Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1861 Page 1
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nn ^[Tj JL JO ___ ^flOLE NO. 91M. ? ? THE REBELLION. Explorations of Union Troops Down the Potomac. Manifestations of Rebel Sympathizers in Maryland. Boldness of the Baltimore Secessionists. The Rebels Falling Back from the Potomac. Official Reports Relative to tlie Privateer Sumter. Notification from the State Department Respecting Passports* BflCore Suppression of Secession Newspapers, *?., kci) kc> f OCR SPECIAL WASniNCTOa DESPATCHES. Wasthhctok, August 23,1861. A BECONNOI88ANCE IN FORGE PROM ALEXANDRIA. A reconuoifsanco in furco woo made from Alexandria to-day. The parly consisted of throe companies cf infantry detailed from Colonel Murphy's Fifteenth New York regiment, and two sectious of artillery, comprising f'ur rifled cannon, under the charge of Captain Arnold. It was intended to make a reconnoissauco of teu or twelve m lies* bis idea of using artillery at our outposts and in rec >n BOltering parties is condemned by many of our expert, need militar/ ofljcers. A well appointed cavalry foreo i? regarded as much safer add much more efficient for such purposes. retirement of the rebel pickets. According to official intelligence, the two cavalry companies which have been showing themselves at a safe distance from onr defences at tho Chain Dridge have withdrawn farther into Virginia, and so of other rebel troops on that side of tho Potomac. Their object in thus retiring la a matter of m re speculation. It is certain, howevor, that as, during this week, our troops huvo beeu reinforced theirs have receded. . retorted cause of the retreat of the rebel pickets. A report prevails here that the sudden an t precipitato retreat of the rebels from our front, a few days ago, was occasioned by the accidental meeting of two of their pickets, ono from Fairfax and the other from Vienna who fired into each other for sometime in a lively fashion, and then hastened back and each reported thai the enemy were coming. The consequence was a precipitate retreat of tho whole force towards Ccutrcvilio, leaving the s:?k behind, or to die by the wa\ side, as mauy of them are aid to have done. the upper potomac well guarded. The line of tho upper Potomac is now well guarded, and at the latest rellablo accounts General hanks was still resting on tho Monocacv. despatches from general ranks. Despatches from General Banks to-night show that the rebels are falling back from tho Potomac. Tho river is vftrv b'rh nrnrlninir nf fnrrilnr. TI1E FP.OGKAMME OK THE CAMPAIGN DISCUSSED. There is much speculation in military circles r.s to th> wisdom of prosecuting the war hy an advance into Virginia, whore the greater jmrt of the armed fortes of the rebels are concentrated. It is argued that an attack upon Charleston and how Orleans would be the wisest courseIt would immediately disorganize the whole rcbol army, make them abandon Virginiia, Tennessee and Mssouri in hot haste defend their own houses, and leave the way .open for the unmolested advance of our army here and at tiairo to the borders of the original seceding States, and transfer the war from the border into the heart of the country, whero tho rebellion was first begun. Tho project is certainly worthy of serious consideration. If effectually carried out, it may serve to crush out (he rebellion and bring the South to its senses more speedily than regular advances upon the intrenched camps and fortified cities of the enemy in the border States. BOLDNESS OF THE BALTIMORE REBELS. The forbearance of the government towards tho rebels In Baltimore has only served to encourage and embolden them. It is said that there aro now in that city more than a hundred who were engaged upon the sido of the rebels at the battle of Hull run, and incited by the furious invectives of the disunion press against the government, nnd the impunity with which treason is Jhsimilted openly to he counselled, they havo seriously pndsngored the p< ate of the city. Loyal citizens there taped another outbreak daily. B?BEL SYMPATHY IN BALTIMORE FOB REBEL PRISONERS. 1 The loriioncy of Gon. Pix towards tho rebel prisoners in Baltimoro yesterday, in tho present excited condition of populai fooling there, has elicited much scvero corn tin ntTheir passage through that city was allowed to be contorted into an ovation to the rebel cause. They woro treated more like princes than 1 ke prisoners, carried to a first, class hotel. accorded the freedom nf the eltv nor. mitt-d to attend a dinner gotten up for them by tlio leadtag rebels of the city at tho principal restaurant, and to be escorted to tho steamer that was to convey them to Fortress Monmo by a rnbblo of rebel sympathisers, singing rebel songs, and shouting for rebel chieftains, in a city whore loyal citizens arc protected from outrage and mob violence only by the pn s nee of u large body of Union soldiery, tho pa sage of these prisoners through Rultimors hns boon perverted into an occasion for a m<sl disgracefuj reb-d demonstration, that lias given fresh encouragement to tho tronson already too bold and defiant there. These things, it is believed In high circles here, would not have occurred except by the permission of General I)ix, whoso clemency on this occasion wins eertoii ly a great mistake, almost a fatal error, which nearly resulted in a secession J riot more terrible than that of tlio 19lh of April. While our prlsonors at Richmond are confined, under n military guard, in stables and tobacco warehouses, the fact that the passage of a parcel of rebel prisoners through half disloyal city should ho permitted to be made the occasion of a complimentary demonstration on tho part of tho sympathizers with rebellion, haseaused much eha. grin here. It is a degree of reflrement in the art of war (that practical people cannot well understand. Tho next top will be to encase our bullets in velvet cushions, so that tliey may not hurt them when they strike, and to carry into battle a regiment of French cooks, to make dainty dishes for those who aro fighting against n? with thoir pistols at our breasts and their knives at our throatsTOE SUPPRESSION OF SECESSION PAPEltP. Authorities stopped the New York loyal papers agulr. to_ day at Philadelphia. A very bungling way to do business. Strike at the fountain head. AFFAIRS IN EAST TENNESSEE AND KENTUCKY. Ait vires received todav from East Tennessee and Kentucky show an alarming state of things in that sec' tlon between the Vnionisls and rebels. The latter had succeeded in arresting a postmaster, named Smith, and it Is reported had hung him. They had also rdbbed him of flftoen hundred dollars in money. A mail contractor, named Cr icker, whom they pursued, escaped into the brush, leaving a lino mare behind. This the leader of the baud was making off with, when he was killed by a Union man, and the mare recovered, with saddle bags and rovolrers. [E N E Th<> excitement was very 1:i^h, an I tho whole country dividing Into rebel and Union armies. The Unionists hope <o maintain their ground until succor it aXodod them by the federal govcrninent und the Unionists nl nruiucky, TIIK ARMY. Tho continued improvement of the troops in all re. f>l>ectn is a subject of congratulation in the army as welt ns in executive quarters, resulting mainly from strict discipline. General McDowell and General lieruan reviewed their respective brigades this afternoon. The effort made hero to coerce tho Second New York Fire Zouaves into the Excelsior Brigade, has disgusted the President, Secretary of War and General McCienun with the whole affair, and they came to tho conclusion to day to issue such an order as would briug tho regiment here, when it will bo determined by Gonerul McClcllan to whose brlgado tho Zouaves will be attached. Tho order is as follows, which forllietimo hi inp deposes both ( o ut I Fairman and the repute! new Colonel Brewster. It would be much hotter for tho army and tho houor of tho country If querulous and arrogant r*n'<in??l4 u/hn hut>n nnvar Knnn nnAm.uar>tl In tu-vlit i/?? should he kept at home, and not sent here. Tito order, it Will be perceived,does not deprive Colonel Fatrman of his command:? W>* r?r*RTiievr, August 23,1*G1. To Colonel Tompkins. Quart , master lien rul, ni w York:? AM iho paje rs referring t" tlio dillliuily existing in the Fourth rogiin nt, Excelsior Brigado, were referred to General M'tClellau. Hedcelilrs that the regiment shall bo forwarded hi charge of Major M >rinrty, and the positlon of Colonel bo settled after th' in n arrivo lioro. Furnish transportation and forward the men. SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War. War. IUtP.tRTMSKT, Aug: st 23. 1801. Muok M'-m/arv, Fourth Excelsior Brigado, New York:? See Instructions to Co tone I Tompkins alic ut forwarding regiment. SIMON t'AMKUON', Secretary of War. By an order issue I from lha Adjutant Cenoral's oflioe, from this time until the 1st of January, 1803, i c nRlng ou.cors aro uiroctou u> umku nil their etlllstincni* or m a entering th? regular army for the term of three y< a 8' Tito minimum standard of height for recruits is fixed at flvo feet three inches. According to order No. 63, Cnptaln Beverly II. Robort on, of the Second cavalry, ami Flirt Lieutenant W. T ? Wclknr, of tho Ordnance l)c|Mi-tmcnt, having given proof of their disloyalty, are dismissed from the service of (he United States. Assistant Surgeon Kara sour, of the medical stuff, having deserted to the enemy, is likewise dismissed from the service. The Carlisle Barracks nro announced as a.chaplain post ?Comiuaiidirg officers of volunteer regiments will report to the Adjutant General's cilice immediately, as they occur, any vacancies which may happen in their rcgi. menu, in order that stops may be taken to have them illled. THE CASK OK COLONEL MV'UNN. A despatch to the Tribune tri m this city states that:? "The Hkhaldfalsely broke Colonel McCunnfrom service," and in the same paragraph adda that "the court martial iu his case has not oven reported." Tho author of this despatch will learn in timo that the curs has closed, that the Hcrald was right, and that the Tribune correspondent was behind the times in his fuels. THE EXPEDITION OF TUB MARINER DOWN THE POTOMAC. The expedition of tho Marines, under Major Reynolds, dcwi the I'otomac, this week, did not result in tho capture of any munitions of war declined for rebel use, but It occasioned Homo ser\ iccauie dlscovcries. The command viBitod Loonardtown and Tort Tobacco, both notorious reudozvoi',8 for rebels, and i ne or two other similar loca lities on tho Maryland shore of tho Potomac. Nothing was found requiring the Interference of the Marines, but tho wholo country they traversed was manifestly deeply imbued with disunion sentiments. Tho Marines were received with sullen silence cn the part of the men, and with outsiiok? u objurgut o::s nnd denunciations by the women. No batteries nor evidences ol" preparations ft-.fortilirath ng were ft und at any of tl'.o points where such works wore said to have been erected. That part of Maryland has been used from the beginning of Alio rebellion for tho transports'Ion of supplies and recruits to tho rebel army la Virginia. Within tho last few days military anu medical stores have been intorcopted on tlx-ir passage thitherward, and only yesterday the baggage of a HaltunoreLan, forwarded to Lcnnardtown, was overhauled , ami found to contain his full uniform as a colonel in tho rebel nrmy. A visit by a Union force to that locality two-or thrco tlrnts a week may servo to break tho communication between the rebels in Baltimore and Richmond by that route. A VESSEL ON THE POTOMAC FIRED INTO FROM THE VIRGINIA RIIOKH. On Wednesday the schooner Free Wind, from New York for Washington, wus fired into with muskctrv from the Virginia k mre ontieuiln In Samly Point. The place fretrt which the tiring pro cccileil belongs to ono of tho Hoes. Their farms havo beon the rendezvous of rebels .for n long time. One of them was broken up a few weeks ago by Lieutenant Budd, of the Resolute. This one wiil require similar attention. OFFICIAL ADVICES RESPECTIEO TUE PRIVATEER SUMTER. The State Department has received a letter from the United States Consul at Curacoa, dated 7th inst., in which he says, that according to the statement of a rnuawny seaman, an Englishman named Ord, from tho privatoor Sumter, she was not allowed to enter the port of Cienfuogos ile Cuba, but was ordered to auchor below the fort. Her prizes, hnwevor, six in number, went into port. Tho Sumter, after coaling, proceeded to soa immediately, sup. posing somo of our uten of-war were iu pursuit. She sub seqnently captured two American vessels, both loadedWith provisions?ono of them named tho Joseph Maxwell, off Puerto Cubollo. She was seen on the 21 inst. in tho vicinity of Maturin, on the coast of Venezuela, proceeding to the windward, and it is supposed she continued her course through the Windward Passage, to capture vessels there. The Consul had on the day of writing called en the Governor of tlie island, requesting an aujaw tn fiia rmoctinn>!* thft Pnmtnr would affftin bft admitted Into the p tL should she reappear? The Governor, in his reply, rssurod him she would not, on the ground that, since she loft thora she had been capturing vessels on the Main, and as ho desired to occupy a strict neutrality, according to liis orders, he could not permit tho island to bp mado a starting point for the Sumter. Tho Consul also questioned the Governor in regard to other vessels unlcr the same flag and commission, whou lie stated that, should another such vessel appear, he would net according to circumstances. Tho CouI adds, "f am of tho opinion tho Governor has committed himself in admitting tho Sumter hero, and n iw desires to arrange the affair." The majority of the peoplo of Curacoa are of the same opinion. NOTIFICATION RESPECTING PASSPORTS. The State Department to-day issued tho following explanatory notice:? Tho regulation of this department of the 19th Inst., on tho subject of | assports, was principally intended to check the communication of disloyal persons with Europe. Consequently passports will not be required by ordinary travellers on the lines of la from the United Mat -s which enter the British possessions. If, however, in any B' ceial case, the transit of a person should be < h octcd to by the agent of this governm 'lit on tho border, the ngent will cause such person to be detained until communication can bo had witii this department in regard to the case. W. H. SKWARI). APRIVAL OF A REFUGEE FROM THE REnEL AltMY. Another refugee from the rotxfl army arrivod here today. Ho was a New Yorker, residing in Mobile at the breaking out of the rebellion. Ho was assessed 11 vo hundred dollars for tho expenses of tho war. His property was FCizcd and sold for six hundred dollars to pay tlie assessment, and to save his lifo ho was compelled to enlist in tho rebel army. His company wai in position upon the Rappnhanock river, whoro he stole a skiff, ami Boated down into tr.e t ueRnpeaKe, wuurc 110 was plcKed up by ono of our veesels. Ho reports that tho rations of tho rebel army aro stinted, that they aro reduced to allowance of coffeo only twice a week, and that the Georgia and South Carolina regiments returning home after tho engagement at Bui1 run did col number more than a hundred men each. REPORT OF ESCAPED PRISONERS FROM RICHMOND. Two of our soldiers, ono from Rhode Island, the other from Wisconsin, lakon prisonor6 by the rebels at Manassas, and conveyed to Richmond, arrived here to-day, aud made their rep irt to tho president. They were nine days on th-Iv way from Richmond to Washington. They say. tho prisoners havo no opportunity to judge correctly of what is going on there, unless by uu agency which should W YO NEW YORK, SATURDi\ not bo mentioned. I'y thW awncy tan loarnod that tli1 wore few troops at Richmond, but a'l that arrive 1 tVv f from the South wcro Hint forward towards Manatwar They pave a detailed account of the mniiDcr of t! or > cape, travelling through the woods l>y day and swiraminy rivers ny night. ADVENTURES OF A PKSFItTKR FROM TIIR l.EUKI. ARMY. A Hung tho prisoners nt tlio guard house hero is one who presents himself as a deserter from the rebol urmy He gives a thrilling olid almost tuarvelloes account of his adventures since he left his home in Ohio, on a fliAhea for New Orleans, early last spring. Impressed to the rebel army in I/>uisiana, badly fed sod worse clothed, ho was driven f tlin battle r.f ru in the battalion of M:\jur Wheat, th nolo filibuster and Garibaldi volunteer. He reftorts that .?( tho beginning of tho tight Wheat's balfa i 11 w is nh 1 uiton tho extreme left of the rebel hue, an ..pel s .? between them and a South Carolina regiment. When j Wheat brought his men out iuto the op- .. ?, u *' ( tlfst tired ti|ion hy tho South Careliniaus, a- -1 ?1 modiately alter subjected to a murderous fl-i-ft a i . advancing Union troops, hy which Major Wheat wee killed, and tho loss of life was fearful. A Philadelphia!!, named T>avld Vauco, also In Wheat's battalion, was killed, and an ll.lnoisan, James II. Hutchinson, was mortally w nnded. Th? informer, Angustino Johnson, carried Hutchinson from the field, a:.d seized that opportunity to desert. Divesting himself of his uniform as far as possible, ho travelled iu a northwesterly direction, slept in a wheat Qehl that night, and next day rcarhed a Quaker's ho: so in Iaiudou county, where ho was kindly treated ' until he had an opportunity to escape from tho "sacred soil" by way of Harper'8 Ferry. He has- never receiver) any pay while iu tho rebel nervine, and states that the rich and fertile county of Loudon has been devastated by the rebel army. ^ ARREST OF A REPEL VOLUNTEER. \ ftno of tho returned rebel volunteers?an Irishman named Donnelly?wasarrcotod at Georgetown last nightIt is not improbable that tUcrn are mauy others aim ng u" here, who havo conio either as spies, or for the purpose of participating in another 19th of April demonstration n Baltimore. TUB SKIRMISH AT HAWK'S NEST. Gen. McClellan bus despatches from Con. Roeencanz, ccnnrmmg tnc account or the skirmish at Hawks Nest published in the New YorL morning papers. REVIEW OF THE TItOOra BY OKN. M'CI.EI.LAN. Gen. McClct'an will review several brigades hi Virginia o morrow, with his full staff. Ho Is doing the work of a Hercules. TlIK OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. The administration of the oath of allegiance, as pro g'-nted by Congress, was a matter of Interest to the clerks iu the bureau of tho Auditor of the Treasury for the Poet Office Department this morning. Kits. LINCOLN'S MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Lincoln will he absent two weeks longer, yisiting Niagara on her return. DEPARTURE OP GENERAL ANDERSON FOR KENTUCKY. General Anderson has left for Kentucky, to take command of the United Strtes forces In Uiat Ktuto. Loyalists are already Hoiking to his standard from Kast TennesseeTHE PRIVATEERS AND THE BLOCKADE. MOVEMENTS OP THE PRIVATEERS IN TIIE WEST INDIES. OUR ST. THOMAS CORRESPONDENCE. St. Tiiomas, August 8, 1801. The Slimier and Jeff. Davit at St. Thomas and TrinidaJ? Challenge from the Sum'tr to the United States SUanie7" Kiyr'.rnc Slate for a Fight, dr. The privateer Sumter was at Trinidad on tho 1st inst., and reported to be bound hero. Tho United States steamer Keystone State is now here coaling, an>I will harp an eye to her. Tlio Jeff. Davis was at St. Johns, P. R.,on the 28th uit. Wo have heard nothing further of her siuce. The Sumter is reported to have captured the bark Jos. Maxwell, from Laguayra to Philadelphia, laden with coffee, on h -r | ansage from Curac ia (whoro aho was first reported) to Port Spain, Trinidad. Captain Somuics rant his complimcnls to Captain Scott, of tho Keystone Stutc, by Captain Duncan, of tho brlga.i tine Romance, from Trinidad, ntul requested hi n to s.iy mat no woutu do nappy to meet nun citucr at m. inomas whore ho was bound, or In tbo Monn passage, where he would find him later. Whether this is a boast, or ho will do so, remains to bo scon. OUR NAVAL CORRESPONDENCE. United Statei Sttakkr Iroquois, I Okk Savannah, A' g isl 14,-1881. J rusiiim of the Untied Slate* Steamer Iroywiis ojf Savannah?The Frigate IKu?/a.?A Mis ake.? the Gunboat Semini le for the Privateer Sum'er and Slakes an Attempt to JCun Her Down, dtc. Wo arrived hero on tho 9th inst., via Fortress Monroe and Ch irloston. Nothing of much interest lias transpired Since leaving New York. Our ship is in good lighting trim, the machinery runs well, and wo arc all prepared for any emergency. At Charleston tho steam frigate Roanoko und gunboat Seminole are Rtationed. Tho lattor was ropairlng damages to bowsprit, head, Ac., caused by tho Wabush running into her. The circuinsu noes are these:?Ihe Wabash mistook her fur the privateer Sumter, nud was intending to run her down and sink her, but fortunately discovered her mist ko lu tunc to clear her, with tho exception of tho bowspi it, which she carried awuy. The frigate 8t. I.v.v, enco and this ship are all tho ves si Is that compose the blockade of this port. We tic about ten miles olf the land, und on looking into the barber we can see three or tour steamers m.iUuc ivrlr.e around. Perhaps th y may meditate an attack some night: bet thiy no d not think to surprise us, for tvear? Constantly on the looko t, and om> tf .our i-luven -inch g..ns would probably . einind them that such was the eusc. Ojr bittcry is cast loose eTory niyht, nod the watch stationed by the guns, while steam is up and the chain [ ready for slipping. The weather is very wtrm, but the fresh breeze wo have every afternnoon makes it ([uitu comfortable. SEIZURE OP THE SCHOONER SARAH ANN ROE AT PORTLAND. Portland, Me., August 23,18C1. The schooner Sarab Ann Roc, recently purclinsi d by John Douglas Mirriolees, of Wilmington, N. C., and registered with the British Consul as tlic Willinm Arthur, of Liverpool, loaded with flrh, beef, pork, Ate., cleared for St. Thomas and sRilcd to-day; but information having been received that her destination was Wilmington, N.C., she was seized down the harbor by the Collector of the Port, and surrendered to the United States Marshal, under tho authority of the act of August 0,confiscating property iuteuded for insurrectionary purposes. pftANS OP GENERAL BEAUREGARD. The following curiously written letter of a Richmond correspondent of tho Columbus Times, dated August 1, ail irds some indications of ihe plans of General Beauregard at that titn i, but which he has doubtless doomed it discreet to abandon:? Dut evening I spent an hour at .the private lodgings of an ollloer fit Gen. itoatircgn d's stair, now oh a t, in K'i'ary visit to Richmond. Ho has been at tho General s right hand since the Hi at preparations were tnado for the bombardment of K?rt Sumter. I learned much during this utorview in regard to the tth vetU'nta of the army of the Potomac, which 1 am not ut liberty to disclose. There are some movements, however, eoritompated, wl i li,u, ill y may !> 1' lly px"< ill'<1 before tins is in prim, tin r is nr i iinproprl-tv in staling. And first, I was grati1! d to learn that, ba t General Beauregard sufficient means for transpo-Udion, he wo 1! have be u In Washington c n llio Wednesday after the battle at farthest. He is now ad e qunlely supplied in this Impr riant b an. h of military r>l>eraiions, but he isonly awaiting the completion of other arrungemcnta necessary to his advance u|>on Arlington H.d'hia from three difll-rcnt points. 1 hare been informed upon what I consider pretty good authority, that it was General Beauregard's design to cross th" I'utomac at some l?'int between Harper's Ferry and Georgetown, enter Washington in th it direction, and thus g t in the tear of Arlington fortiflcatl 'tis, and cut off' the ret/eat of the ledorahsts on tin- Virginia sido of the l'ot- in*io. But my friend's information is reliable. He is in hourly expectation of a despatch from General Beauregard, summoning him to the Held. RKREL PRISONERS NOT TO RE RELEASED. The following has been issued from the htadquartois of General Rosecraus:? CIRCULAR. Hiunocana-Ks Akmy of OrrrTAUON, > Ct.ARKRSRl'RO, Western Vliglnia, August 17,1KC1. J Great Iriose ass and Irregularity prevails In the arrest and discharge of priconers. Much care a-.d discretion must ho exen Isod in tiro arrest of persons merely sufipoclcd, and proofs obtained If possible, but when proofs exist, and isirtinularlv when taken with a nis In hand, or with nay evidence of intention or preparation to pursue other than a perfectly peaceable course, no prisoner whatever w III he rolonset!. but as soon as practicable, he will bo forward) d, with a full statement of his case, to these headquarters. By order of Brigadier General ROSFCRAJiS. Gkj. L. auisrn'. Assistant Adjutant General. UK H ____. . . *. . _ lY, AUGUST 21, IS31. N'KV.S PI'OM FORTBE8B MONDOK. I COJI.MANP 'ill : VOi.l'STltllHH. V KMK.-8 mllnrok, /'ijt' st "2. \ V.a IUliimomn, Au;t';sl AJ. Vol. / Several oxporimon'al shots have been t'rod to-dn. tn tho I'nion gun, with an i x'.r. me ran go f beta*" n found flvo miles. Ore shot ponolrtdcd n 'and 1 .ink twelve nit. t;enersl Ib't'.tr expresses himself as by uo means .?ntflptl with the trial. It is sai l that Oeii 'ral H itler will rot return to Mnssa htisetls, but will lota the Hold in command of the voluu orn of this department. Tho propellers Fanny and Adriatic havo gono on an ox 00 'ii ion up the bay, uuder tho direction of Lieutenant i'trie Th< is heavy flrliiR to day In tho direction of M"r"oik. r'? rebels ara probably ti ying tho range of lheirb.it1 rkfl. OPERATION'S OP ORV. H \NKS' DIVISION. MR .It, Md., August 23, lKdl. ii'Ch . i 1 th viny .J generally good. The h< spi. a.ti> bnl few tenants. Tiierc has been a great tinI'luvi'W' ot since leaving Sandy Iloog, Mr. Kussell, the war corrcsiHiudeut of tho Ixrndon Timet, took tho cars at Kllicott's Mills Tuesday morning and proceeded towards Sandy Hook, apparently for the pur" p >se of visiting the whole linn of the Potomac defences. Tlicro was Bono curiosity to catch a g'.imjwo of him. Remarks not dolicutc'.y complimentary wore uttered by soitio of tho soldiers who had perused his letters to ilio Timet. Yesterday private Joseph Fasband, Company B, Ninth New York regiment, in a lit of insanity committed suicide by blowing out his bruins with a musket.

The advance guard of tho army is not tar from this lo" cality. Its ultimate tb situation is t uktiowu. A deferti' n broke out In the New York Ninetecuth yesterday morning, tt being the %xpl. ration of tho threo months, the time for which the majority of tho men ctaim-d they had enlisted. A lino was forme I and tho orders of the Governor of New York, tho determination of tho government and the articles of war were rend to the regiment. Major | Leslie, in temporary command, addresrc I the regiment, aud anally ordered all who chose to remaln to advance ihrco paces. About two hundred declined, and were immediately taken cla-goof by tho Second cavalry, nu I subsequently disrobed of thoir equipments and placed in charge of the Firut I'crusylvania regiment. rwoniy-rour l ours weio allowed tliem to reconsider, ami it is believed lia'f of the disaffected will return. All the comro'ssloned officers remnined. Only two Orderly i-'orgcar.t* were among tuo recusants. M.ijor I oubleday, who has been somo weeks routined at' Washington from the effects of an accident to his leg, rejoin 'tl his tottery In Gcnoral Banks' column, on Tuosday l'urhig Major roubledny's absence, tho buttery lias been In charge of First Lieutenant Hall, of Fort Sumter, who will pri b ibly succeed Major 1'oubleday in tho permanent command of the battcay. NEWS FROM MISSOURI. Kot.ia, Mo., August 22,1801. The accounts from Springfield are to the effect that from six to ten thousand of McCulloch'a army have left for the north. A small force has reached Lebanon on tho Rolls road,and aro engag d in making reprisals and committing depredations ou Union men. Ahout si veil hundred of the exiles from Springfield have Joined t.Vlonol Hoyd'F regiment. lieu.sends or Union men have been obliged to abandon their homes in the Southwest, and leave their property a the mercy of tho rebels. There is much dis trese nmong these people, large numbers of them having neither money nor provisions. Tho train of tho Union army, which was brought from plngfle'.d by Major Sturgis, is Baid to bo worth f 1.100,000. The passage of Ibo rebel aimy north will en. ble our troops, when they move hark to Springfl.'ld,to cut Oir its communication with, and retreat to, Arkansas, and thi s completely enclose it in tho weBtern counties of the .Stutf. NEWS I'llOM CAIRO. Caiiio, August 23,1861. tiio steamer isamuei orr, anu r.vausviiie una raaucan ' mail packet, was seized by the rebels at Pndrcah yslcr | (l ey anil taken up the Tennessee rivor. Tim officers and crew'oft her and camo to Cairo iu skills. H :r cargo was valued at $29,000. It is reported that tho rebels nt railucah sent to Union City for sjme sixty four pounders for soma thousand re" lids, commanded by Kltcholl, who are reported to bo ut Denton, Mo., fortifying themselves. They have nine twenty.four pounders. INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH. Loi isviu.k, August 23, ISfll. A special dcsi atch to the Courier, of this city, from Nui hville, says that Jeff. I avis has approved tho act op pointing two i ther cuminissioni-rs to Europe. A'so tho ac t for furnishing aid to Missouri in repolling invaders, an 1 a' thortzlug h' r admission irto tlio confederacy. I!, n. Mcl'ulloch was complimented for the splendid vie tory of his bravo urmy in the battle at Oak nil!. Congress is ce wdrferli g a bill for the sequestration of property of alien enemies of the confcderary. Congress is repi rt d ns having received despatches by tel graph stating tiiat tho English government has sent < idr:s to Admiral Mil^e, of the Gulf squadron, to see t! at P. itish merchant vers ,s bo properly protected in their ingrc: s and egress to and from tho ports in the 8outh High c tib ials in Firhmond are reputed to believe si-ell to be a The French Consul nt Richmond hue roceived despatches announcing that several French wur frigates have nailed 'or Norfolk. Cnugrisa lias called upon tho N.avy Deportment for au estimate of the amount required to constri.ct two gunboats for the dcfenco of "Memphis and tho Mississippi river. llio report of a battle at Iflvcttsville is Incorrect, tho Lincoln troops succeeding in effecting their cscapo across 'the rotomac. Southern passengers who have Just arrived report, that martial law was to bo proclaimed In Nashville to-day. MOVEMENTS OF EASTERN TROOPS. Boston, August 23,1861. Tho Seventh Maine regiment, from Augusta, left Portland this morning for the sent of war, via Boston ami New York, t" tho nuttlber of nine hundred anl fifty men, fully eqitii | o.l. The S venth Maine regiment arrived here nt five o'clock, and left for New York via Fail River at seven. Tiio Sover.teonth Massachusetts regiment, under tlio command of Lieutenant Colonel F'ellows, left here for New York at ten o'clock at night via tho Worcestor and Norwich route. The Twenty first reg;ment, which have been detained at Worc '-ter. wl 1 also leave this afternoon. Tim Nineteenth and Twentieth regiments aroexpee'ol to leave to-morrow. WonrwTEIt, August 23,1801. Tlio First Missarhusctts regiment, Colonel Morse, left this city via Norwich, atsixo'chek this afternoon. It went with Tull ranks and is fully armed and o [ulppel. REBEL OVATION TO REBEL PRISONERS AT 15ALT1MOKK. [From the llallimore Fun, August 28.] The fact having been announced that a party of conf< do ratc soldlois,captured in Western Virginia, hut reached this city, their hoadqusrtors, th (.'llmor House, was c.irly yost 'day morning by persons who desired to admin stor to their comfort. Tliose of the party who were tut well supplied with under clothing were furnished, and those in more limited cirenm stances found plenty of gold in their pockets without knowing whence it came. They were generally well educated and roilncd genliemen, whose independence of character would forbid their aoceplnuce of .aid, but it was pressed ui>on them and put Into tlu-ir pockets with out their knowledge. During the day they wero visited by many ladles of the city, i oc.h of whom took with her some little presi nt for the coinft ft or convenience of the soldiers. Most of them visited various sections of the city, accompanied by citizens. At four o'clock in Ibo al io; noon tho vehicles were drawn up in.front of thcGlimoro House to convey them to tho boat for Old I'olnt, and a largo crowd of persons were preset:t to witness their departure. When they emerged from the house the people on tho street cheered, and from almost cveiy house in the neighborhood the handkerchiefs of la li.-s waved from every window. As they passed down baltiinoro stroct a largo throng at the corner of South street gave them three cheers. From every direction the people flocked to the wharf of the boat, until n) thousands wore assembled, covering the wharf, the sheds and all the vessels lying near. The soldiers to< k their portions on the after part of tho upper saloon d ck. At half-past four o'clock the linos of tho I/>ulu!ana were cast off, and as she left the wharf throe cheers ware given for tho departing soldiers. Some of them have fi ion s and relatives In Halttmoro, and they expressed thorns Ives dollghted with the cordial reception that greeted them on every hand. : E ii A ] SUPPt^SslUK QF SECESSION JOURNALS. j THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. This i>apor, which has hitherto strongly alvoeated the cause of JotT. Davis, and for which it wan presented by thu (jr. u I Jury about a worlc ago, Una at I ant began to son tltr error of I(h ways, and contemplates atoning for itx m?11iiV-Irl transgr anions ai;n!n*t tlio federal government tV learn that heneoforth It will strenuously aitstiin tlir xUuinistration i:i the prosecution of thu war with tho .-tooth. ANOTHER SECESSION NEWSPAPER OFFICE DEMOLISHED. Ct.lvrtjNi), Ohio, August 23,18(11. Tho .7tariff O-tin'y Dan^cra', a secession iiews|ui| or in Cant t Ohio, was last night outiroly destroyed by some voluij.o art of that place. THE JEFFERSONIAN NEWSPAPER. WmTCUietntR, I'a., Awgtist 23,1811. Deputy United States Martha) Jenkins 8. Sclmylor, by order of tlio United States Marshal, took possession of tho Jcfrirsnnian newspaper building, with its coutonts, tills afternoon, to await further orders from Washington. OUR PHILADELPHIA CORRESPONDENCE. Seirure of Another Lot of Rebel I'ajfrs?The Rirhmowl Sfie?Ileary Droughts on New York ami Lorn'>?<? Activity of the United Stales Marshal:?Naval New,? Negro Regiments, <f c. The amount of rubbish Mt the United flat a* buildings In tho shape of robel ti wspapers, i.- fearfully great. Mar glial Mlltward made another descent upen Hen. Wood'" Now York News to day, arid found upwards of two thou gnnd copies, all but fifty of which were directed to t-'t I/, Louisville, Pa'timo e and nth' r |ibices in tlio doubtful or rebel States. Fifty ccj I g of the New York Journaj nf Commerce were likewise tiik. n. Tho whole sciz-re of thofo organs now amounts to about 4.600 conies, more tlian equal, wo ghould think to their combined paying e per day. Ihes-' last bttnd'os worn consigned to Adams express, as the New York trains rcf-*o<i to carry tliemUfoat ind gnation is, ss d hero that the pvbiicath n Is not Htotipvd In New York, as thesu (Ktpors are llatly treas-innblo. uiining to give aid and comfort to the enemy, and egoecinlly In these places where the Union sts are struggling the bar-test for -prestire. We have b In sin?l<- doubtful paper now in town, a religions print called the If,-raid,professing to lie the organ of a wing of th Catholic c horeic Tlio (Ibsrro r. cU si d up on Thursday by the Ma "shnl's deputies, would have b en defunct by its n -xt lg?ue at furthest, having lost ell circulation, advorttsmg a- d inlliienre. Two years ago J's proprietor, a preacher, named C-in verse, refus -d $10,000 for it. None of tin se p;i|iers will he al'owi d, under any cl-cunistances, to he sold in rliitttdc'phla, and news agents receiving or circulating them will !> auiotna-ily arrested and indicted. The I'-ietmaster at Ill's place, wo beliovo, lias aim b cu ordered uot to deliver eiilior paper to Bub.acribers. 'I h -re are of tho so called peace papers hutllvoorsl* remaining in Pennsylvania, of which two are local -1 In Lehigh county. The J,f,rs<tt an, at Westchester (.John Hick man's town), will bis revived, It is said, In the tnco o! tit setliriats that the parties conducting it will be .>...> ... II.? -.* i> H-1..I..,. II./. .111.. ...... ? ? -I/..I yesterday for assault, and llidgsnn, an Englishman, Iho publisher, has been ord"rcd to leave tho place. TIim Commonwealth will soon bo rid of those obnoxious prints, ami tlie siwmer the b 'Iter. In Wilmington there aro three scurvy wro'rlies fnvor secession, ami stir up mutiny in [teluwaro It is essential to tho consoli lation of the North that these bo HtOU]>0'l. Tiio spies arrostoil at Ha-riebnrg an I bronitht to town last uiglit bail a private hearing to day, and all ill" pa |icir round on tho [arsons of Carum, Kelly and Prgruui were examined. Tho drafts amount to upwnrus of $150,000, l\\o thirds of which arifi 11 Now York bankers, and uh >et ?10 000 upon Is-ndcn bankers. Carson will pr'bub.y bo discharged, and tho other two sent to Fort Lafayette or handed over to th- military authorities. All the ni-n are woll known in P-VKmoro, bet they cam to tbl" city direct frem Richmond, and Kelly Is nnloubt(Olv a spy, having letters from rebel ollicers sewn up |p his shirt, and papers of a more heinous nature, tho contents of which will not at tins tine he made public. The schooner I'akor, now in [? rl. makes tho sixth prize brought to this place, and two other schooners captured by tho gunboat Union are dully expected. The Tuscanira will I o launched at noon on Saturday. Tito crow of the Unite I States vessel Albatross mi.I the negro ci ok, Jacob Garrison, have been awarded $1 500 salvage by Judge Cadwu'lader. tor rescuing the Kncan'.nss. The sehoouer was then restored to her own r. Th" rvgroes hi town have been S1 cretly drilling for four mouths, and two reetmcets are said to be cotnp'O'.od, wailing for the fo turn1 e inomeCt to take part in tho war. 0'ie rcgtni lit Is said to be coinmandeil by a herculean n -gro ninvd Green, who served a term In tho penlteni ia y for attempting to r scuo a fugitive sluvo. SEIZURE OK THE NEW YORK NEWS AND STOrrACI". OK TI1K rnil.AndU'lllA CUK1-TIAN [Kit ni the Philadelphia t n piirer, Aug. 28.] For fovornl dayB past it lies been understood in official circles that Iho New York /'oilj, AVirr, a so-called "[leuce"' paper, favoring the socissinni. t.-, was not to ho nil wed to circulate Its treasonable doctrlms hi this city. A press of h sin >s, however, prevented any uetivu mea. ire.i lining ti l e i for Its suppression until yesterday. Kariy iu th mori i g rumors wore prevalent that the oT.c - < f tho I hi!adel| hiu ag< lit was to ho m .blied, and ( lie f of Police lleg ',h s di enied It advisable lo hold nearly three hull ha d men in readiness for any disturbance of the pcuro, an l, if necessary, to fo' ward the aim of tho Unit'd Stan s Mar s) a , by'whom the seizure of the papers was to be made. Up in th" arrivul of the N< w York boat with the various h tn i.o nf nuru ru \fn alinl \flllwni?i1 u/ilh hiu tie ntv Vr Scliuyl t, ft pp'.'il nn board, and blug as tilled by f- i g. ant Livearo and asquad of the reserve corps of the police, examined them. From two to tliroy thousand c ipl"B of tho Daily Newt were found, destined for s do in this city. No copies of either the Journal of Cumnrnr. or Now York Day Honk wore found, both or wh eh pipers are of strong pro-slavery proclivities. Tho Day Ifor.l being an afternoon paper, could nil, in fact, have boon rccoivi d at that time. A genera) satisfaction was expressed by th so around at the proceedings, save by on? in llvidval, who cot srlcred the act nn outrage on the right < f "free speech." Those present appealed to consider secession "free sweeh''us simply free lies, and were disisisod tohindie the individual roughly. Much diaap|>oin(raei,t was cx p. ess'dhy a number of newsboys, who were debarred from their Bnleg of the obnoxious paper. The circu iation of this paper does not by any m-'ai.s imply that evo y buyer is a secessionist. Many persops have purchased it out f f a dcBii o to see both sides of the various |k lets of controversy daily springing up; others for idle curiosity: and still more for the amusement of laughing at its fa sehoods. That tiierc arc a few, however, in this city who sympathize with its sentiments it is useless to denv. The yam is edited by Ben. Wood, a recently elcted member of Congress from New York city, who, with his brother, Fernando Wood, Mayor of New York, is strongly pro slavery In sentiment. Tim business ot the former, as a large lottory dealer, has been chiefly connected with the South, and for that rea'cn, also, lie wishes to stand well in Southern eyes. The publication of a secession paper, therefore, guarantees his soundness in a Southern point of view. His brother Fernando lias, from policy, favored tho I men since tlie rebellion broke out. In addition to the above seizure, Marshal Millwartl examined all newspaper bundles passing yesterday southward through Adam's Express. A bundle directed to A. Cunter,Louisville, Kentucky, contained eleven hundred a ad twenty-five copies of the Daily Mart. A majority of tliu bundles were addressed to 11. Taylor, Baltimore, but on being opened were found to contain oilier packages, marked for Washington, Aloxunlrln, and different points in Maryland. T. Shillington, Washington, had twenty-five copies of tlie A'.'iv.i to Iris address: <?. K. Frum-h, of Alexandria, had a dozen, as als > N. C. Brooks, Kiliclt's Mil.s; .f. W. Robin a ?. ?' > Rlirnhnl W-Kihlnotmi- U Cnri-oll ('amun dep it?each a small paclcnge. All (hose In ndlci, Willi tho exception of that tu Louisville, conlanod moro "i- I ks of other Now York papers. One package ad dreasod to H. Tayloi-, which apiwured cntlroly for Huliiinorc reading, contained four liandrod copies of the Daily News, and live liindrod of the Tribi ne and fTntei, a3 a'so a small bundlo of the It'i.rW. At alwiot. eleven o'clock yesterday morning Marshal Millwnril d tho olllee nud appurtenances of the Chiittian Otucrrer, former ly a Now School Presbyterian paper, b .t recently repudiated by that denomination on account of its pro slavery proclivities. The editor Is Rev. A. Converse, a native of Verm ont, but of late a citizen of Richmond. Va. Its articles have recently been peculiarly virulent against tho course of tho government. IMPORTANT TO VOLUNTEERS. Recruits who join a regiment aro necessitated to ro. main with that regiment, and aro not allowed to Join any other, without a regular discharge from tho ono in which they have first enlisted. The penalties Tor ilisobodienee of thi3 regulation aro laid down in tho following selections from the articles of war :? Article 2'J?No nou-commissioned c.ffl 'or or soldier shall enlist In auy other regiment, troop or company, without a regular discharge from tti" regiment, troop or company in which ho has served, on tho penalty of being reported a deserter and suToring accordingly. And in case any officer shall knowingly receive and ontertain such noncommissioned officer or soldier, or shall not, after bis being discovered to he a deserter, immediately routine him and give notice tli-roof to the corps in which he last served, tho sumo officer shall, by court martial, bo tty article 20?All officers and soldiers who havo roeeiveil pay, or have bocn duly enlisted in the servico of the United States, anil shall be convicted of having deserted the ranie, shall suffer death or such other punishment as by the sentence of a court martial shall bo Intituled. ARRIVAL OP RELEASED SHIPMASTERS. PmutnELrniA, August 23,1301. The British brig Ida arrived lioro to-day with Captain lav is, of the Joseph Maxwell, and Captain Freeman and crew, of tho Abbio Bradford, of Now York, both of which vessels were captured by tho privateer Sumter. LB. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE NAVY. lUrvnmuxTB, 0, brljr, Uoutenaut Commander Maxwell | Wixidhull, wag at AspiiiwuM on tho loth met. | Comciiuri, 50, fitgatu,flag ship of tho Hrarl! squadron, iIbk ofllce. Joshua it. Sands iinil Captain I,. M. flolds| borough, arrived below lloston on Thursday noon and anchored off iinil. Shu left Montevideo Juno 21. The fol> I lowing is a lint of olllcers i.f the Congress:? ; Flag ofllrer, Joshua K. Sands. Gk|itaiu, I/ails M. (inlitaborough; IJtutonanta, 0. Duty, A. J. Drake, S. i'. Quuckuubuah, J. H. Smith, A. Pendorgriist. 0. A. Ittgck w, ElectSurgeon. L. It. Hunter; Sin go' n, E. Shippen; Assistant Surgunn, It. I.. Wi bur; I'ayniaut r, Is>vi D. S'.nmin; Chaplain, John Make; Captain of Mariuca, Knbort Tunsil; Kir at nontenant ol' Marine*, T. Si Wilson; A. T. Malum, II. D. Ciarlbone, II. Cenits, T. S. Soenoor, <J. C. Wlltse: Iloatswain, ('. Johnson; C.nnnnr, J. Webber; Carpenter, C. Jordan; Sailmaker, T. C. Herbert. Faijcoi.'TII,20, sloop, was at AKpiuwall i n the 16ih Inst. Gi'niioats.?C'uptuin Voorhles will take command of tho the hark (ieinsh k, und Ca.tain It. II. Gregory, of Mirblolicad, will connnaiul the R. II. Forbes. BROOKlAk NAVY YARD. Excavations wore being made yesterday between the dry dock and one of the ship houses for the her I blocks to rscelve the keel of one of the now gunboats authorized to be buflt by the act of last Congress. She is to bo a side* wheel Htoamer. Thn keel will bo two hundred and soven (Vet In length. Tho other two gunboats lit courso of construction nro progressing. Huth tiavo tbo stem and stern posts up, and 0110 of thorn begins to show tbo beautiful -ymm try which tin- stern Is rice lined to exhibit. Nothiug Iks yet been done towards tho Satellite and tha I'uti am. There is a propeller alongside of Ihein to bo tilted up and a mod as a cruise.'. 'IhoConnecticut will leavo to-day. Slie went into commi: sieti y.ftei lay,when lmr crew was augmented from tit North Carolina to one hundred and fifty men. 8ho received o'n board twenty nine marines?namely, one sorMVUit.eno eorperul and tw. nty-seveii privates. Seventeen of lie in 11 inrs are intended for tha Nugaro. Tin y will bo r tho ccuuiwuil of Captain Wat '.n, who goes ia.taj 11 1 s .'.'"i iii t iu Connecticut to join 111.* Ning ira. The r-st tt.'i" met wi'l remain as a j>ermaiiotit guard en let;(i ll e Co..11 ciiea.t. The C um c icut takes out wlXh bar all sorts ff storoaj c i itoi ( n y 01 mere uecosaa; les, lint an humans'* i[u ntity oi ilos of comfort, which will ba fa from unwo nine ;o the oll'oors and crews cf the blockading squadrou, lor \vh m they lire intondeI. Among nth r things, she has on board no loss a quantity than fifty tuns of fresh lied iu ice,s > that the men belonging to tlio sipia' Iron will lio fed w 1I1 tho pick of tho New York market, in 0 el of tbo b ugh, stringy moat lliry aro comiiolled to put up with down there, whenever they am fortunate e 1 t.gii to pin cure even tint poor apoh gy for Irish inoat. Tli idea 01 l imited with Commander WuodUuU, who commands tho Connecticut. MORE GUNUOATS PURCHASED. Tho 1; .vornment purchased yestorTlay froin Henry B> Cromwell & Co. tho Yteamor Ft. K. Cuyler, Steamer Montgomery, Sioum t Hnutsvillo, and are also Iu treaty to purchaso, with a fair proapoot of microns, from Hie some partleB? Stc.iinor Locust I'oiut, St-amer Potomac, Steamer Parkcrsburg, St' amer Montlcollo, Steamer Mount Vie non. Some of tic so steamers aro already In the sorvlco, under charter. . THE NEW STEAM 8L00P-0F-WAR TUSCAROU A. I'iiiijuiku'iiia, August 23,1361. The n?w steam sloop-of war Tuscarora will bo launched at tho Navy Yard to morrow altornoon. Her keel was laid on tho 2tllh of Juno. Tho Tuscarora Is tho first of her clu.cs to bo launched. CAPT. PORTER OP THE NAVY. TO T1IK KPITOll OF THE HERALD. Va.NDKKIIILT'S SrKAllKK Nobiw Star, 1 At Ska, August 21,1861. J I lmvo been shown a I'nnania llctahl of the 8th inst., in which a loiter Is published, purporting to have boon written by mo to my son, containing seniimcuts adverse to llio government. The letter is a false fabrication and a forgery, and at a future day I will produce still-atronger proof of that fact. As this bogus letter made its ap" pearnnre In the Fpctatcr, I hope thut paper will do mo tho favor to give publcuy to this. I can, with some prida and pleasure, stale thut 1 have served the I nited States government in tho navy for yea s, with soma c-.c'ilitto myself and lienor to the country, and Itavo as yet uavor dimmed ? siar I11 the Uniou of the Hug, tier soiled a stripe in its lobY, and hope yet to do some go. d service inlUcKuio. Willi respect, W. V. PORTER, United Stalos Navy. THE RECENT ARREST OP REBEL AGENTS. $170,000 IN GOLD AM) STOCKS FOUND IN TIIKIR TRUNKS?TIIEY A UP. SENT TO FORT LAFAVETTK. , T.10 rebel agents whoso arrest was noticed In tha I licit a in of yosterday provo to b Mr. John Garnet' Guthrie, of Petersburg, Va., and Mr. Coo. Miles, of Richmond, Va. The former gentleman was taken at tho Il.'th Avenue Hotel, tho latter at the Metropolitan. They had in their trunks ovcr$170,C00 in gold, hills and stocks the .Suites of Virginia, Georgia r. ! Tennessee; also numerous letters addressed to pr- >1 incnt mt 11 in tho South. Tim letters were forwarded by special messenier to Washington. The money, Air., is in tho hands of tho authorities. The prisouo.s weru examined yestorday ut tho jxillco headquarters, and by direction of Secretary Seward, w re sent to Fort In'a i.e. It ap-' pours that som days ago the General S.ip?;i intendont of l'ulico received informatl' n from Washington that tlicsu two gentlemen were in iho city collecting money for JoIT. I avis, and two of the detective police wero detailed to hunt tlioin up. This th y succooded in doing just in timo to prevent their departure for tho Youth, gonioof iho ii l? aal.l ..? a frAm fnnt-. hn >. Ill In Old city, ns balances due Southerners for cotton, tobacco, kc. The prisoners expressed decided dissatisfaction when Informed that the. fort would be their future ipjui tors, but were compelled to succumb lo th: fortunes of war. ALL LETTERS FOR THE NORTH EXAMINED BY THE REBELS. The Mobile Advertiser mnk' s the announcement as follow.'?WW leant that instructions hare ho n received at the Express Agency here that u siii>crv'.8lon of letters is deemed necessary to insnro their s;>eedy transportation. This is done in pursuance of an ordor from Major fjctieral I'olk, and Major Forsyth has accordingly appointed l?r. R. Miller su|>ervisor for letters scut frcui this city. Forties wishing lo send lotters out of the Confederate States will, lit -refore, havo them endorsed by birn before they con bs sent forward. EGMONT KEY OCCUPIED BY A FEDERAL FORCE. Tito Tatnpa (Flo.) Peninsular of tho 20th ult. say*:? From a reliable source we receive iuformaliou to tlic effect that thu steamer Cuylcr, blockading this po. t. has landed thirty or forty men, with llirco eighteen pounders, oa Kgmont Key, who have erected a baltory 011 ibo cast side of that island Kgmont Key is at the entrance tolhnipa Bay. Ou it is a lighthouse, showing a llxcd light, forty feet high. Tito Tragedy on Board the Bark Czarina* Captain Stetson, of the ship H. 1). Mo teal f, arrived a1 this port last evening from Liverpool, makes the follow" Ing statement:? On the 31 iust., In latitude forty-live degrees and twenty-live minutes and lougltudo forty-thrco degrees and thirty-nine minutes, fell In with the baric Czarina, of Boston, Captain Dywer, from Cronsladt, for Bos lou, forty odd dnyr out, with ensign union down. Kept offaD'i spoke her, u lien slie reported that they were Willi* out a navigator, anil that on July 31, hair-post three A* M., Mr. Cotter, (lrst oillcer, took an axe and proccedod to the captain's room and killed tlio captain while asleop in lila berth, aud on the same day he killed tho second mate and one of tho seamen; that ho then tried to kill the steward, but the steward killed him. One of the seamen stated to Captain Stetson that the carpi nter struck lite mate with atopmaul, on 1 that he died In c ns.quenco, and wan buried. Tho crew were apparently all foreigners, and wero racch excited. Put on board of her Mr. I/ vit, first odicor of the B. I). Metealf, to take her into port. Itotr.alncd in company with iter three days, when Mr. Lev It r< ported all right on Itoard. Parted with her in latitude forty live degrees aud longitude forty-five degrees. llo.rrov, August 23,1301. The bark Czarina, of floston, Sunnott, late I.wyjr, from Cronstadt Juno 24, lias arrived here. The crew make tho following report:? On July 30, at 3 A. M., the mate, Crotter, killed Captaia Dwyer with a hatchet, while the latter was asleep In hla berth. Crotter then proceeded on deck and killed tho second mate, Ilammctt, of Boston, with tho same Instrument. and threw his le.dv overboard. The next day Crot. tor shot tho carpenter fr< m the end of the Jibboom, and he fell into the sea. Crottor then shot a seaman dead on tho deck. Ho also shot Alexis Troekopsy, a passenger, in tho shouldor. Ho then rigged out a boat, with must, sail, provisions, kc., and attempted to flro the bark and liavo in his boat, but was set up<n by tho crew and killed. No cause can be asslguod for the tcrrlblo acts of Crottcr. The crow say that ho was not crazy. News from Ifaytl. Advices from Haytl to tho 8tli instant, represent that a formidablo conspiracy to overthrow the government by tho pure blacks hod boon discovered. Several arrests had been made. Int dltgeccc from St. Domingo represents tho inhabitants reconciled to tho Spanish government, as it gives them stability in place of roboUiuu and revolution.

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