Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1861 Page 2
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2 , TWO DAYS LATER FEOM EUROPE. The Europa at Halifax and the New fork and kangaroo at New York. British Opinion of the Prospects of the American Union. Effect of the National Federal Lonn on the Organ 0/ tiie Stork Exchange, A Spanish Bourbon or American Bonavirte as President of Mexico. The Spanish Rule Re-established in St. Domingo. Dissolution of the Hungarian Council at Festh by Austria. The United States Steamer Saginaw Fired Into from a Chinese Fort. She Returns the Fire and Explodes ? Magazine. COTTOY DILL Bttl'AIWTlFFS ADVANCED, 1 &c., Ac., Ac. 'The tftMatk^'P Europa, from Liverpool ton A. M. of tlio 7th, and Quconm.'own zoning ?f Hie 8th, arrivad at Halifax at p x o'clock (*'* T"0Hd"^ "lorning. The Europa had sixty-two passt'Hgerft ?8,000 lngpccii'. Shu saileil at one I'. M. f?,r Bomun. The Ktmim.*hip Now York, Captain Wenko, from Hro zuuii (UiJ SouttiamntoD, reached P?rt early yesterday war ^ The New York luft Southampton on tho 4th,and nrmgs a very iarg? number 01 passengers ana a valuable cargo. The ship h.i.l very rough weather the entire passago until pawing Cape Race; since then flno weuther, with variable winds. Wa* within fourteen miles of Cape Race, but it being very thick auil blowing lioavily, was prevented from landing tlio despatches for tho Associated I'ross of New York. The N'ow Yolk brings ?1,061, #27,910 (American) and $07,200 (Bremen) In specie on freight. Tho following is the full sn:oin list op tiik new yohk. Wm. Sc-huil & Co ?! ,065 Polrler SCo 20,000 J. White & Co., of Philadelphia 800 Ni-smith A: Sou 1,914 Will, Earle, of Ithodo Island 2,030 W. T. Front : 2,oo0 Leopold Huii'tM* r.:i,7?>o IVukcman, lirnon k Co ?1,0431 The ncrew steamship Kangaroo, Captain Morehouse, which sailed froiji Liverpool at oleven o'clock on tho morning of tho 4th and from Quoonstown on tlio 5th inst., Arrived at this port at oight o'clock lust evening. Tho Kangaroo brings ?6,525 in Bpocio, oonsigued as fol. lows:? Metropolitan Rank .... ?525 llalstiai & Co 1.000 Booueti, Oravos & Co #.... 6,000 Total ?6,525 In Groat ltritain politics wero stagnant. Among the passengers by tlic steamship New York, are bis Grace Archbishop T.I). I'urooll.of Cincinnati, from Rorno, Rev. C. E. Lieb, Hcv. A. M. Tab bo, M.wiu Ilardcy anil Margaret M. Quill, Sisters of tho Good Shepherd; M:yor Valentino liausenmuin, Aiyutunt of Garibaldi; Miss Julia Paly, actress. Tho London 1'ost of the 3d Inst, says:? Wo ure requested to contradict tho rumor that the Or out Eastern lnw boon ugaln chartered by government for th? convuyanco of troops to Quebec, aud u? state that tho ship w ill sail fr- m Uvt?ri>ool for New York direct oil Tucaday, the 10th mst., its announced. The Singapore (East Indies) Timet ot the 20th of July, under head of "Signs of the Times," says:? Two American naval ofllcors, Commodore Engle nud Captain MciCinstrey, went on to Chlua iu the Ganges to supersede the officers at present in command of tlie American squadron iu the China station, who are believed to be favorable to Southern interests. The Hong Kong k<t,\der, of the 12th of July, says:? All iR quiet in Japan. A notification has been Issued by the Consul at Nagasaki, warning British subjects not to harbor foreigue>s who belong to nation* that huvo uo right ol residence nt that p?rt, exc .'ptirg such |? rsons as may be in tlieir art ail employ. A Chamber of Cum me roe tvati inaugurated thorn on the 8th ult. The Hong Kong ( China) Riyidcf*>f tho 12th of July ays:? A private police Imp been instituted by the Americans ?t Phfirrgtin* It is supported by voluntary contribution*, flie force consists 01 hix men, and thoir mamteuauco will cost 2.5liO ta.'ln |ht annum. The Hong Kong ATioaf. Iltjtorter of tho 12th of July, contiins tho following Items:? Tho United States sloop John Adams got under way this tfternoon frmi Stonecutter's Is ami, and worked further up tho harbor among the shipping. The Hae ia!i and Saginaw, Cui to J Stales stamers, have not yet proceeded to Kin-hone. Hie new stoimerof Inman's line, tho City of New York, made an iu.iugufal trip to ?oa from Liverpool on tho 6th, giving the greatest satisfaction. Her speed was not regularly tried, but she did between eleven aud twelve knot? per hour against a strong head wind. She would sail on hor Jrst voyage to New York on the lltli inst. The Bavaria arrived at Southampton on the morning of the 6th inst. The IVrsia arrivod at Quoenstown on tho night of the 3th inst. Our Paris Corrcapondcncc. 1'akis, August SO, 16(11. Trip from .Veio i'nrk in the Fulton?Sarsxiimists mi Hoard and Their Retorts of the Rebel Ofitraivms Against inytiM?.Inxie'y Rss]*vtiny dermal Hosecrans?Europe will Hesjtecl the Jll?ckai.le?Tin Confederate Commissioner! awl Valve of the Confalerale Bonds, <tc. Leaving N< w York in the steamship Fulton on tho 17ih inst ura rcnrhni Ifivrn vintiirilnv murnliitr mirlt* tm.i this city t?' <!uy. Tho weather .was delightful, and tho voyage was every way pleasant. Wo liu't mm- than one liundre 1 passongers In all, fully onejialf of whom were Germans and French, uiost of whom are making a visit to the Old World awl expect to return in a few months, somo of tliem In a few weeks, rhoy seem determined to stiik to their adopted country, ind are far from being disposed to despair, whatever may be the i ult of tho present civil war. We h;e! several Southern people on board who, of course, sympathize with the secessionists. One of them, ? gentleman from Baltimore, alarmed some of tho pas*euge s who w ro tremblingly alive to tho welfare of the glorious i M I'nited States, by saying that he wiisassured from the host authority?even from the m'St high and poleut clii 'f, Jeff. I'avis himself?that the rebels under u i3 Luiuuiiuiu ?re ieriuimy y"iny to invidt Maryland by croin'nr) the I'otvviac afxvc and bth-u> Washington, and 'J,us if la'e that i*ity. their intention being to tlist galnp?>9Mission of Maryland for the secession cause. It may bo ?o ; but ifi?>, you will liavo known tho matter pretty fully before this letter reaches. It may bo that Jeff. Davis will make the Attempt; it may also be that ho will succeed. Albeit, if .'eff. 1 avis and his friends do not desire to drive the North to maW this struggle a war a^iinst llavery?cli ng ut; the entire i-suo?they w.ill do well to act on the deienslve. But "whom the go :s determine to destroy tliey tlist make mad," as saith u heathon philosopher. It is. therefero, quito jxisstblo that the rebels may resolve at all hazards to "march on Raltlmore." It they should do so they, too, may iiuda"Bull run" on the way. A good deal of concern is felt by our friends on this ride of the water for the fat#'of He cruris. Will h* he Able to withstand General ? The question has proba w#- .. .. |U|U VIIIH lilUC, 1 have Just seen a friend from Charleston, South Carolina, who has a good doal of cotton on hand In England, l-'r. m liia I learn that thr $rrat hM'tKM rri'V I* fti in KniiUindiintl France /uiim nth<> Uxut idol t/uu/>'ivniv and Eiujlaml v ilt not respect the Llocia<U of the Southern ports if it he u.a<l<! effective ; an! If it ho not, tho reliel alii;.- will lir.-ak it. Hut thin is nut only the opinion of iho merchants, it is also tlwit of our cx.cilinl Ambassador at this murt, who is al'cii lii.g to hi* d ido* with lldollty, and who hriiitf* to the tusk initial ability ainl patriotism. Ah v> ti i ' worthiiB" who repre^i tit the rcbi'l Ptut<-n, they are reiy active, I learn, in trylnjj to In. ilu'diw* th pr. ss as we I as tho courts of Kuro|>e in tliolr behalf. It is Iw'i vc I her.' that they am -oiarlnn no amount of rootejr to effect ih;s purpi-se, and ?ro si.lisldUing . von w. t i - fp m the Xm th who arc wthln,: t > u> U?o Work o< .: irtlz. ri mid who are in Kurepn. How much in- uey tho r li.'b :nv p j to h iv I iiitiot j-.iy ; but 1 was nscrod 1-y .11 K t'-.-h - -re . t " sm-'"\ -r with us, tiiat ho 1" ? n.% i- j kn->. r a nt me, in X-w Orlonh; w!io I" lit 1 y I flG.MX) ... it h--i for $1 JtiA> In fold. <'erlaiuiy tfv-?r 1 . \ - y I' uolg 1 wti. lumy humhlujmijjni i t, t:. Jfortl.. '..o il. a'-.c NEi up thoir mind for a war of several yearn. A short one I* Just wliat tlio South can boat carry on. A war of Ave yearn, vigorously prosecuted by tho p.xiplo of tlio North, would work a wonderful change. Have tho "nu n of tlio North" the |tersovaranco nucetwary for mich a war f If they have not, they aro not tho [kjojiIu wo have taken thorn for. THE AMERICAN REBELLION. Great Anxiety as to tho Supply of Cotton In England?Defence of Mr. Serrlll, Lute of Fort Lafayette. At a meeting of tlio British Association, Mr. DazeUy, of Manchester, road another paper on the question, iu which tM cimmeicuit jxilicy of the United States mat bitterly denounced, luid tho oxpodluncy of England freeing herself from dependence on Amcrtca strongly urgod. Thu Liverpool I'otl asserts (hat Thomas 8. Serrlll, who was arrested on the liusl arrival of thu l'orsia at Now York, must liavo been imprisoned under a misconception of the affidavits made liy Smith, Payne k Smith, bankers, of London. Some correspondence of Mr. Sorrill has been forwarded to America to prove conclusively that ho (Mr. S.) had no political mission, and that the money fiwiul on him mis his own, and intended for legitimate business. The Pott believes ho will bo speedily reloat>od under these alii lavits. THE NEW AMERICAN NATIONAL LOAN. Tlie London Stock Exchange Finds That Its Aid Is Not Required by the Union. [From the Loudon Tunes, sept. 2.1 At the present crisis of American alliim a letter which we publish this morning from our Now York correspondent will bo perused with peculiar interest. !t outers upon tne delicate but momentous question of American tlnance. It glvos us a faithful reiloctlon of American t'lMiiluu niKni uiu liicrouHU 01 pumin ex|>uiiuiiure, mo progress of taxation ami the independent resources of thu Northern Stutes. We Irani from this unreserved communication what Is thought in NewYoikofthu cum Itotence nf the fuller 111 government to prosecute the w ir, of its financial crodit abroad, aud of llie ways and means to ho provided for It at limne. Dp to this moment no such comprohenslvo calculations have boon placed bjforo our readers. The i pening statement of the exposition is an important one. It informs ns that from tho moment when lU" fy 1^ral government com el veil th" negotiation 01' ft TT.W U wis raulved tn Imrr /w in the American marlcet only, The lending bankers who were consulted on tho subject gave tho Treasury to understand that no considerable amount of money was likely to bo obtained from Kurupc. Tfcoy djd not take ip 'n th u:.. vog to dsprcolat American croolt. but Ihny argued that, a? puinprlfii ndli'iu, (lii l W' <.''f dullti, had a <ihU of yixiA inv-f'yientx at hmnt, It was not rouch capital could be attracted uutot-s tho Atuuitio. Th<? jruo ct.iunjj of the gi.veinmeut was to borrow from iW own citizens, from tho wealthy and J iwtrioilo population of ll,t{ N'irlh. Tim industry ..f its busy and prosperous Staies was rew*T"''"' l'i' \ an annual producA Of ?3(^000,000 or ?40,000,000 i beyond whit wh retired ft iju wants of the pro ducers. All ihls surplus iHtomc was available for conver- i Sinn into public securities! Government had but to tap 1 this source of supply, mid ail abundant income would (low Into its hands. TliIk, wo are told, wag tlio opinion i/iven by th. Mew York ca/Malist*, anit ui>?n itthe g?cernmeiit hat a leti. The souniltusi iif tkf. cimclitiinn is held to huve been tduhluthetl by the ray Jlrtl experiment. No sooner w is a sovi n per cent loun opened than the associated banks of New York, Rosioii and Philadelphia at <.m:n tiKik it up to the amount of ?30,000,000 .'terlini.', and the federal government new slands provided with a profout sutlSciency?that is to nay, with money enough for about lour months' consumption. We skill hot scrutinize thoso operations with too curious an eye, nor shall we inquire upon what convictions this professed indo|?ndonce of Kuropoan capitalists was probably founded. We behove tho New York bankers to have been in tho right wiieu they concludi ii that no considerable loan could have been raised by tho federal government in this country, but it is perfectly, from ihe opinions which our correspondent retails, and from the OXIout to which he carries bis exi??ition, that tho people of the Northern States aro desirous of establishing a good financial |? sitlon in the eyes of the world. It is obsorvod with emphasis that, whatover may bo the is- ue of the war?and the result is now modestly spoken of as beyond tho powers of roan to predict?there will dill r,vuiin a ijreat American Union?a ctnintry at <iw< pojailitut ai'iiyh unit rich emunh hi raise anv amount if) uhli- incomc. American securltii s, if now current only at homo, would one day find their way at a premium Into forelgu ma ken, and nobody whit r.JletU<t <m the* ( ?'vrtli 11P fhp Vi r/Jijii'W M.'iitsm /?? thtf ?ih/i!tn/iii/ i"V. . I II / ,f thefederalgoyernmenl.would vetiturc tniiu liini theirintrin lie valu*. The Union, in abort, though shorn possibly of some of its provinces, will still remain ?o strong anil so opulent that it would bo irrational to doubt cither its compel','nco to mninlalu this war from its own raources, or its ability to preserve a financial reputation ia future time*. Nothing can b" m irx i:itorcsting to English r. adorn than the doialls iuto which speculations of this kind have led American economists. We freely a/'.mit the. general foree <f tk>ir argument*, but they have overlooked the one considerate u by which, iu European ofitiwaU'8, these argument* might ho invalidated. 1t>-tp in ri" exuirgera'i'n in the view thus taken nf thrfmjnthtinn and resource* <f the North. WV are ijuiu frepared to thai the , itiseru of the ,\*ui Unit en, though rduiol to twenty millions in number, mi if it tie taxed to an arit-nl hi herto unknown on the ot/ur ids of th< Atlintic. We allow the truth of their words when they declare with a kind of bOMt that th' y are solvent to the amount of ?40.(OO.OM) a year. We have not a doubt b;t they could placa themselves in res;*ct of such obligations on a level with the most heavily burthened States of Europe. 0..r correspi n'dent enumerates with positive unction the number and variety of taxes available against tlio pockets of tho American people. (loverninent can c'.ap customs' clutU*n on articles of the first iiecLnsiiy, can multiply excise duties, ki up up an income tax, and get a large revenue out of stamps. All the sources of public income exemplified in our own budgets are recapitulated and estimated as so many mines of unexplored tre isure. It is a fresh instance, and a splendid one, of the advantages possessed l>y a young country in its "virgin soil." The pockets of tho American pooplo are quite untouched. Once n.oro let us say that we havo not a word to oiler against these assertions. Wo believe that the new American I'ulon, or what remains of the old ono, would h i perfectly able to raise the ?40,000,000 sterling contemplated by our correspondent us its |s>ssildo income. What is mono, we are sure that every penny of tins will be actually noedinl If the war should continue. Half of that sum will then be required for the mero Interest on the national debt, and tho rest will soon he swallowed up in (lie Mtinutes necessary for tho of a good standing artiiv. All this, however, is beside I ho mark. Tho real questional issue Is, not what taxation the Americans could really support, but what they would consent to endure. They are not reckoning at all too fast in their estimates of customs and excise duties. as sources of revenue. A t.tx upon articles of food,' such as they have already imposed, stringent excise laws, and smch like enactments, undoubtedly form an effective machinery for the extraction of monoy. Xolhing would bf easier th nto raise the f&lrral rrvnur jwrmnn-nt lyfnmi ?10,000,000 to ?10,000,000 by lgis!ati"n upon this Ixuis. Our only doubt is att/iU lite assent of tin people to the jrrocess, and on (hit }?-int the arguments <f the, New York public carry no asmranre. They a"k us whether th? C?0?" ral government has not hitherto discharged all its obligations with absolute faith. Wo answer?that miybeso; 1m t when tin y admit, in the vary Mune breath, that "the federal tax gatlcrer is as yot unknown," they depriyo their appeal of all ils apparent force. It their circumstances were so deiU'htf lly c;^y that no contribution was required from th m for the liquidation of their public debts, it Is not much to their croilit that these public debts were paid. Thoro would bo fewgentl 'men, ii n at Boulogne, who would not ho ready to satisfy th-ir creditors in full on terms so convenient. Hut it will be a very different thins when "the federal taxgatherer," instead o< burg unknown, becomes an uncommonly familiar personage?when he appears quarter after qua. ter at every man's d.Kir, and makes his agency felt at every day's meal. Then the taxation for federal purposes will become as bad or worse than tho taxation for OIUHI |M|.| |H1?-C ? 'w 111 mil Iii(;uii Iir hiijh?||'[H WDcn UIO citizens under its pressure repudiated their debts. Will tlio citizens of the Union display a m ire unflinching integrity? Will they pursue their various callin -s undor tlio restricts ns of ilic oxcise, consent to l>o taxed through the food they cat, and boo a goodly slice shorn from their earnings, your after year, not for the gratification of a popular passion, hut to support tlio d' ail weight of a public debt? Wo do nut say they will not do so, but the New York people must expose us for saying that the case is entirely problematical at present, and that the uncertainly which unavoidably surrounds it is a point which Kuropean capitalists cannot overlook in their estimation of American credit. Two broiul assertions have been made in this country by the adv- catcsand op|wncnts of American institutions respectively. Tho former declared that a community governed on genuine democratic principles would never be likely to incur public debt, us it would never be hurried into war by a class which found its interest in such n policy. A republic could afford to bo impatiout of taxation, as it. would never bo taxed. If disputes I should arise, the wisdom of upright utid honest ! citizens exempted from the pernicious influence of a selfI socking arisfc'crary, would soon insure a return to the bless I r >3 of j>eace. This was ono view of dotno[ ciutlc final t-.>, and six months' experience has taught lis J how much thai was worth. Th? Americans have plunge I : h< i'l >ng into war with greater obstinacy, unreason und j ' xtra. aganco, than were over sh.'Wn in the Old W tLI. Wo hill now be il le to tost the sssorttonsof thi s who luive ropr< so;t?d demo< rnt!e Inst it'll ions in this particular esp-c tally as altogether uns?le. They used to tel us that, though a democracy might be eager enough to borrow. It would not be re'ulv to pay; that if political power was lodged exclusively in tlio lower c.lasars of the population, those class s \v uld nover submit to the taxation which their own vot< a had rendered necessary, and that a public debt would either be repudiated, or shifted by u process of ruinous ccn'lscatlon on to I tiiu shoulders of the clarsf a alove. We shall sec how this will turn out. Th Americans are borrowing mor.'-y with prodigious rapidity, and to some ext<nt, tiiuugh a very dta;>roportii,utu otic, they nro taxing Uienne ves to mrcl the 1) irtle n. They have even begun by tiixlnR the "breakfast t:ible," thu very thing which, In i n? ir our own latest agi.a.Ions, It was proposed to untax :is a tieo ssary piero of financial wi?d?m. They are smilin .?.inplac?'iitly oo the resources of an excise, and m ap and paper will perliap? soon c intrlbub'to the fMwil exchequer. But HVlovtitn th sbu( when Um Is foil.' Will theso very tixes now decreed b? actually ! aiiir flieso aro questions on whit h, as our cor> rospom'ent's letter chow-", no misgiving is cntertainel lit New Y?rk; but we i th s ootintry can hat -yferbonr from eoneludln-j tl at if tlio Americim are t >nr .jil (hit i rmttn i(i w i.M / xalinn thry will eith- r I* w]iVnll<i i tj their iti ti'r.vmi, o'thy will <lisflan *,<ch 'tuf'litir ?f n ' T"f v and xrlf denial a* fcur never yd I: >n held to di'Htti/i t /?<' .... ni'i; ' vimuuxtiH-mia. Tlie Cnr ar<-? tli.i' sli l.;tb in a is now In a fur I Vii iU' i: an it ever i cr hr.i'VwX. IV YORK HERALD, THUE The Future of Mexlro. ENGLAND SPGOIHTS A OKAND NATIONAL COALITION AO A1NST TI1K KKIM'BI.10?A BOI'KUON OU AM Ell if AN BONAl'AltTK FOll PKKHIDKNT. fFrtim iho London Tlraoa ^City Article), Sept. 4 ] general anxiety by tho mercantile world. It i.? uc longer a bnn<Hl"|(k,is' ^uvstion,Ihe ad'!iti<*ial interest* call fif redress being or far greater magultude. European capital is largely Involved in the mining industry of Mexico, (lio trade in English and French manufactured gooJs is even uow important and enould bo very extensive, aiul thr geographical jtuition of the rrpuldic in the tiijhwij/ , f nm Kaittn Wat is to peculiar at to have a political Uar imj on th': future of all commercial nationt. Tho fact that tills region ha* for tlio last tbne years been given ovor to mlscrcanta whose daily atrocities exceed tlioso poi'iH'tratod in the wildest moment of the sepoy mutiny, with tlio t- >1.* ranco of tho civilizcd Powers of both hemispheres, constitutes a chapter that will indelibly dist- i ?-o the ago; and wo have now tho additional feature that iho patience of England under thu murder of her h 1>jv|3 (twenty three of whom are known to have been killed at various Mnioa by tho order or in.stigiition of tho cccl'stasti, at party), tho attempted assassination of lwr officers, and the robbery In open daylight of her legation, h >s been mot by a broad dofhuice, in which Franco is included, and which has necessitated tho withdrawal of the ministers of both countries. Tho circumstance that t'.o existing government in composod of the enemies o. th > ecclesiastics makes llttlo dlllbronce to tho ease, sii'ce in their career of insolence and Dlunder both uarties are alike, and tho one adopts tlio crimes or the oilier by refusing to atono for them. It Is ceitaln that bIuco EiigUud has been u nation slui lias Dover had to submit to such things us have been thus Inflicted upon hor, and the wune m ly almost b.? said of Franco and Spalu, since thu French trailers iu Mexicoaro very numerous, and are Included in ti e cry now raging of " death to foreigners," while must of the natlvo Spaniards were driven out a tew yea.? 1> ick by u similar cry raised by Alvarez, one of tie1 then parti s ins o: the so-called libera! faction. Yet the country t'.s m ne accessible than any other to a in-rum, since its exittetici >/<]?iuls on its communication urith the Atlantic and Pa (tic, which can b? clvsetl without a blow ami at any mirm -n' by'thr natal Vomers. Whenever it is desired, tli'iroloro, to put an end to tho prevailing Infamy the work cau be il'tto. Hut any movemont that may bo made should t>e svrh us to mmmmtl permamnce. 'l'he question is at length wholly beyo..d a recourso to palliatives. Tfco Hritii-h sijua Iron at Vera Cruz could of course got some kind of satisfaction oil the instant, but before six months hid passed everything would again be at b .1 as over. Our merchants do not want a fltl'ul proceed iu: of thH kind, which might deludn them Into operations ' at woi|M BtKldenly result in frosh disasters. Neither wmi.d the gevetopemeut of (hy republic bo in any way as.- > '. Tsilalod aetlJh ofi the pint of England would, in 'he pre-entstago of affairs, men ly lead to counter so!' lies py Franco, or Spain, or the Unitod States, each og.:: each, and a omidition would thus, even at tho best, be producoil analogous to that which has paralyzed evry gofttietep in Turkey. 7b aecomplif/i all that w n ii.nj A eomMna'-icn will <? fisoi This will lake some liCtis'1 time, but it is scarcely possible to ,! >ht that it rtik" he accomplished to tin satl fiuj t on of all *pa?.,'ios- England, France, .Spain ami /m rica *av? each *"ch strong Interests Iu tlio tvieiiirv it 1.1 iS /i..J"ult to say that one I.i mor.< fiWii.1 to iiito'rforc tlia;i tho tiuidr. fcng-ai:dciin have no motives but In oonneetlon with humatltt) ijufl Jignjinerec. ^j>?i in am I France would, of course, desire M ftn^ori Uio priestly party. but must earnestly wlsli to sWt jt reestablished <u some footing Unit should not-awin'Salize intl horrify iho whole world. America will doubtless I n iinldod by tho policy of preventing tho Intrusion of a Eurojionn moimrchy, but will bo willing, perhais, to aid any settlement tliat should give sufllcient stability to M' xieo In ] ivmiI her fr> m falling tn the South m f'Uniry, ,>r f, - h inga rulrjcet if dirj ule. !u 'ween thr '?"i sertion* of the Unv.n in one the feh-ral goinimeni should yet I.* jiresei veil. In her cust o, higher and bottor considerations would not bi without Influence. If all could ngroo up >u Homo individual as I'rosldont for a Uxod poi io.t, who t1 a certain exioiit would meet tho fair views of each, Iho riturn of Mexico might !> > assured in a manner tint W' uld, with surprising rapidity, increase the welfare of all othor nations. Tin: country is not ripe for liberty, nor for entire emancipation from priestly influence; an I all that is wanted is that both its clerical and military masters should exercise control according to tins decent c n volitional codes < ssentlal to every government deemed tit tob?reccfilzedaa having a public existence. Amu/ the tlep' srd jirincet ami nth.:r trrkt.nfor autlu'rity now n'~ h' Urt in Hun; e there mi;;ht, perhnj *, If. found th n ' < <<' ,y jkwnt. D.n J inn iU Hourbn, with his constitutional professions, might bo changed,for instance, in thlssph re from a mlschivot.s Intriguer to a most useful potentate. It would probably, however, bo hard to satisfy America by such a selection, and If thore is to bo a permanent s tt'.eni' nt America must bo satisfied. <hw suwifti* n under thrl Hew ?f th< case h u been thul Mr. Pa'M r. <m 1i najtarte might lie se.lcr.tK!, a.? <tn equal gra!\tica;u n in n !? America and France. Tho matter it so momentous that It is worthy of nil the olforts of diplomacy to carry it to a result that will rctriovo tliu disgrace of the past. Great Hritain and Franco aro alike formally pledged to tnUo it in li mil, and It will tin a heavy discredit to both if it bo not brought to a happy conclusion. [From iwilignani's Messenger, Sept. 4.] Accounts from Mexico, fi'iys the Ha it-, slate I hat M. Dubois do Saligny, the French Minister there, has brokon ulT relations with tho government. The English Minister lias adopted tho same lii'C of J'Jftjluct. Impcrtaut lVom t'lilnn. TITK UNITED 8TATHS BTBAMEU SAGINAW FIltEI) ON FROM A CHINESE FOKT?RUE ltETl.'UNS TUB FlllE AM) EXPLODES A MAGAZINE. ETC. [From the Hong Kong H-glster, .lu'y 12 ] The t'uited States padd'e steamer Saginaw, which left this port a few days ago for a cruise in search of the missing crew of the American birk Myrtle, returne I to this |?irt yesterday, after an unsuccessful crulso down tho const. Tlie Saginaw procoeited along tho coast anil dropped aialnr at Kin-hone, thinking tins tho m ?t likely p'aea to git m intelligence concerning the missing objects of her misHii.n. As soon, however, as the anchor waslet^.a fort situated < n a very commanding eminence opened II o up n tho Saginaw, without giving her any warning whatever. Tho shots from tho fort w 're well dire ted and s ippapel to b< fired (Mb tvniyJbuf powdtn; ooo itut wont whistling through amongst her windsalls, and ouiy a few foal above the quartor deck; tho other shots also stru'k very near to tho Saginaw, but none of the threo shots that were fired from tho fort took elf ct. Jl'hoSaginaw was not lying at this time In a position to ; return tho tire with any Ukolihood of sin cess, ami f be inim"dlately weighed anchor ami steamed i ll a litt! > until she not bristled up ready for a brush. She then came iu again ami saw many men moving ab ?ut. the t -t, when she imracdiaioly ojHiied tiro upon tho fort with shot ami shell, -One sh"ll burst dlroi-tly over the fort, when an explosion was hoard, and a magazln s ip. soil to have Icon blown up after tho faglniw had flrod stx shots without a return of her lire from the fort. The Pnginaw shaped hor course and steamed away for H' i>g Kong. Francc> Tho Paris papers says that an interview between tlio Emperor ami the King of Prussia will take place at Com peigno on the 21 of October. Tho French naval divisions will remain elf tho coast of Syria the wholo winter for tho protect iou of tho Christians. l-'olix llclly, tho projector of tho Nicar.iguan canal, w is takinx legal slops against tho English company, which was assuming rights over tho projected canal. The Bourse was lirm but closed drooping. Rentes 89f. ?0c. Itnly. Tlio sending of fresh troops to Nap'os, tho Oji'nfrn* of Turin explains, is s"loly caused by the fatigue which the tr'iops now at Naples have to undergo, not for an augm 'iitaticuof tho brigand ago, which is almost entirely eradicated. Tho offlc at Turin Ganilc publishes tho nomination of O'nora! I)ei!a Hovora as Mluisior of War, and Gcuei al l'alti ega as Lio.itenant of Sicily. A marriage is contemplated between tho King of Portugal an I the youngest daughter of Victor Emanuel. Austria* Tho Emperor hid gone to Ischl, but would return on tlio 8th, to rucolvo the addresses i f th lower House of Roiehsralh. Tlio government bill, to reform the admi: Is trn'on of justice, was rejected by tho lower IIouso of K< iclisrath. The Hungarian Chancellor hail authorise.) the royal commissioner at Posth to appoint and dismiss tlio muuiejpul functionaries, and tn assume tho administrative functions himself anil employ military force if nece.-pai v. Tlie Chancellor declared at the same time, however, tt'ot tho Emperor iiad no intuition of suspending thu constitutional institutions. Insurrectionary movements arc reported among tho Roumalns at Lurgns. Tho lat' st ile; patches from Posth say thaUthe Commit too of that Provinco has been definitely dissolved, ami tho Royal Commissioner invested with full administrative powers. Spain* Tho Madrid Journals annouti#e that tho principal dtflicultics in tho way of a reorganization of St. IVimiiiso have been removed. Tho Madrid K/jora, in the course of a remarkable art icle, says, in view of the present, state of things in Europe, it is noeewaiy to evacuate the Totiian, on li. n^rablo conditions, in order to allow the concentration of tho Spunish forci s. Turkey* About six thousand Montenegrins crossed tho frontier on the 4th hist, and occupied tho town of Vienna. Tho Turkish g urison refusod to surrender, ami In order not to full into the hands of the Montenegrins blew uti the town and perished in tlic explosion. Tho town of Zubzi had boen occupied by the Turkish tfCHjpS. India. Tho Bombay mm I of August 12 roached Marseilles on the Alii iiiftant. Th - Bombay markets were genernlly steady. Exchange. 2.J. J^d. Freights quiet. A Calcutta despatch of August 10 reports cotton goods lower. Thi> exports wore also drooping. Tho Indigo crop amount# to M ,000 cases. Freights to London, 60r Ex etiango, 23. %d. a Commercial Intelligence. LONDON MONKV MAttKET. Loxnox, Sept. 7,1881. Funds on tho 6th declinod a quarter, mainly can?--1 by a realization of profits. In tho discount market Ih demand was rather briski r, but good bills were still taken at a 3Jf. Applications at tho bank were numerous, but still very modoruto. Skit. 8.1S81. CVnsols closrJ on Fatunlay (7lli) Ht 62,uU3 for money. AMl.KU'AN SKCfKITlKS. T1:0 lit of-" t Milt's wore Illinois Ontrul at 39Jtf a 3<MJ (lis. Ki i RaiUviy sharr*) '22V,' a tlXl.lVEltrOOn COTTON MARKET. Tlio s:i'os cf c itli>n on Saturday (7th; were S,000 bale imquMmv aiid ttporMra Jaktag Trti anntci - : '.nil. wiili very Utile inquiry from exporters. LimtPOOt MUMMV MaUEF.T. j 'I'll' \ .i iva we. 1. j t.roulars r> t>.. i.?i'.ojr buoyaut at ;SDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 16 an advance of fld. a In. 3d. ?lnc?Tuesday?quotations ranging at 24h. fld. a 2Hs. fld. Win ui active at tin udvunce of 3d. aid. ]wr cental; r?il Western, Ua. Od. a llu. Od.; red Southern, Us. fld. a li).; white Western, lis.; do. ."outhem, 12.i. fld. a 13s. 3d. Corn has an upward tendency, with an advance of Is. per quarter; mixed, 3CM. 0J. u 31a.; yellow, 81s. a 31s. Od.; white, :>&. a 36j). TUB LATEHT MAKKKTS. JlltiUlMTUn* MAKKRT. Livhii'iol, Sopt. 7,1*01. The market is generally ilrni. Flour in buoyant. Wheat still upward. Corn steady. IJVRRI1W1I. PROVISION MAHKKT. The provision in irket has ruled qulot during the week. Bocf ?toady. 1'urk quitu nioady. Luoon has a downward tondeucy. LIVERPOOL PRODOt-T! MARKET. Rosin Arm: oomimm 10s. fld. Spirits turpentine la very excited and quoted at (Ida. j MUSIC Vli. " "" " " " " \ M AGNIKICKNTSKVKN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD 1'IANOJ\ forte for ule, richly earvi d le"* and case, riiiind corner*, lull iron plate, lined with natlnwood, ovurittrung baaa, Inlaid, and willi pearl key*, made to ord -r lor the prenent owner 1 >y city makers, fully guaranteed for three yearn, been used even mouth*. co*l will be told fur $200, iueliidin# Stool I Cover; also eleyiiut Drawing llo'.iu Suit, com for 9ioa. inquire hi ru wesi iweniy-mxtn street, near ?utn avenue. 4 curat bargain.?an excellent five octave J\. Piano, IIyle iiml'xieoii, Mason Hamlin, makers, wai'* ranted perfect, at l.\5 Weal JJroad way, near Canal street. \ masterly performance on the pianoforte U pi ?a - intly ai iliu 1 I j Mi . P dgi i truly* rl li il ai i very agreeable method. Her t*?aehtng pennon will anon resume. Cards of address ut litt Waver ley plaon, corner West To nth street. Any hoy not above is years of aok, haying a soprano or alto voice, rriiy hear of a position in a church choir by applying l ? Mr. Hayter, at Bernard .t F '* organ ware room*. 2tXJ lir Midway, on any Saturday, tween the hour* of 1 and 2 P. M. Salary l'rou? $liO to $>- 0 per annum, according to proficiency. Without considerable aMIlty In sight reading, none ueed apply. AltAUECIIANCTv-A Sl'I.KNDID SKVKN (K'T.WK full grand concert Pianoforte for$300; cost$900; beautit ul hwu'wooil ease, made by a celebrated manufacturer. In perfect order. Also a 7 wtave rosewood Pianoforte, $'.H), In perfect order, all modern improvement*. Mcdonald \ co.t sss now ry. \ bakoain- PRICE $170.?A MAGNIFICENT 8RYKN

iV octave Pianoforte, origins! prlue $325; overstrung b.i *, Iron frame, carved nw and every m? dern Improvement; scoIIoimkI keys, unexpired guarantee; well known city mak. r; neai lv iii*\v AihiIv aL the iv^l.leu^. *JA Thlr.l I Hecoud avenue. 4 ORE IT it MtG IN.?AN EXCELLENT PITS OCTAVE J\ l'iaiio. Style in'lodeon, Maaoii x Hamlin, makers, warranted perfeet, at l5o Went Broadway, near Canal street. 4 LADY DE8IEE8 A 8ITUATION TO TBAOH MUSIC Jv and the lan^ume* in a *i.lio<il or laniily. Shu has t" imoulds and rulcreneoa. l'lease address Enigma, Iter, il OlflCe. 4 SOPRANO RINOKR, WHO IIAS EXPERIENCE IN j\ c hoir Min^linr, wishes to make an eiifciK' m? nt in an El4.Hr. ?]ialor Pivul-yterlin uhun-ii iii N< \v Yoikor Brooklyu. A i?|r}jO|?i.His 2.71" N. V i -i 1$ARGAIN8 IN pIaR MU tlC i rOOJLS. v AT HE8, J) ;?ui io:ou,(Him*,-.r*'!'" * > > 1* r o io.-?, C'U is, IViinuuJH, i:' a' * * ' i unv. iice? ou tiiCrch.iiidl t? con-r..!r^- lv,MV" .? J. F. JONES, 63 Ann ilrSoi, t? 60011 f! floo?. f IGHTE i BRADBl RYS1 NEW SCALE ?-.i RSTRl NG I j B - Patent InnulAted Fall ' n Grand and tfq,u Pianoforte*, -121 Broome strict. \VI?;t everybody miy** must foe tru??; everybody says they are the ben, therefore they must be tlie newt. 1 KSSONS IN MUSIC AND FRENCH FOR HOARD?A .1 J ;:entieinan, a competent tea< her ou the Piano, \v:*!wri io cx<l.aune 1 *son* for p iriial or full Hoard in a family; all oh. hiriU?',c references given. Address Teacher, &!0 We*t Fourth si root. M! *8 FAItKEN CONTINUES TO OIVE INSTRUCTION in Sii-.Mik'. Piano ami Guitar, it nor residence* or that of horptii -N. Ili?r farlllty t??r imparting a rapid ;?!? ! ti or ko -w! *dge to beginner* in well known. For terms apply at 27 Collage pine*1, near Houston street. MK. KDWAKD RKGUIN, IIAIUTONK, 12LEVK DU < '<?n??'r. itoire Ini|M>rial ile Mi.h1(|o?-, Pari."' b?gs to an11 unci' that lit-, will give Le.ns *n? la Siii^iuj;, this bcason, ut his r.>id( me, 112 West Tweuiy-iir*t street. "11 KM OVAL.?IIOEAOE WATERS, AGENT, HAR HE J I moved to 4SI Hro.wlway, between <> and Hrooine sirenta. when In* sells new :* veil uetave Pianos for $150. and Wiir;;in !. Seeond hand Pianos and Mrlodeuna from $26 to All kinds of musical nwhandiso at war prices, fin-' n.d >l"!in|'*tm?i to let from $2 to $6 per month; runt allowed :t pur- hused as per ugreetiulit; monthly j?a\ menu received ' >r r!i same. UMilv. KTTOKK ItAKILI KK>I K( Tr I LLY INI OllMS i : hat be will begin bis Sinking Lcnaon* ou the L'lM S- |>ri?inl..' r w\?. Mr. L. T. U'Vi ombcH, ll'J Nm U f? ?*t. near Broadway, or Muurtt. Luis & H/harfenber ,700 IS road v. ay. mw ) NEW fcND SPLENDID TONED SEVEN OCTAVE JL ro.-c.\ o,m| I';,-!i.?torton, with full metallic frame, scollopcd k? y*. carved ! ?;k and overstrung ban*, will lie Hold at a ?:ieat h .< ! i iff fur ea Can be. mm u at 171 Third avenue, private door. Thi so Pianos ore made by u IIrat claws city inak- r. IirSTEVOTIOff. 4 OOOD HANDWRITING GUARANTEED POR $350. j\ 11 kk { i?i,'. doiibic - ntry (le ? ons tr.,1 i i >. $10. Aritlrm ii. a:* i ? vnmumdiln, $10 per *411.1 i*l.-r. 62 i' ?uery a:.d Ful. .v.'r? t?t, Brooklyn. Ex (J.'\crm.r King h. fn.? CoIm'icI i'ulnc'N method of instruction I# nyiiteiuatU; and expo* jhfcmi, \ - 1DEM1 OP PENMAK8H1P AHB BOOKKEEPING? J\. N'. <j V nn ili avi-nue. I'\ill elasKen emmm'ticr! or d.?v am! "V# i,i in^tiu. ilon. New impll* pm'm1\?mI dull . I'rf i , .Iven. i>MV EE 0. GOLDSMITH. 4 I.ADV WISHES TO TAk'R T.KSSONS IN FKI-. ,l!ll A t>. the teaelo-r'a residence, on"' or twi.T isu'li wc-k. A 1 iriMian prelVrre.i. Address, stilting terins, 11.11., Heiald ' oilier. 1JKYANT. ' rKATTOK, PACKARD A 1 ENN'8 MRRCAN> mi ii , 18! 19 ?* Inntit . open di > lid i'iiii:. l'?r in lJooUkeeiinu, iJ ?-sin. j I'mm ii. i|ii! M ! < iintilf Law, Commereial i'.ilnl. ions, c nnmeivial < ?rn i]K)Q(em . pOAlti iNU sniOOL FOH BOYS AT NEW ttOJ J < :?. lit?Ore hi. ir irom the city, via the New H t . ?*n Itatlr Twenty-- Vfiith street ami b-mrtli avenue. T:?.s sehool -ij im.. 1 lis ofxtet nth fall term on the 2d lust., ami in now in sue * -<st'ii! operation. It. LOdvWOOl), Principal. nOOKKKI ARITHMETIC AND WRITING.?REN1) VILLI - .. im, 3tf2 Br idwai have been open for the past ii(tM& y fur I lorou^h, pi' ti *1 i< tru t|on. Sta* l?'.niK a.v csiret'uily litiwit for the ommi room, up<?n very favnriihta terms. Open clay and evening. Dim ! M\\s SKATING GYMNASIUM, Fifth Mwnr?\ eorner ol Thirty-ninth street. Open ry evening, from S io It) o'c.ock K' i ladies and gentlemen. A hand of music w II enliven tin- ?e?'U?'. Adni ssiun (wi:h privlicg** of skating) 2.V. Children (timier 12 yearn ofagM) 15r. "l/'Kl'.NfH lNSTl'JTTE FOR YOUNG OKNTLEMEN, NO. I' i-^ East Tw n y-fourth street. ? Hoarding and day .* I'liool, e].i?sir.ii jiini commercial, fourteen tetehers?six Ann itcan, J'.ve French, two German, one Spanish, A primary department aim a Kymtnisinm. See proVj etn> for .1. ??I< ! -i... KLIE t')lAUMElt, Dlrwloj'. Will bo re-* pened on Til' "day, September 17. OYBUNKSS.?A YOrNO LADY. VK11Y KKSPEIVTA. "l !>'v conneeh ?l, poriee.tly competuni t ? te.ieii ail ti?? hv.kiv-lift of an Kjii'lish OiJucj^.!'?n jtnd the rmlin <"ns of Kr-uch and inuhiv , desires an enticement in a private i.imt* ly, 'r t ik- .liai ; 'jj or throu ?:null children. Will cLH. ft v- compensation. Address W., box 4,000 Sew Y< rk Foil office. - #? - f M\n \K C WEARS BU&KHARDT, 222 .?ii?i ?M M oli-<.ii uvi'.uo', corner Thirly-ek?hth street, KMiLl.-'lL \M> Fkh.\Clt HOAUDlNti AND DAY S(')l?)()L h'UK YCII'M! L VI)IKS, (t\?rm ny West FlUe.enth aireci,) Will ro-oj?ii!), w \h the commencement of the pesB'on, S^j'fr u'n 12. M- ..iinc <\ M. B. will be at home from i:?? l-i ..t circulars at ISreuHin^V, 701 Broadway; l.-"k wood's, 411 Biv.adway, anil 222 Madison awnne. "II \DAMEJ. V CAUCHOIS, ENGLISH AND FRENCH 1>I lloartin ; and Day School for y > ?n? ladle*, 2.V> West T < 'ity-thinl street, \rill reopen on Monday, September U. / 1 . .i tuai attendance of the pupils is !. A claw of n 'a itiiip, and irocian Art on Saturday*, taught by Mrne. ' ? 'i >is. 1 aruittiar aiiuuiion given iu mc prim try tieparimerit. "\Ji/ L iSPINASSE'S FRENCH DAY AND ROARDINQ l?l 3 .1. 119 and 12! Clinton place, near Fil th avenue. N s sch> 1 irs uro admitted only under 11 y? ir# of a.;e. Km ? :i is the l.tuguaj'M of the "school. French, KnglMi, Spanish and German taught w I limit extra charges. Junior I>? I iriment under Mine. Lesplnassc's eare. "V ATTO.VAI. TEACHERS' INSTITUTE, 835 BROAI?. ?\ way.?Educational correspondents n.l teachers wauled in al! scetions. Send for circulars giving li?t of educational journals, of M'h?<ols and seminaries to patron I te, of ^ -? i. nt teachers and vacancies lor touchers Wi.uu.-d imrne li. at *1 y. iW'i tli.tnan to teach English, classics and nuifdc, and a French lady having a good knowledge of English. RICE A ANDREWS. Q KIOOL 1ND BOMB EDUCATION. ? PRIVATE O Kieu h, G*. man, Btu'li*h and Spanish Classical and '.Miu'ici il IVnrdit.g and Pay School, with tine play ground and gymmi: lum, 17 und4'J West Twenty-sixth street, ! ?twBroadway and Sixth avenue. Mr. LOUIS ERNST taki s charge of a limited number of !>oyh. Re-opens Monday, September M. Till: SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TAUGHT A3 HERETO fore by f Gorrin, at Clinton II.til, Astor place, room No. 7. library ;!<*?r. Office hours from lej^ a. M. to 1>? p. M rpR( V FEMALE SEMINARY.-*THIS INSTITUTION JL otters the accumulated advantages of nearly fifty veiirs of si.t'i'essfiil operation. Every facility is provided* for a thorough course of useful and "ornamental edueaiton, meter tl." direction ot a eortu or moro than twenty pro! <>s*ors and t-'in her*. Fur circulars apply lo JOHN II. W1LLARD, Troy Jl. Y. TTtTANTKD-bt a laky CAl'ABl.K of TEACHING >? KntflUh, French and music, nn uiu'ikgcment a< go. vi-rti'-s>, or tt'her lu a achool. Address .S. K. L., 90 Broad ill !, N. Y. DA5CMO ACADKwisi ADODWORTH'S DANCING A0ADEXIB8, \ . J 'i Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth at., New York. Ji i, 1.17 .MonUK'ie street, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tuesdays and Fridays lu Brooklyn, Ci >nfniencin? Octi iher 1. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturday* m New York. Commencing October 2. In the now bnlldlnjj on Fifth avenue recently erected for tin-: .rix.HC, will In* louml every requisite for such an establishment. In uddlll >u to the dancing,clnssos will also ho formed f i exercises In a new system ..f i: ihsthenlcs, espo. ( Ijlly valuable to ladles amichildren of delicate frame. Mr. Doriwnrtli would bo glad to make arrangements with sonilii irlos : r lessons in Dinclng, Calisthenics or Military Drill. Circulars for term*, Ac., may he hud at either academy. DANCINC, AND CALISTHENICS ?MR. AND MBS. THESOK reopen their well kuow n Kooiik. 65 M int 1'hli !v. fourtli s'reei. on Wednesday, October i 90 Sonlii F,l;w:'h Mi" . liiooklyn, E. D., Is now open. While all the rati ! >:'. nil) il. are i arcfiilly Imp tt leil, dep rlinent and the ; r . H ul lenrntoft -?r Uinir puptU are n?t overlooked. Prl-ai? lt? .v i schools In the city or country attended to. See cir? t'*. piVB KBW ACADEMY.?DANCING CLA88E8 ARB JX n- f > .line ii H. Ki? rs A< ul' Jiiy, N . rI tI.-*iu % ItrwUyn A u< \v (' 1**for nll< n . -v t. -i". adiw)nowclmwforludlm, mlum 111 i m itnni I \ : I- -.j <ny b in-i ! ?t nny tim , or -ni or.i n \ o%j j?? ?..Vvi| l'.iCi' oi Cou: l, UlvM) a, 1GL B ALM AT AUCTIOlf. Alhekt ii.'mcolay, auctioneer, will bell, thin iiay (Tliurmlu*), Itf, at lli>. o'clock, at the Mock ?Hl?iroom 52 William Rtrect, a good varti ty of city iii- ' mirauoe an J Hank Stock*, Hon.In ami other Sccuiitlc*, Hi.lia- I lilo for Invi xtni' iilH. Hor full |iartKulam mmi WorM, EveuluR I'uat and Commercial Ailvertiaer. Catalogue! can bo hail al 1 the aale*rooiu. Am. a. ? iiai.ii.mi <x i;w., aitiiuwckrh. Elegant tii Mt class Household Furniture, To be peremptorily sold at public auction, (in this day (Thursday), Sept. 19, The pr?#|ierty of a family leaving the city. Rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, Rosewood Drawing ltooin Suits, rosewood and mahogany Bedroom Furniture, oak Dining Room Furniture, Pa 111 lings, Statuary, Brontes. Ac., At the residence of Ckas. Bevere, Esq.. 4H west Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Kale Ht lU^g o'clock precisely. Drawing Room Suits?liiege res, Bookcase, Mirrors, Lace Curtains. Vases, Oil PaiutinKN Statuary, Vehe.and Brussels Carpets, Exten*i<>n Table, Huir? t, China Vanes, Silverware Table Cutlery, Wurdrobes, Hair ami Spring Mattresses, Bed* steads, Commodes, Washst.indH, Oilcloth, Stair CarpetsIngrain Carpets, Sofas, Rockers, Blaukets, Bedding. Ac, Also, a large assortment of Basement and Kite lieu Furniture. S ile peremptory. Auction notice. executor's sale of household furniture. An extraordinary opportunity for housekeepers and the ^ trade. Over $12,000 worth of rich ami costly Household Furniture, Tomorrow (Friday), at 11 o'clock precisely, Comprising the beautiful ami costly Furniture contained In the large dwelling house 152W- st Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue, the whole for absolute and peremptory sale, rnln or shine, consisting of Euglhh Velvet, Tapestry ami ingrain Carpets; elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture, en suite, comprising three t uII sultH, richly curved, all of which uie covered in rich silk brocatei ami ol the best description; roseWood Centre and Pier Tables. Turkish Chairs. In him* mid gold satin Mild moijuet; Daiuuik and Lace Curtains, Velvet mid Turkish Lounges, Mantel and Pier Mirrors, tine rosewood iiU's*' rf, Artixil'- liion/eM, Parlor Orn tmeuts, ?to. ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Musi* Cabinet, Stool and Cover. Elegant Bureau*, Bedsteads, 12 1 lair Mattresses. Chamber Suits, In rosewood: Hronze Clo? ks, sprint; seat Chairs, Mlrrors, lJeiis and B? iuIIiik. ??ak Extension Table, two Sofa Bedsteads, ri h Cut of every description, marble top Mullet, Oil loth, ri h Ciiaudchers, Ac. Sab* positive, ruin or shine. K. W. WESTCiiTT, Auctioneer. 4 UCTION NOTICE. J\ OKU. G. IIAYDOCK, Auctioneer. Tr*de Sale of Earihorn and Glass Ware by ROBF.KT IIAYDOCK, on Thursday, Sept. 19. at 10 o'clock, at his . i ti-<n room, 101 Liberty street, For upprov* d endorsed notes, o months, flO crate* White Granite and Common Ware, 200 eases best French ?*lass, importation of M. A. Perier; 300 packages Boston Flint Ulasswsre. Alou for cash 00 crates \V hite Granite Ware. A 1'CTION NOTICE.?TUB POSTPONED SALE OF DR. . i blUJ Bai S i , if 1 u< sday, w lakt) plaoe (Ms (Taursda.i) alter'noun, at 2 o'el .ek precisely, rain or shine, ai Ms pj'lvate r-."Men e, ISO Waverly place, corner Ssxtli avenue, e? . >istin-'??!' BrussiWaiei Ingrain Carpets, Oll'-loths, (*'n*nilelfers, one solid rosewood Parlor Suit,? niprfclug ?ni? S fa T?u a-u te. one Arm, one Reception in I four medallion b ked C!i ?irs, i-overed in satin brocatel; one do., covered in hll'< reps; ele si''rosewood K\ re, two Pier Tables, rosewood Centre Tables, large oval Fr-n h Mi< i ors, Pain tin _'s, Curtain-, Vasts, rosewood an I ni.iuo ' ny Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wa hsum Is, Corne; stands, Tabl Sofa Beds, Lounges, h ;ir Matties < >, Be ,.i- I i'edoiii:'.. Clocks, Rockers, onn Ext* n-ion T-nl s. 1> nil!" CUulm, J! >k<:as.\ Clocks, Slnole- '! ..?? ChUl.l t>n I Silver NViuv, table Cutlery, dte. nal^T?J?l N f ?AU h" 'd* m 11 I I ly be ivtnovcd won irj i 3ft**? si j 1A ,<w- cr^ VL ? i !??.'? 1H/I 1 I H ? r..>! J'. .> I ilV hALfi.? ivK*11AHX>v S>])iTiN?> will Hell .it miction, on Friday, S? ] IS', At 1 >*< iwi: A. M., ui thrir * ilesroom No. 11 Cm tlandt rii?h i, 7??> > a**a Boots, Shoos ..ii?l Brogana, well A<i;*i>tiHl to the 11y #mi country trade. Sale postponed from W fiiu'Mtltty, Sept. 15. A I CTION NOTICE.?M. DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER, w 1!i -il tl?l- liiy, at lu)j o'clock, at salesroom, 85 Nassau at reel, a ii??r.u n?-n>aim?>iii of I!<<uaeh <ld Furniture?Brnaaela anil Iturain, Mirrors, rosewood l'atlor Suits, mahi'K iny do . In liuir -loin ; marble top C -ntre Tab I en, B<?ok<m .'s, Kr. >, Extension Dining Tables, li?ilifts, J)rc siiu Bureau.-, NV-islist n is, H' dsi".iu?, II ilr M.iur< 'ssea, I'alliiHea Lounge*, Solas, Chairs, Oftlee Di sks, Iron Safe, Tab lea, Ac? 4 LBKUT I . sMITlI, Al'CTJONEER, WILL SELL THIS J\ day, at l</># o'clock, the entire Furniture of a family giving up housekeeping, in the private real leuce, 137 Eighth atreet, n. ar Broadway. Everything must be removed this day. I > 1 >WNE k NICHOLS. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL J J on Friday, Sept. i!J, in front of aalcr>roomb 35 Nassau tre< t, at 1 o'clock. Kmire ill >roi;-hbred Stallion, for military, breeding or for a family 11 urge. A iii.t.'riii - m golden bay Horse, Mack points, 9 yean old, 15'4* h til ls I'i^h . warrnm *d perfectly round, kind and gentle i.. every part.; uumipasfc. d as'a saddle horse, and well broken t>> n.Hi;.try <; lie i* also a snv foal gutter, and w i h;il n quiet h botli iri h:i<1 ???)% of harness. His urandsire wu.-. the i-eloiiraied trolling hoi>e Trustee, the birr of F.^lii .n, I. # m and Trustee, trotted 20 miles in an hour, and her limrate fa in Mis dam a Mambrino tnarc ol 'Tivii f i. nduranee, and has o''teii trotted 18 mil s an h?>?ir. In ige.'\ wh? n three ye ira old. he trotted a mile in '2: lO, and in IS . won a jmii-s ??i" H) in three straight heats; time, 2 .41),2:37, 2:3'.*. (S I'l? liUill and oiher pap rs.) lleisonc ol the lines' h !'. ? > for any anl all purposes ever offered at au' Uon, and vill be k 'Id without reserve toilom) a partnership ae- ; it, i-'.ether wftli Sulky, Harness, Blanket, Whip, Are. ll'pi-oh ini the e&tauJi>n ai :nt'will be in front of our salesroom**- Tliurs lav fr mi 12 to 1 oVlock. Incase Friday is unpleasant t; Hale, will be postponed. IJKoWXK v NK'HttLS, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL J } on Sai or . 21, at loV? o'clock. it their sal ^rooms, X . rtr> N a very |ar?;e assortment of Steamboat Cai?lu Furni'. . .* M utre- s, Heds, Sheets, Blankets, Ouilis, Ta!?l I.' i n, Glass, Cro iie.ry, Looking Glasses. Ac. Parti nlars in time. _ BKOWXK \ NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS.?THIS DAY ;T.iuiv :.i> >, * p i'j, .it 1 ? lot k. at srootn 35 Nassau atret t, one v ry ".Mi-ii t ,vo j* .it d, slill'ing top R.skaway, i i it b nw law ys, a ry Hue Rockawar, a l-n'4 i>li Ph ??ton, i'n?r i<?p 1; i? s, bi\ no top, one and two s .it Ns. uis, various my las. Also a variety of double and single 1 larnc**. 1> F. THOMAS, AUCTIONEEiI.?CONTINUATION OF > Huh'oi i11?;. !*.?v' .v L. DaVTo.N & CO., at th??ir unction moms, ill N.^ut suv.t, mis at 11 o'clock. Consignments sotiriii'd. Katnrna made on day o* uute. DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER. S.I"Nro in 7 .No*' -t,i?'t\\. n n and John hU. MORTOAI.K SAI.K OF HILL I \KI? fAHLES, i,Alt FiXTl RES. Fl KNITl ili:. .a\ AT 131# 11 i.h -.N yn.r.Ei'. >L \ li liuOAUWAY. DAMKi, a. .mathkwh, will sell ..t uueiion, us above, THIS DM' ?rui 'RSDaYj. SKi'l. li'. lritil, at hall-p.tsk fii o en. i., by virtue of u chain 1 the folio wit . lee, via - h lei rusewdud Billiii aTable, slate bet!, combination cushion*, one ?>??k tlo. do., Cues and Cue Ra? k*, one splcn 'id fuur pull H?jer Pump, tulver mounted, made l?y J.- m Whltlielu; two mahogany Cur.I Tablet*, (ilasHWiin-, mm . pitted Mti s, twelve oak Ann Chairs, Hat Stand, Gas Fixtures, Maroic j; sin, Lend ripe, Railing Partition, Wardrobe. t??;..'Lhri witli sundry other articles. Sule positive. Tennr. t. Uv crof U>1 IS II. VULTJi, attorney for Mortgagee. I? XECUT014S' bALfi li or REAL KM ATE. WILL iUi > ilA) AT 1*1 JILAC AUCTION, os WEDNESDAY, tl> 25th <>. Srptembor, at one o clo< .. ! *. M. on I ho premiwct^ All thit tract of lun 1 kri< a n .? tfi*? Ka.m of t V.o latrt Nathaniel !)*?/ r, dec-as-d, .s'tinu* in the town of North Hor^eti, county oi Uh.Im n. Suit of Nc . .J?-, !>% mil*** frmn HoImUi-h, ->n the 1U i v'H tu- . | '?.irl I. sdit.; from Hohoken to li.u kiMss.u k, ;in<i .*?> t n ';? .! Irom Lin* E:n;lls!? NYighhoj hood station of the N r.h i :i K.i?ir" id. Tlio a'Hive farm contains 'Si i. t'l'f* o npla-i. a., i 16 oi tliror.-square meadow, and will be > i?-l iu 1" ?. designated by in.*)) us o 'own:? Lot .No. 1, (without, Itit^rov<::ients,) con iins t> H.ltX) acres. L<>t No. 2, 44 " contain* ft Ul.liM) acres. Lot No, 3, 4i 44 contains 2 11.100 aurea. Lot -No. 4 contains 4 11.100 acres of around, a two-story frame dwelling hoil.-o. IHM! 1)IIO\V, wltll outhouse*, a yood well Of waer, and a fin orn mi of various |,!,nN of tr"Htr^gs iu good hcai ingcy.rvl:' io'h Lot No. 5, irio lhTpx'TST'. .oents,) coo'alns 10 2o.l0rt ncres. Lot No. 0, 'l 44 contains tf) 41 UK) a? rc?. Lot No. 7, (throe-square meadow,) 44 1.v.* 1.100 acres. Al! th lot* of m>l?tnd .>? pie is.tnlly situated, commanding an extensive >?n pictun x.u view of tie surrounding conntry, and an: eligible sit.-* or country residcnci f, Kasy coininunicaMon Is afforded with the city, hj the earn on tie* rail roa I. : n 1 ih?* vvhi ii pass !re?iucntly through the ?J; y 0:1 th** turnpike. For Iurther particulars, imiuire ?r A. \\. 1?UKYKA. near the premise*, where a map of the property may In* Hwii. Conditions will In* ma le on the ility of N. B.?If the wenther should prove stormy, the sale will take j'11 ' mi ilie hrst air tiny. August 25, 1461. ElDWARD SC HKNCK. AUCTIONEER. _Tj AS.>I(. .s I. K'S S.\ Lli >! sr I'EIIB HOI I.'IOI.I) I- IRMTUKK. By E. <fc F. li. M.' 1EN0K, tills ?1 ?y, lyth instant, at 11 o'clock, at their salesrooms N< s. l.V> ami 1d7 Broadway, the stock of one of the tincst cabim t makers in this city, consistlug in part o: elegant solid carve.I ami plain roaew?std Suits, in satin ami biocatel, plush ami rens; elegant rosewood Am tire-ft <?htce, magnificent rosewood rmind corneied Bedsteads and Burems; do. in black walnut. finished in oil; i'os?>\v<?(>d and walnut Secretary, Library Bookcase, elegant rosewood and walnut Kte^'res,Wai ved walnut ami oak Buffets, oak and walnut Library and Diniiu K<*>m Chairs and other elegant Furniture. The above is all of the very best manufacture, and will be positively sold by order of asatunee. Tin* particular attention ot those in want of elegant Furniture Is respectfully requested t- this sale. J. B. KllEEMAN, Assignee. t^EORliE COOK, Al-CTIONEKR. JT ASSIGNEE K SALE OK ELEOANT HorsKllOLD IT RNITt UK. This day. at 11 oYlocky at the ?ton HI Broadway, viz Ro~.?wood Parlor Suits, in bro<;uie, bnsatel. reps and hair cloth: r-sewopd, blsck walnut and maintain Bedsteads, Bureaus, \V ash stands, Wardro. ? *. Arm liv-a-ltlaee, Pari'.: S?-crotaries, Music Cabinets, Bullets, Exteusi >n Dining Tables, m Hire axi l ?? ui iv lii 'iuf, luurt a-m ?vc. v?uu?>guvtt ui sale. O. IIORTON, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL BY Al*C\T* lion, on Friday, Sept. Li>, at 2 o'cloek, at th?? eom?*rof Houston and II ml son streets. one ?ray H??r-"\ kind in har. news, to pay expenses. J, F. lH'DD, Veterinary S'irgeon, !< ! vaiIuk itrwi Henry h. leeds, auctioneer?henry h. LEEDS .* CO will sell ut auction, on Friday, Sept. 2??, at II o'clock, in the gallery over ih?- I* Minora No. 23 Nassau street, Ancient and Modern Oil l\?i ntln^s, comprising works' of Adam Rarland, Geo. L. Rrown, I>. M. Carter. Rnarifm.iti, R tmieu, Ingraham and others: also verv line old Sy ndics by some of the old ina?ter>: also several very fine Oil Paintings by American and English artists, aold to pay idvanoM, HENRY GREEN, AUCTIONEER?TIIIS DAY, AT 10^ ?>' lock, at tli?* auction store l'J4 William street. large lot o. Groceries, Wines, Rnndies, Segars, Hams, Shoulders, Fius. lot/ boxes Maecarotil, Ac. Also at 12 o'clock, lot of Clothing, Dry and Fancy Goods, Smith's Tools, Workbenches, \r. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, AUCTIONEER?WILL include In his 11 *rdware sale, this day, at 73 William sue*;, iwnniy-tbrcc Rill thirty-six Double Barrel German Guns. Also forty Double Barrel English Guns, warranted real twist. Terms cash, current money. TO I IN K. V A N A N T W H \iFfi SO NTA LOTION EEK?WIlTL ?J S'-ll tlii day (Thursday), September 19, 18*31, ut the sales1 rooms 73 Willi*m street, 3U0 lots Engii*h, German and A moil an Hardware, Cutlerv, ?te., comprising in part Cast Steel Shears an ! Sciss?>rs, Wostrnholms' and Wade ?fc Rutchor's O.ilery, Razors, .1 : Cast M 1 Flies, Augurs and Augur Hltls, ilrnss and White Metal Hand Hells, Laurel Chls?cl II ndl??s, Grindstones, Plumbs and Levels, Molas?vs Gates, Douglas* k W< therby's Draw knives, Roxwood Rules, Screw )'. *. Sp?? b *, SI edge Hammers, Padlocks, Mallets, Axe II Ives, .* , .Ve Terms cash. I V. DAVIS* AVCTWNKER.--f'*) CASKS ROOTS, . v:'i I Uro.-.uis at h i : ?n. ?> * T!. irvlay, 8? j>t. I K j- I . .? i < ??<?! ? < f J. S. I,?\ i-rott .v <S"?>. lt? < !i * t. i?.| rM'n? n I .r ? airtm.'Ht of fresli city ^ > !.-a.j . uutry i ~ 8 ALBS^ AT ATTCTIOfr. JOHN H. BUKLEY, AUCTIONEKR-WILL SELL Tlllfl dav. at 2 o'clock, at 444 Caual street, a large uasortmoul r>f marble ton and other Bureaus, Whk) inland*. Wardrobes, Boras, Sofa Beds, mahogany and other Bed?t?uds; PWr, Oval, Mantel and other (Jlasscs; mahogany Rocking und othei Chain*; Externum, Centre and other Tut lea; book*undM, lJrusselH, Three-ply and otht-r Carpels; Oilcloths, Hair and other MattreBfU'ct; rVather lieds, liUwikois, Brddlug, Cooking ?"N# ?? ????* <IBiV| Lhint( for housekeeping. PR WILKIN9, AUCTIONEER. . I'll I LI I' it. wlLKJNd will veil ut auction, on Friday, September 20. at 10^ o'clock, ut No. ft- WVst Twenty-ninth street, neur nlxth avenue, an assortment *?f handsome Fur* niture consintin^ in i art of ro8iwo<Hl Solan, Chairs and Voltaire Chairs, in v?*lvet, maroon and haircloth; Tcte-a?Tete, in satin brocatel and haircloth; Etegert*, inarble top Sofa and Centre Tables, extension Dlnlm? Table, oak Chairs, Yuh?;h, l*ier OlaaaoM, rosewood French mdsteaas, Wardrobes, t ua wiled (/'haniitcr Suits, marble lop Bureaus, Lace Curtalii*, Ae. Alao a Si'CTftiiiy licdateud, made by Plymptmi, in i"*r loct order; Brumieltt and Itiiiralu CaipoU, OialulUn, Si at treaset,, ,tp. RIOriAKD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL THIS DAV nell at 1S6 Cherry aired, at lu>? o'clock, ft nlee iwaort. iiient ol ili'iiMi liolil Furniture, Sofa, mahogany Chalra, Boek? ei-H, Bureau, Iron and other R-iUteada, B<'.!s, Bedilhig, Car* |X'1?. Stove ami goud Kltcheu Furniture. Sale punitive. Richard Walters, auctioneer, will sell to. morrow (Friday), at ll)>? o'clock, at it Catharine street, Corner ol Henry, tin' en tiro balance or atock of above Orooerj and LI'|nor Store, connl-dlng of Tcaa, Sugar*. Colleen, Butter, Lard, Hum, Shnuldera, Spleen, Soap, Flour, Fruit*. Molaaaoa AUo Brarnlh k Wi.lrk y<, Oln, Ruin and otlu rook A a a quantity of cxcelh lit 1'tpi'H, half Plpua, Canlts, Barrel*. Luriff bcalea, Cuuuier Si'aleu, olio large lr<?n Safe, Bnxea anil guoo Cnuutora anil Slnre Fixtures, Awnings, Stove, Oih Plxturea One good Oiocer'a Morae, Cart and llarucas. Sale ponltlvt and unlimited. S.t j. booart, auctioneers.?tiii3 dav, a1 ll>X o'clock, at 77 Oreeuwl h avenue, opnoaite Seveutl avenue, mortgage dale?The Furniture uml hlxturuauf tha 11. ,1 . ! ktir.n n L? 11... I n.l,I-., I <1....I..M and square Tables,, Counter, Chair*, Engravings, Decanters, Tuinbleia, Seusrs, Wines aiul Liquors, three Newman's Beer 1'iimns. with Cooler* and Pipe; liftmen Bedsteadq Feather Hods ana Bidding, Crockery and Glassware, Wash' *tuii Ih, (Mocks, rooking Utvtisiis, Locking Glares, jgc, Lh po* its required from all purchasers. J At/OH MITCHELL, Attorney f<<r Mortpacei*. SA J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEERS.?FRIDAY, SEPT. Jt), ut 1()>, o'clock, at 191 Grand street, administrator's talo of Household Furniture, consisting of mahogany Sofas, K'K'kcri, Parlor Chairs, Looking Glasses, Window Curtains, Brussels and Ingrain OnrpeU, in thogany Bureaus, Washstands, mahogany and Cottage Bcdsu-ada, Iiair Mattresses, larjt?* quantity oi Feather Beds an ! B-ddin.?, Extension Dining Table, Cruckerv and Glass Ware, Kitchen Furniture and Ulonaili. WILLIAM SMITH. I idmlnlatratori WILSON 8. SMITH, I Adiuinistiators. O A J. BOG ART. AUCTIONEERS.?SATURDAY, SEPO* teinbef 21, at l(j}^ oMoek, at the auction rooms, No. J North Willi tin street, uiorticsge sale.?-A general assortment ot Parlor, bedroom and Kitchen Furniture. JOHN' R. FAKRIKGTON, Attorney for Mortgagee. QBBRirrB SALS -OOAL.-CH AXBUtfe A I'AIR. lO CHILD, Auctioneer *, saleroom 113 Nassau street. Bj virtue of a warrant ?f! attachment issued out of the Supreme Qourt of the State of New York bj Son. Th man W. Clerks JuHtu e, and also by virtue of nil order of i ale w anted by Hon uenrue v. jiuruaru, on 01 me jusue??s vuerenr, ft no to tn? direeted jtii 1 delivered, I will expos to sale .it public wndut ou Thursday, the 19th day of September, 1801, At 11 o'ol ?ck In the forenoon, at the foot of Delanccy street, on board the canal l>oat J. J. Lo^an, one cargo of Anthracite Coal, con* sisting of about I8d tons. JOHN KELLY, Shoiiff. i) .' m1 Nkvv York, Sept. 17, 18.11. J, . .-<? ^ _JU2?2 mr y~- "npr WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER.?MUST nE SOLD to close the business: Carpets, Oilcloths, liugs, Mats, Window Shades, Ac. The entire stork contained in tht large carpc t more, II Bowery, will be sold at auction, on Tuesday, Sept. 24. This i* a rare chance, an the stock is vcrj large, consisting of Carpets of various qualities, from the tin* st English Velvet to a common Ingrain Carpet. All in want of i irjiets wouM do well to attend this sal'*. The sail will commence at HH? o'clock. Also a Horse, Wagon and Harness will t;e sold .it ii o'clock. WM. S. McILVAJN, AUCTIONEER?GREEN HOUSE Tf 1'lants at auction, on Thursday, 19th Inst., at 11 o'clockat No. 9 John street. Sale comprises a choice assortment or new and rare Plants never be lore olferod at auctiou, from Mr. Louis Menaud, Albany, N. Y. WM. WOLFF. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 40 JACKSON street?Will sell on Friday. Sept. 2d, at l(J)>j o'clock, the entire Stork and Fixtures of the grocery and liquor store. 80 Nassau street, with dining saloon attached, consisting of splendid blaek walnut ton Counters, Gl iss Oases, Ice Boxes. Tables and Chairs, Beer lJumpsf Ac., (looking Range, with all other utensils; also a good assortment of line groceries, choice Liquors and 8e ;ars. LOST AND FOtTO* IjlOUND?ON THE MORNING OF THB 7TH INST , ON " theeoin'-r of Fifth avenue and Forty-second street,a blaek and white Newfoundland Dog; a tanned snot on one oi his fore legs. The owner can have him by proving property, and paying expenses. Apply at No. 4 Horatia street. EDW. O'NEILL. j OST?ON SATURDAY, 14TH INSTANT, IN COMING J J home from the Central Park, a real black Lace Veil. The Under will be suitably rewarded on leaving the same al No. 22 West Nineteenth street. I OST?ON TUESDAY EVENING, SEPT. 17, A SOLIl taire. or single stone Diamond Breastpin, for which lbs tinder will receive a reward o! ten dollars on leaving it wltl) the ei. rk in the oin of tl?e Libby House, 06 Warren street. Iost?on sunday last, in deshrosses street, J a lf.uik Ho'ik, i-n the Greeuwich Saving* Batik, No. 51,04.'). The finder will receive the thauks of the owner by leaving it ut No. 13 l>t-*brosscs street. 108r-A BUCK NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, WITH J white breast, fore leys and end of tall; answers to the name of Watch. A j;ood reward will be paid it returned to N<>. 20 Meaver,strert, up stairs. Tost?on Saturday last, supposed in tub J Central Park, a black memorandum ilook, with Andrew Hinny <?i? fly leal. Whoever will return it to P. S. Kenway, 27 i'1 ii i itnet, i? icwarded. LOOT OE STOLEN?ON LAST EVENING, WHILE GO. in^ into a l ri?atid's houi-e in Chatham street, a gray Horns and Curt. No. 3,079. I hereby oiler a reward of $25 if return* ed to M. Olwell, 410 Cherry street, and no questions asked. Lost or stolen?a gold white faced watch; by Roskell, No. 55.840; on the train or at the depot, Jer? H< y City, I'rom Philadelphia, evening of the 16th; arrived be. tween .S and 1). For I he recovery of the above (in good coder) $fi0 will ho paid and no questions naked: at No. 20 We-t Forty-sixth stret t, New York. Call at 6 P. M. fifift ?lost, on THE morning of the 9tii ins!.. $8,000. in Certilieat'-s of Denoslt ?>n the Chemical Bauk, payable to the order of George W. Hill. The above are of no use to any one but the owner, payment having been stopped. Wfcoevrr will return the same to No. 144 West TwelitL aire't, will be suitably rewarded. "j -* g. w. hill. KK WARDS. ' *? Q>n REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY EVENING, 14th in*t.. in Forty-lifth street, near Broadway, a Biaek and Tan Slut; answer* to the name of Tho above reward will be paid at 230 Third avenue, on delivery of tiie ?t?>jc. Q 1 H RKWAHD.? LOST, ON LAST SATURDAY NIGHT, %\1" /a N<\\ loundland 1>< g. II had a white ring round his n?? k, .-in I two forelegs white, wl:h hind too and end of tall tipped wi.h while. Whoever will return the tame to 23 Bowery, shall receive the above reward. QZf) 1IKWARD.?LOST, ON' SATURDAY EVENING. yoV a cormdian casneo Hr??oi h; the design a female head in lih,h relief, set with a row of diamond* ami pearl*. Suppose.i either in Thirty-fourth *tre< t, Filth avenue or Broad way. The al ove rew ;rd will be paid by leaving the name at Tul any ifc Co.'s, .\V> Br ?ad\vray. 8POBTING. REA1 CRICK ET MA K ll EN OLD-COUNTRYJ men vs. Tweut} -two Ann ri ^t us, at St. George's Ground, lIo'? :ken.?-B "ficl^ ? i ami W wry Wri;;it, on FiiJayund Saturday, 20th ami 21 hi Sepi. On Saturday nlue of the Americans v. .11 play a ^ame oi U.ise Bail with any nine that m iy I)" ehosen, or any ti. lit". n Old Oountryn en. i'lav begins a: 10 A. M. each day. A Unis -ion 20 cents. Ladies free. MAsnrr or st. Bernard slut wanted?siie nm*i be ot large m/.c, short haired, and gentle. Address tox l ost o lice. TATAPITI DEER - TO CAPTAINS AND OTHEBS.t V Wanted to purchase *i\ HioUs or two btagB of the above named s|,<M-i?'s ' lr. inu). Th y may be delivered in nnyport la < llri'al ?. Lot'lS FKAKbU. Naturalist and ZoologtC.l Agon I, TJ Mi\ ei* >' rect, West London. COPA RTNERSHIP NOTICES. / 10PAI rXERSIIIP ?A )D BT EINESS M \N. WHO \j em invest .i lew thousan! dollirs and having consider* able Influence in Kumpe, is d? :sirons of mooting with a party, either in an established l>usln"*s <?r who thoroughly under* stands i!?e American trade. wine and foreign liquor bu? s neKH preferred. Address Wine, box 770 Post ofllce, New York. Dissolution of partnership.?the copart* netship heretoreexistlng under the name of Manwaring X Arcularius, was diflaolvtd by mutual consent on the lsl<Iay of July, 13C1. DANIK1 MANWAUINO, JOHN AKCULARIU8, The business will still be continued tin ier the name ol Daniel Man waring, 13 and 14 Fulton Fish Market. N. Y. DANIEL MAN WARING. rpo CAPITALISTS ?WANTED, A PARTY WITH A 1 numerate capital, to join in a new invent!- n, of ureal Importance for naval and military purposes, for which a jv?tent has Just been granted. For particulars address Id writing K. F., box 076 New York Post oil Ice. \\TANTEP?A PARTNER, WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, t ? in a wholesale new m? tin d imitation Liquor and Wine Business, i cuimin# to $l,U00 real profit. Apply to t. KItiL, 189 Kldrtdge street, up stairs. WANTED?A GOOD UUSINES8 MAN WITH A CASII T capital ot $2,fi00 r St.'.*#) to purchase one-h ilf lnte;-est Ill a small hotel Mil,I take the entire ehargft of lliu same, ii* tiii> present proprietor h.s oilier ImiineiH. Tho house is splendidly locate,! uiiil nntv iloinft n <*i>nd tomftteui. Address, with true name, He my May, l>< <x 120 lloiulri niloe. \\'A.NTEi,-,\ PARTNER, WITH J|.i? ? TO tS.fW; TT twelve year* established. A IhikIiii'mi man an make $100,IXW the next ten years, without rl-k. Cash sale*. Call on or address J. T. .Toni;?mi, Belmont Hotel, from 1 to 3 I'. M. VV'ANTKn-A PARTNER, IV TDK PATENT Mill). it li-lne bnsl'i.M, well established and only ne>-dlnt capital to in ?k< It very remunerative. Anyone luivln* from $1A,UU0 to $2),um) will p|ca?? address, Patent Medlclncs, with full pHriiealars, box 653 New York I'opt olllco. 0>7? -WANTED, A MAN TO TAKE FULL CLIARUE ?J> I O* of a liquor store down town, us partner. Apartmenu for a family. Will take p.irt essh, a* a man is mora needed than money. Apply at 101 M >tt street, or 12 Centra street. ZEIH.IO A HAST1NU8. -irn CASH?WITH ACTIVITY AND PERSONAL it11 itI >n, will wurr .i partnership fer wife, ty, respectability and prollt I s no eoual. Association and locution the very best. Address Pine Street, Herald oillce. 0:1 1W\H -AN ACTIVE man, with about this <7>L.v''"*'? Htiiount In <ai-h, nihv Und a very desirable opportunity to us-1 It ii Ivanlaijeoualy by addressing a line to t: SV. S., Im'.j lf9 ll? raid <*iO rrnn -V. AM ; !>. a PARTNER, WITH fROM ?-i'. >) i.. i-ash, la th?> rtry K<?i i? mii'i. lit vs, aln udy csuu li^hnl ami evrrythlnK going on itosjhtounly. For atMross <). \V. P., box 125 Hern Id liliiO. Ci~? fWWl -AN fNEXrUPTTONAnLT? BrSTNE^a PiJ.'M'l!, iV< an ?i 'i. i'h !? !'^0 to $.'? CM) in cash. 1 In i-liM In a sal", r Ul* and 1 .! 1) rc? >,> ii I .m-0i i. '' i rt i; ' r.?-i i- '..ily a. ; .i 'a V>0 i\y i It. BIGGd .? 1-03 ISl'iiK, ?3No3?au tfircot.

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