Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1861 Page 2
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2 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Sept. 9?<51'. M. To-d.iy's bank statement compares as follows with that of last Monday:? W' r/i rtt'linp. Ijttms. Sfitvir. Ciicvhifi<m. Dffiorift Autust 81.474 4,V>t)s,lin 8,4 40,1 ft.1 120,4:!?.0I0 St'l'l. 7 18U,168,2^0 41,8S7,lUM) H.S90.5S1 114,0.'l,0fll Ilecrpuso. $1 ,828,244 8,210,Hts3 ? 0,!!44,94U lncrenw. ? ? 4S0,1*J0 ? This is about the statement which was expccted; in some particular it is bettor tlmn was looked for by many. The amount of ffold paid by the banks iuto the Sub-Treasury between August 31 and September 7 was $5,600,000, exclusive of amounts drawn out of bank in specie by individual depositors for subscriptions to the national loan, which may probably be Bet aown at $2,OOi),000 more. We thus perceive that during the week for which the above statement was made the banks lost to the Sub-Treasury not less than $7,('00,000, considerably more than twice the net loss shown above. It follows that at least h:ilf the gold taken out of the banks and paid into tlie Snb-Treasury during last week returned before the end of the week to the bank vaults. The inference is obvious that the money will continue to j return to bank very nearly as fast as it is advanced by the banks to the government, and that our banks will be able to carry the government through this war, with loans of $f,0,000,000 at intervals of C3 a 00 days, without impairing their specie strength for any length of time. The truth of this statement is still more clearly shown by n retrospective glance at -the operations of the banks during the past thirty days. Three weeks ago the banks held 160,000,000 in coin, and the Rub-Treasury (August 17) $4,HM),000; total, $61,3*0,000. Now the banks hold Ml,800,000, and the Bub-Treasury (including balances to credit of officers) about $13,000,000; total, $"1,800,000. Thus the specie is all hero still, and has not been hoarded or dispersed, as alarmists predicted it would be. Again, Fine* August 19 our banks liave lent the government $1'?,000,000, and the people have subscribed $4,000,000, about$3,000,000 of which came out of our bank vaults. The total loss of specie suffered by the hanks during he past twenty days appears to have been $1"> ,000,000; but the above averageonly shows a loss during this period of 100,00). It follows that the difference?say $7,500,000? lias flowed back into bank, having been disbursed at the .Sub-Treasury here in payment of Treasury drafts. These facts justify the belief that when the new system is thoroughly organized, the payments by the banks to the SubTreasury and the disbursements of the Sub-Treasury in favor of the banks will so nearly balance tach other that month in and month out the specic reserve of the one and the balance of the other will remain the same. The decline in the bank loan3 exhibited above reflects the payments by the Sub-Treasurer to the banks in liquidation of popular subscriptions to the national loan. As fast ns the banks part with their Treasury notes their discount line decreases. The same cause accounts for the heavy decrease of deposits. People arc converting their idle bank balances into Treasury notes, thus at one stroke diminishing the liabilities and reducing the burthen of the banks. As popular subscriptions to the national loan increase, the bank deposits and discounts will decline, until a point is reached at which speculators will begin to buy Treasury notes and borrow on them on call, for the soke of the difference between 7 3-10 per cent and the market rate of interest on call loans. The money market continues dull and unchanged. There is perhaps rather more inquiry for money among the discount brokers, but good paper is so scarce that rates have as yet varied very little. Foreign exchange is firmer. The amount of mercantile bills offered for this packct proves lighter than was anticipated, and leading bankers have advanced their rates to 10S for bills on London. Hills on Paris sell at 5.3'2Vi a 35Blocks are better again, especially the Western shares, which continue to be purchased by strong parties, whether for investment or speculation is not known. It seems probable that the idea of the bull operators is that the creatiou of several hun died millions of new currency, and the disbursement by government of one million dollars per day, must create a general expansion, just us tlie distribution of the ^United States deposits among the State banks did under General Jackson, and as the discovery of California gold did in 1850-'55; and that such expansion will' be soonest felt in the stock market, to which the outside public wil' rush in tho hope of making money on the (list symptoms of a general ad ranee in stocks. At the boards to-day Galena ruse %, Rock Island 1. Toledo Yt. Illinois Central Burlington while the shares of the roada near by?Central, Erie and Hudson?sympathized to the extent of % a % each. Government stocks were moderately active, without change of quotations, except in the case of two year Treasury notes, which were } ? higher. State stocks were dull and generally lower. Itis rumored that the United States District Attorney is about to take steps to prevent dealings in the stocks of the seceded States at the Brokers' Board. It is obvious that Missouris and Tennessees would be exceptc1 from the effect of any such measure. Over one-half the people of Missouri are loyal, and it is believed that Eurtern Tennessee, which would be severely injured by any steps taken to discredit the State bonds, is almost wholly so. The policy of the government will be to strengthen, not to weaken, the bonds of the State government of Missouri, and to encourage, not to discourage, the loyal men of Tennessee. As to the bonds of Louisiana, Georgia and other cotton States, which are occasionally dealt in here, there is no reason why the trade in them should not be stopped, if government has any reason to believe thev are being sent here from the South for sale. The market closed steady, the following being the last quotations:?United States 6's, 1881, registered, 89 a 89%; United States 6's, 1SS], coupon, 90 a 90%; United St itos 5's, B74, 79% a 80; Indiana 5's, ^ 77 a 77%! Virginia 6's, 54 a 54%; Tennessee 6*s, 44 a 41%; North Carolina C's, 02% a 63; Missouri 6's,43%a43%. Pacific Mail, 78%a79; New York Central, 73% a 73%; Erie, 25% a 20; do. preferred, 47% a 48; Hudson River, 33% a 33%; IlarP lem, 10% a 11; do. preferred, 25% a 2G; Reading, 36 a 36%; Michigan Central, 42 a 44; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14 a 14%, do. guaranteed, 30% a 31%; Panama, 110% a 112; Illinois Central, 67% a 68; Galena and Chicago, 09% a 69%; Cleveland and Toledo, 30% a 30%: Chicago and Hock Island, 41% ;i 41 "4; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, G2% u Delaware, Lackawana and Western, 67% a 68%; Milwaukee and l'rairie du Chicn, 17% a IS; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 92% a 93%. We have received a number of interesting documents relating to the new loan; among others, Mr. Chase's circular to his BubI) scription agents, the formal instructions unl j der which they will net, and the advertisck / ment to the people. As is well observed in r the introduction to these papers, the civil institutions and organization of our country are widely different from those of all other nations, and the appeal to the people for money ia a wholly untried ) experiment. It affords them an opportunity of passing judgment upon the policy or impolicy of the war. If they consider the Union and its blessings ol no value, of course they will not subscribe; if, >n the contrary, they care forthe perpetuation of the Union and the privileges and benefits which it Becures, they will subscribe to the loan if they Lave to sell any other property they may possess. A man who owns |1,000 worth of land, or stocks, or * 6hipB, or merchandise, or property of any deacrip- j i K i NE tion, could in reality afford to give moro than ten per cent of tlio wholo for the Bake of maintaining the nation ami the government under which this pooplo havo grown so rich, so prosperous, ho intelligent and so free. lie is not ?Hked to give, but only to lend his money, at a higher rate of interest linn ho can get for it at any of the great financial centres. If the rebellion succeed, and the Union bo permanently dissolved, it is ob vious umt the ora of peaceful enterprise, coramorco and agriculture which this country has enjoyed for nearly half a century will Rive way for at least half a century of war, during which trade will be impossible, industry destroyed, agriculture neglected, property of all kinds enormously depreciated, real estate un. saleable, railroads bankrupt, foreign commerce arrested, flopping thrown out of employment, capital scarce, enterprise rare?the very soul and spirit which have made the nation what it is broken and dead. If, on the contrary, the government reassert its strength, and put down this atrocious rebellion with a strong hand, the United (States will emerge from the contest stronger than ever; their inhabitants will be better acquainted and moro homogeneous, and the great heresies which have lain so long in tho bosom of the republic, threatening its peace and endangering Its very existence at every recurrence of tl>c stated periods of our government, will be finally disposed of and crushed out. It is between these two prospects that every citizcn must decido, when the government agent opens his subscription book in his locality. It only remains for us to add here thai the appointments of agents will bo made to day or to-morrow. Five hundred, we believe, will be appointed at once, and directed to open their books forthwith. Kach agent receives one-lift It of one per cent on the amounts paid to tho government through him, by way of comniis sion; his oGice and advertising expenses are like, wise paid. Mr. Cisco pai.l the banks this morning a second sum of $702,000 in liquidation of their loan to government out of the proceeds of the popular subscriptions. The applications for Treasury notes continue very heavy, at the rate of about half a million a day. The following was to-day's business:? lte-clpts $375.702 44 ?Fur Customs 7,000 00 ?Treasury notes 437,000 00 t'aymoutg 7>,:t .'60 40 Balance 13,307.111 71 Mr. It. M. Martin, lately with Ashley & Morris, has been admitted a member of the Hoard of 15ron ...I ? 1,.?1 >. The exchanges at t!?o Hunk Clearing House tliis morning were $20,913,995 CI, and tho balances $1,135,174 C7. The United .States Marshal of this district has directed Messrs. Duncan, Sherniun & Co., the transfer agents of the New York Central llailroad Company in this city, to transfer no more stock standing in the names of Southern citizens, nor to pay any dividends to such holders. Governor Curtin, of Pennsylvania, has issued a proclamation announcing the extinguishment by the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund of $300,fiOl 01 of the debt of that State, during the year ending September 1, as follows:? Stock loans $.500,050 00 Inter.*t c s RiO 01 Belief notes caoceQod 421 oo Total . $aoo,soi 01 The Chicago Tribune ot Friday furnishes the following information relative to the wheat crop in the West:? l>uriug harvest t imo the reiwiftn from nearly all seel long of tho groat Northwest with re.jurd to the crop of npriiiK wheat wore more oncouragiug limn wo had reason to export, tJkin^r into aoco :nt (ho backward and unsettled weather during April and May. During 'he months of June and July it was said that wo would liavo scarcely half a crop; but as harvest drew near the prospects improved, and, with the old wheat left over, it was ^"imrah) estimated ili. ru would he nearly, if not quite,, i averaeo. Within the past ten or twolvo days, however, it has h-ten found that tho crop does not thresh out anything lik ' tho amount expected. In tho northern part of tho Bute eapectaUr to the yield dcfliclent. Along tho Usm of the Oali na and Chicago Railroad and its bronchi'8 it will not yi Id on uii average rpitto ton bushels t > tho acre, wlilU< I : t y-ir Hip > !"'. I w i folly thirty b ph. Is. On the lioi'of tli.' U.-.-k I I i.mI an I Binllngtiu roads the ro]K)ils are not quite s < gli. >my, but tlio highest yield wo have reported to us is twelve bushels to tlw ai re cai an averogo, while in home pine s il is as low as ten bushi Is. Krom Minnesota and Northern Iowa tho same gl'iomy !t.> to 1. i'id. ll.ii euili wheat iii the foilner Siato is almost a failure; but the "I'ife wheat" is a f.iir crop. in Southern Wisconsin tlio reports are In sntistanco similar to those from th<- northern ; art of Hits State. In some places the quality is mueh |ioorer than last year. 'lh"t?e reports of a tailing <11 tu the yield of w heat are substantiated to some ext. nt by a comparison of tlio rcc dpt.sot' wheal m this city during tho past month, this year an I last. Wo give them below, week by week:? I860. ISfil.JI B mhrli. Biuh'lt. Week ending August 10 6:>n.l4B 797,551 lo do. 17 938,208 651.020 Do. do. 24 822,705 762,142 Do. do. 31 895,448 6:17,013 Total ., 3,292.505 2,748,326 Krom tho above table it will tie seen that there is a falling off in tho reoetpts < f whi al dm ing the past month, as compared with 1860, of nearly half a million of bushels. But even these figures do not give an accurate view of the matter; for In the month of August, 1800, then was no old wheat In the country, and tho receipts w ere entirely of tho new crop. This year, however, fully one half of the receipts in August were of the old crop. But, even with tho surplus of the old and now crop together, there i*. h sarinus fiviin. ii< > , wimu, hi uic ii.uiirai orat.r 01 thing*, there oagbt to be an lucre* ?. With ngird to winter whoa?, the reports are highly favi rable. In the ccntral counti< 8 of tlio Stale the yu-id is on iin average fully twenty bushels to tin; acre, but tho breadth sown was less than usual. In the southern countioa the crop is also good, with the exception of dome places where tho army worm hag losaencJ the yield. Stock Exchange. Monday, Sept. 9.1SC1. $30no V S ... 88*? 300 sbs N Y Gout RR. 73K 6000 U S6's,'81, reg 89>i 160 do *5 73 10000 t;S6's,'Hl,cou 80 60 do C 73\' 10000 US 5 s,'65.... 87 22 Erie UK 25^, 1000 do 87 'i 100 do 6100 Trcas 6i>c 2 yr. OSX 100 Harlem RR pref. 26 ;V 15600 do 08?; 100 Reading RR 30 10000 Ohio 6'b 00... 8U>i 100 llud RivorRR.B30 33'4 1000 Ohio5'b, '86... 0$ loo do 33^ 1000 111 Caniil r' K bs b0'-4 230 Mich SokNInd RR 14y 8000 Illcoubs,'77.. S3 60 Mich So.vNI g slk 31 6000 Tmin fi's,'90... 44'* 14 tial 4: Chicago RR 69 1000 Virginia O s... 64 260 do C9'i 6000 Missouri 0 8... 43^ 100 do CD', 31000 do 43 100 do BlO 09 7000 do I>3 43 40 do 09 %\ 1000 Mo6->,itHfc.StJR 46 }? 2i 0 do 69^ 45C0 Louisiana 6's.. 60 200 do s30 08 3000 California 7's.. 77J? 100 do f15 C8?i 6000 Georgia 6 s 60 60 do sio 69^ 2000 Hu'lRRRi' hds.c 70>i 100 Clove k Tol R R. 30}* 1000 IIIConRR bis. 93 400 do b30 30>i 2000 T HautcjcAlt2m IS 750 do 30>i . 2000' ii.VURRSpctb3 92 100 do slO 30>, 2000 (hi ti R Is I bds 92 600 Chic k R I R R.. . 44^ 10 shs Am Kx Rank. 78 60 do slO 44 26 MetropoliUUiRaiilc 84 fis Ch, Rur k Q'y RR 02 10 Del it Hud CI Co . 86 yt 160 Mil & I'r du C RR 17 10 l'acillc M SS Co .. 79 20 do 17X 6 do 7S^ 11 MllPduCSdl'ref 48 160 do 78 10 Warren RR 72yi 60 NY Ccu RK.slO 73K | PB' ONn POART>. fsooo \J S 5's, '74, c.. 80 250 shs N Y Con RR . 73 X 6000 do slO 79?? 10 Hud River RR... 83>j , 20000 TetinO?, '90.. 44 1 00 Panama RR >110'4" 2::0O0 Missouri c-i... 43f( 60Gal 4Chi RR.... c.<?, 1000MO'sIstoH&SJR 47 10 do 69'< I 4u<jv woiirgia ? H.... 01 lfU 0? W'X 2000 N York On 6 s 92 100 Clove k Tol KR.. 30 | 6000 l.F.rie JtWlm ba 63 60 Chi At RklsRR.bflO 44 25 ?hs Mechanics' Bk 93 100 do 44 X 6 <'orn Exiiank 78^ 10 MillScPPuChionRR 17>J 26 N York On UK.. 73& 17 do 18 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Monday,Sept. 9?0 P. M. a an bp.?The market was quiet, %vlth small sales of pots | and pearls at $6 25. | rrkad.-tcfra ? Klour?'The market, owing to increased receipts, was le3S buoyant and active than on Saturday. Extra grades were irregular, and closed at easier rates. TbesaUjg embraced about 17,000 bbls., closing wiihin the following range of prices:? Superfine State $1 30 a 4 40 Extra stale, good to choice 4 0,5 a 4 90 Superfine westers 4 3o a 440 O mni'n to choice Western extra 4 00 a 6 00 Extra Canada 4 70 a 6 60 Mixed to Straight southern 5 00 a r> eK> S:riii:ht togood wttnt do 6 70 a 8 00 Choice extra family and bakers' brands.... 8 00 a 8 rfi H)e floor. 2 26 a 3 60 Corn mal, jersey and Brandy wine : 2 80 a 3 10 ?Canadian flour was heavy ,aud sales were limited to a few hundred barrels, In lot?, nt the abovo quotation*' Southern (lour w.v steady, while the demand was chkfly for domestic use and for export. The pales embraced about "00 a 800 Ibis., closing \;ii IUc above range 0, W YORK HERALD, TUE: prices. Itye flour was steady at our quotations, with ?al?M of 250 bbls. Corn moal was In moderate demand at our quotations, with limited sales. Wheat openoJ heavy ut Saturday's prices, but grow moro active towards < lotto, mid exhibited rather more llrmnoss. The firmness In freights tended to check an Improvement lu prices. Th S.lIi-:; 1'iuit. it 1111 iiit it.-, mm lnmli..:* lit $1 'ill .. *1 ? . fur white Ohio, $1 24 a $1 29 for wlilte Kentucky, $1 16 a $1 17 for amber Statu ami Michigan, $1 12 a $1 IS fur red State and Western, $1 a (1 11 for amber Iowa ami lirwn Bay, $1 a |1 oj for Milwaukee club, ami 05c. a $1 04 for cli"lee Chicago spring. Kyo was flrrn ami In light supply, with sales of #,600 bushels, to arrlvo, at 69c. Corn was unchanged uml In good domestic ami export do tnaiiil; sales f ictixl up about 210,000 bushels at 45c. a 40c. iMMd a47l;c. tor Eastern ports, aiul at 47,'ic. a 48c. for shipping lots Westorn mixod, and 48 >^c. a 49c. for choice do., and 60c. a 51c. for Western mixed, Barley wun quiet. About 8,500 bushels barley malt wore sold at 76c. a 77o. Oats werosteady, with sales of Canadian at 27c. n 30r., and of State and Western at 113c a 34c. CoKnn.?The market was steady, but not active; sales of 70*1 bags of ltio wore made, u good part at 14>|0. a 15c. CorroN ?The market was souio less active aud buoyant. Tli ' announcement of an advanco by thu Africa, without giving the actual amount of the rise, leave the trado in doubt, ami tended to chock transactions. Tho sales wore confined to 200 a 300 bales, in lots, closing at 22c. for midling uplands. kxBKiirra.?Hates were Armor, while engagements wero light. To I,ivorjiool 20,000 a 30,000 bushels of corn woro engaged at 10>^d. To London wheat was at l'J)i'd. a 13d , In bulk and bags, and flour at 3s.3d. To Havre 18,000 bushels of wheat wore engaged at 23c., aud soma flour at 80e. Hay.?The market was unchanged, with sales confined to city uso and government coutracts. Molassip.?The market was llrm, with limited sales. Naval Storks.?Sa'os of 1,000 bbls. of rosin wero mado at (4 50; 500 do. ai $4 G'J>j. Spirits turpentinu sold iu small lots at $1 30. On*.?I.inseod was sternly, with limited sales at 60c. a 00c. Crude whale was In fair demaud,wltb sales at 44c., w Idle crudo sperm was stoady at $1 25. r'k Ai-io.Ns.?I'ork?lho market was heavy but moro active, at tho close: tho sales footed up about 1,200 bbls. at $13 75 for mess, small lots heavy barrels at $14, and prime at $9 75 and at $10 for extra heavy barrel-. Now mess sold at $13 60. Ueefwus stoady and in good demand, with stiles of 400 bbls. at $10 12,a $11 25 for repacked m< ss, and at $12 60a $13 50 foroxtrs. Cut meats were In moderate demaad, and ml** oonBnad to 40 a so packages at 4'4c. al'jC. for shoulders, and at 6c. a 0'4c. for hams. I jird was more active, with sal> s of 700 a 800 jiackagi s at 8l4C. a 9>?c. for c> mmon to prime qualities. Hotter was at 13c. a 14c., for Statu, and at 9c. a 13c. for Ohio, State cheese was at tic. a 7c. aud 0hioul6c. a 6c. Kn k was steady, with sites of 200 ensks at 6 '^c. a 7c. Siniaks.?The market continued Arm, with sal;"8 of about 1.300 hbdF., chit fly Cuba, at 7,1ie. for fair rellning Roods anil at 7)ic. a 8c. for grocery grades, and 1,000 box. s at ?>;<:. a id 39 lib is. Meludo at prlvato terms. 1 he following are tho prices of Messrs. R. L. k A. Stuart for their r- lined goods, established to-day:?Bust quality loaf sugir, 10'4'e. |erlb.; best quality crushed sugar, 10','e.; Cliclo A, crushed sugar, 10c.; grunulated su^ar, lOJgc.; grouud s g ir, 10c. WucKr.Y.?The market opened Arm, but closod dull and heavy, with sales of 60O bbls. reported al 18c. New York Clly Bunks, Sept. T, 1801. Wun/. t. /. ant. Cirt ulalu/n. America 0,182,311 3,903,583 134.590 7 044,002 Am. Kxchangc .. 8,730.190 2,498,704 207.949 0,905,4'S Atlantic MS,881 83,738 97.8'j0 liroadway 3,060,797 003,889 363,682 2,0T?.02l rull'iilltal 422,917 68,(?W 132.905 307.8.13 Rutcli. & Drov... 1,881,007 3-14,239 290,257 1,411 330 Chatham 820,5S5 198.033 97,277 C10.7I4 Chemical 1,891,402 2,085,786 424,690 4,371,710 Citizens' 808,074 175,372 140,229 729,141 nty 2.047,060 1.1'2.468 ? 2,732,473 Commreo 10.241,215 2.500 089 1,975 9,400,041 Commonwealth. 1,245,821 166,462 270.031) 922,404 Continental 3,10.1,775 667,220 202,724 l,97i!.SU4 Corn Kxvliange.. 2,097,869 297,791 150.630 1,413,041 l>rv Dock 347,020 75,301 124,501 107,700 l'jist Hlver 401,1'Ofl C2.529 9:1,342 314,348 Fulton 1,251,865 1,100,628 195,143 1,850,540 Grwnwtcb 550.644 386,707 165,561 692,97> Oocers' 000,513 123,200 60,028 462.710 Hanover 1,900,798 207.798 88.297 1,067,037 linn JkTi-n.l.i ! n -nj HI Al.'l 1AH lOJ IVI I k.|". iik'i Irving ?31, 094 154,841 ll.i3.13 713,119 l/alher Manfrs'.. 1,892,568 439,165 288,914 1 254,319 Manhattan 5,470.509 1,837,024 274,552 4,814,548 M i: ino 879,628 177,808 168.232 722,877 Market 1,771.414 404,832 18.:,2.87 1,351,459 Mechanics' 4,258,2.'4 1,175,091) 201,434 3,533,749 Mclis Rlc'g Ass.. 979,818 230.894 85,904 812.427 Mech. icTraflors' 1,019,018 378.795 150,356 1,092.982 Mercantile 2,074,813 D.".2..'>06 25,038 2,433,475 Merchants' 5,447.s70 1,916,364 180,018 4,838,680 Mit. & Manufrs.. 925,728 130,'.<23 124,953 f.04.4-;0 Merchants' Exc.. 2.137,308 475,835 109.301 1,3S0,<<50 Metropolitan.... 7,914,000 2,270,319 205,?18 0,341,409 Nassau 1.860,943 714.527 148.888 1,507.407 National 2.454,870 819,004 120,485 1,834,240 New York $5,212,897 1,599,993 305,600 4,127.214 N. Y. Count v.... 240.328 137.305 03,010 29.', 000 N\ Y. Exchange. 312.302 24,778 78,354 254,579 North VuuTiua. 2,032,208 450.410 95.427 1,547.2.1 NorthBiVtr 707,080 107,954 71.7S9 640,800 Ocean 1.579.990 631,415 89,558 1,205,850 Oriental 598,317 120.014 102.9O5 605.723 Pacific 1.102,779 205,129 107,752 974,017 Park 6,491,830 2,150.091 230,633 6,733,450 People's 753,835 179.428 94.543 041.077 Ptxvnix 3 991,734 1,910,S78 127,920 4,207.145 K public 3,978.757 #96,291 212.134 3.942,153 Seventh Ward... 1.157,410 600,385 180,829 908,419 Shoe & Leather. 2,805.189 241,423 248,485 1,084.147 Slate 4,004.953 1,418,806 260,540 3,182,101 SI. Nieli'.lir! 1,343,985 117,052 80,403 778,592 rradcSmon's 2,011,354 1 2)2,937 310,569 1,1C0,200 Uniou 2,900,400 708,508 177,705 2,592,548 Total $139,157,23041.837,230 8,890,581114,091,001 BOARDING A\D UMMUIM. A SMALL I HIV ATE FAMILY WOULD LET A BANDJ_\_ soraelv furnished suit of Rooms, a Parlor and two Bedrooms, a bath room tidjoining, on the second floor, with Boaid. ihe houso has all tin; modern improvements nml is pleasantly situated ou Murray Hill. Inquire at 281 Lexington avenue, tliird house above Thirty eighth street. References required. AT 22 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH nnd Sixth avenues, large R?? ras, handsomely furnished. in suits or singlo. Also smaller Kooms for gentlemen, with Board. The house lias all the modern improvements. Unexceptionable references given and required A FEW HANDSOMELY FIRNISIIED ROOMS, IN suits or singly, t o rent, with Hoard, in the Him duns In.use U West Ninth street, neur Fifth uvenue. Dinner at 0 o'clock. V HANDSOME SUIT OK ROOMS TO LET?TO A party of gentlemen, with private table if desired; also Rooms for single KentlementjUt No. 8 West Eleventh street, tin cc doors trum Broadway. \ GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen ran have two large third story Rooms, nicely furnished, for $12 per week, including fire and gag; alBO Kim mis In the fourth story, at 22d West Fourteenth street. Dinner at 6. AT 1.123 AND 1,125 BROADWAY?FINE SUITS OF Rooms. handsomely furnished, with nil the modern Improvements, with pilvatn talile. Also Rooms unit Hoard lor single gentlemen. Near Filth Avenue Hotel, between Twenty-iiftU and Twenty-sixth streets. A LADY HAVrNfi MORE ROOM THAN SHE DESIRES, would like to let a few furnished Rooms to single gentlemen; or would let a part of the House to a small family. House one block from Broadway and Canal street, No. 4 Crosby street. ALL THE LUXURIES OF A FIRST CLASS HOTEL, with the quiet and elegance of private life, may be obtained by a family or party of gentlemen, in the home of a strl tly private family living in West Fonrteenih street. For particulars Inquire of GRIFFIN AUILICK, 62 East Fourteenth street. ALARtiE FURNISHED ROOM TO l.ET-FOR ?8 A month, to two gentlemen; or will be let for housekeeping at (11 per month. 19 Second avenue, English basement house. A FAMILY OF FOUR PERSONS. ONE OF WHOM IS A child, desire Hoard in a small family up town. Two Rooms w ould be required. Address, stating terui Ac., in full, Boarder, Herald ogee. ^ ' A SECOND STORY HACK ROOM, FURNISHED, TO let, to gentlemen, with or without Breakfast at any hour. The location desirable, being near Broadway the New York and Lafarge Hotels, Apply at 320 Fourth street. A FRENCH FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD STYLE, would accommodate a family of adults or a party of a few single ffi-ntleuii n with well furnished Apartments and a first class ! ivnch table; also a small Room for a gentleman. Apply at 47 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A PLEASANT Sl'IT OF ROOMS, FURNISHED, WITH - V dressing room, Ac.; detached It required; house with all the modem improvements; terms moderate; references exchanged. Inquire nt 171) West Thirty-fourth street. AT <i RKATLY KEDIVEI) PUN ES-N EW LY Kilt nlshed Rooms, from $1 to $2 ,V) per week. Lodgings from 23 to 37 cents p t night, at the Frankfort House, corner Frankfort and William streets. Open all night. A SMALL PRIYATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FINE house, will let a Parlor anil Bedroom or Bedroom only to a gentleman, with llreakl:u>t,'at $5 per week. Apply at 221 East Thirtieth street. A DELIGHTFUL LOCATION.?FAMILIES OR GENtlemen can find pleasint Rooms, In suits or separately, with full or partial Hoard, in a first class bouse, pleasantly situated on \\ ashington sipiare. 220 Fourth street, Washington square. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO PROCURE A NEATLY J\. furnished Room, In the house of a young widow lady, where there are no other boarders. Address J. M. D., Union square Post ofilee. AT 12,1 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET? HANDSOMEly furnished Rooms to let, with first clan Board, to families and single gentlemen. Locution very pleasant. Cars and stages convenient. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT FAMILY, will let, to single gentlemen, a Room on first floor, handsomely furnished, with breakfast If required. House has all modern improvements. Terms very low. Apply at 27 Amitv street, sec ,:?d block from Oroadwny. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 70 MACDOUOAL STREET, 2\. (81. Clement's place, near Bleccker street,),will let a good sized Room, on second floor, to one or two gentleman, with partial Board; also a Koom on third tioor, gas, bath, Ac. References exchanged. i di sh: \hm: - [ it komms. wn .i I ' !.!, h- \rn. ' JY to l? t, in the first class house No. 5 West Tw nty-fourth street, opposite Fifth Avenue Hotel. Also, a iai^e front K :n, suitable for a gentleman and wife. \ \ NO Vi IOOW DBSI1 - \ OF TAR] i jy a i.'i lik" to infct w:;h a few gentlem i to j. .-<Ut l,? r, ?n for whieh a p> .imuI and aureealM- h um* will l??* givfn Addrcas Young Widow, Union square 1 , ..nice. \ l.M>V il.WiVO TAKEN TIIK FIRST CI.ASS IIOFSK I -1 11' . ! -iV". ' . . of S verth>:r?vt h;i- i : .v j* I id . I > .1)1! Rooms to (t.sp'-e of. CaU ut i huu&c vi utidiuM box New \ssi'd l'o*l ollicc. 3D AY, SEPTEMBER 10, 186 BOARDING AND LODGINUS. AN EDUCATED ENOUfin LADY, IN A KIR8T CLASH house, well lurnlnhed, will let a Hull oI Koomh i n aeronJ floor, together or m-iiarately, ta itlugl"' gentlemen or gentk'iiiHii and wife, nitintiiiM of two large parlnrii. two iu drooin*, |ili'iity of cloaela, willi bathroom on same lloor, hnvIng hot, cold ami aliower t>alh?: n?e of kitchen anil room for acrvuut. The Ii'.dy would prefer hoarding with the parly, and give enure kitchen and servant. Location central; convi'iilcnt to cars and Hlagi'a to si-rural parlaof the city. Best of riiferenoe given and desired. Apply at 23A Eat.l TuniU street, one week. Name on door. A SMALL FAMILY, (H'tM'I'YINO A LAIUIE HOl'SE with modern Improrementa, will let to g ntl< men or a gentleman and wife the choice of rix.maon the second or third door, with imrtial Board, or will let the whole House, fur* niihed* 171 Weet Twenty*ei*th street, near Eighth avenue, 4 PRIVATE FAMILY Wol'LD LET TilK SECOND JY story, handsomely furnished, of a house with nil the mnd<m improvements, with Board: rnf^renM required. 51 West Twenty-sixth street, between Broadway and Sixth av. A LARGE ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR. CONTAINING hot aud cold water, to let, with Boafd, to a gentleman ttii l wife, or two single genth'ineu; also, a single Boom, on tin; huun* floor; re fere noes r?*<}uir^<i; terms moderate. fall for three days at U& We at Twenty-fourth struct, between Seventh aad Eighth avenues. A FURNISHED 8ITTINO ROOM AND BEDROOM, iV with Breakfast If required, to let to a single gentleman, in a luudsome, quiet and private houso. eorner of (Irainerey i? irk In Twentieth at reel, second house from Fourth uveuue. References exchanged. 4 GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE GENJ\ tleinen, can be accommodated In a private family with pleasuut Rooms, good Board and comforts of a home. House contains all modern improvements. Neighborhood desirable. Term* very moderate. No. 170 Thirty-sixth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. R. ;erences exchanged. 4 PRIVATE family, NO. in BAST THIRTY FOURTH sti irt, b Mu'. 'Mi Third and F* u? h avenue , will II tnodaie a small family or two Mingle gentlemen with furnished

Rooms and Board. Beat of reference** given and required* A GERMAN FAMILY, OF THE HIGHEST REPPEOTjv ability, would let a few eh-gantly furnished I looms w itli exquisite Board, to gentlemen, or g??nll.uiicn and their wives. Apply at 20 Went Ninth street, between Fitih and Sixth avenue*. French and EnglUh i>pokcu. A WHOLE FLOOR OR RTNOLE ROOM. ALSO A PUTi\ slcian's OlUcu, for single g?ut!emen or families. with or w .mil Board, in a lirst class house; private family. Call hi. ! M e. No. 2 East Thirty-fourth street. AT NO. 2 BOORMAN PLACE, WEST T1URTY-TIIIRD J\ street?Two hack Rooms on ?eond iloor, communicu: ing rs, m ilUog pi lit u r a pai ol three g uU'.emen friends, to whom tLey would lie rented' on I. .:- uabic termm for the winter, or they would be suitable for a and wife. Baili adjoining; gas and graic* in roouiM. Dinner at 0. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT I 12 WB8T HOUSTON street, near Ma< lougal. wtll lei afmut Room and Bedi torn, on toe second tloor, with bathroom and okoael adjoining, i!as, ?tc., to a gentleman an I wife or to one or two single iV'Mt.' men, with partial Board; also two front ltooms, on i he third Iloor. Best of references given and required. I T M EAST SIXTEENTH STREET. NEAR UNION J\ 11 . 8 tcioui Rome lo lei, with Board, connected or hiugle, furulHlied or uufurniMiied. i PRIVATE FAMILY WILL I ETTHB SECOND FLOOB JV (consisting of a Parlor and Bedrooms) to a genlleman, with or without partial Board. Private table if desired. Apply at ; Weil Twenty-w cond street. 4 GENTLEMAN iO HIS WIFE, OCCUPYING A J\ first class house, wittT"' a ehoice of handsomely furnishe l Rooms, with full or parttal Board. Apply at Mo. 4-> East ;; oecker street, nenr Brtyyay. a FEW RESl'BCTAl4.E PERSONS WILL FIND A pleasant Rooms at ?vepy low prices, with or without Board, at 65 Macdougal street, Also one Room in the new house, villi Boar*I, D6 Macdougal street. Apply at cither of the ahovo numbers. AT THE FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE, 18 J AND 191 West Fourteenth etn et, large R 1 ms, han tuu 1. furnished, en suit, or single; a suit of unfurnished r*n>ms, Willi or without carpets; families wishing penuaiieut Board will find this a desirable location. Terms moderate. A CHOICE OF HANDSOMELY FC RNISH ED ROOMS to let?Willi all the modern improvements. In a small private family, to gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, 1 wihtout boaid, near the City lla.l and Thorn; son A Welter's restaurant. For particulars' apply at 106 Lawrence street, Brooklyn. An elegant suit of rooms, unfurnished, to let, with first class Board, in a private family; refercue< h required* Inquire at 13 Ninth street, between Fil th untl Sixth avenues. A SMALL PRIVATE KAMI LV, occupying A fine hmus' in a first class location, say near Union square, would rent the 11 rst lloor, c 'nslsting of three rooms, either to two or three gentlemen, without hoard, or to n gentleman i and wile, with full Hoard if desired: reference*exchanged, v I Irwss n. B . bos 2 573 P< t < flioo. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO OH THREE 2Y single gentleman, e.tu I>e handsomely accommodated in a house handsomely fuulahed and neighborhood unsnrpassed; youn;;, social socic.iv. Apply at 229 West Twentieth street, opposi te St. Peter's Church. Dinner ut 0}? P. M. A widow lady, having more room than S1IK requires, would let a furnished Bedroom, without board; run have the use of sitting room. A gentleman of quiet, reti ted habits, will flud it u pleas mt home, ('.in hive breakfast and tea on Sundays if required. Address, for two days, Mrs. (!. E., Herald oflict?. AT no. 31) union square (fourth avenue)? Two Rooms communicating, on third floor, to let, with Board. Also smglo Rooms for gentlemen. References given 1 and required. A card ?hotel st. germain, fifth avenue, Broadway and Twenty-second street. The spacious elegunt dining room added tr? this hotel being now la rompleto order, the proprietor is prepared to make arrangements with families and single gentlemen desiring Board at table d'hote. Handsomely furnished suits of Rooms, with all modern conveniences, can be had at very moderate rates. Private tables and meals a la carte as heretofore. Board.?suits and single rooms in fine or. der, to let, with first class Board; arrangements ran be made for the winter at 19 University place, corner of Ninth street. Private table if desired. Board.?furnished rooms to let, for gen" tlemen and their wives and single gentlemen, on re is n" able terms, in a modcMi house, where tiie comforts of a home can be rcali/.od, in a central locality, inquire at No. 37 East Eleventh street. Board.?a room and bedroom to lbt, with Board, in a private American family, to a gentleman and wife, and if tho lady is willing to help about house, sew, Ac., compensation will be allowed in Board. Apply by letter to J. 0. it., Herald olflee, staling residence. Board?several pleasant and well fur nished Rooms, with Board, at 83 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board.?a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, curt obtain pleasant Rooms In a modern house, with all the Improvements, at 122 Ninth street, a few doors west of Broadway. Board.?a party having a very desikari.e house in Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue, would like to let to a party of gentlemen or a small family of adults the seootid lloor. consisting of three large Rooms romm ii i. ating, with full or partial Board. House has all modern conveniences, and no other boarders In the house. References exchanged. Address Retrenchment, box 221 Herald oflicc. Board?several very pleasant rooms can be had with Board, on moderate terms, at No. 4S Enst Sixteenth street, near Union squ . The house is finely located; has got hath, Ac. Dinner at six o'clock. Terms for two ]>cr8ons $9 to $14 per week, according to rooms desired. Board.?the second or third floor, or in part, to suit a first cluss family, may be secured, with Board; house located in Fifth avenue, neighborhood of Twen S. I,., box 144 Herald office. Board?with pleasant rooms, may be obtallied by two or three gentlemen at 48 West Washington pUi*'1, near Sixth avenue, and convenient to the cars and stages. Board.?two gentlemen and their wives, or Mingle gentlemen, ran obtain Board in ? private family; references given and required. Inquire at 84 Welt Twelfth street, Board.-to let, with board, at no. 137 second avenue, between Eighth and Ninth street*, two nirely furnished Rooms on third tioor. Location very desirable. References exchanged. Board?a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, can obtain Rooms, with Board, at No. 5 West Washington place; also, a suit of Parlors on IIrat floor. Location is very pleasant, being opposite the square. Reference required. Board.?a lady is desirous of letting a neatly Furnished Room to a lady or gentleman. Also, an unfurnished Room. The house contains all the modem improvements, No. 77 West Nineteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, fifth house from Sixth avenue. Board.-to let, two suits of larue comforlabltf Rooms on the second iloor; also, one on third floor, all well furnished; bath and gas. Apply ut 4d Clinton place, near the Brecvort House. Board?a gentleman and wife, on single gentlemen,can obtain Rooms with Board at No. 0 West Washington place; also a suit of Parlors on first floor. Location Is very pleasant, being opposite tlio square. Inference required. Board can be obtained, with sinqle or double Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, or Rooms without board, where a pleasant homo can be found, at 87 Clinton place. Eighth street. Central and convenient to cars and stages. References exchanged. Board in a private family.?a gentleman and wile can be accommodated with a well furnished Parlor and Bedroom on the second floor of No. 63 Hammond street, between Fourth and Bleecker streets. Also a good Room for a gentleman. Reference required. Board in ha.rlem.-a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen can obtain good Board, with the comforts of a heme, by addressing A. u., bo* 1/7 llarleui Post office. Location desirable. Board wanted?fob a lady and gentleman. in a small famllv m> town: house must Iirvh lms and bath. Address, stat'na price, W. Broadway Post olTlce. BOARD WANTED. ?A Y OI' N?} MAUIUED LADY I>Esires Board In Newark or vlelnitv, for the fall and winter months. Terms must be moderate. Address, stating Urn s, J. M , i" x 223 Herald office. Board wanted.-a lady, having considerahie furnituie, would like to rent the use of same for Hoard, or would disposr of part, or would like to form a partnership with any p? rson keeping boarders. Address Mrs. F. ]!. Clai k, Union square Post oflicc, for three days. Board wanted?in broorltn (south bro<>& Ivn preferred). A gentleman, wife, two children (one an infant), and servant; two rooms, at least, required in a private family, orwheio theronre but few boarders; reference exchanged. Addro?<s, stating terms, w hich must be moderate, ana location, J. P. T., Herald oiflee. Tjoard wanted?for A gentleman and WIFE, ) in a private family. Location must b?? good; family of the firM respectability; house with modern improvements. Referents uo..s! a ??.mjiany answers or no notice takeu. Address N. W. W., box 112 Herald office. nOAKD WANTED? FOR A GENT I EM AN AND WIFE. 1 > wiow i!i'"re aref \ Hi' no hoarders. 1 wer?u Tenth and '[ wenticiii -ti n t s and Fifth an ' Seventh ven;" s; forms must . !; <!, in . Addtwith fu.l particulars, J. 1J. A., box I 2/J7J Gcucrai l'vat oiLce. ? 1. BOAHDIWG AMD LODGING. Board'.v xntkd in fifth avknue.-a op.sti.eniun and h'H wife, of iv?necui>lliiy, without children, want tn rent I urnimIm-i! Uooma In Fifth avenue, abort' tfrreiitiMjutli mrwt nrrlrrred, either lirat or around floor, with priratu table lor tliH winter, where there art) uu other buarder*. Addn n* A. B., box JH7 I It* raid oflloe, TjhARDINO.?GENTLEMEN AND TIIElIt WIVES OK II Kii:i;l<' Kfiitlt'ini'ii can !? arooinmodated with Rood lloitrd mid coiiiIVir'table Kuotiis ui IOC NiiuU atieet, ut'ur Broadway. Befernnoei cxchaugod. BOAUDINU.-A FEW KESBECTABI.E VOUNO men fiti) l,i' a nmnodatf'd with good lloard and comfortable Apartments at 108 Bowery, near Grand ntroet. UOAKlHNG.?NO. 11)5 WB^T FOURTEENTH STREET. A milt of Kooihh, on the Miond or third floor, with Hoard; tho houno ik UrHt cU?.,?tid the situation rually superior to any on the ttroot, botng oppoBlto tUo church uiiil open through to Fifteenth Rtro t. Brooklyn ?m clinton street.?desirable Rooms for families and single gentlemen may be hud with liourd. Bathroom iu the house. Dinner ut half-past si*. Brooklyn board.?i?lkasant double and single Rooms to ! !, wllb B mu ?< n table and dotitrable home; locution delightful, and within iivo minutes' walk of South or Wall street ferry. Apply at 30 Garden street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn?in a pleasant location (a Im' k Parlor with extension Bedroom) to a gentleman and wife without children; to a party inclined to he sociable and seeking c< mlort this will oe fouud a desirable opportunity. Apply at 57 Ryemn street, north of Myrtlo av. Board in Brooklyn.?stools gentlemen < \n 1 . u in'? ; wit! furnished Room uidBoArdal l.i Nassau street. five minutes walk from Fulton ferry. Dinner at 0 o'clock, liaih and gas, Ac.. through the house. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman anx> wife or a couple of single gentlemen can l>? ucoommodaled with pleasant Uooms ami Board, iu a small family, by Inrpiirli q at 210 Clinton street. Bvrd in brooklyn.?a private family. occupying an elegantly furnished, close to the South ferry, would be happy to accommodate one or two inmutcs for the winter. The . MTnmodatlon* an- >f the m it dei?!-able kind, the house having all inodcrii Improvements. Apply at 3d Congress street, four doors west of llcnry street. Board in Brooklyn.?a lady and gentleman or tv o single g. ntlemen cau obtain superior Board and Rooms in a ill private family, Hi State street; hou-ehis bath. A.; ia within iiv-? minutes' walk of South and Wall street ferries. Dinner at r)OAR!) IN BROOKLYN.?ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR. ) snita ! for gentlemen and their wives, also a small Room on *h'rd floor, within Ave minutes of ttie South und i ren Wall stj ?i ft *ry. Before noes exchaugcd. Apply a?. Iff) fa street. l)OAl!D in brooklyn.?two iiandsomkly fi rI) nUiiod suits of Rooms on second lloor: also, ond or two single Looms may be had, with Board, at liAS Clinton street, oorncroi state. *ooaiji) tv brooklyn.?the proprietor of the .1) Globe Hotel, 2im, 2M and 210 Fulton street, und 114 Pine ipj 1" s ;. !, cull oiler pleusant Rooms or families or KJ'iglo i iitlcnien wishing Board for the winter, at reasonable rates. Dinner at the Globe n tel at half-past o&o o'clock, and at Pineapple street at six o*c!ock. SAM Ml 8, Proprietor. Board in Brooklyn.?furnished rooms, on the second and third tic or, suitable fore gentleman and wife, or single gentleman; live to seven minutes* walk to South und Wall street ferries. Apply at 1UU Clinton street, Brooklyn. References exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.?in olznton street, betw en Harrison and Degraw. Two nicely furnished suits of Rooms; also one or two single Rooms maybe had, with Hoard; house lirst class and convenient to the ferries; references required. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen can iind pleasant Ko mis und r>>od neeommoa ttions. with Board and the c<>mi'?rts of a home, by applying at 150 Jorulemou street, between Court und i liutoti streets. Board in Brooklyn.?a private family would let one front Room to two single gentlemen or a gentleman and his wife. Ho,:se has gas, batTi, Ac.; convenient to ferry and railroad; fine view, and pleasant neighborhood; must be seen to be appreciated. Call at 09 Third place. Board in Brooklyn.?married or single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant R'<onts, with or withor.t bedrooms attached, in a llrst class house. Good nciirhi.orho id r?oiveiiteni tn til! il?n t'ncr-inu 'iv?-..?u moderate. Apply at 47 l'oncord street, BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?TWO GENTLEMEN may Hud partial Board and a quiet Now Englund horn , our v-nicut to cars and ferries, by applying at 43 Willuughby Btreet. Boarding fn brooklyn?at m6 court street, one door from Hackett, lending to tbe icrrr.?Full or partial Bud, with every comfort, at terms to st:it the times BROOKLYN HEIGHTS NEAR WALL RTRBET ry.?(?Hofl??u?en and their wives, or single gentlemen* can obtain pleasant Booms, with Board. Appiv ai 75 Monta" Kite piii v, corner of llcnry street; entrance on llcnry. Here' rcnces exchanged. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?CALL AT NO. 79 STATE street, eomer of Clinton, and secure two liuc front Room* (furnished, if desired), with good Board, ,te. Board ox brooeltn height*.?a gentleman and wife or two single centletnen can be accommod tied with Hoard and pleasant tarnished Room* at 14 Willow street, within three minutes walk of Fulton ferry. Terms moderate. BOARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?ROOMS NEATLY furnish ?d. with w iter, gas and use of h.uhroom; shunt-'.n .'.'-I ghtt'nl, and '> I thin five minutf-' wa k <?f Wull Mr#*. t an J Fulton ferries. Apply at 37 t'laubcrry street, near Columbia. TJROOKLYN HEIGHTS,?A SUIT OF BOOM8, HAND_D h )inely furnished, to let, Hoard, in u house pleabirul . lo?:at.;J, h.'.viiw ail Lin* in<??!ern improvements. Apply at 87 Henry street. Refer* n<*es exchanged. TilLEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH ALL Hi modern impr ?vem?,ntH. ?o let, with or without partial li.' trd, to gentlemen only, at 30 Irving place, one block from Union square. I ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND AND 'J third floors, sti{tabic for married or single gentlemen, with Hoard. Dinner at <*?. Bathroom attached; spacious closets, with water, ^as and every accommodation for boarders of the first < lass. 119 Waverley place. TjlLEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?FOR LAJTJ dies or gentlemen (Board for the ladies), or rooms for single gentlemen; lions- tirst diss. Apply at 28 West Fifteenth street, near Fifth avenue. IjllNB BOOMS?IN 81 IT OB SINGLB, WITH GOOD 1 Board and a ] easant home, can be obtained at 88 West Ninth stri et, betw<. E fth and Sixth avenues. Fubni8hed booms at s3 west l nion place.?an elegant suit of Rooms on the second floor, fronting the fountain; also other rooms, elegmtly furnished, and will be let at reasonable prices without board. FURNISHED ROOMS.-A small pbiyatb family, occupying a iirst class house in view of Broadway, desire to let one or two Rooms to single gentlemen, without board. Reference exchanged. Address No. 7 Bond street. fjtfJBNI8RSI> B1NDSOMBLY?ONE L UlOB BBD> r room; would accommodate two gentleman; also, a single Hooui to let. with partial Hoard, to a single genilcmsu; batn, i . Ac.5 ai Gi Bleecker street. Gentlemen bbquibing furnished booms, with or without full or partial Hoard, in a small private family of two persons, may lind all they desire, by applying at 47 West Twenty-seventh street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. References exchanged. C1BAMBBCY PARK, NO. 80 EAST TWENTY FIRST T street.-To let, a suit of handsomely furnished Rooms, suitable for a family, with private table if-desired. House lirst class, and beautifully located between Lexington and Fourth avenues. Park privilege . Handsome large furnished rooms to let? To gentlemen, at remarkably low prices; or would let to a family, with exclusive use of kitchen, and all that is neccs* sary for housekeeping. Apply at 01 West Fifteenth street. Handsomely furnished rooms to let, with board, iu suits or single. Rooms on second and third floors. Apply at 118 East Fourteenth street. taokson house. 210 elm street ?the lowest fj rented ami most comfortably and conveniently furnished Apartments In the city, to meet the want* of small families with every requisite furniture. Linen, cooking range una utensils, gas and Croton water, Large and pleasant suits of rooms to let? On second an ! third floors, furnished, with board, to 11 gentleman and his wife or single gentlemen, at 382 Fourth street, near Lafayette place; location qulel and central. References exchanged. LARGE AND DESIRABLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let?To gentlemen, without Board, in the second story, either with or without Bedrooms adjoining. Location is central, the neighborhood quiet and unexceptionable. House bus balli, gas, <kc. Apply at 2i'J Greene itreet, between Warerley and Clinton places. Madison avenue hotel, corner of twbntyseventh street. New York, near New llaven and Harlem Railroad depot.?Price reduced from $1 80 to f 1 per dium. Conducted with the same liberality as heretofore. No. 35 west washington plaoe.-two parlors, two large Bedrooms, one hall Bedroom and an ntrie linnm with nil the new imnrovement*. to tet tn i*?>nfi?. mm, with or without inoiil?, in a French i>rtvate iamlly; references given ami m?lt?t VfO. 123 EAST TWELFTH 8TliEKT.-R0d.M8, WITH JJN Board, furnished or unfurnished, for a gentleman anil wife; also Roofis for single gentlemen. The house has every convenience. ONE OH TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN MAY HE ACCOMmodated with a suit of Rooms, neatly furnished, by applying at 30 East Thirteenth street, second door from Fifth avenue. PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, LARGE pantries, with hot and cold water, can be had by applying at 125 West Fourteenth street, three doors from Seventh avenue. PARTIAL BOARD.?A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS a eomlortably furnished Room in a strictly private family. with breakfast and lea or breakfast only; terms not toexceed $8 per week; references given and required. Address G. W. H., Herald ofllee. Rooms for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, with or without Board, in the finely located hnu.-e 111 West Fourteenth street. Dinner at hall-past six o'clock.. Terms moderate. Keferenees exchanged. rrio THO.-K* l.lYiN'i " 1\ 11< I? l-S AMI ISIMJiMNG _1_ bouses.?Tliero is an establishment 0|ieued nt 110 Macdougal street, tho rooms being laid out in suits and furnished with everything necessary for housekeeping, in order that a family may hnvo a complete home and live at an inconceivably low rate. Thore is a restaurant attached. TWO HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT? In a private family, with or without B mrd. House hns nil the modern improvements. A ''ply at 73 Amity street. T\M) ROOMS To LET?riN T11F. SECOND FLOOR, separately or together, with or without Board* Family small; no other boaidets in the house. Terms moderate. At 147 Allen street. Call for two days. mil LET?TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, AT NO. 5 GREAT 1 ,Tones street, a Fio"r, consisting of two parlors with br lroopiH, l-'im 'iy lVr>ti?lied an i with every modern cuuvcnieuce, Uiuaklaat il desired* iitltilcLCCs ej.ttiauged. HOARDING AND LODGING. Board wanted-kor a YOUNo i.auy, whku there ?? ln> oilier boarder; a lone person preferred; terms nut to i**ccid $? pur week. AdJre<.? Luia, Station A, Spring street. WANTED?BOARD FOR A I.ADY, IN A GOOD CLASS private bonr'tim hotin.-; terma to be moderate. Ad dress 8. W. ii., box ln3 Herald oHice. WANTED?I*EK"MANENT BOARD, HIT A LADT; 0? large, comlorUhle IJnoni, pleasantly l.M.itcd, would ba required, up towo preferred, for which JS per week will ba Bud; undoubted references gl?eu aud required. AddrcwA. box JUj llei-hld ollire. _________ fljQ O- ?CIIE.WEST liOAr.DIM: III SE IN TUB V?? <??). cilv. Nil''' Rooms, with good Ei .1 rd, from tl 20 to $.1 it week ami upwards. Ladles and famlllm suited law than at any other house In tin city, nli pin .is, wkli piauua. No. 48 Llspenard stre' t, near Broadway a ,1 Canal street. A watchmsn all ni'*lo u.,.i i,?idi.,?1,.? . i,.,. nWKST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET. A FEW DOORA worn of M>ulimm Park an t Filth avenue.?A choice of newly furnished Rooms, lit suits or separately, to let, to gentlemeu or small families, with or without B ar-1. llouac new brown stone. 3~ CLINTON PLACE, EIGHTH STREET ? A PRI ) vnte Uinlly will lei to sint(!ft gentieuieu two Urge rooms, containing hot and cold w.unr, and ail modern iruprovemcnts, where they can have the comforts of * home. jl TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FI9TH AM) SIXTH x L avenues.?Very desirable Rooms, in suits or single, with Board, can be obtained for gentl-men an 'their wives or single gentlemen. The house eoutains ail the modern improvenurtits. Dinner at six o'clock. A"I EAST FIFTEENTH 8TKEET, NEAR ONION T"1 square.?A choice of Rooms can now be obtained, fo? oik- or two families, at reasonable rites; a'so a good si set single it ?ori, on the lirst iloor, suitabl fur u & ntlemau. Dinner at 6 o'clock i / WEST TWENTY-FOURTH SrREET BETWKl* "a"*.) Fifth and 8ixth uvenm-s.?* cii .i?* second Floor, furnished, with Board; also, Rooms iur single gentlemen, be hiid on reasonable terms. LA WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BBTWERN FIFTH XU ftt'.d Sixth avenue.?A l''i 'w h lamllv have a hand soineiy i'ur::inh< t trout Sitting K?m>;h and Bedi<x<nt, also a single Room, t<> let, witii or without Board, to gentlemen only, liwuse flint class. References exchanged. loans low. Convenient to curs and atai;i,n. # WE8T SIXTEENTH EE! VERYD1 I IRABU J If ?tus on second ti>< u\ fruit, to li t, with Hoard, to a and wile; alio K- ? ns lorsii^le gentlemen ore 1 arty wishing Board at a \ rice to suit the times; dinner at6; references required. nWEST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET. NEAR SIXTH avenue?Furnished Rooms to vi t. v it it or without Board; ulso two i?:tnds?>iue Parlors, with li?* oonis attached, on s?'eond lioor, uuluruished. House lust class. Tcrius ua> derate. 79 TENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?IIANDI ? hpfurni vi"d ApirtMi nts, m Huit<* tnd single, w aii full Board, or private table if preferred, to let to respect able 1 itrtlc*. 7Q EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROAI> I tf way. Board?F unities u'?i si iu'l?M(i*nti"ineu accommodated with desirable rooms, at moderate priocs. Diunet at o'clock. References exchanged. T(t SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROAD tJ way. War pri ? a.?To let, hands, niely furnished Rooms, to single genii men; the location is near all the Aral class botels and plmvs of amusement; reading room free. Inquire at the* An.>011 House. OA NINTH STREET. BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE OV" and Fifth avenue.?Gentlemen und their wives and single grnilcm* 11 can obtain Board in a lirst class house, witli chone ol rooms in suits or single. Dinner atOo'clncftL Refercnee given and required. QO NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE and Fifth nvetiu**.?Gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen can obtain Board in a first class house, with choice of rooms in suits or single. Dinner at six. ltafe renews exchanged. Also a front Basement, for a party of young gentlemen. f\0 OREENK STREET, ABOVE SPRING?ALBION t/O House.?Elegantly lu nulled suits ol Rooms,with ok* Onion water and ov* rv eonveiii rro for hons? keen itig economically: particularly suited for small, rcspcclibit' fiimi lies. Kent low. 11 A MACDOl'd AL STItKET.?KII'IIMOND HQl'SB 18 J.JLO now opened us a private family lintel, for the reeep. Hon of single gentlemen, or small fun11lies tirud of lioarding. 1'arti a desirous of liniisckeeklng can find every conveniens* at the aliove eMahllslimenl. 1 <)(\ MADISON AVENUE.?A GENTLEMAN AND 1*)U wife e?n llnd Rt their disposal ii aultol Koomsos second floor, with Hoard in a tirst class private house, hand somely located; also a iiootn for a tingle gentleman; beat at references given and required. 1 7f? b'jEECKER street, six blocks west or I I ') BroadwHy.?A new house, with a'l the modern imiirovemeuts. 1'leusunt It j.iras, with excellent Hoard, from IS to $5 per week. Families with their furniture taken oa moderate terms. Breakfast from # to 8, dinner at 12)< and ft. 1 OA TENTH STREET, BETWEEN BKOAUWAY AND lOu University pliee.?Uooma to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife, or a party of single gentlemen. IIou*. first clans. K st of references g'ven and required. AUo, accommodations for a few Day Hoarders. Me i:ast twki.ftii stki;i".t, jHai second avb / line?Choice of Rooms on sennid floor, front and btcfc, together or sep irate. Gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, will find pleasant rooms, with or without full Board. References exchanged. 1 PKTNCE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELKJL*JU gantly furnished Rooms, with Bedroom* attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, ineludinggasnnd Croton water, to lotto respectable families or Mingle gentlemen. ^ BLKEt'KER HTKEBT, OPPOSITE nEPAIJ ROW ? 1"?J FimiiKhod Rooms to let, with B? ard, on the second nud fourlh floor*. Tin; house has all the modern improve* ments. Reference exchanged. 1 QO BLEECKER STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO 1<l/mI let, with good Board; a comfortable home and first rl;uis accommodations; house has all tue modern uu prove ments; meals to suit business people. ?1/1 AND 617 BROADWAY, OVER MENDI'S 8AUitJ loon.?To let, first < Uss furnished Rooms, for guntlemeu and families. All the comforts ol' a home at very low terms. 7({0 BROADWAY, BETWEEN EIGHTH and ninth i uo streets.?A large Kooin on the first floor aud rooms on second lloorto let, furnished; house has all the modern improvements, and is iu a pleasant location; terms moderate. (HQ BROADWAY.?NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, from $1 75 to $3 per week. Also a rosewood marble top Table for sale. COUNTRY BOARD. (JfcQ PER WEEK.?BOARD ON THE NOUTII SIDE OF yO Lone Island, thirty miles from the city. Locality healthy, ot daily aeeess by rail and boat, and convenient to schools aud ehurelies. Best reference given. This is a good opportunity foi thote wishing to economise duiiugthe fell aud winter. Address Comfort, Herald ollicc. 8P1G1AL NOTICES. Notice to ball committees and other*? Jones' Assembly Rooms, G3<3 Broadway, are now open for engagements for the coming ball season, aud will be let at greatly reduced rates. Apply as above. GEOltGE W. JONES, Proprietor. qeoond zouave ball.?a grand fancy dre88 O and civic Ball will come off at No. 87 Mercer street, on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 1861. The most celebrated jig and reel dancers of the present day will be on hand. Come one, come all. rilHi: INFERNAL MACHINE THAT WAS FICKED UT i I iho schooner James Steele, off Newport News and Ben r . Point, can l>e seen free nt "The Store," No. 12 Leroy pla< tiieeekcr street, one block west of lhmidway. J. AYLIFFB. The commodious buildings erected on thk corner of East Sixteenth stroct and Rutherford place, for tlio use of Friend's Seminary, being now complete, tlio schools for hoys and girls will bo opened on the 9th of Ninth month (Septembor.) For admission apply to THOMAS FOUI.KK, principal. LOST A\D FOUND. IflOUND-O.V MONDAY MORNING, IN A MADISON ' avenue stage, a Fatigue Cap, which the owner can have by calling upon O. II. Collin, Registry Department, New York Post ofllce. LOST?YESTERDAY, ON ELEVENTH STREET, BBtween Broadway and University place, a Coral Breaatpln. The tinder will he suitably rewarded by leaving the same at the olDcn of the Brevoort llouse. LOST-$2? REWA RD-LOST, ON THE MORNING Ol the 9th Inst., $80,00, in certlflcatcs of deposit on the Chemical Batik, payable to the order of J. W. 11111. The above an; of no use to any but the owner, as they are not endorsed. Whoever will return the same to 140 West Twelfth street will receive the above reward. SPECIAL NOTICE.?A NOTE, DRAWN BY A I* BONnafon, of Philadelphia, to his own order, dated June 2\ at live months, for $2,079 10-100. has been lost in transmission by mail. All persons are hereby cautioned against negotiating the same, as payment has been stopped. MORTON ORINNELLACO. REWARD*. <tREWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONJPtJ between Sheep's Head bay and the toll br'\'e, a gentle, man's cold Breastpin, with single stone. The finder will re" ceive the above reward by applying to D. Sweeny, 166 Washington street. New York. REWARD.?LOST, FROM THE STATEN ISLAND ?35?J ears, 6th instant, a black box, containing a Guitar. Apply at Kt5 Broadway, In the store. Qf REWARD-LOST, ON SUNDAY EVENING A black and tan Terrier Slut with a white spot on her 1 breast; answers to the uame of Minny. Anyone lindingher ' will receive the above reward by reluming her to US West j Twelfth street. <?C REWARD FOR THE R^URN OF THE TOP 1'IECB ip*-) of r fold Bracelet, lost on the atop.* of Greene street Synagougue, Friday, September 6. S. WOLFF, &3 Broadway, up atalrs. (jfcK REWARD WILL BE PAID TO THE COACHMAN r^fj who took a lady and live children from the corner o. llenry and Market streets, cn Saturday, August 31, I861f Call at No. 3 Bowery. dfeOn REWARD.?A LAD, NAMED WILLIAM HKNRT White, loft his homo August 30, had on when missed, a black felt hat, hlack cloth jacket or llgbt coat with black collar, drab pantaloons, coarse boota; hi iglit about four feet three inches, light brown hair, gray rv. s and fair complexion; age, 15years. Any person, recruiting ofltef r or sea captain, having the same will receive the above reward by bringing him to his aiHicted parents, Nineteenth street, corner of Fourth avenue, liowauus, Civoklyn. ^QA ~RKWTKD.?STOLEN, FROM fliK i'KKMI8E8 yOu or the subscriber, ai Orangeburg, Koekl lnd county. New York, a buggy Wagon and silver plated Harness and a bay Mare 11 years old, with black mane ami tail, right hind foot a little crooked outward, left hind leg a Utile swelled at the second joint; Wagon red and striped, s juare sr-at and no lop. (IS will he paid lor any ininrniMinii m, i win rocurvr wiiil Mare, and $16 additional for ntid Iliirnewi and capture ol Hie thief. AdUrcsn William Till, Orangeburg, Rockland county, New York. q.-n rkwa It 1>.?i.i >ST, (in i'hi ] ia v T.ast, iw RolnR fiiini Rare-lav *ireot up Uroadwtiy In Knnd street, a small Pocket H n>k, contalnlns $221), niostfy $10 and $2i). on the Bank of Rhlunberk. Tim Under will receive UM aliuve reward by leaving tbe some at til lUi'Ow ?treet I

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