Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1861 Page 3
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' guiypuro. I riAM WEEKLY 1UCTWEEN NEW YORK AND I4VER pool, landing soil embarking panaeuger* at tjuw^g. i, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Fb'.iadelBteamehlp Company intend denpalchlng luli :re<l Ciydo built Iron Hleumxliipe a* follow^ ' OK WASUINUTON Buturdfty August 31 8O0W ^''.orday, Sent. 7 * ' OK DALTIMOIUS .Saturday, Sept. 14 every Saturday, at noeu, flroifc pier 44 North river, tunn or I'aasAu*. i cud ?<o oroerilgo to lx>udoa 80 IX). to I/indou Oil to Pari* Ho l)o. to Parts OH to Hamburg 85 l)o. to Hamburg 05 umeugeis also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, HotterAntwerp, Ax., at equally low rutes. reons wishing to bring out their friends can buy La here at Hie following rates to Nevr York;?From ir |nn >1 or gueenBtoa n, First Labia, $16, $85 uid $ lots, rage from Liverpool, $40. From yue?u?lown,$00. iene steamers have superior socotumodnUons for (Asters and < arry experienced surgeons. They an built ater tight iron sections, and have patent Are aouililrs on b< ard. ir furllier information apply at the Coin|>ainy's odlcee. JOHN (i. DALE, Agent, 16 Broadway, N. Y. KAM Fib)M NEW YOKK TO UVERl'OuL?THE steamship C Iff AT EANTERN, ma OillllluU lior contract with the British government, nail from Now York for Liverpool Oa Saturday, October 6. BATKS OK PAK8AGS. first cabin. $9.1 a $135. according to stateroom acmodutii n, all other privileges being equal, third cabin, from $J5 to $50. ills of first i loss apartm'tits for families may bo enod by ?p cuil arrnngement. te ('.BEAT KASTTIIN will leave Liverpool on her re i trip T lesdny, October 119. aus of tho ship can he seen, and engagements mado ruigut uua passage on application to uowuanh & aspinwall, 64 anil 66 South street. "KA\I TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND IJYKEU l*iol.?The Montreal Oi an Steamship C m .my's Hist full [mwcruU Clyde built steamor liUllKMIAK, Grange, carrying the Canadian and United Slates s, will sail from Quebec next Saturday, August 31. a ol' passage fr< m New York:?First cUhh, according vouimoilntlons. $70 and $S5; steerage, round with 'I provisions, $710. Cortiflcat 8 Issued lor bringing pas.-etigois from all the principal towns in tiroat tin ami Ireland at very low rates. For passage apply I Broadway, New Yoi k. saih.i. .v BEARLE,General Agents. OR SOU'lllAMt TON AN'H HAVRE. On Saturday, Sept. 14, the UnitedStates mail steamer ARAt.0, I). Linen, commander, ill rail from pier No. 3T North river, foot of Beach t, on Saturday, September 14, at to on. iih Meaniship (unsurpassed for rafcty and comfort) double cnginm under deck, onrlimcd by water tight I'urttnentB, which, ticshlos olln r results, tend, In the it of collision or stranding, tn keep the pumps free rlc. an t recuro the safety of vessel and (laseeiigers. ir freight oi' pa&tugo apply to BAMl'KT. M. K"X, GKO. MACKENZIK, Agents, No. 7 liroadway. te st amer FULTON will sail October 12. IK NORtn GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP HUE men, II. Weasels commander, carrying the United s niail, will sail from pier 30 North river, fool of ubers street, on SATURDAY, August 81, at 12 o'clock M., FOR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, ng pepsnngcrr to ON|tON, HAVRE SOCTHAMITON AND BREMEN, to following rates:? r the that cabin; 1100; second cabin, $60; steerage, if freight or pass'1 go apjily to OEIJHCHP h CO., 68 Broad street. NAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AND Southampton. ic Hamburg American Racket Company's iron steam. lb i ? nla, II, commander, carrying tbo ed St iter mail, will ioave from pier 21 North river, ol Fulton st e-f. SATURDAY, Sept T. at noon, laniburg, via Southampton, taking iiasscngers for ! ? - rst cabin, $100; second cabin. $<?): steerage, $.T5. ifi steamers of thin line will leave every alternate rday, carrying the Unitod States mail. ie steamship lLuntuouia will succeed the Teuton la on tuber 21. C. B. RICH A HI) k HO AS, 151 Broadway. OVAL MAIL STEAMSHIP PERSIA?FOR LITERpool?The PERSIA, C. H. K. Judkins Commander, will i' in the stream on Wednesday snt, 88th instant. A mbuat will ply between the Company's wharf, at JerUlty, and the Persia, from 10 to 11 o'clock A. M., to ey passengers and baggage on hoard. Nono hut pagers can bo taken on hoard, The ASIA will sal] Septier 11. E. CUNARD. No. 4 Howling Green. OR LIVERPOOL.?OLD BLACK STAR USE?THE Bplcudid clipper fillip ADELAIDE, Captain Cutting, g at pier 27 fast river, sails August 27. Passengers eoinmondod to examine this hiviutiful ship, as nh? is piallod for spocd and accommodation. Early applicashould ha rea.lo for passage by applying on board, or TI.LIAMS fc GU10N, 40 Pulton street. OR LIVERPOOL.?THE MAGNIFICENT CUPPER Ship ORIENT, Cupula Hill, will sail August 27. accommodations are unequalled. For passage, at the at possible rules, apply on board or to K. COLLINS at the ofTUe on pier 5 North river. )lC 1.1 VKRl'OOL, THIS DAY.?lMksEJWERH~7>Kgirous of procuring passage In the finest elit>|M r ship ever le, l (lli< tV.rl .,,,1 ,.f It,evere i.e. ~ l -.1 ,e I.I y immediately to theagont for tboowiu r, 1). Mcl'HKK, No. 1 Greenwich street, corner of tlio Buttery, OH 1 JVERPfX>L. ?THE. SPLENDID SHil' AURORA, Cupt. Barker, will jmsitively sail on Tuesday, Au27. Unsurpassed fti roramoilatluUH for cabin, second n and steerage possi ugors, for passage app'y on 'I. l'l"r 11 East river, or to JOSEPH MURPHY, 61 h street, OH LIVERPOOL?THK CELFHRATKH PACKET SHIP JRKKMJAH THOMPSON rail." August 31. Tliis l'avoShip, one ol Uio fastest crossing the Atlantic, made voyages In succession this year In 1C days. Kurly icalioti should bo made to secure berths In the rooms ee.k. App'y on hoard, at pier 40 East river, or at the e, 276 Pearl street. OR LIVERPOOL?'TAPSCOTT'S LINE?SAILS THIS day. Tho well known packet ship Wled' POINT, am Child. For pas-age, at reduce I rates, apply on I, pier 18 Fast river, or to TATPSCOTT & CO., No. 86 li street, LINE FOR LONDON?SAILS AUGUST 81. THE favorite packet ship VICTORIA, lying ot pier 17 river; lias superior accommodations; ]iassongers n nl low rates. For passage or I rafts on (treat Itrltaiu eland, apply on lioard or to TAPSCOIT & CO., 80 It street. IRST SHIPS FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON.?BAILS this day, ship AMERICAN UNION, (or I.lverpo ami found in provisions. *14. The splendid ship :EKT GALLATIN, pier 19 last river, for Liverpool, i Sept. 2. Ship PLYMOUTH ROOK, for London, pier last river, sabs August 31. For passage, at greatly iced rates, apply to TIP >8. C. ROCHE, 83 .South street. OR LIVERPOOL.?TAPSCOTT'S LINE?SA1L9 AUgust 31, tho splendid ship IVJt. K. ,-TORKR, lying at 38 lust river. Passengers taken at. low rates. For (age or drafts on any pai l of Great Britain or Ireland y on board or to TAPSCOTT & CO., 80 Son 111 street. HEAP PASSAGE TO L1VERPOOI? BY THE BLACK lldl Line of Packets. Th" Clipper Ship JAM ICS 71 It. Jr., sails 2sth August. For paiMge appijr on d, loot of Beckman strec!, Fast river, or to JACOB IV!ISDN, lus South street. iOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. ~ A firs* class steamer w iii leave New York on tho 11th and 21st of each month, except when these dates en Sunday, when the day of departure will bo on the day following. >r freight or passage apply at the only office, No. 5 ding Green. D. B. ai.lkn, Agent. OTRALU ?KANGAROO LINE?FOR MELBOURNE. I First vessel. The mngnillcont lirst e ass ship JACK j ">T,2.000 tons burthen, can accommodate lirst and md class passengers. Address or apply to JlAiLLKit, ;n A QUEKEAU, 108 Wall street. NEW Pl'KUCAXlOSS. UST Pl'BLISHKD. POSITIVE FACTS WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOl'BT nt jrchart. r.btnan dcioxax. his is tho most curious Book ever Published in tUo dish language, CONTAINING ivtins' Consolation or Philosophy. (Votes by Lord hard Preston.) rbor Vita), or a Physical Account of th? True of Life in Garden of Eden. .uc.lanV Encomium on tho love of Country, ho I'ignity, Bonotlt and Beauty of Uglm ss. ho Empire of Nothing. History of tho Devil. A rieture of Hell. Tho Joys I leaven. ASD n Tndc* to Mankind. 8vo, Cloth. 1.103 pages, $1 00. or sale, whoieanlo and retail, hy Mr. JOHN BR AUBURN, 107 Nhmmi street, Corner of Ann, and 40 Walker street. E BON" TON, / JOURNAL DE MODES, lie- heapaat, best ami most roliablu fashion book pob- ] ied. u is warranted u? keep the milliner, drees,cloak, mile, cap, headdress and linen manufacturer correctly I sed, in advance of importation, the prevailing toy Irs 'arls, whuh no other work in America does. Its letter lusliioLs alone is worth more than the pi ice charged. ] scription one year,15; stnele copies, 50 cents, Pub nst monthly by S. T. TAYLOR k ;(JN', 407 Broadway, ? York. IHK COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR OF THIS PAY COStains a reliable list of all Failures ami Rneincse tnges. Price eix cents. Otllco 18 Park Building, 37 rk row. [ HM?TAPBA?T|. I1MKFI-. IS BUT ON E HOPE FOR THE REPURXJC?it must assert itself, crush out the rebellion, cempel the |r and ri ap-iet of its enemies abn a i and at home. t.t to pat ono ptaoe in New Y< . wbere you can got aglwiof j i tl.iest Ale fer Scents; that is No. 2 Cortlandt siteet, I Lhwastaornar of Broadw?y? St'KFiCUi, ) | SALES OF R.1CA1? B^tATE. A SUPERIOR ORANGE COUS ; FARM FOR SALE? Stloatutn ?lio towuablp of Wallklll, ?ix mil** from MuMletown, N. V- This Far'.n contains 04 acre* of Hint clan* land, divided Into plorgh, meadow and grazing, wp'u g ?nl Orchard and fiVutuircH of Wood; well walerod uud ii'urod. The Dwelling contains ten rooms, and la to excellent condition. and r'ao (tarna and Out Buildings are nearly new. Apply to A. W. FRANCIS, seal engraver, 42? 1 roadway, N. \I-IKGV; BROWN STONE HOC3K, WORTH lit) ,000, sfd Sroadwsjr, S&xUxlOO, Is on red In exchange for a O' sincBn, or given aa a consideration for n partner " 111iur-a. mortgage mauo Ui huh purcrurser. Address Energy, Herald oihca. ij^OR MALE?OR KXt'HAXOE FOR IMI'KOVF.I) HARLEM pro)>erty, a Que Store property on the Fourth avenue, in the business part; will rout fbr $1,000 per year. The dw Mug part U titled up unusually neat, wiih all Improvements. Address Fourth Avenue, Herald office. 1>?R SALE?t'HFAl',ONE liOT IN' Ml VK.N1 Y EllillTIl street, between Second and Third a volition. Inquire at the Seventh Ward Hotel, 173 Madiaon street. For sale or to let?a new, modern built baudaome frame House, 260 Bergen street, Brooklyn. Gas und water fixtures; adjacent to cars and ferries. Rent low. Apply on the premises, or at LESLIE'S, 170 Atlantic street. For sale?a three story ekkhtone house-, full width, high stoop; very centrally located between Union square and Irving pliu-e; the neighborhood is one of the very best in the city; the house is in beautiful order and will be sold on favorah.'o terms if it ran be disposed of immediately. Address S. H., box 231 I "est oftloo. INARMS. WITH (KKI!) BUILDINGS, CHOICE FRUITS, Ac , within seventeen miles of New York, for rule and trade?170 acres, $17,000; 05 do., $S,300; 70 do., $7,000. Within thirty miles and near Nvaek; 103 acres, $0,000 ; 55 do., $4,600, 31 do., fti.OOU; 27' do., $2,000; 17 do.,$1,71)0. W. 11. MK1JCK, 407 Broadway. FOR BALK?VI.KY LOW, A I-1R.-T CLASS HOUSE, near the Asylum for tlic Hi lint. If sold soon a bargain; if not will be let low, with or without Furniture. Also, Floors er parts of Floors at reduced runts. Call soon at 375 Ninth avenue. O. E. HATCH, Auctioneer. " "X 1It VI Vi ll> U .1 I IS VCll! 'l'l?l)VTO\IIV KICIUIMI.V J located, for tin.', tin it. ui ami citt'up, containing 70 air's, with tine orcliard, springs, unci a little wooded; 001 a;u houac and ueut ont buildings; a fine chance for a m reliant or o Iters wish a; to r. cure a productive homo near New York at small cost and on easy terms. Adams the owner, Lot 3d Tar t town l'ust office, New York. ITtOR SALE?A BARGAIN?ONLY $900 OR $200 wanted down?in, half an hour from Kul ton ferry and a few stepR from th" oars; g.i- throughout, water and heater: price $2,704, coat $11 .WO. Above sum wanted down, the ramalndar on mmgafa iitrw House, box 19d Herald FOR f X' IIAN ,K - 1-OR Wi; TKKN I.AM), .IKWI'.I.RY or othai peraoonl prop rty, 100 ncrea of nod land, it. ar the city; fair buildings: must l> Sold immediately, as the owner intends leaving the country. J. (). lloYT, Montague and Court streets, Brooklyn. IoTi AND LAND FOR SAUK IN THE VIIXAOE OF j I'ntkuitsack, N. J.?Boatdesirable Boll 11m la.ts in tli" p!ae. . 40 minutes from tins city bv rail, on the Hack emack and New York Railroad; the must boimiiful low n bo near the city, lying on ti tide river; \\aikn Hugged, plenty of schools and churches, frequent communication with the eily during ti n 'lay, no local disease, perfpei y ho. ltliy and no mosquito s. Apply to .It ilIN TKRHKCN, executor, 175 new CauoI a reel, or nt tl e Honest ad, upper end of the vilkige. wbcre maps may be (teen. \* C-1N*TF/)?To LEASE OR PURCHA8Z THREE on 11 four hits within six miles of Fourteenth street, suitable for n private greenhouse. Address, slating locution and terms, Tims. I>. Robinson, 88 Broadway. 4bO AAA ,v CASa AV" WISCONSIN FARM TO ?'/ V " vr exchange lor a house in New York worth $4.i)ou, will trade for lots in Harlem or Yorkville. Address W. lb, station G, stating location, price and place for an interview. HORSBS, CA11 It IA tJ Ks, AC. \ GENTLEMAN'S ESTABUSHMMXT, CONSISTING OF a young tuid sound gray ll.ire,15'? hands high, with a city made light road Wagon, nearly tie*-, nud tin -Harness, Sheet, Whip, &c., for fduO, at No. 96 East Tbntysecond street. A HAY I'.ORSK, 6 YEARS Ol.O, I.V . HAM'S HIGH, sound, stands without tying, tan trot in three and a had minutes, $150; a jair gray Mures, with family Carriage and Harness, nearly new. separate or together. Apply, until sold, at No. 73 Charles street. A STYLISH BLACK HORSE, SIXTEEN HANDS HIGH) J.\. also a Top ltuggy and Harness, city made, will bo sold for cash or exchanged for watches unit diamonds, luquire at 373 Canal street. A V ELEGANT GRAY Ho!t?K FOR SALE?1'AsT. JX. sound, kind an ! gentle in single or double harness: will bo sold low. Apply at 41 South William street, up stairs. 1 ROCK AWAY CAHF.IAGE FOR SAI.F?IN GOOD J\_ order; wi'l be sold for fio. Also n I.'ght Wagon an 1 Sleigh; will ho sold cheap. Apply to \V. 11. MITCIIFJX, 77 Cedar street, near Broadway. CA Kill AG IS ANI> HORSES SF.I.I.ING OFF CHEAP. 7he (dace to buy all kinds of carriages, is at the factory, 184 Fulton avenue, and at the stables, 10 Nov ins street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE CHEAP?THREE WORK HORSES SUIT A HI.K for farm use; also 1 pacer, very (as*.; also 1 tiny Mare, 7 years old, can trot in 3 mintues or would nchange one or two of thorn for a light wugon. Apply at I'urk Ho ;so stables, Fifty-ninth street and Broadway, opposite the main entrance to Central Hark. For SA1.E?A VF.ltY STYl.'.ell SidtltEI. l*n\Y,S* ANT fourteen hands, sound and kind; well broke to the saddle for a boy nine years old,and when in harness a perfect beauty. Any on" wantii g something very choice may apply at u!i Fulton street, corner of Prospect, Brooklyn. 17U)R SALE.?TWO OF THE PRETTIEST HARES IN . this city for saiecheap; arc well trained to the saddle, and would g,.it well tor tho army. Also, one good mare that would suit an < xpress or iniik route. All to tie Moid right away, as the owner is going away to light for the Stars and Stripes of our country. To he seen at 477 Pear) street. HORFK. HARNESS AND ROUKAWAY CARRIAGE for do, to pay charges.?Park stio! Jlorg : Carriage been used hut a few tint s goo I Hanov , Ac., fUtkittg a rcmpleto outfit; will be sold geparale or toe liter. Can b s at tbe Tattcrsall stable, corner of Thir ty-nlnth stri?'. and Sixth avenue. PLATFORM SPiil.Ntj WAGON FOR SALE?SHIFTING sides, for one or two will carry thirty hundred; tn perfect order. Price $C0 cash. Apply to'.IOHN DOYG. cornr of Ninety-eighth strs t tuul Nintli avenue. YYTANTEI)?IN EXCHANGE FOR A SMM.I. STOCK (IF YV choice I.iquors ami Segnr.s, a good II >rw and Spring Carl, Harness, Ac.. or Express Wagon. For pnrt :,uliirs apply a: No. 105 Wuchlngton street, IJoboken. UOr.SKS, ROOMS, AC., WANTED, 4 FUHN1:-I1ED HOUSE WANTED?BY A FAMILY OK J\_ two persons, where tho owner would Itoai d ill rent | and p rmit a few other boarders. IJ -r-t of care taken of house and a pleasant homo insured. Unquestionable reference. Address J. 1). Winter, 405 Second avenue. V SMALL BOUSE OB COTTAGE WANTED?IN THE country, within one hour by sl' or railroad from New York, from five to ten acres of land, garden and ham, ami a healthy location. Ilent not m exceed $100 or $150 |>er annum. Address K. S, S., Herald oil ice. 4 FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?A MODERN HOI >E in a respectable neighborhood, either in Uiis city or Brooklyn, by a first class tenant who will tako tlie best care of tho furniture; undoubted reforeno 'givon, and tlie rent paid in advance if rnpiired. Address Hmto Herald cilice. giving full description, pr ica and location; no others v ill be noticed. Ft BNISHED HOUSE WANTED DQfl id tin Y?V ST be (list clas-', large and handsomely furnished; a e truer house with stable attached preferred, l/teatiou between Eighteenth ami Thirty-secoud streets, on Fifth avenue, Madison squaro or Twenty third street,near the hotel. Address, with particulars, O. K., Madison squ .ro Post ofllco. rp.1 tiitoui- Its?ANY PERSON WISHING TO D1 "081 I of a stock of groceries, with ilixturos and lease of ' store, st moderate rent, in a good btisin??s location, may I hoar of a cash customer by addressing tt. g., box 75 Herald office, staling location, Ac. WANTED?A GENTEEL, WEI.T, LOCATED HOI"-T. atid lot, In New York or Brooklyn.or a nice Country Place worth #4,000 to $0,000, in exchange (above mortgage) for Stocks in a llrst c'um mauofai luring company, at a fair cash valuation. Address, giving price, location, Ac., B. B. B., lost office, New York. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE, below Twenty tlfih street, convenient to Broadway. The owner can board as partial equivalent for I he rent. Unquestionable reference given. Addrccs E. S. T., r.iro of llr .1 rnnnvnn T1H Urnn. ? , TfrANTED TO RENT, FURNISHED?A HOUSE IN f V the country, silted for n winter residence. within ouo hour of tho city, by railroad. Possession wanted ou or before the 1st of October. Address A. 11., box 032 Post office. Wanted?to erase a small farm or country residence, near salt water atidc mvenient to thociiy. If satisfactory would like privilege of purchasing. Address, giving des Tip! ion, location and prioo, T. M. E, box 176 Herald office. , BILLIARDS. k FINE ASSORTMENT OF BILLIARD TABLES, Willi J\_ nowlv invented Patent Cushions, nuperlor to any now in use, is oiforcd very low lor cash by W. J. SHARP, at his manufactory, 118 Fulton street. Also u few second hand Tutilas. Billiard?.?for sale, a splendid and i,ar?;e gtoek of New and Secondhand Tables, at reduced prices. Bu.ateile Tildes for sate. Orders by mail at tended to. W. 11. GRIFFITH, ltd Fulton a.rct t. IJIIELAN'S 1M ROVED BILLIARD TABLES AND COMII.NATION CUSHIONS, i'rices to suit t!?j limes. 1 HELANS: COLLFNDEB, C3 to OU Croti u strcot, Now York. STEW YORK HERALD, TIT EXPRESSES. TTiXI'RHB.?BURNHAM'S FURNITURE EXI'RBsT? Iw Furniture lacking Establishment, 113 West F.levenih street, Ih'Iwwiu Fifth ami Sixth avrnuoe. Furniture boxed and shipped to all partsoi tho world. Pianotorlug, pnintings and Mirrors packed ami moved in covered wagon*. Furniture removed to the country. Furniture stored. THIS COMl'ANY n.iS NOT FOR WAR OKI) CONTRABAND WOODS OR UJITKR8 TO THE REBELS. ARMY EXPRESS COMPANY. No. 12 Barclay street, Now York, Is forwarding, by railway and their lino of steamers, packages, money and goods, supplies and provisions lor the ARMY ut all points, dally. W.MH TO Nathaniel Marsh, IhreMdent N w York and Erlo Railroad. Courtlandt Palmer, Esq.,Now York. Morris Franklin, Esq., Pros't V. Y. I.ifo Insurance Co. Charles P. Kirk laud, Kay, Now York. William B. Ogden, Esq., Chicago, 111. MIST AND rOUXD. Found?a tuk owxm can have the same by calling at 42 Leroy street, and proving property uud paying for this advertisement. LOST.?ON THE 24111 INSTANT, A I UOMISSORY Note for $u6 86, dated on or about June 22, lsfil, drawn by B. J. Blankmau to the order of aud endorsed by James M. Morehouse, payable ninety days alter dale thereof. All persona aro forbid purchasing or negotiating said note. Any person returning said note to U. J. Blankman, No. 7 Heck man street, will be suitably rewarded. IOsT.?ON (SATURDAY, AUGUST**, A LADY'S GOLD J Chain and Black Cross, in the vicinity of Washing ton square and Sixth avenue. The thid?r will he liberally rewarded by railing at 88 South street, Exchange olllce. Tost?on or aimct the ok aciicst, in j the city of New York or vicinity, a black Book, marked William H. Houseman A Co. boat No. 21, fool of Spring aired, North river,and a llitl Head File, with several Bills and paper* of no value to any one hut the owner, $10 reward will bo paid on delivery of said articles. Call ut the bout, WM. H. HOUSEMAN k 00. IOST?ON THE 98TH DAY <?F AUGUST INSTANT. j in gulag from pier No. i North river t> WnUMreet, a Pockclbook. ixintainiug notes and papers of no value to any one but tho owner. The tinder will bo liberally reWlll ili-il 11V l.mvimr L !..< c.t.,.. ... ir,a \V... I V ....a,I. street, New York, w ilh the undersigned. J. L. MASON. ItliWAHDS. dhQ ?LG6P, ONSUNDAYMOHNINO, Arot NT SI, A black anil tuti Terrier Slut. Answers to the name el Hess. Whoever will return h r to43 Hast Thirty -third street, will receive the above reward and no questions asked. Cl'OA R*waw).?loer, in Brooklyn, on si n dixy, August 25, in goiug from Sackett street, through Court to Atlantic street, a large Diamond, from a ring. The lluder will receive the shove reward hy returning the same to A M. Bradahaw, Nos. 2 and 10 Cooper bwttute, New York. ??)r RKW AltP ? 1 11ST. <>Y SA1 MtliAY, Al'tH'ST wO 24,$tH3 ill hault bills, in tho vicinity of Washington market. The Underwit! receive the above reward, with the thanks or the owner, by returning it to John Kipp's excising . lot) Vesey street. (JhOfv R*KARD?LQOT.ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, iUwt) ft lady's Tarring, blue enamelled setting, with one opal in centre and encircled with tit anoint*. Tho finder will receive the above reward and thanks of the owner Dy leaving (he b.uiio hi 225 Front street. SS)fT REWARD.?LOT ON 80NPAY NIGHT, ON H() tho Ilottok ii ferryboat to Km clay street, a Oold Ijever U uting, witli Ni b. 3,Gt>7 H and 4.438 II marked inside of the back t<>i>. SaT<I reward will l?o paid anil no questions asked ut 73 William street, up stairs. |tr A SEWARD WILL BE PAH> FOR THB 00NV1C iyOU t ion of th<)|s i's >u who broke the parlor w indows 61 Imiise No. 141! West Fortieth street, oil the 8th hist. t?l-| AA REWARD?MBSING, SINCE LAST WED uiMiUy morning, Charles Kothenlniiclier, of tiie leer brewery, in new Brooklyn; was dressed in a j light colore! coat, striped gray pants; height live foot four inches; light beard. Any iierson giving any informs te n of him will receive the above reward by appytng i at 38 Marion street, New Brooklyn, L. 1. THB TVRP. FOB SALE?THE TKOTTINO HORSS IhiM^T I'l.TKB. Apply to 111KAM WOODRUFF. COUNTRY BOARD* CtOlNTRY BOAKU.?WANTEIh WITHIN 'INK HOUR'S J ride of city, w ar the line of horse oars preierre l, half Hoard for self, full board for wife, girl and one child two years old; family is plain; no fuss required; price must lie very moderate. Address, stating terms, Boarder, box 160 Herald office. C10CNTRY BOARD?FALL AND WINTER, AT THE J Cornwall Mountain House. Tortus with the times. Reference, N, It. law, 22 Fulton street. Address Ira Wood, Cornwall. Orange county, N. Y. H ASTROLOGT. \riT( INI.-I llN'ti.? MADAMK MORROW, SLVKNTH daughter, has a gift of foresight, tells how soon and otten you will marry, and all you wish to know, even your very thoughts, or no pay; lucky charms free: her equal is not to be found; her magic iuvige is now in full ope ration. 184 Ludlow street, below Houston, l'ric 25 c 'uts Gi-ntlenun not admitted. V CLAIRVOYANT WHO HAS NO EQUAL.?LADIES who are sick, in trouble or unfortunate, e m consult le r Willi the sin-test eouiidenoe. She warrants to euro nil- IM'OI u-;gi it* HI* -1 I IIMT vn 1 IIO'IUIIIUMII in a |l W IIIiJ J. If you wish l > "Main correct information on all evpnts.e .11 ami see M s. MII.TON, 661 Uroomo street. (juice hours from 9 o'clock A. M. imtil 8 M. C^ORA A. SEAM AN", INi r.i'KNllI NT CLATRVOVAST.? j Medical iirid |t ismess eoneultnrl.ins day and evotih.:;. I The science she uutolds If an satisfactory to all, it is on necessary (o give illustrations of the astounding rc.-iul:, 1 but continues ul 2119 Division street. BfADAMK SHAEFFER, 2<t 8NC0XD 8TR ' r. BK ilL tween avenue ( and Union market, second floor, front room, still continues to tell ubuut love, marriage, ii'isciit friends, husi. s and .tourneys. Indies 26 rents. Gem'.ci.en not admitted. Ollivo hours front 9 A.M. to | 9 I'. M. Aldi'AMi: RAY, 200 SEVENTH VVEXUE, NEAR it 1 Twenty-seventh street, surprises nil who visit h -r. lu shit, troubled and unlucky should her puwui s. .she tel's your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. liidi.'S, 26 n-nta; gentlemen, 60 cents. MADAM1* 7! \R\EY ClN TNRlRM MER MANV friends and tha public of all tie" events fill". If V"u tvi h the tr... 1. gn lera e.ill, ill 2'I2 111 vim ton .-tret, iiear (..luntbla. 1. idles 26 cents. Hours frcin OA. 11. to 8 I'. M. Madame buht has to inform thi i iks that sho still oontiuues to tell about love, nwriuge, absent friends iold Ituslties-, 129 Stanton str.' t,siv doors from I'Xsei, s< nd flour, front room. Imiios 26 eeuia; eeutlomoii not a Iruitted. "|\J" R?Wild HAS NO I Hi '.HI or THE Ci.I.EBRATi D ? Mm". I'I'irW: KKH, who li;.-< been consulted liy thousands in this and other cities with entire sat h fiction. She feols confident elto has no equal. She lolls lite name of futuro wilo or husband, and that of her vi-itor. If you wish truth, give her a call, at 251 Third aveuuc. :ib. ve Twenty Hist street. Ladi>'*. 60 oolite; gentlemen, $1. RE.II) TJIIS.?A J'lIRENOLOOIST AND ASTIVOI.OGIST that be.da the world, nnd $5,000 reward for any one who can equal Miss WKI.1,1 M.TON, who is uckuowl.-dp d to be the only lady in this city wnn truthfully gives information coneernir.g losses, lawsuits, Journeys, absent friends, lore, courtship, marriage, health, wealth,and wlto will reclaim drunken mid unfaithful husbands. Miss IV. is the <*ilyjvrsun in this city who has tho genuine talismans for love, good luck and all business affairs, and are guarantees for life. not to consult this naturn'iy gift-l and beautiful young lady. Lucky numbers given. Highly rcsitcrtuble city references can be seen at hoi r< ldeuen, 101 Flxthovonuo. SPIRITUALISM.?MR. FREDERICK ROSS, AN AC* knowi< dred tri thful ami reliable modium, can bo consulted on alt nlTairs of lit" at bis residence. 4') Third avenue, near Tentn stro t. lt>urs frun !) A.M. tills P.M. Mr. Rk.u baa also great pleasure in announcing lo his nuinereus ft lon<!4 that lie w ill aire a Circle on Wednesday owning. 2Hth iiist., at the residence of 0. <7.'Ihyl r, Eh'1., 145 Weill Sixteenth street, b.twoen i*.tenth* ami Eighth avenues. Hour, 8 P. M. tlWK GREATUST WONDtfR IV THE WORLD IS THE 1 ,1_ young and accomplished Madame BYRON, from Paris, j who can bo consulted with the strictest confidenceon all i affairs of life, embracing love, courtship, business ami ] Sickness; restores drunken ami unfaithful husbands; has i a set ret i" make you beloved by your heart's ideal,and brings together those long separated. Ladies 25 cents; ! gems 50 cents. Reoidenco No. 00 Third avenue, above Twelfth street. 1 BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STREW.?MADAME XOO WHK7KR. Clairvoyant ar.d glfte.l Spanish lady, unveils tho mysteries of futurity, love, marriage, absent tolls lucky numbers, property lost or stolen, kc. MUSIC AX>. A MAGNIFICENT seven octave rosewood pi \ no forte for sulo ata great sacrlliee; mailo to order for tbe present owner; cost $500, for $250, including Cover and Canterbury. Drawing Room Suit, cost $ 100, for $125. Inquire at 70 West Twenty.sixth street, near bixi h avenue. LIGHTE k BRAPW'RYS' New Scale Overstrung Rass Talent Insulated Full Irume Grand and Square Pianofortes, No. 421 Broomo street. What everybody says must be true; everybody says Ibey are tbe best, thoreforeAhoy must be tlio best, P! tVN.OE LtGHTE A- UltADBt'RV'S MAKE TORSAI I 'or to let.?7 to (II, octaves: lower than the lowest, vl*: $4 per month. Nos. 8 and 10 Bible House. T. H. CHAMBERS. T> KMOVAL.?HORACE waters. AGENT, HAS RK_1\, moved to 481 Broadway, between Grand ami l;i o une streets, where he foIIs now seven octave Tianos fir $150, warranted. Second bard I'lanog and Mclodootis irotu $25 to $120. All kinds of Musical Merchandise at war prices. Vlatum and Molodeors to let from $2 to $0 )ior month; rout allowed If purchased as per agreement. Monthly payments received for the some, ESDAY, AUGUST 27, 1861. TUB WAR. Army coNTRAt t.?$4,000 wanted, any one

having the above amount iu ready money run have an Interval ia a contract that pay* hnndsomely, w IU quick returns. No ouo need apply unless they lutva the cash. Address (i. T. A K., Herald cilice. Aki1m and second use ten ant wanted, In an accepted lulantry rcgimrnt, nearly full. Competent person* having |?rt of a company, pleaao apply to Captain ll Al.L, corner of Walker ami Centre streets, after two o'clock. AND BANNERS ?H. ROKSE CONTINUES TO paint E'lags, Banners, Ac., at his rooms, 146 East Tiurtiflii street. lNirlralia, Coats of Arms, Heraldry and Hold Ornamental Work, uaocuted in lire liigliest style of art. 17VIK SAI.K.?A KINK SET OK HORSE: Egl ll'MI NI'S ; for an olllcer, nearly new , prioo low. luijuiro at 204 South,'Third street, Williamsburg. Finn RWilMENT JFETOWON RIE1.ES. OOI.ONKI, Ch. Kruenweln MaH" K Drogo. The first com VI VMO ra?;vr una UWU UlllBlCrUU Ul tho Dulled Slates service this day anil inarched off to thotr camp in l'hiluilclphia. Young men desirous loJoin this Battalion nmler the command of ilajur John V. Droge, will apply at the headquarters, Hold's Hotel,corner til' Hayard struct and the Bowery. OKKttTRS' EXAMINATION.?THOSE OKFIfKRS WISH lug to be prepared to undergo wiih honor tho examination required l>y the War I'cpartiucnt, may secure | tho services of an oflloer (a graduate) by applying Immediately ut room 73, St. Gernmiu Hotel. IyMMDKNT'S IJKE fll'AlU).-IIKAlK.d'AHTl ltd .V.ul Broadway. Kogitueutal (Jrdora No. 1. Captain Cunningham , Acting Major?Notny the ofllreta of ibis regiment to be present before ni?. Ht headquarters, Ihith iust., between tho hours of 7 and 11 o'clock A. Xf. It. K. GOODWIN, Colonel. K. II I call your attention to above order, and expect your attention an directed. Yours, ke., ( AIT. ODMHIN.N iHAM, Act'g. Major. EKC'ltl'ITINi: OKKI' KKS -13 PER HAN l*N SQUADS of live and $3 iu aipiuds of leu paid for good volunteers. Must -speak English. Spiads mustered In and money pud every afternoon, 'those wishing to recruit in this manner can cull every day this week in the basement , til Murray street, corner of College place, between the hours of lo and 11 o'clock. SWORD KXim isK?A THOROrGH SWORDSMAN, Into an ofllcer of I lie British army, is now giving instructions in Sword Exercise at 4*1 Broadway, where gentlemen desirous of bee ming prutlcioul can lie taught either privately or in classes. rpo THE TWELFTH RttilMi NT K Y. & T.?MEN I wanted for iliu Fourteenth infantry,U. B. A ?lain now recruiting my company In the above regiment. Km I .....i.i, -1.1.1.-. 11. 11. niAMUEltliAlN, First l.R-ul"tiaut Fourteenth infantry, Recruiting Ollioer. T< > vounmn owicbm a mr rau> un> l.tiiti oOloorn I nilnruix oil hand,ami will bo Hold ai a Baerillco; also, 400 Army Overcoats, regulation collar. Rod Kit-; A RAYMOND, 214 Itroailway (under the Museum), anil 126 Knlton st. TTNITKD STATRrt UIFI.K.<~ACCEITKI> ltY THK SF. cretary of War.?Colonel, W. Koryranowski; l.icuWnnnl Colonel. V.'. Leakl. A national volunteer regiment. Citizens, whether native or adopted, are Invited to join, lu dot\ lie.- of common ri, lit- un.I common liberty. Volunteers receive jury, board and clothing from the day of enlistment. Headquarters 239 Broadway. TTTANTBH?A man OF KXFKRXgNCE and msans rV to take ediarge of a large bouse for the areommo dation of the ottlcers of two regiments now encamping on tho ground. Ibis Is a rare opportunity to make mowy last. Apply at 164 Broadway, front room, up stairs. / ? CY"' KKCIMKNT, ATIKNTION.?MKN AVISilINd TO V),J join the above Regiment, now reorganizing for (lie scat ol war, under the command of Thomas V. Melglier, will apply at 60 11m street. Capf. THOMAS CANTON, Compauy I. 14 o.i, JOHN J. linn BY. mi n wanykd for a regiment in camp.? ? r ) Two dollars paid to each man on m istering In. Apply immediately at 20 Ann street, up stalls. Recruit teg agents can make money. ;j | f | ir..uci r*'tl n.n.r. i i/airi.r. I r., n l l M ?)U'/ poles and pins, at a reduced price, holding from six to eight incu. Apply at 2"> Eut Broadway. PBESOIAla VB. C. W1BL FWD A LSTTTKB AT STATION F, ? Thirdavenue,from KIVKKI'AI.K. A DDES.?TLBAHE OOMK HOKE; vol ABB WAN TIED j\- at once; I expect to sec you to-Cay. W. OK.All WILLIE?BAMI AH EVER, IK rossiW.i;, MORS so. A nice, protly one. ToMIJ.VA. | voii.v ABSENT TWO WEEKS?JUST RETl RNEO. 1 / I will lio there Wednesday eveuiug sure. bollt. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MAllYSHKKIUAN KI N' ady, by lit r i unbuild; native of itallinrobe, county of Mayo, Ireland; was last heard from three years ago. Any Information of her will bo thankfully received by lu r brother, John Sheridan. Address letter in care of Mr. McOouau, 60 We.-t Washington place, N. Y. Bulri more papers please copy. Jr. <. ?ALL VKKY WKIJ, AT If MK. l. f. a. _ 6*T ORD KEWy"?DONT YOU THINK THAT MAND _X^i ha rchief has been in avender tpiitu long enough? M. M T NNIK?"HIE RECOLLECTION OF PAST ASSOClAa.f I lions is plea ant and cheering,'-' tint your persistent and cruel silence has nearly extinguished my hopes of Hi" future. KOX 1,448 P.O. "VT |. ?| SAY I) ? * I'llY. HERS I AM. ACCORDING ia ? to promise, "fls me. fto you s<-- it? ' hat! 'i'lial leather ! Oh, oh, giy,gay,gay. Oil, you darling htth I i//.b snigglegiggl( i idiiie. Aint it roe? In eooise it is. flay-day. OKA Ml I AM UL: hKK-I .KE-IJ-A'. riTMK MHY WJIO os 1 UK l.-.T of avuvst _L will please call again. rrUKJ.ASl I'AIK1' H AN l IN ij'lK V.VK Ot I Medical$ ioneo. Through this I a k andanswer N'o. 17S lJuano street, N. Y. TilK liN'tllNI ! It ViK (il.NKI'.AI, M lXIV.'I I.I.'ri VV SI air, who is at pre: at iu this t,ii\ in a furlough, please anul his name nr.i I jdrtiw to J. Ihtid: ay. station A, .pring si r. < t, and oblige a 1 need Y AT"II,1, RAlJlK LIS, AT VI i;i'(IN 1'KUUY (IIKiHlKl.YN ?V side), tit lour o'clock to morrow. CHAKI.K3 AIW.-Tt'S. tV'ii.l. THE YOUNG I AI'Y WHO CROBSED TtIK \\ ('.land street ferry to Williamsburg at 0 nV-hx *, Sunday evening, with .t ! tdy friend to wliorn -lie wan allowing a letter and waited to see li r <m ilio cms. corner (irtuel and First streets, scud ln r address, or .where mi Interview ejia bo lied, (Ire n, II enld oillce, which will i.a treated strictly cadi Jentlal. / i ?Wil l. K. 1. H. 1 I.KAbTTCAIJ, THIS \VKKX, AS OJ. t\o louvu tov.a on Kitardav. THIRTEENTH STTREET. MEDICAL. A IT IMPORTANT WOKK.?A GUIDE FOB THE MARY rted, or thoee contemplating it. Tho atllicte.I, debilitated or di.-loosed should in.I marry or adopt any trentln lit till tliey have Info; mod th'Mi.-Sv *" ( tie- truth "lily found in I)r. EARMoNT'S I'uris, Iondon and New York Medical Adv-er and Marria ;?i (lujdo; mailed fi r $1 by l'ltHAI'.DSt>N', N'o. 1 V y -" i t, and RORS At TOUSI V, No. 121 Nassau street, llie doctor cures nil such aili> ti a/-, recent or longstanding, e<|>editi0U8ly and privately, in- for veai'g past, at CA7 Hroudwuy, up stairs, from 9 A.M. to a r. M. _ ,, Dr. hunter hah for thirty years confined bis attention to disea>- k of a certain class, in which he has treated no less than flfty thousrnd pak h, without mi instance of laiiure. IDs great remedy, Dr. Hunter's Id d limp, cures certain diseases when regular treatment and till oth-r tvmedics full; cures without dieting or restriction in the habits of the |>uticut; cures without the di-/.sting and slik' Ulug effects of nil other remedies; 1'iiii s in new cases in I'fs than six hours. It roots out tlio jsc nous taint the blood IS sure to absorb unless tJio remedy is used. It Is $1 a rial, and cannot bo obtained gciiuliio anywhere than at the old odlco, No. Division street, Book for nothing that treats of tho cflucB of early abuse. DU. R. CuUBKTT HAS REMOVED FROM 13 DUAN1? street to 'JO Outre street, between Chambers and it?u le street.-, where he can be consulted jirtvalely on pertain dlgea; 08. N. H.?Pr C. is a m"mbcr of the New York I'liivei-lty Medical College. See his diploma in his olliee. Prii ate entrance at No. 0 City Hall jilaco. Dit. r.Ai.i ii?<)FFi< k cdo-ity .-rot. < <?i:ni:u of h ou: ton. Hours 10to J and 0 to 9 i'. M. DR. CMIi'ldi, NO. 14 Id'ANF. STREET, MAY UK CO\. suited on all diseases of a certain nature. Twenty, eight yoars exclusively devoted to these complaints enable him to warrant a cure in all cases. The victims of misplaced confl lenre in medical pretenders ran call, with a certainty of being radically cured or no pay. T~yr. WARDTREAT8 81 < .v>i CI l.Y ALL LUSEASj _| / of Ft mid -?Try his Great B iiolactor and Pills. OIBoc 12 I .light street. GJIE IT MTcii-s f>K !'R. W 1KB, 12 I.AI'.IIT STREET? All all'octions caused by mercury or disease ourod in ball' time and half charges. Hammond on nervous special diseases,, Ac., $1. RICHARDSON, No. 1. Vesey street; or of tho author, at MS Broadway. Hundreds are disappointed thx finding dr. WARDS otilcc, 12 Laiglit street, and giving his great remedies i trial, they are curod. RoFFifktK KKsTEtJ., 102 CHAMBERS STREET, CA# be cimsiilted as usual, or by letter to box 2.T69. liost'ii ofllee, No. 8 Harrison avenue. riMlE iHRF.i: lilO'lB t IF WOMAN.? 1 Epoch the first, the dawning 01 womanhood. Kpt-cit the second., the age of maturity. Epoch the third, the turn of life. Diseases incident to eiuh of three potlods of woman's life, Including functional derangement*, intdwiSry casirregularities, debilitating ihfliu if" . Ac.. k>'.,arr treated to a successful lssso by Dr. 11. A. HAltUtiAV, 11)1 Uhvcker street, four doors from Mncdougal street, N w V ' k. Hour* of consultation from 1111112 and from 4 till S; Sundays till 2. BALKS AT ArCTIOW. A MORTIMER <;mrHN k CO., AOOnONRKBS. Kliywii Oral class Household Kiirnltiiro, Pianoforte, Paintings, Statuary, Brontes, Ac., At public auction. Tlit* | r >|ierty of u family ik-cMulue houaok<H>|ihijr. On this day (Tuesday), at the private rcaiUenoeof Dr. Philip lUoaotn.M West MxUvnth street. between Fifth nud Sixth avenues, sale conum uclng at 10 o'clock. ChUlngiifid Hi the house. Druwiug Rooms?Solid rosewood thawing 1 Room Sutui, covered with brocntel; Ktegoret, Bookcoso, Centre Tables, Velvet Carpets, Chandeliers, Ciutdelabr#*, Paintings, Clocks, Mirrors, embroidered litco Curtains, magnificent Sevan octave rosewood pianoforte, tttool, Oiver, Canterbury, MuhIc Books, Dresden rliiuu Ornanvmts, liatNtjiml, Oilcloth, rosewood and muh' guny Bureaus, ltodstoud*, Wardrobes, ilulr Mattresses, Feather Hods, Blankets, (VMuterpancs, Sheets, Bolsters, Pillows, Solas, ltockors, Chairs, Tables, Sideboard,Cabinets,Curtains, Cornices, Shades, Ingrain Carpets. Also,all the Furniture of the servants' apartments. Also, aU the Basement wvl Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Sale peremptory. At'lVHiN BROWNE ft NlCIKHX Wild. SKIJ., WED nesdny, August 2H, at one o'clock, in front of salesrooms lis Nassau street, a pair of |suiy built black Mares, IS hands high, 8 yo.xrs old, warranted sound, kind an t goiitla; g o.t in all harness and under (ho saddle; ladies and children cau drive thoin; have been uso<l tlie last two years by (lie present owner, who now sells them only lor wont of use. Also, a elty built Top Wagon and double Harness, all In good order. A's i, nearly new Extension Top Rorknwsy, poles and shifts; can lie changed (' on) four to two scuta; Uio most couveulent carriage uttered for sale this season. Also, An excellent family Ho:se, sixteen hands high; bay color. A IMTION NOIKT.?A K.MIK OPI-ORTCNITY TO OH ? V. tain first class Household Fiiruiluro at auction. W B. CHAPMAN k CO., Auctioneers, will s II, this day, Tuesday, at 2 o'clock, all the elegant Household Furniture. 7 octave Pianoforte, I'aiutlugs and Works of Art contained lu the large mansion house OH West Twenty sKlli street, te ar Sixlh avenue, consisting of rosewooil and mahogany Sofas, Rockers,("hairs, Tables, Ktegeres, ltsikca-e, Conches, Arm Cliairs. walnut Droning Hull a is, Wardrobes, lledsteads, Wislisiands, Comm<dcs, Shaving SI iin's, H' llctr, lace Curtains, Mirrors, Shades, Vases, Clocks, Chiua, t'lat ware, Sllvoiwaro. Table Cut lery.Oil Paintings, hair Mattressi s, feather Bed*, Blankets. Sh 'i'Ib. . Also basement and Kitchen Furniture. tialc commcnciug at 2 o'clock this afternoon. VVenus' NOTIOK. IIV UX'KIVool) mtUTllKRS k UNHERHIIX, 45 Muri*ny street, THIS I 'AY. AT lit O'CLOCK, HF/in^U SAl.K OK HlKKION A.NJ) DOMESTIC i'ky goods, Coti-mting of Shirts anil Drawers, Hosiery, Satinet, t'lolhs and Cnssimoros, ,'a lots, kc. Also, a line ol I'on moiiuui's. Ha , Cabas, kc., together with a general ugsurt incut ol' Dry Ooods. Wl'JINKSDAY, Al'UU.-T 28. Iarge a o-clal sale of Itihbons, Millinery Gooda, Buttons, Trimming-, kc.: all now and desirable Goods, of recent importation, and worthy the attention of the trado. Viktion notice.?m. 0. kdey, auctioneer.? liorse. Wagon and Huruc-a. K/JtA I,VDi.()W, Jr., wnl sell on fuesday, August 27, at 12 O'clock, at his salesrooms 85 Liberty street, one door west ol liroodwuy, a very tin,- sty ball dark bay Horse, 15 hands high, war routed perfectly sound, kind and gentle, and to trot in tlir 'O llini tos also a IWht soniirr lc.* tVneriti lutill liv I Brewster, unit a very fine si'vor j>int< <1 Harm*". The above < an l>u seen at the stables, l'Jl Mercer struct, until day of gale. Also ni ter the above a large number of new un<l Peoond hand Vehicle*,ol' the bent cny makers, consisting ol lour ami six soul Kockuways, two und lour scat Box Wagons, extension top four scat Phaeton Wagon, light shirting tup Buggies, Itoad Wagons, &c. VUCTION NOT1CR?CHANCE Flit HOrsSKKEPBRR and ib aiers. A'l tho elegant II ischold f urniture < fa lac, private ding limine, It s clues?74 Sixth avenue and 128 Miivrlcy p ace, corner ol Si\t!i avenue?will be dd .K pubac miction ibis day, at !0>j o'clock, consisting of Oilcloths, linn .-is aud i. g lin Carpets, a solid rose wood I'arloi Suit, "vored in crimson and maroon brocai l Kb-; ( re,mar1 1 tip Tables, lounges, rosewood,ma li g ny and wain.d Bedsteads, Bureaus, ('hails, Sofas, IS" (.cart , Mirrors, Cut tains, Shades, Paintings, a dozen liair osd straw Palliasses, Bid ling. Riant Os, &c. Allot tbis f impure is in good condition, utid lias been us d only lour moults. ti. lTtATV, auctioneer. A V'lTlON.?UUiiWSK .V Nb HOBS WII.l, SKI.I,, TC1X J\_ day, August *7, at one o'ciock, in front of salesrooms, 1.6 Nassau street, a very valuable sorrel Mare, 7 years old, 16 hinds ldgli. Warranted sound, kind and g utlc, very prompt and of great bottom. Also a city built Top Wagon. In first rate order, together with Harts ss, VTIilp, Blankets, Sheets, Ac., the pru|<orty of u gentleman who has no further use for them. To be sold with out reserve. Also a dark brown Horse, 14bands high, 8 ye >rr old. kind and gentle In all harness, a very fust and prompt driver; stands without tying; a first rate family horse. \UCTlON MORTOAOE SALE.?V. J*. MllXS, AUClloneer, and attorney for tlio mortgagee, will soil on Thursday, August 20, at 11 o'clock, ni the corner of A arick and tbullion streets, the eon'euts of a liquor M. re, consisting of liquors, Casks, liemijohiis, Bottl'-s, Bur Fixtures, Counter, Classes, Measures, Ilecanters. So gars, Ac. Also, the unexpired t -rm of Hi lyase of and prcmis's; will expire next May. lb-nt $7oo. VARXUM S. Mil.lrf. Attorney for Mortgagee, 14 Chambers street. \U< TION NOTW E.?LARGE SHELF SALE OF CROCK ery, tila-s and China. IIKNUY ti. EVANS will sell in lots to suit dealers, on Tuesday, August 27, at 10 o ctock, al 86 Maiden lane, all kitels of white tiranite and common Ware, Including the entire sock of a do tie-, slightly damaged by die. with which the sale will com metier, halo |sisitive and without resorvo, for cash, floods carefully rep.u k" 1 for shipping. A CCI'IOV NOTICE.?ASSB. NKK'S BAI.K OF CHINA, /V ciars and Karthonwbro. fl. (1. EVANH will soil im Wtilnt'ii lay, August 28, lit 10 o'clock, the entire rtnck of C. I', l/c'tt1?, < iilmiicil in the stnro 183 Spring street, liy oril r (il W fnyior, Mudgnce. N. It.?The Store Fixtures from 563 lln ailw ay will bo eo!<l nt I wo o'clock, 'lb v i' in bo won /it 5/>5 Hronilway, second loft. \1'("1T0V SAIJ2 OF IVRXlTVliK?WmVKSDAY, AT 10if o'clock, at 8-13 Fulton street, Uro klyn, l'fTH At Ct>IJC, auctioneers, comprising maliogany 1'ianoand a P"U "ill jicsortmont ol I'nrlor, Chamber and Kitchen Fur i.iti re. Also throo : < wing Mncbiuca, I.e.)to/ it Weed's pa tout; on" Turning J.a li , & < . VUCT10N NOTICE?WILL BE SOLD IBB DAY, AT 44 I ' final street, a largo ipjautliy of Household Fnriniuro, t arpets. Heibling.t hairs, Tubl'-s,, (Husses. Also one ICxpress Wagon, otic Single Top Wagon, Spring i art , blankets. Kvoiytbiiig for housekeeping. A S. RICHARDS. M'fTIO.NKl P.,?600 CA8*!.S HOOTS, -fV Sli-cs ami ltrocsni at auction.?ItyRI'TIAKiS k WillTINtV on Wi'dncs lay, August 28, at JO o'clock, ut a tore 44 Oirilaudt str.. i. comprising a large variety of Full Hoods. direct from the manufacturer." Catalogue* on morning of sale. VUCTION NOflCiC.?CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE?A large stork. By .1. S. II. It A KIT .ITT. Tii'sdny. A .ii.-l 27. at 10 o'clock. at "2sl IVnrl street. in lota lor city and country dealers, kinds ol W hile Granite and Common Ware,Glass Ware anil China. Vsi-'IGN KF.'S SALE OK HI I K a: Hot .-ICHOID FURNITURE. The th'i. ale is uiui\ oylnbly [toyf poned iintllThursrtay, 23th,at lie- jine lie ir ami place, when descriptive cnluI " . inny 1k> obtained. No. ltl Broadway. ClOStJTABLE'B SALE?BY VIRTUE OF SEVERAL EXEy ontinua. WJS9] ,C WAITS will coil at auction on Thur., 'ny, .liiji!' a), at 10'? o'clock, all tlu- 1 ..mituro contained :ti Itmise .T.! ihvo it street, comprising Tapestry,'- "Is and Ingrain Ca: pots; r;Ui";;ftny Sofa lie 1st ai, mahogany Solas, I/iung s and Chairs, in hair cloth; Cot.l-i i> .;-' a,Is, H iir and Straw Mattresses, feather Jfcd Kters and Pillows, Cane Chairs, solid rosewood Bedstead, do. marble top Pressing Bureau nn I WaAtstond, Toilet Si t.s, )l|anke:<"t Spreads. Sheets, rillnw Cas s, Napkins, Tahlo <1"ih8 low -.s, mahogany I lining Tables, Crockery and 0hi.-, ware, silver plated tasters, ivory handled knives silver plated Forks and Spoons. Also, one mngnilicent rosewood 7 's tave Pianoforte, A. Weber, maker; carved lefts, lyre,pearl keys, and round coimrs onfW: rosewood Piano St'Mil; also Piano Cover. Also, a large quantity of Kitchen Utensils. w ill which the salo wi.i commence, i^y order of HENRY WI>T. c n d ildo. ClON'STA BEE'S SAI.K?HY VIRTUE OK AN EAh'CC, / tion, WIST b WAITS will sell this day, at 11 o'clock, at N'os. a and ft tori land t street, the emit- nta of a Restan rant, Bur and liar Fixtures, Chairs. Tables, Crockery and Glass Warn Table ( lot lis, Napkins, Engravings, Filver Plated <'a?tors, Boc'inters, Knives, Fork.-;. Also Kitchen Range and Fixtures. l!y order id' HENRY WK T, (' ' " table. CV 'NSTAPhl.'S SAI.K -BY VIRTUE OF SEVERAL EXt ecutiona, WlFT At WAITS will sei! at auction.on Wi'dn": day. August 28, at 10o'clock, at salesroom No. 2ft West Broadway, the contents of a Grocery, such as whiio and brew n fcu .'ars, Candles, .siarch, Tea , ColTee, Fp" <. 1 .our, 11<'lev, Butter, < h ? '. Soap, Olive Oil. Fish, Counter Scales, Palis Stove and Pip", Platform Scales, Counter, lager It er Box, 1 "ecutiters, Tumblers, Piates, Chairs,Tabu s, Ac. By order of 11KXRY WEST. Constable. *t -v BURKF u'i noma &-ovncn M# bowery, J /, will sell,on Tuesday, August 27. 1WI, all the Furniture. Ae or liouso 302 Premie street, consisting of Rods, P. ldlrig, Carpet , Oilcloth, Crockery, Ac. Salo at 10>4 o'clock. 1 TOWARD SCHKNCK, At (TiONEER. W AS.-Ui.NFF. S SAI.b t)F BITFRH ii(tLTsmoi.i? FUKNIWRE, Ry F. F. II. SCHRVCK, on Wcln shay. August 28, at 11 "Clock at their salerooms, No?, 155 and 157 Broadway, the Stock ol' one of the first cabinet makarg of this city, consisting in iurt of oleg ant solid carved and plain roan wood Suits, in ratio ami brocutel. plush and re1 s: elegant rosewood Atnonr-a (ilace, magnificent rosewood round cornered Rod stead* and Bureaus, do. in black walnut, finishod in oil; rosewood and walnut Secretary,I.ibrary Bookcase, slog >' n>sewood and walnut Ktvgores. carved walnut and oak Bullets, oak and walnut Library and Dining Room Chairs and other elegant Furniture. The above is all of the very best manufacture, and will Iki (Hisitively sold by order of assignee. The particular nttention ?l' in want of elegant Furniture is rexpeatfully requested to tlx* tale, as it is undoubtedly the linejt sale of hi at class Furniture tliat has taken place in this city. J. B. FRHCMAN, Assign.*. 171 F1T/>1 MMOVR, Al'CTIOhfEER, WILL SRI J. TilTR a day. at 10J$ o'clock, at 02d 'Ihud avenue, ilio Nock aud lixt.i r., uf a Confectionery, Newspaper and S girPfore, l o ng well estnhlirhed, and must be sold without reserve to tho bigoted bidder. Also the Household Furniture. 3 ?alks at auction. DBURKK, awtiosker?omaTiJii BOWKRY, . will (wilt thl? day, at 10 Vj o'clock. at 302 Broom* tract, the furniture of tbo houae;alaoa Dae lock stlteb owing machine. IflllWT (2.AW HOfHF: AT AUCTION.?WE WOtTtD call attention to tho sale of tho liandromc Houaw No 00 that l\v< nty Uird alreot, to bo aohl at auction by K. II. 1.1'IiIaiW k CO., this day (Tuesday), at twelve o'clock, at tlw Merchant*' i'xehange, on account of tha owner leaving for Kuivjhj. tlapo, xc., at tho ollko, No. 3 Tin.' Htrvvt, near Broadway. GKORt.K (1>OK, AIHTIOKFER. OAltlilAt K*. WAGONil, WWIIES, AC. This day, at 1 o'clock . lU Ktoro tat ltroadwav. one ala gain Hix a.-at ltikuway, four Hunt ilo., cfty built Tup Wagons, road Wagons, Ate. GW1UCE UK)K, AUCnONKER.-ulSBIGNFE'S SALH of ftretclues ltouaotaoM F irntture, on Thursday, at 11 o'clock, ut store 141 t!r<?uiway,aKU>.k..r the best cabla? t maker's work In the city, consisting of tlio usual variety or Parlor, Chamber, Library, Dining Boom aud (Hike Furniture. Catalogues at sale. HENRY GKHKN, Al'lTtONPKTl.?TO PAY STORAGE.? Tliid day, at 11 o'clock, ?t No. 11 Codar struct, the la go ninl magnificent marten top Counters, elegant Bap Kitting* and Shelvuiga; s'itublu for u flrat rate hotel, rcslauriiut or drug storu;Btovu, Piping, Sundries Ac. HENKY CIU-.K.N, AUOIIO SEEK ON WEDNESDAY, August US, ut lotj o'clock, at the auction store, lu4 William street, Groceries, l.iipmra, Sugars, Chatupugno, mid Ale; also u lot of Clothing, Dry and Fancy fill,Ills, Ac. JOSEPH HKGEMAN.?WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3S, AT 10,'? o'clock A.M., ut UOi Uunry street, near Slate, Brooklyn. Household Furniture?Mahogany Solas, Chairs, Centre" Taldcs, Kino Engravings, Ilat Stand, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Hair Malt res* ?, Feather Beds, oak Extension Talilo, do. Chairs, Ate.; Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, 011c'otlt, Ac , JOHN K. TAN ANTWKBP'S SON, Al'< TONKEK?WIIX sell on Wednes lay , August 21, Hi ten o'clock, at No. |U4 1 lech man street. by virtue ol u chattel inorlgige, six; Lithographic Pres.-es and Fixtures, one Surew l'u er Press, . ... .......-h..^vonrn, wuii aim wiiii1>ui drawings; iwo . Siouee, eight l.nlv graphic Hotlc h, Ac., compt isT g every| thing in the lino or buslu m. Tig ther with OIIUv Furulturo, Fixtures, kc., ko. T rms cash, bunk able funds. JOHN K. VAN ANTWIKPV SUN. AIM TIONKF.K?WH Ti sell on Tuesday, August 27, at half post ten o'clock, il his sal -rm.iH, No. 7.1 Wild no hi root. the cntiro furni lure of house in Harlem ( emov <1 lor convenience o| tale). (Viniprising In part, liai d* ni" Medallou iui.i Kngisli Brussels Onr|iets, I In I oilcloths, Brussel Stair Carpets, Stair Rods, Matting, ke. Also lil.u k walnut Parlor Furniture, in luiir clotii; lilin-k iva.n t K.\l iision Tulilo, do. I'lnii t Room Cluiirs. black walnut and Iron Bedsteads, M?ttr< see*. leather and rpriug I'.-dtt, Window Shades, also rosewood I'liairs, Stunds. Hiio Tallies, largo Pier (Jinan, with rosewotsl stand and martilo top; Cut Class and China. ANo a large aisortin. nl I itcli. ii l* tuns''s, with which lha sale will commence. Term-' c. si, hai.knhle money. JOHN H. lU'KI.KY, Al'< T ON'.K'l, WILL SKI J, THIS 2 o'clock, at 414 I anal street, War,Indies, . Ids, Sofa,ltods. Pier, Mantel and Oral Class's mahogany Hocking nn.l other < hairs; oiio lino express Wagon, onn Top Wagon, Window Shades, carved and other Bedsteads, Cooking Stovs, Washslanr's, Bureaus, Br sseln, Tlircoply and other Cnr| ots: Oilcloths, Hair and other Matresses, Feather lie Is, Bedding, Blankets, O.tory, Comforters, kc. To be sold without reserve. A good chanco Tor housokoopors. MPOUOHTY, AUCTION!, SKI.f, TIIH a day (Tuesday), at 10)4 o'clock, at salesroom 85 Nii-sau street, n larye assortment of tlrst class Household Kuril, tin e, Carpets, Minors, r unworn! and inaln.yaiiy I'arlnr Suits, covered in haircloth and broc.atel; marblo top fen t re Tallies, l.ihrn-y Itookra-es. Kxtvusiou Milling Tablet!, 8,10 ond 12 feet long; black walnut und oak marble top Nutlets, in illegally iuid rosewood marble top Mrosslng llureais, Wasluittinds, train cmy and Cottage liodsteadg, Hair Mattresses, Lounges, Wardrobes, Ac., Ac. This In the fprnlture or u family reinovod to salesroom for convenience of sale, und affords an opporlunly to those in wont. MOintiA(iKSA1.K.?A. M. I'ltlSTAI \I? AO TIONKKR. 23 llowery, will sell tins <lay, Aug. 27,at lfl)4o'?tock, a lot of grocerti 8, onmpt ising Soap, llroems, I'ailn, Oil Cutis, Counters, hollox, also Hnuulios,, Whiskey, fcc., in casks ami demijohns; Kegnrs, Ae.; also a lot of furniture, ItedB, Undoing, Mattresses, Ac. My order of L. oltldtlJC, attorney for mortgagee. SitJ. Ho'tlAUr, At IT ONKKRS.?W'KUN E T>AY > ? August 2H, at 10)4 o'clock, at their anetion roocmi Nr>. 1 Sionn t\ illlaiu street. mortgage sule ot Housebol'l Furniture:?Mahogany Sofa*. T?h|,?, (.'hairs, Brussels ari'l Three-ply Carpets, Oilcloth, Bedsteads, Beds, Bedding and Kitchen Furniture. Also, "tie Boston filg and Harness. SHERIFFS PALE CLOTH AC.?4HAMBKK8 A, aiilloneors, will soil this day, AiigUHt 27th, at eleven o'clock, at their salesroom, No. 113 Nassau street, a pare 1 of (la imcre.s ami Vesting* (in pattern*), Heaver and Broadcloths, Linens, Ac., together with a small lot of uiado up clothing. JOHN KEIJ.Y, Sheriff. SIIFHIFK'S SAIE-?OFKlf'FrDRNn'PRE.?CHAMBERS A FAIK'HILD ancllone rs, will sell this day, August 27, at tliolr salesroom, a parcel of oMlee furniture, comprising high and low Peeks|('hairs,Stools, Mats, Carpet, Iron Safe, Copy l'ress ami Stand, Ac. JOHN KELLY,Sheriff. Sheriffs salf..?vttEl pp. bold on'Thursday, 29th tnst., at Uie Philadelphia llotol, in Jorsoy City near the ferry, a Country Rcaldenoe, situated on tho Harkensnck l'lank rea l, two nillew from Iloboken. consisting of four a res o' land, coverttl with fruit and lorcst L oos; home 42 by 31, with kitchen. a small g trdener'S house, stable, shed, Icehouse, and large brick shop, all In good order. Possissi n immediately. A large part of the money c an remain on inortgngo. SHERIFF'S SALE?JEWELRY.?I-CHAMBERS ft FAIRCHILD.auctioned*, will sell ibis day,at 10o'clock,at their sulesroom, 113 Na-rnu street, a uunntity of Jewelry, consisting of a good assortment of Hronclies,Finger Rings, guard ami Fob Chains, Brae. 1 Is, Brooches and Ear Rings in sets, Ac. JOHN KEIJ.Y, Sherill'. SHERIFF'S S'.L:?SEWING M.t'JHNHS, SILK I RAIDING MACHINES, AC. CIIAMBERS ft FAIRCIIII, \ AUCTIONEERS, Will sell this day, Tuesday, August 27, at 11 o'clock, at tli dr salesroom, 113 Nnssao street, about forty Sewing Midlines, Machine, Shuttles mid Other parts; twenty .Silk and Hoop Skirt Braiding Machines, ftc., &c. JOHN K1.1.1.V. sheriff. rn GAFFNEY, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 170 CHATHAM 1 f sir. . I. Py virtu" of art execution, I will sell this day, at 10,'j o'c. -ck, the Stock and Fixtures of the Crook ory, Lamp and Fluid store 120 Seventh avenue; a largu Block of Glass Cares, Shelving, P? tillers. Furniture, ftc, TiiOMA.-, Ml Ll.IGAN, Constable. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE NO. 4 East Broadway, will sell this <!ay, August 27, at 10,', o'clock, i lie W, Stock and I ixtires of I he Uroccry urn! l.inuor Store N . 21 City Hull place; two Counters, Kegs, t asks, .Snip, Starch, splendid loo Cheat, Liquors, Spices, and allotlioi Fixtures. ITflUJAM ABBOTT, A UCTT0NEE8?OFFICE NO 4 VV F-ast Broadway., wi'l P"'l, on We liosda.y, at lialf. istsi on" o'clock, tin entire si ilini Furniture of a dealer leaving tlio business, at No. 75 Id vision street. Bureaus, Washstauds, cane seat and Other < Lairs, bedsteads, tnaliognny and other Honkers, Ac., Ac. TTTILTJAM ABWfC, A: CI lOsFFR?OITK'F NO. * VV I". n Broadway, sells .u this day (Tuesday), at toil o'clock, thcconUMits of a Jager Bier Snloon, with all tba Furniture and Bedding of th whole house, one splendid Co niter. (iiussi?, Ac., Bedsteads, mahogany buffet, Qu.Us, Sheets, Ac , at 131 Liberty street. OOP A KT NBRBHIP NOT I < I: i. TmrriCE.?MR. H. E. NEWELL IS NOT IN OUR EMJJV ploy, his engagement with us having terminated on the Ilrsl day of July last. Neither is the firm of Nowi 11 A Co., of boston, connected with us in any way whatever. JOHN" I'. KEIJ/H70 .M CO., 44 Water street, V. Y. PAHTNI R WANTED.?A MERCHANT OF MANY years' experience in u good business, but whose cxpi. lul in now secessionisted, would nke to enter into n business arrangi tin tit w ith some one possessing capital, wl>c h would involve little risk and prouiisns large rcmiitieration. A lire addressed to 4.!il3 Poet office, will reach tho advertiser and receive attention. PARTS! RS WANTED.? *600 PARTNER, IN A CKNR. rnl commission business; (300 partner, In a liybfc tnuiiufiicUiritig business; $300 partner, in u bowling and ill inking saloon. Apply to BOIJVAR ft CO., 83 Nasau > t. TO PH<tT< KiRAPHKRS.?THE ADVERTkilR, UlilNO desirous r?T mo' ting a practical l'botogrnphor, to Join li.m in a proii tour to the W. at Indies ami en:itil Am rn a, any one desirous of undertaking such trip ami com .imping their portion, may address W. (.diaries, boa 217 Herald office. rnin: advertiser is in possession of the knowJL ledge for purifying Petroleum or Rock Oil at less ttinn one lia'f tho fn. in r cost and woold like to commatncate with a pirly having capital, wishing to engage In the business. Address Rock Oil, statiou A, Spring stroof, N\ Y. WANTED?A R1SI (iN-llll.E PARTNER, TO OCT I P anew Meclu iral Apparatus for government use; i! has been examined and approved by go'V eminent olllcials. Address or apply to W. 11. GWYNN, 217 Tear! street. tflOAA TO $300.?PARTNER WANTED, IN ONE 01? Musi'/'/ the safest co.uh paying Businesses |u tha ci'y (establkthed): only two hour* dally attention required, partner having full c.Dliol unit ran i anse a argu income. App y to A. ROBERT, 1;.2 Macdogal strict. ibSAA -I'AKWSB WANTED.?A MAN WITH WJWV/V? Hi'' ah ve capital to like an equal interest tii an I'stabihhfil tijotmy making business; a rare opportunity to a man with t-raall means. Apply to J. CUKl' it CO., 349 < anal eUvct. "A A ?A PARTNER, WITII HI'S AMOUNT Itf <?slt, Is waut' il in u splendid ? utJi bus!* !! es, without competition. which t ays $doo per m< ntb? Address (givinp naino un.l place for an interview) J. Ql A., box 212 Herald ojlice. I (ftj /? y \f\ TO $1,007 ? PART.NKR WANTED, WITH KJvJV.' this auio..ut, lo join the n<Kci to- r, who had juRt retaruod front W.rehii'ylo:] In th 0> :sln hs of Sutler to the army. Address tor ib days Sutler. Herald office. (!hl A/AA CASH AND ACTIVE PARTNER WANTS I M fij ed?In a i . inmate brok ruk'e hishtosa, fully estalili.viieii, and ru rkh IT from $6,000 to JftO 00t> po> year, eveu iu thor t in .- A mi I ilion and I... atiOll rhC Tory best, bhloa et No. 7) Nassau St.

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