Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 1, 1861 Page 3
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^ *hlp he bore a part Id the opening wen fa of the nt war in Cluaa. While there be obtained the tbaukr of Mr Qordoo Rremer for Ion eonduct at the capture of Ty ook-Uiw, iu January. 1641, ami wan preeeut with her MA)aaty'a plenipotentiary at a formal mooting held with the Chinese commissioner. flu the 'Jdtli of February following he took up Ida pontf ion in the moat gallant alt lo tn the act on which preceded lb? capture ol the forta of the bogtt Tlgrt*. and for hi" yadantry on that ocuaaiou had hie name most honorably merit luucd iu tho Admiral'* deapatches to thu Admiralty. Hit appoiuted Captain Mparmtenilont m lieutionl Imrkyaril in ItiAl, and in 1>'aambor ItaVJ, was selected oa one of tho lord* tJommlaaieuers of she Admiralty, which oflico he hold up to Fhbruary, 1IIAA, when he waa aelecled by tho It aid of Admiralty an iVimuaiider-in-i'blcf of the Htdtio Heel, iu the room 01 the late Admiral cir l'bar hut Napier. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Kati'kdat. Aiieust 31?a 1'. Vf. Her* was nothing new in money to-day. The anhaariptiomi to Uo- popular loan at the SubTMMury were in excess of a quarter of a uiiilion. foreign exchange cloned dull for the steamer of tn-day. Stocks contitjue very dull. At the board to-day Ike business done was very limited, and prices, as general rule, tended downward. Government stocks however were steady; the new coupon 6's sold at as yesterday. Tennessecs were % lower and Missouri* 3*; North Carolinas sold up to 3 again. Among the railway shares the most Mtive was Galena, which advanced % per cent; Bnck Island also rose but Toledo, Michigan Control and other Western shares were Yu lower. Hew York Central likewise fell off %. The market waa dull after the Uoard, and remained so throughout the day. There was no Hccond board, aa usual on Saturdays. The business of the Sub-Treasury * as aa follows to-day:? BaeeMs $1,148,004 29 ?KUr f uatoms 8,01 u 68 ?Treasury Notes 28*,8.'>n 00 anieut* 1,117,740 01 umk' 9,861.008 02 Che following table will compare the exports of fea acveu principal staple articles for the weelr? r- iwu. " \ / lout. - > Wtdt ending Aug. 30. Awitinl. ralue. Jmiuni Value. rttou.MiU;! 2,610 *102.805 24 $2,101 floor, bbls 66,720 284,820 60.870 884.232 Wo meal 720 2,462 3.614 0.730 Wheal 364,218 400,076 47.) 740 494.260 <m 10,610 9J16 6*4,788 314,868 Mf, bbls. and tcs.... 1.667 22.706 6S3 7 962 llrk 2,067 34,302 1.484 21:180 Vstal ?$917,771 $1,084,261 asrease of tb<> week up compared with that of I860 166,480 The following in a romparative atatemcnt of the aloe of exports from tbc commencement of the yaar to August 30:? I860. 1861. 1n<ntOM. Peer taw Won $7,327,741 0.4*11,332 2078,601 ? Floor 6.(10.100 0.384,664 2.0*4,404 ? Worn meal 170.943 216.420 30.486 ? Wboat 6.619,412 10,367,721 10.838,279 ? Corn 1,131.144 4.146,479 3,014.336 ? hel 12174,279 700.862 ? 604.417 fork 1.068,723 1,084,662 25,929 ? lbUI $21,998,372 41.360,039 10,966,084 604.417 InnrM*1** aa compared witb 1860 $19,361,667 lite Cincinnati Gazelle of Thursday says:? Tho competition between tho all rail via Albany, and by the Stoniugton line of propellers, still continues. Wo bilfcve first class goods have been carried and arc now on way from Boston to Cincinnati at 33c. and 60c. per htm rte read, and lii> connections, the profiler line, are <le tsraitned lo maintain a rail and water difference of 16c., i 80., 6e and 6c. on the four classes, white the Now York Central will not consent to the diltcrcucr, and hence the oatUng ef the rates. The result has boon, bo wc arc iuhiuwtt. that merchants who Intended purchadcg In Now York, have Rone lo Huston to procure their goods there, W M to avail themselves of the low rate of Ireight* from lhat point. Tlie probability Is, that unless rates are at Me restored from Hoe ton, of which there seems to be Utile chance, the rates front New York will altto come 4MB. The Chicago Trilnme ef Thursday thus notices 4m exchange market of that city:? There is a continual good demand for currency, and WhWh Is still soiree, and the market for Eastern exchange was dull and heavy at par to V per cent premium. in HBO cases it was rather a difficult matter lo sell ex change at par?so great was the pressure on the market. Cold Is still soaroe, and in demand at a y, per cent (Malum. Dm Boston Commercial Bulletin says:? the Suffolk Manufacturing Company, Lowell, divide 5 Mr sent for Septeinbor 1 against 8 per cent In March Isat. launrpgrated hi 1880?commenced operations in 1832? oapMal $800,000?drillings. The Tremont Mills, Ixiwell, pass their usual fcptembor dividend. Capital $800,000? haelhig* and shirtings. Whether the Lawrence Munti- | iaotarkiR Company. Lowell, will make a September divi4mA is not yet decided upon. Capital $1,600,800?print l tag sloths. sheetings, Ik. TkeWaiusutla Mills, New Bed wC, divide 4 per rent, payable next Monday, September Lie holders of 24th Instant. Commenced in 1840?capital t$M(Q8?sheetings, shirtings, jeans. Tbo Burn.* Cm light Oumpiny pays, September 2, Ms usual quarterly dividend ef per "rent, and tho same rate has h en paid segularly since September, 1861. Tho West Cambridge Mm light Company lias declared a dividend of $2 per Share, payable on demand to stockholders of 29th instant. Mil b 2 per rent, and the earnings are said to have been 4. 14 is the first dividend of the company, which was In sryarated in 1864. and in now firmly established and a gaau uusiucaa. Stock Kxch?B|t?. Satvrday, AnguM 81,1861. fWOO V 8 6'a,'81 coo 88* $2000(iaJ&tliiclatmK. 08 MOtO I86'i, Tll.rog 88 2000 LE&Wlstmtgbda 01 MM V 8 6V74, con 78* 10 aba Park Bulk... 87 8000 U 8 6's, "06.... 80 49 Del * Hud O Co.. 83 MM 111 eou bds, >77. 83 04 do 82* , MM Mieh 8 we?k ba 79* 160 Paciflc Mail SSCn. 76* . MOMTcnn 6'e, '90... 43* 100 do al6 76 MMO 4o 43 * 400 N Y Cen KB 72 V MM do bit 43* 60 do *00 72 MM do 43* 1250 ErieRRAsst scrip 70 MMt Virginia 6's.. 64* 60 Hudson R RR t?t 82* MM 4o alt 64 60 (to 82* MtON Carolina 6 s. 61 60 do 32V MM 4o 61* 100 Harlem RR 10* MOO do 61* 100 Mich Can KR slO 41* tOt 4o 62 60 do 41* MOtCMItoroka 7'a.. 76* 100 4o alO 41* MM PR7'e gui by Ma 36 60 111 Can RR sc s30 64 MOM Missouri 6'a.... 41* 146 Gal k Chi RR.... 66 1MM do $10 41 100 do s60 64* MOM 4o 41* 150 do 66* 4000 Mod's toll.VStJK 40 200 do 66 * MOON Y Centra. . 92 100 do a30 66* MOO Harlem 2m hila 00 160 Clove At Tol RR., 28* 4000 MicSoKkgfdbda 74 10OCUI 4 Rk I* RR.. 40* MMOhlcJiNW 1 mtg 38 200 do 40* MOtChflsftNW 2nitg 16 60 do alO 40* MM CtrAiTol skgfdba 73 100 do s80 40* The Dry Good a Trade. Ma kDowing la a comparative statement of Imports </ hratM dry goods at the port of Kew York for the week and akee January 1:? Mr ka Wr*k. I860. 1860. 1861. Miaul at port $2,811,247 3,145.320 494.126 drownoil market.. 2444,627 32117,600 1,014.906 HtM Jan. 1. Maradat port... 84.018,926 762)78,476 84,210.634 Ml a a on market. 84,880,297 70,111,643 31,076.878 By the above table it will be aaon that the dry goods tdwet at this port the past week wera trifling com" farad with tlio same pried witbin the last two years, fclle the amount thrown upon the market was less also, materially wmler that for the past anil the previous) ytwr. Ma aggregates since the 1st of January last have aa??:y hair, or less than the half, of the aggregates of two previous years. Of the gooile entered for con MfUn the past week woollens amounted to $182,093; wStou, to $32,849; silk, to $43,431; flax, to pa^ra, aud miscellaneous, to $12,238 Total, $311,187. As wtl ho perceived from the following table, the exports of cotton domestic goods were qufte limited the past wwk. Tiie advance in raw cotton producing an adwntt ki shirtings, sheetings and drills, tended to check ^arts? Baltx. Valw. My It 18 $1,690 BrWsh West Indies 4T 2,722 Onto so 2,7Go Hwtso 1 131 Mlal lie $7,143 frsvtuusiy re|iorl<*l 46.604 Saw Jauuury 1 48.020 The pros nt we* k hat witnessed eune mere activity t trade than was apparent last week. The bulk or Ms business doing is froin tho West and 1'roln aorchiuo'rs on government account. I*rlating cloths nave advanced about 0c. |>er yard, which, how aver, doer, not equal the ad canoe iu the price nt' Ilia raw material. Ilruwn sheetings aud shirtings, ss well as bleached gmsls, with drillings, were held at higher prices. Prints, with good stocks, remained more sia glonery than other donvstu; goods, Asa general rule, a margin of live or sit jier rout is allowed on salt s for c.tsh, and the custom ot d< outriding cieh is much more prevalent titan usual. The trade doing is in the liands of comC'alivcly tew houses, and they not hitherto of tiie ger class. Army cloths wore in good demand, and prices fully sustained. Maimfacturiiig contractors for wooUi n goods tended to sustain i lie market lor raw wool, ar for certain descriptions suited for the production of army goods. The clothiers were purchasing cassimeres and cloths to a fair extent for manufucturiug into winter ototbtng ,'.un irootls were eomnnrBtivelv oulef. and sates taking were itHslerale. In the absence of litnmrlnllous ef kaitorlance priees of staple and seasonable goods wern keM with firmness. The supplies of hoavy Kngllsh weoilen* were light. Desirable styles of Wrench silks were also (irmly hold, while sales were moderate, ^mall aaction sab's have been hold, but it is too early to look far no r emeu Is of importance amoaf bounce in that lute. * Receipts and Disbursements of tho Assistant Treasurer at New York for August. August 1, 1861, by balance $3,904,347 77 Kooelpla (lut ing lite mouth? Sis Units $178,4(11 34 P.nunt fits 4.0Q9 $5 Post Office Department 48 .806 l?l Ituun Treasury noli* 9,764,302 86 Miscellaneous 31,307 00 10,017.009 66 Total $13,921,614 32 Payments? treasury draft* $8,039,112 46 Post Ullice drafts 71.342 27 9 013.464 72 Balance August 31, 1861 $1,908,189 60 Balance, Or.. dwltursinc ace's..13.008.769 70 Receipts during the mouth.... 6,304,105 33 $8 6 OS 1'ayments 4.004,<M .'.9 Balance $3,663,093 44 Hiilimce, (>., interest ucc.<>uuts $128.0'.il AO Payment* 47,999 74 Balance $80,091 58 Receipts for cuatome In August, 1S61 178,491 34 Itcccijiui for customs iu August, IbOU 4,6X1,809 32 Decrease In August, 1801 $4/166,317 98 Balance f'r., bullion and expense account for Aasuy Office 160,018 66 Coiurec'd during the mouth...$7.6,''>9,11.63 67 Fiiiu bar* do. ... 293.60149 7,962,916 16 Total $8,118,933 71 ravtucnutii emu $7,622,570 21 Payments hue bars 2.81.158 75 7.821 728 90 Balance $297,204 75 Oiiti in hand iu Ass't Tr a office.$*,641.204 00 Com iu hand in Assay Office.. 1,044.306 30 10,685,608 90 Fine bars $28.529 62 Uupai teil bullion 202,618 00 Bullion at the tuiul tor consign. 8.074,365 00 3/106.907 52 Total $13,891,417 48 l.ees due depositors 6.039.809 47 Balance $8,851,608 0( Business of the United States Assay Office lit Mew York, lor August. Deposits of Cold:? foreign emus $1,848,000 Korean bullion ^ IIHI I,'in ted Slatua bullion (including Cat. Itr. Miul bars) 3,100 000 Total $4,050,000 Deposits of silver, Including purtluwes;? Kureigu nniua ......$152,000 Foreign bullion 30,000 United Stales bulhuu (contained in gold) 20,000 Do. do. (old coins) 12 000 lake Suixrior S.noo Waaboe 25,000 Total $333,000 Total deposits, payable in coins $5,343,600 00 Gold liars stamped 1,881 ,400 06 Transmitted to l". S. Mint, 1'bil., fen coinage..4,HGH,3iO 00 CITY COMMKIUIAI. It F. POUT. Sari khav, August 31?2 I*. N. FijOT*.?Tbe market,owu.g to light receipts with a de* mand to complete orders aiul cargoes, was firm and tolerably active, with sales of about 18,000 bids., closing at $4 30 a $4 86 for fair to choice and fancy extra State. Wheat?Spring v heal w.istlrm and Northwestern club was in good demand at yesterday's prior*. Tbe sales tooted up about 140.COO bushels. Ones was rather Armor, with anl'-s of stiout 160,000 bushels, rinsing at 48c. a 48>(r. a 4?<|. for shipping lots of Western mixed. l'owt was dull. Sales of 200 bids, were made at $15 for m'-ss, and at $10 for prime. Whiskey.?Sales of 300 bbls. were made at 17c. SHIPPING NEWS. r* aiaxi & V I nimi kirki mom 1 30 bin tin 6 33 ! uiuii watkr ere s 30 Port of New York, A tig u at 31, 1861, ajvvKj.u Ship E Z, Hodge*. Uveriaiol?fteraga A flu. Bhlp Victoria, Andrrtun, Itnuloti?E E Morion A WUey. fillip William Trll. Funrk, llarr'.?Bind * ltfn-ken. fillip Normandy, Tyler, Hai re- Boyil A 11 In. krn. Brit: Cnala Rlcn, IV. 1, Asplne-sP- -Pnnam i I:It On. Brig Echo (Br), Rue, Port an Prims"?Wiiwni A Common. Brie Rhoderlrk Dliu (Hi ), fuller, Harbor Orare, St'?B K Small. Brig John Geddaa, Douglas, fit .John, NB?J F Whitney A Co. Brig Minnlp Miller, White. MaraHllas?Monro A Henry. Brie K.elUh, fetPiaun, Cello?F Ta'.bol A Co. Brig M(intra, Phillip*. Rnatno- II T> Hismkiitnn A Co. Brig latum. Langth'.me, Kalmoiih?Broil. Hon A Co. Hah r Cordelia, Dunkirk, Havre?Tb,w Dunham. Bchr J F Karland. Idarnin, Montevideo?Merrill A Abbott. HoJir Molt Bedell. Krder, Alexandria?M'.ll Bedell A Co. ,7 A Parsons, Shaw, Wilmington, Del?J W McKee. fiehr M Roger*, Farren, Philadelphia?Master. ScJir 8 M Brognard, ChauipBn, lCgg Harbor?T O Benton A Bon?. I Mary Emma, Hrnderaon, Egg Tlarbor?T 0 Ran Ion A Bone, Bohr M Marry. DaTla, Dlrhton?'H fl Rvkett. Bchr J C Clayton, Cook, Oulala?J.-d k rye A Co. Brhr Mary. Boyd, L'lher?Johu Boynten A Bona. Behr Rio, Chandler,,mlh?Muster. Bchr Willow Harp, Hulae, Uoatoii?Master. Sehr Delaware, Maney, Boklon? Miiiirr. Rchr Mai In I.oui-a. , Providence?Miorter. Rchr Urn Tavlor, J.itien, rrovldener?Maaler. Sthr Win Butmarj, Sinnrt, Jtmigor? R 1' lluck k Co" RehrChatie. Mill*, Brlatol?L Kenny. Rchr Konauth, |>e?", Porlaintmtli?t? II Iu>wla Ruhr J Ibicerii. Worthlngtnn, Hartford? H 8 IlackrU. Sehr Klvxl, Hubble, Slumlord?U Minlnrd. Barge J A Stiiver, Adam*. ItslLMnO!*'?W Dai/ell. Klcamer Elizabeth. Fowler, Baltimore. Bteamei Clieaaprake, Ouwo.ll, Portland?H R Cromwell. Bleainer Novelty, S>*w?Philadelphia. Steamer New Turk, Haulet ?Philadelphia. ARKIVKH. Bblu Keanage (of Rao..), Rolduaon, Sagua. 90 daya. lo na* lar?1* at lower Quaituillnc. Brig E Drtimmowl, Codkut, Aj-pinwtili, Augiiel 2S, In bal aai, to ,1 K Joy. Augvi*t (1 00 mile* W or Oarihavana, aaw a henrt brig Biiftpowd In bo Uic Wln'brop; 17th, lot 21 2', Ion 84 B6, wan In campany with bark Carlota, Boll, from Aapinwall for Havana: no dale. Cape AuwdIo nE8 uiiiea, apoke U 8 teaniehtn Powhatan?ail well, cruizing inr the Suinter: 19th, lat 34 28. kin 82 IS, apwke hark Miiitmng. of Myatlr, from Haloro tor Tortug*f. 23d, lat 29 30, lan 89 88. paaeed a no utility of white pine, Kattern lumber, but a abort time In the water ; 26lh, lat 33, Ion 75 80. apoke brig B K llaaktiHi, of Hampden, from Havana fnr Boaton, all well?had all aalla furled, and repairing uutlnaail, which had had been aplit in a BE gale. Brig Hannah. MeEwnn, New London, In baBael. Brig Nahant, Stroot. New Haven or Philadelphia. Brhr Rambler ,Br), Htaaell, St John, NB, 11 daya, wUh lumber, to Jed Frre A Co. Rebr H Curila, Haakell, Llngao, CB, 13 days, with coal, to B F Small. Sehr Stranger, Hatha way. EHeabethoort for Cohaaaet Narrow*. SrhrTho* Vatigban, HaH, Rlizabetbporl for New lTaren. Sehr M A Hildr.-th, (Hover. Kllvjiiioihpmi for Provldrnca. Rchr Maria LouUa. Miner, Kln nbethport for liar:Sa d, . Sehr Snaitit, Rnaith, Kllralieibpon for Pavvtueket. Bohr New Qlobe, Tnrr. Iillaalietlipor for Ili-okport Rchr Fakir. Heath, Ell?al>ethnoH for New-port. Clia* L littler, MeCar, KIlMtbefliport ft* Bridgeport. Sehr Kldorado, Blndiell,, 5 day*. Rrhr J Reed, Steleon, Ototloeeter. ? dtiy*. Rchr Vintage, Coleman, Abate,. fur bobbin, Sehr D H Biiklwiti. (Hover, H eidtitrt for P-oaton. Sohr Aon S Salter, KWdi, Munhait-anviUr for Warebaui. Rchr J P Wallace. R:?ple?. Tutititon. 2 day*. Hclir J Tlukev. Thurotou. Provident*! Stthr Fowler (Br), Lake, Brolgepiirf, 2 day*. Sloop IV II Bower*, Brulhrrtou, Providence. Steamer Plantt (17 8 tran?|xirt), WlUon, Waatiicg'.on, In ballatd. ^ ^ KKiiwr rraiiKiin, umitniv. usumore. Steamer >!ur?. Nlcltels. riilliutelpMa. Steamer Ironsides. Vandeno", Phl)nrle1| bte. Steamer Concord. Norman, Philadelphia. Steamer Pelican, .lottca, rruyidcnre. Steamer Westchester, Jones, Provldenan. The ship Alexander Marshall, arrived lul ntohlfnirn IJverpool, bring 145 |te?sengers, and retsirut:?Aug 2. lai 44 0.4, l"n 13 <3, spoke ship Flora tlouttiard. hence for (llns^uw; Oth, Ut AS 13, Inn IT 8'i. alyiuiUind ship May QiiO'-n, lamnil E; mini rial, j aseed 1-aiK Three Rrotlii I .. leonid W; 6lh. lal IS 42, Ion 21 2tt. Nignnll/cd ship E*| res- , bound W: dth, lal irf)3G, Ion Ion 23, signalized ?hln Belle Creole, 'mm Llrerpoot lor SI John, KB: 21st, 1st 42. i in35 27, slcnslurd balk Ilanaon Gregory, henre for Cork; 24< b, .at 41 M, km dt 07, pawl ship Mercury, hence for Havre. BET-OW. Bark Jeverland (Brem), from Liverpool. Bark uttlllle (Rrym). from Br. nisi.. , Bark Atlania (iirrui), from Bremen. Hark Gtm Eden. Brig lien riot la. from ManraaO. HAILED. Steamships City Of Waeningtnn (Br), Liverpool 'and psssed the Battery at 12.20 PM); Bremei,, of anil for Brem-nj Columbia, Havana. West Point, Adelaide, and Lizzie Human (Br), Liverpool; barks Minima, Dublin, Tina.:#, Gal way; Washington Butcher, Marseilles; Gharles iBntni), Callah; Essex, Marseilles; Augusta i Br). Antwerp; 0 d lfoinittion, llaiana; brig* Emily Fisher, St Croix; lieu thinning, lluenos Aires; Uiitiimlng Bird, MurselUi n. Naiad iBn, Oleufnegus; (\mosee (Hp). Rio Grnuda; Gazelle Me?hod i Br), Gilo-altar; Andreas (Sue), Uiieenrtnwn; T M Maybew ,Br), Bermuda; peer lee. (Brj, do; A W Johtisioa. Llverpoui. KB; scfcr Maze, Londonderry. Wind during the day.NKW; fmeh. jtllscellit arOBi. Tbn Br s'eamotilp City of Washington. Onpl Binoks, sailed yesterday for Qneenstown and Llyerpool. Tlie Bremen steameiiip Bremen, Capt Wesaela, left yesterday fpr Southampton and Bremen. BomBti Btttn, Chase, from Kali River fo- Kevy York, re" 1111*11141 to poet 2-ih, hartng carried away her f nuiiast. A fatti.s. S. T1K was .epurled ashore on Richmond IslandMe, on ll.e 22th, by steamer New York, at Port; ml from Borton. Notice to Niirlners. rti/iT?ci'..?to isTKi s or ri sskLs tsn othkrs. Not.te* i* hereby Rlvi ri ihflt 'hn hv-lnw rrrenrjy made by thi* corporation tor eimmpiint; front compulsory j> lo-aaV shin* unvlijulIiik la ballat from nny port or p!u<-o in'no untied Klniidom to any >'h?*r purl or | in :n tho I r.ite.i Klinnlom within the pilo'.tre jm-imllctiou of hi - Hoard, dbe* not relieve mamer* of V'Mt!', employing linnqtpiijlied pilot* to take charge of thoir V(M?I?. from" the | "naltU'i Impomt I / fj? 375 abetiote of i hp Meieniint Hhlppiuc \ft, 1814; nor doet aitih by-law rell-tre unqualified nlloi* from the penalties ttu|H*e>l Irv the 1WI ? . lion ol ihe wtld Aot. Kv or '?r. p. H, BEKTHON, Secretary. Spolcen, ?Vc. RhlpQitrrn of th* iVh, Worthier, hunt Liverpool Juno 1 -! for Bombay. July a, 1st 11 S. Ion 24 W. Slilp M.tnllua, it raj, 22 dav* from Boston for Bombay, July Srt, lai .81 If. N, Ion 85 HI W. ' Miip Uuthvon, William*, Williams front Montreal for Liverpool, July 29, off Kaniierks. Bark M.irv d Louisa. Jones, from 8 i?ut,hai April 18 for Kew Voik, June3, >u Uasper burnt*. JEW YORK HERALD, SOT Foreign Ports. Ann*, July 51?In |o.ii>aik Hoivhreier, Ctouthan, une. Glodcutkh, Aug 14?Sui bark Oravdle, Crmkeli, Bermuda. lloxu Kuan. Juue 114?Sid ahip Margaret Kiiia, Jellereoi, Shanghai. Havana. Aug 24?In j'orl ?Mp? J s IUrTla, llarmon; Kiaint, Burn.; BaraSery, W.lner, and Jualnia Mauran, Millei. in, unc, bark* .St J((?, Horry. liiilloina.Olbbn ami Hamilton, llsriuun, unc, brlgaC (1 Kroat. llodkina.A A Chapman, Laurent. Ill pe. Sli.i|.a?u, And Ida Ku>ue?, Jerkina. unc; chra May, Smith; Sultan, Sutton, nud t'uamoiniluc, Gllley, unv and the recent arrlvala Kio Janiiio, July 2.V- In port barka Mnn.taniln, Farrall, fnrNYiuk, Cavalier, MoLend for Sandy Hook lor order?; ud nlhera SM 2dd, bark* Ells Virginia, Koeke. Baltimore, Flying Cloud, Clement*, do, iii balia.i, bri( I State, KoiweU, Kl Tboitia., do. Cld 23d, bulk Kedron, Kartell, Ual tlniore. St .Iouk NR. A a* 2V?Arr ahlpa Brlia Creole, Crowed, l.tverpool, Chicago, I tiAsr, London. Zanzibau. Jiiuc 13?Hid bark Kerala, Aahbt, Salem TO MozAmhinuia hf , American Ports. BOSTON. Aug*) AM --Arr whm Snoto, Macomber Rondool; Ko\al Oak, Hi-ium.ii. l*ort Ewen.J McCloakey, Baker, nd Albert, Parker, NYork. CM rhip?* Magellan, Putnam, NYork; Enoch Talbot, Merry ma it, do. to load tor Panama; burk Telegraph, Gilea, Riga; lahrs Boile (Br). Perry, Jeremte (Mecnml clearance, destination changed); Jarm*a Saiterihwalto, Maloy, s V W Simmon*, Godfrey ,J D McCarty, Smith; John lVinb*r, Jr. Doimaii, Mary Kiendmh, At wood, and BurroNr^C, Clark, Philadelphia, llendrltsA IJodaou, Lincoln, NYork. Slat?Arf (by tel) ateamer Kensington, Philadelphia; th I pt Speedwell, utui John A Albert, Liverpool; brig Maria Thereaa, Gibraltar. BALTIMOKK, Aug 29-Cld barka Amelia Oehrlm? (new, flBI totia). Haynie, Bordeaux; Indyiatrle (Brain)* Hlfaketi? Bremen; Conical, Allen, Cape Town, COH; brig Moiitma*-, Shutt, Bahta. Went to sea 2t>ih, ehip Washington B?H>th, Valparaiso. BRISTOL, Aug 2H ?Arr aehr Einellno K Potter, Bee be, Phjludc'phia; aloopn Oregon, Rhodes, and Fred Brown, Carr, NYork lor Provide new. FA LI- K1YKK. Aug 2ft-Arr achrcW P Wllliame, Rose, Philadelphia; J nation, Sheldon, and Thoa Wluatia, Davla. N York. Koiurned aehr Sea Bird, Chuae, having carried away foremast. HARTFORD. Aug.*)?Arr aohre Fred Hail, Ruaaell. Eh?abethport; John 1! oilman, Selsey, do. SUI ochre Sam Colt, Hllliard; K Bralnard. Chapman; C lladdeu, Furbea, and Dr w in it Powi n Mopcey, NYork. NEW BPHYPOUT. Aug 21V-Arr brig Frederick Eugene, Achorn, N York; achre Suratooa, AdanucKW Perry, Sumpat n, and Sully I) Charter, Charter, Philadelphia; Ueetleea, do. Sid m hr Samuel N Smith. Llaeum, NYork. NEWPORT, Au'j28-?Arr aeiira Superior, Koldneon, Rockkund lor Philadelphia; Allen H Brown. Haw a, Pro\ idenoe lot ?'??; Viola, Somera, do lor NYork; Elizabeth, Mayo. New York for Chatham; Governor, Cbaoe, Providence lor NYork; loop Van Keren, Lewia, do for Port Ewen (and aid AM *> h). 2Sth?Arr aloop Chief, Dirfee, FRIver for NYork. Bid erhr? Henry Gibbo, Sterling, JP Wallace, Meteor, Cltiten; ami other*. 2 I'M?In port bark Martha Anna, for Oiba, ldf; achre Cneaa, FrieitdMhip, Empire. V Barkelew, Gazelle,Cordelia Newklrk, Adeloo. NEW BEDFORD, Ana ?-Arr achr H 11 Wright, Ftoher, NBi uiihwb k, NJ. Sid 2Slh, bark Suhn A Robb (late of Fairhaven). of ami |"or Sag Harbor. PHILADELPHIA, AugIV)?Arr achr* Dirlgo, Cook, TTavana; Emily, Fowler, St George, Me; M G fjeonard, Leavitt, Sa'-o; Gretian. Abbott. Portland: R Stock ton. Van iM*mr fauktll 01<l*. Duulrrr, Lirerpeol; nclint Effort, Baker. Prondnice; .1 Rodger , Buekalon, do; Marietta, Keiw?n. Waahlngton, Man, Rodger*. Hrhlgerort, t'onn; Wbile Clonk. Ijenvitt, OloU'Sodei: I llinktey, Leant! und Marietta Tllton, Tilton, Boaton; N I W.vueti, t 'ooinhn, Porlhtml. N Pooler, Wlllard. ItoekporUH II Wlteeier, MeCluugh. lin, Hah m; T iloedtn, Wrlghtlngtod, Pal! Itlver. PORTLAND, Am; 211?Air brig A Taylor. Tulpey, Kti/a betlipm t Mil ? W liver, Mi D ilUe, anil Wtn r (larrlaon, t'orron. Philadelphia; Bedford, (lulllvrr; Ella, Marnlon, and llatnifhiil. Weniwoith, NYork. PROVIDENCE, Aug 29?Arr?teapt?r Wentcheater, Joneg, NYork; a'-hm Charier Dak, Butler, Alexandria; P'ottntaln, Rearee, NVork; aloopa lllenrl, Bruign, Port Ewen; Oregon, Khodt-a, NYork. Hid hrlg Champion MKay, for NYork; m br. lno, Cmwell, I'lilUail'-lpt.ln; Jabel 1, Wlille, llarvey, Kondout; Oeo F Brown. Jollne. d r. Nelly Blooratleld, Midline, Newark; I'ho-be Elizabeth, Smith, NVork; B W EldrlilRo, Snow, and Traminll, Bunoe. do. PAWTl'CKET, Aug 29? AtTarhra I' H Watson, llalloek, Rondnnt; M P Webb. Utiekinithani, Klliahethport; (loop Ve> loelty. P all, do. Rid Hoop D llolbrook, Qui k, Koiidoul. SAN FRANCISCO. Any d?Sid bark What Cheer, Kayinond, Kanagnwa; Htn, ahipt* Uutnsair, Wilbur, and Oonuliriho. Hand, Pnyel Sound; barka Druid (Br.i, Short, Bydnoy; Kat'ibeo (Bt I, Dudley, Geelong; ebr Oolden Stale, Viller, Tahiti:9th, alilp Caroline Tinker, C' tigdoo, t'ailuo. Chi 7lh, ghlps Dictator, t'ollllpa, Uong Kong; 8lh, llatkaway, Slave I. V, Melbourne- Casper, Andros. Calkin. SALEM,Aug 29?Arr aohr Ephralio A Anna, Thompson. Philadelphia. Old aelir Leoeadia, Small, NVork. Sid aehra Cora, and la'oradia. WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 21-Arr achr Allen lllddletou, Jr. Hippie, I'rortdenee. WISCASSET. Aug2S?Arraehr S It Pool, MePaddrn, New York. Sid ?eht Harriet Baker, Webber, N York. fkkson al.,. Avery healthy younu person who kxpecta to bo eiintlned the first week 1u September, win fuel graUd'ul to ivny lady who w ill adopt ber Infant from lis blrtli, ag alio defireg to return to Naples. Addmttg A. V. J., Nix 100 Herald olUce. Bi ff preps?harlem.?did mot receive your note ot Thargday,28d Annual, until veglerday, tberefure you w ill forgive me for not keeping the appolutment. At the plane whore you addreeaod mc ) oil will Q:id u utile directed "VXtingoline." WASHINGTON. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JAMFS HARRIS, ESQ., who was taken front the Island Hospital, Hlackwell'g laiiiud, May 3. In very deaf, about 60 yeai a old and lame. Any one knowing bis whnreabnuln will oonler a great favor by add reiki tig a note to William Honry, No. 38 Eighth avenue, New York city. INFORMATION WANTED?OF DANIEL W. McKAY, who hoe been abeeut alutte July, 1861. If any per aou or persona oau give any laftu nattiou of wborc be can be foimd they will confer u great, favor by rolling on the subscriber, joeepb Utblln, 433. East Houstou street. New York. IT IS NOT ALWAYS MAY.?WHEN DO YOU GO HAIX to Switzerland? Coroe und ece me. PIULADELJ'HIA BLAGkRIKI). XfOTICF.?THE SISTERS OF ANDREW NOLAN ARE XI requoeted to call at the office of CItOC'KKK. WOOD it f'O., 62 loath alnat, K. Y. NKW YORK.?HA.VK AR1UVKI) PROM WANHINGton. Urgent txmiucw alone deferred me. NEW YORK. NAMKIJiXS OR NAUGHT.?ON HROADW AY, CORNER Ninth street (picture onrner). to day (Sunday), at 3 o'cltxt and tomorrow bwimj tluie. j'ruy m me. so bwect. WHJ, THE^iutDY FROM IjONGIHIANU. WHO R? cognized a gentleman, whose name she knows, in R<?'kman street yesterday about one o'clock, make Lis further acquaintance by addressing U., box 120 Herald office. "LOST AKI> FtHlNIl. B' oo I/WT.?FIVE DOIJJIRS REWARD?I.tKST YKSlorduy morning, m<ar Wushinglon market, a small white French dog; wliitc curly liair; whoever will return ttamc to the owner. Mr. Gilbert, 02 Wail street or 17 Eighth strnet, Hoboke.n, receive the uImjvo reward. I' OCT?LAST WEEK, IN GOING DOWN BROADWAY J in a Hroadwity and Forly-aecond strnet stage. a gold Uiao> let, marked M. J.. H. A liberal reward will be paid on returning it to G. 0. lvimb, No. 6 Albion plaee, or 414 Fourth street, near Second avenue. Lost?a shipping receipt bo?)k, on monuay, August 2d. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving It with Peter Kko it Go., No. 1 None etreel. t (err i.wr iv tiiv riniK ov titv numw. I ? ...... .J ... ? ?? * "U OAK rjo TTA1J J J J ?iii Saturday, Aagust !M, from < .1irtal?ph?r street ferry to Iloboknn, a Hebrew Prayer Hook, The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the tore, 7U and ft 1 l?ouard street, or with the lady, at 11 BkHimdeM place, Hnlxikea. Lost?on Friday koon, in going down third avenue from Twenty fourth street, a gold Thimble, with ihi lady's name in full on It: alec initial* ol' J. U. f. The ttmier will hi- Dboralty nmurind. It being a keepsake of a friend whom dead, and receive the thanks of the owner, l(y leaving It ai Nichols' Hotel. corner Twenty fourth Rlr?"i and Tlilril uvonne. RKHVIIUK. (tor Ki.WARD.?8TKAYSD Hum MR!BOSK, WIMT HP*./ Chester county, a Virgo blatk Newfoundland Hog. Tho above reward will bo paid for hb; return lo k7 Bowery. dj?1 A REWARD?IOST. AUGUST 31, OFF STKAMp) l v boat Goorge law, one Trunk, one Valise, one Coat; trunk marked W. W. lit., valine marked It. D. &, coulaiuing u lot of books and ulot.hing. Auy one leaving the some at Xbrwin & Bray'it, M Broadway, will receive the above reward, and no questions asked. (ttjl r REWARD BTOl.EN, ON THURSDAY MORNiJpXO iu?. August 'Jit, Wl, a bav Iforse, about tilby n hands high. seven years old; a white afiot in the fore head, a ecar ationt tue size of a quarter of a dollar on the left sale of the n.vk, the mane ia won* off with a collar, a few gray hairs wheie lie- collar mia.*. a short switch tali,with a little giay hall on the end. KKI.rON RANI), Syoeset, Queens Co., I.. I. (tol A A REWARD.?I/JBT OR FTOIJIN, ON Tin'RS. JpXUU day night, lU.: Stth !nsl., about 0 o'dnk, wliiie standing on the front plutfornt of a Third avenue car on the down trip, a double cased gold Watch, having two acta of movements, Jergivton make; the outside rare has engraved on the t>a?k the full name j. C. H., with date of month and year. It being a prized relic of a de ceased friend I will pay the above reward, and a-k no questions wl..never. Address Mr. II., station A, Sin lit# street Post ofllcn. dh-l AA P.KWARI>.?1/fT, TORINO MIK EXITFEi[J) l v/'J mi nt <4 the Are m 40'i KotirlJt street, August lit, an enamelled diamond chased lllug. Tin- altove reward Will he paid on 1 Having the rin?; with J. W. BOUIXJN, HI Walker street. Til M KIKKWKX. FRIENT?nP HOOK AND LADMOt COMPANY NO. 12.--The members of litis oompauy are hereby notitled thut the regular monthly meeting will he held on

Monday evening, 21 I list., at I'ulnam Hall, corner of 1'itird avenue and Twelf th street. By order. JAMK8H. BRADY, decretory. MX PIIKSSKS. IJIXPRHW- HI KNHAJM'ti H RNITUHE i M R1SB AMI i Kurnlturo Parking Ket.sMi.-hin(nt,"li:i We-i K1 -,e-itli i ireel, between Kdllt .ut'l sixth avenues: Honsoh-dd Kur niturc boxed and shipped; furniture moved to th- conn try. Hiocaye for fnrtiit-iru. Pianofortes, Paintings and Statuary carefully meted. J^VUKNPP OK SOUi|nits. Hend everything Kor soldiers by HAKNUKN'R KXPlUfiSS, (The olden KxprWw), 74 Brood way. Tltey ehargc only AUUr HATHA rDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 186] POLITIC A rpilK MAYORALTY ?AT A LARGE AND NUMEROUS X meeting of the cltlauM of tin- Twentieth ward, ln-M on Thursday evening last, W. F. Cary wits called to lire chair, and James F. Reynolds appotntod secretary. The President on taking the chair remarked tliat ho undorstood the object of the meeting wnu to select a preference fur the Mayoralty, to be voted for at ibo coming full election; whereupon, on motion, a committee of three was appointed to rcpurl a gtiilsblu candidate 'Ibo committee, on coming in reported as follows, which wns carried unanimously? Wboreas, Tho history of the past has clearly demonstrated Ihut men and principles are the only saioguard U) perpetual liberty, prosjierity uud equal rights,and not men without prlnciplos, but principles without ureu; therefore, Resolved, 'lhat In Jolm Kerr we recognise a gentleman, a patriot, u man of Intellectual and pecuniary worth; one placed ut>ove the sordid avaricious politicians of the day, and in whom the Kinpire city may place ita confidence and trust, aud that we rocommeud cverv voter to auuiiorLhun as a ill and proper candidate fur Mayor, well worthy and ouly seed ad to bo tried. W. t. CAKY, President. JamssF. Rbymolm, Secretary. 7Til WARD -THE FOLLOWING TICKET HAVING RFceived a majority of vulva wu* duly elected.?For delegate* to Fourth Assembly District Convention, Edward J Sbaiulley, -lames Keuuody, James M. Ilalley, John McDerniott. For delegates U> Eighth Assembly District Convention, William Ely, Tliomaa Waters. George J. Brown, Richard K minions, Daniel MeGnrvev, Wui. WM. DOUGHERTY.) JOSE!'11 IHH.iltS, y Inspector*. JOHN FORD. j STH WARD ?AT A PRIMARY K1J-CTION HELD AT No. 90 Charlton street, on Saturday evening, August at. 18dl, between the hour* of ti ami 8 o'i lock, iu purnusnce of the recommendation of the Democratic Republican General Committee of Tamiugliy Hall, we the *ub ncrlbers, inapeetorsof election, certify that the following ticket was elected ? For delr-aie* to Third A seem lily district, to meet at lanrd's Fifth Ward Hotel, on Monday, Reptemher 2,1MI, at 12 o'clock M ? Jolui H. ll.uscldcu, Without Delatualur, Dr. Patrick Nolan, Peter A. Crawford. For delegates to Fifth Atuu-inhly district, to meet at the Adriatic, corner of Iludnon and Harrow streets, on Moil day, September 2. lUfll, at 12 o'clock M.?Bernard Cavanah, Woolsey H. lamb, Henry While, John Dowd, JosopU F. Rodger*. ISAAC ROBINSON,) Inspectors WNRY OIJVKK, V of JAMBA PURCKLL.J ElectionI 4.T1I WARD ON DECK ?AT THK PRIMARY KIJOC J lion Held at tho Crystal,228 Grand street, in pursuance to the call of the Democratic Republican General Committee ef Tammany Hall, to elect delegate* to Kyra custf, the following tick -t was WnlmOttSljr elected, vi/.:? For Delegates to th - Sialb Assembly District Couveu lion?William .1. Ooey. John Fogarty, Joseph Hntton, George Iiolieulihuin, Patrick Yatuu-y, Tboiuas McUaire, Frederic lltirns. I Fourth Ajweuibv District?Nicholas W. Mooney, John Dallou. JOHN CAVA N At ill, ) FREDERICK J. HYUVF, ^Inspectors. WCHOMB W. MOONKY, ) 1 /*1I1 WAR1'. NINTH AS-iKMBl.Y DISTRICT.?AT A JLv) primary oloctiou hold at M. Halplu's, corner of Seventeenth street uud Ninth avoun c, on Saturday even iug, Annual 31, lHltl, pursuant to it rail of thu IHm.icralie Republican General Committee. at Tainmany llall, for delegates to tins convention at Syracuse, Uio follow inn ticket was unanimously elected:? I lelegules to Syracuse?I lav id V. Freeman, Jaai'tt Watson. AHcruates?Nathaniel Jar via, Jr. ,8. T. Munson. IHOMA^ H WII.I.IAMS,) Wll J JAM WHITH, } ln?|?atora. WUJJAM MORRISON. J 6)1 ST WARD.?"TBI UNION MUST AND BR PRBW L served "?At u primary election li' ld at Cutter's, corner of Secouil avenue and Thirty fouilli street, on Saturday evening, Auburn 31, 1H61,iupur niaiicr of the call of tho I leinocrntic Republican Hcneral Qiinuilttee of Tammany llall, the following ticket was duly elocloil: For delegates to the State Convention?Richard B. Coonolly, Samuel I.. M. Barlow. For Alternates?A. V. Stout, Patrick McKlroy. Mlt'HAKI. COTTER, 1 JOHN M. TRACY, !- Inspectors. JOHN HKKBI.NU, J THE WAR. Assistant quartermaster's office, no. 7 nowi, ins Green, New York, August 31,1801. healed pro|*wals will bo reoelvod at tlim olllce until 10 o'clock Wediuxiday, the 4th of September, 1881, for furnishing the United Btatcs with four hundred uul tlily <400) Pauline. The Paulina to be 10x1)0 feet, made of the beet No. a Vaoliji Pin k, with good strong eyelet holes all around, about 22 inches apart, and to be completed by the 26th day of Sopteinlmr, 1881. l'ro)wea!a to be endorsed "Proposals for furbishing Paulina," and addressed to undersigned. R. SAXTOM, Qtptain and Assistant Quartermaster United States Army. Am Mil I COMPETENT HANI M XtiTF.K WANlR.i?FOR a regiment now at Washington. None need apply uui' .ss qualified to tbe task; he in to recruit his own men immediately. Apply at Parmelee'a fruit store,686 Broad way. C1ITY C.UARU SKA COAtfr ARTn.T.ERY.?THIS ORGANj 1 nation will hold an election of ofltti rs on next Wednesday evening, September 4, at 8 o'clock. A Captain and two I teiitenanln will be elected to ouch of the companion. The Committee will be at the armory, 034 Broadway, overy evening previous to the 4th of Beptembor, to arrange the men In companies. All who have aliened the rolls are requested to come sp promptly for thia purpose, In order that tic re desiring It may be enrolled In the Mime c< m winy. Hcresltcr Monday and Thursday evenings will be devoted to instruct ion In heavy artillery, aud every evening in the week recruits will be Instructed in the school of the soldier, In ilttTereut small squads, according to their proficiency. Recruits are being received daily. Ea.lyap plication must be made by any persons sllll desiring to join, at the armory, 064 Broadway. from 8 to KM'. M. mm till i-. liitVtfiN, Chairman of Committor on Enrollment. Rbuanim Ciirxtt, Bocretary. PATENT ARMY CAMP COT-JULY 23. lSfll?WMCilT less than eight iionnds; fjlda up iu a bag two feot long, requires no mattress- price $6. Officers and t irgcnu-i In the army aro Invited to inspect them. Orders erirlotdrig the amount will moot wKli prompt attention. Oflloe 429 Broadway, N. Y., and M. H. STEVENS & CO., Brown's Hotel, Washington, D. C. Agents wanted at all military nncuinpments. WANTFD-A MITJTARY OVERCOAT, SUITABLE FOR an ollloer; it must be at a very low price. Address A. 8. H., Herald office. ElCDIUlONIi. C1UEAP EXCURSION TO CAMPo ON STATKN ISLAND- J Furo t i oents by Slaten Inland ferry, foot of Whitebull street, between the battery and Smith ferry. Cuidn h>camps:?To reach regiments of New York Rifles, British VolnnoairH, Mechanics and Art trims' Empire Zouave*, and Yates Rifles, all st Camp Washington; Scott Rifles and Ira Harris Guard tavalry, at Silver Inkv; Third Irish . Volunteers, at Camp Carrigon, Old Qitarsntlne Crouud, and Cainvron light liil'autry, at Carap Morrison?have steamboat at first binding. Boats leave every hour from fl A. M. to 7 P. M. On tec Sundays every half hour to 7 r. M. CfHilKFJ) FOLKS' CAMP MEKTUW. KOCKAWAV Beach.?The steamboat MAY QUEEN will mako daily trips, commencing Friday, 30th Inst., leaving Cuba rine slip at 8 A. M., Spring street. North river, 8 30, and Pier No. 4 North rlvor, at 0 'clock. KeturhlDg, leavbig Kockaway at 4 P. m. RKOULAK BOAT TO THE F'ISIIINO BANKS. Furo 00 cents. Steamer CKOTON, Capt. Dumont, U-ave* Tenth street, Fi. K., 7:16; l'oclc slip, 7:46. Leave* Spring street, K. K., 8:10; pier No. 4, b A. M. Leaves the Banks, 2,30 P. M. K. B After this dale the following landings will he ?Mcoiii.inunu:?nrooine street, isrongiyii ana Thirtieth glroel. August 29. * STK AM BOATS. CtON'KT WJIKD KKHRV, LANDS AT FORT" IIAMIL ) urn.?The NAU8HON leave* West Tenth street at !)!?, 12(4 ami 8)4 o'clock; Sp.-ing street at 9)4, 12)4 uml 8)4; Jay street ?t 0*4,12)4 and 3X; P'T No. 4 North river at 10,1 and 4. Fare, with return tickets, 25 rente. Day hoat for airany and troy.?the new uii4 fa?t steamboat, llANIFI. DREW leaves Jay street uti Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, at 7 A. M.. calling at Thirtieth street. Excursion tickets to bo had <ai hoard. MORNINti I.TNE FOR PEEKSKILL.?THE AURORA leaven daily at 8 A. M. (Sundays 7)4), landing at West Tenth and 'Thirtieth streets, Venters. Hastings, I'ubhs' Forry, Tarry town, Sing fling. Haversirtw, Oraesy Point and Verplank's. Returning, leaves lVckakill at 2 P. M. ON SUNDAY, KIlITKMBKR 1.?FOR NEWARK, FARE 13 rents, and liergen Point, Tare 10 ouuls. Steamer THOMAS P. WAY leaves pier 20, North river, foot of Dry street,at 10)4 A.M. and4)4 P. M. leaves Newark at IH?oi 7)4 P. M. QTKAMKU LONfl TSI.AND LEAVER JAMES RIJP EV13tY tj day, Sunday* excuptod, at 8)4 P. M., for Northporl. making the intermediate landings. leaves Northporl at OA. M. Fare to Olen Cove, 20 cents; to Great Nock and Sand's Point, 10 renls. Freight to Great Nock, Sand's Point, and (rlnti Cove at half the usual rules. SUNDAY BOAT FOR WE-T POINT, COLD SPUING, Cornwall und Now bug, fan- M ccnta, sxeurstew tickets 7o2 cents.?Steamer I1ROADWAY leaves pier foot of Js> street every Sunday morning ut 7 o'clock, landing at Amos street,Thirtieth street, Yonkerg, Hastings, Dobbs' Forrv, Tarry town, King Sing and Haverrtraw.' Returning will leave New burg at 2 o'clock, Slug Sing at 4 o'clock, Yunkciv at4 .HI. SUNDAY If.MY FOR KKYPORT, BY TliK OUTSIDK route.?The commodious an<1 \v !1 known si. aniboat KKYIUItT will leave Robinson struct pier on Sunday, September I, at 9 o'clock A. M., landing at Fort Hamilton and Chfl'wood each way. Re i urn log, leave Keyport at :i r. M.. Fort Hamilton :il. 4 '4 , and arrive in the oil) liy 6 o'clock. l'arsona desirous of an opportunity of view im; the fortlflraiions of the lutrhor, Including Fort l.ofayelte, Nnudy iiook, Highland! of Navestnk and the At luetic mii. will Hurt this a good opportunity. Faro to Ret port 33 cents; Fort Hamilton, ia cents. Ftcuraion tkk Is to Keyport :ind back, 40 cunts. rnHOMAS K. ntflAE AND THOMAS HUNT AV11J. 1 leave Spring street for Fort I/h1, slopping at <iutteuburg. Hull's f erry and Pleasant Valley. Spring street. New York,9:1)0,10, 11)9,31'. M., 3,6 and 7 30. L SALES AT AVCTIOIf. a Mantra salt. J\. Au Extraordinary Opportunity for Housekeepers and the Trade. Over till ,000 worth of rii'h ami costly Household Furniture, To morrow (Monday) morning,at 11 o'clock precisely, Comprising the beautiful aud costly furuilure coulamed In Iho large dwelling house, 152 West Twenty Oral streot, near Hcveuih avenue. The whole for absolute aud per emplory sale, ruin or shine, consisting of English Velvet and Tapestry Carpets, elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture, In sulls, comprising thren full suits, richly curved, all of which aro covered in rich silk brocade, ami of the best description; rosewood ('outre and 1'ier Tallica. Turkish Chairs, in blue and gold sunn and lnonuct; lamosk mid laco Curtains; velvet and Turkish Lounges, Mantel and pier Mirrors, flue rosewood Ktcgeres, rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel Vases, Bisque ttgi/res, artistic Urouxss, 1'arlor Ornaments, Ac. Elt-gaul seven octave Pianoforte, Music Cabinet, Riool and Cover; Elegant Bureaus, Bedsteads, twelve Hair Mattresses, Chuinber Suits, In rosewood; bronze Clocks, spring seat Chairs, Mirrors, He-Is and Bedding, oak Extension Tahln, two Sofa Bedsteads, rich Cut Olajia of every description, Silverware, Korki, Spoons, Costers, Ice Pitchers, Urns, Tea Service, marble top Buffet, Oilcloth, rich ChauiUK Iters, Ac. Solo positive, rain or shine. R. W. WKSrcorr, Auctioneer. AD. CAUlJtlNS, AUCTION DDL e MolMOAOK SALE. Rich and costly Household Furniture, Elegunt rosewood Plaooforto, Rosewood Parlor Suit, in brocatel. Valuable ramtinga, Artistic. Bronzes, Marble < roups, Ac. Monday. September 2, at the elegant private residence ?20 West Fourteenth street, uear Eighth avenue, Commencing ul 10 o'clock. The sale comprises the entire contents of the house. The elcgittit Parlor Furniture was mode to order and is lu , solid rosewood. The wh"le will be sold to lliu highest bidder for easli, oilering extra Inducements to purchasers, as the entire furnituro of the house is new, having all been uuido within six months. Klegmil rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, with al modern improvements, overstrung bass, Ate.., Cost $000; rich rosewood Stool, covered in satin and embroidered Cover; three elegant full suits of rosewood I'arlor Furniture, In rich brocade and satin; rosewood Fingered, splendid and costly Parian Ornaments, rich Vases, Ate.; also, a magnitlcj-nl collection of rare Paintings, rosewood Turkish Easy Chairs, iu flue reps; rosewood Ceutre and Ride marlile top Tuldes, richly carved. Oiambor Suits, in rosewood and maliogany; Bureaus, carved Bedsteads, Wusbstnnds, Sofa Bods, In line haircloth; ten pure liolr Mattresses, from 40 to 60 pounds, mada to order and In excellent condition. Dining Room Furniture consists of tine oak Extension Tnhlo, Silverware, rich China, Ivory and Silver Cutlery, Forks,Spoons, Ac., with heavy cut and en?av*d (jlass ware of every desrriptii n. Bale positive, by virtue of chnttai mortgage. A MORTIMER GRIFFIN v CO., AUCTIONEERS, a Elegant first elms Hot -hold Furniture, Pianoforte*, Paintings, Statuary, Bronzes, Ac, Tlie property of a r.unily declining housekeeping. To morrow (Monday), at the p ivate residence of Abraham Vanderpool, Esq., 48 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, sale commencing at 10,'j o'clock, t utalogu. s at tlio bouse. Draw tug rooms?solid rosewood Drawing Room Suits, covered with broratel; Etegercs, Bookcases, Centre Tables, Velvet Carpets. Chandeliers, Candeiahras, Paintinns, Clocks, Mirrors, Embroidered Ijico Curtains, magnificent 7 octave rosowood I'lanoforte,Stool,Cover,Canterbury, rose woo I and mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads. Wardrobos, Hair Mattresses, Feat Iter Beds, Itlaukcts. Counter panes, bheets, HoIsUth, Pillows, iSof is, Rockers, Ciuiirs, Tallin*,Sldeb ard,Cabinets,Curtains,('online*.Shade i, Ingrain Chrpet*. also Furuiluro of servants' apartment* ;a>*? Basement and Kilciieu Furniture, with which sale will comuienco. Sale peremptory. Auction notice.?an extraordinary oppor tuiuly for boarding and liousekoepers. All Um el* gatit Hoeselsdd Furniture of a large first class boarding house, 128 Waver ley p'aoe, east ot Sixth avenue, will be sold at public auction oi Moaduy, September 2, at 10 S, o'clock precisely, consisting of a solid rosewood Parlor Salt, covered In crimson and uiaroon brocatel; rosewood Ktugere. Pier atrl Centre Tabl.*,Bedsteads,Bureaus, Was! is lands. (Xirtains, Shades, 111. i or*' Paintings, l/tunge*, Chairs, Sofa Beds, Rockers, Mat tresses, Bedding, lki.slo. 8, Pillows. Brtism ls and Iugrain Cur|MUR, Ac. Also a solid black walnut Extension Table, Blurs and China Warn, Ftu ks, Spoons, llusters, Ac.: OiIckilbs, Cliainleliei s .Clis ks, Ac. All of this furniture iina been used only sinco last Hay, and is In very good condition. vnvvr it ipr A Auction notice?by virtue ok a chattel mortgage, I will noil, on Hominy, 2d of September, at 10 o'clock, the whole of tin* Furniture in tliu house No. Hi lieu wick street, near Hudson huuvi. viz:?Tai lor Bulls, large gilt Mirrors, lino Paintings, Ac.; mainiguny Bureaus, Sofas, Lounges, marble top Wusb.stauds Hiilot Bets, liulr and spring Mai ironies, flue imh and Budding. Brussels ami lugrain Carpels; also Crockery, Cutlery, Glussware, Ac. I). HUKKE, Auctioneer. J. AlJlHKliljN, AUuiney lor Mortgagee. Auction.?brown * nichols will skij,, on Tuesday, September 3, at one o'clock, in trout of salesrooms,3A Nassau sired, n pair of |iony built 11 u:k Horses, six yuan old. 14cj bunds high, warranted no ,ml, kind mid emtio In all harness; gcol, prompt driven. The wner having no further use for thrm will be sold with utreserve. Auction kale ok ready made ci>othino, ao? A. H. CRI.>TAl?AR,ai;ctionoer, will poll, on Holiday Si pa-nifu r 2, ut 10 o'clock, at 23 Bnwory, a large and general assortment of Reasonable Clothing, comprising oioth, ouaplmnre, pilot and ]HiUTRham Frank,, Husluomr and Overcoats; doeskin, cloth,oasstuiere and satinet Punts, silk, Rutin, velvet and cloth Vests. Also Cloths, Cnusiiueres, PllotB,Trimmings, Buttons, Boots and Shoes, Dry Ooods, Ac., Ac. Also a lot of gutlu pcrcha nothing, comprising Coals, Pants, Aprons, Hats and Caps, Horse Covers, Saddle Butts, Ac. ASSIGNEE'S SA1.K Ji'HN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER. JOHN LLOYD A HONS will sell, on Thursday, Septeuiber 488 Canal street, ?t \0% o'clock, tho entire Stock of the W holt-Kile Licking Class ami Tlcture Kramo I Maii'rt'acu/i y. 'Tlie Stock consists of French I'luU' MBrnrs, locking Glasses, Oil Pulntinint and Engravings; u'ao a large lot of gilt, mahogany, blark walnut and rosewood Frames, Work Benches, (J*? Fixtures,oiUee Desks.Chairs, large Iron Safe, made by Herring; Horse, Carl and Harness. WW be sold at 12 o'clock Sate jiosnive, rsln or chine. The trado will do well to utlend. By order of 1. D. groan**, Assignee. Henrv green, auctioneer.?on monday. pep leniber 2, at 10 o'clock, at the auction store, 101 William stroet, a quantity of Groceries, Wines and laquors, the contents of a grocery store; 50,000 Began,, Ac. Also at 12 u'clock, A ipiantlty of fashionable Ready Made Clothing. Dry aud Funay floods, Yankee Notions, six Gold nnd Silver Waiokep, Ac. JIN TltA VFliV, AUCTIONEEil?-tll'Hi.'K 1TO CHAIIIAM s siroet, will sell, by virtue of a chattel mortgige, on Monday, the 2d Inst., at 11 o'clock, the eon loam of atone yard No. 428 West Twwity.lit'lh Htrcs't, through to West Twenty sixth street; Flagging, Curbing, Coping Stone, Sills, Stops, two frock llorses. one pony horv Track, two Hand 'Trucks, two Carts, light Wagon and Harness, Truck and Cart, Harness, two board Sheds, Wagon Horses. nnd all other Stock iuk! Fixtures fn said yard JOHN C. PERRY, Attorney for Mortgagee. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?OK MEN AND WOMEN'S Wearing A|>|>arel, Jewelry, Watches, kr. A. m. GKrwrAlAR, auctioneer, 28 Bowery, will sell on Tuesday, Kept. 3, at o'clock. Silk, Merino and Calico Dresses; Silk, Crape and other Shawls: Remnants Silks: also ('< a s. Boats and Vests, Watches and Jewelry, Ac. lly order of M McOaho, Pawnbroker. P" awnroker'KKAI.e.?b. I>.VY,Tl)ctfonotjl ,n07w Catharine street, will nell on Monduy,ot 10u'clock, a full assortment of men's and women's Clothing. Kllk Drosses. Over and Fork Coats. Bunts,KliirIs,Quilts, Klinwls, ^heets Skirls, Watches and Jewelry, Ao?, by order of K. pak-ker. m ~ OAFKNEY, AlKSroNEER, "OFFICE, 170 CHAT X* hatn street?Will sell oti Monday, the 21 Inst.,at 10>? o'clock, tho Stock und Fixtures of the Grocery Ktore, . 293 Ninth avenue, cousisling of splendid Fixtures, Gluss Case. Counters, Ac.; Snap, (kindles, Starch, Ac.; Furniture. Alun a imriri llonut MTid Wmron. I WM. WITIKRS, AUCTION F.KR?-W I I a. VETX," TOMOR row, at two o'clock, at 4.>4 Canal street, all the Furniture of a family breaking lip housekeeping?iSplendid Carpets, 1'arlor Buils, Chamber do., 1 lining Room and Kitchen Furniture, Ik:.; also, Fu mi turn of a hotel?25 iron UedHtoadr, Redding, Carjieta, Aw,. Cash advamxa of (100 and upward*. DKl^TIHTRY. ARTlFlClAli TROTH.?DR. LUl'HtR, DENTIST, HIT I J, continues at 138 Sixth avenue, bctwei n Truth and Eleventh streets, to Ineert beautiful and substantial ants, on pure silver, for only $8; on line gold and plutina, (25; single Troth, $1; Troth tilled and extracted without the leant pain; artificial bone Oiling only 50c.; all work warranted. Artificial troth beautiful patent cumoty|>?}>, new style. Prices extraordinary. Silver sets from $8; rubber. $10; gumotypes, $20; gold,$20; vulcanite, $20; single teeth, $1. Guaranteed llrst class dentistry. Five premiums awarded. National Dental Gallery, Bixth avenue corner of Twenty-second street. Dr. MANSON, Dentist. ARTIFICIAL, BONE KILLING FOR DECAYED TEETH. Inserted while soft and without |>aln. Aching teeth, or uiere shells, can bo tilled anil preserved bythe discoverer, J. PKATSON, M. D., rooms 850 Broadway, west side, one door above Seventeenth street. All operations guaranteed. I vr. 1,1 inrj\, irr.,11mi , nan ItrjJUV KM 1U Ml. 1U4 X/ Knst Twenty-wound street, between Third and laxinfjion avenues, wboro ho continue* to supply superior dental op> rations at liIn usual moderate charge*, inciudlug h's complimentary book presentation to cash patron*. PASSPORTS. r? TBATQXBW^D. s. PtfVOMB, INMhpi u; t b e to all person* leaving this t?rt, procured within 48 hours; also Sl^lit Iirafis, pnyablo throughout Europe, issued by G. SCI 11111 >T k CU., Kuro|>eau Hankers und Nutarl * Public, No. 1 Chamber* street. UNITKI) STATES PASSPtIRIS 1HOCURED HT K. CARLTON OVKKTUN, Notary Public and Custom House Broker. 34Pine street, frout ofllce. UNITED STATU) PASSPORT BUREAU, 282 BROADway, corner of Warren street.?United States Passports issued (as above) through J. H. NONftt, United States Commissioner. Notary nisi Commissioner for all tbo states. Naturalized citizen* must produce ccrtifi catea. 3 THBS TURr. ARKOUI.AR MKKTlNti or THK FASHION KlJtAHtTH* ( round A?k.m:iuIkid will be hold at tlie Hone llouae, on Monday evening, tfei>U'mbcr 2,M 8 o'clock. A punctual attendance <>r inembari la reqiicaied, an Imiiuom of itnjioriaiice will bo brought before tba meeting. Uy order of Iho Prcaldeut. Fashion course.?pleasure oroonp asbociation. Or cat Trot. Flora Temple arid Kthen Alien, Thursday, 8<T>tprabor 6, HUH, at 8>, o'clock 1'. M Math for (&00. Mile heat*, bo.1 three m five. 11orace Jouee nninoa double toam Etlien AI leu and Ida I mining mule Socle*, to wagon. J. 0. tlcMuun name* h. lit. Flora Tom pie, to burner*. Good rtny andlgood truck N. B.?In this race Flora lia* the pole in each beat. Special Irniimfor the course will lout ii Hunter'* Poiat at 2lt I'. M., and return Immediately al ter the race. Excursion ticket* to go and return 38 coins; dingle tickets 'JO cents. James slip ferry, at 2 P. M.,wtll connect with the train. Also Thirty fourth str<>et ferry every live minutce. Stage* from Ttiirty fourth street ferry will be In attendance on the day of the race. JOSKl'H CROCHERON, Manager. FASH'ON COURSE PLEASURE GROUNDS AHSOCIA. alien.?Douhle tram race, Monduy, Sept. 2. 1801. at 8 I'. M. Untch'for ft'iOO. mile and repeat, to ri ltd wagon*. 8. Mclaughlin name* lady Wlnthrop and Village Maid. 8. Crook* name* Lady Suffolk and Lady Crocbenm. JOS. CROCK KRON, Manager. For saie?the trotttng horse uoni&t pmx Apply to HIRAM WOODRUFF. UNION COURSE, 1.. I?TROTTING?TUESDAY, 8KPtemher 3, at 3>j P. M. Mnteh for $200, pluy or pay. Mile boats, best three In flw. Iliram Woodrufl name* c. g. T< m Sty re* to wngou. K. Tallin.tit uamoe b. g. to a 200 pound wngou. 8JIAW k WHITE. Proprietor* IIOH.MRH. CARRIAOKH. All. Avkky fink <xhjve ani? harness fur sake.? Has Mm hut little lined Htid will he told lew. Also, to close ft ooneern, un assortment of new duuhle and silt (tie Harness *1 a bargain. Apply at 654 Broadway. FOR SAIF?HY A HENTKEMAN KEVVINO FOB KITrnpe, two I la v Carriage Horses, 15\ bauds high, seven yearn old; also, Can iugcs and a Cow. A(i|>ly at 'M Henry atroct, Brooklyn, or at the office 32 youth WiUun street. ITtOR SAIF?A PAIR OK ORAY PONIES, yoitko ANtl . well matched; also net Double Hnrfu i-; will be sold low, as owners have no ubo for them. Apply at 2..0 \Va?hbig ten street. For sake?a vhiy handsome pair ok carkiack Horses, bay, with block |mhils, loii(( toil*;' ix yetri mil and warranted round. Apply ut the private stahlet, No. 41 Emt Sixteenth street, near Fourth avenue. For sake? a skkketon waoon, neai i.y new, made by one of the beat makers, hi good running order. To be seen at 99 West Twenty ninth street, in lb* feed store. For saij-v-a vhiy handsome stylish .hi black Horse, ltl hands high, seven years old, sound and kind; sold for half cost, tan bo seen at King's stable, Forty llrol street, between Mad nam and Foui lb avenues. Hue been used in coupe. Horses for the army.?i wish to purcuas 1,000 Horses, llfteen bands high, for light cavalry; any cdor except white; must bo quick, active Reruns, not over eight years old. sound and kind to saddle. Apply to J. O. TAYI/iR, 103. 105 and 107 East Twenty fourth street, New York. Horses and cauriaueb seujno off cheap. 100 Cnrriag-s, Kockaways and Huggios. 100 flrocers' and second hand Wagons of all kinds. 1K4 Fulton avenue and 10 Novlua street, p.risiklyn. Horde, carriaoe and harness for sale The Ilorsu is between six and seven years old; is miun'if KIIIU iilKl K^'Ulir. Ill" VSUTIHgO (101011" ny WIMK1 m Brothers) bus hi'i':i used, hut is in good order. They win will bo Hold, either I ok'. tli"r or sopiraloly, at vory inodarati, prices. in |tilre .a 03 Prince a treat, corner of Mercer. THREE WAGONS AND FOUR BETS HAKNK>'3 FOR sale cheap; can Wo seen at Nos. ill and nil Roy street! Watson,throe quarter seat, trotting; Parker, two hundred pound, lop. good uh new ; one full spring , livelier lop, DueeDbury A Van Dus ir, pole and hIuiIIh; one light Doubt* and three h*-U Single Harness. WANTED?A HORSE, TOP WAUON, HARNESS, A*'.: anv gentleman desiring to dials*..! of such will moot, a cash purchaser if the o.itUt is satisfactory; horse must hIiow speed, be gentle, styllab, not over eight year* old, and in all ri'S|?'ctH sound and Itbul-, wngnii and harness not much used. Ad.Inns with full particulars, box 81 llrooklvn Pont o!H?S". tXTANTKl) TO PUIWllASB? A fiOOI) flXDSH HANI) VV top light Wagon, full springs. Add rem A. S. R., llernlil office, stating prior, whore le be aoen. and how long in uhc. 1A/VA HORSES WANTKD.?APPX.Y TO THK Ul'v' aobscriber at the sl.ibles oi' A. 8 Chain buriin, or Post A Nlrhols, 82 Fust Twonty fourth str ut, near Third avenue. PHILIP COPELAND. HOV8KS, 11(8)118, AC., WANTED. Furnished house with uoard, wanted immedlat'.ly?In New York, al.oveTenth street, betwcoi Fourth and Sixth avenues; the houae must be high sloop In good location, and thoruughly furnished; mut not la exceed $1 ,000 |ier annum, to a small family, no boarder* nor children, with best of reference*. Address A. C. C., Brooklyn Post ottlce. Gratis.?a ?;kn it.em an and ins wipe win lako charge of a furnished House, In a re .'pecluble 1 uculity, gratis, eniil its uocupants return from the country, or ouier wise; reference as to respoetaliility will h* f Wen. Address P. S., Herald office. RtiOMS WANTED?THREE OR FOUR UNFCRNINIIKD rooms, in Slalen Island, Hariem or Mon isiuilv. lor three udullH and two children: not over (0 |ier inouih. Address X. Y., 2.111 Bowery, Furniture store. KOO.WS WANTED IN BROOKLYN?FORK OR KIVB Rooms on one boor, i lulainlng gas urnl water, In a genteel house, by a gentleman, w le and two children. Address, elating rent, Ac., Power, Herald office, or llrook- * lyn Post office. STORE WANTED?IN A HUslNfciW LOCALITY. KUITAble fur a ljq.ior Store; also Apartments in same; rent in be moderate. Address Alexander Patterson, 604 Veil street. WA.VrMJ?A 11 KMSI1K.II HOUSE. J.VCLL'IUNU lini'ii aod silver, by a gentleman with it small fnini ly. who will take the l?'Ml of caro of tho iuik; )irice not to exceed (000 iKir untium to May lit; bwt nf rnfiifiHi* KKru ami payment main in advance, It required. Addiesi J. W. C., box 1 ,'H't l'oitt office, mating terms and locahti. WANTIJ)?flY A 1'IUVATK FAMILY, A SMALL CUT tapn or a Hour in a slnall hnoin, In or nenr New York; tniiht Iks oout and clean, and In a rns|ioclahli) iwii h borhocd; rent low. Any jturson having such ran hear of a tenant wlto will tray |iroui|)t and take Rend care thereof, by uddresKinp, Ilornld office. To rave time and trouble state full particulars. N. B?Tin- subscriber would buy if suited. WANTED?IN JHMJOKI.YN, A SMALT, AND IfKATLY furnl-dicd rioio-e, for a tenant w hoso family com 1st* f himself und wife only. Address, elating rent, which must bo low, Clarence, box 213 Herald office, for litre* days. UNFURNISHED ROOM AND BED room, on ??o>iid lioor; rent not to exceed $6. Ad | dross 8. C D., box 2,MA I'ost office. "117" ANTF.l??DKf-'K ROOM, KlTHF.1t ON <?K VKAI V> Broadway, between Grand and Eighth struct* < HU'c of a medical gentleman preferred Address. til Wednesday, box 2,87<? New Vork Poet olUce. WANTED- FKOM THE 1ST OF OCTOBER UNTIL Till let of Muy, a small llonec. or part of u boose. fur nlshed; ranst be in a pleasant neighborhood aiwl central family small; rent low. Full particulars given in answer) or no attention will be paid n> them. Address P., boi 466 Poet office. WANTKD?FURNISHED APARTMENTS, IN THK WES1 part of the city, consisting of Ptrlor, Bedroom ant Kitchen. for a gentleman, his wife and two children. Ad dress M. D., llerald office, stating price, which must bmoderate. WANTED? PART OF A HOUSE, CONSISTING OF TWO Parlors and three Bedrooms, containing gas and water; location b<".ow Twelfth street. Rent not to exceed $300. Address I. O.K., station O, Spring street Poet office. WANTED?FURNITURE FOR PARLORS AND FROM basement (new second hoed not objected to) linmo diately. Parties wishing to sell at a decided sucridco raj address, with particulars, for three days, Furniture Herald office. KUHWITTJRK. ~ A" BEDROOM .SUIT OF KNAHEU.FJl FURNITURE FOR U*. In all colors, of warranted manufacture; also solid chestnut Chamber Suits, plain and ornamental, m H. F. FAKKINUTON'S, UtW Uuuai street, opposite Woustor. Established in 1H48. FURN1TCRE, CARPEIB, BOOKS, AC., BOUGHT FOR ready money, at 123 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. FURNUJTRK FOR SAIJC OR TO KENT?ANY PERSON wishing to rent Furniture for five or six room*, at a low price, may address or inquiro at 1UM Thompson at. WANTED?OFFICE Dft<K, CHAIRS, fcc.; MUST BH cheap for cash. Address A. 11. C., box 3,046 Post ottlce. WANTOt?RY A RESPOVSIRJJC PARTY, TO HIRE, with the privilege of buyui*, I'artor and lle<lroom Furniture. Addrt'g* b >x 215 IleraM office. WANTED.?ANY PERSON HAVINO A SET OF 1HSDroom and I'arlor Furnltare for sale cheap for cadi, can And a buyer. Address F. J., Herald office. HAnmoiat. HBmi KlVKlt KAII.ROAR.?TRAIN'S Kill ALBANY, Troy, the North anil West, leave (Tiarubern street at 7 and 11 A. M., and 3:30, 6 aud 10:15 P. M. NEW YORK, HARI.EM AND ALBANY KAll-ROAD? Bummer arrangement.?Express train for Albany, Troy, North and West, leaves Twenty.sixth street Station at 11 A. M. For locul trains see lime table. JOHN Bl'RUUlX, Aasiataat Super lottadmk > I

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