Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1861 Page 2
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4 2 The Anil-Napoleon Movement In England. MR. RORBUCX, M. P., HKKK* TO I,It AD TIIF! PEOri.* AOAINPT IMPKHIALIdM IN FltANCI AND PKMOCKAOT IN A.'JKItK'A?A CLOSKK ALL1ANQK Willi ACtiTllIA tUHEHH A IK) WKD. [From tho London Post, August 22. J Tim Mayor and Corporation or Shuffldd illuiiil together yesterday evening m the FYeo Library. Tho borough Member#, Merara. J. A. Roehui k and <i. Hadileld, "'id a number of the princiiml inh ituiant* of the neighborhood, were present. The banquet wan ?( tlio moM Hi>mptun:.B character, and after lull Juatico bad been deno to it thii Mayor (Mr. 11. Vickera) proposed iu *ucci?f?dnn ?ho loyal ?nd patriotic toaata. The tua.?t of 'fhu lloiuugh Meuifours" wag proponed by Alderman H. F. Iloole. Mr. Roobuok. after a few ceinpiiuioutary remarks, Said:?It is evident to my mind that you. Mr. Mayor, havo not nailed us together merely out of compliment, hut to Umuu aoroetblng fr"m us of the grat questions of the day; ami, sir, I now urce.d my own Ruggorlions, ami will ad dresH myself to this assembly, always remembering that lam not now spiking to the House of Common*. The honorable gentleman thou,proeocded to suy that ho should range ovur the whole world, and tlutt he should talk about Fraucp, about Anuria, ami II to bo understood that ho ditl not wish to give oflbnco to any out*. Two great countries had boon attempting to come closer together l>y rointnor<'i;il onion, and that mainly by tho attempts and labors of II r. Cobdeu. Be we -n the ;?fl- of France ami th /teople of England an alliance could not be ton intimate. tircat they were both, and mighty lu their iulliwtice up> n tho world; and, as far as ho wu concerned, ho tniKlit w.v that ho objected to a commercial union of tint kind. Ho honored Frunce mid her people, and ha believed thin anything w inch would unite u* to tUoiu would bo a boucflt to both, Mid it buuc&t to mankind at large. perton whn rmu> he/ui'Mt the great iwnUry of Frame win n<>l alJe In follow all the am li able dr ires th U ?o< luid in ??>' imW? at f wnl. He would out allude to tho circumstance* whit h placed lilin upon the tlv oiio of France; but those circumstance* math kirn, he viouht not s ty the slare. bul they made him the. terianlrqf the amy of /'- oner. (Hoar, hear.) That army now amounted to'tJOO.UW moll, and there was a great Ht il around the coast. Why were they there? (Hear, hoar.) They were llior? to threaten fcngland; und he, as aii Knglishuuui, was not born to bo threatened with impunity. (Applause.) The dragon# teeth have been bound. '1 ho volunteers have started up? (hear, hear)?And we are now safe; and besides ttiis (sal 1 Mr. Roebuck) tUure is at tho head ol the admiui: tration? Is:'} it lu the hearing ol meti who don't boiii.v<i iu that administration?there ii at the head of the<ultniiiisfraiim now ?* who carts fur the h>nor n nil the tafrty nf Kit.,bind? (hear, hear)?unit so h ng at toe hare kumtlmre we art nafe. (1/itid applum-o.) Ho had said th t ho was not first in the language 01 coiupiiin nt, hut thlslioi.d from hia very heart. He felt tho dau er in which l.ngtand was placed, and looked with reaped upon the tnun to whom wo looked for the safety of tho country; and depend upon it. as soon as they got rid of that loan they would got i id of one of their great defences. He had never l>oen a parly man. All the world knew that. Ho ha I, be boiiove.l, done his utmost on one occasion to tuin tills vory man out of of th.i.r hiint-\ mill l... ii,. i>i i,*h ..a...I. (laughter)?but still In- Mid that J<ord John llUMcll, on niakuu; bis farewell spoecU to the limiM of Common*, maJii use of words which ought to ink deep into llie limits of Kn.'lisli men. I.orit John ?ni l there wre things in the con vict of the Emporor of tho French thai ereatod great doubt and suspicion in tho minds of the iniople of Kn^iaml. <!!? ar, hear.) Ho (Mr. K?el> ick) would now nt*ke known I H barret to tho whole mooting;. IIi> know there h id been & (.ompact entered into with the Kins: of Italy that tho Emperor of tho French should have (In- island of Kardlnia as soon as he withdrew from Horn". (C'ri?3 of "Fhamo," "Surely i? t," &>!.) He was statins a fart?not what he thought, hut what be knew? an<1 ho knew also that tho people of i ng and would in t allow that. (Hear, hear, and oh ers.) Tnfrt ten*hanging orrr tin w a < hxtii, ihrtnlitiing tear, ant that man at thehsatl ?f lh - tti'.ninijtratimi vin< renJy tu battU. again t nu ll aj/grawli em ?I < >i the j,', > uj t'ran . What h hud sai'i he mniml ! hi." h fifr* umiihl h* vrijinl before many m n'/tt tiapsnl. h'aoh was the condition of England with legurd to France, and in such ajsi.itLon should wo not look ahead for whit m?ana of defence thoro was ugatiwt tliohiiijKiror of tho French making tho Mediterranean a French lake* (H-".?r, Ifar.) ll'/tt?v. (ire tt<e to Ktj?xt Aim to stuf f He knew he should tie mot with all sorts of imputations?(no, noj?)>iu he $aid ne must lo . to Aatlrta. The Ltnperor of Austria had endeavored to make the constitution of that country us nearly like that of Kngland a? p> ssible; ho had made a House of 1/irdn anu a U ise of Commons, and bad even gone beyond our <;i nai itulioti, he had ijii .n every dietim-t H'lirm ?n k?< < ?mi ry a "Mli.'uti<m<:l ana a mmnirinal gnomnxnt; and wl'.on it was said that the Km)ieror of Austria hint only yielded to pr.'Sbifte, ho (Jlr. Hoebuck) knew what we yielded to when we gave Catholic Emancipation. He recollected that llerco demagogue O'Contiell deelaimir.g ngaiust tho Union; iwd wh.U said our great man on that (s ession, the fhike of Wellington? (Hear, hear.) He said?''1 will not face civil war, because 1 ku"w the miseries wliich war brings uja n a people.'' Catholic emancipation w.'* granted, and has be ti actc 1 upon. and are you not now a untied people!1 (Hear, h'ar.) Again, who made tho aristocracy give up the corn laws? Why, Mr. Cobdeti made a proposition to the landed Interests of the country, uiul be dragged from the hands of Sir K. 1'eel tho emunrijwiiiou of the country from the dominion of the corn laws. (Applause.) This also utvi mtii ucicu uj? a, aim snoiuu u now tie f.'.w tnat llic Emperor of Austria, taught wisdom by Soll'eriuu, wu? about tu go from his woril, after having vi-n a constitution lu his people. UioWmg to the past then. looking to the future, and looking to ourselves, we out to believe that he, iut an honest and us i?in man, would act ti|> lo ht? word, which h*? had not only said. but printed. (Hear, hear.) The constitution of Austria would consist of ? Hour" of ('< mtuous and a 11 iukc of Lords; that was like ourselves. The membeTS of the nouso of 1/ird.s would eoimist of princes of ttio imperial houses; that was like ourselves. The laide.l hereditary nobility, and those archbishops and bishops whose rolile rank entitled th?ra to a seat; these also were like ourselves. The Kmperor also ordains that he sluill call up those person* to life peerages who have distinguished themselves by their abilities mtlter In chnreh, slate, literature or arts; Que was not like ourselves. (Hear, hear.) The House of Common would consist of 343 me mbers taken from Ui? follow log places Hungary, 85 members ; Itoh mia, 6-1 ; I/vnbardy, 20 ; Dalmalia, 0 ; Croatia, Sclavonl.v 9 ; Galnvo, I/xtomeria, the Duchy of Auschwitz and Zutor end the IHichf of Cracow, 3rt, Upper Austria, IK; Lower Austria, 10; Duchy of 8slzlmrg,3;Stlnrmark, 13; Carinthln.5; Kratn,6; Buko. wiua,6; Swenburgen, iri, Moravln Mahren, 22; Tyrol, 12; Istria (containing ,-virr, (ira-lcska and ci?y of Triesto, 0), in all, 34.1. Now, th^n, it will be asked, can Hungary bo swamped by the Duchy of Austria, ho dnf that Upper Austria has 18 and Ijower Austria It) members. Austria desires under her present Kmperor to ho emancipated. Foreign nations only know Austria as Aurtria. They did not know of its comioneut parts, liko the United Statss which wo used to speak of. Wo know nothing of Now York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, bat wo knew about Uiv United vStatee. The Emperor of Austria wants an empire to the midst of Europe to communicate with other nations. It had hitherto been ualted by the golilon link ef a crown, but he would lino it united by a count nut tonal government, an imperial Parliament ? s House of Ixirds end a ftouse of Commons, representing each and every ono of the separate nationalities composing the empire. Tkii Ihr Kmjmtr ctTuid/ril wntili tniiU JUm lo mtrl anlttgi.iiislir pwtnrr' njun a (treat ami fair JirUI. He (Mr. K'jobuck) would ask whether in this Hungary wa* wise to eDter into competition withher sovereign to lni|icde hint in so great a work, because it gave to each and every ono the power of govoruing thema-lves, and of ending their own numbers to I'arlt.iinoiit.ot puttuig in>on themselves taxation, and gave them the power of enabling the Kinporor to meet the opposition power of Kurope u]?n an equality, which he desired, and which they also doSired Under such ciroumstanct* he (Mr. Koebnek) would a?k hie countrymen whether in what he had staled there wim anyihirg to oondesin, aud whether they believed the Enilieror ul' AuatrtA wn n ?hi.m Wo i-nwi ?wi w/?l lu? cauM? it wta a favorito word with people wlKt talked about a matter they did not understand. lie (Mr. Hoefrlnk) would ilu <ill he mul,I it' a I'uirtr hi the centre if Km >js?a constitution <uhich wonId admit a? fte* a Parltttwi't)/ a> (/itr itum. n? had now travelled over Kuropc, aad P>r a fow m?ments would cross the Atlantic, iuiiI winiVd ask what ah l<1 bo the conduct of Englishmen with regard to the great contest goint; on Id A merlon. lie ownod that with regard to that country hii early artiripitiitu had been xha'.rn Ho believed lu the great men?too WashmRti^w, the .leflVrsotis, and others of punt tiiV'f?(hear,be;ir)? and tliat thorn *i< about to be shown to raankind a iiew ra In the government of msn; and that this people, Instructed and well to d? lu the world, many of thom men of rank, would havegoverned thetufelvea as nwn oaiiht to do. He had been mtsersbty disappointed. (Hear, hear ) If wo were to say to an American we give you ercry virtue uuder heaven, we believe you to be the greatest poojil" on the earth, but still It leema to u* you don't apeak Ktigltsii m It should l>e spoken: th>H yen op'ftk ilirnti|;li the tiofww(lam((titer)?ftro ami fary would be the an-Afr. He will ?ay. ".Sir," with a mighty indignation. "I grunt you the Imputation that we ftnitllle hiourspeeah''? (laughter)?and then all we hove stated o? behalf of this uati<iri will be forgot, because wo bad Mid that they snuflVd in tlvtr speoch. f(?b) That, unftirtanalaiy, h* (Mr. Roebuck) b?lteved to lie a trtie statement of tbo present case. The imrpeakalle awftWfy, the overbearing intolrnce if American*? (Wr, uriltdravm-fiom thrm aU *ympathy on ft* part qf (he ymyU qf England. (Hear, hear.) lxioklng at ttie greM coctett now going on, was there a man In this country who did not is fair boart dimirc that the slave ml-;ht |>e ijreef (Hear, hear.) Owr ftrhngt are with (he Nrrih, our tommyn-eia) irti-TetU are with Uie Smith; but RtiU we have acted throughout with complete neutrality, and what has been tho consequence? Wc have been visited with aboee at wan sever bol'orc In ;iped upon us, and uk haoe borne U with a magnanitnit\i and carelettne$t which thoweil our tuperionty Vi m-is-t still, however, pursue our ooorse of strict nttutralit> with nmd to the allkir. Our heuts aad our wishes '.re wl'.h the op|>rcs?od. Aft. r furth r remarka ujioo tl^ jlave que.slioa Mr. Bosblii.k resumed ins heat amid groat applauas. Mat* Meeting of All Purtlct at Owt|e. (>wkoo, N. r., Sept. 4, IM1. A mawi minting, eomposed of men of all parties, was ticM hero to-day. Hon. Daniel d. Dk^Wuioou was the principal siH'aker, and was loudly and etit h>rsta<gtically applauded. Hie sympathisers with an4 abetters ?f aec'?x:on fared very liard at his hands. Mr. Pieklnson held a vast en>wd of tbonsandt ^>r two fim-ia In (ltd t'nrlr .lnrlr,n ?kuk II . <v.. ?... J . . hi torrent*, and all ItstrneJ with attention, and weuiu sot ' leave the ground nor allow him le coase ppoaklnf. 11io t'uion spirit Is at work. Hon. A. S. Own H! to ad di .ik a similar meeting this evening at .lb wa ga HaU. A sorie* of resolutions were tntr^luced fcr II. A. Boebe, Eaq of th<> Oswego GcurtU, to f&Toe of a Yignroua pri>#e ution of tliu war, wbieh were unauimoualy adopted. Tii?- f->llowing peraonK wero appointed deb-gate* to the People'* sute Onvi'iition of the 101b iuM.'?IJ. A Bet-be, 3D. C. Mc(all im.u. (). Chase, J. J SacKotl ana James P. tovejoy, it ir>"Ciuls un i H. K. Tracey, IV. 8. Lincoln, I)a arid Kei-n, D. o. Hancock, S-lim Kit by, W. Mf. diiepard md Iajchio Curlia, ruynblicau*. NE | FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wepnksday, Sept. 4?6 P. M. The amount of money paid into the Sub-Treasury to-<lay by the people exceeded |H00,000, and it became evident that the limit of the physical capacity of the clerical forco of the establishment had been reached. It was barely possible to day to count all the money offered, to explain the matter of the interest to each applicant, and to sign duplicate roceipts for eaeli payment. These pointa being represented by Mr. Cisco to the llank Committee, that body held a meeting this afternoon and agreed to receive deposits henceforth on account of the loan. Parties, therefore, who propose to subscribe, can henceforth do so at any of the city banlia as well as at tbe Sub-Treasury. The anrross of tli? loan \vnn iisanreil some <luvs since; each day's experience only renders that success more absolute. When It is remembered that no Treasury notes are ready, and no subseriptions received save nt the Sub-Treasuries of New York and Philadelphia, the amount subscribed seems enormous, and indicate# that the whob fiffy millions will be rapidly absorbed, as soon ns the government is ready to deliver its paper, and the people of every loyal community are afforded on opportunity of subscribing. Money is without change. Two year Treasury notes are in demand in the street at ! $ a V?. First class short paper would go very readily at six. It is extremely scarce. There is nothing doing in foreign exchange to-day. Stocks were again better to-dny, and higher prices ruled throughout the list. We cannot dK cover that there is any increase of purchases of railway shares cither for investment or forspenttion by the public at large. Tho commission brokers report that they are receiving no orders t;> buy, and the light traffic on the roads fnrni-hes an excellent reason for the neglect of railway stocks by the public. Still, stocks continue very scarce, and the bears, as usual, oversell the market and put up prices on themselves. At the morning board to-day G&lena rose l.Itock Island x/t, Toledo guaranteed *<?, Michigan Central %, Hudson Itiver %, Heading Erie New York Central Jg, and Pacific Mail 1*^. The most active of the railway shares are Galena and Rock Island. The Oalena Company have 'iuti concluded an arrangement with certain capitalists interested in Western railway shared, by which the $2<i2,(X>0 mortgage bond.-t maturing in February next are provided for, A new bond, with twenty years to run, is to be offered to the holders, aud in tho event of their refnsine. the now lumiU will In- tuki>ti liv tln> talist* in question at par. It is undoubtedly an advantageous negotiation for the company. Rock Island is advancing on the improved earnings of tin; road, which is sai<l to be benefited by the clos. ing oi the Mississippi river. At present prices, however, it is difficult to see liow any railroad can make money by carrying grain. State stocks continue to improve. California* rose 1 per cent today. Missouri* ?4, and Tennessee* %. There w likewise a better demand for United States stocks. The new sixes rose %, and so did the liven of 1874. For two year Treasury notes the demand continues lively; all the sales.this morning were at an advanc of } ?. The improvement in these stocks indicates a recovery of confidence, and a stronger conviction that the government will succeed in putting down the rebellion. The market was assisted to-day by the rumors of the death of Jeff. Davis and the retreat of Hen McCulloeh. This afternoon the market was without change and closed steady, the following being the last quotations: United States (I's, registered, 1881, a 89; United States fi's, cou* pons, 1881, 8P"4 a !K); United States ,r>'s, coupons# 1S74, 70% a SW; Virginia I's, a Tennessee 6's, 4:>*4 a 44; North Carolina C'a, Cl^i a 02; Missonri O's, 42'? a 43; Pacific. Mail Steamship Company, 77 a H; New York Central Kail road, 7 a x/,\ Erie, 241i a 3i; do. preferred, 47 a 4K; Hud- I son River, 3.1 a x/%\ llarlcm, 10% iv do. preferred, 24a 25; Reading, Ii4% a Michigan Central, 42 a Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a J?; do. guaranteed, 2'>% a \\ Panama, 100 a %; Illinois Central, 643,^ a 65; Catena and Chicago, 07T? a 68; Cleveland and Toledo, 2!>% a Ti; ('hi. cago and Rock Island, 41% a 12; Chicago, BurIhigton and Vuiney, 60% a 61;* Delaware, Lackawarm and Western, Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 14,^ a 15; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, C2 a %; Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, 84% a 85%; Pennsylvania Coal, 75 a 76. The great railroad war has Bgain broken out. Some few days since the price of passage to Buffalo by the boats and the New York Central was reduced ta $tl 50; the Erie Railroad has followed the example to-day, and now, we believe, passengers e#n go to Buffalo by any route for f(> 50, instead of f'J as formerly. This new war, like the old ones, has grown out of quarrels about freightThe Southern rebellion, it seems, liaa injured the freight traffic between Boston and the WVst; and some time since so active a competition arose be. twoen the New York Central and the Erie for Robton freights that both roads began to carry them at a loss. The light then spread to New York and Western freights as well, and the Pennsylvania Central, the remaining competitor of the twj Northern roads, joined in the contest. Now, the freight agents of all three roads are carrying freight for whatever they can get for it?in maay instance* 5# per cent of the old rates. Fourth class freight now only pays 16 cents per hundred to Buffalo, and the Hndson boats refuse it altogether. The eBect of this uew competition on the earnings of the railroad* mast bo very serious. Already the war had reduced their business in a marked degree. The earning o4' the Hudson River Railroad for August show a decrease of $31,001, as compared with the corresponding month of last year; the three great lines of ateamers - the Stoningtoa, the People s and the Troy lines?fell oft' abont 140,MO in July and 140,000 in August, us compared with last year, the New York Central earnings have fallen off so heavily that the managers have never published them since June. If this was the state of things exinting borer* rat** were reduced, wimt will be the fate of the railroads* now tlat they are carrying freight and passengers at a reduction of 20, 30, 40 and 50 per cent? Tha bcifineRfc of tho Sub-Treasury was aa follows to-day. Receipt* ft,W9.ftM lfl ?Kor custom* 8.COO 00 ?K<>r Treasury notes 818,000 no ]'aymenu 1,291.475 45 Batauca. 11,571,004 87 Stork F.xrlinnfce. W KDMC' It AY, ft>pt. 4. 1*01 $3000rS?'s,'M.r?r- RSV 4'WnhsN YftiRR.. 7*\ 2000 r S 6 ,'71,C"il HO '.0 <1o *00 7.<'4 60001' fl 6i.-74,res'. de 73?? MOO t" f 6's, 74. ecu M>X M> do a5 7a% j 38000 (lo H# ICO Brie KB 26 4WNTMlfe,lf? 9*l? 60 He 2.'.', lOOO SYork 9 s.'?2.. 101 23 Ho 26'* 4000 Nnn 8 s, 00 .. 44 900Rending RR 3.'.^ .' OOO iio *10 41 80 Hudson Rtoer RR 3;;?, 1(W? Vlrg 5's, ft Mb so 60 do 830 33 9000 Michigan, twba tvi 60 do * 83i( 7000 N Carolina 6's. 9! 60 do eft 33'4 44D"** MUgouri 0 s... 4'J>? 10 Harlem RR l?'i 110CO <lo slo 42K 100 Mtah Central RR. 42 2000Mi.6sikollte-l.IR 47 60 do h90 42 1000 <W> 47 !< no dn 42 V( 2000 California 7 'a.. 76 \ 60 Mich Soft N t RR 1:^ i 2000 do 77 60 Mich S fc N I g'd a 2!>'i 21000 Harlem 1 m 0*. 92 H 60 do 2?X looo MCSpclmafcb*. K7i; as (,'al & Chicago RR 07', I'lOO do #7^ 100 do 6734 1000raRRt'sgby Ma. 36 200 do *30 97!* 2000 111 Geo Rlt ba.. P2 260 de ?7Jj 1000 ChickSWafba,. 81 260 do 6H 10sl>? Rk of (Van... ?) 900 (1 v< * Tol RR,. 2U% 10 Market lliuik 7V 360 Chic .V Rk I I'.R 41 % 10 Corn Bank 76 200 do pOO 4 l'v^ 6 Coniiu 'liial Bk... *4 200 do 5o0 41*f 60 Cuntuti Co 10 It* do hlO 41'; 70 Del & Hurt Ca Co.. H5 650 do 4j 15 Penn Coal Co 79 10 Chic, B A; t} ItR.. m 130 Pacific M!-?(Jo... 77 loo dj 80 \i 100 do m 77 260 Mil & I' duC RR.. 14 W 1 lit do 77 >? li? <9 1* W YOKK HKKALD, THU1 8KCOND BOAKD. $1000 U 86'8,'81, r'gd 88.S 600 lit Con W*M?. &2<4 6000 d 3000 Mf>P' lmwivbi. ?7>? 4000 U S 6 x,'81, cou M>?,' 6 itis Ani?r Kx Ilk. 7? 6000 I) S6's, 'C5... 87 100 l'ac Mail 8tS CO... 77 5000 V US'*. '74,cou 7H?i 100 <10 77** 3000 do 7!?\ ft3 N York Ou KH.. 73ft 21000 Trea 0 p c 2 yr. 200 ito 73^ 81HH) Tenn 6's, rK0... 43^ 250 do ?19 73\ 0000 N Carolina ti n. 01)^ 60 Erk> Railroad.... 24J^ 20(.0' altforniu 7'b.. 77 AO Harlem Kit pref. 2i> 5000 Michigan 7'B... 1001'unawa KB 108 6000 do 80 60 do 100 101/0 Michigan0'H,':8 80^ 800 fial >V Clii RK.... 07'i 2000 N York 6'h,'74 82 2C0 ''lor k Tol KB.. .. 10000 VirgiuiaC's.... 54>i 100Chi\Rk IsIRKb30 41 Ti 12000 Missouri 43 60 do 42 t'JOO do blO 43 16 N JtwyCen KK. 112 iWIO CO alO 43 I CITY COM M I1'HCIA I. nKPORT. WKOMMUAT, hupt. 4?01*. M. Ashks wire steady, and pales oouflni'il to 20 a 40 bbls., Including pots at 95 20 and pearl* at $6 37.^. UkKAiiMrn's.?Flour?'Die markot vva.i steady, anil common grades of chipping braud* wore unchanged, while medium and good grade* were dull n? J lower. Tlio sales embraced about 15,000 bbls., closing within lliu following quotations-? fii[>frllnc?Uto ? ! .10 a 4 40 Extra .-Half, good to choice 4 58 a 4 00 J-LperOue Western 4 30 a 4 40 < omusou to choice Western oxtra 4 50 a 0 00 Kxtra Canada 4 50 a 7 00 Mixed to Btraight Southern 5 00 a 0 25 Straight to good extra do 5 7i a 8 00 Choio* extra fami.y aud bakers' brands.... 8 00 a S 76 Rye (lour 2 25 n 3 50 Corn ni-al, Jersey and liranuy wine 2 bO a 3 10 ?Canadian (lour was dull, with sales of a lew hundred hbls. at quotations. Southern (lour wus le^s activc and buoyant, with sales of COO a Too bids., ci< 6 < ; within the range of the above prices. Rye llour wan native at our figures. Ct rn meal was Hle'tdy and in ni'derald request al our quotations, with sales or Jersoy and Hrandywiao at our quotation?. Wheat wu in fair request, in part i for export to Franco: the mIm lo itu'l up about l 17VOOO bushels at $1 29 a $1 . 0 fur white, aliont, $1 23 a $1 2.'< for wliito Ohio and Mki<M:au,$l IDatl lfl I'o; red western,$1 h> a ?l 14>a lor inlorior to prime, $1 12 for Creon l:ay,$l 05 for Kao,tie spring, HI a ;I for < h cigo spring, au i 92o. u $1 10 l' r Milwaukee chili. Corn wan ;- > a ly and in Uir demiiet, whie the < .!e# otub a ? <1 .1) >ui IIS 000 bushels, a( a 47c. for usound mixed, I7>,,r. a 49i. for shl; ment I'Ust, and 49e. a floe, for g'o-l hipping Western mtxod, an1. 5l^?. for \V. rn yellow. Kte ? ,ih lii mer aud in fa.r request, with sales ol 3/>o0 buhels Norti cm at 0-ir. Barley malt v/u.i in request, wiili >alc? el 10,000 bush-Is at 77c. On! w. o lu fair de iiiand. with sales of Canadian at 'ilic. *30e., urni We.rtorn and, at ;sii . a 34c. Cukikk.?The maiii t wan steady, with salon of 1,500 hags llio at 13>jc. u 14,!j<:., and 2AO new mats of Java wore sold at 20c. (.Vitiox.?The market was ngn n firmer and active, with said) of :i,r?uO I .ales on toe baste oi a J'J't c. for middling. 200 hilea of the 500 inn or ted by the (Juy Mantierlng. were sold at .It'jc.. classed oh good nridilling New Orloatis, iiegaraing the stoi k in tlib* in.irkut, with consumpliun, . :c., we take the following Stat wit from the Shift infl Litl of to-day. Tim utook was larger than had ho-vi anticipated,uud is said to have Included "lite i'tiroVs p ,rcli.:8ed for spinriOiH ami h Id in sure li-re to theli' orders:?The m irki t continues much excited, and with au active him eiilntlVH denruid prices hive further advanced fully two < nls tier ll>., closing tlrni it our revirfeil quotations annexed. The re.iuled aalerf tor the three days are ahout 10,000 hales, though It is quite probable i at some of the transact ions have been reiiortod twice. We quote:? HKW S > UK Cl ASSIGNATION. X. Orlnns IThI/ihiI. Hori'lu. .VnMt. aml Trr't. Ordinary, per lb 18)j 18}^ 1K)? la), Gout ordinary 20 20 2 > 20 Middling 2.! 22'a 22 in' '221-, (ii.od tin idling 221J 22^ 23 23^ I'.xjh i t, from 1st to 31 t Aug: si:? I860. ISO!. Cotton, bales 4.">7 874 After a careful examination, the stock of cotton in this port on 31st ult. was ascertained to be 37,'.29 bales, is follows:? On hand,unsold 2VG8, (ml not delivered W,lt?l Total 37/223 It will he s"pn by lho statement below that spinners to k 213,Ch9 bales from this |?? t 'hiring tho your ondlu.f 31st ii. t., axuitist 240, hiw bales last year, an J 223 OKI year before; or say -I H>U bales per wook tUu your, against 4.63.1 last ytar. th s:? Slotk. August ill, 1H60, bales 64,991 j Received since, 434,076 Milking a supply of 4148,1)67 | lloduot? Ksiwrt to foreign |x>rts 248,049 Stock, August 31, 1861 37,229 285,278 Leaving for consumption 213,?Stf wkkklv i.oxn; Mi-nox. IkUf*. Vain. lslw-fll 4,11 w 1863-54 3 ,(l.i 2 leM-W 4,MS Utt-U 8,484 I Sn S - : ? 4.2 "O 1 Si* 1 -MS .*5 .724 1*67 -ft* 3,773 ItS-'iVI-.' 1 2,030 1 - ft 7 4, ' j3 1h4 y-.'ili 3 3,75* l*4*-4H 3.141 1854-56 4,(H,2 1S4T-W 3 t7? Tlii- ipi liitlty taken irom ibis m i l for <tm?umptioii th.< pa-l jour shows a lulling oil' front the <p .amity lak mi in 1 of #24 Imle-i por week,anil I SI talcs per w ei k lops than in 1.468-69. l'iM-:niUis were steady, less active. To Liverpool 10,000 b is woro engaged in bulk At 1M., Ikiur wart ai 2s. 7 'jii. a 2s. 91.. an I dead weight ai 27s. M. RiUm t<> Ix>n khi were Hun, at 12'iit. for wheat, In bagH, and at 3s. 6 . for flour, und 40o bbi.4. oil at 35s. To firemen 2<'0 h ils. tobacco at 40k. To Havre ?omo 6.000 b'.tsiiuls of u beat were i nga; in: nt 23c.. while ft'>ur was a; 80o. Fish.?Tho market was stea ly, with a fair demand from the trade. I'ry coil were llrni, w ilh sales this wwk of s in" 1,700 quintals, st $3 50 a $3 B2>;i. Mael.-rr>l wor-' h avv, whi.o the sales wi'liin (luce d.ivshivo cmbracod 2,1U0 bids., at $7 50 a fs Ui K r V>. 1, #4 25 lor small Jfo. 2, ami $3 25 lor N". 3. Sin 4ced li;-rrluy w*re aeiive. with suiefl ol stale*! ai 26c. a 2tfi., and at 16c. a l7o. fi>r No. 1. I Pickled Uarrtag \rciequiet. FRCir.?A lair am > >i t of business was doing, und prl' I wo:f- gieadv for r,i -ins, wilU sake 300 a two boxes, nt ' $2 2ft a (2 35 lor layers, an 3'jo a 4(H) ilo hiach ai > 1 o.) a$l 66. A whole involco wii*. reported within tho we';k | al $1 50. lUv.?The market was dull, wiih moderate pales of old foi shipping at 46c. a S0c., and #5c. a 00c for old lor cltv uee. Hoes.?Sales of 1800 wore mi.klng at IKc, n 94c., chiefly at lSe. ii 20c. New comm mdo?l 23c. a -tie., according ti quality. It<o,x.?Holder* of Scotch pig wore IIrm, ulnui snlea wcro limited, *L $22 cash. Choice brands were held at $22 M a $24,SIX mouth*. uui>.?tiaa n* was se:llng at $o 44, with wk<i of 100 pig* SjHiuiuli ill $5 IS, cash imii! time. I.:mk.?ttocfciuuil whs so.ling nvHoratoly a* 60c, for common, anil lump Ml SOc. M?i.awie.-<.?A sale of 40 lihils. Cuba muscovado was mado at 24c., and 15 do. al ilc. Natal Stomp.?The nvu-W t was quiet. Small sftkw of sptr.Ui wnro male i| $1 25, while common roam wa- quiet at $4 76 a $4 HI J>. Otin.?Crude whale and sperm wore steady and la fair il"iiwn<l, whiio pi-iron ?nrt ai.Mutned. Tta following movements in the Now Bedford m* tut for tho wcec ei.ding the ad hifl. ure from tho WK+lcmin'*SMpjAitu Cut:? Sp.-rm ha-< been n>'*'u quiet siikm our last. but hi4-?r? of prim* aro Irm at $1 2:1 per gallon. The aiif tor the Wt?>k have beeu to the trad*, 200 hi)Is. al (1 25 100 uo. at $1 'JO i>or gallon; and fur export 300 bbls, at SI 22, and 000 ilc. at a price not transpired. \TUalo Is In gtKii deuvtud, hut the views of holders aro gotim ally al> o tluoeol p-.troluwer*. Tlio trausaiHons since oar lawl inol-.iao salt* of 3,WOO bWs. Wo quote-?3,300 bbls. in poroe.s for exjiort ai 40c. u 41c. per gallon. Tothutraio liOO bt>!a. a? 48c.. 1.10*1 do. at 43>ic. par gallon, mid 20# bbls. dark on private tortus. WtMilebmK*?The market ?? ) .let ltul with out sulif. l.ku-ixt ootinucd In fair dera ?n . nt a tlfto. I'HonwioKg.?1 ork?Tlio iaark<-t khh Ikh.-j* n-i 'owor, with soies of 300 .1 400 bb A.. incitNtltltf m-jrf (K 911 25, anil iwltnc at $9 78 a $10, and oloar i?i $1fl. leef wis in moderate 4utiiand, with sak-s of 175 bids., inrlodlfR rpackol Western ?t$l?u$ll 50, and ? $12 25nii3i0 lor extra. Ik?ef hams were qnloi at $14 a $11 50. Cut meal* were nvro quiet at S*(c. a ek;-.. for | haras, and 4 !%c. a 5c. for shoaldora. Laid una ."1"fl !v. with * tlrn of 200 a 300 bD ?. and tierco-at S V-a 0>* ISuttrr was in good supply; common to g nj Silt.' was I gulling (it 10c. a 144c.. and Western Kcwrve, Ohio, al 10 . I lie. CUoeao WMm gw>!S'ip,<y, iritli of rf^ito at | 6c a 7c., and Ohio at 5<. a 0c. Kkt. wan quiet ai 6>jc, a 7c. Siiiars Suitserobruced 1.200 hlids., lnciici:nK OhImk anil niuscov.-idas, at 7?. for good refining go-ds, nnd at 7jjc. a 8c. lor fair to prime groc r.V grides. Tho nalin Included some V'orto Rtco at Uio latter fijruro; 1M) Ixurs wore Hold at 8'^ . a 10.-. do. at p. t.., and 1.300 bi^pthiart at p. I. Mwr*. It. 1. ft A. ftuart have ef tabliJiV-^ the following price* today for their refhieii gonls:?Ik-hl quality nl ."-ugar, 10c. per pouml; best quality crurhed ? gnrf9}?<\ |n'r |?>i>n>l: granulated sugar,per |*uod; groui 1 sugar, 9?(e. f>er |>ound; wliilosugar, A, !>V. P^r poiiudjy Uow ?ug.?-, C. Wi-.. per pound. tVmnunr.?The innr!<>'t wa* firm, wMh haIci af 40# a iiOii I'bls. ?l I7>ic., Inelndlng pome .oM .it SPEClAl* BfOTICF.S. G? HANI" MASS Ml t.TlNtl- -McMANt ? OBSEQUIES.' r A ma*.- meeting will be h W (his evening. at eight o'clock, ?t Irvinx iiall, eorner if lrvinsr place.?nd Fifteenth street, u> make noce.-sary pi tei m Fur the reeption an I trunamiralon to Ireland of the remain.' of Tereneo ltelWw McManu-, new an their way fn tn :-a:i Francisco. Thoe. F. Me;i|il>or, Robt. Emmet, Thus. O'Onor, Jim1. T. Brady, John McKeou, Chan. 1*. Ifcxly ami Horace Greeley have been invited and are nxpectad u> ?peau. rpilE COMMODIOl*S lit ri.DINMS ERECTEIJ ON' T IK 1 corner of i .ml Sixteenth *tre < anil Rnlh r rd p'a e. foi MM w <>f trier, "s BomtMry, tMtttf now complete. lh vohoola f- r h"yp ?ri<I a r * will bo noen. d on the yth of Ninth month (S ptemher.) Fur adm^skm apply V> THOMAS FOCLKE, prhici; *1. POLI . K A Democratic rwubii angknerai committee.? A regular monthly rrn 'tngof theab>v<' committee will be held at Monrt Hall :8la (Tkar?4nf)?retlOg, M 7)* o'clock. Vunctual ?:t."n i ,- i r <|iiert ! liy order, JOH". i (THHANl t ha;: ma:i. GKollGE (J. GKNET, Vim Chairman. tiSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1B<

THK Tl'RP. Fashion course.?pi.easi.rk grouno association. Groat Trot. Flurs Templp anil Ethen Allou, Thursday, September 6,1 SOI,at 3">4 o'clock 1'. M. M.itoli for $600. Mile tints, host tiireu iu live. Horace Jouos satin a doublo tiwin litli"n Allen ami his running mate Sock*, to wagon. J. P. McMrnm nana* b. m. Klora iciupic. to hum. rjn. Good day anrtfgood track N. U.?In this rac? Flora Iiuh tbe polo iu each lmt. S|>eoiul trains for tbo courts w;ll leave Hunter's Point at '1 1'. M., and re turu Immediately after the race. Kxcursiou tickets lo go nnd return 3S certs; single ticket* iio cents. Junius slip fi*rry, nt 'J P. M., will connect with tbo train. Also Ihirly fourth fctreot ferry every live mluutoa. StoX'H 1 > m Thirty-fourth street furry will bo In atiendarco on tlio day of the race. JuaEPH CHOCHKRON, Manager. FOR SALE?THK TROTTING HORSE HONEST l'KTEK. .Apply to HIRAM WOODRUW. EK!) HOUSE TKOTnNO OOl.'RSE, HARLEM WILL com* oflTon Friday, 6th instant, at half pa.-:i tbioo o'clock P. M., Mile Heats, best throe In five, in harness. A puivo and stak'< r>r fifty dollars, closed with tho following entries:?C. Brooks, tnmo b. g. Awful Gardner; Miner, ditto g. m. PrinKos<j; P. Ueluiu*. b. p. Tom drown. C. BROOKS, Manager. iiorsks, CARniTaiiii &c. A NO TOP liC'GGV, L'lU.WSTI'.U'S MAKE, A SET Of light iloublo Harness, a set of > Ir.glo Ham Lap blanket* and IVhlpH, all in good luudition and for sale chi ap; or will exchange l'or a good top Cuf-'Ky. nearly D' \r. S. B. UA1.L0U, 409 Broadway. I TOR SALE-BY A GENTLEMAN LKAVQttJ l"'1. IU rojw, two bay Carriage Ho.'sc?, I6'a hand* uigb,t)?v>>n v?urn old; also, Carriages ami a Cow. App'.y ut 245 Henry street, Brooklyn, or at the ofllce 32 South SVilllum street. IJ*? H.M.I.?A vmr HANDSOME 8TH11 H JET . blaek lbn so, 10 hands biKb. Beven years nld, v.imd and kind; sold for half his cost, (.an b? semi al Kiug a stable, Porty In i between Madisou and Fourth avenue*. Has boon used in coupe. 17H)R ' AIE?ONE BAY MARE, 7 YEARS OLD, LON . tall, black le(8, stand* Unbinds high, kind In all luirnefw; one of the liest ftuddio burses In this < ify. ''an b* at Smith's livery stable, 182 West Twenty ttftb street, for three day*. 17IOR SALK?A HA\'t?OMK YWNO BLACK ilffWK . Hoi>r, lii ii:uni blfb, fix voan old, oota* black; pnfeetly sound. kind and gentle; \?ol! *nitud for a saddle h'.rve lor park riding; priee $160. fan bo > en for a lew days only at ('apt. liawlstou's Veterinary Colli go lUHtitnte, 116 West Twenty-third street. T7M?U SAME?A BROWN HORSE, UJSQ TAIL UA J; h.'uuttfnl mako, s veil yars old au i 16 bands hi. h; I?'.fi'i.t!y >r utl>', i? not alVaiJ ol fars or anything on the load; is a fi\.?t trotter and of gnud I iniN'r; w s'dd on uc uou:H of tbo owni'r having no ns > for blm. I'.m bo i<eou for throe day;- at 17!) !<*.\lUf;toii avenue. 17?f>R .-'AM ?A VKJtY il AN! t OMR FAMILY <HK-*I NI T . More, ij bands high. 7 ye irn old; MMMiIk a doeto., but< li -r or baker. J'rieo fll<>. Also a top \i?agon and Harness. lu<iuiro at 36 Chen y street. IIJ10R SALE?A VERY HANDSOME PAIR OP OAR ' riagc H.trsos, If. hands high, color bay, with bl;.e!i points, l< eg tails, six years old, and warranted Bound. A'.p y at ih ' private tables 41 Fa t Sixteenth stris-t, n' ar Fourth avenue. T^OR SALE?A VERY FAST TROTONti HOMSK DARK i bay, long tail, liJi hu.ids high, purbftly kind and ROiind, eight jvars old. Apply at the private stabks, 41 I-in- .-ixteunth slroet, near l'ourtb avenue. 1JWR SALE?A UCBT SIDE SPRING ROAD WAflOM, mad.' by Itusoi.bur.v Vandusor; in Urst rate "r<t?r; weight H'0 lbs. W ill be sold eh-ap for cash. Apply at No. it Christopher street, near '.-.xib avoiino 17?OK SAL'"?A NEW IJU1ITROAD WACOS, WilHOL'T top, h ivin^ b-*n ufimI bni a few tim*^ lo tho Cou1 a! I'.ilk an 1? <*i: will Im! y??!d lor tmn firiH* ILu v it <Yui l> su.'ii m Juim'.i lSdton'a livery etablo, No. 0 K uil Twoniy-tlrst street. "ITWiB 8AUC?TWO WAGONS; ONK MADE BY MIXER } St St- , < tin, New York; i:nol only three tiim*!; i: st SlfcV weisht, ISO Il?s.; ibo oilier,ICO llw ; m ule by Wit. bou, Philadtdphia; or would e\chanj; > """ o1" them for a r.lieap hutsc, il si>uml. Ap,> y ut Klftynlnth strwl and Ilroadway, opposite tho roam outrauro u> Central l'ark. 1jV)R 8AL&-A HAMKMMB BAY BOOK, M IIAKDS . high.'Jyi a w ulil, vo.-y stylish and fust traveller; A porfuct family horso, kind in all harness, ami an ox cnilent sadill li'Ufic, will bo sold at a bargain for want of two. Api>iy at a! Ens-x street , N. Y. 1J10B 8ALB v RT U>W FOB t'ASll?a FDil Yl (JN'Q HoiSs:, llarue?* auil Exptes. W.i;.;oit,all in tho bi*9t order. Atao a Hotter Stnro on Eighth avijuo Apply thi.-i week to JAMES Hi) VI), shoo dealer, 8lxth avenue, <<>rnor of Twenty second street. Frit SAI.K, OR WIIJ. BR MB B w- ED FOB A CO >1) work llor.- ?v\ h 'ndFtnno gray .Man1, 5 v im ol I, 14 lutudu high; ,>-rfrotiy sound and kind in all h it* >??, and well broke to thy saddl Also a roau Jlurst*, 15>? bauds years old; vary kind, fro*, niyii'h and t'.ist. Also a llylit lo;> \ViU.'nn, tieai IT now. Also i\ lliht bllBtn ?s or road \Vagon, and two sou of light Darm-u. All in i^*>d order. To ) u sold cheap for want, of ojto. Apply u? 21 flroel, N. Y. Hobs-is wavteo?about i? bands hk.h, t,tw lbs. weight, in'nt lie Hound and kind, to work m a tivH'K, wun't buy withojl trial. Call at Troy Steamboat ollivo, pier 1ft, N'Oi th Kivcr. UDIi-IN FOB HI '. ARMY.?I WtSB TO ITRt l' \. B l,i 0 ) Kimim, tut? n li tmtehigh, for liuhl oiralry: ai y ooW o*o '|rt white; must be ipiiok, ne'.lvo h ?ison, u >t omr eight y urn old, sound and kW I to '..i lilx*. Apply to J. O. TAYI.D't, 1011, 105 and 107 East Twenty fourth street, Now York. "I It MIT CARRIAGES.?TWO ROGkAWAY CARiUAGKB, J j two seats; n s top and no top igin, new arid lino work, for sale ?o.y ulvnp, by A. W. KEJ.I.KT k UKO., IIS Chambers HtrC'.-t. SPAVIN TNKTKMAHY. NO. 1 500 BKOADWAT TV > or three i:- : o valuab o young Hi w can now ! ? urcommodated ut this flab ishtient. No b'.Utoi tug, no linns, ui;i a ?i>i"iiy. oiwy an i ill cluai c*iro. mn 7ABMKR&?WAMTKD. STABUM0 AMD ll.VY, 1 with K:r iw or h-xl'luig, for ou hundred unit twenty Hoixm, within sixty niil?s <" n?w Yin k oily, fur about fix niottlhs tri m Oolrdvtr 20. (irnnins will be pent with t>m I to (me*. Ik will 1)? received lor *ny uuinbor not icpf thin twonty. AMress. statini? tljrras, livtatiou <uid un miitivMiAtluilii, , box (Kxi Now York city 1'ust iflw. f|1 VISHBB ILtN UTTKNTBD AND PATENTED A PORJL tubia Hoif'i M?rgi* Tor T-wling hor.-eii on the rf*?d it street. ii.laplo.i t"r double I -sms, hoi* -a lu uluU'Ut, or gA'1(ll*> horm h Ul? rory artioli! nivilml in the nrmy anil 111 New York oily. 1 will soil llu rijjil of NVw York M n iow lltfuro ft>r c.'Hh. A poison with $2,000 enu nxilto it fortune out of it l:i tbis city. full ivu<> s -o it ut Swreony'u UoV'l, c?ruor IhiinilKirn una Chatham slm-ls. A pr HOUSFS, 0ARR1AGR*, WARUN3 AND HAKNIBS 4*f) I?r ??le. loo Kmili? C?n tii)j.v. ?l) sty'.es. 00 bMs Hut nej?, Kr., Ax. Ftobl > 10 Nov ins street. Factory 1S4 Kaltoa arnuue, Hrnoklyn. iwksb* WAVn -Am.Y to niK .V/\/V/ a-.'nscrlher ?t the stiblen of A. S Onuibcriln.or INA Ntahols, 82 hast Twnuty-fourth sin-et, ear I'WrJ avo*u* niil.n' COPllLAND. BBBPICAJC* Am. rrv.a^'s ok women*, lnctumny thosh nrii!nf front Mklwifery Oia-'s, Crrepilsiitles, DoIs.uiuuig Influences, \c.. ucoesatully lrrtile-1 by Dr. 11. A. HAHROW, 11)4 WoeoU'* street, four doors frout Muodniipul str"*.'!., New Y'-rk. Hours of consultation, friMn 11 HU 2 iwiil from 4 ti 1 S. Sundays Mil A Avnucno nv.-rotiKD?ionokanoh rxtosed? KaniK-.fcB unnvisjtrd.?Dr. I .AK MONT'S l'lirts, l/>o| don nmi New Yoite Medical Adviser and Marriageibw\a Informs ibo i4ubilltnU*l trnd diseased, including thoso who ?;e Ignorant of the cause of tlioli ill Ui.nltli, mid who tnivo | Ik-ii iltsaiijkftitixl In Uiolr |4iyalclaii8, of th? moat certain and oiivoolvnt tn?U of cure. Mailed for $1 by HK'HARR-ON. Nn. 1 Ymi v M.; DKXTHJ it CO., US Kaemn Hi., N. Y., .uxl .'OUN'sON, 00 .Statu ? ., I'hiui^#; or thu author, 0J7 Broa livuy, itp s'uiis. Da H. A. HARn'r.T,it>4 11LKFC..ER PTKltrr, KOCR iloun from .M?odi>nj,j?l, N. Y., m.iy ha con(ktcnH;Wly i> <'tKorl as iimnil In ail ctu>u8 of debiilty and iM|r.irltle* or t:.o ny-t ni, noqulml ot hiTwlltary, ffom U till a and fr<im 4 t-i I 8; SiuiinvB tit'. 2. T \11. WARD, NO. 12 IJilUilT HrHW:T, PKUFORMS 1/ gj'ts ,y ptwmanoiit c irv# Hw ?.-eot pon?elU'?, | t.mM|i.u:u*j tor curing tti.-oases, price 91. Dr. rali-h. oi kicks I.* riuismr sntrer, coh. ft r of Houston. n?e.i> to 2 and 0 Mil 9 P. M. DR. BCNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YBASS OOMP1NKD lit* nUeiiUon u iIuki :l- -s <.f ivwrtain ?ia?, Ui vthluh In' hop In .ited no k>?> Uuui fifty thousand miw, without un trounce of fr?ilurr, H'.s grmt remedy. !>r. Hunter's Red l>ri'|J, cure* t- tain diseases when regular treatment and all other remedies full; tiros w iflumt dieting or nv Flrlction iivthfl hitbltf of Ibe patient; curat* without tho disputing mid skiki ning effects ?f nil other rvmodkn; ures in new roses in k ss itviu fix in?nrs. It ronl? out tho poisi.n/iiMi t.iint I he 13 mire to nhtwti uuless tlw remi .!y lg i.>'il. Ilw $1 n vhtl, and rwnot be obtain. 1 genuine nnvwhere thmi at (lie old olflce, No. S Tltviatou ?lreel, Book for noihiug that trusts nl tkv e Steal." of early abuse. DR. WARD TREATS srOCESSVUM.Y AIX DISEASES of women. Niinethiiig lor every lodj?his Great [ benefactor. 0113C'J 12 ialgtlt street. fi UKATfltiCTSSOK I'll WAIU), li I.A!tiHT STRKJCT. \T ?All af!e li"' !* c.n.Md by mercury or disease cured to half the usual IW11' an '. at (wit tl*> charges. HAM>f"VD (>V NEJiVuC-' M'lO.w. I'i.-TASI'5. M'.Rringe, (cc., $1, RIOHARIWON, No. 1 \>se\ street. mmrot appues galvanism for m 1?L C'ire of Female Complaints. Ladies can obtain K I Board nnd Jlodioul Treatment at 26 Watu street, u".xt to Vanck. Professor !.I"th l, 1".' chambers street, CAN be consulted tu usual, or by lei tot to box 2,350. ikrttoa oiflcv. No. 9 ttarrkwa avcaiw. 51. FINANCIAL. C10RN EXC'H.VNtlK K!KK AND INI.AND NAVIGATION J Insurance Company?New York, Aitust ;>l, 1801. lm nl' iid?The Hoard of Directors of this f' m|uuiy have this itny ili eiai ad a semi annual dlvidoud of ten (10) per cent puyable uu demand. W. H. WINDSOR, Sefretary. C\rn \usrs _ihe ok mani;fa(.tt!<k fob tho State of Nt-w York for a:i article in k> neral use, lor tho n -.xt seventeen ye*r*, which will guarantee a profit |of 000 pT i: ul, in opeu Tor Invintmmt. Addia.-s Enterprise, II' raid otllce, tor throe days, nuting time and j lace ol' interview. I7?0H SALE?A BOND AND MORTOAGK OF 11,000, ON " nulBcielilly ere irod real estate; or will exchange the s.iiue (or any desli&blo aud saleable goods, or a woll located entah'i'elt.-d bi;sme?s. huUTHWlUK & WOOD, No. 8a Nassau street. "ItTUNKY TO LEND?ON BOND AND MORTOAGK ON iTJ approved etlv (l it Brooklyn teal estate, in sums to suit. $6,000 to $15,000 to lend on farms In thin Statu only. R. HAl.Ti iNJfl'AlX, re<U estato broker, 11 Wall ulreet, second story, front. rnu CAPITAII-1*?THE ADVERTISER, BY A NEW _L runt mo valuable patent machine, will undertake to renlimi great i Milt* for a moderate lnvistment of capital int^ a cash tiu.-u:ei i, ami which i<> nut attended with iiiy rt.-k. Kir furthe jiaitloulani addresb Enterprise, stati' n D.. New York elly. millRD DIVIDEND.?OFFICE OF THECKHUANIA FINK I In.s'irani'e Company, No. 4 Wall street, Nuw Yoik, September -I, lkfll The Board oI'lHrector* have thi* day d i laroJ :? 8 'inl-aumial dividend ot' nix per cent ou the rtpltal Stuck of the company, imyable on and all r Monday September tf. RUI'OLPH UARRHil'S, Secretary Y\MV1K1>- t'.M'Il'Al., TO M AN'l'K.U "1CKK A SI PM W r.or iiuw Fir# Arm; the bent and ?OHt desirable uyvi iihiuuum-j i , mi iiii.jui spuriin;; pu. posva; iV'J.i "u tvlll put a fii'.i. try in nomptcto working order, und the prolix will bo very litrge. Parties c.ati s n the gun and got further Uiloritiatioti by ad.lruwitog tiro Arm, Herald nilioe. Q?> AAA TO |A,000 WANTKD?FOR 1CANUPAC' v ' tui'iiitf on article fur whlnh it patent iuu b'i>ii obtained; j; hi i security ^iveii, aud lb" l' r may m.ikoiirr.iti; in an t'> roreive more than the legal rale of interest. Addnitui O. 11., l>ox i:Kt Herald otlloo. u* 07 TO I."AV OX BONK AN'U MO. IT i*?*) I lit s ms of )i.(ioo mill upwards, on productive r?'fl estate in this tity nr In Brooklyn, f<ir onoor moro years. Apply t<i JOHN V. coNKKY,'at the nliic" <.l' the fuoplo'a 1 irvt Iiuurouco Company. No. mi Wuli.street. MAR OFRCSi AT 79 NASSAU J'THKtr A. K. TIIOMIVOX AP\:incf h on ni.un.iDdi". Watch'*. Jewelry, u ,a-s, and O!. h.nus hi I'rop Ttv, or I) lyh out. AMOs H. THOMi^i >N, Anetioncet. Sales attottded t" 111 nil purl* of lite c.ty aiul I'io klyn. R> O'n Mo. 3, rarontl floor. \T 77 BLFJdCKJEB STRKKT?-UOHKY AliVAM'W? to . uny umonnt ou Diamonds, N.i.T.os, .1-woti'v, plan s, Sorui'8, lay C ) .ils, ,\c. :i. H?Pawuhr l>or?' ti bought. H. N1AvTON, 7# Uleockor slrmt, up stairs. C1 van AttvAN. eo 0* mortgagw , Kotos \m> db J uauds. tJliiims . ollcot' d, |.aw and counsel 0. l>. HiHJSlO, l^wynr, 18 Wall suet, N. Y. Inl'sti ANUICH, 7J:i HROAMVAY, f.N'MU'. THK NKW J Yi>rk U t t if v?;.r h iiii'iny i>u J ijrn n Is, Wat< h<u and Jewelry, or will purchase the name at the highest prices, for cash. Ai A AAA TO ADVANCE IN SUMS TO M it I r *#?/?"'? f <?i WillI'll 'H, Oi 'aii iiN and "'111' r jwn. nal |iriii>"ri,v. or l? >ii;.-l>t for .m.-Ii, ami llio hlnho-t prl '.o paid. 1 Mini hours from it till it J.. JACOBS, 44 Co.iar street, hranoh olliee, 407 l'r??adw ly. THE WAR. ASSISTANTQU ARTKKMATEK SOFFICE, NO. 7 itiAVI, ing (iroen, Sow Vnrk August 31,1891. (valel propcti iiH will lii> ro??ived ut titu oilier until 10 o'cIm k WuuiK'siiay. the lib of ^opt Miibur, 1801, for furnlnbing tho I'nlteo States with four lntni!ro<l and ill?y (450) Haiiliiiii. The 1'nulln* to b<' IBx.'id foot, made of tln< liest No. 2 r.iulin IHtek, wiih goo.I dtrollg eyel. t holes all around; in) Mit -a in--ii' ? .ii''I i. .11111 10 n i"iri11> t)i<-<i tluy of S jiti'inb" r, ]8fH. rri>|?'r:iU Lii !)' itiuinrHxl 'l'ropusals for furnishing I'jmiliiifi," au<l addressed to undersigned. H. SAXTON, G?i>tain anil Assistant Quartermaster United Stit^s Army. VSi-!8?TANT vr.M'.IK':.! X-'IT.K'S nKHt'K, No. T t:?wliiiij (trt-co, Nuvr >?.!ct H ptc'nbur 4, 1 stiI.? W:mttnl immediately, by Hi > uud.irgtgufd, ixjo henry dnnght Horse, between llie a^es of hit an I nin y ars; tii y most be warranted soun < and to work well hi liarntts. Apply a' tli" Howard livery staldo, comer of Mercor mid <!raiul streots. K. tfAXTuX. faptain and Ay a (slant Quartermaster, L". V. Army. A RIB w :x LABOR OR SMALL LOB, I'nit 1 States M'l.-kets oud II tie! Mu.-kets, -'alires, Ju-vi lvi-iB. A.\ AJdrrsi Armorer, with ll-t and price, bttx 106 1'int office, V. y, \YOCWG XAtt, WHO It v.- 8KKVKD V1W5 TSARS . under a dl il.he 1 veterinary wirg on in the o'd country, deMrns to Join '< re^lmei.t ii.j un aKslstunt \oterinary surge n, >.r sour* Mko rmxteify. A lino uddreksed to Farrior, station K, will rei-eire attention. VUKVH.KMAN. KXI'K.ttlKNCH) IX MII.Ir .KV TACTIOJ an I ills. i.Hino, w islios a li nlis. inoy In a rtll.* rngi m ni oil route for (ho seat of war. Addre-n Jf.uinion, l>< x 101 H.-r i)d aflm, CI.1NTON KirLKH?OA1TAIN AND ACTLVli MAJOR, \f. A. Kirk's cntnpany.?H. emits wanted for tlilH o in puny.?Any iaMli* nt man bringing tw-lve to lll'teeu turn can oommand a s^rgcantey. .Six m n ohtainj thi* rmik i?f corporal, If found lit lor th." respeeuvo dtities. Inulllxrtit ni"ii enlisting as private litvo ? p >>.-?[ e>? of adraac.nvtit. Every soldier cnrrl.-s In his knapsack the 1>uk*i <>f Fl. Id Marsh il. Recruiting stations?ii? Thirl avenue, 62 WItlism street, rUrnard's, First avenue, corner of Twenty toirt.h su-.i t, cast. LI'HMKM ugnnsrYiTii' FOR 'l'HK STOi'mu <>y HI.KKDf.VO, AOAITRD KOR TtlR T?K OP KVERY HOI.DIER. Hr?|*r?"l Mini *<>! ] by.I. K. F.T'HMK x CO., fi.'iS Bioarlway, I*. V. 25 (fills |>or bottle. nffUED OAS SOU.- TOB SUBSCRIBERS ABB xovr Xi prepared to turn m il riiln <"annon,r>nnrge and small calibre. All km * h Work executed niatly uiid with I'lViinlch. ?V t arrlngcN m ule and m MintinK* Tor sain*. One six nr ixiwor Steam 1-iiglii.e and But lor for .-?Ue. < tnton* CURTIS Jk KHAl'l'Wl, 200 aad2U Franklin street. 8OTWKONN, ATTKXTKlVr?A (JKNTIiKMA* COMPEt-ent, w 1 hm-' th" p gitl'm <>f Assinlant .Surgeon, ran bvacRommxlat^d Inn regiment authorize! by tho Secretary of VTar, on Hopplying a few nwtt to oompt^to the Address 0. V. <j., Herald office. TO COMMAVi EH '> ItKUWEVTS?WAN'THD, X1Y A young nuu, IUu.'<u to business, the position or Sutli*; luw abundant aicana nnd a line of cre4M lu thus ojtr. Address -svtler, Morald office. UNTl*.n STATIC MtWHRINO OFFICE, NO 79 WHITE BtTeet, Keimbursiog and p?ymeut of claims agntiwt the t'nlted .Slates, iux>r the act of Congress "for coi'leoting, drill ng :i*l w ^alxmg voluuliH>rrt, ouilar. Ui? act authorizing the Prescient to accept the services of tlr? hundred thousand iu?n, kc. '' 1. Notice is hereby Bhron to all parties having eJataa a^nlost the gOT -mmofil of the United Htates, un<Jur tho above mentioned act of Oaigrcnu t? present tho name, without delay, for examination arid payment. 2. l"kyment will only bo tnmlo no a.-t<inat of froopa, olllcers .m;i men i-haf bare bien or nu>y bo muslered and received into, ?r actually employed la the service of the United Stot<w. Organizations rained or attempted t* be made, but not mustered and received Into service, will not be rojegnizeL'. 3. Porsonal ex|)*nw?t M commissioned officer* t? recruiting their companies prior to their being mistered I Mo soivtce will not be pout; but cMMnisMoood offi. er.-Y will bo paid the name ruU-? for subsistence and quarters I board uifi iw> |#f-i?H(.vn, iruui i uitiv ?* run'invcut. imHI im;stuml tnu> oorvlc*. The aeceswry ami actual travelling expenses of officers*, when accompanied l>jr Mils of pnrtto'.ilarw and recclpta I'.* payment* properly untfxtitle. itoJ, will be allowed. ' . mils of particulars, w ith <Uftv aad rotes of durics ami the rocolpt M th<- party to whom payment wa* nuvte, m'wt in all ciiitM be flirtlrtKxI. In ahort, original v?o< hei* for expenditures of ovrry dexctlpUon tmiat bu furnished. Tlv aeceuntH muat alse designate Iho particular regiment and etmpwiy. and uamo H the commanding oiliccr who autboi ized the expenditure. 6. When expenses have been Incurred for " board," or ' Ixvud an.I loilfrlttg," l bo amount must be>, and lu accordance with the usual (aloof tbo n^ghborhik"! the bills most alro specify the regiment or company *o whleh tlte treopx bo *ul#!ate4 or quartiTcd l>e)<<?ig>*l. 6. T.asportation an* 1 qn.iit?iM, a' reiu*>w?bl? rates, will Lh' pakl. Triar;>eri?N<?i wrHI he r<imri.;|ert, however, totheurnfti route* ami inedes of cenrt yance, excessive eharg?* will aot be d. Clwa?8 for tran*i*>rla Won by railroad or oilier public &>uv yuDM onuH be ae omjianied by bills. "InVtofl tbu wiuiber of aton.M aHo the regiment or eom|Biny. 7. Information and proper forms ft* making cut accounts will be furnished at this o!he". r>. a HAOKRTT, Lieut. 0>1. blfth Cavalry, Mustering Officer. Sotbhmk 1,1K01. UNITED STATUS mCTKRlN* WTJCB, 7? WUITK street. 1. Notice Im hereby Riven to all eoloneltf who have been authoriaed by the Secretary of War to ralM rrgimonta, and who arc now engagod In recroitlng In this city, that only one recruiting ollice will be allowed, and that the expense thcreot must not exceed fctO per month. 'J OdoteW arc requested to forward to thin oiIIm car tilled cojrt^fi of ih"ir authority > raise rea intents. D. n. SACKET, Ucut. Col. ru th cavalry. Nkw Yob*.September 4,1HC1. W4NTKD?EN?INER B01DIEB3, COMi'RISINO MK ciianics and I ntolligent laborer*, for Sapper? and Miners of the Regular Army: the moo must benble bodied, not over ivfj years ef ago, ahlu to read and writ*, and uuderstund t'.ie four ground rules of arithmetic; term of enIleimcnt, three years; pay from $13 lo$,'i4,d< pew'lnjon rank attained by mar it":av.l soUlleriy ei.i.iluct: alio, ra tloiiR, fuel, quarter*, ololiiimr, m.-dical attendance, and tbe usual bounty. Apply dally at No. I Bowling Grtfflb, floor. Ml A. M anil U M. Q. A. OILLMORB, Captaiu of Engineers, liulloU aialv# Army, I SHIPPING. . STKAM WKEKLY UEl'WKKN NKW Y ORK ANDIJTKR ' pool, landing unit embarking passenger* at (JueeMtown, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and I'biUuMI'lll? .Steamship Company intend despatching tiiclr Ml " powered C.ydo built iruu Bteum?Luyo aa lolbwa: GLASGOW .Saturday Sept. T i CITY OK HALTIMORK Saturday | Sept. M ? KANGAKOt) Kitorday, Sept. W. ( and uvcry Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river. 2 KAIK< OK rAN-AU*. Flr*t cabin $75 St wrap* $90 lio. to London 80 Do. to l/mdon Si I H>. to Paris hi Do. to Paris 3> Po to Hamburg SC Do. to Hamburg.,. 8$ Pastengera alco forwarder to Havre, Bremon, Hotterdnm, Antwerp, kc., nt equally low rules. Persons wishing to bring out their friends rail bnp tickets here at the follnwiug ratu? to New York?From Liverpool or Queer.atOwn. First Cabin, $76, $8S un I $106. Steerage from Liverpool, $U). From Quoetiftown, $.'K). 'fhikii' atcamurx have superior aeconuuoilatloiwi for peesenguis and t arry ex|tf rlenrod surgeon*. They are Wntt* In water tight iron sections, and have patent Ore anegbtlatorti on b< ai d. For further Information apply at tho Company'* offtaaa JOHN G. DAIJC, Agent, 15 Broadway, If. T. QTKAM FKOM NEW YOKK TO LIVERPOOL.?MB O steamship OKKAT EASTERN, luring fulfilled ber contract with the British goranunooi, New York for Liverpool On Saturday, October S. BAT*.- O* I'AHSACili. In (1 rot rabiu. $ 5 a ?i:$4, according to stateroem mII i.thei |irivl)<wit being equal. Ill third cabin, t coin $3.~> to $60. 81..U ol'il'nt <;lu*? K|?rtnicnta f--r families bae?- ? gaged bv Hp' rial ui raugement. The GRf'AT EAHTKRN will h ave Liverpool 01 lierrtturn tripTi?<lay. October 21'. Plans of tlio uhlp eaa b? seen, and engagement* mad* , for freight aud pn^-age on applicati< n to HoVfl.ANDS ASP1NWAU,, Agonte, 64 ?ml 54 South Btroat. FOR SOUTHAMPTON ANI> HAVRE. Ou Saturday. 8ept. 14, th? United Stated mall uteMMr ; ARAliO, U. Liutw, commander, Will muI from pior No. 87 North river, futiafBeMh ftreel,on Saturday, S'pteiuli r 14, at In on. Thin Mto&uifililp /unaurpussod for safety and comftrt} hiiH dim bo engine* minor deck, cnctomnl by water light compartments, which, beside* oilier results, tend, iu lb# 1 event of ojiIIUIoii or stranding, to keep U10 pumps tram ' to work, nii'l so< urn th? safety of vcSHol and | amnagBtm. For freight or paHtag< apply to RAML'Kl. M. KOX, liftO. MACKKN7JK, Agents, No. 7 Ursadwwy. Hie steamer FTT.TON will nail Ortobor 12. DlltKCT >TKAMSH1I" 1.1N+: mcrwRKN N1W YORK, HAVKK ANl> AVTWKKP. Tho new a el k,; II' id steamer, Al, < OYf.RK-W, Capt. Lunning,0 > to:is. K'H) horse pownr, W II Mtii from New Yo W n 'ihu silay,.St?plfii'!N* J:i To Havre and n woi p, ir e'. of Mas., fur lluvie, Auiw< rp, ooiilhnmpt?? ar i/indou ;? Kr*-t cabin flto* rt<??d e bin 6? s'ihvi;.. at Child ten b (wnett one ant t'u vears of age, bul' priao. Kor frelnhl apply to \VM K. S 'lIMII'r.To 11? iv. r utreoU For pa n k? a.iply toHENRY M. WKKi>,lS7 W.vts r.'et, comer of Kuadu street. Stkam to Hamburg, havkk, london and Southampton. The Hamburg American Packet Com|>any's Iroa ataam j i-iup ? ,? ; > ia, ii. ,.n n , Rummauaor, carrying im United Statea limit, will leave from jner 21 North river, ft*>t of Pulton atreet, SATUKPAY, Sopt. 1, unon, f.>r Hamburg, via Houthainptou, taking pa.^engart Car Havre, London, Southampton and Hamburg. First rnbin, $lrtO, second cabin,$i:o; Hteorugo, $85. The Hteaui'.'i x < f this lino * ill Uure every a I' T?la Saturday, carrying the United Stages mail. Tlio steamship Hatnnionui w ill succecd the Tont"ufci?* Sepii mix r 21. C. H. RICHARl> * HOAH, l.'i 1 llroadwaf. rpi!K NORTH GERMAN M.OYIVS STl'AM-'II t NEW J. YOl'K, G. Weukc command1*, carrying the U died Suites nin.l, will sail from pkr 00 North rircr, foot ?t Chamber* street. on SATURDAY, September 28, at 12 o'clock X., fob I5REMKJT, VIA SOUTHAMPTOIf, taking pass to IXJNDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AMD ISRMBBf. nt tlii' follnwiug rates? For the flrnt cabin. (100; second cablu. $60; stocraae, $36. K ji freight or pa-"*ago apply to OKI.IUCH8 & CO., 68 Broad Klree*. STEAM TO I/JNDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND IJTHl(ko!.?The Montreal (lean Steamship Cmpany's ftrat full powered Clyde built steamer IflMERNlA, Capt. Grunge. carrying the Canadian and United Stataa maihi, will sail from Quebec next Saturday, Sept T. Hat oh of passage from New Yo"k:?First class, according tonccoHimodAII'iu*. $70 and f.Kfi; steerage. found wMk oockol provisions. $30. Oortllleatca issued fbr bringing . out passengers from all the principal towns la Great ] Britain and Ireland at very low rates. For passage a at 22 Hroadway, Ni-w York. SAIJKIi k SE.VRLK, General H|;t?I, IrtOR UTERPOOL?'TAP600TT9 IJNK.?THE KAVOrito jKirket ship KM ERA 1,1 > ISLE, lying at pior nt h?- ; river, suna September 7, and pocket ship GUY MAX- I NKK1SG September 11. For passsge at low rat*. or draOa | mi Kj.gland or Irolaod, apply toTAPSCOTr & CO., N*. M i So Ui -street F )U UTKRPOOL.?THE WORIJ) WIDK KNOWN cllpivr ship DRKADNOCUITT, Captain ^?ni<j?b,?iKnowluil^i d *0 l>n thit tih'h'-t VW'I, p'rflfIvelf ?Ft on rho lOwli of September. For paftsage, rudueed rates, apply on l>ourd, pier 6, North river, or t" ft It. DEMAP.KST, 40 .?outh street. For liy.:iuooi. ? thi-; .<! :,k.ndio clipper ear UK "HARD S. U.Y, Captain Livingston, wllPpaetttraly -ail on Wednesday, Skjpt?mDnr 11. Thin ship ha* epb-adid accommodations for all dawn* of pA9**ngon>, ?<M will be taken at tb? lowest rates. For pa-saagti apply lioard.plor 14 EhhI rivor, or to JOts?PB MURPHT,M South iitroeV I.Mm UVlCRPOOl,.?THR CK1.EBRATKD PACKKT SHIF ' JEREMIAH THOMPSON hauls into the stream th:.* afternoon, and sail* to morrow morningcady. *MxiS ina^niQcont ship has alrealy made two trips tUin year kt sixteen days. Apply on board, at pier 40 Kaal river, or at 275 Pearl street. FOR LONDON.?'TJIK Sl'LKNI>U? SHIP CHRIST! AM at pier Kant river, tuailtt Sept. 0. l'ttsaengers ail be lak in in second Cabin State Roomn at reduced Stenraga prices, t ad found in provision*. For passage, Ac., apg|f ts TH03. 0. ROCHE, $ii South street. XI.INE FOR IjONDON.?THE FAVORITE AND VHLE. known packet ship SOUTHAMPTON, lying at piss IT ivuit river, nai'.:1 Sepjerobor 10. Fur pua^jgo, at low rafcv, or draft a on any part of C.reat Britain or Iretaat, apply on board or to TAffiOMT h CO., 86 .South Htreat. STtOtt CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. " A flrxt clans steamer will leave New York m Mm t, 11th and -ilHt of each month, except when these dajsa Cftll on Suotlay, whoa the day of departure wilt be tm M Monday following. Fur fretcht or nasaace autily a* the only office. Ha, ft Bowline Green. V. B. AI.l,Fit, Ageot. A CSTHAU1.?KANGAROO IJNR?I<X>R MKI.HOVBOTL First roiMvl. lie magnificent lim c'm*a ?1up JACK. Hio-T, 2,000 tons burthen, can accommodate IndWl mnmil pinna pnwsengerH. Address or apiJy to MA3BB, LORD & QUERFJff, 108 Wall street. "TIOR HAVANA, VIA NASSAC, N. P. JC Tbo Bi ltteh and North Amorlcun royal mall ateamship KARNAK, Opt. Le Mewirter, will *ail for th? aborm porta, from fho company1* wharf, Jersey City, on? Satnrtlajr September It Mnmtny OcteAer M Mondugr .November M Pagan#* money to Xa.->?nii M IHthvnffo money to H?nn? .0* Fi>t freight ?r passage apply to ft. CUNARD, 4 Howling Grew. TJVm MATANZAS. T To.?ail on Monoy, September 9, at twe e'etodef*. M.. 1RVKD wmt BI?t.St> CAXMOW. Ttiu United State* mall steamship MATAN2A3, Imw, Hi'i'B, ?wnman<1cr, Is ready to receive freight at jt&r UK 4 North rtvor, foot of Morrisstre?t. ht>r freight or pasHtge apply tn . MO HA BROS, NAVARR# At CO. 64. Exchange ptaae. < Mulls close at the Poet office, at 1 clock P. Jt., om fb* diiy of galling. No cargo received nor bills of lading Fifued the day ?f wiling. GimmunieatloM between Katanga* ami Havana, by ra> Ave time* a day. Kxcrusiovs. ~ ~J" /"XHRAPiEXCURSION TO CAMPS ON STATRJilsLANn.? Vy Kare pit cents by Statou Island forry, foot, of Whit*, hall street, between the battery and South forry. (iuuVa to camps.-?Th roach regiments of Now YorkKUM, Rrlttah Voitinwi^. Xlor.hankrfl imd Artizt'Dft* Emoiro Zovavcfl. MMt Ya?<? Rlftc*i, an at Ounp Washington; Seott ltiiJw and lin UarrLo Guard tnralry, at Silver IaIcp; Third Irtoh Vohintvers, at Camp Currlnan, Old Quarantine Ground, ami Cameron Ufcht Infantry, at ('amp Morrison?irara Blrajnl?w?t at flr?t landing. floats learo t-Tory h'<ur froa* A A. M. M ? P. M- Ui in* jjiukdayg every hall' hoar to 7 PMRWHJLAR BOAT TO THE FISH1XU BAXK8. Pure HO cent*. steamer CHOWN, ("apt, Dnmont, Tenth etroet, E. H., 7:18; P?s lt slip, 7:46. }*uv?t suwt, N. R., R:10; pkT No. 4, 9 A. M. leaves the Bank-. 2:30 P. M. N. IJ.?After tills da to tlx? followlnp landings wrlll lx? dtpconllniiwl:? Rrnomc irtr?e?, Brooklyn and Thirtieth 8tre?t. August 2S). RAXliltOAlM* H^UDBON R1V1H lvAII.SOAD.?'TRAINS KuR U.UANY. Trov,the North and WeBt, loav? Ch inihera airMi ul 7 and 11 A. M., and 3:H>, 3 and 10:1ft 1'. M. I "V'EW YORK, HARIXM AND ALBANY RAiUUUD.? i J. t| Summer arrangement.?Express train for Alluay, Troy, North and Wont, losves Twenty slsth street SUtum at U A. M. For local trraius seo time table. JOHN BliKUilLL, AMJlUftl 3up?rtSt4Bd?aU . 1 . n

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