Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 23, 1861 Page 1
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TE WHOLE NO. 9113. THE RESELL!?^. Tho Feeling of Security in Washington. Activity of Gen. McClellau and His Staff. A 9 X X. ? J VI J iippomi/inenia ana rromonons in the Army. IMPORTANT FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA. Reported March of General Banks to Winchester* Skirmish at the Hawk's Nest in the Xanahwa Valley. FIFTY REBELS KILLED. THE WAR IN MISSOURI. Tne juued and wounded at tne battle Near Springfield. REBEL ACCOUNT OF TIIE AFFAIR. Operations of the Rebel Privateers. The Military Movements in New York. PROCLAMATION OF GOVERNOR MORGAN Stoppage of the Jfcw York Papers in Philadelphia, Ac., Ac., Ac. MS SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. WAS1IINGTON, August 22, 1801. PERFECT SECURITY AT WASHINGTON. A feeling of perfect security pervades our entire community, both in its social and business relations. The reports, therefore, that our citizens are panic utrickon, and that men, women and children are fleelsg from the city, are positively untrue. Some apprehension existed several days ago, but this was soon quiotcd by tho measures of the Administration to guard against all possible contingencies. The feints of tlic rebels on tho line of the Fotomac are now better understood, and military men whose opinions are entitled to groat respect say that, even with the ordinary dependonco on raw troops, they would desire nothing better than for General Johnston or Geueral - Beauregard to attempt that part of tho rebel progrnmnte which contemplates an &dration towards Washington. It la reasonably suspected lbat{ this rallying cry is adopted to sustain tho flues ins gDirit of the rebel In n-hou numbers It is positively known are fast thinning by Mallpox, measles, pneumonia and other diseases. Many absurd stories arc from time to time propagated toy persons active in causing dissensions among our troops, and ainoug the latest is one that CI on. Johnston Iijls crossed the Potomac, together with other important movements; tout special inquiry at the proper source to-day wari ants * positive contradiction. It is certain no such information has reached the headquarters of the urmy. TIIK ARMY. Tho following order, as will be soon by its number, is the lire I issued by General McClellan siuce tuking command of his new department, and is an ofllciul sanction of llio announcement in this correspondence some days aince of tho staff officers of General Mct'lellan, with tho except ion of one or two named that have been added:? Hk.UXJI'.ITERS AnMV or THE PoTOSIAC, 1 WAMunraroN, August 20,1*61. f CXVKKAL OKIlEKS NO. 1. In accordance with general order No. 15. of August 17, 1881, from the headquarters of the army, 1 hereby assume command of the Potomac, comprising tho troops serving hi tho tprmcr departments of Wusliingt u and Northeastern Virginia, in the valley uf tlie Shenandoah.and in the Slates of Mm yland and Delaware. The organization of the commnml into divisions uul brigades will be aunv,nAA/1 The following nnmo<l officers are attached to tlic general stair of tho army of the Potomac:? Major S. Williams, Assistant Adjutant General, Captain A. V. Colburn, Assistant Ailjiitant General, Colonel H. B. Marcy, Inspector General. Colonel T. M. Key, Ald-dc-Camp. Captain N. H. Fwollzcr, First cavalry, Aid-ilr-Cnmp. Captain Edward MeKcy Hudson, Fourteenth infantry, Ai'l-deCamp. Captain L. A. Williams, Tenth infantry, A id do Camp. Major A. ,1. Meyer, Signal Officer. Major Stuart Von Vlict, Chief Quartermaster. Major H. F. Clarice, Chief Commissary. Surgeon C'. S. Trtpier, Medical director. Mnji r.l. G. Barnard, Chief Engineer. Maj. ir J. S. Macomb, Chief Topographical Engineer. Captain C. P. Kingsbury, Chief of Ordnance. Brigadier General Gcorgo Stoncman, Volunteer service, Oilet' of Cavalry. Brigadier General W. F. Barrv, Volunteer service. Chief of Artillery. GEO. B. MrCLKI.L,A>J, Mujor General United States Army. General McClollan and his staff aro busy day and night trganizing hie command into divisions and brigades. This work is nearly completed and will be announced in a goueral order. Brevet Brigadier General Rinlov was to-dav nromobvl to A full Brigadier General undor the late law of Congress, and made Chief of tbo Ordinance Department; Major By to?ton Is promoted to a Colonel, a position in thoOrdaanco Department provided for by tbo law referred to. Major George D. Ramsay and William Msynodior arc proOMted to Lieutenant Colonels: and Captains Wiilinra A. Tboriitrc, Robort H. K. Whiteley, Toter V. Hagnor and Robert.!. Wainwright.arc promoted to Majors. All of'the nbovo promotions nre confined to tbo Ordnaneo Department, nud are the rosalt of the promotion of Geno" ral Ripley., nn ant which awards simple juslicedo a worthy and active oflleor, and shows an appreciative dls{>o- itiou on ttefi pant of tlie powers that bo. Captain John Lee vacates his present potilien in the Ordnance department, and continues as Judge Advocate of the arm}. Colonel I). Baker's California regiment had another dress parade to-day, and again passed in review by. the White Howe. The excellent diclpljnc and drill displayed alteiU'd universal admiration. Colonel Abram Duryec, formorly tf tbo Seventh New York Vatidnal Guard, now commanding the Advance Guard at Federal HiU, near Baltimore, arrived here today. Hta visit, I team, is.ln connection with his ext>eet. ed appointment to a Hngadior (Seneralsh p of Volunteers. Major General Butler,of Fortress Monroe. has been detailed by General Wool to the command of tho volunteer forces at thut lost. General Bntler -will occnpy that po;?JHen for some time before returning to MaMnchuaetts to raise a new division. Major General HcClellan Ins peeled General King's brigade at Kalorama In the north part of this disvrict, and Alio one bngado on tbo other sido of tho Potomac. Some surprise has been manifested here thut tVncral McDowell has never applied for a court of inquiry in relation to his conduct at Bull run. It is not clear (o every one that a dlflestrous rout could have oecurred without mismanagement somewhere, and it is thought by many that be should fcuyo been exonerated from b.'ume before [E NE resuming tho common I of the army which, under his guidance, fell hack in disorder fn m a licld of such immense impoilance. Tho splendid new building erected by ox-hanker Oorco iiui, uupo?uu un war uopartmcut, and doateuiea to uri, lias been taken by the government, and will be Immediately opened for the reception and distribution of clothing for the army. It will be lu charge of the military storekeeper at this place. Arrangements are being made by Commissioner Wood and others to have the troops upon their arrival at the depot in (bis city supplied with refreshments at tho newly erected buildings for that purpose. This excellent arraugomont will do away with tho complications and annoyances heretofore experienced, consequent upon tho arrival of strange troops in the night without tho knowledge how to obtain the necessary provisions for tlio troops, for the want of not knowing places and men. THK NAVY. The Navy Department has had the Maryland shore of the lower rotomac examined Tho expedition was under the direction Of Major Reynolds, of the Marine corps. It landed at tho different points, and scoured the surrounding coun. try, but discovered no sign ' of hostility, noi anything to capturo or destroy. iuu iwn uuu iriM nmriuoB wnose namg senionuown me river* few days ago excited much simulation, wero brought back to thu Navy Yard last night by the Baltl. more. Th'*y had been engaged la making a raoonnolMance of suspicious neighborhoods along the river. MGYIOUMTS OF 1liK HKUBIJt. It was discovered yesterday that the rebel forco in front or our lines, which had been pushing its advance nearer to our position day alter day, bad been suddenly withdrawn, at least us far back as Fairfax Court House! To-day a rumor has been circulated by parties from the viciuity of Ixtcsburg, stating that tho main body of the rebel army is being concentrated at that point. This report Is not improbable, but It bus uot yet been verified. Tho rebel leaders arc evidently at a loss what to do. Iuuetion is ruinous to their arras*. Kxo. cute their menace to uttaek Washington* and they do not know at what point they may themselves be attacked by Gonerul llcneilan. Information lias been received (list uu lmmonso number of their men arc in hospital. The small pox and measles arc said to be ravaging their uaraps. Tho daily stage between Washington and Iconardstown was stopped to-day upon the suburbs of the city and overhauled. Two of tho pusscngors, among whoso baggage were found communications addressed to rebels In Virginia, and contrabaud articlos, were arrested and held for further examination. ARRIVAL OF CATTAIN FABINS, OF TnE ROYAL DUTCH NAVY. Captain Fahlus, of tho itoyul Dutch Navy, bearer of despatches to tho government, is registered among the arrivals at Willard's to night. v - ''senator Wit.son appointed to a position, on major okkckal mVLKLLAN'S staff. Senator Wilson several days ago was pressingly tendered by Major (Jonoral kicClcllau a position en his stall, since which time ho has had tho subject under consideration. To-dav he has liv Dm <>r R?.-rnfu-? Cameron, accepted tlie appointment, from the advantages of whirli It ia considered he will be able to render more Sfflclcnt service as Chairman of the Senate's Cominittee on Military Affairs. Senator Wilson leaves Wash, lngtou to-morrow to aid in the organization of a regiment in Massachusetts, with n Hying battery of artillery attached, he laving already obtained authority for tlat purpose. ?. > ' SECRETARY WELJ.ES AND THE CABINET. There is evidently iu\ lutcalien to oust Secretary Welles from tho Cabinet. Wid e he may not he tlio strongest man in Unit body, time will provo that he unit- ae clearly c< mnrchends his duties, and is a , little more lamest than gome other membci s of the Cabinet. Don't be surprised to bear of Mr. Welles' resignation at any time. KETVHN OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF WAR. Assistant Socretary of War Scott hn* been absent on business for the government a few days, and returned tonight. OROANTZATTON OF THE TOLICE. The new police force now being organized for this city is progressing slowly. In ordinary times there would be no objection to confining the selection of the men to tho District, but in tho present crisis, when a large uuraher of the actual citizens have loft the place, and the city is tilled up with strangers, there should be higher motives than a desire to confine tho selection of liolicemon to any particular locality. Tho new pnlioo will bo n national, not a local force. The citizens of the District should have no more exclusive control over tho selection of the men to compose this force than the citizens of Philadelphia, New York or Tli is ton?indeed noi so much, if the majority of tho rosi. dents here arc to settle the question. The best detectives of tho loyal Northern cities who aro posted about nan and lhiugs should lie employed hero at once, and set to work. On the contrary, certain petty politicians about here, who have fattened on tho government for years, are crying out against tho interference of the people of other part6 ?f tiic United Elates with tho district poliae. It reminds one of the (Wipers who once protested against tho interference of the selectman of the. town in which they derived their support. ^The residents of this district evidently entertain tho mistaken idea that tiny own and therefore should govern Wasldugton and I ho district. SEIZTOE OF NEW YORK PAPERS. The city was suddenly thrown into a state of excitement upon the arrivat of tho train from New York tonight, by learning that the government bad seized, at j Philadelphia, all tho Ne,v York papers on tho way | to this city. It v.-as s ton explained, wliun it turned on1 | that the officers were only ordered to seize the New Turk | Journal, of Gimme ret. Day Hook and At ion; but the bundles the immense piles of (tie lovuI papers in season to allow the latter to come on by that train. Those who bad the I?k :ai.d by tnai! were stoi meJ, and ooukl easily luvo sold their copies at one dollar each. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Wamiikutok, August 19,3S61. The AIUfffd Mutiny wt the Snmly-ninlh. Xtgiimn!. The alleged mutiny in the Seventy-ninth regiment of New York Volunteers, and tho prompt mo isures adopted by General McClollan to suppress it, lies for tho past few dayB been the principal topic of conversation here and elsewhere, and of newspaper jrublicity througliont the loyal States of the Union. The first reports of tho affair seamed to implieato tho entire regiment,but this, we are happy to state, is not so. It appears "the regiment, had been subjected to wbnt app -nred to them a series of unjust grievances. When this feeling lirst discovered itself every cfl'ott was made by the officers of tlio regiment to dispel any fa'so ideas ihc men might entertain of n dnslre to treat them unjustly, at tho sumo time assuring theui that uny grievances they might be laboring under should be remedied through the logal military channel*. When Can. Porter visited the camp Of tho refiuiout and read tho order of Gen. McClelian, acquainting them of his know ledge of a diiafiectlon in their ranks, with an order to lay down their arms, nil but twenty six of (lie men rendered immediate obedience, and the latter were promptly arrested. Of those arretted not one cotntrtisflioned officer wag to be round. Many of the published statements of this affair have been garbled or are entirely erroneous, and as the history | of it is very brief, and it Is due to the friends of the regi- I merit that tba real facts should he published, wo ha-ton to lay tham before the readers of tho IUkaiji. * At the battle of null run and since that time the aliment lias boon lu uM reduced iu killed, wouudot and by sicknnws, go that it is now reduced to nw fly one-half its original number. The men, feeling that they tent discharged ttioir duties in the Hold to Ihc satkifuctiou of tlici- government and country, caused u petit on to be drafted, n'which tho subjoined Is a copy, i ana iriiicu wus stgnea nv tut mo commie? lonnd an<l non r.umm>-stoned ofl!i-rs iu the rcg'ment, csrejrting Colonel Jjtevww. Who was absent at the trms tbo was jwoacuted:? J'othk B.'<- Simok Camhiox, Secretary of War;? JUc miaeraigued, a commilt je representing the members of ttrj Seventy-ninth regiment, New York Male Militia, hasting left the city of New York with the utmost eoniu'i jice ip .the merits ami sbitily of our officers and the indomitable .courage. of our rcitiuieut, fuel that,having lost our gaiiaut ?cd Intrepid Colonel, with a great majority of onr officers and a proportionate number of tat u, wuuethh'3 must be <l"ae in the preeent disorganized Mate of ] our regiment. We humbly hog U> suggest to your hniv r, i and it ouf y,j>J}; Jiwl ?-o ivssut hack to New \ork, I W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY for the purpose of recruiting our number*, thnt we may bo iu a position when culled uiion to return with loin wed vigor and our former confidence to the scone 01 action. Trusting that the above will moot with your approval, yours, &o. f.k' iteoiint Colonel Elliott crosouffil the document to Major General isanford, who us then at tlio copied, for his advice thereon, and, If ho did not object, for hia approved. General Stonford read the potitlou with rare, approved us ii in-, miu in it uiiiu'u iui111*1 invvJDK reieminiiniauiui:? 1 recommend thai the Seventh-ninth regiment be put in garrison at New York, or ill some oilier good position, until their numbers are recruited to the full staiuiurd auil the sick aud wounded arc fully recovered. CHArt. W SANFOH1), Jlujor ticneral. Wamiisoton, August X, 1H61. Tiie petition wna then taken to tho Secretary of War, who porui-od the docunuut and General Stanford's recommendation, and immediately promulgated tlie subjoiucd apecial order, which, it will lie observed, is highly tomuieu datory of tho Bcrvici s of tho regiment:? The Si-crotary of War bcliev a that, In consideration of the gallant ?ei vices of tho Sevcuty-ninth regiment of Now York Volunteers, iirnl of their loascs in liatile, uiul afterward h.v wounds received m two hard fought tin ties, tin*y,ore entitled to tlio special consideration of tlie country ; and he also orders ill it the regimeut he scut to sumo one of the forts tri the Hay of New York, to till up tho regiment hy recruits, a* soon as Colonel Stevens returns to the command. SIMON CAMEHON, Hecrotary of War. The < rder was cominunicntcii to the regiment, and, naturally to exjiect, the men were greatly elan d at tho complimentary terms In winch tlioy were alluded to in tho Secretary of War's order, and the prospect of an op poriuiniy to recuperate tneir neat in ami numerical strength in Now York. In tbo meantime, while the regiment was awaiting tlio return of Colonel ftevenr, the Secretary of War. through the medium of his special advisors?thinking that by allowing this regiment to recruit In the manner proposed might afford other regiments an excuse for asking a similar favor, and thus tend in a measure to domoiallro and cause discontent among ?' whole army? countorniandod the order he luul pre\ y given ordering the regiment to New York. The reader can Imagine ttiu disappointment which it created; but till* would have been dispelled were it not for the fact that a number of discharged officers or the regiment, who were then in camp, by false representations and had advhc,stimulated the mcu to the mutinous nets of which they have since discovered their error. The officers alluded" to resigned their commissions for no apparent cause, and it seemed as if they wonted to involve the regiment in difficulties, to break up its organization, so as to hide the ignominy and scorn which they anticipate I at home. In the alleged mutiny of the Ssvcnty-ninth regiment tho commissioned officers to a man were loyal to their country and obedient to the commands of their superiors. lluth Colonel Stevens an J Lieutenant O>lonel KlUott, when the mutinous spirit disclosed itself, made strenuous efforts by all tiio force of language which they were misters of, in Ibeir appeals to the men to induce the latter to be mindful of their obligations to their country. )n their appeals they were successful, and nil of the members of the regiment who might have had any intentions to bo mutinous returned to their duties. Those who refused to do duty, It Is said, were under 1 lie lutlucnce of liqnor furnished by the discharged olHcers before referred to. Another point on whirh it is aliened the mutinous spirit wus based was In const nuence of the promulgation of nn order directing the consolidation of the regiment with the Sickles brigade, a measure not desired by the otticers or men, for reasons best known to themselves. This is a plain statement of the whole case. In giving it I do not offer myself n* a champion or defender of muliuous soldiers. If helpline, hy a wholetwmo obodtencc of orders of superiors, must be enforced, let such orders he right or wrong. The army regulation? afford all neressary remedies for the mal-adruiutrtrathm of superiors, and the remedies are open to all, even the humblest soldier in the ranks. NEWS FROM ALEXANDRIA. ^ Alkxanukm, August 23,1861. ' Yealorday, through the exertions of Major Lemon, comnr.uiding the guard here, Minn Windle, furmo.-ly of Deliwar. , but more receulty of Philadelphia, ami of 1.1- a correspondent of the Southern prow, was arrested In the net of leaving for Washington by the steamboat. She is a highly educate,! lady, and the authoress of several works published while she resided iu Philadelphia, among which was "A Legend of the Waldeaaes," also "A Visit to Mol"roso." Miss Wtndle has resided here for the pa*t month, whore Iter movemonts have been closely watched. She boldly avowed her secession proclivities, and made, no secret of her correspondence with the leaders of the rebel army. After a hearing she was sent to Washington. * **Augusts.-? Schufler,of Gloucester, N. J., belonging to Giptain Town's Philadelphia company of Kentucky Cnvalry, was severely wotitidcd In the head yesterday, while out with u scouting party towards Fairfax Court Houso. This has been nn eventful day with the military men in tbo Department of Alexandria, oauaed by a review of the division by General MoClollan and his staff. Ttie customary salute was tired, an 1 the new genera! expressed himself as highly pleased with the condition of the troops. Tin new order In rointion to passes between hero and Washington Is now rigidly enforced, much to the inconvenience of those who are enable to provo their loyalty. A l.?rge number of Alexandrians wore unable to return home to-night, as Provost Marshal Porter, of Washington, re piircs all receiving posses to bo personally vouched for as l'ni<ui men. IMPORTANT FROM GEN. BANKS' COLUMN. PniunELFUlA, August 22.1801. Private Information from General Hants' column says he had advanced to Winchester, and taken i~ s-c-sieu ' ' i notwithstanding tlie opjiosition of four thousand ri bcls. A SKIRMISH IN VIRGINIA?0. JENNINGS IViSE REPORTED A PRISONER. Cincinnati, August 22,18(11. A skirmish took place at Hawk's Nest, in Kauawha volley, eight miles beyond Cauley, on the 20th inst. The rebels, who were four thousand strong, advanced to where the Eleventh Ohio had erected a barricade, and were driven back willi a loss of fifty killed oiid a considerable number wounded and taken prisoners. Our loss amounted to none killed, two slightly wounded and one missing* Our forces captured quite a number of horses and equip' in -uts. Another report by the steamer from Kanawha to-night says 0. Jennings Wise wus taken prisoner, but It is dculit fitl. TJIE CAKRICK8F0RP rRt^ONERfl?EXC'lTEMENT IN BALTIMORE. B.u.timouk, August 22,1861. The twenty-three prisoners taken at OarrfekaFord, and tvlto arrive n hero yesterday, were this afternoon sunt to Fortress Monroe, from thence it is understood tliuy will be sent Iictr.e timier n ling of truce. Tliey were lodged at the Cihuorc House, and roost kindly treated. On their way to the boat quite a crowd followed, somo chucring, mid occasionally shouting for Jeff. Davis. A few arroHta wore made, hut there wus no disturbance of a sorieius character. IMPORTANT FROM CAIRO. Cairo, August 22.1861. The guniioat Lexington,Captain Ftemblo commanding, captured the steamer W. B. Terry at Paducah this morning. The Terry was used for carrying contraband goods to the rebels up the Tennessee river. She had on lioard thirty Mlnio rifles and one flo'.tf piece. A rebel flag was also found on her. She was brought to Cairo. Colonel Dougherty, and Lieutenant Colonel Ransom, wounded In Ike tight at Cl .tr! "ton, arc rapidly recover' ing. No news from below te- v. The Lexington returne '. to l'aducub to-night. SOUTHERN NEWS. Locwmt.s. Ky., August 22,1861. Tho^restle work on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad at ffeuora w is washed aw a- last night. The passengers and malls were detained h\o. hours. It will l?e repaired to-morrow. Another trtrtJo bridge on the Lrbanon Brunch, two miles' from Lebanon, washed away. Acpocial despatch to the Courier, dated Padurah, say si the gunboat t '1' .'.log.' came here this morning wiili 2i0 men, eajituie i the steamer W. B. Perry and took her to Cairo yesterday, a id that a thousand Lincoln tro ips en me to Ulnndvillr, Ky., raptured two citizens of that place and look them to Cairo a* prisoners. The Courier alia :a\s Doit llio excitement yesterday in Lexington was very prent on the arrival of guns sent from the federal government, which was increased by the turning out of the liome ai d lite State Hoards, aud the arrival of cavalry. The Oottiirr says difficulty would have huen inaugurated l>ut for the persuasion of John C. Breckinridge, who aJdrcsied the crowd, urging no violence, hut permit the troips to convey the guns to the ir destination. The Cu '<vr?.iys that .the excitement was so great along the road that further shipments will not bo attempted'at present. SEIZURE OF tefl'HAM BOATS BT THE REBELS. CfflOKNATI, Align*' as. JKO). Prlvato despatches received here say Hint the Tonnesseoar i seized at l'adt'cnb, By., to-day, tlio Evan.wUl* and IV.iieiih mail heat, and took her, with her cargo, up the Tanicss e river. UK II 4 AUGUST 23, 18G1. WOVESVSEMT" CF THE PRIVATEERS. THE BRITISH BRIG AN DOVER BOARDED BY A PRIVATEER STEAMER. THE BBIO ITASCA ANI> OTHKlt VKESKU3 ItEFOKTED AS FHI7.ES IV HATTKHAS 1NLKT. The British britf Alulovnr. C:\nt Ijinrelle. arrived vob torday morning from Bnvaunu la Mar, Jamaica. and reports that on tho 17th Inst., elf Capo Hal terns, she wan boarded from a privateer steamer; could not loam her name, and there was tu Do on her Blvrn. Slio wan a side-wheel river beat, of ataiut two hundred tons, and mounted two guns?one a small pivot, and tho other a largo stationary gun amidships. They reported having several prizes in Hutteruu Inlet, one of which was the brig Itasca. They further stated that they exacted a United States brlg-of war along that way, and If she came, they, with two other larger vessels, Intended to attack herTho officers and boat's crew of the privaloer wore a'l apparently Kastern men, as they appeared to bo conversant with all the antecedents of tho brig, sho having formerly belonged to IloBtou, was sold by the sherilf, and bot ght by Messrs. Houry, Do Cordova k Co., of this city, and now sailing under itrilhh colors. FURTHER DETAILS OF THE PRIVATEER STEAMER SUMTER. Later advices have been received from Porto Cabelto, by way of Ooracao, to the 8tli Inst. Tho steamer Sumter, after leaviDg Curacao on tho 24th July, proceeded to cruise olf Laguayrn, whoro sho fell In with schooner Abhie Itradford, Freeman master, on July 20, bound from Now York to l'orto Cabello, with an u>s Tied cargo. Schooner Abbto Bradford hails from Boston, registers lrtd tons, i9 about one year old. After taking possession of her sho towed said schooner into Porlo C'abello, where two officers came on shorn and called on th? military chief In command thore, hot were told by tho said chief

that he could not allow the schooner or cargo to bo sold In that port. Tho privateer left tho same night, after lisvfcig sent aslmro Captain Freeman and crew, with all their pergonal effects, taking tho schooner Alible Bradford along with her. On th: next day alto fell lit with bark Jaa. Maxwell, Davig master, coming down from I a gnayra to Porto Oabello to load, having still part of cargo on board. She was takon hy tho Sumter, who put a pris crow on hoard of her ami soul her to Clenfuegoa, us u! ready reported. It Ih not known whither the schooner Ahhle Urtwlford and her cargo have beeu carried. Shortly after those exploits tho steamer Sumter appears to havo prooroted on to Trinidad, Port Spain, where Captain Davis, of the bark Jan. Maxwell and his crow wore put ashore. We havo been Informed that the steamer Sumter war lato the Habaua, and uot M?r<|ues do la Hahnna. She used to sail from New Orleans to Havana twloo a month, under Ciptain James II. McCounoll, her owucr in oopartnorth! p with II. U. DenlioU, of tho Omiinorciul Kcudiug Ilooni ef Mew Orleans. Hays of sailing 8th and 23d of each mouth. INEFFICIENCY OF THE BLOCKADE. TltAllF. OP TUB KKUKl. I'OUTS WITH CUBA. A lVe.toti paper publishes tho following items lllustra , _|jve of tho above subjects'? Sob... tier Alliiou, fit in Wilmington, with a cargo of rice nnd naval stores, arrived at Cardenas August 1, and ro jxii'ts no blockade of lit it port on her departure. Fcho n.-r Adeline, front t-avnunab. with rico and naval stores, arrived ul Havana August 3, and reports no blockading vessel oil'that i?>rt when she left. Hritlsh ship Hoiuan Treo, from Calcutta, with a full cargo of gunny cloth and saltpetre, for New Orleans, arrived at Havana August 6, hiving boon ordered off hy a blockading vessel at the mouth of tho Mississippi,and Sclrrouur Major Harbour, from New Orlcuris, with a full rargo ..r cotton, arrived ut Havana August 8; ruports no blockading vi- M'l in sight on lio.r tli'i arturo. Stir oner Prince of Wars, from Nowlmru, w Uti rice and naval rtor<g, arrived at Havana August 11, and reports no Jrlokkaio. THE BALTIMORE POLICE COMMISSIONERS. PINAL UKCJglON OF JUlMJK O'AKKISON. Yesterday morning, in tiro Kings County Court, Brooklyn, Judge Harrison presiding, Messrs Wood and Van wooii, counsel mr hjc juutimorv 1'oiii o commissioners imprisoned In Kurt Lafayetto, applied lor nn order against Sheriff Chuii bell, requiring him to show canto why 0:1 ?t tarhmcut should not Issuo ogatsat him for contempt, t>u the ground that .his returns to the attachment and pro cept against IJcutennnt Colonel Ite.rku were improper. Mr. Wo d, iu making the application, Raid:? The Sheriff huvb Iu Ilia return that he has no power or mums within Ida control aiitllciunt to arrest Colonel llurke, or to Pike the prisoners iuto custody, but ho does not any Unit he lius called out the i-out r< mU/Vvx. The law lour aimed the .Sheriff with the whole fiuce of th > county to exocuto a process, and ho lues no right to say he hail no control of |<ower sufficient to make the arrest until he lia<i first exerted and exlmustvd the power til'' law gives him, and If that was inautltciont, then the fact should so appear in liis return. The process commanded the Sheriff to bring those ho lies into Court, mid no return exci s ? or Justifies Ids failure to do so unlcs it appease that he callod out the power of the county ami II refused to res|i?ud, or that it was inadequate to overcome the apprehended resistance. We are not to assume thai the process cannot be r xocutod, or that the law cannot be vindicated, and that therefore it wuiild not lie udvisublu to lecoun.ffo proce<"lim:s wtiirh might bring ou u collision between the civil :uid military authorities. We should essum" exactly theC'.'Utrnry. and if the military authorities net the processor the Court at defiance, then let tho rcKponsibility rest n ull those who resist the lav.', and not with those who seek to exocuto It. Judge t;arris m declined to make the order, on the ground that ho believe 1 the Sheriff acted In good faith in his atttmpt to i. suc tho two processes. Me therefore considered his return thereto a? sufficient. MORE IMPORTANT ARRESTS. ALX.E'JKI) SECESSIONISTS TAKEN AT TlIK TIFTI! AVENl'K IIOTEh- OVEK ONE HL'NIJIttll) tiioifsiam) P0L1.AKS IN DKAKT8 ANI) SOUTHERN STATU BONKS RKCKI), ETC. Tlii: polic. especially the nvrnbors of tbo detective force, serin untiring in their efforts to ferret outtlio rcl> Is who are constantly ucting us spies among us, anil undoubtedly doing all that lies In tbeir power to give Information to the Southern traitors. Within the past weilc several important arrests liavo been made, but tbo facts have been withheld from the public by tbo Superintendent of Police, hoping, no doubt, that by no doing tray manage to obtain such Information as may baud to to other arrests. However, it is essential that those rebels should know tliat Now YTirk will soon Ire too warm for thorn, and thut they will have to seek some other place for safety. Yesterday a very important arrest was made at the Fifth Avonuo Hotel. A Southerner, whoso name we were unable to learn, but who istrem Petersburg, Virginia, was arrested by two of Ibc detective force, and on hiH ja rson was found over one hundred thousand dollars in drafts and Southern State bonds, also about one thousand dollars in cold, fie is said to be a licavy dealer In tobaoeo, and is tno owner of two large tobacco plantations in tlie South. Ha is a man ahout fifty years of age, unmarried, and is alleged to be a rabid secessionist. Ho was taken to the Pol if o Headquarters, where ho is temporarily confined, and will no doubt soon be sent to Port 1afayetto. Tliere was said to lmve been found tipon lils ik'rson memoranda for various artlchw, such as needles, thread, quinine, and for various parties iu Viginia, which h no doubt intended to take on with him. Three other arrests have been made by tiro above force during the last two days, one of the latter also being taken from the above hotel. On Ills person whs found important Southern papers, about $K00 in gold, and about $160 In Mils, mostly Virginia money. Ho is said to bo in soino way connected with lieneral Wise, and was be arer of despati lies from a leading Southern bouse in this city to fieiiursl Wise and a banking house in Savannah. The other two parties are said to bo both Southerners, one of whom was arrested for offering bogus drafts on one of the Virgiula banks. Tlio latter two wero yestcr: day sent to port Lafayette. Pmt.Anrr.rmA, August 22,1M51. Thomas J. Carson, Wultor W. Kellcyaud William if. Pegram, arrested at Harrisburg, arrived In this city this evening, and wero taken in custody by the Marshal for examination to morrow. A number of letters and about $100,000 in drafts, dated Richmond, upon New York firms were found secreted upon tliclr persons. THE HANDCUFF STORY. TO THE KDITOK OK TI1R II KHALI). Covimnvx, Ky., August 20,1861. James n. Clay, John C. Breckinridge and J. W. Stevenson arc circulating tlio infamous story of tho handcuffs Unit wore profossod to have been taken from tlio Union forces at Manassas. These inun know the falsity of the story, nevertheless for secession aid circulate It. The country is full of theso lies. They tell the Ignorant that this is a war for the abolition of slavery and the con it-cation of all I havo it from authority Jii. t arrived from Richmond that as soon as the news arrived there of the rt treat of the Union forpes, the negro traders gathered together all the handcuffs In the Jails, and sent them clear of the right wing and round to the centre in front, and thus deceived even I lie rehol soldiers, and ha-l thciu brought to Richmond as trophies. Tmaglno th,- Indignation of tlio soldiery and the people. This was <!or e with the sanction of Davis. Beauregard Co. Those nre lbs jucnnv used to deceive by this wicked rebellion. El Ii A 1 MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN SfW YORK. The Ocpnrtnro of the Cnmeron It) fie-. United Mutt* Cl>u'->i'ura and Sceaml Flr? ZouhvciPoitpourd?1!avalry iUgliui ut< Tiwilnv Ar.. - r* ....j , ? . No other regiment bcyuud those given In tho pro gramme published a few dtys since lias received ordori to march. Governor Morgan baa returned to Albany, hot will be iu tho city again at tho close of tlio week to mala arrangement* for tho further forwarding of rogiuumU and companion. Tho disposition of the latter organizations will then iiroliiihly be decided upon. The three regiments under orders (o niarrh yesterday have been delayed. There are the Cameron Hi lies, United States C'haaseui and the Second FlroZouaves. The Cnmori 11 Rltles received an extension of time uutil to day to receiv e their full complement of uniforms, and tho departure^ tho Chasseurs is pOBtpoued to Saturday. The delay, of the Second Fire Zouaves lias arisen from causes of an efttirely different nature. There Is some trouble about ihocnm inaud of the regiment, which it is rather dllllcull to com prchend, and may detain tho men for a few dnyu. It it. possible that lliey may go to-lay. Tho mustering in of new companies continues with great activity. Among these mustcreS hi yesterday wort two of Colonel Sorrel's regiment of F.ngtuocrs and Artisans, now encamped to.tho number of four companies at Stateu Island. To-day two oavulry regiments, the Idncoln Cavalry and Iha Ira Harris Cavalry, are under orders to nuircb. THE SECOND FIRE ZOUAVES. Til El K DKI'AUTIRK rOSTPOKKD?lUKb'iCl'LTY AMONG TUB OKNCKKS OK TUB REGIMENT, ETC. The Fourth regiment, F.xccislor Brigade (FlroZouaves), yesterday left tlie armory of the (seventh regiment, wlm-n 111..V lintl lone nU.l.t .,,.1 ..m... I to march to thu foot of Canul street, in order to tuko bout for Camdou, ? route to Washington. Ttie tsecond Fire Zouaves have been encamped at Platen Island for some time, but are not yet quite full. Under thi recent ordoi from tbu Secretary of War, they weru bound to proeo- d immediately to tho sent of war, whether tliolr reginieut contained tiie necessary complement of n on or were pro prrly oqulppi d or not. Kven this, It appears, led U> n g- od deal i f dissntisfnctlun among the members of lie corps. At twelvo o'clock yesterday, the must or having boon cnl o 1, there were found only about 600 men answering n their nnnvs; but when two o'clock arrived neatly Ron wore present, so that tho line of march for departure w.?.at once taken up. There appears, however, to bo gome uitflculty hi connection with Colonel Falrinun's relations Wlth the regiment, The men themselves do not like to hi' attnehod to Sickles' l'rigade, and they express a warm fooling for Colonel Fuirntan, against whom, It appeal." trotig efforts nro being made l>y politicians at Washing ton to oust out of the command of the Zouaves. When the regiment moved from the armory yesterday afternoon they did so without tho consent or command o! Colonel Kali man, and when tlicy arrived nt the foot i>l Canal street no Isiat was lliero to receive them. Tie march from tho armory down the Bowery to Grand street, ih wii Grand street to itroadway, and down Broad Hay to foot of Canal street, could not he considered a Mbvcmcut of a hi sly of s ildlcrs, hut that of a number ol stragglers,for the men weio allowed to walk just how and where they pleased. Alter waiting nt the pier, frsd of Canal street, for wmc time,C>lonol Caiman arrived tuid s|sike to the men. He said that lie was justly entitled I" commntid th'rn, and ordered them Hack to the arsenal. where he would take charge of them. Tlie men then pro eceded to the arsenal, from whence thy wore conducted by Colonel Fairman to the I'ark Barrucks, wli ere they I l-IIKIUII-ll HIM NlgUl. Tho whole ujfair seems clomlcd in mystery. j THE HKMIMKNT IN THE FA11K. Between five ami six o'clock tho Zouaves, according to orders, assembled at tho Park liarraelu. As the men con giegated about tbo Park, considerable dissatisfaction was manifested at tbo delay they were put to ami the niter ignorance of their officers ns to their future movetneuls. Orders having been issued by the Colonel lor Use I ml ice t<> arrest all those found at large throughout the city without pats g und convi y tin in to tlto Pork 1 tarrocks, H e j.olico about e x. n o'clock began to bring them in quite rapidly. Many who were intoxicated were very boisterous, and tviuoed a disposition to create a disturbojico. At one time they \w:ro very loud ill llieir threats to take revnbge on the police for interfering with them. It sovme tliat at six o'ohek the dis mi sod tlie regiment with tho understanding that tliey wore at liberty to go at largo until eight o'clock this morning, but tho Coloi e' neglected lo make known the fact a*, the polh* headquarters. Finally, the Zouaves became so hoisU roi r that the l-'ourth ward police wore sont lor, but the sadden shower liiat cans.' up about that ttmo was the means of disjicrsiug therlot'-re. Deputy Superintendent Car pi liter visited tile I "ark Barracks ubuut ciglit o'cloi k, niel on finding tliat orders had been given to the regiment that they wero discharged until this morning, ho immediately countermanded the order for the (mliee to arrest them, and they were accordingly pcrmilU d to visit their dreg tiumolcirted. It lg certainly very unpleasant far the police to receive orders to return all members of certain regiments found upon tlra street, and 011 taklug them to tlivir quarters to find out that orders hovo b on given to |iermit the men to go about the city. No less tiian four orders wero issaari to the police, at tho request of Odonel pair man, yetterday, and lind ta bo countermanded. The statement that a dlstttrbnnco took place among tliu members of Captain Purtell's company, and that many left tho ranks, in untrue. Tho fucts are these. Captain I'urfell, Just I cfnre tlto regiment left tho Seventh region ut armory, was cillod a ide bv u number of friends und presented with a is-autlf cl gwetd, tutsli and licit, and while in their company the r< gtruent took up tlie line of march for tho st'amor. Some little dispute arose nmosg the men ns to wliieh lieutenant should liave command in the absence of tho cap lain. It lasted until tlioy reached Canal street, when Captain Purtcll succeeded in overtaking the regiment. FIRST REGIMENT UNITED STATES CIIAESEURS. It was understood that this regiment was to have taken their departure for the seat of war yesterday afternoon, but Colonel Cochrane refused to allow his men to leave unless fully provided with all that Is essential for the comfort of tlio men. They will, therefore, not leave, until Tuerduy next. The do id d step taken by Colonel Cochrane shows that he Intends tlnit his command shall not ho humbugged by promisee, and that they shall have ull that is due each man for Wk comfort and health before they leave, so that when they report for duty at Washington they will need no further attention, and w ill be ready to go immediately into tlio field of act inn. There are yet two companies to be sworn in, which, it is thought, will 1k> ready in timo to comidotc the full required rmmlier of men liefore Ihoy leave. At present they number about eight hundred. FIRST REGIMENT OREGON RIFLES. Colonel Williamson, of this Regiment, lias just returned from Philadelphia and Washington with the necessary documcats, and is now fully authorized by the War Department to complete the regiment and report for special duty at Wtlliamsport, Maryland, to Colonel Ward H. Lemon, who is organizing a Brigade there. The Regiment oomprlsos sixteen companies, two of which will bo cavalry, ono a battery of rifled cannon, and the others rifles. As soon oa each company is fuH it is transiiorted to tlie alxivo rendezvous and immediately mustered into tlio United States service, the men furnished with good rlflo uniforms, long range rifles, and subsistence?the cavalry to do picket guard duty. Sevoral array oflicers will ba assigned positions In the regiment. In fact, all Uio oflicers and all tho men are of undoubted luiliuuy experience, and character beyond roprooch. The men for the most part are first class rifle shots, and will prove destructive enemies on the battle ground. The camp of instruction is temporarily located at South lirothur Island, in the Kost River, and the hoadquarters are at So. S3 Cortlandt street. It is intended that the whole regiment will repoft for dot#- at Williamsport before the expiration of ten da}1*. THE CAMERON LEGION. The Oalonol and Quartermaster of tho above reglmeDt are now absent from tho city, vigorously rocruitlng men for the completion of the corps. They have already succeeded In getting nearly five hundred mon, nn l the only iinpcdimont to their conveyance to the city is the means of transportation. The officers have expended all their own funds In bringing the regiment to its present efficient state, and with a little timely aid from the government another excellent body of fighting men may be added to the army In a few days. Recruits can now be obtained only in the Interior, and it is to bo hoped that prompt assistance will be given to bring the recruits of the Cameron Legion to the city, where every comfort awaits them in the camp. Any persons in the city desiring to join will apply at the headquarters, 44 (ireenwich street, whence they will be immediately Rent Into camp. THE UNION DEFENCE COMMITTEE AND THE LINCOLN CAVALRY. TO THK EDITOR OF THE IIKRAI.D. In (he report of the Union Defence Committee, under the liced of expenditures, "military organization* not completed," thin item is presented:?Firgt cavalry regiment, for equipment and outfit, $1,000. Tlio present name of that regiment is Lit?tin cavalry, and It pro' fer-ses to have received but $600, sad this sum was duly acknowledged through the columns of your paper. May I roBpectfully ask what has become of the other $500* Is It yet In the hands of the committee? The amount is I greatly needed by tho regiment, and its payment now on the eve of their marching for the pent of war would be gr it i y beneficial and duly appcciapd. I -Alum 82,1841. ' ONE UK THE REGIMENT. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. v NCW IRISH BRIO \l)F. i:KNKKAT. fUJELDH TO COMMAND Tiltl aiXTY-NINTII IN Tilt KUCLl) AO A IN. Wo understand tiint a mujnrlty of the gallant StxljrI itli aro about t<> take tho flolil agnln^under Lieutenant 1 i. I Nil,, nt, to form tin melon i of an Irish brtgndo, ivo thousand strong, tobeeommuiuloil by General Hhlelde, wllu bar ir.>t liuen nnnnlntnil a liri ..a nr liw On* w..? T\~ partmeut. Tliu services of General Shields in tlio Mexlan war are matters of history. lie was shot through Uio lings. luul yet survived. In vtow of tformation of Ibis brigade, wo have reason to boliovo that tho gallant t-ipuin Thomas Francis Mcnglior declined tlto high posltlon ( dared him by Major Uon>rx! Fremont, and takes hi* placo again at tho head of a company of his follow conn* i. ynicn in tho now Sixty niuth. Tho rtrst regiment of tba brigade Is now being organized under l.ioutenaut Colonoi Nugent, of that regiment, and will bo known as the Sixty* ninth Volunteers. Already companies from Philadelphia, Huston, Cleveland and other cities havo signaled their intention of Joiulng tho now brigado. Tho spirit of thA North is now again aronsod, and theru is no doubt that tho Irish lirigado of New York will play a noblo part in (taring from tho Stars and Stripes tho stain, which in the yos of tho world, attaches to it in consequence of tho battle of Manassas. It is probable that this Irish brigad# will boc'oinu as famous aa that which so dlstinguisho** itself iii tho French service la tho wars of Louis XIV. ami other monarch* of Franco, with Groat Uritatn. Their battle cry was. ''Remember Limoriclc and Hritlsh faiih," in allusion to the perlidioiis violation of tlio treaty mndo il that city. It was in reference to this brigade, who at Kontenoy turned tho sealo of victory by ft headlong barge against the English when all seemed lost, that i vieorgi) ii. cxciuimcd, "Cursed lie the laws which dcpriva mo of Kuril subjects. Wo anticipate tliat tits now Irish brigade will rival tlio deeds of name . alter In franco. Tho hcailijuartorB of tlio now brigado arc at Essex Market. THE THIRD IRISH REGIMENT. TO Tim KIllTOll OP Till'. H BRA LI). VAMT t'AHRIUAM, yi ARANIIMtT.R 1 STaTBSi ImjLVD, AllgllSt 22, 1M1. j In your issue of to-day you givo mo credit for being Acting Colonel. I am by courtesy Colonel pro tern. Yon Aver11 pleased to notice Captain Kliright us Major. I beg cuvo lo (ay lliut all tbo Held and MaII uro at present ictlng pro. ami will remain to until there in an an election for field officer?. I'. I). KL.l.l.Y, Acting Lieutenant Colonel Third iriali Kegitueiit. . FIRST REGIMENT NATIONAL GUARD. Lieutenant Ittchard Willie, Hand Muster of tlio First | ilogimcnt New York Volunteers, Colonel Wm. H. Alien, arrived in this city, on Woduesduy, from Newjiort News, for tbo purjiOBC of recruiting a few musicians for hia Wind; his headquarters are at 422 llrooinu Hlreet, where applications may bo made. Tlio baud already with the regiment numbers twpnty pieces, and permits ion having been grunted to augment that number to twenty six, few good musicians will llnd this a good opportunity to nils!. Those interested see advertisement in another column. TIIE SEVENTY-NINTH REGIMENT, HIGHLAND GUARD. This regiment, owing lo tho losses it unstained in the late battle, is a;nin required to recruit up to tho original staudard. It is hoped that among the many Scotch in this city, who must take a deep interest iu their own regiment, that no difficulty will bo experienced in getting ilie desired number to 1111 up the decimated ranks: Colonel Stevens, a graduato of West l'olnl, and who has :;ocn much active service, in now in command. Roe.riitui will Ikj furnished with rations, clothing, quarters and equipment* before leaving this city: Application should he made to ldeutenont Morrison, Meroer Mouse, or Psymusler Klliott, No. 7 ('hntou Mall. MEETING OF THE GERMAN MILITARY COMMITTEE. The Gcrmau Military Committee, Appointed at a meeting of German residents, on Tuesday, at the Cooper Institute, for tho consolidation of the ticrnfan troops, held a meeting on Thursday afternoon at tho oiDco of the (jermtui lafe ItiKuraneo Company In Ilroadwuy. Present werq Moietrs. Hugo Wesondouk, Ptglsmumi Kaufinann, Dr. Carl Thro. Meyer, Kdward Von 1st Meiilt, Alport Pairs*, Peter Wannkesuel, Frederick Hupp, Ernest iirudt and Carl Muosslt. Mr. Weseiidonk presided. A sub Committee, <-oir,|s/pedof Messrs. Weacndouk and Kapp, was appointed to proceed to Albany lor a conference with the' tlovernor, with a view of giving an olllcial character to llie measures to be taken for thu organization of tha Herman troops, by securing tho co-operation or the Blata authorities. A re-organization ef tha Herman regiments, most all of which ars In an Incomplete state, is generally ju tier man circles regardod as a iioccstity 111 consequence of the abuse In recruHiug that Itas been in practice. The mailer has been taken in hand by some of tho loading (iorinan citizens, and no doubt is entertained that the committee entrusted with the work will succeed in accomplishing the object in. view. Mr. Martin Pinner has been added to tho committee to act as Secretary. lfAItniM I.IIJHT t'AVAT.ItV In addition to the four companies that left for Washington on lust TueF'lny, one company has been added to this regiment Thoy arrived yesterday from Hartford,Conn., also a portion of a company from Kcranton, i'onn., forty men strong. They both proceeded to tike camp at r-coradale, Westchester couiily. l'RO CLAMAT10N OP GOVERNOR MORGAN. * Aumny, August 22,1881. PROCLAMATION* OP EDWIN D. MOB GAN, GOVERNOR OF THE BTATE OK NEW YORK. A conspiracy, not tho work of a day,but tbo result of years, of false, wicked aud traitorous machinations, has for Bcvcrnl months disturbed the peace of the State of Now York and of tho folecal Union. I is movements havo been marked by violence and fraud. Wlieruvur it has mauifestod itself it has disregarded tho rights of citizens* coerced them into the ranks of its armies and exercised an absoluto control over person and property, in utter deflunce o f the constitution and laws of tho land. Ambitious and designing men, disappointed in their personal alms . have been enabled, chtclly by misrepresenting the feelings of ono portion of tho country towards the other, to usurp and cKerciso a power which lias become not only tyrannical and oppressive in several states whose constitutional governments it bus temporarily suspended, hut dangerous to the entire Union; tho pretences originally held forth as a Justification for acts of lawlessness ana treason nave oecn lam usiao; mo intention<>i ma lenders of tbis wicked rebellion to destr< y tlio Union cemented by the blood of our forefathers is now fully manliest; und elated by on occidental success, they audaciously threaten the national capitol. As chief magistrate of tho State, it is my solemn duty to warn all good and loyal tnen of th? dangers to which our institutions nro exposed, and to urge upon litem the necessity of an earnest and zealous co njmration with the authorities of the State and general governments: of a cheerful contribution of their moans to support tno public credit, and of activo enrollment in tlic forces now being organized for tho defence of the Unkn; convinced that tho tranquility of tho country no wantonly disturbed can only bo restored bv tbo prompt and vigorous suppression of robollion rfnd treason, wherever they may appear. The representatives of the people of the United Slatoa lately convened in Congress at the call of a constitutionally elected IYcsidcnt, In view of tho perils which surround the Union, (tavo, by legislative enactments, provided for liberal supplies of men and means for the enforcement of the laws and have thus invited a hearty and zealous response on the |>url of several States. New York has never wavered in her devotion to the Union. Sito prizes it on account of the many blessings which all parts of tho country alike havo received from it; on account of the memory of her imtriot sons, by whoso blood it was purchased; and fop the inestimable benefit it confers upon tho present and secures to future generations. Her noble response to the call of tho President, In April last, was such as to prtls served to her tho proud titlo she Iior long'borne in the family of States. Another stage in tho great rebellion ho# boon reached, and tho government appreciating tho dangers now menacing it, appeals for aid. Tho whole country, the civilized world, now looks to tbo State of New York, let tho response bo worthy of her history, hot her answor go hack In full ranks of earnest men, w ho, justly valuing the magnitude of tho interests involved, temporarily relinquish their pursuits and prepare to meet the crisis. In witness whereof I have hereunto affixed the pi ivy seal of this Htkte, at tho city of Albany, this 22d day of August, in the year of our I?rd one thousand eight hundred and sixty-<>n?. EDWIN D. MORGAN. By tho Governor. Tsievwmn r. f)oTV. Private Rerretarv MUSTERING TROOPS INTO SERVICE. TO TUB EDITOll Ul' TUB UKJtAI.U. Cmtii> Stat* Musrnuxo Otrirr. for Vi i.r*naa?, \ 1'J Warm Sikkkt, new York, August g'i.1881. J The commanders of all regiments accepted by the War Department are requested to rcjiort at this office, without delay, the number of men recruited aud present roady for muster; also tho number present who have been mustered and still present; the names of oil ofT.cara in I heir command engaged in tho recruiting service, and the location of tholr offices, lty reporting in |>erson at this office, I will explain all tho provisions uiado by tho dojartmeut for facilitating the collection, subsistence and transports tion of recruits. 1>. B. SACKKT, Lieutenant Colonel Fifth Cavalry, Mustering Officer. GOVERNMENT STORES FOR WASHINGTON. The steamer lying at pier 11, North river, is loading government stores for Washington. The steamer Quimichaug sailed yesterday morning with a full cargo of 3torca for Washington.

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