Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1861 Page 3
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oyer* were Jubilant over their Rood fortune Ib pro( such good price* for their entire stock. The *1 selling price* were TJ^c a 8c. MILCH VOWfl. market for milch cow* was scarcely so buoyant a* reek, in conseipienoe of the late rains, which has i grass to grow more profusely, thereby increasing [grcgale yield of milk. The re his prevailed a fair id, however, all through the week, au<t the stoelt losiiy - leered out before twelve b clock to-day at toted rules above. VKAL OALVW. market remains tolerably lirm under a steady fair id for all stock, classilled as good to prime, hut th* - grades were not m icb wanted, an I brokers exped some difficulty to obtain remunerative rates. The f the offerings were ordinary, hut a lair proportion good, and there were some few extras on aalo at all irds, which sold at very full prices. STICT.r AND LA MSB. / market for sheep and lamb* has undergone no HiI chauge since our last weeWy report, ami there has nred little calling for especial remark. The receipts rgnin very b avy,and tlio (Mora wero generally the There were some very Inferior lambs on sale, howwbich sold at extremely low rate*-. iu some cases for t$l 87), per bead. TUd following raloa ill iou, at forlin'a will more clearly detlno the market:?117 MM: 132 do., $3 50; 121 do., $3 31 '4: ill do , $.1 25; r.$312W;164 do., $3:271 do., $2 87)1. 527 do., J16 do.. $2 <12),' 451 do , $2 60 , 400 do., $2 37 ^; , $2 25, 186 do., $1 87 ?Total, 3,t'3J- 30 lambs, do. $3 82^.103 do.,$3 50;!<2 do. $8 12^: 189do., do., $2 87\ : 39 do.. $2 78: 108 do.. $2 60 . 84 do., 126 do., $2 25:116 do., $2 1S\, 103 do., $2. 1U7 1 75?Total, 1,362. SWINE. supply wan ample aim the market dull, thou/h the atiowfug a slight Improvement on cur previous ana above?the range being from 3\c. to 4,'4e. RKCAPITULATION. aegrcgolt receipts at ull tbo yard a for tho week and tok aro shown by the following figures:? B'titj. Cuius. VkiIs. S d1 L. Fwinr. in'* 2,066 27 280 716 5,204 ling's 33 21 20 3.85b ? Wilms 19 42 67 6.001 ? o'ii 13 34 71 2,578 ? l 253 ? ? ? ? 1 3,223 134 418 12,153 5.204 /<* k 4.808 174 656 13,301 5,620 OK1PT8 BY NEW YOKE AND EKIK RAILROAD. 1,08$ Homes 44 2,108 Culves 30 0,008 SHIl'PING. AM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVES *>o), landing ami embanking paiscugors at Queens Trpland. The I.iverpool, New York and PhlladelSteamship Comj .any iniPinl desiial rhing their full od Clydp built Iron fttcumshipe as follows:? OF WASHINGTON Saturday, August 31 JOW Saturday, Sept. 7 i)K B.A LTTMORE Saturday, Sept. 14 ;ery Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river. K4TE-- or pat-rung. abin $75 Steerage $30 Lou inn ao no. to Lm ton 8.4 Parts 85 Do. to furls 38 Uuniburg 85 !V>. to Hamburg' 85 rugeig also for wardo to Havre, Bremen, RottorAnlworp, he.. at equally low rtltca. uiih wishing to briug out their friends can buy 4 here at the following rales to New York:?Kioto KXil or Queei.s'.ivvn. 1 iret t'nbln, $75, $85 and f!05. ge from 1 jyei pool, $40. From Qucenutowr.?;tt. to steamers have superior accommodation* forpas "8 and carry experienced surgeons. They are built tcr tight iron sections, and have patent flreanniliion heard. further information apply at the Company'a offices. JOHN G. I) A IK, Agent, 15 Broadway, N. Y. ?.M FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL ?1THE teamshlp GREAT EASTERN, ? fulfilled her com :."t with tho British gwenmant, ui nrora New York for Liverpool On Saturday, October A. RATE*- OR PAttOMiC. Intcahin, $98 a $138, according to stateroom ac odatkin, all other privileges being equal, bird cabin, from $38 to $80. s of first class apart meats for families may been by special arrangement. URKAT EASTERN will leave Liverpool on her rerip Tuesday, October 29. J? is of the ship can be seen, and engagements tnAQe nght and passage on ap|dicati< n to IIOWI.AND & AXMNWALL, Agents, 84 and 88 South street. X SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE 'n Saturday, Sept. 14, the United States mall steamer AKACO, D. Lined, commander, t sail from pier No. 37 Norlh river, foot of Reach , en Saturday, September 14, at uooo. < steamship (unsurpassed for safety and onmforl) amble engines under deck, enclosed by water tight urlmentt, which, besides other results, lend, in the of collision or stranding, to keep the pumps free rk, and secure the safety of vessel and passengers, freight or passage apply to SAMUEL M. EOX, OBO MACKKNZ1B, Agents, No. 7 Hraadway. steamer FULTON will sail October 12. i NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMsfip WIK men. II. Westell commnuder, carrying lb# United i mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, loot of $ers treet, on j BAIVMIAl , AUgUSl *1, ai 1- o CLOCK FOR BREMEN, YU SOUTHAMPTON, I passengers to ndon, havre, southampton and bremen, following rates:? the ftrat cabin,$100; second cabin,$80; steerage, freight or passage apply to OKIJtlCHS k CO., 68 Broad street. am to Hamburg, havke, London and Southampton. Hamburg America* Packet Company's Iron stearaUOTtlMA, H. inch.-, commander, carrying the 4 Stales mail, will leave from pier 21 Not 111 river, f Fulton street, SATURDAY, Sept. 7, at noon, imbnrg, via Southampton, taking passengers tor >. London, Bout bam plon atxf Hamburg, ft cabin, $100; second cabin. $60; steerage, $38. steamers of this line will leave every alternate lag, carry lug the United States mail. steamship Bammonia will succeed the Teutonic oa saber 21. C. b. KMHaRD a BOAS, 161 Broadway. b LIVERPOOL.?THE CELEBRATED PACKET SHIP JEREMIAH THOMPSON satis August 31. Thla favobip,oneoflbe fastest crossing the Atlantic, made oyages In sntcessiun this year ia 10 days. Early a*ton should be made to securo berths In the rooms ek. Apply on board, at pier 40 East river, or at the , 276 Pearl street. R LIVERPOOL.?'THE WORLD WIDE KNOWN clipper ship DREADNOUGHT, Copt. Samuels, will veiy sail on the 10th of September. She is ackuow1 to be the fastest vessel afloat; her commander is y known as a skilful navigator and for his kind at jut to passengers. For passage (reduced rates) apply diately, to secure berths, on b-iard, pier 6 North |, er to P. M. DEMAKFBT, 40 South street. R LIVERPOOL?THE MAGNIFICENT CUPPER ' alnp ORIENT'. Capt. HHJ, sails to-day. This favor i ip ltaa superior accommodations for all classes of iDgers. For passage at ioweel rates, apply on board ::K. COLLINS k CO., at the otlloe, ou pier No. 6 North R LIVERPOOL?TAPSCOTT'9 LINE.?PAILS AU. gust 31, the splendid ship WM. F. STOKER, lying at ig East river. Passengers taken at luw rates. For ge or drafts on any part of Great Britain or Ireland on board or to TAP8CQTT k CO., 86 South at root. R LIVERPOOL?BLACK BALI, LINK OF PACKETS. The ciipp<T ship JAMHH FOSTER.-Jr.. sails to-inorWor passage apply m board, foot of Beekman street, river, or to JACOB WIISON, 101 Soutli street. R LIVERPOOL.?OI.D BLACK STAR LINE.?THE plendid clipper ship ADELAIDE, Captain Cutting, into the stream this afternoon, aud goes to sea to aw noun. The F. Z. sails Sept. 4; the UNIVERSE 12. For passage apply to Wil.UAMS A GUiON, 40 n street. R IJVKRPOOL ?NOTICE. ?THE PASSENGERS OF ship AURORA, now in the stream, are requested to i board at 9 o'clock. Room lor a few more passeu*e. Apply immediately to J08.%WU'ttY, 01 South k ST SHIPS FOR IJYERPt 01, AND LONDON?THE ?lenld ablp ALBERT GALLATIN (pier 19, Kist river), trerpool. sails Septombot 2. 1 he celebrated ship PI.Y 14 ROCK,for London, sails from pier 19 lout river, mber 3. Passengers taken at greatly reduced rates, tssagefce., apply to TH09. C. ROCHE, 80 South st. ~L1NR FOR LONDON-BAILS If GIST 61. THE favorite packet ship VICTORIA, lying at pier 17 river, has superior accommodation^; lwissangers at low rases For passage or Drafts on Great Britain land, apply on board or to TAI'SCOTT At CO., AC at reel. It California, via panama. A first class steamer will leave New York on the i Ith and 21st of each month, except when these dates Sunday, when the dsy of departure will be on the iy following. freight or passage apply at the only offioe, No. S igOrceu. ' It. It. A1.I.EN', Agent. KTRAlJA ?KANGAROO LINE.?FOR MEl.ROl KNE First vessel. The magnificent first c'asa ship JACK ',2 000 tons buvlheu, ran accommodate first and tolas* passengers Address or apply to MAII.LKH, k QGEREAl*, 101 Wall street. t Havana Ttic I'nltod States Mail Steam.-bip OOLUMBIA, Captain Richard Adams, I with rifle cannon, and mauned wdh United States i from the Navy, will leave pier No 4 North rlvrr, vana direct, on Saturday, August 31. at 12 o'clock, jreeiaely for freight or passage apply to Sl'OKKORD, T1LE3T0N k CO., 20 Broadway, engera must procure their passports from tlie ment, and have them endorsed by the Span:ah TRAVKLUKS.?U. S. PAHRPORTPINHMPENSA1c to all persons leaving this port, procured within rs; also. Right Drafts, payable throughout Kurope, bjM^S^^DTJkCC^uu^aa BoaJteri and fiu a ? iii^ ? HOrHES, BOONS, Ac.. TO LET. ALAKUK FRONT ROOM, WITH BKHROOM, ON' THIRD floor, In house 18b brand struct, to let. H"iit {8 per montli. Brooklyn.?tout, the new two story, attic, basement and sub-cellar frame Cottage House, 174 Clermont avenue, between Wiltougbby uud Do Kaib aveunci, with water and gas and flnu vard attaobed; ihe bouse in entirely new. Will bo lot low'to a email family. Ready for uccii|>ati!>a immediately. Apply at UJO Fulton Street, ufter 0 P. M. The premises onu be a.-< u any timo. DISIRAME FLOOR TO I.ET?IN 1 CENTRAL IjOCAtiun, at the low reut of $li per month. The Rooms and l'arlor, tlrst floor, In private house 375 East Tenth Street, near the square, worth $18 per month. Furnished house to let?between union square and Twenty third nlreet; If rented to u small family, thw owner's family of three would lake a large portion of lha rent in board. Apply to CR'FfIN A (iUI-tClf, 02 East Fourteenth street. Fckn'rsnrn brown stone house to let ?the three story House situated So. -'18 Islington avenue, u. ar Thirty-fourth street, a disirahle resideuce for a private family, containing all the modern Improvements; lias been recently repaired, tastefully decorated, &c.; tlio parlors have elegant pier and mantle glasses, gup fixtures, Jsc.; furniture in good order; term* moderate. Tho house would he let unfurnished, or the furniture sold. Apply to D. EVANS, 84 Nassau street, or at 79 East Thirty fourth street, near fourth avenue. TjTOKNOBED BOM TO LET?IN BOOTHBB009ELTN. Jj New, with gas, liath, water,rutigo, a large yard,and lino dry cellar, ltaa leu rooms, neatly furnished throughout. I'rioe |3b0, from Sept. 1 in May 1. Apply ut d-ld PaciGc street, Brooklyn, or address Lost 2,bbk New Vorlc IVwl ofiiceTTtURNlSlllUl HOUSE TO 1JTT?IN TWENTIETH STREET, J; between KonrUt avenue aid Broadway, suitable for a small genteel family; twelve rooms. Apply to It. C. HEAD, No. 58 fast Twenty -second slrcot, from 1 to 3 P.m. House to let?in Brooklyn, a neat cottace House, containing seven rooms; also gas, water and range, ut iat"d in front street, between Bridge aud Hold. Kent f'iW). Inquire on the premises. 170 front street. PROMINENT ('OWNER To I.fTT.?SKlt'ND Kl.oOlt t>N the corner of fourth and Mercer streets. Will bo tilted np for a show room and dwelling. Also brown Stem' House No. 8d West Forty-lifth street. Kent very low to a good teuant. Apply io McKLN/.lR & O'ilAKA, ptumbera, No. 305 fAiurtli street, corner of tjreeue street. ST!" \M l'OWER ?ROOMS, IN HOWARD'S ItriLlMNOS, Nos. 4] to 50 Greene street, cue block from Cuial stroct and Broadway, to lot, with or without power, lighted on all sides, si earn hoist, ic.. Ac.: insurance one jx>r cent. Inquire tin the premies. mo LET?TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, WITH OR 1 without partial Board, a Bedroom, with use of sitting room ;2:d pinunforlo, U' required. Apply at 94 Wayne street, Jersey City. rrw LD-nOM SEHT MBKR 1. THE THUKV. SH HT* J. brick Dwelling, wilh all the modern Improvements, 224 Went Eii'irontb .-i. set; ha.-1 boon recently papered aiul painted. Apply to Jf. SOI.OMONB. 3C0 W? el Fifteenth si. TO LET VERY LOW?A HEW TBRK flTORT AS*f? basement hrusrn stone front House, btgh stoop, on Fiftieth street, near second instruct finished with all modern improvement*. Apply at 11. UU?TON"S, 111 East Twenty seventh street. rim Uer-FCBNOBKli. TO a PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY. .1. the ple.isajitiy located four story. Eng i b basement Mouse, 06 Rust cixteeuth street; near Siuyveennt i?:k, furniture. carpets, ?o., all new un l complete; bonso In perk-ct oilier. Apply U? R. A. 8CHNAIJKL, 164 Fulton Etrret. rilO I>11'?FROM RKIT. 1, TO A SMAIJ. FAMILY, THK 1 Second 81. r.v nuJ one It on in the third. in a new iuiuEc, b;i Fourth street, near li.uiiiix>iid. luiptire on the pretrials. TO USC?AT 100 EAST THIRTY-EIGHTH STr.IU7T.-BE tween Second and Third avenues, an elegant Ihroo story. high *Voop House, with all modern improvements, in first rule order, to May 1, for L'iOO; a lease will be given at a moderate rem. Apply on the primuses, itnm twelve to two o'clock, or of .luilN MATHEWS, ill Nassau sireot, room 8, from one to lour o'clock. TO I.KT?AT LOW REST, THE FOUR STORY HOUSE, 71 Wert Twenty seventh street, well adapted for boardcra or two families, lmjulre at 77 suinc street. mo LET?AT KYE, WESiVHH-TER COUNTY, AT A I low reut, a p!c;.eantly situated two story, attic and basement House, with three acres of Ijird, a good Stable, Barn and Carriage lbsne. with plonty of fruit and vegetables. Apply at 117 West Houston street. TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD; TWO B3JBGAXT SUITS OF Rooms, In the modern hocso 77 West Thirteenth street,consisting of Parlor nnd Second Floors; has gns fixteres, bath, and every convenience. Apply on the prutlllM'S HUM OtUMJA. >1, mo LET?THE 8TORE 208 GREENWICH PTRFOT, BEX tween Murrov and Warn-n streets; a very desirable location for North "rivor and Jersey trade; rent low. Inquire In the store. rrv> LET.?THE EJJXiANT FOUR STORY BROWN 1 stono House, 220 West Thirty-fourth street, street 100 feet wide; Belgian pavement, 4c. Rent knv: iriimedi:.te pors-ssion. Apply on tho premises, or to JOHN 8. K1LSO. 62 William street. TO LET?TWO FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSES, frescoed in gold. Rent until May 1. $600, worth $800; will give lease: also, oro for $M0. Inquire at 24 West Forty sixth street', between Fifth and Sixth avenues. mo lJuT?A HANDSOME, MODERN B11LT DWEIXING X Hmtse on Thirty-second street, between Second and Third avenues, on the north aide, mi kite of the block. at low rent. Inquire of Mrs. DAVIS, lol East Tbirly-seouud street, or Miss UERNHARi), 207 West Forty-eight street. TO LIT?STORE ANT) DWELLING NO. 48 EAST Twelfth street, near Broadway; also, the Corner Busemenl of 817 aud 819 BroAdwty; also, the s.irond story Corner Room", with eight !r?ut windows. Apply to .JOHN S. KFJ80. 62 William stroet. TO LET?OY5TCR HOUSE, ADJOINING MUSEUM, NO. 8 Ann street. Billiard Palace,corner Conrt and K-*n s?n streets, Brooklyn, with line Billiard Tables, Bar, Roller Skating Floor; ConnerA and Drill Room, 100 by 60 feet; with four years'lease, and above art hies for sale cheap. PEED k COI.E. TO LETT?THE THREE STOBY HIGH STOOP HOUSE 76 West Forty-third street; recently impered and painted. Apply on (he premises, or to 8. S. H1NMAN, No. 3 Broad street. TO LETT?ON FAVORABIJ? TERMS, TO RESPECTABLE parties, the two five Story Houses 201 and 261 West Twenty-third street, with double staircases ami all tlte modern Improvements; also No. 186 West Twenty fourth street, five stories, just painted tbrongbout. Apply to A. IJ-'.AMAN, 217 West Twenty-third stroet, or P. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS Jt CO., 81 Greenwich r.t?q. TO LOT?A SMALL OKNTfKL THREE STORY BRICK House, with gas and water, In per lee t or dor, near tho Peck slip ferry; rent very low to a small family. Apply at the Williamsburg Bank to Mr. G. FIELDS, or 100 Wall street, N. Y.. In tlie watchmaker's shop. To let?dwemtng bouse ro. iso hctwon street; twostory and ntUc House; gw sod Croton water. Apply to Mr. BRADFORD, of Bradford, Long street & Co., comer of Broadway and Leonard street. mo 1JST?TO A 8MAIX FAMILY WITHOUT CTT1L X dreti. the Peoond Floor and front Basement of the house 177 West Twenty-fourth street, near Ki?rlitli avenue. The house has all the modern improvements; gas lixtur'-e in all the rooms. The family now in the house consists of three adults. To be seen at any time. r I XT?AT NO. 10 WEPT ELEVENTH STREET, four door S west of Broadway, a Front Basement, suitable for a doctor's office, and two large Rooms ou the second fleer, furnished or unfurnished. TO I.ET?THE LOWER PART OK HOUSE, NO. 3 West Broadway place, ou reasonable terms. Inquire at No. 24 Hammond street. TO LET?THF. FIRST FLOOR OF THE HOUSE NO. SO Vandam street, rear, containing two rooms und tw > bedrooms, with other privileges. Rent $d pormouih. Enquire at 381 Canal St. mo LET?THE SPLENDID FIIWT CLASP CORN lit X House No. 80Sands street, Brfx+lyti. handsomely and couipletuly furir.shod, containing 14 spacious rooms, with closets, Ac. A delightful home. It^sossion at oure. Rent low. Coll ou or address Owner, boa 219 Herald office. TO LET?in BROOKLYN. >70 HENRY PTRKET, A handsome threo story brown st?-ne II i iho. with bath, hot and cold water, ran fixtures, Ac. Rent tow to a good teuaul. Inquire of II. U. SILVERMAN, lob Broadway. TO LET?THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE NO 4 MI Delta piare, near Bleecker sireet. consisting of a Room, two Bedroom* and Kitchen. Kent very low to suit the times. TO LET?THE ELEGANT FIVE STORY BROWN stone nou.??. No. A3 St. Mark's hia -J, Fivhth street, I with or without furniture; and wit it or without slublt, rout low, as the owner wishes to go to Europe. Apply at the house TO LET?A PART OF A MR-T CLASS HOUSE. IN quire at 109 East feveuieonih street, near Stuyverunt square. mO LET?THE PTORE, INCLUIdN'G FIXTURES AND _|_ Basement or 4?0 Sixth avenue, rorner of Twentyrigbtb street, Insure at 850 Blwker street TO X,KT?THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE lWi EAST Twenty eighth ilreet, entirely separate fiom upper; six rooms, with baacmeul Also'the upper part ot 104, just painted. Alto the lower part of 121 Kail Twentyeighth street, at a low rent, and Rooms at 140 Third avenue, at $8 60 J. R. WII/30X, otfire 343 Foul th avenuo. TO UCT?HALK THE 1*8X7AI. REST, OR FOR SALE very low, or will exchange for a small Farm near the city,a flna largo four story ttrst cla<-s House, So 2fifi Hicks street, corner of State Brooklyn Heights; house la worth $8,500; mortgage $5,000; Is well adapted for a large family or boarding house. Apply to UKOK0K E WVObABUft. 140 ftTMM *u?9W j*it EV? TUKK HERALD, TIT HOVfRS, ROOMS, SC., TO LBT. ^ TO I FT?LN A NICE UTTUt BRICK HOURE, LOWKR part?two Parlors, Basements and Bedrooms, gaj, wuter, rango?m a quiet street, for a moderate rent. Apply ou too premises 14 Uethuiie street, or of the owner, 34S Bloeekor street, near Charles street, T. CCDHLBTH. TO I JOT?A 8B00ND FLOOR FRONT ROOM, TORN 1811ed; uw of lire iu kitchen if desired, bath aud washroom en same fl.ior; (2 2ft per week; or the Third Floor would be h't for $10 per month. Neat private (marble) house, with modern convenienses, 183 lCoat Thirty third street. T) LET?THE THIRD FLOOR IN A F1WT CLASS house, en the north side of Sixty-second street, first house westaif Third avenue, consisting of six rooms; gas auu warvr; mil moueraio to a urn Class U'UWlt. JuiJUII'O on the promisee. , rpO LIT?IN NEWARK, NO. 12 NEW YORK AVENUE, A a House, tn perfect onior; gas and fixtures complete. Inquire of KING h BONO, New street, Jersey, or 122 Rleocker street, New York. TO Ijrr?T!1F rri'F.R PART OF THE TWO SPORT House 180 Var irk street, containing six rooms; has water and gas; wul let at a low rent. Inquire on the premises. mo LET?A NEAT TWO STORY POTTAGE, NO. 1 A Grove terrace, In tho village of West HoboUnn: rent $100 per annum; ovary convenience for a small family. Apply to J. H. VriJ/ON, corner of First and Washington street, Hotxikcn, N. J., or to W. JACKSON'. 541 Broadway, New York. TO LET IN BROOKLYN.?AN ENGLISH COTTAGE, ON Fulton avenue, nonr Grand avenue; eight rooms, gas and fixtures, water, front yard 60k75 feet, beautiful shrubbery; rent $200 to 1st Hay tieiU. Address G. W. Oavis, box 4,6*20 Post olBoe, New York. mo 1A7T LOW?AN ELEGANT COUNTRY MANSION, 2}i 1 aciva, statue, cottage, orchard sbudo, every convenience for a a?mUr reaklunoa, healthy, near depot, four m>loa from city, tin e one hour, car fare nominal. Inquire at i.*y 1'er.rl street, New York. To iat vft.y i ow?Tiir. Ttmi k story iijoh stoop brick Howe 148 IVnvorley place, nonr.Sixtli avenue, Just put in complete order;new [uuut and plumbing, cluindeljors and ims fixture*, large yard, &c , 4c. Apply at 158 Waverlcy place, Possession at ouce. TO I AT OR I.EAPE?CHEAP, A COUNTRY HOUSE, with four acre* of land and outhouse*, half a mllo from Wtlllamabrittge, on tho llarlem Railroad, twelve miles from the city. Inquire at 18 and 18 Chamberii at reel. New York. TO RINT?A LA ROE THREE STORY ATTIC AND basement House, 18 Kant Houston street, near V.r?mlu.'uv O.-vir,,!,!.. f..- ? ..rlviitnnr lui.nlin.. bouse; rent Jew. inquire on the premises or ilrst door east ot T. LAUGHItS, on the comer. WitBBiQTON.-jmamin ixr, located in thr in*).-1 central point of lYBnsylvaula avenue, Wash ltig. P. C., to any responsible parti* who wish to estab. lish tliemselv* there In business. Terms easy. Address, with roul nam--and residence, for three days, Washing ton, box 2X0 Her ald ottiie. (JS-I A 1'KK MONTH.?TO J.KT, TO A OUIET RFSPIOCTA iJy.Lri" hie family, tho upper (>art of house lit) brand street, west cud, anil eonvoui nt U> cars; comprising front and bsclt room, on second floor, hark basement. and bedroom in the aitic; ttno yard, food woodlmose; rear part very phosaat. References required. Apply us above. djl 1 AA ?-A K1RST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE TO tHr 1 lot, mar Washington square: contains nil tae modern iniproventenig, mirrors, chandeliers, and a i p i iidid rosewood piano; will bo let to a private family for $100 per month, worth $110, with possession immediately. Address for two days Leonard, Broadway l'ost oflne. THB WAR. CUItiSTK. HALE. FORMERLY ok sixth, n. y s. id., is uow Orderly Sergeant Company K, Continental Guard, and would be glad to enlist any of his friends. Any one who can bring live men wi.l bo made a sergeant, or two men be ma .c corporal. The regtmont has SCO nies, ail uniformed, in i amp, and will leave within tun days. Apply to (Japt. CXJ.V.N, Manchester Hotel, ltiO Washington street. FlaVOS AND RANNER.A ? H. 110FSF CONTINUES TO paint Kings, Ranners, Ac., at his rooms, 148 list jmi ticiai Kit'-vi riirnnnf, mats ci Anns. Herniary nnu Gold OrnamcDtal Work executed iu the highest stylo of art. I HAVE JX IN MY TOWER TO OFFER A LIEL'TEuant's commission to any gentleman who will n?eisl in recruiting a company that will be mustered in this wock. He will have the benefit of first class military iustruclion and a superior regiment. For address direct to Captain, box 112 II<t?1<1 office. LVHME'S J.1QPID STYIT1C, FOR THE STOPTINQ OF Binding, adapted expressly for tlio use of the army?This wonderful remedy will stop bleeding, without producing tho slightest Injurious olUct to the taouml. The simplicity o;'its application, as well us rapid opera lion, random it indispensable to every soldier. Prepared and sold by J. F. ITHUK k C ).. manufacturing chemists, Oafl Ilroodway, N. Y. f'noe 26 cents pdr hot tig. For sale hy all druggists. SWORD EXFKCWE.?A THOROUGH SWOTJiSHAN, Into an officer of ihe British nrmy, is now giving Instructions In Sword Uxor rise at 481 IJroadwuy, wberu gcutlomvu desirous of becoming proficient can be taught either privately or in classes. WANTED?A COMPETENT COLONEL, WITH MEANS and influence, to take hold with experienced officers to organize a regiment of infantry. Address Quartermaster, Metropolitan Hotel. WANTED?ENGINEER S0IJ1IER8 FOR THE SAPPEll and Miner companies of the rogt'.lar army, with a suitable proportion of skilful mechanics. They must not exceed thirty five years of age, must be able bottled, unmarried men, able to read and write, and familiar with tho four ground rules of arithmetic. Pay from $13 to $34 per month, depending ou rank attained by merit, to which is added clothing, fuel, quarters, rations and toedl cal attendance. Term of enlistment three years. Apply at No. 6 Rowling tirecn, New York, from 10 A. M. to 0 P. M. dally. Q. A. GILLMORE, Captain ot Engineers, U. S. A. WANTED?A BAND OF 10 OR 12 MUSICIANS, TO go immediately to Washington. Inquire of Mr. Kingsland, Broome street, near Elm, opposite Metropolitan mice Headquarter*. QAA ARMY TENTS FOR BALE COMPLETE, WITH Ol/y polos and pins, al a reduced price, hold tog from six to eight men. Apply at 26 East Broadway. A A AAA COPIES SOLI) HARDEE'S MILITARY t:U?UUU Tactics.?Bowling's OfBclnl Edition. 26 cents. Hardee's Tactics la now Lhe only book officially recognized by the War Department tor the instruction of troops In light iufuntry and rifle drill. This edition is reliable and correal. A. BOWLING, 06 Nassau street, N. Y. Be wire to ask for Dmwlhig's edition. " 77777 17 77777 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMITTEE^ Tammany Hall.?The members are requested to attend a meeting of the oommttlpe, to be hold at Tammany Hall, on Thursday evening, the 29th Inst., at 8 o'clock. By order of E1JJAH K. PI R:>Y, Chairman. A. B. Rm.niw, Icftof-tartea Tammany hall?a special meeting of the Democratic Republican General Committee will be held at'Turn many Hall on Thursday evening, August 29, at 8 o'clock. By order. elijah F. PURDY, Chuirmaa. A. B. Roijjnh, Kv . Jon* Haanr, J^crelar?csPISAACIAIi. ^ Financial.?cashier wanted, to go to the country and take charge of a bank; one who can furnish Hutno capital and credit for a limited time, for which a liberal salary and compensation will bo paid. Apply for rurther particulars to It. E. EVBJRSON, 15 William street. <2l1 q aaa ?FTRPT CLASS, SECOND MORT Ml)XO V* gsgc?a gix>d bondsman, on projierty located on a good business street near Broadway, tor sale at a liberal discount. Address J. H. M., bol 3,776 Poet office. (ttj/?A AAAto wan on bond and mort MpOUaU" JU g.ig? on real cwpte in 'his city or Brooklyn! in sums of $1,000 and upwmrds; also JfJO.CiO to invest in purchasing made mortgages. Apply to A. SERGEANT, 15 Wall street. MTEAMBQATSI Morning boat dtp kit for keyport. middle town Point and c'lill wood.?Cheap fare. The largo and oonnnoillous itcanier MAYFLOWER will leave pier 20 North river, between Hare.ay aDd Hobinson streets, evory morning at U o'clock. Keltiming will leave Koyport at 3 30 P. M., landing at ClU wood Tare each v,?ny 13 cents, or 'Ait cents for the trip. The public will And this a pleasant trip. Good Gshlag and bathing 1 >.c.irsi"n parties can maka liberal arrangements for Kcyjiorl or Cllflwood. Notice.?This boat w ill leave Keyport un Saturday, August31, at one o'clock P. 11. CJTEAMKR LONG ISLAND LEAVES TAMES SLIP EVERY 17 day. Sundays excepted, at :iy, P. M., for Nortliport, nuikiug tho intermediate landings. Leaves Northpori at. 5 A. M Faro to Glen Cove 20 cents, lo Great Neck and Sand's Point, 10 cents. Fr-ght to Great Neck, Sanil ? Poiut, and Glen Covo at half the visual rales. SPORTING. Frakcbs butler^ so. i peck sup, lies ALLTHK choice Broods foi Mixk and sale Holler's lufaliibls Mange Cure aud Klea Exterminator, 60 cents per bottle Duller?e "Breeding. Traming. Diseases Ate.. of Dogs." $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac Medicines for ail diseases. For sale?a spukbid ponrrot noo, three years old , perfectly hrrko; tscdsorne a? a picture Can be seen thm day at 46 Chatham street. Price $00. GRA.SU RKllATfA ?Al WHITK-TONK, I,. 1., SATl'Rd*y, Atigurt 31. ? All boats under 40 feet keel. PrtxeaflSO Entrance ftea $10. $7 aud $3 60 Printed Railing directions, Ac . mav be ubia'.ticd of C F. WET MORK. at Whitestoue, L. 1 ,tr k. M. JOWWisEND,? War r?a aueel. New yor*. UBSDAY, AUGUST 29, 1881 THE TURK. 1710R RALE?THE TROTTING HOR.H* HONEST PETER. ? Apply to HIRAM WOODRUTF. IIOHSKS, CARUIAOICS, JkC. * A ONE HORSE ROCKAWAY WANTED?NEW OR second hand, fur which the purchaser would pay In monthly Instalments. Address, nutlnx price, anil where it rau be seen, O. L. W., box 112 Herald oltlce.

A FINE HAY HORSE,SIX YEARS OIJ), 1 j?, HANDS, " trots lu 3.30, stands without lying, sound, without a limit. A pair of Mare*, fine drivers, have been used for family use. with Harness, separate or together, cheap. No. 72 Char los street. 1 FB SALE?TWO SMALL GRAY PONIES WELL " mslchod, d and 7 years old, sound and kind in sniglo or double harness, good travellers, one very last; r. need only be scon to lie admired ALso, a new Wagon, 1 covered and platform springs, Fielding's build, but Hitlo ( used; will be sold cheap for want of use. Inquire of N. c SU1MEDKS, 8u Norfolk street, or at the stublo, corner of i Rrootuc and Esse*. 1 ItOK BALK?A STYU8H PAllt OF BAY HORSES, 16 f hand* bigb, good travellers anil warranted sound in ( every respect. "lhey were bought iu Vermont lost spring, ] arc 0 ami 7 years old, and vory handsome. Lowest cush , price (600. Address Box 2,004 Post ofllce. Fob sale?by a okvilkman leaving kou eirrope, two hay Carriage Horses, If),1, bauds high, seven < years old; also, Carriages und a Cow. Apply at 246 , Henry street, Brooklyn, or at the otticc 32 South William f street. i FOR SALE?A KTYUSn BLACK MORGAN HORSE, i six years okl, sound and kind m all harness and under i the MddIn; ,-an trot a mile in three minutes. Apply at | Crook's dining saloon, 66 Howery. t ITViR SALE?WARRANTED IN EVERY WAY, BOUND i . and kind, a eboslnul thoroughbred English Horse, moor tod, 15>i hands high, also, a bay Mare. 15)^ hands; both six years old. This Horse and Mare are (he property of a gentiuiuan who has gono to Europe, and are for unre i served sa.e. A responsible gnaiaulee Willi both or the above by a gentleman left in charge of tlio same. Apply at 154 and 150 foot of Jan > stroel, North river. FOR 8AI.R?HOR8K, WAGON ANU HARNESS; A sorrel Mure, 14)4 bands high, Bound, lrturt and go title; wagon newly made by Brewster h Co.; harness new. The whole will be sold for $d00; cost the present owner $000. Will be Fold separate or together. Can be soen at Merchants'stable in Twunty-ntuth street, near Broadway, where full particulars will be givon. FOR SAUK.?A DOCTOR S GIG (BOSTON CHAISE) IN good order, must be sold immediately, as the owner leaves as surgeon in the nav v. Price &i5?a great uaoriflee. Apply to ISAAC POST, No. " Myrtle avenue, Brook J lyn. t Houses and carriages seijjng ore cheap. j r00 l-arriages. Rnckawuys and liogg ion. . loo Grocers' and second hand Wagons ot all kinds. , iS4 Kulto.i avenue and 10 Ne\ iu? street, Brooklyn. ; JUST ARRIVED ROM LIVINGSTON COUNTY?A very flue dapple gray Her so, that the owner wlil shew baa male tune tune In 2-40; is seven years old, ami ] has always beendriven hi a family carriage; has uovrr , been trained; any lady can drive hint; great fc]>eed; w ill j stand by the side of a locomotive without hilehiug. To j be seen at the corner of Prince and Crosby streets. ( 1>LATKORM SPRUNG WAGON FOR SA1JE?SHIFTING \ for one or two horaffl*. will o.iirrv thirty hmi dted in perf< ot order. Price $(i(i cusb. Apply to JOHN DOYG, corner of Ntaoly eighth street and Niiitlt avenue. SHIFTING TOP WagoN?fill, BPRIN'.V, HAJ'K BY. } C. Dusunhury; alno, a Iwo-lhird seat Tr--t tlt.u Wmtoi V , both in Grst rale condition. hit bur or b- lh w i11 be Held a bargain, the owner leaving the city. Call at stable* f'4 West Thirteenth street. IK HtS K, WAGON A NO HAKNIXA? J The horse must nut bo loss tlum 16 )j hantin blyli, | souud and kind in single or double harness, a good traveller an<l not over seven years eld; the wagon, a light, square body top wrtigou, with f.ill ctliptie. springs, and in gissl order. Any one Ua\ lug the above to dispose of for $200 : oan address A. B. C., Urandretb House, stating where tbey , can be seen. , HOl'SKH, ROOMS, &C., W ANTED. AFKW ROOMS WANTKl).?A HlGIII.Y IlHM'MTAlil.K j family, of five grown persons, elosiro to rent lor , $200 ^er annum, part of trHouse vvhivH'is well located in , this city, and tn which there is a respectable family. Ad- , drctM Irvington, box 610 Post ulllito^ tm FUBNIHnKD HOUSE.?WANTED. IN THIS 'TTY OR ! Brooklyn, a small Enrnlsltea House or gai t of a , House, containing Svo or bix rooms. Rent not to exceed $300 per annum. Address H. W. A.. Union sutiare i*owt ofllM. TTURNBHED HOUSE WANTED.?A SMALL AND CON I venii'tit ItirulBhcd House wanted to hire In Now York or Brooklyn, with water, gas, He. Tim house muni be situated in adcslrsblo neighborhood, and the rent to suit i tho tlmo'. No attention (mid to offer* unless the rent in ? named and full particulars given. Address 3. K. 8., box I 2,864 Pott office, N. Y. ! ] FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?FIRST CI ASS, LARGE < ami wi ll furniidied corner w,th (^fablie , Iocs- 1 tiou, Fifth avenue,Madison square or Twenty third street, near tho hoteL Thoso having what is wanted way Address fy, Mtnllaon square Poet oftloe. HOOSS WANTED IMMEDIATELY?SITUATED BE twecn Fifteenth and Thirtieth Btrc-tH. R >nt J.SU0. Address F. J, V., box 43 Post olhcc, Eden Park, Wiltnington, lielaware. JERSEY CITY OR BROOKLYN ?WANTED. WITHIN ten ininulett' walk of the ferries to New York, by an English lady und gentleman, with tlicir son, 13 yours of age, permanent Apartmonts, furnished for housekeeping; the rental most be low, in accordanco with the times; the i lady being alone during the day, apartm-nts with homely, sociable persons is required. References exrhungod aiid i pnyment in advance. Address Wm. Or drubs, 221 Chrystie street, N. Y., stating acoommodotions nod terms. Rectifying distillery wanted ?any person i having a Rectifying House of 26 libls. per day capacity, in good working order and disposed to sell low, i may address box 2,(197 Poet fifties, New Ybrk. WANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN A PLEASANT location, above Fourteenth street and between Lexington and Sixth avenues. The bouse must be gsntecly furnished and contain all the modem improvements. The price must be very low tor twenty months. The family wishing the house tg small, no small children, and will take m good care of the property- as the owner can?the same as they would If it were tneir own. Tho , very best of reference will be given. Address for threo days, stating full particulars, the lowest terms, Ac., R. I.. H. .Fifth Avenue Hotel, or ul Claflin, Mo lieu A Co.'a, corner < of worth and Church streets. WANTED?BY A SMALL F'AMTLY, A TWO STORY t <ir srtiall three story furnished House, situated in a i pleasant locality in Brooklyn; l>est of care taken of house, i and satist'netory refcrsuaes giveu. Addrefs, staling io- ! cation, terror ukI other particulars, Alien, bo* 2,044 New York Post offloe. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND Wire ONLY, an unfurnished Room and Bedroom, on second floor, < In a house will* modern Improvements: terms, including ga . $]1 to |12 per month, In advanoe It dedrod. Also a i furnished Homo and Kedroom wanted, Win holy providing i h^r own meals; would like them nooked and served In rooms^ $14 per month. Address J. K. W., Herald < fflie. Wanted?a small furnished house, by a gnntlvrean and wile Without oldidmi; must bo well furnished; want sldo preferred, not below Sixth avoune;- rent not to oiceetl $100, which will bo paid la ] advance to 1st of May If desired. Address box 2,020 l P >st offloe, stating locality, i WANTED?IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, IN A GOOD , nelghberliood. throe, four, or See unfurnished i Rooms, suitable for housekeeping, by a fawiiy of four i grown persona. Address A. B. C., Madison square Post j office, stating full particulars, lint of reference given aad required. ] WANTED?A MODERN. tHHESOR itjVB STORY ' brirJc or brown atone front House, sitnated bo- \ twean Twenty-third end Forty-eeound struct* and lrotn J Fourth avenue to liroa<iway, muni be in good order and rent low. Addrojm B. Ilicks, 143 Grand stecet, stating ] terms, Uh-aUod, &c. ' ANTED 1$ HHOOKI.VN?X bM ALL. lUT ~ WHLL furniahod House, for a tenant whose family consists of himself, wife and babo; house must be convenlont < to Euitnn or Wall street ferry. Address H. t'.. Herald * office, suiting ront, which must be low. 1 WANTED?BY A ?ENTT,KMAN AND WHY,, A SMALL , f?ml.sbcd House, at a low rout. Address 11. M., ' >?K 1,032 Post offlon, stating tortus and location. ANTED?dN roOOdTlYN, fcEAR VCXTON OR Wall street ferry, a well furnished small House. ' Undoubted security given for care of furniture. Family, 11 gentleman, wife and babe. Address box 2,008 Now York \ i'.?,t utile, giving locotsui and i'lit. Rent must below. iirA.MMJ?A riittfi ? i-Ars* i>^ a. I?*^UIVAOI U. I YY location, euilublo for <i few select boarder*. l'arlis 1 | having the alioy, will picaso direct a note, with full 1 description and lowest rent, whkth will rooet with prompt ( I attention from a satisfactory tenant. Address House, Union square Putt office. j Xlf ANTED, TOTAU.Y OR PARTMLI.Y Fl'RNlSHKD?A ] W bio ' and roomy nous-.?, with all the modern lm- : provemeuts, b.dweon Tenth and Twenty-fifth streets anil 1 Third and Sixth avenues. Address M. r\, box 180 Herald office. , r'ANTKD Til HIRERS OH OUT OK IBM CITY, A Store, suitable ior the retail drug bnalner'Sjor would I bowiKineio pim-lmse a Stot? already established and 1 d"ln(f ? fair trade, cheap for . ash. Addre-s lor one week I E'cuiapio, box 2S3 Herald <uTicc. : > "llfANTKH TO RUNT?A SMAI.I.. HIGH STOOP H0C3E, ' W unfurnished. west site, not below Sixth avenue or above Thirtieth -treat Address box 2,9.9 l'oal office, ( Mat .'.-r i iM) at"i tei m?. < NEW PUBLICATIONS. 1 LV BOS' 1(JN, JOURNAL PR MODK9, ! i* lliechsapett, best and most reliable fashion b .?oIe p"b imbed, it m warranted 10 keep the milliner, i!re.<e,oloak. Juverile, rap. headdress and iinen manufacturer corrert.y advised, lu advance of importation, U.o prevailing styles in Parle, whi.b no other work in .inwrk# lines, lis litter on rt?hlon? alone is worth mom than tho price i har??d. Subscription one ysr. ts, copies, 60 rents. I'ub imbed muntbly by ti. T. IAVLOR & SON, 407 Broadway, New York. I haijHs at Arcmoif. A LI1KRT U. NIOOLAV, ACCTtONKKK, WIU. KEI I, l\_ this day (Thursday) .August 29, at 1UX o'clock, at ho sto'k salesroom No. 52 Will Ism street, a good variety t CUy insurant'* Blocks, (lank Stock, Bonds and Other ecuritios, suitable for investment. For full particulars oc World, News, Kveniug Post and Commercial Advert!or. Catalogues can be obtained at the salesroom. a MORTIMER GRIFFIN k OO AUCT10NEKKS. Elegant first clasa Household Furniture, Pianoforte*, Paintings, Statunry, Bronzes, kc., At public auction, The properly of a family declining housekeeping. On thm day (Thursday), at the private residence of T>r. 'i11! i p l;.ui -om,4S West Bllleelilh Street, between Fifth ind Kixtb (tvenues, sale commencing at 10X o'clock. .Utalogucs at tlie house. Hrawing rooms?Solid rosewood Drawing room Bulla, cverod Willi brocatel; Ftegores. Bookcase,CentreTubleg, Velvet Carpets, Cluindellors, Candelabras, Paintings, lock, Mirrors, embroidersd Izuie Curtains, magnificent 7 stave rosewood Pinnnforto, Stool, Cover, Canterbury, "oaewood and mahoVMnv Itnreaus Itodstmeiis. Wardrobes lair Mattresses, feather Bods, liiankets, Counterpanes, heels, Bolsters, Pillows, Sofas, Rockers, (hairs, Yulilo, Sideboard, Cabinets, Curtains, Cornices, Shsdos, Ingrain "ai-pets. Also all furniture of servants' apartmeuta. Also Uasement und Kic> hen furniture, with which the sale srill commence. Sale peremptory. Auction notice.?mortgage saix?e. rotii, auctioneer, will sell this ilay, August 29, at 10>,' I'oWek, all the eloganl Household furniture of a first :laas private boarding house, 128 Waverley place, near sixth avenue. All the' furnlnire Is In very good .condi.ton, nud has been used ouly since May last, consisting f Brussels nml Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, rosewood far or Unit, covered in satin broc.atel/*(Vktre and Side ralde, Ktegere, Corner Stands, rosewood and mahogany tudstoads. Bureaus, Wnslistsnds, Solus, lounges, Chairs, inciter, Mattresses, Bolsters. Pillows, Blankets, Mirrors, Air tains, Shades, Ac. By order of S. Brady, Attorney for lortgigee. 1 UOTON NOT!CE.~A RARE OPPORTUNITY" TO OB /V lain first class Household furniture at auction. 1 iV. U. CHAPMAN Si 00., Auctioneers, will sell, this dr.y Thursday), at 2 o'clock, all the elegant Household FnruI ure, seven octave Pianoforte, PaiutingH and Works of Vrt contained in the large uuweioti house 69 West Twenty ilxth street, near Sixth avenue. consisting of rosewood ind mahogany 3ofa<, Honkers, t hairs.Tables, Etegeres, Bookcase,Oonrhra, Ai m Chairs, walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Waslisiunds, Commodes, Shaving Hands, Buffet, lace Curtains, Mirrors, Shades, Vases, locks, China and Glassware, Stiver Ware, Tablo Cutlery, III Paintings, IUir Mattresses, feather Beds, Blanket*, Uteets. Also, Basement and Kitchen furniture. .Sale wtuuioiiclng at 2 o'clock this afternoon. A WTION?MORTGAGE 8ALK.?V. 8. MII.IB, AUC/ V tiouuer, and attorney for the mortgagee, will sell m Thursday, August 29, at 11 o'clock, at the corner of l arir.k and Charlton streets, the contents of n Liquor it ore, consisting ?if Liquors, disks, Dora^olm*, Bottl"S, Jar fixtures,Counter, tila -bus, Ueasu.os, Decanters, So ;ara, Ac. Also, the unexpired term of the of add remises; will . xpire next May. Rent $70tl. VARNIIM i. MU.ii*, Attorney for Mortgagee, 14 Cham tiers street. A I'CMON _ Kt i t it K ?X- LArvl llrJN\V AKS AND JjKENl H VuU American Klin! Glass Ware. RUHEKT BAY DOCK nrill s.'el this duy at 10 o'clock, at. hisauction room, 101 liberty street, 100 crates White Giunile and Cemim a iarthenwai e; 200 casos best French Flint G'ape, Imj o alien of Messrs. A. l'elrce, Rotlier A Gateaux; <HK) puckatesS'iir-lk Cbuuty Flint Uhuts; 000 packages Pittsburgh rumbltrs, Ac. A Ut.TION NOTICE?YOU CAN 1JDY FUKN1T1 RE, /V InHikinjt Glasses, Mattresses, Bedding, Ae.,chcapr r ban at any otlirr jilace at <1. W. SNEfHsN'S, 263 Bowery, ( I hooii taut an ninl Houston streets, l'leaeo call; yrm t ill save money. Note the number. Repairing done. Auction notion.?a. m. crwtalar, acocionber, 23 Howery, will sell ou Friduy, 30"i inat., at 10'. >eyck,a h,rg assortment of gutta pcrchn Combs,e?ni irfSinp Round, Ride ami Puff Combs, Dressing Ootnbp, lair 1'iTis, Ito., to be sold to pay advances, storage, Ac. Anil ON?Wll.l. BE ROIJ), AT 444 CANAI. STKKK1', a large quantity of Bureaus. Bedsteads, CbaliE, fables, Imokltig Glasses, Sofas, Bedding, Garpets, 2 i asks dd roiirhon, 0 easks old palo Brandy, ono Express Wagon mil one Spring Cart. 4 1'tTION SACK?THIS DAY, AT 11 OTI.OOK, at U6 Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth ivenues, one 7X octave 1'iano, inlaid with pearl; .oat 1500 last Mny, is wairantcd for three years; one us sissl Parlor Suit, covered in Turkish velvet tnoqiirl; nue In. covered in reps; Risikers, solus, Tablet, Chairs, Brussels aud Ingrain Carpetp, Crockery, Glassware. Lhe Furniture of oigbt bedrooms complete,and evoryihing belonging to a first class house. Will be sold vv an nut reserve. ~A Ut TP A SAlJt?POTT1VC (CALK CM? SAWtl.KRY, jfV Harness, Trunks, Ac , at 3b Bowery, on Thursday moriitiig, August 29, ut 11 o'clock. Assign ins saik ?john k. van Antwerp's son, auctioneer, will sail, on Saturday, August 31, ?! II o'clock, at 120 West Nineteenth street, the enlire Stock ual Fixtures, Tools, fee., of a carpenter's shop, i-.-raprising Dumber, Hardware, Tools, Work Benches, Morticu g MHcblne,Sawing Machine ami Fixtures, Ac.; also, tvv i Lumber Wagons, two llorgcs,one set c?i h of single and loiihlc Harness, Iron Safe, Ac., Ae. Terms tush"1, bankable rundp. By order t f JOHN MITCHEIJ, and A. CUMM1NGS. Aasigneea. Brownk a mghoi.s. / u friday. August 30, at 1 o'clock, m front of salt sroom, 36 Nassau street, a pair of splendid bay Horse i, 15J,' bauds high; line, stylish drivers and splendidly match-d; warrautei) sound, kind and gentle lit every way. Also a linn English I'hu.ton. with shifting goat. Alio) double Harness, city made. A1,?0, An elegant pair of dark bay Horace, lfl hands high, warranted sound, kind and g"iille; finely matched and very stylish. AIko a city made Barouche and got of double Ilarnets, In good order. The abovo establishment |g the prnjierty of a well known gentleman of this city, and will be gold without reserve. BROWNE Jt Xl<HOIfl WII.I. SKI.I., KRIIIAV, ARIIW 30, at one o'clock. m front of g:U<?troom No. 3"> Sunfan glreot, a very tine pair of bay Horses, 1.1 bands high, 8 yours old, warranted sound, kind and gentle in ingle as well as aoublc lturtv B1;, and good saddle horsey. The present owner has had them three years nnd sells them for want of use only. ALSO, A rlty built Brett, m good order, together with doublA Harness, nearly new, Whip, Blankets, Ac,., A-,. Abo a . h?stnut, Ware, 8 years old, 15^ hands high, sound, kind ?nd gentle, prompt driver and good under the saddle. All to he sold without reserve. J~*l\K<iTA Ul IT'S Hill' RV UTRTTtli" lit* nt'Vt'UH fVt* VJ notions. WfirlT k WATTS will soil at auction oil Thursday, August 26, at 101$ o'clock, nil the Furniture goutalncd in II mso 32 Beach street, comprising Tapestry, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; mahogany Sofa Bedstead, mahogany Solan. Isiuugen and Chairs, in hair cloth; Cot tage Bedsteads, Hair nnd Straw Maitresses, feather Bolsters and Pillows, Cnne Chairs, solid rosewood Beds trad, Jo. marble top Dressing Bureau an l Withstand, Toilet Sets, Blankets, Spreads,Shoots, Pillow Cases, Napkins, Table Cloth's, Towels, mahogany Ilining Tables. Crockery and Glassware, silver plated Cash-fa, ivdry handled knives, silver plated Forks and py-ons. Also,one magnificent rosewood 7 octave Piauoforte, A. Weber, maker-, oarvod legs, lyre,pearl keys, and round corners,cirt $.150; rosewood I'iano Stool; also Piano (.over. Also, a largo >iuantity of Kitchen Utensils, with wliicb the sale will commence. By order of 1IKNRY WEST, constahlo. EIWAR!) 8CHENCK, AUCTIONEER. CONTINUATION SAUK. ASSIGNEES SALE Of SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, By E. k F. H. 8CHEVCK, this day, August 29, at 11 o'clock, at their salesrooms, Noe. 15,1 and 157 Broadway, the Stock of one of the first cabinet makers of this city, consisting in j>nrt of elegant solid carved and plain rosewood Suits, in satin and brocatel, plush and reps; elegant rosewood Amour-a-filaoo, nwignlllront rosewood round vimored Bedsteads and Bureaus, do. in blank walnut, UnisUod in oil; rosewood and walnut Secretary, Library Bookcase, elegant rosewood and walnut Ktegeres. carved walnut anil oak Bulb-(: , oak aud walnut Library ami Dining Pu?m Chairs and other elegant Furniture. The above is all of the very best manufacture, and will be positively sold by ordor of assignee. The particular attention of those in want of elegant Fornilnre is respect hilly requested to this sale, as it is undoubtedly the finest tale oT first class Furniture that ha* taken plane in this ;ity. J. B. FREEMAN, Assignee. FFTI73IMMON8, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 12 CENTRE a street?will sell on Friday, August .'10, at 10)g )'clock, at 386 East Tenth Ktreet, a nice assortment of Icioertes, Liquors, Counters, Beer Pumps, Foalos and iVelgbte, and Kiituren of store, to close the buniuiifte. &EORGE OOOK, AUCTIONEFJt. Assignee's sale of ELWJANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. This (lay, at 11 o'clock, at salesroom 141 Broadway . beug removed for convenience of sale, end of the largest ind I tost made stocks of Furniture offered this season, ionsistiug of lady's Secretary, very elegant rosewood. Library Bookcases, of rosewood and black walnut; rosewood Parlor Suit?, various coverings: Library Suits, Din ng Room Furniture. 'Hfloe Desks, superb rosewwd, black salnut and mahogany Chamber Suits; also Ue lsteads, Be en",s, Ac. The whole of first class workmanship, and tale positive. By order. F. K WEBBER, Assignee. Henry green, auctioneer ?this day, at io>; o'clock, at the auction store. 104 William street, quantity of Groceries, Liquors, Flour, Cheese, Klsb, Halt, Vt,000 Segars, 2ft baskets Champagne, bottled Ales, Peach ilrandy, Wines, Continental Bittern, Ac. Also, at 12 o'clock. Lot of Reasonable ready made Clothing. Dry and Fancy joodn, Knapsacks, gold and silver Watches, .lewelry, ?c. On Friday, August 80, at 11 o'clock, tt No. 11 Cedar street, elegant marble top Counters, Res.auraut Fixtures, Ac. on Saturday. August 01. at 10tj oYloclr. it the auction store! the slock of Groceries, Liquors. Sojars, .Stand Casks. Fixtures. Ac., of a grocery store. JF DUNCAN, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON THIS 0 day. at 10'J o'clock, at 83d Thin! avenuo. near the orncr of Fifty tilth street, the Household Furniture of a amily leaving for California: also a line double barrelled inn, by a London maker. Jl, DOBBIN, AUCTIONEER, WILL FELL THE FN. tire Household Furniture contained in the dwelling louse 78 West Twelfih street, consisting of Bedroom, rsr or and Kit< lien Furniture, rosewood Pianoforte, Ac., on Way, August 30, at 10 o'clock A. M., the property of a ainny Riving 'P nouseiieepiiig. ri A J. HOG ART, AUCTIONEERS?ON FRIDAY, AU gust :i0. al 11 o'clock, ai W<-?t street, on ac011 xit of whom it may concern, to pay storage aaU c* ?ua?i?36 caaki Black Lead. 3 I SALE* AT AUCTIOW. 1 JP. TKAVKK, AUmONf'ER?OlYK E 170 CH ATH AM a street, Will sell (hi!) iluy, I ho 2'.Uh inst., St 1UM n'cuck, all the Furniture in the large private harw lug house 21 Jay street, corner of Greenwich; lino Park* Knits, Hrnaaels, ingrain and other Carpets; PuglteU uoifl other Oilcloths, largo extension Dining Tables, oak Dining Chairs' Hureniis, Mirrors, Clocks, Solas, lounges, l hairs. Tables, W) Hetlsteads and Redding, Feather, Mats tresses, Washslantls and Crockery. Bedroom Cur tutor at two line Healers, Kitchen Furniture, Casters, Silver. Oui ( I anil othor ware, a largo assortment of Crockery, Glaaswure, Ac., Ac. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL THtf a tiny (Thursday), at 10o'clock, at salesroom ftl Nassau street, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, tbo cntlrt Household Furniture of a faintly, consisting of two nam wood 1'arlor Suit", covered in crimson nnd maroon, grcef and gold brocalel; two luuhugitny do., covered in liuin cloth; rosewood and mahogany marble top Centre Table*/ black walnut Library bookcases, rosewood l'iain fortaj made by T. Gilbert, of Hoeton; Extension liming Tabloaj Buffets. Dining Chubs, Carpets, Oilcloths, Dressing liui reaus, Washslundf, bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, I/iungrvJ Wardrobes, Ac. The whole tube peremptorily sold 14 the highest bidder. j MOUTGAGE SALE JOHN R HURLEY, AUCTION] eer, will sell this day. at 2 o'oltKk, at 444 t'hum street, mahogany Hocking and other Chairs, Extension! Centre and oilier Tables 1'ier. Oval and olhar tihuanM Sofas, Sofa Beds, Ibueaus, Wai-iisliiuds, Wardrobe*, I'uJ lerjr, Brussels, Thru'1 ply and other Carpet*; one top Kxi urem Wagon, ouo Spring Curl, two barret* of obi DourboB Whiskey, two casus of old pule Brandy, Segars, thirty pair* of kilt Window Shades, Hair aud oilier MaUreMoM mahogany and other Bedstead*, Bluukots, Quilts, Feathol Beds, Counting House Desks, Kitchen Furniture, Hie. ordor of WILLIAM I. EE, Attorney for Mortgagee. I S& J. BOGART, AI.'CTlONKERd.?THI8 PAY. A1 10X o'clock, at the unction rooms, So. I Noiilj | William atroet, Household Furniture, mahogany Solas Lounge*. Table*, maliognny Chairs, Rocker*. Uprlghj Desks, Collage Bod*leads, Hair llatlreSNi-H, Hods anq Bedding, Bureaus, Withstand*, Carpets, Oilcloths. Stand Casks, Counter*, ic. SHERIFF'S SALE.?GROCERY AND FEED STORE. CHAMBERS Ji FAIRCHILP. Auctioneers, will sell this day (Thursday), at 11 o'clock, at 021 Ninth avenue, the contents of a Grocery and Feed Store, ecu* clsling of Ftovr, Sugar*, Tea*. Soap*, Duller, laud, Haw Straw, Oats, 4c., also two Feod Wagon*, two Hoi see and Harness. JOHN KELLY. (sheriff. , SHERIFF'S SALE*?HARNESS, 8AOPLEKY, AO. CHAMBERS k FA1KCH1LD, Auctioneers, will sell on Thursday. 29th lust, (this day), at Pit I tower* a large quantity or superior Harness, daddies, Bridles Whip*, Horse Blankets, Trunks, Hirm-**, Iz-athcr, H'iriS ware, Ac. JOHN* KEIXY, Sheriff. CSATITRDAY. AUGUST 31, AT 10 ? O'CLOCK, AT THl auction rooms, genteel Household Furniture, rod sliding or cue seven octavo rosewood l lano, M'Howell I Co., maker*: rnwwoud l'arlor ami Chamber Kurniturtj together wub u variety of Bedroom ami K.lsb'n Fun nllure. t flMloMAA VKVlVll, AUtlTONF.ER?OFFICE 2T1 BKOAD J[ vruy.?Public Adm mistriitor's sale, on Thursday A igust 'in, 18til, ui 10 A. M., the Fish Stand and Fixture No. 1 Catharine Market, helougiug to the estit of Allei Tm ker, deceased. A RUASKU., Public Administrator. W II J.I AM ABnOTT, Al'CTIONKKR, OFFICK No < Fas'. Broadway, will sell at auction, on Friday, Ihj SOtti Inst., at 10", olck, tho Stork and Fixtnrcsoi iht v\ lio'coalo and r> tail l.iquor Store liflfl avenue A, corner <4 Klghleenlli 6lrect. I'lio Counters and Futures are nraj cb-s, brass and copper Measures, Brandies, Glim, Witiesi 11 mi. French .-lurila, Beer l'uiups, Ke^a, Casks, lh ndciig &<:., kc. WSI ABBOTT, AB("HONERR, OFFICE NO. 4 KASl Broadway, sel's thin 'lay, at too o'clock, the KtocI and Fixtures ol' the grocery store 2B"> Sixth strict, tjcaj avenue C, Sep, starch. Unites, Grocery Wagon also tM Furniture, I'tnnofort-, Chandeliers, Clock, kc. WM WnTSBS, AI'l.TIONKKR? W1IX SKI,I, Hill day, at 10 o'clock, at the Clarendon House, cornel of York and Washington streets, Jersey City, I tic stock ol Wines, I.i'piors and Segars, ouc splendid Billiard Tuldaj Bar and liar Fixtures: also all the genteel Household Furl niturc, kc.., kc. WU. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL PELL ON KRB day, at 2 o'clock.Iho entire Furniture of a larg4 house from Vortyfourlh street; splendid Parlor StnUlJ Royal Wilton Carpets, Beds; liost llair Mattresses, oall Bullet, rosewood Piano, Dining Room and Kin-Urn Kmnh two, upland i t t'ior and Oval Mirrors, Silverware; sold to tjiiinly a claim. By ordor of PEOPLES & GLEN, Attorneys. | CLOTHING. ATTENTION! LADIES AND UFNTLEtUN.?WANTED, a lot offcast off Clothing, Komitare, Carpets, Ac. I will pny the highest price, by calling on or addressing M. Abrahams, 233 Soyi-nth avenue, between Twenty tlftL and Twenty-sixth streets, ladles attended liv Mrs. A. AT EZKKIEI.'B OLD STAND?LADIES AND CENTS ran ili'ain llie following prices for their cast off Clothing;?From $> to $.'15 for slllt Dreates, from $.1 to $10 for Coats, from $l to $5 tor Pants. A note by pes', punvtuHlty attended to by K./.ckiv), 1114 Seventh av'enne, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, laulles attended to by Mrs. E. A GREAT QUANTITY OF OAST OFF CLOTHING, Kl -Jtnituro, C-ar|M>ts and Jewelry wanted to supply the Western market. I |>ay as follows :?Krom $10 to $30 Tor Sillc Dresses; Coals from TO for Pants,$1 50 to $5. Call on or address A . Id CAS, 218 Seventh avenue, between Twenty fourth and Twenty fifth streets, luetic# altcn di d uy Mrs. D. I GREAT DEMAND EGK CLGTHIN'G.?I. A DIBS AND J\_ gentlemen having any fhsl Off Clothing. Kmnllure, Carpets and Jewelry. will receive the highest priea by willing <-n or addressing A. HARRIS, 68$ Third avenue. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Harris. Abetter chance for ladies and gentlemen (o dispose of their east oil Clothing, Furniture, Orpete, and Jewelry.-?1 guarantee to pay 26 percent m?;e than any otli'-r denier. Call on or noilre-s, J. ANHALT, 152 Seventh avenue, betwean Twentieth and Twenty-first streets, ijuti' attended hy Mrs. Anha'.t. ""copartnership .\otk ks. 4 PARTN1 R WANTED?IX A RbTTAIL SHOE BCtff x\_ near, with $2,500 or $3,000, In one of Uio best glujids 6ti ifioi tty. It is & ctianco seldom to bo mot with. No intents need apply. Address P., box 400 I!ernl<l ofllco, C'.lNNOX KALI.".?A PARTY HAVING AN IMPROVED process Tor manufacturing cannon halls wishes to confer Willi sum pers'.n of means and inUuetice for iba purpose of bringing ibo ibing before the government. A rude machine in opoiatlou will be exhibited. Address w. i!.,Henjldolive. PARTNER?A PRACTICAL MAN, WII0 IS THE PROprletor of largo and convenient premises, wttli steam power and oilier facilities, and ample resources of capital, but whose business is damaged or perhaps destroyed by the existing national troubles, wishes to commence operations in souio new and lucrative manufacturing enterprise, and would treat with a competent and tllglbl* party, as partner or otherwise, to conduct the undertaking. Leltcft with full particulars (none others will be attended to), addressed Mills, Herald otilce, will bare prompt consideration. PARTNER WANTED ?THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO associate with a man of some capital and good business qualifications, in the retail house famishing hardware business, already established and location unsurpassed. References exchanged. Address House Furnish, lng Hardware, HeraUl oilke, lor two days. mHE COPARTNERSHIP EXISTING BETWEEN THE I N I deralgncd, under the llrm name of Morgan A Acker, at No. 804 Broadway, If till* day dissolved by mutual consent. AH accounts due to or owing to said firm, are to be paid to 1'etor Acker, Jr., on the promise*, who will continue the businow. PETER A''Kilt. Jr., WM. J. MORGAN. THE ADVERTISER IS IN POSSESSION OF THE KNOWledge for purifying Petroleum or Rock Oil at les? than one-half the former cost ;iud would like to communicate with a party having capital, wishing to engage in the bualueas. Address It<>ck Oil, station A, Spring stroet, N. Y. Want hp?a man, with $300 on $400, wjio will take a one-half interest In, and entire charge of. a barge, capable of carry ir.g two hundred tons. From hep a u?l profit of $100 ]>er month w ill bo guaranteed. Fop further particulars inquire at the office of .Sillinuin Matthews Si Co., forwarding merchants, 17 Canities hllp, New York. dltOAA -partner WANTED, IN A CASH manu. J tC;ivv? facturlng Ruslntuts, permanently established with unlimited extension, clearing at bus- $3,000 per annum; large orders ou hand engaged, capital to purchase machines] business profitable, without riek. Apply toT. V. UVlNQHON, 93 Liberty street. (ftPAA ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE, INDUSTRIOUS ?eJvrl/a man. with $600 in cash, to buy in and itcft as i-auncr in a neat profitable business- a good travelling salesman preferred. Address II. 4 P., Herald office. kaa ?a partner. wtih Tins amount OB lOOvrv/e ,-ash, wautod in a splendid ca. h business which pays $4l>0 per month; no risk, and without competition. Apply at 87 Forsyth at., near Grand, fourth floor, room No. 1. tfl-| AAA ?PARTNER wanted, or will give N5a?\/V/U? good salary, securing the money, as cashier, in a first class profitable and gent?el business. SOUTHW1CK At WOOD. 8k Nassau street. tfltn r\r\r\ ?wanted, a partner, with this ?o.uuv. amount, for a German lager tver brewery, in the iieightxirliooU of New York; value of tha property $20,000: enci.mbratice only $T,500. The money In wanted for improvements. Best references given. Apply to CHARLES NAN/, Notary l'ubltc No. 3 Chamber? street, room No. 7, up stairs. BILLIARDS. Bmiftrrr-rwi sale, a thousand spiknwd new and second hand Table*, for $100, $160, $200 ari l $260, everything complete. Call and cxamiue or stnd by mail. Tables to let. WM. H. GRIFFITH, 146 Fulton street. PHELAN'S IMPROVED PIIJJARI) TABI.F.S AND COMBINATION CUSHIONS. Prices to suit tbe times. I HET.AN4 COI.I.KNDER. 3 WWttvsjNew XorJ^

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