Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1861 Page 1
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1 # TH WHOLE NO. 9112. THE REBELLION. Interesting News Horn Washington. Preparations for Active , Hostilities. Important Orders from tho War ! Department. i Grand Review of the Troops by the President and Gen. McClclIan. The Disposition of the mutinous Soldiers. i Correspondence Between the Union and Rebel States. POSITION Of THE POSTMASTER GENERAL. t THE WAR IN MISSOURI. Brilliant Exploit of Captain Dougherty and Three Hundred Men. The Report of the Death of < Ben. MeCnlloch Reaffirmed. < OPERATIONS OF THE PRIVATEERS ; Their Rendezvous in the West 1 India Islands. t II THE UNION DEFENCE COMMITTEE. " Important Report of the Execu- ? tive Committee. c V h Departure of New York Troops for Washington, 4c. Ac., 4c. ti b oca SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. ' WiSHiNmvi.v, August 21, 1861. ^ THE ATTACK UPON THE CAPITAL. 1 Hie continued alarms about desires of the insurgent! 0 gainst the capital are now declared by gt nllcmen In high quarters to be fabrications of rebel emissaries O|iinions, however, are divided on this subject. Whatever may bo ^ the truth respecting It, the administration wants to rein- (, force aud be ready for active operations. The voluntoere, while left in the Northern cities and towns, can do no crvlce, but they can be organized here and ready Tor service immediately. Hence the call made on the 19th Inst. REPARATION FOR VIOOROUB ACTION?PATRIOTISM OP THE COUNTRY. 1 At no time since tho commencement of the rebellion t. has the Union army been so thoroughly prepared for vigorous action, or the government so eomplet'dy able to t Vindicate its integrity, as at present. The response to tho order of the War Department for the balanco of the ac- ^ copied volunteers ts most encouraging. Tho Union spirit of the country seems at last to be fully aroused. It is 1 mortifying to our army and to the government to be at * ibis moment acting on the defensive for the protection of * the capital of the nation against an armed rebellion, when c the armies of the Union should be rolling like a great wave over the rebel States, to crush out treason ami afford , protection to oppressed Union men, and restore cunslitu- ? tlonai liberty, law and order. ? THE SAFETY OF WASHINGTON?AN ADVANCE TO RICH- y MONO. t It Is perhaps true that a rise in the Totomac from the t recent rams saved Washington from an assault at ail points by the combined forces of the rebels at n critical t moment; but the opportunity for prepaiaiton bus been 'inpioved, and additional fore's are needed here to pro teel the rear while tho a >w well disciplined " and organized army of General McCl"llan proceeds t to do its duty. T! e advance, when made, will nop.Ol ably be by way of Manassas Junction, and the reb d Generals seem to have become aware of this fact. They have evidently abandoned the i lea of auacklt>g Washington, ami are anxious now to take care of themselves. Tb y have suddenly witlidrawu their advance and fallen back in the direction of C ntorvllle. They ovldently an ticipnte an immediate attack; but owing to thuc/usuin mate skill with which Geneial McGluilau has directed the mov unents and preparatlo .sonmir sido, f r the first ttm< the rebels are at a loss to know .it what point their position is to be assailed. If the reinforce onis ca.ied for a - ' rive in tint", tb't r.e.vt stailling news givn to tho nountry may b that Richmond is m our pr-scssiou, ami tin whole t ebel ai my of Virginia cut off. 0 a CPAKI) RF.VIKW BY TflE PRESIDENT ADD OBNllRAL f lt'CI/UX AN? SPLENDID APFKARANCS OF Till I TROOPS. ' Tho chief feature in Washing!' n to-dry was tlx- re- ' Yiewof troops by tho Pri Solent , his < i biiu t anil Major i General McClelian, attended by his stud'. The Ucier: 1 and staff appeared in full uniform. The fttst review war that of Major General McCall's divisbn. The review ' took place a little north of the camp proper, in a largo undulating Held of an area of about two hundred acres. Previous to the ariival of tho President and General s McClelian tho troops w"re not drawn up iu line t of battle, as is usually the case for reviews i when tho nature of the ground would permit, but wrro formed in four grand divisions, one behind tho othT, eu?h consisting of two regiment*. On J tho right of each of tho first three division was n bat 1 tevjr of light artillery, and on tho extreme right a com- ' pauy of cavalry. The latter was the New Ymlt, 1 Capt. Saner. Tho light artillery batteries were of tho Pennsylvania Campbell Artillery, tinder the conic .ml reapecUvely of Catiiains Kan ton, Mathers and Coo) r. 'Hie r First division of the infantry consisted of the Seventh e and Eighth regiments of Pennsylvania Volunteers, the a Second division of the Fourth and NinthPerosyhur. n.t'v i Third division of the Fifth and Tenth 1 onnsj Ivan meats, and the Fourth division of the Eleventh ir " ? reg.ments of Pennsylvania?in all about seven tho ffvo hundred troops. Long before i lie arrival o: the pected distinguished visiters the road from Washluglont; the review ground was lined w ith gay and f.islik na equipages, ronveytng jrec ous freights tlutb r to w| the grand review, so that by the time Gonota' M C - ii .. EJVE arrived on the ground all the apace allotted to the speeta tora was ttlled to repletion. At half past ten o'clock A. M., a courier arrived announcing to General McCall that General McClellau was approaching tho review ground, with tho modest message from the latter to the former, Having the customary salute due his rank. In a few minutes aftor General McClellan and staff, escorted by Companies K and B of tha Second United States dragoons, under the command of Captain Ix>w and Lieutenant Tompkins, gallopod across the held and proceeded to an eligible spot indicated by a largo regimental Sold color, and directly facing the centre of the muss of troops. The General's staff formed on each side of him, and the escort formed line directly in tho rear. All things being Id readiness, General McCall gave the command to prepare for review. Ranks were opened, arms presented, and the line officers took poet a few paces in advance of their companies. Genera) McClellan th<p rode to the right and rront of tho First division, and oommeuced to review the troops. As he reached the right of the line the regimental solors wore drooped, and each regimental band, as the reviewing officer pessed, played soma soul stirring and patriotic air. The General reviewed each regiment with scrupulous care. Not a man In the ranks ipp -art-d to escape Ills notice. Just as the first part of the review was completed I'resi tent Liucoln, in an open carriage, accompanied by Secretary Chase, drove into the review fluid, followed by other caniugeg contfllnlngSecretaries Seward, Cameron and Welles, and Postmaster Uenoral Blair, Senator Wilson, Colonel Hunter and family and others. The President was unattended by any military escort. General McClellan, when ho wus apprised the President was on the ground, immediately rode up to his carriage and paid his respects, at the same time Inviting the President to review the tro'ps. rhe President accepted the invitation, and witli his accompanying guests, General McClellan and staff, [wssed down the front and up the rmr of the dense tolurnu of troops. The distinguished guests then prosocded to an eligible position on the (laid, when the troops sere fi rmed in column by companies, and tu this order sere marched in review In the following order, vim? lavalry, art'llery and infantry. As the head of ivicb regiment would arrive opiiosito the review.-,?its b md would 'all out of tho line and faco lorard them while the troops narched directly on. The day was beautiful, the sun was night, the sky was clear and a gentle breeze ilirring, which made the atmosph re quite genial during he ceremonies. At the close of tho review the seveu thousand troops in line gave nine hearty cheers to tho Resident, which made tho earth tremble. Tho signt truly grand. Tho troops apiieared to good ad vintage, and everybody present felt they had enjoyed a ahtixhe occasion. After the reviow General McClellan ?lled all the officers of the troops to the centre of the ine, and in a few remarks complimented them on th.-ir nartial appearance, but still requested them to stimulate bemselves to greater exertion in order to attain the highest itate of military efficiency. The President andCubinet, with Jeneral McClellan and staff then proceeded to the real lence of Frank P. Blair, Sr.?father of Postmaster Geneal Ulair?where they wore entertained to a prii.ody oilation. Tho perty arrived there at half past threo 1'clock in tho afternoon, and wore received by the cusomary salutes?one for tho President and tho other In lotior of Genoral McClellan. Similar ceremonies here ook place as at the review at Genoral McClellan's camphe troupe were In high spirits, and the visit ef the I'resilent and Cabinet and General McClellan seemed to Inspire hem to go forward In the work for which they are en Istcd. Among others who accompanied General McClel?d during the day were Brigadier General? Porter, Lander , nd Stoneham. , A VISIT TO TBI CAMPS AROUND WASHINGTON. ) This has been an interesting day among the military in j he neighborhood of Washington. A distinguished party, a ousisting of the President of the United Stairs, Socro- ( tries Ckmeron, Chase and Seward, together with Major f 'moral MeOlellan and staff, have been visiting the r arious camps on both sides of the Potomac river. The i r ether was clear and r> markably pleasant after the late t eavy rains. v Tho appearance and movements of the several brigades i rere in a high degroe creditable. I The young general was everywhere greeted with an en- ( ttusiasm unbounded. The customary salutes wero fired, s oth for him and the Prosident. I H PORT ANT ORDERS PRO SI THE WAR DEPARTMENT? TUB NAVAL BRIGADE. * The following important orders have been issued from J he War Department, disposing finally of the famous Ma- ^ a! Brigade, and placing them under command of an ex- N client officer SPEttAI. ORDERS?so. 224. War Dbpaktmknt, .Adjutant (.ivksal's Omns. ) u Washington, August 21,1861. J I' The body of New York Volunteers at Fortress Monroe, "irginla, kn >wn as l,he Union Coast Guard, will b" formed Ho a regiment as follows :? ,i Ohlane!?David W. Wardrop, of Massachusetts. Liniu-n in' Cnlrm I? \lharf. C. M . 'VI ,,f Virginia. tl Major?Uustave B. Holledy, ol Yw York. v Adjutant?John Franklin Bates, of M lasucbtiseUs. Qwirlermasler?Kdward Noyeg, of Now York. Surgeon?Frederick H. H ioper, of Rhode Island. ri A sir'ani Snrwrn?Johnsou ri.ark, of Mas such is 'Its. D Company A?C iota in, 'tc'nird Nixon. New York ; First Jeutcuant, Frederick A. K"we, New York; Second Lieu 01 una,it, John lice, Now York?<ecntyflvc men. tl Company H?''antaio, J, ;? Hurst. Now York; First tl Jeuteuant, this. Tiilotson, N w Jersey; Second Lionel!.int. Wm. W. I'at I -n, New York?soventy-riitht mon. Aowoony C?Captain, Ferdinand I.. Clark, Now Jersey; ti 'list Lieutenant, Wm. Ryan, Connecticut: S con I I.iau- tl euaut, Datilol S. Slovena, New York?sevent. nine men. ? Company I)?('a iiain, M. Molnlyro, Now Fork: J'.rst denten int, IraWnans, Now York: Second IJouteuani, h' fh ha-1 Mitch dl. N' w York?seventy-eight ini n. SI Company E?Captain, James H. Hart, Massachusetts; . 'irst Ueutouaiit, J. Franklin Ikitos, Maasaoliuaetts; So- ^ ond Lieutenant, Joseph Fox, Now Y u k?-uveuiy-elgiit i< non. A Company F?Captain.Caleb K. Niebuhr, Mus a'husotts; 'Irst Lieutenant, Jas. I". Milwood, District of Columbia; leconrt Lieutenant, Henry Canloy, Now York?eovuutyilglit men. L Comnany G?Cuptaai, .V :o',d P'atmtn, Now York; p "Irst Lieutenant, tiriward Nnyos, N-w York: Second Lieuenant, Francis McDonougii, Now York?eevuuty soven M non. fi '' monnn H? Captain, Walter Johnson, Now York; R| Irst IJ'otonani, John Pulley, New York: Second Lieuenunt. Wm. Wil lamson, Now Yo k? vonty-sevon men. P The comtn Hiding oflloor of Fortress Monroe will tako o inch measures as may be ueeossary to complete the or- lanlzatiou of this regun mt, causing two Additional convianes to lie formed, and ill of the companies to bo recruited o the authorized maximum standard as fixe ! by section ! of tbo act approved July 2'J Py order. _ L. THOMAS, Adjutant tienoral. okvbrai. OHDKas, wo. 89. n War desakrmkxr, Aojctant i.kni'.rai.'s omi, l v WasHIVHTOM, August 17,1881. j ? First, so much of paragraph throe of special orders, No. >ne hundred eighty-Ave from this office, dated July 12,1861, is relates t the all- wauces of female nurses employed in jortnanont or general hos'iitals. Is hereby rescinded, and inch persons wilt reoeltre, from and after the ?i instant, arty cents ier day and one ration in kind or by rompit- r .ati.>n, at cost price. In lieu of all emoluments except .runsportatiori in kind. Second?The minimum standard of height for recruits s fixed at fivo feet three Inch s. instead of live feet four md a half inch '.s, as herotofote established. Third?Evory officer of the am, will imm "'lately ro- e >ert hie adilrcss to th'S ofilc , and th >r 'Aft r every change t if 1 Idr '< ?, no in titer w'letli r permanent or temporary. .nrth?All volunteers i> the s i vice of the I'nii d r States will b> mustered for piymont at the end of the t h -realtcr. One copy of the pay roll will he forwarded to ho Adjutant General, two given t > the paymaster of the ' Iij?trict. arid the fourth one filed with the records of the lompany or detachment m iste-ed. , By order. I<. THOM \S, Adjutant General. W"- are requested to call special attention to article hree in the above order. APPOINTMENT OP A BRIGADIER GENERAL. , Major W. S. Barry, Chief of Artillery in Gea. McCiellau's itaflT, was to day appointed Brigadier General of voluneers. j t PAYMASTER ORDERED TO MI880CRI TO PAY VOLENTEKKN. Major Francis W. Crane, I'aym aster of the United stat >s irmy. has been ordered to Missouri to pay nET the vdun?crs who are waiting for their pay in that section, tijor Cra e .v is a prominent ine chant in Ft. Units, aud his tiH-'.igunient of duty is eminently appropriate. d TUB CASE OP COI.ONKI, M'OUMN. * 1 A private d patch from Alevnudrla late to night, de- c lies that Cr'onel McCunn has been found g tilly and cash- f [ ed by the court martial investigating tlio charges gainst him; but the statement in the Hi;rai.d to-day w is i e el upon equally good authority, and it is too late to in- r t'.yaie the mutter to-night. TTIK MfTINEF.RS. ore are now under guard at the Navy Yard, awaiting ansjiort to the T'ry Tortheas, from one h nd d nnd ty to one hundred mid fifty mutinous soldi rs from h I'erent regiments. YiSfidhy forty of the New Yo lt b vent)" first regiment wero' included n the assort- h uet.t. The names of those of the Twenty-first o W YO NEW YORK, TIIURSDA! re:?Elisha R. Amos, Conrad Alllts, John Roll, James Dyer, Jolm Paw, Jamee Fall, Egnaty Gangloff, George Hurley, Jami e Hurley, Henry Johnson, Frederick T King, Christopher King, Joseph Leo, William 1/-spirits, James S. Hills, Patrick Mahonoy, Joseph Miller,Charles Mor an, James Me,Kane, E. Norrls, Nelson Portor, Austin Salisbury, Finley Spurrier, Corporal Christian Stolnweigh, James F. Tyler, James A. Thompson, William n. Watson, i John Farley, John Gray, Corporal Richard FAgle, John su O'Brien, Lewis, Strait, George S. Cook, Charles Ball, John be Parnes, John Vallean, Alfred Warren, Thomas Gordon, At John La Fevre, George Venablo, Hemry J. Llaman, Henry tu Gran, Henry Clock, D. H. Yoarman, Silos Arne, Silas En Arnold, Ralph Arnold, Thomas Colter, Frank Sherman. Li ALARM AMONG TUB REBKLH. go The rebels have apparently taken alarm at something ar they have discovered. After cautiously moving forward F? to the immediate proximity of our lines, they have mid- Ml donty, and with a haste equal to that of our troops retreat- M< Ing from Bull ran, left oven the sick and wounded behind and withdrew their lines to behind Fairfax Court House. p? Tills cannot be a feint. It is noth eg more nor less than a panic without a gun being flred or a movemi nt mode oa fo; our side. CHANGE OP COMMANDERS IN THE POTOMAC FLEET. fo Lieutenant Patterson is assigned to tho command of n| the iceboat, now at Aquia Creek, in the place of I.i"'iten- as iint P.oker, who resumes his position at tho Navy Yard. tn A 1U.01MKNT OK MOPNTF.n RIKLI5MEN FROM COLORAPO Co TERRITORY. u|( A regiment of mounted riflomon from Colorado Territory havo been aoceptcd by tho government upon tho solicitation of Hon. S. N. Pettis, dolegalo from that Tor- ty ritory. ar OCR FORCES IN WK8TKRN VIRGINIA. ln All rumors to tho contrary notwithstanding, the In- cl telligence received at the War Department from Western f)r Vlrelnla reports General Roseni'rans neither killed nor raptured, but safe and sound, and ready for any rebu' cr force that miy be sent against him. in EKNTCCKT'8 NEUTRALITY?ARRIVAL OF COMMISSION- i0 KK8 FROM THAT STATE. w| Messrs. W. A. Dudley and J. Frank Hunt,of Lexington, Kentucky, commissioners to this government on tho part of Kentucky, arrived to-night and havo taken quarters at Williards. Their object is to dissuade the government th from forming cam (is of Union soldiers within Kentucky. They arc deputed by Governor Magoffin to the Pros- dr Ident of the United States, while other gaatlcmen r<1 ?re sent to Hichmond to ask both to respect the ne neutrality assumed by Kentucky and leave her undisturbed. It Is represented that the organ- ?t> iml inn of a Union force within that State Is regarded ,ln ts a broach of the neutrality position assumed by the wi Union men. Th'-re will bo uo objection to the orcaniza- Tu Lion of such aforco at Nowiwrt Barracks, which is United States territory, or at Cincinnati or JeHersonviUe, and if ' ho rebels attem)>t to cross tho Tennesson line, it s said tho whole Stato will rise in arms ' 10 repel thorn. Thoro is, however, not much 3>a innfldence to be placod in th? promises of rebels or rebel lymputhizers; bat, if this neutrality of Kentucky could ' >o strictly maintained, and tho transmission of munitions arr if war, provisions and communications with the rebels ^ were arrested, there should bono hesitation on tho part 3 )f tho government to aceodo to the request to withdraw *ov ;he organized forces and leave Kentucky to take care of 're terself. exi Pit* P08TKA8TKR GENERAL NO POWER TO BCSPP.NI> me INT. ItOOL'KSK BETWEEN TO* UNION AND REBEL the STATES. ha Postmaster General Blair, in response to an inquiry on f8t he subject, says he has neither the power to interdict <j ?er to suspend intercourse between the loyal and robol- jn ious States, by private expresses or otherwise. This th( lower rests with the War aui) Troasury Departments grI done, and so long as these detriments forbear to oxer- b,.| ;L-e it, corres|Mit>dence between tho insurgents of tho ^ Innlh ml Hiolw I? ..-.I I ? ........ ........... I'"" nay be lawfully continued. His power over the j natter extends only to tho protection of tho reve- sen lues of tho department from fraud by the con- ter 'cyanco of this circuitous corr< a[?>ndenco over tho post wo outes of the United States, (tartly in tiie mails and partly son >y privHte exp-exses unlawfully. Th'S, the Postmaster , (I jeinrai believes, has been effectually done in the manner Qvi let forth in his letter on tho subject to General Meridian, put Mibilshed a few weeks ago. H" concludes by saying:? law You have doubtless observed tliat tho President, in pur- Got uanoo of un act of Congress passcu at Its recent session, to to', by his proclamation of the 10th lost., declared that 11 commercial intercourse^ between tho insurgent 1 itates or the people thereof attd tho loyal loni lotos is unlawful. It is presumed that in ,r_ triii-ti' ns wi,l bo issued by tiie Treasury Dopartm'ill ar lb- enforcement of this declaration, and that tho 101 buso of which you complain will bu effectually sup- An' resseil. in J TltE union spiirit op maryland. des The Union uvn of Maryland arc at last fully arousod to ^ ue necessity or defending their soil against invasion from ^ So South. In addition to tho Cooper Brigade of throo ^ ears' soldiers, Hon. Francis Thomas, in the western port ym f the -t its', und Colonel Wallace,on the Eastern Shore,ar8 "" tpidly organizing home brigades, and Postmaster Pur" ell, acsisted by Cidoncl E. R. Pother bridge, is raising tw, tho jmpaui' B of light artillery and a regiment of Infantry In a" ' centre, for three years' service. The artillery is called ^c1' le Guest artillery, in honor of one of tho oldest and most utrlotle families of Maryland. Orders huve been issue,l pai > day for the addition of howitzers und rifled cannon t? ?e piecos already furnished from volunteer companies in altimoro. Maryland is In a fair way now to take care iS T iys -If. aud leav tho Union army from the other loyal Wir tales freo to proceed to tho Immediate liberation of Vir- nesi ni l, Tennessee ami Missouri from the oppression of tho the sbeis. t be i successful attack on tiie at cu arle8- thai ton, mo. an i A iloanatch ror.rivad at. VioadiinartorR liaro /lntnrt ftt thm ouU, August 20, states tbat the commanding otlicer at cat< airo rei?>rts to General Fremont that Colonel Dougherty, T ith 300 men, ,-e'il out tho day before at seven o'clock prii oin Bird's I'oint, attacked the rebels at Charleston, 1,200 bou trung, urovo thorn back, killed forty, took seventeen J risoners, ca|iturod fifteen horses, and returned at two see 'clock in the morning to Bird's I'oint, with the loss con f one man killed and six wounded. trci A DUEL. T A duel with sabres was fought between ex-Captain wit fcssalicr and Captain Chandono, of tho Garibaldi Guard, hy ieur Glenwood Cemetery on Monday last. Both were T rounded,and the interference of tho seconds probably uni ,lono prevented a fatal termination. to | DETENTION OF TIMBER. A large amount of timber about to be shipped to New fork bus boen detained hero for the usj of the governncnt. Fir NEWS FROM ALEXANDRIA. ? ?* Alexandria, August 21, 1881. One of tho men supposed to have been taken prisoners 'ia' in Sunday, at l'ohick church, wh n the Lincoln Cavalry, indcr c <mmand or Captain Boyd, charged on the r<*e '' ' eturned to camp yesterday morning. He slept in the tf" vi<ids during I'm day and travelled by night. John B. iVi'.liams, his companion, has undoubtedly been taken c" 1 irisouer. No ohstru tions have yet been placed hy I'rovnst Mar- WCI ha! Port. r ui*>n travel between bore and Washington, "n dtho igh much good would probably come from such a 'u 1 estriction. Colonel F.rnstoins has been arrested by order of General ^ McDowell*1101, however, on serious charges. All is .yiiet on the Vlrg'nia side of the Pntomar. The largest rebel force b twecu Manassas and our lines T s in the vicinity of Fairf ix Court House. ft" b NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. I'l" THE DUTCH STEAM FRIGATE ZKE7.EKL.AND, ETC. Oil Fortress Monroe, August 20. > Wa Via >hk, August 21,1801. { full The Dutch steam frigate mentioned In my yesterday's fj,c lespatch ashore at Cajie Henry is the Zeesectaud. Slio rati cai got dir at high water and came m< the Roads Inst by v ning. H. r destination in Annapolis. Fho is direct from turope. wiih important despatches for Washington. ln t The y taker f'ity will leave for New York 011 the Sfitli r,.Ci list., Uiil ss her charter, which expires on that Ja'e, hall bo renew od. ARREST OP A BALTIMORE MERCHANT. h 1'mtjitiKfriiH, August 21, 18(11. 'l ei August Douglas, a merchant of ita'tlmoro. \\ s a vested ere at tweiveo'clock last night, charged with i.n at; erne T1 a induce Lie :t. Hain to join the rebels, protuls;i g him 1' ighsrrank and pay. Ho was haudeuovut u> the custody 1 f the United Stales Marshal. he i v RK H r, AUGUST 22, 1801, IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. he Battle Near Springfield?The Death of Ben. McCulloch Re.afilrmed?1The Rebel Low E.tiiunttd at Jefferson City to be Attacked, &c., Ac. Sr. Louig, August 21,1861. Don. Prtce'a official report of tbo battle near Sprlngflold yB lliat tho Missouri force, in that engagement iiumretlA.221.of which 158 wero killed and All wounded, noug tlie killed are Col. Wight man, Col. Brown, Adjust Bennett,Capt. Rhukwcll, l.lout. Col. Austin, Capt iglmrt, Lieut. Hughes, Capt. Farris, Capt. llallock. untenant lliskius, Captain Coleman, Major Rorg and Colonel Allen. Among tho wonndeil o Brigadier Gonora) Clarke, Colonel Burhridgo, Colone1 ?ter, Cai'tains Nichols, Dougherty, Armstrong ami egg. Colonel Kelly, Colonel Hawthoino and Captain t'arty. Many of tho wounds of both officers and men are rsirted mortal. Gene; a I Price makes no mention of General McCulloeb's rets in the battle. Tho entire rebel army had been ordered to move rward on General Lyon in four cobrmus at to o'ciot k the evening previous to battle, so to sjrround Springfield, and begin a slmul r.eous attack at daybreak, but tho order was untermanded In consoipionce of the darkness of the giit and threatened storm. Glasgow, Mo. August 21,1861. About 1,500 rebels have asfcmb'ed in Sallno conn , and are, either to join Gotioral Price's my in the South or for local operations in the surround g counties. In vlow of tho Matter purpose, the Union Users of that place have sent to General Fremont for election. Some thousand or more rebels of Chariton county ossoil tho Missouri river at Brunswick on Saturday, and arched southward to Join General Price's forces in the

uthwest. They took a great number of horses and igous with them. Carton Coppfr Minus, \ Fransun Copnty, Mo., August 20,1801. | Tho correspondent of tho St. Louis Democrat furnishes e fol'owing intelligence:? A sergeant belonging to a company of Tnlted States arrived hero to-day, having escaped from Ihn beis. by whom be was tuken prisoner in the last buttle ar Springfield. He roimrta that Ben. McCnllorh was mortally wounded d died at Springfield tho morning after the huttlo. II.s dy was placed in a tin lined cotiln, which was Wind th whiskey and closely sealed, and sent southward, on esduv evening, ocoompauicd by bis bodyguard and a v companies of soldiers. He says that General Price was badiy wounded, and i:ks ho will not be able to take command again soon, fho rebels were reinforced on Saturday night afier tho Ltle by 9,000 men, under Judge McBrido, many or whom 1 uo arms. t was current among tho rebels that 10,000 of their ny would make forced marches on Jefferson City aud ie it. ily Informant says the last charges by the Knnsas and ra regiments and the dragoons forced the enemy to real three miles, where they waited till night, ill constant lectatinn of being attacked. He says two more regints would havo driven the rebel army Into Arkansns, ! terrible havoc made by Totteu's and Dubois' butteries vlng tilled them with dismay. He thinkB 6,000 a low imate of their killed and wounded, rho troops with whom this dragoon travelled kept him ignorance of the route they pursued, but told him y were going to Join General Pillow. From the doiptinn of the country through which they moved, It is lieved they were making for somo point near Pilot ub. Jottrson City. Mo. ,August 21,1861. in extra train arrived here lasi night, bringing tho utiiig parly put off the train which was tired into yesday morning. They ro|M>rl having killed two and unded several of tho rebels, and brought in live priors. lovornor Gamble has appointed Division Inspectors in ! of the seveu military districts in tho State, for tho pose of mustering men into sorvico under the Militia r of 1869, revived by the State Convention. The ,'rrnor rails upon the citizens to come forward promptly oistain the peac by tho suppression and dispersion :h?' armed bands of men who are now committing vioce ill the differ, nt parts of tlio State. As soon as ips a o enrolled they will hold themselves in r ndlnrss n irch at tho call of (ho Kxooutlvo to enforce order. f regular organization will bo permitted to volunteer be service of tbn United States if tbo members so : ire. be following is the form of oath to bo administered to , militia:? ( 'on each arid every one of yon do solemnly swear that < i will honestly and faithfully serve the State "f Misri aeainst all h'?r enemies, and tlmt you will do your lost to sustain the constitution and the laws of the t ted Stat"s and of this State- and you iio further swear t you will truly execute ami obey tho loyal criers of olllcers uroperiy placed over you while on duty, so [> you God. i INTEEESTfNO* SOUTHERN NEWS. 1 tSON BKOWNLOW 8AH> TO HAVE JOINKI) THE CON- * KKDKKATI.S. I LODIRTOU, August 21,1881. s he Memphis Amlanrh*. of the 20th says that Genera) , t. H. Crowell has returned from a brief visit to East T-ntee, and rojHjrts that l'arson Brownlow hail addressed ' tlri/tlnv riniinlv Volotilenm Hi ItnnTvilln Qnvlncr III it ^ vuuld enlist and light against Lincoln's hordes.. Also ' t Mr. Nelson would shortly issue an address advising r Acquiescence In a will of the majority of the Stat , and 1 L Mr. Brownlow will soon issue the If/irr/, and advo- ' s the cause of the South against her oppressors. ' he Nashville Oattile says a number of Northern 1 iters ,engaged at the Southern Methodist publishing 1 iso, bavo left for the North. ohnClark, a North tu man, and a resident of Tomv*. I for some time past, and now a captain of a federal ' tpany in Cumberland county, has boen arrested for J ison, an.l brought to Nashville for trial. 1 In.' Memphis Aoalanehe strongly appeals fnr aid to the res and children of volunteers wlioaro left destitute J the absence of their husbands and fathers, ho travol from hero (Louisville) southward oontinues j nterrupted, although energetic measures are adopted irevrut tho transportation of contraband goods. NEWS FROM ANNAPOLIS. v Ansai*)'.(S August 21.1861. i large and bountiful Aug was to-day presented to tho st egiment Pennsylvania Resorve Corps by tho Union i ? of Prince George and Montgomery counties, leches wore mad# by Messrs. Croigh and Ryan on lief <if the ladies, and by Capt. MclTtersen on the part of b dial ion. Such an outburst of enthusiasm lias never ! ore been cxhibito 1 by citizens of Maryion I as was lay manifested upon tho closing remarks of Lieut, in, and it was with the utmost difficulty that his voice Id be heard. Uvery remark se -med to strike terror to , hearts of tho disunionists, a gooiHy number of whom ' re attracted to the spot. The ceremonies closed with j olegant collation. Mr. Ryan was drawn to his quarters , i carriage by the elated heroes. ' TRIOTIC RESPONSE TO GOVERNOR CUR- ! TIN S PROCLAMATION. | IUkrisrmui. Pa., August21, 1891. '] ho proclamation of Governor Curtin has been nobly i l oaded lo. More tiiau three thousand im u have already 1 n forwarded. Of tho twolve new regiments contom- J led by the ftuto authorities, tho one commando! by mel lilack, CX-Oovornor of tfobnuka, left for a slilnglou hot evening, nud two others Rro J y equipped, and w ll march In a few days. i i rem under will bo made up and despatched at tho ! 3 ol' two a week. All these regiments will be oftlcored experienced men, selected with great caution by vmor Curli.i, most of whom have seen active service 1 ha field, and about two-thirds of the rank and tile are rutted from returned volunteers. NEWS FROM KANSAS CITY. ^ Kxmaa (,'itv, August 21,1861. t( iteblgencc received from a reliable source states that c re is in organized f? ee of one thousand rebels in Sena- ti township, In the southeastern part ol this county. * tie rt rnor that Fort Scott has been taken and is now in c bund- of tho rebels, b.ts been contradicted by tlie Intl. />; f,v. A messenger ltits just arrived, and i tales ihui in) is quiet at that place. / -- ....... , ERA] THE WORK OF THE PRIVATEERS. OUR PORTO RICO CORRESPONDENCE. POMCB, P. R., August 8,1861. Arrived of the Privateer Jeff. Dai-it at Pane*?Five Gut* and Suty Men on Board?Communication of Her Captmt with the Spanish Governor?Six Prisei Talon and lyook ing Out for a Neva Fork .Specie Vessel?A Protectim Paper to a Baltimore Vessel?The Sumter?A United States I Var Vessel Looks into Port Since my last quite en excitement hM been created hero owing to the news of the arrival at the capital of the privateer Jelf. Davis, live gnus ami sixty men. Previous to her entering the port a boat and ten men wore sent in for provisions, but, not being allowed it land, the brig was compelled to go in. 'Hie Captain Gcno ral informal her commander that ho must leave within twenty-four hours, and immediately despatched the steam eorvotto Herman Cortex, six guns, outside the harbor to keep an eye on her subsequent movements. Tile captain boasted of having ta Iron six prises, and said ho was waiting for a vessel from Now York having s|K*cie on board. Ho boarded the brig Frances Jane, of lialtimore, and gave her captain a passport, described to bo a formidable looking document, having in one corner a largo secession dag. As long as the captain privateer will trouble him. lialtimore, it sei ms is a pri vuegeu port wun tlit'm. 01" thci movements of the prlvaWr Sumter yon moat have bean) already. 1 enclose you the liclrfin from tho capital, where you will uolico wore particulars or hi r. On tho 4th instant, alio t noon, an American war steamer was observed passing before tho hai bor. with colors hying and under alow headway, standing close in, apparently observing tho vessels in |*>rt, and immediately after gaiheriug full I etdwsy, rapidly disaiipcurod towards st. Tl o nag. This wan. no doubt, the Keystone State. Our sugar crop will finish in ahont a month. Then what wo are to livo upon nono can foresee. Money it is ini|H>8siblo to obtain, unless at mostexorbitant rates, three |nt cent a month being |Ntld dally. Sugar Is now purehu u I < n six mouths' time, a thing never known before. Should tho duty in the United States bo raised to li^c-tos proposed by your Secretary of tho Treasury .and the war continue, no one can forotell tho disastrous effects it will bave on our Island. Our market for American provisions is extremely dull. Lumber abend nt. Cooper's stuff In good < emaii<>. Kxchango on Kurepo as per last advices. No I i Is 011 the Uuilod States to be hail. American gold 3 u 3>i per cent premium. We have but two Americans In port. No news from tho L'uited States since the lllh ult. INTELLIGENCE FROM BERMUDA. TUB PHI VATEEK KCHO 1IBAKD KKOM?THB CAPTTBB OK TUB Sl.MTKll CONTRADICTED, ETC. The British schooner Prince Loopold, from Rermnda, arrived yesterday morning. She has as cargo 607 bbls. spirits turjientine?probably a cargo run over from North Carolina to llermuds. It is In the hands of a supercargo. The vessel has 110 manifests made out lor tho revemio effl cure. She lies off the Battery. At Mnyngucz, Porto Rico,on tlio 1st Inst., a report wag in circulation Uial tho privateer brig Echo lmd arrived at St. Joints about two weeks previous, and after procuring a supply of water and provisions bud sailed. One of her officers had stated that they bad taken seven prizes, bat the names of them had not been ascertained at May agist ( apt. (loos says the report of tho capture of tho privateer Sumier atCurucea is untrue, us nothing hud born heard of 1st since she left there on the 24th. There was a rumor Hint the Governor had been recalled for aliowtmr bcr to enter that port. THE JEFF. DAVIS AGAIN. The privateer Jed. Davie was ut .'-t. Johns, P. R., July 29, took in wood and water and proceeded to sea Hie next day, where site lay on and of the Island, supposed to be waiting fer a bark expected from the United States witli a cargo of provisions. The authorities of the island sent to her and ordered her off. Captain Pay, of the British brig J. \V. Johnson,arrived yesterday from Arroyo, P. R., reports seeing a vessel In Crook- d J-Jund passage which he is pretty certain was her. PRIVATEERS IN THE WEST INDIES. TUB BAKU COKP1.I.IA CHASI-.P lit A 1'KIVATKER? MOKE TKIIU TAKEN 1 ' PIE .IEEE. DAVIS? MOVEMENTS OK THE PKI\ATV.EIt . TEAMElt BI'MTKH AND BHIO KCHO?CNITKP STAT :s STEAMKItS C'KUIHI NO KOH Til KM, ETC., ETC. The bark Cordelia, Captain Roberts, arrived at this port 'nst evening from Monrovia, via -l. Tlnmias, B !i inst., and roports August 10, latitude 22 12 N'., longitude 97.10 W., at seven A. M., discovered a schooner, pilot boat build, to windward, running down for the bark,and apparently full of men. Capt K. then kept off, ?li n the schooner made chase, anil utter pursuing her lor an hour, and not being able to gain on her, slie hauled her wind an ! gave p i lie chase,aod stood to the southwest. She was painted en' tireiy b tick, and showed no colors. Captain It. also reports that while at St. Thomas intelligence wus received there from i on Spain, Trmiuad, to the 3(1- <:t that, tiie p: ivate-T S. mier hail p t into that -u t to ;oal, and also to land the apiain of bin k Jose, li 11 i\weli, if Philadelphia, wliirh vessel was lukeu as a prize by the Sumter olf I'orto < 'be-l o. Tile United hi ales steamer Keystone State, Scott, com minder, Hailed from St. Thomas on the HUi last. In search >f privateers. Tin: schooner .1. W. Oongdon, Captain Williams, arrived pesterdiiy from Mayagucz, Porto Rico, which port Rho eft on the 11th Inst., reports that just previous to her 'ailing a ppunish Dsboriimn hail arrive ! in port, and re mrteil having the day previous, In the Mona I'd-. age, ipplicd tho privateer Jeff. J)avis with llsh,and aftcrv arils saw her take a schooner. By an arrival from Ponce, Porto Ilico, at this port yea orday, we glean the following, extracted rom a letter on board, dated Ponce, Porto Rico, A list 1,1X61;?Since my last ijulie an excltcm -nt h is been 'aised amongst us, owing to tho rows of the ai rival at he capital of the privatoer brig Jefferson Davis, Captain }ixetta, ten guns and one hundred and iw "ity m m. Tevioiig to liig entering tho (wrt ho suit in t boat, with an officer and ten men, for provisions; but as they wore not permitted to land, ho went in with the vessel. The Captain rime.a' informed thocommander that ho must leave within tw iPy-Cour lours, and Immediately doppe'eli d nr.fsjue the harbor ;he si earn ooi volte IP mi.-! Cortex, of six cams, to keep in eye on his mov> ni pis. Tho np ain of tin irh.uvo boasted of having tilt n live prize-, and ?ai. Ii was wailing for a vessel from Kuw Yn.k having specie on hoard. lie boarded tlio brig Praiieis .lati , of Baltimore, and gave tho captain a passport, described to b i for midablo looking doe. merit, having in iho uorner a huge 'eecs i'in D ig. stating that .is long as rho cap'ain of the Praiicis Jane has this no privateer will touch i im. Our lest mail from St. Thomas rejsu l; tin- p iv it r steamer Suml'T at Ouraco.u, frein 'it eg wh re -lie ha I entered, having In charge six prize Ii ivc hut two v sBr-ls iii port, ho li to sad for N w York in a few laOne is the brig rho. of and from ' u iim ue, win. It v s-"l has been repoi-ro I by s ra - as u ; riv n - , h.u : g iiocn overhauling v-ss Is two hu.mlr-d mil ; nonhtv st of Porto l'dco. Fh is an old trader ! i-m, and w il !; wn. On the 4th Inst., about noon, an .' rn-ciecn war st amer pass -d the cntriuice of the harli r,.-i:c ngi n--.. , nder slow Ii atiwuy, with colors Hying. ,i..l bound t v.a.ds St. Tliemas. Immediately afer pa-sing the port she steamed off ivy rapidly. The Brllls.'i h; ig Ada, of Walt'":, N. S., Capt. Greene, arrived y-ste, from Jitr .R., which port sh left July SO Ca In O.npa tti privateer laflferson llavw, off lurries ri, S C., Commui. ler V. < oxett , live V ' - V'.'* * ' " "" " I" """ ' *? " b ?iy imwi, nil r cruising uflTfit. Jo'in.i. P. R , f. r three days, went lit on th- alt rniHir of the 26th tilt. for w.itei^fic., and sai. ag'ita mi the evening of the 29'h tilt., the comtn-n<! r if which reported hiving taken s -von v and having gem.' proviRp.i a on Ixia.d. IJtI r 'le?s"d one vi a-el bo.nd ii th, putting a ni:mb'."- of prisoners on bo if! oi'her. Rojmrts dsn hiving released s v ,il vesi w b iiin<t Not'tf at the Supniicatnmnof the wives of tho masters. Th" .Spani.h government sent out the war (t-ftinei neimatit'ot z to m linbtln the n?nira.!ty ef the -punish wafers. Ve . e!u bound t'^t. Johns shonPi run in close to the laud a." Fonn ns itiey make it, ami If at light close nui?r th" iijlit en th, U?r<i Castle. There is 10 nnsecu 4 j ;;or fnan 'h" tnuT . f the irinn 1 down to St. fehps, at the distance of two to three miles from the L re. Tli aehoonor Jos ij h W. Webster, Captain B!ak , also trrive t at this port > .snlr.y /'mm AapiuwaU, atio rex.rta 12ili lest , lathed' tw nt> -two degrees thi teen nlnutos not th, Irngitu.'e eighty three degress twlvc n o it's fifteen snoods, chased by u loig hiark ichoonor supposed a privateer. It blowing fresh at the ,trne the Webster showed them her h.-olg. After pursuing omo three houie she gave up'tho chase. niE JOSEPH W. WEBSTER CHASED BY A PRIV ATKER. The schooner Joseph W. Webster, Captain Blake, from lupin wall, Augi st 1, reports that on the 12th inst., when a latitude 32:18, longitude 63:12, she was pursued by a nog black schooner, supposed to be a privateer. The lii"' Listed for about three hours, w hen tho rebel craft, ii.i.ia she tree being distan: ed, at last gave up tiio purLit. The wind was blowing fr.-sh at the time of theoc?rr no -. It will be soon that thts case of piracy ocUrrsu a little north oi the Cuban coast. THE BAT"C CORDELIA ALSO CHASED. Tlie P .,k (ordel.a fui'.Cam.leu, N. J ), l'u,,t. Roberts, t i LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. from Monrovia, Africa, via 8t. Thomas, reports that no the morning of the 10th inst., win o in latitude 22 12, longitude 67:10, she was chased hy a schooner, t?ll"t boat build. The pirate was painted black and oppa eutly wan full of men. She pursued the bark without succor* fop I about au hour, when she cave up the chase and stood to the southwest. She showed no onlnrs. Th 8 p rate cruising out at sea a short diaunco to tho eaat of tno British Weet Indian lstauda. I I THE OPERATIONS OF inE PRIVATEERS. arrival of part or tiik cuw ok the rCHOONift transit at this port?tiiky cross thk atlantic twice to comk prom wilmington, north cako1 una, to new york. Mr. Henry Knowlex, muster rf the echooner Transit, 1 of New London, Connecticut, which w. s raptured ofl I Hi. >........ ? o ? . r .? i -* - - mink, vu mn WU ul JUUO, uy Ule rebel HU aillOX Wlnslow, arrived in thin city yesterday, from Liverpool) 1 in the British steamship ltd )i burg, Ho says that after 1 being captured himself and his srsw wtro asked if they would J< in the ranks of the rehul urmy or ship oB bVtSr''* privateer, as the rebels were short of pries' crews. All of them but two were determined not to assist the rebels in either rapacity. The two exceptions wero (Sermon seamen who were frightened, and tiirough ignorance ai d alarm were induced to ship on board tlio privateer. Ono of the crew of the Transit, An lonio Servant Is, a Hexlcm. was impressed into the rebal service, the captain of the privateer hat ing told the master of the schooner that lie would compel Secvantl* to serve under him. The schooner was towed into ilatteraa Inlet. Mr. Knnwles and tho other four, whoso names appiar below, wero guarded on ts ard soveral days, oftet which they were brought with tho schooner to Newborn^ North Oiraltna. There tlicy wero takon before a iitairbM trato, who discharged them on parole aa the fallowing documents will show t? John W. Eixm. Coventor of North Carolina. To all whom th su pr< sums may come. The fallowing o ous ea.iti.n n ou tho schooner Transit, off latto. .oi, en (ho 2Jd June, 18ol, vi/:? llemy km.wins, master, ( out ecticut; \\ I.hum (rain, ma to, C liner tiout: Ma' tm I iurtned, seuuiun, tkotUicd,G. B., Ferdinand Kohlf, steward, Germany, have li<>en discharged ii|ioii their parole not to strvo again.-1 tlic Conic do. ale t-taU a. Tree l ansit out of Kortb Can lira from Newborn and thence North lias been granted tb tn, and it ia la pe l they may bo sullerod to puis v I hoi, I ne leH alien, by the Governor. WAKukN WINSLOW, Mil. hoc. K.tiJiimi, .tone 25,18(11. State nf .V rf/i Camluia, Xmbern, Crown rO"?/i/, In in'fc? Tbisduy,H nry Knowles,master,of Conn, clhut Wlhiain Cram, of (onucctlcut, mate, Martin 1 ia mid. of Scotland, (j. B., seaman,and Feninond R, hlf,< t r.ortiiauy ,st ward, late of tb schooner T an.-it. of Now London, C01 nod lent, w inch w.ih captured by the steamer Winsh ir off I la' ie an in let, ou the'il l of Juno, 1861, personally a| |k an d boforo me, a .l< silec of'lhu I'euce of tins town a.or' said,and in witness wheieof have hi reto stgued their names and . evoi uliy made oath that tin1)- wis not, by acts or agency, In auy way servo in the war tew hug waged by the gave,nmeut of tlio United States against the ( oufedetate States of No, tb Amorlcu, or eiilicr 1' tli m. tiive'i under my hand, this 2?ih day of June, in th* year 1861. SAMltL R' STRICT, J. 1'. llemy Knowles, Mn. tin Inuitiii'l, William Crain, Ferdinand IMilf. Sworn to and subscribed In my presence, by each of the b ?ve named |>arties, this li.e 27th day of June, 1661. Savi b, U. Stkioct, J. 1*. They remained on board the Fciiooner two days, when ibey wero told thi y must leuv h vessel that day hjiiI Seek quarters in the city. The ,drub s took away from the cai ttiin his chronometer, Ins oliarts and tvoryth ng \alnable that h.- hud. After a few days lie got a chance Pi work at tin- unloading of a cargo of m lasses from another suplu el vrsaei. On the day thnl tin', opportunity offered, the captain of the ship Thomas '. atson, hailing liora Mnbl'.e, arrived lu New hern in soar li of a crew lor his vessel, which wua t> tall from \Viltnington, North Carolina, In Liven?ool. Mr. Knowles and his throe companions eagerly availed litems v' s of ih? nlPv.and went with lilui in Wilmington, iiinl thence. mi the Sth of July, to IJver|?ol. Twee during I lie iiasr.isc lie ship encountered heavy gal< t-.aiid, with several feel of ?..ler In tl.o leil , was in u ei ti.e il colnl tinii. II mi occasion, oil the ci art el lielmnl, th y had to work ilio |iiiiii|ik forty congee live Ine.rH, live feet of water living In llie hold. Tie i arrived safely, how> ver, aui.'through tlie kiiehieHw of th American Consul the. e ami of (lie steaii Ip company, with what iiiinhi they could ounui.iiel i}-. insslves, tl ey w re einibieil to return. They arrived lie ye terduy. They think that crorsiiig the At m u: tw ice is a long pox-ugi' Horn Wt.mlugion to New Y" W. MOVEMENTS OF REVENUE OUPTEllH. The evenr.e cutler Jackson wns y sto Ui-y h wed to Tlir"l.'g g N'eck, to luke the place o. the ;-li alliei-Mlbb, nil. a will mil vi' lie gl siiner tin: wia. now stationed at t i a r. Wf. Too Cm win w ill con." op ; .1- > ?Ty to coal and provision, preparatory to a i ruI - it tun t.uH, LAUNCH OF A NEW GUNLOAT. One of ihe United Si nes stoatii :.u iboats will ho builiehee from the Went. rvelt sill <> inl uinuiiigut ten c ock. GOVERNORS ISLAND. OOLOKF.L SMITH A-'Ti.NKIi TH ACTIVK SKItVIt I . Seine wei k* .go wo took ooca>ion to refer t" I', in 11 fat t .?,einimandlryon t. vi'rnnr'n inland, <w. . ?h> h 1 wax not assigned to active, foi wli u.- >>ii{t tai j i reer phows liimln himorinitiently i ualitie l. >\ arc iii w xml to amionnce that mi order has hum ixx t from toe heahipiarterg of the ui ioy, ! heet mg Ciioti I Smith to report at th1 hotidipiarteni hi the I opa '.mem of tlx* Wegi, St. Iambs, Mo. I?"*!'1 x 11 wi il known Ik,ovary ami ability ou the bailie IH I, O.0 ol Smith ha. th i peta. rion ot being a strict disciplinarian, but withal \ erv Kind to the Soldier ?h at'oudg to his I ti"g ax '. to-TiI to do. He is juxl the lu.m In mould raw o|>x into t- oi l to keep them so. rUln-raof til> n m ire v leu . ' , any army at my time, h it iir-l pen irly v il \ i> the I'l it . t-lateg ai my at ihi pr n lit t o!. < < xe.. e ..(led ..a coiniiittudit.p ' < ( oo Go.utti . t. a'd (tt*( !Ii.teiuteut of the e> iat lec.-eli :i in in- duo, a-.t. by O loitei Gua.n sl/oinig ; t. ...; n.trj, wie' is ai pi.,..mi. in i a ran' oil.cer in iU- K . : rial Sttee . I olon I Lo inn is a na.ivii of Vou.o . o il his he a n there vii e . ow . x of Il ly year- ha. hi. * it nppoi :tiS i "ood i.e'i tea . I of ar Hilary Mareh I . j si J There in . my xv.-eh m. rx win. loir .! n . r 'I. .n ro.oiel 11 ami in. \ I/. .?i i. ere Is Sr. th, (.' ,l natal Tottcn ; GoIoui.'Ih Toayi r, l'.wn.r;, Gal xioi-' Whistler. HON. ANDREW JfWlNSON T)ECI"INKS ,\ IM'H L1C RLtKl'TiON IN NEW YORK. The following letter of Mr. .hlinw.n pp .fa c.r it. pel. ? ANt'ltr KnoMKjrr, Emj., CliulTb an Special t'ouiiii..i s?w V.n'lt ('.it:? \i t -.It Sin?I have lite iiieio I. a.'.. . if... t... CO.j f <?t' >??ur iftr-i - < ( tii vWt. . ;u ..m *ui ..... !!? > ?i>u W.J. '. in- \ M" < .? . riho k).. ; ? PC -.I','. W 'i Ml I.'1 ? . y !' I !? * "ill 111 C ?iuvn?in f . N?. V ?# * i" ? ' ?-,)i o. tiiut y. H i ' mi.. ?40i> !V it. lit* KIT it r. SfTi' nl f s ltd I'i ?;? : .y o? i ty t'lif ?' niMVril' :it . < "lir i;i"t: mi ' u. .?iri?y,-d 1; o.Piif'S ili <'ct ell Oj .f ' < to ifh u { in.)i has horn my I'sr- t'> arc.;.: this r.vilc'.o... It <-< in a fr< hi N. w V..rk . iv; a c. in a from .. p....ple ? i' in I have e\er r -yarned a* x a "-rous, nam h.arli-d and loyal. | Hi.. |.r. ct to 8 > .at I am it. Insi cH.-p. to drill. iIk- honor mi (i |>ul.iir r< <?-.ptiou, us tin.ori>d by yi/ i i. ininill-o. Tli c n iini.aii.i ..'if .( I'.oh at M'rionndlji>; nu an-such as in i'i uil.'T it iiii Ku-sib... o i ui to uit h. any potoiive ar lai a. nt, or .Insinuate an} litno mwlikhi Onllt visit > ar iiiiy. . r rn my sln.ote thank* to on. -i d, t! roi.^h y tli . e tn-rii y i r-a n.,i i,i?ir ,.r m't i:> an. ... of rey. i II 0 laovnl of 11.. i oiir1 m . (. (i ;r-.i.o m iimm*.tii '. wi.Ii tit* nr<a""i' Main lit allii. s U|?ai it y a iv ii' .It i b ote my son it iu fa. a nt' li' .i bi..' r a.,.a l >>.. "I pun ?a . n".i| htou.-d public jn.'.'iti-Mit Is i .iowrb to iue p. nt iliuo 1 buva uuitorm.y mlv. at il.e ii.i-.ii of tin-St. s, tli* sopr. niHcy the o? u-1itn(i- n. n>t the ciout i n an .< th i wj nut in ours riti. ? tli i-.ioi*. To tnoir iiiumtonarico the Ik-si i ffort# of my iif>-huvo boon .1.-voted, and o r their can In a.noand pr rv.uioii. If la i-.'Srary, l;f<- ilaall will l? Ktcriii.-ed. 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