Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1861 Page 6
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6 situations \v \vr::i)-pk^ai.t:s, Ai;ks.'S.'tii'.i,i! riuiTi si \nt YOliNO t.rui. wiiilf ft mUhm'J' ;i h.uuhfriuH'.kl -iwl |?l'un -"Wtr, ?>r um j ?un?r ?iuii pKu? wwfi ; ik v?r> kind to rloiiliv.n. Uii??Roo<l r. i.i' tui.nii'tts f>i i? h?.*j J**t | m - . (\ill forth:* ?1.?,vh ut *7 W.-si Itfth in. A WOMAN WANTS V tfHTATlON To <JO TOT ?.f <?...?? lIufH- IVfJl H I.K! 3 "V tit !)? fit# till' if.* Afriluqiklrw fur ??ii" \\ ft hI No.'ft Vara W platv, Ko *r "f tw l\vt' ?i H arul ut*. 4 S ItorKKKKEPKIt?A LADY OK KKFINKM* tMlur ittoii vs Mild li!v?' totHkn ? lutig?' of a v ^ T AM) faniily, ? * lir^i tLvs hoai<liuj( lious?\ ?>r w // '*011110'* young >; m h i?md traveller; w? uM lmv?- jtOJ Jn*'nict "l*? ko t?i <'ali' >riu.*, \V< >?i or filiK vvhrtv ' ''7? t>??, 5P?7 V ) ' ? s Fosi o'.liro, or refer to Mr. M ? ;4.ln,v iUrt'K A( .'x, Hmi'tway. 141 an avkkman lady, who has ; K - * yavfV 'kpi'ririxtj ii irruhtni:, ' ' J, , l oll i|\ A ML'luiol; NNOllUl m*?U\ f'Mf >11 /* N? bfMIMI hlllia. MtftftdUod, or ttd goreruvHH in .< i . ' ' "J''/"1" ?.?,d 'Ity ri'frr?uv<'H nKfJ. .UJ, - . .1. I', Milll!Iu 1). AKKHVKCTAXI.K Yol'vi. W A"AN y VN|X i bit. > tiou ??lihttiirfx niiMitt " V J 'N * ..IL, ?,,T ,i% MmhlllB Irwin*,: ! a* lr t ? , J"' Ihref ?lkv*at 129 Siiiith *uv '.-d * * ,il! iM" A WANTH A SITVA iuom,.?? 5.>.HJ ? - m'i ?. /. iif1';*b,,r ? . p. ru.1.:.'?.??,Uv; b .11 / 4,7,: "v!' 10 " O ?o. thr..'<lay??? Wstr / ? <!an be men , A ^rb'*X V<),'N<; I'ADY WI-OIEs 2?* i vr in - t ^V"} , l"1> - In u vJmJ... \ I ot^' '"'l"" '....I., , IV II..-1,1 ?f N..h.n 3.W? IW njW* '~Hl",Kn' r A.ldn M S. Uur T)onri'auA?f7Jk rAN 1 U,V. nKS|,tKS A SITHA s*-.. Apply i,. im. IV'H imv /I IH'IWUOQ lUdJHl 5 r'-'lwJl V M AmiiinA'/gJ^pKCTAIUJi MIDDLE AGED LAa>Y, wliU/an#*xj??>ri.we*if iivt* y<*ut% wntlictf " Kituation a* ma*r i' n> n **?'iooj; tin*. b*si of rf4ft,r??n(T* auw from her praf+inV^mpIiyrru. '.tKriv -us ? :uv ol Frank King, too* 2,3WT rit*i t fiJn??, York. \ Smy^UION "WANTED-?HY A RKSI'ECTABLE ./a youti?woman, to/i? thru iw.klnjt. washing and ironing or houaovf.iru ??f a sn* II private family. H:>* tb'- beat ?if ?*lty refnivuity f'rru h?T U it plate. Cull ;tt or address t??r two rtaya 172 'timber Wi ht l&Ji at, rear areond Hour. ASrri'M'ION WANTED? BY A YOl'VtJ W?>MAN,TO .. * - ..l h | w, . k |n h |?rlv*l f ||ly; i-, ; -i plain ooofc, w a-h?r? ml troner; ha* no o??jeeiioij m jjo a abort 4tettn<-<> n th? country; good city vf.Vr?*.uc? . f.*n be mcu fur two day* at 1st a v., over baker* ittore, illirii iiu *r, nm,v< near 19 th at. AWfrMAN WNO VNDKRJ*TANDS FAMILY WAKUfNC and irooiiiff wlab'** l<> f<o out by ili? day at iniHlerate pay < an tw j.*r two iih)> al in 3Kt hi.*, between 6ih an'ri 7'h a?* Actuation wantkd-by a respectable <uul, in a !>nvn?- family; ?* it plain co??k \v^h?'f ami ironer; ?rti gir? the best of city r*?l? ! ? ??<from h?r laat placa lor ulr* >>r ten y*-urs. Can be h(*cu jor i\\ o day s if not *?ulal 2JM41 h at., fnit more. \HITCrATroN WANTKD?BY A KfeSPEiTABLEtilUL, ;? ? niir,it' ami sr.iiiiKihor ?lt.unrti?:?i; is willing *nri "I'ili'iui' Hint kiml ui < iiHdp'n; 1m m at am! tidy in her person. tit n be seen lor tv%o day*at fH> WeatUDth at., near 4(li ave. A SIT ITION WiSTBU BY A KE8PECTABLE young woman, to do^eimra) houaawork hi a ftrlvaUt family, or would no mr chain)wrtnaUi; l?val of city ttl'brouce. 4\iiV a#h?'r prcm-nt plnm for two <lny?, .H4 KantSSa t>f. AglTUATlON WANff^-BT V YOUXQ BVOLIRH woman, Uu*ly from Enuland, clinmlH-rmnid or Ui do ft'nora) boo rework. < ail at I6U Navy at., Brooklyn. Ah AMKRK'A.V OIUL FROM roNXECnCUT WI8HE8 a situation In a i*tnall private family a.4 chamhormaid aiid t<? (to u ailing or sewing. A| ply thia day and Tlrutstoy mi a4>f?fHh avt'., t<?f?HcMjr. A SIT I \TI0N WANTED?BY A llEHPECTABLK yotniK Kirl tt* numf! and N^uinatrvu; h?t in a K??4?d plain and ran do plain work ol) w IjKfler A WIImoii'.i sewing UM-hine; ir aUoinpHWc to n-ad for or lt*ach i>mall rhlldn n; wtaiht do rhamb^rwork, and ia willing t<? oblige, t 'all for tw<> d%ya at 124 St. Mark'* place. Ayouwq woman u urn a situatioiv ah ctiambarmaid ?ml to with tin* waabing and iioniu,:, ??r to mind cbildivn; no objection to nntk? beraeli tfwnuly uA**fiij; but ol cUy ivfirctice. t*?ii al 471 42aI av., ami floor, t.?ok nnito, ono door fiotn tb?* corhwr of Jytb st. A WIS AT, tX>.M PETKNT YOVNU WOM \S% OF STEADY ami iudutftriou* habtta, w.ints ,i Hiiuaiion as waltrc *s or ?bi-mb. ritui'i and to ;o?kihi in washing and ironinff; baa lived ??v?.r hcvqu ycaia iu her laat placc. Cau Ik; nocn lor two day* ai (ki tUiuton idata*, Mi st. \H ITU ATI ON WANTED?BY A KEKl'KCTAIILK ywaug nirl, with ?*ity rcfcrcncc, to doclmnita rwork at)?! waiting or v> afnibt with waabilo;, in a private family, or ak ti'l/Hi! for cbildieu. Cull lor two da>a at L\j K:o*l 17ih hi., round floor, front room. A HJTI AFION WANTED?AS <K)01) rocik' tSonn JY uuy*reitrenet; can be given from laat place. Call at VW I* e*t lt)th at., becwwii 6lb and 7th a\e*. ACOMrBTENTfiEAXBtHB^ WIBftES a SITUATION in a Ural t Iium? lauilly; rauculuna l:I ladle#' dresses, also 'hiMren's cio'thiuif and all kiinl* of family hewing; \n ?II I? * found obliging. City reference. Call for two day* at 21 Wwt Juib s:.. b?ur :> i. nr. \ PROTESTANT"YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUAtioii a* chambermaid wailrew, or nnnM haw- no objection* to make herself generally t;*< fit!. ran la ?wu at her present employer's. 86 Boerum at., HnMiklyn. A yolno woman wtsheh a sittati<in as good A plain coofc, waaher and Irouer, and an u bread; keeps her kitchen clean and tidy; ?*hfi uoiild H1' ** chambermaid or waitrexii; w.?,. ? >? very l"w ioiuU th.' ilmrs. Can be h^?'.n or addressed, until**tit*api*d, at h?*r i?r ?? nt pi u e, w here -<h? intm tmen lince NoveUibv r, k?S Kant filsi at., it. \| A VOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A .small private family to co?>k, w.t*h and iron; la a good pj,1n rook and ?'x?-"llent \v asher an 1 ir.ner. ? 'an eome well rti'an mended. Call for two days at 1-ti Wext *Jth at. k i'UOTESTAKT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS \ SITI'Aj\ tft?n In a flint class faintly an cbnm)>eni>a id or naureaa, *?r uuive and plain newer. Can be wen at I5t>s Mh ave. A UESPECTABL.E ANI) TlUlSTWoUTilY C.UU* WANTS A a vlcMtion to d" .eneral houaework; l" a uool v. asher <iiiO ironer; fond of children. Beat ol cii> ?? : -.. noes. tall at 171 \V?*it J57ih St., between 7tii and 8th an>. 4 YOUNG WOMAN, OP A WfLM.VG AND OBLIGING J\ deposition, w iahcb a (situation t?? do general housew ork, r would .to ehmnherwork and take care of ? hlldr? i?, Ac. Can oe seen for two dav m at 132 Mill at., corner ol 7f ii a v. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A Yol NG WOMAN, TO u\ do iiie eonkintf, ashing and iron nig of a iv>*pee;able family; man xe? ;i?-nt Ifr.-ad ;.nd bifcttlt bako. or would do tie housework of a am .ill family. rhe be*t of riiy refer* ive iron, her place. Call at 112 West 1*1*1 at., between fitta andfKt avii. \8ITl'ATlON WANTED ?BY \ KKSPEOTArtLE youug pirl, itf plain o?jok? w?nher au?l imner, or to ;.? geuerai Uoin??*work in a hi nail private family; iioodeltv r*?*erent* lr??m her lam xituauvxi it required. ? ill ai 335 NS. hi loth fit., between 8th and 9th avs., second floor, baek room, Iwr iWo (Jay^. V SITUATION WANTBD?BY \ BBflPSCTABLB CO lurwl woman, a** euok or lantidren>i; bent i.-ity ivfen?nee# Call for two daym at 227 West 37th hL, ladweon H' b and tfth una. i PROTESTAXl OTBL W10HBB A 8ITI ktlOS chambermaid and to do line washing ?ud Ironing; i?< a Koon S(*amstreMa; b? Kt of eity ral'enMiee; i ?s Jive.j ri^hi yearn m one place. Call at W Bank atM l>etv\een Bletjck< r and 4to St. 4 WET Nlr use's SITUATION WANT? I>?BY A h??aith> young woman. Good relereiux*. Call at 117 Kant 41st at. \UBBPECTAHtj3 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUAUon a? ehHUii>eriiiai'l and waiter, or wonbl do housework In a Hinall private family ; ran wank and eook well; bus* uood ?-Hy reference fioin her lant place. Can lie *een lor two .iays at ICS West aSdiC Vs CHAMBRRHAIB AKD \s UTRRftS.?WANTED by a I'roteHtant youni? woman, a situation a* rhamlx'ruiaid and waMress; ane in ch?H?rfnl and obliging and lias 2 ?,<{ n-fewnceK. Can be seen for two days at her present sK?ia lion, I (1 MSI .*'IU AN AMERICAN LADY, OF LAJUJK EXPKR1KN< K, vi ihh* ? !< (MigHgn a* ?-|*t iia a g?'nfl?-nuirt s family; is fully romjM-U'iit to Uik?* tin- eDtlrn . hu\ iiia nllM tin* Mtwatl'.-u in jaiijiticA ?>J' huh f.s f.?n<i,of ?,ini<in*n; Mould tak?* < -ir?? of an invalid: n<> nbjc-tdittn to the i-ounlr) ; th? bent of wb'ttiwr qimu. Call on or AdrfroM Hoi^ckvriwr, Ko. 4 St. Murk'n plncT. A sit!*ati*wantij)?by a <x)m pktjsnt young H', HKrhttnilHTinuid and In a privnif iamily\n&n givi th? l**??t of .city r?*h rriav- from hrr la *t pi if*. ? .m ?K.*?*n for two (Uy iht UJO ICant 24th Ht., ihisomI llwu-, f rout room. \kkspkctabj jb puotkst ant vol'ml woman * inli .1 kI?nation a.s tfood plum v? a. h*:r and ii #u#*r; >m* v d rclVr??iuv. <al! :.i .\ . 2 ii. u:; ncnr Hamilton i .. I't ?- Clyn. lop floor, >mck room. i KKSPECTABLF. wd.v k% w\nts ? ?.mv: v;.\ iun(j; . \ * ..... in' 1.1 h z ; 11! . iJ.", \V? T-1 '2inii ht. i vurMj AMKKI'\VN <U&I? WANTS .A SITU ATION , \ I.' J I. Ift.'M Of d'>- n.uu* M v ' III* IDS I: ?.a ntry; ran nit t nl ft-. . .. 'd ... , ; Lji. ? HU | 1< l.? 'iil.v < ''ill '<t 2J7 KahDIMi ?a., l> -t W . U; and ^1 av-.. /mirth {four. lion*. i Thncnri;)- i.Y ?omi?i;tk*:T DIU'.ssMj*k ]*'.?< Wjhji. . \ ? lk llVCll-M.J 1 I' V..<4,''l III I ' U'" \? o; * ii . , Aii? I.' v. i* i.f* ? a I'll t, and do i^.-i .? rrn ua M/ i,. >. ? ,, i i. i . ? I Ht rt.ik' i, 150.'* -V.T- 'Jkiiu MI. 4 IM'.Sl I'V-'AKl.-E VOTM; (HIT \VTSMI> V Sir. A I . ? cImiiiW I M ai ' V, tf(f J.,f ?i - *. t . ; : t\? j-, n I f) 0 Mt*., !> ' v *\*-n jfc'vit jjid ii'hM*. \ :t.*.r??rxi '.'hj. ?i>itf si*.-, v. !">? ? " , .. .I . ... .1 l? * ' y .n .... ' i . 70 North ??.nn? k'.. iit>#.,i?ir>. A MT? .TV?N w A U1.S1M: !'ABTj; . 1 > at' v f?, hi |.? '-Manila* \ . .. . j, at.' ii ..mi1.. Sp ' ! ' ?1-. :? ? , , ,.;i ?iv,.. v. >' a -r.-a.: fvtirtis in ? ?. s; > , .t. I * 'I V 1 ?' > ' * t -IT. ATiON W ANTM!! V.\ \ }M ! !.? ' \Nl.i: \ i. ' t, r\ amb'Tiuat*' .< ? , . ^i-j . , . in f? luiiiic < ' iewirui 1 i mikiH tm i - \ i %vu*? ? - flu \t j\ f hi. .<? . ?!?, v v ((.. 1 , ?, . . . u rgl.w) v 1 vr . .< ,v'v!'> . Y?lr> * ri \ i-.., ' ' . ' F , ,, j{ . i. * , '-4-trp prompt anowioit. v i:. tvrl.;: 'vui. i! ?:! ::r. w \*: >, m v \ . . . ... i i? v a :1 * . 'm' <1 , n > ?? t?> r? -?l ' 'i v 1?' * ' ' i f? r (ho <uy~at 231 f??rm;r ' i' av. a .itui tcit 4 v^i'xc wo::an \wsin.s * .rnvnov to do l t f ! i - i it.,; v , , s p m.-ii 1'* ??? v.-j m ' ! 2* w %> i, ,-.vklyn. <*;?> n-fi-wno. \ i ak . vw ;k'.\ .4mstk</'l . \ j ."! ?i w *. . w; ?)i *\;m t'i. ; t m i ..if.- r. v. i <m , s|?tintj } -tp viion aa.nt1jl# !:v / vo'l'mi olvfi, as . i. '-?.r " ,i^'} \ ' ! ?v. r. ' m t \. , A, I . .* '* v... :v - . tt 'vkiyu. NEV s,TnT!<>,.>- w \vi'Ki?-rKarAi;B?._ ^ ft RRSI'I'HTABt.r-: Vl'I'NO illlit. W WTS \ SITIJiA /l tliiu in ? 1 ?|i|,|y ?? iina i. Mi'il 'I" i ro.tij ... ...xtom | rtl'tHllii' III Uievi mi:. I lili lit I'.ll Vu;I'LnI? itecuinL ttuu'', i from i ^ITIWTION WANT::r>?TO DO t'liAWKKHWOR' j\ T.ii-J ,4- t m.'??w > '.in: . ii Mr-ill ??v . u^*r wimhuiut ' ?/dm; no ??)?| i n ? ? **o a I /?. i.ii/y? ji <-*?#n*tr/. ri;y -mh' u . ii. Call ai 1^0 NV?>i Idlh m., lor two i ''?>* J a NUTATION WA.NTKU?IN DITIlJilt tilTV OK COt'Nf /\ try; is u i ! iin <*n.,1?, w nsln r rriVmu'f? ; firm oi* four y*?.u>. Call ?u W.vkofl* near Smith, j Brooklyn. A SITCATIOS WAKTKD- HY A UEM'KC 'TAB1JS <#IIUU < to Oo luu;**w oik iu a umali )iriv tio tamlly; best or city IVI.M. t i uiii ti<-r lust ,V> fly in tb? coafuij tlonery store, No. ?L7C \\*?>t2Mh m., tt?*r Ninth iivo A LADY TS DKSIUOVS OF PINWVl A PLAOK IN \ Jr.L rr?sj. *r??ti?Jr }'n?4t ,tut Jmtiiiy for a ri'K|M*<-table S? ot? n ?"l, nx 1>'? v?iii v. Illl'u to niakr KrsHr useful cither hi inkier i i r t,t . hlhlnit or as chniiilw, maid. AiiUre*a K. K.> U?k 151 lieruM oiti< e, lor tv\ o ita\ h. APITI ATION WANTKD?BY A RKKI'KtTABMS (ilRU as haiuiMi iiuiid ami walti I'HB, or .is eliiM'* uurHii ami k?- i*nstri'NH. li 'st <;ty ret'ereac-a. l ull at U&7 v\ oat Houai m at. tor two da * s. \ SITl ATTON WANTED?BY A YOIMJ WOMAN, AS J.\~ K'HMi ?u?ik ? p i'imiI refciviHT. Call at 195 Went 21 at *4., st)i ami Utli ava. ASITI AT I ON WANTED ? BY A UKS1' EOTABLK yoiuif w < to ?i? > wurm} houaeivork imi rftiiftlluinily ;* lajat t ity re/vrenee tfivtjn. t'allforitto day*at No. 04 Wlilei ml, Ami flow, bacfc ro#m. A?ITI7ATIO.V WAXTKD ? AS NUKSK AND SEAMhUv?a - r?*Uavn Vrmaid and y?'..TtiMu?'?h, by a lY>te?tiiut ynutn ?v??rn:tn; <*bv i \ r.iil at Jumpit wot ' mployI ?*\s, US West lfeh'at. A SITUATION WASTE?'?BY A I'.ICSI'KCTAHJ.K MM, rt*. ko?k1 eiMik anil bakov; ia uii Wlihoi' and iroiwr; n<a> 1 <* 'ty ref?re??ie from hit-1. plate. Cull lor iwo hi *>5 \VV t . 2Kth ht.. nor lt>*!* av. AHKttPKCTAMI.E Mrcsn WOMAN WANTS A 81TUation uk <-haml>>"maid and wail'r**, or to do fj'iioral b*Hf*ov\ ??rk, it . i?m?tll prwtw taiuiiy. Call for wto daya at 97 Went 2/iih \ ASlTl'ATiOS WANTED?BY A RESPEt TABLE youtt'.' v>n?au. t?? ihioU, \v*ah told iron. Bern of rei'c?vn?v\ ?Tall at I,-ISM Kroadwny, between 40th and 41st 8U., for two du)?.. 1 SITIWTION \VANTED?BY A KKSPKtrTABLE, a.-. u?mk1 r<?ol^ washer and Ir??ncr, or to do honaework, (iood < ity r? iVi otKM'. f ill at 14'.) .Inhnaon at., between I'rinw and ?lold, Bnndvlyu. VRES1?HPTABI.E YOFNtl OIKIj WISHES A SITl'A Lion to d?? pjain < o.tkiliff, w;*Nhli?tf urn! ironing or jptn?rNi hous? v?or^ in a Muail private l'aniflv: good ? Ity reiermee can bo j?iv>'n 1 rotn In Jasf phtrp. <'an bo w??n for two days attfHftidav., betw<*ii35th and 36ih ala., third floor, from, room. AltKKi'KCTAHLK YOl Ntl HAlilllEl) WOMAN l)Ksiifs a v.f.iatinn a* v <-t inir^'. fan be aoeu for two day* *f i.'tt Eaat &stlt at., fir*i floor, ba?'k room. Kor re.ferenee apply i<? Dr. Oontn-rv, <521 2d a v. A SITUATION WANTED ?BY A RESPECTABLE I ./V y??ung wi'inaii, to ^o ?a t'.rsi rat?'i-ook and to aaalat in J washing and h oning; <-:in b*a highly rof.iunnended from her ? laal plM'v. Call at loft W??t Itttli m., \a twe.**n 6tb andTth avi? 4 SITUATION wWil l* \s XDBffl AND SEAM ^'Y atrev-, by i iti.'.bl? yirJ, capaoht in U*rmwlty. The heatofeiry rflVitiU'c ttiven. fallal 173 Went 22<1 sr., beI tw*?en 7*h S?h a vs., fit onl nitor, trout ivuio. Can In*. , ?oen for i n -i." g, I 4 RESPECTABLE GIR& WAN*B8 A SITUATION AS J\. cook; J-* .-?<? cAeelleut w??.sber ami ironer; In w iiiliiK air I obliging. fall at No. o Amity place, in thu rear, lor two | days. Qflod city refeivam uiven. A SITUATION WANTED?TO DO GENERAL BOUSE* | J\. work. reference. Call at 285 Went 27th ?t.f bej wci'ii y?h ami ltlth . VKESI'Kf TABLE YOUNO WOMAN. WISHES A hiluation, to do general hoti>c\roik: in a #?>od plain I eo-4 Ami w.ivti' i i?i l ii 'M.'r: hi^ui ;?i?hI baker of br.-ad; I*.?k |th?- beat of 1'iiv v oi-ivjhv. I'iin !? for twodayaat 112 Weal 10th Kt.. In the r?*Hr, ffi'i i??! Door, lYoni room. , i SITUATIONS tNTBD* BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, | JV to do chum1'* i tvoi 1* ami waitir.;; in a private family; bad threa? urn'^tppfli'noeinhei place, t'ai* bv mil j for Iwd (Uy< a 11 ?<. th ai near 19th at. A SITUATION WANTED BY A KE8PRCTABLE young Woman, to cook, wash and Iwn; eit.y ivl'i. I renwa given. f an be m . n#tor tw?* day* at 3tf Koat 18th hi., ' lietween Broadway and 4th av. A1 RESPECTABLE vol <;n:r, wrsmcs BMFLOT . inent by tlx day, week or month: is a j^nal dre*ttiuak*r; j can do all kindi oi family Mowing, it required; chhI city rr.i'vik Can be aeen at M? Weat 38th nearYtn at. , A SITUATION WANTKD?BY AN EXPERIENCED | 1\. ' *>-; would Ik* v. tiling t?? e '*od n (cIt the w a??i?ititx: mi deratandb pi.-try. fan t? a en fov iw??daya at 107 Ka?t40th i at., between l.<?xlnircon and ttd av?. i 4 SITUATION \V.\ NTBD?K V \ RK8PEOTABLB WOj man. as ?aiuk; can make the lieai bread ami biscuit, and all kind* ?il cooking ami dcact*; can give the lies' of city rflcreti'-c. Can U- men for tvvodayaat 87 Weti lUth at., between 6tb and 7tli ava., in tin rear. VKESrKrTAHI^K OIHT, WISITIS^ A SITrATION AS elmmb?'rnmi(l u .?i waiirej-K or lodo^nei-al iums< wmK I in a private family ; of Htv rel'en ij?i\?-n. Callafl'K) l*tncapj?le r?t.? n- Hi l-'nlton, io tln> ImiM'inent. ( 4 SITUATION \V VNTKD?HV \ KESl'Kt'TAB! F. | 2\. joiioa vvmun, a* chambermaid or waltreaa. or would j tate care of chiiJren; on?!ej * all ktml* nf tine Bowing and em'r "i-W'rv: In'-t ot fity r> ?c t-m*c from her laai nlacc. fall at ??ti ' ?.f 2-'?. ?r.. l^tweeu #;'! ai i 7th a\?. \KESPRfT VBI.K actMAN WISflKS A SITI'ATION . iti a priva't latnily as lanml: -kn, ??r to ?lo general hotin work; is k?io?1 eook an I an ?x< client w.?^h? r and ironei: is willim; an.i ??i.| iii.*, nici iK <a|vtl>ic ?-i taking elm rue ot mi ? infant ft? in its lnrta. lic^t ??i ?*it\ reference, t'alifortwo dayx at224 Vtlt ?v., Imhw ti 24?h ; nd * t^. \ SlTl'ATKJN w \STED?BY V UESi'Kt'TAHI.E AMI' J\ i < .n ;',rl, a.i i:h ?mlM?rmaid a ml wnii'-HH, or would taKcar?* of chiMtcn and do)>lain a- fall l?>r two <la>? in Smith at., betwtren (Vi:*.re ..n*l Mill, Brooklyn. A SlTl'ATlriN WANTED?BY A KESPKCTABLE42IKV#, j\ to ?!?> e|i,?nil>ei*wor,c and a' >?..*?' hi tie* wahlitngaml Ironi.::; baa no objection i" In ; btairdlng botiaa; Isaflrat rate WH*brr mix! ;iwr?er; <ir wxild fit ^ n housework in t Miialllamilv. Bent ? f t ity is*f?-,? tic . i'an be neenfortwo da 21>8 i th a v., be f. ween IVth and .flth his. VSiTi ATJnN WANTED?BY \ i:E.s!'E< TABLE Woman, to ?t ? general houamvorfc ; is .? t?.M)d co?ik. Washer aixiironer. The c<miforta of a home more an object tlmu I ' 1,1 "l?-? 11 """ "' li"" '1 lvl' ' I \ YOUNG WOMAN ^ INTSi TO I tlOM iB ( H \MJ I\. barmaid am! to take ir?? ??i" hil?li"ii. or to do riiumj Iwrwork and rlain ; Ijhm t b?'M of my r> ? r?-fi<? from U*?r I trt \ Uc?\ r.i !>? ? '? ?! for two ! i\ s j t IS4 7?Ii avM l> l\V' !i 221 and '23.1 Hirsts first fl?w, b;ok room. | is iulds xi nsr. -w .\xtj:p r.v v\ kxpkki! u'V enivrt ]h*i*m>ii. i -.'ffia'inn nw ? hild * ntn ms und .vainj rut} luhr ?)?* fir .< < harv of an infant from iu birth i and bring Il nj? by ti nd: lm? had tTi* i*are oi -!:i11 r?-11 for >? v?'M j; tbebfdt<iTHtj w>l rpti i givstu Apply*! No, 83 : 2?Jth *t., n?*nrtiih uv., lor i\v?nla>?-. : 4 KKSITjTARr.l' iWHh WANTS A SITI'ATION i> j jt\ a .<?)nalt |?rh at? r.?ii'ily, a> i iir-1 rlar* ? t?ok uidrwvl b'iitbak??r; understand* uh k:n?N of fowls pastry and I jf iiio??*?ian invv.?-hin? an I ironing, l ull at i S4 Warr?n m., Iwiwci'ii Ainifti and 11??> t a Brooklyn. Tlnv#j yearn' ett> reteivnre ?rtvrn. ?';m hh-ii for two days 1 AN EXPEKTEXlTED AND TRUSTWORTHY YOUNO ! ^ V woman want* a viluation ?.i - arn-lnmid to do I'ulif chambrnwork, or would take<v<r?H>f itrouinjrr.hUdreu; und-r! ?t*mlRuU klndft of family vn in r mo 'tittlne ;iiid fi{fii?. Tin* i be*a of rl?\ n f?'ii-nr?* can b?" uiv? ?. t'nn !?< a? ? n lor t\\ ?du>"< J at 126 Sthxt., ii?*arl>th av?\, third floor, from r< mi, ! \ SlTtATlOX WAXTED?BY A PROTEST!XT \VOj j\_ man. to do plain rooking, WnOitn^ and ironing or would j <!o li' ii-.'-work; ? > oi?j ".i ?n u> u?? a ^h'?rt ai?ian? ? in ! thr oniitrj. Ki-t'tTfinc 5tv??p K ;voMlr. d. <';?ti bo j^M-n for ' two tiavK u't ISti \Ve*d I5<tl? tM bctwi^u 7' b ami 8th avr-M in t an rear. VPROKESJ?Kt> ru<>K WISHES K SJTl'ATIOX I\ A priVM . tv utid. iKiuiuU h?-r IhihIiv ^s In | all itn brain In . ]?.-.-t i. l'? j <*n?r? ;iv? n. fall ;?i 44 U'/>ul I IStb ht., Wiw??V*.n 5th and *'?tli av?\*. \N ENiH.lSil WOMAN W VXTK A SITUATION co<?k; one who ii)d? i>Liiwls l?**r bn?din sn in nil 'its i bran? h?'Hand an giv?* nuiUutciory ifl? n iu . . Addit>n K. IV, 62 (Jn*f mvli'h hi | A HIT! ATI ON WAM'KD-in \ V(M N'd Vii IM? u V ivii.'i ;?1 h h.m-x. i in .t fu 1 i ri U'rfWf I rum io-r i . t '.iH at 2.W. ??rn?:r ??' Smith and I? u,;.?.v* nts.. lt: .H.klv?i. t'.m ix- h-.'h ? r k\\o day*. j i 8ITCATIOX WANTED- jn A BESPKCTABLK FA iitilv, to Ht-f4t in livtnt ?-hanib? . vv?>i l. .m.! ? n ? in h baby ami ? ? i ?Iatn w w ng. Cal MSBWti SMkUtOMt I Mih a v.. tor ??so.lay.4 \ SITUATION WANTED ? HY \ UESrEOTAHMi ^\ yoiirn: \n .in. ?o -mo.I j?lnin *-??okui ; a yno.l .?;i>h. ' ?m . nd it'mi"i ; v ?f -; ?? r..? hoii^i'Work .n Kinall |m ivwte lainily; H ? ..? ! ??*.k-*rof . i. ?i?nl uy rc\' tf rmi b?* M ?'ii am.i smtr .i i?t , y lvt.n Nt., oi-iwr n 6th and 1 ithava. A0ITUATfON w-?v.r:.;? B#Y \ KBffFBCTAVLH . vmui-i..??'?k. W'.-n Mno '-ion hi .. i;ul?li? laiNily; h/i a of?j? ? i ; ? ' .11 i??I k; Imh ::ood ?diy n i"t.*m,?" H im tn*r } r. t'.m ? - >mi .,?rt\u? ?iay.s lit A MO . xf ISfh *-t.. Hi tin? r. fu U??o,. \ KKiSriKlMHLi: (ISlil* u \nt< \ sin \ riON AS i iV x t pt?*n o k and On law u?' i-ak: th< la . < .. . iif" <")iii la" vu'ii. ui '' -> ? n ; Iw < *'brvMtir stv?*? *. < ( ?.mi floor. Kid; t >ni. \ iriv i*E< i ju.ii vcm xi; wov \x \ - ti .i\ ;.t t? ?ii ?t?* i???h'|.;4 h <?rk n<l W ? ? >. <>i : ?ii. i.: bent 01 ., ,, Nifrotnl ? '>t - Utce. j Omi tn? Q9H I two d&yn m WkiA llMi H fiodi VKirr\no\ w \ntku?BY .\ i;i;si'i:? taijm. ihi:i . .j-?? uk, I . f? I : i . ?li I:?. ; s I ivnn* jjiv?M . * ?.' ? ??u >' i w j I(J!lW'M:6!!if 1 6:.i ' ' ir\ 4 >li'( :.M'10S WttM'Kti-.?Y \ UKSPI CTAHI.K JrV yituny. | .?ivi \rm ? *.?. mi. s ry male'. < ill * 'i . n. ti.tlr i.'i^o J gif.Ml. I A SITUATION WANrKll IIV \ OHJ5 , \ Ton wild !t?. 1" <' ; i w.irf. .i i ".ill ??ii | x ' t.iru It: ?ui ,n -,i i . ? * ' ? ? I ' rrirn l *' ?' I'Jl iV. ..v . inm: Ulli M., I"i two tU\y< 4 ; ! |' \TT0N \r\XTE??H\~ * KllNJM < T \ iU.K P30 f\ HwMt.'eV. > V < n % , ib. - *? 2it; r.i'Mih i ih ? XJTVATloX W vfOVii;- ?V * KI-.M?K<'TMU.H , ^ }"']|; v.- , In i|<> .11 .% * "T'i. \ ii i ;''j ' II 'i i M.II,' i *'mi I? : i . - i?i ' i', . i; ,im \ HI in i <IT' tTWN wvn rn ;.y a KEsrh rv.ii r ! ... . V ! - UJI \ < lllg Wi'lnilll, AH ." "I OOQklM *Yllllllg |.| ||?. 1 ? " ' ? t n ... : im..... ) , !,) /> i'.'J.'ii ' i ' 1 ' ? > > .'lUi-ji IN' V U rt.ii.1 llnnr. ii-ont i<. m. \ i a sin-A'i'i,'N in - v iy i* ??i wit*.1" " . I . . j,..| ('ii I I. " *' " II 1 -7 \: .,1m ..i nfnv it. m r, lui.-k i \ 1 ' i.i.i' <sii:i< with k?r? rrv kkk?'i.n .1 i?< .. . nu,u.l .(,,! v.a. f K ' ~ M'-'v .lt: ijuDj-, I'uJi (It JJI ft, ' I. iI WIW'Vm t . ?i* WVr, r f YORK HERALD, WEDiN I v-ITIiATIHVK W ^ TMh 1>? ?1\T,KS. 4 f ITl .V riO.N WAM l,iJ?h i A KKHMiCTABI,E J1 young woman, to uatk, n-nsli and Iron, or would do >? !)? ?. ] h'Hy,'w??rk in n nm/tU /i.Inm K<>odcity retc| rcnc*. <'in? ;>? Keen l'or two du>* at iiOWnhi 29tl gt., top j i'"or, l)u?'k room. 1 * RKSHTTAnf-E GIKI, M'TSllf'S A SITUATION TO | -j,'V do Ilouwework in a small pi 'Vuic t.nnil /. ifc a good plain J < <* k and lirst ruir wa ii* r and irtui' r, no objection to go any \vh<?iv i<?r it humc. Good lvlVienee. Call at Mutbe t i y Hf , fust fto-i, froit t room. AFllENt'II YOUNG LADY DESIHKS A 81TIUTI0X In .< prlvat* family o: hcUo '1, to teach Hmull children; I* ulso able to icadt music. s.i'ury .uodcrat . City references ofhijjhest order. Address 110 Went 26th hi. k YOUNG WOMAN, LATE OF UNGisAND (PKOTES J\_ tant), wunttf a HiuiaAloti as chambermaid uud waitr?8K, or us rbumbriiiihul und to i. ilsi ii the w ashing. Call at or adrireo* for nvo days o- West 2ist at., fiacond lloor. \<!AUI> TO BA^HKLOU** and widqwern op city or cm wiry.?A lady, with unexceptionable reference*, would make kctsclf dom >t,loK!!y useful, or as t.'iu lier of cliil? drt-n, iibivdu: no compensation other than the homo. Address *i i a. <? ii? Herald ??r i SITUATION WANTKD?BY A KKSi'h TABLE OIKL, ^.V at* pood plain cook, waahcr aud ironer. Apply at ot-6 Hudson htr?'?t lor two davM. AN AXBRtCAN I APV, AGED TWENTY THBBB, WHO iathrown u|km tun-ow n reHoureos fur a livintt, Isdcslrout* of a situation as housekeeper iv ttonm mtittii family; would not object to coin;: into the country, or would um pi of njMwt any other honorable Hituutiun, us a homo in more of tm oljjwt than a high ? ilary. if mil 1?ukh need not reply. Addn*?tM, for two da) ti, JWUh M.'li., station I) 8th it, A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RB8PB0TABLB CTRL, to do houHcwork for a ttmall fatuily; good city reference given. Call for two <ia>h at No. ft Lawrence nr., Brooklyn. ASiTf'ATioN WANTED?BY A RE8PBCTABIX younc woman, to do the pen^rnl housework of % KmalJ jirivau family; i? a good plain eook *vnd an <'Xoiil1?*nt washer a?id froiter. Very beMt of city refere.nrc given. Cun b?* * en for two duya at J44 6th avt*., butw tu m 15th and 15th hta,, in the r<*ar. A BB9FECTABUI GIRL WISHMB A SITUATION AB uY. chambermaid aud waurcan. Call to-day at 136 Monta^uo hi., Brooklyn. A HITUATfON WANTED? BY A IiKSP12('TAMLK GIRL, Jx. to cook, wanh and iron. GvhmI t ity rciVrenc?* ctven from her l.tMt piat'H. Can be neeu for two dayn at UKI WUlow *t., iiroosiyii. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN DESIHM A u\ situation to do general housework, or plain c<s>klng, u.tsliltiK ami Ironing. Good city reference. Call be been for two dayt .n 107 Hlgn *t., Brookfjn. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE can* of children, or to do the up stairs work, or housework of a small family. Bent city reference. Oaanbeseen for two days at 12!J Atlantic it., second floor, front room, entrance oti Henry, Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK, J\ washer and ironer; is a icood baker; or would do housework for a small family; would go a short distance in the country. <'an b?- seen for two days at +96 West 27th St., corner of 10th av., in the randy store. \StTU kTION WANTBD?BY A RR8PECTABLB girl; in a tfood plaiu cook, excellent washer and Ironer, and capable of doln^ auv up stairs work. Good city rrferenee given. ('all ai. 212'West 25th st., between 8th and Vih a vs., se? mid floor, I rout room, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RRSPEOTABLK girl, ps laundress; understands French fluting; or ?;n * ?>ok. Ib'f'wnce given, Oill at 74 West h st., near 6th av., in tli#* rear. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAMbertnaidaud washer, or chambermaid and seamstress, in a private fi mily. Call tt i->> West !9th st. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A S1TUAj'V ti*iii as seamstress; can cut and lit ladies1 and children's dreasea, and do all kinds of sewing; no objMtkni to Msbt ( chambcrwork; the best of city reference can be given. tTall I lor two days *i 70 West 27th st. V SITUATION WANTED?BY A MOST HIGHLY KKsiieemMc young pe^on, as nursery governess, to teach i he English la nonage; is puteetJy willing to take the f'Ui res|KJtmlbiiily ot'the children, als<? to do family hcwbug* no ob,i?'-cf ion to go to the country or travel. Can ikj seen lor two ilays at ti'.ltith av.. between 111it and 12th sfs. 4 GOOD DRESSMAKER WISHES A SITUATION AS I ,/l seamstress; ran cut and (it and do all kinds of family sew inc; no objection to take charge of growing tip children, and act as nursery governess: has been brought up in France, and understands French. Call at 11W East 20th St., second floor, front room. AS LAUNDRESS.?SITUATION WANTED, BY A CAjmble young woman; understands her business thoroughly; wonld take a chambermaid's place and do fine washing; has city reference. Apply at 417 6th av., betw een ! 2.V h aiel 2(5r h sts. A' MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION . a*conk; Is a first rate baker; is willing to assist in the I ingtou and 'M av*. j A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE UIKL, ) to do general housework in h private family. llasthier. I years' city refMrewe from her luft pl;iee. ('all at No. 4 lUv;n?ton si., lu i tloui', front mom, i\?r two days. A SiTI ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOJ \ iioiii, to do plain rooking, washing and ironing; best itv reference. Cull for two day s atl)7 1l)ih ?vi\, boiwwn I#ir)i ami 17th st*.. if not engaged. 4 KFiKNCII GIRL W ANTS A SITUATION TO TAU I' rnr>< of 'growing children and to do plain flawing. Call j for two daj * at 160 Grand at., in the bilwry. 4 COMPETENT PROTESTANT NURSE WANTS A I hi (iiituti; min take th?- entire charge of uti infant from | i'.s birth and Wring it up by tin* bottle, or would take care i vn?wiit;(? otidr?'u; Is a i urnmsln -s.i find highly recotn| toM'dfd the lii-st famili -m. Call at No. 72 3cl ave, for 1 two tlays. t FRESCH DRESSMAKER WANTS TO QO OUT BY ? ^ \ tin- day week to Home lady. Call at U)a 10th st.f OeI tw ecu 5lh and tith av*. I % YOUNG woman wishes a SITUATION as coco i J\ plain cook and excellent washer and iron^r; would do hoiiHi^vork in a sin ill private family; is willing and obliging; no iilijiM'tii n to go in the country; rhrwt yarns' city r?ferem r. t in ho mh'ii for two days at 242 Mulberry at. 4 RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS JV cook, washer arid iroiter, oi is willing to do t!i? hous< w i>rk in a small private family; has the nest of city refert'ti'" <'nil at 4} Schcrnierhorn St., Brooklyn. I 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOI j\ man, a* lirst rate cook; otto who thoroughly understands | in i omuiies^, in soups, meats, poultry and game, and in an f?X'' Uetit .vKor ot bp ad ami hiscuit.; understands all kinds of ; pastry, and is willing to assist in tin* washinc and irouing if J re. pi . *d; ha* no objeetlon to tho country. Call for iwu days ! sit -M.M Bowery, in the millinery store. | \ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAUj J\. riod woman, a* wet nurv, babv Joor months old. Oood | "it> tvforein cs. Call for two days at 214 Elizabeth St., in tho | Mi :v. ?- ~ ? t SEAMSTRESS WANTS EMPLOYMENT; CAN CUT ' J\ and make for ladies and children; would mend, ' \ . Can give "nod references as to honesty, ,%r. Apply by j note or otherwise to 1)9 Gold st., Brooklyn, for three days. | 4 YOl Nti WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO . \ housework. Also a young girl 15 years old todoep strirs' work and take eare of children: good references; w illI ing to go to the country; it taken in the same house will r,.?f j for small wawes. Call for two day a at 182 East 12l h st., hi I tweeu 1st and 2d avs. | 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE8PE0TABLB GIBIi, I J\ >t* iinrae and seamstress, or ?har.ihertoaid am! hcainI ?<ire>s; ean take rare of a baby from its birth. Can be seen at ) h?-r p'- nt employer s, whore she ha* lived foi some time, Nm. It Weal 2Uth St. 4 UKSPV.t TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA j\. lion as c<?ok, washer and ironer; the best of eilv refe reio r . A respertahle young woman w;tnis a situation as i-iiaioiu'rmaid and waitt tlu* twht of city referouce. Call ! ai 2ti8 7th av., between 27th and 28th sts. , 4 >vn vno.\ WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ^\. American woman, of middle t?s hons-keeper, or .<s nti' -i* for the ?i<*k; no objection to the kitchen orft of a small faintly; im an excellent laundrrss; no objeriiott tothetoun* ' fry. Call for two days at 111 West 26th st., in si dour writ of j 7' h av. I 4 MIDDLE AO ED WOMAN WI8HKS A SITUATION iiseook, w asher and ii ?nrr, or to do genera! inrisewoi k in a small family. Call ai 1611 West 3?'M si.. 4 RKSPE4"VABLE (URL WISHES A SITUATION AS ' ^ v rlmmtwrmaui and WHitrPft*. Tlnvo vhis r<M'ct'?*uiv it m?i Iiit liist ]<)?> c. Call tor two days at ill Wont 2flth *t., < orm*r of 7f h av. 1 situation wanted? by a l'kotestant wo A man, t?? do <h*imlx.avnrk anil sowing; nndov i:indhcut' i ii?v' and lining children'* <1 >th*, or s* <>ui?l bo w il'.i u: to cook, wn-N and Iron for a mm.ill family; ln?st of rity ivfrivwv. , crtibiit 221 w?-4t4lhti.t. ' \ IlESI'Et T ABI,K YorXO GIRL WANTS A StTl'A1 ^'\ 'x'li jih rhamlwnnaio .\vaitr?>??; k > rity rof^i^fi -o from her last plu?v. Apj ly at 2lH Kast Uhh -i., I t ) ftnd 2d iVi, 4 yol'no woman w ants \ sitiation toiiotflk J\. gfotrll hovmh nrk ; ? ) i n 1 in.-.- family; mder?htiiai.m ,okJii/:, lulling and inmiitl.'. ta din a miht nf ltn*a<t. Apply at 1j*1 a?'., botwrva 18th ami I9tl? Mv in lam \ htnrr. ' i 4 HTt'ATlON WANTKD-BY A Yul NO Mill.. TO HO I J\, ... n J .-.-nno obied m tu do -i). main \s ork ; i:"? ?1 ?*lty I** cure t i nt !om |;??tr pi t ?\ \ ill loi two d ;<vm n* 242 Wr-i I till) botvoni 7th ?:il ^il? a vs. 4 IlKSl'M TABLE Kt:\i V\ (ilKL?W. S'lKS A SITUA;\ 4lt> i la a i .1-1 v.. ! ? i ?. .. lo glq( ml ? . .. ii 1. 'i ?u'v? r, ami it'.'lr. - ..a*. ... - !i tcii; v' t rri.'icntr. ("all at li?0 k.'i y .* t., ?.t m -v. Kinnm. \ fclTT ATION WAN J'Lll? BY * IU. >PK< TAHI.E VfO_ y nuin, m#sttll0bl< ikm ill ita brawl -; uudcrxuhult ,ii kiii"!*- !.' lit- i ; . o ail i.iodh of Kl'rf}? ll iilnl Allll'l "I -!.? < ail r h ul" !? < 141 * '? *. in* .t'Ml.i :iihv !??? nfj'T '-J. '-.Ui fh . '? nil m*\ f'jl' I f J i . iff ? HA to lw>" . i ety tit i . r,nib .. two ?Ja\i? .#l 1 '$> W ' I ; *h op ? . t \ lit ATION WAV'TIM-BY V ItK I'KOTABLE A >'?.! ? .. Mil. 4" ?.4.?. i I atol ??? I 1)1 .* as 4-<i */i4 ? ff? . ' >?!";? i a:,; ? in i111 r.i -1? itm*\i:?m> i? - - v ,.1w 1, i,uvfl for i inn \ i j ... can be . r. l i # , . 156 ! m >i hill i \\?)v\n \\ wis \ r.jr. s'jion as \T':nE - ? n |m .1 * i1 r two da r pre* t?j ... . : w :> . ?i 1,1 . 4 xu>i'i 7 .)*?j i. with KO; K VI A(cs';:K. - \ i o ? ' i -i n nut "' ail'l > "Mi" <1 'O 'l.iUl' . :?mM nil' NMIi'1 4 ,1 SI I,.* v ll :*'! ia" .. y- at X'-'. 1. . ?., jt'.it v t . j, in ,.o m.*iy t r v % >f v ; w?ivan v*.v\ts a mti v;\ A--111 " 1 | -l V .1 It. ! .. .* . \* nil W.j'll . i, { iron s?.oii. /, !. m s-. . ! In, r. ?i\ j tloor. i yoi n } t.'.kl wmiks \ si rr \Tjoji i uam. .\ IhTiraul ami ? l*?'. -; ilo uujf t:<n .i, ir? o. a?id*"?**? 2.17 t*?.ii. ?u iw .'i'fn ii 'ttttot ami 1? . Br 1.1} n. i ^tihtion wan ri;ii?by v 111;,-'n vt vbi.i. ;y j tni-r ' .!.< rn.i l and . r.jimlto t in ilo va>hi;2u i. ainu. lirm i?imhI n; y ??.j>i t nco ft mi ?? ! KmI i ? . t'.i.i of ? n k* .111 C.ii'i v., in 1. * ,. ai. 4 sit 1*ation wa.VrJUJ?by A Yi)l \r, v oman" TO i ^\. ?!" ' IihiiiIht^i i i nil W'liilrigor to a* skiu i : .>.?hh)i)'( ! -i'o ' o-v. <? H,-i city r. iV.n .. C41 la ; av^ailU > .'i.i'V J' ) iii,-' &*Kr, ti vui rooiiL

ESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1 ! ?m:.?riojis wa\tbd-pem?.b?. 4 SIT' .\TIOJf WANTIij)?HY A UKSPKOTAHI.K i J\. yi>r.v.ii woman. as chambermaid and walm-ivi in u nrivnte jioaraifijf iioiihi* or hotel; e*n take the entire chur^e ?<( i dining room. H''Kt of city reft' rouwj for live yeau. 1/au !? -uvn /' >r two da> a at 357 3d avM uao dour frotn 27th sc., over the candy Htoro. HOUSEKEEPER.?A YOUNG AMKWOAN WJI>OH lady of 14-ttIM-IU4-I11 and huh ain-lal Htaudin& without children, deidrc* a situation as housekeeper <?) nurwry uom \ernes*. Would go to t'all furn ia In the *aimc canacity, or . travel with an invalid lady. Addrt?a Airn. (\ M. Arttert,# Uartlord, Conn. SITUATION WANTED?AS Nl'KSKUY QOV%BMr?[ ! O lady'* maid, aeumxtrvw.s or housekeeuar; \%nulii u<vtobject to f;o in the country or ou a voyage; Is amiable, ?'Ataui !V?* and can furnish uuciceutiotiahlo r?fcre.ui*?s from lormer j place*. Apply ul l.'?9 West 4&Ut., between 7th and 8th uvs. yilTJ YTION WANTED-BY A YOl'XO WOMAN. TO k7 rook, wash and Iron or do chainbcrwork; would like to do the houneuork of a small faintly, ('all at 61 Earn iiih at.f where she hits lived for the last nine years. OITUATI0H WAKTBD?BT A BB8Pl?CTABLB TOUK43 lO /5ii''1. to do chamber work and j?la in .sewing, or uiMiidfjo general housework in a small family; is willing: and obliging. ( an be seen for iwodaysat her present employer's, I'Jl Jleuraw corner of ll??nry, South Brooklyn. QITITATION WANTED-BY A YOVNd WOMAN AS O f>)'\ plain rv?okf washer and fro tier; good eltv rcl'erenccH. t?an be for two days at No. 222 West Itiih st., between 7tli i.nd tftli a vs. ^JTTATiON WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OlllL, as ehamb^nuaid and waitrens or to do nousework in a small family ; best of <-ity rel'erenee can be given. Csn be neeu for two days at 2UU went 26th st., between 7th und Mih a vs. Srri .yhun wamkimh a very kkhpectable girl, to dogoneral housework. *i plain i-woking, washing and ironing; Ik neat, c?aniietent and obliging; iifte.n months' l-ecomnn'ndnthu) from tier lo*t place. Can be soeu for two day* at 114 Bergeu st., Brooklyn. ini'ATloNs WANTED BY TWO 8IBTRR8.?ONE is O a very go?nl main cook; can make excellent br? ad and birtcoit,tMif also an execHant UuadrMa. YbeutfrcriM very experfeiwvd nurae hiicI seamstress; mit take the entire charge of ? baby from it* birth; in very t'ond of children: can ?-irt and tttiadies' unit children's dr**sH?>?i, or would* do light chumherwork and sewing. Both are eapaldc and "bilging; oin get the ln'Ht ritv reference; no objection to the country. a'.ill at their last pfaee, 74 Hast Mih hi., near 4th av. Situations wanted?for two sisters; one ah eonk. washer and troner in a small family, or an humdress only; the other as ehamh<>rmahl and waitress. They hs\e lived in?.!) mi mo family for several year*. Norm but tin* b? hi families need apply ut their present onjjHoyer's, l'J4 S\ es 47tbs:. Cm he seeu for three days. SITUATION WANTED?TO DO CHAMBKltWORK AND M waiting tn a i rival** family; is willing to uskist in lino washing and ironing. Knur years' recommendation from her Imhi piace. Can la; Been for two da} H at No. 1 Carrol place. Brooklyn. QITUAStfflp WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE QIRL, O as good nook, washer and iroimr. The best of city refer1'iu'i' ran be given. Can be seen for two days at 212 East nth st QEANBTEf&8? SITUATION WANTSD?BY \ RESPECT H able young woman; understands dressmaking arid al* kinds of family sewing thoroughly. t 'all at JfifcJ VY est ltfth si J for two days. QITUATfOH WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE AKEKIO cmi girl, as rook, washer and irouer, or wo old do the general housework of a private family; is w illing to make herself generally useful. Has the best clly ret'er^nee from her last place. ? \i'( at l;X East ?.'M st., belwt en 2d and $d avs. OITCATION WAN'TRD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIKrL, AS 1^ chamlierrenid and waitress, or chambermaid and seamstress; understands all kinds of fa nil l> sewing. No obje?tiou to the eountry. B?*st of city referemv, 43it.ll for two days at 18 Myrtle ave., corner of* Adams st., Brooklyn, top floor, buck room. situation wanted?by a respectable oirl; is O good oook and VAI9 fM4 wither and Irontr; matr. stands hej* business; a good home is more of an object than high wages al present, 4'all at 85 Kant loi h st., banemeut. VJlTlTATIONS WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, BY TWO HEO soectahte German girls, in one house; one as eook and tin* oilier aschambermaid. Call at 2t?2 Degraw si., Brookiyn ^fTt'ATK)N REQI'IRED?BY A RESPECTABLE tilRL. ; O to do ebamberwork or general housework, in a small private iainilr. Inquire lor two or three days at 704 Washington street, b.Tsemeut. CJITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOOTH) u women, as ' *ui;nb?*rmatd or waitress: is willing to do nl-iin sewing. The he*> ??f i iry reference ean he given by calling lor two <!a\ s at loy W?bt 20lh at., I>e/i wee u 7th ud<1 Hia a\H. QITi:ATIONS WANTED?J5V TWO RESPECTABLE j r? Pron statu. ;?4.r1?: oiiomsrook and to iiksImi in the washing and ironing; ilit*??ilnir as chambermaid ami s:'am stress; run I nit ami lit dresses; b??nl of city references given. Can bo seen i ?vtn . days. from 9to4 at 146Eldridge street, up stairs, over the iAii'7 store. QIT'ATTON WANTED-BY A YOU NO WOMAN', TO DO imnernl housework; good washer mni ironer; has good city i'?*ifi'i'iiCi. ('nil for two day*at J8i) \Ve>?l 47th at. ! UITI ATIOX WANTKI)?BY A YOI .N*} H oJIAN AS O chambermaid einl waitress, *#? us chambermaid and j vvc ; ihi* he-? "i" city rrcfwvwr nivca. Cm !* seen r<?r two ! days at 144 EhM 21st s!., between 2d and IVI avs. i cm ATlON WANTKI)?BY A KEKl'Et'TAHl.lS OIKI-, as cook. ijood baker, and will assist fn washing and Iron! ii?it. Goo? city rf?f.'rcn? "K. Address 2.V.? West 22d Kt. j fllO KAMI I.IKS OH WIDOWEKS OF GOOD POSITION.? J. A young ad>, re?vntlv subjected .reversed:c.ainMaiacs. j d< siren a home withal;?ly who t e<ptires companionship ami | af-M-'anee in her household, in r!? 1'fttnlly ??f" a widower; she Is partial .?? children; \\??nl? Mnwl; *be i* 25 years of , a ?\ ladylike. lnt<d! ;"in. amiable, and accost,-ined to good \ society. Slw a ould i e?ju;i?! icmunejiitlon. Address Woman, < la.\ 170 Herald i.llic. mwo VEKY UKSPE4'TABLE Yol'NG WOMEN WANT .I sMiri 1 >n . .i* >0'ik, tva<her irctfr; the other na nurM- and to ? -Mists in chamberwork. Both van jjlve the ofeiiy reference from their last place. Apply lor two day* at 142 East 29th st. | \\r \NTEl>?BV \ VERY llESPKCTABI.E YOl'NG LADY ft (Israelite), a suitable situaiion. Willing to take cam ! j of chibiica, and is acquainted ulth all kinds oi knitting, sewi ing, ?ve. V4 ill not .we ko much for salary as tor respecUibil- I . itv. Call at G3 East ];;th Ht., corner 4th av. AA7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PllO- | j f? tcs'ant girl. &h nurse and plain sewer, or to do chamber- j ' work. Call at In j last place, N . 7 East I7ih hi., fortwoduyn, j i\*.VXTKD-BY A lU-SI'K'T UIJ.K YOVXd WOMAN, i VI who has lust her llrst I why. ten day*? id, a baby to nurse j ai Imi ?>wn residence. Cull m 82B w? : 19Ui <t., top (loot*. j t\T AXTEP?A S1TIAIION AS f,AljY'S .MAID OK \i nm sery pa ernt ?*., hy .i yoiin^' lady who ia tnllvcojn- I I p?*?'iit; Kpeaks t'rcni-h, inian and hnRllslv; uon.f haj.**- ] di# "-?*r an?l "iressmakcr; no oli, thms to iravi 1 with a lady; i nc?,t c(i v ici'? ;-?'in e uiven. C,?ll |or one. week nt 30 Amity Bt. j , WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTABLB \y voniin I'irl, to tlo <d?ainhoru >? k and waiting oi :?n?*rai hotiMk'wotk In a small funills; the I est <?f dt> lefereneca i t roin In r last, j'.?cc. fall nt IlllWvst lilst st., noariJth a v., I top ilnor, front rootn, lor two day *. 1 ' . "WANTKD-BY A KTSPKCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A if sitnanon a* child's niirse. The N-st city rei??rcnccH I I nivcil. Apply at 117 W< si 21st ht. TVrANTEl)?BY A RESPECTABLE 8COTCTI WOMAN, ! | TV a iin.iij<ni a* ioii-hc; has held a similar -iUtatioti he- I ' fot r; is a #"od j l i.n wwor, and would make herself generally 1 1 useful; no objection to to the country. Good references if ! I required. A?idress Allies Rohei tHon, Herald ortwe. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE WOman, as nood plain cook, and is an excellent washer | and ironer; ha-no?ai city refeicnce. Can bo seen for uvo j days at 11G9 fitli ave., third tioor, back room. "\IrANTED?BY A NEAT AND TIDY YOUNG WOMAN, ' f f a hi) nation as elmniherniald and waiter, and to assist in 1 One wa?diina[ and ironing; lots the best of city reference. 11TANTKU?HV A RESJ'ECTABfiB Wo.HAV, A SITUS> T lion a> wet nur um ?lv? ?<ul r??fn Call at 53 ' <iraliam st., Urooklyn, ? ?i???.> s tr?an Myrt.!?? av. 11TANTED?A SITUATION, HY A PKOTE8TAST <: 11:1., ?t as rook, waMiiT and iroiirr, or to do general housework in a small Jaiuily; l?e>;? of city reference in regard t?? : ? luinwM?'r and ? :??> ci!y. linn l?e. neeu until ct ^a^ed at 129 I KnMt lWh vi.. nrariM av. , \\ r ANTKD ?BV A HKSl'Kt "V \HLK Yoi M! WOMAN*, A ff situation as ??ok; wuiM awi?t id IJ?#? waHhiio^aud | ironing. Can 1m> *-?M n at ber last etnitfoyer's, iHOWest 11th Mt. 1 \.\rAXTi:[i kv \'KOi usuB Yors<; amektcan y\ w - ii: ?.?.,? *i'iia>i(?ri Ai* U'T iiiir-"; v?tv heaUiiy. <.<mM| i ii-fiTiMicc. t'antx Ho?-n for one week at '.16 Stli nv. VIrANTKl>?HV V KHSl'Kl/TABLK YOtNtJ WOMAN. A tf altnaii-' .?.< cook, washei and ironer; tfood rjty r*f? , IVII'M* from Jut last pla <<. Can W) flectt at Ui> W'i:M llftli i?t., i front room, (or two day*. ' \l'ANTi:i?- K\ \ KESI'K.tT VKI.Ktil'*!. V ^ITl ATION f" .if t> - no id imi* nil* . m: tindffniUtKtfl h!1 kinds of line iaudl> ; ch?? operate < it ovnr ?"fr H i k. : '.- nmehine. i tiiK?a? ity ?'< hi * i nan her lastyKov. 4'iiliat 216 &'!<) hi., Iw'twvi a !M and 2d aves. WANTT.D- ^I'i l ATTONS, HV TWO UKSPKCTAHI.K youu:: ; ]s: ')?* :e*?.?; the other as ctfamber maid. A ion s IS >! K., I'ui ii .?|iiaii. Post oai?-e, iv.o | ila .H. U* *vn:r> v ;:i:sri:cTA?i.E vouxu <;nu., a ."'hi r w.hIom- .iii?4 irouer. Ii??.<> ritv relej ren<wi. (Ml . :sm. <; i;?- :<!* *t. irAM'll' -1TC XTl^NS KOK A TOOK WD A OIL* M Iwrtn.., !. ]? > < n ? '. Aul 56 Talman ftt.t tx?iw'fn II rid aii'ir, jiif-oR., Bro?kh n. \\'AVrEI>-V f ITT1.K BAHY. T<? DRY NURSE, Oil }} fv. i .. ' ii i,. li.tMrd. In're thrv will have a ? . ?thrt ' ? i ? \\ I ill \\>*t I7lh at.. lM^m-t*i Sfh au4 ?Ml MVS \\* \ N n.i>- ItV \ 'II. VM TAIII.I, VOI V.WOMW, A i? tilua: in .w? li i?>' * n.. I mi l wB?'<* *?ity r? iV1 ? ?. f. I.<? ! Uv? at 42 E (tod (ft \1M vi i:i??*:v \ riir<r itwi: \ v V* town. ! . hi - I tvn i"ii? '? . ?l ii\ ' ?hlUiiiiM m iio/pii. ?: ? at '174 W . I4ii? hi , n-iw ? D:h ??i'l HhU :i. J* \1 vM KP?\ MTI ATION |(> do M.NKKaI, HOl >K\? w ?? K iv.".u;iu ' ' I <!'(? ' M'a,. /!?'..I' ?<r,j j -(r. rt'in*'. Oili -i 70 ChaiW * ?>. *v. . tto> an?i Itli f!*. I ft' \NTIl)-v.\ \ \??' M? Woman, A >ITITATTOM <\S T? ?iit*wii.<;? < d(. i .M.- < ji'.-i'M-fauiln Uv c.?n m| vhiMrwi. Bcft -h' , ' :Vini'v. 4 ;ili t?i iwi? iI.ivh ; .*? & .V *tr., ||l't \\ IM'I' I2.ll Hi \\rA>fK!> K STTlVTlOV 15V V T AK1.K 1 young woman. m itn tl vwoitu - i II Ihr; uo ol'.K?'i'oi to ti'1 -i ?!??i' >V. tni' ?m tr.iry. I! hu*,?? : I). ..Voity n*r>reti.r . ! :u IT:? NV.-.i l.V *i.t !!. ih' r.u, j tvHT* Tl At il :???' 7" i 1 **' IITWNTEH?A SITT AVION. 'AT \ KKSt'HrTA81.P. V ? Vn'i'HiMii ?, rl, ! > i!?? !?.? ??*>? mi>rk mui wnilu.^i i * vi .Tin .. ? rink*- h.-iwlf m rally nsH'i I. Call 'ir wud^^t J.ff I. .-it., Iw-OVfrn 1M .<n ? .1! .i\*. UfANlFP?A HITI ATfON. HV A KK.<tf'Pt*TAKJ.E yonm; w??tii ui, ns .?k. waalirv ?i??1 iron* r, or would ?1? ? ficrat hmnrv.-ork in ^inatl |>rivRU* family; > a n-axt linaul I'jifi.l I. mil tnak'T. Ii? >i ol olty n?r?n:nw. Call for two rfuy*ar l'?> Om'tiwfcvi HV. U1 fANTHO-A SIT. AT.IQN, WT A YOl N<J WOV\N. TO ?io th? oooklwp. w.'Hjimff nn?1 Ironlnc of a umall piivntD |,fiHtiily: a r<vhI cnok witl ojN'fllKiit.wn.sluM-JMid Ironvr awl l>;tfci*r of lin-ai! ami piiMry; ' ity r?*f? i.*!>' . Cull at 117 lCas' *^ib liti., Jjetncvu'2u ?u?i JU nvs., s.vouU flvV, front i *'JVW? 1861. r I SITTyATIOSIS WAH rEI)-?'KllI\tB?. I VVrAN fKl>-A KITITATIOK AS CIIAMHICKMAil) ?>K TO ill wiiv!ii *; .iml I' I!, 1 ..f city rvf H-II"". '"" m mm r<trlw?<lHjrit hi 124 \\ v. Mn. - b*t?f?n7iU j ??'l JtllUVM. Y|T.\NTKI)-A SITI'ATlON, KV A NHAT, tNIH STBl/? OIIH girl, to C(.okt %ViUh Ulld lt'Oli; 1IO ol'j?'? t1n|| to do ' J<?>( of ihy rti|Vr? !!? ?:. i'all Ml t86 Kakt 2Vt !i st. UrANTKD?HY A KKS1WT Mtt.K WOMAN, TlfK wa?liiuu of a family or a IV w ^ntl'iifii. Family w .?nh. hitf carefully Uoni\ Has a In rise yard mid every o>nvenlmi<? for wjt.sUinn. kit'Ki oi city icioreuctt. ''?11 ui J05 Eaat 15th St., U-tV\ ??. !? ItlHIld 'J1. <iVH.. Olt Milt. M't'Ollll, Wanted-a mti'ai!4)N, by \ KimOTAXUB young i?li I, to do ? hanii?erwork mid sawing, or ?hamhi rwork hii.i Hubi houarwork. ?ltv rc/<reiice. Call for two tiny kat toS7th av., between 2?M mid3lkl *t#. VIr ANTED?A 8ITVATION, BV A REH1'EOT ABLE m young nirl, us retfi.tar waitress or chamfiormaid mid waiter, or to a**i>?t with uaithnu.'and ironing. Bent city re. Ji'irnr*. rail for tw o .tai h ut Kant St., be twee u avi. A and B| fourth u<?<>r. WANTED-BYA YOUNG WOM AN, A SITUATION A8 Y? iiiirnt* and neauiatn'Mn; under-nano*all kindn ol' family Mowing; would 11 kn a chambermaid'* or to do waiting; la willing and obUglitjf: no objection to th?? country. Good refore ik *?. Apply atiJJ Union court (Unlvereity place), between 11th and Izth kib. \r\NTi:i>-.\ srrrvnoN, hy a rmpiotabUI ?* girl, to do general houwwork; 1m a good c4M?k, waahcr and lioiier. lient of city refeivuce. l?allat .'111 Hhkasi., for two days. "11 fANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE f? girl, to do general houMework; in a g??od rook, waNher and Inner. H? ht of city reference, (Jail for two da/H at 2HO Olinion lit. lirANTED?A SITUATION Trt Wl i:ievv.u at nnnu*. yy work for a small family. Bent of eity reference, Call for two day* at ?!S Vhii?1?'water it., geci.inl Moor, bai ls room. \yANTEn?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE t yotins wnmau, n* cook, ?ith??r io a private family or law boarding hous??; iiiidifrHtaixln h'T busNiewi thoroughly iiw Ih not afraid of work. Call for two day* at 141 Konytn st. WANTED-BY A KEKFE<'TABLE WOMAN, WIT1I A frehb brea*t of milk, a respectable ehiUi to wet nurse. Apply st 372 !M av., first floor, bikes room. WANTED- A SITUATION, liY A PROTESTANT YV young woman, as chamtierinaid or <*ham barmaid and waitress. i an ho won for two days at MO W*tnt 19th st., between tiih aid 7tU uvcs. X\TANTED? A HITrATION, BY A RESPECTABLE It Protestant woman, an laundress or to do ue/jcral housework in a small family. Can be seen for two days at No. :i til t-i.. corner of Bunetjr, "IVTANTKH?A srrr\Tlo.v, BY a HB8FBG7ABLR }f Anwri.\ni jjirl, an nurse and plain newer; in capable of inking care of a ohftld from ita birth and assisting with light chambcrwork; ha* best of ?'ity refwence. Call attUWcHt 3&th st., betue* u 5th and Sixth uw., for two days. WrANTEH? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wash ami iron for a private ftunily; the of reference from her Iiist place. Call for two days at 190 East 12th j*t. WANTKD-HY \ RB8PB0TABIKPROTESTAHf QIKL, Tf a. situation aa chambermaid and waitress; no objection to ?lo housework in a Mnall family; wa+ir* not so much an object us a comfortable home; the bout of i?l?y reference can be given If required* Oao be seen ai 206 West 29th it. \LrA N TED? BY A PROTESTANT OIK L, WITH THE BEST ) \f ?if city releaenre*, a situation an child'* nurse and to assist in aewinifor ehamberwork. <.'all for two day* at 104 Pacific *t., between Clinton and Henry *1*., Brooklyn. WANTED?A S1T17ATION AS COOK OU CHAMBER. maid in a respectable family, by ayoung lady who has had experience in each rapacity. Apply for two day a only at 149 Welt 27th at, I AirANTKD?HY A KESPKCTABIjK YOUNO <1IRL. A I f situation as chambermaid or waitresa, or to assist in washing and ironing; run do plain m wing: ha* no objection ! > go to the country. ( an be well rcivmiLamded. Apply at MOilwil, for two days. TITANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A S1TUA* lion 10 do wiiMrHl housework in a private family; Ihh plain took, washer ami ironer; has good reference. Call .w 909 But Ukhst. TXTAJfTED^BY A BB8PECTABLK GI&L, A SITUATION f to do general housework in a small private lift in I Iv; the In st of i'Uy t 'an be seen lor two days at 11613th ht.f corner 3d av??. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND todoiin*: washing and ironing; is a good plain sewer; the hpst of ? ity reference from her laat plan*. Can la# seen lor two days at 31 1:2th st., between ftth and Gili avf. TV ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS ti laundress or chambermaid hi a private family. Heat of eliy reference. Call at West 30th St., between 6th and 7th avn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do homework in a plain family; wages not so much an object as a good situation. tl??od reference if required. Call at 8& Henry st., for two days. TJTANTBD?A SITUATION AS CUAMBBBMAID AKJ> It waitress, 'i'he beat of city reiereucc. Call at 196 East 14th at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE uirl, to do general housework; hah good my reference; i**? >od washer a/.i ironer; can make good bread aud btae.uit. Call for two days at 108 West 19th at., between Cth and 7tJi avsM third Uoor, back room, tlTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT CTRL, VT a situation as chambernoiid or chambermaid an?l waitress, or would k?' t are of children; understands her business in either capacity; is eleanly, active, willing and obliging; has lived ftveyoais In her hist place. Call ut 232 7ih aw, lajiweti 25th and 26th sts., tlrst lloor. fXTANTBD?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION f U) do the cooking, washing and ironing ?> a small famlly, ??r to do general housework. Can bo seen at No. 10 Hammond street for two days. "117ANTED- A SITUATION BY A TOST RATE l.ACN I dress; the be#?toi city reference can ho given from her last p!a?*\ Can be seen for two days at 213 East 34th st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE tt young woman, to do general housework; is a good plain cook, washer and irmer: is kind to children; has no objections to go tt? the ?nn. > ; has good r? fereno Cau be seen for two days at i 10 I'.kh st., between iith and 7th avs. W'ANTF.n - Hy A RESPECTABLE, KIDDLE AGED ? woman, a situation in a private family, to do genersl housework. The best of references given. Apply at 17/?2tith stM near 1st av., in the rear. No objection to go a short distance in the, country. 1ITANTED?A SIT1 ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ff ,\ oung w )man, to cook, wash and iron 111 a small private family. ? im ho v-ii lor two daj'? at U'HS9ih St., opposite iho lliole House. I VITANTEU-HY A COM PETENT WOMAN, AS1TI ATI ON ?r .-in conk; u:i ieratniida her business in all its branches; will assist m washing and muting, or do the whole washing oi'a small I'akiily; is a ^ood wad and biw-nft baker. Noobj-. in u to the country. Man good city references. Call at iW .13d st., between Ui ami 2d am. V|7 ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT (URL, ff a situation to do <-hauiberwork and waning and take care of children. Bent of reference. Cull at 330 West UUh st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid, line washer and Ironer, nurse and seamstress; has tilled both situations; no objection to travel. Bejit of city reference. Call for two day* at 372 6th av., near 23d st. TRTASTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ? f young woman, as seamstress and dressmaker; ran cut and iitbtdics' dre&bcs. * 'all f* r two days at yo West 20th st. WANTED?BY A PKtiTKSTANT (ilKL. A SITUATION to do general lions work in a small private family; is a Kood plain cook, washer and ironer. Good city reference given 1 mm her last place. Can be seen for two days at 78 ' West 24th at. J \\7ANTED?BY AYOI'NU WOMAN, A SITUATION AS V nurse, and seamstress in a respectable private family in New York or Brooklyn. Best oi city reference given as u? character, capability, ?tc. Can be seen for two iluyaut 253 Fulton si., opposite Clinton, Brooklyn. TITAN TED?A SITUATION. BY A STEADY, HONEST ff and obliging sir!, as child's nurse, or to do chamber* work and plain sewtna. Has the best, of city reference. Can be. seen for tw o days at 140 East 2itli st., between 1st and 2d aveg. TITANTED?BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUff ation ilx chambermaid and waitress or would take a I waitress' place alone, or as chambermaid aud'plain sewer; is i willing dnd obliging; best of city rofercnoH given. Can bo j seen for two days at 410 6th ave., corner 26th **. I WANTED?BY A MOST COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL, | ff a situation as chambermaid and waiter or to do cham' berwork >:nd washing; is willing ml obliging, and haa (he i Ih'sl of ei iy relet cncc. Call at or address East 9th at., for I two days." King the top bell. U' 'ANTI-ID?ltY A HI-.Sl'Kl'TAfiljE WOMAN. A SIT1 Alion its chambermaid and to do fine washing; has ih* j lie At ot ciiy reference; also, by a young woman, a situation as m-.iinstress and to do light euanilM-rwork; understands 1 bait die.' inn; can i;ivo ?atisfactory ret'eurnce from her last j jibiee. Ai ply at No. 0 West 12ill St., betwocn 6th and Cth avs., for two days. U' VNTED?A SITUATION. Hi* A RESPECTABLE PROtenant uiri, as chainUi maid, or would be w illing to do ' i!*'i?eiill hon '-work in a >mall family, Can be ueeu for two idays at. 64 Barrow at. 'WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS COOK; ?f understands French and American cooking, meats, :.'inc, soujv-i, and paltry. The best <ity reference divert. A; ply ai.s'J 20th st., near 0th av., for two days. \ IT ANTED?A SIT( \TH>N. BY A NEAT, TIDY GiHL, ff with excellent iit\ t cfcrcncc, to do chamlterfvork and wsifbinu', or cliano- - w m .mi sewing or waiting. Can be j >ren t??i two di?: ' l';s IE! 5 *4., between 7th and'Hth nvs. i IV ANTED- * Tl ATION TO DO PLAIN SEWING i " rUo light cbmbei w mil J 0**11 HI . . .?> i Ux ?loi?\ \rA% l>- J* i:Hs!?E?Tw.u: Vf>l NO WOMAN, A J* ?? housework a: i /i? r i tturmky ti??W til; h?w tti?* , < . i y i?; ! i. ;! ui 2.V.. 7uW?\**., ikH\w?:II ?Ulh ami L'7t-ii . - .?> ! iu? ?lnvs. 1 II* A NTI*: U .V \ ?m. M WO MAX, \ ' ITtATION IS | ?? .? .1.1 ..! ... ?s|l II hm.I ^v.v- r i n?'?- : ,; ' I a m! I?r?*a?i ami jiHHiry | in. k> 1. *1. ' \* :Ii h? iojiimI i hi-rri'.nl > n?1 "' Jiyitvt, . ;.!.u "ill> r ..vs. . Call ui. ur ail.Iivs* I I? W Si ar*!? M., O* tn 'I |>U ; !: ' *?.|l ; v*.. in - i ?mjI , l?r t\Vu ; <??*?. UrKT M KM-;.-AN VMV:?:H A> I. MO . M'.Efrjo, WISH. fl ,i - . - >ur* < or ldH) ?0n Mi . , Vuiir..:. JlM Il?' ;-tm. n?*ai ?-itn\ "\ITNTl' 1>?KY * HK.-U'E* TA MI.E \i>l Ni: W'OM AN", A m wiiH iuon c? u?? i ? i- .cihi i~< a ^tnni <**.* aiui ati < \i'cili-iiMN.? l1''! aii i iruin': ; i ?;t|ubl< ?l ukiiitf flmr^i i?l' a h'Ui. Irj: I' wii'i .r .... I < !?,:; *iiy i-nO-i-wo* giwtt. j rall.ii "i mil.- - ,Um ? h'twii a 9tliMnU 10th av?? | fyf t\%0 I'M jH. AVr AN TED?A Silt \TfOX, BY V RESPECTABLE Tf > uni: n man, ? ?!?? yt'twral liou*. \%<?rk; i* n #>?>.! iilahi <*?"?k, wa>lu* an.! m noi : tn wtUl??niH obHjfin ui<i kind t.? ritiMi .V'? : ?n to go a Mi??rt in t! ?? rouniry. ?, . ?: iri? . .> r.> r. ? an b? wnn i'or tvo tlu^H n( tS9 W r- 25ih hi., u iwvi n bth ami ti:liava.f in ihi; rem-. floor, m f.ntl do-ir. \\TANT17.I)-A SIlT VTIOX, HY \ Vol NC WOM-W. AS? I City rolf.n'iin*. ClUi k seen I'^r tlnyb at J6S2Cnv ? ?! j mi <ji -y<i -w | SITUATIONS WVNTKlWUVttitlAJLKS. 5 WANTRD-BY TWO COMPETENT GIR1*, WITH fc?li tt y.- ua?fty relen ticc, aitiiuUonn in the city ot . ntry one as thorough chambermaid; will do the line wa*h.>ig am ironing:; the other ;im ro?*k ami btumlivsa; doeauu limn* n I ;*> ', i? u baker; wages $!> .iini 5'.7. Cali at 184 hast '4In si., fui iwo day*. \\rANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KKSUEt'TABHv Wo if umii, ;< <v>i>k, Hu^ici'<1 r 1 iioii.-r, would piei'? 1 aunne work. No obir< timi to i(o in tli?* country. Beat of ?*ltv refe I li-liw. Call 00 aetil at IW) East l.'illi at, betw. ? u I*t am 1 \\r.\KTl;i)-!!Y A YOL'NU LADY FROM UEKM \X V ff th troughly competent, a place uh chanibermaia arid t?1?? Mowing 111 a small faiuilv. Call at I\o. 4 Uiviiigion mi., i?? ttj*. Miller. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, 41 *? iiunte uii<i h?amain*#; thoroughly uu?lrraUnd etutinirand llttin^ ..11 kiods ?.f children** ?iotlilUK; thorough latm.! ?; tin ivfwuvnmt required. a. 140 Ea*l J4i!i at., in ar ;;?l ave., fin two day a. TITANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE MAKRIKD LADY ?f with a frmit bre.iar of milk, a baby to wet itii*'' tf? 1 gentleman's family; oily reference ^iVeu. 111141111?- at 15* Moit st., in the store, between Uc.aun'und (jrand *ih. WANTED?A SITUATION, Art OOOK, WASUElt AN? iroiu r, in the oily or country, or to do general bona* work; the beat city referoncea can bo givou. Anph at ZU\ Went IGih Wt., Imtweoti 7tli and Hth av<*i, TIT ANTED?BY V RESPECTABLE YOUNG <11KL, J fT ? it nation ?h chambermaid and to assist In wa?fi>nx*n4 ironing, or is willing to do chambcrwork ami pl?ie v-wing the bc?t city reference given. Call at lid Kaat 4ii<l at., n*. tween lid and !M ae*. WT ANTED?BY A YOUNG GJIIL, A SITUATION kM f f ntrauuitriHa; can rut and lit ladh V and cblldrrn'a rlotW lug. do needU -work and all kin (in of t.. roily sewing; 01- wuolti Uf isi with ii?lit chamberwork. ('ail fur two Uaya at 107 Ra*t M?th *!., between Lexington and 3d ava. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A VRItY RKSl'ECf ABL1 f? wonatn, a* nurse; has live#) in that capacity lor aev* ral year*; t? trustworthy and competent to uku t art* of it ?*bihl from itn t'iriii; can kIvm the 1m'?i of city ucferen e. Oak for two dayM nt her present employer's, S>L 3 WealfrUh *i. "WANTED?A SITUATION ON 8TATBN INLAND, B1 A ff j? s|U'ctaliic airl, who ?' a ;*.? *m! pi iln ?.*ook aa?l an ?*x<'fL lent washer am! tinner. Inquire for two days at M . Wm. Sncdi'kcr's, Kjn toiyvUIc, blatirti Inland. IITANTKIV?A MITI"ATION. MY A RESPE< TABLJ? YY young woman, 1 ? dogc?ic?*al bouuework; baadon?* it fi>) ibe last lif fen v irs; is a n>*r\ plaiui^iok, washeran?I ircnaft lias no objection to travel with a l.idv to raliioniia. noon? jtM'tioii lo nik.r ?vire of children; ea^ea 110 ooiectiou. ImA wishes a happy home; Brooklyn preferred; o?*st of citj refereiioe from iierUo?t place. <*:itl for twodaysat 2il 21k st., nt ai Uih av., aecond ll<a>r, back room. \\r A NTBp. BBSPBCTABLE BOOTOH fllKL 1 lim f J ly arrived, UCHircH a situation in a family to <|?> ^ housework, or as nurso and m'aniMit hk. Best rWVivnce ? ) toebaraetiT, disposition atod ability. Inquire ut 131 Carlton hv., Brooklyn. "IXTAN'TED?A SITUATION AS WET NUR8K, HV A Kfc> f T ape* table woman: will make herself generally naefuW Can We well r"commruued. Call at No. 2 tirt'?owicl> "t? Hal* Wiry Hotel, room No. f?, until engaged. AITANxEI)?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH W OMAN. Yf u situation anflist r\*sH conk, either in a private family or hoarding lutiiw; no objection to a*"i?i in tWe waiting or t# tfo u abort distance in the country. Good city reference. Ap< ply ut 173 Went 22d at., near 7th av. \1TANTKD~A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE ?? |irl| m lniiBiwin*cook; uDderatanda both Uw i uglily\ ran give satisfactory reference; uo objection to the country. Can be mccii lor two days at No. t> East 37th st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. \ situation as seamstress in a respectable family; noob* jection to do chsmberwork aud make U ?rseir useful, oi woult, travel with a Juuily. Can be seen for two day* at 'Jki let av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A BBfiPBC 'TARLIj young nirl, an chambermaid and waitress or etiamben# maid mid scaniMtresa; no objection to do housework ink, small family; tlw ben! of city reference from her last |Mac*i. I Call at at., third floor, back rooui, between L'jt.ngto* I and 4th avs. : "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG SCOTCH V woman, who haa lost her own child, a babv to w?4 I nurae, where u will receive a mother's care. Apj? > at&f 43d at., top floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A ?ITUA? tion i?k plain rook, waaher and ironer, or to assist a* chainberwoik; barf the l>est of city references. Calf ai .V. West 44ih st., between 5th and 6ih ara. WANTED?BY A B88PB0TABL8 <JIKL, A HI'K ATIOM as cook; ' he has been cook in a private family in Wash| iugton; beat reference given. Call ut 9'3 Hicka at., between Amity and Pacific *ts., Brooklyn. I "yyANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUATI0* | iriitit r; lias ltvul for the last nine years iu ow place. I'atl *t. 74 Broome slr,:r!, front room, up stairs. WET NUHSE.-A VERY RESPECTABLE YOVNu marriud woman wants n gituutbm. None but llie hen) of families need apply lit IM East i'ab si., lop Boor WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUMQ WOtMJl 17 years 'A I, ol sober and steady hubits, a situation aff chambermaid mi l seamstress; no objection u> children; hajj served twoyears at Ibo dri sauiuklng! < *11 at 36 VV.m Iftilt street. WANTED?BT A RE8PKCTAB1J! (iIRL, ASITI'ATJOJ* a* K-xul pin In cook anil flrsi rale windier and imuer, oi> at general housework in a small private family IIjs his' years' city referi aee* from her last pluco. Call a'l 4M Kir J uv., corner of UlSih it., second tioor. WANTED?MY A RESPECTABLE GIUL, A SITUation as rook ami UrM rate wanker ami li-oncr; la-st city reference. Call for two days at KIG&M at. Wanted?situations, by two respectable) young Klrln; one as cook washer and ironer, llie oihr as chambermaid .mil waitress or ilo general housework; i:a?. come well rei ommcndcd for honesty, sobriety und capability. Call at ISO Bergen at., Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A YOUNG man WISHES a SITUATION AS COACBB, man anil groom, and to take earn of com; i* a goocj ! "irlver; no objection to tlio country. City reference. Add test! W. P., Herald otte*. A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER AND AN EXI'ERf. cneed business man in vai ions parts of Europe, also lis this Country. wants a situation as bookkeeper or assistant, o. entry clcrk. collector, traveller, Ac. Terms low to a re?pcti? labli: (Inn. Address lor two days Boi>kkeeper, 119 Eus) IVi li at. AN active YOUNG man, ok BUSINESS habits, wishes a situation In some good produce and comtnlssiorS bouse, Willi ihe privilege of soon purchasing an interest ig the same if iigreeoble to hotli parties, or perhaps Would purchase Immediately. Address A. li., box 163 Herald nlHee. A YOUNG MAN. OK OOOD EXPERIENCE, IS Dli. girous ol a situation with a butcher; would sttend :? buicher shop either In Ihe elry or eoimtry; could lend blse.ntplover $00 as security, ('all for three day* on M. G'Moolv. 21 Thames si. CIOAOHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGUI J young man. in a private fuiiuiv; understands l. s bust. ness; bus four year*' reference from his last place. Can la* seen at the ottt'e of the livery stables, 24 West 13th St., until engaged. N'AVY OR MERCHANT SEK\ fOE.?TllE UNDERsigned, a bookkeeper, desire* a position as captain's ei* purser's elerk. Best or reference. Address W. K. M., 214 Saratoga street, Baltimore. SITUATION WANTED.?A HOTEL STEWARD Of long experience as a eaterer and chef <1e cuisinc hi Eu> rope and the princljuil hotels in Ibis country, would like t< nfnke an engagement lu some lirst class hotel, club bouse <>i restaurant. Tlie n ery best of references fjven. Address K li. M., Gnunerey Park House, N. Y. citl ATION wanted-by A young MAN ah BAR. O lender or any other light work; best of city reference il required. Cull it or address 44GEH*t2ttth St., corner of 2d ave., ill the liquor store. > Situation wanted?by a single man, as gar. lienor: understands the care of liorsca and evorvthin* about u gentleman's pUrc. Good city and country references, Apply at or address 72 South 7tl) Kt., Williamsburg. rnOTHB PUBLIC.?A MIDDLE A6BD CtBNTLBlfcl* X wlnvhas met with reverses in life on aeeonnt of pn* tracted sickness ami failure In business, and ha* a larjf* family to support without any visible means at present *?1 doing ho, m anxiously desirous of some engagement in whirl his services would be available. lie has had for many yean the financial management of a popular literary paper iu thil city, and is fully capable of sti|>crintcnding or assisting ?n clerk or otherwise in any establishment. Parties seeking u? interview will be promptly attended to by addressing T. II., Herald office. TOO COUNTRY MEROTTANTS.?THE SUBSCRIBER KK J. specifully oft'ers his services to merchants in thecoma try a* their iiqent in the purchase <rf anv description of goods in this market. Some of the benefits of this agency over tht usual mnnncrof ordering goods are:?I. Shopping on ord? rsi consequently buying where pood* are sold the cheapest. '1 Filling orders to'the letter, not being confined to anv one oi an> niMulw of houses. H. The agent Iteinif constantly in the market buying, keeps posted, together wit n twenty-live year* experience a-* merchant and uuver in this market. Hcsldet merchant* w!io patronize thlsaucucy save one or more trips 1 i? t>* each season, as the agent takes* the place here of const trv merohautft, and works for tludr benefit, making their in' ier? -t lus luterot. lie docs not receive double commission, niel in not connected, directly or indirectly, with any house ir. this city. For r?T nces, rates of commission, Ac., see eircn lar, which may be had by application to A. D. 1*1.ATT. I'm* eh.taint; Agent, corner 'of Broadway and Mtirr^ street. New York. flio DRV UOODS >1 KRt 'IIA NTS.?A SITUATION WANT J c<}, bv an efficient retail salesman of 14 years' experience in flrst i.iV.-'iiiii'.^ep: references unexceptionable; salary tno derate; i;o objection t?? leave New York. AddrcN* Jonept HaJliihiv, 1 -* ' i P f'-: M'.li < . 'WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A 'YOl'XC, MAN li VV yeai>cfige. in some good ivapcetaMe wholes;!' house k who iv.sMes wiih hisparentsand would make iiim?eli gene rall\ useful: ?:.Uaey not so much an o'<je. t :w a pettnaneni situ'UUai. Address J. H., box 1(5 Herald otfl?o. \I.r ANTED?A SITUATIONAL PORTJER OH W \Tl'U VV man in a stove; can speak the French and English lasguajfc.s. The beat of reference can 1>e trven for sohri? ttoon<v*1> and uinOHtry. and good rc.'ommcndaiious'for the last ten or rv\e!v.> ye?u < all for this Week ujiJ. 11. IX, ul -43 i?r?nJ ! Mrest. I tirANTKD?F.Y A YorXl5KNGI.l>HI*AN, A MJ i'ATVON ! tt m* f'Wh.1 m* ??r perfc-cth it rulersLi rids iMv j tlnvii>y uui <?!' In?r!?'s K-"d r. I ? ivne? <raiM* ' A<!clf*flB bi?\y22U, UornM itl))< . 1 \y.\xTKn?a mteman aivi sfftHBn m cop v. >T iti|( put**v* apd other ?n\c<M?i*>tti?v*t to t? wnm. oi'eni] '.? ? imt: wti'.'.i hi m ;u 'jiil-iifon cut l.iwycr, Diet?hunt ui ! i ry *uan. H. (J., M*r.Ud ortV*. W'JMi 1>- \ SITl ATION V* vv AH i il'lN A PRIVATE '? \ ; < .?? m ? f # 11 v iwi'tru-i* (;??it i a\ ? I' l!7in * ?. \17A\n;D? V 1TI A'HuN. IN A *YM??I.KSAI.!- H<U*SK~ t? . = .-#viftfiii;irh*t*r f u"/'kk< . '?r, . ac , )<* in Hii'l 'onort i" .n' i. A c?>- ottrn | , i . i.?rim to i ifK'' *fll?ry. Address Onilkruu. iw-x 170 , ii - i ft id U"antku- \ >h'i'a i lu.n. by a Vol n;; m a\> ny 11(1 i- h-i'I'u? l'i m ik' I r?;i/ n?. 'ft?: wmiM pre. : 'It . ??f |< Mici* in some .? >ti- . Oun j.roiucet*x? j ? m : sfin,.minis us iu aliiii.':-", cli^imeter, jtc. ad4r?*st | I ?x 175 Urrn'.d ?>flkc*. h \ i>\ 10y j iv foiknts. itni: i i ni0isj?!.lk fkan- i;s.e, (' >m1'fknan7 ij uu?- . :i.rnv mi', ? :tv. nv n ivrv 'in h un(lmincil? j fx'm- loli.' 'i> nr f" pu ; sail iuliK (Ul> ocoltf oil ftt| nnlU'p; ?v? .\ Hi! ft ,] *4 l'oi,n:r 1 ^ ntft!ll?Mirci refer neon. fc iijivasu ?4 mli; i>. m, lleial ! o?lu*c#, wu^vf aiuiicr?tc#

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