Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1861 Page 3
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SHIPPING NEWS. ALMAXiO FOE **W TOHK?TMin DAT. VM BISRS 5 ,V> I MOON Mill 8 58 **? 6 'il I HUM WATKB morn Wort of New York, ttaptcinbar 8, 1861. CLEAKFIX fc?Shlp.f O Tyler (not S O Tuber), Cooper, Hf>m Rongji J?w> u * Co. ..RIUVED. U 8 guiiSokt On ikrr City, Commander Or?rton C?rr, F??Ikw llonr*. W bovrn. ? . Steamship <Hit ot New York <U S trannvnrt), M?tl, W*?h tuton, I>(', 41* bnur*. 7tb lunt, off S'luati, |uuued a l?rs* DHr* IB low . f ? t?K, wind Mri'tis NK; h.,hi? dale, II AM, oil ll?g bknit, U H nf-am trnniixirt < lu?? Oh^'xvI8hk? Urn Nownll (of Kt-nntbuiik), Nowel), Liverpool, via K&*t|*ort &tiaya(wbur? ih? c?llrd for order.), la ball&Mt, to W H K!velum it U. 8bi|> Jobn ,1 Albert (of BrwUin), Riilrr, Liv?'ri>ouI, July 18, B<i?u.n Srjit 3 with TO?1 to 0 C Dmir*n A Co. (th In-a, W inlkrn KSE of Hundy Hook, spoke ship K Z, hc.iioe for UvJohn H Elliot, Tttckfr, Lll^rpool, July 29, with eoal, I lij a >i Smith A Co. Auk 16, 1m150 Ion 17 14, boarded the wseck of a Kr brig, waterlogged ami abandoned, mrtlmoaat ?loc by the deck, small boat gone, about 3(X) tons, d?*al laden, awl ha'd been but u short tlrre in that rendition; ft 1 lust, lat M 18, Ion #9, i>a**ed *bfp Or>ent, heuce for Liverpool. Hhljn Matilda (of Hearsport), Nichols, Bristol, 39 days, la fcajfevf fn ?t P ii-j'-k A Co. Aug W. lat 40 Aft, iorj 60 24, spoke mbivK tent, from Liverpool for Eastport. Snip .ut Hrrfram (Hum), Kiiudaen, Ham burr, SS dars, *?ith mdse Mid 16G nspaensera, to L E Amalnck k Co. ifaa Been 13 daya \V oi tii? li^uka, wiih light we*lerly wimiaaud ?ln?. Bbip Flying Cbiiders, liorton, Boston, 3 days, lo ballast, to 4 aaaxter. Bark Ben Dorrauce (of Freepnrt), Hinnett, Halifax, Kept I, si b?iiHM. to Walnh, Carver k Brig Mary McKne (of Wilmington, NO), Crocker, LiverYtel, 40 'lays, with intlw1, to P Monull k Bartow. A ir 30, tat H, ton &K spok* Mr bark Canopy, hence f<?r Europe. BtU: A?*me (Br,of Yarmouth, NS), Dal ley. Cork, via Sydmej, OB, U day* twheru she called for orders), in ballast, u> Bd\ d A llinckcn. Baif Henry l*a w re nee, Johnson, Masblas, 8 days, with llm Wr, to T Ma.\ hew k Co. wr\ii Kislntf Sun, Sntlth, Jonesboro, 7 days, with spars, to M*k? r. Brig Viator, Haskell, Boston, 7 days, with yellow pine, u* MMter. 8rhr Billow, Mctiivcn, Ltngan, CB, 18 days, Willi coal, Ur * Jfrrfn * O. Ashr Triton, Freeman, Bangor, 7 day*. Bohr A .1 J>y"r. (Tottrell. J?>uesport, 16 days. Hcbr Lvdla Catharine, Keller, Calais, tt days. BcUr Mary Ann, Bryant, >l;u'lnr, 0 d ay a. Behr II l,aiir<*na, Watson, Machiaaport, H days. 8chr T It Jodh% (iatcomb, Mnrhuit f -rt, 6 Says. Bohr Tl Smith. K?*Ilev, Portland, 3 ?iuyH. Bcbr D N Kictiardn. Joy, Boston, 5 days. Btoair?*r Boston, Crookor, l*hlladoplbUL Btsamer i'ctlcaii, Jones, Providence. SAILED. V 8 rteam frigaf<? >11nnesoui. l?b?Ship* J '1 '.?>.>u>})*i!?n, Liverpool; Qnlrkstep, London; ipphonFtiath (Br), n^lfa^t; J llont^wnverv, Havre; 1 Iarrt* t> MoU'-idartt; Trumbull, Antwerp; Trum:-ul). Antwerp; Jublmtun (Br**rn), Bremen', barka IJespeche (Prus). Cork; K t mmid <Br?m), Havre; Heivatia, of and for Hi mtin: Gorilla, Havana; Kat- Lincoln (Br), Delaware; Prua brl *, Koeni^in ?IUAbefh, Cot k; br aehrs II Smith, tii ialtar; Kau$, Uou4ttnis; CuraM?ow, Martinique; Orrfs, .St Jobns, PH. W1M during the day ME to 8KE. MUcellartcous. SbsjWm Tbi.l, recently burned and ashore on Governor's BAm?4, was floated ?(T yesterday morning, and towed to the Btompont stores, Brooklyn, whert; she will ilm liarge the %afcnsr of her cargo. Owing to the disarrangement of the regular weekly nailing* tuxed by the return tit Lirer|Mjol of tho steamship Etna, of Jim s Dale's line, that company will not despatch a steamer turn Kew York on Saturday, the 11th of September. The uutr.r v ill ther-loro leave here on the J lit 01 Heptnnker,au 1 will be followed weekly In the regular course, same aa heretofore, Stkausiuf Pacific. previously reported ashore on the 0\U" hrnla Coast, ww> floated off, and arrived at San FYnncisco ?n the ilth ult. She was much injured, and would go into 4rj dock. Ship (xncan Pkabl. before reported stranded on tb" Swe Ash Const, was 'JSit ions, built in litoS at Westbrook, Me, Xi, and owned in Portland. Bmo Makt MoRaf, hailing from Wilmington, HC, arriv.xl yntrrday from Ctverpool, with a csr.o e, nesting of UW sack.-, null S"ks bvandv, 3 do wine,3 durum, 3 do whisker, ?U bbls buttled ale, HOU* ounces quinine, 6 tons gnnihui, eoii [ rtcue.d to order. The vessel is consigned to K T Montell A Bartow. She has been taken In charge by a United States toupee iot. The following table gives a summary of the vessels in the fcaj-boi'h of Nt , York, Boston, Baltimore, Charleston, Kavaanah, New Orleans and Ual/cston, ai tho latest accounts from amch of those ports:? stw Ton*. Steamships 4(i Brigs 90 fihiDs 122 Schooners i:ts Barks m ? Total 002 mOSTOM. Steamships X Brigs 40 Ships 22 Schooners C4 Barks M Total 183 A1.TIMOKIC. Steamships 3 Brigs 8 Ships 5 Schooners 24 Barks 8 foul 50 CIIABI.KSTO*. Steamships . 3 Brigs.. 1 Ships 2 Schooners 1 Barks I Total 9 SAVAXVAH. Steamships 3 Brigs 3 .... 2 Schooners. 1 1 stai. "To NFW OUMTANS. Steamships 12 Brigs 2 Ships 12 Schooners 10 Totai! ~~i> OALVKSTON. Steamships 1 Brigs ? Ships ? Schooners 1 Barks - Total Whalemen. Arr ai t?ew weirnra 0111 mm, anipjosepn .steins, *iu"neu, Pacific Ocean, Tslechtiano March 28. via Western Ground, Florea July 26, with 400 bbli sp find 200 do wli and blk'lsh oil. Bold 23 bbls up and 250 do hphur oil. Cruised on Western Ground from June 25 to Am; 18, aud toot but Zi bbls up all? two mall whi?struck a lan;e our, but lout him by the drawtag of the iron. These three whs were the only om* neeo tor nine months, and In the punt ninetfrn months but one ofJier had been seen on the Caiiao Ground, and he was taken, m.ithu 108 bbls; during the whole voyage, ihlrty-nlne mouths, up wna have been seen but nine tlinea. Reports spuke July 4, fet 36 K, km 3? W, bark Cornelia, Pool, N B, 50 sp; ISih, lat 10 N-lon 42 W, bark Joshua Bregdon, Spooner, do, clean; July 22, off Floras, schr Palmyra, Uavol, do, 40 IP. Heard from, off Oorro, July IS, bark 'Elizabeth, Francis, westport, With two sp wha alongside. The J M picked up a cask at alcohol containing 137 gallons, July 3, lat 36, Inn 38?burks Jt L Baratow and J Bragdon also picked up one each. Also mit bark A rail, Nye, from a 15 months' entiae In the rtntle 0?e*n, St SebMtian, Brazil, Dec 20, Burbadoea May with 250 bbls up oil. Sent home 141 bbls up oil. Cruised on the Western Ground from June 1 to Aug 22, and took 80 M>U spoil; whales were scarce the flrst of the season, but I during the last week oa the ground the whs snemed to have truck on, and saw them 3 times; was obliged to leava, bowner, being short of provisions, water, An, having been UUcd Saoly a year. On the 3d Inst, in the Gull Stream, saw a n body of sp whs going quick to the westward. Reports, Ee June 28, lat 33 N, Ion 42 W, schr Admiral Blake, Hathaway, Hiupiesa, clean?(who reported a few days prevlous.schr Boewell King, Tripp. FH, clean; brig Hopeton, Perry, tilpplaaa. 70 sp); Aug 22, saw 4 whaling wjirs, one or them boiling. At Upola, Navigator Islands, Juue 21, ships Japan, Grant, wad Gazelle, Baker, KB, oil not stated. A letter from Capt Grant, of ship Japan, NB, reports her i aea lii June, in tot 25 20 B. Ion 176 20 W, with 1.390 bbls wm oil all told. Also rsports spoke In tbe latter part of Mav, to lat 2620 S. Ion 17616 W, ships Rainbow. Nichols, NB, 760 sp; bark Elizabeth Swift, Chase, do, 1,060 ap; alilp Swift, Worth, 4a 1600 sp; Elizabeth, Winslow, do 400 sp; Oitelda, Vincent, BiOspall told; James Arnold, Sullivan, do 2550 sp all laid; Baa Gull, Nichols, da 1600 sp do; Uiy Head, Lawrence, do SSOspMwh; Empire, Mooomber. do 106 an; lilt Woltoaton, Bonn, do 11M bbls oil sit told. A letter from C?pt. l'otter, of nhip Illinois, NB, dated Akasoa Bay, New Zealand, May 13, lXdl, reports that his ship returned that day from a short cruise In charge of the mate, (Capt Potter having remained on shore an account of the Jlefcaaaa of his wiCaj, with 960 bbls sperm ail. Mrs Potter tad recovered and they would ioln the ship and proceed o? the voyage. Capt P reports Ship James Maury, NB, sld from Akaroa, M ay 6, on a cruise, oil as before reported; spoke two Moths previous to the dale of his letter, ship James Arnold, BuUivan, NB, with 2,400 sp, and heard of hts taking two Jai ge whales afterwards. Heard of ship lapwing, tjowle, NB, paaslag Desolation, n? date, with 6U0 sp. Spoken, & , Ship South Carolina, from Bombay for Liverpool, May A M2S, Jon 86E. Ship Albei t Gallatin, bence for Liverpool, Sept 6, 95 mite* ERE from K.irev Uook?bv pilot Iniat Mary A Williams. Bark HukIi Biirkhesd, 10 days from Baltimore for ValpaHUso, July 15, 1st 33, Ion 50. Bark Amazon, Klrwan, 10 days from Baltimore far Bio J a- 1 aim, Aug 20, lat 30, loll ftj SO. Bark Teresa, Kuater, hence tor Bt Thomas. 4c. Sept 2, ha 38 BL Ion 71 44. Bark Mary C Fox, Hubbard, from Portland for Cuba, Sent 1, tot 40. loa 69. Bark Marlon,from Bolton for Baltimore, Sept 3, lat 3820, foreign Ports. Axhbrst, British India, May 3&?la port Ship SffWatasct, .Johnson, Mr 36th. DutAitARi, Aug 10?la port achr Jennie Morton, Bullock, from Boston, disc. London, Aug 26?Arr *htp Rnfsn Choate, Rich, Pngwesh, W day*. Qhkbkc. Sept S?Arr ahlns Jos Flab, Tfcnmg. London; fiyl?mm Blanch >u"d, Y?ri, uxl Wallacp,! Ann. Liventool. Rio .1 aheiko, July 25?In port bu.rk? Mondamln, Karrell, Mf; Adelaide, Bt'^ibirger, rtwg: Flying Claud, Clements, fw Baltimore, wtg; Red t on, Harret 1, wtg; and others as be St Jot!*, KB. 2?Arr srhrs Mary E Osae, Deincn. Port ftr?n; C<m?re>ut, Kmtnev: Margaret Arm, WheipW, ValgA, annedy, and Ocean ware, Klewelllng. NYork: 3d, Louis- j filie. Taylor,do; 4th. ship IVntkni Empire, tiuule, LirorptwI. ' CkLSd, nchr Feliuw Craft, Lane, NYork. American Porta. ^BOSTON, SeptS, I'M?Arr staunsr Ban DeFord, Hallow, Baltimore; hrlg it R na*ktns, Ijcmaa, Havana; schr* Cow. Her. Trrtrorrr: I Hinckley, Lenvlu, and Minnesota, Baker, Philadelphia; Ths II Seymour, K e IW7, ai?t Zoe, Foxier, KlleMbethport; Delaware, Manning, and Amaada Powers, I'nwVBL NYork. Cld HcbiK It Htll, Smith; M llaler, Hairy; .1 S Bnrett, Rom; Mary A Elizabeth, Reed, and J ft .Slater, W!lletts, Philadelphia. Cld 5th. ship Susan Hlrks, TTuteJi, New York. Sid steamer State of M. lne, Washington. with ?eamen; ship Susan Hinkx: bark Suliote; brig ll^wn Bark Oak anchored in tlie Koaas. 8th?^By telj?Arr ship Ringleader, Loudoa; bark Rose, JOgoa Buy. BALTIMORE, SeiH 6? Arr hark* Flying Cloud, Clements, Bio Janeiro; Anna (Br\ White, Demnrot* Old ?ckr K C A | Ward, Kdwnr la-"New York. Sid bark Pericles, Snow, Swan Point to liulsh Ug for Hong Kong; schr Alice Mowe, Godwin, 1 aysguox. BANGOR, Sent (I?Cld hrlgs Sarah, Coombs, Trinidad; Ly- 1 dta Stover. whltnev. Greenport, Li; arhrs J#a O'Donohue, Coney, Barbados; Hudson. Warren, NYork. KAI.L RIVER, Sept fl?HI 1 s<-W Minerva, Jefferson, PtallaAsTphla: It Borden, Arnold, EHzabethport. OAaDJ.NEP.. Aii^Z!?Ajmclira Aui.mda, Term-, NYork; 29d, Hcrrlet Smitli, Kellev, do. X7lh, Wanklnco, Watte, do; ' Asst.2. Convert. Wvnmn, Pnil?'l?l|>)ila. _4uit'CtSfER, Sept 4?Arr scl.r WhKe Cloud, Leavltt, Philadelphia. Rid schr (} R Umiier, Snow. NTork. NEW BEDFORD, Sop; 6?Arr schrs N Tyler. Ocden, Jar- i BT Ciir; Coliasaet, Toiler, S^ndwkh for Phlla delphla. Sid aehr* Mlgaionette, Jones, Baltimore; J Tiltou. Edwards, Philadelphia; Ellsba Brook., Suow, and Frank l'ieroe, Jao&soa, i JWorY NEWBCRYFORT, Sept B?Arr schr Romp. Moore, NYork. Sid Wh, schr E W Perry, Sampson. Philadelphia. NEWPORT. Sept 5?Mr achrs Red Jacket, Pnvson, Ltnran i for > York; Mealuo, Iltirdick, PrnvtUcnuc foTi.o; .1 C (.hew, . Buclxxt. and S WAahbarn. WMta, Taunfcm fur Ulltabpthpori; I tadv Adams, Hauwin. and L Robltuum, Davia, Bumeraet for Mew York; Emily,'Chase, N'York. (Sth?Sid a-hra Fakir, Hralh, Eli/abethport; Rod Jacket; Mri th* arr of the 5th. t i'm?In port bark Martha Anna, Cha*e, for Havana rdy; ohrs Cordelia NewMrk, ready; Emily, Sarah Jane, V Barkc1*foaXLA?i),0i?)l 4?Ait aehra VHeit*. Xmu, PUUdtU N phla; Raai&a. Bant) HTtfk. Cld bark Peri, Theatrap, Ht T,|'OKT8MOUTH, Sept 6-Ait acbr O W lUwley. Hawley, PhfUdeliihla. PrtOVlDENCB, Bepti?Arr lUHMr Weatcheater, Jonri, New York. 8Ut whn Carolina Awleraoo, Bowker; J Beatty, Sharp; A lUalou, Kvau; Biwmn, Brower; T Lake, D?urlur; Jauio Houm, Sprang; Alemnder lien Jerron,, and My Juris, Muruby, Philadelphia; Joa E Pu(U, Ilolley, Elliabethporl; flan Taylor, Joiicn, R 11 Vvrmilyea, (JentU, au4 Eliulra Rogera, Wlghiman. NTork; hIooim Jt Dalian, Kackelt, do; J L Hoblnwn, Blirjird, and AluU, Sayrei, do. SAN FKANCI800, Aug 11?Arr Hieamablp Pacltto, Staple*. Columbia lti*er. Sid *hlua Klylng DnCfcOii, Wukaon, Mel SALEM, Sept &?Arr'nrig Sabao, Baker. Elizabeth j>ort; schr W I' (tor llouck, Philadelphia. TAUNTON, heptfr-Arr schr C H Vlckery, Babbitt, Philadelphia. HOU8B8t ROOMS^ iVc., TO LET. A PARTMKNTH IX) LET-?WILL BK LET TO 8MALL J\_ fauiilies ouly. The remainder of bouse m ulroilariy occupied. Apply at 123 Weal Twenty-fourth street, near Seveuth avenue. A GOOD CHANCE.?HALF OF THE FIRST CLAS8 three story hipli stoop Hoove ?HS YVe*t Twenty-eighth street, to let; contains nine rooms, e*cluMve ol bath room, water closet, cliche* rloeeU, Ac., In elegant order; can fixtures complete in every room aud separate me ire. Inquire ou the pfSMMflflfc A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED AND CLEAN HOUSE* juHl p iloted, and having every convenience, to let, to a trivate family at a reduced rent. Apply at.H7 Ninth street, eiweeu Filth and Sixth avenues, from 0 to 3. A GOOD niam'K FOR a steady, active BUM* nesH man.?To let, the Fffch an?l Oyner Stand in a lirai cluae faintly market. Apply at (ttti Sixth avenue. A FINE HOUSE TO LET?ASS FOURTH STREET <ALfcton pla Cheapest .? uea in Ms* Vnk Mow vacant. Nice order: all improvement*. The house is lar^e and well arranged. Call and ii. Mu*t be let, J. R. WILOOX, JM3 Fourth avenue. ALOWU PART OF HOUSE TO UEV-OJI TWMTYeighth street; tlx rooms; J uai painted; |M Ixtniti, .?< . Rent tow. Five Rooms In adjoining house, with ?n*, $11 50 * mouth. Threw Rooms on Third aveuue, $7; three Rooms, j. K. WILCOX, ?i i Fourtk avenue. A FURNISHED ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMS TO let?Suitable far housekeeping; a good opportunity for tboee tired of boarding. Only 14 K) pei v.. .. Also Parlor door, with or without Board, In a flmall family with every eoovenienoe. Apply at 'jo West Twenty* II th si ? A FINE LARGE FOUR bTORV (THREE ROOMS DEEP) House, in Lnmarlfne plat e, West Twenty-ninth street, to let on favorable term*', llouse has every convenience, is very desirably situated and in d order. For further particular* call a't 310 West Fifteenth street A GOOD THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, with all modern ooor< to let, ISSWsctSlxtaiith street. The present occupant would sell the Furniture and make arrangements for the board of live members of Uis family on favorable terms. TjlURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT?UNTIL MAY 1, OR r longer if required. The bonne Is in Ninth street, near Fifth avenue, of moderate size, in good order and well fur ne*neu. w u? t>? renu*<i u> h unvaie lainny only. rue best 01 references aud security required, or rent in advance. Kent moderate lit a careful tenant. Address, with real name (as no others will be noticed), Europe, Herald office. FUUrnHIP HOUBB TO LET.-A N/t'ELY FUK nished House will be let to h responsible, party who would uke good cm re of it, astho Furniture is all nearly new. It h;is all the modern Improvement*, and iu a good location. To the ri^ht party good arrangements would be made-. Address for three days, A. B., box 219 Herald ofllee. JM KNISHHI) HOU8B TO i.KT-tN TWBMTT NINTH street, near Madivm and Fourth avenues, beautifully and completely furnished. Would he rented reasonable t? a small private family, without children or boarders, immediate possesion. Hoarding housekeepers an-1 itk'eMs need not appiv. Address House, box 1,604 N. Y. Post oil lee. FU UN I SHED HOUSE TO LET?THK FClR HTOHY brown stone House No. 56 West Thirty >. venlh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, handsomely furnished, witli all the modern Improvements; rent very reasonable. For further particulars inquire of J. G. 8E0()K, 70 Keade Mirt i, or on the pr tain s. IjlURNISIJED HOUSE IS BROOKLYN TO LET-TO ' a private family only; desirably located on Clinton street, near Baltic; five minutes' walk from Atlantic ferry; handsomely furnished throughout : rent. $7ft per month, will betaken in beard if deaired. Address box 4,Ml Postsfllce, New York. House to let, in Brooklyn, with immediate possession.?A neat three* story and basement Brick House, consisting of twelve rooms and eleven pautries, gas chandeliers, Ac. (rent to suit the times), No. 87 Powers street. Apply to WM. STONE, Builder, Bergen street, near Powers street. House to let, in Brooklyn, with immediate possession.?A neat two sfc>ry and basement Brick House, with trns chandeliers, water, Ac.; Rent to suit the times. No. 2GB Dean street, east of Power street. Apply to WM. STONE, Builder, Bergen street, near Powers street. PART OR WHOLE OF A NICELY FURNISHED IIOUKE to let, to May 1, to a f mull fnmlly of adults?use of two pianos; only self and wife; would board as part payment. Reference required. Location tine. Call for three days, from 10 to 8, at 77 West Tenth street, two doors from Fourth street. STEADY STEAM power TO LET. Lar?? unci small Rooms, Well lighted. No. Water street. SECOND FLOOR TO LET?FURNISHED: OAS AND W^ter wRh or without Board. Apply at No. 9 Sullivan street, near Canal. TO LLT?THE VERY LARGE FIRST CLASS HOUSE No. 4T Wost Twnnty ninth street, near Broadway, containing twenty rooms and everything in first rat? order ; elevuu marble wash basins, bath, fee., having been built for the owner's use. No objection to a flrpt class boarding holies. Apply to tb? owner, on the premises. mO LET?THE THKKE STOKY HOUSE NO. 263 WEST 1 Tiiirty-fourth street; ropinte with all raoderm trapi ovements. Rent moderate. Apply at 843 West Thirty. fourth Bireet. TO LET?FURNISHED OB UNFUKNISHKD, THE Houm No. SO Baat Tuirty-nvauth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues, being one of the be?t locations iu the city; will be let cheap to a goed tenant. Apply ou the premises. . TO LET, FURNISHED?TH^ HOT'SF 324 WEST Twenlv-second street. It may lie saen from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M. until 1 waned. Term* to a satisfactory party will be admiUMU, A. MCUOLLS, 91 Went Thirteenth ft. TO LET?SEVERAL DESIRABLE UOUURS; ALSO, Floors and i?rts of House*, in good locations, will be lei at reduced rents to desirable partlea. Apply to DYE k OUR TISS, SOS Sixth avenue. rLET, FURNISHED?A NICE COTTAGE HOUSE, IN flood order, Willi aim and water. It hai been newly painted. The owner will make the rent low, and would be willing to board with a nice family occupying It Apply at M9 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. rpo LET?LOWEE PART OF A NICE HOUSE; TWO JL parlors, two basement*, twe sleep! tig rooms, modern Improvements, for a moderate rent. Also one or two aloe Apartments; rent $12 to $14 per month. Apply at S4A Hleeclcer street, near Charles street, of T. CUDWITu. TO LET?A GYMNASIUM, FITTED UP IN A SUPERIOR style, In one af the largest aud finest rnome in the city by the late Oustavui Rat * and B. Faank'.ln Beach. Will be 1 let with or without the appurtensnee*. Inquire at Knickerbocker Stage oflloe, corner of Eighth avenue and Twentythird street. TO LET?BROADWAT STORE, NO. 817: ALSO, THE Second Floor, corner of S19; also, the corner Basement; also, the Store aud Dwelling 48 Eaiit Twrflffh slreet. near Broadway. Rentslow. JOHN S. KELSO, Ko. 62 William street. riTO LET?A NUMBER OF LARGE AND MEDIUM X nouses In the upper part ef the city, pnmipr.ilv in the middle und west aide, also a nnmberof stun s on the bUBineaa avenues. Also a large store and lsiscment at the Jmiixkra at Broadway, Sevanth avenue and Forty-aecond street, 35 feet front by iclxiut 12.1 foet deep, the stories ever tliu etia-e being fitted up for a hotel in connection with the adjoining bulidJ. A W. DENHAM, Eighth avenue, corner of Sixteeiktii Rtreet. Oflloe open frum morning tali nine In the evening. TO LET?A LAROE BASEMENT ON THE NOBTHwesl corner af Fourth avenue und Twenty-ninth sireeL Rent $*X> per year. Also three Roctn* an the third flaor of 3i(2 \Ve<n Nineteenth strc<n, with CroWia water. Also a stable for three homes. Apply to C. SCHUMANN, 302 West Nineteenth street. TO LET?ON 8TATEN ISLAND, A COTTAGE HOUSE at Ca.itIelon, a short from Hie landing; lacation very desirable; will bt- rented low until Mav 1, or 1 auger if wanted. Inquire uf A. W. SEXTON. N?. & Maiden laue. TO LET?A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. OK SECOND floor, wftb use ot kitchen, lire, 4c., ut J2fl0 p<-r week; corresponding Room on third loor, $2, or the entire Floor, $3 00; unfurnished, $2 SO, in a neat three story private (marble) house, with modern aonvenlettoaa. Apply at 133 East Thirty-third itreet. TO LET-THE THREE 8TORV AND ATTIC, HIOH stoop Brick Dwelling House 260 West Twentieth street. iroming linciaea aquare, rrpiew wuu v.ruvou mm git* illturea, and every convenience that can lie desired. Apply to D. A. CUSHMAN, 1S2 Ninth aventie, between Twentieth and Twenty-flral atraeta. TO LET?A KUAI.L FURNISHED HOUSE ON FOURteinlli street, until the lnt of May. Inquire of BLISS & GRIKNELL, 07 Murray FlreeL TO LET-IN COMPLETE ORDER, THE FIRST, SEonnd, thtri and fnorth Kk??ri of limit.* No. 191 TV cat Twentieth street, to ? wn?l! genteel family; KM, ("niton water, Ac., through the house; rent low to good tenant*. Inquire at Wont Twentieth Street or BUU Kii-'ftm avenue. rLET.-i FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWK atone front H'mae, all modern Improvement*. situated on Murray bill near Thirty-fourth atreet, will lie let, partly furniahe?f, If desired. at a low price. Apply at 132 Broadway, room No. 3, over Exretolor Inanraace Company. rLET?AFARTMENTS IN THE MODEL TENEMENT hoiMb- 418 Slilh irvanue. having been put In Brat rate rder. and having g;ia in hallways and Onion water In each aimrtnvnl: will ue let low to aiaall rvapeelable famllJea. Apply ai No. 1. r LET?ON FAVORABLE TERMS TO RESPECTABLE parties. the two live story llotwwa, 2fll and 2(il Weat Twenty-third stre?rt, with tiouble stalrcaaes and all tha modern imfWi>vem<-nU. Alan 1.16 Weal Twenty-fourth street. flvn stories, just painted throughout. Apply to A. LKAMAN, 217 Weat Twenty third atraet, ur to P. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS A CO., 81 Oreenwich street. TO LET?SEVERAL VERY DESIRABLE FLOORS ON Ninth avenue, near Chelsea square, combining and *t* room* each, furnished with llmUin watrr aad (us lntun'S, separate Water rjoseu, gna meters, Ail, to encE floor, aH'ordln* n .-enleel residence fur small and reepeetable families at moderate rents. Apply to D. A. CI'SHMAN. 152 Nuitb kvcuue, between Twentieth and Twentj Ural streets. TO I.ET-TFTE TTTREE STOUT MODERN' HOUSE, KO. 10 First tni't; hns pa* tixturM, t>ath, two water cloecte, healem, Ae,; rval, to .1 te-iant, only $.">00; fh<- upper pari rents lor $300. Apply at 87 Bast FlttcenUi ?lre?t, or 91 Liberty itrvi't, tip irtAjr*. fTK) LET?FURNISHED, A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORT X brown Htone front House. 2.')i.rA sltunteil on a wide mreet, and within .1 Mock and a naif 01 Fifth uveuue. The farnlMM Is first ri/uw. nearly nrw, and rnnnlpt* of everyItUuK necessary elcept linen and silver. Rent low to a good tenant. Apply loCJIAS. E. MILLS, 34 f>d?r*trw;t. TO LET, IN BROOKLTN-THE WHOLE OR LOWER part nf a House, consisting of Basement, two Parlora and two Bedroom*, or the upjier part. Rent from $9 to per month. Also a small IIoum, rent $6 per montb. AddIv at 377 Adeiphi Meet. EW YORK HERALD, MOJ HOCSKS, ROOMS, AC., TO L.BT. TO UtT-TUK KIKST HTtmYOK HOl'SK, 38 BOWERY, coiisiHtlng of tw. 1 mid one >:iitu.ll room, lor $*!>, or two front rot ma for ilS. Inquire at No. 3S?, Bowory, lit ilie \ ?u>m mo LET.?A 1'A.KT OK A HOUSE, NO. 2S" FotMtTH X avenue, 1111..1' Tw. ntj -?.u>nd sti t, m 1ft to ? kmmIi .amity. Hot nod mill Wat. i, UaUi, g.ts, .le. U. u:u Icruir. Apply above. rl.KT?T:I R MtWKit PAKTOF HOl'SK NO. l'KNTH Rtrvi'l, iHitWWll 1. til <111(1 Sutll Hi I-I1U. .OIIMMIIK ?f parlor*, and two room# In atlio, nil inm|il4'ks ettfhborliood excolU nt. Kent $^.'iU |>ur unuum. luquiic o? Uie jireuilxM. To MPT, IN BROOKLYN, NO. M fULTON 8TRKBT. Room* giijubit* f>?r dre**iouk ntf or any Ughl'lui^ine**, or lor a fccullemun and Wtie. item moderate. Appiy up runs. aMj LET OK FOR HALM?TI1KKK HTORY PRIOR House 14 Kii#t Twenty-fourth ?(rtjet, nour Muditou avenue. Ala* four story House Wi fclaat Tw?*nty-founh utreet, in excellent order. Furfitsin d Houw ill TwJdl'tfi street, nwr Sixth avenue, with a vai n ty of otner Il< ii*"* to let and for m\% \|m. u i.i th Awmw. T) LET OH LEASE?VERY CHEAP, THE LAtt"E three alory and attic House IN Ti th ai*i i ? for one, two or three femiiiea, between Tueniv-second and Twenty-third streets. Apply to L. B. CllASK, No. 6 New street, between i- and 2, anil 42Filth avenue at 6 A. M. and 8 P. M. __ To i .ft OB LS a SB POR A TERM OPY*AR8-l IB second lioor of store No. 7.-CJ Broadway, near Tenth street. Apply to L. O. VAN KLEEl'K, No. 7* New street. TO A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY? with no children, a three *torv furnished ll'?u? ih offered; rent a m<>nUi. To iUv*>< ?w. Ino*; t;? rcduoe cm* Vpn*?* thin noaunt would l??- uken in board; location near WMity eighth hiivet and Fourth uveuiw. Addresi* P. P., Madison squate Post o'tice. TO ELEVENTH STREET?'FIVE POORS WIST OV l mJ Broadwrav. l*h< woer wi iim 'i> furnished for ni* private us.*, till No v or longer, to a good tenant. Reason, gotug to the couutry. Apply ut the premises. 71 O BBOADWAY, C( INJ5R OP WASH WTOM I JO pl:?ej-.?Rooms t ? W t. furnished ?>r unt'urn.hh d, either for l>>df{iru'* or . ' }. *;.*, studios, <fce.; one of th. best locations In tke city. Kent* low to Buit the time*. A retuiU* rant attached to ilie house. MUSIC \f-. AYODNG GERMAN, AN RXPBRir.NCKD TKK' RKK ol music, wlui hjkmks hUi> V . u ?nd fluently, la desirous at m.-etiiy; wtt.i .*u:il'< win i?* h? could loach the i i rioi nrtt , w , in retuto i'o:- m* \ >>.4ra nil residence. Bp I'fivucrn given. Ajiply to Mc.-srs. Luis & Scbarienbcrg, 701) Broadway. TKiHTKct Di.a:, V V w si 0\| j Ban Patent Inmilau*! Full Kri motti'MMlMKlHi mr? Pianoforte*, No. 4*1 Rroomo street. What ?v;\t *ly says must l?o true; everybody *ays they are tli boat, therefore they must l>e the bout. MUSIC.?AN EXPERIENCED Ct>M?i v'ToR OK church music would l k>-a MtuRit< n; rr. furu an ? rL iniHt, soprano and tenor, il desired. Address Conductor, box Herald eflloe Musical, -wjnped to li hoi ron a pian Mum be rich tou?- an.I nut: . 10r which a s <* anmuul oi cash v. 1 be advanced and asiu.'.ll ate per uuui'.h puid.Addi'hh Dexter, station l>. Magnificent sevbn octavb b jem >b pianoforte, elegant serpentine oaso, Lhm'.u. illy inlaid wi a pearl, round eoru'ws, lr??u frame, i-vcrMi; . i . < d: j -1 !v'*V8, Ci?M1 $:w) hi it h\ veil mouths wni no.. . <t ?, . ? ! I of for $1A0, if taken mi > ad lately; <Jover, Sf" ?J, ;n;d nu> er'a threeyears' guarautcr, aud uhu he kh?-.u at 4 >4 Sixth avenue, near Twenty-fourth street, second Moor. MIMICAL.?a SOPRANO AND alto DK -f "T! AN EN !?:. n: in ? church choir, aNen York orini a (joining city. Would also u> *. ;>( a 5.. :..i.i?n iu a n'Miiiu .y U*aelur ol piano a*<l vocal mi.t ;ic. Addl ? ss Boston, 11 ralil office. New itdbic.-m long lt\b ti; mi r-w * i patriotic song, <*>mposed for, and ai.,/,. t the at Festival at Jone.-V \Vo?.d, pri<-e cents; and "Oh toll me of my Moihf.r," by {Stephen C. Foster, Uj cents, just pnidialu d at DALT'B,41i ?i.m il Atreit. 1)1 ano wanted -a second i ind l " kwood Pliiaoforte, at a prl<>? not to exft't" 1 $ "o. A''d<ehg. . '.?tit? lowest prtcc and where to he Been, 1. >1. Aiiuie, iit .aid otliee. Removal.?houacb watkrh, anient, has re moved (o481 11 roadway, between lirand and Jirmtme atreeti, when* he h.-IIk tipw Heven <vtav?- PianoH for $I&f. and | warranted. Second hand Pianos ami M?diKiet>ui tr??ni lr> $180. Ail v nda of ma at bm tt war | a I Piano#aud Mel ideona to let from $2 to $6 per month; rent allowed if purchased ah |>er agreement; mouthly payment* neaivtd for Hm limb quith^mblodeok rosewood 1 i uioca ? two O banki ef keyp, new and in j.eilect ?irdt:r, auiUio1. *5li ? for parlor or ehnr. )i. For aale low, Addrev.n for th *e uaya M. L. Km lleraid office. 1XST RVCTIOE A$1 WBXTIKO CLAJ S.-MK. DOLBEAR, 609 BROAD way, h i: ot em I four large i ooi. or < . ip ch atifTiieM or tremoiiu/-' will pottiuvely removed, and a i r?-e, stylish hand guaranteed. Statioia iy, 6o cents. Booiwket'ying, $6. Apply early for eeate. Academies of penmanship and bookkeeping, Nos. ti Fourth avenue, N. Y., and 16 Court street, lir??okWn. New pupils, old and young, reeeived day and evening for class of private instruction. oliver B. goldsmith. AT $2 flfr-WRITUra, TWENTY H80OXfl.-fKB. PAINE'S experiment of giving throe months, seventyeight leanans, em*n in wntin^aud arithmetic or t uukke.enm^, lessons unlimited, for $10, has the effect of inducing nundreds to attend at 62 Bowery, New York, or 283 Fultou stn-w, Brooklyn. **ColoDel Paine, the well known u-ncher ol writing, is oue of the best instructors in the State."?Newport ilereniy. CLIFTON F-EMAIJ? INSTITOTE FRENCH AND KN? lmh Boarding and Imy School, villa of J. K D. 1/uiier. Ksq., (lii'lon, 8.1.?Mm. L. A. SHKlUflRD, l'riucipal. The Fall Term of this School will cummenc* September 45. For references and circular* apply to a. S. l.'armw, toj., 61 .iolui (street; J. F D. Lanier, F.tq., 62 Wall street, V. Y.; or address the ]'rinc:{>ftl, Bay View Tost office, Clifton, 8. I. FRENCH INS 1 i'i t'TK, FOR Yol'NC <NTIJCMKV, NO 48 Eusl Twenty iuurUi stieot.?Braiding ihy school,classical and commercial, fourteen tea.-Lors?six American, live French, two (jurm:in, <no t-panieh. a primary department and a gymnasium. See prospectus tor detail*. Vn>foiwor EUE CHARUEK, Director. Will be reo|>enad on Tuesday, September 17. French teacher wanted.?a PARISIAN ladt, who is thoroughly competent to tench tin- French lauguage. may bear of a good opportunity lo instruct a geuiWman, n a v 1 n g much leisure Umr to devote to tlie study of tbitt language, by addressing (!. O. Kautord, Herald ollice. IESSONS IN FRENCH LANGUAG, AT TWENTT-PTVB J cents an hour, by a competent young man, or hoarding, lor three hours application every day. Address Y. Z., k>?x 12,1 II'. raid offlne. Law school of the new York university, Washington square?The fourth annual session of this Iaw School will commence on Monday, September 16, and continue thirty-six weeks. The law library in the UntvervUy will be open each mornlof at 9 o'clock, to receive ap|>ikatic%s. Mons. l. de grand tal's boardtko school, Ikillrgsaieand (Jomnierc.-tal, Hudson terrace, Hoboken, N. J., reopen* September X Term*, $200 per annum. Refers newt?Mr. E. i'osvart, 30 Bread street; Air. E. flnnkett, ISO MADAMK J. V. CAUOIIOM. HNOUSH AND FRENCH Hoarding and Diiy KoIkmJ for yoiuig ludlos, 25K West Twcnty-lhli d Kli-cet, will reopen <> Monday. SepU-nibert. A punctual attendance of the pupils (? rnqnesled. A class of Oil l'slnting and Grecian Art <m Satunlaya, ti<ught by Ume. Camtboia. rartituku- attention given to the prinstrj department. Madame r. mkars burkhardt, 222 a ml 2*1 Madison ?v??n<'. onicrlliirtv-clgbth st. enull&i and kkejk "h' bo a rdi no and day kjhool for young i.aoids. (Formerly 32 Wi-st Fifteenth street,) Will reopen, with the commencement of the Bfjnton, September 12. MadameC. M. B. will be at home from tin* lstof Septmnhnr. Circulars at Bretislng's, 701 Broadway; Lockwood's, 411 Broadway,and 222 Madison avrninc. CjCHOOL AND HOME EDUCATION. ? PRIVATE O French, German, EagHab and Spanish Classical and Commercial Boarding and Pay Pcbool, with (ln? plar ground and gymnasium, 47 and 4v West Twenty -sixth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. Mr. IAM'M ERN3r takes charge of a limited number of boys. Reopens Monday, September 16. Troy female seminary.?this institution offers tin- accumulated advantages of nearly llfty years of successful operation. Every facility Is provided for a thorough course of uaeluland ornamental education, nnder the direction of a corns of mure than twenty pp'fewtor* nnd teachers. For circulars apply to JOHN II. Wll-LAItD, Troy, N. Y. The misses delaney>s boarding avd day School for Young Ladles, No. & Wyckofl street,South liro?klyn, wUl open on Monday, Sept. 16. Terms (200 per annum. The collegiate school, 71 West Fourteenth street, oorner of Sixth avenoe. G. P. QUAUKENB03, A. M., Rector. Forty-second atiuual reopening, Monday, September 9. Pupils are received at all ages, and thoroughly prepared for college or business. ~ DANCING ACADKMIES. PEOF. BOND'S DANCING ACADEMY AND GYMNAsinm, at 275 Bleacker street. Clauses forming for Mondaya and Thursdays; juveniles, Wednesdays and Saturdays, ut iKfm oVktrk Tdumar, ballet master of the theatres Royal at Berlin and Hanivur.?Dunclug Academy, 2K1 Bowery. Lesson* $1 |*r month, every nlg'it. Tut'sdays und Friday* W. Private teiwuna U) cuu. Ladies aftrriMMA | classes. gPKCUt NOTICES. T1IE COMMOJHOliS m'lIJUNt.S KllWKai O.n' THE corner of Knst Sixteotith wid p.tttborfsrdplace, for the use of Friend's Seminary, being now complntc, the schools for boys and girls will be oiK'nod ou tlio Okb of Ninth month (September.) For adtuissiou apply to thomas Fori-KE, prlocjpaL The infernal machine that was picked hp by the HchiHiner James Steele, < B' Newport News and Sewall's Point, can lie seen free at "The Sum-,'' No. 12 lje:uf place, Bleccker street, one block west of JJrna tw .. v. i. e. ayliffe. miuinertt. zt^i ~ MM. DAVIDSON'S paris millinery establishment, 125 Bleecker street, how York. (established 1841.) Mr*. DAVIDSON rrpjwctfully intimates u> ladies rfsJjJtn* in any part of Che United KlaU-a that thry can dri < u]mmi having their order* faithfully executed and forwarded promptly by express, with cure and economy. Every information cheerfully furnished by mall iu regard tu tykus. charges, Ac. Address as above. J DAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 18( SHIPPING. mm: i. until and no tail ami uk an royal mail X MKA-usiura. mo* NIW YOKkC TO UVtWOOL. Clnul' ftibiu fiwBuga... $1.10 Second Cabin 76 mo* Bo. ION TO IJTfflU'OOL.

Chief Oibiu Pase;^ $110 t*)i?nd ('iil)iu l'as 00 TUe sttlj* from N w York call ?t Cork H?rbor. "lho sliij? from lii^iou eiul Hi Haltfaj Mid Cork Harbor. PFk-! Cvtaia IiidkluK. AFRICA, <"Vi>taiit Kluumon. AUAI'U, 0?l tam J. Slum;. ('ANA! A, Cuj uilJ J. I^ltch. AM A, Obtain K (5, ji)W AMKRICA,(*i.t*lu Hockley. ACMKAUl:- > AN, NlAi.'AKA. fiiuUlli Uoudte. C'apta KliKO!,A>CatiUiuAu?J??r?ott. 8tOTLA (now building). Hi se vcs-. :? c?. a c ear white ligbt at masthoad; gn 11 on gtur ho&rd bow; red on port bow. A ' A, Siianaon, loavifi Now York, Wedwudajr, Aug. 14 K? KoHA, Anderson, 44 Boston, \Veduet?'lay, Aug.'41 IVKhlA, Jutlkitis, 41 N??w Y^rlc, W odneu'lay, Aug. 28 CANAl'A, Mooting 44 Uofttoo, W * Ici^iay, SufH. 4 ASIa,1mi. ? Ktw York, W^inciKlay,Sept. 11 AK'JlA, fatont, ? Koriton, Wodruwlav, A*pt 18 Ai ' ? < A, Slunot-n, " S\ w York Mfo?la?aoa>,8opt 35 B . tlis not fwsured until j aid tor. An *rionci?! s 'g>? n on b*ard. Tli owner* of tU allies will not bo accountable for Solii, Silver, RullK u, JewHry, Pr?clo??i Stones <?r M'tuls, uuloas bill* of latlni* are si^n? 1 tborel\>r,and the v of tlun'in f \ or :-n .-h;o apply to K. < IJNAUP, No. 4 Bowling Gi feu. OWI.VU To TFIE iH.SAKHAN<.fcMKNT OP OUR KUKUUtrw'M-kiy ?.<i.. < -,< .H'-rl by the r turn to Ltwrr?.>l ?1'tin' U4.u.o*hij) K a ihifl * in' wilt not h a at ? "' iu he* ^... tnrilay, tk< MUi Bcputmtwr. The r r >.. I i i. . .'i i . t\f on tin 2Ut ?u H? ptoi.i > r, i i \\i.k be i.lwnvou v\e?ikl in .? . '??x coursc, win - hen r . .M?1!N (?. V Vl-K, Ay nt. SU'uin ar.-hu luaweeii Now Y?U"N mM LI.MJ>ooI, itu; ti'i etutuVif. - pnnfM'tigcn ut O :? *;-. .n ii -int. The Liv?*i*p?>v, New Y?? k and Pmia leipiil* ?*u?aahipi'.'iip.iii .hi. u<l ?l. k. . !i g their full pow? red imsu .jm hi .? i.uwi ? d'l vov, Silt unlay, Sept. 7. OH < t ' KW YOliK or I'lTY OK MAN* HK. . k;: Saturday, Sept. 21. Cl'iV nV y -;>i II ESTER or CITY OK h. i A Yohl\ Saturday, Sept. 28. And i-very h.ttiirii* *, ??l nuon, fro?n 44 North river. K.ATK< OK 1'A^AOK F?rM CV*biii $;.% Ho ?'rvi;?> Do. to L t on l> ?. loL"in!i'ii IVJ H??. I... I , . 86 ))<?. to I' as 1? >. t?? lia<u'>urg.... l>'?. to IIh.aburu:.... S."S V' i nirrr* > l' t ^ <r-1* <! to Mavr^, 15/ iuoti, H.>tt?*ii!aia, A liv P, 4t'., Ml It .. r.iU?H. }'? r us w.V jimt/ r f . ?r f - n \ ry i i . \ Fw Ui ? ! ??r n kt < ; $01 ngi from L * $i< . is ?b v' T %. k' i s Ii.iv ?" lui ri f itw' s for f H??*nft > m .?.11' m wa* t .i in u s ? Hi; n\ e jut. ut tiiTH oil bonrn. r irth?*r?.i ?r.i nt.'oa ^ In Liivt'i j uo! t'? \V! IJJAM ] N \ .n, it i . . ? t; : i.. to \? . IN M \N, i. of. & W. O. BEY^ v ?I ; .1. ' ^ Y, 61 ki'1# \ ' *. rt; i: f to I I I S : K i . " V, il' ?%?* ?!? !. it- > ; oi IM i ... . ..iHto JolIN C. t?ALE, ill WalUiU s-t.-i . o h :... ..?.?!? h . ;? . JOHN 'J. I?A! K, A,"ot, Ht\adwny, Nnw York. yn-;\M VKOM hVW YORK TO LlYKitPOOJL?TUE OixHAT KASTKJIN h.i. .k- 'ui lur run tract with the lUil'sh guvvrHioeat, wili mm:1 from NEW YOKK FOR L ViiKi'OOL Oo S4i .nii!\, CF ^-r#. H * ' ' ? OK In flrat iihlri, ? . - to at.-itrraciii acco??#.V. , . -k',1 . In uiit-.f fr t < $kV ^ Suli.'o . . .v.-m aj.i, uiu i ki? j4?t* tamlliea may be engaged 'i'u i? v 1 \ PK UN will leave Liverpool on her return trip T s ir. (k.-u1;- j Af !'!"is, th?* hi. i e-ri i> k? '??. and mm* *o mo vita made for freight Mud pauaa,'* t<i . a plirhi.'in !o HOWLAkKD A a ' 1A > . ig lUk fj4 11id to tJoulli Ktreet. IJ10K 80UTIIAMP X)N A O IItVlUL / On SatuiMav, tv j.t. 14 he United Ftateii in w il ?t earner AiiAtj<), D. Llm- r>.n ? .'?i <!er. Will sail from pb*r No 7 Norlb river, toot of Beach Htreot, on r r.iiway, S , i nib# r , Thin Plmtn.-it.ip <un*-i < f1 I .r mfety an<l comfort) has double ch.s- f U'ifler tic-k, ?*rjr<fw?c;i by v.h/-?? 'bb. t'oniMi'iimmw, v? b n, >.< i(1ok .1 ?cr T-fk ;;s. u In tl.f- cvtmi of collUlvu or Mr*nrl r, , U? *.. < j. < ie : << ? to Work, ami a?- . euro the t?ah?iy oi .mi j>..H*cn^?r*?. For fmght (.rpuitu^e apple u> 'SAMUEL M FOX. CifcO. .lACKL.NfciE, miU, !\'o. 7 Broadway. Tbe ale imer FULTON will *...!< tober 12. DIRECT flTEAMSIl If* LIVE Mi <U /T.V NEW YORK, ??i\ .? ' . \M) ANTWERP. The now . :> ) ?r htfuii A 1, K Capt., -it S'^h rw? power, \Vi". *u,i iioin v. fork on T i: .- ! iv, .- ;iU-mb?*r 19, Far lluvi** and Antwerp, direct. Price of passage for Havre, Aultverp, Southampton erlitn* don KlrstcuMn .....$100 I*'--<?mi eatdn CO Hh* { befv? n 't If :i!iu ,,,n v?'.. ? < half pr1c<5. K- . fr wpolr to WM 't \'J J i IjT, 70 Bonver atreet. JVr, ..;u ajyly t? UKN.IY M. WKKD, lb/ WeM atrvet, corn' i oi hiit et. m if'. NORTH ' - f W.V N U, > i i KAM.sHIf NKir L YOi;i\. <! \V? ? f i"i ri-r, cnrryinR the United States wiU end Horn [m r Jo AorUi river, loot of CUuithberg i.iroct. vu bATLKOAY, Sept^'-mbor 28, at 12 o'clock M., roR HICEMEN, VIA buLTTHAB1PT0N, taklnr . 1 h to JiONDON, IIAYUE, POUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, ul the .ollowin,: rale*1 : ? For the am'. < abu.. $UM; neennd cabin, $G0; Htaerage, $35. For freight or uatifiK'; *> p'v i?> OKLRtCHS k ('O., 08 Broad street. (JTEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVERi ' p-.ol.?T')o Montreal IVvan Sffii; hiiip ('oiniwinvV tir?t claHM full |f?w r???i i'l: b- built htftamcr NORTH AMERICAN, Oapt aim (irahnus, carry inff th? i'anadiai) and I'niM>d St a tan in ii3h, will sail from 0u? nrxt S rinlay, Sent. 14. R;it<M of f/o?i Now Vork.?pjmt?I 'M. a< <>niin;{ toaoeom* no flationw, $7>) ami $85; HU*fin'?i\ found with cooked proviCt mutJiU'H 1km}'?<( fitr btmainn out pa?#w*ngers from ail the f iint i)?al town* In <?r**t Rntaln ;otd Ireland at very low rat#*. For f ? v.-u.??pf.i v +i Z\ Hroada*fty, Now Y<?rk. HAlJIsL A ^EAULE, General AkoiiIh. IJOYAL MAIL HTBAMRUIP ASIA FOR LIVERPOOL.? I> T'nii A K. CJ. Ji->tt oommandcr, will wull from thn Rtrrnm on Wednesday next, tli<* lliu iunt. A steamboat will ply lit-fwoi-n ti<e comj?? ijy'w wharf, at Jorecy Oily, and the Aftia, from 10 to 11 o'? ! . k A. M., to convey paahengerHand baffi^gc on ixutrd. K?ne but jw?w can be taken on f board. The Africa vrtll en 11 ? 25th Inst. E. CPNARD, No, 4 Bowling Green. ArjIEAP AND QUICK PASSAGE TO LIVERPOOIj1 iloMPSONLino.?The hj-b-mlid cIijjjkt shij> MANf CHES'llCR^ at j u?r 21 L.w%t river, n^ar Fulton ferry, t.allM on 8iituru.iv, 'i.-pL 14. Apply on board or at the oflke, K<?. 27ft , Pearl street. FOli LIVERPOOL?BLACK BALL UNB OF PACKETS. T>w; oil; <wr whip HARVEST QUEEN bhIIh Keplomijor t'l V.r U-. >? i . .rt r^w.t 1/ East river, or to JA< Aj'rt \VILSON', 103 H'mlh street FOR UTRRTOOIi?THB WORLD WIDE KNOWN clipper ship DKEADKODOUI, Oaptaln ftindft acknowU^iK-.l Ui If Hi. ii.ktin( vessel afloat, having on wrttrnl wciml'iiiN l?ia'en uib United Kiaie* until steamerx, positively RailK Hi j't. Kl. Iler aw?>:ninodiit1oiiH are uiKipialled. For i pa?Ka*e, lowetrt rates, npplv (immediately to secure berths, no they ar? being rapidly taken up) on board pier No. 5North | river, or to 1'. >1. DEMAKKST, 40 South Hlranu For liverpool.?*old black star line?the pxJcct ship 1'NIVF.RSK, Irini; ul pier 27 Kiml river, sails I fr-p<cuil>er 12 Tbe CttiOSUKE sails September 19. For jus?ik.' or drnftH on Ireland, 4c., Apply to WILLIAMS a ul-ION, 40 Kiilwm Street. T|V)R LIVERPOOL.?THE FIRST KHIP LEAVING j/ l?ort.?'111'* n|i1uii(iu1 cHppcr uhlp RICHARD S. ELY, Captain M. Livingston, will positively c/il! Kept II. This ahlp hits apleiHli l amnmnodatloii* lor all elasnea ( pa/sen^ers. K'*r fundtiL"' apply on board, at pier 14 East river, or to JOSEPH mcrphy, 61 South street I7WR IXlNDOSf?SAIW SEPT. 0, THESPUCNDID SHU' ; CHRI'TLAJTA,from plor 21 East river. Passengers taic?n in tlic sw?J cabin suito numu, aivi found hi provisions, ut, rtxltic *1 steerage price*. Tlic pucket ship PATRICK JIKNKVwill follow the above. Kor postage pplj to THOS. C. KlK-'ilE, 83 South utroet. For livkbpooi^-tavscotps line.?the favolite packet st.lp KMERA1J) KI>:, lymK at pier tit l.uit rivur, nulla September 9, unil paokfit whip GtJY MANN KRIS'I ^epte/nbei 11. Kor passage ut low ruf>B, or drafts on England or Ireland, apply to TAPtXXWT & 00., No. 80 Sontli street. Australia?kangaroo ijse for mfihourke? First vessel.?The maguMVvnt first class Milp jack KROffT, 3,000 tana burtllfBn, will have early and prom[* despatch. Tlu> accommodations for passruK<'rs are Tory superior. Karly application must be nwde on board, pier 10 East river, or to uaij.ler, LORIlA qukreau, 108 W.iM jtrwt. Australian shippers* line.?fob melbourne direct. Tlie superior A1 chpper hhlp CONTINENT baa un?nrp?*se<1 aoommreriailon for ilrnt and eerond dims passengers, and vtiariiiuei <1 lirn: hhlp off. Apply ?n UnarJ, plor U East rirer, or to FISHER, KICARDS k CO., tM Wall aireet. Flit CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A first rlajo. wtfl leave New York on the l?t, 11th and 21 Ml ot'ejKiii montli, eieepl when these (late* fall on bunday, when the day ul dej^uuire will tic tni the Munday following. For rrteght or jioaaag* n^iUy at the ?nly oOli e. No. 6 RowKin; (Ireen. D. B. AL1?N, A?-nt. t?or havana, via nahsatj, n. p. Jj The llritlfh and North .\ihuricAii royal lruul st>?n>nhip KAKNAK, <5?p'. !/? Mes'irier, will kail for the above |viru, I'rom the ooni|uny't< wharf, J<vsey Uty, on? Saturday fcvptemlxir 14 i Mni'-'iy Ch ioIkt 14 Monday November 11 l'a>- -i^e money to N.'iivs.ui | rnr-v^i- iwwHii-i m> > n'ltiKi't Fur freight or peartgi1 at?ply to K. CUNAKD, 4 Bi.w1.iir (ironn. IEW PVBMClL'nOII. OB* \u IS iiKUKVlMJ.?N<?E CAN KKASoNABt.Y Cl ?udi u ux'iiiniUMtion ol fashionable Inu-lUnr. Ii i l' ^<'it li natnitlmta, ?n mny liur rngmvliiKi uU'l snrli .irUrti. n-llenci", na i? to b>' t -liiiti in II wn*. Ih-miv rest'* Quarterly Mirror of K.^Oikhh, fm- annmsKlnK all otber ano furnUha/l ui uiilj 4U ri-m? .vurJy; single rapteM !(i r nts; posLi^e 1 wnl. A~Ho, tl>" ulin' Uln*trai<;d mwtli a rtry l?nje rle.piiitly .:nl?rpil ?.<" ! fmiiiioii, 1-irgn jilni>' ut cloaks Hiitl thre" f utt slri'il patl?r?*,ntonly Hvc?rlf: lnfilc i/ipifc? 2icentf; |Out tn-dny nn-1 Kola everywhere. MMK. UKMoKliST, 473 Brnatlwny. DENTISTRY. ARTO'IC'IAI, TEETH.-DK. LCTHER, DENTIST, STIIA Bimtlirii'h. nt V\H Sl*th imm', lx*tw?-i n Ti'iilh itad Eleventh Ktiiiftn, in ?i M>rt bdiiutif'il and mitviuntjfil net* no jiure silver for only $8; on line ?">W and plutlna, $25; ilngfe liilh, fl. Tort), tilled Mid oxC arled without tb? Ji-iuii i si in. ArUlicln' bone ftlttnc ?nly SOr-nt* All work wnrrunlea. Artik;--ui?>?>xf r .. ,mt fobdecayedteeth? Inserted while *Mt >".? n<> pain. Arfilng teeth or mrrp vtn Uk ran he 111',. . nieeiived b) the ilinoovrnT. J, PKAKtON. M. D., room* Sj9 Broadway. writ Hide, one dooi 4 .. >!. SuTuiiUeulU tlruek K. B?H?w*r? of t purl MS tnimiii? JL HALES AT AUCTION. AO. CAULKINX. AIHTIONKKK. MOKTtlAUK SA1.K. Kli'h mill enatly lloiiaeh'ild Furniture, F.W-g.inl Kuaewood Pianoforte, Roaewood 1'arlor Hulta, In liinextel. Valuable l'alnunKa, Ariwtic Bnnun, M?rble Uroupe, *e., UuuJav, m the i-luKutit i>rivut? rcaldeuee iifl Won Fourteenth aireet, ni'ur Eighth avenue, Commencing at ll)>? o'clock. The **le rnnipriwM the entTr* eonteiita of the houae. Th? eletiaut Parlor Ir'iiruUure waa made Ui order and In In aollil roauwnod. The wholp will be aohl to the lil^hent bidder fur taiah, offering mm induceiueuta ui purchiiaera, iu thn entire furniture of the house In nearly lie*, ami uiuat be Hold t? clone lUo inorUtHire. Klogntii roaewood ?fvrn oetave PimioforU'.wlih all mottora Improvement*, ovoralrutig baaa, penrl key a, Jkc,; rich rosewood Stool, covered In satin,and embroidered Cover; thiw rlogant full suit* of rosewood Parlor furniture, In rich brocade and satin; roauwood Etegerea, splendid und ooatly l'firlau Ornament*, rich Vases, A*.; hIh/i a oucuiliccut oollec* lion of rare 1'amtlngH, roaewooil Turklali h;?nv Chair*. Ill fine reps; rosewood Centre and bide Marble tup rubles,richly carved. Chamber Suits, in rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carvttd Bmlsteada, Washatands, Hof^ Beds, in Hue haircloth; teii pure Hair Mattresses. Iroiu 40 to 60 pounds, made tw artier and in excellent condition. D ruing Room Furniture consists of fine oak Extension Table, Silverware, rich Chius, Ivory ami Silver Cutlery, Forks. Hpoous, Ac., with heavy cut and engraved Glassware er very description. Bale positive. By order of D. BARNEY, Mortagee. \ 88ICINEKS' SALE. A AS K\TKAOUDTNARY OPPORTUNITY FOR UoUSKKFKl'ERS AND THE TRADE. Orer $12,tJM(> worth of rich amlcnsiJy HoiSKUOLD FURNITURE, This (Motida)) moi iiiuj^at 11 o'clock precisely, Comprising the beautiful ana costly Furniture contained in the large dwelling house 152 West Twetity-drst street, near Scventh avenue the whole for absolute and peremptory rain or shine, consisting of Ennliali Velvet and Tapcetry un*l ln#ruin Carpels, elegant rosewotnl Parlor Furniture, rn suite, compr ittiug throe full Suits, richly raided, all of which are coverediu rich silk brocatel, and of the best description; rose ,vood Centre aud Pier Tables, Turkish Chairs in bine and gold Matin and moipiet; Damask and Lace Ouruinii, velvet ami Turkish Louuges, Mantel and Pier Mirrors, hue rota*wood E lege re, bisque Figure, artistic Bron/cs, rieh be-vres and Dresden Mantel Vases. Parlor Ornaments, Ac., BLEOANT S! ;\ KN OCTAVE Pi \NOFOKTE, MUSIC CABINET. STOOL AM) COVER, Elegant Bureaus, Beust<ads, twelve. Hair Alaiu-cHs*-*,Chamber Suits Iti rosewood, iironse Clocks, spring scat Chairs, Mirrors, Bed* and Bedding, oak Extension TabJe, two Sofabedslcads. rich cut (lias* of every description, mai ble top UufJet, Oil Cloths, rich Chandeliers, .In'. Sale positive. n|in or ihlm K W. WEBTOOTT, kuctiunfeer. AB. CHAPMAN * CO., AUCTIONEERS. ELEC \NT F1 KNT CLASS IlOl SKHOLD FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AU'ilON, Ou Tueaday, September 10, at o'clock, Rosewood seven octave Pianoiorte, rosewood Drawing Roam Hulls, Rosewood and mahogany B- I room Furniture, oak Diutug Room Furniture, Paintings. Statuary, Brou/es, Ac. At the residence oi Or. Philip Ransom, No. <? ' West Sixteenth Street, belv\ee?i Filth and Sixth avenues. Sale comment ing at 10,'? o'clock precisely. Drawing R<s?tn Suits, Kte^eres, HookcMSes, Mirrors, la?ee C : talus, Vs?'i's, OU Paintings, Statuary, Velvet aud Bi iisscln \ ..rrx-is, Intension Tables, Bullet, China Vanes, Silverware, T.ii'le Cutlery, Wardrobes, llair and Spring Mattresses, Bedsie^da, Commodes, Washstan Ih, Oil. l.?th, Stair Cai itets, inKram C.^rpelM, Solas and lli?ekers. Blankets, BeddliiL:, Ac. n a Lm-e ahsortment of Basetnem and KiU'hcn Furuitiue. I. r | lit [it rain < bloi. AM. lIBRWIKt AUCTIONEER, My BANGS, MKKWIN .t CO., Irvlntf Buildings, 61)4 and frM Broadway? MONDAY EVENTNt!, SeptemU'r 9, at7 o'clock, OLD AND NEW BOOKS?In part selections from private libraries, comprising a r:rvat variety, iucludiit# scarce and valuable BookH; aJso, a collection of n'cent Publlcat.ons, Ac. Auction notice-i will sell,this day. .mon. . dav), SepUMioM-r 9, at 2 o'cloc k. P. M. precisely, ali the ee ;;ant llousehold Furniture of a private faMilly, :"t 12b Waverley i^ace, near Sixth avcmie, consisting of one solid rose* wood Parlor Huit, covered lu French satin brorutel; one do. bhvk walnut covered in jjreen pfusb; Oval and Pier Mirrors, rosewood Pier and Centre Tables, Jut eg* re. Cui lains, Painttngv.. Vases, rosewood and mahogjiny 15.1 I deads, Bur.-aus, W.ishst inds, Sof-iH, Rockers, (/hairs, LoungcH, Sofa Beds, walnut Extension Table, mahogauy BookcuHa, Glaus and Chiuaware. Bruss< ** ;iml Ingrain Carpet*, Tai lor and Kitchen Stove*, Table Cutlery. Ac. Sab; positive. E. ROTH, Auctioneer. Auction ?rrovtnb a nichols will sell, tubsday, Sept. 10, at 1 o'clock, in front of salesrooms, 35 Nassau street, the beautiful black Man- Putil. 15 hand*. rt ycursold; lilack ffaw* and Mai*h pony ?to< k. warranted In ?ver>- reaped; owned by Mm. A. Belmont, and us d by her as a saddle horse; in a splen lid driver, and funt. * Also a no top Brew*t? i 175 pounds, halt Mpring; new in June; est $175. Also a s'lule Harness, city built, nearly new; together with Sheet, Whip, Ac. All to be sold without reserve. A rare clian- lor ml > gentleman in Want of Kiich ao establishment. Also a tratned (Joat, WafMiiand Harness, Phaeton, top and no top Wagons, llsi-ncws, Art, Auction notice.?cro< kery, class and chi. ns, by.I. S. U. 1JAUTLETT, am-tlouo r, on Tuesday, September* 10, at 10 o'clock, at 2S1 Pearl stre! t. All kinds of common and white Granite Wate. contdgncd to be bold for ca*h, without reserve, in lot* tw Huit retailer*. Auction raij? of china. CROCKERY and glas8. HENRY 0. EVANS will *ell in lots to suit dealers, on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 10o'clock, at 85 Maiden J ane, a full assorUtn iit of all kinds ol* China, white Granite and common Ware, (ilre, a Ac. Sale positive and without reserve. Good* carefully repacked for shipping. AUCTION sale of ready made clothing, ao.? A.M. CKISTALAR. Auctioneer, itt Bowerv, will sell this day, September 9, uH0|g o'cha k, a large assortment of ready made Clotldn;:, comprising Frock, Sack, Business and Overcoats, cussimerc and satinet Pants, silk, satin and cloth Vests; u'?o Trimmings, Buttons, Fancy Goods, Boots and H!>, S' V'iia, Ac., Ac. Auction sale of the stock and fixtckks . of the Porter Houae No. 1ft Chatham street, on Ihla Monday, the 9tli of Hept., at 11 o'clock A. M. Hale positive, and no postponement on account of weather. BENJ. MKKRITT, Auctioneer. Auction ha lb.?0. u. solomon, ann: >neeji, will nell thia day, at loj$ o'clock. at 180 Eight h avenue, Household Furniture, consisting at Burertus, Bedsteads, Washstamls, Tables, Chairs, Wardrobes, Looking Glasses, Carp-ts, Oilcloths, Stoves, Beds, Bedding, *tc., Ac. B f.thomas, auctioneer.?continuation of sale of splendid Lithograph and S?ee] Plate Engraving* by JAMES L. DAY TON A OO., at their salesroom. Ill Ktasau afreet, thia day, at 11 o'clock. Consignments solk-iteit. Hot urns made on day of sale. ClONrfTAHI.K'S SALE. - W*ST J| WATTS WILL SELL J at auction on Monday, 9ill Inst., at 10>a o'clock, at the corner of Twcutydlrat itrcet and Tenth avenue, the contents of a Coal Yard?about Hixty tonaof Coal, largo Platform Scales, Coal Steven. Coal tiockets, 0>al Sliodt, two IieskH, one Clock, one Closet, Chairs, Feed lk?x and all other property attached to camu yard. henry west, OoDBtable. Daniel a. mathkws, auctionees?salesrooms 79 Naiuau atre^t . between Fullon and John atreeta.? DANIEL A. MATHEWS will . ell at M? salesroom*, 79 SiwRau street, this (Monday) morning, at 11% o'clock, a tv neral aamuimentof Ilouaelwdd Furniture, vi/.:?Itosewcwal and ToHhoAany Parlor Huiia, Enamelled Chamber Furniture, Bookcases, Wardi-obeN, Kaiistciwia, Spring and Hair Maltressea, Washstanda, Hofaa. Sofa Beds, Lounges. Rocking, E>?sy and Parlor Chairs; Extension, Centra and other Table*; Hatracka, Bookstands, China, Glasnware, Ac., Ac. Edward pouenck, auctioneer. HANDSOME HOUHE1IOLD 1-njkniture. By E. A F. H. SHENCK.?At the elegant hous<* corner President and Clinum htreeta, Houih Brooklyn, on Wednesday, B#*|rtember 31. at 10^ o'cl<?ck, all the elegant Furniture contained in said bohw-, vix:?K\iperb roaewo??d anU. of Par* lor Furniture, covered in India satin: eb'gant Curtains lo aiatch, La<e ik>.. Wilton and Brussels Carjtcta, EU'geye*, Centre and Card fable*, Clocksand Mautel OruarneJiiN, Ac. Alaojuahogauy Be<|*teads, Bureaus, Waahalands, Tubluf, Ac*. Diuiiifi linouj Suits, Extension Table, Sideboard, a large variety of CutClaa*, Crockery, Ac. Alao, Silver and Plated Ware, Cutlery, all flic Gas Fixtures, Chandeliers, Ac., together with the Table Linen, Blankets, Ac. Also, the KUc.heji Furniture, with which tl?e sale will commence. George holbkook, auctioneer, will sell on Monday, at 10^ o'clock, at No. flu West Thirty-sixth street, one door from Broadway, the entire genteel Furniture in the above dwelling house, oonufsting of one Parlor Suit, made to order, In green plush; Pier Glasses, Curtains, marble top Tables, Dining and Tea Tables, Tai?eatry and other Car!>' ta. Oilcloths, mahogany French and Cottage Bedsteads, IIair Mattrraaes, cottage null*. Bedititig, Table lJuen, Dressing Bureaus, Washstands, Toilet China, Olaaa and Silver Ware; Dining Ro?>m Furniture, oak Extension Table, Cbairs to match. Stoves, Cooking Utensils, Ac. Henry green, auctioneer, will sell on, September 9, nt 10k[ o'clock, at tbeancttoa store P,?4 William street, Or??ceriesJ Wines, Liquors, Re gars, j.iuftn, iiiiiitriii, n-iriiiK, rmuuoii, aiwiiiin: aiiui, ou r+uf!Win Dairy Chuese. At 12 o'clock, rniuly made Clothing, Hhawla, 2 0()t> dozen ij"K)l Cotton, lot of Dry anil Faricy (?ooas, Ac. JAMES RKKWK'K, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, AT public auction. on Monday, Sapt. 9, at 12 o'alock, at the hotel of T. T. A C. W. Church, Fort Hamilton, u lot of Lamt situated on Warrev street, near Atlantic avenue, In the T. kuie of Fort Uttiniltoti. Tke lot is S0U36 feet, (lid only thraa blocks from thetrallroad, fare 10 eeuls, and situated Ln the acnlre of Improvements. Those desirous of u beautiful loc*. Molt to btilld, having easy atccss to Brooklyn or New York, will liud thin u flood opportunity, as it must bp (old. Part of the money cxn remain for two year* If desired. Jon* E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, AUCTIONEER, WILL sell on Tuesday, Sept. 10. at WW o'cloak, at kis sale*, room, 73 William treeL Lhe effects of a Bur Room, removed from Second avenue for convenience of sale, aomprislng Liquors and Cordial*, In variety; Stand Casks, Glassware, Copper and Brass Measure*, Screen, Fixtures, <fce Also ane lar^e rosewood Beer Stand, plated mountings, adapted far four ptimns, with pipe, bxtoraa, Ac., all complete, oost $146, 4c., 4c. Terms cash. T MORIAKTV, AUCTIONEER, WILL HBJjL AT 1VQ. el 173 Chatham square, at 10 o'clock this <Wy, Soiaa. t'luvlni, Lounges, Bureaus, Table, Bedsteads. Mirrors, Cu Paintings and Feather Reila. Also, Shawls, gatineta. Hosiery, Shirts, a variety of Jewelry, Ac., Ac. Sale positive, without reserve. MDOUOHTY, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM 88 NAB. aau street, a few door* from Fulton.?M. DOUGHTY will soil tins day (Monday). September 8, at 10% o'clock, at his salesroom, K Nassau street, the entire stock ?f a first ilns Coblunt Manufacturer, consisting id rosewood Parlor Suits, covered In bracatel; mahogany do., ooverwd In haircloth; gill (none Pier and Mantel Mirrors, marble top Centra T blm, Beokcaaes, Extension Dlniiw Tables, RuIV'l*, oak Dining Clirtlrs, inahocwiy Dressing Bureau*, Waslisuuid*, H< dsteads, Hair HaUresses, mahogany Wardrebne, Ac. MOKTOAfiE RALE OK ELEOANT HOUSEHOLD FU*aiture, Ac.?Will be sold at public auction, on Tuesday, the lflth day of September, 1861, at 10 A M., at No. 67 Weal Thlrtv-lirat itrwt, an elegant ftusortment of Psrior, Bedreou and Dining Rouas Furniture, eouaisilng of Parlor Sulta, ink Extension Table, <iak Dining Chairs, marble top Tables, Borc*u*, mnrble top enamelled Bedroom Suits, Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Cartietn; ltair Mattresses, Palliassea, Kitchen Furniture. Ac. JOHN H. WILSON, AU'jr for Mortgagee. MORTGAGE SALE.?THIS DAY, AT 2 O'CLOCK, AT 434 dual street, flue Parlor, Chamber, Dining Room uud Kitchen Furniture; three splendid Velvet, two Tapeotry find six Inj;rr>in Carpets; Stair do.. Rods, Bedsteads, Bedding, Tabic and Bed Linen, one Parlor Suit, Bureaus, Mirrors, Chandelier*, Bookcase, Wardrobe, Stove, Chairs, ka. \fORTGAGE SALE.?BY VIRTUE OF A CHATTEL jTJL mortgage, I will nell lm? ?uy, at 12 o'clock. #t 318 Writ Tiiirty-fourth street, 1 taming Ltube, 14 feet; 1 Drilling M?chlue, S Viae* 11 rid \ I no Tool*, i Vim- Bench, LiUhe Tooto. I Blower' 1 lot Tun* anil Die*, Helta for Machinery, Ae. CHARLES V. W ATTH, AUorocy for Mort^a^ee. RECEIVER'S BALE.?ON MONDAY, SEPT. t, lflBl, AT 10% o'clock, ft142*) W?*t Twrrity-ftnh k! reel??n xtrftarOtiar-J opportunity?will he aokl without r>'?frro, the Kal So.|a Vanul'm-fory. eonntiitinKof Steam Engine ami Holler, Ketilen. Frame*. Dryera, Ac., for Uie manufacture of Blcarbi>na<e. Salami* ami KimLi Kalnutus, Ac. By older ?f J. B. 8. OI.1VKK, Kw., .mslKuee. WM. wmm AuuUoomt. aOee ?M ?u*l (treat 3 SALE* AT AfTCTIOlf. SHKRirrs SALE.?HOTEL PITKNITCKE. I'll AM BKKS A FAIKOHIU), AUCTIONEERS, Halearoom IIS Naaaau atroet, Will Mil on Mao day, Hapt. V, Hi 10 o'eloek, at 47 Barclay alriwl, Ihfi Kmtiiiuroof a liolal, conalatlng of Bed?, Hitdalaaili, Chairs. kkil'im. Uurxniia, Oarjiela, Mirrora, Oilcloth*. HUi?a?, ilttuvi'K, i'.mcXnry, Cooking Ac., together ?rlli? Bar and Bar KurulUire, Wuiea anil oilier Llquora, Segara, Ac. Alau Ilia right, lillr anil inlartial of Wlltlani MIk|wk?I, Id and hi the leaanuf the preml?ea. ,I()UN K.KLI.Y, .SlierllT. WM. WirrRKH, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL THIH day, at 2 o'clock, at i&i Canal atrfwt, a large and valuable aaaortmtmt til Otuilaul Kiirnltiirt), Ac., from fainlllea breaking up btmaekeeplug. Suita In llulr Cloth, Centre, DlnniK anil Ta? Tulilaa; Pier. Oviil ami Mantel Mirrora; I'lauo, CurUlna, rich Ta pea try, Velvet, Three-ply, Inuruln and other Carpet*: Hall unit Ba?emeiit Ollrlot'h"; Mahogany, French anil ('.oUage Bedateuda; llulr and other Matlreaxea; Bcda, llt-ddirif, marble tup I>re*f<lni{ Bnreaua, Toilet China, (Has*. Sllrer mid other Ware a, Dining Rouui and Kitchen KiirnitNkiv?j< Hitturttu wood un<l othftr wurpn <'iamS wJvftnwH on tonalgnuicnU. Good* packed and shipped ?i a M**onabl? harge. WM. UOLLINOSHEAD, AUCTIONEER.-!,000 CASES < H'h.Ik, Shoe* innJ lii'i'K""" " miction, un Tueaday, Sept. 10, ut o'clock, ill llM" (tor* of J. t. Whilehoum\ No. 26 CorOundt mreet, comprising a well selected stock direct from manufacturers. Catalogues on the morning of sale. DRY GOODS. ^RNOLD, CONSTABLE A 00. WILL Ol'EN AT RETAIL on , MONDAY, SEPTEMBER their fall lm)Kirtallon8 of . French, german und BRITISH DRY GOODS, Vii arLKs.MKRi Noe, OTTOMan velours, muslin de laines, plaids, BTUFF GOODS, Af., Ac. Canal street, corner of M*rc?r Rn. MACY, 2tM and 906 Sixth avenue, Now opening. FROM THE CASH AUCTIONS. FALL STYLES IIAT lUHBONS, NEW EMBROIDERIES, LACE lit>t>l?rv. VK1LS, .*c. full stock PALL STYLES FRENCH flowers, HEAD DRESSES RI/CIIBS, Ac. ENGLISH AND GERMAN HOSIERY AM) GLOVES, LADIES' I NDKIl I LOTHING, FULL .STOCK YANKEE NOTIONS, Ac. N. b 1,000 iloz. BEST UI AL1TY LADIES PARIS KID GLOVES: ALL TDK FALL AND WINTER COLoltS, itf mnUAulr, K. U. M u v. mil ree PLY AND INGRAIN CARPETS.?AU) P1ECEH L power loom TURKIC PLY AND INGRAIN CARPETS, manufactured t?y N. II, Cooliart A Co., In new and It-nimble juitlcrnN, and be?l ?pi*ltty of goods, which are lor nale at wholesale nud retail by GEORGE E. L. HYATT, 'ITS Canal Hi reel, and HI Howard street. (com hi>n T(? $'o,ooo worth ok dry goods, 1 iT1 ? ' ?' ' Gioi-eoes Garpeunts, Hardware, Clothing ii'l Ciiini|;e? wanted III exchange I'm Cash awl productive Real Esuite. AddivxS B. W., Uol 411 Brooklyn Post nUke, for on? week. Prom|>t attention given. EXPRBS8BI. BntNH VMS FM-.MTI RE EXPRESS AND PACKING Establishment, 113 W- -t Eleventh strwt, between Fifth IInd Sixth avenues. 11 iiiH' iiold I'urTiitnboxed mid hIii|ipe<l lo .ill l* id ibe wo' ld. Larue covered whuoiia for rcinov ing furniture of families and furnitun smrt'd. AITRQliOGY> ASTONISHING.?MADAM R MORROW, SEVENTH daughter, has a gift ol* foresight, tells how soon and of ten you will marry, and nil yon \\? b to know, even your very thoughts, or no pa>, lucky charms tret* ; her equal ih not to \'x> t'ouiiil; )ivr inapt limm** U now in full operation. 184 Ludlow street, below ilouhlou. Price 25 cents. Gentlemen not admitted. ' /-ii.aikvmv knci:, mks. m vmofr's mxdicjfc i \ J rooms an* located at 101 West Kifteenth street, corner of | Sixth avenue, entrance on fifteenth street, where she will | be hsnpy to receive her former friends sua patrons, Consultations on Nicltn.-. h, business, abweut friends, Ac., ami satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. / 101u a. seaman, independent (clairvoyant. \J Medical and business consultations day and evening. Th<Y?c!encc she unfolds so satisfactory to all. it is unnecessary togi\c illustration oi the astounding results, but continues at 239 Division sti St. IOOK AT THIS ?THE ONLY TRUE MEDICAL AND J business Clairvoyant In the United States. If you wish to obtain correct information on events through life, particularly absent friends, lost or stolen property, you should consult her. N. ft?Mrs MILTON is no humbug, but gives the greatest satisfaction to nil who visit her. She manufactures a wash that is warranted to core pimples, and remove freckles, tau ami sunburn, and render the skin perfectly smsoth. Ladles try It. Mm. MILTON, 851 Broome street Madame shaefmsr, 283 second street, betv\ecn avenue v! and Union market, second lh?or, front room, still continues to tell about love, marriage, absent friends, business and journeys. Ladles 25 cents. Gentlemen not admitted. Madame kay, 2t? seventh avenue, neartwknty-sevenih street, surprise* all who visit her. The sick, troubled and unlucky should test her powers. She tells your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. Ladies, 25 cents; gentlemen, 60 cents. NR.?WHO HAS NOT HEARD OF THE CELEBRATED , Mme. 1'HWhTI K, who has been consulted by tli< rrandH in this and other cities with entire satisfaction? Sh<* feels conttdent she has no equal. She tells the name of future wife or hut-hand, and that of her visiter, if you w ish truth, give nor a call, at 261 Third avenue, above Twenty-first street. Indies 60 cents; ntl'moii,$l, KEAD THIS ?A PHRENOLOGIST AND ASTROLQGIST that ls*ais th" world, and $?S,UU0 reward for nny one who cau e<|ual Miss WELLINGTON, who is acknowledged to be the "fit* )a<Jy In this city who truthfully trives information concerning kisses, lawsuits, journeys, absent friends, love, courtship, marriage, health, wealth, and who will reclaim drunk' n and unfaithful hitafmnd*. Miss W. is the only person in this <dty who has the genome Roman sod Arabian talismans for love, good luck and all business affairs" and are guarantee* tut life. Delay riot to consult this naturally gifted and hoauUtiil youug lady. Lucky numbers given. Highly resectable city references can be seen at her residence, lot Sixth avenue. The greatest wonder in the world is the young and accomplished Madame BYRON', f rom .Paris, who can be uansulied with the strictest confidence on all klluirsof lite, embracing love, courtship, business and sicklies*; restores drunken and unfaithful husbands; has a secret to make you beloved by your heart's ideal, and firings together those long separated. readies 26 ceuts, gentlemen ftO cents. Residence No. '.Hi Third avenue, above Twelfth street MEDICAL. All diseases <?i women, including thosk arising from Midwifery Case's, Irregularities. Debilitating Influences. .Vr\, successfully treated by Dr? 11. A. BARROW, 194 llloocker street, four doors from MacdougaJ street. New York. Hours of consultation, from 11 tlU 2 and from 4 ti l 8. Sundays till 2. AFFLICTED RESTORED?IGNORANCE EXPOSED? Fallacies amnasked.?Dr. LARMONT'S Paris. London and New York Medical Advis^i and .Marriage Guide informs the debilitated and diseased, including those who are ignorant *>t the aaitse (' their 111 health, ami who have been disappointed in Ubeir physicians, of the nvost certain and convanUvot mode of cure. Mailed for $1 by Rlt'HAKlJSON, No. 1 Veaey street; DEXTER k CO., 113 fiaaaau street, N4 Y., and JOHNSON, 66 State street, Cfiieaao; or the author. <47 Broadway, up staiM. CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL ADVICE.?DR. H. A. BARI 1W)W, ?f Uie Royal College of Surgeons and IVEcule ile Mcdicln, Paris, having devoted hi* exclusive attention to diseases lutlalng tmm Imprudences of youth and maturity, liw, afutr doep scientific research and'lntense study, discovered a guaranteed and most wonderful rcrwdv for the effectual cure of Ncrvetia and Debility, Depression of Spirit*, Palpitation of the Heart, Weakness of the Bull and Loins, Painful Dream* or Inonbus, I*iss of Appetite and Memory, and decline of the natural [lowers of life. Dr. Barrow thus publicly fviix-rs bis heartfelt xratlllcaUon on account ol the auer/wN that has wteaded his efforts during an extensive practice of several years. Many that have been given up as Incurably kwl and pant the power of htnuan skill Dr. Barron has restored to h'vuth, happiness nnd pristine vigor. There, fore those pronounced incurable, or hare been neglected ni improperly trerttoil, are particularly Invited to pay the Doctor a nail. Another gratifying [nature of Dr. Barrow's practice are Ua hl^h honurs and testimonial* he haa reecived for fait superior trentraant without the uae of Instruments, mercury, or nny other of those dasiierous remedies which arc Inva. rlubly used bjr the unskilful. Dr. Barrow's hour* of con. soltatloo are from 11 till 2 and from 4 till 8; Sunday till 2. 194 Bloecker street, four doora from MaudougaV, New York. DR. WARD, NO. 12 LAIOHT STREET, PERFORMS speedy and permanent cures. Bis Great Remedies, unequalled fur ounng uertmln diseases, prioe $L Cures guarart. teed. BR. OOBBETT HAS REMOVED FROM NO. 19 DUANE street to Na 80 Centre street, near Chambers street, where he can be ooxmlted privately on certain diseases, N. B.?Dr. C. Is a mejnber of the Hew York Unlversity (MedInai College). Bee bis diplomas In his office. Private entrance atNo. 4 CRy Hall place. DR. WARD TREATS SUCCESSFULLY ALL DI seaaes af women. Something for every lady, his (real benefactor, Oflk* 12 Lafgbt street, near Canal. DR. COOPER. NO. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE CONsalted mi aJl disease* of a certain nature. Twenty-eight years exclusively deroUtri to tbeae complaints enable him to warrant a cure in all cases. The victims of misplaced confidence In inedical pretender* ram sail, with a certainty of beio* radically eared er no pay. DR. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED his attention to diseases of a orrtain class, in which ho tut* truatod no tea* than fifty thousand cases without an instance of failure. His great remedy. Dr. Hunter's lied Drop, cures certain diseases when regular treatment and all other remedies fall; wires without dieting or restriction in the habiu of the patiant; oures without the disgusting and sickening effect* Of all ether remedies; cures In new cases in lens than sis hours. It routs eut the poisonous taint the blood is sure to absorb unless the remedy fa used. It Is $1 a vial, and cannot be obtained genuine anywhere than at the old dice, No. S Dtvtsloa street. Book fur nothing that treats or the effects of early abuse. DR. RALPH, OFFICES 139 CROSBY STREET, CORner of Houston. Hours, 10>? to 2 and 8 till 9 IV M. TTOWARD ASSOCIATION, PHILADELPHIA?FOR lent ?n<l chronic disaaaoa Medical nil vice glvdn ginils by the cling surgeon. Valuable reports on certain diseiuu ?, and ud Uie new remedies employed In the DU|>eusory, wut in scaled letu*r ctcIh|??, free of charge. Addreas Dr. J. Skilliu Houghton, Howard Associativa, No. 2 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Great success of dr. ward, 12 laioht street. All affeotlaos I*nwl by mercury or disease cured m half U>s usual tiroo aad at half the charges. MRS. MUNR08 APPLIES GALVANISM FOR TUB cure at Female Complaints. Ladies can obtain good Board and Medical Treatment at 28 Watts street, next ! ? Varlck. PROFESSOR RKSTEIJ., 162 CHAMItFRS STREET, CAN be conxulled an usual, or by teller 10 box 2,469. Hoi ton oOm. No. I Uvriaoo aracua.

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