Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1861 Page 2
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2 INTERESTING FROM FRANCE. * Oar t'nria Corroapoiidcnoc. IUijx. August UO, 1S01. The Amrri'cn Rebellion?Napoleon's Position?The Mufled Sound* 1/ a Cuming War?Significant Articles in the Semi (jjtciul J'ttJt on Hit Alliances of Prance?The Vast I'i Moa! Importance of Prince Napoleon's Visit to Awriiti?Xo Mere Lettersjfrvm Him to U Put lished?A Majority of the Pi itch People, in Favor of Oie South, <tc. Au imjHJr'uat plrco of information l.uti Pocn communiralftil to 111 l>y those whom I havo ever found corroct in their Statements. It fci-nw 1l1.1t I'lifflitml shows a whologomo disinclination /x i.. ?,?,u.Ul! rrnnaft UU rnrrnrt\a vonfMrn!?irii/ fhn rebel States. So preut is the repugnance evinced by the Cabinet of St. Jatuos that tho Emperor Is,I am told,annoyed bovonil measure, nod instructions have burn given to (ho semi < IIvial press to foreshadow In tliclr articles tbo possibility oi' a rupture of the Anglo Frenchulllunce. in support of theso assertions of my informants may bo taken tho fact that, surely enough,Just such a series ofnrtielis are new being published by the journals iu question, 'lite Opinion National?, which is aeting as advanced scout of tho government in the Roman question, line begun the nnti English campaign by a long loader, ontiiUit ' Alliances do la Franco'"?The Alliances of France?wherein it is staled that, tho cn'ente cordialc U'tw /> Funic? and England exitU Ivl in name, and that France now stands alono among tlie great Powers of Europe. '-Russia no longer seeks our alliance," says tho Opinion A'tUi' ialt; "she knows thai we cannot euoouruge her treatment of tho Poles. Austria wo cannot be allies with as lung as we prevent iter from overrunning Italy; whilo Prussia is so unstable and wavorhig lliat we never know w hero to find her." Tho alliances with small Powers is all that is leftjto France, asserts tlto Oin'nion NuJi<ma1?. while all Lhe other government organs toko up the cry, and, besides, comment in lite nvst significant mutmer ti]x>n the Increased armaments i f, tho mighty preparation* going on in nil tho government arsenals, iintl tho increased activity shown in preparing the const defences. "We are making ready," cry out tho Paris journals, "for any emergency." As a proof that this is no mere careless ptaiemcnt, I cut out the following paragraph, which appears, par ?rilre, in all the ml-oIUcial journals of toilay. 1 leave your readers to make tho translation themselves :? lies hauls fourneanx, les etahH.-sements metulhirgique* que approvisionncnt nos aisenaux, on I recti e.etto ai.ueo do fortes commandos, dit le Mcssagrr <iu Midi, do MonlpolJier. l.'llmporeur vent avco raison quo nos urscuaux tnuritiitus soient a memo de satUfaire a tons les li ,-oitis. On termino once moment I'.irmem ut d s cotes, lain batteries kspiucexposei su l'ennomi roccvioiit u 1'cslerieur do fortes plaques do fer. The same journals contalu all alike a statement to tho cil'ecl that the Minister of War lias ordered that strict researches be made as to what number of houses might he recruited in ease of need for tho services of tho cavalry. Last evening the same journals published an extract from the Ahviteur (official organ), a letter addressed by the Jliui.-lor of .Marino to the Emperor, calling his Majesty's attention to the fact thut there were not enough "Hirers in the navy, and asking permission to largely lucrct?s0 lite number. Of course this was grunted. To-night the r'cnil oniclal journal.- announce, with a glow r>f satisfaction, that, giving way to the rcprcgontations of the great Powers, England has withdraw!! her licet from the bay of Naples. The 1'atrie p .Wishes a bitter articlo against thoasser tions of certain parties in England that l- rance had too front ti licet; and, in fact, any one cognizant wit it the government of the press here must obscrro that the mo' d'urxlre has beeu given to be inimic il to Euglauil and to make a parade of warlike preparation. England has always shewn so great n sensitiveness upon Ibis subject that it is hoped, I suppose, tliut she will once more got scared and act in concert with Franco. The visiter the King of Sweden here gave rise to many articles in the semi otlicial journals as to the expediency of France making small alliances, but excers of zeal destroyed the idled of these writings. As an evidence of how absurd they were, may be cltou the following extract from a letler which appears in the Jot mini ifr t'lantynt, dated Hamburg, lint which was edited liuro. l'laco tteavcuu, Ministry of the interior. The Journal tie V thC/ini receives a monthly subsidy from l'onigay. The letter gives the ensuing highly imaginative account of the Kb g of Sweden's reception in England:? , 'llit King express' d himself highly gratified at tlie mantier in wlileh ho had boon received by III Ei?;*Tor Na- ' pole in, and all Ihe personages connected u ith th French < Court. I am in a position to be able to assure you that a similar rc.eption wus not experienced by his Majesty 1 in Lrndiu; he cannot, indeed, have cari i d away with < ium any very exalted Idea of the courtesy which lm had a rV;ht to ox|iect from her Alajerty's Ministers. i ount 1'iaten, the Swedish Envoy, thought it his duty s to oii'ei to Ids Majesty a grand dinner at which Uie Kng- i lisii Ministois and other jiersons of distinction were also invited. It was not without the greater: difficulty that I l/>ril Palinerstoii ir..s prevailed upon to coudoscind to ac- j Ce| t the invitation and do his Swodi-li Maje.-ty tlie honor 01 meeting ium at dinner. Tliel'rime MinirterofQue nVie. ' toria, w ho can bo so courteous and all.ble when circnm- 1 stances reipiire it, thought tit, before, during and after the official dinner, t ishow himself very still', no ruse and even 1 haughty towards all tho Swcsles present, but especially so I 1 towards Ills Mnj-.My ClmrU'F XV. Tim attitude <11 the I i part. of tbu lord created sumo surpiIsm. Jim il no >:i j ' became known that llio Ilriti-li gov nmenl waited to : t lake this un-ds of intimating to tli** bwrdsh sovereign j . tlioir' rent certain mutual engagements euti re! i into at Paris, the rosult of which will iudiib.lubl} bu to j 1 convulse Kinoi*.' fi't ni cud toend. 7fc Hi ii.h Cciiaet it j j)rrJWihf nun ~ of the ratt jlnrst wnceired to/the Kir.g ef | Swrditi.'uhi h it it not liijfleuU to undentand are dirictrtl | ' <j a in I Enplan-l, uhote natal to/ rem n-m inurt / put if' ten, ( mid wh i o'J'i'i-Jul fc t mutt if ttrj'n y;?t in th- midst of' a f'tirral eimftctgrolion by the unim of Iheitr.tftt of thr "iff t r. 1/ I'owcri of Northern and Souinern Enrnpi to thai of t Jf a nee. Now, what Is the causa of all this hasllly ass a mud enmity to KuglandY Oiio reason may bo th it I' pro 1 Ve/itod the l isil of tho King of Prussia t > Napoleon III.; j but. thou,'bat was ox pec ted, and, although annoyance niiist have bean felt, still the subject was not one to tie- ? uroy tl;o nd-oi'c anUate. 1 hope that the real reason is ? tin onostated in the commencement of tins letter, lir.glat.d ts by oi acting without Franco ngamsi the United ' ytaIos, tr a lot us hope, there us an J"ltd loo inin n j] sympathy with a race of the suuie nut- -re. mi I also, aud , principally, ,'h' has no desire to art as est'spa w to [ J train . Mi known that in the United Malta-, bo It North 0 or South, there has always been a feeling of obligation felt t,. wauls France, and tli it, in a mutter of pn Uctoraio, Franc would s<li assume the asviid.mcy over Kugland. j; It is, of eou. -o. a matter of deep Impel tut.- u to Amei i a;us , to know lb - exact state of the relit'.ill* bctv.eeu the ' Cabinet* oi St. Junes and the Tnl'.erlt > a. regards the pre- t sent troubles between the North nnil youth. and all must j feel great i-iac'.iou in knowing thai no probability exists a* j ct of a c inpletc understanding b wi en tiim. S tjttll it isb,holc vii d that the o1"'- " /.p., luo-1 and ( : theiiit)>iir:iini.i (ij /.m i ; runy ra nre her to coin# | J to a detain.' a ion in i mice I to the United Mates govern- ; It i? ilia duty of the m'.tiu o '.ration to guard j i against such an tm orlunatcoviiti'ulity l y a proper course i ot policy towards both l'rancd und;l u.d. I I am tob! licit the reports mad'' by Irinco Napoleon en I | bis returu wi.l determine whether Franco shall nolnlono recognise tho J-outh. As 1 have always a cried, th- visit of the I' is a momentous one. It is also said th it tiio O/iimun Aationule w ill publish no more letters fr. in the Induce up< ti American matters. Atu oi awe was felt here ntihe haiku g o it oi the authorship of tho letter I sent you last week, giving tic result of the Prince's Investigations during his stay in New York, aud Monsieur Guurcolt has be.n inii'.J to publish no more American letters from Prince Napoleon. 1 should state that M.Guoreult is the chief editor of the Ujriniotl tVa'it.ttale. Much str>.s is laid iijion tbo insuiBciency of tho blockade of the Southern ports ly tho French Journals, while, from the commencement of the rebellinn litti jiii i 'timi til ufi-II/ivc iiiinliitiii. '? moL'/i /lullf I'""" ? -...v.. UV....WU<- ? . U...V at the iu< .-ipiclty of the Northern ubMiiiislrutiin, and sueor at your military operations. The French pub he is being gi'.i.ui.illy lu.t surely prepared for tiny unfriendly net 111.1 I'jra.rpt the Union, and oven at jirtvent persons who six in.'ihago wore in favor of the North aro 'luite ch.'inged i . (heir eh . Wh never she chouson to roeogjitse tiie rebel St .l ? Franco will meet wiih tho sympathy ol' imro than two thiril# of her subject!. is n t this tine in a grtat measure to the suplnenerg of Prescient l.i:.coln's Cabinet? What else cau lie expected bin insult and sarcasm, when we hear each mail of tho iia'ii.eieu.'y of blockade*, the Mttliog out ol prWalre g by ? !.? and twi lties, the seizure of numberless prlzitt by tnrni. 'ind wili'ui refusal of the proper oflicors to guard against t h pi oeedlugsf Is ill" t "nit 1 states government in earnest, or is it inert, jwlrtet is ; nkoit constantly here; and what answer can Auioricun lire give tosuch inquiries? Why, iu tho name ol iliac ii, should the North, with Itaenonnoussurplus of population, never bo able to bring oqual numbers to bear in tlm encounters that take place with the rebel*? Why should Gciicsal Lyon Lave but 0,000 or 0,000 against t!3,100? Wo cannot understand such mirntftragernent here, and Amut leans abroad can but doubt tlm honesty of purjioee. oral le:u-i the c.?t?blltty of pcrious whose duty it is to uttend to these matters. Hie count i jr has a right to call to secovint pnblle servants who fail in their duty, and Heaven knows but few ei-eui us yet to h ivs ovoa begun to comprehend the nature of their responsible i-oeitlobs, let alone Ihem. This must end or the country will b? ruined. As it is, s " tiave bei'oaie the jest oud rtuuc of every penny a-liner ? ttie European press, and, it must be otvnod,deservedly it Lflt i:s hoy? that the lately appointed generals will i ::i our troops sonx'what into shrpet MUj n,at our secre y of the Navy will see Hunt ere nave some mesne of J ling the seas of the piratical craft of the South. I/e-t v.-cek General G. W. Morgan, late Ambassador nt -b n, l'o. tugs], soiled for the UnitedState*. He has gone |H' ' d'er his services to the government. It is to bo hoped, ' h' is m officer of great experience and ttndoubled merit, i t he m iy be appointed to soma important command \ -re hp j,ri'nt etfolency as a strict disciplinarian may 1/ ally taxed. Houri'U knows our men need sm-h cowt:i :i l. rs, t' judge from tho rejnrts that reach as here. 'Ii:cs hud, us you are aware, mado an apprsl against i :i-.r. go. *!,t ol the court that sentenced him to five venrs. j op: iscmcht. ThuCourtof Appouls has juti confirmed fi - i lonoe. j.i ! "for a- 1 Imperi i! have gene to Blflvritz, * ' ' 1 'by the I iiiyr.BB. ThiywiUic jj, . d at tu*, watering place tor a mouth. L / v NE1 Qrniid Mnnonlc Council of New Jersey. Tlio annua! assembly of the Grand Couucil of tlio Royal and S leet Masters of the State of New Jersey was held at Trenton on Tuesday, Septonibor 10,1861. The following officers wore dueled for the entitling Ma sonic year:?Thomas J. Corson, of Trenton, M. P. G. Mastor; John Shevilie.of Borgen, K. P. It. (1. Master; Charles M. Zell, of Newark, G. 111. Muster; J. II. Perkins, or llobokcn, G. p. C. of Work; James II. Hough, of Trenton, G. Recorder; W. R. Clapp, of Trenton, G. Treasurer. Thu annual convocation of the Grand Royal Aroli Chapter of tho .Stuto of New Jersey was held at Trenton on Wednesday, Sopt. 11, lt>61. The following olllrers were eloctod for the ensuing Ma sialic year:?.Thomas J. Corson, of Trenton, Grand High Priest; W. M. Kinney, of Newark, Deputy Grand Iligh Priest; Daniel A. Holmes, of Trenton Fulls, G. King; Elwood Conner, of Ilurllngton, G. Treasurer; John Wolvcrton, of Trenton, G. Secretary; George U. Ed wards, of Her Beu, ... v?j?uiu w vuu mini j ?.u irio? at. /.en, 01 mini. , G. 1'. Sopr.; John It. Daggers, ol Patterson, G. R. A. Captain. A Convention of High Priest* was held at Trenton on Wednesday, Sept. 11,1801, and a "Grand Council of itio Order of High Priesthood for the Stuto or Now Jersey" was duly formed. 'the fallowing officers wcro olectod for tlio ensuing year:?Thomas J. Corson, of Trenton, President; John Nievillo, <f Borgon, Vice President; George It. Il l wards of llorgvu, Treasurer; John Woiverlou, of Trenton, Ho. cordor. Tho annual conclave of the Grand Commander y of Knights Templar of (he tUato of New Jersey was held at Trenton on ihuroday, .September I'd, 1801 The following officers were eleolod for the ensuing year:?Thomas J Corson, of Trenton, Grand CVnimamler; G'oorj.o ii. Klwards, of Bergen, lvputy Giund Commander; Annuel f ort, of Burlington, G: and Generalissimo; J. S. ll.ickalew,of HMilsp.wn, Grand Captain General; John Hilton, of Bergen,Grand Treasurer; C. G. Miluor, of Burlington, Grand Recorder. tag Jewish Pay or Ayokimknt.?Yesterday evening was the commencement of Yom KI pun,or the Jewish Day of Atonement, one of the three great holy days observed by the sons of Israel Ihroughoultlie world. Those aio the 1'otv oyer, when tlio passage of the Isiaelitesovcr the Ited Sea is celebrated iu I he fount of unleavened bread typical of the aucharhstlc sacrifice of Hie Christian dlspupation, tho Feast of Tabernacles, to denote that the sons or Jacob once dwelt in tents In the wilderness, and tlio Iluy of the Atonement, when each Jew w as enjoined to redeem his soul figuratively by the presentation of u half shekel, and nothing less or more, whether thn prcsi-ntee bo rich or poor. The day is celebrated by the modern Jews by a strict fast. Their places of business uro all csise I and their synagogues are all opened. Oa tho eve of the great day tiie lloly Hook of the I .aw Is brought from the Ark with great ceremony end read by thohuzan, eruilo stcr. Piayors are held iu all the synagogues from tlmt lime till the next night?literally "front even to eves''?by tho faithful Israelites, who nio expected to "afSlat tholr sonis" by abstaining from mat aid drink, and recreant is the Jew who does not. At the close of the | da;.?that is tho evening?a good lookout is kept for tlio first star, when thn previous l'Mt of twenty-four hours ghes u.iy to a very sensible least, and happy is ho or she who hrsl discovers that same first star. Spcclt hist per Slcnntahip Africa. Bahamas jl6 ,0C J t irder ?3,1)00 Dtuau.Sh. rmuu&Co. h,00.) Saml. O Reed At Co... 4'.1<> W. Rojms&Ca 1,000 Bnow feBugt s 4,702 |v Rliinn U Co 1,000 It.ilit,!Muurt Carter,Jr. boo K.S.Schlesiiingtr &Son "00 J. Wharton -200 Total ?25,373 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, Sept. 13?G P. M. Considerably over a million dollars was again paid into tho Sub-Treasury to-day by subscribers t<> the national loan. The better the subject is understood, the more general is the conviction that the people owe it to themselves to subscribe, and that tliev cannot do better even in n ......... K..-G noes point of view, with their money. The letters by the Africa state that large amounts of foreign capital will be placed in our securities us soon as our financial policy is understood ou the other side. From present indications the last corners will have to pay a premium to get nny of the seven and three-tenths per cent notes. The money nmrkot continues moderately active, with less inquiry for paper. The banks, which rave paid up forty-six per cent of their loan of Sito.000,000 to government, have not yet used ono lollar of their lean certificates, niul hence are iomewhat cramped in their means. They have not irnojig their available assets anything as yet to how for the 11(5,100,000 they have paid into the ^ub-Treasury. In the couuse of a day or two .hey will begin to use the certiorates at the Clearng House, as agreed upon when the loan was aken, and they will then have $10,000,000 mere toend. Meanwhile private bankers are making the nost of the turn in the market, ami screwing up borrowers to six per cent. The judications arc, i.uvever, that the market will not bear the advance. This afternoou the supply at six per cent vns in excess of the demand, and a safe oiler of ivc would probably have been privately accepted iy more than one institution. The improvement in msiness has undoubtedly quickened the inquiry or money; but there is too little business dwing on redit to justify apprehensions of any material disurbunce of the market. Foreign-exchange took a sadden start to-day. lills on Lor.dou rose from 107J.^ to 10*x/t for milkers, and on Paris from C.32%to S.St!. Tlie uddrn advance is generally believed to have risen from heavy remittances of Southern funds to he otlu r side in order to prevent attempts to conscute the hi here. Commercial bills range from 07f j to 10s%. The mail is a heavy one for Saturuy. Sto-ks were irregular to-day and the market was :enerallv unsettled. Government stocks were bcter: the eot.non sixes of Iks! mci. ' nn.l ilw. i: . I Ffl97t%; the C per cent Treasury notes continue n lively demand, without change of price. Mis;oiiri (I'd were very active indeed at an advance of % per cent. The course of events will probably cad to a revulsion of feeling with regard to these securities, which will be likely to regain public "avor ere long. Tennessee's were steady, and Virginias?the worst of the whole State stock list?% lower. Railway stocks were irregular. Erie improved %, and so did Hudson; Illinois declined %, and so did Rock Island. Central, Galena, and the other speculative shares weve generally steady. The now dcvelopenicnts in the Galena, and the prospect that the money which was provided for the payment of the first mortgage bonds will now bo divided among the stockholders, have attracted quite a number of purchasers lately. After the board and at the second board the market was very dull. The following were the last quotations:?United States C's, registered, 1881, 9d% a 90,%; United States C's, coupon, 1881, 90% a 90%; United States'6's, 1874> 90% a %; Indiana 5's, 77 a 79; Virginia C's, 52 n %; Tennessee C's, 49% a%; North Carolina C's, CI a 01%; Missouri C's, 43% a %: Pacific Mail, 82% a %; New York Central, 72% a %; Eric, 25% a %; do, preferred, 17 a %; Hudson llivor, 33% a %'; Ilarlem, 10% a %; do. preferred, 25% a %: Reading, 55% a 36; .Michigan Central, 41% a 42; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a %; do. guaranteed, 30% a %; Panama, 110 a 112; Illinois Central, 00% a %'; Galena and Chicago, 09% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 29% a 30; Chicago and Rock Island, 43% a f4; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, CI a 62; Delaware, Lackavann and Western, OS; Milwaukee ami Prairie clu Chien, 80%' a Illinois Centra' bonds, 7's, 33% a 91; DelaVaro and Hudson Canal, 83% a 84; Pennsylvania Coal, 75% a 76%. The increasing inquiry for United States demand notes is an important feature of the financial situation. The cashier of the Sub-Treasury finds it impossible to keep any on hum1, pud states thht he could readily dispose of at lecst $20,COO a day if he could get them. All the leading money brokofl report that they receive numerous applications for these notes from their customers. Some of these i applications are from parties who are going West 1n Ihit nrtwlncn a?i.l wit*\ x j x s.M'-r UUU VMV0V MVW3 UJC IUU9C j convenient shape to carry money in. Others arc from persons at the head of factories or other large J establishments, who would like to niuke their disbursements in this medium; and many arc from people who v ould prefer to carry such notes in their pockets inst ad of Lank notes or specie. The ^oujoiucut is understood to u.tvu disbursed about k < iV YOHK HERALD, SATU $20,000,000 of those demand notes, the whole of which hnvo gone West. We think it will bo found tliut, not only will nouo of this circulation come East for redemption, but at loast fifty per cent more such uotes will be imperatively required t the West for the transaction of the ordinary business of that region. At the time tho rebellion broke out tho bu^noss of tho States of Illinois, part of Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and part of Mis souri kept in employment about $30,000,(M) of circulating bank paper, some $20,000,000 of which was local currency, either issued by safety fund bunks or secured by border slave State stocks, und the remaining $10,000,000 currency of Virginia, the Carolinas and Tennessee, which was put in circulation at St. Louis. Tho whole of these thirty millions of currency have now disappeared. The Southern bank notes were sent homo lonor before the period of non-intcrcourse commenced. Most of the safety fund banks have broken, and the currency secured by slave State stocks has declined in proportion to the depreciation in those stocks. Here, then, is a vacuum, created by the war, which must be tilled; it will tul.o $JO,000,0(>0 of cumucy to iiil it. No such amount, or indeed any amount whatever, can be spared by Ohio,or l'eiuisylvania, or New York, or New England. The currency required can only be supplied by the new Treasury notes, which, being convertible into gold at St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cldcago, Ac., in the West, as well us at the principal cities of the East, will be at par every where, and will be eagerly absorbed by a people who have been accustomed to pay to knavish bankers a tux of from 1 to 10 per ccntupou every transaction in business. If this assumption bo just, the West will not only retain the $-0,000,000 of currency already supplied by Mr. Chase, but will require $10,000,000 more as soon as possible. The further question as to the absorption of such currency iu the Central States and in New England is not so easily answered. Judging, however, from present indications, it niuy be safely said that a very large amount can bolloatedhcre and iu New England. As soon as the demand notes ure understood every one will naturally wish | to uso the-in hi lieu of bunk note* or specie. They combine the security of the latter with the convenience of the former, 'l'hey can bo turned into coin at any United States .Sub-Treasury or depository, and half a million of dollars worth cau be carried in the pocket. Already we hear that some of the manufacturers of New England are going to pay oil' their workmen in them, and every one in this meridian is talking of using nothing else. Indeed, tho convenience and comfort of u uniform and Bate currency are such that it may safely be predicted that they will enter into general and ultimately exclusive uso here; perhaps it would not be excessive to add that in all probability, iu tho course of twelve mouths, a hundred millions of dollars might be Coated here and in the West. 'The business of the Sub-Treasury to-day was as j follows:? live. Ipts $1,502,073 60 ' ?f or customs 11,too 00 I ?Treasury nolos 016 MM) 00 Payments 2,301,072 IW liauiuee 11,870,211 IS The exchanges at the Hank Clearing House this morning were $14,203,568 t>4, and the balances $1,205,100 50. The American Bank Note Company are now sending a large amount of the 7.30 notes to Washington. homo $1,600,oon to $2,000,000 vrill be forwarded to-duy and to-morrow. The department will then have a full assortment of all the denominations to meet the rapidly increasing demand. The Boston 1'ost. says thai "up to Tuesday morning the Boston banks reported sales of $1,300,600 of the 7.30 Treasury notes. This is exclusive of those taken at the Assistant Treasury, and of lots for which negotiations are now in progress." At Cincinnati the subscriptions aja) ulso going on satisfactorily, though some capitalists prefer to wait till they are issued. The Cincinnati /r/flxtrerspoaks of two buyers who would take at once $200,000 could they know for a certainty when the notes are to be issued. The Washington Star of last evening says:? Vvst. rcay morning tho Treasury Department despatched mom than a uih.iott of doliars m siuail notes to (iticuiualt :uid St. Unils, to bo oxjieiuled for a: my pur|>oseti niahilv- Thoro nro tAventv r in Ics c.Miistjmtlv ?iu,... tlii' twin's nt tliu Kngisier and Uio'lVeimiiii'i to the ' on li' inmiil ' l)Ui??Uv'-s, U'lis and twoulieP?atwut titroo handrail tho h.inil dollar* of which uru daily |?rlccU)d, ready to be paid out. 'lho aorviues of more llianii hundred tileiks are required to do tho "I'llpldns" of tint notes of all tlurCMl^iuiu and (Ionian luntious. iiieeo begirt work at muo A. 31.t and continue 011 duty till eleven 1'. M. Stat V lixt liangci I'lt,ii.v, Sept. Id, 18(11. faftOOU SO'*. 1)307... 90 $7C00 Cbie A N Wlslm 89 1000 If5 8, '74, coil ISO>4 1000 do 30.1$ it00 U S5'e, 1865-.- St 3 1 ales Col A 11 C Co. 85 'JuO#Ur-? H. si (uuu t.yx ii.'i I'cnn Coal (to 70 UMMI h .8(I'K, 'il l ' . Wilj 100 I'ltc'lllc SlSiSi.ii.hiiO 82,'$ f.OOTren 13|!t;liutif itltl/, 25 do :>3U 82>i 30011 tin.....- Iu0,\$ 15 83 j$ leoooiie.i0iierc2y us-n 16" do so I;1,! ;,o tin.' 50Chi, B'n A tj UK. C'2\ 1(00 Ti'tinC .1, 180S. 41 50 (to 03,'a 57(100 l'i nu 0 e. 1850.. 40,li 4: ONYwk ten Kit.. 73'., It no VlryiuiaO k.... 54)$ 50 do sl6 7i> KOO do.... 51 10 do 73?b 1(,00 tlo 68;$ 800 Erie Kit 25)$ 1U.0 ill) 63>ii 50 lltld itiv lilt. ... 38 7060 do .'> 100Harlem Kit lit-.. 2(00 Misanuil OV.... 43 ., 100 Harlem KK prof.. 23', 5010 tl'., j-710 4 '/, 50 ilielt Central KK. 42 5;oO do lido 44 20 do 42)$ ji.tnO do bl.'i 44 100 do 42!j 818100 do MO 44 l.,0 do 42 22( 00 do 44 100 Mich So .t N I g 8 70 \ 700(0 do i-iJ4 50 I'tiMiina Kit Ill 20000 do 030 4a1., 150 111 ( en K'.t 80.880 ?7 2001) OhioO'tL Id... 001, 150 ttAleiin & Chi Kit. (IO 'i 4000 111 coupM, 7o. . i>, 800CIct 46XMedo It.'t 80 , 5CC0N Carolina6'8.. 02,'^ 1(0 do 010 80), 1COO Mich 3 wk Ms. 81 70 tl 80Jj 1000 l!rotklvnC W 1, 9.1 5(H) do 051) 80S, lOtu N Y C b,'7U,eb 100',' 100 do 830 50', 1(00 do 100 50 Chi A: ltock Is Kit 43), 1000 Eric KB I in iis 104)$ 650 tlo 44 40C0 Erie Kit 4 in be Tl 100 do _sl5 44 lCCtl llud ltiv bibs. 90 SECOND BOARD. 815000Ct-'O's,'74,coui? Ui)$ iffiooo Krio KR tm b. 71 lUiH O C:0 s.'SI eouji ! 0 18 rlwinijiAi'l iad'sHk 78 ltit.O IteaOpe 2year 08 CO Del Mill! OunulCo 34 1500 do l(8,i$ 25 Krio Kit 2o1$ IrtiiOO N Carolina C'a 01 o l'ucllie Mail S'S Co 83 UliOO lcnn 0 ", 00.. 431$ 200 tlo 821, looo Ccurgia Os... (i.t.i$ loo NY Central UK.. 73 2000 ill 04 50 tin bio 73 I 6UC0 Mt.-.s itird) s380 44 iiO Htnl River Kit n't l I ltUJO do 4U*4 50 M Fo It N I.i Kit.. lY'i 7000 do 4".K ICO lllcve it Tol KK.. U)'1, l'JOO N YCeniMK7's 10o>j lto Clii t; Hoik 1 Kit. 4Upa Till'- UliV GUOD8 TRADE. The following la a comparative statement or the imports of r.iri igii dry goods at New Voik, lor tlio weekandslnco January 1:? Far the HYflr. K5!>. 1800. 1861. Filtered at the jnirt $2.007,tiki 2,005,7.19 306,080 Thrown on market '2,uJl,7St 2,144,007 831,575 SintJa ?:. 1. Jut-roil at the port... .$80,02",810 80,37.7^60 35,448,628 Thnwn on market 88,USU,ej8 bo,col,574 33,075,600 ly the nbovo tables it w ill bu teen that the disparity between the goods entered mid thrown u[ion the market Ihc pa-it week, com par-d with thoro for the sumo time in the two previous yc.-is, d? es r.ot va.y much from that of the previous week. The aggregates since the Hi at of January last are less than half those for the same period in lS'.kaud 1500. Ct lii'.' goods entered for consumption, v.oollers amounted to $154,403, odious to riiks to$38,373, tla.t to $?4,Sv.'0, miscellaneous to $v0,Villi. Total, $'294,199. 'li e recent advance in the prices of drills and heavy shot l ogs and shirtings tended to check tfco demand for exp-et. Iho following table shows that the shipments wore small in amount the pott week, though childly made to China:? J'slfl* Dales. tliinSjj,; $2?.074 300 "?.*tl 2,850 34 British Honduras 1,002 12 Total $32,820 400 Previously reported 46,775 .Since January 1 47,tb4 J he high price of raw cotton and the movements < f spinners continues to excite a good deal of interest. We hear rejiorts of the reopening of a good many mills at th" East. The general business among jobbers was less active this week than last. The auction sal. a this week have been the largest of the season, and drew good ccipanlea, while prices wore rather under Ilia current rates demanded at private sale. We have no further advance to notice in domestic goods. Brown sheetings were at 120.. and drills at lOJ^c. a 10?4'fi. Duck was wanted In advance of production, also cotton flannels. Woollens were unchanged. Foreign staple goods, as well as sei unliable fancy articles, w re lield w ith moio flrruII.-s. white t'.o gceorai b isiueSS doh,0 ?M inouerato, uud i to a large extent tor flash. RDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 18 CITY COM MERC I Ala REPORT. Fwiuy, Sept. 13?0 P. M. Au?rs.?Wo have no change to notl. o In prloo*, while gules embraced about 20 a 30 bids, doting at $5 25 for pots, ami $5 20 a $0 37>? for pearls. HKK.wrt r>s?Flour?Tho privuto advices rocolvod by tbo steamer's mulls from Europe woro more fuvrublo than tho published accounts. Tho domund vras ucttvo, and tho market closed at an advance from Co. to 10c. per bbl. Tito sales embraced about 20,000 bids., closing within the following r.uigc of pricea :? Su|ier 11 uu State $1 40 a 4 56 Extra Stale, good to choico 4 75 a 5 00 KuperMiio Western 4 40 a 4 00 Common to choice Western extra 4 >o a 0 00 Kuril Canada 4 75 a 0 50 Mixed to straight Southern f> l.> uo 75 Straight to good extra do 5 75 a 8 <10 choice extra fumlly und bakers' brands 8 no a 8 75 live Hour 2 25 a it 5u Corn moal, Jersey uiul Brandy wine 2 75 a 3 10 ?Cunadian Hour was in fair demand, whl'e supplies wore light. The rales embraced 700 a 300 libls., closing within the range of the above Uguros. Southern Hour was lu good demand, and especially for the low gran s and medium grades of extra, while the sales embraced al..nit 2,000 hbls. within the range uf the uliove quotations. ltye Hour was steady at our figures, with rales of kuu Obis. Cora m al was In fair demand with sales ot 320 a 400 bb'.s.. cleslng, tor Jdsey and Brandy wine, within the range or nnrq tuttons. Wheat was acilvo and In good demand. The modoraio supply of prime shipping lots, together with the eusior rates of freight lor English porit, touded to strengthen prices, which ciosed at sn advance of ir. n 2a per liusliel. The sales for iho day footed Up about 250.000 bn.-l o's, horo and to arrive, In part for ex; ort to Kru. ce, at $122 a $120 for whito Kentucky, $1 21 a *125 for vi hue Ohio, $1 10 a $1 10 for red Stale, $1 15 a $1 U for red Western. tl 111 a SI 20 for umber n die,. < M,nbie?n $1 16 a $118 for red Kentucky. SI 11 a $1 lit for uinbur imv.i, Wisconsin and Om'D Buy,$i 02 a$l 12 for Mhwuu Itoo c.jiib, $1 u$l 08 for Chicago spring, fl OS u $1 (l'l for ItaciHo and Wisconsin do. Corn wus Uriuor, aud lu good exjmrt demand. Tho sales footed upuhaut 'JJ'.W0big-he's lor oxport a nd Ens torn consumption at 4?i . a 4" > ;e. I'or hated, 46c. a 4Bo. for Eastern markets, aud ai 4il>.,v. a M!<c. for shipping lots of Western mixed. Hye wns llriuer and iu lair request, with sales of 4.000 bushes N rih river ut 08c. 11 "0c. Barley ma t was llrin, with sales of 11,400 bushels ut 78c. cash. Oats we 10 Arm. with sales of Stale and Western at tide, a tide. Comx.?The market continued llrin. wilh sn'os of 12.000 bngs of Kio at 13 l?c. u 16 hp-., eld dly at 14!?c.; 200 mats of Java at 2tlr., 1,062 bug.- Lugu.iyru at lO'.j'c. a 16%C., and 380 do. St. Doming!' at 14c. a t t',e. C'orrox.?Tho market was inactive but tl in-. llm sales cmbruceil 400 a !i00 liules, closing on tho basis of tide, for fair middling uplands.

Kkkwmtn.?But's for grain to IJverpool were eusi- r, hut unchanged to London and to tho Continent. To Liverpool aiioul b0,000 hush Is of*corn wore engaged lu lots at P.V'- iu bulk aud l/.igs, ruil SIM package- ihoe-? ill US-., and no J boxes do. do. w eng., 1 by tho steamer Africa ut 70s. To London 6,000 bushels wheat, in ship's hugs, at ltld., 600 bids. Hour at :t.?. 61I , boxesrli ese at 4fi8., and 6 bids. kttf at 4s. hd l'o Havre 40,000 h sluTsof wheat \vnr> engaged ut 23e., uud 1,000 hbls. Ilu ir ut 80c. To Antwerp 16,000 bushels of wheat were el gaged, iu ship's hags, ut 12h,d. II ir.?The market was stea ly, wilh sales for city and government use ill 60e. a 00c. Mui.axsic.-i was llrm, but quiet. I'iiovisioxs.?1'ork?The m nkot was Brmer, with sales i f 660 hh.s. ut $14 a f 14 25 for uioss, $15 a $16 26 for 1 Tear do., and $10 for prime. Beef was steady and llriu, wilh sales ol" 2'.-0 bids, at $10 26 a $11 50 for repacked me s, and $12 25 a $13 for extra, lleef buns were scarce uud wanted ut $11 a $15 for Western. Cat meals were bctto ', wilh sales of 250 bids, nt ! '.p-. a 5e. for shoulders and A !jc. a 0)^c for hums, lard was quiet, while the supply was lair and the demand childly for the home u uut . uit: r.siu.s ciuuiacou ito uuim. at ?c. u yc. muter wnw r 'liing at 13o. n J 4c for State and 8c. n JOe. for Ohio; and cheese at 0'\ :i 7c. for Sta'e and 6 \ a Or. for Ohio. J J in:.?-Kilos of 150 casfca wore made ot tt'4c. a 7c, Sh aiw woi'o Unit mid again active, wiUi ta'.CH of about 3.000 l.ltds. (Jcbiis .a ?;jc. a 7}fc, fur fair running go >ds, and at 77fc. a 8'^c. furgnKtery grades, including'u small lot Porto Rico at 8c.; f*00hlid8. M?dado were sold at 4},{c., and 1.000 b- x-'s at p. t. The turn of tho market closed in favor of tlio s diet*. wsiaciig.MifiiiirjuCTWfcciWULLW.'iwwiiwuwj A<m nrmmmmmemmmm PERSONAL. AM ILLNESS DEI KUBED ME FROM SEEING Vol . until the Gilt. An event I cannot now explain del'Trod 11it*. r? plying until tin* pre*nut. L< . this btiUice tor ull. If write me If you know my addle**, If not write it road way Post nttlec, Now York. tlEOHCilANA YOU WE UK NOT MISTAKEN. BKAUT lil'ul Parte o'e VUdtcH, of the luiast toxic and liuiHh, taken fur $- par do/.cu ai ths Photographic All CUllury, No. 411 Broadway, cornered' Libp'-nard street. INFORM 1TJQN WAKTBIMV SAMUEL BRADLEY, A boy aged 13yearn, who h it his hoinc about iiuou on l?Yii <i'iy, tith lust., since which lluve he has not been h?o>rd from. I lltr> lather suppose* ho ha* enlisted as drunim r ooy in one ! of tiu* regtmeuiM. Any tidings concerning hi ii w ill greatly I invoi his lather. Apply at 33 ami 2k Uhurcii afreet, up alaira, i between Vertey ami jL? relay nu eta. INFORMATION WANTED?OF EDWARD WHITTLE L or hi.H hoii.h Goorgo or Frederick; \vi* ii heard lTuiu lived iu Foui-in street, New York. Any information court-ruing lae.m w ill lie thankfully received by Heading their address to George Slight 33 Went Tenth street. 1 F W. S. HICKM AN. LATE OF ENGLAND, WILL PALL Ji at 3d South Wlllluin Htrcal, New York., he will hear of something lo h!b advantage. IF THE YOUNG LADY WHO, ON MONDAY EVENING, in Broadway, near Nineteenth turret, accosted a gentlematt respecting the railruud earn, and promptly received tue pecuniary am aim asked, w in coniiuunrcute with him by leaving, iii pcrnou a letter addressed (Jolom-1 Myueek (to be called for), at the Madison Hp litre Font oitlee, she may, hi a HUbHCMpient interview, hear of hornet hing to her mtv.miagc. JBFT HOME?OM si sda\ SftTU AUOtftt, IM, J .lanieH Dunn, aged.13 years, very tall lor liin age; light orowu hair, out auorf, and brow n cyca. Had on wiieii he left home, gray jock i, black pants, drab cap and strong, shoes. Amy p'l'M'ii knowing of hu< <> a boy will couier a gr< at favor and br wen i\ w.uded by bin parents by calling mi or a ulrcfcftiuA Mr. Dunn, In 1'imi street, '/I Went fiiirt nth Mtim-L, or at ilg.h aired, Harlem, between Tlurd and Fourth u venue*. IIBBIK -YOt R LETTER WAS SOT RECEIVED TILL .J uKcr you arrived. l have been looking tor you everywane. \\ rile mum.dial* D, same place. ULOiUiL. M. * " VjTAOK?THlKO WBU IN OOTOBBIt Mkua?tiie thoughts ok tile future mi st , in* guuu a by tlio ttvuiu.-t of the past. l'lutiau write v.Mn ruuua :i. . W ALU.!L mo LAWYERS.?THE LAWYER WOO TRANSACTED X I'll^ttii'ss lot Wail- v J. to colt, ot .Moiwisnii)it, wjil please m.iiU hot ailaiv -s to jVlt't?. \v. .1. hcott, Mwrmuaiim N. V. rpllli GENTLEMAN THAT SPokE To \ i,AUV IN A Milu?;l tins muriiiu,.', alter uvsifjtlit^ hwr, w 'in t tut wiy pic ?. : l to ruuoo the ujnaaht'.ji4?of u' ngi'euubi?? to her. A'J?Jr?;M.-< Arthur, t moti M'piiU'o iNmt ol.'icn. IW ILL T11K LADY VtlQM lJEONKLYN, WHO WAS f) rt-4 . i Id L aw her a<iou st al the .V iuniic (lurihoi, ll/.oktiu, pleaac acini It to "'.LV Ltox Herald vyiLL TUB YOUNG LADY WHO GOT IN A WALL 1 F sir.'i l sta^i* (,?Ui? up tmvn, <m J fiurtatny, at 1 o'clock), ai thu 1'oMt olluv, ami r ..o^ni/cu it gcnllt'iiian on Ilia corner, who raised a flip, send her ...Uiirss.s to 11. Wall, I'oSt ollleef LOOT AND FOI K!> JOST Oil STOLEN L'HOM GREAT KILLS, DONG J i.-(,m<L on the tic-lit at l:.: Sttl liisLiliit 1?, 1.) !< < ! loll/, 6.1? ICC t tn'UUI , |? llltllM /1? I'll (MMsidc ; 1 lie name iJ in Hit: on <he .-.em. A it. era I reward will in: paid lor rtijcii humiliation uh may lead to lur recovery. Addicts or apply to Coroelltiu PoiUou .South aiu at, jOtiX?QX xi bsd vy evening, 10tu inst., a sm all .J black and t in Terrier, very l u.u , Iri't l?.rft leg out oi joint. A mutable rcwui'U will be paiu on its return to Mo. 61 clt'i vuwich . venue. j ost?on friday mornino, in a fourth avbJLlnue Binge, a lady's morocco Purioinonuuie, containing 4>i.? in gold, wuli ho,Hi- change. 'Die n.'i ii r will be tmUuoiy rewarded ny leafing it at lico. li. Kitchen A Co.'a More, out Broadway. l thursday afternoon, 1yth inst. JLi iroin Fort Washington, it baiull black and tan'furrier, iit/vul fie veu months old. A suitable r. ward will be given on returning It to the residence ot Mr., ul Fort SVushnut",i. or to tm* Horn Id odic. Lost?on bept.aa large brown spaniel dog, with long eurly cars. A ii.Liuisoiu.* rew.u l will oe paid I lor litfc delivery or any information tout . < leiul to hift reco* n try. MAli'tl. F. i 4...Pearl atreei* Lost?on Thursday morning, a small parrot, ol gr.iylsh color, with gtiin and blue Invest, cod bill, red l- atin i?in wings and tail and large ejf.t. Any person in.ding the 5. me and returning it to Mis. John Wuotl, lid West 1' \. uii :tii biic t, will be liberally re vi arded and ^r?*atiy thanked. jost?from the southwest corner OF forJ netii . ireet ana Second avenue, a liver colored Fetter i>o;;; j%riMVi-t.H to the name ol' Major. Whoever wHI ivturn linn to L). Casey, at the above direction, will be liberally re\vm rded. LOST-IN BROOKLYN, ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON. IN Clinton street, between Livingston and Atlantic, a c.iu.i'ft (Joid Dead AJrareict. The flinter will be suitably rewelded !>y leaving it at til Oilman street, Brooklyn. >ew y( rk skpi ember 11, 1 si .?to paw n brokI era, L? nip! -.a.-.- aketi wiihoni leave, Horn ,St. niom. h1 Fice Ghat-el, coiner oi prime and Thompson s roots, between in f/h a nil TJib in.?t., a Gh?;g}i nau'a iiown, tn:ni?'nl' bl u k, tilk, au i two Soar!?? iitc of Bilk, tue ??*..o i* nut. N. li.?Any advance mi the above aii des be I'Md,. - well a a utablo r:\Vuid, ou Bending tue to No. J.i Y.nidani s;x e:? H'A'iVU STOl'i'IiD?Sl'ITOSED TO be STOLEN; a i uty's got I detached lever, open fnce, with u.rec Initial tetter* '? hiicii. IVir iaiurniutiou luquite U Copt. Hat t, T w eiuy-slxth l'olloe precinct, City llnU. PJEJ8 TISTA *. Artifiul. l bone filling for decayed tkiiniInwrted while soft, giving no i?la. Aching teeth or e aii. il* c.iit to ii... l .11 it i>ivi?!i veil ny tins iliocurcier. j. 1'KAKSoX, M. 1)., 1 mm ci!) Broadway, Mint s'de, oit.i dour uhore Seventeenth street. N. II.?bcaaro of tj.mieus I 111 I till lUlllt. AUTIKICIALTKF.TH.-DRS.DURUIN AND ROUSSEAU continue to ntlt ..el leclk in two n, vends, with the engines! |'.mi. Tccll. ins a tod over 8tuiii|"i. No exu.. v 11.L' ,.e lor teni; i .n v ?< >, or extruding whin o nriilidiil lein'.i mo m? o led. Die. IllIff K IN A lLOUMiliAU, did i anal street, vuc dour lrom Laurens. Artificial irjne killing and teeth Extracted wiih 'nit jwId, by a process originated by my. , sell and approved by tie' most etnim nt'inedli .it men ?? heinn pertectly sale. Dr. LlTlllilt, Dentist, 1?1 East Twenty, second street, between Lextngt oi nnd Third uvtiiircs. a late INVENTION HAS given US JUST y?'jat j\. we have, wanted lor twenty years, We eau novj uiaiio u good set ol '1 eih ' o . 1 h tooth. J. SJUiU DODcili, 10Lasttjgveutecu^street, 161. ^ k Siilifii AT AUCTION. A MOUTIMElt OHIHfiN A 0(?~AtTOTIONBERH. Auction Notice..?EleguM IIouh. hold Furniture at public unction, the proiu ny ot uj'amily declining housekeeping, on ting day (Katun y), Sept. 14, at the private residence, 4*4 Went Sixteenth Ktreet, between Filth and Sixth avenue*, coinineneMMj c 11 ? . loek, consisting of rosewood Keren oct. .a I'lue-i' lie, ruM'Woud Purler Suit*, Eieuerea, Bookcase, oil Painting Bronze*, Engravings, Chunueliejh, Mirrors, Clucks. Curtain*. Velvet anil Bru^eta Carpet, JJuUtnnds, Oilcloth Bedstead*, liu. .ins, Wardrobe*, Bedding, Matti onsen, Feather bed*, Blanket*, Extension Table, China, Glassware, Silverware, Knives and Forks; al* > a large nshoi tmont of buueineut and kin hen Furniture. Salrpeieuiplory. A M. MI lit WIN. AUCTIONEER. J\* .u(>\ t MY E V h $ IS (i, Seiumiibcr Id, fit 7 o'clock, A private Library of valuable EnglUhnml American Books, in variotiM <1 ( . irtmetits, mostly In fine and substantial oind , inga, iuc.ludi.ig u variety of expensively illustrated works, Ac- ! \ LOTION NOTICE. Jx. HALE OF AN IMPORTER'S STOCK or DAM AGED GOODS, C.i the premise*. No. 47 Murray street w i#i , On MONDAY, SEPT. 16. ? ,v\? ISIV 1,/.on Monday, at 12 o'clock, J HE ENTIRE STOCK OF MESSRS. SC5HAOK A 1TOTOP. more or lens damaged at the lute lire in Murray atreet, audi , C'liHlKtlflg of BTAPLE A FANCY GOODH, BIBB >N8. Tl!!MMfNG8, A/*. All to be *old without reserve, by OKDLK OF TUK 1KBU* HAN OR COMPANIES JNTKMSSTKD. Catalogue* ready on morning of sale. WM, TOBl'ING a CO., Auctioneers, N"h. 9 and II l\n \ pi u ? , and No. S Murray street. AUCTION NOTICE.- M. DOUGHTY, AUOTIONRBR, JY will sell, thU day Oa'urduy), at ill* o'clock, hi tuiesruoin, 85 Nassau t:tr<-ct, ut dgui-eM sale of Household Furniture, i'urpcts, Mirrors, Ac., vi*:?Koacwood Parlor S- Its, covered in brocatel: maho'dany do., in haircloth, viz:?'Tote* a-Teles, Parlor una Armciialra; marble top Centre Table*. Bookcases, Bullets, extension Dining Table^ Brussels ami ingrain Carpet*, Oilcloths, Micro.'*, Marble top Dressing Bureau*, Wajhsiands, Bcdsicads, hair Mattresses, Louujes, Wardrobes, Ac. ABSIGNEE'S BALE.?TUESDAY, SEPT. 17, 1801, AT 3 P. M., Lease itml Building No. JP Ninth avenue; loam; extends to May 1,1864. Also, lour Horses, six Ice Wagons and IlanuHH, and other things connected with the tee business. liach or all of the above will be sold at private sale If oll'ttta are niado on rtm premises prior to the d.iv of eale. Terms made, kuuwu at sale. DAVID BUSH, Assignee of Peter Black. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE?THIS DAY (SATURDAY), by J. L. SMITH, unelloneer, at 12 o'clock, at 137 Eighth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue, one rosewood l'arlor Stilt, covered in Turkish velvet nioquet; one do. covered in rep*; Bookers, S ilas, Tobies, Chairs, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Glassware, the Furniture of eight bedroom* compu te, ami everything belonging to a Ural class hviUdO. 1\ ill la- si-Id without reserve. DROWNB A NICHOLS. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL 1) this day (S.itm day), September 11, at 10}? o'clock, ??t Incir salesroom, 35 NusjuU street?Sale of mvuih: hand Furniture, consoling of Parlor, Bedroom, Dluiug Kooin and Basoinent Furniture, Buds, Bedding, Carpet.*, Bureaus, . WuMhstands, Bailor Suits, Oilcloth, Chandeliers, Gas Fixtores, Minors, Hcfi igor itors, Cliimi anil Glass Ware, Table Cutlery. .1 ; also ft lot of Desk* ami OUice Furniture; also a large si /.I'd Glass Case, on stand. BBOWSE a NICHOLS, AITL'TIONKEU.*, WILL SELL this day (Stturday), September 14, at i o'clock, in front ot sah'sr. -o?>, 35 Ngs.-tau Hi reel, a splendid gray Horse, l."'i hands high. 9 yours old, warranted sound, kind and gent a , und very stylish; very fa-f, wtil fie m 3;40, and warranted I in 3:50; no butter family horso in the < ity; free from shying iiiui a iifr t rat'* driver ami roadster. To in* sold without reservo, the owner having no further use for him. Also one o|K'u Wagon, lour seals, city built, halt' spring Trotting Wagon, tog< 11ier w Mi 11 . Br, THOMAS, AUCTIONEER.?J. r.. DAYTON A CO. will Ri ll this day, at tin i 1* salesroom, ill Nassau | j,t lu}g o'clock, Furniture, Engravings and Jewelry, Con- . Hlgnments solicited. Return* made on day ot sale. pONSTABLE'B SALE.?JAMES GUSHING, ANGKOR \J cer.?By virtue of an execution 1 will sell, this day, at j 10o'clock A.' M., at No. Broadway, tho Stock and Fix- | tui Lboi a wholesale and retail family grocery store. Thomas GUSHING,CottsUAte. T \ AN I EL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER. 1J SALE S IK HIM NO. NASSAU M'KEET, BETWEEN PULTON AND JOHN STREETS. DANIEL A. MATHEWS will .-oil at auction this day (Satinday), at 10}ao'clock, til. UlsHalcsroom,79Nassau street, a general assortment of iimisi-iioM Furniture, viz.:?Rosewood, waltiut and mahogany Tarlor Suits, in plueh and haircloth; Centre Tables, .Koca'-TH, Lounges, Secretary and Library Bookcases, Extension Tables, Hack walnut, mahogany ati<l enatiu lied Bed Itooin Suits; Ilair M;>itr>-sses, Bedsteuda, Dining Chairs, Book Racks, Wardrobes, Window Shades, i'iano Stools, I) resting Bureaus, Lout her Arm Chairs, China and Glassware, Ac. Catalogues and goods now ready for examination. Daniel a. matbews, auctioneer. Salesroom 7l> Nass. u hi., between Fulton and John al?. , MORTGAGE SALE OF HILLIAKD TABLES, BAB FIXTURES, Fl KNITL'ltK, .tC. DANIEL A. MATHLWS, will sell at miction, on TOURSDAY', September J}?, lSdl, at lv}? o'clock, at No. 130 Fulton i stroei, near Broadway, by virtue of a chulte.l mortgage, the I I'dlon mguriieles, viz:?onesujiariora.itin wood Billiard Table, slate bed, combination cushions; one oak do. do.. Cues and I One Lucks, one splendid four pull Beer Bump, silver mounted, made by John Whitticld; two mahogany Card Tables, ( l.uauv-are, silver plated Mugs, twelve oak Ann Chairs, Hat j Sumo, Has lixttyrcs, Marble Basin, Lead I'ipe, Bailing Parti* Hon, Wardrobe, together with sundiy other articles. Sale posit i\ o. Tonus cash. By order of LOUIS H. VULTE, Attorney for Mortgagee. 171 ROTH. AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, THIS AFTKRill* l?oot?, at 'J o'clo -k precisely, at MM Wuvorhy place, near s.xth avenue, the cut ire pen tee I Furniture in the above dweidug house, < onsistiug of two l'arlor Suits, made to order, in satin, broeutid and green plush; Oval Mirrors, Ktegcre, i'ler and Side. Tables, Vases, Paintings, Curtains, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Chairs, Solas, Rockers, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths. Class and China Ware, Stows, Hair Maltresscn, Beds and Bedding, Ac, Bale posit! vo. "LI COLTON, AUCTIONEER.?EXTRA LARGE BALE r of very superior rosewood, mahogany, hi,o k walnut and oak Furn.turc; two rosewood Pianofortes, rich Carpets, French j .M0 I013, Beds, Mattresses, Olllee Furniture, Ac., Ac.?F. COLl'ON will sell, this day (Saturday), Sept. 14, at lid.; " ?ioea, at No. 113 Fulton street, near Nassau, ihe entire raui Furnl: i.? e of a large house, removed from Brooklyn lor com c.?i?'iiee of s ih?. Among this assortment may he found rci-y virii Aruioire Wardrobes and Bookcases, French mid munogany Brdstciiduund Bur?;nia, superior enamelled Chain* lyi-SoU*, tun rosewood Pianofortes, French plate Mirrors, iVte-r.-Tete Bofasnnd Sola Beds, mahogany and rose* wood Chairs, :tU dozen cm led maple do., Curtains* Cornices, Ac, Sale will be peremptory, uud cataloging onrly this morn tug. /if'ttknr:ic<j.?i.ast aiciton sale of lots \JT situated nt Guttonborg will be hell uu Monday, 6ept. 21, ItSbl, P. M. Terms ca.-y as heretofore. .IDJIN DWYEtt, Auction oer. UENKY GUKEN, M CTIONEKK.?IHltt DAY, AT m>; o'chx-k, ai the. Htoiv, ID4* street, the content.; u? a Grocery uud Liquor Bono: ft gallon ami 21) gallon casks. Serais, Ac. Also, Ht twelve o'clock, lot of Clothing, dry unit t'uue.y Goods, Yankee Notions, Ac. HKNKY GKKKN, AUCTIONKKK.-?<>N~MOMMY* SEPT. 1(>. at o'clock, at S'J Dclanoey Htrect, corner of Orchard, the contents <V n Grocery Store: Teas, Sugars, Soups, .Spices, Fixtures, Horde, Wagon, Ac. 1 OlIN II. BURLY. All)HONKER?WILl7 KEEL, THIS J uay, at two o'clock, a; 141 Canal street, .t large quantity of Hi#-' hold Furniture, iliir. aus, Bedsteads, wasustanda, Crockery, Solas, Sofa beds, Extension, Centre, and oile r Tabic?, iMa.'ioginy Hocking am! other Chairs, Wardrobes, BmAsmiuts, ihive Mantel <j hisses, four Pier and other G.hss t? is Fixtures, Brussels, three-ply and ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, liair and other Mat tresses. Feat her Boda, Cooking Stove.-, Pictures, Birds, Kudo ti Frruiture, Bedding, Ac. Good chance for housekeepers and otli rs. MORTGAGE SALE.?BY VIRTUE OK A CHATTEL .u'rtga,. , WHST A WATTS will prII, this day, at i'% o eio! k, at the fulcsrooiu, No. 26 West Aroa:lwuy, the contents m a d'htidory, ioiuprlslng one Copper Disr.Ih'n ; Apparatus, Barrel-, Kegs, Me < urea, Pumps, lee liox, B'<okberry Branny, and Cherry Berries, Vinegar, Oarraway Seed, and a l..r ;e quantity of empty Bottles, Jars, Ac. Also, one Light W i :on, Coal 8 -reeii ami lot of Carpet. WEST a WATTS, Attorneys lor Mortgagee. kJ"& 37 BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?MONDAY, SEP- ; IO* tomber R?, nt lt)|^ o'clock, at the auction rooms No. I | North William street, Household Furniture, Billiard Table, I Iron Safe, Bedsteads, Sofas, Chairs, Carpets, Tables, lot ! Grocery Fixtures, An.; also 5 cases wooden Mallets. QUElUFF'S SALE.?FINE GOLD JEWELRY, PLATED O Ware, Paintings, Ac. CHAMBERS a fairchild, Auctioneers, Will sell this day, nt 12 o'clock, at 113 Nassau street, A general n.-Mirtiuciit of Jewelry, Plated Tea Beta and Spoons, line Oil runnings. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE.- AGRICULTl RAL I Mi'EEMEN'iS. CHAMBERS * FAlltCllILD, Office 113 Nassau street, Will 3-11 this chsv. NoriMnivr 11 :.t I loVlodr of 19t uwd in: I Nhkw:?u Btxcet, u l.-u'g" quantity of Agricultural Implements, i alt kin-Is lu fis??, ronslMiag m doughs, Cultivator*, Hoes, I Seed Drill*, Cora Shellers, <tardea 'tool*, Soweis, Uay ' I'lVhy m, Corn Mills, sY.ythcs, Sickles, II ikiM. iiruiil.Cleanem | uiul S -pa raters, Thresher.*. .Mowers, Farm Mills, Cam; Cru hcm, Uurdeti ami Field UW'cih, comprising u genural assortment; also Axes, Out us, 'L'teo Trmmers, Sugar Mills, (ii indsloucs, Hammer*, Hatchets, Ac., Ac. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. tXTIL] 1AM ABB< ? r. M i TIONI ER--01 PlCB V . A I t East Broadway, sells this Uay, at. 10*^o'clock, the Stork anil Fixtures of (ir-V:rnr and. Liquor More No. HU Lew.s 1 street, eorner of Third, feeer l'timps, Counters, Teas, Scale*, Syrup Cans ami all other Fixture*. FVAK1TUHB. \ bedroom snr of enamelled fi knitcre J\ for $-*. i-t ?!i <:>>Uum, of wu: rustled m.iiini.i ; o; ? ; ao.o solid Chewtiint Clui!.J?er S .iiB. plain nil I orit -.mental, II. F. FAUi * .m.I'1'Ua'S, htiy Canal ?nrect, opposite Woubtcr. lis- ; i;t' shod iu 1 4 K /1a1j1.nkt j'l'rm'fl'hb at aiu ! The large nio k manuf.t' lured !>y J. M. Doe A Co. h efFaced . by the sunscriher at \ ;y low i'arlor Suits iu rosewood, mnhogunrand walnut, mui t'l-auiberauit Dining Room . Furniture oi ovi ?y ?. rvviptem, and of the best worikiuauahip and m.Ue/t:il. Al! am -leg unlimited. J. ROYCK, <ritl O5 E.'.st Jfons'on street, near tlnjJSouory. | lill'HXITI. KK WA.VH.:>.?A i'AMN.Y Hi ! AivIN'ff I 1' I? U-- -;>in2v >i- in. i ; li'iii.i; ri.. in, nuli'V .m.l. Ii. in'/ i furniture m . i'il. nil,; ' ! in lnjri y from ???? ?It, dsmji mid il11 , 1.mi1 liava ii 1:1.; :i good cm'1: uf I it 11 r< s, om Ibic, grnt A 1 iv ilo fumlly, v. t:(. no mn.ill eltiMren, .toil lie (kmo o.r in iij) 10 May, l?iA Address, with iMiuctriiirs, t. ii. >1., Ill i il'i ific. , 0; . 1. K FURNITURB WANTED?DE .>. CHAIRS, < i'iiiisi'i, 11 llcrt tig k itc, l.iii'Mt ) .-i't.tiicdima ?Ui> Address, uitli parti.tiJiirs, 11. Iil'r.tid ol.'ice. 3(1. "i Mil. (10XPAMT A, 88VENrY-11 RUT RJSflDlENT, - \iiM? .,;v v l.iilityi'Ue ll.i'l, S ; .lit' lit, 1 !.?My L"rs iioadtiu.irnis t'.t" in' 1 '.s. : *11,1.1 y A, S.-i r-niy.i.if . men!, lire noiilit'd lii.ii .1 . -i 1 tvdr : b'llo.i ; / ,,, v evening, Hlh 'nsi.uit, nt d k, to till n I v .. ait .m;^ dI?i in lite eoiiiini . I tut.I :? ':j n:. d? ;|. ..,.s 1 1 Is' iiuipany. All 1:1 - i'l'ir. i>>) li t.i'.) 1:11 1 old, .1: ro,, to Ikj protii|H in in- . . :u.n; . 1' t . . . d' , ,v,:i tide. My order, Vf.M. ti.'ioal ,',' Lleuienimt e?/ unnuuitis. Janes Datis, Jr., Esq., Orilt- Ay. RAU.KOAD?. Hudson RIVER RAltiRj tD.?TRAIN* , py.k \i.n \- v Tioy.ll. .V .. id ' 1 .-. til .'r mid II A. M.,. mi8:S.?, 0. i . 10 u. J. VKW YORK, U:\M.rjt AND AW l> vil.E. i.N Summer arrun ? , . \ any, Troy, North Ullil W"*t, In 1 ,i . l . i.'.i, 11 M. Vorlocal I' . ' , V' JOllN ill, i>'. II ilsliy i.^ciiiaji ijui liulsndcui. /ifcV ys^S. ' "" ' " "* 1 ? i ? REUGIon ROTICKg, 1 BLEKCKKIt street rinivekhajjot oill'lloir'co^ norm Dwviilnir mroot. ?Iter. <5. Craven* tirritcWa tt? uv 'trowr lit liljj A. M. At Hi 1', M. ft or. Moree Bailou will omtni'ler I lie intention?"HUo 1 t> goo tan J urCangeabla why pruy i" ituii." S1HBMTUV CBtflln flBVHNTttNTO HTKKET. iirur Sixth avenue.?tervlee* mi I.' rd's Day, Septembef 15, i't 1(1,'i A. M. Hint iyt P. .if. lTearMwt liy the |m*Uir Uri?a Brewer. Knbjec m. vulns?"Thu throe ytiuca; cvouiM, " manhood." CASH' mketincf at KASPETH, LOW ISLAND, three utile* lrmii \*t>tirg terrlea. ,Sot.'on ;unl r*r? every half hour. Refreshment on the Europunu pUn. / t hack CHURCH WILL BE REOPENED FOR DIVINE VT xi i vlco to morrow (Mixilu.T). Sept. 15, at lb? usual liotira, lU>a A. M. anil 4 1'. M. Memorial church, h vmmosd, corner of Wnvi rley plane.?TiMiimr.'iv, Sunday ovruitii:. tha Hi a". E. T. Rmiiiii ton will preach. Servile n at la,',. uinl 7}j o'clock. Free scutM. \f EETINOH ARM held EVERY si nday, AT wtf ar JrA M., lit room Nu. SDituton Hull, where Hie "tin helot tha Ki.'iit'lom oi thiil," im liiri liinl by Moms un.l the lTnnUaia unit tmuiht by Ji sus uud liU Apomlifl, U ret forth. At! are (.' n ilin. iy im Hod. * __ North trinity church.?rev. mattiiew halk Smith w ill preach to-morruw (.Sunday), In .heir nor eluipel, tiiJO Seventh mm, between Fnrti i ltli F. rtrhixtli etrects, nt 104; A. M. nail In the rvenine iiITU oclom. Subject, " The Bible." Sunday school at 2 o'cloi k t*. m. REV. CHARLES SPEAR ANI) MRS. SPEAR, EDITORS of J'r!*i>neiV Friend, Boston, ivill deliver an adurrsa next Sain a ll eveninc, nt 7>i It, Historical Building, corner of Second ttVi'titto uud Eleventh street, tfubjocb? ineiaeirs in rruou Eire." Q1IALL WE STAGGER AT GOD'S PROMISE* O through unbelief f?will ho the subject of dlwt.upiie by Dev. E. G. Brook-, at the Twentieth utre'-t Uiilvrn?allsl Church, between sixth ami Seventh avenues, to-morrow ufternoon. Service* at hulf-paat three; Sermon iu the mom* iu'4 at half-punt ten o'clock. Qt, AN.cs OHURCH.-BB*. THOa GALLAUMN^ lO Rector.?Services to-morrow, as usual, with the voiw. a' 10^j A. M. and 73* *' M., nntl in tho sign language ,nt P. M. Her. K. C. Ewer will preach morning and evening. Seau free. ST. MARK'S CIIURCn, A KEN UK SECPNP, CORNER Tenth street. Rev, Alex. If. Vinton, Rector.?The Church will copcii on Sunday, 5th last. Morning aerviecat 10)6 o'clock, afternoon at 4 o clock. mi If? SECOND SERMON OF THE HE K1 EH ON TUB .1 Military Heroes of the Bible will bo delivered on Sunday evening, at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. R? v. William AIvin Bartlett, pastor, will j.rea di morning and evenlrjj. her. let * will commence at ln}{ A. M., and ut 7>g P. M. Huhje i in t he ? veil ng -"J ihuii." rpifE SERVICES HjH installing the newlt I. fccttled pav.or of the Second UnivenulWt Sovietv?itov, O. S. I-lamb r.-, formerly of Cine rnwiti, Ohio?will lake plant to-morrow afternoon, ttie 15th imt., at II o'clock, at tke'r plaee of worship, corner of Second avenue nnd Eleventh rtjcei. Older ot exerciser. Prayer, by Re.v. Mr. Cravens, of Br ..klyn; Sermon, by I lev. Dr. Sawyer, the former pa 'or; AddreHb on VVllo\v8hl|>f t>y Rev. M. lidlmi; Address to tho l'? o;de, by ilev. Dr. Chuplu; ISenedi&ioD, by tho Pastor, l'ri aching in the morning ut 10)4, and in tho evening at 7}? o'clock. milK cut 1U/TI OK THE PURITANS WILL BE KE.1 opened to-morrow, l.'?th inst. Dr. Clteever w ill preach ul 10*.j A. M., and 7% evening. Subject in th-a t-v*inin;'.?**The Voice of Christian kingluud to America for the Emancipation of Slaved." rrtHB BSC. H. A. CKKKV Wil l, PRVAGH IN TUB J Murry Kill Baptist church, Thlrly-dl'th otreert, between l-'il t ii ami Sixth a\ euues, to-morrow, ai 10)? o'clock A. M., end ?t o'clock 1*. M. rpilK MORAL ASPECTS OK TIIK WAR?THE KVANTX g*dlcal Alliattco will hold a meeting on the above subject, on Sunday evening, m Plymouth church, Brooklyn, and another the following Tuesday evening In tho Church of tho Puritans, Union square. Speaker*?ltev*. Tyng, I>. D., Ofcee? ver, 1>. P., Beer her, D. P., Bellows, D. P.* Gosa, CookuMua uk<d SIriolchiiiri l> l> UOVgESb KOOBI8, WASXBA \ GENTLEMAN AND WICK WANT TWOORTHBBS -iV Rooms, unfurnished, inn respectable locution; must bo it dean and tidy k 'pl house, water on the lloor tntllapmisablr. mill within one mile of the corner of (ii'Ai)il street mill tho Bowery. Addl-ns William Juines, 'did Grand street. HOVSB WANTED?IN A PLBA8ANT 8TRBBT, WIIST side preferred, with till modern improve men In. Rent J bid per yea!' far u to: tit of years. Bum pay. No small children. Address bus 2,.'oil Post ollice, stating terms, looattuu and description of house. TXTANTED?LUNCH ROOMS, UNFURNISHED.?A m front and two buck Rooms, un the (list tlnor, in a resi'in'laMo pan of tlio city, by tin* lust of October, dive locution, description and runt. Address 1', Stiiiion D. Til ANTED?IN WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN,. IIUVI bohm or Jersey City, a House, containing not loss than eight rooms and good vnnl; rent about $K per inonth. Address, Mating reut, location and full pat liculsrs, X. I'., boa lli ili laid iiltu-v, Possession wan'."il by Uiq lat of October; leas i li> run one yevr from May 1, 18G2. TXT ANTED?A SUIT Of TWO BEDROOMS AND A PAH11 lor, pnrily or wholly furnished, without Board, siluati-l between Fourth and Twenty-third streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Address, with terms, box 170 Post oilier. "IVA.VTED-TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS ft for housekeeping, between Fourteenth and Thirtieth s'rcvtF, mid west of Urondway. Rent not to exceed $18 or Jit) a mouth. Address J. A., Dillon square Post oll'ire. WANTED-A SMALT-, NEAT. WELL AND OONVB ft nteiitly silmaed House, In Jersey City or Brooklyn, with good yard or garden and cellar, but no basements. Address, stating rent, box 2,102 Post oilier, N. Y. ~WT ANTE D?A SMALL HOUSE, FURNISHED I If 11 whole or in part, 111 a pleasant locality, In New York or Its vicinity, wltliln an hour's ride, by a small family. Address, with full particulars and the price, which must he very clump, Alexander, box tigidS Post ollice. TV ANTED?A LAUOK AND WELL FURNISHED If House, on Fifth avenue, Madison square, or Twentythird street, near the hotel; must lie first class, corner house w ith Stable, for which good security will be given. Address M. \V., MmJisfin si|iiare Post ollice. TXTANTHD?BY A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, A PIVH If story brown stone House, with all lite modern improvements, between Tent It and Thlrtli th streets suit Second and Sixth avenue*. No objection against a few select hoarders. Rent not to evened $I,4XU for the drat year. Address (.'. 11, Union sqttnre Post ollice. TV-anted?the upper part of a house, witii If modern improvements, in a healthy and respectable locate between Bleeeke.r and Fourteenth streets, for a F 'null family. Rent moderate. Address W. S., box 4SJ l'oat office. TV ANTED.?A GENTLEMAN AND HTS 8IKTEIC II mangers In the city, desire to hire a square Room ana two sleeping Rooms oil the sume door, with the use at kitchen ami bath, completely furnished for housekeeping; terms must he very low. Address, with particulars, Stranger, Herald oQlee. TV'ANTED TO PURCHASE FOR CASH?A WELD If tilted up Liquor Store in a respectable neighborhood, situate t either In New York or Brooklyn. None but tliosa harm, excellent reasons for selling out iieed apply. Agents not noticed. Address K. C. B., Herald oglof. TVANTKD TO RENT?TIIE LOWER PART OF A itliflll House*, an the wt!?t side, between Twenty-fourth and Fortieth streets. Until must br moderate against first clasn security. Address bos 3,918 I'Oht office. \\TANTKD TO UK NT?A LOFT, AT LEAST FORTY T? feet long iiitil ten feet high, with good llqhl. Address ptvlng locution,' what dour ami terms, Lott, box 22l> Herald tdUue. \\' .N ' KD TO KENT- A FUnNISIlEO 110 U^K IN~TUH vf upper part of the e.iiy, west of Broadway prefr rrndj but m objection made ton sut'abJe house east ot llruadway. Fe*it i.hi-t be. moderate, not to exceed $800 to $9(>0 u year. 1 osse.vion wanted about the 2a?h of September to let oi OctMhor: Address, staling lull particulars, 8., box 2,723 Tost \ V A N1 b lJ TUT TU'J NT?TWO OR T11KK iTo A 8 CI IA N DKff Hers; would be bought if sold cheap. Address Light,. Madison square Yost older, POLITICAL. RANJ> DEMONSTRATION OF THE DEMOCRACY. \A The following, appointed by the Deinoeratll i. in'r :) I\,n?nibf..i? i,r Mr.-//..-, tt.ilt S\?nt. 0 l^/tl f,, ar. r nr menu lor a grand muse ninotlng, are rripirstrd lu meet, si Mn/.nrt Hall. (his evening, at 7}^ o'elnek. Rumiiual at, I- uu.iuee is purlkulal ly riipii'sled. By order nf r. G. MOI.ONV, Chairman. 'nl"'S0!, } Secret* vie*. coMiiirrcr.. Edward Hugan., (Ira. L Orewr, S. B. Williams, Tims. II. l'Viris, Jlenj. May, Jan. Lynch, Thus. rTt/.geralil, Geo. 0. Gonuet, Itadli 1 Keimeday, Win. lirtnan, Bernard Maloiiy, Andrew Mulligan. J. Muss-il, J. Ryan, - Man-la Be gai t, linger Howling, Ignatius Hvnn, Vim. Bradley, Ciias. 1'ram is. K II. jHrkson, I l'. ter MeKulgiit, Daniol Witter. rn.VMSlAXY HALL.?A fil'EOIAL MEETING OK Til* J. members of llie Democratic Jtepii'llkan General Com n fee will ho lield at Tnnuauy Hail, on Monday evening* .S pie, v r IP at 8 o'clock. ELIJAH F. l'UBDV, Uh'n* j Aanosil'.'iioua.vs, } HWUrl* } lUtlAY AU1"*4. 1 }F.WARD OKFERKD.?LOST, IN A STAGE, ABOL"J J t in...u oa Ki'l lay, i'? end pleeoor a lady a ki-1.1 Br,.relet .Mill the owner's win r on It. A oaltablo :-' \>wrd will be paid by luarllig I: at No. g Woat Eleveata street, near Broadway. ?Q REWARD.?JLOST, BEST. IS, KDOM U3 VTAABft. lyO ley ills ? , x.'-mai' Or bound; InvJ oil a plain collar* liMb, in the fore log. l j" abort] lonatrd w ill in paid oa his if tttrtl in Ilia Waver:' ? i te? ' BE\VACD?LChT, FROM KB NINTH m t iff, A <4?? ) young Italian ll'.siul; had a vraim i hala around ?ta lie ;?, wil'.i a red *tn? ., on one side awl r. dark grteri rueon U her. VULnuvcr return hi'ji to tin; abovn itumbcf VIM /ecelra the llww WWrt I c ; RllYCARlA?M>3T, A BLACK AND TAN HOO. , sit'? wtivo r\ colUr, with th?? owncc nam^i ' >4j. * ) ' :vns\v?v.8 i'.y the nam* of .1 n.y. T'i * u'viva re p i nt to my nno returning herl'u> ovrnor, M tli" southeast orueroi Madison avenue and Thirl) sevimth street. ?> .T Bt:\i A i':lSTt>LEN, FROM SBTT5NTy Jp'J v.i'-et, ViM atIUp, en Krirtay morning, September IS, a 1 r.-e Ku his'.i til yinaiul. Whoever will vel'irn the sj me to hi' I e I's; or'e iy store, corner of K.phii-third s.reel and fn!r>'. nvi nne, ?111 reeelvo the ah >ve reward. m-j aa"bkhaud^thb following" dksoribeo ipj.UU Trt.isiiiy .Notes have been utilier lost or uualatt| X.'.r ;'l,VO, ilistoil August 10, for " 11;. j " " l.tfti t Tutercil per tenfc " "hoi AU|)..: ies arc'vttfieil not to ncorti.iie thn same, and,the al, re r ..v.rdni:. ho p.I.I II' th-v ire r. -UTed In W. C. I'ICKEliStSILT, A H)? N'rtr York, Sept. 13, ISttl. 47 V'all street. COT HTUY BOARD. / n iky r.?iAi:u-: kar .iamAir v hay. i t? six 1 " telle. I rum ill's e:v; r? en ry ten rm ; tale lira .lit. .J 1- ill t "11, Wall or Set th terry, 1 n n. h'l Bern, breal' fast nil tea, with dlmar on 3uHhyv,9I gwrtraik, I in i m e hi tM large stone dedltrg next to the Post office, J--' * ' ?' Y'??, oral *7 7?. ,* .? euwh room iw. h A\.tr 101". 4

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