Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1861 Page 2
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2 AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. 1 Our Loudon Correspondence. I. )Moa*, August 10,1801. SxciUmtUin England Respecting the Vni'tn Jitfea'?The AntiMepnlliean l'mtli-i'im tf the Londrn T!m< s an J its Special Carresjxmiitnt in Am rica?A British Aristoera'.io and Financial Compira<y Against the Qavernnunt in Washinghm?It is AiVfil hy \ajiol < n and Iidbetla of Spain?The Millions of England Tri e In the Cam of Liberty?i n I mi? ixtra ttetverc uint /in cettilyfora large I'nited Statu Xavy?d Trribte. War Struggle at I/and in Europe?7% Gil way Mail Steamship Contract and its Fill if cation by the London Times t dtC.y ??c. Have you space, time or opportunity to print any Old World news or lucubrations? Wu Engiiqh are quite breath! ss with only reft ling the wonderful aooouite of tho Hull run all'ulr, eitpeciftlly that of Mr. William Russell In tho Times, which, with the arsloe Biuco written thereupon In that. Journal, is pretty generally reckoned to ho about at vtllaDoim and insulting a pieoeof inane, or rather Insane, mischief aa evor was penned even by tho Tim s. 1 moan tho original "base brutal and b?y TimA' of Cobbett, the Loudon Jew print, which Is sailing tltjs kingdom for 39,.100 fourpenoos and emtio Ufty udumns id' advertisements daily. Tlio fin t W, Mr. ituMoil, with ail his Crimean and Indian txporieuco, is a bit of a humbug, and got entangled among your bagg.iga wn^g a>s during the retried, and taw, or chcuo to see nothing, muvo that which was imnai stately around liioi. Moreover, he was oviuuauy u#gi / it being threaten-d with a Cult'.-i revolver, for having presumed to offer his impertinent advice to a gentleman who wished to "live to fight auethrr day." |Ir. Rusgi ll a duaorlplion .of tips atlUlr^yery much re **ftmblog an account sent l>y hilwlii Jttn^s frittd* ttatf, when he got ent tuglcd in the I til of u few disorganized Saribnhlians. He, It may bo remembered, then .tad thero look upon bhnsolf to hector and bully, and recommend an Italian colonel to shoot some ol the fugitive*, die thought because u few retreatingcamp followers swept him, the Q. If, a few mi log on the road towards Maple t, that Garibaldi's day was over, and ltia sun sot, Iho at my demoralised and tlio revolution dotto for. Hut he was mis taken. The fuel is, *11 that the Northerners want (and it is a (real want, 1 admit, but eno easily supplied) is a little Superior generalship. Now, don't ho too grateful. Wo )rit miters can spare you a field marshal in the prima of Ifu, the hero of u hundred pictures, life size and in jack loots, and leader of more reviews than can be counted a year?dirt cluu. .it tiro price. He li? . gut all his work In linn yet?I mcai in tho way of batile. In reality, tho Bi lllsh ptvplo arc profoundly moved ut the glory fnun America. It is plPiuwut news for Napoleon in., and agreeable to Russia to know that the America eagle is rending har own breast, but, not like Iho pelican, to fond li?r own young. Alas' we are told 1 y he w 'II Informed showman tint the pelican , once on u tiino, was guilty uf such lolly, but is uot "e.iel; a fool now.*' The enemies of the Northern Plates in this country are the Jews wlio prey on British di ctator. 1 moan what is oallcd the inoneyoor icy, with their or?Mj. the Time*, a small, weak, bliud, Uitlucntial portion of iho ar is toe i acy, and sine eottuncrii Tin- 1-eart of the Hrttish people is sonu?l on this subject, li?it ih? British p??>pie do u t always spend tiielr blood and I; (MsurwaccwilInp to their own 'boice, or thoy would have fought for Poland, Italy and Hungary, instead of an unholy slTlnic*. and moro Utterly at the designing dicta'tioiiSif Vapo eon 111. Tit Tefo-e, he on the In-ikotil again,.! tic mvhlnatlsiis of tin- said Napoleon and ipaaisU intrigue, rupee. Dented by Isabella .in J the hybrid <>T onucll, link "1 with Coitrpr irig Knastaaud others. 1. out, .tug b-t Old Pag bd) I look out-ton, say I, fifths sign- of the Umes are pUiklv written In tliu Inndon Titnnt, and to assured America. Aud now let me toil you that tli" boon whi' U ihiglaud will morlt.nt the baud* f M*!iok>OD In tlmt which w.:? re 8*0 veil by Polyrheruua Cor tlljrsoa?to lw devoured lait, I pro lict that tin 1'tilted BtMi*, or thu present united rwnuruut. will pn 111 by Uiutr suiisi'inga and became a great naval and inaritUnn power lu an incredibly ih.H p*ku:? of titno. Yhn lata dlaautor may prove th? tilt tin we sal vat km of your great natjoii. For, hail it happen.*! that Franco and dp*'", even without lMfikaor K<i?!?ii*J. hod suddenly come duwn upon a great umrrnod eomiinoYial people. who could prod Irate llitrnwlll Ui una mint train or lie ttuaahod by rory httie fellows sometimes. W 11 Maochealer to do without cotton/ This i-* begiuniug to bo thu cry. Kn^land is in that dilemma that 1 she needs the /South >ru atntu* tbr a market of supply aud the Kcrlbei n SUtte* far a market of demand, andaho is not going to get < itiur at. present, oh, 'it. rotten poiioy of our lukri! <>li, the c:m\ and I cowardice, the foHy aud absurdity of the hreuuii j tnrifl hu:-iti"Sb! Wo have given the (iaul jirtt what ln> wanted?cheap oo.U and iron?and have not go; rags bark r*u which to print lies fa.Ua for the uiiliii u Put eircnlati'ii of the Qahumui like millennium of the good time | which is n> ver coming to lioaor the blind invitation of | Cha.iiw Ma'lcay. England has produce 1 union* wholeseine of late b it her volunteers, and more than half of these are ' gem*'' an I bank dories, *t iJ y*nt?i 'wre*. and perchance miy ind light?no,not cvou for a three monui.' jreriod i*t probation, with Ihooucray III Igbt. The iatc I/*rd Herbert, of b?. who lias gone to render his account, did ail that be could in hts fanatical way to prevent the w-urkingmen of Eugiaud from l> coining rill-, volunuis. 1/ird ilerlnrt. better known aa fd litoy Hert>ert,wa? iho two oi ls and noddle ot an excellent Papist, and givu Sandym* id Hat to the Koinan < nthoiic* whereon to bniid a church and convent I > /'t. Mary, the star of the Sea. Jf not a Papist, would he have bo. n inch a tiatf At least Ids Protestant il-til uium now uuvu uuut on a aauoy iuuii'uulull. VMly half ii H'. Mail, ins mother having b-en a Iforon/ii, Lo ' spared 01' > . i, ' ? h ire hi? maternal wurehom-oH lev. In hontimcni It '1 alt larrdy wln-u the British guards wrro alain. (f tho k,16.r> of tliw who perished, }t least 1 ,soo may ho jotted down to the d ditor Side of till! an o int of Sidney ilorhoi t it tio. with Kngland; and sliall ni"t Join in tho howl of sen imentellein nt'lef tUU orator, whose ?nis takes, or errors, or shortcomings, the l/mdou Timrt tejls us aro amply condoned? No, If wo have aympathloK re served for our country's deadliest foe?, lot us bestow tle-'.n upon Nuua Sahib and the heroes of rebellion and light. As a 1 ion 1 to America, although an Eurlinhinan. 1 hiv prayed i lw?j that Am >ra a woul 1 (It out ?fleet It C'lnliig her rank uui ox un!i>ii*. Thai fleet should have tie, u equal io the t-ngil-h and superior to the Fi ouch, lose no time. 1 want tu see you powerful, that wo may avoid being driven into war with you hv traitors and fool*. You nave had a severe rohulf. Now arm 111 earnest, and may peace soon follow. Then, remember ihat the grant Iieart of Dritain luw- in reality felt deeply lor your fratricidal sorrow . uod trials, i and for <lod s sake lot us have r. iltmi and lake some of j our Birmingham goods. 1 hail hoped, >u common with ! all true khgitshmen, to see Krita.n and AmeHca ; united, lliu police <s' tho world, to Ic-top and j maintain order with thoir twill flags oT war ( and commerce. But Beelzebub K busy again* t na, and ; Molech i j plotting . homa sa l aluaad. Slouaicur Ha- j polnon, wim tii" i o uu-oia is.ini'tia ,m.i a tew other ehotoe I Spirits are linked ( v. ith thsir pluted war rlatpe, t?e Ugi't*> j twaddle, bayonets and linages, to put down I liberty awl I he Anglo-Saxon race. Hal shall Uiry ho thus . put down" You Uneaten us with the lois of ilioUsaadns, 1 anil finds a ml mg MS laugh at ton; but jya hare r*H?-ia m | your rrv or rage when you perceive the criiaHMdliy et j the designs which are crawling into sunsihae ud>- I tence iu these ominous tim s. S|>cak out! Wars thn j prop'el ''lull truth, and shame"?no, aot X*polo"U, celct at fmpojtiNe?"but the devil, if you a*." You linvo hud a severu reverse, but the bravery and devotion of sunu of your troops has shown eat the store conspicuously is eotissqueoce. England has had bee VTiikihureu, bur Cabjl, bar Crimea, liar Cawapere sad Iter j Teibo. In the agany of thn throe Uet yoa sympathised with us nobly, as krtitmen and as friasds. Todt (dvil war and its events havo pained, notour r:lsr?, for th">y ore cold and treacherous, nr-r oar money laider*. the grt'ul It'll discounters of the nation, wlio are killing n* rapidly ae they can the ' .eve wKh the golden egg;" but I will tell yoa whom they have jstinod?tlie Khglishn>r>n?and '.hey were ma.iy and lite Iwatt in Itigbiad, who lookoti with pi ala on the growth of the giant young republic, llie m-n wlio would baveglveu a statue tuCrotnwell in Pari.animil, the hone: t Suglish workingnv n, the haters of do:<|iotieiii, German, trench or Kritish; those who looked forward to the time wlo-a a grand alliance between tbu twogyeat branches ol the Anglo-Saxon race micht Uo needed on behalf of civilisation and freedom. Vn lappby, the acts of a people's rulers ato taken for the will of tbo ponplo. It must be so. Wo ai call responsible for our traitors In high places. Aprope:: of Sidney I'wrburt, I have just road in corroboration of wi< it 1 lctc* written |o you about him the fd jawing pr c.- is ititeil gencn, vlx: Hi*', lit* was buri-sl, nv> mod by a ' 'initnrc gn gang of armlociats In a ''Koto .tucMiiH' i hurrh" til li ? own building, and thai his oolllu ?> ul' "."uri ign li, V. French polished, ' with a largo cross engraven tl.. roou It' ty pug and emblems be worth anything. sure ly this is aignitleunl. As it is th.' fashion ul tha Kngli.-h newspapers to call Wimbledon tlu Kugli ii Vim .ii.i s, mi 1 may observe that the shoot .we ui 1 tiu French Wimbledon. Tinei-anm, is going on now. I don't hoar ihat any Kngiish mark *1 n of repute ire there. I should like a comparison to be muds hoi'.- n llio French ami KnglUhShootnig this year. In my njilmi 11 the Ingush riHe shooting beat anything that luis tor yet been known on the ''out iuenl of K irojie. The b :Ft r.He is Henry's for long range, ct<er eh<*>tuig: bet for warlike her poses we have bad nothing here to ?. mpare with Caliehor ,v Terry's breech-loader. Our c.v.iiry ie to he general 1| armed with Urte,and thoae regiments thai have got it are already rendered about Ave times more (Aciciit. For load no. quick and easily, and Weeping ej, i.:i. there is nothing hkc ii It.( ti- i that Perkins' steam fin is about to be tried, witli a view to ils mt vo use in our navy, and. looking at tin; li rrllh: capabilities of Ilini et . iim'.-i' do ?'i i ii, -i s in* fold thill it lias not been used before. But it i. hr t* t titled to our new iron plated ves i-ls. i < lulling ste in communication, the tlelway line has been i pi.-c.o !y instiled hy iho wliigs, becaim it vow m ii a n lie l y i l eihyiic- that the Atlantic Company u* !< mrau h : it. i ot ting: nring pliniitnm clulCi'UiiI fur j wxitnni ?t in rial thin*. Tlio Iriali |> '"I'le ?re v< Hi to :n 111 naltze the Qi.e n ou Hie tcca*iuii "! ht?r \l'lt 10 Killtriiejr, where the cbo'fs w ili 'je ma le in rcjily to nil ahnuta unci Initio , t>nnd? in triiu I sh faaliiou; (julw.iy line," " tialway Hue" How ''te Timet, iu itr. Inured for tho, has b.v. labored '.bat 1.1m rulciny, like a wi< lcn.1 old 1'iiuch pitch k g Icto anybody th-t i? dim w' 1 Ueiirve Ibil Dm di re jniAnf thj Atlantic Company. if ;;*! aui/.ed a.tnr death, world atbo. tJViv anicu' tc tb? word " lubaidy" alone. NE It Is nil live: with direction, and the Tfmn, changing lis ladies, now declare* that CnUvay Pay ih an iini><>ubibie liai b?r, Untgy. rooky ami tompiistuoua, and write* a l.ador ther?vn in the In ah of fact, experience, truth, government Hiineys, and tlie actual kuowlodg* of lie reinloie ovory ua.iertlon It prints on the subject i? a lie. In thomiilit of this the aatnte and Indefatigable little tovor, having survived the wrath of tho O'Mulley Irwiu, Is about suiting a new steamship linn from liverMini, touching at (Jul way, the lust unkindest cut of all. . lie ib likely to summed. Tlioro l.s nlontv of trailIc luid pnssengorH, and if Allan's lino to Quobec can do bo well without a Subsidy, anil rim such last and commodious boats, why should not the plucky patron ol" (ialway bo as successful its tlioy ? Thol'ronch a n making tremendous efforts to launch an iron clsd navv in advunooof this country. They are also publishing terrific Invasion pamphlets, and, what is mom, planning the actual shipment ol arniios. There will bonu awful row soon, and our volunteers will be lestod oven harder than yours hare beou. Our Petersburg Correspondence! St. 1'aitasnt ao, July 27,1801. lien. Cutiiu M. Clay, United Stale* AlinUter, liwaived at Court inn Most Flattering ManneryThe Russians Goop Union Men?Officers l.ik.ty to Cone to Washington?Ver kttf* General ToeUebem?Report of the I tenth if Senator Den fas?Urfounded Rumor <f an AUiance with Austria Agonist f ranee?The h'ehu iLlily) <f ScbatUtJtol?Saxony and Use <troum yf J'oland, Ac. The American Minister, Mr. Cassias M. Clay, has been uswoll sinoe hi* arrival h ire, and ooulit only be presented to the Emperur'last w ?ek. Sinn ? thro he his also b.c.u iatrsdured to the Empress, the thwnd Duke CWrevitch and the tiraiid Ihik-s Constantino, Nicholas and Mh'hao' Mid their wives. Me has boou received In tbo moat Hat" tevleg manner, especially by tho Kniperor, whoso sym pathbi for vour re|?ut>llc are well known. Nolwithstvidlng tho great difference in the form of go ernmont, Ko-sia and Amerlm have always hem on ths most corihal torms, and your ootalnut 4oUmi tb* isal wjg^ when times we had loaded with fnvora deported and be. trayed us, will uot readily be forgotten. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Rnselau public uro unanimous Iu favor f tho Vnion. There was an on Oil the other day tliat our renowned flennral Todlobom had r. cslvod permisaion to embark for Amorica to assist with his advice in reducing tho rcbej ... . ii i. .. ,i.._ i. .1 ?K? ftmw.riil s too busy ?upi r intending the engineer department at Jcme Ik think of undertaking such un e.<|iodltion. It to more likely lh?t souis officers of Die ."tall will be sent to (Jsnerai Scntt'n headquarter*, to study the art of w ir under hi auspice*, as was done mrao years ago when Ki ance w;u engaged in lioatiliti"H with the Kabylcs ur.d Spain with the Moot*. Wo ure sorry to hoar of tho death of your distinguished eormtryman, Senator Itouglae. lie paid a visit to St. Poteiehurg in the year 1H&3, and is well mnembered in our diplomatic cireles. The late Kmperor Nicholas, who was a good judge or character, very much taken with him, and if said to have expressed a high opinion of his abilities. Tlii' wtfthi alii i ttntir I ?!uuti a ponnwnl nC iltn pnptlifil nit dorslanding between Russia nn'd Austria, the dismissal of Prince Uortcbakoft, the rceurection of the Holy Alliance eai e |n'opM"J legitimist crusade against rcvolulluiiary Kronen, bus again been making the round of theKmppror's prose, and u|g>oiirs to have mot with tiu>ro oretllt than it dtftervcil. Without protending to be initiaP'd lu the He. cmts "f out goverumctit (which is very much in the habit at keeping it a ( n counsel), it inay ha safely affirmed that there la no truth whatever In those reports. and lliul Kiui. tin ha* not the mud distant itli.ii of engaging In a crusade against any one?lea-1 of all rgainst France. I do not in can to say that the bitter antagonism be tweeu Russia and Austria, which ogisted from the lime of the Crimean campaign up to the peace oT Vlllafraaca, atil' prevails in alt lis former intensity. Our foreign Minister, ' who was the w at I ot tlia aBti-Austrian party, must he fuHy MsUsffird with the revenge he lias t ikrn ou our perltdi- 1 otitt ally, and ceuuot bat feeiceuacious llwtt, by 1 still farther, he would run Iho nek of ite recoiling up* 1 ourselves; hut Iroiu inia c-arvi suui to the inruiallon of n j eew ail'.iucn with a PowiC nf whose slippery policy w ' hare had m-at priiil'sl experience, is a li ng step, and j there is no pros|iect of its being!taken m a tonr.y. ' 111 tim Pulisll question, indeed, fhuiu seems to be iui Identity of interest* li tsou the two empires which might i'tul to an uudorstamtiegon this poith slur subject, sucii as'already subsists between ibis country and Prut- ' era; but even in reialioo to l'oirsh aflbirs the conduct of Austria is so equivocal as to gtvo riso to tho gravest sua- ' incions. Not tu mention lire fuel that the agitation ia the kingdom (4' Poland is chiefly fomented by the Rom-til ' Catholic. priesthood, whom connection witli Austria is wsrf- ' icicntly notorious, and tlmt it Is the f';ar sud other Jour- 1 sis published to or paid by Austria which display their ' hostility to Russia by spreading nil kiuds of exaggerated * or d. itaeliigi to o from Wat saw, lliorn are true.* at ' r,u intrigue which extisid to hlglior sphere*, and in which ' it is difficult lo believe the Cabinet of VltWIUu lias uol got ' :l hull 1. ' I n od not remind von that tho royal f imily of HAxeny, ' who two closely allied to the Hapslmrgs, were at one 1 uhis kings of Poland. The prcsnns King of Suvnny is a man of some ambition, for which tiio jietly king- ' doni lie mire over uIPhsU little acojh*; lie is moreover ! a very pious t'utholii1, and a.- <nch would be particularly a. r.^Sablc to Iho Poh s, in case tlu-ir ancient lunnurvliy should be restored and they should ho looking out for ? king At all events, it is positive that such a schemo is talked of not oaly jo Poland itself, hut among tic Puh.-h emigration in 1 'nils, especially since tlie death of Prince Aiiam t zurtogysky, who lmd the t'dei fixf of becoming King of Poland himself, and would not hour of a competitor. Viy, ll in even ni.iit tintt medals liavo already linen struck with th 1 1 portrait of the Kin# of &ix>ny, and hearing the inscription of Joannes IV. Hhx Pwliiimo. (I'lio lo t Polish mo- ] narch of.tfint name was tho famous John .fnhieski.) To ' be sure, lii.n itx.iii Jlnjuaty i* one of ilio ino?t consoi vatlvo ' of prlu?'fit a staunch friend of ihe I'oi*' and the lloiirhons. ati'l a decided enemy "f rotation irnd nminxatlon, but it 1 uvty be doubted wlicthor b:* inuexiithm priucipli.-a would to pro-if against so tempting n bait as the of 1 Poland. It ia very ixuitkant, too, tliut thc jotir lal ot the Saxon ipw eminent, the(ia-e'trd' t>rr< -which is lncxorabit> in in condemnation of iI.h Italian patriot*? ' treats tho revolutionary attempts of the Pole* wi h the I utmost lovtty, and indulgo* occasionally in remark* by 1 no moons llxtterni; to Iti'ssia. In a word, while osleiisi > ! bly on tonus, if not of friendship, at least of civility, Ann- I tria or her coiilcilerines are Parrying on a fnrWve war against this country, which an hardly have iMMpeu tlie 1 attention of our statesmen, or dispose them to a clo.-or ' ulliunce with hor. ' Another rumor which I have to contradict is (hat of tin 1 alleged . o wi /vo'-s hotw. en tho Kmperor ate! Napoleon 1 111. near the Rhine, and a subsequent journey of his Imperial Majesty lo Paris. Political reasons against ? ch n mooting thrie would lip noiio, n>r iho ! relations between IC.1*1* and Franco, though not so intimate us in is.Ml. urn still amicable enough. it m true there ia no g eat love lost on nil her side; but wo know that France, if alto docH cs no gond.ran do us a grant de.. >f luvrm, and Franco wants >13 as ? bugbear to make uso or against Kngland, in enss the latter should show ?a lacliualion to cut the connection with hor magnanimous ally. It- is 'irtaln. however. tkal this yvar the Einporor s travel* will not extend hoyotid tho limits of Lis own dominions. Ho loaves St. Petersburg early next mouth Cor the Crimea, acoom|ie.uiod by tho Ftupreae and their younger children, and will be Joined there by brand Dtke (Joual uiUne, wls>, wilh his wifo, who la bow taking I lto? waters at v-me Herman bath, wilt proceed thither by the way of tho Mediterranean an-1 Onnafantiimplp. The iAoiswwr and his family will lWr lo at the h autifal palace of Urulioc, mi tlut shore* of the Black Son, and the brand i siko at tho sun more chnrmaig villa of Or'Mda. which was bequeathed lo hire hy his late mo. thnr, tho Prepress Alexandria Poodonmla. The two brother# will probably visit grhnstopnl, and we may unpert that tliey will oomo to a ttnal detertnlbattso respecting tho r conatrr.etlon of that famous fortrnws. tho harbor of which has now been ok arret of the sunken ski) a, and provided by the jyatid Rnasian Company ti Navigation and fVimnwrce with a Heating dock and other naval appllanera. It is not settled whntlier hts Wagi-siy wtil make no excursion to the Caucasus, but I think It likidy, a* I hear that tho Viceroy, Prime Jtarlatiusky, la "expected back from Carlsbad shortly, trni U te inert uie Kmpeior otlher bora or on the rood to tiio Olntoa. After Ilie return of the Imperial Court to St. Petersburg the nuptials of tho Princiai Mary, obtest daughter of tho law- Duke of loucktotilmrg and uicco of ihu Emperor, who is uniiorutood to he engaged to Prince William of linden, will bo celebrated. Oar Rome Corrrsponrtence. ll<>mk, Oneida county, August ill. 1S61. TVialqf a Clergyman en a Charge <if Murdering ku H'/e by Cutting her Threat. This thriving little rlllugo is undergoing considerable ' excitement, owing to tho pending trial uC no less than : three alleged murderers. An wijourned Court of Oyer and ' Terminer. Judge Allen prodding, Is now engaged in ad j Justing the scale* of life and death?the Knr. Henry i Budge, Presbyterian minister of (Ireig, lewis county, being the party w ho is on trial for his life. There is a strong bar engaged on each side. Tho people aro ro|>rn. seated by ex-Attorney tlonoral Tremaiue, Hon. H. A. Poster, of Rome, and District Attorney Ki'ham. The prison, or is defended by Congressman R Cockling, Hon. Ward Hunt and a Mr. Adams. The veuuo ha? been changed because I ho feeling in I/'wis county, where ths olfenco fu committed, Is t <o intense to sutler the prisoner to bo tried there with any chaneo of acquittal. Tills morning Mr. Poster appeared for the pro" soeutiou, detailing the case he expected to prove. The finds, he slated, are brtclly as follows:?On the morning of December 11,1 gall'Mrs. Priscilla Budge was fnuiio in her bodnora w ith a frightful I giisn ill i in: tin It savoring her head from her f> | Tlio woiiiiJ w an live ami a half Inches I* length unit two I ami ? half In depth The arteries, Mnsil'8, Aic., ami 1 everything In to t?o hone, were severed. Vet the stains I of blood w-re comparatively trivial, and aH c loco to the I wound Her children, who tlrst fo nil the corf*n, told tlieir father. Ue occupied a separate sleeping room | from Ins wile. Instead of baaP ning to her bed I side he sent for tho neighbors An unpiest was hit on tlie spot. The village doctor, who It appoara bad uevorseou a throat out liofore, prooouncod tbo oaa* suicide, ar.d the jury .10 rnnrternd. Hot the IVaooor could not understand how tha blood i hould have failod to spurt to eoiiio distance from a carotid artery suiidoaly aovered, nor how ? w"tn?? lying "o her hack 011 a smalt hod closo W YORK HERALD, SAT! to tho wall could have Inflicted so frightful a wound on herself, especially us?ihough there wna l>loo<l on th* pultn of tho right baud of thooorpee?thoro was none on the handle of a razor which watt found on tho bed clelle a. Accordingly lie wrote to the rolatlvos of the doceased Ki England, and tit tho following April hud tho cult no exhumed soil a |.nst morlutn an 1 ?icoart inquest held. Tho post mortem showed a largo quantity of blood in (h i lungs, a fact reconcil able ralhur w ith death by sulfocatlon than blood letting. Tho other ovtdoueo at tin* inquest revealed mutters rolutiug to the domestic life of the prisoner and deceased, which wore lislrt by tho jury to nlPird a prusumptlvo motive for tlio com in las ion of a capital crime by the prisoner. The liv.l hours for which evidoneo of the ao I ions of deceased has been attainable?namely, late on tbo ovoniog preoodllig her death?appear to have beon spent id a domestic quarrel, In which the prisoner spoke loudly sad ungrily to the deceased. Such is a brief outline of tlio caso for tho nresecutlon. a* developed w the o|icniiig. As the evidence progresses, I will Weep you posted as to any modifications or corroborations which may bo doducod from the testimony and the line of defence. The following Is a synopsis of the Urst day's evidence:? The lirst witucsH wee Mr. Joahuu Shepherd, who re aided at Mreig, lews oounlv, In the next hoeso to that of Mr. Hudge, in which the death occurred, Mr. Shepherd slated that, being sent for, ho an Ived at Iludge'e house itb xit six o dock in the morning; found Bndgo and the children in one room, and was (minted by lliom to the bo*room; going in, ho found the aorpae an described;, coming out again, bo remarked to Hedge Mutt she was deed; lludge mid, "{a it ?nr" und aekod witness If he saw the Instrument with which she had killed herself; wit. urns answered in tlie negative, and Budge remarked that it was probably a razor. One of the children, looking In the razor box, found ope missing;another neighbor coming in, he and wltuecs went Into the rooyi where the body lay, and they found a razor lying under her right arm, batween the elbow and the wt 1st; there were bloody linger mark*, or what appeared tobeench, ?) her uuse and right, cheek; did not notice any blood on ber dress In front nor on hoc person; the blood appeared to hare run Out i n her right sldo; the bed clothes across the poraou of deceased wi-ro lylrg smoothly; thore was blind on Mm iiillow. Inokinir us If Humebodv with a blood v iiaad hud had hold of it ibis who m ar the top of I ho pi! Uiw, hefroMtiUxiunoe looked T'jtt Hl'irg)rf)T 1 her pyanand mouth worntUil; therewwi nothinguiiusnSl lilhifdmnea nor, when him wu* lu witness's Louse the previousoveumf. B ulgo conversed with witness on tho ctiy of tho funorsl, telling of the trouble Lis w il'e had b('i>u to liini, uud adding tbat now, If ho had tliu means, lio oould go and tlx things to bis own mind. On croea-examlnslioa wltmes was asked whether Budge had not wanted to go in mid sou tho cnr|*o, and that wit ui-sii dissuaded him from doing so. To this witness answered in th" negative . on tho s'.eevo in tlie right arm there was u spot or soak of blood,about the size of a ilol lur. In reply to questions concerning tho jiosltion aud appearance of the coapae, wiliiess adhered to his illumination in ohief, adding ttial the dccmed'a lutir was nmi>oth und unrulUed; it was pinned up with something; witness had not said to r;. s. Could that if the d?d Presbyterians did nut leave Caleb I yon ulono, witness would give Budge li?I; bad not said anything of tho kind; wllueNshud not attended rhiifuh ulrovi' once or twice in ten years, though his family went regularly. Thomas 0. Roger a, Ooronar, deposed to having Been the body. He said tile expression of lior countenance was sweet, placid, pale, no appearance of contortion; it upiM ared M if the neek wna cut right straight acro?s, and juat ulu .1 hail oil. the wound gaped ulsxit two inches at lie widest part; .<t had fitted Inside of ihi wound; the cor; so waa qtiile colli when wlluesa saw it, between p'tW ?pd toil o'clo It on Hundav mormng: there were do pullers of bits id on the face, nut the marks of bloody lingers; tire tliroat was bloody above and Inilew the Wound:> e iaaure ol buvlag beat# rubbed by HW(Ml|; tbw rubbed spot eslandod un bu b or ho inch inn! h half below liio cut; theru wan no blood on her clothing In front; there was a Hale bleod on her right band tucivc, f?nir inches long, and three inches wlrtn, a llitlu ji the or.d (near,hi the wrist; It appeared on if it bad boon rubbed, or ectno In contact with tiolue thing bloody; the bead whs ho dingily Imbedded in tho pillow ? ? to bring Ho-Sides Oi the pillow on a Isvsl with tho lop of tho forehead, the lower corner Of the right hand pillow, noil to the shoulder, bad been pished oil' and up a IIUIm; wltuci-x t'ound on tho .sheet* blooil an inch or two wide and ten inches across: wltuern pulled tad the ehoeU to aes this minutely, und found the upper tort iat<arated and vbn l. wor |cu'l vlain?<ri; tho blond was congealed, and tho spot was vary much crumpled, us if 11 bad been press, d by a band: witness noticed lbs ahawirs of blood front the li ad and footboards Slid wall; I bate was a streak of blood running down ou the light side of the unity rrurn llio nboiKdrr to the hip. Witness w.?k orcssexaniiurd in regard to disputes h?wton llpd-;.! and other*, on oburch uigtterg, And also ng it whether Its Lail But been iirilvo in bringing about the prosecution, aud in tadnciaa lite rmiiiol agamat lludg* al bo -MTonil iiiijv' Ho field h? lat<i done no more than lie i <>ur14>g?d h'ai duty tut Cornier. In regard U>tk? body, ho ail dud, Jiui -Una u una 1>I<k>4 on tlm ihgule ui the ritftt hund. and 011 tjtia biigees and th? paint. thi re examitiMiun, wiUiosg stated that Caleb I,yon had got had any nana ta do with tbia hiveatlgwltnu tiara a bundled olharg, aud tdwl tbe second lO'litrgt. was an by witui km, .it the reqnwit of a hundred iHtlnontlnl eltlseuk, beforu wilm s* know that Hmlga had mod I.yoa and utolhor for libel. Kuimu liould, daughter of Josse T. Gould. of Grieg, nar alod the incident m otioned 111 iho n|* u,iig speech, of la> letter given lier by dreriisril ahoiit f air o'clock oa ihe M'lernnnn before her death, and whieb th?> arenaad tbier pllil; bar exemlMtkm in cbbfbdmail tbaoMPMlb itatrmenls, as to HntiKOiiilefinir when ho i :;nio for tliu attoi that lie lw,l etaii* to g.-? ahanl log llirnhiug.aud ae ? Rudgo telling bee U hlgwif* asked,toiav limit he Inter had linen mailed; ?lr>u Mrs. liudgn not llio ipiestioa tad witness told h'T that .lit) had sent the letter, (terrasfd repli d, "thai she was glad It wa* g?nt . It had b.. u oieta a tank to get letters to aud from her relative*." In ursas-STasiingtlha wltuosa stated thai wlill* llmljju war' at her fathor'g house that night, a titan cuinc to gee him ahont thr lihig, saying lie had been to BmUto's house hot did not find him al lioio>; whoa Ho Igo roee to leave ho told witness' mother that lie had a great doallodo that night?lie h:id Ihreo g.<rmoiu lo prepare for the next day M- .. Iltidgo naed to rniupluin .a' illn-sx hi lor head; en the night heforo her death vrlln -m noticed goinelhing briulit in her h ind wliea she was at Mr. 0?ulT< lions ; it might have been a shawl piu; witness thought at llio lime thai it was, but after hearing of the death, the idta strut k lor that it trio,hi have been a razor, hut arte did wit believe that It ivag. T. Gould, father of the lost, witness, corroborated ibe former evidence about tlie finding of the lady ; lie had naked Rndge one evening at the house whether he hail told Ins wife that lie had taken possession o| the letter ?he had entrusted to witness' UMU$.'lllVl . HUH DM MVpOI'U MH"\> ||<l[|l l^MOO||l j it; as to the hotly, wilmms said lht> sleet wit- Mimed I Howti partially; {hero was pn blood between Die fold | nod the woman's lieek: ;n the visit is. Mrj. Rti<] ;>- to wit- i uoss' bonne on the evening before her death Mi- It -aid that this wait tin* liri-t time she hail been nut since her sickness, and that she meant to make it a praetice to walk out every dry evening and reipjesfed witness' wife lo come ami see Iter; he week before deeeased's death w.tnrss wins at prisoner's house and asked him how his wife was, remarking that it was unfortunate to have a wmiuai in I hut way; Undgfl said slie was mil crazy, bat had a liabit if tMukiur of one thing till ii made Iter distracted; ho said lhat a few nights previous In- had been olf on ministerial dm v, later it an lm expected, ami returned lioine a little after ten o'clock, and thai siio k"|it up a ijuarrel with h'm until six In the morning, when she desisted from fatigue; Ilia' she throw a candlestick ami scis-ors at liiin; and be added that siieli a state of thing* could not h? endured. always; that lie never would h ue taken his present 111;-' ion if lie had supposed his wif was goiiy to return from I'Jigland; lhat in lVdleville he had lieen among friends, win to such things hud not troubled him. Cotton Culture in ilikarngim. TO TUB KDITOB dl'' TICK I.ONDON TIMKH. hi the Time* of yesterday you pnblish an account, re cetved by the West India mall, of the llrst cotton (consisting of about thirty bales) exported from Nicaragua, stating Mr. J. K. KmmuII, un Amorickn gentleman, to be 1 bo plantar and shipper. In ttio latter portion there Is a slight inaccuracy. Mr. Ruusoll wa? the shipjicr, hut the notion wn* grown by the dbIIvm. 1 iwnnwf.allow this opportunity to lairs without asking the favor of your giving pnbilnty to rue gruat aesire the Nicaragua! gyiyerumeul to see British in luslry directed to ihcimltivaiii of cotton in that part. The President, !>y a driver or the 14lh tiC May lam. granted tiuat privileges to I ho plant, ers. and among others tlmt ' nil (bridge goods imported tnto thosknie by the cotton grower*, to the tuw ettont in value a* thocottoa exported, ahull be exempt front oneliMjr the duties that aro now or may hereafter be levied. The valtiu el' the eoltui will be mmpniud at the rate of two and a half ceirta |tor pound willt seed, and four cenle per pound oloanwd frota sard." In addition to the ai>ovo I am instructed by bis Kxceb lettcy, Setwtr I. da Harm iota, Minuter Plenijiotcntiiny froth NIcaragHa, to stale that hie Fxrelleniy la nutheri/.ed I to males a free and liWral grant td land in the republic t?> times persons who may be deairnu* of isUablisliiug tlicm grlvca in the htute for the purpo-e ot rotten growing. I am, air, your obedientueryaul, .iamks i? HAirr, Mexican, Salvador and Mcura^uau Ounsulalo, Arovtn If'j 1H01. UPTlEB FftOMfSti aapKICAN Sn>'I8TKK I.V S'U'AUAftl'A. I.B'>x,,laly 8.1H<11. According to protnlso, I will give Joiia brief der.Tlptfofl of a|K>rtlonof Nlearngua, nod shall fuyselNwiib a plain narrative of facta a* I And theio, believing the simple truth to bo far preferable to the motif beautiful overwrought picture, though conceived by the most vivid imagination, and drawn by the lmn i of a master workman 1 lie sod is g<od beyond description for the growth of cotton, itnligi? and mo<.| tropical plants, besides corn, which glows wherovor it lias ninety days of led son without frost. Two, and sous limes tbreo crepe of corn are grown on the aauio ground in a ainglo year, without lunch care: and where the corn is new 1 Ipemng notion is designed to bo planted the last if this or ilsi llrst part of next month. The fore part of Heptomlier is tlie proper lliiio 10 plant cotton ncre, us it will mature iu time to be gathared in the dry Reason I am satislied from what I hato learned by Inquiry unit observation, tlial outtou can lie grown to g eat alvant.igo hi thin ooqniry. I saw Hie gin at work at the establishment of Messrs. Russell ft l'ltzgcrild, in nilnatidega, cleaning wb it I regarded us an excellent quality of cotlon. Tlie.v tiro Americana, who Intend planting one hundred am s (lionisclves Hits season, and are giving way to others all the seed tint is wanted for plaining uortli. American* can labor here and leach the Inhabitants how to cultivate the soil and rutso cotlon enough to siqq'lj the railed Slates and modi of the rest of the world without slave labor. 1 very much doubt whother there can bo found upon tlie faceof I lie globe a soil and climate combined which arc better adapted to its growth than the soil and climate of Nicaragua. Ail tint is lacking it forty or lilty American families from the f <o States, or a sufficient number to

settle in each dtst ct to Rive llfo and enterprise to the native families. '. ,eso families should li.nvo their own mechanics slid mil lements with them, t>? fashion and dl rect the trada at. J Induatry of the country, and create and call forth its. Jtlional ner.catotiea, comfort* and Inxnnea which th* |u?opl? do sot now possess. but which, when once introduced, they would not do witbo .t. Thia pnoplu wants to ha aroua/wt and stimulated to action. They live here honestly with loas labor than anywhere else on"t he fere of Ills earth Whoeter is cotilent with enough to oat and drlib; can '> abundantly supplied from JRDAY, AUGUST 31, 1861 llie (YoUs which grow wild throughout the country, and are a* free :ih the uir he breathes. Itut man wants and is untitled to something more. 1 do not believe a country can bo found whore a few hundred or tlu>u.uutid hottest, Intelligent working moh could do more to lieu silt themselves and the native inhabitants then here, where there is no more use for worthless, drinking. Idle vagabonds, who urn always attending to everybody's business but their own, than in any other decent, respectable country. There is, bowovor, much to bo done to make it ready for growing cotton or anything rise en a large scale, for not more than one hundredth part of tlru country is cultivated, and some of it Is the most dense forest f ever saw, though not the heaviest for clearing. The timber is not usually tall, though some of it is very large. The undergrowth is, in planus, so thick with vines and annual plums that a lord con scarcely tly threiigb It. Irutd is exceedingly cheap, and there is n..i..vnw? iuain<kiui;,icimi hum iii.uiiv.uu ... ..... iv, . o.-. In pay for clearing. ut prices they roust always command. Tim government in In tin. good, and in administered with tlio most rigid economy; taxoa are exceedingly light. I hnve SPenno wheat growing ill tit" country, though I understand there are sonio portions it la grown to advantage. Nor huvo I seen poUit 'oa ur any kind oT North Amorlciut grass, or thistles, or mullou, or many other plan to, which I do uot believe will over gfow bora, i.runs call, undoubtedly, bo indtiTattol to sonio cxleift. In fact lho noil will produce unylblug wlitrli om Im grown in surh a climate. * * ? * ? Tour duovted friend, A. B. nCKlNMON. Tlic American Miaiilouarla* and the Proii.nlnut Ariut'uiun Church at Ctmutantlnaple. TO THE EPITOltS OK THE NliW Y011K OIWKKVKIt. Co.VSTANTlNuriK. July 'hi, It'll. Tn your Journal of June HO, your Guielantinuple correspondent, aftor htiuukiiig or tlie Bulgarian movement, gives the following astounding Inforinatlon regarding the Para church of the Armenian Protestants:? I " 'l'ho I'erac'mrcli?IToleslaut Armeuinn?in working out,during the post year, Its uow cougregational and [ paaiorul independence, lias fallen iuto a good many mistakes." The moaning of the above la rendered more obvious in a subsequent latter of the same correspondent of the Now Turk Otwwr, hearing date July 9k, as follows:? 'i'hey (Iho missionaries) f. c'l called ujato warn thnr friends la America ugainsl contributing towards tlia erection of a building lor tbo Pora church, until souiu of the errors which lutvocrept into it shall ne rm.tcd oat." 1, as the Pastor of thol'era church, do hereby protest against Mr. (j. B.'s tiulkunded assertions, ami d.mtud that he should be called upon to substantiate, without equivocation, each one ?f tho "many error* of the Pera church," Instead of asserting, in vague terms, grave .'lu.rooa a.L':tiitfti aaid church Would h n,,l have rendu,u.l it greater gurvico to the Christian community of America it tin hutl distinctly doalguatod at least tome of these errors y Mr. G. B. boing unknown to lite, I cannot say erhut op!*>rtitnltle? ho linn hud to Inquire into the trnlii ot theso matters. But if 1 inuy ju>1y;u from his cOMimunloaliens to j > i regarding Ihn atftir nt Bsndermah, I am M t* think that he acta unadvisedly, ami exercises llttlo consoieueu in hi* statement!!. U? euys that '-thare is a ProUslaul church in Bamlorineh, which hue a uatlvu pastor," Ac. Until now thuro have boon but von few enlightened per rms there worth mentioning: it I- only within six or sewn mouths that a brother has been seat there?uot ?J a i?i. ter, but as a colporteur. By this you cau readily apprevlato the exactness ot his other statements. fun it tie tliut a Christian who has the fear of Go<t and 1 mult in hie heart OHh ttute to the world as fa.Us iiruar* yf which ho In a no pomonal knowledge i;ur reliable Information? It in to ho hoped that Mr. H , In hie future gtalements about (lie "in iny error*of tli- Hera church," will ilrgt remember the responsible rtuti s of a correspondent, and then,an a christian, thoroughly Inv-'rtlgutn what bo aageru, * that ho tney avoid tic charge of falMttcatloii. { rim in In your*, respectfully, H. SIMON 1'H'JYAN, Pastor of 1'eru Church. Obllnar)'. Bind, at High Ridge, C?rro., on ihe SM iuet., Mrs. An* Stkvki-i, oved 60 year^. Mte. Steven* wi-enurried o? the 1-t of March, *1703, w.d imttsequenUy liad lived with ht-rliuebuud nearly 70>eai*. ?it. Stevcim wawltoru lu inli ne! is still quite active. On Ills eightieth birthday ha walked u distance of six rolioe. mai a mci a i a\in nrtmmrn ^iai ? iiinnvinu niiu WITUTIUI vvirii.. Khiday, August 30?6 1'. M. The money market is extremely dull. Tlie ouly business doing i? ia Treasury notes, which are in demand at M. foreign exchange is inactive. Hankers ask 107' ? a % for sterling bill*, and 5.27',j a 30 for francs, Thero are a few mercantile bills in market, which go at liM>?4 u 10T,l,4. The future prospects of the foreign exchange market arc to some extent revealed in the Custom reports of the dry goods trade. During the we?k ending to-day the importat'ous were ouly tl'M.Oon. against $3,145,00? same week last year, and $3,ail,000 same week of 1k59. VTc are glad to notice, however, that the amount of dry goods marketed during tiie week was over a million. Stocks were rather belter this morning, though the amount ol business done was small. The moat active stocks on the list were government and State secarities, which were nil higher. The new coupon It's advanced Y* l,ltr cent, and the 6 per cent Treasury uotos}-,. Tennessee* rose 7J: Virginias, V,: Missouri*, ' v: but the greatest rise of all was in North Carolinas, which advanced to i>2? say 5 per cent? mainly on the generul theory tliat tleueral Butler's expedition will evoke the slumbering national reeling of the people of that State, and rescue it from If a i.i',>?.-> >( eftii ilitiim. Amnio.' the snocidotivo -tisres tho most lively wus Pacific Muil. rose 1% per cent on further rumors with regard to the sale of the North Atlantic Company's ship*. Galena also advanced % <>u stories of new arrangements for tig; funding of bonds. The advance would he more reliable if it bore some relation to the traffic 011 the road, which shown a heavy falling oil from last year. The other railway share- acre steady. At the close of the first board the market fell off. At the second board the business done was very light indeed. The market closed dull, the following being the last ([notation*:?United state* C's, 1MS1. registered, 87% a 88; United States (i s, 18*1, coupon. 88% a 88%: United States 5's, 1874, 78% 7*%; Virginia C's, 52 a 55! Tennessee O's, 43% a 43%; North Carolina C's, 01 a til: Missouri (.'*. 11%' a 41 %; Pacific Mail, 75% a 75%: New York Central, 72% a 73; Erie, 24% a 24%: do. preferred, 40 a 48; Hudson River, 32% a 33;Harlem, 10%a 10%: do. preferred, 24% a 25; Reading, 34% a 35%; Michigan Central, 41% a 41% ; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 13% : do. guaranteed, 2i*% a 29: Panama, 106 a 10C; Illinois Central, 64 a 64%: Galena and Chicago, 66% a 06%; Cleveland and T< -!o, 28% a 287-- : Chicago and Bock Wand. 404, a 41: Clil cngo, Bwltagioti and Quincy, 69% a 61; Deluware. Lackawina and Western, 70: Milwaukee anil Prairie ?lu Olilen, 14 a 11%; Illinois Central beads, 7'*, 10 n 90%; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 8J5?? l'annn) lvania Coal, 75; Treasury 0 per cent. 97% a 07%. Tbe buaiiimta of the Sub Treasury was m futlowH to-doy:? Bocetpta $<b?.806 62 ?for nw toum 8,000 00 ?Vor Tretwur) notes 174.050 00 I Payments .1,044,lot ?? j Balance ...8,WW,oaf) 74 The exchangee at the Dank Clearing llouao this j morning were 112,372,201 12, and the bulances I $1,036,77.". 06. Tho Chicago Tribune of Wednesday reports:?. iliu deluge of grata still continue*. '^Vyiardar the recc'pw 'wnc Si p?n<>w?.?Flour, Jjjtfte*, 2,548?; wheat-, bushels. 118,597; coin. 335,600; eats, 6,686; rjre ?,$27; barley ,872, Reducing the flotir to wh< at. the" total renuieU t? ^IK'r> '"el. onlv about eevou thousand of being half a minted! bltsiC!*- r"Hro recetwts of gram, ineluding flour, dorm? 11 r week aiuouf.t to 2,284,533 bualmla, which ia thn larg^t unwunt of grain over before reeelvod within a week in thin The St. Louis Republican of Tuesday soj\s:? I Hie week opens with a lowt<rexelinngcrua.*ket,th(i rato being to day #>$ |?r ceu' pretnium. Tla sttee,*'* oortiiai of tha loan cootrooted on behalf of tlie gorernment w)'h i the hanka of tins city wan repaid to day. Tho wltoTi amount was $'251 ,(<00. and It i? now all refunded. The speola?$100.000?was returned in kind, being treated an 1 a Irian without interest, in consideration or the mode of ! settling Tor tbe |>a> tuent of the $151,000, which was bor1 rowed In thn notes of tho hank. Thi; lust was repaid in j Treasure two > ear six per rent notes , wliir.h are 07 \i to than tin banks' mites |"ur Wiatern exchange. This would make tho transai tion worth to the banks about 2', per cent fur tliB tiino iijiou tin whole amount borrowed. At Cincinnati, on Tun. day, says the Oiti.tU:? The mon-y market contlnu"* jiiiet, the oRerlngs ..f hp. ceplahle p?|>er lip in; very moderate. FVir the latter thor? is a good demand at 10 a 12 |asr cent Treasury note i l.arc boconie scarce, tLi giiviirutuwit ollioors hiriu; ceased paying them out. Tlwai- hon-toTon Issued have mostly disappeared. Tim mark't Arm at. U7>,. tiov eminent clieiikBim Now York on the market to day grp it I? Increased the supply ot exchange, ami baiikers Ind a I | tliey eared to buy at par. The solliiur rate rotiuinod at | premium. Hold is inactive. The Toledo Made publishes the following in re; liition to the improving prospects of the Toledo and Wabash lUilroad:? j Tim rocelpU Tor the past six days amount to i1 bi.ahe.s WUM and 147,140 bushel* oara. AUOWtaft MO huabela of tlw tormer and 4IJ0 bushel* of the latter to ascb car, we have an ??>ejiat? ot :t0& cai?'d whont and S43 ears of corn. In addition to this is tht rolling frolebt. i in which a "air business is dotiu Of flour, this read lua brought In 6,450 barrols?reduced to wheat 32,350 bushels or ninety two cur loads. Thin nddod to the above ruj ooi|ils would make 007 am of wheat; other giuuis re! cclvecl 1,705 btigho's. The btwlnvwi of this road, we think, will compare favorably with tliut of uuv lino in ! tho West. and our reader* will readily buliovo the stateI incut that thli Is but th < beginning of greater business. Tho facilities of the Wabash Kallwuy at Toledo for the storage of grain uro uusur|>ussod by any In the West, ,,,iu itikt.iibiuu um iiik uuuu pain w mu rapnuy iu removing tliv grulu from th? cars to tlio oicvulors, ami thence to tho boats. In addition to tho now ono recently erected by King Urothers, wo notice that plies have boon driven u|kjii which to build uuothor grain elevator of uhout tho sums capacity of tho.-o now need, and thin latter will lie erected at an early day, go that our friends iu tbe V abash valley or anywhere at tho West need have no fears hut that this road will ut all tunes have suflloient accommodations for the grain, shipped over tho line. This railway had a hard straggle through the financial depression of 1657-58. but the energy of those engaged was wpial to the task before them, and the managers l.dt confident of a triumph ultimately, ihat oud is now b ung attained,aud we refer to tho brSii'Css of the road with pleasure us coullrmlm; tho statement repeatedly made by us, that the Wabash llaUWtiy would become one of the must important ami best paving tea ,8 in tho country. Tho Philadelphia Ledge)' anyt:? We hear of increasing orders Iu almi-at every depart incut oT trade; not only in those hranehes immediately alR-cted with the wur movement, but with pursuits only remotoly and incidentally connected with tho war doruoustrntluos of the country. The trade, too, being ul most wholly for caul,, every step forward will but strengthen Imsim-sn men lor tho next succeeding step in advance. It is uot busmen on long credit, which mm e end more weakens the furtlisr it progrosses, but a whole somu uesh trade. Tho Boston Poit of Wednesday afternoon ays:? The bunks gained f57,500 yesterday. Ths Secretary of thoTroesury has begun to draw agvnel the balances to his credit. In Mow York ho hasdrawu for 10 per rent of the subscription, over and above tho deposits is 10 ;s;r cent original! >r nald into tin, Trceniirv Snick* clh.hit lirtln alterationaiad money is in small general dciuaud, biltho lecling in lit* market to much better. Tra-to is r. ally active with dry gocda Jobber* and oonitnisbioU b-'U.->c*. Goods are scarce, active and on tho T 1*0, and tho |-rova|cut touo Is that at ehcorf ulties*. Tho Bo-iton Transcript of last evening ttajet? At u mooting of the associated banks of Boston, held this tort-noon, the following uamou gentlemen wore appointed a committee to cany Into effect tlie an imgoinnuts for taking the portion of tint national loan assigned to I'-aton:?Franklin Haven, T'rcsldoiil Merchants' Bank; Andrew T. Hall, I'rsrddoat Troiuout Hunk.; J. Aiuory Davis, rirsnlent Stilftiilc Bank: Tnoraaa I?.tub, President N?w Kogland; A. D. Hodges, Washington Hatik;H. F. Batoa, rroKldoot (tank of Oommcroo; William Thomas, Prosldonl Webster Bank; Samuel H. Walloy, Pi osiiicDt lie tore Bank; James H. Ileal, President Granite Batik. Wu ure giad lo learn thai by the united and liarmonli.iiH adieu of tho Boston banks they will bo able to tako their portion of the titty millions, which it ten millions, without disturbing tho Qtau.cial movement* of ihi.t city. This uuan Unity, we are giad to say raSsets tho public seutbuent of Boet- u. The Boston Advert Uir of Thursday s tvss? Tim rtcoiiue in the business of mutt of the Uew Cngiwl ratlreu*4lf. is hav leg a mora perceptible Influence on the inarkol price of tlie shuroH.and the rates hare receded 1 vO 2 per oeut within the peat few weeka. Hum.'.; thai, bare divided 8 per cout amuiu'ty, will svacoely bo able to divide over 0 to T from the oarnl ye of the present yeur; and such bring the cane, there would ?;)p??r ttw good reason why the shares which pay (5 per Cunt annually should bo worth more tb.iu their par value. Tho government loun is taking many stock operators from the mirk' t, as being a jj(o?g saljptsetpry lnvesiiu-at. Jtuuufacturiug stock.! rrinaiu quiet, tlifl ,-vain of the country being Hucliaf tends materially to w oaken lb ounlUonua in that class of s onrltlrs. I tank shares iiave shown I, ss animation, and tin-chingei^ol tho post few works ham boeu unimportant. Tho decline in business nnd tho numerous failures and suspension* will have a tendency l? lessen the October dividends. Tile land and other speculative shares remain in nn Inactive state, with little apparent desire to move, either by the buyer or seller. The demand lor nmnoy is steadily increasing, ami the supply eq ally so; tliereare, thcioforo, little ov no changes to report. There are very few borrowers w'a> are in good ere lit, and such are readily accommodated on easy terms. Stock Exchange. h'Rjii.tY, August 30, 18(51. fSOOO l:3fl'S,'Hl,coup. 88 if 65 rus Medianics' L'k S3 :um do S8>4 tO Pheuix Bank... 80 21QOO Eb6*st'74,eoup. 7s? 60 do 81 gnot) 1.' S 6's. (5T.... 87>i 10 .Shoe Jk I.eathiBk. TH 40(g) Trea 12 pcu.. 101 20 Hanover liunk... 65 JWs'O 1 res Open,a!yr. OTTi 100 Clev & T.d do RR. 28% 7000 do V? 40 do 28S? 10000TeuwO's, '00... 43\ *i Pacific Mail .-id Co 7 SOU) do s7 18V 123 do 70 ISXO do 437J 40 do s30 75\' 100(0 do be 48'j 140 do 78 4 Itk'O Michigan ?"s... SOig 2i do 16\ 8000 111 Can bds, 80. 8?t 7- da 7?\ 1 1000 Virginia O's 64X W XYOsutral Tilt; 2000 do 64.X 880 do 73d, i 1IOCO X Corel ma 6 s.. bg at do *15 73 | fl'AX) do jlu 41 \ tOft Hudson River tilt 3d 5000 Mud s, WUSJK 4*t* lOfr'lxth Avenue UK. 118 1(KM> Mil.n-'Mdaft|N' l? dii 100 Mu ll Central RK. 41 \ 5nO California 7 s.. Id tOOIttt'eut RKsp.xllO Hi 1000 Bon lucky T7 HMnikChl U. 4IK 1000 N Y Con b*,'70 101 ftO do S30 CS!,' 1000 ErieRUSiu,'88 80>, ?0 do nw 06J, 1000 H id llir 3d m.. 70" "0 do uw U.r>;4' 1000 U Ills (J 8 pc he 02 M 460 do M 20C0 Pac RU 7'h. gilo H6 17j Chi It R Maud RR 41 liOOO 111 Con RK bds. 00 60 do 41',' M afcs UarelMOta'Bk 8S 200 da ?lo u 60 do 8224 Col & Xcuiu RK.. 74 SECOND BOA rtl). $6000 US 5's,'74..00U THJt? to shsPlio Mail PSCo 75,lj I 25000 Trou (J p c 2 yr. OT.'o 3 do 75,t4 10000 N Carolina 6's . 02 50 do ?30 75 1601-0 Ob ioO's, '08... no 50 NYork OiiRK... 727-,' 5000 MissourlG's.slO 41 'i 150 do .... nwk 72 5000 do 41>, 100 Harlem UK 10?k SWiO do 411, 11 llloh Coll KR 42 20o0 Mod's.issHS.IK 4(1loo CaPfc Chi UK. *30 05 0000Trnn 0'f, '90...* 4-rto do 5000 N lor (' n 2d in 102', 15 Chic ft Kk I'd Kit 41 Mate KrfoRR 21'; loo dp *60 40'., CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Klirn at. Auguat 00?(11' m Asiikn.?Tho market was '[''let. A sale of 25 bbls. jKarls was made at iff' 157 C. Pot? worn quiet at $5 25 UHK. voKirvKs.?Flour?Tho market oponed without sj-.lrit j hut ns the day advanced'tlio lnquh y became more active, aud prices closed rather llrmer. especially for common and medium grad s of State and Woe tern. Th<? sales pioted up about 2,300 bbls., closing within the following range of quotations ? Soi erllue Stale 84 20 a 4 50 I i UxtraSlat*.good tocbotoh 4 40 a 4 85 I Su|icrlU:e Western .. 4 '20 a 4 110 Common to cli?loe Weotern extra 4 40 a 8 60 ; Kxtrn fauada 4 40 a 7 50 Mixed t" -itraight Honthorn ft 00 a 5 7ft Straight In gon<l extra do ft 75 a 8 00 Choice extra family ami bi kers' biumis... 4 00 a 8 To l<ye flour 8 25 a 3 ftO Corn meal, .lerhey and lirindywine 2 80 a 8 20 ?Canadian floor was inactive, and sales limited to '200 a 300 bbls., reported at our tlgurca. Southern ilour whs in moderate demand, and Miles moderate. New wed in fuir req.esl I'ui- domestic ose. The sale- embraced about 1,200 bins., c'using within the range ef tho above quotations. Rye flour was heavy at nuntiil kms, while the sales em" braced about 20OhW?. Ora tuoal was unchanged. nind sales limited at oar quotations. Wheat ojwtvd v* Mb heaviness. but,owing to soiaa cimcosalwi iatroigbtg.a hotter inquiry prevailed.and pricos closed rather armor for soma grades, wlnlo priwj ware without change of moniolit. Tt'O sntea embi accd about 180,000 bushels at $1 25 a$l 2ft f 'r red Jersey; $1 IT for amber Michigan; 41 10 a $i 16 ftw red Wontsrn; $1 OS -i 41 t?l) for amber Iowa and Wisonnahi; Oftc. a $1 0< for Mllwat.kao clab; 00c. a $1 02 for Kncina spring, and 8Sc. a $1 for Chicago spring. Corn was hi good request, with sales of about 200.000 bushels, chiefly for shipment to Am tern ports. , and for ex|>ort,*l 48c. a 44c. far healed, 46c. a49c. for ! New England porta, and 4<c,c. a 48c. tor shipping lots of ; Western mixed. Rye wns llraa at, 8oc. for Mate. Outs were flritt und in fair demand, at 32c. a 33e. for Western, I ?nd 2;la. u 33 Wo. for Stxto. Cukum w:istirm. with rales of 1,422 baits or Rio at 141?c. tioTOTN.?'The market was exr.ited ami mere active. The falc? embrace^ about 2,500 a 3.000 ludes. Apart wit*, purchased by spinners hrtving.^ot'ertYD'ienl eontrncts, awl jwrt ou speculation. The market took a jump ami closed al lB*v;. a 20c. for middling uplands. Tho highest Ugure reached before in twenty-one year*. Vkkiuiitx.?ltatca favored sutppors, and engngorootrta to Brilish |>orts were h*=s active. To Liverpool .about 00.000 bushels corn and wheat were Qngrfpnl in tmiHe and ship's hugs al icim'1 . >J ''L-clpgitip a[ ,n?td6 Ogurc. Hour was at 3s. To I on don rate- TfarOoT ?IytPeod and engageU'eutj were To Glusgow fi.ftOO l>Tl#b?Ul of wheat wSrfeiigifcfln hi ship's bags at 11 i^d.. and 69 iihds. of tallow at 27s. Mr To Havre, 44.000 bushels of wheat were engaged in art jimerionn vessel at 24c., and 1,000 . bbis. Hour at l.i'.d, in sGlp> '"a**. A vessel was chartered for An! worn to load with about 30,000 bushels wheat at 13d. jliY.?We have no change to livtwd in prices, while the trade was conlined lo the wants of the pity, with u light shipping demand. Ikon was dull and nominal nt 21c. a 22c. for Scotch pig al C months. Moras-us?A small sale of 15 hhds Porto Rico was made at 32c. ' Nitu rhMiKs.?Kales of 000 bbis, Ko 1 rosin were made ' al $t?, I 200 >lo. e mmou r <462!*. Spirits were iusc i ' live : f 1 30 was bid ami $1 *0 asked. I'KovitdONs.?Perk?Th? market was steady, and tho doI Ruind fair. Kales oi 450 bbls. were made at $15 for mesa i and $10 for prune. lP -f was Arm, with sales of 100 bills. 1 at #10 a #11 25 for rej>a< ked mess, and at $12 a $13 50 for : extra. Reef hams wuro fjniet end nominal. Cot meats ; were steady, with pules r; u hhds. at 4?4'c. a 5c. for ! | shoulders, and al ft',c. a for hnnis. lard was firm, i I with salts of 220 bbls. aud tierces at Sc. a 91?c. ; tho lut i lor flRiiro f<.r i b?i< e ltios.?A kii!'' of 26 casks wan nicdo nt 6%'c. Prices i ranged from fl Vo. a 7c. sivaks wctb Ilrm and at tire, with sale# or 1,860 bbds. Culm. mostly within the range of 0><c n Wiiwkkt was steady, with sales oi 4&P bids, einto nnd Ohio wore roportod nt lO^'e. for tbo fornior and tT0. for the latter. Wool.?The market continues brisk for army cloth kinds and salrs have boon made of henry pare. U at full 'I7i? lot* embrace 160 bale* pulled at 27o. a33o.f | 411,000 |x>und* fleece at 28c. a 38c., cash; 200 bves Me,II ! tarranuan, 300 bulra (ia.'lfuroinn and 200 hales Chilian at I full rat/ a. Very ttno nnd vrrv cnarae kinds are totally ncjicctcdj and prices are merely uomtcuL ^ _ MHIFPIWQ. ' ST RAM WKKKLY~ 11KT \\T>.N NEW YORK ANU UVKR pool, lundmK utlil Diab.irkiiiK piuiaiiUKers at Quuvjim U)Wii, Ireland. The Llvwiwot, Now Y?rlc and Pblladal phin Stoamabip Company intend Ues|mU'hing Uioir Cut {towered C.ydu built iron Ktoamsbipa an follows:? t.TTY or WASHINGTON Saturday, AiiRuat? GLASGOW 8aturd?y, 8ept. t \.ll l v/r ?umaj , roji*. 11 unrt evoiy Saturday, ut noon, from pier 44 North river. RAI*S or SASSAGK. First cabin $75 ,-teorage $31 I o. to London 80 IXi. to 1/union 31 Do. to Paris 8ft IX). to l'aris 81 Do. to Hamburg 8ft I H>. to Hamburg 81 Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Bolter dam, Antwerp, &c., at equally low rates. Person* wishing to bring out their friends can hop tickets here at the following rates to New York:?From Liverpool or gueenstowu, First*Cabin,$76. $85 and $108 Steerage from Liverpool, $40. Kroin Queeu*town,$30. These steamers have suimrior accommodation* for pan sengers nnd carry experienced surgeons. They are built in water tight Iron sections, and havo patent tlreaiinihl lutein on bi ard. For further Information apply at the Company's olltoen. JOHN O..I>Ai.K, Agent, 16 Broadway, N. Y. STEAM FP.OM NEW YoltK TO LIVERPOOL.?'IW steamship GREAT EASTERN, having fullllled hor contract with the British government will sail fn in Now York for Liverpool Ou Saturday, October ft. RATKe OK fAHl AliX. In Orst cabin $>6 a $135, according to stateroom accommodation, alt ether privilege* being equal, lu third oahtu, from $dft to Srtts or (li st loss a;?rtme.its for famlltoa inaf be engaged by special arrangement. '1 he GREAT EASTERN wilt leave Liverpool on hor m? turn trip Tuiiiday, OctobtjrOT. Plan* of tlie bliio eau ho seen, and engagement* mad* for freight aud passage on application to ROWLAND It AiSPINWAlX, AgOnU, 54 uu I 55 South rtreot. The niunsn and north American royal mam, STEAMSHIPS. KROll NEW YORK T?) MVERVOOl.. Chief Cabin Passage $|:n Second Cabin Passage 74 KKOX BOSTON TO UVKHIMOI. Chief Cabin Passage 91X1 Second Cabin Paisag" M The m1iI|? from New York cull at Cork Hui bor. 1 he tiliijis l'rom Boston call at Halifax and Cork Harbor. PERSIA, ( uptaiu Judklui. AFRICA, Captain Shannon. ARABIA, Captain .1. Stone. CANADA, Captain J. laulch. ASIA, Capiuin K O. J a >tl. AMERICA,( 'apuin Hockley. AUSTRALASIAN, NT/OAK A, (*ptaln Moodla. CautuiuCnok. EUROPA, Captuln Anderson 8C0TIA (bow building) Th' io vessels carry a clear white light at masthead] given on starboard bow, red en port bow. A1 RICA, Shannon, leaven New York, Wednesday, Aug. 14 KCROPA, Anderson, " lies ton, Wednesday, Aug. 21 PERSIA, .ludkina, " New York, Wednesday, Aug. 28 CANADA, Moodie, " lAwton, Wednesday, Ho t. 4 ASlA.L'lt, " New York, Wednesday .Sept. II ARABIA, Stone, " Boston, Wednesday,Sept 18 AFRICA, Shannon, " New York, Wednesday,Sept 515 He."llm not secured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. The owners of those ships wlH not be accountable for Gold, Silver, Bullion, Specie, Jowelry, ProciiMi# Stones or JI' litis, unless lulls of lading arc signed thorefor, and the value thereof therein exj reased, l or freight or passage , appiy to k. i unaki', r^o. * i;owiU i' 1/foR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. . Ori Saturday, Sopt. 11. the United State* mail stoamar ARAGO, I). Lines, commander, Will Mi! from pier No. 117 North river, foot of Beach street, on Saturday. September 14, at hcou. Tliisteamship (unanrpiussed for safety ami comfort) liaa double oiigfuts under deck, enclosed by water tight compartments, which, besides other rw r, tcml, In the event of collision or a Uaodlug, to keep ue pmnpe free to work, Bad secure the safety of viasol xul pajss^gerii. For freight or passage nupty to SAMUEL M. FOX, OtO. MACMfittjQtg A Rente, No. 7 Broadway. The ateamer FULTON w ill gall October 12. THE NORTH GERMAN I.I.OYD'3 HTF-AMEFUP HRK men, H. Wee/els commander, carrying tlio Patted States mail, will sail Creju pier CO North river, foot of (humhers stieet, on SATURDAY, August 31, at 12 o'clock M., run BREMEN. VLV SOUTHAMPTON, ' taking passengers to IjONDON, HAVRE, HOUTHAMFTON AND ftRElOhs, at Abe following rules:? For the first cabin, $109: second cabin, $00; steerage, $S6. For freight or peeing" apply tn OKLRICHS A CO., 68 Broad street. STEAM TO HAMBURG, HitBK, I .ONI'ON AND Koulhampton. The Hamburg American Packet Company's iron stoaaishlp iKt 'I'O.siA, H.', commander, carrying the United States mail, will leave frotn pier 21 North river, foot of Fulton street, SATURDAY, Pept. 7, at noon, f'<r flamborg, via Southnmpton, Piking passengers fur Havre, I/indnn, Soiitlisinpten and H?mburg. First cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, tdfi. The steamers of this lino will laavo every alternate Saturday, carrying the United States mall. The steamship Hamraonia will succeed the Tout't.ia oa Septetob'r 21. C. U. rJOHARD A ROAM, * 161 Broadway. I,NOR I.IVERPOOT ?'TAl'SOOTT'S DINK.?SATIS AU' gust HI, the spletulid uhljsWM. F. STOKER. lying at pior 88 East rtve'r. l'.is..enters taken at b w rales. For passage or dra ts on any part of Great Britain ot Ireland apply on board or to TAltSOOTT k CO., 86 South street. 17KJR I !VKK!'i)(M.?OLD black 8TAR i.INK?Till'. . clipper nliip AMI LA1UK hauls into the s ream thin morning, at i o'c! >< k, and guts to a-a nt 11 precis. Iy. The K. Z.. sails September 4 I'll l'NI\ ERSE, S'plombir 10. V< r p.unago apply to WILLIAMS a. G'JION, No. 40 Fulton slreit. TJ10R IJVERJ'OOL?OLD BLACK STAR LINK?Tltt pocket ship K Z sails September 3, fmm pier 14 East rivr. lite Universe sails September lo. I'm s r.irers will b iken at lowest rates, on application to VVJIXIAMS & t.f.nv 40 Knit; tt street. T7K)K UVKERPOOI,?THE WORLD WIDE KNOWN X ' tipper Sliip jdtK.M 'NOUGHT, Cnptain Samuels, ockii iwledged to be the fastest vessel atlont. Positively sails September 10. For passu*!'- (reduced rules) apply on board, at pier No. B North river, or to P. M. DKMAREST, 40 South street. Cim-:.\r passage to i,i\t:kpooi^_tiy thk cei.e j lu atod psckol ship JEUIL THOMPSON", one of the fastest slops alloat-. This niagliiUccut ship made two \ o\ ages in succession this year m sixteen days. Sails September 3. Apply on board, tit 40 Past river, or 375 Pearl street. / Hi MAP PASSAGE TO LIVERPOOL H V 'niK MACK V' Hall l.tno of Packets.?'Tho clipper ship JAMES FOSTER. ,1a., sails on Monday. For passage apply on boorR, foot of Pecktnan street, tost river, or to JACOB WUEON] 108 South slreel. TfMRST .SIM'S POT LIVERPOOL ANT> I.ONrON ?ITIK X splenid KliPj. ALBERT(JAM. IT1N (pier in, Fan rivorV for I-iverpool.sails September 2. 'lhi oelebrntedalilpPI.YMOl'TH ROCK,for London, sails from pier 10 Hist river, September 3. Pns<wix"rs tnkeii at greatly roduced rates, ! For passage kc , apply to T1IOS. C. ltOCHE, 83 South St. riwaoomi link?liveuu-ooi. packms.?shitw .1 ITM. y. STOKER sails Monday, Sept 3; EMERALD ISLE, September 7, and (AY MANN EKING, September 14. Por passngo, at low rates, or for drafts, apply to TAPSCOTT Ac CO., 86 South street. XIJNIi FOuToNDON?SATIS AUGUST 31. TUB favorite packet ship VfCTORIA.. lying at pior 11 hast river: lias superior accommodations; p.tsaengors taken at low rutcs. For passage or I rafts oil itrlLaiu or Ireland, apply on board or to TAitCOTT k OU., U South street. EEOULAII STKAMKK LINK FOR ANTWARP, SKPTKMi bor 2!.?Tho now A 1 Belgian Htnamship (.ON(tltHt-S, Liming, 2,800 ions, 800 horse power, will bo despatched up above. For freight apply to W. K. Ht MM1LT, 76 H iver street, and for pasting% to H.M. WKHti, earner of Koade and Washington atroets. I7IOP. CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. . A llrst eluss steamer will leave New York on the 1st. Uili tiiitl 21st of each month, except when theac dates fall on SiuiUay, when the day of departure will be on Un Mond.av following. ' For freight or passage apply at the only onioe No. 6 Buwling&eJu. D. B. AUJCN, AgonL A U5TUALU.? KANGAROO LIST?FOR MELBOURNE. j\_ First retail. The magnifloeut Brst class aliip JACtf FROST 4,000 tone burthen, can Accommodate first and socond c1iop piipst ngers. Address or apply to MAiLLKR, I/lRD k KAU, 108 Wall street. I ton HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P. The British and Nurlh American royal mill steats! ship KAJINAK, (hpt. Lo Mosurior, will sail fur the above ' |Kirts, from tbc company's whsrf, Jersey City, on? I Saturday ScpUriberld Monday, October 14 I Monday November 11 I Passage money to Nassau I Passage money to Havana.. ! For freight or passage applv to K. t't'NARP, 4 Howling Rroen. LEGAL WOTICKS. IN CHANCERY?LKADAV VS. TRIMMER.?'WHEN A.-, John William Leaduin, formerly or 1 >rlil> rough, in . the county of L"ialor, surgeon, on or about Hip f>th <1ay of March, 1 hot, sailed as ship surgeon on hoard tho nhip Ucorao W* shin'.don, from Liverpool for New York, whero he arrived at the iattor eud of the month o? Ap li, 186a. The n ild John WUIIani Lcadam was paid ..iron his arrival at New York us aforesaid, and ho then informed (aptain Cummlng*, tho innater of the said shin that he was golna on to Philadelphia, hilt that he would ho back before the ship left New York. Ho was seen a day or two ulterward.t hv ftie or the officers of said ship In a street in Now York, eiii.-o which time ha ha? not been heard of. All iwraons who can furnish any information as to tho said .lohn William Leaikiin are requested to do so 10 nithor o< the undersigned, on or before th.' second day of November now next ensuing. Mated this thh dav of August, 1861. IUfc-(X>K A HINCKcl, 14 King street (Yhmhjry square), I/aidon, Plaintiff's c'ollcitorn 1 DYNWI At HARVFY, 91 Unouln1* Inn Meida, colli:;tors for defendant Trimmer.

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