Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1861 Page 7
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nOVSKS, ROOMTO HiT. ASaMUSOMSLY FINISHED MODEBN 1:1 Off 1101 Si partly furnished or otherwise, to lot, by a lady am gentleman. to a small family, in exclnmgu for b aid locution, Vrai.khu avenue, fourth house northwest o Putu.uu, two blocks from Fulton, Brooklyn. Reference, required. Tonus $360. ' 4 i^RGK K1U)ST KOOM, Willi BEDROOM, OS TillRJ f\ _[n house 1S8 Grand struct, to let. Kent f iper month. A Fl'ttNt-'HKD HOI'S." TO I.tri"? WITH AI I. J\^ improvement*. situated at 31 Cottage place, beta' on Bleecker and Uuustou stioet*; is throe stories.containing twelve ro ms, nicely furnished. Terms to u responsible tenant $76 per mouth. j| FCKNISIIK1) HOUSE MAY BE TIAD AT A I.OW price, and the rent, or pirt or it, taken In board. This ia a good house, in u first mass location. Inquire ut !No. 119 West Twenty-second street. BUSiNIS i LOCATION'S, X(iT'A'.'Tf f-TA XI)I NG WAlt? for dry goods and small tv.i es, shoe, family grocery, tea, fruit and vegetable stores, and bartMrs, ill the liew building oat Ureonwieli avenue, opimslte JcOerson Market. Apply at 164 East Thirteenth street. hkap nousra and storfr in Brooklyn ? Throe new stores, f>0 fo> I deep, corner of Myrllo avenue and Ryeison street. Als.i, several g ntocl Houses anil halvi* or houses, at rents from i'M to $310. Apply at offloo ,\o. 1, over V'ulton Rank, New York. HKAP RENT.?A NICK, SUAIX HOARDING HOHSK, full of bosr'Iers anil furnished in style, west side, :$M0; uitftirnishoil, )3S0; low >.- part of a geutivl house In Twenty-fifth street, including Ir,? ms furulsheil, $Jo, uutfurnisfaod, $17. D. BUlUvK, auetl -re or, 13S Howery. rcmsiint IKH'SK TO MINT?TO A PARTY l'K airous of boarding the owner s family ol two adults fur the rent. House first class, fully furnished, silver, 4c., near Union square; beautiful loiation. Went low; Himnodiato o<? ipaticy. Addrtss b >x 117 llerald ollleu. HIGH COTTAGE FOR HI NT. Tills BEAl'TTKULLY situated (-isco, on the llni'Ii m rlvor, In W stcl.estercounty, li tnlmitos'wutk High Hrtrigo, is for rent, furnished, possession litis week. Ihero areabout :ta acres, Hituatod botwoon Co!, Lewis 0. Morri s'.on the north, and .lane h loss's, Esq., on the south, 60 minutes t from Twt ntysiith street by Hi; I to 1 tail rend to Trent >ut, distant front latter ton minutes. ( an ho seen at any hour, and is worth looking at. Apply n lb* prsmioi s or bo n. W. MO.NTCiOMi.KY,at the ullioe of A. I). Solleck, 17 Nassau street. TO LET?VERY LOW, A FOUR STORY HOUSE, IN Twenty-ninth stroot, bettv oa I/'xiantou and Third avenues, high stuop; all mode' n improvements. I'ric *ISO fremu ow to Mav It worth ?soo. Aunlv t.i ihimh( mi hi. CAN, No. 3 1'tuo street. -mo let?a be aim m, two story and attic I Ooltago (new), with two lots of ground, and vogotable garden under cultivation, situated 10 Brooklyn, Thn oi> avenue and Floyd stn 01, Myrtle atvuuo curs. Kcut $250. Inquire or J. 1'. MOKAN, lent. door. TO LET?TBI SECOND OTORY OF A HOUSE IV HAM motel street, with modern Iniprovein-uls; front and buck purler, folding doors and pantrii e, and dining room and kitchen, oil on the second tieor, and one Boom in tho third story, and Collar. Inquire of .Mr. DAY, 13 liuinuioud atroet, corner of Waverley place. TO LET?THS FIRST Fl.OOli. BACK KITCHEN AND three rooms in the attic; gas and chandeliers. Inquire at DP! Spring street. nnO LET?TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, WITH OR _L Board, ? itouroont, with two of silting room and pianoforte, if rcqtiirod. Apply at !*4 Wayne street, Jersey City. '-FTHJ LET?A CORNER STORE, WITH FIXTURES, SUIT I able for a Grocery and Liquor Store, corner Walworth street and Park avenue, Brooklyn. WUl bo let cbenji to a good tenant. -mo LET?'ms UPPER l'ART OF THE MODERN THREE J. story high stoop House, 1S4 Twenty seventh street; has gas llitures, bath, lnig<* yard, Ac., very suila14 ) for a small family. Inquire at 34a Eighth avenuo. WW) OCT.?A FURNISHED HOUSE, EIJGIRI.Y LOCATED '1 near lite parade around, a medium sized lour story, and geuteely furnished. Kent $1,000 per annum. Inquire at 60 William street, in the busniiu-tiL TO LET?FROM SEPTEMBER 1, THE TIIREB STORT brick Dwelllug, with a'.l the modern improvement*, 224 West Fifteenth street; luw t>eu recently paperod und painted. Apply to M. SOLOMONS. 306 Weal Fifteenth at. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOORS OF HOUSES 454 and 4W West Twaitty-fltth street, consisting of front and liock imrlor, threo bedroom* and small kitchen waabhonso; gas, with fixtures and Croton. Rent $10 i?or mnuLli. ifpo LOT?THE nKOT FLOOR ABOVE THE STOKE. I 860 Broadway, two doors aliovo Union square. A food location fur any kind of light business. Can bo made into a first rate daguerreotype gallery. Apply at thu above place. fflO LOT?AT NO. 10 WEST KI.F.YKNTH OTRFOT, I four dooia west of Broadway, a Front Basement, - sltablo for a doctor's efllcc, an I tiro largo Looms on tho socood floor, furnished or unfurnigked. rpo LET?THE DOWER PART OF THE MODERN DWEIXI in# House, No. 126 First uvukuc. rcpicle With every convenience, constating of port of parlors, dining room, front ami book Imsonieut, fcc., he. Also pari of lloose . 208 Mercer street, second floor. Apply to I>. O'CONOR, 4tf \Vest Seventeenth street. TO LOT?IN A NICK LITTLE: BRICK HOUSE, LOWER part?two Parlors, Basomcuts aud Bodrooras, gas, water, rnngo? In a quiet street, for a moderate rent. Apply on the premises 14 Belhuno strcot,or of tho owner, iii llleoi kor street, near t harles street, T. CUOBIKTH. TO LOT?THE SECOND STORY, ANT) IF REQUIRED the front Basement, in a first moss house, 169 East Seventeenth street, noar Stuyveeant square. TO LOT?THE GENTEEL TWO STORY AND BASEniont brick House, 67 Downing street, near TarickIs newly painted and repaired throughout; has cliande; Iters ami gag fixtures; rent reducud. Inquire at No. 6.1, next Uuor. TO LKT?THE THREE STORY HIGH BASEMENT House, with modern improvements, 183 Wrst 'fwvnty-fourth street, from 1st September. Parlor Furniture, IStair Cirpele, Glasses, Curtains, \c., for Sifle. 11' wanted; <?r would Itc Ut partially furnished. TO l.ET?TUB FIRST FLOOR "F TOE HOUSE NO. M V umlaut street, rear, containing two rooms and t\v> bedrooms. with other privileges. Rout $3 per mouth. Enquire at 381 Canal at. fTlO RET VERY 1/)TV?A NEW THREE STORY AND I basement brown stono front House, high stoop, on Fiftieth street, noar second avenue; finished with nil modern improvements. Apply at II. ( KLSfTOK'S, 111 Eost Twenty-seventh street. TO LET?THE LARGE ViltT tT.ASN HOl^E NO. 47 West Twonty-nlnlh street, near Broadway, having been built, for tho owner's own use; no objection to a llrst class boarding house. Apply to the owner, on the pre mines. ' mO LET.?TOE CITER PART. WITH BASEMENT, OR I whole house, osoept extension r<**n and the um of parlors, which are furnished, of a thrcooteiry housu with all improvements hi perfect order. Impure at 114 Weed, Twelfth streak. TO LET?AT 1W EAKT THIRTY EIGHTH STREET, BEtween Second and Third avenues, an fltogant tbroo story, high stoop House, wlfb ail modern iinprovonjeots. ! first rate order, ?o Way 1, for $500; a lease will bo given at a moderate rant. - Aigdr on thu promise*. from twelve - to turn o'clock nr af miLV MATH WW*; kl HuKun onct room 8, from ow M four tpelouk. ' fpO LOT?TOBMIKHEI), TO A PRIYATB PA MIT.Y ONLY! JL the j>to?6aolly located four story, English baaenmjt House, 08 Mast Sixteenth strvet; near t^ayroaml purk, furniture. i-nrpata, Ju., rati tow una ramndntn; liouen tn perfect order. Apply l? A A. HCUNAULL, IS* Pulton street. mO LET?THE LOWER PATH" OP HOUSB, NO. 3 I West Rrwwlwny plane, on met* liable terms. IiKfnfro at No. 24 Ilaanuad Btrect. . mo LOT?IN A PLEASANT LOCATION, WITH OAS X and water and lately remodelled through, mt, pert nf levelling 186 Allen street. References wtchanfal; rout off, Apply on the premises. T' 0 LOT?THE UPPER PART QP THR TWO OToflT House, 859 Oreontrieh street. Rent reasonable t? a small family. The house is in uxotdUml order. Apply nt 831 Canal struct, or on the promises, l^snessten immediately. fpO LET CHEAP?A BASEMENT. 144 BY Sfl EKCT, ON 1 the northwest oorner or Twenty-ninth street and Fourth uv.nue, suitable for any business; restaurant and billiard saloon preferred, lnquiroof C. SCHUMAN, 909 Wo6tNineteenth street. TO LOT?FIVE ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR ANr> Bedroom in attic, in rhirieonth street, west of 4 fill avenue, suitable for a small family; gas fixtures in: renl $10 per month. Apply at 182 Fourth street, near Sixth venue. TO LET?IN A BEAUTIFUL LOCATION UP TOWN, A three story and basement high stoop House, replete with all the modern conveniences , in good order for im mediate occu|iation; rent $850 per year. Inquire of H. MARCUS, at Hall, Black A Co.'s, or of JAMLd BLACKHURST, 153 West Forty-eighth street. TO IOT?THE STORE NO. 242 GREENWICH STRECT nmthwost oorner of Robinson street, occupied foi many years as a hat store. Apply at tho oflioe, 240 Green wich street. TO IJ-'T?FKOM SEl'T. 1, TO A SMALL FAMILY, Till Second ?l< ry and one Room In the third, in a new btrase, 62 Fourth street, near ilainmond. Inquire on tie pram I res. TO LET?IN SEVENTY-SECOND STREET, REtWElEighth and Ninth arennea, a pleasant place, nea the most improved parts of Ouit-al Park; B!oomingdal< Start* and KUjhth avenue ears near; rent low. Inquire o J. V. CHAMBERLAIN, 613 Eighth hT-nuo. ^XK) LETT.?THE NEATLY FURNISHED, BROWN 8T0N1 1 front House, with gap, water and sewer, third doo from Oourt street cars, 64 Second place,Brooklyn. Pm ym ton IsmwUfcU. Bent ? year. | HOI'ses, ROOHI, .vrTO I TpO LET?TWO SMAI.1, BOAK1 I Mi AND lODtaSVG il X Houses, corner of Thirty flrst street and "1>H' avu" 1. iiuo; alrio, a KplouUiti AJo antf Lager ik??r Saloon o." ^jar t den ; llotuk*uud Lou lor sale uod to let. Ai?tily to J10 l 0WMr.ya.aM Wert Thlrty-ftrrt street. mo LET? AT LOW RENT, THE FOUR STORY HOUSE, X 71 Wo.-t Twenty seventh street, well adapted for 5 JHnrdert <?r two Camillas. Inquire at 77 name -tro t. rpo LET?THE ENGLISH BASEMENT BROWN STONE I J. Iront House, 10 N'iulh street, with all the itiodorn im, wovemi tna, chan loltera and gas fixtures complete, will be r. ;r?J Vl r.v 'nmlerato t > a sumll fuiufly. Inquire of C, 11. lJuZ^'UA'o ? 1 Washington street. * TO LET?THREE ROOMS l!f HOUSE NO. let I'RINOE street, on third tloor, reus enable, to a small family ( lily. There is hot and cold water, lialh, gus, Ac. Tito other part Is occupied by a aaiaH fumily. l*oKaon*ion lmmediately. | rpt) LET?UNTIL THE 1ST OK MAT NFXT, THE HIGH ' I stoop brown stone front Hons", 180 East Thirty fifth street. Gas fixtures and all the modern improvements. To a good tetiaut rent exceedingly low. Inquire at 1118 l ast Thlrsy llllli street. mo LET?THE mm or DWELUNQ BOUSE NO. J 1,21l> Hroa Iway, exc pting llrst tloor; gag and water through the house; rout $.">00 a y. ar; possession inlinedlately. Apply to J. W. COLLINS, 1,183 Broadway, near Twenty seventh street. rpo LET?THE SECOND STORY, WITH PRIVILEGE OF J. bath, sab-oeUar, ko.,af the first dM threo story uwl basement house atrd Fas', Thirtieth street (t!2 liieljia place); i oniums all modrrn improvements; neighborhood Irist class; rent $18 )ier month. rpo iJ-rr?a number ok i.arge and medium X Hons s, In the upper part of tbo city, principally in the middle and west side; also a number of Stores on the business avenues; also a large Store slid Basement, at the junction of Broadway, Seventh avenue and E'ortv s coud struct, 28 feet front by about l'J6 feet dei p. Iho stories over tiie store are being tilted up for a hotel, in i onneolion iiiiii iuu oujoimog winnings. J. \ W. DhMIAM, Comer Sixteenth .street and I g itli avenue. Office open front luorumg till U in the e\ aaing. mo cum?to let, a past or m whoue op a .1 Inrgo Cluh House, suitably furnished with billiard ro. tn ami llrst class tables; also, smoking, dining, trlii.-t and hath rooms. Apply to GEORGE COOK, Auctioneer, 141 Bruudiruy. fpl LET OK I .EASE?CHEAP, A COUNTRY HOUSE, 1 tvitli lour acres of land nnd outhouses, half a ntiio from Willlamsbridge, on the llarlt'in Railroad, twelve ndlos from the city. Inquire at Id and 18 Chain hers street,New York. rn.) AUCTIONEERS 'TO I.ET VERY IhW, THE XKW X and elegant Auction store and basemen 1, No. 70 Nassau stroet. lVstsersion on the 1st of September. Apply to (ieorge (4 Nlckles, 7It Nassau street, up stairs. mo liU1* ill.its. ?A MARKET TO I.I'T ANH 'HIE FIXJ. lures lor ?le, consisting of a new Stall, Ac Tim on iter is going into other business. Tlio above market is situated in one of the best avenues in New York. Would he suitable for a German. Inquire of S. CARDWELE, 490 Titled avenue. <thi.")jrrv RENT l'ER ANNUM.?ONE HAI.F OF A Vr duo four story basement House, JlWH Clinton street, Brooklyn, to let, replete with every convenience, near the cars of Court street and Hamilton avenue, ten minutes' wa.k to the ferry, noar Third place. FOB SALE. A WIDOW I.AHY, BEING COM I'K.I.I .ED TO SKl.I, HER a'V Watch and ctiain, oilers the same at the great sacrifice <>f $ho, original cost $125. Address Nocesslty, Herald ottice. A RARE CHANCE TO PURCHASE ONE HAI.F OF A /X. iktrge, by |>ayUig $.'">00 or $400 down; she is two hundred tons burthen, and has just delivered a freight a*:iui:Mtij>? n> fnnu rur iiirinor particulars impure at the olBi?.oC C. A. SILL! MAN, 17 Counties slip, New York. VVSRT BAMOeOKB LDNC8 OOUBHK, WITH back shelves, he., complete, nearly new; also two ilo/uu High Stools; will l>o sold lit a bargain as we waul the room. ('ail immediately at tho Union Lunch Room, No. 7 Mroad street. A HOTEL ANI) RESTAURANT FOR SALE.?LOCATED ? V. on a corner. in one or the liegt business locations in this city, near the landing of several steanil?".it lines. Tins is a rare uhnnrc. Apply to W. II. MJTC1IEIJ., 77 Cmlar street. OORNKR LIQUOR STORK FOR SAI.R.^I.fKIATKD on u leading avenuo; valuable lease; has plenty of for a grocery store to be connected with it. Apply at MITCHELL'S Business Agency, 77 Cedar street, near Broadway. BRKWlOtY FOR SAI.K (WTTH FIXTURES (TftlPUiTK) Cheap?With a plot of ground, 75 feet s.piare, now runted on a lease, ami paying 11 par cent. Part of purchase money can remain on bond and m irtgago. Situate on Ute corner of Lafayette an l Mnrcy avenue*. Brooklyn, luipiiro if tho owiior, JAMKS BENSON, 74 Washington street, Hobogcn, New Jersey. HAKKRY FOR SALE?AT CARMANSVU LE, 1521* street and Tenth avenue, with long lease and low rant; will I><* sold cheap. Inquire on tile promise.^ or at tho Abingdon Bakery, coruer of Juno street awl Eighth avouue. (VIAL YARD F.tll SALE?TKN YEARS' LEASE, FIX J tuie>, busiuess, carts, liorses, &c.. In a good location, for sale at a low price. Apply to F. C. BOWMAN, 112 Broadway. CONFECTIONERY, ri'.t'IT AND NEWSt'AI't R DEPOT for sale, in a good location; is long and well established; the profits oti the papers pay mnro than tho rent. Call at 190 Seventh lueuie, botwoen Twenty-third and Twenty fourth streets. DRUG stork KB SALK?ONK OF THK BB>T stands in the city of Brooklyn; has been three years established; is splendidly fitted op, well stocked Hint doing a first class and proUtablo business; will be sold low for cash, or part cash and balance in Treasury notes or other good Roem ity. Apply at 314 Fulton avenue. FOR SAIJC ?THE STOCK, LEASE AND FIXTURES IIV aSegar store; r nlow, and doing a good business ut present. 8 itisfai lory reasons giveu for selling. Apply at ill! Greenwich strei t. I TOR SAIE?A LIQUOR STORE, DOING A GOOD CASH biLsincss, with all modern improvoments; sold with or without stock, tho proprietor Is going in the rutin try. No agouta need apply. Call for two days at 21T Seventh avenue. 1710K SALE?THE FURNITURE AND GOOD-WILL OF ; a Isidy's Boarding House, ten years established, in Die vicinity of Broadway and Spring street. Inquiry will show that a fortune has been lealized hero. Inquire of V. BURKE, 135 Bowery. ItOB SALE?THE STOCK AND mtt)M8 OF ONI Of _ Uio best corner Liquor Stores in tho Thirteenth ward, Willi throe years' I .ease; will be sold for oturhalf its value; the only one on the four corners. Apply to J. S. REILLY, t>2 Willett street. FJR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED I'HOTOGKATH Gallery, a few doors bolow Canal street, inquire of 0. W. GKHltY & CO.. 435 Broadway. F)H SALE.?A NEATLY KITTED IT BARROOM, IN an Improving neighborhood, wilt be sold at a bargain, If apphed for Immediately. For further particulars apply on the premises, 81 West Forty-ninth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. "TVIR SAI.R?A FIRST CI.AS3 RESTAURANT AND I failing Saloon , neatly llitn,I up, well eettUdi-diod, in a jiot location; also, a Rasluurant iuiJ Oyster Saloon, iu oun at' tho principal corners down town. Reusoua tor selling, Apply at 115 .Inhn street. FOR SALE.?ANY PARTI!IS HAVING A UW<)I 'R STORK, witti a good |>aying businos* osublishod, thafwmild tlks to sell the same, with stock, for a House ami Lot, <1e- I sirahl/ situated in Brooklyn, may address G. II, B.-ybox l'JB Herald ouico. TTKJH SALE?THH MACHINERY OK A MILL, NEARLY r now, for grinding Sombrero and otlier (inano. The maetilnnry is of tho most approved stylo umsl ft* Hie purpose, ami built in tho innst substantial manner, with every n-qulslto facility for carrying on the business for which it was constructed. Can bo seen and farther information obtained, by applying on tlio premises, corner of Itulay and William streots, Brooklyn. tttor 9All??THK MANHATTAN HOUSE, NO. 285 BOWX ory. Tho proprietor wishing to retire from business, would sell his stock, Fixtures, Furniture arid Business, and give a lease to the purchaser, of seven or ten years, of the promises, at a fair rent, lnquiro of C1IARLI23 wilson, on tho promises. For sau? fancy goods ant> toy stork, with dwelling, situated on Broadway, now doing a good business; sieknesa the reason of selling; rent of store and dwelling, $500. Address H. M. A., Metropolitan Hotel, or Charles R Cordte & Co., 170 Chatham street, room 1. Rare chance.?for sale, the well known liquor store or shades, called tho Rising .Sun, 302 Bowery. opposite the Hay Market. Stock, llxiures, lease and furniture. Will he sold a bargain for cash, as tho owner Is leaving for Canada. Apply on the premises. SECOND CLASS HOTEL FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, for a farm or city property. The hotel is down town, and in a first rate business location. With a suitable party a very prolitabio business cati bo carried on. Apply to C'. E. CORDIS k CO., No. 170 Chatham t street. rno SOAP MANUFACTURERS.?-FOR SALE CHEAP, X two Iron Pans, ten foot diameter and eleven foot deep, with steam coils complete; also two Pans, six feet diameter and Ave feet deep; one rast iron Pan, six feet by tlve, and twenty-five Soap Frames. Apply at the factory of the New York Oleic Company, Ki ut avenue, hour lirondway. Brooklyn, K. I). TJ EXCHANGE?FOR FIRST CT.ASS FURNITURE, ONK of the best i>ayltif{ Factories in tho city. Requires , but little capital. Customers already ongii?ed. Hare a chance. Addross F. Fanning, Brooklyn I'oet office. OOOt ?0VF 0K THE REST LOCATOR sbbar i St<ir<?> on Ttowery, of fifteen years'standing, r with a good cellar for tobacco, Ac. Will ba sold cheap e for cash, with the whole or partial stock. Address, with f real nainc.K. H., Herald office. (ft CTAf* wii.i. buy thp. i,hask, stock anp fixE ?t)UU turcs of one of the beet corner wholesale r and retail I.lquor Stores down town, fitted tip In a first h class style, doing a good business; a good lease and low rat*. Apply to T. UAFFNEY. II# Ctauham NEW YORK HERALD, T( DO.YKDIMi AM) IiQftfllHi. k HANDSOME Sl'lT OF li(X?W OV THE SECOND 1 floor,containing Ka?, hot tuid co|,l water, ami bath roou.' adjoining, would bo lot, with lull or partial Board,to gell(l0, "'n or a sroull family ; no other boarder*. Kofe' rwnex rm Inquire ui ail Lexington avonuo, third hud'o *txV? Tlorty eighth atroet. 1-i bv m? >SA.VT PAK1/)R OS THE SECOND ii t Room on tho third Ilexir, to lot, mil i*\ * fi"" ' and th:ilr wives. Also a few ?.? Board, to gentl, m*. ? c.,minodft,(,,,. T,.rms moJu. single gentloiiH'ti could ho . j,^loh on.u,i n. Appiy >l w St. Mufti, ??? ~ 111 1 n|t VDlt \ (Jl'VTI KA LARGE KOOM, WITH BOA. \M^outtmen Al?o X V. tuan and wtfr, or a couple of slw, where home com a wee 1'arlor mill Bedroom, in a bouse Kefereucos forts can bo bad. Dinner from 6 u> T o'clu. exchanged. Apply al 46 iileccker street. ? ?-? - ? ? ?> ROOMS ACHOICK OP lUN/HOMLLY Pl'KNIMHKD v?iu.. tan bo bad, with Hoard, at 106 and KW Past . ,n tmuth stiect, near Union square, parties returning fh. the country and wishing pleasant Kooms, en suite or untitle, by mi early application, cannot fall to bo suitably accummodated. Dinner at six. AGKKMAN FAMILY, OK THK IlKJHfVI KUHTCCTAbility, would let a few elegantly furnished Dooms, with exquisite Hoard, to single gcllti lllen or gentleni U ami their wives. Apply at No. 20 West Ninth street, between fifth and Sixth avenues. Kroneh and Kngitsh I sfHikoii. The highest references given ami required. VKF.W ELKOANT BOOMS, SiNt.i.K OB IN sriTS. IX Hue order, with llrst class Hoard?local iou pleasant and desirable, between Broadway aud Fifth avenue. Apply at 1W liuvorsily plare, corner of Ninth street. \T THK LABOB nWt CLA8B DOUBUt BOQBB NO. 127 Mli'Ci ker street, west of and uear tlroadway, Is a r? ally llrst class family Hoarding house, wnh Dooms tinsurp seal m size and comfort, iu suits or single; modern itnprovein ?uts; the cheapest place in the city for the stylo and quality of what Is ofl'orod. Afi'kmmiko pablob and bkoboom, with Boarding, to let, to a s.ugle gentleman, or to a gentleman and wife, iu a private dwelling. 1/hmIiou between Broadway aud Fifth avenue, near Thirty-ttrst street. aouress r.. ?v ., Dux l'J'J Herald oltlcc. V (/HOICK OF ROOMS IN A FIRsT (LASS IIMI'SK, furnished ur unfurnished, on suite or single, convenient to earn and stages, may bo bail for families or simrlo gems, by application to 34 St. Mark a plum. References exuhaugod. A GOOD IIOMK IS OFFKRF.D To CH1LDRFN, IN A healthful village in Westchester county, it' $1 75 per wick, wuli every advantage ut' schools, ur too email family, on very reasonable trrnie, payable in ailvancc. Inquire at 100 L-ouard street. S. ItKoWN. Alii NIT,FMAN AND WIFK OR TWO si No I,k OIKLemon can be accomiiiiduli'd with u pleasant Rouin ami Hoard, In a genteel private tamilv, residing in I'utoa street, m ar Court struct, Koutli Hrookiyu. 1'masoaddress immediately Mrs. Walters, Brooklyn I'ualotticu A PLEASANT ROOM, FURNUHEDOR UNFURNISHED. Willi ur witUout Hoard, can uow bo obtained at 144 Ninth street, at a price lu suit llio limes. Reference required. i T (IRK.ATI.V HKHUCKD l'KI< KS?NKW1.Y I I ItNISJJ 1 \_ cd Rooms, t'lumfl to $'2 00 per week. I>>dgiliga fiwn 26 to 37 cents pur niitltl, at the Flank fort House, corner of Frankfort and William streets. Open all nignt. AKCKol'KAN FAMll.Y, WT1TIOI T (Till.Dill N, DC cupying a li st class bouse, will let tieatiy furnished Kuuius, iu suits or saiir y; also singio Rooms I'or gentletnen. Transient or I Try Boarders will bo taken. Apply at 4.1 Fast Itloocker street, near Liroadway. A FAMILY, GKNm-MAN AND WIFK, OK 8ING1.K r\ gentleman, can liavo the whole or pHrt of tbo second il'sir. with Hoard, rooms furnished or unfurnished; tbo house is flist class and convenient I? curs and staites. Apply at 60 West Washington Place.near .Sixth avenue. A WIDOW LADY, <*X ITYINU A MODH.UK llltOWN stone house, dos.rns to lot few handsomely furUisuod Rooms to nont i iu 'U, or ladies ami Kuntleinon, with Dill Hoard tor ladles nnu bro.ikfast for geuilemeu if desired. A|)|<ly ?l do West Fifteenth street. AVERY BESTRAl l,' . SLIT OF KOI IMS, Wi l li FILL Board, to rent In tlio ilrpt class houso No 0 West Twriity fourth street, opposite Fifih Atenue Hotel; also a front Hall Bedroom. Suit of rooms are large. A LADY, HAVING A MALE CH1I.11 FIVE WEEKS old, Mi edit* to (sit it to board, as the mother us tin fto.o to take care of It herself, having uo milk tor it. Call at 29 Myrtle av. At shb laboe, rnsr class, double bouse, in and 191 West Fourteenth street.?Large Kortus, handsomely furnished, In suits or single. Families tetumliiK to the city wishing permanent Board will Utid this a dura rail lu location, lei ins modi-rule. i-.uuiii, iax r.,in inmil 1'in Kill street, between Lexington unil Third avenues, will accommodate a family, or two or three single genii men, with second or third story tarnished Rooms and lioard. Beat "f references given ami required. 4 N KNCI.Ml LADY, WITHOUT KAMII.Y, LIVING J V. in a tlrst class house, can lotto a g iiUetnui and w .is, without children, or siuglo gentlemen, likely furnished apurtmetits, with line of kitchen und act-rant, or will take B/anl with the party uml give the entire us) of latter. Cum anil itagos to several parte of the city, (test of references must be given. Apply one week at '?M> East Tenth street. ~4~ l.AUY vvouu) urr a pi.ea.sant Front room j ? V. " ni.iii?n.i I A : with Htvinl for 1 lie lauy J lily. Kor further particulars call at 1411 1jiouip-..u atnet, top Boor. IUL WILLARl). V FRONT IhiOM ANI> ilKI)il< ' iM Tt? LIT?Ki lt nishetl, to a single gentleman, without Board, at J4 Ivi.'t Twentieth street, third private house from Croud WHy. wTIioW 1-AliY IJVINU IN A CENTRAL I.iK'.v 1 tion, will rent a llnoly furninhod Koom to a gentle- 1 man and lady, with full Board for lady; also small Kootn for a single lady, 'forms moderate. Address Mrs. Cum tilings, stat.ou A. 4 SMALL PRIVATE nUOLY, HAVING MORS I O ?M J\_ than lis ) occupy, would runt, with board, to a lady and gout 1.'men, or to two gsutlumeu, a front Room and Bedroom attached, with gas, hot and cold water, pnntriis, AO.; the house Inn. been newly painted, pupored and carpeted, and for cleanness cannot be surpassed. 1 . noil in K t oiAiiii 1 u'.ititinlli uiwl cl vn itu and near Seveidh avenue. Tonus m< .derate; unexc p tioiisbl references required. Those tiro 1 or lioardtug house life ami desirous of having n real home would ilo well to address V., box 4,131 Post office. V S.MAI,I, I'III VATIC FAMILY, BBSnfflfG IN A PTRST class house, between Tenth and Eighteenth streets and . Fuili and Sixth avenues, would let the second story, ele- | gainly f irnislied and with every convenience, (o a "pai ty i ol' gentlemen or to a gentleman nnd his wile; private j tabie if preferred. The Ugliest reference given and re. quired. For particular;! apply to Mr. WALDRON, 156 and 157 Broadway. Astki'tly private family, resiling .in Brooklyn, in a desirublo location, would acromnv). a few persons with Board; house handsomely furnulled, contains all the modern improvements and cooveiiient to the e rirs. Restdnnco ascertained by inquiring of Mr. Basset, druggist, cnrrier of Court and Atluntio streets, Brooklyn, or address H., box 216 Herald office. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A FURNISH KB ROOM, wilii Itreakfa.t and Tea, in a strictly private family. I/ieation below Sixteenth street and west of rsvofKl avenue. Address,slating terms, C. C., Now York , Journal df Oiromerco office. A HANDSOME! NKWI.Y FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS can bo had, with Board, at lilt West Twenty eighth \ sti cut. I mention very desirable; convenient to any part of th? city with cars and stages. House brown stone, owly and neatly furnished; modern improvements. 1'rivato lamdy. gkntuman wishes a room7 with partial Board, in a small, respectable private family, a hern there ate few oi no boarders, and where ho can have tlui comforts of a h'<ne. Terms must be in ocoordanoe with the times. Address X. T., Horald office, stating tortus, location, kit. APXJ4A.SANT HOME MAY "BK" FOUND FoK GK.YILK men iuuI their wmv.?Rooms for two single gentlemen. Parties can Itave choice of rooms. Iilnner ut tt o'clock. Ap{dy at 15 Ashland place, corner of Waverley place. AT 206 EAST TENTH STREET, CONVENIENT TO Broadway, the .Second Floor, together or separiU<<ly, furnished or unfurnished, and also a very pleasant Back Parlor. References exchanged. Dinner at 6. VERY MSBUBLB SUIT OF ROOKS, ON SfcCOND (ksir, handsomely furnished, to let to single gentlemen or to a gentleman and wife., in a small family, wltli or without istrtial Board. Gas, bath, kc. Apply ut 64 Amity street. VERY PLEASANT lUHNIsFlKD ROOM, SUITABLE for two persons, at 337 Fourth avenue, near Twenty Hi tit street, lor $3 a week; gas, good bath, Ac., included; restaurant* convenient; alto, a Bedroom for $1 60. A PRIVATE FAMILY OF THREE PERrONS. LIVING in a very comfortable style up towu, wishes to take t wo or threo single gentlemen to board. A and agreeublc li me offiffiod. Address Walker, statiou 0. A'Vnu. 54 r A.-T SLYIkENTH st KEEl . NKAlt I'NltiN square?Spacious Rooms lo let, with Board,connected oi single, furnished or unfurnished. iarge eri intiioom ftt i>:t?wmror~wrntout Board, with Pantry, for $3 per week; also a suit of Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, together or separate, lor gentlemen or housekeeping. Family private. No. 19 A PRIVATE FAMI1.Y, OF THE HIGHEST RKSPEClability, will let a few pleasant Roman, with good Hoard and the comforts of home; house contains all tho nn lorn Improvements; neighborhood desirable. Terms in cording lo times. References given. Coll at 170 West Thirty sixth street. Use of piano. A PRIVATE FAMILY, IIAVINO MORE ROOM THAN they require, can accommodate a gentleman and wile or single gentlemen with pleasant Rooms and Hoard; house contains all modern Improvements. Apply at 58 West Seventeenth street. A LARGE HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PAni PAR lor, on the flrst floor, to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife; also, two other large Rooms, with Hod rooms adjoining, will be let, either soparato or togothor, to gentlemen and their wives, or single gotitl?mqn. Apply at 53 West Twelfth street, botwoou Fifth and SUth arwwea, Bofereaoes given and rsfulrao, JESDAV, AUGUST 27, 6 nOARDI Ntt AND LODOnUK. BOAUn?EUII. OH PARTIAL BOARD. A HANI) xonuily furnished suit of live Roums, together or so p irutcly, mi Hti-i.n I lliHir of a first elaas bin i . Dinner alt). Apply at UP Niulii stroot, west of und lieur lirim.l way. Board.?very dhsihahi^ rooms to let, with lioaril, to K?HtloiiU'U an 1 U??ir wires or tiutfle tp'U tlomou. tonus moderate. 400 Kuurlti Stroel, near At loon place. Dinner at 0. Role rentes exehanneit. f^OARI).?TO LET, AT 47 WEST ELEVENTH STREET

A7 oeiweeu Fifth avenue and University place, a front Itoom anil h til Room adjoining, on soooud slory, to be lot separately or together. Also a Kouiu lore single g' Qtle111 au. 1>0ARI)._A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, cm 8INCI>' 1) gentlemen, can obtain Rooms with Hoard ui No. 6 West Wa.-hiugtnii pluco; n milt of parlors on llrsl Door. l/K Hli at is very pleasant, being opposite the s.juure. Refer, uco required. "DOARP?.SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT ROOMS PAN 1 he hu l, with Hoard, on moderate n mis, at 4H East X- emli street, near Union square. The liouse la lluely Hixta. |,.IS buUis, Ac. Itimiur at six. References basted, t 1 ' ^.,.,,,7..' 126 WEST TWENTY--KIITH STRUCT? j-c .V | , ' furnished Rooms, with lh?t class lioard, I) lb.ndsornob, ,u ml(, wivodt ?r Mn<te gentl. men! Locution pleasant she ' " lnUburtaod first class; slag,is and care convenient. "BOARD?-TO LET. TWv.' ' W1,;1J' r>ftrnished lb nuns on the a, Vi,^' 7" . n. third, with bath and gas. App>? al 48 1,|ttu t!uur Ihe Urevoort Hot s). Board -tub shoonp oh whs? handsotneiy fnrnl.-lied critste lnuse, Ipf.Ned In l illti avenue, near Minttson Park, may 1st ncctirfc,, , ,, b? Hccoiuinodultonn, by a ttrsl I'fcMMt family. ,A<lur?wi M.MiiJM'H 8. T., Htutiuii (I Pott office. BOAKI'?TO LIT, Will! lOAUIt, AT NO. 137 SK t'<iful avoimo, bftwa 'ii F.lglilh and Ninth s two or thri'f In;iiihIii iI It ?nm, kuKjiIiIc I'it |<rn!li na n and their wlvi? 01 s'ugle gentlemen; Iwotlon rery desirable; ridereiMv* exchanged. I)OAllli|Nli? VT'JM TKNTJI .-?rii|.>n\ III TH'I I N I'lit-l' .1 > avenue aud avenue A. 'I'wo or three small families Cttu have pluuiMit ltooins and Hoard; also, a few goutlomen, $.'! 60 |mt weak, gas tar-hided; neighborhood good; house has all (lie modern iiii|? oveiiienla. HOAKDINtf.?A RANMOIBLY F0RNB3HKD VfKWT and h.n k I'arlor ami litlwr ltooms to lot, to guntloiit hi and lady, ? nil Hoard lor Mm lady only. Apply at 10 WooKU-r street, near Canal. BOAItlilNO. IN A SMALL FAMILY.?A <JK.VTI.KMAN and wile i nn have a lino large Itooin on 8 rood lloor; lei nis $10 per wouk. Also a Hin di Loom for $4 Ml p< r w.vk. ji >ijw ursl clhum Hint Boo locution. 340 West Thirty s com! street, near Niutli avenue. "froardino or lodgiko.?a MNTLXMAN and His wife can be act o.nmodateil with a handsome front Room, or uiifiirniHlied, wl li or without lloaril; a xo n ha I l?'il imiui to it single lady or gentleman. Apply at 314 liroonm street. Hoard wantkd?uv a cknti.kman and wife and two ladies, in u gouteel private family, whern there are few other hoarder*. location below Twentyfifth street, west aide. Ad Irers, staling lowest terms, .loues, station C Post ofltce (Troy street). Hoard wanted?by a gentleman and i.adv, with ltsirit for the lady only, in a private family. Address, with terms, 1'. S. M., Herald office. "IJOAliD WANTED?IN HROOKLYN, llY A i.AI'Y, O.N 11 or near Court street, between Stale and Warren streets. Terms must bo moderate. Address Mrs. M. W., Hro iklyu Post olttce. TJOAUD WANTED?BY A CKNTt.KMAN AND LADY. _1 > in New York or Brooklyn; board lor the lady only; a privat lion ho wliuro no other hnardcisarokept preferred. Address L. S., box 147 llorald otllee. Board waM'kh?uy a pinui.k man, in a n:ivalo family; house mnsi bo modorn and family small. Aaodarataprice will be paid monthly, in aiivunco If desired. I/ieation near I'wonly third street and Third avenue. Add mas, with lull particular.-, II. II. H., Nix No. ltfT llorald otllee. Board wastkd?in a skat, plain private pamHy. where Iho eomfot ta of a homo may bo enjoyed, tor a imntloinnii and two sisters; terms tnu-l bo moderate. Addreaa W. Hentt, llorald oHlco, for two days, station terms, M.; upper part of Iho eily preferred. HOARD WANTED?FOR A YOUNG G1BL, WITHHQHB widow r.oly who is a milliner or dressmaker, wh -re alio could have a oomfortub.o room, pay a reasonable board and have an opportunity of leorniiix' the irado in this city or Brooklyn. Address Lawrence, box 147 Herald otlleo. OOAlUt IN BROOKLYN jii LET FURNI8HKI) _1> unfiirnish d Rooms with breakfast and tea if reUiiired. Also use of Piano. All attention yiveli to make L ine comfortable. Locution pleasant and convenient to cars and ferries. Address I,. T., llox 1'2H lleruld otliee. I^i I ARB IN BROOKLYN.? 1 WO SI N't ILK liKNTI.I MKN | M W ' ?" ? ' ?? <?? S' I'l'IIMIll 11 out IVHIIIl , W | LI | Board, in a private family, within twdvo minutes'walk of South lorry. Terms moderate. lUloronooa required. Call at 40 Wont Italtio street. T>GAftD IN BROOKLYN.?A l.AROK FRONT l!l>0\I, 1) s.-coml story, an,I a small atttie Room. lsiih, gun anil fnruuet); within live mi"iitrs' walk of Willi uml SoiitIt ri:~7iV i'CV"1 !fl1''r"10 238 Henry street, fourth d.s.r HOARD WAN I'KI> IN BROOKLYN. ? AN tWVR. iii-ln'u Iront Room and Bedroom communicating, on the second tlonr, with full Board, for three grown |ktseiis. a hlrimi, stating particulars, W. It., Brooklyn Post oilleo. A private family or where there are hut lew boarders preferred. 1>()ARI) IN BROOKLYN?1(1 CLINTON S'lltKh'C, AT f I decidedly low prices, for jierninnent boarders: front Parlor and He Irootn. also two Rooms for single gentlemen. Parl ies desiring the comforts of a home wi.'I pinnae apply nOAHD in BROOKLYN WANTED?BY A young |>iady, in n private family whore there nro no othor hoarders. Address A. II., box 14? Herald olilce. Board in Brooklyn.?t pleasant front Room on second (Psir to rent, also one Hall Room, In a p into family ; the house Is situated rot live minutes' w alk from three ferries; bath in thu house. Apply at 77 ft In I on street, one door from Rivlngton. Terms moderate. Hoard in Brooklyn ?46 saniw strkkp, nkak Adams. Two gentlemen and lli dr wives can obtain ex.; II 1.1. ar rouiniodathu's: slso single gentlemen can lie .mmodaled with very pleasant Rooms and full or jar ' Board. Tcrn.s ver) moderate. JTOARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?DOUBLE AND I ) single Rooms may be obtained at No. 117 cranberry stiae!. neat < olumlda. I-ocation very pleasant. Room* ileally4, having all the modern inijirovemeuts. t'onv* nlent to Wall street and Fulton ferries. Brooklyn hoard?pi.kas.vnt double and sin gle front Rooms to let, with Board. F'or those wishing a comfortable home litis Is a desirable opportunity. Ij eii.ioti dnlighful. arid within three minutes' walk, of the South or Wall street ferry. References required. Apply at lift Harden street, Brooklyn. " UtOOKLYN .?A PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVINti A FKW ir Ibsime t? spare, wishes to let them with or without I Heard to two or WW K'-ntlern-n. Apply at 2t!7 IVarl street, flse minutes' walk from Fulton or Wall afreet terry. References exchanged. "IJOAKD IV SOUTH BROOKLYN.?A NICELY FUR|) Hlslo'd second story back 11. om to lot. with Hosrdi for u k -nllcman and wifii. Delightful neighborhood, with lire view of hay, Ac. (lasaud butli. Dinner at 0. Terms moderate. Apply at 10Sooond piaco, near Honry street. T>OARD IN )t: i ll BROOKLYN May ItlO OBTAINED I) lor a g'titUmuin and tits wife; gooil board and plea-u.>t Renins, hot and cold water, bath aud gas. Apply at U Harrison street. BOARD WANTED IN Sorril BROOKLYN.?A UKNUeniAQ Is desirous of procuring partial Hoard in a pbsisant private family residing in a respectable neighborhood. Boarding house keepers need not apply. Address immediately Europe, Brooklyn Post ntllco. Desirable iiwiit-wrnr hoard, may re had at :> & East Sixteenth street, near Irving |dune. Tboy hsvo atopic closet romp, and all conveniences for a family or (or gentlemen. References exchanged. INLdiNWHEU ROOMS TO LET?SOMEAH LOW AH $1 par WMfe. Also, a front Boom and frout Bod* room attached to two or three gentlemen. Kent low. Convenient to cars and stages. Apply at 200 West Twenty, fourth streot, near Eighth avenue. I It it :sK TO KENT?BETWEEN UNION1 . square and Twenty thiril street. If retuod to a small and pleasant family, the owner's faintly of three persons, would lake a large |?irt of tho rent in hoard; hut no boarding house keeper noed apply. Apply to GRIFFIN A 0UIJCK, 62 East Fourteenth street, Union square. ITM'KN'TsllKP ROOMS TO LET?WITH OK WITHOUT . Board: also a K-smi on the first floor suitable for an ollleo. Apiily at the hotel, 103 Fulton streut. IN 11 '.ST OF SEPTEMBER?TWO ELEGANT SUITS OK . Rooms, for two or four single gout lemon, $2.1 per week, < n suite; house nowly furnished; vicinity of Union square; family enilrely private; table unexceptionable. Address Maximilian, Herald ollleo. Furnished rooms?with hoard, to a gentleman ami wife or single gentlemen, in tho llncly located liouso 111 West Fourteenth sheet. House has every convenience. Dinner at IJWRNBHBD APARTMENTS TO LET?W SUITS, ; handsomely furnished, with all the modern improvements, in the first class, house, 1,248 Broadway, between Thirty-first and Thirty -second streets. Kolurences oxchanged. Apply to the Uousckeeix r, on the premises, or al C7 William street. 0s! RAMKRCT PARK, NO. SO F.APT TWKNTY-FLfcJI X street.-?To let, suits of handsomely furnished Rooms, suitable for families or single gcntlumen. la. the abovo first class house, beautifully located between Lexington atid Fourth avenues, opposite centre of park. HANPSOMFXY FURNISHED SttTS OF ROOMS TO , let, with Hoard, in the first class house 7? East Tsfftnty sixth street, between Islington anil Fourth uvu'aires, References exchanged. Haniwomely furnished rooms?in suns OR single, to let, with Roard, at prices to suit the times. Location desirable, between University plnos nod Broad**?. Apply MM CUMQB oUcn, 1. BOARDING AND LODGING. JACKSON HOUSK, 'J 10 KIM STKKKI'.?TIIK LOWKST rented and most cuniOiriuldy anil oonvonleutly furnished Aimrtnentu in the city, ta rami the wants of Hmall fankliuti, with every r>?iiiibita fnrnituro. Linen, cooking range and uleu..i!s, gas and Cretan water. I AMI AIRY BOOM, WITH BOARD, MS A lil'.Nj tie man and wile or single gentlemen, in the lirst clase bouse 120 M. Mark's place. 1 inner nt six. J. A. KtHiK, NO. 5 KAST TUIKTY HIM litl IT. - % aiuuinou avenues, newly o|*uiod for fuuulii'H and single gentlemen Booms elegantly furnished in suits cr single, from one to live, with lloard, wlUw without private ubiij dluwr tl 6 o'clock* ltofurotioe runuirod. MNl m. a amoraB, a war twkvtvmmii street, him suits uf Booms, and Bingo Booms, not yot engaged; lior house hus boon oulargod no I is elegantly furnished, ami slur oan offer ovory comfort for those desiring n home for tlio wiutor. NOS. 110 AM* 112 EAST KiHIU'H KNllt -fill.IT, near Union square?elegant Booms. singly or m suits, w ith Board; tonus moderate; house jnai required ami renovated. Apply at) above. NKATI.Y EUKNIS1IK1) AI'A?T.M1-N H.'SUITAIil.E I "ll gent omen, with or without partial Hoard, or would accommodate a lentlemun and wil'o keeping house with use of kitchen. Also ou tipper Hour, a Hod room, at fl f>0 per week. No. 47 Amity snoot, near Washington square. "vtich.y rurnbais aooMi to let, to okhtibll Dim, without Board, in a pleasant tlosirable location, within two blocks of Broadway. Apply ut 25U Groonu street, between Wavorley and c.liulou pluc- s. ONE OB TWO lUNftAOMFXY KOKNIEHKi* ROOMS TO rent, wilh or without Hoard, to one or two gentle, nu n or gentleman aud wife, hi a small private fhmliy; Orst class house. Apply at <9t l ike street. 1 JJ.EASANT H'KNV'ilKU OK UNEl'RNisilKlV BOOMS X to let?At 01 East Seventeenth street, a few doors from Union square. I'arlor and P jffroom on ri*mil tlnor with hot and colli water ant! privilege of bath W>m, tor AH per w ok Rooms on third tloor from j] to f4. Urcak,'.iet If riepiired. Iykxwffx nMiuKo II.KASAST, torncted footis, without Hoard, In a lirst el ?x hmuto, be acnoniStodatod by applying nt 77 Kourtb avouue, utnr Tenth sfrect,ono bftrk from Broadway. Koomgto i .i t? wiril or WrrHOUT BOARD; WODLD like to lop Room*, with Board, to a i*-rty of Swiss gentlemen, ?r to gl-ntleiDnn and their wives, luquiro at 233 Kust Tun At street, near Socond aventte. HOOMS WANTrtD?Hf A AIMUII.K ACin7 liKNTl.K man?llioHocotnl or third tloor of a grnuwt house, w hero thoro are tin boarders: tbo family of a widow lady preferred. Address, with location, Ac., N. Derongt, Imx 213 Herald aflet. K I SIMS WA NIK I'?BY A <i:,N"l I KM AN AM) WtTK? second tloor, unfurnished, In a gouteel private family; location not above Twenty sixth street, and brtrwn Setamd and Sixth avenues. Terms nmst be inodertAo. References exehailgod. Adtiroits C. B. K., box 221 II I aid ollire, tor two days. T) I.KT EXCEEDINGLY f.t >W?A PEW KUKNISHKD lletniK, Willi a private family, lit tut excellent loca lion. Apply at. fill West Thirty fecund street, three doors from Sixth a venae Good references reipnred. rpo u r?with or without board, hanusohki.y J furnished Uioms, by a small, gentoel family: the location and atroet are very pleasant, lining opposite the New Kngland chart-It; three minutes' wn'k from the ferry. Apply at 120 South Ninth street, Willmmsbtn g. rpo I.CT?WITH BOARD, A HANIWOMKI.Y TORNI.-HKB 1. front Rarlor on second floor, with two Closets; the contains the modern improvements; location elidible; the comforts of homo realized. Keferoncos ex changed. Apply at 23 t>ro\o street, between Hlecck r autl Hudson. mo LOT?TO A GENTLEMAN AND WTFI OR TWO .1 sing'e g-ntlemcn a nice pleasant Room, wilh or without Hoard; also a Hull Bedroom, to a single gentlemail. will 11 1 If?t. f?n ( ii'iwnnnhU funtio nf street, second block oust of Rowory. Til l.irr?TWO KlUtMSllM* Iyii?MS, KHOVriMi ON llrnodway, to n man and wifo; Hoard to lady only; or for housekeeping '>r lodging. Address or apply to Smith, 175 Broadway, room 10. WANT Kl*?HOAUI) rx A FIRST CI.ASS PRIVATE family, or female seminary, In the Ftatn-i of Now York or Rhode Hand, by a 1 idy from England, who has received a thorough musical e<1ucAtlou, and offers $75 |? r annum and instruction in music as compensation tor lloard. Kvl'e* onccs exchang'd. Address for one week ('. M. P., Brooklyn l'oat officii, Now York. TTTAMTKH?ItY A I.AHY, A SMA1.I. BEDROOM ANI> IV Kitting Koom, In a retired neighborhood in Now York; brtiakfust served Iu room; moderate price and no questions asked are requisites. Address Francis, Herald ottloo. Vir.VNTKI'?DOAKIl, IN IIIIS (TTY (lit Itlcoohl.A S, VV for a lady and sir children, 0 to 15 yea a old, in a respectable neighborhood, where the coinfurta of a homo can he tin i; a c 'athoiic family preferred; terms must be low. Address C. I.. Herald office. "llr.v.\n:i!?ON'F. OR TWO HKNTI.KMWN. TO UK UKtV sponsible lor the rent of a small furnished house, for a widow lady; would Hoard rue or Iwo ladles for the same. Address for throo days Mrs. M. A. Yarney, Herald office. \tr.\It PP.iCKA- $11 I'lill WKKK K'lit A PPETl'Y KUlt. T V nislied Room, with full Board, to a yntlomaii and w lie: one Room for a gentlemen for $4; one K om fur two gegUctnen for S8. ma Wait .TwePty-slath street, near 8WKT 1I.EVKNT1I " STREET.?HANH-O'IKI.Y Kl'Ruislicil Rooms to lot to gentlemen, w itli breakfast Jif desired. 1 A l.AMAKTIN'K FLACK, WEST TWENTY NINTH 111 street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues.?A nicely furnished front Room to lot, with Hoard. Ion grn,, | ... flu ? ... . .. I..,. ? I,...-1- ll?.n. ,.* 1U fur Iwo; family in privato. House hasiill improvements. J Inner at fl e'cloek. 1 ff AMITY STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?Wefts _| O furnished Rooms to let, Willi ll"ird,oii reasonable terms. House contains gay, bulb, Ac. Dinner ui 6 o'clock. Apply as above. O i l'N'IVKU~ll'Y I'l.ACK, ( OK NINTH ""t" street.?Rooms < n suite, handsomely furnished, with full Board or privato table if preferred, to let. liesirahlo ncTon m Motions for families se king Board for the winter. Also singlo rooms. References required. Dinner at xix o'clock. ??7 WfBSt THIRTIETH STRUCT?TWO OK THREE pj | Hulont families and three or four gentlemen of the llrst respectability can now be accommodated wilb soils or single Rooms in one of the most rie ightful locations, situated between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Table first class. Iteforenoes exchanged. A 1 TENTH STREET, HETWKKN Kit ill AM) SIXTH *-f- 1 avenues.?Very desirable Rooms. in stilts or single, wnb Hoard, ran be obtained D>r gentleman and their wives or single gentlemen; the house contains all tho modern improvements, liiuner at six o'clock. A /? WfMT TWKNTY-FOURTH STHK.KT, BETWEEN I ifth and Sixth avenues.?Furnished Rooms, with Hoard, suitable for families or single gentlemen, can be had on reasonable terms in tho ubovo first class house. A f* WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, HKTWh'KN FIFTH rrO and Sixth avenue*.?To let, a handsomely furnished suit of Room*: will lie let together or separate; o!?o a single Room, in a private French family. Terms moderate. References exchanged. r rr east twki.kth struct, between broadway 00 and Fourth avemto, opposite the Whitney House.? ' Furnished Rooms to let, singly or in suits; use of the kitchen if required. terms moderate; location unsurpassed. References exchanged. I* A WI>T fill RTKKNTII STREET? ROOMS ivT.KT, t)with first class Hoard, en suite or single, to families and single gentlemen. Kxchango of references. MSA TENTH STREET. NEAR 1'IITH AVENWE?HAND-" | & somoly furnished Apartmunts, en suite and single, with full Hoard or privato table If preferred, to lot to respectable parties. Q(\ NINTH STRECT, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PEACH Qy and Fifth avenue.?(Jentlemen and rives and single gentlemen cau obtain Hoard in ailrst clues house, with choice of Rooms, single or in suits. Also, to root a front Basement, suitable for a physician's office. Dinner utti. Reference exchanged. AQ (IREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRIMi?AIBTON pj House.?Elegantly fumishtd snii.s of Rooms, with pus, (Iroton water, and every convenience for housekeeping economically; particularly suited for -tiuill, respectable families or single gciitluuiuu. Rent low to permanent tenants. 1 (V7 W'AVKRl.Klf PEACE. NEAR THE PARK?SUITS J_VJ I or single Rooms, with Hoard, for gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen; or persons wishing Bo;-.\l without rooms can be acoumruislatcd. I AA WBST FOURTEENTH STREET?TO &CT, Xw?/ with first class Board, Rooms, iu suiter singly, suitable for families or single gentlemen. House ajid location, very desirable. Terrea moderate, to the times. I'tmcr at six. Referencesrequired. II A MAI'Dol'W M, STREET?RICHMOND- HOUSE t la now opened as a privato family Hotel, for thu reception 'if single gentlemen. or small raoultos tired of boarding. Parties desirous of hotisekooyitig can find every sonvenlence at the above establishment!. 1 % Q KAs'f FOURTEENTH STREET ?HAND80MKLX furnished Hum*- to let. with Board, for genuemen and families. Table Arst class. 1 ^nncr at 8. -jQi" ELIZA BETH STREET. NYT.VK CORNER OF Broomo street Wood, quirt houso, Rooms and Bedroom* with every convenience Cor small families, $136 to $3 ]>er week for botli l.tootus, Ono Room for single gentleman, $1. -t QST NINTH STREET, SFfOND HOUSE WEST OF lOl Broadway ?To lot, wUhout Board, elegantly iiirn.ehed Apartments, stngleor en suit, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gofitlemeu N. B.?Private table If desired. Terms reasonable. 1 RA 1'RINUE 1_0\J gantly furnislsed Rooms, with Bodrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, Including gas and Croton water, to let to respectable families or single gentlemen. ooq east tenth street?a parlor anb bkr i room on the flrst floor, and Rooms on the third i floor. Tit* house hag all the modern Improvement* Mr at Itx o cioefc 7 UOMlI>l\<J A\D UPMITOi 9?)(\ roUKTKKNTH STKKKT.?UKNTI.KMKM olid their trivia, or Hingln grntlnmri, nui tie acconiiiiiHtatpd willi guoil Hoard und |>leoMHt ftoutna; l1 "ii* morlrruln. Krt< r< urua required. i)fi 1 Km liril AVKM | ._Ml I.KT, I'l.KASANT 111 and noaUy furnished Rooms, singly or lna?iM, tu l'uinilKw or single k??iI?iiu'U. with Mill or nwiui ii/.?.-.i mi- nouse iius mo modern Improvements. References oxchanged. AMIISKHKX'I'S, "VT KW HOWKKY TllKATKK. Ill Solo 1'iuprielith...Messrs (1. I,. Fox A J. \V. Mng.'il TUKSDAY. Auou^r n, is?i, Charlos Gaylor's great Military Drama of ' 111 1.1. KUN; On, TDK SACKING OK FAIRFAX COURT UOUSFHHI1.IJANT TARKKAUX AND GORGEOUS KKEEI.TS. Among which will lie found TUK U'Nll UK 11 t.K AT WASHINGTON, TMK DEATH UK KUSWORTH, and tlio gorgeous tableaux of TUK RAT1T.F. OF BU1X RUN. TUK KIGIITll REGIMENT DRUM COOTS will appear In bivouac an I li m the Tattoo. Tho dinniii will bo presented K.VKRY NUHIT Til.I. FURTHER NOTICE. In addition to which the Nautical Drama ot TUK MINUTE GUN AT SKA. WINTER UARDKN. Tills TUESDAY KVEN'INO, August 2T, ' the grout American coined an, Mr. J. S ft. AUK* I Mr. J. H. n.MtKK. Mr. .1. S. CI.AKKK, ! will appear in two of hi* groat cmiic role* m DIMl'l.K, in fliiekHloiie'a charming comedy, in three acta, of IKAl' Yk'AR, received on its representation on Saturday with (he warmest expression* of pleasure. Mm. Horn Klowordew Mrs AlexfnaFisher linker Mix* OT* ary Mr*. F. S. t'haniran William Walker Mr. liarton Uift Mr*. OrWtp Mr.-, Thayer Captain Mauser Mr. MoiUivS ami ?< TOt it U*t, TOO|?U?, TUOiiLKS, lieing tfe Ejffimi Nnurr of Ilia peculiar porsonntinn of liwa humorous character, 1 in which lie bus liiuni received with such KN'THCSIA-U'UJ llKMONdTHATIONH OF AlfHOVAi* being nightly THItEK Tf.MKS KHCAU.KO during I h" pcrfoi muiico to receive Ilia congratulations of n delighted audience. 4JB0UCAN IfVnCK. I he manager in delighted to announce the most wonder mi ami exit aonunary uovcllv ever oU'crod u> Uie people at Nuw Vnk,a LIVING HtVPOlWAMUS, I.IVINlJ lill'l'Ol'OTAMUS, 1.1VISG HIPl'OI 'OTA M US, from tho river Nile, in Kay pi, tho (front Hellene tit of lb* Scriptures, the marvel el tho animal kingdom, tho only animal of tho kind over brought to America, an annual thai is worshiped by tli? ftfyptiaux, unit never utlewoil by the Kovornmetit to leave the country, o.nropi ax ? epeujti favor. Tli v have never been seen out of h'gypti xocpl at the Zoological (.'anions in l/uidon, tho Garden of l'luiita la Paris, mill the oh" now elided to tho citizens of this Iu0> tro|Kilia; and in ea. It of these eases by Hie Apodal favor of tho (iranil Viceroy of Kgypt. lie will be seen at afl hours, every dav and evening, uUendcd by its walchfiA AKAlt KKKPUt, SALAAMA, who exhibits the utmost solicitude for lux |ivt charge. WHAT IS m or MAN MONKKY, SKA LION, MAMMOTH hi: A It SAMSON, MONStBB SNAKKS. AgUAKIA, HAPPY FAMILY, 40. The lecture room entertainment* embrace IT.TTIK DRAMA, VAUDKVIIJ.K AND KARTK. Admission to all 25 o 'tits; children under ton 16 ucala. HKY ANTS' M1NSTKK1.N. Meeh itii' a Hall, 473 llroadway above Grand street^ Mo d ?y, August 2<>, and overv nlyh'. dm lint the week. TilK GRAND TLNPANDNJON BURLKSQUK, l'r mt Henna latianese Tommgr, Cntnliictor si* Dan lliyanun THK RAW RKCKUITS. Id'Nil BHANt'H M HSR HANS. S. C. CAM Uhl.L IN IDS POPULAR HA l.LAI 8. DR. TUMRLKTY OUTDONK, EJ'H. HORN. SKI J. AND DAN DRYANT. Concluding with Iho D. 11. BerlesijU etii It led W1U, RUN, HULL RUN, BU1J. HON. HURL UN, DDI J. RUN, BULL RUN, BULL RUN, IK LI, RUN. BULL RUN. C, UdllJ.ltr IT,.b l!n. 1.. ll.? I,... ll.?.-?' Doors open al 7; Curiam rlaea at 8 o'clock. Tickets 2fr c tnlH. NIXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS. (From Nihlo's Garden, New York.) The lost afternoon ami night positively in Williamsburg. Thin Tuesday, August 27. A COMPLETE AND BRILLIANT TRIUMPH attended the entertainment lust evening of I his great combine* CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE. Only oao prion of admission, M ronu to see aU. Children 15 rents. Open at 1 \i and 7 P. M. i/jculiou in South Fifth street, between Seventh ami Eighth streets. Read the array of talent we announce:? Great Northwesters MKNAGEK1K, From Santa Fc, comprising a HERD OF F/ KVFy intwrrrirss rue (freul Sveslern ciown, DEN STONE. Will ap|>ear for the lirst time, ALL THE GREAT FEATURES Of Niblo's Gordon, witli many additional attraction!, wM bo pregonted. MR. EATON STONE, SIGNOK Z9YARA, SIGNOR 3 EH ASWAN, HAW 1. HG/CT, LITI'LE GEMMA. Boing Ave of the GREATEST RIDERS LIVING. MATINEES Wilt he given at the ahovo placos each afternoon, cor*? mencfug at two o'clock. A CHALLENGE. The proprietor of thie establishment offers a premlwn* of FtrrY DOLLARS to any person In Willlaiiwburg or Greenpolnt who will produce a team of horses capable of pulling off a ladder Die famous Horculea, AIA>N20 I TUBULE. To be tested on Monday night, Aug'si 26, and ak Greeni?dut on Wednesday, August 28. All this splondid troupe wi'l |>erform afternoon and night AT GRF.EXPOINT, ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28. riUIK GREAT CA NTKltlKIItY MI.SIG HA1A, 1 585 BROADWAY. IMMENSE SUCCESS, IMMENSE SUCCESS OF Tim MAGNIFICENT PANTOMIME. CROWDED HOUSES, CROWDED HOUSES, TO SEE HERNANDEZ'S HERNANDEZ'S nERNAXUH7/e NEW AND ORIGINAL WKAN'II PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIMH GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOAUMM o? win SOUTHERN REFUGEE; SOUTHERN REFUGEE; ok, FATflR AND TRUF,. FA IRK AND IjRtJK. FALSE AND TKI'K. FAIRK AMP- TKUEENKRV NTGHT THIS WEEK will bo introduced an entire new seeno iuui GRAND TABLEAU, GRAND TABLKAU, depicting the GREAT HAITI,* IN MISSOURI, GREAT HAITI.K IN MJSMIUHI. and DEATH OF GENERAL LYON, DWATri OF GENERAL LYON, DEATH OK GENERAL LYON. DEATH OF GENERAL LYON. DEATH 08 GENERAL LYON, DEATH OF GENERAL LYON. Forming 0110 of tlio Gaest pictures ever seen on any stage-.. Second week of J. H. UL'DWORTH, Celebrated Ethiopian Comedian. None*.?In consequence of the unprecedented wiecesai of the afternoon performance on Saturday I net, the mtuia gcrK beg to uil'ortn their patrons and the public generally I that a GRAND MATINEE Y?ill be given Evsttv Batumi ay until further notice. FOR A CURRAX, Proprietor. Laura kernps theatre?1titk ladies and hew tleroen engaged are requested to meet In thu groom I rwim on Hon :ay, September 2, at 12o'clock. None*.? All persons are hereby cautioned against trust nig any ono representing mcmmivw as ouiug cuuuuci?* with the mechanical di|mrtmont of this theatre, ns Miss Keeti'i will not bu responsible Tor any ilobts nut contracted over her signature. I.ATRa K>:k>s'? Tssathr. Aufpist 26, 1861. MK. A. H. I)AVENl*ORT 18 AT PRESENT at OGdensburg, New York. All letters or business communications may bo Ibrwardod ti> tho Seuaie, 21 Wait Houston street. M1S0 JANE FISHER'S RFAItlNOS AT 80S, RROADway (late Dodwortb's Mall), Wednesday evening, August 28. l)oors opes at 7%: reading commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets Qfty cents, to be hel at the principal Musio Stores and at tho door. Minis agitated ry the vicisrttpdes of war willbo tranquilized hi the course ?/ a few weeks, when the 1'arWbui Cabinet of Wonders, comprising unique specimens of anatomy and works of art, will be opened tq tho public, Due notice will be given immediately Uis above invaluable collection is ready for Inspeciias. INSTITUTE OK ART, 628 BROADWAY.?GREAT DU8 seldorf Gallery of f'ainiings. works of Americaa artists; statuary, Ac. Admission d*> cents. Open day and evening. JAi?. H" WARD, Seoretary. _ dry oooijs. A CARD. W. JACKSON, 661 P.rofidwray, having purchased* largo lot of<?* at jsuilc prices, ho is oil-riUR them at retail at less cost of importation; also Black and Second Mourning, silks, in every style and quality, at i unusually low prices, together with a large and general aasortmantof durable Mourning Goods, purchased during th? recent panlc,which he Is offei tog at little less Units half the oos? of Importation. Special attention Is cu..o4 I to Black t>''dca at 7ftc. and $1 per yard. . W JACKSON, Importer of Mourning Goods. Y>\ HMamunwi*

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