Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1861 Page 5
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? - AUKIVAL OF TUB CHAMPION. ti.( ^ 1 R'evrB from (cut nil America ami Neflf nada?Over a iSllllon lo Specie?Cwrtlniianre of tiic Civil War in rVevv tranada? P?>?.U^_ 4k. If. f_ 4k. f nun. B tpiU^IVU VI ?ur at'BUKB ll UIU IUV V VUM" try-Dlosqucra'i Government Uccoguked by the British Charge, Ac., Ac., Ac. Tho steamship Champion, Captahi Wllaon, from Aspin wall, arrivo l at this port yostordajr ufteruoou. 7h.> following la her specie lint:? I FROM ASl'INW.U.L. I Well*, Farga & Co $53} J. F. Kuopall $400 i Farmer, Little & Co.... 3?4 Kiboii anil llunoi tM9 S. I,. Isaacs (00 John Wilson 26T A. l/>w.. 800 Total 53,5-0 FROM HAN FRANCISCO. Order $7,700 J. Holier is nro $9,400 Ordor 6,000 J. Stroma, Hro. & Co.44.sy3 Order 2.500 K Patrick 40,000 Naustudler Bros 20,4<K) Soholle is Bro 30,400 Hokcr & Worrell 3.000 P. Naylor 1(1,0.0 (J. C. Bailer 4.H00 Jennings k Brewstor. 8.000 0. Hamburger 4,14'4 It. Morrison k Co 15,000 H. Strauss 4.S00 J. H. Coghtll 3,HOO W. Holler k Co 15,000 American Ex. Bank..25.000 Naylor & Co 13,708 Metropolitan Bank. .111,508 Hnistun,Hastlug8&0o. H,005 C. W. Crosby 4,0o0 McCowu k Son 19,8-lT James i.oo (c Co 2 080 W. '1'. CoU'liinii k Co..50.550 Frank Baker, ..25.040 Hewitt, Kittle & Co... 8,000 M. C. Hawley 2,500 BuUiu 5: Lauder 30 (00 IHmciu .Sherman icCu."0,017 A. E. Hocht 0.000 Wei IK, Fa go A: Co.. .424,000 Order 6,000 A. It.Huso:.baumitCu.12.800 AuiericuD Ex. linnk.. 110,000 J. M. Patrick & Co ...10,000 W. Soligman it Co... .26,000 Tout! $1,100,093 The Panama Star and Herald, of (he 3d, contains little U0W8. Lieutenant J. W. Harris, of tho United States flagship Inncnater, Oled on board, August 24. His remains wore intorrod on the island of Flamlnco the snino day, with all tho honors of war. Tho flag oillcer of the squadron,the captains of tho British and French ships of war in tho harbor, ami all the olllcors of tho Lancaster, attended tho "funeral. The flags of the shlps-of war, and at the American Cons date, wero displayed at half-mast duriug tho day, as a mark of respect to tho deceased. Lieutenant Harris was a native of Now llauipshiie, and aged about twenty-live years. The steamer Anno, at Panama from Guayaquil, spoko the Americun bark K1I as C. Low den, of Now Bedford, fourteen months out and 500 barrels sperm oil. By way of Tunaco news has been received that Arobel da had succeeded in entering Papayan, having gained a battle over the revolutionary troops. Tho report is vague and roquires confirmation. News from Central America. FAILVKE OF T111S COCUINUAL CJiOl', KTO. Panama, Sept. 6, 1801. The Panama Railropd Comjiauy's steamer Guatemala, Capt. J. M. How, arrived at this port from Sin Jose do I Uuatama'a and intermediate ports. Pules from all s parts of Central America are two wo'lcs lator, , but thorc is no nowa whatovor, except the confirms tion of previous Intelligence of the railure of the c>>cht- ' ileal crop of Guatemala. All the Central American Stales f continue tranquil. ' A monstrosity, in tho shape of an Indian boy, aged ? about fourteen years, born without arms or legs, arrived .hero in tho Guatemala, and will proceed to New York In tho steamer Champion, for exhibition, in charge of a brother-in law of President llamas, of Salvador. Tho United States Consulate lias boou removed by the authority of tho government at Washington, from Sau Juan dpi Bur, Nicaragua, to Corinto, on account of the abandonment of the loruior port. If^Wd from New Granada. (SV?'N Utu PANAMA CUHRKSl ON1UCNC B. YaxjHa, Sopt. 6, 1881. Recognition of the New Government by the British Charge and I'robahly by Others?Slosqucra's Circular to Freign Governments?Important Decrees?/Vie Jesuits Banished? Official Changes, <tc.?The L'nilad States Squadron?the Legislature of Panama?Important Message of the Governor?He 1'hinks Mosquera's Riign will be Short?The Civil War Not Over?Federal Victories in Cauca?An tioquia and Santander Hold Out?The Federal Government Removed to Antiuquia?Discovery of an Immense Pearl, etc., etc. By the arrival of tho English steamer Tamar at Aspinwall on the 3d inst., from Cartliagcna, which port she left on the 1st, one month's lator news of a highly imjoriaut character lias been received from Bogota?the latest dates being to tho 8th of August. The most important item of intelligence Is tho reported recognition by the foreign Ministers at Bogota of Mosquera's government, ( which is stylod "Tho United States of New Grana la;" but nothing cerlAin is known on this head, except that Mr. <Jrimth, tlie British Charge d'Alfaires, hus recognized it ?s tho de facto government. Tho (Iffirial Register of r Bogota of 26th July, 1861, contains a circular letter of j gjeuoral Mosquora to roretgn governments, ox which uic ifollowiiig is a translation:? 1 I have the honor to announce that the people of the c <?rana<1inn Confederation, having enters I Into a now coin c pact of union, under tho name of the United Stat sof Vow Granada, I Imvo been called to exercise, provision- c ally, tho Chief Magistracy, and 1 have accepted that I Jiigh distinction with tho hope of securing public free- ] <tom. It is gratifying to mo to Btato, at the same time, that I will, on my part, endeavor to preserve unimpaired tho friendly relations and good understanding that have I ulwuy.a existed betwoen Now Granada and tie- nation you 1 ?o well govern. THUS. C. l'E MOSQUERA. Tho Minister for Foreign Alfairs has addressed, under the snnio dato, a similar note to foreign nations. 1 Tho Official Hrgitler also contains a number of. thews, ( among the m<st Important of which nro the following:? | Declaring nil laws of tho Grnnndinu Confederation, ex- < gjepl the election law which gave rise to tho revolution, Atlll in force. Second? Dismissing from ofllco all diplomatic agents, consuls and other employ es abroad, appointed by the Uto government, giving a list of their nam s. Third?Ban sites tho Jesuits from tho country, In pur. auanco of which thirteen of tho order arrived at Aspinwall on tlio 3d inst., in tho Tumar, in route, it is reported, for Havana. Fourth?Requiring all ecclasiasties, before exercising their functions, to beoftoiaily recognized by the Executive authority. Fifth?Calling a convention of delegates of all tho States to ratify the compact alleged to have been entered into tiotweon six of the States of the Confederation Bomo time last year, forming tho government of tho United States of New Granada. Sixth?Creating a federal district Tor tho permanent establishment of the national capital?Bogota, tho present capital, bo ng named. Seventh?Annulling all contracts of tho Confederation entered into since the 8th of i.'r.y, lSGO. Eighth?Declaring all tho ports of New Granada open to foreign commorco. Ninth?Forbidding any lottors to ho sent by mail from Bogota to the Atlantic coast, unless first examined by government. Tenth provides for the alteration of tho coat of .arms, seals and national (lag?'flic latter to remain as it is with the addition of stars in llio blue ground, indicating the n> mbcr of States in the l'nion.3 1 Ex-I'rcsidcnt Ospina and Attorney Goncral Cairo, who was acting as President ct tho Confederation when JIos quora took possession of Bogota, aro reported to have been gout as prisoners to Cartbagena. It is also reported that Mosquera has Issued a decree of non-fnteicnirso with tho .State of Antioquia, which is known to be inimical to htm. Sr. Manuel Murilio, former Secretary of State during the administration of President Lopez, g-cs to Europe In an official capacity, but the nature of his mission has not transpired, lie arrived at Aspinwall on tho -3d, in tlio steamer Tamar. A rumor obtained that Sr. Hnrtado Commissioner in Washington under the C,-mallei-ran Convention, has been removed, but as his n-mio does not apj>oar in the list of proscribed officials, I am Inclined to discredit tlvc rumor. It is understood that the Governor of this State visits Aspinwall to-day to consult with Sr. Murilio as to tho best measures to be adopted for the future action of this State under existing circumstances, Murillo for some causo declining to oomo to Panama. I nm gratified at. being able io announce the disappearance of tho fever from the United States Hag ship tanenst -r, which, during its prevalence, proved so fatal to those of the ship's company who were attacked with it. There have bo-n ao new cases en board since the death of Lieutenant Harris on tho 24th ult., and the strip never was more free from disease of any kind than she is at prrscnt. Tlio Lancaster will probably remain here for some time. The Cyano is expectod shortly to arrive hore from tho M-xi.can coast, the St. Marys at last accounts being on her way from San Francisco to Guaymaa to relieve her. Tho steamers Sarnnac, Wyoming and Nurrngansett will remain where they aro for tho present?the two former boing at San Francisco and the latter at Acapulco. "Hie British ship Termagant and French sloop Biyonnais arc stilt in port, and will remain here until relieved by other vessels of their respective nations. * Tho Legislature of the Stato of Pauama convened in that oity on the 1st inst., and elected for its presiding officer a conservative and for secretary a partisan of Mosqucra. Tho message of the Governor wiis delivered to the Legislature on the same day. Among other subjects troated of in this document is th neutrality of the Isthmus, which is discussed at some length in all its bearings, both as respects its relations to the federal governm nt and foreign nations. The Governor regards the Confederation as in a slate <>f disintegration, and recommends, In case of its reconstruction, that tho Slate of Panama unite with th" other States In the formation of a common government, provided the may l?o permitted to reni 'ln neutral iu caee of internal war?a )*>licy h" has endeavored to enforce during the present civil war. II is hardly to bo suppoe d that the other States will consent to this arrangement. The Oovornor, in eupi-ort of this position, refers to the existing treaty between the U.iitc I Stot 'S and New Uvunada, by which the former guar ivteo tho noutrnllty of the I-thm s an I the ri this of sovereignly of the letter over it. The Intorrut lion of ilie traloef tbo Isthmus by tho pro=ent civil war lm;-i ilea, ha r-i.vf, a maj iiy or the doputnvtit o; th state p> rec.aiuo ud its s<. atatiou from the tjc-: rul c- vcninv. t -a 4 **4 t NE" which Idea wo? only abandoned whcu it we.g found "w' | the (loj artmont of Panama opjaised the project. lie noC? ' not gay in so many words that If the other State* do not J consent to tho State of l'auania remaining neutral during the present elvil war. tint the letter will declare herself in I pendent and establish a separate government, but that iufereneo can dearly be deducod. Tho governor'8 reason fbr abandouiug the project of declaring the State j,,'Hoendent, isuot, in my opinion, correct. The true cause l?" The most zealous advocates of tho measure h retoforo ui soctimi of the Stale have boon tlio partl; aus of iluoquel-jt1 but tho recent success of their Chief at Bogota' admonished them to pau.'e und take uu farther r^cjr In tho matter until his views on the subject <0 known?tlmy liavinit all of a sudden, and very wisely, concluded that, as the general government derive* u large revenue from the Isthmus, by rea.vou of tho existing arrangement with the I'm.una ltuihua l Company, Mo?pw<ra, if he ooutluues at the head of afftira, w<,''id net be very likely to favor the scheme. So all their bright visions us resjx.'Cta tho independence otyhe lsllinuis are dissipated, al least for the present. Then again, there is another party lu favor f indepondecce, who arc restrained from acting by pru- i lentialmotives. In other words, they aro afraid of tho , xinsequebacs ot taking a bold stand without the co operation ot the libu ul or Aiosu-tora party. ' Tho Governor s'nto* time the treasury is in n satisfacLory condition. H - u'so, after alluding to thero|>ortoU t'icce.-s of Mosquera at Bogota, states that the civil war lias not terminated; that several of the States of the ouufederalion, which he names, are still in the possession if the k 'voriinieni or conservative | arty?among tho est tho state or Autioquia, which Is ono of the richest and Host populous of the republic. This is literally true, and ihorenre ugreat ninny persi as who believe, In view of litis fact, that Mosqucra s rule ut Bogota will be a briol >ue. Tho English steamer Anne, which arrlvod hnre on the 1st Innt. from Tnmaca, In the ?tute of Cam*, which jiort ilie left on tli a7ih olt., reports that the revolutionists in that tils I o have boon beaten in several engagements ivith the federal farces, under Oolotiets Arbo,eda and Cordova; and that tiio latter are in [ossession of lsiistyan, the capital of the Klato. Cuuca, it will be recollected, is the home of Mosqucru, and mdor bis rule, wliile 1m noted as Governor, was tho tlrst W secede from the ConlVdoratluu. Slio is the South Carolina of this country, and M'euuera is the great exponent and embod.m.ut of tho heresy of rdato rights tud State sovereign'y le-reiibouts; wiie.'i the fact is iho tales tiiat com,.ore ilio present Confederation wero irigiiially provinces depeudent on and subordinate to the general government, and whatever sovereignty they possessed, if any, was delegated to them by the cnirul Government; and the primary cause of this i war is owing to the fact that the conservative party, who, behoving that the fedora) system is nut idapted to tho want.- of tins country u:el to the capacities 1 >f the people (who are to a great extcut a mixed race), i ire desirous of restoring the old centra1 system, or, hi , ither words, to have the general government resume the ,lowers it bug oouKvred uj*>n Iho State*. ' This nows from t'anca will have u damaging effect, It is 1 thought, upon the revolutionary cause, if Aibdeda will , "How up hi* succr.-".i s by uniting a portion of bis forces : with those of the gave, nuient hi tho State* of Antioquia ' tnil Sautnnder, having ? sufficient forco belied to lold, and make a bold, forward inovSBient , "wards Bogota, Musqnoru, ill all probability, would bavo ,o evuouate the capital, as the force be bus at bis coin mind is sai l to bo vory small. Hy tntellig nee received | rom Hogota, therec?u be but little doubt that, ffa strong {overnment forco were to make its npi>oarftueo In front if that city, It would liave large accessions to its ranks, 1 or it is said that Mosqutra has made hi uisolf exceedingly i jnpopular by oai.sing several prominent cill/ensof lie1 ; republic to be shot immediately upon bis l.ikiug possession if the capital. Intelligence reached hero on tho 3d Instant from Santiago, department of I'abrlga, in the State of :'auama, of an uttempt, a low duys since, of tho partisans of Mosipiera (who uro not very uvmurot s in 1 hat section) to possess themselves of certain arms be- i onging to tho State, but it proved Ineffectual. The in mrgeuts were repulsed by the troo|?i stationed there, loveral of tbulr par ly having been killed and a number voundod. < A recent arrival of 100 trooj* in l'annma, from tho in- j orior of the State, has considerably augmented the forco ircvlonsly sent here by ordei of the Governor to protect us authority and of the Legislature, some apprchen- 1 ic.ns having been felt, la view of tho ili-rurbed slat" of , niblic affairs and the derangement of political parties, If Ot by actual menace, that an effort w >uld be mudn o break np tho Legislature and s< ire the Governor. 1 do not km w what foundat ion there is for . iny sneh fears; but certain it is a great deal if excitement has prevailed during the p:iBt and present ' took among tho native population, lest an outbreak I night occur when the legislature nu t, but up to the I resent time the deliberations of that bodv liavo not been listurbed, and notiiiiig h is occurred to iutcrrupt the pub ic pence. 1 A very largo and valuable pearl, weighing fifty-four I arats, said to lie one of the largest in the world, has ro- j ently been found ut the Pearl Islands, In that bay. It is ihapod like a pear, and is remarkably perfect in its for 1 nation. I havo hoard it said tbat there were but two of t is large size In existence, and 11 it they were discover"'! lome hundreds of years ago. (.'apt. A. Stefllns, ofPaii"na, and a largo dealer in pearls, is tlio owner of this 1 real treasute. lie of course places a h gh value on it. A private letter was received here mi tin 4th |n?l.,per , iteamor Tamer, which fact I have learned at the latest nomeut, staling that Sr. Ulraldo, late Governor of tho ' tote of Antioquia, and more recently Secretary of Stale I mder Acting Pr< sident Calvo. has returned to Autioquia , uid declared the city < f that name the temjiorary capital if the repubki , und himself the Acting President, under ,ho constitution, as lb 're is no Prcsjdout. Vice President I ir Iiesignado at hand, and therefore, as Secretary of , it ate, "ho assumes the Presidency; and that tho merdixnls of tlv place have tondernd him a loan of JUKI,000. riiis may tec >unt for Mbs juora's having issued tho dc- ' :ree of non-intorconrsc wUh that State. The NcMantii Oliwqaltl. fKETIKO OK TIEK COM1IITTEE OK AUK ANtiKMV.NTS ANT AKiUVAL OF TUB REMAINS OF THE IKISU EXILE l"N NEW YORK, ETC., ETC. Tho committee appointed to make preparations for the occption of tho body of tlio Irish patriot, Terence Below McManus?one of tho brightest stars in tho glorious lonstellatlon of '48?met at half-past one o'clock in the illlco of John O. Mahony, Esq., No. 6 ('outre street, to ;omplcto tho programme for the reception of the remains f tho distinguished dead. Mr. John 0. Mabony occuiled tho chair and Mr. Sandford acled as Secretary, ihe Committco on Badges to be worn during the obs plies in this city, reported the following neat and approiriate devico, which was agreed on unanimously:? rho badge is to be composed of lino white Rilk, >ix inches lone and half an inch in breadth. with the likeness of McManus at the top and ,be harp surrounded by "groon immortal shamrocks" jonouth. On the l.adgo is to he inscribed tho following iluquent tribute to tho worth of tho deceased:? Tlie tear that we shod. Though in socrot it rolls, Shall long kojp his memory Green in our souls. Mr. Hart stated that he thought a private vault could he secured in St. Patrick's cathedral, which would be much bettor than having tho remains deposited in Calvary Cemetery. This was Deferred to tho Committee on Programme. Colonel Michael Boheny was added to lite list of Secretaries, and Judge Connolly, Messrs. Phe'au and llcGrath, were added to the committee on cnto. tainir.g th: dclcga tion from Califotnla, accompanying th ' remains. On motion of Judge , It wai resolved thatth'se who wished to accoinjwny th - remains to Ireland could do so at thoir own expense. The committee then adjourn ed to meet at pier No. 3 North river on the arrival of tho California steamer. ARRIVAL OK THE REMAINS. Tho steamer Champion, from San Francisco, reached pier No. 3 North river at Ave o'clock in the afternoon, having on board thn remains of the once gallant, patriotic and unflinching Terence Bellow McManus, who loft h s oountry at tho instigation of British tyranny, and pined away his oxistense in San Francisco?another martyr at. the shrino of Ireland's rights and England's perfidy. During his living days in California McManus was thinking of Ireland, and hor rights and wrongs, while tho city of San Francisco siumhercd. Night and day, hour and minute, this noble subject occupied his brilliant mind, until at length tho intensity of thoughts which came crowding on him overpowered his frame, and he sunk into the grave?not, however,"unhouorcdand unwept." As soon as tho Champion got alongside the pier th Committee of Reception boarded her, for the purpose of receiving tlvc remains in a titling manner. The delegation accompanying tho r mains consisted of Captain Michaol C. Smith and Mr. Jeremiah Kavanugh?both prominent IrishAmprienn ciLiznnR <if Sin Frnnr'sr.o.?who wnrn hv the people of California and Utah Territory as tbe most lit men to fulfil such an office. Mr. \V. L. Cole welcomoil the above named gentlemen to Now York in a short and appropriate speech, to which Oiptain Smith responded in an equally appriate manner. Twelve of the Pbennix Brigade, uttirnd in hluo jackets trimmed with green, green vests, red trousers and red fez with green tassels, woro then placed on guard over the body, which will not be removed until Sunday. The body of Mc.Manus Is enclosed in a pine box an inch thick, which is placed on tho deok between the foremast and wheel house. The Committee on the Obsequies will meet at ten o'clock this (Saturday) morning, at No. 0 Centre street,"to arrange about the procession an Sunday, Ac. OKNKRAL ORPER NO. 1. HKAPvrAr.Tmn StXTV-Nurm Rkciwt.nt, ) nkw Yoax, Sept. 12, 18(11. j The oommandants of companies of this regiment will each detail ten m-n, In full fatigue uniform, armed and equipped, front their respective commauds, to form the guard of honor to escort the remains of the lato Terence Bellow McMunus. The oBlc -rs of this regiment will also upjs'ar in full fatigue, with side arms. Notice will he given ?f time and place in all the dully papers of tho arrival of the remains. Company K, who formed a portion of this reglmont while in thn sorvico of the United Ftatos, are requested to Join the Bixty-clnth In doing honor to the memory of (heir gallant and patriotic countryman. By order of Lieutenant Colonel ROBFItT Nt'CKNT, Commanding Sixty-ninth regiment. j Jon* McKron, Adjutant. OraRATic?Secession of Bftonom.?Brignoll, tho favorite tenor, is about leaving this country for Europe, and intends going first to rat is. This resolve seems to bo final, for the Signor's passage is already secured and he will depart from us in about two weeks. Brlgnoli came to New York just after Mario ami Mirato had delighted Our public, and so flattering has been bin success here that ho feels hims if thoroughly an American. Arrangements may b# ma le for a yrand fan ?voll r.ppcarnuce, but Brignoli bus ccitaiB'y seceded. W hat will Irving place do? Have wc no operatic Fort Lafajettuf W YORK HERALD, SAT! ARRIVAL OF PRINCE DE JOINViLLE. The Priuce Arrives by the Africa?Weclii.c* a Public Welcome Peofftped by the JSovcrn mcnt?Is Waited on by the Harvcof the Port?The Brazilian MlnisterPa,'* uu Hespects?1 he Prince's Sympathy wilt* l,lc v",on?I,B Comes to Place hi. Son In *;'"l>?rt ?? ? Acudemy?The Prince U A, companled by Ills Son, also by hiiNc|ihi<V> 11 ' lc omt# tie Paris and the line da Charts',.s~~i Fausell, M. Morliaidni and Dr. are of His Suite?Ills Desire to be Private? Leading Incidents In the Lltr i>t the Prince, d?tu, tie. Wo announced In our shipping list of yesterday the trrlval, por steawor Africa, of Prince do JotnviUe, who . omea once m?ro on a visit to llio Unltod Stales. Tlio I'rinco is acconipuuiod by his sou, Pierro Philippe, P ic do I'cnthiovre aud his nephews, Conito do Paris anil Duo du L'Uartrus, sous of tho lato Duko of Orleans; also by M. launco, di. jioi iiimii'u uuu i?i. UTtuiu, v>!M euwpi ise ins lulto. The Priucu and suite arc attended by five servants, -omo preparation had bocn made by the port officers lioro, iu pursuance of orders froui tko government, for tho wurteous reception of tho Prince, uud when the Africa was telegraphed, by which vessel it was known the die lingulshed visitor was to urrive,Port Surveyor Andrews with Deputies Drowu, Isaacs and Archer, went down on Ihe revouuo cutter Dlrkbcck last night to yuaruutiue to moot tho Africa, and to tender such welcome to the l'riiico to such an old and distinguished friend of the republio merited. Tho Drat nolo of welcome, therefore, on the part of this city and the government came from tho sutler, in the form of a salate from tho little gun on Jock, as bhe cunio alongside the Africa. Tho Surveyor then boarded tlio latter vessel, when, on being introduced, lie bade the Prince wolcume in tho nunie of the jovorumont, uud tendered him its hospitalities, rhe Prince was ovideutly much pleased wUh he mark of esteem, but dccliued, In a few words, anything that might uppcar like a public rocep .ion. He proceeded to state that bis visit was in accord ?nee with a proconcclvod resolution?permanently form3d on his last visit?to place his sou at one of tho naval loulciniVB of tnis country. To that end he had come, and :ic hnd embraced the opportunity of introducing his two young frionds (Ills nephews) to the country, with whom lie intended to make a brief tour boforo his departure, rhe Prince reverted to ilio change which had taken place in the affairs uf the country since his former visit, and 'xprcascd his warmest sympathy with tho efforts of the government towards the suppression of tho rebellion. Mr. Andrews wus then introduced to the younger gentlemon and the members of the suito, after which k? i*nf iii'nml In tl>n nil t or Tho rtravllinn WlliUtnr VI r silboa, who camp on from Washington expressly for tho purpose, boarded the Africa iu tho Iiarbcr, and paid his respects to tho I'rinco. He was received as Hn old friend, and was soon on the host utid most familiar, yet respectful, terms with tho young Duko and his cousins. Tire ?ubsequetit inturviow between tho Prince and the Brazilian Minister was of a very interesting nature, and no doubt tho facts made known by tho representative of .mr frioudly neighbor, the Kwperor of Brazil, but tended, if such was necessary, to conllrm the Prince iu his design M have li s son educated among us. Tho Prince and sei.o remained on board all night, the Africa not getting to her dock till about ten o'clock 1'. M. A great mimbor of people wore assembled yesterday norhing at the whurf on the Jersey side, In the hope of lomotlnng turning up to satisfy their eurii.sily with re rard to tho Prince; but, strictly conforming with rxtrossed wishes on that subject, everything was got ready or lenving the Africa iu tho most private and juoateulatious manner. Those wishes wcro, to i curtain oxtont, only made known to Capiiin Shannon immediately prior to the dopartuie rem his Vessel of bis guests, wiiom ho intended to honor villi a parting salute. This pleasure lie was unwillingly lompolleil to forego, but in this respoct be was not alone. V Similar tribute of respect and honor, but ou u larger scale, was to have lioeu laid tlio Prince by Commander Mvin, of the Brazilian frigate Beberibe, but, in conformity with in tructlons from the Brazilian Minister, Hie gallant frigate reserved her powder, and l ho men wore restrained from acting up to their promptings by manning tlio yards n honor of tho spouse of the sister of their Emperor. Diss avoiding all display, the l'rincc, accompanied ay his young friends mid suite, went over the die of the Africa into a rowbont, which conveyed them to tho foot of Chambers street, where u Couple Of carriages was In waiting to convey thorn to their hotel. The Brevoort House, us < u tho occasion of his previous visit, was sleeted by tho Prince as his residence during liis sojourn iu the city. There the party has been registered on the boi Its of tho botoi, in the I'rinco's own writing, as follows:?" Prince do Joinvllle and so?i, Comto do i'aris, Due dti Chartros, M. Eauseil, >1. Morbaidon, Dr. Leclere, and live servants, from Cialrnidnt, England," A very splendid suit of rooms lins been specially set apart lor tlio use of the Prince and suite. The reception rooms are large and elegantly furnished, and tho sleeping and dressing rooms are all that the most cultivated and fastidious taste could desire. Tho ITInco and his son occupy tho same room, that appropriated to tho nephews communicating therewith by largo folding doors. Tho Urizilian Minister has also taken up his residence in the Broevort llonse, where it is probable ho will remain daring tho Prince's stay. During the early part of yesterday lite distinguished (arty remained within doors, but about two o'clock they drove off iacarrages, taking tlio route down town an 1 into the busiest parts of tho city. Where tlioy visited, whom tliev visited, and all matters pertaining thereto wo leave unrecorded, convinced that, whoro two young Dukes, und particularly a t'omto, who, but Tor fate, more wayward in la belle Franco with regard the hopes of royal scions than any place else on the face of the earth, would, In all probability, bo today the heir of a erovvn, and who, through that very waywardness, may be yet destined to wield tho sceptre of the Hourbous, their whole courso has been traced, though the reporter failed in acquiring that information for the fair readers of the lUii.un. The stay hero will bo short, however, and tho tour to the principal cities of tho Union, and the most interesting objects of observation and study, will be circumscribed to meet tho requirements which call the Prinoo back to Kuropo at au oarly date, The young Duke do renthievre was intended for the Naval Academy at Annapolis, but the removal of that school to Newport, siuco the breaking out of the war, necessitates u partial change iu this plan. In a few days tlto party will visit Newport, and there is little doubt but the Princo will enter bis son at the school as a student at once, the oar lieet penchant of the l'rlnco htmsed' was lor tho na> y, and his subsequent career In tho naval service of his country justilicd his promptings and did honor to the assiduity and earnestness with which lia devoted himsotf to the profession, as it contributed also to the glory and rcuown of (ho French nation. As s -on as the l'rinre has completed arrangements for transferring his sen to the naval school, tin whole party will visit Washington, and pay their respects to the President and liis Cabinet. From thence they will make a tour West, have n peep at tho wide spreading, boundless prairies?turn to the North, glance at the busy cities which havo sprung up 0:1 the shores of the great likes, pass over to the mighty Niagara, and from thence buck here, ai rciUt to England. This is the third visit paid to this country by tho l'rlnco do Joiuviiic. lie llrst arrived hero on tho 22d of Septembor, 1841, when his fuihur, I-ouls Philippe, was King of tho French. He then came as a royal prince, tho sun of our warm ally, ar.d who hid himself b< en a resident among us for a number of years, and only h ft us?abandoning bis humble but honorable calling of schoolmaster?to become the Citizen King of the greatest nation in Europe. A si range sympathy seems to attract the notables of Franco toou-r; l.ores, txt this be a gm rdon of the irrepressible union which now . -_.l u. 111 ...... I-,.,,. In I ?nH .....In in and reciprocal no:.' of friendship and good will thu people of these United Elates with tho gallant and bravo people of France, who stood by cm in the days of the Revolution. IJut how strange and capricious are tho workings of destiny In these visitations! Kiist, wo have an exiled Prince, destined to bo tho King of Franco. Than wo have, and about tho sanio time, another prince?u naval celebrity, the brother of the loan of destiny, frtm whose imperial and destruci ivo grasp tbo first exile has iled, and who is fr'jd among us in a manner befitting his high Station. The scene changes; tho diadem has given plane to the crown, and the son of the oxlle that was coines among us surrounded with regal pomp and honor?tho naval celebrity of another rtgim*, while tho representative of the lost diadem is an exile on a fori ign shore. But Arc prut?, and like a trick in a pantomime, tho Bourbons aro again scattored, their representative is again an exile among ue, while the Bonupartist representative, also here, receives alt the honors due to the nephew of the Kinjioror and the heir presumptive of the Imperial diadem. Such is the picture now, but it may be truly said tho end is not yet. Tho government have shown a prompt and proper alacrity in tendering the welcome of the republic, to thu Prince. Notwithstanding the danger which threatens the l.'niou?a danger magnified to a very discouraging and alarming extent in England? Prince ile Joinvillo coun a hero to place his sou in ono el our naval academies, and there to leave biin until ho has perfected his studies in that particular branch of our service selected for his l'uturocareer. This is a high compliment, coming from such a sofirte, to tho cUlcieniyol our na\al academics, as it is aa ovldenco that brlghtei hopes and a truer estimate of our resources to quell the roitelllon and to re-establish the Eniou on a firmer basis than over is entertained abroad by thnso hesl able to judge of us, than tho of th< T.nus and' i's congeners would give reason to sup pose. S ) fur as thu action of tho government was on corned, its desire to pay ail ro-;i--cts to the Prime wai only due t' wl at It owed Ihs country. The Prince Is h brother-in-law of ttnj Emperor of, w ih wloun wi U111)AY, SEPTEMBER 14, h?vo ever been on tho tn"*t nu t frl -udlv terms. An excursion was planned l>y nevornl of our meet roapoct'sl Oltload# Hull citizens?at >vV,,.u Jr*.wnf Wood was to lie , protect?to be nu '( down tho bay toweli i m1 tli Prince, but agri -only to t'i'J 3\iggo*tlui!s ol tho Brazilian Minister, the jir< j- ct \wi3 .'iburdoiied. Subjoined is a sketch of tho leading events in Die life of Prince i!c Jomviilu:? Th" Prince do l.i!:iy jlle was l>">rn at KeuiPy on Ih-llih of October, IMS Ur is lli,. third sun ol' Iai.iU Plnllliipo and Mai iv Ainoli . hike lil.s brother, he rticoivi I tho best education in the French colleges, und. r th ' iliroctloii i f ? prhatu iustr u tnr. Whilst in tho navy ho wade, iu conjunction with Captain Jl.-rnoux, who subsunucnll) bovunto his aiil-de-catiip, .-everul voyagon rouinl the coasts of Franco an I Italy, unit lie was present at a public examination at tho Naval behind at Brest; ho was there received as a pupil, and ui'ter passing through all tho bralith.'S of th service, was In 1880 promoted pj tho rank of Lieutenant of the Navy, llo served la the squadron of tho Levant under Admiral Hugou. lu js;n he proceeded to Bone to Join his brother, tho Hoc do NeiJK'"ra' at l*' ' taking i f Constant iue, bill ho arrived too lata- -th" oily b id already bcon taken. An occasion for listings''shlng himself occurred in the year 1838, on tho declaratlO of war against tho Mexican govoruiuout. Ilo exhibited p."at bravury tunl skill in the manner

hi which, on boar.'I the corvotto Creole, ho attacked the fUrtllicattnus of Niit Juan do Ulloa on the 27th of November. Some days uftor, at th" h ad of a detachment ',f sailors, ho lOrc d tho gates of Die city or Vera Cruz and took Deneral Arista prisoner hyforco of arms, iu th" midst of a torrible disc liars" "f rillc* Thu l'rlueo tiy tins brilliant conduct obtained the Cro.- irf tho 1,0m1 u "i ic nor nu i pomuou n( captain in uio Navy. In 1S40 ho was out rusted tho mission of proceeding to St. Helena to restore to Franco the mortal rcmaius ol' llio Urit Nupoloon, uud having learned that war won imminent, ho boldly announced his rcso lution that in ease ho should bo attacked ho would defend himself to tho utmost extremity rather than surrender those sacred remains. After novorul visits to the l:ultcil States, to the Mediterranean and to Senegal, h went in the year J 843 to Kio Janeiro,whore mi tho 1st of.May of that your ho mi tried tho l'r inoess Franceses do Ilraguuza, sister of Don Pedro tho Second, KlU|>oror of Dra7.ll. In the same year lie was promoted to the rank of Hour Admiral, an t authorised to take part In tho sitt.ngs of tho Council of tlio Kroindi Admiralty. Ho took a very aotlvo part in Uto labor* of the commission for the examination of questions concerning tho organization of tl.o steam marine, and for seme time occupied u seat in tlio Chamber of Ivors. In the month of August, 1845, ho lis It tho command of tho squadron of evolution, which procoedod la the coast of Morocco, with which ho bombarded Tungicrs and cap turol Mm.'adore. After these military ojieruiions ho was promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral. Continuing w ith tho uavy, tlio Prituv went to Algiers with tho Due d'Au male, where ho llrsl h ard the news of the occurrences of February, 18-18. Ho immediately resigned his commission to tlio republican autborilleg and took passage to England, whore ho reioluod his exiled family at Clurcmout. When 1)10 Constituent Assembly of Franco was discussing tho decree on llio banishment of the cadet bruueh of thollourbeii family, tho Prince do .loinvlllo addressed (he president of (lie Assembly in a protec t full of manly dignity. Fire -that time he has be 11 vei y ipiiot in h;> roi reat, and his iiumo has never boon mixed up in the political intrigues in which tho namos of 1I10 royal family have b"ou so often brought before the public during tho last days of there public. 'Iho Prince de Joinvllle h is <w ' children, Froncoiso Marie Alle lic, boi ii 1844, and Pierre Piiillppo (ill. young man who is being broiiglit hero to lie plac el in our Naval Academy). He is the only sou of tho Prince do Joinville, and bears the title of the Due do IVnthievro, who was born in the year 1815. Ho is new. therefore, in his seventeenth yeur. The Prince published in tlio Utnueilr* Dfux NwiiUt his redactions on the French Navy in the year 1R44 to 1852, and "Observations en the War in China" in 1857. Tho llrst was entitled "Note sur l'otat dos Forces Navulos de la Franco"? "Notes on the Condition of tho Navy of France," which created a groat gen-alien. This wo;k was reprinted in Franktoit in the year lMfl. Tho ('cmto do Paris and the Due rtti Chartrtt aro the sons of the lata lluke of Orleans. Tlio Comto do Paris, >vb", in Urn order oj succession to the throne of France, would have licen Duke of Orleans, was born on the 21th of August, 1838, and is consequently now twenty three years old. IPs toother was born on the Oth of November, 1840, and is now going on bis twenty-second year. They will return to Europe witli their uncle. Movements of Prince IN u pole-on. M >:criuLM.,fc>opt. I3,l?01. Trince Napoleon remained last night to attend the dinner given by Gcnoral Williams, lie witnessed the review of the garrison yosterday. Ho leaves tins after noon for Queliec. Central Park. TIIK SATURDAY AFTKKKOON CONCK11T8. The Cautral Park concerts will bo resumed thin afternoon If the weather bo lino. The hand will ho located on the Green. Tin-music will commence half an hour earlier? namely, at four o'clock In the afternoon?therefore the visiters will now be able to spare time to stay till the end of tbo programme. The " National Medley " will repay those who stay, as Hodworth in that c imposition introduces the roar of artillery, tho sound of the cdiarge and the final return of pence, vxeinpliiled in tho Introduction of voices from thu woods mingling with (lie national airs. Tho following is the programme for to-day :? part first. I. Wedding March Mendelssohn 2 " Frubllngslloder " Walt/. Kuhner 3. Tim Mary I'ollca Tissington 4. bunch of Melodi s strung on Chords.. .11. Ji. Hodworth part sxoond. 5. " Enryantho " C. M. Von Weber fl. Sonets of Ireland Jullion 7. Grand Selection fr< in " II Trovatoro " Verdi -J3. National Air of Holland part third. 9. March " [>u Saoro " from " I.e I'roplieto"...Meyerbeer 10. Grand Selection from " Louisa Miller " Verdi II. " la Violett a "Mazurka Faust 12. Finale to the Overture Wm. Toll " ltossini National Medley. The Teutonlu. and Glasgow Outward Bound. C'aik Rack, Sept. 12,1861. The steamships Teutonla and Glasgow, from New York, the former for Southampton and Hamburg, and the latter for Quu-nstown and Liverpool, piis.tud hero rospeetlvcly at four and seven o'clock this (Thursday) morning. The latest news from tho United States, with the private telegraphic d spatehes, through tho agoncy of George Stoker, Esq., Ill) Broadway, New York, were placed on board both vessels by tlio news yacht. Our War Mup??Colored Edition. A new edition of the HERALD War Maiw, on calendered paper, beautifully colored. Is now ready. Size of sheet 40*50 inches; contains thirty-two Maps;?A Large Map or Tiir. Operations or tiik Naval Expeoitiox, showing the Coast and Inlets of North Carolina, Important geographical position of IIatteraaInlet, Ac.; The Rattle Field at Wilson's Oiikkk, Mo., wliero General Lyon was killed; The Rattle Field at Bull Run, from the oOlcial drawing of General McDowell; Large Maps of Missouri and the Skat or War is the West, and the Skat or War is Virginia, A Rirdskyk View or tiik UsiTKn Statu*, and twenty-six others, showing at a glance tho Whole Seat of War, and marking clearly arid distinctly Ibe armies' movcmcuU, ]>ositlons, camps, harbors, forts, Ac., printed in superior style, 011 one side of a large sheet, so that they can he hung up in library, oflier or workshop, for preservation and reference during the war. 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Total D( '.;it ,,f Ihr /icbeN I'll.Ire Fh?>< by Oelierul Rosccrniis?Khar p Artlm flixl Biaitof th.lUb.hut hvivin<tviticDefeat of Itehi I j hy Kuiunt Jay1 liunktin-Important Novtmcuii t* Kentucky?'The (ircu! iVutiunul Loan? Tito Political Campaign?The Lutrsi Mews?.Markets, Ac,, <t>C> The wai:ni.r JIkn.w.p, fiv tho present wook, will Ik roady at nlun o'clock litis morning. Am mg oilier thlngf it will contain ?An Account of tin- initio in Won torn Vir Rlnln.on Tuosday kwt, between Genoral Roaecrana a?J Floyd's Armies, wliit U resulted in llto Tolul Defeat nut Flight of tho Rebels, tla? Ions of their B cgage antl Wai Munitions, with a List of the Union Troops eng pod In tin action; Au Acrouut of the Fight and D.f at of the Kcbell at l.ewinsvillo, near Washington; 't he uu'iies of ilio I'uion TioopH Killed and Wounded; The Rout of Five Hundred Rebels by the Kansas Jay ha wore; Arrest of a 1 trgo number of Rebel Sympathizers In Baltimore; Important Despatches from Washington, showing the C ndllUiu of the Union Army, and tho Movements of tho Government Imnnrtant l>mnw>a>lht..u .j> tl.? t . ..-i vo ,UC IU1IIWI R/ S.egBU.HI.O,? ??' UK the Robot Troops to tc.ivo the Statu; Tim Latest Now 3 from Fortress Monroe, North Carolina, Missouri, tho Rebel Slutes, and nil important points of Uio country; A vary interestingarticleou tho (trout National Loan,showing how It won authorized, how it was received by tho people, and how to subscribe to It; Report of tho Proceedings of the people's and Republican Stnto Conventions, and much othor valuable reading matter. 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Cauvin, Ahndi.u Zi itimi ki, of Zurich, Switzerland, to i'Ai i.tMK Fii.ii : itvn, tho daughter of rollgnao Filippotti Francoschl, of West fi dsikon. IilcO. Adams.?On Thursday, Hoptomber 12, IIrnkt Van Hkpnt Aiiaum, only son of John l). nud Sarah C. Adum-t, aged 3 ymtra ,0 months ami 20 days. Friends of tlio family are invlU'il lo attend the funeral on Hominy afternoon, al tin oe o'clock, from Ihu r. mil,moot Ills parents, Seventeen tli slroet, mar Third aveiiuo. Ai.uis?'tin Friday, Septonibor 13, tow in, smi of Joseph II. and Mary J. Alien. In the 23,1 year of Jus ago. Tho I'm n Is or the family are iNspectfully Invltod to at toml tho fimerml,on Sunday afteraoou, at two o'clock front llio residence of Ills parents, Kldrldgc street. I'hilailelplila papers please copy. Hahh-n.?On Wednesday, September 11,John,youngest sou of Andrew and Mary 'i'oul, a. ad 1 year, 2 months and 23 ' ays. Tho friends of tho family, and the members of the T. A. H. Society, are respectfully invited to ntteud tho, tlii.-, (Saturday) afternoon. at two o'clock, from Ih residence of Ins parents. No. 144 Fifth street. liri.u?Suddenly, on Thursday, September 12, at N"w burg, Sailaii, wife of Thomas Hell, in tho 47tli year ol her age. Tho relatives and friends of tho family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the rosidottco of Mr, James Wiggins, No. fil North Monro street, this (Satiirday) afternoon, at one o'clock, without further Invito lion, 'llio remains will he lakoti to Ilrouxvillo for inter moat. Hitit-m.?On Friday, September 13, CnanLsa T., infant sen ol Cliarles T. and Snrali L. Ilrush. Funeral on Sunday aftt rnoon, at one o'clock,from the residence of his paretitg, 227 Wo it Nineteenth etroot. C'atukix.?On Friday evening, September 13, after ( lingering Illness, Husky L. Catukix, aged 36 years. The funeral will take place on Sunday, from tho rest donco of his brother in law, Jno. H. HalluU, Edge water New Jersey. His relatives and friends are invited to at tend. The steamboat Tims. E. Hulse loaves foot of Sprinj street, at 10 o'cliH-k A. M. CoNKt.iN.?At Hackensuck, N. J-, on Sunday, Sopt.em ImrR, after a severe illness, Maria Eitokmia, wife u l'ob r l? (Jonklin, and daughter of Willi, tn and Margaret!: I)e Wolfe, of said village. Her funeral look place on Tuesday, September 10. Hauan.?On Friday evening, September 13, after i short but severe illness, Jamki M. Hauan, sged 27 years, The friends and relatives are respectfully invited lu at tend tho funeral, from his iulp residence, .10 lluwery, ut Sunday morning, at ten o'clock. llATviKt.n.?At Carthago, Duchess county, New York, on Saturday, September 7, of dysentery, Mary Wisikhpu. cnly daughter ami r-maining child of James C. and Sara!, A. Hal Hold, aged 1 year and 7 months. Her remains wore removed to Hroolilyn and intorred it Orwnwood. llsyoKasoN.?At Hrouklyii, on Friday, September 13 Jo-Ki ll, youngest child of Jamas and Arabella V. Homier son, aged 10 months and 4 days. V. |ir>? ?",.J . Ivoky.?()n We Inm lay evening, Beptemb t II. artor u long anil painful illness, Mrs. Maiit Ivory, aged (16 years. Tho friends of the family are res|>c3tfrl!y mvit-'dtn attend tlio funeral, wilhuut further notice, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her lute residence, No. lftl Nassau strovt, Brooklyn. Quebec papers please copy. Kkhwin.? on T lurs'lay, Sept 'rubor 12, Triirsa O. Kkr win,eldest daughter of the late Patrick and Bridget Iterwin, aged 21 years, 4 months ami 1 day. Tho lricnds and acquaintances of tlio family ara respect fully Invited to attend tho funeral, this (Saturday) morn ing, at ton o'clock, from 5t. Vincout's Hospital, corner ol Klcvonth struct and Seventh avenue. Tho icmainswil! be taken to Calvary Cometory for Interment. I.K.V1IMI.?On Friday, Septcml>or 13, KntmtRtnt .T., in fant son of Kroilorlck and Catharine hunting, aged 1 year 1 month and 24 da>s. Tho friends ami acquaintances of tlio family arc in viled to attend the funeral, from corner of Kiehrnond road and Wright street, Staple ton, Stalcn Island, oi Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. McAuixr.?On Thursday, Septomhor 12, after a lonj anil severe il!n< rs. Mrs. MakoauktMcAi iky, widow of tin late Thomas MeAulcy, native of Garrison, county For managh, Ireland, aged -18 years and 27 days. The friends of the family arc respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock from her Into residence, Ne. 82 Seventh stroct. Nkit.?On Thursday, September 12, of consumption Maky Rat) aged 22 yean. Thefrionds and acquaintances of tho family sro respect fully invited to attend the funoral, from the rosi Iciico o her unclo, I). K. Smith, 107 Monroe street, this (Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. O'Nrnt..?On Thursday afternoon, September 12,after I long illness, BtuncicrO'Niccr., native of tho city of 0 irk, Ire land, agod 24 years. Tho relatives and friends of Timothy Crowly are re spoctl'ully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday after noon, at two o'clock, from his residence, hi Voduy street Oast.?On Thursday, September 12, Mary Ay.ya Cat re ma, wife of Petor Jacob Oast, aged 23 years aud 1 months. The relatives and frionds of tho family, also Compan; II, Fifth regiment New York State Militia, aro respectful ly invited to attend tho funeral, from her Into resilience No. 77 West Twenty-seventh street, on Sunday afternoon at half-past one o'clock. Her remains will bo taken t Lutheran Cemetery for interment. 1'aokku.?On Friday morning, September 13, after protracted I!Iu<rs, Mart Km h a , wife of Samuel It. Packet in the 80th year of her ugo. Tho funeral servloea will take place at her lato ros dance, 340 West Twenty-third street. on Sunday aftoi noon, at two o'clock. The friends and.acquaintances < tho faimilv are rospoe.tfully invited to attend. Puruoui.?On Friday, September 13, Cathahina L. Pip onui. wile of (feorae F. I'lirtfold. Jgvd 30 years. The friends and acquaintances of tlio family are respoo fully invited to attend the funeral, oa Sunday nft'iriiooi at two o'clock, from the Lutheran Evangelical church, i Scbormcrhoru street, between Cuirt and Hoorum street Members of German Union I.odgo No. 64, F. A. M., alt German Oak l/xlgn No. 82,1. O. of O. V., are also reiqieC fully Invited to attend. Fire.?On Friday, September 13, of sehirlus oar.cer, i the resldouce of John 8. Shelley, 1,10 South Third stroo Brooklyn, K. D., Miut 80U1I I'yi, (laughter of the la1 Stephen Pre, of Newtown, L. I., need 47 years. The relative* nod friends, nnil tlio friends of John 1 Slieliey, aro affectionately invited to utUmd the funera without further Invitation, from her la'.e residence, til (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Sr. John.?On Thursday even log, Sept. 12, at the Bt motit Hotel, Wn.UAtiCi.Ar.SNCcSr. Joint, in tho26lh ye of his age. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to r lend the funeral, from the residence of his father. No. 1 Wt.loughhy street, Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon, at t\ o'clock, without further notice. A Masonic ceremony ' expected. [ S.cihk.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, September 12, F.n Winnmsenos, only surviving child of Charles Squire, J and Elizabeth Mary, his wife,of Stiten Island, and gin' , 1 si n of Hubert M. Ludlow, agad 2 years, 7 months and s I d ys. 1 Tin relatives and friends aro Itiviltid to attend the 5 rat, thin(Saturday)aftcrir oh,at threoo'ct I. f,emtio r .en.'"lco ' ' 'll:1 '""'I4', Alo.tdmlor II. I.ndlow \o. lrLOt> Brooklyn. " State*. '"'"nil }?a|>ers itle?.-.e r >py. I Smyyw ? Thursday, Seplornbi-r 12, As K - .v tr, n -n, 5(1 y are, */**. ,JVI the :,|i.')uu l h/?ii h tai <> i'id 1 mother of fc}y?? *'1 and flnnanl Smyth. I liany - Jamrv iimr,?.u.Miv Cnvan, Ireland, . TIk? frkuhbr and *' *nmtui?u < t ?r? r< - >< (i '/ In v f;? I to attend her tnnorn ' i 'W* (Saturday) ufi.n >:t >1 two 1 | o'clock, from her la1' ri.Ml<li?niv, i'J'.i Moltt. Tho remain* trHI bo mt?rn- * Calvary (Vinel-Ty ( WiiKKi wmc.m.?On Tin. "r"1'")', Sc:iioi?b r i .: <>i' loriorr Uago of tho atoinaeh, Ua husku \Vii?:i vvk.i hi ngul ,>tt yuiirs. > The rolntlve* and fii?nd.? of the family ar r? icctf.illy j Invited to attend the funeral. "" fmci-iv . on, ill thruoo'clock, from his IflJe residence, No. IfW Washington street, Brooklyn. I Now Orleans unit Bnstci* "nprrs t'ca m, e. > WnrrrKiiiicY.?on Thnoah y, September 1 -. of ,I.H IJO motion of ciio lungs, Chai n** > WiunraiO'.i, t t -I yours ami 8 months. Hie friends of the family :tr> ' respectfully hn I toil to at ; tend the funeral, this (Su'v rilnv) afternoon, ut twn o'clock,from his late re.-eloned*, I'd Henry Wim.ouuiihy.?On Thur.vluy, 'September 12, ut hi* monitor's residence. No. (Wi'iho Iwn street, \Vn mm K. tHiBY, son of Joseph \Vil\ "ighby, deceased, and grandson of tlio lute'Rieliard imo"". The imlntlyes and friends or the \ (nily are respectfully In v it iii to attend iiia funeral, fuotn- %'h" ubov - i?. .-5 uco, ; this (Xn'Airday) morning, at toive'dflt 'kYkomam Suddenly, an Thursday ? rwniiig, Sept-mhor 12, Mrs. Cwiiarink Watson, wldoV el", the late Charles N. 1 Yeoman,? tirt 67 yeurs, iX itO'iillM uivo I'' lays. ui(i rutins vea and friMWrfor the i" / ? " "ivnci to nlleiut the ftmerul, this ("ftttUrtl ?jr) *"olu"?"- l"? o'elook, from Dei- lute resiitt n?c. No. "?1\ Sullivan street. :tisc3:n, v\?-.'it s. Apotiikcahijem dkluui ni And ritivAia: faMIUI'.S. hJCAMiV IS BOTfjiKS, IN BfWI* ? T stii*V puld, Vrtrtom, liui (trted ex press'V r<*'"i ** .Ileal u?e. MAPrtlltA, SI I K It ItAND ItlKViftNVf very Id. SCOTCH AND I It is 11 WIII.S.fKK, i > IHiTTLEs, Imported evinroiiHly for PH4' JAMAICA AND SFt'KOIX K.tM, IN BOTTI.KS. All the above mimed tt'lncn tintl liffivrs were Importer! for prlrn*? mot medical . If, and art Thtrian ted pmo and of the boat ifimHiy. 1 am noar Moiling off i:*y *t?ck <?f Htf boll 9*d winra and llipXMH, at a much 1?-hs prh* than th*9 ran be* Imported for undnrthe pr?*H??nt high tiinlf. FfWnf.i' wfir u SO wincnand IhplorH hlu'Hbl give th?? pr*f??ftmir?ft t?> thralmw. UDOLlMIO WOFii'K* 2J *B* ? *?r Ftreot. AT $3?DOTBLE ROLE RII'IFR, AT ?>NF.R\ V) AND 19 Ann airt'vr, at 93 60, ?pul >?*d uolfl A''ugn'H.s c VIuth, a 1)?W hi) |l?. AT EVERDttLL'R?WKDU1N* CARDS. -TilKREHM-'.LB)>r iunl rngravml curdtt, hold only a 302 ilr* %*dwa/# corner o| Dunne atreot. ALL WEDDINGS SUPPUBB wni. Tfn *K\v J\ Ktylo of Wedding Card* and Envelope br A. 1>KMAKL.ST, Engraver, 182 Broadivay. H imf/ltw by umI. / 1 VI'I'I.TS. ni lcloths, D&l A NtBAT BB* \7 den-thm in price* of Kngliau Carpet*, Oil *i#rf fi?t M.tu, Matting, Shades, Drugrof*, lings, Tabhr Covers, K>\ at HI. HAM ANDERSON'S, 9tf Bowery. Ailg'udrt gun '.uteod. CI llOt'EKlKS ANI> FLOUR FOR T1W MILLJ *N.' X Cheapest store in the world. Good* ilcHvrtn! tree. TIIOS. X At^M'iW, N??*. 2G0 Greenwich *t. And SO Mtii mv *t., Ncv/ York. ILOYD'S (IKKAT MILITARY M \ I' J OF TI1K FIFTEEN SOl'THEUN STATES, AND GAZETTEER OF T1IK SOCTUK UN ruli XTIf. COST OVER $A.<JdDv SKI LS FOK OM-Y M< ESfX Engraved on steel for the ns?? of the \Vu" Popart meat* TilIm in the only Man issued in Annoi a Hint has been defined contraband by the Secretary'of Wh *v -md is pnJSbtted frmn being sent South for their usaf orij; toils corveetness of evory plane in the South. Engraved oil steel, 0 feet long by 5 frit wide;showing cm* county and county seat, from lVS.iware to tin tent re of" Mmfco, and the only correct Map of the whole Seat ol War a*w before the public. Price in sheets, colored handsomely, in courxtlos, ft) cents, or three, copies for >1; sent by man ireo to auy part ol the world, rrlee in book form, $1, or live for $.'k I nee on linen, varnished and on rollers, $2 .V>, or six'copies for $'J. Tlut mounted edition will have to be setif to those ordering by express; the other two editions can be mailed salt \j to any part of the civilized world. No Map of this size ever sold befarrunt loss than $10. LLOYD'8 MILITARY MAI* OF THE SOUTHERN STATES of North America and Gazetteer for the Southern Country. Fort ho ih<? of the \\ ,v odpnrf menf. Showing tin* entire Souths from Mason and Dixon's line to the heart of Mexico. Drawn from actual surveys, Allowing every toot of the Southern country from Delaware to the banks ol the Rio del Norte, Mexico. Every county and county scat, town, village, fort, navy yard, river, ami towns and {aridities on the livers and lakes, swamp and mountain is marked down. Every railroad ampleted up to the Gtb day of July, I SGI, and ail those projected are exhibited on this Map; * Wuy station and the distance from station to marked distinctly. More than three thousand towns on the-Mississippi, He i, Arks n huh and Ohio rivers are laid down on this Map. All this information in the departments at Washington City in nv gard to the la d coast sun eya wore used in perfecting this Map: every inlet end creek an* shown. The forts and arsenals ric ail laid down on Lloyd's Map correctly, from official documents itithe War Department. The Gazetteer of the Southern .States, cities, villagea, mountain^ arid rivers, giving u correct sketch of each village, where and how situated, its population,military strength, all from the last census, is alone worth ten times the prl? e of the map, and is printer! on the back of the large sheet map with1 out extra cost. This matter which we give to the public; on the bark of this map, Is equal to an octavo book of .'h!0 pages. Information that would alone cost $V>. All for 50cents, map Included; three copies for $1, or by tlm hundred copies at one half of the retail price. Lloyd's Military Map of the Southern States is acknowledged by civil engineers t?? be tbe bint drawn and most accurate of any map ever ofl'ered to th<r public before. The surveys for this map were made by civil engineers of the Southern Stub a; and the information of the t odroads. Htallonsnnd distances were furnisliivl. by Soutbcrn Railroad men themselves, andean he relied on- as correct. Tn fact, this is the only correct map of the Southern country ever drawn. The jieople of the Northern States can see correctly, at. a glance, the preponderance of the Southern country over ! the Northern and Western States, and will more fully comprehend the reason of the Southern Stales uniting, by ^ glancing westw ard at the rich plains of Mexico, which arc exhibited on this map. Lloyd's Mittfnry Map Is the only map in America that shows Vienna, Newport News, Pig's Point, Mathbis Point, , Bull run, Rich Mountain, Beverly, Minimis J on'" ion. Fortress Monroe and every point of inteorst in the fifteen , Southern States. The nubile will please understand that this man was not rushed out fo/ the purpose of supplying the | Atopic with an r Imperfect map during the present excitement, but has been f runfm- wnv for more than one vear. and Is now ready for i the public, after a. Ion# and ted Otis work in nurvryiiig, drawing and engraving, and jh believed to. bo the only rcliable and fulJ map oi the whole Southern eountry ever iasiied. 1 Can be nent by mail anywhere in America. Agents can sell llfty copies per day. Send money for sample map and private circular. No jHistago stamps taken. The postage on tit* i sheet edition Is only one cent percupy to ;uiy part of the country. Can be robed and folded without in jury. The mounted edition will have to be sent by etpress. Aft til supplied at tin. tollowing rales:?Three copies fur $1, i or pi r, sheet dttlon, fit $.t 0); cloth pocket e llllon at i $7 2U; mounted edition at $18. Term* cash. Sample copies urn Hold at retail price. Registered letters arc at our l risk. Nearly everybody in America hie bought Lloyd's Railroad Map, ami this 1? the strongest evidence thai 1 could offer that my Southern Military Map Is the he*t map ever drawn anil engraved in America. Also Lloyd's $100,9X1 Topograpblral Map of Virginia, four feci square; price $1. Ami Lloyd's Oflicial Map of Missouri, three feet square; prise 2!> ., or eight for $1. Ainu Lloyd's Map of America, four feet square; prlco 2Sc., or eight for $1. Address J. T. LLOYD, I'nhlUhiir, 1 164 Broadway, New York. London, ISA Chcapslde. TADIE8, BF.KORE BUYINO SILVER PLATED WARE, J Cutlery, Conking Htensile, Ac., nee prico/j at E. D. UASSknKD S, Cooper IriKtltute. LYON'S POWDER AND HIS PILLS All the insect tribe will kill. All genuine Lyon'* Magnetic Insect Powder and Pillaheer the fac simile of K. Lyon. All other* are counterfeit* or base imitations. Beware of unprlncrpled Imitators. Sold by . I>. S. BARNES, 3lf2 Broadway, and by all rospcctablo deal* 1 era. Mrs. soutiiwortH's new rook. THE OIPSY'S PROPIIKCY, THE OIPSY'S PROPirEOY, MRS. SOUTH WORTH'S NEW AND BEST BOOK, I Is published tills day and for sale by p. A. BRADY, 24 Ann 1 street, an I all other booksellers, complete In one large duol dcclmo volume, hound In cloth, for $1 2o, or in two volumes, paper cover, for $1, and Is published and for sale at I T. 11. PETERSON A BROTHER'S. 0 No. 3l>u Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Mrs. south worth'S NEW BOOK. THE UII'SY'S PROPHECY, THE fJIP.SVB PROPHECY, MRS. SOUTH WORTH'S NEW AND BEST BOOK, Is publli he.l this day and for sale by F. A. IlitADK, 24 Ann street, and nil other booksellers, complete In one large duo' lieclmo volume, bound In cloth, for $1 2.5, or In two.voiumca, paper cover, for$l, and Is published set for sale at - T. It. PETERSON A BROTHER'S, f No. 306 Chestnut street, PliiUuhelphtn. Mrs. southworth's new book. THE OIPSY'S PROPHECY, THE OIPSY'S PROPHECY, MRS. SOUTHWORTH'S NEW AND BEST BOOK, r i.iiat.n.i ili.u ,l.,v .ml r,.r K..L. liv W A KRAJIV 21 Ann street, and sii other booksellers, pein?lei<i In. one large duodee,mo volume, hound In cloth, for )I 23, or In tsvo volumes, paper cover, for SI, and I* imi!,|i?U?<I and f.r sale at I T. B. PETERSON * BROTHER'S, j No. 31*1 Choatnut street, Philadelphia. - T)EKIIAM'S fiUAND f X INTERNATIONAL MCtTKSIWt, " Embracing thn 't EASTERN AND MIDDLE STATES, I And the CANADAF. 0 Fi>r full particulars sen advertisement in New York Triiiuna to-day. * CTRONd'H PATENT ARMY TRUNK AM) PORTABLE "i kJ BedHead combined. Corner of Warren street and Broadway. Price $17 and |I!k r- rno smi'PXNO merchants. .( 1 WOLFE'S SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS. 30,(W) eases of Wolfe's celebrated Srdilcdiitn Aromatto Schnapps for sale In bond or duly laid, fast up with IJertnaa, ?" Diileb, Spanish, French and English lnta-ls. Shipping mcirlisutg can purchase fur the Smith American, t- East India and European markets, delivered tei hoard ship q st Liverpool, London, Rotterdam or Hamburg, nt less thuu 1 ' the Netv York price. Tie Schnapps Is well known aud sells freely in at tha * markets of the world. '' Pur price, Ac., spply to t- IDOLPHO WOfcFE, Nevr York. HOFFMAN, DfiRREFAAL A CO., . Rotterdam. *> BIANCONE, KLEE A CO-. _______ Hamburg. 3. mi) COUNTRY MERCHANTS?THE SI P Ai.-RJIIKR RK. ,1, X speelfully oirers his services to men-liar .tain the country n> as their agent lu the purchase of any disci (juoii of goods la this market. So mo of the hem-tits of thl t agency over the , usual manner of ordering roods are:?1. shopping on orders, eousetiuently buying where goods are sold the cheapest, 3. nr I Filling ovitern to the letter, not being r /milned to any one or uny uuinber of huuseg. 3. Theegeiit being constantly In the it- I market buying, keeps posted, ttytelh' r with tvreitty-Gve years* 17 experleneu as merchant an?tl buyer (11 this market. Besides, ate re ban Ifl who patronise thisaget ,cy save one or more trips | here each season, as tint agent bo .pa the place here of country 8 i merchants, and works lor their ueQelll, making their Interest l his interest, lie docs not ree ,|rB double commission, and s OT i llrtl '.unniiClfU, uiirviv " uri'CUjr, wuu UIIJ :miim ? ' citv. F??r rffoiviie**, fiitrs <(l- commissi'>n, A?* fcoo circular, ..J' | whi' U may bo hart ?.y viubm to A. I>. FLATj\ \*w .-n i ; Agent, corner of jiroaAw Ay Murray street, >cw York. ' TT 8. PArSPOUT,s ISS. ED BY F.DWAUD 11IS:'ELL. fu- I \J B^''.?,a71B' /ndw.iy(covooruf Ouauibcissuti'i.

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