Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1861 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9121. rHE REBELLION. UkAnn nit JU(UJJ O&UUllOU Bailey's Cross Roads. Two Hundred Rebels Defeated by a Union Picket Guard. lew Rebel Fortifications In Process of Erection. rbe Enemy Endeavoring to Transfer the Seat of War to Maryland. a Battle on the Upper Potomac Hourly Expected. Situation of General Rosencrans' Command in Western Virginia. Additional Particulars of the Fight at Sunimersville. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM MISSOURI. Seizure of I'ne Ilnndred Thousand Dollars in Specie by the Rebels. Palmyra Taken Possession of by the Enemy, &c., Ac., &c. OTR SPECIAL WASHI\ TOT DESPATCHES. Washington, August 30,1861. Beaut skiitmisn neak bailey's chops i to ads?two uunduku kluk1.s deveatld by pub union pickets? liKKOBTS OK THE ENEMY TO BK1NG ON a general ENOAOKMENT. General HcClcIIan received intelligence this morning tliat a sharp skirmish took place this morning 011 tin ether side of the river, near Bailey's Cross Roads, betwoin a body of about two hundred rebels and the picket guaro of General Richardson's brigade. The evident intention of tho rebel skirmishers was to surprise the I'n.on pick" s, and cither tako them ju-isoners, kill them,o, flrlve them in; but our boys, although less in number Charged haudsomoly upon tho rebels, and killed some, jook S 'mo prisoners, and stampeded the rest. This daring move ou mo pari 01 uio rebels is tRkon as evidence el' a detc: minatlon by them to bring on a general engagement Denoial Mi Cielian is ready for tin m. THE POSITION OF TIIR HOSTILE AUMIES. The rclativo positions of tlio two armies remained up k -light the Siimo as yesterday. The rebels are throwing pp immense earthworks on both sides of Munson's Hill, un the Uosburg turnpike, one tnilo from Bailey's Cross Hoods, l'ho hill referred to Is of cleared land, and thcene my m ike uo secret ot their movemonts. Their cavalry ,<>. which'hay have several hundred near that locality,ma Bmivroov^r the hills,and sometimes venture in tachnents to wiihiu half amileorsooftheUuionpickets. For ttts nrosnmption several of them wore shot to-day. Tie temjsr.try rebel rifle cannon battery alluded to in my drs patch if yesterday?located at the smith side of Munson'r Hill, aid used to cover their working parlfos?was kept in play ai intervals to-day. Atone time, when one of the Union pickos killed ono of the robcls who had the temerity to oxpso himself on the turnpiko, the rebels got terribly Vrotlt and ojiencd their battery with great vigor uixm tli empt) buildings at Bailey's Cross Roads, in which they Buppeccd our troops wore sheltered. Thorebels aro throwing up works at a place about three miles'rom Bull's Crossing. The extent of these works 1 am not able to slate, but it Is said the rebel soldiery are hi considerable foree ut that point. During the entire day brisk skirmishing lias boenk pi op belveen the pickets of tho two armies, but with u.. deflnitt result. Tlic Tuion officer captured by the rebels on Sunday last, noir Bailey's Cross Roads, was Captain Fish, of tie Few Y?rk Thirty second regiment, and not the Thirtyfirst rejiment, as previously reported. Private I/ireUzo Cronk, of Company D, of tho Sew York Thirty sighth regiment, who was reported as among t!i#lis of tlic captured near Bailey's Cross Roads on Tuesday last. returned to camp the following day, having esopod from his captors and concealed himself in a tree until an op portuuity offered for him to return to bis own camp. Sergeant Fairfield uud privates Yon Dusen ami Tyler, 11 tho same regiment, ore still in the hands of the enemy. ITIK DESIGNS OF TUE REBELS?PROJECTED PASS AG. OF THE POTOMAC AND REVOLUTION IN MARYLAND? ACTION OF TEE MARYLAND REBELS. Under the whip and spur of necessity to do something Ihe rebels arc pushing forward, erecting defensivu work' Immediately in our front, banging away wflli their artil lery at all the houses within our lines that are in reach ol Iheir missiles, merely for tho purpose of distracting at tontion from tho movement of a heavy column towards the Upper Potomac, with a view of crossing over iut Maryland at some point just below the Point of Hoiks. Ihey expect to find fewer of our troops tn tlmtdirectioi than at any ether location, and to be enabled to throw Into Maryland a sufficient force to form a nucleus for its secessionists, ami Inaugurate a civil war there. It is estimated, by men entitled to know, tlint tliersra seventy five thousand of tho rebel army bctweoi Bari'ei'V Ferry and Edwards' Ferry, awaiting an oppor lunity to fwcg a crossing Into Maryland, and willing t tat ihe ch. nr it thereof an insurrection of the muldontentt, that will enable tjr.m to transfer tho conflict to that Slate, and to place Washington bctwocn two rebel irm;os. 1 In tho raoant'me hundreds of Mnrylan 1 secessionists are gathering upon the eastern shore, for the purpose of carrying out the programme Indicated several daj s ago,Of cutting off direct communication between Philadelphia and Baltimore, simultaneously with the passage of the rebels across tho Potomac. Under various excuses, numbers ol men have procured transportation across the bay tn small boats, for the purjioso of joining this expedition. At the little town of FASt"D, In ;Talbot county, these arrivals have amounted to as many as fifty per day. Tho rebels aro in such a condition that they are from the Potomac. Tho resources of this region are exhausted, nnd they cannot much longer subsist their immense force on the Virginia side of the Potomac. They must either avail themselves of the riches of the splendid ngrio.ultural district of Western Maryland, or full back at least upon the Rappahannock. Their desperation will make lively times nkng the Potomac in a few days, and perhaps in a few hours. THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT ANP THE REBELLION, The sensation despatch of tho TrilAtHc, that informa tion had been received from Mr. Adams, our Minister at tho Court of St. James, that England intends forthwith to recognise tho Confederate states, so called, as a separat" jnd independent Power, and which announcement was iuth'.,"ilalive!5 l,enl0(1 in tIli? correspondence in to day's Int/uv ?8 nevertheless believed by some to have cm ilated from a Jirlvato letter of Mr. Adams. The Ideals iropost 2ro*"R? ?s s*.'.ch n of affl'rs in England could lot have boon kn * -Mr' Ad8mS beln? com nnnicated by him to* c"r ??vcrcmant. dr. Adams neglected his du.V; anl' 08 1 8lateJ csfcrdny, no such Information wli*teTor ',?on [E NE received from him at tho Ftato Department(Mi (hti r,(intrarv nriv*?.? 1. tt,.ro l ots, imnn rAo.iivml In this country from Mr. A ! ims and other eminent gentlemen, nomc of whom aic English statesmen, who enjoy the confidence of the principal officers of the British government, asserting, unofficially of course, that tho government have in it only studiously avoided expressing any sympathy vr:th the slave Slute rebellion, but are truly and etoraly opposed to any Interference with our interual iitl'airs. England wants cotton, but she wauls peace more, and does not intend to lend her mighty luflucnco to oxb n 1 r,ud perpetuate human slavery ut tho risk of losing tho Canadas. The letters referred to speak positively on this i>oint, and do not hesitate to gay that tho Canailas will never be a party to any all nipt 11 the ]>art of tho mother country to establish a slave oligarchy on this continent, but will rid themselves of British rule, and strtko hands with the froe nnl loyal*" States in tho Union, In not only putting down the rebellion, hut lit opposing any Interference of the British government. In such action, on tho part i f tho Cunndas, says an able British writer, they will have a strong and able parly of sympathizers and active co-operators in Kgig'aud. Tliere is high authority for asserting that Napoleon is watching Kng'and closely, and hoping she w ill la', such a rash stop, in order that ho muy send succor to Ireland miu wijir uui \. ttii'noo. Til* SECRETARY OF WAR GOING TO NEW VORK. Secretary Cameron leaves fur Now York to-morrow, on private business, where the Chief Clerk "f the War Department wont two days since. What Is up? ANOTHER VERMONT REGIMi NT. Captain II. A. Smollcy, Soeoud artl'.l y, has. been dotached by tho Secretary of War, at ihe request of tho Governor of Vermont, to take command of a regiment or troops from that State. Tho rule heretofore adopted by the Secretary la not to be broken; but as tiles troops are to be armod with rifle muskets furnished by the State, hy acceded to tho requost of tho Governor. OKPEK RESTORER IN TIIE THI [(TV-SEVENTH MEW YORK REGIMENT. It is said that tho differences between Cb'.onel McCunn and tho officers of the Thirty -seventh New York Volunteers, which for some time past have threatened tho disorganization of thai fine corps, have been amicably settled, und that order is now completely restored. REVIEW OF THE BROOKLYN FHAI.ANE. The President to-il ij reviewed the Ilrooklyn phalanx from the portico of the Execut ive mansion. PRUSSIAN GUNS ON EXHIBITION. Private parties are exhibiting to prominent officials and offering to supply the army with tho Prussian Needle guns. THE DISLOYAL EMPLOYES OP THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Of the alleged disloyal employes in the Treasury repayment, it has been ascertained that lw-uty ceased to be clerks beforo Potter's committee commenced its Investigations, and that about tho same number aro endorsed by their respective friends as true to tho government. There is tio account of the remainder of tic s i reported by the committee. THE REPELS TAMPERING WITH NAVAL OFFb EIlS. It appears, from the sumo correspondence fr rn the African squadron, that tho rebels have b 11 r iiding circulars to naval olliceis of Southern birth, holding out inducements to leave tho United States service and join that of the rebels, with equal rank. First Llooteuaqt of the Mar: i< Tatnall receive 1 one of those ' sjum uts. LOSS OK THE ENEMY IN T1IE PICKET SKWIVIMIP*. An army ofllcer, staiicned on the Virginia -lie of tho Votoinac, rciiorts that while we have lost sev ui sildtors this week in picket skirmishing, at least sixteen of the enemy were certainly killed. VOLUNTEER NAVAL OFFICERS WHO HAVE PASSED EXAMINATION. The following named candidates have or sod tho requisite examination before the Board at >'w York up pointed by the Secretary of the Navy:? Acting Volunteer Lieutenants?J It. Baxter, Charier. J. W. Behm, George \v. Browu, Ilavi 1 Gate, II. S i . . go. J. tV. Kittrodge,H. F. Moore, J. J. Nichols, G. ,1.. Troi ty and Jameg Fratherg. Acting Master*?Henry Brown, John Bu'er.W. Boclc heldt, Sbiio J. Bennis, John Caleb, H >nry ' If. \ f'larko, B. C. Bean, Z. S. Boane, John V. k m i. I'im tor, JeSbrtuin Ford, John B. Goodmni so- v T. Gi> a i . ierrc Giratid, J. A. Hall, J. T. liar I n. W. Hun :lton, A. II. Hunter, W. P. .'tea. W. C. I.unt, G. B. Lester, A. B. JMfo.d, D. Vax well, W. G. Nutting,.Tag. O.-illvie. M'm. F. I'tatt J. A ""nncl, Nelson Provost, Jas. Q. Fog' a His* Vni'b. chas. 0. Cisson, K. Van Tico, John C. Whiitl's v. T I . i'n''lin I,. A. Hooper, Samuel Y-aton, Robert (>. l.y'-o ' or' > Crowd I, M m. Rogers, Richard Vcrans, M'm U'.u-.m,N. \. Mills, W. E. Putnam, A. S. Gardner, E. M Keigo, An Lbony Ch.aso, Joshua H. Bill. Tlio following named candidates passed the requisite 'xamination at Boston:? Acting Volunteer Lieutenants?Josiah P. Creery John Fldridge, I,. P. Vorhies, Wm. B. Eaton. M'm. ( R -? oltn Humphrey, Joseph I'. Conthony, G.w.V -st. Acting Masters?Geo. Mr. Bomet', G" . P. r <pl o t- n, Geo. n. He Rett, John H. F.Hrldgo, Geo. V:. : ,iU ,?: ? Rout, John M. Morrill, CI as. I nd'c dt, T-a B. t vU. y P'oranco J. Barhin, John S. Hall, M'm. Chipmaa, Geo Williams. M'm. Pailoy, Henry C. Pltltnan. THE MARSHALS AN!> TUP SLAVE TKAT'E. It will be remembered that th United ctat. s M t> shals of Maine, New Hampshire, Maasuchuset'8, Rhode i.-lat Connecticut, N >w York, New Jersey, Pennpy',-ooia, p.' ware and M iryland?being all those who." - strict* liraco ports of entry in tho loyal Stater?m t nt-Now York for too purpose of consulting, toeothr to dovis more ofTcctual mraeureB for the suppr-sion or th Afrie .1 slave trade. The scheme ftdontr-t by them will nocessa riiy not bo made public, but it i* 'nderstond to bo such a 1 will, in a very short time, put a complete ottinguish' r upon this nefarious and inhuman tra'fic?it least, so fa | as tlio citizens of our own country are con corned. These officers havo entered upm tlii subject with great seal ami dotormination, and sOTulu they realize thoir expectations, they will deserve t'. oralsc and thanks of the whole country, lndoed of tl civilized world. The general system which they ha adopted for their operations is of tlie most Ingenious cba racter, and those parties who h tvo boon engaged in tn fitting out of vessels and secret.y earrying 011 an exton siye trade and amassing larco fortunes almost with inipn nity, will find now that thoir occupation is gone. The most complete system has bo"n instituted, and If it is carried out properly, It will not bo long before snmo Impor taut arrests will bo made. M n wo. th thoir hundreds of thcusands of dollars in tiie Not thorn elfins oro to-day secretly aiding and co-operating wi h n do-i mis characters en raged in the slave traffic;and unl. ss I am greatly mistaken some bright morning tijoy will be suddenly aroused from their quiet slumbors by a genlio tap at the of their ftiegmt j?atis!0B, by one of those g".nr<llans of the public, common:'atiug intelligence which will probably bring them to a realizing sense of their danger. CIRCULAR FltOM THE GENERAL LAND OFFICE. Tho decision crph< li<xl in the subjoined circular will-bo rocognittd as Impor ant (tnbbai. Land Oittce, August 27,1861. To TteaiSTEfiS AND hicsn eks ok Land On v 1*. GENn-Ejtrs?In a recent decision of tho Secretary of tho Interior it Is hold, FirxJ.?That in order to give proper legal force and effect u. ,.r I ?-.t e ill un.-ll niclmm..nlo ut tho time of tho execution thereof, to be valid should be filled with tlin names of the assignees. Thf effect of this decision, which is prescribed as aregoli tlon to govern In the execution of all assignments here after, will bo to prevent frauds conseciuent upon the loss of warrants assigned in blank or Incident to placing them in tlmt condition In the hands of untrustworthy agents. Secftd?I'tidcr this ruling, no assignments in blank will hereafter ho cortitl 1 by litis, or recognized as valid either in this or tlic local land otfico. Third?This decision, however, will not effect past transactions under tlic old pra tlce, whero such assign ments had been made in blank, and duly filled up w it!, tho name of the reel owner as assignee before they reach this or the local oltleo: provided th y are found regularly attested, acknowledged nnd certified, and are unimpeach. eri on tlic HI s of the dt nartment. All uncontested com ple(o.ap*,Knrae,lts of this class, found regular in all re specttf, J?"I consequently he respected as heretofore, both at this and Jhe local land unices, and w ill bo duly satisfied by location ^nd patent. Very respect.>"";r ' ). M. EI'MONldb, Commissioner. THE "Avy. The steamer Towhatan has *?np tp E"'<itnore tore reive her b Hers, ?1*8 has not be^*1 to fictfVP service sitico March last, hut will soon he ready for sen. PESPATCnE; PRO* THE EAST INDIA StJlADRON. Official despatches from the East Indies state that the Hag officer has received tho orders of the Navy Popart , W Y O NEW YORK, SATURDmet I fir th" iianw l' ti riluru of tho squadron to the I'mt d .-ut ?. One ship will, however, be left there, and also on the coasts of Africa aud Brazil, after these squad rotiB shall liavo been withdrawn for blockading purposes. SPANISH EFFORTS TO CIVILIZE AFRICANS. The Governor of Fernando Po has been authorised by tho tfpoiiish government to receive In tlint Island a certain mir^ber of slaves who may bo captured by vessels of tho United States, that, being free, tlicy may thcro acquire tho boucQts of civilization. Flag Ot!le,cr Ionian ltus communicated this proposition to cur government. yn PROOFS AOA1NST THE FEMALE 8VIE9. Tlio War Department litis proofs strong and unfile lent against tho wanton recently arrested to place tho fact of their complicity with aud aid to the robols boyoml till ^iloubt. ? KOltTlICOMIMa ADDRESS OP TUB SECRETARY OP THE TREASURY. The Secretary of tho Tre.umry couiomplateg issuing an address to the public in behalf of the national loan. PAYMENT OP GOVERNMENT OFFICERS. Tho government employes have received ouc sluth of their present month's salaries In Ti eusury notes aud tho remainder in specie. mW5 NUJM WISUKN VIRGINIA. 'GENERAL ROSENCRANS' PI VISION-THE REPORT OE HIS DEFEAT, ETC. PniLAtlEI IllIA, August 30, lKfll. The Baltimore American bus tho following r liable Intelligence regarding the <livieioti of General Rosencrans, obtained from n w< 11 known citizen of Baltimore, who returned yesterday fr>m Northwestern Virginia. The name of this gentleman has boon freely used in Baltimore for tho last few days as having written a letter declaring that there had been a great battle, in which General He S"iirrn"8 was defeated. Tito gentleman snvs Ihnt ?p to tho afternoon of the 27th inst. General Rosencrans was not only alive and well, but was quietly transacting his im|>ortant functions at his headquarters. No information whatever was understood to have been received at headquarters. News of the affair of Colonel Tyler near Summorsvihc had been received, but of no other action beyond an occasional contact of pickets or scouts. Although it was not known exactly where tho forces of General Rosencrans were posted, or their numbers, it was evident that the Genera! was under ro special alarm in regard to them. It is said that his scouts had report od that the main body of the rebel forces, believed to be commanded by General I,eo, and from seven to eight thousand strung, was encamped 011 a larjr<"> plain, within four or six mile# only of tin' encampment of Colonel Roy nobis, who is supposed to have with him the largest portion-of General Rosencrans' troopg. It wa? he Moved that no would bo made by either of the rebel force# commanded by General I/'C or General Wl.-o, !tnloF? they could find a a trolling detachment to encounter, rh in the case of Colonel Tyler, of the Seventh Ohio regiment, near St mnierrvllle. Various acoounts arc given of the forces of Genera's Lee Wise and Floyd, but no aecurato information seems to bo possessed outside of General Rosencrutis' own stair. Opinions differ very much among military men and others in West, rn Virginia as to tho probability of anything lilco a general engagement hot we' n the respective armies In that guar ter. Every confldeiice seems to he ret* scd in the alntity of General Rosencrang to maintain himself against any forces likely to be spared to attack him. He has excellent aidg and officers to support him. who leave doubtless helped him iu providing an oifecUvo army. THE FIGHT AT SUMMERS VILLE, VA. CrE'TUffP, August .10,1861. Governor Pennisor, has just received the following teiograpliic d of patch frim Prieadier General Ox:? GtrtJtv Humor. August 29, 1RR1. Authentic reports show that fifteen of our sohliors were killed and about forty wounded at tho recent battle at ' umniersvtlle. A large number of the Seventh Ohio reglm nt scattered during the tight and are missing, but it is hoped that most of th-se will escape. THE SKIRMISH AT CR0S3 LANE. CutRKSm-sn, August 30,1S61. Tbe bottle r.f Proaa T bha woe o mere eVlrml.-h fV 1 Tyler was posted northwest of PnmmervlUe, with liis -..( meiit, fn two divisions. Tlterehe's pot between then, ranking Colonel Tyler, who retired, with a lossofon'y nrt~n men. Major Casement, with the other soli divisions, nnmbcrl"g four hundred.arrived at Charleston yesterday. in the skirmish lv 1 w Flkwater, "n the liiintervlilo r d. yesterday, Ave rebels and one federal soldier were k 1-1. pie reli 'lj retreated. 'ten. B bt. Fchenck is ordered to service in the department of the Ohio. NEWS FROM KENTUCKY.. RETURN OF MAGOFFIN'S COUMI.-S10NEK8 TO THE PRESIDENT. Lovimviixk. August 30. lRdl. The Frankfort O mmonuuaUh says the commissioners from Governor Magofiln liave returned from Washington and delivered pealed packages to the Governor. It is said l|"> President is willing to await the action of the Kentucky legislature just chosen from the people, and s din used to accord with tlieir wishes. Ex-President Pierce has arrived here from the Northwest. Kx-Minister Preston, addressing a pic nic at Lexington, y., to-day, favored neutrality peace for Kentucky, ' t nid nntii novo tint sho corid preserve citnor; nild if not, the sooner she went with the South the bettor. ft is reported that Mr. floblotzer, tho former express \gont, who was arrested nt E'izab thtown yesterday, was tukon en the ears t' wards Tamp Boone, and jumped from them while in motion, and ran to the woods, Severn' -hots were fired at him, but lie escaped unharmed. General A. Sidney Johnson was nt Messila on the 3d, at :ho head "f fivo hundred Tcxans, and in pursuit of Colonel Moore. NEWS FROM THE REBEL STATES. Locisvn.t.i, August 29, lfifll. Surveyor Cotton publishes a card threatening to seize all wagons, vehicles, stenmboats and transporting articles for aiding the rebellion after September 1. A special despatch from Richmond, dated 27tli Inst., to the N'ashvillo I'nion an l jtrm 'ican, says a large numb r of prominent Kontuckians state that the fooling of resistance to Lincoln's government in Kentucky is unmis'akeably on tho increase. Vumerous letters from Kentucky indicate the same feeling. Tho Richmond Examiner of the 26th says the Confederate Congress has decided to repeal the law establishing port of entry, and throw all tho Southern on-t open to foreign commerce, providing that vessels which run tho blockade into shore Inlets shall pay tho Confederate Unties nt the port tVWBt tjjeir landing. There is a dissension In thd Congress id reference to confiscation. Some advocate the confiscation of all Yttukeo property in the South, and othors favor a sequestration ict, j Congress has appropriated $600,000 for a floating flotilla for the defence of New Orleans, and $160,000 for two iron clad boats for tho defence of tho Mississippi river and tho city of Memphis. Tho Charleston Courier says that Jame3 L. Orr has raised au Independent regiment for the war. He is eagerly awaiting marching orders. The Memphis Ajyval says that Lincoln refuses to disband his cain|)s in Kentucky, an 1 ins.sta that tho Confodo rate forces shall advance to meet the foe, instead of wait big his intrusion on Tennessee soil. The Memphis Avalanche says tho schooner Adelino, with th eo former I'uion army and navy officers on board, was brought to by a United States man-of-war, but, taking ad vantage of a squall, got iuto Savannah, with a cargo of Culfeo, fruit and lead. The correspondent of tho Huntsville (Ala.) Advocate. tolls the planters to give tho negroes more molasses and rice, *ohd leas bacon. This plan would diminish the consumption of bacon two and a quarter million pounds weekly in the Southern confederacy. i'lie Memphis Avalanche congratulates its readers that no more l. 'tvrs are to go North, ami hopes interdiction of ill intercourse1 between the two sections will ho complete aid everlasting. FROM FO?TKI*S MONROE. iUt-rikiOKE, August 30, 1881. The Old Point boat has arrived. There is no news from Fortress Monroe. 1 RE I! \Y, AUGUST 31, 1861. MILITARY AFFAIRS IN NEW YORK. THE FIRST DIVISION, N. Y. S. M. ItKSIUNATION OE LIEUT* COLONEL WM. A. VONP, OK THE SEVENTH HKOIMHNT NATIONAL QUAHP. Lio it. Colonel Wrn. A. Pond, long and favorably known til cijiuecnt it wiiu in" gunuiu ri'voiuii regiment, ua .-niyui atul latterly as Lieutenant Colonel, has been compelled to resign his honorable jx>sit i<>n In the regiment owing to the State or hid health, which hastf late been consi Icrab'y Impaired. The regiment loses In Lieut. Colonel l'ond a valuable ottleer,aud from the annexed speoiai order of Brigadier (h-nornl Hall, and general order of (V loucl \/ ( forts it will bo roadlly'seon in what estimation Lieut. Colonel l'ond is held by both of those gentlemen. The following orders speak for themselves ? SPECIAL OltniR. HKAIKjrAKTKKS TtllRl) Itiiic.Anx, N. Y. ?. M.,1 Nxw York, August. '19,1861. J Tiro resignation of I.ieut, Colonel William A. l'ond is ocoepted, and lie Is heroby honorably discharged. Ill ' tieneral regrets Hint the health of Lieut. Colonel l ond provents his cont'i u mco In the service, and the loss of so olllciotil and reliahlo an officer. Colonel LeflbrtS will ordi r an election, on Thursday, Sth proximo, to till tl.o va caney 01 .cantoned uy the resignation of I.ieut. Oilonel Point. fly order. WM. HALL, Brigadier tienoral. J. Ubosukn HkRHioT, Brigade Mitfor ana Inspector. USNCRAL OKHdl?MO. 30. HKADQl'ABTKBS - gl ent1i Hxi.1mk.vt, national ffrAHD, ) Nsiv Y. UK, August 30,lKfll. ) Ity direction of brigade special order of the 29th instant an election for I.ieut. Colonel will lie held on Thursday evening, 5th proximo, at 8 o'clock, at these he idip artcrs. The roraniand int of tho regiment, In announcing the resignali u el I loutonaul Colonel Pond, In oonsoepionco of impaired h-a'tli, desires to express tho regret which In feels in common with m -tnbers of the regiment, at the n> eess.ty which renders his retirement from active duty imperative,after twenty < ne years service and devotion to tli inter ntB of the cor] s. < aptams oi companies wip. without demy, commence their (trills, usual nt this svison, and progocute with Oiiorey all del a Is leading to ft th'Utnigh efficiency of their commands, "lh will especially assist ull tlmee who do B'sc to propurc themselves for oetivo duty in the army. H> <iipuilvms.?l.iuo?Lieutenant.1. J. Wlekstead. f-uiff? Surgion s Mule .1. C. Dal ton, ,tr. Hv order of Colonel MARSHALL LEFKERT*. J. H. LncuENAC, ><(jutant. THE SEVENTY-NINTII (HIGHLAND) REGIMENT RECRUITING. Captain Pftvid Morrlgon arrived yesterday in this cltv, with orders to open a recruiting depot for the Seventyninth. This very fine and favorite regiment lacks so 10 tour hundred mou to bring it up to the regulation stati Iant?a circumstance much regretted nt general boa hptartors, as it i? by the bravo fellows who compose the pro

sent organisation. Every vestige of the Into misunderst.un'ina between the regiment and lh military authorities at tho War Department hat hanpily pis. d away, and every consideration has been acc rded to it that rcspcetfor its gallantry in the past an I tho high hopes ontertainod ol hs \u a Me services in tho future could isx-sibly claim or war milt Tti r i .- lit' tVtf?ir m.ur CVilm.ol tin- ?iw?n ? majority of wl mi have seen service in thy British array?'ercyi is- one competent to command. ami have faiih in liim and the gallant Rtevons, kin win the men o of the m n from their past de i?, the best a tieh mini s of their fri aids wili bd vvrilied by their part In tin nex' eontliet, c< ni wh n it .may. ibo Hoventy tiluih have lieen |ie i-et'y sa'mliod on one point?(Inn is, that they shall not bo 'tl;ie.hed to the so-called Sleklcs Brigade. They now form part of (leucral Rufus King's brigade. Briga dlcr oral King is a graduate ol West Point, and tlio grandson of one i f the horn of tho ltev lution. II" was appoint d i'niP d Mates Minister lo Rome last Cong' . s, but resign, il in order to servo liis country in asphcro 1.1 >ro in wc r.' m 'e with the aspirations drawn from the memory of his Revolutionary i iro. Too h'oventy ninth at ' resent nee-py Camp Hope?one of tlic finest and most healthy locations around Washington. t aplaln Morrison's heudqua tens are at the Mercer, corner of itrisimo and Mercer streets, whore volunteers will find him every day from ten A. M. to four P. M. THE FIRST SCOTT LIFE C.FARP. Tills rogiment, as is well known, is rem oped [iflticin.n'lv fif rm nihrra of tlio \*nw YnrL- Yi.l til.. - c < ( 1 Q4A am! 1e47. and is commanded by <i(llc"r- wh have 1 anted ml Itary > xpe: ieuoe on the battle fl i If of v, . Ii is n ?y ilimit toroi rnil to the gnvornn "tit m.'in.'.ml of 1 14H men, anil de;mls lavo been opened In tills i'y To iliat IHirpn If n! Nix 127 llMlfl and So. II I'hathiin sfeetn olid i charge of Adjutant Wm. II. II nriipus, < a plain Hi nit f IV. Kroger and Lieutenant a. Mci in alil. Hecruits will be forwarded every day to the regiments. THE FREMONT REGIMENT. This regiment was expected to take Its departure from this city yi uterday afurnoen, but owing to the scarcity of recruits tin' companies are not yet Oiled, only six "f them being mustered Into tlio service. It Is untie: flood that Colotie Hop i, tlic commander, has received an ex tension of two weeks to Il'l up, an t by tliat time it ie\|iocled II et the regiment will be ah'- in take the Uuld. Tin headipmcteif of the Fremont regmcnt arc at Hi Turtle Hiy Hi' wery, in Forty flllli street, near First eve n ;r?the form ' rendezvous of Oil' ne Weber's Turne: Rilles. The IT etn nt regimeut is comjioeoJ exclusively of tlcrmanH. Till: REGIMENT OF ENGINEERS AND ARTISANS. Three companies of Colonel Scrre.U's regiment of en fflltunra trin'rt in Ipriu! lulu llin UniOtH Qfolna cnreUi. . stor'ny by Major Townsend, Unit. d Mates A: my. T>>e mn lining " mp antes of this regiment an; ut Cam; Washington. Those companies that were transfem fiotn tii? '.mo i i tUo general government aro to go to tho cam]) of instruction at i-'carsdalo. FIRST CALIFORNIA REGIMENT (THIRTYSECOND REGIMENT NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEERS). Tliis regiment has opened an office at tfit Rrontway. in charge of Lieutenant Co' H Pinto, who has receive.I orders from tho War I to fill up to tno regular standard. Recruits w ton immediately to join tho regiment at Alexatui na. NINTH REGIMENT NEW YORK STATE MILITIA. The jenth line company. which is now being formed for the Ninth regiment New York Plato Militia (Colon-1 Miles), is rapidly filling up, and will join the regiment (now in camp near Frederick, Md.) as soon as possible. ifead'tu-irt'TS i)r recruiting arc at tho corner of Tliir tooiitli street and University [dace. TIIE UNION RANGERS? (TWENTY-FIFTH NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS). Tuis regiment (Colonel Kerrigan) .lias obtained permitsii/ii to increase its numerical strength to teu hundred a:i I forty-six men, and has sent on Captain Norton, of comI any t), to recruit. Tho Rangers are now, and have been for some time, tho a lynuce guard or the a my of the Potomac, their pickets coming frequently in Bight of thoso of tin- enemy and ex-hanging leaden salutations with them. Lieut. Colonel Charles icnv>'8 on Monday evening to join the regiment, and will take on all recruits that may be accepted. Hay, rations, mhform, kc., will be fu.uishe-l immediately. Captain Norton has a tent in tho l ark, where those desiring to enlist can mako application. OREGON RIFLES. Two companies of this regiment wcro mustered Into tho United Ptates service Tlittrsday and yesterday by Lieut. Jlevin, of the Ninth Iniantry, United Plates Army, and to-day and Monday two more will bu mustered Id. A KM 1' 1'KUMUTJUN. Lieutenant n Buer, of the Garibaldi Guard, has boen promoted to the rank of captain. A PLEA FOR TIIK FIRE ZOUAVES. TJ THE EWTOIl OF TIIK HKKAKD. Without discussing tho merits or demerits of the First regiment l'iro //waves, will you allow me to exnross through tho columns of the Hwiaui an opinion which I have arrived at alter a thorough investigation of tho matter? First, tho regiment was very badly ollicored,ns far as military Knowledge was concernOd, which was the main cause of their action on the battle held. Knowing the temper and dispos'tion of the members of the New York Fire Department well, as i do, f spe&K knowingly when I say roost unlr sttirtingly they must not t"' tampered With or abused. Th"y are sensitive to thd degree, and canno*, nor will they, brock anything that seems like tyranny. There are men in this city now, who, j if their military knowledge whs sufllcicnt, could take tiiat body of men, and they would follow through fire and I hired, death and carnage. They do not know <? Il?? 1 l.rt ....... T U......O nC .......i.i ... i let tlrose Zouaves go hungry nor ill clad, an I If, through P>rco of circumstances, provisions were short, lhey would not grumble, so long as all, both officers and men, fared alike. I have had many an illustration of that at l 'ng and tedious workli g at (Ires In this city. Who ever heard of the officer of a fir * company in "New York leaving his men at work at a lire and sneaking off" to a restaurant to get something to rat or drink? As near as 1 can find out?and 1 have It from some of the roost intelligent of the men?the officers ware well fed and the men were left to shift for th uischvs, with ot.0 or two exceptions. It will be perfectly useless to reorganize the regiment unless officers arc uUv'^A III command who know their wants, feelings and <'esii'"8, and will listen and attend to Hu m. As I remarked before, there are men in tills city, f their know id go of nv'ilnry manoeuvring would allow it, who could take hold of th?' regiment, and the world has n> vcr -eon such heroism as they would display. Their coin age is bcyomi the shadow of a do id. Their endurance has b. u 11 ven on raoro tfi m one occasion In this city. 'there is a gnat jjifferonce tetaeeu discipline and tyranuy, and flr.mou [ E11A J understand it wi II. Tito best flro companies litis city lias ever had have boon under tin central of dlaci; dinar ian?. Tho worst companies have ben ruder tho control of tyruntH. 1 am sutlsHeO that tho whole cause of the demoralization of the First regiment Fire Zouaves lias originated through tho tgnorum o of the officers. I'orneily that and all is right. Congeniality . f fooling betwo n < 111 Illy, will remedy the whole matt r. It may net bo according to tlie military code, b"t It Is tli n'y tiling tliat will over lurmniiisctiio ranks i r ti mm s I i "s. A NEW YOR1C Flit I MAN KtiR TWELVE YEARS. THE PRISONERS AT RICHMOND AND THE UNION DEFENCE COMMITTEE. TO THE KlIITOIt OK TI1K I1EKAI.P. Knowing that you arc ever willing to give a hlptng hand to a good cause,I beg you would, tliTough your columns, suggest to the I'ni< n ivfmce Committee, when thoy distribute the flour, sn kindly given by th (lour merchants to the families of volunteers, not to forgot the firtiulios of tho prisoners of war at Richmond, Many of those tro n have not recolvedinc cent of pay sine tliey enlisted four months ago, in conacqnenoaof wlii h tie :r families liavo sutlerod in various ways, and ai y litllo help is appreciated by tli m. THE WIFE OF A PRISONER OF WAR. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. PALMYRA TAKEN POSSESSION OF RY THE REBELS. Qvinoy, III., August 20 lSfll. LieutenantPlnkley, of Captain Unison's company, of tho Sixteenth regiment of Volunteers, came to tl is city last evening, llo states that a largo body of rebels, variously estimated at from two thousand live hundred to three thousand, under tlie notorious Martin Green, took possession of Palmyra, Mo., yctorday morning. Thorn wore no I'nitod States troops (here to defend It, and of courso no resistance was made. Some five hen ired of tho rebels wuro in the town, and tho balance oucamped on tho outskirts. A train of ears, containing a largo quantity of muskets for tho troops at St. Joseph, which left Uamdhul yes terdny, was llrod into near Palmyra mid was forced to return. No damngo,fortunately, was done. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS IN (it>1.1) SEIZED BY THE REBELS. Favbits, Mo., August '-'9,1881. Apprehensions being felt that the branch of the stato t'.uik at this place would bo robbed, tho cosher y ".torday sent tho specie, amounting to about f 100 .f Oft, to Allen depot,on tho North Missouri Railroad, for trans liortatinn to St. I. n!?. On re u hii-g Alien the ijioney was seized by a party of twenty r ).< !.", led ! y Captain Pol.i" dexter, and carried Mf. Whether It will bo rccovored Is not now known?i mio saying H at Ca| tain Polndoxtcr lias t oon induced to return It to tho bank, wlillo otliors assort tlmt ho will attempt to cross tho Missouri rlvor and carry it to Gonoral Price's army In tho northwest. GENERAL FREMONT'S GENERAL ORDER. IliS COHDI ALLY TJIANKS TJ1K TUOOPB FOB JiiKlK GALLANTRY AT liAVIS CliEKK. liKtftyl IKIK'U' Wie-TBU.V KI'eHiMBNT, ) St. Ian is, Mo., August 25 . 1S61. J 1. Die offlelal reiorts of tho commanding ollicers of tho forces ngageil in tli" battle near Springfield. Ato., having boon received. the Ale j?.r General i mninanding aiinou. ces to the troops emhrar o I In his command, with pride an ' lho highest I'lminviirfation, tho extraordinary services to th ir country and Hi; rondoro ' by tho division of th bravonnd lament) d Coneral I .yon. Vor thus nobly battling for (lip h nor or tholr line ho now publicly desires to express to tho officers ur.d soldiors his corilia1 Hunks, and commends their conduct ns n exnmple to tin ir comrades whenever engaged against th" onetnl s of the Union. Opposed by overwhelming manses of (lie enemy in a punier!,-nl superiority of upwards of twenty thousand Rgnit st four thousand three hundred, or nearly Ave to one the sueressrs of our l-oops were ssAielent'y marked t- giv to tholr exploits the moral effect of a victory. i. in.' \. enerai < onimnnnuig laments, i hvin amy wnn tlm tout t y. the ''" u of llin indomitable Genera! Nathaniel Lyon. Hi Ohm" i auiint be bettor eulogl*. >1 Hi ri in thesis nrdsfrom ib" olllrial reinirtof IPs gallant successor. i,i i' .-'up pis. fniCed 8M(| naval, v:? IIm gallantly f I' as true a , Mi -r a? ever drew a sword ; a man whose In n sty >( |aini.-e was pr- verblal: a noble patriot, and one who h"Id bis llfo as n-(hlng where his country de ruin J dltofhiin." Lot all emulate his prow ess and undying d. vntii n to Ids duty. 3. The r gimcnts arid engaged in this battle will b permitted to have "s'pritiRfteid" etnblaron don their roloi-p as a dislingiiif bed memorial of th k s< rvioes to the nath n. 4. Tlie names of the ofllrers and soldiers m-ntinnod in the official reports as ni -t distinguished for Imperlir t erviees and marked gallantry will be communicated t? tb" War 1 >i partmout for the consideration of the governor 11. Tuts ord 'r wdl bo read at tbe head of every romi>aiiy in this dcpartniont. liy order of Ma|or General FREMONT. J. C, Kei.ton, Assistant Adjutant General. THE RATTLE AT DAVIS CREEK. GENKKAh M'CChUH H'H BKI'OKT?T1IK lOJIKf-S ACKSOWI,KPC.'K A I3I.K3 OF NIC t III.V 1 >00 MFV. [I rnin tbe Washington Intelligencer. August 30.1 Tim lladiini ii I A'iu/utir,Hclcfiuw'edgcB Its irid- hiedness m the Goufe . rate secretary of War for a copy of the t ilg. ap; ie report made to that functionary by Gen. MCoiilloi b "f the battle near SpringQ> Id, i.i Missouri. Wo copy the document:? Sl'KiNOKIEU), Mo., VIA I.1TTI.K Ito'K, ark., 1 Augu,-t 13, 1*01. f II n. L. I'. Wai kkr?The battlo of Oak Will has b en Ou ght and we have'gained it great vicious over the ore my. c>>iiHimiiil'>' by t.onetol I.yon. lho battle was I foi ghl ten miles from HpringfMd. The enemy w to tiin "i- t> i) lliousam! strong; our forco was about the same. The b.attlo lasted six inn! a had' hours. The enemy were repulsed tin ! driven fr m the field, with the lots of six pjiTi\s of artillery, several hundred stand of small arms, eight hiindn-d killed, ono wounded, and thru h ;n 'red prim tiers. General I,ynn was hilled, and many f their prominent ofllcers. U ir loss was two hundre . and sixty live killed, eight hundred wounded, and thirty missing. We have possession of f-'priugflold, and the ono my aro in full retreat towards Rolls. ItRNJAMIN MofTIXOCH, Tirlgmllcr General Commanding. General McCulloch, bolng in command of thoConfedorato troop which have Invade1 the Statu of Missouri, thus reports directly to the Cnifoderato government. General l'riee,in coramanil of the secession troops of Mis souri, addrei-snd his report, to Mr. 0. F. Jackson, the late I- d"ff.M d (. 'voric r of that "late. Ifo stated the si rcnglli of his conunnnd. including ofllcors and |irivates,at 6,221 men, and his loss in the battle near Springfield ut. 160 killed and 517 wo uidcd. Gne r il MoCuIloch stales his force at about 10,000, and aeknowledges a loss of 255 killed and 880 wounded and missing. Summing up tie easuai I i> s stated In the two re|>ortH, t hey show a Con rode rate loss of 1,768 ten. The loss of the national forces was hut little more than half what if is shiUSI to liavo been by General MoCuIloch. The official report gives it as follows:?Killed, 223; wounded, 721; missing, 291 making a total of 1.235; which is much less than the loss in tli" Acid n- tin* Unionists, 1 he fort > of the lutter being only about 5,800 men. MISSOURI TO RE DRAGGED INTO THE SOUTHERN" CONFEDERACY. Jeff Pftvli has approved an act for the aid of the State of Missouri in r-iK-ilitijx ih > invasion and to authorize her admission into the eonfederacy. The preamble sets forth that the poopte of Missouri have been prevented liy th" unci i.stitutionul intorfereiico of th f-dornl government from expressing their will in regard to union with the Confederate?, and tlint Missouri is now engaged in repel l-ntr the livv! v? i.'iv.-.einu of her territory by armed forces. The Confederate government e n.-iders it their duty to aid the government and people of Mi-souri In resisting this invasion and securing the means an ! opportunity of ox pre?' trig their will upon all questions affecting their rights am! liberties. The President is authorise I to co-operato, through the military power of this government, with suthnrlihis of Missouri n defending that Stat against the lawless inva sjen of their sol! by lie United Plat. s. ;n mnlnlaining 111 liberty and Imlcpr ndence oi Ml vouri, with |saver to ?< i ept tiie s u vices of troops sufficient to suit the purpose. The act provides for the admission of Missouri to the ton fedcracy, on an equal footing with the oth-r "fates, when the provisional con- tltution shall bo rat it) : by the bvdiy constituted authorities of Missouri, and an auth -utioat d co| y shall be communicated to the President. 'ino President will then, in accordance with the provisions of Die net, issue his proclamation announcing tin- admission of Missouri into the confederacy. She recognizes ih" government in Missouri of which Ciuiborne F. Jackgeu is Chief Magistrate. NEWS FROM CAIRO. Caiko, August 30,1861. A flag of truce from New Madrid arrived at the camp HI mm H 1U1UV IU1B UHVIUWU, w.u UUJIVI UVIII^ LW U4. change prisoners. It is ro|>ortod that the rebels under Jeff. Thompson and General llarilce are falling back en New Madrid. Chhmuo, August 30, ISfil. , A despatch from Cairo says that news has been received at Capo Girardeau tliut the rebels have retreated from Benton to Bloomflold. If this is true, there arc now no rebels within thirty miles of the river. MAP OF THE SEAT OF WAR. John Taclnnan, of 115 and 117 Nassau Btreot, has rclss-i-d a beautiful map of the s<at of var. em bro )g a bl'd's eye view of the neighboring cei'ijtry, and exhibiting at a i the. relative post| in s of all the noted naval and mi'dnry . trntegtc pints ; in Virginia, Maryland and the lot net of Columbia. Xho ' tu.ip, .n aUui.iuli, is vai.y printed in tint-. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REMAINS OF GENERAL LYON. Thp >? n?i?J i... .?.B. - I{t'K>in<n< find l/iifd In State u.t (lie City Halt?Division Order* of General Hand lonl?It <|(l men till Order* of Colo? ntl lirferlnwl in ium 'ri'lc^rniiiilc l)(?" puteli?'I lie lludy to Arrive in Oils City at llull-pi?l Two tliU Aflernoon, Jkc. Tito death of tliin gallant sold lor seenm to l>o universally regretted, un<i at tho differ, it points where his remains pints I Ivroiif; b, enrtivU to their lost resting place, the citizens are vicing with each other to o\|rn>! the greatest h nors to the memory of the h ,st"b 1 ileal. At St. I .on Is anil at Cincinnati tlio milil?i"> h " tdod and tlone escort. ty, and our telegraphic .o in Philadelphia a. .>. m na tl at a military escort ?ii . vivo the eoriwo of tlio late General and couducl it to th New York boat. Tlio body will arrive at the last in . . . I place this nor it..:, and In this city about lis. |swt ' two P. M. Oh Thursdsy evening Major Goncral mid it re. tvod tho follow1...g erions dospa . h from M:\Jor It. A. at.late Ald-de-Crmp to Meni'ial l.y n Cl.V INN ATI, AUs'lUt -9 1' '! To Major (icnoral awivoiip ? Hil^uJlor tumoral Lynn'* remain* wll1 jrnlnlilv :.r; tn Vt'W Vwlt ?n a I >y I:it.lI( Mono .. Ill >: " t. it<l bo deposited ui ?. > nwi'Uu. Wt i thorc i" h escortr ifiy r if. V C'<*. ' " Generalh indfard immediately rFj lie1 ib o dor but an lEc rt, aad wished to ho li>* . . !i .: by what roulo tho body would orlv 11 o M-r? up to a Into hour last o\. uing V mi < i , did not reply, but Mr. liooy, Miperlot 'ti.lrrit of i'.n Adams Expriaa Comiwiiy, n i n i i: ?/ >. t s.>mlford that tho remains wvro iu tholr ear e .1 voul t uri i !i as iihovo staled. Iho escort Oi a n. igii-'. i G i .1 ? 1 i sists of oiio i. k mont, a troop of oavalry nd ? bAtt ry of urtilliry. (1 ,eiul rnn<iford ha? it--mod ib orders, culllti: upon tho Seventh r witu lit to i tb, honors upon this occasion, ami ' oin it s Golem,) M hat Lefleits to c iiumand the escort:? TKOIAI. ORlil K NO. 62. hsatk)t Almas First iuvismn n. v. - m .,) Viw UN, .ii,|{ii:il Co, 1,01. | Tho remains of tho K"' id and l.uovtl t i?' i-c GiUiulIo ,ii, who ('' :l ii ill .i-, Ii e o! . - in: ,., i:?> b ittb* i.eiiv i run iloid, M , ui I ?ill urrh m ilo< ny to-mo ri w ill, 'tt.i-y \vi l> eeoived by n e , ; i 11V of 111," 0Vi'lllh I in,"111' all . , it.?l lo li ne , tvh'ielli \ will ifin iiii In the On i r'a r<> in him fi of a il'M i. liai -i t 01 that r mpny .mil ti < f.ei. i Mi lul.-n .Mti" n en, the 3- nl r, at (itt.i , '! r h i Im'k, rmin tlir <,'ity I lull '111. l uiiera; os rt w111 consist nl't' o S'Vei (! r. nent, a:action o .irtiliM. i'h tn the Em rth ri'niniiii, .mI i troop of env.Vry > in in Third i<. merit, ior vl.i li tin nerersary iri'urs w 1 bo mnie I ris i l'"i 11. n ml IllUl mill pCTim CllDK Hi I u.'im I. I eiftl 11,11. 1 II. lho '?' n t viinss l ib in ijtniyi'tt "I c.i, i ii Monday next, it Iih f p pi Iw ' i.' u k 1'. ll precisely , an.I v. ill lei ci mtnniib'il by (v:<mi. \t 111 m, I' the bovi-i.m im i uinnt. . In ' tlici ' s nl tli ilivi ii n ii i mi duly arc im :!ed ! > n-u nib!o In full uniform, ainl with tin usual bo of in" ri lti)T, in tli.'c.i rt ri? ni? i Ii1 < ??n if niiion I'b as. In the t'lty Hull, on Mini \ .utei i. in, at .ur.ti O i l H'lt, t" till! 1.1 1 III til ' fUlllll t! Ml I i ? J ... "lho t'otnniiP- ny <.i'i.'rnl will isKH' t!?. try amni nltlon up n tl.. .p.iMii n in tololii l laillcrlj. By uri'cr ol Major (.i uoial ' H\HI.I'V W. HINDI >Rli, W. E. Towssi nd, A. D. ('. lbbtudlei'S ( ' in iill Hill in! Bnlccr,anil ac Itir lb bailor General llmcki ii, bail i.-?t r-.'p i do I with tln ir IVi .ilo orders up to a late le>itt b. .i v"iiiiiK. but Coluu .T TajF rts lias issued tho annexed general orders:? OKNKMM. ' 10 ! :: -?s ' 31. IIk.II) It'ARTEIIH M.I Irtl lit " N , NA.I?NAt. (? "!! II, 1 N.'.W \ 111 I,, I r I, I8fll. J In compllaiicu with > u < :< , herewith promulgated, thin ic,;.ttic iu will nssiml 1" I'm hemcort duly t'; rein iiiiii" i, on Mi ay,tbol!.l iif <?ep ml r, in full lit Iform (White liiiw.-m,) crap /.i tl " b 0 : tj. The B-iiitl and 1 ruin- corps will l oj/ori b lho Adjutant on tb i arud jjrn' nd. Leplmouial inc will form "n Iyifxyolto place at halfpa-1 two o'clock, Ki l mi.! i i'l (in unlet!) w II r .j rt t tbo Colonel, at his I'lartcrg, lit a hi t.-i i ' : v. . . | -k. Captain i. , w c ' - r. . ,1 . r. by detailed a Guard of H,nor, at wl'.l i . E itn.'ay,31st Innt., at I'- >t'tnetit.:l bo I ) II!IM" : 1 ;r t twolvo o'clock I'. SI. l"r further instruct n i lor of O'lotte '. HALL LEEFKItTS. J. II. t , a , ,\ ljub.n . It 'I -it?f (). ! y . I .,h( i ' n -ral Guide. .tip ' ' ' ii ?,'n .1. Mi rrlron. Tti^bt Ooueral Ouldi:; .'an. M. I i, I it tbnoral CuhJ . Ill us it wid lie S-'On ilui: tlw I in .-? City Is not behind hand In n i ii.|* b uors op a tbo brave, whether doatf "r llvlny, i thnnlio. y.isn r lb nienteddun. Lyon will U inioie -rlvi i i iton-> ii II' lolnt ComnnMco of tiiu C' liiimiii (A. i.i ii mi Nu-. ai rs uro empowered by it r I anil Hi* nr.lutk'n . bntli boards to t ike at i > i ti such i canlotis, lo i ?.vido In' rut'' j means It euiiauctiiig <" tnonioa tit the n o ' nil' t- b-.t A crtnan From lit, who ttli ' lull In til i I' t'i I Colnniiltoe, had mil i liVcDO.1 Iliem y- ster'ay ! arrange at:. |?: . r tit- r.u,. of ' fill.i'.i I.J hi. ' ii ft ill- c.ty. Tile remains I' tlio lev in- ii ? ili ho In.?! a' - ilnveiU'r - room, nll'l ti l Siloes .'I' liehOidillg !.. ll'lrt gullh . illR'.t ' *li", li .'I tin i i veil j w ' ! ,i I a'" i'.i. >. -I : r Mil, - If . mi tug fain . may gr.iin'y that wiitlt bj vial'in, tlio 'H ' i I 11 I IV. ">0 .11' II II.UB of i ll . , \l. 113 i1 it \> i I Lf ion. I, OS III' lliig | 11 \ lit b' tog U|n n the , 'gl I 'Villi. * f I Ito I1IUU W ll' .1 th hil l' . I I 'TTV'Ilt : Ttril ,'uinii i'i"ii 1'itti O'lo'iil I. nt iiit.i butt! , fe". at his " i t 111'10"ll bj tins 1"'1''.| ll li, v igi-r i f death, lire l by tin rebel traitors. As tbt otailvcsof ibo W flimmt til! ii1 III" H t li- i' I' l i M.iit. destro that tbo i -1'. it chin, ll hit . i > i I uivu pl.tiv, t.'iu v .11 l>.' .or a ill Ii.t ? i lie wb?ei|i.i b i. .vo hoou col l i ( out Hi tli.s tit; GENERAL LUAGG ON : HKALTIf Oi- ids 'i'iiOi >1 Hi Atun jtlfiBHs 1 . "' Aug' :t 1A 1 ! "V IlKlH - B ? If III It'll.. 'II. > :?! hug I It better iniipll rt withall UAt o .-aryfor health ami mfiiit 'Iini' "f "Hi', hif-trey ' r re. > l i t. I 'T til .1 . W" lliH R ||0|>|>'I.I'. , i->i?1 till} tv.jrltl for Its lux'triot 11' ii.l : t* iir.'l . . . : ,< ,. ! >*. If ie (applied, with ;i regard 'o cxp nee, with everytiiln that "fin "i.ti ilml' to tli*- li ; i " i -if ii/ \ tif'lltr. 'i i s I' ' I i ill.! r. 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I/>t it bo instantly provided that es.di Re' " coivh at its own tro o nry at par an\ paper ma, i. inuy bo lawfully issue by any bank, cor|iora) vidual within its Jm i.-.lictlon. 3. Let it bo provided that any such tnor. y ' o received at par in payment of all taxes and c Confederate Sttites II I asury. 4. Authorlso the Treasury Department to use tho pub" lie funds and securities for tho redemption of m 1 r money In tbo (.Vmfoderato lao s 5. ltequiro each hank in tho confederacy to red. in ib s bills of any other bank. FILIBUSTERS IN THE WAR. TO THE EDITOR OF THE IIKRAI.P. Coder tbo head of "Filibusters in tho Pi - nt War," you mention that Colonel Frank A,1'. u was second In command In Walker's last c . i - f tint), and ns having been captured by the II. His1, n t s. lit to Nww Orleans. Colonel Anderson was nt t w th WalkerenhbslnstexpodlUi.n,butColonel > , ( .v an oibcer in the Confederate Rtah s army) was tin - Incunimontl, aMwas tnkenprison* r lnc"ttip#oy with to 11 crul Wulkfi' and delivet viltip u> the Honduras K"v>: t by the British. Culoml Ru.ller wua n ii-i.-. < 1 .a v. It li'St by the 1! ti'l irnp trovtrntnctit, und arrive ! city In April lost, and ilc|mrt< d hence (V smie i. o h, acCMiupanit il by Coli'itel .vndorsnu. fur the Ninth. * SECESSION JOUP.NAI.K IN NEW YORK. TO TIIK KPlTOll OK TIIK HKK.ll.P. One if your renilom Is i He surprised in t to ' uvo root'.I n. the li-t 1.1' tip' c i't ; :ip"i ; thai mini 1 fitivt i iWi rt'Y Ai y:" v?><- !? ?>' '4l ?? NV'v '?' c. Think in: thai its scicfm.'II . < ! r :s tut il.flc p that of the J>tnh . /?.: H '* o' ' wnal if C m a. i must not'be 111 -re fav ed tlrui tb?y bavu been* A. U N'kw YOK)>, A'.pii-'A SO, t&til. ?#> . -tv 1