Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1861 Page 7
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I %' SHIPPING* 8TKAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW V<?KK AND LIVERPOOL landing and urabarkliig |c .-nigcra at Queotixtown. Ireland. The Liverpool, N w y,,. Uand Philadelphia litounahip < *>ui[>ui>y intend dtMp.'t tolling their full powered Clyde built Iron uteumahipH ax follow*.? CITY OK WAHHINU1VN Sunday, Auguet 81 61 AScloW s iturdav, dept. 1 CITY OK BALTIMORE it in day, S?pt. 14 Ad every Saturday, at uuuu, fioui 44 North river. UAIKSOF I'Awe.l' PIrat cabin $75 | steerait" 180 (to. to Lunkm 80 I I)u. loLmdon 38 Steerage return tirWrlb, good i?r sic mouths 00 Paabongent loTwiirdea ?o Pari#, Havre, Hamburg, Urelumi, Rotterdam, Antwerp. &o . at reduced through fare*. Perxona wlahing to bring out their trinndti can buy tlrtcola hero at tbo following rale * to N"? York.?Emm l.iv<T|Kiol or Quueufitowu, Klrxt Cabin, ?. J85 and $105. Stearage-tiaai Liverpool, $40. Fruui Ouoenstowp, $80. jwiitfors ruiI <*rry vxporieucotl Burgeon-*. 'fh^y wrc built in water tight uun sections. and have I u.ont lire ounilidetorn 011 board. Tor turtiur information apply ui. ibo Company's offices. I JOHN U. PALE, Ag ttl, lb Broadway, N. Y. SM TEAM TO LoSlio.WKKY, <-i. l.fVKK. pool.?Tho Montreal Ocean Stenms'ip V tu ?ui*'a llrsl class full imwerad Clydo built ;i -in .- itOHEMTAN, I,'apt. Grange, carrying llie Canadian 1 United Stub s mails, will salt from Quebec next Sitlnr' lu> , August 31. Bates of peasoga from New York:?K.r < lass, according to ooconitno latinos, $70 an.I $s:">; ioun.l with cooked provisions, $30. C'eitiUcutca i I for bringing out passengera from all the |irir>. i -I tnvns in Gront Britain aud Ireland nl very low rut< . I'm- passage apply I at 28 Broadway, New York. I BABEL ft SEAUI.t 1' .'WlfT TJV>K SOI iUAMI'Hl.N AND HAM; J? OuSatu: lay, Sept. 14, tbol'nii.s' . .< Mail steamer ABAGO, 11. Lines. <-iuiimun?!, Will sail from pier No. 87 North river, foot of Boucit Street, on Saturday, September 14, hi > < on. This steamship (unsurpassed for - t> mid comfort) ban double giuos under dirk, on. 1 by water tight j Comimrtnv 'B, which, besides olltoi .lis, tend, iu the vent of collision or stranding. ( , k< -i the pumps free 1 to work, ana - cure the safety <d 1 mid passengers. , For freight or passage apply to SAMUEL 11 ' DX, GEO. MA- 1 i. ?7!K, Agent-. '. 7 Ilroadway. The Reamer VULTltN will sail ti. i l-. miiK north gfuman lloy. . siTAUsujr hue I mon. I' \\,<-ol- uoininander, - u-k the United States, tun!!, will Mill from pier bit N- h river, foot of Chambers si red. <>n BAU'RUAY, August 31, at V-'-VIo k M., son BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMi TON, taking pars, uger* to IONt/IN, HAVRE. SOUTHAMIVON AN!) BRUMES', at the follow mg rales;? For the U: <t cabin. $100; second cabin, $00; steerage, tw. For freight or latsMige apply to OELR1CILS a CO., C:.i Rroad street. EOVAf, MA1I, STEAMSHIP I I ?FOIt LIVER jkhiI?Thi' PERSIA,!'. 11. hi .In '1 it., Commander, will sail from the stream on Wednesday , '_'<ili Instant. A steamboat will ply b- tweon the C nnp ttiy's wharf, at Jersey City, an I thul'erMa, from 10 to 11 -. au k A. M., to convey passengers and baggage on boar.'. Mono but pas hangers ran ho taken on board. Tin* ASIA will sail 8optember 11. E. CCNAR1). No. I Howling Green. I.1()R 1.1V. Rl'iHiI..?<?1J) BLACK V.'.i: LINE.?TUB ; splendid clipper ship ADELAIDE. Captain Cutting, lying at pier 27 East river, sails August 27. Poasengors are rccuuim-uiued to examine tins onifnl s!iip,as she is unequalled for -qieud and accoinmiHlaii u. Euly application should h made for passage by applying on board, or I to WILLIAM.- kQUIOH, 4o rainstrie .' ?M>K uviJiruOL T1IK SPLENDID SHrP AVKOK Capt. Darker, will positively so! <m Tuesday, A ;I gust 27. t'usarp.if- U arrommodriii'iiis for cabin, aeoond cabin am) steerago passengers. For p.t ? ige npp'y on board, pier H East rivor,or to JOSEPH Ml'RFHY, 61 Soil tli street. For uvf-ri-ooi.?tafscotts link.?sails acgMKt 31, tlio splendid ship WM. F. STOKER, lying at ptor 38 East river. Passengers taken at low rates. For passage or drafts ou any purl of Civnt Uri>ain or Ireland apply on board or to TAP8CQTT tv. 86 South street. ( "TTtOR LIVERPOOL.?TAPSCOTT'S LINK SAILS TO i I* morrow. The well known p:n kot siiia WEST POINT, ! Captain Child. For passage, ?t reduced rat "s, apply on board, pier IS, East river, or to TAI'SCOIT .V CO., No. 8tl South street. For uvkrpooc-ri.ack ram. of packets.? The clipper ship JAMES Jr.. sails on lltu 28th or An .list. Kor passage iipnjy on board, loot of Booknum street , East river, or to JACOB WiESOJf, 108 South street. First ships for uvkrpooi, ami ion don.?the splendid clipper ship AMERICAN CMO.V (foot ol Reckmeu street), for IJverpnol, sai < August 28; room for a few- more passengers. The el.p , r -hip IT.VMOLTH ROCK, for Ijundon, t.ler 21 Fast rlv . - iils m n few days. For passage, tit greutly reduced rates, apply to THUS. C. ROCHE. 83 South street. ~\T UN' K FOR I.ONPON ?-AC ON MONDAY. August 20. th? favorite pack'-i ..hip PAN1KI,, lying at pier 10 Fast riv r. Room I'er a few more passengers in the s. ooinl oabin, tal. u ;. steerage rates. Apply on hoard, or to TAP8COTT \ (o.. ?,.South street. FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. A llrst class slenmer will leave New York on the 1st, 11th and 21st of cne,hmonth, oxeep' when these dates fall on Sunday, when the (lay of depart"re will be on the Monday following. For freight or passage apply at tic only office, No. 5 Bowling Green. P. 1!. ALLEN, Agent. ACSTRA.114.?KANOAROO T.INK ?H>P. MFLBOCRNF. First v> ssel. Tlie inagnillcetil first r 'ass ship JACK FROST,2.000 tons burthen, can accommodate llrst and aecond class passengers. Address or apply to MAHLER, IjOUP & QCFKKAC, 108 Wall street, FOR RIO 1)C JANEIRO?TO PAH. TV A FEW PAY'S. Tire splendid A1 fast enIIire <llp|>er brig NEW Y'ORK, Cnti[K'r master, lias elegant a< oommodations for n few passengers. Apply on board, al pier .'10 Fast river, or to MAULER, I/JIM k Ql'KRKAl' 10.8 Wall streot. "TTIOR HAVANA. |a The ITnltfwi - I Sot \fnil eimm.t,; . OOLUMBLA. Captain Rich'd Adams, Armed with rifled cannon,and maute <1 w ;sf? United States -n from tin* Navy, will leave pier N >. 4 North river, for Havana dtrrc', on Saturday, Augmt 31, ut 12 o'clock, noon, precise'*. For freight or ivj v j i apply to SFOFFORD, TILES-TOY &CO., *2tfHr< alway. Passengers mast procure their (lasaports from tho goverumcut, and luivo them endorsed by the Spanish Consul. 7 RIHKOADg. Hudson river raiijioad.?trains fob albany, Trov, ti?c North and West, leave Chambers street at 7 and 11 A. M., and 3:30. 0 anil 10:13 I'. M. NEW YOBIC. HARLEM AN!) AI,". >N i RAILROAD? For Ailmny, Troy, North and West?Summer arIrangomont, commencing Monday,May 27, 1SHL:?11 A. M. fast express train, front Twenty-six'h street station, for Williamsbridge, white Plains,Croton Falls, Dover Plains and all locul trains. Sec time table. JOHN BURUHILL, Superintendent. HOUSES, ROOMS, &r? TO I,KT. A GOOD CHANCE.?HALF OF THE FIRST CLASS, J\ throe story, high stoop Ilonse 2"3 West Twenty eight It street to lot: contains nine rooms, exclusive of bathroom, water closet, clothes ci -<i, \c., In elegant order, gas fixtures complete in every . oom, end .separate meter. Inquire on the premises. A RARE CHANCR?PART OF A i MUSE TO LET, IN the Sixteenth ward. fully furnish- -1 a id suitable I'or . boarding: is connected with an English . >< ho -so, and will hare all its custom. Rent low to a good tenant. Address Restaurant, box 207 Herald office. A WELL FURNISHED HOUSE to let?IN TWENTYJ\. ninth street, near Broadway; part < i' tie? rent would bp taken in board by tlio proprietor and wife. It would , lH) made an object to a permahent ami private party-. Unexccptioiinblo references required. Ail dress E. G.. station G. Apartments to i.f.r?in a prwate house: best locality: all improvements: two. three or five rooms; rents from fti to $12 |>er month. Apply on the premises, No. 6 Tenth slreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. ITJULfcllEAD FRONT ON WEST e'IREET, NORTH ItJJP ver.?To let, the Bulkhead Front opposite 288, 2HM, 390,291 and 292 West street, near Uanal. Apply to J AS. PRICE, 200 Hudson street. CARPENTER'S SHOP TO LET?ROt iMY AMD WKU. lighted. iu building 45 Thomas street. $x0 per annum. Apply to WM. LOVKLL, 46 Hudson street. CHKAP FURNISHED HOI "HE?320 PROOMK STREET, a few doors east of Bowery, fo rent unfil May next for $400; thirteen rooms, modern improvements. Will bo let unfurnished for 43AO. DESIRABLE FLOORS?AT LOW RENTS, NOW TO IXt in the private House, 305 Hast Tenth street, nenr i ?ho square-; i ent of (li st (and parlor) floor very roomy, $12 0; of the high brown stone baseinont floor. $7 only, per month. f XTtURXlSHKn HOUSE TO LET.? IMS-SEssioN JMMKDJ t JC ately. The lour story House 14 Moorman place, opposite the Park of tiie Blind Asylum. \V< si Thirty-third ' street; house is in lip top order: has .-ill tlio modern improvements; eotiiph-toly furiii.-lied thro ghont: situation 'very desirable and convenient; rent to "suit the times; 1 if duell ed, relit would bo Uikon in board by thre adult por. sons (owner, wile and soul. No bearding house ket-|K-r need apply. Apply as above, or .;( -.'7 Wall street, room I No. 18. from 11 to a o'cloek. ItoRSOTTKI) HOUSE?HAI.F O; A LARGE HANI). | r som- I nrti dicl House, wiiii b--i and cob! water hatha, in a y -.:'eel location, near 'the ferries, situated In Brooklyn, itt the low price of $25 per month. Apply at 1080 Bridge s'ie -t. B-ooklyn. IV-scs-um immediately. t TT A RLE) 1. ?T-'lt A MF. HOUsE. NEARLY NEW. TO LIT, 111 no 109th street, between Foenn I and Third avenues. ' In cellar and gas pipes ilirnttuli- t. Convenient to oars on both avenues. Inquire of .). wood. MOtli street. between" Second and Third avenues, or at 250 Greenwich iiiaal J HOI'SKI*, BOOMS, AC'., TO IiBT. Rooms TO UBUIM HODBK -W HUDSON tJTMBSr, Room* with ttodnxwiH attn lied. Kent* low, water tot tin third lloor. Apply to WM. 1AJVK1J., 46 Hudson at. EENT $10?UPPER PART, bWR ROOMS ANttOfc liir, t'rotun, gas, marble mantles and modern oouveuMiuoa; if desired, ono more Room, with bath, water cloaoin ^ Apply at Rogers' bookstore, Twelfth street and Broadway. ST. JOHN* PARK?TO ],ET, THE I. A ROE AKD COMlaodtous dwelling 176 Hudson street; contains J4 rooms, and would be tot lor a riapocuble boarding home; also tl*o small three .stoiy Dwell,in; 21 Vestry Btroot. UotU bouetvt liuvu pas. water, fc<\ Kent moderate. Apply to JA.Mi.S PRICE, 2tK) Hndauu street. mn I IS" TIIV s-ToOI.- ivu Uin-I I IW/. ?u . ciien JL street. tile host clothing stand In the street, also, the Stoie and lluek Koom 29l?!^ Grand street; also, tli House mid largo Van! 10.1 1'itl street. Inquire at 2UU (iruui!, roruer of Eldrtdge sire t. fpo I.Kf?TWO aeiJCNLHD t>UITB OF APAKTMENitj; J. ten broom, kllclion, duongr- oui, twoaad tli : bodloonis and splendid iiurioit; one for $118, one fbr $i:>' to >l itr I, only to small quiet ftunllle-. Inquire of J. K. t-HAW. 82 Nassau street, from 1 to 3 o'clock. rpo LET?BETWEEN FIFTH A1CD SXTH ATENUK8, I two now Tour glorv nlrli stoop brown stone flout Houses, frescoed In gold, in pert'oct order; $800 cash until liny i. 18li2, worth $1X)0; also one for $150; will louse nt very moderate rent. Inqulro of J. K. 811 AW, 82 Nardil street, from 1 to 8 o'clock. rpo i.i- r?TWO s'roi:i> worth jaio rm: $iot>. wa.i, ( bo divided in two, It requit. d, at $100 each; new n loliborliiKid; Fourth avenue, between Forty tlrst unit l-'o: ly-soomid streets: sjiieu id It >i at ion lor a drug store. Iii'l a of .1. K. SHAW, 82 street, from imo to three o'clock. mil I.l.T?VERY I.i At , Tt\o Nl'W THI'K.r. Si'OitV I 11 >-<s--s. finished in host in inner. Lirge comt yards in from, f.>i #27.1 from now u> May 1, worth $400; will lease hi icasoiinble lent, inquire ot J. K. SHAW, 82 Nussail street, from ono to three o'clock. rpo I. FT?VERY WW, A FOUR STORY HOUSE, IN _I_ 1 Wpi'iny-ninth street, between Is-xiugloU uuu Third avenues, high sloop; all modern Improvement* I'rlco J470 t'ruinu "W p, May i; uurtU $soo. Apply to 1I0MER MORGAN, b<>. d Pint' aired. rp<> 1 Ki? FROM SKITFMBKH 1, THE UP1*1? PART OF I House 174 Tm Thirty-fourth street, oorasi of l-.ighlh itv ime; a wry desirable l. r diou; water, eclair, line yard, in'.; to u small Amei icrn family it will be let lew. Apply immediately si 45o KiglPb av untie, cor tier of Thirty-fourth street, m.? MT?THE FIRST i LOOR, CBBBK BOOMS IN IBB I attic. Basement, Kitchen sntl a Collar, of the bouse 71 iiia: lion street;gas sod water on the premise.-,, in quire at od King street. rpi' i.Kf?)in-: KI.i.I; IMM K STH-.Y I KHW.N stove X House 229 West Thirty-fourth street, ttf> Peat deep nil the way up; street 100 le t wide, H -igiau pavement, \-e. Apply on the prom sea, or to JOHN S. KL1.SO, No. ti-j William street. To I.l-T?A OOPNTKY RESIDENCE, pi.kasw n v situated fit Willis mrbrldge, Westchester county, very cunvenicnt of access to th" city. Tin house is Inrge and well planned, contniuiti thirteen roout,utid is in perfect order, 1h" garden embraces over half mi acre of ground. There is a haru on tho premises. As the seasou it late, to n satisfactory tenant the rent will bo very low, one object being to have the property tnk n care of. Apply to GEO. \V. DITCHCTT, corner ol Chambers and Chatham str.-ets. rilt) I.Kf?I.V A nick urn k bkick hocse, j.owkr X part?iwo Parlors, Basements ami Bedrooms. gas, water, range?In a quiet street, for a moderate rent. ApPi.v on the premises 14 Bethune street,or of the ovvuor, 1)4.1 BJoeeker street, near Charles street, T. (DDHlKTII. fll'i I.KT?STORE AVI) DWET.LING. 48 EAST TWELFTH X street, near ltr-.tiway; also tho Basement southwest corner of Broudway nud Twelfth street; also the Second Floor, corner rooms. Apply lo JOHN S. KEISO, 62 William stroot. mo I.ET?A BEAI'TTFri, TWO STORY AVH ATTIC 1 Cottage (new), with two jots of ground, and vegetiblo garden under cultivation, situated iu Brooklyn, I hr< o.i nveiine and Floyd street. near Mvnle avenue cars. Km! $250. Inquire of J. MOHAN', next door. rilil LET?IN A Klid'Err.UiLK HOI SK, SECOND AND 1 Third Floors, consisting of three large and live rooms, pautriis. closets, Ac., and all conveniences, to families without children, at the low rent of $U and $10; gas, with llxtures. No. 6T."> Sixth avenue. TO LIT?THE SUHlND STORY OK A HOUSE IN HAM tuimd street, with tnoderu improvements; front and hack parh r, folding doors and pantries, nnd dining room and kitchen, ail on the second flpor. and one Room in tlie third story, and t'ellar. Inquire of Mr. DAY, 13 Hammond tro d, corner of Wavorley place. rft i l.FT?THE LARGE STOKE AND SALOON, TOJ. gather with tlie Baicment and Dwelling, 214 Grand street, the Bowery. The store, Ac., extends the whole depth of the lot, and Is suitable fir any extensive businc-.-. Apply at 22.1 Bowery, near Kfvfngtou street. -rpo LET?THE THREE STORY HIGH BASEMENT 1_ House, with modern improvements, 183 West Twenty-fourth street, from 1st September, l'arlor Fttrnltnrc, ? talr C triads, tiiusses, t'nrtuins. Ac., for sale, if wanted; or would he let partially furnished. mo LIT?THE ENGLISH BASEMENT BROWN STONE front House. 10 Ninth street. with all the modern improvement*, chandeliers and gas tlx tores complete: will bo rented v.-rv moderate to -a small family. Inquire of E. Ii. IJLIENTHAL, 221 Washington street. Tn LEI?IN A BEAUTIFUL LOCATION El' TOWN, A throe story and basement high stoop House, replete | wiih all the modern conveniences; in good order for inim'dvite occupation; rail $6-10 par year. Inquire of H. MARCUS, at Rill, Black ACo.V, or or JAMES BLACK HURST, 253 West Forty-eighth street. rrv I TAT?A NUMBER UK LARGE AND MEDIUM L Hoes- s, in the upper purt of the city, principally in the middle and west side; also a number of Stores on the business avenues; also a large Store and Basement, at the Junction of Broadway, Seventh avenue and Forty a.'cond street. 28 feet front by about 12a feet de p. The stories oyer the store are being fitted up for ahotel, in connection with the adjoining buildings. J. A W. BKNHAM, Corner Sixteenth street anil i g dh avenue. Olliee open from morning till tl in the c. o ling. TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, NO. 370 HENRY STREET. A handsome three story brown stone House, with gai, fixtures, baths, hot and cold water. Rent low ton good tenant. Inquire of H. M. SILVERMAN, 158 Broadway. rrv I LET?HOUSE NO. 51 LISl'ENARD STREET, NEAR L Broadway. Inquire of A. JOURNEAY, Jr., 373 i road w ay To IE.T-A FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, BELOW Fourteenth street, within two short bloeUs-ol' Brood- | iv,aim ill an rngiiH" noighiiornood; tlio lIorne ban the modorn imnrovcrnents; is in complote order and now occupied by ibe ownor. If desired (hi lioinw would be lot 1 a tljr furnished, anil the rent taken in hoard by tlio ocr.ujjinls (owner, wife and son}. For further |?it!cu)ars addrct- s box 3,874 I'ost office. rpil l.Kf?A FI?OR THROUGH, IN A HANDSOME X House, w Ah all the modern improvements, in a very pleasant part of the city. It is amply furnished for housekeeping. The furniture has been in use but four monthj,and will bo,sold at ugrout snerilloo, us the presoat owner will leavo thocity. Address E. S., station K Post oilice. fTIO LET. IN BROOKLYN?NEAR FULTON' AND WALL X si; eel ferries, a splendid tiret class corner House, band S' inely and completely furnished; contains 14 spurious rooms, closets, ttc.; flue yard, grapery, fco.; delightful ?: i ent low to a responsible party. Address Owner, box 7D He; aid ofhco. rro l.'T. AT LOW RENT?TP K THRU: 8T )KY AND J altie. high stoop House, 140 Wavcrley plan*, near Sixth avenue, with large yard; has just been thoroughly put in repair: rrpnintod throughout, new plumbing., a'llxtures, tit.-. |? a lession at once. Apply at 158 Waveiley place. TO I FT CHEAP?A BASF.)]EXT. 34 BY .5.8 FEET, ON* the northwest comer of-Twenty-ninth street nud Fourth hvi n ic. suitable for nny business: restaurant and bi'liard saloon preferied. Inquire of C. SHCMAN, ,'J03 West Nineteenth street. Tlio l.KT OB I.F.A8E?CHEAP. A CoT'NTItY HoF-SF. _l. w ith four ncres of land and outhons's, half a rniie frotn Willhimsbridge, on the Harlem Railroad, twelve mil's- from llie city. Inquire at 16 and 18 Chambers sttoet. New York. TO l.KT OR I.KAHK?T1IR FINE LARGE FIVE STORY brown stone House. No. 03 St. Mark's place, with or without .-table, famished or unfurnished; rent low. Inquire on the premises. To LOT OR LEASE?THE HOUSE AVI) STORE NO. 32 RucscvoH stre -t. with \ ard running through to the New Itowery. Apply to or address M. Burke, 181 Elizabeth ft reel. rnwo m'LkxiiTii .-tori-, to i> f ? iwo_oi.r;iTiK X. line-1 (Rons in Brooklyn, in Fourth street, between South First and South'Second streets; also iu the same house, to floors to let to private families. rpo TIIK GROCERY. LEATHER OR PAPER TRADE? 1 To let, Store, Hasenient and Cellar of 18 Spruce street, a few doors from Printing House square. Each floor alsiut DO feet deep. Rent, moderate. Apply to I .'AMFA PRP K, 200 Hudsou slroit. mm WORE.?TO BE LEI, A WELL KITTED UP AND X desirable Tea Store, in one of the best business parts of Third avenue. Rent low,and only about ,<lo0 r-> piired to take to it. For particulars npptv to ROBERT WELLS, ,.l. .1 I1..1 llUlll-.Oftl.'.nl To limHERS.? A MARKET TO LET AM) TflF. Fixture for iale, consisting of a now Stall, Arc. The | owner Is going Into other business. Th" above market is I sit: ated in oncof the best avenues In New York. Would | ho unliable l'or a German. Inquire of 8. < ARDWELL, 4 )6 Third avenue. mo PLOTS'.?TO I .IT. A PAW OR THE WHOLE OF \ J Clnh House, suitably furnished with blllhnl r<f in- and flr.-t class tables: < i id tug.smoking'. 'Phiair. w! ! I and bath rooms. Apply t" GEORGE COOK. At. tio:r. 441 Broadway. fIT ' SOITIIFRNERS?TO LET. THE Ft RMSHEO I House 20 West MxteentU street, near Filth avenue; 1 > r .'lories high, basement .com pli'hTv lumishe 1 and in goo i order, with immediato possession. AbDly to S. itlNGKE. No. 8 Pine street. NEW YORK HKRALD, SU AMU SKMKNTM. BROADWAY MUSIC HAU-, ROAUWAY MlWtC RAM., 4Udaud48l Broadway, 483 and 4S& One door below Broome street, # Open erery ovwulng, With the lai ge?t and most taientad company ever concentrated in any place of amusement In the world. RTAKTIJNil NOVELTIES. STAHTUNT. NQVHJ.TIES. HI'ARTIJNU NOVKLTIW. SKARTLINO NOVELTIES. EVEKYTHINO NKW. KVKKYTRINU NEW. A PROGRAMME OK HARK KXCEM.FNOE. A PROGRAMME OF RARE EXtTOJ.KNUK. The performance will commenco each evening with an entirely new feature in tins establishment. Till- HKO.MAVAY MINSTRELS, 1MI'. MraiAIWAY MINSIKKIJ5, TIIK BROADWAY M1NSTRKIR, THE liROAJ 'VY VY MINSTRELS, I 'Hnpoepd iif thuelitouf tin- Kililojieati profession, ill Songs, Giei?, f'lionisi'8, Kofraiuts ami Operatic Burlesques. HILLY BIRCH. BILLY BIROTI. B11J.Y BIRCH. BI1J.Y BIRCH. Ill LI i Y BIRCH. BILLY BIRCH. ben. cotton. BKN. COTTON. BKN. COTTON, BKN. COTTON. J. A. HERMAN. J. A. HERMAN. J. A. liKRMAN. J. A. HERMAN. TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR. SIGNORITA ANN1TTA OALETTI. SlGNollTA ANN1TTA GALP1TL SU.NOKITA ANN1TTA GALKTO. MONS. VElJUtl)E. MONS. VKLARBr MON& VELARDE. MONS. VELARDE. MISS CLARA WALTERS. MIsA CLARA WAI.TKRS. JOHN MULLIGAN, BAN HOLT, JOHN MULLIGAN. BAN HOLT, TIM NORTON, TIM NORTON, TIM NORTON, JOHNNY PIERRE. R. PARKER. JOHNNY PIERRE, K DARKER. THE GREAT HAI.LET TROUPE, THE GREAT HAl.l.ET TROUPE, T1IE GREAT MALLET TRolPK, THE OP.EAT PA1.IAT TROUPE. Unquestionably che largest in the country. First uiglilut tin new drama of startling mi ivsi,eutitled THE HIDDEN HAND. THE HIDDEN HAND, THE HIDDEN HAND. In which the whof- < ompany will appear. For full particular* wo programmes Novelties of extraordinary attraction are iu preparation ami will S|**odilv l>e produced H01IEUI \V. HITLER, Sole l/'sseo. MONK l.ATHORSK, stugo Manager. AAA AMERICAN CONVERT HAI.L, 4U BROADWAY. 444 444 WMADWAY. 444 The Groatost Entertaiiim in in the World. NOVELTY, ORIGINALITY. RON. TREMENDOUS SUCCESS. TUEMENEors 8UCCKSN. DENSELY CROWD"I' Hi'l'SMS. DENSELY CKOWDED HOUSES. The Most Flattering Tokos of Approbation Nightie Greet Tlie efforts of the Excelsior Troupe now performing at this establishment. First woek of HARRY LKSIJE,' i The celebrated Comic ami Fancy Dancer. CHARLEY WI1JTK, i HAKLEY WHITE, I,. SIMMONS, CHARLEY OARJIINKH, CHARLEY GARDINER, W. ARLINGTON, UILI.Y QUINN, 1I1I.LY tJI'INN, HIJJ.Y QUTNN, FRED SHAW, FREI>. SHAW. M. TUKNNKR, M. TURNER, MONP. I'AUI, HR11AANT. MISS EMILY LEMAIUK, MIPS EMILY I .EM AIRE, MISS MINNIE JACKSON, MISS MARY BLAKE, MISS MARY BLAKE, MISS M1I.IJK FLORA, I MISS KATE HABR1PON, MIS-' KATE HARRISON, MIPS MONKI.L, 1IATTIE ENGH-, ANNIE HARRISON, EIJ7.A FLORENCE, together with a full and etticicut CoKI'S Hi, BALLET and a jmwerful and well appointed Orclieetra, led hv MR. JOHN IjOWDER. A continued eutertahneiitcf four hours' duration. A host of novelties are in active preparation. Admission: Gallery, 10 cents; Paripietto, til) cents; S-ats in Private Bos, 50 cents. PHY GOODS. ATK. H. MACY'S. Sam AVI.N1 E AND FOURTEENTH street.?Ladies, yon will always find beat Paris Kid <doves at 08 cents. Auction lots in Luce Goods, Lace Man- J tills.;, 4ce. Auction lota in Embroideries and Kiblions. Auction lots in Hosiery. Auction lots in Linen.- and White Goods. Auction lots in Linen Handkerchiefs, lies! styles French Flowers, Job lots In Yankeo Notions. Jadies' Under Clothing, Corse's. 4c. ACA HI i. W. JACKSON, 551 Broadway, having purchased a large lot of Bombasines ul auction prices, he Is offering them at retail ut loss than cost of importation; also Black and Second Mourning SiiUs, in every style and ipmlitv, at I unusually low prices, together with a large auil general j assortment of desirnble Mourning Goods, purchased dur- J lug the recent pu.iic,which he in tillering at little los? than half the cast of importation. Sp rial attention is called to Black nit at Tto. M ft r yarn. \V. JACKHON, lUMKJrtcr of Mourning Goods. 651 Broadwuy, between Spring and l'riueo streets. XTKW CAP. PETS i> It IK FALL TRADE. Goods sold in the Retail Department for rash only and at. uniform prices. MEDALLION CARPETS IN HUH DESIGNS, VELVET CARPETS. TAPESTRY CARPETS', BRUSSELS CARPETS. THREE PLY CARPETS. SUPERFINE INGRAIN CARPETS, FINE INGRAIN CARPETS, COMMON' TNOR UN CARPETS. Vcneliiin Carpet* nil widths anil qualities. Oilcloths various widths tliat nre well seasoned. HEARTH RUGS, DOOR MATS, STAIR RODS, C'4lolC'/ Druggets. Malting*, f k GEO. E. E. HYATT. 273Canal to 81 Howard street. Between Broadway and Elm street, New York. Also Solo Agent for selling S. P. Cnrhart A:Co. s Auburn Power loom Three ply and Ingrain Carpets. Carpets Tor (.litIrenes and I.edges made to order. KlliUKRBT. AT MRS. BELL'S, NO. 3 CATHARINE STREET, SUM mer and fall Ho rnets at reduced price1. N. It.? Patterns of Zeuaro Basques, Waists, Clonks, .Mantillas, Cored Presses, Capes, Sleeves nuil Aprons for ladles and children. Stamped and embroidered Yokes ami lluuds in great variety and clone to order. At ehxnl's old stand?lames and cent* can obtain the fallowing price.'- for their cast off Clothing:?From $5 to $:("> lor silk I >r< ,-scs, from $3 to $16 | for Coats, from $1 to $5 for pants. A nolo t>y post pun inally at tend e?l to by Keck let, 134 Sventh avenue. between Nineteenth aud Twentieth streets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. K. 4 bnm chance fob lames and oentlbom f\ to dispose of their east off Clothing, Carpets, Fttrnituro and Jetvelry.?I guarantee to pay 115 per cent more than any other dealer, Please, call on or ;ulIros?J. ANHAI.T, 152 8 tyenth avenue, between Twenti-th undTwcnty-Qrst streets. Ladies attended by Mis. Anhalt. SPORTIM1. Gt HAND REOATTA?AT WinT!>Ti>NH. U I.. BATOR T day. August hi.?All boats tinder 40 feet keel. ITIws $150. Entrance foes $10. $T and f T 50. Printed sailing directions. Ac., may be obtained of (. F, WETMORE,at Whites tone, I.. I.,"or K. M. TOWNS!.VJ?. 29 War ren street, Now York. ^ IpoR HALE?A BEAtmFCL JET BLACK NEWFOUND . lana Slut, two years old and tvc'l trained. To be sM'U at 146 Forsyth street, in the ryat', The undersigned wishes to inform jus friends and the public, that large quantities of "weak" fish have been caught within tlie ln?t three days, one parly of two catching one hundred and seventy flsh in two hours. Hout, l>ait, Ac., as usual, a! the old stand. Cars leave cyerv ten minutes from all the ferries. ADRIAN .HTII.LWE1J., Fort Hamilton. MEUKAi,. AN IMPORTANT W0R?-A GUIDE FOB THE NATL ricd, or contemplating it. The adlicled, debilitated or diseased should not marry or adopt any treat nv nt till they have informed themselves of Hi" truth only found in Dr. I.AHMONT'S Paris, I/indon :uid New York Medical Adviser and Marriage (i'uide: mailed for $1 by RICHARDSON, No. 1 V.-ey street, and ROS* A TOUrtKy, No. 121 Nassau street, The doctor cures all su< li affections, recent or long standing,oxpeJIIkmsh and privately, as for years past, at 647 Broadwav, up stairs. front 9 A.M. to 9P.M. DR. COOPER. NO. 14 DI VNK STREET, MAY MK CON suited on nil diseases of a certain nature. Twenty- [ eight years exclusively devoted to these eomplnint a enable him to warrant a cure in all cases. The victim* of misplaced confidence In medical pretenders can call, with a certainty of being radically cured or no pay. DR. I,INKS CAN BE CONVRTl.TKIl ON AM. DISK tSK8 of Kcmaloe, with unparalleled success, at 90 East Sevento nth street, near fhird avenue. S-t RHAT Sl'ceiVJ I n. I,It WARt) N'O 1> t.ATOHT street.?All nil.-"tii us i nosed l>y morenrj or .disease < iri'd in half III'.1 usual i i:.r? ru. I nt half the charge.-. 1)ROFIXSO!t RK.-TH 1., Jflii ril.V.MI! .!.:- SI 1SMKT. CAN' I bo consulted as o.? nil, in' by l. i u-r to box k.UIH). j Ronton ofllce, No. 8 Harrison avenue. rriHE TOREK EKCas or WOMAN.? _J[ K|)<:eh llio Iirst, ill" dawning of tu manhood. Kjitch Iho aocoutl. tlio iu;o ei maturity, l'.iioi'li the third. the turn i f life. Hscnscs incident (o each of tin s ' (tcriods of woman's life. Including I'uncth.nul dcia'JKcments. tmdwit- ry t'.ncs, irregularities, tin: influences, No., Ac., are tr< ntcd to u successful Issue liy l?r. It. A. HARROW. IU4 |t!o ckcr street, four doors from Mucdoucwl street, New York. Hours of consul lull u U till ii uud from 4 till 8, Sundays till 2. IN DAY, ATOUST 25, 1861. AKVSBMRgrTI. MkiZiiwtr^issrmoju. '? ?. .Koocna. - ..." '*, SVA BRENT, the sweetest Ballad Singer in America, will ?i>i>oar each evening in a selection from the Colin wing BOUgh? " Nora, the Pride of Kildare," 11 Home, Sweet Home," " Efflo Sunshine." " ltound the Corner Waiting," " Goodbye, Sweeothoarl, Goodbye," " Whore the Reo Sucks." READ THE OPINIONS OK THE l'RESS. MISS EVA 11RINT. fKrout the Detroit Knv Pho* Iniv iiwii Her Hume, Sweet Hume," lust uight. s mg with auch feeling, so sweetly, and with such perfect elocution, thrilled the audience, and I he enthusiasm was ku intense that she was obliged to res|ionil with a repetition. Never have wo heard this uiogt charming of musical compositions siniat with like etfvct. [From the Mobile (Ala.) Register, Deo., 1HA0 )

In the higher range hur voice is ipilte unsurpassed for fnlneiui and power, while thorough eultlvntlon pervades every note, front the fuiutest flexible trill to the fullest gush of rounded melody. \Erniii the Harhiuloes West Indian, Feb 23,1861.] Miss Hl'vlil will always oomtnaud for herself the greatest applause at the Brst sound of her voice. Ahe has a thorough cummattd of it, which is decidedly | leasing to observe, and the oaac wtlh which she glides through some ol' ihe most brilliant and intricate productions, ncoompanlt-d jvith the most melodious harmony, proves that slie m richly deserving of the (losition which her talents have secured for her. It may he long Ivefore wo arc privileged again to enojy such a treat. [From the Georgetown (lnmarara) Royal Gazette, March 6. 1ML1 Wn wore agreeably surprised at the singing of Miss Eva Rrent. Horvoho, which r*aches the upper notes with the greatest ease, is very sweet and powerful, and, wilhnl. Iter articulation of the words ami nous is very dlsliiii t Her "Home, Sweet Home," wo have never heard surpassed, and, hackneyed as the air Is. it was listened to in almost breathless silence, llcr "fouling through the Ryu," when called on for a repetition, w as sang with almost tapta! effort, and not only In these but in ulh c airs sin was warmly applauded. [From tho Georgetown (IVinararn) Colonist, March 4, 1S61.] Miss Eva lVcni sang "fliorry Rlpo" with ro niuch sweetness and expression us to rail forth a rapturous en core. Slie ulso was loudly encored in tho "Dearest Spot <if Eurtli to Me." nod on reappearing, sung In her most charming siylo,"lt one. Sweet Home." This i* Iter chef d'd'uvre, olid of itse lf aloii^ was worth the whole price of a'm ? ion. Her voire ig a very sweet sopituto. of great j* iw r ami comities, and is cijuully good in thlower and upper notes. iS'rnoi till. U.lrolt t,lv..ild?.< I,.I. or the rxi cnllon, power and awoelneoa of Mies Rrent a.s a vocalist too mm b may not hi* aahl. Pbe will command the admiration of any audience however criteal. [From the lvtroit Kvcniitg Tribune. July, I ><Ki. ] Wlierover the lady ol whom wo up ok hue mum "I"' Iota elicited the prolan, not only of the preee, but of all who llalcued to her. [From the Charleston (8. C.) Mercury, Out., lSMfl. Mum Ev* Brent possesses a very ch-ar, aw?>. t volee. of xreiit power ami eoiniMsa. ami oho song several ballads | during the evening with much swe 'ines* end expression. Remember Miss KVA BRKN'T sings evert night at the MEIXtDKO.V. MELODKW, t? BROAPWAT, I'IIIM >h BD1LBINCM betwecu Sprlug and Prince =tro,d PR*IFKSSOK NICHOLS AMI SOX will appear in their beuutlful classic Groupings every night this week. MELODKON, in BROADWAY t HHffiSE BOTLWNOS between Si>ring an I l'rine streets. MISS CLARA BlTlJiR, the yot ng and beaut il'il Vocalist. Hansuoe and Actress, will appear every night thw week in ull b"r fascinating characters. MEl.OHKOX, 53t? BlMVIiWAY.nilNFSK ltt'11.1 UNGS. between spring ami Prlneo streets. MISS KVA BllF.NT, I the charming American Vocal lot, will appear every night l utn w v-yiw anu M1IK ii<:i Uifcrtict 1YI1 imiiaUIC MKLODBOH, M0 BROADWAY?CHINESE ASSEMBLY Room*. PIONEER CONCERT 1IAI.I.. I GREATEST TALENT ENGAGED ON RE< OR P. CARP. I The attention of tho public Is railed to the fn< | that no , theatre or roneort ball in the city can producn the numc of i one Yebpoetable or celebrated lady vocaiiet lite MISS AGNES SUTHERLAND, llie world-renowned goaitlleU Nightingale. wlinao rcputn tkin both in Unio|a.' ami Amcrlcu has tamped her the best and Hweeteut UALI.At? SINGER IN THE WORI.P. The fare muting ami attractive warbllug uotos of the MK.l/iPK.ON FAVORITE. MISS EVA BREST; I or the lovely and delightful "alrt" with which ' , MISS CLARA BUTIJCR charms her audiences with her Hwect voice. Itceidea the lovely constellation of ladies who lend holh talent and charms to fascinate their audiences. Wliut theatre or concert hall can produce such daoscuso aj am engaged at the Melodcon, like MISS ALELJC CALLA, lute prima dansense of iho Ravel*. miss KATE PENNOVKR, MISS FRNKSTINK PI. FADER, And a bullet troupe of 25 beautiful young Indies. What theatre or concert liall in the world can produce such nuiiicg In their programme ?? Ml'. J. H. ()GI)P.N. The Monarch of all Irish comedian* and the King of cotni calii i< b. MR. R. HART, The groat contraband" article, the Emperor ?f Negro Kcceti'rlrifle*. MR. (it STAVE BIPEAI'X. The oelebratcd prima Immune. master ben yates, Muster rlc Ballet, with his|s-r do Billet aud VIVANDIF.K GUARD, of lif. beautiful young ladles, aimed, equipf c I an I already mustered into the I'uitcd Stat"- service, now awaiting orders to march to tho rebel' of WASHINGTON. MR. (.'. Mc.MlI.LAN, Comedian: MESSRS. PEN'/.EH and BROTHERS, tho Aerial Gymnasts: PROFESSOR NICHOLS and SON. the Classic Tubulj-1,: MR- I'- BUTLER, in liis local Banjo Solos; and. in all. a company ol Stars of over PH) l'EREORMERS, each of which are engaged for a up rial line of hufrinrs.-', mid heads of their dlflerent line of linaine.-iP. Second week of the tndialinguishable, unexp'ainable, mysterious burlesque query, WHAT H 11and the Dwarf Police, by REN YATES, who, l?y request, w ill re) eat his liiughablo TRANSFORMATION PA NCK. Admission, 13c. Orchestra Seats, 25c. ITivale Boxes, 00c. MELOPKOX, .Vllr BROADWAY, CHINESE BIILPLVG. between Spring and I'rlnce streets. PIONEER CONCERT HALI. OF AMERICA. ' CaiiAPiHT I'i./ci: or Am ,-kmk.m ut tib L'ttmtn srains. LdtogsT ami Most Talrrvnai (bxroiv ut tuk Woku). ITrst week of the engagement of tho world renowned Scottish .Nightingale, HISS AGNES SUTHERLAND. Knap inn Names. MR. L H. OOPKN. MISS EVA BRENT. MTRS AGNES SrTllFRI.ANP. MISS ERNESTINE PE EAIIEIt. MISS KATE I'ENNOYKR. ( MISS AIlFiI.E CA1J.A. miss clara bl'tuce. GUSTAVE B1DEAUX. MR. R. HART. PROF. NI( HOIS 4 SON. o. McMillan. iu.'v/wu rurmmio " MlCl" BUTlijt. PROFESSOR REN YATES, And kit Bullet Troupe of TWENTY-FIVE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES, AND VIVAVD1ER GUARD ; OR, FEMALE RIFLE SKIRMISHERS, of twenty fascinating and accomplished Indies, who, having been encamped three weeks, will be reviewed every night. this week. Tho severely arduous drill to which this lovely corps lias lieen subjected by their cillcietit oonunander, has developed a high order of discipline nud tei-lection In company movements rarely witncased even in these "stirring times of war." First week of the OTTAWA BOAT DANCE. Second week of the beautiful ballot, HARVEST HOME, introducing the tableau of the Realtor*. MORRIS DANCE. MAY-POLE DANCE. GRAND TABLEAU. Third week of the spectacular o|?cratit: hallef, THE t IIILD OK THE REGIMENT. INTRODUCTORY SONO, INVOCATION, RKJOH E RF.IOJUE, CONGRATULATORY. OPERATIC DUCT. C I.ASsiC GUN BANCS. VTVANDIEU PRILL, WITH SCOTT'S FEMININE EVOLI'TIONARY TACTICS, AND EASY LESSONS K<iR MILITARY OFFICERS. LINK OF RATTLE. AND GRAND 1TNAL MARCH TO A RLOODI.ESP aim CORNFIELD. Tho magnitude of the company, which baa surprised proprietors ami manager* ol other places, attracts the uitentioti of the public at large, and thus ensures the pre.Hence of the CROWDED HOUSES which, dry or wet, iittcu.l tho auperior jierformanct'S at the MKIjODKON. Admission. 13 cents: orchestra Beats, 25 cents; s ats in private hoxe-, 60 cents. ITtl'ED'K BUCKLEY, THE CELEBRATED VIOLINIST, i- new : iving la-ssotis on the violin and guitar at his i.ei I' liee. 30 While street, near Itroadway. JAMES BUCKLEY also eontinues to teach the banjo and violin. Terms. 50 cents jut lessen. . Persons wishing the above instruments properly should apply as alx ve. C1HAMITON HO IVtV-'EIVK Mis-' KATE STANTON, th t:netjuallcd Jig ilansetisa, will nightly apttear at th monster tunehle Mu?lc Mall, where she will elmlloege 111., .k.irl.l fill- a rival in .lu.,?G..? I IT . muwta in full bail cw-: tunic. A'limsnlon free. WO ('roadway. mm v, HIV.I'IV 'iiiK\THK, V.KNOV . !::? AMI 1 in v'"v i. will cumueni ! tli- winter wson nu or air. :t il:. ' - n iif Knveiiiliur. I'ir't clas.'Mnts and lii'tiay an I (f .r. ' '.i I'lvi -on: tf inakiuyneaitem n1 - i'l \ilea.'.e a.',.. -, lie- unilcn-'Kiieil. IU'Ml HKKV tli.A.VI). No. 4 MS Tentti btrei't, Wa '.. . C. 'mnOY \PELTH1 THttATR^ Tm REKT?W1TBJ ENKL r> ?\<:. l''W- bioa kiveii Immediately > Vor i?r. 1 titulars address F. TUotnas, bos 705 roatoffirq.Troy ,N. Y AMUHRMRMTB. JUL" PIONEER (X)M'KKT HALL of the world. Tho < ulv roiil Oiuort Hall lu New York THE ONLY CONCERT 11A1J. vrhora nuydiifig like DECENT HINGING can be board. * irat weeit or the lavortto MISS ACNES HUTHKRI.ATO. Wo copy tho opinions of tho prms of both KNC1.ANJ) AND AMERICA; such proving tlio SUPERIORITY OF OUR ARTISTS owvr all othoM. MISS AONE8 SUTHERLAND. THE SCOTTISH NlUHTINUALE. EXTRACTSFROM fllK UlUT.-Jl AND AMERICAN PRESS. [From tho Paisley J?>ui mil of December 2ft.] Tho principal iiovoity on tho occasion wm Mis* Agnes M. Sutherland, hitherto unheard of lu Paialov asu vocalist, and, iudcod, a stranger to tho outiro wuii of Scotland; hoi siiignig so uiod to hike the audience icry utuch l>y surprise, and to give almost iinquuhUod delight. With a full,agreeable round touoii voice nicou-dderaidn power and com pass, and which alia appears to lutvo entirely under her conrrol. She tugs lu a very natural, easy and expressive style Iree of ull annotation, thoroughly Inudhgtblo, highly pp.udug, and bearing words anil no.sic I hi din gi> home to the heai Is of the audience, her singing |xisse**nn a |s>pu. lur c' aracler which wo have rarely hoard eipiadul. I?; great charm is that it is free nlh.o Iran tho Imisirlectiona of tho untutored. and the biemfsho of the too ai tllluiaily trained. Noitlior marred by tbe vulgarity ou the on.' hand, nor allfvtatlon on the other, it striken on the ear and re echos tlironeli the lieni I mm ii irelilillle ri iiihilintioti of sentiment ami sorrow 'ih Impression she luiule ?u the uudioiicu wus most favorable, ami In < u li song alio was otirnred. 1 Krum iho Glasgow Hiillotiu of January 6. Concert in tin* Exchange Mounts. | lint last and best, Miss a'nlhcilaud, in clear, dlatinct. melodious strains, sung ? nuiiih r ol choice snugs. W were at u loss wliioh to admire moat : li?r 'Tlierry Hlpo" ami "Cluirinlrig May" were admirable, ami her "Auuic 141.r 10' wo itotei li ml eqniill si. [from I ho Glasgow I'hiiieltn, July 17.| Miei A. >1. KnUiwrlan.l le | e-s v-oil ol an <.rutin such as will pi'o her alia lig I ho llr.-l i.iiks of llritMl perform era. llor tendering of "Annie l.i no" wasted uwhiliu fertor to the l ilt Ilea. | K tnu tho Glasgow Ilulleiin, Jan 20.) uar'KHi i.v Nrw Tow* 11 ii i., Uskkxwiiii.?.Mise a. m. Stillie land wa , however?III.- not i vidians in say it? the eajH'uial layoi lie. >ho is a young ringer of great bounty, and lij her untutored oas . Iior expressive stylo and a veio. of derail d supcrim |tv. -lie fairly captivities, while rli 'li rm , the listener. IV, iircdlclfhr this young songsties. 'na spi -ions luinro, aa lii i. ward o| tin- high gifts she i.iiuntihti dly Nothing ooulil lie bettor on Tuo-ilr.v eviiing than her rendering of his Jaoohito song, "lMinio i'l ineo Charlie.' aa aiao that ol "tlomiiu' through the llyi ' llf eonrae alio wi s a'.SMVa eucorrd. [Flora tho Puisley, April it.] Tiik Nmim.N'i ur.'s K.iHltwgi 1.1Vinokiit.?After a professional residence of envoial months m i'aialey, dur tiiy wliioh ahe lias sung to delighted hundreds every week. :uid maintaiuo d her |Mi]?il?rily with ahnnet uiiexiunpiod auoo"! Miss A M. Filth iltu.dgive a liirewoll imiK?rt, iilnlor tl. i a.-ouage of I'lic mas liwtea, Esq.. of lo rgna lie, in tils A i.'rcom llnom.;, on Monday evening. All the voeuliste i xertcd lhemni']v< Willi decided success, and elicited heurty oxpregsiottaof i u. M.-s Sutherland w.a- r\ i "iitly . however, lb.'favorite of theevening, and a.thinigli It was intimated id e early stage of lite lUOCe.-qiU.r' IIIUI uni'i"! \\ I '"'i II leu'.l, lll'l II St floug, whi? !i ?1mj give with g< < I "*. ! : u?l effect, rnaili' j every 'iic fm-g t tho rule which shortly before all laid agreed in nine ve. Miss i-'utlnritind leu vis Paisley Willi tile b'Vl w i.-hr ; of it large s i llotl of til'" population. [From ilic PhlUtdolpI in I>.;jiy Pel nsylvutiiun of July SfcJ.l Miss Ao.nw Sinn?iii.a:i!>.? III'' modest and unheralded B'lv 'tit ni' tips churniit^ v I'.'.'li'. i'poug ?< tr?m Ilt<?l?n;l of H'l' oh, i i liuice .itu1 I'ttiiiiiKkbuii*., <s)l fhuiuctct istfc of hue nu'ril and genuine artistic self reliance. A,- a Concert singer wo like her as wi ll.. an;, wu have ever heard. Her rendition ol the sw. o'. I illiuls of her own country, ami the gems of Irish mil.sti is - i hcnrtlclt that sho enlists the sympathies of all her hearers. She is on ct|ii?llril ns a h.tliutli t, anil Iter si; a i such isle, so tie to id of tffnctnl ton aud - > tody Kite, (hat It adds a grace,u> the charms of her liquid voice. She |s s- w too, wltou her subject requires it, much dramatic force, mnl when site sings '-Ail tiie IIIuo If ailed:-- or tho McGregor V Gathering," we ota almost i.e.-, i mttb pibrochs ore leaning liielr stirring accompaniment to glorious luge nihil y songs i f A "hi Scotia, alin that tartans an wuv iBit ami phniie noilitui over til gatlici mg of the clans at the (metering place, lliffeit w Oh n pure, ll?slb!o atul r"8o:iat.' soprano voie", highly i irlflvnh .l unit iutell "dually gchnoicd Miss Sutherland has nneh a nn iked imprr-sioii, und we commend le-r io all w ho itdiuiro lino huliail slug tag. (From tie Evening XalHiiil Argus,.Inly ilk.J Mis. Si THKltiaiNO.?Tins li:ilultlg Si Uish vocalist has iiiade quite a seiisiitfi.n lie veice i- ledlt imwerfui and end ndmlia'.uy u'upvdto He liur reuditiou of Scotia s tut I lads. Tin-p.- is a choniin.' sin.pic ily about Iter HI j U Uioi'e altlieli v ; to the . n-ral listener than ail tlte spa-ni iodic ellbrtsof the Tlaliaii school. We hope she wnl reinam with ns for oiue time to regale the heart blunted sens, s w ith exquisite melody . [Front the Evening National Arg! s mgn t it. j Mom til uikhi.?>.!>.?The exlraonlia vci.-c of ilns young lady, happily inulapprupriat !> ninai Hi Scolli, li Nightingale," is creating quite a furnr lit ill" evening promt-ratio conceits. Every song or bn":".'l rl? es' -iys is rapturously encored, and tho reception i f her 1 lAtniorwi Men'anil " >h't I egor' li.ill.rhc. ' n nlim. eflhoPXiile mentatteiullng . nun'of tseniag'e or Jenjiy l.iie - Inuvt yerformunr. . When o-;r eh-cut cili tens leturn home, or those remaing lliel out w h.'P a gem we hn.e anion;. us, the Gardens will bo to mull tea contain all who will llcc't to hoar her. [From thi" Philadelphia Sunday liispnlch, of August 51.J Mms Aiims rtfTttitKi.ANK.?ciu' deserves more than a passing notice. We do net know v, hut her merits may lie in ojierutir music, but in ballad sie. it g she is superior who has iipp. ii e.l ..mone 1.- fern .01, lane. Her voice, a highly sopiaiio, .s tmlodious eu ' (lowerfnl. In Scotch pongs, sui h a: The Murcli o' the Cam Ton Men," "Pontile Prince harlie," und "The McGregor's Gathering," lmr slyle Ii dashing ami syinpathelie She sings Willi taste, gives due cituel to t). - sii.ides of senti ment.niel ino-rpr-i.- tin .-. -nil- witha tii'.-lily of l'euliiig, whtcli lliuis its way to eu-ryheurl. This young lady came among us uiib-'raliieil. Eli'" laid led employed Hie ordinary arts i s "t t.) gala public atteiiuon. lint sliu is wall ih serv i g oT warm p." ronug". We promibv" lo every one woo attends her ntcrlnlumeiils uu evening of erijoyinent ns will win their wuunest eouimendatlou. llainemle-i?Miss St 'lHKKI.ANi* appeals ut tho Mulo deon every night. MRIjODROH, 639 I'iiaiWVtV. CHINKSF A.-SFM1<I.Y Ro">ms, J. 11. <M.|i|..N J. II OGPFN J. H. OGPKN J. II. < OOKM J. H. OGDKN J. II. (XiPKN J. H. fhiDEV J. 11. (Mil)KN' J. H. OGKEN .1. II. OGPEH j. ii. J. II. OODEN J. 11. (Ml DEN J. II. OODEN J. II. OGDEN .1. II. OODEN J. ir. (H;DKN .1. II. IK?KEN .1. H. OODEN J. H. WHEN Will appear anJ king nonv n w Songs every night. .1. h. OODEN .1. II. OODEN .T. II. OODEN J. II. OODEN .1. II. (Mi DEN J. H. OODEN J. II. OODEN J. If. OODEN J. II. OODEN J. If. OODEN alill continues to attract tlio attention of Hie public to Lis original comic IRISH (.'OMIOALITIRS, every nightrft the NEUIDEON. 6:19 DROADWAY. Boar in mind there jg only one J. H. OODEN, ami be can be ?ocn and heard erei v night at the MKIAIDKON. 638 BROADWAY. Admission 13 cents; Orchestra 25 cents. I "rival. MEIjODEON, 538 BROADWAY, CIDNBSE Ht'II.DINO, between Spring and I*rlneo streets. Mr. OfsTAV BIDEAI'X. The great prime baritone, will appear every night this week In solos, duels, choruses, Ac. MKf.ODEON, 639 BROADWAY, ( HINESE Bl'JBDINO. u-DMi S^nrinir nnil Prlnci* utreotP. | THE DK.VZRR BROTHERS, Tlio great Acrid Oymnaats, will appear in their surprising nnil (taring feats every sight this week. M1 EIXTOEON, M9 BROADWAY. CHINESE BUILDINGbetween Spring and Prince streets. Mies KATE PKXNOYKR. Tlie young, beautiful ami fusel nat tngAJ an sense. whose eaae nbd grace charm her audiences, every night this week. MF.l.ODEON. 5A0 Bit/a I WAY. CHINESE BUILDING, between Spring and Prince streets. Miss ERNESTINE UK KAHKR. The youthful Melodeon charmer, will appear. both in Song and Dance, ev?i-y night this week. MELODKON, f.:? BROADWAY, (CHINESE BUILD incs), between Spring and Prince streets. Major IJKN YATE8, Ballet Master, Will present his Vlvnndiere's Guard of twenty beautiful young ladies every night this week for inapecthm and drill. Mr.wvr.ns, ?jo broadway (Chinese wild ingr). h 'tween Spring and Prince streets. CHILD OK niF. REGIMENT. A beautiful oi?era, received with immense applause, will bo produced every night this ?rt. MELODKON. 539 BROADWAY (CBOOTB Lit ILD ings), between Spring and Prince streets. THK HARVEST llOMK, A splendid ballet, introducing beautiful Dante sand Songs, every night ibis week. Tk*"KLODKON, BROADWAY (CHINESE BU1I.D xi i Ings), between Spring and Prim - streets. 1 irat week of the world-renowned Scotch Ikdlad Singer, Kiss AGNES rt tIIER(-VNO, Who will sing every night this week her sweet ballads. MKI.oi.KON. MO BROAHWAY.nilNKSE BUILMNG9, between Spring ami I'rlnt < treetH. Mtss A.VVI.V.CXUA, Int priuio datunieac of the celebrut .1 Ravel troupe, \\ ii appear every night iu her original in iacipai donnc* T AHonmnTi. ^ l lie groat American comedian, I Mr. J. 8. CLARKK, I Mr. J. 0. (l.AKKK, t Mr. J. S. (l.AKKK, " will appear la two of hie great comic, roloa, a> OlMPLK, in Ruckatonc'a charming comedy, in tlirce acta,of LKA1' YKAR, rodoivad on IW ropronoulatlon on Saturday with the warmest exproeamos of ploaaure. Mia. Mora flowordew Mia. AloxiuaFmher IMcer Mis;i (01/wry Mre. 9. H. i'haaltim William Walker Mr. Her Wo 1MH i Mra. Crisp Mra.Tbafar Captain Mauler Mr. Mut tiara auil .n TOOl LKS, roor?i.n?, TOOI'IJCH, Using the HKVt'KTii win rrr of hi* peculiar |m>i nuntiolt of that humorous character, m wUich lui hui hi-cn received with mieh ENTHUSIASTIC I iKMONs 1RATIONS OK Al'I'ROVAC^ being nightly THREE TIMES 11 EC A 1.1. ED during i lie |iorlonniuice to reoetve the r .nigral illations ?f a delighted audience. \T K\V BOWKKV THEATRE. J.! Solo Proprietor*... Mc.iara. 0. I,. Pox & J. W. I .wear* Monday, auuust m, mi. t Iihi lc* t.'nv lor'H great Military Drama of IH'1.1, RUN ; OR, TDK SACKlNti OK KAIREAX COURT HOUSE, illtll.I JAN I TAW.KAI X AND OOKOKOUft EEKKUW. Amoii|i a hu h will bo round TDK lONtl UKII'UK AT WASHINGTON, THE DEATH OK I I.DSVVOI1111 mi.I the gorgeoiiH tnhh aux nl TDK HAITI.K OK BUM. HUN. The drama ? ill be presented KVlOtV NIOlJT TUJi FURTHER NOTICE. In addition to which the Nautical Drama of Till-; M IN DTK UUN AT SKA. J^ARNUM S AMERICAN MUSEUM. Tho mijMirulloltvil attractions of the Museum are catling togulhi r tlnnianiidH ol h 111 HCXSS and all age* aud eltiHsen. Tin: UMNO HIITOIOTAMUS, TDK l.lVINtt HIPPOPOTAMI'S TIIK lJVOitt HIPPOPOTAMUS, '1 UK IJ VINO HM'Ol'OTAMl'S, R1VKB lloRSK, RIVER UORfW, U1VKR lloRSK, R1VKU HOR.SK, UlVKll IIORBE, RIVUt HoRSE, KUi)M TIIK RIVER NILE IN EOYPT, KROM TIIK HIV 111 Nil.I' IN EOYIT. '11 IK GREAT HKHKMOTll OK TIIK St HilTURlM, HIE ORE AT HDHKMOlll OK THE SCRUTURW, THE GREAT IfKIIKMOTH < K THE SdUlTl lttM. ANI) T1IK M.lllMCI. OK TI1K ANIHAI. KIMIDOM, and rm: maiivki. oh run animai. kihudom, Is iltilvor.siillj acknowledged to bo the greatest wonder ovor seen in America. Every intelligent jHtrson known lhut tins is tho first on* over seen lu this ennutry, and It we unit' hv Ki special permission of the tillANIi VICEROY OK KGYI'T tlmt tins whs obtained,'tho penalty being doaifi for any of Ins si.hji ci to ulkw una to louvo liia dominions withMit bin iitrui'-si 11. tlo is sirs tly tut AMI Illinoi s ANIMAL, living i.ndor water or otu of It; will llont. on top of water. WALK ON' T11K BUTT'>M OK A 111Vkit, under water and iiiny lie new n at the Museum hi the AllTIKIl IAL UiVIIl, SWIMMING AMI WALKING, as if lVolicltiDK id liis uatlvo stream, the historic Nile, tlo i scoiu;:> iivl by S.H.AAMA. HIS AIIAH KEEPER, ivlio if himself a e .rioHity as a spi c men of that historiH trlb" of moti. Also just obtained ut great oxp, and now to in- soon swimming in tho largo tank in tho .Vptarial Hull, A LIVING SlIAKIv. beside a grout variety of oil o living fish, Turil --., 4c., Ac. WHAT IS IT? OH. MAN MONKEY. si a I .ion, mammoth rear samson , monsi'kb SNA .Ktf. Ayl'ARJA. IIAHI'Y FAMILY, LIVING SKAT., fte. The I .eclnre room enterlnintmnts embrace I CTITK DRAMA, Hl itl.KTl'A and FARCE, lJy a o lojiany of inie inimioal and di nmatio talent MISS DORA DAWRON, DOUHI.K VOICED VOCALIST. HIJ.I'. MATILDA I'. TOKDT, The talented young Viol ifst, fir. A 'n: sIon ti a'l 2S rents; Children under 10, 15 rents. Bryants- minstrels. Moehiitth s H id, 472 Hroadwav above Grand street, M'> d iv, Augi si 20, and every n". h dm ing the week. TIE. GRAND TtNl'ANt NoN III RI.RSyttF, Dr tnt Molina 1 Jtuitioeo Tommy. <'ouo trior t-'g Pan Drvante. TilK RAW IDfltriTs-. LONG BRANCH Ml SICIANH. S. . M HI LL IN" IDS POPULAR It ALf.M S . It 'VI'MULCTY OUTDONE KI'll. Kill N. NKII.Ii AND DAN I'RYANT. Cotii li'dlng with the I). U. llcrleMUt" entitled urn. run. hum, r?n, bull rcn, BULL R N BULL ItU.V, 1H I.I, RON, It'LI. DUN', RCLI, Rl'.V. Bl'1,1, RUN, t u in J if, Kplt. Horn. I'm 1 Alio ? I tan Bryant. I wiors open at 7; Curiam rises at K o'clock. Ticket* 'M c 'tits. VT1XOVS ROYAL CIRCUS. JJt * (Front Nlbbi'a Garden, New York.) Splendid O'lnhitiod Kntertainment. comprising CUV US AND MKNAGKUTK. One price of admission. 20 cuts to see all. Children 15 route, Open n! Iff and 7 IV M. Performance ovi ry afternMBy commencing at 2o'clock. FOR TWO DAYS ONLY WILL Ol'I'.N IN WILIJAMSBl'HG, On the lot in Smith Fifth street, batweou Seventh and Eighth streets. MONDAY and TUKSDAY, Angest 2d and 27. AT GKEEMIRNT, ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, Aflernoon'uud evening. On tli? first day of esbibitlnn through the principal<vt* and avenue* of Hrtnlciyn, Hie mvalcnde will be headed by u superb baud chariot , die nated with uatiooat flags and driven eight in bund by MA DAM K MASON', Tli i celebrated rhnrloteer, from Antley'a, Iiondon, atai'imed as TDK GODDESS OK LIBERTY. Great Northwestern menagerie, From S.uitri IV. comprising ? HERD OK ELEVEN DUI'TALOBB lteccully captured in that region. The grout Western elewu, den stone, Will appear fur the llrnt time. AI.I. THE GREAT FEATURES Of Niblo's Garden, with many additional attractions, wUI be presented. MR. EATON STONE, SIG.VOK ZOYARA, SR.'NOP. SEBASTIAN, SAM L BURT, LITTLE GEMMA. Doing Ave of the GREATEST RIDERS LIVING. MATINEES Will hi given at the above places each afternoon, coatuiencing at two o'clock. A CHALLENGE. The proprietor of this establishment offers a premium of FIFTY DOLLAR'S to any person in Williamsburg a* Grceupoint who will produce a team of horses capable of pulling off U ladder the famous llercules, A1.0NZO IIUBDMv To be tested on Monday night, August 26, and at Grpenpoibt on Wednesday, August 28. mHE GREAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, JL.HK GREAT CANTERBURY MJJSIC HALL, 685 IIltOAUWAY. IMMENSE SUCCESS, IMMENSE BVCCSB8. IMMENSE SUCCESS, IMMENSE SUCCESS, ok thk MAGNIFICENT PANTOMIME. CROWDED HOUSES, CROWDED IIOU.SE3, CROWDED HOUSES, CROWDED HOUSRS, TO SEE HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEK8 HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEZ'S NEW AND ORIGINAL NEW AND ORIGINAL GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME ok ma SOUTHERN ' KKF.UGEE; SOUTHERN REFUGEE; SOUTHERN REFUGEE; SOUTHERN REFUGEE; oa, FAISE AND TRUE. FAIfF. AND TRUE, FAISK AND TRUE. FALSE AND TRUE, FALSE AND TRUE. FALSE AND TRUE, FALSE AND TRUE, FALSE AND TRUE, Which Inta already been wHoem ul in two weeks by over TWENTY THOUSAND PERSONS. TWENTY THI H'SANII PERSONS. TWENTY THOUSAND PERSONS,. TWKNTY THOU?AND PERSONS. MONDAY NIGHT, MONDAY NIG1JT, MONDAY NIGHT, will be introduced an entire now scene au<i * GRAND TABLEAU, GRAND TABLEAU, depleting Ibe GREAT BATTI.K IN MISSOURI, . GREAT IIATTLK IN MISSOURI, GRIC.IT IIATTLK IN MISSOURI, GREAT BATTLE IN MISSOURI, and DEATH OK GENERAL LYON, DEATH OF GENERAL LYON, DEATH OK GENERAL LYOH, DEATH OF GENERAL LYON, DEATH OF GENERAL LYON, DEATH OK GENERAL LYON, IV r in in g one of the finest picture* ever neon on any ulaga. Second week of J. H. BliDWORTH, Celebrated Ethiopian Comedian. Notice?lu ronseipieuce oi' the unprecedented 8iiccM? of the afternoon performance on Saturday la?t. the managers beg to inform tludr patrons and the public generally that a GRAND MATINEE Will be given Evkry Saw im ay until further notice. FOX li CCRRAN, Proprietors. "Writs. JOHN DREW s ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHI 1V1 ladelphln?The faille^ ami gentlemen engaged as tli# eatabilslinicnl are rapioeled to as. amble in the green Twin ou Wednesday morning, Augusts, preparatory to Hie owning of ttic i-ris, 11 on Silnrday. thy Slst Inst. \YM. S. KRKlrKurCKH, Ai ling and .-tale Manager. ISFTJTI TK <iF Mtr. <ar> Broadway.?OIIEAT I)It8illorf nailery of I'ointiugri: works of American I nri i- . 1 i< u j A AUui --i :> i!o 1 ents. OjHll day ' JAiS. U. WAUU.SocrctMY,.

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