Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1861 Page 5
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chain on the wheels of revolution. If a large number of citizen* have a moneyed stake in the security of the government it will become their interest to be conservative and to defeat every scheme of anarchy which may endanger the princi|>nl or the interest of their investment. They will sustain aud stand by the government to the last. Mit.rrAHY ltn.k Nkckss viui v an Ikon Rous? T..L. u. Tho -decision and energy with which the recent mutinies in the Seventy-ninth and Second Maine regiments of volunteers were quelled and pun. Islicd by General McClellan v. ill do more to restore the morale of our army than half a dozen victories. A commander who deals thus fearlessly and severely witli an element which lias never held itself bound by strict military laws and which is apt to break out on slight pretexts into acts of insubordination, cannot but inspire confidence and respect. ShcIi a leader will be followed with blind attachment and devotion while commanders like Patterson kill out not only every spark of patriotism, tint every feeling of military pride und self-respect iu those who serve under him. * A regular army training inculcates obedience tis the tirst duty of the soldier. No man is lit to command others who has not been accustomed to square his conduct by this rule. Iieuce it is that we find so many greivous blunders committed by volunteer officers, which even the bravery that they display does not atone for. To this contempt of authority nay be traced many of the mischances that have attended our arms, and unless it is put down with a firm hand it will be followed liy many more. IIow can it be expected that subordinate officers will respect the orders of ^hose placed over them when these in their turn disregard the first rules of military discipline? in the conduct of Col. McCiwn. on wiiom a court martial is now sittincr at Washinirtnn. we have another instance of the misplaced ambition which tempts men to assume positions for which they are not fitted. This officer, it is Charged, treated defiantly the orders of his military superior. It would have been much better for his own character and for the good of the eervice if he had remained at home, administering the law in the court of which lie is Judge, Instead of going to Washington to set an example as a law breaker to the troops under his command. General McClellan is just the man ^.o deal with these hybrid nad refractory warriors. By the time it again becomes necessary Tor the troops under his orders to take the field we opine that there will be precious few of Ihem in positions of command. Foreign Discouragement of Privateering.? ;A. few days ago we bad occasion to complain Of the conduct of tho Dutch authorities at the Island of Curacoa, in allowing the privateer Sumter to enter one of its ports and remain there for a week, during which time the pri" Jfrateersmun had every facility for refitting, pro" yisiouing and coaling. It now appears that on the 18th of July, when the vessel in question Arrived at the island, the Governor had not refceived the instructions of his government rela* iiun fn ihri uror in 4Vwx TTn54n/1 Sifivf/xa wrliinli Isince come to Lund. They are as follows:? According to the King's orders the Ministers of Foreign /flairs, of .Instico and of the Navy, hereby notify whomsoever it may concern that, in order to preserve n strict neutrality during the existing troubles in the United ptiles of America, no privateers, under whatever flag and Iprovided with commissions or letters of marque, with or Without prizes, shall bo admitted in our seaports, excepting in cases of distress, and thnt the necessary orders hall be given under all circumstances to oblige such privateers and their prizes to proceed to sea immediately: It is, therefore, to be hoped that we shall Jiear no more of privateers being harbored in ^he Dutch West Indies; and in order to guard against similar favors being shown to the jSoulhern marauders in the adjoining islands belonging to Denmark, it will be well for the Secretary of State to communicate with the jDanish Minister on the subject without delay. Secret Conspiracies in New York and w'ill commit an error if it continues to ignore the movements of {Southern agents and Southern sympathizers, which are beginning tomake themselves felt in this city and its neighborhood. There is an or ganized effort being made to embarrass the^f loyalty of our citizens, soldiery and of the administration, by all kinds of pettifogging 'action of a mischievous description, and calculated to connive at treason. By means of ivrrits of habeas corpus, attachments, injunc* lions, and just such annoyances as led to serious {Disturbances a few weeks ago in St. Louis and ftaltiinorc. individuals in New York and Brooklyn are making trouble here. For safety's )aake, prisoners have been sent from Maryland E> Fort l^afayette, and these have been made le nucleus for sundry malcontents to hinge isturbing influences upon, and the courts have jbeen pressed into their service. This ought to |)C put a stop to summarily and decidedly. |Tlie administration should take measures for proclaiming martial law with the least possible (delay. and every individual who cmbarasses jthe efforts that have been made to suppress rebellion?whether'through the press, or by com* mined outside action, should meet with his Beserts. Organize our local forces and let martial law rule. ^ Pergonal Intelligence. ; Mrs. I.iucoln, accompanied l>y Mrs. Grimsley, loft the {Metropolitan Hotel at ten o'clock yesterday morning for (Long Branch. ] Major General John E. Wool is now m route for tho scat bf war. He left the St. Nicholas Hotel yesterday mornwig, accompanied by his Aid, Lieutenant Reed, and proIceedod via Philadelphia and Baltimore to Fortress Mou* L. L. Robinson, of San Francisco; G. Train. H. F. Spear had H. F. .Icuki, of Boston: H, W. (,'hnsc, of Indiana; C. Moore and S. F. Street or. of Baltimore; R. 11. l'amber. ol (Pittsburg. and J. A. Frasor and wife, of Cincinnati, are topping nt tho Fifth Arenuo Hotel. i Hon. Charles Sumner, of Massachusetts; Hon. John (Woodruff, of Connecticut; Cnpt. Eddy and J. F. McEihone, bf the I'uited Stales Army ; H. B. Johnson, of Maryland, nd S. A. Bigelow, of Boston, are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. ; Governor Buckingham, of Connecticut; R. Oaxford, of (Philadelphia: L. S. Hoard man, of Toronto; J. J. Whiting, pf Boston: F. A. Brown, Of the United States Army: W. iff. Pence aurt party, of Baltimore; L. Childs, of Pittspurg, ami J. V. Tracy, of Chicago, are stopping at the Bt. Nichlas Hotel. I Hon. J, M. Ashley, of Toledo; Colonel Schroder, of the pnited Slates Army; CokmelJ. R. Morgan, nf South Am. 6ov; Lieutenant Grtswold, and I)r. At water and family, of Fliiladelphia: B. B. I>yer, of Washington; Enoch Piatt land H. Woods and wile, of Baltimore; G. A. Barker, of feilem; L. VT. Benedict, Jr., of Albany; H. A. Risley, of ( Dunkirk; J. S. Goold, of Chicago, and B. P. Cheney, of (Boston, are stopping at the Aitor House. 1 G. B. Moore and wife, New Hampshire: C. H. Burlburl, Manchester; Mr. and Mra. J. Otto,New York; M. GilbertSon, Beaton; Captain R. Wordon, T'nited States Navy; O. R. Thompson. Racine, Wis.? John Karen, New York; A. E. Kitchell,New Jersey, and A. R. Bobbins and J. S. Kcnbnli, New York, are stopping at tho Everett House. J Among the arrivals at tho Pavilion, Rockaway. are jibe following.?Samuel Lud and famllyJH. Grtnnell.C. toriuuoll, Governor Oauzevoort and family7E. Van RcnsscBaer, of Albany; (Captain Young, of the Arcpc Expedition; Hod go Parker, of Albany; E. Cayltis. Eldridge T. Gerry, rw. Renison and family, F. G. Ouimaraeng. Dr. Doremus, Mrs. G. W. Wilmordiug and family, W. H. Guntbcr and family, fce. 4 ? i Arrivals and Departure!. i arrivals. . Kims-ton, Jn?Steamship Cleatoi?Capt Green, C a Grant, G K Htppotlno, It G Graves. k Bakku s 1..mno?ouir Ocean Express?Mr Spear Nicholas. teaJlIm'-t". i {Uvka?Ship William Tell?Miss IJ LUrdcutiurh, J MOVEMENTS OF MRS. UNCOLN. Arrival of Mrs. Lincoln and Party at Long ~ Branch The Excitement on the Sea Shore, Ac* Ac., Ac. Mrs. Lincoln ieft Ibis city yesterday morning, at nine o'clock, en route for Long IJrutich, where slio will atieiid a few quiet days. Siie was accompanied by Mrs. Grimsley. The gentlemen who nccom(>ni)icd 'be l'rcsidoutiai parly from Washington went on to I/>ngBranch in advance, and have scchred suitable uparlmeuts in the Muu- 1 slou House. There will be quite a Jurore at this fashionable watering place when the President's lady arrives. OIK LOKll BltANCU OOKKESPONDINCK. Mansion' uodmk, Lomi IIiunch, August 16,1861. Mrs. Lincoln, her younger soub and MesduutesShearer and (Jrinisley, arrived liere at noun to-day. Taking events in the order of the tuno of their occurrence, it must first bo mentioned .that Mr. Robert Lincoln and Mr. Hay, who arrived last oveulug, svore the objects of all interest and curiosity up to lh? time of Mrs. Lincoln's arrival. The customary even" iug imp at the Mansion was moro than usuaWy bril limit, for all of tlio gnosis uttendod in full dress, and most of the belles and hcanx of tho other hotels cumc over to sec the President's son. Prominent among the throng were some of tlio most uoled fashionables of New York ana fTiiiartelpbia, and?mirabur dietu!?Kdwm James, tlio famous English criminal lawyer, who is stopping here with his family. Mr. Lincoln did not dance, however, nor appear in tho the |?rlor, hut rctlrod oarly. This morning Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Hay breakfasted with Mr. Voters, the l.ost of the Kat'onai, and accepted un invitation to the festivities tliero which tho arrival of Mrs. Lincoln is to Inaugurate' Mr. Lincoln was no! present at tho doj ot ujkiu his mother's arrival. Though the train which brought Mrs. Lincoln to the Branch was not expected to arrive unlil one o'clock, tho throng of people and the crowd of carriages began to gather about thu depot before twelve. All along the beach, from every hotel, and in 1 v rv doorynrd for miles around, tho American Hag floated on the breeze and flashed in tho bright sunlight. It hud been arranged that tluriy-fi ur little gah, dressed In white, should lino the passage way from Mrs. Lincoln's car to lier carriage, hut by some mischance only twenty seven little girls could bo fouiffl, caught and dressed betimes; so that by this accident tho absence of seven seceded Slates from the Union was typllled, al. though of course no such political alluslou was intended. Mrs. Lincoln and her party travelled iu a spo ial car, handsomely furnished, hut decorated with uo s|?-cial ro fcrence to the occasion. As the train came up to the depot tho seenc was unusually gay mid animated. Tho crowds of people, the number of carriages, tho gay< vari colored dresses of the ladies, the grecti trees and Holds thereabouts, and the bright sunshiue beautifying all, made up a delightful a,up d'ctiel. Through the line of sweet little girls, who curtsied as she passed, Mrs. Lincoln, followed by a groat throng of people, proceeded to her carriage?a large, open barouche. The peoplo pressed ui?m lier with eager but respectful curiosity, and us she drove off quietly to the hotel, the carriages wheeled iuto line and extemporized a sort of procession in her honor. The quiet and good order with which all this was cuuductod onuuot bo too highly commended. >bs. Lincolu was very neatly but plainly dressed, in travelling costume, and was ho closely veiled that the curiosity of the hundreds of ladies, who Ulled the porticos of the hotels and the private equipages drawn up it long the road, was unfortunately ungratifledArrived at the Mansion House, Mrs. Lincoln proceeded immediately to her rooms, and the. arrival of the party was go quietly managed that but few of the guests were aware that the l'rcsidcul's lady was really in the limine. Mrs. Lincoln did not leave lior room during the afternoon exoept for dinner, which site took privately. The weather threatened another storm, and so the afternoon drive and visit to the beach was postponed. This evening Mr. Uobcrt Lincoln and his friends attend p. grand hop ut the National. Mr. Bernard Forbes, who attended the President during his tour from Springfield, is with the party. ^ ^Already there are rumors of all sorts of festivities in honor of Mrs. Lincoln, and these arc to be so managed and of such n character that they will not at all interfere with lior expressed desire to be quiet and secluded. To. morrow she will witness ucrickot match between the Long Braneh vs. the St. George's Club, in which tho best piny, ors of New York nnd Philadelphia will be engaged. Next Wednesday or Thursday a grand ball will bo given at thc Mansion House. As Mrs. Lincoln is a very great admirer of music, nover misses au opportunity to visit tho oporai aud lias already delighted tho haUitufs of the White Hotiso by a few rechtrche private conecrts at Washington, it is designed to secure Carlotta l'atti, tho only rival of Adcli" mi. for a grand concert in Mrs. Lincoln'-s honor, to be given somo time next week. This was undoubtedly tho object of Gran's visit here last week, of which 1 wrote you, and wo may shortly expect to see him here again. Grau's terms, however, always rise with the occasion, and he lias such a gem in Carlotta that lie ig fnirly muster of the situation. I think sbo will come, however, as negotiations arc already in progress. MrsLincoln cannot but he pleased with such au entertainment. ^ Mrs. Lincoln designs to remain hero for about ten days. Carriages and riding ponies have been provided Tor the whole party, and I am sure that thore is every disposi" tion and every arrangement to make their stay here comfortable and cnjoyatfle. City Intelligence. Centrai. Park.?A concert will If given by Dodworth's Band on the mall, this afternoon, commencing at half past four o'clock, if the weather is fine. Found ix the Water.?The body of an unknown man about forty years of age, flvo feet nine inches iu heiglit, was found floating in the dock off pier 20, East river Deceased bad light brown hair and sandy whiskers, and was dressed in black frock coat, salin vest, with blue embroidery: gray pants, footed calfskin boots nnd purple woollen shirt, in the breast iiocket of which was a toy anchor. Deceased liad been iu the water ton or twelve days. The remains were conveyed to Ilollcvuo Hospital, wliero an inquest was hold by Coroner Schirmer. The jury rendered a verdict of "Death from supposed drown, ing.'' A Sot.mkr Stabbed ix a Porter Housr.?Philander Jef" ford, a private in the Scott aide regiment, got into a quar' rel on Thursday night with a man unknown to him, while in a groggery in the Fourth ward, and was severely stabbed in the wrist and side by his adversary. The police took him to the Now York Hospital, but failed to arrest his assailant, Serious Accident.?A hoy named Edward Bond was dangerously crushed between a cart and signpost, in Cherry street, at two o'clock yesterday afternoon, and was luken in a stato of Insensibility to the New York Hospital. Police Intelligence. Darixo Rorrkry.?Andrew J. Gray, mate of the schooner Marietta, lying at pier No. 7 East river, was walking up Broadway lato on Thursday night, when a girl named Kate Smith accosted him, and it is alleged, while conversing, managed to abstract seventy dollars in bank bills from his vest pocket. She then loft , and Gray, missing the money soon after, started in pursuit, and with the aid of policeman Kemp, of the Fifth proc.not. overtook tlio girl. On searching her the money could not befound, ana it is supposed that she passed it to a confederate. Justice Osborne locked her up for trial. Detection and Arrrst of Buroi.ars.?Two young men, nnmod James Wil=OM aud Joseph Johnson, wore arrested on Thursday night, in tbeaei of breaking into the dwelling of Mr. Adatn Knber, No. 480 Eighth avenue. Officer Holz, of the Twentieth precinct, was called by Mr. Kobcr, and arrested the burglars, ami yesterday Justice <?uinolly bs ked them up for trial. Wilson is a nat ive of Ireland, twenty-two years of age; Johnson was born in this city and is twenty-four years of age. A Siabiji Kkki'kr Ciiaroed with Fraud.?William R. Foster, proprietor of a livery stable and living In Brooklyn, was arrested yesterday by officer Hagan, of lite Lower Police Court, charged with falso pretences, on the complaint of Waldo Phillips, of 34$ Third avenue. It is charged that about (be 1st day of June the defeidnnt called oil Mr. Phillips to purchase fhed on credit, and as ao inducement for Mr. Phillips to sell, represented that he owned a oertain pair of bay horses, which he then had at Luff's, In Harlem lane. Relying upon tho truth of the representations, Mr. Phillips sold anil delivered to tho accused feed at different times during the mouth to the value of $152 78. Subsequently payment was demanded of Foster, who told Mr. Phillips that he supposed the horses had been sold to a man in Brooklyn for$1.600, and that he would pay tho demand that day. It afterwards appeared that Foster did not nor never had owned the horses in question, and that they belonged to Mr. David Wood, Of 43 Fulton street. Henre the complaint for false pretcnoes. Mr. Foster, who denies the charge, was taken before Justice Osbom and hold to bail in tho sum of $500 to answer. Five In Fulton, N. Y. IVi.tox, N. Y., August Iff. 1861. Tho flouring mill of a !,. Van Wagoner was destroyed by flro last uight. Low $12,000. Insured for $9,500. I [JKW YORK HERALD, SA1 SIoTrmrnU of Prinre Napoleon. Nothiug of any consequence transpired > ? -?. r.lay tu reference to tlio movement* of the Prince. On the previous Jay there was a very social party on board the yacht, Hie Prince ami Princess, the French Consul t.euoral ' and othor distinguished parties participating in the amusement. It was decided that the Prince should leave I in the course of the afternoon on his short Western tour, lie will be accompanied by the Commander of the .Toronto , Napoleon throughout his travels, and will return direct i to this city. Ilor Imperial Highness, the Princess ClotiMo, will remain at the New York Iletel until the Prince returns. Tlie yacht will then leave for Halifax, wliero tome Qftcen vi-oauis ui nit* ru iu n neei uro now miuozvouwug. N'kw Mesne?Professor P. Bperanza is engaged on a mn- ! si' at composition intended us a tribute of respect to tlio Princess ClotiWe, From tbo known talent of the compo- ' ser anil the time nuil labor which ho 19 devoting to it, wo have no doubt that the wo* will lie in every way worlliv i of the illustrious lady who has Inspired it. Mr. I?< rtraud 1 HoOiickor has written si Union song and inarch, dedicated to Mr. Lincoln, of which musical critics speak favorably Tlie new patriotic soug, by General Morris, orCountry, 1 I Right or Wrong," tuusic by Stgnor Muzio, has, wo see, just been published by Firth, Pond 4sCo. Tlic l,atr Plli in l>ivislon Strert. TO THK KPITOlt OF TI1K HKHALP. , I Seeing your account of tho lire in Pivtslon street, in t which you mention that the servant girl, Mary 1/mey, I was rescued by some llremen and police, 1 wish to contra- . I diet the wune, ns I was the flrst ttreman on the ground, ] I mtfiigiii. mo nil III wiostrem. I lie jKHice n.-UOMUII ouly in convoying her to the Motion house. ] J. LtHJAN, KxcolHior Engine No. 2. , Markets. j Ai.hany, AuguBt 16, 1861. ' Flour in more active demand: sales 1,200 bbls. Wheat? Bitot. In car tots, at $i ISMafl IB lor red Stats; Jtt It J for white Michigan, anil $1 35 for white Kentucky. live? ' Sales 2 BOO bushels at OOC. Out-?Soles it,000 bushel*. 1 Corn bettor: salon last evening 6,800 bushels at 44c ; to day 38,000 at 44 4,0. u 46c. Whiskey?Sales AO Mil? at I 17c. Received by Central Railroad, for New York?too 1 bbls. high wlnos, 40 bales wool, 1,395 bbls. Hour. 202 boxes cheese, 28 eases tobacco. For Boston and the ' East?107 bales wool, 1.164 bbls. Hour. BO boxes tobacco. 1 Shipped by tons to New York, August 15?111.700 bushels corn. 50,600 do. whoat, 10,000 do. oats, 3,500 do. feed ! and 2,500 do. malt. Bt'KFAtaj, August 10?2 P. M. ' Flour steady. Wheat hotter; demand moderate: sales 1 26,000 bushels Milwaukee and Northwestern ehib at line,, ' and 111.000 do. red winter at $1 10 a $1 10'.; Corn better: < sales 35.0#) till she Is at 36,1,0. a 37',0. Canal freights Steady. Like imports today?3,000 obbs. flour, 178,000 ' luishels wheat, 234 000 do. corn. Canal exports?24,000 ' tihls. Hour,60,000 bushels wheat, 78,000 do. corn. Oswsoo, August 16,1861. I Flour firmer. Wheat decidedly better, with a fair null 1 ing and shipping inquiry, hut buyers are standing aloof in consequence of the advanced views of ladders. Receipts I liberal, but as the greater part is for shipment the supply offering is Mght : saloa 6,500 bushels winter red Western ! at $1 134,', and 0,900 do. No 1 Milwaukee club. Corn a shade better hut dull: sales 2,100 bushels Illinois at 3!" ,.c ' Other grams quiet. Canal freights steady. Ijike mi- ' ports?2,100 bbls. Hour, 89,500 bushels wheat, 104.000 do. I corn, 10.000 do. rye. Canal exports?1,300 bbls. Hour, 21,000 bushel.-, whoat, do. com. j ( OOUO, Augusl 16. lst',1. < Flour quiet. Wheat advanced ,'je. a Ic. : sales of No. 1 ut 73c. a 74c., and No 2 at 71c. u 72c., in store. Corn ,'jC. : a lc. lower. Oats do. Receipts ? 5,000 bids. Hour, 1 91.000 bushels wheat, 150,000 do. corn, 10,000 do oats. ' Shipments?2,000 bbls. flour, 61,000 bushels wheal, 157,000 do. Corn. Freights 3c. a 4c. higher. Exchange on ) New York uualtercd. i THE NEW YORK WEEKLY HERALD. i Interesting Newi from Washington? 1 Terrible Rattle Between the 1'nion j Force* and the Rebels In Missouri? i Deatil of (ienernl I,v.oi_Tli# I'tiOin s.,1. I diem ut Richmond?Important Political Arrest*?Martial Law Proclaimed In St. Louis?The Latent Newt?Markets, <$U-. Tlio Wkbki.t Hkhaij), for tlio present week, will he ready this morning at niue o'clock. lu its pages will ho found:?'The Lutost Despatches from the Seat of War in Virginia; A full Account of the Terrible Buttle near Springfield, Missouri, between 8,500 I'nion Troops uudor General Lyon, and '<13,000 Rebels under Price and Ben. MeCullocli, Heroic Conduct of the Union Forces; Death of General Lyon, and reported Killing of Ben. McCuiloch, with Sketches of their Lives; Graphic Account of the Fight at Dug Spring; Martial ijiw Proclaimed in St. i/mis by General Fremont; A list of the Union Pr isoners now cotillned at Richmond, Va.; An Account of theArreBtof Mr. Robert Muir, an alleged Bearer of Despatches from the Rebels; Tlio Latest News from Fortress Monroe, Western Virginia, Forts Pickens and Jefferson, and ail other important points of the eoifntry. The Wkkki.y TIkrald will also contain tho latest Foreign and Domestic News received by Mail or Telegraph; Fxll toria Is on the Prominent-Topics of the Times; Reports of the Condition of tho Commercial, Money and Cattle Mar- , kels; Marriages aud Deaths for tho week, aud all matters 1 of interest to tho reading community. Single copies, In wrappers, can l>e had at the office, corner of Fulton and Nassuu streets. Price biz cents. 1 Our War Ma pa?Colored Kditlon. , A new edition of the IIKRaI/D War Mape, on calendered paper, beautifully colored, is now ready. Size of sheet j 40x50 inclicR; contains thirty-four ni:i|w:?Tiik TUrri.K , fikld at brli. run; a biro's etk vikw of thk unitkh i Statbs; largo maps of Missouri and Tim Seat ok War in 1 thk Wbt and the Skat ok War in Vikoinia, and thirty j othors, showing at a glanco tho Whole Peat of War, and marking clearly and distinctly the armies' movements ' positions, camps, harbors, forts, Air., printed in superior | style, 011 one sldo of a large sheet, so that they can bo t I hung up in library, oQlco or workshop, for preservation ' and referenco during the war. These maps wore drawn ? and engraved expressly for the new york herald, aud are the most porfeel War Maps issued. Single copies, 25 cents; fi for $1, 45 for$6 and 100 for $12 50. Agents wanted everywhere. Address EDWARD r. LLOYD k CO., exclusive agents for the colored oditiu'.i, 2</H Broad 1 way, New York. Official Drawings of Wood, Eddy & Co.'a , KENTUCKY AND 4IJ.SSOI K1 STATE LOTTERIES. ' Kkntihkv, Extra Ci.ash 430?August Id. 18B1. 57, 75, 5B, 65, 6. Cti. 62, 53, 31, 2, *7. 20. 37. Kk.ntitky, Class 440?August 16,1H61. ' 59, 41, 25, 31, 4, 44. 4<i, 43, 15. 72, 40, 73, 30. Circulars sunt free of charge by addressing either to 1 WOOD, EDDY k CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Mo. Royal Havana I.ottrry.?Prize* CuhImmI 1 and information furnished hv CHASE At CO.. RaiiLers 1 JO Wall street, New York. . \ Prince Napoleon, j PRINCESS CI-OTILDE, DUqHESS I)E ABRANTES. a These distinguished visiters favored us with their first * sitting in the United States for their Carte do Visiles and 1 other photographic likenesses. Copies on exhibition und ^ for sale at our new Oallory, 6R7 Broadway. J C. I). FREDERICKS & CO. f Bute lie lor'a Hair Dye?The Best In the world; harmless, reliable and instantaneous. Sold and 0 api>licd at BATCHEl-OR'S Wig Factory, 16 Bond street. " Cristadoro's Hair Dye, Wig* and Tonpees, the beat in the world; wholesale and retail, and the < Dye privately applied at No. 6 Aa'tor House. o Hill's Hair Dye, .10 Cents, Black or c brown, boat in tise. Depot No. 1 Barclay street,and sold ti by all druggists'. Trasses, Elastic Stockings, Shoulder Braeeg, Sus|iensory Bandages. Ac. DRS. (il.OVER li (|, TJIORNE, No. 4 Anu street, under Bamnm's Muscnuj. ? Artiilclal Leg* ( Palmer's), the Most Perfect. approved and useful. Arms of superior exAllence; Feet for limbs shortened by hip disease?unique, u.seful, and comely; Appliances for diseased limbs, varicose J veins, Ac.' Dr. E. D. HUDSON, No. 2 Clinton Hull. iu Dr. Tumblety's Pimple Uauishcr^?Price ( $1 per bottle. Scut by mail or express to any address. " Office 499 Broadway. Pj Trasses.?Marsh A Co.'* Iladlcai Cure <-'< Truss, No. Vctey street, Astor House, opposite thechurrb. Barry's Tricophcrous is the Best and J Cheapest Article for-Dressing, Beantifylng. Curling,Cleaning, Preserving and Restoring the Ilair. ladles, try It. Sold by all Druggists. j Married. Potter?Bcok.?In Trvmuut. K. Y., on Tuesdav, August 13. by the Rev. Valentine Buck. Mr. Enw.Mil> STTohkk, of Now York, to Miss I-ocisa A. BUCK, daughter of the ofli- 1 dating clergyman. -I Rvssku.-Ci.ark.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, August 15. by the Rev. Jas. B. Barnes, Aldus' C. Ri'ssbli to Mary 1 A. Clark. * *f Warh?Slate.?On Thursday evening, August 15, by Rev. Peter Stryker, in the Reformed Dutch church iii " Tliirty-fourth street, William H. Wahd,oi New York, to Fanme S. Slate, of New llaveu, Conn. Died. 11 BRrsn.?At Iloboken. on Friday morning, August lfi Km ma uramesyiniy daughter of dames K. aud Mary E. T Brush, aged 1 year and i days. The friends mid ncquaintivioi s of the familv are respect ; fully requested to a!Ulul tho funeral, this (Saturday) af- | b ternoon, at two o'clock, from her laic risidciiec, No. 23 i Union place. Bloomflold street. j 1 IStiocn.?On Wednesday, August 14. nt tlie house of Dr. s J. B. McEvych, 61 Wost Thirty sixth street, Kate Buck- I 4 PTJRDAr, AUGUST 17, 18GT wood, youngest child of John P. Broun, of South Carolina Keinuins tuk?'o to Sow London. (!onu., for Interment. <?K?MWKit?in Jeino) city, on Thursday, iugwt IS, *1 after ? long unit verr illis' -. Rnwix Aixiem*, sou of J Joseph It. and Kmity Frannier, aged 22 yearn, 10 months mid 8 days. Hue uolico of I ho funeral will ho gtven. Pakahv?On Tlmr* Say, August IS, after a short liut ' tevoio illness, Fa.nny, daughter of Itotert :iu<l Ann Parson, sped p months. Prion wr.?On Wednesday, August hi IIakiuct I.., JY laughter or J. B. uial Anna P. Dcuiouet, aged 11 months , nut 10 days. Ufirv.?On Frlilr. morring. August 10, after a long and i?dnful illness, mr m ,?y dm y, a native of Ireland, In tlio 09th year of her age. 111 Her friends ami those of Iot daughter. Mrs Catherine Putty are invited to allend it.'' fun rat, on Sunday ufter in tloou, at two o'i'loi'k, from tier Into rosiuolise, No. 02 Powery, rornt-r of Pan d street. Fammham.?At Washington, P P., on Wednesday, An ,l' gust Id, Pot. Noah 1.. Fahmiam, of the KleveutU regiment New vorlc Volunteers, agedSSyonra. I1* Tlie ottleeru and memliers of I he First New York Fire !" Zouaves. the Fire department, the S'veuth regiment, aud J'1' the friends of the family generally are invited to attend the loueritl. this (^Saturday) morning, at ten o'clock, front Plirist I'hurch. i orner of Fifth avenue and Thirty tilth street. The i mains will ho takou to New Haven, Conn., by the ifuarter past twelve train. Fki'ikn'Iiai n.?At 1 ruulcfortmi the Maine, on Monday, July 1'2, Musks Fkiukmiaim, of New York, aged 36 years ami tt months. Nan Francisco paper* please copy. , Qallaoiikk.?On Friday, August 10. alter a long and imii,fid illii 'ss, of consumption, i.i>waki> IiAi.i.aoiikh, iu .... >o u "" "H"- , " Tin* relatives and friends of Clio family arc respectfully ' ii?vK? ?I to attend the funeral, on 8und.iv afternoon, at two iu' o'clock, froui liia lalo residence!, No. 102 Kast Twentylifth I'1' itruot. Sp (Iaujuan.?tin Friilay morning, August 1(5. Patrick " <miih Uaijjoan. youngest son of I'mi ich J. and Mary Cat- J"1 liguu, aged 8 yours, 7 months ami 10 days. "" Funeral this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from c<" So. 38 West 'thirteenth street, butween Fifth and Sixth "" wmm. o* Oai.vis?(hi Friday, August IB, Mrs. (3 .win, aged 80 "" ( oars, a native of Castletown Roche, county Cork, Irelatul. Her friends and relatives are invited to uttend her 'uneral.on Sure lay afternoon, at two o'clock, from lier ' ate residence, ;>"i Cherry street. Hit remains will bo '"I ,uken to Calvary cemetery. " ' Hampton.?On Thursday. August lft, St.oct'm, youngest child of Christopher and Klleu M. llamptou, 1tged II mouths and ill days. The friends of the family are requested to attend the t"'1 "utieraj, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock, front tho 'esidoucoof her parents, l'JI avenue l>. I ih sky.?On Friday, August 111, Tiiom/.8 IliMtv, in the an Jtlth year of his age. mi The friends and relat Ives of tho family are requested to 1 h< it tend t lie funeral, at half jsist one o'cl, ck on Sunday af- tar ernoon, (Font the residence of hie nephew, Wiiltmn ih n nu y. No. 10 Kttpolycji Btrcot, South llrooklyn, near II mid l<i\ :ou avenue. IIkaiiii.?On Friday. August 10. Isn tst! I,., Infant dangh er ol Onirics and Meaner Heard, aged ft moutlw and Id 1,11 lays. ni" 11 it'iiiis in me rumny arc rospecciuuy uivticu 10 ut >" mml the funeral, from the residence of her parents, 47 i'ike street, this /Saturday) afternoon, tit three o'clock. 1 Kukkwkii.?tilt Friday, August 1(1, 1 Ii nky It. Kkkkmkh, l'l the only cliihl of Kiluurd and Maria Kreetner. "" The funeral will take place from No. ill West Fortieth 1'" itrcet, this (Saturday) morning, at ten o'clock. ken.nay.?(hi Thursday, August 15, ut his residence, No. S04 West Twenty seventh street, after a long illness, h,v Iws.n Kkxnay, aged 74 years, a native of county l/nig oril, pariah of llalinacoriiic, Ireland. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at 1'h tend the fuuerul, this (Saturday) afternoon, ut Itvo j'cloek. go 1 .avisos.?In New ark, N. J., on Monday, August 12, tged 82 years. Mrs. I'mviorrn, widow of Ileoryo I,evison, with whose remains her own were interred in the family tie iot, in Greenwood Cemotcry. 11' MtT.ijoajt.?On Thursday evening, August 15, Mkjiaki, an Youngest son of Nicholas and Mary Mulligan, aged 18 "y inintllia. Mt The friends of the family are Invited to attend the futie of uil, from the residence of his parents, lattd street,llurlem, Mi Jctweeu Third and Fourth avenues,this (Saturday)after noon. at one o'clock, llis remains will be taken to Calva 1 y Cemetery. w( Miuvihii.i..?At Fur ltoekaway, on Thursday, August 15, Ihi [I'ttANexs Mii.vmtu., of llroolvlyn, aged 42 years and t> mm lion t lis, a unlive of Lanes borough, county l/mgford, Ireland. The friends of the family, those of his brother, Manus,

ind of his hrother-ln-law, Itenis Judge, are res|ieelfully invited to altcud tiie funeral, this (Sutiirday) morning, lit ten o'clock, from his lata residence, corner of Columbia Hid Harrison streets thence to St. Peter's Unman Catholic ' " hiirch, where solemn high mass will lie olfered for the repose of his soul, Uicuoo to Calvary Cemetery at two o'clock 111 the afternoon. | O'Shai'UUNsssy John M., sim of John ami llaunnh O'Shaiighuessy, aged 1 year and ,'l months. The funeral will take place ut two o'clock this (Saturday) afternoon,from No. 197 Hast Thirty third street. I knxy.?At Stoutb Kergen, N. J., on Friday, August Id; tifler a sovero illness, rttAM'is H. 1'knny, in the 46th year of his age. Yi llis friends and tiiosc of the family aro invited to altond ! the funeral, on9uuday afternoon, a' tlireo o'clock, from , his ia.le residence, Bowtlen avenue, South Hergeu. Iter J ten curs leave the Jersoy City ferry tliruughoiit the j lay. Boom?EnwAttna.?O11 Thursday, August 15, nt the 1 IticnARD Rikkk to Harriot A. Edwards, only daughter of , Jbarlos l1. Fdwurda, Esq., all of this city. Albauy papers please copy. i Stiu.wri.1..?*\t New Huckensark, Dutchess county, N. ' V., suddenly, on Wednesday evening, August 14, Richard ; Sni.i.WKi.L, aged 62 years, laic merchant of New York city. i Funeral service ut the Reformed Dutch church hi Twon- w) ly-first street, lietweon Fifth and Sixth avenues, on Mon- i lay morning, at 11 o'clock. The friends and acquaintances So uf the family are respectfully invited to attend. Si.vci.AiR.?In llroofclyn, on Friday, August lti, Mrs. Sin- 9' ci.air, aged 60 years. 'I'lu' friends of the family (ire rcspeclfully invited to atlend the funeral, this (Saturday ) afternoon, at twoo'clock, i from her late riRidence, No. f?<? Atianllc street. Stkpiiknh.?In Harlem, ou Friday, August 10, of con- ; sumption, Maria Hakni .v. wife of Edward Stephens. TIs! relatives and friends of the family are respectfully ' invited to attend the funeral services, at the house in i 127th street, between Third and Fourth avenues, on Sunlay afternoon, nt four o'clock. Her remains ivili be (uken ; :o Cartnel, Putnam county, for interment, on Monday no morning, by Harlem Railroad, on 8:16 o'clock train ga, on Tliuraday, August 16, Mancei. ! Java, aged :to years The relatives anil friends of the family, also the mom- M >ers of Peterson Engine Company ill, and the Fire Depart. i,,,' nent in generul; also the members of Worth I/>dgo, 210, bo F". and A. M., and the Masonic fraternity in generul; also ' be Second regiment New York Fire Zouaves, arc respect- , 'ully invited to attend the funeral, en Sunday afternoon, it one o'clock, from his Into residence, 160 now Canal j>, it reel. on Thursday, August 16. of cholera infantum, tin Iamka FoRsvru, only remaining child of Agustus II. and wi lane Tyler, aged 16 months. J le has gone with his sisters to the earth's chilly bosom, lot mo youngest ana lutresi mat giaaueneu our oyes, '>; through summers eternal in Heuvcn to blossom, 'j' Whom rare novor outers ami love never dies. 8 'j "hey are gone, but their memory fondly is chorished? ?' The purest of gems In the casket of love; 'rout the care darken d face of the earth they have '"j lieriahed, ,1? To live in the light of the glory above. w; )! look ye with trust to the beautiful llciivcn, 'J8 When th'tughts of (be lost ones in memory rise: j luil feel, humble mortals, a portion you've given At Of jewels to gem the bright hulls of the skies. 1 The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully IOj nvited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at mi wo o'clock, from the residence of his parents, 2P7 Ulcei k ivi :r street. ""I Ti ton if on.?On Friday. August Id, alter a long and so ere illness, Mrs. A., wile of John W. Thompson, aged 41 d., ears. ') The funeral will take place this (Saturday) afternoon, \vi t two <i norK. irum ine resilience ot nor sister, sirs. i . i (I tell oil, 150 Joralemon street, Brooklyn. The friends of to i ho family, Empire Iiodge N'o. 64, I/'hunon Kncsmpmout c ? i'o. 12. I. 0. of 0. , anil Sylvun Grove Lodge Xo. 275, ' s and A. M., are respectfully invited to attend without o,\ urther notice. 'iTomiis.?On Thusday, August 15, at his residence, No. 15 West Thirty-filth street, Mr Joint Tom as, n native * I Horefordshire, Kngland. hut a resident of this eity for *'j early thirty yours, aged 00 years, 7 months aud 30 days. , The friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited s ? attend the funeral, (ruin his Into residence, on Holiday I'u ftcrnoon, nt two o'clock. The remains will he taken to n,a reenwood Cemetery. '"j Yai.kvti.nk.?tin Friday morning, August 16. n' two M 'clock, at the residence of his grandfather, Talma Hill. (j. harijvH iKviMi, only sou of Kdwurd and Sarah F. Valen S do, ageil 5 years, 6 months and 30 days. The funeral will take place at the East Chester church. lis (Saturday) morning, at eleven o'clock. The friends the family are invited to nttend. Trains will leave ,e epot, Twenty seventh street, nt a quarter past eight S 'clock. S HI lOBU AN Botrs. 8 AT $3, DOUBLE HOIK -IK >K~t; ALSO AT $350, "s V Quilted Congress Gaiters, a new style, at JONES' 10 f id 12 Ann street. jj 1'>Kns. BUNIONS, INV11;ri'.P NAILS, ENLARGED J" _J joints, and ail diseases of tlio feet, cured w itb' ut f> iin or inconvenience to the patient, by lir. ZAt'HARI E, irgeon Chiropodist, 700 Broadway. Refers to physi p aus and surgeons of Ihis city. b riMPIRE SEWING MACHINB8?CELEBRATED FOR Ci simplicity, durability and olllcieney for families aud ]i lanafaeturers. Agents wanted, at 510 Broadway. Up .. .tav j^MPORTANT. LETTER.". J"' I/etters for Now Orleans and nil places South > hould Is: i.h, 'nt by Express at No. 74 Broadway. res r VOX'S POWDER ANI) HIS 1'IIAS b'<' Lj All the insect tribe will kill. 5 All genuine Lynn's Magnetic livsoct Powder and Pills enr ih<' fan simiie of l T.yi.n. All others are. rounter its or base Imlnui iiH. fg ware of unprincipled Imiia / , irs. Sl id by D. s. BARN KB, No. 202 Broadway, and by #1 1 r .-|>"ctahle dealers. / j " " t THONG'S PATENT ARMT TRUNK AND PORTAhW-F ><* 7 iledstead combiuod, corner of Warren street, and Vl' ryadwav. 1'nco $17 and $25 > ' I D i ? - " - . - shi 1 THE HOUSEHOLD JoVLN.U, J 110 This we k contains :? t ..j, ' Ter.i.and and tti* It'n'ANPEiis," locturc by Prof. Chad- ! oniii'', of Bovt do'int'"- . Maine ; " Tnii llfnu.ivi c. Schot- ' 1 i.-eii," by a. Rami 1' 'i. . tm; nviit vmj.i.v Waltz," by j 'n poller; li '.,Me th il quant tv of e.nlertaiulng and ini. matter. Sold by $11 m>wa Agents. Price [ ah , cents, ' I i MIMCKI.LAlVFO(TH. RBB NSW BOvSCS OF TBS 8CABON HAWKU k HKtiTHKlW, Franklin *<|wuro, New York, I'ubilAU tills Jit)': } ' | HAVr.S' CAKIUAOK I'uiThagc and Her ltemaiiis?Ileing ai a? ' ' ait of the J ivuvatioug and Kesearehcs on ti.? Site el'} lie I'lmsih Kill Btro|M>||H in Afriro and other Adjaeem' I'laee*. fi n u'ted uudrr thomis|neesof tier Mug-iv jtnvermneiit. j I- Dr. N. Davis, F K. (!. S. ITolcis-l)-' ill.unrated with , ap<, wroodeutM, cliroiuo-llttiogru|>hi ?Ve. ko. ttvo, . n?!iii.|y 50. Hr. 1'avis' nnmo wilt 'w quoted for r.getf '? come In ery diaeusslnn about Curthu v.?Illui kvood's Miita/ito. The old eity m Jlldo, and (lie adjaernt (erntory of ill d I.miid but lutie known Uricutrepublic, Nvn Again it J e , jugular resurrei t ion imv going on; and dittos volnnie -I issmsl the reader is er.r?bled, by means of the letter < ho.p aphs, ncipiatilils and wnodculs, t>> dcnv u it faithful j a ni' tho tuton-stlng s|M'rimi as oi ancient arf srhii h Dr. j ivis has rescued Irian tin1 sanely tiblivlo.r of tlio ? awrt.?New York Evening Peel. i II. i SEASONS WITII Til* SEA HOUSES; Or, ! Sl'liHTINII AoYKNTl'lIKS IN TUB KORTIIXItX S,i IS. BY .1 VMKS LAlfONT, ESQ.. I . 0. B With ump ami uuiuerous illuslrtdiim.s. t 8vn, iiiiihIIii, f J 75. U rh.m is tlio most interesting u'ail oxcitiug volume do- > 'iptlve of Arctic s|s>rling that we have met with forwme ' lie. The plan followed liv the author ami hid companion, [ ril i lav id Kennedy, was oue which Is not very often >si opted. Thoy litrod u small wituling sloop, with a com ? tc crew, and everything requisite for a season in tlio i> itr.ticrgcu w at era, and leaving their smaller yaclit to tl use ulKiut Willi sucli orders us would enable them to *' n her ns they p'eased, they proceeded at one? to " homo of (tto walrus and the seal. The author enters ' i Httiore into the subject, uad dcHcrlbt'K the perils and pleuMircn of chasing (he seal, the walrus, the polar N ir. the icitiilcer and the white whale in the icy soli- ,ii li s of the iSorth with ull Hie real of a true sportsman.? w illc. Tl HARPER fc HR'lTIIERS Have lately published: pi I'KAMI EY PAItSO.VAtill. A novid. Ity Anlbony Trol " mi, author of " Doctor Thorue," ' Tile lUirtrams," ? i'ho Three Clerks," ' i'ho Went Indies mid tho Spanish ilu," ' Orley farm," Ac. With Illustrations by Mtlluis. !j! mo, muslin. #1. ' I'rumley l'arsouage,'' Unit captivutlng tale.?.Mho mil. HIT niAH.I.U'S EQUA'J'OIUAI, AFRICA. Explorations 1 adventures in Equatorial Africa, Willi accounts of the nucrs and cuslouis of the people, and of the of tiorllla. tho Crocodile, leopard, Elephant, llippopo mis and other animals. liy Paul II. du Cbailln. Willi nicrouH illustratIuiis. 8vo.. nnitdiii,&). (I'uitorm w ith . nil!: lone. ilarth and Burton.1 _ >11 1 PAY'S UHIE. A life's romance. Ily Charles Lover, jjj llmr of ' Charles (I Malley," "Gerald Fitzgernld," Tim Martins i>l'Cm' Martin, " " MauriceTlernay " One ttioin," (ir. 8vi>., paper, 50crula. 'II.A3 MARNKk, the Weaver of Ravoloo. Ry George " lot, author of " Adam Itede," " The Mill on the Ho.cs," ) (I " (Scenes of Clerical Life." 12 mo. Muslin, 75 cents; n per,00 cents. ? TRUMP9. A novel. By Ceo Win. Curtis. Illustrated Hoppiu. 12 luo. Muslin. $1 50. rl T1IM WITS AN'D HKAI X OF SOCIETY. fly Grace and 11 ilip Wliarton, authors of " 'Ilie Queens of Socioty." ustraled by H. Brow-tie ami .lames Godwin,and eu !" aved hy the Brothers I'alziel. 12 mo. Muslin, $150. ,'J HISTORY OF THE UNI'l'Hl NKTHFRI.ANDS : from the 1! atli of WiUiam the Silent to tho Synod of I tort. With oil view of the FJiKlish lnileh Struggle against Spain, }'J d of Ih - origin und destruction of the Spanish Armadu. John l/ithrop Motley , l.I? I?.. It. C. 1.., Corresponding ii mber of I ho Institute of Franco, author of " lite Rise ii the Dutch Republic?" New edition. 2 vols. B\o. islili $4; sheep, $4 50; half calf, $0. [1ARPER & rtROTIIKIIS will send either of the above >rka hy mall, postage free (lor any distance in I ho iited States under7l,000 miles), on receipt of lim price. ?? I 11 OMII I Ml |, SHIPPING NEWS. J SPECIAL NOTICE. f ill lettrm and jHicko.'jrn intended for the Nf'W York Ilruu.D ttuhl he healed. A I.MAN AC FOR NKW YORK?T1IIM PAY. N RJ5K." ?r? It I MOON SKTM mOI'll 2 0ft i h -l is Of I muh villi mora r? 47 Port of New York, August 1G, 1801. CI .KAIIED, Steamship Kangaroo (Br), Mierhouse, Liverpool?.J (1 Dale I SIcamHhfj) Fulton, Wotton, Southampton ami ifavro?New ?rk and Havre BtcainHhii' t'o. HbJnlMphlije, Kcntor, <-?rk for orders?Fundi, MefnrkeA I Rt) It. | Hlilp Logan, Marsh, Havre?Wtn Whltlnek, Jr. ship SluikMpcare (Brem), Fechtcr, Bremen? <' fiuling. 1 Hark Mountain Eagle, Yates, Hull?Yntrn A I'orterficUI. < Hark Shepherd, Jewetf, Cork and a market?J E Ward. > Hark Hermes (Nor), Molhatk, Havre?Fundi, Meliu ke A I endt el Hark Brilliant, OoHmrn, Antwerp?Metrnlf A Duncan. r Hark Hyj* rlon, Uibnon, Barbados?TT Dwight. 1' Brig It <' Wright, (foriund, Baltimore?II i<k? A Hell. ( Brig Shiboletn, Morion, Wuldoboro?Wululi, Carver A t'o. j Kohr Krklorcl Webb, Freeman, (ilaxgow. ?ldir Wm II Olearc, Smith, Harbor lHlnml?Jam Dnugla'-s. J SchrtJen Armstrong, Bcollleld, Mayague-/?II Cnderwood. SehrA VY McLciian, Mt Lain, St Jolui, NF?11 J A f A De- t If. 1 3ehr PleJade* (Br), McBurnic. St John, NB?I11 Ncviua A c in. i Subr Ocean Bird (Br). Crowdl. St John. NB?D B Dewolf. t !??'hr K 0 A Wurd, Edwards, Baltimore?F U Bcntuu A 111H. Rchr Wonder, Hal lock, Baltimore?L fOnny. Rchr Adeline B, Wllleits, Kgg Harbor?F (1 Benton A Hons. Banner, Brown, Barn eg at?Master. Francisco, Thompson, Port l.aid?1> L Hatch. 3?:lir Manietta, llrav, Portland?<? L Hatch. Schr A E Wlllttrd, uorbctf, Bangor?H P Biiek A Co. 4chr Messenger, Donne, Lynn?Master. Belir Whistler, rrrsbrey, 'J'aunton?Master. steamer Novelty, Shaw, Philadelphia. AKKJVI D. steamshipClentor (Br).'Ieod, Kingston, Ja, Aug 5, with Ise and passengers, to Waldon A Booth. Had strong NK- ? U'H most of the passage. 41tU> Harvest Queen, l'onng, Liverpool, July 7, with mdse d 163 passengers, toCIl Marshall A < !o. linn had continued sterly winds and calms the entlrn passage; July 28, 1st 43 Ion 4640, exchanged signals with ship Maid of Orleans, und K; 8th inst, hit 41 10, Ion 67 CO, spoke ship Montgomery, iitid W. Ship William Tell, Funek, Havre, July 5, with mdse, nnd ) passengers, to Boyd A lllneken. 4hip Ocean ISnprcsH (of Boston), HAle, Baker's Island, in n 27, via Hio Janeiro July 7, with guano, to W If Wehb. it into Ilio June 7. leaky (before reported); when two days t, spoke bark CorrMla, ifroin Kio Janeiro tor New York; for i' last, six davs has nren wit hin 2JD niilrs of Sandy Hook, th ealm weather and thunder and lightning squalls, dark Helvetia (Drcm), B.mdorff, Bremen, 43 days, with and 30 passengers, to Ohas Luting. July 16, Int42 07, i 38 33, spok French brig Marie Kealetine, Marring K; 8th ?t, lat 4t?, Ion 64 0?, spoke -?Oartive, from Havana, bound July 31, hit 43 18, Ion 67 14, signalized a ship steel ing E, owing No 3061 second distg pendant. Hark Pyrmont (of Baltimore), Oliver, Rio Janeiro, June 26, th coffee, to master. Railed In company with bark Wast - ;tnn. of Baltimore. July 6, lat IHH, Ion 32, hhw a l;<rgft 1 met bearing N, And cr r.tin'ticd in sight t?? lat 10 N. , liark St JaiivH (of Philadelphia), Cruse, Ki?> Janeiro, 47 v yH, with coffee, to mnvter. 12th, oil' Cafw; tit Roqoe, ? is chased hy a full rigged brig, hut blowing very fresh at the jne, run him out of night by dark, supposed her to be a piitecr. r Hark. Virgin in (Br, of Barbados), McCarty, Barbados via t iguJJJs. Aug 3, wllii wit, f" Smith, .lone* A Co. f italic Washington (Brcm), Wenke, l'hiludelphm, in ballast, i ( K Bnchtel. * irlg Dunkirk, Grifliu, Buenos Ay res, June 21, \ i.< St Tho- ? us Aug 1, in ballast, to c A K .1 Peters. Bid in company fh brie Jil^nncr, for Ban# i : sidir Hannibal, tor NV.? iork; J; ir II W Johnson, hence arrived 1st lust, and sld same day ( a cruise. . trig Anna Wellington (of Bangor), Hale, Rio Janeiro, 85 i with oollee, to Howlund A AspinwaU. 4 rig Echo, Kite, Fort au 1'rlnce, Aug 4, w ith logwood, to , Ihoii \ Carman. . trig Robert Mo we, Ward, New Ilarcu, 12 hours, in ballast, * nliter. . k hr Amelia, Bayley, Mayaguez, 13 days, with sugar Ac, to . V Lewis A Co. J lehr J A Woodhouse (of New Haven), Terry, Baraeon, Aug . ?vitb fruit, to Thus Gilm/irfin. (> kdir I G Curtis (of Qloucester), Reynolds, Ncuvitas, July {, witb sugar Ac, to mutt r. / lebr Seven Brothers (Br), Hesley, Ttirka Islands. Aug I. ,j th km It, to Thus James. Dm lug the gale ol the 13th, lost and >. It sails Ac. k'lir Calais I'aekat, Rqbhins, Baltimore for East Haddam. jt k hr Grecian (of Calais), llaggerty, Philadelphia for Calais, t into this port for repairs, having in tho late gale hsfl, fore- 0 st and boat, stove bulwarks and swept deck, und is leakbadly. \i k-iir ff A Stetson. Rleli, Philad?flphia for Pmvineetown. ohr A J nni a Rogers, Wigntina/j, EJizabcthport for Proviice. < hr Charles L Hulse, MrGsr, Elizabethport for Fall River. I\ . i, i ' hi Win R Knnpp, Ballson, Elizabethport for TotnpkitCs P ehr Hester, Kendall. Elizabethport for Pceksklll. n ehr Carroll,, Elizabeth port. si ehr Helen Mar, Tattle, Rockland for Philadelphia. ehr Hardwrnble, Packard, Providence, 2 days. 1! br IfMirv Gihhs, Delano, New Hertford, 2 days. ehr Gen Warren, Gtiptil, Rondout for Boston. C loop James Thdmpson, Reinbolt, KJIziiUribpoG for City tod. <i reamer Josephine, Grumlev. Washington. teamcr Vulcan, Morrison, fMiibidelphia. .) teamer Delaware. Johnson. Philadelphia. tenmer Concord, Norman, PhilarJejpii-a. It teamer Rui iton, 8lover, Trenton. teamer Poiomskn, Nye. Portland. d (earner Peirol, Voung, Providence. c BELOW. V bvrk Abbyla?By pilot boat Ednr ni Blunt. , Irlg Inn. * , d ig Ho-ka?All by pilot boat Kltwood j SAILED. 1 5:h?JRcsmshlp* Economist (Br), G'aiw;, / ng Kong; Belvldere, Washington; ships r^oidon, London; t 1 a, Glasgow; Henry Clay, Golden Eugta, Gen Sifnph-n < ), and Kobt L Lane, Liverpool; Emerald, Bristol,Ci im? a, > vre; Ixtrks Prince Gnstav (Swe), Quern u-v. n; Rapid, Vera fz; Oral 1*1" (Br), Cork; Eliza Bar*;, 'Br), Krrtiiuda; * k*aSan Autonio,Philadelphia; Bcotland (Br;, Genoa; Te 1 sit ("Atis), Cork. b I,S revenue cutters Varina, Crawford, and Ji kson y iml on a cruise, arc anchored ueur the tail oi West Bank,' ^ Vlnd during the day 8SE. tMiHieUniiroas. J h'iim Sunk and Ali. H>mis Sufcosku IjOst?Our oorvea. i s .pondciit at Port Jefferson, LI, writing under date of Aug | \ rayc?uIn the yule ot Tuesday, a s i?r. apparently water, j \ ..-d, whs seen to sink shout a inllo from Stratford Light 1 bcaiiug KNE; all hands supiv^ed lost, as Captain .vis, of the I. '^h(ship, saw the crew iu tho rigging when . %unk, but on account of the s cry s? v*? sihrm < >uid offer i assistance. The tchr Josephine, and sloop Glide, of this ^ hp, went to her to-day, and brought th ? maiutopmas: at .1 gingattached from her in their efforts t ? r.^.sc her. She is ( a dangerous pluco to pasvjng vessels, and should lie seen Was moored t > in ' "5 the phu .- by c.,r\ys of die uro named ve^ols.'' 1 AnkiaQAA LLOiPA-^Su^jklctucLtfwt Augus. lo, ^uuuaing 5 MlrttH'MHRnd corr?"-tM.m to thr Afiio 4 ; " Amrrfran and Korrtw 81,typing hi* .Mr-.rt'l'ajtor, llariHfeonio ,% Klnif.aftWd. ' Tl"' tvr fontaiim the # of 62 vs.*!. not U>, U mur<?r)i, * sinptiKtt rtiiRHiii <pihfi,v.-hMi wn?citptt. '* '"!','? * SHiee l?y Ill<* lt'H;Ale Niagara, Hint (dkt il fofo 1 '' 11 ' 1 ! iv?s Mild ill uiifliun c.h 'l iv, i .. j4,n?. " ' ' vv.i- .?; ! I ?11ii-mlf", built i?? imv, and I' Murtl/ ' * 1 .-'hurJcMon. Ship ,?oun Timtkm 1m afloat oih p rti. ro, hnrinq be#A * bw. 'rum felly'* irlan.l to Km i? alien whim. I*h ! w ''eh ml, where mIjc is now, dV.iwiiut K feet \>.her Sin* ?.? eiToeily light; *wll be reiatlrrd wit!i ,\jn .. t?. .m?i ^ ;>?v 'nnm i.f Hi"nt iM already IP treaty for lie: | .t?' t s : i r lloi'R, from Idter|K)<W for the ."..'.inrllii. \ ;?i n . "*1 al St I'hoinns, .fitly 21.', leaking. Sena \s Hoani.vp, M. nro, <"*f ''fid for \ r V ' r .??? A.*4 I'll, 1 h l?nv i ted a i?:i*?dnK ves a !. i a' NrTv!?en>, \ '.having Ixen apt tired by a prlvaleei. had a < < ;? oi il Jihda sugar ami llbr <i-ks inoln w*. St'itu I't.i;Hi Si lin cKs, from NVw Ifwvr:- h'hh le?* f?v' vew \ ork, lit M * \'\\ Id,,win:; I ?n\*v, and w u ofl* kite .4*1* Yorfc*. neai Mrrwlu h i' . nt. the win.I in n ?*< ,1 I ? a :. ,le? ml IN* men diem file* v rhot lmi sail. After ll??tvinnl h?vr ri .tibe munnull .n i w.reluthe j?*t oi takou u# the fore iil, the iiiiilninasf broke off, , .tn v>. ; v/'th it i' ?* foremast,* nipinp tp the dork* md letting the v/.dor I iimij inn*''Urn hold. 'I ? anchor was at oie fl let go, ami f,> iVnitols' b. oin/ht up nt* oft bottom, w lie re the vevaef r. malum nidll'sk-" Was faUriY. ii ti'\v hy rteanicr Magnolia ami brought. hick to New fTuvuilv" ;l.e will br repaired iit Kn libit rem Semi* Om> Ki:u.ow, ('.'e, before repor^d wivelwtl,. tvaV 'wueiVin Ito^ion, and the rrnw of .'t men v *x*e front t 'ii. Mo. The eai j.,? eoiisistod-ol .TDM iioer.lh mi . , k an I 1/2,' l?0 pieUrta ainl l ithe it, the hold. She sailM lor }$ >?. > t oifl hiinl.t) l.iMt and on i'tio .-lay s.^iiieti hi tid ; l.tuhog it i.^poa. ihle lo I ' %< o?rt of ihe Hay, ahe .vottld have rtt oopieil m gc nto NewInttwi wri, bin Jiei iriulnliooni x<rttl fort ?nIf were e.trw led away, when at I I o'eloek oa TiifiMd.t t tlie> mviehcil l?*r. lie wan very fortunate in elnarlni; ?li rent'*, ior *id ?)u> gonar n a little he! iv. ora little iiliove nil oti hoard illicit hatot^r died, thtpt IVmh'k, i f the hotel, wan hooii present, and at' le rink of hi- ?nvn life, K'ofn0'lot" the . urf to hi ? whouldera, iveil the men. In .1 hours the sehr went to pleee'j, and I'ragtenia of the hull'atid eai^) have sinre heea bnuth. ', uptia the' tore. The Confederate('ourt nt New OrJe:in? haa orde-e/1 jodgi?ut tt? 1m1 enteredr'Midenmlng iim lawful prl/ea the .^Hewing' orthcrtl VenselM. K,*1/i d ."t or bi-o.w th?*l r*r?rl ? IT irvis, Slate of Maine, Toulon, Lemuel Dyer, Ariel, ('A 'Ktirell, Amerl?*nn rulfin; bark Phester, mid Hrhr S L June*, he cargo of salt of ahip.F II JnrvJ* wnn also condemned. A quarter hoard, wflh the name "Walter Lord" on it. wmm eked up Aug 1, irt the English P) unci. Was prebabily .ashed away t'mm the ahip Walter Lord, which soiled Jnoo from (Jreeuock for A ustralia. A fine ship, of about lOOOton* burthen, in to he launched 'om the\ur?l of thr Mcsm k Sonic, South Freuport, Mo, on 1 ucsdav licit. Notice to I>1 it rk iters. TUKA.Ht'llY IH I' %KTMI.NT, OrTICt I.U.HTUOU K HOARD, I Washington Pity, .lulv, 1H(>I. ) Notice is hereby given to nnvi.Htors that the " OotnmerciiiA-1 'ode of .Htgnnlh for lhe use, ot all Nations," and K over's A meruit Edition and Flags with tlie Hritish \ ocahulary; havo-' ecu placed on hoard of the 1'nited States light -house and nov tenders, light vessels occupying m award Muttons, and t the sea coast lighthouses along the Florida Beefs, from oggorhend Key, Tortugus, to Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, Inusive. Musters of vessels and others desiring to communicate with ny of the above named vessels or llghthotiM s by signal, may ? so If the\ have a set of these signal books and flags on mrd. By order, TUORNTON A JENKINS, Secretary. WOMAN HOC* I.ICJIIT, KAI.HK BAT, C'APR OF COOP AOPK. The bearings arc by compass, and the distances in nautical tiles. Notice is hereby given that alight will lie exhibited from he new Lighthouse on the Komnn Hock ; on the Kith of Sept ext, which will supersede that shown .it the UghtvesM I now loorctl a cable's length north of the rocks. It w ill be a reolviug white light, showing a bright face tor the spin e of I'A ' onds twice ev? iy minute, which w ill serve to distinguish from the ('apu Point Light in thick weather, its that light wolves only once every minute. The light will he 54 feet hove the mm, and visible in clour weather from a ship's duck. I miles distant. The light tower is 48 feet high, the lower half of which will 0 painted black and the upper hall while. Front the light* inise Noah's Ark hears S 60 W 7 10 miles, and tho dockyard ock VV by N I M in lies. NNE-^l'i, 2 , cables from the lighthouse, lies the Pastor ock, with onls lf? feet on it at h w water springs; its position 1 marked by a Beacon, with a ting having the word "Hock.** tinted on it. There are patches of l'Jnnd 21 feet between je Pastor Rock and the lighthouse, which tender it neoeairy for large ships to give the. lighthouse a berth of al least iree and a ltulf cables when passing to the NI5 before haul* ?g in for Simon's Bay. 1 n sailing for Simon's Bay, by keeping the lighthouse in ne with Kisey Peak hearing N'^V, a ship will pass midway rtweeii the Whittle koek and M<u1op*m Point E HKKAD. MiuiierU N, Admiralty Surveyor. Cape Tow it, J a tie J 7, 1H(?1. Whalfiiicii Spoken?July 10, lat 8 I t S, Ion .'15 W, wot signnli/.ed a whatig bark wiili ball' ports, showing 11 K Thomas' signal, I New Bedford, going into 1'ertuimbuco?probably the 15m. raid. .luii 10, lat 4041 N, Ion 36 42 W, bark Midas, Ilowbuid, from, I Bedford for Pacific. duly 17, Int. 4l'iBN, Ion 37 41V W, bnrk Atlantic, Nhcrmad* ioiu New Bedford for Psciilc Ocean. Hpokeii, Atr. Ship Peerless, Ring, i mm Liverpool May 27 for Calcutta* fune 22, lat 23 51 S, lou 85 51 W. Shin Oregon, Harrington, from Liverpool for St John, KB. hily 27, bit 41), Ion 17. Ship Rambler, Safes, from Aux Caves for Faknoutfi E (uol is bni'ore reported), Aug I, off Cape St Nicola Mole. Hark Nolo. I'ollanabee, from London lor New York, July 27. ut 41), Ion PA Brig Souther. Sawyer, from Pcruambtico for?, June 16? at 5 N, Jo/i 35 VVr. Foreign Ports. Axtwkkf. An#? 1?iii poii ship# Antarctic. StqufTnr, nrid f? (ainilton, Harding, for NYwrk soon; uclir W it Beebe, Craword, for Leghorn 101 h, Hr.i.rzK, lion, July 15?III port harks Crusoe, BnrHett, for 'ortsniouth, Eng, 10 days, loading mahogany at ilie Rogue; I'eorgi s, Magime, for England Id/; nwihogarr. ; .fames Welsh, legill, for Portsmouth, Kng, ldg do (both to sail before. Aufc ); llonduruH (Br), Mai shall, from N York jut 8ib, dlsg, for 0 20 days. The. bark 1) Jo\, Guide, formerly of N York, bill ee' ntly changed to English register, wast., leave Jamaica or tills port on the 11th; she will he here in a tew days. Capfc luide, of the 0 Jex, has been ill for over 2 months, and is reMirted unable t<? go on deck. Hauacoa. Aug5?In port schrii Fly ing Dragon, foiNYerk; 1 I. Holmes, do. Cmonstapt, July 27?In port ships Dublin, Lane, for Boson; Corinthian, Swretser, and Graliarns P??lb y, Norton, for Iristol, Kng; K Sherman, Hiehborn, and H V Baxter. Owen* .lit for England, barks Slamboal, Young, and Starlight, Her y, fordo; Windward. Emerson; 11 l> Brookmun, Cheney, tri'l Aim Ira Coombs. Drlnkwater, for Bristol, Kng; Prairie ilird, Wiley, for England; Josip Nicholas, Nicholas; Harnett* h'looa, Anderson, and Cora, Hatch, uric. Sid 20th, ship Volga* Holm, NYork. Fai.moutsi, Jn, July 20?Arr brig A J W Annlegni tb. Oroee#. Philadelphia; 23d, Br schr Truro, Cotton, NYork. KiNc?ST?)N, .!?. July 10?Arr hark Kllen Morrison, Oardnse* I'bilodelphia; 12th, srhr* Luxlata, Oivtghton, Baltimore; 21th* Br Colin Campbell, do; 2Htli, George A Arthur, Stubba, Philalelphia; HOtli, Rio, Day. Aux Cayus in ballast. Sid July !K\ iUjr Planet, Kenney, NYork; Aug 1,118 steamer Keystone %tate, Seott, St Thomas. LiVHHroots, AttgS? Adv, Bohemian (s), for Quebec fith; Cemda (h), forlloKton 10th; Kdiubnrg (s), for NYork7th; Norvrttian, Musuiis, for Boat on Mb; Brewster, Sparrow, for da Mb; Neptune, reabody, for Now York 4th; Omin Monarch, 'ago, for do 5th ; Haven i n, Mallolt, for Cleveland, Ohio, ftth: ioldcn Rule, Mayo, for San Francisco; Uol crt Center, ami llephen Baldwin, for and others an before. Maiikas, June 20?-A*r ship National Ragle, Matthews* Boston. Montf.vidko. June 29?In port shin Albntrowi, LaughlJn* roni Cardiff, disg; barks Seneca, lYInhagen, for Baltimore! Uly 1; Chase, Itafile, from do, ding; Gii/aludh. Wllkins, from s York, wig orders; brigs ?/ C Jordan, U hidden. for Kio Jaif-iro few flavs; Ocean Spray, Atwood, disg; schra Target* >avis, from l'hiladclptiia just arr; Coast Pilot, llolchkisst na Ni.uvitas, July 29?Iu port brig AnitaOv.en, Hay, for New fork; Bf'hr liununh, do. <)nki;a, July 10?In port ship Susan Fearing, Newcomb, far Iristol, Kng, same day. Pkiiio, Juno3? In the river, barka Maryland, Friend; Danl lY-bsier, Stannard; Fruiter, Stone; brigs Mclitu, St rat ton* nd Wanderer, West?all vvtg tides t?? cross the bar. Pour aux Pkisuk, Aug 4?In port Br schooner John Noriliun, Ross, for Philadelphia. No Am vessels iu port. QUjeMtc, Aug 12?Arr ship Mar tha Wliituiorc, rreblr, l.iverooi. HorrKKDAM, July 30?Tn port Wursata (Ifano), Becker; Joanu Martin (Pros), Itauinarin; KUwurd (Prus), Wietlng; laria MagdaJena (Dutch), Wdlenbrlnfr, and Orkney (Br;^ Iuniliy, all for NYork; Vasco de (Jama (Dutch), DcOruot* or Boston. KlO Janv.ino. July S?Tn port ships Jacob Badger, Staples, rorn CalUjo for Hampton Roads; Osborne Howes, Baker* roto MeKoan's/h!hii<! for NLondon; Eclipse ( Br >, Hughes, or NYork; Addison, Pike, for do, eld 6th ; Esther* Leslie; K 'alhot, Menyrrsim; Crescent Citv, Badger; Well Meet, McGilery; frntup'.eliar, Goodwin; Callego, llomewood; Nathaniel 'hompson, Dlckman; Indian, Averill, and U M Mills, Stirpes, disg; Maid of the Sea, St mwood, from London for Ktirarhee, repg; Mary Russell, Thompson, about to dlsg: bark* renew, iinrnson, tor uiu; ue.?iper, cook, tor anal: Dnrlo (Brum). linesman, for I Strifes My: Kedron? 'nrreli; Flying ('loud, Clement*; Abigail, MeFarlaiid; Molovniek. Smith: Emblem, Hamilton; Clifton, Lewi*; Wavu !re*t, Harmon: Indu*. Green; Elf, Plnekney; Ann K Grant, (wan; Fannie Crenshaw, Mtitwn; Willnra, Mitchell; Kit* r'trginia, Fo? ko, and Menro, Depas*. line: Iln/nrd, Lnwaon; rVilhclniine, Lawrence; Cavalier, Mr Leo<l, and Mond/miln, arrol I, dlsg; Catch Mf (Swe), Kartell, for UStates; brigs Jrandywiiie, Hawum, from Philadelphia via Kuhin; Loeouotlvn'iBr), J one*. - r USteM#; Alert (Hwc), Schonger, for In; Tanner, Hod: kinson; Virginia, Barclay; Union state? 'ox well, and Went fndiati. Arn i, one, .1 P LundwahJ .amen, lor NYork; k? his T H Wagner, Klder, from Montevieo. Julia A Ifttilonk, IVtlrlrJ*.; li P Kussoll. Mankin; L Durnu, I'er'-ival, and Samuel, Ktrwan, unc. Smyicna, July 20?In port bark Avoia, Crowell, for BjkIoo Iff. shanqiiak, June 4?iii port whip Union, Wiley, ding; and flier* km before. V/.ori.o, Juno 4?In port Milp Mountain Wave, Hardy, l'ron? lanila for Melbourne, reng. American Ports. BOSTON, Aug 15?m';hh' n i a l?u k mid 3 brig*. CM bark ! H V'aiTiJ'gton. Gorbair, Philadelphia to load for MrirsitlliM;*11I'm A K Doug'a.s, Co'.iMiiun, Washington; J K Diulev. Hart, hiladelphia; FA Week*, Godfrey, Dorcheatet*, N J; Thomas t ThoinHon, Baker; Sarah Ell/ahcth, Kellny, and Mary, Terry, NYork. Sid alitp Mongolia; and troui f ho KoatW iip Bum] ?, i; Hnimri. ltiili?Arr (by telj ahlpj Montgomery, 1 lavro; borkSannSfc, io Janeiro. BANGOR, Aug 14?Arr arhr Alieomv, Dunbar, Port Ewtg, Id brig Altreda, Sour/A, St Mi' hue)*. DANVKRS, Aug 12?Arr sehrn Delaware, Manning, Roarout; 1.1th, Jo* Rued, StelMon, NYork. I!Kill LAND LIGHT, Aug Jo. 11 3D AM?Jbuwiitg In, barks Montgomery, from Havre. NEWBUItVrOKT, Aug 14?Arrschr DuvidrR Wolf, Bu?.kwk, Philadelphia. f NEWPORT, Aug 14, 7 AM?Tn port ocbrwX W Carlisle, Rier. Georgetown. i)C;\Jo?, Ciwveli, Philadelphia. 0OMf lloui ester; Angel, lie Warehnm fu- NY-.i'k; Uo?>G Wortk-* y, Bakw. New York for Yarmouth; K Borne*, BHk^h, VaJk ;rv<w for NV rk; October, Brown,, Kl, to# kof tdebo tlii ? Wilmington, NC, lor lluhtax NS; IJUiw ones, Fall Jiivr lor Dehiwue C;ly; Tunpiln. L rd, XY-rf . oj Hilton; Teih|?!etonv linger*, do per F.a?M>ort; Frv4ene -1. * , Vhhorn, Nile. I ford for NYo A ; J BIG*, llaRb.lfj. .i! :"hpott for Boston; Fi' dk Hoed, MfCalmon, NYaHt/ ,,r 'orllartd; B W Ktdrhfc", Snow. Boat on lor New Yntk; Vnf ()C| ivj, Lamb, NYork for Parsboro; sloop Fu?Mon, Ycung^ ? Pro..i-n lor Poi? kar.i. NFiW HAVEN, Aug 15?*Arr *ehr Gertrude. FreoeU , Port iwen; alo in Mrpler. Mtwinhan, ?. CM brig / ;<>bert lowe, Duefl, NYork to b'Ad for Barbados; ReRrSarkf Elizaituh, NYork. PHILADELPHIA. Aug 15?Arr hark Benj 1UM t| Little, we;. West; bi?4 Judge NVh/topin. Bv.iy, Bukuvi; h*' ,u? Eve . Yovkc, L.tvium; Mary Stand ah. V word, kt.<# ton. Old dp LnnntsOer, Tte. au, Ltv. rpool (^rnl nM); bug Jy dge. Wblt? nun. Bray, gUmton; HebrsS F AM" U. Ludlow; (Kr . L.H-een. Jebb: M(n';V Tayioi. Nil Hereon: L\dia V May, *<la>er; Bii erd-ner, tranr; 11 To v. :iM>nd, Will'am?; v fowir afn.i. Towneivi; L .1 DanenUowei, M.lie : SY V\ Stuuni/:is4 Godfrey: . f Alh a, Allen, ami JuhG Stiile, swain, Bitf.'. n Sarah "N -li.ith, I . r.ast (Cambridge ; Si ebi.a Ann. Si'.r'/a, liiixbury; . D Ik V Sha r.i.M, llowen, a* 1 L ma, SmP#h \ vrn; V* ^"Ugk^v. L-'mm. Chatham; f x, P' ^L <*?r oru; Island Be. e. Butler, Muttupo;si-v. ; S A lU?ice, Boii (.f R \\ I'c. a* : Park.'o. Prav.dture; i. .Icn Forre ^ ( Law noil, M J .if... Ml ^ * VUGYIDV.Ni F. Aug IT?A - eanu r l> frftJ Ymws, Sevr Yoik S .1 .vhr* Ji I n li W s ?;a', M " ^ l?hlLwil? lphia (bawi ,'ivtu.ioti: Hi.ei.o i , :? . .. J George F Mr.nvn, i . . N Y >. a ; ??p ..t urt Ai'>ir anil Fashion, Young? I'o.t I. , ' I'.VWVTKET. \ ,z 13?Air ?. u' n J< nklns. Baweo, PhUad.elpbla. . Si I.LlYAN. Atti. lt-\rr h lir .. ,,r Moore, NYorkS. l-';h, 11 rtli.c * > .MPl-ulei' hhi. .iJ-M. \ ,1 Y*u v >v lj.v4Jcttvrr.on, l\ciiuv JSVoik v;g Gio'iuCakil.

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