Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1861 Page 1
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| , T E WHOLE NO. 9107. THE~ REBELLION. Highly Important from Washington. Proclamation by the Preside of the United States, COIFBCATIOI OF PROPERTY. All Intercourse with the Rebel States, yr'hether by Sea or L^nd, Interdicted. Impo rtant Order of Gen. HcClellan. > Tbe Apprehended Attack on Washington. The 'Msaffection in the Highland ant Second Maine Regiments. T |B BLOCKADE AND PRIVATEERS MEWS FROM MISSOURI. 13w Death of Ben. McCsRocli Confirmed. MMERAL RANKS AND THE HEBEft i Another Important Arrest h New York. Seizure of Two Hundred Thottwind fioVai Iwci England for tbe South. j Indictment of Newspapers i>y the ttuit a States Grand Jory, & ?) &C09 t IMPORTANT PROCLAMATION OF TRE PRESID cNT Wasuington, 'August 10, If (61. Mr THE PwSfDEKT OK TttB 'UNITBD SsTAI P.S O Aheiuca: \ a| proclamation. Whereas, cn jthe fifteenth day of Api$l, th IPresideut of tl to United States, id view of ai insurrection j jr. linst the lairs, eon-tititlion an the governing it iof the United States, which ha Kirokcn out uritltin ,ihc States hf- South CaroHni Georgia, Alab mm, tFlorida, lllssisaippi, T.ouisian *nd Texas, and in pursuance of th j- provisions e the act entitled an ; vet to provide fr r calling fort ?M nillll. . i_ .1? 1 - tt-.. l?..s press insurrections ?nd repel invasions, and t repeal the act tow in ? force for that purpose, aj proved February 29, ! *795, did call forth the militi to suppress said insui rrection and cause the law ?f the Union to he du ly executed, and the insui gents have failed to di iperae by the time directo by the President; And whereas, hu :h in surreotiorr Las since broke cat and yet exists will tin the Stetes of Virginia Horth Carolina, Tonne ?see and Arkansas; am whereas, the insurgents in ail the se4d States clair to act under authority tb ereof, and such claim i VOt diiAdaimed or repadia ted fcy the poi son oxer hsisiug the functions of .go rerumcnt ?in such Stat wr States, or in the part, 01 r parts the* -of, in wbicl combinations exist, norlha b such insurrection bet' oppressed by said States : | Now, therefore, I, Abr. il torn Lniooln, Presiden of the United States, in put s,Mnce<*faaaet of Congreat, passed July 13, Iatttli, dli hereby declare thai the inhabitants of the said+V-a tes of Gcowia, Soutl Carolina, Virginia, North , C arolina, Tennessee .AJiua&a, Louisiana, nexus, .a luj-uussipp and Florida (except the inhabit* \nts of thai part o the State of Virginia lying west ?of the Alitghanj hlounluiut, and of other pa.tie of that State Wd (he otter States herein beftwv named, a* inaj maintain a loyal adhesion to Hie n?tft>n and tin .-.on elitation, or limy he from time U> tiin<- occupied and eontrollid 1>y the force#\ engaged in the disper*hn of said iiisnrgcthts) nre is a state of im-itrr. lion ugainsA Ihe United States, ntfcJ tliat iill commercial intercourse between the tame .ml the inhabitants thereof, wiili the exce.Vtioua aforc-uid., and the cittaens of other Stites ?>nl otlsr j#?ts of tlie United Stntes, i? unt.iv.liil, j>?d wilt re 1110*1 nnluwful until snub iinmrrc bi n tl4i.ll ce*?* or has been suppressed; that all goods u ad battels, wur-'s and tuircliandisc. 1 i-ming from mi v <?. -aid >fates, with the exceptions afot< *uid. Into otlwr parts of the United States, without the sp.v liters ami pcrniissnin of the PresM< i f, through Secretary of ; Treasury, or proeac.l ' g to anv '?M States, ptith the exception- aforesaid, by Vvl or vater, together with the vessel ?r cehicle c-toreyiig the name, or dhnveyine persons to or fr-m) Haul States, with said exceptions, will be fat ft ited to Vie United Ftates; anrl what troui and aftertffuen da.Va from the issuing of tids proclamation all ship* atftl v?s?,tls belonging in whole or in part to ifity t iti/.en or Inhabitant of any of raid > jt.#, with wild Avepj tion/, fonnd at sea or in any port of tlm United Btates, will be forfeited to the United States. And I hereby enjoin upon all District Attorneys, JtarohaU* unC officer* of the r.>venue, and of the [E i^ji military and naval for je? of t). e Uuitod Statee, t b? vigilant in the - rfccllti01^f 8Uid act, ami in tb enforcement the peiraltic, and forfeitures in posed or -14#clarcd Uv, it( \eaviiig any party wh may tlj' A himself ngrieved thereby to bis applici tion * the Becretary of tlio Treasury for tbe renin F .e*t of any penalty, or for forfeiture, which tli said Secretary is authorized by law to grant, 11, i his judgment, tho special circumstances of any cap p shall require such remission. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my ham and caused the seal of the United States to t affixed. Done in the city of Washington, this IGtli dn of August, in the year of our Lord, 1861, and of tli Independence of the United States the eighti sixth. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President? Wm. H. Seward, Secretary of State. Om SPECIAL WASHIWTOM DESPATCHES. washington, august 16, 1861. 1 the attack iton washington. Numberless Incidents, iusignillcanl in themselvt but quite rull of signiticance when grouiied t>geth< lend to show that the retails are upon the eve of atluc I tng our lines. There is inurli speculation onincsuujer I ! What is occurring upon our side we have neither the viluge nor the disposition to mention, but may S' |k freely of the movements of Urn rebels. Inst n/ght was discovered that the rebel lines bad hfreu 'i vHneeit in all directions towards the Pntotn Their force st Fairfax Court House has beer largely | creased. Heavy forees have been liirow/n en', on till I roads. A large body is proceeding toveardr the Point Rocks. Their scouting parries are ju tlnyiana ediate vicin of our Hires along the white extent of tlx- fntomae. Ab> noon to? the rebels *? Itai rinioro received intelligei that the rebels were then, marching u|Hin Washli ? ton, and the informal*mi w as published :n au extra, b thought that they were only a Htf" premature iu i noun .iug what they had. been rnfmaied was inteiu to be done, ?br iVnetors her." disagree ab the matter. (Mineral. Scott d cs not think attack will be uwde; but Ceacrar-rfc'Clellan, who *h classmate of Hcaiaregard's and is familiar wltbhis novo Oombination, is well convinced that be will raskr -attack upon Trine point on the Potomac. The Iative condrt.oc of the rebel urn;} and our own wial it in the estimation of many -military savaus -t-'.ij tary necessity. It is said "the rebels have nea , one hundred thousand men hwtvvoen here and I' ebiio < They have not the means to. provide for thistutnei army. They are conscious that under the discreenxana mout of flTr oral MeCTellan, oar army here is berim ing < , aiu?r uuyir, jre loriukiaoic in I umoors ami iiwjyi'iiM*, i I cur works more nearly impregnable, while thoirn* nfor are gettta,: more disorganlfd and demoralized by de oud ttoep&or prospect of provision for tboir romfort maintenance. It ii ovrtett that they wurt toon 11 or dirt*ad. They amm: aiford to wait frr tlae '5 suit of General Soott'c plan of starving them or -General McOHan's program rue to h the-awr y perfectly' disciplined and prepared beforo he gins do advance. They mutt either tight-Taw fir sub to *be mortification df- -witnessing their art y niolt u\ il froeP the sheer force -of necessity witkent another b heing struck. That n attack will tie mod" within a v rhert time is genet-ally conceded, but rtbether it will an attack directly np?u Washington -or an invasion Maryland cannot ?bo determined. It*;:; itossiblo tha feint may be m -le against our fO'tillcatiuua In while the main body of the whets attempt pass into Maryland at some p mt further the river, or it may be that the ft will be made tber?, with a view i* drawing our fur j, from tliis point. and then make tits main attack in Hut no apprcbenr ions are felt bore. It in known that untiring vigilanra of General MoClelian baa made um preparation for a repulse of th" attack, at whatever )* ? it shall be made. ? NEW PASSES?'ORDER FROM ?N. MYT.ENNAN. Major Genen I McOcllun has just issued the follow order <| GENERAL ORDER NO. 4. H Ibvinox of th* Potomac, j k' Washington, August 10,1801. J a All passes, safe -conducts and permits heretofore git to enter or go beyond the lines of the United States Ar, on the Virginia sidoof the Potomac, are to bo deemed ^ yoked,and. all such posses w ill emanate only from > War Department, the headquarters ol' the United St a 0 Army or of this division, or frcm the l'rovost Marshal Washington. *" Similar passeR will be required to cross the river a bridge or boat into Virginia. 1(J A strict military stir veillaneo wttl be exercised wit! the lines of the army on the northern side of the Pi r" mac, and upon all the avenues of every kind, of it d and water, leading to and from tlie city of Wa ington, as well as over persons holding passes, as ntlierfl. P-JLRftPR will not ho ronnirpd ar <?r wit It in tlu> lit n or the nrir.y north of tho 1'otomnc; but disloyal or r ,, pected pcreoua will be liable to arrest and detention tit I discharged by cumpotent authority, aud contraband ai cles will be seized. n OfllcerB aitd soldiers of the army will obtain pnssrs s heretofore ordered. All complaints of improper seizures . or searches mi or purporting to be made under military authority will 0 received by tho proper brigade commanders or 1'rov b Marshal, wbc will at once investigate the same, and ( each instance make report to headquarters. By command of Major Gen McCLELLAN 8. Wiu.iams, Assistant Adjutant General, t The general order does not contemplate reqniringpas for ordinary railroad travel to nndtfrom 'Washington, to enter tho lines of the army on thus bale oi the rli ^ from Mai yland. 1 ^ TIIE TREASON F' WAPJ1JNOTON. Treason has been and Is rampant in Washington, ? there is no denying the fret, humiliating and i 1 grateful as it may bo to all loyal citizens of i f Union. The Confederate Hi iteu in,1 -r.u r an against the United Ptovs, are visitant to t minutes point in ail that regards the least word > notion that militates against Uu* despotic rule. .The fei t ral^goverament has been nnd is la x to an equal Ufgree the rebels have been st'rn, uncompromising and .barb ous. It is about time that the federal governnMBbtook ' new lack If they mean to put dowq- thip rebellion. , Fui I are stubborn things, and>l deal with a few of thenalb t edification of all loyal men. The .folk wing isatublco? t number of traitors now in the rliifeiout department. Washington. The exhibition is enough to arouse the d igutitU.n.of every true hcarttxl friend of the Union, a provoke the inquiry, why .have jMit tho traitors be weeded out before this,and why h.-tycjfc. t thodepartnw looked before this to (ho heart of iVeae >n within, wh th> nation has lieen peering otH its lVloot and treasure cr<wk treason without? Here is the I a hit, ? Knnwn Secaui '/jtislc SunjxcU Trerwury Department ., -15 Itoju.rtt icnt of the Interior 20 Post Ottlee Department 11 War Department 90 Navy De|?rtmcnt 5 Attorney Orieral's oflice 15 liepartmejit of State ... 2 Employed about theCapitol 7 Miscellaneous..,.,...,. 8 Toul * 143 | This is a beautiful exhibit of^raitors in Washington fi Union men to look at. and know that, these satno trnitoi lurve been receiving their livelihood frrtu the Unitt SUles government without let or hindrance up .to t! present time, and have bee.i ill the while working wit all thfcir might Into the Jain-Is ofJefV. I avis k Co. J... be nnd< rstood there is no mist -.^about ihealKrvcdgorei they wilt bo borne out, and more tib'D liorne nut, to tli minutest figure, by the report of th<r Potter Committei wh It will soon bo published, ;>riif> which show a amount of secession treason m Wmv'tirgtoii whic has hith< rto been suffered to go unrebukeo that will b perfectly staggering to nil Union men. The ?art is. tha jri nsou bus been running riot (1 use the word aAJ'isedly n' Washington, while Uie people have been opening 'hei heai'U and hitnda to erush it. Is it not lime to brti.'J down iNC'h >< the crushing bund of puDisbmentt- Put ] ;vv yo NEW YORK, SATURD/ o have not yet done. I have oilier hard farts for loyal men 0 to digest. 11 Is also known that Ihoro are persons employed about the White House?servants and others?who 11 are secessionists and traitors. And further, In the foundry O of tho Arsenal at Washington eight men wore recently t pointed out and proved to be secessionists, they were arrested and discharged, aud hired over again. As a natural '* consequence, it is known at Washington that some of tho ie sin lis manufactured at tho Arsi nal, and used at tho n hattlo of Hull run, did uot explode. Of course the-^, did notl Treason, uurebukvd, made them for 'e Davis At Co., under the leniency of tho '.edtral | guvi-ruiiuuit. ii vnvy nau expioaeu ^ jth tho I power thoy should havo done, accordir ^ tr, their ' J ostensible mannfaeurc, the rebels the .merIvcb suy 'C i the loss of life would have been terrible. Two items more:?Of the Watch tiuard a' .Washington, composed of tlfty two men, and appoint v?y the Mayor, thir ' ty are known to be seeessioni twelve arc luspectvd ie and only four arc knowu to ^ b'niou men. I give you these fuels with no eaptie ^ wpfyft of fault finding with the administration, but v t)le the investigations of the l'otter Commit ^ n m inaugurate tt u,.w order of things, aud tliat the administration from this time hence, forth will go forw ^ ^iti,|hc 8iUgi,> jlurpo8o of n?t only crushing (Tens' jn <-,|ien and avowed and in arms against the gowtumyitj but of erusliiug It at Its fouutaiu head? the rtgpitr^fof the nation. A few of the many traitors at W*.%>,iug^nn signally punished would, in my opinion, bo <*Jriiila signal vltfory on the field of battle. VHK TVSt'HOSMNATION AMONtl OCR TilOOPS. The New York Seventy uluth regiment Is attached to 1 > | the Sieklcs brigade, and since the lesson Impressively ^ taught Acm ou Wednesday last, the oM arc behaving ' | remakably well, and give no occasion K> find fault with >ri- | tiieir hesitation to obey and submit to discipline. It 'ak ' is pkiln Anal a great deal of the insubordination it ! manifested among some of our troo|is is mainly uttributa id- j bio to (he carelessness of officers. Yesterday, when ac. | signs of insubordination were observed in the Sixteenth in- 1 (New "York)-regiment, it was immediately suppressed, ihe aud Implicit obeilienco enforced by the promptness or.-. 1 Of 1 firmness of Colonel Pavtos. Tito seldlers almost uidvrrity sdUy throughout the whole arttiv of the i'otomae are >ut nrortlflcd and indigieuil at the conduct of the Inssbsriliice nates of tho Uighlanders. Second Maine, and New York ng Tlurtocnlh regiments. They condemn their ixxnluct and 1 is would impose tlm severest posultieu upon them. ?" | HIE SKNTUNCK OF THE Ml TINKERS OK THE SECOND icd MAIM-: M8BOBIT. nut I Kixlv vinii (x??i?uciiis(si un.i .?..-.i*-. ,,r Ibc | Second Maine aiv! thirty-live noncommissioned otllcvre * a and pilvatcg/of t4ie Thir'wmth Now York -wrro boiiI to of the Navy YarWl Que morning, to bo put onTin.rd a naval an ship ami transported to the l'ry Tortugns there to work re- out their salvation in th" porl'ormanoe of fAYgue service, kos they having refused to-perform duty in thtir regiments ill- agrccubku todhe oath tt,ey hud taken. Tie- following is rly 1 (Jew. McIVwell'tt order relative to the disposition of tlia n<l. mutineers of tho Maine Second;? use Alt nun okiier mo. 32 Ukapqi A'CIRRS NoRrintAtmw IIIPARTMUNT, 1 Ahumiion, Aiiro t lft, istll. / la-v cotntr.laaioted officers and p-i vales of the t*1ind i conit "Manic regiment of Volunteers, having foimally ceg j ami positively. in the presenoe' >f the regiment, i refused to do any further duly whatever, faPa-ly , aitoging that they were not legallytn the service of the or j PniteifStatcB, they are, with the approval of the Gewrul..j^ j m'Glint: hereby transferred, in arret,.from the regivnont ? no l(iuger*wnrlhy to serve with It, and will be sent to ro j tlbe Wry 'Port, upas in the Gulf of M<wux?, there to perform out i such fatigue service as the officers' ommnnditig may a* sign them, tin'il they shall, by thin future conduct, show liatnwlves worthy to bear arms Thev will tie sent to bu" Abe Nuvy-Yurd to night. Itrigadrir. General Sbernsan will mil neeao'tho pgevntion of ting order By order of rny Brigade General McIXIW^iI.. .Tames 11 l'av. Assistant AdjutWot General. low pry HHK MUTINEERS Of THE NETT YORK REVKNTY-NTWL p, Hhotjourt martial, now In ee islou, will dispoee of tht of mutineers of the Now York Necnnty-niuth in a few days t R whon those found guilty will br disposed of as directed re Some of them may be shot, l ieutenant Colonel Mli<*t is ^ seriiinrly complained of as opt of the principal prisoners whoIncited disobedieneo in the men. up ,ln| RKI'OHT OP THE COVRT OP INQUIRY IN THE CASE OP CAPTAIN STONE. Tic Court of Itnpiiry in the ease of Captain Stetie, ot ^ the New York Seventeenth riglment, to inquire into the . circumstances of his shooting and killing a private a few ul days since, has reported that the ease does not require a court mart in!, und that the killing was justided by the insubordination and mutinous conduct of the private. jDj? ARREST OF COLONEL M'CUNN. Colonel Mct'unu, of the New York Thirty seventh, lute Acting Brigadier General, has been placed tinder ai res! i h|m?t? oimrgf*? pruierreu uy ucncrai I'onor, rrovoBt Illfirhtml, for unofllcerliko conduct. Colonel MeCunn will lie ,pn tried before a brigadier general nml eleven colonels I?y unless he I* released upon explanation or apology to-mnrrc_ row Colonel McCitun was ut Willurd's Hotel in citizcuo the dress to night, and of course without arms. tl'" THE -C O V KHNMKKT ANXIOUS TO PROCURE THE REMVI-at OKS OF OFFICERS OF DISTINCTION. Information obtained at the pro|s-r department wur by rants Die statement that the authority conferred on Colouri Shiminelfcnnig, of Philadelphia, is not revoked, an bin recently stated, but, on thtycontrary, the government .Is 'to- anxious-to secure the sorvicca and activo co-operation of md nillltaiy officers of high professional distinction. sl1- COL. . BAKER TO RAISE FOUR KKUIMKNTH IN NEW all YORK. ties Coi Buker, commanding the California regiment. ii.ts us- been authorized by the President to proceed to New York nil and raise four additioual regiments, which, together with rti- the ooo ho now eominnnds, will make a division, and wil be further instructed to move them to the vicinity of as Philadelphia and form a camp of instruction. JtETI RN OF SECRETARY CHASE, id" Secretary Chase has returned to Washington , and mot bo with many congratulations on the success of his financial ost arrangements in New York. The pledge of tho banks of in New York, Philadelphia and Boston to take (60.0(H),000 of the (160,000.000 of the seven nnd three-tenths Treasury nolet'- at par, with their reservation of the right to take the remainder, if not absorbed by other subscriptions, is sen regarded as securing the taking of the entire loan, and ?T a* establishing at once the patriotism of Die eminent 'er parties who thus advance to the aid of the government and their eonfldcnco in its tower and stability. An opportunity will at once be given to the people all over nd the country to subscribe to the lnan,fnd Indeed aubscrlp. jn- lions muy now be made w ith the Assistant Treasurer of he the United States, cither at Boston, Philadelphia or New nil- York. Under this loan every fifty dollar noto will hour bo an interest of a cent a (lay, and the l?-ger notes at Die or same rates. Books of subscriptions wiii bo opc-ncti in all as HEFOKT OF A I)ATI I.E AT ACftttl CIIEF.K. wr- Tliis morning many rumors prevailed nr. to the effect of a a battle at A quia creek as living taken place early in the :ts day. But an officer just, returned from that vicinity bo stated at the Navy Department this afternoon that the be rebels there bail tired several shots at the il'awneo, pro* at bably from rifle ennuon, which slie returned. The forces iu- wore too far apart to inflict damage, and thie is all there oil is in the story. ?'; A CNITED 8TATK3 VES-Et. MIST A KEN* FOB A VIltATE. 11 Major (JenerAl Duller writes to Mr. Fox, Assistant Seeretary of Uin Navy, that tie pungy schooner, sect: some tu days since by (asfit. Jerri;ins, of the schooner Miry k Adeline, rk reported in the IIekai.d, (handing across t he ?2 snfieake bay (Idle he was lying off Tangier Island, was 15 nola pirate with a motley not of fellows on board, as ho 12 repo-tcd, but was the United Ftatcs jmcgy Indiana, wlich :j ; Iacut. Crot'iy had far a tender, and the men on bootd 6 were vvuiy tiv gold tent from a Massachusetts company 1 detailed for guard duty. Cupt. Jenkins should bo careful j in making bis report. ? T*.K SICK AND WOC.NDED IN THE HOSPITAL AT WASHIS INCTON. )r According to ofllcinf reporte, there nre in the general rs hospital at Washington eighty-eight Rick and wounded d soldtwr?Iti^wrRetown twojttindred and ninety-one, aud le in Alexandria* ninety-one. The mortality among Mich h patients is remarkably small. it MILITARr OrAltn.'ANKniP OF THE CHESAPEAKE AND S; OHIO CANAL. m Meaettrea liave been adopted Jipr a careful military 5, guardian-hip throughout tho entlnt line of thoChoian reako and Ohio canal. JCnny coal an<l other boats are h IlOW on the route. e NEGRO REGIMENTS IN TIIK KEifCI. ARMY, t A negro was brought to this city to da v, who repre) sents tlyt lie was one i a regiment of nrgr<M R who took r parr u tfc? Jiuttle of Lull run, at which tunc hi.Annde liis escape, and hue since wandered about until lN> liually [. get ttithin our lints. llv an-erts that (here aye '<) 'ho RK H lY, AUGUST 17, 1801. rebel army in \ lr from two thousand to three thousand urgro ^ armed with Hall's rlltes. Most hi them aio 4yom rurthcr south than Virginia. The negroes fro'^, duwu South, gays, have been taught that they would bo butchered If they fell into the hands of tho Unionists; but those who have boeu picked up in ^ "Vpnla have a d liferent idea, and would all runaway " they could. This stulenieut is corroborated by that of anolher uegro brought in since the battle of Bull run by tho Second Maine regiment, who added that these negroes had been Instructed to pilfer from all the dead and wounded of our men lliey could (In I on tho field. It Is, however, a little remarkable Ibat none of these facts have been mentioned, or in anyway alluded to by any of our own tucu who liavo returned from Maiuti-sns or Ulcbmotid. A BOAT'S CREW F1KKD INTO AT AQl'IA CREEK? THREE MEN K1I.I.K1) AND ONE WOl'KDKD. Tlio following despatches show that the rebels aro exceedingly watchful at Aqula Creek, aud are In considerable force. The steamer l'age, which they captured some time since, Is kept suug m tho creek, utid dares not corno out where she can be reached w ithout oncountering the batteries on the shore:? CMTKI) Staiks ^tkawkk YANKKS, 1 ?sr Aorta (Ticks, August 16,1861 / Snt?This morning,at about elcvi-u o'clock,1 despatrliod sanco otl Msthius Point. At about throe 1' M. the Resolute, Anti?ig Master Hudd, returned to this ancliorugo and uiailu this report. which is herewith enclosed I have ordered Mr. liudil to proceed with his dead and wounded to the Navj Yard Very respei tfnlly, your obedient servant, THOMAS 8. CRAVKN, Commander, Commanding the Potomac Plot ilia, lion. Gidron, Secretary of the Navy, Washing ton. C.MTKD Si A I ts SrtMMKR RKSOLfTS, 1 Aeflrsr 16.1M1. J St*?In obedience to your orders I proceeded down the river to make an examination of Matlnus 1'oint and the iatermediato viclnly. Nothing indieating a hostile movement could he discovered at or about the point

Hearing that a schooner was ashore at I/iwer t.'edar l'olut I thought it advisable to go dow n to her and get her nfl'if possible. A boat was seen on tho Virginia shore a short ( distance this side of Persimmon 1'oini, and 1 dc*|>at< hed an i officer and live tnou in a boat lor the purpose of capturing j her. They had Just reached her, ami wero in the act of inakiug fust wlien a volley of musketry was fired from the ad.ioinuig bushes, not more than ttve or six yards distant, iustsutly killing three of tho boat 's crew and wounding another. I immediately opened lire, throwing shell into the cover that sheltered the enemy. Aftor four or tlvo rounds they were driven out, ruuuing in purires of three unci four m different directions, some of ibctn going into some dwelling houses on the right. The surv i\ ors of the Imi u s crew suoMeded in getting her offfrom the shorn wiiilo I was bring. The Reliance coming up *t this moment com ; uiciiecUMirowing sliell ut the livingouetiii , and also sent , a boat *o assist in getting my boat off Nothing was left behind. My boat is completely riddled, particularly in I the aiHer part. Tin attacking party numboj'ed about thirty. Lieut.'fcygatt remained with his vessel in the vicinity until 1 could report to you. The following por' sons were killed and wounded:?Killed?John Puller, mas1 tcrHimate; Geo. Seymour, seaman; Thos. Tully, s.'iuusn. i Wounded?Krr.csi Walton, seaman. Tho men who us, cape*l slain that the boat on the shore had two casks in Iter. We were unable to secure her. Very respectfully, WM. BUltl), Commanding Resolute. TV) Caw. (?iuv*s, Commanding Potomac Flotilla. FHttNO on THK 8tmamer 1'0c AHON* as. This inoPaing one of the rebel batteries at Aqula Crc-k iin-u lurw buuih ai ure rociuiouiiis. iuo ure ??a returned by tlio iceboat, tilt no damage Axas dono on either etfe. It iB cstiinotiod thoro are twenty guns in battery*.t that point. MEETING 'OF TI1E CABINET, ' To'-dB/ the President Cabinet heM ono of tile longM od<! most secret meetings since the war commenced. It is jndeinlooJ that it liad rofercaoo to the supiKjgeil uttaci upon Washington and 1 lonrn from high authority ' that the greatest obifldonco exifte that if the rebala Btr'J e the tilow Beoeemou will end. THB U.OW WEED #ITO THE CABINET? THE VANDKR S1.T BTEAMEItf. ' T nirlow Wired1? denunciation of tlie Cabinet, in vtcw , of what iR known Of liiu tranasrAi uis hero since the war toe;an, induces many gentlemen to smile, to nay the least, i The Navy Department refuses t i purchase Vaudcrbilt's i , Wteumern. Ilad this anything'tc do with Mr. Wired's present course? ; THE TBLKGItAPW 3AIU.R FROM FORTRESS TO FOX Hit . The paragraph or. I ho eighth pago of today's Ht.rai.Ii, "relative to the telegraph caMr from Fortress Monroe to Fox Hill, makes amiystery of the fact. It 1h explained in i a letter from tJoimrul Butler, rueived at the Navy I>e partment to day. The cable was constructed, at the or <ler of General Butier. for the im i of our forces. It was accidentally broken and has now biren taken up and cx tended in another direction for army uses. APPOINTMENTS BY TEE PI KHIIIENT. The President has made the follotviilg appointir.witBi? Win. II. Wnllace, rf W.i-hlngton Terr Itory, as Governor of that Territory; Rounder J. S. Tut ner, of Illinois, as Secretary of Washington Territory; A..S. Paddock,of \o hraska, a SceroUiry of that Territory: J Wm. Walton Murphy, of Michigan, Consul for the Inn klgravalo of 11 isc llomhurg. the Duchy of Nassau, Gran 1 Duchy "f H'"*c Parmstudt, Ac., and Samuel WU.tnejof New .1, rcey Consul at Nassau;H. P. APPOINTMENT OF COMMISSIONERS t?OF POLWK. The President has appointed Rjt.har 1 WalLtuli,Joseph F. Brown and Zcnat; C. Robbius, oftWasl lington; Win. IJ Tenney, of Georgetown, and Say las A. IVuven. of Wash inffton county, Commissioners of Police, under tbi vecent act of Congress. MOVEMENT#. OF THE P0T8I-AC ' FLEET. The propeller Reseluto again wen' do mi the Puinmac tins afternoon. The Mount Vernon, which came u|it ep< vts all fiiicton the river. FROM ALEXANDRIA. Alexandria^ llg |Ft 1C, let.! The trial by Court Martial of Colonel M> ICnnn, ot .the Thirty-seventh New York regiment, for it agcni.lcicauly | and unofflcor liko conduct, commenced the'm anting Mie j charge was preferred oy the Lieutenant of tins I'reveal ; Marshal's Gugrd at Washington, wilh General A eye. ft., j aidant In consequence of the increased shipmonlof Stock otktJ.e Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Hai froad, nlie , cars belonging to that company and in uao.lty th e govern, i limn havo been returned. Lieutenant Gibson, aid jto General Franklin, u-Silo out I with a scouting party to-day. ami when about a r tile he ; yond liailcy'B Cross Roads.,*, aa tired ujiou by a mi ti eon. cealed in the woihIs, the lntil passing! cap*. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. V Fotrratc.s Mo.niiob, Angus Hi, \ Via Ualtixiiex, August lC, tgo3 )' The steamers Adelaide ar.rt George Peabody.have ar rived at OldJPoint, lrottv Hal tin, i. re, and will shortly leav on /in important expedition. ) The rumored presence of a pri-ateei in i lve (lict;?!>oako was one of opr. own vessels, belonging to T.iei.temmi." 'ros by'e expedition to tlm eastern sh ire. General Butler is so well satisfied with the resultso< f^a Moun'ain's recounoissauce that LUc latter has gone tvor li for a balloon of mueh larger size. ? The reports that the rebels beyo. I Fox Hill have con necfed a wire wuh 'he telegraph line from old I'wnt to Newiiort News, aid bus obtained on despatches. is en tirdy without foundation. The line j- notv h i?>; put in working ordv, communication liaviig been uitei i .jpt<-d since the evacuation of Hntnptou. TheCulled States frigate Cumberland i..t uirit d from Boston,and flrUl goou mH southward. The gunboat Penguin r, up from the const of North ; Carolina. dheobliged on- vesol. nttemp,ing to run 'lie 1 blockade, to beach herself. I lie crew es'-vd. NEWS FROM iUCHMOM). Rnnsovn, Va., August Id, ^ via .Vkw OkijwW, August It, lstil. J In the absence of real battles lho public intnd is eon aiderably exorcised a!>out troubles or a tight ;>t, Vpa creek. and of a battle said to liav.i comeoQ'at I/iesburg on SftAwfef morning. iu winch .'in eo hundred i nion troyjw wcro killed au<l wounded and fourteen hundred takou prisoners. NoliJier report hat been coiUi/ou'd, ! but the.;' furnish abundant food for talk. Nothing,has been made public in t'on;(r#js to day. The ro|K?rhnd Imttle near Leesburg gradually assumes nn air of plaib'ibility. It appears that seven hundred Viilon men had fv'frted the river near or opposite l.e-'sburg, but during night the river rose and the rebel forces surrounded the m. The Union men lost, hi killed and wounded, about th? rp hundred, and fourteen hundred were taken prisoners, tu'e rebel loss was small. Several jwissengers front Kan.u.vis this al'iorcoon report tb j news current there, it Is generally credited, t-'ome say that large numbers of wagons lifi'O sent up to convey down the pr?]>erty raptured. I EIIA1 THE BLOCKADE AND THE PRIVATEERS. j PRIVATEER OFF THE SOUTH AMERICAN CI COAST. BosroN, August Id, 1861. The whale bark Jore Swift, at New Bedford, lost ft Pernunibuco July 17, reports that the liriilsli brig Alliance saw throe privateer steamers in luliludo seven dp- j,y green forty seven minutes north, longitude twenty two VV1 degrees l'orty eight minutes west. II, The British mini steamer Tyuo also reported seeing a <j0 privateer steamer between Rio Janeiro and I'ernanii'uco. n, So itartieular description of the privateer is giv n. j,,, PROBABLE RUN OF THE BLOCKADE. Rostov, August Id, 1801. ^ Tlic Rriiish steamer Eastern Mule, from Yarmouth, N.S., which arrived this morning, brought four hogsheads and ninety two barrels of spirits turpentine, and thirty- ^ one bales of North Carolina cotton, which is pre uined to have escaped tho blockade, und was tukru to Yaniiouth, ^ N. S. It is said tho owner of the tuipeuline will clear tl',000 proUt. * THE PRIVATEERS. ETC. The ,?'t Thomas market report of G. A. Philips, Miles A <h Co , ol' July 30, says:? ac Wo have boon somewhat startled by (ho news of mar $4 tial law having been proclaimed at Veuexnela; also tho arrival of tlio privateer Jelferwon Davis, of ten puis, in Wi San Juan, Porto Rico, on the 28th Inst . I'or provisions ami a> water; likewise (lie overhauling of American vessels by the privateer Echo (tho Jell'ersou Davis), about two loin- |v tired miles to the northwest, and a privateer schooner, iu w lat. 24, long. 60 20, cruising; also the privateer steamer H Sumter in Curacoa. NEWS OF THE PRIVATEER JEFF. DAVIS S The sth<M)uer Amelia, from May agues, with sugar ami A molasses to S. W. Lewis & Co.,of this city, roports the arrival at the above mentioned port of tho privateer Jell'. Davis, on the 158th ult. Sho went In for provisions, liy permission of the authorities, and stayed twenty lour hours. A suspicious brig was afterwards reported olf tlio coast, supposed to lie the Davis,and few* were enter " tinned for the safety of the I jectr.e Light, whielisailed on '' the night of the libtli. A Spanish war steamer had beeu " sent out Is warn tlio brig away. 'Itie brig Frames Janet '' of Haltitnoro, to St. Johns, was boarded bj tin* Jell'. Davis, * but permitted to coulinue alter a ipiantily of prov isions had beer) taken out. A loeul piper has tho following iu ' refcrenco to the visit of tlio Davis to Muyaguez:? * A I'tHVATKKK. 1 last night u link made its appearance in port which ' proved to bo a privateer She sent a Imat ashore to ask ' permission ol the authorities to enter the isirt, which wa" given. Sim Is the famous InigHniliie Jefferson Davis, r armed with five guns and manned by sixty tueu. Wo ' hoar that she has taken six prises. ' i THE PRIVATEER SUMTER. ' [Correspondence of the lioston Traveller.] < MONTIUSAL, AtlgllSt 9,1S61. ( Ilaving seon several statements concerning ?lie identity of tho privateer Kuinter, anil knowing tlieui to He inoor- c reel, I have taken n little trontili) to obtnlti a few partu-u- t InrH atKiut her, which I think will bo of interest to y air many renders, 'llio original i amo of tlic steamer was the Col on,awl she was built by William A. Caliliu, at tlio t Montreal Marino Works, for I'edro laeuss :, Havana. Shu | was lauitched November ft. is.'ig, and sailed from Quebec, on the 24tk or November, IKoh, for Cardenas. She is a screw steamer of 437 tons resistor, 184 fia t long, SO foot ' beam sin! 13 foot depth of hold, and is rated as a three masted brlpantiue, being square rigged on her fore mid tore winl aft rigged on lu?r main and nii/./en mists. She has cylinders, each thirty inches in diameter, with throe feet stroke Her otiglnss are nominitlly of 120 horse power, and her builder thinks there urn hut one or two vessels in the Antorit an nsvy that can outsail h'er. Ho nnir.ed the Irlqu'ds as one. 8ho was liuilt tor the Havana and Mexico trade, hut was soon told to (Jen. Miramon, and known as the Marquis do llahana. Her sirlisequent career Is loo well known to need any notice. I have reserved the IronyeM proof' of tier identity for tho last. Whllo uhn w ^ being titled out in New Orleans for her present f?'rvi< i\<ihr of Mr. ('Aiitin'tftnoti wjihoii board ami **ttw tho plate <>f tin- Montr < al Marino Works upon her engine?. I nm groAtl.v indobtod to Mr. (.'antin for tl?? courtcBy ar.?l knuliK'SH shown mo while purbuing my iu quirlc*. A VESSEL SEIZED AT NEWPORT. mroiit Ihft I'rovidriico .Tonriuil A it (runt 1 1 1 The schooner AdcIso,uf St. Johns, N. H., nnd bound from Wilmington. N. C., to HnlHax, with a cargo of naval j stores, put into Newport vcpbnlay in stress* of woallier, i and was sei^'d by the revem.e oflicer* lor having run the ' blockade. Tito cutter Henrietta anchored alongside and j j placed a part of her crew aboard the Adelso. It is said j that the Hritiph primoucr lleverly caino out of Wi!ming! ton at the same time. The brig Sarah Starr, which has ' ! been sei/od. U tt on the same day. It geeniB probable | j th t ves vis have been taking merchandise from St. .TohDB . to Wihnlngt >n. and ink n ;? ij nave etoree. A vary | hnndsoino profit c mid he made by tliis operation at both ! l ends of the voyage. THE BESOLUTE ON A RECONNOITRING ' EXPEDITION. . j THREE or HKIH'liKW KILJ.K!) AMI ON'K WORMIER, ETC. \VASHIXGTOX. AtlgUSt 18, XK81. Yesterday afternoon,about half jiast one o'clock, ttio steamer Resolute was ordered from Aquia Creek toMuthias Point, foruhe ptirpoBoof reconnoitring. Seeing a bat teau MBit with barrels just below the Point, a boat was j sent from the Re olnte, w ith six men, to l>rin>r off the , baitcau. 5To sooner had tho boat tonehod the heach than I a volley of aausket hulls was opened upon her from a i rebel force concealed in the woods, killing three of the I men inatanttly, as follows:? John Jane Fuller, of Brooklyn. Muster's Mate, who it j t was suhsispe utly oscurtained was pierced by ten balls. (Jcorge ? y inur, captain of tho gun, of New York, ...Reread by M.en halls. Thomas Tnliy, of Boston, pierced by two balls. Earnest Wat er a native of England, was wounded in the head, and . Is feared fatally Another volley was Hied by the enemy as they moved fr >m their position, or as soon as they lind time to reload. The Resolute.' is about si Veu hand red yards from the Sh are, and it the midst of (J.e rebels one stiot of can- I j istor and nine of . crapnel, with it , thought, extensive j ha-.oc. Other rep a f ur< positive to this effect, j :T 10 scene <iu ho. rd tho small Ima i i:, described as most heart sickening?t:? dead lying out stretched in it, co.vt.rod with their own blood. Tin boat was tor .,1 a short distance froti ilie shore by onu of (ho crew luu :ed Sanderson, who q'.iietly stopped i into tho water for tin ' purpose, and thus, concealed him ' .self fr sni the enemy The other uniiituroti loan, it s said Jay In-the boat, .stu- ' jailed sy the sad sci n< through which hi leal just, pnsaod, j while tl.e wounded m u helped Sanderson hi rov.* the bout i tr?waru the Resolute ;n<ri which assistance was home, i dnttely render*si. The enemy evidently <ongratulated themselves that , they h-m tilled the ent r* boat's crew. *' Tin* Re: oll.t.e reaehed tin -taw Varil .it s?l..\ . n .. 1...1 I last night bringing hither the dead and tlie wounded ! nvin, wbolws lieon sent to tie hospital. | Ar the v o *1s skirting th.- oral more important i rin? I tin's or the Pnioni.u; river alfo'it lino ambuscades for the ' , enemy . th06<>'vlio ire best I. ipi, intod wllb tliegooprr.plij < ( tii" riyer 111 uitig tin- apple it ion < !' lire a. i an i IH-r live in?' ns of 0' roving Hip or..: m as-.iling udvuntiici - | of (tic n-brtls m-tveil as oilier nH>asiir>-s lor accomplishing I t'mt pi'.i po-VXUWS ?.k' ?M CK.V. RAXKft' AHM V. I ?. Baliikokk August lt>. 1801. 1 II A ii'iH f inn -"ii lv H, ok to ill -iys a -I'titli rij.'in h from Maitiii-li iiye loiilay re|? :t? iinatl pirlii s of li irregular rebel ravnlry " iiiiiug that miction of countiv, oi ami daily tiring noon our jiirkets and Hnrio fugitives, us well as paying fi'eqnotil vislls to tin* town. Yesterday a party approached to within two miles oi Hunter's Koiry, f'r--i upon our piekots mid -i r? treated. I*:st night, ' la reiairled a party 1 gi of ltU* rebel euv.iir> on pi n'ml three men of our -niud j o cuv.ilry picket. i i ' i d im of Harper's ferry. i lliv camp* r inatn verv nuiit. All appeur to have per j oi feet conihteneo in ' i-' i ;'l hriDks and staff, us well us the in brigade officers. ran.' " froni Winchester report only | si 4.(itio militia rude rvom-od there for the purpose of being th drilled sod disciplined. lle amne authority states that pi. there are two regiments of regulars at Love'trvlllo,eh mt it., eight milas distant. w NEWS FROM A 1IHBRI. SOPTtl'K. Nl.W OTil.KlM". VllgUst Id. 1%1 General Kv-.ns, with the .Stv iiteeiutt an t Eighteenth MiMiMippi MKiments and the Eighth Virginia, pn-vd | Iiecsburg,Te.cwlny nam lug. in pursuit of one thousand ! re seven hundred cf General Hanks' division, depredating i tin this side of the Potomac. | ,ltl The enemy were probably captured, as the river i.< swot- I th ICO, preventing tUs'ir escape to the yi^er side. ?!> J 1). PRICE TWO CENTS. ANOTHER IMPORTANT ARREST. 1A ROE OF TREASON-TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS IN HANK OF KNOLANI) NOTES FOR THE SOUTH. I SH I P HTATKX IIJSTIUCT ATTOHNKY's O) I It'K. Arum 10 ?It appears that Mr. T. 8. Herri I! apa*seiiK -r the Persia mi I. r lust trip from Liverpool to .Now York, ih very loquacious, ami "HpoUe secession all the time " stated Unit he had seen almost every hanker in I.on n. and could obtain I'rmn them any amount of money at the Confederate States may require. II also said ho si ?40,000 sterling In his possession for (he use of the ulhern army. <?u landing here he wis searched by the istoin House olflrors, when they found on his person and his hnititnsc ?40 000 in Hank of Kniriaiwl not. t'uited Ftntes District Attorney K. I>. Eoiith applied to ill obtained fmm Commissioner Henry a warrant of ro?t for Mr Herrcll, n a charge of tr-uv hi. Serrcll was arrested in the evening and brought to tlio Istriet Attorney's uillco. Ho Is a middle aged man, of nflemniily oppearanco, and was placed under the surdluiiee of two of the Marshal's deputies. No tier son was allowed to communicate with him, and e examination was adjourned till Monday next. The oneod was subsequently admitted to hull lu the sum if 0.000. The arrest of Mr. Serrell was effected by those well iowd and vigilant Inspectors of Customs, Alex. Isaacs id Titos. Hrowu. The facts above stated were sworn to by some"f tlio issengers by tlio Persia, and upon their aflldavils the arrant was issued by Mr. Commissioner .1. Itucliunan enry. TRANGE MOVEMENTS ON GOVERNOR'S ISLAND. TTKMPT TO BI.OW UP FORT COLl'MBl'S, WITH SEVER A I. UINMKKI) TONS OF POWDER IN THE MAUAZINK? FOI'lt CITIZENS AMI A SKNTIIY MAKE A HKCONNOISSANCK?THEY ARK DISCOVKKKU AND KHCAI'E, KTt ., no. Nearly every day reveals the fact that the rebels liavo lo ir emissaries amongst us, not only In formidable tm overs, but or such a reckless and during eliaraeter that it 4 lime tluit some strict and prompt measures should lie uimediately taken to put thein where they can do no num. The latest startling intelligence in our neighborhood is he daring attempt to blow op tho main magazine at fort Columbus, oil Governor's Island. It is well known hat there are many persons on tho island, some of whom ly connections and others by sympathy, who openly sym lathise with tho cause of the rebels. On Monday uig)H,or rather Tuesday morning, nt an arly hour,ono of tlio soldiers, who Is a Journeyman ailor, was awakened from Ills slumbers by the tread of tersousbeneath his window. At that hour and within he walls of a fort such a proceeding is very unusual/ lud,of course, tho tailor was alarmed. On looking out if the window ho discovered two men dressed in citlxon's dollies who were making their wav towards the main magazine of tho fort. Hastily slipping oil his clothes ho lesci'iid'd, and, crawling along tho balcony, he kop? rack ol them. Thoy paused for a moment to Bee if tho toast was clear. Here they worn Joined by two other*, ind they noon went up to the door of tho magazine and "tiuiblcd around for Koine timo. The tailor now hocatno no excited as to bo incautious in his movements, ho much bo that tho treading on a grating that lay in his path madn considerable noise. The four men hoarlnr this, and possibly seeing that they wore die covered, ran away at the top of their speed. On passing the only sentry who stood in their way to the shore they were hailed?"Who goes there?" to winch thoy replied, "Friends!"' The sentry made no reply, and tbo men passed on and run to tho short) by tho path noor tbo spring house, a boat lay in readiness and in a moment tho four haiVembarkixl and pushod out into the rivet Of course the tailor was not allowed to pass the sonlry, nor would the guardian of the night allow him to alarm tbo garrison. llic next morning tho tailor told one of the ofllcers the story of tho doings of the four men, and some act ion was taken in the matter, but tho tailor was told not to make the matter public. The following night this sentry, who had done duty the night before at the post, and who pussed the four men s? unceremoniously, was sent out on sentry duty, but uotliiug lias since been seen of him, tier has he been hcurd from. The impression is very general that theno four men bail gone to the island wilh the Intention of laying a train to blow tip the magazine, nml Hiub destroy several hundred tons of powder now stored there, thus lees enmg the supply of powder for our army, nud at the satno time destroy one of tho United states forts and a large number of soldiers who aro quartered there. Bad they succeeded in Bring tho mngnziue several hundred lives would have been lost. A lew weeks ago our informant was present at a conversation between some of tho head workmen on tho island, during ?Inch olio of them remurked that 1 c. would not he surprised if some night uil the guns tut tho island would be spiked, '-lor," said he, "they are cotillniially Injuring tools and many things, so that wo are often delayed se_ riously by it." J he whole matter lias been hushed tip, and ceuntei statements made, but there was sufficient weight In the circumstances to induce the officer to seek the aid of the police authorities to ferret out the case. But lost by some means it should he made public it was taken from their hands, and it now remains in xOUu quo. \ It is qulto certain that every movement made at ibis post is well known by tho rebels; and ns this is an ordnance depot l ho information as to tbo number of men, guns, tlnur size, whore slopped, and in fact all the details of tho Eastern Department moven. nts, is of tho irtmost value to th> m. It is high time that soinclliing should be done to put a stop to it. There are those who have lived there for many years who have relatives and friends In the rebel army, some holding high rank Ono we can mention has his wife on the island, and it is not unlikely thnt she may inform her husband of some of tho movements made here; and this is not a lotie instance by auy means. In reference to the men leaving tho Island so easily, wo are informed thai then' arc men on tho island at the pre sent lime who can and do often swim from the Island to. the city an l return, and they are not caught by the sentries. A better lookout nuigt bo kept, or else wo shall be awakened i-onio night by u tremendous shock, and learn in Hie morning that one of our forts has been blown no and hundreds of valuable lives sacrificed to gratify tho passions of the traitors in our midst. NEWS PROM BOSTON. Boston, August 16, 1S61. "j1ie preliminary examination of Messrs. Hewitt unit' iVeivli b"fore the United States Oommlsionar, charged viib inciting soldiers to desert Massachusetts regiments or ilv imr|ni-e of joining the New York Irish Brigade, reiked jo the defendants being bound over for trial. ( burl.... Center, an i mployo in the Boston I'ost Office, in ndcr mi ' si ('.barged with opening and robbing letters of heir valuable contents. Ac'iivity at th" S'tvy Yard was nerer xreater than 9W. Tie' foilow ng auxiliary vessels for the blockading net will soon bo equipped for service:?Steamer Camridge, sailing vessels llemslmk, Pear Si*, Kingfisher, 10 and Y'lung ltover. Tnese vessels will carry cannon l long range. LAUNCH OP A GUNBOAT. Tim tngliw will I.e.neb from his yard, fbot. of Tenth r. I, river, this afternoon, at five o'clock, a lull.*l of tim foi owing dimensions, viz:?106 feet long;, [trente breath, 2* foot; hold, 12 feet, lite contract wus . mid on the 29th day of June. This will bo tho first i launched of the twentv-tlireo ifimtomio ih?? ii coutrncled for liy the CnitcdStates government, a' i" to be s hooucr rigged, and fitted out according to e navy reg Union*. Shu will carry six tlilrty two Hinders, one swivel, and one small gun on the forecastle ck. Thodum hiuery Isto be put in hy the Novelty iron orl.s. RUMORED CHANGE IN THE CABINET. Atbaxy, August 10, 1N01. It in rumored In political that Secretary Cnmen is to lie removed from the Cabinet, and that his reiv.d was la have been Inst Monday, but that he desired extension of time. There is also a rumor that one of e conditions of tic recent loan was lliui the Cabiut* i>uW bo partially rvcoiwtmud.

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