Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1861 Page 3
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^BITT ANIONS WAYTED-.FEM4l.KH. A Wll>UW I.AliY ACCISH MI 1^ io H1K CAKE OF A consumptive wic'jfs ihe HitiatKiu of ittirna r houaekoupcr: uo eduction ? ij,? country. AddrcsB, ter cue wreak, Mr*. Vincent, '.tallou U. ASTTI AHON WANTE J?UV A *J A1JIJC YOl'NU woman, as plum rook, washer Mid Irouei , or to do general Uotuoworlt; jlty rtloronco. Call al 34 Suae *t., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTEI1?BY AY H.IKKI.Y LADY, Cimlngfrom Kotturdam. Holland, aa nurse, >? willing to maico litrielf generally iKi-ful, not licing afraid of work; good rcfurouoca. Cull al the comer of iftulo uod Uoyt *U>., over the irbool, Urooklyu. Ai?'li 11 hi i room woman wayw a srvalion to cook, waf li and Iron; or ha.? no obj-ctiou to 4u general bov-i-work; w fully rwpublo, willing anil obl.g tag; wagon not b > mm T? an object at a good place. Sal,a Itotoiy ielereuco* can bo given, t an bo seen lor two tiys, if not engaged, at .112 Kaift 13ill st between avs. _and C. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLR ^ young woman, to cook, wash and iron; la a good bread nod biscuit lualo r; no olfactions to general housework in a nice family. Host of city reference. Call at 133 Bnulhsi., Brooklyn, for two duys. AN KNGUSH PKHSON WANTS A MTCATION AS nurse; cau lake a Imby IT om the mouth. lias Ailed a similar situation for tbc last lliroe years, lias no obtsetkia to travel or go a short distance in the country. Also s smart girl of twelve; can wait on table or ladies, *ud Is very useful in housework. Om be smi at or address A. II., ID WlSt 3Tth o., u -ar 8th AT. I WISH TO ottr.vis? yoR AN INTKI.I.K;KNT AMKHI cau girl, 21 years of ape. a sit.iutiun as chill's ?Aureu or chambermaid; slie will be found a valuable per on for any lady requiring hcrmerviei s. K faiences given. Address Mrs. Uavotiixji t, box 132 ilurald SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women ; one as chambermaid und waitrc-s and to assist in the washing and ironing; t'.ie other us nurse SMseomstns*;cau cut and tit all Kinds of children's kKliing. Unexceptionable reference given. Call at their prsKciil employer's,ls|j Kast llllh at. SITU AT I1 INS WANl'KU-lN I HOT i MANX ( HOIKS, I1Y u geutieman and liis wife, luiviug fust class tenor lid contralto; be'et references given; engagement together preferred. AddrcwlJoctor,Ku lb & Pot i s mui tore, Broadway. SITUATION WANTED ? A VoUNU GIRL, LATtl Y A It rlve.t from Loudon, wishes a situation as laundress ins private family; understands llutlug Can Lc sect rar two days nt 624 4th si , near nv. A SITUATION WANTED?BY > }<l-.SPF<TAUl.K YOUNG woman, us chambermaid and tuke care1 f it un a r us chambermaid and nseUt with ill" wiskLg at. J *r jii ng; woulil bo vs idiug to ilo general l.< urcwoi x 'u u ni.a.l flbmWy; has good city reference. Can lie seen ? 2"o VI vo , between 2_'d and 2lid sli., tcc< uvi floor, b..< k. local SITUATION WANTED? BY A SMART YtH NO ti: .1 twelve years old, to iiesitt to light work c* tase are of a baby ; u good homo preferred to wage*. Lai bo Men for four days ul 178 Fi si 17th si WANTED?A SITUATION A3 .'till COMPOSITOR Address box 207 Herald otlico. WANTED?BY A LADY OK REFINEMENT, A position us housekeeper to u bachelor or w.dower, to fully capable of hiking ctitiro i lingo of n Iveso No Wbieclk'/i to leuvfl the couotiy. A ldi oS T'fti e.iiir, Madi on square J'ost otllce, for oue week WAMTD-A SITUATION, BY A KK.?i'ECTABI.E. GIRL, as chambermaid and to dawa-lnng an I itnn'.ng, r as chambermaid and waiter Hits u > objection to (to i abort distance in the country. II is I bo best c.ty retire t an In: teen at lad East JMli et WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN' AMERICAN WOman, ok seamstress to a geutieui in s launiy,either ta tbo city or country; can do nil kiui? ot geivng. Tbe beat reference can be given. C?ll at If J Wed 2Clh st WANTED?A SITUATION, A3 lllA'j COOK OR housekeeper, in a hotel or any other large est ah ItohmeM, uiKlersi'inds Frcuch uud Eighth evoking, entrea,rtnofectionery, Ac ; parties serv in tbe neatest manner; has lived witti some of the first families A llrst fliosn piece will tin ! a sotlanle perjou by eidhng at No ! >! 17th si., between lit and 2d aves. til bt seen a!) In is areek WANTED?BY A RESTECTABIE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situation as plain cook.or to dr. general l.ocse woik. Gin bo seen at 21 Uleeckcr st fei two days, It on-engaged. 11ELI' WASTED- KK-M ALEsT A LI- FA 3 AND SERVANTS Will FIND THE largest select institute at 138 Ititi st., corner r( t; n av., for German, Scutch, Irish and American women, civil dcapnble; wages to suit the limes, good j lotos a: way* ready. Conducted by Mrs. FLOYD. All orders by mad promptly attended to. TITANTKP?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. IN BROOKLYN, I f a rmicMiiui woman v> coca. vasi. arc >1011: mo Mutt be thoroughly competent and 0 :110 well rcccm mend d. Apply lb Elliott pluoe, second bouse touiii 1 I u.(oti WANTED?A WET NTRSK, A HF.ALTHY VA .HIED woman not over 50 years rM, us a wet one who has lost tier baby recently Willi an ahuudauee ct m;;k preferred; alie must be well recommended at J willing 10 May at home. Apply at 49 Pierrepcut at., Rroexiyu, tutor WANTED?A COOK, A FEMALE, FOR A REST Arrant; must understand crtier cocking, meats iuJ puddings, reference required. Apply at No 12(.cart tl., ruckJyii. HELP WANl'KD-MALKS. AYOl'NG MAN, with REFERENCES?, WASTED-AS coachman, in a private family. Apply after Utile 'clock A. M. at (ho Employment Office, ?20 lib av. A GENTS WANTED?MALE AND FEMALE, TO SELL A our new VdIod Prize Stationery uud Recipe Package, arfctch is in great demand. Tile valuable cctlebla of our Onion packages, embracing a supeib Engraving (6x10) of Ceocn.vl Scott, seventy live valuable Recipes, a gift of magnificent Jewelry, I'nion Envelopes, It) varied colois. Stationery,Ac., are unsurpassed challenge competition; more saleable article, msnmundtng a h andsoroe return, la not to be found in market tbau the Colon Packages Bold only by us. Send stamp for circular. RICHARDS it CO., 102 Nassau street. Agents wanted?to sell john dacbmanns several I'utioraniic Views of the Seat of War in Vir to* and Missouri; enterprising men wlii find this a well paying employment. 115 and 117 Nassau St., rocii. 26 A GENTS WANTED?SOMETHING NEW.?" PATENT JK lndellible Pencil," for marking dollies; " patent Match K.tfo," for vost pockot; unrivalled "Oeifco Strain wr;"''Egyptian Cement."' Satisfaction given or money refunded. Address, with stamp, Rice & Co., 85 Nassau st. I WANT AN INTERVIEW WITH A WHOLESALE DRt'G Hales man, who has an extensive ac'iunintaorc n ith country dealers; will not interfere with any situation Ire nay have, but may prove of great advantage to hlui. Apply to Loadbeater, 107 Fulton at root. WANTKlt?A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN. WHO can write a good hand, as clerk in an office; must come for low wages and be willing to loan $26. Address Honor, box 188 Herald office. WANTED?A SHOT WALKER, IN AN EXTENSIVE fancy goods and millinery house; none need aiiply without a thorough kuowltxlge of the business. Address, Mating reference and expectations (as none other will be noticed), F.. Ma'ley, New Haven,Conn. ANTfcJ^XllOY IN A COMMERCIAL OFFICE: ONE who resides with his pnrouts Salary at pres nt $60 per annum. Address, in own handwriting, Merchant, Herald office. ANTED?A Cioon BOY, FROM 14 TO 16 YEARN OF age, who resides with his parents. Address W. W. D., Herald office. ANTED?A BOY, FUR AN OFFICE, ABOUT*" 16 years old; an American of good family preferred, laqaire at No. 3 Willianr street, store, near Hunover cqnare, tietwoen 1 and 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. ANTED?A GENTLEMAN OR LADY OF BUSINESS tact, to take charge of au old established employ tent agency, the proprietor, an officer in the army, betiig bligod to leave immediately. Only those who enn furMali $200 or $300 need apply. 304 Fourth avenue. W~~ ANTED?A MAN TO ATTEND A TICKET " OFFHE during the evening; one having about $50 to dopoCH lor faithfulness, none others need apply, wages $8; too a good barkeeper, to depot it about $30. Apply from # lo 12 o'clock to-day. at 191 Eighth avenue, up stairs. 4jb"| K DtH WEEK.?A SMART, ACTIVE MAN, WHO iDXt) can lotui his employer $s00 upon good serurisy. caa M -ore a desirable situation at above sahry by :?d reaetng J. E. Davis, box 100 Herald office. (hi AA PER MONTTI.?AflENTS ABSOLUTELY tS)XV/ make it selling our patent Hem Folder and Tack Gauge and other articles of ready sale. Call on or qCdrecs (enclosing stamp) Joseph 1 tod In k Co., 22 Doanc licet,near Chatham street, New York. 4h-| PA PER MONTH MADE BY ENTER PRISING (DJLOvr agents selling Downer'a Hetamcr and Shield far handle wing; indispensable to every lady; sample sent am rivoint of 2S cents i 140 ner cent nrnftt n, AM. <IM? A. If. I)owncr, 442 Broadway, New York. <&!?iaa ?a respectable tarty having this M lt nuioiint to loan Ids employer, on best soparity, is wanted to take charge of the financial department of a respectable cash business. Salary $10 per week. Address, giving name ond rcf idouce, B. C. H., box 214 Jlc PldoOoe. T" WIATKS^AIVD LIQA-OKS. TVEALLY A BARGAIN?130 BOTTLES OF FINK n. Brandies and Liquors for {20. Call and examine hem,.*1 692 Broadway. TIE .VTTKNTION OF TAYERNKEEPFRR AND LIQUOR deals " In general is respectfully sollcUod to the paperior qv'Sll'T of Hammer's fresh brrwed Champagne Ale. This av? 1? brewed fresh at all rear our of l.'i *year. eppd the keepft.,* quality of It, especially of such brewed Anting the most, e*ceseive hot weather, Is guaranteed for any length of time.- Charge $I2 per hhd.,aud 10 per bhl., delivered to any p*Vf of the city of New York, free of egpenso. Payment, cash on delivery. Orders sent to Hammer's Brewery, in llarle^. Will he attended to wlthde NI SITUATIONS WANTKSWM.VlaKS, A MAN AND WIFE, WITH No INll'MUUANOT5, lutoly come from Engiucl, wish situations; 'h> i niHu unilviBUuids funning, Rr.dcnmg and ill care of j horses ami cows; is a good driver; tlio ? ifo U a goo I cook cake, bread, pics ami butter maker; in a good w isher uud iruuer. liill al 2?| West jjjjth at., between Will uud 10th aVM., iu tho grocery store. CVUCHMANS anUATION WASTED?1?Y A YOUXQ J man who imdorsluads his bushess; hits hud mniy years cxperioueo; l? a good and careful driver; ha- lout much eapcrloiiee iu tire grooming and treatment of It rsea; would lake ii groom's pun e; wiil be found willing to make himself useful; good reference; no objection to tho country. Address K. P., box 181'llerald oiTU*. MAN WAITER A GENTI.F.MAN WISHES TO GET A situation for a waiUi.*, who has lived In the fiunily u long tune and probably has no superior in his line; Sfieaks French and Gorman and Is perfectly q mil ill d ami quiet; will go pi the country if required. Address Waiter, box 2,0711 lVst oQIco. SITf.VRtiN WANTKD?AS HOOKKKEIT K, FI.KKK, translator or Iu any other 1'espoctablo employmeiit, by a man of experience In business- who can give good reivii-ucuBtuiu rv.|iur?-a om u umniaiu r.iiaiy, unu?< sun.In Spanish null French. Address l>. Y. A., bo* 'Axl lioi a lit ollice. TETANTRP?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION Ad VV bailor in u gotiileuiuu's family; lio ban noobject km to ti uvelliug, having Iran Hint before. Address W. 1)., 18 West street TUB THAUIiS. To PHOTOGRAPHERS A YOUNG ARTWT IN WATER colors, also an operator and photograph t, in which bo has had long exie.iouco, wi>DM employment on low terms Addrtss or call ou h. U. L>. Jul.a, No 6"8H Grant st , New York. WANTKU?mvi H I'l'dN Mtl.iTUiY W<'!? <;<>(;!; ? I'libera nud Utters can llnd employment ? this e.ty upon application to Sproulls, Meeker h Co , No il Chambers st. WAN I'M I?A SITUATION TO TAKU UIAI10K OK bread baking, by a person alio his tind long ex pc'-.cscc' ?br country preferred. AJtlress ilatier. lieiai'J < a '. titani'k.u?onk: iirsi>uni haknkss makuiuj, uy if t Slovene,'216 I'eorlst. PERSOMAL. An?1 DID Nor HKUOGNiSli G. C J , OF THK 6th, 7th, Ktli and Uih until to-day. I7ili Can you pardon my stupidity? My will} you, n It was you. wis ate dental l'or God's sake write mo immediately, same name as before, at the General Host office. E \V. A GENTIUM AN WHO AGREED TO MET T A YOUNG ludy, ou board tin: Fort Hamilton boat, at I o clock, August 23, could not keep the er.gagi incut, and would like to meet licr any day on the dock, pa r 4 North river, at 1 o clock, cither lot a sail or a walk. ANV FRENCH (Hi AMERICAN LADY WHO EXPECTS to be contiued immediately, and will Rive away her In mot from lis blrib, may bear of a family thai will adopt it as their own, by uddres.-ing M. M M., box 127 Ileritld office,New York. CHARLEY WILL KIND ANGIE AT NO. 130 GREENE fireet. CI.AHA ?THANK GOD YOO ARE ONCE MORE UP. I have becu very conscious, and buvc thought tl you constantly. Cod bless you! i. CARRIE I w !' meet you Jlonday. IN W ? HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR ADDRESS SEND J, me word to #biix 2.Sib i'osl cibcu, New York, how 1 rati communicate with you* A I)?-?. EB T\?"ABSENCE CONQUERS LOVE." YOU 0 will it. So be it 1 will remember you. EVER. II- V B A HAS ARR'.Vl-D HOME, 1 T.RA.-X \OKN<iWl.edge Ibioogh the Humid: ulso write soon F. 11. G. INIORMATION WANTE!-?OK BRIDGET MaI.Y, WHO war given nul to be adopted by Jane Connelly. sttotit seven or eight years ago, inn Mrs. Mack, who kept a lancy Here Any one knowing he: whereabout* will pica: t, direel tc Annie May, 47 Academy street, Nowaitt, N. J. JC. G?TELEGRAM RECEIVED: ALL WML AT home L, E' G. MRTTnToriiY deeasy, late: oh Guiu u.tar would oblige Mr C Grainger by culllag at 'j i'res I*i.i street, Brooklyn. ClTKAMUOAT THuiuTl-UWKii;^ 1'IDAV MORNING? l stall never forgot your eyes Art- you willing 1 should foo it"in once again? When and whei uf Address Aben HjL'uz, bo* S ftie i'oBt oflice. W" ANTI U Tt A l Hi I'I ? A NoWIA' VAli^N?ANT7liY a respc, labn, American woman. Address Nurte, box 162 Herald olhce. WILl. Tilt! LADY THATCROSSE1>R00BEVM4STOUT let rv, on Kt hlay lu. t, about 8>, A XI., dretsed in black t'.ik, small flounces, blue parasol, communicate wltb Ike gentleman In light c'.othoa Unit alie tad recognized before. Address S. L , Herald oliice. 001.0 COIN. 11.1. MKfcT You I 6th " 'NEXT" lUfrfi AVT 2TTH mat., at bulf-pusl 1 o'clock,mine piacc a* before. CONEY 1-l.iNI). ?AT 1-A-T, iinxsic All A IN, HOME AllAlN," a Krctr. a foreign shore; And oh I It gives ruy soul murh joy To inert my friends once more. KVA. UK ST A CHANTS. TO ENJOY A El'lKNlllU BRKaKFaST, DINNER and Tea, at ike lowest possible price, call at u.e I cion Restaurant, 2?. l.iberty street, where you can get a tender beefsteak, fried potatoes, roll und delicious c?Oee, (or 13 cents, and a great variety o( dishes, open Sundays. Wr need only strike at ch.\ri.f_-ton and to attack Richmond. It ts, perhaps, best to land one hundred thousand men at IVn.-acoia s, aiiacK u hogshead nt Spencer's Ale (at3 cents per glass). The best way is tc try No. 2 Cortlacdt street, northwest corner of Hro*d way. SEENCER. MATH! MO VIAL. A GENTLEMAN E'HOM CL'RA WISHES TO MAKE THE acquaintance ol some handsome Aincr.can or Kig I*sii young lady, with a view to matrimony. Address Liudcras, box 107 Herald oliice, givlug a personal dcscripliiits and appointing interview. Three good looking yoi'ng ladies wish to form the acquaintance of three good locking youug gei t'emeti; lliey tnutl be lull, Willi military wiFWisanii n.ut'.atbf, and hhim certainly be pood locking ami gentlemanly lp ihcir manners. None othersneed address Minnie Etlfwei ill, White Plains Post office, Westchester conn ly.N V. TUF. UNDERSIGNED, MATRIMONIALLY LNOJNF.D, IS dot.reus of corresponding with on amiable auu intelligent young lady, of nn affectionate and cc.tfldlng uispor'tun, and possessing some personal meant, eitnor present or prospective. If her character be threaded by any gold veins of Christian principle ski much the heller. The writer is a mercantile cleik, In tho eTyoymint of a moderate salary, und an unimpeachable reputation, and whose connect tins are ol the first respectability. Hie ape is 27 yours; height G feet V inches; slender and er.'ct of figure, ami ot youthful appearance; dark hair and eyes; refined habits, and in manners slightly reserved, but friendly. However, if agreeable and convenient, likoni s^es ami lelercnccs will lie exchanged prior to our intoi view. Address Edward h Homers, l'roadway l'oet olilco. ABTROLOQ Y. A" STwNlHliiNG?MADAME MORROW, SEVEN IB daughter, liaB a girt of forosigbt, tells how soon und often you will marry, una all you wish to know, even your very thoughts, or no pay; lucky charms free; her equal is not to lie found; her magic image is now in full ope ration. 1H3 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price 25 oouta Gentlemen not admitted. a CLAIRVOYANT WHO HAS NO EQUAL?LADIES J\_ who are sick, in trouble or unfortunate, ran consult her with the stictost confidence. She warrants to cure the most aggravated ca: es of i he'itnatl?m in a few days. II you wWli U> obtain correct iDformaliou on all events, call and see Mrs. MILTON, 351 itiooine streei. Office front 9 o'clock A. M. unlil 8 1'. II. -\T u?WHO HAH NOT HEARD OF THE CKU3RATED JlV Mm?. ITIKWHKKR, who lias bce:i consulted by thousands in tbis and oilier cities with entire satisfaction. Hlic feels ootiQdont slie has no noun). Sbo tells the name j of future wife or husband, and that of h.-r visiter. If you ! wish truth, give her a call, at 2M Third avenue, above I Twenty-first street. Ladies, GO coats; gentlemen,$1. j Read this?.?a phrenologist and'ahtroi/xiiht i that beats the world, and {,'.,000 reward fm any one , w ho can equal Miss WELLINGTON, w ho Is acknowledged tobetheouly lady in this city who truthfully gives Information concerning bests,lawsuits, Journeys, absent. ' friends, love, courtship, marriage, health, wealth,and who will reclaim drunken and uui.uihlui husbands. Miss W. Is the only person in this city who hag the genuine Reman and Arabian talismans for love, good luck anil nil , business affairs, and are guarantees for life. Delay not to consult this naturally gifted and beautiful vouue lud. j Iocky numbers given. Highly respectable city refoi'dicescan l?e seen at Lei residence, 101 Fixlti avenue. QPIKITUALISM.?MR. COlXiHSTEll, TEST MEUCAL j and Businis? Medium, can be cote ii b d it lias iconic, j 3il Fourth S'reet, Dear Lafayette | l uv. liouts.H A.M. to?. ! Circles every Wednesday evening at s i\ >!. The greatest wonder in- rut world i.? thi: young and accomptlflied Madame BYRON, from Paris, vho can be consulted with the strictest cunituence on all affairs of lite, embracing love, courtship, business and sickness; restores drunken ami unfaithful husbands; haa i a secret to make vou beloved by your heart's Ideal, and i brings together those long separated. ladles 2a cents; gouts f>0 cents. Residence No. 80 Third avenue, above j Twdfth street. rrUJE CELEBRATED MADAME PIEKCF, WHO, HAVING I X been burn with a caul, will give the best satisfaction ou past, present and future events, at 17i Hudson avenue, Brooklyn, up stairs. Fee 26 cent". 1 IZPZ IWWERY, NEAR BROOME STREET.?MADAME JLOO WIOOEK, Clairvoyant and gifted Spanish lady, unveils the myeleries of futurity, love, marriage, absent friends, eickneas: prescribes medicines for all diecaavgMU* lucky cumbers, property k?i er itulen, U 3W YORK HERALD, SAT s II.ks OP alit KS IVVTK. \N EACH1 EN r HOUSE I OR M U E?WITH OR WITH out th<! Furidluro, as may I n desired. Prion l >wThe I'Uuao ii, in a good neighborhood; i:i too beat order and luMitlfullv liiii hod. IVtiiih lo mil. Apply to THOMAS (HAUDKS, Jr.,3S4 Uroadwuy. 17LVKM WANTED?A GOOD FARM, IN EXCHANGE . for a good tnusmefs. Address or upply al ildti Canal street. iTWR 8ALB?iTHI ORX tMl NTAL STONE I RONTHKJH stoop House, 128 East Forty eigblli street, between S'coini anil Third avenue-: hard woo l stuin throughout, haul w.nd hliuds nod plate g .t?s id Iho cutlre I rout; one light lb each sash: price (V,000, worth J10.000. Bill up, or apply lo 1.LOYI) .V SONS, No. 1{. Nassau street, N. Y. TtOit SAIX-THE VERY DESIRABLE J Hi t K STORY I and basement brown strum Ironl Hoi so, No. 6(J noes, having all tho muderu improvements, ami in com plelfi order, which, together wtilt the Knrnlturo, will bo oitored at a bargain. Apply on the premise*. For rale-av a bam aw, ob ooumci for good city properly, a bountiful ominliy soul, brirlc tuaniiion, furnished throughout new, with lino rubles, twelve acres ol ground, ir. tlie western |mi l of tho ?tato. on the lii e of lb" Setv Vol It Central lUiiroad lu<|Uiro of HOMER liORCIAK, Ro 8 PlM KTHt T.X.H ?A1.K- \ TITJ'.KK cTi UY ri-J i- 1<INK lldl'SK; ; full w ..ill., high stoop, very centrally located be tween Union t tuareand li vu g puut tbu neighborhood is one of tlie very belt n the city the house it ui beautiful order and wwl be sold on luvorat.e tor inn if it can be disposed of :n.mediately Address S S , box 231 Post odlco. I"?QR SAU OR EXCHaN .K?HOBlOKKN LOT, A'.aiu), 73 Mi'.sou street, with a small frame House ou rear, for a small farm not to exceed tk.buO, nor more than 75 nv'.cs fi _:r. .Vew York city, ami near depot Apply tc OkCKGE IV HUNTER 32C Washington street, New York 1jV)R Ml I OR 1 XI UAMIK?FOR A FARM, STOCKRO ana too.e.. free Irom incumbrance, or nearly so, or s me good local business, property in New York puying twoive per cct.t, ami a (list class bouse lu Brooklyn Ad ctvM rc?e? u: x no tioraut smco ]7?0K 8ALf OR TO LET, AT HAR1.EM?on EXC HANGE . fo? rtiy property, 01 o pood farm, a choice private re ;tl?'u.'e feui il'.i, ou 1 25 th street, between Sixth a:i i Seventh avenues Apply immediately to E. H. HficWN. IJI Nassau street, from one to three o'clock 1 11 JJAOR SALE on TO LET?THE KINK. LARGE VOfU L sti ry high stoop, stone front Homo. No. 15 West Tli rty tmirih street. innshctl with all the mudern improvemerits Jmjuiie on the premises 1.AOR SALE OH WOULD EXCHANGE KOR A BOUSE ai.J lot?u llrst 11 a as Grocery Store, where the rent is taken out in trade u so a lot tif Brandy in exchange (or a small to me and about an acre of ground; the ba.nnce will be paid in ca.-h None but principals need apply. Address box ZO.'r Herald office. EYE ?A BEoI Til IT. ( Ol'NTUY lf.VNV.ON HOUSE, With about twenty acres of land, an:! a splendid water front, eight minutes' ride from Rye depot and only one hour fr"in New York by the New Haven Railroad, a lino large hoi so. Also two aid a half slory f armhouse, two barns, carriage house, l aihb -use, summer house, &e.; great ubiimiuneo nnd every variety id Irmt and vegetables, goo J tishinp, boating, Ac. Address II. 1)., box 205 Herald offlc1, Ti) EXCHANGE FOR A FARM?A FIRST CLAKS House, situated i-ii south sidei f Wad Sixteenth street, b- iwcvn Sixth and Seventh avenues; sign of limmo 21 loot 10 inches by 61 feci; lot UI feet 10 Inches by 103 feet threo indies, nic farm must be ejllier in Orurgo or Dutchess Counties, and ill first rate condiuoti .\g>iits need net apply inquire of E. 1.. A U. T. BL'UNllAM, nil Hudson street, N, w York TO EXCHANGE ?SEVERAL VERY DESIRABLE Houses in good localities m Bnnklyn, will lie exilmngid for merchandize. Southern or Western bonds,or i ther property. 1'arttes havmp such witf hear of a good opportunity to trade by ado reusing 11., box 'J,4416 i'ost cilice. mn vL i i nu L'VI u .* Vi'i: L<I>/im /?n/\ tv\ /* ada I worth of fancy dry goods for real estate in this city or Urorkiyu. Address Dry Goods, tlatino U, Now Y?rk. Wanted to purchase?a stoc* or dry noons or a mixed flock, for wliicli wn will pay in pririio fend Dear Chicago, negotiable paper that will bo paid at maturity, and earli Address, tu real mum-, box 1,491 JYiii t litce. "1YT ANTED TO PERCHASK?t GOOD HOOSK, WITH ? V tome six or eight lot.-, on Diuton avenue, Brooklyn, or mught-nrhood. Address, w-tb partic-ilur*, N., box 912 New York l ost oiflce. TT/-ESTCHf5TF.R COCNTY.?A Fl.N'R FARM AND TT Country Seat of 40acres; tbe soil Is good; buildings nearly new, running spring water at the door, und ao ai etiCancc of Trail ol every kind. Price reasouable. Apply Ui Al.h.X. WHUW Ul,No. l Bfefk place. TI/ANTKD TO .-ELI.?fl,20O WORTH OK RAI.TIMOBK VV Cemetery l.cig for $IS0. Address Siowart, Williamsburg Tost office. OAA FARMS, COUNTRY SEATS, HOE8K8 AND 0\'\" 1-' t? for sale or in exchange. A'a , R al Estate ol every description for ssl.-. If youwwli to i-nre-haae h i. ses, farms or co<.r?lry kcaIs. at (trices vA-king from $1 COO to fdh COO, apply to A. SERGEANT, 16 Wall stiuct. c"lOr\/Y CASH Will, ITKCHASK TWO traits ok vlDOUU one hundred and nixly hud llie ether ol forty acres of land, burr and white oak opening: |*?rt prajrt; rich soil; rolling land, Marathon county, \Vi?.; originally co.-l ten dollars per aero; I he owner needs j.t > iey Mini solh at great isaci Ihcv. Addrers Widow, box 140 jl. ri.ll ?thee iron SA1*K. ANFA7LY FITTED HP CONFECTIONARY' AND Fruii Morn will bn sold cheap, icqulro on llio premises, No. 1 Mxtb avenue. AirX: II COUNT III AND 2 DOZEN HIGH STOOLS lor rule cheap, ul the Union Dining Room, No. 7 Hi cad street Wat, ted .to purchase, 3 barroom Ft mens and 3 dwen second hand dining Chairs. Apply as above. CIORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE?IN ONE OK THE ) host locations in the city; will be sold cheap a* the owner is leaving Ihc c it j^. Call and sec-, corner of King and Washington streets. CORNER LIQUOR STORE, WITH FOUR YEARS' ] I.enae, for sale. Apply at 370 Weal, corner of Morion street. I.KJR SALE?THE MANHATTAN HOUSE, NO. 2d5 BOW. ery. The proprietor w Ishlng t:> retire from business, Wvuld sell his Mock, Fixtures, Furniture and Business, ami give a l ies,- to the purchaser, of .seven or ten yea R, of tiie premises, at a fair rent, inquire of CllAiilJ-y Wll-SON, on the premises. 2 X0)1 SALE?THE STOCK AMD FIXTUIt%*iF A CON, . let Her,ery mid Hegar Store; has two laFgc show windews and large bie.'k room and bedroom. Apply in the sure, 41,3 Sixth avenue, second door below '!T,i, Lletb at. T.TOK SALE?Cti.VFEfTTONERY, NEW XlfcT'OT AND X Segt.r Store; hei .i Jong established. Apply on the premises, 923 Third avenue. Also the Household Furniture, oil account of breaking up; if not sold at private salt will be gold at auction on Tuesday the 27Ui iast., to the highest bidder. ITXOIt SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST " ?i?tut Grocery antl Flour Store. inquire?! A. 11. L'.V DKRH11X It SON f <571 Eighth avenue. J,toil SALE?A FAMILY GROCERY STORE, IN THE best part of Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn: with or without Horse arid Wagun. lr.tpiiic of G. KKHTk'R, 66 ) iilii,i) ?im l, Brooklyn. G1 ROCERY AND l.IyCOR STORE >011 RAI.K; AI SO X the Slcc't anil 11 Aires, cheap. Apply ul 2J>3 West Houston street. Horn, IN WASHINGTON CITY FOR SALE?TIIE t ub wilt -rs arc authorized lit Bill Hip Furniture, IXiccis and flood Will ul a well located Hotel in Washington City. The hotwn has been doing an excellent huplucag, nnd is only dispose.I of on account of the hoiIIh of tho proprietor. Any enterprising Northern man acpiainte 1 with tin1 hotel business, and having u ca ll capital of about $/>,000, could ilo well with the e.-taMiihraenf. Apply to .Ias. McOUIRE fi CO.. auction and commtaslon merchants, Washington, I). C. Hardware stock for sale for cash or for real estate, either ill tliiH city or iieai litis city, or a farm will he taken. Apply nl No. 303 Eighth avenue. Hotel for sale?toe furniture, stock and fixture* of Hotel up town,on a I -ading thoroughfare, iate.y refitted and now in perfect order. Apply to BOLIVAR At CO., 83 Kanati street. OH. AND VARNISH CANS, TO HOLD FROM FIFTY la two bundl e 1 and fli t} gallons, lor rale at luff price by WM. D. ANDREWS ?t BROTHER,414 Wator street. 01 AH/. KOI -a MILLS AM) PATENT FOR WALK? (Vit.ceded at the ninno! by miners the very best for i > uucing rock an I oilier b ird substances to ltn|>itl;inhlo powder, with hardened shifting grinding surface^} easily changed. SOCIHWICK ft WOOD, Sfi Nassau street. mo MAP MANCPACTI RFRS.?FOR SALE CHKAB, X two Iron I'ans^en feet diametei and eleven feel deep, w.lh steam coll.- c< inplcte; also two 1 .ins, six f a t ilium tor and five lest deep; one cast iron I an. six led by five, and tw enty-live Soap Frames. Apply a; the factory <4 the New York Obdr Company, Kent avenue, near L'roitdwuy. 13: ovklyn, E. J>. Win, Rt'Y A t.OOD CORNER ORDCEHY IJial ' and I.fqiior Store, well t.ltal tip nnd doing a aii?ec.tIi trade. Rer.'of whole how only tf'ioQ per year, with ? three ycats' J.ase. A good < ).a: to- a man Door. J. r. TRAV1HP. fi?>r A ( A-'H Will, Hl'Y A KIOP UII.LIARD wOUU Saloon, NV. 96 11 "J r r slvo I. ror.lsinlnir l vvo marble bud Hi.lmrd Tables, ia ftret rate nr ler, wnli all ncccssariej: attached to tb-m; a'au Eur, Ear 1 .'xttiri'*, t'bnlra,Tablet, Ac., &c. j _ " CPA la". ~ ZZ"" CIOU. $J4fl.-!W>-T QUALITY RED AND WHITB *8W i ) Coal, dtlivred, clean and free from flute, to ull |>art? of the city, at $4 40 pee ton ol 'J,ooo lbs. A. TKEAHWEIJ,, At,"Dt. 110 Wavcrley |>tuee, 195 Eleventh strcot, 754 Washmgioo street, tor?r Wecl m4 fwtjr tfrMU. URDAY, AUGUST 24, 1861 UUOBltUMSplil. VN <'l.ll IXi'AltLWIED HOUSE, KhNH.NG AN At: EST tlifo'igli ttiu UV.-lo. n State* utid Quia !u, white* to ;

b ivi> another Agency npiiunt outntii'Mi' n, to 1 gliton tlio ?x|wi!fc ., for throe duys, X. Y. D., JloraUl olllce. TJAltOK WANTED?TO BAIL ON SHARES, IN A 1*1(01) ll'jible ItuMui'Kf; one that wiit citnv faom lru> to L'ttti tons; tiinttt carry most of her lonl on dock; will be wv'l taken c trc of. Address M. ( ., box 14<> Herald olliw. Marble manths.-cki at bamam in man tela. Tliorc wishing to boy mantels ut a groat ro' (tuition will Hud it to their advantage to call at A. KI*A HERS marble' yard, 113 bust Eighteenth street, near Third u venue. WfCRTAV'GH'a IMPROVED PATENT DUMB WAITERS, J.YA the host una mcpt reliable now In use, combine ouse and security wilh the utmost durability. Munufnctory No 6J'i sixth avenue, belweeu Tldrlv sixth and Thirty seventh streets. JAMIS Ml'KTAUUIJ. PAWS ? NOTABLE TRADESMEN Maison DridfU. patented tij the fmprops and the Queens of l.i p and uti't Holland Nc. ti Boulevard den Caput lues,facing rut- do la 1'aix Saks, India and Frtmch; Cashmere Sluvvis, lace, Lingerie, Mantles, Kuucy UoodH, Wedding Suits, Court ?|.|| UaH Presses Dhkvsiaker?Malbon Kauvet, No. 4 rue Monars. Tim Hkauuhkpms1 ami Mii.linkhv ui Mile Holler, 45 rim NVuvo Hi Augustine, represent so truly the typo of distinction, thai several foreign courts, tiy wtioiri she bus In'en a p| sail !e<l the patentee, in the must Haltering terms have adopted them. Laih Vint aitri?Every requisite for Wedding Suite, Promenade and Evening Dresses, he., No. 4 rue do Cholsenl. Jkwki.ism io H. id?Khahcr, 31 rue Nouve HI. Angustlne. Momwomiw?(Bronze, China and Ancient Furniture). The w.irorooms are removed to IS) rue de Holder. Ciihomimei ers amp Cu i ks?I a' ltoy and E'lls, uiukors to It.e navy Palais [loyal, l't and 15 (lalerle Mon4)NuiKier. Skvuvs Cniva?China,Crystals, Dinner Sorvic.cs. Donllgny, I'uln.s Royal, GaiTie Montpoiuslor, ill ami 32. tioi nsm in and Jkwb.ikk?Wiese, 48 me de I'Arbreacc, near ttie I.ouvre Prices m known figures. rrun IH A <; .<n. TIME COMIM;.?NOW IS YODR X to l>uv your Eboktng Utensils, ttHver 1'luted Who, Table Cutlery, Ae , Ac.., at K. I>. UASSI OKI) S, Cooper Institute, house furnishing stores. mho m \NTK.v:; i.i Rg ?a i h1cago boors, with A X genera! connection to Illinois, Wisconsin and luwu, i> dv.sirou,' o! an Agency for a lino of Cu.-h (iuot.8. Address lu x 4.274 Poet' llice. copahtn isaraip hoticks. Apaktxeb?with 12,000 ok st^oo, to enter infi a Retail UusineiS, wlnro there is ln> risk to run, and a good ch. n :c to make money, as llic huslm as li ;ut been established some years: if Is a eliuueo seldom met witli; no agent uocrt apply. Address box I), Herald utile,e. Dissolution ok copartnership?the cop artncrihi|> heretofore existing under the tlrtn of Ki ll A Hint* is this day diss. Wed by mutual consent. Mr. A. lints will continue tl.c pianoforte business on his ow* account. All debts due tiie concern must bo |taid to llio Bid Mr. A. Bints. CHAR. SIKH, Nsw Yen ., June 1,1S61. ADULPH HINT/.. "vji w vrtltk. august ii, 1m1.?titr copartnerXx sbi]i heretofore existing between the nndersignod, till IIT till) TIT* 111 1)1 1IWCII K (UilK, LU8 l.ilU (Illy l>' * II dissolved by inutval consent. tleorge [t. (hvrn con tillics tliu business, and assumes all tlio liabilities of the llrin in liquidiiiioii. (JKO!!(?K 13. OWI N. HENRY D. CLARK. 1' jAirrvw: ?\va\th\ a voc.\<; man, wTth ritllU $.31)0 to $400, to join a parly in tho grocery bu." inesH, bust location, and corner store. Address bo* i75 Herald OtttM. 1)ARTNER WANTED.?A UKKCHANT OP MANY years' cx|>criou< c in a good business, but whoso capital Ik now scoessieninod, would like to i tiler into a business urratigcnn in with som 1 ono posm H.-ing capital, wliicji would Involve tit tin risk and promises largo remuneration. A line addrossod lu 14, ls>x 4,6I.'I Post o!llco, wlil roacli the advertiser and receive attention. rruiK i-Artkkbsihp iihiimoi?irk fxumno ros_I tweon Robert J. Stewart and Jolm h u ?( is tills day dissolved by mutual consent. New York, August 23. USt RODKRT J. STKWART. .miIN msm <*N |AA ?A ATI8PACT0RY PARTNER WANTKD 10 I " ' V7. In a tirst class profitable bosiuoss, or will give good security and salary for i s ' of the money and services. SOWHTYHK A W-IOD, 62 Nassau street. (N->^W V IbVirtNKR WANTKIl?A MAN WITH ft IK |{0 >v/V_ra above capital, to lake <x|i;al ltiler< st in uri i. tabli.-b d money making business A rare opi or lenity to a man with small moons. ltOUVAR 4c CO., 8lt Nassau ! street, tkl: d lloor. (JS / * / A / t?I'AI 3TN1 11 WA NTKI i WiTI! III IS amol: NT, ' In a Lunch nail lllntng Room,where tlio pro : Uis will Ixi gruirnnlocd to be $100 per month above All ex|NU'ses to eacli partner. Addriss J. C., box 1,1311 lienor,,! I'.?,t niia... rfS 1*~/A/V/\T:aMI a Nil AfTIVK I ARTS I R WANTED, JJ) L?v/UV/ I" a legitimate Rrokcragc liusitu es, fully est iliUshed and making fr< lit to $10,000 |>?r yonr, even hi lh;t>c times. Association nnd to ation the very best. BlGGil A ROSSET1 K, 73 Nassau street. BTEAMBOAT8. MORNING BOAT DIRECT I Oil KF.YIURT, MIDDLEtown Point and ClltTwo,ici.? heap fat e. 'Flie largo and commodious steamer MAYFLOWER will leave pe r lid North rivor, between ii.uc.ay ami Kobtnson streets, every morning at 9 O'clock. Ketui tiitig will leave Keyiairt at 3.30 1'. M.| landing at Clifwood. Fare eacli way 15 ctiita, or li5 fonts for tlio trip. The public will tlml this u pleasant trip. Gisst halting and Lathing. Excursion pa ties can m ike liberal arrangement* for Keyport or Ciitfwood. Notice.?Tliis boat will leave Keyport on Saturday, August 24, at 1 o'clock P. H. MORNING UNE FOR l'EEKSKJLU?THE AURORA leaves .lay street at 8 A. M (Sundays 7)f A. M.) doily for I'uekskill, l.vnung at West Tentb and Thirty in streets, York re, Hastings, Dobb's Kerry, Tsrrj town, Sing, JI iv. rstrmv, Grassy Point and Ycrplank's; loaves 1 eekskitl 2 I*. 51. ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, FOR NEWARK, FARE 13 rent:', nud Rorg'U I'oiul, fare 10 cents, steamer THOMAS P. WAY ut 10 A. At., and steamer El (IRA at 4 >4 P. it.,from p?> r 20, Nortb river, fool of Hoy street. KEUCI.AR SUNDAY HO AT FOR KEYPORT, LANDING at Union, ItoSe'vitlc, Tot ten's. Perth Amboy and (Millwood ?The KEYI'OltT leaves Robinson street pier every Sunday morning at a o'clock; returning, leaves Keyport al 3>j o'clock 1'. M. S'lEAMER l.ONtl ISLAND iravis JAMES SLIP every day, Sundays except ml, ut 3.30 1*. M , for North Tort, making the lulcrmcdluto landings Loaves North Pert at 5 a JI Fare to Gicn l> vc, 20 fun In, to Groat Nerk and Sands' point. 10 cents. Freight I t Sands'Point, Ureal Neck an I (Ten (uveal hail the talcs SUNDAY HOAT FOR til.KN' COVE-L AN'iing At Whitifitniie, Slratton|Kirt, Great Neck, City Island 1 and New Rocholle. The favorite steam r MAYFLOWER leaves Robinson street, N. R., at 7 46; James street at 8 lit). I elancey street al 8:45, Eleventh street at 9, Twentysixth street ut 9:111. Returning, leaves Glen Cove al 3 P. >1. nuxday roat for kkyi oht. ^ Faro twenty coutK. Tlio splendid steamer GbiRUK I.AW, Captain .loin Crawfo. il, will leave every Sunday, from pier 2/1 Nor lb eiver, between Robinson am) Pwciay streets, 8 to A M, landing at Union. Rnsavulo, Totlen's and Forth Amioy. Hoi urning, will leave Keyport at 8 I1. 11 ; Forth Amboy, 8:80; Totlen's, 8:40; Rosavillc,4; Union,4:1 A. SUNDAY IK)AT Foil WhVT 1'OIHT, COM) WRING, Cornwall ami New burg.?Faro AO cents; excursion tickets, 75 cents.?Steamer BROADWAY leuves pier tool of Jay t-lrei'l every Sunday morning ill a von o'clock, landing nt Amos street, Thirtieth street, Yimkers, lla? ling*. Dobhs' Kerry, Tarrylown, SiugSing, am] Haver straw. Returning, will l uvo New burg at two o'clock, Yonkers at balfpaat live o'clock. MEDICAL. ~~ AFFI.KTKD KKSTOHED?IGNORANCE EXPOSED? Fallacies unmasked.? Dr. LARMONT'8 Fans,I?n1 (lou and New York Medical Adviser ami Marriage Guide inform* tb? debilitated and diseased, incliiduig those who I arc Ignorant of the cause of their ill health, and who have been disappointed in their physicians, of the most certain ami oonvenient mode of cure. Mailed for $1 by'ItK IIAtlDSON, No. 1 Vesevst.; DiXTEK X- CO., 113 Nassau St., X. Y. /and JOIlNh'O.V, 06 Stato St., t'hicugu; or tbc author, 647 {headway, upstairs. Dlt. WARD TREATS FUCCEsSFUIXY AM. DISEASES of Females. His Oral BcmAkIW or Infallible Monthly Filti, price 91. OSee IS Lal^M street. DR. Ul'X'lKR HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS G0NFINED bis attention to diseases of u certain class, in which be has treated no less tluin (illy thonsmd cases, without an instance of failure. His great remedy. Dr. Hunter's Red Drop, ruri s certain diseases when regular treatment and all other rentedhn fail; cures without dieting or restriction In the habits of the patient; cures without tho disgusting and sickening effects of all oilier remedies; cures in new cases in less than six lrourfW H roots out tho poisonous taint the blood U s ire to absorb unless tho remedy is used. It i? $1 a via!, and cannot no ohMiried genuine anywhere than at Hie old ofllco, No. Division street. Boc k for nothing that treats of the effacs of early at>u(c. Dr. rowm, no. u irjane ftuklt, way hi: con* suited on all dUunsei nf a certain nature. Twenty, eight yeiirs exclusively devoted to these con: plulnlc enable I.irn to trueinot it cure In all cues. The \ ktlmgof tiilg. j iticedcouadeiice in medlCMl j retendcrs cau call, with a ; certainly of bole it radically rared or co pay Dr. iiai.i ii, (>htr.-:s lvj <t'.o-;.y street. fti: tf-r of Honftnn. Hours 10!? to 51 atnl C till (1 I*. M. f \ P.EAT Pl'CCESS OF DR. WARD, 12 DA JO HT STREET. V J All nOectichs caused by mercury or dlleat cured iu had'th- llttv- atnl charges. Hundreds arc di-ai foisted till finding, L'r. Want's otllco, IX Oighl street, ami giving big great r< medics a trial, llieynro met ant ly cured. Minds agitated by the vxasarcms c?t war will be tranqutlizod in the course of a few weeks, when the I'ariskin Cabinet <>l' Wonders, comprising unique r;>ecltncn? of nnatomy atnl works of art. will be opened to the public. Hue not e.o will be given Immediately the I above Invaluable collection ia ready for inspection. Pnoki-tvdiR, 1(12 CHAMHKKS street. CAN i be couaultod as usual, or by letter to box 2,36V. I boeto* office, Ko. 6 UerrMoa avenue. > hqdiki, aooagau ac>, to i^et. \ FURNISHED HOUSETO RENT ON W1>T THIRTIETH 't o t?A tour stay Kuiglinh haitemoul, built upon the French model. Tba homo in wide, giving a largo reception room, hull or tmrlor tloor, and a large number of sleeping ronma. ft (gone of thu best ami most conveniently arranged 1w>i:sob hi Now York, and In met perfect order. llui )mngn is amply furnished and lite l?cntlou lit unexceptionable. To n private caroful tenant It will ho rented for the balance of the term at n very roawimble rent. Apply to J. K. EDWARDS, 877 \Vi at Twenty-third '(reel. A three ani> a uaut fiour brown stone h gh atoop II >ti*o to rent, up town, In llrat rate order, at an exceedingly low price. J. R. EDWARDS, 8J7 WuetTwonty-thlrd afreet. BULKHEAD Kite INT (IN WfM' STREET, NORTH HIvor.?To let, the Itulkhoad Front oppogitc IfMS, 2KH, 2W0, '2J1 anil 'illU West street, near Canal. Apply to JAH. l'ltlt K, BOO IliulKon Btroct. COTTAGE RESIDENCE t)N T1IF. HUDSON RIVER, AT Yonkora, to let fnrnfidiod, with about one acre of ground, fruit ttud vegetable garden, shade tree*, &e., go?, water and I'uruoce. Impure at At) Front (treet. C ARRESTER'S SHOD TO I.I T?ROOMY AND WEI J. lighted, tu building 4A Thomas meet. Rent $*0 per annum. Ap|dy to WM. LOVELL, 4(1 Hudson atreet. I ately. The four story 1 loose 14 lieormun place. opposite tlio I'ark of the Hlintl ABylum, Wtat Thirty third Btroet; house Is in Up top order: lias till the modern improvements; completely furnished throughout; situation very desirable mid convenient; rent to unit tlio times; II desired, r< tit would bo takeu iu bourd by Ihro adult |mthuiut (owner, wile and sou). No boarding house keeper need apply. Apply as above, or at 37 Wall street, room No. 18. from 11 to 3 o'clock. IWRNIFHEI) 1KHMES TO RENT IN BROOKLYN ? Two furnished houses iu Brooklyn; one in Hanson plane and one in Livingston street, near Court; both are well furidBbcd and will bo rented to careful families until May next very reasonable, The rent for the one in Hanson place can Iks paid for In the board of a small family if ugrceuhlo. For further particulars Inquire of F. COI.TON, 113 Fulton street, near Nassau, N. Y. I/MKNl.MIFH HOI'S!! ?HALF OF A l.AltllH HAM) some Furni?licA House, with hot and cold water liallut, in a genteel locution, near thu ferries, situated in r.ruekiyn, at the low price of $26 per month. Apply at IK) Hrld-re street. Brooklyn. Possession imno dlni. lv. J tOUSK AM) STOJIK TO JJ.T- WITH TIIKKK YKAKS' J lease and 1'ixtures for gale, It having been neonpi?u us u ciotblug establishui-nt for the lost eight years; is a good looutlou, an 1 suitable for any business. Che.ip rent. Inquire ut 72 Klgbtli avenue. On in.s ami oni: ok nvo hoicks to ;ik i.kt oh sold (if forlhwlib) ebcaiwr than ni y.hing hi tho city; Otlkes en Uroadwuy, near (Irand street, new and in complete order; Houses, thre i story high sloop, op Murray Hill. Apply to J. w. BAlttllfff, Add Broadway. Eoous to let?im house 4? 1iudg0n street, Rooms with Bedrooms attached. Rents low; water U-t.iO third lleor. Apply to \VM. LOVK1J,, 40 Hudson st. Sr. JOHN'S PARK.?TO LET, TUX LARQE AND COX modems dwelling 176 Hu Iseii street; ci ut:\ins 24 rooms, aud would be let for a r> ppeetul.le boarding house; a so the small three story Dwelling 21 Vestry street. lloth houses have gas, water. Ate. Kont moderate. Apply to JAM KM I K, 200 Hudson street. SmosroRir.civii^nxa orpoor roomwith puitry and privilege of hath room; ulso Koonia alsivo it desired,to a suinll American family. References exchanged. Apply at 175 Knst Seventeenth street. SIT.1 \I ID HAS, MI NT TO LET?LOCATED IN THE best husiners part of ltreadway, suitable for any t> tmess. Rent rnasonaldc to a good tenant. Inquire ut 42i i-i Ilroadway, tlireu doors above Canal street. STORE AND DM K ROOM TO ITT?IN KliPT AVEnue. b dween Kilty ninth and Sixtieth streets, r. ut $W; giwMi stand for a lager boor saloon, or any business. Inquire in tbu rear fit HI LIT?AT A low HI-NT, KB-eM I T OB t-i.TTI M 1 Ihu'to 1st of May, a three st ry .aid basement high so.op House, In Wist Thirty-seventh street, betw en nuvemu h'hi r avi nues: nun an me improecinema; or wi.l bo miM \ery cheap. Inquire at 1,102 Urea twny. rpo i.kt-nik stuif.: am:i iiwfi.i.!n<; 2.<n <.u \:rs? .1 f ti tf'i. 'j'li* best clothing stand In On; strict; abut, theStorerind Hock Kooin (hand novel: r)|i; House ami largo Yaril 105 I'iH tstrcet. Inquire nt2'.K> ftranil, cortior t?f l!Mrl''go street. riv? I.ET?TilK WH<rl.K OK nWTU.INU I'AKT OK .1 hocno N". 15 W< at Twenty eevvuth street, corn 'r of Bioulwuv, containing twelve rooms gas ami water through th" Iioch ; rent $.150 a year; r*.*m.?simi liirne'liat.sly. Apply to J. W. (/OMAN'S, 1,1 G3 Uroa I way, near Twenty evclith a tree t. nvtounro vumdo) n?rra ok akarthekis; J w r In m in, kitchen, dining room, two arid th ee bediooiii a nl jqccndM juniors; hid for $118, one tor $135, to M 'j 1, only to small quiet firm 11 are. Ii?) .Ire of J. K. Ml.tW . 81 Nasi ei at root, from 1 to o o'clock. rn i i.CT?riktweev hkth and sixth avknvim, X two new four alary high "loop brown al ee- front Hansen, frescoed In goig, in perfect orilcr: WOO cash until May 1, 1882, worth $'jOU; also oue for $',iiU; will lease at voly meliorate rent, Inquire of J. K. 1HAW, 82 Sao m i street, in in 1 to U o'clock. TO IJCT?TWO 8TOHK* W0KTI1 $.1/8) Foil $150; V/IU, l>1 divided in two, it roquircd, at $100 em li: new n tghborhood; Fourth avenue, tret ween Forty.first and Forty-soonnd streets; aplenilpl location for a drug store. Inquire of J. E. SHAW, 82 Nassau street, from one to three o'clock. rrtn lit vwirv low Turn virur TiiDer.- cn.ov I Hops-a. finished in beat manner, large court yard* in front, for $2fj from now 10 May 1, worth $45". will lease at reasonable rout, Inquire of J, K SHAW, Nas suit street, from <>no to tbreoo'clock. TO I?ET?VICE AI'AIiMK.N'TH AT T2 (i A.V-TVrKiHT street. cor nor ol Hudson, first an.l second floor*. t?tu $10 and $13: four rooms t" each apartment Also first floor 20 UuiiH<v:iort St; rent $10. luquiru of Mrs. K. EASTON, 018 Iluilson street. mo LET?THK FIRST FLOOR UFBOtURSM BROAOL way, near Union square It is an excellent location | for any kind of light holiness, and will be let lor such if requite !. Apply at the above number. mo LET?FIRST FLOOR AND BACK BASEMENT, X l- rel with yard: gas nn I fixtures; bntli, with hot aiul i?ld water. Tube let low to a 'good tenant House re v, only occupied oi o year. Apply on Die pi'imses 153 West Twenty .fifth street. rent let?at west horokev. a small neat and 1 well situated lloosc, tracing tillable in romniodatmu for a respectable family, rent #13 per month Apply tc WILLIAM SI St LAWK, I alisadc avenue TO LET?AT A l.tiW RENT, HIE FtHIK STOKY HOl'sK VI Wost Twenty seveulh street, well adapted lor two (Vioiiiies or boarders Inquire at If West Twenty seventh si loot. T ) 1.1 T?IN BROOKLYN, A NEAT, COMMODIOUS COI Uge, containing thirteen rooms, Kidgewnod water, Ac., located in n pleasant part ot the city (near Clinton avenue) an.I convenient to the foiry by tti? Mytlln uvs ti ioe. 'S inquire at 115 Joralcinoii street. Ur<s>ktye. J!cnt low. TO LET?VERY LOW, A FOUR STORY llOl.'SE, IN Twntity-r.lnth street,between l.ixlngtnn and Third avenues, bigh stoop; all modern improvements Price #syi fr/nnn <rw to AIav 1 - worth fWrti Am.iv ?. limif.1# ?/( >/ GAN, No 3 Pine*street To ijrr?v:miEB one ob two hoosesi, witd modern "mprovementa; rim-a b>gb ftUx>p, the other an English basement, bulb three etor>e?. wuulu lot oitbcr to a u iilablc party and board out the rout Apply op the '. remixes, 43 West Forty (bird itrc-t rpO LET? AT NO 137 MONTAGUE STREET, BROOK 1 lyo, directly opposite the Academy of Music, a large fiont Parlor und adjoining Bedroom, op the Fee-id Door, well adapted for a dentist Kent ft) a wc?l( with water, gits and tiro rnt) I.ET?PART OF. A MODERN THREE STOP* HOUSE JL for housekeeping, Jiarlly furnished; also two Jui nirbed Booms ou Broadway, for housekeeping or lodging. Apply to PMITTf, 175 Broadwuy, room 10. rpO LET?THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF THE I modern three story, high stoop and basement House No. 1?4 West Twenty-seventh street, between Highlit nn I Ninth uvenues; is in good repair; hag gas fixtures, lath, Ac., inui n tine large yard; or will let the whole house. Impure at 345 Eighth avenue. mo 1.ET?FROM SEPTEMBER 1. THE UPPER TART OF _L House 174 West Thirty fourth street, corner of Kurhlh avenue; a very desirable location watei-j etdlar, fine yard, Ac.; to u small Ameriran lamily it be let low. Apply immediately at 460 Eighth aveuue, cutner of Thirty-fourth street. TO I.ET-THK THREE STORY HOUSE 135 FAST TWENtielb street; will he. let to one or two?f*mtllee, or for u uoanltng house, it bus the modern Improvements. To the right parly a favorable leuite will bo given. Apply as above. 13') LET ?OYSTER SALOON AND BARROOM DOWN town, to let. A responsible parly will find tb;a worthy of (uvealigativn, as it Is an opjiortunity seldom met ?ilb. Address W. M , box 143 Herald office. rpt) LET?IN A NICE LITTLE BRICK HOUSE, LOWER J, part?two Parlors, Basements and Bedroom*, gas, water, range?in a quiet street, for a moderate rent. Ap ply on the premises 14 Bethone atrect.or ol the owner, 5-15 Biccckcr street, near Charles street, T Cl'DB'.RTH rpo LET?A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BHICK J. House, 1(10 West Forty ninth street, near E giith ava nur, Ic exi client order, wttli al! the modern improve at a lew rent Apply on the premises from 11 a M (o 2 P. M , cr to K. S YOUNG, 25 Nassau si reel. mo LE7-AT NO 18 MARKET STREET, A FRONT JL Parlor and front Bedroom, In second story, with (runt Baaemeut, an-i two attic Bedrooms inquire aa ab"vo TO LIT?THE FIRST FlvOOR, THREE ROOMS IN THE attic, Basement, Kitchen and a Cellar, of tts house 11 (,Murium ; gas una waicr OD Ihe premuet in quire hi 33 King elreet. TO I.KT?ONE OF THE DEfT BARROOMS JN THE cr.y. For partkculfcr* ftddreu A. J. 3, boa V.i B? MidoBe* 3 HOURF.M, ROOMS, die., TO M4T. rno uct?the klkoant koi 'k story pkownrtonb L House 23J Went Thirty-fourth street, 85 feet deep all the way up. street 100 (6. t wide. Belgian lavement. Apply ?n the prem.sea, or to JOHN S., No. 02 William street. mo let?second n/xiR or hot east thirtyJ. fourth street, alx rooms, pantries and water, to on? or two small families; rent fe and ?fi .10, or $11 AO for tho floor, back part of first floor $4 Ml. rrant part second floor of 305 $?l. l>:u k part of fourth floor $5. Apply at 23S Spring street. TO I.ET CHEAP?THE DWELIJNO HOURS NO. 189 Truth svouuo, between Twentysecond and Twentythlril strrOls, suitable for one, two or three families, or for u Itoardlnc house. Apply to I,. It. CllA^e, No. 6 New street, or HENRY MALLAN, 109 Tenth avenue, TO I.ET OH *0R SAIE?A NEW THREE STORY, basement anil saltcellar frame House luTumokin* avenue, 12ft feet south of Myrtle avenue. nr<K*lyn; ipur nud water; rent from 1st or September to 1st of Mfcy H60; price $3,000, ra.-h down f30t). Apply on tlio preiul?us loC. TRIMBLE. TO I.KT OR LEASE?CHEAP, A COUNTRY HOUSE, with (Our ucres of land and outhouses, half a mile from Wtlllumsbridge, on tho Harlem Railroad, twelve tulles from tho city. Inquire at it) and 18 Chambers street,New York. riTU LET OK LEASE?THE FINE LARGE FIVE story X hrowu stone House, No. 63 St. Mark's place, with or without Hliilile, furnished or untarnished; rent low. Inquire on tho premises. TO I.ET (IK LEASE?THE HOUSE AND STORE NO. 32 Roosevelt stieel, with yard ruiming tlmmgli to tho Nuw Bowery. Apply to or address M. U.irke, 181 Elizabeth street. Tea store.?t<i be let, a well fitted up and desirable Tea Store, in one of the best business purls ol Third avenue. Rout low,and only about $4iui required to take to it. Kor particulars apply to ROBERT WELLS, wholesalo IVa Dealer, I OP Water street. mo THE GROCERY, LEATHER OR PAPER TRADE ? | To lot, Store, Knsemcnt and Cellar of 18 Sprues street, a few doors front Printing House square. Each floor about SO feet deep. Rout moderate. Apply to jami o rtw e., mv nuuson street. TO BUTC1IKHS.?A MARKET TO LET AND THE; Fixtures for tu'.o, consisting of u new Stall, Ac. Tha owner ib going Into oilier business. Tlio above market is situated lu one of llie best avenues In N>w York. Would! tie suitable l'ur a German. Inquire of S. C.CUllWELI., 400 'llilnl avenue. rno emus.?to let, a taut or the whole of I largo Club House, suitably furnished wlili billiard in. ins ami llrst class Iables; also rcuiling, smoking, dining, whist and hath ruins. Apply to GEOHGL COOK, Auctioneer, 441 Broadway. rpHE WAR.?TO LET, CAMP LYON, NEW UTRECHT, X I,. 1., lately occupied by Company C, Harris Light Cavalry, with all Ok appurtenance of Conking Apparatus, lied unit llcdiling. E'or further particulars apply to Captain LYON' ISAACS, ii.'tU Broadway. UNET'RNlsHE'l) ROOm TO LET?\f THE CORNER of Kittli avenue and Twenty sixth street, on the s> colid lliair, overlooking Madison sipiar ,1 :tie of the most beautiful localities In New York; u largo l'urlor, with adjoining Hod room; water, gas and <iro,$IO a week; a handsorno largo v rtier lionni; would accommodate two gentle, men; water, gas and lire, $7 a week. Apply at k'04 Filth aveune. "1 rKKY I1ES1RAI1IJ-: ROOMS TO LET-IN SUITS OR V separately, In a llnely located and furnished house, at prices to suit the times. Apply at S3 Clinton place, between University [>laco and Broadway. HORBXI, C A It HI A U KM, AC. 'i very srirusn blooded m. u : rob sals? J\_ f ive years old, l.*> bauds high, u. bright bay, with buck points; can trot in three minutes; or will exclia g) for u lower price 1 horse. Apply ul ,114 Hudson street, m the store. ' h i'liii'c in buy nil kinds ul i arriages, is at Ibtt factory, 18-t En lion uvcuue,and at tbo stables, 10 Nevius street, Urookiyn. I pact SACK I'll: AT?,\ MRW RATE FAMILY CAR * iUiri', city iiullil, liuilt expressly for dm present owner; also a sdt of double Harness belonging thereto, If required. Apply ut the stable. No. 4 Kivlngtoii street. ITtOlt -AI.K At A MRU I' F-1 08COMD IIANI) TOP } W? r?n, price $til) to$100; 1 ili>. dagger, one seal; 1 tin., two seats; 8 It "ckaways, 1 now Coach. 1 socond liantl Express Wagon; price $40. Apply ul 2! Woootor street. HOI1BK WANTED?ABOUT 16 OR 10 HANDS HIGH, sound anil kind. Any one having smh will Hint a cat li customer liy sending a few tines lo R. White, b >x 162 Herald nlliee, slating stylc and price. Answers will bo received till Wedlioiiluy. 1>A!=TURK?I'ASTUIlK-rOWNEKS OF HORSES IN THE cUy wishing good pasture can bo accommodated on reasonable terms by applying to GEO. W. MILLER, Island WANTEIi TO 111U1C? AN OPEN BAROCC1IE CARriage, or olio suitable for fnm ly use; ulsi a double sci of Harness; the parly is responsible, and will take lb* test of car-id lb,-m,as they arc for a private family; would be bought if Very low priced. Address Carriage. Herald office. WANTED?TO lTROt.W., A FVRNRCHK TRUCS, suitable for one borne. Any person bavmg such a one fur wile cheap, can customer by addressing J. It., hex 100 Herald OfHc WANTFD?A GOOD SECOND I1A.N1) I X PR I KS OB Gioccry Wauon, with top; marl be hi complete outer. Apply ut Iho at Tuiiiinuiiy liull, before 5 J?. M to-day. , WAGONS FOR PAI.K.?A VERY HANDSOME SJill TiiiK top, latent style, Eight Wagon, mAdc to order hy Parker, u?"d but a few timer; and a light Trolling Wagon, uy Watson. Can be aeen nt 38 D<-y street. sr0HTIN(J. ' G1 RAND RKCATIA?AT WHITr-STONE, I. I., SATUKJT day, August 31.?Alt b >als under 40 feet keel, l'mea |lf>0. 1,1.trance fees ilO, $7 and J.3 MJ. Printed tailing directions, Ac., maybe obtained of c. F. WI-.TMOKK,ul Wbili stone, I.. I., or F.. M. TOWN-END,29 Warren atreel, New York. Yacht wanted?from 20 to 40 tons, good sea boat, in thorough order, comfortable cabin: speed not much object, price bo tlown to the times. Address box 4.DK) Port ollxc. HOCSES, HOOnS, &C., WAKTEDi Driii "room w.Intep.?location between Fourth and Sixth uveuties uuil Houflon nod Twenty?rv< Lib street! Slate dimensions, locality and rent per tr.01.1b The ia;ici must be roiigouable. Address box i 143 Put office E vCms wanted?about September i, one ob . iv*t ytr.fcti unfurnished Ruoma, without Board, oo lire, four,or very eocvcn,cut to front door on second floor, id a Louse occupied by a private (amity .on Fifth avenue or Broadway, or between the two sit eels, between Twelfth and Twenty fifth t;e?t of reference given and expected. Addresi by lettvt g vn.g location. price and other partictiiars inpuirer, Ltx 1'5 Herald office. "\17 ASTF.D ?ST. JOHNS PARK ? PART OK A W tlo^ie frcut'.tg the Park, by a merchant m lbs segttornood, cesi of tefereme giveb awl required) t?rn-.i mutt cut tbetirr.ct Address l ark, care of Geo. A M.CUetor. 892 rireet w n'.lhed Roonii. Kitchen, Arc., or pari of'a small furnishes House, ie the upper part of the city, for a genllsman laiy, child and servant Addrces K , box 2,700 I'osl office TI/AN'TED?TC HIRE A 1.ARGE ROOM FOR HOLDING f V meeixga monthly or cftcner, Minuted to n respectable neighborhood. Delve ecu Third and Fiflh ?v?cues und Twenty s xth and Fortieth streets. Address, stating rest and .ocal ty , C W , Herald office. ANTED?BY A RrsfON'SIBLE AND IN EVER* way scexeeptioniib.e tenant, a well rumishod bouse, until 1st May, real must be very low; all payable In advsnce if desired Address,prepaid, B. W. Plumfi, Diamond Broiler 512 Broadway. WANTED?EITHER FOUR OR FIVE FURNISHED Rooms adapted for housekeeping, la the city, or small, F'crcished House, of ccmveniact access to the city; the foml'y str.aD; terms moderate; location brsltby. Add;e?? Emeiinc Eir.ith, 43 St l]nrkre place. WANTED?BY A SMALL FIRST CLASS FAMILY, A three story high stoop basement House, between Fccrleentu ana Fortieth streets, Fourth and Seventh arem et ; rone need apply not having Iho above described house ar.d location; reference undoubted. AddressC. H., 25 Fear), near Whitehall street. WANTED?TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS with convenience for cooking; location down town; where there are no boarders; rent from $9to|i2 pes rr.cnth, according to the locality. Addnss for three day* Mr. and Mrs. FUnion square Boat office, New York. WANTED-A HOUSE, OR FART, FOR A SMALL FAo! adults Location mutt be unexceptionable Wet* Fourth and Fourteenth atrccti preferred, but tot essential Rent must suit the timet. Fo:nc furniture waned I'lcast g.vt full particulars. Address but 3,44< Post office \\rANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, YV Apartments consisting either of Parlor and Batemeat Floors, or Second F.oorand two or three Bedrooms, in a house with tr-ndcm conracicnca, r.ol aborc Eighth street nor below Cant', at a moderate rent. Address, stating terma M J G , 120 First avenue MIMTAIiY. ilttart -wanted recruiting agents app: 7 to A PULCHaLSTEIN, Id J Canal airast, ap tiairt \7TT-AANP OF im-TOO ARK REQUESTED TO meal at Grata street ftrrj, New You, at SIA o ciock t U lo mr -o* iSunday> August 3* tc atteoM rburce at WDuamaaarg, > lar'tafoo ol toe Rev Mr. .) wra?er, lbs sell made ereaanar, emu ao arms. ruiaga j fret to tbott act as;e it pay. | R RA YMO? t, Brigadier f tM*-U, UNL fcAUI, OaiaaaL

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