferte, rosewood Draw- y\ nig Room Suits, rosewood and mahogany Ho lro' in Fur- ' niture, oak Dining Room rnriiituro, Paintings, Statuary, u|!' IR Bronzes. Etc ores, Bookcase, Mirrors. Lice I'm ta lis, <l"i'' o- Vases, oil Paintings, Velvet and Brussels Carpets, K\lcu- : e. slon Table, Bull, t, Silver Ware, Table Cutlery, Wardrobes, j/'"'1 in Hairaiid Spring M ..ttre- si's. Bedsteads. Commodes, Wash " 11 stands. Oilcloth, Stair Carpets, Sofas, Rockers, Balding, &e. Also large a sortment of Huscmculand Kitchen Fur - "" niture. Sale pohiilve, rain or shine. ? , gen< It A UCTION NUTJCE.?KI.FXJAN'T FIRST CLASS HOI'S K ",l" ,d J\_ bold F'ui niture at private sale, in lots to suit pur- se n -a chuiei y, at I' ,-h than auction prices, on account of romoval, consisting of the entire contoiils of the live story - residence,kIK West F'ourloomli street, ueur Eighth avet nue:?Superb r cewood Pian-'orle, 7 octavo; solul carved A y gems, Ceutro and old . 1''I' Velvet, Brussels ami lu- j "" ' grain Carpels; oak i iuing Room furniture, Chamber Eur- ! * k' niture in rosewood ,ini| initio any, with full suits to | n' l. match; Beds and I',tiding. flio whole being everything i rt required for a largo live story in douce, both useful ami | | 1 r. nrnptnrnital I JLjj VUCTION NOTICE.?AIX, THE FURNITURE OF A ~ private family \\ il. bo sold ul pi ivato sale, .it n great j I * K saci dice. fur i;<isli,o 11-, ting of an cloguut solid rosewood jl 'H Parlor Suit, covorod with i mison and maroon lirocati'l ' "]* a (rout $'2*2ft, will lio sold loi $100); one Uo. greon plur-li, for ;l ;ai o. $Ti rosea oo.I Elcgeii (ror,1 IfiOO. will tie soli! for $10); e rosewood Outre anil Pier 'ialcis, Turkish chairs and """ J/umgoy , Hut. ioik. Bedsteads. Wnidislond*. SsOl'as, Chair.-', ' Hair Vlattre- -s ll-il ami Redding, Curpots, Curtains. j";1 .' " Minder, Mirroif. fir. Apply for throe days at 1'28 Wave; l.v , ,fu >9 place, corner ofsixth avrmip. ' veP ' ? ? ? | A,w A UCTION NOTICE. J\_ EARTHEN AN 11 CLASS WARE, f > A' DY ROBERT HAYDOCK. | f. e Friday, August. 10, ul 10 o'clock, at his salesroom, nrti i ' 101 LIBERTY KTRKET, ; oftl in By order of cxc I .r, for ra-li, a stock of Eurthcu nrui will t, Class Ware, rompri-in.' a :: moral assortment Of goods, nil open ami in original | linkages. ply N 4 L'tTlCN* .'ALE?THIS HAY, AT 10'' O'CLOCK. AT | id 95 Fiiovi etli street. betw een Fifth anil Sixth avc 1) s lines, one i'0'gunt l lano of splrialiil lone anil finish, oust 1 T $600; rog' wooil l'arlor Suits. rosrwiKiil anil muliogaiiy Heil- , pris ic room Suits, Rockers Linking Classes, mahogany ami I rity y, maple Chuii s. Tables, Brussels and Ingram Carpets, and | 'K everything that belongs to a first class house. The Piano , will be sold at 12 o'clock precisely. Sale positive. It ? i'i"l'i"N NOTICE?I WILL SELL on KRJDAY. THE * 1\. 16lh inst., at It! o'clock, at my ollloo, No. lOlM'oori i u.ivi ps street, the Ijease of the premises known us No. 24 .lohu V- street. Particularsat sal . > mx f BDWAID ' . rnNGEB, Auctioneer. J A l-(Tl<IN N(I'l'H? I'l l. \HAM S E0RN1TUKE I N | 2nt K J\. press ami Pui king Kstaldishuient. 113 West Elevei tli r; street, b tw ":i Fifth and sixth avenues. Household . eo Furniture 1 d nd shipped to all parts of the world. ; ;,r Furniture oi families lioxed with care. Furniture stored. ! t- Covered wagons for removing furniture into the country, i y; lo TJBOWNE& NICHOLS AUCTIONEERS.?8A1UBDAY, m P August 17, at 10,o'clock, a their salesrooms, 35 ; | Nassau street, large sale of second hand Household Fur- ; ,lV| niture; removed for convenience of sale. I'nrlor, Dining : , jlt, room iitul Cliamlicr Furniture, Carpets, Ac., Ac. Particulars to-morrow. _ _ CIONSTABLE'S lilLK.?RICHARD WALTERS, Air ?' ) tinnecr, by or order of an execution, will sell tills day . """ ,v at 18 East llroadway, at 10o'clock, all the right, title nnd interest of a chattel mortgage on a quantity of house "tor Fold furniture, consisting of Sofas, Chairs, Tallies, Beits, ,' Hods toads, and other Household Furniture. \,I THOS. BOYLE, Constable. Vl . TVANIEL A. MATHEWS, Alt "HONKER. OAo 1 J / Mortgage Sale of su|ierior Rosewood Rilliard Table, j Tomorrow, Saturday, at 11 o'clock, at the salesroom^, j No. 79 Nassau street, by virtue of a cfepttol mortgage, > JV . one superior rosewood Biuinril Table, i;omhiiiution cimlt- ! 4 j! tons, lnarh'o liuil, w ith ail modern Improvements, eue , 1 2\ vf. balls, markers. K<\, ny a celebrated city tuuker mid in I ?r iiho bui a short time. By order, i bou jj ' grate COTANB, Mortgag r. | ? AN1KI. A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER A JL/ HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. So. rm To-morrow (Saturday), at 10o'clock, at No. 70 Mas a!ll ran street. a largo and general assortment of fine att. hold Furniture, tor parlors, dining room and chambers. | rjj Also oiip rosewood Pianoforte, Sowing Machine, Ac M T3*DWABD SCBENCK, AUCTIONEER.?MORTGAGE A (Xj Xli aaloof a handsome Span of Horses, by K. A I . II uns rf; HENt'K, ou Saturday, 17tli mat., at nuo o'clock, al their the 50 salesrooms, Nos. 16fi mid 167 Broadway?A span of hand- i?eci 50 sorao Bay llorws, 16 hands high, seven years old, fast 50 travellers, kind and gentle in all harness and excellent . 50 saddle horses. Also, Coupe Roekaway and Koad Wagons \ oo and HWM3. ,/cv an /*N KORHE lim.BROOK, Al' TiONKKIl.?i!Y IP'I. BROOK A HOLMES. Will sell on Satnrduy, 17th lnst., _ at 10); o'clock, all tho parlor, hodroom, dining room and ? kitchen Furniture, Bedding, (las Fixtures, Chandeliers, \ kr., eontained in the five story houfio No. 64 West Hons jfv ton street. HF.NRY 0. MINER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOMS 37 ''''' Nassau street, opposite tho Post office.?MINER A ? or, THORP w ill sell at auction, ou Friday, August 16, at It! \ o'clock, in front of their More, 37 Nassau street, a Mark ' u'o Horse, 16 hands and 1 inch high, b twecn J and 8 years (;a old, perfectly sound and kind in all harness, and an ex60 eeedingly fine saddle horse; is a very stylish and free driver and fast. lie can he seen any tiino previous to A sale 11pen application to the auctioneers. Henry a hbrts, jr., auctioneer. i {&, Mortgage Sale of Household Furniture, litis day (Friday). August 16, at 10 o'clock, -wth At No. 6)f l'ino street, J ar Consitingof senoiul hiiiid Hereaus, B'dsteads. Washi-tands j,ia t tMM IH , t~ M tlr* ? \UI1I. Illlll'f, ?IIIU . IUX ) V;lt Oilcloth, Ac. Term* rash. tty order. . L. P. D4VIS, attorney for Mnrtgigca. J''. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER. OFFICE 170 CHATHAM j ? ? trr-t , w ill soil (Ills day, lit 10^ o'clock, at 102 East j J] Houston street, near Ilowory. tin- contents if a liquor j a,? 111 store. 1 walnut top I'nmitev, 2 snlrmiid Boor I'umps, < 011 ..j on l*'r M usur s and Draiuer, Pewter Megs, 2 l'iti liors, Par j \\o Fixtures, live and Ion gallon Kegs. Hern n, fluoSogart'.-va. _ Casks, (lilt Mirror, t'loi'k. Zinc, Oilcloth, Tabic, Arm ? 11 Chairs. 1) >ioi Liquors,Segura, Demijohns, Ac. j\ ' 'r HIf DO0OHTY, AUCTIOIrtER?MTILL feEU. TO-MOR J? ,l ixl# row (Saturday), at 10Jj o'clock, at salesroom s."> j v,',' Nassau street, a general assortment of Household Fortil- j hr, y. ture, Curpots, Solas, ro- "wood I'arlor Suits, covered 01 I brocati I and haircloth; mahogany do., Mirrors, black walnut ('aril and Centre Tahl s. Bookcases, Intension ; 'Ju. lulling Tables, Prc-Hn;: B'uva .s, Wushstauds,Bedsteads, j 4 Hair Mattresses, Wardrobes, Lounges, &c.. the whole la J j0| itig the furniture of a family declining housekeeping. To h u ,v; bo sold to the hlgh"st bidder. the kali T>AWNBROKKIM SALE.?A. M. CRISTA LAR, AUC- am HO X lionoer, '2H Bowery, will sell, this day, lfltli insl.. pro at 101 ^ o'clock, a largo assortment of Men's and Women's Wearing Apparel, Silk, Merino and other Dresses, Si.k Vol 4 vefCapesaml Basques, Broche and Crape Shawls, Boots and J] Shoes, Under Garini'nts, Jewelry, Ac., fa'.. being tbo ontire sleek of a dealer retiring from the business. |!ri ur- T) T. IIAZKIJ/, VKTIoNi i lt. 4 _|v. HARDWARE AT AUCTION. A WHITTKMOHK A- HAZEI.L will sell this day (Friday), oft 1IR At 101, o'clock, at their salesroom. 158 Rroadway. yoi 14 A large and varied assortment of Heavy and Shelf eqi ice Goods, consisting in part of " rai English and Ameriean Table and Pocket Cutlery, Hand Gei and Panel Saws, shovels, Trowels. Pickaxes, Hammers, Brass Hells. Hay and Manure Knrks, Ac. "1\ CORKS'. 1\ Also, 500 gross Ink Corks. ; Tin TE 400 gross Mucilago Corks. 1 Slu ers '? ? Lai ile, o & J. BtKiART, AUUITONEKRS.?SATURDAY, AU j ""I K'i?i i<. m m , o eux-K^ii i in- auction rooms. .so. i -? n'ir North William street, Household Furniture?mlihogauy J Is lor Sofas, do. Chairs, Uoekers, marble top Con Ira Thbleg, |"fr( large French plate Mirrors, Brussels. throe ply ami in- v|'., grain Carp is, Bureaus, Toilet Tables. Card Tables, CM, kg, 1 on ? in alloxan > and black walnut Frciwh Bedsteads. Uulr Mat w j, OU tree.M's, Beds and Bedding, Parlor and Collage Suit'. ] 'gvv ag, IjiningroomChairs, Ollleo Desks and Chairs, Kitchen Fur ! nilnre. Also one Molodeon, lot Counters, Ice Boxes, kc. [ Q & J P.IMIAKT. AtVlTONEFIl.?'THIS PAY. AT It.', ' u|, .? n, o'clock, at the auction rooms No. 1 North William t? to street, mortgage salo,one mahogany Marble Red Billiard |,,r to Table, Balls, Cues, itc. HhNI'.Y A. KCM.EN, fri, 17. Attorney for Mortgagee. wj, SHERIFF'S SAl.K.-AMIK IT.TI BAI. 1MPI.KMKNTS, Jo'i Seeds, SteL 4se. j |,,K Eg CHAMltKRS & FA1RCH1I.P. Auctioneers. ! in Will soil, ou jViday, August 10. at 10 o'clock, at l 1,01 I s Nassau street, a targe and extensive assorlmrnt ot )iatent roi] r Agricultural Impl'mente, such as Mowing Machines, Reapild iug Mui-bincs, Corn\Bhellers, (Bam c leaners. Horse Power I /j Ploughs. Itakcs, Hot V. Shovels, Planters. Drills. Ox Yoi, ?, ^ ? and every known ns>N'ul farthing implement: nlso Seed* ;t-j IX of all known grains, v'Torn, Garden Truck, Flowers, fcc., ; ,|a, u Ac. JOHN KEI.LY, Sheriff. ! ' of rr [C- CtllKP.lFF'S SAI.K?MAt7HINKRY. J io O CHAMBKRS k FAI.TCIUI.D. AUCTIONEERS, ! ^ to Salesri em n;)\-Nassau street, Bnt as Will sell this day (Friday), AMgurt 1(1. at 11 o'clock, nt sicl its No ;!K5 West Tweiii v eighth st 'cot, the stock of an Iron gm 07 Yard, comprising Steam Engines* Boilers, Pullies, Shaft- brlf lug, Pumps ami other pieces awl l<arl* of Machinery .Scrap gen Iron, 4c., Ac. jOUN KLLXY, ahcnlf. 1 Tw< \l A 1 SALES AT AUCTION. IKRJFF'S SALE?WINDOW THftPW. At'.?CHAM UKH8 & FAIRl'HIIJ), Auctioneers, will t II at their ironing. 118 Nassau street, ou Saturday, August 17, 1 o'clock, an extensive stock of Window diodes, both lln and paper; Shade Fixtures, Window and Picture 1,Tassels, Coruicon, While Leaf, 4c., 4c. JOHN KKLI/V, Sheriff. GAPFNEY, AUCTIONEER?OFFICIO 170 CHAT, liaui street?will sell, this dnv. August 16, at W!j ? k , the Lease, Stock and Flxures of tho wholesale retail lienor and grocery store 234 Tenth avenue,, iph, Carta and Harness, also tho Household Furniture [*< family. PILLUM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFPICP NO. 4; Karl Broadway, tvill sell, this day, at IOii o'clock, utire Furniture. I/iise Stock and Fixtures of the Lex in restaurant, corner of Twouty scv oh street anil d avenue, thirt - u double and <ii.glo Chandeliers, igos, walnut Tulilcs, Carpets, Oilcloth, ; u t Counters,, Chairs, Range, a splendid Ice Chest, Cr. - ry, Glusa >, iiC. ni.I.IAM ABBOTr, AUCTIONKKK, irFCK NO. 4. Fust Broadway, will sell, on S:itu lay at twelve ick, the entire Furniture, Stock and Fi i lies of the Ivs.oil Hose street. Splendid 1 llglish Il'r I'umpa, spiny Tables, Ann Chairs, lino Glass Cos i and four s' lease, Sii\ r?. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL LL Tills day. at Iwo o'clock, at 454Canal sire t,Housor. riiiitire. Bat lor Soils, rich Tapestry, Tie ply and c.irpeilln'l and Ha-emont Oilcloths, (Vntro, Din. ind lea Tahl. ; Pie:'Glass, Piano, Lnco and Hamasli : ins, French and Cottage Bedsteads, Hujrnnd oilier lasses. Feather Beds, Bedding. Sheets,Tahlo l.inen, bio top Pre a": I in "iius, Wushslands, Wardrobes tiff and Kitchen Furniture, Stoves, China, Glass and jrwiu'c, Ate. \ - i, 11- order of assignee, the entire el Parlor, Cli nolle , Dining ltooni and Kitchen Furre of u largo family, by order of J. H.Calvin, as ee. COPAKTN KIt SHI P NOTICF.S. PRACTICAL MAN, HAVING A SCI'K!l!t)lt MKl'llOD of uiukhig a fti I minute at compound applicuhle t<: detonating purpo.-e- \vi-lies to asS'-clalohim iTf with, utl' inun having $1,000 cash capital. Address U ikl. Herald nflloe. I 111 G PARTNER V. YNTFD?IN A PUMT CLAflBDRCG ' stoic, doing a .> 11> min-sti; location unsurpassed, ress pharinney. sndio'i H, Bible House. AKTNER WANTKP.?A LADY, ESTABLISHED IN ,g ami millinery business, in a good lion, unsurp.i d.i in Broadway, wishes. to connect lies' furnishing d p .riment, also to enlarge lier present iches to form a iiiory of ladies' ready made garts, mid wl-hcs . p. rim r lo invest $8tx> or #1,000 in husluess; would guarantee at least twenty-live to fifty ent; would en r ak the entire supervision of tho tie.-s; the pirn \ e i dig would reap the boticflt with Utile trouhle > "urlfy and all satisfaction given, ress Busbar-s. stuiion |i, Post office. ARTNER WANi: I) IN A NSW AND SPLENDID Panorama. Just completed and painted by the best its lu the co inii v ; 'ties illustrating all the events ti* present war, the vii iio got up in mnguilleont style, i lioramicoff 11, ,\e , \e. A l'artner will ho taken, ibeial te'io - pr< vn> t trip through Canada. Aptn Sir. JOHN lb W"0 i \i>, :ii Jones street, corner ol cker. ARTNER WANTED?WITH A CASH CAPITAL OF$7,lH!0, to ijk" nit e | hi I interest in a business outer e established aid r inrulug large prolits. Full seen I. given lor the int <. t. UK ;t; - ,'c ltOSSETTER, 73 Nassau street. AUTNFR WANTED?TO JOIN THE ADVERTISER IN, the purchase of a cash tnisiuess; it is permanent, ratable, an I pays largely. For name and particulars ol .-elisor, call at Snow s. -107 Broadway. I IK COPARTNER! UP HERETOFORE EXISTING BEtwoen the undersigned, under the tlrm of l'inchot, rui {, Seabury. is this day dissolved by mutual con. J. S. Henbury reiiring from the firm. The remainI m iners wltl eonlinuethc business, under tho name 'inched A: Union, and are authorized to settle all the rs ol the l ite li m. EDGAR I'lXCHOT, ALBERT 1IRCEN, kw Youk, August 1,1. 1861. JOHN d. SEABURY. HE I'NDEKdlGNED HAVING THE SOLE MANUEAOlure of an article for army purposes wishes to meet i some gentleman with capital, for tho introduction oi satin . Address box 173 Herald olflce. TANTF.D?A PARTNER, TO TAKE CHARGE OF AN i old established Employment Agency. Tho protor, anotlierr in the army, having to go to tho wai will act liberally with a smart man with souu lej . Apply at 2.14 fourth uvenuc. RANTED?\ PllY>lllAN AS PARTNER, HAVING i some practice and about $500 in an cslublisl,4* g store with a competent druggist. Address R., Hera^S LOAN OFFICES. T 77 BLEECKKK . TREKf-MONEY ADVANCED TO .any amount en Diamonds, Watches; Jewelry, Pianos, us. Dry Go. lis, Ac. N. K.?Pawnbrokers' tickets glit. 11. XI V.'TON, 77 Pleeeker street, up stairs. T A. K. THOllICON'S BROKERAGE AND COMMISsion house, 7'.i Nassau street, second lli>or,room ."I. Advance- on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelrv.and on tluds of property.1 buys out for cash. Auction sales tided 10 iu New Y";' or Brooklyn. AMos it. THOMPSON, Auctioneer. T 4so BROADWAY.?HENRY HYMAN, DIAMOND _ and Wnti li Broker, advances on Diamonds, set oi ct; Watches, Plate anil Jowclry, or buys the same al j ir Dill value for cash, al II. HYJHAN'S, 480 Broadway, and IliKir, auctioneer unil broker. Till filtAND STREET, THREE liOOHS WEST OI Lllroadway.?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, i'dry, Plate, Dry floods and personal property of every eription. or bought and sold by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, lioneer ami broker. T NO. U CHAMBERS STREET?MONEY TO IJOAN k. to any amount. on diamonds, watches, jewelry, kc.i I lie well known and old established ISAACS, broker au? ninlson nierebant, No. 9 Chambers street. N. If.?N< , dnoss trntisa led on Saturday. DVANCES ON DIAMONDS, PLATE, WATCfiEB, AiC., or will buy ilm same for cash,at bis private rooms. . II. IlARltlXOER,212 Broadway,room Id, upstairs. . II.?The liiyln B. price paid for diamonds,loose or set, T (jd N ASS At' S fit Pi- I ?A. HONifiMAN, DIAMOND k. Broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, .tchos, .lowelry, kr., or buys them at full value, at hil . vat" oltlce, lit} Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs, illness conlldcntlul. oris ANltb II. 723 BROADWAY, UNDER THE NEW ' I York Hotol, ollere lo pay the hiyhest cash price for .monds. Watches, old Hold and Silver, or liberal ad ices made. Fl'IilWITl'KK. BEDROOM SI IT el" ENAMELLED Kt'RNITURB L I'll1 $'Jl, in nil colors, of warranted maniif?clure { olid Chestnut Chamber Soils, plain nnd ornamental. H. I . lAItRlNCTOX'S, Vo. 308 Canal strict, opposils ". tor. Established in 1818. IT, KIM S if,' I I KNITURE, LOOKING CLASSES, L Matin so s. PeJiling, Sc., cheaper than at auction, rrant'-d and delivered I ron. Please rail at <5. W. SNE' .VS. llti'l IJ<nvrry, hrlwccuStanton and Houston Ftreetg) i will money and l>o served liouorably and . imptly; note the inimhcr. Repairing done. A STUOLOWV. CLAIRVOYANT WHO HAS NO EQUAL?LADIES who are sick. in trouble or unfortunate, can consul! with the stiotout confltfenre. Slh' warrants to cure i most aggravated rases of rheumatism in a few days, roil wish to obtain corr<vt information on all events, call 1 see Mrs. MILTON, 351 ltroome street. Odice houra, in 9 o'clock A. M. until 8 1'. M. " SEROLOGY?PROFESSOR WILSON, THE CELEk. brated Astrologer, may be constincd on all thejnts of life at. 13 Houry street, near.Enlton street,, loklyti. Fee 60 rents. Timtj of birth required. STONtyfHJNG?MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH {_ daughter, lias a gift of foresight, t"lls how soon and rn you will marry, and all you wish to know, even ir very thoughts, or no pay: lucky charms frco: her is not to bo found; lur magic image is now in full opo ion. 184 Ludlow street, belew Houston. Price 25 cents ntlvinen not admitted. LAl'AMK RAY ?'.?> SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR TwMity seventh street, surprises all who visit her. ii "iik, troubled and unlucky should test hor powers. toils your very thoughts, bu ky numbers, losses, lies. 25 cents; gentlemen, 50 vents. T R?W'FIO HAS NOT HEARD OF THE CELEBRATED K a Mine. PR! WSl UK, who has been consulted by msumls in this and oilier nib's with entire satisfaction. feels cotilldcnt, she In no eipiul. She tells Ibo name lltlire wife or llil?li.)lel and lie,I of tier visitor tr van di inith, give Iior a tall, at 251 Third aveuue. ubovo etily Orsl street. Ladles, 50 cents; gentlemen, $1. > ear THIS.?a i'ltitiinoixxji^r and astroijogist L 11 nit boats the v?. >r l<l. and $6,000 reward for any one in can equal .Mis- WELLINGTON, who is acknowledged be the only lady In this city who truthfully gives intutilion concerning liases. lawsuits, Journeys, absent 'lids, I've, emu t.'lip. marriage, health, wealth,and n will reclaim drunken and unfaithful husbands. Miss is the only person in this city who has the penuino man and Arabian taliH'nmis fcw love, good luck and all dness affairs, and arc guarantees for life. Delay not to isiilt this natura'Iy u,f'tcd and beautiful young lady, ky numbers givn. Highly res|vetublc city refeices can he seen ai he. residence, lol Sixth aveuue. 1'lKlTt'AI.ISM.?MIt t'lUHlSTKR. T1 ST MEDICAI. and Business Mediuni. call be consulted at his rooms, f ourth street, near isil'aj tie place. Circle this (Frl) evening. IHE GREATEST WONDER [V THE WORLD IS THE young and necomplishcd Madmne BYRON, from Paris, o'can he consulted with the strictest confidence on all ilrs of life, embracing love, courtship, business and tness; restores drunken and unfaithful husbands; has >cret to make yon beloved by yonr heart's Ideal, and ngs together those long separated. ladies 29 cents; ts 90 cents. Residence No. 90 Third avenue, ahoy* tdftb street. 4

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