Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Eylül 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Eylül 1861 Page 6
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0 MTTATIOHI WmED-PEM\T,K?. I Ar.ESI'El'TAHl.K I'ROTKRTANT YOl'NO CIRL w.iut*a --ttuutfon iih < ti.ttn 1 h'r*timi>I nn I pi.<iri Krwrr, <?r ?n imiv aiitl plain wwer; In Very kind in 1 <-n. 11 iw good ivminiiH'iiuitli. .hi 11 <ni hi r lukt )i..h:?'. ('.ill fur ttari'" ?l ? W. f t l'Jlll M. A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION' TO <JO TO TIIK ("ill*! iii ?;.u ,| 11, (10 with ? I'. m i"" i1"' l'iniiH"'f "I Ah int. Inf|iilr? fur onr week ?! V,. V.uirk jjlacn, Sullivan Uttwet'ii llnUHUm and Blct iki'r ; in. AS IlOl'SKKKRI'KK?A LAOV OK KEFINEMENT AND (Mill ('II lit it I \\ i lllil 11 - i' lu 1 I >l,al(... i'l .v fc.'llllf ,ni;l" H faimlv, or h lii>t r'.i.s* h or ivrM innmict youngiMifii' IMII 'lai'i'lU'r; vId lwm* n w'.ije. (n n tog., ? 1,1!.III.I ? Inif.'? Iir ejM'Wiimv A.l.'r ,1., to* ;W7 Vi-ii . r. si,.:, irii-rni Mr. MAKCI S, ?? Hull,^ A* PARISIAN LADY, WHO t?KAKS A LITTI/K KNOJinI?, deM'i > in lHO family oj n lady. where bor only u; i"<mi wmild ?'v ^makitiR of I'V- y i!< scrljv Hon, an ! tin* *tm.?ki?? / u, of all kind* of linger**. She can ?ivc tli?* loi^a'"t icfei !?< as to mate finii capability. A JrcNii Mm''. C , No. 7/ Weal llth at., giving reaidenoo and bour/< ' interview. AN AMERICAN LADY, WHO IIA8 HAD SEVERAL years" e\perion?,e in loach inu. wiidn ? to obtain a aituation In a a I; would receive fnUon in French .* c-a uonij?f iiNatioti, or KovcriioKH in a {uunh for a Hin.ili salary. tJoodcUy relYronci n j'iven. Ad.lif.<8 II. J. K., atation D. A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN WANTS A SiTl'AIiofi :?? cliitiiiihtn..??<t or WHitrota, or to aks'si with the ^uahim* nioi n haa bent ot' city reference. ('all for three days ai !?;.? Smith Kt., Brooklyn. ARESI'EOTA RLE YOl'NO WOM AN WANTS A 8ITTAlion uk > "< U o -.v; she thoroughly undfinlands bor bn? hhcn1 . in a > ?' ! washer and trotter; w ishos i<> live in a small resectable t'iir.iilv . luit 1- i of city n iVroncc. Can bo scon for throe day8 ut i.'w Smith hi., Brooklyn. A NEAT, TIDY AVKKf??AN YOIWO LADY WISHES a situation a* child's tu:rxe or lady'* companion In ft family that Is going to California on or before the l*.t of November next. Th -bc*t of reference given. Addivss H. Barker, box 2,0411 Post office. As 111 | fJON 12 | E t> -BY I RBSPBCTAB1 B < tRL to iht p'oorMi Iioummv?>i k pin u coo!;: rood washer and Irourr; city reference trom lam place. Call lor two days at B14 Wot I'Jih at., between 9tli and 10th av*. A FIRST CLASS COOK WISHER A SITUATION; THE beat of city referem-o can bo j?1 ven with regard to capability; ahe Ih or'rl'ortly neat and obliging. Cun be aeen lot two 'daya at ZiJtf West J&ih st., near 9th av., confectionery lore. a' WORTHY AMERICAN I,AT>Y DESIRES A SITl'A jTV tlon a* nurse. References exchanged. Apply to Mrs. ltarna/d, .'JSW Fulton av.. Urooklvn, between 12 and 5 o'clock V. M. A YOUNG LADY, WHO HAS RECENTLY officiated aa principal of an Academy, d 'ires to obtain a re-engagement in u "liool ?.r family; she Is a proficient in maUn mains, and is fully qualiltcd to t? a? h th. ordinary 12n^- I libb brancboH, with ;!:< nidiiocnt^ of h, Spar nth and drawing. Unoxceptlonablo nd'eri'iicea given and reuulrod. Add i. - If 1m 0. M., box IMG Iferald ollloo. As ITU ati< >N w A N TH D?BY A BBSP B < JT A BL B ytwtig wirnnri, aa eook. waxher and Ironor, or to do general housework in a null family. Best of ei;v ro'erence from her last place. Can bo aeen lor two days nt 91 Jt>!)> av., between 16th and 17th BtR. aecoud tloor, front room. AYOrNO AMERICAN I.ADY WISHES TO ATTEND a bakery or confectionery at ore. Hu.m oity reference mi p'litniy mt?i' wr nr*:nes?. it* a juoge or money. Dull ut or address 21)1 Eaat 36: h Ht,, near "?M av., bpeond floor. | ABS8FBCTABLB GIRL WI8HB8 A SITUATION AB cook, washer and ironer. Uood city relereute, Call at ! Ill West 17th at. for two liaye. A si i U ?i I. H v. U9TED -BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do housework, cook, u\i?h an ' .! 1. Host ?ity reference. Cull for two days at GG Kant Baltic st., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?HV A RESPECTABLE young woman, a? first elumb laundress; city reference. Call for two days at 33 East 13th at. A8XTUATI 'N WANTED*-BY A VERY RB8PE0TABLE yom>.$ woman, to travel with a lady; has travelled be fori*; undertMandB hairdrcHSinu; ean take* the entire eharge of baby; p?od city reference. Can be seeu for two days ut 3%i East lath *t. A REM KCTABI.K PROTESTANT WOMAN WI*HK8 A situation as nurse and seumhtrcp*; tfoo?f eity reference. Call for two days at 77 West 27ih ut., in the rear. Asm 1TION WAS ED BY ' PR< 111 TA K T GIRL, to do plain < .toking, washing and Ironing, or rhnmberwork in a small priv.n. laruiU ; ^ ...! i. reference, Can t>< seen fur tw?i days ot 10J Sands gt., Brooklyn. ARESPECTABLK NEAT GIRL WISHES A SlTUA tion as an excellent cook; umtei ..toads her business; \ * objection to no as J<j *1 rate !a aiuic.*.; ?>r to a short dbd.i:t<? hi the country. Ainiy for two days at 81 4th a v.. between IQth and 11th Aim:-PE< rABLB 1 >P! G GIR! WTSTTES A NITl K turn a* plain rook, washer and ironer, in a small pri i ate family, lv'-i i? f**i-? i from insi nbiee. Can l)? seet. for two da is j.t U'i \N t 33d st., briwt'.n 7th and 8th nvs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUAllon in a respectable family, n* nurse and Fenmstreyn; In fully eompetent t?? take charge of a baby a month old, or wuiild iii> chtuniwrw? rk and assist in washing and ironfntf. Wood r. fcivn tfiven if required. Apply at lOGWewt 19th st , between 6th and 7ili uv?. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WITH a fresh hrewt of milk, who ha-- I<?bt her bnbv, wishes a baby to wet nurse at her house; would have no objection to fo out in a private family; is very neat and clean. Cull for wo dayB at ASS 3d av., between 40th and 4l*t sts. A SITUATION WANTKI)?HV A STLAliY, KK-TKCTA J\. Mo |. i s??n, who understands t \k ^ .arc of a from li* tuf<> *>', w?>uld do litfht ohamhcnvork; is willing in ' t>Miging Good city reference from her lust place. t all hi 4S t'liai Itmi St., room 14. Akeipw tab1 b young woman wishe8 a stttf hUoii .'t#< cook, ?asher and irot#r, or to do general house work in a small family. city reterenoe. Calllor;wo days Ht f?'.? Mast Baltic sl.t Brooklyu. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG CURT*, AS iiuimc and s?amatresa, or?hambermaid an I tfcam stress . bo objection to travel with it lad v. Tic l?cst ol city : . feimoes fclvcu. t-all for two day? at )U3 Eust 11th at. ARESl'ETTABLE Yol'NO (ilRL WISHES A SITIA lion hs hint taw cook, washer and iroio-r. Tito ? t st of ret?Tf nr??H from her last plate, fall tor two days&t 196 Pacilu t . Brooklyn. A PROTESTANT VOlTNU WOMAN WISHES .A SITl'Ation to cook, wash and iron, in a small j rivate family. Beat of city ref**rciicei from her Uiwt place. Oall at 86 Mulberry St., Unit lloor, back room. Afiin ition wanted?BY a YOUKO woman. as cbaintterinaid and waiter, or chambermaid and to t.ikcare of a t-aby. Oood reference from bwt employers. CaJJ at 78 President street, Brooklyn. ASPIRATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE youn^ i, as nurse and seamstress; can do ail kinds ol family set* in;;; i?. Kind fo children. No objection! to do ll^ht chamber* ork. Call at 335 6th av. A situation wanted?by a young woman, to do general housewoi k or eli.ttnl>erwork; is a goo,I washer And ironcr. Best of city reference, t an be men for two days 106 Wett 19tb Ht, Atouko girl wants \ situation as seam* stress. The advertiser understands dress, clar:k and mantilla making, and famhy sewing iti general; no objection to travel. Goou reference given, Call tor two days at the X)ei? silt Dls|M?m.ary, uorthuest corner of 2d av. ana 2Sd at., I basement entrance. A young oirl wi hes k situation to do Reiteral housework: is lat. ly arrived from the old country, when* she has lived with a private family for many years; is we.I recommended fiom her last employer. Can be seen for two day* at A'Di/u^'us* *<?., hetwocn'floytur:d Ku-.ith, liibt floor, ba<k room, South Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?A8 COOK. IS A GOOD washer and iroitcr; has no objection to the country. 'an >>e see n for two days nt 2.12 Blott st. Asiw at10n wanted?by A protestant woman, as Ucst class cook: understands her business In all Uk Iran h? -. u?odoUy reference. Can be ?e -n until suited at No. 51 6th av?\ A situation wanted?by i respe4 table oirl t?? ?'.* v? U'-ral hi*.ts?>\% .,t k in a hinalI pi ?\ ate lamu\ . ? **st of city reference trom her 1i?m pla?e. Apply in the confectionery store. No. 23-i^ Weat 2ad st., near Ntnili ave. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation an chambermaid or waitress, or chambermaid fc. il i?? t i Lr<> /..i -? ?? I .... r. ? I luM emplmer. Can be aeen for two ditya if uot engaged at 1S5 East 12ih St. 4 respectable young woman, with a yard J V and pr:t?t* j> "f, wants (ivuilemeu a or family wnshii .g. ( a i at 826 Wr bi 2Gth st., second tloor, back room. Uliy reference ; : en. AN AMERICAN LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS J\. hoi.M-ke< j>rr ; wot.Ul prefer a widower's family, where he wo rd have the entire charge of one or two children. A ratty requiring the services of an ex|*-rienced person, will Lnd tlio advertiser most worthy. Good referenda given. Address for throe days A. 11.. Union square l*ost ofllco. A good cook wants a 8iti 4tion; would 48 hist in wishing and Ironing. Good city reference. Can be seen for tw<? days at 2r<i 7th av., between 28th and 29th st?., third Hour, front room. ASl : V1ION VV \N 1 KI? -H\ \ in SPK< TABLE GIRL. i.B nur*e and to do plain s?-wing, or ehambei work and t?i lake can? of children. U? nt ot tv.? re ace from her labt place. Call for two days at 187 West 19ih si., tiearSth av. AS COOK.-A 8ITUATION WANTED. BY A RESf'ECtable young Woman, as ttr*t rat.- ? ? k; one who thoroughly understands her busitu s* in *.? ips. meats, poultry itud uainc, and Is an cxoellent h iker ot read and hiwuit; un(icotandft all kinds oi pa^uy; la * .'.hug i? in the w hh ng and ironing if ro?iiu red. Uail at 195 West '!i st. ??t city reference can oe Riven. a SITUATION wan 1*0- 48 laun0r1 - bi < >NB J\ who tlx i. aglily understands doing up gentlemen'* Itr.en and l? V r,: .*!hj? in ilie heat style; or an Uuiidnsp and < ia.Jul rtnai!. < an give the best of city references. fall t- r two duNH ui 21S L ?st Twentieth st.f between 1st av. and av. A. ^ YOUNG PHEN< il GIRL WIftHB8 A SITUATION To > ' -ii ; i" ii. v. iiacrsiiiiuiB an kui b I ^ w nig. < ' II r\t 7* \N phi 11oiihU>!} ?t. AN AMElUy'XN WOMAN, At ? TSTOMED TO THE ? ;. . ?!'< hiloiv.-., v. ish- .1 a MUr.;ni.-n as nurse; in capable ' i i ba N0B H* S83 BrOOVflft St. VM1 \ ' >N WA rBD HI 1 RBSPB tBLK GIRL, r s J ikt i M-iimsm a* can d?> all ktioi* j.umly m vvami ? n.!?. . >r i!..' . will < Ut fti.l rt liiMrni'* | , ? J* ),us iw oljje ;t .1 f'. .o.stst with light ' iuiinbi k . II..- tho !.> st nf city n l< r i l U r ' ?*t ria? _ . < ,..l at &*) Til. av. AKESTBCTABLE LNOlil^II (ilKL WANTS \ MTt'Alion to do eiianibriwoi * ltd f' in skiving. f.'uilirv u for two days at h? i | ut employer's, 64 Weal 27ill ts\ tt lidic the 1 an lived for 1<>ur \YOVSO WOMAN WISIIIv A SITUATION AS SEANt. undcr*tati<lK ittim 'in i litnnn ladi**' auct <liil#.i??n*K dresses; ols<?, u Ui>t rate m* ,iwr; !j.?k I tin' t>e*t -t ruy reference*. i'nll or ?t a?liln >r two day#, 76 Wem ISMi St.. between titn ami 7th a*v ??. a SITUATION WANTED BY \ YOU NO WO* AH. AS cook and laundress; g*KXi lelcreucc. * 'all hi U WhileKaU street, New York. ABI1 lYIOIt WAVTUMnf a RESPECTABLE WO man, toilo h'*MH>work, cooking, whj?1iinit and ironing; rity M-leret.' e. CaJi for iwv days at *VJ NY vt? t\.t ihiid i J cLi I \> jUi* KE' SITTTATTO!VS WANTED-FKMATiF^. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOl'Mi WOMAN, Art JY wv.msijeMs; i?< chiof ciittwfi ' -'?? tlrrs*m iii: 11; <v.n Uu einhi'oMirv and 1h illJng 1?? ilo 1 :^lu chaml .TwojK or t?k < i urc <.( t MWh'tu?; *>?*i ol city rofereui'i*. Cuu be wfii ut )40 \Ve*t 2&i U him t>itvse?u 7ih a;rS 8th uv??*. A COMPETENT PTIESSMAKLH WlSTlKtf TO CO Ot*T l?y il??? 4? ?v <?r u?M'k; Is nn ? xn'Uer-t cutter and tiller. ;a "i a<l(lrc?h for two UuVb 278 Weal 2tftU at., bctwfcuu Will and 10th ava. 4 BJ i j:, PABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANT8 \ 8ITO \JV tu n to <io light hou-fv.ork. or to tan* eur?? ofomMr^n: pHui city ri'I' ii na' glveu. Cuu to bcou for two day*nlli) iM m., noai SU ave. 4 KESTKi TAHLE YOl'NU GIRL WANTS A 81TITAXV tMii n<< tium* uiiti is a goo?i x?Iafti *?w??r: iiiM<hnvt:<.;i (o assist with tlii* i'IiilJivn'H wiivhiiiL': litis uoou < ly referent e. Cum be :-?en at one of her employer*', 69 \V< 115th st, 4 RE8PB(5TABLB GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS JY good co .k, washer and ironer; understands pastry, and can make K?Ktd breud and biscuit. best c ity r--fereme. Can bo teen at (ireenwich sf. 4 Y >;' \ ; \V.-\1aN \WNTS A SITI .\TloN To i>0 J\. t hanii><-r\vor? and waiting, or to take care ?>f children and do sewing. ltest ?Ity references. Call at 213 West 10th St., between 7'h and Sth m\h. A lU'lSTEt TABI.R YOUNG OIRL WANTS A B1TUAJ\. lion in the countrv or city, as plain cook, washer and ii>ner; t un ?lo :.*e i . m1 honsouv.rk. Wage* no object, a* :>he pvefert a horn *. J5?>t city reference. Any person requiring the nbove will ph use call at West ltitli Ht., between titli and 7th nva. i BItl \TION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE PXOJ \. t?" iiii t y i ng \\ >n;an, hh eham->crmaid and waitress; cuy or Brooklyn; k?,m I r? lereme. Call a? 120 Went 2oih St., near 7th av., ?<*> <>nri lloor. Can be seen two days. A HITUATION WANTED?BY A HKSi'ECTABLE PROJ\ testanl woman, wimtlioroughiv uudc-rstan is her business, as a>. fc, washer ar.d iroucr fn a rsspectjiolo private family; rood city references ran be given. Apply tor two days at Kih ft v., bet worn 221 and ?st*. A BE8PB< : VBLB GIBh WANTS A SITUATION.?IB A /V. i.ood plain cotik, wash* r and ironer; Im-hi city refer* (Mi- e. < 'an b?? seen lor two days at ?7 West 2J!h St., oetween 0th and ? . a BESPECTAB1 B YOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A B1TUAJ\ n? n in a private f.unily as first rate cook and to help with the washing and ironing, or to do the whole of tl.e washing in a small famtly; in un excellent baker, lint* two years* reference from her last place. Call for two days at 123 Smith St., Brooitlyu. \SlTCATION WANTED- HY A UESPKCTABLE young woinnn, to d<? th<> cooking. washing and ironing mi* housework of a small private family. lias the best < f eity ri'ferem e from h?*r hint place. Call at or address for two lays 17- (old number) West 13th St., rear house, second lloor. I BESPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHB8 A 8ITUafi<oi < ?(!(? charnberv.ork, f'.nn washing and ironing or chamborwork and do plate tewing; to id city i nferonoo from place. Call for two da) - ai 184 Weal 85d V RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WISHES A 81TUation as chambermaid or to take cure of children in an Amcrk-an family. Call at 4891th hi., third lb.04. V GERMAN COOK AND A ClIAMBERMATD AND waitress wish slfuati,nn* fogefher; bo;b underxi/Kid their 1 usine.-H well; yan do waslong and ironing; tbeyaie 1'roiestant; bent eiiy reference. Call 1 <ir two days at 257 Elizabeth ^t., near llonston, in the store. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPEOTABfE young girl, to ccok wash nnd iron, tn a respectable fainih ; has i. ? objection j?> g-neral housework. Can be seen f??r two days at No. 133 West 28th ti. A 8ITCATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE xjl young woman at chambermaid and wait] to as* MM in if:e washing and honing; has gtani ??iy ielei-enee from her last place. Can be aeon at No. 225 West 21si St., be* iween Sth and 9th avs., in the rear. t BESPECTABLB GIBL?WANTS A SITUATION TO /\ d cookii.g washing itml ironing, or do general hoi: cu??rk in m muhII juivate family; best ?>f eity refeivnee. Call " No. 30 l^fli st.. between L'riiveriity place and Broadway. ? 1" K4 ?-:i fn m 19 toi. \ WIDOW WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS LAI'SJ\ tln-Hs or to do general housework In <?tv or country; ban a rhlld tivo years <M; wanes no object: ha? good city reUir.MWTH. full at 111 SVi'Kt Oih Kt. fur two day*. * SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE 2l jroungP tiriR < I . careo hUdren: ban no objects i to assist In house ork, or to i o ft Ekoti distance lu the country: (bebritol . ri'fiWi ft- ; i r11 f.< r Ja> t | I. r?\ ( 'nil at I2i \Ve.*t 20th nt., ?? !\v*en 7th andflth nv*?., f.rst f.oor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL \ to do ueneral houaework; N i n??od u ?..??.< mid ^ wd * ber auaironer;? i Ictljf rffTciuirii fnim burloii place. c seen ' -'. .. tOO ?ait w .; i ? .. St., Brooklyn, i Uoorj fiont n mn. t RESPECTABLE protectant oiol wishes a 2) situ tlon as infaut's uurs* and lantnii *s; s capable of uklng entire charge ol ;t babj i m lis tin i; has bad several v. in ?'> jvrin nod loo -ve* U?i* tealiu.i'h ia!a an t<> <apa! ility and ?\ ai.? t?'r; would tnk?' cl..uxr ??r* .? ^fov. o child und m-w. Call al 4<rj Cih hv,4 la twith i'll!: and ?-m. A UESTECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A KITU: I an- i as general house* rker; .? bjt tlon to doing U|> HtaitK work; the heat of city reference*. Call ut 78 CarI M t 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A HESPEiTALK VOl'NO .'V glil, to do chamber w?-rk an.! as brut cla*a waitrew?, or l.anh.T work and hi lino w.tMhtm:; cmi pive the brat <?f"?'it> ie.'er? i < i from her last place. C.ui be Been for two uayaat 93 Went 11Kb at., second Uoor, hark room. i SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK, BY A YOUNG *Y woman, who is a firm rate washer find ironer; good j ij reference fron ber last pliM, Call at?40 ilrwiiwkli *t., second Uoor from Perry. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY \ RESPECTABLE QIRL; A u. ?d plain cook* wasber sn< ner; bestcitj reference, ("nil lie w en for Wo days at 74 Went Broadway, store. A FKKNCfl DRESSMAKER WANTS TO GO OUT BY J\. the day or \sei?k to pome lady. Call al 142 10th at., !* : woe it 5th and 6th avert. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WoMAN, A I telj land< . i" do general housework* Can bo mm at 4811st arc., corner ?f 26th st. i SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ? V young* nan, I d< - homework. Has tbc best f reference 1 m her last place ('an tax soon for two da> s i?t IrVS&l ti\ . hctwei-r lli'li ill 17th Mm., in the fiuwy nloiv i SITUATION WANTED?BY I RESPE TABLE WO^V. man, as r(n?k, washer and iron?*r; Ioim the IthI of city 1 < :< reaocs. J 1.197 Uuttei st, oorai r "t Qoyt, Brooklyn. A YOUNG OEUMAN OIRL, SPEAKS ENGLISH AND 1v. Kieio-h. i#!\?* (i?.es all kitu'.Hof needlework, wishesm sit\> em a md i" do plain sowing. Call at 181 On hard Nf., iti the roar. \ RESPECTABLS YOUNG WON \N WISHES A SITCA ation an pla'.n is a k?>'k! waaher and ironer; no oblei'tkm t?i ?l. Kt-tioral housework : is vsimtu: and ohligtnp. The li'-iit of city rciereiiees from her Lift plate. Callat i'l West I9thft., ho'twjfon Otli aiiu 7th avb., mcond Uoor, iKuk r^n , tor i RBSPRCTABIJ8 PROTESTANT OIHL WISHES A .'\ aitOitt <>n l.? do ltik iuI luitiwwi.rk in u kir.nll ntiMtn Muily; best city reference*. Call for two days nt 210 West 2G;h hi., nrst tloor, front rot m. 4 UESFECTAKLE YOL'Nfi <11BL WISI1E8 A PITl'A. J\ li<?i? ?.* i UhthU rinniiJ and ae'iins tress. and to UiXe *uire of u.Idren; will uffIfi m waitlm:; no objection to go a short Iw.un.' i:i the country. Call t*?i two day? at 16 Kant 38th St., accord doovTrom Mantson av. 4 RJSSPRt !\ABI E GIRL WOUI D LIKE A SITUATION j\ as chambermaid and waltrcs-s, or to do general honse>,oik lituou'all j iivuic family, (iood rilv referencc. Call or twodiivp -u No. 2 Bond at., cornorof Fulton a\., Brooklyn, aetouu II r, trout room. i SITUATION WANTED RY A RESPE< TABLE OIRL, J\ to bike care ef ilJa'-icj;; wmiW One u;i>li mg and t nln: ai d do up M:ilt> nnd wailing; l.? >t city r;*fe for five v? -ars, inking carp of children. Call at l,25ti I'.r-miuuay, between 8lM 82d #:?. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A ItESiTCTABI.E OIUL. /V to <!w & li usework, wait on table and take care oi children; bent city reference for three years. CaJl at 1&*> 50th Ht., near 2 ' av. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY \ RESPECTABLE GIRL; J\ is a good |?lhir. cook and good w asher and ironer; inakpu g od bread; N it city reference. Can be teen for two days at 111 \Yest iilst ft. 4 COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES TO WOKK j\ out by the day "r week; one who can give orerv p\tlRfaction in cutting and titling laUice' dresses. Call at 45 W* >-t lStli It 4 SITU VH< N V A NT! D- BY A P.E8I E< I IBLE GIRL, as good i i n(i cook; is an excellent \v.i; !:cr and ironer; would do general housework or chatnhcrwork in a small j:i ivato family. Hum the best of city references. Call ai N . -1 1 si sr., mwr th'* Bowery, tor two day*. 4 SITUATION WANTED?TO COOK, WASH tND Iron or to do general housework In a private fan Good city reference*. Call at 79 West 28th St., between Oth and 7th avs. V SITUATION WANTED?BY A VOUNG GIRL, AS nurse an I I light cbambei rk. Die beat ol ofttj relcrenoe given. Call for twodnjsat 83 West 28th al. VRKSl'ECTABLK YOl'NO Glltl, WANTS A RITUA n i si ill pi te fai 1 to d ? i a bonami Lufteh landed ti.?m Irefund. 1? willing and obliging. Hah b??en living with a gentleman'* f.imily at horn*. Noobjectioii to i?.? in th?* eouutiy. Cun In* aeen for two dayM. CaU at 120 Went 19th st., between fjth and 7th aveg. VMT' ATXON W ANT1 D-BY h RES1 ECTABLBYOUNO u '?:ari, as rook, UHsherand Ironer. iiest of ettv reference given. Can l?r mm?h lor two da>htatM33 7th ave., (irat fl??or, front room, if notenrnged. V SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE PSB* Din, a< e?K?k Iti a r? table private family; bent of reference can be given. Call at 4ft) oth ave., between 29lh and SOtb eta. 4 RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS SITUATION IV mndress, or to ih ai >n; no objection to u?'neral hoUAework; can give four veara reference. Call tor two davs at 248 7th tfve., e? cond Ibxir, back r?K?m. 4 SITIATION WANTSD^?BY A RESTfiCTABLB ^,'V voiine girl, as nurse, mu uo<al plain sewer; or would do i v. lit lug and chain berworlt; is willing to make ber^plf p'Mer .liv .a- h.l; ?\ r\:y r^ferenees. Can bo seen for two a ^it Wt hi 1/th st., in the candy store, between 8th and !)fh ave*. \ rnoTK 1AM fJJKL WANTS A SITUATION AS it roo'i pmin cook, t? :v ini*t raifc wh^Ui'I* and iinu< r: Rood ctty refarenctn from oer Um i *. Cm bt mm itliUiSH Giuinl #(. i"r two days, third Hour. ? BWFECTABIB WOMAN WANTS LADIES OR j\ ni-ntlnnwn'n waMitny, Imhiio o'ije*-tlon lo il.iVM work or h'liiHn (-ImnlitK; tin* In ot ? ;ty reference can be L.ii!. Call ut 79 Kiujj Hired, in tjic n-ar. t SCOTCH ?n< WOt'LD LI KB K BITCAtlON AS ^ \ duintwrmMil ?i" wniiirw nr t. inn < I < UMna? ..i MUlllW III Bri*ikljn. \ YOrXil WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD ./V on k: h?* 110 ohjmloii t<> a??iKl m w. ntniiR ?nrt irimiiiK; Iihh IW?d m lior Iii?t |ita?-? tor two <-mi . me well reC"iiini?-ii't<*< l.'im wen at ii?-f Um until eugaged, <*U Went 2Jih M. A FAITH FV I. WOMAN WISHES \ SITUATION AS U nidri'Mi. she tlx roui'lily iiniU her l>u?me*i>: imii do ll|l dill' tll"hfitlH. I'riMH-il lIlllillR: llHH I III* 'ie>t of ritViefl". rem e fiutn liri Uie employer; ni'|>ly It two day*,If not muted, hIw>, a gill, us cliariiLcrfiiuut .ni t uuitre&JI ul dv kkilh, iu Vliwtc Uuiuy. C*U hi iU MulO?rrj ut. W YORK HE1ULD, TUES SITI ATIOV? W* * ? 4 HKsl'Kt.TAia.K VYUMA.V ui.i'.i.;- A SITl ATION, J1 V i? .4 ' futi..ty M'allm i . ! ?. I'uiiiK li'Hirc; nnurt*ht?iul" j?I1 klntU < I u?"klnu, in uif*. ' ' *, name, pantry, A?'.; Uio b.-hi of ciiy rel?*ren? . hj 7V Mwtt hi., Iir?4, UiNir, four doors from new Caiutl m. AliiiiiiiiV UEtil'KCTAULE MIDDLE A<JKD LADY, wiih an (!xperit-int- of live yr?u >, a uituatiou an m.itroi) in a Ktliool; the beat oi4 r*Tm'ttrr s aiven from h?r in rKtiii' I'lnploycrn. AtMresh caru of Frank King, box i,6U7 1'oKt otlke, New York. AN UKBR1CAN Woman' WANTS A BITl 1TI0N IS ni*l>? Ultd ai'atii&tri'M or ciimiiOci'iViu: i; no ooj >? 1 i n lo t?i i v < 11 i r i? ; r.oot! ?:;y rtTrtPtiec jiv< n. i ;i!l at 219 Ulecckur nt., uenr Ciumine, in the <M)iitVi**io?rry 4 N Ai'TIVKVIHV PUlll'k'O'i'iVT clUI WUTIVU A <1. A tiiui .ii in h Kinuil private lamily to do general houne. work; is a good working Mil, willing aiei obliging; h:..sgood city re;cren?i t*. Lull .it iii ?(., between otb aiiti 7th avt.., in i hi* i ? ;u', tor two days. A SITUATION WA N J'l'.!??AS NCR8E OR TO DOM AMborwork; no obji-ction to make h?-1 *- !!' generally useful; wages not bo much an object as a *. ?! home: good oity reference given. Addrcba A. C., box l'Jl! Herald olllce. A GOOD COOK WASHER AND IKON ER WISHES A siiouti ?n; cau give the best of rcvoiumeiidutlonf. Apply at No. ti Carroll place, between Clinton and Court sis., South Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?IIY A YOUNG GIRL 14 your* old, an child * maid and to do light ehamborwork, or waning; has no objections to either New ^"ik or Brooklyn. Address A. K., 180 llick st., one door from Montague, in ttie bakery, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to cook wash and Iron; b? st ciiy ictcrcucc. C.?u be seen for two day* at 126 Went 27th st., near Siliave. lirbt lloor, back room. A respectable Protestant girl wishes a k:uuition to do general housewoik; ha* no objections (o work lor a large family o!>r<'Wn |*:rsonh; is not afraid of work; is a good cook, washer and ironcr; ih an excellent l iki i. ' 11 at 417 Washington hi., s ond lloor; back r<oni. a SITUATION WANTED ?BY A RESPECTA HLK J.JL young woman, a* chambermaid, waitress or ia 'iidie.-s; haa the b? ?t city refereuee f rom her hist Call for two dayh at lytf Weal 20ih at., 8th nr., lloor, front room, Asiti'ation Wanted?by a ukki'Kitahle woinun, to do general housework; ;* a j oo.l plain cook, wi.Miirr and ironcr; no objections to travel vv ith a lady to t'??llloi or to bike cure ol children; wagt s i?<> object; no objection to a h;ige tumily; city reference. Call for two days at 221 21st street, near iuii a v., second Koor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MA lifted woman, hk wet uursc; babv three months old; go - I city reference. Call tor two days at tio Spriug st., room No. 1, up stairs. A SITUATION WANTED?by a PROTESTANT ENGliah wotnau. aa laundress, chamhe; u.:.. . ? r to take care of children: entirely competent; la*t cry nTerence; no objection logo in the country; would t.\k?* cure of a baby from Tia birth. Call for two days at iiki Stli su Arespei table young woman wishbfl a mtunTou as lsi>t rate cook and good baker} no objection 10 , assist iu the washing if required; la Rt ??| city rei'? rcnc< from ' her las; nlace. Call for two days at 2-48 Wesi'ltKh st., between 7th and Bill a vs. 4 respectable young woman wishes a situ* J\ ation h - wet nurse in some n spectaUe family; ha\ tug lift her husband she is obliged to look lorsupport lor herm'll ?.nd her child. Can l>e seen lor a week il uotbuitedai 371 7th ave., third lloor, back room. A LADY BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING IS DESIroiis of gelling situatlonM for her two glrlw; one In a most excellent cook, watiher and ir*-ner, and the other a very superior waitress and chambermaid, and both of the lugliest charaeti r and in everv respect reliable and trustworthy. Appl ' r three t 16 v> i t .\at st I esI 51 h av. a situation wanted?by a respectable ^\. young girl, as chamb . niuid, or to do washing and ironing; no objection to\\ ai; ug. C..1I at TO Weat lUtli St., between 10th and lltli avs. City icfercnci*. Bonne ivfnfant.?a youno french woman visiles a situation a* child's nurse, or as chambermaid ai d laundress; h:is been two years iu this city, in one family, I t" wim li she refers, lnuultv of Madau.e Au;;ry, No,33 Wi fti , l'ith st. Tf*or europe?a youn'tj woman, accustomed to ' e i i e of eh rtn, an* nus to return to Pti s, would I take the care of a lady or children i n the whole or part of tfil* lliniit'y. Kelcrencc satlsti'itory nil itjip. ? attoU to 66 W? 114 . U igutilO ,68 Pai a J ice. Horsr.KKKrF.n or saleswoman.?a widow lady of retirement wishes one ot' th?? above nft?inti<>f?N; I* willing ; ? make herself Urtoltil and agp .iblc 11 any duty In ii 1 y btncnl upon to perform; n leai log ihe city. Address J. L. W., Herald office, Immediately, XTUKSE.? SITUATION WANTED, BY A rUoTKr-TANT ll r: I, M Dlint Mill I I I ITS*; " ' I Oi tflkl entire eharge of a baby from ?U birth arid blinking it tip Oy Imnd; b;'* tlo* best of city relcrence. Can I ? h i-u tor two Uhvmiii ' 0 H'l c.v., near 231 St., se, and lloor, front r< oin. \younu woman wishes A situation to do chambcrwork, or would do hum "\mu in u small lv.uiily. Good ? it> reference. a| ply ut li*-l K.ot llili st. i capable woman wants a situation as wet J\ nurse; > a I n sroi . Km lost her i vn baby: no objection to tnvel with ft If 1 i ' ' bted i rwrw e. Can be set n until en nswi nl 18 I Aiuu court, I diversity j>!noe, between 11 tii and 12th sit*. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OTKL' Sm. to do general housework in a private family; ih u g od washer and Ironcr. Good city n f<tciht from i-mt } ?;?? . Call for two days i'.t 225 WTn( S6tb M., iMtWMQ Mi it tod 9th ITI., Ill the riftr. A SITUATION WANTED BY A FRENCH WOMAN. *\ as cook, b raoftl s .?i MCtryj m uld tnli .i botvl, boarding licuse or restaurant. B?-st or city references from her last pla?-H, Call at 131 White hi., cornerof Baxter, in the sutre, t <r three days, A SITUATION W iNTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE 2\. Noting woman, to do ? loimhfi'work, wailing and lions* work, in a small family. Clt) references. Cau at 07 Weal 25'.h St., second lioor, front room. VUelectable l'lrl wants a situation as took. is w ilhng to wash und Iron: no objections to the country. i all for two days at till ('anal st. 4 i ompetent i erson wishes \ nutation as a'l iiut'M* and k< ainHtn ?h; understands all kinds of famllv ?"w ii)f? and drcMrmuktng; also can operate on Wheeler k Wilson> sewing machine; has no objection to ?'o to Ifaraua or Cal?a; win produce the li'-si of citv inference. Call for I two days at llu Wt st 27th St., between t tit arid 8th area. V SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROtesfant woman, a* good cook, washer an 1 ironcr; would do housework for a small family; is a pom I bread ami his nil baker; good city reft rences. t'jui bo seen for two days at 1^5 Vara k St., corner of Km*:. A respectable widow woman wishes to take a child to wet nurse or to care to her own tv?ldenop, tvln-ir she wilJ i'iigngf to give It a mother's ? are, or some rcsjxM-tuble girls? r wouiun to board or lodge with her; the best reference * ill be given. 67 Ma?-dou^al st. AriRST CLASS FRENCH DRESSMAKER, LATELY arrivt d from Uaria, wishes to have work at her hou^r, or to go out by the day or week to private families. Inquire in the shoe store K81 Broadway, between 13th and 19iIi sis. 4 RKSI'ECTABLE W OMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS J. V cook in a respectable private family or hoarding house. Call lit 77 East 15th st. A SITUATION \\ ANTKD-HY \ RB8PECTABUS yoiun: woman, to cook, wash and iron; no objections fo do general housewoi k. Best of city reference. Call at l,2i40 Broadway. Imween 4'Hli and 4ltU his. A SITUATION WANTED?IN K PRIVATE FAMILY .is v:?'n^iresa;c".ti cut add fit ladles and chfliren "s dresses; <yiti do all kinds ot tainily sewing; also boy's ciothos: iH willing and obliging. lias the best of references: w.>uld have no ob Section to dre^sand atu*ud to grown children. Call at or aduress 351 2 i av., second Hoor, for two days. SITUATION WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE GERMAN w; girl wants a sftuatioi) ;;a chauil>ermaid in an American ur Mem-n lamliy; she speaks English ami French. Inquire ut n? 7th mi., top Uoor, for Hiss Wiuiiu. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLB GIU, O hp generul L uif-ew oiker or i hainbci maid ami to assist Iji tlit% washing and ironlne. ( uy reference given. f ill at or address lor two days Mrs. Redmond, ITJ West iiHh St., near (it 11 HVC. QITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O girl to do chamber work tuid waiting or ohamherwork and to assist in the washing and ironing. flag the best ofotty referent e. Can be seen for two days at MA 7th av., corner ?>1 32(1 kU, in the grocery store. QITUITI0S8 WANTED-BT TWO RESPECTABLE u young puis; one am chambermaid and waitrt mm, and the other ah rhilM's nnrse, or would do the housework ol" it sin,ill private fui..Uy. Both have six year*' reference from last place. 1 ?r two days ait 1 *? Kant Baltic .si., Brooklyn. QITlTATrONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE lO girls costers); one to cook, wash and iron; the other to do chamber a oi k und waiting and take can! of a baby. liest ot city t> MTii. e*. full at i'7 llcnry st.. tor two dayo. OITI" ATT O N S W A X TED? BY TWO VERY RESPECT A* O M** girl.*: one a* chambermaid and waitress, the other to do general Housework in a small l'Atuily: the lu st of city u-iereme u lit be ; iven. Can be seen lor two days at G7 Weal 2?? h s?., near Cth ave. C1TCATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, O to do general h isework In a small i Ivatc family. Can !>e seen for I wo days at 113 Degraw ut., Brooklyn. U1T' ITIOK WANTED BY A RE8PECTABLE OIRL, O rook, wavier mid imner; alio, an excellent bread and biscuit maker. Best ot ,y references can be given. Call lor two da vn at lirj West ,\'t I hi., corner of 7th aTo. QITUATION WANTED?BY A RE8PBCTABLE OIRL, O as vh/Mihen>ia.d .-.mi we 1 tress, or to do pla.u sowing or take - arc of children. ll sti iu ( ?,!creuccs fcivou. at 498 S<!, ave., bet we* n 36'h and 57th sts. SITl'ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN; la com)* { '()(, as <?< k; can do ali kinds of baking; will i.ssist with the washing and honing; would go a short !.* tain c in the 1 onntry. Has a year s reference. Call a'. &9<>th j ave., m ar 8?h st. QITCAT10NS WANTED?BY TWO (ilRLS; ONE TO DO O i ' . w?k nnd waiting; understands her business thai I the other to ook, wash hj.-i lit n. Beat of vfty refer'n? ? .' c.?ll at l.M 37?h si., m'arfcth ave.. in the rear. SITUATION WAMl.D-IIY A RESPECTABLE (ilKL, to do g : ill A good ] lam ?? -v. ? ud *ttd i: v.. 1 objoftiftvi u> tho < itry. A]ply :?t ''o Van* (!: iu in U ha** snout. Snr i 15 wanted -asladt'h maid ob sbamytrdw; would help at bouiMk | ifould *:?? by (lie day or \n (;k ; can put r h'*? hotou'i in orbr fur I ho winter. V " vi-am' r? !? i< m ? i.? b? i last employer. Cull lit IW$3<! uv., iri the fancy More, until engaged. QfTUATIOX WAXT1 D BY A TLZBVKl rABLB YO v O woman, ?'.? k?mmI uaO'i-r and Ironrr; has no nhjoc110/1 |o do lh?*nom! ho- # ?or k of a small private fatnily. lln# the b?>t of ?l?y v U Can bo sun for two duy? at 210 1*1 av., between U;h and Kith M*. Ql, A HON WANTED \ NURFERY 0< >V EHNESS, O Udjfl ouiid, ifekeeptr; would not ob* jMOt til Lo in tho ? . 11 : y a v ya^e; ih amiabl", attentive anil an l*asruf!? um'v - _)?. r"!cn-iui*n in rn former j 1 . f. A} . Ij ' W i . ' St., i .w. .i 7'lt 4Md s,|i i v. OITt'ATIOK WANTIiD?BY A RKHI'BCTARLX GIRL, 1 O K8 tils' f it?5B .n<1 i i ?- ; iir.'l*')Ht.tuiiH Krt'Hi-li tl'ilui*:; t-r ; t<> <!o i liNinlx'i mikI tifiR wualmit;; K'nil cllj rw el ruin'. Call ?t Ti wmt ITiii M.

CITL'ATION" WANTEt)?I'-Y A lirsrKi'TAIH.K IK<>O t?*Mitul tit i, ..r imuvx-in;Hi?l. is fuj'itl tak in: t'Hi'P "I'eliililieu. iitslUu y i?i?icuc? kivvu. Al'l'ijr ?l 11* WvvlMUilL (DAT, SEPTEMBElt 10, 186 SITUATIONS WAMTKDt.rKMAr.ES, QITlATiON WANTKD? IIV A UUiil'EOT.VULK tfOUNU '< cl.atn'ii nnaM anil walli'I'hh or I'" l.iko frf of chllUrvti; l?'>l t*ity ritt't'imice iriim li". lum on\p|o\Call lor two tlityh Ht 31 Wettl 4f>flj ML, ))< !..I ,'U Oih HUu !' It liVk. SITUATIONS W ANTIil)?BY TWO ItKSI'KlTAlll.K >7 (jIiIk; on? to rook, wi?>ih una lion; the ollti-r a:. hntnlH-r. i.mid noil wniier; ' I'ily icivr.'i iv; tdllirr rliy or country, ('nil m 240 Went 18tU bt., betivucu 8in and (Kii uv*., for two d?jr?. QITCATION8 WAHTED?BY TWO YOU NO WOMEN I Ik" one ns ;i lirHt roti* cook, rxn-tlenl wimliei ami Inner, tinollii r kk cliaiiil x rinHiil hikI waiti iMs, orwonM ilo l iiiimtwrwork ami n?stet with waslilnjf and Ironing; be t city iff.ri Ji' e. Call at 316 Inl av.. bfttivtren 2Uth an I ilst n[h.. l>.uk renin, ?.<vond lloor. QITUATTONS WANTED BY TWO YOUNG PR0TE8TO rnt i? : the one as I r?t clar-a cook; nnderstu.dn all Muds 11 rooking; has no objections to a'aiat with tin* wmilling and Ironing; the oilier uu chambermaid and waiter: would tin line washing ami Ironing; both fully understand their business. Can be seen for two day# al 'SH 3d uv., third lloor, l?at k room. QITUATION \v\mtii i;v A vorsu W<>>iA\, to O '"nk, wash and Iron or do < hambenvork; woul f like to do the Uottsework ? f .1 miuiII famPv. Call ai 61 East 2rith Bt., where sL 0 hat* lived for the; la*t nine years. QITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A S Kl cook,; is a good htnndrt a and baker, and understands milk and butter. The country preft rred. Can L? iccn lor two day*, at 4,'i Crosby street, rear Hromne. fTUlK PARENTS OK A YOUNG GIRL, WCTWKI2N 15 L and Iti years of uge, wlah !< place her with a j esp< viable private family, she naierst&tiJ* 1<1 I llarst),?1 would ?\:iit 011 table and do llj.1 t t uuuiberworlc. Call at or ad* diesn No. 11 East 2dth i?t., In the bti>-'am??ni* rpUR ADVERTISER WISHES \ S: ; ATION IN A GENJ tlenmn'K lamily us scainsueSM; ? . nod ht holies' and children's clothing, 'i'iie best of city 1 iei* .i?c. Apply at 112 .'id ave., noiii 14th ht. rnwo I*ftOTKSTANT yocjkg women wish situ a* JL lions; one ii* chambermaid and l??:ttit*rc*?s, or as nurft* uirl seamstress; the other to d > chatober.voi U ami take care ot ?\bildreji. Good city r? icrem * If required. Can ho Been l?.r two days if nut engaged ai 2j2 12ai?t Hih Bt. VjftTANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE ?01 KG WOMAN, A t i situation u? do the ueuei al house woik of a bin all family ; 1b a ;rood plain rook, washer and Iroiier; has no objection to do cttamia rwork or to as?i?l in the washing and ironing; has the b? M of ? ?tv reference. Call at 243 West 33d Bt., near 9tb ave,. for this A ay. Uf ANTED- A SZTI ITZOBI, B1 A UOTOTABLM ij woman, a* ?1 tk, wa bet ai I It titer* Beat city reference. Call for two days at 74 West Broad way, in the tor*. \yANTED-A fillUATH >N, BY A RESPECTABLE ?V young girl, as waiter or chambermaid. The hem of city reference given, inquire (Una Lf00r, rear), at 211 East 10th Bt. TITANTKD?11Y A WELL CONNECTED YOUNG KNOTT llsh t?irl, a situation aa lady's maid and nurse; is an excellent dr? ssinakrr. Address Annie, \'Zb West 2-Sth st. UfANTED? IIY A VERY KESPKCTAHf E YOUNG LADY (Israelite), a suitable situation. Willing to take care of children^ and is a< quainted w itii all kinds o. knitting, sewing, Ac. \V iil m t care so much fia salary as lor resi t ctabiltty. Call at 05 Ea>t 13th St., corner 4ti? av. \\rANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A M sitL ition ;?S n;i )c; vv ?.:! ! ...' f.inl in tlie w.'ishiilg nod ironing. Can give good city refer-*uee from bt r last euii'loyer. Can be seen for two days at ID City Hall phiee. TXTAN TED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS ?? eh uiibermiid and wait. r. I'-st refereneis. Call at 59 Warren si., between I!* nry and t'linton bis., Hux.kljn. \\r ANTED?A SITUATION. 11Y A HESl'Et^TAr.I.E l'KO } Y teMant ^trl, as nurse s* ti?i pin In sewer, or to do clminbcrw.irk. full at her liivt place, No. 7 East 17th St., for two day*. \ITAXTKD?A SITUATION. BY A YitVKO CiiKL, AS T* chambermaid and waitress, or ehamhcrmaid and nurse; can do plain * win/. Can c?>iiic well recommended I row lier laslplioe, Cull illiS Wtvcrl j |)lace. I IT A N TK D?A S Nl?RSE AND SEAMSTRESS, A SITU Am lion, by an American young woman, a Protestant; tin?]??rsfa?. s the care ol' mi la/'int; ito objection Ui tin- country i r to travel: j;oud city relcrcme giv* u for character. Ac. Ap ply at 117 West 16th at., r?*ar In use, ilrst floor, for inis week IITANTED A SITUATION, BY A RE8PE0TABLE ft English giri, aft cook, wash* r and ironer, in a small private* family; or an ehuinbcrotaH and to do plain dewing; ? :?!! jgood' reference ii required. Inqiiie foi two days hi SK) ii idNonHt . upstairs. \IJ 1NTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE EL* V d ily woman, as rook, ami to ;is>!*t with th? washing and ironing; !? ' excellent cool; and a beautiful w abhor .tint Ironer; ? in diaIm capital I resi :?i I In nit, upn, fte.; u \'juct! .?>naM?* ?*ity i f!eren<<s; s to i >iHia? t:*r a 'nl ? ,p*niiy. Cm bo scon for two days at 2U0 West lfith si., near /?h av. "\|TANTEI??BY A RESPKfTABLE PROTESTANT tt yo>in>: woman, a situation hii tir^t elas* c?w k in a private family; is an excellent baker, an I uml' ; ?fand? her i..i-ipesa mi aifit.8 blanche*; has tin* b<?.t oi c?iy rei'crencc. Call atK)(? h ay., second tioor, back room. \\rANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, A SlTl'AT T tl('t), to < ook, wabh and fi < a, or astost with tins washing; U an ew'd?*nt i .K<*r; woul-l *;<? a* laundress: city refer cud*. Call lor three day# at &"? \\ est IffJth *t. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?BY A (1 EMMAS CIRL OF it tine edti ition A situation it a lluo and sin 11 Ainerlcan faintly; csn render her seivicca in the; tiin-.-.t Htyle of w<?rklng;'iwt mncli required. AddreuM f? r twoduvH, C. I> A i: , II* raid oil e 07"ANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND f T hi .iinhtroKN, by a rroteftt.uit ^irl; bo?t of n-feleiKO given, if re?|uired. 1'aII at 41U WontSftth Kt. IITANTKD?BY A COMPETENT YOTXQ WOMAN, A \? mtr.utioti aH RraiYiRticKH mid aMMfKt with ?-hamh?'r\\?>ik, if requited; van rut and lit children'* drecses and ladiea* morning dirHseR, and <io^mt?roidery; haw exerllent tent linonial? t?? character and capability.* full for two day* at 124 flinton place, 6fh *i. \1TANTKD? BY TWO WOMEN, SITUATIONS, OXK AS 11 ruck and launilrepit, thr other ?s rh?ml>ermatd and wait* rem; the. heist of city relVrotn r. t^all ?it 4'.^7 2d av. "\VrANTEI>?A SITUATION, BY A YOU NO WOMAN, AS ff lady'* maid am! acaiiiKtreid*; nude?>Utndh ail kinds of family ^vwing, in v. ill nc to a**iKt with rhildtvn;h?*ven yrars" uty refen'iiee. ('all :it 17 35th u.f between 5tii and 6tli av?.; can he heeu for two doyp. TXT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A KEsi BOTABIB ? f ytatng girl, aa rhamb?>rmaid and waiter, or t?? tak?- rare of rbildrcu ai.d ao plain iN??vin^; is wl21in(C t<? make ho rue If generally useful, fan lie seen at her pro -nt employer'*, where i he l as !lv?-d the lust four year*, 107 Lexington av., one door from 31*t *t, JTTANTED^A 8IXI/ATION. BY A RB8PB0TAB LB GIRL, It to do general housowurk iu a small private family; th? Vest <if i ity r?rft renre CJin he given. Call at No. 4 llorationt., f.rst floor, bark roour, can be Keen for two days. YITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WOif man. an a llrnt rla*?? r<w?k; understainin washing and inmiiM? jx?rlectly well; the bent reference*given. Inquire at 490 6th av., near 39th *t., for two days. YY girl, u situation hs chambermaid and laundress or I c|kHinfH'nn;il<l aud waitress. <'ail lor two days at 129 Went 2lUh st., second lloor, front room. nfAKTBD-BT A YOUNG GIRL, A BXTUATIOIf AH I V waitress aiul chambermaid ; in willing to anaist in washing and ironing; ha* four years' refereuce. Can l>e Been for two duysat her place, 278 West 23d it. 117 \N rr.D- BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A S1TI Af I tion an MtNinsMm and nurse; can rui and lit; id willing to make herself generally uscl u). Call at 211 71ii stM near as. C. \1TANTKD?A SITl'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II ynmig woman, to do general housework or chamberwork and wailing: is wiiliii'.; to assist lu the washing and iroulug and to make herself generally useful. Call for two d.?ys :i f 255 7th a v., between 2ti b and 27 ill fits., top lloor, baek 1\* \srv.D- \ StVATXON AS LADY'S MAID OR 1 y n insert* governess, by a young lady v ho is fit I tor cornpetejit; s V'reneh, (i'eiman and Lngliah; good hairdresser and dresamnUei; no objections to L'Mvel with a lady; beat city re 1 ere lice }-,iveu. Call lor one w ct-k at .'iO Amity at. TITANTBD?A SITUATION, BY lK AMERICAN QIRL, tt to take o ' ol children or travel wi ha lady; hat travelled for the past two \euis. Good reference, t'all for two days at 3t>6 3d av., in the rear. \\rANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ? ? situation a* cook, washer nn;l Ironer. Can In* aeen for ihioo davaat her last place, 227 I n km St., Brooklyn. Ylf ANTED?BY A RESPKt TABLE YOt'Nii WOMAN, A ? situation to cook, wash and iron in a small private family; no otjoetton to do general housework. Best uitv reference. Call ??i 15 i'urinun s'., near Joralemoj, Brooklyn. "1 IT AN TED'?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE u youu;; girl, as t hambertuaid and seums'.iess; understands outfit:g nr I lilting; lias good eity references. Call at 258 7ih av., Let ween 2l>tU and 27th sis. MrANTED?A SITUATION AS HOOD <*0OK, WASHER and ii oner; beat of ruferenees can be lon.ished. Apply for two days at 112 Smith si., llrst iJooi, back room, Brooklyn. 11' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WOn man, as a g I < ol . v ho und rst ' soups, ttkoata, poultry, game and cb>* f fa; i? willing co *.. ?: iat in washing and from, ;; is a good b..k?*r; best o! c1t\ r? t? r.uice. Can Ihj for two days at &d av., between Ilia and 12th sis., In the bakery. I W* AN 4 I II- Itv A VTUII.H Oil!I-, A SITl'At f tion to do (j??n^ral l?(?uj*<?w?.rk; iH a good washer and i ironer; ban ihi'b? >r ol ? l?y lelrrcntv. Can bo aeen for two | days at 21.') East iUth st.. betwt ?m lat and 2d av#. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as < bauibcrmaid and s?-amatttys in a pri! rate family; < '?i irlce the brst ?.l city reference. Call at 250 i:>ist 14lh Ht., tit at lloor, front room. ll' AN rRO- V MTT M1-N BY A FIB 5TCI A88 COOK, It in a prlvat- Uinlly; und? staius all kinds of family ! cooking; h?ari*ht years' ndercncv; is ul?le to take entire I charge of the marketing if required; has no objection to go I to tijr? country; Brooklyn preferred. Call lor two days at -I'J l.Hih a!,, Ih t ween Ath and nth avs., front room, o?er the store. 11rANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VERY RKSPECTAIt young woman, as cook, washer and ironer; has the l?est oJ cify referenci a. Can bo seen lor two days at No. Dti West 2o h st, ui ifie itow. i* a.aii w?ui jv i.* i Ai?ijr? n?i ?M} A it situation h? aeauiKueas and chambermaid. Can N* p -n at her present employer's, 404 6th uv., near 2jth st. Uiug th?* door Ueil, V&7ANTBD - A SITU vn<?.\, BT A R&SPBCTABLB * T y> in| woman, trot law ..i c to rut and lit children's ?? r * -. pod dt> reference, tf re* qui ml. AddrcsH iW toifct Hi: i. si., tor two di?y?. tktantbd?Ay a rbsp1 rABLB . m: i, a 'in a If flmi tit ch.imhermtid ?m-1 Waif re mi; \v;uld uftflist with the washing and ironing. I Ins a v? h? a titv reference from iier last plaee. < ml at 1*18 \Y??bi U> t> between 7ill and &lh uvea., In the rear, turn lioor, for two day*. Uf fNTBD \ filTVA rTiiS, BY A RE8?H( TAB! B youtig woman, m> nil >?? uu.I seamstri **; uud< rttaudi ruttln *ami I'ttir ^ rl.i! .irn's dn and all !.uniiy mwlng in L"?'!?enil. t'.'U for two day* at It?> Km i 26th Ft. W ANTED?A SITI'ATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT j?trl, l" do ppioMul I,casework; Un <>d c ?"k, wanher mid ironer; lias j; o?! t'jfv iWerenep. Call at 1#3 Waverijr l?Uce. iM'twot-M Hunk an t Hammond !??. 11taxtkd by k respectable oirl, a situ a I lion un < ' r,. washer and ironer, or t*? do general woifc in a umail inrntiy. in ?*hhcr r'ty orpoiimrv; understands v wnrk. or \\ ili no' out by tlie uuy. CuUtu 111 lliuoiuc ?L, i loi lUee second lioor, front. L. ______ SITUATIONS WA^TED-fKM VT.ES. WA.\TliD-Sy A IJK^I'El'TAHI.K WOMAN, A KITCA?? ti'Mi H*rU:iinli.:.ui.iiil. ii-aiiu . i.u l" m?k!?i iu ill*1 Ihiuk "a i.i !,; a!l i mi.,i ..trrur (iml "I ?i-ii 'r; no objeMluu in g<, in {j, . ^lumry; >: . ? nooHj*5?la j?hki uonii*. UihhI cliy tfcf'citfrj.'i-irivi'ii. I'.ill Ht V? H;li .:vi., U'* nv.-.-n fTtfcsnd Witnut, f(,r two day*. "llfANTKi*?UV A ItESrKiTARI.R YofNfl KNM.WII ! ? f W? nan, u Hiliintiuii Ai tiurtti- ? ??! I Ii lM'ii-nuiiil. in* Hi jiurw HiuUo i .t.nt.. win*." * it t'i * i'm n . < Hit he m i'ii ,ii Mr. I'. K<.(.a ?, ||,,ri?(, '."J '.V. : :v,ih >t. "MrANTKI>?A SJTIUTfOff As PLAIN COOK; IK A *? (o ' 1 urtMH ; mitt tiiinrr; no <itiJ*H'tlon i*? 1 i.iiiu ,V. K ll.-M .,| I'llv ri'U-i'i'iiii-a fr. i,. iii.ux-. A|?l>ly ut Ml \\ (*nt &2A Ht., netwi en 7th and tfth ?v<?. "tyANTED? HY A RKKi'Kt TABLE A SITUATION jt u? clmrnlx rn.ah! va'.treM; can eome well recommended: ha* bpru three yearn i.t her lane place. Coil at 149 E iHl-Vtii ?t., thlr?! Uoor, n>n;ii No. 10. "lif ANTED?A SITUATION IN A FIRST CLASS KAMIIT ly, l\v an active yonn# girl, to afltfUt in general ho??M?. work i.n"' the ? atr? of children; would *,oto ti?e country. C.ui at or address tor one week Julia O'Rrli u% (KW Warhlu'irton hi VVANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A UESl'ECTAULE it >ouuif virl, to do the coiik..i^, wa. h!i.^ and ironing of a r? ajv table. family; !* an excellent mead and biocult laik? r: or would t'.o the hoii*e\voik of a Hmnll family; Iho bent or city rol?7?-iic?; f roin wlo i (.: ?he ha* lived three and a half y0*1*. Cull at 21 Wcut SHli kt.( ncir 8(b Mf. W ANTED?BY A YOUNll WOMAN, A SITUATION AS acamtirc^s in a rcMpcctaotu private family; underbiandH dret.Mo.iMn;;, all kinds oi embroidery and lauitly m vvIuk; t* a od *hiil makei; or would ax*:Nl with 'lie caw of children, or chamber work or Hue ironing; h.r> the f-eht of etty rcfcivn?x\ Call lor Uvo day? at 176 Earn Joth si., hint floor, front room. \IT,ANTEI>?IMMEDIATELY, BY AN AMERICAN LAi?Y, H a situation iin hidy' < maM and companion; ean make ladien1 and children'* dotho, 11 he and trim laditV hal*, nvtWe, drt ? hair and :;iro Uw-mn- <n the |?|.? r?<?. <Nn Im? wen fi r thr<i?i Ja\8 iit .'Ut!, corner of 4ih av. and 2filh st. None hut the bant oi' fatnili"* will answer. Madam J. U II. WANTED?liY AN AMERICAN 01UU A SfTl'Alion L<> do the ueral homework of a w;n .u family, ur tu do?li.un'icrvN ork and aewiiie. AUo a i,rii I to mi'. 1 children. Have good city re/orcncc. Call at 2ii> iidtli ?t., near Ut ave. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKCTABLE yoong lady, ax waiuMreim in a gei.tleiii.iu i> family;? an eut and fit ladle*' and < !?lidreo's dre>K.v-? and un?h i't all kinds ? f family M;win^; would attend utore or travel with a lady. No o'.ijeciion to the eountry. The I>*ki of city i eferen? e. Can be eeen at 12V I^iurenn ut. Ur ANTED A fllTUATION, BY A VERY RB8PECTABLB V t young girl, as children'? nurHe; i.? fully eapul l^ of fulUlhii/t her 'ihiHtion. Can lie eceti for two dayn. Tin* very best of city reference* ean he given. Call at Ml \Ve*t 28th WANTED?A SITUATION. IIY A KESUEt TABLE youtiK woman, either in a ooardlti^ home ?. In tel?one who iindei standx her hubine** thoi -ai^hiv and i s not afraid to work. Apply for two day* at 141 Fortyth ft. "YITANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A GOOD COOK; UNtt doi-stands nil brunches of cooking, ami would assist In the washing and ironing; no objection to i?o a Hliort distant in the country. G?v d reference can be given. Caubeneen for iwu (ia\i* iu 433 Hudson st., first lioor, r?ar. T\rA NTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A it situation to do ui. ral housew. rk in a timall urlvnto family; has no objection to chamber work; in a u??ou plain cuoi., first rutc wa^'uT and, and ran iflve t ? bent of city t < fcrence fr-un her ??wt plain, Clio l>c m cii for twodaya at Kant Warren si., between Hoy t and Boiidsts,, Brooklyn. \UANTEP-BY A RESECTABLE OIRL, A SITU A\i ti<Mi hh child's nurse and to do | lain sewing. Inquire for two days at 1,388 Broadway, first floor, front loom. \VT ANTKIV? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A t ? Mtuathn to do the h>.i.M'U'?*rk ? 1 a small family; is .1 good ii'.ain rook, washer and trom-r; Iihk iuj objection to tio rhaiubt rwork or lom-sist wtlb the wh; I.ii>>: ami ironing; has the :.??>!t ( f cltv references. Call at 293 West 33d *t., between i*ili and 10th avs , for two days. TIT" A NT K D?BY A liESVKCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A V? situation aachamber'maid or waifre**; no objection lo it: t- nl in tltt- watbiug am: trotting ol a h null lamiU. l!c*?t city reference froin l.? r last p!a? c. Can be seen for two da>a at 1.V3 East 24l'a Hi., between 1st and 2d avs , in the atoie. W^ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A }) hit u..lion as chambermaid and waim'.*-*; would assist in Washing Lest ci?y reference. Call at 240 &l 'Jih tt., In twci'n 1st and 2<1 avs. \Vr AN !'"Kb-HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, V 17 sif.i'ilion aa cha ?li? i maid a:ul to ass. t with washing ami in.iiit < r t-> do pla r: s -wing. II' *1 city r fereneo from l.oi IrtK* ).la<v, Apply at IS (Vh St., between 2d and Sd av?. \l,rANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, >> v. i.' i?.:*i.??t lo r tin-! Imby. ten days old, a baby to nnr?e at her own tvs?dwnc?\ Call at S13 West lQih ht., top IW or. IITANTEIX? BY A Kf .vPKCTABI.E YOl/XG CifBL, I'i * i S'aiHOt a^*e, a situation to take eaie of CtiiMren ami rial,' iM'it y>'n* iallv useful. Good oily reiujviiee. C.til !< f two t'.avh at K? : mis Kt., Brooklyn. \ITANT::O--A STT?' \TTON, BY A respectabi.K CJIKI*, U as cbainbi*rmnid at,?l vaitross.- (I????d ntv r^U'reniHJ ),. J Jast Call at I'M Wvsl i8th ?(., .N* 7 White's I ' *\ irNTED?A SITCATION, BY A NEAT, TIDY GlllL, \\ a> i uam!>< rm or waitn-xs or to do ch imb.*r,.voj k ??:.?! ftr?f waMiirifT* ti <*itv r.?l"rcme. CuIUbr two days at III West I7.ii xt., between 6il\ and 7ib uvs. \\f ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE if young woinm, an cnamberinaid; ualiot rate n-wrr, and can do all f'Mil.s <d' embroUb'ry. The bestof city re to r : e, I'..ii untilenjptf < i ,.i -i^i i' | . v., or. \\r ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE M voutitf woman, lo do general hoiiM'woik inji srr;all faia:!\; U'st <?l city r?*teren<f from hei last sittialion; noobjretio'n to ronntry'or city. Can be sc? n until engaged at 32 tin euv*.. h aV. tlTANTED?A SITUATION* BY A B88P80TAB74I u Sc"i? l? Protestant girl, as ? hamb. rm;iid or nurs??;tlie brvt of re re rice given. Call at 100 Is-roy nt. ITT ANTED?A 8ITI ATI OK, BY A RB8PSGTABLB t> \oiiii^^;irl, lo do clmmlierworK ami wailing or ^em-i si bouM-work in a small family; the be^t of city n'ference.s 1 lier last ^lac". Call at )l3 West Jiist at., liear 8th ar., top t:??or, front room, for two days. \\' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SCOTCH GIRL, AS f? chambermaid or waitress. City rfterencn given if required. Call at 275 0th av., between 17th and 18th stx., for two days. \\rANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A 1 ? situation h? chambermaid and waitress, or to assist In general hotiM'Work; is well used to chiiiiivn. < > ..d city rcferen? . Call f?r two days at 372 8th si., between avs. fc aud j), over the atom, from room. "WANTED-BY A RE8PBCTABUS YOUNG (IIRL, A It fit nut ion to do the general housework in a small private family; In a good plain cook, washer and ironer. Call for two day* at 193 East J-lth st., Mcotid floor, hack room. NTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOCNG GIKL, TO m do light housework or to take care of children; wages $4 per mnnth. 4>all at 2J0 West 23?! st. TITANTBD?BY A FIRST CLASS DRE88MAKKH, WHO fl thoroughly understands cutting ami fitting ladies' ami chH dren's dr? ssea, shirt making, and t an do ail kinds of due sewing In the neatest style, a situation to take < harge of a lttdiea' and children's fancy sU re, or as seamstress ln a family ; n hotue more preferable than money. Call at 62 Mao* dongal street, top floor. T1TANTRD?BY A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, EMIT ploy men t by day, week or month; can i?o till kinds of family sewing. C all for two days at 126 West 24th St. TO-ANTED- V SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE T ? young woman, ns chambermaid and waitress and assist in line washing and Ironing, and Pveneh fluting in aTl its brandies. Best of city reference, ('nil lor two days at 1228 < West 25th st., between 8th and 9th aves. IVAN'TED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAKRIED WOMAN, j f I a JiitUiitiwn ah wet nurse, at her own house; baby throe 1 month.voM. Best city reference. Call at30CongressSt., a few i doors lroiii Columbia, Brooklyn. xrrANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION i I to do general housework, or as chamltemotid and plain sower. No objection to the country. Cau be seen lor two da \ s at 22 rrtnoe st., in the bakery. TXT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GERKAN PROTEST\i aut girl, as seamstress or nursery governess; understands ail tine sewing, and can out and lit children's dresses. Apply at her present employer's, where she has lived three ! )e/fis, 139 East 18th st. Call for two days. TITANTED-BY A YOUNG GJRL, A SITUATION 18 If seam Hires* and lady's uwdd, or to assist in the caro of cliiidreu; can cut and tit ladies'and children's clothes; good re (prance utu be given. Call at 413 6th av., one door above 28th st. "It TANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL, A IT situation to do general housework iu a small private family; best of city re I ere nee. seen at 621 Oil) av., near DUih si., for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE HARRIEDWOMAX, VY w jih a fresh bieasi of milk, a situation as wet nurse; has no objection to go a short distance in the country; nan produce the best of city reference if required. Cau be seen until suited at 71 Kiug st. ___ "WANTED?BV A COMPETENT YOUNG ENGLISH ?'? pi: I, a situation a* first class waitress, or will do uhanibeiwork and waiting; the best of city reference. C-u bo seen for two days at Sao (ith av.. between 2Dth and 2M sis. TIT ANTED?BY A NICE RESPECTABLE GIRL, A if situation as seamstress and child's uurse, or to assist in ehamberwwrk. Inquire for two days ut 107 Hick* st.. ttfANTED- \ SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE f I yot.n ; jfcirl, f* chambermaid and se.iir.Btn aa. oi a*ibaui? bertnuid ami Iuuii'ivm; nine year* city rif<*rrn?? p. Cull for two days ??t at 224 U; ave., botwecu l?5tLi and 14th at?., third Q< or, back ro< m WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOL'Nti WOMAN, A f f situation as child's nurse and plain sewer, or chamber* maid and sower. Call at 11 Uiviaglon st. T1 "ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A f? situation to do chamberwork tod waiting, or m chambermaid and laundr?M, or would do the housework of a Knuill private lainllv. Beat rity reference from last ]>!aco Culli t 68 But SI In., I mi Alb ?, WANTED-n A SCOTCH QIBL A SITUATION AS ff cook, washer u:id inner, or to do general ho geurork. Good city reference. Call for two day* at 7tu av., betwecu 28th and 29th sta., top floor. *14rANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE PRUTESTAXT f t fiirlM, situations; one to cook, wash and Iron,"the other to do cnatnbcrwoi it and widtUu;, ??r Would Uo general house work in a Bin.ill family. <iool city reference. Call at 232 Ninth ave., In the bakery .store. "WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION f f ns^liambermaid and to take care of children, or would do the i*<'ii?t -I houM'W'M k of h small private faimh ; i?r>od re* fereiu*. Call for two days at Lewis st., corner oi iiiviug* toll st. 117 WIKP - \ SITUATION, BY A RE8PECTABI21 ft widow woman: has a little girl debt years old; understand-* a ?:;ttv.r, washing and i onlng ano general housework; no ob je *ttO?H to the country; good city reference. Call for two uiyoi t tMI av. a. 1V* ANTED? BY A FIRST CLASS MEAT AND PASTRY ff took, who thoroughly understand!* h *r business in all i:? branch*'*. a situation m a tlrst class hotel or reftauraiit. Can b?> seen at 31 I'atk st.. in the more. "WANTED.?A YOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION \f in a family an tcacher or nursery governess; is willing to assist m w? ing, ami ha? a tYhrelrr'Jk Wtlsoti sewing nm? chine. Can give the best of references aa regardi m hjicclability aud capability. Addirat XL, bo* 3>lU*i 1 oat ollice. j I I ". i i . . ' " " ! SITUATIONS \VA\TED-FK1?LES U/"ANTED?A MTCATtON. BY A RESl'EfTA I ynuntf worn in, ? cbttmbormaid and nuanmlri'ii*! d.i nil kiixU of family m-wIi,; hit* nix year.' ii-!'?n-ti<-e hi'P L*. I pUice; can m!w ou a uuuhiue. Call at 7U ! M-uiml Hour. IVANTED?A SITl'ATin.N AS CHILDS NURKE A 1 V m :nit> 1 111' i Ml. .. mill nil kiiula of fam j ?i i?.l Hiiiri' tlw hi an' il I "i |ne m :ii employer, M) 0 . nt. 1 1 '? ' A NTKD?bY A 1'KOTKSTANT YOUNG WOMAsf uiiMiion u do hut:M \\ork, cook, wash innlm-M* Mw.ill tMialy; Iiiwk t!?e Uit ? uv rH?irenoea. Call lor two . ut Giit k(M > ? i-itii Hour, trui.t room. \i; ANTED?A SITUATION, l.Y A GIRL OF SI XTEEM I Vi do ihautlx-rwork or v < . it on th< door. Cull en Temjile, No. U State St., lor two days. 117* ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE I'KOTEFTl I m K'll^ situation us ut'.iw and plain wwi?, in a j i a family, Call for two ;?l 101 West IPJlU it. \r.\>IKl)-A B1TI ATI ON, BY A KESl'KCTA ) t t ) ouikg woman, as experienced child's mi ray or II dr. mm; no objection t muL** herself generally useful, or * In the country. (I ?1 i fcn-nee if required. Apply .a., Eh at UHh wt., IwUrtfli i ct and 'id nva. \YrANTEO?A SITUATION AS COOK OR ('II AMh * ? maid, by a ??->pvtn woman; hut uo obj?*tloua i In the country. vJali al ISO W a it ; >- 1 U, U ? two a. TIT ANTED?BY A BESI'KCTABLB GIRL, A BVM i ? tion to do the |?( in i;.: lioiiacwo'k ?t a m. i. lain.;! a good washer and Irene r. Th*? beat of city reference g:| Cull for two day a at 245 We?t 4'M al. j 11T INTBD?A SITUATION, BY A GIRL, To LM> Gil t' housework: t boron understands baking I warning. Can fuinihil *uiisin< Kivy city reference. (.'a| 125 ?)th ?t., between 7th and 8th an. TXTANTED?MY A RKM'ECTABLE GIRL, V f-'l! 1 T tlon as chambermaid or waiter, or to mko <-me < t dien or do general housework for a .-mull family. Inql at Ul King bt., b. coiiii lloor, liout room. WANTED-A SITUATION* AS SEAMSTRESS: I'NDi i land* catting I'.itli; : ludlet,' ami ehlldr< ii'h drt*| Bot of reference. Can to set n lor tv> o days at li5 Com1 Brooklyn. \\ BY TWO GTKLS, MTl atiuns, ONE Vi do general housework; the other to take earn t i du n. Good reeominundutioua if required. Call ut ltiviugi'ju st. SITVATtOBVS WAKTEI>?1>IAtE9. A Yvil NO SCOTCHMAN WANTS A SITUATION I j\ retail diy goods store, either in elty or ootid try. years' rt'IVrenco from laat place. Address A. Fyfe, No <; uiw\ ich Kt. A YOUNG MAN W1IO Sl'KAKS THE ENGLISH, O^ m::nuiivl Prenfh languages, w lwln-H t?> got employi.? In h stoie an clci k. lie??t iciVivnoea given if ieqtnn*d. ilri J. S.t Ilerald ulQ e? i YOUKQ MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A RET Htort*, toh'arn the buKlnaaa. (joudreleivncogi a?i Ireaa s. T., w x 1U Harilid A RESPECTABLE YOL'NU MAN WANTS A KIT J\ tion to live with a farmer; can make hiin^lf ^ rally useful in that way, and undcratunUs farmi.ig I w?ll Cull for two days al 98 Atlanlte at, second floor. A YOUNG GERMAN MAN WANTS A SITUATION ^ V gardener; under. fand running un-i the care ? f l?< uud >; be&t references tan be given. Address W. lU r ?%N. JU IV m A YOUNG MAN, 21 YEARS OLD, DESIRES A P(j J\ t; ii aw captain's or layniAtfter's clerk In the l'r. Navy: isu gondii* onuUtut; lirst class referencesut A-idres* kS., box Heraid office. CITUATION WANTED?HY A YOUNG MAN, AS 0 ?>*inlant bookkeei* r or ,.ti entry clerk; can *Mve th** m rcleiem cs itH to character and capability. A>ddrc*s E Clerk, i/cmld ollicc. Q|n ATJON WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN. A8 CI E K ' mi a < ononis. tun or nankin;; house. Can ;;ire the 01 . \ re en m 1s. Addr< mm ! i \ 4,084 Post am?e njlTUATIOH WANTMD ?A HOTBL ktt-.w fcRD v> h'ti# evp#?Hen<e ah h caterer and chef do cuisine in rope and the principal hotels in this country, would lik make an enpi^ciiM j.l in soim* tirsi class hotel, einb nou* restaurant. The very best of references given. Addrest II. M., Gramerey i'urk House, N. Y. TP > THE l'l'lil.TC.-A MIDDLE AGED GENTI.EM .1 who ha* met with wvcnwi in life on account of traeird sickness ami failure in business, and has a h lam i> to *oip|>ort W ithout any visible mc.ansat present doing so. in anxiously desirous of nome engagement in wl hi* services would be available. He has hail for many y? th". ti '.tauetarniaua^emeiit of a popular literary paper "in cUy. uiid is fu 11 v capable of superintending or assisting <! rfi or otherwise in any establishment. Parties seeking Interview will be promptly attended to by addressing T. IL r.tld olBee. 6 TO DKUGGIST8.-A PHYSICIAN FROM IRELA wants a situation in a drug store, city or eountrv, wh he '-an prescribe. Ac., for the * ek. Address T. Allen, il.. or rjjf ut store *227 1st St., Williamsburg, L. I. Wagss a<; lute. *11 rANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN 1 ? \ cars of ace. in some good respectable wholesale hoi w ho resides with his j arcnts and would make himself # > rally salary not so much an object as a peiman situation. Address J. H., box 145 lleralu ofllcc. T\,rANTED?A SITUATION AS PORTER OR WAT* it man in a store; can s|>eak the French and English 1 guages, The bent of reference can be given for sobriety, b esty and industry, and geo'l recommendations fur the last or twelve year*. Call lor this week on J. U. D., at 43 Gr? street. TITAN TED?A SITUATION, IIY A YOUNG MAN, if porter in a merchant's store ; would attend in*, grocery or liquor store; is not afraid of work. Will pay : y, ti? employer or any one procuring the advertiser a sttuati A I dress M. Q., Herald ollloe, or 19 Washington st., two days. "V17*ANTED? IIY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, Tf situation as bartender, or any business in thatki. would loan his employer $.75 for security if raquirod. C for two days at I III West 24th ?t. HELP WJlNTED-MAIiJsi Agents waxtkd.?auhnts, aok.vts, a?ex Uik* notlw. \V? huvt* just luued u tine tin^Kiivir.g Ufor^ Ii. )l(*01?'Uuti, th? NH|>ote(>n of th? prcw, ??r, mid ndili'U It lootirUrrmly wviulortul bWitk of arttc rncluMXl In nuritrvitt Uiikjii l'rU* l'iu:kiigR Axuiikkvc whon- rji!i derive it Kii'tfl prolt l)y the hj?1c of cuir i' hkw: ? now !? tli'ir tim? t? invest. The Union jMckaoe ? tiiins ii mij*'; !i cuKriivIng (6x10) of Oeiiorol MnOvlkni,75 v 1 nitbli-Hiy elpts, Sie.llnuury, hihI Env?l<ipeii prluieil in 1'iii ' (l^siKiiB, Ui oolorn; (lilts ni Jewelry, At., Ac. For full jinrth lnr? adifreifg, with plain;' for our inamniutii cirwilur, Uicku A Co., UB Numuu ?t. Boy wanted?about is years of aae, in wholesale liquor store; $2 50 per week; must reside w his puients und ooute reooinuiouded. Apply ut Is i*riDoc si Boy wanted?a shakt. genteel, intklligki buy wanted, to attend in u Iniokstorc; oua whnytatc with his parents. Inquire at 129 8th lit., two doom rant ii roadway. /CENTRAL AMERICA.?WANTED, A PERSON WHO VV acqualnmd with the will and climate of the various Stat of Ceutral Amirlra, and their adaptability to the growth cotton. For i?rtleulara addreaa S. J. P., Herald oflire. DRUG CLERK WANTED?A YOUNG MAN THOROUG Ir compttJ'ut to attend 11 retail Mora. Aiuly to Willi* M. Gtlea, 1H.I 6lfc #v., corner 13th at. IjlMPLOYMENT.?COMPETENT AND RELIABLE Ml. !i o?n hara Rood aituitliona as canvassers, aelivercra counlry agents. To the right sort of men liberal iudtii nients will be offer?d. Apply to Johnson, Fry A Co., puf llabers, *7 Beokman at. TIT ANTED?A BOY OF ABOUT FOURTEEN, OF goo 1 Y in..l ate, to wait on an Invalid. Such a peijon wantu n RiKid home and to be provided for free or cBarge to li parent*, w|II addrass W. C., 179 Waveriey' WANTED?SIX MEN FOR STEAMERS, STEWAR ? T for ii club bouse, two entry clorka, three porters, tv cxpr<*w drivers, one barkeeper, one roachmau. Posiri? i procured f;>r clerks, bookki-epcrs, oondwU>iT, bhikcmen ai glrla, to travel. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. TVT ANTED?A CLERK IN A DRUO STORE, A SIT OF* Vt diiitfliioe from the city. Apply at 402 9tk av., after o'clock A. M. WANTED?IN A small PRIVATE school fo Imys, an assistant tcucher, willing to make liimse generally useful. A middle aged gentleman, desirous nf permanent situation, preferred. Addiess C. D. E., t'nt<square Po?t oflire, stating lowest terms for lire days a m from 8 o'clock A. m. to three T. M. TITANTED.-A GENTLEMAN ACCUSTOMED TO OOP1 If Ing papers and other office bu?lne*s, 1* iii want of en ploymeut; would bo an acquisition to u lawyer, merchant o literary man. Address H. G., Herald oQlce. TIT ANTED?IN A HAT AND CAP HOUSE, ONE O T? two good Mlcimen, having u New York. New Jerwj Pennsylvania or Ohio trade. Address box 2,030 New Yor Poet olnce. Ur ANTED?A COMPETENT AND RELIABLE MAN. T< attend a ticket office In the evening; one having $50 I $75 to dojMwlt may bear of a |>ermar>etit situation by apply ing at 6M Broadway, down stairs, to-day, after 10 o'clock. WANTED?AN ASSISTANT DENTIST, FULLY COM \y |wi"iu to do plate work and filling. Applicant* b. mall will give their name, ago, how long a dentist, In whn brunch they eieel, wages required and reference. E. A A Pi e'.erre, lo# Bowery. There i? a vacancy for a dental em dent. TITANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS CLERK IN A GRO v v eery more; one well acquainted with the business am who can < <>ine well recommended. No other need apply. Iti quire at <10 Cherry street. Cinn !'ER MONTH.?AGENTS POSITIVELY MAKE vl"VJ il Belling Dodiit's Patent Hem Folder and Tuck Gauge and other articles of ready sale. Three hundred pcii rent profit*. Call on or address JOSEPH DODIN, >io. 2. Una lie street, near Chatham street. New York. C?1 rn PER MONTH MADE BY ENTERPRISINC agent", selling Downer's Hemmeratid UtileM, fori hand sewing; Indlspeniitblc to every lady; protects the tinge? and mskes a beautiful hem. Samples sent on rcceipt o> 23 cents. Address A. H. Downer, 442 Broadway. ? * tESPECTABLE PARTY, HATING T1IIP amount, and willing to loan l>. on excellent] security, may sacnie a splendid situation, at $18 per week. Apply ai 87 Forsyth street, fourth floor, room No. L FRENCH ADVEUTlsEMfiSTg. ON DEMANDE I NF. FRANOAISE PROTESTANT* eomine bonne d'enfants i t pour eoitdre. 11 fant avoij de bons renseignements. S'adre&ser an 17 Ea*t22d St. ITNE FILLE FRANCAI8E DESIRE SE PLACER POUR J solguer iles eofants et pour coiidre. S'adresser pon? deux jours au N'o. 2 llith St., botween 5th and Gtli aves. ~ MATRIMONIAL. ~ I ' Aladv, aoed five and twexty, op hiot! sor rial position, lim ing n-imnert to l???r natlvo city, after f |?n>frwci#,i! E'tr<>f?ea!! t/??? r. jtv.-tHa h#?rsHf of ihi? met hod o iwrinum a matrimonial n:>nectloii. None nerd but gentlemen of t?tamllng in society and who out lurni?fc unexceptionable relcmnf p. Atldremi Margartt Stuart,car#, of E. U. M., I'ciftt ofle.i\ New York. AYOl'Nrt df.nti.eman, well TO do TN TUB, woilif, i? on crtfiv ?f?".ii?'Uf. of making the ac |.ia<nf*nc* i I' a vout\p h?1y of r?*iiit<*in?riit, with a view tg u.?al lUiUiiy. AddicM FitUciic Nwrmaii, Herald olEc* ' 1

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