Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1861 Page 7
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BOARDING AND WIHHIgfi j| MlALI, FhlVATK FAMILY WOCIJ) I I T A J1AN1)Jt\ somoly fu, nailed null of Kooum, u I'arlor and two VfelroutuM, a bai h room adjoining, on 'ho untwiil door, "Wit 1> Hoari'. 1h hunee ha? .ill Hi" ni'dern Iiitjutn onjoiits d is plcwaniij- Ml at<?l on Murray Hill. In/jiiir"?t 281 lAxia^toa aTonuu, third hoi.oo above Thirty eighth street. JtoCiTwiot* r?|uircil. A l'UIVATK KAMil.Y, 121 KAST THIHi V FOURTH ! J\. fireet, between Third and Fourth avenuce, will lot Furnish ai HootiiR, with B' .ird, t" one or two foimlicsor a "few single guotlemou. 1/ option jilraeunt; street always dean. A JAIME, HANI BOM! LT FURNISHED BOO#. WITH A iktdtoom on second lloor, suitable Tor a Rinih orgoutlnnan ai d bis wife, a id Room* for liiftlo yen:; no u 'o let, w tli ilo.ird. In the > lass h mse, 7d K?v. twenty-sixth street. Reference* exchanged. A1 21 WOT KOl'KTKl-NTH SWEET, 111 TWKi.N FIFTH aud Sixth av. nue.., Ii 's# Km ins, handsomely furor in' i. lu suits or sine e. AI . > ?mttl!vr Komi.s for gentlemi'ii, wiih Board. The bonne h is all the mortem iiu;irovelluexoe|itiou due iviereuns given und required A CARD?PARTIES KKTl'RN ING FROM THE OOUN J\_ try, und wishing to tink parinuni.'ut arrungenuinta for llii' winter months. will lli.d luiiidifoiiioly and n wly fnriu b 1 I'ur.oo, w.ili or without IVdroums, in a picamuii local ion, near I'uiousqua.i'. Airily at 1US East Fourteen ib street. A PARTY OK S.NliLE fJKNTl.KMKV.Ort GKNTI.KWKN and wives, w.siimg ! > arrangements for Board lor the full .rwill Jul desirable ari:;miWtdution* in a lli st, w.Utin live minutes' walk ?f Wnll street and !sj.ali fernus. Call ut 2(* liardcu > ?tre< i, llrooklyn. A l.ADY IIAVlN.i TM?!'.N ) IJt T CLASB HOUSE, A ill Second aven u, <o m.r of h'eventh street, has a lew wills and also s n.e s.ugai rooms to dispose of. Call u hoi.-r or adilrc s b \ s,a?Ki New York l'ost oillco. A 1'IUVATK. FANH1.Y, R.-J-'IDINU AT 19SF.VliNTH AVE /v file, huviiii! mtir. Rikiuis than they require, would let th -nine to p'.'i!tk'mcn an! their wives or tingle j;enUmiip:.. The lnaise c n talus ull the modern improveaeuUi. Krforeuc. s exchanged. ASI'IT OK KUOMS <>N FIRST FLOOR, AND S1NOLK lUxunx for K'"' t ni-.'U, with Heard. pinner al nix. ".ii No. 1 Worn Twenty fourth street, opposlto Fifth Avenue Hotel. >' IAV 81N ' DT ?T i NT i.KMKV CA N " 1 IK At V< >M Ma <!ii:od with good Hoard and p!eisant Rooms; house kau al: Hie iii"Kl. ru Improvements; alio accommodations far a few liny boardcs. nr J;w> Tenth street, three doorj trm Kroudway. 101. icucea exchanged Am\V til-.NTl.KMKN, OR A HKM I.KV > \ iw l wilr can bo accommodated w/lh a front iuid back ilooin adjoining, ail iuo l?ru improvement*. with full ?rpaituil Uuurd. Oil I hi U'4 Kiwt Forty -eighth btreet, bfctwouti Secmd and I liini avenufv. A FURNISHED I'ARLOH ANII HM'ROOM, WITH Hoarding, to let, to a geutlomau and wife, or to a gciilU-uriii, in a |> ivato dwelling. l^ountion betw-Hfi Hro.iuw.i) and Fifth aveuuo, iii.vir 'Ihirly-first '.reel. Addivn I. W.,bux 1'Jii Herald utllce. AT l a KAST TiVi N i Y-FIUST STV.KKT. t.HAMI R"V jm k.?Very unable fan. s led R ?-:n?, with ?1?mi and bulii utl .Co. d,suit.ililiMi r . m ic.i.mrt r-ingln ? . JjnUem.-u, In a (lift v-i.iks Itousv, desirably locate ; dm ?r at ti; privilege ot park. A OKNTLI MAN AND I IPY <?, . rWOOENTU MEN, c.-tn ' btala n u ge, fn-atty furnished from l!i>oiii, witn <>r ? itlioi t bo* alsn a ni? - single Room; liotue. omfort.- : ftl.Tttiy f'liia ' t -s tux to suit the Km- *. t all at 16 Twimy levt-..Hi street, corner of Kro.ulway. Kofe- I reac. 0 exchanged. At sts kast Mil co.vvEMrcvr to H roadway?-li> lot. Willi Hoard, Uni'tns on the se ?0';d tog. tlier or sepniut'l y. furnished or unfur tailed; also a v-ry pi -.-wa.'.t l>ae,k Parlor. Dinner at six 'olix k. References exill HigStl. 4 (il-'NTU-'MAN AN1) W1KK OR A FEW SIN0I.K ? A gentlemen can b-.t accominodalud wltli good Hoard, X a pi ivate fumii; , where thi-ro arc but few boarders. Twins modci ate. ite'oronoca oxohangod. Apply at 215 Clinvm ulrwt, uoar Henry. 4 SUIT OF ELKXiANT UOOMrf ON FIRST 1'I.OOR TO J\ let, with private table; iiUn Romn-? on cocund and wlrd tiiinrs, and R;?.mp for niaglo gentlemen, with or With-mi Bimrd, at l,12.ri Broadway, botwei-n Twenty-tlflh 1 HACK I'ARL'Ht O.v nr;-T I'l.OOi:, Al.<ii IIANPx\. f inely furuu-lied milts of Rooms nn second and third four.-. suitable for families and single K<!oineu, to rout, with Hoard,for tlio winter, in the tli'si class house SDW'wt Twalith street, near >ilih avenue. Ajukncu ixAuv, ha vino a iiou.<k and more urnm thin she wams, dcsir<h I,i lot furnished ^jiartnieiits to genii' nun. Shu is one of tlio best French tMCb-r in the city. Inquire at 71 Wont Nineteen li st. 1 T NO. 124 W/lVhRLKY PLACE, NKAR WASH! NO JCTL ''m square and Mxtli avenue?A gentleman and Wife and two singlegenth men cau obtain a handsomeIf fiwid?ned Room, containing two lar^e pantries, (tc- ; taw m-Merate to suit th:? time*. Dinner at six o'clock. AIIANUPOMELY ITRXISIIKI) FRONT ROOM AND Itelroom attached to let to sloglo gentlemen, la a private French family. Apply at 25# l'ourth street, %anliii?!'on square. A I KIVAI>. K MII.V, KK-H'IV.i J\ A VK.KY II. \ksiii location, would let on? or two good airy llediwnns. with eloseit, fias, fee.; alan a comfortable Sitting I jRoom if desire 1.1 ieu I in/ tU.i prn '!*,{? of kit:h"n, itc., to ? rcft,M?'.(at>te sni ?;1 laniUy. Appiy at 77 Ixsan street, Mar Ifoyt, Bro<*lyu. A?l.KASA.Vf IV >11K MAY KK FOUND ItY OKNTEEL parties (eh >.e of rooms), at lfi Ashland place, corww of War -rloy |r;aw. Firvt class, four story house, JuM papered an i |xil< ted. N'o. 18 to lot. Apply as above. 1 VKRY FLKASANT tU'lT <>; ' !:m)M-l TO LKT, Ie\ together or sep? at <v]y, with Board; house has all tbo modern impro.iiients, uid location unsurpassed. Apply at 2i>S Clinton street, between Harrison r.nd Cejraw, l<rookiyr, A T 74 KAsT TWKXTY-TIJIIU) STRKKT?HANDSOMELY _J\_ furnished Ro^ms may be IJoard. Locu on onar l'ourth avenue. IA AN!> ti'F.NTl.F'MAN OR ONE OR TWO S1NHIJC f-ntleav-n of quiet iiud relinod hahlts, and willing to |uif Hlier*Uy, can liave permanent R.>ard in asmjill priVM? family . li /use II si class; location eligible. Address H, U.. b"X CJ!4 IVpl (illicit. A OKVII.KMAN OK A GENTLEMAN ANH LADY CAN tin t ;i I'arlo* and. Bodrixim, with nlcevo, connecting |?n the Second iloor, both handsomely furnished nnd with vary convenience; houpe has modern improvements, and location i.nniri a su!. Apply at 1.14 West Thirty-eighth kw<, ih'.ir Broadway; Bttig. s and enr*. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FEW H.F.ASVNT Rooms, with good Hwil, suitable tor a f.unlly or ak>g(o p>~ "une. Ho Re contains all modem improvemiitts; MgMiii inkhI desirable, 313 We-t Twouty lit at street. AOKUMAN', ?F THK nWHRW PKSfETtuMlfty. would let u (fcw elegantly furnished l'.oimn, ?*4tfc ox.jni.-ito, ft geutlcmcn, or gentlemen and ttwir w;v>s. Apply at No. 20 Ninth street; French and ki|M> m? ken. Rel rrieeg exchanged. A FX*. IN f ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET?FirHNRHed. u> oue or two single goutlrmeti or a (,?otitiomaa and h?B wife, with partial Hoard if required ami woui.s Mrved in t hotr room. Apply at 122 Fulton street, Brook AH AMERICAN CEVTLEMAN, TEACHER OF THK TN on, w,mis lioard In some r.ispectabio plac# where h" could lessen his oxpeosrs by bin services. AdO'oot J. I!. W., box '.J12 Horald office. APRiVATK FAMILY, AT 70 MAODOUOAL STREET, (St Clement's place, nenr Bleeeker struct), will let . ?g.H?d siz-d Room, on second fii*ir, to one or two gentlemen, w th partial Hoard; also a Room ? third Uoor; gas, tath, Ac. References exchanged. FURNffHED ROOM AN1> f^MAU. BEDr<i. 1.1 on second Uoor, front. will be lot to a gentlemm and Inly, with hoard Cor thoUdy. Inquire at N*. 31 Ka?t Twenty-seventh street. A GKVTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OH THREE J\_ gentlemen ran ebtain 1'arlor, Bedroom uad S>ari in .i private family, No. 1(16 East Thirty third Street, llo'iso replete with aU modern improvement*, AnilYATK FAMILY AUK I>l>TROr8 OP LFTTTXG hand^moly Furnished Ro.)itwi,en nuito.on the tlrst, ecmd or third floor, to ?jngk> g*>u?U>ine?, or ffritHuxi ?nd wile, with or witnout Bo^rd; linutw Drwt clns.<; unex?npU<<na: reforencf? given and required. Apply at 1M Hiuth street, between University j>Uce iind Broadway. Asm OF UNFURNIHHKD APARTMENTS MAY b? obtained, with or without Board, in ibe bonn' ?f nwpeeuble ?l|ow lady, at 130 Ea*t Eighteenth street, Mrlbirfl avenue. A I.AU..K SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM, WITH /%_ cliwnl, h'.t and cold water and bat-hroem, wilh fis.r l, fo> i p'-nilomai) nnd wife, fur $7 a vrook. odu snne ire tn Ulitd Ft'irv for $6, at 106 Eaat Thirty Ullh Btroct, Besr Hiird avenue. Ami hknt of fink education and mi'? ricu" capable of toachin* the Knjjlwh, clafwlcm <, Fnnch, vocal and instrumental mume, dtf" lr<* Board und K<*>m In a private I'tunily where W ser Vice* womd h?' required as cotniienKatlcm. The best of reference* furnished. It. II., H< raid oflloe. ~A N AMI.ItiON IHJVATK K .M1I.V, HAVtSO' ii jJ\ rvoiii ilmn they require, would let one or two Xtoonw. with Board, to ? gentleman and wifc, or wo nlB^le irontlemcn. Inquire lit i!4? Wo.-H Tkrlf ln>l tieot. References required. A- ~ l*A Hi .< lit A \TT iTeTiHOOM WANT CP?1 IT A LADY and K''ntleman. with lkmrdfor the lady only. Terms ?iu it be m ide-ate. Between Thirteenth and niirtyllfth tr ets. Addraas I. D., Union square p> m ofT.ce. A""" I R'VAIE FAMII.Y" ~m kaUt "MUOTT-IWOTH alr^it, betwis i Third and Fourth avenue*, will at?" a small family or two single R'lOtieinai with furnished Rooms and Board. that of rwervtiowi gtvan aJ required. DKUKVHIM \V"VTKP_I\Y~A~ Y0UN0~MANn^> /jL <**' ?> between Mccckcr and Tenth streets, and the ewery and Fifth avemio: the houso must bo quiet, and food attention lor which $1 50 p-r wivak will he paid >nnctu?lly; nn<x.cepti.'n iblo n lorencea ulven. \ddre;?, until Friday at l?ur o'clusk, H 0. H.t D^rald office. NI BOARDING AND LUDUIVRS. A furnished sitting rt>o\f anb rbdroom to lot to a Kindle gnnt'nnian, in a handsome and private house, beautifully situated, oornor of GlAmorey park aud Twentieth street, second door trom Fourth avenue. References exchanged. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. WITH C108KT, TO ^'V let, witli or without Board, in a privuto family. H >t ?e well furnished; has baths, gas, Sit ., and in k |>t in ti e bent order. Omvemeut to oar* or singe. Apply at 120 Kil'tli street, near Second avenue. 4 MEW PLEASANT AND DESIRABLE BOOMS To /\. let, wjtli nr without Board, at 43 West Fifteenth stieet, between til lb and .Sixth avenues. References required. A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A FURNISHED i V. 1I> u-;u iu a Ri*> I neighborhood, would make arnmjeiii ms with some r.isisiusiblo party to (ire the use of tho furniture us an equivalent for her board; or would like to a* r> mnioilate a few nnglegentlemen, or sentlomen and their wives w ith Hoard. Apply at 172 Clinton street, Brooklyn. VKrai'E<TABLn YOl'NG MAN WANTS A FI'Hnl?hed ito.mi.ind Bedroom, without Hoard, in a private family. Terms not U. cxceod $12 per mouth. Aden i c. T , H<raid oitice. AT GREATLY REDUCED l'RK'ES?NEWLY FURNISH ed Rooms, rrom $1 to $2 50 per week. I/>dguigs from 25 if 37 cents pur night, at the Fiaukfort House, comer oi' Frankfort uud William streets. Open all nia;ht. A t the lams first CLASS double bouse no. 127 kar street, we t of and near Hroa Iwuy, is a really Urtt class family ti -ai dinglnuse, with P.oolns uuH':rr .*% () iu size and eoatlo. t, ,u suits or siugle; modern Impi' vetn 'Ms tlio clieapi-t place iu the tit) for tho style and quality of what in offered. \MU1CTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING ON RIVER to.'.ace, ll"boken, is desirous to let a furnished K ? ill, with or without board, to a respectable ^. titi man, reference given and required. Addrest, box 1,51/2 Post olllee. Anu'ki.y f1trn1SHED room for a lady and gentleman, with ifc aril for th lady. Also Ri.oms for Filigu gentlemen. Call at No. 104 Houston street, one door fr<.m the corner of Thompson, \ SMALL PRIVATE FVMT'.Y, RESIDING IN A FIRST . class lion**, between i> nth and l-.i^iiioenih sts. and lrn til mid ,-ix'li avK., would lot I'm sec m.l story, ?de;:milly furnished an i with every convenience, to a p trly of ?. uttemen or to a gentleman and his wit ': private t .bio if preferred; the highest roierewo git on an I inquired.' For paitie.iini'S apply to Mr. WAlJ'RON, N?s. 165 and 157 Broadway. VGKNTIJIMAN AND liiS "WIM". OR TWO SINGLE pentlemt n i a>! have a liie. 'y funis-lie I front Room and lteiir<?>ni < n second tioor, with IVonkf is' an I Tea. tho hoii:;e h is ail the modern Impr.i en.-i ts. i.? couveuinit to stiti;- r and oars. Apply at b4 Jane street. References exchange 1. ? i ;: ? r Oil AND BXDROOM, PCRNIaHED?TO J\ let, t<i a In 'y and gentleman: Board for tho lady; or i . nuts for lioi:.<?eke.M>lnF, on''roadway, al> >ve Ciiial ?ir i". Ad'ress or to Sinuh, 175 Broadway, room to. V 'l Mi. it M-UII! .V JUK STRhAT?IN Dir. NEitiH In>rie oil ol S'. .). iin's l'ark, a gentleinin and his wii. ;o d a few suiplogenl lemon can be'v| with lit-a. I, ou v.a'y ri'.initiuible terms; alsu one day b >a:tler. Vi URNjj HRD PARLOR AND BEDROOM FOR A >;?ntl in in ainl wife or sin tie gentlemen,in a private fan: y, .oration dC'tirabio; hous. Ins ail mo ieni im .rove m i;i.s. Apply at 20 l'hirtooiith st., second diwr from Fifth avenue. VI' THfl I \KGE DOUBLE BROWN STONE RSSIt KNCl', 'iL I .ist l'o h'tiMilli street,U 'ar I'tnve sity, np.e i i .iy i'.irui lietl laruo Rooms, in suit an I siiylo, pi r ate ruoms auvl all improvements, board tlist class. References required. BOARI ?TWO FDItNISHKD ROO.\H TO I.KT, OM scowl Hoof, suitable for K^itteim n aud Ih-tir wiv> n; a!s i in-ur two single gunthmen > .hi Iv arcoiii o I,at 18a I:i<eclfor Rt.riet,near MacUouguI. Turuis uiodorate. Dlnno ut six o'clock. Board. ? klegantly fbrntshed suns ok Rooms for families. Also, siui-rlii Rooms fur gentlemen, atWest Tiv- nty secona street. BOARU HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ttJUS 01 Rooms nil llret an I s icoud fioors. Also, single Rooms for gentlemen, at "4 Fifth uvennp. Board.?A gentleman AND wife, ob single K'-iitlfni'-n, can liud good Rooms, with Board, ut -12 West Waslm gton place, near Sixth avenue. Board.?a tjtor teacher or mo o msirss Hoard in somo pleasant f*mily, wh-m U^sons In music would ho taken In full or partial payment; the best of references a to character and quaiiilcatious. Aldruss Homo, Herald ofllco. IlilAlt!'.?I ESIItABLE ROOMS, WITH BOARD, MAY f lie id) i hy applying at lw Great Jones street, op pMiU UftyMtl placi'. Boar pleasant, well fchwsiied front K>? inn to lot, with Board; locution n'nhI, and con rmii nt ui car* and stages. Apply at 81 West Twenty sixth street. Boar".?a genII.KMAN' and wife, ok two ninulo gentlemen can obtain pleasant Rnoma in a modern house, with all the Impnmmont*. at Vii Ninth street, a lew doors west of Broadway. Board.?s# vi ral very pleasant rooms, hav10gyiiB, baths,hot and cold ivaler, can lie had, with Board,at 48 I list Sixteenth street, near I'tien square; terms for two persons. $9 to $14 per week, according to rooms desired. Idnner at six o'clock. References exchanged. BOARD?WITH FRENCH LEX**>.VS IF RKQITIItKI>, can lie had in the houtt" of a Parisian family, wliosn chief is :v French teacher of this city. Apply at 88 East Twenty-?eooud strew. Board.?1*1 rions desiring good board ana plen 'ant llt>onis ran he accomniodated In a Hist class lioute, w li ro u I the comfnrtsof a home may bo enjoyed, by applying at 7" Fourth avenue,near 1'entli street. BOARDy?GOOD HOOMS, < LEAN AND NICE, WITH or without good Board, at $ul 60 a week, at 182 Grand street; family pi mint, location central, and everything O. iv. ( ail and sou. IIOARD?IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY?FOR 1 th 'Be willing to pay liberaliy. A gentleman and w lie, occupying a large, splendidly furnished ho.iso near Fifth avciiiio, would accommodate a gentleman and wife or ? si g e gentleman, and ext nd to them every luxury and p, ivil ge of a first class hotel, with the comforts anil pleasures of a private house. None but those with unexceptionable references need answer. Address for three daj s ./., box 180 Herald olllco. Board.?Washington ware.?handsomely furnished Rooms in suits or s iparato.'y to let, with Loard, to famiJioa oi single geutleineu: a go a few single Rooms. Inquire at 222 Fourth street, Washington square, south. T> i > A 111 I?GENlllcM EN ANI)' TW:m WIVES, OR FA MIJ) It1*, can bo accommodated with Rooms on second floor, in suits or separate, at 178 West Fo-.rto-nth street. Also, roiinn for single gentlemen. Terms raodorate. References givon an 1 required. Dinner at ft. Board ?to let, with board, at is: second avenio, between Eighth and Ninth ftreets, two front ihsims, ono on the second and one on the third floor; tonus roasonanio; location very acsiraoic. BOARD?TO LET, TWO SUITS OK COMFORTABLE Rooms, on the second door: also a large front Room on t)i? ihird, all well furnished; bath Had ((as. Apply at 44 fli.ituu place, near Km Brevourt House. Board.?a sort ok boomi ox the seconh flour, lu lot, with Board, suitable Tor gentleman ai.d who, ovory oonvrfilencc attached, aud location un stir .tf.-it'il; ?!?>;? Room miitnblo for a single gent'.einan. Apply at 118 West Iwentythlrd street. References oxchun'tfiKl. A1,ADY AMI) GENTLEMAN CAN" BE AOCOMMODATed wilh it neatly furalsbej Parlor and iWtromn, wim or without Hoa-d 1'or lady. In a iiasli family; ni boarders. liaise baa bath ami ^ as. Apply at 37 West Washington placu. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND CHILD DIMM? Board ta a ipilel private family wh?ro thero are tin otlier b?arders. 1 .neatinn w'tliln ten ailnutin walk ol the corner of Cauui and Bowory. Statu terms, which miiKt bo low to correspond with the times. Address W. S. D., Herald olllco. Board at 31 .m-vviwant streer (contin a I ;ou of Astor fhee), c^at Of third Hveniie.?Owlh men or seatl man and wife can bo acoointlio lat'd wilt Rooms, f irnlshe.i or unfurnished: convenient to oars r.nd stapes; dinner at six o'clock. House has all the uodcrt I mprovemonts. Board can bk ouaived at 1.10 Twonty-nrtt street, In n quiet, res pectable family. 'lho lucnllor is good and convenient, bdog near tli? Eighth uvenui earn. The best *( references enn be Riven. Board in city or country.?free nmncnoNs (Tivcn to applloint* for Hoard or Dwellirgs in w.intrj or city, at tho Board Registry, .'We Broadway. Board null Dwellings wanted, m desirabto localities, to meet pre fereneos of applicant. A. C. J0NFS ft CO. Board wanted?in Brooklyn or bf-dford unfurnLsheil Rooms In a private family for a giut'.eman. wif?, one chlhl and servant. Adilress B. A. N., Ho ritiu uuicv. "fj ()A m I WANTED?BY A LADY, IN A SHALL KAMI Xj ly, widow preferred, where she ran have O?o com foils of a h- >?''. locution In-low Btuecker Kirool. wi I ens of Rroadway. AddreM, with terms, C., box 150 lleraii office. OARTr W AN'TKTWIN A RKSPF/TADLK KAMH-Y, Jil n Wi<ly. whre Instruction in music will bo taken w an equivalent; references of tho highest respectability Adflress Ik R. B., H -raid office^ "J ?OA it!) W A N I'KIi.?A M ARHna>"iAT>Y) WHOB J f li -bund Is tint ncldom in the ciVv, wisho* to (?? Hoard in a private tamily. T.m-bw im*t tn> ran^eiftto. Ai! dress box 114 Herald i fllco. OMU. WAXTCi^lN A DKfiiunUC 1/X.A1.ITV, B' .i f unily of fojr adult pos/ns, who repairs one btrg room, h.'coud II >or, and bedrfyftiii adjciuln^, und ono sir pie riKim, with on.I P. re, for \vhl<h J2.S per wee wetild bo regularly i*aid: jvuusneet if ?uitvd. Addrcs | fe?x 2,OHO I'oot oOig?. 5W YORK. HERALD, THU] BOARDING AKD LODUING. Eoard wanted.?a HHNC.i.R <knti.emaV Nor t ujt yIrg the best ol' health, is de-irons to nwko arran^om-uin with a widow lady oontpylng a (it ?ira)i|o residence, whore bo couUi have the C' lui'orig of a home; or would join u party about commencing houp?ko?v'n8 oud beo mi) security if desired. A liberal price pitkd. Address titan ton, 10611 raid ofllce. BOAMD WANTED IN' BROOKLYN; ON TBR heights preferred; full hi ai d uod accommodations, on the) nd floor, fur two families; a bodnx.m and parlor each. House must be Hist clix>, rooms large an t tho table good. Nouo uoc I ouawer vvb i e.aun>t insuro tlio.ia requirements. Address box 3,275 Post olUco, n. y B'UHH WANTEI'?Foil A PAUTY OF KOI'lt, TWO ' gentlemen anil their wires; must bo in a pleasant m i ;l>b'>rhoo<], and t< rnw must not exceed $S4 p-r m<ulh for the I'.iur, including tiro and gux. Addrooa A. K. M., 11 raid office. Eoard wantep?(brooklyn or new york)?'n u private I unity, by u gentlemau anil wile. Will furnish their own rooma. Teru>8 moderate. Ad row* 11., box 4/Ut Post 0000. Board wantkiv-by a genileman, his wife, child and hoi vaut, In a private family, above Eourtli street and west of Fourth avenue; second story frurit rooms will be required. A reasonable price will bi> given for suitable accommodations. Addross Marvin, box 214 Herald olflce. Board wanted, with oomfortamjc apart m ints, for a widow lady and child, in a pleasaot locality up town, between Fourth and Sixth aviuiues, not higher up than Thirty-second street; private family pre ferrod. Address with inferences, is??x 2&2 Post olllce. HOAK1XNC.?A k. w KOAKl>Kl> CAN UK AIKiMMO datrd with large Rooms aud the eomlort* of a hume in u cleli^tul ul location, within throu minute*' walk of Wall street ferry. icrms moderate, rc.ereiicceexeluuigml. Apply at 76 Moutaguu place, Hrix^lyu. HOAHINNO.?NO. 106 W1*T Kot'ltTKK'NTII STRKKT. A suit < f Room*, ou the seiond or tilitil flaor, with B ard; tli? bottge is ilrst clacs, Mil ilia situation realty superior to any on (ho street, being opposite the ohurch an I ojii u through to Fifteenth st.e t. Thoarding?ingle Ani' VOVOJS booms, with j Hi a: >I, can 1>? obtained by apph tug at !.' Hammond Sir M t, belwern Biwrkor ami K> "11 tit Ntr. els. House in piTl'e. t order. Rol'oreiict'8 exchanged. Cim. hath, ka. Boarding.?.gentlemen Attn ram wives,ob stu^'l gentle-men, ean bo ae.<: <11110 nlaled with K ".I Hoard, >1i illiterate terms, at lott Nititli street, near R oadway. Iiiuner at 6 o'clock. 11 <iereito.ii excluMiged. r)0ARDlN(5.?A FIW Cl-.NTI KMKN CAN BK AtVOMJ moda'e l with ijood Hoard aiil pleasant Rooms at Mrs. Tayloi a, XI1 Greenwich .street, Tel ills Jli and $15 ,'?0 per week. T IROOKJ Y\?10 I,IT, Wltfl BO ABO, A LARGE I ) Rm m, cuutaluing hot and cold v>ater, cl'i-ntf, Ate., to two ^e:.;i"tr.oti, oralalyund g Iktiiair, bath on the s.iiro tt <!: -, al.-o a Boom fur a Ki.iglo gt ntl.-iiimi. I inner in ti}< o'clock. Apply at IDS C'Uuton nt. eet. I )BOO . I.VN, Ml CLINTON ST tKKT ?BOOMS l'OH ) famil'i s or single gent lemen may b'- U:ul, with Hoard. Hath'r-o n in tile lionse. Idtinor at half i xst i-ix o'c'.t e.k, HBOOKLTN BUARD.?PLEASANT fOCBLE ANI) SIN' t.le R-om.s to let, parthl II iril, to gcntlem n. A oomfo t find <!<w:ib << h me |, r uion within t!ir< minutes' walk of ,-'<nt(ll (I. Wall strew fir ry, li 'leretico.required. Apply at od Garden stro t, Hro< k!yn. r)OAK 1 IN I-Mm >KLVN.?ITSiRABlJC KOOMK TO ) let, wi'li Hoard, loa fc'oijtleiiian and wife **l:i>;k> K.Mitlei;..-ji, H.nin) |i|(.ui;iruly I, ? ??< <!, and wi'tim Uvo niii;ntt s' n[' .-i) Di or Wall sti-eot ferry. Apply at 53 ft ili- stroet, rorw-r of Oardon. I 10AUI) IN BROOKLYN?10 CLINTON .TlifcKT, AT I ) l'"\v pr. -t for p'Tiiiamnt boarders; Room* lor fatnl-ies, alsit twoMiiikIv Rooms; full or partial Hoard. HOAKI) in BROOKLYN.?A SERUilUN AN J) WW* or two single (f.-nll m-n ran Imye very deslrabirt anoinmivlatious in a piea-antpri\ate family, where the comfm t* of a hum." ran In* enjoyed. Terms moderate l.'ic- tlioii wttliin i-asy walking distance f'om South In,ry. Reference given unii requiroi. Arldrrs-* W.. lleral 1 oiilr -. Hl> IN BROOKLYN.?A C.KXTLKMAN ANI> WII K > or a coupie in single f? n'leinen n accomodated wiln pleas.Mi' Ko in and loard.iu a sui'ill f itninii iiik at 210 Clinton street. T>OA?D IN BKi.OKl.YN?ON IBS HEfOHlB AND JL> near Wall street and So-ilh ferric*. Choluo Rooms for single gentlemen can bo hud on moderate terms at 1*3 Mate street, near (Hilton street. EOABO W BROOKLYN.?ROOUB <iM 8800ND FLOOR, aiiitahlo I r c. ntlcrn n ami tholr wives, wltUin tlvo minutes "i the >s< nth and seven of M ali street ferry. Referent:.> exnliiiiincl. Apply at 100 Pacific street, TJOARD IN BRUOKLYJL?TWO HAM M.MKI,V H !: 1) Dished su;ts of Rooms, also on?or two slnglo Kooin-i may be had, wall Board, at 10S Cliiilou street, corner of Stato. Board in Brooklyn, ata Clinton kbbxt.? Very plo-isam Rooms, In nails or Kindle, for yentlemon aud thou1 wiv es, or lor siuulo Iioiism will) all tin) modern improvements, and convenient to the ferries. Rcforeuci? required. 1>0AR0 IN BROOtiLYN?A Kl'.W B0ABDEB8 CAN > lx> received in a privato family: good house, &c. Apply at I2.r> Sands street. B" '.HI> IN !>.!;< )OKLYN?A LI I.MAN AND WIl-'K or two young genth men can liavo a pleasant front Rtwrn on the second lloor, with full or partial Hoard, at SO Sands street, a short distance from Fullon ferry. Terms moderate. Hoard wanted in Brooklyn.?a single gkntleman w isli s a good mzuil Room with |>artiu! Boatd, ion private family; location imi.-t be con veuient to Fulton uud Wall street lerrleg. A pleasant, quiet home desired, at a molerate expense Address, with full particulars and terms, T. B., box 176Herald ofllco. Board wanted in brooxlyn.?an iwcrnikh ed second story front Room and Bedroom communicating, with full Hoard fur there grown persons, not mure thai: ton minutes' walK from the City Hull; a private family preferred. Addrcf* (3. H., Brooklyn Boat office. Boarding in BROOKLYN?AT ms court street. on'1 door from .Sackett, loading tj the lurry; full or partial Beard, with every comfort, at term* to suit the times. 1_)OARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? ROOMH NEATLY j furnished, with water, gas and >?? > of bathroom; sliiiatti.n delightful, and within live minutes' walk of Wall street and Fulton ferrloo. Apply at 37 Cranberry atroet, near Columbia. Brooklyn heights.?a choice of booms, handsomcly furnished, to let with board,suitable for families or gentlemen. Tho house la pleasantly located, having all the mo lern improvement. Apply at 87 Henry afreet. References exchanged. I BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, NEAR WAU. STREET FEBJ J ry.?Gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen cau obtain pleasant Rooms, with Board, at 75 Montague place, corner of iluury street. Entrance ou Henry street. Reference* exchanged. Brooklyn heights, near wall street fer ry.?A front Room and Bedroom on aecond floor may be had, separate, with partial Board, in a private family; bathroom an I gas complete; a pleasant home guaranteed. Terms moderate. Apply at 44 Joralomon street. Brooklyn heights ?a gentleman and wife or f.,vo single gentl. men can obtain pleasant Room?, ~I,K < !.!?> ? u nr:II ... n ,, ? O flllHIW BirilUI , within three minutes of Fulton ferry. BOAl<r> ON BROOKLYN IlKRjHTS.?A 01C.Vn.KHAS ami wifa or two or tbrro ?lm;ie ('. nttomio, can ho accommodated witk Hoard and pleaaant furuwhed Rooms at IS Willow Btr'-n, witbin threo mlnutea' walk of Fulton ferry; term* moderate. DURABLE AND WELL FUBXIflTKI) ROOMS. MXi;. Iv and In suit, with gool Board, can be bad in u llrst cla*s bouse. Apply at 33 Clinton plum Desirable rooms, with boarp, for gentle. mon or tfentlexnnn and their wivea, may he i 30 Tenth street, between Fifth aad Sixth nvenuoa. Unexceptionable referencegivoa aud I required. 1th.i?avii.y furnished rooms, iff suits or .-in J Kl", with full or partial Hoard, delightfully locntcd. Ik tween talon and Madison Bquarea. Apply at Na. 910 Broadway. IjlURNltfHED ROOMS?W! IB OR WYBKXJT BOAJfcD, 1 to let, (o a ffantleman jnd wife, or HiiiRle gentl-m^u, I in the very dwirable house 111 Wan Fourteenth Btreet. i House ban every convenience. Dinner at 6K o'clock. Tonus moderate. ITtURM hkh room.-! TO LET to MNOLK ?;kn7le. men, without tneai.s.?Bark Parlor, with Extension ! Room, an the lirxt lioor, and cue or two Room* on secand; with a v ry small private family, at Y2 East street, between University plat* uuj Fifth avenue. Tertan ' moderate. I TTtURMSIiED ROOMS TO LET?TO SMALL FA Mil ,TW-i r ?r to a Vady and K"Ulteman; Board tor ludy If required; stove and cooking utetwila attached. Apply at 477 Canal .-itree*, ne;u- Hudson. Ft;n.\?,.- hi ji <>i; cum. bed roomh to i.rt?in aulla or shigl' , with pailia! or full foard; nlae, d;iy boarders. location pleasant. Heat of roferenoa Riven an I required. Apply ut lit West Forty-second atreet, near Rroad?ay. t f t "hV?T;IK?.V?; KI knishkh KWMS A\I> 1 VT partial Hoard, i>t very nvtfierat'i rates, in a " 'mil fami.y or two ihteoii, mnyflml all they <tp*ire ni 47 \ - Twonty ai'vwlh Btrwrt, between Dfidiray and sixtS 1 ?vw? >?. ? - .? . | TACKEON HOOKS, ttO Kl.M sTmx-THR LOWE I 11 rrntpd ami moM comfortably fttul o<>nventriit\jr fi;rp , nisi * 1 Ai>artmeui? ji thocity.W moot i)m witntn M ?:na!l '* j fniniiiea, whh ovory roquWilc turnlturo. Linen, cooking I j rail*:*' and u!"u?m, unv aim Croti ri wator. ! T AP.dH AM/VI.!: \ im . :o\"l ro >M ; i\ -! :. ? ; _|j Irt, with Sto ml, also r- for F'tv^le gantlwir.-a. * at 61 Vfc 4 Fourteenth strrrt, 1? livceii 1, th and *-?.?!* * MflinMi Dto&ar ?t 8 o'ckxHt. RafcrqAcrtl nxebuiftud. k j THTR8. s. A. I al.i. ,N| r., m?. EAST SIXTKWf 1 ?i ; |U street, has lo ivi .Suits of Jftooins, ou '.'at suwni am thirl U ors. EISDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1? I BOAnniftO AND LODGING. ] Mais in meublki, 70 and 7a west mucrY-Kintri h street,?Hooius, elegantly luniiiihud, or ?f? to Floori, with Litrheu, rolhw and yard. Hoiu<ec. new, iir*t class, lour sti>ry, brown gune; common parlor; meals furnished. Whole UrM Floor, or lJuMiiueut for phynlciait'a PHEASANT Rt><>MS TO i.CT?WITH BOARD, Sl'ITAM.K for a lami'y or Mingle genllorat*i. The lio>?> is modern built aud lius ovny convenience- Apply hi ltx> Kast Twenty -ftecoud street. TWO MVt.1.1' GKKTLKXEN OR A OEMIUEM M AM) wife can obtain Hoard. in a private family, in Smith Brooklyn; tkx house In within Ave minutes' walkof IImi

iltoii furry atul convenient of access from South and F*Jton torriw. and in :i?excellent neighborhood. Kofcroucn given ami required. Address I.., box 212 Herald officii. mil lkt-in stii rn Brooklyn, to onk ok two X gentlenwn seeking nui>?rlor accommodation*. a suit ot ltoomaou the li st floor, including hodroom, with bath and dressing room adjoining, with partial Hoard, or breakfast only, serv.*l in room It' preferred; the house In tl at Haas and lamlly very small. Inquire at No. 9d t'ongre?a slierl, four door* west of Henry. To LET?WlfB BOARD, A HANDSOMK 8D1BI Of Rooms, together or separately, at l'Jl Went Twentyel^lith street. between E ghth and Ninth avenues, newly and neatly ft rnlshod, ll>Ht elaaa four story brown stone house, modern improvements, very desirable locatiou. fTH> MST?WITH BOARD, A SUIT OF ROOMS AND ONE | single Raoin, at West Fourteenth street, between Fnth and Sixth avenues. rpii LIT?TO ONK oil TWO GKNTUOCd (WITHOUT | beard), a 1'arlor and IV lroom, also a gingto Room, in ?i!> rouriu near l?iiayoiuj pia< e. TO LKT?WITH BOAliD, A LAIMJK HO. M ON TUK second Uoor. handsomely furnIalicd,containing two lat'Re clotMtl. Willi 11 1 uikI told water; also lto uis lor *inj?lo gentlemen. Dinner al B. References exchanged. No. 12 K^u-t Twenty eighth street, belwoon Fifth and Ma dison avenues. WJUiAMBBPRO.?A NKAT1.Y FURNI.-'IJFD PARLOR cm the llrsl lloor. with Itedrooru attached, within throe muiiit s' wall; of Ih ferry, to let tooueortwo young Rentleni 'ii. The hous.i I* mo*t desirably situate). Terms to suit the tim ?. AddreM, with reference, Apa. tui'-utn. box I' ,--1 otitOQ, WANTElS-BOARD, BY A LAD* AND SON. FOR TBS winter. A family wishing to reduce ?&poii-.c* will tliul tins u good op|Hirttinity. Two I'rout Brims, see-on I story, cominimiintiug. the small itedroom to lm furnish oil entirely; large Itoom, good carpet and sofa ivdsteud OOly required. I' Octoli rl. .on w. st mid not above Twenty third street. T rim not to exce at $M> a ui 'tith, Including lire and nan. Addr ss for one week, with lull particulars, K. I,. <!., box '/., Hem d oil re. U'AMKr? rv A LADY, BOARD IN A IfUYATK family ?lie e thoie a Htrtctiy no other In ardors. A JilrotH K. it. VV., I'uiolt fijiiaro l ost "llloe. llTA NTi'l HOARD, BY A room GENTLEMAN, DC A \V I" ivale family; leruis wikI bo very model ate. Ad 11 j R. K.. ftatti ii UftM aQioa, itattaf wboM an tattrvi. w may he had. "tirANTKn?WJ-1U FI'R.VKHKD A' AUTMI0N1S, V ITU y\ ktthiww,to..lm doMnkl*lw.(Uoiit tu a >.i !y and iffiitl mill; hoiiiil for tht> la'iy only; terms liberal. A. dress l'ontils, I ofMre. ?tO f A AND $4.?I.OOH WVt.VH AND GOOD t)U Heard, al 17:41-iist Fourteenth Ntieet. 4^.) ()? ?rHKAl'l>T IM)ARI 1NH UOI'.-K IN TUK citv.--M liimiis, nith <<ki<I lui I,frutn Wi" $3 a we.'k and uj/w irdn, laiiitlMH and ia I it ed at ! a thin a?iy other bo;ise in th.' city: lino pirlo s. with ldauos. 4S J,isp>tw I slreet lie i* llroitdway u?i I t auil street. Also vvnti lim:i'i all n g il and lodgings ve.y cheap. WEST TWRNTYFlKrn STREHT. ?Ft 1 UN I8HF.D | l'.ooms to let, single or in suits, with ?i witlio'it in 'Kls. IK CARROII, 11.ACK.?l AMIUESORBNULE OEN t) tlctnen returning I'runi the country,can hcufconiino.lated with pleasant. Rooms anil good Hoard, by applyInK aa above. IQfmU AVENUE.?A SUITS Of Kl.l't! \NT1.Y | I 1 f/ I' l I. I -11'' ? Iv < o.l 11 i ,'U l h ?"l ultil MM! emir,* sr i ?it tl'.or, wiih private tnh'.e and ovary cniivenl nr? f?r housekeeping, inlet to a llrst cla'.s family. Als<> one ln.-jjo Kiioiii tn let, with Ruard, to a single g> ntlc-inim. QAgl. MARK'S PLACE.?BOONS To LET, WITH Hoard, to gontloui'm ami their wives, or single fH'i.U'.'tnua. Humor ut ? o'clock. He Terences exchanged. A 1 HINT!I rfTRK.T, BETWEEN 1T.TII AND SIXTH ~X JL avenues.?Very desirable Room*. in suits or slegl >, with Hoard. can he obtained for gentlemen ami their wives or single gentlemen; thu house cntalits all the modern improvements. Uinner at six o'clock. A A WEST WASHINGTON HAUL?BOOM, WITH "fc'-i: Board, to lot, to a tfoiitlrm.m and wile or ? few sin-'1e gentlemen. in a Iiouhk desirably loo.atod, nuiUluliig aii ibo modern Improvement*. References ^ivi u ami require). Apply as above. A ?* WEST TWENTY-FOCBTH CTRKOT, BETWEEN *4"' I Fifth and Sixth avouuen.?l''tirtiteh?d Rooms, in sullen or aiugle, for* or geutl ni>n, can he 1 a 1 on reasonable terms In the above draft class house. IT A THIitH AVSVOT, BETWEEN TENTH AND ELE 0~r venth streets.?To let, in a small family, a nice furnteh *1 Reom, with two k,k'<1 closets, g#fc ri d u..e of bath, suitable for tw*b or more per-otis; iilao a well furnished front Parlor, ?itli or wlthmit Board. f>A 0EVENTH AVENUE. ? LARGE, HANTflOME Ot Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with Hoard, to single gentl -men or gentlemen and th :r wive.-?. Reference# catching*d. House has all the m i'lerti itn provemenm. /?1 WfcMT HETKKNTH STRKKT?yUltNISHEO ROOMS UJL 1? let, m a piivate family, with partial Hoard, or would let ontlro (lour f. r housekeeping, with all that is requisite to keep house, at a very moderate price. ^VARICR STREKT, BKLOW CANAL.?KCRS'INHED Rooms or 1! "aruius. Single ?< nt! men from $-1 to tofijior week; gentleman and wife, $?l 50. Ho ise airy and commiMllous. Apply for two week*. 70 SPRING STREET, TI1KKK DOOR* FROM UROADj ?/ way.?War prices. T" let, handsomely furnished Rutmis. to single K?ntlen:< n. The location w near all the first clue* hotels a'.1 places of amusement. Ruadiiig room free. Inquire at tin Alison House. Qrk NINTH FTRFKT, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PUf'R UV am) Fll'th avenue.?Gentlemen and their wive* and single gentleman can obtain Board In a lirste|j*H houpo, with choice of room* in suits or amnio. Dinner ut 0 o'cloc k. Roferenco given and required. QA TENTH STREET.?TO LET, TO CENTI.KMIvV ON. OVr 1 y, Parlors on the llrst lloor, handsomely tarnished; the bouse Is nootrstily located, near Fifthavenue. liroak.fiul served in the apartments if desired. Rrforcncw exchanged. ar CI,INTON PLACE. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?PLEA J saut Rooms, with Hoard. Dinner at nix. 'Die ho.iso has all tin* m idem improvements, and is central and pleasantly located. Q1 CLWTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE?TO ?7_L let, ParUr ou tlrst lloor; second and third story front Rooms, en suilo, or singly, to genllemwi or gentle, men and wives, with tlrst class Hoard. References given and required. QQ GREENE 8TBEFT, ABOVE SPRING?AUTOM ?7f} House.?Elegantly furnished suits of Ronnu, with ^u?, Croton water and every c onvenience for housekeeping economically; particularly suited for small, respectaMo famillo*. Rent low. 1 (\T wavi:ij1-'-v I T M E, NEAR WASHINGTON X\ f I square ? Ruomtt to let, en suite or singly, with Rood Hoard, in a fhst c!ns? house, to geutlomcti anil their wiT'** or single gent lumen ; dining r*om on llrst Boor. Dinner at six o'clock. 1 1 A MACI>"''GAf. STREET.?RICHMOND HOC.-K 11*7 w n?w opened as n private family Hatel, for tho reception of single gmt.lcmea, or small families ti, sd ef boarding. I'articw desirous at hoot* k'.>"piug can Und every convenience at tlio above establishment. mi", A ST EMJHTKKNTII STRKKT.?TO I.ct, IN- A prlvato family, a Parlor and Bedroom, suitable fir nun or two sisgle gentlemen. Will b* rutti'd iw two bedroom*. Proekl'ant aud toa if required. 11Q tugr wuvmirm mrnsr, bitwee? II.O Second and Third avtnucs.?*>wMtlcn>on and their wire* or atn^le gnntlctnen can obtain JV ird in a tlrnt c!u ? Iiouho, witli choice <f Hooriw, Rlnglo or in nuitu; dinner at 0 o'tluck. Rrfurotiue cxiihtuijjfvi. 1>)A M.VM-OX AVKNI' K.?A CKNTI KMAV AND ? ) V/ bin wifo can And at ttaiHr disposal a suit of Hfmiri* ?n n<'ji>id lloof, with Hoard, ia a Hint rlaxn privato lioui!C,biiiil!? mi'ly located. Il??>t w reierence given ami required; also a Itoom lor a aitigio K<nu)rman. m ninth earn.?toubf, furnishedi;<>o>w. In Holts or fwpnratMy. on ?i?noiid H?or front; ais? on third. H?us?o private and Ural ola*-. location, fourth honw w<*t of Broadway. 1 A R 10UHTTI WTRTKr, HRAD r? LAJMYITTK .L^rO plnee, ?n* of the most, desirablr lo atHnw in tha rity?KurnwivHl n< oms to ront to guntloMen only, \?ith or wiUxnit i o.ird; reforonee required. 1 PRINCE STREET?ST. Cl.AIR HOrSR?EUt? lOO jwntly furnished Rooms, with Kedrootna attached , with all tho c .iiTonlfmoea for houst-kooping complete. Including i/as and Cruton wall*, to lot to rwpoclabW fiun llles or ningle gentlomen. I AQ IXICBTB SIBEBT.?n.tASANT Ri>n\!.? FOB _L?*0 U 'Utlcmen and their wivcti or a fuw Blngko g>n! t flnii-ii. with full or Martial Hoard. Lec.iUon uMurpMH d, | ami t. nri? roa?otiable. i Q7Q KO. "II II !-T ?FfKNI?UFI? FC0\?1 i f)| O wisV\t Roar.'.?\ prlvato family, h:>v'.ng j n:o. <; room tl an 11vy n?p!tr\ will I t a few Roonw at prio"s to suit tlw time*; hottcc llraictiss Re'oronco* ex , ** ATCHB8 A\ I) JBW5 SUUN IJWR s\I.K-.\ 60U) POCKCT CHRONOMKTET Wivloii, ra?'!o by Koi'l, of I/m lou, at a cost of ovoi 1 | $'.00. It is in pvrf.'ct order, aod wtfl buB<>M for 1125 1 AdUioss WiUiunu, ilentlu Qikce. J6L I Al>ll smiUV'TM. MM.OHION, Mil UKOADWAY (CHINR5E ASSEMBLY LASr WKtTK OF THK SI'MMH: SEASON. ].AST TilltRK MiiUIS. THl'KHUY, SKIT. i. FlUHAY, SEIT. ??, SATURDAY, SK'T. T. llMten anil im)irnvc your opportunity of y?ohig lli? OltKATEST A Kit AY OK TAl.KNT in tho city. All tho company .>p)>eiir niflitly. iv>u'l K.llUIKT TI1K I.A>T Ml.lit bnl two, thi* prcwiut Thumlay, Sept. a. The following performers will uniK'ur: J. H. O iDKN, MtS AONE-; SVTUfntl.ANJ), MKS KVA WRKNT, MISS KHNi sriXK I1E PAirKB, MISS K \TK I'KNNOYKU, MISS AHKl.K CALL A, Ml.-.S (II.AHA III'II.VR, MIA-S KM MA VTINTIIROP, MISS WCUOia, MISS BONIFACE, miss fanny Clifford, MISS KM MA (l.UVOUn, MISS JOSKI'HINK. BKUMARP, MISS A OKI .INK MILLER. HEN YATIOS 0(1 liin oxqulsltoly bountiful orgtUii^cd BAU.E1' TROUPE o? TWKVTY-FIVE YOl/NU I.ABIES. SOt ALBERT UK AII AM, DE.NZKR BROTHERS, MR. J. N. CARR, JiOl! flA[IT, I'mf. NICHOLS and SOJf. The entire company nf the Melodeon n mlura over ONK HUNPRKO I KRK<?K4ILKt<. Tjtrgefit niKl iiiiwt talented company over combined to g ih>lr in uny concert hill will appear i.U'hty ma programme ol1 divert) llul attraction, dim features unHurpaaHod by any oilier place. 'I ho public will please ob?or*o Dial our p]i>gr..m no is not tilled up with ovumium, In order to save the nalarienof p 'tformora ami to lengthen tho prformiuice, b tt i;lva an entertainment commencing at ei^ht and terminating at uiic o'clock, with ail u Miuglc ovoruire, lima keepmx tho audience in continued guod humor tho entire evening. N. B.?liKtk out tor tin ii' w seuson at tbo MKI.0I-10N, which will outi ival ilsnlf In the way of NOVM.TY AN!> TALKNTS. A8PLKNDU) STORE. fc'AIX OPKNIN'U, HI'ITH.MHKU 1, IK01. ALEX. DM.MAR, 7 tl BROADWAY, Near Kour'b Mtroot. HOl'SK Kl'RNl- HINti OOOPS, lu infinite variety. REHUiiKRATORS AT IIM.'/ PRICK. TtN ASP HUII'ANI A \\ A litis. WOOIiKS' AND Wll.l ,OW WARES. KKATHKR HVSTKRS, CI'TI.KItY, fOAI. ii C HI.KS, FIN'K Sir.VKU IT,\TKL> WARKH, | JAPAN.VKP COI'I'KR A.Vli BRASS HOOPS W'P KIT*'II KM II ill! WARl: (.KNEKAU.Y. 70tl, 7<?5, 7(10, 7<Hi, 7'Ki, 706, 706. \KAY'.S MORTISING MACHINE WANTK1V AI'I'LY at and I'll Or< hard street. C-VVH MERCHANTS TIIK OWffKR OK A STORE A VP J dwelling in lite upper part of tho city want.-! totn vt with n parly having jtom.t m ana or pi nclc on hand, eitln r oi d y goixlH, har nraro, household fiiriiwh g cm kirv, tm, "lovo anil ph.mhing. (> ' a mixed fltocl', KUtiH a -> a co ntry Htorc. A mutual armrgeiuobl nii^hl oc tundo. 4 i Wk.TTY'8 J ILT. PASTE, \ gURg COM W>H IN \ It to i ual IMlcs.?The snlnerlb'r ill v ?w of tliat'li# tieysinft comi I lint, th > I'llea, and of the fact that 11 i.-. ofUu pro Ino.ed, anil alwnya aegravaled, by the ns> In tliu water clofc.'t 01 paper either limited ur Impic-nniid with the poinouoiih t'.hoiiiitutN well known t" b< em;iloyed lu tliu manufwtiire of nil kin!:* nf paper, conceived the i<)eH tn'furuibhing t? the public mi article entirely pure; a? freo from all d leierio.m i|tm!itii? ? ? th" cleun.'Ht liuon, and alw) charged with medicliM* of a nature In allu\ into an I roinnvo all tils tinn ur 1, rltation of the )>urtH if any ox si Such i- t.AYI'.TrY'S MKI HA'lT.U I' MT.l! H)lflUK WATKK Cl.ttSl'T, wluch lew mot with th tniwl ah iiidaiit smcccsn. As won an it was made known, il cam' Into immediate i me in evoiy port ion of the country, mat ik now overywhoro regur'.nil as a necessity by I hose wlw value clea'.iliu ' !>, comfort ami health, the uni>ur.dlok>d mo of tin* ai lielo ltin tmlureil the proprietor to offer to tlie public. In* reineily lor the enroot' IN 1'KllN'AI, I'llJv>. OA v r.T i"ri I'lIiK I'A-TI. is tho only a' tiele will, h will ed'ect a radical cure. Il i* ecnipi sod entirely i f vegofiblo ingio li-nts, and at-s initiates readily with foo:l, attacking the (tineas' wh re il is locate<l, gradually removing its ckisj and healing and re-do nip the pin I* to their nonn il Ciidlt o.i. Nutneruim testimonials from persona of liigh ftj.'kIiiikafford abundant cvilonco of it.- excel lnu-e. It has ticv>r yet failed to euro the most aggravat od form* nt the disorder, although It has been tried by til' sc who hail lie n afflicted for yea'M and who fount Uo |Kniiuunru?it-ihh uum iiixjr mwmk-u mi """ is noil to guard against tbo ittsidioiig approaches ol this disease, unil to attack It in th?? tirst stag-s.asit is (ar lost likely to occur again if attended In be/m < II. bus ouoo iiecotne wonted. Ah .hiion ;ih the uneasiness or i?in which are the aymptoms of the complaint is experience! tins remedy should at once lie resorted to, and the d a as" and its pji!iiii|>onlnK cause* thereby ctT'ctnally removed. TliU preparation is warranted to kiwp in any climate. Nona genuine without the signature of the inventor on each wrapper and label. IJu >"? lion.?Ka.:li box contains thirty Hi* portion*. Take one portion before e:ieh m"al, morning, noon and night. Price f>0 cents nor box. For nalo by :i I drug ists. Mailed li re to any address on reo ipt of 65 ci utj id money or stanijin. (j. 11. Wn.T.IAMf, Sole propri"U>r, No. 2 Beelcman street, V. V. JB. ('K'K)K Ar CO.. NO. 60 H'LTON PTIiKKT, NEW 0 York, dealers In and nunufiicturers of all kl'iik of Flahlng Tackle, Heine* a oil Nets. Jiver'a \ it .Sola cm Mlunly on hand and made toordor on sfjirl not Ire. Xahrs kksp1no YABBtr or thbxad and j noodle stores, can make a very desirable addition to their stock, without any outlay. Address ytoek, Herald office, and particulars will be sent. Marble hxhtelb.?great baboains in m.-.ntela. Those wishing to buy MantoU at a great re. dietion will fl'.id it to tholr advant ige to call at A. KIABKK'8 marble yard, 113 East 18th gtr-et, near 3d av. SKW1NO MACHINES?1 000 FIliST CLASS SECOND hand Sewing Maehiniw wanted forc.tsh. Also will sell on commission. Hiyers wanting a ttrst rate article (any kind) will do wolf to call, art w<> are selling at less tluin half the manufacturer's prices, and warranted for ne year. Second Hand Sowing Machine Comj'any, 500 Broadway. op stairs. SECOND HAND SEWING MA'Tl'NE WAMl'i'.li.?ANY |> -rs<*i having a list class, two tliiead Br wing Machine! in good order, can tueot, with a cash buyer by address mg, stating price and kind,T. P. C., l>"x 130 llora'.d office, TO ALL SOLDIERS WOrNKKIl IN THE I'KK-ENT war, or widows ?r mluor children of those killed or died while in for oil account of) the service, will nddrifa K. 11 Moyd, Washington, ft. stating service and enclosing stamp. Also late three months' vo'untoera. TnOMAS E. PtTTON. 14'2 FOLTON 8TREET, HETWKF.N Naasau street. and Broadway,execute* to order, at fcivr prices for cash, every description of mercantile, commercial, or ordinary job iunt card Printing. Yovsn miis svm:ias<i i r >m kkhii.ity can leutrn of a surgical Instrument tliat will arrest it, at oncft, sure and harmless, Address or apply at Surgical Agency, 40 Nassau street. 5 AAA BAKR1-J'S OF PETI'Ol.EPM, OR ROCK Oil,of superior gravity, for at tho Pennsylvania Oil Wells, or delivered in any coctlon of the country. Apply to Vf. W. CLARKK, Vitv President of the Petroleum Ijwd and Manufacturing Company, So. 10I'lna street. COtlKTHY BOARD. (yOVSTHY BOiRD WANTKO? IMM?>1ATKI,V, COX j veni.'nt to lift cWy, for a lady, geotlomnn aud tw? dautrbters, aged 1J. and 15 (Ull on or m\dreM, with tortus and accommodations oflUrml. <!. Ilarclay st. COUNTRY HOARD AT HUNTINGTON HAIiDOR.?DRJ llgStful location, of daily aco *s t>y ruil and boat. Fishing, limiting u:id t?:?tt?ing opposite the house. T-rms very reasonable for the fall moatbe, when good hunting can be had. Address Mrs. Scadder, Herald ofltc v /^tOI'NTKY BOARD AT NKW ROTHKM.R. FOR TIIK fall and winter.?Plensant Rooms twiy bo obtained, with good Hoard, where one may cnj> y the comiorts' of a Lome. House only ftv'i minute** walk from the depot. Apply to Urn. C. HAUBKN. Sl'MKKR RKSORTH. Mansion Bonus, long bran* ?t, new jersbt, will remain o|ien during tie- month of Heptmnber, ewing to the nunt'-roiia visit'*' now stepping. SAJIVKJ. 1-ilKH. IToprwtor. * Oi VAN lHU'sK. NBWI OKI P.. 1.?MB9BR& KHtNZR k lSlRCIt beg l" inform their numrroua friends and Uie public thai, notwithstanding all reports to tbe control y. they have determined to lieep the Ocean 1 pen lor the reception of V"*** ntttU tlie 15th or th-*20th f September. Ki-Rj?"KR tt BIRCli, Proprietors. 1)AVIU< >N, NKWB RJWll TON.?BBS Wt \BfJSII kTI K V will r'Hiivin n]>en until the latter part oi Oofeber, thereby offorlng to tli"?o nR'irr>uvK from distant warring places ail upportmnty to -pead a few weeks of the most (li llxlillul *ww>n of the year before returning u> Ui lr city i residence*. Communication with tho city tw :v? j daily by ftn't class jfMmb-uMs, leaving tbe foot of White i hall strcut ai.d pier No, \S North river, f' t of Oirtiandt street. The Hiiii from N *. York to New lirlghton is ptr i formed in lt*-? tUvi h i f iw ho-ir. Th" Pavilion, ns *v s .m trior resort, retj'iirivi m> rw o-nmcnilnti<>u by artvortt?? I mont, Kb reputation beina lully oft ibl ghol for lh? 1 i.-<t I M-TtoU-un yours ty tW priawul owner ami i>r<>prfc?ti*. ! T. Bt.ANCAHD. rpnr, i;i f.\'cuvs -.v 'i.n wii.t, (oynxtik opkn I for lite reception of visitors the whole y*?r. SXPRBISBiT ' H- URNllAM S FL'ftMTL'KK EXPRK&rt AM) PACKING lit, H4 W(.'sl K CT'jUlh giro't, botweflu Fifth and MxlU ? Ho.'SotioUt luruit >ie Ik xwl ni'i r to ml l>?' is "f tUe ^R)rl(l. i'iunolortos, iiwDltaic*, murors, &c., carefully pickfcii HUU luuvud. i utunurvi ?wc?a. T _ AMVSHMHNTS. "IiriNTKK GAJUUiN. ~ if jju^t nights J.A.-T NIGUT8 . t LAST NIG ilia of ttao very brilliant ongngvmeiit of Mil. J. rt. IH.ARKE. MR. J. 8. CLARKE. Thte cfenlng Mr. C'arko will appear is a new ahmitv, * KARMKR AHIIK1KU), in Morton'? storlinx comedy of speed tiik nmaa, and repeat for the UETEENTFl TIME the character of toodijs, in which ho has nightly, durius tli.- progress of the MMOd act, litwn TllRKK AND FOUR TIMES RKr.\IJ? to receive Vho applauding obeera of CROWDED AHDIKNtlta. Thus prcpmUIng on the same nlglil Two Characters of a wholly Oppo^lto nature. VfKW HOWKRY THKATKR. Xl Solo Proprietors, ilrw<rn. Fox k I.iDgird. Thurndnv, Sept. f>, lh?l. SIXTEEN'KH NU.HT Of (Iwrlei (iuylur'H great military ilriunn of nuu. run, Ok, Tiik Sacking op Kaihkax Court Uevua. Tl?> bo-tut iTiil drama of NORAH CREINA. and LUCK HOIWEHH0E. JJAItNM MVS AMERICAN MUSEUM. So groat li.t-i been tho riidli to ?>* thai ww4<?M LIVING llllTOPOTAMUS, mvjn(} hippopotami's, lliat tlio Manner h.iH been indttoi-d to retain bta ONK WEEK LONOER. It is uiilvi'rcillv mlmitltvl tlut ho in th<? <JHB.\ IKr.'J' WONHKK UP TIIK, l.tVlNII IN TIIK WATKR OK OUT OF" W. Colt brnttul in 111. tii.-Uirlrnl rruorilrt i>( llio BibioM TIIH GKKAT 'KHkWK/rif, wli"sr "I" nos !iro iw sironjf piiv.tiH of I>r;t*H," "like at iioii,'1 ''wli'i i:nlW'in ill Iron as atrnw, uinl brmm a.= rntm woo Iunit hi whom tl?>- f?tcreU history i<ny?.? Ul*oi* lb t r trlli III i n Is Hot In., like.? lub, ell. xl. Mid <H. The ?i|ii >tattoDH show liiin in boon unimnl r>f lMMKf . l'. M7.K AND lilliANHO STJUSNUTH, Mil lib '111* li'nO III . in-V". Um'Ii Mili'tl llpuu III" 0.1. lb "bote nil. CUKA il>T CUIIKSITY UVIJJU. Evory visitor .ilV>wi Ivm to In- thu m *1 t.nirvi4!o*a ori'iilun- I'vi'i' Mm n in Ahum Ii u. Ill* mouth la Uu< webinr of ovei yboiU ; wlmii tijinii, in full TWO KKKT IN WUITU, enough t< tako in a cliilil I wo yeai'H "Id. lb'm (n b < m i n in lbMus. ?im ill nil hours in tkn A Hill I' lAl. IUVKK, hWIMMINU ANI? WAl.lvtMt, Ah Iffroll't king in ill" historic Ml". II" isiircomi>u>?*)4 hv SAI.AAMA HIS \RAH KKKI'ER, Who is himself it curiitnity J.-. < H|hx'in?on of tluit htot?H? t, ib? of m?u. Alcii, just ibiiiinod, at greot uxpenaa, A I,IV IN(i St I ,\i:iv, 1) i<l?"-- ii p '"it var'i tv <ii i ltvi l""nitifnl living VIA. WHAT IS ll? I.H. MVN MONKKY, SKA I .ION, M .MMoTIl Itl.AR S.UI.-ON, MOXjOW SSNAKKS. A'>1 UtIA. II M'i Y KAMII.V Afl l'AWKnV I'iiiiM Voiced Voeuunt, Allli. MATH,HA K. TOH.T, Tlio U?li ntiil .villi r Vinlinisi, Ac. two m i:hh dh ui vnc rkri'iikmaNOks Tako |>)?ro rvry il.iv ?t 3 and 7\ o 'cloak I'. M. At ciidi id' wliicl) in prwiiiimxi hi - ilwuorfilc itmma, A l'Jtl.SONKK i/F STATU, Anil (ho litugh;tblr ,i ,i.l i vit ami !;<!i> MOOTS AT 'I UK SWAN, making tli? mo-* uOrncllve i-nti rtiiinmnnt in thu m*f. Ailmi?alou 26 c?utfi. Children uuiltw ten Ift | JKYANTS VINSTKKI.S, J > Mm IihdIch' Hall,-172 liri k!k ly, .iJinv firiuiil etreet. Monday, '-"i"ttunbor 2. nrnlmerv nixlit ilurlu? fliu wvtic HliAND TlN l'AN' <> M i>.\, Wm Do.VT YOU IAIOM* S. < AMl'KKI,!,, Hi- (*?i?iliir mlwl, Or. TUMW.KTY OITDOVK. Kill 1IOHN, M IL mil IMS' IIKYANT. Mow ?i>ngi, iluni'i k, siijTtiKX, 'inrli njiiu-i, ploutalifl* fiw tlVttl MCi-IKf, tiC. Duor't OJJOU lit 7ji:u)Uiu race at o'clock. Tickets 'if> cent*. VtriNTF.K C.ARnFN IV Th<' uuiu ig inmit Ins pluavire ra MMio?Mbif tliul ou MONDAY EVENING, 8opt. #, Tli" boaullCul and DrUUant Mrs. JOHN W'Xm wilt make her tlrst appvarauio this aoimoii in tho tfiaraator ?f ONOF.RFU.A, in lb? hurlc^pio of l,|i;it title, wiiirn has boon *i1.?pl?4 t* tli' pr cacti t hour, nml will bo producod with enUru^f NEW 8CKNKKY, NEW COSTl'MRS, new AProamami, anil NEW AND STAKTLINQ m'HCTH, under t lie dirt'i tlou i f Mrx. .JOHN WOOD. VTIXO^'U ROYAL CIRCUS 1> IXON'S 1IOYAL CI Kill's Ami MICNAOKR1I' OF I.1VINO AN*IMM, An I MKNAOl'RIK OV LIVINO ANItMH, Corin'r ?f Fourteenth street and Hlrth avenue, Ailtninliu I'.tlai-o O.irdcn. THIS (thursday) NICIir, September 6, increased \rritA<Tli?? INCREASED attraiwwf inchkaseJ) ArriiAcnoN. increased arriucittk. ;tppc:?r?ilii'e of KA11>N STONE, EATON STONE, KA'IOS STONE, FVTON STdfJP, EATON STONE. EATON STONE, EATON STfRB, The l.rxaU'st Dari'baik Ridor Llring, Together v. Itli all the star fav0h1tkh from niw/vs garden, Rldera, Oym!)?."l? and Acrofcats. Tim EWen (lit Ntorwr KI.WATKD HFFFALOES EDUCATED RtrFFALO? EDUCATED lH'I'KAl,()KS EDUCATE!) BUKFAI^KS EMUCATKD 1(1 FFAWttt" EDUCATED BIJFKAl^W Will be introduced by their Indian Trainer, togotiior wflh* II hi of other Novelties. GRAND MATIN FK THIS DAY. GRAND MATINEE i his day. GRAND MATINEE THIS DAY Cwnmi-wliit! at two o'clock Also, on Friday and 8*tarday, same W>ur. Admission twenty flvo coutH to ilM; Children fifteen oata The Fourteenth street Htagos and Sixth avenue oarttup nt the door. Tin-: GREAT CANTKRHPRY MUSIC HALI., MS BROADWAY. great auchmmion <?k taeent. Fourth up|x arance of CHARI.EY FOX, OH ART .FY WML OHAKU-iY FOX, CHARLEY TTJK, the iiK-rt talented Ethiopian comedian in the country. Fourth Bight of the XHW BROTHFKS, NKIXON RROTHM, NKU-ON UBOTHEKH, NEIflO.V ItKl/IHH, IIVE IN NUMBER, in CLASSICAL GROUPINGS CLASSICAL GROtJRBW# AND DARING FEATS. DARING KEATS. DARING HSitfB. (V)NTINBKD SUt X-USS OF intRNANDK/'S HFRNAffOBV NEW AND ORIGINAL GRAND PANTOMIME, GRAND PANTOMML GiUNl) PANTOMIME, GRAND PANTIMBMR, O* TH* SOUTHERN REFUGEE; ON, FAIilE AND TRUE, FALSE AN? imk EVERT NIGHT THIS WKKK Will he ilitrwhtcvd an entire new ncone Mill GRAND TAJU.RAU, dojitettng the GREAT UATIT.K IN MIH^ODRT, AltV DEATH OF GBHKRAL LYON, DEATH OF ofneral 1x09, Fbnnto* one ef the finest pictmeH ever ne<n on any aMgfc. Til I 111) WKKK OF .1. H. HUDWORTH. Monday next, first appearance of tho celebrated ASHTON ft RiiGFRS TROUPE, ashton * r0gfr8 troul'e, Hie mint wonderful livtinublfl in tlie countar. GREAT NOTEI.TIM IN ACTIVE I'KEi'ARATlDW. litmCK.?GRAND MATIN KK EVERT SATTRDAT. FUX to t'rURAN, ProprioMW. SUSPMLSE! 8u8pense '< snsPBK9B'? wifi anon he ov.-r, for in a few day* the CAMNET OF W<'NOER.S and ANAT? <MY, conniving <" NatanC D velnpemenitf and Silent ilic Work* of Ai t, wiU be ?Mr jiot-fly ringed. Fred. * jkromk luitn. The great wizards of Tim world, take in announcing that Jerome I.ithin haar*> urned fr'mt I'd- in with their new and magnificent arMMM ojipsratu*, and In prepared to nogetvite with rc><i?>n*?rt? i> for their ivlebratod necronuuiUr entertain*, b< ln.j the moat wonde ful <>f tho kind in the wvriJ. U... .1 -I.... I mI.MI lmiluiru llllu II N<x_ Y.tW.""""""" . TJOWT'RY THEATRE TO I.KT?WITH Pf'ENFRY,WAR? II nihrt nivl tii-a. Iinia-'liiito powssinn Apply to JOHN S. Oll.m, Roccitor, &r., No. 34 Kli/ibeMl (tln-ou \irANTEI>?A I'lKST H.ASS OIJ> MAN, A JUTRNH* fl :in<1 Il^nvy Man, to ?p<ii nl Syracuse on or H?<br? *-oi(V*!rbnr 1&. Addro.-* II. H Armstrong, Agent, Dwrti TheatricalTroops, Rlniru.K. Y. ~|irANTH>--FOR IMMKl'IATB TRAVEL, A SOCRANO. ? T ah4" a 'IVnor for a riisl etnas yn:?rt tt?\ Ai f'y ?t F.rth & foal's, l&oaitvuf, from <m? to livo P. M., ""f (lay (tits wok. . TIIK UF.tiATTA. KFfiATTA ? A CRANI) REGATTA WIU- BK froti lurid I'uitock's <l<?k, at S?alteisvl!le, <m \VOt!n<'i*nv, SfHetnlwr It. a? o'c ik aiitrt id, fr*.n.'I'ollock ft dock mid ?rRobin's R<v? buoy m <t b,vk, r. jwi?toJ tbreo tirm?. * irnnc? t??>. fi lor b?uh cla??-?; uml cat It i >rt t>* >!ir?k>l* Tb? r>rr" ? to urn-1st <f th? o--fthCi fi* < in - M.iii ?c? will b allow I to tb? f??* m iimr "in.. .? !?- hilf thr < V ntor slt,n t> be da . | ? ,.,-.u.'i ' b w i.T Will be sorvoi up on th? o.aision. si ago* .ave Jeri.-j Llty every hoor. far*.'Ml cents. H\K A1ITM. Ijljl'T1 '< HA1 IU V'ONIM- ? A It,.Al I1M I., U* iltt.Y llu .'hf'.l l.ik' ii"S, ? it'i m imi- c <i-:d gil? t'ram-a, only *1 5o i" U W~vr >, i 4i l" $1?^1 inn Ai". Uallnry , flu ill LWWMway, <w%?r ?M L,u?p?uac\i ?*?/?. Mar \

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