Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1861 Page 2
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1 2 The Burning of th? C?Ulln?. 1NTEBE8T1NU DISCLOSURES BEFORE JCBT1CE Ql'ACKKKHJUU?THE NTEAME1S ALLEGED TO IJAVK BEEN WILFULLY FIRE#?EVIDENCE OK MR. DOBBYN LALOK, COUNCILMAN VAN TINE AND CAPTAIN I'D IL Iff. Tlio Investigation before Justi#e Quackenbusb relative to tho burning of the steamer Cataliuo at Fortress Monroe, on the 2'1 of July last, promises to bo quito interesting, A man named James Lurkin, whoofficiated as a sort or clerk on board the boat at tlio liinoof liar destruction, is nuspcctod of having-sot fin- to her; but the evidenco is by no moans satisfactory as to his guilt, and it would not eurprlso us much if the crime woro fastonod upon some othor party before the InvostiKation'ls coucludod. Ills truo Mr. Pobbyn Lalor testifies that ho heard Lar kin confess that ho set tiro to tho bout, but the very next witness for tho prosecution (fty'tain Philips) declares that tho accused was in ills berth asleep at tho time of tho conflagration, and wlion lie was rescued rrom mo ruaaor ue was louua 10 up hi ms shirt and pantaloons. Tho testimony of Captain Philips as to Larkiu'g capacity on board the Cataline, and tlio manlier in which ho canja to bo on hoard, is ralhcr muddy, and will bo worth jwusing. That there Is " a wheal within a wheel" there is no doubt, but what the real Tacts are a lengthy examination aloiie can determine. Tho ollowing is a report of tho evidence elicited iju Tuesday afternoon M. Dobbyn Lnlor, being duly sworn, depose# and #uy8 4hat he is acquainted with one James Jjirkln, of St. Ijiw reuce COiinUr", State of New York, and at present liviug at tho Asior jfrttep hi this city; tlint tho said James Jjirkin, on the 14th <7 Ailgnst* 1W51, raid to tlds deponent that he (Ijirkin) had sailod on board tho CaUline for Fortress Monroe in tlio capacity of purser or steward; that the said Lark in had accomplished the burning of the steamer; that at the timo (ho vessel left Fortress Monroe, after leaving General Duller and slair there, and while proceeding out into the stream, tho light* were all put out, and that tho whole thing was well arranged?So well, in fact, that tho steamer was all a-binz! In a moment ; that he doue it. Aud this de|>onout further says ithe jjjovc statement was made among other statements teiative to said vessel by the said Iiirktn, and that tho Baid Uarkin has related statements several times to this deponent in reference thereto; and ties deponent further ?aysthat i n the'22<1 day of AiigtiRi, 1801. tho said I-arkin iitated, in the presence of deponent, among other things, that ho (UivltiiT) had aiovmpiished tho destruction of the Cutaline by spirits of turpentine at the smoke pipe. John Van'fine, of No. 3:31 Broome street, hem? duly Bworn for the privation, says:?1 know Vr. Link In rr<.in his coming in my place; nver siw Mr. Isaac philips but ddco; ho made himself kn^wu to mo iu my place , the purser of tlio Alabama was with liiiu ; ho introduced s lid Philips as captain of the steamer Cat.iliue; there was another person, whom I do not know, wjtb hi?j; Mr. r was not jiresent at tho time; Mr. Philips told me that at | the time of tho (lro of tho Catalino Larkin was osloep 1:1 his berth drunk; be told me this 10 show tho impossibility of Lark In's being the caytaiu "f the steamor; I suppose ho used that expiossi--ii fur tho purpose staled: Captain Philips left my place; after which Mr. tarkln canifl in; he then went out; after that l'hi i. s, ] Larkin and their friends met ut my place; rhiii;? asked Larkin in my presence if he was captain, or if he ever told deponent that ho was captain; Lnrkiu said that he had never told me so,and he never did; other pors'i.s bad told mo ??: they then passed oat: the e was no difficulty in my place; 1 think I saw tarkin again that samo afternoon; i think I saw him twice that afternoon: tho second time I referred to a difllculty with Captain i hilips in tho prosenco of Mr. Lalor; ho said he know enough about the Captain to put hitu in a t ght place; Me. Hughe* was not present then; the altercation referred to \va about dinner time; think Chilli s accused Lirkin of n it doing anything towards saving anything, but that he Toimd Larkin lying on the rudder of the boat; think Larkin was present when Philips told mo that; should judge Larkin was sober when 1 e sjnjko to ino about sending or putting I'lUlli^ In a tight place; Lalor was present with bira; should say 1mkin was perfectly ?'b 'r: Mr. l*lor was in the habit of being constant!/ with larkin ; Larkin told Philips that he done as much as he (Philips) did to put out tho lire, and if ho hadn't done something towards saving tho powder or putting something out of tho way what would b the confluence, or something of that kind; Larkin said I'liilips appropriated" somothing from the boat to his own use. Isaac 0. I'liilips deposed as follows:?I reside at No. H i South Ninth street, Williamsburg; I knew the steamer Catuline; I had command of her from April 85 untH tho 2d of July, 1881, when she was burned; she belonged to Mr. Charles A. Stetson. Jr. ; the papers wore In his name: M. M. Krocman Jt Co.jl were his agents; she was bullied o|f Fortress Monroe about ISO yards from tho beach; she was under weigh; we were on tho southwest Sid- of Fortress Monroe; we wore backing down the chiumol from tho ordnance wharf wh.-n the lire took place; wo were then bound for Newport .Vows, at tho mouth of tho James river; this was about a quarter-past uiuu u i i'n.i 111 hiu ciPMiiiji nan just lanueo Home passengers with General Hitter > . ..< u,? wharf, mill were backing imt lo loavo Ncwi*u I News on our regular trip nt seven o'clock in llie morninp: the vessel was msmed* for f'JO 000, us 1 am told, by Kre.nian &0o.; the boat cost (22.000, andisaw $18,000 paid d?>wn, and J paid out $4,500 tu.vsell; 1 lout sawLarkiii, previous to leaving tho ordnance wharf; 1 saw l.nrkin when lying at the ordmutce wharf; I then bucke I the hoat out from the wtnrf; we got from 300 to 500 yards from the wharf. I v then on tho hurricane deck aft. the was al the whirl In the pilot holism; 1 said t > the pil t "Put your helm hard a starboard," and rang tho bell to work the ursine alieai. I stopped tho eagino; after the boat had swung sullicicntty to clour the shoal on the port quarter 1 rang to back ; " I looked up to sue if th 1 engine was in motion, and at th it time 1 saw a blazo coming up around the steam chimin / and through the ventilator; it in1 si have boen twenty three to twenty-live feci fri tu the lire to the spot wli re I was standing; I then went down to the engineer and askod him if be had his liosc on the flro pump; ho said he hail, and that ho had it in m tioii; I saw litmus tliou about the steam chimney and boiler; the timber work a jaront to the steam chimney was then burning; I went forward to get tho forward pump on; tho flames gained so fast on us tliat it was impossible for us to connect tho hose to tho flro pump for ward; I then went forward and told tho men to let go the starboard anchor; I had a chest of about eleven rounds of cartridges for one of .lames' rilled cannon, which 1 ordorod tho men to throw overboard, which they did; the Are gained on us very fast; It was not t<h minutes from the time (saw the flames until the ivneh .r was down , they sent to us from the government vessels close by about twenty-one boats, I should judge; it portion of the crow was divided, tn ootwequeuru <f tno liio commencing amiiHliiii*; onu portion of the crow went forward ami thu other aft; ti e wiutl was t'rura thu westward, and at times blowInk' a middling breeze; ebb tide; boat beading to bi r anchor neatily west on account of the ebb tide; the (lames drawed" on the after part of the boat throrgh the atf.tero< tn? U> tlio stern of tlio vessel; the crew wore on t'jo jifler |>art of Ibo tessel, and w o lomjxilled to climb down on tlio rudder tncwapo fr. m burning. Mr. Siiumot a, gocond Engineer, Mr. Pa: khisrst, Stored ejior, M\ I.-irkiu, as a passenger;l>r. Bradley, ? f one of tli .' M:tss:tchtlmtis regiments, were on th > ruddor; and remained there until about came an I took thani off. all they waved wo* vhat tluy stoed in; Mr. Iarkin had a ia'r of boots, a ?hirt and a poir of pants hi, but no hat; 1 removed nil tlio shell und i?>wlor. and throw the name oveilxiard?as already stated?win h was all the umntunit ion we had on board. The ventilators arc immediately t>ver the Qierooru, in front of the bniU-rs or furnaces; the ste.un pipe was on thu forward aide of the boiler: the ventWaior was about four feet from the smokp pi; c; the bottom ol the engiiio room was an open ttpace. with a ladder down to the Are room; I did not go down to the tire room. the engineer to'.d me the hoso w is atrctchod . I did not hoc tbetn play lu conseq; onco of the i amoko; 1 viet. a; I'd, manned nnd oo.iiod ikr ,>.mI by c..:i I tract, aud Mr. I;irkiti waa <ki beard tin- boat; not paid by | me; Mr. IJiikm wis with me on board th; boat ail tn- ! time: he was on the uruli i,m bv r..,,.1,^,1 ,,1 11. < < Davidson, r>f who said if I \v m'd take 1 ini with m> it _w(?ild not cist rao anything; I re^.tulcd lum uS a pas-riger; 1 was under cintract l?y tl.o government; I had th o; Iglnal contract between Freeman k (Jo. and Daniel l?. Tompkins, Assistaut Quartermaster Gesieial; wo had bceu in commission, under charter by the government, for two mouths and eight days; wo wore chartered P>r thr o months; Iempioyod ali tho hands on board tho st amor, victualled uu'l coaled bi r. and paid all mucin# ex|junses ; Mr. LATklii. the defendant, was not cmployod l.y me, an 1 did not act in the capacity of steward; I rej ardctl him as & passenger; hi* name was not on the article*. Cross-examined?Ii:?vi-V-m n wis introduced to me at the As tor llouso,) think; John K Devlin, (lie lawyer, introduced him to mc; it was three or four days after Mr. Devlin Introduced mo to Dnviiteon that Davidson introduced lorkln to mc; IVvlin said if 1 eoohl take Larkin With me to do so, an he could or would help in considerable, and he did he'p mo cunsl Kn.blt : be took account ot all the freight that wiw received from the tmv) the boat arrived at Annapolis until she was burned- he hail an order from the Commissary it Am;apolis to take olinrg of th i'government stores on the bout; the goods that lArkin took charge of wore pat on board for the (piv.'ruin lit and the exp;i*a companies. 1 never .saw any letter appointing Larkin purser of that boat; I think Devlin was lawyer (if Lite ngi-nts and owners it tiuit t in?; he gavo instructions relative to the inaungem-ni of tho boat; I don't ktiow that Jltvliu appointed Ijukin purser of that boat; saw a power of attorney from St-t-ton to Fr? 'man k ' Mr. I ark in was in bud in his stateroom .it the I itne of tho Ilrei Tho cuunluation will bo resumed oti Monday next. Pcmnnal Intelligence. faptaln William H. Morris htm been assiiinod to tho staff of Brigadier Qeaeral Pock, as his Assistant Adjutant General. This moritorkais young officer graduated at Wost Point in 1851, and served iu the Second iufoutry at Fort Yuma., California, under Major (now ltrigadier General) Heintzelmafi. He resigned uftc-r a few yiurs' service' and has since been distinguished iu the world of tetters us a popular writer, lie is the sou of General Morris, of tho Uvn' Journal. Apartments have been engaged for tho Princo dc JoinTills and suit at tho ltrcvoort House. Among tho passengers who sailed yesterday in the Steamship Asia, for Knrope, wero Lady Oeorgiana Fane and Mrs. Ciiilord, of England. Dr. J. G. Holland (Timothy Titcomb), of SpringfteMi Mass.jCajit. H. 0. Hodges, of the United States Vrmy; Lieut. L. M. WalnwrigUt, of tho United States Navy AB. Street, of Albany ;T. A. Jenckcs, i f Providenc e, and L. Riggs, of New York, are stopping at tUo l3rovo?rt House. Mine. ,T. de Osollos and Mme. RuWna. of Paris-G. H 8irgent, ef N'ow York; K. S. Pi Dnel, of chii asto" k! :-'c irs and faii)l;y, of Boston: C. P. Aibc*', of Philad e'lphi i, and P. Gonl >n, ol'L-tatcn Island, are stopping at th :(.riniercv Tark Hotel. J. V. Reynolds, of the Unlto l States Army M? Carl t of Come elicit t i. ngd?ii,of II ?ri r i. M j| " it'll and u lie,'! I xi,|ion. F. II. W'ood. of.M. I . K I. Chamhef ol In liana, \v. S. Hunter, of Caliloijin; (, s Miner, of Vurmout md E. Baldwin, .V. Washburn, J. I.. NET J Boot and J. B. Tilton, of Boston, are stopping at tUo Fifth Avenue HotoL P. K. Lockwood and wife, of New York; H. Jameson and A. Wolff, ?f Ohio; J Hues D. Tracy, of Meridon, Conn.; A. M. Smith, of N'ew Haven, and W. L. Bradley and (Jrwuia Kcndrick, of Connecticut, arc stopping at tlio Lafarge House. Marquis de Palomanes aud family, of St. Jngo do Cuba; ITon. (>. W. Wrght, of California; Ool. D. D. KldrMgo, of St. l'aul; Col. Kddy and Capt. Granger, of tlie United States Army; Co). E. p. Kotvu and wile, of Kentucky; K. M. Benson,of Indiana; ('. F. 9.Thomas and Wife,of Buffalo; C. E. Wells and J. Walsh, of St. Louis, Mo.; W. H. Halo and K, K. Kimberly, of Gfiilford. Conn., and A. A. Miirt imey mill iwrlv />r II,?i 11... politan Hotel. Hon. Franklin Haven, of Boston; lion. F. F. Johnson, of Ciunuctlcut; Hon. II. O. Knight, K. li. Sawyer and wifu, and Mr. Apnloton.of MiWHachuwIU; Capt. Stone, of tlio Htwumdiip-ftrabln; 8. M. Bm k Ingham and L. W. Coe, of Connecticut; Joseph Wood of Bermuda; M. Vaux and wife, or Philadelphia: Col. W?U, of Capo May; H. Groouotigh and wife, or Maine; E. P. Kos?, of Auburn; \V. L. Scott, or Kilo; A. A. lKinlap and Jolin Ward, of Albany; I>r. J. Wf Smith, Jr. and wife, of Kinderbook, and Thomas Dulan, or Kentucky, aro stopping at tbe St. Nicholas Hotel. A Far s letter in the TntUpetulance, of Brussels, nays:? It Is tDlrni'il tliat the Princess Clot lid j is ia au interesting position, and tlutt on that account her Imperial High liens will probably return to Franco bofore the Prince, in the ovout of ilia latter prolonging bis excursions in America. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wednksday, Sept. 11?C P. M. The money market is rather more active. Several banks and bankers are avail'""? themselves of the decline of the bank specie reserve to put up the rate of loans to six per cent, and for the present that must be considered the rate. It is not likely to be maintained when the Pub-Treasury begins to disburse the large amonnt of money it has on hand. Exchange closed firmly at 107.:,4 a 108 for stering bills (bankers') and 5.32% a 35 for frano?. StockB were dull, and rather lower to-day, as was natural after the buoyant market of yesterday and the day before. There was no increased amount of stock offered, however, an? the transactions were limited. The dQcJ'n.c on the railway shares nvern-ett) "at (ho first board, % per cor*?. Bock Island, however, fell off Burlington %, and Prairie du Chicn 1. Pacific Mail declined 1 par cont also. In government stocks there was no essential change; the 6 per cent Treasury notes are in active demaud at 98% a M. Border State stocks improved. Tennessees rose 1%, North Carolinas J/g, and Virginias %. The advance was chiefly due to a communication received from the District Attorney, stating that (hat official would like to know whether, in the opinion of the Board, Southerners are sending their stocks here for sale or buying Statu bonds which come into the market from other sources. As it is well known that the supply of Southern State stocks has come from the West and the demand from the South, it is inferred that no further steps will be taken to interfere with transactions in them. Mr. Smith has pursued a sensible course in this matter. At the second board stocks were rather lower and the market closed weak, the following being flic last quotations:?United States C's, registered, 1881, *.t0 a !M% do. C's, coupon, 1881, 90% a !)0%; do. 5's, 1874, 79% a 80; Virginia C's, 64% a .r>r>%; Ten iics.iee ? n, u rNorin i.aroiinii u s, U2 a <i;i; Missouri C'a, 43% u 43%; Pacific Mail, 7!'% n 70"^; New York Central, 73% a 73%; Erie, 25% a 25%; do. preferred, 47 a 48; Hudson River, 33% a 33%; Harlem, 10% a 10%; do. preferred, 25% a 25%; Rending, 35% a 36; Michigan Central, 43 a 43%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% n 14; do. guaranteed, 31 a 31%; Panama, 111 a 112; Illinois Central, (57 a 67%; Galena and Chicago, 6^% a 69; Cleveland and Toledo, 30% a 30%; Chicago ana kock Island, tt- ? <> *nm>. lington and Quincy, 62% a 03%; Delaware, Lackawana and Western, 68; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 18% a 18%; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 03 a 91; Delaware and Hudsou Canal, 85 a 65%; Pennsylvania Coal,*76. We understand tlmt advices were to-day received that the Hoard of Directors of the Galena Railroad Company have ratified the bargain lately niado by the President for the extension for twenty years of the first mortgage bonds of the road. A dividend of seven per cent is anticipated in January; a good winter business, the President writes, is certain. The banks paid ten per cent of their loan to government into the Sub-Treasury this morning. The popular subscriptions continue satisfactory. The following was the business of the institution to-duv:? Hitci|-is $4,4T0,30.1 on ?Por customs 8,000 00 ?Treasury notM 4.02s.noo oo Payments 1,552.820 48 Balance 15,604,790 Oa The exchanges at the Tank Clearing Ho one tliis morning were $20^)13,095 CI, anil the balances ?LUKtm 117. : The American Hank Note Company arc printing off ns rapidly as possible the small denominations of 7.30 Treasury notes. The numbering has caused some delay. The company expect to forward to Washington on Friday and Saturday a million dollars in $1,000 and $.r>,fi00 notes. This will complete the assortment of all the denominations. The Fhornix Fire Insurance Company, of Rrookiyn, have declared a dividend of three dollars per share, payable on demand at their branch oflice in Watt street. Stock Exchange* Wf.i'NKsiiav, Sept. 11. 18f?l. frnoOOrKflVfil.rog oo lOslis N YGo Hk... Si i !iO I r- .Vs, 74. cou 80^ it Imp & Trail lik... 78 1000 do IMftMCkOb. 8i)d 7C00Tr>?nl0>ipc n.. 100?? 300 Cum L'oal, prof... 5 4100 Tri a 8 p c 2 yr. 087i f.0 rto 4'J 665r.o 'to 100 Pacific Mails SCo 80^ | ITiOO N York fi's. *71i 101*a 100 K0 " 1(10(1 III eon foils, '79. t-'4 100 N Y Central Kit.. 7 2000 Tenn C's, '90... 42> { 30(1 do 73V,' 7CO0 tl<? 42% 60 Hudson River Kit 33 140oO do 43 5(> Harlem KK IP7; 7000 Virginia ... 65 100 R"adiag HR . hAO .'5(1 2000 (i'">r^'irx (i s.... 06 12"> Mich So k N I UK 14 4000 N' Curolina 6's.. 63 lOOMIchS&N'I RRgs 31'? 2000 do H'i'iC 9 do 31 17000 Missouri 6's... 43?i 20 Panama UK Ill 1000 do 4'\% 200 111 Ceti KKscrip.. 67?i 2000 liOuisiiina 6's.. 65 10 Clev, Col & CinRR 96 2000 d" fi.iloo ?ai & nil KU. sao gh'? 30X> do 65 K 30 do 69', C.K) do 6420O Clcv & Tot RR.... lti'/O Trie RR 4 m fos 71 200 do s30 3(>3,; 10"0 Hud Kiv Rl'lin U>3)? 100 do b29 30 ?; I lOOOI'ac KK7'?k8M 3# 120 do 30'i | 600 111 On KK hds. 03 104 CUi k Rk Isl RR.. 44'.,' 1000 X J On 1st m. 108 60 do s30 44'( 10"0 N .1 Hen 2d m.. 102J? 60 do IxK) 44t; 1000 Gal UChi 2mb 90 loo Mil & IT duCKK. 1S'^ 26 sli; mk K p ic. 80 100 do IS 10 Market Bank.... 82 2b Chi, Bur k Q'y KK 63,'^ SKCOND BOAISP. $10000 CSft's,'SI.reg 90 60 8hs 1'ac M FSfo.. 79 1000 do., coupon 90% loo do I)3(( 80 f.000 do 90>j fi:. N Y Central R11. 73'4 IO00US "> B, 1S05... 87 60 do hf.0 73'; yoOO T- * 0 pc, 2yr. 10 Hudson River RK 33'j fOOGN Y C'S, '62... 10 1'i COO K ading RR 36 2'K>0 rgla (J'h .... ft!100 M So & N Ind UK. 14 4000 Tumi 6'?, '90.. 42'., 100 (Jal k Chic KR. 86 6<V 6Qoo do 42;; 300 do asj; 14.00 Missouri &?... 43200 -do 09 5000 do 43 % 200 Clev & Toledo KR. 30% ; 21.0*1 Ohio C's, 1S86. 93 60 C & Rk Is 1UR.-C0 44 25 sha Corn Ex Rank 7S^ 60 do,... WOO . 44,'; I 20 Pacific M SS Co.. 79J< 100 do blO 44^ 66 do 79% CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. WkonimuV, Sept. 11?6 P. M. Ahurs.?The market was quiet and prices were steady. Pales of 40 a 50 folds, were made at $5 26 for pota aud $6 26 a $6 37% 6>r pearls. RMADSTt rm?Klour?Tho market for shipping grades of State and Western brands was llrm, while the higher grades of extras were hoavy and irregular. Tho demand wns fair for domestic use and for export. The sales em' braced about 17,000 bfols., closing within tbe following range of prices:? , S:>i erllne State |4 30 a 4 40 J I'xtra Stat*, good to choice 4 05 ft 4 95 i Supei fine Western. 4 30 a 4 40 1 Common to choice Western extra 4 85 a fi 0? i I' .Ira Canada '. 4 60 n 0 60 Mixi,1! fo straight Southern 6 00 a 5 BO Sti a Kht to rood extra do 4 75 n s 00 <Ii.'ice exirafumilv and bakers' 1 anils 8 00 a S 75 Rve t|.>ur 2 2.1 a 3 SO Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 so a 3 10 j ?Canadian (!?nr wis In bettor r--t?i< 9??, w.tli sal' ? cf . about 1/(H fob's. nt our quotations. s.. ithern flour was 1 in fair s jt y with less buoyancy, especially for new. W YORK HERALD, THURi Tho sales ombraced about #00 bbla., closing within the abovo range of priCM. Corn meal was steady at our figures, with salon of 400 bbls. Rye flour was firm and In good request, with salos of 300 bbln. (it our quotations. Wheat was (Irra for shipping lots, and In fair export demand, chlolly for France: tho sales embraced about 150,000 bushels atfl 28 for white Kentucky, and fl 12 a $1 16 for red winter Western, $1 15 a $1 18 for new rod State, $1 20 for amber Kentucky, and fl 17 a $1 18 for Michigan do., $1 20 u JH 26 for wlilto Ohio and Indiana, Ottc. a $1 09J, for Milwaukee club, $1 08 a $1 07for Raclno spring, and at D8n. a $1 06 for Chicago spring. Coru was rather flriner and In );ood demand for export Tor the KaM. with Mies of 140,000 bushels at 46ljc. a 47c. for heated, 47 ^e. h 48^0. for Kan torn shipment, and at 40c. a 50c. for shipping lots of Western mixed, 51c. for Western yellow, and 60c for white. Outs wore Qrm and in fair demand, with sales of Canadian at 27c. a 30c, Western at 33c. a 33c., and .State at 38^c. a 34c- llarley was quiet; 1,200 bushel* wore sold at 75c. u 88c. Cofkk*.?Tho market was flrinor, and closed at U'o. per lb. higher, for some grades: tho sales embraced aliout 7,500 bags Klo at 13^c. a 15c., chiefly at 11c. a 14>?c., ami 500 mats Java at 20c. per lb. Cotton Tho market was steady, with sales of 000 bales, closing on the basis of 21 >40. a 22c. for middling uplands. lite story regarding tho shipment of East India cotton to the Unitod States was ascertained to bo Incorrect. It was purchased In Liverpool on speculation to romaln there on American accouut, and not for shipment to this country. Freiohts.?Rates were steadv. witli a fair amount of taring. To Liverpool, 1,500 boxes cheese w t? taken at I 46b.; 8,000 bushels wheat at 10<J., in ships' bags, aud COO do. do. at9)ad., find 10,000 do. wheat, In ships' bogs, at 12d. To London, 4,0C0 bushels wheat wore taken at 13<l., in Hhlps' bags; flour wits at 3s. fld. To Bristol, 6,000 bushels wheat wore engaged, in bulk, at 12d. To Havre , 40,000 bushels wheat wore engaged at 23c. Kish.?Dry cod wero dull, with moderate salos of Georges Hank at $." 37,a $3 60, aud of Miirblohead nt $3 26. Mackerel were heavy and lower, with sales of somo 1,600 bbls. this week at $7 a $7 60 for No. 1, $4 37 !i a $4 60 for No. 2, aud $3 26 a $3 60 for No. 3. Herring were iu goad demand with, sales of si?ok'"t at 25c. (i 27c. for scaled, and 13c. u 16c.. for No. 1, and 600 bbls. pickled at 67 a $3, aud some gibbed at |3. Fruit*?Unlsins were quint, and moderato chIos were making at $2 20 lor bunch and |1 60 a $1 78. SjiI s wero mado within a day of 120 bbls. currants at O'jc.,4 months. Hay.?Sub s of fair to good quality wp-e uia king for City use aud to government contractors nt 60c. a 00c. Hump Sales of 600 bales Jut* wero made this week at $72 a $76, 4 months. Ikon?Scotch pig won held with firmness at $22 60 a $23 per ton, cagb and time. J.imr?8a}0f> bf 3,000 bbls. havo been mado this week at 60c. for common and at 80c. a $1 for luuiii??tlw lat'cr tor 'witt" cash. Molahkm was llrm, but quiet. Naval Stous.?1The sales embraced 1,000 bb'ft. common rosin at $4 12, 660 do. do. at $4 and 500 do. at $ > 76, c o? ing :it about $4. Spirits turpentine soUl iu feiuall lots at SI 25. On.*.?Linseed was selling in small lots at 89c n 60c. A lalo rale of 2,000 gallons 1/ondon was ma le at 50c , cash. 20,000 lbs. tallow oil brought "K1'-. ca.-h. Olive was s(e;jjjy at $4 for quarts and $3for pints, Th> follow lug statement from tlie Ulmlrm. n'.t Shilling glvrthe movements in Now Bedford for tho w -k ending the Oth Inst:?We have no change to note in Hie ma'ket for 8|'C,moll. The sales for tho we<;k embrac e 3'i0 bbls. in parcels Cor exjKirt, ut prices not ti suspired; i|ls"J'' ' r trude 203 bb's., on private terms. Wh'tl" r*luTiTasTvItliout change. The transactions for tho wa-'k inaludc sales of 1.210 bbjs. Northern and 50 do. dark, all on private terms, and 300 bids. South Sea at 45c. por gallon. Whalebone?Market quiet. No transactions. I'royjhionh,?l'ork?The (market was quiet uid without animation. A sale of 600 bbls. mess was nude yestbrduy to government on private terras, and 200 a 300 b'lLs. wero sold to day at $13 75 f< r mess, and at $:i ^6 lor prime an 1 $15 for clear moss. B.'of was fl'tn and in fair demand, with sales of 300 lib's, at $10 35 o ?U 50 for r. packed Western and $12 25 a $13 50 for extra. Hi of hams were Arm and in fair demand at $14 50 a $15 lor West< rn. Cut merits were-in fair demand, with sales of u) t 70 pa' knees at 4'?e. a HCc. for shoulders and at 5 ' .c. a lie. for hums. Lard was lews active ami buoynt: ilis rl J.10 bb!s. and tieret s was made at 8c. a 9c. II .tier was dull and heavy at 13c. a 14c. for Hale and at bo. a 10c. for Ohio. Clues? was dull at Or. a 7c. for Slate and at Dr. u 6:. for Ohio. Skkk.?Clover was ri'imtottl at 8j?e. a 8'jv Timothy was dull. Within a day or two 0,!SOO h i ..-, lltpbay Hnsood havo been sold at $1 77K Hl"' 200 b igs State rough flaxseed at $1 47 >4 a fl i?HSi uAit".?Tbo ma'k-t was active and llrm, and closed He. per pound higher; the sales embraced 2,oiK) a '2,fi00 I h's Ciibus at 7?,e. ? 7>4c. lor fair rellnitig goods, and at 7>ic. a 8c. for grocery urates, and 1,200 j>?xes wore sold, part at 8c. a O.HJe., chiefly at 8c. or thereahoulH. Messrs. K. L. k A. St-iart havo to-day established the following prices for thoir roOnnd Roods:?It. st quality !' il sugar, 10?;c. per pound; best quality crushed sugar, lO^c. per pound, circle A ? crushed sugar, 10.V- per pound; ground sugar. I0^c. per pound. WinsKKY?The nutrk'H was llrtn, with taloa of 4.">0 bb'.s at a ISK"-. MAnrttACCft AKin nEATHvS. Married.>!?.Pa ph.?Ou Tuesday evening, Soptembor 10, by Rev. Valher Lafout, Aqcnxi.\o Kkrnakm, of California. to Mary I,. I'aiti, of this city. (flzixs?KaikitiiU).?At key port, N. J., na Thes.lay, Soptombor 10. by Ke.v. Samuel 1/ckwood, Jamki QbliNt:, Ks |., of i/nig Island, to Mrs. As* Kaib<t.i;J), ol New York. Hazkiton?1)rvmmokp.?On Tuesday, duly CO, by the Rev. J. K. Sea'Ies, pastor of tli" WlUott street church, Mr. Cbahlks H. 11a/.bi.ton to Miss Sahaii A.. youngest dm.Kilter of Churl, s Drummond, Ksq.,of BrooNyn, I'. I>. H miiwi*?Ca>?.?(In Tuesday, September JO, by lli Rev. 1*. ltolieris. E. W. Hi TcntJtos, Jr., of tills city, to Ml-s Likik Cask, daughter of Nathan Cus I.sq.,of Milan. Dutchets county,N. Y. 11ut( IIin.-0\?IIviks.?On Wednesday, September 11. by Jtev. 0. Talin.iilgo, Mr. Jaxk-. Htmni.isoji to Miss Annik a. Hvi.ks, all ofGroenpoint, l>mrr Island. Laoojcj*?lli'Ri KiK.?On Tuesday, September 10, at Calvary clmrrli. by tlM Rev. Dr. llkwlu, Mr. Jams P. LaCdmsk to Miss Makt C. lh'ri ki.k, daughter of Kiuauaol Burcklo, all of this city. lixtt-K?I'ootk.?On Wi-dnesday, Soptembor 11, at St. I'otnr's ohur< b, Brooklyn,. by the Itev. John A. 1'at I dock, GkororS. Kkk-k, ksq. ,of Baltimore, to Joswhink C. Foots, daughter of Captain A. 11. Voote, United States Navy. Witt?Voiauy.?On Wednesday, September 11, at St. John's chapel, Varick street, by the Kv. S. 11. Weston, l).l>., II. Clinton Witt, of Williamsburg, to LtxziK, young est daughter i f Knoch I'olsom, Esq. Birth. RiMirrofr.?At 23P Ea*t Ki^ld 'entli street, on Tuesday. September 10, the wi.'o of Kkf.tikthi'k Rtiintun of a s,in." Died. Anprhson.?At Harl' m, on Wednesday, Soptemborll, at noon, .Vkiikmiaii I'., youngest son of Theodoro r. ant A. An 11 cry on. ai;.d 6 months an I 11 days. Tlio funeral services will take placo on Friday morning, at .cloven o'clock, at tlw residence of his parent*, 1S2'1 Btroi t. between Second and Third avenues, llirleni. I'.aluakxo.?<>u Wednesday, September 11, at hi? residence, No. 202 lVgraw stieet, South llrooklyn, nf o. a U>n? and |.alnfnl illness, Horn hi Hai.manno, iu the 81. t year of his age. Tlio funeral will take placo .it his latO res I deuce, this (Thursday) altcmoon. at three o'clock. HkmON.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening, September 10, Colonel Fkancih S. Hilton. Fourth regiment United S'aiw; a' Ulloi y. The olQcurs "f tlio army nnd navy and friends of the family ate iuvited to attond the funeral, from his l ite rtwldonci', No. 20 Livingston strcot, wVrlihiy morning, nt half pa?t ten o'clock. Requiem ina>swill bo performed at tlio l lmrcU of St. Charles Borrouico, Sidney placo, nt cloven o'clock. Hkkws-ii:"?()ti Tuesday, September 10, Joskih Bnrws*TKi , aged 21/ years. Tlio fi.n Nd will take from the rrsidt tico of his brother, Andrew Brewster,24T West Thirty-fifth street, this (Tlmrsduy) afternoon, at one o'clock. The friend* and acquaintai.ccsof the family are respectfully invited to attend. IIvkxks.?(in Tue.-day .September 10, Mary Hyhnks, a native nf county Westmeath, parish of Strut, Ireland, aged 62 years. The relatives and friends arc particularly requested to ats I'd the funeral, from 249 Vast Fifteenth strcot, this (Thursouy) aft 'moon, at twoo'c'ock. Ki.axnaoav?< n Tu sdny evening, September 10. Maiioarkt, only daughter of John and Mai garet Flanuogan, aged 1 year and 10 morith!i. Tho relative* oud friends of the family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Tliu sday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her parents, 72 Centre street. K.kjahtv.?On Tuesday,September 10,MichakiFooartv, a native of Gowran, couuty Kilkenny, Ireland, aged .rif> yearn. 'Hi) relatives and friends of the family aro roHpecifully invited to attend the funeral, from his lain residence, 120 htuhih street, this (Thursday) afternoon,at two o'clock. Pkuin.?In Hrooklyn, on Wednesday, September 11, J >ux 1 uvix, In theOOih year of hi.- age. The friends und acquaintance* or the family arc invited to attend tho funeral, from his late residence, In lioud street, near Butler, this (Thurs lay) afternoon, at three o'clock. Hart.?On Wednesday,September 11, of consumption, ,TahPs* JIakt, aged 25 years, 7 m< ntlis aud 0 days. llis friends, and those of his brothers, Abraham and Fdwurd, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) morning, ai half-past nine o'clock, from his residence, .'(<'0 West Vlfteeuth stront. His remains will be taken to Turrytowt\, WcBlchegtor county, for Inti.ment. IlomiiRK.?On .Monday evening, September 0, after a short.Jmt severe illness, Axokunk, wife of William Holltuire, ,fr.,aged 2T years, 1 month and 18 days. The relatives a"d friends of the famdy are respectfully Invited to attend thofuooral, this (fliumUy) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late resident o. HSNNWStreet. Her remains will be taken to <,re?'nwood Cemetery. Hxionm.?On Wednesday, September 11, after a lingering illness, .Jam:, daughter of John and Mary Biggins, In the 16th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at half-past two o'clock, from the residence of her [mrcnU;, No. 28 lied ford street, Kxcotzon.? In Hrooklyn, un Wednesday morning, Pep. tombor 11, at half past threo o'clock, IUsry km'im >x, soil of Nicolay Christian Knudtzon and Louise M. Knudt zon, nged 3 years and 9 months. IUs remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery this 1 (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from tho residence of | his parents, Ko. 12 Ilouglas street. I.axb?On Tuesday. September 10, of consumption, Thomas S. Lajif, a nativo of Kllbeg parish of Tallow, county Waterford, Ireland, in tho 28lh year of hit age. The relatives and friends of the family will please Bt; Und tho funeral,this Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, 2S7 Seventh avenue. i Mvka' .?In Hrooklyn, on Wednesday, September 11, Osorck W. S., son of Daniel aud Surah Mackny, aged 11 ! months and 9 day*. Tho friends ai:<l acquaintance* are respeotfully Invited I to attend the funeral, on Friday morning, at bairpait tea ________ X __ 3DAT, SEPTEMBER 12, If o'clock, from the rosldonco of bla parent!, No. (S Hoyt streot, corner of Dean. Mi-Caue.? In Harlem, on Wednesdny, September U, of paralysis, William H. MoCaiw, in the 72d year of hU age. The friends of the family, and those of Edward P. McCabe, his sou, and tho friends of his win-in law, Nathaniel Skinner, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from tho Methodist Episcopal Church In Ki?htysixih stroet, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invitation. New Jersey pa|iers please copy. MlCrackkn.?Chi Wednesday, September 11, of cong'lmptlun, Sami'Kl MoCKACKjfff, of Talgley, Scotland, agod His relatives and friends, and the member* of the Fourth ward police, are resentfully Invited to attend the funeral, from Goo. Smith's Albion Hotel, corner of New Howory and Chamfers street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. His remains will be convoyed to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. Michigan and Glasgow papers pleaso copy. O'Kervk.?On Wednesday, September 11, Philip V., youngofts on of Wllllnm and Wary June O'Koofe, aged X yea'-, 0 months and 7 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funorul, from tho residenoo of his parents, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from CI Viwtry street. SiMNctiiR.?On Wednesday, fnptomher 11, M.*kt Ai.stivk. wife of John G. Spangior, aged 68 years, 1 month and 17 days. The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from hor late residence, No. in Attorney street, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, within t (Hi ther invitation. Stkki k.?Suddenly,on Wednesday, September 11, Ella Avwhta, youngest child of Manning and Elifca A. Steele, aged 1 year, 4 months ami '20 days. Tho friends of tho family are rogpectfully invitod to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residenco of her parents, No. 17 Cornelia street. Stkruno In Brooklyn, on Wednesday. September 10, SinauMK H. SrKnuvo, <f tho firm of Swift, JdcklnsoB Si Co., hi the Both year of his nt'.'. The funeral will take place from tho Church of tho I'llprims, corner of Henry nn I Rcmson street, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock. His friends aro invited to attend, without further notice. TWitts.?On Wednesday evoninir, August 11, after a shi rt illness, at the residence of her lath t, in Ki lilythird street, botwe-n 'J'hird and Fourth uveuut-s, tiKi>i(c.lana, youngest daughter of John Twiner. Notice or tho tlmo of interment will be given in tomorrow's paper. Whiailfy?At No, 0 Bleecker street. on Tuesday morn I.' K, > ' !'MfM f IU, Mr8. JMRI/.XMBS. IVUKATIJCY, WIUOIY i?l J< hn Wuoutloy. SHIPPING NEWS. AI.MA.SAC FOR N?W YORK?'THIS PAY.

$t*N UtgKlf ft 37 I MOON .eve II 60 SI N SETS 6 I'M HIGH WATlR IttOI D 2 14 Port of Now York, September 11, 1801 CUCAKKD. s"tcnniHli!fj Northern Light, TinVWimngh, AsninwU?D B Allen. S'nip Christian.'^ Monk, T.?ndon -Orinnrdl, Mintnrn A('o. Ship At> 'M \ ey -cney, Havre?Boyd X Hlneken. *mrK Tjhoo (Br), Murray, Sydney, Na\V?11 W Cameron A ^' j. il.u k St Bernaivl fBrnn), FVeljen, Havre?( Jailing. Bikr l.i Orange, KtmVmli, >! ontevideo and Buenos Ay res? Trask Jt Dearborn. Brig John Butler* Miner. St Thomas?II fi Smith. BrlgC <' HUUm-h, H uiw-T H Sanford. RHj? North Amerlen. W.? '*>? . Bogton?Master. S'*lu Pr!n<VM, I-ov'i il, Kt Thomas?S W L?'\vi-> C<?. S^r Lotrhnos- (Br>, AmhiHnn, 8tk?tU?H J k r A Dowolf. KehrTlme (Br). Sawyer. Namwu?F J Montoll A Co. Sclir Fr :nk!'.?. SinaJHn. HarSordra v?I If f Joyl?'. S? hr N- 1 - N Hnlii'aNrJ'F Whitney A Co, Hrhr Qm ? ii i f ripp rs (Br), Lockhftrt, Windsor, KS?ff J St ( A K**wolf. S?*hr J II Ramsey, T ?vl',?r% Washington?Ffl Benton & Song. S' li- Ih:?Ih-1 Taylor, 1 , l'hiludelpb?a?V U BeiUou ? . Son ?. >> 'by Ifiinicr, TJarkrf ' '. Mphls?H S R.iekett H -T,. Sli iii'-hahn Tin i h II Sanfnril. 8ch (l Bu ii, W* ' rortuifionil??blaster. S-'hr S A St on nt, (41 rani, Boston?M ante r. S r.James Lawrence, Ate n, B"*Jon?J <' Dayton 8ehr It D Wood, Cmnmer, Bo?ion?Van Brunt A Slight. f?ei r Amelia, K-ckMlI. Noiwleh?Vhrut. SI o*) Comet, l*rovo?;, Stnmi'ord?U Sand ford. Steamer Beverly, I'vrce, l**i I.?'?< I* 'i'/?. Stnfcmcr Uaritan, Slover, IWiadelpbta. arrived. IT B M steamer Rtnaldo, llmv ?. Cape floury. t-hlp Ilia'k llauk. Bowe s. Biker's Island, 84 dnvfl. via Hamilton f.'oad* 1'ltrg. with guana, \<> Hnrkliri A'Crane. July S.i, iat 25 0t>. lot; ?.*> 02. >p'?k?* sliipWilUm Daniel, 57 days from Amsterdam for Bars via, ail well. Sailed from Hampton Road* in company with Br bark Miranda, from Rio Janeiro for Now Voi k. Ship Autorrut (?>l mmmn), hiinvou, laverpooi, .mtv via K.n<*lport (where :>b<* er.lleil for orders) Sept 5, in ballast, t.1 Nesirith k Hour. PVn C ty <?t Nrw V??rk, Salter, Liverpool, Ausla. with mdse i an.I J8 * to 1) ?V A Kiir^land Ik Sutton k Co. I Ship Webfoot, H iije, Liverpool. days, with coal, to Ba1 ; Uth hvito?!'Su?>l'1*1 IM<1, F iw ship Tns.'uroni, I from fhlUdelphfa tor Livei-pool. 1st inat, on Grand B niks, I s|> oke/l?h!ng achr Express, of Pro*l?cetown, having 30,000 llsh. Shin Southern Chief, IlijfffJns, Havre, Aug J, via Kt John, XB, o (I i h, in ba11**t, to nm-ter. Ship Oo.srheu (Hreiti), Probst, Bremen, 37 days, In ballast, li? \ TiWV Ship Vol'jn (of Boston). Holm, Cronsiaui, punnni TMMnore A'1." 2 with lump Ac, to \V Roi > .V no. Aue28, h.t 47 18, Ion 40 34, Kin jrolrrys; 1st inut, l;?i 4.". 16, Ion 57 .'W, xpokc ?bip Vnh'iUla. Aufd'n, from KtJohn. N13, for Bristol, K. Ship Horns. Havana, l^davs, In ballast. 10 Uolmon A W-diek. Ih bouua to St John, KB*, put into this port for Sl ip Resojute, Prince, Boston, 3 days, in ballast, to Ingalls A <*arm?u. Hark rlenrv Hill (of Boston), Towne, TJverpool, Aug 1, u if!. e<. 11, to P> tr, Anj? 31, lat W 12, Ion 5:), passed < m?t to -hip Valentfa, Austin, from 81 Jobn, NB, for Bristol. E. Bark Iris (Brem). Deetjcn, London, ?/? dayin balhist, to lf*'nnin^s .i tio-iinit. Ati*; 7, 'at f?9, l<u\ 10,*poke ship Argo. from Bi emun for Quebec. Saw largo quantities of ice IS of tli" Ban Vs. B nk Aliee T*Inter, Tint ton, T>ubl1n, 4i> days, in ballast, to ' J A \ Smith Jit Co. Had V wind* most of the j a sa^*. Bark Svlphide (Br, of Sundei lnnd), Henderson, fork, 40 da\ it? ballast, to nutter. Asu' 1;,t 80 u-,on ^ sr.oke llrl.ark Columbus, 27dtoiys from Falmouth for Quebec; 10th, l it 4" 1'V lo:i SI 4J, Br br^ Saxon, 37 days from Dublin l'or St John. NB. B?rk Atalanln (Brem). Hors'mann, Bremen, 35 days, In ballast, with 30 passenger*, to Ilen?lo?s Al 0?>?linr. Aiik 17, lat 58 .V>. Ion' lfi 57. saw Bronien ship Klise A Mathilde, from Bremen for New V \rk; 21 si, lat 53 4'?, Ion 27 50, saw Bremen ship Elena. from Bremen for New York. Bark Caleb Me (Swc), Jfai tzell, Kio Janeiro, 52 days, with codee, to Flinch, Mclrcke k Wernt. Bark Mi mda (Br, of TJverpr>ol), Symons, Rio Janeiro, 49 dav-, via Hampton Uoad.4 '4 davs, with cofl'c e, to Goodhuo <V '*o. lhirk N II On'sLon "f New l!nven>, Harmelee, Barbados, 17 dav.??. in ha))/tsf, to Bishops Br?w?, oj New Haveti. Bark Kllen Morrison, Gardner, KinKsten, Ja, via Key West 14 days. wicli logwood, to Tu .% l.i 'htl?omji<\ Any 29, ol!' t?:?n I Key llvjht, v.)??k?- * hr Howard, from Philadelphia for lat 36 66, Ion 74 20, spoko LT H frigate Sawtonah, cruising. Hark N iloyiifon, Miller. Ho;'Ion, 3 days, in ballast, to J \V i:\sc\i a Co. Bark Mary (of F-m FjaiWscot, , New Bedford, 30 hour*; to load for Sun Francl?oo. r.riR (ira-a WortV.nyti ?\ Fr< e.lhv, Belize, Hon, 20davs, Willi mnho?<in> At, to V Alexandre A Co. 1?"i ? Queen Victoria Br), Hatch, St Vincent, 21 days, in ballast, to Middlrmn A Co. B. ij- Mamicin (IIol), ttchrcuder, Curacoa. Aug 21, with fustic, to Povale A Co. Bri; I.ruly <-f thr? T.?ke (Br), Hi'l, Kingston, Ja, Aug 22, with tojjwoorl, to Ml.Milton it Co. Aug31,oil' Dmiil Head i d Shot K v. sooke Br :*eUr Vivid, o!' Y.irnu uth, 1*'.. from Cardenas for Cork. When coming out of Kingston saw au American war *teamer going in. Bvii? HuJtvin, .Sutt' /i, IJarrina. 11 days, in ballast, lo C B Dibble A Co. 9t!i Ity* . Mr* S'ltton. died, and wft-i buried at sen. Anchored in lirtt' o ' Uiiriritiite. Mi c Mystic, Wn le, Matan/.HK, ll days, with sugar Ac, to Strvvtib Bros. Is tj ' I.'.red l?? th^ Lower liny. I'.rip: Comet fBr), \\ diins, Bermuda, 5 days, in bail ant, to M!<Mie'?.n A Co. Bri / B Hsev Aww (of Well*\ Bartlett, Kay Writ, 12 d:;ys, in ballasf to mii t r. Sailed in company with l?i!g Jacob Dork. for Wilmington, I'M. Bri*.! A Hopkins Clift. Mystic. Of. Schr Target, Adam Montevideo, 40 days, in ballast, to J Km!tii A C;\ Rrhr KatP We t a. i N'r v Haven). A?'ains. Uio (Jrandi* Jul* -4. with hi<'e- < : . to C Thompson. Sailed in cornj uiv w kU h '\vy I 1m. . M Wri?ht?iigion. for Falmouth. Apr2'.). lit UN.l . y' m* s.?hr II ilallock, Irom Uio j&i'im ffll nbvi Sc!ir Kink (o? M- . t ). 'I M1 . l'almas, Oanar, inlands. !Jr> days. w Itli bnrP -.v Win I). IV \ .1 Co. 8th Inst, lat 39 10, Ion 70^, s'iw *hi F. 7, si.".r : T>'K. c n Uorfnii. M )\.m .Black River, Ja, 20 days, with lojrv,?od, to A H Solon i/ii. s ! Tmro (V.r), Coffin. Bla.k River, J a, 23 days, with log>v.*>d. to.1 F Wiii'.iP'. A S? !>r Altfburth / I S prl?^ t*r), Oace, Mnianzas, Aug 17. with ii wl to oiil?*r. Was boundtost John, NB, ami. captured Aug32 oi\ Florida by C S alooixJomevfown. In conseqi Mice of her I>?* on the ** ?:?r?t and some informality in 1mm paper*. AcUnp Mnstrr CMshohn am! 8 men were |iut o:i board of* h? i% while the ma'c and 3 seamen of U;o schr were transferred to \ i me*t<>w it. Sfhr Kanbec, IiOnr, Trinidad, 21 days, wl'h suftaf Jut, to T M Mat hew, Antf -VK of!' Roy Wont, ?] k> brig Tiberias, of New Orleans. from Cienfucgosfur London. Schr Man Ff;irrfs (!tf, of* Nassau). Porritie, St Martins. Amr 19. via St Thomas. In ballast, to Jos Eneas. S.-hr K< l(p?e (It"), Peterson. st Kltts, Aug20. via Angnillu 24th. with *a't, to Smith. .Tone* \ Co. ^rhr I) H Hayh *. Van Briu-.t, Ka?-.* Caieos, TI, Aug 2$, with Milt, to Baker A Dayton. Sailed in company with schr Col Losrer, of and for New London, and stint her again 8th Inst, otr llattfM'ftH. Schr Jnn;) Anna (<f Boston >, Clifford, Turks Islands, 14 davs, with iilt, to M< C .11 AHYith. Sriir lli und (Br), liichard^on, Bermuda, Sept 3, in ballast, to MMdle'on A Co. SehrUood Will (Br). Roberts, Eleuthern,8 davs. with fruit, to .Jom I'm m. Schr Orretta, 8ammis, Philadelphia for Pall River. Srhr,? TiJion, Edwards, Eli/aU tbporf. Tor South Boston. 8chr filsh Wright. S aman. Kilsahethport, Fall River. Sclir Adele P-llcfa, Cart wright, Kll^.ib'^hjiortfor Kali River. Srhr WakcfUfVI, Csnell. KlizHbeUijKirt for Narracan^ctt, Schr S 1* (7^<lw*fn, TTohble, EiiMliethport for New Uavcu. ScJH' Tariff. Provost, EV:'ai.v#hu rt for Stnmfo"1 Srt.r Film City, Michaels, Eii'aoethp?"rt ror N<-w5 ure. Kcltr Strjin^f?r, Anthony, Eli/ab' tliport for Full Leo. Kchr Bucjt^ton, M?Iier, Saco. 4 a*ys. Pcbr S T King, Clendennln, C;ilaf*. 4 (Wiys. ficfir Chief, Kltlridgo, Oloucester. 4 days. Srhr Helena (Br), Kol>erts, Provnlenet, 2 days. gf lir Mexican, Lf^Htwood, Bridgeport, ftteamer Minnesota, (?arrett. Balttmon-. Su mmer Arflsnn. (^hnse, Baltimore Ktoatner D>'law?re, .lohnFon, Philfldolphia. Steamer Wlaek Piemond. Alh'n. rhlladciphia. Steamer Concord, Norman. Philauelphm, Rtrano r Potompkn, Nye, New Bedford. Riearner Petrel, Young. Providence. Steamer Vestchcster, Jones, Providcnce. &ULK&>s A.??ia iBr), Qm enstown ami Liverpool; Northern lil^bt, Asplnwiul; Iiondurag, Key We^t. 10th?Bark Mary Luc ret la, Cadiz; ?< hr T S Hardlng^atamoroji. Wind during the day NE to SW, with rain st intervals. Mlftcellaqcovifi. Stkajsfrs Skottnda. Kainev, and Tkrokira, Heimer. 11 days from New York, nound to Bio Janeiro, pnt into Bermuda 21st nit for rep*Jrw, Jjav)n? ejporienred a severe ca?e in the Gulf on the lath, in lat 89 03 N, l?ui fi7 0.1 W, wind from 8SW to 8SE. which lasted three days, ser!o??|y darnaffinfc the* holler of the Tercelr^but which will he repaired in a few days, whew ihev will pr/>cee<l on their voyau' to Kio. Captain Hutton, KN. S iivrintendent of the Naval Yard, with his uMial liberality, has Kindly permitted the necessary rennlrs to the In lured boiler of the Tcrceira to be made in her MajestyDfwkyard, where the steamer has retired for that I purpose. r I Kcmh ('A TIr.rRarnFH, Stubbs, from Philadelphia Juljr 22 1 fur I\?r? Hpai:?, leailed with tlour. fish, &' . put infl?St Tiiomaa } Aw \2% iu disjtrcss, leaking two loci ^>er hour. She dischar^- I *61. ed, repaired and wu reloading 24th ull, lo aall about Septl for destination. Bona Viji Nimb, while coming through Hell Gate Wednesday morning, wentaidiore on BlackwuU'l Island, but would prolutbly come off at next high water. Rata via, July 12?The ship Surprise ha* gone to Singapore to discharge cargo, Mill will be followed by tin' Ilouii'r upon tho arrival of the tnalla. The lu?t named vewel has been unable to flnd employment here, owing to licr flag?the insurance olUcee declining ut the moment to accept risks on property In American bottom* on account of toe action of the seceding State* In regard to letter* of marquo.?(By letter to EHivootl Wniter, Esq, Hcc'y Board of Underwriter*.) The following venseli were seized at Newport on Monday, by U S Marshal Sanfofd;?Brii! P Brown, junt arrived from Iilveriiool Willi a cargo of c<??1; John Haleh, Waba?h; ?< lir Maine Law, of Camden, Me, but partly owned iu Wilmington, NO. The Shipping List *ay*:?We notice the sale to the Hilted State* governmeut of A2 shin Onward, 7(W ton*, built at Cantine, Me, In 1547, ou private term*. I.AimciiKn?At Bath, a ship called the Annie Richmond, built by Tbos liarwood. She is lilfiO tons, and will be commanded by Cam Edward 1' Sllnton. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford (Hi lust, brig Amelia, Kempton, Atlantlc ncran, with 150 sp 30 blktldi on board; sent home lis sp. Spoke July 14, bit XI. ton &S, Wave, Courtney, NB, nothing this season; Aug 2, Iftt 36, lou 44, Union, Dexter, of Matt, 220 bills all told. A letter fro*i ('apt Baker, of ship Gazelle, KB, report! her at Upola, NaviijHtiic Islands, June 21, lsfj. Put In to bury lil* ebllu. Had taken 45 bbls sp oil smco leaving Bay of Islands. A letter from on hoard hark America, Lure, Malt, report* her on Roderiqtte Ground in June,/mm NHTolland, oft not reported. Al*o reports on name ground In May, bark Rose 1'0 >I, Kluher, Edxartotvn, 3 whale* alorinid". Spoken?Aug 7, hit 34, Ipn 43, March, Lewis, of Matt, oil ^pt utatc'd; lor home soon. Spoken, Ac. Ship Romanee of the Sea, Ulouuh, from San Francisco for Cork, Am; 7. 1st 34. Ion 43 SO. Ship W I) Sewall, Treat, from Swansea for Coqulmbo, July 14, lut 32, Ion 43. Foreign Porta. Awodim.a, Aiu; 24?I it p. i-i sehr Whirlwind, from St Kltts, to load Halt for au Kastern port. Bki-izk,, Aua 21?In port Br bark D Jex, Guide, fo England ready. Bkkxi/i.a, Aiitf 21?Put In, steamers Second*, Ralney, and Tercel in, Itelmcr, from NYork tor Rio Janeiro, In distress (see .Mi?ei I), Calcutta, July 22?In port ships Ganges, Kvans, and Highlander, Sherman, for London, l?in; Star of Peaee, Hale, tor St Helena, do; Tanpiln, Smith, for lto-tin, ilo; Doltdiln, l'olleya, fordo July 23; Henry Hurbeek, True, Cor NYork, Id"; Oein of the Ocean, Williams, and Regent, llainhlin, lor llom'iay, d?; James Chestou, Ryan, for Ba.ssein, do; Ikiuic lenoes, Dnni; tvater, for Rangoon, to bad for London or I.lve"|ioo| at fit fiv per ton; Reindeer, Davis, from Liverpool, ai r Itlth, une; t' 11 Lord, Smith, from do, a r Ifttli, une; John Porter, Nelson, from do, arr IHtti, une; Longfellow, Moody, from do, arr 19ih, une; Tlcooder.iun, CntlrelT; .lysisl! Brudl ie, Uopner; Chan Cooper, Jordan; Ell/a, Kemmerlln; Marti'.. i, Ijine; Continental, J .hin.m; Panther, Gannett; Nation. il La^le, Matthews, and Isaiah Orowell, Turner, dlsg, une. Sid from town July 15, ships James Llttlefleld, Potter, Meltn)iirj|. (and from iiigor 19th); 19tb, Nobin, Ray, do (and t'rniu S iugor iilst) ; Ti lmountuln, Field, London (and lrom r2Kt). CriiAt oa, An,: 21? In port b irks Eagle, Raker, from fttid for *, Vork, lot-nil 30th?had 11 days passage: Venus, , do do?had 21 days p.isssjge. I: ast Cak'os, Tl. Aug 2"? So Am vessel in oorl, Sid 2i*th, wb V"i Vw'jfr, 8?? tfttiiion,"' * ?- -r'tsGferOif, J#, At11' 22?In port sehr Helen Mar, for Bla.k Hlv-V, Tolo'Iri NYork. Pai.mas, Carary Island*, Aortt?No Am vessel In pnr.t 1JI khiv, Sopt 7?Ai r niiiii I' lnm. t, fLirnden, Liverpool. l'.ut fo: l?ltf Cllu s .Ips l5inn;nifbu?i>. for London; 7th, Jcs Fish, fordo, ? i<io CluANpi, July 21?In port Youn'! Amelia. PooIa. fv'./j; It)oik, iiii hovfil oa f!?e bar; !Jn<!a, for IJvvpool, ri*aii> *>-rV M (Jreeninh, for England. BUI 2-ith, chi< I'alma, nit'l M Wright it mUn:f Vulmi n 'It I!. Kitanwiiaj-:, July 4?In port whins !5loul*,\ Mlder, for Kanapiua.-o'ii; Magnolia, Hunt, t'< r fr'orea-iwFtii; J nion, Wiley, for New York k<om; Nmitilaf1, Klwell, and M-mdarLii, Parritt, <li*n; Lebanon, Hamilton. une; bar!** v"a*. I * L"iaud, Smith, for Kann^.wa Hameday; Indian, Ward, for Nagasaki early; (Hiriew, l>.illar<l, and Tempieman, lial'ani. dis^; i),tnf WVb| ster, Stunnaid, une; * hr McIUh. titration, for TienUln soon. | St Tiiomas. Ami? ?' a port hi hr O A Heekneher, Stubbs, | fii>m Phlladelphia for Port S?ai:?, put In 12th Leaky, would proceed about S??pt I ; And other* a? before. I In port not Mate, bark Eli/ubeth, of and for Philadelphia same day, ?t.Ton/' NO, Sept 7?OM brig Jeddo, Melvin, Philadelphia; I p hi s Oriental, l.'oilin, Wilmington, Del; Mar) K (Jago, Drlako, Philadelphia. Truro, E. Au?? 22?In poi t actor White Oloud, Gardner? would llnlnh <)}*x 26th, then 2>roceed to OurJUT to load t->uls, probably for Genoa. American Ports. BOSTON, Sept M?AiTNteamer KenHlnjjton, Baker, Phlla*. delpiiia; *plir? If Fto^riK, kog? r.?, and S A Hammond, Pa*ne, do; Palmetto, Biaudon, lMrdont. Signal for a ' i nhhh S Cnrilnrj, UiW'hriHt, Livnpoo; Mary, llridueo. N Vt.. v : harks Edward II 11. Whit in/, Tape Town,0(jll; \V Hallett. llaUctt, NYork; brfe Wnltham, <Mark, Philadelphia to loud for w Indies; -'i- J ( Rax be Bo ice; 1 [lVu>kle> uoarttt: n 'iVWi]v.J^etw: K C Krlglil, W'.urlow; Thon is Page, Kiiiine; Riio'tHTa rcY?--"'n: I^tey TjKhflfp, M??Khv, ef and Yash^i Kharp, Tialry, Pnil.idn! , hia ; Forest City. Loveli, and A!ired H.irrMi, ijortilnh. NYork. iSld uteauier New York; bark* K Hi!!, VV II ilW-tt. HALTIMOKE, ScftP. PM?Arr ftora Fred Reed, MeAlmon, Portland; Ijiiry Anii'H, Knowlt n, Ifcoekport. Clil Br lirlff Laurel, MeDou^ait, Har: >r Grace. Sid bark Qneco of the l\x-' (Hr), SmniuiK, Liverpool. BRISTOL, Sent 10?f?ld Iirs Oe^ftii Btr-f. (fonlev (from lVovirioticv), l*ii\timot e. Orator, Oibbs, Port Kw ; n. ! 'ALL KIVKR, 8?*pti??Sid H.-hra Onon, D.iriv, Newark; Helena (Br), llahnrt*. NYork. HAUTKORD, 8ept7?Arr *ehr Yankee Boy, Ris!? y, P.lS/abethport; 8th, wteamer Mio'gie. Wih-ov, Philad?*lpb:i*' iRh, iclirrt Howry Bonwn, Hart, KU? ibnthport; Jaino. llotftftan, fceisev, Trent on, 8!d 7th, achr Daniel Bus*?!l, littler, New York! Kky WEST, Aug 29?Sid brig JacobDo< k, Thojipfr.'/ii, Wilmtnuton, Del. "MYSTIC', Sept 5?Arr #1 > Emily. Freeman. Netr York. KM ?*rJ : \ H..,>Km". rilft, NYork. NEVV BKJ>FOKJ>. 8# pi 10?A it * hr ii W Wrtjhr, Fi.-her, Kiixabtsihnort. Sid 9ih. hark (late ship ?f Nantu<kei) Mary (of Shu rinnrbu:n)t N York t<i i - ?;c 1 l ;rS'iii h'idiu:!-\ Will, clir N Tvlar. Ogvten, N Yra >. NEWPORT. Sept i>?Arr Mliop Helen, liabe ?. k. Kii/ b'throil for Fall River; 10th, achrs Henruttu, llo kiand for NtfNv York; Science, Gladding, Bri. Pd fordo. PHILADELPHIA. Sept 10~Aiy d< ?rk* Winonn, Downey, If ?v*ai? a (and Clti for NYork); \ddi><>n Child, Smith, Jtn- fon; brli|.1 it ?_;? R i. y, Coo ?%)> - \Vareh:im, b Bneua ?ta, Phillip*, do; TrinmpH, Wat <??; B (' S -4-.Ii-ms; Ivy. Hondariton, and 15 L Berry, \V iv? : !i- B N I k, Pin*, MYprk; J (irlerson, Flarding, Holmea' J V Donnhty, Lcedft, Chatham: W W Br.-tlnerd. U>\v I l h. l':.?videnee; Yar\then.. Clnrk, ureenport. I'M B l.i n Win M Dodge, Ancferaoii, Uio Janeiro; aehrnJ 1* Weibn ;il, aliawbridge, Port Spain; 1' I!ftllner, Marts, Roxb'iry; i> S Lcverim', Cor.-on, and W II Dentil*, 1-ake, atolem; Ai i, K.idie ? r, II 0>?b?, I i a zelton; S Ap,)l?Hur?, St inw <od . A Town* r. 1, T<>wn*end; Edwin Heed, <Joo4*p ??l; I S Weldlti. Smith; Spray, B iker, and M R Maliony, Lake. Boston; J (' Henry; Love* Cheife.-i; Fly, Cheeiiemnn, Lvnn; '/> StratUn, Met- nan, Roxbury; < S Canttair*, Najjar, \Vevtnoutb; D U Kl yd, Wig*;::!*, and It K Reeve*, OariD'Hi. Roxonry; Xary Cas-', St?>nii)rfton; (t \V llulmoi, MrKlwe.*, if^verhli! Ro\*? nne, liandy; (3?o W L-innmincH, wd )n?, and N iiolnip*. lievvjU, l*rovi?l<'uer; Marv Klin, Talpev, l*ortHtn?iu(h. * rOllTL^fi l), Sf j>M)?Arr m br iten.irb k Fi>b, Wall, Philadolphin; Kt'eamer .ike, tJn>v.? ll, NYurk. rivOVIHENrK, Sept n>?Am- Steaim-r \\'i-M> Uo<tcr, J <tm*, NYork; H' his<J<? ? F Brown,.f?>l<*t<*. Kli/ab4th| ?r.t; W b.ivnk'.'iM, S.nll. Aniboy. SM g'liM .T imes Mn tl? . Iln.uiiti:; Midonna, t??n hian. and K?!sha T Sm.tli, Smith. Philadelphia; I'aTan, riarK, und S.illre Smith, Wordeti, NY ?rk; Mary Aaea, 1 Molt. Sortiinort, Li; bIoojv* Vir'or-* (i..idiiin^,atut Julia Ann, Davis. NYorl*. SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 25?A'T provio?i?* (' y ? !) vhips Claiati'iu Wrndelt, and f'liantr.m. Sar? v;t. New Y >: U: IVtvld i'xo keit, Bi.r^ ss, i-rvl No".nday. llenr/, do5 !* >< .il* jh, bean), and CharpM, Hai? h, B<>*'or. SALEM, Sept ?Arr sellr Cordelia Newkirk, IIigl?ee, Phil.iielphin. PR HSON ANY LADY GIVING BlitTfl To A CHILD HY rilK last of tis:k nt mlb, and Wao is willing? ? Iniyo p .olupto,!, i'?n no so uy applying al till) rtivali; J^} In: a II' j>i',t!, No. I'i Oiteue hiwi, TSMMA.?'THERE IN A LETTER FOR YOU IN TIIK XJj Post (ItCP. , OUK. TOMILY LINDEN?YOUR FRIEND II A." 11RTN Si. JC Pj and wa.< 'ompell il to rt'.^ipp nt yo i. iuiu lU.-ri'ii Ingot the same time ami a* n in-:i It ' v iIhTi!" afiarnoon t'aat Lie1 S oud fire Zouave; 1 . The ' t'rleti L | TCIO? UJOFTIOK?A FINE HEJJTHY FEMALE IX? fan:, two wi" k . old, lit' r.' 'j> -t .1: Aim Trull ; ..1 lit. Apply I'i Mrs, Nidmli, ln7 E.nt 13th M., between i.1 uii'l 4'li avs. Helen.?have oone to amiany ron \i5ot."r ten 1 lay.4. Write, if p >".tlilr, I mm a :>/ioi: 1: .1,-1;. : 'i tu, I you litre fittiiticn 1'j** aiiln-.s, ib* bIiiaI one will ; * .. ii 1 I ace 111 it mailers v 're aa e.\iuct>'i|. \it.ver, KA'I E. TNHDRMATION WANTED-OP Tnfe FRIENDS OF .1 Arneii.i B11 ler, :i^('il ;i v.-irs, pi...'.I it J!.* T mi(" nrtV selinol two years ago In- Mr. Wiarl"* Hull -r, 0! New 0 leans, who h...s ?..j? U-cfi In ml from -tin' <.h-tn'n r is . Tin* III health, Ac., of Mrs. T.'wiucti.l inrtoces her to >.-'k th ? fri?iid?of thechlM. A'Mrcs . SH liridgo >. 1 ct, Jlrooklvi. "IK PHILIP \VOODHO\Y, WHO SAILED FROM XOflH. 1 'ampton, December 'V ISM. in the <!i1p 1! m i 01 N\ w York, ?uil wn- then lo'irt- <-n )f.m i>Mv i* ?t 11' living 1?< will hear ot S'niiolhin.; to hi* advantage, er if tlnvl arv information respecting him w ill he thaiikfiitlv reeoivi I hy Mr. Allen, 101 East Forty-seventh street, or "Jr. Urenutm . <xM Broad way, New int. 1 I' TIIK LADY Wll'l WAS RKJI'FSTT'.D IN YliS'l'ER- j .L day's lli ralrt to send a note to Willla *. Prc*i'oit will rul* I tfpesh / ;. V. \V? Un. n * 1 aaix Post oBiee, she will heal Some- J thing lo her advantage. Mll,S"<"*', WHO il\s"j:kr.s K.VTitl'STKO WITH MY Walch to bring from Cn can tind im at 1*1 Hooji- ! t;'r it reel, Instead of tireeite. M. CLAYTON. STATKN ISLAND.?WILL Tl? K I.APV 'IIIA 1' CROSSED, on 8aMrt)ay last. by tli ju . . fro .11 -i . 1, send her address U) tl nee i 'nil.11 thai in xt liep, :nl nttracli'd her attention? JI ? will r?"?l! to hrr 1 lonlloriloii that jio ii an '?il frieni. Add; Aiitunlo, I'nlonaqtinrePost oil . Run IAI! it ?S 111 MSELi' AOA1 n"-S \Tl RD AY* PLACE anil hour nienlloneil In ymir*. ') | Til ST lit FT KERRY, TIIUKK P. M . F.'it A DRIVE; t) t too muddr; write In Madison '! Post >111 CO for firry, naming In I ire t Im >, ttnd Wall atreet ferry hoirne, Broiiklyu iltle. ?55$ AS5 fopiid. T OST-ON Tt'ESDAY EVr.Nirn, l-.TII IN<T.. NEAR J the corner of Charles mill Uioetlvi r atreeta. a small Hlaelc and Tan Terrier Doff, very lame, h'ft f re left out of Jolut. A suimlile rewind will ho paid up m hU i-eltuu to 01 Oroenwli'h arenno. I OST-VT ABOUT UAI.FPAST NINE YESTERDAY J 111 online, In a Siith awnre omi.ibns hclmv Chiuitwrs street, a aniall Box, c outaitilnrf Hair Work. Tin- tin ier will confer n i;reat f. - by rclurm?|j It to Lfttbriip, Mills and Ostroni. 116 Br aidu uy. T .f-JlLOUST 29, FRdJf SO. 13 WEST WASHlni;ton place, n small blairk Do<. Kina Ch irh s hrecd, white strlpu In front; in.^wers t.uhe n.ime of Fanny. Who. over wlH return her will receive the th.iaks of the owner mid H suitable reward. Lost?in the neiohborhood of Washington market, 011 Wednesday, Si jit. 11, a small jmi iMr of papers, of no line to any oae luit the owner; one promissory note, maker M, .1. Mathe vs, to order of Miehnel IIhIiix one Sneeden ui Btler A Co.; one do. o. Il arnlmnn, maker, to Wm. C. Flanagan. The ahora notes are part due. Any liersou leaving inforniatlon at 20 Fourth nycnue, with Benj. Merrltt. will be suttably ruwarded ami reeclvo the tlrinks of the ow ner BENJ. MEIt^ITT. UTHAYEI) OR STOLEN?A SMALL BROWtf*TERRIER O Dog, abort ears ami tail, and Iratii r straji 011 neck. Any person returning said dug to lit) Mercer street will be liberally rewarded. TIIK IIKOATTA. JERSEY t'lTV REiiATTA.-IIHK VAt'HT RACE, which came oil' at Jersey I'lty 011 the 2*.ttli of August, will he anlled over.main ou the l.'ltii tustanu on a< jtint of some niisunilentundlii^'. tiy tin- .11 ! and boats, nt oun o'clock P.M., Irom Mr. McUietiau's, foot of Van Voort strc ^ SflMlM; ,n.rr. OwrNO TO TIIE DISARRANGEMENT OR OUR ROEtT; lar weekly Milling*, caused bjr the mum to Liverpool of the iteauuhlp Etna, this company will not despatch % Rteamer from New York on Bat unlay, the Hlh Hepteinber. The next learner will therefore leave hereon Ihe'ilKt of Sep. tember, ami will be followed weekly In tho regular com*, Hume aa heretofore. . JOHN U. DALE, Agent. Steam weekly between New York anrt Liverpool, lnnaIng and embarking pai>?enger? at Qiteenatown Ireland. Tho Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia SteainHhip Company Intend dcipuUhlng their full powered Cly<to> built Iron meamahlpi aa followa:? GLASGOW .Saturday, Bept. T. CITY OK NEW YORK or IJHTY OK MA*iCHESTER ...Saturday, Sept. *. CITY OK MANCHESTER or CITY OK NEW YORK ......Saturday, Sept.* And every buturday, at noon, from Pier 41 North river. UATKf Or rABHACK: --Flr?t Cabin $7? Steerage Jo. to London * Do. to London -IS J),.. to Karl* M Do. to Pari* W Do. to Hamburg.... HA Do. to Hamburg...... ? PArniengeraalto forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam. As. twerp, lie., at equally low rate* Per?uft?w l?hlnu to brtUK out their frlendi can buy ticket* here atHia following rates to New York:?Prqui Liverpool or Queenslowii, inm cabin. $76, und $'J5. bUjciaye Iron* Liverpool, $40; from Quecnsiown. $30. These strainers have superior Kfoinmndilloni for passenRers mid carry experienced surgeon*. Tin v are built In w?tvr-iluht lrou Bectlou*, and have patent lire aunihllatora on board. For further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INM AN, agent, ?2 Water Street J 4jj Glasgow to WM. INM AN, No. 6 Kt. Enoch square; In Qucenstown to IA W. D. SEY* MOUR & CO.; In London to ElVES & MAl*EY, 61 Kiug William street: in Paris to JULES DE OOL'K, No. 5 Plaou do la Bourse; In Philadelphia to JOHN 0.1>ALE, 111 Walnut Street, or at the company's olliccs. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway, New York. STEAM FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL.?THR steamship GREAT EASTFRN having fullUled her contract with tae British government, will sail from NEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL On Saturday, October ft. KATKS Or PASSAG?. In first cabin, $95 a $135, acewdlug to stateroom aooomaa* diitlon, all other privileges being equal. In third cabin, from $35 to $50. Suits of llrst class apartments for families may be engaged by special amusement. Tbe OKEAT EASTERN will leave Liverpool on her return trip Tuesdav, October 29. Plans of the ship can be seen, and engagements made for freight and passage on application to HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, Agents, M and 55 South street. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. On Saturday, Sept. 14, the United States mall steamer A R At SO, D. Lines, commander, WU1 sail from pier No. S7 North rlrer, foot of Beaeh street, on Saturday, September 14, at noon. This steamship (unsurpassed for safety and comfort) haa double engines under dees, enclosed by water tight compartmenu, which, besides other results, tend, In the event or collision i,r stranding, to keep the pumps free to work, and seen ir the safety ot vessel and passengers. l''or I reiuht or uassaco armlv to w BAML'EIj M. FOX. CIEO. MACKENZIB, Agents, No. 7 Broadway. 1 Tim stcatnerJTLTON will mill October 12. DIRECT STEAMSHIP LINE BKTWt'IW [ NEW YORK, HAVRE AND ANTWERP. The iictv and splendid ateuruer, A 1, CONGRESS. Capt. Limning. 2.ft*I " Will sail frOm New York on Thursday, September 19, For Havre and Antwerp, direct. Price of passage for Uurre, Antwerp, Southampton or Lon* I deli:? Klrst cabin $101 Si ml cnl>iu 6H Steerage 39 Children between one and ten ve.ira of spo, half price. Kor f rely lit apply to W M. V. SCHMIDT, li lteuver street. Kor passage apply to HENRY M. WEED, 187 West street, comer of ituudc street. STEAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AND Southampton. The Hamburg American Packet Company'* Iron steamship IIAMMOMA, II. K. Schwenaeu, commander, carrying the Unite,i stales mail, will leave from pier 21 North river, fool of Kulluii street, SATURDAY, Sept. 21, at noon, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passengers for Havre, London, Southampton una Hamburg. First ciinii, ifu*); secondenl>fn, $tiO; steerage, $35. '1 if steamers of this line will leave every alternate Saturdav, currying the United Stales mail. The steamship SAXO.NIA will succeed the Hammonla, OB October 5. C. B. RICHARD A BOAS. 151 Broadway. rpHK NORTH GEkMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP NEW 1 YOllK, G. Wenke oornmunder, carrying the United plates mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Chambers street, on SjATURDAV, September 28, at 12 IL> BREMEN, VIA'SOUTIIAMPTON, taking f m-aeiiui i s tn LONii'lN, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rales : ? For the lirst cabin, $100; second cabin, $G0; steerage, Eur H eight or passag" applv to OELRiOlia k CO., 68 Broad street CTEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER* 0 pool?The Montreal Oeean Steamship Company's first class f ill powered Civile built f-tearacr hOKTll AMERICAN, Captain Graimni, eart vliig the Canadian and United Stataa L'yM'?. v, lil ail from Oueliec next Saturday, Sept. 14. Rate* 01 frnm New York: ? First class, according to accommodations, $70 ami $85; steerage, found with cooked provisions, ?.?>. Certificates issued fur bringing out passenger* from all the principal towns In Great Britain and Ireland at very Ijiv rates. For i>**?ft.u applv ai 23 Broadwav, New York. SAUEL A SEARLE, General Agents. iriOR LIVERPOOL?TllE SPLENDID CLIPPER BHIf ! lMCllAHD 8. ELY, Captaiu Llvinrston (having beaten the ship Ojeatliianghl Is acknowledged .to be the fastest Htitpnil mi), will salt nn Saturday, 14th Uist. Passengers wlB be tak> a nt lower rates than by any other ship. Her accoa inodiitiona are unsurpassed. Apply Immediately on boari tli -ship, at pier 14 East river, or to JOSEPH MURPHY, 61 South sireet. "LT'Oll LIVERPOOL.?TAP8COTT LINE.?THE FAVO* X1 rite p i-ket ship Ol/Y MANNKKING, Capt. Dollard, will sail positively on Saturday, Sept. 11. For passage apply on hour I, pier 30 East river, or to TAPSCOTT 4 CO., 80 South street. THOR LIVERPOOL.?OLD BLACK STAR LINE.?TUB I P leki t ship UNIVERSE, lying at pier 27 East river, saili ScptemlMT 1 i. The CYNOSURE sails September 20. F111 pHssAgn e l draft* on the Bank of Ireland apply to WIL L1A.VS A OUION, 4D Fulton street. T7UJR LIVERPOOL?THE WORLD-WIPE KNOWN CLIP L per ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain Samuels, ncknow ledgod to be ihe fastest ves>el ailoat, having mane the paa Rage under thirteen days, will positively haul Into the sirea? to-morrow, Sept. 13, at 12 o'clock, when all passengers must be on board, ami sail on Saturday morning. Her accomtno <1<111<<11 I n- all olanseS <>l passengers are ?ti[>erfor, and fol cleuiiliiictM nu<< good le/u.atlons cannot be excelled. Foi pastel; apu'y (Immedlatly to ?<r<irf berths) <m board, pl?rt S . ".Villi liver, or to IV M. DEMAREST, 40 South street FOI? LIVERPOOL.?TAPSCOTPH LINE.?THE FAVO rile pack"! ship EMERALD ISI.E, now in the stream, will sail |> ultlvely this morning. Steamer leaves Peck sllf at o ,vi i, k t'l convey p mK-njjers on board. For passage ap ply mTaPSCoTT X CO., 88 Booth street. I/tOR I.IVERPOOL?THE CLIPPER SUIP HARYE31 I" ijunn into the river to-mnrrolf, and Bails on 8a 1i: rdii . For passage on hoard, foot of lleekman street I' m' i iv r, or to JACOB WILSON, 108 South street % <'HEAP ANI? QUICK PASSAGE TO LIVERPOOL? ; \ THOMPSON'S splendid clipper ahlp MAN| (.nr.S'i'K !. nt pier 21 Emit river, near Fulton ferry, sails on f S.iiurd.i;.. Sept. IL Apply onbourdornt tlie office, No. 27# ' I Pear! street. 1 I T71015 LONDON.?SAILS THIS DAT, SHIP CHRISTIANA !| 1 I'm in Iier2l .river. Passengers taken in second1 I e iblu mill 1' mnd in provisions nt steerage prices. Forpab*?((? H I'pp'y t lllOS. O. ROCHE, 83 South street. V 1?* K it ill l-ONDoN.??.UI S TO-MORROW, TUB'! A 1IV .. .te p leKet s.iip .SOUTH AMPTON, lying at pier Noi 1 17 ii ' ! i i -, and the clipper snip AMAZON sails Septcmbet ' 1.1. For i > 'v or -Ira u on Great Britain or Ireland applj toTAI'SCOTT .V t o, 88 South atreet, "J A U T:!AIJA?KANGAROO LINE FOR MELTOPRNE? /V. 1 i t v 1 he tnofniflri nt Ilrst class ship JACK JT.O -'",2.(00 tou* burthen, will have oar!y and prompt Thn nrcommoiliitJons for passrDtrers are very suiEnrlj ni>;il cation nuns' l>> mudo on board, plci> 10 Wist river, or to MA1LI.EK, I.ORfi k QUERKAU, 108 Wall?t el. AUSTRALIAN SHIPPERS' LINE.?FOB MELBOURNE;? ilrtst. The s:i|ierlor A1 clipper ship CONTINENT ha? n "?i--eJ itccoiiiiKo.lniinn for lirat and second class pan scouts, ami guauttitrcil lust ship off. Apply on board, piei 11 I -l liver, or to FISHER, RIOARDS & CO., 8* WaB S, UOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. J A firs' class steamer w ill leave New York on the 1st, 11th i.i:d 21st <jf each month, except when tlieiic dales fall on Sun (lay. u hen the day of departure w ill be on the Monday fol low in ;. For friceht or passage apply at the only ofH< e. No. 5 Botr j Ui.gOr. < n. D. B. ALLEN, A#ent. TTtOR KEY WEST AND HAVANA. J; The armed Untied Slates Mall steamship MARION, J. D. Phillips, United Siatea Kavv, Commander, will Ieav? pic; J N< rtli river, for the above ports on Friday, Sept. 13, m 4 o'clock P. M. precisely. For freights or passage apply to SPOFFOKD, T/LESTON A CO., 29 Broadway. N. R.?Passenger* mint provide themselves with passports All letter* nuii-t jiass through the Post office. ? i FINANCIAL. 1 A PREMIUM OF FIVE PER CENT , Will be allowed on all UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE8 I For wholesale or retell purchase* at I . OTTO EKMBI-d Shirt Manufactory and Oent'i Furnishing Store, Nn. 62 Howcry, corner of Canal street Dividend?new york consolidated stag* Company.?The President and Directors of thte . company have declared their usual semi-annual dividend of tour |ier cent, payable to the stookholders on and aftotllio 14t i iD3tant. 'lhc transfer books will bo closed frotr thg 9lh to the 14th instant, inclusive. JA008 CAMPBELL, Jr. , Treasurer. .skitember 6,1861. ' fpo LOAN-ON BROOKLYN OR NEW YORK PROPER. J ty, sums of tAOO, $700, $1,000, $1,800, $2,000. $2,500. 84 000, W.000 and $12,000. first mort^Hges on well located property only taken. E. H. BABCOCK, Montague street. near t.'iurt, Brooklyn. * ort Ann WANTED-ON BOND AND MORTOAGE for three or five years, j>n tenement property house Just being linished; live stories" lot 25x100: good nelghl borhood; will rent for $1,400 per annum. Adores* H. II. j Herald office. MO ,'AO TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE] WJiW" In sums of $1,(XX>and upwards, for one o; more years, on productive real estate In this city or Brooklyn i Apply to JOHN F. CONKEY.ln the ofllcc of the People's Find 1 Insurance Company, 06 Wall street. POLITICAL. ~ omil WARD.?A REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING OV &'l the Mn/.. rt Hall Wanl Committee ?IH be held at 36'. Ninth avenue, corner <if Thirty-second street, on ThurwLiv evenlnj;, September 12, at eight o'clock. AP members of thr abovy Committee are respectfully re<ju<"it< <! to attend. BERNARD SWEENEY. President.,! sect*tarici- , I I It

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