Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1861 Page 3
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IF riOCSKX, BOOMS, Ar? TO LET. BIAMlsOMELY FURNISHED AND CLEAN H0U8H, l>. t inn ;.'<l, and htfliig ever* eonvenlenee, te let, Ui .i Be feu >1* ui .1 reduced roi L Ai<piy nt37 Niinli street, 'ii Kr in and Sixth mrenuee, from 9 to 8, INK I \?..K l-'OCK STORY IKll'SK, I'l.KANANTJ.V iiii'i'J lu L?m?i'tiuo place, Went Tweuty-oltith street. Knu r I in ?mI (v?lr awl ? 'II he rented low to i. i't %Im. ?' iir lnim M/f.| House, i3ti West H'.xI mi . ?, b?l >,' ? Siuh ui;d SeVuuth avenue*. A f.null t could make urrungemenU to purchase lUe furniture wird live jirrhoi?K if ilrslred. TORE AM) SECOND AND THIHD rbOOU TO [ i, . i.riierof Finv thli<t etreetund ?econd.t?veiim\ The 1ij>" rnugc, Kith. waier cl iwt, A,-., OB t?!i n ;o> r; < Stme win nut Ik- lt-i for liquor. Kent very low. - to JOHN FETTRETCH, 416 Third & venue. SUIT OV FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN i rvvonly-flMt htnwt, imar Broadway, auitaMo for houi?oliijjr: would j?.-t to a party of KCiitltMocn or a kiohU I" > |wiru<mt liiuin'ii. Bnii reference required. Aj>x>Iy in l*?u itqtutra pitxt o(Qo0. liNK HOI ss;. WITH LARGE, 8PACIOUB WORK, r i Xtl Kitfhth uv#'ime, between Tweut)-ei^UUi m?(l Twtoililh -iiii otM, uKid**, to l?t. The lorutiou cannot be _ ,.*nj ,u? ?uuvnwi| "? ' 11111 1,1 1 *** III the Stole. OOf> Oil A NOB?HALF OF THE FIRST ('LAKH hrreatoi-v )ii .h huh?p House 233 est Twenty** ighth I, to l??i; eontuln* rooms, nxelutdve of bath room, - elothe* eloscts, Ac.: in elegant order; mcupteie iu every room, and separatr meter. Inquire u premises. rKNTlON, HORSESHOEB8!?TO LET OH LEASP., on ;i<vwiiiit of i)i<' death of the proprietor, the bout shoeing < tablls?iutcnt in the State of Conneetient. Ire <if ii, MOUSE, FNq.. administrator, New liaveu, Ct., 246 Pearl street, New Yolk. IT A (IE, FURNISH BD OK UNFURNISHED, TO LET, n ntmnii Inhmtf: ftntoflt htilHiy location within five i* *'walk of ferry. Rent to auit'the times. Inquire of NOR 4 <0., lumber merchants Stupleion landing, S. I. KNISUEP HOUSE TO LET?THE FOUR STORY brow n *?tone Ho?i*e No. 55 West Thirty-seventh street, l? **n Kilt J* and Sixth avenues, handsomely furnmhed, Pall the modern improvement*; rent very reasonable. I'uithek* parUcnlarn inquire of J. U. SEUOR, 7t) Reade f? , or on the premises. IlINlKIIKD HOl'HR TO I.ET-L'NTIf. MAY 1, OR Monrni if required. The house is in tha very be*t part of ^uilt Klrt^t, and bun twenily been decorated throughout |i hftodi el) furnished, aud haaall Mm modern oonva ( m. Will be rented to a private family only. The rent exeeedluuly moderate to a suitable tenant. Address, Ireal name, box 1,2UJ New York Post office. KMMII'lt llorsK TO LET?IN TWENTIETH ;Mre<?:, between Fourth avenne and Rior.rtway, suitable Mtnali gent<*el family; twelve rooms neatly 'furnished. Jv H. i*. RLAD, &S East Twenty second street, from 1 IV M. RJflSHKD ROOMS TO LK1 -WITHOUT BOARD, TO 'gentlemen only. House contains all the modern iinjctoentM. Apply at 387 Fourth street, between Bowery R roadway. KMSllED HOUSE TO RENT IN NINETEENTH street, Iviw eecr Fifth and Sixth avenues.?Moderate size, story and attic, furnished thoroughly. Will be i en ted ? May to a pm.ue famil> only. Apply at 48 Vesey street. IINISHED HOUSE To LET?TUB MODERN MEOlum sUed English haw nieut Hottee and Furniture N<>. ??> t Twenf} -sixth street. Apply to J. B. IRELAND, No. 00 street." . KMsiii r? lior^F to i.r.r-T-iK moi>ekvtb1HR lory House end Ki r iltnre No. 7 Amity plat ? . near Amitreet A) > > H. IRELAND, 60 Wall street RNISNKD HOUSE TO LF.T?DESIRABLY LOO AT*,1 In eWolul uvetun* F*t?l*t.h -ir. i-t mtnt.iinino ?? i* and bath room, gas through?nt, and Una garden, i v?ry moderate, or would )>e tafcm in board. Tn?(tnne in nd avenue, Hvit bouse b?lotv Fiftieth street, east Hide. iKT OK i. KI RNtSUED IIOI'SF. TO LET-IN i I)E-rtrablf *iiuaiiou, with all the modern Improvement*. For her particular* apply at 37 West Twenty Jirat street. un wo rn AvmnL?A mxurmrhWBW cor* j * la/> I' rrtit t'l:? rvsprc?abl?? family, Bit Mlcd Oil a lovely iu? in Willi-inisburtr. contains gag, chandelierf.balcony. , ant parlor. tars, 3 iv nta, jiukv the door. 462 Grand i, Williauifchurg. >OMtf TO LE'T?A VKRV HWPMlMK ROOM TO let on the ilm floor, with either lroni basement or bark : urn. Alio, oim R am ou the third floor, with mbrowi j bed. The Iwiw contains the moil?M n in.pi <>vem?nt!?? ! 72 Went Tweniy-srpond street, near Sixth avenue. KAilY STEAM POWER TO LET. lwirire i?nd ?m?ll Kuoras, Well Lighted. No. 49'.* Water at reel. 0 LKXMTKR TWO* STORY HOUSE NO. S8t WEST Thirty-fourth street; ropfctr with al modern imrettentt. tart bw4erite. Apply ai 24.* w?'*t Thirty tli n reHk t I.ET-1N COM I'LKTE ORDER. THE FIRST, SE- | < und, third and fourth Floor* of house Jfo. 191 West j utieth ntreet, to a small genteel family; gas, O rut on w?- i Ac., thromth the hoii>.?; rent low to* good truants. Iu c at '292 West ) \> eutieth street < ; 800 Eighth uenne. > LET?THE MANSION HOUSE OF THB L\IB J hn F. Oelanlaine, at (Jo wan us, Long Islam). It i \ mI on an rimnrn 'commanding a lull j r of N?'W Y.-vk i?a v and h?n )>"*-. a sh??rt distance from 1 11 nwo?>d Cemetery, and oecotiilWe bv tin* rats Possesion I Mediately. Appl) to JAMEti OKUlfiiHAKX, 81 Bread* j ? LET?IK BROOKLYN, A LARGE DO I* RLE HOUSE, i*n,\ ?! nt 1?? 1'nlion ! ;:% ami snitabb fm a boarding 1 st-. training -i\?rru >on.h, \\ ifh run# tod Ridge mi uit"' , and order. Rent ; ?.'> Anpu on ; [premises of B. 11. S?AfiVKY,9& Fulton t, Brooklyn. 1 LET?KTOBKS, FIRE PROOF VAULT# AND LOFTfl, vUth fH'-om j>owrr, suitable for printers, bookbinders >:her I'utu m:?nola*tnnng bminenn, in the new buildings *. 26 and 28 Fra kfori street. Dear William mroet. Apply the pi ? n)iM>. .? LET? A UBQE 8TQRB AM) BACK ROOM Df S?vi?nd arcime, brtuirn Thirtieth and Thirty-first tt; i knt$l7wi month. A ?oom n Tt rd arenue; rent Inquire&X \V.M. i'iC'i i i' KT? ii. !.?.'< Eaat Ti trty eccsopd t. btttween Hecond end Ftura avendKa. p LET-AGTlfKAfilUJC, FITTED UP Di BITPERIOR %tyl??, in one of the largest and linest ro<m?? in the eity | the late UtiatAma Rata and H. Franklin Beach. Will be i with oi wlU|out the appurtenance*. Inquire at Knicker her Stage omce,< imer <-i Eighth atenut and Twenty- | O I.ET-THB FIRST FLOOR ABOVBTOE STOKE MS I H roadway, two doors above Union square; ulm> lilt' Baseut. It is ii ilp-top locutlou forany kiud ol light business. I juiro on the premises. O I.ET?TO A S.MAI,L FAMILY OF OROWN PERsons, part nt' a Hint class House In a pleasant location use ixiupied by 0116 private family. Apply ut22t)Ea>-t | hrttcih street. O LET-TOE fflUUi TlliiEE 8TOET BROWN MORE ! front Mouse, No. 16 [laimrtoml btreet, with ail the ltio rt improvements. Also tin- House No. 10 Thirty-ninth eel. Rent Um. Apply to UEO. COOK, auctioneer, HI oadway. O l.ET?KURXISII EH, WITH P.: ME III ATE POSSES j lion, In u tlrst cUss house having all the modern linirements and iti one of the liest location* in thecitv, an ! :ire floor, lour namis, suitable for housekeeping. Will lx> itr<l low to a small family without children. For psrlicu8 inquire on the prenilaes, 182 West Fourteenth street. O LET?THE TilREK STORY AND ATTIC, HItiH sloop Kriek OwiiliiriK House 2U0 Weil Twentieth itreet, inting Chelsea square, replete with Croton and gas fix es. and every eonvenienee mat cau he desired. Apply to A. CUSHMAN, 152 Ninth avenue, between Twentieth anil *niy-flrst streets. 10 LET?FURNISHED, A FIRST CLASS FOlIRBTOItY Mown stone front House, 25x58, situated on a wide eei. and within a block and a lialf of Fifth -avenue. The rnttura is first class, nearly new, and consists of everyliiK necessary except linen and Silver. Rent low to a good Mat Apply toCHAS. E. MI I.LS. 'M Cedar street. M) I.ET?ON FAVORABI.E TERMS TO RESPECT A RLE parties, the two live story Houses, 251 and 361 West venty-thlrd street, with double staircases and ull the modn Improvement*. Also 136 West Twenty-fourth street, live lrles. just pnlmed throughout. Apply to A. LEAMAN, 217 est Twenty third street, or to 1'. HARMONY'S NEHEWH A CO., 81 (Jreenwlrh street. V) LET-SEVERAL VERY DESIRABLE FLOORS ON Ninth avenue, near Chelsea nnare, containing live and insimseaeh, furnished with Croton water andeasiiYres: separate witer< losets, p is meters, 4c., to each tloor, fording n genteel residence for small and respectabl" fanii'S at moderate rents. Apply to D. A. IHJ8HMAN, 152 Ninth emie, lietween Twentieth and Twenty-tirst atrceta. XJ LET?IjOW, on MURRAY HILL, THE FOUR story brown stono House, M Enst Thirty-eighth street. 11 the modern Improvements. Apply at 62, next door, or T. , Rom a Co., 84 ntrl itreet. K> LET-TUB LAKOE THREE STORY AND FINISHed attir brlok Hniiv', 2i) White street, former'/ known as >|el Federal. Td >i good responsible parly it wlfi lie let low quire of K. II. I.L:U1AIW ? (JO.. No. 3 Piua street. IO I.ET?A FOUR STORY BRICK HOKSE, WITH modern Improvements, Xi>. 9 Liberty mi >Brooklyn, fir Fulton ferry. Desirable location, and to a cood n'spon>ln )? r?nu would bo let very eheap. Apply at 111 Nnssmi eet, be tween ten aud eleven o'clock. A. 11 VIKK. O LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING Zll West Fifteenth street, in complete order; lias all the ?1 rn Improvements: Oarpets fln-1 Oilcloths ran h?? bought desired. Apply to M. SOLOMONS, 305 West Fifteenth ML <i LET?THE UPPER l'ART OK HOUSE W<- K\-i Twenty-first street, near Set owl uveuui, cousiatiu;; of lit ; rims. Apply on the premises. 0 LET-FURNISHED HOUSE 63 ST. MARKS PL APE, ' near Setsond uvenue, with nrwltliont fXible ,>n Mntli I m i. Tlw house anl furniture are itrst el?M, and uill he led low to a responsible parts. Apply on th'- premises. 1 LET-DWELLING HOUSE, WITH ALL MODERN Improvements, HI Ens' Thirty-se<ond str- t, betwe?>i ond and Third avenues. Rent $50u m>r n imt'in. Irnj:i11 ? .11 Earn Tliirty-seooad ati oet, or >i LH'liTENnYEIN. ?0T st Forty-eighth street. ) LET-BROAD WAV STORE NO. SIT. SKAKTWELFril street; :i]?> the S. -mih! rin.reo rui SV. *19: a'so t ii.ler Bawmetit; also the S:ure and liw elllns No. 4STwel lli et, 1U0 feetTvatt ot Headway. .lnllN' s. KELSO, iU William street. ) LET-IN A FAMILY.OF TnffEE. THREE ROOMS on second or tlvlrd floor, with klub'?n ol cellar, or foiled, with u*e ot pin ttu; rent low. Would am. s umcIii i . i truer required. V\>pU' ?l"45>? ''anuinu i reri. h t T-T YtTI,' TT|"U'T? ^rollVTI.ifc:.* * /. oj'i l.f UTII Hlj-eel, b^twtwi K:vn?lw ay and (he How r>y, i*mt..1iittu{ modern hnuf?n> -rt-m atari In cmnpii-M' ui~: r; th * <n?*w oo ufiieri ! > tue owner) oati be ii 11, mif'. 1'. M. LKT-ASVAlJi, OENTEEL HOUSE, IN ST MARK'S , Ktiflilliaftrt*., uc:ir Sen nil aioiin-!, lest |..i',ui..n in mror-t. A!?<? n very desirable otio i.n Twenty j-v?nili l, between FVmrUl ;iih! Lexuit ni :ivpiu?!1. Itji; if?' IPT i SON, Sri. W Lafayette 1/F/T?TIH! LABfiE STORE A.NI> BASEMENT No. <4 lirund-"'ov. nc.'if the iHnwory. her- 'Vih the lirig pj:rt If desired. The .k'M t etrenrin liif win.,.- 1 ? 1't. ha? a ?plotKfcd pluf ss . n?, ? .! l? suitable ',.r i titensive bttaineaa. A|>ply ill No. fcS liu? :ry. near U|. IN Mfetjl, J.VT LOW?THE l.AROi:, FIRM ? LAU8, FOI R lory high baienieitt IIoum- lii A?btaml place, one door Wa?(Tl#y pUco; ju?t uaiulf'l and papeicdWU) objection ieutiaitowaiwiiBiw iwftcjBMJitaib JtaJ* Its NE1 IIOOM"5. At.. TO !>! . T. TO J.i-ClN III.i iOKLYS?AT VHOI ' 1IAI.F i ?' 1 <-nv. :i tin. rtorv ilivrUltn; "Q CJIikoii avenue, lining water C.,H $.'lui>; one on Hr?ilw.ij. i?> u E.ihi Nl"y V.'ik. 1-1 I i $I.VI. Anp'y I" "A !> ? . ir ,1 111 tn.'l " rliK-k. i' lit.. Ill' I*! . ! <i. A. Hinilb, ??7 llnw.lw.n, tinner nf j #li>lun<tn.('t. TO LKT, OBBAP?A K1KST CLASS BROWN HTONR limine, wlilwill ili? murium Imprnvoiti.-nUi. Tl.i> hmiw W new and rem i tily W?'. N.i. Went K<.i-iy-oinhth Mreel. Apply lo J. ^ AN WAOXKR, IGll West Kniiyi^-'-tjiiil M. rpu l.KI uK 1.KA.MS-II1E lull SK :J.U Hit Ki ll I m 11.110 I'" .i... I: .<!? . . Apji'v .ii '-"CO I'mii'lk Hired. upp'wii.. Whkjum'I-h <- 11 i m r-1*. TO I.TiT CI! I.KASIf?i |1E 1?\V JCl.l.INt! l'AHT OK Huii? ,nv?r ri'. :um K kIMIi ivi'iui' .iii-m. r <i|"l'\vi iilyi ?>UH HUT. I, Mill, i ii 111..' eiUlMllull, wllU wall r up i .!: ; t,r \?Kl I*' lit In n-'puralc Hum*. Apply?n* | the pri*iuiM.?. I >TiO I,KT OIJ fiKAHR?AT A RMICAIN. THE TIIRKR ! 1 ft'iiry uud in Huiiv 1A)'i>-iiili', i? uiy-iivn I tret fV'.m, wii!i ii.'"'. i"u linpriivi-incatit, t?i*tw u I'wenty- 1 I wi'iiml and '| v\ !>!>.11)11)1 ?uvrl?. Kriii mity f.'n Apply i?> I I.. K. ("II AKJi, N.i. !i S"\v Htm l, iw'twrcn 12 and 2, auil i?l <49 Kil'li ..i.i.u., ni .H A. X .utlsl'.M. niO KKNT?I'NTIl. MAW'll 1, A WKUi KIRNISHKU J Flume, In Kui'ty -fuiir'.li t-'i'v i, t riMcrii Ri'ouilwuy uu l Si\t!i nv-iirr, hII Im inpjru. unlet*. Apply at ftl Vewy street, II!' luMll-mt S. 1'., |iO* XSSt I . -l "Hi'f. rilO UK NT?TO A SMALL FAMILY WITHOUT DHL- I JL dren, the tei-ond tloor of u mod'-rn built bona**, in a pl?*amiiii mill vi'i'v dcsiniMe locat'"ii up town; every mnvvnit im* I lor bouM?kreplwj. AhoaMiitof new parlor Furniture, Car- J i** th, Jtr.. l<>r ttiklr low, aw kit** iiwuer is about Iimv ini; the elty. | Voi*)M?) liuiiLHrN ftddro* J. II. N., Post ofll<*e, Mathm K. rr\i;ryto\vx.?to li:t, a fujnishkd hocse is j i the vilhip* of T?*ii"town, m SiIjIn fIi*?m minutes' walk. ??f lite depot, with it and m'nxii. mi hit" lit laiwd. The proui'.n*'* are very''onvti.ioiif ai d pl<*.i>ant. and will b<-let fur the next six mouths m $60 per month. Address box U7 11 raid oilice. IMS'THl crioii AT $2 W.?WIUTI NO, TWENTY JJBSnOKH; Hook x\. k.'fplnfi'.i, le* ?n u??!,inU<'d; Writing mid Arithmetic, jM-r ?|??HiH"r, M'\ ?,iii\ lesmiii* each, $10. ?>*i llowery and 28.1 Fulton sirem, Hrooklyn. From K* v. A. llron*<m, Albany:?"I take great pleasure in recommending Col. Fame u;* a respectable nmu and a complete master or hi* prof?Ion. ANY B891*BCTAMXJS and \Vki,L HIM OAT1 i VOL Nii person wishing to leara the 8paut?l aiigna iiui| ?p> ply to a you hi: Spanish gent?-man, who in dUp' I u> give daily h^on*-, u ittK.u? any oil<?-r tvtwi'd than tie* p. asurc of having diiily <md itotni -tlvi < >av* r.-aiion* in Ei.^osb. Address Roberto, box I to Herald oil lee. AS RESIDENT Oil DAILY OOVERNE8&?AN ENfi. lish lady, t,f much *x|N?rten?M In the thorough "ymi'tn ? ' an Kn/i-: u -ation, with music an-l F.? n and oilerinjj thi* hitfft**?t u?!*'?<. wfshe* an en# ?n?Mneot In a gentleman1* family. AddraaaC. M., Brooklyn J'usi oUi e. 4 FRKNCIl LADY, OF MICH EXrEKTEKCK, WOULD l\. give lessons in French for ilfu en cauis p-r hour. H?**t ar. munodution for teaching in private families ?r single ladies. II;.* three hours to dih|>o*c of in the afternoon. Addrcaa txit 214 lleiald office. fJIYEKIKO CLASSES IN HoOKKKEI'lNtS, PENMANFJ h i-, At\f at )K nod 19 * <? | *f* Institute.?The regular evening sessions of 1IKYAKT, STRATTON, PACKARD A PENN S Merrant'. College will b** opcued on Monday evening, September 10, al 7 o'clock. IjIREXCH INfiTrri rE, FOR VOUNU f?l N QLEMKN) KO 48 Eiiai Twenty fourth MlrtH'i.?lloui'tling ana day ticUrxd, cldssical iiiul iu)ram?rvial, fourteen teacberg?six Ameriiuin. live Kri'noh, two <?erntaot one ^xuiish. A primary dejiurtincrit ami a K.vnninFium. 8pe proppectn* fordetuiia. i'rofessor Ki.lK iH^Kl.llUi. Director. Will Ir' reopened on Tuesday, Ssplevuber 17. Home school fob boys \ n i ? oihls-east new York, I.. I.?Till* hohiM?| it now p"u for B???rdiUKaiui Da}* Scholar* in the following branehr*:?EnKiish. Fn-neh, l^itin, MuhIi*, Drawldu, ?k<'. Term* for a boardirit MchoWir, $3S for twelve we^kr. For further jiart {t ulac* addron* J. M. tJunu, l'rineipal, or call at the K<>muiary, Kant N"w York, i.-;,tmt. Pupltoreceived unltl October 1, Ml. INSTRUCTION.?A ABUUI J.\DY. OF RKKINF.D character and the high***; eonrioetlon*. will give le**on* t.? a ffw ladles in draii'in^, and al* i in the German languatfi*; 1 ibe iMMUi'HHcii ^mit experien?ie in teaching, and i* i-onlidioit of innrtliu t" i>?*? |rup(la a perfect knowlodge "t theae | br*nefir*?4. F,.r purtietilar* apply at 1?0 W?'*t 9ih ht., between I 5th and 6th 8. T' rSRONM IK FREKOH?BY A YOUNG LADY OF GOOD J f'ducattou, from I'aria. She will t? urh th<* lan-jna^e by j or tuetle.d, in coiiveraition, in a short iiM<*. Apply at i .'UJO Went Fourth *trei t, p??ur Hixtudway. MADAME c. mkIlBS wbshardt, ! 2*J2 and 2*-4 Madison avotiuo.e.oruor'niirf v eighth vt. , FVt.LlSii AND FRUNl'U IIOAltDlNO AND DAY M'UOOL i FOR YOUNG LADIKS, j (Formerly 32 Weel Filteentb ataeet.) Will roo|Nkn. with the e<*mmenc?'m^nt of thrt pe<^ioi), j Septeml>er J2. Madame (J. M. B. will be at home t rom , the of .September Cirnila^Rat Rr? usin^V, "01 Rnwid- ' v? ay; Lock wood s? 411 llroad way. and ??2 Madison avenue. I Madams j. v. cAtwBots, moush anoviibwoh i 2loa;-diug and Day SeJiool lor youuji ladha. X58 We*t t rwcnty-third Hireet. will reopen on Monday, September 9 J A miivtuwl attendance of ih?* pupils In requested. A elans ??t Oil Painting aud Oreoian Art on Saturdays, uught i-y Mn?e. I Cauchols. {'articular attention given the primiry dejiai't- J ment. MtntRAT HILL SKV.TN AKY.?THK MI8*B8 HOW- 1 LAND'S Seminary lor Young J,;uji**s, 22 East Ihirty- I fifth street, swnirt door east of Mauis?>n avenue. will reopen | on Wednesday, fceptewber 1#, when a puu?tual attendance of i their pupils in requested. MONS. 1,. PK ORAND-VAL'R BOARDING fU'HOOL, i rias.sital and Commercial, 11 udmui Terrace, H..U?k? n, : N. J,?The annmtl sesidon l>egin.s September2. Trnns $200 t Mrituinn. tofwrcacoi Mr. E. Punvert, M Bnnd itrwit Mr. BL Ptonkatt, Brotdw MRS. J. B. EUWARDS HAS ARRANGED TO OPES, on Siptemlier 18. a Hoarding and ]>ay Sch?wd f??r young iidfti and tniiMC, wbfra the Gomroon indbi^crBiiKliiin branches, the Ancient ami Modern LammagcM, Drawing, Painting and Music will be tangle hv a corps of competent teachers. The residence of Mrs. KlAVXKDS Is one ol the linen in tjw <4\y, being ou Washington square, attordtntf a dwnlu view and plcunra groiiDd. Tin most wTiipoloui care will 1h- given to t n?? moral culture of ihe pupils, and the discipline ol the School will approach as near as (>ossiblc to that of a well regulated private faintly. combining cheerfulness of spirit with propriety of demeanor. Those desiring to learn further particulars may see Mrs. Edvtards jiersonally, or address by letter at 220 Fourth street. MMR. A. COUTAN'R Frem-h and English Boarding and Pay School, No. 279 Fifth avenue, corner of Thirty-first strei V\'ill reopen ou Monday, September 10, 18t?l. MRS. WILLIAMSON, THE t'ELKBHATKI) AND ACcomplished Artist has returned from Saratoga, and is no* prepared to receive '?? *? pupils at <2 (*lint< n i' u ? . MR. LE8VINAS?E'K FKENVH DAY AND BOA HI) I ><! i Srhiiol. ll'Jantl 121 Clinton plaee, reopened.?French l? J the lun^uw of tin- school. New aiholars am admitted only under 11 yenr* ?f an". Tin1 Junior department lx tiader the imueriial rare of Mlilt'. I/eapimisw. QCHOOL AND HOME MUTATION. ? 1'KIYATE Freuch,(]emn?n, English anil Spanish f1a?;leal ami Commercial Boarding anil Kay School, with Uue play ground and nyimuiMiim,4T and 49 WVst Twi'iity sixth street, between Broadway and Sixth aveniie. Mr. IjOI'IS KRNST t-ik' S irharRe i,f a limited u'imhtrof boyw. Keupens Monday, September in. Spanish lanouaoe.?cipriako gobrin has regumed iimtriii :i'>n In Hie ithovo. For I'urtUer jiartli iilar* apply ti> tlie nf<in ?ald, at lila office, mom No. 7 t'llnton I II.lll, A"ior jiiarM, bclwcro tliu hours of 11 and 12 A. M. and 4 and b 1*. II. TKOY FEMALE SEMINARY?THIS INSTITUTION nffers the nufinnulMU-d udvanUK1''1 ?'f nearly titly ycam ol succeiMtfnl operiitlor:. Every furliity la provided lor it thorough ciitirac ot tiselulund ormuneiital education, under the direction ofM-orpaof more than twenty nrufeamtra and teachers. For circular* apply to JulUN II. W1LLAUD, Troy, N. Y. THE CXJStOJf INSTITITTE. US WEST TWENTY, third street.?This old and well known sehonl is now pn?I i>ared to receive pupils for the coming season. The teachers 1 are able and faithful, and every attention is i???d to the well 1 being and progress 01 the pupils. mi Ron H AZEi/rrNK, Principal. THE XI88M l>ELANFVs BOASDIMO AM) DAT School for Voiiug Ladit's, No. ft Wyekotf street, South Brooklyn, will oj>en on Monday, Sept. 16. T . m? $20' per annutn. TO SPANISH LADIES.?W V N'TKH. A St' WlHl I.ADV, who could devote one or two hones dmly in convei Mnion with n young lady who already speaks thf lanuua^e, and is desirous of perfecting heraeff. Address Miss Wilson, Godfrey's Post otlice, Rill Broadway, near Thirteenth afreet. "llTANTKn?BY A LADT, A SITUATION A8 TBACHBft, ' T in a school or private funiiiy; the country not oojeo- J tlouable: can iastru -t m (he usual English bran he? MJ!h | 1.. tin, French and German. Address Teacher, JJW Eu-U ElgUteenih street. WASTED?IMJIEDIATEIjY, A TEACHER OF N AVlilA- ! tion; one who thoroughly understands his busiues. Ad* dress, stating terma, &e., w, L. CJ., Herald otli-e. "WANTED- \s RBBTDBKT GOVSBXE88, ATM BA0T f Fifteenth street, an American or English lady, of ? od i character and capable to tea hweli u el mentaryb an ; IIKI / IIiOAKS AND 8HITU i E. 8. KILL8 A CO. OFFER TO CASH Hi VKKS OilE\T BARGAINS [N C ho \Ks AVli sHAWI.s AT NOS. :H2 AND XV\ HHoVDWAY. J |gr FOR < ASH. LORD A TAYl.OK, 461, 168, 463 (mil 467 Broadway, RfqiiT'jil ibe ntt^ntto* <if "out of town tinr??r?" to their prcuciu !arg<' ? holesalc Mo<tk of KAM/ AND WINTER DRV GOODS. Wlili h Iboy nro offering ?t rwy LOW PRICES KOR C\Mtf. WANCV IWKSS MII.KS r ?*' 1'IECBS \SillN l" *1. V > {>?. 11, H) VKNOTiP, ro.\ST \B(.R A ?'0, firms t, cornrr ??r m- n f. U^NTF.D TO 1M Kt'HASK l'OR CASH DOWN. A KK i uUl - k <?l Dry Ai!y > ?? " liningt<? IhH"'' ?>: at a a\ jK'U-o^ ui^y uvjiU<l<*uti.4iiy, J\ 0., J2 , Wi li \n !"b iivtnu*. .1111,1, MV Kit V. Muk DAVIDfOd"# j l-.VKIs Ml U.1NRKY ] s T lUM.slI UKST, l J.r? vk*,r <?* w. >'/ \y V<?rk. 1>'1 WJI.lXllHi) >Im l)AVil>S(kN i. u'iy inUnuoto Imlio* i r.Hiin; in .my I -s that ilicy t*it Mvp" u! i} h.ivltn ' u ir rg h?;. fully ??x- < *Jt?M hu'1 i'wV . ;?i o?iiiV.'.y i'y \pi wlH.? r.iro an*l 'i ? v. Kv"rry wfm-. i ma?u?n *< !?? *: ?:l*y t-iminli^i by nuill in r?vcd t<? try to*, obnr Ac. A'l?i : ?bov?\ rUttS FALL AND WIKTBJ ULUNHKV B6 :M VIDSON, 123 r M><W, rJ ?}* < fully inform* ni?*rrhanlw n?il milliner* from ihe couutry that uno 1* now urn- j i t<? Hjhilaf very lnU^f rtyliM ?>f Part*.r?ti?rt? Bou* j - actt^d V YORK HERAiD, WBD1 IIOAHDINO AM) UlUGIWeK. A f>M.VU' 1'IUVATK I'AMiliY Wnl M> j.fcrf A II AN It I \ sonwly i'.trtiitflie t suit ui Ko?>ma, a I'urlor nut two | UcrtiMoitiA. u bnili r< ^>V. "" ih.' nin'oml ilm.r, j Willi Hoard. ')li hoimr !i.t h" ill' niodciD iniprovomiMilH hihI if |?)e?.-.uitiy on M'tr1v HHI. Ini|iuri! at SSI lx'xlu^lon i.\>11111'. iliiiil limibi' ? lbirlj ci iitli tlr& l. Bi'I'i rt'Mi'i ? r"<juli i'ii A i i'i Ui :-TFOl KiU Nlh .- l'Kl-.Ei. Hl'i\VKJ~N' Kinil ' J\ -Mi l Hinll? av?>!ini-', l;i ;i- m-haidiomrlv fur, jiifliui), II. -illt.i or Mil, >'. . : o MiullUrr ituoliiH lor HI Utlo , men, tt Ifh H iant. Tlic It. In* all lliiMin'crii lni|ii'i>v<' , ni.'iilsf. I l :"i> ?*? ' / "t'vi't'W <* glvci'atul r<N|ijir<Mi I * rnv ir wnsmn : v rrrM-:i:i:n iiodms, jx ] > \ HUIIHIir Mlll'lv. Willi Him I'll, 111 Ihl- ill>t I IllhH .M?i H. t. I. Ill .11 1-4.(11 iiMUUt. uillllt'l t<l j 6 oYlock. AT 1%1S3 \Ni> U?i liKOAlHVAY?t'INK SI'ITS OK H?m?i!* nn? !y rurnMu*d. with all Uh? imalcrri with priv.tu* uM<\ AUo Ki-oms and Hoard for sirU'-nUoiu. ;i. X'-ar Fifth Aauuo Hotel, liciwwii ( T* w) h and T* ily vixt) itrM ARKSFKCTARLK W1IU)W LAOY, WITHOUT FAMILY, a 111 !<*(, to Miimli- a Room on timi floor, handI K.iiivly turuisfmd. \v iH? hr**akfa?l i( rtM|illrt*d. Hon*** ha*/ill i in*nit*I'll iioj:l'IVruiM i !> low. A| {?l> ai*? Amity [ HtrH?t, RHord block from Hiou-luay. ADESIRAiBLH SI'tTOF KOO MS, WITH IT LI* BOARD, to i?'f. in dm flih oUaahouai Ho. ftWm( Twnnii ! .? h 1 Niitct, opp?^it? Flt'lh Avenue lloud. \l>o, a large front Kiuttn, HuliHlito for u ^t*ritU?n?an am! ?vH?\ 4 LADY 1IAVINO TAKRN TIJK Fi X<T CLAK8 HOt KK J\ 11i S^otid avoir.?\ ?> inor?it S tenth hired, ha*a lew Huff* ami h|m) gome <dtmle Ko'iinx to Hi*>p<? *? of. Call at tpmiM* or ndvirt'HN l?o\ 3,TO >?'\V Yolk 1'ukI <lUe??. AT OKF. ATLY KKDIVKD PRICKS-NKWLY FURnUh?d R< oins, irom $1 to VI ja-r week. Ijod^liij'.a from 25 m ;j7 < em* i* ;* riialit, at the Frankfort Houm*, corner Fi'tfiiki'ori am! Wilnam alivei*. Open all niKbt. A SMALL FAMILY, Oini'YIMJ A LA 1MB 1IOU8E with modern uiM lot io g^titlrmen orn uent!<'tnai) anil vt :}> u.oelmi< > of voouiaouUm' * eoiid or .hint lio?e, w ith partial Board, or will lot the whole llonae, fnrtiifilu'd. 171 W-'fitT* nly nixth firret, n?ai 1! nth aveune. \ITUNISUKD SITTING ROOM A,M> RKDROOM, vuth ki'ciikiuM >t r?-/|iiiprd, to 1ft to a slnK^' K? nileman. , ii? a Immlnome, ijnleiaud pr.vafe limine, ?.ru??r of Orauieivy i iMrk in Twentieth atreet, *rcoud house from Fourth nvouue. I Roiereueea exvhsftged. j A PRIVATE FAMILY, NO. V2\ KAHT THIRTY POl RTIi i JA strtvt, Ikmw t en Tlilrd *ml Fonrth av?'uu<- *. will RivoinI Di- laif a Kinull 1 jially or two xiugli* ^*ntl?*moii with tur1 nlsh"d r.?:>m-% &u>\ H>>ard. h? hi ?>f iftiVruuiv.H giv?-n and rr?IMlrod* AT NO. ? HOORMAN PLA45E, WKST THlRTY-TH1RO ktr*?t?- Two u?i'*K Rooihn ou nc^md floor, <mmitii\utiicaiin^ t>> Mlidinjf *W ?n?, DinkUti* pl?*a^ant njuirtmoin j for a j?artyoi tlm1a lri?*u?N, t?? whom th? \ would Oo rouumI mi ri amiual l?'(crm* for tin* wimor. or tli?*y would !?? unliable lop a nun aud wit?*. lluilt au?l Kra?*H in r?M>m?. IHnnor at 6. \ OENTLEMAN AM) H1H WIFE, OCOlTYfNO A j\ tijwf ism house, will let h cholec til handsomely I'uriii'h* ed Rooms, with full or iiartial H-ard. Aj?j?1> at No. 48 Easl lilo'cicer mreet, near Broadway. \CHOHT OK HANDSOMELY FPRNI8HED ROOMS t?? lot?W'jiIi all the modern improvement*. in a small private family, togentlemen, orKentt"uien and lh?*li vsi.**, wihtont h"urd, i."/tr tli" < Mi) IIuIIhiM Thompson A Weller'a restaurant. For partieulan apply ut loii Law rone*? hii-h, n. \N ELEGANT SUIT OK ROOMS, IXFIRNISHED. TO let, \\ Jib liiai i'la** Board, in a private family; reforeneesrequired. Inquire at 13 Ninth Mtr^et, ^tweoti Fifth and Sixth avenue*. AT NO, 80 UNION 8QHAKB (FOURTH wi:\i B Twi' Rooms oommt'nieuiinK, tiu third floor, to let, vuth Board, Also single Room* for gentlemen. References given unit required. A LADY HAS A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET TO A lady and gentleman?hoard for the lady <?rlv; also, Room* for single gentlemen. Apply at 112 West 'twentyeighth street. A HANDSOME HUIT OF ROOMS ON THE SEC OND floor to Jot, with ni Ht class Board. in a small family; also a Basement, suitable for a physn ian's office. The best ot ref<T?n?'?* gtven and requln !. Dinner at si*. Apply at 41 East Twentieth ufrC't, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. A BACK PARLOR, ON FIRST FLOOR; ALSO SPITS of handsomely Furnished Rooms on second mii 1 third lto*.rs. suitable for iamiiu s and single gentlemen, to rent. wUh Board. forth' winter. Term* reasonable. Apply at. ot? \V<-Ht Twelfth Ktr??t. near Fifth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A FINE HOI'SK, . newly furnished in May last, will let a suit of Rooms to gentlemen ??r a small family, with private table if desired. No. tPI West Twentieth direct, between Fifth and Sixiti iveniu ?. A PLEASANT SUIT OF KOOMS, F I'KM SHED, Willi dressing room, Ac.; detached it' required; bouse with nil the tnode-n improvement*; tcrma moderate; referenda t>X('bHUM,|l. Inquire m? 170 Weal Thirl*-lot! rth Street. AT NO. 10 VVEHT ELEVENTH STREET -SEVEN DOORS west of H eon d way, Kmunn lor ip'ntlnwn; br*akf*M if required; Fifth avenue and Fulton street stage* ps*? t)m door. A SI IT OF BOOMB WBLL FURNISHED, TO LET, together or separate, to gentlemen only, in a private French family. Apply at Fotir4.ii street, Washington nqiiatv. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFEOHYOl NO OENTLEMEX can be aeeotntnodate<l \> itb pleasant K hkiim anil lirnt lun? Board, where there is a limited number of hoard* n*. Dime r from 6 to 7 o'elock. Kefereucet rt^quired. Apply at No. 4t> Blee? kej gtreet. \ SMALL FAMILY WILL LET TIIK ENTIRE SECOND Fi?H?r, l t?i nif?b? <i, conilntinK of three Koomn, s?*]?aiat*?ly *?r together, with full or paribu Hoard; bath and ?;oh; tion plt-asaot. 43 hn<i Twentieth htn-et. near Broadway. VDESIItARLE SLIT OF ROOMS TO LET, WITH Board, at 54 \N est Twenty-third .street, near Fifth avenue; alao a Room on the fourth floor. Reference* evrhanged. \oermax family, of the highest respectability. ail! i?*t a tew pleasant Ko??ni>, Willi ev -ellent Kikiiril in Hiiuiln ui>ntlnnu>fi ??r u miIukhii un.l ?J?j.i?- ivicov' the hoiiae h;i8 all mod rn improvements; location good, in Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Apply ut No. 1 Bun'Jay street, eornerof Kroadwuy, basement. Ahmall private family wopld let the *econti ilimr, consisting of three btr*;e well furnished Rooms, suitable lor a puny of four or five person*; every convenience adjoining: bouse and loentfon everything t?? Im? desired. Also, a *mull Room editable for a gentleman. Ay ply at 147 Lexington avenue, corner of Thirtieth street. \ GBBMAN FAMILY of THE HIGHEST B&SPBOTA J\ Inllty w mild Im m : ;vv elegantly furnished Rooms, with exquisite. Board, to gentlemen and gentlemen and their wives. Apply at West Ninth Miwt, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues. Freuoli and English spoken. References exchanged. A DESIRABLE box B AXD PLBAfHiHT booms tnwy be had by gentlemen and their wives; Kooms furnished or unfurniMh>'d; al*o, Rooms fur (wn sinv>- ntlemen. Dinner at ty%. 13 Ash laud place, corner of Wavrii y pia?.<e. AT THE LABOR FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE NO. . 127 Bleeeker street,, west oi and near Broadway, in a re." ally brat clan* faintly Boarding House, with ito.r'n* unsurpassed In Hi/.** and comfort, in suits or single; modern improvements: the cheapest pia-e in the city lor the style. and quality of v bat in offered. A FAMILY ('AN B? ACCOMMODATED WITH Board and furnished or unfurnished Rihuus, ou second floor, at72 Went Twenty-Aral stre??l, west of Sixth avenue; house contains ail tbe modern improvemeuts. lieferein i ? exchanged. A small private family, residing at im Went Forty third street, between Broadway and Ki^btb avenue, would >u?omniodate a gentleman and hi* wife or two or three single gentlemen, wuh Board, on moderate terms. References required. A FEW DESIRABLE ROOMK TO LET?WITH or without Board, at42 West Fifteenth street, between Fijib and Sixth avenues. References rnpilreM. v AN ELEOAinrLT Fl KM. llKb BACK PARLOB TO let, with Board, to n gentleman and wife or singb? gentlemon; ,?lso Rooms. with Bf dns>M ? adjoining, separate or tog? Lber. Apply at No. 5.1 Went Twelfth street., between Fifth and Sixth av nties. References exchanged. Dinner at Mix. At h? cottaos place, between blkbcksr >xd Houston streets? A part} of r< iitlein<*n or tw o g? ntlemeu and their wives can be seeomYno fated with handsonc ly furnlvh?d Rooms, on verv reasonable t- rms; partial Board for the gentlemen. Location very pleasant. A FINK SUIT OF ROOM8, FRONT, FURNlriHKZ), with bathroom ?j\r!uMiv<\ may b?- obtain***}, with Roaro, hy h party of the*??r four, jwrmanently. Apply at 126 Ninth utreot, a li w doom weal of Broadway. A FIRST RATF. BREAKFAST AND A W KM, FURJ\ Room can N* bad at th?' Arth'and ]fou*<-, S>>. :]t*j Fourth avenue, n?'ar Tw*?nty-th!rd Ptrnw, f*??* $;{ a work. Lodging K'MtuiH $t fit) U? $4 m \vp?'k. Huuhc flint e!a*.M. A FEW GBlfTXJSJfBN OAK BB ACCOMMODATED with full or partial Board, whern the res ar?: no oth?r IxiKrch i'*', aud wh*ire the comforts of a hoiu?? ivm br r?r?jwy*?<). ljomr hart all modem Improvements. Aj>jHy al 7-i Maroon#!I street. 4 VRJVATK FAMILY. MV!N<i IN GOOD STYLE JN \ ^ i modern uton" front hou?o. will let a l\.il<ir ami I?eui ? m with Hoard to a ii.n.ui *11 detdring; a omJorLalil?* !i??! ? *. I>rm* moderate. A ldrej?* Twei?ty-KecomP.s;r?:et, bo* l.r?l Herald otlhe. A1MRLOR AND BF.DROoV TO LKT?TO (tKNTI.K- ' r ci. without Hoard, at Fourth >tr?vt, n? a? l?-ia. ryi (tf> pUo'e. l UKI-mTn OBNTUiMAN, l-BOKKSHOB OF Ml M<\ J\ wi^io-H ,a fi]n?;.^!if*?) Rooufe* ttli tii a |.ri\..t* wii'-i 'J'tt "n*ori the piano or ?dnic<ng w?.uid ?* *hI< u ha tsfin injriufdt lor th" b*wtret'ereiHseglitu AA<ln* M. i.'T' io-lw r, Herald ofliee, t??t tluve day*. AFUBMSllKD R1W?M. TV" iTII HOARD, WANTED KV tv.o V?>I1S). I;* II' I 'Hi' U ,* location '"fU-tU -1 Fiiih nvi r'nr.-i, tire! Ninth iod Twentieth air*?t*: . to rx" ?<i $:? jn i u. ... Am'.r. a, h. A t.'M I'nl\n-fjij >! cal foil.-New Vojfc ity. XfJKNTLF.MAN' CAN otti AlN % FLEA^ANT ROOM or Room** in t i nv. h, wtlhot i< iWiour hm>k(.? i nnd <%?. Afpiy *1-6 j. < j street, live door* ? .ihLT>i HnxiiJ way. a t iih trvrti <n;vi. "i' rik\v kxii'M1 to Hi to ?*t. Vil li Jl >H> i, i f n:< i.l?l lii.ur, f?-<"?r nfj>;? ?r-Jy. *nnMm<l or ?<ttf'm u)h<> a, wty muiiji ttc-k i'ati'-H"; ?linUv*r hi ;>ik o ciwik; .?> Icret>< ' ?? *<. 3u*i?<pfh AfS\MA. I'KIVATK FWUI/V WOl'IJ) JJK? TO UT |4'M??.ini rvwiyi ' to a gr?rt<e null, r w \iM i-t whtilr M il?n ?).1 mr to * j*rty ? nii'tin'il, *n.| imniKl) H H:* niitui hr UeMf.jil; *?ivu.*1dslNuni <lini?rr.*i?*4 <-K*m (i^sir i; f- ' tti?>n ]>{ .?????hi xn l wntral. A|)p}afii? 4'i H < iik t I.K.VTU'.MAN' \N1? TITS WIKK. OR SIXOI.K'liEN-' J V * lUvn.-w, ?' hi ?? tvkh .t ??c'tit f\ . lijir- milt ? ; K'lon v\. , . without in .? ? -:?nt ition, :?n<l If-w Iii'tnil*'* ;tl Kc. % \iVftt Klevrtuh M.? :lT*llHar Fit ill ?vt.?nu?*. \t.ADV KA\ fNiI 'J VO II.VXDSnMKLV F?"K . i" i>>? !o^?*i,\\.?. I iin'- "in: ot '?<> oh 'ajy \um n i : >; h.u.r \in nia j,; ',v >ir If .nttvctt r Vr Lamviis. 4 } \MihV OCHTMSG A FIRST CLASS JIOl'Hf?, u -iihi t rvt, witf* BotirM, i>.?m ; ni Room ^ ftiii'/iblf i'vv or K^nitemon; hotitfe hiiM .ill ibo im? pi AimiMitH hi??1 incuiivputanUy itx-aied tu c.u* nadftUigt-tf. Good ttible ivitb iiwuc cvmlyiw. So. 3 AiliK'u ?:?? ,

tM&Jtimk ' " 7 ' sKsriAY, SEPTEMBER 11, HOYKDINU .VXD LODG1VG . \HlONT ItOOM AMI KEUKOOM I>N XHCOS > AMI third htiviiiM ixr>E? ? >???*, hot unti <*ol*t whUt, i ?;?n, ?V?\, to let, w iilt H?>.4ul; 1 [inn'.y priv ?(? ; tiMiim* well fut1 ; l#*n4U rn t<*r.(l?'; iW?m. iuvh i\ h an ?m1. '21 SovcDth , 'iVMfth mtut Villi *?'i*Tkth n i i>. j i SMALL FKIVATF. FAMTI.Y WILL I.F.T \ PARLOR *\ ' Hf?: . !?? ?'! i In- t. ii w i> .???! i (t'tf.iuUy i'i. 'm iI, >?-ih l>i.> Mitf .t i In;;, in a Ucumit, |\v itliiiiii ImhJ. at- U7 Ka-i T\v? am *uvrt. 4T :Ui r VST TWKVTIKTII KTIU'KT, NKAII MK'AD J\ v\:i\?lit'tril.?A vtov jiUvH twt Imiii K<h>(ii (?ti s??>?iul . 11 t.M , .iM 'r )??? ?- ? |fi>t ? ??)? ?, * *?? !' MonWy IntuJ-Oiia]. i ii mvrtiU'Uc , iiu* j U**J rH'mvi;v**h ofl'?'r??<l; l?K'UtKUi vn y j f AOINTLEMAS ANDWIFK YYANI TWO OU TIIKKE .lit*, i,)ifunil*h<*??. I ? ? 1"-niton; ton*< Jm i ii ? ! ail and tl?ly ki?|it hoiii*>. waii'T ?) i?i(. f|<?,,f m?it* t?-i'Hul>U\ ami wiiliui imii' ?: *Un ituni r Oiun<{ ami ! lh? 3??\wrv. A'Mtv.* Willi mi *ann ?. 213 (?'rio<l str?vt, A LADY WOl'M) UKii To 1 1 1 l*\\ o HANHSOMNLY funtMiM INirlor* ton la?iy aiul i'.)<-in?i>. l?<wmi for J thMudv; |?at liul l'<?r tit*'gontU-wi m, if r? ?juliv<!. IIhiihi* Iiaa all tin* "i?i i-i iv>i|>ii>V?'!iM'??i*. LtkMiton iiii^ni | -m:U. Ap. ply Nt ft* BjvmI Twmiv ilflh mrf't. ii ai I^xIm^mi iivi'iim', BOARD?SLITS AND SINOLW Kt?OMS IN KINK OR?lrr, to l??t, with lirMt Ha** H??nr?l; arraiwmrnt* ran im initio tor lite wiuU*r ut IW l niwr.Mty |iUu , oiKwr ot Ninth I ?u?m, l'ruat**'able If il?'-n ?'il. I * ". BOARD.?HLKMKIIND ROOM* TO LHT, FOR OKS. Mini ilirlr wive* n 1 Kinglr wntfrtiien, <m miwit J tiTtriH, in h n?o?1?'ni hoiiKc, wu?'n? tho roniloii^ oi \ h"m? I ran l?? n t, iu u iVUkml l?naUiy. lai^ulnr at No. J7 Ka%t j BliVlMBlUMK BOA It D.?A (iKNTLEMW AM) WTFK, Oil KINCl.K g<>tuU-tnon, can <?i'U%ivi Koom*, with Board, at No. 5V\<s' j Wa^hin^ton ?dHc??; al*?\ ? r i oi ratl<>r*on llrat iloor. I.'?< ?I Uun ?n\f ry pleasant, l*ing oj?)?o?iU) th?a ftqunrf. U?fVt.tuo j ivqulifd. ! poAHD.-A OKNTMWAN AMI WIFK OR KlNiJI K JJ toman <-u.i ooutln U<*oqi>; vt lih 11 >ard, ui 4*>4 Fourth s(i? (. I .(nation convenient to Fourth avenue car* ami Broadway Nitty***, Hol*ir*oict?s exc.h4tng#*d. BoAUJ>.-:rnr: skcono OH THIRD riOOA, OH Ui iwt-1, to Mutakrst i'l.kf family, mav b<? wvnred, niih ] IKhouiM* liv-.tfcd In CH?.? a\?mo?, ifd<;hU>t'Woo?l ?>1 Twfii[ ty-ninth hii ? ? !. Addrc**, jiivii-x ntunw and particulars, Jam* h N. L., Iku U4 Herald olhce. BOAKP?BKTWKKN KIFTI! AM) SIXTH AVBNUFX? Ku ilhi/.o iicH ly I'tiruon lit* N'M U.1,1 ilooi-, ' Mainly or lu with'ii'ht ol.! ;?, taole, may ?*. ohluin< ,1 iv ;i grnflrtn.iu and his w i?, nu mod* mi* tni m-?. Inquire u? I W. ht Thirty-scwmlt str**?t. BOAKP?WITH FKNNOH V.KSKON'M IP KKQCfllKP, IK u r.triMHii t>?i >ily. when**? hicl' t* a l'ron>aor of thi* i thy. No. us Khm< Twitty-wi-ond *u*?*i. Boaud.?a oentlkman and \yifk, ok two sin tjl*? tleiin'n, can )?(HiinK iit i\ iiuhlrrn hoiinr, with ail th/? hit (trove mcnta, u( i'?i Ninth Htvce.l, a few ihunn *?st of Broadway. Hoard.?a suit of booms on tiik shcoxd ( llonr, I'n in I, to let, Willi Board. jiiiutMc t. ?t a ^'titlci.iau ! and wife; mention uii*urj>nHt<ed. AIno :i lnt ?? K ?om, Htil??\!.? ? I foraahuJ'1 i*fiit!ormtn. Apply at Ifc West Tweiityihtrd tbreet. K ft'ivinrsiii'ljiHi;!'.!. BOAKD--SECOND DO0H KltOM KIKT1I A\KNTi;.~ Two Kooiiih on **nond Iloor, coiu'iKiiii'-HiiiiK l>\ -1< 11n i doors mliking pleasant ?i*at intent > for a ftariv oftwo or j three tfemlemeti friend* or it t(Miii?Muttii Mini wile. Lhotier i Ht ttix. Location No.S Ka#t Thirtieth shed. BOAKD -A FKONT, HACK AND ON IS SINOLK ROOM at IMS \V?'Hi Fourteenth birwi, Iwiwcett F.f?ii mid Sixth avenues. BOAKI).?AN KI.KIIlU.r. AI'ARTMKST IN \ VlJJty Hutai!, uiiohtruHlTr family 'ol? . willi B<>ai(l, loan invnJ li?l or m liuiy L4? ii i|itni'DjtMi'. iil kitolto ^ :uoi lioin# a'trofiun. For lfwation, t^rimL auftjy to or mMr - s i In. TUt Ko. Htxth ?v?nu??, N. v. BOARD~AT JS STUVVKSANT STU1RT. CONTIM * lion ?ii AM?ir vStfo, w oihI ? i iho new Kii^IJ.hIi liasonu'nt { hotiM # fit.Ni ii' Tlunl ao iuit!.?Front ami i-ark I .?rl<?iK. tutfuniihloMl. A'itV B??ar?l; a!so a iffmh-iuun attd htN wlfr or two I siitKlt* gi'iiDMtiffii rnn Ik? H^'t^ui.tHHlnUfd with Board whcri'ilu*. I cumioim u) a lit(?m? fan lw Ji ol. ('onv?5iiU'nt to car and *Uo:?\ j l>t)AHD?A FAMII.V II AVI W MOICK ROOM Til AN* j Ij ro<|olriNi, woitld dif(>o^?'of ni't* a'tumuiKM^itions on iln? ' ??N*on<l tloor to a ainatl, n* nlr?*l l-'-.-atitat div-tt.iltlr; a?<X'h>Hdi'. i?y r.uttuuil atagfs. A)?j>'.y at 17*2 W?? I 1XIABU?TilinrVMH Kill hTltKKY. NKAIl I'IK'I'II J> l.aiy new lour .vtolv brown stone house w -l of nnd near Fifth avenue; carriage house In rear; l'arb r hior>, with private table, and Maund ,md ih.rd Morten, onfurnished, orfurnisbod ucw to anil. Ipply ai-M Wc*t Thirty ilftb Htm i BOARD AT 15 ROND STREET.?VINE KITHN|S!fEl> K'xmiK. en aulte or sincb\ with or w ithout Hiwirl; Aral j ('bote liouw and central locution; all modern improvement*. I T viuk moderate. A ? boii < oJ' Rooms on *< <-oioi, tliirtl mot | loitrtb floors may now be bad. | t?oard for children.-an amewcw lady ok j .13 experience and capability will take ibc. omirc car#* ef t w o or three children on '.cry reasonable terms. Apply at j W liomtb>nwt. j f>OARD IN 01TY OR <-OlfNTUY.?I'llLE DOTEOTloNS } I# ^ t . applicant* for Ron I'd or Dwellings at the Bouid | Ue^Mty, 336 Hr???otway. Hoard and Dwellings warned, lo | d? -*trabi?> locallth a, to inert prele.veticj * *?l applpMiits. | A. 15. .JONES A CO. B' OARD IN IJARLKV-A OENTLKMAN AND WIFE or i wo ^Rentiemen can obtain iiood Hiwnl, w iih j the i omforta of ,i home, i\v mMter-dnti A. W., box 127 Harlem Hohi ofliee. Location desirable. Board in jersey iity.-tuo yoi no mkn oan obtain R<>ard, hi a private family tenldlny in a tir-i clar* j a few minutes walk from tf?<*'.br*c\ C iy Ferry. wliero j th#?y can ciijov the com.oris and priv ilege oi .i i i?-i md re. | hfw-.?'t;ib!f? home; references e\ch,;i?^?"*. If desired. Addle,-* , lor two day* J. o. II., box \'Zi llcr.dd oJNch. j "IJOARD WANTED?l-'t>R V OENTLEMAV AND W 1 I K, I I) lit .i *mall pi'lrul" famll> lip town. A-I-. r- ?o? j cation ami t -uw. which must include uas wo i lire, H. fc. j b>'a m H?*mM < " BOA KI? WANTED?IX A PRIVATE KAMI LY. I'OK i w o "'Miteinen ami wives (no children), two Parlors, | witii He. adj'.ininu; one j-nf to be p,?j i Lilly j orni:)<< .1 ; and the ? ' !ier win my \ddi ? ?*, with te run; and leu (ion j of house am! room*, T. >>?tion |). BOARD WASTED? RY A YOI NO LADY, IN V UK Mtecfalde private family. Teruia not to exceed J-'l .t j u.i-k. AiWifx* M. N? lli-ial.l WAXTKD-BY A ?i i:\Ti.i; MAN, HIS Will'., two ?liildren and s. rvsnJ, betw en Tenth and ThlnleUi [ nir?'et-', Potirfli and > \ mil aveiin. *.; hecond suirj o ?tim t will be. required, furnished. Ad? O. li. \., llrrwi I otllce. Board wanted?in a small amekican kamilv, for two fx r^uis ha. in^ their own inniiiure; iwo umau I'NiinK adjoiniiiif, one with aeroioinoiii.tloiih for t;K>; it i^ d? l Mred to f?e p?*imanenf. price not to exceed dollars |^t week. Addrean ll?m?e. llembl o?Uce. |>OARD WANTED?FOR A Vol'NO LADY. \ROYK I> Tw^cntv-.-lxih Nlrcet, w here there are in. other l.-mrders; the> <?: a w idow holy pieferrcd. TeJ in-* not to exceed $6 per week. Addres*C. K., Madi on opiate I'msj olUcc. Board wanted in fifth avem e.?a okntle. man and his w ife, of rcHi>e?'t;ibllityf n itlnmi *1 Idieai, { want tore it furnished II<xui,m in Fifth av? nu? .>< ?>% s? u?nI tecnth now! np'terred, rltner')r.?! ?>r nd flo.^r, w:th prfj van- tabb* for tb?* w inter, where there uro uo other bonrdt-rM, I Add lean A. )t., box lf*)7 H' i.'hl oiIi?c. BOA RHINO.?A FEW KESI'Kt 1 MILK YOI.NO MEN enn be n< < omm aboed wit!* -.?-id Hoard nnd ?;omf??rUtb!e j Apartment* hi MW Rowery, near tjmnd street. 7>o\RJ)IN0? AT l?'i I TENTH STREET. RET WE EN { .LJ bir-t hi - ntmaml avriim* A. ami h?,ir wiw-s i itun hi ut'< oinimaiaU'rf with H"ar<l uu>i ft- ???n ?n tlo* most rniMmnbU* brnis. A small l\irb>\ lb?tr?*oiw ami rimli*** i rloM?t IvHl l?r li*t to twi\ %:t* Inclmb-tl. Thr bnil?r }j;.4 jj|| tli#? | modern liuprovcnunu; ).* < oir > ;?]- .j: u> run utui TJOARDINO.?A CRNTI.KVi.VS AS/) WIKK, OK TWO | .1) or thr< ? u? >>'? a'/'omm' l?t? d tvltli H'hxI ; ii?i ai?y h'"itt ltoofrt*, mi r?M mrn??, at 16 Hirtiv urwi, m art.'niiid. BOAUUINO WI LI J BE OlYKN IN' KXCIIANGK KOK diy goodg or growl it;;', for p'ntbim'.'i, n? CJW Spnwif hi. BOARWNO.--A FEW RKSPISCTAHLi: MKN 4'AN* BK hn.oinniHiMl*')) with tb?* b?*-l of I'oi.Pl .in ! ul*-#? why Jtnom* from $3 to %'*M, j1*o, nb*" IJooiim i-t ?mj<, a man and tviiV. wilh ba< k j>a.r!>>r if ?# 4?j>f*? ?I; ami i*a<h in th<r* hon*?\ A*>i>ly?i IN w>8l 'fiiirty-thlrti *Uect, S/'vi-Mth and t. ;hfli avium's. BKOOKI.VX.-TO LET, WITH B0A11D, A LUt?JK Roo.ti, hoi mid cold wamr, Hon'-i*. X*r . to 1*0 Kmtbnm'n, or a lady >* * !# maw: '< on th<- -u i?* iloor; a No ?t K. U?'i *iiu:b- ??>mlrmait; d.nm*r at o'clock. Apply at lUH i'tiulon hlnu'L B' ROOKI.Y.V-TO l.fcT. TO A KK-SPON-iHl-E J'AHTV ?it .1 iiMKlfrn?" rent, the modern built tliive nlory brow n Hton** lloiw 370 tit'iir^ r?- !, w\i)i bath. *aH (ixtUieH, Ac. Jn iuiiv or i!. M. HLVKILMAX, J.V Hmadway. Brooklyn.?la roe front rooms, w ith t'losets ami H "'r"onr< tUiaehcd* 10 *t? with lir^t rla** Hoard, fun?lHln <l nr mil I'mi-ind; *mh, ba4h, ?Vr.; be! wrtsn and war to Snfth and Wall HtioiH ferries. Apply at j1.) .Stat* htm;t, o|iJjoajte Brooklyn.?one ob wo gentlemen cmn be ni?. ?\ ;*? inmiodnted in a strletlv larnUy, v.h'ir j ti.' V' .in - i.) > tli<* < uinh-rtM oi ,m r*-al Ti>?? )o?\<i.lon of tii' l.oua? . hf-ai- N'omli ami Wall alr.wi t>?rrl?*?. IMfifirr :U 4?<i K??r j>i?j u':ularMao'h*'^ u. i*. ()., box IU7 Hwruld ! oii??*?, for 1 >?*o *i.?y?. r)'t<K?KlA \ ROAIfl).?AN r.LKUANT SKI '< ?Nh .-?TOKT ) lr??ni Room, wi?i? ul? an?l Ihir .! *lo?-y from lor ; n |rj?- 1 in n-ouo. I? ??-* 01 d#?ii.;lif.?'ullo<ai11 ?n(??< :u !) m?>. kimilv privat??, i ? KllioM |?la<,?*. ornrr of ]4aii?ou ola???ln/U4e *vitb bay vvimluw. at hi* o'clw*. BKOIiRLVN 1HX\ It i?.? I 'J J''. ASA NT DOtJiJ.K AV? inpi^ Ko?-m? to b-i, iroinforrabb' mo<1 ?! liou?ir?; b jiioi) il^liLbu?i), ;?*ul Mitiiinfh** *?iiun(? -*' wii > oi Sointi Wall mrwt f?rry. Apj'lv at *k> ilimliM fvti-an , ?. TJOARTI in R?rH>KLYN.-sin<;iJl ( )".NTLl MJ n cas I) IV. ... mum da' rft with Kdmih ?'rl Hofiixt nt I"' N m v.-,f# . ii\?' jniiiMi' f? ttMlk from Kul'ori N-iry. , buiin j ai *'t? .'J'rf-k. II ttli ..ftmi pj*. &<-. through tin* hoiiiN BOARD JN RHOOKLY.V-A r.E.VTLEMA* AND WIKK i?f;? MMif)'' of * n *'nn J ? ifcoipi nut* , \riih pU-.v, r kV diH Mdd Ho.h iJ, iu a munii Utur.h, by in* quli i.ik nt 2l<) < 'jltttoii ?tro#t. TJuAKD IN HI.OOKLYS.?MAUKJKD 'Wt -OM.1 K I 1) j. nilrm^n ? ??? ?! w I ii f.'<<v.<titl* with or vvnhoitf l>C(h*rMMi?K In 1 first. < i t#*-* f> h?m'\ i'nttui n^'iyi^/orirofx), o uli the l??ri ith. T?m'Ihm App'> *' 47 0<hi?i?H hi trot. hoard in Brooklyn.-two oj-viusmkn v ay 1) i ll U?':i ?! a?j l h N?*v\ ]'. j?!.-.1 Mm,. \ r ?. vc-nirnt lo an? and IVlrics, l>v .it tJ NYiitoiigfi'.v ; ?irnfi. Boardisbeooiclys -rooxs <>\ >..? o? i>floor, smht 'U :?>r g''ir.W'iuon hikI Un lr m)mo a mnjil Ilnum on th 1 il floor within Ivo mininri o| the S ?titZk un \ | si;\on ?)J Wnli H-iiy. Kt?nr<w > ?-ic!ih; A^oy. ' ftj 10) I'.i'-.lir stnwt. > 7>u UU?fN BUOOK(AW?A OKNTLKM AN AND VVPI 12 1 > .1 1 -a <i mi; 1. .Urinrn ran oMmJu plr;?m< J! art! in a smnll family, lu^uli'* at 130 I>iilJl"lil at rivet. TJOARD IX BROOKLYN.?1JKSIUABLE ROOMS. WITH l> Urgf chiton, ?ntM?t?lw for gentlemen ami ih?-lr v. tvp* or mitgli' k? -rtftUrmen, may !?? find, with liral cUuw BiJ.ii.J, ly ?> plying Rt 61 Mlrwi. The hoine )* r^pfeU) with th?t modern improvement*, iu a line locaUun, ana uitiveriieat tU 1861. BOAMDH'C /V\r? I.OD< .Mi, i ?> UOAU1) !N iiltOOKI.YN.?A << VI'l.TMAN AM) Win:, or iwn mIii^ 1*9 ?ait !?? tiitiiHMinU'il wilh Hoard, in i. j?riv,it irnil/aud in a |ilfwt?nnt location, hv applying a? No. 13 St ? \rn doom front Lu layette j uvrntio, at: ! ditc Mo? i; from i! F .'i n uv? dim* arm. Hoard in Brooklyn.-a lady o?'<tpying a tln?L ola** bonno would like to Hoard a wntleman and family '?r l*o \:?'in!? nu n. K?h>iok pU-nxant, with U"od tabli;. Th om* Milling it ji \ %\ iiM.-ouali't j i !?' I'oi a cotillon).??!? )?f? ??#?, IVHI ,'U IlKlW^I \N I* < <'<( t'liUMti ;kl? t I own I,i|t> 'N, 1; , , ! ;)? ?' iV?r? ui?U ft!l>OAKP IN HliOOKI.YX-t'OR (IKNTt 1MIN AND I J il?#-ir wju?>, < hii.'!? uMniruM-r, wilh lull or partial | Hoard, oi a ?'?' *' i '-ilvatr l inily: will toronimt'd u*'Willi a } iu< ttirut?h<M iJ<' (room, on tc.utit 1.m i?*niiM. iii a vrrjr root- i 14 i1 able bouse. \pplv mi -l,>s U? i"V ?iiff1., tx iwoeii* Statu j ao'l A\lua;i.- sip'v. m?ar lh?* South I* ; iy. UOARO IN miiiuKiw. m unn HTKBKT. W ' twccn I'om't am! t'hnton.-- A ittmilcumit ami hi* wif?< at: obtain Hoard, with a jilr.want tt"om. K hhiik lOr utlcin mi all* ?, The hoiive j* mmk-rrt ami < loifiiteiu to tbo < mi-k ! and l?v> !? *. BliMOKI.YV I IK U* (ITS.- SO. 4 WI).I<f>\V PI A<K. *.!ir?*? n.ltiuuvV walk I'lom Fulton !' rry.?A N< w l?ii|(lutid lady oticrit u ploaHiint homo to wishing Hoard. Uo? iok iuriilMi'vi ??r uiiiut'iU?h?*<t. K?'friniuw ri*i|iiir?i. i liUOOKLYN IlKltJIITtf-CAlX AT NO. !?7 STATE IJ sirriM, iorn?r of t'ltnlou, and *r? uro two inw front Kootuh (furni-hed, it* desired), with tf?-od Hoard, ?tc. niCOOKLYN HKUtflTS.?YKRY PLEASANTKOOM8 ON IJ Kccond llo?ir, overlooking ih?* Kast riicr and the bay, with ll<>ard. -Ii??l\ r .?n Hiilm, to cenilenieu and llwlr wlvi'n, ?r dnTl'- xfiitln # ??; heai by t-u tuoc; Iuih run, A?\ Apply at No. b Poplar ?tice{, thr? ? minute* of Kullon lorry. Brooklyn iikiohts-hm <-or.r?HU strf.rt, riviT *I<1<% uvr1<xiKliiu llii> Uiv.?lUxilu*, Hinj|U'ni* 111 ' mill, >ani lm uhutllii'd, with H-uiiil, In hum of tin- Uni nl kIiiih | lloiik III llKinklyn, Ix tniM-n Wull ttuil 1'ultuii fi rii' *. RWr , j rvncoarx<-hun>{<-<1. BltOOKI YN HEIfUl'W.?A iJBVTf.EMAN AND WIKK I or Iwn kIiikIi' Kfiiilciiii'ii ?nii nlitiiln |ilru?MiH Koomx, w ith I <o>Hl I.'thlp, hv ?ti|ilyin? Ht Nu. S Willow mifet, w I lb In thivr I intiliiti'.V of Pulton ii rry. Board on brooki.yn iieic iits.?i.ksiiiahlr aorotninodation* .'or h mi at>?f \vil? or Mtutlc Rt*n'"hii !> ? hud in a tonali pr1v?t?* family. lion**' has modern intprnrrmcuta. aitiat^d at 1:1 Poplar Htrwt, briwren WUlow and Columbia ativrtit, n?nr Pulton lrrry. UOAltD ON fiKiHIK N IIKHiHTS -WITH P I.K ASA NT Room*, in a dfM. Hhlf locationa, family tonall ami trim* | ' moderate. Apply i?t 'M\ \\ lilow t. ROAHI> ON BKOOKMX I! Kit, IfT'v-ROOMS NK VTLY furtt * - wiih tcf*t<r. ::n* and iim? of hathvt?om; ?ltv* mii>n deitgf'f <i 1, and w hii in \ minut ?' walk < ?i Wall mnrt aiitl Kulfoti tforrir Apply it Hi" t'i ?*u?*?rry *ir?<u. n?'iir IV < tumid*. BOAUO ON nUOOKI YN ii KUjIJTS.?A OENTLEMAN and w if'* or mo pttttfie '{eulicinenran i?e urroinino'lutttd vilh Ho.nd an ! pi** **uiU Rooms at IS Willow I Afreet, uItliln three minute* walk of Pulton lerrr. Term# i moderate, 1 VESTHABI.K PI RNltfllKP ROOMS TO IJCT?WITfl I f J*-ml, mm table tor (ainlll' H or ninths ^'Uilfiuen; the ' house h** .ill tin* tii<?ifi'n improvements; location v? i*v ph-a"?nt; term* rcaxonnhk. Apply at 4110 \\ ? * Twcnty-iUird : ??ivef. lC?'l**n'ni',s DKKIKMU.K ROOMS WITH MOOD HOARD, CAN BE ohiaim-d in a iirnuie tamlly, w ithout children, by ap, plying a' ?U> Kn*t Hi iriy-third .(reef, near J> \ nj;ton avcJ^IXK ROOMS?TN SI* IT OH HINCJi.K, WITH UOOO 1 Hoard amI a pleasant home, ran be obtained at 3S H cM Ninth Mreel, between Klfth and Jii*th aveudch. LU RMMiKI) ROOMS AT .'M WK8T ITS ION PLACEAN i r fU'na.n ?nii >! lt??on?h on Oio, wninU floor, tnnuhin i!m? ' I'onntain; alau oil???r vooiwh, furniahfil, ami u'lll j Ih? |ft at HMsonahW* prlit^ wlthotit board. InUltXISllED MANDKOMFhY-ONK I AU<.R HI Droom; would a<roimiMHiat^ tx.o KcnttonuMi; aUo, a J hin-zln Room to U?t, with pa.ilal li>?ardt to a tluglr ^iintlfinan; | I'.uh, Ar.; m ?>l Hl? ? -Wiir Htrrot. : ^l ilNISIIKD KOOMS.-L VROK AMI Kf.KOANTIJY f r i'ur?ii<ili?'d licdroioiiM to l#?t, to giuitW'iuen, without ' Board, ttio'ajt, in a larv tlrnt irlann itouKr, wtrh tjy ^rlvat^ f:?iitily, in Twfilth ntriM-t, t'fvs doont Iphii Hi?nolv\a^. A law, !iiaL;nitir?<ntly turntKU. il Parlor am) H? ?lroom .n! joiulnff ran i?u had <i1mo. Add) <-nii lloomjit Uiilf>n ?'jn?r#* I'ofct oflii*. I^i i:msii?:i? roomk to m?:t~to a oknti.kman ! P and w il'? or two Miiii(f** pMitl?Mit?n. fr? ??i and hark roonw, ; w ifh < ioMi tM iM.twi-iui; pan nnd haih loom Htt.M'hi d; at iin n fr?*m? lv low r?Mti. Impilm intiioMliatrly at ll.irrow rtireei. , Hof??ivuvi;t r?nnlrrd. KNISHKIi ROOMS TO LKT?WfTII OR WITIIOl T 1 hfiard, in a Ur?*i i'Iuhh ium^t, at Fourth avrnm*. Mho ' Ihinrd In a uiofh't u ItnuHr at Fori Wanhln^ton, lor llir Tall and j wint?*r.#twith Ktal)UtiK ' l^rRSIHllHt) ROOMS ON RliOAUW\Y, NO. 71^| .1 Hoouim to lot, Inrulfbod or nnfurnlHh?Mt ??ith? r for fudn!)?< . ..?!!, # ? ? mlliu ,tri? linn ill'tin* lu<4l lni>uilnna tn lb-tit low 10 ?m(l tli" limit*. A n'Htau.irut allaclKMl tu t ii?. houti*. ; lmiinisukd rooms?with ai.i, tiu: modkkn i rrti?v?'i?j? ix:pv, itii . * / <!n?t (ttiil third floor*, to Irt, U\ Milt* or ra!*'ly. Hr?Mkta?f fnrnixltt'ti in ruoniH, if required, j af .'<71 Fourtf. s(t*??W, ni iir f?a layette plan* and Bt'oiulwux. I^t'KMHIIKI) OH I'N'h'IfRVJMI KI> HOOMH TO l.l"!'? ItiMi'inor will* partial or /'nil Houril; also rt.iy { J?u<a!iim (jIomnum?. !{ ' ?? of vimi uit'l r- i|iiiivd. A|'|>i* ?f 124 \\ hi Forty-mhooiiM stmt, nonr Hi'fHtiw.t y. TjUJRNtSlfKU ROOMS TO LKT--W ITIIOlT DO A HP; A \ " larm -i hark Itnonj, ivilh l?atli ro<?rn attiulii'd, on j M'i'diiil llo ?r; also two IVont Kooui* on #hir?* floor, miltahtf* for I i ii party of A|?f?t>* *t No. 7 Ludlow place. lloiiHtou i j *ii?'?t,b?i w? vu Sfiilivm and Mwdoutinl street*. LlliKNTI! HOAKD.?A I litis* II FAMILY. OCICtJI'YINU j r v ?ir*t < ? <-? liitii.-' . ?v ; 11!fl n Miu'ii.ut.itf h gentleman ami j w i!? ??i tu ^in?ie ii* ucviif ii w illt well f'lroislicit Aparitu?-nu and Board in tie- fn*-t *i\ 1" Spanish, Oermun and Lnj(lifd? . in I*.'111. \ p>??> at ii'j \Y-"%i. Twellth *ir? ?-i, between Fifth at;d ' Sixth avenues* FnjIMfSllKD JtO<?MS~A LAKl.'B AM) AKAI.TIFI'L f urtiisiied room a i i liriii-ooin on the M-eond tUior of h first I'lass houHi1 to lei, lor tin* seanon. in s.nijle gentlemen 1 *>ik(y. Apply on til'- premises, No. .">9 Mleeek? r jdrtvl. l^rr.Nisnr.D KOOMS TO LKT.-A \r<i: sen op P Koorris <m -< < <?rt<( floor to let, ,on?d-otiu' "f* front mij 1 l?a?*k ; Kooms, with cn'u 'ts ht'iwi'cn, ii lee bathroom alt."'lied, ami ; :??, all at fXtr?'i?n'i> low rates; admirably arrant:' t lor ? ^'D* lleinan and \\ il'e, or two single gentlemen, Jmpiiio innneiljatwly at ?.r? Harrow street. LTItN ISFIKD ROOMS?POR KVMII.IKS OK SI.Vdf.E i" irenilein.*t? at 31 Washington phve, t nfversiM Building;) fani'i{ it desired; a in.if. lor a pli\aic ian's oIlW'p. JJI UMSKI'I) UOO.MS?TO OFXTLfCMKN ONLY, WITH i1 and T?*h, on f?H*oiiil ..n l thiiil UoorH; vory rliorrf ill aiitt li^fl imaiifl) liirnisliffl; lloos* cIhhh. Firuao i -Ul at f?l \V<-x' I'wrirth rttrriM, lii'tvv. rii Filth Mild S'.Ttli avfi im??n, l<?r tlit' i' tlavs. ML'RNISIIKI) ROOMS AT 21 IAV STRKKT, COKXER I' oi Oiv. mvi' ii.?A f?'W t:?'tit.U nH'H can In* a^'Mnnii-^latrd v Ifh piraaaui. Wfll I'lirninliMiI It'ionin, on vory jvaMonablr trrniM. inquire ot Mrw. It. J). H'ajart. T^rnNISllKI) IIOOMS VVANTMI), WITH HOARD?BY A r >omill family ?<f lour iwivon*; two bedroom* adjoining ! on Mf*Mnd lloor, w ifh \vi?(**r ami i/aw. with location and v rins, vslii? h miiMt be reaMonahle, A. H. (1., J*o*t . oifiir*. TpCftKIHHED ROOM# tO LET- IT 4S70ASAL STREET. AJao two girls wanted, to aiit?-fk?l bar; good looks nro In' dispensable. ! / '! :VITEMKN VOABDIMO OP TOWN, AND J'AYJNO t I hiuli j?rl? ?*K l'?r poor ? rniMo.jHii?)H", will find at So, fjU White utrei-t, >i j/ooii nible, pleasant iwoms, k?*, bath*, and wryi hi mi; u.4 witr like home as possible. Terms reasoua* Ide. References reunited. (II NTU.MLN UNO TIIE1E WITE8 OB SHf0Lf (JEN. J tleroen '*:m obtain ph-n-nnf room*, with or without ' bo.ud. .it 71 Wi-n Fourteenth street, tirait brown stone front j I lm'jse west ofSlvth avenue. I nANIISOUEi.V FtfR\TSlIKD ROOMS TO LET, WITH ' bo?rdj in null* or single. Iloonmon *eoond and third llooi s. Apply ?u IIH East Fourteen A) street. Handsomely *trnjsiied avautments to let u? w iiih'im-n, with or wiihout p*mml Hoard, in a priI vntir family. \ libera) j?rii*? ??-.| hi exchangi* for mij* ' rior at ? ou\modal Ions. Apply at 37 Eapt Fifteenth street, | Union nqti ire nOTGfi At COMMoDATlON.-' AT MODERATE PRICE#. j r ill l?i' had ui N?'. 4!* W?'M i'hii jhi>i sii corner Of , Droadway. Tb's honw is nicely furm?lnd. and kept in the j i -i xtyl"*, and is will.niited io *(h<* <orntort .?f uood rU?d# la- i nolie* rr <t *iru<le k-nrtemeii; lowem price for single Rooms, ! \\ ttli^Ro ?rd. $'? per we**k. j "IToTEL LODOIXOS.?CLEAN SINOLK ROOMS, FROM j J I $1 to a week, itv'jit renin a HittfJr uitilii, at the Mun, 1 ill tan jloorM'. 2iM.#o'ri- street, ono blo< k froin City Hail i'ark. Mr*u??'rs wiii hud this u quiet, comfortable placo to fWP f &OKHON llorsK, 210 ELM 8TBI i T, ?THE LOWBBT # rented ?nd mo*i rronfortablv ?rid conveniently furnished j Ap i)*tm< at* iu the city. ?oiueet tlje wants of viiiuil families. J ultb every reipilsltw furniture. Lim-ii, ''/hiking range and j uteri?4,ltt, %hh ;miiI <y'rot/)ii wao*r. ji:p.PF.Y riTV noAnn.-norjiK fiwt nr,\ss i i with uU lh? mi J**rn )??)pr?/w? fn? /o>; ;i #picndid view of ; ; tin* 1?h> ; pri' i- fl tj,r wh<I $rt for guitjemaii ami ;? nrhi?ri walk from the terry, lAHOnnd ; dinner ! . |u .. i - '', i' 'i given an required. : 1 ,\k?;k KiBXisin:r> room to i.i?t?to a lady JJ .ind ath rii.tij, with full Jiourd l??i tin- la<i.v onlv, in a i ffiiaii I noilV ??f two; III* iy!i< i ho.*.r<lers io ?he h'Uisr; ntuatrd ir t'n o' i^'ilHU hood < : Fifth Aviomr 1! ?ii?|. A Jndy of qntet | luiitli" l?r? Irrd. V?Hr?*> * \V. 1J.. t/i-dl'nn-'s l*ni'?n niHure PoSt . YjAJSnN MKI HI.KE. 70 AND 72 V^KST TillKTV j?l i ; ..i:!? >'! . !.?i^iNims I'-W-fl.Mitiy fnnrtshed, or wii*?le t" . wi:h I ifiv n, n 'Li i* end yard. Ho'i?<*s newJirsl tiu^, , t'..,.. Mlnrt M..UII -IMH..' ?;?1, lultnl" >llo.?L fill ?i!?)??/! 1 \Y !(???. jmri >r floor or Haft*-moid for physl'l.tii's otltoe. N-os. tut \sv} 112 r, \wt koi nner*nth strkf.t, i?? ?r riiion ?Ki' K ' fiuuly or in auus, Board: Mirmn moderate; hoof? j?:# !. rnpairaU and r??nov^u"). ApHy ?a abor*\ pi.lUSANT ItOOMX T<i l.ET-To A HKSTI.KMAN AND I I wile: - mifli nnniXH ttMnublr i<rrer:?t]ean:n. Apply .?* ri.% Nuillt tfit* <'t, a lew Uo?'i ' vvim ?>J llroa Itvav. |)M'MS.\NT 1#( CMSIIKII ROOM*, WFTH MoUKflN | hujiHO ' mi'iif. tv.a; in- ? }? . miim1 '.vh.i? in a very fcin- l?*su ion, l?y .i|i|itvt!'4 hi No, Wewi Tweut>-Jirat i: i' o? ^ N^inn^r.j. 1JU5ASANT KOO.MM I'AX JIK OP,IAIXF.D AT UMI vr, .|: ,- i-i.. with foil or fMtcJilt Rncrd, . |>LI-:AHANT ROOMS TO I.KT?WITH BOAItl>, AT , 3 I ? Koorth uvenue. l>lnii'"/ ,ii |>i,i:asant A.vr> vvEi.r i i knisiild kk<>st rooms I >'< 11 1, wall !! .u !. N. i.iil' ?rhi.'nl ij'Hw). lyi all Hi n?i. ??i)?ntt< .sinmnrtM A. vlv ?' ?l Writ T*riily.Mxih olivet. KOOM>* FOK UXNTM:UAV AM? WIFK OH ktnui F. ,i i, i.-jii. n, m i.r w iUkii.i B.i.ii il. in Urn lltM luuilt-U . iiniiK'ill tri'.'l. I>itu>'i- it !, -.11 -4 .n.-i a x ii'i I.h '-, Turn* in<?t?>r?t?. hi'fin'ii1''^ I'S'^ianiiFi] llOOMS TO l.KT-FI KMSIIRI) OK t'XKI RNIPHHI*. 1 II- wiih Bivini. lor fuuiilli-* ur Mtiijfo u'lntleinou, at JVo, '^3 . j V?'?r l " iui iiih utr < t, in .n Filth ?s> ii'i'-. ! DOOMS TO LBT-WRll^OB WITHOUT BQARfe AS i XV aUecVj l\Aiw fcwdtni*rt Meu* * 1 3 BOARDING AND LODGING* To most: living in hotels and hoarding boum-p.?Tbero lx an estftbiialiincnl 4>pen?d at 110 Mucdougai strout, tho rooms betn;; )?i?! out in fuIih .-mil furnished with ovrytbiiiir ncre^-jry lor houw|t',opirfr. in order lUai a family may liavo a cwnplito homo and i)v?> at ati Inconceivably low ralo. Tborr ia a restaurant at- * taclicd. fPWo OK TIIRKK (JKNTLKM* N TAN UK ACVO.MMOI ?' ited wfTli v'fumnt Room* v d r*?. B*?art! in a (?rlvi%(?i >aiti!!v, vi u'.iill in.ciutt*? walk i >m KotUm firry. T ru.H moderate. Apply at iM High ?tr?,?,i. Brooklyn, rP<) LET?To SI.VOLE (IE NTT KM F.N. AT NO. ftttRRVi' I J one* Mreet, ;i P ????rt * nxiftintf of two parlor* with lu>.. oneiy t'iirni*h?*d ami with every modern < onvenieme. lin- tkia*tlf' de?ired. |t?'i>'r?iicen ekchaittfetl. rpo LET?PI RNIHIKD, TO SINGLE 4iKKLK.M8K.ONK I or two Parlor* <nd Hi'droins. in a Hot eltaahonr' luiv ingal! imnlt'in iin| r-ivt-mmm. t'??r particular* lni|niie on the pr?tliili'H 1.V2 NV. hi PnitrLcenth net. rilO LET?TO 4?FNTLKMEN. OK GENTLEMEN AND I tlielr wives, front K *<ivim aim ottn i ,, en suite or -ni^ly, or without irr*t . uim Board. Ueicitmcu* ulvtn and re('all at 01 k Union place. rpo LKT?WITH HOARD. A HANDSOMELY F('l( fJL ntshed iroat Parlor, on second i!?*or, with two <-lo*et*. Tho lin'iM1 contain* the modern iim>ro\ omenta. L.<aUon eligible. The < uniform ot home realized. He Vrninsi t>iebannrd. Apply ut .'VJ Grove klreet, between Bit !> ki r aiid IllNitOli KllT.'IK. Hr ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN a child to hoard hi her own re*idcnce, where u will haveagwal honm am! kind treatment. Apply at 21GBa?t 'lwenh third *treet, in the candy (dure, between P?r#t and Second uvalines. WANTED?BOARD BY A LADY AND SON. \YIIERK there ui?' yoiin : pei'Momc; two front Room* on ?** ond or third llonr, l>e!ween Ponrth and Sixth avenue*, tip town; term*. In a Ivance, $-10 a month, tucluditi< tin- and khk Hc*i of references given. Addre?* b.. Herald ultoce. \JLr ANTED.-TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN WISH If to tvnt fu/rwhed Room*, with hath uHa^hvd, aiuipwitkiii Board: locution not above Pourf?*e.nth ??tn??t; tH**t ot r^?lv<?n. A<tiln-M* M. A it., llcratd critic*, Ktatlng UrrmM. Wakl'kd?a nu)ely furnished pront room and Hmrd, for a ijentlrman and hi? wife, to a t??>t cl. s Cami'j, n-?t SuU?*?nth Hiwt ami h#?(w? ?'i? Pourtli and Six?h avenn? Rct'??rcnc^ given and reutiired. AtUIr***# W. 11. II., Hontld ofWce. C!*> <)?L ?rilKAPKST BOAHDINO )M)I SK IN THE V-J iSic?^ RiMiiDk, wiih *v?od Hoard, from $? i"? wn-fc aiiu opwann*. !?.??!<> . ;um lamitie < vnn u 1"*h than .ii any of ici houAe in tin city. iif?< parl??? s, * 11!i N?>. 48 .'HM't, It. H!' Ill*, iulw.ty Mlltl ('nu.ll HI " et. A watehm <n ?n night, and lodging* very low. &4) Off -C HEAP, CIIKAVER. HIKAPKkT I5<?AKJ> O?J ?<*/ mi4 liou*e ill the r.iiy. Ni< ?* Kooiurf, * uh M?w?d lloard, ii'dti * J 2.% to per week'itltd upward*; put t? h m ?' :4??X eheapm than a) auv otl?< 1 hnise in 14> f.iif. \KI Spring hp e?-f. Lod^iux* very crimp. French, ami i*ermati sp ?ken. per week.?board on tub north mom ok DO Long inland, thirty mile* from the ?*icy. Locality healthy, id daily le'eess by rail mid hoaL and convenient u> hchoolM an-! rburchc*. Bent reference given. This l? * giant opportunity lor tli ?<?e walking i<? economise (luring the fall and winter. A? Id rem Comfort, llernltl uffloe. Htm stkkkt?no. m west eleventh street.? Beautiful I'a r lor*, nicely carried and furnish ><), first ami second ft*>??i #*. large cloacis, hot and cold water, %<.; one Kitiglc Room, t?> lei reasonably. Good location, limnerat mU. K'-tVivnees exchanged. "L7 WKST rWENTY-KIKTH STREET, A FEW DOORS P I went ol Vi.i JiHon Park ami Fifth avenue.?A choice of newly furnished tfooms, in muUi or separately, to let, to gentlemen or small families, with or without Board. House new bmwn stone. 0 oo l .mo.n souark.-fijunisiied rooms to let, with Board. to families. 9(; sr. mark'S place-rooms to let, wftii jO Hoard, to gonileiucn and their wives or aingte gentle, men. inline) at t? o'clock. Reference* exchanged. *> I ST. MARK'S PLACE.?HANIWOMELY FURNISHOt~ eil Room* for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, viih or without Hoard. A limited number of Boarders taken, and best of reference* given and required. 07 WKST THIRTIETH STUKKT.?TWO OR THREE I I M'leet fatlltllex and Liuiee or four gentlemen of the highest rc?i>ceiahiliiy cat) mm ?># .leeummodated with Hints or single Kociim in one of (he iiiomi delightful locations, sltuitr on wkst sixteenth btbekt, between fifth Of/ and Sixth avcaucu.?Eh'jjaitily fnrnUhed Room* told, with Rourd, suitable for gentlemen and their wIvm or i>ai tie* of single n?*iitIcincu. Llousc iiiMt class. Dinner at6. Ret ere nee* e xcli a njjed A] EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNION t xl it'. ? A choice of Rooms i an now be obtained, for <uie or two fa mi lie*, at reasonable rates; siIho a good sized Kindle Room, on tliu Hint floor, suitable lor a y> itinmiin. Dinner at 6 o''chick. in WEST TWENTV-POfJIlTH STREET, REWERM 4rvJ Fifth and Sixtn avenue*.?The entire, second Floor* furni^liffis with Board; also, Rttom* for single genOomeit, can he had on reasonable term*. fc J THIBD AVENUE, BETWEEN TENTH /NI> * t.J Jr Eleventh street*.?A i?l?MMtnC furnished front Room, in a small family, with or without Board. House bus gaw, hull?. &' , Also, a small Room. rfj east seventeenth street.?a handsome suit "l Knooih hi ?!? m c?nd lloor to let, with Board. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Reference* exchanged. rrn Si'RINti street, three doors from kroad4 *S way.?War prices.?To let, hamlMotucly furnished Rooms. t > -da;;lo ^rii'.lcmfn; the loc.itiiu) is near all the l<rst class h-t, s aim plar?>H of umuBcaicai; reading room fw. lmjutre .1 the Aiihoii House. OQ NINTH STREET, between university I'LAt'E ami I':11li .ivenue.?Gentlemen ami their wive* ami *itn?!e gem Y im'i. ? mi obtain Boai d in a Hint i lusa lion*'*, with choice of room* iu uit l or single. Jlioncr at six. Rcfe romvft ?'X' I. A -o a fr?>i?t Baaemcnt, fur a |>.irty ?>( yoiHUKcniii'D'in, or rustus i'lack near fifth avenue.O9J I'ieitsant it i.mi . ,\ith Bo.ii'd. Dinner al six. TinhoiiNe (): * all the nixlt i a improvnni ) ix, ami 1* central ami pleasantly located. GREI NI STUEI F, AB )\ E H RINU it UW f J Hmi^e.?Elegantly funiisi.od -wn< ??J RytiH, willi int.*. Ciofon wafer :?mJ every cinvnn m:c lor nox in#rcoi.nrnifaH} particularly s ill d for small, re* perl ih'e ('amilies. Rent low. in J EAST FOl RTKE.VTM STREET, OTfOSITK THE J " " 1 Aea<h'm,\ ot .Mm?ie.?Rooihh to I -t, Willi Board, foriiiriluul (iv iinf tirniKhcd, xlo.rly or io Duitii to lamllivKor nii)?Jo persons; J-nation very Uc>truhle. 1'iojM-r reference tfjven ami roijait ed. IftX FOHSVTU STRElvT, ABOVE GRAM).?A FRON1 J \f*J ll'inirC, with Bedr<?<oa atfarhed, on *ecoml lloor, with Board, if de^U-ed, lor a lady ami tgvnilPtitHn; alno a largf Imnt Parlor, on tii?t lioor, for iwoxiuglc gcntl%*iiienf or lady. liinaer at six o'clock. 1AQ WKST FOURTEENTH fcTKKET.?TO LET, WITH JU?/ 111 Jji class Hour 1, R<*ouih, in huUh or sin?leN Kiiitohhlor lumllie.*< or xtfigle eeiitleinen. Iloane wad hN-alion very deMiratilc. Term* moderate, to niiti the tlmeH. R?'lerene? * re<|uimJ. Oinnerat mx. lift macdol'oaj, street.?RICHMOND IlOL'HE IK .1 a\/ no* t>,? men .1* .1 j?; iv..t?* {nmpy notei, ror in" reeeption of win^J#' gentlemen, or mu*11 familUs tired of hoarding. I'.ti urn drnlron * ?u hoiiAekeeking ran find every convf nlcon? at tin* above estahllahmeut. 1 ?\t\ PRINCE 8TREET?ST. CLAIR HOCSE.-ELE ImU gantly inrntfthod Rooms, with Redrooma ailaehed, v. Hi) all the r. mvenienoe* for iwMiMikceping complete. in rinding gaa and Crotou water, to let U> regjiectahle lamiUe* or KiriKl" gentlemen. 1 f tO EAST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A HANDSOMEI 'J'J ly furnished Parlor and K Men hIoii Room $ al*o two ln.jge Room*, with Bedroom* adjoining, suitable lor gentle* men and their wives or amnio gentlemen. IIoomj hasalltbe modern improvements Dinner at 03?. 1 7fi BLEECKER STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST OF I I*) Broadway; a n? w ho?i*e, with all the modern imj>rov??mente; pl<-a*ant Room?, with < Yoetleut Board, frwra $'ltn$Aper v*.?efc; two uufnrntfthrd front Parlora to letwith Board. * 4>(W w,<':sT I^'EVi V-TIIIHU "STREET. ONE DOOR ~j'r? I'miu Seventh avenue.?A anil ol bundaome )tooma,# on inuh iiratii:i<l second fl ?ora; aim two alngle R'amin to let with Board. The house, us to hxaiiou, ia uiiaurpaPKed, am has .iil the modern improvement*. ?)') ) It ROOM K STRKI?'J\ KOITU DOORS KAS'f Of THJf OO?) Jlowrry.?Km n*shed Room* to let. with Board, t< single gentlem 'h or gentlemen and their wives. A Wirgn hack Parlor. Hiutabh tor ^ ntieman and wife, will la* let verj low. Uinm-r at (i o'-'lovk. Reference* exchanged. ?> 7U FOCRTU 8TIILET.-?KURNISIIED ROOMS 1'OJ* / I i* g<*ntl*iu?n. A private family, having more roonr i b:ui tin v require, will lei a lew Rooiua at price* to suit thi time*. Referm?< <exchanged. 7/{O BROADWAY. BETWKK.N" KIUIITH AND NINTH I " lO streets.?A lai>e Room on the first Moor and Room* n se?'('il l i or m> let. furniHhod; fiuise has all the modern Improv* men:?, audi* in a plea^an' location; teririM mode. rat e. SI MMER RESORTS, THE <iLEN * oVK PAVILION WILL CONTINUE open for il i l'tion of Vintlera the w hole year. HOCTM. Howard hotel. 174, n? broadway. new. york, Septen. r y. 1^61.? Rftr^m-hnient h*'tng the order of the day, and tlo-|?roj>rlMtor of the llowai l II ?(? ! dehirona o| ke?*|di?*, ???? ? Willi the timea, ha^ h-n-rtpmed to redrice th? pr; cui' K>M*rd t roni$2t'?$| fit) pr r daV. Vhe *atne attention u hi'ii hit^'eve.r ? ii;n ari?-rtsed thr 'ii?*?ni* oi thi* well Known tin.*. ? will nthiue to l>? ? vn *-*m! as h' r?-'"|??ro. J. K. KINOSLET. QT. HOIKI,, tloHNKR r 1.KVKNTH MTKEKT AND I Rro^lwiy.?Thi-Hotelfoinylotely re n<?vat'd, new'y carts t?*?i, and I'nruitilMHljtkroiighotit with j-in inu U-d-i. A? , ihe pr?i>rM'?r :> i??>w prepared* to fiffer aiairUnetiis to jwrties retuntlnff flrom the covmtty and the tt avllinx; public g''uei ullv, at prifi* u> tli.- times. lfaYtrg ? "l to Th- in;iij) ii 'w frQlunn of the liottil t* w w -iiid dmiiit; .?.th?oti, (looting on htaveiill* stre<t, be <x?uiident that he ran pi raw* all who may Tavorhjin wiUi HOftil, ia>iii in prv < aml^l-tjntrles ot"a tablv r. I!. bALt'DM, rroprletor. KoiniorLy ofrt. Ntehoton ami Kilth \v? nne H >teW*. IV'HITNHV HOI SK. BHWAimAY, ?'?H?XKK (ii ?? Ti\-!t'n t - Th ' proprietor < ( the a bow ? stahJi^bjiooii. jo older 10 k?- *p w-ffh Uie prenent hotel r*?du<-?;o fta vt-4 . s U 'lie pnee of r<M)iiu> to mim I.all their formal r. Two pjecanffttins of Kooiok. l?r*t i?nd m von*l floors. fM i.v vku?uuu ? I iM'ih ttu.i'-:ini. hi mi v?tv hmv ntcnr''*. 11. ?!. BK.S.N KIT, I'rot" I'tor. DKKTIBTWT. \ RTII-Ti'TAL TEKDI ?DR. MTHKIt DKKT1S1 WIM, J\ qoniiiii'. i. ;it Us .-HS:th nr><uii>'. In uir.'. n !' n'h mi I '?? H|I>1 All >-Jllltll't "?? |>ur**(Tv?r i?r'.Illy fi.;-. n'ii am-(J..M I,u.| |.linln:i!'$2?: ulnaltt k *1 Ti'tMh fii'I :?ix1Vxtin v -'i" h' i piiin. Artiltrinl bomt tilting, nly 3<)Centd. AH v.m!: \ RTIK? I.W, POMK. KIMJVii KOI! l>I*i AYrm fcETH? m \ i; - rid v. fill' H >ft, ci*ing i"> |?in. Ai'klMi; Krili or rr*i i > sir .i* ...ti l?r nu '.l .uul 1 . <iy ih- v at J. PMUiSON, M [?.. ruutnx Sfi'J Br..uaw?y. ouo . rtiMir uliove . it'.i -it. N- li.?^>urUm4 imitation?. /"I ASI.rVF.NA- V V ri.Kril.WBBJ. I..\ IK At 1 KD HY DK. \J J. J?y \ Iiivs, j.o ciuiHl I i-it uu |?h? whatcver. U ih %cry nuaKic. Uul uue. \> IKU will yonctm# home^ f Write UK', > 1 4

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