Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1861 Page 3
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NEWS FROM THE REBEL STATES. AKKAIIIK AT CrMBKRLAND OA P. TIm extra or I ho Rational luiWMicd at Winchester, Ky., wliUit lias been sent you liy telegraph, gtartled or from the apathy tutu which wo bad fallen limn a surfeit or ft lack of u-ws to excite ut>. An idea got into the head* of inauy here thai the iuva<t ts *>oro >ot as much to bo feared as at 11 rH thought, ai.d later Information proved the foe to be frietiiU froui the loyal luouutuiuH of TeunesMi*.', who, in accordance ?ilh a |>rc< on. tjrloil )>lau, hail marched t<) Kentucky to ait) in ttwcurlnj? the ami? (n tended for them. A muular movement, on a umuiior fccalo, hod previously Uiken |>tace on Ihe Hil ult. A correspondent ol' the 1-ouUsville Journal, from whose letter 1 am permitted to make the extract, sava, under dale of tha &ih Inst iimi thA i-v ii'.AitA af liurbouraville bail been in a state of tho wildest excitement since about twelve o'clock yesterday, at which time sixty Kast T n uegueans marched in, boariug at tho head,of their ranks the Stars aud Stripes. They were welcomed by our pcopie with loml and continued shouts of enthusiasm aud joy. In addition to thou?adds the writer, "there are about one bundl ed in Whitby county, and mure of them aro expected daily." Further news of thin movement him not yet readied us thin (Monday) morning. We have telegraphic communication with ihat point of the country, but the press has neither special nor regular agents there. It is understood that 7,000 more guns and two cannon p*Med through l.exiiigtou on IViday night lapt, intended for the troops at Uryuntsville, and to be conveyed to the Cap. The plans of th" rebels in the mountains are not known. The Knoxville (Tenii.) HryOlrr says thai volunteering for the Southern army in Kant Tennessee is going on briskly. Up to Thursday last that paper reports the acceptance of ix cavalry companies, all well mounted and equipped. Hey were stationed at Camp fiimmingg, consisting of both tho old iwrtn#, t'nlou men as well as secessionists. PRKSIDKNTI At. KI.KCTOKAI. TICKET IN MISBIHSlfPI. Last Friday a t'on vent ion of the Mississippi Legislature was held at Jacksonjfto recommend a ticket of Klectois to cast tho vote of thut State ir? the coming Presidential election. Four were nominated for tho State at le.rgo and one from each Congressional district. The action of tho Convention was entirely harmonious, though composed of gentlemen who differed widely u|x>n old issues. The Klectora for the State at large aro Hons. II. C. Chambers, of Calhoun; K. P. Jones, of Sunflower; Hubert 8. Hudson, of Yaatoo, and 1). C. (ilunn, of Harrison. Kor the five districts tiie fallowing svere up(K>inted in the order named:? J. Fred. Simmons, of Panola; Jeib-rsou Wilson, of Pontotoc; James Prune, of Omctuw; T. C. Tupper, of Madison, and P. 8. Catching*, of Coplab. TIIE INDUS ALLIES. We learn from ('otim01 iZmreti ut? the JW.-ninhi* Appeal, that a eompauy of Creek*, in tho upper |?rt of the Nation, have gono to the assistance of tlio Cberotees, who have rtiiflered from iho Kansas rob berg. It ia said Ihnt they are building a fort on tho neutral lands belonging to the Indians, near the Kansas line, and the Crooks and Cherokees, wo think, will make the place too hot for them. It to an Intrusion upou their aoll; besides, the Kansl&ns have already the possession of ?00,000 acrci of laud belonging to the Cherokee*?aslrip ?f land for whichlho Cherokee.s paid Gi ueral Jackson, in 1884, $600,000, out of the $6,000,000 which tbey received for their landa in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina. SOUTH RUN NAVY, Commodore Tatnall, who is forming the nucleus of a Mvy at Savannah, Ga., invites proposals for the construction of Ave vessels of about 100 tons each for the IXinfedewrte service. PROM PEN8ACOLA. The Mobile Aiaertiser says that on Saturday night, the 3d inst., one of tne harbor police boats wan chasea by Ave ship's launches of the enemy, is thought, amc from ine dry dock, now anchored midway between Santa Rosa Island nnd the Navy Yard. Tin' steamer Nia gara, or Wabash, which arrived at the anchorage a day J or two previous, sailed Monday evening to the south- j west, probably for the Mississippi station. I At'OUST A AltSKNAl.. A large number er operatives aro now employe ! nt the I Aagusta (Ga.) Arsenal manufacturing cartridges, halls and other munitions of war, which are sont to 111" different points of the confederacy?to Richmond, Pensaoola, Savannah, Charleston, fcc. The amount of work of this sort daily done there Is prodigious. The Arsenal at Augusta is to bo made the principal auimuult ion depot for the Confederate States. A TROrnY PROM MANASSAS. Captain A. I-arose, of tho Hienville Rifles, has sent home to Hon. S. P. Do Ijrttarre, of New Orleans, tlio flagstaff and tassel of the New York Fire Zouave regiment, which will be presented to the Sous of the Louisiana Association, at the request of the captoi s. Bl't'KRINTKMlENT OP THP, 1.0 AN. Mr. J. D. B. lie How has been appointed siiperintemlentIn-chief of the cotton, provision and general supply loan. The government could not have selected a iikui better qualified to Itll the post. He is well known to the country aa the able editor of the Renew which bears his name, and which has ever been one of the foremost und most able advocates of Southern rights and Southern institution*. He was Superintendent of tlio Census of I860 ; is a man of much statistical knowledge, of general tnforma tion, of extensive acquaintance, good scholarship, and more than ail, is very |x>pular with the planting interest f the South. It is gratifying to hnar of the appointment to office of such a zealous, uncompromising, thoroughgoing Southerner as Mr. DeBow. NKW COTTON. The steamer Mary T?, which arrived at Vow Orleans on Sunday week, brought down tlio first bale of Cotton of thia season's growth. It wns from the plantation of Aylett Buckner, Tensas Parish,and delivered at K ui liez to await, with many other thousands of balen, tho opening of the seaports of the Supth. DEATH OF UIX'TKNANT MAN(H'.V. , Lieutenant \V"- P. Mr.rgum, son of Uan. \v. P. Miiugum, of North Carolina, wS so life was supposed to have been Saved in the great battle by a Bible in his vest, f rom which the ball glanced has since died of his injury. NROHOKfl BtntNKD. Five negroes, at the instigation or two white men, murdered Mr. Gibson, an overseer In Monroe county. Ala., ?n the 24th ult. Tliey were tried before Judge l.yuch, who rendered a verdict of burning at the stake, which was put into execution. 8EJZI HE OP TJIK PAMLICO. The New Orleans Delia says that, in pursuance of orders received there from Mr. Secretary Ma lory, the coast steamer Pamlico was taken pussest-ion of on Tuesday for the Confederate service, by a detachment of thoContlUnental Guurd. NEW COTTON. The steamer Mary T., which arrived at New Oilman* ou Sunday week, brought down the first bale of cotton of this season's growth. It was from the plantat ion of Aylett Buckner, Tensas parish, a:nl de'lv> red at Nat . hey, to await (with many other thousands of bales) the u|ienof the seaports of tho f'oiitli, j New cotton, Iho first of tbt> season, from Shelby ronnty, Tennessee, was receivod at Memphis on I uesday. MK8KK8. ARNOLD HAKRIt>, M'OKAW AND Kt.V. [From the Richmond ftwpatch. A sir-itfl 2!' | Wo Wrn that several members of Congress and other Influential and prominent gentleman are In favor oi iho release of these individuals. Certain correspondence of Mr. Harris', written In .the month of April to frienn in New Orleans, proving him to bo a friend to the Soutb, hM been laid before the authorities. It has never linen pretended thnt Harris did anything more than coin mil an indiscretion and place himself in n: equivocal altitude by approaching our Linos without a tlaa of truce, seeking indirectly for tuo bc 'y of Secrmary Cameron's liroi her. His letter to Generic! Beanroffard whs couched in teims Ill-calculated to forward him in the husiiio** ti|>on which he had come, and his ' neutral" pokltlon therein claimed ?U not easily admitted, seeing that he cunie from tho enemy's country on the errand he did. Bet an example bavlug been set, and tho dignity of ibis govtfoment vindicated, we may let Mr Harris go. THE FAYKTTKVIfcLE ARSENAL. [From Iho Wilmington (N. C.) Journal.) Wo learn I hat movements arj? tn foot, and will bo consummated as soon as possible, to render tho Fuyetfevillo arsenal a complete armoryund arsenal of construction. Tho hands are now busily engaged altering the; oM (lint lock and steel iuto percussion muskets Two large steam engines arc to bo constructed at Kiclimond to furnish power with which to carry on the heavy work of tho establishment Everything can ho in place and in full working order some timo in the present year. Of course the machinery and the workmen tvtll not stand idle in the meantime, but will carry on operation to iho full extent of tho |lower and capacity of tho establishment We i*v gret lo learn that one of Iho workmen from Harper'* Ferry, a gentleman whoso namo wo forget or did not learn, having gone on from Fayottcvllle for his family, which he had left at tho Ferry, has been arrested Inorder or General Banks. He is spoken of as a very worthy and useful man. BIOTOra KF.BEI.S. Wo regret lo learn, pays the Richmond Whig, tint the I Fourteenth Alabama regiment, Colonel Fry, encamped i??ar the reservoir, has been injuring private properly In the neighborhood to au unparalleled ostein. We yesterday saw a petition to Congress from otic of the sufferers, asking redress, and representing thj damage sustained by hitfi to be not less than $2,000. The attention of tho Secretary of War has bo. n called lo lie sc outrages, but a remedy has not yet been applied. cavtais*. The Algerine (la.) .Vnwftfly i? Informed that Commod<?ro Holi(its, who tfas engaged In tlm capture ol tlinSt. Nicholas, in tile <"bcsa>eake liay, Ib to h'.iccecd Commodore Kous<eati at New Orleans, "who has been ordered to Richmond lo tako charge of the Bureau of Construction. rkoninitiov op boithkun axroiirf. An important commercial regulation, sayd the Richmond / .'ni/uir r, has been adopted liy tlm Confederate In Us enactment of tlm extension ul tli>- jirnlii- j bitton W the export ition of cotton. e::cept thresh the Confederate ]*>rt?. The extci*k>n covers rice, Hfgar, mnlaaaos ami syr.ips. The prohibition In to >?e c<n tinned during llio cxwteuco of the blockade, and If lor tilled by nevere penalties, amounting to fiue or impriaunmcnt of the |>erson violating the same, and the forfeiture to tho government of any Kloanitxwt ?r railroad c ir engaged in the transportation of staples to au illegal port. killing isrrv:n ktatkr marine. [I'rom thoCoJurrbu* (Oeorgia) Sun, Augugt in.] Two gentlemen from Walton county, Alabama, report thi't cu Wednesday last a boat's crew of twenty men, with one officer'. canic on tfhoreat the lo ad ot the narrows m Chotuwhatchlo Ifciv. fr the purpoeo of procuring beef Tor the licet, Tho Montgomery cavalry were wailh.g for them. The captain of ibe cavalry ordered thein to halt fivo timcp. which li"inp disregarded. tho cavalry tired ui> ii incur, ki.?uK iiw cuircjmriy. uwy men'loc.iVjrccl tlie boat. \ APl'KAKAKOK Or TIW. 0<Tf)FEPttRATB MONHV. Tin' .v. siwiljc Hmiwt (iiih the following notice of the Oinfertcrnte Tr?*fnry notes:.? Financially Hi.:.- uou-4 will no ilnubt bo found jit'.Tcrabli* to uiiKliof our jiiweiit jw| cr coir'-ucjr: Imt. 3iWJ"!iWiic'i!iy vie/ ii. tl.oy aro tit* trust unmitiritcd bi u h wo li i. i: i vcr f . en. Tlicy ar<? iHlio^raplictl ujivii an jiiti. ! ior ?ra'V ' f white paper, nutl the *orl?- in oxeciiH.i In Hi- h west r.yle of tlie #ri. A comvion lcitor press print*.' would tx: ??li<iH8iU() (uru out Sttb a job. Tin y will no Di'ire ntrtijrft:c with enrpomli or aiui railioul t? nrt? ex. .'uto ' ?t tin- i"i'n.tin# ointoii in t.i.s cUjr tlian a iutyf 10 ? 'ij ji-'i inn. w.' J; >jjc lUc 1 . i.ii/ J>jaritoeui will iui[ ' ;?vc upon tLisjcb. ^ I , * P i l. A. . _ 1 lURDTllUtS ON KKWKPjM'KM. Owinn to the pressure of the t uno*. days the Charleston Mrrruii/. ami tho general i<i;i.;uutiou or busiiiffR, tbx Yorkvlile Ewfuirtr, one or the largest and most thriv iug district pkpcrti in (ho Slate, hits been .reduced down to Iin'1' * sheet. The Orangeburg S>mthr?n lift" also been rut down to about, halt its recent size. A number of other district (inpem have been indefinitely suspended. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL? HtmiTOAY, Popt. 7 <5 P. M. There is Httlo niovoment in money to-d?y, and tho rates remain ns l.ut quoted. Tlie foreign exchange market eliweil ilomlv >? from Ki7l'? \m*/. fur ? - H. 1. ?'/* -? bankers' sterling, ami from5.32% a 5.35 for fiance. The subscriptions at the Sub-Treasury to-day ou account of the 7.30 per eciit Treasury notes were $2,502,090?chiefly in .small amounts. The fourth instalment of eix per cent wan paid in gold by the banks to-day, making a total payment thus far of thirty-nix per cent, or $12,600,000. There was a moderate reaction in the Btock m?r ket to-day, after the rather rapid advance of the past two days, aud prices fell off from a quarter to oue per cent, the decline being most marked in the Western railroad shares. Rock Island, which rose at the second board yesterday to 44%, opened this morning at 44 aud declined to 43%, rallying at the close to 43% bid; Galena was freely offered this afternoon at 00, without finding buyers, against G'J% bid yesterday; Illinois Central fell to 07%, and Toledo to 30%. Of the other railroad shares, New York Central declined %, Erie %, Harlem %, Michigan Southern, old, %, and do. guaranteed %. Panama rose 1 and Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien 1% per cent, l'acillc Mail adv anced to 70% at the first board, but dropped to 70 in the afternoon, aud was offered after the final adjournment at 78%. State stocks were inactive, except Missouris, which opened at 44%?an advance of %? and fell ofi to 43% in the afternoon. Governments opened firmer, but cloned at a decline of about % per cent. The fl per cent two year Treasury notes continue in good demand at The Saturday afternoon sessions of the board were resumed to-day. The market closed dull at about the following quotations:?United States C's, 1881, registered, 80 a H0J United States ti's, 18811 coupon, 90 a 90%; United States 5's, 1874, 7'J% a 80%; ludiana 5's, 77; Virginia 6V, 54% a 55; Tennessee 6's, 44 a 44%; North Carolina 6's, 02% a 63; Missouri 6's, 43% a 43 %; Pacific Mail, 78 a 78%; New York Central, 73% a 73%; Erie, 25% a 25%; do. preferred, 48 a 50; Hudson River, 33% a 33%; Harlem, 10% a 11; do. preferred, 25% a 26; Reading, 30}J a 36%; Michigan Central, 42 a 43; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 14%; do. guaranteed, 30% a 31; Panama, 10!)% a 110; Illinois Central, 07 a 07%; Galena and Chi' cugo, 08% a 09; Cleveland and Toledo, 30% a 30%; Chicago and Hock Island, 43% a 44; Chicago, Burlington and Qnincy, 62 a 62%; Delaware, Lackawnna and Western, 67 a 69; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 16 a 17; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 92 a 94; Delaware and Hudson Canal, ?5 a 86%; Pennsylvania Coal, 76; Treasury 6 per cent notes, 98% a 98%. The business of the day at the Sub-Treasury was as follows:? Receipts $3,367 934 Of ?For custom? n.tiOO 00 ?For Treasury note# 2,fi02Mrt> 47 Payment* 1,74a,826 40 RaialHV 13,094,900 76 The net receipts of the Harlem liailroad for the mouth of August are as follows:? 180 0 $104,941 18 180 1 ?.i,033 4? Decrease $12,907 72 The Atlantic Fire Insurance Company of Brooklyn has declared a semi-annna! dividend of live dollars per share, payable on demand. The receipts of the Panama Railroad were for June $117,419 02 July 112.000 33 This shows a gain over the same mouths of last year, notwithstanding no mail money is included in the figures this year. The Detroit Free Vivas states that the Michigan Central liailroad Company have leased the northern division of the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago liailroad, extending from Lafayette, Indiana, or to Michigan City, and will repair and run it. This section is ninety-three miles in length. The Central road pays a per ccntage for its use, keeps jt in running order, and furnishes the rolling stock. Annexed is the statement of the Massachusetts banks, out of Boston, for the week ending August 31, 1861:? Capital $29,087,MO Loans 45 ,:i41 ,H65 Specie 1,771.346 Ilue by banks S,472..'(73 Duo to banks 361.292 Deposits 7,903.831 Circulation 12,43t>..< 16 The Boston Traveller of yesterday says:? The Assistant Treasurer in this city is busily engaged each day in receiving subscr iptions to the national l< an. The average amount subscribed per day >s from $20,',00 to $.'10,000. This is taken in sums vai yiigfrom $69 to $2,000. Occasionally a large amount ;s subscribed, as was the case ? few days ago, when $100,000 w.ue takin at onetime. All classes of persons ' ! '.lie community, including ladies and laborers, as well as capitalists, apply for the stock. Many persons of inoderato means are taklug their money from tho ravings banks and are purchasing United States Treasury notes, the interest?7 3 10 per cent?being the strong inducement lor many to invest, they having unwavering conliileoce in Ibe stabilitv t?r tlw? I'ttvcrnniciit. Tlit? liank?i huv?? put-h on ?n mo. ra?? disposed of about $100,000 if their part of tlie loan. Tlic lii'.iik?T Hill Hunk has taken $80,000 and the .Monument Ilaiik (40.000 or tli* national loan. Tho capital stock ot the former m $300,000, and tlic latter $160,000. Slock Exchange. Smtkimv So,>t. 7, 1X01. ?1200OCS0li,'81 reg 89;^ 100 sbs NY C RR.bl5 71 4000 do 89 U 90 do 74 50000 1.18 r,'g, 1808... 87.>4 60 do 711.%' 1000 l'3 6's ' 74 cou. 80 50 Erie RR blO 25# 65000 do 250 do S30 25 >{ 1000 Tress 12 p 0 no 101 25 do 10000 Treas 6 p c 2 y 88% 100 Hudson River 1511 33)4 451*00 do 38H 00 Hut lem RR lo?4 4000 Tcnn 6#,'80.. 44'i 10Second av RR.... 82 4000 do 44 Ji 100 Reading KR 30,'j 2000 Georgia O's... 07 25 Mich Out RR.... 43 2000 Missouri-O's... 44'? 25 do ?30 43 6000 do 443, 100 do 4.1 2000 do 44 <-4' 100 do 43>i 20000 do b30 44^ 60 Mich S ft N la RR 14 a 10000 do 44 >, 100 Mich S ft N 1 S si 31', MOO do *30 44 50 do 31 0000 MnOsi'oHft^t.IR 48 50 Panama KR 100 12000 l/?uisiana O's.. 56)i 50 HI ORR serip. .f30 t;7^ 3000 N' (Carolina O's.. 63,'j 250 tialcna & C'lii RU. 00',4 2000 Michigan 6's... 81 )i 50 do f5 09'4 1000CaHlornla 7'is.. 77?^ 800Clevc ft Tol RR... 30', 1000 Brook'n city w I ?8',4 100 do 30J, 1000 KrleRlt 4th mb 70 800 do 30'., 1000 Hud R RRcon b 72 100 do lilO SO'i 3000 Mloll So ? l'bds. 76 100 do blO 30.'t' 0500 111 CBU RR bdn. 93 100 do 30), 5 sIih Atnor Km h Hk 78 100 do t>7 30J? 25 Kk of the Republic 78 15 ChlARookU-URR.. 44 10 Metropolitan Bk.. 82 100 do bCO 44 10 Corn K.v b in^e I'k 77 360 do......... 43?4 72 Bull's 1 lead Hank 100 100 Mil&I'ra'eduChRR 10 75 1'a MailS8 Co.830 79 ISO <H< 17 100 do 70.S' 100<1i.llm\V?,l<R. ?30 B2 25 do 70Ji lONJlontral RR.. Ill 25 703* 50 do 112 50 do 79.U SECOND BOA PP. $2000 IT s S'*, '71, reg 82 20 shn I'.-nn Co;. I (Jo. 7? 7500 Trens 6 p* 2 yr 98'^ 20 I'aiillr. MulkSS Co 70 j iOOO 111 cou b'.'B. '79. 85 50Chi<r,'BJWjRR.f30 02 | 1000 Tonn C'?, '80... U>? 50 Mil ft 1'r ilu Ch 111: 17 I 5C00 Missouri O's s30 43 50 N V Ccn RR, ,1.15 73'' 5000 do 4H'i 50 do 73'., f"00 do 43!i 150 Erie RU 2'/'' fwOO do s>15 43Ji 7 do tfv SOOOrjil.'VMVl^lmg 39 aOMich SftNlg.-tlc cu , 2000OtiftNW2ding8 1? 25 111 Ccn RR scrip . of, 2000 .V Y Central ?'s 92 550 Clev ft Toledo RR 30 >4 10 flis Corn Es liauk 77 200 do 10 Talk Ilauk 90 25 Chic ft Rk l8l Rlt. 43>; CITV COMMERCIAL REPORT. SAtuRPAT, Sept. 7?2 P. M. Fi.oi'R.?The} ?v? ^uito light and saljs restricted, while prices were firm. The cules embraced about 11,000 bbls., included in which were extra Sate at f-J 70. Super flee Plate and Western were without chmfp. Whmt.?'Th? receipts were light, and iwicw without olmngo of roomsut. TUe ftaies hero ami to arrive em. braced 100,000 bushels at $103 for Wevte.-n 'pring, white R<?t;tt;eky $1 21 All 29, red winter Weilern |1 12a$l i5 afl 13, red Wealern |1 a $1 15. Corn heavy. Si?lc?<.r CO/iOO bushels at Y.< . Western mised for shipping. +* d.'ll and heavy, with rale* of E00 bbts. at 114 a $.1 ?S for nwf?tl'e totter for heavy extra; 1M7 do. fold *1 |13 75; priino sola ;it $' > fiS. Whi?*st ?S-alci <jf 150 We. atlR'^c., ami CO fic. at, 19c. JEW YORK. HKRALD, SU] SHIPPING NEWS. BPHCIAT. NOT1CS. AW Irtttr* lutil pacluigrs intetuleJ /or tht Nkw Yohi HihII.D hauUl It Milts'. iiHiMf ron swxr ronit?this vat. 8 UN I1IIICS 6 >1 I MOON IK I ?ve H 14 8UN UTS til'1 1 HIUH WATKK eve XI 07 Port of N?w York, dcptembci' T, 1801. CI.KARKD. Rteaniiihlp CheMpi>?ki>, Cruwell, 1'ortfcmoutk?11 B Cromwell A Co. Sliljih IJ Tulwr, Coaptir, Hone Koue?J 0 Jewell A Co. Sh I p Kti |<h ni tc (K r\ bwhi'l, liny re?n KiirKy A Co. ....... ......4x/uu"??orrj?4iuniw? ? Siuythe. Bark RruDy, Rlrkeian't, Leghorn?Schmidt A Co. Bark M try lamella, Bo went, Cadi/?C 1! Plenum A Co. Hark I it/*, Kelly, Port Jefl crson?11 iienmr. Brig 1.1 Watts, Jenkins, Pernaiubuco? U A Curtis, Brln Lfm, Gray, Baiujor? Master. Schr Fiances, Com.vll, Den antra?11 Underwood. Schr Kiting Nuu, Curmiel ael, Jar-me!?D H Dewolf. 8rhr Levi Row, Keller, Nassau?J H Bacon A Co. Sehr Hannah, Loud, St Johns, NF?Brett Hon A Co. flehr Clifton, Riiyt r. S? Jo'.n, KB?A Smithers k Co. 8?shr Alabama, Billup, Washington?Master. SobrO W Griee, Pnlturr, Annaiai'd*?J W McKeo. Sehr J Hnsleii, Williams, MtP'ord?Master. Bohr Michigan, Marshall, ?Mutter. Schr U WwoNter. Perry, Phiht ' Ipplo? L Kenny. Sehr Sea Witch, T> ler. Phil.. elphla?L Kenny. Schr Sneo, Thomas, Cnpe M?y?TO KmiUm A Sons. Sehr Mai l in, Goldth wait, Eli/abethport?W II KlveramHh. Rchr Adeline B, Cluster, Maurice Itiver?T O Benton k So in. Hehr Julia A Marv. Parker. Bangor-* P Bock k Co. Schr Mind, Hobinmn, Portland?W S Brown k Co. Sehr Peru, Thorndike, BoMon?W 8 Brown k Co. Sehr F I'ahner, Uondoiit, New Haven?Mast t*r. Sloop Marv, Call, Brldgetou?T U Benton k Sona. Sloop Gen Hail. WUcui, Gran ton?Master. . Sloop Phenlx, Shepard, New Haven?II S ltackelt k C#. Steamer Mar#, Fernon, Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Ship Resolute, Freeman, Liverpool, Aug 10, with mdsa and 1(M> pa x;<e u^ers, to W illiatn* A Onion, Auk 12, lut 65 24, Ion 9 47, *poke Br ship Nomroud, from Liverpool for Quebec; ISth, lat 54 :W, Km 11, ?p<>kc Sea Bride, < f Boston, from Rich- , ibuctO; 15th, lat 5*26, Ion 20 25. ?|infcc bark Roekaway, from 1 Ncwry for New York: 22J, bit 47 00, 1oj? Si 35. spoke lir bark , Stirlincihira, for Quebec; also a Br ship lautnd W, showhig 1 No* (>427, dim# pendant; 24th. 'at ioM, Ion 39 20, signallied an American shin steering IS, showiug Nos 70Ui, IVI distg pendant (neither i\I the above number* were in Cap* K'l *ignal bowk); 25th, lat 45 10, lou 43 55. signali/cd a shin steering K, showlm: No 1078, 1*1 dlatg pendant (Bnsphorus)., lat 41 OS, Ion C2 15, boarded *hti> l.avaria, hence for Havre, who kindly supplied hHIi New York papers; Sept I. lat 4005 Ion 63 12, was in oompanv with ship Matiidn, of Searanort (aa near as could bo rea<f). On the 10th Aug, Thomas Jackson, seaman, fell-from the main yard while reeling the main?atl and reeelved such Injuries as to causa his death on the 18th. Ship Kitty Floyd (of Portland), Dearborn. Liverpool, SO day*, with incise, to Trssk A Dearborn. Aug 22, hi 41 21, Ion SS, vo ike hark Transit, from Sagua for London; 29th, lat 41, Ion 62, spoke ship Bavaria, he nee for Havre. Bark Win Wilson, Plummcr, Malaga 'ift days, passed Gib* raltar Aug S, with wine, eork, Ac, to Giro A- FntnHa. Aug 31, lat 3^. Ion 05, saw brig Mary McKae, of Wilmington, NC, | steering w. Bark Jeanle (of Boston), Fletcher. Providenco, 36 hours, in ballast, to master. Will load for Bordeaux. Brig Fannie Butler (of I!angor\ Bartleti, Cette July and Gibraltar July 24, with salt and wme, toLGirard. Had | lisht winds and calms (he entire oa?- >r ?*. .ftilv 24, In the Straits, spoke hhlp Mary E Balrh, from Bt?st?m lort'adl*. Brlc J P I.undwahl (Dsn), Lanen, Rio Janeiro, 56 days, with coffee, to Kachlri A Co. Brig Atlantic (of New Haven), Hotrhkiss, Barbados, 17 davs. in l>al!aHt, to II Trowbridge's Sons, of New Haven. Brig Ouanrhe (Sp), Serls, Havana, 18 days, in ballast, to Mr De Forest. Anchored in the lower nnaramine. Brig Celt (Br), Bryand. Svdnev, CB, J4 days, with coal, to Ellis A Popham. Schr Faufax, Mott, Alexandria, 6 days. Schr Trade Wind, Jones, Alexandria. H days. Se! r Henry Hl< kman. Head, Berlin, 3 davs. Schr Lightning, Daniels, Wilmington, I)cV with flour, for Pernarnbuco. Put Into this port for repairs, having Aug 22, 1st SA 24, Ion 65 Ift, experienced a heavy Kale from N to NK, and while Ivlng to under a two reefed inam-atl and jib, parted the jib stay, earning away foremast with everything attached, aud springing mainmast; no damage to hull or cargo. Schr Charles Coopor, Cooper, Elizabcthport for Middle Hsddam. Sehr Charger, Mahan, Kli/ahethport far New Haven. Bchr Emellue, Johnson, Elizabeihivirt for New Haven. Sehr Brown Stone. Thompson, Elizabeth port fur Stamford. Bchr Transport. Tllton, Eli/abethpont for New Haven. S< hrl Metriit, lluglnon, Kli/aln'ibnort for New Haven. Sehr Amelia. I.ane. Kli7?lu>tliiwielfnr Wnw lt*von ?chr Boundary. Hluut. M.ichias,C days. Schr Almirn. Prewy. CalHic, 6 Schr Bben Iltrb^rt/Apiilfhy, Fa*tport, 6 days. Sclir Ken jam in^i'ra inner, LuWc, C days. Schr Catherine Wilcox, McFadden, Lunec, 6 days. Schr OH on to, Hammond, Kllswoitb, 8 days. Schr(?nt Arnold, Mitchell, 11a;ringinn, 7 days. Schr Si Lin ar, Hail, Hocklaad. 5 day*. S< hr .!?>!?i? Totteu, Cumin. Dover, XII, for New Brunswick, NJ. Schr Plymouth Rod;, Norris. Boston, 3 days. Schr Pwarro, CrowHI, Boston, 3dary*. Rchr Ann S Salter, Fish, Wart-ham, 2 days. Schr Snow Drift, Htu.w, llaru Hi, S days. 8?hr Maggie Vitii Unu n, Ireland. Providence, 2 days Hchr Empire. Oarr, Wanou. Hchr Kival, lluhbv, Stum ford, Ci. Schr Augusta. K?12n\% Albany for New Bedford. Mir Peru, TfcorndiVe, ltoiuioui for Boston. 8?*hr Hard, Robhlnm Ronrfoui for Portiand. Sloop Wawn. Nash. l?H/nbethport for Bridgeport. Sloop (jfliilui, Jones, Kll/af>cthport lor Hartford. Sloop J I. Morgan, Underwood, Kliftabethpoi l lor PoitMorita, Sloop Paraxon, Wansor, Elizabetbpon for Far Roekaway. Sloop S II Scranton, roe, Eli/ahethiKirt for Madison. Sloop Planter, Bennett, Sua Harbor. Steamer Alire. Meeker, Baltimore. Steamer Franklin, Doughty. Baltimore. Steamer Oneida, Trent, Philadelphia. Steamer Vulcan. Morrison. Philadelphia. Rteamei Sarah. Jones. Philadelphia. Steamer Taeony, Kiy, Philadelphia. Steamer Petrel, Young, Providence. Steamer Westchester, Jones, Providence. SAILED. Steamship Teutonfa, ol' and foi Hamburg (and passed the Buttery i.t 12$) I'M). OiuHf.ow il;r), Liverpool (and i>aefced the Paitery at 12.I'M) nil?Shtps Prima Donrn, . ml Neptune's Favorite, San Franelneo; Oaleiiu, llsivre; Ihich h:;r!\ Ferdinand A Louis, Amxteidam: brigs And?ver. Kingston; Truxillo. Port an Prime; schr Planet (Br;, Halifax. Wind at sunset NW, ve?y light. Blliecllaiicotii* The steamship Glasgow, Capt M<Guigan, sailed yesterday it noon for Queens town and Liverpool. The Hamburg steamship Tentonla, Oapt Taube, sailed yesterday for Southampton and tiarnburp. I?k Bark Mikakda, Simmons, of Liverpool, with a full cargo of eolTee, consigned io tio-dhue A Co, of New York, sot into Hampton Koads 2d inst. in 42<Ihvh from KioJuneiio. The captain statea that when lie left there were not h-*.s than IQj vessels in port, neat ly all ol which had their sail* unbent, and would possibly remain so lor tome time, In consequence of. the iiewa which hud been letelved from the United States, and panl.'ubirly *? inue'.i as related tot eo|*eratlona of privateer*. Anwngthe vc-*e!sin port which desired to be reported was the bark Klla Virginia. She had been in port for Some time, and saiia were unWut. Business was exceedingly dull In consequence ol the state of nffVrs whiuh exii*t iu'iMs lonuvrv, and would probably continue so for some time, (.film ships in port sixty were Amcrhan and lorty-iive hailing from forelpn polls. They were afraid lo leave on account of the new a and the low rales for coffee. Exchange oil England wa* 26^. wUh a downward tendency. Capt Simmons says tliat during the sail from Kioioiiie IlouJs he came across only one war vessel, the Preble. Tie was overhsiiled, j>apeis examined, and then permitted to proceed. Veshki.s Soliv?Letters from Mes<in Samuel A William PearceA Co, ship brokers, ^of LHcrj^ool, ^ under date ??f Ajig; Li/%l? Harwood, 8i0 tons, built r.t Hath. Mi*, hi ISM, u<?w clanst d A2aud yellmv metalled, at ?tt.72r>; t'urritmk, MW tons, built at Norfolk in 1863, and now classed Alj? in American Lloyd*, and yellow lucttallud, 1SC0. at ?3,7 WK Hob*-it II?rdln#, 76Mon*, nuilt at (!harl< stown, Mmks, in lsftl, now clashed S-3 Veritas, and yellow mettaJed, 1850, ?3,760: Stephen Baldwin, MO ton*, built st Allownntton In 1KJ0. clasacd A2 and yellow metalled, sold fur ?1,650, ami resold at j&It8?W; Coosa wat toe, DM tons, built at Bath. Me, in classed A2 and yellow metaled, ISM, .it ?4,000; bark Yankee Blade, f 10^ to/ *, buJll at Gardiner, Me In '84y. ami i? now i&mjied JMtiha in Vent a*, and yellow tyetallof), at ?2,000. The Shipping List Rav*:?We notice the RnTo. to the II 8 government el' lb" Alj^ ship Courier, ftM ton*, built in Newbury port in 1*65, at f&MiOO; A1J? win- Pan Smith. 149 built at Fairbaven in 1*50, $x.0<H); and?A2 propeller New London, 200 tons, built at MyMlc In 1830, $30,000. Wliftloneii, Arr at Boftoti 6th, nhr Win Martin. Martin, North Allantie Orcan via l'rovfacetown, with 300 ?p oil. A letter from Cnpt Woodward, of l>aik Mary, NB, reports her at ken. no lat, Ac. July 2J, having taken muwj leaving home 7 whale*, averaging sib ut*fthbl- each. Al*o rcpnrta Ju'y 14, nilip Hi nj Tin ker, ('Mid*, Nit, I4?J *p: bark A K Tucker. Grinnell, do, clonn (hnx been leporied with 160 hp); I8ih, Mida*, Ifowland, do, lean. Heard 11 inn warm; time, fillip Swallow. M< ctim, NB, ' lean. Spok'n?Off tiallipa^o* k-lands ubt Aug 1, rfhlp Trident, K.sher, NJ?, WOhjv; ant name time, bark Cape Hoin l'i^eo.i, Aikln, D.j linouili, nothing. Spoken, <Kf. A *bip Rnppoaed tf?e r B Max ltti???. (Silkey, from Calcutta April lo for N Voi le, was higeaii/ed June 24, iat 2840 S, Ion 259 20 E. An Am bark showing a blue, while ;>mi blue signal, *tif|>cA perpendicular, was Keen no ilao-, iai HO SI S, Ion SS 10 W. Foreign Ports. Barbados, about All# 21?/n port barks <in/elle. Rhodes, and Ki'indeer, Wellington, from NYork. (ll?|/. Sid bark Kve2ii Star. Maiik/lcM, St Th mas; sehr Julia Anna,do. Hio .1 Kino, July 28?In i*?rt ships Tramp.char. Co.*!wiii, di-r; (islle^o, I'oniewood, and Nathaniel Thompson, 1>1 l.muu.-to; India, Av. rill: lt?M Mills, St:u . <; m:ir\ I'm,(sell, Thwrnpaon, and tfornli:# <?ioiy, Jfoi b*, d.>; bat** Kir.idem, Hamilton, from Mur: ciJlr?v "win; Indrs, |':o-ii t'hur?e*#? it, do; M< a Dep.,**. for St Tliomu.*. londed; iVillard, Mm hell, dl??. Ila/ani, Lawson, do; Harriet lla:', DiinkWi<t"r. id;', I.r V i! W . rwiek, ?.'aft, di?i?; S'iiviiim, B.irclny, from Richmond, wi ' Mary A F.rreHi, Coiiplou, from N"\\ V< i k, d s::; h-In - mlia A ifalfoek, i'e.iri* k, irom Jack" nvitte, iUhjj: Danville, clics'.er, from Richmond, t:o; and otbi rs as brioi e. Fin: it a Lkonr. July 2Ti? No Am ve.-.*el in p<?it, Sid July 24, Dibr Suhftu Cannon, Hobiuhon, NVork. Ainerirati Porta. BOSTON. Sept 0. AM?Arr ??hip Jumna, T*:iker, Manila; schrs K (' Kntuht. Whirlow. .tnrt T t'ia'k, <!for';, I'Mlsdel* phia; A J Joneg. ? ro\%i I .and Suja rior, ic, KSi/.?a U)rort; il i> (Jrin il?*. Turner, Komtout. <!.?i ? f.i - I'olh I'rier. 1 Adaui<*: J i ad waller, t'l:iyl? n; Ll//:e .Vii"!, lis ? ;',liil:.i li, I 1'mtt, rratt, and I' A Sa-uul' is. Humcis, I'ImI . lolt hiii; I Uoldi n Oale, Week*, N Vm k. ( BAI.TIIiORK. H-Tt 5?Arr hark T?nb?.i|a <!, Wood I burn, Hotu i''am. t'ld *ebrai?oue Htar < Bn. t adnvay. I!aj yuna; Alice Mowe, tiodwtn, Mayagne/. Sid B biig Tiioe, McDousall. Si Johns. NF. FAIilTHiVER.S pt5-Arr*H.r? Orlen, DA\Ia Newark: JovpU Omndull, Uag**, NYoik; Tboa Boiden, Wri^iumgton, Philadelphia. NEWPORT. S?-pt 4?Arr, ?chr AriM.a, i rowlev, -r, aet lor New Yuri. (anil lulled 5th); 5tb. arbr Dart, I'm; j?w. Ellznbelhoort lor Taunton, Sailed 4lli End filli, }k\s Billow, Hodg! >n. from Provi lene* for New Yark; H?hrs Ontario, Van^ildfr. and S A Tajrlor, Wlllr'ia, Philadelphia; Alvnrada, Shttte, Hunjor for New York; isi.trol Home, BntW, MnitupofaeU for do: Klvlra. Al>n, ll?*kluu>l tor do; Olroiito, tlumtnond. KUiwcvh lor do.; Sara]), York, Portland fo> do; Martin, Ootdtbivailf, ftaco for do; Pil'aa. H il>l?lU*\ Kocklauti tor do; Fuit*\ Uoblnson. V,t!l: Kin* of the F?*r<?f, ^-'ktvlfh, CJeop.'-s IktnL lor N w Y'.uk; W?sh1n*ion. Merrill, PhiWuJeU ohiu tor Boston: Lrf^lre, Carr, Hr!?iol for York; Robert H. Bell, .Miiia, Yinaihaven fur do; Triton, Freeman, Fai?4? . fordo; S:?rrth Lnulna, Dnytuti, Rockland fordo; *r?d >thera. POK'fLAM), ,S?\.i (r-^Atr b.s Ada Amrf, Ajoc*, n.m V' I'taU, PMMd< ?; Ma. ('Id *ct>rMar\\ liocktt. Dunfi :V, I. niin.ADELrrrTA, 5?eot"ft-Arr Imilcv nffzabeth J, Foi,T* o, Bl'.d learnt, nn;l Cordelia. H<'ta?rtr, NY?*rh; lrir:* lVi? rt, WiJI.'-r, Sl'-rm la-one, und Ji randy win??; Hminiin, RloJ.ine!. 105 ai l-.?* John S '.co, i>r*nu, Bordeaux; Jo^cplt'Tu,*rrr, til lCCatr Mary Standi* h, Atwom!, Jjo*, r>; J, \ Parson*, feoaw, N't 01 .* v,a \Vdnni,;ton, Del; 1 A Mi., , I linker. Portland: K hard A W Cranme*', d J II 1 ?ock, llMbcoek, Bopcm-! Kan to, Taylor, Nnnti i. Below, | lil* J CrOiby, frein St 'lee ma*. CM ?liir) Moiinuv i m, ( v rwecjan, lute Oen Fat Ujii'.I), Cude. NVo. - r* P H ' Cranmer, Bw.-Mo: J <? HoOccck. Dnlx-v . do:^ A. i urkvnp, fcb*w, Uo; Xtfdiit A May, Bake/, Portiftttd; .M Ji I SI DAT, SEPTEMBER 8, 186! Mlfltln, Bin k,*PrOTld?n<v; ir St.iptm fllbhn, NBrdfnrd; John Ponder, Dorinan, Fully lauidlng, R I; E Chtoiler, Hrower, Provldtnoe; Klectrle, Lord* Norwich; R 8 Miller, Hakrr, Boaloti: I'earl, Brown, do; White Hmtall, Howell, do; Excelsior, Klh'jr, Jo; K <J Whlldeu, Neul, Portland. I'HoVuJENrE, Hept 5?Arr sohm John Kocur*, Bnokaloo, I'hlli?lelphta; Jnwph K Poitn, Hollfty. KII?ahrthport; Martha J.iin'. M"ti, K.miloiU, Itondoul; SaUln Smith, Wuiiiuu, NYork; "Inopj Mary llullnt, ttaekftt, ElUalmlhuort; Julia \iiii, Davla. nntl l?ai\c N Hnvinour, N'nrlon, I'ort Ewcn; Oak, III,, ?t< ; w A S't'nlinaii, Towns<-n I, Capo May. Rid harka

Jennie, Fletcher, NYork, u>l< nd lur Uor>l<<?HX; Per?l? (Br), l'Utnuin, do, to load for nioueotcr. K ichra Hannah Wllh-tia, I'ar'oiia. Philadelphia; L AndeniUM, Bat tlctl, do; D Q Floyd, Itxckett, do; Cornelia, M.icki y, lCioabelUport; Win Maiivrk, Conklln, NYork: Jane* S Bnckmnaier, Purde*; M A Hlldri'th, Olover, ami Kll/alwlh S>'K?r, Trlhble, do; Dragon, Sadler, do (or t'alulK); alixiii < lr< ,u, IUio.Iim, NYork. PAWTUCKET, 8ept6?Arr Kebr David EWnlf, Bnokaloo, : Philadelphia. Sid lu hr Jonathan Con., Mrhiifley, fhil.idi'l- ! jThia. - - - - ! DHY U(IOl)l). . i \ UN OLD, iXINHTABlJi A CO. " *" WILL OI'EN AT RETAIL on 'ONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, Uielr fall Importation* of TRENCH, (HERMAN and BRITISH DRY GOODS. \lfSILKS, MKKINOS, OTTOMAN VEL0UR8, MUSLIN DE LAINES, PLAIDS, trrvr* goods, Ac., Ac. t'anal Mreel, vomer of Mercer. AT A OKKAT REDUCTION. 5 ram rich Silk*, nt $1 25 2 raaea plain eolorod Silk* sift Hi) pieces Krench Poplin* 76 10 caaea ni'W Ottoman Veloara At coat To bo offered fur Kiln on Monday, September i), At I.KORAIKH, 720 Rrooadway, Corner of Wat erley place, late Gray A Co.'*. A VERY GREAT BAROAIN AND WELL WORTH ATTENTION. GOODS BOUGHT AT BAXKBCPT SALES. ENGLISH CARPETING, OILCLOTH, 40. FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, AC. Knglali Velvet Carpet, $1 12 per yard; Bruaaela Carpet, Me. per yard; Tbroe-pty r,irpct, 78c. per >nrd; good Ingrain Oarpot,'26c. per yard, cutra Hue "ill wind C iipct*, flOr., uaiially at 75c.: tine Three-ply Carpet, 100., uaiially wild at $1 25; line Engllah Bruaaela Carpet*, 88c. and $1 per yard, uaiially aiild at $1 25; also 6.IW0 yard* of very thick Oilcloth remnant*, from one to tun yanis width. 37c, per yard; alao Hrcueh Gold and Panel Paper, .'ilk*, per roll, UHiiaally anld at (I and $1 Ml; line French Sntiti Paper, I2e. per roll; 5,000 pair line golu Window Shade*. $1: line velvet and gold, $2 51), at I IIAtES', ,111 Hililaon Uri el, above Spring. A CARD. W. JACKSON, Ml Broadway, having purchased a lame lot of Bombazine* at |mnle price*, la uttering them at retail at lea* than eont of Importation. Alao, Blaek and Second Mourning Hllkn in every alyle and <1 na111y, at iininnially low prleea, together with a hu ge anil general aMBortmeiit of dealralile Mourning Cliaalc, piir<hu?cd during the reoent paint-, whleh he I* offering at little more than half the coat iiftiunortutlon. S|a? lul attention la railed to Blaek Silk* at 6a. and VI |a>r yard. W. JACKSON, Importer of Mourning G<*)d?, 551 Broadway, between Spring and Prince atreeta. BEDD1KG, BEDDING, BEDDING, BEDDING. The great mail at .MAXWELL A OO.'S Matt re**. Bedding and Furniture Warehouae, 4tU Bowery, near th? Ooo|>er Institute, (lato of MS Broadway) ha* induced them to eontinue the snli at war urines lor a short time longer. Partlea wantlug any of the above Hi (tries should apply early. Bi iiskcI* Car|a'la made and kitd at tteenta per yard. Three.nly and Ingrain at 4 eenta |ier yard. Ollclmli and Matting at 4 cent* per yard. AH kind* uf iipholatery work done at reduced rated K*ta!> 2T> year*. BARGAINS KOR "CASH ONLY." 200 piece* rich BROCHE fill,KB, Al 70 cents per yard, Worth $1. 2U0|deee? do. do., At |1 tier yard, Worth $1 2ft. Will be offered on Mondnv, September 9. A. T. STEWART 4 CO. ? , Brooki.yn orape goods factory, ?3 middaoh near Fulton at reel, maun facto rca for tin' tra<l% foliar*, t'ufla, Seu, Velli, Ac., in crape mid Krcnudlne. Special urI ani;eiiienia made with wholeaale licn&ch. WILLIAM REMH1.ER. LMIt.ST opening at retail r A. T. KTEWART A CO. Will im Monday. Ketjie?n)ier 9, DECIDED UAJUiAlNU, FOR tASll ONI.Y, IN Plain and Faney Drew Silk.s. Pari* Plain and Printed Mttrlnnea. Caalimerea mAd Delaine*. French and Irish Po|iIIiik, Velum?, Ottotuaua, I'laldx, Par/a primed H?l?'? de Cliairibiva, French Cashmere*and real India Shawl", Embroidered Silk and Velvet Cloak*, and Mantilla*, 1 . Ernhroldf rie?, At*., Selected espre??ly for mil' RETAIL TRADE from (lie MOST CELEBRATED hi ICOPEA.V MANUFACTORIES. Al*-. HOUSEKEEPING GO<HIS. CARPETS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, At:., it;. Rro.idway, Chamber*, and Reade street*. MO CRN! NO (JOODS. AN ELEGANT AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT, Including BLACK AND WI11TK A 1.1. WOOL PI.AIDS And TNION CHECKS. Jn?t Koceired. A. T. STEWART A OO. VTBW GOODS KOR M. I IV at*) PIECES. ALL wool, Paris printed delaines, Small neai PatteriiH Tor Children, Al 25 cent* per varil. A. T. STEWART A CO. RH. MACY, KM and 2M Siith avenue, Now oimhiiiii;. from the cash auctions. FAM. STYLES II \T UIRBON8, NEW EMBROIDERIES, I.A' K coons. VEII.S, A.-, nut. STOi'K KALI. STVLKS I'RE.VCI/ ' t i. HEAD DRESSES. .!! I'HES. Ac. ENGLISH AND CRP.MA.N IIOSIEICV AND GLOVES. I.ADIES' I NliKH ' I.DI'MiNil, FILL STOCK V.WKEi; NOTIONS, Jtf. N. n LOW do/. HESTolAl.lTV I.ADIES' PAKIS KID OI.OVES; ALL THE FALL AND WINTER COLORS. (3 i entail pair. K. II. MACY. rpilREE-PLY AND INGRAIN CARPETS.?300 PIECES I. power looin THREE-PLY AND IN'.ltAIN CARPETS, manufactured by N. 1). Cobharl A ''o . in new and desirable jiaiterili, and best iioalily of H'MalS, which are for .sale at wholesale and retail by CEOUGE Ti L. HYATT, 273 l'alu'il street, and 31 Howard ?tr?et. 300 n8CM PARTS PRINTKP. ALL WOOL DELAINES, Entirely New. Jtint Received. A. T. STliWAKT * CO. muiiery. a laroe assortment ok kau. wn,mnj:nv now A rwuly for the wholesale trade. J'att'Tn Bonn-1 ulwavs on hand. Merrhanl# and iiiDHritrr* lire Invited to ?'mJ1 and >nminn before purchasing. Mr*. W. SIMMONS, <87 Broadway. AT MRS. BEUi'H, NO. 3 CATUKATNK STREET., THE latest Ftyl"8 of fall Bonnet*. now ready. N. B.?New patterns of "Zouave Bkmiui'S, Wii-.'R, Cloaks, umutillaa. ;ored Dresses, Cu|xm, Hleeves and Atirons, jor ladle* hi.?1 children, *tatnped mid rmhroideied \ okes and Hand*, hi . great variety, and dona to order. N'OTiriS.?MILLINERY Ol'JSNINO ON THURSDAY, Sept. 12, nt J j. BINNrt1 MUltiu iy, f?8l Broadway. laM und winter Hoiinets now ren?'y. N?*w Hli?)>cg nt r?*dneod jirif'P. Tnrtiin Hats. Blo-.-mcr Hatt >>1'every kind. !j81 Broadway, op Rtair*. iirnv r aiv'ts. MAOOPFIN OOWCRS BBFORR THE FBOBRAL AI'iborhy?Harden ta retreating along tli? MinMiHuipp!? K.iHi'ncraiiH is lioldinf; 1^'** and I'loyd and IVJae in ehnek; the naltimore nto*\ in;in;<? led and rllent. ^InrcM pow? rlehtat the fert of (ien< t al Ilix, but HF'E.NTKR looms up above them nil with lit* three rent Ale, a bem?faeti?r to l.i.- rae#?. N<>. 2 fort mdttttWi mUiwwcarnarotsi'Emjek. | rniiK 1NKEHN.U. MACHIKK?THAT WAS PK'KED I P i J. I?> l(i'* wi'iooncr J .1 till1 s Sti r!<-, I Ii'l n.-v.[Mill ntid I Now.ill's Point, can 1x'-cn free : L "Thi' Store," Nn. 12 Leroy place, Htaeekcr street, one block next of Broadway. J. E. AVL1FFE. HOI'KU. HOWAKD HOTEL 171, 17-1 BROADWAY. NEW, YUBK, Si'plomtx'r t>, 1K0I?Retrenchment wns the order of the dny, aml tli proprietor of lli>; Howard Hotel dexlrom of keeping with llin times, liat determined to reduce the <>!' Hoard from $2 to $1 fit) per day. Th?( xuttia Hlti*nll"tl which Iium vcr "li.irncli 11/1 il the inlMnc of thin well known i hut-incKi hotel will continue to b'* excrefxed ax heretofore. J. K. KIN08LEY. HOTF.Ii.?ALBION PRIVATE FAMILY HOTEL AND boarding hotiNc, AK0 lludxon xtrect, in-ri#-s* 1)1 Chatles. !'"i>ur.i l e'.ui nliii; limn the country and i lin*" vixi:ini( t lt> Hly will flint t It In n n>n?t desirable plive. ItiHimN In suit* or xinittc ?t from $lto $7 i?;r vrmk for xingln jx'i-snnx, nnd from $s to fill for married, imludlni; Hour.I. tfa*, use nf bathx, Ac. T. LAMBERT, Proprietor. Marion hou?k f.ast rboadway, oorvkr of Callintinc iurrn.?Sever,tlflne air} lo plnjj lloonix u> lit; frout KfwDitSTc. iiiglit, <>r $2 iwr wi-i'k. VANDVI ? < > II'H.I.KRAN. IV. pi in r*. SI ! -i.MS HOTEL, rol:NKU I l.KVKN 1II si: T A Nil Ilrotvlvrny.?Till* Hotel liWlng tv n c nip tcly reI novated, nowly i;ir|"i''<t, aad fumi-lied tlironrlii. it with i ?|>rlnK bod*, 4.e., Ibo proprietor is now prcjiared lo nil-r ?|i?riui"nt!( to parties ret'trning from the country ami th? | tinvellln.? public ?lly.*t prices to w:it the tiling. i HuvIiijt added to llio ninny n -w features of tho hotel a ii .'W null .spaciouM dlnlliK saloon, fro- ting on Klfv.'illi ! hi reel, ho 1'eel.x coutl'ioiit that he cu pleii:& all who miy I favor him with a call, both in price and luxuries ofn table. K. E HAI.COM, Proprietor, Formerly oft't. Nicholas ami i itth Avestre Hotels. YVilTNEY IIOi'SK, BROADW \Y AND TWEFLTH I 11 i'reet, on t!io European plan. Suit* nnd ulivle Room* i at extiemely low prices, to oorroixind with the times. II. H. BENNETY, Proprietor, raormui, OFAI.F.D I'I'i 'OMAI.S ARR 1NY1TKD TILL T^E *TTH r? U i f s^", ' rtiiinr, IS6I, fT miM'lTtng th?* Army t>t t!>? 1'ih \\ kb I t/:.; s. Alwiut to,11)*,"ii iiu?hr> w :li hr rt'fjuirf', hi " ' f i.Nji i S.OJll l.r.fhrln |x*r rti-pk. The IVlatora to I . i! rn'iHH.iiy ?na equal in quality to the luiivwliifi y'i'r ,'l'Mr). 1-11.k Mrr-'cr.' ?? %: ? Tin-; <>> Ilvointl (n Washington, nn<l mihjRrl to uncli in?j?".tltm o. .-ii\.ry u* thfl 8ut.<-i*tenec Department ay ivfini:r, ..i.lpa' ir r.-to bo malo lu Treaaury notes. If t .! <,ureal ?lwinX J'-! it. Tli'-1' " '* ' b# h,I in (ood, strong barrels, ami r i n In to b.-? i ,tlfi. :! nt sixty pi.on In. ' {'X b[ " u v??'- ' c*v?*,u A> Uevkwiib, c. P., V. a. ^ WftfklllgtOlJ, N L NALKR AT ACCTIO.V. AD. CAULKINH. AirCTIONRER. . MOUTH AUK SALE. Blrh nndcontly Ilouvhold Furniture, Klcgaiit Rox?wood Pianoforte, Roaewonil Parlor Hurt", in hrorntel, Valuable PalutlnfM, Artn.dc Hrouxea, Marble Utoupa, Ac., Monday, Sopieoibcr #, at ihe ring*lit private reaidenee 218 Went Fourteenth ?trr?t, near Eighth avenue, ('oniinenctufl at 10^ o'clock. Th<? mile romprtm'h the entire content* of the hiuitf*. The el?K?nt Parlor Furniture wait made to order und In In Mild roM-wood. The whole will he wild to the hlgheM bidder for caab, ottering exlin inducement" to pui'i'haM-iv, a* the entire furntiurc of tlo' Iioi.m! in nearly nt'tv, and iiiiifctbe aohlto clone the mortgage. rofcwiMul Kcvnn n?lnvc Pianoforte, with nil modern iiiipruvniicma, overstrung imss, pearl keys, Ac.; Cost $&V>; rich rwfwood Htool, covered in <niln.nn<t frahroliloi'cd Cover; three elegant full sniisoi ron?>wo<?d Parlor Furniture, In rich brocade and satin; rosewood E lege res, splwudid ami costly Parian Ornaments, rich Vases, Ac.; ?]? ?. a magnificent collection or rare Painting*. rosewood Turkish Ku?y Chairs, in jine reps; roMwood Centre and Side Marble top Tables, richly carved. Chamber Suits, in roaewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carved Bedsteads, Washsutmls, Sofa Beds, in line haircloth; ten pun- Hair Mattresses, frmti <0 to 50 |hminis, made to order and in oxcellent condition. Dining Keotn Furniture consists of fine oak Extension Table, Silverware, rich China, Ivory and ftllver Cutlery, Korku, Spoons, Ac., Willi heavy cut and engraved Ulsssware of every description. Sale positive. By order of I). J. BARNEY, Mortage*. ASSIGNEES' SALE. AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOB HOUSEKEEPERS AND THIS TRADE. Over $12,000 worth of rich and costly HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, To-morrow (Monday) morning, at 11 oYlork precisely, Comprising the beauilt'uJ and costly Furniture contained hi the large dwelling bouse IA2 West Twenly-JIrst street, near Seventh avenue, the whole lor absolute and peremptory aale, rain or shine, eonsisring of English Velvet ami Tapes* iry and Ingraiu Carpets, elegnnt rosewood Tailor Furniture. en suite, comprising three lull Suits, richly en (fed, all of nhioh are coheredIn rich silk brocaffl, ami of the best description ; rosewood t'entro and Pier Tables, Turkish Chairs in blue and gold satin ami moquet; Damask ami Lure Curtains, velvet and Ttti kish Lou 1119m, Mantel and Pier Mirrors, tine rosewood Etegere, bisque Figure, artistic Bronzes, rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel Vases. I'.u liij' Ornaments, Ac.. EfcliU VNT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFOKTfc, MU#IC CABINET, STOOL AND COVER, Elegant Bureaus, Bedsteads, twelve Hair Mattress*a,Chamber Suits in rosewood. bronze Clocks, spring seat ('bairn, Mirrors, Beds ami Holding, 00k Extension Table, two Kofabedsteads. rich cut Glass of every description, marble top Buffet, Oil Cloths, rich Chandeliers, Ac. Sale positive, ruin or Stipe. It. W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer. AUCTION?BROWNE A NICHOLS W1L1, SELL, TUBSday, Sept. 10, at 1 oVhs-k, in front of salesrooms, !?6 Nasaau street, the beautiful black Mare l*attl, 1ft hands, 0 years old; Meek Hawk ami Marsh pony stoek; warranted in every resiH'ct; owned by Mrs. A. llelmont, ami used by her an a saddle horse; is a splendid driver, ami quit** fast. Also a 110 top Brewster-Wagon, 17ft pounds, half spring; new In June; cosi $176. Also a single Mantras, city )>??ilt, nearly new; together with Sheet, Whip, Ac. AH to lie Hold without reacivc. A rare chance for any gentleman in want of such an establishment. Also a trained Goat, Wagon ami Uarneas, Phaeton, top and no top Wag one, Harness, Ac. Auction mzjs of uudt kaoi oloiMs, ic. A. M. CKISTALAK, Auctioneer, 21 Bowery, will sell, 011 Monday, September 9, at ii)% o'clock, a large assortment of ready made Clothing; comprising Frock, Hack, Buslnes. and Overcoats, cassimcre and satinet Pants, silk, satin ami cloth Vests; also Trimmings, Buttons, Fancy Goods, Boots and Shoes, Scgars, Ac., Ac. Auction sale of the stock and fixtures of the Porter House No. Ift Chatham street, on this Monday, the 9th of Sept., at II o'clock A. M. Sale positive, and no positsuiement on account of weather. BENJ. MKKIUTT, Auctioneer. CONSTABLES SALE.?WEST k WATTS WILL SELL at auction on Monday, 0th lost., at 10% o'clock, at the comer of Twenty first strict and Tenth avenue, the content* of a Co il Yard?alwut nixty tons of Coal, largo Platform FcaJoj?, Coo) Sloven, Coal Duckets, foal Sheds, two Desks, one Clock, one (losct, Chairs, Feed llox and all other property attached to sanio yard. hknky west. Const a me. 12IDWAM) 8CIIBNCK. AVCnOXKBE, !i HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURN1TURE. By E. A F. II. 8IIKNOK.? At the elegant house oorner of President ami Clinton streets. South Brooklyn, on Wednesday, Seplernher II, at 10% o'clock, all tile elegant Furniture contained in said home, vl/>-Superh rosewmsl suit of Parlor Furniture, covered in India satin; elegant Curtain# to match, l?ace do.. Wilton and Brussels Carpets, Etegeres, Centre and Card Tallies, ('locks and ilaufl Ornament*, Ac. Also, mshogsny Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wnslistamls, Tallies, Ac. Dining Room Suits, Extension Table, Sideboard, a large variety of Cut Glass, Crockery, Ac. Also, Silver ami Plated Ware, (Tittlery, all the Qas Fixtures, Chandeliers, Ac., tog**, ther with the Table Liuen, Blankets, Ae. Also, the Kitchcu Fursiture, with which the sale will eominem e. /1EOKOE IIOI,BROOK, .AUCTIONEER WILL SEf.L va on Monday, at nm o'clock, ?u No. Hil ?eMj Thit l>-Mxih street, one door from Broadway, Ho- entire genteel Furniture in the above dwelling houae, consisting ol one Parlor Suit, made t?? order, in green phiah; Pier (Basses, ?!ui tains. marbl.*. top'fables, Dining nnd Tea Tables, 'faiwutry unit other Carpets, Oilcloths, mahoaany French ami Bedsteads, Ilalr Mattresses, Collate suits, Hi riding, Tnltif Linen, Dressing Bureaus, Wnshsunds, 'tyiilet China, (ilitss and Silver Wan*; Dining Room Furniture, oak Extension Tub)**, Chairs to match, Stoves, CookiIIK Utensils, Ac. Henry green, ahctionkkr, wTll sei.l ox . Monday, S?ptetnl>*r I), at H)}Z o'clock, at the auction slop* HM William street, Or* eries, Wines, Liquors, Segat*, Bitters, Halibut, Herring, Sainton, Hiacoits; also. 50 English Dairy Cheese. At 12 o'clock, ri ady .mad** Clothing, Shawls, 2,000 do/.en spool Cotton, I<?f oi Dry and Fancy Ooods, Ac. Tames renwick, auctioneer?will sell, at public, auction, on Monday, Sm>t. 0, at 12 o'clock, a( tin* hotel of T. T. A C. W. Church, Kort Hamilton, a lot of Lund, situated on Warren street, near Atlantic avenue, in lb** village of Fort ff iinitton. The lot is 50*125 feet, utul only three blocks from the railroad, fare 10 cents, and situated in the centre of improvements. Those designs ol a beautiful locution to build, having eaay access to Brooklyn or New York, will find tlit?? a good opportunity, mn it must bo aold. Part of the money cau remain for two years If d? sired. JOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER.?JOHN LWO WILL h??M, on, li e I2lh Inst.. at 10)^ o'clock tin* e,i liar Household Furmiurn contained in the liou-c U> W* st Plftv-stxtU street, consisting of mn- i ?m wood Bull? ovrco in crininon and gold br?satel, on? large Mantel (i)a->; aUo 1?? droom Furniture, such as ruM'wood Bedstead, Bureau, Wnsbstand, Coinfm d?, Brus*<0?. Taj*>try and TJirec j !y Car|?p|?; aIms lot of Kitchen Utensil*, Crockery, Ac., Ac., vllh which the ><ale will eoramencc. RECEIVER'S SALE ?ON MONDAY. SEPT. 9,1*01, AT lu)% o'clock, at 430 West Twenty-tilth street?an extraordinary opportunity?will lx: aold without reserve, the Sal Soda Manufaetoiy. Consisting Ol Steam Engine and Holler, Kettles, Frump?. Dryers, Ac., for the manufacture of Bicarbonate, Malsoda and Soda Saleratus, Ac. liy order of J. It. S. OLIVER. ttso., assignee. WM. \\ ITThlW, Auctioneer, office 4M Canal street. SHERIFF'S SALE.?HOTEL FURNITURE. (!IIAMHERS A KAlRCHILD, \l ?TlONEERS, SiHriwitii 113 Nassau *troct, Will Hell on Monday, Sept. U, at It) o'clock, ut 47 Kar#fe^ Htr?i'l, the Furniture ot a lintel, comdfttlnK "t i'? ds. Bed. lend*, Chairs, Solus, Bureau*, CariuM*, Mirror-. Oilcloth*, Stoves, liances, t'riK-kt ry, (Nniking I'tennilH, Ac., together with Bur and Bar Furniture, Winen nnd other Liquois, Scgars, ?t<. Also the right, title nnd interest of William Mtspagel, In and to the I earns of the premises. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. XATM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL TOIt morrow, at 2 o'cliw-k. at 4M Canal nlreel, the entire Furniture of a I a rye houxe, cor.sistiniK ?t I'm lor Suits, handsome Carpets, Mirrors, Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Et.'t(ere*, ruwwood 1'iauo, t?MH FUttu'cs, ruaho^aity and rosewood Bedsteads, fine Bedding, Bureaus, China, tjlass, Stores, Wooden and other Ware*. Tim BjaL SEASO\. VTOTICB TO BALL OOMJHJTTEKft, SOCIAL CLUBi*, Military t!oiiipanii?s, Lod^** and othnra.?J one.;' AsBembly Ronms, tifiti Broadway. The abova rooms have been newly lilted up, and ere now ready for the kcosoii, and will bo rented at greatly reduccd j-ntcs, upon appl!e?tiori at the above name.I nanus I rota li> A. M. in 10 l\ M. IIEO. W. JONES, proprietor. <JI?Ct)ND ZOUAVE BALL ?A CHAND FANCY PRESS O and ulvie Hall w ill come off at Nth H7 Mer?*:r street, on W?Mlii"s?lay, F?*pt. II, fs/jf. The most eetc,brale<I jig and reel dancers of the present day w ill be on hand. Come one, come all. SKUA UN AWB T<H* U ( 0. QEOARS VERY CIIRAV-THE ASKICNEE, AT No. 17 O Broadway, must cl ??e out the stoelc, and is oiferlntf creat inducements to eash buyers. Several choice brands of ilavana, Domeatle and (J'Titiau S.'^ar* till on hand. HAILUOADS. WUHSON RIVF.K KAILRO \l>.?TRAINS FOR ALBANY, IVrttr ?l.n ?V.*a* I........ i ?,...?? * at fa mi 11 A* M , iinA, 0 anil 10:16 I'.'m!" NEW YOKK. HAJUJiM asl> ALBANY HAIIJtOAH Summer arrangement.?Express train for Albany, Troy, Nor til unit VVi.-t, Icavee Twculy-nixlh street Station at 11 A. M. For local trains sec time table. JOHN lU'RCMlt.!,. an-dstant S-iiKsrintcuilont. TOMOAIm An mroHTANT wdhk.?a mi ok nut ti/i: marrlcil, nr tliiiHe cniilRini'latliiK II. The nllllt'tcd, debllitnlr<j or iImh-.I k'ioiiM a ii ni l try <ir uiiy Lrriiimi ut till they hove Inl'oimed them^'lvea of'h" troth, only f"Und In l)i'.'LAIt.Mn,Vf'.S J'#n iK, Ijnii'l'in ?ml \< w Vork >(<'dl<3il Advlicruii'l Miirr'.ifrc lliitdf; malh! I?>r *1 liv RICH AKDKOS, So. I V( nfrc* i, arid IIOSS A TOI'SKV, Sn 121 Nassau street. Tb'e doctor cores all aiwli uirr'-n-'iiH. or <>: loin; standing. x|v?II(1?iikIy and privately, as for yi ars put, at (>17 Broadway, iif> stairs, from OA. M . t'i li 1'. M. AIX 1JWEA8E8 n; WOMEN, 1KCM7IHK0 TH06K arising from Midwifery <i44es, Irregularities, |ieln Itifliiem's. successfully treated l?y (ir. II. A. IIAKROW, ly4 Rloecker street, four doors from Jlicdmtgal strcvt, New York. Hours o. consultation, from 11 lili 2 ami from 4 till 8. Sundays till 2. UK. t'oHHKTT HAS HEUDVED KKOM NO. 10 hi VNK Hrei I In No. 21) < Vnii* ulri't, near Chamber* atreel, wlii if lie "in be cun.iulitHl privately on lertaui dim s:cs, N. )l.?l)l', is a tm-uibi-r "I ilii- New V i k L'ulvrrailjr (Medi al Collar). Si'i" lit* i1i| V.nms In his nBl'c. I'r.vnti! entranci; ut Ni?. C <Jil> Hail )>:& ?. Dft It A HARROW. I'M BLBECKBR STREET. FOUR do ii* iiniii miu''|i>iik<iI. n. Y., may be itiMdenltMly conmiltmi, a* i* al. iii nil < ..? s ut' debility an I .mpuiiiir* of llin mh'i-ih. a<!qiilred or hereditary, from II till 2 ami from t till 8; Sundaya till 2. Dr. lines can mi? consulted on all diseases ut hVmalea with unparalleled ? . a ??, at 9!) Eaai Set enI. nth (tree l, lirai' Third avenue. DU. CO C'ER. NO. 14 I)CANSTREET, M AY BE ONnulled on ail <if a certain n iture. '!>rnir-c ht ji'.ir* p-..:l?i?tr?-1y (Woted to thexe i mplitints enable him "> tvurrei a cuae in all eaana. The rldlm* nt rrii?|i{.i ? <t eenflilence ui medical i n 'enderacati. ?|i, vviiU a cariaiuty ol' being raalcal)/ curcd or no pay. Dr. ward treats rcccehbhilly all di xcasesof women. Snmrtlin.K !>rI >rfy ally, hi*great beneiaetur. Office 12 Laight ati-oet, near Canal. CI RKAT sccoer3 of DR. WARD, 12 LAltiUT STREET. r All alfeit! int. i nland hy aiercury or dlsm.c cured In half tha usual time and ut half the charged. Mrs. mcnrok applies galvanism or the r ire nl I'l-ma'.n OompUmls L-tdb i nMnla pood Hoard and Medical Treali.icut at 24 W?l-a sire t, next t.i Vm iek. 1)ROFESSOR RKfeTELL, 102 CHAMBER SI HI KT, >'\N liB coiisu'.toil ttH usual, or by lett.-r lo Iwx jbosifrn oOite, Hq 8 Ll?ni*o& #vcnyv. 3 _ SHIPPING. OWING TO TIIK DIHARH YNMEMENTOKOUR ROKWlur weekly lukUnga, minted by Itte return to Liverpool of the utraiuKhljp Etna, tliii rmnpany will not itrBpalrh a ateauier from New York ou Saturday, the Mill lliipuiwber. The nevt ?t?anier will therefor* Irnv.' here on tli>- '21 nt of Hepteiub,r, and will be followed weeklv in ihn reuuliir umirM, same a* heretofore. Jo UN O. DALE, Agent. Steam weekly benvoen Nn? York and Uverpcol, lanilliiK ?ml I'lolmrklnu pa**' ngere ut yneemitnwn Ireland. Tint 1.iv. ipool, New York au,l l'biialolphla Siaimitliiii Company Intend de*pal< lung ilu'lr full powered Cljdcbuilt Iron Mt<'anialii)>? an f"lU>w?:?. tiLAStiOW Saturday, Sept. 7. CU V Of NEW YUUK or CITY OF MAN. j I'llKS TEK Hutunlny, Sept. M. I err* OK M VSCIIE.NTKH or CITY OK I NEW YORK Hnturday, Kept. 2H. Ami every SMtui il iy, at noun, Iruiu l'lur 44 North river. MATMOT 1-tHMAUK: J Klrnt Cabin $75 Steerage $.K) Do. to London ,Stl Do. to London 13 Do, in Turin-....... 8,1 Do. to I'arli Do. to IUiiibiiit.... Hft Do. to Hamburg 35 PaMetigetit alio forwarded to Hftvrr, Brooion, Rotterdam, Antwerp, at equally low rated. _ i j t rmiiin winning 10 Di m , in tm ir rru nim can ouy ucaei* here At the following rates to New York:?From Liverpool or I tyleeiihtown. tirst cabin, 5, $& Mint $Uu. Steerage from | Liverpool, $40; from '?wii, $N0. TJium- steamer* have superior nesoiinnodatfotis for pnsseuger?. and carry e*|>cricnc< d surgeon*. Tb?y are built lu \>al"r-(iHfa iron 8?'< ui"iiK, and huvo patent tire annlhilatois on board. Pur further information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INM AN, aucnt, 22 Water itn^t; in OlnHgow to W M. IN MAN, No. ft St. Enoch ttqnare; in IJuccnMtuwn t?? k W. I). SEYMOUR A r<>.; In London to EIVKS A MAI 'EY, 61 King William street; in I'aris lo Jl'LKS l)K CDUB. No. 6 Place do l.i Bonn*; In Philadelphia to JOUN 0. DALE, III Walnut street, or at the company * ofllciH. JOHN G. DALE. Agsnt, LA Broadway, New Y?>rk. ^JTEAM FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL.-THE O itoamship GRKAT EASTERN having fulfilled her contract with the British government, will anil from NEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL Oil Saturday, Oetolwr A. RATK8 OF rAHMAUK. In ft rut cabin, $95 a $10), according wo stateroom accommodation, all other privilege* being equal. In third cabin, from $.'<5 to $30. Suit* of first Has* apartments lor families may be engaged by special Arrangement. The OK HAT EASTERN will leave Liverpool ou bcr return trip Tuesday, October 29. 1*Uits of toe *hip can be wen, and engagement! made for freight and passage on application to HOW LAND A ASPINWALL. Agents, 64 and Aft South stftet. I POM SOUTHAMPTON AND 1UVKK : On Saturday, Sent. 14, the United States m?U mnumer AltAOO, D. Linen, commander. Will ?ail from pier No. :'7 North river, foot of Beach ? rest, on Saturday, September 11, at no? n. This steamship (un*un>uK?ed for safety and comfort) has double engines under deck, enclosed by water light oinpartmenta, which, inside* other result*, tend, in tb? event ot collision or btraiidiuir, to keep the pump* free to work, and tecum the safety of veaiiel and pnt>H?*ngers. For freight or passage apply to SAMUEL M. FOX, OKO. MACKENZIE, A genu, No. 7 Broadway. The steamer FULTON will sail October 12. DIRECT STEAMSHIP LINK BKTWKKN NEW YORK, HAVRE AND ANTWERP. The new and spleud d steamer, A I, CONGRESS. Oapt. Lunnlng, 2.900 tons, *od horse power, Will Kail from New York on Thursday, September 19, For Havre and Antwerp, direct. Price of passage for Havre, Antwerp, h'outliampton or LonPlrst cabin $100 Second cabin 00 I Steerage S& Kiir freight applv In W.M. F sOllMIDT, ?t?> Beaver street. For pu*HMKH apply to HENRY M. WKKD, IK7 Went iitrret, corner hi Ki*aJe street. Tub north obrman i.u>Yirs steamship nuw YOltK, O. Wenko commander, carrying 'he I'mtetl States mini, will *ail Chun pier 30 North river, loot of Chambers irect, on SATI'RDA Y, September 2S, nt l'i o'clock M., rou BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taHuc pasm ng. r* to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, I III" following rate* : ? For (tie tlril ualiin, $NM: s nil cabin, $rid; steerage, $.16. For freight or iwMuigc apply to OBI/RICHS * CO , (W Broail atrect. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY. OLASOOW AVD L1VERpool.?Tlie. Montreal Ocean HtcHtiMhip Company'* Brut I'll urn full nwrrril Clyde luillt steamer NORTH AMERICAN, Captatn litnham, currying the Canadian Mint lulled Sin ton mulls, wilt Milt from Ouehee next Huinrdr,y, Silil. 14. I lutes of pa--ime from New York:?FW>t class. ace.,riling to wouHi- . modntlon*, f7t) find t8A; stcerttgc, found w ith cooked $:m. i ertlfieatos Ikmii-iI fur bringing nut* passenger* from nil llie principal lou n* in Ureal Britain unit Ireland at very low rules. For passage apiilv :K its Bnrulwav. Ne.w York. tiAREL A SEARLE, Oeneral Agent*. l)OYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP ASIA FOB LIVERPOOL? JLV The A?ls, E. II. Loti eoiiiinuiiilir, Hill sail from th? atream on Wednesday nent, the lltli lust. A -keainlioat will plj belnern (he eiiiiiimiiy'n aharf, at Jersey City,and the Amu, from 111 to II o'clock A. M., to convey passenger* and baggage "? houril. None lint piiisciigi r- can lie taken on InmMl. 'file Afrleii will sail eu the 'JJSin Inst. B. CTNARD, N". 1 Bowling <Jr*en. A CHEAP ANU QI'K.'K PASSACE TO LIVERPOOL? THOMPSON'S Line.?The ipl.-inliil clipper -hip MAN( IIKSTKK, at pier 21 East river, near Fnllon ferry. mils o" S;ilti: .lav, Sept. 14. Apply on hoard or a' 'f,*? "all's*. ,Vi. <75 Pearl street. , 1.111K LIVERPOOL?BLACK HALL I.TNE OK PACKETS, r The i Upper nlilp HARVEST (JCEKN sails September 1.1. For pannage apply on hoard, loot of Reekmau street, East river, or to .1 At'<In \V 11.SON, HM South street. T^OR HVWtPWOL?'TIIK WORLD WIDE KNOWN 1" dippership DltKADNorCllT. Captain Samuel*, acknowledged In lie ihn fastest vc-sel afloat, hnv intf on la v <*rnl orc.isl iii hcuteii the Culled States mall learners, positively sails Sept. ftl. ll.-r an oinniouatlolis are. uiiei|nulled. For piiMtngn, lowest mtes, apply (Immediately to senir" liertha, in tliev arc heinj rapi.lly taken up) on liourd )>lcr No .0North river, or to I'. M. LlKM ARF.ST, 40 Mutilli Hired. FOU I .ON I ION?SAILS SWT. 9, TIIK SI'I.KNDID SHIP <'llursTIAN'A,'fi-om pi?r 21 Fist rlv? r. Pumieiigort Iflkon In the sts-ouil twililn Htale rismiR, and found in provisions, at reduced aleeia^o prlc?a. Tho pm;krt nlup J'ATRlCK TTKNRY will fol ovr the above. For apply to TlftJS. HO: UK, 83 Sotillt Htrtvt. TjlOK IJ VKKIH lOL?TAl'SCt ITT'8 LINK.?TIIK KAVOr rlto packot ship KMKKAIJ1 ISLK, lyhiR at pier :? last rher. sails Si'pleiubere, and packet tbjp i;UY MANNKKINU Septeinlier 11. For iKMSPgt* nt low rates, or ilraftA mi Kt'Kl'itt'l or Ireland, apply t?i T.tCSOOlT k CO., No. M South street. 17V ill 1.1V K1 tl't H )L. ?THE FIRST SHIP JJCAVJNO PORT. 1 The splendid clipper ship Hlt'llAIlO S. KJ.Y, Capt. M. Ltvinifstnii, will positively nail ,s<ipt. 1J. 1'liln whip haa S|)!eniiid imcoininoilutio'is for all oltiPHes of p:isKenger|i. For (MMMige apply on hoard, at pier 14 Kast rivor, or to JO-EI'H MrcPHY.oi South utieot. Ar.-TKAI.H?!. AN<. \RO<> LINK FOR MKI.HOI'IINK? ! i:st vessel.?The inaKntllciit fliBt clnFS ship JACK FR'k-iT, '2-,00Htoi!* I>'ti IlK'ii. will havo early mid prompt de-'pnteh. Tim aoooniinodAtion.a for pas-u'atfrr'i arf wry Bii|ierlor. Early applieation mnat in- m ule on Imard. pier lOIOist river, or to MAIM.KR, LORIl & t^l ERKAC, 108 Will! St feet. Australian siiij-pekm' ijne?for Melbourne dn-ei I. The Hii(?'ii.;r A1 clipper ship CONTINENT haa nnnirp.ihu'd aeeuuMiii ilalioii for lirst and second clasa paareiiuers, and guaranteed lirst -hip of.'. Apply on hoiird, pier 12 Kail liter, or to l-'I.HIIRR, RIl.'AltUfl A CO., tW Wall j A I STRALIA ?PIONEER LINE. CARRYINO THE - I I lilted .Mates Mult. 1)1 iliKh rllppifr hlllp hi AM 18 HOW rapidly loading for Sydn-iy direct, mid will be des|>?!<'h"<l positively mi tin' 2d >[ October; lias nniiinpiiHaeii aci Miniiiiiilnilntiii for first and Herond claim Tinwtigcr*. For freU*ht or pHxmige apply to II. W. CAMERON, 90 Beaver at. Ti'OR i'AI.l PORN IA VIA PANAMA. X A til s. 'las* BtrnllH'r Will leave New York on ill* 1st, 11th mill 21st of each iiiuiitlt, except wlun iheao <laU h lull on Sunday, wlirn the day ol' dep*rturo will be on tlit; Monday following. Km- l i l"?lit or )iHBK?gi" apply at Un* only ofllrc, No. B BowllnitUtven. I). K. AI.l,EN, Agent. I.OST AMI FOVIO. \ LIBERAL REWARD ? LOST, IN UOIMi PROM .1\. West Washington plane t>i Wall Mr*V't, on Thursday I in111$1,000 in IiIIIm ou tin; IIndxuii City Hank. Address A. II., llerald offloe. 17V)1ND-A SITM OK MONEY, WHICH TIIK OWNBR 1 ran li.ivi- liy entabllslilng iiis right to It. t'. TAYLOR, 713 Broadway, TOST?ON' SATURDAY AFTERNOON, IN GOINfl FROM J b ventli avenue and Nineteenth nliMl to Broadway and Broome itroet, a hair Necklace, tipped with gold. Any one llndliu It trill hn lllK'r.illy r"ivarded hy returning It to 134 Went Nineteenth atrect, n <iml (loor. It lii very valuable to the ' win r. h 1; wiih tin: gilt "I it deceased frlentl. TOST ON SATURDAY, WHILE fiOIMl FROM CANAL Jj atri'i i, up llniimm to Houston, and up lion ton to Sullivan, a lr iithcr pocket bonk, containing iiimiit Sixiy dollars or upward s in iiilis, gold anil silver. A liberal reward will he ' eiveii| the return of tlie name to Mr*. Holland. 310 ! WextHlieet. IoST?aT OTKAMI'HAT WHARF, FOOT Qt MY J '"Irnet, North riv 'r, on Tuccflsy afternoon, Augual ! i!7, a black I'liain ;ti:il clntli Valine, with plated ornaments ill (mis ol' wire; lunge on the back anil a plate on tho rim fit the Uattilleff. The Valise has two locks. A reward of $10 will be p.ild for it* delivery to Huvciueyer, Townaend at Co., io-2 Wall "iroet. KEU \ HI)*4. ! vjji" REWARD.?LOST, A LAROL COLO SEAL RISC, , cornrlijui stone, oval sliap'd. Tin , ih',1 r uiilneclvn i the above reward by reliiriilllt; It to No. 12 E;;fct T'.oniy-fifth ' s.roet. ! Af: REWARD? sn ,,EN. FBOM i'HE PREMISES OP I ?!> .) the M.lfi rJIn'r, on the night of September 6. a hav | lloiHe. about 15 hancta high, short heavy lull, * -urintlia fun-liruil. oik- wliiti' tool behind, a near on h:? i iirlit : ore r<vit 1 undor th* fvtlwk. Whi)< vfi' w ill return him to the *uhscr\* | b^r, orglv#* MutWartoiy Jui'onnatlnn whe^o h?* may N? r<ntnd> fthnll ? the ala?\e reward. ARTHUR t uKNM.L S''ar*dal?% We#Urhe*ter County, N. V. ! XoA REWARD,?LORT, ON SATUBPAT 8BPT 7, l>otwe??* Thirty-* tond atrert and Hr<>aitwnv ana , JJOfl) *tm t up llrotdwry, two $30 \nUn on lh<? ^rfenwMi Hank. The flrnlftr will r?si'lv?? thn jiIkiva reward by leaving j th?on at tiM Sixth aveiiue, mat utt <{U<stioiift ask<*d. o 1 (||\ kk\vard.-i/>st"on stolen, on tijlus P J * J" day nt^'nt. th?? 'J9th of Auc?t i?*t, about ??lu# o'clock, in th" TblrcUarefliit' iars, a double ens*'4 will IVairb, hivlug-two si tor movimnui*, made by Jul??s Juraniiscn, ho. . V,I; on th* !?. ?. k ol the ?um h / ?!*?' ) * oturrnvrii the nam? <>f James C. Ilfeikett, Kov"iul?er 7, 18511 If any p^non will (! *?'fjiu t<? ii.ny luffho<! !? tvhi* h i!m* wat<*h n il! < r^^t.nrii by m**, I will" pay to mi? . ru> n tho hny- nn't;on*?l ?nm. JOHN k. HACKETI, ?< Bioiuhvey. Tin: iiRtJ vi r*. \rAi" IITSQ<- \ MAT< ' P : ML'TH'J I N rilKCKIJt' .mii-wi- (IIV.M I,..:* iy i?M 1 Kii'.y. .m<l I COM '101 >KK, l>!iMI lij > .? A I.- l t#kf |)Ucp i J*>i t. t'r< in >1. < . .in f ? 2" 1 11 ' "''o' A. f'TKY t,!. 1.11 .-.Mhr U ?? Ott ; 11.- ni-Tnin , ??f (ii< r:? f, :<{ i ' >i'' :n.: .?;!' ? K *i oat v' ,; T? t* 1 tr- ; t M . - : ! at Mar.-in i t 0 v < . ?. nd will ?- tJi<' . a' t;:\ 'np t!f irtMsnflrr? a of th# I r." c. rare i'ur tiic ccaU. ltairuaUftucuUf ' ou boaitf.

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