Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1861 Page 3
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HOt'SES, ROOMS, AW., TO I,ET. i ARL'IT or tUOKUiUED ROOMS to let?is T*HUty-rtint street, near Broadway, nultalde fur buu?ekat'piou; would l? lot to a iwily of tfentlewioii or a ?innll family without<Ulldrtn. lie<it nfcrenoe required. Aiyly at Hon i'lmt olllce. ATTENTION, HOKSF.SIIOEKS'-TO LET OR I.EASE, .A. un uroouut of the death of din proprietor, the i*'?t SarCfklioi'lng establishment tn the Stale of Connecticut, Inquire of O. MOltSE, afiuUuUtruiur, New Unveil, OU, or at 2k) i'earl ?tr<o t, New York. A K ELEGANTLY AND NEWLY Ft'R.vrSIIEn HOt'SE A- to lot, lo a private family only. Kent for i? abort Win $MUO |ajr uiotitli; for a jv irifr longer, $175 per month. Apply at No. tiO Went Twuutlotb timet, between Filib aud SuHi Mraaue*. A small, neatly wjrnished, enolish base. nu lit IIoum* to rent?In iirowUyn, 15 uiuiut(<ft' a.tik from Mouth ferry; looallon unexceptionable; bonne ooritaliiH g.ta, hot mid o>J<] u-iiti r, *r.; rent taken In board: term* *38 |ier month. AAdroa* M. A. 0., box 123 llerald oiboe. A NEATLY FITRVTSIIED COTTAOE TO LET?AT j Elizabeth, Now ,le:???y; nlno n? tnv; 45 minute*; ly trains from Jersey City: lug!! Krounil. very healthy, excellent neighborhood, three minutes' whIX ii "n depot: tliree.qua rUrn or mi aero of tin.' leu. Inquire ul W.M. Jl. tiCOt'LKLiJ, 3J William mroet, rear office. A HOt'SE AND ULAI'MIIT 11 HOUSE. WITH FIX ttires I?n* killtrvr uiul< Ij.u tolut .... for Bui's In F'fty-fourth Ninth and Tenth I *vca**v Inquire Of X. D. SCHUMANN, iJtki West Thirty- J third street. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?UNTIL MAY 1, OR lon^? r If required. The houH*' iu the very h??st part i?l" Klrvf mil street, and Iiiik recently heeu de^oraicd throughout witi in handsomely furnished, and has ail the modern conv<?- ; fences. Will be renied to u private fsvmiy only. Tin* rent ! wJM fee exceedingly moderate to a suitanle tenant. Address, | wHk real name, 1m?x 1,216 New York Poat ?Rice. Furnished house to let-** east twentysecond si reel; three story, brown froat, with an extension. II is the improvements, and fit "perfect order. App\y at AH Kaot Twenty-second street, flrom 1 to.3 P. M. FntKlSHBO HOUSE TO LKT.?A HANDSOME FOB* uislied House, in Brooklyn; also jmn of another; loeaSionj-ood; ilousen delightful; rent very low. Inquire at 21N) Vrfcd;-u strot t, Brookly a. Furnished rooms, witii eveuytiiino required for hour* keening, (n a private family of a widow lady, ^a objeetioti to cnilclren.) wtn?n? tin* eomforts of a l.?-me jaa it joy t'd. Terms from $- M) to $Aa wwk. Inquire at %lt K ut Tinrty first suet, near ffhird uveuue. References piht of a furnished house to let?tn a i?esirahie situation, with afl the modern improvement*. For wUm pai tlculars apply at 37 Wecl Twenty Ural street. STEADY bTEAM 1\>WER To LET. Law nnd small Uooms, Weil lighted. No. 499 Water street. QTAHLK TO RENT.?THE LARGE STABLE (STALLS I O abeve ground), No. 10 West Eighteenth street. to let. Ap*!y la L. F. MORTON, 55 Park place. CpDXK NO 777 SIXTH A VK\ i B, BETWEEN FOBTYO fourth and Forty-lifth streets, to let low. Apply at lift) Pearl street. ?* LET?IN COMPLETE ORDER. THE FIRST, SEX eoiid, third and fourth Floors of h ojse No. Itfl West i TwsntWa street, to a small ^cutcol family; rum, Croton water, Att? through the house; rent low to ?ood tenant*. In* %ul*e at '/tii West Twentieth street or 3CV) Eighth avenue. rn# i.rr-riiK MANSION HOUSE OF THE lati: x John F. I>? laoinltie. at Oowanns. Look Island. It Is deNitmfollv situated on an eminence com ruu tiding a full flew oi New York bay atrd harbor, a short distance from <Jre?-nwood Cemetery, and accessible by the ears. lV-kcuion immediately. Apply to JAMES CKHKbUANK, 63 Broadway v|*v Ajfii?IN UKUWMjIHI, A AjAKUH IKIIMIiK hulthk, I JL sonreiileut lo Fulton lerry ami suitable J?*r a boarding house, containing slxteeu rooms, with lan^e, k.?h and Ridgeweod water, and in eomphte ?>rder. Rent $430. Apply uu the premises of B. II. SEABURY, 95 Fultou str? et, Brooklyn. fp# LET?A GYMNAKIUM, FITTED UP IS A SUPERIOR X style, in opr of tlx* largest and tinest rooms In the vity bjr Ihe l.ue Oustavus Ratx and B. Franklin Beach. Will be lot with ??r without the appurtenances. Inquire at Knickerbocker Stige office, vomer of Eighth avenue and TwentyIhfrd street. fm LET?HOUSE 14.r> WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, X wwn Hwwith md Kifath weanw, tlm moimprovements, A.c. Kent low. Inquire opposite, 144 WeskTweiuj-first street, or ai I.H4 Broad street. f|^ LOT?A For R STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT JL house, Militated in Thirteenth street, between PI ret and Bnoe*tl "iveuuea; all the modern improvements; rent low till l*t ef ll iy to a responsible tenant. Apply to SAMUEL JOYCE, tto) Broadway, or 118 East Seventeenth street. OX) LET?FURNISHED, THE HOUSE 324 WEST TWENX i>-.w*eaii<l street; it car l/e wen from 10 A. M. to 4 l\ M.; KMission inny be hsd immediately ; terms low. Inquire on premises or of A. NICHOLS, 91 West Tuiru'riiUi sireek mm IJMfiOQXD STURY, FOUR BOONS, WITH X bath, g.iM fixture*, Ae.; also Third Floor, live rooms, amc house, at low rent. No. 281 West Forty-fourth street. Alto small and large Houses, with improvements. Also *pmrtm< nts. Floors and Parts of Flooi s, 11. all part* of the MT Inquire of E. 8. & B. T. BURN1IAM, 611 Hudson Ireet, N. Y. rno LET.?A FAMILY, LEAVING THE CITY. WOULD X let, to a small private family only, a beautifully fur lehed English Isuituncni House, in a first ran* neighborhood ; the house eoutains a nice library, ami the greater ji;irt f the furniture and ornament* were imported from 1'arls* Ceui $J,ouiK For further particulars address, with real *au*o aud address, 11. C. M., box 164 Herald ottloe. TO LET?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC. HIGH sloop Biiek Dwelling House 260 West Twentieth street, frouiinj? Chelsea square, replete with Crolon and fian fix. tunes, and every <*>nveni?*nee that ean be desired. Apply to P. A. CU&IlMAN, 162 Ninth avenue, between Twentieth and Jweaty-Ursl streets. ITH> LET?SEVERAL VERY DESIRABLE FLOORS ON X Ninth nvenoe, near Chelsea square, containing live and wis rooms ?'Hcn, xnrutenea wild iroton water uiul ??# nxtuvee; acparnte wut**r cloaeta, K*a meter*, A?\, to ?ach floor, jitl'oruiDff a genteel reaUiem -e tor Miuall an?l reapertable faintIkieat moderate rent*. Apply to I>. A. 4'L'dllMAN, 103 Ninth %vem;e, between Twentieth aud Twenty-Unit uirieta. qi? LET?THE LAROK THKEE STORY AND FINISH X ed attle brU:k Uou/i ', %) White street, formerly known uh Hotel Federal. To a good reauonaible parly ii will l>c let low. luquire ol' E. II. JUl'l)LOW k CCfc, No. & riius ?treeU ffK> LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK PWELLINO 224 X Wo*t Fifteenth ?lr?*et, in complete order; Iium all Hie modern improvement*: Canietaauu OiIcImIih ean be bought V *>aii*d. App\y to M. SOLOMONS, Weet Fifteenth treet. TIU LET?THE HANDSOME, NEW THREE STORY X houae, haviur all the modern improvements, lt?2 Wavoj*. fcr Pfc'e, near Stxth avenue. AIko the oonveflient tnuill flo*?e adjoining: both tu perfect order. Apply next iloor, 158, of B. L. SUY DAM. fpO LET.?NOS. 36 AND 38 (IBEAT JONES STREET X will be i?t cheap t<> a private family, or let on a lease. lixjDlre at .;i Or* ulMM kin el. fpO LET?THE TIIKEE STORY HOUSE NO. 11 LAIOIIT X ft ret'I, corner of St. John's lane, and fronting Canal atiaet, suitable for ltnlil business purposes. Kent low. Apply to it. L. titVUAM, No. I08 tVuvei ley place, near Sixth I avvtine. rr? LET?LOWER PART OF A NICE HOl'SE; TWO X parlor*, two IxiaementM, two sleeping rooms, mistcrn impiovemcnls, lor a moderate rent. AIko one or two nice AP'tiluo 11 ts; rent (12 In $14 per month. Applv at 345 lilew.k?r street, ne..r Charles street, of T. CIIOVIKTU. fTUJ LET-AN ENGLISH BASEMENT noUHE, ON X W st Fourteenth street, either furnished or unfurDbibed, until the 1st of May next. Inquire of BLEW & GB1KKELL, 67 Muriay street. rng let?at elizabetii, n. j., a first class furX uished J loose, containing gis, furuaoe, range and every onvenien'-u lor housekeeping; onea. re of ground, carriage hoitM', Urge . egetaldi; garden, and choice variety of fruit and hade tree*, In it ten minutes' walk from depot. Rent low to good tenant. Apply to or address YVM. M. DAY, Elixakoth. . rpo LET-GROCERY STORE 28 MADISON STREET, X Lager Beer Saloon Nn.'4)4 nester sin et, front Room, and light Bedroom and Kitchen 33 Croix street: ga? nnd tiroton water; Apartment*In two story Hoiue 10 Korsyth street; AffurUio Dtl at 77 Henry street. mo LET-ON MURRAY HILL?THE FOUB STOllY X brown tlone House. 64 East Thirty-eighth street; ail the modern improvements; rent $.">0 per month unt'l May 1. Apply nt ti2, n< :.t door, Or to T. A I,. KOSS a CO.,84 Pwri street, rno LET, FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE?A THREE X story More, M feet t rout, lid West stiiwt. Floor.-' and Lofts tu let. Apply lrom 10 to 2 o'slock to A. O. McCOMU, at 1W> West street. nV) RENT?PECOND VJ/tOR OF ItOlTBB 22TS ('IIRYKTIE X alrvet, Hear HonMon. The iwitn* iiont, witli mnrble mautlen, ami the locution very <iuiet and desirable; live louuia; rant $17. fpo RENT?A KF.COND FLOOR, CONSISTING OK TWO A liiIV' KkMitrx, Hall ii? dr.xiin, halb rumn( Ac., h iinln mi' ly fmnwiieM, uitli or witljoat Board, In n pt irate litiuily. Apply M r3 Amity Birvvl. mo EET-TIIE DRV HOODS STORE SO. 1} CATHA1 rim- Blrt i-t; our nf the cu?uJa in the ntn ci, Inn nig Imen ?x'U|iicti as kucb for tl?e l.isi twenty-tire year*. Fixtures for Kale. /no LET?HALF OF A THREE 8TOKY BRICK HOl'.HE. X OMtoUugof live U.Minnt, wlih tuuwU, waj-hiooiu anJ cellar nrivllegos. Rt iu $16 per month. Apply at M West PUtyfimrth ?lieet or W"i N\ est s!r.-et. mo let.?a ?Oon ohajcce rou a baker to comX mriKMP buMneas in the village of (Juttenbrrii, N. J.?Two Iloiu?*.'9, on* a thrift sUii v, built f*pref*l> f??r a bakrrjr; the ?tlvr suitable for a Uwgilm*; ?\i? ri have utta -bed, Willi .i good well 9i r. It v> i\i U? a t<o<nl rlmn'r t?> imy enterpriaitig UM>n toinnjiucnw the baking buiinett. j? tl?e:c* ia no g<x-l baker In tin* vi!mkp. Apply to KOllLEK, at the U'.'i'jf browerv of Kohl* ? ?k rloekf, li tttenberg, J., opposite Sevcntiatn j?tro? C, North rivrr, N. V. TO LKT-TirE LOWER PART OF HOUSE NO. 4TENTH alivet, btMw?HUi Fifth and Klvh uvruiw-n, conaifclin^ of Farlors, and two Ko.?ni* in iiac, ail ?o.uplete. Kent $390 per annum. Inquire on the puriutocfl. mo LET?THE THREE 6TOKY UOISE, NO. ISS WEST I Tw*i)ty-fourlb siif.-i, conuiinin,.;.!) tin; modern improve meuts; glasse*, cBuntliMlpr*, *c., w 'I !?u irrt. The Carpt .< an one Milt ot Fiu?ii Furultutx lor sale It wanted. Apply m tUe premises. HvU-se lu runpl-te order. THK SECOND FLOOR TO LET?WITH BOARD, SIHTable tor two gentlemen and their wives, or a ten- single gentlemen, In a private family wliere there are no oiuur boarders. Tti<> lion* has .ill uioaeru Improvements; location desirable, Apply at 313 West Twenty-tirst street. Tills THIRD FLOOR OF A DESIRABLE DWELLING House in Forty.lifth utreet, 11 .n- the First nrfmte, to let; **s ?n>l xeiwrate meter fur e?-:U U.ior. To a small family terms *\ ill be very reasonable. .Vpl>ly un the premise*. rrwu rooms to let?at is7 Madison avenue, a J. Pari or Bedroom on the second tiuor, aud one ou the third door, both front. MIIiUIEKT. MDS. MARTIN A THOMANN, 19T?J BROADWAY, SOLE ng:at tor Mduie. Harris' oeleTTratert i'astillaa de Florenee. PARIS FALI> AND WINTER MILLINERY.?MRS. DAVIDSON, 126 Bleeeker street, rrs|>ectfiilly Inlorms merchants ami milliners from the country that ?n<i la now prepai *4 to eiklilhii the very latest styles of Fai ls Pattern IJonaeuauO Fsli Millinery at tke lowest wholesale cash price*. N ^ ^ UVSiCAV. AM Ati.NI >T? KNTSKVKN OI TAVK KOttKWOOD PIANOfnru* for fliki, rich I.. camd 1?^h and c iw, row ml cimier*, tu?l iron | . u , Imeti wuli :;Uuw<mm1, ovtnuinthf ban*, tulai?l, tt.ul v. itU pearl L?'>w, uiiwli* m unlcr i\<rih? prowtMil owner by cliy niHk? TH, fully tiM iraiiU" U fur tlirvn vniri, bcuu Ufl?d wv< n iiiomUti ci (f.VW, w?H !? -H.ld lot $3*1, iu?luUlu* Ht??ol an<l Cover; ul?o oup?ut Dm win* Iloom tiuit, co*t $300, fur $133. Inquire at 70 We* I Tweaii-hixth Arwi, "?*r Sixth aviuiua, ARATIE CTIANOE.-A MJWSiriCUNT ROHKWOOD cvmcrt jjj'iiii.i Mi*wu iH'tuv l'i.???'!orU.-, curve I < am\ iron tv.ii.t*. Ac., well K n-'U fi < "y rn-f*tilft? co*t $900 ioi $330, In !) rrcct OiUi r; aUo s? v u dUuv i.^c^onJ I'uuolnrie, for Cl:V>. An; ly ul McDONA1?D X 00.<6, No. 338 Howery, u?*r rautkiUftit, \HOHEVVOOD WIVES OCTAVE PIANO FOR $I!WJ. Willi Ur>'?? rmunl . . rm*i *, n v i fnu?n\ double nvniUI. h iri> iwdaL very ??*? !; * > l in n $X)0. One ?>* oe J iav? lor Fiaiuih ami '?lc -n in iu?o. C '? I ..'MltlV 7lMl ATOUNO OERVAH, TEACHBR or THE PtAttO, i . k(i 1. U U aa< Pi .1. ta <b illoua <?! di in. J- % k? na m return ior board and lodgtug, A<tdreaa T. R., Woruld A PIANIST <LAI>Y OH tJCNTLKMAN) WANTED?TO mvf ! ???>.i.i'H i.? one jh ;> in ?-\chuii<;* for aoomfortnbu h? .tit 1; i?i?e h|>tu>ain|( Kn m-h prclprpNl. Apply at .iS ll.tniiih/ii |*luoc, near Ho./.?. ! elt utiect Jerry, William*. biiPR, \sv~w ?; I. i::.i I'M.isuki>, VMM the original kiurou?*un e< in m, TIi K ULiiCM VNN FOLK A, oomposed by 8tiuw *,y'i . , ami U?i?]b:at^44o the great Pre#t;di if.ifur dunug hta en,,..foment at the i*??p< i?al wp?'u 11tiiiHi1at Vienna. IIGUTK X KRAJiBURYK* M W SCALE OVKRSTRUNG J 1> > I'a! nt la i!.f i'v.tine <iruiiil and Kqnart* I'i. :i -i 'i "?, 4-1 JJroor.iu < t. \\ bat er<M) tmdy siayu mu*t be ti uh; ?*ervbody aaytt tia y urn lb* beat,-therefore they must b?; two bei?l. Mr. oeotutE wit. w > bn tb mjhmtiib pi mo. r>ue ami t"t.k i ^ iu N. York and iiiui.Kiyu. Appiie.t'.ioiiH to Kir'h, fond At l'n., f?47 Mrntt'Lvay. and at bin n ul- I <>? <K?, ?vj. t? tiui duu am et, liM'oklyn ilei^uia; aUo by I'uoi i oNlet*. piAHO WA1 n !> - UN OPPORTI *TTY TO Dt8FOflB I ?>t n v -i t'r .mi, for*'Hhb, n.L>e iixtitU by I lJ. ' A 2 ?.i'i iV/M ^ j I U i?i< h most 0'?t ! exn ? i $l??, tiaiuu of inakt f, ft) !? of liittruuieut and length t til' time iihi d. SEYKKAL BOY8 AIM: W.\NTK1>?TO KILL VACAXe Iii :i .?hur? ii ? iiuir. A n> if volt o and bmne expeiiCllOt! Mi iVUil .i|C TlHUit: ?h* lit ' i. tiol hi i X< ?mm1 12, unb h>? lb<- ??? )] mh nU'-t-iJ an u rrmlt*r "f nUlMic. SitUry A?I?Ii.?>s u. i> , 11.,i ?'lino, gi\n.g nuiuv nntl wub ataien?fill of ?|?tali.i< alionn. r]V> ANY PARTY OR I .MUM.' S WIMIIXO TO PI RJ. cb?usi* u Pmiiutorlr, 1 k.u- iruWy sm> (I?HC circtiiii?(?4Uo<oi which f 'Miinot fontn?l forr i . '-II my Piano. It ?? full a*veil txrtiftvi.**, topicuilld r??? twood ***<*, uiui una ol' the U;i>l piHiioM t vcr iiv this ? iiy, iu <-v? r> |>artit ulwr. It ro*t. a Kliort time *gnt It' I run ;;rt ihti rnxh thi? xv#?f$161) will buy it. 1'all early at IJ3 iletiry street, New York. <2j ?A CKIISAP PIANO FOR rfALK, AT 11-' TIilliI> V<Jv/# aveaue; ialn part'eot order. ^ nrsTnrcrioM. AS REStDKNT Oil DATI.Y GOVERNBftft.?All ENQ lish lady, oi muc h i n; t tooo in iliu thorough nyim-m i>r nil l-Uu' U ? In- ?!:n, niirsic rnnt Knti> li. mii?( <?lf'erlug the highest iektin???ni iIh, w hljrmn encasement in agiiiiten?n,| family, iddifsi 0. M , Brool lyn l^it nfloi A French gentleman, rium i*arhl thirtyfiv yea.a of a*e, tl i t'y iieq-Minted with the (Senium IrtuguMj;**, U il^siruiiK of obtai linjt a few pu^ilb iu rrcueh or (}< rnmn. AddreM B. J., H^raM "fllee. ATOVMO lady of EXPERIENCE AS ENGLISH teaibei wiMbca to inert \\ith a lew i?uj?Uh to instruct at ibetr own re IdwoM, Knfllab in ill tti branches thoroughly imparted. Address M. J. St., Union square i'osiolllce. A YOUNG LADY, VKUY RESPECTABLY CONNECT ED, degin a an enguiicuu-ut :m t;uv?Tues* iu a privittr I'Hiiii* | ly, to truch two or tbrco children tiu English nratichas of education. She is competent to teach the rudimenta of Fiviich and music. Addrca* W., bo* 4,600 l'o?t oflJoo. Daily governess ok private lessons in Kren'h ami German.?An experienced toucher, who I ip0AkiFrenchudqttmaa, dealrotia i<> Qod mnm oni< nation an mentioned above. Terms will '>< moderate, and il?n highest testimonials given. Adore** for three days a. b., i iuwm g. TjUUEMOU INSTITUTE FOR Young GBNTXJUUBL no. _F 48 Ea*t Twentv-iOiirth street.? hoarding ami d?v j H4 hetoialeil and eowMrtfail, fourUian taachara?si* A me rlra ii, livn French. two German, one .Spanish. a ; primary department yn?l a j.y mn.ihium. See prospectus for details. Professor EUE riJARLIER, Director. Will be re-ope nad on Tuesday, hVpti*uil)fr 17. Iessons in french?by a young parisian j i. ly, highly ed -' I. CUaa for ladlea in th* day, at $3 :i mouth, Private lessons iti conversation, lor iadi* * and tfenItomeo, Apply at ift) West Ifoi rth atreet, near Broadway. LAW ST THE NTH AND PARTIES WISHING 0AM KKccivc recitations and instruction, 1 n,m ci^riiilMmi and 1 competent teaehera, iu clasns or privately, in iuw practice i and me science of government, by :i;*plyini; to G. Z. HOUSE, I Emij., 16 Wall street. Law and counsel business attended io# Madame o. mears burkhardt, 2TJ and 224 Madison avenue, corner Thir'y-eijrhth itreel. english and french boarding and day school for yol SO ladies, (Formerly Si West FiUeenth street,) Will re-open, with the commencement ??f the session, September 12. Madame C. M. 1). wilt ha at home from the bfl of September. Clreulara at BrcnsiiifjV, 701 Broadway; T'i<kwood'*, 411 Broadway, and 222 Madison avenue. Madame j. v. caim hois. English andfkkncii Boarding and Day School lor Yuunu ludiea, 25^ Writ Twenfy-ihird utreet, will reopen on Monday, K*1 pi em her 9. A punctual attendanee of the pupila in reipieiurd. A i'Ihw of Oil Paintinff and Grecian Art <?n Saturdaya, taucht by Mine. Cnw holM. I'm ticuiar utCciition gu ta to the pnuiary dt-paif nunt. Murray him. seminary.?the misses howLAND'S Seminary for Young Ladies. 22 En at Thirtyliitli Hi reef, second door cant of Ma<lfs?>n avenue, will rrojw'n on Wednenday, September JH, when a punctual attendance of their pupil* la requested. MONS. L. DE URAND-VAI/S BOARDING SCHOOL, riiuisi :?1 and <N?niniorr1al, Ilndnon TYrrare, Ifi.Mvji, N. J.??The annual se.Miiou begins September 2. Tetmii 92U0 ter annum. Refersww?Mr. K. PuaFert,SO Br?ia<I street; Mr. E. l'lunkett, 130 Bioadway. MME. A. COUTAK'S French and English Boarding and Day School, No. 27'.} Fifth avenue, oornci* of fhirty-firat at reel, Will reopen mi Monday, September 1G, lAfll. Spanish uiWiA&-CinuxoflOUIR HAS RE- ! aumcd inati action iu the nbovo. F??r further partieu- j lara npply to the atoreaaid, at his office, room No. 7 Win ton i Hull. A*t??r plAce. between the hours of 11 and 12 A. M. and ; 4 and & P. it. I SCHOOL AND HOME EDUCATION. ? PRIVATE | Kir nth, German, K.i^llsh anil Spanish Classical ?rnl I Commercial Boarding an i bur School, with flu. play ground > nnil irymniisiinn, 47 and 49 We Ft Tw.nly-slxlli sired, be- i tween Broad<vay and Sixth avenue. Mr. LOUIS KKNttT j tiikeschafKe of limited uumlwrof boys. Kc-opens Monday, j September 16. j Troy "female semis a kit.?this institution oilers tli? accumulated advuulngcs of ueurlv tirtv veiut ; of successful alteration. Erery htt illly is \>ruru\rii toy m I thorough course of useful ami education, under | the direction of ft corp. of mure tUftn twenty tir 'feasor* ami teacher*. For circulars upply to J011N II. W1L.LAMO, Troy, N. Y. The ^misses delakey h hoarding and day j School for Young ladles, No. 9 WvckoiT strcul. S .nth Brooklyn, will open on Monday, 10. Terms $2HU per j annum. TITAN TED?BY A LADY WELL QUALIFIED TO TEACH 1 ? T th. English branches, n Mtioulon HN teachor 111 school, 1 or governess in it pi i?a<e family; baa no objection to going , Into the country. Address S. p., box 'On Herald oflice. DAHC1SO ACAI3KM1KH. BROOKES' DANCING ACASSMT. 861 BROOMS BT. L. De (itimo Brookes %vfll iincn hi- Acad) my on Tuesday, Scpiemlwi 17, 1461, for adults, and W.dni'vluy, Sep'. 18, for children. ATI the new- dances are received, aud w ill be produced In rapid succession. OPENING SOIREE, WEDNESDAY EVENING, SEPT. K. ASTROLOUY . a STONISHINO.?MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH; daughter, haa a gil l *f foresight, tells how h u and ofu?n vou will marry, and all you wish to know, ,?mr very thoughts, or no pay; Iw J^v cUuruw tver; her a<|u?l not to be found; her magic linageis now in full u|>e ration. i-1 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price 25 ceuts. GcnUemcu not admitted. ACLAJKTOTANT WHO FTAS NO EQCAL.?LADIES who are *1ek, in trouble or unfortuuaie, ?an consult her with the greatest confidentSlit- warrant* lomre the nu-1 aggravated east* of rUe n mat Unit in a few da \ a. If you with | to obtain correct information on all events, Vail a fid* see Mm. MILTON, 851 Brootna street, Oflloc hours from 9 o'clock A. M. until 6 1*. M. (10ua a. seaman, independent clairvoyant, j ) Mcilidil and business consultations (lay and evening. TheJsoltu?rc she unfolds no fcatiaiA- l?-ry ti* all, u is unit* e?*s*iy ; to give 111 usi ru Mou ot'the astounding results, but eonuuscs it WQ Divliion street, Madame hay, mseventii avem b near twenty-! >vonih street, Mirpn v* all wr.-? visit her. The j nw-k, troubled and unlucky should t*?*t h. r power*. She j toll , your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. ijadfes, 25 rent*; gentlemen, flOcents. MFS. 1!. ROriDKR, NO. 114 FOURTH STOEET, TS TTTE only true ai*ei un?! giiieU l.ulv jU tbi^ city. Her Jufor- , ination lh coii^rt and true. She 1m tho same" ladv wh?. formerly residati iu Woester street, near Amity, and in Eighteenth street, Madame ray, m seventh aveme, near Twenty-wentllstreet, in the bent CUlrv<>y?uilan I Amtrulqglst in this citv. The sU-k, troubled and uolutky should call without delay. She esusf > speedy marriage*. iur in. k v numbers never fiiftl drawing. City referent** can fa; seen ut j her oiilee. sh" ^Iven advice in all .itf'iirs of Iff**?)>???, ur?-**ui and future. She succeeds wnen ail others fail. lfor ladies, *ftrenta; gentlemen, 50 rents. \r b.?who has not heard op the t'ei.kbrated ' i,\ Mint-. t'KKWol'KK, who u.ts lw??ii (?iuuu?d ay ihuti,:tnJs lii thw ?ud ?tlinrcltt"? tv til entire uUifj'Hunt >ho (cell onmlrfMlt ?lli> Iins *,< > Sh" u.lh llif ti.itnn ftf lutnrc wl.V <ir hu?b?ii<1, mid tliui uf ln-r vUli"r. If yon ? i li tmtli, 6lvp l'rr ' ''"'I. "i 251 Thirl nrrnue, above Tueuly-um direct. IjiiiIih*. i>> irtiii". S' luUtncn. f I. Read t iik?a r m: j w olo<iivFa*i> anthologist that N-.iis ill - wiThl, ntnl rrwarii lor itny "u* who call f-itlM Mm* WKM.IM; I ON. u l. U ucknrmi iigwd to t>e concerning btwau.i.-. Journey*. absent lneiida, lnv.>, I co(trl?hi;j, mdrrlnc. hralth, wealth, and *lm * iil reclaim drunken ami unfaithful huabauda. Mi** W. ta the <uily | er on In till* city who ho* llv Rinnan and uluniana for love, good luck ami ?U boaim-ae ?(T?ir<; r.n-i are guarantees for life. IVlujr n"t to consult tin" nni'i ?U]r gifn il I and beautifuly?nng lady. Lucky inimbvie m-- Highly respectable city rclereucea cau be seen at her ix? . ., ljl Sixth avenue. The wonderful madam elton, im.ii pakis. can be seen fur a ahort time atiUO Oreen1 at:- -i. near Atniiy. If you wish the truth Rive her a cali. She t-i. - past, picaeot and future events of Me correcty. Tiie oreaTEST wonder in tiie world i? TUB jrounx and accntnpllahed Madame bVRON, from Paha, who can be ennaulted ?nh the alncieat confidence on all airalraor II. e, embracing love, cmirtablp, lniiHne*a and lickneaa; realotes dn.tikeu and unfaithful bualwnda; ban a aecret to make vou beloved by your heart'* Me?l. and hrlnm together thmie long aepnraled. I.ndiea U cent*, gentlemen SO oeuta. Be?id?n?? Mo. W Third avenue, above Twelfth Krxi EW YORK HERALD, FRI BOAKDIIS G A \ O I.OOGTIVQ. A8.M ALL PHIV ITS FAMILY WOULD LET \ HAND* flomoly rurtiUhciJ Milt of' R?H>m8, u lkarlor and two Bed" rooms, r lmth room adjoining, on lii?* amwnd floor, with Board. Tiie hoiinc |w?m ail tli?* modern improvrnuMim ami In pleu??aut4y aUuated on \liu my lllil. lnquiiv at Ml Luxtni* ton ivwinio, (hint tiuiiM* above Thirtywi^htlt Re1'errucoa required. AT 22 WKST FOURTEENTH STREET, PETWEKN Filth ami xth uwuucm. large Room/. hnud'.nimly fur. n inkfri, in Mttiif or AUo smaller IC??*?!? ^ t4"i tn??? ?, with Be a I'd. The hoio*?* Uhs all th?* modern improvemi'HiH. Uni'Xt'i'ptioiiAbltf iflVriMKfSfivi;!) uml mpnr.-d. AT 1,123 \Nl> 1,12ft HKOADWAY?VINE SUITS OF : Rooma, hundaoumly Imi.taht'd, with all the im-dem 1 improvemcn' , v. i(h private tah'.f. Alan Room a and Hoard I for m otirnu fi. NYar Fifth Avnue HotW, in twvn Twrnty-tifth and Twenty-Mirth Hireeta. A LADY HAVINO TAKEN THE FIRST HLASH HOUSE 114 Seeon?l hwiiuo, un-nor of rteveiith ?tre?*t, lots a low Suit* and mI*o Mtaif *i utile Romo* to <1 p>*e o|. ijail at boa*** or nddr*?N U<?v $,SS3 New York Font olltae. AN ELBA A NT HI* IT OF ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, TO let, with Ur?t Hourd.iu a |?iiv*4.?* family; ivfeiviuvii required. Inquire at 13 Ninth etr**t, between Filth and Sixth at i'Uih i. ASMAU PRIVATE FAMILY WWLD LET THE M'mfid Hour, con*i?tin# of thrive )ai>;r *ell fijrnUhed Rooms, Mtltanle Tor a party of feur or liv*? ? i^; every o)i>v? i?ii u? . adjoining, h??u?e unci location rV Mytliing to be desired. AImo, a binail Room suiinbl" for a i^nt'/eimm. Apply ut 147 Lexington avenm*, c? nor of Tlrrtutli tr? t t. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN \ FLEASANT ROOM or ilooum in it private family, with or without tnvukta>t ami teu. Apply utSlO Kant Twentieth ativet, live doom eual of llroadtctry. AIMKLOR FLOOR, UNFURNISHED, TO LET TO A I'uriv t t gentlemen, or auiall h.ioily, uiih or without j H?uir?I. Iloot?e nrv., lost claw brown atom, 'i lewdoot* IroiM Him iiiw uy and Filth avenue sugfa. Aj |>l> at 17 \V?. T*onty-si*th AT GREATLY REDUCED PBI< r CEWLY FURJ\ iiKlicd Room*, t rout $1 U? f2 W p i Wfcl;. Lodijlnys l rum io ,i? ri'iiu p? r ni hi. ut the b rankfort IIoiikt, corner AI'KIVATR FAMILY OP TWO PERSONS, NO ('IfIL- ! diva, vtotild take two young ladlca to Board, win re they j ?.?m }i?vc iiit- m of n hoitif. Tht'ft' w ho work out pn'* lVli. il. iM'i IVIH . * i v wim^-d. ??70 llwltfou ttLrtsel, rorner 1 *1 H.iMtiri- n I, uIkivh ih- drug ??t??? , lot I) door, in Hudson j Htivel. PltMHl; .ink for Ml#. M<'LaU^ttUl). VFKW HANDSOMELY FCKMSIIKI) ROOMS TO j rent, in -*11 iiM or *lni(ly, vvlili Hoard, for tSii* winter; j h-rnii* rvHh n join; houao fir?icImam. Apply At 44 \Ve>i Ninth atreet, near K?fil? *v?uu?\ A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LKT A FEW HANDSOMEly lurui-iM'il Roouttt, with Hoard, to pirtlea "f respectability. Tli<* h' ?.-* ??'iitaiu? nil t}<<? i?i improvement*, and home eoiiii>itH may be ivaU/?m|. T in*- moderate n iUoMi* *lt ?tili?>^ a pi ru?aii?:iic>. Apjily at ISO Kant Thirteenth street, we?tof Second avenue. Ahack parlor, on first floor; handsomely furniHhei, Koouta on s> cond Moor, mi uiir; .-tlko Room* for *i<itflo eenilmnefi, with in a location, at i'i ;? f?h to huh the tltnrn. Apply at Xi Clinton pi.ire, between University ;-lare and Mro;tdw.?..\ AtiENTLEMAN AND WIFE AM) TWO SINCP.K OKN tieinmi ?.m he ae<omrnodrttrd with R< ar?t mi;d choi< e, n - and n* i bed Room I 191 West Twenty elijhtli itrect, lieiwemi El?I'th and Ninth avenue**. Hoom? lit l claw, brown atone; modern iut| roven.cntn; deniable loeatioy. A private FAMILY, HO. ICI EAST THlltV FOUBTH ?/y street, he* veen Till<"d and Fourth av?h>..? vmII huiviii. r.i 'datc a ntnal) family ??i- ivst. single g-mile*nen with furnlotted Koom? and Hoard. lieKtoi referenda given and its quired. A LARGE, HANDSOMELY FURKIKIIEI) ROOM, WITH II nlroom adjoining, < n se?\*uri tl. u, to let, with Board, lo the hrnt rla?s hoi se 7<? K ?*t Twenty-- *th street, i?? uveen Lexlnuim and Fourth avenue*. Also, two ItooniM, suitable i for single Kenth'iut'U. Kel'ereueea exchanged. A N ELEttANT HUT OF FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH ?a\. nil the modern improvement. )*rh it* table it' pre. Icrred. Term# moderate. Alao, a niRoom with lull or partial Board. Apply at 910 Broadway. ABACK PAHLOR, ON FIRST FLOOR; ALSO SUITS of hnud.someljr furnished Room* on <-ecoud and third floors, suitable for ismiliea and Klngh* jjentit m?*n, to rent, with Hoard, forth'* winter. Tortus reasonable. Apply at 3b \\ est Twelfth street, near Filth avenue. A SUIT <)F BOOMS WELL FURNISHED, TO L8T, together or separate, to gentlemen only, ftn a private French I amity. Apply at 2M Fourth atreet, WashiDtftou iquire. A GERMAN FAMILY, OF THIi HHIIIFST RTCHPECYAlulity, will let a tew pleaeuiit Rooms, with excellent Hoard, (o sfni'le gentlemen, or gentlemen nii<( their wives; the house has all modem improvement*; location cood, iti Ninth ?"reel, beweejj Fifth ; nd Sixth nue ,- . Apply ;it No. 1 Ban-lay street, eorner of Broadway. baKeuient. a SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT 154 J\. West Forty-third striet, b tween Rroadwsj mid Eighth aveuue, would accommodate a gentlenjHti au<I hi* wife or two or three single i, with Board, on moderate terms. References required, * AT 2\H EAST TENTH STREET?CONVENIENT TO 1 Jii tadway, to let, with Hoard, Room* on the second j floor, together or aeparatelv, furnished or unfurnished, ami I also a very pie;ntint bark Parlor; dinner at six o'clock; references exchanged. A FAMILY OCK 01*v 1 N(; A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, would rent, with Hoard. pleasant Ro<.mn, suitable for i fsuiiliesor shtgie gentlemen; house ban all tlie modern improvement* and In eonvoniemly (tainted to ears sn<l stager--. ' Good table with home tomioil*. No. 5 Albion plate, 410 Fourth street A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A PARLOR , and Bedroom < ? Ihc second *1<w>r, ?i wly end elegantly ; furnished, with laithlDg room adjdnintf, to a gentleman, without hoard. Inquire at 07 East Twull in street. A FRENCH FAMILY WILL LET A NICE UNiTRnlibed fu.nt Parle t, also two l ornished Hall HHtonin*', j wtrli/ir?t eiaa* Board. App.'y at Id West Thirteenth street, | near Fifth avenue. A private family, ko. mo east thirty-fifth itr????t, is-tween Kerond and Third avenuea, will let a nti e jtectjiiu f lory from Hoo!Q. with n*t, hot and cold water, bath, Ac., with Board, on very moderate, term*. A SMALL FAMILY. Oi <TPYINO A FIKsT CLASH house, with all the convenience-*, would let one or two j-lensHiit Rooms, w.tii or without Hoard, to ^efitW-mcti or gentleman ami wife. Apply lor three asjs at 1 l'J Weal T*euly-ftr?l street. A SINGLE GBNTLBMAN WISHES \ NEATLY Fl Ruifihed Ko"Ui for Use winter, with full or jati.tnl Board, in a strictly private family* location near Union or Myrti???u aqua re. Address for two days, atatiug lull particular.-. A. A. B., Union square Pout olllce. V GENTLEMAN, POSSBSSING A NEW KINK SEVEN octav* Pianoforte, would ltk?* to procure b*??r<l hi a private taiitily in exchaufto lor the. abovf. The original eoat was $400 anu will be exchanged for $240 Fall BOtttil not to exe?*eU l^r week. Reference* required. Annwer for a ' week W. W., box P7ft P??ht office. A FRENCH FAMILY, 0<TI PYINO A FIRST CLASS house, would a<romiiio<tate a gentleman ari?l wife or i iA/a> fat i. li. i/A i. . u lk f 11 ) I. l.n.1 Km'iviI iii Ui<* beat Htyle. Hpatiiah, German and Kuglish spoken. 5li We*>t Twt'lltli atreet, brtwrra Ftnh and m xtn avenue*. AT JOti EAST TWESTY-FJIIKT STHKKT, OHA.MKRilV | Park.?l'leasant utiiis ??!" Furnished* Knoma. with #losets au<i bath, in a ftiat 4 Ifta* houa.i, au'.tunle for tntnUles i or gentleman, desirably located; privilege of Par*; dinner at six; referencesexchanged. At si CORAOB vi,.\< k, BETWBB3 BMCBCKBlt UID ' Houston street*?A pa1 ty of fcntletni n or t\\u gent! w*u J ami their wivr*Can Ik* accommodated with hamuoni*' j niahed Hootus, on very re*unliable term*; partial H :?? thu gentleimm. Location very pleasant. \ 8KOOND FLOOR, FKO.NT ROOM. If ANPrtoVHCLV J\. lurnUbed; also, otli* r v?rv pleasant Room*, with lbwmi. House Jirat j)OHi#e??inK all modern <onvautime* Ttos , bent rMfcrcmea ofl'ered. Apply at No. .'U* e.ut Twentieth street, m ar Hroadwav. A i ''ry desirable location. \ MALL PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, WITHOUT .al. children, would let a few uiwly fiirou?he<i Kooms, with . or without partial Uward, to Htngb tftntlcrneii; teriua id xisi*ate. Inquire at 76 Second avenue, between Fourth ami Fifth streets. A SECOND fiTOIfV KooM, HANDSOMELY Fl KMSTl ed, to let to gentlemen, with or without breakfast at any hour; doiiablr location, foein* mar 1*..??adv.ay, th?* Mew York and Laf-irge hotels. Inquire at 2180 Fourth Mi-el. A pleasant LITTLE BEDROOM TV akkatakd quint house, 337 Fourth avenue, neat Tweuty-tii th street, j for t'J a week. VSUT OF ItOOM.s AND TNVO SIM.LE ROOMS ARK u?w va-nnt st No. 40 Boud street, whielt will be l?-t In suitor siugie. V PRIVATE FAMILY OFFERS BWERfcjR AGOOMOdatinnx to one "r two (Mui/bes an.l two aiujjic g'-u'iein?*n j ai*o two Wj'? Ko jms on tUe liibt llnnr, suitable fur a physi? Inn; Iiounc first?term* low; r^f^rGtiees exchange ed. Apply ?a 55 Kiu i T we niy-eighth at icet. A SMALL P/jRAHANT ROOM TO LKT-WITH HOARD, j to a gt uiK'inan tini wli??; ul*o a ub*: Hail H?"iiooin, Where there :iie but few boarders; term* moderate. A]?piy / at 121 Chrystie atreet, bctwoen H.'"ume am! Grand. AIL NY DEHIRAHLE ROOMrf TO LET?WITH OH without JV?srd, at 42 West Fifteenth street, betwes und tiix(U avenues. Referents rsquir?jd. AniVATB FAMILY WOULD IMT fHI 8BC4 N'I) Floor, eonsisiintf of s parlor and bvdrooitiH. well turiiiMii.-d. t ? a party of gentlemen. PurttMl Hoard or Frivate Table it V?ired. IIou?e eonvenienfly nud plra.iatnly located. Apply at i53 Went Tiventy-hfcuiid street. 1 T NO. 54 EAST SIXTCKNTW HTRKKT, NEAR UNION 1 ?/V o(juur?, 4i \ inns K?>oiuai t?? let, ^ iv.ii Hoard, connected or . aiucle, t'uruinhed <r unfumi*h?"1 ? mr bammoxslt rtminsBso rooms are 2\- "till disentitled *t Mr*. Hurk's. IIM> and I'M K:ial Four- ] ! >ulli .-neei. I'ni'lixa i-?ifrom the iounir> wtil timl ' im iubiiil spartnieut* Hi reimoiAule prioee, one i?lm -k icui ! V nU.l X|UIII?. ) A gentleman a.nij wife, or a few srs.ii.k gentlemen. deaiiing a hmtdsniiii ly farnf iu.-1 fruui Room, with ii"'-1 B '"i l. at i ino,|< r?f price, ran >? tcmnio* aai".l hy apwlving at No, IM Wv?l THenty-fonrtli street, newt El^tltll *VetlltK. A SL IT OK NICELY ( TKNi.-llfcU ROOMS OX SECOND floor, uls.) Ro .ma on third IImr. I i lei. In ienileiiieit and toeir H'lvea i<r mn^lK i;i uUt-mi'ii. with or < U>xir<l. in * tlist rluaa li'iima, ulii-i'c .ill llii- contorts -il ;i holm- may be I enjoyed. Cull at 71 Fourth iivennr, near Tenth I GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE OR 811TOUI OEKTLR j.jl mm chu attain K"oin*, with Hoiitl, on moderate t?*un*; also two lAilio**. Apply at 117 All*ii street. A HANDSOME SUIT AND SINGLE ItOOMH, IN FINE order, to |i?t?WUh lirnt for ih? win'pr. Location deniable, lu-twcen hn?ailw*> hiH Filth avenue. Apply at 19 University place, corner of Ninth stmt. a *mall pkvate family, ebttdtira in a first wHl eta** house, miK it?r a J'ttri<H'?n<i Hcttroom ui JJcdiootn | only, to ji ?ontleinan, with Urcaktaat, at ?5 i>er w#k. Apply i at&J East Thirtieth street. At the large first class double hocke no. 127 Bleeckor street, weal of and near Broadway, la a re- i ally Itrsl class lainily Boarding ll'use, with Rooms unsurpassed

In ?i?!Hiid coraforl 111 suits or sin*le; the cheapen pla'ti In the city for the Kyle aud quality of what U offered. A FEW RESPECTABLE PERSON'S WILL FIND pleasant Rooms at I?ery low pi kes, with or without Board, at 65 Maedoneal street. Also one Room in the new bouse, with Board, WU Matxlougal street. Apply at either of the above numbers. DAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 186 HOARDING iXD MIOUING. VPKW \ Kl'.V l>KS!KAHl.i; KOOMS To I.KT. WITH | K nil, u lis Went iti-ret, ooruarof ninth ivr, \I1AM>S<imKLY KURMSHKD FAIU.OK, Willi WKI). room* ntUii hcil, u> let to u gentleman and hU wUV, tor ln.u/n'kn-piug, with u* <i H<(? icu uuA Uuiitlry; ?< .., <?n# large K'Mim; ,iUo, *iugWr liootn for ni?ul** KOiitfrinan, in a nri\u(? Uuum', wlili all lh" modern improv< nwiils. Apply ai (Mi t'riu. i' Him i, h fi w door# went ? f brondway. A HM ALL I iClVATR FAMILY, HAVING MOft2*2 ROOM | Jx. than th?*y will l?'t to Kentlennm, without Hoard, I h Jihiuhoho jy J niiiifcjjuij Kih/jd, >v Iiii grate ami nut*, A|v?y Ml j Hiwome kin-vt. Board \ front, bai k and onk sinuub room ai 06 WVhi Pourlt'i mli met, brlw< en KifiU ami SUth , ftVM M BOAUD.-AN KDOIISLK A I'ARTMKNT IN A VKUV i Mllltll, miubtl UhiTr I.UUilv t<> II I. W ittl Hoard, t?> all IMVtt- j lid or .? 11 ly ? Np04 ttuu t i qi.lii* nn% 'A> :\i i\;iv, kmdn? m I ! iiwii.. a(i*utioi). K??r i.x ,iu.?n, U'riu*, *1., apiay 10 or uddiei* Dr. Thlt rt, No. C2 rilxlh uvviii, N. \. Bo\ltO- \V AHHINOVON SQUARE. ? HANDFOMKLY hnm*Ur,i K<m>uim. in - i,.. if <u p*tr<if<'h, l<~ i'M, tvhh Hoard, to tamilio* or .onxio k ntl'inon. Vino h few hIiiicIa RoomIiKjuiro ut 222 Koui.h street, Washington s<]uaro Smith. TJOAIfD--NKAK W ASm.VdTON MJCAKK. AT 107 WA.11 v? i irv i.i.44 ?Tt <-m i,i.(.1 w nn uli th? improve?ntol> dliilirr Ml <>; n lniMi'VK ... Ionian). T>OAKD?CLINTON PLACK ? A FAMILY AND SINGLE J I o iv 11 tin I < *r\ (li'Hlr ihie l m iu \)uiriio* ii'-? toli'l, \Mth li on, -it 1*1 *'lin.??ii pUco, Ihii doi.r* ?u?hI ??i Fifth MlodUe. Hftf-rrtict Kch*illf.'*tl. KOAltD- Willi KKKNt'li IJ SM.NS IK KKgriUKD, IN j a l\iri-ii Tl fi .\,. wh ??' i hit t* .* a 1'ihIVm. ? ..f ililK I Nu.OHKiiiii Twt *nty-?? -nrt *iivet. fVtMlfV -I'l.RASANT KO'iMK, convknitnt to! I y for it?l? ?t1 or onfut*ni*di<*<l, uuy ln9 nl'iuiiuu), i Willi Hani. S'??. -104 I' ? 11li i t {. Kt |<-r> itit >- k?'li.iii^cd. Boa: I)-TO LKT. WITH HOARD, \T No. (7 WKsT | KU'vcnib Nh?*i hftw i Flft'i avium* andt'ii%< stty , n iidii! Room, Willi W? iin?"iu adjoining, ou mtoiiU Hour, h i'UiiM ,y ill-i. rth?T. A FAMILY lUVINtl MOUK KOoM MAX I lit, M I, \*<Mll I l>| ? . ill II A. .'lOOl.Ml.aiOllH hi a Mi 11 i.:? ! . m ii'iv, ? ?? ?>??.I (tour, U i ilo* osulog wint* r; I .u. u lr .? *-:M? tiv ?ri? and Riii^?" Apply it \>i Tvoiifjr .r*;. %?i< BOVKI1?A HI'IT OK HOOMrf O.N TIIK SLt'ONl) lluor truoi to in, wnli hoard, Miltitoht lor u <? u Ionian Mill WIU . AUo, H l.i w? I? M 111, illlllllil.- for A ftllicit KllWl.'iiihm. Apply m IIS Wi hl l'H?*iity.third slr?-?*t. KrlVieiii'i M 0*rlMUh.-ll. l>o \ t(|).?\ LA LY . LlviSil; in A IIOUHK I) v..ia looUt'ro liii, tutt*iot iHp. uo i it liii'i to Wt a liaooh -tii. K'hiiii ?r jo ill f li" on i.' ; lad) uti<l m,otl?,oi..n. > li H "iid fui N|ty; cniixfiiu tii u. chih uiid htJi^i-M. Addli>? N. K. V , Mmdtil tit H'pinr- t*uni t>fll? ? . 1>OAlU> ?J'KlillA ?KNT H VHI) IS WAN TK1>. HV THIS } 1?t ??l n vpnib i i'..i ;,h a?.. oaii and wit , Hi u mi icily pri' ,!? .i uily. wlo-j <' no otln-?- I" limit : nu> i.i!vi?ii. Tt.rV r?'* ?|iiiri' a (mi It r, \j< dmntri and i-Iomm, L\%i r.. IVu'h ool T!nf? ty limiia??n . i .urih ai.ft S'.\ih \i n..?>, una uiMirn t'? t o nii nt i?| tuw*M U < r\? !,jjnjj? d. Only ih.. r lutvlnu limits i. iM?v r ?\ ifrltrd a ill ! ! uM' ai.hW-r, Adifr^ ?. for on?* ni-f k l> * 3 ?.*' < Pout 111 . B4?AUI>.?81 ATH OK UOOU8 OK Sfii'OND OR lliKir, from. un l.?* ??i>i.iln** t npon upptir. f > M Wist Tnmmii\ ..o'v o!iU iiovt. Al??? .i front l>H?'Mncnt auiiabis i??r a phytiun. p^OARD?A OKNTLKMAN AN1> WIKK AND SKYKRAL fut nlhtir<i or iinfiii'Wihh?<!, m ith lioM'fl, in a pi iv ?io 1'niiity, o<n<i ^ in* u lu' ih<' iti u f ?t|o? .i!if *. .A|'ply .a V?. 34 Wvn Twenty .???t oml alitvl, belwei-n Pil'ib ami friixlb ?TO LF.T, WITH BOARD. \ SI IT OK l.ARMK, hund-'in* Ilot'i ?,,?!? tli* .v? ?n?! fliMir; hI^miih* "U Hie third. All well ftimUu m1. Huiu unU ^.>8. Apply ;ti 18l'liut in piate, ut'iii the Hicvoort li'/Uhc. Hoard.?aoop cijsan axj> airy roomk, wi:u, 1 nrnisbed, wltboul Hoard at from 7.V\ to$l i'? jut weefc, ii t At I i;ouJ Kn^rd ut t'i out *3 .>Mn J-| .i w ?*k. Location central; family N>?. IS. Mraud Mreet, half way be tween lSroadwuy uml M??wery. "DO VRD. -TO LET. SI ITS oK SIKULK ROOMSTO KAMI iJ li?'* or Mn^la gentlemen. hi a four *to?y liruwu iUuio hon*e, Ini 'ly i rulih< d: l- naiou nnsurph! d*. t. n8 mootrate. No. ft Murray 111II Park, between TiJi ty-- #uiih ur?<l Thlriy-fll'th afreeth. BOARD?IT AJfiDSOMKLY PURMSHKD FARUiliK AND i!t><1 room#. In antta or separately, with ( till or p.*rtin I Board, ean 1h* obtain* d nt lyu IV 'U ?tret. Th?' !< >?ih? ik rirat lioontton d**M|{l?tfui, and \??iiem to ? ) ? *, v at?en, Ar BOARD CMYHK OBTAIN J IN TDK KJIJST i'l.AKM botiae, 37 W*t>i E. Jitcfiuli t?tre?>|. Fnrnlhh'il or unlurtubbed room*. R*ier?*nce? pven and required. 'HOARD FUJI FALL AND W I NTKH.?TO A RftSPKi'TA. .1/ bta family giving up Hou*ct e|dr;?, and d??lroii>? t* ten. 11 !11i? , .it tlo* *?nc im?? t enjoy U'?'?umtoi m?n h lirni<'i.)^ labk? ai!fl Induing, a ??mi<>ruu>ie home is ofloied at very moderaie t#i in a <jn>i, sminhu' family, re*idin^ near a in tin* llud*on Ktv?*r It >*11 road, between Yonk* r* ami Tarr\ Um n. t^uitu iMv?-M*.bl? to ,uid one hour* di*t.?;i.-e i roui tb?'?ity. Excellent 4elna>|*?; cheerful aii?1 1?by locution. Moot I hnMi' a oJ acrvuilf*' ???oiniuodaiion. J.V;? ventv* ol tlie Iil|fli4'ht* i Ih?s k.vt ii. AUilive.s Winter )ioai\!. box ii?6 'I lm?i? (.illi r, NfW Y-.i k. r>OAICD FOIl Til PI WJNTKR OFFKKKD IN A QL'IM' 9 t.uuily, tit Sfr.'iffori/, t'unti.; Hum u<-il furttiriir<l H< <llootnn, with uk? ol parlor, and ml the foiulorti) ol h huiiir: i If mm- \mj near lb?* ?l? p..f. Apply to I*. Blaml, ItW Wall urudiirfPRO. K., box 7rt, strMiloiU. (Juuii. Board wanted.?a ladv vnnuKs a I'LEasaxt ; l'r??nt Hootn and ISounl, whet**'. ?-he can b;iv<> tho comfot in ol' a hornt\ ulna i)o* ovf of a piano an<) {narlor, wiib a nibldlt: widow lady or slurb- lady, whrri* Ib'-n- mv p< ?itlvi ly no ' oth?*r Ixmrd^rM or wl>i*i(i lb**> brt\?* in ib?* babii of uklinf t a:ib r.?. A liberal piuV will I)*' jMlld . r mill able aetuiom**datlnn#. Rei'ercneej* exchain;nd. PioaMs audits Mitt, lfdrrl*, Madi?<?n ivjciart l'<$st office. "doabd WAKTKD.- A YOl'NM MAN WISIIKS A I ? p'eanant tnrni"b? <l Kootu, w liti full llonrd, wb*?M? tb? re are few or no otber boaid?n >; w <?uld prefer below Fourteenth in anawcr*. Addre?* for two da> * II. II., Ih>\ 1.2 Herald cflkoi l>OAIU> WANTED?MY A Ol-Sl'LKMAN AND HIS I a wife. a Room with Board. in a ho'iM* r? Miplcd ?,y n prj. \.? family, wliiri'M 11k if tire nu other h.??, drr*. Hoarding Ixoi**-k??cp?rb need not an?w??r. Addre?*? I. Ji. K, box iS'J I iM a'ld ?i(li< e. DOAJID WANTED.?TWO UKVTl EMBN DKtfUlE JJ Rooms* and Hostrii Willi a private family, In N? \v V01 fc where they w ill titid u pei niaii**i.i loKidciive. T?*i nv ihuhi be moderate. Addreiw R., Ihh l'<HitoJlhe. Board wanted- by two gentlemen anj> lu'!'"**; t wo bedroom* with l>:tt.hroom ntt i?.-h??d: tI??ti j l**t\w? n Fourth afid Second av'? ini?-8 and Sllthund Firal RtrMtf. Additlb K. T., >m.\ 418 Pout 1 ffier. l)OAKD WANTED IN FIFTH AVK.M'K.-A OESTLEIJ m. n and hit of jvaiwvf iMIIty, wUhont children, want to rent i'n rtiiflhcd Room* t ti Fifth Avfiiiir*,ibuvf I i"? i?i]i Mpvt preferred, either tir..f or aeoond floor, with j* table tor th?* winter, wlwre fh'*ie arc wo other hoarderi*. Addraii A. B.. box 907 lierahi ? Boarding?at 'm tenth street, between j J ;rat armnc and wv. nii" A. G?uUein^n and tli?ir?ir#j I ?kii be acoommiaiatrd with Hoard and Rnnma on the moat jraftoiiable teuo*. A aiuaJl i'ailor, Bedroom and i-loth*-* clotef will he let to two, fffis iii< i'ld^J. The lion* ha* all the mod?*i n Improvement*; u convenient to <ara and Bi>VBDIKO-HITH Bfcvr OF ACCOM3K)OATKOX8. r? 1 lorand iiedroom offered t-< a te uilomnn and wffc, tin ttf*t.*oud or third flo??r, I11 a private dwelling n*?ar Thirtynr?t f*tr*vt, betwe* n Broadway and Fifth a\entie. Addrett w.. box lit Herald offlce. ? KOARDINn.?A WIDOW I.AIIV AND TWO DAUfZIf- !, fond of Micic'y, and living ??n Fifth ?u*uue, I I Central l*.*i >t. na"\e If--i ?a, with }l<?ard for ? wo ><r three ^.MitU;n?? n and lndfe<t. ivrm.1 mnd< rate. AdUresa , .M-f- KHuimmw. JYi? Po? oil . rftOARDlXtt.?A PRIVATE FAMILY WOl LD MKB TO I accommodate a #en*i*man in.t wife with Hoard for the j winter; a rare chance lor ynt?.fl |>enpl'\ A tdresa ?. W., I Station F J?o?t *13 O AUDI Nil.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, MVING IN A MO. j .O d??rn bro*nMoni? h??iia**. win* 1 era Tow ?? !? t boardeiM only arc taken, -will U*t, with P* ar<1, ; liandfometylnmlah* d in.-fjr Koorti, v'omi nnu /:ntnn uttjmnuig. Tim j how* in pit nsantly Mltuatcd on Murray Hill. No. X Kast Thlr. I f '\mth alreet, between Fifth An-1 Madison avpmms. BO A H DIN G?IV A NT ED, FOR SINGLE GKNTLKMEN Add'?ki|g Janitor, but I *t>? fc'ont office, suiting term*. i to let, with boatld, \ lahge .11 Koom, eonutlnin;* hot and cold water, eloaela, *Vc., to two, or a lady and gnntlf.uau; bath on tin* >.\mr floor; , ?l?o U Koom for a single gentleman; dinner at 6% o'clock. Apply at 196<JJiotoii Mrcet. UKOOXLYX-M (LINTON STREET. DKtUBABLK 1 j) Room# foi* luiulllrti and for *iiwln xrnul"iii'tii wi?hfnjz l? i -mi together/may be bail, wltli Ro^rd; ul*o, om Hall lit* i f n^n Hin^ic gentleman. Bathroom in the house. Lhnnar j BKOOKLYV.?BOAKD is a i'rivatk i \xiky. { , iV'int Room and Hall Bedroom, with pauVi?* and gat, *'iitah;p 1.-in gf>i>ll?'man ami Ms wife or two single gentle, turn, ('all at IS Tillary eU'i'H, >> .veil uiimuea' *alk fr*ua j F nit on lorry. Brooklyn boakd.- plrafakt doublb am Mingle Hoonit to let, wirh Hoard; n cot.'*>>) table and ritt- i ai; ahir home; location delinbtlol, and uitMnfl. ? minora*' walk ol South or Wall street ?ony. Apply -4t 30 Harden ! street, Brooklyn. j Brooklyn board.small family, kksiihnc , in a flrft ?i*?s house, will l??t the entire <>?< " ,?t 1 "ioor ; no #?ne or two Koom* on the ?' j.j, nr s?;>, ?;e. Term ' reasonable. Apply at '/2 Tompkin* j !;up. BOARD IN UROOKLYN -SINGLE (iErri.FMEN ( ?:. ' be accommodated with fnmUhrd Booth* Board m 4!i Xrvs.iii sti rrf.' fire to mil.' a* v nlk Fulton iv. Dinner at 6o'clock. Bath and na*. Ac.. Ihroigit .he boim *. BOARD in brooklyn.?VVRRIED Of! simjijs gamlempn ^aji bp . i-ommodati .1 with j?I* a ;wnt Room.-, wi;h or without hedrooma n'tm ii^ i In a m-?. r'laa* lim^p. Good ui'ighborbood, "uiivt*iin*itt 10 ail the i'*f/i?va. T?hum ntodcrtft*. Apply at 47t' ?nrord atr. . Boar0 is brookl1N- - r: t isxsi r k? ft 0 H?droom, fronr or b?rk, en second r. *n '<*t, wii i i>??m of Hoard und home -*otiiforts, to two g? nti- ,ncn ;.ii i then m iva* or amg'.c ftrntl?m?n: first r.*** f\ m- r?nd vpiy pl?* *?Htii location; terms rpason??ble. 36 W lo-igh./y s?. pt, ' cornrrofjay. Boutl) iv mijookf.vv-a pleasant itoom, o.v s?*oond Uoor, t-? l?*t, \s an Hoard, i j a apini* o ?.i .m i vs itr t\. ? Minnie gentlemen. \l*i) one IihII Ifr-di-nom, \vith Iji ' rime! Hiiiti'him. on tltli'ii floor. House ennuttna Muter, Im li, Me ply a' 111 i mi eel. BOM!I> TV BROOKLYN.?DE8IB ABLE ROOMS r-> let. ivijli Bom 1. to iii;in->it >>r *iiig;e geDile.oen, in i New England family. House itnely tamed, i..n- : tainlngell the modern Improvement*, within live mlno'.eit' wait of Wall street or Nquih ferry. Apply at S3 State, suvet, | ' irner of (iurilen. BOARD IN BROOKLYN?16 CLIN'TON STREET. I'leanaut Koom?, with full or partial Board. Boa no in broorly.v-no w olinton street.- ! IMeaaatit front Uootnq on second floor, furnished or r.ntornlshed, or the entire Floor for a dcslralMo famiiy, tn a pi I vate honiio with all the modern Impruvetncuis. uefereacca exchanged. Board in Brooklyn-rooms on second floor, unliable for gentlemen anil their wives, alio a small Room on third floor, within live mlnutea of ihe South and aerenuf Wall atreet ferry. References exchanged. Apply at 100 Pacific flreet. il. BO VHIHVC; AND l-ODOIIVO. IIOAKD IS BROOKLYN.?UNEXPECTEDLY VACATED .2 J a large Room on shroud floor: tan. pantry and register. alj<?liiiii'4 I Villi i ???u?. Rrf* retire fn?m the present occupant for live years, Wit!i(n live minutes' walk ??r Houth and wall street ferries. No. 2W8 Homy street, fourth door from Amity street. 1>OAUn IN Ml'.< ?(>KI,VN ?\ NIOBLY FTPNfHIIED 1 ) Htiit of Ro< .iih on a?mnd l!?*?r, or single Rooms f??r gentl?-uinn and wife or Mingle uentlrmen, with good Board, are off* r. ?l hy * Hin ilt family, ffnmte fijht da*h and convenient fei ri? n. ItafciiMiro* required. -01 Clinton blrtHil, between 11.t, | l-i.ll p. 1 A BOA1U) IN nilOOKLYN?ON the h Fid UTS ^ND n< . Wall meet HiiU s utli ferries. Two ttnuLilc Rooms 1 ' 'o^.U gentlemen ran l?e had on moderate term* at 93 Hiale aire* t, m ar Clinton street. 1>OARD IN BROOKLYN.? DEHlRABLtt ROOMtt, WITH 1 9 Hoard, in a pnvan*. family, may be had at No. 18 Nassau street Hoard in south Brooklyn.*a lady without ?ar?lly, of -opyimf a handHonvby lurolahed house, three untune* w.ilk ironi lha rimitli ferry, ean :* . .> .?utodate three i?r four Bf.arders. The house hH>? <n?, hot and enld water in room*, iiath, & . Dluueraisu. Apply atUiCougiehsstreet, In'doors t iorn Henry. 1 > O AIM > IN SOI I \ BROOKLYN V IMUVATK FAMILY, I 9 upyin*' ?o . l, ''Miitly lurik**"??? <lo?u to i?r 1 u |.ri\, wiU be fui| py to accommodate onoortwo n- j i.nlc l'?.i the v. inter. II. t ami ml I watci hatha, Ac. U (V. iviic x y .jniivil. Apply at Uti Oongreas *treei, four door? u?*i < ! I i i * o r \. ] |>OAKI> W\N'IKt> IN BKOOKLYN-KOK A tiKNTLK1> in. n, \m.?' two children and acrvant, of reaiaicLibilHy; iW'i ? !' i"! <?' woII tuiniblttil IvoiUun ami #o?al taulc, with a I ( family only. IMeaHinUy Itarnted, cotiveulant to Wall soiuu Address Merchant, box 7'J9 i*o*t office, New York. n - >o \KI> WANTKI> IN BROOKI YN?IIY A URNTLTC- I * > m !?, Iii*. a M'e, child ami nuivo, hi a ?m ill fmnily whfrn lueru hi** t . <*r no other 1h? irdei location muMbo tfiMjd, u?\?l u.'hv \V.Smith lorry. Adore**, witli lull purlieulai-H, W. A. \ , box :t KfcJ New York P<wt oillue. UKOOKLYN II! JtillTS.?NO. 4 WILLOW PLACE, ibr.o iiilm s kliom Fulioti ferry ? A Now Kn timid I uty olfce* a fib i-; tit home to gcullometi winhlti'.', Hoard. tn.'iiuH (nrotHiifii or uolurtiiahad. KolorenaB r?*?nilied. pK'>OKI,VN' If KftiflTS.?TO TflOHR DESfRTNO A I > imm> aueul li mi !nr thr winter, where but fow hoardera ;. > tnk?n, .4 ;>?> { ?,}?jI'imiiiilv iiM'UVie 1 Ju a Stow Eoftiand l'uoil>; Immui' !.<!,. , with I. ah, A?\; oontlguouii to lei rica: i i? i ui . m a to. No. M Willow utreet. DROOKLYN HBlOHTi. Utt OOLEMMA HRSfr, 1> rivt-i si-b-, ?. t i tookiuthe bay.?Uooto*. Kindle or iti } sui: ?, la* obtained. with H >uri|, io u(irtvAlc. family, In oToi ? t iIm mi' s *;Hmi'."M? in Hroukl> ti, between Wall ami Fulton ' t j -? Dlttner lit d o'clock. Kflfvrvoctii required. T> K1 iKLYN IIKItWTH.?DESfRARLK ROOMS, WITH J > ll'i.tid, may bo ill a very pleaaant locality for fmnU l? r -'tii.'!*' ^Mifiemeti. Hnru.inri t>i*tferrcd. Address II.m ?\ b'-> ?.V* I'MHtoftioe, V. Y pO \Ki? ON HKOOKLYN HEIGHTS,?'ROOMS NEATLY II I'ui h * I, with water, i;an and use of bathroom; liu 1 m?m ! K;,. u|, tiui within fivr uiimit - ' walk of W.Ji sir, t ..n Kultou terrten. Apply at 37 (VaiiLcrry afreet, mar Ooliimbia. Board ok Brooklyn hbiobtb.?a obmiuuun t:ul wilo, or two or tbri>e ttln^b: uf nllcttwri, <'un bo a< ui nlatod Willi Hoanlatid plousuiit MWiimljoit Koomnat IH Wiliow s'rrrt, wiMtiu three iihumU h'walk, ui' Fulton terry. T'-rms incnlerate. UKSITI \HI.i: KIJHNISHKD ROOMS TO LKT?IN SITITR or afjiarairly, on K?r.<>nd and tbir?l llom*, will) breakfaat in room ?l losirfl, at 37i fourth *tro. i, noar Lnfayotto piaro. IjlLKOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?FOR LAJ K or genlltttuen (HMaul tor the ladion), or rtanott for i -iferiiVmrn: howao lirvt ehaw. Api H* at :M Went Kjf j W i nih street, near Fifth avenue. 1-11 KNiSIIEU ROOMS AT83 WKKT UNION PLACE.?AS J ? 1? :;.nt anlt of Room* on t!\?* ae? ml floor, flouting the f?.uuiatti; alao other rnonu, eto^intty furnished, ami will let hi ifidUDablc prieea without board. F^I>KNLSUKD Oil UNFI'RNISIIKD ROOMS TO LET? 1 ii suit*or t^ugle. with partal or full Hoard; also day l?"Mi>l?*rn. ho- .ilion pie.*!*.tut. Reft of reference* given and r? mm; d. App'y at 124 West Foru-aeeoml ulrei't. near llr-Mi.lH i\. TiUI'.M. UKD ROOMS AT 21 JAY 8TREET, CORNER r ? i' Or?*?M?\\ l? h ?A fen gentlemen r,?n be a rmmmodatt i willi pleasant, well furni*hed ii'umiH, ou very reasonable fterma. Inquire of Mrs. ft. D. ftot?aif. "Jill it.MSHKJ> ROOMS?TO f7K.VTI.KMEN ONLY, WITH I Hi.uirl Tea, on Meennd arid tkitrd floors: very ?Ueerful and hail'lrw>i?ie|> !'uroihliv<l; U<",.. ,?rat vlas?. Please ullat 51 Weal Twelfth atreet, between Klitit and Sixth avenues, i*>r three day*. I/IIKNIHIKI) ROOM, WITH BHKAK FAST, WANTED J? by a ymiiw gentleman. Tbe ro?,m muni be of good wi ll funtiaheu, and loeated beiv, eeu P?>uife?.nlli and Thirtyj loiii tti atieel*; Maditmu avenue or vidulty preferred. Terma must urn exr?*?d per wee... Addicss immediately IT. S. A., i box 1-ti I lei aUl olhee. i TVU'HMMIIKD ROOMS TO LET?FOR ECONOMICAL V Ii'mim K? < j ing, ill 1T21 i hrymie :>tie< t, on the lino of the i S*acon I :?v* oo diik; it i us for a rot in and bedroom $2, j and :*) |>er week. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN ONLY?AT 15 \\ i'fi i'?vr uty-M'Vt uf Jj Mtiet i, north went * o.uerol" Bioad! w.<y, hi a i*i*iji!I private family. Till; KNIK11ED.?A COCPLE OF SUITS AND A FEW X hin*;le Itooma, newly furnished, to let. to gentlemen #r kuihW l;irufJieH, with or without Hoard, a few floors west of Mad.son Park and Flfih avenue, 17 West Twenty-sixth at. I /lOOll HOARD AND PINE ROOMS MAY RE 11AD IN VJT a ie.^pectiible private French family, at 44 OreatJenes street. foitoer *l ?>U oVWm k. /1ENTI.KM EN AND FAMILIES, NOTICE?GOOD V-I Hoard ami a comfortable Home ean be had f??r ladies and gentlemen, on moderate terms. Meals to hiti* buMinofg people. 192 Hleecker airtoL /lOOD BOAIU> AND COMFORTABLE ROoALS MAY VT be had at J7ft Hudson Stn -t, nearly opptmile St .lofm'a i Fai k, l?/f three or four >oung men wlll/m; to nxmi together, ' at S'i l??'r wc? k en- h; and l'^r th;. e or lour young ladies, at . 5*2 p. i we.-k eteh. Payment In advance. pfUMERCY I'AUK. No. 80 BAST TWENTT-FIMT " I btieet.?'f?i let, a adit of hatidbotuely fui iiiblird Room*, fuitahln tor a lutully, v. iih private table if desired, liouso I: u-h -H, nnd be .utifdll/ I n tie,| between le xington and Fotrrth avenues. Park privilege . Hotel loim;ixus.?clkan single rooms, fho.u SI !(.$2rt w<'<'k, or 2J tints a, ain;tl<* night, .itibcM.tnfu?tt.??? 29<Vnir'1 street, on?* V*l?M-k from C*ftv 11.ill i I'urk. Strangers will lUul this a quiet, cointortablo place to I *1 1 ANDSOMELY It RNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WIT! I ! .11. ooard, in niii'r, or rinzlo, Mtcotid and third ' floors. Apply at 118 Eaut ronrteeuth street. TTOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS. AT MODERATE PRICKS, fx <HU <>' ! ?I ?' No. 4'J \V<*M it'tl ly.'.'l <! vurtH'i III | il~o?t<lwiiy. Thin Iiuiihc U nicely form.-lied, and kept in tho i> .1 Hiyln, and m well auited to ilo r union of ?<><wi c'Imhs fui.ii w,ind singlegentlemen; lowest price 1'orsui^lc Rooms, | with Hoard, $t) per we?*k. JACKSON HOUSE, 210 Kl.M STilEET.?THE LOWEST ; rented and most eonil'ortabJy and conveniently fuiiUKlied ; iuirtiucnU in Um dty. to rni^t the waqu of f t . .?11. , wiih?*verv requisite furniture. Linen, cooking r.ingeand ! ulen<dla, gas and C rut on water. Jersey ornr board, ?house first class. | willi all Un* mode in iniproteraenth; h splendid view of | the bay; pri? # $4 for gcnti'-uwn hih] $ti for geti?Ie?n?n and | wife; a short walk from the ferry, 15f5<ira?il street; dinner | sit fi)j oVlock; best of rcferenecgiven and required. JARCiE AND SMALL PLEASANT WELL FURNISHED J Rooms to let, with Board, to gentlemen ntid their WiV'** | and Pinkie In h superior house ?nd loeation? 1 St. Mark a place, Eighth street. Dinner at 0. References i exchanged. MRS. M. B. SUMNER. No. 21 WEST TWENTV-NINTH ' *trpot, Tia* one lin^suitof Room* and a buck Parlor 1 tiot yet disposed of for tim winter; also two i*rg?* and thcee rmail Uooui*. suitable f >i gentlemen. All of them elegantly furnished. IIer house has been enlarged and Improved, and a laundry added to it. MAISON MEUBLEE, 70 AND 72 WEST TIIIKTY eighth street.?R- onia elegantly furnished, or whole 11* /s, with ki then, cellar and yard. nouses new, Arst class, j fonrstor*. brown atone; common parlor; meals furnished. Whole parlor floor or Basement for physician's oflk e. I 1 >LKASA> r ANt> WELL VUKSIHIIKD FRONT ROOMS < 1. to hft, with Board. Neighborhood good. Lo'^ition eon* viiiient tu t ara and->tagep. Apply at 81 Wo it Tweniv-aiith street. pOOMS TO LKT?Fl KM.SUKD OK L'NK'KM81IED, I \i with H'Kird, t->r familii-K or aingle gentlemen, at No. 2S West Sixteenth street, near Fifth a rerun'. ^INfiLK (iENTf.EMK.V ( AS HIRE A NEATLY FURO ninhed trout lioojii, low rent, with or wi'hout Hourd, in a?>nail p> ivate family; hrtuso well tsirni?ihed: has Uuh, | gaa, A< ? And kept in the best order. Apply at i;W Filth street, J ne?r Si'rond avenue. OlO THOSE LIVING IN HOTELS AND BOARDING i L hotiheM.?Th?*i?* i? an i?bUbii*ljtn?*)it ojaoied a'.110 J norn^al fi'iert. t'.ie j ooinw Iwimr laid oui in amtxanil ini-iu'sii I ed with ever) tiling iicwwary i?? ho'iNolf,)4og, in oiU? r ilwit { a fa nit 1J mtty have a home an I lift* nt an incou- ; rrtivaWjr J*?\r rate. Tlieie is it reM.i 11 ant attached. rilO ^TRA.VjfcKS A>D "oTilfcKjv?A~ IXKOi'EAN FA- , 1 tnl'y, without ebfldTCn, niTtipyint,' .1 if rut li r?u*o \*'if M whofce of JiJivtdanfDftly furm-h''1 H'mudh. with orwf!bo?it Hoard or private tab!'*. Apply hi 4$ Eaat Bleecker street, i etrB oadi . '1UVO HANDftOMK PARl.OKS To I.KT?TO UKNTLE- I I men aii'l ih?*(r wivca or fith'iiien, vrtth or without Board, tuntUhcd or unfurn Mu d. AUo dingle Room* i jor gentleman. H01 j*e contain* ail m<Mem improvement*. Apply at it West NintU Mreet. mwo <)lt THREE UK>TM:MKV. (in A OENTT.FM AN ' 1. mid wife, rai. have iionrd and Room*; leruiiou j'jod and friii? l<>w t<i unit th'? llm?; alv# two day lxj?r<Pi .1. Apply nt l*<iraial ?ueet, near t'auai and Varirk. rpO UKMriTH BOARD, l Si WW TWHHTT-THTBD 1 Hiirvt, in .1 privalr family. a handsomely Unu.-.s d 11 ?nt r.'? ?ir . h'u.*' Umiv. uh ov<*iy tinp. '.vMjH ... fimuer at 6 i>N'k. I' -f addies* app!; to A. MASON, U? oorneroi Tiventy-tMrJ street and Kitfhth avenue. To IJET?WITH BOARD ROOMS, HAXD80MEI v Fl B n.?h"il. unliable for gentlemen and their ?r. t < and tin" a 0 gentlemen. Dinnereit C n'.-lne'it. R. ? r\, hr.tS'o. 12 l'?i Twcnty-elghth Dtrcei, between Fifth and Madisotl aVCllll?S. TO LBT?To SIM. EE GENTLEMEN, AT NO. 6 GREAT 1 June* wreet, a Flour, em-i-iii. >f two parlors wi'h ?ted rooms, hum!*1 ntieiy fnrniwhed 11 n*l with e\pry modern nuiveiilenr". Urcakf.-ist If dtfhired. References exchanged. rPO tiRT?ROOMS KEATLY FUR5ISHRO, IN A PHIA vale laniilv, ?iiIIh''!p forsJii^'le '''IitI'Tnen. Partial Board If reriuired. House with ga%Cn't"U water, batli, 4c. AT-tily l al 28 Wnt Honitou street. 1T!C*TRNISIIET> ROOM AND SMAIX BEDROOM | ) wanted, with B^ard, In Hi 'Kiklyii, PttUntt terry, fir nKen- i leinnn, wife ami ntiw. Private laonily preferred.' Miislliiue , privileges and sreommodatinns, with go-M pltiln fare, Ae, ! Perfect sntlataction given. Terms mum not exceed $26 per I month. Require nothing but good room and board. Addrcts i N 'W En?lanJ, Ilcrald ofllrc. WANTED?IV A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WITH ALL the modern imprnreiiieiits, a Room nmi Hedroom, or one large Room, second story front, with Board for the adTijrtiscr and ?ife In a strictly private family. Tertn* In cmieqticnre of the times must not exceed 580 |>er moiub. Tho reference given and reipitred. Propositions fmm Hrixiklyn ami Jersey City wifl tie cousl'.lered. AddiessG. W. F., buJ IX) Herald office. ffW" , qym "< fft ' ' r " .;.T 3 BOARDI.VO AND T.ODGJMO, ^ TV" ANTE I)?IIY A MAN AND WITT A Fl'!lN!SUEI> " Parlor umt B?dru> m, on worn! ff > r. wtiti lr? and giia; rent noi to oxivfil $ii ift- wcttk; II' Willi liuuiil, $l?. A>1"", p., sia WANTED.?A OENTLKM UfJU! IT M 4BBI1 D WI III -I 1r%T- ' " tu uln.ilii Ili uul ||> ft -i liMi. ivji' ' iii.i'v iii i'l' jyu, conv?'ni?'ut to Atlantic terry, wlier^ ihore iip* im wtliT * " it wnuM probably provn an a^rcNiUle a r ip ?rr nt lor some faintly having more. room iii?u ttu?*e?-t.iry; re J o* rtitiifM of the high* Nt tuhlllfv required m:<l xlwn. At!drcH* W. H. (?., box |*jo Herald oiflc\ WANTED?a small, neat, well and conyrtt ntently ?Uuated If..., < ,?., jnif.-v C! . . j Ttn*> with good yard org irdort ?wit <: . liar, but no f. AddrctiH, Htuiftig rent, box 2,4tr2 k'ont? , v Y. WANn-:n-HV A *01 JfQ OENTLEM ; v ROOM IX if a highly rvMfwctMhht and nt w*,l> ,j \ . .? r m |y with Break tuni and no *l? on the Kabbotn; 1? * .<1mi fr-i t 1 Vh;b u> Tweuty?i*ceond Mreet, not ?a*i ut ScouUtl nor w j?a ? . s< v? ;.tU awunc; ' Ui'?' irrinn; cult Mini will fiii'.i.idi tiio o^lof uity reference. Addi ct J. H. W.,M1 Broadway, 1WAVFKI.KY PLAOE, NORTH OOflNKH OK BPOADway. -fr'nmifthrd Ko an*, inolnJif# a ?uii of li" m? front It ?: llr iidwav on lei-ond vtory, nntl H?-voraI Hioc'te tor are now t.<> be lot in t'ltn very doalrubly located building. Hoard can be tout if w*nt-od. CO O/t ?cheapest boarding nor r tn thw Ld* K city; nice It < n?r, a r?; ...1 H %r4, |r? m $3 1'3 i . 41 !? ? w??ok utiif upward*, f:>tidlirA and mtt'crl, I?'fc5f thau Htaii) other lioune in *h city; Tik p iiwtn, with pianoti. " Lispcji.ird Htrrft, near Mmndwuy >?nti i'an ?i Mtri < t. AIao, WatckunHii all nipht, and lodtfhina i<?\%. 7 WEST TWTNTV KTFTH STV. !'"T ? IT ilNISIl KD Rooms to let, singly or in milte, wi'h ? r wi')u?ut meal*. | If) LAM AllTINF. VT.Ai R, WIST 1 Nw i NT V-MNTII | 11/ htrcct, Ictwct u KiKUth *a I .Nintti a t? <1 t rtv.tta iainiSy wouM let a nue?> iviim?la<>u irtmt U?. ?u, wun ?*?muU, i to a /;entleinun and wit'e, ..i $LO)mu' w? r> 411U lueluded. AUo back jp9. l>lt\urr a* t' u ck. 1 i) KLKVBNTH 8TKEI.T, FIVE DOur^ WKST OP 1 He adway.?The ??\v 11 *v iian oit l*uv Uie ? |t>*ani| xv 11! l*?t thin hoiific. st?f?>i dldlv fnrni^loai. silverware and linen included. Kent ?None but refcpoaftiblo i>urlle? (rciiil'UK ii) ii*v?<l ;>|/pJy. <.) | NINTH STREET.?ROOIC8 TO i ' l. w ml OB JmjHT Wkthoilt Hoard. rliif <>r BOKD STREET- HANDSOMELY it1 :11<l> i ' ) Ruoma t?? let, Hinrlv or .n twite, wliiu.u T! r. i?y a I w low lady. Terms moderate, and everyuiieutiou paid to I comfort. > j ST. M \UK s PLACE HANDSOMELY n RNI8U O i tvl UnoitiH lor fVMiiltMix'ii and tV"!i 'x\ ?*k, ?r 'nglo gentlemen, with or without ife vnl? A liiul'% ! i?uno<? r of Board* rn takou, and of rHVrcncra given uud required* ?)Q WEHT SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH t ) / .*1111 Siitii uvi nn< m.?Mi< K'ititly i'ui ut?i-cd to l?t, with Hoard, mil table for gcntleim-ii and tholr wive* or par* Ucm oJ" nin^le # ntlciuen. Houhc iirat Uua*. Dinner aid. Rdereneoji oxcliatwod. N FIFTH STREET?TO LET, WITH FULL OR 1MB. tial Hoard, miiu-dnd Rooms. A^ply u*> above, bu? tw< Ait Bowery and Sccwnl avcmle. I A WEHT WASHINGTON PLACE ? ROOMS, WITH ' I" 1 Heard, h .ciutettuiii and hlM wi/u or a lew sluglo I urntleumit, in a hou*e d?*s>iably lorai'-d, conti.iutne ill tnu j utodorn improvement*. R? U'lvnco* givuu and i <.14(111% ii. Apply mh above. A Ci WEST TWENTY.FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN l ' ) Fif th and Sixth a*, cum-h.?The. ? ntire <*<*vond Flour, i' n nrsbcd, with Hoard;.?l?o, Roomi*forfclngto gentlemen,<mu l?o had on reasonable terms. AQ SQUARE, CORNER OF FOURTH AVET"0 nue nod Seventeenth Htreet?Famine* ?t?d uentleinrn can obtain Hoard at de?irablo price*. Ksl'eretiot required. CA WV.ST WA8HTNQTON PLACE, NEAR glXfK f/\" a vent if*.?Apartment* and Board foraiaaiiiy, *<?? ;)'* gentlemen or ladle*; a pleasant location, near \Va^i.ingtoa square, convenient to cat s and slagcn. Dinner ut CO WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?VBBY Pi^iKAHLK f/O Room* on second floor front to let, whh I**h.i4. totfyiuiemnn and wife; alio K?>??niH for nin#{!e K?uiliirnen. Termn mmli nla. lloiivr ilrkt oiasui. Dinner at 0*. K?'f?reiici? rcqutred. | WEST FOURTEENTH 8TRESJ ?I*AROB \Nf> \) 1 fiinalt IlooinN'.o I* t, with Hoard. Also, a iatfgo !rout lian?nitut Hoom. U?M< ivnci'b excliuiiKCd. 7Q fll'RIW STREET, THREE DOOHS PROM BROAPI <7 way.?War prieep.?To let, haudtuinriy furnished Rooms, lo single gentlemen; the location is near nil the hint t'liiHH hotels rvnd plmvs of amusement; reading sooni free. Rt th?* AllMUl llotlHP. On NINTII STREET, BETWEEN VN1VCTWITY i'LAOB Ol/ and Fifth avenue.?(i'TiM'"rw?n and their wives Hid single gentlemen f.tii obtain Hoard m ah?*iuL?> U"UH\ with chni -e ol rotmis in *<ut> or siugie. Dtnuer ui G w*i:W>fU. Reference given and rfnnlrcd. 00 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLAi'B and Elfili upline.?<l.n tinmen and fclitlr w!t?-a and sJnaie ran obtain Board in a t i>t rlsss )?oin?? , with choir? ol' rooms in suits or 1; inner ui *l\. Reference* e*< hanged. Also a front Bufcmant, fur aprutyof young gentlemen. (11 CLINTON PLACE, EIGHTH STREET. VEAR FIFTH ?'X aveiuie.?To let, front Rooms and other*, pii hiiilo or singly, with or without first cla?>f? Board, to geut'.emon or gentlemen and their wive*. References given and required. (lO OREENE HTP.EET, ABOVE 8FRIKI}?ALSTON */0 House.?Elegantly furnished i?itlt? af IUmijih, with gas, ('roioti water ami every iimvenknce tor kou?ek?* ymg e?.onnmienU) ; jtarticulurly suited for small, r*si?*e.Uible families. Rent low. 1 AQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?TO I.KT. WITH J v ?7 first?lass Board, Rooms, in amis or anitahlo for I'failles or single gentlemen. House and loaali'ii very lit'^iraMe. Tenu* ?'ou"rat , to mi it the times. Reference required. Dinner at six. m NINTH STREET, HEfOND HOWE WEST OP Broadway?To let, without Honrd. elegantly furnisberl 11 ?om*, suitable for gentlemen wishing to room v geth* r, or a Centlemnu and wife; also single trout Koreas, suitable for singh* cemlemen. Terms to suit th" tiaicf. ijr.KWT TU KM'Tff STREET, NEAR Sh''<>N.'> J *1 f avenue.?t'holce of Kooms on s?*cond il^?.i front xind hark, with small rooir.H eoiiiinunieating, to ? ! ! ? ; ? r?cj>*? 1 lalt !y. lienuemen and their Hives, ar single gentieiuei), I will tind pIiM-unt Rooms. Terms from to $1 i. ' 1 ~\tl ,,RIN'rE STUEET?ST. OLAtK UOl SK.~EI.EI'J'J gsatly furnished Room**, wfrh Bedroom* n?tji?-hr,l, With ?11 the eonv etiiences for Uoiiseke. {ting eoti?|i|pt*. ine iudJng gs s and t/'rot on water, to let to respectable familiea or stogie gentlemen. OAO WEST TWENTY-THIRD HTRKET, ONE DOOR w* ' from Se.entli avenue.?A suit ?t liaiwAs' Un- Roon.s, on hoth first and M'eond U 'oik; also two single R<?<?riiM t<? let. with Board. The house, as t<? iorution. Is uusur^?a^aedf and /rm mii memooern tmprnvemema. OOQ BROOM I? STREET, FOUR DOOKH EAST OV 0?)0 the Bowerv. Furnished Rooms to Jet, with Hoard, to single ^uifh nirn'or gciith iu? n und their w?v?m. \ largo Uif'fc j'.if.or, H'utQblr I'?t a gentleman an?l wife, will be let very low. References exchanged. Dinmtr at W */ lo k. 7/;Q BROADWAY, BETWEEN EIGHTH AM) NINTH I *)t) street*.?Al<>ige U-hhii on tltts tir.-st Il?mr and Runnm on floor Lo lei, 1'ururKhcd; house haft all Uic mmli rn Improvements, and ia in a pleasant location; terms moderate. cm \n;v BOABpT Q*> VFH WEEK.?BOARD ON THE NORTH SIDE OK !/?) Lot?g I -I*, ud, tinny mile* from the eity. Locality healthy, oi daily aeecea bv rail and boat, and wuivenient U> flMioifi and churches. Beat reference given. Thin fx a goad opportunity for those wishing to eoonoml ?-. duriug the fuM mid winter. Add rem ttomfort, Herald oillse. SI MMErT RESORT#. rpiIE GLEN COVE PAVTI/ON WILL CONTINUES ^ JL open for the reception of visiters the whole year. HOTELS. A LBION HOTEL AND BOARDING HOTKE, UV> If UD[ J\. son street, corner of Ohsrles.?Ph'.-iuuit *n<f well fur| r.tsiiod Rooirte, In acIi* <?r single, at Iron* 10 $/ per w> eic I for single persons, nod from %6 to $12 for married, including Board, gas. bath.", Ac. T. LAMBERT, Proprietor. WHITNEY ROUSE, BROADWAY, CORNER OP Twelfth str.? t.?The proprietor of the above eatabI lishment, in order t?? keep pace. with the present luitel reductions, ha* reduced the price ??f morns to one-half their former rate*. Two I'le^ant suits of Rooms, first and ?eotmti Moors, private baths ami closets attached, to let. hi vrrv low tfgur* s. H. M. BENNETT.' Proprietor. OKNTIKTItV. A mil'lt iAL TEETH.?DR. LUTHEii, DENTIbT, STILL ./V continues, at J.'W Sixth avenue, between Tenth ana Kl*vcmh atif'W, to insert beautiful and substantial sets >>a pure silver for mily $8; an fine gold and platlna. $25; Singlo teeth, $1. Teeth tilled and extracted without the least i?u4U, Artificial bone tilling, only 00 cents. All work warranted. ARTIFICIAL BONE FILLING FOR DEO A YEDTEETH? inserted while soft, giving no pain. Aching teeth or mere shell* can he tilled i?nd preserved by tho discoverer. J. i'EAR8()N. M. D., looms Hi/J Broadway, west side, flno door above Seventeenth st est. N. B.?beware of spuriou* Imitations. Artificial teeth.?drh. dukkin and rolsseau continue to extrsrt teeth in two seconds, without tho slghtcst pain. Tectti ItiM'.rtrd over stump*. No extra charge for temporary sets, or extracting where artificial teeth are 1nsct-d. Drs/DUKKIN A ROIJS8EAU, 373 Canal street, one door from Lauren*. ARTIFICIAL TEETH, ONLY fl TO |2 EACH. IS whole seta, beautifully mounted on gold, ulatins, silver, amber, vj;!canJte urruhl?er, warranted erpiai t?> any made. Dr. LI THKtt, Dentist (20 years), No. 104 Euat Twi nt>-*> C ui l hlirri, i?'innjii ?i< Aiugi'Mi uin I III'U avi*iiue?. SPECIAL HOT1CVIU pARD.?TO THE UENTLKMANLY PROPRIETOR* \ST* man%tfci-?of /\<Ums' Kxyratm (Ni?n|iny;?-lVe d?*Mie t!iu* piihliriy to lmnl?'r otir sincere thanka lor your highly J ?vd ?nd very )Jl?e?al n?d. in fui warding by ftne'ia! ?*hp fr< in Kt. Lou la to thutr <f?*t.n*tioh the remain* or the I?*to Ocuursl Nathaniel Lvon. und the emort accompanying the lame. While aereptmg it an a nobl* efpresnioti of yonr approetaii'.n of '.he lamented aoltfter, we t?*el tint it ftUould ??* refvc ?n *r>i'ropri?te ?ckitovrled*"mr*it frrrn I * alf of relative*, DAI'ORD KNOW ; N?.w Yokk, 8cj?t. 10, 1861. Tojfir L0IMS5, 49<5, F. AND A. M.?MEMBERS A Kg hereby notified that ? luenlni? will r?* held thf* (Kndaj ) evening, in Gothic loom, Odd l-ellowV Hail. f linpotUmre w ill be transacted. T1IOS. M. ft OODg, M. Sab. Wright, Sec re tar). I' EXINGTON LODGE NO. 310, F. AND A. M.?Th* J member* of ihla l?><Ur* w ?r?|M>etruily iuvtted u> at send tho funeral of Brother William liogjrt, l joio l?<i Charlton iticcl, thit (FrW-ijJ ?l}i?rii?jn. ?* tWMfttwk. iiy oi jfi' of W M. 11* t Olsh, M. S. O. C(7TT? Sf rr-tnry. ^ Masonic ?the r.f.vHKKN ok ukorur wasih.yo. i >n I^xlg* >o. foi F. A M.. .?re hereby retj'n -.nil i<? meet nc (h'-jr monw, Mumiilc Tcm^l*, CKrniT Brimm* .m l ? hwI v utreett, on Frlilnv, the ISili inn., nt 10 u'< l^t-k A. V , to?lt?n<l the l'iincr*l "f our lute brother, Ht?pl < n M'tir. Tli? fraternity 111 <?in.ri?l if re*t?clfnlly invite,l m Hy Order of M. SAI.IKCKK M W. V,'. WtKKF.R, Hrrrt-'iry. mME ANNl'AL MFETIXfl OK THE KTOCKUOT.DKKS X nl the Mmm Engine Knel Sn\vink i"nm|mny \v i'.'. ! Iifkl t the office, No. 7 uuwlitigUrccn.Tucfclay^cpi. 24 ;>. ? r. M.

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