Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1861 Page 3
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. Financial and commercial. Tcwdat, August 20?? P. M. Che trade tables of the port tor the month of laly were eompletsd to-day, tad we BBbjuia u* Mtnal comparative statement Imports 1H*9. ISdO. IM. Bat. for eow*i?stinn. 421,4*1,409 18,7:>?,9qi 8,200,643 Ent tor warehoas'g,. 8,949.374 4,402,475 F>?0 good* l,4INt.l<7 1,894,1U? H.tWKA Spenteand kBlhos.... 176.194 64,361 0<m>.4?i Total r..?7.*% 190 24,Ml .649 14,98S.tlh FMhd, fwis wwrerse. if,suj oca a,tw,?te 6,629,464 Erp?rt?. taiiMtn! ?ro*toM.... 4,998,666 7,695,713 0,662,739 for. msrclnttiSlw, free 2199141 140 9-m Sio.sM for. (to.,.l?tial7l? 9*i.ow 299,*? iTuciu^ad bulkun.... 10,061,019 6,509,085 11,020 'total exports....... .$15,302.:t9t 14,488,190 10,028,000 tor. export ttf specie. 6,6*1 974 7,809,'A4 10,916.980 tlhMlU ,.... 4,6*1,246 4,004,064 2,069,690 The mnorth of July having been the first month of ihe s?w fiscal year, it only remain* for us to subjoin Mr recapitulation of the business of the port for the teven months which have elapsed ef the correut i Mtendar year:? Immww4? ICfti 1 Q?A 1QSI (onirary $19,377,654 21,756,918 2*.827,<11 i r?brukry 18,848,370 19,356,389 16.li41.697 torch 2* .820,458 23,480,126 18',204,361 Lpril V.670,724 16,071,368 1^,886,303 toy 23,662,046 16,803,161 1%,040,281 'U110 24,000,821 10.100,789 12,649,733 Wy ...... 27,286,120 24.881.639 14,938,861 I Vital 7 no*.$166,490,994 >42,990,715 118,797,717 DiMim 1 oiiMftrj $3,487,471 3,899,168 2.069,202 ifcbrwiry 3,328,688 3,376.048 1,628 738 I torch 8.164,011 3,477,546 2,840,926 , tOrll 3,213,069 2,444,207 1,648,261 i At.' 3,014,920 2,466,463 979,146 nic 8,314.420 2,724.193 885,062 i Wy. 4,861,246 >4,604,066 2,009,690 Total for 7 mue.$24,872,834 212,893,741 13,920,922 Srpnrlt if Dim*die Predate. Vmuary $3,672,182 6 399,142 10,277,926 'ebruary 3,283,592 6,609,387 10,238,820 torch 6.377,840 6,998,687 10.580,907 kpril 5,960,921 *,638,682 #,255,648 toy.., 6,180,652 5.812,190 W,866,709 une 4,tT80,395 8.307,774 10.270,430 My 4,938,066 7,026,713 9,662,780 j Totalfpr 7 mon.$33,373,647 46,281,676 71,030,228 Sapor It if Specif. touary $2,305,688 863,562 68.394 , \rbruary 2,371,427 977.000 1,102,928 torch 8,343,677 2,381.643 301,802 , Lfril 6,259,101 2,996,612 1,412.674 toy 11,421,032 6,329.936 128,900 hoe 7,496,981 8,842,080 244.240 My 10,061,019 8,6633(86 11.020 TbUilfor 7 moe.$43,248,991 28,143,737 3,2603(68 I These tables tell the tale of the war and of the [ rrill tariflf without any explanation in words. It 1 i fortunate for the country that we possess the ower of curtailing our consumption of foreign ods so rapidly and so thoroughly. We are now eeping the balaBce of trade in our favor and imorting specie, notwithstanding the stoppage of onr < bipments of cotton. This condition of things con- ( nuing, as it will do, we shall retain in the country the specie we have, while the expansion of gov* iramcnt credit and the issue of several millions of tovernmcnt securities will necessarily stimulate he manufacturing and commercial enterprise of he North in a very remarkable manner, and comtensatc our business men for the loss of trade used by the war with the South. Our exports of od continue heavy, and there is no present prosMet of their diminishing. Europe will require this rear all the food we can spare, and if onr people ontinue to dispense with foreign luxuries, our tanks will go through the war without fearing a Inflln ftf unonto T* will Via nftfioo/l Miof flio /Infioo rare heavier in July than in Hay and June. Tliis ras caused by the changes in the tariff effected at he last session of Congress, which induced merhaute to withdraw large quantities of Bugar and ther goods from warehouse and enter them for iuty. The following is a comparative statement of exerts, exclusive of specie, from the port of New ' rk to foreign ports for the week and sinoe , aauary Is? I860. I860. 1881. i Or the week $1,198,887 1,746,141 1,698,819 reviously reported. 40,461,467 64,836,916 80,019,454 fflneoJanuary 1....$41,660,344 66,572,068 M,7fB,SUB ' Again the table shows a small falling off from tat year. Last August our heavy shipments ef god to Europe commenced. It cannot be expectd that our exports during the balance of the ear will show any increase over 1860, though bey will be largely in excess of 1859, at least for he next ten weeks. The money market continues very dnll. Holders f first class short acceptances object to pay over ive for meeting them, but six is the general quota- 1 ion for the best paper. Qn call 4 a 5 is the gene al rate,* but deposits are made with brokers at , per cent. The banks hare paid the whole of , beir (3,500,000 on their proportion of the now treasury notes. Mr. Cisco is disposing of them to 1 D who offer to buy. Foreign exchange is inactive, but firm at yesteray's rates?say 107% for bankers' sterling and .33% a 35 for francs. There arc a few mercantile tills in market at 100% a 107. Stocks continue inactive, but prices are better gain after the uneasiness of yesterday. An pinion prevails that the danger of the fall of Washington is not great, and the bulls take heart rccordingly. Pretty heavy sales of Southern Hate stocks took place this morning, in part lor he account of institutions which arc not disposed o run the risk of having the bonds confiscated on heir bands; but Southern orders, which continue 0 arrive, notwithstanding the alleged suspension if intercourse with the South, prevent prices from ailing. Virginias, which are scarce, advanced % ler cent. There was a moderate demand for Jnited States securities: the sixes of 1*81 (registered) declined %, but the lives of 1871 advanced All the funded issues of the government will niprove if the expenses of the war are wholly derayed by the sale ot Treasury notes. In railray shares, a small business hjs done to-day, ;enerally at a small advance over yesterday's trices. At the first board New York (.'en. ral advanced %, Kric %, Hudson %, C.ulena Toledo %, and Rock Island '4. After the board he market was strong, and a further advance ol bout % ( er cent on the more active among the Speculative shares was realized. At ilie second Board the market was steady, and closed at the ollowing quotations:?United States 6'a, regieBred, 1881, 87/* a yt\ do. 6's, coupon, 1881,87'4 a H-, do. t'l, 1874, 80 a ' /.{, Indiana 6'i, 75 a *j: Yir iuia 6's, 53^4 a 34: Tennessee 6'h. 43% u %; Worth Carolina 6's, 64 a *4: Missouri it's. 4. a VBacitlc Mail. 88% a 70: New York Central,73% ? 13; Erie, 25% a 3i: Hudson River, 88% a .It: (I u em, 1034 a Yt\ do. preterred, 24% a Rending. 14*4 a 35'4; Michigan Central. 41 a '4: Michigan Bout hem and Northern Indiana, 1'234 a 13; do.gua- j Btnteed. 28 a V4: Panama, 105 a 100: Illinois ("en- | Bal, 63% a ?4; (Jalena and Chic ago, 64% u 65; fllcveland and Toledo. 28% a 20; Chicago an?i Bock Island, 38% a .*4; Chicago, Biirlington and Buincy, 57 a68; Milwaukee and Mississippi. 14 a K; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 89 a 90; Delaware Bid Hudson Canal, 83 a 84: Pennsylvania Coal, WA a 77. BThe business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows E*e"pU $424,470 M For Customs 4,000 00 Treasury notea 391,050 00 ymcnta 270,692 72 lance 7,362,967 31 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this Borning were $11,761,969 47, and the balances 769,963 46. Annexed is the specie list of the Bteamship Bro Ben, arrived at this port:? fl Rolkcr & Co $1,500 ninth. Nachod h Kuhae 1,950 opold Buffer 63.700 . 1). Brook man 1,747 Total $5?.90fl lgate a Hoffman (silver) ?15.000 Bwe learn that the meeting of bank presidents Bid to-day decided to reepmmend to the {Secretary KB f the Treasury to attach to the T.S6 Treasury notes s hheet at eospons for the three years which they hare to >an. This alteration would peatly enhance the desirableness dt the secusi^y; the selection of the iotcrest by distant ksMera woald he greatly fhoifttatod, and besides, the preeise Ahmtor ef the security would be nasre tally endues tood by fhs pnblis; lor, with coupons attached, toe? nae aubstuutiuliy bos&, hearing insome sMju-aiauca ad payable after the usual uanuff of the coupon bonds ahead? ia the market. "toe prop seed change will delay toe issue of the Botes probably a few days, but this is of small importance sompared with the many eonsideratietui whieh have ta_ dticed the alteration. Hie meeting wall also ap. point the general committee, whieh ie to be intrusted with (he management of the treasury nets loan, nndcr a common arrangement tar the benefit of the banks of the threa cities. ' The weekly statement ef the Philadelphia barJ?h, made np Monday afternoea, presents the following uriri cuates as eomuared with those""of Che nrevieus ! week:? Awpu/12. Au$NriH. ' (hptml stock. $U.8U^30 * ,810,(HP l-oans ." '44.004 070 30,011,004 nec.*S2,9M 6.7w)!l40 6,766,120 Dm.,30,020 I)ik? I'm other bauks. 1.137,483 1,734,430 Hue...3,100 ' Due to <dhor banks.. 2.767,679 2,886,426 Inc..118,7*7 ' Delxieits 16.668,024 1S.336.8S8 Dee.232,188 ' Rreulation 2.074,* WW 24)76,867 Inc....3,848 The Philadelphia BulUtiin of last evening thus notices the money market of that city:? There I* bo Increase ia die demand for mupey, and no railing off in the supply. Uueiacee is eery (full in most dcpurl moots, and the [nutted amount of goad shtyt paper offered on Uie street ia taken at 6 a 7 per cent; but thur.e in very little offermg, the banks abeerbiug all Utat la pre- i anted. City war run ta are more abuiuhtat, and taken by the brokers at 4 a 411 P**' "*nt discount. The Chicago TriSuite of Saturday wtya:? Within the past two daya the rates of freight on wheat to BuflhJo bare advanced 7c. to 7>;o. per bushel, dosing yesterday at 16c. a 1641c. uti the 14th of August, I860, the ruling rate of freight , for wbo&l to lluflaje was 7>?c., but on the Jtst of the same month 14c. per bushel was paid. Ilio money market continues very close, and business is restrislbd in ronseipienco. The receipts of peodoce eontinne to increase, and under a good demand by ehlpl>ers, excltangc is plenty, j and there la considerable dlfllculty in converting bills. , |7>-day sight drafts on New York were freely sold at par, , and on Buffalo at a disci nut. The nominal rales fir , exchange at the various hanks were *4 a )?' [ier cent pre , mium, but some of iheia were glad to sell at par. The supply of gold is alto limited, and although the demand ia comparatively light, It Is met with eonte difficult. Thc first consignment of new wheat was received at. Milwaukee on Friday. It was received by Messrs. Kellogg St Strong. There were six car loads, or about 2,000 bashela ef it, aH the same quality, and ho well cured that it pawed inspection as old wheat. The wheat was shipped by W. P. Mafburn, of Freeport, Illinois. The Milwaukee Sentinel of Saturday says:? Exchange continues increasing in supply, while the demons at present rates fa very moderate, so that the chances oro very good for another deeiine before a great while elapses. Four per cent was the best price that could be realised at the banks to-day. The Belliug rate is still Are per cent premium. Gold plenty at the same rate. i Stock Exchange. Tummy, August SO, 1861. 16000 Its 6'S, '81, reg 87 * 1000 Krie RK .'id m b 8.1 i 21000 lisa's, '81,oou 88 MOO KG8pelRtmsfcb 06 V ' 1000 ITS 8'W) '68, opu 88 2000 Ual & (lbi 1st m. 07 i 1000 U S6a,'74,cpu 81 6 sht 1m ATra Udak 70 20200 Treas 6 p e 2 y., 07* 18 I'enn Ooal Ou 77 006 Tress 12 p f n.. 100* 18 do 7fl* 1900 Indiana 6'S .... 76 200 Paeifle M 88Co .. 70 3000 Michigan 6's... 80 6 Chi, Bur AO RB.. 68 i 6000 Team 6*s, "00... 42 112 N Y Cen Rft.. ,s8 72 \ I 13000 ?lo 42* 876 do S3 7274 1000 do 42* 66 do *4 72% 6000 do 42* 80 dq^te,.... 73 600 Virginia 6's.... 64* 100 Krie BHWPr .... 26* < 7000 do ? 64* 166 Hudson RW RK.. 88 < 7006 do tt 64* 10 do 82* 1 10006Georgia6s.... 68 80 do sSO 82* < -100 do 67* 60H*rlMiRB profd 96* 4000 California 7'S^ 76* 826 Mich 8 fcH I Rg- 12* 6000 N Carolina 6tF. 6#* 7 Panama tUt 106 1000 do 68* 100111 Cent RRsc.sM 86* 1 23000Missouri 6's.... 44* 63Clere,OolJtCln RR 84* i 10000 do sto 42 26 Oal k Chic RR... 64* < 12000 do......... 42 100 do S10 64* 1 J4W1 UA'm (InUkUf ID AM ^MinUwa L ID IMl/ 1 6000 NT Central 6% 93 360 Chic k Rot* I RR 86* 1 4600 ErieRR 1stmb 108 60 do 38* ; SEC ON ? BOARD. 11000 UB6'f,'74,ooo. 80 lfWahePaolffcMSSOb. 70* : 3000 U H6'b,'81,oou. 68 100 do a80 70 \ 20000 UR?>a,'81 ,rei. 87* 68 09 70* 4000Indiana6*a,... 76* 800 N T Cftat BB..a8 78 1800 do 76 109 Brie Bfc 36* ' 12000 Tenn O b,'90.. 42* 13 Erie RRjiref 48 10000 do 42* 60 Hudson Hirer HB 88 19M Virginia fl'a... 54* lOOReadii* BB 86 j JOM ,64 8MCI?lftd?loBR.s38 84* i 3000 do ?6 68* IWT "4T. .?:*#? 86 | 7000 Missouri 6>... 42 108 do 04* . 1?00 MoOsitoUteJR 46 100 Clove A To) HI!.. 38* , 1000 Ueorgta 6's.... 07* 300 do 29 1000 Kentucky 6's.. 77 26 Chic fcRk Is) KB. 39V { 1000 CB4rilRR8pcbds 93* 10 Second At KB ... 80 , CITT COBI1IBR8IAL REPORT. Towns t, AngURt 20?6 P. M 1 Anna-Tho market was steady, with sales of 60 bbla. | at |6 26 for pots, and at $6 37* for pearls. BkKAi?rim. ?Flour?Tlie market was heavy and Irsa ' active, and closed at a further decline of 6o. to 10c. per ] barrel for some grades of State and Western. Tho sale* ( embraced about 16,000 bbla., closing within tho above range of prices:? I Superfine Stale $4 40 s 4 50 Kxtra State, good tocboise 4 00 a 4 86 j Sii|>erflne Western 4 40 a 4 50 Coinraou to choice Western extra 4 60 a 6 30 ' Extra Canada 4 00 a 7 AO ' Mixed to straight Southern 6 16 a 8 76 Straight to good extra do ' 6 80 a 8 AO Choice ext ru family and bakers' brands... 8 76 a 8 00 Rye lloitr 2 25 a 8 60 | Com meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2.80 a 3 SO I ?Oinadian flour was inactive and lower, while the sales > embraced about 600 bbls. at $4 60 a $7 60?the latter figure lor extra. Southern flour was dull, and closed at lower pries: the sales comprised about 600 bbls., f closing within the range of the above quotations. < Rye Jlour was in lair demand within the range . our quotations, with sales vf 260 bltls. Corn was stea- i .1. at An,- n.T.,r,.w will, ...W , f fiOO hit1, 1Ch,.l heavy and lower, and closed lit Jr. a 2c. |ter bushel lower. 1 The sale* embraced about 80,000 bnahelg at $1 30 a $1 05 lor Western winter. $1 3." a (1 40 for white Kentucky, $1 24 a $1 27 for red Western. $1 a $1 17>;for Milwttu keeclub, and 82c. a$1 on for ijticago spring. Corn was easier bill active at the concession. with sab* of 146.000 bushels at 48c. a 50c. for shipping lots of Western mixed, closing at 4oc. a 48c.. unit Western yellow at 50c. a 61 t^e. H.' e was steady, with sales of 5,300 bushels itt 48c. ?62c. Oats und barley wen' unchanged. i tinsv?The market was steady, while the sales em braced 2.300 bags of ltio at p. I., and 250 mats Java at 19c. Messrs. Wm. Scott ,V Son is tbeir clroolar of to day give the following account of stocks. Ac. :?Stock of Kio and Samoa on the 13,a August, 1MI, 114,871 hags; received since to date. 14.150; sales for (*>u?iiinption eati mated at 3.787; stock opRio and Santca on the 20th day of August, 1861. 125,254; Maracalbo, 12,013; Laguavra; 375; .lava, government baga, 2,600; Bombay, 600;* St. Iiumiugo. 6.590; I'oata Rica, 210: total bags, 147.511; slock of Rloon August 17, at Haltiraorc, lu.500 bags. Philadelphia, 3,500. 20th, New York. 125. 254. f'oTTox.?The market continuud llrm. while the sales cube, a,about 700 bales, closing on tlai baam of 18c. a is 4c. uir middlingAptnat. t'REiuina.?Rates were without e.biuigo of moment, while the amount of grain ottering watt large. To I.iverjssil about 100.000 bushels of corn and wheal, cltielly the torntcr. at lod.. in hulk and hags, and wheat at 10>jd.. in ship's hags 800 bhls. flour on private terms (the cur rent rates were 2-. 8d. ). 100 package* of provisions. chiefly lard, at 27s. 6d a 30s. To 1/mduit 16.000 hustle Is of wheal were engaged at 10d. in Itags. and at 8,',d.'in lmlk. To Havre 3S.OOO bushels wheat j were engaged at 18d. in shipping bags, and 5.000 bbla. | floor at 70c. a 75c. To <ttaggow 8,000 bushels wheat were 1 engaged in ship's bigs at 91,3.. and iu bulk at 8Jgd. Two corn, in bulk. at 12\d * l-i<l. and another was taken up to lond for Londonderry with c.oru at 11,in bulk. Hat was unchanged and sales light Hon.?Themarket"* as qirtet hut ruled quite Arm. with moderate aaloa of good to prime qualities at 20c a 26c. The ''Xiorl clearances for the week have hern as follows.? 1 aiuHmi. 521 bales; I.irerptwl, 234 . Antwerp, 85. Total for week.837: previously reported, 11,634. Total since January 1, 12.371 bales MokASOt*?Ntles of 30 bbls. New Orleans were made at 4<V . 11) bbd* Cuba muscovado at 'J6o.. and 250 do do at 20C. Navai STiMtm?The sales embraced 600 hbla spirits turpentine at $1 65 a $1 07,'*c., with a small gale reported at $1 70. And 1,000 bbls rftmmnn rostn were sold at $5 ( 'or crude $10 was asked. The foilowlug acCOuat of atocke and exports are from Mr Turner's circular of to day. The stock in all bands Is about 5.000 bbls , a large proportion of which la (Irmly held for (2 aud upwards Common renin has been comparatively neglected in the excitement, bnt le firmly held at $5 per bbl; stock about 20.000"bbIs Medium and One rosins are quiet, aad are quoted at $5 50 a $8 50 per 240 lb? , the latter rate for extreme pale Tar has advanced to 15 and ie buoyant, being mostly held for higher prices Kxports for the week ?IVsmu?To London, 47$ bbl*,; Liverpool, 100 bbls . Antwerp. 50 bWs., Bremen, 500 bbls. Total for the week, 1,123 bbls.t Provbwss ?l'ork?The market was .easier, but tolerably active; the sales embraced about 1.000 bbls.. rioting at $15 a $15 12 for mesa aud at $10 for prime, lleef was steady, with sale* of 300 a 400 bbls. at $10 a $11 26 for repacked Western meae, and at $12 a $18 60 for extra, 60 Mils, begf hams were sold at $14 50. Cut meats wore in moderate demaud, sales of 30 hbds. were reported, at 4|?(\ P>r shoulders and at 5Vc. fbr dry sailed hams Bacon was quiet and nominal. Lard was firm and In steady demand, with sales of 275 bbls. at 8.^c. a9>^c. Butter and cheese were in fair demand,and prices un changed. Kim.?Sales of 200 casks were made at , and some lotB at p. t. Sraaas were Arm and aotiye, with take of ghoul 2,600 W YORK HERAED, TTIT hhda., ahtafly Cubas, cloeing at atmut 6%e a 6v;e. for fair to prima refining gooda, aud at Oft*- a Tftfa. ** itroeery gradea. vobaoto?Priree n very firm, bnt little doing. salee IS hhda Ketituaky at 7?. a lie., aail ltt'caaaa rydft law* at 4)?c. a Mr. RAI.ICJ OF RUJtli KITATE. A k EFYUXNT hop}* ku* ftAlX-fftvhok iwh/\_ "*t tlia Furuitoia, aa mag he deal rail. law Tb* buiiae W ie a g""i neighborhood; la Ibe beat urdmp ami liOaMfuJly finished. Iniua to sua. Apply t? niuMAu WAlAIHt* itr., 3*4 Rrowlway. TTtOU SAIJ4-A tiiHO) IHHAX, 1U1IN AX* IIAIX AN _T aoreefljtnd, wlHi pWntf af Fr?t; three rniiea l\ ai ha fcrriaa, Lotis. Island, olWbiw rawta. Apply to WltiUKT fit UtTTIJi, stable, Grand street ferry, VTfUiaiusAirg. For smje?xiin ornamental stone front ei?u stoop House, his Heel Forty eighth street, between BocomI aad Third aveatwe; hard wnal Malra threagiwat, hard wood blinds and plalg glaaa ta the entWe leant, one light iu each aash, prtaeU.OUO, worth 910,000. Bfl op, or anily to MLDT1) k WW8, Nb. 14 Naasaa sweet, N T. TTVJli 5AIJC?THREE TflRHH STORY RAhHHEKT AND f eeuar, hliR'atoep, tlrst efumi brink Heoees 111 Forty %iw?lh street, bet ween Ninth and Tenth arewnvs; or would Wade on* or ah l?r a llist-ratn far w, first alas* AVeaters, property will do. No pufltrs need apply Apple to or addreaa the owner, if) Irs tWHim. flitlLlgtlh arenas, N T. F'Wt Pit J-:?A (IKK AT H AMAIN?A Flfc'B FtTHR query and haseraeiit House and Stere, on a good bunpew arena*; rents for far $H62 per annum, and must bo sold; prlre oaly $6,606. Address Simpson, boa '?!9 Herald >tHec. No agent* need apply. TTtOH SAl.t?OR FYMKAVCW MHt llnlVWS il*n MIII J? nhiirs, aboat live ansa of land, sitwuled at Orsin w.?h, Conn , It, tufas frwm rattp^d depot and aloof lanrtbiB. Trice $JN>. I O^tilVe of K. R. DAVENPORT, W6 Waslilrgten street, Crunk'a Hotel. FOR BAM!, AT M#>RHIKTOWN, V. J.?A KINK OOUW try wal, tcu miniitus' walk from depot; writ nek Iron 19 to 40 acMk of choice land, perfectly studied with all the choicest varieties of fruit ; three acres lav. n, OUo4 with sluuts and ornamental trees, surrounding the house with a high commanding view. Garden filled with ftapca atul all the tine fruits and tinware House new. OOadt, two s lor,hi, Gothic style, with water worka complete. Burns and stables new. Wfll sell at a great saoriftco. Address J. Elliot Condict, No. 67 White street, or Situs II Oondiet, on the premises. Mohhuwown. August 10, 1801. For saijc on exchange?a fihst cla9b kocr story Houso, worth $15,000, well located, between Sixth avenue and Broadway, above Enrty second street, to exchange fur a desirable country seat or farm, guv from ten tn twenty acres, with good improvements, on the Ibis of the Hudson River Railroad, worth from $0,000 to$8,000; seine cash will lie |>aid it desired. Address J. 0. H., lie' raid oil we, which will be attended to. For HALE or EXCIIANUE?kor CITY OR C0UNTIW property, or mortgage, a large tlrst class OiufesMoa cry and.Bakery. with fixtures, business, he.cast (9,000; terms easy. Esr particulars apply at the eurner of Broadway and Twenty ulnth street. For sale ok exchange?a farm, containing 80 acres, 60 cleared, 10 wood. In one of tho health lest villages on IA>ng Inland; one hour's ride from Brooklyn, five miuutta to d'pot; seminary and churches; house new, containing 15 rooms; new barns, out houses, rem crib, h?.; 100 choice pair trees and other fruits. Wil be taken in part payment a House in tbecityof Brooklyn, pleasantly loomed! worth about(4,000. Adiftees Exchange, Brooklyn Poet office. Fir RALE or EXCHANGE?THE SUBSTANTIAL, NEW three story brick House, on south side of West fifty-Bret street. Orst house east of Eleventh avenue, for x small farm, with good buildings. Apply as abovs. FOR SA1.K OR EXCHANGE?ALL KINDS OF CITY or country Property, embracing over 200 Karma uid country residences; healthy, desirable locations'con icnient to city by railroad anil steamboats, One water SEYMOUR A WH1T0N, 182 Broadway T7V)U SAT J? OR EXCHANGE?FIRST CI JVBS DWHXBMi U property on a leading avenue uptown; will beesjhauged in part for aamsll cottage house Dear by or couh .ry place. Address Proprietor, Herald office. , F)R sale, lease or rent? a beautiful coun try Rosiaence at Rye, furntghed or uttfhrnishod, aUh thirty acres, chiefly in meadow, besides orchards tod gardens rfobly stocked with eboioe fruits, Itc. One lour from the city by rEB. Address box Bo. U Eye Post iffice, N. T. TJOUSEB FOR SALE?FIVE SMALL, GENTEEL fl Houses, is a beautiful location, at a great sacrifice Pureclosare sale by E. H. LUDLOW, at the Merchant*' exchange, this day (Wednesday), Aug. 21, at 11 o'clock, tf Ive valuable three story brick Houses, 20 b y id feet, with laths, gas, Ac.. lots 100 taet doop, situated m the tooth side of Fiftieth street, between Broadway and ttghlh avenue. Terns liberal. TTOUFB AND lOT FOR SALE ?A THREE STORY fX brWk House, including Store, basement and sobinilar, sKuatsd in Hudson avenue, Brooklyn, about throo llooks from (he ferry; good location for the dry gooda .or toot and shoe trade. Terms easy. Apply In basement, to. LPine street, ooraer of Broadway, N. T. Hardware?any person wishing to ex change from $10,000 to $20,000 worth.of Hardware 'or good real estate in this city, can addreas Exchange. w^J.88 J^erald office, for one week. None but principals SOUTH BERGEN BUILDING PLOTS?BJSUANTLY L0catod plots (four to thirty city tote), a mile and a bilf tom Jersey City; by horse railroad every ten minuter; icighborbood and location unsurpassed; price low and Nisy terms. Apply at 41 Water street. r> EXCHANGE FOR A FARM?A FfRS* ft,A!W House, situated on south side of Wait Sixteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, sun of house tl feat 10 inches by 51 feet; lot 21 feet 10 inches by 108 feet three inches. The farm must be either in Orange or Dutcboea xmaties, and in first rate condition. Agents need not up ply. Inquire of ?. L.4 8. T. BURNHAM, 811 Hudson street. New York. TO PHYSICIANS AND OTHERS ?FOR SALE, IN A very beautiful avenue in Williamsburg, but $500 required, rest can remain, a handkomc Cuttuge. ologaul marble mantels chundellora and balcony. Car*, three rents, pane the door A lovely home for a genteel family. 152Grand street, Williamsburg. WANTED?A FARM, WITHIN 20 OR 25 MILK OF New York; must contain about 30 acres of good, well cultivated land, with house and outbuildings; must t?e low priceed and cheap to attract attention. Address ft. V. L., box "5 Post offico, with full particulars. WANTED TO EXCHANGE?200 ACRES OF FINE land in Missouri.a well located Building Dot on Hat on Island, N. Y , aome fine Jewelrv and a few hundred lollars in cash, for a good Hotel or Atoro in the eooatry, s'ilb from 10 to 25 acres of good land, necessary outbuild tigs. Ac. Addross Country, Herald office, for eight days, luting particulars. ' e WANTED TO EXCHANGE?A FARM OK ABOUT 100 acres, in Columbia county, Pa., free from incutn trance, worth $3,000. for a small farm within forty mi'tw >f New York, worth about $5,000; difference in cash. Ju luire at 209 South el. DRY GOODS. Atr. h. macy s, sixth avenue and fourteenth street.?ladies, you will always find best Paris Kid rlovcs at 03 cente. Auction lots In Lace Goods, Lace Muu lillas.&c. Auction lots in Embrolderios and Ribbons. Auction lots in Hosiery. Auction lots in I,inons and White leodB. Auction low in Linen Handkerchiefs. Best stylos French Flowers, .lob lots in Yankee Notions. ladies' Under Clothing, Oorsew, fcc. ROTHES?RUCHEP.?9EYMOOR k LACY. MANCFACturers, 189 Broadway, upstairs. A large assortment always on hand at greatly reduced prices. cloth inc. " A great demand fob oa/thing.?ladies and gentlemen having any Cast Of Clothing, Furniture, Carpet* and Jewelry to dispose of. will receive the high est. price in cash, by culling on or addressing C. Mish, 302 Seventh avenue, between Twenty ninth ami Thirtieth streets. lAdieg attended to by Mrs. Misb. a ttkntion, IdtDlBS and gentlemen ? wanted J\_ a lot of rust off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Aw I will pay the highest price by catling on or addressing M ABRAHAMS, 238 Seventh avenue, between Twenty flfih and Twenty s,xth streets. ladies attended by Mrs. A. A LARGE ORDER ?I HAVE JURT RKCETVED $B,*? to purchase cast off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture. Ac., for the California market, ladies and gentlemen, t will pay 60 per cenl more than any other dealer, by calling on or addressing a note to the new establishment of B. M1VTE, 181 Sixth avenue, conjer of Tenth street. ladies attended by Mrs Mint*. 131 Sixth avenue. AT KZKKlEI.'S OLD STAND?LAJ^IFB AND GENT? can obtain the following prices for their cast off Clothing?Frotn $5 to $35 for silk Drosses, from (it to $18 for Coats, from $1 to $6 for I'ants. A note by post ptinclu ally attended to by Ezekiel, 13d Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, Ladies attended U> bv Mrs. E. A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OFT CLOTHING wanted, tn flu up orders from the West ; ttrst rate price* will be given, and oaah paid in current money Apjfly to J. MORONITY, 481 Poarl etrfeet, next block to t hat ham. A GREAT DEMAND FOB CLOTHING.?LADIES AND gentlemen having auy Cast Off Clolbing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewolry.wiH receive the blgluwt pries by calling on or addresi'.ng A. HARRIS, 688 Third avenue, ladies attondod to by Mrs. Harris. Abetter chance for ladies and gentlemen to dispose of their cast off Clothing, Carpel*. Furniture and jswelry I guarantee to pay twonty flvc per oent more than any other dealer. Please call on or address J. ANHALT, 162 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty drat streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. Anhalt SEW PUBLICATION*. ~~* Harder* military tactics. **~" ~~~ Dowling's ollicial edition, 25 cents. Hardee's Tactics is the only book recognised by the War Department for the instruction of troops, when acting *r light infantry and riflemen. This edition Ib reliable and correct. Free by mail. $2 per dozen A. DOWL1NG, W Nassau ilrpet, IJ. Y. >NESDAY; AUGUST 21, 186] ^ FOR SALS. AIUKIf CHANUE.?RRlHT.UY ASP LIQFUR STORE for tuIf chi-ap. Tltf reason f?r foiling it, thf owner j lite otber buslnaaa to attaint to. Call for ona week,corner liri Ipr etui Water Urouklyn. 1*. U. SU1TH. A ?OOD chawI? FOB SALE, THE BBOCK, OTfr J\ liiit.ii, ,*? , of it well < itMu-li. 1 Fruit, Liquor iuiiI C Jttjfc'8t'Tr. in one ef tlie litti ,m .iiifts of lliit oily. Alto li it* 1'auui Kitfitol' very desirable ami netful arllsle ? (Fr.'UaTi RltrA Yarinali), mitopenitriit of outk inker.?f p nthk ikr owumT wieKos to ilr-ie* on ucointtl of \ )K*tkb For partltnlara apply in i>ersea or atUlrotn D. F lSipnu AnJ llruadway. t

AWBMl.SMkE ANP R*T\H. l.lUITm STt'RF FOR 1 title?ok* of tb? but mi rttoReveutk wart. Nar i: fctrtkrr paruaularH nxpfcu at DOti UM llritelw.iy, jauelien V oftirmi*. ^ w ft A DRIB STORM FOR SALE?htX^ATEP IN A NEW . V wnl llirlvto* neighborhood, doing a nwtt bnftntti^ cSSTmiMnnI over two yvatt. Knerai arvek*t4&t>; flret p tott of lilaree. W9* lift tots fit: b?ljii%, tioknfta iV p owttr. Price $4'>o ottth, 'ftoo on tane. fail at Ntfu Eiglitk p av tmm. f /fOKEBflll INERT, Fltl'S ANP VYWSI'AI'rR STOK* * V7 Air tin.?la letifl^ud well I'Mabitahed; the prnflU on , tUe paynrt pay mora tntui Ike roat. llMi riovoutli avenne, tietwrtn Had anil Hbli tit. D1MNI SPOKK FSR SAf.E^NKATl^ KHTHtl If, doing a |ood bmintie. m a pood lo?At(otl; rtuklivli oil tan yetra; tat opportunity I'nr a pliysiiuaa or person eaaiincacing butituiM. ('.oil matomera may apply ul Hut) Nifititli avenue, vomer Twenty iiirrlli struct. _ "T\KUT; htokb FOR s.ti.K?KIU'ADH) IN A 11 I / neighborhood lor but meat, well stocked ami in geod J mui-r. will vcpwm i? mtn Rlirr. owner C.UIUOI JlliellM to * A. Apply at 8011 Kir ft uremic, between 10 A. M. and 'i c 1'. M.. between UlghtrclltJl iuiflNmcleeiah i heals "T"WWKJ WOHB ?*? >?Al.K.?l!.tNllNoMI*iT KMIWIN * I ' the upper part of tlic ally, (locked eomidele. I'or- r chaser neea not expend a dollar. Nice apartments fur V family iucluded in live .qpars' lease. A bona lido pur- N cluuwr libec.itiy it null with. Apply to. A. U. SHA THICK, u ll'i WHBasa Areet,mr AST Thlnl avenue, Immediately. Ijvm SAIAt-TnK MANHATTAN IIOrSK, NO. 296 now j ary The propnuler a isbiug ki retire fruii?ba?iue*s, would s*U hit Stosk, lfixtnri*, Kumlturo and liestness, andgW* a Inane to Hie ptyrchiuwr, of seven or ten years, of tbc premises, til a fair rent, lti'iuire of CllAltlKii A WHKON.on it>e premises. j, FlK SAIJr-A KINK ENGLISH SHAPE* IN THE BEST part of the city, two ifeors from IMiadway. I/-ami three yearn, low rent. Cot* $700 u> lit it up; will sell f| fcirpIIQO. Sutlaflaclory roamim for Railing. Impilre of P. * BURKE, Aucttomicr, 1.14 Ilowery, f . ; ? ?. rLjg p FIR SALE?THE LEAKE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OK due corner Grocery and Liqnor atorc, fitted up in attractive stylo, and tti the best part of the 'lionth Ward ; positively the beet epportuaity for a grocer aver offered, a inquire of P. Itl'KKK, IDA flowery. r Ftllt SAW-A NO. 1 GROCERY ANR LIQUOR r Store. with learn, atock and ftxturea; a good stand f for the business. Will soil cheap or trade for a horse and I wagon Ho. 110 Cqst Twenty second street. V FOR&ABW? ATA GRP.AT SACRIFICE, A GROCERY a Store and MiQt Depot, now doing a thriving business, 1 in au excellent location. Apply on the premises, No. 401 Hudson street. I.AOII &A1JWA I.AR0K UQUOR STORE ON THIRD j" aventir, and doing an ektensive bohioees, on a prmniuent corner, wot! (Itted up und stocked, altogether one of g tha best opportunities for a pureliuaor ever offered; will sell <. at a sacrifice. Inquire of D. UUKKK, Auctioneer, 186 'r Buwenqj f FOR BALE?A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND DIN * lug Saloon, well established, with I.ease, Stock and . Kit lures, doing a good cash buatness, in a business loaa- . Hon down town; satisfactory reasons given lor selling. Apply at 116 John street. i _ FOB SALE?HOTEL AND DINrNG ROOM, IN (OM ' plote order; location unsurpassed; t> any portion f wishing to engage in tiio business this is a chain e seldom { enari-d. F>r particulars apply tuor address J. U. Brown, , 72 Oortlaiult atxoet. . { TTiOR BALR?A BOOK, STATIONKSE AND NEWSPAPER " T store, dotqfc a good cash business, will be sold cheat) Inquire at (20 Hudson Street. ? FIR SALE?THE STOCK AND K1XTCRE8 OF ONE OF J; tM bem Liqoer stores ]b tbe ctly. Inquire in the ?tore, 3(3 Cherry sirsot, corner o^Gana). Fob balk?The old ebtablieheb porter houbb, . Star atMttaa. 68 Prince street; will be sold cheap tor ? cash if applied (or Immediately. Apply on the premises. . I "CSOB 8ALR?A WHOLTOAIK AND RETAIL 1JQU0R ' r Sum, on a good corner up town, titled up in line Ryte, .doing a Dice business. Rent very low. Satisfactory reasons for selling. Apply at 78 Canal stcact. corndr I [ Of Allen? { T7VJR SALE?A IHNIJ^BALOON, WITH" BAR ATTAUM j JO sd. very cheap. Call at 7d West Street; would tafca , a gold watch hi part payment. J TTWm RAIJi?A BUTCHER'S SHOP COMPLETE. HAT- " J tag a good run of cash trade. Apply on ine pretnisea, 128 Maodougal stroet. TJ80R BALE CHEAP?E1C.HT Mil AH COWS, MAHJC,'- 1 , JO Oolt and aU articles of a MitV Dairy, and tho gaod wilt of the customers. For full particulars apply at 104 Broadway. M~ C. HALUDAY. TJ70R tSALE VERY CHEAP?A WINE. IJQUOR A*D J fogarStore,newly tttted up, dotug a good business. Rent metier Me. Apply at 474K Broadway, between 2 and 4 o'clock P. M Satisfactory reasons given for selling ' out. w.vae j. JTtOR ARMY PURP0SE8 ?for BA LB, VERT (HHP, A | complete Ml of Machines of a hosiery manufacturing ' company, suitable to manufacture heavy sucks fur the army; also sashes for officers. Inquire of J. k A. BONtfY, I . 12 Duane street. ! Great sale of good furniture, *a? this afternoon, at 2 o'rl >ik, at 434 Canal street,' all triy Furniture, Beds a-id 't-rtdlng, Carpets, lMrlortltilt, Cutlery , China, Glass, Stows, &c., will be ofU-red for sale this day, at 2 o'clock, at 464 Cuanl street. Reason fur selling Mm lor the scat of war. WM. JQliCOUt GROCERY AND LIQUOR NTORE FOR SALI4? ONE OF the bast stands In tho city for an Irishman or a German. Apply for two days at No. 24 City Ilall place. Hotel in Washington city for sale.?the subscribers are authoriMtl to aell tbo Fitrnlturp, Effects and Guod Will of a well located Hotel in Washington Ci?v The bouso has boon doing an excellent business, and is only disposed of ou account.of the health of tlio proprietor. Any enterprising Northern man acquainted with the hotel business, and having a cash capital af s about $6,000, conld do well with the establishment. Ap c ply to JAN. MoGUIRKAc CO., auction and commission mer chant*, Washington, D. C. "] IIQUOR HTO.tE FOR SALE?A WELL KITTED UP ( J Store, in a go-id business place, I'M Seventh svonuc, t between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, will be eohl c cheap.for cash. Apply on ttie premises. I, OIL AND varnish CANS, TO HOLD from H1TY j to twohnndred and liltv gallons, for snlu at half price v by WM r? ANDREWS A- BR iTHER. 414 Water street. . PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR SALE AT half COST? " Finely located on the corner of'llroadway and Amity . street, with great fac?liti"s for spotimens. Kent very low. Also !i, and 4 4 Camera*. Ac.,for sale. ' C. J. FOX, till Broadway. * EGAR STORE?FOR 8ALE,~A SEGAK STORE, DOINjS A a flourishing business. Satisfactory reasons given H j for selling ont. Apply on the premises, l.'id Eighth avenue. r dhO/^/"V ? V. OR LlQl'OK STORE, OK g j it)')V*' ' Lager Beer Saloon. I want a Grocery, _ Liquor More. or lAger Hour Niloon. In exrhahgr for a mre | Building Lot up town, in Third avenue. A young man | wanting a biislnMSH. he will give a good trad-ami Homo : d cash?from $300 to $1,400. Apply la PAYTEN, 05 Divi J si"U street. J <fl? ffAA WILL PLRCH^E THE LEASK, fiTOCK AMI li MPMC/Y/ Fixtures of olio or the host, Comer Wholesale V un'l Retail Liquor Stores in tlie Fourth ward; (Itted up in a first class style; doing good business; a good lease and "| low rent. Apply to T. OAFFXEY, 170 Chatham street. J dS t) AAA Iviii, HI V A LARGE t 'OKNKit iD??vVV'? Wholesale and Retail Grocery and Liquor Store; a very heavy stock of goods, ami doing a large bu?inr?s: live yeai s' lease; rent very low: will take I part cash. Apply at 170 Chatham street, second floor. I. P. TRAVKR, Auctioneer. lt>OHTl\G. Ijlra.VCIS HLTLKIt. NO. 3 PBCK SLIP, HAS ALL THE j '? ' choice Breeds lor sleek und sale. Butler's Infallible ~ Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. SO cents per bottle. ! [ Butler's -Breeding. Training, Diseases. Ac., of Ik>gs,"$l. , ; j iiogs hoarded, truined. Mr Medicines for ail diseas'-e. ' Regatta?a regatta wiij, bk sailed from j David Pollock'?, at Baitersville, New Jersey, on ! | Wedneaday, August 21. between 1 and 2 o'cloek. Distance ! to be sailed:?From Pollock's dock, around the buoy on j Robiu's reef and back, four times. Time allowed for i length, two minutes per foot. In boats with counter j stern. ball" t h? length of the centre stern is to be deducted | in measuring. Prices:?First prize, a splendid Plated ; Pitohor for cat Rigged Boats. Bocond priz -, a small Silver ; Pitcher, for Jib and Mainsail Boats Entrance free. -i Stages leave Jersey City every hour. Fare 10 cents J Wanted?a cat rigged good size paii, boat. " nearly new..wide and safe, and at a very low li price for cash Qall immediately gj 25 William street, d rooms Not. 3 and 4, or,address Sail Boat n WIN ES AND L1HIOH8. ' rrriie attkmion Of tavern keepers' and uguoit ] X dealers in general Is respectfully solicited to thu h superior quality of Hamper's fresh brewed Champagne n Ale. TTtis ale is brewed fresh at all sousuns of tho year, (j and the keeping quality of It, especially of aurk brewed during the moat azcessive hot weather, is guaranteed for ( atif hmgth ef time. Charge $12 per hhd.,and $8 per bbl., t delivered to any pari of Ihe city of New York, free of ex t pense Paymeut, cash on delivery. Ordefs a?nt to Ham- 2 mor a Brewery, In Harlem, will be attended to with do- 1: s patch v sfeoAWS AND TOBACCO. SEGARS VERY CHEAP.?THE ASP?GNI?E, AT NO. 17 { Broadway, must close out Ihe balance of the stork I on band, consisting of Havana, Domestic, and German s Rcgars, of various brands and qualltleg. Cash buyers oan ( i procure great bargains. * - j * [ I* HiLBR AT ACCTIO H. ^ a uonow NOTICE. fv an extraordinary onwm'WTY vxm UODMKKKKTKlhi A Nil Till TRADE Over $12,000 werth of rick auk eoetly UODHKllOLD nJHNlTCRI, This (Wednesday) afternoon, at ^Fclock proala^f, bmnrtsing kie lieaaliful and aoatiy Furnikuro ooaiaiaed i the large dwelling houM wo. lAYWsst 'Pweucyflrst (reel, near Seventh arena a 'ltia whale Car ebeolnte oremptery nale, rWi or ehwio, auusisaag <tf liiglwh 'alvol,TaiH-a?rjr aid lug rate Uerpets, ukogaiit rosewood arlor Fermssre, en ejjta, aamfrnefcig ftraa full solid, ichly carved, all af wbieh are severed m riak tflk krooael o( lite beet deaerlptisa: see?w?M*l Cestre ami 1'iar hides, Turkish (Theirs, to blU sad Rkld eatla ami maquot; laiaaok ?d Iocs Curtail*, Velvet ami fyirkwli Umugas, laaMI iui?l l'mr Mlrrera. fltaa rosewood Blegero, rich evrea .nut RreeiWn Mantel Vases, Artiatic Bronzes, liiauaa Xgurea, Parlor.OrnemtuilK, isv. eufcant swfkn OTAVB PIANOFORTE, Msaic (ablest, iNuel sad Cover; Irgaiit llereai*, ixddua.a, aw#re (Mr MnMrssaaa, lismbsr Eirls, la roeewoeil; Ih-nuM flock, Spring Seat liairg, Mirrora, lff>ila ami lleddtag, M Extensusi fables, wo Safe Bedsteads. tick Cuf Glass af every dseertptiea, fiver Ware, Forks, Kposra, Casters, Uraa, Tea Service, larble top Buflet, Olleloth, rkh Chaudshers, he. Sale K?klva, rata ar shine. R. W. WfXroOTT, Auetamaer. A M. GRIFFIN Jt CO., AUtHONHNRK. fVa FJegaat Household Furniture at imMii; auettan, TH15 DAT (WMbMWIay)i Bao|>erty of n gentleman luaviiigthe rlty, Rmewaod 7 octave Pianoforte, rosewood Drawing toom Suits, rusuwood aud anilimfavy Bedroom FnrnXure, alt Dining Room Furniture, l'ukitlngH, Statuary, Bron *ib, tc.,at the residence of Dr. Phillip Kaasosa. 49 West Hixeeuili slreul, between Fifth and Sixth avatwnvi. Kufa ommt'Ucea af 11 ofaiock. Drawing Room Suits, Klegercs, lookcaae, Mirrors, lave Curtains,Vases, Oil Paintings, lafuary. Velvet nail firuwV Carpets, Extension Telilv, luRot, <lima Vanes, Silver wnso, Tnblo Cutlery, Ward nbes, Il.iir and SprU'K Mattresses, Bedsteads, Commodes, far belauds, Oiirksh, Stnir Fupetx', fyilae, Rockers, llanki ts, Bedding, Ac. Also, a large assortment of Huso lout and Kitckou Fern It two. Sale iieremptory. A M. MURW1N.AUCTIONEER. [Ve "y llANtli, MF.RWlN A CO., Trvlsg Buildings, M?4 aad W6 Broadway, Wednesday Evening, August 7 o'clock, STANDARD AND HlSCF.I.l AMFXiDS UOOKS. i large assortment, including a vnrioty of valuable I'.ng wh publn annua, Ac. Fbr particulars aee catalogue. A S. RIOUHDS, AFtTlyNFF.R.?f.OO CASFS IKIOIS, 'V Siloes ami llregans nt auitioa by flit'11A KISS A fHlTTNG, on Wednsaday, August 21, at 101, o'clock, at lore 44 Cortlandl street, coiitpi Islag a full iisborinieut of rime goiula. Catalogues on morning of sale. a Ctmos NOTICE.-F.I.FX;AMT FIRST (.'I. tSS HOl'se f\_ hold Furniture at private sale in lota to milt purchn in s, at loss than action prices, on necnolit ol removal, onhisting.of lliu cnliru contents of the live story residence K Wont Fourteenth strem, sear FJghlh avenue. fcuporb oeewond PfeMforU, seven octave; solid curved rosewood orlor Suite in tho richest satin, rosewood Mcgerus, t>nre and other Tables, Vol vet, liruxmrtx and Ingrain twists; oak Dining Room Furniture, Ckambor Furniture m ugnwood ami mahogany, wi th full suit to match -."Rods md Bedding. TJie whole be mg every thing required for u urge flvo story residence, both useful and ornamental. 1 UtTTlUN MUTtfe.?FJHUAOtlDIXAIlY OFPOKTHNIf V ty to purchase Hor.BcboM Furniture at Auction.? lair commencing at two o'clock, tlim day (Wednesday), t the large insure ?i house No. Off Wont Twenty -sixth Ireet, Boar Sixth avenue, vii.:?Rosewood and inula>gnuy Was, Roekers, Chairs, Tables, Boekcsse, F.tegercs, llu eaus, Bedsteads, WmiUstand,Sideboard, rosewood I'iai*)arte, a supCTb instrument, Mirrors, Curtains,Shades, Hooks, Vases, Paintings, perc Hair Mattresses, Brussels rid Ingratn^Carpeta, Chandeliers, china Tea Seta, Silver Vhre. Also a large assortment of Uhseineut and Kitchen YiruUurc. Sale comineuuiug at two o'cloak precisely. MAYS'ARP It CO., Auctioneers. A UUTION NOTICE.?BCRNHAM'S FURNITURE EX [\_ uress and taking Establishment, llV West ilevontu street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. fousehoM furniture boxed and'shipped to all pans of the rorld. Furniture stored.* large covered wagons for ronovlng furniture into the country. A UCTION NOTICE.?C. KENNEDY, NO. 289 BOWKRY, f\_ seileatlens Utaa sudt turfprises, second baud Fur mure, carpoie, oraaioi,xuerare, c-Tocccry, i-minut-uors, Itovfs, Ac. Repairing Ad qflholelrry attended to. Wu'rknen aunt but by the day or job. Storage taken. 4 rcnon notice.?it bobert haydock, A. Earthen aid GUsewar*. by order of the esecuter, ? Friday, August 23, at 11 'clock, at the store SK ipring street. Balance of Stock of Earthen and Glassware and Store Fixture*, for ca,*b. 4 BBIONQS' SALE.?A. M. CRISTA LA R, AUCTIONEER, J\_ wfll sell, this day, August 21, at 10 o'elock, it 88 Warren street, a largo and exteasiro stock of lady's lilk and olaatlc Bella and Oar lore, Cap and Bat Trimmings, 9onaet Slide* and Pins, kc. By ofBer of 8 B. FA I. KEN BUG, Assignee Ibis sale is well worthy the attention if t|te Vado, aa ovary lot will ponltlrely be sold without ftaorv?. Daniel a. mathewb, auctioneer fnWroom No. T9 Nassau atreet, aear Fultoa street. PEREMPTORY SALE OF CARRIAGES DANIEL A. MATmF.WS will sell at auction this flay Wednesday) at 11 o'clock, at hta salesroom 70 Nassau itraet, t ho following city built ferriage* ef the best mahe, rlz:?One elegant four abated GoOye ttockaway, two eupator square box Kocksways, seveial suneriur toplhiggHw, rather hnwland oloth fined, Consord Road Wajfona, dor; we four seated Rockaway. They are now on view and ixuniination at the aaleiureams. f \ BURKE. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 1:16 BOWERT, JL} will sell this day (Wednesday), at 10 e'edwa ireclsaJy, the large stock of Stores, Ranges. Tin Ware, fardware, Cutlery, he., In the ators No: 1,212 Brand way, mtwegp Twenty-sloth and Thirtieth streets. AU must >e soldtbis day at aov saerilloe. Edward schenck, auctioneer. ASfOTNEE* RALE OF SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, By E. k F. H. WHENCE, thle day, Auguet 21, at 1 o'clock,at their salesroom,Nos. 186 and 167 Broadway, beaux k or ono of the first cabinet makers or this city, insisting In part of e leg Ait solid, oarved aiM plain roee rood Huns, in satlu and brocalel, plush and rep*; elegant rwewood moire u Glace, magnificent roaeweud ronnd oraered Bedsteads and Bureaus, de. In block walnut, unshod In oil . rosewood *nd walnut Secretary, Library, lookcsse, elegant rosowaod and walnut Ktegc'nsa, oarved ralaut and oak Bufflbls, oak and walnut Library sad lining Room Chairs and other elegant Fsrntturc. The bore la all ef the very best manufacture, and will be 'deitively sold by order of assignee. The particular ajtcntlon of those In want of elegant Furniture is raspcctully requested to this sale, as It Is undoubtedly the flnekt ale of Qret class Furniture that bos tata-n place in this ity. J. B. FREEMAN, Assignee. E~j3 CO 1.T0N, AUCT1DNEEH.? FURNITURE, CARPETS, , Hod*, Budding, OIBce Furniture, Ac ?This (lay Wednesday) August 21. at 10J* o'clock, at 113 Fulton trout, a small asnortmdbt of Furniture of various kinds, otnprtelng Carpets, Sofas, (Jirflrs, Beds, Bidding, Offlco leaks, two Targe Mirrors, An.; also, by order of a receiver, nc very superior double barrelled Gun, and one Adams Ive barrelled pistol. rt K.ORGF. COOK, AUCTIONEER. UT ASSIGNEES SALE OE ELEGANT FURNITURE. by GEORGE; COOK, to-day, at eleven o'clock, at 41 Broadway (beles* Liberty street), probably the bast lock o< Household Furniture offered at auction thia sea on. It constats of a variety of Parler, Chamber, IAbrary nd Dining Roojn Furniture en anite; also rosewood irn*iire-a Glare. Et?geres,ladii? Secretaries, Wardrobes, lufl'uts, Tabloti, Hall Stands, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Secrota leg, Bookcases, Ac. Wortny the notice of buyers. By rd'ir of E. K. WILUKR, Assignee. N. B.?A number of rst class Houses to let, at low rates. In addition la the boro, a lino lot of aocon'd hand furniture. ft EO. HOLBROOK, AUCTIONEER BY HOLBROOK JT A HOIAllPi?Will soil on Thursday, August 22, at 1 o'clock, all the Parlor, Bedroom, Dining Room aud litchen Furniture, Carpets, Budding, Crockery, Ac., conamed in the three story and basement house No. 8B FestThirteenth street,near Fifth avenue. Henry green, auctioneer.?this day, at iox o'clock, at tho auction stere, 194 William street, 0 boxes English Hairy Cheese, Soap. Biscuits, Raising, urratits, one Pi|)? Gin, Brandy, Whiskey, 19,000Sugars, wo bales Sponges; also, at 12 o'clock, lot of Dry and uncy Gooda, Clothing, two Sewing machines, Ac. FOHN H. BURLEY. AUCTIONEER, STORE 444 CANAL street ?$20,000 to advance on all kinds of House old Furniture, Carpels, Oilcloths. Ac , or bought and a lir pries paid for the same. $12,000 to loan on uaincum ered real estate. I/T DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, Will, KEI.L, Tills XL# day (Wednesday) at lOHo'clock, at salesroom 8i a -km street, first class Household Furniture, consisting 1 (stri of sulid rosewood Parlor Suits, covered in broca d . mahogany Parlor Suits, covered In haircloth, viz.: eto a t"les. Sofas, Arm and Parlor Chairs. Library Book i-cs. Oil Paintings, gilt frame Pior and Mantel Mirrors, sk and black walnut Extea.--.oQ Dining Tables, do. Buf ts. rosewend and mahogany marble top Dressing Bu on Bedsteads, Inertia Carpeting and Oilcloth. mahogany Pardrobes, do. Sofa an 1 Sofa Beds, Mlrrois, 4c., 4c . Ilia rhole to bo sold. PAWNBROKER? PALP -THIS I'AY.ATIO},' O'CLOCK, I will sell. without f?cTP, 270 tots flrst rato men's, rumen'.sand children's Clothing, superior quality, choice U- ?.S"S Piece Goods, Remnants', Shawls. Mantillas, a fine me of Watches and Jewelry, ."liver Ware, flrst rate ix>non Gun, and numerous articles pledged ever twelve H SALOMON, llcooied Pawnbroker, 31 Madison treet. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-J. MORTIMER WILL SELL Ibis day. at bis auction store. 16 Mast Broadway, a irge assortment of unredeemed Pledges,consisting of san'p mid womeu's Clothing, by order of J LAWCH, 78 Irand street. iUFRlFE'8 SALE?CORNICES, TRIMMINGS, AO? 3 CHAMBERS 4 FA1RCHILD, Auctioneers, will sell at Kctr salesroom, 113 Nassau street, on Wednesday, August 1, at eleven o'clock,a largo,stock of Cornices, Shade and 'Icture Tassels, Carpet Binding, White Leaf, together rllb a large parcel of Paper Window Shades, Ac , 4c. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff Jl 4 J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEERS.?WHONE8DAY, !5e August 21, at 10X o'clock, at 51 Crosby street, kiardlng House Furniture, mahigany Bureaus, Wash lands. Bedsteads, Mattresses. Beds and Bedding, Carpets, lllclotn JExienslon Dining Table, Crockery and Glassware, Utehee rurniiure, lip. 3 SAMyi AT AUCTION. s* J. BOGART. AUCTION!*:*) ~TH* BlfflTlttf . o'clock, in front of Mora, Ko. 1 North Wtffluns> streak, awrtfua* site,in* black jjivm and Hainan' Wagon. RAMI wl, A. JfORBljKtN, Attornay fur Hurt#.!#*'. 8 k J. DOMART, Al'CTIONHrRR?SATt'HUAY, AH gnat 14, at lUJa o'al<j?k,al Mia auction rn?n No. L Nartli Wr11iaai atr.-et, a ?rK<< aasnrtmcnt of riibomkkxi aa.Paalratany I'a'rler, Bedroom and tMchan VeruKm'e, Oar pale, Kit i?aa. 4k. . OHKUirf* KAI.E.?NTUAM INfilNP, llACUlNIBT, kO. o aiaiirjuw k faikch1l.1), AuctlaneorB, Nalysrooai lis Nawtn eti?et, Will a?n on Tlmrndaiy, Anciutttt, at 10 o'clock, alike cornyr of I'jar I tint Kim ?<"'?ru, tkf onaitrat* of a AutaMno yim|?, MtiMin of Si ram *??.* ya<l Boiler*, Rlialting, Pulloyit, l'ower Lathe*. tinioI LallM, Via*, Cw Plpoa, Water Id pee, kc., together with a yery large variety of small loola mud kr llm buainoea. JOHN KE1J.Y, FlHtrMT. sHERIFF's FA BE.?CHAMBERS k PAIRfTBLD, AUttHaieera. will *>y, Thursday. Wd inn., at US Mnwut street, ativ liali' |>iiia Brandy. JOHN KA.l l.Y, Rlwrtrr. wILLIAM AHH1NT, ArtmoNMF.K?OHFkK MO. ? 4 Fuel Broadway?Will wll on Thnrnday, '."44 aiaL. at 10U o'ekiek, the ldaa and Contents of tiiu the (IK a)ana Hatcher Simp, corner of Nnseau and Paarl Ma:, Brooklyn, hard TVfilera, Presets*, Ice Uoiaa, 4c. WIl.I.AH ATMt'iTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE MO 4 Hast Uroud way.?Mortgage rale on ibis dny, 11M> iust , lit 10); o'clock, at 511 Wont Sixteenth street, nnanTenth ayenue, two flae Horas, nuo I) Ik Wagon, "JAMlHc * \ Cans, Aa. I1KNEY 4. m 1.1.1.N, Alt y for Mortgagee. wm. witters, abctionfjlm?wijj, hall tth? day, ut 2 o'clock, at No- '444 Canals Stjaet, alt the gtulced Eurni^ira, Ac., of a n three ?t?ry Iwinee, Hwe Cmrpa'A, l5ada, Redding. Hofaa, Chairs, < '. atrr Table*, Hall aud Itayctnaat Oilcloths, mall, .(any Breuch and Collage ll.dnlca.lH, Hair and other Mattress.-*, Nh.'ata, Spreads, Blanket*, Tnhle and Bed Lines, Cutlery, China, (Mass and Mated W*?. rkovesj, Idhiuj: Boom undKKelieu I'urnltnra, Ins., suitable for I amilick ;ual others. THK WAR.~~ Arms roit the war perccshion cunr, cakbinee, Hliinderbusecs, with pluiu or with rillfl bar roi?; broDxe Cannons, witliott carriage#; all almost quite new, ami soiling at moderate price* la largo. lotH for exportation. Addreas Frederic WfpperfhrUI, ndiMTTUt on fltn Itfciua ASKVFNTH REGIMENT UNIFORM, IN C( IMITATE OR- V U'M', n>i nitwynhaap,mtt>(i>>irw|wcttioiiwi m for the seat of war to a few days. Can tie seen at 83 North Moero street. FRkAlllIS.?ANY PARTIK8 HAVING FOR sale awt Firearms and Army Aernulroaionts of any dessrlp tloQ Hi largo quunllUea, please addros* l*u 3,107 Post office, New York. FIREARMS FOR SALE, IN LARGE UL'ANTITIES, at 101 I)uane street. W. FORHTER. TIEUTKNANT'S txiMMISVION WjtNTED?ht A VWEJ ran el' Hull run. A young man of considerable means and PX|KTien<e wishes a cuitimlsslon as either First or Socend Licutenaut. Address Hardee, 67 Veacy at. TlffTLITART CAPS. 1Y1 Orders attended to with dnepatcb by H. WOIJ" k CO. No.'63 llroa?1way. Military officers.?for sale, reAisonauly, /J two officer's blue frock Coats, Sasb.Oift's Revolver, | Ac., cheap and iu good condition. Addsess W. L. J., I Herald office. 1 WAR ?THE POSITION OF SECOND IJKUTENART IN a company partly formed, In one of tho beat and moat advanced Koglinenta In New York, can be secured by an intelligent man who either has twenty Jive men at his command or the mcaua and energy to take hold and assist in completing the compuny. Address .H. A. B., Herald oflivo, stating where he can be Men at once, down town. WAR.?SKIWIKANT8 ANI) CORPORAJJ3 WAN'TJjJ) FOR Company E, Continental Guard , also, a few able / bodied men, who will be taken iratwodiaudy to camp and / be mustered in and go undor pwf. Apply to Oaptata / COAN, 103 Fulton Mroet. I i'TIrANTK1)?FOR TWO OR THREE tVENINGS IN I ) W the week, the services of a person competent to / | wi as munary irmtrecinr to a zonave company already | formed. AdtlrefP, stating where an Interview may be I )iad, hi-., Frank, box 1 ,U64 Now Voik Postofke. I 9th regiment nkw york state mflim, now i In tho service of tho UnltodBtatm for tbe war. at I Harper's Ferry. a few recruit* will be received If im- \| mediate application Is made V toe headquarters, corner ' of Thirteenth street, University place. \ *~' ~T. flHAlKT^. " August"nt t oa, bankers, no. to wall street,New York, tfsno letter*"of credit In travellora availuble ju all parts Of Europe, through the Messrs Rothschild of Parts, Loudon,Fraukfort,Vienna,Naples and tbelr correspondents. /"VHICAGO AND NORTHWgSTFHN RAfMUIAD COM" \J ponya?Hoklersol the first mrmtgage bonds of this rompnny, are hereby informed that tbe bonds In be given lu'Wohaiige for the ttrst six coupoaa from each of said boutfe, pustmanl to the rote of the bondholders, at tbelr mooting, July W, are now redd?, and* tbey.are requested to prea^stratd coupons for exrVnige, without delay, at ' Bie ttgencv of the company, 12 Wall street. W. B. OUDKN, President. N*w Voax, Au'gnat 17,,18tl. ? Office *f toe 8tuyvesant insurance com- . * pany,122 Bo wary (Oriental Bank building), New York, August 8. 1861? Dividend.?'TJio Board of lilrectora hnvo thle day declared asotptaanuai dividend of six per cent, payable to the stockholders 6n apd after the 20tb >nst. Transfer beoks.will be. closod untll.that date. BENJAMIN J. FHNT&, Secretary. PACIFIC MAIL fTTBAMBHIP COMPANTw-NEW YORK,. August 14,1881.?Tbe Board of Directors hate this day declared a dividend of (6) fir* p*r cent (rat of the net earning* of this Company for the past throb month*, payable to the stocekolders at ibis offioe ob Thursday the 22d hist. 11*! Transfer Hook will bo closed on tbe 16th Inst, at 2 P. M., and will l>o reopened-ah the 23d Inst. By order of the Boartl 8. L. MERCHANT. Secretary. UNION DIME BAVINOIBXNK, """ No. 429 Canal street, corner of Varicjf. Open dally from 10 to 2 and from A tp 7 P. M. 8ix |a-r cent interest allowed on fttl tains of $600 and under, aad five per cent ou larger amounts. .THK BANK HAS RECEIVED On deposit during the last 19% months, $601,228 BO. E. V. HAUGHWOUT, President. Gahpnir S. Ciun.s, Secretary. > <2h 1 AAA BOND AND MORTGAGE, AMPLY Kt) flj secured on real en tap', to exchange for any d'wiruble fancy or staple Merchandise, a Grocery, or any other good Biramess. Will trade liberally. SOUTH WICK k WOOD, 82 Nassau street. (Si or AAA TO JAJAN?ON BOND AND MORTv/U fW on prodnctlce real estAte In tins city, in sums of $2,000 and upwards, for one or more years. Apply to JOHN V. CONKEY, In the office of the People's Eire Insurance Comjiany, 00 Wall street. ixtaw oyytuay. . AT 4*0 BROAlfW AY.?HENRY HYMAN, DIAMOND a?vl Watch Broker, advauens on Diamonds, sot or unset; Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or buys the same at llieir full value for cash, at H. HYMAN'S, 480 Droadwuy, second floor, auctioneer and broker. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS MTREET.?MONEY TO I,OAN TO any amount on diamonds, watches, Jewelry, be.. liy the well known and old established ISAAC, broker and commission merchant No. 9 ('lumbersstreet. N. B.?No business transacted on Saturday. At 111 GRAND street, THREE D00118 WEST OS' Broadway.?Money advanced on Watcbes, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Goods and |iersoual property of everv description, or bought and sold by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. Advances on diamonds, pearib, watches, Plato, Pianos, Segafs, Merchandise, Optical fnstru ments, be., Ac.. or will buy the same for cash, at his private office. J. H. BAKKINGER, 212 Broadway,room 13, up stuirs. a t.w Nassau street.?a. hoNioman, diamond J\_ Broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Ac., or buy* them at full value, at hie private office. 06 Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business confidential. TOPIS ANRICH, 713 BROADWAY, UNDER THE NEW J York Hotel, offers to i>ay thn highest cash price for ! lnamonds, Watches, old Gold and Silver, or liberal ad I vances made. CEDAR STRV.43 ? ADTANCEH MADE ON '3 W itches, Jewelry, Diamonds and other personal ! property, in sums to suit, or bought for cash and the | highest price given. I. JACOBS, 43 Cedar street. Branch ofUce, SOT Broadw iy. K1\K A U'l'S. Brooklyn* -old daguerkbotypbs, ambr? types, portraits, Ax , of accessed persons copied to Photographs of atiy size Hunters (tallery, 101 Fulloa street, Brooklyn FlHMllUK. Abb moon si rr or enakeujcd furniture for ?14. in all color*, of warranted manufacture: albo solidchestnut Chamber Suite, plain ami ornamental, at H? K KARRINOTOVS, ,'tfis Canal street, opposite Wooater Established in 18A8 A;.; kin;.-' <>/ rntsnntE, M.\TTitK.->p>\ moding, Ixioking Glasses, Ac . cheaper than at auction, j w trrahled and delivered free Please call ut O. W. SNEDEN'S, 293 Bowery, betw en Stanton and Houston streets, you wlil save money and be served honorably and promptly. FURNITURE, FURNITURE, FURNITURE.?THE HKiH est price paid for second hand furniture, Carpels and 1 Mirrors, at 550 Hddson street, corner of Perry streej. A jjbod stock of second hand Furniture ?1 why* on hand. For exchange?a suit of splendid rosewood Furniture, covered with satin damask (new,) would I ] be exchanged for a good piuoo. Address l'tano, Ucru.d j i otace. / J

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