Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1861 Page 3
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wmtmm% iomi? TO lrt. A GOOD CHANCE.?HALF Of' TUB FIRST CLARK three Kiory hivh tUoop IJouvu 233 Wett Twenty-eitflith street, to let; oonutu* nine room*, exclusive of Lutn nn-m, watercloM'f,, Joi-eta, Acc\, in e Jejuni order; k,1? fixtures complete in every n. ?m aud separate metre. Inquire ou tue # pre inn**. __ AGOOD-CUANCB FOR A KTEADY, ACTIVE BI'SIlies* man.?To l- i, il e Kbti and Oy? ;er F:.iud iu a Hint chu>* family ii. ket. Apj yi i i -1'. > avenue. A KMAIX FAMII.V, Ot TCPYING A FINE LARGE h'? i: ajj?nte? i iu hood in Brooklyn, would let, until Mav ?e'\t, ;i mT';' front Room, two Mnall Otn pantiy, be., Vf\ tt'cuii 1 . loi y. i-? a gentleman ami wife v\ 10 w i.-?h to fonomlsr, furnished ??r ti'-t; two mil*** fro:?i Ci . II. ,i; cars mum illi* dcior. a Uin- ? for two days, with reference, J. Lane, Herald ee# Rent v? ry low. ^ ^ ALAi:GE Nl'MHEU < 'F Kl'LENDID liOl'SES TO LET, fur-r.,! ni.-l 1 n!V.rni*hed, aaiot ntii,;? Io im n: sne hundred; II w.U ...tuete I up town, at war price*. The teat place in il?u ni;. i ? it or have reutcirhouHis and t?lorc property 1* at N. C, wlh'UOP'S, 144 Broadway, si. re floor. A HANDSOMELY FI'RNIKIIED FRONT AND BACK Parlor ?uid twi Hulroon.K on l.; >t lioor, and 11 it.-hi n, %on*v Terms i? Rc fertmra exchautft'd. Apply it ]5U Waverley J r., ir Sixth ftvrnur. ClOTTAGE, fi HM: I1ED OK vnfrrntshed, to let, J or* Sti?l? b' i; I. .. 1: .\ 1? : ni;?n, wlil'.in live ttinnleM walk >?f ferry. Rent f<# mi it (ho times. Iivniire of fAYLOR A. CO., l '.r;.her :.ur.'Iiar.'.K, Staplcton Ian*. S. I. BlL'RNigI!KJ> JJOI SI5 TO J KT?IN TWENTY NINTH 1 utreet, mar V>i.U. ri i&i.d Fourth avenue*, l?enutfully ?ai oofiij iete!) fe.rt.i Inn!. W' i.'d e reufcd reasonable to a imail p-.tVftte fumh, without chmljej) or boartlei*. Imineliate 1' ir.i.t z lorn k p?'i'k ami agrtiU need tot nj'|#ly. Ad<\i< ?u.x i .VM N. V. J'om <>m? Fcrnikhf.d ih't.-i: to let--the foi h ktory brown M')/w H wNu. 7f:irtv v-vt'i Mn I. 6rt*? ? Fit'lli a:,?i i-.ixt.i uwnu^, I. ti lurnMu l, erith all 1hr ftn^rcvemfit^ , r-ut very' r? ;? ? .! . For further jariieular* mjiiire 1 .1. ii. SEO'R, 70 ttre^t. ? r ?.fi the prcuitMS. Fr UN TR1IKD HCV'PK TO J/ET?FN TIL MAY J, OH lotlf_. r if required. iM.*e hen*- in in the v. ry Wi jart of RVvru h "rort, .n I has rrccutly l> - n 'Vrorati-ii tin'oughoat ttid ih hamts.m ?jy furnished, and has ."11 the modern < >n\e. title ch. \v*1!be'i ented ti? a i rival*' fat >.-y only. Th? ri nt Will be ereeedintfly jm>-'-rate io a tenant. Add/ess. tritU real uame, box l.iliG New York I*? *?t oITice. Fokn'ipued iioi sj5 to let- tv twentieth street, between Fourth aven?a* and Broadway, 'or a small n^nl < 1 f " nijy: twelve* neatly 'furnished. l^K. C. HEAD, 55 East Tweujy ?a*coud streci, from \ FURNISHED ROOMS AND HEDROOMS TO l.F.T?T<) it in all fain.!cn; ttove and riMikum ul?r.8iU atiachetl; low ^ents t?? j*o? <1 ttMunti. jlefithnci'n rc.viretl. Apply at 477 Jamil *tre?t, near llutUon, lor throe da\a. Furnished rooms to let?witiioct board, to gontii'ini'ii only. Honuw contains all tht? mod'-rn ituproveMiruix. Apply at 3S7 Fourth mrect, U:tw?'rn Uowery tnd Broadway. Furnished houses for the winteu.?several newlv t'nrnlsl o 1 H< :n >v in th?* hot part? f ibu ? ?> o funi, for tne winter, to \>? % ut(> fum Iioh only. A)*|lytoE. 11. U'UU:\V .* lij,, r?0. a t'.rt'i t. Furnished hopse to rent is nineteenth ttiet. between l'tfih iiatl S:\th uveoues.- M derate *lze. three Mory and atti. furnished thurouyl.iy. Will be i > rtt? >1 until May to a |>i ivate family < iiiy. App;y ?t I; Vesey street. RENT $250 PER ANNI'M-A REAl'TIFFI, NEW ('Outage to r'MiL to a i( >;.! ! table family, mtantcd on it lovely ivenne In Williams! uy; unfair.* gaa,'.elieif. linlroiiy. tlfgHtit parlor. Car*, 3 cents, pass I hi' door. 4i.2 Uiuiui Hroet, Williamsburg. STEADY STEAM POWER TO I.ET. Laig anu miuI. itoom*, V,. 11 lighted. Nit. 4ft) Water struct. mo I.ET?THE THREE STORY HOIVE NO. 2S3 WF-'i I Thirty-fourth street; repl to w.ih r-.l inmicrn improvcmot.tM. Rent moderate. Apply ut 243 West Thirty fourth euvut. rLET-A NI'MBER op LAKOE AMI MKIiJI'V Houses in the ti|>|H:r r-'ii t of the city, p;imipally m the middle Hint wen side, aleojt number of storrs r n ?! ? business avenues. Also u large stole ami basement at the junction of Broadway, Seventh mvini'! anil F.nv-s< "ond ' l!eet, 2s '.-.rt front by about 12ft feet deep, the stories i ver !! < store being Utt?d till lor a hot, 1 in coni>"< .ion with tin; adjoining bull !lag*. .'. A W. DENII AM, Eighth a', enue, comer i 1' s xtcenth atreei. Ofliee open irom morning till nine in the < vonin TO LET-IN COMPLETE ORDER, THE FIRST, HEeond, third :in! fourth Flrutr f house No. I'jl West Twentieth street, to it small genteel; gas, c'roton water, Ac., through the home; rent low t.-' good tenants. Inquire nt 292 West T.>OnU:'th street or 3i?' Eighth avenue. rt.ET-TIIE THREE 8T0HY MODERN HOISE, NO. 10 First street; has gas lixture.i. hath, two w.-.ti-r hatter*. Ac.; rent, to Ii good tenant, only $'?p0; tlir> upper Crt rerito for $30J. Apply at 37 Eust I'mueiith street, c i HI bei tv street, 11p Mail s. TO LET?A PART OF A HOPPB, N >. SS3 POCRTH avenue, near Twenty-second sti et, to let to .. small family. Hot anil cuid water, bath, gas, &c. Reutmoderate. Apply as above. r LET?THE LOWER PART OP HOtSE No. 4 TENTH treet, between Fifth and Si:;tl) nve.-inoa, consisting of parlors, basements and two looms In nttle. nil complet' ; neighborhood excellent. Rent $3jd per annum. Innuirc on Ike premises. rU'T-TliP MANSION JIOI*SB OF THE I.ATI: John F. Di hi|i nine, at RowauuH, I.onfj Island. It la dellglitfullv sftur.ted on an eminence command i;g a full *lew of New VorK bay and l.arb. r, n short I'lslaoei- from Ore'nwood Cemetery, and fteeess'lile by the c ars. l'o-Eessi m taimediately. Appij to JAMKS CKUIKhilANK, 55 Broadwaj. _ mp LET?THE THREE STORY HOUSE, NO. 183 WEST X Twenty-fourth ttreet containing nil the modern Improvement*; neighboiUiKKl unexceptlontibli'; containing g:i?, haodelier*, Ac.: parlor furniture. ciir|ieti? for [.arlor. hal's and baai'tnenl furuitura would be leti for n g< od tenunt. Apply on the premise*. rLBT?IN BROOKLYN, A LARUE DOI'BLE HOVSE convenient to Fulton ferry and oultable for a boarding houae, containing sixteen rooms, w ith range, gits and Ridge, wood water, and in complete, order. Rent $450. Apply on Itae premises of I). II. REABURY, i?0 Fulton street, liiooklyn. r LET?STORES, FIRE PROOF VAULTS AND LOFTS, with st>ain power, suitable for printers, boi.kbin lei s ?r other light maniifaeturing business, in th" new buildings Una .... I 'IS b'r.i.bfi.rl ufi-.'j.l ....,,r Wl 11 111 r.i SI r. o I J til v the premises. rLET?A LARGE STORE AND BACK ROOM IN Second avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-Brut Unset*; rent $17 per month. Also one fn Third avenue; rout |l& Inquire of WM. FKTTRETCU, 1.15 Earn Thirl)-.*oo!id street, between Second and Third avenues. rLET?THE SPLENDID FIRFT CLASS THREE lory, high stooped corner House 60 Sands street, Brooktaro. Handsomely and completely furnished; 25 by 60 feet; lot 90 by 110 foot. Neighborhood unexceptionable, Kent Wry low for one year or more. Call at 86 Sands street for ? particulars. ?0 LET-LOW, ON MURRAY HILL, THE TOI'H itory brown stone House, 61 Rant Thirty ctKlith street, the modern improvements. Apply at 62, next dour, or T. Boss <k Co., 8i Pearl street. rLET?A GYMNASIUM, FITTED UP IN A SUPERIOR atyle, In one of the largest and finest rooms in the city by the I.ile Guslavus ltatz and B. Franklin Hoaoli. Will lie let with or without tbe appurtenances. Inquire ut Knickerbocker Stage oflioe, corner of Eighth avenue and Twonlythlrd street. fTK) LET-T11E FIRST FLOOR AROVE THE STOKE A?5 X Broadway, two doors above Union square; also the Basement. It is a tip-top location for ai:y kind of light business. Inquire on the premises. rpo LET?A HANDSOME MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE. ELE, X glinted situated on Filth avenue Harlem. Has all the modern irriprnemcnU, gas fixtures, Ac.; g..od Earden atul choice fruit; half an hour's ride by Third avenue, strata win, or boat; partly furnished if desired, llcnt low to a good tenant. Apply on the premises, on Fifth avenue, between 130th and 131 hi streets; or in store 605 Broadway, to THOS. H. GAYNOR. Would trade for a brown stone house between Thirtieth and Fortieth streets. rpO LET-UNFURNISHED, TO A SMALL GENTEEL X family, part of an Er.n'.ish basement house, consisting of Parlor, Room, Kitelicn and three Bedrooms. All modern conveniences. Kent moderate. Apply at the house, tM Wast Twenty-eighth street. r) LET?AT 161 WEST NINETEENTH STREET; HOUSE h.ui all modern improvements: the second iloor, containing Parlor, Kitchen, Bedroom ana Bathroom, gas, hot and cold water. Also a nice front Room and Bedroom on third oor. Also a nice Reception Room, with a Room attached, lultablr1 for ft doctor1# oflioe. All will be let together or lepft* rate; rent to snH the times. mO LET-ONE HOUR'S DISTANCE BY RAILROAD J. from New York?A luge House, recently erected for .1 tna r 11 n it nrift r!uv cchor.l fi.r oitlinv t ..... sbrTii\virk''A'MN^V)p..'(C' s'Wui miwt, mo LET-TO A SMAf.L FAMILY OF GROWN PF.I'J X eons, part <>f a flrht class House in a pleasant location House occupied by oue prlvuus foiuilv. Apply ut L.,^1 ftlrUeth si reel, mO LET?STORE NO. 72 LISPENARD STREET, FITTED X up complete for liquor bualness; llxtumror sale at hail arise; an excellent chance for a muari, active man. Apply In the ?Kir. - catty. rpO LET-THE SMALL Til REE STORY BROWN STONE X from House, No. lti Hammond atreet, with aH lite to1' tern Improvements. Also the Hotii-e No. hi Thirty ninth Street. Kent low. Apply to GEO. COOK, auctioneer, 141 Broadway. mo LET?THE KEIHIND FLOOR OK 09 OlIARI.ToN X atreet, consisting of three rooms, tour lied rooms, the Itaot basement and a cellar. Also the Flrrt Floor of 71 Charlton street, two rooms, three bedrooms, back basement MXl cellar; will be let low togood tenants. mO LET-THE THREE STORY AND BAFEMENT HOUSE X No. Vti Thirty-second Street, between Lexlnctoii am! Third avcuuea; Croton water, (fas, 4<\; rent low to a Kd tenant (>4?SI>. Inquire on the promises, or of R, 88EIX, 127 West Twenty-llfth street. mo LET-LOWER PART OF A NICE HOl'SE: TWO X parlors, two basement*, two sleeping nx>ms, m"ilen: Improvements, for a moderate rent. Also one or two nlrr Apartments; rent (12 to $14 per month. Apply at 344 Ulewk r atreet. near Charles street, ot T. Cl'UUlKTH. mo LET-A FURNISHED FROST RECEPTION ROOM X and Bedroi lit adjoining on the fir.-t Door of tho uew Bngllsh basement Hous?, 21 Second avenue, suitable for at. Ace or a gentleman and lady. mo LET AT LOW RENT TILL MAY 1-A HIGH STOOI X three story brick House, iftgooJ order, with modern Im jrrovi'w nts, a large yard, and central locujon. I'orfurthei particulars apply on the premises, 41 West Yoriy-third street mO LET OR LEASE?THE HOUSE FOL'RTI X street, 110 feet west of Broadway. Apply at 2G0 Fourtl limit, opposite Washington square. mO RENT-IN HOBOKEN, HART OF A LARGE ANI X handsome House, near tho ferry, Consisting of parlor first floor, and a suit of Rooms on sero'nd or third fur Dished or unfurnished. Address boi 2.915 Post oflke, N. Y mO A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE FAMILY ONLYJL with no children, n three story furnished House is ' ! fered; renlJWa month. To ihose wishing to redure ej penses this amount would be taken 111 board; location nea Twenty eighth street ami Fourth avenue. Address I*. 1*. Madison sqiuua Post ottlce. *T7"ESTl'l!fc'STER HOl'SB, BOWERY AND BROOM1 ft sin-'..?Basements to let oti the Mom iy and Hk./iii street, r lenient stands f< r fruit, lager t. < r or oyspr ra'.oout Smi iuw. Jtigujre at U)? oilite uf ice W%?tcbv>>kr lUu?v. N1 HOUSES, ROOMS, ?r? TO I/ET. IOf* EOI RT1I AVKNl'E, CORNER OK TWENTYOUVJ i l^htli ?triii.?To li t, tin' fiiKl Flour "I tli? hoime, Willi kiti'hi ii. bunement, rai'Bo, hath, K"s ui.M g#j? IlxtureH iiu'luilfil; rem mmteriitc. iuuulru at tun above number, In thu dmjj ?tore. MtNCAL. * MAON'IFIt'ESTSKVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD I IANO./Y. luile lui bale, richly ,arved li'^s anil cu?e, lull ml comer*, full iron |>lule Hm d ivlih -atlmvooil, ?,v.-ruti-nfit; hat*, InlnUl, ninl wuli i.earl kt-VK, niaile to unl. r tor the present owner liy city muk, rs, fully guaranteed for three vmii, b mmi i -ed Neven month*, t'oitl ?600, will bft Mold for $2>V), inehiilfri- S!< ul anrt Ooyri-; also dei;,ml Drawing Room Suit, cost for ?I.'13. Inquire at m West Sixteenth alivcl, between Kifth ami Sixth avenue*. \YOlTN<J GERMAN, AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER of music, who apeak* also Freiuh and English lluently, 1h (Wirotts of mectiug with a family where ho ?' ul?l tcaeh the j)i uioforte. *t'\, in return f"i h!a board and reatdence. Hi nt refcmieca givcu. Apply to Metma. Luia Jl Nchai fen berg, 7W Hrondway. A GREAT BARGAIN - riiK'K $170 IfAGNIFICENT large n ortavt- Pianoforte; original price round corner*, nerp* ntjnc bottom, iron frame, Neolloped key*. oyer.sirnng bm-a, with maker* guarantee. Apply at the residence 2S Third Mn'i't, near Second avenue. I joint k EIUDBI RY& V w SCALE OVER TRUNG _j Hiifs Patent iJJsuUUd Full Krume Grand and Npiare pianofortes, No. 4-1 Rroomo Btreet. What every )>ody nays min t ho true: everybody gays they are the best, therefore they must bo the best. MI'RTC.? \N EXPERIENCED CONDCCTOR OF cltun h iii'.nic would like a .iuuti.>n; ran furnish an orM.tiiist, ^ -piano and tenor, if deaiied. Address Conductor, N- - NrEW M1TSIC.?u LONG iive T11K SIXTY-NINTH patriotic* n?,c< . ed f r, andsuit t .t th great Fe?? livul at Joiipm Wood, | ??<< 2$<*t (>; and "Oa tei| me ?.f my Mother," by Stephen 0. Foster. 26 ecuia, jiu>l published at 1)ALV S, ih) Grand *tre? t. t>xakokorte to hr given away?for $uw; i Lr*t<'<.*t $(k?; in in n -d i i?i?d'tiou; rjieuuni ui.od, jm-im-l name d, with lard-. fountain* and tJ;>u r>; ir.?n frame, ornamented in best ?>!' style, with gold; gilt rndea. n!.. t l i-sold. Call hume !lately at 379 Ftrat street, between North Niuth and Truth, w dllatnsburg. OlANO WAN J ED.?ANY PKUSON HAVING A FJNE L roaewood Piano, i new and of one of the best maker*, rati J.eui >?i a emt.aner by add reding F. B., llcrald ;!. . giving dflM ilpili D and prt ? / |>lANOFOKTE.? A NCrT.KIoR SEVEN CUT AVE K08K1 wood l'm?o?, Ohiekt rin^ a eleuant Othierx*', iron frame, *.? mg de*k, .Vr., : r Mid. Aia?, the FurniUire of two riMiniMat r. aaerillce; ) ii,* Miii"r. Hruaaeta carpet, Apply at 127 Twenty-llrsi street, n. u* Third avenue Removal.?Horace \vatef:h, agent, mas i;e moved to 481 Broadway, belwcen Grand and B ome ulri'Ct*, where h< *e I! # new *?*veu - tave r. i . s for and warranted, n nd b i d Pianoi an 1 ua frmn g?36 to (UBi a:i klmli . ! iiuubdiI merehand .it war piieea. 1'iai h ami Af- !?/<?< "Us u. i- t !roxn S.'i?> p r mouth; rent al! >wi d if pureha^ 1 tui i?er a^rr-na-nt; monthly payuienia received f? r the raiue. QEYKltAL IiOYrt AUK WAMi:i?~TO KILL VACANO eiea ill a ohun ii ? h a. A k?>-d voi? o and sune expet lenee it. reading in m ntia , \?v not to ? *< ?? i 1^, uideh* the app.iea!1.'. ?aa a wtll ad\ameU ..h a reader of no>ie. Salary Addre ; It. O., H? . aid <?fllee, giving name and tesi l.-tuM', with tateno nt?d (jaallfleatlni.s. IIVSTMl t rio\. AT *2 ft).-WRITING, TWENTY LE880N8: ROOK 2\ keeping, IU\ lessons unl'mited; Wr.ting un<! Ariihuietie, |?# r ip'srier, seventy-eight lessons ?n-hf ?10. i>2 Bowery and 2SS Fulton street, Brooklyn. From lie v. A. Brunson, Albuny:?"I t.?k?4 great pleasure In reco;n;o< t.ding Col. i uine as a rt-sj citable man and a complete master of his profession." A LADY, HAVING MCCTI EXPLK!ENCE IN TEACHi\ ing English, Flench nr.i! Music, \\ isht h lo ^ivc \ r?vate instructions in either of the above branch''* nr in .1 m Wry be si relort ticcs at* lo capability giveu. Apply at Co n:i; n pl.'icc, corner of Thirty-third street and Nintu avenue. A CADEMY OF PENMANSHIP AND BO<-KKT.KlISO, il 362 Broadway, continued t.y \V. C. HootjLAND, tor many years with Oliver 1*. tiol Ibiti.lh. No class* s. Thorough, I radical insinc-iion, with earnest, careful attention. Open day and evening. Terms moderate. V GOVERNESS on COMPANION.?A LADY, WJIOSK km gone lo the ? nr, di slrei to oi 1 In lion as ivsi'lciii (i'ivi itctM In u tam.iy, or as romp.*-t.ion to nn invalid or elderly lady; incompetent to teach Kng i*b, French, tag, and tlie rudiments 01 Latin; is a goou reader, and capable of interesting i invalid. Address, for one ;o< k, < ompanien, station D, Avior place, New York. 1 FR1 ? n LADY DESIJ Bfi A BITE kl ION AS CM / V verness in a private family, or a teacher ?l Fr* nch and (> i/nan, in a boarding school; she :ios the bestot relen !i 'MU the la1! ?? !)> >.1 win 10 she haft laU 'llt; svip-s moderate. Andres* Mlsft II. ,f. O., Herald otllce, f??r three dry*. 4 NY RESPECTA1ILE AND WELL EDUCATED YOUNG 1V person whhiui; to learn the Spanish lun?nape may ap'pl.. to a yoaug Spanis'i genlluman, who U o?ed to gh" daily le^'uRf, will.ou: ;.;.y other r*?War \ th.'.n th- \) ..Hire of having daily and instrurf'ive conversations in English. Ad- j ..... Robot . box 110 II< raid ? . 4 FRENCH GENTLEMAN, FROM PARIS, 88 YKA^S i\. of sge, llu"1111v acquainted with the li-rmni language, i* desirous "f obtaining a few pupils in French or Go Terms moderate. Address 11. J., 11 raid ofliee. 4 S GOVERNESS OR COM PA WON.-A GERMAN LADY, who has taught both tu Kug?und and Trance, d'*sir* M a situation in a private family, where the <h'Urcu (of whom she would take tha entire charge) arc sftll young. Distance no objection. Address Y. Q., 1^2 Houston street. VWELL EDUCATED, RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, recently from Vermont, desires a situation during the winter Ou the country preferred) asadismei school tea- inn , can get the best of reference. Last winter was engaged us an assistant teacher in mathematics. Any one di firing the same for the said time, address A. C. Harris, 373Cth ave., corner of 38d it Don BBR1KASD collegiate IH9TITOTE?M7MADIson avenue, New York, reopens Septeinl)er l(i. l'rineiI-ttl, Madame DON BERNARD, n<"' de Roohefermoy, formerly French teacher ol' Rutgt rs Iiistitute. IfVENISa CLASSES is BOOKKEEPINO, PR1WANPj ship, Ac., at 18 and 10 hooper Institute.?-The rej'tilar evening sessions of BRYANT, STKATTON, PACKARD X PENN'S Mereantii? College will be opened on Monday evening, September 1ft, at 7 o'clock. ITtRENCH INSTITUTE, FOR YOUNG GENTLEMEN, SO ; 4S Twenty fourth street.?Hoarding and day school, classical and commercial, fourteen tcadier.??ix American, live French, two Gorman, <*110 Spanish. A primary department and a gynnr si 1m. Seo prospctii.s for details. Pnifomor El .IF CI1AKL1ER, Director. Will be reopened on Tuesday, Saptembor 17. IHRENCH AND GERMAN LAMOUAGB0 ?PROFESSOR ' E. TELLEKINO, 819 Broadway (established 1K*?2). will reeeivt! applicatioLB from ladies and gentlemen for private instruction in the aloresaid branches. T<atin and Grtcl*, and make translations. Also English to foreigner?. Hebrew boarding and day school.?to principals. The advertiser, a gfod disciplinarian, formerly principal of a ilrst class commercial it.stit.utc here, favorably known as a practical teacher of double entry book k?*? plug, penmanship, commercial arithmetic, German, Feerwch, English ana Piano would like to associate himself with u resoecuible jxarty long established. Would also assist in Hebrew. Address Polytechnic, box 192 Herald office. MADAME J. V. CAUCHOIS, BNGLISTI AND FRENCH Boarding and Day School for voung ladies, 2M West Twenty-third street, will reopen on Monday, September 9. A punctual attendance of the pupils is requested. A class of Oil Painting and Grecian Art on Saturdays, taught by Mme. I '.iiu-httla i'.irticiiliir iiKpntinn rivpn to (he in iiitnro . rl. , tnc.nt. MADAME C. MEAB8 BUKKHARDT, 222 aiid224 Madison avennr.corner TlJirty i ighth Ft. ENl.LUiH AND FRENCH HOARDING AND DAY ,-CllWL Foil YOUNG LAME-, (Formerly 82 West Fifteenth street.) Will, with tho commencement of iu'j session, September 12. Madame C. M. I), will be at liomo from the 1st of September. Oircalarp at IlreushiR's, Tot '.'.roadway; Lockwood's, 411 Broadway. nn<l 222 Madiiit n avenue. MURRAY HILL SEMINARY.?THE mioses HOWLaND'S Seminary fur Young Ladles, 12 Kii*t Thirtytilth street, necond door eii'l of Madison avenue, will reopen on Wednesday, Kepiember IS, when a punctual attendance uf their pupils in rcipiesusl. MR. WILLIAMSON, TDK CELEBRATED AND ACCOMplished Anist has returned Irom Saratoga, i;..d is urnr prepared to receive Ins pupils at i- t'Untou place. SCHOOL AND HOME EDUCATION. ? PRIVATE French, German, English and Spanish Classical and Commercial Boarding and Day t-chool, with fmo play ground and gymnasium, 47 nnd 40 West Twenty fixtu street, between Uroadway an 1 Sixth avnnno. Mr. LOUIS ERNST t ik's charge of a limited number of boys. Reopens .Monday, .September 16. SPANISH LANGUAGE.?CIPRIANO GORRIN HAS REsutucd instruction in the aiiove. For further particulars apply to the aforesaid, at his oflloe, room No. 7 CJinton Hall, Astnr place, between the hours of 11 aud 12 A. \1. and 4 and S I'. M. cjciiool wanted?foit three young girls, 7. 9 0 and II vpars of Jtge, in the nerghl>orho'>l of Fourteenth street and Fifth avenue preferred. Address box 1.1W I'osl office, with circulars. Troy fbmaj.e seminary.?this institution otiers ihe accumulated advantages ot nearly ittu \e?r* 01 successful operation. Every facility is provided for a thorough course of useful and "ornamental education, nnd'r Uie direction of a corps of more than twenty professors at.d For circular* apply to JOHN H. WILLAKD, i Troy, y. Till-; CLINTON INSTITUTE, i:? WK?T TWENTY third struct.?This old and wel! known school is new pivpared to receive pupils for the coming season. The tear '-is are able ;ind faithful, and every attention is paid lo the well ; be ink aud progress of the pupils. MIROS J. IIAZELTINE, Principal. DAKC1NO ACADKmsi. ?-*p/ip n/wna nivi'ivii uMnrvv ivn I'vuvi i Jl Blum, a* 275 Rleucker Mreat. rUnne* forming i'or Mo?. ? days and Thursdayb; juveniles, Wednesdays and Saturday*, at three o'clock. DKMISTHV. 4 RT1FICIAL TEETH.?DR. LUTHER. DENTIST, STILL i jV. cimtinuoa. fit 133 Sixth avenue, Imtwn T? nth ami Eleventh strict*, to Jn???rt foMiiufttl and sutataiiM it svts on pmc Silver tor only $S; nil line gold and i>iat?n;i, $1&. Single * troth. $1. Teeth filled and nxtruried without the Iimkc pain. Aritticiwl bone tilling, only 50 cents. AH \von; warranted. 4 RTIFIOIAL80KEFI1 MN V FORDE 1YEBTKETTT? JnL inserted \vhil?* n"ft, giving n> pain. Aching teeth or I mere shHl* can be lilletl and mej?erv?d by the dlscyveier. .J. l PKARHOV. M. !>.. rooms KM) Mroadivay, wst side, on?* door above Seventeen lit street. M. U.?Bewaro of spurious Utlonfk ' U 4 VM<I''.\N I'KVTXI. UVU I-:KY".-V;\iii AVKM I'.. I 1 \ ci11"i,ol1 Twenty-secoiHl MrreJ; jau:.-*!, mil* fo'mnnu!'a<,turing Teeth. First elm* Five I'rp. m nmRl f tnr? ihoiiwind reOreineN >m fin'ii a.?, A". Kvr.ior Iniiirv l'rli'fsl Silver M'I?, H ; (iolil, $21): |uUiit (iinnotyp.'s, Single Teetb, $1. Esia^dnhfil l8Us. Dr. MAXSOS, D-ntist. ! ilFRBSSBR. Bl'HNlIAV SFIltNIT'KK EXPRESSPACKINGERTABliRhinent US WrM Hill between Filth ami Sixth a,e" mier.?lloiiMhold F'iriiltiiro boxed nml ?hii>|je<l to all [mrtii i. OI' the wnrlil. Unvoted w-upnna lor tuiouvuiri Immune into the souuiry. Furniture nloicd. m YORK. HERALD, TUES FINANCIAL. ' | VlVIDKNT)?NEW yORK CONSOLIDATED 8TAOE ,1/ ?'< mpany.?Tlic l'r. and hlri'otore of tin* iKiyo tl?ur initial xoni' annual itiviiUuil ' of four |? r c fit, |?y?li!o tu the stock lio|ili<rs <ai ami aid r tlm 14LU itmunt. Thr trar.Dfcr books will bo olwod from i the tfin to tUr 141U instant, tnc'.usive. JACXJU CAMI'BELL. Jr. , Treasurer. rttPTE*Dm ?, ]8r?i, I IT'OK KALE.?A $2,SOO MORTOAdE ON A FAKM AND r worth ihnv Union tlio iinioiinl, at mi'iw lit i valuation; wvrn intlw from Nt-nr York. HulliUntf* Inmircri lor m>r<" than tlic iiimiuiu lit' iiiiii'iuiti;i?. liunilMiiuiu ivhMi'h In New V.>1 It. Will bo noli! at a Jlacoiint. Ajdicua or tall , at 2t> l'iue dtreet, room No. 8. llrANTi;i)-$ ON BOND AND MOHTOAIiK.-AW ? I ix isr'ii having thi" ut > >vi' amount i'an havo a Kooil liome with the advert.Mer at a country rent (fence u nliorl diataiue from the city, for the use of *$1,600, ami the balance of interval In c*ibii. Aduiean J. I)., box 152 Herald oilice, for oue week. CI r\t\(\ WAXTI-'I) FOKONK YEAH?ON PERSONAL PI?0"U projK'rty worth $8,1X3(1. to be fnllv inmirod; fair bonun to !?.' given. Addrenn U. S, K., box Ilk) Herald ofUce. <lh4> AAA TO tt.UOO WANTED?Foil MANI'KAC luring an a.tide for wbi?'h a patent ha* been obtained; good aecurUy given, and the loamr may make arrant m nta to receive moro than tho legal rate of iutercat. Address (). 11., box 183 Herald olflco. <510 000 TO advance, in si ms to srrr, on ?]P X.tJ tf tj tJ Wn: hen, Diamond* and other |Hvikoiui1 1 roper ty, or bought for c.tnb, and the hifthcat on.e \ aid. L. JACOBS, 4'\ Cedar street, b -abcli 407 Hmudwny. LOAN OFFICES. A T 77 BLB?< KEft STREET MONEY ADVANCED TO al hii\* HMioimt on DiHioot.dx. War hen, Jewelry, P?anon, Se^ara, 1)j v ijordn, ,v? . N U -I'uu'iibrwki m" ticket* bought. 11 NKWTON, 77 Blocker street, upntairs. \T CO NA WAU RTHKET v IIONIOMAN, DIAMOND Broker, TH.iHeH literal rolvan-rs nn Diamond*, Wwtrb* ?, Jewelry, or lmyn them at Cud value, ut hia private uf?|< e, oTi Na*a< n ntreol, room No. J, ttp nlalr*. Buslnesn contiUeif to. A T NO. 9 CHAMBERS ttJ'BE&T? MONEY TO LOAN TO il any am unit en Diamond*, W.ilelo ?. Jewelry, Xr., by the well known and Old e*uoii*hed ISAAC, Broker and Coutm'.Nj-n ii Men .-hunt, No. 9 (timber# ntrtet. N. B.?No bualnena tranaacted on Haturduy. AT 79 NA. SM' STKKET -\. K. THOMPSON A1)vam-e* on Diamond*. Wan-hen, Jewelry. Sevtrs, and alikindnol Property, or bnyn out. AMOK It. Tl 1 v > Al I'SO N. Auctioneer. Salen attended t<? in ail pa: u of the city ami Brooklyn. Room No. 3, neeond Hoof. VT J. II. BARRIN01 t J i BO LD % Vi ii" >M 13.?This old eaiubln h'Mt ollloe a lyur.ees iho hi^h nt Buui>?. or l>.iy? for <a*h, Merchuudhio, Hia euuia. wet or unset, ivatlr, Watched. I I?.te, optical Jnsir .incut#, <fcc., at *212 Hroadway, rot m 13, up Ktniffe. flfeOA AAA TO iDVANCE BY HENRY HYMAN, 490 O^W.UWU llroadwi>, mo..* N. . \ oU Wateh'-n. i>?a u M( rchandiKe of *ry de-eriptlon, from $ld and upwaid^. Merchantn 1 u wa?tt of'money w ill do well to call. Bunlne** strictly conHdentiul. PfiRSOAf ii4 LU'K AND M.?MEi-;T MK THIS (TUESDAY) NIOIIT, 1\. j;t. 10, ithout tall. Tune and plate u* >" !< FBRRY 00. " A I.I'll A."?l'Kl'AI ItS COMI'UCTI'.D AND I'OKT A hob'.* ?'i?.-rd. Apfndnt time for de|mrture by letter, directed io 3. 1'. SUr, ttUUon r. f I Ivf if H* LVV Till* I A <T \t V ! I IM A M Tl Mil WU'sS r> from you. !*? ? - imfli<! sajpointed/amt <jtii? k *. I BROOKLYN. DOC.?YOURS RBOBIYBD. HOW TORT DI8INteieMed you aie; but I have nodegireto n?ucw "old times," and my address Ur"I love and am loved. ' ADDLE. f^KOHGK-UK AT MY PLACE OF BUSINESS OK vT Tne*du\ ait' moon. You *;? ?uld li.ivt* b< ? n there on Saturday or Monday, mm request d in Herald of Saturday. & V. HV. B., OF 'H5EVBNTH HEAYBN '?WHY DO Y01 not ea.I for that l"li? r which ha* been twin' advert ? d. \? m\E, I*AH " IVB iNli NEt RAI* "( N FORMATION WANTED?Ci1' TWO CAPTAINS AND I foi r I/ni'O! untH, U'{ .Vie a r.v men! t;f Rlllen n, ??y I'M ru?!?ne'tiv?ut.\-fiV<r In.'It e,?^h; ah expense* will be pahi; i.niiiTs and men from the'inti ?'!?.r nieferrrd. Addn hh W?,; Until, Uun Id oft e. TP MRS. BERRY WILL SEND II7 R ADDRESS TO M[ I M., Broadway Po.u miue, she w?U oOli^e an old lt-.cii | who Ik mux tons to see her. M. M. MISS UKOKCTANNA .1. AIXEN WM.I, HKAR OF AN old Mr.Kic V.ilr litem! ly .uMr<ss,r.?r Jwtma M , car l ndf:c Ho 11. OYSTER HAY.-11' THE UENTLEMaN WHO SAT Op. 1 .mite the ladirn' abut, ?n ? o.n, any \% it tj httiu^ mi llnrv j: ntlemen, < n b .11: : L"j?-: I*i,: 1 ?o < > f:.".;, mi Satur d..v, Augtift 10, and fc.w .1 . .dy he bail not before, au.i 1 d het two ',V0 F H{?< r IU at till' fi./tlM church, \S . 1 fci'iul hlN MddreHH to E. K., Unum s ,u.u? Pent oM.c**, he wdl reeeive n 1 exp'ai.ati< u o. hi r rnd<ne s. She felt so deep an Interest in him that it nmdc her to sp?ak. 1) R.?THE COMPANY WILL HOLD THEIR MEETING J t. this evening, h' 7)t o'clock. rpifK OK NTT EMAN WHO RECEIVED A LETTER PRoM I a jtiNKiu in Hr? adway, mar Am-'y mmof, ab? at five o'i l'? k e n the 71!? ol 8 'ptcmber, wihIu h to know furth* r paiticulars. H. B. WILL THE YOUNO LADY WHO PASSED DOWN IT Hroadway In a ?\ luifd with gri-i-n, at .uimit luilt-|Mini om o . lock on tlw Mi ol Si pU in!?? ? , } ! :;>? addrciM H fnw Un< ? to (). p. i'., Hi 'adway Pi *t o1!i.-i-; th<- ^nUoimui mIk* Mj>okf to from tin* luick wirnJow. WILL THE LADY WHO CROSSED THE NORTH liver on Sunday, at twelve M. and was dlrrrti d to H d ?fwt by a gcntlfuiMP, oldlgr rim by Kending her a?ldr?*KK 10 Hrookn n, Atlanta: (i irdrn, llotwikmi. IITILL EUGENIE PLEASE MEET HER FRIEND ANY I T day nt *\\ oVl<?< k, in i)?-r ? wji givvct, to r*Mjr*iv<? an cxplanat.oii of thn miKumit iv.nnding ??! two TliiiiKdayn. HOTELS. Howard hotel. 171, its kuoadway, new, York, Sf jJtombi'r I' 1.SC1.?Ri'trcm hmrnt hffnt; tin- or?ti*r of tin' day, and tl.' proj : .rtor of tin* Howard HotH (b'siiouh of kecjiiug prif.'\Mtii tin* timcR, Ioim ib tcrmit ? il to rodm-f th?r j ri- r 0! Board ftvin $2 to f 1 ft-'i |H*r d.iy. The wiino aiUmUon \n hkh has < v? g t harai teri/.od ti?.* cui4ue of this well known bucint'MM hotel will eontiouu to be exerelxed as heretofore. J. B. K1NGSLEY. ST. PKN? HoTKL, CORNER KI.KVKNTH STRE1.T AND Rroalway.?Tliif. Hotel liaving been >mpi"teiy renovated, newly c irpeted, and furtushed throughout with spring bedp, &c., tlic pr<?prietor is now prepared to apartments to partita returning 1 ous tab'country and the'j.: public generally,at prieia t?> n it the timrF. Having added to the many new features of the IimcI a new and fpacimis dining sak^on, fronting on Eleventh street, he fee Is confident that he can please all who m ?y favor him with a ca.l, both in price and luxuries of a table. E. F. BA1X'<?M, Proprietor, Formerly <fPt. Nicholas an I Filth Av? n ?e II ?tets. WIIITNKY HOUSE. BROADWAY. CORNER OP Twelfth street.?The proprietor of the above e^t.ililinhment, tn order to keep |wee V. ilh the present hotel ?ed:s< tionn, haK reduced the tunee of roomti to one-half their foi mer raten. Two rlegsnt Miiits nf Rtm/Dis, flrnt and ?erond r.<K?rs, private buthh and eloseUattuehed, to let, at very low figures. H. M. BENNETT, Proprietor. 8$I'MM1:R BE8OBTS. Mansion bouse, long branch^ new jersey, will remain oj?en dui ir g the month of September, owing to the numerous visiters now stopping. SA.MUWi LAIRD, Proprietor. PASSPOIITS mo TRAVELLERS?VXITKP STATES PASSPORTS IN' X dispensable to all i. i>- u.m leaving this port. procured within 48 hours; ul?<? Sight Druft**. payable throughout EnI rope, issued t>y a. SCHMIDT ?V CO., Eorutrfan Ranker* and K<?tarie* Public, No. I Chainbt i s street. %i<: ^gPAPBRS, I If ANTED?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE DAILY !!E tt laid vein- i?r had year ending Austin 30, 1&61; muni be in eoo'i -rdcr; a liberal prion will bo paid. Addros box 4,004 Post office. iioiJSBSf ROOMS, &CM WARTSa DRFO STORE WAXTED ? AXVI50DY HAVrNO A DRCG Store, doing a good trad**, well lo.nted, to sell low for cash, tuny addrcab for three days, 11. S. \\\, box 201 Herald oflhce. HOUSE WANTED 11V 11ARLEM?EITHICR A TWO tor? or small three iiory . n good repair, at moderate Vent and near the h ?:?t laiidhis?. Address, with pariiOHbut, K., b -x 3.146 New Voi k Post office. PART OF A FrUNISHED HOUSE WANTED?BY A very srnnll, centrei, quiet family; first or second Him?r, w till front or iinnk tmsemenU must I < ui<*ely and comfortably fin nfahed, and in a respectable ru'ijjhbothood, between Sixth and Second avenues. not hi?Je*r up than Fourteenth ?'r?M. Kent m?t to ex re-1 $.^0 or $UX). Address Ilunnoe, Herald office, tor two days *\lrANTETW-!N NEW YORK OR BROOKLYN, A ITU Vi nlsiwd House; the lent Cc? be paid In board, in whole or part. Must b?? !n a first class ncig!iborh<>od. Address t?#, Herald oflV TIT AN TED-A HOUSE NK VK SIXTH AVENUE. NOT ul' iVf Forty-eighth trert. worth from fJO.OOO to $15.(fc)0, in cxchan*; (above the in< rtfafe) for gm?d w .nufse. t .iinc'ck. tfurnUhedh iiw ptuftntd. Call ;.i oi addres? 17 SatMiu aire# t, room No. S, \\r ANTED?FROM V-T 01- Ot 'TOWER TO MAY, BY A |<t;r.tte, a three story Hoe, in a rc?p? r'able i:<MKhborhcM?d; imh-i Iall the modern onrurcuietm- ; furnished or part y t irniLjod preferred. Rent (which must be jow> will be j ?*'d monthly in admix'*. Adrir* ? ?-. full particulars (none other noticed), A. II., box 2,501 Post o|j,ce. 1|takt:;i)?a nice and spa* iol ;s hofse, fxffr. \) nts!H"l, or, i! furnished. the t irnitnre or wh eh tniftht he bju^ht situs'#4*! trf^weon Twelfth and Thirtieth s:ie< u nnd Fourth and SiMh avi nncs. Addicn M. F., box 214 lien.'rl nnitfH* \\'.w ED \ H <>r 0* BBOOSLYN iiM-.nrt i m .fii-Mi built. with n!i i:nprov<,m?*nt*; r? i?i musibo low. Ad % 900 St " ^ rt )' illIIee. "IIrANTED?TO RKNT. FOR SIX MONTHS FROM NO' f v-inbrr l, j; small, \vt I lirnlnhrd brown Hou#?\ ubi<v<? Twenty tilth ?!wt, botxviMi Fourth uri'l Sixth avrnm-n, l>v a l imlly of tUw lululut. Addrett Juo. Warner, box N? >\ York. Pnni office. "tlTAKTRD?LUNl H ROOMS, CXI RSt HED. I m trout unil t\N ? bark |t. ojus, ? n the hrM Ko??r, tsi a r??j H|w*i'tiiblr jnrt ol the city, by ti sir*? ?: ?> * ivr. Givelo* I ration, de?rripUnn and rent. A'l'ln*^ I', SlahuM H ! x\Tante6?two ou riniKii n i;m>ih:j? kooms. f* tor hotixrk*- j.ijur. la iw?? ? Tblrtnib m.I Font.?? nui H'trr:*. mul wi st ot iJnm l\v.?' ; rent i???i t.. oxcccd $15 a rnoutll. Aii'.! < .? > 1. A.. I *?: t-?!i Tost, U*" ANTI'.I) T(> KK.NT?A STtiltK \N1> jnVKLUNt; IN Eighth nvrmw. h?M*.wr? Litrhtrt .?nl Tairiy-toitrtn JO )>r immediately. HV*i *'.<*.** viWorn-if. Addrexa box 3,918 1 i>?i ol!l v, Muling locution miU amount t?I lent. \r.\STKD-TO HUNT > OOTTXuf: oil SMALL JSRICK , m >1 in the mihiirt^ <>f \Vtlliarn*bo:g ot lliouki} u. j Addict* JS. C.} Uui-?aa oilicc, Sew YurJU 1 IDAT, SEPTEMBER 10, 18' SHIPPING. OWING TO THE DfSAKRANGKMKNT OP OtTR HCEUlar wi 'niy i-iui*?k<t Uy U?m ikIuiu u? Liv^ipool ' 11? Mo, ri.?li?n Kma, thin ny \ ill n t *. >?.trh a HU-aini r I'mia N??w York oil Saturday, lt??* Wth nit r. l i'** \t hi?'. 'liei will tliriv tore leave t; m e on tin -l*t * l S?|>temlx r, mi't will Im? followed weeklv In the recn'.ir eouine, lame a* hcreuilore. *I?>I1N (J. 1>A)<K, A#ent. Steam weekly liclwofn Ne.v Y<?rk ami Mv?m p. ol, l-?ml! ?>? 411.I cm harking ii.iHb- liters at Uiicfiinuffil Ii- imiuI. rLiverpool, N?'W Y? rk ami IMn'.a V.plnu hvum*1 'l? <'?'un?aiiy intend deftpaU-hlrft their fuli powered Clyde* bin,i M.-uiiiahh s n6 iuliowa.? Ul.ASiJOW BatuYdnv, 8rpt. 7. UJ1V OK N KW YOKK opt'l TY OK MANt"111'.STKit Saturday, Sept. !. I'lTY o|* MANCHK8TKK or CITY OF NEW YOlUC Saturday, Kept. '<&$> And every Saturday, at m< n, from t'ler 44 North rlv?-r. _ UATts or i'.vhiaoe: First f abln $7S Sttera#?c l?o. to London aO Do. to Londou 83 1M toParis US Do. ulV-(8 W Do. to Hamburg.... 8ft 1???. t<> Hamburg.. . . Passt-ngars also forwarded Havre, Urouitu, Kottcruatn, Antwerp, jit equally low nitric. Pei iik wnhinu to bring out their friends can buy tickets here at the fol?owing rati s to New York - Krom Ltvei p ? ! or Qu*-ciimowii, that cabin, $<&. iMft and $1*5. Htecrago lroia Liverpool. $iu; from Que. uh uwii,

Thene nlearners havo muwi ior accommodations for patsengc?x, aim i .;; r> experienced MiriVrii*. They are built ll) WH' :ir.'l?t it-.1 sections, and hn\e patent tire aunihduturs on board. Y r further Information ?; ply in Liverpool tn WILLIAM IN MAN, agent, !!?M\'afcr htre< t; inCias.'ow toWM. IN MAS. No. ,ri St. K iik'Ii souaiv; i ? antown to t\ \ W. 1>. SKYM(Urft .? CO.; hi Loti.loti n KlVfS ,t MAi'KY, tfl King William strut s; in Pars to Jt'l.ES UK t ??< I,\ N?.. ft l' ??< ? d<- la P.ourse; in Philadelphia to JOHN ti. DALE, 111 Wainut street, or at the <omj?iny 'a oUlce*. OHN DAI E, ent Ift Bi a ' Not Y< I OTKAM PROM NEW YOKK TO LIVERPOOL.-THE kJ steamship ORE AT EASTERN havln;j fulfilled her contract with tie Htitish government, will (rum NEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL On Saturday, October ft. KATKS or 1'ASSAOK. In first r.iMn, ?0fl a $1.15, aceordii.g t?? stateroom aeeommo* datinn, all other pnvilegcs la ing e?jaah In third ?.-.bin. fruin to $0-'). Suits of Jirai class .ipcrimetita for families may t?e engaged by special arrangement. Th? OKEAT EASTERN will leave Liverpool on h? r return - IV. Od I;< .?f Onj ship can be v en. and engngemcnts made for freight and i*as*a?:c on afl .Mention to HOW LAND A; ASI'INWALL. Ajreutp. M and 5ft South street. T7*OR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE 1' On Saturday, Sept. 14. the rlisted States mail steamer ABAOU, D. Line*. commr.nrier, Will Nil! from pier No ;<r North river, toot of Beach street, on Saturday, September I t, at no n. Ttits steamship (untui iiM^sed l"r safely and comfort) linn dou? en;:ineH under decs, endued hjr water tight c.?tnt>.ii tmet ' which, lH*sides otlu . remits, tend* in tl"- event of e< 1. lihjofi or r :randi?itr? to keep the pumps i i ? t4> wois, and so* CUic :i.e ?l*?ty i.i vesMd and p:n>M*i.^nra. For lrv'uUt or laihsace al l ly to FAMVEX- M P(JX. (?EO. MAt'KI'N'/I!3!, Aftentn, No. 7 h road way. Th? steim?r FULTON will ' '!W. I^IREc-T STEAMSHIP LINE 1J h nrmm NEW YORK, HAVRE AND ANTWERP. Tin' n? w and sp'ce.did steamer, A i, t'ON'UUESS, t'apt. Lunninp. 'J,sot) t?ms, h??rse power, Will sail Iroin New York on Thuraday, Sepu?tuber 10, For I' ivre and Antwerp, dire? t. Price of pat>s.t^c l-.i llavre, Antwerp, Soulbamptoo or London ? Fir?t eabin $IM> 8eeon?l cabin !<ft t'hil-tr. n iH-tween oin- and fr?? . ? ; ;h /?f . half pi lee. K.?r freight applv to \VM. P St il M I DT, 7'"> He-iver at-eot. Por |Kias<?ge npp)y to HENRV M. WEED, IS7 West s'.rmt, Cornei of licade htr??et. OTEAM To 1IAMRPKO, HAVRE, LONDON AND lk> Southampton. Th" ioiinhnrg Aim i ' an Pat k? i's iron ?te?ni:-hin !! \MM()NIA, 1J. I". S J.vvensej;, roruUi-.M Jei, f.trOii.g ti e Unit*"' State* mail, wi'.. 1 ive from pier 21 North river, foot Fulton street, HATt'RDAY. Sept 21. at noeo, fur II. in' >.r.r, \ a? So.anauii t??t?. taUiog pushengcrH for llavre, j/ondi j:, S.' :Ui.i?,?{'tori n: I If.rtil.tfc. Pn-Kt enbin, * ml - abin, $J0; steeruge, $X?. The Hieamers ol lin-wiil !-av.-, v. ry h'teriiaP? Batnr* <lav, carrying the I'niied Stales mni! 1 hli >s A \? MA Vi lii I lit'- 'in Of i<?: it C. H. Hii f' A I t> iV liOAS. Jf>) Hriiidwiiy. rpiir: ndktii m,ov;>s stkamsi;:!' \; >v I VIJIvK, (i. Wi lli" . : u.l|l;;|nl|.r. I- . 111,; thf I'l.,.,.) h ,;fn iim,|, will siil fii,m | ;L| Kuril) i .v r, lum ni t'l.niii. bl la hi.i ' I. ! !? SATl'RDAY, Si ptrinlii r1?, ut 12 uVUick M? for. I'RKMKS, VIA 1-olTIIAMrH N, tnkll<c "I' IK I" i.< SI.'PN J-'Di'TilA.vlI'TON IIRKMKV, at i'ii! ftillnwliiR ruti k Kit Hli! lilt;! him $|!>J; wiihJ o?t-ln, ?&>; i?*r.v ?.M Ki f h i ,^:lil n- Juis' r~" v I i li|'l,Klt:ilS .t CO , ?9 Kr.i.-irt Bit i t. to lonponpkrky olasoow \ri> ljyhj. 0 -11,1. M< i.11 Hk <1 r.'.n Steams). i. i ,m. . miv'k m | i: 4.--m lull fi-i-ii ri.vdf??.(, .{m? .triut r(iUth \ w ekd a ; | tain Graham, curiying the ( auadinn ami Fin'ed St.iten nutilff, \\ tii Mill from O.iefce ?; \ 1 K.;tt:rdi:; , Scrt ! I I'a le v. of pass:?j?e IV'iin New York' ? Fiim ?1iks, aVronl.o..' tof.mrri. m<ul,aii?\.-, $ f0 and &S5; steerage, lound Willi j rcvi$ *'?. 1''' til r:,ti's issued fair l-nuxihn out | : fioin ;?ll the pm.rij M towns in (itrnl li: ituit: ai.d 1i?i;.m1 at very low rates. For j a ware app!\ a' VI' I'ro.olway. New York. SAUEL X SEA RLE, (Jerie'ral AU<*ri(k. POVAL MAIL KTRAMSHfP A ST A FOR LIVERPOOL ? li/ h.ft Asia. K. Ci. Lott tommander, ivfil sail truui the ^!. t i;i:i < i; WcilncMluy next, tin; llth iA steamboat will 1 iy I'iIivm ii the company's v half, at Je:sey City, and the A a, fi ( iii 10 U> 11 o'um k A. M., to convey pi.s>e:,j? rs and UirjMge on boar !. N?.nc but pa?*< up rn can be taken i n bviui tl. The Afri< a will nail en the 25ib 111M. E. CUNA'.'.D, N?>. 4 Wuwling Green. T^OR LIVERPOOL.?OU> BLACK STAR LIlfK?TTTB F |Xicket ship I'M YEKSE, Ivinu at pier 27 E .st river, sail* Si fKiMnrn r \1. The <;YNOS(/ftE hmIIh S, pu-rub??r VX F ?r Ij.inrtnfj-i* or drai'lH on In land, At'., Apply :o W i J.LI A'?!?S ?t (Jl'ION, Fulton street. C10R LIVERPOOL.?T11B WORLD W1DB KNOWN F clipper siii|? DHKADNOUOHT, C.ipt. Saniueln. a< knowieilgcd t?. l'? the 1?niy a/loaf, having on f '.era! of her | ir.?.nL'eK l^nten the rn;te?l States mail steamer*, will> tivcly fail nn.TlmrK(!ny, Septemlx-r 12. Ii"r ?ec(?iiini(<dn!looK for all classes of passen^erN are Riipenor, and for eleaijJJoe. n and ^rooil je^nlatlons eiJinet boexceded. For paK^at^e, at l?west rateM, apply inniirdmtcly to ccure bettls?, an they uio bein^ rapt'llv taken np, on board, pier No. 0 N??rlli river, or to i*. m. demakest, 4<) S(>uth street. Tj^OR L1VKKPOOL?TAI'SCOTT IJNF?T1IK KAVOI rite iiucket tdnp (?UY MANNEK1 Nit, ('apt. Doilan!, will s/?U positively on Satnnlay, Sejit. (4 For passnt:e apply on board, pier 30 East river, or to TAl'SCOTT & CO., HO So.ith -1re< t. TI10R liverpooi^?black ball line 07 packr etn.?The dipp4?r Mhip HARVKKT ijl'KKN sa;U ;he \:Vh of September. For pasMatfe appiy on board, Uu?x oi jpekrrian Direct, East river, or to JAi'Oli WILSON, I'JS South street. T^OR LIVEHPOOL?TAI'.-m'OTT'N LINE ?TIIK SPI.KNI did and favorite paefcet ship EMERALD ISLE, ('apktln ('ornisb, will sail this oay. weather permitting. For passaj;?j ipdv on 1 i inrX h.?>t rlrer, "j to TAPSCOTT k CO., 80 South street. a cheap and quick PAB8A0B to ltvbbpool? A '1 F?<?MI'SOX'S Line.?Tlie splendid clipper sl.ip MAS('If ESTLK. at pier 21 Kiwst river, near Fulton ferry, s.\i!M on Saturday, Si pt. 14. AppJy on board oral the olllce, .So. 275 Per.rl htreet. X" LINE FOR LONDON ?SAILS WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 11, the favoritepacket ship R(>UTI1 AM PTON, lylUK at pier 17 East river. Toe clipper ship AMAZON will succeed ti e nbove. For passage or drafts on Great Britain or Irela apply to TAI'S<'OTf A CO., W> South street. A WTKAL1A?KAMiAROO LINK KOli MKI.lViT KVK? J\_ l l.-Kt v. fpi'I.? 1 lie magnificent Ant clasp chip JA< K I ho-<T, 2,000 tons li irtlieu. will have car.y and prf?ii[t <lo.s|?i!<r|i. Tlw? nccfiram<Klati<'iis for pafcsrtiKers arc very K'.ijmrior. Karl} application must be made o? hoard, pi; r 10 KiifI river,or to MAUJ.KR, LORD & QUKKKAL', 108 Wall Ktrcot. AI STUAIJAN SHIPPERS' LINE.?FOR MELBOURNE direct. The superior AI clipper ship ?*< iNTlNENT has aeeummndatirn fur lirst anil K'<~ till ilnis pa*, lingers, end guaranteed !irsl ship on*. Apply on board. nier U' Last river, or to FISHKit, KICAKDS & CO., Wall ITtOB CALITOBNIA VIA PANAMA. ' A lirel class steamer will li'iivr New York on the 1st, lllli and JIM of each month, except when tin no dales lull oil Simday. when the day of departure willbe on U.o Monday following. For frleght or passage apply at the only o(Tn e. No. S Bowling Own. 1). li. ALLEN, Agent. Fob kbt west and h a van a. The armed Uniled Stntea Mall Kleamtdil MARION, .T. D. Phillips, I'nileil Stnti s Navy, Commaniter, will leave pier '1 North river, for th? aiiove ports on Friday, Sept. 13, at 4 o'clock I'. M. prcciselr. For freighla or passage apply to 8POFFORD, T1LESTON * CO., 20 Broadway. V. B.?Piitucnferi muft provide themselves with pawifsirtK. All li tters niiiil pass through the P??t ufllec. JIIMTA11Y. Armory, company c, twelfth regiment new Y rk Slat#' Militia?Company order No. ?. The oftiuers and members of ilda company aire requested to attend. In rlti/f n's drefs, the funeral of Lieut. Joseph M. Seribner, lute In .li'ti.nit uf tills company, at his lute residence, 99 Prlnro street. Brooklwi, im this (Tuesday), Sept. 10, at 3 o'clock. The o;tieer* aiid members uf the Twelfth regiment are rr.8i? i-ti 1111y inv ill d to attend. By order, Wm. 11*. I * i. v i >' s, Orderly. WM. FOWLER, Captain. LM'F.i'IAL OHDER No. 2P ? AliVoKY. COMPANY I), n Twellth region lit New York State Militia. The members of lhl? company ate hcreiy ordered to appear, in citizen's lin ns on this (tueiwlay), Sej,t. 10, lit 3 o'clock, at 99 Prince m:n, llioiiklyii, tn attend the funeral of Lieut. Joseph M. Knihner, Company C, laie sergeant of this company. By Older, JOHN p. OTTIWELL, Captain. JouM Mara, Serceant. OECOND P.EolVENT NEW york STATE MILITIA, M Company I'-, New Vork, .Sept. pi, 1MB!.?'Tbenld members of fiimpjiTiy" F are requested to attawta meetingat the Armory, on Thursday cvriilng nest, at 7)J o'clock, tor tho purpon.'ol reorganising the company. Tin ihiIoiic.1 of the regilitem will I e present, J. Nl I'LYJKILL, First Lieut. i / (vrn ?MEMBEKS OF COMPANY F. ABB BHQU1BBD \)'J lo tie present at heitdipiattciK, 174 Smith street, to i muster into SCI vice tills dav. at 10 A. M. A lew recruits w.inied. \\1LLIAM BENSO.i', Captain. .1 auks I.YNrn. Acting Onlnrly. MIIiLINSRYT \ I.AUOE ASSORTMENT OF KAIX Mtl.I.lNKRY NOW J\ tvady for the wl'.nlitrail"*. 1'atl-rn llonnt'ls nhvayn on hand. Moi ' lmnu and uiiitinrra a re invited to call and v'xluutun beforv purcliaetnft. Mr?. XV. SIMMOXS, 637 Broadway. STEAMBOATS. /tHANtiE UK IIOl'R KI?K K ?-.V!'OHT.?ON AND AFTER V,,' Ui!n iUiU' ;ht> - at KEYI'OKT will leave >?>? York, r.iot ( K'iMiiki'Ii *tt i ? i. daily, Sundu) a cxwpled, al 3 o'clock 1'. M . Ki yj <irt at 8 A. M. HAY h<)AT loK AF.KANV ANT) TKOY. ?Ti.'K NEW !.U?t I'."i Mtlttpt' r DA M KI T1' UKW, leavea Jay Mt ret rn T Linda) *, Tliiirstia*? and bat a i <laj ?, at 7 A.M., calling at TluiUttb ?irecu &uur*us bUMU M be lutd uu bonxvL 61. MUBI AT AITTIOV. 4 HTIllM* 15. ( llAI'MAN A CO., AU0TI0NKER8. *1 P?u?Muptory au4 aUiacttvu Auction Sale of Lhyunt aiul co*tl> Household Furniture, At thn | rlv.iU? re*itl< uco of Dr. Phillip Rnnwoin, No. 82 W>?t Bixtortith street, between Fifth ami titkth avenue*, Coinmeneirn ihin day (Ttumluy), at li^ o'clock. Magnificent r- bcwouii Piauolortc, liditi'v?in>il Dr.-iU'itti' Room Sniff. Brussels Car|*U, Pier and Mantel Mirror*. The Furniture ww made to order mil; uine i?.< n I s slnre flinl is now in p.1 :eet t/ider, eon* s*.im? of two superb lull Smu oi I'arlor Furniture, richly e;u?? <1 in soli 1 rosewood ami covered with silk l?ro<nUjl; Ceutru Tables and Elege res to match the salts, Secretary and H a?k. a*e, lined w th >atitiwood; k11.i4 s reclining i'hail*, C? ik)?, ormolu Clo k, bron?eOrnaments, van ?, ult Fab tiuua, by eminent aril*ie; embroidered Jwiee Curtain*, Fctich Shades, <' rule* s, Hrussels Cai pets, Kuj;m, h,de and Hula Tables, Pier and Mudltd Mirrors. Superb"^ octave Rosewood JMAHOFOttTB, ri 'hJv carre ! ro^wood corner*, ma lc toovder for the present owner bv Hrondwny makers, fully ^uai.m'eed; Fren h cloth Cover, Stool, Wuhic Stand, Hook Music; Hat Stand, Chairs, Oil.-loih, Sijiir Curix'tN, Ko<}*. r? .{ .?ne?Fo?.cwood ami mnho?an> liureaus, Hcdsicnds, W .ki.Mhimh, Hair and Spring Mattii sm -, Feather Hcds, Klunkets, Shee;h, Counterpane*, Solas, Ki'ikeih, Chair.'". Dining I! ? in?Eucmdon, Chairs, Com h, Oval Mirror, Anuehnirs, Culna Dinner and Ten Sets, Table Cutle ry, Knivc*, Forks, si I vei plated S|>oons, Carter, Foi k*, ,1c* crystal and ruby Hiassaa:e. Also a^e assortment ut Easement ami hit'rheu Furniture, with ... b the Kale will owiinotiod, A M. W Kit WIN, AlTTIONEElt. .A. Hy HANdS, ME I: WIN .* i (>.. Irving Building*, No*. and Mii Broad wa\. WEDNESDAY FA FNiNo, Srpt. ?l, at 7 o\ l.vk, a Private 1.ilrai v. e?*i?ng <>l standard and miscellaneous Hooka, many of which am rare and valuable. Also wl:l bit sold afl?*r hooka, a stock ef Wine* and I.bjm tv. from private partie*, comprising Champagne, blu rry, lioek, port, &e. AS. KK'HAttDM, AUCTIONEER.??N) CASKS HOOTS, Slvus ami llrogana at auction. l.v UR'H AKDS .1 WlliTl NO, ?'U Wi'tin1';-day, Sept. II, at llM* oYloek, at store 44 (' t.iimU street, comprising all varieties of Jail flood*. iJatalo||:i**s nil morning of anle. A i CI ION K0TI1 K. LAKtSK AND IMTOItTANT SALE, Tlii* dav and ?o-m<irr?uv, TI'ESDAY, St pt. 10. at.? WEDNESDAY, Sept. 11. Wr 1'CK fu mvjtu ilio aiteuilou of buyers to our veiy large and impi rbint Kite <:t KVAl'I.K AND FANCY DRY HOODS, full partici.iam of which will be lound tu cauvloguc* now ready. \VM. \ A Tol*riN(?, Auctliineem, Hoc. 9 and 11 Park plane and N . 8 Murray ititti Arrru.s NOTICE.?MORTUAQK sale OF RICH and ? le^.nit IIoum hold Furnittir*-.?K. HOT1I, Auiii??ne? i, v il! sell I lus day (Tue*day) S' ph uila-r 10, at 1 wo o -lock ]\ >! , ju'i't-aejy, a!; r0" Houieh lil Kiirnlture of the farr.e private n *U!en-f I US Wax erloy p! i , eor ner of Si\lt? av? mi", eon? <iInj.* o( an e'.tyunt solid ro*ewiaat I'arlor Suit, covered wltii Fivuch satin lunea!*'.*; o??e do rnvi-re I witunwti piusli; rt>*. wtaid Elect ie, l*ier and Mantel Minors, Fainting*,Yas< s, Curtain*, Shades. i*om vvo?? I and mahogany il? ?ls:-*ads, Hurra Waslislands, Hair Mattiessrs, H.-d* and He?lt)in^ Hi u*. sels and ingrain fat net*, > .?il'l blsn k wa'.i.ut Ev i. u?n l.ibl**, 'I -a-T?'i- Sola l!ed- , !./nii,f, K .< *<. ,, Ola*s. ware, t'liina Ware, 'l\?Ue ('uia-iy, I'arlor and Kitchen Stove*, Ae. Ky order of T. ltrady, inort^aKee. Vt'CTION NOTICE. HOOTK AND SHOES AND S'OI'T HATS, ON WEDNESDAY, KEl'T. 10. We will include in our sale i t W? dm sday, 2oo eases Hoot* and Shoe#, an excellent assortment; 100 ease* Si 11 lints of all deseripllot.s; To whi h we invite Ihe spai lal aiu ntton of buyers. Catalogues ready earlv on Wednesilav W V. TOITINH .t'CO . Au. tloneer*. Nos. 9 arid 11 Fark plaee, ami No. S Nassau street. J\ da.u at I oYJo< k, id front of Kiilnaootns, 35 Nassau s! m l, lit" henutll'iil black Maiv I'atlt, 1ft hands, 6 . .: i . r, k |Uvk ? 11 Minh c itook; warnu U ?i . . very r? s: <. \; < wned by Mm. A. Belmont, and us >1 I') her itn a hndill * h??rs ; is a splendid drlvi r, and ?|?iit?* fait. Also a no top l#i?*Wsfei Wagon, 17') pounds, H| im-\v In June; ?:o*t ?17$. Also a sinub* Harness, ?i?> built, nearly hi w; i- ?;;e i her Wit Ik fchet t, Whip, Ac. Ail to l.*? sold without j'h?- v A rare rhaneo for any fvutlcmaii In want of such .in h al'ltMii:111*11i. Also a trained Cost, Wufon ami Ilarncta, I'loot'ii (? , aiui m> top VVai; i.s, Harness, <fcc, A IH'T'.ON NOTICE.?ClUHKKKY, ULASS AN!) CHL ;\ i i,l s li i< a RTLB1T, met nerr, on Tuesday, September I?I, at I't oVIc ck? at '.HI J'es.rl street. All kinds i/ ivmm 'ii an I white (iiam'e Ware, ? t.-.^iied to be sold t( t ?Without reserve, iti lot* to r,u:t retailer*. A (VT!OX NOTICE?YOU CAN lU'Y ALL KINDS OF J\ Kui J>it?n<*, Looking Ola I' , .1 " , < !i#*ao? t {h..n Ht ary ? tl.< ) l.u e at ii. NV. NNl.liH N'S.'iMltoweiy, oetwe< n Nfantou and Houston streets. Kole tlio nnmt'cr. Uoods warranted and delivered fre**. A UCTION sale J\ OF til IN A, CUOCKF.UY AXI) OLA8S. It EN BY (1 KVANS will k i 1 in lot* to Mutt dealers, on Tim 'v. M-pl. ]?', at iDo'eloi k, at U~> m.ct<t* it .'aue, a fail a?K' i tmeill ol . II kaids of C'lii in. wl, to CrinHe u.d common Wan , <?i. th\\ .i">, &r., Ac. S iW p 'K'.livi' a ad Wlliunlt reserve. (jtNxlit itclull; i p.n k? ii for ibl] | ! a rcrio:; sale-tuts day, r.v l. smith, are- i A i ?t, .It 137 KJita street, irTw.on Broadway and 1 ii rlli av?,?.'n\ one i l"pant Piano, with splendid to no aid *>?o lasl May, / v. trrun'<?*d !>r tan e years; one r.?sow,?. , r^ilm Stut, covonvt ia Tari.Oili v: hrt mo?jm t; one U.-. ? . d .!: i-e|?, S. as, i'll! lef, I 'l.aiiitro: * a and Itur.iit. li!? ty, th * Kuniituif o.' ? i;. Jit i- iio'/iun, i !? 11- am! ? yihitifs beloncinit t'? a firnt rluKH l.oiist*. wtll la J,.):! H^I-'lM-rrt,', Ti ?* U .' e., ?. i }. 4 ill ill" liliflfr. tii^nU a: H o'eloi k. Tin; l'tano will b?? sold at li o'clock. 1 >Y LfX'KWOOD BKO'H ?t* l/NOKHl/Il.f?, IJ 45 M URM stn et. this day, at ti;^ o'clock, I,nri:e and itr.pi.vlaii! sai'' of KOUF.K1N AND I'M>MKSTT?' HUY i'.OODR, LIN C.N H, >ILK 8, WOOLLKNN, 1! 'iblLKY, Ac , Ac., Ac. UiOi Ati important and special line of Vienna Rrochn Square an?l l^oish? wis. AIh<>, a lino of Chenille Shawls, Kcatf?, Ae Also a lii.e < f Uron de Rlmi . Dress Sukw. BUOWNK A NICHOLS, AUCTIONKRHa.?'THIS PAY, Tuesday, Svpiotnlwr ill, at <ine o ?iock, to front of salrwi room !Vi NiiKkuu i?tr?!<?t, n j?m?d l)r'"%' l.')? hiiudfi lile'i, cirfif yearn old; a ^ood tamlly ftntw. linn n oned lati'o an e*nrcBH wia'^n. Also, no-ton I)?jk?> ?nd hai nens. AI >, a (Hiriy built bfly Home, kind and gentle ia double and hat lii'ss, j.i.d a tirnt rate middle home. Also, a city built t< p v\' 111 11 nod ninj. U hat iwhh. BI'\ THOMAS, AUCTIONEKK ? CONTINCATfON ifV sale of Ur.gritvings, by J AS. I*. DAVTllN X CO , tin* d.iy, at 11 oVlork, at tbei; s ib'Mroota, ill Nassau Mn t'l. i'onsi^'tiioentK sol bated. Kotums noo'e oil day of sale. / lONSTAl'I.K'S FALK ?BY VIUTT'K OK AN KXV.('\U \ y tloii?WliST a WATrs will hi II hi am-lion, on Titesilay, 1 Sept. :t. at 11 o'elorK, at Clinton Market, the Stalls known as Nos. 2 and 5, consisting of Marble Stab*, tias Fixtures, Desks and all the wood work, Ac. Hy order o| JAMKS sr I.LI VAN, Constable. Toe above Bale is adjourned until Tuesday. Sept. 10, at 11 o'clock. By order of JAMKS SCLLIVAN, <!onsliibte? /constable's sal^e west a watts wii4l sell V.y this day (Tuesday), at 10^ <?'e!t?ek, at B.nai!- 1 way, the cfu.U'tits ol a BoardUig llouKe, Cui?i|.rising Heel- j steads, Barenus, Chairs, mahogany Solas, (!hai;s, Lounges, I Ae., ami a very lA?^e qaantlty ol a!??ie.M of i-vory dea<?rlption. T^DWABD PCHE.VCK. At'CTrONHKB. JJJ 1IANDSOML HOCSCllOLD 1 I BNITUBE. By E. A F. 11 MIENCK.?At the i l '^anl house corner of President and CitnU/ii #fn*ets, South Brooklyn, on Wedr.esdi.v, S? \ timber 11. at 1U}? oN lock, h',1 the elegant FuraiMire cronmlncd in said h? use, vir.:?Superb rosewood suit of Parlor Furniture, covered in India satin: elegant Curtalrm \tt \ niateh, Lace ?W . Wilton and Br.?s"l* Carpets, Etep-res, Cer.tre and Card Tables, Ciocksaml ManUd Ornam??nt>, Ae. Also, maloigatty "edsM-nds, Bureaus, Wnsbstands, Tallies, Ac. UiiiiliK Root?t Suits. F.xU'Mkion TaMe, Slili-board, a large variety of Cut ijl.-ss, Oa kery, ,t . A'su, Silver and Plated Ware Cntlerv. a", ihe (J::s Fixture?, Cliaiutelters, Jrr? top*. Ibcr with the Tabic Lim n, Blanket*, ,Vf. Also, the Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will tniumenee. ITl COLTON, AUCTIONEER.-LARGE SALE OP NBW ? and seenrid hand Furniture, Velvet, Brussels, and I Thrcc-p'.v Car|>ets, Ftrntlifr Beds, Ate., Ac. To-morrow, WedI nesdsr, Scpn inber 11, at 10}? o'rUn k, at 113 Fulton street, | near >ias?au, will be sold the entire Furniture of a family re. movmr, from the city, comprising every kind of Furniture, such as two Piano Fortes. Wardrobes, JJfokenses. French i Rvdstcads, Pressing Bureaus, Ex tens >u Tables, Sofas and Sofa Be lis. Mahojpiuyandcuvlcd liaple Chair*. (Voter Tables, all kind* rich Carpets, French Plate Mi' --u s, Mahogany Bookers, Feather Beds, Hair Mattresses, Office Furniture, Quilts, Staves, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Sale |>erciuptory, and catalogues early on the uionftng of sale. /GEORGE COOK, AUOTKMIBRR. \JT Assignee's wile of SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. To-morrow, at II o'clock, at store 111 Broadway, between Llbertv nr.d Cedar streets, consisting of very elegant Rose, wood Secretary and L'brary Bookcases. Ladies' Escretomres, Secretaries, Music Cabinets, Etet?? res, Arrnoirc-a-Glace, Wai r ibM. k Ith Mirror Doors, Cnrw r Stands, Buffets, i<- se? wood and Black Walnut Parlor Suites of various kinds, library and I>inlng'R<nm Suites, Extension TaMos,|Cent? r and Fanev Tables, Side Boards, Lounges, Enr.v Chairs, Bedsteads, Bureaus. Washstands, Toilet S*-ts, Ac. For particulars, sec catalogues at sale. Ladies are invited to examine this slock, as the sale Is absuiule, and the stock of the linest style and jvorkmantlrtji. Henry green, auctioneer -by order of the mortgagee, on Friday, September 13, at o'clock, at 525 Pearl tercet, between Elm and Centre streets, the contents of a Grocery and Lienor Htcre?Counteis. Shelving, Oiiki and Fixtures. J? TUULKY, ConiUbli, JOHN H. BIT RLE Y. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS day, at 2 o'clock, Ht 444 Canal street, Boreuus, WashI stands, S"fas, Sofa Beds, mahogany R'x kingand other Chairs, I Wardrobes, Pier, Oval, Mantel and other Glasses; Brnsels, Three ply and other Carpets, OiMotlm, B??ok Cases, one s?jI cord hand Piano, B<M>k Stand, Cooking Stove, Extension, Centre and other Tables, Hair ami other Mattresses, Feather Beds, Blankets, Comforters. Bedding, large quantify of MilI linery Goods, Straw Hats, Kitchen Furniture, Ac., to be sold without reserve. Mortgage sale.-lithoorapiiic stock, STEAM ENGINE, MACHINERY, ac. I CHAMBERS A FAIBCH1LD, Auctioneers, Salesnw m 113 Nassau street, I Will sell, on Thursday, Sept. 12, at W o'clock, at WVessy street, one Steam Engine and Boiler, three Hydraulic Press<>u r Presses. two Embovumr do., two Con. per i'vilniier* anA I'll**, 78 LJChofra) hi'1 Stones, one IInr?e, two Wiicm* anil Harneiw, lot l*btda ami Engraving*, Paper, Counter, fab1c, Ac. john w. thorp, Attorney for Mortcaeee. MORTGAGEE'S SAI.E-JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON. Auctioneer, *111 eell thin day, Sept. 10, at ten o'rlt* k, at tils salesroom, No. 73 William Htreet, llie content* of n barroom, removed for convenience of Hale from Second avenue. o;o|tikiu? I.lqunrK, Wine*, Cordial*, Ac., in variety; Stand t'ank*, Demijohn*, QU*KW*re, lira*,* and Topper Meuaures Stool*, Scrwn. Mr.; also, one lar^e nwewood Beer Sland, adapted for four |>nm|*s. with plated mounting*, Ac., Bxturea, Ac. mil wpipiite; <-o*t $l6s. farwnMK Mortgage bam?.?by virtue of a chattel mm iga-c. i ahad **ll at public .Miction, Sept. 14, 1K?JI, at 10 o'clock A. v.. at No S.VI Thir l avenue.. ity of N-w York, i tlieiilass. Porcelain nt:d oilier Furniture of a well furnished anil atockcd Drug Store. IIKKKV BISHOP, Attorney for the Mortgagee. Morto \<;k s w.m of buoart mt'ohotd rysr hiliire, Ai ?H id >? "oid at public auction, on Tocmlav, Sept. 10, at Kt A. v., at G" Wi hi Tlitrty-liim gtreet, a general aa*ortmenl o( KurnHute. Parlor Suit*. Kuieaitf, marble tup Tulil-a, Brcssi In and Ingrain Carpet*. Ae. JOHN II WILSON, Attorney for Mortgagee. I)A\VNBKoKKR'S SA1.K?THIS DAY, BY JnllN MORJ TIMKR. 13 East Broadway, cin*>?tirg of men and women^ wearing apparel, t'oaia, Paul* and Vest*, I)rcase.*,", i . '*k?. Boot* and Shoe*, B ar.k' l*, QuiliH, Ac. By , idel I Mr.-. <VSp:i,I,o. Ml Peart ^ treet. u a .1. ioOART. AUCTIONEERS.?ON WEDNESDAY, n. S'-J'l. lli)i o'clock, at llie auction rooinn, No. I Ni>rtli W lili.iiu Kin i I, lloum lii id Furniture I every dimiip^loo, Jlcrin.g ? bufe, Huticr ? tkakf, buiiaiJ 1'atile,' aa 1 3 8AM5H AT AVCTIOS. O A .1. BOO ART .\riTloNKBIts, WILL HELL THIf il lv, HI uu u'l'lu. k 1*. M., itt lli? uiliilOn in, V'. 1 Xnrtli Wllllmn hlrwt, by urilerof the AMlglit'C, On1 uan-ln ..< ?? tlm 1,1 iu nf MtrOUM: anil L'.Ulll'i'kcr. iwi-IhiIm" ?f .V/lc*. limit Aocounu, Jk. LEWIK KKANK, A??i(iie*. SA J- 1NH1AUT, Al'l'TIONKKRH, WILL SHLL ON / . Wi'i|i?-mVi>, Hi 111. 11, 1.1 l"'i ,,'i-liM'k. lit N.i. 73 W. i Tlilr. I ty-slxili Ml 1'i't, mm- N1 vt[i fivim,m, muli'el iiumuiimlil l>'wrnl? turi', malinaniv S fan, imhiif..ny Kicking ani VtrUir Ch.i r?, I iVntiv Mtrmrft, HruMwi-u, TkiteK-ply and IivthIii I'.iin in is, niah<ii(Hnv amUilai k \v,limit, litxlutmda, Cottage St*fit, ( Hnls arid Mi itjinr, Ki;. ln u l'uriiUurr, it.. ' Ur11,1,1 AH ABBOTT, AtJCTIOBBBB?OOTCB No * I Hunt ilrn.iihmy, Will Ii ll, IhU dn.v, lit li/', uVliick, tin ouitrnW ill" Ifci" Imrriium .Vn. 88 Prince dour rrmo il ( rubi'v, Arm < haira, IJeor rumpa, Counter*, CUwa, Taint# * iiiKMall other Fixtures. j \lr U llOLLTNGRHEAO, AUCTIONEER ?1,1)00CAHR8 IT JitintH, KflOeA A nd n. lit AUCtlnii, on TllOAtiay. I Kept. 10, nl o'clock, at the torn of J. T. Whltehouao, No, S 2.1 4'ortlnndt Ktrvct, comprlalntf a well selected Htock direct I from manufacturer*. i'ala lo^tiea on the morning of sale. I - -ST 3 I COPAIlTNUft&IHP KOTICK8. I A PARTNER WANTED?WITH $1,0)0 TO $!,Mt> CAAQ a\ in tlo- manufacturing and Nile of ail article in ^reai dt* ln.iful; it - cost* <inly cent* ami l>ritii;H 25 outita. Patent aect-rod. Every man, woman and child use it. Apply at 9| I i nee utrecl, near Broadway, A KKSTLKMAN WHO CAN OBTAIN ON KASYTEKMB it the uae of ft Fto-ii rv, with I. ho n.-< vemry apiairalua .il command for Ul? rolinin? ! Coal Oil, wlahon i ihvfl with a i?artn?'i\ with from $1,&U) to $2,uiM), to po into the Ijumih'?m IN- uliar advaut aro otlcred. For I or)hi r oar'. icular .id* drees for one we .v H., t. x 1,U88 Post oQtce, N. Y. A PARTNER WANTED?IN AN KFTARMSirRD CAhH . biiKlnoHH, yielding $2.MM to $l.ikl0 pir annum. ifctui ca*it capltui rctpiired, for winch undoubted t*eenniv w>11 b4 " ' given. Apply lo C. li. iUiWK.S & CO., 4'Jl) Broadway. ANY OENTLEMAN OF UNDOUBTED CHARACTER* , ^ wiahing to got in i reapeeiahle busineaa th>?t mki a but a amall capital auu done princinall) lor cash, ran hear of an oriuuity by cal!iji;^ at l.V> Atlantic stree t, lirookiyn, nf V!.M i H. nissowjTioN of oonumnmur.- iub co? purtueiship heretofore existing under ilm Dime of Wey<t M;u ke la f fua ?!.iy diHanlvcd by mutual c mim-nt. Tlio biiMinoKH will be iMiUlctl bv Hermann Mevcr, who alontj ib authorized to receive and aigu in liquidation. CHRISTOPHER Fr.VCKJB, D.itrd Kept. ?, 1PC1. UK KM ANN MEYER. 1>A!*TNER WANTKD.-?A RETIRED OROCER, M IIO I hag an excellent and long eatahliahed bumucKM, would like a partner, or wontd veil out entire. Terms very favon aide. Addreaa E. A. Ward, Herald oiUce. UrANTHD?A J-AMNKK, WITH A KMAI.I. l AflTAfj, in a w holo>?n!? m-w method lmllatlou lbjuor and w)na iMihfrcaH, returnun: to $l.0U0 real profit. Apply to I. 1! ICtL, t;hemJ#t, 12U KMrii'^o M'rcet, up errnn-A partner wanted, with this amount. 1?? join anotJior in the ?iaui audited ! utdnnmr. eHtabllalupd aun doing well. Apply to t?. It. H'l't> \ I KfS, 48Corilarulc ?ti Cil l\(\l\ rASM ANl) AN ACTIVE PARTNER WAN! OI od?in a legitimate Hrokoruffo Hu1iu'?h, iui oHiabliKhe<!. and rnnkin^ from $6.ODD to $10.1)00 per voar, ev<j in thoK?* ti nea. A*n? ? intion and location the very beat. Al drena Broker, bo* hd II era hi oJJJee. QO (1(1(1 TO $3.<W0.?WANTED, A PARTNER W1TJ the a novo amount, to takr cbnrpe o| tli? linan? ial part of an eambliahed e?Rh inanufaeiuriiu buninoii wbirh la not hfleeted by iIu ko tinica. Addrer.^. for tliret daya, 1J. M., b?)X l'JO Herald ofllce. or. (}< J A ?A PARTY HAVING THE M'TLKRHHIP i?' '* *" of a tirat claaa, reyltnonf, doairea a partnel with to fu.'KWcaah ea<dtal. None but a man <>t eharao tor and with ready mean* will be accepted. Addict Hutlcr, Herai<l othce. astuomm; V. A KTONrSHINO.?MADAME MORROW, hEVENTU j\ d.?u:?l!'er haa a >?llt of forcalj^ht, tella how soon and often you will man v, and all you wiah to know, even you* very thought?, or no pay: 1' :r?k y charms free; her equal in mil lot,. (omul; lu'r iiiiiki' illicit' iri now in lull operaLlon. Iftl Ludlow *trr??t, la/low Houston. Price 25 cents. Gcailemen ii(.l admitted. / 1LAI RYOYANCE MRS, 8EYMOUR'8 M EPICAlt V / rooms art1 located at 1?U West Fifteenth street, toil trrof Mv'li avenue. M'.truit'" on Fifteenth mwt. where she will be happy t<> receive her former friends and patrons, Consultations on hifl.'n'f", biiNiu?'Mst absent fricudn, a. and satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. /lOKA A. SEAMAN, INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT. " J Medical and business ?-onMullatlona (lay and evening* Tiie.-eicm c she unfolds so satisfactory to all. )' is unnecessary f in ivvi? illustration ot tin; astounding results, but continued at&3i> Diviviun itmt. I 1 OOK AT THIS.-'THE ONLY TRUE MEDICAL AND I J tuslnuss t'luirvojnnt in the United Hui^. If you wish to ? Main correct ininrm i* i<?n on events through lire, partuu2?tfi> J Hi-nt friem.s, 1st or stolon property, you shoitM consult her. N. 11.?Mih. Ml I.TON is no nuinbu;*, but gives !h? greatest 8u:iKta? tioji to i?H who visit her. She' manufactures h wjkIi lit t is ..? ?.*(.n <{ t?? cure pimples, and -.rcuiovo iiI . tan ami s nil urn. ami render the skin perfectly smooth. Ladies try it. Mrs. MILTON, 351 liroome street. M adame hiiaepfek, 2hj second street. r>E? tweeu a\? inn- V and Union market, second floor, front room, Mill continues to tell about love, uurrlft).;", absent lriends, business unci journeys, Ladies '25 oentt*. Gentle* in* n not admitted. Madamb ray, wo f e\ enth avenue, neartwenty?*cvenih r'ret t, sui prises ail who visit her. The s;> i?, trc.iblcd iiml unlucky should U#st her powers. S?e tel.?' your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. Lutlics, 23 rr?!s; gentlemen, bO rents. NB.?WUO HAS KOT HEARD OV THE OKI 111 ITEB 0 Mute. PKEWST1 R, who bw beeu consulted by tuausahds m lit is and olber cities with entire wttitfaetiouf Mi-? fools c; nftdent she has no cqtutl. sla tolls the name ot future wife or husband, aid that of bor visit, r. If \ ou wish truth, give iwr n rail, at 2M Third avetiuo, above Twenty-first street. Ladies 50 cent*; gentlemen,$1. "J >K AI> THIS.?A PHRENOLOGIST AND ANTHOLOGIST J V ?lw?t Ih'mim the Horkl, and $5,UKJ reward for any one who caff eqiml WihM WKfifJM.'To.N', who Ik ncknowloii^eii u> be th?M)iii> ladv in this eity who truthfuDy ?h? s in!"itnnttf.n roner rning uikkos, luwsui??, jonrneys, nbs?Hit i rb-nds, love, joortphlp, mar/ia^e, health, scaltli, am! who will r?'?'l:irui drnnken and untMlthful husbands. MissW. is the only |>er son in this city wImj has tin* genuir.o ltonutu a'vl Aral i. ta/ iismans for lore, good inrk and a 11 hit slum .ilia iri^ and .t re guarantees I'm* life. l)< Liy n?it to i mukuU this natu. il.y>;,;n*c ami bejoitlfut j'otitig I tdy. Lueky nuinbern givrn. "Il.^hlj n>|xs Utiiie. city reivrcuefH v*an be seen at her residen'-e, Uj] Sixih avenue. rpiIE GREATEST WONDER IN TDK WOULD IH TJJK J youi g and iu eiiinplfsle it Madame llYHoN, t rom I'ariii who can be consulted with the atrietrst ounlrtlftui' "ti all nffairsof life, ? n.' ia* in.u U?vr, e?mr4shlp, business and s;? ku<-ss; r<??tores (ii unkc.i and unfaithful huslwin^s: has a ho rn-t t4? make von ladoved byyoui heart's ideal, ami ht ini:* together ihow L?i?*r separated. I?adfeg 25 cents, gentl?'m? ii ,'K1 ?"/?ts. Jit slilenee Ko. WJ Third avenue, ab?nw l'w< !;th street 1/-.-: BOWERY. NEAR BROOME BTR35?T.- MADAME J.OfJ WI!K?ER, CUirvovant aim! gifted eyMtn^h ! ??!% , unveils the hi) K*eri#a of 1 utui ity, love, inarria^, ab>* nt frier,da, s?kmss: prestfribis n??*dietne? for all <Jiseiu*'s; tells lucky numbers, projx r?y 1'Sf or stolen, 4c< ' 1 ? - ? MEDICAL. AN IMPORTANT WORK ?A GUIDE FOR THE MAUried, or thirnc. eontcinplatlug It. The a filleted, debilitated i f diaesM '1 sh'MtJd not marry or acio^t any treatmei.i till they Iwtve inlmuied themsi lves of tln? trutH, onlv found iti Dr. LARMONTS Paris, L ?ndon and New York Medh-al Adviser snd Marriage Guide; mailed for $ I bv RIOIIARDKON, No. 1 Vcsey St:eel, ?rud IKJSS A TOUHEY, No. l^i NahMiit str? "t. Tin* doctor er.res uii atieh aifentlotui, reocnit (?r of long sbimiing, ekp.'diiiousiy and privately, as for years pus!, at 617 Ri'twlWay, up stairs, from U A. M. to C P. M. COBBETT HAS REMOVED FROM SO. V) DUANB 1 / street to No. 20 (Centre ?treet, near Chambers, street. where he can l>e consulted prfvaieiv on certain d?se?-es,. N 11 ?Dr. t\ i^ a member of the New York University (Med* College). S?-?* his diplomat in his otlks*. PriWite entram** at No. Ot'lty Hall j'lace. T\R. COOPER. NO. U DUANE STREET, MAY EE CON.1 ) s?ilt<vi or. all tiiee.'ises (?I a certain iu> 'tr<!. Tvvemy-ei',?hf ye,va exclusively d?rvoted to th**se complainu enable him to warrant a r.u-e in kll?".ses. Ti?e vi hrus of inivplaoed coe.lldeuce in mcdieal prete.mlns ran call, with a certainty of be* ing radically cured or no pay. T \H. WATSON, THE CHLKAKATED PHYSICIAN JN J J iil ases of a priva e nature, pmv In* rnriKn'trd from vi^iii A. M. to vine 1JM,, at 030 Broadway. Ur. WATSON'S work, "The t-'.mw nj? l Cure," on disease and debility, reissued, \w*f? all the plaes. nlu r the London i Milton, may l>e had at ihe bookstore, [>'22 Broadway opposite the ?SI. Nn'i tolas; price $ I DR. If. A. BARROW, 194 BLEECKER STREET. I'D I ft doors Horn MscdouKal, N. Y.. may Ik; confidentially consulted, a# usual, in all cafc- s of drbllity and impuiftins o 1 (lit) system, acquired or heitwlitary, from 11 till 2 and from 4 till 8'; Sunday* till 1. ^ BR. RALPH, OFFICES IM CROSBY STREET, CORtier of !I<)ost'<i!. Hour*, 10*^ to 2 and 6 till U IV M. TAP. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED J J bis attention to diseases of a certain class, in which ha lias treated no less than tlfty thousand maes without an instance of failure. IIix grout remedy. Dr. Humor's Red Dr<p, run** ?-ertain diseases when regular treatment and all of? * r rvn;e?Ti? s tail; cures without dktinff or restriction in the hablty of the patient; cures witinmt the d:suustln'.< and sx-kenlng effects of all other remedies; cures in new c;?ses iu If.*# than six hours. It roots out the poisonous taint the blood is sure to absorb unless fhfi remedy in used. It *. ?? a vial, and cannot be obtained genuine anywhere than at the old oflirp, No. 3 Division street. Hook i'<r nothing that treats of the effects of early abuse. DR. WARD, 12 LAIGHT STREET, PERFORMS KI'EEDY and permanent cures. Illsgreat remedies, unequalled for curing oertain diseases, pi ice $1. Cures guaranteed. T\R, P0WER8 18 CONSULTED WITH DR. WaiiID, 12 JL/ 1,night street. Victims of misplace*! contldence cured with despatch. Separate rooms and ooutoltation free. Pre* ventives $1. DR. WARD TREATS St CCESSFl*LLY ALL DISEASES of women. Something for every lady, his Great Benei < tor. OAlotlalgbi strei?, n< ai < anal. G1 UF. 'vt i-rccr.SS OF DR. tVAUD, 12 I.AIUTIT STKEF.T. r Ail uffactlona ciiiiSPil tiy mercury or illsc.iw: cured iu half thi* ,mna.l tlm" an>l at Imlf th? cli*rg"K. HOWARD Assorr.moN, pniLADRLrnrA?FOB the relief i>l the fi-k anil olltkied with Virulent and chronic dMe.iws. Medical advice Rlv n prut!* hy the aoti '.til sui^eon. Valuable it|xjrt? on certain disoas'*. and on tttn now remedies employed in the Dispensary, sent In *'?lnl letter evilopcs, lrcu <>f charge. A idreas Dr. J Skililn Houghton, Howard Association, Mo. 2 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, I'll. Hammond ox nervous. special diseases, mar. i 1 iagc, Ac.. $1. RICHARDSON, No. 1 Vwy street, N. Y. | IJROFESSOR RKTEIJ.. IflJ CHAMBERS ST I? KET, CAN t>o consulted as usual, or by letter to box 2,369. Boston office, No. 8 Harrison uvenue. PILES.-OLD CHROMIC P1LKS, Oft ANY oTHF.R, cured in throe days, or money refunded; boils, sores or pimples rem oed In inclve lioure, by tb? Town Ointment. Patent secured. At or .send to 'JO^iikc street, near Br<iad? iv. Price 3cents n Ih>*. fpilF, CONFESSIONS AND EXPERIENCE OF AN INVA- ' L It<l?Published lor tbe benefit and as a wnrninR to young men who suffer from Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, A . sur|ilyl"K the means of Self-Cure. By sne who cures Iiiin^eli alter neln* put to freat expense through medical itii|Kihltlf'ti and II liieWery. S ujilc copies may lie lisd of th? a uhor, NATHANIEL MAYKAIK, Esq , Bedford, Kings County, Hi V., by <;t,ciuUug a pott yuiU a04r?P?U euveloj* 2 K \ * i

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