Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1861 Page 2
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2 m MAILS OF TEE mm IBB. RUSSELL'S LETTER TO 1116 LONDON TIMES The Chances of the Rebels for Recognition in Europe on the Decline. : J Silent Progress of a Coalition Against Napoleon. Important Abetter from Our Paris Correspondent. Precautions of the Prussian Government Against Rebel Privateers, Ac., Ac., Ac. The mails of the Arabia reached this city from Boston yesterday evening, competing our flies of European journals to the 21th of August. Mr. Russell has another Interesting letter from Washington in tho I/iudon Times. Our Paris correspondent, in the course of a very ftnpor. tant letter, proves that tho chances of the rebel government for a recognition in Europo are decidedly ua the wans, more particularly in France and England. Oar Paris Correspondence! Paris, August 23,1881. A War in Europe Zmrninrnt?The Gathering Dangeri if the Emperor Wapolarn? Rexrlew of the Elementi of a Pij<lomalic Combination Agiinst Him?It) Effect on the tVrtunes <jf the Southern Ret el* for Hec<-rrnition, die. Although Europe tsfar from calm, there is no striking event to communicate this wook. It is true that in Italy disordors of a most trying nature Irs annoving the Sardinians, but they aro of no recent Ute, and have continued and will, I fear, continue as long |i Franco promts at Rime the instigators of the inlsjhiof. Pi as IX. and Francis II. snug in the eternal clly, lafe beneath tho foMs of tho tri color of France, scheme Anfi nlot fttfninaL Tietor Fjnafinel orpin? on th?* hrii/juiil. Id the Neapolitan territory to tbo committal of deeds so ferocious and sanguinary as would have occurred to none Save tbo meek and lowly successor of St. Peter and Uia accursed ally and protege, Bombino. When in the name of common sense, Justica and humanity will France stop hor present treacherous course towards Italy t She half saved the people, and now the only obstacle to their Independence and unity, is France. The situation has boooma uubaarable, arid soma dreadful oonsoquenco must eusue. I'h Turin Cabinet sends despatch upon desi?lch here, but all in vain; and, I am told, that as a last resort Victor Emanuel will call Garibaldi once more into the fluid. This means the delivery of Tanotia and an attack upon Austria or Hungary, a breaking off of tha entent? corluile between Franca and Italy, and a d'sperate struggle of an infuriated nationality against the whiles and deceits of its enemies. England will r?ap tbo reward j, an tho duplicity that has been shown to Italy. She will proflt by tha faults of others. 9h? will, at tho moment of noed, bo t^e friend indeed, and will thus cheat Franco out of un al y that she should have preserved, but lost from a bonded policy. Kven now England has aant a largo naval lorco to the bay of Naples. Even now sho has lan <vl marines to quell tho disturbances nf tha blixidthirsty bandits; and wh-u Italy, disgusted with tho d? >! wiug of France, shall liave spurned hor hs a false friend, England will occupy the place llrn.1 wu* the right of France, but which she stupidly jeopardized. The fact is, tha nations of Europe are all nfrcvul nf France, and all, whenever they can, act against her interests. She is now in ovort opposition to Italy, at onco Kngland ste|? in, cries out for the independence of tho people, curses he crimes of tho bandits and lamls armed aid to put them down. All her lack of sympathy at the beginning of the struggle will bo overlooked by the grateful Italians, and Kngland will he considered, is Juxtaposition with Franco, as the real ally of Italy. England has prevented tho visit of the King of 1'mssta to Chalons. She did not w sh hiin to undergo the fascination of Napoleon III.; an.., to c?i> tho climax, |>oople are now talking of an alliai en between Kngland and Austria. To add to the discomtll.ra of Irw is the fact that tho Qneen of Spain, Influenced l>y the Orleans Princes, will not visit the Emperor and Kmpruss of the French. You have here a long list of grievances which are tho harder to bear from the fact that previous success has bean so great. Franco is now endeavoring to make small alliances, her great ones being slightly unre1 table. Russia, disg.sied al llto .lot), dealing that took place as regards l'uland,an<' w ich 1 at the time explained, will not now bo so ready to act m concert with France. Kngland can't bo rolled on, I aly is almost an armed enemy, while Spain has 'at?-ly copied off. Sweden has madonu advance, but then perfidious Albion had the last talk with th Swedish monarch, and NajxiIcon in. must rememli -r that Itornadette abandoned the first and illustrious Najoit'on. All these things taken into consideration the I'alru ^setnl official) announces "that France is afraid of n > one, ;md that alone she can now, as heretofore, whin all E inhinad." The untoward lnru that a.'airtt hive taken in Europe for Franoe will, perha|>s, Mil' what lenen her anxiety to get into a row with the United Stales by a premature recognilvm of the Smth. Tho n flail * of tl o' 'tilted 8 arc still commented upon by the French aomi .>ft..-i:<l press in an offensive tone, and every occasion is t.-uc?ii t" hjwik we:l of the rebel*; but this is a natural c>ns' .| n-nou of the direction given to those Journals in the com m t.cement of the Amorican difficulty. 1 li'-ar it asserted by ih so ! have usually found well informed that England seems .its dined to let France urge her Into a row wiili the I'nioti. Tho fact in, in all matters whore they have acted fn concert, Franco hat reaped the Bole benefits, and Kngland w well aware that, as regarls the American States. Franco would surely have tho advautag" itier were tho South recog nized. A feeling that may be called aiiti-Knglish has always existed in the Am 'Mean breast, and well does France know that. The Bum of all this is th-U there Is now leu danger of a recognition of the S"Uth-.m cunf deraq/ than existed a Jevo merle* nine. From sotne cause th i pop ilarlty of France in Europe seems on t)? v.'.me. Her conduct towards Italy his caused thin no doubt, and Austria's having made a vances to Kngland. which wore not badly received, uiuw-s here a sensation or annoyance against b?lh Powers. All this will draw away tho attention of Fr.iuce from tin- Sou h if it does not even produce tho following unexpeetfri resi It:? France, to annoy > <Wnd 'nav throw the whole of her Influence in favor of the North, so that, our difficulties spcedi y trmiialtd. we muy bee. me, as before, the rival, and feared on.', to", of porfldio' g Albion. Tills were a groat stroke of g ni>is on tie< part of Naixdeou 111., and he is Just tho man to conceive the iuea and execute It. Our Berlin Correspondence. Rfrlin, August 21,1861. Maritime Ke<ruU.tcm of Prussia in View of the War in America?The Aato Cour's to Qranl Sea Passes to Traders to V United States?The rrivaleert of the South Fbared at Were the Algnin' Cruisers of Old?Serious F.JJtcU of the War on the Trade of the Country, <te., de. In consideration of the stato of war in North America u order Ua< beeu issivd by the Minister of .Justice, dated the 13th ins:., and published in the ofllcial Jour nal , by which 'h - courts of justice of tho kingdom are authorized to grant sea passes to Prussian shijiowucrs trading to America, on thoir applying for the same and presenting the ship's register and certificates of ownership. These documents are to be sent for examination to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by ?h i.n, if found in due order, they will be handed over to the applicants with the Minister's Signature affixed. Similar passes used to be Issued in former tiroes to serve as a protection against the Algerinos and other Ilarbary cruisers in the Mediterranean, who respected the flag of the Powers with whom they had treaties, or whopail thom tribute,such a." Sweden,Denmark and Prussia, but I Lh liriw.tlHum IH.. ^..-.Iliiirn winfaj..,.? -in I rc*i?'cl tho l'i iiR- a so* p is-i'S, remains to be seen. 1 fancy these g niry uru nut likely to be very particular wh mi a tern, ting prlz-- numtf across tb"tn. H Um been proposed to despatch a couple of Prussian non-of war u> the American cna-t to protect the <lerma:i ! trade, unfortunately, the only vcbs Is that could be emptoycd on ouch a mission are ei.^iged in the Japan expedition, and none of ihem will be able to return till the end of tho present autnmn, after %hl<h they will have to be thoroughly ro)mlred and rofitted, w> th it it may bo npxt spring b forc they are ready for sea a^ain. Acc<n .ling to th<' official r^iorls of tho Zollvorein, It appear* that the receipts for d t >r on imports, eximrts and transit in th'- first qiarter of 1861 amounted to 4 6:48.218 thaler*. This sIdhh a considerable fatting off wlieu compurod with former yarn, the r?celi>ts for tlte samo space of tim in 1850 beta* 6,314,410 t hale re, and tact year Mil) 4,875,7:19 th?|,,-s Even tlie poor consolation in which a c mmercial pa|?Mr (the TT'n-l<h Arrhir) Indulged In its remark* on the diminished traflic of last year, 'that the revom e of the Zollvert-iu, though it had fallen moro than eight per cent be'.ow the ammm received during the ,?amo period of the year before, had not gone down to tlio level of the Arm quarter of 1858, when H only reached tho figure of 4.764,780 ttaaiers," 1* no , 'iiger avHilablo, the receipts thia ye*, being 116,.42 thaleia lena than at that time, wheatrado wa* still Buffering frutn the great craah of '67. Alt-Kcth -r, the deficiency In the receipts stace 1859 it * eaual to thirteen per cent Tho first and furrm at cuuae of IhtM m\fwrraUt remit t'? Hit interruption <jf butinm fc> "kit country and ttu i;nVeAH:'it't.?n& it la greatly to be feared, therefore, th*;. the fjUltig off in tbe second Quarter of the current 7ear baa been still more N a cerloni, although the account* haro not yet been iimilo up, and will probably not be published Tor somo months; Indeed, it id evident from the delay In the publication of the stati mout just referred to, that government id in no hurry t<> make bo unsatlafactory u state of things more generally known than it in already. The crisis tu the United .S(at<*H has prostrated whole branches of trade, and in Silesia especially, gome cf the principal manufactories have suspended their oj>erat ions or reduced them to a minimum. God know whal will become of the poor workmen if IhU ftayiiafion of trwle thould ctiiuinve; even in the most flourishing times their wages are only just sufficient to keep thnin from starving, and as winter approaches, and their earnings are reduced still further, or cease altogether, thoy will he exposed to the direst extremities of want and misery. There are somo hopes that the proposed commercial treaty with Franco will ifl'ed at least a slight improvement, but tho negotiations are still pending, ami so many dliUoulties are raised by the South Gorman go| vernments, that'll Is a great question wlieu it will bo concluded, or wliothor It will ever Ih> concluded ut all. A I treaty between Kngland and the Zoliverein is aiso talked of; from that, however, thu German manufacturers cuonot expect to derive much benefit, oxoept thai they will bo able to got tho raw material at lower rates, while on the other hand they will have to sulfur from the o< rapetition with Knglish oottou goods, which are now virtually excluded by high duties. THE AMERICAN REBELLION. Mr. Russell's Letter to tHe London Times. raises napoleon's visit to mount vbknon and aptbhwakds to uknbkal bulkwukd?til* union oovtknme.lri.omw TWO H0KSS8 IK 1118 SSKVICS, ami) HI DISPLSAS? BOMB LOYAL ML Washington, August 10,1801. The heat has been so oppressive that eveu If the armies wero ready for action they could not light. Prince Napoleon on his excursion to Mount Vernon on Wednesday lost two horses from sunstroke, or, at least, the United States government did so ; but, nothing daunted, he went across the river yesterday with special juwses and an esoei t, and attended by General Holywell to the Confederate outcasts, whence he went over to visit Gen. Beauregard, and probably to Richmond. Mr. Seward did not oiler any objections, of course; but this step on the Prince's part kai diiptetued mmt of the/riendi of Me government. I havo been visit ing the camps at the other side, and observe no sign of an aggressive movement, but there is a concentration of troops on our right to meet a display of force on tho part of tho enemy beyond the Chain Bridge and at Great Kails. gknbral Hcnrr'R uinkral nnnm aoaiswt acts of vandalism?TlIS ubhman "tt kNKKS" alarm?Till kriikl CoMMAMIKRS. In my last letter I referred to tho misrepresentations respecting the visits of tho Giufi'derates to Mount Vernon, which had so far influenced General Scott that he wrote a gCBSnl order, rather remarkable in its phrMlinlnfJr warning the federal troops against the commission of any acts of vandalism should they be in that vicinity. Similar misapprehensions on the part of Gen. Beauregard led to his sending a Hug of truce to Inquire whether the federalists hail been hanging prisoners taken in battle. The explanation is thai some gymnasts of a regiment were exhibiting tholr feats for the amusement of their comrades, anil had been taken by the sjioctatora as the victim* of capital punishment. It is to bo hoped that the report which has appeared of tho brutal flogging of a Northern woman by a mob In one of the seceded Slates Is ! equally untrue. GKNEIIAI. 111 TIJEK'S PLANS MKKT THH APPROBATION 0PTHB L. X- D. I am inclined to think General Butler's recent visit to Washington was connected with his desire to enforce on the minds of the military authorities his plan of opera- j tlons from Fort Monroe,In which I must confess there ] seems to me a great deal of soundness. There is, of I co?rae, dilllculty in the way of concentrating troops, bag g*go ami materiu.1 by sea; but tun federalists, after all, are only twi-ivo hours from ilultlmore by the Chesa|icake, awl a. few hours more from Washington. They command tho sea, an4 they ought to be able to collect iu forcc more rapidly by means of a naval flotilla than tho Confederates could assemble to oppose them. IXWGRRM ADJOl'KSKtV?Till OOBCBITnmOW CTtAKOKn. Tho special session of tho thirty-seventh CongreM, which adjourned yesterday to the 4th of December, passui during its brief sitting of a m mth a nutnbor of uotH more imimrtant in character, and introducing changrt of greater i-inset/urnee in the onutittMon of Ike I'nited SVu!e.*, than any since the DnUtritlion of Independence. \ Among these, taking thom in ordor, ore:? [Hern are enumerated tho acta passed and measures proposed by the special Congress of the United Slates, in ils late session, as already reported in the Hmiin. Ki>. Hmuld.] I Mr. 11. May,* member of the Maryland delegation in I Congress, in explaining why he refused to recommend | I.ieatenant Colonel Kmery for tho rank of General. states , that bo did so on th?> ground Uuvt ho recommended no oue for military oflico during this wretched civil war; that Uarylt-nd ought not to be oxjhjoUxI to furnish either ofiioeia or men to carry on a war so repugnant to the feelings of her |vople. i.kuisi.ativx ooinos a* ram nne o* ttj* un. In Missouri the new CJovernor, Gamble, has issued a proclamation to tlie authorities to enrol the people into organization, and notifying tlie troop* of the Confederate States who have entered the < mutry, that their continuance there would be regard' as an act of war against the State of Missouri. Ho oi! 4 protection to penitents, and it is understood that a < iinittee of Public Safety will b" formed In each eonntj > maintain the peace, in default of which the I nited States troops would bo called iu aud quartered on tho |>eople. In another distracted State. Virginia, the State Con- I vent ion at Richmond have ordained that any citizen of the State holding officii under the government of the United States after the 31st of July, 1SC1, shall he baDishod for ever, und be declared an alien enemy; anil that any citizen who shall undertake to represent the Stato in Congress shall be deemed guilty of treason, and his proj perty shall be conliseated. Tho proposition of Mr. Cox, of Ohio, to appoint commissioners to rivet commissioners from the Southern States, in order to adopt such amendments to the const I tction as shall assuage all grievances, was rojeutud so pei omjitorily as to have no ho|ie tluit auy disposition exists in Congress for a compromise. Indeed it has been wiih dilliculty that tho ultra party in both Mouses havo boon prevented from passing tho most violent resolutions day after day, and the very last sitting of Congress witnessed sevoral attempts of the kind. Mr. I'lven promised that, at a time when armed rebellion threatened the integrity of tho Union and the vrthrow of the government, any and all resolutions recommending or designing to makn terras with Hirmed rebels is either cowardice or treason; which Mr. Cox met by a resolution that the member from New York, who endeavored to introduce a resolution de nouncing over forty members of this Horso, because of tlieir vote for proiwsitiors to adjust our national difllcnlties, as cowards and traitors deserves the rcnsiiro of this House and of all true patriots for the falsity, arrogance und inselts to his poors contained in his unparliamentary resolution. II was not without opposition at the last that the resolution of doner S3 approving and confirming tho act* of lh" Kresldont for stJi>pr- ssing insnrrootion and robe lion wis passed beforo the Hnisc adjourned; and the forlorn hope, represented by Messrs. Breckinridge, Payarda'id a few others, showed tight to tlie very last. The intelligence riwivil trim Kentucky shown that so far the res' t of tho elooti'-ns to the Mate Legislature has boon f ivorablo to the Unionists as opposed to the Stat* . .<hts men: and it it not too much to su|>|>ose thai1! that and important State has given a Kenoral U> Mlon to tbe acts of the government, tt hns yet to bo seen, however, what course thi legislature will pursue, and it nv..8t bo remembered that tho Governor, Bej lah MasMlln, not long ago assorted the absolute sovereign}' and neutrality of the Slate of Hentccky, and called out h r forces, naval and military, to resist any invasion other by th- Confederates or by tbe troops of tho United States, in which he seemed supported by the general feding "f the citiZ"iis. An apical made to the President in reference to searches for arms in the State of Maryland has been followed by an ord'>r from General Scott that searches of houses for arms. Sin., and arrests shall only be made by social authority of the Commander of tho Department, unless in I extreme eases. , Mr. Alien, of Ohio, failed before tho Sena? rose in ob talnlng a hear'n; lor ha resolution, that iWHp no part in th" present wa- to interfere with the instfpiwoii of slavery in any States of tlie Union, and it is now felt that if tho contest is to go on the eud must bo a direct war against slavery itself. Til* CO.<T Of Till WAR A!?D SXIRTlOys OV TBI SII-RET/UIV or TUB TRSA.-TRY?HtAIMM OF ARMY rotCICAlToKS m"l>EVIL PC-T'' aXIj "SHODDY" CLOTH AMt> I1ROWN t'Al'SR HOI.SB FOR non. At the present moment it is calculated that the United Status expenditure exceeds $1,000,000 a day. Mr. Secretary t'hase, In his report to(Vngreas, stated that the min? already voted amounted to $318,616,581, of which sem he proved to ra'so f24i>,rt00,000 by loan*, an I $rto,f<W,000 by Increased enst-'ms and taxation. A direct tax of $20,000,000, an Income tax of three per cent. upon all income* ah >ve $400, raised tn Ave per cent. In the case of ab eiitis s, with largo additions to the Morrill tariff, ars tho asaana propoeed; bat not oneshadow of trntb caa ban adduced tn pr'/ve that c.nym.' < f tfvin will antwr lhr*nd, while, in f/ic cite nf the receded Stale*, ? ? krww that the apfrnTriittiimt mnnrt at ftrrrenl, if emr, tr raised. With all the olforU thai a man can make to k -op down lis expense*, the mighty spasmodic efforts of the North to cre.uo and maint-i u a great military establishment are attended by great wvio; Imt pnnlaiioru which hare nf UUr extensive and trtire, putting detil'i dust and thndriy iiito cln'h. brown P 'jer into shne *</?(?) nn l mdul'/inu tn rimitar prac:irnt, whrrrtiii pati-intic cUizfnt i,y ...s.. ' y - -.TJ, m.?c uu? n 7 IIiHI II i? do with tho extravagance as the Ignorance of theso charged with the distribution of the public money. I have seeu it slated Iti an Amei lean paper that <i costs live timet as mueh iui a regular soldier, an I I have been assured by an olAcer or tho regular army that a veliinuor costs cortalnly threo times as much as an enllstei private It is g 'neraHy declared thai every soldier maintain -d by tho United States costs ?200 per annum. The last act of Congress wh to raise tho i ay of lh? soidicr to thirteen doll.u s a month, or bIjou* ?2 17s. fid , and thin palJ to him with littlo or no deduction such as our sol.tiorg sult'erfrom. ? In the mrvtrr of ordnance aXrme the wart* murt be ex/raftrdinary. <iuiis of all calibres, six-pounders, tens, twenties, thirties an I special rilled ordnance for earlj desrriplion. all kinds of experimental js?ns on trial, some probably not mi're i (Tlcaclouf than the famous proposal which hns bwtn suggested in ninny Northern papers, of driving the enemy frum Manassas, and of destroying those et?r I nai masked batteries. how do jrou think? By the plan of our old frteud Polissier, in Algeria, when ho smoked the Arabs out of their ravea. To bp sure there are no caves her -, but still it is projKise.. to rout the Confederal! s by setting the brushwood in their fronton fire. Southern ingenuity, not|to Ik- outdone, hui discovered annually effective mode of gaining on the enemy at Kort Pickens, aul a lloMIt paper pWpOMS that tin vessel* should be filled wilb snakes, scorpions and other agreeable insects and reptiles, to lie discharged by mortal's and guns into tho in'urior of the fort, to as to deliver their pleasaut consignment* on arriving among the girrlson, SKawiox i:sinHrs ok * hoi bum ni-?Knojj rROM inn I'XIOM ARMT. If I aim correctly Informed, the desertions from the Northern ai my are rmmtroua enough to excite lorious appreln osions. Ii / a rrie.tir letter from a country yentlcman in Jfa yiawl I ,a n thai ail the byway* ami r<*ultart filled wh men m 'king <h'\r *><iy humt. Some are working in tho naighbcrhood m laborer* on the farms, others or? luuuij EW YORK HERALD, FRI tn the large town, anil that thoy are numcrovs may be Judged from the fact of Hixty live boinx counted g dug past one house in rather an ntu of the w.iy place In one itny. Ihu stories ol deserters arc uever to bo crudlted. Tlii- nvn complain of bad treatment from officers, want ol food aud no |>ity. U in known that some nflloers never stopped their curoer from the moment they turned tholr backs at Dull run till they ran to earth In tliolr own houses and by their own (besides In the North. If anything could increase the schism between the regulars und tho volunteers, it bus been found In the bit ter manner la which the artillery speak of tho desertion of the troop* placed to sup)>ort tho Unit'd .State* butte ries, which were lounht with great gallantry, and only abandoned at the last moment. The -'act for the better organization or tho military establishment" appoints liv'i Assistant Inspectors General in Addition to tho prog nt number, ten Surgeons and twenty Assistant Surgeons; romodnls tho Adjutant (innoral's Department and str-nKthens it; Increases theCommii-strial Department, the oorpe of Kngin erg, thu Ordnance Departm nt; th > (Jmirtertnaster'a Department; creates a corps of wagon era, a cor|ie of f<muJ<i nurse*; provide* for chaplains to each regiment, anil for the entry of cartels into tho service; lucr uses tint rations, viz: to twenty two ounccs bread or flour, or one pound biscuit, bard bread, beuus.rice or hominy, and one pound potatoes or equivalents, lea orcoflee, frusli lioef as ofton u practicable; regulates retirements, relative ranks, and pay. 1 enclose tbe report of General M'lwwull, which Ip exciting great interest here. Tim RUNAWAY NKIIHOftt?CiMNOff FOB C.KSKTtAL FRKHOWT. The Congress at Richmond has instructed the Judiciary Committee to inquire Into tbe expediency of Liking and preserving evidence of the abduction or reception of slave* by the enemy, to the end that indemnity may be exacted hereafter. General Fremont haa received thirty-six heavy gun# with equipment* from I'itlsburg. Nothing more haa been hoard of General Pillow's force and iu? attack on Bird's I'oint. ttirne tnslgmflcant skirmishes havo been reported from Missouri. I cm write no more. Thermometer 103 in the stiade. Receipts of Navigullon. ALBANT.Hept. 5,1861. The amount of tolls received from ibo owning of navigation to and Including tho fourth week of August, I860, wax $1,503.806 42; the amount of tolls r evived from the ojieoing of navigation to and including the fourth w? k of August. 1861, was $1,921,137 21?au increase in 1861 of $367,240 79. FINANCIALJ\ND COMMERCIAL. Thumdat, Sept. 6?6 P. M. The money market continue# very dull. Paper of the highest grades is very scarce; names not strictly first class are slow of sale. On call the brokers are abundantly supplied at 4 a 5 per cent, and there is no prospect of an advance in rates. The brokers are doing a lively business in two year Treasury notes at 98% a l/%. Foreign exchange has not opened yet for the Saturday's steamer. The prospect is not favorable for an advance in rates. Stocks continue very firm, with an upward tendency, notwithstanding the light commission business and the fatal war which i# raging between the New York Central and the Erie. The Western shares are all exceedingly scarce, and the supply on the street is not increasing; hence, in the present easy money market, the bulls find it an easy matter to compel their antagonists to pay smartly for stock for delivery. Galena, to which the attention of bull speculators has been directed by the recent successful negotiation for the extension of the first mortgago bonds, advanced Y% per cent this morning, and was scarce at the advance; Rock Island rose Toledo %, and Illinois Central speculators appear to see a better prospect of an advance in the?e Western shares than in tho stocks of the near by roads. Erie and Central were both lower this morning on tho reopening of tho war. The lost fight between these road# cost them as nearly as possible n miiuuu uonars; at iw present raicn, mey will soon lose as much as this. The falling off in the Central receipts is reported to be yery heavy in" deed. State and federal HtockB are all improving on the general increase of confidence. There was quite an active demand 1'or governments this morning. The new registered nixes roso % and the ooupons %; the fives of 1814 were in demand at an advance of %,and the two year Treasury notes at 96%, % higher than yesterday's host price. Among the State stocks, Tennessees rose %, Virginias %, North Carolinas %, and Missouris %. Between the boards there was very little business done, but the market was firm. At the second board there was a farther improvement in some of the Western shares, and the rest of the market was firm, closing very strong. The following wero the last quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1881, 89% a 89%; do. 6's, coition, 1881, H9% a 90; do. 6's, 1874, 80% a 80%; Virginia 6's. 64% a 55; Ten nessee 8's, 44 a 44%; North Carolina 6's, 62 a 62%? Missouri 6's, 43% a 43%; Pacific Mail, 77% a 77%; New York Central, 7.'!% a 73%; Erie, 24% a 2.>! do. preferred, 47% a 48; Hudson River, 33 a 33%; Harlem, 10% a 10%; do. preferred, 25 a 25%; | Reading, 35% a 35%; Michigan Central, 42% a 42%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 11; dc<. guaranteed, 30 a 30%; Pnnatna, 106% a 108; Illinois Central, 66 a 66%; Galena and Chi" eago, 68% a 69; Cleveland and Toledo, 30% a 30%; Chicago and Rock Island, 40% a 43%; Chicagoi Burlington and Quiticv, 61% a 62%; Delaware, Luckawana and Western, 69; Milwaukee and Prairie dn Chien, 15% a 10; Illinois Central bonds, 7's,92a92%; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 85% a 86%; Pennsylvania Coal, 75 a 76. The receipts at the Sub-Treasury to-day on account of Treasury notes amounted to over $400,000, besides which the banks received a large sum, w hich will be paid into the Sub-Troasury to morrow morning. There were more applications at the Sub-Treasury to-day than on any previous day since the loan was offered, but the amounts ap~ plied for were not as large as yesterday. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $18,487,577 54, and the balances $1,231,280 98. | The Germania Insurance Company has declared a semi-annual dividend of six per cent, payable on the 9th inst.; the State Bank at Hartford, Conn., a dividend of four dollars per share, payable on demand. The Chicago Tribune of Tuesday says:? tiTliere was a go..d suppiy of Kast' rn exchange, and the mnrki t continues at par to '4 per cnnt premium. The demand for currency is still greater than the supply, ami s!tipt?irsof produce tlnd considerable difficulty in negotiating their paper. ' Uoid it in lair neuiaud at \ a J, par cent premium. The Milwaukee Sentind of the 2d inst. says:? 7lie chief feature of last week in the money matket was a reduction of 1 per cent in the price of exchange, which d irtily the latter i?rtof the week was 4 per cent premium. Tlui buying rat'* yarn <i from 8 to 3^, the week closing with a wi nk market at the amide figure. The banks generally sold their customers gold at >4 a per cant above the premium for rotlunge. The brokers charged ft per <xni. Busness is still comparatively quiet, and the demand for currency l.ght. loo deliveries ot wheat for the week show a slight increase over those of tho previous one, botwrosoni< twenty thousand bu-hels less than during the corresponding w ek in lsfli)?Hie flrst week of the scasoii thai iho excess has not been largely in favor of tho present year. Annexed is the ppecie list of the atcamsliip Glas- 1 gow, arrived this morning:? j Nesmitb A cutis ? Brown Bros. & Co 226 ! Total ?1.228 j From steamship Etna, brought by the Glasgow:? Puncan. Sherman A Co $4,(K*0 Wm. Ullloy 2,501)? $0,500 Brighnm 1 arsons ?h t>93 W. Follews..... 1,891 Duncan, Shetman & Co 815 Johno, lain llo N W Hoy tft Co CO Haw ley Howe 2;V> Mercantile llatik 2,Sfc>> J. K. Freeman fc Co 250?514,409 Tho Cincinnati Gazette of Tuesday say?- Tho money market o'.iened with u fair demand. For acceptable Mt? r the rmiiie istes were 10 a 11 r tc nt. '1 hero wu? o.-ily a nii.diralc inquiry for exchai gr, w hirh m abundant, Clio banks bt;ying at par ami < mn ul Treasury note* are in acti\u request, will. ? r4p?i t'up plyiiHeilng. Wo quote Ihu b;yiti|j rali*g a. 7V, K H7?i and in one CMC wn hear of P8 being paM. rl in r;i' her (lull, and rates are unchanged. No change to noto in un currant. The St Louis Republican of the 3d inst. thus notions money and exchange matters in that city:? Exchange wan rather bigbcr at the clo?l r rate 'nst week?six i-rr crnt. Gold ,s Id moderate i!e' land at a nielli adv.uico on this rat". Our l?au; 8 a: r of i ur?e C.oioit but iittie of any b :?in< s? cxc"pt .n p?|-er ma It In reforcncc to army auppllua. Tin y are stiusf 'iio.(tti, r'^anlb hi I. holder*. aince Ihnlr mixnils leiif pa." m?stly in t idiib, the amount# of ii"h' aiirt txchantf 'l " y hold? wl. rf> t ? hii jc c" ni-Ami villi the'i I ciicvilaliou?are ampio u> me.'t their note*. Of any dui- i Rr>r that th'Hr fauUs will >>o ie<|i.eatralcd v.d lost lor th? I uaea ot U>0 bauk, we Uiink. Uiero t? no reasonable ap- 1 DAT, SEPTEMBER 8, 186 prehension. These fundi, tf we are not misinformed, are ail in [i.'at'-s of ru oty. aa t can be wade to respond to lb* calls of tbelr bill holders. The Boston Post of yesterday aays:? Tin* Nuw I'ug'and I.lfe Insurance Company of this city litui subletlhi.'il for 910(1,000 of tbe new 7.30 loan, through tl?e Afabiant Treasurer. This oompuuy is one of tho staunches! corporah'.nn among us, but there arn many otbi'rs, we brlieve, which a to ready and willing to follow Its bright example in this matter. The Uoston bunks

made a nam this morning of $413,000. The total holding is now $0,813,U00. xue t ikiuuurg (.in.; vrironicw states luai a visn is expected on the lGth inst., In that city, (torn a committee of bondholders of the Alleghany county and Pittsburg city bonds, with a view of arranging some compromise in relation to these bonds. The Chronicle thinks that while no effectual legal resistance can be made to their payment it Is equally elear that tho full amount can never be collected. It says:? If n prt>j*r spirit Is manifested ?t this mating, more raiiy bo dun* in an hour for tho settlement of tho whole thing tliau the S ipreme Court, Willi its writs of mandamus iin<l Ones for contempt OWU effect In yerui. Tho basis i f an arrangement may be agreed u\>on alike benellcial and (satisfactory to ull; and thotglr it would bo absurd at a time like this to think of levying a railroad tax. preliminary stops to tin.-: end might ho taken, and a stop put to these harassing and expensive suits with which the city and county authorities have too long been troubled. The Chicago and Rock Island Railroad shows a gain of $4,500 the fourth week of Angust. The whole month foots up:? 1801 9110,305 18a0 133,465 I Decrease $14,003 The Cleveland and Toledo Railroad earned in Augnst:? 1881 $80,028 I860 05,1)10 Decrease.....^, $4,001 The following are tho August earnings in detail of tho Galena and Chicago Union Raiload Company:? RruilK wtk'lh Auo. 1??0. 1801. Kreigi.t $57,410 03 48.082 38 Pec.. .0,378 2T PiMseiigors 8,700 72 7,747 06 Dec.. .1,048 07 Mails, ic 1,0.10 52 1,100 00 Deo... 530 52 Total $07,8S0 87 50,020 41 Dec.. 10,057 40 Corrected earnings for the nrevlous in?oth $14.r? 1189 10 Whole month of August, 1h?0 10(1,M0 84 Wholo month of August, 1MS1 144,705 67 Decrease $21,836 2T 1 The statements of the banks of the three principal cities of the Union for the last week compare with the previous one and the corresponding time timo of 1860 as follows:? Lnniu. Drjtnrlt*. Kne. Ctrrulatinn. If.York,Aug.31.$141,081,4? 120.436.011) IV8.11S 8,440,155 Boston, Sept. I. 64,680,298 22,S9f.?:tt M34.063 0,1110,153 1'hila., Sept. 2.. 28.6ft7.2C4 10.U.'?i,7t2 6.170,482 2.074,(148 Total $334.1GV.iH4 l?l.MS,Sr>7 67,711,048 16.674,360 Laslwrek. 226,*W,7r.2 Mfi,l7!i638 00,341,404 16 680 fii>| Last year BO,JU3,l?J 114.823,61 >2 28,(114,063 lB,84y.a3 The business of the Boston Custom House for the mouth of August was as follows:? Impnrtt. Dutiable, entered for consumption $522,738 Dutiable, warehouse .1 614.703 Free (exel juvsuf s)?cie and bulHon) 617,742 Specie and bullion 240,081 Total Imports $1.706.054 Export*. Pomestic merchandise $387,012 Foreign merciiandisu, d' tiuble.. 136,364 foreign niarcliuncltso, free ;;o,:>S."> Total exports $1,052,( 01 Merchandise withdrawn from warehouse (or | consumption 331,312 Stock Kxclianage. Thursday, Hopt. 5,1881. $40000 IT 86'* ,'81, rcg 89 6 sh* st Nich Bank. 60 <sn? do 89ft 20 l'wk I'ank Si 37000U8 6'b,'81,cou 90 10 Del & Hud Can O 85.i* 3000US6'?,87 100 do 85ft 7000 do 87 V 14 do 86 6000 (JSCs,'74,cou HO 60 Pacific MHSCo... 77 14?i00 do 7# ft 60 do 77* 6660 Trea 6 1>ct,2yr tWVi 10 N J Central RR... Ill 3000 do 98>J 100 NY Central KR.. 73ft 2000 Ohio 6's,'70... 92 100 do 73ft nuoo 111 cou Ms, 62. 82ft 100 Krle RR pref 47 ^ 4000 111 cou bds,'70. 82 ft 200Riutding RR 36ft 3000 do 82^ 100 do 36 ^ 1?K-0T unfl s, W) .. 43ft lOOMichC.nKR. *30 41ft 4600 Virginia A s.... 64ft 20 Mich S ft H 1 Ru. 14 5000 N Carolina 6'i.. 62 100 do 13ft 91000 Missouri 6 a... 43 ft 100 III Ccn RR scr.blO 66 MM do 43*4 130 do 66 1(1000 do *30 431/ 60 Gal* Chi KR.. <10 6Tft 1000Mo6'sll<iH\St.lR 47ft 100 do 68'4 12000 I/mlslaua 6 s.. 65 676 Clov & Tol RR.... 28ft loOO N Y Con RR 7 s ltOft 10M 6t 00 brie 2'iniox, '79 98ft 200 do b30 29ft 12MK) M <' 8 p clln'tfcb 97 600 do 30 20O0 Mich So 1 m bs 83 60ChiJiRI*ldRR..sl0 43'4' 1000 N lalst m bds. 81ft 100 do 42 10<? HI Cen RR bds. 92% 60 do 42*< 2000 do 92 60 do 1)60 42*< 1000 Terro H k A lm 60 326 do 42 '4 2000 LK k W lmbs. 61 KM) do 42ft 1000 N J Cen 1st m.. 103 60 do *10 42?J lOshsMerchauts'Bk 82ft 80 Chi. Rnr k Q'y RR 61 100 do 83 37 Mil&IMuChii'iiKR. 15 6 Rank of America. 83 12 Mil&l'duCh2di>ref. 46 9 Corn KxchatiguL'lc 76 SECOND BOAKI). $2000ITS 6 *. 1865... 87 * 60 xh* Am Ex Rank. 77 4000 If Sfl's, '81,reg. 80*4 15 Hank or Anvrira. 05 6600Trca* 6 pc 2 yr 0?i4 60 Pacific Mai: SS Co 77 9000Tiens 12 pc nts 100ft 100 N Y Central RR.. 73!, 1000 Kentucky 6 s.. 74ft 100 Reading RR 3> l?' 8<>4)0 Trnn 6's, 90.. 44 100 Mich? ntral RR. 42'.( fi'jnoo Missouri 6's 43ft 60 Mich So k N I RR. 13ft 16000 do 1)30 43ft 60 do 14 3o00 California 7's.. 77 >4 100 Mich So & N 1 r 1 s 30 12oro Virginia 6'b... 64 ft 20('l,'v, Col fc Cln RR 95 2000 N Y Cen bs, '76 101 600 Cleve fc Tol R1J.. 80*4 1000 V JCsu 1st mg 103 300 do 1)30 30^4 6000MC8pclm*fib 97 100 do 30'-.' 8000 Harlem lstmbs 93% 27S Chic & Kit 1 RR.. 4 !>.j 260aim 1'lionix (tank.. 86 60 do l>30 CITY COMMKHClAIi REPORT. Tnrm.?i>AY, Sept. 6?6 P. M. A.<W.?The market was unchanged, while small lies were made of pots nt $5 25, and of pearls at |A BRUDsrum.?Flour?Hie receipts were again light owing, It was ?aid, to some break in canal navigation. The better grades were firm, while tales were limited. The transact Ion* of the different kinds embraced about 14,000 bbls., closing within tbe range of the following quotations: Superfine Stato $4 30 a 4 45 Katra State, good to choice 4 66 n 4 '.>0 Superfine Western 4 30 a 4 45 Common to choice Western oxtra 4 ' 5 a 6 00 Kxtra Canada 4 <15 a 6 '0 Mixed to straight Southern 6 00 a 5 60 Straight to good extra do 6 75 a 8 00 Choice ? xtra family and bakers' brands... 8 00 a 8 75 Rye Hour 2 25 a 3 50 Coru inoal, Jersey und Ilrandywine 2 80 a 3 10 ? flour sold to the extent of 300 bbls. at quotations. Southern flour (that Is Maryland and Delaware) went heavy, while the sales embracd about 500 bbls. within the above range of prices. Kye flour was steady, with sales of 175 bbls. at our figures. Corn meal was in limited request, within tho ran go of our figure?, with sales of 170 bbls. Wheat,owing to light receipts,especially of good toprime shipping lots, wns llrmvr, wine c. uunon grades w?re uncharge!. The*?>: emlmcd uboui 95,000 b ?h Is, at'J4e. a $1 09>i lor Mi.waukee cVb, $1 14 a $1 17 for red Western uti.i amber. afi 03 l'or ( hiaigo spring, and 06 for Riuiii' spring.$1.11 for choice whituSiiohigan, $1 20 a $1 30 io' Kentucky whito, part in poor condition,and$l 84a #1 25 ior while Ohio. Orn was firm a:ul in g (h! demand for tho trado and shipment. Tiie sales embraceu 0<>.000 b .idle s, closing at 4Tc. a 48>Jc. for l'.istern mix. '. 4i'e. a i.O' for g.wd shipping Western mixed, and 61c a 52c. for Western yellow. Rye was quiet, at d o a 02c. foi Western, and 65c. for Northern. Oais wore steady and in fair demand, while rates were um ti >nged. Co' > kk ?u stea !y, while the sales embraced 2,.100 l>a2s of Klo. at 14c. a 14c. Included in the salon wore 1,200 bat s the latter tigttre. Oirr'x.?'I I e market whs again Arm and mrro active. The tales embraced about 3,000 bales, part to spinners, i n the basis of 22c. a 22 'jc middling (inlands. Fiwichtc.?Own." t? Ugh'. receipts of flour and grain er?ageme '!.v were limite,!,and latesto Liverpool rather r. while to ?li. Continent they w -re unchanged. To Li' 'or.n"r 10,000 bushels of corn w?re engaged, in hulk, at 10 . , aid tuai? Ms of wheat were reported at 10)?d. a lid., closing at the Inside fliure; flour was nomma', and dead wight do. at27*. fi 1. 'lo i ondon room was scarce and rates (l;m at 12d. a 13d. doinaiuled for wheat, in bilk ami h.jgs, ai I 3s. C '. for Hour To Havre 600 bbls. Pour were engaged at 80c., and 8.000 bushels wh< at at 23o. To Antw?:p fi.000 bushels of rye were engaged at 14?4c. it* ship's bags,and 20,000 boshc'.R wheal at 14c., do. li. Kreti: at 400 u.u>es tobacco nt 20?., and 600 bins. Uour at S0e. A b-ig wan t.ikou for Dunkirk, to load with wheat, at -Uc. in bulk, and ut 26c. In shippers' bags. A ling w is taken for New Roilielle, to load with wheat, at lit,, ut? at p'_ i,c. Mr floor. I|.r 'Uje market was In fair request for city use at unchanged pi ices. Na\a; th-on? A sale of 100 bbls. spirits were made at $1 25, and 600 bbls. rosin aw $4 Hl%. rBo*ifiO!m.?''ork wu heavy and lower, with sales of f>00 bills, at $14.-1 $14 12>j fur me*J, and at $0 76 a $10 *>r prime, chietiy at the inside flgtire, and at $16 for clear. The g vernn.eut contract ( r 1.500 bbls. was t.iken at $16 for ni?ef. Bcol was in fair request, with s?les of 3<X) bb's. at $10 a $11 60 for repacked triers, and at $12 25 a $13 50 for extra do. <Yt m?ats were in itt'ina.-id, with sale*of 50 lfcds. aud tier rs at 4 'ie. s 6c. for &houHer?,iind at 6>40. afljjc. for bams. '!?< < t, was doll aud tard was stei dy, with salo*- 0." 750 U> s. ar.fc '.'erce? a' H, Jc. a 9)$o,. Butter and cheese Ten \n fair fta.au1 Mil prices iui changed. Rita wa? quiet at C^c. a 7c. 8coua were quite acute aud Arm. with aalea of about L. 8,COO hhd*., chiefly Cuba, u To. 7 ??c. for reflnlng gcoaa ^ and 7 Xc. *8,tfc. for good to choice grocorr gradra, and . l.noo boxec, BOO of which brought. 7>^c. and the remainder at p. t., ami 180 bhda. Molado on p. t. Tlio follow inu are the quotations of Metwrs. R. L. k A. Stuart for their re- c fined gooi!a, eetiil>lli>lied today, September 6:?Loaf g hi gar, 10'co.; crushed, 9T?c.; gr.uiuUtcd, 9'?o.; ground, 9J(c.; while A, 9Xo.; yellow 0, 8*fo. C Wiiihkky wua active and firmer, with sales of 1,000 g bhla. at 18e. a 18^o. SPECIAL. MOTICKB. P THB AI.MA1KN MINES OK QOTCKSD.VKB. A I'onhilati or Srti#,tf*w Tobk, Sept. 4,1861. / liy a royal order of the 30th of May laat, her M\?*ty has ordered that the Halo of quieksilver of th? Almaden Mines dliull at Cadiz, and that in tho interior of the kingdom lh? Halea kIi.lI 1 lio made oulv at Seville or tr Madrid. Those who may wiBh to purchase at the former A place will apply t<> the Commissary of th? State Mm a, K anil at the latter to tho Superintendent of the Mint, M I1 which departments they will bo informed forthwith of C the manner of making thu payments, and the quicksilver will bii delivered to them iu Iron flasks, each containing UiroeCflstilian arrohas. The prices fixed for (he Bale at the above places are as follows:?634 euls per flask for talon of 1 to 99'J, and 632 real* for 1,000 Hacks and upwards. The Kalo of quicksilver will continue at the Commission of Finance of S|>aiu in London, C. a. Token yard, city, I/>ndon, in Hanks an mentioned above, with the minimum contents of 75 |>ouu'ts (English) each, at the following established price:??7 sterling, with discount of 3 per cent, and per cent brokerage from sales of 1 to 999 flanks, aud ?7 sterling) with discount of 3]ier cent aud X per cent brokerage for sales of 1,000 flask* and upwards, with the obligation of exporting from London. F. STOtTGirrON, H. C. M. Consul. The commodious buildings erected on the corner of East Sixteenth street and Rutherford place, for the use of Friend's Seminary, being now complete, the schools for bova and girls will be opened on the 9th of Ninth month (September.) Fur admission apply to THOMAS FOULKF., principal. !? liOST AMD- FOUND. ' ~~~ Lost?at steamboat wharf, foot of jay street, North river, on Tuesday afternoon, August 'it, a black enamelled cloth Valise, with plated ornaments at ends of wiro; hinge on the back and a platoon the run at the handles. The Valine has two locks. A reward of $10 will bo paid for its dqlirory to Havemeyer, Townstind , ti Co., 102 Wall street. I0ST?ON WEDNESDAY, A GENTLEMAN'S GOLD J King, on Broadway, between (irand and Chambers snoots. A suitable reward to the Under en returning it to P. Molan, with Devlin, Hudson h Co., Broadway and w.irren street. I IOHT? A MEMORANDUM BOOK, CONTAINING a ] J draft on London for ?16. As payment will be stopped, it is of no uso to any but the person who lust it. 1 he tiuder will be amply rewarded if ho roturus it to A. W Gill, 115 Chambers street. IF.FT?IN a MADISON AVENUE STAGE, IN GETl'lNG j out at the corner of Fourteenth street aud Hr< adway, on Tuesday evening, between half-past eight aud nine, a lady's Shawl. The finder will be suitably rewarded ?pou leaving it at 144 Centre street. J. T. HUNTER. IOST?ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, IN GOING FROM j Thirtieth street and Fourth avenue, in a Fourth avenue sta^'e.a Twenty Dollar Gold 1'leco. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by returning the same to John E. Bowdon, Ws-tern Hotel, No. 0 Cortlandt stieefSTRAYKD OR 8TOIJSN?ON TUESDAY EVENING, TIIE 3d lust., from down town, a gray Mare and down town Cart, No. 2,0'ti. Any persou knowing of her wherealMjuts would confer a favor by leaving word at the olUce I of the Chief of Police, or at 310 Ninth street. STOLEN?ON THE NIGHT OF THE SECOND OF SEP- i tember, from New Village, Ix>ng Island, one g ay < Horse, long tail, quite a heavy foretop, no shoes on the hmd feet. Any information concerning him will be received at 132 Prospect street, or Now Village. WILLIAM B. GOUIJ). REWARDS, ~ WANTED*?'TO PURCHASE, AN A1 FOWIJNG PIECE. Anv nmKori havlntr stieh a olio, with all the An purtenanceii and desirous of disposing of the same at a low llgur?for cash, will pleaso adJresa B. A., box 139 Herald olUce. <?l ?* REWARD.?LOOT, IN HICKS STREET, BROOKKJfJ lyn, in front of Commodore Striughaura residence, i.u Weduesday night, a Portemonnalo or Wallet, containin* two or three dollars in bill*, a safe key, and [<apoia of no value except to tho owner. Thia reward will be |*id for tl?> return of the key and papers to No. l'J Barclay trcol. "T REWARD.?STOLEN, on THE NIGHT OF THE 31) ififtj of Sepl< mber, from New Village, I/mg Island, one ^r?y Horse, Ion# tail, quite a tie iv* fcr-top, no sheen on tlio hind feet. Any inrormation concerning him will 1 i>e rucelvod at 132 Pto*i>eot street, Brooklyn, or New Village. WIIJJAM B. GOULD. (|Sr REW A HI). ?LOOT, ON THCRSBAY, 8EPT. 5, A Portfolio, containing, besides other pajiera with- ! out any ral ie, a Statu bond of 100 thillers, No. 40,040, se.ies 401, PruMian loan Of ISM. All peraous are b -reby 1 captioned against negotiating said bond,iuid the Under will please return it to tho office of tho New York staats Zeitung, No. 17 Chatham street, New York, where the above reward will bo paid. <2l1A REWARD.?LOST, ON' THl'RSDAY EVENING, 1 KP AVJ Se4>t. 5. a Itlaek and Tan liog, with a red collar, an I u plate with the name of Spider. I lease return him to No. 4 Urand street, and receive the above reward. WM. ERENOH. ( (ttt I /A REWARD.?LOOT, IN JONES' WOOD, THl'RJ- , ij) J.V/ day afternoon, an English open face Lover ' \\ .\icli, being the gift of a deceased friend. Tho owner will give th" fluder the above reward by leaving it with Schlesmger & lilumenthal, 120 I.iberty street. CJl t)A REWARI>.?LOST, ON BOARD T.IEPROPELLER 1 OwU that landed the passengers from the stoatnolnp i n the .loth fust., a Carpet Hag, conta niiig Clothing and two Cold Watches. The abovo reward will , be paid on delivery of the Bag aud contents to Thomas Owen & Son, 168 S<? tli street. kxt i ksionn. CWAP EXCURSION TOCAMPSON STATEN ISLAND? : J Fare six coins bys'taten Inland ferry, foot of White- , hall street,between the battery and South ferry. (>unle , to camps:?To reach regiment* f New Yoik Kiiies, British Volunteer*, Mechanics and Artlzens' Empli eZouaves, and ! Yat-s Rilles, all at Camp Washington; Scott Ritlos and Ira Harris Gun: d cavalry, at Silver lake; Third I isli Voli.nteera, at l amp Carrigau, Old Quar.mtu.e tiround, i and Cameron Light Infantry, at Camo Morrison?have j steamboat at first landing, floats leave every hour from < 6 A. M. to 7 P. M. Ou line Sundays every half hour to 7 P. it. EEGULAR BOAT TO THK FISHING BANKS. j Fare SO cent*. j Steamer CROTON, ("apt. Dutnont, < Leaves Tenth street, K. ft., 7:15; l'eck slip, 7:45. t Leavct Spring street, N. H..8 10; pier No. 4, U A. M. Leaves the Bunk-, 2 30 1*. M. N. B.?After this date the following landings will be discontinued:?Broomo street, Bro klyn and Thirtieth 1 street. August 29. t - I RESTAl'llANTS. Fish chowdf.r, fried halibut, krikd h>tato: s, . Roll, lie'l loiis Colfee,13c.; tender lb-cist'a'.;*, Veal 1 i utlets, Lamb Cbo|ia, Prime Cuts, at 10c.; Sweet potatoes, ? Lima B a;.*, Tomatoes, Succotash, hot Corn, I'u Idiugs, J 6c.; Pie% 4o.; best Coffee aud Toa, 3c. Union Rcstau- J rant, 2U Liberty street. ; I HOPE MY FRIENDS AND PATRONS WILL EXCUSE . an advertisement to-day. Yestenfay I went down to I Ilia Fishing minks, and did not return till too late to write c one. Tho Dncst gla s of M of gey, To II ins .V Co. 's Ale for I three cents, at No. 2 Cortlauit sireet, northwest coi n :r of Rroadwav. SPFWrUt RAILROADS. Hudson iuvi.r uaiijmaik?tkaTna fob albany, c Troy, the North and W;ust, loave Chambers street n at 7 ana 11 A. M., aiiJ 3.30, 5 and 10:16 P. M. ; "VTKW YORK, HARLEM AND ALilANY RAILROAD ; J_1 S'iiiitiicrai r?DX-riMit.?Kxcrcw train fur Albany, 1 'liny, North ami We.-t. loaves Twenty-sixth street Station r at 11 A. M. For loeai truing see tiine table. jj JOHN BURt'HILI., Assistant Superintendent. CLOTHlSoi f QUANTITY OK CAST OFK CLOTHING p wanted, for tho Western market. First rate prices j will he given, and > Ash pa,d In current money. Apply to \ J. MORONI- V, 4S1 1 earl street, next block to'Chatham. At k/kkifls oi.d stand?i.uiifs and gknts can obtain the following price# for their c:?st o(T D CMIiIng:?Ktom $5 to $35 lor silk Dres-es, from (3to$16 t f T Coats,from $1 to $5 for 1'ants. A nolo by pi g', pimctu- p fl'ly attended to by Kst'-ki 1,134sleveuth avenue, between ? Niiirt-euth and Tw entieth street!. Ladioa attended to by a Mrs. R political. ] National union cp.ntral committer ok nkw n York city will meet this evening, at mom No. 10 V Ooper Inst.tu'te. JOHN C. HAM, Chairman. W i i.i .1 am Secretary. B EXPHESSEgT^ ] BURNHAM'S EXI'rksm FURNITURE PACKING ES- 1 tihli*hment, 113 Weil Eleventh stre"t, bvtwe>n Fifth ati'l Sixth avenues HoisehoM fu. riltire, piano- g fortes, stAt.iary, paintings, mirror*, hote l and *hiiipe1 4 to all i-art* of the world. Covered watfi as for removal of furniture to the country. Storage for furniture. WINKS AND U(tl'OHS.~ 4 Hammkr s frk-h brhwko chimpacne ale on draught at W. J. RIPHXC'S, No. 4 John street. THK ATTENTION OK TAVKRNKEEI'FKS A NO LIQUOR fl iealer* in general 1* respectfully lohoitod to the ; ?m>": ior quality of Hammer's fresh bre?e<t Cliampngue Ale Thi? tile i? brewed fresh at all re.ia. ua of the MM! Ins ko iii't< <1 llttyof IVapKltllf of 9 ,ch b ewe'l t during the itv xi:e?s'v? hoi .v ntlier, is g'!i"Ant?l fo ? *n> :f t m?'. Chvfie$'2'>?i !>M ,hnil $5 per bbl I rte i-.e-eil V<atiy put I '4 :b??ity of Ko<\ York, r.-t ife> a i<e <s". Paymout, caslt on delivery. Or( in gont to Ham- t me: * Brewery, it: Harlem, wiil be attended to with da- * t{) 1Mb. \ f 4, I wimifl, ... r BRITISH AXO NUK-IU AJAiJHt'AS.SOTAL *4Of raunm wo* n? ton id mi?w. Wef Cabin Fuwgx CUM ooouauibia ravage ... _ ., _ rtou bowoh to unvooiw nlef Cabin Passage tUC econd Cabin i*m^e .......*.****** ( The Hhi|is from Now York call at Cork Harbor.""* Tin) nlii|? from Boston call at Halifax and Cork Harbor. F.KSIA, Captain Judkins. AFRICA, Captain shannao, KAUIA, Cupula J. Slime. CANADA, Captain J. UHelu >IA, Captain E O. Lot*. 4MFRICA,Captain HocUey. iUSTRALASI AN, NI AO A It A, Captain Moodist Captaludook. EUROPA. Captain Anderso?. ^ SCOTIA (now building). V These vessels carry a clear whito light at numUtmto ri>en on starboard bow; rod on port bow. i 1 FR1CA, Shannon, leu vis Now York. We,dnesday,Au(f.l4 L'ROl'A, Andorson, " Boston, Woduesday,An*. 21 KK81A, Judkins, " Now York, Winlm -iday, Aug. ANADA, Moodie, " Boston, Wednesday Sw t. 4 S1A, I?tt, " Now York, Woduesday,Se^t. 11 RAB1A, Stone, ? Hoston, Wednesday,Sept 1# FRICA, Shannon, " Now York, Wednesday,SfevH# Berths not secured until paid for. An exiiorlenced surgeon on bourd. Tho owners of these ships will not be acoountable for old,Silver,Bullion, Specie,Jewelry,Proclooa Stonea or totals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and thr aluu thereof therein expressed. For fmight or passage 1'1'ly to E. CUNARB, No. 4 Bowling Orean. JTKAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND UVERPOUL 5 landiug and embarking passengers at Q1111W own, Iroland. The Liverpool, Now York andPbiladal ihia Steamship company intend despatching^ their ful lowered Clyde built Iron steamships as follows:? JLASCOW Saturday, Sept. f 7ITY OF liAI.TWORE Saturday,Sept. 21 tnd every succoeding Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 forth river. * uw twrttfum. first cabin JMf Steerage 4M \ Do. totttadon 80 I l)o. t<> I/mdon SI ? Do. to l'arts 851 Bo. to Paris M ' Do. to Hamburg 86 I Do. to Hamburg N 1 Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotter- I lam, Antwerp, ho., at equally low rates. i Persona wishing to bring out their friends can bif j tickets here at the following rates to New York:?Fro* A Liverpool or Queenstown, First Cabin ,$7R.$86 and $1M> steerage from Uvorjiool, $40. From QueeuRtown,$30. Theso steamers have sni>ertor accommodations for pa* <engors and earry experienced surgeons. Thoy are bulM \" in water ti^ht iron sections, and have patent flreanniM* lators <>n board. For further information apply at th? Company's offloflk I JOHN G. DAIJS, Agent, 15 Broadway, N. Y. r^Ti,'AU vdau vumr v/tov T nn-'Diwv?T tuts S steamship GREAT EASTERN, naviug fiilflllod her contract wiiii the British govorammt, h Mill sail from J. New York for Liverpool Ou Saturday, October 6. , RATKM OK I'AHSAC n. la first cabin, $95 a $136. according to statoroooi ao- f coiumodation, all oilier privileges being equal. In tlijril rabin, from $35 to $f>0. Suits oi Hrst eiass upartmouU for families aaj be mgnged by gpocml arrangement. The liHEAT EASTERN will leave Liverpool on bar return trip Tuesday, October 29. Plans of the Kbii> can be neon, and engagements mate for freight and passage on application to HOWLAND k ASI'INWALL, Agent*, 64 and 65 South street. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AN1> HAVRE. On Saturday, Sept. 14, Ununited States mall Hn?Mf D. Linen, commander, Will sail from pier No. 37 North river, footofBeMh ' street, on Saturday, September 14, at noon. This steamship (unsurpassed for safety and comfort) Iias double engines under deck, onclosed by water tight compartments, which, liosi'los other results, tend, lu till Bvent of collision or stranding, to keep the pumps fres to work, and secure the safety of vessel and passeagws. For frelgh t or passage apply to SAMUEL M. BOX, GEO. MACKENZIE, Agents, No. T Broadway. The steamer FULTON will sail October 12. Direct steamship ijnf, KNTWSEir NEW YORK, HAVRE AND ANTWERF. The notv m; spien id Btramer, Al, congress. Capt. Lunning, 2 0) tons. 800 burse power, W'll i-all from New Yo'k ca Thursday, Sopt'imber 19. Fo Havre and n worp, < trcct. Fries of passage lor Havre, Ant waji, Southampton m } London:? Firct cabin $1M S^cc" .nd c bin M Stew age M Children b' tween one and t< n years of ago, half prioe. For freight apply to WM. F. S' HMHJT. 70 e iver street For pass go apply to HENRY M. WEED, 187 W *t s.r?et, corner of Krado street. STEAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AM Southampton. The Hamburg American Packet Company's iron sleaaaihip ;'Kt lu -1A, ll i.ub , commander, carrying Uts United States mail, will leave from pier 21 North rirar. Toot uf Fulton sUset, SATURDAY, Sept. 7, at noon, Tor Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passengers fB Havre, London, Southampton and Hamburg. First cabin, $100; Becond cabin, $60; steerage, $36. The steumers of this line will leave every altsrMlt 3aturday, carrying the United States mall. The steamship Hainmonia will succeed the Teutoi4a?a Septeinb. r 21. C. B. RICHARD k BOAS, 161 Broadway. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAM-HIP NEW YORk, G. Wcnuo commander, carrying the VntteS States mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot <d I'luunbers street, on SATURDAY, September 28, at 12 o'clock If., FOB BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking prissongois to LONDON, HAVRE, southampton and BREMEN, it Dm following rati *:? Kor the first cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steersM J.15. For freight or passago apply to Or.LRIOllS & CO., 68 Broad street. For london?sails seit. o, the splendid sh? CHIUS11ANA, from pier 21 East river. Passenger* taken in the second cabin state rooms, and fouml in pr?visions, at reduced stee-age prices. The packet shif PATRICK HENRY will fallow tho above. For passags ippiy to TH08. C. RO HE, 83 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL.?'THE BLACK HAIX LINE Of packets. The ciipiier ship HARVEST CJUEEN sails Scptenib -r 13. Kor passage apply on board, foot of Reek nan Ftreet, East river, or to JACOB WlIiJON, 101 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL?TAI'SCOTT'S LINE?THE FAVO rito packet ship I'MEfiALD ISLE, lying at pier 33 Ast river, sails Seplembur 7, aud packet ship G0Y MANHKBING September 11. Kor passage at low rates, or draft! >n England or Ireland, apply to TAPSCOTT ic CO., No. 84 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL?OLD BLACK STAB LINE.?TH1 packet ship lying at pier 27 Rist river sails on the l-ih of September. Tho CYNOSURE sails on tho 19th oI <eot<'mb t. For passage or draft* on Ireland, fcc., appl# ? WILLIAMS & UUION, 40 Fulton street. FOR 1JVERPOOL.?THE FIRST SHIP LEAVING PORT. The splendid clipper ship RICHARD S. ELY, Capt. M. jivitigstOD| will positively sail Sept. 11. This ship ha* iplendid accommodations for all classes of passengers, "or passage apply on board, at pier 14 East river, or t? lO-EI'H MURPHY, 61 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL.?THE WORLD WIUE KNOWN clipjier ship DREAHNOUGHT, Captain Samuels, actuowlei!g>'d to be tho fastest vessel alloat, positively sails >n the 10th of September. For passage, reduced rates, ipply on board, pier 6, North river, or to P. M. DEM A REST. 40 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL?THE SPLENDID PACKET sfflp JERE TliOMl'SON,at anchor in the stream, saila morrow. This Is one of the largest and fastest ships Tossing tho Atlantic, and has made two tripe this year ia XLIN'E FOR I.ONDOX.?THE FAVORITE AND WELL kn.'wn puckotship SOUTHAMITON. lying at pier 7 i'.ast rivor, ?.iiU September 10. For p.]S4ftge, at loir ati'S, or draft* on any t*rt of Groat Hritain or Ireland, pply ou board or to TAl'SCUTT & CO., M South street. k USTRAUA?KANGAROO LINE FOR MELBOURNE? First vessel.?T las m.tgnillcrnt first class ship JA<K 'HOST, 2>000 tons b trthwi. will have early and prom pa cspatch. The accommodations for possrngers are vorjr nperior. Early application must bo made on board, pitar 0 East river, or to M AIIJ.KR, LORD & QUEREAU, 1M V.UI striot. A C8TRAL1A.?PIONEER IJNE, CARRYING TEDi Ui itod St at os Mail. Rritisli clipper snip SIAM to ?w rapidly loading for Melbourne and Sydn?y, and wil " ?"-I?-- - I " *w www assed accommodations for tlrst and second class parson* rs For freight or passage apply to R. W. CAMKKON, 0 Reaver st eet. FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. A first class steamer will leave New Tork on tk* st, 11th and 21st of each month, except when these dates ill on Sunday, when the day of departure will be on tkm londay following. For freight or passage apply ?' the only office, Ne. $ lowllnx Green. D. B. ALL?N, Agent. For matanzas. To sail on Monday, September #, at two o'clock R, I.. ARMKD WrTH R n.KIl &1JBIO*. The United Slates mall steamship MATANZAS, Llee% ang, commander, Is ready to receive freight at pier N4> North river, fool of Morris street. For freight or passage apply to MORA BROS, NAVARRO k 99., M Kxchange place. Malls close at the Post office, atl o'clock P. M., en te ay of sailing. No cargo received nor bills of lading signed Ihe daf ?C ailing. Commonicationg between MalansM sad Havana by rsffi Ive times a day. COAL. Cou.?rh1no WH0LB8ALE AND RETAIL AQENt for th# sale of some of th-f N*i red sah and . ingn oo \l, I wlil sell curiae* at the lowest pots ble prloet .no >y iailatn i wer price than anv other dealer la hi, .'.Iif Y ird.8 oornerof King and Greenwich streets, md CO Roosovc'.t street, corner ol New Bjwury. MATTHEW GUNTOH* i

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