Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1861 Page 1
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* TH WHOLE NO. 9111. THE REBELLION. Tw+ftwrisfinrn Waiira fpnn JU4LVJL OO UXlg Washington. The European Powers and the Blockade. IMPORTANT MILITARY ORDERS. CREAT EXCITEMENT H MIS80DBL Skirmishes with the Rebels at Charleston. Threatening Attitude of the Rebel Gen. Price. The Bombardment of Galveston, Texas. THE BLOCKADE AND PRIVATEERS. Oar Fishing: Squadron Offer to Join the Blockade. ARRESTS OF SUSPECTED PERSONS. Activity in the Recruiting Service in Hew York* 4c., MB SPECIAL WASOOKTOI DESPATCHES. Wsshwoton, Aagnit 20.1801. MB SUBOPBAM POWERS AMD THE BLOCEAM. AH Wk la aald about the attitude of Europoaa Powers Mantmlng the blockade, after special tap try at tie Mis Department, there is authority for saying that, in the MMae when the Niagara waa off the station of Charleston Mr twenty-four hours. Lord Lyons broeght the subject to CheHatlee of the United Mates gorernment. With that MMptlea, which happened twelve weelss ago, no foreign gorernment had expressed a word of discontent to this gDvammant oonoorniag the blockade. On the contrary, it IB universally respected by foreign governments, although MM of their subjects are very active in endeavoring to Hade the blockade, and very clamorous against E. THE BSBEL8 Of GOVERNMENT EMPLOY. The administration of the oath of all^lanoe proscribed by congress to government officials is developing scores Of rebels ht office under the governsnent. Some of them galp H, regardless ef the sanctity of an oath, with a predataraslnatlnn to prove falsa to It at every opportunity. ffiOiaOBH Off OOLLIMOW8?THE ARMY OP THE TOTWHAO. Ha city to-day fan been full of rumors of osilMona kn and thsra, which, wbm carefully and patienWy teced op, amount to nothing. The (hot is that at Ibis DMMnt the Union army of the Potomac is in better condittos than K has ever been. The strong arms and stoat hearts of loyal men are needed, not merely to defend the government, bat to re-establish it. We want no protected civil war, we want no drafts a poo the militia ef the loyal States to defend the capital of the ?>Ion, bat we do want loyal citizens, who appreciate the worth of the Union, and tbo value of the government to rally to their defence, and to delve hoik from thp national capital and into submission ta ths constitution and the laws the traitors who are in arms against the government. new military order a. The following orders were to-day Issued from the Adjutant General's office:? War nspastkicst, August 20, lgCl, Officers who have not been mustered into the Service have power to enrol men, but are not competent to muster them, under the provisions of General Order No. 68, current series, from the War Department. In lltie case the muster must he made by the same officer, either volunteer or regular, already in the service, and the oath must be administered by a civil officer or au officer of the regular army, preferably the latter. ha mustering companies the original muster rolls Will be retained at the oompany rendezvous, upon which the names of (he mom Iters will be enrolled as ttvy present themselves. As they are mustered they will be sent to the commanding officers of the camps of rendezvous, With a descriptive list, stating name, date ?f enrolment and muster, the officer by whom mastered, the company and regiment to wi:i h t'iicy belong, and whether they hare or have not t:?)c n the oath of allogianoe presented for those entering the s-rvloe. and such other information aa may bo Deo-s-^iry or useful In the case. Necessary subsistence will bo procured upon returns Signed by the mastering officer. When one-half of a company has been mustered into the service tbe first lieutenant thereof can 1k> mastered In, and when tbe organization of the company is completed the captain and second lieutenant can tie xu mustered. When the men of a company have been mnatcrod by mare then one officer tne fact must be stated on the muster roll, opposite their names, by whom mustered, which rolls must be signed by each officer. Field and staff officers can be mustered into the scrvloe upon the completion of the organization of regiments or companies, as follows:? Colonel?The entire regiment, lieutenant Colonel?Four companies. JU)or?Six crpipauies. Chaplain, Surgeon, Adjutant, Quartermaster and Assistant Burgeon?The entire regiment. The cost of transportation of troojis from .the place of muster to the place of rendezvous, will bo paid for as directed in General Order No. 68, current series, from this office, from the appropriation for collecting, drilling and organizing tbe volunteers. Quartermasters at the camps of rendezvous will make 1 requisitions upon the Adjutant General for the funds ncMssary for the purpose. All officers charged with disbursements of funds approSiated under tbe act mentioned will forward to this ofe a monthly summary statement and account current, with vouchers, in the manner prescribed for tho general recruiting service. HXADQCABTna Division OF TIT* POTOYAC, > WatH wroN, August 19,1881. ) (imxiAH. Wo Inspections of subsistence stores or propsrtr of snv kind Will be allowe I, unless directed from these bead- I quarters or from the headquarters of brigades and regiments. Tbe inspector in every case shall lie a commissioned officer of tho army. By command of Major General MoCLELlAN. 8. Wiuiams, Assistant Adjutant General, m 1n8vb0kpw< atk members OP TlUt new TORE 8s venty-ni nth rkoimknt. This afternoon the Secretary of War authorized the discharge of twenty-eight of tho Insubordinate members of _ the New York Seventy-ninth, Highlanders, tho charges | against them being frivolous. This loaves only nineteen tB custody. kecbttion and review op troops. General McClellan will receive General McCall's brigade t Tenleytown, near Silver Spring, in Maryland, at ten ] 'clock A. M., to-morrow, and at three In the afternoon he will review General Smith's brigade near tbe Chain ! Bfldgo, In the District. THE concentration op troops in washington. It is considered that the most effective means of checking the designs of the enemy In Washington Is to have a military force adequate for all possible contingencies. This is soon to be supplied. The earnest measures of the administration to this end have already produced hero tbe most happy effect, and afford reassurance of the safety of the capital, depending on tho patriot to responses of the North. the new commandant at governor's ihi.and. Lieutenant Colonel C. N. Smith, Tenth regiment of in [ENE fantry, now stationed at Governor's Island, succeeded se Colonel Stone lu the command of this department, as l* nc waa at tho time constituted. Colonel Smith la an aoo*fr Vi plishod officer. Ho lias been thlrtyslx years In the na vico. II# was fourteen years Commandant of Cadets at as West Point, andcommanded a llglit battery in the Mexl- t can war. Ho is one of the best tacticians in the army. | He has ween service for five years on the frontier, and ii( nil lu a word, ono of tho most efficient officers in the service, pr His services at this moment are invaluable, and It is a* hoped that he will at once be recalled to active duty in an the line. 8e< MJt. 8ICKI.KS AND THE SBCIWTABT OP WAB. K K is but an act of justtoe to say that no man, since the , war brotae eut, lias worked hardor or more successfully In raising troops than Cenoral D. E. Sickles. He began In yc April Isst to raise a regiment in ths city of Mew York, thl but recruits rushed In upon him so faat that Governor ^ Morgan suggested to him, through a mutual Mend, that be should form a brigade rather than reject the men. i Though averse to the heavy responsibility, he went on enrolling, and early In Hay the Secretary of War sent him ^ daring leader?tint hi* brigade would be accepted the moment it tu orgnatzed, end tliet the moment be arrived , 'n Washington be weold be employed on en honorable M though perilous aaterprtee." Thus eaeoaraged by the g|r government, who rejoiced to aee tbe democrats springing , forward to tbe rescue, Mr. Sickles added regiment after w; regiment to his command. Hie men were selected with wi greet circumspection, and officers of rare merit, such a* Colonels liwight, Taylor'and Hall?al West rotators, we , believe?were pat at tbe bead of tbe First, Seoend and ^ Third regiments of tbe Kxcclsior Brigade. Late in tlie ^ month of Hay the Secretary of War, by ordor of ear potrieiio President, informed Mr. Sickles officially that tbe several regiments composing bis brigade were duly accepted by the government of the United States ; and Gov. 81 Morgan and tbe Union Committee, who, from metives of ^ their own, had suddenly tnrned round against Sickles, were also offloialiy apprized that bis brigade was accepted ; and by thia act, therefore, this Indefatigable officer became aelmg Brigadier General. It la only folr to say that Gen. Sickles has overcome many obstacles in bis j patriotic enterprise, but tbe heaviest of all was ^ tbe enormous pecuniary responsibility be has been to ( forced to ioanr. Woelm clapsod before his regiments cos I wuw uviuumvrwi mw vuw uuim ouucv bvi \ ice, uu u? y(> I was consequently forced to provide, at bis own risk, for the support of several thousand men, or see them, after al| i his eflbrts, scattered and disbanded. He did not shrink pr, from this test, and trusts to the honor of government for r the redemption of all legitimate obligation. o(pt Three of (be regiments compomng the brigade of Gen. Sisklea left for Washington the middle of July, In twenty- <j flour hours after the orders of General Soott were reeei ved, wai and last week they were reviewed by the President on y0l their mareh inte Virginia, where General McClellan has assigned them a position of grave responsibility. "Hie two TP additions* regiments of this splendd brigade wlH march to Washington immediately, and both the Preeidentand ' Oommander-in-Chief soem to entertain the highest expec- r?P tations of this fine body of men. They are animated with a 8(8 tree martial spirit, and exhibit a respect for discipline ^ that will make them reliable tn the field, while their "J devotion to their popalar commander is best ills- dt)1 played la the motto of the Sickles brigade, "Victory Bai or Death." We are not surprised to learn that General Sickles has revealed great aptitude for his new and 1101 arduous duties, as his quick Intelligence is well known; Tyl and certainly the devotion of twenty hours out of the Hai twenty-four to his duties could hardly fall to make him a i useful and accomplished officer. We are Informed that to8 the pledges of the President and the Secretary of War to eta General Sickles In May last, to ooafdr on trim the poet of 1 General of Brigade, have einoe been renewed to Senators ' Harris, of New York, and Wilson, of Massachusetts; and U* we may therefore look, at an early day,.for the issue of *ba Ilia T# ta nniwaraallw tieHnwnil (Vat Ihn bOt Sickles brigade will plant the flag of the Union on the *?b ramparts of the eaemy wherever they may be led, or 1 heroically pariah In the attempt. 8,01 The fellewiag order was sent to Uaeteoaat H. Hey tier, officer in charge of the recruiting service of the Exoeisler Brigadesancux. om>n ?o. 88. u?e HneKtcerraas Diriuo* or m PoroKiC, 1 W-eSHi.wox, August 19, 18M. J Special Order No. 36 of this date from these headquarters, directing Colonel Jam os Fair man, Pooonrt Fire Zouaves, New York Volunteers, to proceed to Camp Feott, J Staten Inland. New York harbor, and conduct to Sbis city nib aeven (7) companies ef that regiment, Is hereby revoked. By oommaad of Major General MoCLELLAN. 8. Wellums, Assistant Adjutant Geaesal. sun ARMY APP9INTMKNM. T The fallowing military appointments have been made Pnt to-day:?tiustavos Boscom, Henry Theall, John Macomb ^re Wetherill, John 1!. Knight and William H. Morris, Assist. 'r01 ant Adjutant Generals of Volunteers, with the rank of b,r7 captaiue, and H. Janes Brooke, Commissary of Subsistence 7 of Volunteers, with the rank of uaptain^ James W. Scott, Assistant Quartermaster of Volnnteers, with thrrank of captain; Richard W. Thompson, Jr., Commissary of Subsistence, with the rank of captain. bin Among the appointments to-day is that of Captain Lieb ' as Quartermaster. His appointment was rejected by the *.?'? Senate, hut he has been reappointed upfen wo Solicitation ' of the officers of the column in Western Virginia, where ' his services have been rendered. THE VOICE OP THE WEST. * Intelligence from the West shows that that section is fully aroused to the necrsstty of a sharp, quick and dect- m4' alve contest with the rebels. Indiana ofTers thirteen raore arn regiments, to be ready in two weeks. The othorn Western ??u States are not backward. This war must be fought by ?*u lnvft.1 And not hv m(*n VmnroHfiod. as tho rt>hft)a have been obliged to Impress men into their servioe. gin am cot. m'cunn FOUND OUILTT. in c The court martial upon tbe case of Col. McCunn, of the hm New York Thirty-seventh'vgimont, have found the d(.r Colonel guilty of the charges, and ho te consequently de- yot posed from his cokmeley and broken of his military rank. fnJJ Tho city is all quietness to-day and to-night. tjie FITTINO 01T OF LAUNCHES. nes The launches bronchi up Uy the steamer Baltimore are ,letl ma] rapidly being fitted out, each with a twelve pound how- noi itzcr. us. It la well known fhat some time ago tho Secretary of evc War appointed from civil life an Inspector of Subsistence. The order f his appointment lias ever sinco created much dissatisfaction among the officers cf the army. This order of Qen. McClellon is Intend-*! to restore harmony and enable military men to determine for themselves and j, their commands what is proper food for their men. The ^ offlceft are directly interested in the result. They have ^ the power to correct any abuses of the Commissary's Do- m,y partmcnt, and upon them will and should devolve all ?f | blame if their mm are not properly c vred for. Put NEW REGULATIONS IN Til!'. treasury DEPARTMENT. Recent modtficutions of the tariff, t -gather with war f?]i operations j have so increased the ordinary business of tho > Treasury Department, tlmt Secretary Chase has found 11 necessary to issuo regulations requiring nil employes to j be at their desks pnnctually at nlno A. M. and r< main tilk pre throe P. M. Beading of newspapers, smoking separs ngn drinking whiskey and receiving and paying visits, except Go< upon offlclal business, are strictly prohibited during ofllce 1 hours. He adds, "Ilea Is of huroaus are charged with seeing these rules observed, and noticing delinquents in their monthly reports of business to the Secretary." 'j Till MAYOR OK WASHINGTON DEC I. INKS TO TADI . , < THE OATR OF A1XEOIANCK. tiol The Mnyor of Washington City, James 6. Berrett, socially a very estimable gentleman, politically a double distilled, dyed in the wool Breckinridge loco fooo, hag i long been charged with seocsslon proclivities. The art of J"0' Congress establishing a Police Commission here, of which the Mayor, a officio, is a member, requires that the on< members shall mako and subscribe to the oath wi' of allegiance. Upon its presentation to Mayer Berrett yesterday he declined to take the oath, and interposed Sei his official dignity as Mayor. The capital has no need of Elf a Mayor who is not sufficiently loyal to tako the oath of nl- ^ legiance to the government, and in theso times, wheu mH Uafon men are ordered by an edict of tlie rebel Congress Ma at Richmond to loavo forthwith their homes and families, ,ml un< Mayor Berrett ought to bavo-tbe good sense to resign his ofllce, or expect to be arrested on the charge of misprison j of treason. The government has alroady exercised too ed great Indulgence towards these gentlemen rebels. A de* i f ided policy, administered with a Arm hand, Is the only ran thing that will bring them to their senscB. rov THE NEW GUNBOATS. 1 Tho gunboats building In Maine are to be named Kalab- vol pin, Aroostock, Penobscot and Kinesj those in Massachu- mc * W YO NEW YORK, WEDNESD lis Xarblchoad, Fagamore, Chocura, and Huron; In Oonctleut?Owasco, Kcnawhat and Cayuga; in Now Y<:k~ ladilla, Ottawa, I'embina, Seneca, Chippewa and tVkiola i'eustiylvaina?Hum a, Scioto and W issabyan; tnDoL rare?lahoma; at Baltimore?1'mola. HE NEW YORK KNI) HAVANA. LINK OF STF.AMERR. Spoflbrd, Tiieston h Co., who have two summers rnuog between New York and Key West and Havana. havo nposed to subsist one ufllcer and fifteen men on board ch vessel, to be furnished wfth the proper armament d clothed with authority to capture privateer*. The cretary of the Navy has aceeded to tho proposition. AMI NATION OP VESSELS OM THE WESTERN WATERS. Hie englnoer appointed to examine vessels on the wtora waters with a view to their purchase for gorumont uses, has Just returned and made his report to Navy Department. CK EXAMINATION OF OFFICERS TO TAKE COMMAND OF VESSELS FOR TI1K BLOCKADE, it is ascertained at the Navy Depaatment that good issee of men are offering at New York and Boston to mm and the par chased vessels authorised to be added the service. They are undergoing examination. THE BLOCKADE, lite inlets of North Carolina, H in suspected, are not the ly ones on the Southern ceast te bo obstructed by tbe iking ef old hulks flllod with stones. Thote who ima>o that the Navy Department Is sot vigorously at work U have occasion to change their opinion, as vast relis will he fwxra ftmvir?ent SUPPLIER FOR. TBI BLOCKADING SQUADRON, rhn United Ptatos steamer Connect lent will les\? Mew irk on the 23d isst., with fresh supplies and provisions the vessels now performing blockading service. She II also take the letters to thorn previously seut to the ,val Lyceum, st Brooklyn, for that purpose. NATO]# WILSON TO RAISE A REGIMENT IN MASSACHUSETTS. Senator Wilson has received authority to raise a regl nt in Massachusetts k with a battery of flying artillery ached, and will leave Washington immediately to erlite it. SUICIDE OF LIEUTENANT WEST. Lieutenant F. 0. West, who registered himself as athed to the navy, from New Tork, committed snicide day by taking latxlanmn. He was employed in the ist survey. His father resides at New Rocbolle, New rk. ALL QUINT IN WASHINGTON. The rebels hare not advanced, and quiet reigns tu'me. The organisation of regiments into brigades is >id)y progressing, and all things essential te either insive or defensive movements hsve been eared for THE STEAMER BALTIMORE. "he steamer Baltimore, about which so much anxiety s expressed, has arrived at the Navy Yard, from tress Monroe. IE NEW VIRGINIA STATE CONVENTION. WinDCUEo, Vs., August 20, 1801. Tie Convention passed the ordinance creating a State, or ted by the select committee on a division of the te, this morning, by a vote of fifty to twenty-eight, i boundary as fined includes the counties of logon, omlng, Raleigh, Feyotte, Nicholas, Webster, Ranph, Tucker, Preston, Monongahela, Marlon, Taylor, bour, Upshur, Harrison, Lewis, Braxton, Clay, Kasha, Boone, Wayne, CabeU, Putnam, Mason, Jackson, me, Calhoun, Wirt, Gilmer, Ritchie, Wood, Pleasants, er, Doddridge, Wettel, Marshall, Ohio, Brooks and ncosk. I provision was incorporated permitting oertatn a<yotn: counties to come in if they should desire, by expreen of s majority of their people to do so. [he ordinance also provides for the election of delegates n rVmwnnltfEt Ia frtrfn a Asimm*iinUiwa A* tlm **? i question "for a new State" or "against a new State" ill bo submitted to the people within the proposed indary. The election is to be held on the 34th or Ocernext be name or the new State is to be Kanawha. The utat harmony prevailed. The Convention wiU adjourn norrorw. be First Virginia regiment Is expected to return Sorrow. Great preparations have been made to give m a brilliant reception. SOUTHERN NEWS. Lorisviun, August 20,1801. l despatch to the Charter states that the steamer Hanoi City, with Union troops from St. Louis, bound southrd, was fired into by the rebels at Commerce, Me., and k. Three hundred Unionists were tsken prisoner, be Frankfort Yeoman says that Governor Magoffin dees W. A. Dudley and F. Hunt as commissioners te ident Lincoln to request the withdrawal ef troops Kentucky, and Gee. Johnson to Jeff. Davis to request ) to respect Kentucky's neutrality, bo New Orleans Bulletin of tho 13th Inst, says Captain on, of the steamer South Carolina, had informed the veston (Texas) authorities that unless two boats, ich he alleged belong to cltiZM should be returned to t. he would Qre the citrv. lio Richmond papers of the 16th place np reliance m mo reported bottle at Lovettsvllle. he Nashvtllo Manner of the 20ih says indications point t speedy reconciliation of the conflicting elements in :t Tennessee. he Abington Virginian says that there is trouble in inson county. The Uuion men are overawing and ting prisoners of the rebels, and reports a passage at is. Several rebels made a hasty retreat from the nty. The rebel vote reached one hundred in the nty, while the Union men polled one thousand. .. W. Barnwell, in a letter from Charlottesvillo, Vtria, August 12, says the supplies of clothing for the ly is not enough, and the destitution in our army ilothing and food is terrible, and many applications re been made to us by well men who wish to escape cness by an extra pair of drawers, or pocks, or nnshirts. It will require every nerve to b" strained by i and ourselves here to meet tho cxigencius of tho and winter, should the war last so long, ho thai lesion n wrier has a letter from Richmond,of 14th inst., saying that there is a great deal ol siclcs in nnr ariny. It Is paid at Charlottesville and ihliper that there are over three thousand ill. A y?at ny have been brought sick from this city, and at folk and Yorktown there is more disease than with The measles have swept and are sweeping through iry division of the army. NEWS PROM BOSTON. EDITOR TAKIU.n AND FEATHERED AND RODE ON A HAIL IN HAVERHILL, MASB. Boston, August 20,1881. n Haverhill, Mass., last night, Ambrose L. Kimball, lor of the Er%fx County rttmomU (a weekly secession et), was forcibly taken from bin house by an exciteJ b, and, refuslrg Information, was covered with a coat Iar and feather? and ridden on n rail through the town. MequonCly, under threat? of violence, Sir. K. promised coop his pen dry in aid of rebellion, end was liberated. : town authorities anil many Rood citizens ttusuocossy attempted to quell the mob. fr. Kimball, after suffering the abuse and indlpnity the mob for a long time, made tho following nfllrmaI oil Ills knees:? am sorry that I have published what I have, nnd t imise tlmt I will never again write or publish articles .inst the North and In favor of secession, so help mo 1. ifter this he was conducted to his homo. THE MASSACHUSETTS TROOPS. PROCLAMATION BY GOVERNOR ANDREW. Boston , August 20,1881. Sovcrnor Andrew has Issued tho following proclainaB:? EXX'TTTVX PrrATiTYrrr, \ Boston, August 20, 1861. / TUX ClTOKN POIPER-S ">K MsWAtni mctix-? Vgntn In a moment of public danger your country calls :i to the pott where the heroic soldiers of April kostenwith generous alacrity and sublime devotion. Two ;iments encamped at I.ynnfleld, two at I'odham and j at Worcester are yet incompletely recruited. They II march Immediately. Whether few or many, they II mare,h?armed, uniformed and equipped?on Thnrsy, Friday and Saturday of tho present woek. The renteenth regiment needs two hundred men, tho ihteenth four hundred, the Nineteenth three hundred 1 fifty, the Twentieth five hundred, and the Twentyit two hundred men, In order to (111 their ranks to tho ixlmum number allowed by law. Citizen soldiers of ssaehusetts, duty, honor, the dearest sentiments of :riotlc love and devotion, rail for your brave hearts and jonqucrable arms. JOHN A. ANDREW, Governor and Comaaandcr-lfi-Chlef* Between three and four thousand men will bo forwardduring the present week. "he Twenty-first regiment, Colonel Morse, with full iks and thoroughly equipped, leavo Worcester to-morr for the seat of war. ho Second and Fourth battalions, of Boston, have ,cd unanimously to offer their services to tho govcrnnt for three months. j RK H AY, AUGUST 21, 1861. THE BLOCKADE AND THE PRIVATEERS. ? ? i OUR PISHING FLEET TO AID THE GOVERN- A. K8KT. Ba TUB C'lIlUPE'T A KB Stop EFFECTUAL WAV OF n DEALING WITH TUK VIKATES. Til Amoag th? various schemes proposed lo put a stop to t ' {he depredate us ef Jefl'rrsen I>a\ le'piratical eraft in our w?lwi doiia bids f:t r to bo laors e(recttve,ae none Ismoro pu miselilchly patriotic, thaa lhat of our harity fishermen, '"d who #(Tor themselves aul their vwrrli to cruise against the nautical marauders who aro now crippling our com- Cnp niorce. The following application to tho President ot the Unitad States spodka tor itsair-.? Nsw Yhwc, August 1#, 1M1. Mm AuSAtuu, President of tho United Stales:? tat I IhMRSm?Whereas, the commercial and mercantile In- box Uireele of onr country are betugdeetoved, It ii proposed r by numerous masters and owners of vessels, which may NV, bo deemed Acceptable Oil Hie oart of tho irnversmetit of cili tho United Hlate*, ti> ant ami assist in capturing any f steamer orlpiher craft which may bo found su the The ocean, saltlto under tho Confederate or rebliion li?g ?f ana the seceded Itatrg, or which may )> found * si lay under a tho privaleer commission issued by the government sudor Jefhrsou I torts aa its Preatdenl; therefore the undersigned, hi behalf sf Captain lieorgo Wales and others, wnuU TH respectfully make application to your l*rosi tout of the United Htwtee, to tssse an order to tlie sudorsigned to caature and take such vessels for a bounty, to M be paij by ta<> KOverumeut, under such stipulations and ofE sondiiione aa may be drcmed advisable, with a view to protect our commerce and maraud Ho Interests of audi of our clttrens ss may bo considered loyal usd }>atriotlc lu boa bidialf of the government ef the failed Plates si lis arc rar| deslreus of the maintenance of the constitution, tho union ^ and the laws of our coanlry.. Respectfully submitted. E. W. HINMAN. CMI The Ashing fleet consists of front two thousand to two ver thousand Ave hundred smacks, ranging from nine to one hundred and twenty tons Durdqn, and manned by crews ^UM' who are Inured to all lbs vicissitudes of onr changeful but clime. These men are constantly exposed to all the peril dow of the deep, and, consequently, have been peesllarly rat' educated to habile of self-reliance in evory danger Inei- w<x dent to the ocean, whilo their frames become so hardened as to enable them to undergo any amount of tattgae '*rl common to their perilous calling. A fleet of euch small vessels, sach armed with a good rifled cannon Mr and manned with such crows, would bo able to sweep the seas of whatevsr piratical craft the rebels might be able B0 to bring against them. Acting together In numbers they inR would be irresistible, whilo even singly, or in auiaflsquud- tho

rons, they would luterpose au effectual check to the do- frc' predatlons of the pirates. lh' The records of history show that In the maritime wars of different European nntions their flshermen have consti w 1 tuted no mean elcmeat In adding to their naval ?r' strength, and hi crippling the enemy. Orest Britain torn always wiRdy fostered and eneouruged her fisheries tor this reason, and lias always, therefore, regarded with distrust and suspielon every en- Hp deavor of her neighbor* to strengthen this branch of b0* their mercantile marine. John Bull knows well enough *? ' that his fisheries are about the best narseriea for seanata, T and that his fishermen oomprise about the very best " material for the defence of his own coast or offensive ope- 1<K' rations against his neighbors. And If the United Mates government will but accept the liberal and patriotic offer dre made by our fishermen, the wisdom of encouraging sa OE important an element of our national strength will be demonstrated la the clearing out of the privateer* that Infest our seas. p Of course such a fleet will require as its Immediate Ul* commander, a man who thoroughly understands the poopie who he will have to command, no less than he will cat r?quire te be possessed of considerable nautical skill, and of courage to face danger and difficult)**. Such a man appears to be at the head of the movement In Oapt. George < h Walan, master of the schooner liary E. Manguiu, of Rock- ^ port, Mass. Captain Walcn Is represented as a bold and ^ thorough seaman, who baa been sailing between this city sh and Gloucester, Mass., for many years. Let the govern" ^ " meet then accept of Captain Walcn and his bold and hardy sea volunteers, and the sea wHl toon he cleared of the Ho piratical craft sailing under tho bogus commissions issued va' by the spurious government of Jeff. Davis. , OUR SET WERT CORRHUPOKBBKCB. Cmtko Sravw) Srsxncn RKODS ISUNB, 1 j? Kair Wear, August 8,18<J1. f Prentvming the fieri? VadU qff ChartrMen Ifarbor? Ja Runaway Seek Art Protection of our Ship*?The as Late CnVitinn Jhebaem the Wabash and Seminole?A , 1 lie Chase with a Vrieateer? Vaneb of A'ey WW, <fc. wll Since mv last letter of the 3d Inst, wc have been mine Jul steadily nn our voyage south, stopping at the different t^lc blockading divisions only losg enough to supply them with provisions, fte. T On the 4th hist, we came to ancnor off Charleston bar- J* bor, where wo found the frigate Roanoke, steam gunboat jla4 Seminole and sloop Vanlalia. Hie day was clear and beau- tnn tiful, and Fort Sumter and the distant spires of Char)"* ton full in night. The rebel flag eouki bo seen with V), the glass flying on the ramparts an proudly aa stsi if it had a right to bn there. Abeut noon a small object Leci was discovered by the Quartermaster an watch, which ho ^ supi>osod to be a deck; but on closur'Juspertion H proved son to he a.T'nittil bout approaching us from shore. The boat n"'' contained two runaway slaves, who reported that they ^af had left James Island the night before, and tint they belonged to Mr. Lawton. TUoy were stalwurth looking dar. T keys, and one of them quite intelligent. On q'fstloning the them as to tbe cause of their deserting thoir master, they ^ said,''He whipped them too much, and they oould not nos stand it." After devouring about six pountts if duff wo p,tw sent them on board the Roanoke. Tliey were sent back to us again, and put in tho engineers' department, where rail' thoy will be useful as coal passers. They report very 'nt< few soldiers at Charleston. The Seminole, which 1 menI w 1 tioncd in ray last a' having been run into by tho rub Wabash, reports that tho collision occurred at night, and Q"" that the Wabash mistis k her for tho Sumter, and run down upon them for tho purpose of engaging, and only on discovered tho mistake in time to prevent giving her a ^'v broaiisidThe, Seminole lost hor bowsprit ami heart gear. 0,1' I The Wab ash wus nninjured. If tho Wabash had lliod (die ' would have stmk tins Seminole immediately, as the latter sits low in the water, aud every shot would liavo odd on '"'f her devks and bull. Wo supplied the Roanoke and Van- llac' daliu witli fresli provisa ns, which will prove very ao- "av cnptuble, as they have hern on salt "grub" for "'hi nearly two months. The Roanoke relieved the Wabash r('rt to go to (?l<l Point fur coal. On her return (in about two 011 1 weeks) the Roanoke will go down tlie Gull. Yesterday Pr"' morning, about six o'clock, we chased a small schooner, T1 that took refuge close In shore, where she anchored and tired a shot at us. which fell short and (at ahead. Color- 'hrt Innately our rifled gun would not reach, or wo would lm\e fi'|e given him a doso that he would have remembered for his hiw impudence. '-J0! August fi we came to anchor off Tybee light, Sa- 11 ' wero very giad to s.'C us, as they had been without a 01 ' raail or lresh provisions Cor six weeks. from one of the w officers I learned the particulnrs of the sinking of the I Charleston private.'!' schooner, formerly called tlto f.'ov. was Achorn. On the 28lh of July they disoovercd a si s vicious '"ki looking craft cruizing otr Charleston, and immediately ofl ' tntnlc sail in chaw. Alter saver ai hourtt Mie St. Iztwrence bo!1 approached so near that tho privateer commenced liririg, "" but without effect. Tlie frigate then opened on her, the Prc' sh dl taking i lici t I'll her Mm,knock me It OMRpltMjr wl away, when alio commenced to sink, and In a few mi- ''''' notes disappeared fn m sight. The frigate immediately lw" lowered ber boats and picked up the officers and crew, " who wero struggling in tho water. On questioning tho "rt> oaplain why he tired Into so large and superior armed tul" vessel, lie said lie saw a number of officers standing on 'I"" tho iKiop. and hojKvi to kill some of them ami esca|>v in C'J2 the c. nl usi 'ii that ho supponod their death weuld uvea. T1 sion. Some of tho crow were drowned when tho vessel Pr's sunk, and all of them, from the captain down, wore drunk. One of tho ofliccra was formerly a passed mid- B?,v shipman In tho navy. The Orderly Sergeant of Marines ,l,e was a deserter from our Marine corps last April; lie stands a g.sal chance of having his neck stretched. Tlio 8"r.f prisoners wero sent to New York In tho steamer Flag, * ' whore you will probably hear all about the affair long oro "P"1 thl? reaches you. Wa-M The Sieop Macedonian and sieamer Crusader are here at ,a'ic Key Wmt. I send this by tho latter vessel. Wo sail tl"' early to-morrow morning for Fort Pickens, to Rtop hero 'l"ai on our w ay back. Tbe United States sloop l'roblo has just arrived. ^ I hide Kmr West, August 10, 1861. l'hc ihe Fni'od fftaftt Slnop of-\oar I'reblt Defined for lhe Gulf Blockading .S'/uadion?The Ihih./i SteanuT Tl .Vjn.vm "ff A'!/ Wrtt? n ret* oj the Hark William <C j ?' Jaw-rfralth of the Garrimn at Fart Pirhn* <6r. The 1'nited States sloop-of-war Preble, Captaiij Frenh urn commanding, arrived at this [tort the morning of tho lu * 9th Id cm Boston and tho blockaded ports of the Allantic coast. She has touched here for supplies of wood and and water, procuring which she will Mil for the porta of the (Fi Gulf. J The razee frigate Macedonian, Captain Glynn, has ro- Jf',, reived a thorough overhauling sinco her arrival at this 1 Win station, and she is now at anchor oir Fort Taylor, ready | pav for sea. We do not know her destination.' It is most t hut likely Penaaoola. oth< The t inted 81 lites steamer Rhode Island, Captain Tren- i will rhard commanding, arrived from New York on the 8th J Tl irst. She brought New York papers ol thv 31st ult., hut | long ERAI maH. After toallng and filling np her watar links sho *11 t on the Will nut fop 'lamp* 8ny mid the < ?iIf ports. n.i I'll" Hulled km ten lU'iiiiier Crusader, Lieutenant T. tb< Craven commanding, m *tiU in port. U> Her Hritiumic Majesty's stivim,"- Spiteful, Commodore sol nlop, h'fl thin |k>* mi iho 29th ult. c* Pint sehoouer U. A. Douglas Capluln Prsoks, sailed for ea iladelphta. da Phe schooner nojlla Hempstead, with surter'i goods fur 80 ft l'ivkons, entlid on th? till 111st. va Tio hrlg Mtaibath Waiw, Captain Ttryan, from Fort wl Umis, arrived aa the 4th, taiilod 7t' fur PhlladolphHi in TU laat. The hark R. H. IkiTi# arrived fr> in rhais'iehilna on an 6lh, with a cargo of coal fur the naval Hoot. Win in led Uir Galveston on the tNtli. The hark lieu llullaK, wi >1. I.lltte,from Fort riok>-ne, In ballast, arrived on the bn .and lid ton the Tfh for Philadelphia. 'Ilio bark Ami F.lira- a 1 ii, ('apt. Norgravn, arrived oh the 8th, from Philadelphia tw lava 1 saw near Gtm Key lit" bark Willlalta k Jano, from an isnzas, for Falnvmlh, with angar, ashore, bilged. Hie tin Mima wreckers IkvI saved nearly her whole cargo vd 1st sugar. The vessel would bo a total lows. on lie tinrk Mary J. Kimball, ('apt. Mot'lellun, wived from rol v York on the 8th, with a full cargo of goods for this Wi )<? city aud thu Rtirsisons remain perfectly bealtliy. tin re has not bflea a etngla death from yellow fever tho pr< lmer through. At Kurt I'lekwis and at Fort Jufiersou j?ai health ot ttte garrison is perfect. 8C ? RBC1NT CAPTURES BT TIIE PRIVATEER JEFP, DATTBe r. Ttartlatt Jones, first officer nf the brig Pant* Clarat 1 antport, arrived here yesterday merniag from Ifuluiea' e. llr. Jones was one of the party that was put on *"l p> of uK. Ha states thai Hie ttanta Clara, or Rnatport, Jj*1 Uln El Dogwood, was fraaa Fajardo, P. U ., with a 0|r #oef sugar,bound to Saw York, and consigned to K1- >"* a At Hal), aod was captured August 6, latitude 29, J* titudo 97, by Hie privateer Jeff. Davis. The pirate, . previous to the capture, bad flying the British flag, V upon approaching within gunshot hank'd fo that flag and placed in its stead that of the Confede. ! p? i States. Upon taking the Santa Olara, Capt. Riling- <o >d, Mr. Jones and the entire crew, with the exception j|j: the cook and three S|?unsh pa voagora, wire trans |, | ed to the Jeff. Davis, and fram thence to the schooner ha idward, which vessel was eaptnrod the day provions. JJ*1 . Junes says it was the lnhentten of Hie eommaiuler of privateer to burn or sink tiie Windward, bat having be great a ninnhcr of prisoners, and not know- hk what to do with them, he concluded to pot in on board the Windward and set them s, which was accordingly done, only allowing 8o m f?r subsistence one barrel of broad, twu barrels ef He f, one barrel of flour and a small allowance of wafer, ich gave each man oae pint per day. Mr. Jones speaks tin 'apt. Ooxottcr, of the Jeff. Davis, in the highest praise. <u, gentlemanly sonduct and humane feoitag were ip-eat ' on trust with that of his flrst ofllcor (I'astell), whoau <>, piage and treatment of the prisoners were very bad. fed also says that they had but one prize muster more on '; ' wl and only about thirty men, and would be compelled tin to home soon for a crow. '?? L. t. . - - - int uu juii. i'uvih uunvs vwo vweive pound meuiuui K'nir ^ i battery, two eighteen po?Dd medium guns In a baty, md otic long eighteen pouuder on apivot amidshiiw, i enough small arms of the best quality for one bun. ' dmen, with plenty of ammunition. Her oflleers are:? JJj' nmandor, L. M. Ooxetter; First UWcor, i'astell; Second oer, Stewart; Sungoou, llabixitlt. Assistant Surgeon and irti ling I'urser, Seabrook. jn< [From the Boston Traveller, August 18.] wl itatc street was somowhat excited to-day by the news 1 ,t the now famous inlvstcsr, tho Jetl. Pavis, had made a11 umber of additional captures, Including thu baric Alva- * lo, bound from the Cupe for Roston, with a valuable geof wool, hides, be. The following account is far- 1,1 ihed by the Marchanta' Exchange:? lli> lark Alvarado.of and for Boston, Whiting, kom Cape ,n wa June 8, with cargo of 458 lutlcs wool, 26 bales bit- fl" u leaves, 280 bales sheep skins, 6& bales goat skins, R* 1 hides, was captured July 21, in lat. 26 degrees, ten. degrees 18 minutes, by the privateer Jeff. Davis, ilch put a prize crew on board and ordered her South. ?p e toelt out ttorrew of tho bark, with the exception of ?,,,, ptais Whtttng, wife and a colored sook, and they re transferred ta scIhmkmh- Windward on Uke 6th of wa gust In bit. 28 degrees, ton. 60, which arrived at c||. Irnes' llole on the I7th Five of the crew of the At- mj| ado joined tii? privateer?one of whom, Jerome B. tlic it*s, of Brooklyn, V. Y., was made prize master on ir if Hants Clara, Swell, frsm Peru Rice for New by rk, with a cargo ef molasses, and whish was jt, tared by the Jell. Davis on ths 6th of August, ,,rj kit. 29 degrees, Ion. 60 degrees, and ordered South. bin I of tho crews of verse Is boarded by the Jeff. Davis had tiv ted hoc. and among her eretv wore four men of the ship tin ry Goodetl (before reported), one of whom was acting (Lp boatswain en beard the privateer. dig <r. liaitaky, ftTUt olicerof theAIvarado, reports that .with others captured, wore oa board the privateer it en she visited the port of iaan Juan, Porta ltlco, on y 28, arriving there on Sunday evening. She remained re twenty-four hours, and ehtalned smaW stores and tor. The woly itcrsuns going on shore wore the Doctor tlicoek) and Uootcnant of Marians (Heabrook.) 'ho Usntatn of Marines oa board the Jeff. Davie ban one 1 e of li is face hi Kit oir, which, He says, was ilene at Kurt ]j| iiltrio during the siege of Fortflumler. The Jeff. Davis , I only twenty one men. si 1 told, on board, when wu were [inferred to tile schooner Windward, and wo very soon 'on wwards lost Bight of kcr. upturn Whiting wus allowed to remnla on board bis w? Be) en accmtil of having his wife. Mr. Hauaky also }n, les they were treated kindly while on baanl the prlva- ore r. Sin a addition to the above we learn that the Jeff. Davis mi > captured the bark California and brig Mary Thump- ti;t , aud allowed them to proceed, not having sudk icnt tht n to put prise crowd on board of them. Uark Calil'or- Hh, , Fluthnroe, sailed from i-t. Thomas, July 8, for Cork, tali I this probably refers to her. ' an< STATEMENT 0E THE MATE OK THE ALVARADO. na' he mate of the baric Alvarabo, Edgar Hanaky, makes "r iioiiowtag ttnumsnti? Mt am mate of the b.trk Alvorado, Cnpt. Vnilting, which A ad froin Cape Town, CajKi of (lood Hope, June 3, for cn( tan. On the 21st of July, at sevou m the morning, u vessel with the Kiigli.-h flag, und made for lie- for purpose of t>i>eakmg b< r; when she oame within gun- I t. distance a gun was tired across the how of the Alva- (j..f a, a signal to come to. The A. Immediately luffed up i the wind, wheu a boat was put out from the brig. Ruc 0 the order to heave to, Captain Whiting Inquired mai liat it all meant " The Confederate flag wus then ;IIU ed iu place of tlic Kngiish flag. Captain Whiting in- WJ? ed, '.'What flag is that?" The answer was, "Tho j tbern Confederate flag." The papers were then do- ruk ruled and given up. Afterwards a pilie crew was put jp,, board,and most of the provisions taken out of the nrudo aud |iut on board of the Jeff. Davis, leaving r.j? r en Ugh fur the PrfW erew. gtl? tio captain, captain's wife anil cook wore left on board * bark, I here being no pro[?-r accommodations for la1 on board the privateer. Tlte others were ordered to , Ic up their private property and go on board tlio Jeff. j, j, is. A prize ciew was put wu board ttie Aivarndo, yer eh got under way. flooring west by south, iu the di- jan Ion of Florida. The Jeff. I lav is then made sail, and j1(i| he 28th of July went into Porto ltico for water and visions. lie dsy before the arrival at Porto Rioo she spoke a nil brig and fired a allot across her bow,'which passed rrr> Kigh her jib. Upon her nationality being ascertained was allowed to proceed unmolested. They were alwl to slay in I'orto Rico 'inly twenty four hours, when y were ordered off by the Captain of the Port. August 6, ^ '. M. the Jeff. Davis overhauled the sclioouor Wludil, and lookout her provisions, intending to smk her tori ayllght. pur r)ij? morning came they spoke the brig Santa Clara, . Kastport, Ellington: took possession of her. when it i found that she liad i lirot S>aiii?li imsseugeiw on infe rd. These jms sogers they did not molest, hut took gov he erew leaving behind the cook; put a prize crow on ril anil Bent her off. bo captain (if Iho privateer then began to express ap- tbc icnslons on account of the large number of prisoners w|,j m'l on board,and concluded that instead of sinking Windward lie would put bis prisoners, in all twenty- ' ''lr , on board tlmt vessel and send them off. thai e put on board the schooner as provisions two barrels eef, one of |xnk, and some mouldy biscuit, which forudy lusttd until they rcacliod Holmes' Hole. Mr. tak< oky and four of the crew of the Alvnrado reached this A this mo; uiug via New Bedford. our in very night when the captain concluded to pnt Ids oners on board the Windward, the prisoners, not 10 ' ig in irons, determined by agreement among them- ton es to take tho brig at all hazards, even If obliged in ^ struggle to kill the small number of the rebel crew, lie bad no doubt that tho attempt would have bocu w'" :CMtfui,ns several of them were asleep. frot ve of tho crew of (he Aivanein Joined the privateer jn i being promised a shore of the .-;kmIs. Mr. Ilunaky offered one fll'th of the value of all |irizcs he should "ra into port in case lie would act as prize master. All the prisoners wore kindly used and had plenty to eat on rd the Jed". Davis. ic A'varado was valued at about $10,000. She is ownby Isaac Taylor ntid (iix>rgo Thomas. Hor cargo of s, Ac., was valued at not less than $76,000, and, us has the w nr clause in h r policy. the loss will fall i the insurance companies unicsa she ia recaptured. A ship la not insured. , le followin r item doubtless refers to the Alvnrado:? e Savarmr.h Riymllu-an of the 7th soys:?A hark, id l a fhdla for Boston, and captured hy a ( onfede- Ti ! privateer, was run ashore on the const of Florida lun( o days ag"> by the prize erew. Tim crew went ashore mall boats, after which tho bark was boarded by a aBrl o number of men from a blockading vessel iu Uie 'lis tide ;e, and set on lire. Iler cargo cousistcd of wool, ftlrs medicines, valued at $76,000. -em the New Bedford (Mass.) Standard, August 19.] tiMKbootter Windward, of Stockton, Me., Captain Imrge. from Turks Island, with a cargo of sak. arrived at iiioh' Hole on Saturday. Tho men rctx>rt that tho dtvard was captured by the privateer brig Jeff. is. in latitude 28 north, longitude 87 west, August 4, ^ was subsequently released, and tho crews of several quo ir vessels provmusly captured pot on board of her, ^Ue !i a scanty allowance of provisions. be Windward left the pirate in latitude 40 47 north, I u ;ilude 67 10 west, having had a prize crew on hoard wan 1 ? I ,D. PltlCE TWO CENTS. night, and everything tAkOil out, with thf> purpose nf iking I lit" voNfiJ, Dill jurt *.? they w. re pi Uk civ.v uir, another sail (vim diacovered. whirh proved ho the Santa Claw. After takitr,' th" Imbl named vcsI, * consultation of the pirate's officers was had. The plain thought they were guitwg leo mm}' men to tnko to of, and feared they might li<? overpowered, so some (position must bo made of a portiou 'of tin' prisoners, luo proposed ib, i M prin^ wore tide it the ssels bo sunk and the men wut adrift insiuiiH boats, *i lour biscuit and a botfloef water to each man. Cuptalu demurred at k ..-a nn Inhuman proee.wlmg, il It was dotcriBiHod to pluoo ibe |irisonme. twretytwo Dumber, on board Ui? WludwAi i and lurnish them lb it barrel of Hour, two liamle of beef, ? barrel of ad and a little water, whleh amounted to about a pint lay to each man. Among the releaued pri-on?r? were o (upturns, one of whom wue master of tbe Windward, d throe chief mates. 'l'Uo ehruiitmnder was put out of 9 way, but was subsequently found, and the vnnel was ten to Holmes'Dole. rinyaral sail of resaeyi were mui the piiaaago,and signnln of duM <h? wore made, but no tef came, probably iwevented through suspicion of tho iidward, slie showing a large ninnbei ' men. Sevan of the iiosseng' rs ef the sehoouer arrived In a city last evopiag liy the Canoaleue, live ef whom icwded to Bustoh Uiis mersing. The remnmder took sago in veaeelB bound to Boston and Now Yoak. ^ 1UTHEBN PRnrATKKB AND BLOCKADE NEWS. FRTPONTTBfl OP If Alt AK? TBI BtOCKAPfc [Kroin the Charles ma Courier, Augeet 12.] fhe Steamur Den. CHnch, Oipdatn I. O. Murden, ar d hoia yesterday from Hnvunnuh and Intermediate tils. Captain M Informs ua that there wore two voss, appareatly both steamers, blockading Savannah. ? Cllurh rime out at South Ed Is to and put into North . Into sr. Sunday, hut there was nothing la aight. On idiy la ft a war steamer lay at anelier Air some Cum Norrti Hindu, bet lias not been aeon since. Ttie.folrlng prt'om rs of war arrived to tho (Jen. Cltoclc? ptam .latuee Wilson, of the hark Ibiweua, <>T rblladul la; Wni.J. MulhoUand, of Philadelphia, soeoitd mate; , nt. wit, BU'wiftin. fiiwtii mau, ?n umo; Amos uutcfi liile, seaman, of Milium; Thomas Paggiet, seaman. of / uladelphla; Johu While, sorrann, of Philadelphia; Jus hito, seaman, of Philadelphia; Va. Knags, wuunn, of \ -t n; Wm. Shepherd, hey, of l'ht!ad<Ipliia; Jams Ibortson, boy, of Philadelphia. faptaln Welsh,schooner ry Alice, i>( New Voi It; Archy lliyes, schooner v Alice, nf New Tel.; Ji?vid Mc''arlnoy, sonmAB, of rk . km, of IVIfiwt, Mstn Simon 'led raw, seaman, of rk (Hen, of Newfoundland, and a white seaman who "iris ho name. Also the Ibllowigg passengers of tiie wena?John Hey man, or Hapilmrg, (iermxny; Theere A vernier, of Hamburg, Cvruuuy; Santos BeriizItia, Vcuc/.eHa; Hubert Ruber M, Wales, Kugiaiul. iTOKTMU DKt'ltMlATlONS BY TUB rillVATKRR SfMTKB. [From the Tampa (bis.) peinusola, August 3.J Wo have been placed is po> i ssi< >u of information which, trup, w ill produce a thrill of l atitude throughout tho oik equal to that caused by tbe news of the great batel'Mfuivsis. Messrs. I). Arch?r ami H. Mcleod, who rived at this place?tho formar on Sunday, and Hie lal on Wednesday Inst?both bring intelligent*) that ) Confederate State* steamer Sumter has, hestdoe storing seven prizes, sunk the federal war steamers , jsader, Mohawk and Wyandotte, and that among tho soners taken ts the tsi'amous Captain Oavyn, ot the loader. From (tic ahovs it appears Uin t the halo Con- ? crate steairs r to creating quite a sonsallun among the M olnites on liiu (lull'. II she rn eta witii tho same suc,s during Hie. ensuing six weeks that, she ha. since tho ?e of her departure from Itie Mississippi,,lohn Bull v?IH ve been spared the trouble and res|Hinslbillty of opcu; the av? lines to onr cotton depots. 4 X?w> by St. Paul, i win k goes bravely on." TIIR lU.OOKiPK AT FEHNANIJINO, FI.A. [From the Bnvssnab Republican, August 10.[ fho bleekade oil this port Is much aiore strict sinco burning of the prize bark Aive.rado, on Mumliy last, addi! inn <o tho war-sloop (supposed to the Vincenues) impeller is seen hovrinp about lha bar. TUo federab b cis-m determined that no morn prize vessels shall a,p?ach onr harbor,sven as near as the Alvartulo came, itch was ubout a mile and a half from the sltoro. / fh'' destructionof the hark's cargo was not total after 1/ , Tliwre has been saved from the wreck about $160,000 ( irth of wool and copper, which are in tharge of Colonel , Potter, Prize Commissioner. Th# Yankee captain of I b bark and his wife?who hauled up tho United States I 8 Union down an the bark after tbs prize left tier?are I custody ol'Colonel \V. J. 1 HI worth, commanding tho at this post, and wig bo bv him forwarded lo chraond by the next trip of fho St. jahni. TI1K STORY A PORT TT1K BLOCKADE, fhe RichmeuU IHspalch ef the 10th nays:?"A notice I>uuruu m is is piijmr jr; loruiiy morning relative to ro- | rtoTI proceedings of Admiral iVindas with reforenoo to > blockade. For this information it turns not there I a no foundation whatever. 1>hft British Consul in this y knows nothing of any cow nmaxiatron from the Adrrtl, through Lord l.yami, t.o the Nor fliers President on i snhjectj jn fact, Admiral Dandae Is not In command our coast. The story wan mario' sp out of whole cloth tome otic; and. being once adrrit, tt travelled rapidly. ens one of those stories which people were net Surxed to h> ar, as they btiletcd something like It would ipeit soon; and thus gviitb-mvii rei?erled It with a posleness not consistent with a pr*|ier caution In these iM, when there le so much reasoif to receive everything it does sot come to us upon undoubted authority with trust. :ttbr prom general tench tilghman, op maryland. TO TDK KDITOIt Of TltK KICRAt.D. Oxm.nn, Md., August 17,18ffl. rho letter of your Washington correspondent of the h contains the following statement, under tho ul of " Efforts of the Rebels, to Revolutionize Mary A-."? General Tilghman, of Talbot county, Maryland, who s deposed from hi* militia rank Led spclny by Gov. ks, and subsc/fuently restored by the I.e.iilst.ire, is 'aniaing thn disunion IMS In the lower count its ot Mary d. lh> in about to proceed to Ar? to take com iml of the Virginia forces tb*ro and march them up ? ough the inlddje of the eastern shore of Maryland, as i nucleus of the formation of n rebel army there, which all. If it raa do nothing else, control the el -mom: in th I so us to secure u disunion majority in the Jawi.-laturo 1 enable the sec.-ssicnixts to pass tin scccssk n or litcn; or jK-rhny h more Immediately enforce an ordinance seccr-doti that may be ptuu-.ed by the legislature at its ourned session." ,s you have thus given enrroney to a charge that in irely uatrue, I hope you will do me the justtco to pub t the follow iug denial:? oni sot organizing the. disunionistft In the lower conn i of Maryland nor any whore else, nor do I know of any h organizathn. J am not about to proceed to Accoc to take command of the Virginia forces thero, nor e I any information in regiti d to tba Virginia forces where, except tl.nt dciived from the wivVHpapers. lane no knowledge <#r ?uy attempt or IntVnttnn to e or introduce IroopH Into thin or any other part of rylaud to ad'one an ot djiiaiicv of secession tlia' tnay pugged by il.e present 7,e;;islature, or to control tho Itionr in the fall for Die purpose of obtaining the pas 0 of a seers don ordinance. he > tateinofcl of your correspondent is positive. He urls tlrul am raring troops in Mary!au t, and about ake aontmnnd of an army In Virgin-a mot march It Bto Mary hi nil for Die psrpese of rev elut ionizing the eomnent, whiWit holding u military conmosrion in Mary d. This Is a charge of D. ason which you have pub ted, and for wlik-h I shall hold whoever may bo re maibtn to a strict and foil accountability. Vmir obont servant, T?NCU TIIAjHJHAN. IE VANDERBILT STEAMERS WITHDRAWN. , TO TAB EDITOR OP TUB HKKAf.D. No. 6 BowLUti Guns, August 19,1891. laving aeon various communications and many filial remarks In your Journal and others relative to the olinse or charter of my steamers by tho government, supposing from such communications the putilte may r that 1 am desirous of pressing my ships upon the ernment, Injustice to myself I beg Icav" to : talo t,on tho 20th of April last 1 offered my steamers to Secretary of the Navy, In a written communication, to eh I received no reply. On tlie 14th of May, bclr;; ful that the Secretary of the Navy had not re ive ! 1 communication, I renewed It through W. 0. Bortlett, ., wilh amendments, authorizing the government to ; the steamers nt their own valuation. s a citizen of tho United States, and friendly to common Union, I felt it my doty to do what I coul.l mstatn this government. This nlonn prompted me uake the propositions alluded to. s in my opinion sufficient titnn has elapsed within ch to have beard some:bin? of a deflnit" character n the government, and as i have n"t, T !"< ?! it my d ,iy this way to state that my proportions arc tvobWO. I shall ho at all times in readiness to respond to wishes of the government to the extent of my ability. C. VANlitittUI.T. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Fontkkw Momkok, August 19,1 Via IUM'IMoRK, AttgUSt 2t>, 1801. J n excellent state of fueling begins to prevail, and our ips arc anxious tor on advance, lie Minnesota w ill sail southward shortly, he Quaker City is up (Y m tlie Capes and report*? sty gun Dutch ship ashore at tape Henry. She went Bund at ebb tide, but r ill probably bo get off at Hood wo powerful propellers are going to licr relief. E JEFFEBSONIAN NEWSPAPER OFFICE CLEANED OCT. PsiumKLiaiu, August '20,1801. ho Jrffersrnian newspap r office, in Westchester, was tiy visited by a crowd laft night and "cleaned out.'' re was no disturbance. Most "f the residents of the v were ignorant of what wits going on until the wort / I effected. I ^

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