Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Eylül 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Eylül 1861 Page 1
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1 . - -i ..." .?.? - r? ? -? T H "^iTOLE NO, 8129. THE NAVAL EXPEDITIONS. IMPORTANT OPERATIONS ON THE COAST. THE INLAND SEAS OF NORTH CAROLINA THEIR. TRADE AND NAVIGATION. HATTEKAS AND OCRACOKE INLETS. Navigation front New York to Newbern. Maps of tiie locality of the Kate Tight, lUi) iMfj iWi la octimating th<' Importanr? of I bo rec-nt forilltaut ?uc?w? of our arms in the neighborhood of ?\ape Hut tciaa, It is nwessary to take tuto account Oh- statistics of the trade and navigation of thioe cxtetwivn nrinn of tho wm known an Albemarle, Pamlico and Currltnck Hounds. Ihc map which we pub'iph to-day ahowa the rol l live extent and situation of lluso watt>rf, and from the fourth annual report. <>f tho Albemarle and Cin -apoakiCf al Company wo gl?mi aome intartftlng particulars in rcipoet to the commerce of thai r.x?<The IU?P will give n clear idea of tin: locality au?l ot' the region to which Hattcro* Inlet afforded access to the ocean. It will be seen lUat from the mouth of t'heitnpcakf Bay, all down the Virginia ami Morth Carolina c<mpip, and, iu fact, down to the extreme Southern |>oitii ot' Florida) there extends a narrow strip or belt of saud, which pi'ixv rates the waters of tho-Atlantic from wnterR which were once. ana ut no very distant day, part of tho same oceanOn the coast of North Carolina, with w hich alone we have to do In this article, the interior waters thus separated from tho ocean are of very great extent. Alb-Unarle Sound exfi tids, with large and numerous tributaries, Northward and westward to Virginia. Pamlico Sound, which is south of Albemarle, stretches westward and Southward through North Carolina, and Currituck Sound Stretches northward along tho belt iu queft.ou. From Uipo Henry to Oa|>e Hat (eras there are no inlets giving access from the occau to these Interior waters, t-'ome appear on the map, but they are almost tilled up, and are impassible save to the smallest craftPractically, thereforo, the only Inlets along that whole extent of coast arc those ot' Hattcras and Ocracoke. The former is alxiiit twelve miles south of Fort Hatteras, and Ocracoko Ilea the same distance south of it. For their relative poaitions we refer our readers to the map published in connection with this article. This map shows the great extent of these inland cm, opening up, as they do, communication with aeonaiderable portion of the 8tat<-s of Virginia and North Carolina, and being tho great channel through which the commerce of that section llnds its way to joarket. On the one side Richmond is accessible by wl>y of , the Albemarle nud Chesapeake cana!, ;in<l on the other 9id? Raleigh in connected by railroad with Xrwltern?a port of entry on the Venae river, a tributary of 1'amllco Bound.' Thus these two robel capitals were in diroct communication with the forces detailed by the rebel government la-defend the North Carolina coa^t. and their vesaela had access to the ocean through Hatteras and Ocracoke inlets. The former of theae is the most important, aa vaesels drawing flfteon feet of water can pass through, while the other la only navigable to veasela drawing legs than eight feet. Tho torts which were surrendered to our floet luet Thursday were erected by tho rebels to guard that point. The small nap which we published some days ago uliows their position, and also the position of the fleet, and the point where the land forces were set ashore, a little north of tiie I'ortB. Djds our readers liave before thein the goo graphical information necessary to enable them to under, j ?nwt t*e niotfte and object of the expedition odd the vast importance of Its success. It does not seem to be decided yet whether Hatterus Inlet shall be closed or kept ojicd. If closed, it will probably bo found Impossible ever to re open it; lor a similar work undertaken By the general government u fow yearg ago?the reopening of the Roanoke Inlet?had to be aban. dotiod, tho oxcavul ion of a day boing invariably filled up the succeeding tide. If tho government comet; to the I concision to keep a naval force in Pamlico Sound, and to occupy the forU captured the other day, tho iulet will, of ourse, be kept open; otherwise it must be closed, no natter at what-sacrifice. The latent news from tho coast is that tho Ocracoke Inlet has been evacuated by the rebels, ami nil the muterial of war there collected abandoned. The inl^tiext below?Cedar Inlet?is of no account. Xone but t ne smallest cral't can navigate It. After the closing of Ocracoke Inlet, the next ard most Important part ol' the enterprise will probably he the capturing of Fort Macon and tho reopolling of Beaufort aa a United States port of entry?and *o on nntil there Is not a rebel fort left under the guns V which liny pirates can Btcal out upon tho pat li of our merchant vessels, or any creek or inlet left unclosed in which privateers can find ."holler. That Is the great object of the expoditiou which has had so auspicious a commencement. I So much for general views; now for som" details. tlir. rnttnrt nf HKnn.nnlo I I pony , to which wie have referred, states tiie region lying upon Albemarle, Paiulico and Currituck blinds, and tltoir tributary streams, embraces about 12 SCO square iuilcscr 8,000,000 acres of territory, being larger thau Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Now Hamr-'^jreor Vormont, and largvr than th" combined V a of Connecticut and Massachusetts, or of New Jersey and Delaware. Albemarle, Pamlico and Currituck Pounds receive the waters of twenty one rivers, nud a great number of entailer navigable streams, w uterine altogether tipwards of twenty ferti!^counties, and aflbrdingabout 1,800 dm Ion of navigation. The soil of this region is of great fertility, yielding abundant crops <-f corn, wheat, and the various other agricultural products. Cotton Is groi ii to the extent of some 100,SoO bales, and a large proportion of our naval stores used to lie supplied frwm tkis section. Tlio only register of the Sound navigation that appears to hare been kept was taken by the Ji^l.thouao keeper at Ocracoke Inlet, wliioli was a few years cinco tho principal channel to and from the ocean and even that onij' appr?*lmated to accuracy. During tho year 1855 there were upwards of fi/JM passages through 9cracoke, while the estimated number through Rattoror was one-third of tlurt llgtire. Th" stimate for 1S0S was that 6,448 vessels passed through those inlets, ave agivgUC tons oaob, which would show an aggregate tonu;ig? of 806.080 tons. The following table was prepared by tho Albemarle ajid Chesapeake Canal Com" patty to show tho export trade of that region, and is of iuterpftt enough at tliis moment to be quoted:? Cotton, bales 40.000 Fish, bbls ; *0,000 N:imiI stores. Corn, bushels... .,."T. Wheat 600.?X)0 f' SO.oii,, Potatoes 100.00y Timber, cubic feet J/>00.00,j lumber, suporflcial feet l/QOO.'JO^ t^ves.' IOJOOO.OOO fhirgles 75.000,000 Yfov\, cords l<*0.0f)() Wfccn it ia recollected that at least three fourths of this yrwuee was uewuea ior .>?nuoru pori?, an<i mai an umt Itnmou'C trade is now lo.t, it v. iU he seen that the tor pi ntino State pays rutJ?r much fur her secession whistle. But evon that table givwe >W a small Idea of the trade that passed over these waters since the blockading of the tiumburn ports, ilatkrac Inlet was the gate thrtmgh whi'li ail the ocean commerce that tlio rebels of that region couM indulge in was carried on. That gate is closed now, and the n.tinirirs of aeewsion are at liberty *o admire another of its afreets. It has been erroneously staled tli.t it is the Dismal i-'wamp Canal tlutt forms tho Artificial link in the chain of water communication between Richmond an I Hat tens In" j6t. That canal ii too small to be of much importance. i Ito broadth is hut twenty feet l>y five feet in depth, iho locks being only seventeen by one hundred and ton leet in tho clear. Tho real connecting link is the Albomarle And Chesapeake Canal, which unites tho waters of EJi&ibctb/lvcr with thoie of North Landing river. Its whole extent >e but Ji 1-10 miles. It l?sK.vty feet in width i \ ? ? ill ' 1 E NE #**?" ?% OPER/ Map of the Coast and Inl< M y^MAYS V. Jf y\^jr\?AtNes? J _/ *, A \ v 0 TfiEwwarf/ry\ \ VS5i>^*<k, -* j Wwr/sr/A# v. T^? ^^T^K-/ \ **' fcf "4^ S. OXFStfpX > u^HEWERSON L^ L .y^ ~\-% C*1 \ ff Ss%$G^\^ 1fsx&L j / t ^O^y^'A fcsT AKwrsj^P) jj\^^\m^ ) j SMITH j V^MmERV1LL?V^-^ Nil/ FALLING ce^l ^^\^AV?FtY$BORO^ KI/ pTU ELL ' I / v\'w,/Tsr#/ct K ' r" \ \J LANl \ iS&ap %'* ?*<??? ) 1 KT'ii^^fV \ J \C^\'U";i, ^TTV'/ WASH/ACT'. af" ?. \ V fv >-" whitew.*', Mm M) c^.SSf V'/^V r^^r 'j Hoooscr f&fti SWAM vi .?* a a7 __, Ts^rtfyij urrLFKygt ^ ^ p r\iYz "V % < -~->^ -p -s~ % 41 / <*- ^ f IMTZftS- SOU Sc. by eight feet in depth, with but ono lock, which is forty ! feet wido by two hundred and twenty Ion# in the ol?ar. When this rebellion broke out there wer-seven fort i f wutor in the caoal, but nine ^teani dredging machines were nt work excavating the channel to the depth of another foot. The work is now. wo presume, poetjiosed wltnout limiuiuun. On reference to a good map of the United States it wilt be seen that there is a continous course of internal navigation from Xew York to 1'amlico Sound. a dtatanee of about 600 miles, with but three artificial links in the chain. These throe arc the Delaware aud Raritnn Canalt of forty-tlirC" miles, uniting the waters of the Kantan and Delaware rivers: tho Cliesapeake and Delaware Canal offourteen miles. uniting the Delaware to Chesapoako Buy, and this Albemarle and Cbesapoako Ijanal nl fourteen miles?making in all seventy ono miles of canal navigation. The im|K>rtane.; and value of th'"so gre:u works are incalculable. When our present troubles pass away, and the country re enters on a career of greatness and prosperity, all thefrn highways (tcommcrve will be crowded with vet-gels bearing the int"rcbaitgod products of the various States of the Union. REBEL ACCOUNTS OF THE CAPTURE OF FOBT HATTERAS. THE BFMCT IN N OUT ft (,'ArtOLINA. The Raleich Standard savp:? On Thursday al'ternoou an i&tonse fooling wu created hero by line announcement iliat Fort llatteras bad beau captured by the Unionist*?thai the gnus of the fori war# uileiM' <1 at, an early period iK the day. From these rumors addi n nal ones ltttue boen manufactured, ami tie most result* are stud tn have occurred. At this writing n<^lhir.g id certainly known here as to thn resut. We lout tiinut 'cu cumou uteiuued at that {mint, with ??t hundred troop?. It in H'lilo o rtain that .* hoarding to our predictions ami wwring? fu mouths, owcjuat W; menaced, it' no snoossluiiy invaJpd. Il' *? are not jprcjwiroil fully to meet tlm tin1 at Km, entrances of aur inlets, it is net th? fanlt ot Hv Jjiandarj. We lm\o labored earnestly to direct tlx) attention ?f the government to the ab^ lute necessity <d' tall preparation. If there kt! blame, w>t ii tall where il tHigiit. itut we must iwt giv? way t > oorjiplaintB. i tirutt up aad at tliem, and drive Uiein tr<?n oir ixiaxt. ..^vfnnir Uairk will ao his utimwi to o!R-?i that ubi'Tt a|MH'(lii> . anii wo have no doubt J'resid. rit l>avis will* p.etuptly meet u?v caw. There is no time for delay. * The Raleigh ItegU/kr Aunonn&s the succoes of the 1'ni nisls, and add.*:? Under this stale of affairs we feel t^vrantod in cnlertaliW.ig the most pcrkjua apprehensions for Uie saiety of W Y O NEW YORK, SUNDAY, tTIONS OF THE 3ts of North Carolina?Inn c? a?-a5e r^Tojf J PETERSBU^S%^?0O?Gzy> ot + \/t y?* OlNWID^%/c.?k ^ ?4y4>^s/ oir i I ^^^^^HiCKSFURD A J \ . iia | ___ "*T^ ^ TARBOR^L^''.miT '?* 5 " ^^4 /1 ^^OLbSBOR^AJ V^>'SV I \^^Jhs?i?r\/yALl/S^ _ vT^ | / STRABANE^^s^ ' SV^k r\ \ "V^?"\ i \10 Vl^A rr I ?\* VT comfop *' ^ Xfr?H r':^r HvX* x hmnoH^^^ / k!;-z^JHr-', L U ^==tj^y 1A-' catfish L ? >?s-^> i5 '*:?? \ i <--" -n,v> id i>i $?> fii/, \ \P!^HkB?! <*&/ "< fj? (? * -"ST0R6& C/^' v1''"' ~r-o* ,:>y,:V' p?V/ V^i *41 v'-'rya,,.ai,;i'7 ,J*bA *c o \ h-t-* .?/. u*y J0 %&. Sriw s TUMP, C^r , |Z / *. SOUNC,y\Ltf%r-<^^ *c^ <^2 ?U J IV* 1 /JL\^ sail IN * o ^jjm^SANb-f INLCT ^ 0^-A0ar/z //v/.?-r Pyf/HASOA/BOHO 5 p m^!/Ul?r ^ pf 0 ^N?W/A/l?T JfsMITHS I. * CAPE FEAR y '\. Xcwheru. Washington,and in fact tho entire coast. Col. Cumiilu'lt'ts rcginwiH, ' miciiily stationed at (iraliam, and originally d< i-tmcdfor V irgiuia, w(is soul to Newborn on* Wi.'tltii Mlay. The Charlotte Artillery lelt their camp here on Thursday for the sime destination. 'flic Wilmington Artillery, now at Camp Hoy Ian, and ttuder marching or- | | dors lor \ ii ginla, liavo been detained here until it can be | I ascertained n their services are needed on the contt. Had the earnest and repeated advince >>f (Jern ral Gwynn, Captain Crossan. and oth'-r officers been heeded, thero would now bn 5,000 men on our coast. A despatch to liovernor C.ark has just bm read in , the House of Commons, convey iutr tho hit"lligeuco of the surrender of our troops at llattera* to tho national#. , Among thoso surrendered was Colonel Martin, brother of j Adjutant Geucral Martin. For the sake of tho credit of | the State, we forbear to describe the effect which this ; despatch produced on the House. The Wilmington Journal blames the State officials for the Confederate defeat. Jt says:? Recent events coming home to our own State, hovering , over our own coast, threatening our owu homes, approaching our owr^Joors, will go far to show whether wowere panic stricken when we up(>ralcU so strongly for thj construct en of efficient works lor the defence of our coast. Over and ovr again have we Mounded tho alarm, until wo made ourselves olinus to the complacent head men aboi t the capita'?a thing which we regretted, but for which wo did net reproach ourselves. Can those who so vehem ntly did not liice our course say that they liavu nothing with which tw reproach tlicmselvcf? )1 ihoy do, who will bull -re them? Th>- fore of llaitcra* lias fallen tuio tho hands of tho enemy, not rr<-ni any want of gal antry on their pari, but they hail net amilHcl nt amount of ammunition, and because they wore neither sustained nor had works | suinci ntiy unaoe to resist tne ueavy iorc?) Drought ' against them (4 000 mcH and one hundred gt as). Thore wan no prov!' i<>n mine to si-curc Ihuir retreat. Hut the reply to all who urg anything has heretofore Ix-en, "Oh, no, {here la n? ihuKi-r; yoi. are ouly Si arod." Tbu poo pie bave had enough <-f this; they m ist act at once themk -Ir.'S. There has been u<> eaahiy u?- in depending u|h>u ;h a .thorlties. so Car nt least. 1 Ttie Raleigh correspondent of tlio Petersburg Erj-rtt* writes:? The defeat was expected by tlio oncers whenever an attack wis Col.nol Johnston w;is h ro t vcral weeks ago. and represented tbetr inacctlre position. Aid was |itouiised, b 't whether It irut* furu.^hed I know not: but l.'It was, it Wfia certainly very lO'agrr. Col>net Johnston ?ald wltlc bore tlwl the Yaukee* coul I lakj them nlKutvr thejr tried. 1 hey have tried, and have done as he sjim' The ;vop e of North Carolina have baon led to beifc've, Ibroiiih the K?teeutl*o I?epar;m?nt of the Pluto, th it our eurst w.ik In a very strong statu of defence, llow thin its* Jripp >1 -d I know not. nor w ll I attempt u>gues*. But vrc -? n# w what tho boasted strength of our ci v t (! friiri'S amounted to What d<V the entrance of the Yankcs Into our .valors amount to? SImply this;?'The wlioio pf the extern uart 11K II - ???> SEPTEMBER 8, 1861. NAVAL EXPEDI iportant Geographical Po pP.RTS"$in^l<Pt*? r K Y&f mm AX0\pc$t n i )) /.-s3t y ] n4i t-yard j V / J Mm<mm mfy?''* un..-*, J r c?*r+*/A, l\i 1 ' No y i^KL^^w* * R>< v^j^l Mt?ATffS?s, \ ^ r^~\^"""S / ""Vh. "'"' ?E^}1, p,(!flp? *?n. m\tt /M)\\\t, ,.ti,r-Yr f Mi| - ?. ..,. tSZ* < **/ft*' ? ??W '" rV"'c> ^^^^gjNGTON^::': - >'7-*...-.p"?' M il:l,"iv":.'ii. p V w>i/0?5 />: A JA Jfii CAHOLfNA CITy'vl^) ?/ f . /? ~ 'SSSS,\S^$^3S? . V

^ co^ *)g$l CAP? , V ^ LOOKOUT fr, . &J? a' ,?' /* * t u e o fflffllliin li 0 5 10 of (ho Stale is now exposed to the ravages of the f"deraN. N'ewbern, Washington, Plymouth, Edentoi), Hertford, Elizabeth City, arc all now exposed, besides the whole of the a^iaceot country. T saw a gentleman "> "lay from up the Stat.', who has a company to oiler to the service of the State. Ho gays if arms can't be obtained they will arm them Ives with double-barrelled *h< i guns. and make the moulds for their own cartridge*. It 's crtalu that something very active tnuKt be done, and that speedily. Females are leaving the eastern port i f the State ra. pldly, and coming hero and potnfc elsewhere. There is great agitation now throughout the Slato a? far as this news hag reached. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. v Kortmcxm Monkor. Sept. fl, ) VI* lUinnoRE, Kept. 7,lHfll. / The steam frigate Roanoke, Commodore l\>ndergr?ft( has returned from the blockade off fliarlealon, hiving been relieved by the Wabash. The Roanoke brings no intelligence whatever. Th?; Quaker City i<i coaling for a cruise. The rebel steamer York town is only about a down miles :vtiovc Newport News, awaiting an opportunity to run the blockade. She has long been preparing at Richmond, and Is said to carry a very heavy armament. The George Peabody is hourly expected front 1 (attorns Inlet. The Harriet Lane saved her best gun. The Minnesota and Potomac are exacted hero to-morrow. OUR FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. tV.RTRB*-' Mowuoi, Sept. 5,186). Arrival of the Harriet Lame ami Monticettofrom HaUeiai Inlrt?TMr [himafiu?Important Xctct from Ilattern? Inbt?Unutn Mm Working In to 7bb> the. Oath. of Afhgiance?KiqnI Hurulnd AJrta<ip In, nwl Still Th*y Come?Goal limit-? of the KrjmJilio??Condition of Our Arte?fc'tmciw/fm of F.,rt Morgan at Ocracoke Inlet?II* Probable OcnptUian hy Our F\trec?Capture of a Flog? C?tnm(ttion t? Km mine OJJi err. ,6c H'Aaf Ihu Hon tyiu.?Naval jV?ua, rfv., ttc.. <fc. We were very nvicbgrM ill<>1 hy observing tlil* morning tlio arrival Of the ttcam cutter Harriet lane, escorted by tit -MotUicoHo, from I latter** lnlit. llio former ghlp Rt arac.l up, writing < ne engine at low nml tlio otli?-r fit liirfli priwurn. Jliv |x>rt engine I* it piod deal out of order, and must be overhauled and repaired bef>?rj it C\n again be used lo any advantage. Hor E II AI a o mmmm am. m U tion. I s 0 u u h ti 8 sition of Hatter as Inlet. { I a ij ^ I l/CATE CHARLES ;" I r COMFORT i GfiPEC. L.H. 1 ggx CAPE HENRY. A ^ v ? VNNEfe \ Ik \AA? CURRITUCK :\>OWmCr C SOUH po/ajt ] rK'lDEflL %\-"'us ' J2fV? *2- #Jc^*w'f|l 8 fl-J Ss 9MKT L>f '"J?, d! 4 5? fc-TEB" ^ Q i i **o LANO, ?-?,ir/poiL/:TOWH v T *3 g --TV. x'itlis 0 0 ~>I! * 5 hatteha&Klt OewrrrnA^ >'Jk, -H0nSr^A L I W ?:^XJ%&"iiATTERAS' IHLET IT. VESSEL ti jjfifiHo. iMOUT^U^OCRACOKE INLET P7 ,i m* ?' A ^ _ V Q >* \ < ^ * i I v I SCALE or MILrS """" 20 I C.S.HALL CH. pumps nro almost wholly useless, having worked sand In tliTn wliilo ashoro, and Tor thin reason oho cuglno became ?!' little valuo in propelling ttio ship. She does not leak uny, but Is a good deal strained, and I will need repairing in hull us woll as in angina. A new battery of guns for the quarter deck, a fro.-h supply of shot, shell, provisions, coal, &c.. will also bonccoMnry on h'*r arrival at, Vow York, where I presume she w ill go in a day or two. Every one wiil be glad to seo the famous little cuttor agaiu in New York. The Montlcello will bo obliged to go Into tbo Dry (Vck to repair damages received from her ( harp enj;n?''ment wltli tlio enemy's battery on the first day's contest wbilo she was aground. She leaks a g'tod deal In a heavy sea, and it has been found necessary to koep bor pumps going almost constantly <<tnrc the hour nh was brnught out from tho jaws of destruction. Her repairs will require four or tlve days to complete. Shu will undoubtedly proceod to Sew York with the Harriet Ijiiip. On the Sunday succeeding the affiiir at Hat terms Inlet she fun dowu to Ocracoke In- S let, aud stood pretty close iuto It. A large, regularly bull1 fort, constructed of stone, and mount Ing six thirty-two's i en barUUe, standing on a slight cminenco near the inlet, gavo no inimical signs on the approach of tbo Montlcello, anil everything about It indicated that it had bocn disorted. On the following day, when the Munticvllo again visited the place, it wok ascertained from mi me persons who boarded her that tho fort hail been deserted by tho enemy the day after tho nur : render of the forts at Uuttcras, alter they had spiked the j guns. destroyed such property an th y com Id, and mn'!<' tho pri?o as lUtle'vAluable to us a* possible. The euemy j had retreated to the main tend. The Montleello did not take possession, but tlie fort, railed by tbe rebate Fort Morgan. is undoubtedly In our bunds now, as the Susi|ueDmii'H frigat?ww t*? have gono >k>wn yesterday ;iftent->on from tlHtteras Inlet to ink". ocsupy and hold it. There ia no doubt ol her ability to do so, if tli? reports and indications that sevm to coiiti in the report* are correct , and Lieutenant Broin? and tb< other officers of (ha M"Mioello do not doubt thw*. By tills time tlw Stars and r-trl|x-9 I Moat over Wcraeoke lnlit, and tho coast of North t'arolimi is effectually etised. The Mnnlicsllo observed s> \ end ! whtlf flaiiK flying over tbe village of Portsmouth, a Htt!o south oi Oer.H-oke Inlet, which S'vtned to be | distort d. This is a favorite wittering pine 1 of the pro- 1 I le < ' North Carolina, and tevei ai (argu establishments cosl I bo sei-n apiNir'Miily closed. Contrabands, waving ' white Itnps, were abundant ;>t Ceracoke mid Portsmouth. Hut o| all ibis wo sliali k ow inoru on the arrival ol' U'e lievi siciuiu r from Ca,mi Hatti'is. Whi n tl;.' liari ! t La e eft o r forts at Hatte iw !n'"! j .D. PR 1(1 E THREE CENTS. (fair* woro |ipyr.> - ng llliely, although it was found ue innrjr to work tho inou rather hard, to which tbey Hide no obiections. All wore engaged in repairing and tron tliciiln^ tho forliUcitiions, In mounting th guns had tiot beeu mounted by thi< enemy on oeioiut flC ur autlilcu appearance, and in taking mioli steps in wcru iv ni?d ni-re-H.ij'y t<> make our |? al.loti |<erli>otlj in.; eg able against i lie titlarks of tho rebel*. Kiiilni/nrce fuolx-i-u rut in iho works, through which pMimHave i on pointed, sweeping All tho laud approach' e. The guns piliod by ili. iiLiiuy before evacuating Fort Claris have mh'U drilled out, and are now randy for ute. I'oi Haw in has charge of this work, and, with hix Zouaves, will 10 ahlo to chi ck th" progress ol a very large force on the mkI side. New works will undoubtedly be thrown up Jul tho position matin ilonbly aocuro. A largo quantity >f stores of all km<l-, provisions, munitions of w?ir, kc., kid bi-eu received |ht ateanier Ueorgo pi abodj , sent lehce. Everything is now r\i ly for an attack, and it' the rebel* I link proi>?: to attoinpt to take to position, tli> rough ???! la still o|?'n to ihem and will remain so. Itni I fancy h.-ir discretion will provo tho butter part of valor in lllowlng us to hold the place. The gratifying intelligence wo have received Ih the iccnuiitsof the (locking In ol'ilie inhabitant!!, some from ho distance i>l tli rty miles,to take tho oath of allegiance J ,0 the govt1 mm rif. voluntarily. and their anxiety to take I ip arms iu Its defence. Not a day elapses thai rovoral modioli do not I'onie in for that purpose, in faittilivM, and kmiotltno* nearly whole towns, to ask protection and to 'tfrr their service! 10 the Til ion Men, women and eh'U I ten have arriied In somen by land, frequently walking 1 long distance, and by boats iron ihe main land, rtvor igl/t hundred already appeared ami taken bit oath, and tho HuuiIhus luofeoeeil daily. All say Int tlirv have hiii ground to tho earth fcy the rou jiooi of a military despotism, and a majority of those .vho have gone Ui light tho b it lien for tl 10 rolx-N luiy Ions (i m.niti?t their wrdie.-. No difference ># piuiou iv an allow'd by thiw traitorous despot*,and everyone was ohllgi'd to bow to their boh hi At lam . alier long w i-k? aiel mmiths of waiting, the glorioiy tlggjif their whole eoeutry appeared, and afler a eontcatuf two days its d<*fehdors captured tlwlr I) mimical opjiressois, ami again tliey wore free. This fouling is tiotmutln 1 alotje to t|>o country itimtedliilely In tho neighborhood of ra^ie Hal terns. Assuranc e are received from olnewhero that all the inhabitants wished wns the a|ipearance of the ilag of tlm In ion. sup|iorted by a decent fbroo, and they would rise and assist in planting it and defending it Prom Newls ru Hie strongest assurance* were received to this -fleet. S> it Is all along the coast. All they want is the aiil and protection for a short time of the government , ami they will take care of the relielH of their own State. Cannot thin assistance be granted V Col. liawkits proposes to "jve tevi-ral hundred men wlio desire to de fend the |hh4Mou we hold those arms captured from the rein Is. and organize them into a Home Guard. I ihitik the . .\|* riiiient will lie tried, and. If sue, essful, uflbrt* will lie made to furnish all Union men with arms, ami by that means wo nmy organize a strong force to ro-operalo w-ltii us iu disenthralling the L'nlon-lov|ng f?t?to of North Carolina from the bonds of the rebel ty rnnts. Tb'i work. Indeed, (phik hravcly on. Now let tho rainpuiitii hi- opuueil in Ihe Wat*1 of South Carolina. U invites attack?lot it Imvr its wishes gratified. TIk- Harriet Ijini', after ft hail been roi oft from us tlanjferou* position, was |>il<>tc<1 into the Sound through the Inlot by John While, of (he Minnesota, one of the t pilots of tho coast. hikI also brought out by kirn. Tin'honor of raising tin- lirst Union (lag in the inlet is iluc to I.ietiteuant Diiiikhii, of the Harriet Imiic, who went In and hoarded tlie brlx and took tier |>riie in n StnaJI In at from tin, Harriet l,ane, befbro she attempted to eji ter: ho also boarded a schooner?both |iri*es. i am happy to announce that all tlio officers ami man on the Harriet Ijine and Montl.illo, after thoir arduous and rationing labors, are in the best of houlth. Lieutenant itraine, of the Montic.ello, has two r<;bcl !? ;?, one an elegant silk?the latter holongiuir to tin: Tar River lloys, presented by the ladies of North furolina. I'Uey are Miry valnahic trophies, and could uot have fallen Into better bunds. Tlio Montlcello Is about the only *hlp pngakcd In the nlf ilr that carries the beauty marks on her, fur which her otlieers were hivlily complimented by :'oiura ?Uire Stringham. The Cointnionioti api*iiulcd to examine ?uch eineert as were named by the.Oolonels of regiments here have boen In homMou several days, and aro performing thoir duties in a most commendable manner. The examination of oHIoers Is ?i?ite rigid and well calculated to sift out the wheat from the chaff. Several otllcer* lw?v? already been examined, and I learn that (f lite u iiuuiher have faili d to meet the requirciitcnln of the Board, They will ho dropimd from the rolls, an the law requires. Major Hays, of the artillery. President, and Mi\|or Kimball, of tlio Ninth Now York Volunteers, together with Captain liurleigli,of the Klrct New York, constitute the Commission. The I rest results art expected ftotn its actions. There Is no othor news or Importance in tlw rtop4rtnjent. The Iroquois gt on w wa in morrow. She Is in the best of order, and her engines, under the Ruperrlsioa of Kngi noei .lobn H. Lbng, are in admirable condition. THK HATTLE OF BULL RUN. OFFICIAL UrPdKT OK C'Ot.ONKI. MARTIN, OK TH* SKVKSTT-nKST NKW YOttK RKC5TMKNT. IIkaIKJI AKTKHH .VMKUIl'JkS CiVABil, St^WTV KIKsT Y ltrx.ijii.vr. Lnnrr fjtr.iKTKV, N. Y. S. M., V Nk.w Yokk, August 1,1S61. J Colonel A. E. Ht uNSHiR. \ctlug Krinadlcr Oeneral PecoBd Prigade, I'riV; > it States Army:? ?. In accordance v.'ithfirdois, I herewith submit a report of tlie action "t th >i vents' tlrott -regiment, V. Y. 8. M., in the engagement m Hull run on the 21st of July. Wo woro or'U']'|,(i ti? ntiumenc iho march, \\ itli tbo First and Second Ilhoi!<* island and tho,' 'neon d N? w Hampshire regiments loading, nnrt the :-oveiity-flrst regiment bringing up tho rea" of ih?> brigade toward lli?> bat tin tlold,a little niter two o clock A. M.,and havuig ma"< he?t steadily almost without u halt lor eight benrs, \\< arrived upon the position assigned lor our diviflon < tn our arrival tho two Rhode Is'and and the Now Ifiunpshiro regiments were drawn up In line, ami the fc'eveniyftrst wore ordered to pass in Iron} of th'fu regiments to a |?osltlon In advance and to tbo right of the brrgide, and also in front of two pieces or artll^ry, which I suppose belonged to (trillion's battery. No sooner bad Wo formed line than tbo rigbt piece came dashing forward at full speed through our right wing, w ithout any previous intimation being given. The men broke nwaj and allowed the piece to pass,and immediate!} after its iiassugo dropiied bark into their ((ositiona in lln?. Shortly after i Ibin the ietVpleco executed the same manmuvro, and Willi the same results. Al ter remaining in this position about a ijuartor of au hour, axposod to the cannonading of tbo enemy, which they were directing toward us, we were ordered with our brigade to an adjoining Held to engage .v I Kir Hon of the cnetny that had debouched from their work*, and fully equal in numbers to i.ur own brigade,and niter a severe couto4t. in which many valuable fivoi were lost and many of our ties' officers wounded?amongst whom wereCapt. kill.-. Company K;Capt. Hart, iXiiiijtany A, and Ll?'ut. Etubler, Company H?wu succeeded in repulsing tln m. and com|Hllrg them to retteat. In thifl conlllet we were greatly assisted by t*K> of ('apt. IlahlgrcnV twelve pounder howitzers, In charge of ("apt. Mils, (,'onipnny I, of this regiment. After the retreat, th-ueral McPowoll, with Ills staff, rodo Ground tho Held in roar of our brigade, waving his glove In token of victory, and wo nil considered the day was ours. We were then ordered to retire to the edge of the wood,still in view of Ibo enemy's works and In io.u it nt their cannon, and there to rest, hh we had done all tho bit j that would be required of its, and would not be oalletl Into action again. After about, an hour's rest we were told the enemy ?m getting the host of ns and were ordered to retire to the il dd we iiad at tirst occupied,and take tho most advanced position on that Held. Here we stood in line of battle awaiting the approach t>f the enormous column of retuforo. meuts of the cnetny from Richmond aud Manassas. 'lh ' head of this column was directed iu front of the centre of our regiment; and'when It was within live hundred yards of us, we received tho order to retire, which we did in line of battle, in common timenot one man running. The brigade remained together ou the retreat, and arrived at our old bivouac, about one and a half miles from (Vntorvlllo, all in good order. Horo we again received orders to conHnuo tho retreat, to Washington, and marchod over tho iMig Hridge as a brigade. Hereto nji|>ended is a return of our losses. Iu closiug my report, I cannot hut say that all praise fa duo to you, sir, for your coolness and daring during tbo engagement, and to your brave Kh.ide Island regiments, to whom we feel Indebted for many acts of kindness, aud to Governor Sprague, of your Si ate, for his great courage and gallant conduct ou the field. Your obedient servant, IIKNRY 1". MARTIN". Colonel Sovenly first regiment N. Y. 8. M. OUK KEY WEST COUKESPONDENr:R key www, august 28 1801. DetfnirHtm nf a Lighthouse hy the Rdi^t?Aflrr RtiuUring U UhI'/s Tltey J'roreed to Anuthtr?XnmlMovm..nU,dk. Simeon Frow, the keeper of theOipe Florida J.ighthoiwe, has Just arrived In thin city from the G?pe, and reports that a hand of rebels, calling themselves the Cout (iuard, and commanded by Capt. Ar now, from St. Auguslii'e, arrived at Key HlscagiieMt two o'clock A. M. of the 2:;d. in a boat from the mainland. They at onco took posKcsoion ut'the lighthouse and dwelling ami all llie government property, and imprisoned tho keeper. They first, went up into tlie tower and destroyed tho lens (a valunbjo second order Frrsnnl illuminating apfiaratus), and t.jured the machinery no badly that it cannot be used again. They reported that Jupiter Light wan put ont by thvin on tho 20th, and Capo Ouurval some Ays previous. The porly left Cape Florida on tho num morning, proceeding towards Miami in their own boat, and kImi taking a lioat belonging to tho l.ight House Department. On the 201 h Captain Frow saw, wb'ilo coming down to Key West, in a dinkey, the same party m< viug down between the Keys and the mainland towards Carysfort light, and hi belnrvos that their object in going in that direction was to destroy tho Iron light upon t'arysfort reef. WO have not hoard from this light, and cannot tell whether tin y succeeded iu their iulamoHs attempt. The United States steamer Mohawk, I.ioutenant Strong, left our liarbor this afternoon. Intending to touch at tV ryifort anil at mil), ero. ' tie t'nitcd s'liiti-, >i?amer Crusader, (.'uuimaudir Cr?vuh, Milp this oVi nirijt f?r Vvw York. The (Vui-it'li>i*:unl?M??ii?wk, both bound to New York, will ri [xn iltt) eJttnut of tin! <i?iin,il?lii?iM ol /truows baud. Tlie Unit <1 Statrs ?ioop.of-wnr Vlncennos,fluidy. iletl for Foi l I'ickun* on lb'? 27th it si. Tbo KiniJxwt Ktiode Island, Captain Tri-nrbard, buIIinI for N'cw York U.o 27th. Ttao steamer H.ilvOr, Weir, suilrl for Havana flto 27th. '1 i" t;iiiil>i al Wyandot, ?ti ang, urriy. d tfio 27th Kort I'ick.'its. Tim-yacht Wanderer, l.:o iifnant Hreoito arrived thv 27th, ir< in K? I l'i< k in. 1 h ' material* of the BriH?li ba k Kmi'ra <l i*lc wero s?M by tho Cnltrd Stul<'i Y slial "U rhr 3Wh, ; ?

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