Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1861 Page 3
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r blgb prices which holders wero auk inn to day, prevents spurt buyort from purchasing rrcely, and, though prioc wero firmer, the market w,m less active. Sales 17.00 bbls. State and Western, 2,000 bids. Southern, and 1,00 bbls. Canada. Boperttno Slain Flour $4 f>0 a 4 6 Extra State, good to choice 4 76 a 6 0 Hupertlne Western 4 46 a 4 6 Common to choice Western extra 4 66 a 6 6 Kxlr.t Uina la 4 70 a 7 6 Mixed to straight Southern 6 20 a 6 S Straight totrixM extra do 6 1W a 0 7 Choice extra lainily and bakers' brands... 6 75 a 9 o Rye Hour 2 28 a 11 6 Corn meal, Jersey and Uriuidywine 2 70 a 3 2 ?Wheat was in very good demand for export, uud wa higher in price, with limited receipts for the sear >ti, an* talus of 180,000 bushels at $133 a II 40 for white Ken tacky, $1 30 a $1 36 for white Western aud Canada, $1 2 a$l 30 lor red and ember We, tern wiuter, ?1 a $120 to Milwaukee club and amber Wisconsin, $1 00 forCanadi plub, and 00c. a $1 10 for Chicago spring. Corn was mac Uve demand at a further advance, w ith sales of 170,601 bushels, mostly Western mficed, at from 42c. to 60c. I'oi unsound and very choice, with Western yellow it 60c. a52c ^yn and oats were iu request at steady prices. Barley wat otninal. Cotton'?The market was quoted steady at 18c. a 18A?c. for ini.Idling uplands, with sale, of 1,000 bales. Cosski: was quiet, and only 200 hags Itio were sold at 14Mc. a 16c. per lb. dVkwoods.?There were 130 tons St. Domingo I/>g wood sold on p. t. FWh.?The demand was activo only for smoked her ftag at 24c a 26c. for scale t.'und 14c. a 16c. lor No. 1. ntHOitTS.?Thts. market was more active, and shlpCIters wei* getting higher rates on breudstultk, which tned the tank of the engagements. To Liverpool lie ro Ware taken 1,500 Obis. Hour at 2s. a 2s. 3d., the littter rata in n foreign vessel; 225.000 bushels grain at 9 '4d*. u lOlgd, Urn wheat, m bulk and .ihip's bags, and W'4d. a K'd- una 10 I. for corn, in do. do.; also 60 hluls. tallow at 23s Off To I/'Udon 3,000 bbls. flour a*. 2s. 10'jd a k., ami 0.000 bushels wheat at O'i'd , in ship's bags. To til.mgow busUnls corn at 0',d., m ship's bags. To Bristol 5(0 lids, flour at k. 9d , ahd 14.000 bushds wheat at 9l:d., ship's bags. To Istuduuderry a llrittsh but W took a cargo of corn at 100 in bulk and ship's bags To Havre 1,000 bbls. pur weru shipped at 76c., and 2),000 buslo ls wheat at tfC. a 20c.,in shipper's bugs. To Bremen 70 tons log Wood at 32s. Od. Hay,?New was plenty, and selling iu lots ut 40c. a Cue. fer 109 lbs. Old was quiet. lliiuac?Some demand exists for dr^for exportation to rpe, but the trude still hold themselves aloof from market. Prices are nominal, nearly all the sales made being cn private terms. For domesltic slaughters W European demand is falling off, hut a little more inMiry is mole by tanners. Principal sales during the nek are 7,600 dry Buenos Ayres, 3,SCO dry M .tainoras, l,#00 dry Porto Cabello, 2,600 dry California, and 4,000 IJIty slaughters, all on private terms, and mostly for exfprt. Hors.?There was moro inquiry for last year's at from I80. to 20c. per in. Iaox No important movements transpired to day. Vjutiikh.?Hemlock solo continues dull. For all dcfpriptions of oak tanued a fair demand exists at fair prices, for governmental military purposes. lawn was dull, though quoted flint. Limk was at 70c. for common ltockland nud 80c. for lump, but it was not active. Moussiis.?The only important sales were 250 Idols. Ouca muscovado at 20c, a 22c JJavai Storks.?A good speculative demand prevailed, QlpJ sales wore made of 4,500 bbls. rosin at $5 a $5 10 lor Common, 700 OOP spirits turpentine at ?1 25a$l 3tt per |DU)pn; 600 bbls. pitch and 500 bbls. Wilmington tar at. fi 50 por bbl. .jOilb.?A fair demand was reported for linseed at ?9c. a 600. Other kinds were quiet. frnovisioNs.?But liltlo activity was reported in p<uk, the Bales of whieb wero only 450 bbls., at $15 I r mess and $10 a $10 25 for prime per bbl. Beef was 111 modulate demand, with sales ol 120 bbls. at $12 25 a W 26 for extra mess, and $9 25 a $11 25 for repacked Bess. The Hales of lard were 276 packages, at H 'nc. a fee, Cut meats were quiet at 5>?c. a 6'4c. fur hams, Md 4>ke. a 5c. for shoulArs. Butter was selling ut 8c. Mc. for State, and 7c. a 11c. for Ohio. The market Continued inactive for cheese, at 4c. a 7Xc. for [>oor to was stilly hold, and 150 tierces wero sold at 6'4c. ta*Xc. 8?ickh.?NutincgR, No. 1, were Arm at 50c., with sales of .tjPqARS.?There was less doing to day; but there was uo hinge in prices. Total sales, 850 hint's. Cuba at 6c. a 7c.; taUt boxes Havana at ",'4c. for |>art. Sales wero rnado of 35,000 pounds at 8 >4c. a Ttus.?The public sale was tolerably well attended, and considering the nature of the offering, which was not at tfBQtive, tip) market was supported, large lines of oolong. W>$h soine greens having been sold, including oolong at 88$. a 64c.:)f6ung iiyson, 37^c; Uunjiowder, 62^c. a 63c.; Mteoriul STf irtA Taiinlinv ?/ n A7c ?nitKEY.?ilicre were 600 bbls. sold at 17c. ooi..?The demand continues good for domestic wools. M4 dealers have disposed of large lots at satisfactory rtoes. Tho revolvers of domestic hare also done a good fastnoss in Qrst hands, and report sales of 70,000 to 80,000 Wf. fl sere at 28c. a 34c., and 30.000 lbs. pulled at 27c. a Mb. Of California thero has been some movement, and aemo Of the new clip has been sold. J?u FAMILY MARKET REVIEW. ft matters at Washington market may betaken as an Index Old Uncle Abo need not have issued his late proc tarnation calling for a national fast, for, to ull appear' ances, the peop}o are practiscing a system of rigid ab ftmkrasness, compared with which the I<entcu fast is u metre bagatelle. In short, the butcher's complain that Cig "nobody to eat," which, no doubt, Mrs. I'art i would set down as evidencing a decline in can tiiUi ism. Meat, vegetables, fruit, fish and the numerous 4fclsool)apoaof family marketing have very poor sales fiompartgl to what they used to have before the destruc 0*6 oivll war occurred. ft Is scarcely worth while to put the scale of prices on CQBOrd, as there is very slight change sinco our last ( TOW. In (tte lino of meats, porter house steak sells at 18c. per ft., fowls at 16c. and spring chickens ut 18c. a 19c. pet ft.: PeacbM bring 10c. a 20c. per quart, and eggs sell at ipg rate of 16 for 25c. JgTCATIOIiS WANTED?FEMALES. 4 <?ErjHan CI8L, 'smart and strung, wants a A Situation a$ chambermaid, best of recommendation jtjytW by h^T prytent employer. Inquire at 28 Uroad st., V*- r-,r-... !.- * I T a SITUATION WANTEI>?BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG JA girl, to take earn of children; either city or country. Mat 77 Allen it., between Grand and Broome fits.,sooMd flppr, (ront rooth. , A W^V'OF SOttfe ^EARS EXPERIENCE DESIRED ? situation, either in a school or fnmlly, as teacher . of Muetc and French, also Latin, if desired; or would be vtwig to assist in oqier branches. Address box 3501'osl fc^,Bprla^|ld,Mass. }T GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A S1TUA "bn ID op American family as chambermaid or tc (Uotid to children. Call at 2*35 West 15th at.,ncar7tb 1||. Oati giffi good references. l ^OUNG ENGLISH LADY OF EDUCATION ANt /A. refinement wishes to make an engagement as go MrBsas/dr to superintend the domestic affairs of a gen. Daman s household; no objection to go in the country. Mdroes for three days Anuie H., Herald office. I Mce, young married woman would wish /A to go out as wot nurso. Call at 206 West 27th st. WtVeen 9th and 10th avs. ? i ? 4REPPfCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A situalicuio cook,wash and iron; is an oxcelleui and a good washer and ironer; Is willing and obli tug. Best city reference from ber last place. Call at 131 A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAR A ried woman, as wot nurso; has reference. Call al (9atone place, Broad st., near the Battery. List her baby ff!weck An English lady drjires a position as travelling or resident companion or governess; uc Bhinrtlrin tn swfttat in iho ornnnml rnnt.iinn nf a nmli Mad household; would prefer to leave the city or g< thl-oad. For further particulars adhress, through the fwk, llies Hopkins, 77 St. Mark's place. A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO Of general housework. Good references. Call at 2" Soaaevell St., in the store. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A SITU A atlon as wet nurse: has a fresh breast of milk. Cal, qytfl tolled at 240 West Houston st. A RESPECT AFI.E WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION Ai /% lAnndress, or to do general housework. Has th( I (Stoity referenoc. Inquire at 70 Kingstreet. , Companion.?a young lady who has bee> " J educated in a Urst class b'ardiiig school is desiroui t fobtaip'ug u situation aa contpanken to lady or annan t ??ito; Ho objection to travel or to reside in the country . |MM" J- M , box 198 Herald olUce. CjlTUATlONS WANTFJi?MARY A. POWELL ANT Q Mary A. Rruat, two respectable women, wish t< 'SLe In washing and ironing, at 24 East 19th st. V*>ITHOlT WAGES REQUIRED.?a SITUATlOf rV wanted by a German lady, of fine education, in i Mrv genteel American family, to make herself useful JUfereuces given and required Address C. D. A. II Barnld office. "WirAMTD?BY A RESPECTABLE PKOTEMANT GIRL \j a situation oe chambermaid,or tJ do plain sew Wt; understands washing and ironing; no objection to <1< apneral odhsework for a small family. Can be seen for i Kv days at her employer's, 87 Prospect st.. Brooklyn. *tjtf ANTED?BY A IHOTESTAN'T MARRIED WOMAN Wg a situation as wet nurse: no objection to travel Mod medical reference. Apply at 186 West 27th St., be Mi 8tb and 9th ate. ANTED?DY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN gf a situation as good plain cook. good wasber an ftranbr; iood citf reference. Call at 198 East 14th sl..Dea ut av., for two days. ^TTANTFIP?A SITUATION AS COOK; CAN COOK 7T wash and iron, good city reference. Cull at 2 Jamas su NEW J WWATIOW WMVBB-VBMAUM. H WET NURSE.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS WET > 0 V V nurse, by a highly respectable Protestant woman. ^ . 0 who lias lost her baby. IteHt of references given. Call uioriu ut or address J. A., 88 Maioo si., Brooklyn. WemtD?A SITUATION Tu COOK, WAtdl AND 0* iron. Call at ail West Houston st. ii Ut 0 "ITTANTKIi? BV A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, J o it asituationas laundress Call at 41 Greenwich si., oeedin 6 second lloor, front room. 8 ? t? " SITUATIONS WAIVTKD-MAIiEIH. I }' u son hi 0 A HOV, OF THE ACE OK SIXTEEN YEARS IS HE- giving a a \_ Rirous of going to sea, would like to engage with u captain of some ship about leaving port. Apply to Jam 's TK 1 11 Smith, at 795 Broadway. 1 Cc ,. ?? ? (Mimir 7 A YOUNG GERMAN, WHO HAS BEEN IN THIS will he J\, country abcit two years, speaks and writes the r wiglish and French languages, and who can give the best tf I a references, would like to obtain a situation with a nter- X ad runtilo house in any part of the world, although a pro ferenee would bo given to China, Japan or Australia, on TNFti ' condition that his travelling expenses will bo reimbursed. I IK r Au interview cau be bad by addressing 11. R., Herald last nu otllcc. tooth i 1 "DOORKEEPER.?WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN. the Do 1) a situation as bookkeeper in a merchant'f oftlco; has Hroi kl; 1 had long experience Iu that branch; is not long in this will be city, and must advertise. Satisfaction will lie given as Doughc to competency. Address C. J. A., 3s? Jtb av. TNTO rpti WHOLESAI.E 1J0U0R DEAIERS.?THE AIiVER- I sti X tisor, hnvirg a knowledge of the manufacture aud day all p itting up of liquors, is desirous of getting a situation seen or whore he can make himself useful: wages taken in liquors full lie Jf desired. AddressG. E. K., Heraldoitiue. blocks " ~?????? sped in ril" LAWYERS.?A YOUNG MAN, TWENTY FIVE ihmikfi jl /' " " "> "U" [i<?scssing ino noco s-sary quaimca oilleo tldiis, desires u sifuul ion in aluw office whore lie can ? oiiru three or four dollars pgr waelc and have his studies TNFO directed: has never studied law, hut wishes to do so; 1 bii has had a valuable business experience iu this city and benefit will give satisfactory city reference. Address S. J. G., box 3,;i box 1*21 Herald olilce. JNFQ mi MERCHANTS AND IJQUOR DEALERS.?SITUATION 1 coi I wanted by a man of integrity, industry and coin ti ard IKitcucy, as light porter or assistant bookkeeper. or lion of would take charge of a respectable lldttor store. Call on Mary or address J. G., for three days,109 West 26th st. son's, I VXT ANTED?A SITUATION AS coachman OR GROOM tim T V and general servant and to attend inside, by a ?j can young man aged twenty two years; is willing to go on trial for a week or a month, (iood reference from his lust place. Call at 75 Washington St., for ono week. Inquire T ( fur Jane s Irwin. e" "ITTANTED?A SITUATION AS PORTER IN SOME "* i K t V wholesale'btiBiiK en, by one who sfieaks, reads and jji writes fltiettlly English and Gerinau. Address W. II., ? Herald tfflct . HEIiP IV VA i KD-PEMAhES. * VI.L FAMltlES AND SERVANTS WILL FIND Tilt: Ik.' . largest c'elei t In-titntc, at 138 KktmiUtstreet,cor o'clock, tier of sixth avenue, for (iertpau, Scotch, American and It ishhelp; civil and capable; wages to suit the times; go? d j | OC] places always ready. All orders by mail promptly at J ^ j tended. bound i VLL FAMILIES AN'h SERVANTS WIIJ, FIND THE largi st Select Institute, at Hid Eleventh street, cor- Reflect. nei f Sixth avenue, for German, ijcotch, American and Irish help; civil and capable; wages lo suit the times; rVI'AT good places always ready. All orders by mall promptly l, r attended. . nai ie -yf rAvren?A giri-to no WASHING , ironing AND I X " W general housework in a small family. Good rofo f plying rem i s required. Apply at 73 West 47th St., between bth paying ahd 7th n\s. ? rniiK "117"ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A NURSE WITH \ FRKSII 1 D y\ breast yf milk. City references required. Apply punt Qv at 04 West loth st. wilt nor ?; d>HT an "II/"ANTED?A YOUNG 1..VDY, TO 00 Til CAI.IKOUNIA. mtorvii VV None but thuijc' of the highest respectability (tint office, without encumbrance need apply; ono from the country preferred. Ad Iross E. W.. box 134 Herald office, for olib rriHE week, ?lib particulars, which will bo confidential. t 1 WANTED?A OIRI., WHO CAN COOK, WASH AND mi'1',!! iron in a superior manner, for a Small- private ; ? family. Must have good city reference; wages seven ^ '.1? dollars. Apply, from twelve to four y cipek, at 87 3d av., between 12th and I3lh sts., today and Monday. rill IE WANTED?A WOMAN TO OOoK, WASH AND IRON, 4" and help do a part of the geucral housowurk. make rflilD bread, be.; must have good riTorrnce. Apply at 98 Del- I ^ ington av., live doors nbovo 27th st. W)1 WANTED?A FRENCH OH GERMAN GIRI., WHO \l *!.TU can speak sonic English, to do gencrrl'houscwoik ; must be a good cook, washer and irondr. Apply at 28 Hamilton place (Clymer street), Wijliatusfcurg. [ion D HEli^ A GENTS WANTED?MA! E AND FEMALE, [N GlftES. Wr'l J\_ towns and viUages, vo sell thy great new Union Prize Sativucry and Recipe Package, conulyiug a superb Print (6x1,6) of the great chief, General i*roU; 7ft vtuuAqle Recipes. Stationery nnd Envelope, printed hi colors, gifts of Jewelry, Ac.. Ac tho most saioable article in market. I i TV and aulij only by us. Ageutfe are making horn $6 to $10 enlistoi per day. Send si'imp for circular. on Moti ' R1CKARUS k CO., 102 NasSnu street. inmort OACflMAN WANTEI A STEADY TdAN, W! JO TH$- ' roughly uhdorstands driving and grooming horses, t~?aY can obtain a permanent situation by Applying at the Igte J'J residence of W. JI. A"pinway, pear Vanderbill lauding, , ' Statcn Island, between 9 and 10 A. M., for two days. ptny A Drug cler& Wanted.?on*J5 with good rete- vinvo renceg can apply corner of 2d av. apd 34lh st. o'clock HOTEL CI.ERK WANTED.?WANTEI), A SINGLE ?'clock young man, competent to keep books, and wBo Lomiw thoroughly understands the hotel business; one who 39 , n sjK'aks French preferred. None but those ublo to give ruthri security and the best reference need aildress i'roprictor, comma box 190 Herald office. 0,1 . T?Tj 1 f i morniu I REQUIRE AGENTS IN EVERY COUNTY FOR OUR imrivalled Codec Strainer and Ecoiiomlser, Patent Indelible Pencil for marking linen, Gents' patent Match QlXT Sate, for vest Pocket, Patent Hemmer and Shield, and , ij Ol other articles selling'rapidly. 200 per cent protlt. Ad- ' re-enlii dre^s, with stamp, Rice ti Cp., SO Nassau street, N. Y. bo held ' ? -r ? at Eigll RECRUITING AGENTS?WANTED, SMART, ENER other o getic men to act as agents to obtain rocfuits for a llrst class regiment. Pay will bo given for every man rpHE fnrnished. Call at 491 Broadway, second Hoof, at 9 A. M. X T i' Mercer WANTED?A CHAMDERMAID, AT 20 STRONG PLAQE. (Haturi between Clinton apd Henry sis., near Harrison, purpoe Brooklyn. to the ] 1 "ITTANTED?AN EXPERIENCED DRUG CI.ERK, AT 190 Vt Grand St., Williamsburg. Good roloreneos rc quired. ' WANTED?A CI.ERK IN A GROCER^ (AMERICAN), I J-" from 18 to 20 years of ago; one from the country ty ,'rs' preferred. Apply after 9 (j'clock this morning at the ail , office, 320 Fourth av., betweon 24tti and 26th sts. ... norulgi ' : , incut, I WANTED?IN A COMMISSION MERCHANTS OFFICE, tho go a lad, about 10 years of pgo, residing with his pa against rents, in this city, who writes a fair baud *nd is willing proper! 1 to make himself generally useful. Salary $70 tlrst year. South t Address C. L., box 2,829 Post office. /H. mr rv Tiro unWii uit.p nlr I.rirt,,. ,. - |im a p. | | i iiit jnv/i? i u nuxurr ox nniWM iviniiHW KpJ_0V/ Agpnts selling DOWNER'S Hemincr and . - ~ Shield, for hand Hewing. Sample eebt on receipt of 26 17^' 1 cents. Addresis A. H. Dbwnor, 442 Broadway. J_'j 1 i ? i * - < holds (I HEWARDS. . |?l? ?n dhQREWARD.? LOST YHSriKD.$Y AFtSSWiN, IN large a 1 Rl)0 a stage between Canal street and Grand strop} of adn ferry,a leather Purse containing a small ?um of monhy street, I and two rings, of no great value to any one hut the avenue owner. Any. person finding the ahcive will receive tlic Esq., ] reward on leaving the purse and contents at WILLIAM hook 8t SlMI'SON>fc CP 'S, 181 Bowery. , " (Cil A B#ARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY, TilE 10TH T rJ)_L\/ Inst., a Portmonttale containing several notes; ~rniI1' one made by D. P. Rarnqrd, livable to the order of J. 0. wiiii.n I DonnelJ,and endorsed tiy hitji for $1,000, payable four qprai(>,, > months after date, Jnly 14, 1801; one made by George Snyder for $210 90, payable to the order of Thus. White, . > and endorsed by him. payable nine months after date, |\l f February 26, 1861, together with several oth< r notes past diie. The public are cautioned against tailing any of t(io aasistai above described notes. Any one leaving them with F. T. * ' > Raker, corner of Broad and Wall St. eets, will reccivo the * | above reward. . OPE c who will procure mo a t tmtlou as conductor sixths 1 o,i any of the city r< ads. or any rcspi ctable employment. row ev Address A. B., box 120 Herald "ofllro. his H<> 3 <ftl 6) JT REWARD. ?LOST, ON MONDAY fc/lST, WRITE 3 K'ung from Eighteenth street, New York, to K ', Williamsburg, a shiglo stone Diamond Ring. The finder rrj ^ I will rei'Plvi* tn<? ahnvt* rnwnnl hv Ion*? inur 1 v.. ; 30 Pine street, room 22. Any pawnbroker stopping said 25 'awl 3 ring can receive the reward and no questions a ked. bath it dh f? AHewakd.?stolen, a heavy oold 'hUnt JJDOU iug patent Icvr Watfh. bard dial, R. & 0. T) E\ Beesfy. Ko. 23,147. It returned by a pawnbroker a IV l premium in addition to the al>ovo reward will b? Jiuid by gross u t tho undersigned and no questions asked. evenin ? CHAB. H. PIBR80N, 74 South street. Their - 1 6) K REWARD.?JAJ&T, ON ONEoK THE FOURTH ???? j lO L m t) avenue, on Wednesday ufthruooo, the # 14th inst., a gold hunting cu^o Watch, Jutes Jurgonsen, __ maker,No. 6,059; with gold chain, pendants and locket | ? attached, it is chiefly valued us the gift of a deceased -I V friend, The above reward will be paid and no questions Streets asked, on returning it to William Herrick, 7u John street, $?| hotels. Sim A l.l'.KMARl.K III >i !3.. ? AI'Alt::If.N'TS C AN' MOV HE 8 ? /\ oblatuod at this new utul elegant establishment, vices t corner of Broadway, Fifth avenue and Tw. ntyiuiutli A M. street, at prices conformable to the exigency of the times. WHITNEY nOT'SE, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND Twelfth street, conducted on the European plan. * Suits ami single Romps al sxtrorqely low prices,corres- J\_ ponding with the tintei D. M. BENNETT, lToprlctor. also so J _ SP'OltTINU. Wnosll WANTED?A SAM. RoAT TWI N I V T() 1 WENTY FIVE T^UH feet long. must beafn-t sailer, and in good condl- ?t 4 tton Address J.K., box 06 Poet office, for ono week, Mirror Staling lowest price ami full particulars. good si YORK HERALD, SAT1 PEUSOSAL, U ?Viil KS RECEIVED TOO LATE TO KEEP THE tppohitmeut. Letter for you. Slutiou U. Saturday Dg. 11. JA liAS RETURNED FROM WASHINGTON. MB. VOWH east "?I LEAVE TOWN Tins EVENING. 7 Cannot ui 'ri yon on Son.lay. Regret it e\ gly. Watch the "Personals." M. 1 ADOPTION?A FINE HEALTHY FEMALE CHILD, vo mouths old; can bo had by any respectable (tortving Bitlllcicut moans. Address G. A., station E, numo and address. DENNIS D. MURPHY, OF COURTMASHERY, iuu?y Fork, Ireland, who lately arrived iu thin y, will apply at No. s8 I'earl street, New York, lio ar from his brother. I 0. P., OF brooklyn, WILL SEND HER dregs she will hoar from I). A. N. of Sing Sing. iRMATInN WANTF.H?OF A UOY NAMED PANIKJ. mgherty, aged 14 years, who has boon missing this nth. Ik has light brown eyes, blaek hair, a front nil upper jaw gone and slightly pockmarked; ho v.hite ( oat and blaek pants. Ho was missed from uso of his employer, Mr. Mundy, York street, vii. Any informal inn concerning ins whereabouts thankfully reoeiveil by bis allotted father, l'htlip rty, 01 Mulberry street. RMATION WANTED OF MISS KATTY KING, A ahgor iu the city. Sho left her homo on Wedneslorneon, August 14,siuee which sho has not l> n heard of. She is alio it live toot high, well built, (', and h id on when sho loft a white silk benn d, ilk do..' and light dress. Any information re g her wh r ib( uts (either dead or alive), will be illy received by George W. Keid, hex 177 Herald RMATION WANTED?OF LEWIS BONARD, ftY tli a Frenchman, by trade a weaver. For the of Mr. Ikuiard he will please a Idress A. Livingston, 52 Post olBco. RMATION WANTED?OF MICHAEL FAHBY FROM any Gaiway, p'nco cullcl l/ickrey; when l ist from was at Oyster Bay, N. Y. Any iaforuinliim will be thankfully received by bin cousin, Ni' 270 Adelphl street, at Georgo VV. John treoklyn. -CAI.I. AV MYlloKSK. nit TKl.I.MK W1IKKK I see you. Sum. tiling particular to tell you. JACK. B. G.?ALL WW J, AT HOME. l. f. a. ~ M \ItV H.I.IS. Ill' Wll.l.lA\|-dU KtV?1TIIKUK IS it letter i u the Williamsburg I'oBt ottlco for you. -IS THE COMMUNICATION IN THIS PAPER OK Tuesday intended for .IAI1IK? I.?Willi oa11. IT TBS SAMS PLAOB, \ vn select the book, this (Saturday) evening, at 8 HKI.liK?WITHOUT ASKING A WQltl) OK KX I'anntiiin you have attempted to cut tlio cord that is together? 'Oh. is It well to sever This heart from thine foevorf" , and recall those bitter words. ION D AND EIGHTH STRKEt.?YOU WILLOofta favor by addressing Stranger, llorald olllee. I 1 ItSHN WHO 1 KKT A SI M OK .MONKY AT 2MI nth struct, up stairs, can have the same by up there for Joseph O'Noil, proving property uud espouses. LADY WKARING A WHITE BONNET AND lark silk basque, who rode up town at about half 0 ou Thursday afternoon in a Fifth avenuo stage, ifor a great favor upon the friend who sat at the d got out at Eleventh street., by granting him an jw. Please address Emil Godfrey, New York Post GENTLEMAN WHOSE IJKE WAS SAVED BYTHK 1 of one of the Delano Patent Life Preserving Vests, th" bvimor Oim iHan sank In thirty Ave s alter striking tin; sunken ice, will please address, the particulars, Delano'e Preserving Coat it Company, 250 Broadway, New York. 1AIKMHO-AT NEWPORT, AUGUST 15. THE nys all well. YOUNG LADY WHO RODE YESTERDAY (FUI ay) afternoon in ono of the nicwte .r st t et states, re n blno dress iuuI dark clonk, having in her hand book, is earnestly loquestud to aend her address young man who was in the same stage, uforeigner, minted In the city, who desires to pay her bin ,r as soon as convenient. Address Friendship. sta308 Eighth avenue. OK NEW YORK?COME TO ME Oii WRITE before 1 am left peuiiik:.-8 by your ptr, K. T, orn papers please copy. M. 0. ~ MILITARY. PAN v B,SEVENTY ! IROTREGIMENT N. Y. 8. M in Hietpbers of this company, and those who were I as recruits, are requested "to meet at the Armory , day evening. August 19, At 8 O'clock, h* business ani to all will bo transacted. l!y order of S. J5I., Orderly. Cupt. B L. TilAKFORD. MENT OK THE FIFTH REGIMENT, NEW Y<?HK ate Militia.?The following order ot payment of this nt will be ohsorved:?Monday, Iftlh instant?O'tP i, at 1 o'clock; Company n, at 2 '4 o'clock; OhmB.'iny ta o'clock. Tuesday, 20th instant?Company II, at K k, Company K. "at 1 o'clock: Company K, at 2 . Wednesday, 21st instant?company G, 1ft 11 ; Company H, at 1 o'clock; Company 1,1st 2 o'clock; ny K, at 3 o'clock. The Held and stall on Thursday g at ten o'clodIt, at the regimental armory of tire , Bgimcnt, cflrncr of Essex and Grand street. The nding officers of companies will call for pAv rolls undersigned, at tlio Metropolitan Hotel, ou Monday ig at 10 O'clock. ANDREW M. SALI.ADE, l'aymaster U. 9. A. II REGIMENT NUW YORK t^Atl MILITIA ? Ulcers and soldiers of this regiment who wish to ;( for the war are requested to attend a meeting to I at Ontrc market,on Saturday evoning, August 17. t o'clock, by request of Col. l'inckney ahd Several flloers. i, MEMBERS Of THE TWELFTH REGIMENT, NEW 'ork Stale Militia, are requested to assemble at tho House, corner of Broome and Meroftrstreets, tbip lny^ afternoon, August 17, tit thru'o'clock,, tor the e of oscertainihg tj^e feelings of tho men yi rdgarrf payment of tUe corps, ily order of Commfttde. Sergeaqt .TAS. WlUJAMdON, TflOS. McDERMQIT. r R^GIMENT, NF.fa YtfotK S^ATE MUJ'IIA ALL iember6,cx rnerahers ana volunteers ?f the{ioveo. regiment will please make return to tbo arnv>ry or s and Military Equipments, &r., belonging ly the genvernrncnt or State of Ne'w York at the eArhost molo enable tho Quartermaster to piake liis returns to oral department. Auy persons having claims . said regiment will please present their accounts ly certified for payment, to the Quartermaster, US7 ilreet. CEO. \V. R08EVEI.T, Quartermaster Seventy first re^itqent. HELIGIOIS NOTICES. 7* NK IPH A EI,?('GNG It E< i ATI ON OK HERMAN AND YeOch Israelites. The above eongrcgratlon. which livine service evory Saturday, In tho Coopfir lnsti dcr the ministry and superintendence of tho Rov. idi. has rented for tho coming Jewish holidays the nd spacious lecture Room In Clinton Hall. Cards lission to be had of President Friburg, 260 Second between avenues 11 and C; J. Ehrllfh, Esq., Ill A, between Soveuth and Eighth streets; E. Block. U'onard street, near Bruadwuy, and in the ore, 436 Broadway. vRTY: ITS PERILS IN TIMES OK REVOLUTION, id its Safeguards?will be the subject of the Stindily ; discourse at the Brooklyn-Tabernacle. Rev. i Alvin lJnrtloH will preach morning and evening, is will commence at 10}? A. M. and 7^ f'. M. itORIAL CHURCH, HAMMOND STREET, CORNER of Waverley place..?The Rev. Francis Monsflold, nt minister of the Oiurch of the HMy Communion, each tomorrow (rtiunlriy) eveuiug. Services ut I and 7A? o'clock. Froe seats. | N AIR PREACHING.?N'EW YORK EVANGF.1.Isi Alliance.?Ibo Rev. Mr. McAllister, of Tbirtytrcet will preach (I). V.) in Astor place, to-mor ening, 18th inst., at P. M. By permission or nor the Mayor. r. MATTHEW HALE SMITH WII.I, PREACH A special sermon in Trenor Hull, corner of Broadway ilrty-fourth street, tomorrow (Sunday), at 11 A. M. only. Same service next Sal 'bath, August I regular services will bo resumod od the lirsl Sabi September. . u H. VAN DOREN'S SUBJECT SABBATH morning, "Our Nation's Hope only In God." Conind the Prcsldtnt have now admitted it. In the g, "God's Two Witnessing Prophets yet to fume; Wonderful Mission and Martyrdom." A Union meeting one half hour before each sermon. 120 'orty-seventh street, near Seventh avenue. r. ISAAC S. KALl.OCH W1IX PREACH IX THE I sight street church, corner of Inight and Vartelc . to morrow (Sunday) morning and evening. Sub- ! the morning, " Christianity and Reform." EvenSlavery aud tho War." ANN'S CHURCH, KIG HTEKNTH STREET, NEAR i Iflh avenue?Rev. Thomas tl.illaudet, Rector.?Sero-morrow as usual. The rector .will preach at 10),' Rrv. F. C. Ewer at "l\ P. M. Seats free. VVRNltV RE. BEDROOM SUIT UE ENAMEIJ.EI) FURNITURE j for #'J4, in all colors, of warrant s) manufacture ; j lid Chestuut Chamber Suits, plain and ornamental, E'. FARRINGTON'S, No. 308 Canal street, opposite sr. Established in 1848.

INITl'RK, FURNITURE, lTRN'.T'TIl'.?THE HIGH it price paid for second hand Furniture, Cm pets and s, at 060 Hudson street, corner of IVrry street. A I look of second hand Fufiiitiyi; gtytya on l^tpd. j UROAY, AUGUST 17 1861. IALV8 OP REAli ESTATE. A FARM FOR SALE?ON IONG ISLAND, THIRTY in I lea from Brooklyn. unil half a mile from Farming daiv depot, containing io acres of laud, 60 actcs und> r a < high sfate <'f cultivation and 2fl of wordlund; on lllo Karrn in a large dwelling House. Harn, outhouses, Ac , ai d i fruit of various kinds; noil pear trees, inoaily (fwarf; bOO poach trees, the right age to be in fgll bearing next year; identy of apples for family use; small fruits, such as grapes, goow berries, currniiis, fu\; us|iarugus bod sulll ejept for family use. For particulars inquire of 1> POWKIL, on the premises, or of JOHN CROSS, 227 South Second streot, Williamsburg. * PRETTY, NEW AND WELL BUILT BOUSE FOB J\_ sale low, within an hoar of Cbrtlnndt struct ferry. A c.iuuco for those who have to reduce their expenses to proeure a comfortable lr in \ Apply at the drug store, 1 corner of Bowery and Fourth street. . CHEAP COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NEAR THE CITY, two story House, three or llvo lots, for $1,800, lie- ' twoen Seventh aud Kiglith streets, Morrlsuniu. Two story, basement lfonse, lwo lots. $1.200, llelroso, near Harlem, (i. W. IHTCHETT, corner of Cbathanuuul Chambers streets, I blown stone buildup: I V FIFTY ACRE FARM, f2,H0?; TWENTY-ONE ACRES. 1 $12,000; thirty Acres, $4,OtK); twelve acres, ffi.OOO; 1 all on Harlem Railroad; four Acres, $6,tiOO; live Acres, ' $2' 000; one hundred and h\(> three A'-res,I12.0OO; all on Hudson river, (i. W, IHTlTIIMT, corner (if Chatham ' ami Chambers streets, lirowu stone huildmg. 1>UII.lHNtf 1'I.oT AT SOUTH HKIUJRN FOR SALE ? > Desirably located Plot (four city kite), t ? mtloa ' liom Jersey City, by horse railroad, every ten miimP ; tare 6 e mis. 1'rnv $700. Apply at 41 Water street. ' TEXCHANGE WANTED, GOOD MERCHANDISE, IN 1 'j lots of from ft,tioo i )$.'i,000, in exchange for Real 1 JCstate In Brooklyn and New York, well let, ami rent j promptly paid. Address K. X. C., box 301 Urooklyu l'obt * ofllco. ITtOU SALE?RKAL ESTATE OF GOOD CLASS, OR other property, free from enoumbraneo, taken In exieiaiige for $130 lion oi lb si , |.i s nrst mortgage Railroad ikiaan. Apply itt nc. to I niou square, fourth avenue, to ' UHADI.KY, WARNER A HATk I Adit &ALE?<ONLY |8,600, LESS THAN HALF THE cost, u large Mill, with twenty saws in it. House, Horn anil 210 in ron of good loud. with heavy ttuiber thorcon. fl200 cash. Mutt bo sold. Inquire for three days at 206 llloerker street, In the bakery. IAOR KALE?A font STORY ANI> BASEMENT RltmVN . Blnnc front Residence, No. 9 West Twenty eighth street. Now York; house 26 6 et tl inches hy 60 feet: lot (Id feet 9 inches deep; modern style, hot and cold water, heaters Jbc. Atao the four story aud basement brown stone front Building, 29 by 78, No. -tH [ley street, New York. Also elegant Country Scat at Ossinirg, now, sixteen rooms, flue view of the Hudson, barn, carriago, iceami outturn?'s fish ponds, fruit and twenty seven acres, nil till able. For sale to close estate. SC'Rlll-NEH & PENS I.OW, Attorneys for Executor, No. 29 Wall street, N> w York. I7TOR RAI/?A GOOD ?OCfflS, BARN AND HALF AN _ acre of land, with plenty of Fruit; three miles from the ferries, Long ls'niid,i intiib is route. Apply to WRIGHT tt TtlTn.E, stable, (.'rand street ferry, Williamsburg. I [NOR BALE?I.OW, A FIRST RATE THREE STORY House and fall ls>t, In perfect repair; open all day two-thirds on mortgage. 497 Fourth street, Albiou place. JOHN WOOPWARP. I NOR 8ALE.?A BARG UN ? $600 WANTED down only. A House and hot. n few steps from the ears, half an hour to Fulton ferry?frame House, two story, attic, basement aud ant*.cellar, heater, gas and water. Cost $.'1,(190, will sell for $2,700: the remainder on mortgage. Address House, box 120 Herald oilice. I .Aid: SALE?IN THE SEVENTEENTH WAIH>, A VALE able House, with nearly two full lots; cost $28.ouo, will l>e sold for $14 60O; but little money required down. Inquire of 11. WOOD, 119 Hurling slip, In the Clothing storo oil third floor. No agents need apply. I [NOR SALE, AT M0RRI8T0WN, N. J?A FINE COON try seat, ten minutes' walk from depot; will sell In in la to 49 acres of choice land, perfectly stockid with all the choicest varieties of fruit ; three ai res lawn, tilled with shade and ornamental trees, surrounding the house with a high commanding view. Harden filled with grain's and all the line fruits and flowers. House new, 60xH6. two stories,Gothic style, with water works complete UariiH and stables new. Will sell at a great sucriUcc Address J. Elliot Condlct, No. 57 White street, or Silas 11 cv>n<llci, on tho premises. Miuikismw.n, August 10, 1861. ! 1,ToK SII.K OK i:X< HANCK IN BROOKLYN?G< iO|. ? improved City Property will be Bold low or ex , changed for dry goods, clothiug or groceries, or vacant lots. Inquire ut 118 Clermont avenue. 17108 SALE OB TO IJ T? isoiJt BEXLA," Till: WELL known country peat of A. L. Ireland, Eb<|., ou !??' hereon, fosex county, In this State. Tho house is cruet f >rm and cottage style, very largo, containing nine rooms on the llrst floor, viz:?Parlors, music, dining, library, billiard rooms, tkc.; in the second story twelve bedrooms. (?n tho place is a largo ice house, stables, sheds, At.; on shore terraces, houses and boats. Tito grounds are beautifully arranged in flower, garden walks ami lawn, with proves of fine trees. The island contains ubout 90 acres, with a drive entirely around it, and a great variety of wild ami picturesque scenery, with most extonsivo and beautiful views of the Adirondack and other mountains. The place Is admirably adapted for a sportsman or a hotel, the lake containing a variety of the finest llsh,and the country ^bounding In every species of game. The film! I lute; carriages, horses, boats, Ac., will tie sold or let wifh tho place if desired. Possession given 1st of October. Apply to JOHN R. IRELAND, 00 Wall street, New York, or A. L IRELAND, On tbo place. ^ SAVE RENT?COUNTRY STORE, $2,500, ONE OF T11E best stands in Westchester county: $1,000 cash: balance part mortgage, part taken nut intrude; thriving village; rich country, good bouso and throe tenement houses; eight city lots. Inquire aen/r the premises, of the ticket agent,at the West Mount Vernon depot, Harlem Railroad. Cost $5,000. rilO EXCHANGE EOR A FARM NEAR THIS CITY OR i i.u.iMciiPiii.i. gwu iiuming iii riitu, .niiunTiiui and near St. Joseph, Missouri. Cottage House ami Hare on fourteen Lots in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and $?i,Oo() in shelf Hardware. Address A. C. E., box 144 Herald office. TO BE SOLD AT A J^CRIFICE?A BEAUTIFUL BROWN stone front three story and basement high stoop II'mso, replete with every modern convenience; unexceptionable neighborhood. Address Johnson, box 221 Herald office. No agents need npply. mm: advertiser, a resident oe ir.rjNOis, has | fourteen hundred acres of choice timber Liuul in Southern Illinois that he will exchange for Dry Hoods. 1 For Information parties may call on Dibblee. Work k j Moore, No. 07 Chambers street. W. R. rjho Ilini.DFJtS.?wanted erected in city, strong ' I plain brlek Store, 26x86 feet, in exchange for forty ueros Land, desirable building sites, ten miles from city, adjacent to Northern Nemglersey Railroad. SKYMorit k WHTTON, 188 Broadway. \TfANTgf>?A COUNTRY PLACE OF FKo.M FIFTEEN Yy to forty-acres, with fruit and shade trees, and good water; convenient to railroad and within one hour's ride of New York. Any person having such a place for sale lor part cssh and three or four hundred acres of lino prairie land, located near a railroad, in Benton county, Indiana, address M. k R., Herald office, New York, stating price, location and full particulars as to buildiugs, kc. Wanted?in the country, a house and from 10 to 30 Acres, in exchange for a House worth $3 ,700 in Brooklyn. Tno subscriber's ownership in the same amounts to $1',500, which interest, together with $000 to $1,000 cash, will be given in payment or first , payment. Address Hoorge T., Herald office. J WANTED TO PURCHASE?A COMFORTABLE HOUSE, 1 with about ten acres of land attached, not over one ' hour's access, summer and winter, from Wall street; loca Hon iflust lie healthy and a water view preferred. Ad | dress, with full particulars as to price and location, price aboift $y,000, Dnmus, Herald office. -j /*7Y TCRES^ ELEGANT FIRST CLASS FARM, COM 1 J_Ov/ pletc In every respect, fronting a salt water < buy, Ijong Island, four hours from the citv, for sale. It, is a riciiblack soil, and unsurfiasscd for fertility; salt 1 water privileges; good harbor and scenery magnificent. Price $is,000. A nouso in Brooklyn or New York, not ex ceding $10,000 in value, would be taken in part payment. Address, from principals only, E. M. Pock, 71 West Tenth street. tft Q AAA FOR TWO AND A HALF ACRES OF tJ50?xVr Land, with House, Store and Steam Mill, i to exchange for .merchandise; $70,000 for 9 acres of JjukI, with a splendid Mansion in the Ninth ward in Brooklyn, for I sale or exctiange; 50 to 400 acres of land free and clear. with a perfect Mile, to exchange Kir notels, groceries or i merchandise. Apply at 12 Centre si root, corner t' ' bora. ZEGL10 & HASTINGS. f SIMMER RESORTS. ( t I .EN OOVE.?EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATIONS ATTHE 1 VT Triton House, close to tlie bench; not"' bathing, ' boating and tlahhig; board only $7 per week, with nil th comfortsof a first cluss hotel; scenery of the nelghlior I hood unsurpassed for beauty; boats dally, from James . slip and I'ock slip; fare 20 cents. Address J. Miller, Tri 1 ton House, Glen Cove, L. I. ( SARATOGA Fl'RfNGF.-BOARDING IN A MUST ' I. - i private house, situated near the Cnitod Stptf s Hotel, during August and September. Tcrnm moderate. Apply early to MRS. Sl'OoNER, Franklin street, Sat atogaSpri: ? ?. i THE TRADES. C1L0THING CUTTERS?TWENTY WANTED IM ,i: : \ i! / ly. H. CLARK, 898,400 and 402 Bowery CUTTERS WANTED.?SHOP CUTTER8 WANTED ON . military work. Also, loo coat hands want d. i DUNHAM A BBOCKAW, 84 fourth avi nue. rittl RAKERS?A BOY WANTED TO WORK AT THE ' I baking business: one who hus worked at the before, at 01 Market st., Newark. N. J. rpo WIRE DRAWERS.? W ANTED. IMMEDIATELY,TEN J wire drawers. Apply lo William Eaglcton superintendent Eaglo Wire MSI. 22d st. and 21 nve. TMTANTED?A FIRST RATH TARN1SHER, ACC1 STOM tV ed to varnish and finish up cabinet work None but a llrst rate workman need apply. Inquire at lis Fulton streot, up stairs. I 1AAA COAT HANDS WANTED 1MMED1ATK.I.Y? \ r \J\J hi make tlnnncl saeks; none received ?itli out having a good book and rcc< mmendation. Apply at i ( 400 Bowery, up stairs. AMDS CLARK. |] iiorxtts, ROOMS, dir., to lrt. T)KK<;KN POINT, N J.?A FURNISHED HUl'SKTO "1 > rent, ui bergen I'oiui, within forty minutes' of the ,J city by steamboat, and throe minutes' walk of J the landing. Pes*.'Mien immediately Apply at 84 Gold 3 street, New York. 17U RNISUED HOUSE loi.t I"? TO LSTON TUKKIITll avenue, t-entvnlly situated nliova Madison IHirk, di e oorner llo ise, well furnished, witn stable counoctpd 1 in rosscssinu ilium diutely. Address box t!,OGO J Post otllce. jTU'ItNlSHEO HOUSE TO 1 t t ? IN SOOTH BROOKLYN; J a i' (tn1 e t tor; bou o, a ith gas, wat< r, i ini 6 (j i?r?t!y In:it1 throughout' 16 miuutrs' rido from South [Vny. 'form* vory modi nit . IVhm'ssiou given liuuio \\{ dlfttoJy. Address box 2 802 Post office. C, House to u?r a three story and basement ?; lou se, having all I tin Improvements; will be lit 'urnWhed nr unfurnished, or the furutfuru will bo sold. Apply at 5S U'r, I K.lghtei III street. CtTMAM POWER?TOUT, IN IIOWAUHS BUl.lUNGS j M Xos. 4'J. 44. 46, 48 ami 60 Greene street, one Meek .Jj iom < a:ial street ami Broadway, ono loft SO by lOUightod on all sides; stwini ' . ( healed by steam and very convenience. Insm once one per cent. inquire on I ha prauieK TtO let?a four story, km.i Ml basement, mo- / JL dern built bo d sirably located, with gas fixtures I mpl t and in porioot order. I'os- ssion Immediately. ( tppiy to ,IAS> liOOHK, So. 6 lloomian place, West tin i > I bu d street. |,_ IV) LET?A NUMBER OF L.UIOE AND MEDIUM . Houses, in the upper pai l of tbe eity, principally in > h middle an 1 west si ie; al.o i n naber of Stores on the i is lu rs av an s; rt'so a large Storo and Basement, itt the w uncliou of Dradw.iy, tieveutb avenue and Korty-second jj, treat: St foot front by about 13ft feat doap. ^o iMM ' i vi r the store are being lit ted up lor a betel, in connection -? villi the n ljoitiing buildings. J. It W. DUNHAM. I t'Ofina Sixlet-i.tli street and Eighth utouuo. it( riffle open from morning till 9 hi 'lie evening. j-,, |tii i.i-.T- TIII: i iKSf n.'.iuu AUA K HP: r??I:K DP 1 house H(iO Broadway ; it is u lip to|> locution lor tiny * ;ind < f lit. lit hi.sin s-\ ami wlil I hi let I", nch it required. I tp|i|y at tin! above number. ^ Ivi UT?NO T8 WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN (| K?Til? ftinl :':\Mh nvomnv1, t thrco Htory and huHOimml -? >i*n'k lloiiHt*. mod,in ImprovemnuiH. All or part of tho I 'urn ituro for Bale. * 'IV) I IT- A lliil'SI'. IT. i'.AS IMI V , i I i A l'lTi nN ' 1_ I lie No, ill bin ire, Stolen island, a short distaneo )>( nun I ho I'uMlnton Landing; onn tniug eleven rooms In ood order, and situation healthy} a good garden, stable 1 tc. Will oo let reu oably to a periuitn nt tenant. Apply | oA W SEXTON, No. A Maiden lane " I TO LET?FROM SEPTEMBER 1, THE THREE STORY _ brisk Pwi lling, with nil the modern improvements, > Hi West Fifteenth struct luu recently been j tinted and I si|i r. il. t'urnilnro hv IioukIii if it, t-ln i|. Apply to M RiLOMONS, ati5 Wogl Kilteenth street. yy I TO LET?A ran CLASS STON1 FRONT VOOR STORY !I Hons ' iu Thirty eighth street, near Sixth uvonne ? tout till Hay ucx' tuOO, ami nasi ma hie r'tit for n I. nip r I itui Apply t<> \V. li ROlllNSON, atn rin ) ami m. j,, a llor, riHiuis 10 unit 17 Im|??rt th' alul Traders' ll.iiik p. .bidding, comer ot Urn nlway and Murray street. rlT<) l.KT?THE IT.I (i ANT FOUR STORY 111 If AY X ] I_ stone Houmi 22U We i Thirty-fourth street; OA feet f! h ep all the way ii|i. Rent low. Apply nu tho promises. \y mmeillate possession run bo given l? r|Ti? I FT- THE FOUR STORY BASEMENT {IOUSE, y 1 IVItil all the modern improvements, 218 fi'recnc street, J iiew York, a few doors ubovo Amity street. Also tho j. vhole or part of a house in liroonwich avenue; rout vorj' "iv in respectable and responsible parlies. Apply to iV\l. TUCKER, No. it West Thirty-seventh street, Neft . fork. f i 1.1,1 ?i i' hjiu?, i iiui-.r. niiini'-. m> 1 mm> ay r.en c. |? Hyc Rooms, 104 KaxlTwenty eighth street: 1/>vtfer Floor, 00 Kan Twenty eighth street, .-ox Rooms, lower part Cot. -i ago, 127 East Twenty eighth street. Alxo tipper part of " 'utilise (four rooms), 121 Ee-t Twenty eighth street. ?l J. It. WILCOX, olilcc 343 Fourth avenue. IK) I 11- TBS BAR Of THE WHITNEY ROUSE, COB } Dei of Broadway and Twelfth street, with furniture aouplote;pax. water,Ac.,Included. Appyat Hicuf'tVo. " 110 LET-VOR LAGER BEER SALOON, BAKERY, UPholstercr, second hand furniture or any other burl ' ess, tli Basement HO Third avenue; splendid entrance. , ITU be flttod np to sutt tenant. .1 R. WI1.COX, offlce 343 Fourth avonur. ' rfio UEC IN BROOKLYN? A NICB TWO STORY RASE 1 inent and under cellar Uriek House- w.-if-r, g-is fixtures aiul grapery; yearly rent *240. No. 208 I lean street, oast of 1'owir street. Apply to WM. STONE. Hergcn street, near Powers, Brooklyn, or No 7 Gold | street, up stairs, New York. me LET OR LEASE?CHEAP. A COUNTRY HOUSE, " I with Tour acres of land and oiilliouscs. half a mile }' from \Viltiamxhrldgc, on the Harlem Railroad, twelve ** miles from the city. Inquire at Hi and 18 Chambers ^ street,New York. TUB WAR. j Anderson zouaVes.?camp astor, riser's Island.?-This regiment will positively leave for | the seat of war next week. A few firs* class men will lie received for the reserve. Uniforms, equipments, &c., Jv furnished immediately. Ueeruits will lie forwarded from 1 the lent, Union square, by Lieut. THWAll'. Army coons. J .2.000 double Haversacks, b 3,ooo government iiattem Canteens. ' 5,000 waterproof Dlaiikefb. _ And other artleles, for sale by ! '. C. WAGNER, 91 Liberty street, N. Y. Bidders for army contracts will take no ' tice that a full, complete and oilieial list <>l all the bids put in for Army Goods,Clothing and Material, is pub lished in the United States Economist ami Dry Goods Re pittor of August 3,10 anil 17 Price 10 cents eiu.ll, or the f three copies tor 25 cents. tilOco 107 Pulton street. , /"10LONKL WILLIAM KORTHEDGB, REGIMENT <?K - Htatcn Island, nud duly accept"d by the Kceretary of j| War Oftcer's headquarters room an Coopor UnKOf N. V., where application for admission to this regiment can ' bo mode by tbuso having c nupauies commanded by compotent officers. J TING,INKER AVI) ARTISAN REGIMENT, COLONEL 7 1i Serroll.?This Rogiment is now at Camp Washington , Recruits for it will bo received at No. 10 Hattory pine o . Carpenters, mechanics, blacksmiths, masons, nii'l other artisans, wanted. Vouo but first rate rnoti taken. Die . ameers and engineers' pay the same as ilrft class in ' f.uitry, and tori cents extra i*r day when at work on me - ilianical work. ' FIREARMS.?ANY PARTIES KM! SILL tvy N Firearms and Army Accoutrenvnts of any desirip in in in largo quantltleBgpleaso address box 3.197 Post ,, illiro, JJt'W Yo,-R. jr RBCfctJlTS iv \ntf,i> for an autii.i,i:i:v company attached to Colonel fterreH s regiment of Knyioecrs I and Artisans.?Pay commences as soon us eulistod. Good T. piartors furnished. Headquarters, Centre Market, Eighth jf regiment armory. J. E. SMITH, Captain. ' RK.C1!I'lTS FOR GOJ.ONEL AI).\MS' LONG ISLAND VO 1 , lunteora,will ro|?.rt without delay on board the Major Anderson. foot of Peek Blip and Tenth .Street, last rivr, at 10 A. M. and 3 1*. M. Pastes will be furnished ' by Sergeant Ferguson. AND BUNTING FI.AGS, AI 1. SI/K , i ONSTANT 1 ly on band; Regimental Fnslgns and Stands of Colors , an hand and to order at short notice, National and Marl ' tin.f; Flags and Signals, Fancy Flags, tjtalfs, Carved ,. Logics,Spear Heads and Mountings, &e.,&e. . HOJKR k GRAHAM, manufacturers, 07 Duanc st. rrto MILITARY MEN.?A COMPETENT MAN, WHO , I cum pet two companies and can pay his share of ex |ieiiso? in the regiment, can have, the post of Major in a regiment, accept''., by the Secretary of War, and now in f camp. Address box 113 Horald office. t' TWO DOLLARS EACH WILL BE PAID FOR KM RU1TB to Join a regiment which has ben accepted. Hoard and wages commence immediately. Apply at No. 4 New street, Beooud story. n 'IKi IMi'i IRTLRS OF FIKKARMS.-PARTIKS it WING " JL. lit t ' >r Ml lit II | w.llj111 l? r "l r II Iiin III BU'I'., Ml IWIIU >r to arrive, may hear of an immediate purelia t r (il -n:t " ible) by addressing H. c. J.,box 2,^7*.< Poet oflkw, N Y. ^ P i THK KlMToTl iu THE IIKKAI.!>.?WII.I. YOV I please Inform the sold icrs about to depart for the 1,1, how they can be protected front the weather by the T' etc a Vri," proposals lor which are issued at Howard itreetV Want::!'-knit the navy hkpartoient. some good Profilers of 2.10 to 400 tons, copper fastened, ' ow pressure engines, drawing from six to nine feet "f ,vtiter, and ready for immediate, service. Also some chooners of six to eight feet draught of water, copper I nstened, of alamt 200 tons nvasoroment, fast sailers. \bo -in Steaming Boats, suitable lor sea service, of 120 ' o 350 tons register, machinery and bulls to be in good ! . ' 'tidilinn. l'ro|Hisals front ttwners in writing, addressed J;1 ,<> Naval Constructor, 64 Exchange place, liatutug lowest ' ' trice, will receive attention. iv'AVIKI' two rtrp.OKAViS in u two i oki oltA I .a 1 tV for Company v. Continental Guard; also iw few J tide bodied men, who will be taken immediately to camp. n Apply tot'apt. Coan, Roman's Hotel, 103 Fulton st. ft 1ST BE ilMKN'l WASHINGTON Z0UATE8, HEADQI ' tee-No. 70 Varick street, Colonel Jns. II, Romaine.? I one of the regiments organized under the now | J rail. It promises to bo n very olhcteht body of men. Ti c/ ' !l now numb r i- mo four hundred strong, aid ar< ehleiiy ' from the country. Their olllcers are gentlemen of military experience, antl the greater portion have seen active set "I vice. One dill company will be accepted, w ith olilcers, J l<y making application immediately at licxt hptartert, or 111 Hi" lecruiUug depot, City Hall Park, c'ompuuy A, Cat t tin ' J Mott. BILLIARDS. ~ 1 DILLIARD0.?STA1LLT0NLAN1 ING^STATKN isi AND. ' I) Three first class liasstord Tables, over Van Kipor h a Martin's" tine grocery." F Iiy ( HAS. IX)IU), -tig with Ba-sford, 140 l'ult. it H. ci ntn.ues tin oliistand j WM. J. SHARP OFFERS villi 8ALB FIRST CLASS i Billiard Tables, with his newly invented patent t] Cushion,at prices to soil the, also a few second n hand Tables very k>w, sonic ?t $76. 2 TIIK TUIIF. MASH10N PI J"AH PEE OKOITNT) ASSOCIATION. ? I Trotting mulch fnrJd.Ouu between Flora Tcmplo and >lu. Morgan,lorim-ily Mcdoe.?Thursday, U'.M insi., at ]-i 1'. M. two mile heals, in harness. Also Thursday fol>wmg.. ime herscs, three tnilo heats, in liurncss, for ? 1,1100. Hood day and good truck. joskph OROCHKRON, Proprietor. mou s>aij3?Tin: Tiiornxi; hoiwk uonlst rfcTiot i; Apply to Hilt AM WOODRUFF. rci'iTKt;.?nns ('Ki.KiinA'n.ii trottinc stallion I will, alter this date, stand permanently at Copake, dumbia county, N. V., ut the season, payable in Ivunuc. Mares who do not prove with loal will tie enti t to service the next season. Mares can lie shipped to ijuilre direet by the Harlem Railroad, or sent to itudsen / beat, o.iro of ('. II. Miller, Worth House, Hudson. >r 1'ui'thei information nildrcss Jupiter's tiroom. HORMBk, CARRlAQpl, tbO* \NKW t'lJiSK CAllRIAtiK, KOCKAWAY STYLE, AND a n. w shil'lhv, lop Binary, made by Stivers A Sinitli, r sale cheap. S. It. BA1J.OII, <0t> Jlroadway, N. Y >KF.TT OR PI I ACTON W \NTl'B> NOT MUCH WORM, j for or. Ijoi -c. Solid dc-i ripdeii and lowest cash ice to box I ".'17 New York Pest oill. e. "^ARRUtHM I'OK SAM'. I NUMBER OF SECOND J band Top Way lis. two dodor's Phaetons, one two ul. w ilh pel. and shall-, in arh new, Read Wagons, i-., at STIVERS & SMITH'S Carriage Factory, No. bit Idridgc street. J10R SALE- * PLENDID MILITARY HORSE AMD * F piipape; tlv hurt-.' I ,-aVcU years old, '.apple hay Ifeetly sound and ha." be-n to the war already. 'Hie .cry stables, Jftr?.k>klyii, n--hi- City Hull. 'Mir . u.vv. \ Ml!! I I HORSES AND LA ROE PLAT _ fern Spring \\ i:" ii wiih good sot of Double Harness i rem imhle price, it. iho owner lias uo us. lor ih in. II be ?'ii at 20.1 Weft Forty eighth street, bcforo 9 A. M 'I ' or I I'. M. a ii' -ai i'- \r \ <;i:k\t sacrifice. one styiji-h Korku way, <? in v. Coach, ouo single ? ni and one I scat dagger \\ a pm, and run very light Tup Wagon. ply ii tin- ('.in i.i . Pa. buy, 27 Woostcr street. TVilt SA1.K AT \ IIA lb; AIN?A GENTLEMAN'S ESi ihllshiuciit. rnnsistli of a gray Mure (kind and title), top Buggy W..ton. Harness, Blankets, Ac., being !? property of a gentleman having no further use foi irm. 1'i'H'i $225 foi all. Caubua. cn by addressing I... ix 1 781 Vest olllee. I I*OUSES AND CARRIAGES SELLING OFF CHEAP.? II Lighl Coaches, Hrrli .Calo.Uoa and Buggies. lOtt amily Carriages and B siness Wagons , 50 Horses, at 10 evins street, Brooklyn. [0R8E, WAGON AND HARNESS, EH [TABLE FOB A physician, for sale. Motile six years old, kind ntei mild in . very particular: wagon in good condition, ill be sold at a price to suit I ho times. Apply to Dr. ,. 58 Seventh avenue. IORJjE, LIGHT WAGON, and ONH OR TWO ECU of Harness, or a double set, wanted in cxchuugs i go-id liquors. Address imiu. d at. ly Mr. Clarko, 24 ttharinc ., corner ol Henry, for ouo week. [TORSE WANTED?ABOUT FIFTEEN Oil SIXTEEN ri. hands Inch: must be sound aud kind. Any person u\ iny such will lind a . ash"inor by addressing Geo. ll.toti, box 160 11, r Id olHce, staling price and where the irse can be sccu. Coiniualii, aliens received till Tuesday. 1titjtary house for sale -is A dark IKON 11 Gray: seven years old, llftecn ami a half haudt igh, very stylish aud |?'W?rDil, sound and kind. Ad "v.- box 2.30H New" York Post olnce. 1 ECONl) HAND WAGON'S, WITH OR WITHOUT TOPS, } lor sale cheap, at PARK Kit. BRKWSTKK A- JtAI.I). IN S e.u rii,,: iniiiiufaetory, 05 East Twcuty lifth stroet, el ween Third and Lexington avenues. ntTANTEl'?A HOUSE. I'DIl HIS KEEPING, FOB TWO fV or three mouths For particulars inquire corner I' Thirty Hint I and Rimidway, in the market. CTTANTKD?A CLOSED ONE HORSE DARIQAGK, t V with scats Tor four persons, not too ntui'h unci, at ten.enable price. Address box vi ,170 New York I'oh I Hire. r*7" ANTED TO PURCHASE.?ANY GENTLEMAN V? having a tine pair or norms. front 15 to 16'i anda high, that c ut trot in 2:45 to 3 20, and in willing to ' II thorn nt a fa.i price, may liml a pure barer by apply ae I i F. .1. NODINE, 125 1'ienvpout klruet. Hrooklytt. A on I Droit ami Iluriicsn might be purchased with them. HOUBI58, ROOMS, SO., WANTED. f~ 1OTTA0E.?WANTED. A VERY SMAli, BUT NEAT Ly Cottage, In good order, with a garden of half to one ore, in or near Homo pleasant village within 50 to 76 alien of New York. The north side of I/tug Inland near In Sound preferred. Addrorn, with full description and iwest cash price, B. IV. T., station 1) I'ost office, New 'ork elty. [7tURNlt>HKD HOI BE WANTED?OF A MEDIUM SKI, L pleasantly loottod, for a family of lliroo persons, ddrocs box 4,018 Tint olllce, staling location and price. [TtURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?WWH Till". I'RTVI12 lege of taking a lew select boarders, who are,,now tilt the advertiser al Iter country residence. Address nniodiately J. M. Trutt, Igikc Mahopac, N. Y. [TTliKNISHED HOI SE WANTED?FROM FOURTH TO ' Tlitrteenth street.- ami Broadway to Sixth avenues, y a first elum, responsible party; it must be fully and icely I'tirmbhod, atitl lite rent must below. Apply to 'EOT k THOMAS, 820 Hrouilwuy. House wanted?of three ok font stokies, high biiHement, well finished and eligibly eituauvl: ,. I vol .tailed to the times. Address A., bo\ 3,422,stating eruis. i !; o. > i ''V fTOUBK WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. WITH WATER 11_ and gas, in a healthy location. w thin two mile/of irrri'> ; :o:n anuui | it iiiiu' hi .uiur?r*?, muiing nil particulars,T. II. r., b x 148 I ! i aid. oinoc. L>ART OF A HUNI BED BOOSE W.\.Vii;iv_yoHI rising Parlor, Bedroom,Ktfcticn and Dining Room, a highly ivsprctahle small fuititly. ^.ouatlwliotWi'oii iighth and Twenty-eighth streets aud Fourth and Seventh venues. Address, sU?tn0' terms. Ac., P. S., bnx 476 l'i#t (Bee. , .. t . , , , I ffANTKO?MY A SMALL AMKIUt^AV FAMILY, A VV Second Floor and front Ttusement; house must ho est class; neighborhood and referenced .unoKeeptiooahlo; uniiy Email, American or English; location between iighth and Thirty fourth streets. Aditrcss t?.1 Ki P., bo* ii4 IleruUl olTi.'<', st it iiig tent and locafii ill J* [I f ANTED?A FL'UNJtiUKD IKd'SK, CONTAINING M)T , T V more than four rooms. in a respectable quarter of ew York or Brooklyn, for a man fui<\ wife. It must lie i ar a ready com man iea lion with Fort Hamilton, I.I. rooklyn preferred. Terms must lie lnnflomte and to suit I le times. Address immediately, II. A. S.} Fort Humil>11, N. Y., stating locality and terms. [TT ANTED?THE OCCASIONAL VfK OF A FPKNISHKT) tV Room, in a quiet neighborhood and ?mnJI family. , aym<nt in n tvanco instue of rdrefencc. Address, for iron days, Jane s line, Herald office, , IV7" ANTEI'?BY TUHF.K SINGLE GENTLEMEN, THE VV whole'of a First or Second Floor, without Board, i a house situated between Twelfth and Nineteenth ' reels, Broadwai nud sixth avenue. Terms must ho indc ato. Address box 401 lYist office. [*f ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. A FRONT 1 VV ltnotn and Bedroom, unfurnished, in a private raise, with water and gas, suitable for housekeeping; lout ion between Hleecker and ThirtieUi streets. and Second nd Foprth avenues'. Kent must be low. Any party havig such may hear of a good tenant by addremihg, with all particulars, J. B., mMtn A. ?M . 1*7 ANTED?IN BROOKLYN, A TWO STORY 1KAAJK ,, VV cottage or brick House, with all modern improveJ aents, In a good neighborhood, for a.small family, within short distance of Fulton ferry. Address, with lull pur u ulars. rent. &c. .<' K. S.. Herald ofllce. / itranted to hike?a modern house, below i VV Thirlyfourlh street. aad carnal locution preferred' lust Imi in good order; rout not to exceed $600 per nti- ' mi. Any iiarty having such a bouse to let will hear ol customer by addressing I.. P., box 101 Herald office. njrANTED TO HIKE?T ROOM, BIT ROOM AND BASK t \ inent, in u two story house, either in Brooklyn, ril!iamsburg or Jersey City. Kent not to exceed $8 pet nth. Must ho In a resjioctable neighborhood. Ad .ss Economy, Heruhl'ulllco. ^ UMT AMD KOI NO. Vl'DUKETUOOK?LOST, IN GOING FROM NO. 14 TO No. 76 First avenue. 1 he re was about f'JO iu it. ic Under will lie woh rewarded by leaving it in the sail No. 76 First iivAnoe. [AUG LOST?A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND, WITH I / white feet . brca t and end of mil, and a little wbite i his nose, answer. to the name of Ja?k. The tinder will liberally rewarded, and no questions asked, by bring,g him to 42 Front street, New York, or at I'resch ? .ah! s grocery, corner of Fourlceulb street, ami Fifth venue, Brooklyn. I vOG L0S1 : R1 WARD?A BLACK SKRR DM L/ ah' t liv years old (not trained); had on a Oerin silver collar. Any ono ret iming him to 119,'.J uwcry, Mi the oyster saloon, will receive the above ward. r o.-T?ft 'REWARD.?MASONIC MARK, ENGRAVED iJ Geo. W Stein. F.-iston. l'a The tinder will bo suita y rewarded by leaving it ut fc'ehtietdcr & Sons, No. 18'J nvery. r DPT?A 1.ADYS GOLD fil'.MF.N KNAMELI.ED WATCH, |_j siippos. d on the Hudson Kuilfoad cars, by: the train ivingat New York, at 10.15. Ten dollars reward will e |iaid to any ono bringing it to No. 1 William street. r OST OR STOLEN?OX THE i4TH INST., NEAR THE Lw New Haven Railroad depot, twenty seventh street, g.,1.1 Levi Watch, geld dial, No. 11,716. maker's name nvery <c Kens, l/ndoo. A suitable reward will bo paid ttd no questions asked by telijm: ug tbe same to 68 'rent street, New York. . f OCT I'll STOLEN.?t SOLD I'ATENT I.ETER Li Watch, gold dial. No. 35.008, Wm. Adams, maker, .Icerimi'l. with a chain allaehed. Whoever wHl return he sain" to N . 4 Barclay street, wiU receive $25, and no ueations aak 1. Wil. K. BRYANT, No. 4 Barclay atrcfr

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