Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1861 Page 2
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2 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, Sopt. C?C P. M. There is nothing new in the monoy market. Taper coiitlnuoM scarce, except names which are not readily currcnt. The brokers borrow at 4 a 6, and the supply continues in excess of the demands nt these rates. We continue to buy very sparingly front abroad. Our imports of dry goods for the week ending to-day only amount to $#32,301 against $2,273,255 same week Inst year, and $2,010,90(5 same week of 1859. Foreign exchange id steady, without much animal ion. Bankers sell at 107% a J4' for sterling, and 5.32% a 35 for francs. I'rodueo bills sell at the usual concession from these prices. Stocks continue to advance, with a general increase of busim ss in all descriptions. The inquiry for railway shares was active this morning, and prices advanced in every instance. At the first board Illinois Central rose 1s\ per cent, Galena yt, guaranteed Yt> Toledo llock Island } {, Hudson Urie Yi' Central The most popular among these speculative sharc3 are those of the Western roads; tl; j shares of the near by lines arc hurt by the compcl i: n now pending between the Central and the Erie. Pacific Mail advanced to 78 this morning: the alarm regarding privateers seems to bo subsiding, though there is, apparently, as much prouud tcr it as there ever wus. There was no charge this morning in government stocks; they continue to be bought for investment in large parcels from day to day. The two year Treasury notes are now within 1?^ of par. At this rate the 7 3-10 no es : ::ouli^ be worth a premium. The buhinet-: dene this morning in Southern Slate stocks was lighter than usual of late, and declined '4 per ceut. Other description^ were. -'eady. After the board the market con* tinned :'nn, and s iias of the speculative stocks were higher in the street. At the second board every; 1:1; . wrs firm and cloc-ed strong, the followbig being the last quotations:?'United States C'sfegis?t :>i, l- -1. -)Y* a V, United StalesG's. con. |>on, I- -I, WS'n '4; United States 5's,ls74,i?0 a Indiana o's, 77; Virginia C's, 54 a 56; Ten* ncssee O's. UYt a ??; North Carolina 6's, 62% a 6 >: M. vri C's, -Wl4 a $ ?: Pacific Mall, 7!>% a ^0; New Yt ik Central, 74},' #\i; Eric, 25a 2(5; do. preferred, 4-^ a CO; Hudson River, 33% c. 34; liar' lem, 11*? a % . do. preferred, 2"}g a 26; l??adding. 3'3 a %*, Michigan Central, 42% a 43; Mich'. g!";n Soutlv . and Northern Indiana, 14% a %: do, gnarantet'.l. 3i a 32; Panama, 10s a 110; Illinois Central, C* a Galena and Chicago, Cf% a Cleveland a'id Toledo, 30^ a Chicago and Rock Island, 44n.j a 4r>; Chicac >. Rnrlington and # Quincy, 63 .1\:k: Delaware, Lavk~waiia& Western, 7% a 6tiy9. Rubincsslfl reviving steadily, a;.d merchandise of all kinds is recovering its value. There is more movement tliau there has been for home time in Bugar, tea, cofl'ee and cotton and w oollen goods. The expenditure of a million and a quarter per day is telling 011 all our market;'. Tim sv.bBci iptions to the du1?1:c loan continue to be libel. l. The number of applications to-day was as great as on any previous day. The business Of the Rub-Treasury was as follows:? Bocoipts jfSi'?7.:.0U 12 ?For Customs 8 .<100 00 ?1Treasury nous fiiT.Ooo 03 Payments 1.110,864 64 Balance 11,430,902 la Mr. Cisco has received from the Secretary of the Treasury a draft on tho city banks for $1!, 100,000. being si.\ per cent additional on account of the thirty-five million loan. The exc hanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $13,001),<341 67, and the balances 1907,851 07. Tiic Boston Da ibj Adcerliser of yesterday says:? Trado Is gradually its accustomed channel*. Many mills, in various sections of New Kngland, wliii b have b?en : t rest onoor more months, arc again In motion and ar running nt tull speed, mating goods for the army and navy. Tiic large di.tbuis< meuu? <if Ibc government arc having more influence iu business circles, ::s capital is mora freely circulated. The Boston Post of the same day remarks:? Tho Testing in the street was co. tclcat ; nd cheerful. Covcrmncni scourttie? were better, and for copper shares tho bids were more aetivo, and, iu some cases, higher. Ingot copper is qulto tlrm and, prospectively, the miuing shares look bettor. But the c'lapantcs will not get n largo advanta o i liia year from th" rise iu ingot cojip r, as most of M:ew have told at the going rates tarougn the season. The Chicago Tribune nuns up the grain movement of tho week ending September i Compared with the week previous, tbero is an Increase cm the receipts of Hour of 3,000 barrels,and about 100,000 bushels iu corn; but tho supply of wheat shows a failing off of 126,000 bushels. In the shipments there is an la VIOU9V '.?! ? WV UrtllOiA <#1 lilMti . ilU'l aiK'Ul UUhU' IK of com; h it a decrease of 120,000 builiels tn wheat. Reti tiring tlx1 flour to wheat, the receipts of all liin'.a of era 11 (luring the week foot up 2.214 672 bushels, against 2,284,533 buthelis tho weok previous. The receipts at tide water of flonr, wheat, corn and barley for tho fourth week of August, lbCO and 1861, have been as follows:? ' Flour, Ms. Wheat, tm. Com, bu. Barley,toe180 0 *3,600 370,200 "J41,100 0,:>.00 18G1 C5,700 740,000 1.333.900 ? I Inc..02,200 Inc..864,700 Iur..382,800 Dec.6,800 The aggregates ?r the receipts of the above articles for tho years 1 fcflO utid lstil, liavo beer? Flour, Wheal. Corn, Sarlry, I'bh. bufh lu.'h. 0nsh. 1860 407,000 4,837,900 fl.fiSO.GOO H3.200 180 1 028,400 13,022,GOO iO,682.C00 187,600 | Increase...221 400 8,184,600 b99,500 102,400 Ki-dueing the wheat to flour, the excess in tho receipts of 1861 is equal to 1,858,316 bbls of flour. The receipts at tidewater or tho principal articles of produce from tho opening of the canals to and including the 31st ult., have been as follows:? 1861. I860. 1809. Canal open. May 1 Afril 20. April 16. flour, bbls 628.400 407,000 211.500 Wheat, bushels 13,022,000 4.h:ri.900 733,400 I Corn 10,582,000 V,6N}.000 1.696 70O Barley 187,600 86,200 162,700 Ryo 412,700 120,600 107,500 OutS ' 3,037,000 3.710,100 3,430,600 The followiag is the August statement of the Illinois Central Railroad Company:? Land Department. Arret. Value. Construction lands 2,606.66 $35,175 15 Interest fund lands 80.00 1,046 40 Free lauds 7WJ.CI 12,167 76 Total during August, 1861.. 0,482.27 $4\319 31 To which add town lots ? 1,831 00 ^ ' Total or all $50,150 31 , Binco January 1,1861 71,360.06 $1,036^34 07 Previously (uot sales) 1,260,273.46 16,147,983 91 Total.. 1,831,634.12 $17,244,817 98 Construction bonds cancelled previous to Aui criiat ?ll "* ?*?? t\nn _ Collections in August ob Construction Bond account 57,000 Collection in August fur I'ree Laud and Interest account 38,405 Total collections to tbc31sl or August, 1861. . i OX,814 Traffic Department. Receipt* from p?B9<iigera $53,663 Receipts from fre ight .t 170.058 Receipts from tnail!'. 6,258 Recoiptsfrom rent of road 4,?t3 Receipts ti oin other sources 3.067 | Total receipts in month of Au/jost, 1861 $230,280 Total receipts in month of August, 1800 248.970 Total receipts since Jnnuary 1,1861 $1,845,397 Total receipts in corresponding period of I860... 1,016,786 The lust bank of England statement shows the following variations as compared with the previous week:? j Invent'. DmWJC. Pul)lic deposit? ?770,547 ~ Other deposits ? 252.058 Kotcs In circulation.. ? tW 475 Best 0,144 ? On the other side of the account? Oovorninsnt ^.curities 135,000 ? Othor securities 109,63* ? Ooin and bullion 185,023 ? es unemployed 270,058 ? toners. Baring Brothers & Co. notice fl limited lusinesR in American stocks aril prices nominal, except for United States fives, which ore held at 71 a 72, Mr. E. F. Satterthwaitc Bays:The market for American securities remain." steady but Without activity. For New York Central sluin g there is no demand. Illinois Central shares are heavy at 39V a S8& discount, and Frio il.ill ?. on/ - at i . : ? - .......... ?v < A-? t.i i*: 1*11" * I terred ar'j in dotiviinl at the close at ltailro;?<l boti'!.?T first clud- have been well maintained. We note, bow erer, notwithstanding tUe saisty ol tbo *ec>irlty,s ftrcul ftbsonce of thai fri-e buying on the part of inveitorn, wliicU used to characterize the mnrlft for ttfin: but tHitlo some pnrcbaiws hav ben made for English atCount, the major jiortiou of the bond* offered for f*1o? 0Uch as New York Central. Penusylvaula Central, Michig?u OvUU&l Mui lUiuvic UuVrul?Uavo bo?n tak?u for re NET mUtouco to America, where they have commanded * higher value. Stock Exchange. Klui>AY,8opt. 4,1861. $1000 V 8 a>,'02, cou 85 50 ehs NYCen URifl. 78? XiXHlOirSC's,'67.... B8 433 do 73Jtf 2000 IT S 6 ?,'08,cou 88 60 Erlo RR 26 ISOOO US6'8, '81,oou 89Ji 76 Erie RR pref 48 3J0U0 U 8 6'a, '06..., 87 20 Hud Rivor RR.... 33 P60t>0 U 8 6'g, ll.oou 80K 100 do 38# C00O U S 6's,'74,cou 80 60 do 33>f 1 6000 do ut fi 10% 34 Harlem RR pref.. 25>? 10000 TroM 12 p c ii. 100>4 60 do HlO 25% 60000 Troos 0 n c 2 v. 88\i 260 Mich S&NI RR... 14 10500 do UStf 150 Mich S&N I gstk. COX lt^OilO Toim C'?, '00... 43% 60 .do I>?0 81 llKX'O Virginia C'? />4^ 60 Panama Kit...nOO 107 20000 N Carolina fl's. 02 100 111 Con RR scrip.. 67 20000 MissouriO's.... 4360 do U30 07 10000 do 435] fOO do 07^ 6000 do b30 43X 200 do 61X 7o?h) do 4;;^ 100 do sl6 67 K 25<>0 California 7 B.. 77}^ 65 ('lev, 0>l&?Mn UR.. 05 30l'0 N Y Central fl'B 91' aoo Gal & Clilc liii.slS 09 8')UOi:uc^dmox,'79 08250 do 09}? 4000 Hud RH, IbI in 103 49 do 00 1000 AlichC8l)Cl>s,oM 92 150 do C9'.i 4000 MoO .-llollfcSJH -!7 ij' 60 do l<30 69 2000 do 47 flOCIcy & Toledo RR. 30>i 1000 Vich82 l in bs 02 100 do 30fi 1000 JI.c'M B-" F lid" 70 200 do 1)60 80^ 3600 III C-i) I'K li's 03 300 do 80X 700 ' hlSNV'SK bds 81 100 do 830 30'.1 40 1 s IV.! k of Com 80 60 Chic Rk Lai IUt. 43 65 Wofro.xJ I :n li k 82 250 do 43*? 25 Vaikct B'k 80 110 do 43^ 10 In p rratiora ll'k 79 lao do bOO 43% .0 I acifi' M Sd Co.. 77Ji 100Ch,Bur'U &Qu Rlt 82 10 do 77'4 KOMlU PrdiiCli RR 175 <lo 7 s 60 r?l,li&Wes'n RR 08 066 H Y ( m ik... TIN 10 s .1 Central Kit., ill B i'o 7.;'j lo dp 110 100 do bl5 73% SKl'OND DOUtll. B7X BOshtAnerbBk.. 77 4000 FSV'a, 89 v, 16 lil; of Airoi ira... 95 PWto'lV '.iiiCpct,2v. 9- ft) Cm-Mai! fS Co... 77 V It -o liv:wl2prt... 1 a \ 100 X Y Central RR.. 73>. V:0 Kentucky 6's.. 74'., 100 Ron 11:,g RR 35!} ^'n.K> V, tm. #'?, "00.4-: 100 Mioh iVrf.ul Rlt.. 4i>4 C2' OJ M.-- uri Gs? 4"4< 60 Mi S / N In RR... 13 j, ! '.Hi do bCO 43',; f>0 ilo 14 H>n California Vs.. 77>4 109 MiSf.Nl 1 stk. "0 120" ? 1 Virginia 0V 541 i 20 CI. Co k Cln RR.. 95 2 00 . V Con l.f-, '70. 101 800 Clo li Tul RR..U30 30 <-i lMNMI'mUl m 1 RIO itr. SOU fititiO MrSi>clm>r<'bfc. 07 too (io 30% ::,J00Ilarlem I m be. y.i'J 276 Chi & Rk 1 RR. -. 48 ? 250 slu l'hcul* Bk... 86 50 do 030 43& Tim 3DUV (iOODS Tit AI>E. The following is a comparative ptnlement of the inijx.rts ol' foreign dry (; < Is at New York for tho week anil Hi&c* January 1:? An-Aetna*. 1859. J860 1801. Filter. ' ut tU-" port... $2,010,904 2,273,255 832 301 IMr wn - n market... 2,005 065 2,"15.430 1,115,053 Si'iter Jan. 1. Fin. r 1 at the pert.. ,$s6,fi->fi,8il 7H.351.731 .85,0C1,#30 thrown on marki-t... 86,^5X62 78 156,'.'69 3.i,u.t3,y3l By ill " above tnb'.e it wilt be seen that tlio goods ouI icreO. :.t this \? rt the pr t week were le?s than half the | amount for tho same weok in tho two previous yearn, while the amount thrown ui>ou the market> about one half of that for the fame period in 18VJ-80. Thoaggxegat(? since the l^t of January lust arc under one half of I tlie ui i>unt for the same time in the two prevlou. year-. Of the eco-ls cinered fere m i.niptl'in. woollei,-, .imouul* i cd to #24!*,*10. cotton to $05,247, fci'.kx lo $1W,flux to $45,(> 'J. misecllunto'l:", S-;i .118?total. |f?87.867. Th e\r>-11 ot iwttoii dome-u ; oflii the |>t?t v. <vk w ere quit? | tight. i a wilt be aera by the foQcvlai table. Tie a<! ni I tu l>. v.ti Mm In : i.ti-1 i'lwel.iMi pioee goOt'j hits4 t.-nded I to rhe 'k export!-:? Hair*. Value. Venezuela 23 $1,753 New Urinaria 8H 4 859 ir.-.yti ::o 2,013 Mar.ielllfS U 1,17' Brit'sh Woet Indies 1 21 Total 165 510,429 l'ruv ioualy ieported 40,020 Sinco January 1 40,775 Acn fcea barn mora (how ol tca !^ the pKwNk. | mistug from b tier Western ilcnein I, combined I witli government i-om t ardor*, 'iho chief atu r. u.'u bus in 11 in staple d in. tii' c> >i i r.u goods, I all si vhs of wtoi'-h were held with more lb inn- liown -Uirtiuk uU'1 sii->otiii!'s liiivj ailvmr d ti 12c.. mil bliwlnl do. to 10c. a 12c. Prills wore Barce,ar.d hold at 10c. a lOJ.iC. tiitton flunn I wore scarce and tlrm. (': . imcres and *at ih i.i were in good donjkut at full prlcon. So or roil llauncl, &o. Fiiielifn goods were ttcad\ and prices sustained, while transactions were limited. The cash system c >ntinues (>i be in-rial by both impcric,* ami ?<.>uji1 where ir.'dit i given a liberal discount is allowed for cash. CITY COM?TERCIAT, HKPORT. I'UIHAY, Sept. 0?0 l\ M. AeintB.?Small sale. were making at $5 25 for pot: and $5 871; for pearl.. IIi'.eah^i'iw.?Klour?The interrupted roceipts, which were light, tended t icl: ik transactions, wliil Hi'' chief demand was from the homo irnde. Tlic liausactions footed tip about 12.UO0 bids., closing withiu the following raiigo of prices:? Snperfine State f t 40 a 4 60 Extra State. good to choice.... 4 Co a 4 !'5 Hupetftnc Woiu rn -I >10 a 4 60 Common to choice Western extra 4 CO ? 6 00 Kxtrft Canada 4 70 a <J 60 Mixed to straight Southern ? ()0 a ft CO Straight to good extra do 5 70 a 8 00 Choice extra family and bakers' brands... 8 00 a 8 75 Rye Hour 2 26 a 3 50 Corn meal, Jersey and Frandywine. 2 80 a 3 10 ?Canadian flour was in noderats demand, at quotationsSouth -i n flour was dull an J li?av> , with sales of 400 a jO^ bMs., within tho range of the above llguree. Bye flour was dull at our figures, with sales of 175 bbls. Com meal was in moderate request, whilo sales were confined to 125 hbls. Wheal?The receipts wore light, and the market Arm, especially for good i slopping lots: the sales footed up oli 'UtfiS.OOO bushels, nt fl 31 for choice while Michigan; f I 2- a SI 2." for whitr Ohio; $1 20 a $1 30 foi white Kentucky, $1 22 for amber do.; $117 a $1 18 for amber Michigan; ?1 12 a$1 15 for red Western; $1 05 for Raeino spring, and $1 04 a $1 03 for Milwaukee club. ( orn opened with firmness and in fair demand, but closcd dull and lower; tho sj'cs cmbraced 80,000 bushels, at 47o. iWe. for shipping eastward: 49c. a 49WC. for good Western mixed, for export, and 51kc. for Western \ i llow. Ilyo was firm. with .--alts of 4,000 bushels, at (?< . foe Western. and 68<'. for North | river. Parley and barley mail were quiet, mid namiuV. | Osts were firm and in good demand at 27c. a 30c. for Ca I nadiaru and 33c. for Stat? and Western. Ootusif.?The market was steady, with sales of TOO bags I'io at 14c. a 15c.; 60 mats Java at lOJgC.; 120 do. Mara aibo at 16". a 16}jc., and 30 dn. Jamaica at 16,\e. CoTToy.?The market was sotno less spirited, though firm hud in good demand. The sales cmlwaccd about 2.2C0 bales, cloning ou the btteis of 22c. a 22,% c. for nilil.dling uplands. Fheigbtv.?To Liverpool rat .* for (.'rain worn easier and engagements more moderate. About 25,000 a 30,000 bushels of com wore tak^u, in ship's I>?^k, at lOd.; wheat was takvu at 10j?d., flour was quiet at 2s. T/*d. a 2:;. 8d.,and 20.000 lbs. tallow were cngase-! at 20s. l;at< s to London were firm, with little do-.aj. To Havre lfl.POO bushels of wheat were engaged, In ship's bugs, at 23c., and 1,.'00 bbls. (lour at 80c. To Naples a vcrtel w as engaged to take tobacco at 65*. Ha* was lo steady demand, in part on government account, at 40c. a 60c.' Hit>fa?a moderate speculative and out-of town inquiry prevails for dry hides, but the extreme Qrnrooss of holders check operations. From the trade, who usually at this season of tits year arc liberal purchasers, no demand exists, the Jarce stock of leather nnd the limited business doing in the article deterring them from In creHswK mcir oit-rai ?>?.?. rriieBare in n great measure nominal, and most m the sales- nru made on privato terms. For domestic slaughters an increasing demand prevails from tanners, but holders ore advancing tlifir nretl-nDion*. rsiiM tor the week have betn?1.000 dry JUiotit.s Ayres ut 16>?e. catJt, in liond; 3 000 dry Klo Grande, | 1.000 Montevideo, 3,800 Soulbw effern. and' 800 Texas, on I private terms; 2,800 city #lnuf4iiors bold ut 0c. cash, and &.000 dry Vera Cruz wero slopped to Europe. Ij.'jUIIkti?A marked improwmont is manifest in the market for bemloc'? sole, but Uie btbiuoas doing if still far from satisfactory. Heavy prime leather. beu>K scarce. CMtnmauds better prices thaii iightei]wftigbts._Oak tanned of all descriptions is In active iv<ju?n(. Mola>mi9<.?The market was firm nu<! quiet. Naval Stobbs.?3akf of 400 bbls. spirits wero made at | $1 26, 400 bbls. comrnoB rosin were sold at U "5, and I 1,000 do. No. 1 do. do. al ffl. Piovimoss.?Tort?'The market was easier for mess. The i-aliti embraced about 3.300 bbls.. chlclly on account of govt rnment contractors, kt $14 a $14 23, wbllu prime gold lit %'.) Id. aud at $10 for good heavy bbls. Beel Ml Arm, with galea of 316 bhlf". re]w-krd mess at $10 25 a 111 f?o, and extra do. at ?12 26 a 113 80. Cut meats were inactive: w?le? of 1C0 hlxlK. a?.d tiorces were made ut 4,Va4V for shoulders, and 5 V- n 0>?c. for liams. Lard wa* db fidy, with i-alei of 200 bids. and tierces at 8 V- a 0<?c. Butter and cbcosc wue m fiiir deinond. and pri'S unchanged. Brx?Salts of ubout 2Q0 casks vcro made at e,'?'c. Spina.?Sales 1000 ibp. nutmegs w ere made at p. t. J-Touis were Arm and quite active, with sales of 4 000 Llids., chiefly Cubas, within the ran^e of 7c. a 7 '^c. for fair refining grades, and 7. u 8c. for fair to goodgrotcry prades. XoBAoro.?Low gril le? of Kentucky are much in rc;jue?(, ttndpricoevory firm. Thei sembraced812hbd?. SUn wv kv fit "c. a ?j,c.. 62 bait* Yora at i. t . ue ra e* teed I lo?f nt 0'<o. ft 7)<c. Whiskm i llrmcr, with ?;?!<5 of 160 ht> f. hi 10c. I Wow.?An a'livo deunwl contluu<x f"r nil grates j suitoillii the manufacture of army good* ar.1 tic market 1 >.< now nearly l>ar<* of these qualitk*. Kiue . .o...-, > ill r?outiu inactive. The kii!?w thid week iuci'wi< 30'j l.a'-s , low California at 12c. a 17<*., 100 bale* flnoChili'iri at | nr.d 160 bales Has! li iio at 16c. a 2$c., oi' nil. i. Aleut, , 70.000 )bf. (Kuieidc Ucccc und pulled to il at '#> :. a 34c., catU. Salrt nf Real Kstatc. ByJtnnisM Miller. j Two lots ti. p. iSJil m., liotwcen 3d and 3d av? $*,711 )^>i northeast cruer of 45th n. itn l lltti av 4,10s I loupe au<! two lots s. b. 26lli s!., near 0th av J- ~*J> I Hwi? and lot?. f. Mlhat., awr M 10 lioug? and lot 8, e, do. do &/>w 1 W YORK HERALD, SATU JSHJPPING NEWS^ ALMANAC roll ?( TOBK?THIS DAT. ?nc ami s w i moo* me ib evo 7 S3 t* im 0 21 I I1IUU WATl'.lt OVU 10 21 Fort of (Tew Vork, September 0, 1801. CLEARER. Steamship Glasgow (lJr), McUuigao, Liverpool-John O Steamahip Teutonla (Ham), Taube, Southampton and Hamburg?fCun hard t A Co. Ship Jeremiah Thompson, Blake, Liverpool?S Thompson's Nephew. , Snip Quickstep, TTa ic. Londonm-Thoa Dushani. Ship J Montgomery, llamilt< n, Havre?C (7 Duncan A Co. Ship Trumbull, Colinm. Antwerp?K Pont. Ship Nnptun (Brem), Bah) \ Baltimore?Mufor 6 Krugcr. Bark Edmund (Brem), Wehmauu, llavro?Hunnlnjw A Gosling. Bark Helvetia (Brom), Bt andorff, Drtnno i?0 Lallng. Bark Jubllaum (Brom), Klmrne, Bremen?Rugcr Bros. Bark Monduraw, Marshal), Belize?F Alexandre A Son. Brig Empress (Br), Uuilbert, London?\V W Do Forrest A C??. Brie Konlgiu Ell/aoeth (Brom), Buck, Cork for orders? Punch, Melneko A VVendt. Brig Ada (Br). Gre??ri, Porto Cabollo?D R Dewolf. Brig Kale (Br), 8:- v-wis, Belize?J uahJcx. Brig A Smith* rs (Br), Johnson, Point 1'etro?A Smlthcrs A Co. Brig Mary Ann (Br), Balram, Halifax?J Hunter A Co. Schr N A. II (lo'>ld, huiltii, (iinrattar?L N'i kerson. Schr Ben, Hickman, ):L> Jan *iro?F. S Powell. Bchr J MTayl Lyi Jnoi I?Mister Schr Mary t'rice. Wli//.nr<l, U'lirniav^on?Master. Sehl J HiuTinj:' n, Sli.w, Wilininut.i?Muster. Schr M Bird joSm-on, D< !aw.tre cny?Ma* ter. Schr J Vyn" !!).. Bun lino, fc.swaatle? S< br A M Aldritif.e, Batcmau, Philadelphia?Baker A Dayton. t-M hr A FleM, Phillip. Philadelphia?Ma?*tr*r. Schr Editor, rfiM.l, J- j li ri'of?F <i Bent: n A Song. Schr KJJz iheth C, Wamtb, E 7: Il??r">or -Vuiter. Schr W *' Haivf. L?-i lit m. r rJand ?Minp^-iu A CUpp. S? hr .f Oliv. S 1 u mwi! - "a Schr Chief, Uio; j r. Norwich?Mas nr. 8< hr O C Aek?m, Pork, tfiiiinft r ' !! S:'.nf< rd. Sloop < : . ?, Terr.. I'i I r . ! .1.1? ia.s t, * ? p i-i.i .kiiii,Ti.-. *ui?F w M.'Kco. S:??opr mures*, Co loL.h. J'i ?v! !*?:?.i H S Uaekott. Hie Ann r All nChii .? W h 1. >n. Steamer Alld.i, IwMn- l": '.tdulpMu. Stouiuc. Concord, Nw ma 1., Philadelphia. AliRIV KD. V ? Steamer Crn- >r. Coin i' A Craven, Key West, All J 23. Came ui tli!# vert f* *. r? u'r?. Steamship C .? ; Crov. *)l, Portland, with m(!:s3 airi pns^eiu; ?, t'. 11 ii Croinr ellCo. titltip if'r e Trniie, . t*r, London, the Down . July 20, t i ' ! haila^t. to K P B> v < >. a< -10. l it Ion il W. f?)./K Jir 1 ship Wm Miles, 1 f 1 . ? po days 1 1111 Lona n for S I J ju. J-'d. lit ii I i> .. :,t 31, m ' all/.? d .ship liippolyta, AU't rinc K. Shin V . Frotln., 8t? t <>n, Havre, Amr 1, v/l?h ind?e I au<l 711 wii,p!>, hit'. I *! 2 lit: '.en. A: - i i. lat 17 10, Ion 2rt ;i.\ t w ohip M??: r Ltting-ton; Uoth, lat t.i ion 5l? *V>, ship ?! r -m . ii' Ha' r ; 0i!i iuM, Ion 72, t >ok a plU.t Irom bo Mar Ji i : !?. .N 4. Bark Sherwo r t po*t? w Haw - Manll?, April 1(>, Aniier-u'.ii. wi hem; . 1 . . l. A ; ii ', ::\ low C9. spid.M Vr ship N? v .1 \ ?i H irdcaux, irora t }r ifayi i n 1 >r 1 luvi Mm I, WMC. uo.v,, Jumped overboard and was <lr? w. c(\ Bark .'an es Kinitli, Brewer, Newcastle, C1 days, with coal, to Mea l A Llovd; vr^i-l to n .iMtor. From the Orkneys to the Baiiks l a 1 u n > W ?.itli? r. Bari. (io<'d;p?*od, 1?'uto , Uu!?lin. An -1, inbal'ust, to fiur aep. i i i' a 1 a ( ?. I.-1 11 . lat u0, i (jj, sigualued ship Dane 1 \Vrl?'.er, li?'nci? ! I ? n !o:i. B ?k V. Ci t, H ii-ii. ii, r.ioJam iro, July 25, in ballad, to Jr 1 A ( . S.itl:?'i in <'->n.tuiuy v. dh Lark Fly in., Cli?iid. lor B.ili'mor''. L?'-ttl:e MI t-ado** in lat 25, ion C,', sin e (he:i had li :ht NF v.'im '* and ^ is. July 110, l-?' liO 2v>, Inn HO 1 ' rni ?: .1 , . A \k ! }. i . H |;? N\ i-n 46, ;i A:.i bark b >:;n N; 2Mi, Iloo ijtsj> k?-1?ri , V ?ua, ol Calais, 12 U.iy \ i'ii . ? I ar? for : ..'on rn j'>; h vV i'-.v il'or (of u.ilii arc .. MrTirod, iTIo Janeiro, July 1W, \ ' ? too.'Mrr, Jx at iti/;;; oritur. tla'c, lat ": S. !on Hi 60, -p k a h p bound U, .showing a red f.Juii si w ! (' :i; i>:ie. H.i'-l ' i.?t-v :?1, G. 1 'Mi.;: Ill), vo.i, Anjr 21, wllh KUCn , 1> T T I 'V . Sai.i d in co . . my with 1 ?. ; M? diutor, l-'o-.u r, forl'ali:- !i, E. 1 liark ^1.1 ion U .to, Mau'.luftter, N(. w Bedford, 2 days, in , balla t. i,? nuiKtt r. Brig J hn W J.vitt (Br, of Yarmoulh. K8). Ci^o, Var ! m mib . > ~ 7 to Bs yd ? U Id Ken. Luchr Y?r ;U..a i'r-ce, Iv r, U iikh, Aug Si, In bali ! iftt. I W )a . Oli ti." j oi t.u.^y ) r !. N", t:> ; : iro./j i Uai b n -i.M lor l'o.t an 1'rii.v.c. l'li-scd ^ :;ig in, bar!, Azeliu, li<*tl?V. Sehr Charm^of DcnnU), Crowcll, Llngun, CB, 8 days, I with, to Ui! - rl. ?chr 1; J- K* Ji . K. :!v, Kllxal for 71 \>n. I fcVhr l>in\lV.n.'? r, ; t mi- Sun.*. id. S . v It aVUiJ Oil lor 11:tl tford, K')' M'll.'Mi, ! '.! / . ?eUi'-rt . rlv ,v lluven, S hr (i?Tti\>, Oi.s.., .7, li . !j. ?rt,6v.l.un. f-e'tr 8 txon, < u . :dy, < ..i.Us, utluy*. S. lir H.'roli 1j > ?< <, YV ton, K kl vnd, G day3, fi hr I'&ifos, I...- : ? . i...I. 6 lays* ,c l-r An;?m!a, T - y, KocUland. tid, )h. Scbr Martin, Uc4dw;.ita, &u? o, Gday&. S i. KMra, i' * , I'm to Ion, 4 1.\\h. S 1 r U ? He'l, Mill.-, i'ui.ilhavcn, 0 days, . Btlir Sai\ h, Vo k, I'o.tlju !, *1 days. Schrl.r I, r H' h1 <) I, Sm -I, S.ilem, 2 i!' > i. t>< hi* M r. Vy V. i .?k-:i tor, 3 days. H< J j r A vl.M) ).\ A]),)!' 5'/, JJari; - >a >ie. S?; r At.ii , Cr .vl *y, S Mnors-.-t, Srhr t'-'i .'tor. OI.i.Ktm;', J\\>vi LMiro 2d:?vs. b. T?'\as, (" aii\))Un, N -.. l*o -l??n, S d.n a. iir i i '. Hps, : s, M \. l!:i n'? r Lli/abcihpc?rt. y< )ir }'> .n I* "k*. , : tr r, > *rti?}? rf, S- lir 1'iwi.i , Hot ci i., I *? . i.-lofiii' Fembroke. M >op Milt p. Try . ?!ip .t i l. r Darten. SiOi/jj (leu Jj*'wis IJo baj J, JCli. :b.?t]i^ort for Norualk. Sl'x -. 1-Muiii, Marl.'', Watts, Ellzau-t' y' rtforVallcjrStream. SI (>p \V I) M'tiuMfii, Brou n, 'i'annton, t days. ?*?j? Hat vc.-t, t'or.vni, I'lov^.tvu ? , 2 days. S!onj> T?oi'pe! ancto, DhvIh, Bilii'n!, j days. Sl#v?;..? i- s.'phi.i (U S tians; > i), Ml, U*ashi;igto:i, DC', in i aUant. Sf-an.erTroiv :d?Va:?<lerveer, Philadelphia. : .i ... 6,1 < inn, L"bna I ilpbn* . 8toainc? Osj.n y, Ucr'i cy, l'rovso n:e. Si^nrocr: .v t?i \t, <i?. . , Norwich, Tl.r ? - ' ;y, nilivril ).> .( 1 rlnc?S41 nnsnMiucrii, aavi'll. A ig il, fu'. 47 'ii M 11, i-,i? }-ruwisiip|. c.l llio 3,in'y : wHli.* I ! 11 M. Ion i SO, Kiw >I.ii> > i.tUfi'ii . .niiil \V; 4t!i t, oft K 1 lul 1.. iii; 1> iii'i.l,. .i. f.hliu \V t' iiC)'.. nn.l .lai. I''.'-U i1, Jr. hi tfi I on! l K. I In N ha .. ocn 4 \V of Nantucket, with light all - an l culmit. VT.LOW. Bi Ir Oimnche (?)>), from Havana. Uii,: Atlanliu, .i.'in Hiirbftilim. A .iTh 'is' iHPlii-c.ff tiitf Woodlt.M-1-i, gtaodlag In.?All by jil! ,1 1). >' Mury i iiyloi'. Sliip it- ul.u \ rreuman, from Liverpool, t'i Williams i Onion. Stilp Kitty Kloyd, T).'ai born, from Livrrpoc.!, Aug 7. Mi ij". i'Viiiiiin Lnrlk'tt. l.\ l:i llie. Jnlv i!. CJihrnl. tar 24th. A Danish brig from !tl> Janeiro. BAILED. fith~Ship Havre, Askin", H?nx?. U S frigate Vol ia " remains ut the SW Spit. Wiud during the day SSK. Dlitcellanconi. Some of the paper* say that Mc.^rs Boyd & Hincken have three ?hlps by fire?Ihc John J Jioyd, Jacob A Wes'ervt lt, nr, l Willlom TeJl. This otatcacnt is erroneous, as the tirst belonged to William Tyon and the second to H L Rich ft Co. Siuk Ai.tck; has arrived at Eautrort incbiirgoof a pris." crew, Mi ng Iieen cupturi <I lu the bay by V 8 revenue cutter .Yra^o. Sh? has no: . jjlst'r or other papers, exe< pt n okaro ' c lrom the Live; pool o.llce. Shecurried ? secession lints, which, when shemtr'd the port, was flying with the Still? and S'rldra over it. This Is the third sh'p' that 1 asbeen ruptured within a week by tho Arngo. All the prizes ure in Map'.poit harbor. Ship Wili iam Tnu.?S e?m pumps arc now on board tlic burned ship Wliilaia Tell, and they expe< U> havo her iiOont this Hiternoon. Uku vill be towed to i'isrrppont store?, Brooklyn, whore she will di* barge her cargo. A Fue*cn It/r.K, name unknown, went aihore on the 18th tilt, on tnc north -t Je of Crab Island, and u ill be a total lose. She wu < from St Thomas, Iwind to Nagtiabo, 1'B. KCIIR (1ltks?, Blekfor.l, of ntul from Oeiildubcrofor Boston, with o'.l and i ai Inix Hi?>ne;i, wsgutink on tho let Inst, s( 1 AH, ?IT Qeorges Island,'by collision with sohr Sarah Hall, Pierce, from Boston for B'l>ort. Tho crow, with two In^ly [ avengers, were mired Willi nothing but what they stood in. FU lii? Vk.n'OO (of Bucksport), 01o.n<eii, from Philadelphia for St John, NB, put into Salem 31 inat, leaking badly la hel bow port. Nkw Kj.'bjitsOat?MrDcrtre Burtis i?row building in bie yard, foot of Couovti stive t, South Brooklyn, a ferryboat tur the New York and Erie Ealiroad Company llcr tramc ia of oak, hackmatack and crrinr, outside pluuk three iiu li oal., mid will bo copper fastened throughout. Hhc Is tSOfuel keel, length overall 202 !'? (, breadth of beam IU feel, depth of bold IS feel, and SKKon* register. She ft said to le largest ferryboat built in these waters. Bombst, July 27?The .Am ship Berkshire en the 13th Inst prime in collision (before reported) off this port with the Br ship Mtn&ehahn, both outward bound, and both sustained such ilam.iKo tLut they werocompelled to return. Tho case w.m decided by arbitration In favor ?>f the Berkshire, aud the amount of tier damage is catimatnd ot 2W0 rs. (By letter to Eliwoed Walter, Est), Secretary Board of Underwriters.) Mrt-BOCRKtf, June 2S?The hull of the Arabia, Harding, from Liverpool, wliieli was burnt hero Nov 12, haa been raised and will co to the pier to-morrow to have the railway irou taken out #f her. Tneabip Rattlesnake w?? ycsleritey aftornoon taken on the great balance rtoek for mi?lre. Sliv will to stripped, recaulked and newly coppered. Notice to Dlartncr*. LIMIT OS THE COAST ?F DIIAZ11.. A Llghthf tHe ha* been placed on the Ialand of K*nfc? T);,rbara. Xbrolhoa, 170 faeraBora the level of the son, risible for 17inllc< from (lie dock of a vessel. I< h bright rt vi Iviny, maklt* the revolution in 8 uiinntaa, minute to minute. A Wo, oni' South of the liar of Santa ('atlu.rlua, on a v?la<*e named l'osiia daa Xaufragado*, lu kit J7 M) ri, lm> IX 37 IT of Greenwich, 131 feet above the level i f Nit aeii, visible l rora 16 to 20inll' !t; thla 1? atao revoltlBg, Fbowlng a bright ligfu au'l a weaki r one for 30 seconds alternately for i minutes, wlilcb It occupies in the revolution. WUnkmcn. Arrat Xantueket 4tb inst. achr Haiul CL#9C, Vlignite, from the KhnsK with a 30 bbl wu. Arrolf and on l'al a Aug 13, bark Chnrica A Biiwnrd, Gilford, Dartmouth, 2U)?|?. ship (x?au, Giflord, KB Is expected to touch at Falta for lelter-i. (apt M.'Fariin, of bruk Hope, NB, report* IiCj MniiC CD tlie 1st of June, With 240 *p. Spoken, Ac. Ship Ttnhol, IIck wu, from Liverpool for Buenos Ayrc*, July 1, lat 8 N. Inn 23. Ship Juiiifs V Patten. Poii r, from Liverpool for Musquash. Aug 16, !?t 4930, Ion 1820. Bar* Trorruorc, from Montevideo for Antwerp, Aug 4, lat 32 N, Ion 48. Bark Abno.vr, Lampher, from Bristol, E, for klsita, Aug7, entering the Straile of Gibraltar. Bark .Miranda (?r), -1. day* fro in Rio Janeiro for Hami ton Roads. Pep: S, off Cape li"i.ry. Sehr Searsrille, Kelhy, Horn Boston for Teraambueo, Aug 1, lat 21N, Ion 3?. Foreign Port*. AXTWKJtr, An? 22?In port harks La Plnlft Crow oil, for Cnrli/ noon; Elizabeth Hamilton. Harding, for XVoik do. Au*AJ'DHlA; U, Aug 8?Air 0 P Merwrn, Merwin, Yalenc!a. AsnvwALT,, Aug 29?In port bark Arethnca, Scclev, for St Domingo, returned with officers and erew fu-k, ami v. mild sal' i??aln about 27th. Sid ffSd, Br talg Eduiivton Brothers, Phelps, Cuba (rrf >rtert KVork). E.'.kCi i.oN.i, Aug 16?ArrO-.ilding Slnr, B' iirsc, Swansea, Babia. July Sid urig t'.iglc, Button (from New York), liio Janeiro. Cayv".t h. Aog2?In port brig Elizabeth, Laucn, for Ilamburuabout JflUi. , , Caloatta?Arr In the lloogly previous to July 18, Ilcin deer, Davia, Iavi rpool. CuLOtt no, .JaJy-1?Sli! Pa bine. Crom?r.l, . v. u. Anff lu?Arr I^imbaril fnol L'tvebuiill. TTi,r.-Tinl*. S (leihi'.'im to.' Jiurdittux: Ifttlli, Kendall, t'11 [Jo ..<1 Jullm C?jim< rl, B> kiio:.i, CrAhat 11 I i- .Mf-nicl. I'aJARHO, about A up 21?In r"ft larks P. Inlol JSclJo, Ppoliable, irom ?i, for Qii'<ii*toun lS<lny?; Albttcw, U.u-in, Cor it ) 12. <l*i KVOCK, An 21?Arr Mutapan, Waits, Mont it nl. C,i WOA, A Hi* I'n?An- J< hnnnlfl.ore. Newel). Ni w nt, 11 CM., Auk?? -> ! H<-.11 i).-inn >, lt.ixi. r, (i.lni >v. IIvhacoa, Auk 21?.Md i.rn Mndlnujr, I t -, , l iil'mi ulli, H. liJi.iF.ij. Aiij 31? Arr l.ri? Cygnet, Sinilli, N York. (.'lit Jlit, scUtt W?v?, goilth. aniltmnutvi', fiiniUi, l,VorV. 11DAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 16, Aug 22?Bid F AitUomliw, Flummer, BallyDlkiDiion. I.iv unroot., Aug 24?In the river outward "bound, Oreat KfcpubUc, I.Uoebmocr, for NYori; Arlxoiiu, ltoblusou, uud IXi'saii, Karstow, fur <#?!>' ,t. AdvSltl), ahipa rtpuik thuOnenn, Klnucw, for Genoa with <|(?tputcli: Muralluiu, <00 tuua, built In Connecticut, Oiuar INmUh, To8ton?, built In .Mmne; Itegulna, 698 toim, built In K < lino bunk; Inn Kuuall, of Huston, Utii tons; Robert Center, cS2i) toim, built In >1 m jit; Mom's IMrennort, JBIW ton*, built M Newbumiort) and burk Hluo Win ;, 411 ton*, built ut Baltim ire, nil for milu; ami other* aa before. Lami a.sii, Aug IS?An- lirutiuo ?, Adftma, from llm Clyde (and lid sill for Muenoa Ayres); L L Humjo*, WlllUma, do (and aldSOih for Molbouruo). SlJUlnt. KiTa Maria. Sterrlll (from Hrecnock), Bueno* Ayr??. .1 AUnkn.Mut, Aug 21?In port bark Armenia, Hamilton, diifi?would take in part of cargo and prpqfid to Constantinople (not Boalou) in low day a. w M.u.a04, Auk 4?Arr Aurate, Davit*, Gibraltar (and c!d 18th f< f (bmuehaund JCt w)H>rt.

M Ai/f A, Auk 17-?Cuba, Foster. Marselllefl. Mo.vj annuo, July J2? 1 n port bark Kebeeca, Michcner. from NYork. Nkwhy, Aug 22?Ai r Bell >na, KnovHoti, St John, NB. N hwroiiT, Aug Ait Cor lis Ann, Small, London. I'alkrxo, AmM&?Iu uort birk Virgin! i & l$?teUina, Wilkits, una. SI I 13th, bar* Daniel, Hinitfi, It iston. i'KKNAMBUco, July 17?Arr bark Palmetto, Gray, Bueios Aires (and eld lor Macelo). l*ort au TidKOK, Aug 10?In port brltf Bird of the Ware, Simpson, lor Boston 4 days. Off Capo Nikolai Mo!o I7t!i, a herm brfg bound in, showing blue aignrl, white centre, ana letter W in the white. (Jukknitown, Aug 24??Arr Loch Lomond, Blae'.:, Newport for BohIod. witli molnnrnst ?p:un;:; .Ma.onle, Seburl, NOrlctu* via *St Thoniu*. hid 21st, H? andiniviau, Carl n (fr ?m Mimji/iisJ, Havre. # yuanao. Aug 31?Arr whins Wizard King, C<>w?, Lou don ; Refit 2, Albion, William*, Liverpool. In tlie river bound un, ?h|f h Jooepli Your. ? IV io Lor.dui; Birmingham, Kmot. from Liverpool CM Aug -1. ship l*uitU?nv jj, Kellev, Dublin. Ent forldg Aug81, ?Mp# Chirtor Oak, and Ifaunah Cro Iter. tor Greenock, Calliope, for London. kio Jantiko, Joly S55?In port ships O borne Ilowrs, Bakip*, from M? Kc m's Inland lor New London, rep;*, \\\-?;!d be rtxiuy in 10 day*; Maid of t\e Sea, St <. w-.i ?'n>i i Lmdon for Jturraclmu", ivpg; Weil'teet, ory,an U'io .?onl v-ity, -r, di.ig; .lae. b Hidgor, Staples, fruo Caliuo for 11*.*.?tj?ton Hondt, ulng to repair; b.trkal'anny Onnduiw, Muwoi;*, I Anne IS Grunt, .Swain, and All'ail, AleKarlaird, ti.?c: WIHu Imh?\ Lawrence, <'o; brig T. i.u r, Ho 1,; ;i?. "M, for i u? I''iau<i*eo, r?*edy; k *hrT I) Wagner, Uvd-M*. v \ r, nnd ? t Stockholm, Aug ID?Arr A Brauabaw, Ki*b, rth 8?m via Norrluid. St Thomas, Aug 22?Iu port idilp Hope, Ti.cki. , f:o ? Cut eiwtown for Mauritius. luulnttvH% din/; ; brig* A- <1 /fin ul, Av< r..,.from NV?rk, for>bo s:ini tiny; Ar ii-ell (Br), ' Newe< ?r , fi in il ?.-ion, din;;; tjhl' Ualtifnoi .', Cox, ft tU Kii. I 7.ab fh i:lty, NO, do. in '?ort 2(ill, nr ;? lrnfor. State, K ?\well, l lg coal f or tbo 1 SpauUh Main; Mrhra .''nrrshii, Wondbury, lor i) ^ton .<;w ?ia. : llariiet It; .^n, Ni \ers p, f u* I'lvir.o itb, XC. 0?)iutj In I 24t!., : 4ik , l)avf?, fn.m .Work.* St Johns, Nl', Au<Arr ; ? ! ; Alilebaion, Hand, NYork; 27411, brig Adi lphl, .J .luiMoo, do. i'iiojijr, Au^.l?Si.i .\hi rd??< u, Pendleton, Montevideo. American Porta, BOSTON, Swa 5?.m Itr - a- .u s!tip Arabia, Stone, Liverpor>( viat^ueei ruai fax?arratb raoek a. 8AM; yehrb Sar i I5u:- o, AiUio-.?, I',.t mt Prjii'-e; 1'at a way, t'rawfor i: IV. . : i U?gM| Hoffman, mm : ? > 1 :. r.i'.r., r,;.'ade!p;.i ; New J? iMry, V'aiiticinau, o. Kelo^1 y1 : j ?, from M inlla. tjlenal f?.r \\w bri^^. CM . hips |j\iuu Suul'i 'id, Skoltk id, Cal!ao; CiM.r^e VV'.t l !t? ton, (/i-min;a. .New Y< rK t" I -.?! tnr h < |o; M-hrw Wi^-ov Harp, Hub.-, rorf Itlchm<?nd, l'a; l)anl> 1 h Memhou, Allen; M.i h ton Br Us, Kudieott, and Alliance, Irela'.d, i'hil.iU'Ipiila; I LewitCl at r, Lomei ; Alert, Cliampl n, and Annie MEdI war !*; SoiiK ii., ? o; Loi. sa t'ru/er, Ste^lnutii; C l> il . ;ck, Wily : M?r<'/'<?!. . Nick r.^ n; \\'oodr-iff Ala ? t.and John It .ilai , \VH!ett?, do. Hid ahtpa (J ort? Washlri -ton, L Si: it f*!i'; !?;-rS Hoolia*. 4it*l:?sb??k (D S Jiliish.-al). BALTI.Vi.?tK, K j ? 4?Ai: .-a :: :>? r J H S-wri? !ia; , Ifo.ves, H a via Kortr M -..rop; ??vhr Bed W'inK, Kirwan ^iThorr.a.'. Cld bark s a, Peinhigcn, *ti?:* . ? . ;; enoe '.yrei; l>rbiig 1 u e v?. i)oii .ilt, ht obo, NB; f< 'hi Mary r [ : l, .fi w'i'r!, New fc>M l?.iii Am.Ha (ii hnng, lit iie, U- rdo ; x; llr !.?n1i Aim At well, l>titmau, N i> : au, XI*. ' I IlAXtlutt- fitM- r, Vri'T? CI iri.l. M 11a ..t vv | t Mill. 1.I.1 ?A r, I'm null i', Tin r;n 11-UmliiiUa. U \NVi:::S, sI-1.t n? An-whi n Oeii V ll.iwVy, I! '(ley, l.i .yip '.um\. i. .mm, mid Bo:.r . ii.iiikiti, NV :k. liAMPT : ..uAUS, r-'i'i.eS?Aiv hi. ;> Blacl. HaI., How( , I'. ' '.' 1 v!n \ . o'n. llABTFUiIU, f>;,r ??.i:?l s lir 1','Mr JJUter, Vaniiklri, Sevr Ymk. MACiUAf!. Am.Si-Air Ai.mlin, UoU.l, NV T'.i. SKI Svtli, '.''lu A .1 I), t-i- J:u:.Mn, ,S in p.,rt : I. ' ' .1 sluli Je ., M nu m. f.,r Jam, i-n 'ir IUmt.i .'N.' ? .iU .t in liiv; (iariiiliil, >',> < ,:i, I'm' .1-. inn Ira; i.u-'.i:, .v-.:. i . NY ik. Melmv liri'b U.lolii, V. :.i; 'iin.r. , mi l Hi': , ,, Ii , , f?r Kl-pr of . .wj\\ I KDKUHU, ,14.',?.in f. lirulli ;.iy UHilix, tiucxv, .,.. lit .'now, II ' Icli lor !?i i .' nil .. I'. ." ,1 I' r Italiniiorr. S ! wiii' Z Simtlon,, iM.r ii''!i"ii. NKV.'r.rr.Yi'oilT, Pp[,t4? .'.\ ""'1ir IT.ilo, Newman. tu..l 0;,ri.",|' mi in. y, I'i.. nil'lpliui. {?: i r. i.- Ma , , v.mi!.. I"' . I J i f I- ,.,'IUh. 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In l,i . : 1 (ii.'wr JU, eclir Corinth, n, Sinitil, IV, i'i M l"i i- I'. .it- ii'ii I,. IttK A.\i>, \i?? 23?i'-\\ huh T?iiov Ani"?, Kli'iwlt 1>' :in : :.Ti.:i. f.'.ui'ii. Hrlnkiva'-'r, I'M!!. ?!. :,. ; f.-lmi, I),u i; Am::. In, 'l'n"vy; tills, Tuourn"li, and SI 1. ic.r , ,\Vii' N;;?! I. Si Hill Lnalna, Y'.'.ilni, .In. HAW ?l,^.') t T-Arrb'ly 11,-nry l.r. -N, Rmilb, 1*1. : ! 1j.11ia; h lix'rt Yenl.m, CI. -..'"n, U,. I'ur St J<i,ui, NU ((nil i,i leak* i. . I ..!! . In It r i <iv. p<i:-.!?); S II Mil 'in. 'I': il.i'ijl: :in I 1 ilin'., !i'; -till, l'rain'la ' Smith, Ami l?n;i, do. i"11 M, lirtuO.-.tlmrlue Klrketa, IU!eb, I'lill. -l- ; mUtn 1 II V. unv, r ,i:'. ' r!u; : h, ,S.i:;u> II, H.i imp, ;'nl Hi'ir.ili.i A Ani: i Tiioim nn, .'n; Km.'l.n,' II.i. lit, I',' NViT!. f-,.i '.I. - Il it t .nil. 1'iiil .., I|ilil. ; ! 1, I in >% {. i.ui. Nl !.l M-hrK I H Wtilmviubl, ,*ap.i 11, i T.tiMUic I! I Jjltt, J 1 i^lni An?m. 1 ru^*vr>??^ httm^izi*.nBMUNDiaranRnaMMb^ HAi. . 9 IT :kl C \ -.Mrs,/ ?\LK. iL AN i:.ViV?V'KI)lNARY < Kl'DJiTrNITV FOU lit s! :ui;i !*i*s AND TIiK THAI>K. Ui. 11*. >( rich sindf uoily !!<>1 . JJIiOi.l) Kl-UNl ri'UK, Ti)-morr< Mon.Jay) i u?inlng, u' 11 o'clo' ^recU'-iy, fii.* ?:>/! cr.g'Jy cotiuiincd iu tun l:i?lwrtl!lnji l.'>2 WVi 'i\?M.?ii;j-firPt tret t, n.-ar ,s'.'Vt?nfh ii ' imf. iwb< I?? for utnoi if" rui'l i ivmi?tory salts ? .? ?? o. -t.f, t>f Ivi; \'-j. try ami Iii;;raln r rpc-? :? rlc^uht owmvooU 1'arlor I'nrniuin* ??n fitif . < thiv.- full Suiin, rl.-I;'y rarveil, u!l ?.t' nv! Ich n 'V '\[ in ? i i tiilk br^af. !, rai,i or tl?e Iv'tir ?!v> Rv-i iptS .; io ^ -l I''s;u?l Pier V'l'.itff, TtirK sh <'La1iH lit blur :?n<i ^ol?l ?itin anil naoquct; 7>.ima?>k Rint Cm. laiUH, vf-ivt t ai' i Turkish Loim * ?*, Mailt(4 and Pi? v Minuis lint' roFf?v.'?;ml Kt'^rr . n^iu'c, aitlstli: Iironz<- rl< U ScvnsH,. \ V .'K-lrM I VanrB. 1'nrJoi*Oniai.'K i)^, Ac., 1MmS\NT si: FN n< TAVi: n AN'OKUHTK, mi <vvuin;:t. : am> <?ovkk, Rl- snnir.-.n-' mjh, r. !. *: adis ?Nvelvt?lIali ('liaij/oer SullHju tvs :v.(.,N!1,Tov.v riook?, Hprin<4 _et*at ?'j> i s, Mi;-. rui , !* . > :iim It- Mlii .'. ' r KxfnHtdii'! ibl<'. vo So/.iVt'Mi"ul . .h ' ..vry ni.ull<> top JJnlfet, Oil l/'loth>, t'lcii ?, .tr. S.'.c i. >-,;ive, riil'i or thine. K. W. WESTCOl r, tucti >n? r. \ rcrroxx<>tick?vor.rc.Aaes \r,r<?r n'i:Mn:i:r: UY ivin'lnni 'l :vt II <> < I - k. IhIn Jay, M BKI.l. .* INOItAJI AM'S sili't;*"?'Om, 2C NVw Bowery. rawnSroker'H sir TMtnwI.iy. l-Mt '.an., j incipilly v tmabl? Wate'if1* and t' li JewelryBy orderof ijiatiloi. A Co., late Si unir I'unal atri'ei. IJUOVVK fe NICHOI/*. AUCTIONEERS SATURDAY, > 3o;t< tuber V, at 10K o'clock. at our Halem-uom, No. :J6 Nit; an street, lurgo i-alo of secoud baud Hoiinahold l'Siiaiture, oli^nut oak Iiiuing R<?im Furniture, Parlor ?' >. in rneewc id, malic : my atid blai k walnut, dm tuber Ktirn it are. Hods, Balding* fee.; Owpeta, Oilolotl.s, Slnir raipob=, lllrrors, WaruroWos, Etegeroa, itnirblo top Cotitro 'tablet), linsyfhaira. Ottoman/", lfatr?<',ks, tv-THing Bureaus, Booknicos, Library Knrniltjre. Pesk . Stool*. effioe Furniture, together wltb Crockery, Glues. Kitchon Waro, fee. Also superb rotoeW'tod Pianoforte. By vnmris ok a chatter mohtuage?i will expottu to ?. ?! at lutblio vendue, on SahmUy, the 7tli ilny oi Septfjaber, 1801, at II o'clock in tli? forenoon. i t Z< Ann etrocf, the coittcnla of tl;e printing ofliloo cuiitM tUcElNotic.'ovo. enuo'stlti!! of Printing IV-n.-e*, Type, and all Hit materials for carrying on tin1 butdnesH of KaUl HI Oil KEI.l.Y, Attorney for Mortgagee. CONSTABLES a\!,K.?WKFT fe WAIT-* A,71,1. SFXI, at auction no Moivln; 9tli , at 10o'clock, at t be corner of Twenty-flrRt Ktrcut anil Tenth avenue. I he contents of a Coal Yard?about sixty tens of Coal, large PlatformScalee, Cool Sieves, Coal Bi\rketn, cbalShod*, two Hesfcs. one. Clonk, one (Wet. llairt". Feed fk>x and all other jn i pcrfy attached to pant yard. HKNRY WEST. CotxtAbte. (^lON'STAltLK'rt SAI.E.?KY VIRTUE OF AN' KXEt'l'J Hon, 1 will sell tlii* ilny, at 10 o'clock, at So. I North William street, otic Iron S ij'cjjct Wajon Bodice, Kpokets j' unjN'.'ia a. ruvi libit, 1'outtaDiP. DANIEL A*. MATHEWS AUCTIONEER?SAUSSHOOMS 70 Naa^tti s i'fft. between Kulton ami John streets. DAMBL A. MATHEWS w ill Nell at auction tbla morning, Saturday, M 10*a o'clock. at hi# ftaWntontH, 70 Nassau aired, a nertu aaaorftinanl of bouaeliold Fit rnUtmt, cornpiiMlnfc iti purl roatwood Hurt mahogany Parley Bull*, cnamsllcit Chumour Furniture. rosewood, mahogany ami black walnut *Be?lsteads, DresAin*: Bureaus, Wasbstaixls, Wardrobe* Book* rcuio*. Sofa H"da, Lounges, Parlor, Ann ami Jloihir-'j ('hairs, Extension Tabta. Dstiiuff Chairs marble f?#i? (Vntio Table*, Hall Chairs nrnl Hack*. jlair ami Sprinu Mattrciscs, Tabic*, What Not*. JYooltracfcs, China, Ofcwrare, Ac., A'\ Particulars In catalogues. 171LINT GLASSWAkK, CHINA VASES, KC.-JOHN B. VAN AVnVKRP'.^ SOY, AwiloDeor. will sell, cu Kuturday, September 7. at. 10 o'clock, at Wa salesroom. 7U William Btreot, five hundred packages American Flint CJl;?e..\WS: 8.1BO five hundred imira f*hii\A Vauaa* nWm nn invoice of l*>heuiian Colored Otesfwaro. Catalogues now ready. GKORKK HOLRROOK. AUCTIOXEFR, wn.i, J?KLI.,O\ Monday, September 9, at 10>| o'clock, at No.? Tliirtv sixth street, one door west of Broadway. the on lire furniture of a lUrre story honi-e. confMntinti of ri*>e wooi!I'nrl<?r8iitlf Rrti^scisand Ingrain CarpeiF.enamelled chamber Suns, Beds and Bedding, Dining Kwn find KiUberi FurtiHurr, &c. GE*'l)f;l5 COOK. ArcTTOJfUER ?ELEGANT HOl'flE hold Furniture.?Till* day, i?t II o'riock, ?t a'ore 141 Broadway, a rbiitoekof first class Furniture. con>.ivUnt of i'.irlor Mull*, Cii:im)irr Holta of rosewood, li! icK naimit and maboaany; Library Suits. BookeaM*. D.nirij,- TnMee, Loutim < Toilet Sets, Ac , nuking a lart stuck tvclf worthy (lie notice of buyer*, HENHV II. I,EEDS, Al CTIONEER.-IIE.N'HV II. LEEDS A CO. will hi II at. auction, on Saturday, s jit. 7, nt 12 o'c'o k. In front of store 23 Nassau stree', n sorrel Marc, 8years old, 1V., hands high, warranted sound ?i?d kind: In I'll pxo-.h'iii ' uniiy or uu. i' i p uits", hum is k kic i ivavi tier. Also a Cray M '! ?'. I' n y? ;>r? old, 14'a lumdH high, n \>'iy good novn , and l?a uood uwelli'r In hnmc . a!w?, n eonil hand ?oii Ituiysy. built hy idiwieu' r, ol Br<md\v*j. Aluo a s"Uf siiik?" ii.i 1'ikpt, iifiirly iick. l;?o nhovc is sold in ci'iis.,qiirr.?' id tin owner h.irtiig no further uw lor the k imp. Henkv ghee*, arctiombsn, mix sell this day, ulVj oYlook. ?t th" am '.inn store, 101 WtlUniu strr'ol, n'liiiBccliniii'ixii lot of Orui ci ii-K, WitK'F, l.ujuors Fixk, B<iUIMAH !!t< . CanlstW* Oil Can*, Oas.kj*, tfwU>i?,&s.; gl?0. 10 buckets Chiimi iuiic. 2U,IM0 K irn, Ac, AT 12 <)'< I.Ot'K, A Krncrnl af-xortmrnt of Clothing, Mharvlt, ( looks, ant 1'nnry flood"", A''. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SOX, Al'mONKta?VILl tell on Saturday, Soptamb't 7, ?i 10 o'iJock, at hi rai-sriioirt, T.'f Wil'iam >i ot, MO packa^o* Atn.-rloai Kiiiit t,;u. swa also R'j pairs ( hiriaViisof^ncw pat ton in ?!.:<) au liivolcc of ljoUeiiiuu colon*! C^msiwarc. CatU kiguoa now rca iy. !61. MJUBS AT AUCTION*. MORTGAGE HA.I.E.?LITIXOORAl'IIK; HTOflK. HTKAM ENGINE, MACHINERY, *0. CHAMBKKM A KAIROHILD. Aiic tir.iiM?T?. salesroom 113 Nassau street Will soli, oil Thursday, Bupt. 12, nt 111 o'clock, at M Vegpy street, one Steam Engine and Holler, tliron Hydraulic Fresson, four Lithographic Presses, two Embossing do., two Oopper Cylinder* and 1'lpcs, 78 Lithographic. Ktoues, one Horse, two Wagons ami Harness, lot Labels and Khgi-avltigs, lV.pcr, Desks, Counter, Table, Ac. JOHN W. THORP, Attorney for Mortgagee. MORTGAGE HALE.?JOHN H. HURLEY, AI/frrON oer. will sell, this day, ut 2 o'clock, nt 411 Canal street, Jliirctis, Washstauds, qMhogaoy mid other Bedsteads, Extension, Centre ad otherTahles; Rotas, Sof* Beds, mahogany, rocking and other Chairs; Wardrobes, Uerrlug'a Safe, onu second hand l'lano. thm Fixtures, Pier, oval and other masses; Hair and other Maltressos, Feather Beds, Cooking Stoves, Brussels, throe-plv and I ngraift Carpets (Comforters, BlanketKitchen Furniture, two Express Wagons, one Spring Carl. To lie sold without reserve, rain or bhlue. Also a lot of Military Clouds, Straw 11.its, l'liunea, Ac. JAMES GOULD, Attorney. M doughty, auctioneer.?salesroom, no. ks f . t iau street, a few doors from Fulton atreet. M. DOUGHTY will sell this day (Sutur Iny), at ll)>a o'clock, at his salesroom, M Nassau street. the eutlr lions' n il I Furnlturo of a family <le ...'ig housekeeping, i i... a lli.i; of solid rosewood fntnie Farlor Sttlta, covered In brocutel; in?hogany do., .covered In lmU- clulh; Brussels and Initraln Car) els, Mirrors, Bookcaaes, Extension Dining Tables, Bullets, Dining Cli .us, Dr. - -lug,?, Wushstunds, Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, .Lounges, Wardrobes, 4c., 4c, T>ECEIVBH .4 SALE.?ON MONDAY. HKl'T. 0, JHC1, AT 11 10VJ o'clock, at43 West Tweaty-li'th atreet?an ex'iv.ordiuury opjKirtiinlly?? IU bo s .1! without reserve, the Sal Sod.i M.'.nnfu tery, uolislsltug of rtte .tn Ko ine uiol Boiler, Kettles,," Drye, s, .Ve., for the manufacture of Hicarbonate, . .i)/- . 'a and So la Salerattt*, Ac. By order of J. 11. S. OLIVEU. ! : I., e. stgn?p. WM. tv ITTKCS, Auctioneer, ofllee 4r.4 Canal street. O ft ,T. BOOART. AV'i TIONEKUS.?T1IIB DAV, AT lOJi o'clock, at. the . o -lion roonis, No. 1 North William HIV.-CI, ni?rt-Mi?faie: lion "hold FurtiUute, Sofas, Lounges. Tables, Chairs, Closi-tn, Bureaus, W^-bs'ands, Parlor Suit., lied" I . I llalr M'tt'resses, Feather Be.Is, Bedding. ii.-'i..?i Is and lug: ilu Carp- ts, Klteh'. n Furniture. Lot old Cuuutem, Desk- Ac. JOIJN It. FAllBINGTON, Attorney for Mo us1'see. I OBm, Kb. BCtoBbir-ftilli? SHERIFF'S ALE.?HOTEL FURNITURE. D i MAMIIJ. ? V l-'AIKCIKMI, riO.VEKRS, .'il. sr. in U5N?ss.i'i m- I, Will net! nn Monday, Sir pi. U, ,.t 10 oYlork, .it 47 B:iv! iy siri-*-l, IU" Fin-iilti'iv <>f u I, >tol,ounsiilli)|[i>r llffiN, !I, d-<d i, Cliaim, Siit";* Riiivih.m, t m>"t , Mlrrui-ti, OiI.-'iiIik, Hluvcb, I'in^M, i'ri'irlcrry, UlvnrtiU,/?n., U?*r wllh ilar I'llriilti'Vi., Villi's utul otii'T i/'|iiui-?, Bflj-.irii, to. A! ".n thi4 rl^Ut, t i: U- mil i.iterfrit of \V'.vili':,i i'H-1, In unit M the lecno of th'> promlne*. JOtla ICEXJ If, SlttciK ~\r S. Mll.r.S, A! (TIONEER AND ATTORNEY FOR V mwlpiC'f, will s< !l tlili ila\, *i hi ?' link A. M., a; Ni>. i~ Hi.Mu otn'i-l, by virt |? or o,>ven 1 rhatii-l ;i 11 tin* I'm: ill? in i?iici li'.'.iw, iniin^tlnu ol Cai-pi'ltf, Chain, 'l'.ibl<y, IJcils, Uv I'llii;:, S' as, Ac. SAJLK8 OK UWAIi EtTATB. ,4 UODIl (HANC' ? 1IALT oy THK l-ill^T CLASS jf'V threi* Blury l.iv'i Htoo;> Ilon:o U33 Wist Twill y i -Mii-trr i, i i I'! n';ii!i> uitic Rooms. cxc!uatvo ?f b;it'i toO:.i, is.itej-rhuut, tiothos clostl.', &n., iu eleKi"* ' iiler; j : fixi rviI'-'inj l -t - i'i every room and si'poiuto wator. In<|i:ir? "ii the urotiii' ALADi' W;. IIK.i TO rURCHAWE A SM ALL COTTAGE Willi ,i it -'I' ll, nut to ?umM $1,IX)0, .-liher In K>-"'iklyII, V.< t N "V Y". 1.1.: .1 mwiii ivi.'l r paid :1 -ivn an.I a in i ;iy I r tin- rout. V.' lir e, I ont> Mock, tt iili I'iiII p .in' iilnrs, Jam,iif BruaMway I ..>1 nlli.-,'. 4 HOI'S!'. AND LOT FORSVLEOR LXCHVNdED? /\ l-',.i- n xin.tll I.,i in New Ji i mjjt, uftur &Vwr V'ut-I>, ,iru first rate <oaili and horacs: tL lionA?* la i-.V" ami a hall iimy hi I : >, \> >1 l!Xl-|l-li II, I u-MV.I lit No. V I A111!:ltK>1. . Ml'lVl, )' ii , h!j. I'm' J ., iini. : lin|iiii al ?>'; } rli utvii' * in I ll<- oMlte, ' 4 PKRIOR FARM OF FIFTY ACVXS FOR MAi.E l\ '-I'.rHj., .iri'l i , i".i?v : ? . 11a* i:ml l.iiiMiiif!*, .'riilM i .iii'l linn 1." I; : \, ,V" , (nt-fti. 1 (. 1*2!) miltrur.i il..- I , iml in' r ., ,|iy.,. In N . .U i'cy. A'. .? inn.'ot*r j IVrnn ii v Im hi- in rwiif.nn''. Al'l'ly l"o A. SEIltlEANT, 15 I IS KXPEU.l'NT IIOI'SK FOR SAKE.?TIE IIOTTSE I J\. Is i;i 111" L't>i i.l oiii?.', ait.i r uni-1 J:i a ;/'I.I !u.:aii :i I abuve Vinuicontbati?et. Tcrniaouil to ault. Fur lurtliei' ynrtii i:! n upplj io TIIOS. I'll VLMIli"^, Jr., R-.t . n l 3SS BULiUVO 1'1/vrs at SOCHI RERGEV? REAltrfully I'lial^il, in*!!!' Ii I' 4' >fiiin. 'I ami I nub)li riau <-!ii'v 1. - 1JC ill- I. 'in .Iff-. > I'lty liy h.r. .i..I'l l cv. ry fi n ,.i i" ju'li M-Kiy 1. '.v. Iii,|iiii.':? II ll'iiiw.viw't, /1HATHAM. NEW .lERt '.V. - TWO STOfV AND ATTIC I'i ii-i- "IJ l"( t nrjnan1, Willi IWO MR* Of |fOWi ihaili in1 trull livi *, ilislant i!i< . inlnui'-a* wuIU I'ru'.i Mot. I.uuil K*s x For | :rli' lilnra ntlilrvM box 21.1.5 New Vurk I'.ml iilloo. TT.X.'I; f'.1 T.K?TU': NEAT A\u WiI5'Ui.i0t>' OOlTTil.E | 1. I ,vii Kto:'y li'> !-u ?n:l all)'.!, iu t)m i ; n" i>irt of lr' \;. .ii,: . ,i. Hi'- j{rn md coui|.ri. -< i"> .?t l'.v uitrei>, anaci h urt ibtuUAil Uwi and gatdro ipot. The j ?tltu i :i i coin--ni; nt If. N'ovriir!.'. li' ii?r <'iiU!if i t tiiwJ with by st it'."* nix tiino--ii iiay over h flank roi'l. TIjo I ternii will I/.' i'Li,-y. A (,o?l purl nf tho nn i-ui re! inuia i n bondancf iiuirtjriif; -. Apply t'. HAMli W. CAM1', ' 1r?-l!ifcton, or ni 1.! :?ufl ;>tlo.i slip, Now York. * ' ... - ? | ITVi.: ,-V'],K? IliK VERY I>t.-1KA l.l ,K THKEU STORr j ? an t It isoDi 'iit brown alone fr,,ot I louse 50 Went j I i'wenly ycond : I 'ei, between Kil'lh aiiil fllxtij n vt-nucr'. j listvivift nil the mode u improvements and i:i coinploteor! ?'.cr, together wish tli! Furniture, wili beollerod ;:1 a great i barjpttn. Api>lj' on Um prmulrM. i,^'tusAi.K 0:1 kxchanuk?vo;t rnv ikoi'kkty, ; or rami 111 1/u.,; I..'!a?d preferred, :i <Mta,; I! iff. v. ithciiilil<>r ten ).ots. to lot or Mr r lie, i n SevMitv -eeond nrree: and' avenue: CotUiro on ??veii ynM : Lrr a, v. iih Mtyebitog i/)t it tot. (Mat water .111.! gir i i all tin; i.-??s A|'|?ty at corner of Third avc1:1 eiod : eyoul. C".mi Kt I, to JOHN' CaIXACHAN. TA>? sai.1: or to i,et iv jer?KY (rn?skverai. i J? new and v -ry desirable brow > sloM and i'r. 'iie I Hoi:s< s on favoi'.-l 1< I'Tm.. \pj.y at lite rial email oOIoj, ( corucruf 1'uvouii aveuae mid Eri> wtreet. | JJtOB KXCHANG?1 Y iCBES OF I AN", . WELL I. located in tbo State of Illinois, for Watches or.leweLy, AddresK 1'. C. M.. Horn!' tfilce. IjVHt SALE OR EXCHAXUi'. FOR WEjI'ERN OR OTHER ?A valuable l'apcr Mill. i:t coiuplclo rimning order, w i iiln I .volvo miles of thin city. Inquire cf 5111, l.KIt A; CoNGER, 171 .Sootli street. For sale-at less than half its COST, no inn : of Laud, Hons,-, 15.u u and low Sawmill, S3 niiliw we*t of Albany, nil fui'$3,000, hall'cash. Also a ca?h (Jr< rp:y in r, i t ;!"'Stfr, miv.-d.iiiii; i >;?o t iMntnem. Inquire in tM 'mkery,236 MmcImi cM| i* in: day*. T/'OK PALE?A SNUG TWO STOIC V liOffiE AND LOT JD in I'iliy-sixth street, between sivth mid Swcuth nv?. i mien, tliIrd s*-ect from C'V.lral Fuik, on accommodating j l?rm . inquire on the pi einlseif. IflOlt SALE, OR LET (AT HARLEM), OR EXCHANGE i >-paying improved elf.- property, ora good IVirra ?/75 to 1II) ivver., live; ; modern brirlv dwcMinj: House, with ;:ns ai.d mti r, ? fine earrfapo house; hIbo shrubbery, fraitR mid flow m, with tour lota ,,i gujund mt IS5;h street, Ivtwri-n Sixth and Seventh avenues. Apply t?t E. II. BKOWN, 121 N.,?sni: street, from 1 to 3 P. M. For sale-a neat, desirable basement and four story II,;iiwj No. StJ East Thirty-moth siicet, near Fourth nvenue, 20x53. Will be sold at a great sacrifice. Inquire on tin- promineti. Fop SALE?IN* BROOKLYN*, A HANDSOME FOl'R *l,,ry lJivfllii'" will uil raortern improvetnenw, oIprhi ly loenten in 8,'t-nil |)l?ee, llnuso nnd lot i out $9,800; will br gold i'i r ffi.-'SO, oi whlih $t.50o, in remain on nionsHc,'. A l^i, the Finmore mul Library of DUO vide., which cos' $3,600 nnd ueiirlv ii,?w. I'l-ine Hl.ADll rfl Tlifl t'tillm, > 11.i Court i-: reel cnra pn*e tvilhiu a few '"pg of the houms. In, 411 tie of J. .t. BONNET A CO^MLNwifdiNk V')it sajj^mTbai'?a fine For is srony iioi\se, I? built by day wt>i it, in the. b?>nt manner; fifteen roomH end thirty patilnce. Open all day, 407 Fburih street. J. WOOPWAKD. XSoH >-'AI,E?ACMES OP LAND, ON PEEUAM ] r NcU, Wfstehealer comity, fll'teen miles from Now York; Hi s 'in the .Hound; good tieliliif., haUiluc, plenty of ticw I'ruit fivrc. new hoitue nnrt barn. Apply at 6B We*t sttcc!. Farm "\vanted-i:new e m it ei:ed,~" k'oit" wwicii low priced lots lu this city, near Firth arenue, lightly iiimmbeivd. and ft firet ctam lo Brooklyn, will bis Riven in exchange. AiUl rf?? txit 2,612 Putt ofltypn. Farm wanted -~a~tioub farm, worth kiwjm $S,'khi ki 9iy,tK)0, In e rrhiuiKP for ii well established b'.iKiI'Pw. will! giKid urolay. App j ? ot> address EtfUei'l, i!30 Killton Mrfv , BruoRiynHOLVK Ffin~5AIJK~OR EXCHANGE^-A KICK KB?!(ii nw.with ail the modern improvements. to cx j < tutu, r for woollen goods or rea/ly mule clothing,situated in narlford, Conn.; 140 acres of Timber Land, in Vfcicr county. Address F., box 215 Herald office. NL Y~$7,000, AMiTfEHW8 EAST, Fffe A 1 'ROPIVT ive Karui in Wwftclwwtcr county of 100 acres, 12 ai rr# wood, balance improved. flood tioosc and numerous outbuildings, 000 fruit ireos and Foil Rood. Near a town and railroad. Forty miles from this city. This i.? ;i burimip. For full i>?rfti:ulars apply fo A. SERUKANT, 15 Wall street. TiT" KXTIK^K?:nvo PBSIRAW,?."SoMUUTB priced lironn etono front Honnes; vi ill bo exchanged for ri bijjher priced house in a desirable locution near Madison square. Addre*? O. M.. Herald office. TV^ANIiiD^A SMALL KAUM OF TEN On">IFTEKN \\ BIT**, within llm;;, int'e?ol the city, nml near a ?lr?tm <>l i tiff-. Will r iy fJWll down?>hs balance ln be on easy terms. Aildi on for three dave, wifhprtee, which must be lew. c. HALL, !'< Henry street, Sm S'< rk. \\TESTt 'HESTEU COUNTY.?A~ FA KM OF~FORTV VV ti'MC.! it Is boonteouMy ri riitert, and ban a good toll and neighborhood, and nt in a healthy location; the miHdlng*. are inoeflv new rumilna ppriutf witter at the door. Apply to .ALEXANDEROSTKANDER. No. 1 Fnvk rlai-f. rt|S i)/ vVSk" _tt(U.VTKV STt mH'l.N' W i^tchiStkr V county, one of the best locations for a ! n> o 1 nore In llw county.' Good house (nine rooms), largo Store, ihri'? tenement houe<f. etfllii (-lt.4RotP, sprmg water in lious?, fr.ill.&c $1,000 in caeli. balance on moi-twige. Title perfect. Sixteen tailed <-ut. Apply on tlio promises, at West Mount Vernon. Take tho T ZO A. )f. train on Hoi km Railroad, or S>30 A. M. on New Uavoii Railroad for Mount Vernon. Inquire of ticket agent at either depot. MBOARS A\i) 1'OBAtOO. SKUA UK vehy (heap.?THE ASSK1NKK, AT KO?17 Broadway, must clow out the stock,rind is offering vr'-nt ind'i'-'-metiu to 1 in-li buyers. Jinny excellent brands of llavauR, domestic auu OcrirjMk Sugar* BtiU ou [ band. i RSSTACRAirig. riWE TNFKttXAIi MAC1IINB?'1'jlAT WAS I It KED I P l 1 by tli'' n 'loonn- .Tnnien Stev A >.fr N>?|. rt Sow* ami S wall'* Point ill he noon free r,t Tin- j;i.,rc," No. 12 L^roy place, BJcei Iter street, ono block,-wcgt of Bromlwnv. J. Ji. AYUI'IT. miipitr: akk no patp;,r;g to he had rs washing .1. ton to po S.mlh, b tj. wu can got a j:.i*h to gotoSPKNC'ER S f>>r II t,hns Of i,|s-i, ,?nni-irabl?i Ale, tliat 1m, If you bare three rent* K,o, 2 CoftUuilt fctitfCt, northwestaniter tfBroadway^ tji'JiMVfcl*. SHIPPING. ^ OWING TO THE DISARRANGEMENT OrOUK KOB?lur weekly ualllnga, cauaed by the return to Uveruwt of the eteumahlu Emu. thla company will not deipatch ? Hteamorfrom New York on Hatnrduy, the 34th September. The noxl (trainer will therefore leave hem ou the 21at of Sep. U'raber, and will be followed weakly In tbe rauuUur WiinK wine an heretofore. JOHN O. DALE, Agent. Steam weekly between New York and Literpuol, landill" mid etnLxirklng i?a*aengeri at QuoeMtown Ireland. The Liverpool, New York mid Philadelphia Bteamahlo Company intend despatching their lull powered Clydebi lilt I run meannhlpa a* follow*:? GLASOOW Saturday, Sept. 7. Oil Y OK NEW YOltK or CITY OK MAN- _ _ i;iiu.stbk Saturday, nepi. n. CITY OK M ANCIIEHTEK or CITY OK _ M1JW YOKK Saturday, Bopt. R Ami every BattuUay, at noon, from I'ler to North river. 1MTKS Olf fasiuos: First Cabin >75 Steerage W Do. to London fit) D?. to Ijondott S3 Da. to J'nrls H5 Do. In Eurls 38 Do. to Hamburg.... 85 Do. to Hamburg 8? Passengers uiso forwanM to ITarre, Bu-men, Hotlerdaai, Antwerp, in ., at equally low rates. Persons wishing to bring out their friends ran buy tickets her#* at the following raten t<> N?tv York:?Kruia IJverpool or Qtteausiowtt. tirst cabin, $75, $.i& and $96. Steerage front Live rpool, $10; from ^uc. ur.owu, $:#). These Ht? Muiers have superior accommodations for n Kors. and can y experienced Burgeons. They arc built In wa* tor-llglit Irou auctions, ami ha\e patent lire ann'liilatora ou bond. I*'<>r further information apply In Llvorrool t > WILLIAM JNMAN, ugent, 22 Water vlr* < J*; in Glasgow to W M. JNA1 AN", No. ft St. Enoch square; l:i O'lcotiMtotvii to t\ k VV. D. 8KYMOUK A CO.; in London to IMVKS k MAt'EY, 04 King Willi.>m street: In Paris to JULKSDK rt)l 1'. Nriace lie la Bourse; In Philadelphia to JOHN O. DALli, 111 Walnut street, or at the company1# oftl"<aB. JOWl DALE, ut, 16 lit a I vaj N w Vi rfc. STEAM 1'liOM NEW YORK TO I.lViQtPOOL.?-TUK steamship GREAT EASTERN, having fulfilled her coutiaot with tho Ifc-itUh government, will tail from Now York for L vorpol Ou Suturday, O. I b.;r ft. rt tric.-< ok i-a.<!. In first cabin, f95 a 3135, according to atatoroim accommodation, all other privilege* being equal. In third cabin, from to $M). Suite or llrat cuuw ajuirtm-'fits for f nuillea miy b3 c?guped by special ari':>U'.;tnn !it. The GREAT EASTERN wii! lativo Liverpool on Uor return triji I'jok !.iy, October 28. Viaua of the ?hi;> can bo s n. and cngagomonU) ma la for freight ami passage cn i:p;>Ucaii u to UOWIAND U A r;V.VAI.L, Agent*, U and 55 South stroot. ITtOii Komi '.Mri'OK AN > HAV nn. Ou Saturday, r ct>t. It, the t'uiied States moil steamer ARAt'O, D. Lines, < ouunaivlor, Will sail from pior X,?. ;!T N :1a rivor, foot Of Beach (striv t, on Snliirdjiy, Scptemb r it, ?> i on. Tills stouuislilp (uiis i: l u -"<1 ior . ait I anil comfort^ liu;-. ({.>ub'o engines tnulur ilrek, o!icl?i?fl b;, watertight coni; ;rr(i!i0.ilH, which, b.'SHi'S other re - nil. , tcnUu tfio event of r >i!lslon or kt/.iiiili ? > lfor?i? On pni^r l'r?? to work, andswnro thevafety of vcj eland passcogciit.^ For freight or i>as :>ge a;ai'; to J .Slt'Kl M. KOX, GEO. M.\*'Ki:\71K, A ei t.j.N i Uroa'twaf. Tlic steamer Kt'I.TON will sail O^t' !?ci 12. DIRECT fciKAMsuii' UNK inn w k :t NEW YORK, IIAVi:>: /NO ANTWERP. The new an! pi it I >i .inter, Al, COXGRV.-iS, C'apt. Luiining.' 011" : S00 hoist! puwsr, W II ail front N ? York tn Thnntky, Heft-ui her 1ft, Eo Havre and n werp, Ir c'. Er reof p.'tH-ugo tur ftavrc. Autu.ip. tijuthun plon or Loudon:? First cabin fir* tfuttiini cubia 00 St? o j;o ;y? Chi'.dic i li twjou a.11 t 11 v mi s i>1' n,;e, lal' prica. For Wei/lit apply to WM. I" > MM!IT. W . inrr : treat. 1 >r |w s ge a ipiy to I [I- VI! y M. \V EKD, 1ST Wo.-t k r.-et, corner ol" I! ude r'rrrt. 811'..'. M TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON ANB Soi'lliaBiptoii. 'Hie Hamburg American Vacket Company'.; iron stoam:tl,i ! ' iO.nIA. i i.' > . commander, carrying tUo I'nitcJ !-fates moil, will leuve from pier 21 North river, root of Fulton nt: c >. SA'lURDAY, f-o; jt. 7. at noon, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passengers toe Havre, London,-Snutliuniptoi! anil Hamburg. I Fir t < abln, JKO; . tan! c:.b:n,$60; st''''rage, | The steamer* if this lino w ill ii-avc every alternate | &'tur(J:iv, (.M'ryli jt tlx; Unite I States mail. 11; -I wn.dtlp n ;r v. ill m\c. vrl tho T. itonia on | ?e; uinhcr2l. < . B. RICHARD k HO AS, 101 Broadway. mill NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S 81 ' M: HIP NSW I YUKK, (i. Weiwe coiuh.iuhI r. carrying the Ifuiied flutes mail, will sail from i i-r 30 North river, toot tif Cliainb' i. "trcot, on SATURDAY, September 28. at 12 o'clock >1., Hilt BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, talii.pnyp v.frois to I/'NI'ON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, uf tho fallow ng rat; s:? l or tin.- Jlt . t cabin. $100; second cabin, $30; storage, b'.ir freight or passage apply to OLXRlCll-S & CO.. 63 Broad street. I.IOR J.lfl'.lU'dOI. -Til:', WORLD WIDK KNOWK L' < ! tliiii DltEADSOL'GHT, Cnptiln Samuel", acti'.n.' ' 'iIm 'il to 1.1- th." I., un s i ... i'l a(lr.ui, li.r. lnt n k: < beaten tlie United Flat' mr.ll steamer., ;XMtth'elr li'.1. s jit, lt>. tit-i a..:o:!itf'.i"l'itio." : ii- r lui'lu illed. For l ;' >?*f, low i rutin, H]o\v limin''-Jlatrlj t.> secure b'1 rthn, tu. v art. being rapMlv taken up) on ' n.ird pier No. OKnrUt rlvr. or to j\ M. PUMAlliii'T, wSoinli *:r'ct. I.10U LONnO.Y?M.Uliri FEH\ 9. THE SPEENI'IP SHU* ; CHHISTIANA, fn m pier 21 East river. Passengers taken in the nd cil.ia state rooms, and found in provi.-'i i nt reduced i.eetago i: ices. Tito packet ship PATR:t!.\ HENRY will follow the above. For iaa.sago apply to I'll'C. J:o. 1IE, outh ?l.eot. Xj^OR LIVERPOOL.?'THE BLACK BAIL LINE OF . jKiekot.". Tho ciioper ship HA UVE?T QUEEN satis September 13. For passngaapply on board, foot of Beekrniut street, East river, or to JACOB WILSON, 10K youth Ptrcet. Ij^OU LI VfcJtPOOL?OLD BLACK STAR LINE?'THE ; riacket ship lyirg Rt pier 27 river s ills on tlio 12th ofSejrtetnbcr. 'rheCYNOc'l'RKsailn on the 18th of September. For pfissa^t or drafts on Ireland, &e., apply to W1LIJAJI3 k UU10X, 40 Fulton Htreo;. I/OH LlVKRl'OOI.?T.MeCuTT'S LINK.?THE FAVO; ril? iwcket chip KMEilAU) IS1.E, lying ul pier 38 I jie-t river, sails September (l, and packet ship GT'Y MANNEKIN't.' September 11. For t as=-';e r.t low rates, or drafts or Englnnd or L'elund, apply to 1'APSC'O'IT k CO., No. 8? South street. For. l.rV'EKl'OOL.?THE FIRST SHIPLEitVlNG^PORT. 'fhe splendid clipper ship RICHARD S. ELY, ('apt. M. l,lvi.!h iton, will positively sail Sept. 11. This ship baa spleadid aecommodations for all classes of pas scngeir.. For pas.-ago apply on board, at pier 14 East river, or to .IO.-EPH MURPHY, 61 Sontb street. XLINE FOR LONDON.?THE FAVORITE AND WEIX. known packet ship SOUTHAMPTON. lying at plop 17 Knst river, sails September 10. For pusjage, at low or drafts on any port of GreuMIrttain or Ireland. . >. .y on board or to 1WP8COTT & CO., 80 i-'otitli street. ArCTRATir^PldNEEB LINI CAHUVrNO*" THE United States Mail. RriU'h clipper ship SIAM la now rapidly loading fur Melbourne and Sydney, and vll be despatch; d posii ively on tlio ad of October; has unsurpassed accommodations forflr.-t and second class passengers. For freight or passage apply to R. W. CAMERON, 90 BUkver street. A" TSto^LIA?ISAVC.AROO UNEI'OK MFJ.HOURNE? First vessel.?The magnificent first class ship J A?K FROST, 2,000 tons but then, will liavc curly and prompt despatch. The accommodation* for passmgers are very superior. Early application must be made on board, pier 10 Hast, river, or to MA1LLER, 1/)RD& QUEREAU, 108 WhII street. AVSTHAI.IAN SHIPPERS' USE.?FOR MEE.BOURNB direct. Tlie *nperl< r A1 clipper rhi|i CONTINENT lias unsur]>AMed armimnodatlon for first and second class pasM-nners, nnd jpiarameed tirst. sliip ufT. Apply on board, liter 12 East liver, or k> KlbHER, KH'AKOS A CO., 81 Wall street. FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, lltli and 21st of each month, except when tlieeo datoa iitii "it ciiuu iv, wnvu inc aaj 01 departure wiu ue uu mm Monday folk) win jr. For freight or passage apply at the only office, No. 5 Howling Green. " D. B. ALLEN", Agent. FOK HAVANA, VIA NASSAU, N. I'. Tbo Briih-h and Norlh American royat mail rteamfliip KAilNAK. ('apt. Le Mesuricr, wHl Fail lor the abuva jHiri.-'.frotii the eota|>any'B wharr, Jersey City, oa? Satuvday September 14 October 14 Monday - . .November 11 l'a?H,age money to Na?so? $i& Passage money to Havana fid For freight or passage apply to F, CUNARD, 4 Bowling Groou. I7*OR MATANZAP. ; To Kail on Mr>n?i?y. September 9, at (wo o'clock P. M- >hmri> wnii nin.KO < ajrkh*. Tito Culled Slates mull steMnKbip MATANZAS, Liosp, gang, commander. Is ready to receive freight at pior No* 4 Northjlvor, foot of Morris street, . For freight or paesige applv to I MORA BROS, NAVARRO 4 C-2., 1 94 Kxc'ianpe plnce. Wails ilo?e at the Post office, at 1 o'clock P. M., ou tha day of sailing. No cargo reccivcfi nor bills of lading signed the day of sailing. Communications between Matansas and Bivr/ia by roll, fire times a cloy. ? CUAL?BKIN'G VTHuIJCBALR AND RVEAJI, AGENT lor the sale of sumo of the brat red ash unci 1 "high coal, I will sell enrgoes a?. the lovm t pofsible price, and by retail at ft lower price than a ny other dealer In the city, yards corner of King mid 'Croenw ich stress, ami so'uooeovelt street, corutr oi N<nv Bowery. _ VATOIKW CLINTON. ITryOMING YALLKV COAL -^1 SO.?THK BEST COAL VV for fetovo and lfingo V-t'. Free bnrning. f?U wight :uul no duat. l.OVD & CO., 822 Eighth avenue, roytwr Twenty seventh street. BUitlARIMt IlHKl.AN'a PATVMT lMI"KOVKT> HI 1,1.1 A HO TABUS AuilCOMniNATION' (TSH10N8. Trices to ?nU the tinn * i'Hr.i,A\' k coi.i.ivMiia'.jCT Crobhy strcot.

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