Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1861 Page 5
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Our W#r 1>I? [>>?Color<<! Kill Hon. A new edition of the II liHALD War Map*, on calendered paper, beautifully colored, la now ready, Hl/.e of sheet 40i50 inches; contains thirty-two Maps:?A La ROB Mar or thb Operations or tub N'aval Eipkuition, showing the Coast and Inlet* of North Carolina, important H*'igr aphlnil postthin of Hatteras Inlet, 4c.; Th* Batti.* Kikm> at Wilson'* Okkkk, Mo., where General Lyon wan Itilleil; Thb IIattlb Kikld at Boll Hon, fr in the official drawlugof Oeneral McDowell; Large Mapa of Missouri AND TBB Skat or War in Tint Wkst, and the Skat or Wak in Virginia, A niKn.ntr* Vikw or thk Unitkd Kt.vth. and twcnty-slx others, showlus at a glance the Whole Seat of War, and marking clearly and distinctly the armies' movement*, |>o?ltions, c?ni|>s, harlwrn, forts, 4c., printed In superior style, on one side of a large sheet, so that they can be hung up In library, olllce or workshop, for preservation und reference during the war. These map* were drawn and engraved expressly fur the NEW YOUK HERALD,and are the moat perfect War Maps Issued. Single copies, 28 cents; 6 for $1; 45 for $<!, and UKI for $12 AO. Agents wanted everywhere. Address EDWAKD X. LLOYD ft CO., exclusive agents for the colored edition, 208 Broadway, Nmv York. m ! FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tuesday, Sept. 10?6 P. M. The following is a comparative statement of tlio .exports (exclusive of specie) from the port of New York to foreigu ports for the week and since January 1:? 1859. 1*60. ISfil. For the week $t.;>.i4,Sl8 2,173,460 ?*>83.851 Previously reported.. 41,461044 60.450.915 8U,i;%.?78 Since Jaumry 1 .. .$46 01(5,562 62,6:10,375 88,700,829 Auother heavy export?the principal articles being wheat and Dour, of course. Our exports for the year, up to date, are $20,000,000 in excess of those of the corresponding period of last year, and nearly $43,000,000 in excess of those of the corresponding period of 1K5K. From the reports of the loreigu harvests and the foreign food markets there is no-doubt but Europe will continue to tako from us all the food we can spare. Money is reported to he more active, but the change is hardly perceptible. There is no d l?* culty in borrowing at 5 per cent on call, and good paper goes readily enough at 0 a 7, with occasional exeeptimltfiat5%. Treasury notes?six per cents? CJtitinue in very active demand for duties. Foreign exchange is firm but dull, at 107^4 a 10S for sterling, and 6.3'lx/t a 35 for francs. Thero is little doing in mercantile bills, which are scarce. The stock market continues firm, and the bears are greatly embarrassed by the scarcity of .stocks. The success of the national loan, and the publication in the Hekamj of the documents explai ng iiow it is to be disposed of, attracted fresh atten i.ion 10 government stoctcu tms morning, me sixes of 1S81 (both coupon ami registered) rose % }>er cent, and the lives of 1874 %; the two year Treasury notes were likewise % better. The outside demand for government stocks improves daily. Southern Stute stocks were irregular; sonic ol' them were injuriously affected by the rumored intention of the United States District Attorney to prevent transfers, such as Tennessees, which declined % per cent, and North Caroliutts, which declined Ji, while Missouri* were }{ higher. It' there is reason to believe that any stocks of the rebel States are being sent hero for sale, no objection will be made to such action as may prevent dealings in them. But, if all intercourse between the North and the South has been suspended?as appears to be the case?there h no more reason for stopping the Northern trade in Southern stocks than in Southern cotton or '.Southern rice. Pacific Mail continues to advance, under the general impression that the company is losing a large business. It rose 2 per cent to-day. The general railway list was steady at this morning's board, with the exception of flalena, which rose Yn per cent, and Rock Island, which rose %. At the second board the market was generally steady. Pacific Mail, however, advanced another l/t per cent, and Tennessees fell off V/%, the supply being in excess of the demand. The market closet] steady, the following being the lust quotation:-?United States 6's, 18X1, registered, 8!)% a 90; United States 6's, 1881, coupon, 90% a 90%; United States 5's, 1874, 80 a 80%; Indiana 5's, 7G% a 77%; Virginia 6's, 54% a 55; Tennessee 6's, 41% a 41%; Missouri 6's, 43% a 43%; Pacific Mail, 80% a 81; New York Central, 73% a 73%; Erie, 25% a 2(5; do. preferred, 47 a 48; Hudson River, 33% a 34; Harlem, 10% a 10%; do. preferred, 25% a 26; Reading, 36 a 36%; Michigan Central, 43% a d4; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 11% a 14%; do. guaranteed, 31% a 31%; Panama, 110 a 111; Illinois Central, 67% a 68; Calenn and Chicago, 69% a 69%; Cleveland and Toledo, 30% a 30%; Chicago and Rock Island, 45 a 45%; Chicago, ! Burlington und Quincy, 63% a 64; Milwaukee { and Prairie du Chien, 18% a 19; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 92%; Pennsylvania Coal, 76 a 76%. The reduction of the rate of interest by the Rank of England to four per cent, coupled with an-advance in British consols, is an indication that the efforts of the London press and the British aris' tocracy will fail to prevent the British public subscribing to the new United States loan. When Englishmen have to choose between four per cent at home and seven and three-tenths per cent iu this country, it needs very little experience to decide that they will prefer the latter. Any honest London broker will inform his clients that the malignant falsehoods of the London Times regarding American credit arc unworthy of regard, and that there is no more probability of the United States repudiating their debts than England herself. Further inquiry will show that this country?alone among the commercial nations of the world?hast steadily pursued the policy of paying off its debts, and has actually paid them off twice since its national career began. With these facts to guide them, that large class of Englishmen and Europeans generally who live upon the interest of their money will soon discover that they can double their income without endangering the safety of their capital by investing their means in the new Treasury notes of the United States. An Englishman who has a f ortune of ?10,000 cannot obtain over ?400 a year from it if he invests it in British securities; whereas, if he buys United States Treasury notes ho will get ?730 a year. To the large class of men of small property it will just make the difference between poverty and comfort, debt and affluence. A man who has ?20,000 invested in the British funds receives ?700 a year, on which, if he has a family, he will need to practice economy to live as his neighbors do. The same money invested in United States Treasury notes would yield an income of ?1,400 a year, leaving an ample margin for savings. So on the Continent of Europe. In France and Germany that very large class of individuals who live upon the interest of money rarely receive over four per cent on their capital. A Frenchman who possesses 100,000 francs is fortunate if he receives 4,000 francs a year regularly by w.iy of interest. The same money invested in United States Treasury notes would yield him 7,300 francs, and he would escape imperial taxes besides. The French press, less animated by moan jealousy ot this country tlian tbo press of England, has not undertaken to discredit our lo.tns, and so far as Franco is concerned, we need, therefore, say nothing in their defence. Wo may mention, however, that this country has never, in the darkest hour of its history, suffered the smallest stain to sully its financial honor: that every one who, from the beginning of our national history to the present day, has ever lent money, at whatsoever rate, to the United States, has received back his loan in full, with the interest stipulated; and that it is not now, in the height of our power and prosperity and wealth and expansion, that we arc going to begin the practice of repudiation. With the exception of one brief Interval, for twenty years previous to the present crisis no one has ever been able to get more than 4% per cent byl ending money to the United States, so high has our credit stood in the markets of the world. As soon as the power of the government has been fairly reasserted, that credit will again rise, god NJ4! our securities will again permanently command such a price that their purchaser will not make more than 4 a ft per cent on his investment. The [iresent opportunity in one which does not occur twice in a generation. It is not known whether the United States District Attorney at thin point is acting under governm-nt orders in his present proceedings against , Southern property; and there is a dislike among patriotic men at the present time to do or say anyibing which may tend to embarrass any officer or ! agent of the government. Hence there is less said publicly about certain recent acts of Mr. Pelallcld Smith than would otherwise be the case. It is hoped, however, that there will be no more forfeitures and seizures niul sequestrations of property suspected of being owned South than are absolutely necessary, Wall street not used to such proceedings as the reccnt embargo on transfers of Central stock; in cases where money w as lent a fortnight aso on stock held in the name of a Southerner, very grave and unnecessary hardship may be caused by the policy pursued by Mr. Smith. Nor is it consonant with the feelings -of the New York mercantile community to hear that a United States Marshal has been chasing from bank to bank the private papers and securities of a citiueri who has lived respected for ihirty-fivo years in this city, and whose only offence is that he wad born at the South. The merchants and bankers of New York are ardently and energetically in favor of the prosecution of the war, as their subscription to the loan proves; but they do not see that the cause of the govern ment can be much strengthened, or that of the rebellion much weakened, by the spoliation of individual Southerners who happen to have trusted us ho far as to place their money here. This sort of thing resembles the shooting of picl^ets. The-sobsrriptionsvlo the populatAloan at the Sub-Treasury to-day were over half a million dollars. Mr. Cisco received a check upon the associate banks for $3,.r>0(),000; ii will be paid to-morrow, and then llie banks will have paid iu 46 per cent of their subscription. The popular subscription progresses vigorously in the smaller towns of the North. Nearly one-third of the ten millions taken by the Boston bunks has been distributed. The Bank or Pittsfield, Massachusetts, took $50,000. The private subscriptions in Philadelphia thus far amount to $700,000; including the sales of the banks, over a million has been taken. At Cincinnati the list was opened on Friday at the Custom House, and the first subscription was #.10,000 by a leading house. The State Hank of Hartford has taken $>-'0,000 lor itself and others. The Hartford institutions have absorbed over a quarter of a million. The following was the business of our Rub-Trra<--ury to-day:? r.ecelpte $(552,252 12 ?For customs 7.000 00 ?Treasury notes filrt.IWO (SI I'ayiiiwjls 1,288,068 32 A sale of carpeting wna made to-day by Hadden A Co. (Austen, auctioneer), on six months' credit. Foreign goods sold well, and were duplicated to a considerable extent. Domestic goods did not go so well, though prices were fair. This is the first sale on six months' credit since the present troubles began; it evinces no slight courage in Messrs. Madden k Co. It caused an excellent feeling among the trade to-day, and may very possibly prove the means of enabling many a struggling house to pull through. We extract the following valuable information from a private circular:? Urns of the m"st striking effects of Hie rebellion is the excessive depreciation in tin- raukot value of the bonds of all th seceding Suite*, in winch those of Kentucky and Missouri?Stall s loyal to the government?largely sym pathize. Hie following table will show the amount of these ilcbts, and the objects lor wliich they were contracted :? i?i? *|? t? : a.-* 2 s ? g 5 f-x Stain. : Sa.p. was jjg4 Alabama..lfi.C30.778 . ? 3,423,000 2.607,778 Arkansas.. 3,030,MT ? 3,*20,997 ? Florida.... 7,600,000 3,000,000 4.500,000 ? Georgia... 3,170.780 3,170,780 ? ? Kentucky.. 5,573,244 3,592,412 fiOO.OOO 1,381.832 Louisiana..10,099,074 2,020,997 5.398,533 2,679,044 Missiseipm. 1 *,000,<.0<? ? 18,600,000 ? Missouri.. .23,002.000 22.'.01.000 ? 701,000 N. Carolina 9,129.506 7,663.140 ? 1,466,365 S. Uirohnu. 6,292.643 3,000,000 2,770,802 621.941 Tennessee .16,643,607 14.910.607 1.125,000 808.000 Virginia.. .37,478,528 32,131,578 3,346,960 2.000/100 Total..$146,637,266 92.390,514 42,186,282 19,106 460 Of tbe above the debts m the Stat-s ol Mississippi and Florida, to the amount of $22,500,000, including interest, have been repudiated. To tbese should be added that of Arkansas, which has also been pra< t cally repudiated, making a total of such debts $25,620,997, leaving $121, 021,253 upon which interest was . egulai ly paid up to the period o!' the rebellion. Of 'his sum $:2 390,514 was con traded for the construction of public works, cbieliy railroads; $16,637,286 to supply banking capital, and $11. 96C.4t0chieliy for the erection of government buildings and educational purposes. With the exception of Virginia, the debts of none of loose ,-iaies wauc?TOani:,v'iii|i?iuu v. nu mru >J 11 tion utid mcaus of payuieut. The public, w >rlw for which they wero contracted s > largely added to the resource* oi the jioople as fully to compensate for tin- increased burdens, although, as a general rule, the works themselves were unproductive. The following is a hricf sketch o( the history of the debts c f Missouri, Tennessee ami Virginia:? Mif-Oi'Kt.?Of the total amouutof the debt of tin.- State, $'J2,9I>1.000 is on account of railroads. The bonds i.-sued have been Instrumental in constructing 7-10 miles of road, costing $35,000,000. They constitute, by law. a first mortgage on the several reads on account of which they were issued. Of these bonds. 000,000 were issued t> the Ilaunibal and St. Joseph llailroad, the interest of which has been regularly |mi id by that company. To thu pacific Railroad, bonds to ( lie amount <>r $7,000,000 hava b'.en issued. Tue net earnings of this road have so far been applied toward construction. Its t runic, as tar a* completed, indicates a profitable business when extended to tiie boumliiry of Kansas. To the southwest branch of the I'aciflc Kailroad, bonds to the atnouut of $2,b00,O' 0 have been issued. This branch has a land grant of ncai ly 1,000.000 acres. To the North Missouri Company $4 3.00,000 in bonds were issued: to the St. I/wis and Iron Mountain $3,500,000; to the Cairo and Fulton $660,000, and to the Hatto County $300,000. All the companies, with the except i n of the Hannibal und St. Joseph, have made default in the payment of interest, and their roads, consequently, by law, have vested in the State. The half yearly interest, duo 1st July, lfcfll, was not paid, owing to the treasonable conduct of the Governor, who has been driven from the St 'j and removed from office. The roads constructed have proved a vast benefit to the State. The burden of the debts assumed on tlioir account is comparatively light, and the lapse in the payment of Interest was occasioned by political troubles over which, at the time, the pi "pie bad no control. As soon as order ig fully restored the payment of Interest will unquestionably be resumed. Missouri has been steadfast in iter loyalty to tho government, notwithstanding the treason of her Governor and a considerable portion of her Legislature. Tknnkkske.?Tids has been one of the most enterprising of the Southern States, and has bad the best system of interna! improvements of any. To aid iti their construction, the State loaned its credit to the amount o;' $10,000 per mile, with some additions for expensive str ictures, taking a lire t mortgage upon the fads, the respective companies undertaking to pay the interest, which, with sou slight exceptions, they hav been enabled to do from earnings, saving thu State from all responsibility. Under this system 1,420 miles of road have been constructed. The holders of the bonds, consequently, have a double security?the faith of tho State, and completed roai s yielding an income sufficient to pay tho interest. 1."won the return of neace there can hardlv bo a doubt but that tho obligations of tho state will be faithfully met. YiwiifM.?This Stale labors under the double disadvantage of possessing a very had system, and an enormous debt?that for the public wotkaalono, with tho gttaran te of bonds for insolvent, companies, being 1:12,131,578. Towards the construction of an extensive bjstem of turnpikes and railroads the State subscribed three tilths of their chare capital, which In a great majority of L,ises, owing to us sparse population and noncommercial habits of its people, have been almost entirely unproductive. In this, alone ol all the Southern States, has a system of public improvements proved a fcvero burden to the people, so much so as to by the reason assigned 'for a lurn* emigration toother States and a cause ?f a greai deal of political discontent. Previous to the rebellion tb<* nflairs of nearly every seceding nou repudiating State were in a prosperous condition. This event put an end to their internal as well as external commerce, and their railroads have in most cases been surrendered up to tho- Confederate government, which has monopolized their use for the transportation of troops uud monitions of war, paying therefor in Confederate bonds. While the war continues they must remain unproductive. Vpou the restoration of peace, so that effect can be given to tb" laws of the Cnited States, In some of the Slates, particularly in Tonne-see, the holders of bonds ran enforce their bonds against the roads In favor of which they were issued. In Missouri this remedy now ex4sts in favor of the bondholders of tho defaulting reads. Of tho States oamed, two only, Tenn"gsoe and Missouri, allowed default to be made on the July interest. Stock Kxchange. Ti i.-iiay, Pept. 10,1801. f10000 U S #'s. '02... 95 SshaShocft t, Bank 79 9000 U S (I s. 'HI, con 9?X 10? l'acitlc Mail S.S Co 7(1 % lOOOC S ?'#,'8l,reg 811% 50 do -CO 79^ 10000 V 8 6'S, '74,eou H0'4 JO do TflJ? ! 80u0 do SO 158 do 80 j 10250 Trea r> p c 2 yr. 50 ilo b30 CO I 1400City 8's, '87.... 97 100R"aJioir KK 36 t flWOYhioCs, CO... tijji 1(W do.,,,.,j#Q UQ ,V YORK HERALD, WBDM I j(>00 11) cou bds '7!). 8M>J 50 Trie RR 25 V | 60t V Ml< h 8 wk bita. 81 350 N Y CVntral RR.. 73?? I 400C* Twin b's, '00... 44 ltH> do sio 7.'l*e I 2iX*> do 43T{ 700 ilo 73', ,'inoo do COO do slO 7!!>i 7000 *1? 43l? 200 do MO 73>0 6000 1o b3 42V 7 Brio Rll pref 47 600 N'on.*! Cm 6'h. . R:i 200 Hudson Rivor RR 33\ 10000 do H2 330 Midi Sj&NIa KR. 14 6000 do.. 82V ISO Mlcll 80 fcN I g 8. 31 150"0 Mtaouri 43?,' 70 l'anama RR Ito^ 11000 d? 43V 100 Clov & IiUs'h RR ?>? .'<000 (; <? l'ik O k 68 20 Clev,CM k <'in RR 06 2000 N York ( en ?'u 92 1M> (Jul k Cbl RR. *30 69 1000 Krio KR lstii.'b. 10# 200 do 6 >'.??< 7000 Hud KlvRRlmt) 103 800 0vfcTolRR.l>30 l(Kto HarUim 21 mb. 90 600 do 600 111 Ceo KR bds. B3W 100 do *10 30?, 2noo Tcr H * Alt 2tn 18 100 Cbl te RI RR. ?10 44fc 20001 bl .VNWiwtlm 3l??? 800 do 45 10 h)i* M mhat Kaiik. U5 100 do 44T< 70 Merchant*' Rank. 86 100 do blO 45 7 Anier F.s Unnk... 78 60 do nlO 44^ 10 do 200 do 1>15 45 1 2ft Corn Ex Rank... 78)i 100 Mil k P Uu C RK.. 19 10 National Itauk... 86 SECOND BOARD. $26000 IT Sfl'slSSl.rg 00 100 shs I'ao M SS Co.. 80*; 10000 Xr 6 p c 2 years 9BJf 7ft Erie HR 28 1000 lyoulsikuu 6'a.. 65 160 Harlem RR 10T? ."OuO Ohio fl's, 1860.. 89 100 Mich 8 k N 1 BR. 14 l4 1000 N Carolina tVt>. 63 100 MicliSAN J g f.MO 31 S 1000Tennessee 6'a.. 4i>{ 8 Panama UK lid', 11000 do 41 Vi 20IllCentralRRscrip 67V fiOOO Missouri 8's... 43H 100 tial .* Chi RR.... 7000 ilo 43 700 Clev k Tol RR... 80S 1000 Virginia 6'a 64,?-? 100 do 3o\ 600 Goorj'la 8's 66 70 Chicago Jc R I RR !5 6 ebsl'ar M SSCo.. 80 26 do UJi 7 do 80 100 do slO 46 60 do ?30 80 60 do 46 >? 20 do 80 X 60 Mil&PrduCh RR 19>j 60 80V 250 do 10 tt) 81 26 Chl,Bur'nltQ'y RR CITY CUNJlEUClAIi REPORT. TranAT, Sept. 10?9 P. M. Araic*.?The market was quiet at $5 '25 for both pots aud poarla. IlKKADSTt'mi.?Flour?The market was more buoyant for shippiug brands of Slate and Western, und closed with tolerable firmness. Extra family brands were also tinner. The sales for the day footed up about 20,000 Dbls., closing within the following range of prices:? Siqierftne State .' 94 35 a 4 45 Kttra State, good to choice 4 86 a 5 no Superfine Western 4 aft a 4 46 Common to choice Westorn extra 4 46 a 4 85 Extra Canada 4 65 a 6 50 Mixed tostramht Southern. 6 00 a 5 60 Straight to good extra do 6 70 a 8 00 Choice extra family and 'inkers' brands 8 00 a 8 76 Rve Hour 2 25 a 3 60 Corn meal, Jersey and Uru.idywlne 2 80 a 3 10 ?Canadian Hour was in moderate demand, with sates of 400 a 500 bbl?. at quotations. Southern flour was In bettor ro bust, with *alos of about 1,000 bbls., closing within the range of the above quotations; now was more plenty. Rye flour wils steady arid in fair demand at our Azures, with salosof 250 bbls. Corn meal was Inactive, withsmali Bales of New Jersey and llraudy wine at quotations. Wheat was in demand,chiefly for export; good shipping lots were llrro, while prime white was irregular. 'The trausuctinnB fix,Led nl> ii)m>i]t 186.000 hllKholft ifiuiit luirt tj? "rrn-n 1 at$124a $1 i'i for (mr white Kentucky, $1 30!* for choice wltitu Michigan, $1 IS lor red amber Kentucky mill Indiana, #1 2S for prima white Missouri, i a $1 23 for white Ohio and Indiana, (1 17 a $1 17'j lor amluT Michigan, $110 a $1 l.r> lor io<l Western. $1 12 a fl 15 lor red State, $1 lu n f I 11 for amber Iowa and t.recnbsy, $1 0C a $1 07 for Racine spring, 9th . a $1 05 for Chicago spring,and $1 82 a $1 OS for Milwaukee club. Corn was active, and firmer lor sound shipping loin. The gale* embraced about 150,OUU bushels at *(! . a 46)?'c. for heated. 47,','c a 4H>ie. for Katdcrii ports, and at 49c.. for a 49 >%< . for shipping cargoes of Western mixed. Rye wan quiet and Hales limited at 88... for State, mid at tt4c. Vermont. Bai l y and barley malt were firmly hold, while Haled wore limited. Outs were in lair demand, but at lower prices, with sales of Caaadian at 27c. a 29c., Western at 32c. a Ii:tc., and State at XIc. a 33{jc. Ciimst:.?The market was firm and quite active, with files of about 10,500 bags of Bio willim the ratine of 13c. a 15c., but chiefly at 14t.,c. al4^c.; 200 mats .'avaat 20>ic., and a small lot of St. Domiugo at 14'nc. Cotton.?A better feeling prevailed, while sales em braced between 000 a "00 bales, uit tho basis of 22c. lor middling uplands. Kruiciits?Kates were sustained while engagenmts were moderate. To I.trerpool 20,000 bushels of corn were ctigiiged, in bulk and bags, at lOd. a 10*Jd., and a sma'l lot of wheat wnsenuaged, in ships' bags, at 11 J^d., and 500 bbls flour at 2a. 9d. To Glasgow 7.000 bushels of wh>'tii were engaged st I Id., (K)0 boxes of cheese at 45g., otld 50 tons u! pig iron at 20s, A vessel was taken up for I.ou donderry direct, to loud with wheat, hi bulk, at I3i. To Havre 24 000 biihels wheat were engaged at 23c., ami 500 bbls. Hour at 80e. A balk was taken op for Bordeaux, to load with 20,1X10 bushels wheat at 28c.. in ships' bags, and ill 90c. ft>r flour. A bark was chartered for Calcutta at $12 per ton. To Bremen 100 hbds. tobacco at 40o. Hay ?vas steady, with moderat" sales for city use. The demand for shipment was very II lit. .Vola-sks.?Sales of 1?K> hb is. Cuba, tart, were ma le at 22c. and 1,500 hdds. Cuba muscovados, were mu le at 30c. Naval mtORIH.?The marltot lor rosin yielded to the pressure to sell, and sale. > of common were m:i?te at $i h $4 50, closing at the Inside Qijnre. Spirits of turpentine was inactive at $1 25, while $1 30 was uske !. Mr. Tin uer, In his circular of to day, remarks as follows:?Crude turiK'titiuc is nominally unchanged; last sale < were made at. $10, ami probably sotneconcession would row be made. Stock. .'1,500 bbls. Spirits turfientine lias bin inac- , live for the greater part ot the week; on Friday several hundred barrels changed hands at $1 25 jier gallon, at which prlco the mark't closes quietly, with more a-Iters itiuu I>1|>?ri n. -I". IV v.' *""P>vo ij|pimni o.irv'O'.s;, 4,600 bids. <'omin<>ti rosm hns ln? n unsteady, and < losi : at$4 25a$4 60 wall heaviness. Medium and fine rosins have b< ?u wore active, and arc firm. Tar is lower, hiIis having been made at $4 fib a $4 76 for Washington ami Newborn,uu'' $5 or Wilmington. Stock, 9,(i00 hhis. Ah a matter of tnlim-tv to our foreign merchants, I may hero plate that 1 nin Informed l?y reliable parties that some 800 hlits. spirits turpentine, imported into Bos ton from Halifax, paid a duty to (lie government of ten cent* per gallon, and twenty per eent. on ttivoice cost, making in all about "21 f?c. per gallon. A similar duly is levied upon 194 bbls. received h?ru from Liverpool per Yorkshire, hi t the affair is not yet settled. 1'R'iviw ins.?I'ork?The niarket< p .noil li":ivy, but closed with uv>re activity. The sal) s fooled 1 ,200 a 1 .,'100 hMs., Closing at $13 75 for mess, 514 for heavy bt>!s.. $0 75 for [Time, and at $10 for extra bbls. Heel' was firmer and in good request, with sales of .'!00 a 400 bbls., at $10 25 a ?11 60 for repacked mess, and $12 25 .i ? (:; ,'iu I t extra. Hoef hams were firm, witti limited sales at $14 60. Cut meats wto in some more demand, with sales of iflo hhds., at 4 V,'c. a 4 V- for shoulders, and at ">'?c. a S for hams. Lard whs firm and in good request. with sales of 450 bbls. at 8}jc. a 9Vic. Hotter was dull at 13c. a 14c. for State, and a' 8c. a 10c. for Ohio. Clin so was steady at 6c. a 7c. for State, and 6c. a 6c. for Ohio. Kick?The market wis quiet; a sale of 25 casks was nude at 8 V- a 7c. Si'Oarc.?The market was excited the demand was good ami sales active, while prices closed at an advance of ahont ;.(c. on the week's raler,. Tlie transactions footed npabout 6,000 hhds. Cuba muscovados, at 7c. a 7Jfrc. for refining goods, aud at 7J?c. a 8c. for grocery grades, and about 1,300 boxes, part at 7!4c. a 9 !uc.. and the balance at p. t. Hops.?The weekly circular of Mr. Turner, i.f this date, contains the following remarks:?Our growers are now in tho midst of the picking season; the accounts of the yield are somewhat conflicting; but 1 am inclined to think that the total will, if anything, be less than the estimate previously given, viz:?46,000 bales. Sales embrace small lots Connecticut river at25c. a 28c., and a contract for 60 bales good llrcit sort Bt 20c., seller's option, in October, which price is now re! -led. Crowtli of lSfio arc quiet at 14c. a 18c., and older growths arc entirely nominal. The exports were:?To London, 4 bales; Liverpool,270; Havre,60?total for week, 1124: previously reported, 12.632?total since January 1,12.966 bales. WmsKKV was (limcr, with saies of 600 bbls. at 18c. a 18*c. .Married. r.AcoMKK?I?t;Rci.K.?On Tuesday, September 10, ut Calvary church, by the Rev. Dr. Hawks, Mr. Jambs 1'. I,aoomiik to Miss Maiiy ('. Bok'-'ki.*, daughter ol' Emauuel L'urckle, all of this city. Died. Aiikaki ? On Tuesday morning. September 10. Mary Aiikakn, eldest daughter of William and Bridget Abeam. Toe funeral will take placo from No. 133 avenue 1), this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. iiasfe"*?UN Monday, September w, arter a lingering illness, Mrs. Anna Maria, wile of Geo. W. Basrgntt, in the 25tli year of her axe. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 105 East Broadway, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. I!Ei.ton.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, September 10, Colonel K. S. Bhltojc, of the United State* Army. Notice of the funeral in to morrow's paper*. Black.?On Monday,September 9, William Crawford Black, sin of Elizabeth and tbo !ato William Black, aged 10 mouths nn I 4 days. The relatives and friends of tbo family are respectfully invited to attend Ihe funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his mother, No. 81 Fourth street. i:nn\VfTKP?on Tuesday, September 10, Joseph Brewdgi<, aged 29 years. The funeral will take fr< m the residence of his brother, Andrew Brewster. 247 West Thirty-fifth Rtreet,oo Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully ii itcd to attend. OziNg ?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, September 7, Grorob William, son of Charles L. and Elizabeth Cozine, aged 1 year and ti months. His remains were interred In Cypress Hills Cemetery. Boston (Mass.) and Portsmouth (X. H.) papers please copy. hgnrjca*.? On Monday. September 9, Catharine Fkkrigan. a native of Belfast, Ireland. The friends of the family are rospoctfully invited to attend the funeral, frei.i her late residence, 125 East Eleventh street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Kikiding.?On Tuesday September 10, at (>recn 1'olnt, William n. Fmi.nmr;. 'Ibe friends and acquaintances of the family are iavited to attend the funeral, from his Into residence, in Gstreet, near Franklin, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. The remaius will be taken to the Cemetery of the Evergreens. (Jicrhkr.?On Monday, September 0. aftor a lingering illness, Catharina Emina Oerpbr, aged 1 year, 6months and 17 days. Tim friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral .from the residence of her |>aronta, Henry and CMhariua tierdcr, S7 Broome street, this (WednesIday) afternoon, at uvo o'clock. Graham.?At ?ien"va,(jntario'county, x. Y..on Satur tftt> , 8.ptciubcr 7. ilrs. 1.41, tut s, Giuiu*,ag?xl W years, 'ESDAV, SEPTEMBER 11, daughter of F.lish:i A uivl Margaret M. HigKtns, and Kruud daujfhter of the Into Ahuer Hi^i lns of New York, un i of llio lau I hilip 0. KucUel, of l.eneva. Hakkis.?Suddenly ,ut Nyark, RorkUud oounty, N. Y., CiMiiiJM Ai-oinm ^, only , on of K. C. Karris, aged 10 years ami 2 months. IIoiimuk.?Ou Monday eve ulo*. Soptcmber I), after a then but severe Mucks, Amu 'i !?*, wile <>( William Hoftmire, Jr., a?ed '27 years, 1 mou 'h aid 18 days. Th" rolaiivo* and friends of tl, < family * ? rosp<*ctfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, from Iter late resi> en e, 8t (ireene street. HoWaiid.?On Siiuday, Septembo r S, at the residence of hi." mother, :M-i West Thirty second street, Alukkt 15. Howakii, a^ed 29 >v?m and l j month s. Jou.t-to.v.?On Monday,September)), I^ima .Iank, daughter <>f William and Mary Johnston, .'Med 1 yar and 7 roon tbs. the funeral will take place this (Wedtie*f?y) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her parents' residcuoo, JO Huijfors street. Lams?Ob Tuesday, S'pWniher 10, of cntra imptlcm, Thomas S. I.a.nk, a native ol' kiibe^ |?risb of Tallow, eous^ ly Waterford,Ireland, in lb" Bi^li yearol his *t;e. The relative* and friends of the family will please attend (be funeral, on Thurs lay Hfterneon, at lw?o'cloek, from bis late l'57 Mich avenoe. l/iriilfRTV.?()ii Tuesday, September 3, at Albany, NewYork, after a hnKerbiK illness, Wujjam C. Loi-iikktv, in tho 01st year of bis age. Honolulu (Nun wleh IslMid) pinjws please copy. Mas inv.?On Monday, Septeiivicr !>, Tisotiiv Maawy, agmi 21 yoni B Hnu 6 months. The leiativrs and 1' lends are resiH'ctfuUy InviHd to at tend the, from bl? late rowuteneo, No* 161 Seooud street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, At two o'clock. MiK'ai Kkv.?ilu Monday, iieiiteinher 0,ut Ills residence, For l Hamilton ,ot a lingering illness, which b<r horn w-tti cbrlstiau ri imuution, lb v. < iw.viiur* J. MoTaksiy. Tho reverend otorny of Ne\* York and Hrooklyn, and bis relatives and friends, are r<<| n su-d to ottuud th" si ill Dili in MA "[ miiiicrn for fJi?? nf (Wodne* ay) morning, at ion o'clock, in St. Put rick's church, F?rt Hamilton. Immediately m t<-r the servico thi- remains M'tll ho conveyed to thu L'oiui tery of thu Holy Onus. Mul'lihkcrf.?On Monday, September !* Kuza. wife of Michael MeDcrtnott, aud 11 in Iwb ve l Hiwter of William, Michael, Johu, Junes ami 1*. 1). KilltlulT,. aged UO years uinl 1 day. The friends ami atqutilntfinco* of (ho tbmlly, ivk also of her broibvs, arc invited to attend the funeral, Iri m tbo icsjdcM o ul her sister hate, No. 141 West Six te< mh street, hctwaen Sixth and ?evcuth >uvonues, this (Wednesday) afteriuou, at two O'clock, wiiJunit further luvltat ton. Troy |>a|K?rn please ?py. JjelioNAi.t).?on Tuesday, Septpmiw It), .awv 1'. S|<' Do.valji, son ol'James Mol>. ua!d, a native of tlte purish of Auautcounty Cavau, lrthuul, age I 14 months a?d ? days. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, irorrr the residence of Iris parents, N'n. lfil Kast Twenty fifth stteet, this (Wo Ities lay) afternoon, at lulf-past two o'clock. Tile remains will ho taken to Calvary Cemetery for interment. MelNTtKK.?In lirixiltlyn ,<iu Monday evoniaK. Si fdembor MahuaNCT, eomd daughter of llobert ami Maria Mclut/re, in the 17th year of h?r ago. The friends of tiie family see rospnetfnlH' Invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, u$ halfpast two o'clock, from the rctidcnccof her lather, Ho. ltW Pearl street. MiTCUKtX.?At Harlem, on Monday afternoon, S-ptom her y, Joiin, the second sonofljohn aud Rebecca MiUliull, ap'd 13 years and ? days. The funeral services will take p ace this (Wodtn'wUy) morning, at ten o'clock, at the nsl '.once of his parents, Seemd avenue,betwe n 118thand lluihstrei ts llarlem. Komnuso.v.?In Westchest't, Westchester county, on Monday, September 12, Clara, infant (laugliter of Zar aud

Kmellno Ilobingson.ugod u years. Her remains \v re intered iu St. Peter's Cemetwy, Westchester county, N. Y., on Tuesday, September 3. Our dm ling Clara is Willi the blest, An iiogcl hov'riugo'er us; In Abraham's bosom now at rest? Not I' st, but gone before us. Healey.?on Monday, September!?. of dy.-entoryv Km'nr. only daughter of the lite Richard Sea ley, Ksq., aged IP years, lo months and '.'Bd.iys. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clock, at lirace Church, Consclyeu, near I^irimer street, Brooklyn, K. I'. Horrenialns will 1st taken to Manl.asset, 1.. I., for Interment. Stoijjno.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, Soptembt-r 10, alter a lingering illness, Siieuman H., in tbwSflth year of his age. Particulars of funeral iu to-morrow 's paper. Siniii'st (in Monday, September It, at eight o'clock I*. W., Atc.i sir Stokcki., aged 61 years. Paris papers plensoi opy, WiRbUi.?At tier residence, at Northville, I? 1., on Saturday, September 7. Mrs. I'.cumia Waiiwjj, reliet'of Thomas Wardle, in the flSUi year of her age. tier rotoatiiK wore mterreu in tireenwoou Loincicry. California papers plewo copy. W'm .n.Kv.?At \o. y Bleecker street tooT<ieaday mora in#, S ( tember 10, Mrs. MaiuannkH. Whraii-ky, widt w of John Whcatley. Whinklk.?< >ii Monday evening, Sopteinlir Jamiw WmrfKfJc, m native of tli?* p:*rb h ol Temple Patrick, county Weulmcath, Ireland, a>:od 6,'i years. J)ear? M lather. thou bant left us, And thy l"rs wo deeply feci; Rat 'i? Cioil that has horeft u.s, And He mn our or row hbal. Th? relatives ami friends ??f the fainilv aro invited to attend tho funeral, from Iw late rcnidf-nro, N"o. f? liiwrence street Brooklyn, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three n't lock, without further notice. (Tl r?^o jiaprr* ptfftL?< copy. >1\ AM A <J NI Fl < K N T K E VK N OCT A VE ROSE WOOI> PI A M >. lorle for sale, richly carved leu* ami ease, round e .rner*, lull iron plate, lined with snttnv on.I, ovr.-arunj; kiss, inlaid, it.'i wiili pear) key*, math* i<> order for the present owner by i-ity makers, fully k'<' irantreO for three years, been used m vmii months, r?>st$500, will be ?'?M t or $2."*0, including St..<4 und trover; also el'^nrit Routo Suit, coHt&WO, lor Inquire at 18 Went Sixtieth street, between VHflh and >1 V I , II * m\ NO GERMAN, AH EXPKKIEN< ED TEACHER l\. ol musi<. who >neaks nit" Fren< h and Kn^'sh llnently, if desirous of meetlntf with a tamil> where. hi* <?ould iV'.-K'li tie* pitnotorte, .* *., In return for his board and residence. Best iv(t'i<'ii b t;ivcu. Aj?j?ly to Messrs. Luis A: Scharfen berg, 7CO Broadway. k CJilEAT BARGAIN.E $17'). MAGNIFFCENT i\ larye H"vni octave Pianoforte; original pr?ee $TJ6: r>>utid corner,*. serpentine bottom. Iron frame, scolloped k* ys> onTsf ?,tu: with makers guarantor. Apply at the residence 28 Tuinl street, near Second avenue. A NtPERB SEVEN OOTAVE ITANO FOR SALE?AT JV a great wo run for c.i-h. The piano ih a incut npleudid mi*, with full Iron trame overstrung nans, and rich sepennno moulding !' ih 1 til!y warranted l>y bout city makers. Apply at (itf Poplar street. Brooklyn. *?<10R SALE?A ROSEWOOD PIA.VOFOKTK, FOR $100, I" t Jf J.V?; a rosewoiui < 'li.imbiT Suit, for $100, cor.t $2A0; slso. it 1'iry > mount of other Furt'itu; ? ; also, a Law Library of L60 volumert, and 20t) volumi > Aii**'eUanies, at a great sa rltv . Addri'fs lawyer, Herald olllne. I! JHTE k BRAOBT RYS? NEW SCALE OVER TRI N?. j Hx*h Pal ni luxulaivtl Full Fram^ Oiand and i^pjare PunotortCH. No. 421 Broome street. What everyhody my* rnunt bo true; everybody s.'ty? they are the therefore tlioy must ho the beat. r} SAOV ON THE PI 4NOFORTE.?AN EXPBRIHWOBD J i.oly teacher would like a lew more Pupil* for the Pi;>n> Lesson* Riven at the residences of the pupiih, or ill her own 4fi Bank street. Terms r ad need. \fH. OEOBtiE \VM. WARREN TEACHES THE' PIANOItI forte and ?ln?imj in New York and Bpiokiyn. AppiieutionH to Firth, Pond A Co., M7 Broadway, and at hin r> ddenee, No. 6 (Jarden street, Bnsikiyn Heights; si so by P\>.st office. \f rsir.?an knomsh lady, who hah stvimrd j\l under the llrst masters, can rerelve i< few more pupils f?r the instruction of pianoforte and singing st very reduced terms. Piano, $!* |?cr cpiurter. Terras in advance. Apply nt 126 Third avenue. MUSIC.?INSTRUCTION <>* THH PIANO, WITH PR|. v?!eg?? of daily practice, at $2 per month. Apply at 172 Tweniy-tlfih Htri'ft, between Seventh and Eighth avenuea, or at 247 .Seventeenth street, uear Ninth avenue. OTTO MULLER, TEACHER OF THR PIANO AND singing, continues to give lessons to gentlemen at y23 Broadway, corner of Twcuty-lirst street, rmm No. li>: also lessons at the residence of pupils. Particular attention given to ?>eginnerH. Term* moderate. 0ROANXS? IN BROOKLYN.?WANTED, BOMB OKI to play a small organ, in South Brooklyn, who is fully competent to play the music usually sung by volunteer ehulrs, in good Htyic and at sight; none other need apply, 1'lease address Carpenter, box 2,722 New York. Post oHiee, v: i/^? name, address, references, and compensation eipectcd, wbirh must be moderate. PIANOS?NEW AND SECOND BAND, CHEAP FOR cash; also Music Stools, Watches, Diamonds, Sugars, Safes, Hooks, Painting, Paper, Soaps, Portfolios, (inns, a French Organ, Ac. Cash advances. J. K jone8, 52 Ann street. floor. OEYERAL BOY8 ARB WANTED-TO BILL YACAN^ ciea In a obur h choir. A good voice and some experience in reading tiiuiic en?entl?l. Age not to except 12, unless the applicant comes well advanced as a reader of music. Salary liberal. Address R. L)., Herald oflice, giving name and residence. With statement of fjualiOcfitious. To ANY i*AKTV (til r\HT1i:s WlSHl-VO To IT*., chase a Pianoforte, I will simply say that sircumstane *s which I cannot control force me. to s?*ll my Piano. It is ftall seven octaves, splendid roaewood case, and one of the b -st pianos eveumade in this city, in every particular. It cost, a short time ag", If I can get the cash this we#?k, $|<k) will buy r. tV! >.r)y at 'W II' ; > New York. WANtBD?A SECOND BAND BUXO, IN <;?>?>!> order. Parties willing to sell cheap for cash ad?:ress l j'w hau .*nitth avenue, st.itmc price. IXTASTKD?A ROSEWOOD ROUES CORNBBSD 7 Vt octave Pianoforte. Any p? rami having a linn inxtru* mi nt, which they will diKpoae of at u low price for o.*h, can addreaa a note to Plana, box IM (JcmUt <>Uli'e. POUTK&U nTtl WARD.?A MKKTlMi ?;K 111 SEVENTEENTH Ward Dctivuratic IC>-|.Ward Committee will be hflft corner of Fourth street nr. J a.?ei,ue A, tJ. > < W - Ivhdav) evening at 7 a'lJiak. M/-tjiiie<* w 111 nl' am t>? inmctiliil. WM. H. MANSFIELD, tibaiiuua. W. H. William, Secret.jry. STRAM BOATS. C BANGS OF BOOB FOB BBYPORT N AND AFTER this dale the lleaniboat KETPORT ullUeav New York, fool of KobltiMtti street, daily, Sunday* exwuti d, at 3 o'clock P. M? and Keyport at 8 A. M. ~ BIL.LI AKDtfv PHBLAM'3 PATENT IBPROVEO BILLIARD TABLES ASl> COMBINATION CUSHIONS. Priccs reduced v> the time*. PHELAN A COLLE.NDKR. 87 Croal.y ctreet. bipressks. BIRNHAM'S FURNITURE EXPRESS AND PACKINO Eataldixhtncnt, 11,1 Weal Eleventh atreei, between Kifth and Sixth avenue*.?Household furniture boxed and ahippeij to all i>an? ?>f tlm world. Covered w?tj"ii? for ri'tuvvluf furnli lure latoUtu outu>try. Furulturt ?wrc4. . iW "Nr"> 1861. mscRMiWrcors. A T IS-lXH BI.i SOI.K SHOES. ATJOXR8', JOAND 11 il Ann ittreel; jt hi), ijullti'il ?ui<: Cuugreas UkUi'I'H, ? Hlyl?*. \ I I \ DEI MAR, ;iit BROADWAY, VBAB POUBTH -fV. mrri'i, iv-|? vuully iiiviii h il>? itui'iun 11 ?i ln? patron* i? til? .i??.h i m m i l Hunwi Kiiriiulilnn Hardware, V. "iiu u, Tm unit Willow Ware, lor th<) full and winter or ism. AS ILRQANT AtWORTMBNT OK FAUj OABPBT -i ' InRH? |;i ult?h VMrel, llruswU, Threit.|>ly nm) lucrum ('.upflU; MulllUK- OlU'l'.lh, Air. A Rival reduction III jiriceH. All goods Kiiaritiiieed; n i nri;lnK t<> tuiy. III HAM ANDfiRtiON, No. 99 Bowery. At innDiUi'i-vnDim cards. ?thbsb oclbbrated engraved nold only ut Sua lit midway, corner of Duune *tre?t. \ki>s ( vi sk ita.-?m-ori) opkkks J J $l,UUU liIf cushions will niAk.i more true angle* tUuu any others. /lOL. WAI.TKR B. I>HNI.OI\ THE AI'lilOK OK "TUB \J Hunted Jwtc," a story of a<!\emure in the Far Weat, now tn'hir published in the LKDuKU, Is the sumo military Kcnlutr who wrou tlie popular Kortn* Sketches. rrorni buttkmitt, mvBfrrSD* vails, uuroid v/ joints, and all duii'-wen t?l" the fee;, cured without |m>q ai iiuoiivcuieme to the j**tient, l?v JDr. ZAlUlAKIfi, Surgeon Chiropodist, 7til) Bruudwi*/. Kelera tw pbyideUuii and bur geonu of this city. J^ACTvS AtfK STliHiOK!*.- KKAD. No. 8 Makvojt ST(i>:iiT, Ni:w Yokk, July 20 1WI. Diuu hitw been .iiHit lrd with total de.ifue?K, and lUls morning I was induced to payjRiua vl*lt. Flo one can imagine mv oellj;ht when, after one opt ration at your ! lian<r% my hcnr.ntr was stuMeiily, and without pain, re?t?.red j to un% for which I fed /cry gainful. After belli;! totally d?af, ttUnost abut out from (he picaaure ??f using r?> mve*t*ary a rense, to h <.ve it returned, and to hear so distinctly, refieet* great credit ou you lor tb* .ir<Ymmt of skill you nosr.?aa. ! Uvr, to tliunk \"m far what I mtt mo truly ivppreciate. 1 am, sir, your olnidioirc aervaut, KDWAitD TKMt'LE 1! A KKISON. l>r. VON1 MOSninsKEK'H olllPf fnrcnrlTur the deaf and the hliud ia at 107 (.Union place, between i'ltih and Sixth avenues. IMPROVEB PREPARATION 09 TOBACCO. 1 from the New York HandHa Zcftunir. M A *? ui'iM, Vr4 dlieidaV. Angtifl*7{ 1851. At the regutar month;*acMMion f the S??? o t> for this Promotion of Kri4.w4"Mi?c -?u Hub)?M*tm>f Natural <-hemlintry, !? dtraehbru t.. It ol.. < >< iirooUci n . u and Totuu eo In pertl- nlar The speaker traced it 4'iont ith dtnawery, its ia*ro.lueti??1o ISuroj^, it* persecution, ami tinn entered on * gem ml pevleir u( the m^Ie . f pit ?;*nt ? oltairswnd itu rtivM. The it'eturer iVi wmt on to *ay that, ho-.wer much fur*' hud ln*en bestowed on us mam iaeiure, it hart, until reoc-uiy, h.M-n found impoeslWr to extm?t tiw nicotine in aulUrteut quantity to render )t* u?e perfectly harir<4*aa to lti<* h'.auitt system. The lecturer furthei Htatcd that, Huain^ on the aafterlion 'd'Lic'iig, that the fohaec'i plant W iM-aptil>ha of iinrv-'vemetit <?v e.iltun , the Brothers \U Mi tJKN,J71AIJ, of >laii<nheim, lii^O ulnce I 'f7 h?*ru en^aee t in a. M-rie.-i ?f exfierirneutk i'??r the .mrpohe ofo^ienutg a Cet in the I't tfed atlttett for the toba? eo ^rown in ITdt/. The ?e e\. iierinieata had not l"*en ucoer?#nt ontil wuUy, when they luui bMA enabled to Improve be plant, tootifl tb ilth drawa' of the nicotine, toaneh a dearer thai the article wtui thereby InoreaMeU in ?lue, hiu r<>ii 'I in ami rend.^red health) eto the nvt?t<'n%, accciraln^ t-> the v^ Anof the npeaker. Th<t invention of cUe Men.^-e. Mm wihati would exer* ciae an Influence ben> U'Htl to thi?Uia**e> i,t' tvie j*eoj?b?. '?'be Me/.arH exhibited, made from nnntcotixed tob vrco. fully bore out the a^^o h-'UH made, an?l j;ave ^reat ?*alUf)iet|on. Sample*of their gegara tniiy be 9?rn at Sit. 3-MriMiiint atrect, New V ,i . 1>lit>l'!iE WHO ARK SK'K OK COMMON PLACE KICtioti and dull talea, and want 'o Homethin*? \ea)ly interesting, will not be <i.*uppointe<M! they buy the first part of Col. Walter Dunlop H n? w utorv, 44The lluiitad Life,'* in thin week's NKW YOHK LKIXJK'li. STKO.WS' PATr.NT aiu.IV TlUXh AMI PflUTMtl.F. redsleml combined. Corner ul Wurruu airoet and liroadway. Price $17 and $25. mo SHIPPING KBtOtUIRK 1 Wol.KK's N'lilKOAM SCHNAPPS. ',40,000 camn <i' Wolfea Celebiuted Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps for full' i;i !>oii<1 or duty paid, put up with Herman, iflitch, Spanish, Front1* and Kentish label*. Shipping ntorchauta can purchase lor the South Am?;rican, Kant Indnaml European market-. delivered on hoard ship at I.ivorpool, I/union, Rotterdam or Hamburg, at Ici-s liian tin- New YorK price. The Sr.bnappw Is well tuow uunil sells! freely in alt the market* of the world, Kor price, he.. apply to l,'lM?l.l,no WOLKK, New Y\>rk. HOFFMANN, DOKRKPAAIi k < '(> , Jtotterdaui. BIANCONE, KIJCE&CO., Hambfliu. mhrcoynssioire and experience or an uta. 1 ltd?l'utilntheil for tin- In-neiii mid um a warning Li>yi>uiik men who uml'iir I'tum Servient Ihhtlity, Premature I?eeuy, *< . Kitpplyini; live niruHR of Hcll -V.urr. Ky i>ne whiM iiri * Viiiuwli alter hebiK put to gri-ut expense ilimauli m<"li<al imixmltiioi nnil iiua^hiTT. Single >>i'-n !>? Iiml ?f tho author, NATHANIKI* M A VFAIK, Hertford, Kin** Comity, N. v., 0y endowing u pimt paid addrrKucd envelope. US. PASSPORTS ISSUED IIY EDWARD BISivKLL, a^ent, IV1 Hi-ntdway, corner ?f Chamber* Ntretit. iirorr.d Yotr make yock wife happy!?cabby f t home tint LKDGI'.R to-nUht. SHIPPING NEWS. A1.MAVAC rok nkw voi1k?-this dat. f*rx 5 H ? j MOQ* NK H fcVO 10 T>^ m;s ?kts a Hi nitev watku m??ru i 06 Fort of New York, SrpU-mber 10, CLEAKKD. StPHmnhip Ania (Br), Loit, QuiimJilown nnil Liverpool?12 Ounard. Sicnin^hip llonduran, Ark^rriiun, Key W?-M?McOnMdy, Mr>tt A Co, 8hip KmeraM Oornlsh, Liverpool?'Tupwott -t Co. Hliip hijrvunnnls (Fr), Onloilot, Havre?*Ko><l \ Ilin^Wen. Ship h? tl" ?>' tlw iiiran, U^wi, llavrn?A \v i! Wharton, Smith, antwerp?w ? Krhmldl. Bart; Ahbyia, Youiiy. tjneenst.own?\v?ls}i,t arv??r A Cnasc. Bark Now Orleans (Brem). S-indrr^. Antwerp?ItuKor Bros. Park Pyrmow, Oliver, Baltimore?lin ks A Hell. Brig h TrfWhridge. Ncal, Dernarura?I) Trowhridpc. Br i,' Mar; Knuly, Chapiti, Havana Jos Eneas. S?hr M Sled roan, (J. o'ljiif. Ciul;*?Merrill X Abbott. s< hr Murine, Stacy, Hh iHrii'iro?M S Powell. Srlir V.\ phemui. lire. Havana?S VV fjrwisit (!o, S- hr 11 Cur'is, St.h>ho#?, NT?l) ! * rct/?il. S- i?r 0?vina (Mr), Martin, St John, I' I Neviita? Son. S 1t,> Buekmasfer, Par rn alee, Frcderh a--B N Fox. S< ur7'*l Dorado, Tntflon. Klizabelhport ? > a*.tcr. Hchr fja'nartine, Urant, Klr/noetbp?>rt?Mnstei. Hr-hr IfJlU'.P, SVehtv.vrth, Kastjw i r<-~Jed Fry .V Co. Sehr Philanthropist, Ohlpma'i. Portland?It I* ?fc Co S In- Hranlte Hallett, Bos*>n-?S \V I,r?viw .1 Co. Sloop \V JI Bowen, Brotherfon. l'r< .Idence? M?3i*. Sloop Vary Atwator, L>nrucn, Provfdeure?Mahiff. Sl< op Aurora, Williams. Norwich?If S ilatkett. Nioop J .J B'?uvelt. MoitIM, St nm ford?Master. Strainer F W Brune, Foa^r, bnlimiore. Steal 'i Bristol, Mien, Ph lad**!) la Steamer Novelty. Shaw, Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Brazilian steam corvette Beberibe, Commander Alvln, P"ri> ambnco, 2a days. The B mount.* 7 runs, and has a cn w of 11:2 men. 1 Ik^ not seen or heard "f any privateers in the vicinity of I*. Steamship Ilanimonlu (Ham), Schweiucn. Hamburg, Aug 2', via Southampton 2rtth, with ludse and 2fV) pa^eu^i-iH, to Knnhardt ,fi < ??- An?2S, off PorMwnd, passed atcamsh'p ! 'n 1t?n. hence for Southampton luul Havre: 7th Inst, ! i? Y\ 23, Ion 2ft, passed Pros i>ark Augusta, bound W; H'}i> lat 41 fiO, Ion &?22, ship Kdiv Ilynuui, bound W. The 11 had headwinds and stoi my wither. Sb'p Oeean Monarch, Page, Liverpool, Aug 7, with nul:<e, to V, T Frost. Ship Empire, Coombs, Bunderlatid. Aug 6 with c? al, to order; vessel to Zeret'a k Co. K\\ti 27, tat -17 36, b-n M 45, sa v 4 large. Icebergs; 2htb, when 2U mikeli A ol' Capo ltace, saw 2 ieebercs. Ship Parliament (?/f Boston), T.eaeh, (lrfms!?y, Au? % via Ttastport (where nho called for orders), Sept 4, in ballast, to order. Ship St andinHvian (late the Gen Parklll, n< w Norwegiari), tjude. Philadelphia, 4<la>s? in ballast, to Iloltnlme-A* Co. Ship tj?o Washingtotv Comings, Boston, 5 days, in ballast, to master. Bark Sarah F. Nlokela (of Sparsport), Nickels, Cardiff. 43 1 days, with ''oal, to Ktinhardt A Co; vessel to K P Buck Co. No date, hit 4?), Ion 15 20, fell in with a Portuguese, Ixund t?> It eland, waterlon^ed; lowered a boat to take oil" the ccevv, hut upon ascertaining that we? wer?? bound to New York they n t u^ed to be taken off; did not learn her name. B ?rk Keehaldte (Br. ol PietMi), M?:Kon/l>, Cardiir, 35 .iays, with coal, to Kunhardt Ac Co. llad W wi ala during n' ^at of the passage. Bark 1 <uura Campbell fBr, fit John, IfB), Lufkin, Montevideo. 01 (Ihvr, with bone<iah, to order; vessel io Rdininton Bros. July 1*4, bit 31 t?7 S, Ion 43 JVl, Kl?uali7.ed alili* Wui D S<-wall. Treat, from Liverpool for Coqut ab<?; An#? 27, lat 29, Ion 61 18. spoke whaling bark Oriole, of and for Falrhavcn, with 2W bbls oil. Hark Citizen, Sbirllng, A spin wall, SO days, in I ilast, to Tappan & Starbuck. Had light winds a-ai caima moat of tiie nnsfaae. Hark (telle (of New Hksreti), Hhoadw, Barbados, 14 days, with molaiiw't, to H Trowbrldy"'s Sous, ot N< w IJ *vrn. l?i int.1, I at 24 26, lun 6f> 18, apoke >:ark N II tiaaton, for New York. Sailed ID company wl;h brig K V Reed. 1'ar k Eliza K^rs? IHr), Ci?ipr , Bermuda, 7 day , in ballast, to Tucker A Llgntboucn.; Dundalk (Br, of St John, N'Bh Kiernan, fit John, NB, todays, In hnllusl, toThos Wallace A Co. Bavk Persia (Br), Putuam, Provid.asce, in ballast, lo Bcyd A Itlrr kon. Bri? Surah lvtirs (of Ellsworth), Gilbert, jCort Jefferson via Cartfensa, 12 days. In ballast, to 0 A K .1 Peters. Brig Knchantres* <Rt?, Dlnxmci?, Winds.*, NS, 9dajs, planter, to II J .t C A Dewolf. .Sehr Alth-a (of New Haven), fltrrvry, B?r*coa, 7 day", with frnlt, (o T Giltniu tin. No date, lat IVi, Ion 71. >-pi>Ue brig Bird jf th'' Wwre, 10 days from Post an Prince fi i It. ,ion. Serir Willie (of Cutler), Brown, I> ogati, CM, ID 'lays, with coal, to master. Sihr Adeline (Br), Pettes, Wirilaor, NS, Iclduys, with plaster, H .1 .V 0 A Dewolf. Schr Protection, LXavis, Shnlea, NS, 7 days, with sp?r?, to U L snow. -'ehr Win Allen (3 masts), Cranmer, Baltimore, 9 days. Schr tilt nw-ind, Dickens, D<- aware City for t'oaubmn. Schr Juno, Robinson, Klizabeth|sirt for RorkUiiu. rtcbr Martin, Gotdthwait, Eiwaoethport for f-v.< . Schr llnm<*, Phinney, Eil/ejbelhport for Son, Boston. Schr Island B</lle, Boiler, F.ll*al?*thp*rt for <. iniluidgetart. Sehr It Borden, Arnold, Fli*ahethport for Fa'l River. Sehr 8 Washburn, Thrashw. Ellrabethport for Tantitot. Sehr Rival, Hobble, Eliza wihport far Stamford. Schr Rachel Post, Pclton, Ellzsbethporl I'.rClliiton. Sehr Convert, Merrill, Rockland, 4 days. Schr Hiawatha, Hall, Vlnalhnven, 4' days. Sehr Lucy Hla' e, l/ask?,l. Vlnalhaven. ? davs. Schr Aurora, Williams, Juiiesboro, 7 dayn? Schr N Well . Harvev, Harwich, 3 davit. Kciir Kikcl, Taylor, tioston, 3 day a. Srhr I* Armstrong, Litiueli, B anion fw- Albany. Sehr Dragon, llayes, Provideace. Sebr Humor, Kackett, Providence, S days. Schr Mexico, Pratt, Newport. S tirt'clcstii, Cole, Portland, CI, 3 days Schr Pavilion, Baker, Bridgeport. Sflir Ann ( 'lower, CrowelV, Albt/.y for Boston, S' hr T B Smith, Brings, Albany lor New Bedford. Sloop Metamora, Blubee, Ellxarjeihport for South Norwalk. Sloop Kienzl, Brings, Providence, 2days. Sloop Oregon, Rhodes, Prov'.dem e, 2 days. Steamer WhiUion (U S Wusport), Colinary, Washington, DC, In ballast. Steamer Woodward. CtVjdlfT, Baltimore. Steamer Mvs, Kenton. Philndelpbia. Stoamer Haritan, Rlo/er, Philadelphia. Steamer Delaware, /.slnaore, Trenton. Hteumor Uaprar, R' nney, Providence. The ship Athena, arrived yesterday from London, is con signed W Vuautb, Xatbt/d A Kuhnn (not as reported). BELOW. Bark Henry T.l111, of Boston, from Liverpool, 40 days.?Bl J\t)r>t boat Js?.e, No 1. J Ship Volg/., Holm, from Cronstadt, July SO. Bark Catch Me (Swe), irom lUu Janeiro. AO day*. I Bark Ida. 5 SAILED. Ptli?Rlii * * Julia (J Tyler, llon^* Kon#; Euphrate s Havre; w fir UiHing . vni, Ja fuel. Wind during*the day NE to 88E. Vlrralil Marine (!orrfn|)ondfticf* HKKM f'DA, Aug Hrnehr Karl of Devon, Diiwltlng. from Virgin liordof <r I.i? ?*P*?? *. on111 . .i *, airivedat ,St tiHofCfi'* i!2d, leaking badly, am * wiili mm ,.ud rising injured. Iler eargo of oopjHM ore in I *'';? dinrhai -red. Hark Union, Dexter,e * ni rived at St (lcorge'4 to day from a whullliK a ui**, 200 bid* oil. Wlli proba1 h v prun ed tor homo id u? "'ouide <?( day*. Hi I Baltimore, Potter, hi ^ Ingcomyleled repair*, nailed iw I the 27th for IVrt au Trinei*. v . tl ? Hr achr Hound will *.iil for ? ^''vV *ork on the 2d. MKoelli. nr?>aa. Raio Wm Moon*, Tapley, at J> UHt<m fiom St Oroli, \\ I, reporta Kept ft, lat M, ] >ii 40, plek< Hl "P * pin* maat !W teetabove tl?? de< K, auppoftml to ha oeiougeuloa win burned beloit . Sciih t'QKDKi.i whioh wa* bnmeo at Jersey City, \ui. 12# tons, Al%, rttto %!' tt? #?w . ? in \<\\ where die wan owned by II Ta Vraurt othora; car#? valued at about $10,000. ! Sciiu D W'QiiiK, partly owned iu tht ^ ^outh, ww seized at Keyport. NJ, 6th lnnt. SniHs TTKNKT(!oi.K,and Emma > mki.ia (of ^,l*r Vork) hiivn I b?'? n MUF.?>i$ by Collector Thoma*, t>l l'hiJadelt under Uia I'outiNi ation net. CArcirrrA, July 32?The Continental (Am ah. V). Jotin?o?t from Liverpool lor this port (railway material) \ aroumiad near Budge ttudge and remained 8 flay*, but b.o? ? oated anil i* now oil town, and will he docked for < vasaluattm V 11 uli., Aug 21?'The Arueriean hark Oat.'fm Ma, of N? ^ ^1% arrlv?'d h?re 22d inwt from St T human, with a car^o v o pite.a ? pine and hard wood, i'api llaihorn reporta'tofcitoc hoai 'b d b> ' privateer t rig ,l? ft Oavia, in company with a sen*', ah< arf!??s SJK ol R? riuuila. Thr j ihaif r ftoiat^d the Frelicl * In dint ?'K8, forwhh'h reason t!ic('.illfui-fji i nft?-n d herct* ,HNM aud i?oj ' down io )nm, ?n i wfcu'ti within haillrg dintani ?f! of the auppotel Pren<-huiati It turned out te i> thr s mtU% ru orlvuUwr JrlJ t)avf*? wf?>i ri'tiiieHtad tiio bark t<? N k her I Vl>miiIIm, ns lie sauted to *ea?t a loiii-r onb.mrd. NVlo-u tbi? Ito'it came aUin^idi', in plac?? of the l??tt-1 it turnrd out t ?lk*? ; IkxiI'k of H men. artued to the ireth. And th*? ottlcer m ' * havao demanded theahla'a j?aj^rrw. whieh, when pre ?i ni^d, wi re returned to Capt Itut hum, with the ton that the cHrtfo "wax mu ot a nature tomtit tlo-m," tteeieforv, they w<iufd let tin inn fin. ('apt Ifathorn anyn the cum. tnandcr of the Jeff Oavia waa a very uncouth man, and looked mora like a farmer thun the ca^iin oi unhlp. Tin Jt'lf OiiviHia an old bri#, aUnit aw tona retfiaUir, average sMihug w about. A tnota. k Komi, Jaty If?'The (T S h1?v?p of war John Adam* aa'.led on Saturday. July 6, tor New Ynrk, earryinK'homelho % lapuln, < hn?f oih? ci and crew ? !' I ho Ameri? an ali.p baineeii. Villi h arrived hero uhvd 3 idd^Ih a^, and h in siriee saiie^l 1'or New \ n K v!*i Manil?. The <Mpt.iin U*to h? trleft fertile 1 ? uturder of one of the erew on lii?< pat?Ha^- to thta port. - t The 1' M Uenmer J^iuaw han nnirne.i from a erul <e after about dOU mifcrn uluit^ the coast, hot could i\hm no uiieM^mu** of them. WAkiilemcrflt* ' Sre Correspondence ahave. See port arrivals above. Arr at NHertford Vlh, hmk Sea I>\y%, (of W>*tj>ort) (\ 11Tordt fndf jim Ocean, Johanna A^ril 23, Si llcW*ua Inly h, witl? rtua lt>h#poil. S?*nt home 75* bbls ?p oil Report* Mil), w milea ? ' KNK of Block IslHlid, otw ? whaling bet hi ftrtte, with main topsail, siwrinff for Day MradL i>trd of consumption, at ? Mnhe, June Z\ HW*, William Laverty, M?aman, of Cleveland, * O., diachnrtfOd t1 .111 th' S F. lielov. bri^f Amelia (of Malta poise'i), /mm Atlantic Ocemi. Utl??%;i?i bark iltargitivl S? <>tt, landre, Atlantis Ocpan, * Spktiu, iS?c. Hark Liuly Suff?4fc, Alien, l day* from Bustou tor St Domingo, Bept 2. lal 35 Id, ion 6/ .'tt>yorelgn Porta* antwkrf, auk2*'{?an Kutv Simt>?oo, Hepburn; Admiral \ Peter To'.BftMihkjold, l?un>, NYo.?k; tilth, CMmun*, SundswalJ; . . 2f?th, Mary O'Brien, Vesper, Callao; Trovmora, Carter, Montevideo. ? ? Akdkohj**, Aim 2ft?Hid M a ll^rrera. Kttlmatu Boston. A.njikw, June 3tX?Arr li^urge Lee, Har?tow. Manila for SydiM'.v; July 10, Judirc Shaw, Abbott, Swansea fur Hour Kong;'Hotspur, Johuaou, New Ywk for I lout: Kong; l2ih, t Kohiu Hood, Cobh, Port Philip for Singapore; Maury, Paul, 3f?*w York. for Hong Kong. ijbistgl (Mil), Aug is?Arr SarSellr, Co)*, Wyborff, for ttloueestcr (a ould remain C days for waier.) Sid LV?th, Tainm'lanc, ii*? ?, Cardiff. Bkouwkwcmvkn, Au? ArrCaaMda, Hlaffurd, Haiti more' (luai aid tor flelvoct. IUuh.U'os, about An* 2?:-tn port, brig B ri Eaton, "ami scveial other vessel*, dia#." Sid about 'loth, brix K A Bred. . (The above n poit come* from the bark Oa/clle, Cap! Ubciidcs, of N'w Haven, which arrival veatrnWty from B.trhioloH. On Monday the bavk Jteiudeer, bibo haHin^ Irom the .same p??r?, arrived' from Barbados, wiUtout fur'uiBtuiiu .i lint of V'-MHt'l* left. It in a onrlouH fact limit wo rarely rectum . y itifortnalloa t?y v?*KKt Is hwiipiI in N? w Haven ui rlvlnxal tliiVc port (or ?vrn whan arriving at New Ilaveu) from any of tin WrBt India Islands. | Hkhmiipa, A in.* SIK? See Correspondence ?i)K>7e. Hai.acoa, MepLZ?In pol l Bt'br Sarah .Maiia, for Work Id days. Cjwxrr, Aug25?Arr Uranln, Plnkham. and Shamrock, Ooan^i Ijondou. Hid 24th, Aide* Slai?Uv>h, (iardner, llon^ Kong. Cadiz, aug 10?Arr Mary gtapir*, ne^tuml), NYork. Sid 9th, Edward llynian, Hill, Aluanlr. Colombo, Muly 2S?Sld Habim*. Cromwell, Mad raw; 27 lb, Mary Aun, ili' Bahrein; Stephea tilovir, Mail hoi. co/elonu. (Ulcctta, July 17?Arr Relndrrr, Daviw, LHrorpool; 18iht C XI Lord, Smith, d?.; iyt!i,.lohu I'ortrr, ffetaou, and Long* frlluw. Moody, do; 'J2d, t^ontiiu-utal, .lohu>a>n, do. Chi Ifttb, TrtmoiiuUiln, Field, Falmouth; 2ULh, Wllcb of Ihe W?ve, Todd, 11? ndon. Cavk. Hack, s* pl^?(>if, atramtdilp Africa, from ljivcr|?oa! via Qunonniown lor NYork. Dhal, aof; UC?Arr Harvest Moon, Berry, riclou (and aid fi r J^oodon. oil d'tJ5ch, Nord Amcrika, Prie (tricks, from NYork f?B Hremetti I>un<?kmkss, Ann 24?Arr W A riatenina, llenuett, t;rooBladl for Kr?sn?|. (ii.AHr.ow, Aug 26?Arr Mnttipan, Watts, Montreal. Hid 2tkh,J<>hii Merrick, Gardner, Work. Gi.uVCr.xTUR, Aug 2d?Air rieiadoa, Kaowlton, Kealione 1m. (.'oiTKffBUKtt, Aui;iW?CId Mont ISiaiic, Laiiderklu, Norib America. tji- soa, Aug20?Arr Jasper, Bennttt* NYork; 22d, Hepina, Putt, d?o IIavuk, Auk 2^?Arr Comjrrjis (s), Autwarn lor NYork (mid aiil 24th); 24ih, He*fi las, Thomp^?n, NYork. lie low 2&th, WorUmrr Llvingst<in, Siunpnou, from NYork. Sid 24Uk, ?l<miu ( lark, liototirneau, itaitiuiocr. Homo Komi. Juno 2K?Arr Lucy E Aahfcy, Anbhy, Amoy; 30th, Kyder, Wiiainjma (.?ml kM July for NYork); .FiMv (?, J W While, Ongood, Bangkok; Huh, N 15 Palmer, Im*w9 NYork; Frank, Very, Bombay; T#ar, TowusemJ, VYmuupoa; 11th, Levanter, Brown, BauuKok. Slil Juno 'JJ, Catherine, router, Bangkok; 3'Hli, Andes, Amiritrom;, Slnnnhae. LivK?i'oofM Aim 23?Arr South Slu?re, Lothrop, St George, NH; th, Saratoga, McLa'y, Cardem.a. Hid 23?h, Kawliry Chlttdow, B??sh*\ Sandy Hook? < I rent Hepublic, Limehitvuer, New York; litith, loldeii Ktile, S.iM Frniiul^o; lilendower, Emerton, ('alcutUt; National, Small, C;illa?K Cld 24th, Kutlimd, Fonter, Calcutta; Thoa Watnon, Allen, CharieHton: Arizona, itoOiiiHon, (Jenoa: Aiin*ri<*a, Salter, New York; Emily Augusta, Strickland, Philadelphia; 26tb, ?i?*niii< Heals, (,'ro< ker, Hokm>m. hiit out 21th, Mo??* Davenport, P?'irivaL for Calcutta; Invest)a to., i'.irvcr, Ger.oa via N"w/*>rt; t'?ty of New York (hj, aii 1 City of Manchester (*), NYork ; V|r* iui*, Prehn, Nu? Kranii?co; iO h. K A Alhn, P?tt? n, Welfa*t, Me; Iuvin?-it>le, H'-f/hurn, h.'hI Sardinia, iVtiulfton, N Vork. Ijukdun, Auk 'J4? Air Agio's, Jones, (Quebec; 26th, Peppen II, lull, do; Alma, Baker, San Francisco; Pioneer, Montgono ry, U ?n^oou; limma J?ine, Jordan, Mauliuelu; Kutun t'lomit*, Ktcli, pui;wavh; H?*pul>li<k, IVenk*. ami J-ouj-ui Hatch, BartleVt. iNYork; Yoi;?town, Meyer, do; Nonnuii't, (?und?-i>en, Philairlphla; li'-maa, M N'?iiu, llaricu. Ua; ?7tb, M iiv ogJrn, Hatha way, N York; Ariozetto^ Tuzo, st Ju^o de Cuba < M 24th, M !? Klrh, Kick, Boftton; 26th, Welkin, Blancbard, N?'W, i t and St Thomas. Arr at Urave-vi. l 20th, Murb >, Wilder, San Fvuncisoo. M a it da.*, ! nl v 25?Sld <irey Feathi r, Mayo. Ma .ubpnUn. Mami-a, June 21.?Arr Shirley, Brown, llom< Koug; 'J7th, Northern Drown, Mt rrlll,and Vferrlnuc, Thurbton, do; 2*.nb, Tim II, Morgan, do: July 2d, Itiln i Charlotte, Boston. SnwroH., Aug 2.5?Arr Kois-rt, Ol?n, Loudon foe t'ajm: il?* vriim; 2f?ili, Ivlwin, Noi^imu. 11 in r*' for ?lo. l ooLK, A'u;24? Air l'riiav Alia it, William, NYork. Pi.yhoutii, Au^ 24?Afr tiambia, k?m*n, matan'/aa. 1'i UNAMhi co, Auc 15?No >im v. m*i:1 iii port. (^kK.VMTOWN, An/; 2C?Arr I'lAHtpOit. Qvi hki\ ,s?-pt 6? Air Muo Abulia, Olivet, Harre, ko< iikm.c, au? h?bid In (k Heile of the liay, fTollowajrk New York. Skavik#, Aug 22?Off the Ow?r?, CotiutUian, SweeUer, from t'ronsiadi for BriMol. SuitiiKitUMi, Aiitfd?Sl?l Centurion, Z#"f a, NYork;24tb, {^ th Hprax1^'i <iill? i 'e, do; .St&^hooud, Wiiaott, JSau Franl-'iM#*!/. SlMi.U'ouK, July ?7~Arr Surfrlse, KauJett, Batavia; 19th, Robin flood, Crow* U, M* mourn*. | HifANflUiAK,Jiine2li?Arr .Mandarin. Parrltj, NYork; Carrie I Lolaud, hmlth, Amo>; 2&t, DanW 1 Webster, HUtnnard. Tti*nish>; USih, Osuntlet, che? i?>o (und aid 27th for ll^ng Kong); Mellin. straiton, Tientsin: Curlew, Kall.trd, llong Kotig; I 2&th, Teiiipleman, Bird, Nagasaki; 28tta, Nautilus, Klweli, llon;{ Kong; 28th. liitnafi. Ctaadall, Nagasaki. SIM Junefthh, Maryland, Friend, and Firefly, Martin, Na KaKiiti; 22d, Saratv ll Snow. Higgtu*, NYoik; 21th, Rival, Row ?e, Tle.nt; in ;27lh, CarTinglon, Sumner, Kanaguwa; 28ib, Ida U Rogers, Hon honhf, Chr'-luo; (lurluud, .Nrwthw.ti^; 2Dth, P Deiunoye, Terry, Nagasaki. Six John.*, PH? about Aug n port brlg? Cupella, Aw, fot N< w York idg; Palestine, Rugrrt*. and Bia< k Swan, Fodder, tc uo: Chattanooga, Fry, lrom Bailimoro arr 2uili; Knhr Peerless, Futu-isou, 1"-in do a*r IMth. Sr Croix, Auk Hi?In poyi brig N S Hasuell, ll.i.ssell, from Rnuidywme, Dul, arr 2ls\ St Joii.v nic S?*|?t f>-Arr uhlfca Empress, Lyon a. Liver auol; LrvJalh iu. B?*lon; schr S4i Parker, PiuUdelphla; An, ship Aduni*, Aii.iiir-y Liverpaol. Chi 6ili, tint; Sew Zealand, Philadelphia. Tk*kim auk. SS2?Arr Major Morton, Gcrnor, Boston. 814 22d, David Sl'wart, Prem iss, H'jllunore. Amtrlcan Porii* BOSTON, 8ej>? V?*Arr brig Wtu Mooie, Tapley, St Croix; su ltr C Shaw, Shaw. Philadelphia. Cm brig Ml Marys, Bravo >r, IVjiiambuco; schra P'lihway, Crawford; J O .'/da. 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