Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1861 Page 6
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6 SITUATIONS WAWTKD?FKHALRM. A woman wants a situation to go to tiik ?!ap? of Uocw Hope with a lady <?r to tlio fioinli-r vt Afrli-a. 1 rii|iiiie for huh vvvc k ul Kj. 5 Vurluk pirn,.-, duliiraii au, butwwii Houhuio and Bhwkor nu. As houm:kk!:i*kr-a i.ahy op hkhnkme.xtand o li.i uiiuii woull llki* if. lake <-11? .'? . f ii fjiHiilTniili'* family, <.r a lliat iia?? h >.<riun* ln>i;v, or ?i?ml lii-lnn'l yoiiuK children; m it g.i.ul IrKndlur; would have m "bjc< tloo to?o 10 O. Iii V.V-t IlttlU** or ('Wo ?. a<!'!r<--.h M. J., box >7 Vh'iLi i h 1 '.ivi iiff ? orrelurto jJr M AHC'ljri, ul Hull, BUu-k ,k ?:<>.'*, Hrindwav. Am kuk'atko i",i'. in- ijadv, wiio is a mood w.iiiiKln w, unil iiImdMi' ui i Iri' itf children lu Ilia German Ihmuuhk". ivldii > a Kiiii?tl"? n a -ptM.-table family. Bl?- k!m< njn aka !! lli.jMtli I' t "I reU reiinca wIM 11' . en. AiUi i inr (uimor i jh ta-i Ura A. WuUiir.h, 347 Br>, .. Iway, up *lali ___ Ai"arisiani.*nt, who steaks a ltttl.r i'n'gll.-ih, ill-Kin ployiueiil In till* family nt a lady, \vlmro bui anlv oocupalion would Ih- ilre><HUiiikiii;i ul t-vn-y ?<i- > -ripUou, and Ihe making up of all of lingerie" She ran Jrtv* til'1 rnt'ii M M'jfirnin n an in uifiie ami rjipiuiio. au* ilrv.h* Mum I'.. So. 77 Went 12th at., giving ruaiil^notf and lu>?; for Interview-. AKKHI'KrTAUi/K COLO'tKD OIKL WANTH A SJTl'Alios in ^private funl - m i omberaiM lad rmi mifjcs. in ,4.>-ini hi M.iWht. < m it I ?II>V ami < hildi <-u * dii ^rfi. two fitiy- al 117 L.Aiti 2->h ?!., U*lvsv< ii 1M and Jid nvgM in the rear, mat floor. AOi BTI ' 1 I A MT1 TION in a fir i t . family: lii mu'?rfUr.-'* vW'-.u nnd fitting chiMi rn's i l"*if> ni#; h!m? laiuly M'vvinr of nil kind*: no ok * on to i.ll ilu* ?ij ify of l&dy'd maid; r,?n be highly m omi-iondtid 11 om Ler utai employer. Call ai ~d iUi AVI A IV 1PHOTBI UfT J\. nvoi . ii, hh cha nl' i . aid and wuiiii - mi a private ? oily; ??n m-well r.-. nam *.ided lor |>1 'i i:y and in m*try, nd rail nlHo product- : ?-uv n fi j eu? * irom Imr la*t Call lor two ?iuj ? ; ['V9 Wf* t ;.'7th *t., kwt v. ..ti <>.ii ami 7? ii ava, A yOlTNG LADY, WEAOQI Al * " D Wl HS I B ./V D , , , gtv?f. AS IiAl NURKS^.?SJTI'ATION WAV IJ 'V A CAI'A. bit* \ imng h i n.. ; iindoritAJ boron [hly; r wanld inm? i! JiHUihr maid'a j?Jr? - ? ami <!o fi'.e ^w-l,\,.y au bj'M l ou to go to il??* . 'Hinti> W'i'ii ; I i Iuj 11:i The bu>t eify r?u- 'i-v. Can fx* ... vn i??r t\v . > .it No, lj Wuivii <*ourt (tniMTf iv | o?), between lllli aml l'.' h bUi. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A CAIVA-ILK WO VAN. jflL as wrl nuirfo; Ua heathy, clem w oniftil. ?nid is willing fctsrnd hi*rlu 'V to tl. iiux ry; ha* good iv.Teuce. i'an wyn lit nl enjj i< ! : l.'i I'nion oourt (University place), betwm-n llta ami IJ.1i his. A SITUATION WANTED?BY4 YOUNO WOMAN, : IIT,W v (, Tilllt, ilt-lKT; Isi'.ioi' 'r I" lit lll>.,ut IS work. ( ii> r< r? r i ? ^?vc n. Call at bO Wc*l 26th St., t??*tween ffth and 7th av?*s. A VERY Ki..-TIUH'ABl.E roLORKD W'OM^S WISH* Ar I . .'>11 .Ih K?k III .< Il? ft*. ria?-.- I'anil! v : unrfei:bllsil. .11 fil It* ^ -airM as .?eat.?ol . ;i dHNrrijith , Uhl ?I. w. IK nl .ill ktruin. i; i't'rrru #uM for two d.iy ii'uin II todo'clo k, at 90 W m ~9Ut *f. ASITl lOil W ANTED?BY I ! PE< I iBLE 0 R ?m :?- > t rate fth '.i; is mii r\( < i< ni wa*h? ? d?1 bvii'-r; %ukU i'.iktm:. Hii'l has no objertion to '?? ho ' . frrrtu r (i r> |iiired. Can be seen lor two days al f7 7th av.. t'ov-nrr "1 17ti? f-t. A81TUATION WANTETV-BY A RE PBCTAULE y??un? kM-l, asnun e ar; seamstress; rim ' ? all kin ; family a*vt ^ > . to . n. No objections u? do iiihi ?hami?rrwwiK. * nil tr :..?itiiii uv. AS]rUAlION IT .; YOUNG WOM I tf II rbamix'i nuiiil . nt v* -uiimbr maid and tot?k?car.* ?f a i y. in from last employers. (5*11 at J'reaidrni stnvf, II - n. AVlxi: ENGLISH GI lb WIN i s | SITUA ON Wo the housework of a small i'arnilv Is a * ??I piaiu eook and an < v ellrnt wuxlua undirouer: h?k tv.o years' ? frr cure from her last place. Call at 233 Elizabeth at., litai [ Houston. B1TUATI<)SF ~WANTED?BY AN KXI ERIENCED woman; r a .;o?"l ?.o ; woiil-l as:v. ii .? a '.i: . : aud iji.niu..; 111! ia?* ha^.u^t-: aui...!i } i ;? HiVf Mtv of viiy refeifiu r. C n be s < r. ' m 1 ?v<? t'a\ s a 135 West l.Hth hi., i rlween 7:ti and 8th avs., lront basement. A SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSK AND SEAMstrr.-.H, by a I'rotrKiant young wom*n; lias rity rri *. reiMH*, ian '?<?Vmi for two i!ayt? at iier i)r? ?t.ut rm? : ?yer lit West 12th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A EESrECTABLE Woman, WH.k, \ve-'o > a;?d iron'i ; tnuir; uiis . kinds o? linking. I' si .-irr : '.orarr ran be -n ' ? li last e ?; ! yr. Onll at Hi 7th No. 110), between 18th aial I'.Ha Htr. AFHENri! COMt'ETENT DRESSMAKER, W1S1IKto obt&h) employment lu a fan lly: ?... > work?atli line, r at ihe b"Us?'of lu r rnstomrrs; she rnfs mid i.ilY'; ,, hll lrrn s dvr.:%almi tlnr ; nd plain hwwinj^ 1 ? .i MB Va irk Ht.. l)"t\veen; .unl Houston sts.,flrsi ' r, l?;. room, in the frame house. AKESPKCTAUf/E YOUNO OTUL WISFTEH A STTUAuontod"b??u ewoikin l anall family,? r to inker:!--, t thIUlrrn, or plain ) a-,'. Good my '-ifrnnre ^ivra. Apply lor two days at At s ?f?rmr.rhorn si , l?i i.,!yn, A SI rUAl ION W . D A E WBJ.l -/V younK r.oinan, as?! abermt'id and wai- .-;i? an > ellrnt laiiudrrss or wotiM go as Htwiinstiess; tb<?ron't.iv Coni|?ef?nt for her business; lias no objections i?. hota dfcn.i!! <> in tin* roiniir>. Vrry best rrfeienre. t'uii bo m . n tor two days ut 6th nv., et'rner of I5tl. st. A SITUATION V. LNTED?BY A BB8PEOTABLB il young girl, as nurse ami seamstress, or to dorbainbrrwork ami m a inl;; city reference. Call at 506 Clh avc.. U Hroc?i fid and Mtn sts. A SITU 1TION wan rBO -BY A BE81 E TABLE GIRL to do chnmberu ork and waiting or assist with the wa^hkii! and iroiiiirr: wo.iM do\viii-W m .. hiun'l i m\ i? flauuly; Ikji?i city relerenee given. Call ut 229 Went ilili m: A PROTESTANT GERMAN OIHL WANTS A 81TCAllon tn <!<> chamber rk, waiting and |>ln1n newtn<!, or to 4?i ;*eneral housework in a mnnil private lamily. Call at lit'iiii htM near 2d avenue, socond Hour, lr??nt room. AYOUN0 SCOTCH OIHL WANTS A SITUATION TO dv rliambervMirk and watting op rhamlorvt ork and to fcikw cure of children; no objection l? go in thecountry. J 4kl(of Iwottjiil Hlwwt 2i'tii st., M&r7th ave. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT YOUNG woman w ishes a nltum >n us ntir :t:i' seamstress; unitnwtuiKU dressmaking and till kiinla of family sewing. Call for Iwo days ui 141 West 33J *t. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as nurse; is fully competent to take entire cti.irj:c of :i baby Irom lis birth, or crowing children: can -:j hmuberwnrk anil plain sewing; tin- very b, st ot I it y rdiiwMwfnim her last place; no objection to city or ooitntrr. Call at 207 West 43(1 st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKK washing and Ironing ?t her own residence, mid If tin y re not satisfied there will be no money required, Can ten an* (biv "?eak nt I'M | yj A NURSE OF MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE IN TUB wire ol laftuitH wantK a Mtuati?n; ran take the entire y*rgf and It up by the bottle; or would i dirt ot P?YJrn chil*trL.n; jh a pool r<? aw Hirers, and a i lant. ttigJIjr reogr.,uuenrted by iiic Oral families Call ai i?U iiiih y** o^twora gth and 7th av*., rear building. A *"oUNQ GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION to do general housework. Good reference. Call at Uii' i y er of 39th st. and 2d av., in the grocery at.ire. /&\ RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN WISHES A S1TV-? * J\_ ailon us a good oook, washer and lronvr, or to do the work of a small family ;l>eKt of city reference given; c.ui I*Seen for two days at 130 West aiih St., second floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Woman, us a ttrrttlaa* cook 5 understand* baking and pa** iry: (;o".l wanner linu liomi II n ijnirrui ri.n.-i kiijt ur-juutry. <'?H at 27 11 th St., tint dour from 3.1 av. Uuat d;y rrk'IXTU'r. A" Vul Ml isi'lti WISHES a MTU ati UN AS nTrsk and aearasireaa, or ihaiiiU'i-maid and aeomatreaa. lin ?iri?t..tiili c utting aoJ mulling childivnt' clotlii.a. Would make lioraelf gi'm'rally navfiil. ('all at 177 Eaat at., !* tweent l?l and 2.1 av*. ABSSPBCTABUB TOt NO WOMAN WISHES A SIT!'. ati m ns C'Kid plain "ook, flrit rate waalier and ironer, Hod undi'i Hlndda li< r business thoroughly; wr wmjd wlah a dtuation In a aiuiUI private fiuiiilv i i do houaework. Call at 33 Wuat 13*It at., between 5tli nnA tttli nvn. (l;.n l* ?vn fmtwu days, if not engaged. Una the heat of city referaurra. Aoood oook and bakkk, pastry AND ALL ITS brauchea, define* a attiafiuii; would <k* tins euUrr lutein n work of a small family; MiidtrHtanda her buRiiuvj in mil reapecta. Baal of referenee given. Can be awn for two lays at 126 Woat Mlix at., betwtwu 7tli and 8th nv??. AVERY UEHPEt "TABLE, TIDV AND WELL KECOMwended German girl, a firat cjaaa rook, a* hex and Irvnor, wislwx a aitualiou in a respectable private faiuUy. Apply at 910 Broonte at, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Woman, to (k> tin- cooking, washing tuid ironing uf a small private tainily. Uaa the Ixat of city rele.reuue I i .un her butt plmai. Call at No. 9 fttti at., noar tbe Bowery, far two darn. A respectable pkotestant woman wants a aitnatiiin in a |daiii family: U a good waaber and livni iShod fond of children; no objection U> go ui the aiuiiiry. Ce?>d My reference Riven. Call (U 77 West 25th at., botwaeii bib *nd 7th avca., in the rear, for tw o days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PATTUTVL woman, aa laundrefis; who thoroughly undcr*iunda her buaiwm; can make tip Quo muallna undPrruch Muting In tho BAaU'st style; ha*, the beat of city rofcrcuca from ber late employer*. Apply at No. 2 Aruky mi., near Bioadwuy, for tvro days, if not am toil. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A KITTTAtion In a reapectable private family a* llrtH rate cook and t* hHp tv itii the waaliJnc and irunluc. or u> do th?* ?h<>:? of the wanting, in a wnnll family; to iin cxceilcut Uok?*r. Gwd city referent* from her last place. Call at 94 Wmi &VI * at., ih?mt 6th av. A SRU1T10K WANTED?BY A BB8PBCTABLK ij jtV young Riri, to sew and take oar* of grown up nhtldnsn, ?r would wuit <>n a lady; understands fancy mtlltrwry; * - . j comfortable hom?* more'desirable than wagon. Can bo seen J VDtll *npaR*M M Uk.' ttui'v store 143 Atlantic ?t.# BrookJ> ?> f ' 4 SITI'ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J\ young wonuui, att chambermaid or w uitreji*, ar woulil take care of children; mid>'r*!uudH all kind* of inm b?w1iih mic! embroidery. llaa the best of city reference. C?U ai 132% 7lh ?t. A FAITH PHI, WOMAN WANT3 A SITUATION AS lattndreaa; *he thoroughly uti'lerauii'Mi her btialneah: an do up tine mualtns and Ktviv h fluting. Hiu< tlv i*?m of ity reference fruin her hue employer. Ai*> a umiu v art* ft Hltuation na firat cjiisa cook; unucralnii'ta coakiait in nil H? tranche*, incut*, kou|w ?nd poultry; '.'t'l initk." I ?nd biscuit. B'lPt of city reference glreo. Call M S5 Hurt 13th St., between 5th mid tith aes. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A RIT1A lion to cook, wn?h and Iron. Refer*? e from her Ian Iw. Call lor two day* ai Mi Mulberry n., second Coot, laiak room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE KN'iillah cirl, lately landed, to do general housework, umk, wash and iron. Call lor tw o day* u. ltiy Nuvy at., Brooklyn. ARITIATION WANTED ? BY A RK.?PE'TA !*.!.! : youn:i ? un*n; 1*a good wash-r and Ironer; no objection to p'i In the country. Apply at No. 7 Hudolk at A IIEA1/1IIY Ynl'MJ WDM tN \VI-)IVs A SITC A Jl tlou a* wet iMirse. Call at her lormcr employer's, L&S West Mill St. ARBPPECTABT.E YOUNG OIRIi WISHES A SITCAtlon : if nurse or to dn plain crwing; ran work on a h it log machine or would do el.amberwork and line washing un<' Ironing: ha* lived three years in her laat vi.ioe. Call at 3ft? C..> v., mm 23d M. . N I HITPATIOW WAKTK1U.KEMAf.RH. A TO NQ OWtli WANTS A KITl'ATION TD MINI) rtiiUlron in 'I hbw; can cut ami lit iJrente*. Call for two day* hi 172 East llotiMUtn at. AYOCNQ W \ IftHBS A SITUATION AS QOOD |ili;ir cc?, , i,:,.! v.'f nt wn'ibrr an>l ironrr; would do lloUKct urk In ii Hmull ] ' n '"aimlv; In willing anil ntill^lnc; nu objection to g,i in inr >uiiii*y: tinea yen 1 cily rcl'ereuci;. Can l>u hivn for two dny* at '.UJ Mulberry at. An AMERICAN LADY, WHO B VH IIAD SBVBBAIi ) ?>.. ra'.'\t-- icii'* in teuriiiug. winliaa to obtain a aimatlou In u a Inn.I; would receive tultlni In Kreneh na a eompei sitlon, or hi ivrrnmiH In a l'i n.ily for a ?m ill Hilary. Uood city relcivucea glveu. Addroa* 11." J. F., atatlou 1>. Ai:i:nit:ctahle young woman wanth a hituatl"ii ,ir i hnii ? rmald, unn w.nlicr and lronrr, or liuinilri'.ui, in a cnuill private family; grod rlty refercuuc*. ("all A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO housework. Cull at 1252 DeUn?**y st., third lloor, burk room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A UBrWMUl >'ROthk nut v?'unj? woman, an i-h iriil'tTinHid and city or Brooklyn ; good reno-n'v. fall at 230 West *A>in ?f-, te ar U h av., t\ c*.n I hoor. t\m bo won two day*. A SITUATION WAKTICI)?HV A RKSl'Kl'TA liLK J\ En-li?!i K..rn:in, I'l.u, by? ri^nii. tUlilf Miuug Kill, h.s fli Mibt-r .111J .. hwt ot city refnreiuvt. l iiliut 4l!??iliav.. i?irm i ..f iHii ?._ i gjfI WAN1 tV -BY A RB8P1 TARJ i; J\. vi "in., as m 'uurse; no objection to the country; l*?-?t i jiv i t . I'.nl for two days ut No. 2 Urccuwieh ktM Bud r> 11 ?i -i, t- om o. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young w t,? h.t .fl v rli u family u> Kuropt* or <. 'ifonun ('all a. ?5 (iav Ft., i.< u* Waverly placo, for two i Ujs. Inquire for Mss Wanm ?! A< \ - R] .. fi A SITUATION To DO ( :, washm*: .*m1 in nine In a Hoiall private fainl| Oioeby eLf bslweeB 0prlB| and Prliae; shoemaker ti .-hop. AW. !t PROTEST AN T WOM\N, WITH AFRESH f i b i 11 old, wants 1 itua'.ii'ii .ih Wft iitUiic orarf Waiter .iiid chambermaid ; in h , u .1 w.i.shcr aim ironer: city reference given. Cull for two i'ty it ... C Monroe Ht., n?*ar Catharine ut., in the bsck 9 nent. DTNP\NT.?A YOUN0 FIIENCII WOMAN i) iHuntil ohtld'0 nurM,orM dunlMrtoald i4 I ii 'I.-has been two years in thlscitv, In one family, .% 1? i? .. ra. Inquireof Madame Aunry, No. 33 Went ISth il OITt'ATIOXS WANTED?BY TWO GO M PETE XT 0 . s; ' is a n washer and iron?*r, also a c?w>.l ik r: is willing uml ? l'^ing, and is not afraid of work; I.*- o(!i<m is 4 good senilis! rcas, understands shirt making, i:ttfii : and *t. ? hlidvi n's lr dm'b. and all kinds of family i to i in oumberwiu k tod nqke sell ttsefu . would goashort distance in tbc country. 1193 V i L| net r K lag; si oina floor, y^liUATIOX WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO O t-iA oi fluren and do pliln sewing, or to travel \\?f I t *' ' - care of children. Good citv reference. Cull at Jut \Vcst27th st. QITI'ATION WANTED?AS LADY'S MAID OR SEAM) at b< .i w. , h; would go by tday or w tifltl< Don^a holism in order for tho winters nine . )>' i ?*l? her last employer, i'all at 168 3?! av., in :!ie fan.*/ stor;', until eugo^'ld. QXTl TION WANTED.?A RESPSCVABLB QERtAN i hambermaid in an Amerioan liihand ftindL Inquire it st.. toji U'??r, for M!?s Win nig. QJ 18 R PI UBT TWO VERY RESPECT K 7 1 i - mid and wil m mml le oth . " : i oni trorl 1 i a small I ttnily; tne o wt of elty eien e will ' ? i?i\ en. Can bo seen for t wo days at 67 Went - ')*.it ht., near Gih ave. nHI " . I SB WISHES A SITUATION \s 81 1 |" n 'eni ? ' a bojiroin,; house, or companion to an v ill i; would Like Hi* chnr^e of a widower's ilome^tia ur ihi oni ohUdrm to w i>< r:i the aould i! the i;-? a Li brat: lies. Apply to or address Airs. W., . 10 l5roidwa>. D I SITUATION, BY A RE8PE0TABLE \} ?'r> tint girl, 1* a good eook and first rate laundress; er ork and waiting; Is able to take iny : . !u K ''"i reference; has i.u dfi.ur years in on'e ] 1 rANT I>?A :TT \ r:oN, nv A liESIT.CT Ui'.F. V? yainggirl, as chambermaid and waitress; C4.ii Ktve the ;>estoi riiv it-;el'! nr.* from her last place. Call at &il i>d ave., . tween 37th au?l 38th sts., second n<"T, front room. D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE < t woman. either in a boa e * hole] ? :i i :'trr*tan<ls her business thoroughly, an?l is not imM lit wi Apply t'or two days, at 111 Fourth street. ' > -i'Y A MUM)! '! AGED WOMAN, L VTKTA .t f imL idon, a -i ? j . to do general housev w:-5c. L. <?<. washer und ironer and plain cook, a.. ', is If genei ' . I, and haa >od i :? froui.h' r lust place. Call for two days at 37 Eaatex St., soeind tlobr, front room. IITANT^I)?A SITUATION, BY A GIRL, TO DO GENE\t i .41 a. it .fwdtk; she Is a good washer and iron or. Call t her pi!?M?nt place, 14 Lafa>c;te ave., Brooklyn. BY A RB8PECTABLB YOl SQ WOMAN, A V? " >. 4 1 >u .is niu s*and seamstress in a respectable fami.. F?a bjeetion to a good place in the oountry. Apply .i 46 i i-'Tond ave., between 28th and 29th sta. HTA? PBD A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE i? rl, .us a llrst rate cook, washer and Irouer; is an ex II -nt l.iv.nt Mid biscuit Uiker; no objection to do houso. k i >r a family of two or three persons. Beat city refer n? ( . Call for two days at 2ltt East 34t!i st. W\ ' - BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, 8ITUAo rooking, washing and Iroulu;;; would like to ; v ? " in th?* country. Can Iks seen for two days i. N\ a st., between 7th and 8th ava. ITT ' I) i KITT ITION, BY A YOUWOIBL TO DO ii ? ' i end waiting, or to take care of children, * i ?i :.i ?-v. nitf. No objection U? h abort distance in 1 ; ... Can be sceu at her preaent actuation, 542 Weal KT/ I BIT1 vnoN, HY A RE8PE0TABLB v i nit w?<man, as a good cook; hus no objections ^ e wash ug. Best of ,itjr reference given iroin ' T ; ) i , u her she lived for eft me years. Pieaae rail t 7?i Weal Wth St., for two days. UrANTED BY AN AXBBIOAN GIRL, A SXTUA1Y0N to do light housework; has no objection to bike care of a baby. Cult at her former employer's No. W East ?t2d St. \\r ANTED-?A SITL'ATIoX, BY A RESPECTABLE if young girl, as waiter or chambermaid. The best of ity reference given. Inquire (Urst tloor, rear), at 211 East Una f^t. \yANTFD? BY ARESPECTABLEGIRL, A SITUATION -' if; iiuaf Wi vTP>l!W etnn -il ?' . ? /? ;p< i chlldrcji'n un bwitol' city i'?f"riTir* rrrtffl hflr lndl plwe. Call ?t (KB 6tU uv., between 85)li und 36tli Bts., top loor, back room. TIT ANTED?A HITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A if respectable woman; cau give good reference. Call at ttOraham st. WANTED?BY A RT>TE<TABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, a situation ns rt?ok and to asaist with the waah lag; also 1 nice woman as good pkUn oookjWasHer and ironer, or to do general housework. Apply at 2d av., third floor, back WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SlTUAtion a>* first elw cook; eto tosk oMitii soups i&d pi? try hD kinds: in an esMlieni hAker} no oblMtton logo Id the country: l**8t of reference. <>.ui be hut*.n for tW9 day* a* !?S3 WlSt S?SSi ?t., nojn 8th IT* IXTANTED?BY WELL CONNECTED YOVVQ BK?* ? iiah girl, a rtituation ae la iy18 maid and ninte; U an cxcollcnt dressmaker. Addnuvj Annn, 125 West 28th sL WANTED?AS seamstkkss, BHPLOYMBNT BY THE day, wecJt or month. Boat city reference. Call iu or address l?iC Kajit 4JKh at., near 2d av., k?r two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN (URL, AS inifhe and scamattvsa; or would ?>> an laundrc?A. (Jood rtl'ercnoe given ruid i:ood wages rc'iunad. Gail at 1 Wo: 37th st., between 9th Mid 10th mvs. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOU NO I'liOTf'STluii Kirt, uh waitreAM .uid chamlw-rmaul, In a itUKill private l'iuiuly. Apply ut 97 West lltli st. WANTED?BY A I^\1)Y, A SITUATION TO TAKE TIIB char^ of two or three uiilldreai :ir.(' Instruct them la the |ilaJn English bnuiciieji, m- ua companion to a ln\y or u. miperiutend in a Mnall family. References glve.n oini rc^uit'oil. Andrea* A. L. box lifts New York l"ual tillkc. WANTED-A SITUATION AS l'LAIN OOOK, OOOB washer and ir. .nor. B?*t of reltsrences mm be far. nlalied. Apply Ht Six) We*t ISiii *L WANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND Walter, or to assist with the washing. Tim t?*-t a.ty reference. (All at 31d 10th av., Uuwoon 3tkli auil Slat six. WANTED-A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS; GOOD city reference can be given. Can be wen for two lay-:. If nut Mgagftd, at 42S8th ave., boiwrcn S2d ;uvi 3.'U uts. UTANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A SITUAT? lion as seamstress; Mie understands all kinds of family sewing, dressmaking and ciubroideriiiK: la willing Ui make herself generally useful. Inquire at 1*4 West llkli at., between the hour* ui 10 A. M. nod 4 1'. M. WANTED?BY A RlCSrKCTABLK Oil!I,, A SITUAtlnn a* K"od cook, washer and iruner; would 'tI qcii'k ; rsJ housework; good city refcranoe can be giroc. Call at 149 Johnson at reel, U'tweeu Gold and 1'ruut, Bruoklya. Uusi be seen fur two day*. , \ITANTED?A SITUATION. BY A VERY RESPECTATt hie youag girl, McliildrciiN' nurse; U fully uiiiable of fulfilling her situation; ejui be aeon for two dav?; the vary lent of city reference can 1* gl\ea. Call at 124 Wiwt IHHh at. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?BY A GERMAN GIRL OP It linn ndunttloo, ? situation in a line and email American family; ran render her sei /iocs in the lineal atylo of worklng;'n?t much wagei required. Addrcaa for two daya, i;. D. A. R., Herald uflice. UTAMKD- SITUATIONS, BY TWO RBSPEOTABLB H Kirl* (Hlsleraj; ui:e as Rood plain cook aud laiuidr<Mi: the 1' .. i na tiiainbaj nuiid aisl wnilt ? >?. or to taki: uare of 1 r in-ii. l,' *I iity rwIereiKw ri*ru- *or uru da/aat Nu. 40 Ka*t 82 I *t. "\\rANTKT>?BY A TFHY REaPBOTABT.E YOrNO I.ADY II (lnni<>lti<), a Kiilinbli' kltUAtioa. Willing to laki-vai n Ot tlllldlCl), II Ull tx Hi c|llHillU'l1 Willi nil kllXlK ! lUltUlllll, ibk, kr. \Mllnoii?io S. uiuci) lor miUry as fur rw?|wcnU>Uny. f ill m fi' h. i i:? 1| ?i., i aw 4ib uv. WANTED?A SITUATION AK Nl'RSK AND rilAMbermnid in u i-nvnt* family; good city rttfrrone*; no objt^tttoii to go to th? country. I'alT at or address 17 Domlnltk. kU, uoar Varick. WANTED-A MTUATIOK, BY A YOl'NCi WOMAN, TT In r KinuU Amor)'<mi l niiily, to do general bouxewnrk. Call nt 229 WI : y it., between Hprfiituid l'nnctt ?!?., r?- ir building, ronrlh Hour. Can bu wen for two day*. "V IT ANTED?A SITUATION, i;Y A BESTEfTA RLE M young girt, kji ith]Uf)hfrmiitl and waiter, or child.tii'* inline, or to do liclit hoUMwork; no (?iij?-i*uon to going to lh? onimlry; li '.-l of oily iwferwjoe. ?'?U for cu? days ul 22ti Br. Igr itBrooklyn. \l*"ANTKD?RY TWO RESl'EtTTABI-E OTRLS, KIT!'M uliotm; one ?* chambermaid and w.ilirena, or chambermaid and nuroe umi lo do dewing, (hp other to do b<ntwwork, and i? willing in make hernelr generally uarful tu any work. Ileal my rntcrenat given. Can bf seen for two itnvx at 311 Hicks at., between PkcIHc and Amity, South Brookly n. "VITANTED?BY A COVPKTENT DREH8MAKER. KM?? pioymeiit by day, w?ek or mouth; nn do nil kind* vt Imrnui ?u W1U4. Call lor two day* al lit W Mi M. EW YORK HERALD, MOl IWT1TWI WANTED?FKWAIiF.8. WANTKI).?A RKSI'KCTABLK HOLLAND GIRL WISHe.< e mjilojrnent aa .1 by tlie wi*rk or month. Oau !? hci'ii at her home, :!.>7 Kluabeth i-t., corner Ilouaton t, drat IMA TjtrjMTBD- BY A BBSraOTABLB YOBNO RIU 1! ? altiiatton aa liuinilri'HH, nr t>> ilo gritrral housework. Cmi l?' ai<?n till unfiled at tbtt tnuiHi' of hrr prei-nit ?-mployr.i\ 170 till Htli at., win re alio Una lived tin-11"--1 t*'? yeara. \IrANTKl?--HV A I'HOTKHTANT WOMAN, A HITPm utioii t? .'..ok, waah ami Iron in a urlrat. family; beat of city refrreuce gl\ ou from her List place. Call at #3 32il at., n -ai Sil a*. Wantep-by a respectable married woman, a situation a* wot iiiirmt, with h fresh breutof milk. Can be imq for two dsynnt 154 Norfolk St., rear building. 1V" \ vr.'.J> -A 81TUATI0M, HV A RB8PE0TABLB V? yi bmi ?mao, to <i,. ftoanl lunitework la ?* fcumii nnvste family, beat <*ity reference from her l<ut situation; Kan no objection*! lo j;o a short distant in tin* country: cau be wn for two days ai her residence, 444 4th it-, near *d av., iu the rear. WANTKI>?A SITUATION, JJY A RESPECTABLE yonn/ woman, ms cook, w*#h??r and ironer; has the N-tt rlfy rclertmco, Inquire at 2.i8 1st av., between 14th and IM i BiM. \\r 1NTED BT a BB8PEGTABM TOUNO WOMAJI, A tT situation as eook; would as&ist lit tlx* washing sod Ironing. Can #lve good cily reference from her la*t employer. t' 11 . a 19Oily IXm UrANTED?A SITI ATION, HY A RESPECTABLE | ... naid ? M ! MMUUlln , . in ?..? ! I Ht'if al'y i-ltil has the best of clt> n-fer^ncei. *'<an i/. i ; : 868 Bmi lOtb ?' , kutVMB art. BandC. flTANTSD BY A FIKST ( LASS DKK I \ 7-.Mff ployin rate on Wh^liTand Wilson'ssewing machine. BmI "i fern id . iota to D ker, Madison square Po#t olTWe. Fill! Kt)lcH now roudy. SITU 1TIONS WA1ITBD-MALM V\ui so M\sy u YEARS A<JK, WAOTB a . nituation a? |?oi ter iu a store or office; the In nt of n.y reference fciven. Call on or address JoLn Blow, lu Morton tit., rear house. A> V riVK VOIMJ MAN, OF Hi MISS HABITS. wisIm m a situation in some trood pnxlii' c .'tnd commission house, with tb?' privilege ??i soon j'l.ehasinK an interest in the MHinr, II n^tveabb' to both p*rti?*s, or perhaps would pur< hase immediately. Address A. H., Im?x 1UJ Herald olUcc. m iuhivi .hah nniiivn l.uri/u.uri.u a is awi> A taut gardner, or to work on a farm; would tak?* chsrpo of hoi -iff a* he is a good teamster; referonue givon. Adilri'jiM M. K., Herald ofif'-e, for two days. A situation wanted?AS assistant bookkkep r, miry clerk, or kesman to a whole* e houiw, ur oie >e) ol ion < Bi i I . .i young r,nn of :',oo.| business 1'iuMis, and well a< quaii. :ed with all the lirst i it si* grocers of Brooklyn and Wllllauisourg; best of rejercuce; .salary moderate. Address C. K., box 214, llerald ofllee. / whuws iii'micn* w.wtkp \.\' a y<hn<: V7 miiti who unJerstands his business; lias had ninny years experience; is a ^oo<! and careful driver; hns hud much ox|x>rieiice id the grooming and treatment of horses; is willing to make himself useful; good reference; no objection to the country. Address I). P., box 200 Herald oUice. Taw clerk.?a young kan, having closed His j regular course of legal studies, and t<s? young to puss an examination, d 'sires a position In a law otitic uh -Jerk: H ilary expected. Address to-day C. T. D., box 211 Herald ottice. qituation WANTED?IN ANY BUSINESS, BY A O young man, to keep accounts by sii**'it* or double entry, and make himself g'-uerallv useful; will accent of a very small ss i try; can give gootf city reference. Address 1>. M., box 113 Herald office. \ ' AM'! . - ' \TloN. BY AN K\ I'KKIENCKD t per*o:i, us entry clerk or salesman in a dress irimtnli.g or fancy ;'ouds business; living salary only required; can i. ? A IdTCSS, :i' in.-,; te Ulfl| Wilbur F. Brown, Woodbridge, N. J. Ur anted?a situation as porter, by an ao live, intelligent and well recommended man. Address W. F., Post office station, Spring st HELP \\ A\ ED-FEHALSI. a Bt NDAlfCE (?i Qi od servants ready AT the J\_ largest institute, r.?>8 1 lilt st., rorner of titli nvc.; nest, <'uj able, civil women, German, English, Irish and Scotch; in .derate wages to suit tue times, lor oily or country. Mrs. Floyd in attendance. At thx large bbrtants* institute, ool br oj Kl Tentb street an?l Sixth avenue?For U* rman, English, li'inb, and Scotch women; capable and civil; wages lerate; goad places always ready. Orders by mail promptly attended. Mi's. Floyd in attendance. AT THE METROPOLITAN INSTITUTE, 32 SIXTH avenue, between 4th tuid Amity si;.?Wanted this clay, to t ike situations in families returning from the country, cooks, houscworkers, chambermaids and girls lately lauded. Senranta with good recommendation i in naTe places Imnvt dii u ly. 1 BUNDANlE OF HIOIILY RECOMMENDED AND J\ w I qua! ed help uoi in hand, to which we would tall th; attention of families In want of ? u< h, as no ;jlrls are admitted who are unable to furnish high testimonial*; housekeepers would bnd it to their advantage to call or leave their oi ders at the lirat class agency, 320 ilh av., between 2ith and 25th sts. C100K WANTED.?ONE EXPERIENCED, CLEANLY, J willing, and a good washer and Ironer, and none other?wage* $G?In a small private family of three. Call at 18 East 3lhh St., near Madrsoti av., from 9 to 10 o'clock to-day. (100k and laundress wanteimm A PP.1 VATE j family, with i reference: none need apply unless she understands her business, at 45 West 24th st., this day. Girl wanted?a good plain cook and washer and ironer, willing to be useful. Apply at 100 Henry ; it, Brooklyn. Iaundre8s wanted?in a private family; j one who thoroughly understands her business and ean | bring the best of city reference from her hist place can apply atS#u4thsl from9to n o'clock. ! yjKHVANTS <)! ' THE BEST KIND, WITH THOKOITUFIO ^Investigated characters and onaHOcations, lndndini German, French, I'Jngiish. Scotch. Irish, Ac., may l?e found at Clinton Hall, AsUir olace and 8th St., six ooors east ?>f Broadway, formerh Bible House; French and German languages spoken. A lady in attendance. 1^1.i:\ANTS WANTED ^ IIIMEDIATEI.Y.-SEVERAL wjimotxesJiis*, uhnmbi nimiiis, witiMra mid girl* fur grnerul hoiiHowork. arc wanted linmmli.tti'ly l'or excellent Kiluutimiq now toady in gcutlemeu'i lumllte*. Apply at 10 TIHikrjr gT Brooklyn. ' rpHREK COO^ VJA&1TEIU? AND IHONERS, TWO x wiamVifnutTus, one competent seamstress urn! nix girls for housework are wanted this day. None but sober, hoin-st, industrious, well recommended girls need apply at the Agencj, SSO 4tb afe., between 24th and 25th sts. WAM!:ii-A YOUNG Woman, ONE ACCUSTOMED t<? waiting at table and making herself useful; also to play on the piano when required, to go a phort distance in the country. Apply at the Atlautic Hotel, 115 Hudson street, Jersey (Jlty, for two dsj TTANTBDNt MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN OK ENGtt lish woman, to travel v\ith an invalid; one who has nlreadv travelled, and who will not be sea sick is required; ' also the best references. Inquire, after 4 P.M., at No. 5 Beat 14th st. WANTED?A N U KSK, IMMEDIATELY, WITH A fresh breast of milk; none but first class need apply nt 54 West 10th St.. Good references required. \YrANTKl>?A GOOD rotTic AM) HKKAD MAKKK, V? and to do part of the washing and Ironing. Applv hotwee.n 10 and 12 o'clock on Monday, 9th Inst., at No. 63 VVest jysdi 6t. WANTED?A'HMAKT GIRL, TO COOK, WASH AND Iron: one who can oorne well recommended, obliging, able and * tiling to do the work of a small family. Apply at 140 Washing ton St., next door to the &aviugs Bunk, Jersey City. WANTED? GOOD COOK. WASHER AN 1M RONER. A German who ran speak English preferred. Apply at 3^0 4tli st,, between Lafayette place and the Bowery. ANTED?GOOD HAND SEWERS,?AFPLY AT UNION f Hall, Court street, corner of Sackeu street, Brooklyn. To quick sewers the work will be given out. WANTED?Art MOl'ST'K KEl'ER, A LADY, OF CEXfeel appearance, apod from thirty-five to forty, without encumbrance, to take the management of a smell first class hoarding house, for a middle aged gentleman. A lady who haa ^Miie means at uoinmand, and who would be willing to Uike an Interest in the same, will find this a cood opportunity to sectire a grnteel and first class home. Andreas Widower, box 117 Herald ofllee. WET NURSE WANTED?AT 96 WEST THIRTY-SECOND ft., between 6th and 7l1i av?.; one who can make her. self useful in a small family; xnust call at 9 o'clock in the morning. W'ANTED?A WOMAN, AS SEAM STRESS AND DliESBmaker, at 49 Jane st., near 8th av. WKTiP Agents wanted.-agents, agents, agents take notice. We have just Issued a fine engraving of General George B. MeClellan, the Napoleoa of the present war. and added it loour already wonderful stock of articles enclosed in our great Union Prize l'a.'kage Agents everywhere can derive a good profit by the sale of our packages; so now is Uu?Jr time to invest. The Union package eontains a superb engraving (6xl<0 of General MeClellan,/6 valuable Receipts, Stationary, and Envelopes printed in Union designs, in colors; Gills of Jewelry, Ac., Ac. For full particular* addr^MS, with stamp for our mammoth circular, kick&rd A Co., 1U2 Nassau sL Boy wanted?in a wholesale store, wages $1 50 per week. Must reside with bin parents, and come recommenced. Apply at 4M Canal st W^ANTED-AN A0818TAHT DENTIST. THOROUGHLY t competent in nuing ana piste work. Appuuanui oy mail will state their a#e, how long they have been dentist*, in what Umnoh they excel, wages required, and reference. AiUlrtws Preterre Brothers, Deati&ts, 15U Bowery, N. Y. ~\\TANTED?A DENTAL STUDENT. A YOUNG MAN. VV of good sddmss and education, able to support himself from aix mouths to a year, w ill hear of a good opportunity to lean) dentnar) in one of the largest establishment*. Applicant* will address in their own liandwrlting, Mating age, re. Aide nee and refere-noea, A. B., Deutlst, Broadway Poet office. \\r ANTED a SALESMAN, WITH NEAR BT TRADE* If in a bat, cap and straw g'Kvis house, also to take charge of stock. Address, with reference, box 1,772 Postofllce. "IIT ANTED?CLERK FOR A STEAMER, STEWARD FOR T |tiramtr two clerks three porters.two eiprtM <iri vers, four girls to travel. Positions obtained for nookkeep* or*. salesmen, conductors, entry clerks, Ac. Charges moderate. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. flTANTBD-A CAPABLE \ ND TRUSTWORTHY KAN, >> to art n* tirl.<?t a-retit during the evening. One having S>0 to $76 to dep mil an security. may apply at GSi 1'roadway, down stairs, after 10 o'clock to day. 0M/W\ 1*KU MONTH.?AOF.NT8 POSITIVELY MARK tplUl* It selling Dodln's Patent Hem Folder and Turk Gauge and other articles of ready sale. Three hundred per e??t)t profits. Call on or address JOSEPH DO DIN, No. 22 Dtu<n<' street, nrau* Chatham street, New York. AlffA MONTH MADE BY ENTERPRISING

51 3" nscnts selling Pawner's II em me r and Shield for hand sewing?indispensable to every lady; protects the linger ami makes a beautiful hem. Sample sent ?u reccipt of 20c. addnti a. h. Downer, 441 Broidwtqr, APOF ?A RESPECTABLE PARTY, HAYINO THIS amount, and willing to lean it on excellent security, may secure a splendid situation, at $16 per week* Appl> .? 87 i'M?i U? iUwt. luurib fluer, room No. I. M>AY, SEPTEMBER 9, 18( VINA VCIAL. DIVU>KNI>?NKW YORK CONBOIJPATKD 8TAGK Company.?Tho 1'ri-slilent and Directors of thin company have dwlorod their usual nomi annual dividend of four |wr vent, payable to the stockholders on and after the 14tli Instant. The transfer txxiks will lie closed from the Dili to tho 14th instant, inclusive. JACOB CAMI'BKLL, Jr., Treasurer. 8r.lTF.MRKK 8, 1841. WANTED TO INVEST.-AN ACTIVE BUSINKSS MAN anil thorough bookkeeper wants to Invent n small amount, nay $a?i, and his services, ill some gixnl pit in - business. t?-r ail interview address M. 8. 8., box 211 llerald offloe. i W HI J" WAWTr.i*?jnm mamikacMPiWev/VrV/ ?n article for which a patent has beeu obtain security given, and the loaner may make arrai ... > ? receive more thau th * le^al rate of latere?' .dress O. H., box 133 Herald office. &1Q {A ,?! i(> ADVANCE, IN SUMS TO SUIT, ON Watches, Diamonds and other pergonal Property, or bought for eusli, and the highest price paid. L. JACOBS, 4Ii Cedar m tree I, branch 407 Broadway. liCiAfV OFFICES. AT J. H. BARRINGKR'S. 212 BKOADWAV, EU i 13.?This old established ollice advances the Hi ;h?-?t iiUDi|OrkMyi fui oaak, MuvhiiKtlM, Dtemo ie< f unset, Pnarfi,Witrlw,Plato, Optical htlnn bts?Jty , at 212 Broadway, rociu 13, up stairs. AT 77 BLKBCKfiR STKKET? MONEY ADVANCKD TO anyamountou Diaincndii, Watcben, Juwelry, !'ur begarH, Dry Qoodn, <%? . N. H.?Pawnbroker*' tiekeu l? ht. II. NEWTON, 77 Bleeeker ntreot, up* t . -<. AT 60 NAH8AU STUB I. "NIGMAN, DIAMOND Broker, m.ikejt liben.. .?a Diamond*, W? t ben, I Jewelry, Ac., or buy* thei . ..* > *iue at bin private ? , | i* Nassau btreet, room No. tip Hioirs. Busine** conttd< ntial. AT NO. f CHAMBERS -TRKKT-MONEYTO LOAM TO any amount on Du;u?>nds, Watch**, Jewelry, Ac., '*y the >\ ; il known and old ?*M .blUbed ISAAC, Brokerund Commission Merchant, No. lJ Chambers street. N. li.?No unmn?*fc* transacted on Saturday. $On [WW | TO AOVANOB BY HENRY HYMA N, 4W) 4U.UUU Br.?adwiiy, room No. :J, on Watch.-*, Dlamend* and MerchandiMA ot every description, from $10 and upward*. Merchant* in want of money will do well to call. Dunine** Htrietly confidential. COPAUTKBRRIITP \OOTCB8. nISSOI.I Th NN ok < .'N Kits I IIP.? FHB COpai met ship hrretoftirt ;'inK under the name of Meyer A fr'incke is this day dis. ved by mutual con? *nt. The hiifcim iijt will be settled bv H? rmann Meyer, who ;done in authorized U? receive and sign in liquidation. CHRISTOPHER FINCKE, Dnind fi l.MSI WKKMiNV MP.VEI* T WANT AN ! VI ::U!\ilSrN(i BUSINESS MAN WITH 1 $loO or $200 caj . ul to introduce to the trade and have sole c ontrol i?i* my lebrated article In Cincinnati, O'tlo. The r ;ht man will be liberally with, end can clear $1,000 in four months. US AD BEATER, 107 Fulton street. riUIK PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BEI tween the undersigned, under the firm of Brordmeadow A Jeremiah, has tli*m day been dissolved by mutual conwent. All debts doe to the said *iimi are to be |>aid to James Bruadmcudow, who alone is authorized to receive the s:;me. jamks broadmeadow, JOHN M. JEREMIAH. new york, Sept 5, 18(51. rpiIE UNDERSIGNED will continue the bust, JL ness of manufacturing Pickles, Preserves, Jellies Sauces and hermetically sealed Fruits and Vegetables, at the old aland, 91 Barclay street. J AM KB BROADMEADOW. ? WANTED?A PAKTN2R, WITH A SMALL CAPITAL T ? in a wholesale new method imitation liquor and wine business, returning $H00 to $1,000 real pro tit. Apply to 1. II1GL, Chemist, lily Eldridge street, up stairs. iktatftsi^to invest $9, > ob $0,000 in a g k)d 1? paying cash business as an active partner. Address for one week with particulars I. It. e., Herald office. Wanted?a per80n to take AN i ntkrest in a cash business already established, the only establishment of the kind in this country, paying over 'AX)per cent profit, with laiv orders for government on hand. To a ]>er nn who esn furnish $2,000 immediately a rare chunce is o He rod. Address for two days W. B., Herald oflice. WANTED?A MAN WITH $800 <>!: $400, WHO WILL take a oae-half interest hi, and entire charge of, a barge c:i|>able of carrying two hundred tons. From her a net profit of $100 per month will bo guaranteed. The reason of ollerin^ for sale Is because the owner has four of them, and wlni i lettable person to take an interest in one or twooftUum. For 1'il ther particulars inquire of S. C. LITTLE, aboard the b'.at Andes, lying at the foot of Fourteenth street, North river, N. Y. \(\ -^PARTNER WANTED IN A CASH MAN UFA Cf^ZivU# taring business, with more, orders than 0:1 n tiVI. Unlimited extension, clearing at. rate of $3,000 per annum, capital to purchase machines; business without risk. Apply to T. V. LIVINGSTON, Liberty street. TO $.m?PARTHKB WANTED IN AN EStablished business, paying large profits; partner having full control of the capital invested. Orders on hand. Address E. Minor, Station A. Agents need not apply. <?qaa ?wanted, a partner with the above v?)U\/# amount, to purchase one-half interest in a Dining and Liouor Saloon, In a central location; house four stories, corner lot, aud leased for live years at a low rent.. To a competent party the chauco is favorable. Address W. R., box ; 2J3 Herald offlce. nnn CASn, with activity and personal 'pl.uuu attention will secure a partnership that lor safety, respectability and profit has no equal. Association and location unexceptionable. Address Union, box 105 Herald offloe. q1 9^0 ?wanted, an energetic man as JU. salesman, one who is willing to travel part of the time, for which, with the above sum, he can have half ef a manufacturing business that is improved by the war. Address for an interview Hardware, box 130 Herald offloe. <j?o ann or $?,ooo wantf.d?in cash or new IpO.UUVJ York or Brooklyn property, for an equal interest in an extensive Grocery, and well stocked aud doing a very good business, with country custom, on one <?f the best streets down town. Address A. M., box 206 Herald olflce. houses, rooms, &c., wanted. A TWO STORY HOUSE, CONTAINING EIGHT OR nine rcorns, in Yorkville or Harlem, wanted, for about $16 por month. Address, with particulars, Permanent, box 187 Herald oflice. AMANDWXMJBLY FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK Parlor and two Bedrooms, on lust floor and Kitchen, with conveniences f?r housekeeping, to let, In alirstclass house. Terms reasonable. Reference* exchanged. Apply at IfiO Waverley place, near Sixth avenue. Apartments wanted?of three or four rooms in a quiet house, by a small American family ?f | three. Kent not to exceed $8 or $'.? per month: within ten or I fifteen minutes' walk of Chatham square. Address L. J. S., Chatham squ are Post office. References exchanged. Brewery.-wanted, a building for a brewery; one that has been used lor that purpose preferred, having utensils, engines, Ac., capable of making twenty to fifty barrels per day. Address Brewery, Herald oflice. Furnished house wanted?-jn a good lo^ation, where the rent would be taken in board by the owner's family, and no objection made to one or two gentlemen boarders. Best of reference given. Address T. E. P., box 110 Herald oflice. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS SALOON. grocery or Liquor Store, in exchange for real estate in New York or Brooklyn. Also a cash buidnct* to exchange for real fcs late, mertuunditip, stoves, ?e. Address n mil, 1 ieraid officc. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, 11YA SMAU. PRIVATE fnmlly, a handsomely f umifclu d. medium-si zed, hlgliFtixip, modern House, in * good location, In New York or Brooklyn. Wmiid buy a good and well arranged inouern I urnllure, If not much used and ottered at a bargain. Address box 3.7S6 Post otllce. \Vr A N T E D ? A SM ALL, COM FOBTAREE HOI' SK, IN A If genteel neighborhood, In exchange for a large, Brot class house. Address Exchange, station I), ltililf lUw. TAT ANTED?BY~ A LADY, WHO UNDE USTAN DS TT hotmckeejilng, a Furnished House, between lileecker and Twentv-elgntlt streets, and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Would prefer part of rent taken in Board; rent not to exoeed $1,201). Artrtrw Boom, i>oj. b, Herald mm, WAN TED?BY API 1TSICI AN, AN OFFICE. BETWEEN Thirtieth and Fortieth streets, and westuf the Filth avenue. Address E. M. D., Herald oflioe. ' EXCURSIONS. CONEY ISI.AND FERRY LANDS AT FORT IIAMILton.?The NAUSHON leaves Went Tenth street at9>4, 12!* mid 3,li; Sprinz street at 9W, 12>i aud SJ?; Jay street at y l<, 12% and 'V.i; liter No. 4 N. it. at 10, 1 aud 4. Fare 25 cents, including a return ticket. CMIEAP EXCURSION TO CAMPS ON STATEN ISLAND. ) Fare six cent* by Stolen Island ferry, foot of Whitehall street, between the Batterv and South ferry. Boats leara everv hour from 6 A. M. to 7 P. M. Oil line "Sundays every half hour to 7 1*. M. REGATTA AT POLLOCK'S YACHT COVE PAVILIoN, Raltersville, on Wednesday, September 11. The steamer Modes Taylor.Captaln SmlUl Cosh, leave* Forty-third street at 12o'uloe.k, Thirtieth sU-eet at 12.'4, Twenty-second street at Amos street at 123?, Spring' street a! I, Jersey City, Ctiuiu d doek, at 1'4| leaving Yacht Cove at & o'clock. Fare ten cents eadi way. 1) >XJL"JLAR BOAT TO THK FISHING HANKS. ^ Fare r>0 cents. Steamer CROTON, (Apt. Dumont, I.caves Tenth street, E. B., 7:16; Pock Blip, 7Mb. Leavuiliprtug stroet, N. R., 8:10; pier No. 4, 0 A.M. Leaves llic Hank.-, 2.30 P. M. N. B.?After this date tlic following landings will be discontinued;?Broome street, lirouklyu aud Thirtieth street. August 29. RAILROADS. HUHSUN RIYKK R.VIUtuAD.?'TRAINS FOR AIJ1ANY, Troy, the North and West, leave Chambers street at 7 aud 11 A. M., and :,.M, 6 aud 10:lf> I*. M. NEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALJ1ANY RAILROAD Summer arriuigouient.?Express train fur Albany, Troy, North and West, li?ve? Twenty-sixth stroet Station at u A. M. f?r Uk'&i truins se? unto uii>lc. JOHN UURQQlii, Assistant Superintendent. THE TUADKS. /IARDENF.K'8 SITUATION WANTED?BY A MAN WHO "X fully understands the bualnen In nil it* branches; also, farming, and H competent to take rhixrce of any gentleman'! plant; reference given. Addne* D. L., Herald office, for twc (lays. Tu wtke drawers.?wanted immediately, ten or twelve wire drawers. Apply to Win. Ea^leton, iiu )>orlmendent Eus'e Wire Mill, corner !?id su iunl 2d nr. WANTED?OOOD HARNESS IIAND? AND STITCH era, ul S48 Ilroadway. WANTED?FIFTY HARNEKS MAKERS AND STITCH TT era. FREDERICK STEVENS, *15 IVarl sL WANTED-A WAN WHO IS TllOROl'C.HI.Y AC qnnlnlcit with Uic buaiutM nf lead smelting in all It liriinclic*. In an nlr furnace. Apply at the factory, 115 48ili at., near lid av., with refejencea. WANTRH-KH'TV SADDLEllS. FOlt MlUTAIiYWUKK C*U?l fcatlXUfi. 0* 51. ? POR SAL.B. AKAK1MOXABLE DKKXSM \KKIt. ABOI'T TO V.KTlitK, U-inij iiiijhieBii yi-i?r?f?i:ibh*lnvl, noil woikirn: iia-iu? we*lthi<'fci iHiiulicM in {.he i ity and Urtuklyn, u? #??il uer entire liuMn hm, including the Furiiftii?! ami i^ane 01 ? well furnished homo. A?Mie*B S. L., Il< ial'l oiikw. A DINING AND LOTH; I NO IfOlJSK POTl BALE?THE Id'.inf and Furnitut ; iu?ni}il< te, .loiim a .".nil' * ol $4(1 in $J0 daily; ligation iiiihim?..<!. k.-; t I ?ur y<aia by tlie pruMul prupriolui'. Apply at W.< Hi >wdw. v C. i*. lllAVKX A PO._ , ARAKK (M1ANCK.?FOB BALK, A (1KNTEEL LIOITOR and S.ini|il?- Ho u,i. iluintf u i..^......... o ... n*uM"i*i ^ivi-n lur HcUlng. Capital r.^uiT^'isoil. Apply *l 247 Kiilhuvcnuo. r" AN or.I'JINAL ANI) VAL.l'AHl,E I'ATENT RKiHT? OUi i i.i : i-.tiaorilluuy uiiVAiiUi,c*mid ii?t immnl, will I"' ? ! !, fiiln*r tiw ri. ht i,I ibo Sunn .if N?w York or tba Unlu .1 HUiU-h, to inauul.u-tura. AJUioiinN. Y., I*.* l:iH ll?. 1'uld OlliCtJ. AN OU) ESTABLISHED STRAW BONNET BUSINESS to of, of all the T < - ni l Fixtures requisite h>r t-aiTvinu on the same. Al??ll"ii^]inld Furniuue and tlx ! -iiM* ot the house, winch is situated lit a desirable locality for Ti above 1h a run* ?*li;ifi<*?af im li e busi tMm !> ? :i ?' the T.n*Mt lucrative description for the laul twelve yr t The ?r??p? i>-Nrr in ..bout leaving for I?u? rope mint it io<! .1. jh'hs 11. H,f Herald otllne. Baki:i'.y r?.i: sai i:.-i ::> stkkf/t and tenth av. 0UIUB, Oi ruuQi : ; the only I ak< ry in the pfsoe, with or wiitiou. ho;.? .1 \? I , ? the pren toes or at the Abli . nR k . _ . . tree and ? ; . wmie. ; pOAL OIL .^TILL-A SMALL STILL FOU IV INTNO \J i ?ii. 1* m . in or (Va url, j.i . .v new and in od ot ..-r. X,' v?. :,.! ? at a bantam. Adir- rn lor tkieedayt 4! .?toji, lit i..l o . e. i y ' 01 u ' n ' niK r i . :ai 1 11' 'ri.'r. ' . ; ' . Mid I ? ? m. Add: cm* ui i ef>. i.s x ole Bridge|* vl 1*."' t It. , . .. TJR FOR SAM? TIC, P N URI fl A* D . it is .' r? iiTonly s Apply in tlio bi??i; ti\. . <*oi, or a. il'? lM>.:i.n itreet. "EU)R SALE ( KY HI 01 - . ' < I1 in' 1 Ml.:..: I'.ai ! ?. . i. i . i. H ' ' ? l l?.-. I ill.'. I: f. . N <? ,,, :u; . .. - . .II for?. illi.R. \.ljn> II. A , :?| ! . i, Y. TJIOR SALK-Ti:R WK!.l. K.? .W\ !.'> . : ! irilhU r s.i i.M.a, < .,! j,.- .i w .i ...,... . M. .... i . (ilaci! will l)? r .Id rr-.-.n y i, It ... I . . : i; rilii-r partl.'tilurH .|iply |.> ib|.r. |n < . . , IjlOK SAI.E OK KXCiJA.S ?A Lit i , :/V sfiU going stcitili .. A. ii. OlIU'H. FOR SAl.K?A KINK \C?. BOAT :y V i '' A N !? In <-.)i ml" i). i i. v i ? ... .. .. - uml rti'n lumi: . ... ... u WuH. ii-1 .1.. .- ' i'. ,i ...... ply to'J'llO '.UVON, LKiK SAl.T'-il.' , : < . ' N A - 'I I1 ' >. . 111.. ii..> II : I <| .. i. < .. . ' -.i -1v ?tattThin)ftVMue. J. r (( : avaN. ' jpORSiLB -A \TH ll.5 . ('(>TtNKB bcoii r.'.ii'ua'.'.i r " V-'l v '' "?',t btihiiu wlili low rent. Apply u. J. < \>l. k u!u'u mreet, liruoklyu. TTIOR SALE, TII.L TO-MA)RK '\V \ /I' ? INiK M). r ciiU-d S hi- i-t-.i.-. in tbi i u f . u itanilkis, ami klwuyniUi ng > r di ?. ' 1 r*ir SIS' i, ata, laetViling $KW worth of Mir it iii M I 3 }. w y. 1J10K 8AIjE, OK EXOBANU FO ' ( BJ . f 1 A Country -t. of . . . uy #>!' ?iizalt?*:h; A *? >1 f: -I'l . f .! .?-I. .1- . : A : , . . . . .|crapi-ri. P. *: / ^ , Ai'i-lv M. HE KM AN, 77 < ar s -f. OTOUE AND IIOT.- K Z',7 : T v III A V * ' : ! ; O and v.\' - foi R -1 I a 5k yarn. Ini It'' on the preiu i-.-, t hi&U'ftnth HtlLM'tH. TO BOOKSELLERS.?A a, - t' uml nioj*t ^ jiolar yet t? : dt v i.. ffere I for pole at an linn I i 1 . are tS?* 1 " i I * ii. ' ; i. i addr?*HS l'u??li lo r, I?*>v j 13 it?" '<? of . mo CAPITALISTS.?I'AUT OF \ l' PATENT J. for lata. The patent mystic artirle of uhIvpi .hI u^ Then* m no rnp? tit r n whatever, a* thin i-' t!?e ?n!y . . I i nrr f. t '!?? purpose. There are botweon'^lx a.. > v i. i. ^ o; : ?m domesticurtiele* . '! ! !!..;: >*;i: .unully. Addresn, for three deyrf, II : -tLi ili. ??. THE LKASTi, STO'. K. FIXTD i>\ ANO ?>;)|) WILL of tlie ol<l < *tablUh 11 i " ' Hotel, SltftKowe;-/. ' -.> Market, will fre $7,t*K) (Hr;A WILL BUY TIiR r i." n\: \S'D - ? .? LL t!P*)U of the well kuoiv.i M . ii i. *.r i't j . ivC.eene street. S400^ ' ! qnor Store dorva town: ?for i (ir. '- iy ? i. . . .ii quor Store In Ninth .ivrroie; $1," .) f ?r ?. . -.u.p ihocery. Apply at 12 Centre street. *' r > ZHGLIO A llASTIKOfi. ehlne, already fully t?"t' <l; no other p i; *nf? - .v?!h this; sold for want of ttluli ; to enp. Jy ti detuand. Adftf* ?*? immediately Inventor, box HI 1 lleruic ? SALES OF RKAXi ESTATB5. ATHREB ST' ir: I Ot NTEK CBU luult Brick House for aale orto let, turn heU;houM? aud furniture in cf>'"l "rlor; wut. r and ;mk; loe.-u*-o in ? desirable neiphhoiiiood, will be k?|.| or i**l to a small Inna.y Ui suit the times. Apply on the premlsv's, ?>4 Kliiot place, WeFulton and Atlantic .Vfnues, Brooklyn. FOB SALE?'AN IT A ) IAN' VIM K OH THE BANKS ( the lludsou river, twelve imw-s from tlie ity, arul half i mile from the depot at Spuv ten Duxvil. Tlie 'tonne ih tw ? story, attic and haaement, ab?>ut S0xii6 fnet, . ? I contain! i 1 the modern Improvement*?outbuiWinpx, ix'.u h hou.-?\ pui!?e-, ice house athl house. Th ^numds are i.ild < at .r. t.? most tasteful manner, with fruit aud sluice tr ?. The (.Jat o is one of th** most beaut iful and healthy i i this vic.inuv, a:.?l will be sold low. Apply to CliAKLES E. MILLS, No. Ji Cedar street. T7H>R sA1J5? A REAL HOME AT A LOW PEIOE. J/ Heuae three stories in froot, fire la the rear; kit * . laundry and store room on a level with the yard; lt^ht auu pleasant; twenty room* and thirty psntHes and clo-? !s. all in their ri?ht places; was built by day's work, and would now oo?l more money Ihun ikns'xeil lor ljiuis ;un! 1< f in lee; limiw 25x60, lot 2,">\Ml. Terms easy. Apply at 407 Fourth street. IjH)R SALB-ttX ACKB8 OT LAND, ON PELHAM Nec k, Westchester county, litto??ii miles rami New l ur\; lie* on llu' Sol..ill; good tishln^, bathing, plenty of new fruit trees, new home and b.irn. Apply nt 6n W est st i eet. Ipor hale?three bbown stone houses on 1 Thirty-eighth street, on<* hundred feet east of Madison avenue, at secession prices. Inquire on tue premise*. Ju;t finished. I10R SALE OK EXCHANGE.?A PARTY, HAVING A valtiable proper ty, desires to ndwin for three nice Houses in the upper pnrt of tlie city or an elegant Farm near the city. The properly to exchange is worth (250,000, and paving a splendid r.-ish rental. The principal part of the amount may remain on mortgage for a king time, ten years vr inure, or the whole will lie exchanged. All eonimuniuiUons strictly con tide n t lai. No notice taken of agents or any but real parties. Address, with particulars, Union Amen, DFoat ollice. FOIl SALE oil EXCTI \XGE for real or personal Property, the Stock and Fixtures of a Iloniceapalhic Specltlc Concern, which onlj requires the attention of a business uian to insure large sates ami large prollta. AddrvsB s. s., bos Utt Hanu ottos. For SAU'. Oil EXCHANGE?for COT I'ROrmTT, or alarm on Ixmg Island preferred, a Cnttago House. with eight or ten J/Us, to lot or for sale, on Suvanty-second street and Third avenue; Ontta^o on Seventythird street, with adjoining Ii>t to lot. Croton water and gx- In aii the houses. Apply at corner of Third avonue and Seventy-second street, to JOHN CAELAGHAN. For sale ok exchange for western ok other Umds?A valuable Paper MUi. in complete running order, within twelve miles of this city. Inquire of MH^I?R & CONGER, 271 South street, For sale or to lit in jersey crnr?several new und v.iry desirable brown stone and friuno Houses on fa vol,'tide terms. Apply at the real estate ofllco, corner of Pavonln avenue and Krie struct. WANTED, A FARM.?A LADY, HAVING AN INTERest la a business that yields a monthly tnoouie in cash, wishes to exchange It for a farm. Address Mrs. E. Fuller, New York Post ollice. c_ PROPOSALS. ~ SBALED PROPOSALS ARE INVITED TILL THE 20TH day of Septemlier, 1861. for supplying the Army of the Potomac with Potatoes. About 40,000 bushels will be required, in lots of alMHit 8,000 bushels per week. The Potatoes to be of the tlrst quality and equal In quality to the following kinds:? Mercers (blue), Pink Eye, Mercers (white). The potatoes to be delivered In Washington, end subject t? such inspection on delivery as the Subsistence Department may require, and payment to be made lu Treasury notes, If government should desire It. The potatoes to be delivered In good, strong barrels, and each bushel to be estimatad at sixty pouiuls. The bills to be directed to Captajn A. Beckwith, C. 6., C. S. A.. Washington, D. C. PlttNITt'llE. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE fur $24, iu all colors, uf warranted luanuiat'ture; uUo Roiid Clifxnut Chamber Suit*, |<luln and ornaiiu lital, at II. F. FARRIN(#TON*S, 368 Canal atteei, opposite WooaUr. taldiahed iu 1348. All kinds of furniture, looking glasses' Beading, An., chfsaper than at mu tton; wurrnnted and delivered lre?. Pi?Me mil at U. W. SNKDEN'8, 263 Bovrary, between Stanton and llouiitou street*. Yau will onva money. Note Ihe numhej*. Repairing done. r EXCHANGE?ONE OF PUMPTON'8 SECRETARY B?hIMi';u1s, coat $1J0, vory Hitfe used, for a ii.'la lop wagon or doctor's plnutott, lu good order. Addict Doctor, box 192 lltsi-uid office. MATRIMONIAL. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WIDOW l:uly, jwmscahlng requisite qnaliticatiunM to make home , attractive, solicit* tin* u? ^Uiiintan<?* of gentleman maUiiuo? ninlly inclined, from S7 U? 57 years, of refinement, edu<*ati ?n > and WMUk; A men can or SpnnUli jireferred. i4oMMi ndabip, station I). AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN?OF MIDDLE AGE, OK good personal ap|K*?rano?; ?nd diameter, wiahe* to cor n view to mutrtiuuuy" iWsonal appearance iuiJ a happy dUpoaJUon 4enl ruble. The sincere may addrva Frank, lirrairt oflkw. ~ COAL. COAI.?BEING WHOI>SAI,K AND RETAII. AOKNT fnr tlie tuU? of come of the best red Mil and I.Mit?h cmJ, I wiH sell cargo at Ihe lowest possible price, ' and by retail at a lovrer prre tluvn any ?lhor dealer initio city. Yards corner of King and Greenwich streets, and 60 Koosovolt street, corner of New Bowery. ' JUXIUtfW CUNIOH, [ TJI1Q WA'.li _ XLIBUTliNAKTS OO.VMISSION, IN A I'lK.^T CLASS n ginifiit, now In nimji, * ill !>._ ?wmv.l to .mr mfxtltU Irnrwm wbu will r^piiv ihr mho who i urv* ,'rom it iL-i ??* bt urn Uv**n *1 iu rpct ulliiitf Lib uit-n, *rt* front 5...} upW*. Na ' uumry will Ui .uintl until tun u^jnivtiu 11..H cult i rite i-, . vi, . midUuwlur pay. Audivm Llcmuuuul, tux U6 Hit ('bid uff.OB. 4 CLINTON R1FI.KS?Cm'AIN AVI> ACTING MAJOK W. A. Kirk's cimpmiy.?ILiruita wnntjJ *,r ttii? uotniiany.? Miy toWlliK- nt .'im-i tin . 1 g tw>-lv? ? > blwn ? iuco c-iu commind .1 ik-ryc 1 .itry. fe'i lm-u ubi-nn tl* rulik of cori?oru.l, if found fit :..r Hi) t < . tiv? Outwit. 1 lilt. Bleu i-nlixti/K <tm IM-Iv ik'i! liiMtitprd w? at ' ur.vaiic iii' iit. "Every mlUior riirMu* in In k:iu^< ok th* luti.u of 11.-11 Murehal." R rr !? > . 1 :i.-?^47 Tlu?l uvouiie.fl'2 Williammrurt.- li-ia~i ?~? lier of Twniity-iburth strict, cunt. CIOMPAKY B, TWELFTH HKUIMK.'T NEW ToUIJ J M'i:t"?.?Till' IM cr . r ' Mil.. ..lit, ihi \ ilmiU'i rs 11 ing n t lur ' L ...i'iiiwm lb nil. ii.! it nu'i-?..ij tu br heiii at tLe an i- : ?.i V. . ...ui St-pi 9, at"J? 1'. U. liy order. Vi ii. at >Ofi, lui/Mii. CAPTAIN WANTED.?A < - V.1 : - V I'UCF.U, 1IAT lug 'hlrty <ir fur y rii"-ti .''is !uana. reuily iu urnm u*r -i:, run i.i II . i <i [ In1 i . . : an by lli'.Jln- * ?* I h, box"*.', Horalil ul I'.'. A . '.'a laiifcl kin WUlllH two i. . K. nIHAM liAK.BY RTPIJ3S (SI" I'M ' /K JAV iKIt).? m tii-ic.ijrgiven i.,.it i- Ul |.-s Kl-iiii: UI...V. 1.,.. ...... ... i.! ill'. A ^ ' li ill lit mice pr-sint ill' .;v , M .'..lo H. iu?J??t i;r nit!,.. I : 'qunru r* <it tin- * . il.? HuiMM *$ Ai - i. .i, 2se\v Jeiat:y, lor i i. ALi.i ? UKEK, tuirttfrnmftter. ' MM ! isr.l ; KDK.?OAI'T,'.: ,N a >lt l.RAMA.V I i. I. int.,I In m Wit-iiui.;...! vwt'i Q.d..-K i rum It* i . ..! W r toorj u. i , ,i t ? iim i . trli! i t! |... . i . i i . ? i .i i? ir it tin- i:. list*, at tnr .um it- < .ui Sit. 'J Uik t. j; ovcning, ui7 o'oi.i U. Tii < ri .?. : n. ucto C. OK \HAM. V KW YOKK STATU Vlll.l N" ! !. - . Hi ALltHtRO j\ tin h < isornur K: in nl >.?C<n?iainl -i.-iul I ! allien, r.-j.ii .r? ur;. I li tuv? tli.'il'H ; . . roniUUI.I'. I" \'.i llll- tain will 1,. ' . ;.ii.-ii un r?u|ii in- 1 i14s 1 u.iMWr Colon-- -i oi i .rtin#-nI? .i i^-i ..(t#-it thai vti4 I.V.. r ... app um rt'RliiHiUwl - - i y.s rutitWato i.i nni- i.i the Suti-. ! ATO MORB KBP TAPS. | N AUVANl ' 18 " ' : "L?. Tfc.N : B DIED .i) TO JOTM Tttft l lii :::> UJMlMK.x". i. ' . '* unit, ,V ' ! t- lii-n nillUf iltiiIt-11 ti. . t I r li- I . Jin lit, now I.I . -..? M irtjrM ii: ' llie "j-.i.-r. it V i .*tk Wt | Apply at tk/J Urn. ...ti. . .miaul illto bounty. U- ! t.. f mi 'ie? sure. . TO WA^iunct-1 . if.M.Na V ' r> : ?.' ii. .tnr - if kiilv, , -.bit i. .iv. ^2 Ml .. ti.-i . igujj.iiU, 111 a ii. .or'.. I"ir alUjuiiuii. J'lV'.-UU A TJI: .1 .^.VOROKJIAN H 111.w . n?in .-ii. tii. I -.-i- ui .. w...-. ? III"-. I' " Hitui-I priv *U\J i > >. *. N. h - ' ?. ?.vu id i'i.piin v. it ? : t>* IVI ? t i ..?. (;,:UVK VOUU OOUN'i 'V ' ' UJ. V i- (iTVWN f*) iii'*.[ ' > tu? v?*r\ > ? h? . oi im ...I (kiil 4ju3 BvouUv^av, a ?i' v' TJH MN -'Jt TENTS FOK S ',rT!'/ KACll Ti 2 > ?. . 4 . nubs, .r?:v* - 11 ' i M'kh.' Appl> uJi i ^ A. "VLKi., USi Uow?ry# cm m-r ? i Hi.UfUiD. ; |JN.- -1' -TA'i'tS MC.--.I-'. NG I'J-VIOi, Ti WiWra ;. N -in t lt'.(*i.hy r. on t" 1 Is In hnve fcw* tii' i ! ;- tliu S;cr? .? .? <: o r-j- .;im-.nt8, .a :r.c n-.w w.(t .'! ''i i ti t . i.i? city, that i.y mil; r . ruil't ; \\il< iili vc. anil that ttui f-\. i.i!- ot niiiM i.-'t <-v??-i> $.?> (?. tnnUi. > I ; it..' . I 1 >?' tllliM Mli nuwi cupiL-s of tbojr autboi .ty ' . r if te tmnL \ Ij. ? .-At ';. l.v-a.. C'.. 1 I ih cavalry. 1 *. i Rtc,S'"ptt':ul>.'r 4. i' 1 tt I r %"! f'P ?KN'(5I\'F.i-'I' >M:'RI3IK6 MS Vi ami inu-1'ti.i s, f." fiapr*n and Mi. , i. .li gnlar Am . i. -u u. t iie ablu boJlud, >? ' ?>\ y usofain1, .viu" . - r * . i writ<?, and ?a !?i ir groutt * tic; term of enI I, ti.ii.HS y art;; rav. f iejviHtogon ..! - atiuiue'i by nit-rii ;tud . 1?: . o?'X4?l*iof>; also, ra ' 'i ariers, clotlrt.", ?:. >. attendance, and .6 ' m i ijiic WML turd fl -or, between DA. M. ; 1.: if <I A. G!TJ.MORK, Captain of . ?.. ; - r\. ^.iu .mmtog A/my. N, D. < WA NTKD, ilT \ v? . L.f : * * ! 1 < A Vi>tV., WHO 1?V? ft *'? M ' ' ' ?V,.r v < ? 1 ,r illpPlylBf > '. frr.hs Was : l?*4 )l ?it?? office, yo;1 MAY AS WKLL HAY"' *1 M r MONEY.?*8 3*? t , a,i n.. < iu ham iuiiitviiaUtly r u .iluaed in u.e -A'.'.'.^ituta KtrfeiJ, by romlug *y?. A WTO i>< LAI AH iLF WILL HB " : *'" given im <' t'? r,.;?!i .?n rnlirttiuR ha aii ltillr-n, oui Hi. ... a *?vc Ri^wker rti*eU lioru in and bUakrti. ^ I fl AND A SEROttAK'ft.V WILL HE GIVEN TK> jj-'.l V/ lis man who v iii bn iiui m?n into a lirak ?.!: ? i iy. In Miito at N M i'-. >auway, abovo lltoocfeev hii>H't. Aloiicy ]\viii immediately. OOTII HKCJIV.KKT WASHTNOTON VOU7NTHKR8, OOU * >\.) iu'i. ii. lime*, now tu . tjnij *1 Yi a?ningtcu. TLla , havi..? nr< i\ ? K>: . * to inrnwftc to 1,046 men* v.iii: . ,11',. i hundrt'.t cIm i.'i . r<*:ruit* t?? Kerre for tw# yr. ut\!' .*? s-i'Micr ?tic ha. '!en enlisting will be 4*s>?iUUn'i iuime.iiiatoly to m j i Y? Apply al 35? UiuoxiH: utrt-i't, bei\v?M ii J'A'\7 ? ? ;' m?' Mottstreeta. Lieutenant i*. W. . uIjC., Kccruitiug oflker. 7QTH 1 1 ?ANDEB&?1 I ITrt WANTED.?TUMI It' '.? rt )i t ?'<' r . -v.: t? v l, it) 1 are now on the dvMui i'?-- ?n the i i.r .i vm !.* . ?'. * an.iy. Men who wish o ( ?.' > - . i , aio invited i ? j u . corner of Merger antf Hnn/me ' . . /lOMPANY H. TWELFTH KK\ii ME NT.?'THE MEMBERS V-/ ot the abovf rorapanv :?rr r*u i-?at?d to m?et at (heir lory (OY'T J a-rKon innrtr-t'i yn Sept. 10, al 11'. M. Tin- in ab.-mwhu j-. .? not beft; on duty at Washii^ion are |>.uiK nlu?iy iviiu.h ! tu t/*e iveMOt, us butinent o: uir?orJHi?(v to all \s iil * - . ^hi i?ef"re ttae meeting. B/ order, WILLIAM : : HcOOUMACK, t^vpt. M^POLITAN GUARD, ATTENTION.?Tn MEBt i>.iihai>M <|u> st?* 1 to me?.-t .?? their h'-^lquarura, No. 25'.) 8tivti, on Moibiiay wvuinag, at 7 o'ckofth, on *ik Hiueano! iraporoini". }{.- pun,:iuaL By *iiu*r of the Uolonel. /'fVril REOIMENT, ATTENTION.?ALL THE UNPAID \)'J i-xua i?ij m' ttiifv ?i:n u! will Ix; paid by the Qmmer?niaAtrr cl'MRTui, al market, on Monday, the 1nh ul 12 o'Uwk. J. B. TULLY. Qiutrlnrmaati'r 81*)y nlnth Rn^imnut N. Y. R. M. miscellaheovs. All persons having claims against raw V'nit-"! Stales Government. In this or any State, f?r AUttplies or lolKir furnished to rrtflmeuts, may have them mV 1 lcctcd, LIV applying to or ailiiri~-:i>' On; HUlwcrtbejr, > JAnlKS L. dayton & CO., Ill Na*??u street. A CHANCE for persons IN WANT OK CASH TO (tl>pu?e of their second hand Sewinp Machines. Also* [ chiuice t?r thorn- in wimtof p -nd Mnchtnes to pun kas* lew toruuih. KliCO.ND HAND KEWlNti MACHINE CO., HAi Broadway, up stairs. Doors, fashes and blinds-ahtowmwiunil* cheap, to clon; tlir concern. The subscritor wiH seli the luikniT ol bin utoek nf doors, Ha.ihes anil blinds at 1*M tliau a it L Look itt It b afore you purchase N. B.?Those who ever think of building imw 14 th?- time. N. 1*. KIMBALL, 78 Benkneen attest. Desks, blackboards, maps, apparatus, SiiVJi, Crayons, Pointers, ltubbere, PorteeMas ln? Wells, tlli>l>?s and every article for schools l urnlnfcwt. Thsee amenta want. >1 in such loyal State. Keud for c tiakogu* to K C. BllOWNELL, Sec., 35 Howard street, New Yorli. I II(JUT! LIGHTI LIGHT?A GREAT VICTORY. 0AM J phene und ttuld exterminated, and Coal Oil la klug. Tbo UNION COAL OIL BURNER Gives the greatest light the world ever fcuv frum one single Lunp, with no rtanger by explosion, and at half the emit or anything now In use. < '.unjuicne lnmps altered at n small eitvnso, and new Ijimpf, Coal Oil. Cans, Wicks, Ac., alwavs o? hand. Right* for sale to manufacturers only. N. B.?None of these iunifh are genuine without tnv stamp of patent applied for in trout of the burnt..', and wltiiout which It Is unlawful to make, sell or use my improvement. Lamps altered at any place in the city, or hv express in the country, an of?Uee by letter or otherwise, being left at my place ?f business. Nn. 82 Catharine street. New York City. SutiafuuMua is guaranteed before payment is asked. JOHN MULVAKY. L AIMIS, LADIES, LAMES, LADIE4. BiWAHD P. BAKr-EORn, SOLI! PROPRIETOR of the must extensive House i urtiihliiug Store IN THE CITY, Cooper Institute, corner Antor place and Fourth aveoee* extending through to Third avenue, one block front liroadwav. is now Hulling lit St c.avs SILVKR PITTED WARK, TABLE OJTI.0BY, Kitchen Cooking I'teuflls, Tea Trays. HOOR mats, KIRE r^ts, Coal Vaseg. Tin Ware, Iron Ware, TABLES, t-TW LAD1U3S, LFIRIGKRATORS, M., uud every article in tha hotwckuoplin: line, At considerably leas prices than any otltcr lionse. Please rentember tho 1 .cation. MISS KRT.r.Y WISHES WOUK AT DRESSMAKING;. i.< a |mm U-ct IlUr.r ftud ?<"'? out bv iho day. Cull at Ml' E?um 221 w. MAItBLE MANTELS?GKKAT BARGAINS IN MAHujIs. Pbose wishing to buy M.mtf4s *1 a urcAt reili.u'i"!) wiU fln<l it to tholr udviuiu <;o to call at A. KLABi'Jlt? marble yard, 113 East 18th street, noar 3d ar. VERGNES' ELECTRO CHEMICAL BATHS. 119 FttTRTB avenue, attended l>y I'ruCisMur VKRGNES, the ittvantar, celebrated for tin" extraction of metallic tuV ftanrok from the system ami Tor tlioir succour in cbrMitf discons.' Onn-?lt.ition free from 8 to 12 o'clock. CT/OTlil&'O. Abetter chance for ladies and genti,* nv-ii to dispose of thi'lr o;isi ufl' Clothing, Fin ultui*, Carpctaaad Jewelry. I gitarunlru to pay StypiM-n-nl mora ibno any other dcjilrr. Pli-uo* 11 on or artdrcis ,J. AN1IALT, 152 H?v?*nu? viuiuf. nrimth iw^nueiu huu iumfum tiroeU. LmiU*! attended by >trn. Awlialt. ALARt.K ORDER.-I HAVE Jl'ST RECEIVED $12,0Ut to purdinw cu! off Clothing, Furniture. Carpet*, Ac., for the Western and California market*. lj?nle* and gentle men, I will pay fifty per pent more ihiui any other denier by catling on ?r adaresMiig a note to llin new e?talili8hnient of B. MINTO, LS7 Stith avenue, between Teulh and Klevenlfc Mivei. I lilies attended by Mm. Mint/.. AT KZEKIEI.'B 01,0 HTANO?LADIES AND GENT# cm obtain the following prices for their cast oi (Jkitliing:?From $5 U> $3S lor silk Dresses, from $S to $lt for Coat;, from (1 to $5 f"r l'auls. A note by post punctaftlly attended to by Kzekiel, 134 Seventh avenue, hotwees N invii'outh and Twentieth street*. Lad Is* utcadrt to to,

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