Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1861 Page 1
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, , -~o*. *" TH WHOLE NO. 9131. THE REBELLION. important News iron Hatt'jras Inlet Ten Rebel "Raiments Ordered Cn#m Virg^ia to North Carolina. The 7ZahaTaitants Fleming fror a the Coast Geil. Bat' 1st Ordered t& Repair ' to Washington. Bituatio g ?f Affairs on the Virginia Side ?f the Prtomae. Con jturard Skirmishing of the Hostile Pickets. B ftcompissance of the Rebels Near the Chain Bridge. ' ran of tbe Rebel Forces on the Ufcper Potomac. lit Union Annies Under Gen. McClellan and <fieo. Banks Beady for Battle. Iipertait Rebel Movements in Kentucky, to., &c., fte. OB fmi.IL W1SBCV6T0I DESPATCHES. wakhinotox, sept. ft, 1861. AWAIR3 ON THE VIRGINIA RIPE OP TIIK VOTOMAC? KlfUUMHIKQ OF THH l'ICKKT UL'AKDtj?UKCON.NOISRANCB OP TDK EJS'KMY, BTC. This boa been auothor day of quiet anxious waiting and ha tuning for the roar of the long t>attlo. It MMru;, however, that the rebels hesitate to make tbe ur ?auH they evidently contcmplato. TUny llnd oar liues bo admirably prepared fur any attack, at every point, that it would be fch'XT miulnesg to make tbe attempt, which -would Inevitably be repulsed, and prove to thou irretrievably disastrous. Hio retreat of our army from Bull run only incited greater activity in every department of tbe government, and a stronger dctermiuati' n on , \ the part of tho i>eople of tho loyal States to xupport evory ?i?irt of the administration to m?t -**? ? - .uucu!?u. General McClellan is fully prepared to follow It up. General Beauregard's army defeated and - cattercd, tho rebel leaders would find uo ?th?r to tako its place, and thn'.r traitorous enterprise 'would be speodily crushcd out. relay is almost ns ruin- | ous to them an would bo a defeat. With five thousand of their array of the Potomac iu fioffitaia, infectious ns-ases raging in all their camps, their troops filled with approbMistoiroi'attacks by tho Union lorccs upon their hemes, they will not tony he able to maintain the position they ha\e assumed immediately in front of our lines, ami will toon 1) come as 111 prepared to resist an attack a.s they are now to make one. For several days they have tieen fooling along our line tora w'alc place, where they may cross the Potonwc into Maryland; but nouo has been found. In the mean lime, they watch closely every mov?ment on our side. A roccncoipsance in force was made last nlglit of 11 tho country in the vicinity of the Chain Bridge. Evory movement of tho reconnoitorinfi party was signalized by rockets in tho direction of tho rebel timet, but it was ascertained that they had not chungod the positions heretofore reported. They are erecting new earthworks on the Leesburg road, about sevon miles from tho Chain Bridge. The energy and ability of Ceo. HcClellau are plainly Manifested in the superior ollkbac.y And discipline of his whole army. Between eight and nine o'clock uu* morning the rebels within the fortifications at Munscn's Heights threw seven or eight.shi'ils towards the Union pickets near Bailey's Qrow Roads, a di.-tanco ef about one mile, without 4olng any damage, or causing injury to life or limb. The shells were of a new pattern and did not explode, owing to tho Imperfect manner in which they were loaded. lieutenant Hahlpren, of tba navy, w!x> was in the vicinity of .where one of tho rebel sheila. ? truck, secured It Jor .presentation to his tether, Captain Dahlgrcn, Chief ef the Naval Ordnance Department. Another one was sent to Brigadier General Richardson. "Tue firing was heard distinctly in Washinglon, and the .rapidity with which the discharge'were made Impressed every one with tho Idea that tho long . npocted attack on Washington bad. commenced. The shells wore thrown from a masked battery ut the base of Hanson's Hill,.near Munson's house. One of tho Union pickets was conecaiod in tho bushes afow sods from tho rebel battery wher. the firing took place. Tho enemy sttli continuo to work on several batteries near Ball'd Cross Roads. .Their pickets ami onrs meet occastoit.lly, and excltange shots. To day party <?f scout b fr> in the New YorU Twenty-first regi Mr t had a briak akicai.-h with an equal number of the rebi V, driving Umjm UcIc to tl?cir lincc, -No loss on oar side. Uofral McClelUn an<U tail", with cav-ulry escort, wont rcr Long Bridge afinrnt na^n to-day. As, Fort* Jackson, Bunyon and Albany, tho R??rds were tagned out, and a salute of present ar?is \va43Ivcn our yaung chiof:?^> an tn? |>BLFjfri. IIo made no etqp, and attempted no When be, pas. o'l ?b'? puard cf. the Massuch'W'tts Eleventh, Colonel Oieono commanding,at Fort Albany, lie rani 4ontly much gratifi?<( at tlioir prompt recaption of bia>. for overy Kxnn wax in k* ptace, every eyo * is flred up<* t,im,and aC tho word, " Proscot arms I" Ifce Genoral ?a!m>1 liis ?\p,aud bia bcautif ll bay sta.idpranced as though It.appreclatod tho wieniony. From Fert. Albany dUr'rat McCk'Han pm-oodeil to examine the outposfe hovutJs AlOT^udria and inUio viciilty of BaUejcCrngg Boa-la. Tbo wnopg wro considera&lj- disappointed ia jiot teefeii! the cnamy this morniac, rs tiioy aniiciiutcJ an attack, mi* wore ready and in fine spirits for it. General McClcUon ri lurnod ov*r the J/ing lb idee to. nigbt a-'joul uiiif ( 'tjci-k. I'p to ?lo*o? o'clock to-night cverjihinRia quiet along 9ur Hues. Our pjcketa extend about two Jiilos boyond Foi l Corcoran, In 1Lo Uiv ction of HaiJ'fl Hoise, and so pear are th" rebel pickcteitot shots liav<s been exchanged t Intervals throughout the day, nothing floriour result. j*g to our sido. U (s evldont that tlis r;:Uol forces are seeking cvsry opportcnity to cross the l*otomac atw.vo Wiishlnfton. TUey dare ia>t attu< lc our c ntm and venture "? decisive battle. They tuiwt eoon nuke a formidable movement ufl our live or retire. THE UKBKl HATTER I ICS OK MUNSOITS HILL. Tho p l>e! fortlflcatii n? on Munsmi'p Hill, th? co-fourths of a iiillo from Bailcy'a Cross IV-ula, have every tudica Hon of being coipj-letcd. From close Inspection mad* to j :E ne >>' ' ttkf VMMMiexe pltof (UtM taking observations of IH* Uuloa tron|m and their poekkooa. Tim earthwork* v.teiid for ? distance or probably a hundred an J li,lX arda to tlio right of iho^ewHnrgturnpike. No '/*> < wcro obflfi votl mounted ?n the fortlllcrtW*) but . Wanked battery la erected, concealed l>y a grove,n^wr I ,Tiailry's lionw, about a hundred yarila this aide of the I earthwork*. Among the few liters to Bailey'* (*? Roads lo-rtay, wore Jacob Kipgel, merchant, of I'lilladelpbia, and H. O. Leisenring, member of tli? Ijegtilature, of tho nam* city. UKNEKAt. BAKKd' ARMY KRAUT AND EA'.IU* FOB BATTIK. Y^terilay Secretary Seward, Colonel Frott, Assistant Secretary of War, at?l (General Meigs, Quartermaster (ieneral, proceeded to a point up tho river, where they met Major General Hanks, accAWi|iauled by some of Ibe T?iK>graphtcal Fngln<<era, making a recounoissance. The General is rc|x>it"i) to have lwen In Hue spirits, and anxioua that tho enemy should make an attempt to cross tho river, In order not only to show them the folly of their ways, but to give his iroojs, who are ready and anxious for fight , au opportunity to show their band. Ueueral Banks inspired the party with confidence in bis wonderful ability to organize and lead his men, and impressed them with tho belief that whore he leads our arms will be victorious. OPERATIONS OP TtlK NAVY DEPARTMENT?FAVORABLE OPINIONS OK Til* BEIU'.O's WffOMS? 8BCKETARY WELLES' CA1IK OV THE GOVERNMENT VB8SKLB, KTC., ETO. Tho story mentioned in tn-day's IIkkald alKiut Secretary Welles having written to his brothw-lB-law, George f>. Morgan, for ten thousand horses to su)>ply the twenty new gmiboata of nve hundred horse power each, ordered by government, is, we are told, pronounced by Acting Secretary Fox inaccurate an retried. It does not appear Utat tliere wad any contract actually entered into for the horses; while tho anxiety as to whero so many could be got on short notice, to say nothing of the difUotilly of g'-llluj; hay and oats to feed them, wus very natural. Thoro is now a spectacle witnessed every time you cross one of the creeks between Baltimore and Philadelphia, of a ferry boat lying idlo for tho wuut of only one or two horses to operate the i>addlc wheels. The savage articles in the Tribune and Evening J'ost, denouncing Commodore .St ring ham and lioneral Butler for visiting their families, aro understood here for just what they aro?indirect and insidious attacks upon Secretary Welles for going home to Hartford to pass a week or two. Everybody knows here that this Is what they uieun, and nothing else. But the tcpublic sufl'crsno detriment from the absence of Mr. Wollos. The business of his department goes on just as well when ho Is away as when he is here. Oqo would think his age, at least, might shield him from riennuciation. Very few men llvo to be us old as he is, and those that do ought to be respected. There has beon nothing more ungenerous than the censure of Secretary Welles for not sending reinforce, moots sooner to our garrison left at Kurt Uatteras. Mr. Welles is too experienced a man to be caught in such a trap. He has been a close observer of public affairs ever since the beginning of the present century, and be believes that men's lives should not be risked in warthat is, not many of thorn, nis Idea is, if 1 understand It, that tlio men left at Uatteras Inlet were sufficient, tf they should succeed in continuing to h?ld It, for the present; while, If they are to be massacred or taken prisoners, the lees there are of them the belter. ]f it shouid turn out that they are perfectly safe, Just as soon as that la known to be the case, others will be sent down tliero with them, and additional i*< 1' ?ns. The same course of reasoniug applies with equal ?%otscy to the iucrenso of tho navy, about which the i'otl and tho Tribune exhibit such indecont haste. What prudent merchant feels like sending Ills ships to sea when the water* swarm ho thick I with i>rlvatecrs that insurance companies charge four per cent extra, war rhk? It must be steadily borno in mind that tho ships belonging to the United States government arc put into tho hands of Secretary Welles us a sacred public trust, and that ho is responsible for their safo keeping, as well as having them properly Sumt't-T alfi?aV-w'otfiSrlTof"lie worpYof tGc privateers run aground, like the Jed. Davis, or get wrecked, ?s they are very liable to when the equinoctial storms come on. and you will sec that Secretary Wclh s will not bo lwblndhand In getting ships enough under weigh. Do not forget (hat uot one of tlio seventy odd ships recently captured by Ihe pirates belonged to the government, a fact which will be a standing monument to the prudonco of Socretarj' Welles for some timo to come. Your defence of Mr. Oeorge D. Morgan is another handsome thing, for which Mr. Assistant (noil Acting) Secretary Vox, will accord you great credit. Iam told that it is spoken of in sporting circles as a line exhibition of the manly art. Yon, however, fail to do Mr. Morgan full justice. 1 am informed that ho hegau by charging Ovo per cent commirsian. Some captious New York merchants, who were rich enough to have stood such a charge without grumbling, remonstrated against Uiia. Mr. Morgan Is a patriot, and also a brother-in-law of Mr. Welles. Tho one fact forbnde his abandoning 1ho service of Us country, as the other did his deserting tho Navy Department. So he generously reduced his corn missions to per cent. If, at that rate, he has ntaJe $150,000,1 ir lias given to the government (130,000, which he niifeht have made by charging five per cent. What, ever Mr. Morgan has done has been performed purely from public consideration, and without any scltish motives w hatever. Ho is far hotter qualified to buy ships than any other merchant In New York, besides doing it cheaper; moreover, ho Is ttie only man who has the nuthority from the Navy Deportment. Mr. Morgan lias been something of a sufferer on aocount of this bu sinet's. At 118 commencement he was in company with your excellent governor, E. D. Morgan, who, fearing it would bring Rome odium on the house, dlssolvod the firm. lie is ttot an ambitious man; and, I believe, b Tore this chnuce offered, was disposed to serve the government in some bumble capacity, connected, tf I mistake not, with tho customs. In addition to this it may not be im" proper to remark that ho recently risked the lives of bis two sons ana a descendant of old Mr. WelW, by exposure to the pirates, having sent tliem on en excursion, in a government vessel, down to Fortress Monroe, with no compensation but their expenses. PABUOJf OF PRIVATE SCOTT, 8ENTKKCED TO SCI FEB 1>EATH FOR BLEKP1KO ON HIS PORT. Major General McClellan has issued tho following order :? HKinQrjiKTints or nti Aran- of ihe Potomac, I WasiiinotoJf, Sept. 8,1861. J PriTUe William Fcott, of llompiuvy K, of the Third regiment of Vermont Volunteers, having boon found guilty by oonrt martial of sleeping on his post while a eentinel on picket guard, has been sentenced to be shot, and the sentence lias been approved an.! order od to be execnlod. Tho commanding oncers of tho brigade, tho reglmoiit and tho company of Uie condemned, together with many other officers and privates 'Of his regiment, have earnestly appealed to the Major General commanding to spcro. tho life of tho oll'eiider, and th ' President of tho UillU'd Slates has exprcj^cd a w ish thnt,a* this is tho Hist oejidimiatlun to death in this army lot this crime, mercy may .be extended to the criminal. Tills fact, viewed In connortion with the ibexporfcnce of the coudetnti"d as <wnoldier, his previous pood conduct and general good character, and tli.- urgent natrettiet- made in liis behalf, iicvo c)ei?rmiued !h > Major General ciTiraaiidlng to grant the p.irdyu so earnestly prayed for. ith: act of clemency must not bo tindcrstood as u pivcedent for any fut'irecai-e. The duty of a suntinil is ofSneh a nature that its nt ;lect, by sleeping iiptm or dv^erting his post, may nsKtuitfer ?be safety of a nontumnd, or even of the wlioio urmiy. ami .ill nations aflix to the otrenee the penalty of death. Pliv??e William 8eoM, of -Company K, ' { the Third regiment ? Vermont VoJuuteers, will be reli iucl from t. jolini-ituii and roturnud to duty. My command .of )toJor General MuCLELL-Wi. S. Wiujajoj, Assistant Adjutant General. Scott was to hare be?n shot this morning. Tho (anion wu rend to the regiment, which heartily expressud tholr , vi ium NVi ?n v.luiucuuy.? ] A SOJ.DIE* PHOT Br A OOXIUDK! ,St lije camp of Ookmel Young's regiment of Kmlnc ky j cnvalry.on Sunday, at noon, a soldier narjitrt Henderson, shot aao&er soldier, nauied Waltor, while performing duty ai a ??ard. .Sergeant Josu^di II. Bryson wua tLe ofllrer of tiif day, and owing <o hia presence of mind and dociriioii di -r&):i>o wax enured to the camp. Walter fail at the feet (f B? y?on, who immediately disarmed lienderpon of hi* revolver and had him put under guard. Bryson theu attended to the wounded sentinel, who is now at tho Wa*.'''nB'on Hospital. Walter-was shot i.nder the right ear. IV10 J edged iu tjie left side cf I his Jaw. There is no pros). cc' ?f 1"" recovery. UNION TROOPS Fi'05* VHUHNI1. Colonel Lnnion lius been authoi to raise a hn^nda of | Virginia and other troops, and lias already made a?r?ojje. j ments for properly einiippirg them. W Y 0 NEW YORK, TUESDAY, OPKN(V:7 OK TDK Mill. KOrTE TO PADCCAH, *-Y. TUo Postmaster General has ilirwted tbo in;ul faowlliea lo restored to Paducah, Ky., that town now being in j'oprodsion of UiiWn troops, aud the mulls theio no long'-r Unnper'nl with by secessionists. OLI) POSTAOK STAMPS TO HK C0NT1NI KB fS TB*. Tho following important document is to bo forwarded to every postmaster iu the loyal States:? r<wr Off i<"k DBiMitmRvr, 1 Fin.wk Ow k, Sept. ?,1801. J Sir?It >s found to bo ImitoMibltt to supply at prcM'iit the demand for postugo stamps of the iirw stylo. K\cry ctlort ill bo made to increase tho amount manufactured dally; but. under the moat favoruMe conditions, the d stribiition of theso stumps touil post oillees iu tho loyal Mate*, cannot bo ellectod within tho period conti<m!>!fttid i>,v tin- department. Pnder tbeta drwRstauces, notlco is hereby given to all p'odmat-ters who have not rccoived now stamps, to rouliuue tho sale of the old Issue, and, of course, to tnail all letters brought to their olliees preoaid by stamps of the old style. Willi each supply of now stamps, postmasters will he directed hi.w to dlspos# of the old. A strict compliance with tlio foregoing instructions is requited by tho Postmaster General. 1 nitt, respectfully, your obediant servant, A. N. ZEVKLY, iliiid jthslstaul Postmaster General. ABM1VAL OP GOVERNOR CtltTIN?FLAGS i'OM T1IE PENNSYLVANIA UKGlMtiNTB. Governor Curt in, of Pennsylvania, arrived this evening, in a special train, tho Directors' car of tho Pennsylvania Central Railroad having Itw# appropriated to the Governor's use. The Governor was accompanied liy all tho members of his staif, including Paymaster (!eit"ral Maxwell,Surgeon General Smith, Colonels Uvisaell, l'otts and Parker,and Colonel Paleston, Military Agent of tho Plato at this place. A number of private citizens accompanied tho | arty. Tomorrow ibo .Governor and still will proceed to inspect tho Pennsylvania voluuleeis. and to present regimental c^ors to the regiment*. The Governor has accepted the Invitation of General l)ix to visit his command at liultimore on his rot'irn home. XCTTliN OK THE CHIEF CLKKK OF THE WAK DKPAHTMKXT. Chief Clerk Lesley, of the War Oepartmeut, lias resumed his duties, after several week* absence, with itupioved health. MA.K)H8 OF CAVALRY REtitWKNTS. The War Department has issued tin order that volunteer cavalry regiments of twelve companle-i shall ltavo three majors, and regiments of from eight to ton companies two majors, instead of one only as heretofore. FACILITATING THE PAYMENT OK TUB TROOrf". To facilitate the prompt payment of tWtroops, a preference has been given at tho Treasury to requisitions of Paymasters; but it has been discovered tfint tho delay in these payments is almost invariably attributable exclusively to tho negligence or ignorance of company or rcgi. mental officers in preparing pay rolls, and hereafter all requisitions wiM l>e attended lo in regular order as llicy re received. THK PRKPAHATION OF THE TRKASl'RY NOTES. The work of signing the Treasury notes in herculean. Nearly the whole clerical force of tho Treasury It'partment has been summoned to work at It this afternoon and to-night. When it ia recollocted that to make up the flfty million dollars, there will be, perhaps, a million of bo|.'H, all of which are to l>e signed by the Ke| gister, thevo may bo some conception of the extent of the labor to be performed. Tho Treasurer, Goncral F. S. Spinner, has for ninety dayg devotod from sixteen to eighteen hours a day to signing his name to the large notes awl bonds. This constant exercise of the m'.uacles employed in writing has seriously Injured bis baud uud arm. WAR DEMONSTRATION IN BOSTON. Iwmt-iuc I'nloa War Meeting at Fancnll Hall Boston, Sept. 0,1801. The grand Union war meeting in Faneuil Kali (his afternoon ivm an immense succriis. Tlio galleries wore crowded at an early hour, a great proportion of tho number being Indies, and long before the linur appointed for tho meeting tho hall was closely packed with a donac mass, while all tho approaches to it were crowded with thousands unable to obtain an ejtrunoe. Tho old Cradle )>os?d of representatives The meeting was coinpeople in council, united for the prosecution of tne'wAt imd the restoration of the flag over every inch of the Union. It was called to ordc/ by Oil. A. O. Brewster, who, in tho course of his remarks, said:? The doors 01 raneuil Hall arc to-night open lo all, irrespective of party, or birth, or t eligion. II claimed liyjh honors for that Massachusetts Msjor General who ri turned from Hatteras with his brow irrfilanded with victory: honors for our noble fjonafor Wilson; honors for the eloquent and patriotic Holt, or Kentucky; for the brave and fearless Dickinson, of New York; to George 11. McClellan, the mnn for the hour; to the veteran StrIngham; and honor. and thrice honor, and all honor to the Irisii patriot, Ihoma* Krsncls Moaghor. Hie mention of those names wns received with storms of applause, lie concluded by proposing the list of ofllcers for the evening:?Hon. Benjamin F. Thomas, prebiJer.t: and tho Mayors of Boston, Cliurlestowu, Cambridge. Boxbury, Chelsea, Worcester, I/iwell, Salem and i.ynii. with others, to tho nmnber of seventy-six, for Vice Presidents. Tim President attempted to speak on taking the chair, but lie this time the pressure of the crowd from without bad become so great, the dense ma; s swayod to and fro like mighty waves, and he iMiuld not lie heard. .Senator Wilson followed, and met with no betler success. The jam became insupportable, when it was announced from tls? platform that a meeting would be at once organized outside. Two \ a*t meetings were at once formed. and tho numbers * ithout far exceeded those within. This at once relieved the hall, ami the proceedings were resumed. .Tvlge l/ird made an eloquent and impressive speech. He said 1.11a ivi.rld n,.i i r fiitv Kuril a dav as thi.'. All the Iiodok t'f humanity, <>r civilization?of Christianity, lie had almost said, were bound up in the coolest wo wuro waging. While Judge I>>rU was spiking the follow ing dtspateh ??a rooeived from Mr. Meagher, which was read aiirid thunders of applause:? Nkw York. Sept. 0.1SB1. To TIK OtJURjf AX OK 1BK CSJON, kinltii. H.'.u :? I deeply regret tlio Impossibility of b"iug with the cltlzcos of Massachusetts this evening. The Irish lirlg.vle Imperatively detains mo here. TbecnuMi you defend is ali^o an Irish cruise. There iR no hope lor Ireland If you fail to win. There is no hope for liberty anywhere If ilio Lulled Ptat"s fail to win. Richard Frothinglinm followed, who said In the course of his remarks:?"The only subjugation we seek in to MbJugate Uiu South to the lawn wliicli their own ballot boxfn, their own individualism hel|>od to create, and,"' he asked, "is not thiscoiistltutiuual libei ty?:' to which the meeting r cupel id od by a tremendous and emphatic "Xes." Ktxieehcs wero made by the Rev. Charles W. Penni-on, a flinplaln in the Hatterns expedition, who exhibited troplil.ia from the forte; Patrick Itouounc, Charloa Hale, Krostus Hopkins, of Northampton, au! Senator. Wilson, who tt.nir an eloquent appeal for mon- soldiers to su=taln our general!". He Bald:?"We need a hundred and tifty thousand more men In the fl"lf1. General McClellan needs tlfty thousand more men on the l'cloinar 1 onj-r)it, ami if he h'id them the foe would be vanqulKl od before him iu a week. <rennrai Fremont needs 100,"00 tneu on tb" soil of Missouri to enable him to carry the Hag to tho haul s of th-j Ri? Grande. Ho looked for glorious victories on the burks of " the Father or Waters." MasK.irbiset!*, lie M;d, ought to have t-. u more regiments in the Held, and ho believed that sb? eould have them iu less than thirty days. He defended the government from " croakers." When the President, and Cabinet, and generals were worl in;,"-),' iU'c/i and twenty hours ? day t<i prepare tho country for the fall eampnign, tlieq it w;n thnt the c?un try t'e.i there was nothing doing. Tlie government woro covering uplhi ir tracks from the enemy. He, (Mr. Wilson), knew a great deal was uoing. uud September and October would show it. '* Tliere was (Usappolutmeut expressed In oonseqncncc of the atw-nco of'Seneral liutlfr, but alter Colonel Hrews- 1 t..tV explanation, that the C,oe?rnl had been summoned to hN p?6t of duty, the meeting was peaceful. It d.Kinrued at fen o'clock. after fn.?ine fonr brief resolutions, eeibody:ng the 1 mguage <>f Hi?. Joe Holt Webster, Archbishop Hughes, and An.lrew Jack^m's celebrated expression, "The Vniou, It must and shitii be I preserve 1." ! M th" meeting separated, rousing cheers wore ylvec j for (JeuorsJa ricott and McClellan A NEW YORK EX-STATE SENATOR BURNED JN EEFIOY. Wavjtt.kt, N. Y.,ftopt. 9,18C1. | lion. Xathan Br-tui, ex State Senator, and member of j 4he Committeo authorized by tho act of the Leglhtnro to I aridit certain aecM:ntF sot within Juricdiction of the | SU>.to Auditor, well known I-it his pecegBion proeUvitie*, i ww waited on I out night ,nnd treated with a serenade. The ?v:?tc conalstcd of a lu:. H0 flddle, tin pang, ie. Jlo v.-iis ln-rned in efUgyju.d afterwards buried in iu the b'r??e yard. There wax c> wWornbio excitement. MORE SEIZURES UNWK THE CONFISCATION ACT. Providiwck. R. Lf Fept. 8.1801. t^e foflc wlng ?v '"cIp, owned wholly or io pari at the Sooth, wrro seized tO'day at Newport by Mit~*ha) Snndford:?Schooner 8. Y. K"own, with cargo; *cho<V',r Milno I.-*w, t.i> rar^o; gohoonor jWabarh, no cargo, and ?<v"on*r I .7. R. Raich, oo cargo. j IIK H SEPTEMBER 10, 1801. , GEHSRAl BANKS' ARMY. CANNONADING OP THE REBELS AT ED- j WAVtlVQ t'VDPV Momuohehy C'oi'Nty, Mil., Sept. 7,1801. %>e rchrU keep up an utmost dally firing on our men at tho ferries, ami at times moke demonstrations an if they Intend to croud. Yustnrday there was h?avy cannonading at Edward's Kerry. This may bo thulr plau of drawing attention ['rum tho works which are said to l>e in progress on Ibo ferry rood leading to licosburg. General Ranks' division is ready at all limes to movo in any dlrn\i?.n at a moment's notion. OUH PLEASANT HILL CORRESPONDENCE. rijusj.vr Bill, Md., Sept. a, 1801. A Kebtl Battery Iiroken Up?Autu I'mliuiit of an Adraiwr. by th'' Nebet* Orfftht /'"fonutc?Thr Alb-ytl Dul->yalty if Cai'tain D*flef?Military Mooait, n't? MUttUaAttm* JV<Kv/t ?/m the Camp, itr., ifr. Yesterday afternoon ilic enemy planted cnniwin on tbo Virginia side of the rivor, behind the bills or Intrenchni nls they lmvo erected,opposite Seneca mills, ot the month of liig Suneca river. A fow shcllB wore thrown oh our pickets on the rivor bunk, and information of tho fact M as communicated to Colonel Duclunx, Commander of the Vow York Thirty -fouitb, camped a mllo or two distant. Gdonel was asked what should bo dont^aud replied promptly and ourtly, ' Kill thu rebels." A number of startling i unmrs wore sot afloat when the uewd readied the main camp. One, (lint tho ivh.'U had forded the river and landed on the Maryland shore niih an advance f?rec of throe thou.- and cavalry, obtained ere. deuce, for the reason that a report that an attack had been made tm Arlington Height* hud iilrcudy reached r? from Washington, and it wassuppoiied this was but ai ling mil

a part of llie rebel progi ammo heforo mentioned, vlv:.:? tho invasion of Maryland at different {mints simultatuncously with au assault upon Washington with lv!f),000 men. During tho evening it was ascertained that tho report of the cavalry iuvnnlnn was unfounded, but Dial relative to tiring upon Ilic pickets wtth ennnou was continued. In the meantime, evor) thing was put in readiness for a movement at a minute's notice, and tho army was busy until midnight cooking rations and making preparations far u forward march. The night passed, howeier, without an alarm, and daylight broke upon us accompanied by an easMrly siorm?murky, muddy, rainy and dismal. This, however, did uot dampen the ardor of our troops, who are roadv to undergo any prlvatHi If they are snro of belli;' brought lace to face with the enemy. At the hour ( write (10 A. M.) the orders to bo iu meliuiss to march lutvo not been countermanded. If Wise or any other rebel Is knocking at Ihe door on tho other side of the Potomac lie may tlnd that it will be opened to bim with a warmth (if u'elronifl hi. tin* rnrnlv fwi>iv<t<l J. K who was susjircted as u mmwIdi1st, ut whose hot:se a number ol" Hulires anil cavalry accoutrements seized, a lew day* wince, by Lieutenant Howard, of Oimmnv E, Second Massachusetts regiment, boldly proclaims his Union sentiments, niut says tlmi the arms found in his house wore furnished by order of tiovcrnor Hicks, and wire retained by him with ?h? Uovertjnr'g knowledge and consent. He in deeply and sensibly mortified at, the hare suppo*<flR>li of disloyalty being attaehed U> big name. Captain D. was a warm aup|*>rter of Hon. Mr. Calvort, the Union candidate in thetauntOmRnHMotialoanvuss iu Maryland,and did as much an any oilier citizen of Mm>tg'<mery county to secure that gentleman'* election. a* a prlVHteciti/.en,Captain DuUel Is universally regarded ana high minded, warm hearted, hospitable and honorable man. He formed a company some months ago, In which a number of .Southerners were enrolled, who resigned, and the comiwny broken up in conw-quence, for tiro reason that Otptain DtiRef enterlained such strung scntlui 'iitii in favor of the Union. Ho wan not arrwrtod, and it is probable hi* private arms will be restored to htm as noon as In* cafe In investigated by General Hanks. 'Ibe cane of the brothers Allmel, arrested as *ympatlilwm with the rebels, has not yet been disposed of. They were before General Hanks yesterday, and sep"rately Interro^atod. Tliey have two of the llucst dragoon Ivimi in tbo m my. They will be a prize If con treated. Adjutant Henry M. Stone, Now York Nineteenth, has ( one (o Auburn to arrange for the procuring of a liana for the recipient. I upturn Cnvigan. Cumpsriy 11, was in conu mand of the regiment to-day iu the absencc ?f Major J/*!He. who has gone to Washington on oftlctal bu <hf s. I Ion tenantK. Dennis, of Company K, in acting Adjutant In the absence of .\(J}utuntfSt"ne. Out of the line of railroad, telegraph* an'I stiu,c c inches, wo are in a sad way hen; on I lensiuit 11111 and Us stirrounduiiTs, for mall facilities, newspapers, and the general advantages of coimmwiiation wilji the outer world. No New York pn|iers tv letters for fu*r days. The cuuntry round*); >;jf scents lifijrqjUy Irthave been eaten up, as 'oni?,'jfm;f incus at flrst lessfar!irfi%nft!?>,'liVM Wli tyWi ( hljjii'vliWand b juavs. A graphic descriptkm of the same may hnreatlcr appear. Colonel Charles J. Piddle having bicn appointed Brigodier General, will take command of the tirst brigade In General Hanks' division. In place of Hrigadler tieneral Thomas, who lias gone to Washington, tieneral Biddlc Is a son of the celebrated Nicholas ltlddlo, of Oniled States Hani: fan , his much military e\j*'rienc.o, and the brigadier's st.u is not likely to bo dimmed while worn on his shoulders. Mr. James Pa'lon, of the firm of J. C. Howe .V To., of Host on, nnd general army agent lor the 8t ate of Massachusetts, arrived in camp yesterday from Washing n, to l<>ek al'ler the interests of the Massachusetts region nts here. He is accompanied by Mr. Albert Gallatin Hrown, of the same city. The old Hav State taki s good earn of llr troops. Wish we could sav the Fame with regard to other Suites wiioso troops are light ing for the existence of the government. PiJtASAvr Hit i., Md., Sept, S, IMJ1. ? ]>* Union Ftrrt.* Attacked l*v Ribrl Hot!rri> s?Fifly-riyh' Ktow.i in Btguiiitinn on lite Uj-pir f/ilcmiic far (he T.-ausjHirlalii n of Krtu t Ti ik.ju, rfc., tfc. The attack yesterday upon the pickets of the Thirtyfourth New York regiment was from rebel batteries erected a few miles below the mouth of Seneca river, and near the head of the Falls of the Potomac, in the vicinity of tboeddy before the fall scommence. The rebels bad flvo or six gnus manned behind earthworks. About fifty rounds of spherical shot were thrown, doing some little damage to temporary buildings erected for tho convenience of I he pickets. The rebcjts had filly-eight scows ready for the transportation of their troops to the Maryland side. They have as yet found no use fur tliem. Kacli scow is capable or carry lug nlwiut fifty men. The boatioliad not, boen destroyed by our artillery at the timo of writing f.tiif. It is reported that there were no rebel trooj>s behind the earthworks except thon- who n.aimed the guus ami U>e usual number of officers. A large amount of specie ($500,000, it to stated) was brought into this neighborhood to day from Washington, for ttho i ayment or troops. A guard of Tutted Statos cavalry ronvoyed It from the seat of government. The ^Taesacbusetts Thirteenth, Colonel Jxonard, liave made their ap|>earance. Judging from the numliei and tim'miu of the Massachusetts logluients, it wouli. :<com that they were iuellued to subjugate too entire Mouth, without the assistance of any other Slate. New York, Indiana, Wisconsin and a Dumber of other States may, however, dispute the claim to (his honor. GENERAL I&TLEIJ EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON. Bosiox, 8cpt. 9, 1861. General Butler left here for Washington In the morning train, in obcdlence to a despatch from the War Dupartmeat. NEWS FROM KENTUCKY. I/>iiflmu.k, Sept. 9, 18W. Richmond and Xcw Orleaus dates of the 7th Inst. con" tain nothing of Importance. Ttio irritation between the Unionists and the secesrion element In this city is hourly Increasing. The best informed politicians hold that the crisis has been reached, and that the neutrality phantom will give way In a few days to a h^stiio collision, :ind that Kentucky will share the fate of Missouri. TitoI'nion men of this city loudly demand prompt aud energetic action on the part of the legislature for sup|iresBlng rebel movements in (lie State, and are r cry restive un'Ier (lie dilatory policy thus far pursued. A d<'Iegati?u of Tenuess'-u secessionists. assisted by Senators Breckinridge and Powell, ex-tlov. Morelie:?l, and others, arc exerting llieir utmost to prevent the legislative endorsement of the formation of military c.mip.; in the State. A call for additional volunteers U ur^ed by moro decided Unionists. The CJonledemle Fxaminlng ofllecr at tlie Htnte line has ' .-'at'd to travellers ov r tho I/miFiana and Xa-divlto }:.tiiroad,tiiat he U'"k 2o0,000dollar* Id gold from passim gcra coining North within tan days. IMPORTANT REBEL MOVEMENTS IN KENTUCKY. C>mo, September 9,1861. i K is reported that the rebel fore is at Coin mhos, JCy., , unu'T wvDerui r'u, iuvl- nivru?a--?i w ??4? u 1119 ; of infantry, with ?lx flo!<l batteries,? bIc^b bottoryand 1 tliret; battalions of cavalry. lie liM a gunboat anil tin we | fteamer*. 1 Jctf. Thuwpson's force remains at Dolinont, Mo. ,opp<mite ' Cohirabiu?. Commodore Hxgor* seized the steamer* John Gault 1 Jubn Dull and Jefferson at radiics!) y.*lrril?y. i Tho rebel gunboat Yankoe came within three ml1ci> of < alro jonerday, but retired without making any hostile i omoni>trat.on. : E R A1 OPERATIONS AT FORTRESS MONBDI. REPOBTKD HETROf.ADE MOVEMENT OF CJEX. BEiUHEGARD'S FORCER. Koiithwh Monkoi. Hciit. M, 1*11. Oileb B. fttnltb, Secretary of the Interior; Mr. Konuedy, of tho Census Uureau, ana Colonel .-teaton, of tlio In'elUt/encer, have spout tUo day at Old Point and Newport News. They leavo to-night for Washington. Tho distinguished T letter * bring the cheering I nielli. geucetYom Washington of a rctrogadu movement ol' GenHeanrcgard'? forced. It la well understood hero tliut ho must capture Washington, or sudor a dturuptli.a of his uruiy hy (ho withdrawal of tho troops to tho Invaded States of tho Confederacy. We hivo no authentic Information of tho death of Jofferson ravin. Tlu' Minnesota ban not yet arrived. Tho prevalent gale is drlvlug a large number of transport# into lliutiptou Roads. OUlt FOBTREH8 MONROE COUBESPONDENCE. Pokikb-s Mo.vkoi, Va.,8opt. 7,1801. News from Mattera* Inlet?f h Atlack by the lUMt Aniicijutted?Further AVpwdt'fiomt on the Xvrth Carolina Coatt <'nntrni} taU<l?lk? Developing Union Sentiment of the State? lleinforcmtnti to USent to HatUra i Ink If ruin fhrtrcsi Untune?Xererfi/jr of More Traapt for G'-neral WW* Army?Xtiral MmcmuUt?Aeici from (he Jilocktiding Fleet, <fc., ?tc., \te. ltj tho steamer Geo. I'onlvody, which arrived at tho l'olnt taut evening, wo hivo revived Intelligence from Itatterae Ittlut up to j esterday morning. Xo attack had h.jcn mndo hy tho rebels on our position, hut it wad daily anticipated) and in order to bo in proper condition to moot it, its di fencea were and at ill aro being p tr<ni?(b'U)H. Tho Pcabody l*ft llatteras Inlut yesterday mornin^ at four o'clock, ami, omitting one luddent, nothing occorcd worthy of mention. That Hi<s Uie attempt hy a rebel steamer, probably tho IV iTeo or Cordon, prlvatoer, to capture tho Peabojy, whllo she was passing Oregon Inlet, this hide ol' Cap* llatteras. fortunately It did not succeed in getting oyer Dm liar, and the I'eabody cscapod. ] ant indebted Ui l.iouteuiiut George Jl. Hntlvr, of tbu Tenth Infantry,for tho following facta in regard to affairs down the coast All the guns on Fort Clark bad been mounted by Colonel Ilawkius, anil that fort was in a perfect idate of defence. Fort ll.iltinw had net boon placed in tho position it ought to be put In, In oonsequenco of the disinclination of t'ol. Weber's men to work as hard as the exigencies of tho times demanded, llut the squad of regulars there, assisted by a detachment from the Pawnee (gunboat), were rapidly mounting tho guns, including the ten inch coiuin hind that was found l>ing on the beach, andPort llattrras will be placed. in a day or two, In such a condition as wll' sccure us from any danger If ;?u attack bo made by tho rebels. That such an attack will be made is uot doubted by any one iu our force; ami (bat wu 8ball repulse H, ut any cost, is admitted by nil. That is the determlnation of the iucii. Tbo Huwqiiohiuina bud returned from Ocracoke Inlet, and confirms the report brought by tbo Monticollo In regard to tho evacuation of the fort ot that jioint, the carrying awuy of tho gun* on it, or I heir spiking by tb? enemy, ati'l tbo In crcoso of Union feeling in that part of tho State. It seems that tbo rels-ls have sustained a dreadful "scare," ax they term it, by the en pt urn of Forts Clark and llptteras by our force*, together with their garrisons; and they did not wnit confirmation of the r? ports of their capture before they incontinently flnd from Kort Morgan, a strong no* it to. i at Ocraaoke Inlet, and ?|p.> from tboir battery at Oregon luiet, leaving all their guns, after spiking Hu tu in the most ini)ierferl manner. and destroying us well as they could, under the tears that iwisiwed tiiom, tho few provisions that ffquyjied to them, and then made their way to the rualmww/where they raised a great ii'ibli ih by their li >i'i il?loTali s of tbo doings of tbo cursed Yankee- ou th"lr shores. For forty-oifrlit hoin s after wo had capture I the forts all North t aroiiuit w.-is suffering from the most severe attack of tin* iiRite, and even now it would seem that they have not been able to burn- li their Icar*. It is a chronic i. Hack, I tear, iiiul what I lie results liny bo alter we have made another visit to thoir coast 1 cannot imagine. The few new ^papers that Hill ekO out a doubtful livelihood In tho Plate have fallen to, us rogues sometimes will, and spend lltcir valuable tlm? in abusing the anthomore attention toilm (' "vcrnor of thuStut.) and to Jell. Iiiivip". Miinitrt.vJn. d irts that It hu reiicn?"dly calleil attention to this J very inlet, and has again and again drtnauded that it foien I Of ttvo thousand men be plncod there. .Meanwhile, with out i!??irin<? th9se wise editors to cense their cry for spilled milk. wo hold on to the position, and only regret that their wishes had not been complied with, and live thousand men sent there.for our success would havi I'ocii only the grcuter. The truth Is, the mote nu n tie y had under the circumstances the worse cbey were oil. AVe could have taken two thousand men easier than eight b lmlre !, and so on. Their f-ars in regard to U>u safety of Via hiugton, lleaufort, Newborn and other to-.rn?iii NorthOiroiiun, let tnc whisper In your enr, aro well founded. They are ours by right, and w ill lie by |kisscmIou .a le.-s t lin ii a mouth. M irk tuy prediction. Tho war will be carried into Africa now, and nothing but a hearty and universal recognition of the government of the Union will save tlu ni. 'J hey now have an opi orninily of acknowledging the supremacy of tho whole Uuion, and if they do not avail lh?twelves of It., bo the consequences?sad and painful, too?on their own heals. I am i<lad to announce that tbo Influx of the people of North < nrollua to t ike tho oath of allegiance ami nsk protect ion from our government still continues. W?> t of tliose who have ccrni in have professed their alloglanco to the United States, nnd siKnilied their wiUlugncfs lo serve the government as soldiers, to rej*'l inia i'<n from abroad <thid lefers particularly to the inhabitant* of the Island, wreckers, pilots, fee..) or check marauding nt home. Under the circumstances, It Was deemed expedient by Captain Butler to Issue to Colonel Haw kins all (lie muskets taken from (he enemy, to be placed in the hands of these men, whose n-sistiuicn will bo of great value as scouts, kc. Tho propriety of these proceeding* cannot be questioned. Colonel Hawkins is anxious to crops tli" Hound to tho mainland, whore ho is ass red tliat the people need only a leader to rally around their ohl ling. This desire Is likely to be granted, and you are l k ly to hear, at any time, of a landing ou the mainland, and then we may test the accttrncy of the roisirts In regard to the Intent Unlun feeling existing among the people of North Carol inn. In order to make thing* perfectly secure at naneran Inlet, reinforcement* will be sent down by Uoncral Wool, und the place will bo retained nt any cost. lhavoflio word ol' I hi' Oenrral himself for thin, 'toil that is ax good as a bund. It ii uot niv .Miry to name the number of in"ii to lie sent down, or the forcenow there, but upon the :u rival of rvinlor-omtnts tbc position is secure beyond perad venture. Now i hat the war in this department has been so successfully hiaugurat-il, all that is neodod in a prompt cooperation on the part ?f the government and their assistance. them cend '2.ri,000 wen to General Wool, ami within t. rty days he will navo In hi? poysefsinn the AtUntie const from Caiie Henry to tlie Florida reefs. Without mi n ho can do nothing, and I urge u|ion the authorities at Wnshirgton tlie necessity of sending IJeneral Wool' at onee, anil wit limit delay, at least twenty tliousand mon, properly equippoj and ready for the lioid. If this to Immediately done, wilbtu less than two months tbc Stars and kifii>en will n;,?ain over CUsrlc.iton, Savannah, Mobile, *nd evon .V< iv Orleans. Nuw is the time to strike a blow that chail give a quietuH to rebellion in tlie ,vi'.untie state*. All that is needed Is action. Givo General Wool the men, ami the thing is accomplished; but do n it delay. Delay in now fa'a'. l/?t the governmont like this into iiimiedia/econsideration, and a? tlicy decide, -o will b? the result m the contest. I shall leavofor Hat tern Iniot to-morrow or next day, and I h i|>e to be alii on my rerun to give tlie most cheering news from North (Carolina. The frigate lU annkc. Commodore fi iideritrnet, arrived yen tor. lay from i Charleston, where she has been (libeling a nomi1 nai blockade of the port. TU> usual diatanri 1 from OiOTlrttien bar, where slio lie* at anchor, 1 is so great that the blockade is uiost ix.elllc ent ' anil worthless. Whi ther she is too large it VPHMi for Ike j place "r not others may auy; but that the and hercorwort do not maintain an ufflcient blockade admits of littlo | question. It is just no off Suvanuah. The blockade hi i good only on paper. Wluit is needed Ii g.inbonU, of light I draught ami swift. With heavy frigates ?u ! vi-nerablecommandi r.'), the blockade may as well In raised and the i Miipfi brought home. The sooner tlie Navy Department | realizes the exact male of affairs tbe bettor. 'Hie Iroquois salli d lust evening in search of the Sum! tcr privateer. Plio Is one of tho fastest vesf h in our navy, and never lias bcon driven belter than by Engineer | John H. I/nig, lately attached to her. | Tbe Harrl t l.?ni- leaves to night for I'lilLidtljibla, for I rot?lrs. The Quaker City sailed for New York, where her ouI ;11'ron u!l??rv. ioriM fni.nd ttwr?-mirv. I Tli? Monliocllo will undoubtedly leave In a day or two for Ni *r York, for repair*. I Tin1 gutiboM Cntabn %e,Bix gMU*, arrived to day from ! Boston, aud tti" Dawn oakf iu for coal Inst Uight. O0tnmodoreHtrlngh.ini, thu hero of Haitoras Iulol, arrived from Wuf hlngtou, vi;i Baltimore. t.ii- morning. Ho I is awaiting tlie Minnesota, from Vw Vorif, exfocted u?i morrow. I Ivarti that Major Kimball, of the Ninth New York Vo1 hmtaert, will not at present aoMmfony bis command to I Hatters* Inlet, In Cons'qnrnco of hw rtutiri on Urn l'.xam1 iiiinx Hoard now in geftston here. A.? soon as the Cmnmiaj slon dope their labors he will join his regiment. Lieutenant tii-org H. ibitler. of the Tenth Infantry, has rciipnod from fiont r.d Witter'# ?u(l', as hn desires more i active duty. Ho Is-a gent It-man and a soldier, and will mako his mnrk befcr ion*. A number ?t theoftleer* and privates of the Twentieth regim< nt have drawn up a document tontify in? tbat tb?lr Ijiiutennnt Colonel (Wen.*) was the tirst to out. r Fort Clark, at the H titer*!" Inlvt cngo^ ment . and plant our Uag trjK-n its rampart*. - ^ L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM HAT1ERAS INLETTen n*K?i "???--.A- M ,,- t- ? - H *??? nrt uiiruivoin *11*? glnia for th?,Oeftiic? of IVortlt C?ro> Una?The Inhabitant* DvMrtini; lb* Coast. WxgHimiTOv, Sept. 0,1861. Oiiit,imiiilnr Rnwbnn has written a letter to the Hwretary of the Nnvy, dated United States steamer Pawner, Huti'Tus Inlet, Nept. 8, of which tho followluif is an extrae.t:?"In a communication addressed to the Cornniauderin Chief at Hamilton ltouds,I informed liiiu that I fori warded sevcu of tho fugitives In tho Penbody to bo I i indod at II.million Una !h, supply ing thorn with provisions | to last thoin tlioro. Another of tho fugitives of this l>arty 1 havo retained to act us pilot In these w iti rg, should his services bo roqulrod. From tho best infer nwtlon I can obtain, ten regiments have hoen recalled from Virginia to defend the Htato, Thu seceasionlRts residing near the water arc dee rliug their resiliences, and seeking shelter lu the interior. The poorer classes remain, waiting for protection to avow their t'nlon soutimenu. A town meeting was calM in Washington on tho night of the 1st lust., when it was decided to fortify a point In th? river, ten miles bflow the town." TERR13LE RAILROAD CATASTROPHE. Fiendish Oatrugc of a Railroad Engineer?Six of (ho Ira Harris Cavalry Killed and Fifteen Wounded, die., &v? Raltimhus, Sopt. 9,1801. Yestordiiy afternoon two or throo roar ears of a tram containing a deUuliuieut of tho Ira Hart to Cavalry, of Vew York, uuder Colonel Kllpatrfck, \i ro thrown from tho track of the Northorn Contral Railroad, near Cockeytvllle, through the criminal carelessness of the engineer*. Four soldiers wore Instantly kliiod and several wounded?three mortally. 1h <'!igiueer, on He'Ing tho result of his recklessness, det.icbW. Ills locomotive and hnstonod to the city, whoro ho wns arrested. He was Qr?*l upon by somo of tlw soldiers, but they failed to detain him. NAVLK8 OF TUB KILLED. The following are the killed:? I.yon, Quartermaster's Sergeant, relative, It m s:ild, of Uoncral Lyon, and privates James McDonald and George Gorman. The following are slightly wounded:? Francis Flinu. Peter Peterson. R. O'Donuol). James C. Donnelly. H. W. Allen. James Knglisb. NAiiwi op tbs womnmp. The following are badly wounded:? George Van Shane. Michael Denny. \ The engineer, Frederick Gnmback, la said to hare Mad* a threut that he would be In Baltimore by a certain boar or louvc them b?hlud, and kept up a furious rate of spood, notwithstanding tho remonstrance of the officer In com mand. Aum i'iua A Li rAtcnuuLUB or TUB JUJSA8TKB. Washington, 8ept. 9,1801. A detachment or tho Harris Liuht Cavalry, CdWel Man^fleld, arrived-hero at Dvo o'clock this afternoon, after sad experience* aiul narrow escapes from tho diabolical trcochery of fiendish railroud engineers by tho way. Tb? detachment consisted of three hundred men and fifty-one horses, under command of Lieut<.>nuiit Colonel Kiltiatrlck. The rest of tho regiment was already here. Colonel Kilpatrick left New York at foor P. M. on Saturday, proceed lug by way of tho New Jersey Central Kal!road to Easton, nod the Reading and Lebanon Valley Rail ioad.4 to Hurrisburg, where he arrived at six o'clock on I tlio car.* upou ihe trai k nt ttW 'ho train, until eleven o'clock, Col. kilpatrick was searching lor some officer of the road to nn en^lro lo toko the train across tho rlror to tho depot of tlic Northern Central rood, leading to Baltimore. At hist lie cent m parly of his men to the engine house, with < rders to (Ire up ono of the locomotives of the I'orninylvania Railroad, and place it in charge of an < n/rlnccr, who bi longed to ono of bis companies. His v ai rc.-istod by the railroad employes,and ho accosted by the Assistant Superintendent, Samuel J). Young> I who demanded lo know if Col. Kilpatrick intended to fake the engine by force. He replied that ho was under orders to tako hid men to Washington, and intended to do en, for which purpose he must have a locomotive, und ho intended to take one Uy force if necessary, and that ho should tnko Iho Assistant Superintendent along it, tl<*d and gigged, if sueh treatment was requisite. I'pon this exhibition of determination to go ahead the superintendent promised to^provlde an engine and engineer. This was dually dine. Upon arriving at the depot of the Northern Central Road no train-was ready, and to avoid a repetition of the experiences at the other depot, and further detHy,aa his men were without food, Colonel' Kilpatrick concluded to como on to Bultlmore with the (rain ho bad, and directed the engineer accordingly. Tliey proceeded rarely, at arete of i bout eight mile* an hour, until within four miles of Cockeysvillc, when the engineer put on the steam, and began to run the train at a fearful speed. Co). Filrpatrick and his wife, and ?niofit of the officers were In the lOBt car. The brakesman left his rest and camo into the car declaring that be could ?* ?tkn ftralfA wtiMil Iho train wa? rfaaVtlno such a speed. In going around a s Harp curve,as noon aa the engine reached the straight road, the steam wax suddenly let on, fearfully increasing the rate of Bpecd. Lieut. Lyon, nephew of the late Geo. Lyon, volunteered to man the brake of th e last car. Aided by Sergeants McDonald and Kuller, and one of the privates, he had managed to put down the brake, when the four cars Immediately in front of It were violently thrown from ?ho track, and the breaking of the coupling or the last car let it escape tlio khuio fate. Lieutenant Lyon and feergoants McDonald and Fuller and the private, who wure manning til's brakes, were Instai t!y killed. They had gallantly ex|>osed themselves to danger, and lost their lives, but sovi'd those of tho occupants of the hut car. As toon as the cars were thrown off1, tho engineer detavhed tlio locomotive and tender frc.n the train, and started ahead, exclaiming " Thore, your i>?d d?d train In a wreck, nnrt 1 hope the whole party Is killed." Col Kllpatrick promptly gave ordeas tor his arrest, an<l some of tho men started after him, and endeavored by hurling stones to knock him off the engine. Tho fireman hesldo him it was tliuH knocked insensible, and fell frim the oar, but the engineer at that time male his escape. Finding in the command an exdort telegraph operator. Colonel Kilpatrick had the wires cut, and tho ends burnished, and a message sent to Central Hx, at Baltimore. informing him of tho occurrcnrc, and requesting aid and tho arrest of the fugitive engln er. This message of course went m both directions. It was promptly responded to by General Dix. An extra train was sent out from Baltimore, wjtb orders to awest the engineer. 'When he was met he ilenl 'd that any accident hud occurred, and profesned to be only In charge of a detached engln". He was, however, arrested. He had already cut the wires, but not until after the message had beerr sent. Upon his arrival at Ox koysville he had a whispered conversation with tho t.digraph sperator, from whom ho learned thut the message had gono before the wire wan out. It Is reported that when the Intelligence reached liarrHeirg, Assistant Superintendent Young expressed gratlfloat ion at the result, and hoped that Colonel K:'put rick was ainoug the killed. He was promptly arrested. In addition to the four killed instantly, three were ro | badly wounded that they have since died. Fifteen others were l>?uly wounded, and a number received con listens I I ? ?,.ro ?bn Hum; ur iuh? dvvviv. awv <?tw?v ?v.v .. killed. Exc.-pt the three men who were too badly mangled to bo moved, nil th? wounded were brought on to Baltimore, and conveyed to the hospital there. They w?>ro met at Baltimore by MnJor Bclgcr, gaartermagicr at L'aliimoiu, who had prepared ambulanc. * for tho dead and wound ed, and a subft.ioUal meal tor the living, and t<x>lc clmr^B of the dead to h&vo the bodies torwardtd to New York to day. Tlie detachment an ived at Baltimore lart night. Th? intelligence af the affair was mjpprwaed in order to effect tho arrest of the juilty parlietf. At the Camden droot, m rente to Washington, another iitRcnltr.wag ox-H i need in procuring tar*, hat Colonel Ktipj.trick agaiu t ? k |?*?e?(oo of a train, and arrived here irt Ave o'clock this afternoon. Colonel Kilpatrlck to | a graduate of Went folmt, and w.ia ve'tnded In tho brittle of Big llt-tl I. Tli statement ol di tall* is procured from ' him. Ho 18 fell of (Ire and energy. The affur witlbn ( I * hjocted legd lnv? Ftig'liois, and the fold bloo^e t : murdoreis wlm pl.-iuucd and executed this lio.ijdi outrage J w ill be punished. < 1