Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1861 Page 3
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HOI'SFS, R<K>.MS, TO f.ET. A suit of fcrnihhed rooms to let?is Twenty-find street, near Broadway, sultahlu for housekeeping-.would be let to a party of semlemeii or a small faMlljr without children. H-st reference required. Apply at Madison square Font office. A FURNISHED DOUSE TO LET-AT SOUTH YONKers, near Biverdalo station, containing twelve rooms, fully furnished; everything complete for housekeeping ?* cpt linen and sdvrr. it. nt ?.7 p r luou o. Apply at #10 Broadway, between Twentletb and Twenty-first street*. A FAMILY RESIDING IN EIGHTEENTH STREET, BEween Fifth and Suth avs, declining hourekeeptn.,', w"-ul?l like to dispone of the lean? of their Uuuao. and sell the Furniture. Address, with real name, P., i lift i'. "II . A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED PARLOR?WITH ONE or two Bedrooms attached, to let, to a jen'lems n and bis wife for housekeeping, with use of laundry and khcheu; also a whole Floor; also fllnyle Rooms for sho-le guillemoti, In a private house, with all the mo lent Improvements. Altfly at )M Prince street, a few door# west of Brsudway. A FURNISHED front RECEPTION room AND bedroom adjoining, on the tirat tloor. t the new English basement bouse, 21 Second avenue, sniu, I r u oJice, or wr a uiuy ?n? grut?? iuj*i?, wuu urwunmn uoura. AHPKND1DLY FURNISHED IIOUSE TO LET-IN Thirty-?irnt street, b**twr#??*ti it khIhur and Ft th sve ue, with torty othi rs, till iftimted; also fifty unfurnished* me best phfcf in till. city to i i?t or ha\e r. :it? .1 h ?uscs and tore property is at. S. C. BlSllOP'd, 144 Broadway* store floor. A neatly furnished cottage to let?at E i ui h, New J i nine i ms;46n train ? from Jer-oy City; wh ground, verv in*;U;hy; three nh Utes' W:Uk from depot; tluv.uuaitiT*' in ,u r? of (jarIru. Inquire of WM. II. SCOKILLI), Zj Wl.lUiu lUCttt, rear HI.-'. fruiu 10 lo 1 P. M CHEAP RENTS?DESIRABLE LOCATIONS.-NEARLY one Hour of lmvato bouae, .S75 E*at Tenth (tietl, near Ihewpiure, rent 8.1 Ou? ilmjraMo floor, lacli, Ac, of 7U3 Sixth avenue, near Forty IfUi street; reutJIOuuly. First class suburban residence to let low?With or without Furniture, In Wt ot Klxhiy-fnitrib ^Mrert, adiaeonl to Ccutml Park, In full view ; bottle if 6 Wt three atone*. lu^ii tmsenient. brown *lon<\ wl>|i f iruRe garden, comprising four lot*, in perfect order; neighborhood anexeepttoi.Hble. Apply to S. DINGER, No. ? Pine Mieet. FURNISHED BOUSE TO LET.?A MODERN Til REE story House, we]] furnished throughout, Kent will he taken in board. Reference required. 171 Wc?l Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. Furnihifed iiorsk to let?a pmall three story House on Murray Dili, near the Fifth avenue, smpletely furnished. Wf?! be rented to a private family aly. Apply ut 28 West Thirty-sixth street, between 10 aud 2 'clock. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LBT-AT FLUSHING, L. L a moderate sixed double House, In the vilh ;e <?f Flufh ok, between the steamboat landing and the Railroad d? p L with nine roooms. Apply to J no. W. LAWRENCE. No. 92 Wall street. Furnished house to let?in ninth street, just west of Broadway. The house is four stories hlgrh abeve basement, and will he. let to a pr-ivate laiuily, or lor Hoarding. Address J. W., Herald office. Furnished house to let to a small private family only?15 East Twentieth street, near Fourth ave e; twelve rot mis; in perfect order. Apply to r. C. re id, 18 East Twenty-second street, from 1 to 3 1*. M., or alter IP. M. FUWISHED ROOMS FOR SOONOMICAL HOUSEkeeping, tt 221 Chrystie street, on the Hue < f the S< .*>nd avenue car*. Terms for a ltoom and Uediooin, $2, $3 and $3 60 per week. r)R BENT?THE SPACIOUS STORE S5 GRAND street, containing two large show windows, ami is one of the best loo*lions for the dry goods business. Inquire on Ike premises. Hotel to let.-the Johnson house, no. iso Chambers street, opposite the Hudson River Railroad fcuisn. and Furniture and Fixtures tor sale, now doing a ffOtxl buidrw??? Aririlv l/i APk'KH URtfHili* en 1*> " hambei s street. r' House to lease and furniture for sale.? A largo four story and basement brown stone House In Fsurtecnlh street, near Sixth avenue, to taiu?o and furniture far sale. The house am 26 test wide by 70 reel deep; walls handsomely frescoed and in perfect onfor. The furniture Ik Hew, very handsome and Uho b^t t quality, n?ad? by one of the best maker* in the elty. The house will not b<* rented for a awarding house. The reason of the family selling out, +*y leave for Europe about the lirstof NovemU r. at whieh time pOKKessi?.n will be given. Addrenr box 1,140 I' office. Lower past or bouse ioo west twentieth ? street, near Sixth avenue, to Jet, consisting of two Parlors, Easement, Kin-lien, Bathroom and Room In third story; gas fixture* new and everything in admirable order. Apply 1268 Fourth street oi 70 Went Twentieth > ri'ct, VTICE APARTMENTS TO LET?CONSISTING OF POUR JW Rooms, kat N'o. ZOGanscvourt street, and four Rooms, with bath Httoms at 22 Gans< voort street, corner of Hudsou; Iso, a store, at No. 660 Hudson Htr< -t. not uer of O '.nsevoort street. Inquire of Mrs. KASTON, 048 Hudson street. Padtof a beautifully furnished house to let, until Muy. to a genteel family; us t of two Pianos; nly self and wife iu the family; Hoard If desired: halloo unexceptionable; convenient to stugi ? and cars. Apply for three days at 77 West Teutn street, two doors from Fourth venue. PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?IN A DEsirable situation, with all the modern in prove men l?. For further particulars apply at 37 West Twenty-first stn ct. Rent $joo per annum.-to let, in an elegant avenue in Wfliiumsburg tntilroad cars i ufcS the dour*, beautiful CcUage, handbome marble mantels, f1 -s doors, balcony, c'luiuielieis, Ac.; also a Stable or Factory it desired Apply at 4^2 Grand street, Williamsburg. STORE TO LET.?A "LARGE STO iE7NO. 505 WAfifllNOton street, suitable for storage ve prov %lon; wilt lie let for balance or year .d rate of 81(H) per annum. Inquire of e. L. A H. T. 13 UK Nil AM, 611 Hudson hircet. rLETUoubc 23 Stuyvesnnt street; five stories and basement, with all improvements. Ab-o, House, first class, 65 Hammond street; all improve Also, House 12 Abingdon square; all Improvements. Also, House 77 Jane itrerl; all Improvements. Floors, nine rooms, 261 West Forty-fourth street; all improvements. Second Floor, three rooms, 228 West Fortieth street; all Improvements. Ftrst Floor, brown atone front, No. 6 Bank afreet, five anums; all improvements. Flrat Floor, brown aolne front, 10 Bank street, 6re rooms; AX Improvements. Store, eorner of Rank street and Waverl-y place. Also, Store IM Welt Tenth at reel, with four large, All the above will be let at low rates. Inquire of ?. L. A B. T. BURN HAM, 611 Hudson street, New York. rl.KT?FURNISHED OK UNFURNISHED, TIIE House 238 West Twenty-third street, near Seve/.llt avenue. Location and Oelgnborh. ',, . first cla"s. Terms low to a responsible party. For part,mini n apply to A. BERNARD, SOS Broadway. TO LET?HALF FLOOKS, WITH THRF.E AND FOt'K Rooms; halls and stales oilcloth''.'; water and light throughout the hulls; good vunU; rents $r> SO, $6, $6 N>, $7 per month. Apply at 217 Last Thirtieth si rect. rpo LET-ON FAVORABLE TERMS, T<> RESPECT\RLE JL parties, the live siory llou.-e 251 West Twenty-third atreet, with double staircase and all the modern improve* mania. Also 136 West Twenty-fourth street tlve stories, just painted throughout. Apply to A. LEAMAN, 217 We* Tweulyi third sireet, or 1*. Harmony's Nephews ,t Co., hi g.reenalrh street, mo LET?TWO OR THREE ROOMS IN THE THIRD X story, win or without the privilege oi receiving calls in the parlor, at .so, 62 East Twenty-second str?ct. mo LET?THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 1P2 EAST A Twenty-.irst stret , near Second avenue, consisting of m rooms. Apply otvthe premise*. TO LET?TN BROOKLYN, AT ABOUT HALF THE usual lstit, a three atory House, ou Clinton avenue; hits water, gas, hath, Ac.; rent $500. One on Broadway, near East New York; rent $150. Apply from ten to three o'clock, at O. A. SMITH'S oilier, 207 Broadway, corner ot Fulton ataact. TO I.ET-A VERY HANDSOME SMALL FOUR STORY hrotvn stone House, situated No. 2.'?I West The iy- , nil atreet, recently put iti complete order; eouuUns all the extra modern improvements; nen;bl'orboo,| unexceptionable; n tit low. Apply to ROBERT USHER, Ju., 152 West Thirtyfourth street. TO LET?THE I, A ROE THREE STOUT AN'H FtNTSlf ed attic hrick House, t) White street, formerly known as Heti I Federal. To a it oil reepnin-ikle pai *y it will Is* let low. Inquire of E. 11. LUDLOW A CO., No. ?Vine atreet. TO LET-1 Hi IS I*: NO. 9 LIBERTY STREET, Hl:;> tilllyn, Well located for a family or for a boarding house, having all the modern Improvements, at lielnv n< or Fulton Jerry. Apply at 111 Nassau street, from 10 to 11 o'clock. v. u. Pug. TO LET-ONE FOUR STORY FIRST CLASS BROWN stone front house, frescoed (ti a*M. K nt until May, 575; will give less-. Also, one for $ Hi. Inquire at No. 26 West Forty-sixth street, between Ftftl* and Sixth avenuea. TO LET?TWO OF THE PRETTIEST THREE STORY houses In the city, with large court vurdn in t e". 512.') antll May. Will lease. Inquire at No. lS9 East Thirty-third atreet, near Second avenue, TO LET.?I.OWF.R PARTS OF PRIVATE HOUSES; rem, $250. All* large Floors, witli rang *, lutb, water closet, marble mantels, sliding doors, werdioho*, tr on eat h Moor. Rents low. Apply to JOHN FLTJIKTC1I, No. 115 Third avenue. TO LET?THE THIRD FL10K IN REAR BUII MXO 29 Allen street, 2U feet wide and 50 feet long, with a good frost light. Inquire at 43 EldrlAgj struct, in the oflice, rear. rl.ET.?A SMALL, PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVINO more room than they require, would let tlx* Second Floor, with the use of a Bath, to a small family. (Jood reference required, For further particulars address II. tj., station U, N Y. TO LET?WIKII IMMEDIATE FOS8BS8ION THE 8E eond boor (,our Ko..ros) of 26 Keuwoi nicest, 'he first, accond and third Uour, of lb Sullivan street (11 Rooms), all clean and netviy papered. Apply at 2$ riti'llvun street. rrst, i cT.j-oMin ri'Prv irtrn vreff I--.? nr mtie* X lirat class boose, W Sal a street, Brooklyn, Parlor, Dining Room, Kitchen, two Bodmoma, bath, hot and <old water, eftnaet, Ac.; every convenience for housekeeping; h splendid homo for u small genteel family. Call a* above. mo LET-Fl RNISHED. AFIRPTC1 KB FOUR STORY X Ivown stone IV-nt House, 2/?60, with fell modern improvement*; completely an I handsmnely furnished; utu r^ on a w;ile*t ie< t Smart way; r n' low to a private i anilly. Apply to l'HAS. E. Ml LI A 31 tVdar street. TO LET-A HANDSOME PARLOR AND BEDROOM, for a cbn-tnr'x office or any other respectable Limine**, furnlaltfd or tiui'uriiishrd: a .so furnished Bedrooms tor gentlemen. Apply at <J5 Frta w street, a fe* doors west of Br Midway. a 10 I.L.T?IN BROOKLYN. FROM THE FIRST OF 00tub r until the 1st of May, uithnr furnished or unfor* Dish".I, the rood ni built Hmuso, No. 101 Liiv re net: street, Brooklyn. T; sit ottion : ?convenient to the ferric* and the railrirnh*; tMe. neighborhood unexceptionable. Apply on the premises. rr<i l.HT-A BROWS STONE llorsE, IN A TKKV I>E" J mi.? ,< : ,<au< uptown, furnished <<r un: urn -tied, ton rrs;M,n?i'>> parly. P.?ri wtil be taken tn boo I for a >tn il. fondly. Address, for.* low days, J. L, p., b#x J/sV.} Post hiev fro LI T?A THRLE SToRY AND BASEMENT HOlSK, .1 i I No. 'J lLoa-hvay, with now pas t \p-nvs ? ] * ! die n ?? ? Iitku .veniri, <. Api Iv I ? .) JC. M'RLo . 7Rr*'x.uau street, uuic ?j 1 auu 2 or ^t CUuton pUu\ LUiilU atic^L NE HOC'SEN, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. To LBT?Ft RNI8HED-A LABtig fOUB 8T IBT lluu e in Ninth street, l>.'iwi" ii Broadway and University pint-'*-'. Addresi* I. W., Herald oQloe. TO LET?FURNISHED?A ROOM ASD ONP. OR TWO Bvdtootnn, with invcidii , Mr hoiinrkrr| In:; App'y at S87 Hadnou itrnt, turner ut lioiisiou, accuud dour. Teruia niodrrate. TO LET?TIIE SECOND AND TillKD FLOORS OF A new f,r-t el ?n House la Flftv.fourth atrial, betwreu Sixth and Nei "lh nr-iinen, <nti?!stlng of Ave* eaeh ; v ii?*r, r, is. una lu nun :?, and el la alnmdauce, u? Irt vrry l.iw, m ;i?rtits or l<'.rltii.r. Alro, (hn haver part of a first alii t House, .TnisiMiiiK ,n tw,? Parhirn, iwo HfilruoiM, l-. k .in I ir iir B ? lin-iii, m .tit nil tlio i.inniivwiienu. rpo LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH THE 0ONL re men a ul ?i.i 1 limit n. mi mi ?..iue lloor, with tl.e prlvil "to in n pii,no It required. In a lunhlnna'dn |uirl of Ilia e.iy, No. tid Wml LigliU:oiilU alrct t, between Filth and Sixth avenue*. TO I.KT?TIIK SECOND STOKY AND FRONT RASElin-iit, So :i5 Chnrh a street; sl? rimnia la lino order; pus. hot anil cohl water, hath, water clonal, line yard, lietphbnrbood, Ac. To a guod tenant will he let low. Apply an above. TO LET-A PARLOR FLOOR, CONSISTINO OK FOUR Rooms antl the hack Kitchen, either to a club of gentlemen or a small morel family; earn and stares within fifty feet. Apply at No. 7- Went Tiveaty.necond nlreet. TO LET?FCRNISIIEL)?IIOC.SK 39 EAST THIRTY third street, between Madison and Fourth avetiin n , in In good order, and wi.uH be let in a sale faeUcy tenant at 9IUI per ntiirlh. Apply to J. W. HUBBARD. 41 Cant Thirty tilth street. 1U) LET-TO A 8M ILL FAMILY, POOB WOB B00M8, . on (he third floor of a house in Eighth avenue, near Fourteenth street; water in rooms und only one family iu the bouse. Apply in the {tore, 9! Eighth avenue. , rLKT-THR LAKtJK STh'lR AND SALOtiN NO. 244 Grand street, near the Bowery, together with the basement and dwelling part if desired: well adapted for almost any extensive buaim *a. Apply at No. 226 Bowery. TO LET?TWO SUITS OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY furnished, for gentlemen and their wives, in a pvivaie family, at 14ft Went Fifteenth street: also single Rooms; the house na* ull the modern improvements and i* verv pt "\sautly located, between .Sixth and Seventh avenues, Terras mo> dsrata. TO LET CHEAP?AT RYE. WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y., a very nice, pleasantly situated two story am 1 nine House, with a good garden, tnree acres of land, carrluge house, barn, stable and every convenient e. Apply at N?\ 5 Ludlow \dare, or to JAMKn C. WOUDLN, at Milton, one mile from Uye station. TO LET LOW?UNFURNISHED, FELLY <SR PARTIALlv furnished, the handsome bn wn stonefourstorv House lift \V < st Fortjr-second street. The location very pleasant and | rented very cheap to u responsible tenant till the 1st of May. Possession given Immediately 1t desired Applv 4 11 the pteni s. , >ii E. j I I j i 1.1 LOW .< tin., No. 3 Pi at- su.'i. TO LET OR LEASE?THE HOUSE 331 FOURTH street, llUli'ct west of H oadivay. Apply at 260 Fourth elrret, opikigtte. W.uthmgloti square. To LI ST-IN EXCHANGE FOB BOARD?A FIRST alas* House, handsomely Furnished, with all the modern Improvements, t<> h small, gor/eel Ai loin family ol three or four p rentia, without rhlldP'Il. Tin hot. w Is i i one u( the best streets on Brooklyn Heights, but 1 short distune froru two terriea. Bonn I In/: house kv.|K>i? will not !* treated with. The lo st ol reference* required. Addiess bo* 1,001 Post office, New York. TO RF.NT?THE WHO I K oil PART OF A VERY HANI)some brown atone H,iu-c, partially I or iinnirnislied; Ihtt locution pleasant nnil acceptable; rent very low; or would bike a small fain I ly to board. Pnsaeuuoti Immediately. Inquire st 231 East Fiftieth street. TO RENT LOW TO A UOOD TENANT?THE FOUR story brown stone ifoii.w. No. 04 East Thirty-eighth street; all the modern improvements. Apply at No. 62, next door, or to T. A L. BOSS 1 CO., Hi Pearl Street, WANTED?SMALL FAMILIES TO HIRE ROOMS AND Bedrooms, 61 wh im sewing will be given to pay tbe n nl. Apply at J. FITZI'ATEICK'S clothing aud sbirt store, 154 Eighth swuuc. DHV ?OOPs7~~ " AT LORD * TAYLOR'S, Ml to 167 Broadway, IK'U FALL ORES8 SILKS. "(? and elegant styles now ready AT RETAIL. Also at stores 255 to 261 Uranil street, Anil 47 and 49 Catharine street. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. E. S. WILLS A TO. OFFLR TO CASH BUYERS OREAT BAROA1N6 IN CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOS. IU2 A Nil 344 BROADWAY. JJRY GOODS FOR CASH. LORD A TAYLOR, <01, 4t>3, 403 and 41(7 Broadway, .^equrat the attention of "out of town buyers' W their present large wholesale stock of FALL AND WINTER DRY GOODS, Which they ore olleniig at very LOW PRICES FOR CASH. J^INENB ' AND HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. Fall assortment, at retail, at LORD A TAYLOR'S, 461 to 467 Broadway. 236 to 2C1 Grand street. 47 and 49 Hatha rinn Blrert. J^ORD A TAYLOR. 461 to 467 Broadway, Till open on Monday, September XI, -.ClX ASSORTMENT OF DRESS GOODS, Which they will offer at retail, AT VERY LOW PRICES. Also at stores253 to 361 Grand stroet, And 47 and 49 Catharine street. \TOUENING GOODS IK GREAT VARIETY, AT LORD A TAYLOR'S, Nos. 451 to 467 Broadway. Nos. YJj to 1SG1 Grand street. Nos. 47 and 46 Catharine street. QTAMtBOtp PITBCHA8B CHEAP FOR CASH, AN ? V MMOPtnmnt ol Hofl erj aod Trimmings Cora Broadway .ore; a n ,Shelving and t'uunutrs. Inquire on the ; r rnUe.H, 80s Broadway, or at 136 Christopher street. J J. JIKALY. MIIXIMKY. ATOCKO WIDOW LADSMOF EXPERIENCE AND ability wishes to nrnmuniivni* wlih vn American entinman, who would furnish midiiierv goods torn store; IT agitable the virinity of Albany or South Lee, M j?rele: red. Cap*- ity lor n?-.U og miHurptu Bed. For au interview address Mi* Klvi, Willlanrsbirrg. 7A ALL AM) WIN! EE MIUdNHItY -M. FBBLY, .1? noh. 7 and 7* j Division street, 1a un'v prepared to offer a choice stock of Va'ami Winter Bonnet* a 1 w lio!?>.i> and retail, to which the attention of the trade is respectfully m.licit' d. All orrk'rs .shall rev ive prompt and partiuula; uibiilion. Millinery opening this day, at l. binns Millinery, 6S1 B;<Midway, up stair:?.?-Trade wi,?p, i. great bargains; Trn\ ell<ng ilo net*, new sty'. v stylish boh ;u ts, Pall Bonnets, Winter Bonnets, children's Huts and Bridal Bonnets, Mouinnu; Bonnets. "A f APAMKS MARTIN A TIIOMANN M7}? BROADWAY, ill sou agouU for Mine, Harris' colel ruled Pastilles de Florence. CLdTHim * LARGE ORDER?I HAVE JUST RECEIVED$13,000 Jx. to inuvbuM! emit off Clothing, Kuinitui". Carpets ??*., for the Western and California markets. lsi lies mid gcniU'men, i will pay tiltv* pet more than uny other dealer, by eallme "i, or adm easing u note to the new establishment of B. MdNTZ, YM Sixth avenue, between Tcn.h and Ee venih street. Ladiesattended ' y Mm. Mintz. 4 ? J:AN? LAPIKS AND ( I.MIKMKV-I xV want a lorn- 1 "t of ' off Clothing for the Western Carpets and Furniture. I nn mPoi"\ ?v the highest piiiv fortlvm byoiliiug ou or addre*. ing M. Kills, No. 9ft Sowntli avenue, let w ?*cn Sixteenth and Seventeenth street*. Ladles attended by Mrs. Luis. At ezekiel'S old stand?ijumhs and gents . eafi (Buatri the (,,!J? winifprict** for tlo *r ess.-off Wearlug Apparel. From ?:> o tor *: * drf?*e*; IY< m $1f<> $15 lor tonfe, and 1 r<-in $to $f? : ?r pans; also arpetn. ' irv, A--. A note by post punctually at^-nded to by LZhKlFL, L44 Seveuth avenue, between Nineteenth and Twriuleta streew. LadV s atUuidcd to by M< s. E. \ ORSAT QUANTITY Of OAST OFF CLOTHING J j\ want Carpets ud elry ; I supply the WuHUern autrkot. I pav as follows-?For silk i f. ?Vo ,u!.m ?r..t . ?A f $1 fin to (\uiI ul'iresff A. btv t*,2lSS wnlh ;?wnu?'f 'wiwi^ii T v-uily-nittrtk aimI Tw?*)ty-Utth *tiv?d,n. Latin* ill I ? M ' 4 TTENTlOBt LABIBS AEX> GENTLEMAN, /K TOO iV. winlt t-. i! i \*r full relti* ot your (iw?t??:l Clothing, Carpet.* ur'l Kurn?iJu \ t' '? ?!. tlu.ij yon una do In to *"nd a icte to F. UARKlS, I6t? S.-veutlravenue; th-?rc you mny bo oonrined \.>:t u 11 h ait tri..i u? y??<j ? LulU* Bit' nto by Mr*. Uiurik, lOo Ho'w.uUi m jc, u'^rTw a ty-flrw t BETTER CHANCE FOR I 4DTES IND GENTLEMEN J\ .*i? dir ,t tio r <*mt ?.flT CI'HKing, Cnrp?b>, Furniture, Jevrelry.?I gun rot tm? to pay a) pMro-ut m?n i an tuiv dealor in tho city. ('..11 ??u or J. AnluilL, li* s? v? :i?h aTonu- , :?-:ncN) T\? nuteUi and Tw??oty.tim htrucu. Latuce attended Mr*. AutnUt. t GREAT DEMAND 1 R OLOTllINa-liAnBS AND J\ ge.atWunon h.ving any <a%t on Clothing, Furniture, t'.,?rj*Ms .iti 1 J<-w^ry, r?. '1 p'*etve the htgneai price by calJiD? on or a klr Bin* A ilAKlUS, oM 1 n\onue. Ludw* alleaded by Mm. Umt*. a POSITITB PLACE ROE LADIES AND GENTS TO /Y. h " ore the loll value ot their eotu offCloth! n/r, Furniin<* :Ar . iiv e. iir^ on ur <?!dtH**mg II. UAKKftt. 3.v.1 r m?m t, up|)< 61u3 croat jouoh giruet. ladit* lutea lcd b y Kit Uarrii. & 4 N bh'i'FK LFi L! ,;j) ?$S, (Yjn WORTH OF ?'A8T l\. ' tl C. <-hi?g to purchase lor Call lorn, a and \T#*t. en m.Fa ? M?*e, ( ' 'H, Jm <\ry, Ae. I do n<>t pn -tend t" >Tor j)i but I k.')Aiitn:ee to j>nv the utmost vu.ur lor c r it :i e. r rilling on or addroMiru; E. U , 79 Sixth nvetiu", ? n 1 door above Waverluy place, laultca attended by M re. B. H. 4 Tl KN i ION, LA I i. * ' > EM EN. W 5 SI Jv a l"t ut' ?M-t? !l ciothirip. Fnrniture, O-irpet Ae. I i; t' r to ) ? t ,/ !i? ,l?. * * |;rec. I v railing on or i.fdp'f"<'tg >i .V tit VII tM - nth . v mu', l/?,t\vtn u t'wetity>fli'tb HUU l"v>cui}n?*i aUeuucU t?y Aii -i, A* IW YORK HERALD, TUES BOARDING AND LODGING, A SMALL PETfATB FAMILY WOULD I BT A HAND' nutnely furnished of Rooms, a Parlor and two Bedrooms, a bath room ad iomlhg, t>u the second floor, with Board. The house hat all the modern improvements and Is pleasantly situated on Murray 11(11. Inquire at 281 Lexington avenue, third huuso above Thirty-eighth afreet, iieferenvv* required. A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE FIRST (-LASS HOUSE ill Second avvone. vomer at Seventh street, ha* a few Suits and also some single Rooms t?? dispose of. Call ut house or address hox 3 'iH3 New York Post office. A FEW HANDSOMELY FUK HSHED ROOMS TO rent, iu suits.or singly, with Board, for the winter; terms reasonable; Woum* tlrsiclass. Apply at 4-4 WestNiulh street, near Fifth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET THE SECOND Floor, eousiKifn,; oi a parlor and bedrooms, welt turm?hed, to a party oi gentlemen. Partial Board or Private Table if desired. House conveniently and pleasantly butted. Apply at Ki West Twenty-second street. AT AO TWENTIETH STREET, UOIINER OK KOI RTfl avenue, Urunurey place?A suit of Rooms, handsomely furnished, t" 'et to a family with private table, or to gentlemen without Board. Also a few pleasant Uomnn, with or without Board, itc ft* re ucc* exchanged. House and location llrst class. A FAMILY RESIDING ON TOR FIFTH avenue would let, with Board, a third story front Loom to a couple for $1-1 per week. References ex< h mged. Also, tw > 11 anna for single gentlemen. Address W. 1*. W.,U3 Ueado street. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE AN BLEOANT !'' IT OF it. >ms to let, unfurnished, with flratob a )' trd. Apply at No. 13 Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth av- nuej. A private FAMTLY WOULD ACCOMMODATE a eniitie 111 an and wife or single g? n lie men with handsome Iy ilU*'li?h?*d Rooms arid Board. The Uouhi Is reph-u* with ? very e?nf<mleiKtMor comfort. TPrms very mod. rats to desirable parties. Apply at 13d Last Thirteenth slit-el, west of Second avenue. A FRONT PARI.OR AND BEDROOM ON SECOND floor, handsomely furnished, to let, with Hoard, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen r a quiet home realized; refer* nci s exchanged. Apply at 23 Grove street, between Bleeeker and Hudson streets. AT 40 BLEEOKER STREET.-A GENTLEMEN AND his wife and two or three g. nilemen can be not oimuo?k?ted with Board and nice Rootus; locution central for wi iter; terms moderate; references exchanged; dinner 6 to 7 o'clock. A RICHLY FURKI8HKD SUIT OF APARTMENTS OS single Rooms to li t, with or without Bis-1blast, to tdngle gentlemen; family private. Apply at 37 West Klftoeutb street, near Union square. A FURNISHED SITTING ROOM AND BEDROOM TO let?To a single gentleman, in a handsome, quiet and private house, Hreaklast if required, at No. 7 Grumercy place, in Twentieth street,second house from Fourth avenue. References exchanged. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A FURNISHED ROOM ON aeroud flo ?r, with bod, water and gas, near Brou iwuy, accessible at any lime without disturbing others. Address Traveller, Broadway Post oilice, for two days. i PLEASANT LITTLE BEDROOM IN A NEAT AND J.Y quiet house, 337 Fourth avenue, nearTwenty-lilth street, t?i.! :? w? ?*k It. -i nrantk coiiveniejit. Vt 908 east tenth street, convenient to Biou.hvu)?To U t, with Board, a desirable Second Floor, tog* t!n r or H*paratvly, furnished or nut urui"hcd, also a v^ry ph a:?ui: bj.' W I'm .or and large fourth story Room. A GERMAN FAMILY, OK T!te HIGHEST RESPECTAi'jliiy, will lot a lew pleasant Kouo.j, with nw! ? :it iv. rd, to"sir, ;! .;enih m? n, or ^ ntlemeti an.I their w??es; tin hvuse b m ill modern improvements; location yoob, in Ktnth street, betw n Kif';h mid Sixth . . nurs. Apply at No. 1 Bun day suvet, corner 01 Broadway, ha* until. At no. m east sixteenth ^tkeet, near i n ton square, spacious Rooms to let, with Board, connected ?,r aiiifela, Mrnibliod or unfurnished. i few handsomely furnished room8 arb A still biscuaaged at airs. Bulk s, loo and I Or Kant Fourteenth street. Parties returning from th?? country wUl uud rit*?i*anl aparluitmi at reasonable prices, one block Horn ' u isquare. i large handsomely furnished room, with A JB -drot/iii udjoining, on second floor, to let, with Board, in the oral class house 11t East Twenty sixth street, tv invi n 1 'X.riii.iik and Fourth avenue*; also two Room* suitable for Xi.ij.y gentlemen. RefereiK'es exchanged. A front parlor on second floor, together with on(* or two Bedroom*; also drsiototo Rooms wi third tlnoi to rent, with Lard, fm the winter, in (ho hirst class house 3d West Twelfth street, near Fifth nveuue. A private family, living in a first class house, 111 Tw? i > -* * ond str< et, would let, to a eyvij lo oi gentlemen, two furnished Rooms, with Breakf ast unu^Vf u, and Dtuuer on Sundays. For further particulars address If. R. M., Herald oilier, for three days. \8uit of elegantly furnished rooms to let, i.'ilhevtogether or separate, v, th &o< ] Board, to/./ linemen and their wives or tingle gentlemen, in the \t-ry d'*. snaolo no use Ioj \V?vi Eleventh *tre? I, near Sixth avenue, limit* and location uururpassed. It. ferencea required. Asm ill private family will let the front Kuom and Alcove on second to two g< atP-inon or u gcir.h'AiHii and wife: well furnished; ha* p ,s mid good ch'M ; hath on saint* floor, If dcsiiv d partial Jio.ird. AUo a lutg* >-ingle Room. 66 East Twrl tli street, near Broadway. ASMAhL FAMILY OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS house, 230 VV est Thiuty-second street, between Eiguth utiu Ninili nwiiues, w i*h to let, furnished, with Board, a large i,. Kt Room to a g Mlaixun tnd w. . 11 . a "mail front K? in to single gentlemen. Dinner at si* o'clock. a PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING at Hi J WEST FORTYiuite..;.-.; ;uuV.:n H to/**? tf rau u rni?. by* o'clock, i rout room iy mr, *. AT 100 EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET?NICELY J\ t urnisheu Rooins nxay be had, with Boh ad, convenient lor a 1 utility or ui'igie gcutieuiou. The bouse has ail modern improve men is. A GENTLEMAN AND HiS WiKE DESIRE FIRST J\ el48H Board *u a pruate fuixrilr. Best nt rclenence given , required. Address Ca*h, box i3d H? rslil oiiiee, MUtting tei us. ASPIT OF FURMMIIED LOOMS, ON TMK THIRD floor, t? let, w ith Board, to genth ue u and tlieir vv v h ?.r sinuie & uU? uteti. Also, Rooms m iiie fourtti story, a. 1U8 VV est rotij tee mil street. Dinner at 6 u'ciook. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD STYLE, IN A J\. tnoderu stone 1 ront bouse, will It*i a Parlor ami, with Sward, ton single g* uilemau desiring a out f??, lull le home. Terms moderate. Address Twenty-second btovel, box 108 Herald ollice. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH J\. two pa:, tries, gum .j?! bath, t?? let, tr> one or l\* o na n, or a giutnmun and wife, \s ith full or partial U< -rd, or th<? rooms will he retttdo without board. Location d' -ov?b!e, being two block > west ol Broadway and near park; family (pin t, uo<'kildr? n, uini u gou ' tabic gum ?i ri(<'<'tl relereocBM given And required. Apply at 804 Fourth atree t. A YOUNG MARUIBI) tOl *LE. OCrVPYIXG A NEW modern boiUM i] a \1 port ion of Jerecvi ly, will let, with Y'onrd, a f v A.-tm..-* mely fnrnishr 1 Kooni*; p.m, bail) and file. Reference is tianged. A dress Piulaioh, Hex Aid oflli e. APRBNi Q FAMILY, 0< Ctf ?! INO A MODERN BOUSE, would accommodate a /am: i/o: adults or a patty ot bi.igle geiitferoen with a well iijri ?ih? I suit of Ap?rtm<n? and a nrsttl ass French table. li< t?i renrenc?s ^miVawi required. Apply at it West Twelfth street, between Filtfc and Sixth avenues. i PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LRT A LARGE, NEATLY JjL furnished front Room, on second Sour, with grate and gas, to two single gentlemen tor $1 2j per weefc eaciK Inquire at, 165 \V? st s. ventecnih street. A MIDDLE AGED OENTLKMAN MAY l'ROCURK EX ux. cellent Board and all tin: social ndvn?tajr<\s of l*<ui#, \vttn a rvsp'vtublc private family* n .sMiti# in West Thirtyeighth Htrv* \ near Seventh avi nun. Dinner at 6 o'clock or earlier. UeP levy's given and ivnulre.l. Terms moderate. AU'irrao L. V. L., station t>, l,2Atl Jf'ostdwfiy. A SUIT Ol &OOMS TO LET, WITH BOAED.?FRIC'E $11 for two persons. A third story front Room, iwincited, $.S, in a line h.<*u8Pt modern improvements. convenient to ?;ai a and singes. Neighborhood uiiburpattcd. Apply at 277 West Twenty-second street. A FEW GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR 8TNgle gentlemen run obtain plfitsuut Rooms,-with or with ut Board, at 71 West F?urte? n il Miaet, iirbt brawn siuiia front house west of Sixth avenue. 4 LADY PUHI8T WOULD M\h TO MAKE AM $B2Y rangenteui with a -expectable family in New Y<.k w here the use ol a hue Flaiio and Tuition \v?ui! I fen considered ail equivalent for ih-Jid and the < ou? torts of a home. References given and required. Audit oh Musir, cure uf H. H., 19U \\ iliiiiltl street.. A FURNISHED SUIT OK ROOMS TO LET?TOOETH K* JY or s? ptirait'iy, to .-.agio gentlemen, In a priva;- French family. Loeation most desirable. Apply at 'ZJ& Foarth sir#*!, \V aahtngtoii square. 1 VERY VLEA8ANT SUIT OF ROOMS, ON THE SEJ.Y cowl it >> r, to l^t, s? pa lately or together, wMi lb .rd; also a Bast moot, suitable for a ] i \si an, i.i ? nail . imilv. Dinner t*t six. Hi lun neoB excnangeo. Apply ..Ml Kant Twentieth hirei t, t.ear Broadway. ? PRIVATE PAMIL1 LIVING IN NINTH 8T1 RT, VV iH'iir Filth uV' ?io\ will rein a suit ol t urmahed or not, to 41 ntloraen, with partial 15 ardifd .i ??r? Andre** Kuwi^he : Room*, station D, Astnr plane, for a vck. t T NO 97 B1ST 1N BN Vt THIRD I TR1 ET, BETH El N J\ Lexington and Fourth avenues?Two Kooip.h, each rfwiiat Iv .'m* a ^i-ikImi ill and lady, or two snifctr gentlemen ; a no ojiesmr.ll room, to rent, with Board. Lo-.u .-n ui;*urjM** J for pi' itsant quietui n*, and easily aooessilde 1/y suveral ..nee ol stag* sand rais, AT NO. 119 WE81 P01 ' r?l NTH STREET.?TO LET, J\ wna Board, the euiiru o*v.o/id Floor, ikrv?- rooms com- i muoicatiag, en suite #r tingle; Also, Kosqm I if k &* U< men. Keferencs exehatiyid. i SM i . - ! : \ ATE Y AMILT R Bl WNO A1 194 J\. Wrbt l'oriy-;hir i Rin"M, it+K\\+ n Broadway and highh as, nue, would i.upos' *oi two or ihivo puta.&ni iioouus, wita B? aril. Rstrr. ncioi required. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMIIA' rUYlN<; TWO iV hands 'tiif'v fu nhd.'-d Rooms. would l?-t them ta n?%or two sm-i" riti 'W'Mi on very reasonable n-nu.-*. R- f?r? n*?is sivrn-jid m*<, .!ifd. In jure at 1J 4 Kmi Eighteenth aireet, i near li ving place. A SMALL PR I VAT 1'" FAMILY, WTIEUK THERE ARE J\ r.o Mi.trders* "r chlMrcnjC having mem r*/R< t* in thoj repair*', will i?'t a I .\rl r and Ue?ir>oui on sawmd lu..>r, newly <<nd i<.ynnttT I'frnudied, with bathing r<*mi nrfjoining, Ut a gcatfaihftu, without board. Inquire 07 lv.urt Twaltth ? ra?t. A HANDFOMELT FT'RNISIfKD SUIT CM-' ROOMS, OS A second Moor; Also oilier pleasant Rooms, with Hoard; Jmmim* #r*t Ha.**; modem nm vnnli'tHo*, Bosl refNvn?-H of. fcrod. L-mmt4>>ii very desirable. 3d East Twuntteih airest, near Broadway. A PLEASANT ROME MAT BE FOl ND it A STRICTj.\. ly private family,* for two ircnik'meti. or ti jjctitiernsn i frl frith Boa i. at .'? >. i St, Tixoflikf'fl iwof, Vfoct Fifty-second street, N. Y. i v ri:i mi: fmii; \ i ivi:;.; i\ \ , M i\_ "' .> hrm?e, !?eiw?M?n Thlrtirth and Thirty-fir rUi enwts, and Filih awnm**, would ho wl'ling to lei a eerv pleasant front Room, with ot Board, to a Spaulsh.or Amen ?n :eniiem.nii oi" ivsjvUiluuty. Ui>:orvnc<> required. For ini'onn.v tiun address M. F, if., Madison square l'ost oilier. A FRONT ROOM AN!) BEDROOM ON SECOND ?"Y ami three }? ? nis en third thor, having la Hp <ioe u i i d nil ihe run i v u ininrovem?,nt'?, will be Up, with 1J -o >U our tson ?M lam . K?Ten?nce.?i given and reonir ?. I'.ijl .i JI Sc?'".m .i n-Utiweeu Twelfth auu Thirteenth km I*. livuae private. 7 5 DAY, SEPTEJJ41EU 17, 18( KOMIIHNG AND UiMflM. i T GREA't LY RED! C 5D PRIC1 8?NE\ ! V FUR Jv n tidied K .loins, tTom $1 10 $J !a) per wceU, Lodgings from 25 to 37 cent* ;ht night, at tl?r Frankfort House,corner of Franiort and William birr {/?. Open all night.

A PLEASANT ROOM. WITH BREAK PAST AND TEA, aud Uinin r on Sunday*, wauled, hy a. young man, in a I'Ltln thm.'y (Cn'tinii i) ? Iii iv th< r * ate t\ vv or uo i.. it 14 i i flUfor two liny*, stating to mist, winch luohl be in 'i - rule, A PRIVATE FAMILY OFFERS SUPERIOR ACCOMOdtimim to ouu or two families suni two Kinglu gentlSiiion; tilso twoKoomaon the first Uoor, suitable lor a pbywi K?n; liouM- i v-1'Tea; tevmH low, references exchanged. Apply at 65 K it>: fwenty-eighth stteet. A T 22 WI ST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN J\ Filth und Sixth axmut-K. large Rom; , handsomely lurni*b?d, in suit* or i ngfte \: o n? 1 Rooms for genliojm-n, with Hoard. The house 1i;is ml ill" u\o*lrni imj rovcuu iils. Une.v pilot table lofercnccH given uud required. A PLEASANT SllT OF ROOMS, FURNISHED, W1TII drtsdm? room, A<\, utf.iclndif required; house wuli nil the modem tniprnvemoiv*; terms iimd>?riro; reference exchanged. Inquire at 170 W-m Thirty-fourth a trod. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS TO JY let, with or without Bour i; location pleasant ami Uom ruble; fumily am.iit; private table it' lequired. Apply at 22 University place, References exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY?Wn EAST THIRTY FOURTH XA. Street, VN'eiilU Lkc lo accouimoUKte a small l'umllv .?r two or three pert-um with ple.want furnished Room* and Board; houHf contain* in ?dern improvcu?*nia; locntiou pic* out; rtltrvw exchanged, i AW N K si'IP 09 rooms. WITH BATH BOOH AT t?uhod, on wecond flour, front, may In* obtain* *1 by a T"4rtyof three or four, with Hoard; also Kindle Rooms, at 12G Niuth atrm'l, a tear door* west of Broadway. Ahiut of rooms to rent, with board, tn a private hoiiHo with all the improvement*. Inquire at 73 Weal Ywenty-fceeond turret; reference requited. AT 31 cott \GE PLACE, ItETW kick BLEKOKKR AND Houston streets-?A juny t uUeuicnor t.vogchtleu .en i and th? Jr wive r.m he an. jiim'xniii J with hurt '** rtiely furnished Rooms, on very reaaunublo term*; purutu Board lor the gentlemen. Location very pleasant. \ private family, at 1(3 west houston lrevi, tn ar .M.o dou^tl, will let t front Room and Btdrwoui, on the hhh.kI flour, with huihrooui and float t adjoininc. s'Hb, Ac., t?< u ^rntleiwun and wile, or one or two amgta gentlemen, with Board; *'*<> two front Rooms, on the third floor. Bent of reference* given and required. A small private family. OCCUPYING tiikir JY o\va hv.use, in a most durable ligation, wmb to rent to u party of two or three, who will pay a iviuuiRrative prne for Board, a hands uuc'} t urntaliou suit of K<h ius; c*i> *ud Mare* \< i\ the i".irii' r fur every part of the city. Inquire at 7- Baal Thirty *iscntid street. AFBIVATB FAMILY WOULD I4ET ONB OB TWO large, hao.lxoiuely furnished Rooms, Ut'.b Hoard, at a ne-derate price. Dinner at 6 o'clock, Also a reception Kooui, tftiitaMe Kir a ( hy>i< inn. Inquire at 343 Went Th ri.v-hrst st, Board.?a gentleman and wife, or single (" n ?nien, can obtain Room* with Board at No. 5 \\ cat vV*? oiiulon |>l*cc; also n stut of Parlor* on lirst flour. L's-U'h n is very p. avint, bonj; opposite tiic square. Reference* requlit u. DOARD. GENTLEMEN AND (THEIR WIVES OB j) *u i. In uf-.ih rjifii <snyfctum neatly furnished Rnoioa, with Board, at 310 Weal Fifteenth Mtrcct; also a suitoi Parlors unfurnished, on the brut boor, to let, with or without 1>. ard. Board?for (jkntlkman and wife, or single tj ui f-ijU'it, in ten ..{Rictus* L'ou.-e, ill iv?m fo uvtR'iith street. Dinner at 6)? o'clock. Tv rins moderate. Ijoc. uou (I'Rirulle. Board,?wanted, a handsomely fi km sued Ri ? in. .? tth oi wllhont pt?i . B rd, i > a yiwn u ponton, wt?? re he van havotiir ouifortaot a borne. Addn **, w r h * wry riiiMieul fr, what f unily la composed of, price, Ac., L L P., Qfli *14 o ti< . Board?inkkb oh pour gentlemen, ok two gertlemen and iheir wives, u? ?jj iiig a home, wnerc there w II ot no other boarders, can be ituc'tmnodaicd on I/>ndo)i T""r?u5P, WVat Twmitj -third street. Terms J??r partial board, I'rei.i X t to $!>. Full board, $4 to $7. Ut ntlemmi Mini wiw-M, tfd l> $11. Applv in the N<>. lift N" h uv*nu?, between Nineteenth aiul Twentieth *trv? ts. Board ?several pleasant and well fur. nlsfa d Rot sis, with Board, at 83 Clinton pim, near Filth avenue. Dinner at six oYlovb. T)OARD -SUITS OF ROOMS, FRONT, ON second 11 and third Honrs ?an bo ohuunad upon application lo 01 Went Twenty ? . ond street. Also, a front Basement, suitable for u physician. Board.?a fbxyatb family, residing in a lust house, in Kurtyditlh street, between Fifth and huth avci.ucs, convenient to curs. would accommodate two genUcm* ii and their vvi >.s ?n fp?tuleij>rji v/iih fulJ ?r punud Board. Terms to am tin' Utile*. Satisfactory relemi * given ami required. Aii4iva?<>. M., 11. raid oliitx*. BOA KD.?SEV BRAD VERY PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, I having #a*, oath, h- tuU'i e<M water, A *.., "'itn be w KJi Heard, at 4* East Sut*ciitli street, next to trria^ plu Term* tor two pcrsous, $6 to $14 pur week, accordi 114,10 looms desired. Board.?a handsomely furnished parlor unit H? cfroom w ill be lei itli B.mrd; private table il eHired. Apply at No. 40 Went Nlntii dtiv-'t, near Fifth hvenue. OOARD.-l'ARLOKS AND BEDROOMS, SUITABLE J A lot families, to let, at 62 East Twenty-third street, Board?a few single gentlemen can obtain Board in .? w ell 111 rtiished house, impure at OH Helen d 1 1 U >\ S> h ft 1.'; II. roard.?to let, with board. two suits of lh? .'?, gas, Ac. Ai i 0 ^ Ciuitoa place, near the Tflnm?o?t ] i l'/tlM*. 1>OAR!).?LA ROE, WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS ii to let, wbh Hoard; neighborhood pleasant; !o -alio 11 convenient to oars ami stages. Apply auSl Wei?t Twenty.sixtu strt <i ooakd.-a young widow lady, of refine* i) Ment, will let a lurni-dii d Room, or R?un and Be.h?>? n, to a lany and gentleman (board tor the lady only). Apply at 21 y ,vnnlv,;n .street. m ar BJeccKt r. r>*UKI>.?TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OH ) Maple gntlr?iii n .-an obtain Hoard I;ih private t mmy; t.i?? I?< / >. h*.: al! Mi* modern irnprovomenta. Inquire a? H-1 WentTwelllh Mreet, between Kit Lit and S?xili avenues. Dinner al <i. He fere we a nehanged. TJOAUD FOK GENTLEMEN AND WIVES Oil SINGLE l) gonileni-n in a very large, airy h '<n?e. with nil ?l?e toou? rn improveiiu-nta, in a ?eniral locality ami genteel nel/hborh>.-d, ami ?'i)i)i(<*rtaUlo dome on reasonable terms. 37 Bail Eleventh street. doard fob a gentleman amd wife and two rJ or three H ii -.ln gontlcm -i\ in a small and neatly formalted l?ouve,.\vrfih all th * modern improvements. Terms moderate. Aj piy at 4 K) fourth street. Board and rooms to lkt, kuknushed.?an enitre H'*i nd Story, eon-dating or Parlor and two B?*dr?e#ojst li'iricaotntly turni .died, f/i h hunt" with moderii improveiaenta and h private family. No. 61 West Twenty-sixth stre? t, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. ooabd in clinton place.- rooms, in sott and J > for gvntleirn n and their wives *r single gcuticim n, a i N?i. 97 Cllnu.n pi are. Board, in citx*or vox ntry.- free directions riT^ii t ?amde aiita *?>r Hoard or ))weH:fi#s, at the "j|- nl K. Ustty,M 3.H6 Hroisdwuy. Hoard wanted tor three yen; le. Ut- it, t?*tw<o'ii Eighth and Sixteenth streets and N?""orid and i irth avenue*. a. C. JONES A CO. IVIAKD ON MODERATE TERMS?WITH A PRIVATE .1) family, for gentleman and wife, or two mtigie gentlemen. Ap. ly at 306 Went Twenty second street. Krfeienaoa exchanged. BOARD WANTED?BY TWO PERSONS, IV A PHI v?ie, family. Two itoomM ftirnliiHed and oomm -* inp, on eceond unor. Onr? in nd b- front. Location l>etw? ?n Fouj ih and Seventh avenue*, and not above 'INventy-ai\:b nivi-t. Torino not to exwed $r>0 per month, including t.ra h'fr" mpjJred In lYoiit room only. So an*union paid to any add re*:* not agreeing with the above. Add n ewt lor three uay* J. i(. M., Ikax ill lie raid oflice. Board wanted?by a young gentleman; pri* taw* family prrl<Ti?Mi. Location must he w?*m 01 llroad* way and not above Fourteenth *t it. Terms iiinnl la' urn !c* rate. Dim er at mix o'clock. AdurtHH II. U. O., ikjx l,7b5 Poet ollhv*. OOARD WANTED?FOR A YOUNG LADY IN A REJJ bond family in Sew York or iih environs, ior whkh eht* Will xiv/* mu?o< IchHoiiH in return, lielctvti h exchanged. Address Muaie, box 111 Gerald oflice, J or live days. t>0aftd wanted?polfc a small family, with \ Jl ) Mindly private family, wuo will make L a home to the a<l? vertlscr; W.ttinn Mhoiihl not far Irom Union a<pum\ Ad* <ii i"?ii Advert let* r, in?x ^.17- Pout oi..?e, T>OAKD WAN TED?IN A PRIVATE FAMTLY, FOR A .1} bids an 1 gt-nilcutau, wlt'U hall 1m . || fur n r.v?<n iUt-eek rand hieo-nlh Mtnets .?.< 1 First a?id F../J? avenues. Address A F. B , station b, U. s. mail, stating Utrnift, which must he moderate. BOAKI) WANTBI>? HV A GENTLEMAN' AND WIFE js i lirnt cIjisr n?viit?'. Ii-:ttm\ L?M.ilU?n mt.*l If koo-1 fiul ?.w)Uv???i111 to ? or ki A fhir pn- w.'il f'?.r ni-fl i- 'fLiiiiodutiong. Apply al tlit; Li'y JJoar ! A# ?. , bJU Bre iwajr. PfiK r A1MOM A:. T)OAKD WANTED.?PL* IN PERMANENT!! lAUDFOR 1 > . whan; but obHiiitj; t< tM, Lo/iitum, Phiru .u.?t Sixtli \v. i.i < ? ;u?'l ox?ft?l Twrnty fourth recta. Ail draft* A. B., H.*t.ioii e^uare Boat nAce/ior ?im day. 7>0AIiD VT.\KT?I>?BV A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, IX A _iA hooubh-, ftri? ?ly privutc i?? 11.?ly ; louuioti net *b-.wSlxU'r.nth ?lrvPi. Addreia'im; u-<ui*, bux .1,741 Post uiU<v. I; >urdinj$ house kccj)?*i.-> lo'od not iiuswor. T>OARD WANTED?BY THE I Si' OF OCTOBER, TWO y^tinltirr!i*>h^tl Room?, v i .. 15 -.nil, for ah wi e\r lady, in ?tr? It p n ,4' - by, not aF.? Hn j. jir i'vnot fiO jw-r month. ltclrrenrc* oxylut u,ad. AidltM to* 74u i'oM on ?i . N V. OOARDJNG-W ITH MP T OF ACCOMMODATIONS. J> l'aii'iriu: I B* :n in fl- n^l i> n ipnb and w-iy, on mu- or tlHT'l ?! '?*, in a private dnvi tivur Ttrtyfr at streyi, bPwrern H x.wfly hu4 FIIUi avenue. A lOiHki W., box iM Herald I'Utf. tiOAiwisa.?n<i *>rj> CAN kt; obtained LV A PKT] ) vau* lunily tn rooi'ia fuinstiari or mif'Mi o>eh??l, u,?'i itt-Klnv"- unit.-, roxvn ?. y. , In-hi <j?ns tew*:, situ.awn 4inmirfn*ovl. Ap<y at lit) Went Tw#u?jr-thirtl rUyt, u^hiKII" Lond>u tv i .M'." HOARDING.?AN AMERICAN LADY, LATE FH M .1.) ll.tili", v. mid lb ;? to i?t a u**' Knuiii toa ijfii.i' \* , : j a<iy, x^.th board for'V?y lA?iy only. lfon*?? qn4f?t; <m j I a* i if. Locu-iiou ?onni:icet. C*ll at S3 Tutnl AVQ., u>vtr Amur TyOARmNO. ? FfJRNTfllTED OR rNFt'PN isHljJD \y Ho?/:oa, tfith or v-'llv.nt IFwir/I. A' ", a f?*u ;.?{> (.! ?lu Htvi! '*\tt b<? nrr<>mmo*late<1 w'Ct /oo'l W' ar t f? to $'t t? "4i, vrttli i.funnud laiOi. Api/,y at 1-44 Wcat Tkirtf-Uiiiil , b?twe?wi vatitb Mid Eightn aTetuma. BnOOKr.TN.~A SMALL FAMILY, Ot CFPYINO A ournrr In <)?i? of tlic wiont j>U* ?>4nt. ?atlonaoti Brookly.t 11 i, Uw-. r.\ mlnut^V aalk Ip?m 'Anil m?^t ir Soi:t i fetTy, taotiM l?*t tn a aeiitlrman nod : <!y rr tm> g''R?lrincii ii <* ' -ii af h - fi ?- it Ho"iu, \rlth R.-a iil, ??n i Hruiaob* trrinA For ^I'tw.uUiia M Kiit*w H. W. G., box L?7 HcraUt oifl? r. pUOOKLYN.-TO LKF, WITH BoAKl). TO A OENTLE1> man i>ii l '%F>, u r ?1 i" ?'.l it to. . .it. , f irA.-o|tforr.s iMfkbio J?-r aiwtflt jj. . < I . -ti^v .lU imi'Iit ?: ipr a" i.' *. ' I ??tk. ' ol A^fiwd iuiU vQsi Apyl/ ul dkaic 51. BOAUDIN4; AM) M)P?IO? BROOKLYN-36 CLINTON STREET.?LARGK CoVMOdiutta Room*, with " <>d cluseia, suilabU tor iuuiiiton or gcmlcnifn, may Xr had, with Hoard; also one IIull Roobi. House contains the modem improvements. Dinner a 1 tlf'put 6, DROOltl TO rwo OR fHREB Fl RNJI Ell D R >oms, i) with or without breakfast, to l*?i, in aw e\? ?Mlent nok'hborhotul ami iu a private lanuly; beat of refercm:* > r 'quired. 1 Apply *t S34 Bridge ?twt, Brooklyn, between Mj rile avenue 1 una W11 lough by street. 1 lll'.OOKLYN.?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LFT 1J heparan ly ??r together, a n tally funushtd Pari-rand rine or two Ih-lrooiiM to gentlemen, wither without jMrt'al I Board. Tonus moderate. Apply fv.r uue week, at 217 Aihuns street I>!i<) v i.\ N.- |l( \ RJ> FOR Q ' NI i MB * ROOMS i) with partial lbard <ut r? UM-nable icnm : a ivrntorhtble konie; lorulo ri delightful, nod couvenlent to Wall m -i and South ferries; rel'uieuctts reuuircd. Ai?i ly at No. dt> Garden dreof, BrookI.n n. Brooklyn board.?a smai l family, residing in a first class house, will lot the entire second Floor an t >ne or two Rooms on the third, together or separately. Terms reasonable. Apply at 22 Tompkins plane. Board in Brooklyn.?a larob second story Room, with gas, pantry uud furnace, adjoining Wilt room, within ton winiinvs' walk of South at .1 WulMieet ferries?218 Lieury Hirer t, fourth door from Amity. Tot tna reaponable. Also a twnuil uttio Room, BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A FEW SINGLE GENTLE m< n can Uinl ,;oo'i Hoard and pleasant Kmmiin, hi a |?rl* . ? r ' "iv?>-? .i i.;* i - i ?i, or .f.-u ivtrn md Bond streets. Dinner at 0 u'ehxk. Roiereucoa ox hanged. Board in Brooklyn a lad? and ?rnti bman or two g* nllcn.en ? nu olUiu sujaulor U' at ?i and Rooms in .1 small | rjvRu- t.wni'y, .<t jtt Suite air* * t. House husbnth; U willed tlvo mU. ite** "walk, of South and Wall street ferries. Dinner at half-pest 0. Hoard in Brooklyn ?aio henry street. three ii?;fiut?*j4* walk vl Wail or South lorry, suit o? rooms or tingle Idioms. Board in south brooki yn - a pRiyate fahu v, invoking ail elegantly i imt fled house rjose to the South ferry, will he h.ipj v lo itfvemmodnie mi" or tw o Inmates for inn wilder. Hot "and v?Ui Wiilrr hatha, Ac. References rquired. A; ply at Ihi Cohgresa street, four doors wi mi of f f?-nry. Board in wtluaRsburo -a few gentlemen ruu And a pleaiuol luitue m h small private Uindv, live minutes' walk it* in all tlio IVrr.ei; room > w? 11 furnished; ?riM und bath. Dinner h' ti. Apply at 184 South Third street. Brooklyn iiktohth.?eleahant rooms, with full or jMi-.ll B?. ,i d, iitA7 Cranberry street, near Columbia. Situation d*tl.,; '.I'ul, liv? llllIIUUH ?>I Wall Stltct and Fulton terries. Homo has modern improvements, t>rooklyn heights.?a front room on second I > floor, with prlvFe* of bathroom, may b? hud in u private family for or two gentlemen or a gentleman ami wife; house uaar Wail street ferry. Apply ut 48 Jorun-inoii Ktr? el Brooklyn heights.?large, pleasant rooms, turuislu d If dr*i.*? J, w .lit good Iloard, may be at once obtained by calling at W State street, corner of Clinton, B ookls ii. brooklyn heights.?a gentleman and win:, j j i v two r agio >: !?* lunen, <- ji ?>h'ain id asunt Booms, hi full view of the Kust liver, wiUi ?;u?>d table, i y implying at No. 6 Willow street, wlthm tlireo mini lies o< In ton ferry. Brooklyn heights.?a suit of rooms sritabie tor a fain I!) , to let, w ith Board. Tie In pW*v loo*rod, cotivcut?iit to either Wall street or Fulton fen). Apply at **7 Henry street. References exchanged. Hrooklyn heights.?no. 4 willow st KELT, i : e p mutes' a .da iVpbi Fulton ferry.?A New England lady nt! <*s a pleasant nomf to gentlemen wishing Board. Rooms furnished or nnLtrnishud. Kclcieuc* required. T>OARD ON BROOKLYN H RIO UTS.?A GENTLEMAN I } aid wife or Is uor three (fatten*' u ?un be ,te? unmoiaU'd with Rooms and B aid Ins inall fmi if y, at 87 P< plui < j?, t, three minutes'tv*?k Horn Fulton ferry. Modern improvemcnlK in the bonne. Redrronoea exchanged. DOARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?ONE VBBYPLBA* I) kjint large trout it om, tumlshed, on second story, giro one hull Bedroom, with ??*? : nt Board, v an be engaged by apptylug at No. IA Willow alleet, be We n Fulton anu Wall street lerrleM. N. B.?Bath room and other modern Improve* men is. liH'ivpiMinuKucMN, iu I.ISI?u^i FIAMIM, I" of a brat clas* beautiful furnished'Hou*', fu single g?nt'oraen only, without Hoard. Trims moderate. Apply en the | No. 1/J iJleecdier slimd. IJfl BN26HJBD ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD, TO I? oiiVv. House cotualun all the modem Impiwrtcient*. Apry at Hoi Fourth street, between Bowery and Headway htOl RTEENTU STREET,?FAMILIES OR B1BGLB gentlemen returning from the country, will find pksa sftaiit Rooms, with Board. Table unsurpassed. Terms reajeiiiablo. Apply at 118 Hart Fourteenth Hirw?t. IjHJRKIHIIKD ROOM8 WANTED?WITH PARTIAL .F Hoard, hv a tentbnmn, in a jfood n? ighburHund op town, wtnie the comforts ?>1 home eon he had ; with a widow I lady preferred, Address A. A., HeruM office, L1UKMSHED ROOMS TO LET-TO A OKNTLEMAN A and l>?dy, with Hoard for the L'k>; or single gootl.iwn, with or without Hoard, tn a private fa.riHy: tint Was* house, with all tho modern inrpr- v? aunts, at 58 King street, butw<*?n Varfek and Macdoucttl streets. WtJRNISHBD ROOMS TO LET- WITHOUT BOARD, IN I < .m iU private iainily. Usui $.'> per tiu>nfli. Apply nl 137 l'rln ?tre? t, near i'rouuway. Kl"?p.Bo0k?Su Vf!fkA" "i." r/u i:si.-i!i:i> r.imMs to i.kt to i;i;nti,kmkn-iih F v. ;1<1 let a Hewly titrni-hed Floor to a Mn.ill I'mully for lioiiKekc | tug; gat> and bntli on tne Hume floor. Apply at 15 \V? m T*.v? v.y seventh strcii, northwest corner of H road a ay. Tonus moderate. I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO (1KNTLEMK* . only, on the second and third tioorSj with breakfast and t , hi ;>.,?}? family roMth/ig at N" 5 bud low plane. House fust. Ins-, haudKom* ly furu'shed, and h h all the iu?e (torn improvements. References exchanged. NO. l DSPAU PLACE. 8S001TD HOUSE FROM Bh'tteker street.?Fillip;ly Rooms to let; also Hoonyi for siugle g'Oitlsincn, with Hoard, Dinner at nix. Terms low; reference given and required, G1ENTLEMKN AMD THEIR WIVES OR A l BIT RR r die p'liilenit n in he ue<M.nos< luted with Hoard and p.' H^aut Uoorus, furnished or unfurnished. Tenon tntnie-rate, keioreii <>k ex hanged. Apply at 215 idmton street, uwtr lleory stnef, N? w York. / * KNTIJiMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR SISCLE GENvT tie men, wishing the eoiufi.riH of a home,"cuu obtain Hoard in un elegant lumMu'd house, where, thete are but lew boarders, by addresrung 11., Henxld ofllce. RcfcraQtes ex< hanged. / TJt A.V KID V PARK, NO 80 EAST T\V F.N TV-FIRST JT street?To let, a auil of bandsmmdy fur rs lied Rooms, mr.tvltle tor m. fumi'v. \vt*h liriv.i tj- t., hie if Inn m< lint conveniently located, between Lexington and Fourth avenue*, with park privilege. /lOOD ROOMS AND IK Ml-: OOMKORTS FOR SINUIJ! " X /:? ntlemeii, may be had *- i27 Pierre pool street. Terms reasonable. H andsomely furnished parlor floor to let, three rooms deep, separately or together, *> tfiraNc gentlemen or to n family i?r h/markcrping, with kitchen; an eveii ui optiortutihy lor those tired of" bearding. Hotuu* f.i t Tel mi moderate. Fleaae call at 3t5 Went '> v.euiyfi l til street. T VOICSON HOUSE, 310 ELM STREET ?THE LOWEST iJ rented and moat comfortably and conveniently fur nlahed Apartment* in the city, to tnact tlio wan (a of smalt l'-imilk-H, -.villi every rc'iulatto furniture; linen, aooking raii#e and liter, an*, n and Oroton water. MUSDN liriM'.I .EE, 70 AND 7J WEST THIRTY eighth street.-?It >wm elegantly furnished, or who)# floor*, with kitchen, cellar and yard. Ilounc* new, UrstekLMM, i'anr Hlory. brown atone; common parlor; incut. f?rcii6hc<i. Whole parlor floor or Ranement for physician* office. MRS. M. 1). SUMNER.. 32 Went Twenty ninth fltroct, ha* > ?)? fine suit, of R?omsaiid abackil'arloi'uotyct diKpoimd of fur tho winter. Al*<>, ur ? laige and ilirte email il ...ins suitable. fi.r genilern? ?, ail of the o cl*s<ai?tly furnished. Ji.-r house has Ixjcii enlarged uua improved, and a hiuialty aoifetd to it. MIX*. J. A. HOOF, NO. 5KAST THIIITY-KlRSTSTREET, between F? tli and Madiami avenu?F?Moitae nawiy opened lor Limine* and Filial''ivutU fn?'ii , imoiii* in mills or single, with Board, -vltli <?r without private table. Dinner at hIi u'uioek. References inquired. vro. 7 CARROLL PLACE, BLKEOKEft STREET ? 1.1 Ccmf> . it' onoa and g ><>d Beard, Hi : uo ma ve nu/ii* t n\ ni irr^atly r? iueed price*. Also, a #r*?nt Bar-uu' nt, suitable lot ,i physician. VTO. 8. ST MARK N PLACE-TO LET, A ROOM FOR A ii gentleman ami Wile, witb%liratclaaa Hoard, iloimound locution very desirable. Refejenoe r< . ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN ( AN LE AOCO 1M0tlaU d with pleasant, furnished It aim*, with Board, it required, at 1 (SO Waal TtorlUh aucot. KeftMenoert required. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS TO I ET TO LADI !8 X or v't a'Umen, with or wn bout H<ard. Terms r*M*?.naM?\ Modern IurTenements, App'.j at 7j We?t Nineteenth t nit 1>ERS0NS WISH I NO BOARD C KS RK PLEASANTLY L :? ' >inw'nihi*ui ui M7 K'ttt Thirty-ninth *\ r-ct; modern convenb n< ? s, g md neighborhood, house newly luii.ished throughout. Terms reasonable. Bcfrren* om exchanged. pOO.Vft To I.KT? F.i:RSTAKED OR UNFURNISHED. It with Board, for la. v lie < >r sin h-gentlemen, at X >. ?? Weal Sixtei mil -tjvnt, near Fifth avenue. I) ELECTA HI. r: Sf.NCfE MEN AND LADIES CAN it hn.-f cu '?f. J i? n?? and good Httura at J7A findm?n fiii i't v; I he K'-n' it nt per week, lh? ladles at %'Z jy) p?*rv.?pk. I'*vnuml in mlvumv. mo 8 RAM A\i> OtRSM -A B9ROBEAK J fundi*. w ???' t children, <xcu;>ylug :i first 'das* leux*, vt; *t lei ii **li< !< * of' haul. ly furnish** J Know*. vxlth |. .rj linl (,r tu.I H" ir<l or private table. Apply U 46 lia>i Becker vflreel, near Broadway. rpo c' ntif v i.\. . > or n'::!,' pf I I k'< 'iji, n? - ty furnish*!, to lot, w*h ??r wnhott B mrd, In a small preaw; lumily. Oaii and luuu in tbs house. No. .>3 Lcxiti ;t >u >. venue, one door above Tweipy-lifth street. rrtolet rxTH? ucilyor a ladi lpnm . iloxb, 1 a furnished Room, t?? a lady and k*m nun, v. 4th Ho iru lor lady; terms reasonable. Apply at du& Sum avenue, fecund t;?> ?r. TO LET?WITR B ARD, A H ANDf MB BfX? O ' Rooms, newly and n*?fly furnished, pantry n?om in ubniulatice, lo t .Mid c old water," yw*, speaking i ui?? a, I* ;<*, .v?\ first ct.i; a. lir.v-te I .tim'y. No. 191 Wsst Twenty* c^hth atr? convenient to any j??rt oC the city. rpo KKNT--WITH <>R WITHOUT BOARD. A HAND1 virneaoltoi it.- i . ??n s< < ?>nd lloor, const* inn ot two 1 r*u Parlor., wl;b itedr* o?u*; fl'.lures, v .r ., u'.( and I e*d4, gentcti In witii all the nvJhun nni?rovem<Mf.?. ' Term* low, ut 71 West Tw only-tie vtnttt itrwt, near SUtli avenue. \l ' ANTED?'TWO 000D ROOMS, WITH f.ooD BOARD, VT In a find class house. ft-i a lady alii daughter lm y?atv old. T'-rn.B, lino ng fire and t t? ex ?'d t- *ri ?!.'? to \ m nib. luiur?j|;.In ! r?" in urft.'y |nv-.: 1 u pi Tened. The be *1 cufiefti it.-tsfheu and w?pt?itid. AdUfeM 0. 0., b??x 106 list aid wlu?% TV 3 BOAKURG AM) LODCIVG. WANTPD-Mv \ GENTLEMAN AND LADY, TWO famished Roobih, with lull Board fur th" lady uti 1 ivirt1 d for ilit* gentleman, where there are few or no oilier boarder*; situation must he above Eighth street: with & widow lady preferred. Add!*** <\ D L., Herald office. Wantkd-IIY A GENTLEMAN AND flJH wjfh, with Board, i front * ?ond Ktory Parlor and Bnlroom* In a hoilw* pleasantly h>?-uir.! and ?onlj?)i>in all in ?d* ? n 1 in? nr>'\eui**ulH. if *ou?d wmild In- ncrnuueni. Addre.*, aUU lug p.niu ulain, Maxwell, lmj 208 Herald oflW. UrANTHI) ?IN BROOKLYN, AN UN Pl'UNINIfKD ii, with Board, tor a young man and wife; muni he near Fulton Jerry, uud <n a omlu private family. Adda m G. VV. A , hot 2,M.r?Vo*t office, N. V., aUtiug tcriu?, Km allty, Ao. WANTED?BY A YOU Nil GENTLEMAN, A COMft I'urt.ihlv furnished Room, without Hoard, at front $1 to $3 per week, between Bond and Fourteenth *trr< nut Broadway and Seventh or Sncniul avenue. Add ret,* J. F., lie raid office, with full pArtlcuiiura. \XT ANTE D?ON K Oil TWO SMALL, LI AN DROME LY it furnished Loom* near Union aqua re, for one or -o ladies, with meals in room lor lady. Address Deux, lie* raid office. nWlBT rWENTY-BIXTH 8TABBT. A FBW DOOM west of Madis 'M park nod c<?nv??m? ot to Broadway umi Fifth avenue slag*'*.?A few n> vvly furniHlied Rooms in ne*v ht'owu stone Home to let to gou\N rneu, with or without Board tthui I'arlor Kh*>r, unfurnished. QO WEST ELEVENTH STREET, BETWEEN BltOAD* way and University place.?To let, in a private family, who keep no hoarders, one neatly furnished Room, foi x aln^te K'-iiUeiuan only, with gas, water uml use of hath room. 'lerinB 11nt?li ran- Itefeameen ? O U WEST ELK VIC NTH STREET.-NICE FURNISHED AJ\f Room* i*? let, with or without Board. The house hat all the modern Improvemem#. a "I TENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH I I avi'iiufH.-Wry desirable K-wim(ln salts or tin ; , n ith Hoard, ivtfi be obfumd /or gentlemen ?nd tS#*lr i* # or single gentlemen. The house contain# ud tho iuodcu) improvements. Dinner at six o'clock. a J UNION 8QUARB.?SUITS OF ROOMS ANDLAIMR 41 'l Room* to lot, wtiU Board. Also single Rooms lor y u- s tinmen. J I* WEST mm FOURTH STREET, BftTWT i N tv.) Filth ind r:ivi i iVi'HiH'K.?The ?iitlru Second i?'hn*ry furnished, with K. urd; also iiirnfshrd Rooms tor families or single gentlemen. Tartu* reasonable. House first class. nH EAST TWENTY EIGHTH STREET. NEAR FOURTH t) I avenue.?Desirable *?>< mmodaiioii* f?>r families and singlegentlemen can b?' obtained, with J>? urd. in a flr*t el.ins I. ?u-e, by applying at the above number. Reference# elchanged. 7Q EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROAD* I tJ way.?Bunrd.?1 amide* and ample gentlemen ae<om? uio'atod with deaf-able Room*, at moderate prints. Dinuci at o'clock. Reference* sxehailged. D() TENTH STREET.-TO LET, TO OENTLKMEJt Ov/ only, a front Parlor and Bedroom adjoining, on iha Beoond Hour. The house U centrally located, near Fifth aveinie. Breakfast served in the aparuneuta if desired. Reference* exchanged. QAN1MTH STREET BETWEEN UNIYERBlTf PLACE Ov/ and Fifth avenue.?Gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen can obtain Board in a first churn house, w lib cho'a e of rooms In anils or single. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Ro ference given and required. OO NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLAOH O^j and Fifth avenue.?GejitWouen and Ui*ir wives anil single gentleinen tan obtain lb?trd in u Iirst class house, w ith ohmce of rooms In suits or hinglc. Dinner at nix. Kefm renoes ^vehuuged. Also a front Husemeut, for a party of young gentlemen. 00 GREENE STREET. ABOVE SPRING?AUSTON Ft J Home.? Elegantly furnished suits of Rooms, with gas, Croton water and ovary convenience for housekeeping oco? nomieaiiy; particularly suited for small, re*pot--table families. Kent low. II n MAUDOUOAL STREET? RICHMOND HOUSE IS 1 L" now opened um a private family IJotel, lor live re< ep. tlon of tdngle gentlemen, or small families tired of hoarding, Parltas desirous of housekeeping cjin find every convenient* at the above establishment. 1 I ft WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?GENTLEMEN llO and their families also single rutUooien, m y obiuiD very desirable Ko<ms, with Board. Refer.jxvm re'it/frad. 1 OA MADISON AVENUE.?A GENTLEMAN AND lOU wile rati lind at their disposal Suit of Iloonis on no? eoud floor, with Board, in a first elm# pOvatv to ise, loind' homely located; also, a Room for a single gentleu a a. Beat of reference given and required. IO r ELIZABETH STREET, NEAR BROOME, 19 Oo where a small family can obtain tl?e cheapen* fur nisU' d Rooms In the elty. A k?mhI Ko<?m and Bedroom, wltb every convenience for housekeeping, for only per we | J K TWELFTH ST. WET. NEAR BBCpND AVfcNUR.1 ^tJ Koomton second lioor, with inner Uoo i?? ommunt eating, for slng'o gentlemen or gei)tlem/>n ?n l vife with Hoani; family private; limited number rosei ed. Tetml fit) .Hi jst week, indislmg gas, for two. Also, small Roomia lift WE8T TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, N E A R BIGHT!) L av) avenue.?A Mnall |>rlvsm lamllv ol three persons, having more nkhu than they n'sal, wounl rent one or tw Rooms, furnished or unfumlohed, with Board or without, at a very mode rat*' price. 1 BLEECICER STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAU ROW, iu?/ rtimiKiiPd KiHMtifl io wt, witn isoara, suitable lot families and single gentlemen ; house has ail the modern iuv proveuieiits. References cichAngeJ, mBLKECKEIt STREET.?A FEW NICE, CLEAN furnished Rooms to P*t, with or without It rd. Rooms 1mm $1 .V) to >1! week ; with board, from $4 it $5 per week. Term*, In advance. Kefemu'e* exchanged. Ji I \ *****'.? * iVJ.i* ?VT ?i A<U'.. ON C \J Broadway.?A tv w house v.Tth j?!l ihc modern linurovenn fits. Pleasant Room*, with excellent Heard, fr? m to $.a pi r week. Two unfurnished Pnrh.ra to let, with Hoard. Breakfast trow 6 to 8; dinner at and 0. 1 BL&ECEEB STKKKT~i-i:<\VT ANI) BACK lOO parlors on second floor, to let, with Board. > few single geutlemcn can he aoooinntodntsd. Family sinilL Terms in accordance w ith the times, Dinner at *ix. *1 (JO BLKECKEK STREET ?HANI)?40MELY FUR. \ *j La nibbed l'-rior or Parlo.-sm l- t; ?l?u), single or double iv ?>ms, with or without Board, on m<d. a*.' terms; also a Rood front Base moot to let, suitable for any i r.vnte business. OOQ TENTH 6TRBET, BETWEEN FIH8T AND BE* cond avenues a Parlor and Bedroom on first fi#. rj also, two Rooms, on third floor, to let, wuli ii? ard, to gcilte. men ami their wives or single ge.ntleuiob. Dinner ul 6 o'clock. 990 WKST FOURTEENTH STREET?TO LET, PLEA. r. t Rooms, with M. ird, to farm lies or single gentleturn. It' ien n? cs exchanged. (JiO BROADWAY (PLANTER'S JJOTEL).?PERSONS OtO desiring permanent or transient Ivu d can hnd'cle* gantly i'tiniivJM.'il Kooma, miiufbli. /?>r Limine* ?r Mingis gen* tN im n, with a good table, Terms reasonable. House tirst ela*1*. L? dimi unsurpassed. Dinner at six o'clock. COUNTRY BOARD. / KM NTRY BOARD?TWO UlLK.s AND A HALF PROM \J Sin;* King, Westchester county, a *maJl farm limine cub ueoominorian'* an elderly couple or take care of children* Term* nmserate. Reference* entailed. Apply at H. L<'I'lirs saddlery, 93U Broadway, beiwu.ii Twreuty-tirst ami Twenty-second *tr?'Cln. /lOPNTHV BOARD.?A FEW PERSONS CAN OBTAIN " J fifoaftnnt accommodation*, in a private family, at Milton, dt.rf v* Ji'* fell and winter r.iontk*. Per fsrtii*?? fuforniatJoa ?<!4i h 1j 0. T., box lo2 Post olUise, Milton, Ulster futility New Vi>rk. POUMTRT BOARD.?A PRIVATE FiJilLT, RMIDEfM \J In a pleasant villain In Westchester ?x>uuty, would nka to aw* mmodale a small family, or two sr three persons for the winter. References exchanged. Inquire at ?21 E ist 3Uti st. rpt) FAMILIES WANTING TO ECONOMIZE F<ifl T1IB 1. fall and winter moot ha.?Accommodations can be foimiP in the country, about thirty nailcs from the ?ity, at the hv.% pries of ;>'-r wf ek; lienllh.v l?nilion, cfftivrtilrniUt ''hnrchut ai>J xchoul.: uf daily a<cv.a by ri.t 1: boalluu. lidhliu au4 bunting. A< W. B. J., Ifcrabl omiw. l''INA. NoiA.f.. i TI.ANTIC RAVINti". BANK. CHATHAM HQL'AHS, A. OPEN DAILY. Il?rplvp* Df-mtUl frnin iflivnl* tn ?.1.yOn. SIX PKll CENT IMEilKBT ALLOWED. Interi-A will oomniPrKw OrtnWr 1. M. D. VAX BELT, President .1 ofri'ii P. Cooritn, BerrrUiy. T(i!IS . Ml'It IE AY. tIANKRi:. M NASSMJ STItKF.T p) S'-w York. Securities iiegoti*:;?d andge'lvaaccd nporu Treasury notes of all issues buaj^it and sold. Gas Li^bl Hf.orks far *n\o. Qij nnn T0 vvantld?to carry on run V*j?vUU in.inuru4-ttirhif of a recently <? kilned no-'. tun p nam p ?tent, leu il inmr-M. as a loan; and it) jvr wot : v-r est uh m investiiunt wld \ <? paid, and the loaner secured} prim J payable wliliio tivo year1'. A,;- i.ti need notuuowc.r* Add '? s V). il., box 133 llcra.d oiRee. - - * V cor /Wjjl-TO LOAN, ON BOND AM) WORTOAOW PtKJ.WWU on produ'-llvc real estate in tili.-t r.ty oi Broolc ly ii, in siiiiih of $l,ouu an t upwards, for one or more ye ?r*t Apply to JOHN F. CONRKY. in ilieollU.cuf the l'oople'i Fu Insurance Company, No. 06 Wall street. Q Va OOH Tu loan ROND AND MORTOAOa puo?vV/\/ on Aral Hush tmprwvi d property, w-pIi : ?re S tm ii di'ijiy!#* I lie mwiKH, In Mjrns to mih apple to ft, Principal* only !,( ! apply in New York Apply t<> iV Wr.iN 7/1.1., ?. KmnzUUm lotion# *.torc, ii TlUt>i annuo, Coopei Institute, between 12 amid o'clock. hOAN OFFICES. AT 77 HLEECKKK STIlEKT?M< ?NKY ADVANCED TO any amount on Diamonds, Wh? i?es, J? welry, Piano*, hegars, Dry Ooo?K .1 ** H. ?I'.r nbroker*' tl k?u?i b#?<it;bU li. NEWTON, 77 biee ' < r trert, upsut.i*. AT 111 GRAND .STREET, THREE DOOR.-; WK.VT Oft Hroad way.?Money advarcvd on Diamonds, Wat i Ji'vvptry, Plate, Dry Good::, and pemoiaU i?r pony of every #P riptfon, or botruhtaud ?ki byJOSKPJI A. j.\t tfSON, auetionac r and broker. AT 66 NASSAU STRKRT A TIONTOM VN, DIAMOND broker, nm - Ill . a* -m* * <?u J;i on.cuK WV ?, .It why, A?\, or buys lb. in v full v.Uus ?? .. ? private .<v, in N*iMutu stref , room No. 2. up :-?*hs. Busings con . n. tlal. AT 70 N ASS AT STREET?A. Tl. TIJ nMI'SOM ATU ance* on Diamond*, Wafr'he*, f*v.'mry an-J all Kind* of Property, or boy* out, AID'S It H." >V PS* A' Auvtioueer. rv. attended to In :t.i ??f in > dly i I Brooklyn, it' tn N t. MM! floor. , \T VO. ? CHAMBERS STn;:KT-~MO.\ j;>" '1? LOAN TO any amount on Diamond*, Wau-h*'?. .lot-dry, Ar, hy tae well kn ?vrn and old ildiidt- ?i iSAA< . Un A r rid O nimillion Merrhaiit, No. 9 t'hmnbara N H ?buai s transacted on Saturday. 4 ANC158 MADE OX DIAMONDS ' I N ' ' i v "'.ry and other vai'.al-le*, or !???? viit r .i*h at i,!| v,i uc, by J S. COflKX, M Hroo l y, < ? i ? i (V.iutM rarin g visiud at their loabiciio* it a. >4r* .1. Ail bt?.ne**ftp vtty ronUdcn tl. Ak).\ (\i\(\ to advance m henry HYMV.n'. ?0 PwU.U'/'' Brand* ?y, room N ?. 4, i W i - l)i. ? UinndH *nd,tler? Kiindise'oi" cverj d?*trlpi ,it $T'? -t njiW i' U. > < uiw in wajiI of uiwury vrili ao vtrh w i;?igin? ?? ?tri< lly cotifldi tit Al. t i ' -'IJWU.I. :?J RXPaK?8K8. BURNIIAM'S FUHNITUTM? EXPRE : PACK ) ' i n . N 1 i L3 W i. ? g?-t. i " ti x, hi ih .nil Mil avenues. ? ]{?>. ist hub! .uiinj?? > >v-1 ml d,.t I p.irt.t t tli?\\Mi!ti. Kurd >>( iaiiUi c l **,i Uivvca VYlliA UiO UiiUVAl W41V. JT UUJlUiV 4iw4?At J I

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