Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1861 Page 1
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TH WHOLE KO. 9126. THE REBELLION. Confirmatory Reports of the Death of Jefferson Davis. Unfounded Rumors <of Conflicts ill Virginia. Eagerness of the Hostile Armies for Battle. wmm HEWS FROI MISSOURI Particulars of the Attack and Repulse of the Rebels at Lexington. Retreat of Ben McCullooh's Army Towards Arkansas. Effect in (be South of the Capture of Fort Uatter&s* Great Alarm of the Virginia and North Carolina Rebels. Seizure of Rebel Property at Cincinnati and Philadelphia, ll?) & on SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. Washincto*, Sept. 4, lSttl. ADDITIONAL CONFIRMATION Or TBS DEATH Of JfcTPERSON DAVIS. Still farther confirmation has been received ho re of th? death of JeflbMon Davis, on Monday instead of Saturday, at 7 Clock A.M. A person arrived here today from ? J III rflilltlltill I run UU'B UIO BLBWIDTJH ,tl !X-?< I Y I U oeived, and adds that all the officers wear crape on their MM. The Executive Department has no Information oonfirma wry of the reported death uf Jeff. Davis. BCITINO RCMORR OK CONKI.ICTH WITH THE RKBKXS-AUDACITY Or TUB KNJSMV ? BOTH ARMIES KAUKK FOR BATTLE. All day long tho city has been filled with rumor* of battles and captures of batteries. TV rebel battery at Hanson's HIU was Bald to have koen taken early l his morning, and details or the action were given. A furious battle was reported to be going on at the Chain Bridge, or Great Falls, or Soncca Falls, or somowherc up the river. Perhaps gome of these ruau>rs were telegraphed to New York. They wero all utterly unfounded. There has hoen bo engagement at any point of our linos during the day. It>? rebels at Mun.son'g HIU have been bold and tantalizing. They placed a band upon the jiarapet of their works, and entertained our outposts with "Away Down Sooth In Dixie" and "Washington's March," alternately *11 day long. At one time they paraded about one himdred and fifty men before their works, as if it was their whole force, when we have accurate information that they have about 6,000 men tlrore, under General Loug treet. During the day parties and squads and compai'irs of *be rebels came down the road to within mufike.t range of our pickets, and flrod upon thein upon several ooea Ions; but the fire was not returned, as Btrict orders had now isotieu lur uur l'K;*eiM uoi 10 urc. una utikt mum probably boen given by General McCicllan to put a Htop, if poMlble, to the firing between picket*, a practice lliat he condemns as murdurouv. It is evident that the rebels are prervariug for an im mediate attack. They are awarmlng at nil points along our line*. A large force approachcd lust night to within short distance of the Chain Bridge, but our troops arc ready at a moment's warning, and, In fact, are anxious 'or the onset, so that they may have an opportunity to troat Monsieur Beauregard to a Bull run affair on the other track. Mr. UhichDahlgren, eon of the distinguished com Blander of the Washington Nary Yard, is In command of ose of our batteries in front of Munson's IIill. CAPTURE OP KEBEL8 AT HARPER'S VF.KRV. Information has been reoeivrd here that a detachment f a Massachusetts regiment captured twenty-two of the flharlestown Home Guard at Harper's Kerry, day before jester day, and took tbem to General Banks' camp. IMPORTANT ORPint 1T>0M THE tiENKfl AL-IN-CHTKP. The following order has just been issued by Lieutenant Ooaeral Bcott hxadwarlxas of tj1>: army, ) WiBitiNOTOM, Sepfmbor 3,1S81. / The General-In-Chief Is hatipy to announce that the Treasury Dopartmcnt, to meet future payment* to the troops, is about to snpply, besides coin, as heretofore, Treasury notes in fives, tons and twenties?-as good as gold at all banks and government offices throughout the United Slates, and roo:-t convenient for transmlsaiua by mail from tho cfflcers and men to their familM at homo. tSood ling, bands, fathers, sons and brothers, serving under Stars and Stripes, will thus soon have tin- ready and safe means of relieving an immense amount of suffering, which could not be reached with coin. In m.king up uoh packages, every officer may be relied ii|?in,mo doubt, tor such assistance as may be ueeiled by his m^u. By command of Lieutenant (icneral HtlOIT. K D. Towsmnd, Assistant Adjutant Oeueral. JkHRlVAL OF THE STEAMER R. B. FORBES- AKREW OP HJiB OFFICERS. The gunboat R. B. Forbes arrived at tho Navy Yard to-night. Her officers were trained lately placed under arrest. THE PUBStTT or THS FBIVATEEH SUMTKR. The Navy Depurtraant today rocelvcd official iufornia tlon from two points in the Gulf, dated the 13th alt. from which it is evident that three or four of our vessels or war ttavc reilaMo Information or (lie position of lie |>ri atcer Sumter, mid have probably by this lime cloaod ilown on her, as they wore then plowing to do fr?m different point* immediately. JBKL BBTWBT3 RESPF/TINO CAPTUt*D VM.?KI.4? FLORIDA 11ARBOIW BLOCKED VP. It has been iujcertalm>d hero that the Smthnrn pre?? have been la tbc liabit of representing the prizes brought is by their privateers not only as prises but also as vesncls that havo ran the blockade. lliey thus make the meet of a very little. The prizes rocsptured by our fleet on the Florida have been loaded with stone and sunk in the approaches to harbors along the coast, aa h;u been d->ne in the inlet* f North Carolina, rendering the blockade "nUn-ly effectual, and enabling our blockading fl.ut to attend to more important points. HA6TY J'MOnT OP RKBKL STMrArrTWt". Recent arrests of known alders and abetto.s of treawt have occasiuncd th*- sudden absence of several Kuspected persons, who probably fonred being plocad lu dnres?. Many others of both sexes arc under strict surveillance, and will be detained If circumataooee ro^'iire. JHK OFFICIAL RETORT OP TRH CAFTCHK OP PORT HATTEKA9. Coromodoro Slringham hns made lis official report respecting the operations of tha fleet at Ilatteras !nlrt. It contains no iacts additional to thoao already published. He concludes his drjcumrtantial narrative by saying:? I have naught but pr.\Ue to accord to tho officers, sea m."u and mar iuca of th? n\ vy, and olflcers and soldiers of the army v.lio were prof*. nt for their gallantry and cheerful devotion to duty atit. to their government, tlio United States < f America, whveli they all cheerfully and noaruiy serve." Tins rnovoST mati.'iial a.vr> thl- rtir. fi. At tho Provost Marshal's office to-i.'iy n pass to crufs Uio Potomac wok refused to a tiewspap** rcpotter, about whose loyalty there in no doubt. In Oeaot ?1 Pon.?r'g lib. enoe a deputy attends to this biiFiws.'. It l\ prcRumod. fri in thn circumstance above related, that tlio ruf.isal t? ttc- j>r- n? it uniform. 1 IE WE THK AllMY. The following army appoinltnoDU yrcre mado toilay:? ('HptaitiH J. NulnouSmtlli, lVnusylvankti; C. W. GoMlng, ] anil cha,?. I). Robinson, of WuM.x>na[to, Assistant Quartoriimalorn of VulunlourH. John A. I* JIoit11, wt Pennnj lvnuU; Thomas B. Oaktoyi of Now Yoik, an.I 11. U?oport, of Pennsylvania, aJdiClonal I'HyiiiaaUTH. Captains Alnsumh'r Morrison and John L. JIatUaway, ('jOtlliriUKinn of Siiliui.tolli'n 1 OtpbtiuA Jaincn Kelly and 1'at rick Kelly, late of tho Sixty ninth Xtvv York re^imout, Iiuvc beun appointed CaptaiiiH in the I'm ted Hates Army. Captain Kobi-rt Nugent, of tlio Thirteenth I'nited State* infantry, late Lieutenant Colonel ul the sixty ninth regi inrnt Now York Stale Mkhtin, hit* bocu granted special leave of absence until further orilrrs, to enable him to ococpt th?! l.ieuteuaul Colonelcy of the uow Sixty-uiutli regiment New York Volunteers, uml to :?id in getting up the proponed lrinb brigade. Captain Nugent gixv U) Mtiladelphia tomorrow to make urrangemouts for racing it regiment (b?re to he attached tu the brigade. ?'?l>Uiin(t Reid and ttraham, late of tlie Second New York State Militia, are here, and have authority to raiao a regiment for the Irish brigade. Major |i. nnln E. Minion, of tho Thirty-fevetth New York regiment, ha* resiguwl, ami bin reiignation is accepted. Otptam I.yle'i National Guard regiment, of Philadelphia* which wan among the tirst of tho Hired months voltinj tocr* aeeepu-il, w?'- yo*tnr<lay occoplod for three years I by the War Department. \S y OMANITATION OK TIIK TKNTH KKW YORK LKOION* j Hon. C. II. Van Wr.-k, Chairman of (lie Cor tract Inves ligating (Vwitnittee, now in session at New York, arrived I here to -till V ollott hoKiu ,? r/u?lni.|iul with Ihn nrifftnWfl I tioii of the New Y<< k Tenth Legion, to be made "p i<i Hip j comities of Orange, Ailllvmi and Ulster. The regiment is ! to have attached to it one cavalry nn I one artillery corai puny. It Is prubablc thai Mr. Van Wyck will a'ao wbtlo ! h?re endeavor to hurry up Iha sta'cmeul required by the committee of the contracts mi?lu by lite War aud Navy Departments since March 4, which iva? nskcil for , ^more than six weeks ago, but has not yet be?n furnish EXAMINATION OP CANTHPATKS ROR ADM1S-ION TO 1 HK MXD10AL COItl'S. A Board of Naval Surgeons is now In session at tho Nava' H?spita) at N''w York lor the examination of candidates for admirdon iuto the medical corps of tho navy. It la understood that there are a uumlter of vacancies. (.en llom>'ii deirous to connect ilumyrlvcH permanently with tho Borvicc would do well to avail themselves of this opportunity. Applications for i>erm'.ssk>n to aopear before the Board for examination miwt b? addressed to the Sec retary of the Navy, accompanied by testimonials of proper physical uml moral tpialltlcations. The candidate* mum be between the ageg uf tncnty-ono and twenty-five. THE NAVA I. RKTIRINO BO A HI). The Naval Board for retiring |lmlrm and disabled ottieers haw been ordered to meet at tbe Brooklyn Navy Yard, on tbe 16th instant. THE PATRIOTIC 1.0AN. A pamphlet, containing all the informal Ion necessary In reference to subscriptions to the national loan, is being prepared, and w ill soon be publi.-hed under the aobplocs of the Treasury liepartinent. ARItKBT OF AN ALXKCKD KOBBITH. John flroes, who was arrested about tun e weeks ago for robbing a jewelry store at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, of a large'amount, but made his escape I'rorn the oflicers while being conveyed tol'liiladelpha by jumping from the Cars, was arrttulnd to-dav bv Ijunon mill tliolnmew, Philadelphia detectives, in one of the cnmpH lu ' tbl* vicinity. THE BARKON FAMILY. There were two Itorrons in the Revolution?Commodore James Barron and Captain Richard R?rr?n?both In the Virginia navy. .lames had two sons, Samuol and Jam?nThe latter, late of the United Stateg Navy, was the one t who killed IVealnr. H is hi.-r son. Samuel Barron, who i was captured at Kurt Halt era. fl 1,0 Y A LTV OK TUB JCMruOYI* Or TOT. KXECUTt VI" 1 MANSION. I The recent Intimations that some of tlu> employes at , the White House are bcccsjIoiiIrU are entirely unjust. ( Mr. ^ta<;k(K>le and oil the other men there have lieen I ready at any moment to take iholr guns in defence of the , capital. Tliey are faithful Union men, familiar with < their duties, polite and attentive, and very much devoted n to the President. It is .small business, when the ranks * of our army are flush with democrats, to a.-k the removal p of these men on account of lheir former party politics, t or?when we remember tho gallant Sixty-ninth and Col. t Corcoran?because mine of tliem are Irishmen. s JIKMOVAJ, OK TllK OFFICK OK THE SECllKTAKr OK 0 THE TRKAHl'KY. The oihee (,f the Secretary of the Treasury was todey ? removed to a suit or room? in the Treasury extension, s which have been elegantly fitted tip for that purpose. 4 Rooms for Solicitor Jordan and First Auditor Smith will ' be prepared in c'.ose proximity to tlione of the Secretary > as frequent conference are necessary between tin?e * officials. Tlx looms of Comptroller Whittlesey are already r near by, but in the old building. \ TILE PROPKIKTOBS 01' WiM.ARS'li KNOW HOW TO ' KF.Br A JIOTK1-. j WWard's Hotel, under Uie m:iiiag*mei!t of M<vPrs. c Fykes, Chad wick k Oo., has already great!y improved. 3 The table is better, and bills ar? actually m.xlo out now t without any extra charges lor articles which the guests \ have not had. 1 THE WASHINGTON POLICE BOAUP. r The President lias appointed Colonel Peaton, of the e Xatitmal Intelliffrnctr, a member of the Metropolitan J] Police Board, to till a vacancy. But although the appoint" merit is popular, it is probable he will decline the otlce. J The Hoard has elected '/.. C. Bobbins their President, " and William R.Webb, of this city, Superintendent of ' Police. C0NTUA0T8 roil STF.AM NAVAL TK3HKL3. The Treasury iHspartraeut has issued proposals for Ihe construction of live steam screw revenue vessels. It GOVKIINOK OAMr.l.K AT WASHINGTON. p Governor Gambia, of Missouri, had an interview with ( | the President to-day. ^ 1 C.RN. MITCHELL TO COMMAND AT CAMP " PENNISON. * 0>li:x:uth, August 31,1861. *' Governor Oennison has b'en Informed by telegraph " ; from Washington, that, in compliance with his roqoost, Brigadier General 0. M. Mite,hell wiil be immodlakly *' placed iu command at < amp Penalson. ABRKST OF A REBEL AT BOSTON. K BesioN, Sept. 4, 1361. James Leguire, hailing from Halifax, N. 8., wasarrcsL b ed in this city to-day, on charg. s of conspiring against B ' ibr government. lie has been crminlltod lor trial at the fi ; next term of the United Stales lltlrict Court. Hail was I relused. Leguire was bound for Memphis, and a nni o. m ! was found in his trunk, and other suspicious olro.uu- tl ' stances led to his arrest. A BREST OF A REPORTED REBEL CAPTArN*. T SARjkTjiu, N. V.. Sept. 4, 1801. | lames Chapin, of Vioksbufg, rpported to bo a captain In ~ the rebel army, was arrested at the residence of hi* | father-in-law In this village to-day by Uni.c " Htates Mar- ^ | thai Hurt, of Albany, by virtue of a warrant of tbo 3 jcro- . ! tari of State. lie is to go to Fort lAfayctte. \? THE ARREST OF H. A. REEVE. a.' (ii:?*svofrr, l? I., Sept. 4,1M1. ri The news of the arrest of H. A. Uci\o, o<1llor of the Wo/rftmtin, published here, cai.ros groat rqjoiclng among ai I our Union men. y A nnRRT Ol.1 TH ATTrtllQ TV U .11V1? ! ' Portland, Mr., Sept. 4,1801. Oyrus K. Sargent ?nd Oclavius F. IJill, of Yarmouth, n M' ., who have been doing biisinoss at tlia South, \?i>ro fi arrested today by the I'lilted Steles Man hal. by orilor of the Secretary of War. They are cuuttocd in jail, and will be con -,vj <)d In F<irt Laf.iyclte. ? T ACQUITTAL OF AUGUST DOUGLASS. r'UUM'FUTH, Sejit. 4,1801. lite tiial vf '.ug'tft l)o f?, r.t iiaifiin >n\ of hi?h misderanrmor, on tbn charge of ?i.d<.avoi i:.g to in I <5 <le- Ai ?"rti"n,rti 1 I'Ui.sIimnt lor lie r ulttd ia h.a rl hoiv rablu acquit La I, tbajury Umlii g h.rn not guilty." COURT MARTIAL. OF COLONEL DEILVA. r. Voir 4, lbCl. Colonel Helma, of the Indiana 1a^;"u, 1. .< 1 n ccurt fn mart taled on a ctu xf C cou ' .cl unlxx mini; ?n ofli' ir h' aud agenlli inaa, and tentcueod . << b > dlKniraud from th>> o' nrrldtof Ik* i nit ad suite*. Ttan* <iort wm preu.ijej over by (}"ii')ral I't?, u:il the Ondii^i haa boon aji|>. oved t h} Cem rul I'rojitoin. W YO NEW YORK, THUUSDA1 NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. ISfTect of tltr Capture of Port H ?!?? ri*?? Great Alarm In (h? Ronth~Tht Bloekkdt Violated?Release of Captured Senmen, dec., <Sfcc, FonniWM ftept. 3,1 Via Bauimoux, Sept. 4,1801. ) 1he gunboat H. B. Forbes got off Qfcpe rharlcs the night M'foro last, with three foet of water In her hold, aud proiced ed to Washington this morning for repairs. Slid votild have piuu to pieces had nut ths weather been unisnally mild. Tho rebi>! slaves at Olil Point n<nv number eighteen lundred, Including women and children. A lla-t of truce has Just come In from Norfolk, with borrows of tho barks Rowena and (JJen, schooner M4ry Hire and brig ,To*'ph, all captured by tho )>rivaU?er )l*i?, Willi tho exception of the Joseph, which was taken >y the privateer Savannah. The captain and mates of ho fl!?n were retained ? prisoners ut Richmond fhe captain of tho Mary Alice is almost iliroi t from Charleston. IId ro|H>rt? tlutl tho forco tlioro dies not ixcoed four thousand men, and tlial they apprehended lu attack from tho iccout naval expedition. Congressman Ely Is still ut Itlchtmmd, and bad to tal.-! Jin turn in cooking and carrying water for the pi boners. U'Jou* 1 Oorcowui was lately put hi irons several hours ?r refusing to unswor to his name at the roll call. 'fritter at Kichmond is worth 60c., ham, 30c., and coffoo 15c. j"-r pound. (.' pbtin Davis made a recaunol^mco yesterday in the iireolloii of liack river, and captured two of the Mounted iVorth liuard. Bjutimob*, Sept. 4, 1801. A oopy of the Richmond DUjmtrh of Tuesday, rocoivod jy a U:4{ of truoo at Old Point, contains tho following t"w* of news:? A dcsjuitrh from Charleston, dated Sunday nipbt,says i b~ig larfon with roftoe ruu tho blockade on Sunday luoiu ng, also a vessel with fruit. The ship, from Liverpool, arrived at Beaufort ast week. The ship Alliance, which arrived at Beaufort last work, h rpoken of by tho Examiner as laden with arum, aiiim'iliti'm, thread, quicksilver, ftc. The Dit\<alr\ gays we may In a few days expect B"auro(ard and Johnston's report of the battle of Manar.-iiis. Tbo Petersburg Erprett of Monday giver) an account Of Jw taking of Fort Hattcra*, and pays a portion of the ouuded escaped on a steamboat. It gives the number of illlod and wounde.l at about eighty, and m\n that those who escaped front the fort contend that the magazine exploded, but the Erprta doubts this story, and adds:? Our latent advice* from North Carol':iaj?re up to ei?,ht i'clook l;.Kt night. At tluit hour it was known in Holds loro th it a formidable Yankee licet was in sight of Kort llason, which c> inmands tho entrant* to lieu brt harbor, an t Is spoken of a* the most orniidablo fortification on tbo N?rlh Carolina .'oast. An attack was ex]<vcted ou Monday morn pg The gurrb-on is well prepared for tbo n.-sault, and * 111 resist with a determination and daring worthy of tbo ;lorl<His cause in which they aro erga^od." Tim exoitement throughout North Carolina and Em tern Virginia is int. n?o. It was ruuwrod that Washington, N.C., hod boon deitroyed by tho Yankees. No mention is made in the Dispatch of tbo illness of Jeferson Davis,but It contaius a proclamation of the "Prtailent" calling Congress together again on the 3d inst., >n account of its failure to deliver to tho President for bis ilgnaturc tbo bill containing tho military appointments. 3UU FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. FoRTKltfl Moxrok. Va.. S<nl. 2. JKfil. I Atfairt althr Fortrtto?Vigilance of Major Ornrral IVW? An Amujiiiji Incident?Arrival the H. B. fbrbes in a Crippled Condition, ?# ., tic. Tlie even tenor of our wsy lit Still undisturbed. The mslncss ol' every one in and about the fortress 1* attend i.l to. Out of chaos and confusion all is now order and tinsbine. tleoerul Wool personally inspects dully all the vnrkings In tils department, and with the hnpplert relolts. A very amusing Incident occurred the other day, ihowl-.g Ills v igll tnoe and syat'-m of dealing with deanlters. He had heard that Home of his men were In the Mtblt of returning to (Mr bods after reporting at reveille, vhleh is beaten ulKiut the break of day. He derided to heck it, and on the following morning presented himself it the be Islde of one who was enjoying more thnn his hare of sleep. The General nudged hint, and wan deIred to lot him alone. He repeated his efforts, and was old to go to the . The sleeper was then calli-d upon o rise, and on hearing the voleo of the uld hero, was lightly "flabbergasted." The last word, though not iften usod in our language, nevertheless will convey an dea of the man's thoughts and i It nation. He, of course, biologized, und was told "improvement hereafter was nbolutely necessary." 1 need i-eareely guy the (General has ndear.-d himself to all who have any love of order or iride, as soldiers. The navy, r.r vessels nttachcl to the same at this i<olnt, .re ull in excellent condition, w ith the exception of tlio t. B. Forbes, which came in last night about halt past glit In a most lamentable condition. On Patunlay she an ashore on Sand Shoal, shout ten miles to the northward of Smith's Island. Our Harbor Muster w ,it t/i her elief with Adriatic and Young America, -"vl sue lauded In getting her off. but In a dumped cm l-t'oe. On ler arrival she had eight feet of water in her hoM, ad no "... ?vip rujiuo n. I ..." ' 'lull ll.l. .! ! K iml of course her ammunition H|?oilo<l. During the light lior i>iini|>s were going continually?(lie ouly nit-ano keep hor afloat, foal v. ;u> prut to her from some of I he osselt. lying here. I could not ascertain tho injury to ler mm hinory. She is to remain hero until the Hatf of leer's return. It w ill bo necessary to send her N'U'lii for opairs, which, 1 think, will take o nsitlerable time and OFt a largo sum of tnoaey. This ir< the second time tin ias been ashore she lert Boston, only a week nine?, lie is commanded l>y acting Mu? Gregory, of Boston: horo were no regularly edneited naval officers on D'Urd 'lie vessel was .diamofully handled from the time kIiu tar led, and aU who hare Men much ooaat i-orvic.n ^ ty hat it could only have happened through gro,.* nug'ect. NEWS FROM THE REBEL STATER. Ijoctcviux, Ky.,Hept. ;j, isci. A gentleman, Just arrived in UiIh city from Richmond, ifurms the J</urva1 that lie wr? captured at Mathkia olnt, while cn hi:' way to tho North, and returnod for rial to Richmond. Tin reports the number of trooi* in Irfinlu as greatly exaggerated in iho North and Rich 10ml, and th.:t tho actual numbers will not roach evenly thousand in the State, many of whom arc own with sickneM?In substation corroborating tho b(at'-icnts of tho Fouth -m papers, that fully flfly per cent of tie lighting force is in tho hoyjiltnl. Ho further says Sat on Saturday Iwt Jeff. Davis wa* very ill. and little opes were entertained of hU recovciy. The Journal l dormant at the tiinl at Richmond prove*! himself an bglfchman and va? released. A letter from Dublin, Groves county ,Ky. , rays that two I rothors namod Bailey, with howie knives, had killed uik Smith and Bell Sherwood, in a tpiarrel, which arose om a political fujs. Tho Baileys arc Union men. IiOuisviixr, Ky., Sept. 4,1361. The Memphis Appeal, of the 3d, rejiorts the receipt at >i*t iv.rI nf inn l.a>y of riiifoti And or !17 A despatch fiom Columbus (Ky.) to tho}say.?; liree Vtiite t Slates gunboats and one traiisjmrt liiul arivcd opposite Columbus with a large number of men, ii th-oght for the puTposc to seize t'olunibu* or attack eneral l'illow. A meeting of native KentucWIar.s, at Memphis, on the J init. resuived to pleJge themselves to render tii( lr nal vc State and hor s<>ns all the aid within their power hT.ever Ivir freemen shall Inaugurate) a struggle for no w*r(ion ' [ her liberty ngain*t tho tyranny of tiio Codeil power an>l despotism ol abolitionists North. A Richrnond latter to the Memphis Appeal reports tin rrival <?t two cava); y com;>anies from Georgia, aaid to ho ic finest aDd most cClcteut troops, ai:d with Hie ilnetft ors?s ever seen. The Charleston Msrciiry of Saturday announce* the arval at that j>ort of the armed privateer Cordon from a x weeks' cruise. Flic had captured four General A. Sidney Johnson )uul pawed through Memphis ? his way to lUcumond. HE TDi;iD IRISH REGIMENT GODKJ TODAY. Tlw Third Irtoh regiment aro under orders to leave toiy,and tho following lias bean lmicd by Colonel E11glil;? nkatxtrarums Trimn Trihi Rk' itot, ) Camp Carrkiak, 8. i., J>pt. 4,1861. j (lEXKKAL ORIIPH No. 4. All officers and enlisted men of this command now <m rlout.h iiro hereby in tin (1 to r. i rl tli' iuicIvm to their vifpirrierion or bcf?ro Tli ir.iday, tho fiih inn., twelve r:|c>, It jmoii. ut .vlileU tim-'tills r. iment h expn^tml to *v? for W.islnnifton. All .<b i.tnte. s n<>t r? | o, tmg ih' iu vrs nt ,<Mt time will bo u.-atcd tu d'f-rter*. .H; order, . JUC1URU C. i-NKIGlir, Colonel, ] RK H {, SEPTEMBER 5, 1861. DEATH OF JEFFERSON DAVIS, j Strong Confirmatory Evidence of the Troth of the Bcport- The Rebel Flags at Half-inast and the Confederate Officers in Monrning?Biographical Sketch of the Bebel President, &o., &o., Ac. i Tho continued rumors which aro reaching us of the 1 death of Jcflbrsm Davis, would soem to iudliate that 'horo Is some fouu latlon for their truth. Oil Tiiph Ihv wo 1 published the following despatch from Washington:? A despatch has hoon recoivod horn to day from Rich- f maiid, via I/imsville, announcing the death of Jolf. Davis. Thfe nrcouals for lh? display of llu^s at half luasl from the rnbol ramparts to day. And yesterday the followiug:? A negro, arrived here from Manawas to-night, r"porl? that Jeff. l)ivis died at seven o'clock on Saturday morning. This re|Mirl ta believed by iiiomhnig of the fsuilly n sidnut here. Him physicians hnvo long exited, from , the condition of hi;- h ulih, that If at any time ho should bo pnbjeited to protracted nnd extraordinary mental . ??vertioll. h'* would itu* uiul.t?ril\' Til.i rnlfatl t l>r Ilk ilitillh is believed hero. The Washington Star, la an eitra issued yesterday, says:? Al * late hour lost nl?ht ? branch of the government a r.-ceivod ? despat h from a reliable parly Ui Ijouisvllle, netlfVlBg i'. ihutUiog . In that city understood to In) In die i-Mscut coium incjitl 'ii with Micbmoml, were Katiiit)>*d el' the c.orrectii"ss of the rumors of tbo death of Jotforsou

luvit hadreached l>oulsvlllu from Nashville on tba (lit ! ? ore. Our corrfni>on!|i nt telegraph#, as will bo m en elsewhore, tint a gentleman from Manassas J unit Ion, who arrived in Washington yesterday morning, states positively that Davis died on Monday (Instead or Saturday) morning, at sevn o'clock A. M., and that the robe' officer* at the J-jnetlcm w?ro wearing eraj<e on their arms. Another g' ul' tnui, arrived In Washington yesterday from nichm"nil, reports the death of I'avis aaacertainty. 'Hiatsuch Is really (no CM? is borne ont by many circumstance?mil' n; others the display of fho rebel Hag at i half mast on th<- Intr 'nchmentR at lUlloy's Cr<>as lbiad*) an honor that would hardly be paid to the memory of so comparatively inr.ignltlr.iut an offloer 113 Colonel Stewart. Another rea-.on for concealment, by the rwhols of tle'ir chief** death Is obvions, when it Is eon8Mured what cITirla are now being made by the secessionists of Kentucky to take that Stato out of iho Union. The legislature of Kentucky met on Monday last, and the reb?l? are re sorting to every dnvioe of brll>e< and threats to compel that State to join her fata with that of the confederacy. The death of Davis, however, would dampen the ardor of tlio Kbtb there, and materially Inter, fere with their cause. Ilunce tbo motive for mnuealmcnt. It is significant, nl?o, that wo receive no reports of the affair through l?ulsvillo, which is tbo general source of news coming from thu South. | We subjoin a brief sketch of the leading events In tho life of the Confederate ProHident:? BioauarHtcAi, bkictch ok .ikpperron tuvis. 1 .li'flfrrsim Oavin was bom .June 8,1808, in what is now Todd conntv. KcnLuckv. While vet an infant. his lather. Samuel Davis, a revolutionary aoldior in Georgia,removed to Mississippi an I settled in Wilkinson county. .1 off1.-sun , Davis was Mint,at the usual age, t > Transylvania < 011<<);", , Kentucky, from which li?* wna transferred in 1H24 t. tin- ( Uilitary Academy at West Point, in lfi'JS, wliirh h-j left j with the brevet appointment of Second Lieutenant. Jlo was in ihi' army about seven years, and distinguished | himself In active service <>n the Western frontiers in the Hlack Hawk ami other Indian war*. W1H1 the rank of 1- im I.kratenant of dragoons, he resigned out of tli<- army iu 1*30. He then returned to Mississippi and became "a cotton pliiuter in Warren onutity, where ho lived in ro- i tireiuent until about 1&44, when ho tirst took an active liart in politico a.-1 a democrat. W? believe his Hrnl apl*ar.inec as a public ?|s<ak?r wai at a "barbecue" in ' Warren county, in answer to the ouiubralod ,s, s. 1'ivn- I tis?. Frcm that moment be b.;. ame the loader of the Mississippi democracy. In IH4i ./olfcrson I'avis was chosen one of the Prnsi- ' demiaj electors o( Mississippi, in which rajwrity he vot"d I for l'o!k and Jlailax. In the .ncceoding year lie wjm no- j mingled l>y tlic derooirati'-party of his rft-ato as a audi- | dale for '<nrr' e;s, w is elected, and took bis s at In the j body in Doeamber. His llrst oppon lit for Oongrcm wan , Mark Valentine. then of Warren county, Mia ., now of , Carroll parish, La., v.hw, though of the same party, | thought .'i iV is'Ti Da via not ?> uid or pronounced enough , on the repudiation question, and came out as an iu<!?- ; , p ud-.iit repudiation can didato against him. Tliey < ame f together in discussion at Vleksburg, where Davis sue* < eceded in convincing b!s impulsive opponent tdUi-r lliat j there no material diHo-euco between them oil!he repudiation hobby , or tluit,TTthcre was sin li a dilTert-nce, , it did not make a mat-rial issue in the canvass for Con- , (iress. Mi. Valentino th -n withdr<w, an I left the field lo -j Davis ami tli" whig candidate. Mr. Tompkins,a lawyer of | V icksburg, a v ry |*>pular man and a iorciblo and jwir- i sua ive uiator, vv ho suh.<equeiitly went to Congret-s. 'I ho eleeiion of I) wis was the result. Wliilo in Congress he wis foremost among the members who assisted to organize the war against Mexico, and in July, 1846, when the First regiment of Mississippi Volant's rx was onioilel for scr, ice in Mexico, h i wag elected its t'<don<'I, whi-n he left his, suit in the House, and joining his regiment, led it to reinforce ihe army of n General Taj lor on the Ilio Grande. Ills Berviooa iu the anny thenceforth are matter of history. I! was Just af 5 ter t!i- buttle of liuena Vista that General Tiylor, whose daughter Colonel Pa vis hVl married under circnmstaum s displeasing to her father, consented to b < reconciled t<) i bis long repudiated son in-law. 'Hie present Mrs, Davis is his scooiid wife, the former one having died s une years ar,o. On the return of bis regiment, In July, 1R47, Oolonel I lav is was tei <1 t?~1 the appointment of Rrigudler General g of volunteers, wbich he declined, on the groniel tint the 1 States, and not tlio fcdeial government, had the right to appoint the officers of the militia. Ho *.vas appoint d by the tJovcmor of Mississippi, in the same year, to nil a vacancy in th'* United state? Hoii.ite, and nut afterwards i ,?l? ?i, I...I tim ><;_ i <.... <i. . I remainder of the term, which c.\|>ired March 4,1861. lu'Septcmber, 1861, <>olo:H Havis r. tigned hi* n a Senator, on lining nominated for (iov'rnor by tbe /feces- p, eiuii winy or the democratic |wtl.v, in opposition to llcnry S. 1'noto, lh" 1 Tn Jon candidate, and was b*"it!n by a l: ma,(ority ?f onlj rut J votes, although the Union i arty wont into the ftvM v till a majority of 7,600 vol. n. a* indicated ^ by tho t'onvenlion e!co?i<ra a ehort vime before. 1 Colonel Davis wan In reliicmnt, Hhmi, until 1S65, * when he rendered effective tsorvice oil the stump for 1 General l'iur< . as <temocraii<: car.didiiti for ft-ejid-nt. ' Appointed to the War Dc)?rtmcnt by T're.-ddcnt lierofl, c lie contimi d in tliat position until lb" in,i juration of Mr. littchanan. in 18,*>7. While in oille.e lie revis'd the army regulation/"; be introduced li^lit infantry, or the rill * y-leil) ot tst<-f -s; lie caused ihe lnh- a nnfacture ol' rili'id in s*ot* aril pi.-lol and the use 'if lijo t Minic ball; ho induced the addition of four nsiioents to lb'' army, and organized m cavalry ."rvleo p'coliarly t adapted to tbe want* of the rovntry; he a.igmetitfd tbe 1 Ken coast und frontier defences of the country; and had H this wc.-tein part of the continent explored for t^i nt ific, o geographical and railroad piirpo-os. j | Oolou< l I'avli was elected to the Senate by tb" Mifslf : sippi l/'giMalurc in I860, before his retirement from tbe ( War Iiepartmenl. lie ugaiu entered tl.e Senate, there- i 1 fore, in 1867, for tbe term ending tlie 4th of March, 18(13. I J!rf= Mae having seceded from tii > Union iti .Iannary Inst, j s t'oleiiel luivl-*, on being sppri I of the fact, withdrew Irom tliat I) d;. and announced his withdrawal in a brief I add reus. j 1 On the OLli of February lai-t he vu elected rrovi/ionnl ' ^ Provident of theSouthern confederacy,and lu titerv*nt I of bis demise will be succeeded by Vice President j atidor H. Stephens. KKl'OjiT VHOM NABHVU.Mt. i Ix'UWMtjji, Sept. 4,1841. j t A N'anl.villc despatch to day *avs that there 1* no ti n ill j ii whatever in Ibe report* of .Jeff. Davis' doatli. ; 1IMPORTANT FROM KENTUCKY. Cima.NKATi, Sept. 4, ISfll. ? Tbe CjrAni'rcial says that it is unders-tood In Frankfort g that Governor Magoflln refuses to play into the hands of p tlio nib id secessionists; that behns bad a quarrel with Q Mr. Breckinridge; that he refuses to demand tho break- t' ing up of the I'uited State* camp in Garrard county, and that he declares that ho will submit to the w ill of the a majority of the j>eop!c of K<-r>tueky, as may lie orproeMd j ibjo ifcb the Legislature. r HIE KENTUCKY I.EGISItATURE. \ Frankfort,Sept. S, 1MI. a There wa* nothing of importance transacted in tho J1 Hon e to-day. , In tho Senate, Judge Itobin3on, of BcoU oo'.mty, w* oleotod President pre (em. Fix or ?uvon Senators more than tho oonstltution allows have been elected, and tho permanent organi7al!on c of Uiu Seuato Is delayed on a question of contested tioat i. >'j:*NKFOirr, Ky , Sept. 4,1801. t Two Union members have been selected to 1111 tie 1 contested scats in tt o Hcnate. Tho temporary Sp aki r ' then resigned. Tbo Senato will bo regularly organized i tomorrow. , CONTRADICTION. s Loi'jsvnijt, Sejit. 4.1891. i It is reported tliat tlie President ban telegraphed the _ I'lit' n members w ho repudiated General Frunont'a policy o in regard to s)u\ os I NINTH REOIMENT, N. Y. P. M. i IVcruitu for this regUncmt ur? requested t'< r<port at I: liati ier*, corner uf Thirteenth i-trret and I nlv or*;ly a plavv. to (liiyj t>> iccoivc uoiTbiuu uul eimpmotiU'. v g 11A J T II K H A V4 Y . ARRIVAL OK THIS GUNBOAT WYANDOT FROM FORT PICKKN8 AN1) KBY WEHT. The United Slates gunbeai Wyandot, ttwnwander Maid" win, arrived ymtiirtluy morningfrom Kort I'ickcntf August ifl, viik Key Weal U8th. I/>l t ul Kurt l'W Wen* United State* iblil.Odorado, Hug officer Marion. IKt at Key Went United State* hhljiH 8autee. Capt. Ea^le; Keystone iHate, 'apt. Soott; Crusader, Capt. CorwlJ. Alt well. Commander Ilaldwin report* tho health ?>f the troops at ^ rt llvkmiH good. Ttie rebel troops liad had a yencial itampode; large numbers of Ihoin had deiertod uud fono home. The Wyandot bring* a letter bag from Kort Pickens and i mall from the tleet at Key West. Aoncged Is a list of tho ofUcera of the Wyandot:? ?Augustus Ilaldwin. Lieutenants?lunu-s Btlllwoll, Loroy Flte.b. Surgron?R. I'nan. h'irU AtsitUint t-AUjiiirer?Wm, II. Cushman, acting Chief. Enyinern?W. K. Porse, K. J. Brooks and W. 1. (lark. .VcUrr'i Xtdsr?W. 0. Wright, J. J'aine. Tli" Wyandot has been cruising for the jinst two years, he was put In commission in September, 1859, shortly ifter which slw left thin port for the south coast of Cuba, where, after continuously criilring seven mouths, she lapturoil tho slave bark William, with live hundred and "orly six slaves oil board. Sho continued cruising for ilavera until November, 1800. Ill llecmber she went ip the of Moi Ida in search of the then missing Dinil . tramor Isabel, whoso engines bad been lisablod, causing lier return to fhArtenton. About the nlildle of Incumber sho proceeded to l'oimncola Navy IfftTrt, went into dry dock, hail eonie s'.lght r^iMilr* done, tier bottom eleanod, iuhI just got n|f 111 time to preveut the leeessloBlsts from capturing tier with tho Navy Yard, January 12, 1 H?J 1. On the 1 of fjebrnary who tnuiHl*irtiMl Ueuteuant Sleinnvr anil his command from l'ort Uurruncns to Kurt l'ii kens. for nearly a month the Wyandot alone, l?y Uor constant activity ?! h y will night, alonn the tuner shore of Hanta Kosa Maud, kept tho rcbds froin crossing over, landing Kinl at lurking lvkeus. During ilio day a portion of the crow assisted lieutenant tUeinmnr'a small <ninm:md in m>?unliug the heavy guns. At night tho marines of the ship went atihovo and did picket duly outside tho fort to prevent surprise. Tims tin- \V>undot w in by her presence unit activity actually tin* protector of Kurt Pickens, notwlllistuullnn Hut# was lwit a lieutenant alwiard the whip, throo having re sign Oil, leaving Captain tlcrry man (peace to his aches) and (bur englmorH alsiard, who performed all the various duties of the ship. After the It. ?>klyn and the rest of tlii' (lent arrived isitsido the harbor, the Wyandot kept open the eoium'inicalion between them and tho rort until the night of April 12, when she landed the re itifore.finenU of marines and sailors of the Sipiadrnn. She afterwards was actively engaged latn'iiig reinforce ineuts, Rnd for tho last two months and n hall' she been blockading the (miss of the eastern end ol Santa lies* Island. On thu 17th August she narrowly em iped shipwreck by being Mown ashore during a hurri[ nne. which caused her to drag both auctioni, notwithstanding she was using all tho sbarn pewer her worn out iHiilcr and dilapidated condition would allow lo ussi.-.t in keeping (lie vcr-oI ofT the 1 o shor*. Hud the sn'e continued fifteen minutxs longer the fuithiul old Wyandot and all on board must have perished. In oonscqiien her urseawortby eoudition, the flaj; officer Immediately ordered her to this port. It'iil'i: the trying times off Pcrnaooia tho in n suffered Mnsiderably from scurvy, living m arly Ave inouilm w lthj"t fresh provisions: aud although three lieutenants ami lie assistant nut-goon had resigned on aiorttnt of their see ssion proclivities, tho crew were to a man loyal. The Wyandot has proceeded to tho Navy Yard, Hrsokyn TlIK BROOKLYN NAVY YAUD. There uro unite a Dumber of steamers and s illing vested at present at the yard to be converted Into embersrile worktn -n have already commenced on the liarks tiein ?f the Hen and llra/iloira. Tiley wJ!l imsml lour thirty* two pounders of forty-two cwt. l.ieut'-n.uit Reed Worden been ordored to command he steam guulibat Stars and Sti ipes; Lieutenant llupo>ar Coilitis, the Unadllla; LieutenantParrot, the Augusta, Ictlng Master W. ,T. Hotcfikis > th" General I'ntcani; Actng Master Oregorv, the K. Vt. llale, and Lieutenant < lian m, the Valley City. 'Hie K. H. Ilal'i v> ill ro into cotum?.?ion to-day ami proceed to lier uilloii off ilia James her Immediately. The old frigate Brandy wilic lias bn-n UMiled into llie dry dock, wIkto .die will b? caulked and *lf Ik to be nued aj a hospital auil receiving iliip nl Old 1*i?|nt Comfort. The *l?inu-r Janx < AiIk<t will irdii ready for Ma. .Shu will have ol-lil thirty two vnnidira, broa !nidc gnus, and a pivot. Commander wo undo aland, hnw beeu ordered to h'T. I.ipt week lb" frame for a Mckwlieol steamer. two hunIrr'l feel Ioiij;, iMil lo draw only mx foot of water, wa* net ip. When t omplelod ?li< will mount a be ivy bftttery. liir- pUum on ili" Hto' ),.m will bo ready for launching u :i IV w week*. 'Ilfro a.v I <KK) recruit* at present on KMir.l tlio receiving mIiIo North Carolina. The j-lnanier VngrAtaCJUtm over to the y.iril yesterday afternoon to 10i.-jve her gimH. OFFICERS OF THE STEAMER PAWNER. W.?yHiM,MK, D. C., Sept. 0, 1881. Tn your paper of yesterday I siw an Incorrect lint of the Hirer* of the steamer I'awne*. Allow me, sir, to sond on a correct one,vi*.:? < ominutnlcr?S. C. Itowan. I.luuU'iiaM*?J, Maxwell K. P. JioCrca, T. H. Eastni'li. II. M. Ulnti Mjunoii?A. T. Snail, <5. 11. Dulcto. Surgeon?M. (iiiniioll. I'liyinanter?(!. Alibolt. ' hiet Kugin-or?W. U. Rutherford; TblrU Awlatant Kn;m:i>rc?J>. Hardee, J. Trilk y, N. Clump kin, A. Adainaon, ?. f*ellinan. Paymaster'* f'lerk?Win. K?biu.on. Captain's CJorb?(Vnirtrlglit. OPERATIONS ON THE POTOMAC 1UVER. Under ilat# of August 31 welrarn tliril tbe United States t< umer It' white, tinder uoinmuml of Atn'is IV Foster, rmerly iu.'tin^' Mister's Mute on the steamer Pemniiti, indeil ft c rew and iWtroyed four lmuts capable of coneying three hundred men each, al*o the Htirroundiug widllni;*, at a place on the river railed Kerry landing, 'h y bo:ita were no lUnbt in readiness to tranpport mot* ?iti%u tlio rivor. The Uunic<t wi re seen at a dialing" > !' ".i4ity mltea. Tbe Hi solute, under command of '.lptuin I'ndd, his in on a terror to nil rebe>, am) wilt onlinun 10 b tinder command ul' Mr. Koatcr. MTS< ELLANEOUS. Tin; ntiMuuti-.R (brig) and Kmjdptii (Ktoresbip) were t Knlnvioth, August J'i. All well. The I'libnoulh t- Muianed at A?j inwull as a stor<?lilp. Kopkh:* Horn* Aim Bor.m?'Die corvuttc P?rn oj;h, Airlran t lation, end the Mystic and Sumter, Porto Iran li-, are on their wny buck under ordi if. 1'be raited .it en -.tenmer t-a-rinnw arrived at Swatow, Jm?o 17, Willi rdnrat'or lb" Juloi Adams tu proceed to llong Kong on nt way linme. Vr i" T-laivl, In Narraganaott Bay, opposite East :n?nw'n-h. in about to be a?i veyed to ascertain it-nulla- j ul it > f- tJ>o now uavy yard. The Atbulii' 1 louse, at. .Newport, has been hired by the j [Ovrimi- nt for tin* locution of h br.nnji ol tia Naval t \c.adrmy there during the winter. Tin1 gi.nbont Alliritrosa in undergoing repair* at tlrn i lil'a lolpkla Navy Vard. The tienrniTK I'nderwrlter an.l Jaeob Bell are .it the V.viniijton Navy Yard for repair*. IS ALL SAFF. AT HATTLRA8 INLET? J TO TIIK KtlllOK OK THK UKKAI.ll. Pamlloo .uound Is efglit.i mile* lone and fr< tn twenty to 1 wenty five wide, provided with steamboat* and vessels I utend- d for the privateering service in large number*. >om ibe western coast of tlie so:inJ,and from Virginia | n tbe north, ati army mitiht almost Instantly be r;?.n"d j l' fxivfro! thonwiul t'e,' an attack upon the hvi b'ul "I i ?.v? li.l'l in lilt, ft. ?l n paiI r,,r'L- K<r II a 1S..II.,.. I i tringhaw. H 1* manifest, Trent the report* yo.rtnfcr- ' rii ingjournal ho* laid before tl\c p'ili.lo, that the;? are j n tlte Inside, in the sound. plenty of vessto transport j li- se hostile troops from the m.iin'.ai'l, nor'h, wml ami I oytb cf \t, to lh'-1 uptored f"rt*. ff t'l^y l.a\e th" 'iplrll j t tlv Ninth which animated the pnep'.e of Vermont *he? j 'iaiUbtiri.- tva.-; invited ??y tlio Br.t^h, f..-"r>re this time I ttmllco Jtound is swwiiine with vol nicer* gn.n^ to the | menu, a# ww l*J.c (Si?pii'l"'0 with the Vermont"!* on | ho om .isiim ; liudo l i >. If they :?, lh*y tarry wiih them 1 h *ph il of th !> ar -nbbel "f In t wltetim*n the ieH," jnl will not tx- ?)>*r -i: of tlielr upon the handful >f m"ii 1 ft with only fl w <1i)n' provI'i'-i:.?, and, for a w,ht hatappwn *, almost entirely destitute of lonmimition. The imnoii t iX"D ir? M iry of them bpiked. The nnim'i>iltl"U hipped there by the foderal forcea 18 not likely to be niUb> (or (he thirty-twopoimdors nh'ch ronijK, e the r . au.etit. Tl?c Harriet I a no is th<*re in ft d.ribiart t.ito, vlihout g'ine to flj{bt with or coal* to ??*t away ; mr men are left tho.-e in Imminent dar? r o. starvation, ijxm u imrrov. atrip of *ucd hill*, in forta that f :m>-b hem little ?r no protection from the ovoi whelmi'i# ton o hat ran isily hi* plaocd both north ?' I > '.'th of ihetn. cannot mn If see with what / -t ahl? mil tary and iav>l commander* rccelve the plaudit* lavishly he- j towed upon th'in for their skill In the cnpturo of o lot- 1 ortant a pa it ton, uniess they have lit those nun | rl'.o remain h hind them upon no barren anil inhospitable | i^tripof land m fnr hrttcr condition to defend themriven, to k op what tuts been won, anil to rentier it | mwerful an<l i flic lent a? un nn-ciliary to the blockade, th m 1 h-y ap; oar to h&vo boon left by the report* you have so 1 oramlnously ai:d prow >t'y submitted. There is a feeling f painful st..i|ieu:?o In the community en this subject. and li >pe they may l>e able to show u* that all is perfectly a.e. it would bo in rtifyins, beyond ibe power of even tussiil Id exiiriM", If we lose the signal advantage we lave thif gained for want of reinforcement of tho troops nil ,ui abundant *up| ly of proyiBi>.D? and munitions of rar, INqUUUiR. I L 9). PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. A Brilliant Engagement in the Western Part of the State. FIGHT AT LEXINGTON. Four Hundred and Thirty Unionists Repulse Over Four Thousand Rebels. SIXTY KILLED. SEVERAL HOUSES DESTROYED, Ao., Ac., Ac. [From the 8t. J/>nls Roll-tin, Sapt. 2.] We Wsam from Mr. Wujtsoo, a gentleman who left Rich, mond mid arrived by ttio North Mitsonri Railroad VrMay night, that a fight look place at i?xtngton, Kifnyotta county, on Thursday liu>t, In tho day time, between 4,50*) rebels nml 430 Jlomu tiuurds and United ."tales troops, in the Intrenchments aroan<l Lexington. 'Wie at lin k wub made by Iho rebel*, who were rejiul e l with a i' cs of sixty killed In the battle, ami throe of thulr picket*. Notie of On- t'nlon force wag killed. During the engagement Arcana Wall, occupied by tlie M iM>n?, a.11,1 a private residence opixislt to the Court Hoc^n, ownoil by H. Anil, Ksq., of ihi* city, and occupied by T. < rittenden, Kjuj. , temporarily ntn? ut In Kenti div, wore shelled and burned. Tho impression wan thai tlie farmer contained powder dcflgued for the mho of tho Con federates. Another attack was threatened and approbended. Wo len -ii further that ex (Jovwnor King, of Hay county, who had born taken prisoner, had uisdo his edi-ai?> from the rebels, but that Judge Ky land and hie >tt Johlt were t;t ill prisoner*. Two regiments of Infantry and a s.-pmdrou of cavalry left .leflervon City yosterdny morning, by land, tor tho rultol of LoxluglJti. LATKR KltOM LBXOKITOM. A gentleman who arrived In Uio Pacific cars last even hig from Warrensborg, Johnson county, gives win* additional information In regent to uflfclrs at I?xington. lie had news direct from that city to Friday. At that time tb* troo)* in the Intrencbments still bold out against the rebels. He says that on Wednesday tho rebel forces rnale a dcinaiid for tho surieitdxr of tho troops la the hitrenohments. This was Indignantly refused. t>n Thursday lie- C"rifoflerul<w attacked tho Union troon*. mhI wr? revised?the liifn ol the former being flity "or Fisty killed. llie Union toon bad none killed, but i.diie were woundod Inside of the intrenuhmeuts. Klvo or six Union men \Hiloiigiiia to the Union Irtope, serving an coutw, lud been killod in Urn neighborhood bythettinfederate*. Tim iuetulliJig parly bad no artillery. Jlieir uuniboi' ?M estimated hi U.MlO, lint they ulu'mud 4,lM)0. 'I'll" commanding officer frit ijulte ojiiliiirnt' of being able to austutu himself aguinft any further attacks until reinforcement* ooukl arrive. They worn certain to he thereon Saturday ulfjtkt, and consisted of a rnglmeat or Illinois troops, under command of Colonel Mar shall, part < f tlie Johnson County Home ( uards, arid part of it regiment ol Homo <iuardn nndur command of Col. Met'lni'ic?numbering in all about twelve hundred men. nil.- fore* would enable them to drive tlio Onufmle rati it from itiut section of the Stale, when aided, iv they soon would be. bv two or three regiment* on llie mareb from J'fl'ifBoiiCuy. When near Georgetown llie Illinois regiment wan (Ired at by a pereon limn a window, with a double barrelled hliot^nn, nud one man killed an<l uuMilier wonndiKl. The |H T?on til ing was captured, mid proved to bo Colonel .Ma gotlin, Unt leader of the secessionists In 1'ettis county He la now a primmer. Captain Htiples, who bas been greatly Instrumental In bringing on llie*- trouble*, wax luy lug waste th? country, Kelr.lng llie wheat of Union m?n, and having It ground Into flour for llie lu-e of the rebel fore we. Their day will soon be over. Jamcnsoii Cjrv, Sept. 8,1861. The latent Information from I/'Xington contlrms the gaiety of that place and the withdrawal of the rob-doThorn i.- mue.h disaffection In MeCulloch's army. He la in ArkaiiR*. Ill in lp reliable. An rrossod into Calloway oounly last uiglit > d"#tlnod for Columbia. CArKijiiiARMur, Sept. 3,1801. Central l'reutk*' little army, which I<;ft Irontori somt? days since, arrivyd hi Jai l son, i ?me ten miles west of here, yesterday morning. iieneral I*r<ntlmand staffare uow here. No enemy met during ttio march. The report that (ieiieral I'reut ms look one hundred ami eiglny prisoners in, thorofore, false. A itiout arrived from Hariloo's camp i>>; bl and reported that the missis knew tiie exact timo Gonera' Prentiw loft Ironlon, and Immediately commenced ro treating. liar doe was rapidly moving towards Arkansas with six thousand men The enemy is reported to tin strongly Corttli' d at Hykestown. Uom.a, l(4i.,Kept. 3,1861. The i.orrcs;>otid<-ijt of the SI. Ixium DvmocraX has furnishi'd the lollowing ;? A gentleman from Sprinxfteld en Friday evening r? ports that MeC'ulWch, with Ave thousand Texan, lymisUna tuid Arkansas troops, was moving towards Arkansas. lie v,,is jast hard from at tb? Chalybeate Hp ring*, near Mount Vernon. lib wounded were al.-f) liotng moved from the Spring Held and taken southward. On Thurs<lay, tho 29th nit.,Generals I'rioe, raraoni, Slack and Churchiil movod towards bolivar, with a forroi of some 12,000 tnouWhori heard from they were marching towards ,leffersou City, ou the road between Bolivar and Warsaw. Only a |>ortl<in of General MoBrhle s divintm remained in Spriogheld. Thirty-eight of the Dent Connly Home Guard were sut prised Sunday rooming early at Bonnet's Mills by 850 rebels, an.l two t<f tliem killed nnd o;gbt wounded, cd>> mortally. '111? killed aad wounded of tho rebels tilled a inigu n il iu-jir 1111hiu* r cxn.ui inv uo anceriain"<i. "llic Hume Guard rclrcalotl. Eighteen rebel prisoners who were taken by the <".iurd the day before woro con lined In a house noar by, and (he robel", mistaking them lor Union men, iiie-1 on them, wonmluig several. Hannibal, fiopt. 4, ISM. Uorportil Rix, of the Third jowa regiment, whlio out m aticout with five men near Kirkevli'e, last week, was surrounded in a farm hoin-c while at dinner by twonlv five rob *=, who den anded the surrender ef hie party nils wu1- refused, and I he rebels ma do ad attack on tbern. Tho H^hl tvi s nevere, but the Union troepe malntaincl iheir po*ll>ou In the house, driving tbe assailants from Ibe ground with a lo.'?i of tJ>ven killed and live woundedCorporal IHt, ou the Union xido, wan killed , but none of tbe othova were hint. L'iiro, 5*opt. 3, ISO'. |je'iien:mt Tuft, who wax eent with a flag of truce from Oencral J'lllow'ii tamp ot New Madrid, returned last night. Colonel Wallace's terais wero aocept?d by (Jen. P., and an exchange of prisoner* will take place tomor. row. 15 .(jig) reltek at e reported to be at New Madrid. CUiho, III., Sept. 4,1861. The mmbuataTaylor and Islington had an erigiijjement oflTHickman, Kentucky, with the rebol gunboat Yank"", this alteraoon. Two tin eil<? on the *hora, supported by about llftect. hundred ri ' el*. also flrod npoa our boata None of the shots- took e.Tect. The Taylor and Lexington flr-.^i about twenty shot*, with what oflect Is not yet known. To y returned to Oilro this evening, and en tho way were fired on with ( mall anna st Coh.mbna and Chalk nhifis, Kentucky. Colonel lilcka, of tho Fortieth Illinois regiment, who was gent to oxehango | rlsonors, returned lati night froto Charleston. 'Hie rebels luul but throe federal prisoners. It Ik reported thit tho ribols nro falling back from 8vk' stown to New Ma-lri-l. Censral (Jrant took command of IhiB to day. NINTH REGIMENT (HAWKINS' ZOUAVES). Lieutenant Colonel lJetta yestorday sent forward flfty more recruit.!, besides llio hand. This raises the regiment lotbofult complement of 1,048 men. Bio recruiting b' tug finished, lieutenant Colonel Iiofts starts th s morninn for Newport News, to tnko command of the portion >f (he p'Kimnui stationed Hi"re. Tlio remainder of the re gimoiit, under Colonel Hawkins, is at K<>rt Hattcras, iiavini participated in tii,< biiiiuun attack *hich led to tbe c ipture place. FIRST REGIMENT WASHINGTON ZOUAVES. Tlni? regiment h quarti rod at Gamp Vanderbllt, bwteo Island, and numbers 300 str?ns?. Th ;v w?f>iinl?r excellent dlm ij i;nc, and arc m . to. mg in by companies, and |'.-?;t to leave i?r th ? 'i on th 20'h Two comjinnh will lie accepted by making application at the tout lu tho Park. ?r at h vl-piai tert*, 70 \ ai luk street, to u>1vm>: J. li. is* inaiuc

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