Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1861 Page 2
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# 2 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tuesday, Sept. 3?6 P. M. The following is ? comparative statement of the exports (exclusive of specie) from the port of New York to foreign ports for the week and Bincc January 1:1859 1860 Itel for the week 11.602,189 ) H83.45T J.706.64T Previous!)' reporU)dL..42,89B,H75 M,M)3,to8 b8,WI,43l Since January I... .$44,461,044 60,400,916 M 696,978 This is au unusually heavy export, considering that we are exporting no cotton worth mentioning. It shows that, notwithstanding tho course of the foreign breadstuff's market, Kuropo is taking from ua tnore grain and flour than we ever scut over before Ibis movement will effectually tend to keep exchange in our favor, and prevent gold going abroad. Ihe exports from tho port of New York for the calendar year 1861 will, in all probability, excecd (n aggregate value the total imports. The trade in commercial paper continues light. First class notea are selling at C per cent, and names less highly esteemed at 9 ? 12 a 18. A large proportion of the operators, who have hitherto employed their means in commercial paper, are bow buying Treasury notes. Tho 6 per cents at about 98 are the favorite^ at present. By and by the 7 3-10 per cents will follow, though the brokers cunnot make anything by dealing in thorn, and arc Hot likely to bestir themselves actively to place them in cooscqucnce. The tanks paid over the third instalment of ten per cent this morning, toaking altogether $10,.ri00,000 paid by them under the agreement of the 19th ult. Mr. Cisco received this morning a draft for $702,100, to bo distributed tmnng the banks in repayment of tho first public lubscriptions to the national loan. The subscriptions to-day were moderate. People will not sub" jcribe largely now until tho notes are ready and books of subscription are opened all over the country. The first batch of notes?some 1100,000, chiefly hundreds and fifties?will go for', ard from here to Washington to be signed on the 9th inst?next Monday. The delay which Las occurred in preparing these notes is not creditable to tho department or to the Bank Note Engraving Company which had tho matter in charge; valuable time is being lost, and rcom is afforded for assertions, by traitors, that people are not coming forward as they should; whereas the true difficulty is that the people are ready with their money but government is not ready with its cotes. Why, it may be asked, too, does not Mr. Chase open books cf subscription throughout the North? Why w?it any longer? Foreign exchange for to-morrow's steamer closcd rather firmer for sterling, but not so strong for francs. At the close, bankers asked 1075 s a :'-4 Tor their bills on London; hut very excellent hankers' bills on Paris were offered at 5. 33n4 a 35. A large number of bear contracts in stocks are maturing, and stocks are so scarce that the shorts liid prices up in attempting to effect their deliveries. Tims the short demand for Galena put the price up this morning l/t l)er cent, and the scarcity of New York Central caused an advance of )4 per *3ent in that security likewise. Sympathy with these leading speculative stocks led to an improvement of percent in Kock Inland, per cent ii\ Toledo, y% in Illinois Central, and *4 in guaranteed. Transactions in all these stocks are limited, with the exception of Galena, which is being inflated by speculators with a view to assist the negotiation now pending for obtaining an extension from the creditors on the mortgage bonds abont to maturePacific Mail was steady; tho non-arrival o the Northern Light gives rise, as u.tiul, to some uneasiness. Government securities continue to be jn fair demand; the new coupon 6'a advanced v? this morning. Missouris wore quite active to-day; about #100,000 of the bonds changed hands this inornine, the advance of the dnv beinc cnual to V? per rout. In Wall street Fremont's proclamation is regarded as likely to improve the credit of the Btatc, as tending to emancipation. Virginian foao % this morning and Tennessces %, with a Email business. Alter the board the market was steady. In the afternoon it was firm at the prices of the morning and closed s:o. The following were the last quotations of the day:?United States C'h, 1881, registered, 8S% a 88%; United Btates G's, 1881, coupon, 89% a 90: United States fc's, 1874, 79% a SO; Virginia C's, 53% a 55; Tennessee 6'?, 43*4 a 43%; North Carolina 6's, 01% a 02; Missouri 6'a, 41% a 42; Pacific Mail, 76; New .York Central, 73*4 a 73%; Erie, 24% a 25; do. preferred, 47 a 47%; Hudson River, 32% a 33; [Harlem, 10% a 11; do. preferred, 24% a 26; Reading, 35 a 35%; Michigan Central, 41 a42; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 13%; do. guaranteed, 29% a 29%; Paiw???, iw ? *oo; Illinois Central, 64% a C6; Galena and Chicago, 66% a 67; Cleveland and Toledo, 29% a 20%; Chicago find Rock Island, 41% a 41%; Chicago, Burling"ston and Quincy; r60 a 61; Delaware, Lackawana bud Western, 69; Milwaukee and Prairio du Chjen, (14% a 14%; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 91 a 93; l>elawaro and Hudson Canal, 84 a 84%; Pennsylvania Coal, 75% a 76. We draw attention tq a curious story which will lie found in another coluinu with regard to a new /employment for the Vanderbilt, Ocean Queen, Bailie or Atlantic. Among the many changes brought about by the present crisis we notice with lively satisfaction the reform in dry goodB credits. The domestic commission houses began the movement by a combination which fixed six months as the extreme term of credit. As a matter of necessity, the foreign importers had to follow, although no combination was entered into. No difficulty has so far been experienced, but we hear that a few of the domestic as well as of the foreign bouses are trilling to continuo to sell on otght month!', especially such as are in the cloth business. Thin is done with a view to get the preference of the beet |ioaaci in the trade. Sorely a more short-sighted |>olicy could not be pnrsucd. It probably will oocur to these aellish parties that in foot they guarantee bo mnch as they sell on eigltt m?nth* to their more conscientious and careful competitors. Most fortunately the number of then# eight jnonths' houses is too small to inftaenct the majority to follow suit. The auctioneer*!, we learn, i?re at present only selling for cash, but will, after October, probably sell only on four months' credit, Sf they give any credit at all. The always shrewd firm of A. T. Stewart lias at once curtailed its credits to country retailers to ninety dav?, aud of course our ?ther jobbers will follow. The strongest and most Substantial of these houses have all expresw>d thehfaesire to see credits shortened, and, coisidciing till these facts, we may safely predict a most healthy eflect on the trade in general. The idea that eiKlit months arc wanted to distribute dry goods i? absurd, as times are; it arose before the country wa* crossed in every direction by telesp-aphs and railroads, and before steamer* inn ?>n almost every 4 i-iver or lake. The very fact that the dry goods trade always 6u?fers the most and thw first at every / disturbance, whatever be its cause, is a proof of / the rottenness of the long credit system. Over Importation has had its share in keeping it up so long; but at present no sticb eveut is likely to occur and this is, therefore, tho time to establish the uew psystem of short terms, and those commission and Importing houses which have escaped the presen1 crisis without Injury have at oncc seen the noccsfcity of its adoption, while the very ftw who art Hot shrewd enough to perceive this may by and by rccogn'me the argument for self-protection. 1 The following was the business of the 8<ibTreasury to-day:? (RM'OiptK tl "7? . -For customs ' feymJntoT.?.*0* " - ^ <4 fiialanoe ' 1 .ilO 84 , . 11,402,KM 10 ne Jefferson Insurance Company has declared p. dividend of three dollars pei share, pinablv on NETi demand; the Grocers' Plro Insurance Company a semi-annual dividend of five per cent, payable on demand. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing Honse4his morning were $12,590,350 88, and the balances 1954,421 02. The London Timet of the 21st of August qaotcs American securities as follows: ? Amcriran Hailwayn, tic. Chting Prxcet. UniUd SlHtes ?'g, 1874... 71 ? '3 Virginia 6'tj, 47 4# Erin shans, ex iiFsr.?siin<nt scrip 2624 X To. 7's, preference, 43 a 44 Do. asses.-inenl scrip 1 2 Illinois Central 6's, 1876 77 a 78 IK). do. 7'?, 1876 B2K? 1)0. do. (1(H) shares, $80 paid dis 30 * 8&S ? Ik>. do. nil paid 6t? a 60 Michigan Ccutriil 8 s, conv., 1869 x.c 78 a 81 Do. do. sinking fund 8'h,'82 86 a 68 Michigan So. and Northern Indiana 7's, '86.. 60 a 6i Now York Oontrnl O's, 1883 83 a S6 IK>. do. 7's,18M 8tf a 01 IK), do. 7's,1876.... 01 a 03 Do. do, 7's, 1870 01 1 03 Do. do, $100shares.^ 60 a 71 New York and Erie 7 s, 1867 92 a 04 Do. do. 2d m,, 1S60 x.c 8B a 88 Do. Oo. 8d m., 1883, assented....x.c 70 a 7T Panama 1st mortgage,7's, ISfift 08 a 100 IK). 2d do. 7's, 1872 07 a 0t> Pennsylvania Central 6'h 86 a 87 Do. do. 2d tntj;c 82 a 84 Do. do. fAO shares 114 a 30 Philadelphia and Heading $50 shares 16 a 20 The amount ut the several depositories, subjcct fA tlx. /!?/>ft a... TT-!4?J U4?4n? vu Ulttit ut WUU JIVUVUIttI Ul 1UW UUIVV'U OVBVV9, a llie 26tli of August, was as follows**? Svlijrct (hi d-pnsit. Dtp ft* drawn, to di< < ft. Troa. U.S., Wash'n. $144,131 44 "f>8,089 20 86,143 24 Aan.TrcM'r, Boston iTU^OO 28 204,73:; 07 474,07221 ' New York . .3,481,015 04 1,817,0112 81 1,633,1)82 18 " I'liiladulphla.. 632,380 07 435,08125 96,098 82 " Now Oi'louna. 146,220 74 22,853 88 123,372 >-8 ' Ft. 1/tulH 640.2:19 56 144/06 53 3.6,4:3 03 " S. Kranolfco. 682,607 87 2C6 220 43 316,33041 Buffalo, N. Y 1 tsoo 17 1,175 35 614 82 Baltimore, Md. ... 4,69509 3,61175 U!!3 04 Richmond, Va 14,0'J7 21 2 : Hit 01 11,70$ 20 Norfolk, Va 11,705 58 1 002 70 10,732 88 Wilmington, N. C.. 6,088 80 73T 02 6,30178 Savannah, (ia 4,874 11 1,151 86 3,7i22C Motitlo, Ala 18,226 38 3,450 10 14,700 25 Naslivltlo, Tenn... 4,880 88 261 US 4,618 03 CiuclMiutl, Ohio... 4,01080 4,001 47 915 33 l'Htsburg, f'n 634 88 217 85 417 03 I/mlsvi U", Ky 609 74 609 74 ? Caiveston, lexag.. 2,81198 1,006 25 1,806 73 Dap Mtory at Bait. ? 20 79 ? N< rii'ik(Sawyer).. 1,41000 ? 1,41300 Cincin'ti (Khorlock) 1,118 61 90 07 1,022 54 1. tile Keck, Ark... 68,6'J2 89 54,505 19 4,187 10 Chicago, III 8,453 46 8,654 48 ? Detroit, Midi 8,369 24 8,Jul', 38 4,505 86 Omaha City, Neb.. 017 64 237 60 080 04 Fall* of St. Croix, \Vi#:on?iu 0,000 01 ? C,000 01 OlympktCity.V, ash. 616 79 ? 616 79 Taliahasw,ila CIO GO 679 00 ? Omaha City (t>illuu>rc) 9,210 10 ? 0,210 40 M -ay office I'uited . 'tali's, N u York 202,513 00 ? 202,513 00 Xiii.l U, J?., l'lii.'a.. 199,(16410 ? 199,654 16 Branch, Charlotte, N. ' 82,000 00 2,025 00 29,375 00 Broh.I'ahKi-ega.Ga. 27.060 03 ' ? 27,050 03 lit Vh.N.Or:?>?:.?,I.i. 330,267 48 ? 389,267 46 Hi 'chjt>.Knui'cu,l'ttl. 00 ? 600,00000 Total $7,698,112 83 3,040,709 33 4,657,635:12 Dcduct overdraft l;:i m I'a'anco. $4,557,403 00 Aiiti difference in transfer.* IT,coo oo Net amount subject In draft $4,074.OOli 60 The transfers ordered \vc."e m loll'ws:? Fo United States Treasury, Washington $060,000 00 Trtun AsM.dant Treasurer, New Vmk, N. V... Mi,SCO00 Kioto Assistant Treasurer, 1 biladcJpbis, I'u... 100,000 00 Tlie Philadelphia Bulletin of last evening says:? In monetary circles there i? very little doing, and no change from Hie pres<ot Htuguunt conditio!, el al'.nrs can be anticipated until there is m<>ro activity iu business affairs. The olfoiul returns of tho bank* to morrow will fb'iw a decline of $700,000 iu their specie dej* -us f?r tho l.ipt two week?. Meanwhile Uioy liavc paid Into thi SubTreasury, nu account of tbo Uulted Stales loan, about one million dollars, which l<avcs the specie lii.o upwards of Bis mlUlou*?nmre thuu ample lor all prewnt banking piir|* pes. Two of the instalments of ten pi r cent each of the live million loan has already been paid, and another t< n l>er cent will be. paid in a IV w days. '1 ho nold lias already commenced returning to the batiks from tho government contractors. Relative to cxrhango, the Chicago Tribune of Saturday remarks:? Tlio supply of Kastorn exchange is still hoavier than the requirement* of our merchants, und rates rule dull at par to ,'4 per cent premium. Currency is in good qi ni.imt and scare:. Gold Ik iu gi od request nt ,'4 a }? pur cent premium. The Philadelphia Ledger of to-day Bays:? ino payment* imo mo .-ui> ina-iury ten ii|xin mo mink statement of averages. Tlie increase of loutts the pa^t w.-k is $1,110,147, and the week previous it reached J!' 140,038. ma'iii* an ailililion t? llieir source of reveuuo of $4,536,180?lliut Is to buy Die banks show an average of amount more at Interest than they had i fortnight nnn. The banks in trio same time show an apparent l< ss oi ?5S6,6.1s of specie, though this is more apparent than real, an the amount paid out ix almost as quickly drawn back by government drafts, received through their depositors, who have received them in liquidation of stores, Arc., furnished to the government. There Is no real loss of coin to tho city, hs wu observe the banks and the Sub Treasury together hold an aggregate of $7,101,517 ? n grwitor sum than at any timo before in the last live years. The dc'l" sits have again increased largely, thoujjh not nearly so much as during the previous week. Annexed is a nummary of the statement of the Ohio banks, showing the ccaditioaon the first Mon. day of August, 18C1:? Indrfttnihnl Frrr It ranch** of Tfrsr urrrt liankt. Batik*. Siatr Hank. t^peeio iiw.oto i?l,!vts i ;?.m>,ou Kasteru deposits 16ft,806 509,795 1,437,610 {Sank notes 142.697 266.415 608.034 Due from banks 61.840 401,71ft 765.230 Discounts 1,327,328 I3K.24T 7 779 37ft State bonds 686,155 846.20ft 7S4.8O0 Keal and per. property 03,840 64,4'JS (43,603 Cash items 0,1 39 83,323 56 W0 Other resources 378,741 38,593 97S.238 Total $3,002,220 3 ,?7f. ,352 11,190,032 Grand total'. 121,368,604 MlWMO Capital $575,000 J,010,960 4,004,500 Saiety fund 718,ftfil 265,63ft 704 940 Circulation 001,766 619,257 7,17V 058 l>uc to ttauks 42,sri2 451,667 149,326 Deposits 646,761 1,068,447 1,005.723 1 iiimid dividends 2IT 82ft 2.Sit) Discount....' 81,738 57,647 154,259 Diiiu payable 2.400 17,000 HMOO Other llubllitics 36,108 2,SOS 26,470 ToU! $3,002,220 3,576,352 14,796.032 Stock Exchange. Ti kmiiat, Sept. 3,18(11. ffiooorsft't, '81,reg 8S'^ 10 sha Continent Bk 64 1000use's,'81.cou 8t?<i 2ftCorn Kx Bank.... 7ft 3000 V 8 SV, '60 Kfl 10 Market Bank.... 7W 6000 Treap pc 2 yr 97T? 5 Del & Hud CI Co.. 84 tOO do BS 60 l'ac M S3 Co.. .830 75 1MHX) Ohio6 s,'CO... 00 04 <lo .' V.'?>/ 4000 111 Can b?, "00 . R0'4* CO do mio ?tj 2000 ni coup 1)F. '70. 82 50 Hudpon Riv RR.. 33 4000 Ttnn 8's, 'DC... 43,V 140 N Y Cen RU 73'. 3000 do 43*; 200 do alO 73li 100C0 do kio 43>? 100 do blO 73 H 2000 Virginia 6's 54 3<J0 do 73^ 2000 N C*rellaa 6'*.. 01 >,i SO do u 73"^ 31C00 .Wsonrl 6'a... 41 ii 300 do 73!{ 20600 4o 41tf 10Harlem BR 10V 1N000 do MO 41 100 Mich SoJfcN la g s 29 10900 do...... HP 41 )i lOOUICoB RKstr.saO 84\ 5Q00 do b30 41 S 500 ck> 04 \ .'WW do a II lOOClnJSi rwtjburKRR 7 fooe do blO 41\ 4eo Galena * Chi HR 66?X 5000 do C 41^ 450 do 66?i 400CMo6.iitoH.tSJB 47 fiO do s5 Ot!1J 5000 California . 70 50 da p30 Sfl'^ 1000 NYCent bs,'7t?. 101 200Ckr&Tol KI:..blO 20 S000 Erlc2<1 rn.rx int 98)? 60 do 29V 1000 C.BitQRRSpc I* <M>{ 5<>o do 211 ? 1000 III Cent BR b.l?. 91 <i 300 Chi & Rock Is! RR 41V 2000 U'AMil I gbdf. JO 30 do lOOONJCcatlstm. 102>i 160 do sl? 41?; 40 fkfl MercbonU'Hk 80 150 do 41 y. 30 Mechanic*' flank. 83 25 < hie, Rftg RR. 60 6 Metropolitan Bk. 80 77 Mil&PduChin.&lpf 45 SfiCOMD BOARP. flOOfl t?S6'8, "81, rog 8S $10000 MiFsmi R s.bSO 4J 20001* S ft, -'<55.... 8d 38 shs Merch Hank.. ko A'iOOO IS 6'?, '74, ooa 79S* 6 Continental Itartt 04 aooo I S 6'Br'n, COU T?#ia 80 N Y Cen RR. b60 73U 1000 Tr?u a p c 2 y'r 98 100 do 731. 50t? Lftulalana i'ri.. 46 100 Mleb So & N' I RR 18 v 6000Teuu6's. 90... 43*,' 80 (3al 4 Chi RR.... 6?>*.' Iwuo jnrwuun d'S... 41 J% 25 Qev 4: Tol RR.... 2U.H ^.JOOOO do 43 CITY COJI.KKRCUL REPORT. I Tckspav, Sept. 3?8 P V. Aflmi*.?Tin market wis quicl and sales li^ht, at |.'i for pots; and at |5 ST, for pearls. riRFAiwirrrs.?Flonr?Owing lo in-vlernte receipts the ! market was firm for shipping brands. State ?i<i Western were quite steady, wiiilu extra grsdoj were dull. The sales embraced about 17.000 bbls., closkig within iho following range of prices:? Superfine State f4 25 a 4 SfS Kxtra State, good to choice 4 35 a 4 To Superfine Western 4 36 a 4 86 Cvtuiii1 n to cb'/ite Weetoru extra 4 50 a P 00 Kxirft Canada 4 40 a 7 50 Mixed to straight 6 00 a 6 66 ?tmiglit to good extra do 6 70 a 8 00 C hoice extra family and bakers' brands... 8 00 a 8 75 Rye flour... 2 25 a 3 60 Cvrn meal, Jertey gud brandywine 2 80 a a u ?Canadian was in steady re.pie?t whilo ralui were limited at quotations. Southern Hour was dull and heavy. New was in better supply. The tales embraced about 600 a 700 bbl*., cl'.'Siiig within tbo above ran^c of j>ri<?"Ca. Bj a ^ T YORK HERALD, WED flour iu Id (oo4 supply and in fair demand, wit sales or 200 bbl?. tt our figures. Corn meat *' Inactivo, with light galea of Jersey and Bmirlywlt at our quotations Wheat was steady aud tho dotnan fair, ch icily for export, and inu?tly for French porU I'll sales embraced about 100,000 bushels at f] 2P for re Delaware, $1 30 h (1 31 f-ir white Kentucky, SI ti ? fi 2 for white Ohio and Indiana. 11 13 a 11 14 for good red ?tute,$l 10 a |1 16 for red WuHtern, |1 07 for good sin but !iiwa,93c u |1 oa for Milwaukee club, (4 liJfor Ha ciue spring, and woe. a $1 for Chlc;igo spring. Cor; 0|tctied lirin, but closed with prices in favor of purctai ers. The nde* embraced about V'J,000 bushels at 46c tO'^e for heated, 47)^0. a 48!^c Tor (Custom ports, an' 4!yt s 60c. for gixxi lots or Western mixed. Kye was'piie at Oil. fur Hutu. Hurley and barloy mall were quiet au nominal. Oats were (Inn anil Ii gnod request, with taiu o' Western ut 33c a 34c., and of Stato at 33>je a 'J4<. Con ck?The sales embraced shout 1,200 bags R.o ? t8'<c s luC., and ISO do. Maracalbo at 14c. Comm.?TUc market, though somo loss active, wa aeaiu li'mer. The rales fnotod up about 2,000 bales, cioa leg on the basis of 22c pel lb. for middling uplands. Fwuntrn- ?Rates wero steudy,but not very aet.vo. Ti l.ivorpc)! 20,W0 buthnlft of corn were enguged at 111 II br!k, O.'iOO bushels wheat at lid. a )l)^d., it ship's bag* 1,7?<0 Obis, doer at 2s. tjjd n2s. 9d.; 40 tons fustic ? 20s. To London %' '100 1> Hhels of wheat wereengsged s 12}<d., lu alitp's !>?(, 2,200 bbls. Hour at 3s' 100 h)i<!s. tulN.w at 36s. 'In flavro 12,000 bUFh"'.s <! whenl were ongsgo<l, In ship's hues, ai 23*ic.,and 18,00( do. do. at 23c. A brig was taken up for Horileaux, t< 1 ad wllli wheat, at 2<.???'. Th- buk Sclo was taken ui for iMiblin, to In el with wheat, at 14d., in ship's bags. T< Itromen, 3l?o hhds U-bacoo w ere engaged at 40s. N ?v>' St kb> ? &il?s of 1,000 bb*. iv.mru.m rosin wore made at #4 7#, ami 400 bh!s. do. at 14 gin all talis u, spirits woro r'-iwrtod at fl 30, while (I 40 was <isk"d The oX|*'i is for two weeks, to Liver|>ool 2366 bbt" of rnsiu; to O'.atgvtr 437 bbls. rosin; totul, 3,302 btils rosin Pkovimom.?Pv>r)c?Tho market w.'ta dull, and closed ?i lower prirra. It opru"d i?t f 14 .O'oriw^s, at which H closed tjult " dull. Prime was at $!) 87% a $10. D*"t witf (1 in Mid tho detnsiid limitid, with saioa of ITS bblN. ill $10 a $11 25 for repacked ???>, and at $12 24 a $13 OC lor extra P.e<'f hams weruip.l t, and cholc.o were arcr at $14 ? f 14 60 for \Ventcrn Cut meats were ((nidi -im l?rloi a wore unchanged. Lard was firm, with mudnrati r-Al'ig, which linbrar i'276 bl)K and tlorc's, at Ki^c. > i4c. llutler ui.d chocse woro steady and lu lair domiac from the trade. SimiRM weredecidedly llrnior and htghor. The advar.c( ?'.i the present week'? rales amounts to >^c. a }U\ per Hi Tlii) transactions rooted up about 1,000 hints. Cuba nr covados, at fl^c. a 7c. for fair refluhig goods, uud at 7c. i 7}_.e. for good grocery grades. Salri of Real lUlate. By James M. Miller. llirtisn Mid lot southwi s'. cor. 21 avo. and 3flth Rt.$S,4S7 P( rtuuwTV' i ? m? i mi?m?mi ? i n?? LOOT! AND FOUND. |>\N;v BOOK LOW-NO 563, < - GKKEN 11 wiob Bank of Strings. ttillidv?l tablj le.wardcd by leaving It at 213 Uroouio street, inKIistaUtl Dowyur'i. DOC, 1.05T?ON MONDAY NIGHT, SKIT. 2, A KCi S.iter Slut. Any person bringing her t>> 0-8 Sixtl avenue, will bo liberally rctrnrdud. IjJOCND?IN BGBTB AVENUE, A POCKKV . cotiUlinii.g money, which tho owner can have M proving property sad paying for this advertiaeaMKit. < d at 230 \Vust fourteenth Htre-1. f OST? \l\;ii>T 2.-S, < KitTlKH'A'l'K OK DEPOSIT 1> ?J the Tradesmen* Hank for f.'Ti 44 to the ordor of J ? llyams. Ab it ie of tio use to any one, the Under wii pl a- leave It Kt 94 Dunne* street, up stairs. I OCT -WHILE REKDVINa FROM LEXINGTON AVI j nun, a pai'kago of loiter-and'other paiiera, of no value to tii" owner, The lludor will hcsuitnb'y rewarded by returning tlic tamo to E. l'.verctte, No. la East Elghteenta street. Ioyr? OS I-'UIIIAV I.\ST, IN THE VI ViTY <?i j I''aim aiuaro, a small black King Charles d> Willi a icd 1 atiirr collar. The Under on returning it t< iti IV. Klt'toerlb stroot, will roeolvo a reward of seven dollar". L <*?!'_ ON THE yj EAMIvK!!.':(i.MI\VAY, WH1IELY1NG at bi-r (lock, on 2d Inst., a folding lJig, containing Surgical Instruments, which could lie us>m.1 to tioono but tli' loser. 'Itie finder will bo rewarded by leaving it at L'CS Urlnfrston street, IVoklyn. F OCT?ON MONDAY EVENING, WHILK HKTtJttNING j from Front street, llrooklyn, to Fifty fmirtb sire (, New York, a rocket Book, containing seven tnreo dollar bills ou the Greenwich Bank, and about $J in silver. Ibo tluder will lesuitably rewarded by buyingit ai lwuglit) a auction store, 85 Nassau street. It SATURDAY NlGHfj BETWI ENfilE HOURS J 'it Hand 9 o'clock, a gout Ionian's oval Diamond I in. The c.i ntro diamond weighs about two curate; about twenty .small diamond: surround it; supposed to be al Mr. K. 1 lei low's livery stable, iu Prince .-.trei>t. A very liberal reward will b.- jki 11 on returning it to Mr. Jan. .1. lievltis, al the Ccntreville Uaco Course, and uO que.i lions naked. JOVI--It K.-1'AV I OKI M KIN, (.1 >IN(; ).'i;.Ol i' tyi J Twelfth street to Mxth avenue and Wellington I'Uee, a |iel yellow (itnarj ltird,with? email dark .iji l near llio head on lett side. It twin" the pi 1 of ?- 1 II i> ud in Under w in in. liberally rewarded by leaving il [ 'iine liately at ltt-'l IJIcecker Kt. IW-LEFT Is" A MaMSON AVENl'K OR Wit>.\iT j way stage, on Monday afternoon, a lady's light silk liasque, trimmed w ith Mark velvet button*, and sleevis lined with white silk. The tinder, by leaving the fame w.lh K. Adams, 191 Broadway, will receive the thanks tl the owner and a suitable reward. I<V"f? AEK'i'T NINE OCLOCK tN MoNii.W KY'.N j ing. September 2, iu llio neighborhood c>f L'nior square, a largo black i^ilk Mantilla, trimmed with plusti ribbon. Tho tinder will bo suitably rewarded by return big it to 2S Eunt Fourteenth street. REWARDS. dhQ REWARD.?LOOT, OS THE 2D INSTANT, IN Chatham square, a black and tan slut, with b-a.-r collar en tier nook. Any person returning her to 17 He* 'j>r meet, or 132 Water struct, will receive the alio-, e r? ward; no <]uestiotiB tusked. UKWAIUV?STR.VYEH FROM TliK PREMISES Of 0 I?mron3 street, on Sunday afternoon, a whiti Poodle I)<>g, answering to tin; nntuc of Uello. lie I? nl shaved except tlie liys and bead. Any |>ith>u returning him to tiio above address will receive the piomiset i.-wuru 1 rv r.EWARP ?lost, ix maiden i.ane, or is iJ5_lA.* the Houston street and Eighth awnuo Hue oi stages, on Tuesd.-y aftornwin, 3d ii s , a F.niall suet lady'i tjold Cylinder Watch. The a tune regard will be pa ii and no questions asked, by returning it to Oxn>cr St fellows, 11 Maiden lane. Cl 1 r HK\Y,\KI) Wll.r. I!E I'AIC 10 AN'Y fi.nsov ij) J.O re turning a lady's b'oW Watch, No. 201, lost li ti,c l'aik ou the 2d iust., and no questions asked. J. I) ACKERMAN, 19 Eighth avenue. dh-i RKWAiU'.?J.IKK OK ,-TOIKN, ON- TIICRS ?JLvJU day night, the29!h of August InM, uboui uine o'clock, In the Third avenue cars, a double eas-v gold Watch, having two sets of mov. rni uti, nmltvb} Juki Jurgusoo, No. &,168; on the bs< k of the inside cast is engraved tiio nnine of Jnra*s 0. Hackett, Novemb. r7 1S53. If uny person wil drsignato nay method by whirl; ti." wall U will bo regained by me, 1 will pay to such pel' sua the above meatwned sum. JOHN K. HACKETT, 601 Broadway. SPORT1SC. Fi? IN( H NO. 3 PECK .-! tr\ HAS Al.r TED choice ltreods fur stock and sal?. Butler's Infallible Mantn Cure and Flna Exterminator, 50 cents per bott'e Puller's Breeding, Training, Diseases. ., of Dogs," $1 Dog* boarded, trained, kc. Medicines for ull diseases, Spo::vi.m;.-a suootino MATcif fur Vioo wifi take place on Um nn*lo\fs between Jersey City anc Uoboken, on Wednesday, September 4. between the twe ronowftpd allots, Willhim Taylor and Miles Johnson Ilenty of birds ou tbo ground Sor all wishing to " go in ' for sweopstakes. Shooting to CBUiinotice at 1 o'clock. \irantmh?aoooo poi'iiu: paurki i.ku shot gi;n TT Any oue baviug the r-anifc and wishing to sell cluaj will p'.<-*se address, with particulars, U. R., No. SM> Wosl Twenty-ninth street. wunw ABjP MtU'OUS. HAg.VKR'3 FHIH1 HIIKWHi CHAMPA) iNE AI.K ON draught at W. J. KiDHM; 8, So 4 Mm street. rpiu: Arrv:N iioNr (>K t.Vvfunkkh wis AMDUQCOI X dealers In general is respectfully sf>!!?i*ed to th? sui?rlor quality of Hammer's fwli browed Chwupapw Ale. TUis .Tie W brawed fresh at h)1 -fusers of tho year aud the keeping quality of It, especially of r"?:h brewed during the moat excs-lvo hot weather, is R:',:?riu]t""d fot any length of time. Charge $12 por hhd. .and $ti per t>l>l. delivered to auv pun of tfi". city of Ne*- York, free of ex pensc. Payment, cash on delivery. Orders scat to Ham mer's Brewery. Hi Harlem, will i>c attended to i\khdc spatch. RKSTAVRANTS. ClAPTfRKP THIS HAY?A M'Ki MAGNIFICENT 101 ) of Oysters, and I invite contiowsunrs of both poiili cat parties t? call and try theru, at HOWNINU'S, No. J Iiroad street. Green trrm.r. soup, at kelly's.?green tur tie Soup an 11: a'?s at Kelly's, tireeu Turtle ftoui at KELLY'S,288 it. son strort. rruDMaov n bo novel a crime m this opuhthi J_ tJiHt wo And it dilik-ult to appreciate it In its trtv li 'lit. tint tlie*** is no difficulty in appreciating Wa .-(>; O'.'.itiH & Co.'? Ale for three ivuts. No, 2 Cortlamlt street nortflwest corner of Broadway. SPENCER. XATR1MONIAL. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, A< 1D 30, SP1AKINO END lish well, rath?r of prcposweslng appearance, ant'nit money, wishes to make tie- n quahiianre <'f i young lady or a widow, fond i f amus 'rnetit. with af ii irt prospect <f matrimony. He pledges hit word of honor ? a gentleman that the sti kt st so* . ?ry will be ol>.?..-rvc ! and lettws returned at the first interview. Addre.s foi two days Faithful, box 21!) Herald office. rpHK at'VFimsKn?v f.m.w or *:r\v JL wishes to form the acquaintance of a young lady with a view to matrimony. Sho must l?e a brunette, ol medium height, easy and grac ful in her carriage,cvci temperod atid lawsesg goodconvcrs?ti< nil p >?ers; in u.t not oyer twenty-four years and accustomed to move it good society. Such a one will rce -ly. prompt and conll deutial reply ou addressing McCtellttn, union feature l\>s office. NESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, b TUB TWRr. _ ? TTtASIIlON COU R^K. ?11 J?ASI RK GROUND AS.-WIA,e 1 ti'in Groal Trot Flora Temple and Ethon Alton, . Thursday, September 6,1881. at 8% o'clock P. M. Match for (500 Mill" limits, boat throe In five Horace Jonea . nami* double toam Ethen Alien and Ills runriiux mate S.cks, to wagon. J. D. UcMann nauua b. m. Flora Turn' pie, to harness. Good day kndjK<?>d track N. H In Dim raco Flora has the pole lu each heat. Special trains Tor tha course will leave Hunter's Point at S}( P. M., and return immediately after the race. Excursion ticket.1! to go and return 8ft cents, single tickets 20 centa. James slip ' furry, at 11'. M , will connoct with the train. Also Thirty . fourth street ferry every live minutes. Stages from . Thirty fourth btreet lorry will be in attendance on tho

4 day it ibe race J (JUKI1 U CROCHERON, Manager. ' Tj^ASlliON COLRSE PLEASURE GROUND ASSOC! Ai JL ciuiou ?Sweepstakes for $100.?E Wright uami:* Sally Ann- 0 Moll, Port Washington Maid; E. I'car sal I, b , rr. Ltdy l mm?, C Willis, o gelding. Mllo beats, bust three In five, in hurue<-s Wednesday, Sepleiubor I. a: 3>; o'clock P. M JOSI-I'll CRtXJHKKON, Hauimor. I T/Ki< ?A1 F.?Tin: I'RO'I riNO liniWE IJONICST PETER 1 Apply lo IllRAM WOODRUFF. I IIO|<SKS, CARBlAeiii ?fcC. V1 STYLISH BAY BOB8B fOR BALE CHKAP-18 h ir.lh high, trots msiJc 2 60. AUna flue Top Rug i gy and llartcss, city made. Apply at 373 Canal gtrcot, . up stairs. AN EXCELLENT CAVALRY llOR^E TO HE SOLD cheap, for want of use May be seen for ten days f ni. Jacks' uatlc, Union square. A HANDSOME, CITY MADE, Hl.VER MOUNTED ./X. I'liaeton W?gon, polo and shaft; two monthl in uso; in liuo order. Will be Kola at a vory low price ir applied i lor Immediately, lbs owner going to California. Apply , ?t 8ti Liberty street. | * HOUSE, OfiifiY AND HARNESS, ALL COMPLETE, j JV. IT-ale; for (12%. void for want or use. Apply at .1. It. Waldron's W islimxtoo mbles, Washington street, | i :?i tim corner of Second street, Uobokon, N. J. J Y7WR 9AIS?BY A UKNtLBKAM UUYWQ FOR BJ ' i rojH!, two tuy l'*ri'i.i;;" IJoi '.1,15>{ handshigh,seven years old; al o, Carriages and ft Cow. Apply at 2-16 ( llenry street, Brooklyn, or at the oUlce 82 South William ! street. I .poll SALE?A Vi KY BAMWOim STYLISH Jtt ' b: Horse, 16 bands high, seven years old, sound anil kiinl, - for halX tin cost. Can bo Kind's stable, Forty-llrst street, between Madison ani Fourth avenues, Has boon used in eoupo. i TTWRSAUC?A VERY HANDSOME " All: OT CARRIAGE i JL Hon- v, 19 hands hi^h, color bay, with black points, |ong uiM, tlx y> ara old ana warranted sound. Apply at (ho private stables 41 hut SixieoMli street, near fourth a\onue. 17V i it SAI E? A 81'EN'i id i'.LAOK STALUON, Wi ., so'iud, li .ii, and gentle in harness and saddle; would iniikt oflioer's li lae; is high bred, and a Ouo , slock lioi w, would exchange, or tako diamonds or veal 1 iv-tute. I'rico $UlK). A ?ood Top Shlftiug Wagon, $8f>; a ihrec quarter seat got d Trotting Wagon, $7S. Address to or call a*. No. >1 Kivingtou street, Smith's stables. T710R PALE ONE BAY HARE, 7 YEARS OLD, LONG ; D I.. I. ! .' V lose,stands 16b n ls h.gli, kind ii> all l.n'iic; s, < a. or the be.'t saddle horeos in this < ity. Can b . u it .:<uith's livery stable, 183 West Twenty filth [ struct, for three days. i xpnu fai.t:- \ vm:y stylish pay iior-e, 1 it-teen IJ h urls high, six years old, sound and kind insluglu i.nd double harno's; will bo sold cheap, au the owner bus no further nso lor him. A|>ply to S. IV LAUTEIl, 228 Third a> eniic. 171UR SALE?VEHY LOW FOB CASH, A FINE YOONQ . Hors?, Harness and Express Wagon. all 111 the be.-t .,nAiimIb f,,r i.on fn .1 A\n< I'.dVH gImia >'<.p u ur thn corner of Sixth avenue and Tweuty-socoud street.' ITKHt SALE?A HANBBOMJt YOUNfl BLACK HAWK . Horse, 1ft hands high, six years oM, color black; perfectly round, kind anil gentle; well suited for a saddle li rse for park riding: price $15'). Cfcn bo seen for h few days only at ('apt. l:awlstou'? Veterinary CollegeInstitute, lift West Twenty third street. I,OK SAl.K?A lillOWN HORSE, I.ONV. TAIL ANI> . h"autifnl loake, seven years old and 15 hands high; perfectly t,i iitlo, is u it afraid of ears or anything on tho load; is a fast t.otter arid of good toinpw; is sold on uoeomit of tho owner having no use* for lilm. Ct?u bo .-eon for three days at 170 I<exington avenue. IP' K : Ai.r?A VI hV 1 iANI'M All! I AM'l.Y ('111: "I'.M'T . Mure, 15 hands hlgli, 7 years old; suitable for a docto,-, butchcr or baker, l'rice $110. Also a top Wagon and Harness. Inquire <it 35 Cherry .street. 1^u:t sai.i:?a rwo>d apftura WAOOK, W 1" perfect order, suitable for business (.r pleas-ire. A .so on" S"t of silver mounted 1 lames s, nearly new. TUey will bo sold very low, as the owner had no further use tor them. Apply at Oakley'# stable, in Uobokon, near the Terry. ?i7v i nuttM^ *ive ykaiw old, six ? tcCii hands high; for style aud beauty cannot be surpassed, and is a ftrst class snid'.o horse; will bo sold for h:?lt' of what lie is worth; ft warrantee given as sound and kind; tti'igleor double, every way parfect. t all for two day*.or until sold, 'it 2C3 third avenue,between Kighi te. iilh and Nineteenth Btieetp. IJUMILY ('A!'.!'.l Ati'K I'ldt S \l.l-:.?t KA'rS SIX I'KIt. sons, in porfDet order, patent axles, drab lining; price $180 oa.-h. A1 <> a spleuitii! gray family Horse, shil'iinj! t?p city built Wagou and Harness. Apply at 13 1 (odd street, up alalia. HOI;.-K FOK sA),! :.?A GOOD AND SO! Ms IJORSE, a blj walker, lor sale olie^p Inquire of c.irtnian at No. f> Bare,lay street. H'OUSB, WACON*. 1TAHNFSH. AT. . Kt?K SAM' ? . 11 -irse is kind and gentle in any harness, and is also i a g?'d saddle horse; Wagon H a full spring, Bhltting lop. Apply st 33 l'earl fctreet, up stairs. Jl iiiu^-: WANTED?ABOUT 14 OR 16 HANDS HIGH; JL JL must be sound und gentle. Those having siicb to r.-ii svi'l Unit a custrmur by tending a few lint* to A. i White, box 22$ Uerald ofttue, stating price and style. HOI&CS FOR THE ARMY.?1 WISH TO PUR0HA8B 1 .(.(HI Hormo ilfWn hanria kuti. ft>r Hgnt CSV all.V , any uiA >r c\<:o|>( white: must be quick, active horses, not over ei;:lit years old, ivmn't a*i't kind t'? sa<1?lt^. Apply to I 0., lo.'), lb', ana 107 East Twenty-fourth r street, New York. Tni- CARRIAGE, HARNESS AND M.WtK-WITIUMT a fault, a n;c:' i>rlr.itii establishment, fur tale lit f'*7C, Ircing bo-.-i than half it-* value, tu eonwincnun of the owner Wv hijr the city. 0?? I* #wa at Tatter bill's, Sixth ! avenue and Thirty uiuth street. rpo \v.'Nri:i\ STABLING AND HAT, JL vrit'n :;irnw ;f>r bedding, for OAO kmtlnd and HientT Horse*. w tthin sixty miles nf New York city. for about fix months tr< in Oetober 20. Orooms will bo sent with I tin- stock. Vi will be received lor any number not i lew than twenty. Address, stating turns, locution and ' accommodation*, i'j]uiua, box liJti New York city l'ost s olEce. I "t \rAN'T 11 1- A UORSK. Sl lTARJ.K FOR A Kl'RVITCRE TT eart, in exchange for a Piano, Call at lOu Washington street. Hubokeu, foir tbrco ilaya. WANTED?A fitWD SECOND HAND <;I0. ADDF.W8 J. Km, Ilrooklyn Pest office. : -| AAA HOUSES WANTED.?APPLY TO T11F. ' l.VUU * it'wnbcr at (lie stables of A. S Chumberlin. or Piwt & Mcho!*, K." East Twonty-fowtb street, ucar Third ?vcu'.'?. PHIIJP CXM'ELAND. DliY GOODS. ~^S!=Z' ; <;<?-?!?? for cash. , lord At taylor, 461, 46T>. i65 mid 467 Broadway. , Request the attention of " out of town buyers'' to their present large wholesale stock of fall and winter dry goods, j Which they are offering at very low priueTfor cash. MOSQUITWS. 10.000 Pieces Net,? for CO cents per piccc. 1,200 pieces e.vtia, 10 yard* long, 2<j yards wide. HartweU'g patent. palmkr's patent canopies. b0e1nct, LA 08. All kin rift. KkJ.'l Y S. No. 310 Urotulway. Nnv *ij.k ooona 10<1 pieces ric h Fancy Sll!;s at $1 25, worth |C. &0 rxsces Plain Taffi'Ms ni W> rents, worth $1 3<j. . MOT KXTH AOKI >INAMY. 80 nieces French PoplUi*. new designs, 76 cents, dernier oorr parisien. ' (aaiit. ere Bmelie shawl* at f'20, hi LfXiKAlVS, 7Jtf iironJway, late Gray 4 Co. i T> " M',CY 1\. will OPEN ON MONDAY. SET. 2, FROM TIIE CASH AUCTIONS, Kli'i.M THK CASH AUCTIONS. s FROM THK CASH AUCTIONS, 2% POXKS FALL HAT RIBBONS, New styles. from lto 4?. |?er yard. ' from THK CAr- H AUCTIONS, NKW KMBK HDKR1ES. INVOICE J ACK GUUlf. Now OpCDillg, FAJ.I, STYJ.K- i l!r:\til I I.OWKK\ I EXGt.lsn AND GKRMAN" HO^IKRY AM) OT.OVRK, V AI.! -TOCK WHITE OOOIS AND H,AXS;XS, ' UMlTTCS' I N! V'.R nx)TniN(j, YANKEE NOTIONS, Ac., *< . N. IV?1.000 iloz. bcsl .quality Iiulies'Paris Kiit Glovee, ; all the full color;. II. n MACT, 204 utvl 2O0 Sixth arena*. nonr Fourteenth street , imppisci. i jiI;?;I:I.AK STRAMKR I.I.VU FOR ANTWAKI'. swikm' > ll k?r L'l?Tli? ui-'u1 A 1 Ba'Ri.m st?.nnihtp <MNi lilliys, liijit. l.nuiii;:, 3,SOW ("n.?, 800 tiorso power, will Jr>.> ilc?pat>'h<>i as above. For froiglit npply to W. I". I SCHMIW, 70 Braver street, uri l Tor passag'- to H. Jl. . vi'JtwUgaJia WteiuufcWU sUceift, 1861. yilttMCUL. _ CORN EXCHANGE KIRK AND INLAND NAVIGATION Insurance Company ? New York, Agust 31, 1M1. Dividend.?Tho Board of Directors of this Company bav? this duy declared a semi-annual dividend of ton (10) per c?ut payable un demand. W. H WINDSOR, Secretary. WANTED?CAPITA/., TO MANUFACTURE A 8UPEftor new Kire Arm, the boat and moat dsslrable ever Introduced for military or sporting purposes, fiO.UOO will put a factory in complcto working order, and the profit* wiil be very large, Parties rau toe the gun and tot further information by addressing Fire Arm, Hira.d olflc?. (Jh gf Ann WANTED?POR TWO OR THREE )?Oe\7V/LJ years, for whiob excellent teoiirlty and extra interest will be given. Address bo* 205 Ilerald ofiice jl;Q7 Sf\f\TO WAS ON BONE AND MORT ?0 I OVJL' gngfi In sums of $1 000 and upwards, ou productive real estate in this c.'ty or In Brooklyn, for ot;e :r mora years Apply to JOHN' f. the of ibe People a Fire Insurance Company, No. W Wall street 42lAA AAA T0 I0AN on bonk aNC mort hJOvJsVJv/IJ gnge on inii'rovo i real estate In tills city or Brooklyn, in sums of fl.OOC anJ upwards, also, t-iO.OOC i" Invest ir. purchasing made niorlgagos. Apply tc A SaRGKANT, li Wall struct LOAN OFFICES. T NO 9CHAMBEM STUKKT?Mi.NKY TO LOAN TO any amount on diamonds, watches, Jewelry, be., tiy ihn well known and old established ISAAC, broker and commission mot-chant No 9 Chambers stroet. N. B No bur'iiut^a transacted on Saturday. Vt 88 Nassau street.?a. honigman, diamond Broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry , Ac., or buys them it fuH value, at his private otflc, <M1 Nassau street, room No. 2, ap stairs. Business C1ASH ADVANCES MADE ON COSSMNMKNTiS OK SE/ ga.s. J. W. CAltl.E, So. 60 Liberty street. I 01'!? ASltK'U, 723 UROADWAY, DNDEIt THE NEW J York Hotel, advances money on Diamond*, Watches ttuii Jewelry,or will purchase ilio same at the highest pi icow, lor wash. 1^1 G OOO TO ADVAWi; I* Si'MS T' I St'lT k3x*/?*/?/e/ on Watches, Diamonds and oth r personalproperty,or bAuttht b>r cash, and the hlghe.-t prlco paid. OlUco liours from 0 till 0 L. JAt'Olfci, 43 Ceiltir street; branch ollio". 407 Hroailway. AAA TO ADVA NCI'?ON DIAMONDS, v"?v* VfvJ Watches andGoueral Merchandise. N B ?My oiOco will be closed after to day, until Monday morning, S*>|>?. ?. HENRY IIYMAN, 4S0 Broadway, room No. 3. THE WAR. ASSISTANT QUARlKRMAMElt'BOT'KICK, NO 7 BOWLing Green, Now York, Au^u.-t 31, lHrtl. S-alod |>ro|H sals will he received ut this >?lHon until 10 o'clock Wedtirnday, the 4th or September, 1881, for furnishtns tho Uuited States with four hundred and fifty (4i0) Faulins. The Paulina to bo 10x30 feet, made of tho best No. 2 Panlin Duck, with good strom? eyolet holes all around, atxkil 2*2 iuc.liea apart, and to ho completed by the 26th day of September, 1801. Proposals to bo endorsed "Proposals for furnishing Paullns," addressed to undersigned. R. SAXTON, Captain and Assistant Quartermaster Uuited States Army. VRMS WANTKD?W LAROT OB SMAIJ. LOIS, United States Muskets and Rilled Muskets, Habres, Revolvers, &c. Address Armorer, with list and price, box IM P' .-'t ofBco, N. Y. CLINTON RIFLES?CAPTAIN AND AWING MAJOR, W. A. Kirk's company.?Recruits wanted for this company.?Any intelligent man bringing twelve to fifteen men can command a aergeante.y. Six men obtains tho runfc of corporal, if found Ut for tho respective duties. Intelligent men enlisting as privates have a pospect of advancement. Kvery soldier carries in his knapsack tlte baton of Field Marshal. R icrulting stations?147 Third avenue, 62 William street, U>rtmrd's, First avenue, corner of Twenty-fourth street, east. CCONTINENTAL GUARD, COMPANY I'? A PEW MEN ) will b taken in this company by applying this day at the recruiting olI)ce, < crner of New Uowt-ry and New fhamb rs p re *. Win. Rnrrett, of Ounpany H, Seventy llr.- L regiment N. Y S. M.. is Orderly Sergeant of this company, and would be pleased to enlist any of his liioot 6 who wish to go in ii sel ted company. J VM'.S M. GREEN, Captain. Wii.i um lUnnKrr, Orderly Serjeant. UN'S. Gl NS, CONS.?A LOT OK GOOD MUSKETS, V.J u icli percussion locks awl bayonets, finely for drilling<?r guard duly, for salo vrry low for cash by F. I!. 1U?\V LKS, Ii Gold street, Now York. LlllMK'S LIQUID SrYlTU! KOK T1IK RVmiu'Inc; or wi.WintNO, ADA1TED FOR THE t SK OK EVERY SOUHER. Prepare;! and sold by J. I". I.VIIME & CO., 6.10 Uroal way, N. Y. I'rire *25 rents per bottle. SWORD HJCFRCIBR.?A THOROUGH SWORDSMAN (late an ollicer of the British army) In now giving instructions in Sword Exercise at 4S1 Broadway,where gentlemen desirous of becoming protielout ran be t night, oiilmr privately or in ctnssan. X. B.?Tlioso who have already applied*. and ul! others who desire to becomo puI?ilH. .iro n..iifl d that tho,v must commence immediately, as none will l>c admitted alter the present week. I mo MILITARY ASPIRANTS.?POSSESSING EVERY i other ircnii* for procuring a sufficient number of iiu-n fur ik full company I lark rmh. Any one willing to furnish Home en, h ran see hot of references, be made poUntied and hold any position in the company, when recruit -il, he choose*. Addruts Ueury W. I., Herald olllce, klii- day. JTTII REGIMENT, NEW YORK STATE MIMT1A? ()0 Gardes Lafayette.?('apt. 1'. A. Gerdy, late Adjutant, in appointed Commissary, and detailed to giiperintend the lorultltig otlloo at'nyi tto Hull, and to attend to the general affairs of the regiment. Recruits will be proviiled with board and lodging immediately afi.-r being sworn into service, and seni to join the regiment now at the seat of war us seven us there ii a sufficient number to compote a squad. By order oC It. 1UC TROBRIAND, Colonel. S. Centum, Ai^'ntant. MEDIUAL. AIJ, DISEASES OF WOMEN, IXCLUDINO THOSE arising from Midwifery Osh- s, Irregularities, IV;buliatiug Influences, he., successfully treated by i'r. H. A. BAKKOW, 194 BIccrker street,' four doors from M.'icdeugal hirmt, New York. Hours of con-sultatkm, from 11 till 2 and from 4 till 8. Sundays till 2. A N IMPORTANT work.?A GUIDE FOR THE m.vrJ\_ rs-d, or thoee contemplating it. The alllletad, debilitated or diseased should not marry or adopt any tr<>atment till they have lnforni"d themseltreaof the truth only found in If. URIIONTS Paris, Umdon and New York lied leal Adviser and Marriage tiuide: mailed fur $1 by UKHARDSON, No. 1 Vesey street, and lias-' k TOUSEY. No. 121 Na?.yiu street. Tim doctor cure*! all such aJfln:Hons,recent or longstanding, expeditiously and privately, as for years past, ?t 647 Broudway, up stairs, from 9 A.M. to 6 P. M. DR. COOPER. NT>. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE COXsuited on all diseases of a certain nature. Twentyetght years exclusively devoted to these complaints enable him to warrant a cure in all enses, Tho victims of ran:; confldowe m tnc<Mca1 pretenders am coll, with a certainty of being radically cured or no pay. Dr. r. cotminT has removed from is wane street t? 20 Centre street, between Cliambers aud Koado streets, where be ens be consulted privately on certain diseases. N. B.?Dr. C. is a member of the New York University Medical College, so" lira diploma in his office. Private outrnnco nt No. 0 City ltall place. Dr. ward, no. ia lawht street, performs spc.-iiy ar.d permanent cures Ills great remeiies, uaeqcailod ior ccriait. curing Cryeaaes, price $1. Dk. humkr has for tihktt years confined his attention to discuses of a certain class, tn which ho has treated do less Uutii tfVty UmuSMxl cases without nn Instance of fMlure. Ihs tfi-eat rewedy. Dr. Hooter's Red Drop, euros certain diseases when regular treatment and all other remedies rail; enres without dieting or restriction in tlie habits of the paMent; cures without the di.-^Uotinf; and sickening effects of all other remedies; otiroe in new eases in If.-*; then six hours. H roots out the |>olKonmis taint the Wood Is sure to absorb nulo.-w the remedy Is used. U i? (1 a vial, and cannot l>e obtained K'UinitKi anywlrrc than at the old office, No. 3 Division .street. Book lor nothing that treats of tlw effects of early abuse. DR. WARD TltKATfJ KTTCESBFUIXY au. FEMININE complaints. Something for erery lady?his Great Beuct&ctor. Oflhe la UUght street. DR. RAliPH, OFFICE? 139 CROSBY STREET. COR ner of Houston. H?>?re 10,'j to 2 and f> till 0 I'. 11. Great streams of db. ward, 19 laisht ?rn?rr. ?All actions caused by morcorr or disease cured in halt th'.' n.-'ial lim:- and at halt thechar^F. Howard association , j>hilawjj,hla?for thk relief of the sic'; and dlstnsod. artllcted with rlruU nt utid chronic Disease.-. M- dk-,d ;mIriot given gratis by j the acting surgeon. Valuable leporl* on certain dissolves i and on the new remedies employ d in the Dlspoofary s nt i in scaled letter envelopes. True if charge Address Dr. J. | Skii'.in lloughton, Howard /? ;oc)hUou, No. 2 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Vo. I MRS. Ml N'ROt MTl T CAi.VANI.SM FOR -111!; ; cur.- of Female Complaint;;. La.lies ran obtain | good ll'Htrd and Medical Trealmeut at 20 Wans street, j next to Ysrtcli PROFT?*>R KI.-TOJ,. Hi CHAMHF.RS STREET, CAN ! bo coUMVlti'd a.s usual, or by letter to boi 2.359. < Ltoston otficc, No. 8 ll.?riis?n nvBaue. EXPB?S8E8. Burnram's nnuarcrr kxfiess and packing osubii- hrtiout. 113 \*Vt Woventh etvoct, b 'tween Fifth and Sixth avenu<*. notwcliold rurnitiiror boxed suirt hliipivjd tu iJl i>i?rt* *>f the world, l'innofortog, I'aiutinn?, Mirrors, Ac., carcfully boxoJ. l'urmiuro stored. To western aauytas.?poao, farmer & ro.<jj Kxprrsj, ski Now York und Ki to Railroad,nre tr^ns. j porting itiopot '.j' ul greatly reduced ltUvs. Awnt jj uiC 1 oUka^Ut iiUutiU - y ?HIPFI!IO. I r? BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL KAIL I STEAMSHIPS. moil raw rose ro urwrooL. Chief Cabin Paxauge Second Cabin paaaage y? M whom aomon to uvutroot,. Cbtef Cabin Paaaage |l|| Second Cabin Postage $$ The pl.ii'K from New York oall at Cork Harbor. I The ship* froui Boston call at Halifax an ! Corlc narbor. PERsIa, Captain Judk in*. AKK1CA, Optaln Slianne*. AHA1UA, Captain J Sione CANADA, Captain J. I/nMk. ASIa, Caftaln R Q. Lott. AMERICA, Cfcptato Hoclrttf. AUSTRALASIAN, HI AOARA, Captain MmOt, CautaVnOook El'ROl'A, CapUlu AadergM. SCOTIA (now building). Tboaa veiwl* curry a clear whtvo light at uiaBthe*4| green on aturboard bow; rod on port bow. I AFRICA, Shaunon, leave# New York, Wednesday, Ang.l# EL'ROPA, Anderson, " Boston, Wednesday, Aug. M PK'UHJa, Ju Ikins, " New York, Wednesday, Aug. Ji CAXAI'A, Mood:o. " Boston, Wednesday, Sep*. 4 ASIA, Lott " New York, Wednesday,Sept. tl I ARABIA, Stone, " Boston, Wednesday, Sept M I AfRTA, Shannon, ? New York, Wednesday, Sept * Berths not secured until paid for. I An experienced surgeon on board. I The uwners of these allipa will not he accountable N> flnlrt, Silver, Hiilllnii, Specie, Jewelry, Precious Stouee m M Uetala, unless bill* or fading are signed therefor,aud tka value thereof therein expreoaod For freight or paaMf* apply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 How Hug Groea. DTWM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YoRK AND M W> I O pool, landiug aud embarking pa*teiigers at Quoooa- I town, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and PhilaM- I phia Stodiiinhip Cotni>any intend dowpalcliing their Mi I powered Clyde built iron steamships ax follows:? I UI.ASU0W ...Saturday, Sept. f CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday, Sopt. 14 KANGAROO Saturday, Sept. A and every Saturday, at noon, frotn pier 44 NorUt river. katrh or PASNAC.a I First cabin f?5 1 Steerage l?. to I/)ixlou SO I Do. to Wmdon,......... HI I l)o. to Paris hfl | Do. to Pari* ........... M I IK> 10 Hamburg ?6 Do. to Hamburg........ H Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Uremen, RMtarttain, Antwerp, &c., at equally low ratc-i. Persons wishing to bring out their friends can boy tickets hern at the following rates to New York:?from ' ... Liverpool or Queenatown, First Cabin, $75, $K6 an'l $1M. Steerage from Liverpool, $40. From Qacenstown,$30. These steamers have superior accommodations for pissenders ami carry experienced surgeons. Tin y aro built in water tight iron soctious, and have patent lire ai mediators on b< ar<l. For further information apply at the Company's offleea. JOHN 0. HALF., Agent, 16 Broadway, N. Y. QTFAM FROM NEW YORK TO UVKKPOOI,.?Mi O steamship GREAT EASTERN, having fulfilled her contract with the British goyorneieeL wlli hiiI from New York for Liverpool Ou Saturday, October 5. H.VTKS OV I'AHSAGB. In flrsi cabin, %'.*5 a $inr>, a<ceding tostaloraMaMreinmodutioii, all other privileges being equal. In third cabin, fr n to $50. Sulih ofilrst oi i-.. apartments f^r families may fee engni\c\ by special arrangement. The tlREAT EASTERN will leavo Livorpool on her rt> turn I rip Tuesday, October 20. Plans of the ship ran bo seen, and engagements mad* for freight and passage on application (o HOWLAND i ASI'INWALL, Agents, 54 and 65 South btreet. I- V7R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE " Ou Saturday, Sept. 14, the United Slates mail steftmir ARAtiO, D. Lines, commander, Will sail from pier No. 37 North river, f.iot of BooOk street, on Saturday, September 14, at ni on. This steamship (unsurpassed for safoly and e.omfor# lias doublo cngmcu under dcck, enclosed by water tigM comportments, which, besides other results, tend, In KM event of collision or stranding, to keep the pump* fire? to work, and secure tho safety of ves.icl ami pasaoagOl*. For freight or passage applv to SAMUEL M. EOX, GEO. MACKENZIE, Agents, No. T Broadway. Tin' steamer FULTON will tail October 12. ST!.AM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AMB Southampton. The Hamburg Packet Company's iron steamship '1K1 m.MA, H Tai.h', commander, carrying Un United States mail, will leave from pier 21 North rirsr, fool of Kullou street, fcUtfURDAY, Sept. 7, at noon, for Hamburg, via South<unpton. Miking passetigora Mr Havre, London, Southampton and Hamburg. First cabin, $100; aecoud cabin, $00; steerage, $36. The steami-rs of this line will loavo every alternate Saturday, carrying the United Slates mail. The sieamsJitp Himmoma will succeed iho Toulnaiaea Set.tomber 21. C. It. RICHARD k ItOAg, 161 Uroadw^. TI1K NORTH GERMAN r,r.OVI)'S STEAMSHIP NEW YORK, G. Wenke commander, carrying the Bullet Stale* mail, will sail from plot 30 North river, fool tt t'bambeih street, on SATURDAY, September 28, at 12 o'clock II., con RREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, J taking pass Tigers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMBT, at the following rates:? for the first cabin. $100; second cabin, $00; steer&Mj $35. Fur freight or passage apply to OKI.KKHS k CO., 68 ilroad streoi. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND UTWtpool.?The Montreal Ocean Steam-hip Company's first class lull powered Clyde built steamer IllBKRNIA, Capt. Grange, carrying the Canadian and Unitod State* mails, will sail from Quebec next Saturday, Sept T. Kates of passage from New York:?First class, according tJ accommodations, $70 and $46; steerage, found wife cooke<( provisions, $30. Certificates issued for bringing out pnsserigerH from all the principal towns In Qraat Ilritain and Ireland at very low rales. For passage if|% at 2U Uroadway, New York. SABKL k SEARI.E, General Agent*. T\IRECT STEAMSHIP LINE / I'KTWREX NEW YORK, HAVRE AND AVTWERP. The low u j't k(i1?.-ii ltd steamer, Al, CONGRESS, Cnjit. Luanlnp, 2>0? tons, SOO horse power. Will rail from New York on Thursday, September 19, Fo Havre .ind .'a werp, .Ircct. Price of paas.igc lor Havre, Antwerp, Soutbamptes m London :? Hirst cabin |m Second cabin ga Stecrajre ?$ Children b.-tweon one and ton years of age, halt'price. For freight apply to Wil. F. SCHMIDT, 7fl Heaver street. For pass >go apply to HENRY M. WEED, 181 W,*t ??Mt, corner of Kcade street. FOH LIVERPOOL?TAPSOOTT'S LINE.?THE KAVOrite paokot ship EMERALD ISLE, lying at plor M FasI river, suite September 7, and packet ship GUT MAN* NERING September 11. l'or imsssge at low rates, or drafts on England or Ireland, opply to TAI'SCOTT h 00., No. M SontU street. 17OK LIVERPOOL.?THE WORLD WIDE KNOWN clipper ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain Hamtiete, acknowledged to be the fastest vessel alloat, positively satis on the 10th of September. For passage, reduced rates, apply OB board, pier 8, North river, or to r. M. DHMARESrr, 40 South tret. FOR LI VER POOL. ?THE SPI^NDID PACKET SfflP JEHH. THOMPSON hauls into the stream tonusi? at noon. This magnificent ship made two voyages ia sucoewhin, this year, in sixteen days. Apply onlxiardaA pier 40 East river, or 275 Pearl street. F? UVKRrOOL.?THE SPI.ENDH) CLIPPER OBP RICHARD 8. ELY, Captain Livingston, will paettivsiv sail on Wodnenday, September 11. This ship has spiesdwl accommodations for all classes of passengers, who will bo takeu at the lowest rates. For passage apply am board, pier 14 East river, or to JOSEPH MURPHY,?. South Btroet. x 17WR I.IVERPOOI?OLD BLACK STAR LINE.?1HS ' packet ship E.lying at pier 14 East river, salts day, at noon. The UNIVERSE soils September 12. For passage apply oa board, or to WILUAM3 & GUIOW, 4* tullon street. First fhtps for ijvf.rpool and i.oxnoN sails this day?Tbo spWixlhl ship ALBERT GALLATIN for Liverpool?the whip rLTMOC rH IUjCK Tor London mils to-day. Both ships lit a* pier 18 FSwt rivop. For pemage, at reduced rates, apply to THOMAS C. ROCHE. 82 South nfrcet. Fob i/tsms.?rm splkntod prnr chrhttana. \ at pier 21 Btst riTer, sallwSept. 9*. Passengers will > bo taken In wwwj Cabin State Rooms at reduced Stoerat* , prices, and round is provision*. Fto pae.-age, &c., ifm ' to THOS. C. ROCHE, 83 South street : "17WB CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. P A first flnss stwonnr will leave Now York on tte 1st, HUi and 21m of each month, except when these d?li? ? fall on Burn lay. wbea the day of departure wlU be on El* Monday following. f'-' For freight or passaje appl* ivt the only office, Now b Bowlta# Greet. d. d. ALLEN, Agent. \ Vl>tralm ?kavf'aroo f.tvk.?for mki.rofrne. First Ter -il. The magt>iOeetit ft.-9t claps ship JACK. FROi-T. 2,000 ton? burthen, con aoewnmodate first anit aeroiul cltiw paweftgers. Add reapply to M A1LLER. LOAD & QCKRKAC, l<w MTrWi strict. I^OR HAVANA. VIA NASRAV, S. P. I 1 Tlic British and Kurth Ainurtoau royal mail steamship KARN'AK . ('apt. 1* Meaurrcc, will sail for the above ports, from tho comgiuiy'o wliarr, Jersey City, on? Satnrdav September 14 Monday. October K Monday November 1| Passage money to Nassau $4S Passage monev-'to Tlnv ivwi flf For freight or pas*? > applv to F. (TNVRO, -t RuwlingGreen. FOR M XTAN7.A8. To Pnii on Monday, September 9. at two o'clock P. M.. AK^.KO WITH MXKD Tlie'tTniiod mail BtoMnship MATAN7.A3, I.i080, itnrip (roinnvatul?r. i* rt nly t<i rr?:ci\? frctght at ptwr No. 4 N< <rtl? rlv?r. fool of Morris Btre**t. ,'#>r frviglit or ptwuagc apply to MORA HHO-, NAVARRO4CO., I f>4 l.xcliatige place. i Mails r\n?t at the tVfit Office, at 1 o'clock P. M., ou Mm j day of sniiiiitt. N'o cargo rccoivod nor bills of la ling signed tli? day of J sailing. i Omimunlc?tiofis Uctwetu ifeitanzu ;tU'A Uavwii* l*y ttl V L

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