Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1861 Page 1
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ITH WHOLE NO. 9132. THE REBELLION. Important Movements of the Rebels. Withdrawal of the Enemy from the Upper Potomac. Concentration of the Rebel* , HW Uic mum uriu^r. Departure of Thirteen Rebel Eeginionts from Virginia. Necessity for Another Unioi Demonstration on the Southern Coast IMPOSING MILITARY DISPLAY, j Presentation of Flags to the Penn- j sylvr.nia Reginicutd. Speeches of Governor Cm-tin and Geueral Mct'all. Tisit of (he President, Cabinet and UUitary 1'hiefs to the Fortiiicuiiouh. , la correct, a great buttle will soon be fought; and lrum the very naturo of things, it being lor the possession of Uic national capital, it will be a S'-vere struggle, such as notion history bus not yet recorded. I4>uli out for the battle of tbc Potomac. The enemy have ceased to rely u[>on the once boasted Individual superiority of Southern men, and now resort to numbers,aud hope, by an overwii lining force, to secure the coveted Ml ;eess. i' the sti ength of the rebel army has been greatly underrated by the people of the loyal States, and even by prominent public men Lure, there can now be littlo do,lit. It was stilted ' several days ago, that reliublo information had been received from Ri< hnioud that their army of the Potomac was between 250,000 to :ioo.<iOO strong. This statement has been very recently corroborated by a number of gentlemen of high reputation in Kentucky, who have returned from visits to the scut of war in I Virginia within a few days. They all agree in the Information that the rebel army of the Potomac is over two hundred uud fifty thousand iu number. That an attack is imminent is apparent from various corroborating circumstances. Among others is the sudden preparations for the departure of ladies of known rebel sympathies and associations, who hare perhaps bettor opportunity than other people to obtain correct information of the intentions of the rebels, and who are getting ready to leave without delay, under apprehensions of an immediate attack upon the city, with such force and such prospects of success as to render it dangerous to remain here even twenty-four hours longer. Tlireo rebel prisoners wore captured by our pickets today. They say they never heard of the death of Jeif. Davis; that there is not much sickness in the rebel army; that iboy are very strong, have plenty of bread and meat, and conilrm the report that the entire army has moved forward from Manama* to Fairfax Court House, and that General Johnston and General Beauregard have established tlieir headquarters there. They do not deny that it is the intention of the rebels to obtain i o session of Washington by crossing the Potomac ab. vo this city ut a day as early as practicable. OPERATIONS OF TUF. REBELS' ON THE UPPER POTOMAC?^WITHDRAWAL OF THE ENEMY'S FORCES. The movements of the rebels on tho Upper Potomac within the last forty-eight hours liavo elicited much speculation. Their pickets having been withdrawn yesterday, it was ascertained that the whole body recently iu that vtclolty had moved off. From the information ob 11 to nrMmmnH that II,,. ,.,1 - r purpoKO of concentrating all the available force iu tho neighborhood of the Chain Bridge. Tlity liuve suddenly retired from all tho points above. Tut there exists among them a very serious amount of dmoralization there is no doubt. DEPARTURE OF THIRTEEN REBEL REGIMENTS FOR TIIEIK HOMES. Yesterday a detachment from Gen. Smith's brigade, which occupies the advance across the Chain Bridge, attacked a picket guard of the oncray, killing two aud wounding several others. From one of the wounded men taken prisoner, it was ascertained that sirco the affair nt Hatteras Inlet thirteen regireents havo ltft the rebel army of the Potomac and goue home. That blow upon the coast of North Carolina has evidently struck homo, and not only occasioned a panic in the South, but disorganization in the rebel artiy in \ irginia. Another blow in the same direction will unquestionably compcl un evacuation of the border States by the rebel hordes now devastating them. Their whole army is now npon tho border They caunot afford to leave it to bo decimated by disease, while watcbirg the preparations of McCleUan, acd Fremont, and Bosecran?. and Wool, while <ieocra! Butler and Commodore Stringham proceed quietly . without the lo.-s of a man, to restore federal authority akng the wholo coact, and In the cotton states themselves. REC0NN01?1NCE NEAR FALL'S CUCUCH?SKIRMISH WITH THE ENEMY. Brigadier Genera! Smith and Lieutenant Orlando M. Poe, of General McClel'au's staff, with uyo companies of the Pccond Vermont Volunteers, a nection of the United Stato Light Battery, under the command of Captain Griffin, mad? an important recoucoissanco to day near Fall's chiftvb. :e ne A ?-t;<yr?k'h i.* i|h u i<r . il?y wm? *?ifc ? b?a*r Iua<ia4r o uiiwAclry TW jiitUary *u ttr^aghi U> bHr .? lit, r. W.H, wW* k*a ifcr ? ?? * .a**-" ?b. ?r Ur. *u. KMMt Item, IV *??? ?f U* NOTM* "*??? ?'?? HfcvW< tkc party mmri tlHKI niki, **** IBM iM*l? MM!*.*. rim?i.|??h? *kirai?hi'? t..? pu>'? k?l a ?Ul M??i ?<tr U??|? mud thuM- aC U* M?i)r ?**r Iter Bri?r> *I? I1 wiHMMKiMm) ?.??? UMi U Itai.iU' adrai? >nl J?uif ik. b?t,i m fu ? !>? ?> ?, " ? itlr# dirlMri trvm iter thai* tUhlo*. W*ar? ib?? all*, k.d ky tW t<M |.?*?U >4MI l ?Uilll? of < <>ni|*fty II. \i? Yurh * *<?*? MWfc, kill -4 Tm<> oflk< r? '*. laajar *n4 Uto alfcar iw<m <Ma* I ??? wart ? Virginia r?fi??i ?a?? lata* K* " ' ?>y ?' f<?rc<? Ttx-v .?rti?. |i>|h I'" " boavx tww iMtiw.4 Mm- >r? V >i k I* K . b r?, < ?" ( Ml !? > Ibr !.? :. <jf ih. r. t*i |?,rk> u lb* * -rt?m? w" fc??? * tu lit rtxtilwf!?t <?!? >... mrokiku (uwiii w??i?t?tmhi ??r ? ?. rm I fcftMMVI.V*M? Thf b) IwWii* Otrim U'il') Ibrl.t, <<l tor Iter IVniu-yIvan a trmerv mr|? air <>au s *M alt, aMi< i ?I?kI. ? (r-?4 ?h<l ?>|. u( . a an ? ?<' i) liour ibi* m.>rtiit? ib? IVuorv aii a ?<IIU ar> ?'M? ?<1 by a li ?ly H mair) . to rruot << ? > Mtl M I MVtit-n. NM' Jt lr k m n I 1. lii .m (,? i?tm* i hi ' w ? *!' Gen. McClellan's First Sjjeech to His Soldiers. Restoration of the Colors of the SeventyNinth Regiment, &C., &c> OIK SPECIAL VASHiXUTOX DESPATCHES. Washington, Sopt. 10,1861. TUB CHEAT BATTI.E ON THE POTOMAC NEAIt AT HAND. An early attack upon this city by the rebel a, my concentrated m Virginia lias been su often predicted, without comitiK to pass, that nucli reports have almost boc irae tl?o subject of ridicule ; but from information received to-day from u m >ei reliablo source, the entire rebel nrmy had advanced In great force ut> far as Fairfax Cbart House, and made that place it* head quarters, the lelt wing extending up tho river a.s far as Great Kails, and the right resting in front of Alexandria. The main body is upon the left, indicating an intention to carry out the programme previously mentioned, to attempt t?j cross the river at some point above the cily. The information derived from the sources alluded to is, that the rebel generals have uo Intention of attaching <>i,r centre. Tliey hojKi to cross the Potomac, overrun Maryland and obtain possession of Waebiugtnn. It is very nwbiiMit thrtt if I he iulo'iimtfnn doriviv! from tliis Hn:ir< n |uny wiili iwiMnoutWi- < Wi? ?u ? <att ? *! Iwk | In ah <>|m-ii hrtuwlw 4rn*ti If lunr ' ,f* ' The Utt r iiiviiili i? id I*? ?tafl wife m* ial< Ah 11m- ii l:Utrf ?< >?l ?, . '! 1. . uhiiiIm r it ? ?rii . , i i i- !> ' . -!? llfinni m il lu li-? tram l'< i i ?in y > '* miiI pramuiMiU ' m. l < |?? i * m il (? ? wtinh i-r< > It- 1 111.i ti I ' a . l?*Ui i" -?:i *" i 1 Minn^ il.i i nn i, vi i.Kb ummmr I'uru* ?? tmrmtt I for tli? etot.lMi'm.fn!. Uu l. ,? v. ri r || M 1*11 Were ft* III I lit : ; .III 1.1? II. 4 ? 1 I ll.? t.-ini" r.iry fi.rlill. ult?n - ibiown i.f?h> hi? a^l sum-time |<revio.i? t? lt>' arrtiai < ? > i i ' < n<* t N<MM| i-wii tarjr I'iuVi a Atmwtrnf UmmtiI Mm I Hlid l. i i al M<i iu .in I il tR i | < i 4 i i !? . i i. lulkiwi i| by a liryv mmhw ?f TlPHifl. WfeMr hIUhi I th ai rival of I hi cM?rt tbc , Mr i'iw?? f ! ' (iru. Mi'Cli'llmuMvi imli -ih ii lit in. . ill w 1 win'in Ihi'V ."Jl. mk b it .' ami It L"i| |U l. ii * i 1,1 Meridian wlii- i- ii'1 uril) .n?? - ' hit I hi* qu u l'T?, wii? on till-t '< u-i.'li lb ii'f >: -I't l? ? ! and revived the < i iirrntuUlmti- i.ll. .-|..wlH ii n> j ol" our iimrf prominent? / i.- Ti u, in-net j. h>* lliniKJlf Willi b?T< llllll. II 'e > Mini <1 ?' ll> f' .itril awry .iv>ratil<' ui| n n|?.u ilv ?li run saw hnu h>i the lint Inn Hie iMMiiii.nj; ol i iuui u ini tin fi-rtii ill i.' 141 il ? I. I near I In' % ill k uniii>uiM'< d ll appri.... b <4 ;? Curl in. .'lid i,i|ttr a Mir aim n* Itw ir- |? who ut once |irr|?r...l tben.-lvei w> n- n lln'lr ilirn iiiji:.-Ii. .1 \ i- . I t i.. i. 1. ?i . Held in tlhcurili^p in ?i surtc l ii in W, ? and drove dini-l'.j in tli i?.-ili ni <? < , d i>) II. i.i . riafje ui tin-I'ri^i' in.'l i o.l?. '.,.i u I and slall, with tvlu m h- <\< .mi . I _i. 11-. I>i..;. thin ciii fiilt iikm tlir |iaiu<ri< - h! * In I u. Ii . i. I llriidu saluti', tiillnwiiig wb i Ii i . |>r i I tlip <'olnrn Tii'-'MMlnr* wrrr life Murrain! " I ,-ii Ibo bluo Hill'>11 nl i"u h ?u llw . <nl <4 nun- hi n niu, sarrnundi'd liy thirty foul >-i in-. Governor Curlin, atlvniM by Iim ?t iH nil all .? foot, accompanied thc*c color* to tin hi ? I ??t n?ool'imn, wben ihi prrmiitali n co?ii;.ni. L*. bcin;; prcaentcd to caib rcitinx'tit Ibi .n i. r. ml tho colnrs au'i linudi'il tb in to tln ir |. v ral r . .1 i . In Kivinx tb?> colorH into tin. b.un.n of tli < , i, olllcor ol the mKininni, Govcri" <' mi mndi r n.|.:? remark, "I inn authoring by tb?* Im-iiwI*'ir>- nf iv .i sylvan (a to present these colors to your rcmtiM>.ii A long procession of cnrrlaitii', li nliil In that n ill. President, followed the party im t!:ei |ku--i ,i nl .i.v ih. entire line of tlw t n Ibou.umd ln?ijm drawn nj- in ma: iial arruy. When the piosmtathm *i in ?i. jMtrly returned to liie centre ol Ike div<. .' ii wli r. Ihe Governor entered bis iarriig?>, at' nud wbub tb> President, Cabinet, (ienctal Mii'l. llan and' i.. n -a' II. F. butlei aud others bad alrraily faUier".| nut i nn ing to the vast military body drawn up before loin. ad dressed tbem in llio follow nig eloqin iii unumr ? M'KB' II or OOVKNNna <1 sris liKN. McCALI. AMI MKK OP I'KJIV \I.a\U?Wti tl I t for the surroundings. out; might be struck In ilw n. \ ril; of this scene. Large a?scii>biagns ot ti '|* opV ot !' * ? sylvania, on any occasion which rails them i<< tier r*>> iho dclib 'ratrfou of subject* touching Hi. ii and the public good, are alwuys atteadol with thanns Which fucinate; hut when 1 J-?-W o\. r li, r . of 1'cniisylvaniuns, away from the *?|i < ( t>,< ir Stato in arms, ttM 15 in->pirai i<hi ui tlt? occasion. I fume lu re to-day ou a duty enjoined by t'i? L \.islalnre of I'onnaylvmna The of tin fcerdants of the heroes ami sate -s ol the Revolution :u ! Pennsylvania. known tie ib.- Cm nnaiis.-ociely. [1... . 1 ui my chargo 11 sum of money t< arm and equip the \ .1 ui teers of Pennsylvania who might en into llie puhli. *' vico in the exigency of our country. 1 referral tli. vih ji-ct to the legislature. Thej instructed nn to to .kith' su lings, and pay lor them with the money ol th. < in. cinnatus Su a tv. I have complied with their mrtrac lions, and have li el placed in tin- centre of the arure h.-l.l the at or aim ol' your native .md |Mh Mat. j Around it is the galaxy of stars. 1 have given Hum I to yoti this! day, and 1 know that you will bear j them with honor wherev. r you go, ?.ui I thai the credit of tho State will never suffer at your I hands. Our peaceful pursuits in Pennsylvania have he -n I disturbed, our people have been driven from those arts I of industry which lead to developement and progre.*, and have MB (DrCtdlobWim We have UtVlfod j every cull of the national government. You are here now 1 in answer to such a call. Thousands of your fellow citi I zens at home are entering the camps you have Just left. | And our material wealth, tho blood of every man 1111'eiin sylvania, stands pledged to vindicate the right, tonustain I the government, and to restore the ascendancy ol law j and order. Vou are here for that purpi-so. .No ohicct <>i ! ( onquost or vengeance, no desire to be enriched hy tlie eh siding of blood, brings you here, <;od forltld! Our people in Pennsylvania are for peace; but while they are I for peace, when violent hands are sought to be laid upon i I lie sacred fabric of the irovornment. and effort* mm;.. ' tear their blessed constitution to pieces, Pennsylvania is ' lor war! (Applause.) War to tlic death!! (Kenewed j applause.) How is it, my friends, that we of IVnnsyiva nia are so suddenly interrupted in our progress anil development)1 How is it that our workshops are idle, tie1 arm our industry paralyzed, that the pursuits of agriculture do not bring back their merited reward? It is because folly and fanaticism, rebellion, murder, piracy and treason pervade a portion of this land; and we are here to-day to vindicate the right, to sustain the government, \ to defend the constitution, and to shed the blood of I'enn sylvania, if need lie, to produce tiiis result. (Load ip | piauge.) It will do no harm to repeat, in the presence of so many Pennsylvanions in arms, that in our State the | true principles of human liberty were first promulgated to the world?that in Pennsylvania the Convention sat j which formed the constitution?that Pennsylvania, loyal j in the days of the Revolution,obedient to the government | when called upon, stands now, solid and defiant, to oppose in guilty treason and rebellion who would tear that sacred instrument into fragments and dissolve this Vnlon | of States. (Applause.) My friends, one might regret to see so many men of Pennsylvania here in arms to-day; yet there is pleasure iu the reflection that so iniuy have been willing to volunteer their services iu defetn e of the great principles of human liberty. Let w rong prevail, let treason and rebellion succeed, and we have no government. Progress is checked, civilisation stands still, and tho spread of Christianity iu the world must cease, and cease forever. Liberty, civilization and Christianity, bang upon the results of this great contest . God is with the truth and the right. Stand by the c >lors with which we have this day presented yi.u. and the right will prevail. (Applause.) I convey to} to day, us the representatives of the jieople of Pennsylvania, th' so beautiful colors. I place in your bands th<- honor o!' your State. Thousands of your fellow citizens at homo look to you to vindicate the h mor of your great State. If you fail, hearts and homes will 'bo made desolate; hut ir you succeed, tho'isands of Ponnsylvanlans i will nyoico over your success, and when you i return you will bo hailed as those wiin were willing to go forth from Pennsylvania to hatlle lor thi right, und return to tbeBtab aaoe more to your pen e fui pursuits. Tbousan Is of >ple m r. muj Ivanla roil! w you with tb"ir blessings. 1'hey look to you, my follow citizcns, to vindicate tins government, tosustun legitimate power, .'11111 to crush out rebellion. (Appluu-".) i Thousands in Pennsylvania this day, in view of tins I VCI uuimuv , mm I 111' IH'Ilur Oi IKC MltlP illllM COtHm :ted into your bands, I know, intrust to inn tiieir blessing upon you. Mny the God or Battle? in lii<i providence protect your lives, and see that truth prevails. After three hearty cheers and a tiger for the Governor, Gen. SI'Call responded a." follows:? smreni of cwtrimi, k'cju. govwiwa CruriN?in the name of (ho Pennsylvania NMTVMOrpS I return through your Excellency to the State of our birth our thanks for the splendid banners which, by in act of our Legislature, yon have lb day presented to us. Thu bestowal of these noble banners devolves upon the regiments of this division a heavy duty. Th<y accept it cheerfully, sir. and they will oi deavor to carry the Stars atdStripe? into the midst of the conflict, aad to desorve the fUtt"ring expressions which you have this nay bestowed upon them. I aijftiu return you my thanks for my division. Altogether the ocewsion was one of the most interesting and Imposing that bacr transpired in this vicinity <inc.j the encampment of twop.< about our city. TIi.1 atteudaucj was uniisu.I'y lar^c aD(i of a very aclect character. YV YO NEW YORK, WE1)NESDj\ a>< n? ti.'? ? - i.i,. tladi ? and gentli'iin n present ?<t< Wi> ii,m r.irtui lU-ory C. Oarty, of fhiludul11, ? M i .'t c. n. J Hiitler, lloucral Maiialiild, General Urim . in.a Gwi'nior and Colt u 1 Thomas A. ? \m-i hii fecrvtury of War. IVnnaylvanla may ?' t? |>r<>ud of li.'f iro?|?, and of the favorable Imprea ?h.ik iboy mat)' u|mii those present it tliogrand !i i-lav .if t" iia> The whole affair panted off 1,1.(01 uu^ i-a-aut occurrence calculated to uiar Ow-h tummy o( tlie oocannu NI-II III rilK sr. I1KMHKKS OK THK CABINET A*l> MiLITABV rlllKM TO TIIK KMCAMI'UKNT8? M' I?u UK l.tAKKAI. HYl.KI.LAN TO HIS POLKM I MOIAfM or THIS A KM Y. ui. j iii? i.-iikm, 1 mon at (Ji-neral McCall's division, 1 1 - ' ill m ' un ('aiii-r-u. tJoverttor Purlin and il il: ? , ii B' !(:< t?> the Virginia of th.' I' k I' M Tli' \ wi>re roci' n, ?r tii' !' i i , by (! :. iuI McHV;mi?nilOrlK??ll"'r i t!. r nl.ifls. iDil hotioroil 1 ?.r., . i ?ri > fi'm ' i.iiai? 4 >r iltln'M l'ni(?rt *i ' i . ? Th.- ? *km#n on 111 -fortid, wli.-n oil (.wiMdr Hum h.- IT.-fi.Mit wa* *(?I" ? fcn.. .I .-I ..ui -? m<u? in* >rkni(( co-itume, ami ftrr -i lb- i h . iraii nn.l til* (rural* with nlu?< iii -.-rn TV It,-i.i. ui I, ?cl a ro?i?ectlul acklf *k ?l|r < In th. ui) I ill. Ut. 11? ' li> <1 1'J.ijr V u fr.* -<p"V-l a short il ifi f - i i . i. Mm, . i, r i it "ii An tlw |iarty I '- " r.ia.1 *?.. I ? tli Ir.ii'pH, ?h?i (rriH'U'J IV m ? il -ui i.i & rl?' riu?(. A?*o"C?n IV *rt, ti?.| i. i. Ii - il.r * in i4 I In- work, the ITi-al hut r - I. h ? t uruiip, and ?c .,?l If Uwri' wernany ti-. l* ,i p..- i-ut Th?' r?'!>'(? ?a? a I'ut.l *,? < l?? | ln-i taiil, I bi t<? hilmitite to you -hi I > . M . airal. i ivi i T < in <; nor <\.r ?' i - .i-t:..I l?. v.. T:u> Hlt-ir i. ,il laii- M i.menmr lurtln i.t ih? .ii., ' \ i w i, > to luirixlu.-o to you Mr ?. . u M , rl u aritnowlpdgod I ho ii.i iitn.'i.t At, I ' - Ill I'l i..nit, |?.lDtllltf to ,<-ln . ,,|. ?. V.? !> ? Vr n f.'t4 ) t'.-tflM r >11, y..,ir oM f> <?i 4 U..-ri> (lai un lit-i. ral M> < Mini) you lull* IB 1 I lull! 1 I,. I I im| A. It'll m??I ?-iii vnUii.MaMM- iliwrn, ih..? u.a U- I tie air rvrer l<-r..W Kir rat mi' at tliir |.. I It*" t r< <? (? arerr alluwiai I<| . lib) It. -Ill ?l.?t bn.di * 11*i lilt ill Mr * u -'an a I lb.' bnn .it >' . . t?i bun* tu' ut bv atrti. ?n l I > h.t?? lit la a liiut, pratiibHl I.n'iii aavl ll? l.i " 'I >4 t. ii?f wire i wltil. TinI I i - !"i.l. f il l rl, bwnwir*. an mil Uw | la.l - aeie t >( ? _'M iif II. it-ral Mi f >aii H>nt i ?4 an i'it t b\ Ihr binnl at tin- ei|m'W ft 1 4 |*rtva4*' II- la%r I 1.11 It b?* il l? i .l !i I'uti. ari l lit. 4 I al kHl IrauM M Ha < I - t k !*"'luu* i Imn it.# ?av l? tf.i* >. im ral. m. -i.aa ??h1. lii - tal. ?ii?l a , . Utl . I bu|? y<'ii WlU all'.* ur lit .t.i It *.? ii Mull ii Ihr etii ti I ibwr mil i Mb .' mtut 11m yt> lull r> < |?? -r. At la-i I i|4 .m Haiki r, '4 ll" Itikufi. rai airy nrie, .ik?ii|m i < .1 a' t< t|. .( ? . Ut (-.? > w^lvrriiwil II.r I.. r< r?| l??. I j.1 ' < i tli A I > h'li tl |.t> w .< Ii a? Ulorr he >bf4 Ite bat' a > ?. a if b< travel Ha b WfM ltt|t l? lb. a lib lit* b*lwl tie 1 ?err i.jiabii.^. lb' |'i Hi - "t if tb' twiM M bet ike ib Urtrrd ?"ul4 Mjr a lew *i?i!i t? tl.i w Tb| ?.i4i.l,) i..i. alt u !* liiii-^ laV im<'viei( LW Itai !<* a? I 41?m* ? arMata <? ueftraAi nut, +* ' !?? W. haw bat tir t-i t mat *' b it w* ?h? la I 4 Yu>. Mate) nit , t I ? n! by j?a, a *1 brie <??elb fttny ?w t nt?n .air cuti tb>: himm or t*? Mtwn m%t?i iHntni rti rw WUIKIH *111' H l I l. 1.1 ! AMI l ill ... N tb- >arij ibi. (* ? ? n| mil tutor tin t-titu i nut' i>f Ibr New V.trb be. mi lit r?< mt it Th? ? vera n rtv*4 al lie ?.-rg.- .< lb. . t|> by in at | N? ?-r* a?'< r<wt?i ?l i- il . ?.?:?! lii. .1 , ! ttiffi tt- ' ? '.I a > it |t ' w .t it A* part) maM the tiffet ?f tie- IB* . Mm bafelMrut* j |t Km a.r <4 "liaM t? l!.' ITiH A* ? ? lit bi r liail a?.*l ?.fi?ril *t? t han a ??t.t *4 |. U<r fn ' I < . he Iiih . a*tl Mt a I ' ut*i bt.tiiitt r>*< e!Ua if >-i ?l itow I*ftilly 1* I. m - /i i.l, at .i *?tn rJi**?-::i? A ln.fN llial tb> J atKt. . lit IW a# a ifi hi tabMt ?a> 11? . H ?Hl<t . t it . 1.4-r lb*-friar} < mem Iburw Mi ht* art iitp a?i1 *a?l ? tteaa ? m at < immv bilitmi- 1 tt4 ?|Mi )<ai ? III b w atf. I iifa I *<.fc Hftttu vtttt aa lltr I mi,ml it .4 a 4awr M??b? aUhai h> lt< M )tir M,?M .-jiiagfttt at. mmtr ' mk* ii|? >ii y<xi Dm ?ml< a? Hat f w?i h ila i l?n >,| i n w..illi? ? "? !< ?. ? at. i wi, .? Wk it -f *?," i|>nui <t*n ??tt all* I' ? uliWtvr omli r hi mn II. h<m >4 h d. ?r lir.?l??r i a tbiufht *?tt ? ?> h *af< I' M I m but rn>> ?.? t(..i ik<? ?hm < i4l $*m <j ?< | Irm mkI |*iva?>? <i It- I'M ?'??> 'In f i it. ? i*<- | Itlr. 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Ii mini n , OlAKtlAI Bill.HI - MW IAIH- l|u\. Cf'ifiul I'ulliT arrn ! ?1,; >i r???: % iitit-y a'l ,duy i'lin? ! in M'i ? w lit II. . , i Wmr, Urritrsl IVi4t and ( << rt- Ui? I Ua?< t ?,i< i..<t.,. an oarly d< |?ai tur?* l<> rut?*r >ii?m n * . \j. ,,, UKN. Kl.Ot l M OKI'tlll II 111 <.l N. I'"-it i ? I ,| I lirigti'lu r < 'n ral mn fia- ! i u t .ii t.i u, roiiiiimlii! tif a rtIVi- mhi in !!. I tun < OrEHATIOKA AT Tiff. *AMMIKiilil* N?tl Cr?*t m'tivily m t:l i?i |i.ititii. iii. \ . , Ynrd Ont' tljn .. \ Ii tt i.i .. i, u aro tnipti'Vixl, ntid in.niy i?l tln in , . .il .1 U) -! i and iilioll an ! all kil l' .mm-iift. i? t wurdi"! I" jiriiiH'r t ' in tint i- vi>"' i< manuU' turf < ( Im'i i f" til -n i. : ? *. . i inlrriiiiti*!'n Tlic li"Hit/ r 'Iru * .1 .i i. i. . . pcTiencod otDc>>r- f- '1 - .ittn u tli t? In ? | | groat proflcU-tiry KKUt'CTioN oi in.?- kit urnr n. Tbo follow in/ nrdi r Ii*' Ii i*n u r i'-1 t>i <1. ? W.AB 1 KI-ABIMCV1 Mwl'TAWI <i( r . . ... . j.| |o 1 ? >I ^ a'^uui ? i.> TheWUMofu to? r?, acJ ait uuiar ptHuaw hut.# huaioca* Willi tli' vs .r I? ,i.i .1 ..i ii. *>,; llUIIMIIS, l.? IMll.ll I 'Mi. f \ . ? >. . -ft, . " ' IIUM> whi ro I! i'<"ittr. lv 11 ! .r> in 4 iii wK** l. tl? I ut>.iiet> would In in i. Ii I.. HH an, ,w( ' transacted Uinwmfc th?- wll v.. i t?? d<?puU'lnn rf?i-iv< ?l ?r< t' i-l> t*f\ alt m ? Krnpli should he wl t-u in .i?k- ?t i f imperative ne< et^lty ?t?* il<> 4r.t? t V * ? ,| 1 !? ai tually liu'ltiil ? l? tl??- i-il. IW Va patches will !? ikMhx^I h'T. Lizeil, and In mw-Ii a?- lin y mi t be |<a i t r by i? j.;?r?y M-iHlin* lt?r>r?. whoa. .? .? ! ? i ?a?ba . n i . tin-tfurti rn.a-t<i I < r'^ti i ' T,. , the despatch loth>.w thai il ?a?'rpai pwtdap aafesaa, | ami that the tmUKr d mawled it. n ' r ( , lion. By order I IIIOMW a 'a t (iK.m .t l> Kni<?U?. >" -lajii i' riu. k-? *. >: <>? i" run * < ' ? i>i> mi M"tti it ?vr?. The friends of ?ha mv> ai.l v.' Vr * ?, -h pleased with >".i:r cor.' iu r t .rl la t .. n,. tacks n.adc Bp >n the <lr;?rtn. t ? ,i. Some ?nc I* d p* Ln-liu*: fa . i ? : lb< t \. the privateer H ttater w? i>"' Everybody has hew MM how lbs IhMMar ascsp*4 t*w the Brooklyn < In .1 h'T h * -ir . . ,u>* i;M , her, when r.hc k' ? up tic < hacr ?nd?l ? >.! U, m.t r (o wapc. Everyh dj I i* i-eo i< I a'l t: , m'Tiluinta have hern very ai ti.. i t r Hoina of tli' tn hare oven i"-. ' f- r t . .? .... .t n I'oor.of li.e Brooklyn. for h If.. I si t ? investigation c.lo h ?n:.<lc. *. and i \\ has not ?h?n. ihi* !? i? pit<' I itiiu l y ti, , , , it would Sfi'ni, Ih .tik ii->r. . ; : * Ii iii Mi donf thi'lr ountry. It I,-I y r nn 1 : n . j : with wlia? doe* nut roiircrn l:..t I: n * , .rh.lli cinatlon wiih < nn.':f..iim t tli i ?t.<-1 n >, n:.-< t for lUc protccliou i'f Ihtir mti ! ,? : . , RK H .Y, SEPTEMBER 11, 1801. own business, and Mr. Welles will ?eo that our vo:t. Is of war arc ull sale at the end of the war. AI'KAIKS ON THE POTOMAC. A rumor was circulated hero to day, that tho rebo Fl?Minor licorgo Page had tscapod from Aqnln creek, and captured a number of barges, ladou with provisions for the Potomac fleet. liy tho arrival of tho steamer State of Malno, from Boston, this morning, tho rumor is aseer talued to bo utterly without foundation. Everything is quiet along tho wholo 1< ngth of tho Pott mac, and iho Pago is still blockadod in Aqula cret k by our flotilla. Tho State of Maine brought four hundred givmen, In charge of Lieutenant Nichols, from tho receiving ship Ohio, to man some of tho naval batteries of tho Potomac. TI1K CASE OP ALGERNON P. SULLIVAN, A 8TATB l'KlSONKK. The Secretary of State has addressed the l'ollov. ing let ter to Ilaniel lord, Esq., of New York:? Iiki'artmi Mr or Statk. 1 Washington,Sept. to lstil. j Sir?1 have received your letter of yesterday relating to Algernon S. Sullivan, a political prisoner, now III cus tody at Km'I Ijilayotte. Tli s Department is |>08f- ssed of treasonable co< respowiei oe of tliut poison which no rights or privileges of a lawyer or counsol can justify "r excuse. Tho public safety will not admit of his being discharged. In view of the many representations made to me in this case, I prav your excise fur giving this letter to the puli lie. With great respect, your obedient servant, \\ M. H. SKWAltl). GOVERNMENT 10KNT8 ON THE CANADA FRONTIER.

In order t<) correct misapprehension, Inquiry has been ina.lf nt tU?'. State lajpariiiioiii, where ll wan ascertained that vigilant public agents tiro stationed .it every point wUero persona enter or leave the United StutiKoing to or coming from Canada, with lull authority m the matter or passports. IMPORTANT FROM XENTUCKY. REBEL BEA JONS FOB INVADING KENTUCKY PROPOSED WITHDRAW AL OP THE HOSTILE FOKCES-GKNEltAL ANDERSON AT VBANKFOBT. Kkankkoht, Sept. 0,1801. A despatch from Gonerui I'olk to Governor MaguttUi was laid before the 1>i luturo tliin evening, the nub M him of which iv;i< ili i lir had occupied Columl'cn and llickmin, 011 ai'Coi.nt of relia'olo inlormation that tho federal forcts w ro about to occupy said |ioiiitn, tluit lie < nsitlered (h salety oi Western foiinesse.' and of the < onto It in lie' vic.nity of Hickman and (V himhiis ilelii.uido.I their "i. I,'iii by the Coiilodenite forces, and that. as a forrotior ilioii of w ild Itifonn itioii, the federal t' ? !* had been dniwi up in lliitj on the river opposite to Columbus prior to lis occupation liy the federal 'iTcew, caaa.n m my of the ctii.iiisof Columbus to tloe t "iii Hum l-i'iii' * r li iir i>f il.< omnium o! l!i ln.lorul t. tit'iK'iMl i oil; |?i?>jk.:'ubHtiiiuiuliy, tholViloml mi l I <mi In it I'.iri i'H sii.iII ln> p.mnltaiiroiiHly >v)111 ruwii fn m i>.'iiu ..y, fcifl enter nuo ri^",v'iiiaiuc s nml lip l.tii llH I" IllUKCt III" Hi Ullllt) I* llllll Stall'. I .iii 1m1li.k, s pt. II. 18R1. < . . r?| Andrrson arrived lure from Frankfort this *? ?liagr. liiiii' '. * ?n a 1 that M iMraiiirlit's Hill, forty-five 0 ?f !. v. iii I"' "i tipiiMl In ulfflit by (Mirtio is li. ' i.-i.i iiiia;.! -il l lli.itouor<iin|inii) ic alri'iuly tliore, ii. > iliat '/. Ik'.i:. i . with a larri' [" c, hit tuaicli. il t!. .. ii i in kii I 1.1| .'.'.to Kentucky. 1 " n.i i. r? hiv mmy jm ". ! Hi, lint uol generally lx 1 h \ ? ?]. IMPOUTANT OKI IKK KI???M THE PROVOST It A l<S|| AL OP ST. LOUIS. M. b?i is, Sopt. 0,1861. Il> r ??f ii?- tit! From?M?t, l'rov?>nl Munhal t > I. ? ii - w i??.i tint, no ?l!i?'T or n?ldi -r will h l??- 4 IN Im!?4V' ll s ? iinj? unli - for extent m . ??? 11 i'*t . .ill |. io< ni of tlto most I. : ;im jw r-' iJ I'U* , .tnd n ?t tli-n without a t *. i" ? lr It i >. ? or return nml cornmsLmlr. Ail *in - i>mu. iu tlu* city wi bout i? 'Oi t HI.) I? ' li r? w?<?, au?l Hunt t4J u%? ?nit AN p i 10 ilWBDt from their ?! ? t ? ??i.. li'toi (.jrt?* o'clock *t i -..ill i it.?111 * 1 ii li s Micrfi < t ?i > .? i Mini will l? .1 n fit (| and ? ' ? i Ah lUc an1 KoUlitTM .ru > *? " i , * t i i*lo\i?<t (fiiatd, ?m l cxli'.hit I. . , '?? iit 1 i i .iiiiiuixl of tlicm or any 1 i |win a ?i - iii'iy r?*|iiir?* thi'tti to do n-;. : .II l:V l Id ii \l FIT II W? OUT. ' 'I "V ' M '1 I! . .. : ???: MAKV ALICK. r?? TVr ? ioh ? niK iii:kai.d. N m >o\m: M*kv Ai.kt, Srpt. 10, 1S61. I' l'v i ?f.:? rn i4t in *i I'ditorial thai I converged it ' i' *i ^ Mk -n li> tli?? (? nl<"!"iat? H at Hull run, w ? . !' ?.? M it'- 1 had to jNtsH limn without i citiMbr .i!tlrui-N in j? t-. inv, ? ?"! tir.? t-. >ir(| . ;illlio Ii it liberty, could not ' t ? " I ?v. il I r n?M 5 I w is acouuintcil vi ' i ii.' 11 *r .. n t tin t '.int. 1 rati: mar lial I . li I ' 1 \ " .t "l.itl'HK' 1 lllf! 11II111 ? f ? ' ? . 11 and .1! <*n 1) gone from I . am .?r?j. <V?i i. I.ibWy, furty , i? i * . i.?nith < ':u??! j?i*i, a'.iun ' I . ;? * '} iw ii ; Li htsiip. Ii .m I.H - i l? ittory.loriy im*n: tlio r w tn - . j i ? r ' ; (! to f or \*f afti'i ht ar. I " ;111 Hi. privati-f rhtnt'it " ' ! -i'i: ! ?' h.irii11.>i aii'i art ! v\ ? i i c|o>:. I nm.-t n turu !lu*m tiw I . .. f i ? 11 iim* w! ?'a ?11 ?i i" i (. 111 t.> | i . w. <; wwxii. I?i I I If \ .v ! KKU si MTKIl. 'I.I* a i I \\ | I >L vi 1 |(IN AM* In' < - M I b". tl.H, tvhi- li arrived \ h ..> !?. ! *? ?- . i u daw.' t-? , .. ! ..r i!. t. \ ; t t| 11 rt .? I<> A;i,'. 5J8, ! in - n .i rit ')?*!... |>-.v';it4<( S'.i-iit r arrived l ; > - . _ ?? ii * A ii. Willil ? ! < imI, UU(i tin * Vrft.ll fill iriiiM I tO?u|i|i!) Iht, l * v s M I'HK'f I 1VK I?AVX TAktH N ? * ' ' i HM? lONti or COAL?TIlKLA'lS Of IKK ? AlTAlN. i vi n ' * II < v ii .inimal, H?pt. lo.] V ? in' < - lo a lit> t aid lie hoUK ol thrf- city pi \ ?! i*r 'I*'. Ii?? r "nllitiT HfTiVt'd Ht I oft S/Uitl, I* I. ( ' bit. Ii>, if i lii" .'.O'li o|' July9 Jim v i i .i .? p \ i? 'jk ly K'Vfii t?? v ?!,. t it. li a?.tb<*riti?> tliat no Con r t- ? . ? Im mi! * <t t?? rrtuatu in 11??* , ??: Hf ' fii 'Tr tI?*J| l\\t iltV 'tl ir 11:? ' . 1 [ .till I. I 1 . I .'.til - t \ . t , r, I I . ?n t i r? 11?-? *?f ? .ai? win at Trinidad f! . ? i unt?t || to ?hi lion # ami f?*iiI In. ? i- i f ? \ 11,hi l?y In- tiii?t , 'Mil t!iii i.<t ? ? t#? r ..i\r h. ??r r? tin* ra;?t>ii h I ! I. I tlx )c :t. I ?tit %^.t- oMj-i .J to rt'liifli I ii v illi Ik ' .4|'t.?.n'n t ar,l m In < |mn k**l. l?.- - i1 r v.. t into TiHiI'ImJ Ibft i?In I ^ II V, . i I ' ? !||{ 111 I'm ill i fi.? ; ?tt*T i .t I oil l?i?ar?l a niimb?*r ? ll ? . r. ? ??f tla* .l ?t*p|i MixmtHI ill ?i ? i * r r< i ii i 'i ,..1 r-! Hi. v it-ll tin* l? v ?t il?r *tj?i t if ??f lli?- ^'iMiit-r (? l?t tho Hint' , ?. I-*! f ? i. I mi Ii ?t.n i. Hi-r*' any <it ill t .III* r . . . J -III -i ?| I || | 4VI' Iiiji k all I ti Main** j?r .t iIt? \aid mtih aini a similar j tm$*' vmiM ???lt itll ffimafriiMibati i*? t k<*ii l?> Imi j l*i- I i ! y ,'i ?! K? \?l? i * M t J arrivtil at | Hnrl i?f' i' ??'.i I;'?fIi ( A'.i' i*-!, fn'tti M Tli'Miiax, in |mr ii4 ) ~ - r.t r. i'.<i .?!.?* i. th 1Mb f Trinidad. "l* i.i ?f It 11.# M?ti* ant N'k\y I t'jcirliii"iil.s ; hi-y' h i i ?t -1, i ?< il?^ f.w i *<4 tli H inter b<*iiu lN,rlot 1 ?l I * llol n * U ?'t !" Ml Irm. ,a|id proltaU) llv av*flMl?' l ? WlII bt? ifellc I U| o|? fol < xj.|u ft Tift -Mtri IM \NI rAITI ?;Kh ANIMiCHXKD I \ I 111; !*l J H KAlilNt; *sv( ADJtON. ' I -an lb** Ai i i loir * A 2s \ ? ' f ' ? i. %i r? ? Hit- ' iiy from tb* I t l'<> ' II* i aui. M mtk?'M ry, ai.d Miirf t? I * liMl^ " ?'' . ( 'I . fr *? v , il" i?. v i - I'l in rX.-Kt' TI* a u.> ' i; I to (. )(? t)?.. |il|>?ii)l. !??il ? ' f I ' ' ' ' ! i ' V\ - t I ?' i* v H \ ii 0 .i. ! * tli (.f ivat?? r F. s. k? In * ii ii iiut ? ii . .i . n 1. mr, ilk'Tf, m4 Huiiin pH ItilW. - If | i li.m l> !- *? I ilwi III - Mjf. MTtll I arrtnH t% aifbt ?4 w FwUixl an.l l.i ? kwlmK voMria I ati iii .ii. .. i Tb>-Hulno lliJ'l jII -nl x t, tijf ? ?!!. W.I ill. 1 |.? '? i '! r-t.-aill'T,. - . .? ' i <b l>ar, I tlnw nilUn Iriiru III. - I hi II - t.-t?.r I'ia-i, iplam John I.. ? . -i ?| Ibt... till.' ?4U liar Ki:il:ui(t, v- - ? : fr i" il?> ?'> t. ?r?ri- tbr 'I .11* It'll ? ? mrrr t?>| i llv owrtiaallug i . in : ? ? to ti a: mailt* * |>r<-< ir> ?' .a in. wmi ti?- ft. i- *. thea u ??^i It 'i. ir I In n I (I lU >m*I but ?hi .1.1 lit# \ IKakiDd W'irtll. itrrr I '? * tl- l"i .... ?h? tlUM III' l?? ?l"?Ii?f|i oiH*|.|? hi- !> o 'ui. .. 4HM.?w?rai n? ! ma ii <i?mjIiU<ii? to l? . . i tb? rftr.-ni nf tb" ' !? >.il- IV rlimll nmt rt.< i i. II, rHjr th? m n inf ui tr.jf i?'t llm l.i 'i'' ?ll?r . iri;- llr- I i .? I w?i mi i.*t - . It? (, ?'lli ati aalla ^rl, uv Ike tel "0 the mouth Ml l'ri?4>.-.l ri*'-r A 4>-i?. !.m. i.i iIm I. .r ol?tn n.-l a b<ial from the laan.rr * n. II. Y<> :a* ., l y (?*run i m w in on r In :>jk <M|>u> mm U amfit t'g rtiuM Im-??vi~l t i.i.i h?r lb?n .! .*r ?n-1 .few i f lb" I'lU'MMl. * wt I ?of ! I'm ?i f New ii?o ?rr m> 4?'|lrt |*. i. . i>i l?>?ril : U*. h'> <*'. >! * \. w.t. 11. ,-c ar? all Ihtpau. ila.* we I -lie va>l4(4 V' |lt(. E R A I MILITARY REVOLT AT UTIlEi n W NT. Trouble Ainont; the Ikr?? 1 orh Comjmn} Attempt to liftrrt I n H?.w- | Thty ore Klrnl I |H>n by 111* Two Mm hliut Demi uml >rttral >< unly Wounded?Arr? *1 1 Mu tcimnt?The Cnronrr'a Im, ur?i?* nclrt '? Sluli mi ni. ?Ve. A terrible ufQilr occurred al Widen > I" . .1 . >. 1, .? night, near the encampment of the s ? \ k 1 1 | volvillg tllO kiilltl| 1' tw" M'idl' Ik: ll ill .? >.. ' ing of four or live utlieis. J tiring tl?< e.ul 1 y terra.v u n> mb< r of incurred rnnn rr< w< r< tl ? it? city relative 1? tin1 revolt, w niiMif ??11 t < x "t. entire rexinient. Hhi'o several Htati tin it" :1 i-< m- i implicate Cnpt. h-'eii:i lt i f Company K iix lb< tJ unit primr mover <>! ihe mi<.> <|u? 1 airt'u't or reel information, Imwrviv, enah'ef ns l? ' that ollicer from tli more h r un: part < (' lie 1 > < > to lmpMcatfl another. Tin' Mil wing atvcli ent, I iwn l'ri in various sources. seenm in lie tin- iinnrt v? imoih* this tin st lamentable ulinir:? Cuplalu Cresto, of Company II, Is an Italian by Mrth. and Bays he served m the Krrneh army uiniei Nm|? .< o , also in Sirily under tinrilialili. 11 serins In I n 1 some dispute Willi a lh utiuunt of Ins e luiwy, wl > claimed to have Imrtie the mnjor purl nt the rxi**; > s m ciilent to tin enrolment of the com) any. hi' msetpitjin 1 ol't' 1 >8 disngri 1 meiit he wuts uli'Mit tu chiIu m 1111 nil. 10 leave the 11 imi 1.t with his company, i.ullo|iin t' New York to jnin Colenel Kailella't rc/iuieut li. 11 1 aii?;rmcul happening to reach tho curs i t (Vil. U ueiid e 111 Monday ni^ht, wh?u thod'srtlon whs to have been i dieted, he stationed a guild of twenty-live or thirty men. with I a.leil anus, to prevent tli departure ol the men fioin lie eiinp. I111 ihi uut to the arrangement entered into. Captain On sin left the camp at about cteres t'ebek at night, w lib some forty lien, most el whom we 0 inemtier. <1 In company, while the r l belonged In otln r rutin une-. Smie of them w ere just from fi .ai il duty, anil. necnr 1111^ to .< 1110ai noiinl.^, tlie; had las 11 pared on p ird lit tin' "'I ?-' ' 1 ' "I1"'' ' OJMM HlllliMU, Ul?" U II I" "? !> p.oiiabtc tli it it ( ol??j 01 I/'nondrc had recur, od tho infoi m iliuu c<>r t 'l niug t'renin's int* ntims whiHi induoo It tin to take inr.i.iicH to prevent thcil ti.hiimont, If w uItl have yieled t? the iv.p e t ?>1 tin' < antain. lit* thih as it may, it i; aborted l>y these men that im i: ni'.skctK w? re nut loaded, and it is paid (lt;it nc ther v\? re any > t I ho arms of ihe intended deporter*. Tin v ha?! sincled m lea vim;, and had arrived at a point in th road between 1 J< ?o s 1 lof<al and Whit ok tone, when tin > w? re intcrcoptod by tin* piard stationed then*, by or. cr ot Udoti 1 Uy n?if* , who stopjH.d the men and or 'im ?' them back to the o inp. This they r-'lustl to !??} Captuit < resto demanding the privilc^o of pasfeing, which th guard world not | i mil. The aula oni tic parties wero drawn up acre, s the road, lacing w.cli oilier, mid r.iini'ied in that pes turn >?r some tunc in ;;ltcn at ion, \. 1i?:i. unfortunately, a pi-i. II Ion"iiifc to sergeant Tiioui; M?n, out til > a; t ii i Cnvtos I i" \ , went oil, ar 11 :< * Sorgo.':'it 81V:', by a? tl nt. t >i? this, it is sal ;. Lieutenant t???ipie, it* command of tlio gnat <1. ^a\ o the \n ord to lire, \\ h- n a volley w:u? dischai * od, killing lodinand Mark e ami lkmuim a ttissl, two of the deserters, on the spot. an. j wounding four?namely: Henry Th->m;>Hon. the etvea t win H?* pistol \n -nt oil, in tini tlii.:h; Alt?xam.-r Si? inc. who was ; hot throngh Ins loft h1 otildor: Ann iv.ui .ino in tho bt"id,and l<t'wis (!oiaina!d 111 th nbs,t'ic ha'l . t trat inj.r his Inme . h w ?: not oxp< < t ?d to r c -\ r. l?i?o yt storday altoinoon it was paid that t m- of !i w- uin:t men wi^ in a dying condition. It is prob ibly tiwrinat if hut his iciii could lot bo ascoi tai:> ?! t ? a c rtainty. Two phy: ifians from Muslims dn* d th woum's of i men, and ail were oitig w? li but tormani it dt not appear whether an> ;?rr?.*t: were math, that ni^hf. At all events, ( plain Cnstn sum t led in milking ' oscapoftir the time 'ih iutclll^> ice S'h-ji hp ? a . alj ? i rated rumors were ?>oo!'all at, at; I tho . tmc-i aiatiu juo vailed wliI> !i several niilcHOl Hi - camp. liuarda were stationed Immediately at tbe wvnra) su-amii at landing* to prevent d- sort nun from the r. gimeiit. H seems that Captain r e- ... on effecting his esc.ijie i after Hi fnslluile, mailt; In.'- way to KlitPhm.:, end ai alio :t j throe o'cli ck j .'stifiiav morning l.i' ralnd at the Immiso of a Mr. Htrrtm, ud Mind for lodging*, which wrro ti fused. At daylight lie was perceived by I Sergeant Hrush, completely iiivi iiijm ?1 ma blanket, waiki. g U'lUUit down before a hotel, ? ?;< ni|>.ii)i<-'l by 01 e of his til. ii. The Sergeant a Ivaneeil, nil I orib ie i ii tn to bait, upon which th" Captain drew bark, ami made n mo vein Tit Willi Ills hund uutlur tint blanket, as if he wc re i a.-;I in; a weapon, on pare'iving this thu rtcrgf ant pro ifetiteil h:s pistol, and ei.muiandeU him to surrender. Tlio private, who accompani* I raptaiu Crosto, on bearing this, surrendered Ins musket. which lie hail with him, to Up S-rgeantV guard, wli i ll wuh near by, wiieu the Cjipin ni, throwing oir his blanket and disclosing his uniform , mid, "I mil an n|!l r; you have no r in lit to arrest me; i utn Captain (jest/, i f tin-New York Klltes." To addri f:s Sergeant Hrusli replied, " Yon are the very man 1 waul." Tli Serjeant then stepped forward, with bis linger on Hie trigger. !'fill wlileli Captain i'resto surrendered, delivering Ins uriiii to the s'e>'gi aat. and, toRelticr with tbe pi ,va!e, was < nv y> 1 to ! exiling iiiil, I ill examining his revolver, live of tlio barrels out of III i six were found to bo load'fl. 1 wo other men. belonging to Captain Cre.-to's rompai y, have b en arrested. Their names are W. Ii. Mawe tuid .limes Dyer. It Is sild tiiat fifteen men of Conii?uiy II ami twonty belonging to Company K, Captain d-lgrl's company, have made tin ir escape from the cam nil W'tilett's l'olnt. Captain Kobinson, of the Hamilton l.ight Infantry, has .-t iHoned giiniusal the raibo'c! ilc..ot and >t'.iinIh> t landing at Flushing, as well as at Straltoniu rt, with orders to arrest every soldi r coming from the camp at Wlilcit's I' The Coroner of t/ueins county, Dr. Trunk, called t?tlier a jury of inquest at Willett's I'oint, yes'"rdiiy alter ti'ifin, to sit upon the b ii lie of tin) deceased sol The j Jury is compose! u fo'lows:? I'd ward A. Iviw.'i'iice, foreman. Isaac Kdwards, Wil- ! Ham Turner, Patrick Clark, John Malcr. Tie s L. nwao, H. t'. Rutin, Charles Itow, Joseph Thaler,.!. M. Kteuhenauh, Chillies Villi r,.'anu s Keefe. Tlio jury examined the bodies viewed the ground, and made t uiidry informal in r yard to tlio iletails of tamp life; and, preparing a list of wtin Journed to meet at two o'clock to day at l'Mwaris' Hotel, j in Kliishmg, lo rorim noc their in iiilrtcs. Ii is p oli ble that several days will be consumed before a verdict is reached. Kn in a,i|,ea. atices yesterdny it Seena that public opinion hi the \ iiMiity f Fleshing is favorable toCant. Crcsto, and it in probable that the verdict of th jury will j shadow forth that piia-e of public sentiment. From con | \ it at ion Willi n member ill <>ini11 my < . wlw \v in tho nflray, it appears i eui in iib that ili?* iiic:i "1 the company fired without an order, but uol until the sir I from Si rgeant Thompson struck I.i<>nt. (ieorgie, and then ilio mollv( seemed to be one of dell' preservation purely. CAPTAIN CKKSTO'H STATEMKNT. (In being visit. <i yesterday, I aptuin (Vesto appeared to In' laboring under considerable excitement, lint lie became s idli'iently calm to make a statement of the l Trlblo alliiir in which ho in Involved. ')h? following arc the principal points. as gathered from his broken EngUshi? lie says that when the eiiro'm lit < f the regiment was commoti' ed li" associate;! himself with Htintli r Italian named liarlii tfa. to whom lie awarded the First l.e ut< n.Tilcy. Ah >ut a week ugo Hai botta left the camp at \\ illett's IVint on pretence of coining to the city on private business, but really for examination b !'ire the Military Hoard, where lie succeeded in being passed its Captain. He then called u|kui Colonel Kndclla, at the Havana Hotel, ami olli red to tratisler his company to the C-lonel. lint, secretly ic. I'll bettnthought !i?-was pro ceeiiing. the matter I 'liked out, and reaehod theears of I'rmto, through his orderly ami other members of the ... mpuny whom liarb"tta was endeavoring to induce to leave, iiii" of these ne n told him that, iu the event of liarbi.ttn obtaining the command, h i would have logo into the rank." as a private, upon which he said ihnt as he was a piKir man, and had a family, ho could not alford to tight as a pi ivale, and that if he lost the i oinpuiy he would have In | ovo the regiment. Subsequently Captain Cresto went to O done I Kadella and entered into arrangements w ith liini, the Colonel agreeing to take the whole company. consisting of forty-four ni n, on condition of bis re. imbursing liarbetta > W> fur expenses incurred by him In organizing the company. He solemnly protests that h 'intended to make muling by the transaction, exc pt to retain the captaincy. Matters beiLg thus arrauged, Monday night was determined on for the desertion to take piace. At his request Ills company were placed on guard, and pickets were stationed near line's tavern; but before the time appointed Col. legend re heard of the plan, and ordered ('apt. Gossamer and Lieut. Ocorgle to take charge of tho camp. Iliese ollicers sent a patrol 1 out, and before the di.satleuted men had time to leave < the csrnp (lie loyal patrol posted themselves on tho , .. . I ..-I....'...! I.. i.ia ?- ' " "J 1 """ VI C.J ..I.... uiavi* i" 1 ii-rs t'resto requested tho officer in command to sti'iw 1 lilin Insauthority; upon which the officer called out, i 11 The first man who passes we shoot;?* and hardly were ' the words tittered. wh.'ii a volley was fired, and the tnon I were weltering in their Mood. Cresto'a men then charged biyonets. and were in turn charged upon by iho patrol. lie then pet off lor Hushing, travelling all night through the woods; and yesterday morning ho was arrntMbyStriiMBl Brush, of tho Hamilton Artillery, as ho was passing down tho main street of the village. . He was taken to the jail, but as there was no charge against him known to tho civil authorities, t ie Justice of the peace refused to commit him,and turned I mi over to O.ipt. Robinson, who holds him under an order from <'"l. ls'gendre. Capt. Cresto further says '| his m ui had cartrldg-s. but that they did not load their pter.-s, and not one of them tired. ' yesterday the command was mustered into th" servii e, whl' h, it is expected, will nut an end to further diiliculti?s. It is said that Capt. fleigel. late of Company F. who lias left the regiment, lu?^ Im-cii also endeavoring t<i induce tji.- in n l it* ly under his command to leave for another regiment. The aliove wa- written when the following despatch w.i" re-elred last night ? TO TUB KHITl)R OK THE NEW YORK HERAI.D. NKWARK.Pept. 10. 1861. I re? gned Monday. I had nothing to do with lUe alfalr a- Will It'.- I'olnt; wa< not urn -to.1, will reprtmvself t..?;.T, Vnte-. SKICKI.. r.<|i>ne| ]/.gendre feel- !y I'." i -'o-iime which lias MHN lit* i eminent, and it lit at li Nld Bat he did all in lu? l ower t" avert th > e r- ,..i\. [1, . not to ti ir for w hat h i oci rre I Tie- rt ir I'i' i't of N' w V'ir.; ltiilej had but about 173 men ill camp at the t in ol the i< voll. , I). 1'llN'E TWO CENTS. PROGRESS Of THE ror.Uil LOAN. Ur|r lai rfSM In ?k? *? ? ? rl|??.? ?? ? ( ally la ih? ??b1nt uir'a Oillr?? ?ak?rl|>lt?aii f?"" All ??f CUiif a?, *i. Tl? t . > fca Ik** |?.jmiI?r (j.wrrrn'ix fit 1'iau ?f? f t k tin- a? -I to. aW" rotni.>-\ an*l ' ,1. ... tit* i* i? #ahit? ?.* ' ia i!h? * I""" 1 " '' 4 - - .? it- At" r.. .< p "'? 1,1,1 "! Au" ! ?U< k 4a) <n. ?U. I. tl. m' w?t . tKU?'t >" *ii> ik .( , Im>. I- a .inal:jr ?' lb"'" (Mill. I <|i> II. mix ??l i ? it a*. .?* f** .'l? UhI m i l? a day. 'll" mm ? ? Mi ii'i i i i't? ?. ? ii*?t ii ' ri'i.? oil' i.. f"'? ' ?' ' 1 I* " Hi TV . il"??. f" Hi I ' 11 *>*? H?* wUitl u. *> i4 lit ' l i fu?inr ' U? . Utttthw In > i < i nt. 4 I i ? I i. . i J l!. t a ( > ! iu "'X "I II -t in .l.-crih. r? tiMkn lli< r 4>|? ' * '''yX Ii r > II. U) r\ . I .i " 'V ''' ?rn :ihk ???liianU?i lor ih" r?-rn.i. l?ul 11 *'rlt tl l?- (.'tally art vkfaieti all ? iU ?i |.n.v.'i"l Mil'* ..lit- VI|\ I ?< I !- ?" < . r.| ii" l?M* t mo ?u il* ty fr-'iu Kt.ri |j>a < in ?>"l ' 1 " few flow *l?rUn?r. *i?i ri? Virtfiuu ? "M!.? 'from M tii if, MauMfil'.artM.OnM 'I'lirul a ,?!. I?.i*ud win" by mul, ?h.k tiw \rm J*t? y mb? ! h < >*?" ,ho n t-r o! ?ti?- S?l> Tr- <?-i r<-r in r? u I"*'?* payluM m lh. tr .(tola All ta ?*a?l ?"> w"" uiii fsrvi iwMi.iAb bii il. '? ' uu lh?" mhw .,f ilw I*kiii, .out m- v.?.?i an il> I i > ' ,,r' '' ithli'il a kk at tut,will l> i n l. rr i'< A k??I lu.uiy i*.' hi' i ,hr.( ItlHI Of tlllHWi % mtTM'l III \? III $ '<*1 <i h"r mai.:.|i n ui<- > , f.,il in .i- w llT own. mil-l>" ? Ir .1 1'? i. r. .i I'' ii ' III lionno, u-hIi? did not >l>-i I . ,t I, Ii I..i. ' .11 klmw iuiyl'rii^ .ilwuil II. A . i Mil.* i i.-i i in ii iliK lir?i,-| ? ItfliiM. wlri'll Ii \ . Ml lii <i Vi'l I.T.irlll I"" I C'ltllll tlttl-' Willi I i.,) i' Ml' ' I W4' M '. i i II i , I,! ' i'h wiiiiM b?i iiili rift I l<li i .1. 'i iiv iiiii il l v ill!1 I l.ll-l" l|>lin|i< I'll.I ti ?n.'| h,HI. II. Ill ..'I i riuti'hi. Tlii-term ii, Ii iim. \ ..u pr'|?'t Hull to I e olllir iullalillil I . in ..i huilic All hiiiiih Iron. $60 in tlw Ii mil ? i ir in ? j?l "! i*u ilul llnre m lio cxoIumi'Ii.nt ..ti t * <-i |> -on-. M.uiy orthotic KwbKcriblDg t- < ilut Ii ir ?.i:l> mo t vo In tin" wellare <f tin c" i y und of Ilie Uuiori. Oilier*, who * ml ih i i..nn-y liv r.unl, iMiin|?uiy It Mrith m' y (iiirl'ilii i.i ^ S in- >i III'' wi'Uii'u who sul'f'i'iIhc i' in th.u i iuv - i in" Ii Irliils in the iil tny, iiuil tlii i c I. I > I" I'vrrj hint, ;n (hi ir [tower lor lh"|>ii't?|ici ii> the country. Not l"ii<; f<.iioi'ii vi-ry oli'ifantly Ufi --i n i .!:< i tin In aM'.rur to Bulisi'i ilio $"i0i), wit.' h . i. n'.iiivil -u "iM ho i-UTml lu a llctltloiig imt'i". liy wh.i .i In sanl-lie wiw Ii -t known. Shi' wiie, how vui, iu!\ k it to huM- thy record made iu h<T real name to | r \ ni . i > lo? - misht ih cm'through iinlo, i .sivii om I'll" miIisci ijiiIm.s generally coum to ?t . l out leu o'clock A. It. each tlay, ami con tin * y n 'iluly until ilxwit tw -Iv?* o'clock noon. 'Ilicie it In ti a atlon for ahout ;lu In> ir?the time thai lin .' i ; >,.lo K" lo their llli'.lls. Till' HI|llM.TI|ltl<'Ul4 llll'll HI. ' Ull' Willi IIIOI'O . clivity, and i;c.utiuiii- until ii laic lioul , ho that it in in xt tn m nfHihlc io tell at two o'clock n any ilay what n| re ni the Sub-Treasurer ti n b .1 usiderubly in ri i-neo I, but the work of rectiv inx nt r ,| lions is Mvrr lie ie: s \ cry severe. The elmks are i- n. Iuin-.? occupied until midnight,tut tho amounts snbsc ib.d, tho nam's of the subscribers, and overy other putoular, have to tm f=?-nt by nmil to Washington every niuht. On S-uturdiiy lust all hands in tho ofllcu were occupl <1 until past mi<l night. 'Jho counting anil ti-stingof the money received occupy cunpldorublo time. Kvery piece of gold has to be sub m.tte.1 to the iouters. who are person* highly <|uulil)od for the dlst hargo of ko delicate a tak. Kvury day fraudllli lit pieces arc found, which nothing hut tho greatest sensitiveness and knowledge of mi n. y could p???plti"y detect. In some ivuies?asof tio and gold plei e*?the colli IS sawed open and the gold extracted from tho centre of tint piece. The base metal is then ingeniously inserted In tho place of the abstracted gold, und the coin is prubably re uniioil with th" satnu rim, weight and surface as the fvnuiuo coin. These pices of money are culcu Uuil to deceive tho best cunnoi. seuis, and yet they aro OiHCovorod 111 this ofllou ns soon as they are prcsrnted. In most eases the banks sre the lasers, as the bise coin had originally been palmod off on them. Since Mr. Cisco has been in charge of this ofllco there has not been u single mistake In any department, notwithstanding tho Immense amount of business that is necessarily transacted there every day. A good deal of the money subscribed to this lonn comes from private sources without passing through tho banks at all. It is tho surplus of long accumttluting capital, hitherto lying idle without any use whatever. As in the caisn of the loans to the French Kmpcror in 186$, the cull of the federal government on the people to c, ine to the aid of the nation, litis resulted in the libe rution of a large amount of money which otherwise would continue to lie idle in tho hands of tho owners, w ithout b> ucilt to thi nisclves or anybody else. NEWS FROM MISSOURI. Mnvi Illl'lltn of tll<< lt< Ili ln-KITrrt of tlrn. Faiiuoitt'tf Proclamation. Holla, Mo., Betit. 9,18<>1. Kii;l:t prisoners wore sent to St. Louis tliis morning They were captured in a skirmish between the Hom< < Guard and tho rebels ut Pougal's Prairio, in tiasconadt i county. Two of the rebels were killed, and in anothei skirmish tho same day ten more of tho rebclt) wert killed, and ;lmty two burst's captured at another p1a<:? near Cuba. Two scouts were taken with Provoht Marsha; M' Kinntry's passes in tlieir pockets. Advices from Springfield to Friday are to tho efloci that no battle had boon fought between Montgomery and Rains up to Tuesday last. Hon McCulloch was reported to bo at Fort Smith, and his troops wero en rouir for Fort Waikor, in Arkansas. Nothing di linito was known of his future inovementK but it was BupjioBcd that his force would remain near the line, ready to act in concert Willi the Missouri troops at occasion might require. General Prlco had gone to reinforce General Rains. Their united forces were about 7,000 when last heard from. General l'rico was about fifteen miles from Fori tfcott, Kansas, and u battle was expected to take place od I Tuesday of last week. I Claib. Jackson left Springfield on Sunday night to join fl the State forces. H General Fremont's proclamation reached Springfield on H Wednesday lost, and created considerable excitement. H SKIRMISHING ON THE UPPER POTOMAC. I PoOLESVlLLB, Md., Se[it. 7, 1S01. I Yesterday afternoon the picket guard at Conrad's Kerry I liscovered a body of rebels at work, which, < n inspection with glasses, proved to bo tho erection of two gun bat Lery. Word was sent to General Stone's headquarters I iltll Q BOCtlOD Ol u uu4?t'r/ nuo iuinulu. u. 1Uu iwog _ discharged two shcljs, without oiled. Our guns re I s|K>ntli (1 with spb rical cine . hot, which caused :i - plendi I I specimen of foot racing by the rebels. Tho distanco l>e- I twecn the two battorles was not less than three-<iuart?iK I of u mile. I The Medical Director (Diking) informs your correspond- I cut that the army presents an extraordinary degree ut I health, considering the change of climate, th ch.ui>- I' I weather and the season for new fralu and I There are very few serious eases now in the regiaieiital I hospitals. Those which arc of this character v. i.l he s i t I to the General Ii<<.~i ital at Baltimore in a day it two. I MUTINY Or A MISSISSIPPI REOIMEXT I B.U.TIMOKE, S??l>t. 10. IHfil. I A letter to the Baltimore American, from a citizen of Lcesburg, says that a whole Mississippi regiment, >titi' ri I id liere, revolted oil Saturday, broke tin r mn-k is to I pieces and started home. This isfrnm a responsible :i; d I reliable man, who lias furnished the Amtriean regularly I with correct information fr >111 that vicing", and lie adds I to lus note:?" litis is reliable ' I DEATH OP LEBUT. JOSEPH w. 8CRIBNER. I The friends ?f ' Dbe pined lo team 1 I his dcceuse. It" died in Hrool:!yn on Sunday test. H ? I funeral fcw:; i'^cc j istcr .ay aft.moon. I

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