Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1861 Page 2
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\ THE COAST GUARD. OUR NAVAL COimESPONDENCB. O.n BoARp'DNiTrnSTATKHSixvn' o) -War.Tambstown, \ Vfr 1'i.itNANtlNA, I'm., Al)(jU?l SI, 1801< f A KeUl Frist VetsH Runt Agrouvi to fjjcijx- Capture? ?'.??}* of Btr Creu) to the SKtre?A Mailer.I IJalltiy on th' Lanl-?Tha Vcttcl Fiivd and DeslroytU by (he Union Ma.xncs, dr. Tli '. bl'u k11" of tlilrport n*>\ tho abluent const if ki*!>t up in an oflu iunt manner by tbfl I'nitwl State* gloop-of. war Jain<-sl \vn. Tho ship Is in oxeoli'-nt ' r lor and her officers ui\J crew enjoy ^oo<i lica'Ui. '11.a weathi r still continues fbie, anil all arc awaltltti' the opportunity to capture a j>ri it a r-'lwl privateer. K ruatiUina i w tll ilpf".'!' ! by a moiMifv.l battery of i.jne lj??vy gnus, ir ul iniuiuro s xmall >r buttcricu are )h?led ftl -ng tli" riioro. nil ilii fltU ii tlio .1 am w town, wliilo crui. ins ofT tin cast, descried a Bfii! on her lee bow, evidcrt .v rnuuimr in toward) land. Imtnodiately ull o.iil was BH a:i I ttao cli h;<j tnyan. Jlic etra r !n,' Ikt.-'oIC likely to be hevlcd "If, tikel, ntiil mi:' her way t<-wards fiboro ax rnpid'.y ?s t> i>v; butt ie sloop >f-war fom n .inori on iMr, ami th^u it w ill-lovreJ t!;.it the vessel, finding herself c! seiy p- a- 1, h id run arrmnl a? a shoal nearly on. hih.u.te, so:no eight hundred yards rtl 'tant fmm mi shoe*. So n aft nit stranfled ler boats we 1 lowered, Uer crow escapod, carrying with them, tin tl" ilil, all available valuables, anil l.avi; , the bark wlili all sail on, to drift farther In shore, ia the hope of alter vsur.N >. :,irv! her off or discharging her cargo in boats. j Tty thi-ti:ne the Jamestown hid (pit j was thought, to bring tho bvk within rango of h rgiais, . the Intention being to destroy the vofr-. l by : lu lling 1: -r. | Tho anehor \v i* (ho n <iropj>?' ! and n!1 pmi! ? furled, a:i I tho ' etaiboard guns < ;.on 1 upon tho stranded v ' -1; ! Jmt nil tho shots fell short, end as tho Rca i fiboals very quickly along this exist, it was 1 Bot deemed advisable to run iu any near, r the shorn. It was then determined to take hor in boats, naiwlth-taodi p ih fear of th >re'belng m i .skod batteries on shore, and which r^a'ly proved to be the c.vse, far the enemy had some heavy ord nice mounted only a sho t distance from the strnn ' d \.=sel, and woro biisiiv en ga: o.l In bringing down ui places of Held artillery to protect the berk iu case sho was attacked in boats. Kverything on share exhibited tho greatasi ox.-itoment and confusion. Companies wore seen marching along the beach, with pieces of artillery drawn by horses, and mounted men gnl'oplng hither and thither nmor>t; crowds of pooplo who now linel tho beach, making quite an exciting scene. Tho boat-" of tho Ja'nestown wore now called awHy, armcl and muinel, and ^consisted of the lannrli, office, ed by foe m l X>i"ntenai<t Flasv>r (who had com*r.and of the expedition), As-i'"int Surgeon ('inborno und Lieu lenvit Hewston, of the United states Marines. first cutt r, untl. r thecoiuman 1 of Lieut- aunt I'hythhm, n commr.i d by aotliu- Master ''hi.-iiolm, and the third r 'ltor, In charne o; Vtdstiinmnn II. P. Tys. n. As s r>n r.s | the om my the bo ils hoistod o il th y wero s.'i'ii t i a: in a ho n with n sin rl cannon and a parly of men, ovi<1. ntly with the Intention of b ..Lr,titrr th" vessel tiu-l dofendi g herag.ii;.' t any ?Ui k. At the same time the p.': re hatter op.-ne 1 th-i.- Il-r?it was at first tin , l.t? V :h th" li t entiou of d( stro\ i>ij; I h i vec-el, but thin was Bon dif'i-.overod not to be their olii -t?thev w- re only trying the range of their gun*. A ! b leg ready, tho armed c. tiers left t!.o ship's tide, rid wore rnon followed by the launch, on Mliich wa- m utit'd a boat howitzer, atici wis rvoiieauy lll'i"l, 'T in" OVa-Ioll. S 111" OS*"' '1 I Mir iieared t'i? link, tho la uicih took the tend, li.'vi.ig li rgim loaded Willi grape ?li- t, and kept bearing on t'.i VF-i.S d?Vk, WfVJre it Wafl I'.VPO't ' ! tllO CU -(IIV )ll(i nio;ntod a gun, b it fortunately th y had not mice ejed in doing n The boats aiviitie. I 1:1 good order, under a pulling aud most tire from the Iritte.i"S ou shore, round afior round bring tiro 1 upon th"ni,f riun ite'y without doi: <\ uny mini v. ruder tills tl.e tle.y rem bad tho vowel'* side, tho balls falling pretty thiiklj' over tlieir heads a i l ar.?i:ntl them, and in a four in men! i In " the cr ? ?, he-i ;< ! by i. oir g t ant < minen ler, and full ".re' bv rest ?jf tho 01 '.oors, rc-i<-U dli r dock without rnyopf. ii l< n. Mi. proved to be tho bark Alvarado, of t' is ton, fri m tho Cupe .if ;(><> \ Hope,and i ad lie.- n captured only n ulr'i t lim b-lorn by a rob >1 p' h itoer?tha Jeff. I*uvIf?.aid was on bur wiiy U> Savsnuah with a priie crew ou boi d. f>w" I leiv i:u' tho v. s.- .l tho pirate* lud taken euro to o*r y off ov irythlng of value, and carried tiie captain iiui bia wil'ea.vay a; p, .s uioi.s with li. us. Fm !!ug it impossible t g -t tho ship o!T, after ail tho pa^rp and Irs'ri.'ments w re secured it wm deride 1 to f : the ship on Are, which w.cs iiniue liately done, an-! as Jier rarjti comisled of manIU rope, liemp and wool, shi soon bee itnc enveloped in (lames, About this time a ftun was fire I frnin th> J .mestown, and tli rcraN signal hoisted llj.Vc leavi ig the burning ve&iol Iuo Stars and Btrlpes wero hfflsted at her rnfT, and t'nn tho bnats shoved off as <yilel<Iv as possible, for a'i a-u.ol s'earner was seen timing towards th m with thf> tnten'l"n of preventing their ro'orn to the elilp. nut h r .-t hid ix n se ei by on t)' a d th" sloop-of war. she was running In to c ver 1. bat-wiili h"r guns. 'i'h batteries on shore, which liad ceiw d tlrin? ?>oii after the prlz was board" !. again Coiiiin -nerd their eanunnad \ bnl ill their balls fell slio t, thi gh sowra! gotwl ImCF'i Ij ivcre mi le. Soou after t t'le ft : - li:;4 if sitee nthmed the chafe Mia would B'KX. bj w t un roach of tho g insof thi Jamestown, turned round aud nude her way as fast n.j sho rouli'toward* Ve..-an.lira. The bent* leaehed the ship in safety, and in a short thae the Jamestown van n'.hug auay from tho - 1 no, 1 uving t'ie chagrined ca t : ? on eh re to mnrrn the loss of tholr bernirg prize. Towards night the foiled S:ai' s:e ,m r Roanoke arrived, b'lnif. in r all hands twodiya I pvIi pro .- .sioiis and letters In m li 'ino, both very nee \uab.e to s.tilors, esoeci :My in Uiiiso time?, a? all arc anxious to obtain news about the war. Towards the end oi this m in ii and liirou^hoiit September h a\ y u ii;-s and hnrric ii 3 are .'\p *i i m ".| off this Co.-.* . A' sailing vessi.ight to b. reesflo.1 and stesm? r- substitute'! iri their place, lis in a severe gaio of wind tii" la'li r ran b^at off rh .re, while the former, if they do not fo inder at ?et, n. - a'mort. fie to be driven in shore and become a total lets. :-trainers of li.eht draught of water, say ei.lit or ten fe't, are reyured, an 1 could render BMW cfflctent sort Icq lau wait twill, ?|luh. to cln.-ing small ere.l't, are always in danger of running og. oun I. W*? rosy e\"i<*ct to h"nr of a g ?id number of v -s :'s being Ins* off this and the aty iniug coast during the ens lirg menth of September. Tlio following *~e the odlcors of the Jamestown:? <' mmrrt?Th Ties Gr< ".i. Firrt Lintinnt?y. P. Harrison. S'! Litutaixut?W I 'a~ "r. TIM Lic'i'er.nn'?1'. 1.. l'hythian. Svrpton?Ino Radenflein, M l). J. itlctr.' Sura n?c. d. ClebOrne, M P. Pnyrtaf'fr?.Jus. \. Wndr, Marine t\?icu?T'ortei' N. Ilewston. Ok T5<uri> Ujsrren Statin ^trajikr Run-*T^i.and, ) ou> Point CoMKtiKr, Si'i*. 8, 1361. j 71if Trip from A'eir Korfe?Arrival of the Minnesota?A'aea' Wallers, <?c. We loft the navy yard, New York, on Sunday, at nun o'clock P.M., and aft'T a pleasant run arrived here today at four o'clock. From the despatch used In loading our ship and sending her off, we suppoged ilint something very important was about to occur. The wlcaejeg I around the navy yard reported that wo were to carry a | draft of nii'it to Washington, but, an usual, they mad* a e'irht mintsks In tlx- name of the ahip, substituting the t Khode Island for tho Minnesota. On Sunday evening, about forty miles to tlio southward of ^andy H"ok, spoke ship Mncoln, from Ifcieton bouud to New Vork .a id requested her to report us. The Minnesota arrived yesterday. The Roanoke and Fominolo aro here. No news. We leave this evening for tho coast. t'snro State-" Sr*AM Frioatk Roakokb, ) Oft fontrbsa ICokrok. Sept. 0, ISfll. f Our Naval Fh-ei at Pmrtreu Monroe-?Commodore Venderitrail Ve'.aehedf rum his Squadron?//? Take* Leant, of the Koanoke?Prisonert Sut \arth?The Seminole Fired Into fnnn SeuxjU's I'ninl, tPr., etc. Yesterday, notwithstanding it was Sunday, was a busy one on board our ship, la cons;'quenco of the departure o Commodore l'endergragt to his home ia Philadelphia, having boon detached from command of tho West India squadron. Although thoCominodore had been but a short ! I in" witli us as Fltg Officer, he wag unlvc'raally respected by both oflleerg and crcw. About flvo P. M. the wbolo ship's company were mug lerot ou the quarter Jock, the marines drawn up ia line, ! Hi- officers occupying the starboard side, the band uu'W th" bridge, wh'n tho venerable and stalely form of the 1 friy haired veteran pas-ed up tho ladder from hig cabin. Every bead was uncovered, tho baud playing "Hail to I the Chief," and the mariueg coming to a present arms. I Many a hearty grasp of the hand wa? taken and good bye utterod as tho Commodore passed al.v.ig the ranks and | went over tuo sioo or tb<> ship to his iwge. ji,r the barge |mshed away from tha side of tl?<* v. v i into the stream the nailors manned the rigging and Hire# rousing cheers, vent up for htm which the Commodore acknowledged by rising and uncovering hia Lead, the boat's crew peak- j in? oars. H was a piquant sight, and no doubt highly (-ratifying to tb" vtmerablj otlicjr who, notwithstanding, I ike a largu sliaro of the uaval olEcers, and particuhi ly th -older ones, ha? the repetition of being a strict dim i)'!uiarian. to i.C the warmth of fooling ui.d regret iu.ui 1 l si d at liia tieparturo. We ,?!> a'.so to t-^vcral of our officers here, who have re eive-1 intimrition- tliey will lie detached freni thu ship. Am 11? them nre Lieutenant Amman, ourexectit.vo olllcer. vho is to take command ol unu of the gunhut: mi'1 a'..-l.i uienints Scott and Lull, l.ieotenant jo.T' 6 will - iicrs. 1! . I,ie ite;ii.nt Amman; hut what other cfllcers will he ordered to our ttlnp is not yet known, or where * ill be tin- destination of the above named other twn gentlemen is not itk-J. Their loss will lie regrotted on shipboard. for th y are all experienced and ell.< .ent gentlemen. I.ic.te.. i..i Amman In.; shown, by the discipline and Ohec.ful spirit hi fcos Inculcated among the ollicors an 1 crew, hit- a irn.table fitness for tho pot-lion, anl in fact aiij pla he may be lUtigned. Uo i t univcrBJllr rcipr ted and hel"ve'1 by tb crew, and will carry villi him their hearty good \? .*he-> for lii? prosperity. Our eight prisoners 1 ken t oaioff tho ruh?-l scliuonor >1 ddleton.nrar Charles1.*!, of w'.l h 1 civ - yo i u-i account of their capturo. w traus rred to ti e steamer ! NI Quaker Oily, for conveyance to New York on our arrival here. Yeatorday Midshipman A. D. Wharton. of Tennessee, of the Beuitnole, w:n brought on board our nljip and placed In charge o( Captain Kintzlng, of the marine*, who left on the I-tlllmoro boat to convoy him a* a prisoner to 1'ort Lafayette. The charges preferred against tiliu wo, I uudor*tand, lining Foilltious language unit alao tendering bis resignation. Ho is spoken of by oitr otllcers us u v-Ty gentlemanly young man; but I rather thought, ho did ii t I ike h's arrest very composodlv. Then- whs consiilorab'.c uneasiness about him, ho evidently thinking It wa not ho pleasant im .".flair to turn robe!. 'Oils forenoon the stenmer Stato of Maine arrHed here wiih ,1 >t"-n detachment of sailors, shipped for the l'eti1'Mia. After an exchauge of cheers fr< m our cr iw and (' r:i w re Tints, and tln< visit of tho officer* In charge of t' i i to Commodore St r Ingham, on shorn, tho Stato of V ti l>amed off on hor way to Washington. <\\ moments since, this afternoon, as tho Seminole vi ntinr' down from Newport New*, when o (TSewn I I's ]'i ' t, tho little rebol tug that lies th>>re, and runs up to \>w,"irt?tiie same one that tired into the Savannah a ,'?\v ''ays ago?let go her rifled piece at tho Seminole. J'orlim.iteiy tho sli >t did not take eflbrt, nor was the lit'l - thil.g witin rnrigo of tho Femlnol"'* guns. This 1 itt '? .'uerltla craft will fool around until seine of these davR you will hear of it ^ getting blowed huh and dry out. i,;' <r. \Vhon itda fr get a charge there will not he much left ef her. imp nau.tmnr* -.1111 ma im.?! ? 1 ma FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thi'iisday, Sept. 12?G P. M. Over oni million dollars wore paid into the SubTreasury tiiis morning by the subscribers to the Joan. The limiviest sum subscribed during tho day was one of f 100,000, which came from one of the iuobt prudent ami conservative financial institution* in the city. A large individual subscription?fifty thousand dollars?was made by an old, careful arnl highly conservative merchant, who informal the Sub-Treasurer, on tondcriug him his check for the amount, that lie had oomo to the conclusion that it wa* his duty to lend this money to the povernment, and that, moreover, lie considered it an excellent investment. Several ?2,"/,000 subscriptions c;ime from financial institutions, and the nanal mixed assortment from individuals. The subscription of to-dnv shows what will be done when Mr. Chase pets his five hundred ageufs fairly to work in every town throughout the North. The government ncid fed no npprdiension abont money. T!inreis rather more inquiry for money to-dnv, .in1, ti mer even of hi?h crvulp i-; not. enailv ko1<1. This arises from the large accumulation of specie in the Rnb-Tronsnry, nt the expense of the bank#. List evening the Rnb-Trcasnry held?exclusive of bnVirp.s f' U:o ered'f of disbur-'ng offror1 #1 ."i, .W.oftO, and it if rumored that another instalment of 6 per cent on their subscription to tlio national loan \vi!! be culled in shortly. People do not understand why all this money phould be withdrawn from bank and hoarded in the Hub-Treasury b< fore it in wanted. It was suggested that the Secretary was afraid of his demand notes coming back upon hint for redemntion. This apprehension was pratuttous. The people < f the V.'est will be too grateful for a sound currency to part, witli it readily, and if it should come here it would go into general circulation directly and be kept afloat. In fact, none of the demand notes hnve been seen by our leading currency brokers, though they have bad several applications for them by parties who wished to travel West with money. A balance of SO ,000.000 or ,000,000 is <|i:ite enough for the neccst-itics of the Rub-Treasury here, especially as the Secretary can call upon the bauka to pay three, four or eight millions any morning. Foreign exchange is dull but firm. Cankers ask 107\{ a 103 for sterling, and fi.W/J for francs. Blocks were modorately active to-day, without speculative excitement. There would have been a tendency to hammer prices on the railway earnings, but the news from Kentucky was considered so cheering for the Union cause that some new orders made their nnpearance and rather intimidatod 1 he bears. A series of successes for the cause of the government could hardly fail to stimulate the stock market to unwonted activity?(his is lite danger fr.r the bears. There was nothing done nt the board in the new government sixes, which are firm, ly held. Treasury notes were steady, though small am mint a cannot be sold except at a concession. I T 11/ Virginias %, North Carolina# %, Missouri* %. Tho nin kot for these stocks has improved since it has become understood that tho District Attorney does not contemplate any int-rfcrence with fair trade in them. V'lirn the retreat of McCnlloch from Missouri is confirmed a fresh demand for the sixes of tliat State will probably arise, especially ns they are secured by a first mortgage on 740 miles of railroad, which cost to build f".r>,000,000. At the commencement of business to-day some of the railway stocks showed a tendency to improve; but wore freely offered by the bears, and a slight decline occasioned in a few descriptions. Rock Island fell ofTX. Illinois %, and Michigan Central %. New York Central improved % at. the first board, but fi ll off in the afternoon to yesterday's prioo. C.ulena rose % in the morning and another % in the afternoon; Toledo was also % better. Erie and Hudson were steady. At the second board but little business was done, and the market closed steady, the following being the last quotations:?United States C's, registered, 1881, 90 a %; United States C's, coupon, 18R1, 90% a %; United States 5's, IK74, 80 a %; Indiana 5's, 77 a 78; Virpinia C's, 54 a %; Tennessee C's, 43% a %; North Carolina C's, 03 a 03%: Missouri C's. 43% a Pacific Mail, 83 a %; New York Central, 73% a %; Erie, 25 a 2G; do. preferred, 47 a 48; Hudson River, 33% a Harlem, 10% a "4; do. preferred, 25% a %; Reading, 3.">34 a 30% Michigan Central, 42 a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 14; do. guaranteed, 30% a 31; Panama, 110* 112; Illinois Central, 67% a C; Galena and Chicago,69% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 30% a %: Chicago and Rock Island, 44% a %; Chicago, Rurlington and Quincy, 0?% a %; Delaware, T.nckawana and Western, 68; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 18% a 19; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 93 a!)4; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 85 a % Pcniwylvania Coal, 76 a 78. One of the strongest argaraents of the opp<5> nents of American credit abroad rests upon the statement that our trade has fallen away to no thing since the war began. In proof ol' tliln. the London Tiros* refers to the decline in our importations of foreign poods. This is probably tlie first time in history that a nation's commercial aotivity wag ganged exclusively by its consumption of foreign pro.lucts. The usual test of the prosperity of a country is the amount of it* exports and of its productions. If this test be applied to the United States we shall find that the country is really more prosperous now than it was a year ago. Our exports from this port are heavier than they ever were before; as compared with Inst year they Bhow an increase of nearly 40 per cent, aud as compared with the year 1H50 an Increase of about 9fl per cent. The production of the United States, during the year 1?G1, has been n fVill arc- j rage, notwithstanding the decreased production of ootton, tobacco, rice, heinp, A.e., in the States convulsed by the rebellion. All accounts from the West concnr in stating that thera never was so heavy a yield of corn nud v,heat as this season. The weather has been eminently favorable for agricultural operations and the war has not interfered with them anywhere. The West hns to-dny more gruiu, of various hinds, to send to market than it ever had before. Hut this is not nil. Not only has the country produced and exported more dtirii g this 1 year of war than it ever did before, but our inter- j nal trade has been far more active than is gtne- : lally supposed. To listen to the complaints of , merchants who < ann<>t eflect colli tions, one i would suppose that our internal trad v.'as d - : ^ - - * ? m YORK HERALD, FKIL funof: whereas the fart in, the aggregate receipts on the Northern railways for the eight mouths ending on the 1st of September inuUnt show an increase over the receipts for the name months of 1P60. In other words, notwithstanding the war, there has been more internal traffic this year than last. Tliore la reason to believe that, bo far an the East and West are couctrncd, this traffic w ill conlimie to improve. The Weat Iihs, at the present moment, more grain than it can send to market in a year. That grain Is wanted here, not at famine prices, it is true, but at prices which pay the farmer for growing snd the carrier for cwrying it, aud which allow the poor to consume it freely. Therefore it will come forward. And whereas last yenr a large proportion of tho Western crop went Houth by tho MlwUaippi, this year the whole will come East by the lakes an 1 railways, creating an unusual amount of tin He. When it readies a market it will be exchanged for goods which will travel back to the West, supplying railways, merchants, and all tho other instruments of commerce with employment. Ho with the East. A few months since it was assumed, as a matter ol' course, that the slave State markets were necessary to the c.vistence of New England industry, and accordingly when secession took place a large portion of the mills were closed. It is now being discovered that the slave State markets are by no means indispensable, and that by discontinuing tho manufacture of articles intended for the slaves, and commencing that of articles intended for the soldiers, tho manufacturers of New England will do better than they S Atiam a:a u. vnH. i-.! r*ci* mu. rjYUi jr muu ii uiii in'w cmi^iuiiu ui iii^p , announcements of reopening of mtlls which were eloped a few months Nine*. People who argue that the trade of the Nor'h hn? been ruined by the war are not acquainted with the facts. The North is now doing ti very large and very proflta- | bk* business, though much less of it than usunl is in ISritisli broadcloths or linens or hardware, or French silks or shawls. One enn understand that foreign manufacturers are disgusted with the present state of things at the North, but the people of the North themselves have as yet no great reason to complain. The business of the Sub-Treasury to-day was as follows:? T'.tal receipts fl,294,087 75 ?-Pur customs 9,000 00 ?Tic.igiii'y notos 1,040,000 oo I*riyn?'?ut.-? ?s;t.607 14 llnlanco 15,893,210 07 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this tuorning were fl7,7G2,<>0G 4C, and the balances f >12,CSC 32. Sir. Chase is beginning to draw on the banks of Host in and Philadelphia. The banks of the latter city placed to his credit yesterday $500,000, being ten per ccnt of their quota of the loan. The following circular was distributed at the Stock Exchange this morning :? l'lfristi stnto to the llon l Onimlttco your opinion of the rotative ; mount of slnvo Hmtc stin ks which have h ? n bonght and r?>li1 in New York sinco April lft, 1801, of tl>? whole amount of s .< li stueks boui;lit and sold by you stucf ihnt time, which you have ronton to suppose wee for Ho'iih'rn nrcoiuit, including I'Uilndelnhia aud Baltimore orders. * .Amount bought, * /mount gold | Your information will bo confidential with tho comT!)o I owoll Covriiv say* that the Applet.on and Hamilton Mills will recommence operations in about two wrcjp, and that indication? nt this time show tliat all the manufacturing establishments may bo run dnring the coming winter. The Berkshire VVooilen Company, at Croat Barrington, Massachusetts, arc filling one of tho largest government contracts for blue army cloth that has been awarded to any similar concern in Maswuclidsetts. The great mill of the Sprngucs started on half time on Monday. The following is a summary of the condition of the ba.iksof the three principal cities of tho Union, an shown by their last weekly statements:? T.nnv. 5VW*. C!""< /.V /vrV>. N York, 8,R'vvr,si lMO-d.o-.l Pn.lon, 9. ?4 .W <*H T.ftXMR fl.MKsm rw.firj Plilludn., Sept. 9. J8,;ttM.4IW 6 617.370 2.111.4:*) Totat rTwa.:ir. viJcTvl ikwp!ri7 lv. week iCO.tef.o!?. ri7.711.S05 16,071,203 161,8)0,329 The Cleveland and Toledo road earned the first week in September:? I860 fl8,oo* lii6l 15.558 $1,450 Slock Exdinnige. 'Im R>n/Y,Sept. 12, 1861. finooorsd's,iw2.. 05 206si?pacMSSCO.. si 6C00 U 8 6's, 1*65.. S7 50 do slO 81 10000 Tr?ns 12 p c 11 lot 150 N Y Cou KR 7:t tiOO Trews 0 ;>c 2 V 0S--?' 07 do 73?{ 1850 do 98^ 25 Krio RR 25^ 6000 Ohio 6's, I860. 83 <? 70 do 25J< 1000 Kentucky 6 s. 70 150 do 25?i 2000 do 7?>i 150Harlem RR prof.. 25'j .'10(H) do 77 50 Hudson Riv RR.. 11000 111 cou bs,'62. 88 100 do b60 88?J 1000 111 COU lu, '75. 84 100 do 1>30 :!."t>? 8000 III cou bs. '76. St'.; 100 Mich Con RR.... 4:i 3000 Illcou bs,'77. 841; 50 do 42J? 2000 ill <ou bs, '7ft. 85 10 111 Con full slock. 66 1000 do 85<i f.0 111 Con RR scrip . 67^ lf.000 Telin 6's,'90. 43 82 Clev. Col ,t PinRR 05' 5000 do f-5 43'.,' 400 Gal & Chi RR... CO 7000 do 43K -r'0 do s5 00 0000 VirKinia C's... 55 400 do 815 68J( HOOO N Oavolinn 6's. (1.1 loo do sl6 OK7, 5000 do s!I0 02 150 do s7 09 28C0O Missouri 6'S.. 43?? 100 do SlO GU KOOO do bro 44 200 do 63',' 2<ik>'w'siloiUktMK 4H 4L0 do GU'4 inoo V Y(Vn6's... VI 200dev fcTol RR.blG .')0K 1000 NYC e.b, '76.. 100 >? 100 (to sift R0*< 2000 Hud R UR 1 in lorui iom) do ao?? 6000 Harlem 2mbs TO 200 do bl5 S0?? S000 Mich Po s f bs. 76 20(1 do fSO 30 U 3000 I.if'fcMll I g bR 11 100 do b30 30*f 1000 T. Krle fcWltnb C5 200 Ohio & I!k I RK.. 44'; TdttSkwkLMllE 79 2.">0 do 44'i a:or<mo n fo 10 100 do bis 44 u fi Tc? & H'ld Call Co R'>i? SO do bfiO 44>Js 20 do 83 303 Mil Al'duCRK... lRtf 60 Cum Coal prof.... ft 60 do bCO 18* PEcovn itOAitn. *1^000VPC's,'74,rp W)1,' ft slis Am F.x Rank, RO 10000 do 80 fiON V Central RH.. 73)? 40C0 U8 6's, '81,cp AOS 100 do sift 73? MHM) do (toVj 2t)CloT,ColAt('inKll 05! ,' 2fH.0 V Sf>'s, 18I.M.. 00 200 Clev it Toledo UR 3ttt* 19300 Ttch C p c2 J VS.H 100 do slO OO'i SOOO l/iuislana 6's. r.G 200 do f-00 CO1,' 6000 (\-\lifomIII 7'p. 78 100 Chi & R 1 RR... o 44 ^ 2000 N Carolina #? ft! 1M) do ?10 Mx 20000 Missouri ov.. 41|( bo do 83 44x 10000 do t>30 4:iX ftOM&PduCRR.bSO 18^ IdOOOTern C's,'#0.. 4^'i f>0 do I>30 lh\ COCO do 4"Jj CO do 1.30 18^ 600 Georgia 6's... 65 75 do IS^ 4000 Ri le KK 4 m b 71 76 do slO 18>i SOOO N J ten 1 nt.. 103 CITY COJ1 .MKUriAbRK P(j^lT. ' uT Tni:B.-i>AT, bept. it. | A*if.s.?We have no chftngd V? notice 'n price*, while s:il< s were liinit(?l mid confined to small lots, at $5 25 for pot?, and $5 25 a $5 37!> f>r [war!*. I;hbad67CFTb. ?I'kmr?The market for Western and Ptnte shipping brands win steady, and closed at firmer rates. Extra (trades wore unchanged. 3 ho sales for tho day fitted up alKiut 18,000 bblg., closing within tho following range of prices:? SuperfinePlate ?! 35 a 4 45 Extra State gno.l to choice 4 72 a 5 00 j fc i per line \\f?tern 4 35 a 4 55 J Commou to clioics Wo3torB extra 4 70 a fi 00 Fxtra Canada 4 70 a 0 50 Mixed tostraVht Fouthcru 5 00 a 5 00 Straight to Rio.1 extra do 4 7ft a 8 00 | tlioii e "xtra fault y an. 1 bulcers' brands 8 00 a 8 75 I Rye Hour 2 25 a 3 CO j Corn meal. Jersey and r.runr'.y.vino 2 76 a 3 10 | ?Cirdian flour wa? In moderate supply, with more dc- | maud from tho trade; the traa a tvus cnbruccd COO j oo.s ni our ugurcv. nu'.un'rn nor.r w.? u tiu< y.irt .mil aetivu. tliu sa!?n comprised 700 a 800 hM*.,closing vritliin rnn^-e of tVio above quotations. Rye flour was steady and in fiilr roinwit at our fltctin-s. with eali > of about 300 l>b!?. Corn meal w.w .n ivijue. t, with 01' al/out l.o>,o bbls. within ran;-" "four qi:ot.iii . ,g. When:?The ini: k.rt witf II m,au<] rather better fur prinm t-h ; pitiK lot - of Western rid anil ^mber. lied'! w: * < :. fy i.-r < ?.port, and in g.iotl part for 1' Ttm for the day (.Kited uv> al'">' I 19;') ."00 b' .ntl< -, ?l 11 'J- :1 i I T w hi' OMo, $1 20 n SI 2h i r wli.lo Kei.t'. ,), $i it; H $1 lb fur red do.,$l 17 u 51 18 for ardi.T .'I i; ;i for ret ^:?'e Jl 0b a $1 ?t?)? for IV- -ihc * riiiK,98c n $1 09Ji for 4fic!ii;iui tl ih. $1 11 for anil -e Iwa,$l lua $1 16 for rod \W t >i u, pa l to an ivt?. < t. wae in K' 1 requ' St for Fa-.crii market." and for ex, -rt, n:id cl n! tl in. with h i, h of 1M),000 buK!>< at 41)c. u4U>jr. for Kl.ipp'.t'K lots W"ont< in mix J, ?ith ?mnli .t- primedo. ,.t f. Of. 47. i'J to. l'ostt rn y?. t n...i a; .. . f - lie a..!, tui'i fi.'e. i r \v.?.t tu yoi.'ow. |:..ii -y <|> .a ?; ! II .V was I|'; I at i'iK-. llti I "y malt V, .? -t', with a . | of3 Kj t'U.-fi"'! 7.*e. tljts tM'riMttn .'i. n t. Ouiadian v r . iiiig at 37e. a GOe . ajid S^c. nr,4c. for \\\rte; u ami l St..' . (' *: e.?Tl: ? ' fiyti" -. -'.'.v. a:-' P.n.rr, vi'V, ^ )AT, SEPTEMBER 13, 1861 sains of t!m rnrgn by the Ovallcr; 6,500 hue1? were sMd at 14' ., and 2,600 do., from other cargoes,at 13>ic, a 16^0., (lie latter Man the bluest li?'uro or the season. A biiiiill lot St. Domingo Hold nt 14c. Cotton.?The market was comparatively tame, many bolder* having withdrawn from tlio market. Tho pales embraced about 600 a 600 bales, closiug on tlio bania of about 22c. for fair middling uplands. Viimiohth were steady while engagements wore moderate. To Liverpool about 20,000 a 30,000 busliols of corn woro engaged, in bulk and bags, at y>^c. a 10c.; Hour was at 2d. 0d., asked. To I/indon 24,0<?0 bushels of wheat were engaged, in bulk,at 12>?d.tand in bags at 13d.,and 1,000 libli). ol Hour at 3s. Od. To Havre about 18,000 bushels of wheat were engaged at 23c. Flour wag also rc)>orted at 80c. JI.iv.?The market was steady, with sales at 60c. a COc. for city and on government account. I no*.?Small Mies of Scotch pig were making at $22 a $2*2 60. Monwfc"?11;# market way (Irm, and prime muscovado hel '. at .10c. A Kale of 400 lib Is. Cuba was made at 24c. Navai. Storks were quiot and sales limited. Pbovwoms.?Pork?There was aomo lietter feeling In the market for mess, while prime was unchanged. Holders of mi s t asked $14, while buyers offered $13 75: the sales embraced 600 a 600 bbln., Including mees in small lots ut $14 a $14 12^, and $9 75 for prime, $10 for extra bids., and $16 for clear, Hoof was steady and linn, with sales of 260 bbls. at $10 25 a $11 60 for repacked mess, and nt $12 ,r>0 a $13 50 for extra. Beef bams were quiet and srarce nt $14 a $15 for Western. Cut meats were I firm, with sales of 67 hlids. at 4'?c. a 4f(c. for shoulders, and a! 5c. a 5Uc. for bains. Ijird was unlet, and sal. s confined to 2<)0 lihls. and tiercs at 8c. a Oo. Butt'-r w* dull at 13o. a 14c. fur State, and at 8c. a 10c. for Ohio. Cheese wan heavy and tltill at Cc. a 9o. for State, and at 5e a Oc. for Ohio. . Kur.?.New was quiet at fl>?c. a To. Sugars wore again active and Armor, and the market closed with another advance of )?c. per pound. Tl-e su'oh ctnhraced about 6,000 hhds., cliieily Cnhas, \vi Yin the rarge of 7''c. a 7'ie. for fair "to good r"tiriin<? grades, nnd at 7?(c. nR'[c. for grocery (Trades. Th" f <' s included a email lot of New Orh uus at 8'jC.; 1,108 s wero also sold, good p>?rt at 8,'ic. for No. 11,and t! e V>aiiilice nt private terms; nnd 100 hhds. of mela 'o r..M at lie. Messrs R. 1,. ft A. Stuart have this dav estah'ishe.l the following prices for tiieir refined sugars:?loaf. H> < .; standard crushed, 10circle A, lO'jJc.; ground, l1 , and wiilte A, 10c. Wiiiskhy w m steady. with sah s of 4S0 iitils. at 1M?c. S H I pTTN G N E WS . A I.MA NAG rOH N*W TOTII?THIS DAT. M K RISKS 5 I MOO* *K S .fPTH .-I N BV;TS 0 111 niGn WATI R U? M il 8 24 Port of New York, September 12, 1801. CLEARED Ship Far Pnjpt, Punkfrk?Wm T Prost. Ship W irv L Sutton, Spttw, Ifavtv ?Tl?-y 1 A Hlnckm J??rk Sir.ih L Bryant, 7/?n?\ Qnrflns'twn?E O.ilihwil. It11V. Ij\ii!*R (Wllmnf-n. ll.?vrr?II Knnp, Schr Volant (Hi). Nii k 'rst n, Halifax?A Simthei H Co. S<-hr Newport. T im^r, BorPr.?^Tauif?r. Rrhr I! Cork. 1 litis*-. Nrwc.iMh* D?'!?Mn>f? r Kt hr i'' <% Smfth. Andc" n i*! if#?.N lp>iI?'? I W >WCc*. Kohr K 1* Kint'hliailc'phia?.1 W fci *hr Julia Maim*. I'l-'f i< n PMI S 'i li a >!a ? r. fi hr.T Houw, Spraam\ I'ti; .1?;n?>! . !? Si hr Flying llrauon. Tay'"r, Kli/nh ! i?- !?*?a^'or. S?hr?aV.;h 1 oMiti.i, Yea op, Aucn Va?\V S I' v u \ Co, s.-hr Amanda. 7m*y. I?am?or?'\V S B;ov n i Co. S hrKrnma, MWiitiit*,1' 'la -?<1 Minr Iman. S' hr (t#non, |fohl?ins, Por'h'tnl?Wn^ipr. Srhr Vary Loni-n, Smith. Port.-it outh?G L llat. h. S?*hr.loiu?p!?. Watt*. V.oslon?Maxtor. S. lir Kva, Nor.l np. BrlfUo!?T, iO'nny. S!onp Trac#, frc'-'tivf, MiIIvt!:?*?Ma?'rr. SioopJ Kdrar, PatUM^on, MnMlctown? Master. ARRIVED. R:i?am*1?lp Africa (B"\ Shannon. Liverpool, An? 31,?vla Q?i#'hhj-(owii .4Vt'* I, wifli an I pn " . > V '' ? I Ship r R Ka?e)tin*k (of Halfant. M? ). 11 " ?\v. < "a! u t.i * nl 1!^. nnn ;o<1 Car*'(ioofl Ifope .fttlv y. r r t ' I'1" in t''?> Atlantic A"lf A In liit) P4 with K?lt * re ,te. !:}' Hoe- .> Oo. v i: 1, bitt!M2, Ion fit 2i?, nno'< b?! 'VmI, 11 <'? froi.i D omrara for Bermuda. Ma In I sotw he t y wca' .? r. u I gpmni! f?nn? H, \r. Ship Slnw 11?h (of Boston \ II1:ii.:* . P inn! cu. P livlii, Juno 12. |?hkk?? I C ij?' llorr .lu'y V* ;:!> pi-ano, <. tor. II d vorv line want her to ? ? K r . \vN?- w ' nl n arvaro S\V i.'ala, and ronn le?l Mi" " p "n ' r < I >se.rr-frd toiKtlU iihlfpiNl i hMfy m which id vi foi arrt hoi Il(?bnit| Ami urtihtd twty oim mi II d i Vftit di l no very r'oua f'jv :v r A' * . la' 13,bin 'X\ urok" Fwr l>nvV K:?rl Beenn, *7 ?' v? fr:>n ' - r. < :tf >? vo-Ion Bav: r1m>, Amahlp K'v?<e.4A <? * t. in tJobt Mi, for VnlnaralFo; l*Uh, lat 7 f#S H, Ion 47 |> '.e v n .V liin Itoldn Hood, of Mj Ktlo, AG d.r- s fn v\ T..i< no, ell well ou boanl?wab c IT I'-ioo Horn a' n.-v ? t riv w'.th ti t? V , c; S nr,dI )?. ?nrt ) a ' pill p'1 bulwark- \v. -'ied ftwuv, toxin hnvt.*-Kluve and one boat |o?t, nnM ?oi-t inr.d clhir m! !'>{<*. 'ill*' R 8 Ik eon^'/n^d to Ti I* A* (? 0 ' uit ) S'lln Kl!en Austin. Oirrb-k, Liverpool, ,! ily 28, with mdsa ainl ftf par*' I ti- r?, to Spoil t ? VI'". f * frj? k {<?' )'< ">n\ Ha ' . B >ton, 3day.% 1;; bull 8t. t? r r, A Cn. (At- v- I'. t ) Murk Voou (Dutch), A'kin-on.C ,i . ,. A oK 20, witl. salt

ftc, to JoaFov''Pon. 10!h in*t, la' I--. Ion 71. *] oke f*?'lir Prince Alfted, 1 omKi r:<n l\.r Now V>-tk, 11th, otT ;!io C-iip??s o' tin- Polawnro, f j.oko l?r!g <. irom ]*<?ro? l'.;? > for Now York Jli"):! I oy 1 ( Jpren'lnn (Vr. of Ti MuloiO. ('uMioron. N r"rn<\ Mum!; 21. Java H'.ol Mw ? ?. villi to Cif'-r. I'uu'f.'.la-a Hc?d In c n i ?1 E F 1 r KcwYoi touched n* St IIel"n? July 21; 1 ad m< dt rato v.'oatiu r most of t! 0 p:iP'M".e. V.flt! 1 ''mm\ TTnnHoM, Para, ?2 days wlHi nid^r, to K L Corning The brig R A Fltber, for > ^ . - I I I day lona. ill (Japclla I*rc>v$<l?T.rt^, /oe, StJohn?;, TU, A tig 2(7, wit1 at <if\ to MUlar .t Hon lit n HHfi Ifit'id nnnrnt!tm, Taw's, ytrrgnnnp, 2i) day?, with lf.:'W,w,d. tf% lU>l?'"-t Min vn'-, .'r Uric Vonita ' Tr), Ri li u, Yarmor.lli, NX, f? d-ya, with fish, to Krott, Hon A Co. l?rf|e Julia (l?r), Rbaling. W Indoor, Ks, 10 la;? wish pli> . t?*r. tO TMI??'rT. I Kmllv, Raui.dora, Bun :or, with t'm4 < r, to Thomas M Ma\l?nv. Mric ranimn, rinkhpm, Boston, 4 day*?, with thlp timber, |n n nut# r. H i*.: vorth America. W;\"r . F"'M? n fn: I?'>Mfr>n. S.-l.r 11. 'i"V V rri ? 1. Vr;: V. p. K .1. n s. o, .)v\v?\ via Ft Thrr .. R AutIV, vltl? ? ?>\ n> 1> C >! o-. Jul v 1'7, J \< S, Ion '' s;>< "eli V.'nnc, Vf H*r B'ter-oi A ?*t? ".Aug 17. lat Irt N, Ion 4'l " hu.i h f |l in ?,,,nn brUt Hh??wiu?; a white l?nr?? e 111. N# l t! -?> V 1' 1' In *. > orm; .k*- K. Pehr Julin A ffnlloi-Po-h '?l<io Jhiio'-!o, Autr X with eofl'e-, to P n? an. . h'Tinco A t'n; \ n rl l" I't.'eJ. .w C.?ur< h. A?ip X of l.|o .ImupIio, spo'.vc b?'!g E>e utiv<>, fi2<hi;afrom Fao or, ImuhhI ill. S"h y itr.;aro'!ia (T>nn), Bremer, H o (! * nde, 10 da- s, with hid' * .%c. to Va'eotljje Ac P/i^t' ,a'i. Am- H. hit 7 4t? \ !ou .',.1 20 ?poke I ;uk H:*'a?ta, of and .'-rlt n ti-'n .Vn it* \ Srtir Kran^eH liorritt ;? I W< Kt? ort), rha?^, > p.?1, Au/J 2\ with h'Vi |/Av,to i:i?>r;v > T'o'jiMd. A op Jat 24, hm S2, ?. ? l s *tpinopi i."* i' hkIii':; i'tli it.hi, lilt38 bm 74. m oV?? \ S .-Mi 11 s.le, i n 'nine, 8< hr Moluiwk, SImjiU b, 1 osne. Sept I, vlaGnnnica 2d, with HUtfar. to Rturcrs X ( o. N. i.rTJ Frith (Vr), MPort an Piatt, via TurVaT?;lar>ds 17 days, with malwu ?My, to l)arroll A* *^o. 4**? inat, lat ,'U), ! n 72 25, *p ke FChr Norman, from Philadelphia for i'ort an Prince. N<hr ni^ion (Br, ( f Malt'and, NS), Norris, East Harbor, A?'i! *>!, with suit, fo J ! ' A Co, Schr Marv A i-t:*au (Br), II.ill. Elcuthera, 7 day*, with fruit. to Jaa l>on#} s? iu 1 itwy Wbrc (of Rockland), Arey, Llngan, CB, 11 days, with coal, t?? R Irwin. Si-lir Ixnilsa Again (ITS prize?Br, of r.unenlmvg, NS\ Nu krrson, Halifax. 22 day4", with li*h, Was b.o.nd to Baltimore, and captured on t5.<? '>t* inst by I? S v:.i yC -n4*b,Jd/je when ,'\0 milea K of Henry. Tlv to b -lrui sonn? informality in her papers, and 1'ievi -at*] fartotl.o southward of the entrance to the Che.-?i*m5vc, she we.* ta! on In charge, and l>ri/"iv 's i'V Mal*e and C a?*a*nen i?!ncon ) >v\\ '. H*hrG K 0 (Br). Hamilton, Coinwallltf, NS, II days, with plaster, to T> H Pewolf. S< br Fellow Craft (Br), Lane, St John, NB, 11 days, with la*ha ?t', to V I Kevin? A Son. Sehr Pttvlds??? jifr n, Washington, HO. Mir Mnrv-r Ifopk , Lonj?n(r????t, Baltimore, 5 days. Sehr 1? A Vumm'r.Ks, KeHey, }.li ab'thja-rt. KVhr El Dorado, Trafton, Kllzab'tl>p "M for Haverhill. S-hr Hnii n, D\*cr, Eli/al ethport ft r Bo*i??n. Sehr Charter Oak, Kel'y. Kli/abothport. for South Boston, Sehr Mechanic, Mureh,*El !?abethp' f r South I* >: 'on. Sehr .1 A N Htee.ltnan, Baker, E!s7a'"f.thj ort for New Karon. S-hr Talitha 1 If.innah, Morrell, Elizubcthpurt for Hartford. Sehr Banner, Tufts, Rockport. Sehr Ringgold, CroweB, Boston, Sehr Howard, Baker, Boston. Sehr J VV. Faulklin, Boston. Ella Cannon (of Impair, Pet). P^kcr, Boston, bound to Troy. Dili Inaf, at night, when crnii'ic through the Sound, was run into by an unkuown aclir, and bad part of the stern carried away, Sehr K Shaler, Strickland. Portland, Of. Scbr Texa*. Ohamplin, P?>rtEwen for Norwich. Stoop Mediator, Boatwfck, ort for Flushing. Steamer Ironside*. Vandervpcr. Philadelphia. Steamer Sarah, Jones, Pblladelnhia. Steamer Tarony, Ely. Philadelphia. Steamer Mara,'Pent on, Philadelphia. Steamer Pelican, Jones, Providence. 11 B M steamer Itinaldo, Com HewcU, arrived last evening from Cape ifattera*, reports 8*h inst, off i'np? Lookout, spoke V S shir Susquehanna h, blockading; 9th, off Pore TTattcna, apok? I S frtgnte Onml erland, and -aw V S ?unoont Piiwnee a' anchor in llatterna Inlet : name dav. spoke II B M frigate Ariadne, from the We*t India st:itlon for TTaM'ax. Sehr Tarret, I)?x*is. arrived yoHierdny tix?m Ni<mf4?Tiden. ieportsAot30. laf 21, l?n 59 20, aj:oke M*hr Manon, from Y/ir. month, Ns, for Trinidad: 31st., l.u 22 08, h n fii) 10, aroko ? hr Zouave, Sanlnler, from Boston : rmiuc day, bark Cliase, Kuf#5c, fruia Montevideo for Baltimore. BEU)W, One ship and one bar J;, anrnftWB. C s.m.Kn. >. flu>? KI) .Nforpnti, P'i<l Wv.mdanlc, WdRhington, D<?. Wind durirg th? dn? NN\?. "- ? , 91 lscellnneauf4. Bar* M viuof, Fow!? r, a' Baltimore from Baston, reporfa Serf .1 1n( S'J "*7. Inn l'.\ l.r? ,1m III" ?? ho.u-V I n1r? frrtfti ST*'. Willi I ! , Yy ' #.), 'iirrii ! atvjiy m.iitilopml, with ercrythlros nttnrb**d, ?>'??? nit/ftpntopninal, for topiall n? '1 fori1' | giWAnt jnrrti. Alao io| 'rt*on th? night of tho loth Inst, when u(T At pi n ; . ?-.-<a run Into (>? u pron.!'.? r, l> >und do <ii, which ftrui-k the bark tionrth" uilzrcn onaliis, on the |x?vt lilo, cutting li'T <k>? 11 three slreukj lelew the plankdiour. Poocoaa Bart. Ah,; 27?The A'norluun br!(t Knnlher, Sowyc, from Liverpool f r ), put 111 hero v itiMt ienky, nnd lii? bean pin on the o< noli lor repairs, which, It ?p|? ar?, oh a If mslly effected. LoNnn?;, Aiic 2S?Tve Amorhan ?li!p f!nr '''lie C Piw, fr?m Onle f?r lionn ni, which : < I "shore i> nr lira -h* llwd l'.th, wu* elf JS h ini'l n ?i ! i the Tlmi: o , .'111'I I* no* In London I) Thf ?Vp i*i| inn-h (In n and l? si rained, and pur': of her forrfo, f :m t ?fprtip-?Lnre mriloil nr. ay. The cat'jM (Mimr; ilhcliartetl fiumtUc autp lias riuca been forwarded uil.iti.lon. A letter from Cnpt Harrison, of hark Odd Follow, of Now Turk, dated Rio .1 inelro, Jt:ly lii. KtnUn that uif would mil ! next day for London, hnviirr sold ihi' vessel for $ld,00(i, 1i o ( di'lire od In I rulon. 'I ,>"iv wi" a (rood tnn- v stilt*" In p^rt ; wh'j-h x onld to t,o homu In buii,n>t, iieigbia Micro being v try dull. Wlinlriiirn. ! '. o b.te new 3 l>y the C,iltforn.a l'ony Express In another column. fci'i i-ort art trait above, siuikpu, ?tc. grip Chevalier. T' > * ', notii Lt\cri?oi I for Sydney. NSW m.. 7,, Ion 24 w. Fl'infoioj M ns'iii, from I. mdon for Port I'hllln. Julr 21. lot JN.: i Bbj I I - " .' !, Eldridfio, fromLiverpool for llombar. a :.i. i.i* vx i" ] : '. Mil from Sui'dirland fur Kurraohee I Jtt'j. r. !.' :< s :..m w. | sVli t'lilnn.., i:i an, from I.lTnrp'11 fi.r Now Yovk Atic 2:t. on lot, .?e. S. i ' ? ?* (In- m il, S;-oreer, fr.mi I.ondou f >r NYork A- . -0. 1: t 17 lit, ! ii '.'il. A'".i, Ii;i!.:, Mtlllken, frin IJ ivre fur Ni'w York. Arg I 47. on 1.120. A )' i : l-t *Vp IV "i :i ' I -r In foro (op. ( "!.'i 'o . N- i-i r s ir 1 1 tie made out) O'.'.JI, was ! oi nl.v.'M - Ipt \ In' 10 V. mm 71 | Ari ni ; iii:* '' : '' . white hrnp", a flait with ! ' 1 ' 1? ' t; ->mi:io, ivtiii mtii Ani, 1(<, iut i n i v i . i . ! I'-' ' ' ^T.i i ; ', r i in Hi i'nii for Vera Cruz, Aug 11, I "a \"i! i'lli a. i..', CI dtv? }'tw fi-r OiV-!??r V? ' 10. 1 ' I L Foreign Porfi. Awrwaar, All* 2H?Kt-low AIicm l'lovont, Dunham, from Norhiitti'n. Bid 27th, Aniuiriln Know. Morri- n, Cadi?i 2*lh, La Plata, Omw?ll, C* l|,. Akohangkl, Ann ('Id rilr il.ctli DeavlU, Hallolt, IW-lun, AuwtKo, about A Of M?In port b. l,j l'.Iack Sv.uli, l'( IT, for Riiropft ldn. 1<OUH<<4UX. Aim 24?S!d Rirllna ltottrr, rhu?", Mell'ourit". IUtavu, July 14? In pnitat.'p Orouiivall, Syiinn" ,; n B ihIoii hi r Olb, unc; liar* Hmr.i r, , for Bluirii; oic M Hakdakoh, Atlg20?Arr Pr brig n-vmmhlr*, v - ,'rv, C'.v York; s< !uMary Ki'lly, Itclil, Calais; R I Mercer, Hoblr.Hon, Philadelphia. Hkhmuda, Aug 17?Slil Grico, Jackaou, Port au Prlmw. C?nnirr, Ann 24?Air Wm (lr???, Puknjre, I/nndi n; 2'",t!i, Urtw Stiii Vv, A' , ?, d". , K i? n?, \V;> ?'>n, NY' ik; Poll, . :i Siatc, Mow, <ji noa; 27th, Wc'.l' ... ton. Ma'!", NVnrk. CriHK, Ailf"??A' " I31?' ! TT-iwk, T/ilb- t, St John. VB. t ronhtaut, am; 21?Sid Dublin, i,>.ne, lto?io,i; 2Uli, Cora, HiiUiIi. BlMnora. CiD'r, A he 2'?Arr CI n . TMISts. rhnm, NYork. Calcutta, Ji!'.. 'i2?<Jo'ng down the rivor, >>bl) D.?lp*iln. Policy , f r I'flVi'ii, \ i r . 11 mi ii, I ! (1 h prcT ni? In J ill v 2$, fhlp* Juc b Tlorton, Merrill; Hlml. lla'rh; p..tar S -, I' .ira-n: Anna U-w.r, Parmma. and 11, n i 1Iui1(.h, UartVtt, Ltveipool; Guiding St ir, Ilal,\ Sydney. NSW. Hid from ^augor July 22, ship Wlt'h of llie Wuvo, Todd, ondou. i ua icoa, Aug 29?In p >rt bark E i Ba'ter, for NYorU 4 dn w An* 2S?Air Miirv 15 UI >:, I'. 'h, I.nn.t- n for Portla d I mil mi i-, d). SI 1 2H H, llurvi *t Mo ,l, limrv, p.clon. liovm, Aug 2H?Oir, Iud.a, Tlowult, from liixiti' re tor IIuviv. ]>n'UN, Aug 27?Arr Waredule, Corning, Ba?t|; 1) L (/h'- u% Mc.Manu>, ruk'wa.sli; iVf'TiV Janr, Anderson, York. I^j1 Y'M'K'CA, Aug31? Iu poiiKcltr D N Eldildgr, 0?.len, for Iikmammia, Aug 10?In nor; Turk Carnlola, lIonMns, for Loi (I hi C .< Kininouk Anp 2*?Ait S :?*-.?'mm), Yomif?, Wvhiirt for CSl u"i'*vr 25tli, ?Souibcrn'T, Chandler, B ud.-a furllcrtio* gaud. V.\j lUniion, TT. A tiff 21?Tn i*>?t Wr!g Julia Arey, for New York ! x' ' i n1 * : ' ! \ . JQ, tiAJ WAV. An .A -I i l* i Tu ittj, ,v .h- !!. Vurt-s. ?uit?r, \ ?.\<r S.r..?, K::.o?, Maiwe;.']' *; Daniel, Sj >, Pul? rain f ! !!. -ton. ?'i"'oa, A '2J? Arr Ano;iin?o, P. I 'M, NOrl?.\i v, J mi* M ThtuKton, (J lk?*y, Newj" rt; Annie Ho !jn ati, li>lcr, Ardroa* HI!'. <!i ?<u:ow, \uc27- A! r S' ' , V?, Mutism?. Ro^.o'-he, Rid H7-b, t Louis, rr NVo.k (:.n I fiom law Clvde?tf.h); ..wit, T;iv' r. Ho K (;? \(i\, *i *,??i-1 1 I. k l ..nm Puck, Crockett, Leghorn, to rt fo England TIa"'C * i M ? A>1 V ?-ft* S; ill;, Johnnuspn, NYork; 2?lh. llo. isWi (k>. Timi'i i:m?:*, do. I!k. \ oi t, Ai i Z'f?lu f? ?rt, ready lor *ea, Lvra, Cheevcr. fo. H ujlwiv vl i S>\v:'k; ??. ll.^vnr \ ..?Am M I vjnt: ton, ?nnv?<on, N Y.-rk; 2?:h, V My! JIm r.dn. Old 2*1. I? if !?h .m., \ C <U li ;VV ' c a; i? r Oak, Carver, NYork. MdlJJd, Leoua. Nor* rt*. r. c of. Mono Kono. July 11?Tn vort, ahij>? Mary Whlttridgo, CresKr y. f ?r 'J V-Lous u-.-y '??, J'..,- ^u? Kr.n !., ?); S. i O' .lAU fBiA, for d??; Seaman'* Nr!d?\ \fyman, for Ad.dald't . .11 i rrif't'Ijfar.T U?.?\y \ Uk, an \ 7F *i **t * .W1. .U r ? N D Palmer. Low*. 11 :*???- ?*, Owen; John \Y Wf.It." <)s-.i *>d, and T.icretia, Mil i- one; ! ;!;-? llovt r, I>? mp, f? , Sh.'ti g!iac; IJo?:<ic; ' i jht, 1 rK higiwi; Nvinph, BurrnwM&d r nr ;>, j/r ' r, unir; I.i!1 7' A A**lil (?>', dii^; brig likunin, foi ihV; ,l?r !' . V?-r . ?.? . 1-: V.' i'T, A ig 2(>?<;if, F. Shervood, Norton, from lioiidon ?'or NYoiU. l/.vr.r.rnoi., A ? 2t?Vrr Putbv^n, Wl'Uami, Montrpal; r7t? , KoMV( ?fan (s), (jucbw; 2^h, J i) .M\ri? .rid, H'allaoe, N ! t-vli'f.,. i i<'?ih. Thoaiai W?t*op# \li. n. CI a I' ^l in; President 1? : ?? !., ''in; < n. S' n; T/., i???; BrowM r. Sp:.rro>v, J* ; !v \, Smi . P??rt'.i!^?: U7t!i, J hn Hibrht, 4^it?tlr;', N-'W V !.; At.:ft ?. t :t r . ; Kmi; An t>- ' find, Pl'.i'a(' 'i-iii. : .! In I. \>1 <: ?: . <] ; A. /.ona, r ' inwrn, Unvi ; ? TU .m , i) >: if . 1 ! ', r?H! r, (\>! i.fn: Ti/or, ! wc ! I'.HKlport; .) S I'.r; >i;p, T. ! ?. Qi:- ! 2^*h, Ciiyot lrr? ?>, ?i V (a al j a v.!Cu; .' R-.u-c 10i!i; Man) t.ui.D'Xon NY rlr C ! VW\ Win Taj r.-n, NY* rk; 2^'h, F A Allen. Pitton, <?r }? ? ..o- <- >, NYork; .V< v W ' i, ? 'i .nil. r!a,n. and Or eon ?.f the KHMt, Healev, d> ; Col Co !:, HmUJ V. I'V 'V -V ll'r ' . ,? P' Km forldgJTM-, Hullxut, A'atihowfi, Boston; 28th, United fl ill .. N N i .... 1 (?* no?-, \ Arr P !>i\, O^hufpn, Rio Grande. <M1 27tr, Liv1 ' i n ' K rin-v, NYorl:; Kinily C fcturr. Falrfo i . N< H-/-IK.V n <1 J1 1?< ! r. . I' It ?th, A B on, Hvork. sm r < iu i.r.iwm-i t ;' Mi, Wei km, B inrhard, Newport a1"' St Tl-omw. ! wtuh 1'oYLV. A' n?7- Arr Aunn, Belfast for NYork. I ' .H'?RN, Ant: 2?? * i r Far s Hit k. CrtwGcrmi. Vkhki., Aug 2/-Arr m \.h:i Kimball, p.idd ok, Hamburg. Mai wja. .v 19?1 ? l;: 'it, S!o:*omb, NVork. Mak5kilv.k*, ai g 2''?Sld Armenia, Hamilton. Conslant'ii v At'LMAiif, July 2?8ld Fanny Fern, Lawrenee, Falmouth, Knr. y> acao%,Tolv 11?! n | 'i ? ' hip Nowwan. nrleb, iwr XajflLA, Inly 4?f i port I'uliw c-.'d'n Went. M ;Kenste,for S\<!|h'#v, NSW; Sw? i'| - ak? ;, Mre' 1 tor >1 11? urno: <? e;ri P"< ;irl. urll, tor Bo v. n at '4 S ??r1?y. Brown, and \l?*rrlm?c Tbn. -to , tor N Y?n < ( f'tw at $r>^ i??-r 4 l?U); 'i t#';, M r ,.ii, H'..i N r iir ift tJr. v. r?, Mt'irLl , ?": ; I ;. . \V I'd l i-< ' for I v r|"(lias 1 .Mops <5 \ Siij a M ?'V an 2?Mi? Jvv.i t- r>* wot at jL.i5.ij Swc big Hilda 'Jr** 1- *ic, 'rn !'> mv:, 1 rom I'. K'in arr 2d. Mo.skovjA. .) i. > !>!--! -I p rt n i t- Anteloiie, Miller, from r ! P rt PrftyiL CVI, ar?* lliti kyiptco. Aiu. 1?In port >>lii|-s RmVaway, Perkins, f I m C:wi it, <}ih .; Oi**?nSI J, ('.?>, and A)b?ilrtw??, l,oii;.i)Hit dl*n; t>Hi .> S.ila ia, ilur?ley, tr?nn Bnenos Avr*n for 1' ?'ou. t:?.kit.p in >i; (Ji. nhc ii. T?-'.jt*nham, ami K"be. ,h >1 Winner. rt' -n: Y..nU. ,. IM ,! , S - it. from NY'.rk, ill .:: Hal he. II ?< ^-r, ?1 *. ; ?iv? cn'mul, Merrlin'in, from Carft.f ctne; ' J.l , ' . , nne; *ehr? U'tn Sip fit, '!"rr<M?n, 1 j < tn NYork, i]isf ; C??;"-t, IMIot, UoU>hkifui. from I'o(.mis A^lvk fur i'uraaa^uk, ballast; Fauuy, Wicks, MiR.?r<OANV, Au-^23?Tn j orf brlp "MoiiUeAlto/' from N".v Vo: k, <: r k <nte d ?v: s 'i m John KJMott, Wood, for Boston so.." l-Vsrless, A ihmis, '1<>. uw. N) wcA.vri,!?, Au'/JCl?Jmi! ??i?t Jtobt Caldwell, U'ldson, BarCf l"na. Ni wrorr, Anrr27?RM ('"I'iIn Ann, Small, Pt. Thomns. n'afi%?.ikt,i1i ' 14? Arr tmvr.'al, s ihtj^^n, s!isn^l>a?. I*i yvoutif, Aur 2'^? Arr h'xtiii.:a. K<a'i, N' Ihn.v - vi;tVo, A i :lrinkx F , ? ra, \v%-Nb, ."ml lmi r:n\nr, Po-vor, for PM'i?dv!phin, disg; 1. igs Vet?'tan, ])|vw, fi'?in NY??rK, < ??; V??: lit, D *nnl?-n, I :i>m BanH , i '' r; Brei'/.r, Om? v' fr??m PbliaUelphta, arr [} :> ( .nil M.I same ilav i ?r 1. o.Tan Mro). <.rr-i v.'tcivn, Au;2.S?ArrM h Frank, IlaaVell, <'f?rdena?; ,1; n ' Kd -> ? rJ. ti<> (ifi '.-ai'rt tin* Ju'tiph 1, NVanl. Tlbbrtls, D .tp d- <'??r >r\vcaKt!f). Sid 2T'b, M illie liletcalf, Snowuian (f .f. Mm t. .I.'o ?. I.hkuiip ail. , .July 15?in . ?rt filnp .^uth'Tn Earle, O.iMwell, fr. m? i *. f..t. en- .( >no S), f r Europe idi;. Oidi.itii, slisp W lidU.inuer. Ci/a-r. IC iros?e. y-iwrn iwrro.v, Aug;#? Arrsteamahlp Fulton, Wotion, New Y<*vk t r TIavp". 1 t M < kys, tf? illy, Aug 20?SM Flora, Hlcka (from NYork), P? <?. b#?oa. siiik?.i?s, a ig23?irrdHiH'V", m'-lntyre, Havre. fx'.?r*KKf?\sn At?.: 27? * ' PMJo. O -Hg'tily. NYoik. St Hki.una, Jillv II?Ar Mmnrltah.-t. ilratic.h.tinp, Bombay (ftU'l k'<! lt>fh *''t-Livt-rjMnl t; It) h, Cbanpion, Mayo, Singapov iu<' : 1 ' I7'h tor Liverpool). Sincapokb. July 2-?l-i i o t f-'l?i|>n Surprint*. Ranlett, for Hon;; K-ui*; Ar?{ >naut, Ifa , for Shanghai;, reiairing; KoMu ll?>od, Y iyior (l it ('row. II, <i< d), uii ; bark'Rocket, Saunders, J uiam: and Boston, M3AL, Aug 24?N?? Atn vessel iu port.. St Thomas, Ar?Tr. i t shin Hope, Tucker, from Cork, dis*.; bark A/?''1a, Davta, trom NVoik, do: brig* Union Suite, FoxneP, from Ulo .Un.'iro fi.r L"K''iiyiR, I't:; African, Laac, ft .m St Tltoinun, MrCA. tine; ?cYr* JTa?im>i", Cox, fr??ni Kliyabeth City, NC, tin- ; J< uny Lind, Mitchell, from M.rthi?\k, dl*g; Indu*. Stokeley, from Trinidad, tine; Ocean Wav, Warm.r, from Cua laloupc. do; Coronet (Br), Poole, from N'? vH, f r Virmont'k, NS, Mth. sr.roiiv*, PR, Aug 2*$? In port brfg* Palestine, Rogers, for Europe ldg; Ch.ittaroo^a, Fiy, inyr. 'Inoos, Aug 27?ArrSt.i'ira, Bourne, St Stephen. \Vrnriwi, Aug 19?Arr Kureke, cimid'er, Cronatadt. Vam?akaim>, Aug 3?In port ahlp Peruvian, Roberta, for C''iv via Iqulune. Wii \vt'oa, ?luly 21?In port ah'ns Canvas Back, Clark, for NVork; Whito Falcon, Drummoud, npg; Zingari, New begin, and John .lay. P>?ty, line. Yuui.o, July 4?In i?ort ship Mountain Wave, Hardy, repairing. American Ports. ROSTOV, Rent Jl?Arr I' s gunbo?t Pembroke, Berry, Potomac l'llvcr. NinNYor*.; 1m ij;?i II iuw>ck, Pomeroy, CnrdlfT; C insV'Irnj/Ff "i ly, D vn.'trara; s-hi -i V ?rietf \ T<?f??:. Tito n, I ntadelphia: Huaan, Bcarae, NVork; laahella, Fanlklin, N York. Cld hip Artisan, PolU;rd, NYork; bark Itasca, SnclHug, Went Coast of Africa; brig Sarah Wooater, Lord, Philadelphia; M.'brs II A Rogera, UoC'%>>. and SUver Magnet. Perry, 1 do; Artiat, Htibari, Klverhrad, NYork. Xotb'lu^ went to am. Wind 8K U? 88K, with rain. Steamer Aeorn started, but returned. BALTIMORE, R^ptlO?Cld Brl?ark Anna. WhPe, Dema. rat a: *chr F If Abtwitt, Stnitb, Fall River. Sid Br brig Laurel, McDoiigal, IIar!x>r Grace, NF; uc.Sr Seeing. Sall'oru, New York via Pocomoke River. IItit. AM?Arr Br*?m ship Neptun, Bnltle. Bremen via New York; i?arka Kiln Virutnia, Fo k??, R!o Janeiro; Cavalier, >!? Le??dt do vti Sandv Hook; Br bri < Mus. ovndo, Butler, Dc^mar<.ra; schr N M Tanner, Paty, Dominica. BATH, Sept9?Cld ship Ba/nnr, Kaatman, NYork. BANGOR, Sept 10?Ckl ahlp?Jeuige \f Bourne, Lord, Lfvcrpool. BU1STOL. Pert 11?Sid *chr EverRrecn, Foater, NYork. FDOATITOWN, Sept 10?An- k-Vth John Oliver, Sands, NYork: Pawcatuck, Hopkins, NYork for Portland. FALL KlVr*i4C, Sept II?Arr sctir Thotuas Winans, Davis, i NY?Mk. ULOUCRATER, Sei>i9?Arr Br bark Onward, Liverpool E. > i.k Yarmouth, NS. CM 10th. s? hr White Cloud, NYork. NKW BEDFORD, Si pt ID?Sla Sarah Au^ufta, Patter, NYorkNEWBURYPORT, Sept 10?Sid schr Amelia, Bavley, Poita Rico. N*EWrORT, Sept 10?Arr achr Orion, Davia, Fall River for Newnrk; Orator, ttibhfi. Briatol for Purt l<?nen; llti?, Montrose, Wall, Calaia for NYork; (J R VLkcry, Babbitt, Taunton IV)r d >. P^>KTLAND, Sept 10?Arr brig S Tfmrsfon, Lampher, Philadelphia. Cld bark C B Hamilton, Ohaae. Havana; l<ri;'P Aahler, Dill, (/ua^)alouf>e; C Jf Kennedy, ulnslow, JUatanzaa; achr Starlight, York, Philadelj 'aiA. PROVIDEN' K, Sept 11?Arr sU'wner Pfelienn. .Tnne> Vew X:,r& ii? n:fl KhTTTT'lieiS; V eb>>, PhlnrttflpTi!!*! J L TTil tli.', Tl,u?"s, NVork. _?o<.KLuVJi/? S-i.t 4?Arr sli'n AltceThovr.tHki',Thoriulilt^ .B*n?i?rl\.r A.hjT>,?-'- 4'*1. s-'lj-Minnl C.4>h. Avi-rill. XYork; 6;h, Imrl; ilm it<'! f paui Jlooki r, s Ji: r ll't. Ha.'I. Vln?!huvcn f:T >Y?rlc. Sl.l 4"', l.iwy Blnki>, Kvrcrt, nnd <k>:iwHy, M.-iitil, NYork; 7lli, W iri> l*?, Or?y,*nd S.irnSi, Holdf-ii, ilo; Sth. Arwlllfr, Ills, do, J R Jamcnoa, jBointon, Tinalhnvcii to V a 1 t-r NT^rk. j-'a h KltANCrSCO. Aus24?Arr ubi" Pari ! Hrnckelt, Bur(? ,*, NYork; 2.v.h, mi i i'.ioiliontai), sc-;ht, il'>4t<>u; l?.rk Kintu-'linc, nvi <.i<. !?, n'nwj n.wn.dity, Honn-, NYork; (lalnU-n, Wrudrll, nnd Phmitom', Surgrrf, dn; 27lh, im-hnrd lit (Br), (;.c, noOfil). tlmtinow; fclir 1'aRM. Titliui. Kid 2oth, fwiligh . Uittc, NYork. SHippiiie. XLINH KOIt LONDON.?SATI.8 TO MOBBOW, THE fnvurlU p..oki't?; ip S?.rTllAMl*ToN. lylor rt pIM No. 17 c:; ,tii ) (h" rlfpf, ; uhlp amazon snili s?j uthlifir 10. Km- pmnw or Uintt.t on OrtJil Britain or Iit laud ni piy luTd'v'HT'l' t I'll KiT kirii. t ' A I SI RAL1 1 N 8H1PPK1 8' 11 E -1 OR MRLBOt RNB J\ dirrt-i. Th? ^i;prr?or AI rhpivr ship CONTINENT !ia? nn*rvj\isMH a* <*>niro??<tnt!on for first at?d Kf?<u?nd rW< yapf-aij* / h. jiitii'untied i?r?* aMp oil*. Apply o? board, i>icr li fcuat uvcr, or to KlHHIiR, R10AUD3 Jfc CO., 81 Wall a tree! IriOK OALTfOI SlA VTA PAN iMJL A l;rat < Juas n^unier >v?.i l*nvr >. w York on tha 1m, 111H uni nisi ci i. h momii, exct-j't tho*c duie* f.ill on 8undty. when the tiny of dvpartmc w?ll lie on the Monday folio wine. Kov frlrght or paia&ge apt'ly at the only offlto No. 5 B ?*rlingOrpcn. IK B. AXLE5, Agent. pi R Havana VIA NASSAU, K, P, I 'i :? ltr'?:i*han<l North .Ami r: ;.n r v*l mull ntrar.i*hip hAKN YK, < 'lot. I * :? r, will -.?il l'ortbo above port*, i ? in tho company* wharf, Jvney City, on? Katirby Pert' mVer 14 M l . ty October 14 | >1 * .Ncy ciubcr 11 j IV.?money to N.iwmn $43 < I'jt.-iiMV u ont y to llavuii;'. tiO \ bur iivijxht or rf afly to B. < t/ffARD, 4 Bowling Often. IfOH KEY WEST AND I? A VAX A. Tho armed Unit*: l - Mail steamship M AllloN, J. D. PMlHpa, Unit"tl Sihi- H Navy, Cotnmmd^r, will leava I- < r 4 North river, f?>r 'hi- a*? >v?? i .-i ?< on Fn-lay, Sfj t. IS, at 4 o'clock 1*. M. prec-i.'ofv. f' ?r f | - i.,? j'|>i>lyto KPOKl oKD, TILIISION A < ' ?' I' ) '# lu'Rr. K. Tl? ??< '":rr ?r vM r? ' *V? w'vr* , ? ?. ? , W"-"' 4 ? STTOPFIWO. The British *and north avkuican koyai.vail iVI'KA Vltilltfh. run* nkw yi>hk to uvvkroob. (" IffCiMn Vks- $1 SO SccouJ CablU l\u i 74 IrtMM UOKTON TO MrxKI'OOL. Ch. fC bin I'.i- $110 M,- iid' jtiiu !V**i '* tk> 'in Irotii ,\rv. York call?" l!??rk limhor. '1 i* i n irit'ii ) i>n rail at llal'ittx ami i'orlc Harbor. I I'l.i -i.\ is. A?-KJ<!A, Shannon. Ait vlllA, *:? .'111 .1. S">Uo, OA >-U)A, C.ijiUiu J. Leltob. A <i ,,' I K. 0. 1/otl. AMI.KI ' CSrta'n AooTitALA.-: .X, M ' : lU| Mi; J OajiL.ii >'<. i;i Uoi'A, i-.pulu AndiM*on. S> i V (nr.> mi! .nia). TVw v. iii) a ? ; ..i t hi: tal Uia?tUe?a, |!rw? on > r'vinji. Ijuw, j? on i t h\<" AKiu.'A, h'..uiu< I .. k N-w Y>'ik, V. i ilueinla.v, Aug. 1* 1 si: , ,u ' I. , . v- .Ma - ' v . Art;. 21 IA, Ji ... " i. w Vork,\. >1 > A I iNAi-A. M. " )' hi. l.iv. 'pt. 3 aria, uttt, " >' v.'VurV, Vt S. pi. 11 '.1!'. , ! . " }; . V. ' i .1., S[.I. H A% !t'.\, Simmon, ? Nm, vj;U, \\utluiiMi.0, bojil. 24 J ti"? ? .1 mull p.n I ! r All " | ; !, t . |, 1 ? i. r* ul i ir , H|i| nn iurt?b|i> ti-r Cold, H:l V"|*, )'ul|i II. : . .l"\t I'. .1 : iv.ll. . Mi'llt'l., mil.n-K 'nil. iii arc M..I, I l.n nii nml itn- v.ilne tin ii:ol kliL'it'iii cxiikumomI. ! ', [-, , m'.t <i.' i i;< iii'i K lu K. CUNMll). N , 111' v. ..ii,: i;i<<fii. Ow1ko TO TlIE IUSARr.ANOr.MV.NT of our. rr.tjv. 1.1- VVI I \ I ., , ii,,- j'<-L:;:n i|,-v , o il || l.i<< ? ..ii ) K < tin: vtil. nut ?j<?i :i a k'< ii i n-i .N v. mi s. tm-iiv, tlirt 14ili [in m >?r. !.<<x: -' "ii r w L; I |'"I'< .III'. Ii.mIi.1. until, il-,1 III S.pti in r, ,,ii i w U 11< i.iiinwuil woul.11 Hi ill'' ri , .ir .<mii>?, *.. - Ii. ! :< ii". .n'li'N <;. mi.'i, A Bti i;m n k< tu'Twpon N iv V ;i<l J.ivi'i, ,u!" land. III' ..111 I'llllil.l |.I||< p. .'Hi;, ii 1.1 Q'. 'l. '...II il j|,J. 'i I.' '<mpool. N'-\v V- . i.n.l l'i a :r.l,.ltla 811'i.mi .'|i?'.uifmny Int.'iHl <!''.s|iiii.'iiiug their inn jkiw. rati Ut>d? I'l' itullilpMif I'ollow*.? 4ii..t'<UUW finturday, Bopt. T. ci;v. im-.v. \oiiu iii t livti. mani :i. r::. jUutr.Uy, 8qi M. cm ?-i m.\ni:u::.wi.ii ur cr. v tn NHV VOKK, Sept. ML Anil every SiUtir-. , t ; mm I';-i il NortU river. ny y\'Mii:i: First CaMtt f i ; . i $.* Do. t.i'I, -i a n| Do. to I. .ii.Inn... IWI I> '. t X'l II '. t" . : i Jd I> i. lo Unm 'My.... j 1>.>. to llniiiinir,: SB r.'.v -;ifw-r?..!k? . T'l : to lluvi., K ...i n.aai, A V 'l'i'. . I i I '.V rill.?. IVii. nil u ...i .'u. 1 i I., ii.. . in i ,i u frl.'iii'ii n liny tlt-kcM li"r. ii, I i.a - i N V "?l r.ini I. \ nmulu* Q'. o.i "vn. i: r- " i . J- ' Jj.'. bU'.".ii0'i iroan I. il;'| .1. J.I i" .11 I. .'V, . ? .'. Tin .'' in-1? Ii . iip.'ri i . i 'iiiiii'iil'ii nun r rp-vRd**. v th, :'ii I i-.iuTy i i',' , ili '. "i.'iln wit> t i'-.i:.!it lri'u - ctl 'l..:. ui l limi', tit lit i. iu. ' -lor* o? nntrrt. i-'.t f'l: ihrr lnfo:'n'?.tlon p''-"y l'i Llvt-'-pool ti^vir.t^ram IN MAS, I. * : I, V, n',:.:; 1 : ? ?? i. \VV i.N?A?, . '< .-.t. K'.ni'li squ.n'o; hOim.i- m ii in ('. A (V. il. MKT* MOlTi: ,v <HI.; In i. ! :i |.. I. & VACKV, t'l King Vi.l.' m Mi.' -t; In r?r:?t? Jl'l ? UA tXifi:, A . I'.nce tli-Ii. il ,ii ; in r',,'. . ,(. i t.i .'(ill.* tj. DALi., Ill Walnut ftlr.'t t, ii'- .a Hi nip ,ii\ b -:. ' ?. JOIt.V <.. da: K, A I.;. I II I I'.n..', , V t, Vnrk. FROM KEiY YOIIIC TO JAYZlirOOL.?TUB O i-U'jl.u !?ip (;i r.A'r v \*TT.n$ hnviiik 1 tl htrv ii;tract witU tU Iliitisli ^ovcraraool^ v\ ill litiil from sew \ von /.Tvr.'ui'OOL Oti hi;turd.i , O. tul'i'i 5. RtTK* or In fir>t '\iMn *n~. ' r - i .Mi. 8int(*rooni arcommodAt lor.. ? ' .'i.i ! : ! ,jual. hi fliji i a'.in, f pun i. ?. Suits'-: it! ;. :.?< .u .timviuu fur fiimlliet may be engaged b\ hj'*' : .. ..rr ... : ill. T (JltKAT t'. \ ' ' !'N v.-ill leave Hvft tunA 011 ht-r return trip ir IV s ?11" i.. h'?i; fan !? ' ? ?n. r.n?l on^nymcius fo* \ r? igiit anil i r-t! <r ?> lWWLXSU ?V A'VINHVWJi, \r ??!?, ft! ir. I 5.' S. utli street. IJ10B BOOTH 1MI M x" AXD IJAYRH : Ou Suiui . , . ??>t. it,''to i nitcvl Suites tu.iil steamer AKAdo, D. Line*, eotn mender, Will Kill from pi . *' .'7 j'Corih river, iuoi of Bench street, or S?,t in!;!y, s- i'<cnib? r 11, at r.eon. T..U ' ip (or ; iVr rafetv ami ' mfort) 1;aa dt?ui cm- i s iim n!i" ' by water .i;a:. inp'irtmi-!. , w?n- , i-,*. M other tc nl?-t i:? tl>** evnt of eol11I< or '.frHllilili.T, fr; 'lie pmil| s t roe t<j \v rk, Mid ?e* CM!'- Illi1 Ol VI'- fl lltlll pi<..-'9(:l.geiH, i' or ireight or paw.i. e apijly to SAMUEL M. FO^. 11EO. \ C K V! \ /' K, A'^MS No. 7 IS I war. The Ktenmer FULTON vrlll sail Octobei 12. | vIlwECT STEAMSHIP LINE 1J fcVTWVNN NEW YOUK, IT A VUH AND ANTWERP. Tin- i?mw 4iu<! spn:r<1M Hicamer. A 1, CON. 'UKHS. Capt. L".nMji-lfr, 2tSirj t ,,in. s v.)bnr?o power, sa;! lrotn New York on Tim* ? !;.>. September For Havre: n<l \ntwerp, ilinvt. Price of pas* igo for Havre, Antwerp, ^oiuliainpton or London:? J'jrat? mi bin $ID0 Second cabin 09 St^erag- Si < .'mi ton ' ? -i* >fav-, I ill price. For frettfht a] plv to \VM. F. SCUM : 1>T, 7G B?viv - street. 1* rp <? *;e ii'i'ly t<? llJb'NRY 31. W?iiP, li?7 Weal at rcet? corner of It? a?ie street. QTEAM TO UAMlUTwO, HAVRE, LONDON AN? f? Southampton. Tim Hamburg American Packet Company** Iron *team?hlp ITAMMONJA, H. F. SeUwenacn, ecainnu lor, e.irrying tki l . Stat * o ail, will leave from pier 21 North river, fool of Fulton street, SATURDAY, Sept- 21, nt uoon, for Trnni'i'trr, vf S .*,.at.ii't r.K! ;g [ aMeng^rR for Havr^ J, v!>n, Southampton and Ilamlvir/. J'lr.- f i:;. ?!(>>; H;*r v):l ri) in, $*30; ftfeeras^. $.15. Tlv ?!?-a?ri- . of this 15i!?* will' a\.- every aTternnte Sr.tiuv da v, rnrrviticf the l'nited S'aN** mail. ihr hi? Tu. ip iSAXONiA will ^ueTeed t1^ Ilammonia, to Oi tooer 5. C. b. BIl'iiAltD a HOAS. 151 f?. i 'v'uy. rpTIF. N >UTII OKHMAN LLOYD'S 8TF.AMr-TTIP SKXf 1 YO? v, (I Wenk-' courin;i(I? r, earning the I'liiled S.i*?-s iaall, will fi.*!l from i ?er J*) lun tli rivVr, ?ooioi Ch.ooberi ?li eel, on SATURDAY, Seplemb r 23, at 12 o'clock M., ron BREMKN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, teklMR pa?pei! :? ?? f? LONDON, 11AVUH, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEK, at ihe foilowiiiK rvtes : ? j'nr ih n t-u. $Hfj; s."i"*ud cablu, $10; steerage, $3X For I'reigUt er pans m?- app-v to OELKK MS k CO., CA Broad wtrnet> T7K>R MVBBPOOL.?TAP800TT LIKE.?THE FAVO.r rite. ?vi? Ket ahip iSUY MANNTIKINO, l ipt, I?oll?nf, will :' i!l p'.f*it:ve!y ot> .Saturday, 8. pt. U. For pa>^ ,:e n' ply on Ijo.trd, pier 06 Kust Hrer, or to TAPSCO'lT *t CO., 8'> Souili at reel. 1J10R LIVERPOOL.?OLD BLACK STAR LINK?TIIE " packet ablp lTMVRRSK,lvin?aipier 27 river, sail* aerie tuber IX Tint ( k'M< iSt iwij sails iS?-|?loin^ -u4 %). For nessjure ?>r ?11 11:<>? tii". Batii; oi' Ireland apply to W1L* Ll. A.* S ,v (i; it... 40 F jJton >; oet. I710R LIVER POOL?THE WORLD WIPE KNOWN CLIPJ. per ??hlp nUEAl")Norc,!lT. rantain Samuela, arlnonrlcdgcd t?? be the t.?s,?-t ve.-set afloat, having uinJo the pa<sn^ m.dcr thirteen <bivs, will positively haul into the *tre.mi t>:?s i\ ?y lit 5 1*. M., wren all puisrn^'is must be. onboard, and tin I to-morrow, September 14, ut no>n. llcr ncconimcdnMoni fi r ill flu-' es of passengers are sup^rtor, and for eleanlineas and ::?kkI regulations, .innot be e.vriled. A challenge of $;><XKMo offered to the ship K. S. ELY, or ?ny other 0 ' ill In the trade, foratrlMlor speed. For p ? s.ipe apply OwnnediateJy to seeure berths, lowest rates,) mi board. f> N '.th \ [\< r, ? i t?? r. X, DBMARE8T, 40 South street* . T^OU IilVETtPOOL?TIIE SPLENDID CLIPPER SHIP J. KICIfARD S. ELY, Captain Livtn-ston (l:;?v?u^ <viu n the Miip I>n idnau^bt is aeknow termed to be the tustest ship afloat), will >afl ou Saturday, 14th Inst. Pas'-n^rs wVIl hi- f t'.- ri ut lower rate* than by n-iy <.tber ship, ller rrromm ?<; m e-in are unsurpasited. Apply itnmeiiiateiy on hoard the ' pier li East river, or to JOSEPH MURPHY, 61 Bout! .-i. F)r LIVERPOOL?HLACK BALL LINE OF PACKCIS.?Tlojelipper ship HARVEST QUEEN' hauls iu the wtrram this dav and sain* to-morrow. For p.-issn^p applv oi? board, foot of Week man street, East river, or to JACOB WILSON, 1US Sou ill street. A CHEAP AM) QUICK PASSAGE TO LIVERPOOL? THOMPSON'S Ltnc.?The splendid elfpper ship MANCHKSTKK. at pi?-r 21 E?v t river, near Fulton ferry, Mills orv Srtturilav, Sept. 14. Apply on board or at the ollire, JN?. tIA l'eerl street. A USTRALI A.?KANGAROO LINE FOR MELHOUKNE? j.\ First vessel.?The magnificent fust, class ship .JACK FROST, 'WO tons burthen, will have early and prompt dee* pii i*'h. The aeeommodatiuns for passenger! are very stipe* t Earl/ application must be made on lKvird, pier Ne. 10 Bust river, or io MAlLLLR, LOUD & QUEUEAU, lo6 Wall ntret?|. pOR LON1>ON.?THE SPLENDID SHIP PATRICK I ^ HENRY, t/.ij,?ain Moore, saila September IS, from pier 1- En at rlrer. Pashenqern taken In f?eeond cabin<? rootni cud louiid in provisions at. reduced tee rage prleen. For p&sM.145V. \e., appfy to TBOS. 0. KOi*HE, 83 South ftrect. FHHSO.\A74, a ffTTT will liU .'i lJnat- (o the Xlcml:', will !:inr or " .iiflE 1 a'n?< nro.:i!l|r )a lilt mlvaiitnip. If thiw sSould mcelUiB n~e? .>f .tu-y ?lio knows him 11 is fcojwd tlior vriM be Uud onouji '* MiWLr w n'.iu?<\ AI.liX 40?I WATTBD ONK HOUR: WAS DISAP- , limn'o.l. I tUull Ihj in ih? otiy on Tik^Jut, Riii will b? t 'lip hot'*! at lire o cl<i- k. Will vmi nut l?? i""n f llfiww j iiii?w?r. TOMMY U. jriou Aporrioy?a fine uKAr.rtiv vkhale iwI lAnt, twu olU, of retpcct l*i Atxi^ii'^n ulKg^. A|>|>irto H.t. ^kiio!. , Iu7 E?*t Utli Hi., batlTecu 3J and | 4'Ji *im. TTUtAKK K O. K-DO MK Tnr KSHCriAt FAVOR TO J' sciod T<?.:r to box 3.9fl. Wrote as (lir< Got no f ply. fl. * NUBBINS. rfULTON KKKRV TO TIIIBTV-SHtJOND STREET^? 1 Pnib 3V?iiui> Mn^f, n<K>n yp*lcrd?r. Th>' ]v>ii,v Hitting amt, vim ? >! u'lt innii?d>?iuly ifUrwAi .i.-, woiii.l t?' jilcufed to meet tf>? <' > n?T >. tin- m<i?U; 1 > >* HEN'RT XV EXT WORTH, #01.r, New York. If W._g HICKMAN, LATE~OV ENULANO. WILL CALb I ?t 2G South Wlllinm ?tiet't, Sc.r York, be will hear of to Lis ?<!'miiu^e. I OOTT?8KXD WHJUUi YOU PA01IIBBD"F0B LETJ J ter? without <!< : .j. FEBIX VTOTICE.?ANY INFORMATION RBSPECTINO RICH.\ Bi'rl Onwy. who l-rt hU home on Motidnv evenUiz. Se(>t. i;,hi,rO. Haii on a bl?ok cloth ("'V black .sj>i n icheek i-liirt, ?lri|?'.l tianla, black Ko^nth lint, lie had not bf n aeon or heard of ttlire: will l e klr.dl/ ren i. <1 by his brother, Oonilnick Caner, 408 Cherry stie?t, New V rk. QHUcT/H THE YOl'.WLAliY Wll.i RODE DOWN IX O the Third aviuue our on banday. Sopi. 8, d'Hlro to bef rue belter acf(im ntn l with the p;iitiein.i , >i' v 1mm s%? a.'V.nd th* iu ?r.>; way to Ea^t Rait io ti I':ooklvn, nr>?l who li-r in a ear,"she will jilease addix-ss a i. itc ui Frank Sanford, ftallon P. rpHE I.AI>Y DRB88i:i? WITH PURPLE DKE?S. BLArK I silk >rimmiii??, with a friend In licht ilrc?;- ami lin;? lm?l nl, who r.?Ie In Oreenw l -ar*, Itio I !> a, (.n WedB*?'ley afternoon, will ver*. jau li nb.'yr tl-e writer Willi her a ! dm. s. AdJr.'.'t# Convin. B. klyn Pout oOlec. ' r il"fj Til K iImjY WHO WAS AT cmtrsTY'tToN' V' Wednesdnv rvcnlrj:, and sat at '). < extreme left aide of the hou*e. ami who in tired a /.'"itlrmnu w,tb ? friend, wh > showed hi i a card, f,trot Mm with her nd<lrc*?. A vsluable aeoualnlaniv will bi) the retuit. Addrevi It. 8. B.. box 4.J.VJ 1 oat < lllce. iJ.I. I'JIE 1'AR'iIKS~TWVFO. R. WETHFri:BETl II bun ded with m.d thair address to s'atlon 1^. and i Ob 0. BISHOP. I TV ? r ' T "'NK NORTfl I

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