Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1861 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9H9. THE REBELLION. Important News from the Kanawha Valley. Desperate Battle at Summersville. The Seventh Ohio Regiment Fight their Way Through Three Thousand Rebels. Reported Fearful Loss of the Enemy. LIVELY SKIRMISHl\G ALONG THE POTOMAC. Bcportci Battle at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Account of the Departure of the Naval Expedition from Old Pti Operations of the Coast Guard Off Savannah* Condition of Affairs in Missouri and at Cairo. SLesigned Vml Officers Sent to Tort Lafayette, Ae., Ac., Ac. BLOODY BATTLE AT SUMMERSVILLE, VA. Cl.NCMJMTi, August 28,1861. Hm following are all the particular* that we can loarn ef the battle at SummersvUUs on the 26th, which appears to hare been a bloody affair. the Seventh Ohio regiment, Colonel Tyler, was ear reanded while at broakfast, and attacked on both flanks and In the front simultaneously. Our men Immediately fanned for battle and fought bravely, while they aw but little chanoe of succoas, the enemy frovlng too powerful, Colonel Tyler sent forward to the baggage train, which was coming up three threo miles distant, and turned It back towards Gtuley Bridge, which placo It roacJtfd in safety. Companies It, v ana i BujicreC most severely. They particularly were K ibe hottest of the light, and finally fought their way tbreugh fearful odds, making dreadful havoc in the nemy's forces. The rebel force consisted of three thousand Infantry, ftmr hundred cavalry and ten guns. The Union forcet Mattered after cutting their way through, but soon form d again and fired, but received no reply or pursuit from the enemy. Our loss is not yot definitely ascertained. Not over 880 are missing out of 900 engaged. The rebel loss was fearful. Lieut. Colonel Creighton captured the enemy's colors and two prisoners. The following Is a list of the officers known to be Wiled:? Captain Dyer, Company D, of Painesvllle, Clip Win ShurtlcfT, Company C, of Oberlin. Captain Sterling, Company I. Adjutant Deforest, of Cleveland. Ueutecant Cbas. Warrent. Sergeant Major Kfng, of Warren. The other field officers are all safe, DIE SPECIAL WAhlLT<iTO> DESPATCHES. WutanroToic, August 38,1861. RUMORS A FLO ST AT SHE CAPITAL. To-day has been a day of rumors. All day long the populace have been standing upon the side Walks and groupod upon the house tops, with hand to ear, listening for the sounds of the conflict that was expected to take place In the vicinity of Bally's ?roes Roads. Every horse kick in tho stable was construed into the report of a cannon, and every carpenter's hammer upon a board was supposed to 1>e tbe booming of k big gun. But al) bad confidence In General MoClelian and the whole cily rested easy under the impression that under his command a.l is right. And there Is no reason for apprehension. There is no doubt that tho robel forces are in close and threatening proximity to our Noes. In addition to the entrenchments they have orectod on Mason's Hill, and the battery Shey have erected at Barcroft's Mill, on tbe Columbia turnpike, between Bailoy's Cross Roads and Denton's tavorn. They set up a battery on Mason's Hill, en tho Leesburg pike, and one also on tho high ground between the Leesburg pike and Hunting crock, both of which command Bailoy's Cross Roods. Our pickets have had several engagements with the enemy during lairt night and to-day, between Ball's Cross Boi ls and Bailey's Cross Roads. The robol advance is gaid to be within an eighth of a milo of Bail's Cress Ron dp?a mile and three-quarters from our works en Arlington Heights, and two miles and a hall from tho Virginia cud of the Georgetown Aqueduct. They held these positions during the night only, and to day retired behind their batteries. It is said that two of our picket guard, some distance from tbe Chain Bridge, were killed last night, nod that m ? of rw lain Waflarav a comnanv nf I-.- iJ ? , r?, ?-..J k lib rc h is been no further ci.gngrm nt to-day. Yesterday afternoon Colonel HiUinan, with Chptain Dlrtg.oy's company ot the Twenty.third New York regiment went to Bail's Cross Road* to support our picket guards at that i>oiut. They ware met by a regiment the rebels. Borne thirty rounds wore exchanged before our nuslt retired. Cart oil, of Klni'ra, of the Tw uty-third X. w York egiment, was killed, end one other of the sanv company wss slightly wound or). That the rebels mean mischief is unmistakable. Tb".v ca, net help it. They have nothing la Virginia to support thera. Tliey have eaten everything out. They have levied contributions on farmers, and are now in such a desperate strait that they must tnnke u fight or retreat. Tl\is is the whole secrot of tiro rebel movements. They ?re obliged to atlaek Washington or disband their foriou. The people of Washington do not fear their attack, and the Union foroi s across the river are eager for an oppor tunity to t rove that General McClellan is a general who understands what he is doing. The skirmishing uiion our line, in the estimation of army officers, amounted to nothing. It wi.s only tin faint irmtte lug of tlio storm that is to come. The rebels approached within two and a half, ihi Virginia end of the Goorgeti wn acqueduct to day, aim wan ton t> fired Into tho house of Captain Geary, w It" r commanding a Union cavalry compauy, about two and .a tab miles from the acq cdurt, od the Virgiam side. :e ne TUB OBJECT OF THE NAVAL EXPEDITION FKOM F0KTHE88 UONHOE. the m*io ohji'ct of tho fleet which has lately loft Kortresa Monroe is to blockade Ihe Southern coast and to obrflruct cerutiu inlets. No invasion is couteutiiiated. TUB AHMY. The President to-day appointed as Atrfi-de-Gimp to GenWool Alexander Hamilton, Jr., and Legrand II. < annon, of Now York, each with the rank of Major, and William Jay, of Bedford, N. Y., with thu rank of Captain. These npiMiiiitments were made at Gen. Wool's request, and Uie otlicial notification from thu War Department instructs the aids to immediately report to him m person. Their commissions will bear date August 28. The order detailing Captain J. B. Fry, Assistant Genor. al, from the duty tu which he is now engaged, to the Staff of General Hunter in the West, as announced in to-day's Haaaui, is this day re\ > kud. Colonel Fletcher Webster, who commands the Webster regiment of Massachusetts, in General Hanks' column at Mount Ayer, near Point or Rooks, arrived here yesterday, on business for his command. The opinion of all military men who liaNO Been Colonel Webster's regiment is, that it m one of the tail appointed and best drilled in the volunteer service. Major Generals MeClellan, Fremont and IToliock, who have been appointed to that rauk iu the regular aimy, were all formerly olllcsrs of Die army?two of them gene rals, Motfellan and Hal tuck, and West I'ulnt graduates, and were foremost In their class. General Fremont achieved a reputation for himself as a cavalry oiilcerupou the Plains and in frequent engagements with Indians. The four Major Generals for voluntoers are Hunter, Fix, Banks and Butler. General H.mtor 1s a graduate of West Point, and was appointed from tho regular army. Gemuai Rix hue served ih our army under General Scott, while Generals Banks and Butler were appointed from civil lifo aud have boon uuiverBally approved. These Generals liave already made evident not only administrative hut military talent Unit has attracted to them the attention of tho nation. The brilliant administrative ability manifested by G"nura| Banks, as Speaker of tho House of Representatives aud Governor of the State of Massachusetts, wag but an earnest of what is promised in his military career. Brigadier Generals MansfieM, McDowell, Meigs, Anderson, Ripley, Koscncrauz and Thomas,are all graduates ol West Point, and were all distinguished in their classes. Thirty-six of the flfty-fuur Brigadier Generals appointed are West l'oint graduates, two others were ofllaers of the regular army, and still four othurs served with distinction as volunteers m tho Mexican war. There are only twelve of tho Brigudlors who have not had the advantage of eithor military education or actual experience in the art of war. Brigadier General Burnsides is detailed to tho department of Major General Anderson j- who is ordered to Kentucky. THE NAVY. The Yankee having been thoroughly refitted at the Navy Yard, wont down the river last night, with Captain Croveu, the commander of the Tolomae (tolllla. The Ceres is being prepared to be added so tha fleet as a gunboat. Half a dozen steamers and mure than a dozen sailing vessels and a number of launches provided with Impounder rifled cannon arc r#,uly at the Navy Yard for any emergency. BKTl'BN OP TBK STEAMER PHILADELPHIA. Tho steamer I'hllade'pbtu, which carried to Oi l Point the mutineers who have been sent to the Dry Toitugus, came back to-day. hire brought up one hundred and fifty meu firr tue Connecticut una tho gunl.oate in tho stream and also tho guard tliut acci mponied tli? prisoners Co Fortress Monroe. Tlie mutineers were sent to the Rip Haps, whore they will remain until opportunity offers to send them to Tortugus. DESERTION FROM THE NAVY. John R. Upson, late Paymaster's Clerk on board the steamer Pensacola, has deserted, after drawing three months' pay. FA8SPORT AGENTS AT NEW YOKE. Oscar Irving and Jonathan Armory, United States Despatch Agents?one fit New York and the other at Boston?are authorise!) to issue passports to citizens 01' the United States going ab:oad, and to countersign those in the hands of foreigners. REPORT OF GENERAL DIX IN THE CASE OF QUARTERMASTER BULGER. Serious charges having having been presented to the War Dejiartment alledgfcig tlwt Major James Bulger, Assis tant Quartermaster at the Important (lejK.t st lialtimoro, was his charge by making his purchases from, aud employing hs subordinate agent?, persons inimical to the government, the matter was in iinnnml Hi* for invrsiitrnt inn Th.ifc fficer, wb>*e high-toned character and rigid loyalty madeltlmuf all others the proper ono to investigate ao serious a charge, has submitted his report. Calling before blmsomoof the most prominent citizens of Baltimore, who were in froqucnt intercourse with Major Be Igor, and obtaining from them statements in writing of what they know as to his general course in malting his purchases and giving empldyKSnt, the General comes to the exclusion that the charges against Major Belger "are so far as thoy allege an intentional bostowment of the public patronago on disloyal men, utterly groundless." It couid scarcely have been avoided, a stranger in Baltimore, that some of his purchases should have been frem disloyal men; but It is shown most conclusively that his eifbrtM have been to throw the public money intrusted to him in the right channel; and that whoncvor he has found himself deceived as to the Union proclivities of his agents, even down to carters and draymen, he has applied the correction immediately by dismissing themfromservlce. General Dix,in.eonctudlng his report says:?"I think lnm (Major Belger) an clllcieiit, faithful and conscientious public servant, and believe tlin pecuniary interests of tho Department will not suffer in his hands." THE MAIL CONTRACTORS OF THE BORDER STATES. A circular letter was recently sent, it Is understood, from the office of lho Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office Department to proper persons near the reel, d'-nc.csof certain mail cont: e'ers In the States of Ken- J tuclcy, Missouri and Maryland, for tho purpose of ascertaining whether these contractors are faithful and loyal to the Union, and to guard against un imprrp r use of their facilit .es for rebel purposes. Much valuable information has resulted from this inquiry. THE POTTER INVESTIGATING OOMMITTEE. In the despatch from this city, published yesterday, the assertion that tho Potter Investigating Comraittoo was a self-constituted one was refuted. It may not be amiss to add hero the names of tho committee. The y arc as tollows-?John F. Potter,of Wtscons n; Edward ilalght, of Now Vork; Samuol C. Fo senden, of Maine; Sidney Edg rtou, of Ohio; Charles B. Calvert, of Maryland. COMPLAINTS AGATNeT POSTMASTERS. The Post Office Department is mush troubled by p<?t masters failing to odd tho name of vainty and State to their letters, and by embiaung dllferont subjects b 'long lug te different officer; in the same letter. This necessarily dolays action, and postmasters should correct the evil? particularly, no other pa,>or should bo enclosed with quarterly returns aim jh>?i ouis. SENATOR WILSON COMMISSIONED TO RAISE A REGIMENT. Boston-, August 28,1801. Senator Wlls>u baa been commissioned to organize a regiment of Infantry, with a battery of artl.lery.aud a company of sharp shooters attached. Lieuteuout Paine, of the United States Army, LjS been appointed Lieutenant Colonel, rtid J. P. Sanderson, of the Sanitary Commission) iju.irterma.Mcr. benator Wlleou in bis call asks (he loyal vontig njen of Massachusetts, who fully cempreheud the magnitude of Ibis conost t'or tbe unity and existence of tbe republic j and the prisPFvation of derm cratic lnsOliitioi.s lu An.o i rica, to inscribe their names upon the roils of liis regi ment, to leave their homes and their loved ones, and fol1. w our flag to Ibu field, there, lor the country, to do a ' soldier's doty, share a soldier's fare, aud, if need be, ill! a s-'WIor'S grave. Mr. Wilson will liold bis commission a* Colonel from the Slate, wliich will net at present interior w iili his senatorial duties. UNION MEETING AT sTlM-WATER, N. V. Troy, August 2a. 1831. A Cni >n mo ting was h sld at Stillwater to-day. Tl was add re-sod by General bollard and otlie s. Th" d. -gat- a ! > the Repitb iean that Cnvsution w < iustr i ted ?lo loc u;sm the tcket tlio nuiucs of pstriotic democrats y, si m,>of Liokiossn ami Scnat' , Co vin. W YO . NEW YORK, THURSD ARREST OP ALLEGED SECESSION I STB. A GROKU1AN AHHE.-TKD AT THIS JKH8EY CITY PERRY WHILE ON HIS WAY SOUTH?BIS BAHOAfiE, CONSISTING OP PIVE LABOR THl'NES, CONVEYED TO THE POLICE nKADQUAKTERR?TWO ADDITIONAL AHHEbTS MADE BY TUB POLICE?DOCEMKNTS POUND UPON KOMK nr NIK viunra tinvr ?w inim nmv. ktte, ISlC. About olgbt o'clock last evening Detectives McOord awl Slowey arrested a nun named Hurretl, at the Jersey City lorry, In company with his two slaters, who woro about to leave in the night express train for Pittsburg, rn route for Galena, Ga. Uarrell, It Is alleged, is a strong se cessiuuiat, ami has only boon in tho city about three weeks. He caino a passenger on tlio Arrowsmith yoster" day' morning from Glen Cove, where his two sisters have boon attending acbool,and while on the way to tho city made bold to express his sentiments against the North, and declared himself a strong secessionist. Quite a number of the passengers beenmu enraged at lhe man, and it was at one time thought tliat he would bv thrown overboard; hut he flhally quiet d down, and on the or. rival of the boat suddenly disappeared, ft is sold that the only tiling that saved him from tho hands of several Union men was that ho had with him his two sisters. Tho rscls becoming known to the oliiceru on lire arrival or the bout, th?> kept a close watcn wn some of his baggage, which consisted of llvo of tho largest sire travelling trunks. They w re tli st couveyed to a store in South street, and thence to a place in Mat leu lane, and Oually to tho Jeiscy Cily forry. Here the officers wain it until the above hour last evening, when HarreD ma 'a his aptiearance, and was immediately tak u feto-custody and convtyed to tho |K>ls e hctnlquarUn s. What tho trunks contain is yet a mystery, but Harrell acknowledged that he was from Geor. ia, ami was on his way l a k when arrestee. His two sisters were very much alarmed at his arrest: but they, however, returned with their brother, ami finally l^ft to remain with some friends in Brooklyn. An Investigation to day will no doubt disclose whether Harrt tl will be required at Fort Infuyotte or not. Two other arrests wero mode?one a young man? charged Willi being ouilhoru spins. What action Iub boon in then euao we were unable to learn. Tim following memorandums wi re found upon one of tho rebels new in Kort Lafayette:? y.'U aro hereby snmincuud to attend a leg .Itw fort drill i?t Mi'dary Hall, this evening at seven o'clock. In dregs uniiorm, coat and cap. By order. Captain 11UOKR. 1). J. Wiulcy, Orderly Sergeant. OilAHLkNTON HIFI.K1IEN. Suit. S-mms. Pre/*. Attend a d^ill of your company at Military Mall this evening at aoveo o'clock, in full uniiorm. By order. j Captain J. JOHNSON. W. H. Wat-CH, Orderly Sergeant. Stjitb OF SOI'th Cattai iNa, ) BUtWJm >?MW (i RNKKAL. J All officers appointed to the regular service (enlisted rogtmcnts) who have not reported, are hereby ordered to report forthwith, in person, nt the Adjutant General's office. S. K. CIST, Adjutant and Inspector General. Tlio following list of companies was also among the papers.?Savannah Volunteers, Capt. John Screven; Continenial <1- arils, Now Orleans. Capt. Geo. Clark; First regiment .Savannah Vidutiteeie, C d. A. R. Inwton; I.ouisiana Guards, Cuyt. S. M. Todd. In command of recruiting tiou, H. M. Fierce. Capt. 0. R. Luwlon in charge of Fort Pulaski. Miutart Board, 8tat?o? IsirisiAR.v, \ Baton Rot'oi, June 1, li.tS'J. f Resolved, That the regulations e tabTiilied by fills Board, with the forms of organisation for volunteer com j taut r; moral, and that public notice be gWeu to all military companies in this State desiring to be furnished with arms, equipment*, Ac.,under the act of tlio Legislature of th ib S a to, to apply to said Adjutant (lei oral for the' said Ions, fuvms, Ac., and also lor their commissions when Said - s.-ulatlons and forms are complied with. TH' >S. 0. MOORE, President Military Board. E. W. Hawijirt, Secretary. I it a a I a.TitR:?I have not been abls to lesrn what rifles the 1\ H. ii 'f are to have, but understand that the' principal ami is 10 be Colt's revolving rifle, together with revolving pistols, and, I believe, s bow to knife. Hi rifles, 1 know, a o beautiful and effective weapons,and will cost about tav. The equipping of the company was done by public subscription among our planters and others,and also partly by somu m mbcsol the company?many of whom use among our wealthiest citizens. I will wile you s on again, and try and aee If I can make the sale for you. Yours, Ac., R. P. li? A man named Patrick, a Wall street banker, was last eveinug arrested, by orders of the Secretary of War, eharg-ul with being a strong secessionist. He was immediate y conveyed to port Lafayette, by orders of (iencral Superintendent Kennedy. It is reported be ha* lorwttrded over $100,000 to the Southern confederacy THE OATH OP ALLEGIANCE AT THE CU8TOM HOUSE. I topics oi me lonowmgoain 01 allegiance were yester day diatributed among th" government clerks employed at tbo Custom House, will) the direction tint tliey rb mid be tilled In and sworn to by caob one:? OATH OF ALLEGIANCE AND TO STI'l'OBT THE CONSTITUTION OF TUB UNITED STATES, District of th' City of New Turk:?I , do solemnly that I will support,protect ami defend the constitutlnn and govet nuv nt of the United States against all ene mica, whether domestic or foreign, and that 1 will bear i true faith, allegiance and 1 >yalty t-> tbe same, ?ny ordinance, resolutl"n or law of any state Convention or Legis:al ire to the contrary notwithstanding; anu fttrlhcr, that I 4" this with a lull determination, pledge and purpose, without any mental reservation or evasion wlia.s eve; and further, that I will well and faithfully perform all the diltlcB r-Jiidh utay bo required of mc by luw. So help me God. - - ' "" "-a.* Sworn and subscribed this ? day of ?, in tbe year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty- ot.e. ThisisABtop in the right direction, one which has already been taken with the employees of Uio United States in Washington, and which wo hope will be taken with ovory person holding office or receiving pay ; the government. Should any ono refuse H, we are coufl. dent no such mercy will be shown the traitor as was j granted to B?mo of the department clerks, but that his days of office holding under the United States will be I ended. Removal fi o n ofiico will not be a sufficient penalty ror sucb a refusal. The man who refuses should be im mediately arrested for treasou and sent tfito comfortable quarters at Fort Lafayette, there to hold communion with their brother traitors from Baltimore and Philadelphia. THE FASSl'OLT QUESTION. I'SFAKittKMr of Statu, > Wasbixctom, August 20, 1801. / To Messrs. Edwin F. Coiiev and KuWix 1. Oust, Jr., N'otarli s Public, New York :? Your letter of the 22'1 Inst., in regard to passports, hus boen received. In reply 1 have to state tli^t ihe departmuut has deemed it pr?per to require of a'l persons hereafter, who may apply for passports, that tboy slull subscribe to tbe oath of aiJogwnce as prescribed by law, a copy of wlilcb is enclosed, and this regulation will bo strictly enforced in all cases. Your course In declining to receive the applications of persons who profess to sympathize w ith those iu insurrection against the government nr-cts tbe approval of this department. I am, gentlemen, your obedient pervant, F. W. SEWARD, Assistant Secretary of stale. MORE SEIZURES OF THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Itn. vw A itiriiot ?)Q IUA1 n'ign.? +\j, iwv I Deputy United States Mari-hal Burt this evening eebced a packago containing 1,100 copies of the New York Sent, which, he was notified, was in the American Expnw* olllcw in this city. They were brought liaro hy Shears' Newsjwpiir Express and transferred to the Amorlciin Exprors Company. The size of the package, and th? direction, " R. (iunter, Louisville," escited suspicion, and an examination showed the contents to be as stated. Col. R. 1.. .Johnson, the urgent of the Express Company, therefore detained the package and notified Mr. Burt, the Deputy Marshal, who now holds them subjoct to instructions from Marshal Murray, of New York. SUPPRESSION OF SECESSION IN CONNEC' TICUT. IIkido'Eiort, Conn., August 28,1881. The hherff of this county went to Chestuat Mill, five miles north of Bridgeport, to-day, and took down a secfusion fiag. A now law of this Statg imtbomes the loust.tblu of any town, or the sboriff of any county, s? take d wn treasonable and the owners theroof arv lluhle to not lees than thirty days imprisonment, or a line of net le?e thai; $100. Prudential committees are being formed throughout this State to squelch rebellion. THE REPORT RESPECTING THE PRIVATEBP. SUMTER. Boston, August 38, 1881. Captain McPougal, of the British ship states that ho was lit error in reporting the privatwer hum tor oil Cape Antonio. The vessel seen was ihe United l States Htoamer Crusader. I THE MASSACHUSETTS NINETEENTH EN ROUTE FOR THE SEAT OF WAR. Boston, August 28.1861. TheMarHu.uusi'itsNineteenth regdnent, Colonel Kdward ... iu? tc ii ui war in seven o cwea i night by the Fall River route. It will raiik ar mia of the regiments raised in the .State. rho l-iret iiuBsachuBetia Light Iloltory f.atofiook's)t.a.' been fully rix-ruited, ami will t>'.ou be ready to re anior Ibn service for Uireo years. 11K II ? AY, AUGUST 29, 1861. IMPORTANT FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Fotitkmi Mo*Kf>K, August 27,1801. Another dug of truce came from Norfolk this morning : to in<(utru alter that which cmui yesterday, and was du| tallied till four o'clock 1*. 11. to-day. Tho twenty-throe released prisoners sad nine ladies wore sent to Norfolk. Our naval expedition having doubtless reached Its destination, no further detention was no cessary. The (lag of truce brought down Caidain Hussey and crew of the ship A. B. Thompson, ef Brunswick, He., captured May 8, otT Savannah bar, and taken Into lteau fort, ftoutb Carolina, by tbo privateer laidy l'avls. Two ladles from Norfolk ray that the rebels lutve lately I artemhled In largo force near jrewall's Point, anticipating < an at tat k from Old Point. 1 OUR NAVAL CORRESPONDENCE. i'mtko fitatty sntanrk moi st vsk.vow, > ( on ! o?tks^m Monkok, August 27,1801. j The of the Minttettia, IVala. h, l'awnee, Star, Horriri L n , Gat. I'.alnily, AtleUiiile, fUttuy uwl Sehtvner>?The from MiiJ'olk with a h'latinf 1 Truce?Her ili'. itm atnl the Remit?Arrival of the Brig Jhn'ielhi in Charge of ? l'ri:e Crew from Hutteuton ' I.tiniing?Bapfahannock Riocr?I he ,S movie, Ihiuiti, P tyliyl '. le tii-i .na, Sutyuchanna, Sujj !y. Quaker Lily, ' CannerliruI, <4c., Je. Heated and tired out from shard day's work, and in 1 the midst of excitement (lor much haa transpired during the past twenty four hours!. I seek a chair, m. ink and ' paper,tho former for rest, Ihe latter that 1 may commu- ' nlcato what interesting facta I have for the edification of your Many readers. My time is short; 1 Have but an ' hour; the mail leave* at at* o'clock. Tho Mount Vernan arrivotl here on Saturday night for provisions, repairs to 1 boilers, .he., ke. ( 1 On Hun.lay we heard of the lntende<1 departure of the exjieclitton, cotni>oaed of a s;>)ondid fleet (though a small 1 one) and a detachment from the army. Your oavn cor rcspondent at Uio fort haa doubtless furnished y?u with full particulars, as far as It wns deemed advisable tn tho present emergency. 1 will, therefore, not tread further ' on a subject that ho was butter qualified to treat upon than myself, but narrate what I'hsvo seen and pnrlicl' ] pate.I In slnco <?e o'clock P. if. of yesterday, when tho different vessels forming tho fleet sot sail. It was a most beautiful and solemn sight. The "cornet," callti g"a'l ?n b. urd,'' was seen from many of the vessels as ear y as .Devon o'clock. On shore there was much u?ti\ i y and ejcC'.tement, for the armjt part of the expedition found much to do even urto the Inst moment. 'l'lio Minnesota, with her broad pennant at the "fore," lu.l llio way out, an I, SS crMwtSfa would say, In splendid stylo, th> pet frlgato Wahnsh fo.lowed, hi.d sho must be seen nuder weigh to lie appreeiat-d. In quick succession the Pawnee. Harriet lane. Star (Mortleello). iow,?... r,.ha<.. u.i.u. ?.. - 1 ,J, nuviinn.-, rami}, una any Ul.iuiwr UI schoooo-s to >k tin ir posit i r.s In this lino.

About two aVU) It ih" stemnr Kuy Ford, of Baltimore, j with three hnndied "Jacks"'in charge of l.tout. Nithols, put tn here for medical assistance. Ho a|;p icd to the , senior officer command eg at this station, Oliver B. Oils- , bub. who ?en( bin Burgeon (Dr. m. H. Hen y) to their " relief. They wre soon attendee to, and she etiiried for Washington, wiierc the sai.ors wfll bo traaaioriod to the , I'en??oola. Itui fitted out tln ie. . The Quaker City left last night on a cruise in the Bay. The white flag was again in our watcia .yesterday aflomoou. It llnutod over a nvisernblc llirlo tug, owned in Nortblk, ami uaniod the Kahokeo, Jh-r three . barred rag, yclept "Confederate Hey,'' wo$ m |>"r feet keeping with tho craft site tens una le d to She wasiurbirge of Lieut-nanl Jam s F Mil u.ut, of . tho rebel navy, au<3 her miss .on, as he stated ii,waa to i deliver up ;< utinihcrof j* sons, the crtw of an un irmed , merchantman, (tho A. B. Thomi son, taken off Charleston soon a'ter the c mmencem' ut of the struggle, by ono of j their licensed prlvnticrsmon). The men arc loyal Americans and love Uietr country. Their uamcs are as follows:?V. A. Horsey, Captain: 1). Simpson, Mate, and f ur .Tohnson, D Jluskcy,Johtiy Oreok.H. Cirrh-r, K. 11 idol, h, C. Cruger. G. lislcy. C. Chory. U. IJoyd and R. Raymoud, a fr e negro, forming the ert w. H. P. HuPSoy, a relative of the captain was also returned as a passenger. There wore also two ladies, who belong, as the term got s, in the North?Mrs. .lotin Williams, who had b.en absent from her on a visit, ami Mrs. Hrtchins n, the wife of th> present gunner of the frigate O nst'dla| Hon, now on 1 bo coast of Africa. The cm o of the Inst ( named lady is a pi c iliarly hard one, and the , manner iu which she has b.en treati>d by thi , rebel authorities in Norfolk deserves hitler c< mment. 11 -r husband is a "true blue," a fact well km wn In No , j folk, and for that this lady is doprivt <t of all her property , ' and means of suoaist nee. anil this maliininut iter is clothed by the gallon ta of Virginia under a 'Maw of conflpcatou." Truly one step in ctitn" wilt ofti n lead to the . most fearful consequences. Tiny have steeped themaoivus in pur ntul bl< od. they arc now g/atifyiug their baser passions by robbing InofTcnsivo women and children. Tlie tug came down by sanction of Brigadier General Huger, commending the forces at Norfolk. Colonel Tory came to see about hie property at Hampton, although seiviug In the "ftlai-fc cants A small package of letters came from our man, prisoners tit K.oiimoml,a .<l a very laigo package from So ith rners . to their frieniia in the North. They were, of co use, un i Scaled, and I doubt not will b - forwarded aa soon as poo- ! slble. The Provost Marshal, Captalu buy is bar this mat- . term charge?guarantee enough that it will be property attend d to. Owing to ibe large amount of business on hand arid the necessary demy before the cibject of their visit could he decided upon, the Kulnkee was detaun it until this morn 1 ing. Th? Passengers wore all provided by Captuiu I'avis , with comtofUuiS ffpurt'mohtl fdf the jnjiton lward th ljtliress, and the kahokee lay under th'o gd'.s of llie Mount Vernon, on liouril which a vigilant eye watched their every move, she was allowed to coin" nearor our , vessels on h< r arrival than was consistent; but ?he had bei n in the l.abit of doing ro wbileCommoiioroSiringhain i was lying here, and no instructions were 1< ft to prevent any recurrence of the same. Early this morning Captain Glissou consulted with Major General Wool, and it was ( decided to permit all the passu g"r* to return North, / rrnngements are being made to rctiSn some twPhTytlirvi p-isuuers op parole. t;'k"Tl At Ticli Vhj'jTtaiu; b)so some ladies. who are fearfully tainted with a disease which T think might properly be named "seceehltis," or an Inflammation of a contagious character, arising from too great an indulgence of rebel principles. The Kuhokee will retmn this aftoris^in. The Norfolk folks, becoming alarmed at the n"n return id their ruosfioigur, despatched another vessel o| the same calibre this morning to team the cause. It was explained, and tin ht ided b ck to Noib-ik. 1 hat e very little faiih In th" sincerity of ihcse flag of tru<# J arties. Myownexpa-i uee teaches me they are (imply means t? serve en end, and the lees we have to do With the ni the better. They have abus'd th. m In th" most flagrant manner; they nave held in durance civilians sent on tlicse solemn expeditions from our side, and tle-n played the part of paltroon by attempting to Justify their miserable conduct on technical and political giouuds. Ijtto last night the brig MnuticeJIo arrived liere in ohargo of ft prize crew from the steamer Daylight, off lho Hap; ahaninK'k river. Tlie history of the v- i'sel Is told in a few words, fho was captured is tho Cl'.esajicake Bay by the St. Nicholas, and run Into the river, some time since, in th" absence of any Cnitcd States vowkd guarding this point. Her cargo conBirled principally of coffee and groceries, owned by British subjects: the roller was sold In Iticbm >nd nt auction, and bi o ght the very nice little price of twenty-three cents ner pound, ami was fully accounted for to th- owners. The vessel is ownoil In Baltimore*. On S'luduy morning, ' four runaway negroes put out in a rnn'-o for Hid ltaylight, and informed Captain Lot kw-od of th# presciiro ol tho brig and desire to get out. The captain started and found his priwt qukdly taking in bailout at iiaaas.-us landing, about seven milt* above Urbeli i. H" tot k |? ssosslou of liim, not in tbe tame of llie "lireat Jnbovah and t'onti nental Oougi'i so," leii in the name of Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States, end reimaeiituig the groat people of the ohtinent of North America. The captain of tlio brig eip'aincd his position this wise:?Tbuy (tbo rebels) had dis]Kised of the cargo, and s.ucv tie) brig was nwDeu by pai tics anything but inim'cal to their cause, they decided N? grant them tbo right Pi rctura btime to Rdtimote. llow magnanimous! But the pro per authorities will iavestfqgf tbo matter. The Connecticut arrived j caferdny with some men for < Washington, Hie Is en route PtKey Wist, and will take a number ef prisoners with her to he carud lor at Furl T..j I-r i ' Tbo tb'taln' U, Captain Thompson. is ly;ng off tho Pip ' Haps, ready for any sarvicc at a nirmeiij> rj/jjice. ' Tbesloresbiphupply, Captain Colvnc>refsi*. isjbugiiy ' englgod iu distributing the wealth ot her hold to u 1 in < I need. * im ' The Cawn, Captain chandler, is off Yot* river. Tin. Imils Una is off Nuw|>oi t News i might go nil writing, 1 but time waues fust. Stray Jott ugs thaii ?[ p nr in m> 1 neit. ' ~ I FOUR RESIGNED OFFICERS OP THE FRl- ' GATE CONGRESS EN ROUTU 10 FORT , LAFAYETTE. 1 ROSTOH, August 28, 1861. The four resigned officers of the fr.gate Omgrsss \ Robert Tonsil, of Virginia, Captain of Marines; Thomas , Wilsou, of M.ssouri, Second Lieutenant; Homy B. Cla - 1 borne and H. B. Cents, Midshipmen, boih of New iir ' leans?have been sent under a guard to F?rt Lftfoyatte. ANOTHER SLIGHT CHANGE IN THE SOUTHERN PROGRAMME. [From the Memphis A villain I . Ai gust 21.) * Tlie e.oDVlCtlou is liecomlhg gene,. iline im i th S nth hat the war can only b" ended by ca i j g it it.i lb" North. 'Ibo Northern abollti' i .a' wi.l tun p> t. scour god into good behavior. The sooner thistle. b 1 lone iho better. Ail tho m'gh'y energies an m i of tho beutb should be put forth to cr - It lit. it ern com-pirncy against lier. The bombard.nei t.. t Voi (hern cities would bring our enemies to ti r i I uielphia and Cincinnati present conn ni*nt > itt .' . M irvland and Kentucky, we h.iv b 'lev m fit en I*, with us. when tin b di. . ' t -rial attention of lb". > ERAJ IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. RETORTED BATTLE AT CAl'E GIRAUDEAU, Mkaii'iiis via Padccaii, August 28, 1881. A bnttlfl Is reported to have taken at Capo Ulrai deau yesterday, in which the rebels wore vie tortus, creating a coinotlon at Cairo. FUNERAL CEREMONIES IN HONOR OF GEN. LYON. St. Uhj?, August 28,18C1. The remains of General Lyoti will hu esco. tod with proper ceremonies atono o'clock, from Geueianfromoiit's tuarlers to the Ohio and MIsk)"BI| pi llaJHood, wbenco they will be dellveretl to Adams' Express Company, to ho conveyed Rust by tho three o'clock traiu. Iho escort to Accompany tho body taxi will consist of Major II. A Oouant, of Gen. Lyon s staff; Ctaptaii s I'h.mmor ami K>lgar,of the l ulled Stales Army, and Liootei ant Clark and eight privates, of Co.ouul McNeill's regiment of lie serve Corps. l'Uo funeral ceremonies and m iliary display In honor if Geti. Lyou today were of a innsi tugs*.tig character. Hi' | r cession which escorieu tho rouia lis to the railroad lojiot consisted of Gen. Fr< motil s Guuid, under Col. :<ny; Captain Tilumn's com] any of cavalry , a seel Ion el "apiain Gurlin's buttery, tho region ut of the llissoirri Volunteers, uuder Col. I lair, Gen. Fremont uid staff, a number of army und voluuloor officers, cily tlienils, prominent citizens and the Third reghnentaf United States reserve eorps, Col- nol McNeill, all nndei the :<>uimand of Brigadier General Hegel. Too streets were thronged with spectntore thro gb which tlie procession passed, and flage wore displayod threughout the rauM, and tl city dretaed in mourning. General Frcmout having siguifled to the hanks y tarlay a dceire Tor a loan of $180,000, the Exchange B.nk ,ook tho whole amount ta-day. The cironiaiion of tho newBpapcra presented iiy the Jraud Jury ol New York has ho?n interdicted iu SI. laoia 3ity and comity by order of tho Provost Marshal. ifAUTIAL LAW IN 8T. LOUIS. MAJOR M'klNrtTRY'rt OPINION Art TO TUE lit lira OP A KkLlUlOL'H JOURNAL. The following corrcSt,eudeu e exj ium? itself:? St. l,m m, Aug' Bt 24, ISfll. Major Mi Kin-trv, i'nited Staaa At u.y, and I'iuvi si Mar hl.ull ol St. Louis:? IIkik Sin?fbave been Informed tl at It has been 8"g KOcted to yoti, and imhuldy that you Lave been requesto I to ordor the ru, iwcsMoa uf the St.. Louis CKristitm Advo iaL$, of \\ bicii I am the editor. The paper he cngs to the wmrch of which 1 am u teiili >,a>u is, therefore, not Buno. but a I control it.* columns 1 have res. e. tidily to ink that if any auch suggestion hue b en made to you, leu will allow me hereafter to send rcgu arly a copy to y, that you may see for lf what is its liarncior and tendency, slto, if detsl utile, 1 will be rlcasud to furnish yeu with specimens of a. y or all af its uimer issues. I violate uo law, military or civil, human or divine, if I know it. Ihu opposition to tho pup. r 1 edit originated uid in kept txpeamoug bigoted religious Kvctari tun, utid is redgions, ml political. II qdng you will pci mlt me Iff realtor to send you a copy >f a.dh wook'a issue, that y4u uiay j< dge for yourself, I un your obodicnt servant, 1>. U. Ji .tNALLY. Omm or rut Ikvos; man. iml ) Sr. Iaiiiib, Ai gi st 26,1801. t ( at?Your letter of th? 24th tnnt. has been received at my ofllc and Uus hod my uttcutiott. In reference to the com sc. wf the St. Ionia Cliridum M rccale, of which you a.o Ihe editor, pci nut to say tluit, in uy Judgment, in these timas of |>oiJt)i. 1 xcllom tit ami boated u is cuss ion and civil war, it woual be nine benomlng, as null aa more oouviaUut, that n public news paper belonging to and advocating the doctrin -s and prill ill plea of Church of too Christ oho.ld abstain t'n m publish ng articles of u political character calculate l to iHtluoethe passions 11 mm, unn eviuiTtij memo in me government of the country. You say, si", that tlio opposite n to your I a| or "original! d ami in kept up among bigoted, r< > ,.i" s sectarians, ami Is 1 e'dgfous, nut political.1' round in to In iuirc how, if. tills Is the fact, th- opposition 10 yonr I'afHii' arises among all true patriots, wh tli r incmb is of your church or in any way interested m it or not. I wonlii suggest thai, if your paper Is designed to lie the re I gfO's Journal you repr sent. ami Is owned i.y ami is the a gen <>f the church, it wouM be the part of a true patriot ["or you to omit h'orualtar from its colmm.s all secular mailer, ami allow tiic C/irit tan /Icio an- I > ho in future what it u<>w claims to be, a unruly reli o is journal, ad vacating tho Imiairtauce of the great trntlis of the Scrip lures ami their claims upon men, and < miitn g to disc :ss ip'cstixus which to your view a. u epUemerul und indn portani. In n ply to your offer to furnish mo with fet r- o be h numbers of your paper f <r examination, 1 v. > Id ay thai I have seen ami purest d the |iaper heretofore, ami :.ti aware of (he nature of its eontents. You sty tiiul you violate no law it you know it. fed n never "coitr to you that patriotism Is e joined in tholtilil , lid ! hut Hi" pi bib utioii of seditious una troaa.'liable Inn g' age, i a liewlarly wlien cloaked in llie garb of religion, is olio of ihu most heinous and aggrai ated forms ol \ inlu lion of Divine law/ JJnt In these t wh men are not in a I fesp els |?ori?iltti.?i to carrj set their own op niims, a.i . in tic ; lab it of tin Provost Marshal it wit bo in tit ch better Listc, am much moia conducive to k M' < ord r ..mi pro e r ti m lo discontinue, in the C?ri? Can tlm p b e i i >l' all mutter of a sec la unit re. I. ' your joe oai b t religious paper, as It prol ss. h to be, and it will n v iome under the discipline in this e, ai tin lit. Willi kindest fivllups toward yours* IV personally. and the best wishes for the cause of reugion apd piety it. ?h.eb you are engaged, 1 am. v- ry rcwpei tfeily j'ours, J. MeRI.NSiR Y, Major 1 ... A , Provi si Ma thai. Rev. Dr. McAnally, Editor of ct. Louis CkrUiian An' locate. ESCAPE OP TWO UNION PRISONERS FROM RICHMOND. iOARTEKMARTBK 8EKCJ ANT JKM'1 R AND CAPTAIN I>K U01.YKH TAKrJV I KP-OKEKK AT Bt'J.I, KPN?'1IIEY ARK. PLACKII IN OOM INPMKNT AT HICIIMGKD?1II 1.1 TAKh KKENCH LKAVf;?IIAIUilKKAWH l.SCA1'r>?i tlliHr (Ml THE POTOMAC I'M Kit UIKKICl LTItS?Al.ltl V Ai. AT WASHINGTON? STRENGTH OK TUB KN1MY AT DIM. KI N?HIS FORTH IPATTONR, ETC., ETC. We are enabled to present to our readers the following ntercsting narrative of Uic csoupe of Qoartorniaxler r [cant Henry C. Jencks, of the Second Maine r- gimmu ,atnl Tvplain Nnmuel De tiolyer, of the Fourth Mi hi .an regl Tiwnt, Do n Richmond. An account of the escape and ad rtuHir s of these gentlemen has already apt* ared In tin [ImcAt.o, hut the following, embracing a ditloi at pitrtlo" nr3, taken from the hps of Mr. Jeucks himself, is well worthy of perusal:? | Outhel3ihof August, Cajitain De (n y r and myself igiced upon a plan of escape, winch wo cart led lute sltcct; but I would rather not lull how we effected it,as tg night injure others. We remained in a ravine for about .wenty minutes, when, not hearing any alu m ma le at Jur escape, we judged thut it w is time to be off, and a. sor Jingly wo put out, exercising our ingenuity lo avoid the sentinels, which wo did till we were about three mi!.*' out of Richmond, when we found ourselves in tho midst of extensive fortiffcationa. Thinking that S'ldiuin were there wo rimaimd quiet for about thru.1 hours, wlavi we again started and got salely through, I a. u* taken our boot.-. oil' and wa'kiig in our stocking" to avoid making a noise. We had travelled about hn.'f ? n further when wjS'jimn to a bridge without nivy plank.i,g. Fiom this ere unsianco wo Judged that wore no soldiers hi the nelghliorh od. Wo therefore crossed and travelled all g t, but next morning we found, to o r cotisternetlou, thin we had returned to tlio hi i> go. \t? then concealed ourselves In an extensive piece of woods, wb< ru wo hau latd for about ah hour, when "vine slave: uiado their s?g>pcarai.eo in the neighborhood and ' gun to chop some largo Umbers lor a f indication. We wcr m xli scared at this, and lay thinking bow wo should get out of tho sciape, ivhon the over seor made his nppcarai>oo, and having hitched bis horse teal'(is, began to mark tho trots f'>r the slavqg te cut. it tim ""UK) plose to where the staves were, when w> 'rowilrf f u * *"t0 the wood, to a ffitcli cnve'rAil oyer 'rawlod further . 'mu>iii,??iii ,, .1 Jai.K a with briars. We procure .**" -1-X" w,h1^ ai l at lite bott fii of the diteh.c. ??fht ?n h *ni the wliolo day. As soon as it w mil ? nun need our journey and travelled about ujiu's , avuig bo other guide but the North star, wh h wan dwaya visible, as It was vory clou. v. The roads id. hat scctlojj of coi.ntiy are very Intricate, and as wo avoe^l ftpiy at n gln we often retraced our ?tc;>? I* ,a"dr tho |rjint w had slartod Trom. We had s.vontl mir br< adth escapes, every day seeing cavalry patrolim. i'org the roa Is, and compel ing us to seek tlio shelter i1 J-.uweods. On the ninth tilgln we reached tlx banks o." h < Poti.mac, alioct ten raiioe from A?|i.w Creek, and a itfo above Mithins point. When wo left Richnv ?d we ha t ten cents wi rth of joi.a cia kers and one loaf of white bread. By sb l >d nomy these 1 i.-to<S us Ave days. The rest of th time vs subsisted njsin half an ear of rsw green corn, a. 1 tl" :t a gill of raw wheat apices*. We had great troub.i ti c.esn .g the' ther rlvns till we came to H o Potomaa. Ou i r a I icg that point it was just daybreak, when wn an nearly ou a large body of cavalry, the hurs'B of "hi h wure picketed near by. Wo fell Kick into tho vi. s and lay there ti'l night, when we went round t o ava .y and struck th> lu nch S' inrwI.ut below. We v ..U i up and down for 'hroe ?r lour mi)rn in siwn h o, b at, but null! i) id noii . We ware, however, resolved in tku an ntteuipt tocirss, for which purpose we ptcl.i d a ijttiiitlty ot delft wood, and tying the pieces t ih?r wuh u r c oihing. made a ra t. It was but a Iran lie.g, hut n Wis the bust we co-d<t do under the circuni u era. \V.. started \? t o .ijip siic shore on the raft, 'lien w s a cold wind blowing at (lie tune and a I OR tide Siring ugalnjd vs. Our limbs wer. arly rr on, and were quite still. A'der being ah":i; even lions In the water, we app. i a died wuthiu us f a I e el' he Ma.y.'avd sbure, wlv n, fu in.r r n tern ith 11. ' r.if' li gan t" c ' o tea I en I ;? n, mi d e w< i. d not he ah i. 11 ri aeh '.he shore. R . ... | ft o PRICE TWO CENTS. rrrz . : .... . i n"?r<i on mr argue iinir an hour mure, when Urn riifl I Uruok against * tneth ng, and imumduiiely wont to [ plec H. Just lh u I felt a op" strike my I'aoe, ii|>ot) which j . upturn Beth.Iyer and utyrelf reached upward!, caught the rope <n l drew ourselves <>n to the dei k of u vessel that was loading with tobacco; eh proved to be the schooner Catharine Jane, of Baltimore. The <vipiulnai.dr.row Immediately ruhhod us up. gwve us w.irrn drinks, an<l wap plug tin in hlsnk.'t* lo t eg to our ro(?oae. We slept for about tlvo hours, wh n we got uo, quite refreshed. Shortly alter we wore landed on the Maryland ride, up whleh we walked lor about ten mihs when we aim in sight of the blockading squadron, off Aquia Creek. Wo helste.l a shirt on a |x> o u* u signal, when a boat wa? low. red from the steamer Tnlon, and to. k . ? on b .aril, whore wo were treated with the Rroutrst kln ie/^a supplied with shoes and stockings aud other n.Tissurlas, and partook of a wa in dinner, of whieh wo stood mueb in need. We woo tli T. put on hoard tle> stmm propeller Jcsophlne, of N w York, and taken to Washingti n, where we arrived finely en the'23d of Angesl. Mr. .lenrks slates that he ascertain".! that there were no fewer than 80,000 reh I troi |>s at Ma; tissue Junction., on the d >y . f the fl-tht. He s ys when lie w?? tak n priBone , w de b. leg e nvoyed lo M in ocas, he met ten thousand fresh tr>" ps g.dng P> tin field as r jiirormet ts, an<f du. ng the n'glit * e remained ai Ms,nutans lw. Ive trains arrived tided soklvrs. II>- sysllio I'm titioatlona at Kk hruond ar. ie?y fo midah'e, but that there wore not mere than 2 C<?) trisipH ill re wide he remained. The iliti'ci aliments ut Mn#s:issae are on a very extensive scale. Tlie li te vitlaro Is c molete;y s r .with them and rill" pits The oounl y Is full i f ravines In that r, cto n, so that the en. my has very little trouble, compara. lively, In fortifying li mself. S|n'ik i g of the les of the ! r li Is at Bull run, .Mr. i neks says ho saw an "(llclul from tl.e Confe locate Secretary of War, show mg thai if thirty six ri'gimenls engaged the less was live I Ism mi in I lii killed and wounded. Mr. Jeacks could ii> t asccrlain, however, how ninny regim-nts w-re engaged. INTERESTING F1K)M THE UPPER POTOMAC. HvATrsTown, Aug isi 28, 1881. Information has reached our ettcam' ntent that ther? him been much flrlng across iho river try tlio rebels at our pickets at various points bctwe.-u Conrad's and Harper's Kerry since Saturday last, and It is reported that an attack was threatened on Saturday at the Puiol of Rocks The rebel encampments at I/wsburg havo hoeu moved back some distance from the river. ' Yesterday two supiKisod i eh"l si ilea wre arrestod by Captain Morrison's picket, of the Indiana Twelfth ragiraent. 'Ih -y claimed to ho wagonmaster and assistant helm ging to Goneaal Stone's brigade, hut ou behig closely questioned apurl by Captain Morrison tlieir replies gave tl.e tio to tnoir prul'essaagi. They wero turned over to General Banks for a for (.hay examination. Cons). Vcrable delight was experienced to-day in the camp of the Nineteenth New York regiment hy I he return to duty of over one hundred of Ms recusant membora, including all the company <'f Captain Stevens. Mere are expected to return to morrow. It is but justice te state that all tlio eomralssloaod 'Ulcers, and all hut one or two of the sergeants, remained loyal from Ike Ural appearance of Ike dele tion, and It Is mainly attributable to ilia endeavors of the former, conyl.-d with the arguments of Major Lcdllo, that so many have returned to their loyalty. AH letters for this division sro now r.>ri??r, to ffoln. nek, nod brought hither by a government expr. g?. The health of the troops Iwia greatly improved dure occupying their new encampment. M.iuy of the luvali.ia at Frederick will shortly be restored to the raoka. Arrival of the Ttnloaia. The Toutoniii, from Southampton on the 14ih of Augoat, arrived at Ibis port ycitunhty. Uer news ia folly aoticl pated. The Fnntoula has the follovrhg r porta Mat:? Kiuoilh. Nin hod & Rubor $4 .MO iobnKyx AC? 14,100 j NesmllU 4i Son 4. MM) J. HoynUni tc Son..................... 2,-MM) N<?tnilh ti Sou 2,768 Charles Wihi.'im 6,wi3 lirio A Franci? ?61# Tilt Stoaih?1?1|i Persia. The steamship Persia will call off Tape Race, weather permuting, on her wuy to IJvriaKd, She will probably puss lib >i:t mh'uh'ht on Ha! r. uv nrit, Captain .looking wi I b.' happy <o dike charj:.' of soy dcspai elms whlclt may be for war el through tlie agency of Mr. i.'eorgo Stoker, N". 146 Pioadway,on Friday and Satu.dav fora'1 In lll-iiilrr to lite ^Ituii)?li,|iF,tns. TO T(1K i.HITOK OF TltK UCltAi.i'. NKW YO:;K, it? > I 2-t, 1S81. Ti e iind'reig: < <!, |na engoiH by the au inr r I tea, on her last trip from Liverpool, wi-hlitg m nV.iy tie oixietlos those who may have friends on h^.i> i b 'vessel, I 'halve to m ?k lUef Mowing pt.Miea'.a -ui-o '"ling I ih. nature in the accMlenl lohomutbmri . . tne con !>la>o i tb ship, ant ef liur p ovieio..a at the lima of their k " i'm :? I tui We 'n.-sday, J -y 31, waii-*?f from Mv po tl, with li t? i-u forty Ave and Hit} calhu, end b nl eighty si/, a > p.i-K -ngcrv. tie' flrtit four day- am mar from yuetn-Pwn. ou August l.-w i i>y sirong westerly winds, which,'in the third <i?> hoi risen to a severe gale, the vess -1 luls-ring a good deal, though nr k ng very fair progress. I t from the !iili till the 7th mutant w hid light winds tl.e machinery working well, and the vessel moving ue-ily utid swiltly. (hi the afternoon of the 7?li instant, when we wo.e about thirteen bundled tnih-s frotu Que itsutwii, while moat of lbs p. .we nt< i s were ou deck, getting up an up|ietiie lor d lite r, and spocnbrtlug as to the boor w>- xboul. r-ip-h Ni w Vorlc, ihey wore surprised bytho sudden stop, age of the machinery, though lhey did not fancy auytln .g riot:? Iiiul occurred until they saw the- Captain and Mr.lolni <i. Dale, the New York agent of the line, in armst cmsiiltatioil atld showing verv grave face s. Tl. y wo. e i,' t left long rub;mure, or j r'-s- niiy the t uplniii inform-I theui tiiut the crank glial t of our eng lie had bo ken, winch rendered our machinery OuU ely Hui.-sa, tud that hi had no other course left Initio h ad ihe ship fin- Q .i" ust wu under soil alone. Tli' pn vious high spirits of the passengers, caused by [lie exceeding fineness of the woather, hudduly dropped at this announcement, aid dread dismay ove.spread cheeks but a few minutes beforo had bet u dimpled by laughter. No one fancied the ship had beuo brought into uumediato danger by the accident. In.t aim st all trniibled at the thonglit of the terrible anxiety wiilob th ir lengthened absent* would cnuse ts their d. ar exp otant fiiouds; iu)d not? few lamented the logs which the delay would occasion to their btisltcss. Some cons-.lata n, :. v ver, wag afforded by the boiio that we m.| ht meet with a steamer, which, if we could not gut on hoard, would at iesat convoy to our friends thu Intelligence of our safety and the cause of our delay. But though w0 kept In the track of thoBluamcrs, and had, night an t day> a man at the masthead, keeping a bright look out, we were not fated to see one, though between the .lay of the accid nt and the lime the undersign.-! 1. ft the Kii.a, three fltii l'nr Qtn f I u? ^IlidfftilV Ami t'n> il lt'J? t. J- : - lit I' rtt-_ must have crossed our way On Friday, the 9th lust., wo spoke the hark Hindoo, Imund tor Quebec, and put letters and a despatch on hoard; , .ad ?u Sunday evening, the 11th Inst., v?-h< n we woro in latitude 49 14, longitude 3S 53, w< fell lu with the R. I i?h ship 1'owerful, b*mind for the same hurt. o"m of the pneaeogo.*, despair iug of m? cling a avamer, havlag expressed a wish to proceod hy thw ship?iho calm soa affording litem on excellent opfiortnuity of hoarding her?ttio captain and Air. Phi a ?t mid matte arrangements with the ca ? 'folfor th? c nvryaB. e of Ave of our oi theT'ow*.. < m. could couvenichiiy f pnrs. whloh weg ,n, - -sb 'ng , -?e0,nm'?Iai?. l-'eyeu cftSS j-diin piutef*-.. ' \ -?**!rciis of lg themSelv, 8 of .'his opin>,r,u'tf ?* Wk' rt*ult8,i?n the Selection of the ' th ? . Itnspocing the condition of the . y t,in*" of i Uielf teevim it, tbr uo 1. r.igr.ed take p iug their arm belief that she was in ai res. r , j seaworthy, having notlung to tear ftoin the s 1'f "j sii,l they were informed by Mr. Hal* that tlio: w , and sal; proviktous on tH,aid for at leusi sixty day a ~r ; ane ot the disaster. The distance she accumpiisheu dor homeward voyage for the fou days the v-dt ?ignon were on board amount ii in the at-gr gate to only one hundred and forty-four mil**, but the in st <u the t* time the winds were extremely light, then h favoiuhl?.ud icd, for ene entire day there was a dead caiin if ih.y should not have iho good fortune to mm with a steamer, the probability I; th> y would lie three or four we its, at least, in reaching tlueinstown, when one of the com{MKiy'e vessels?probably the Vigo?would bo at once matched to convey them to New York. The nndetsigned wish to avail themselves of the pre- ora o|*'oi tuiuty to hear testimony to the c urinous and .v'iniiabh- conduct of Captain Halcr< w. ot the Mna, and Mr. I a e th' New York i.grnt o the line, wh exe-led theius.ilvt s hi a moat pru wort iy ruaiioer to ,ighn r. tl.e gloom caused by this utiforescen and n '.ally unavoidable M-. sm their thanks to ?li" ? 't-rn t> for recilerlrg lU? m every ii.-miB'&i"' l? ?vin ih ? h1u|\ nn<l arlso fur mnding Willi I In'u. a f?>ik Dl Irosu previous and t gialujtuue b> i) of * sIIKNBY HI XT. "f New York. )\ I i ) m I n w \n if J! I I' H of V W V Ti < - / K V, R, lit W< ? York. KOI ..Ul M. l.'VINt.Sl'ON, a o I' S. foneul.

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