Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1861 Page 3
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I . i * ! ! tt'cSICAf.. AHARH.MN?TO CASH ITRCilA^KK, WO. HAN1>puiim r>??'W<iu<l rouD'l c>rn r l'i moforte, with two " lain. s.ntuble i>u- biKiutiert-. in tlrgt rate order: will bo wH for I Ik- ?b..? * pt ico and no !?& >. i all ut 3At? Bowery, twu- Fonrtll Strtot. M 1 ONAli) t IX>. A SAt'lUKkT,?$130. M.MiKIKHTKT f*EVKN OTTAVK ! J\_ i'lanoforli , round cirr.c. <, ir<ut frame. overstrung ml-s, *11*111, ril ' Hi's <'>1 lyre, hiilunuid Who; ban j naker'n uucxfirod gi;a:autee. Apply at lb? r?t>Uluuc? '2* Ititrd Htrect, u?ur Hotund avenue. A magnificent t roskwcod run'o | forte for nale; nil in xicru tmprovemeuu,fully g'i?rauteud, cut |.MK). In ..i'lO, mrludiiu Stool iumI Cover ; ttm, Suit of Furniture, torn ?100, for Inquire at 70 West Twenty rMstli Mi.vt, near iiixth a* mine. J MBit. Ac KUAimritYS' NI W SCAI.F. UVl'K.-TltrKO . I i Hi.-.-. i'uteut Insnlal4 <t Full Frame Grand ud ftpiure jPauiolortas, Ku. 421 llroome etreet. What everybody tmye imibt Iih tru. , everybody nay* tbey arts the beat, (therefore they imiwl l>o the IM. fip>UKO WAN'IVI ?IN KXCBAKOK FOR A GOOD LIHRA(Mr ry, eoiwtoi "h of how'1 two hundredand llfljr volume* ptundard Woi-lcn: une rnfciw?MooIcumu included. For partkcul.irn nd<lr<'?.- !! Herald otflce. RKMOVAJ..?HORACK WATttUI, AUFNT, HAS 1Ui> moved t<> 4?1 Hroudway,between Uruud and Ilr< omit wli-'i'c lie hol'.s u w <'\< n octavo I'Unoe for i*i<i warranted. N'l'nnd liand l'iaiios .jiil UelodeuB* limn Wft V-f no. All kind* of Miisirni Merchandise at war Uriels. l'i.inori ami Mulodeim# to li t from &2 I i $? per ontli; rent allowed if purchased us per agreement; Monthly ]>u_uiieum rw?lved for the same. ^PIF^Kll) 7 OCTAVK HOPKWOOB FIANOFOHTK, O Chickering'* make, cost $:i50, flushed Kick a.ime au %?ut, elegantly ormiin -nted iron frame, slitting d<.-k, lyojralr.nif b.iss, rover, stool, Ac.; jiri<-<? fl30. Also, ?>mo H')n.?'liol?l Fnrriitnre, lliiir lictb mtliuiH, marble w^Tiilili', iVr (.'laws, BrussoLs <JhriK t, at a uacriUcc. Ai>>{y At 127 Twenty-first ?treet,near Third avenue. WAN'TK."?AN FS'tiAGI.MKNT .VS TFu\?HF.R OF IN Klrumental ni"Hie in nn m.-'titute, by u l?;|y of many Mm* i>l:r iw.iv in la?lltllriM wlirt liua )i*r mnal. ml lut*ti uitlou in Italy, audir thu l?Ht iiia*l?m, or wo-ilrt *r? i rivuii- loftsiw* either at her rivdiioiion or thnxo of h?r Hipui Ui New York or Drool; lyii. A<1 .Irons 4. 1> , I'o.-i 4Um, Brooklyn. lXSTltVCrTON. A ?AIM'.U.ES OP l KVMA \siIIc AN'I? HOOKKKKflNO A k'o. t> Kourth :ivonu?', Now York, and 10 ix>nrt rcvl, Brooklyn.?It" 'kW Pupils ror-'lvod Uils aonUi *t r^duc.'l chargue. li Bin cliim day a ij cvrnii'j. oi.ivi'it i! eoumirm. [a T |3 80?WRITING, SO USB0M8; BOOKKEEPfNfl, OL f I'). 'im unlimited; Writlug and Arithmetic $10 Br qi:a"t v. 1H I s <.iik each, at 62 Jlowory, N. Y., Ml I-'utob alive!, B <'"kiyu. <;?v. S. W. Kiux write. .?.'olouol .Msio'k of Instruction is systematic and i'X|?'JitU>u.i. a $1 WRITINGCLASH ? DOTBF AKS ACWKMY, ?-.? A llT>.a. vriiy.?lit ill' wj.-li'jii! to leu. li a beautiful Mi-; idli hituu for $1. must ?pply ilitx <lay, between 8 A. H. u?i 9 P. M.. with ti c mori' V to M'ctiro seatt. Private lot um rodocoil from $10 to $5. H?tlonery 60 eeuts. a YOUNG LAW or BOMB wpwuwcjt as a<;i?V^ efUess, desires asiluatiou a< day in;itrnctr,f^i of ?8"r-n <vn? m III <r r ?wm <41 rt .? 4*f?, HMllid IK,' VSU il ^ | :o i.'iMUi l?r n-v. /al lainliii'H, If tbey united K'i :<k to form | ?i> 8?!bix>l. lloleri'UccH exchanged. Adrojirt lox I,33d : Kn u k past offlco. t A YOUNG PARISIAN LADY, HIGHLY CDt'CVTKD, [ v, shea U> give lessm* in French. and will tetvih tlrs in 11 pburt lini" by conversation. Applj at t-0 ???t fourth ntr<-et, near liroadway. r~ ? ? ?: -? A FRENCH CICNTI.KMAN, A. M., PROFFKS<>Ti OK tV Hi French language in one of the host Itwtl'uki mi Moine of lh? f ret iMullirs ?'f New Y<'rtc, wish";- un 1 MjgNff immf (iinw b*d o.- I'amfly. t'otisfactory*> und refnrciM- h. Terms moderate. Address R. tv , ?x 146 K'W York Times office. A V KN' I KIENCED TEACIli R DKSIliES A ttTFATION A as visiting governed in u family or school. Ad*vsa Tnaclior, 39 Hamuiend tl. B?Ar.])INO AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAUHS, Wesic'iestar, Wiv-wbehtcr county, combining tlic V dvaoiar **>ttSty and country. Crutt 'a ilittof (o musi,al hn>iruction. French taught by a I'artoiuii lady." Terms ' aafcratc. .School will roopouon Toesday, September 10. Miaa OWEN, 1'rinclpttl. r?ai*tK FEMALE IHBTTTOTK.?FRENCH ANt) K?<: w , BwAinj and Dn MmL viHa 4 I, v. 1). jaifcr. Hsq..Uifum, F. I.?Mrs. I,. A. SHEPHERD, I'rin^p?l. 'I in- Kail Term of this (School will ccmmrnct Sop. oabvi 28. For rcferojjw* nnd circular." apply t<> A. K. tarmw, Fscj., 51 John street, J. F 1). Ianlurj Es.j., 02 VaU ?trecl, N. Y.; or a<Wrcm the Principal, buy View "ojU uillce, <'ilf(o:i, S. J. DW liFK.VAHIl INVrmTE, NO. 147 MAOI80N avenue, reopens September 10. Principal, Mine, km Bernard,ueu I>e Kochctartuoy, formerly French loach r qt ttutgors Institute. Thvre u> a primary detriment FTUU^Ni 11 INSTITUTE, FOR YOUNG UtNrJ.F.MEN, NO. L AH East t'wi ui) fourth street.?Bourdinif aim dav kiiimiI, la >ica! and commercial, fourteen te.u-hers?six ncBto-in, tlve French, two (iurraao, 0110 Hiuinkdi. A rtaury deinrunent and r gysni>.:st :m. S-'o. prospectus k ilotuu^. l'rcfessor KLIF. CHARIJKR, Director. W>it a roopenod on Tuesday, September 17. [TkM ; M HOOT, FOR BOYS AND UIRf.S, RrxifWiRT), lX t'<'nn.?Will open K'pt. 8. Ftjpils received at any fcuo. In troction in English, with Mus'c, French ami x?m?m K"r circulars a i'l references address Mrs. F.. *>u Ileeriugun or Hist; S. L. Rosborough, printout's, sttass*<l*#'nn. MAl'AMK 0. MEARS BURKHARI/T, 222 aiel 224 Madison avenue, corner Thirty eighth Ft. IA-1J AND FRENCH HOARDING AND DAY hi lliML FOR YOUNti I.ADISS, (Formerly ,12 West Fifteenth street.) ! WB reo: !), with the commencement of the session, ItoptflBilici 12. Madame M. B. will lie at homo from Eho tat of n ptcmber. Circulars at Breugmg's, 701 Broadway ; lAH-kwood's, 411 Broadway. and 222 Madison avenue. IftiV"ADAIR? J. V. 0AUC1I018' ENQIJQI AND FRENC'T 3U_ Boarding and l?ay School for young kuhes. No. 268 ' futA Twenty-third street, will reopen on Monday, Sei>"miier !>r Madame CAIX'HOIS assures her patrons that | he oourse of lr,?tr ictlou adopted by her is the result |f cfc*?? observation?adapting the method to the aldlitirw "f U10 pupil. Her chief object is to inspire her seht^-os i tKli a love of learning, and belts to ruler to her previous Sflbrts as an evideno? of her success. I'articular nltcu i ion given to the primary department A punctual uttcn. j anoe at the opening of the school Is especially requested. J c?loss of eil painting and Urecian art on (Saturdays. I _ r UK. uspENAgsps FRENCH DAY AND BOARDXO ; 11 school, 110 Clinton place, roopeus on Monday, HepIHolier 0. Now scholars arc admitted only under fourj ?ea ytars of age. French is th?language or the sc.hoe!. Youth, Spauisn and German taught without extra charge National teachers' institute, 336 Broadway, Mow York.??duc.U.iorj?l Correspondents and TawO;rs wanted in all sections. Send for circulars giving Jisw (Mhusntional Journals, of schools and senikMU? n tu jmronitoe. of competent leacliers and of vacancies for teaches. ftoliixils for sale and school rooms to let. KICK k ANDREW*. >OJOOI. AND HOME EDUCATION. ? PMtVATH j French,flemian, English and Spanish Classic*! ami OTOJikwi cial Boarding and Day School, with lino ptiy round and gymnasium, 47 and 49 West Twenty sixth treet, between Broadway an l Sixth avenue. Mr. LODLS RNs?r tikes charge of a limited number of boyg. Reopens S*nlj>i?i1wr 1ft rlY FKMA1J! SEMINARY THIS PlrTUVTION offer* tlie nccumtilolad advantages of nearly tiity ears !'successful operation. 1 very fivr.ility in provided 1 jr a thorough coarse of useful and ornamental education, nder the direction of a corps <.f more Una. twenty prowsors and teachers. For circulars apply to JOHN H. yilJjAHD, Troy, N. T. PtE MISSES 1'AI.AaiE'S FRENCH AND KNG1JSH Ifciarctiug an?l Hay School, for young lailkm, No. ]*:j Feat Twenty -eighth street, will reopuu on Monday, Sop ember 16. JW. MltWFS DEI.ANEY'S BOARDING AKD DAY l School for Young Indies, No. & Wyckollstroet, South trookiyo, will open on Monday, Sept. iA. Tunius $2C? or annum. rE 00IXE*J1ATE SCHOOL, 71 Went Fourteenth ntreet, corner of Sixth avenue. ?. V. QUACK ENHO.?, A. M., Rector. Worly second annual roo|>ening, Monday, September 9. tipUx arc received at all agon, and thoroughly pivp*?d ir ooLfcge or business. LEGAL mjTICKS. SUPERIOR COURT OK THE CITY OF NEW YORK.? 3 Isaac Mcicec and Abraliani R. B. M'.iws iu;uiu?t Phillip turrows.?It appearing by the above affidavit tliaiajud;aent ha* been obtained again*t the defendant in tit* bove entitle! action, and execution indued thereon, and hat KdwnrJ Vox is tbo owner of said j>i'!g:iwut, .nrid ?hnt o part thereof baa been paid or enlistled, and that 'he ) autnilterlain of the city of New York baa property b?- j mging to wild defiadunt, l.'t Daniel I>evllu. the. Chant- I erlain of the city of New York, api>e?r before tnu, on-- { f tbo Judge* of thi* Owirt, on the lBt day ol October, ' 861, at It)1, o'clock m tbo forenoon, at the chombei s of : aid Court, and onxw<?r concerning wiid property. And it j s further ordered that nottco of the proceeding be given ?the defendant, Phillip Burrow", by publishing ! r tlite orner in ivoor inc <Jauy p?(K'r? public d**! in wto i Ity of Sow York, Ut wit, In llie World and the N v, Toik ] ferald, once iu cacu weofc for at x works. rwul n'Ko t-y d"- ! *wUiDK a copy of ."ai't orrtf r In the New York IVHolilco, ! ddrensed to l'hiUtpBurrows, Flercneo Italy, and imy i ig Im potttgo tberoun. Bntor. AHTS0N7 LWBEBISOII. j lUUJARIHi. """ j Clbll SAiIk?IjOW) NKW AND SEniVD RAW tabus, I C for 1100, $128,?1K>, $200 auj $2*0. Tnl.l.n to | ?t. Order! by mail attended U?; prtrnte hotwos furnishd. WM. a GBimra, 146 fulton Btrpot. GV)R SAfJC?A FIRST CI.ASS ROSEWOOD M^ATT! WD 1 P Hi I lii rl Table, with everything cpibjKpU?; will be old very low for ca; h. Address 80 Wh'.te rtroet, i?r call IM I to !) A. M. tbis week". lii.o. W JJOI.MAN. PIIKI..WS PATKNT IM PROVKP Bll.IJARD TAf.'UvS And (.Y>MHl.VATIO.V <1HI{ION0. p?iees redded to f?nit. the limi'f. l'BELAN <t COLUKDSR, 87 Crosby etujot, t N S \LKS OP UK VI, K iT A-TE. \KAKM Km SAIJ-: <'U 10C( aAWKKHt U'V!',: U-~ 1'i own), vcub KlUl u*j I . mi.I ,mJ lurj,' I c bor.gC;one lioiu a rulu frottt lUo rny. Ap;>:} *1 U^tilli trmtt, n?ou- avt uiic 1>. A HKaVTlKTL FARM rooi> BI'1IJ?ING8, t'RUriU, jfV #1 ?ere?, B^ir Jlu'ko>u> i<!<. $3,2 . &<i .lo., 8 iw.Tiirili), ti.xu Havor.-Hruw , .{it/ur Jo." 'to., ntnr .S'yack, $U,WX). 6'b-r Farm-, Milk- it'ui ( "UHry t*oul? fur : ?' > or triulo. J'liituvi wising u u*|-of lluir juvporiy l>i<w e-ill on or W II MUJCii. .107 3roi*l*??y. \SMAU. VAItM WANTO-TOOM 16 TO 90 AORK8 cflsinil, worth rnuu $1 ,'JOO t.> $1 &UO, wiilwi< twu ' r thiw imlc-> m' tl?i Hiunoii rtivcr H l;.j or Hurlmn liuilr?ul, Ih'Ujw i'.KilsiU:!!. AO Irua* H. 1)., Liux 108 UtfiUd otlico, for two ilaya. HHKWKHV, WITH HOCSK AKlt I/H', FOR SALE.?A lawt rxi^ UiMil opportunity for w or (wo |vr?oii? to oommcnoe tho very proll table buaiifs* ?f al? iu>d pot t?r brewing. Apply ill 71 Prlium Btrwt, Kroofclyn. TT*0R rf AI J*'.?A FOUR KTOHY HUK'K HOUSE IV P' Kcvontb-tli streot, ok' I'Xchaui* f<>:' improved city property or h lanu B'?r mill watoi ;)jmg 1. lain! proferrau; ttlin .1 IuiUiN'jiiK' residence on Third uvemm and Severnyimhojui utri-ct, lo lt>l oj- for sali>, with live or ten Jot*, a* the p*Jtiet> i.iaj agree: Iwii' a.-iuc li-.usfl. with adjoining lot iu X#rf>n?)- CJi!r>t utr ?t, in ln(: Orotiwill r and pus i:i illi* Itouros; Hits propoity iH bstwoea Third ;uid Fourth avenuus. Apply ill Swell ty eccouil and Tiiuvl veil no. JOHN CAI.LAGHAN. Xj^OR BA1X'.?THE VK.HY l'l. 'IKAT1M1 TlJltEK STORY I and li iheiu ml brown stone jroiu Hoi. " Lb Wu-i Twenty-hucoiuI street, b"t>-en Filth ;iud Sixth avenues, liaunx all tin' modern impruy. went* and Hi omnpleU) or ilui', hj^i'lliw with tlio Furniture, will lie uttered at it groat lmr^iiin. A|>j>ly on tli" preti. t-.. TjXffl BALE?HOOSK AND U-T 40T FOCIUH STREFTT, JL (Album plane) nt war price iuU euay teruia; in pcrle' t re|iair .mU empty <>|>eii alldny. JOHN WtlOliW Aitl), 407 Fourth street. 17*011 SAIis CJU-'.Ar? A FINE FARM OF so Afltfrf, ] MtU.h 1 1 id bclliling*, fruil.-i 111! (I140 bind ;a'.?o all !bs stock, crops, ,Vc.; is 2o iiiilic t'r. 111 this city 111 Nev. Jhc(>ey, urnl nr .1'de|M>t. Also a mrnber of laruui In Westchester ooimtv, and in other locations. Apply to A. SrJICK YVr.l.i U all Htre t, For j a ijc oh i iv<? an< ; b?for eny property , era Firm in [/out Maud preferred, :t totkve l!on?e, with chht or t> n 1/iU, to let <.1 tor (tile, on Seventy si core', b i'c>>t Met Thlrtl avenue; Ootuigo on SoveiityIhird t*t 1 f t, with .utj' iij.; : l/it t> lei. troU'n water and g is in :dl the ho 1 . Apply at corner of Third avenue Mini seventy sccnd utivi, t<> JOHN CAI.I.AUitAN. 17*1 )H oil EXCHANGE V SBORB FRONT FARM . of 185 acres, on L'flg Island; good buildings and fruit; wi ll watered and 1 : 1 1 by teamboat and milroad; tLblng, fowling,ke. Apply at druit ptoie, aorner of My rtle and Classen .iv -lucs, Brc iklyn, or to U. RL-iKli, 14 Cliuiubers Ktrcet, N. V. IjlOB s &E OR EXC1!\X<:r. FOR WKXTTRN OR OTHER ?? >.mum i! i i|? r in it m;uei?j ruiu in/ order, will>Mi twelve mil .< ot tliisutc. in pure of till. UER a OONOER, ?T! Jftmthstreet IauataALKOB to isr in jersbt crrr?severm. . new mid very i! nirabT brown sioit" imd frumu Houses on favorable terms. Apply ill llic roal estate offtoe, ortu r of l'.ivonla avenue and l.i w sir. c-.i. 17\0a &A1 B OR TO LET?THK WHOLK oil PART Of A . House, in East Now York; rent low. Apply on tho prumisti, l'allic avenue, cornur of Adams street, to C. HAYNhK, Ituiider. IJ10R 8AUC, '!<> LEI mix EKKAN&K FOR A gainII Tann of '20 or :J0 .OT; ?, 11. u ILis <;il y, a V<1 y lui Hist elnss lour 1 u : v li. no, tK-nntifiiii) "fuaU'rt, 2<MJ Hicksstrce', 1 of' ? r .-tale, Pn.oklyu He./'us, four blocks from Smth f?rry, worth wi ll u morti'ii.-e of f."i l!00. Apply to tiio owner, ti. K. ])Ul'(iUhl. 146 avenue A, N. Y. ]yi IVV .?<>TA I.ASI VIN NT-OTA I.AVI)K?<Ji i?l i-a>. 1.000 W Njf. in '<! WW COQBtjr, one Of 1I1 ' Bounties iu tlie Stale: land oil selected liy mi old resident of Unit vicinity; well waterort and timborcd; wo.,U1 ex. change for a good farm in Sfn> i-achagctts. For ;u! partic .lam address J. C. Mum 111, Worcester, Ma^s. OKJ.V $7 MO, AND TERMS EASY, FOR A PROMT* ivH Farm in WentclmtiUir county of 100 ?err*, 12 acres wood, IwImo improved. OomI house and numerous oiitbuiHIinvs. 600 fruit trww and noil rend. Nnar a tow ii and ran i?.id. Forty mil's Uiiscity. Tow is a l>iii?uiii. For full particulars apply to A. RKIK.'EANT, 16 TVaH stroet. KKAi, KSTATK.?PAKTIIS If,vim: r!:?>C!-l:TV IN 1 New York "i vicinity which tlioy would Ukoto cxcbauKc for iirat mortgage seven ]>er cunt railroad Kinds, unqtieslionnblf A J , will pleas,j ? 'dr. ss, etil.inn Uk: illon, amount of incumbrance, Ac., B. W. U., box 10.'J llorall oltlee. S" OIT1H IlKRUEN HUILPINO IvOTS"?KLEOANTI.Y I/>iatcd noar I) V h IJcfor'nod and I'rfsbvtorton clmrrh'v, 1'.J mile from Jcrf -y City liy liurso tailruiai every few minute?. Price very low. I.-ijulrc at No. 41 \V*t<-r street, To SEAL ESTATE AUKNTS. OWNERS, kC ?WAMTID, for , a two utory dutaehc.d Coltuico aud on? or fv<'i l/itp, atxurt tluf* quari. irs of an hour from the P"-t New York; nearFullon or Mvrtlfi avenue, BriHiklyn, ferred. Addr< -h, with full jiortii ularg, .Iiilui K. .lou^s, Ilisralil ufllco. rno Hi n.!)KK-:.~WANTKI) A HOWS ANO IIAItN* .1. built near tbo citj, for w lik'li will cxeluwge a de. nii ahln Ii iufe and lot in Jersry ttty. Apply Rt 48 Park place, upntairs. WAKTH ?A AKAIX. 00ME0KPABIJS HMMfe, IN A gent' e| neigliborlioo.!. in ' Xciian^e for a large llrt-t class lioi.Be. Address InhuBji', i<tatioii D, JitWlo Houw. WAMKii TO PURCHASE OR im-MI A TERM ol yenra, lioilt on or vacant, t wo < r three l/ite,eonn. c!ed, lyin^r in the First, Sccon l,Third,or Kourth wards. Address, with particulars and lowest priuc, box 2 S'.lT Mew York Post ollieo. (flit QiAA W11J' HUY A HDt^E AND I/Vf 1M L?Ov*vF Mott Ilaven, ?n? of iiie most delightful rc-t l.'iu .'s Vi iho vicinity of Now York. JS.OfiO Will l> r a l-.inu <" *>U acres m New Jerney, i!,> uhUv from Uie <nty. Ai>pl> at 12< Vutrc itrtvt, corui-'j- ofCluiitboi^. to XKiijo t: HASTINGS. <?iV>A AAA WORTH Cfr DRY GOODB. CARpets, Hardware and < iotliiuK, w?ntf(l in exchange fur mniv-y and 1{<- il Estate. Any peiwm having a stock <>f the nb>.?c good* ran ill* pete of tlv in by addressing It. W., l< .x 411, Hrooklyn I'oet ollic?, DEKTllTBf. AKTlKimi,, BONK rilJJVC M)]t i'iKlW VFJ) T1 KTI7 ? liihorUM while b-H'l ar:<! without pinn. Aching tcotti, w were slieli?, win I*41 lillrrl and pn ? rvod by tbe Uw Merer, J. 1'KATyuN. H. Jl., rooms l.r \uiway, west tide, ou<: door above Seviuteeiith wtixvt. > U operations g?.ira:iteod. A irfinUAJ. TEETH DR. I OTHER, WWTWT, OTEU, ^ emtio uw, at 138 Ptxtli avenue, betw>on Tenth and lji'vontli street*, u> insert lnwiiifel an J substantial i?ot?, on pore ?ilvor for only fx; on Dii'gohl and piaMoa, f24; Finale IVeth, fl: Teeth Mind wj.l ejetraeted without the leant pain: Artllkial boUtf UlUiig anly 50 c.'tit. . Ait woik warrauted. \RTIH<TlAIi TBCTH.?DR^. IH1RKIN AVI) FOUK-T.Ar (vintlnue to extract teeth in tv.r< sect's, witlioit the Biif'hten pain. Teeth tanerted over >io oxtra charge for temporary pet*. or <xt< artlne where teeth are inserted. i>r8.1il;RKlS A. KOU3&AU, 373 Htie-'t, one door Crojn lAiiroiw. A RTirK'UI. WKfl! ?1>KAHTI>VL I'ATKVT jflL *> !*?, new slyle. Pri*"s <?rtrn<>rdii?.iry. PllT?r pi-is from f.s; rubber, #10. gemotypee, $20, k.>W, !-0; toIr-mlu-, IfcJO: t-iti^clc I eth,$l. <ju>irante<it lir?t r'w litaitietry. Kive premiums awarded. National IVBtnl (Jul lory ,'sistb avenue sornor of Twwity-stcoixl ftrect. L>r. MANHON, Dentist. ARBUCULBONE 1 <>K FOXING AMD REttODEUDW teeO>( however Wily dveayed or broken, put la ?"ft, without pain, color of tooth and warranted for Hie. (!. I). OKAWKOKl), Dentist, 27 Amity gtrect, fto?oud block Irciu Broadway. Office bourn 9 to 4. J^urni DOIKIK, 10 KAfT f-T.VKVTfT.STTT OTRFIT.? B"ft kind ?f Artificial Tevt'i set with vvlcuilto fcu.-e, golrt band to glrenjitiien It, two <oiUu? oacU; If nut on gold plnta's, five dollur- each, ami K"ld oitra. ASTHCM<Ot;y. ABTONISHlNtl?MABAMi: UOP.KoV, "WxENTIt daughter, 1ih.s a /ift of forolylit, how jnuu nod t'kn you will marry, and all voti wish to know, even your v?ry thoughts, or no pay;" lurky charms free; hir ie not to be found; her inline I* now Iti full npo ration. 144l?idlow street, bdow Houston. I'rico 35 c.nits tieniifinxo riot ailtuittod Look at tub?.?tice only tcit. hedtcai, and baB.nefx* Clairvoyant m tlio luit :d SU'b-n. If you wit h to obtain w>rt<*-? Informa'! >n 'ii rv nu- through life, parlit '.larly abmnt frlendr, loM or xt?lvn pro|?erty. you should consult hor. N. B.?Mrs. MILTON is l?o humbug, but itivs Hie "reali st h.'?I f u-i xm to ail who rifi:t her. Klf luanuf.U'MiKvi a ?a,li ilu'.t in warranted to euro pimples and remove .< I-!.*., tan ruot junb irn, mid iend?r th? skin p#rl- rtly ?,m utli. I?<iinK, try tt. Mr". Mtl.TiiN. Uwl Broome street. Madame hay. -i vitvni avkni k, nkak Tweyr-wwenth sur t. pr ?.-? ? all who vtelt her. mo mcK, troubled tkiid unl'ick)' .-lumld luM hoi jM.wore, Mjc iciiu your very UwugbtK, lucky numbers, J - iu?. Ludi..*,2o cents; genrlown. ?0 rent'" "Vr B.-who n.vs xot m.ARJ> o* THKr>jj:nJt \nn jl.1 Mux. PIUiWrTblt, ?1k? Iki. 1?-n coru-uitod by tlioi.-jujd* id ihte and oilier v.Uh ??*?!ir? ^>li-Tacti>.iir fcb t/eeto cotilMciit she hart no *>t? t?it? i lie nam? ol future witv or buchwid, rmd th;>t ui ln-r v L"il<T. Il' j on K-lrili truth, itivo iM>r a call, at i-'*l Third avenue, *]><.>\ Twoaty-firM sire-1. ladii t> 50 i-uir nil mon,?l. mHB GREAT! TWOS >ER IK Ittl TPOl LD K Tin; L yotin* und a?? "tti)i!u<b< ilM.nlaii?<: KV'ON'.r-itn Pari.', who ran b<s catuufti'd with th" LrK t .-t < uliih'W'fl on all affair* of life, ombriu Ing love. f i-iriMilr', hyj'-rf*? anil giekfifRf; rn>t'>rcj rtni! ana ui>r.sJt>n"ul lnw?*>:?nrt?i; h*w a wcrot to make you beloved by your hurt's Woal,anit brings tojjether those long ?efi irat.i (I. jA'Ui* -5 cnta; gent." 60 )CeEl<Ienoe No. no Third avenue, ubove Twelfth street. rpLMK WOXMBWOT. KAHAM Fl.TW, PHOM PARS X c?ti b.) kwh t.'r a slv it ii.ii" at tfHHipenik'r. i t, Menr Amity. If you wish the irul'i give h t it ? ill. She UUe jiast/yroient and future event# ui life curmtly. EW YORK HERALD, THU i ' iim sks, booms, .v?\, to let. a jtij.n!-'. rens'siitt) front?awjop. onfirst 1 Jy. ii>? >r ui let, to n llrnt tbuw phy . ! Irian or ilcntwith i ' K'l i lial 1) mi l jiaJitriia* and bedroom utuv Uiy|;ui?u.i hlugle I Ki> >tn r>>r Blmfl"' K?nllUiiK-n is u privat* houne, with ail I uje iinKUcii lui;uovumcn'?. Apply at Bfl l'ruice au oot, a , 1 Mr rtouih weft or BrNdmf. I A FOr-T CMK3 mxiRE Tl? RENT?ON ONK OF THK j .? up town kvoiiuuh, Hulled for a grocery, moat and v> jctob'i ? liuuW'.'t, \c. WW be runted at u bargain. J. K UDWAKHti, 377 Wi^t Twiiiiiy-BM irtfett. \ FLOOR, CONTAINING ! ARL0R, KITCHEN. TKRKR bedrooms, chandeliere, marble mantels, waidrobee, Ac., with | i-lvilvte tu laundry,to l?<t, Co u renpot'Ul>le lauilly. Apply in tlx now browu utoue Uouoe, No. 144 I Eiwit Thirty-am Mreet. APAKutt.vrs ix) u:r?wuj. p.k ijct to pmai.t, futnUh? only. lint remainder <?f houne ta riinllai iy oc<JUV>"d. Apjily ut 123 Went Twenty-fourth atroet, near Sevmith ?veuue. ATHltKE wort and 11AHEMKNT IUUCR IIoPBK i<> let, airwuiiif ibirteon romim: ten ne.itly furaishod. throe milurulxhed, on soooiid ikior. Ttw rent woukl i.o taken In tx>ard. Apply at 17 Cornelia street, mvir Fourth. ITICKNISHU) HOICKS TU RKNT. r?S Fifth iivnnuo. 105 H tut Twenty-first nt. ! W Filth Hvruuc 60 1-nsi Twenty-ffoooud nl. k m i'llili uvwmf 3I> 1 in| Twenty-third st. 8a.*' Ml'Ui avi um 12 Kiu<t Twenty-third *t. 362 Fifth avoMjl. id West Twenty third fl. 74 Amlly fttroct. 82 Wont Twenty fifth st. ? Orevoort place. 82 Wogt Twoaty-eixth ?t. (i Ijcxington ttvonu*. 108 Kiuit Thirtieth street, ft i AJXiitfitoii avenue. 114 Wot Thirty -fourth at. l:i \S<'-hi Vuu-hington plaoo. <1 Kaat Thirty-fourth ?t. 86 Willow at.. Brooklyn. 7tt Mart Thii'ty-l)rtli street. 81 Ninth street. 42 West Tliiriy-aeveiilh lit. 112 Ninth drool. 8 hast Thirty nevenlh St. 12 Wi-t Twelfth street. 1 West Thirty-' ighUi at. UO I ju-t Thirteenth street. 111 East Thirty-ninth 4 W. kt 'fhi.'t"onth street. Ill) Wort V\irty-third street. 0 West Thlrt.<;? nth atfwt. 63 i-iast Sixteenth streot 13a West Fourteenth utrect. 17 West Seventeenth at. Ifil WVt Fourteenth atrwt. 142 Kast Seventeenth street. 239 Wogt Twentieth btieet. Aw>iy to e, n. i.rnuiw & co., No. 3 I'ine street. Jticrnigubd rodhb to he mx?a furnj8red Ho se on the Firth avenue, handsomely looted, in tie \ jricity of M.ulL-<n K t'lfiro, will bo k t, together with a Htatdo l:i the roar. Addre-* bos 2 Ofin lift ofllce. IT^l'KVlSHES' II01W. TO I,IT?IN' 11.l'/AHKTH, FIW Jetsey. Iloese targe, completely furnished, and i.hs ali tie improvement!-, s :ch a- itn:-. r.irnaiv, ran^e, ke.; Rt-.-ictly tirnt o! is . Tli 1 nil?one acre?1r tie-t-'fully laid out, nn I In- a ureal variety of 11 a und f< nit trees, iiiho hire rarriu'.n ho ?. The pUott u situated o i llronil atroct, ton min >!<?' walk from depot. All the surrounding re<<iden< itt ate of the licit order. Apply to or address Win M. I ay, Ehzah' th, N. J. ITM/UNtSHCn l'i li; K TO 1JCT.?A FUWT CLAR-* _ brown stone front. reee; My b u j-ftjvired and pniut<*1, uii'l in e'liupii.U) i rdi r tlii >".i?liout, will b* let only to u fiiiall, fiut, ; i.te< 1 fami'y, witlsiut children; root I.'.ken ill board b) the advcrti- r'a family, cons tirp of wife, child and rlur. , Ai ply ..i 210 l?auit Thirtieth sir ot, t> Iw en S < i rid ajuI Third avenues. 1,11'KM^1 Hi) hor-t Tti i.i.t?i.v s::vi'vti (:knt . street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue.-. A large three story, basement and attic, c mpletoly furnished, recently painted, i ntJiitiie,' i.II modern Improvements, iuchulmK billiard table. Vv'lll b- let, to n respon-iiiik.' teiu!)t till IiOili April ne\t. i'rieo $2,000. Addrtaa boi 2,027 post olllce. X^UKNlh'HED HOUSE.?Tt) LET, THE HANOSOMB J. "i.e story niwlern lloufi' No. T Aluity |>I ire, near Anu'y stt."t, with Furnfturc. Apply to J. li. 1KKLAM>, No. 00 W all street. I TCUBNiFHUl HOUSE TO LET?A SMALL THRFE I W I J. '.v House, on Murray hill, near Fifth avenue, | c inipli'iely turnislio I, to a private family only. .Apply at j 28 WestThirty-sixth stMst,betwoon lOondao'sl I,AUKNISHMi TO U-T, IN BROOKLYN? HA' minute* from Wall street and Fulton lorries; every omveiiieiie:! fnr iMUfOacOfpiug, rtf, ranice, law ciir.lcn. lUit $-.0 per month. Also, halt of a furnished House. Apply at -"JO Hrlrtge street, Brooklyn. I/UUtSfc-HKI) HOIVK TO LET?ON MURRAY m, . 'Hie lotir story brown slorie House Vo. 41/ 1 Thirty-sixth slrix't, near FuurMi avenue, -i liy 50 loot, Willi every convenience, h a .iilully ainl completely turni h<"l throughout. Jpply to C. l'ALMI.K,ol l'uu street, room 6. IjlURWSHED H0US8 TO LET?FOOR STORY BBOWN stotio, luindKomely furnittUetl, with ull tbe modern improvements. located near Murray Hill, in a nelphborbood nnexpeetionuble. A Hi'ht class tenant may uii?lr< ps S., box M7 Post offlcc. ITWRNJFHED HOU8K :::i Wk-r TWKHTYSESOXV . street, to let; It may be seen af any fin e and possession i'.it i be bad immediately. For terms inquire on the premises, or of A. NICHOLAS, No. 91 W'?jt Thirteenth Street. ITVJRNfcHED HOUSE TO KEKT.?A HANDPOMFLY ! _ furnished brown stone House, in Soveutewn'h strei t, ' btwarn Filth and Sixth avenues. Apply to MORTON, GKLNNFXL fc CO., 53andf>:>Part pMc*. I>00X8 WITH sT/'AM roWhi: TO LET?TN * HPii." I, i'ljSii by 88 feet, four stories high, with bus-meat. The wh. le or part of either story will be let on iiviHtu'o terain. Inquire on the premlsoe, 110 Went Twonly-Huvcatb iroot. 8ru:sbw riooRR m urr. at $k itr month.? Four Rooms, withgaR fix: :res ami liuth, urn bio m.uleUt and nlMtnft doors, good wash honpo and j a: d , ;0*> to,ir Rooms, at $fi 5o, fA ami $7 )ht month, wub water, and ha|ln and stair* all oilclotheJ ciirpelod. -Ai?t?!y at tlic office 1117 Kant Tbirti th street, Tor thr< r (lays. STORK '10 IJ-TI,?TUB MX fcTOKY KT01JK, C011.YKR ofHtidan Inn*ani Pwl Ktri'i, tor any k n ! o( liuBluess, In tine order. i'o.-.-ii-Hien Immediately. Ront very clionp. Apply to C. PAI.MKR, SI Pine street, room 6. rpOIJ.T?TWOKlUiNI.' RfsiMS to UKM1*.UAV. X without t><>ar<l, In a private family. Apply ut 1J7 Thompson street. RefCDmoM exelkanged. rpo LET?NO. K? EAST WASHINGTON PLACE, ONB 1. bkclr from Hr< a! way. itmfe in (food repair, vjtih modern improrenu nts. Apply at No. 11 West Twtuilysei-ond struct, from H Ui 10 A. M., or from 5 to 7 P. M. rpo l.i:i?ON MI-'KKAY JllIX, A TURKU Stt/HY J lii;'h stoop Iwirk House, with rati .v. bath, water tiusHlt.. furuice, gas ami CHS lixNires ooiiipk'tc; rint very kntr to a R00<1 tei.unt. Inquire on lite premie, Ti fc?-t PtrUi Hi Mwei rpo 1JCT?A BMALX. THREE (STORY RRIGK HOOKR I ctmii Ineation; rent low t? a small tamilj ; g?s an 1 water; war tve.k slip ferry, Williamsburg. Apply U\*i. tiki J>S, or at 100 Will street, V> ill lam* burg i'ity liuiik, in the watchmaker's. f|-H> 1,'T?Nin: AI'AKTMKVI.-'. KIR.-T A N't' TUfRIt J floors 20 and Zi Gutis'svoort strtv-t, eoruv;' of II'iCson; rent tioandfour roomy to e.a.'h aparuu>titfi; ?bH> nk? eorncr Ptor? 060 Jl'vifcm wrest; rent v<ry Inquire of Virs, E. EAPToN, tUH Hudson strivH. rpo IXC?A I'P.oWN 8C0M1 FRONT II0UH5, ON [ Brooklyn Heights, Montaoie strew, with nil th* nrr. 'ni'ir.'vem'ills, water. bath&. mi* and heaters' L<r,w ; I* :'mm!. A large part o: ti?! taut to l?" tabu lu j V > r i-i t.lciiln.u w!?i<.rs (i. A. M., B.ooklyu t'wt eflku, < l?"> I'u Herald olllee. rp> lXk KJUR STORY EROWN STONE H0H7BK, J. iu tint Twenty eighth struot, mar Vo.irtli nveoue. Also U?? f"ur t-tory brown stuw House, '?jto Wvfct Thirty* fourth utroct; both desirab',". JOHN H. KL1.-0, V'i. 02 William street. rrv? u:r?r.KOADWAY stouk, no. an : aim> stork JL luui J iwr-Iling, Ki>. 48 KrtSt 'i'lvoliUi ftri'i t. Hro.t.1 way ; also (lie Floor, corner of No. SIS B.*oai!v>;iy ; ultri the (uniiT Bj-croeot. JOBW s. gnao, K<>. ca William ctmt. Tf? UT?AT KKW r.OO'liKU.K, A ITi'.M-lli'.tt Ii. ''ru. with pm-den, suibles, and every convenience for ;i lira! elm* n?idence, witheight acresof I.inil, iui'1 on Ijoub Hand Sound. Kor pirtjc.ilarn apply ut3? Piatt street, up Ktaim. TO I.KT?KL'R.\*ISHKI>. A IIANJl^OUK KOCH STORY" brown nloii" Kiitflish b.iwwnt II<m?e, throe rooms dor;), in Thirty-fifth street, Murray Kill: all fiirni.-!?hI fcat parlor floor; |<o.-#essioii Immediately, Inquire W W. K. TOWNSKND, 421'lne street. mo ui'-A BHDS COTTAGE tfOOHE, RUR THE A. Sailor's Sin:n Harbor landing, a fiboi t diwiuuce hi-luw New Bri^htou, Kutou Island; will bo let'wilh or without llii' furniture for one or throe ye/irn. Kor further i?wliculars apply to CIIILTON, io Na.-.-au street. mo I.KT--THK WHOM? OR PART OV HoTWR 21 WsT | _1. Hiitoei ill street, hetwoen Kil'th and sixth mei.ues; I (;ooJ order and l ;\v rent. Apply on tin- pn in:* . rpo IAT?IN A VtRV DESIRABLE I/KTATIOV, A TWO X Cory, bt;,'h rtoop with all tli > modern im| p.-i>v;-n? iwf, s OsI tc* liio.l'iif' l. Rent $?<hi pjr jvat. Apply to JOS. POTTER, 184 Wert Fort) third street. ; mo l.V.T.?THK I ''lilt PART 01 H (ORE TO ! JCT. COW .1 fix K??ms, gasand w ilei , large j:iii1,^k| locatWn.and Furniture t.>r n!e: a'l In ft *t rule order; verv lit'lo used. Airii-v .1! 20 Moi ton Kireet. mo lET?Ri A SrRiClXjT FBIVATS FAKtr.Y, Tt? JL F. thT or fcjwat<>. tnrnv'jf vl or \r l vi.. ji , t*.i I ! irf" fr 'Ut>--., with pillt.ri s- hot an'. . .1 imd KK.-4. tir won! 1 ! ( tjwi Klnor u.'Imii.. ltd, t'T b-mwkt'Ciiini-. will b? nawi-rt low k> . ri'.'j*' :bl i who i1? '. in-s !i iiii:'>.. cj>tiniirtliU' roftri'iiiv.- Apply 2J0 i?t THirtl 111 s'.rocl. fTO U'.T?THK VEB1 LARGE ) !)(-7 liOLVH j 1. X'-i. 47 Wot Tw.-nty (lij'Mi in i, .r Hrwrlway, | ! (; tvn'nty n> .ri; and < -jiu ri; nitror- ; i ricr; eleven ttMrbln ?a.-h ImpIus. i>.it)i, Ac . ! ivliifi tie. ii ; built for th iiwtioi 't" uKi'. No olij-H'i nii u> ? t?rm rlaas I tx>antit]?: Apply to the wnur, i.n l... j rrvt i,it?at k?i i'A-T t.VKvr-, .uu;;> kkklt, I I iioir'lliirl iivi'.mo, h 1 nrlir iiri l J - Iro m. fiiii-lc 1 I lu ni*?l riyli-, hI'Ji all tin.1 ir'xlvrii improvement;'. Kent | iiKi-U'rat" in a i?!*jo.'1m? |?u t j . i rnti I.CT? Kiiisr fi.oor ovkk kimhk im ;;.<;ir;jt | X nron.m, r.irn t ot hixtli otroi t: also ilic Hau:- I m nt R.k?iih: b ik> l>o.n m-wly !>H|> "ro<' mufolo ir.tin'v!-, ' j Witter on lloor. A very de.liiil)lo tut it j i * wall i ami;/. lA'tuire ou the*. j RSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, If iioi sKs, mxms, &c., to lrt. mo Sri IN TUK NEW HOl'SK OOItKKR 01 FORTYJ. m.mIi uci'l and Thli tl ivt> kic, m?' feet. First Flwr, 0 laix?" ml"*; S cond uinl Third Floom, 7 roouiH on c,? h floor, v li marble uruit?l? two pair s>i ting doom on smwU ttoor. water, ic. Ui-ut very low. Apply ut

onco to JOHN FMTKEPH, 416 Third atouuo. mil t.CT?Fl'KNlSllKIt FOU H0USKKKE11NG, TO A X hinull family of grown perv>..s, 11 vv Room*, Including lront lfc.MMiH-iit, In ? ba idnoinn brown uto:m hoig<-,ln a vury liua.thy un l ploaxaut location; hoi.voliai- .ill modern Improvement*. lnqulro on tlio juvuiiwn, 216 Hist Filtlitb oi root, Hookuuin Mill. mo LBT?A row CLASS DWIUiXQ ROOBB, WIT1I X ail Uu> modern liupruvuun nm, furulaliod .out in oik1 of the iui-st doairald loealiti** in Rr>> 4lj?, oonvelUait to tho forriw. Rent ctteap, and Board of taken for rent If dodired. Addronu 8. U., for tlweo day a, Banld otttf c. rpo l,KT?RENT MO''KltATlv?()\K OF THK OIJIKXT X Clial Va d.i in tl'.o city,now tn i.ctlvo opcr atlon. Cart, hoiv awl IKtiireH may lfc( t**>utriil voi y cli"?p. A|>ply to THOMAS liOYb, 602 Ninth avt-uua, vr ok the pmu>si<e, &i6 Iiivtogton utroct. mo LET?SECOND riOOR AM) FRONT HAVJJMEXT X oi Cft (Uuu'U>f Rtreet, haft , hot. hii I < >ld water, bath, water c'.oaeet, ftao yard and neighborhood; will bo kit low u> it deslrublo truant. Ap;'y on the premises. rpo 1 J-'l'?A NEAT NEW affTMiK, K<?. 1 t.l??VK X torraue, In tbo village of \V.*t li<dmk<'ti rent $loo p. r auuum; every conv. uk-uoe fur a rmV.l family. Ap piytoj. 11. WU.'-OJf, corner of and V.Miiiiiiigu>n Klr?'< lH. liolxikt'tt, ti. J.,or to W. JAi'ivSON, 661 Uroad way, Now York. run I IT Ttlli: H ASPXII.'VT SITMUU- i'Mi It I < I 1 1.11 ? v | hoa ttc.'U wvntplC'l UHB HalrilriviKiuK ?al< ii thi It t three years: would bo let to a good tenant l->r u fr>*iC wot. Kent per month. Inquire of J. t;lU"-KY, 4;i'J Brutulwuv. rim LET?A HANI SO U l.V I Ul NtHHED Pi U? STORY X H .vuutuiuiuc nil the in ?l i n lmt>r vi ini>Pt.<. Also FtubU) u required. Apply at. 31 Si. M i Vs place r|H> LET iN lit in l.YN?THB LOWER PART Of J Jl? two 4tti I'a. die st I'r-i, m ar Fourth avenue; the wlmlo of Hi. lUxeiuon.rf and I'Brtoi- Floor, two ISoom* mi tlie third. Apply at the hou . and at 394 M> tlouvemti. mo u:t oit l.hast?a uu>, two swufs I high, !i'> hi ?'<irnor of ihi ty seventh Kt:eet u "I liroadway; lot S!S by KH) rent $l'i(i per year. Inquire at Mil Brumnvay, at the uuit bio works. rno cijjtis ?to, a paut oh tub wiiou-. of a 1 large CU.l) li 'ii1-!1, mutably furnished with billiard rin nu<a'jil lirst o\:t :J tables;a so roadii';.'. minklng, dinlnp, winst and 'mill App:y Ij Oi-.oltiiK COOK, A u tloneor, 141 Itrouilway. HOCSZSS, ROOMS^ Xc.. WANTED. a TWO fTORT HOI>H, OONTAIK1NG EW.'Hr OR ulno r?H iii-. Iii YorkvilNi or Harlem, wanted, fur about Pl.'i per moMli. A ii;i;-h, with particilliu s, 1'' null UeM, box 1st Hera d WRn . H<i ' WASTE! A BOIISE COM |J pleuly t'l.rnifhid with everything iieeesiatry fur lio; h.'k' i , io !, iui I'Uli ).' i- i . -i an I linen, i> :" 'iiie rent whii i ii i.-t be vi'! y li.w, will 1> paid in board il" d' -lrt'M. The location nr 8t ho b 'well i nloji k juan- and ll? not on <<ti Mirth :<u 1 n xtli, or m .Seci nd avunie. A Idle- I,- . tle-al. oHiee. J^URNIHHEt) I40CPK WAXTEP A lltlVATE F.WI ly, w.thout Htua I eiiildi en. w u<li to hi, , until th < j I tii>t nV M?i next, aw il firu.-lu'd nory l|o- e in a | j !'' a?ant | art <>l' thi el!;-- tint to <-r > A-o p-r j i month. A pM:mvt an I e.i.. I'ul ! nam ina> be by ( Uii purtlru'ars and a Mr ; 'I t. Hi r l ! olll. nOiNE \\ ANiKl!?M I.I.Y !) ; I'AltTIAIJ.Y J I It j nlxlied. where I|j- wholo or "a t of " nttvlli l.o : tnKi n in !im;d; 1 Motion bi'iw,'<"i M|f. aail ft viiiiiav. I n .?v, Ki..hlh ai d Tw. tili !i stn' in. It. , t of rii'.'n ? fCiveil. AJdi'OFS, with f.ill pa, tlonlai.-, A. A., box 1,8M" Pi <it offle-e. H OUS3K WANTKIt?IN BROOKLYN.?A IIOtBRATB th 7:m1 bo s', south if I'll 11 n stnol, within ta miiuiUs w.i'l. of Knltun or Wall street ferry. Apply to 1 . toi.'loN, U3 Fulton ?tmet. xvurr or a uuusk b iviw w a <;i'vti v-m ,i v I uifnaii'l (", fiom ??> r !? ! I u> \iu) I, wiili privilege of another year. Krwbl biu-.raeir ixmhI uiivl K|iurn room hi a ht oily private dwo'HiiK, wlili uiixl'. r:i convi-nhHii'i-x. Te la; iwi to exc.-n<l $:,00. lo.-i tioii u)> U'WU, ennt ol' ?t\lh avenue. A?M*"om X. X , box 2,w~$ Ne w York I'o&t ollico. PAKT OF A mac WANT! !>MMI H OPPKR Ol". low r part. to ooi.slet o! ley.- than seven rm.uif, atei ?i t i.iijvn Tliir: tli nl . ?n<) l> i n V < 11.1 uti-1 Ninthavenue*. lois>ns having euch i>r to lot will d'Mr. llime, lUr.iM otttco, *uu:i>( r. ut l'rom now until MH i. TirAVTKn?A fir OK room :% A fihst n.\?< VV Imartty and 110 -0, not ?li vi' Twenty -third street, for wife, servant and child; thocliikl four yearn old. For p:?> 1 a'.tn imviitB unit the eoinl'oi t* t>f a liniu.-a reliub.e |> <rt^v 1 in I> found liy addressing, stating li.cation, Sus., H. W. M., iiorald ollico. "IITANTEP?TO in;r a 8MUX KUKNWHED HOWB VV In ')> liei|/bb ?ilifK?l ?! Mii'Tny Mill profit r: oil fr m November I ; l!io hoise n.ust have all fit" modern 1. :i r-'Voni Ills ai . be tmii isoinvv fuiuu-luii ; Out Unify ?un?!hig of rtR -nt ninn aid wili; i nly , best of referent*', Kive:i. Address imh W? Kwt ollico, stating particulars and lowest tonus. tTTANTO??TO rUSCHASE A OKNUCBI. BU8IKKSS \ V worth about fa.'WO, either In ",|W I'itv < r lii ook hi'- Any party bnvii g bargiin i:an odd rem l'. R, box llHHerald wli re !<> t> h^'ti. Jc. UrANTET?A PHVliMUN, a>; ataffthbtt suitable lor #n o. in the vicinity <>r Sixth avenue and Tl)i, ty-fourth s-trwt. AddrtmK. H. l>., iforald office. TIf ANTKT?IN A DESIRABLE LOCATION, THREE VV <>r fo il ui'fi?rnirth:tt lt-nnim, convenient I'or IbiuMK1 oping, by u family <>t two p tm->n?, or would take charre ul' a liirnhihctl or uul'ui niched house. Riorouue* exchanged. AiUlrww, prepaid, B, stution I). "TTTANTED?IMMKLIATELY, A HANDSOMELY AND \ V fully furnfediix! Hnim , located between Fourth und Tw< nty-iiith strcctn and Fourth an<l bixth avenues. Adilrc.-s l>'ix 1,(?7G l'i Ft tfllce, stating term* and location. a.siuit<- and Itoarding tunuui ko'peix ii'ed not reply. \WTANTED?A HI IT OK ROOMS, VIZ: l'ARI.OK, TWO VV 1>* iroon'.M iuid Bathroom, In a If tcl, k pt upo.i the F.iro; can p.un. Unoms must be pleasant an i terms \ rv moderate. Addriw, Plating full (, Vow ark, fl.'-ald office. WANTED?TO PURCHASE A DROO STORE HAVING i? .1 tlrft rnto location and doing a good liunmern. AddicfH K. R, KM Adelpbi street. Brooklyn. \X'ANIVP?IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, A SM.UI. SKK VV tlir1",' Htory ov kuryo Uvi Pt/iry brkk RniUttng, w.ili modern improvements. Would iik" to Iniy Car|? te, nii'-lntli ami Parlor Furniture. if in fc ml condition, and at r.;-.~u:iial>l? prw s. Ftate r' Jit, loyjitim mi l full partieuI'uf, AiklrofH Ldter box 3,216 Mow York Poat olliw. TXrAKTEP?or BROOKLYN, OOfCAQE HOOBE, WITH VV tlrnuurts, < low priced l?ts, woll Inflated now a rallrt ad, In cxchimg-' for a jho-1 mo-tgag-> of $SoO and 1?0 ac.:?f of i Vott and g >od land III Sullivan County, K. V. Me*t bo fr< o and cVar, or ? ,'Uiy ho. Wanted, a Farm of fcotn V> to lot) acres. within fifty miles of this city, worth fr. :ii ui$w O'X', in e\'h.<.:v? for good oily prsperty. Wood llounc and l/ji tu Bergen Htroet, fro.1 iuid clear, to for a Farm. Ai'|>Iy at 11 Cedar street. o. QAOur. ir IKTKD- IN TOE LOWER PART OF THE t'lTY, A VV Store, suitable for the storage business. Addr-^. jiving in cation, Kkc and rent, T. U., Wcx 1^0 Herald oMea. n'AV.'T" > MOCKXATR HZED BOV8K,OR A PART of a H'nt'v, ic a giKid nolghliorlkXKl, by a kiikl:! resppetalile famllv of a<laitn; runt to suit the Iuwf. AtUlrifB ft* 116, i to raid ofii??. ItlvMClOVH VOTit KS. /^ONORFOATION KMONE IBRA0.--<XnnON BALL, v.- ajswr r.ur.uico ou wmu ?r miiiu ; iiwi. bermin by the ller. J>r. Itond). at lvitf past u M. kteamboats. Cnamp meeting <i\ utaten i-;.anf).?only uft .1 c ntftiop) return. 11.i? ajul comtoo dio .s jrIir>or JoHlll'il! h ha.- b'.fn iharwred exprc*s-iy lo a very low rate of l'-in", to Um- cauip ^rouivf, o?iiiiiM<iMiin{; on i'lewd&y, tbe Sd of t-Vtilombw, ami coutiuue (In: iii>; tin1 wiM'k. ill'' Oitnp Meeting will !>. hold during tM- \vv< k at '!"tt< 'j.villo, on .v-ti Inland, hear 1?)ttc!i's '!<- )<. opp<wite i crtb Atnboy, K. 'J)i< e.unp w local, il ii'i :li - l>.w>tiful r.ntnp ground* of tic jr"t.h'K!if<( Epwopftl Cluirch, AspinwalUJrovo. To till who v. iali to cuj'j a m.4fuilU 'ili mil! of twrnty miior' down the hiy (aid around Stnteu Inland. this opportunity r boa Id uot 1mkutt. Time and pht. -s "1 leavinn as foil, wh:?l/a\cfuot i if Broome turret, at A.M. and 1' j V. II.; foot of 1 Sprtni' girivl. a' ( A. M. and 'J I*. M.; l-lii' -n l.-laiul furry fchj>,foot oi d.ail '-tr-'ct. at ?a. m. anil 2% i'. m. Loitvc x u?::'r .:ock f?r New York, at 12 m. nail hi ft y P. M., lmidinj; o ily at N.atcn LJurid ferry (dip, foot of I WhiU'ha'.l tr/v i, NT,'vv York. j. (1AUP WlXVlXti.?MOUSING l.'.'AT DUIECT FOB KEY j port, Midillotown Potut otnl 'HflWood.?/1i:ui faio ' lh 'In-iro nil commodious stearic r UAYI'IjUWKB wll ! lwivv pier lit! N' i'.li river, b-.'iwc'n I've.iy ami ll-blucon i HtfB. t.f1, i very rooming at & > clock. Kit irulng w.'l ware i ( K?yport at :s.'lO 1'. H., laV.^g ut Gl:fvT.>o<i. i'a:e h j way, 10 wwt.. i-r 15 ctit for tho trip. The rauop ni-ftuig at Mul'll" V.'.Ml l'Olnt Will W'liimenev ruI I'm ,-J.ry, j ' ilciiil i ft?!:i-.i will )>'> iu atuiidamx! < n tb arriwu , , of tl:i' bmt. Xf'li ". -Tliia lm.1t hi!! Iwive Kovportoti Saturday at 1 o'c'ock I'. M. UAY BOAT FOR .WJJAW (Utt) T.KIY.?THI-: HEW | till 'n( Hi -III.!: Kit I' \ M>.( i?KKtV Iviivi"!',b> title"t I ouTucudny, Thurnday ?ml tMtird(iyM? at 7 A. >1... alt n/ j at '1*1 i?rtioili (Uivt.>i<n titki.ts t i bf li:ul oti ! bo.irrt. i S- Tl'AMiJl r/?NiJ TM.ANI* I.!'AY1W JAM FN SlJf J ! evi ry day (Sun lajit im p . >1). at 3-;?? ( . M .for ; < jv<n?|?>n, in . 1 n J-n" i-u;<;!i'p-. i.'.iv?s j i Northixirt <-i ' A. w. F.i.'it to (ilvn ; to i Cr.HU fie!. '.I t Kiind-I'.ilm. 10 c ii'-c. J7-i?ht t > r^nl1* i Mot,Or v X "k mm! Cfrati9vn,tu ttelf the imunl rule#. rpiti: :r :Mii.o.\r ai.i.u R wiu,nivt*ME ! ! f li.T 11 ,< . ' 'it-. 11 Tirifjr Xrj.t 5, 1<| 'VHVtt*.- I'liiTif. ' ' UiXcrV astt Kurt H? U ij lw military iMinjB;> avtay | 1 l'cvk thy at 11 A. H. daily. 1 $61. K\I,KM AT AUCTION. \UH KT ili MU'lMHi GHIKKIN At CO., AlKTTlONKEHri. (lli.UOO worth (if LUJXJANT FIR*T clar- ?ioif?FHor.i) fithniti'RE, T<> bo )?rempu>rlly Bold at public auction, uu tins tiny (Thurmlay), KKiitrmlwr 6, THi: PKO.'KIUY UK A CRN'nJCMAK 1JCAVIKO FOR Kl KOPK. Boeowtiod 7 octavo Pianoforte, rn>?wood Drawing Kootu tkilln, roaowood unit mahogany Oi minlmr Furniture, Oak lilnlng llimm Ftrntture, Painting!-, Mutuary, Btiniwn, Chandelier*, Mirror*, Velvet Modallion <'ar|x>tH. At lite residence of Or. Phillip Ransom. 48 Wewt Sixteenth Btrix't, between Fifth ami Sutn aveuuea. Salo commencing at lu>i o'clock. Superb Suit*, curved In Mild rosewood, covered with Mlk b rotate); Secretaire, Kookra-e, Etcgeies, bronxe Clock, runmne month: pier and mantel Mirror*, cinbioldored I are Curtains, mantel Ornaments, Centre Tables, Kind's patent reclining( li Urn, Oil Paintlnga, by eminent art win, bronco and marble Statuary. MAUNiFICKNT 7 OCTAVK ?()SKWOOD PIANOFORTE, t'ANTKltlll'KY hTOOIj AND 00VKB. Hat*Land, Dak liuflit, Kxteuisloii Table, China Dinner and Tea Set?, cnetul Clawware, richly engraved, Table Catlory, *olnl Silvoi ware, roxuwood and mahogany I lure-aim, Me?l reikis, War.lrobof,Toilet TublnH, Commode.", Dressing TMdivi, hair au<i spring Muttro^8eK,OoiinUT|xuios, P.lankcts, Met; raw g patent Sola Dodstearift, Bookstands, 'loilot fables, Hrusacls an.I Indian Carp 'In, Oilcloth, titrtlr Cut pots. Also a largo assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture. House to let or for sale. For further particulars see auctioneers. Amumx 8 s.W.I-:. An extraordinary opportunity FOR HO(N-TKKFI'KKS ASH Till TRADE. Over SP.MHHI worth of t l.'h and costly Household Furnl* t ire, tin* i I'liursduy) afternoon, at two o'< lock imwljr. ? .-inpriMiiiK llie lieuutiful and cosily Furniture contained In ilu lar>('' ihvclli' if lion^H, Ift2 Wwt Twenty ltrnt Mr< ct, Seventh av.mie. Tlni wholo for aliaoiute and ix-rvmpt'-ry sa!o, rain or slime, consisting <>f Kuglish Velvet nn I Tanodtry Otrp'ts, elegant ronrwoortParlnr Furniture, nt unite. comprising three full Silts richly cli ved, all uf which aro covered In rich silk brocat'd of the hint description; rosewood Coutre and I'ler T.tlt'w, TtirkiHb Cuiiirs 111 lilc.e and Hold Katin utitl Moquet, Damask and Iiice Curtains, Velvet and Tuikisb Uiuum.h, Mantel an I l'i?r Mirrors, tine r"? "wood Kteire.vs, rich S. vre.t an.' Dr. sdi n Muntel Vas artistic Bronze*, llisqtto K inures, Ornaments, Ac. Elegant h -v- ti ocUi* . rosewood Pianoforte, Music Cabinet. M*ol and t'uver, Kle^ant Uiiguui*, liodsteuds, li (lair MatlienHns,CI ainl>?r S iti. ill t*r?'woo I, bronze Clack, spring Seal Chair*, Mil or*. He is and lleddin;', oak Kxl tislon. two Sofa Pr int mis, i!. lii ul tilasv el i wry description, silver Ware, 1-r'. , jjpions, Caters, lc> I'ltchcrs, Urn. Tea ,s?r* .re, marble top 15 i':?-t, ohclotli, rich Cbundolieis, Inc. H>i!? positive, rain or shine. k. w. WEsrroorr, .\u?tiuue?r. \SS!i;NKK'S S.U.K J'dtN UjOYO, AlKTk>NE:'K. JOIIN f JXJYO .t j?ONX will soil, on Tli'irii lay, Sop- I t. uilur fi, lit ! is t I ,al s: iv-.-t, lit 10 j; oVli'.k.tli entire Stock of the Wltoli (t ile I> <>Ut.ii< Mass mid 1 It'Ltiro Vianie Man tacloi y. Tli SI'k ?u.unsts uf Kiutuli Plate Mirrors, U tll'tsKi" , til I..i 11 u ;? and I'.uKraviiif*: alw> a lar l-.t (C Kill, titili "ifncv. I> .<k wabic.t and rw? ?il Krame. , Work 11 liclnw. l'l vturev, l>i)ie*' )? ?!<?,I'liairS, k'rse !.- ' ?afe, m'tde by He. t in<{; Horse, Cart ai.d liar Decs. Mil lie Hold at o'clock Hale ixmltive, rain or slime. The trade tvtll dc well to attend. I y order of K. P. tfTKI HKNS, Assignee. Vl t TItiN NOTICH KKTK.tOKHlKARY <> 'I OUTI Nlty to piircli tse l|.> i; hold Kuiliiture at auction, sal i c .iiineni".' ^ .it two o cW th<< day (Thiii si'.n.v), nt tue la I niu-.i full u.?e, 70 West twenty sixth sir. t, n-ar Mttlt IV. 1.1.0. 'A.Hid and til illegally s.'1'.n, IS'.I , If , t'.-litl 1" i'les It" kiM.-e, III.*: ICS, Hurenim, l'edi'lea<!.-, W , Stil ! oinl, i.ik wood I'iutiolorie, imtipn w?r in t :iw !>': wk', r-, in!, mii , Mimi h, (lock:. \ a. h, i'.n i". if, I! i. M i'ii'iW | lln r ets Met i. ^iain Cai'iicU:, < l'<\i 1 lit-rs. Cliiii.t [V i Set;-, Siiv f Warp. also. i ' i. ! <' n.-sorutxtiii nt ( :?? mciit will Kju liun l urutmrv. i-'alti ill' 2 o'clock pre* i.- ly M v VS' \RI) k CO., Auctioneers. VllCTtON NOTliT. M C. I Ali(?l IONI KH. BAY MAUK liKi'lI' WAH.IN AND HARNESS Y'J 11A 1,1'01.< >W, .11! . will *e ! (in Tin it 4 iv, ft, lit 12 m'i 'i-i', ?. in front of: a.esroom, No. tjftj.iberty nrwi, ii vi ,v tine l)uy M.irc, Ui'tcen a:i 1 i bait' imjuls, ivarruuled wound, kl: (I, pintle anil fast: a'so a Ik'ht Wa;on, h '.ilt liy Wool wof., and a very tin.' Kindle Harnef*, nearly now. Aiktio.v noiicf?yoc can wty au. ki.vus of Fnrnlt. re, Padding, Umkiuv tltussofi, &?.. clvaper lit any other place, at (i. W. fc-NKi LVN,2tj!l Bowery, I) tii. i n (-Linton anil Houston uticeta. I'le ee cull, you will biivp. Note tin- number. luijmirilik rinnr. i >y JOSOTI ii' OEMAK. 1> friday, SF.pttmdkr 0, At 10 o'clock A M,. at the Central Halcsruoms, Wlllougliby, corner?( Pearl .street, Hn . kh n. llnV>Kany f'.irior Sni!, in bwafel: rnaln.jrany (tinI walnut mailile lop Uriin< UurcaiiK, painted not, ten pieces, nurlili-to|i*; iv.i'li.-t.iinl.-. Centre and Kitentiion fables, Chair*, rotas, Wardroom, I'ii r Clntwx, MaUretnos, K oth'r Beds, ,<:< . Crockery. Olas-ware, Cnr|>ot.s, Oil el' lll-\K!nves,'J.r> "eh ml I < I'-iH. walnut ftl.J.lleUr Table, A;c. By. thomas. A1ICCION kick?J AS. I. dayton k a i'o. wiii *eli at the.r dalesroom, 111 Naxsaii mreet, Hi..- ilny. at It o'clock, further invoices of Steel l'lnte, m zzotiut iml l.itho vaph Koffruv Ing.-i; eotiui^nnientfi solicited. l eturtis made i'ii day of sal . I^DWARD St'HI'M K. At'CllOSH K. !i t tiMIM'A iUIN fc'.U.t; - Ais-HiNKF.'S PAl-lI OF f l'I'KKtl IWlWllfrtl Vt'RNITTRK. MY K. A K. II. Ht:HKNCK, this ilay, Hept. ft, at 11 o'clock, at their salcwootns, N ?s. 105 anil 1SI Broadway, the Mi ck of one of tho Uri-t cabiaet niakiMH ot this city, consisting III jmrl of olej'.uit nobd carved aiel plain rosewood Suii>, iii itiii and bro.ail.el, |i!iim1i un<l r ph; elegant roHcivood um"i'e a '.'lncn, maiitiiiiceiil rimcwood roi.nd ?!"i ued and Hitr-'imc . il >. in black walnut, tlnkhed In oil; rnnewood and winiit Si'.retary, Ltbrary HiKikcais.', e!i cunl n in wood anil wiiliiid Kte^eren, raw oil wa!init and oak Buffetn. oak and walnut'ary and 1 inIns It 'mii 'Ilain;, and otlior elntc'inl Furnttitro. 'I h abovu is all of Hi" very best mauiif.:etnrr, anil will be p..Ki?iveiy Hold liy tinier Hi :is-it,nee Tin? particular or I in j.40 In want of elegant furnit! t-e is respectfully r?. qoc.-ted to IhiSSllle. J. II. I (KK.MAN, Asto'iiee. Gi KOIlfJK OOOit, AlX'llONKKK. r AHSKJNllK't! KAIJ? OK KI.FOAM' ITUXITORK, This day at II n'c'n li, ul 141 Bro ulway (rcm??vcil frvr aonvcuH-ncoor suit.'), <iu.i of tbo largest ami tliiosl. stuck* of furniture olfi', oil tills hoiimiii, ?*insiHli.i? in |?ai't of PiM*l"r. C| amlwr. I ili-ary an I Mining lloom Suits covered in brocade, broeatel, j 'v.sli. reps and haircloth: ladies' rusewood S c:'ctarioH. IJ'MikcuM'K, IJulleb. Kin'ol^uuri s, Kxteusinn and Centre Tables. Lounges. Chairs. So ic, Mattresses, \r. Catalogues at sale. K. It. M IJJIKK, Assignee. K. li.?At private saie a spati of superb black Ooiadlan M?rc?, Black Hawk stock, 0 years old, with liarouchu and Harness. V 1 OI,l> AND SUA Kit WATCIIKS, JEWKJ.KV, &r. VJf IJAKIM, A. IIATHIW.S will s.-ll at amnion, this day (Thursday), at in! j o'cluck, at his salesroom. No. #9 Kas iui street., u 'Ar ( nHtxi street, a largo stuck of line O-.'.d and i ilvor Hunting and other Watches, by the best makers. Also ,i Urge assorlDi'-itt oi rich Jewelry, eon sistkig in part of ladies' full nets Brooches, Fairings, Brae dct.8, fce.. in Florentine Lava, Mosaic, Camo i, Ac.; also gold Chatelaines, Vest Chains, Pencils, Crosses, ' 'tiids,kc. Catalogues and gxxls now r?a4y for examination. nBO noi.w?x)K, Ar<Ti(i.vf:Ki{. wru, sixr. oh \ X Fri lay, SentembT 0. at lo'a' o'clock, in Thirty sixth street, oni- door from llr>?adway, the entire Furniture of u throe et?< y bouHi1; rosewood I'arior Suits, llrimsi Is and Ingrain OirjM-ts.,l?*l chamber Suits . Bedding, 1 lining Boom and Kitchen Furniture, Arc. TJ KNKY U. U03M, ADCTJONEER ?HENRY H. LEEDS j 1 h Co. Will s 'll at auction, mi Friday, September C, at i'J o'clock, in front ol i tore So. VI Nausau street,a ompc coekuway, nearly now, im-tc by Iawrence, vf B ifufwny, and will be sold williout rea vc, for account of parties interested in a former purchase. A sorral Mure, K years old, 16)? batidt! high. warranted sound aikd kind. Is an excellent tumMy or doctors horse, and is a Kroat Irav. llcr. Afeso a gray Mar<\ t 11 year* old, 14 V Winds high, a very good Baililb' )i >rse, aiid is a good krur oiler in nil lurnu-Also, a second hand top buggy, built by J.mi lico, ofliroadway. Also a set of single liarmss, 11 now. Tii'1 ab'ivf is sold in imseijUPiico of t!w> ??ii *.' having no further us* for (bout. HBKRV ii. hiNku. At" TioNij-:it?stuusiami a; Nus*au street, opposite tl.o I'ndt office.?MINUt k TilokP will (tell ut auction, on Friday, Sept. 6, ul 12 n'c'i < k. In front of their salesroom, .'17 Nassau utroot, a Ma- It 11 o-v. ir> hinds and 1 inch bhtli, between 7 and ii ye,us ?ild; pvr.e, t;? so.ind n;:d kind in a" I> rue.-'.-', and an f'.'n; tin<;l> lino saddle horse; Is a vory stylish and true driver, and fast. HKNRY QREKN, AUCTIONEER. ?TH? DAT. AT 10*2 o'cloe.k, at the auction Kturf Ko. \(M William street,'Jrocerii's,Cheese,, 1'kslt, Fait, t*piocs.Sj(jars, Liquors, twenty !-ask<?;* CItampign;, Store (iinist Ts, S ,aiw- and Weights. Also, at 12 o'clock, lot of Ihy ami Fancy 0ood>, Clothing, rants, Voita, Dress and Over Louts, A"c. J nils r. Davis, auction rut?wo casks* n< *>rs, Sli ? s and i'.rogans, at aucti>>n, on Thursday, Sept. 6, a', lnl-j o'clock, at stoic ol" J. K. I>'vrrftt fcCo., No. 16 I'orUawlt street, oomprlslng a Inr>-f assortment of fresh pity and Kist- rn goo Is, for city :uid country trade. J' "MORlAKTY. AUCTION KKR, WItX SELL, THW . day, at 10 o'cioi k, at 171J Chatham square, tons. I ?mi ;?-i,Chili*, Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mirrors, Oil ('untiii/M, Hhlrts,8hawis, Hosi rj ,Satinets, l'ants, nnd a v? i :.vof laury Goods. Tlie wbo!o will bo sold without, reserve. TiroRTOAOK HALE.?JOUS H. BUBLSY, AVQiTI Ii 11- r. WBI f'll IMS 2 '?Vlock. at 444 ('-in .I kI:' i't. ):ia.V>"?ny, walnut and otli^r liodste.vls, Cu ,nvaU aid otli T :'ofa5,Softt Hods, Wardrobes, p..- w>m"! ; ill lmir cinth. Kxfa'ipti ti,Centre :init other f-di'i W.ifrli lauds, H'iiI'ltur, t'JiHUii lle'l SclW, Rnokoanea, hi" uud liaii I l'i.'ii' , tlerTli^ Safe. 1 Express Wa^ n, 1 ijiriii?:. 'sat in >1i?g.uiy Hocking :n. I<Hu'n' OuiiiH, Rru.-^ls, I li.crarif.iri'-tK, 16 i'i(/. < remnants U Oil lolhi*. l.'i U:*;r Mailt-* '' < y, lil,k!*ketH, C>ottiforl?'r hvttlKT Itr N, lt."!diuf, Kitchen Furniture. V,y order of wm. Kd r. i.. , nt:r>rney fur mortgagee. M >'.K HA1JC OK GKfXJOUKH, UliTOKH, SK Z-ir.*, k1' ?Will V mi'd at public auction, ?n Friday, I s , >. ii>l> r ti, 1*G1, at 10 A. M., ?t tho northwest Corm r'ii .vid Mnxiiii.- sir. cu*, it funeral Munrtiu nt of ' 'reevn S- pars, Tea*, kr., a!s > l^nors, Store Fixture*, I.e. Cli.VRl.h.'i II. UAII.KY, Atuirnoy for murtnoKoo. Ml BTXJAOS HALE iMCfUKB WALTERS, ACOTfONwr, will fell to morrow (Friday,) at 10)? o'clock, u N". 8 fiv-i x slriTi l?y virtue < ! a chittcl mo: Ignge, is K'**' young It'Txes, s. vi-n Curts,*ix sets of ll-mic?*, Picks, Feed Cult I; x Ma lure, llara, I'lirrows, Ac., use 11 y a ci'turi ctor. Si!'1 ponitiv an 1 i n'linlt >d. 11. r. TUW.Noi^NI1, Attorney for Mortgagee. 3 sales at auction. CI ft J. BCKiAHr, AIV 'f IONKLRS?KATl'Rl ?AY, September 10'4 o'clock, lit the auction roonm No. 1 North William ?llou^iiold Furniture. ooolifting of isul4L?, IjOiiu^en, Buivaux, Bookcase, I'arior Suit*, ItiwIcorH. Eat Stands, Ijookiiig tlUiy*ca,WaMi??t?n<l?, ltedfUals, ii?ds aitvl (tedding, Hair Mattresses, Htovr*, Kitahcu furniture, ftc., ftc. SHERIFFS SAI.K?lloI'M. FTKNITl'KE. CHAMBERS ft KAIKHJUJ*. AUCTIONEERS. HiInMroom 113 NafMU *tr?*t, Will toll oh Friday, September fl. at 10 o'clock, nt Vn. it Barclay Ktreet, the Furniture of a hotel, o?ii?i?llng of Hcd?, BodiKvutg, Chair*, Sofas, Bureaus, Carpi m, Mirrors, Oilcloths, stovi-H, Ranges, Crockery, CooWit^ I'tecHil*. *e., together Willi liar an<l far Furniture, Wines uurt other Liquors, Segarit. fcc. Also il)? right, ntleand ii?t?**est of William Mtspagnl, in and t? the Ii ?m? of the premises. JOHN KEU.Y. WwrilT. _ WIIJJAM ABBOTT, Al'CTIONEKR, OFFICE NO. 4 Broadway. wlls this day, at lot* o'clock, thn Block ami Fixture* of the !.l<|uor More 'Z4* Kuist Twelfth utrix't, U-ur Pumps, Counters, Headers, II irse, Wugou >nd Harti-.s.s; alwtlu FarnitW Of t he family. w-v, MllilTAltV. ATTKNTIONl KKTURNKl) TllUEK MONTHS' VOUTW leers!?A command Is about being formed, under authority of the Vuited Statin War Depart in. nt, for special iliity, in tho now State of Kanawha ami Maryland. A nieetiug will be held in Military llall, itiy Howory, at 8 o'clock, Friday ovi?lng, September 0, when lull particulars may bo learned. l>. a. Al.l.KN, Lieutenant Company K, Eighth regiment. C^UMPANV K.SKVKNTY-KIKST KFGIMKNT N. Y. S.T J A meeting of (his Company will be In Id at tho Armory, on Thursday evening, Sept. ft, at 8 o'clock. Theattendnnce of every member Is requested. Tho volunteers who wore with the compiny at Washington anil doeire to stay wuh lis, will also bo present. K1>W'I>. If. WADE, Commandant. COMPANY C, PKVENTY FIRST REGIMENT, N. Y. S. T.?New York, September ft, INtH.?This company having been detailed to url ;ik the enjort to the funeral of the late Captain Kllut, of Company F, the members aro hereby accordingly directed to aJKembUi at the Ai mory, at one o'clock I'. M. this day, lu full fatigue, army Mu? pouts and white belts'. The members that accompanied the ei.mpauy to Washing tou. and the members of tho regiment generally, aro j>artleularlv Invited to parade with ns. liy order, W. j. tXU.l>, Captain. Joiix A. Hpll, Orderly. IN.-ICC I'll IN' MAY I!| HAH HROM AN experienced officer (a graduate), wlm u. thoroughly acquainted w ilh tho West Point tactics. Field uud c ompiny eiBcei's aro prepared in a short il ne for their examination; evolutions ot' Hue for Hi igailier <?oneial?, &e. Apply at 73 s?t. Germain Hotel, Fifth avenue. WkKYKD?PRIVATE IN-TKl'tTiON IN CAVU.KY tactics. No one need nppl} unless qualified n loach battalion aud regimental drill. Addrvfa box 7;tfi I'oiit ullice. /?(VTH HE'JIMEXT?PRESENTATION.?'1111 MKMHKRH \_) ? f of Compitny 1 are to present a ku.Ii sword and be It to llie.r late Hi derlv . cree.mL Hinum* S. iiii,;iii. iti.u ,,?n. iitrip, at 1 o'clock, at tlm Ivy tin-on, Klni r!tro--t, na a tokeu "1 r< sj>"ot for his gentlemanly and galUiit conduct during our lato engagement at 1'ull run. C. J. Rum , .' 'ocretary. .1ASU-.S WaTHOV, lYvimircr. IJ1 V I'l 1,'IMI N'T N. Y. H. T.?COMPANY M -TRI |1 members of this oompauy an: U-ruby itoLiUutl U> utU'ii l u r- moot ing, to ho hell at the Armory, od Kriday, Sept. 6, at eight. o elodi i'. M. The \oh;DU-er? whn wi'iv with the company in Wash In -ton ?: - invited Ui be present. AMO-' I,. >KK, O. B. >7<Yni KMilMENT?('A 1.KI'(>\'l AN CUT..?THE I KQ 4 *' oo (is o?" the l t:th Annual <iimi?sof the Club arc ttiiri year devoted to tlic roll I of tIt" ltunilu s of the gal1 iiti SoviMity-niiith. ,loi<?' Wool, Thursday,ts-pt ember S, lHfll. A ioiuMUotl 2& eonts. COi'All'J'NKItNHlP NOTK?S. \l'AHTNil K WAVTI l>?WITH AKW'T f?m. '10 INV1-S1 itt a patent bullet proof t-te I Khlrt, lor the ukh of the army. I furtliiv partic :| ur liKpitre tor throe day* fc>K l\ rut/ei, burg, No. ?0 l-'ttllou i t.,tifthelo y,from atu? tlli two o*cl. > U. ^ N MTIVK tilt rll.l-l\T PARTNER WANTED?'WJTI1 JL?. ?> ...,v J ... r. ...... i ?. i?m; lu< ittive llrsl dasti ra ii busine&i, 11 monopoly from wliie.i a lurgo amount of money can In? rcalir-d rapidly nail no eompi'tiiiou. Apply at .' Uroadway, third Hoor, room No. 4. Al'AKTNKK WANT'Ul?TO TAKE AN' IXjUAI. I N t. ri'Kt in a btuimes-t that i as no oomnotition, in thi manufacture unit Bali' of hii arti'T* In demand. Itusiness uow in Biiccxftpful n["r*tun In llroadway. Apply toC. ii 110WKH ii CO., 42<J llroadway. AMSTNQI WANTKI (?IN A ??? MlOk Business, with $.',61)0 or $;l,000, in one of the bent huimln iii l)i.' ciiy. It i." it < iianr hildoui to he mot witii. Noai?onuj need apply. AddreBs I'., box 160 Herald oltice. PARTNKR WANTKI ? IN A 1.MIT CASH MANUKACturiiiK business, Itmij ami well established; capita) letpiire t $r>t,o. I'artiiK having busini tss to ol will ilo wrll to leave the same wltli ihe general agency. 4u Nhb-ii'i street, near Ub.-rty. WANTKI?A GENTLEMAN OF GOOD ADBftOB AMD hmlliOB habits, will, a capital i t' ft-cm fc'loo t<. as partner ui an oilice business. t?i lake the place of a retired partner who Iras Joined tho army. Address, wtill ronl n.'irn'1 .owl address, K. . Herald ofllco. WANTED?A M \N' WITH $300 OR $400, WHO Will, tak" a ou"diall'intcrcft in. and tnliro charge of, a barge capable of mrryliig I wo hundred tons. From Ivor a in t. profit or ;kh> p-r month will he guaranteed. Tbo reason ol' olfTing for B ile is hiciiuee tin owner bas four of litem, an 1 wishes it suitable person to tike nn int.Trsl in on - or two of them. Ki>r fiirtlicr parti* liars inquire of 8. C. IJ ITI.K. aboard tlie beat Andes. lying at (Ii fool of Konrlo nth street, North river, N. Y. ?A PABXXUR WANTKI), IMUIMATH.V, /# in one of the ?.ifost and best cath paying bananas in this city; ? well e tiblished. rfBpoclnh'c, re uulriut, th ' atlent <11 of two int rested jiurlicg. Apply t? &OA/i ?WANTED, A PARTNER, TO RETHIVK " "? thf luxury at the door ami share <?{U.'il in rtie beat exhibition known. ;t require* hut twopei>onH, iii.d wli] pay $400 w?vkl); prottte divided dui!y. Apply ?t S.12 Urciulwny, third floor, room N'>. 4. ?A YUI a'I; ACTIVE MAN AH PARTNER in a ptofltablp business paying from lour hundred tn live hundred per cent; no risk and no ciinpe lltion; (200 caeli, tlio IiiiIuik'u \\ Urn niaUr. Apply at "4 We*t Thirty-tliird utrcei. djljrAA ?PARTNER?A l.ENTIJCMAN WITH THE V? above amount in cash, can iv*nro tin In toriv-t in a Mtfo and reliable b>inw8, without competili"U, which pnys tA(H) pr uuiulh. Apply iinm'-dinlcly at Ko. 87 Eoreytli Htreet, fourth tloor, room Nu. 1. (Ill "J AAA rAS" ANU A'*rlvE PARTNER WANTJL#\JVt*J <'d?III a legitimate brokerage buxinew, fully entabii?bed, ami making from (0,000 to ?10.000 per year eviui in thews llm ?. I/>'ut>o:i tui J awmiation the very bejit. 1HGG.S A: RO-BETTER, 73 Kmeau street. AHA ~a i'ahtnkr wanted, wrrii a /"V'? capital ot the above amount, in a paylug retail grocery and provision butskiotut, or would enKayo with a party already cHtubiiMicd. Tho businosn has Uixiu obtained by the m??t aellve evrHone, and now uood* tit'1 lacillti'* mentioned to cstabl nil a larger biodnu?(t iu a favorable locality. A pftrtou lun uig nomo.experience hi one or the other brancbw of the business necessary. Tho location down town. Addrenw ii. u Herald ofllre. >* AAA ?COPARTNERSHIP.?A PARTY 0WN/ i'lg a fir?t etaan dwelling in a deiiglitt'il location in Hrooklyu, moderately Incumbered, would like to put in the same u? xapital In sum respeotahlo es takiiit-lioii lemineif. Principal* only need address Howard, box 140 Herald otlice. (fit/"* AAA WANTED.-! WANT A.V ACTTVB J\/V " partner who can commence at oncu and give his whoh time In a w.'ll established manufacturing wholesale und retail burfhicw, having a good city and count'y eatdi trade. object, to extend the business. Auurcra liuiuiuicv, uux i \nifc uiiMX', miw lorK. Fl:RNITl;Rj> ABKOTIOOMSUTT OF BMAMDUED FCRimtRK FOR tn, in all colore, of warruutcd moiuiracture; also Hnii<i ch ftrmt tlaralx'r HuUb, jilmn nu l ornamental, at H. K. KARRIN1 >T" >vtj, IWiS Uuiial strceJ, onmislte Wooster. KsUblithod iu 1B48. Any person i iavinu a rosewood wardrodh In good order that uiey v, wh to m il ehoup for nafh, may addretui A. Jackson, Herald office, putting price and where to be goen. AJJU>Y HAVING A (JTANTlTY OK FURNITURE would let It ?n<l take payment tu Hoard. B*nt of reference given and required. Address Mrs. E. S., Ho raid office. FL'RNITI KK ?WANTKI) TO PURCHASE CHEAP FOR cwli or Wenlern Uind, Furniture for a house, with ton ro-inif. incljd.nn Cari^U, roue wood 1'arlors<et,&c., new or not much mod. Address box 117 Herald ofllco. PIJMPTON'H IMPROVED PARU)R BKi'iTEADS AND othor llrnt clu*. Furniture, sold wholesale and retail ijj.i i>y mouiiJiy payin?m*, nt I4j Tenia street, formerly National Aru/lemy of Dogigu. v S(U<K>I, I'URNni UK.?A SET OK SECOND HANI? Furniture, lor llfty or sixty scliolnre, can be had hvnpplyfug to K. WAlUUuN. '210 I'nlon atre. t. Ilrooklvn. It ig In perfect order ru;d but Illllc uacd; leaks, i balr?, Illackhoards, He. Ht>TAlRANTS. Greek tcktLk soi p, at kjcu.y's ?orhm nm l)? Soup and M -ak.s at Kelly's. Uleun Xurllc SOup at KELLY?, !iSS Hudson street. SPKKCKR, TlfK OfllOlN'ATOR OF TIIF THItKR Cetit Ale movement la Nrtv York, ba* lefts of imitators; but there Ik not on? of them can cell as tinea glass of ale us ho does. No. 2 Oortlaudt street, nortbwe?t corner Broadway. 8I'ENCER. 0 8KVKNTY-NIN1H li'.r.IMKNT, N. Y. S. M?TJIK bogus friend* of ilii- regiment will meet where they j.;. a e, but the genuine friends of this regiment will meet at the Me rer lliw, corner of Hrmm? and Morrer streets, i !i Krl.Iay e iiinp,?lli insr.. .1 8 o'i lock precisely, ilouesii' is our watchword, lly order of the V. C.

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