Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1861 Page 5
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As it is he would not be able to ban<llc the c Iping knife skilfully enough to gratify his tnuUl tastes, so be determines upon butchering the entire body. Such a inan is more fit for a Slaughter house than a position of military command. Party Suuscriitioks.?The different wirepullers and politicians will soon be parsing around the bat for contributions to assist in electing their respective tickets. Let none of tbo merchants or business men of our city give the first cent to any purty, except it be to assist In the election of the conservative ticket, with Dickinson at its bead and Tallmadgc bringing tip the rear. If the mousing politicians wish to run anv other ticket let them bear their own txpeneea. lYallnck * Nrw Theatre. The final touch of the d -corator have been given to tie interior 01 this dera il establishment, and wo yesterday had au opportunity of seoiug it lighted up. At first Wiew the auditorium apiiears to be but very little more capacious than lliat of tin old house. When, however' ho eye has had tiino to oxp'ore Us depths it is seen (hat In addition to the gre-rtor >;>aco devoted to the lobbies ud pa.-s there is, both in the dimensions of he goats and in thoir numb >r, a much larger amount of accommodation. The height of the celling from he lloor of the parquet is sixty-six feet, atid above this again is a aocoud ceiling at an interval of six feet, which allows the amplest space for vcaUUtiou. As regards the latter esseutial, nothing can bo moro ll'^tiyo. than the arrang in nts for creating and maintaining* cons;.iut movement in the atmcsjihere of the hiusu, without cxp -lug the audience to injurious currents of air. The width <4? the auditorium is seventy two feet,aud the first tier stands ton feet above It, alfordlug from the bark se.tts of the parquet an uninterrupted view o( the siage. In order that persons occupying plnivg At this remote distanco may hoar with the same facility, me whiih nave neon pinnenen witn wood, Railing ot conrn1 mnteri illy Co tin- acoustic quatitiM or the building, which in other respects iitmot bo surpassed. The great feature in the auditorium is the tbaeuce of stagi boxes, which gives to th? eye the full mv -ep or the curve up to the proscenium, thus enabling those soatod at the sides to see us woil as if they were placed in front. Dissimulated, however, within the range of this curve are private buses, each holding about twenty persons, and, owing to the peculiarity described, ;vflbrdl;ig full command of tho Btaee to all the r occupant?. This bold departure from the conventional prejudices which iusist on giving to the lage a heavy architectural fr>>ut, has not only resulted In an improvement which adds immensely to tho comfor' wt vuu Itu'imuvc, I'UV ** Iiivjii ^Miuiivs iin; rji! l>y nil eilCCl tfiamiing am it is novel. The 8tago has lor framework mvivly two p.liars, with floral ami capitals, from wliicb spring au faich of similar light dccoration in white and gold. Th? design of tho drop scene id t-kiltully ?U'istoJ to this plan, an innor framework carrying out it.; forms and delicate ornaments. The subject chosen by the artist is Just what wo would l?ok for in tho centre of an encadremnit, puroly French, being a scene after Watteau, with courtly l>"atilii s and ob?t|uioii8 gallants disporting themsolvos In a landscape whoso skilfully harmonize I tones form a pleasing background to their gay costumes. The s*ago Is much larger than that of the old house. t>lny seventy-l wo feet wido by sixty-flvo deep. The proscenium is thirty six feet by thirty-eight, and the drop curtain forty f<-et both ways. The height from the tare to the taachiua InIL is fiirlv.flv? f r'nf an thai it will bo seen thore la abundant space Tor the performance, on tU.< in st etfective scale; of those Spectacular dramas with which Mr. Wallack at times likes to vary the light comedies which aro the staple of bU theatre. l'nder (lie f-tago floor thu depth is twelve foot, with excelled light uud ventilation. Hero are situ. *t"d the greeu room and dressing rooms of thu actors and actrcaxe*. The decorations of the house are in excellent taste, there being a very sparing choice of colors, and only sufficient gilding to light up the tints ujed. Instead of the h??vy mouldings usually employed in the ornamentation of the boxes and upper tl>r, iron work, almost as rich and delicate as loco, hug been laid over the wood. The effect of this Innovation i8 greatly to be admired, and the success that has attended It will no doubt lead to its more froquont use for purposes ?l architectural ornamentation. It i? calculated tiial iho houso will seat comfortably two thousand five hundred porson,-?'is large a number as any theatre (a likely to bo called upon to accommodate where there are so ur.any rival cstubdshuu nts to dispute the public iNUroituge. The provisions for escape iu the eventof Arc are such as to set at rest any apprehensions on this account. There are three large folding doors leading from the auditorium to each lauding, ai d the p&wat, ? and stairs are of unusual ?I'?ciousihsr. u'i nroaaway mere is an entrance or eifiilcon feet wu'.", and on thirteenth street another of Inula:" capacity. besides these, if accessary, ready exit ould he obt line 1 through the stage into the Fourth avenue. Consirti red in regard to both construction ami lucalon, It must bo admitted that this theatre is ono of the best plauood and most c tiveni'ntly situated iu the city. Academy ov m u-?, the prestldigit ateur, o>j: limits t" croud ilio Academy of Music with delighted ?udirncess. Si great are the crowds that the rnauagomcut has determined to reserve peats iu all parts of the house. Court CaUndar?Tlii< Day. Stnw:?K<'orur?t !M err?No?. 1^71. *<58, 7:'-?1.. 744. 7f>4, 7h:>, 7S7, 81ft. sa:>, K;a. N'>7, S70, S75. 944. 957,961,974, Sst.85tt. 9U2. Ixirso S;aik-- Ft.trjcr Court?N'os. 26, 23.29.21,12. 26, 3T. Oar Milr Nap??Colared Edition. A. now edition of the HKP.A1.D Wnr Map*, on calendered paper, beautifully r<,[or<id. is now ready. Size of sheet U)\50 contain*! t ilrij-two Mnp?:?A Larok Map or thk Ow.hatioks or run Kaval Kxpkoitiox, showing the Const *l>u lllicxui v'divuiu?, uuiv tii n of Ilatteras InKt, Sc.; Tiik Battle fir.iD at Wilson's Orfkk, Mo., where Ouoral Lyon was killed; The Battle Field at ha t. Hun, from the ottlclal drawing of General NeDowell; Large Maps of Missouri axo the Peat op War ?n rut: Wmr. and tin Skat or WjB is Virginia, A BittnsnYE Vie w or titk Ukituo Mates, and twenty-six others, showing I ?t a glance the W!w' Seat of War, and marking clearly and .disMuntly the armli'f' movements, positions, camps, harbor*, frrt*. Ac., printed In superior stylo, on one side of a large ?1:eet, *1 that they eati be hting up in library, office or work*'aop, for preservation and reference dnrlng the war. These aiajwi were drawn < nd engraved expressly fur the NEW YORK IIKRAl.l), and are liit* miwt oerreet War Maps Issued. tivTgJ" rupies, < 'r t*-'; fifnrfl; and 100tor$l2A0. Agents wanted everywhere. Address EDWARD K. LLOYD A CO.. exclusive a^'iiti tur the colored edition, 'A)3 Broadway, ,Hew York. (initial Urawingi of Dlnrrajr, Eddy dc 'C'l'.'* Kentucky a.H Missouri State Lotteries. Kkntui kv. hxriiA Ci ass 490?September 18, 1881. 7o, 70. J!. 53, 4, OH, (;ti, 20, 7li. IN, 5. KtNTtcir, Clam t!h>?Spj teinber IS, 1601. Bt. 55, 24, 11, 3$, 5 ?, 37, ?-<, 77, 62, 33, 31, 28. Circulars sent l'rec of charge i>v addressing either to MrRKAY. Kf>DT ,i CO., Covington, Ky., or rit. Louis, Mo. ftoyal llnrnnn l.otfcry.?Ptlwi Cailieil And informal! u fnrnUIircl hy TAYLOK A CO., bitnlteis, 10 VaH street, NoK York. Li'i;l?lii(iTi' Cnrru l/t loll. THE LIHBL Si; IT OK I.i I 1I.K.IOHX AGAINST fiRF.F.LF.Y. 'I'll" WEKKIjV i KI (iI'_S , i1 v ready, contains a report of Dearest Llnel Mil. n rnlaskl, Ohw-'.-o'county. including The Arcmn *i''ni : Counsel, the Huliugs of the Court, and the Testimony in |iv. 1'rlce tlve ct ii.s f_ ,> rktmum Add re a THF. TRIBI KB. . New Vork. IjjMlirx?Ti> Ilnxe Your Mnrn< nnil Cotton* Blnwlml liKiuil.olly while ?nd Irec li-om the odor of Ckiiiitium line I'VI.E'S O. K. S Sold l>y giocerd fMfmNi Bntihrlor'n llair Dyc?Thc lint In the vorl'l?liurm , reliable and Instantaneous. ot I A i'.'tliXOK'ii wig factory, 18 Bund street. Cr[?(niloin'a Ifuir Dyt, ttntl Toti1"" ? ?The hesc in : > \\in 1.!. V.",o! -Mile nnil reiall, and the >>e privately njipllcil. Jin. 0 An', or llnUMt. Tlill, Illimitable C'ti<t?r of Hair and V.'aUKcn, Ji i. I Boivl ly atrect; Hall Dye, 50 cent*, black or Ikilr.?ltt Di'intm, Clinngc of Color, Mill i N* w trfatniful, by (,! 11 ANl'JliAN. A?or iilikce. r?rlj yearV expei. iK't'. B<ntilifr.l Coinplciion.? t(i'? Mqulil J' .nrI hft? a v 'ii'l ii ' I'U'brity us baring no pr^ial foi pre(ii>n :u; umi beautifying 'lie complexion and skin. 4 BROADWAY. B?rry\? Trit oplicron* it Hit- Bc*t ???ii f ))pi|M'*tarUi ! " fur l>i ."mik. H<\iutifvliiff, Ouritntr, Clmning I'mwrrlng .tnti restoring tiie ilalr. try ii. Sold by *11 ilrtiglsts. MlllUry itlinuklci' Biich am) AlHloiniitril Supporters combined?A nov and superior article, at MAKSIl A CO..; i'l'uM ulli'.e, Nj. 2 Vc^t-y street, Astur liuusc. % NE Singer di Co.'* Sctving Mat-hints, Willi nil the iwut Improvement!. Urritt reduction tu pricet. C*U tiud examine at 468 Broadway. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18?fi P. M. The recent excitement in the money market lias altogether subsided, and money i? freely offered at 5 per cent, though many loans continue to bear mieresi ai o. raper is not, to reaauy ?om ?? u was; when the United States bid 7 3-10 for money merchant* can hardly expect to sell their obligations at 6, though call loans may be one per cent lower. The various financial institutions of this city always require to keep on hand enough money to establish a difference, in a dull stock market, of one per ccut between call loans and the best paper. It transpires thnt some of the speculators in foreign exchange burnt their fingers yesterday, and were unable to dispose of all the bills they had purchased. They made money, however, ns a general rule; they sold at lO&^t a % what had cost them 107% a 108. Stocks were better to-day, though the business transacted was small. At the first board Virginias rose 1 ya, Missouris New York Central %, l'a" eific Wail Erie %, (talcna } {; the only exception to the market being lllinoisCeutral, which declined Biuv&s cuuimuc very scarce lnaecu, ana ifie general tenor of the news in not favorable to the bear party. Nothing short of au overwhelming defeat of the United State* forces can cause a material decline in prices in the present condition of the money market and the present temper of the public mind. The reports from the West are more favorable for the Western railways. The stoppage of traffic on the Mississippi is driving ull the grain grown in the States adjoining that river to Chicago. The roads which traverse the State of Illinois have more freight offered than they can carry, and, as a matter of course, their passenger business will improve in consequence by and by. A fair illustration of the movement js afforded by the increase in the earnings of the Galena?l'^4it,245 in the last eight montliE?4x/t per cont on the capital stock. We hear that there is reason to believe that the New York Central and Erie are about to agree upon a fair tariff of freights, and so terminate the recent competition. Alter the board the market was quite steady. At the second board stocks were all better, und the market closed steady, the following being the last quations:?United States G's, registered, 1881, 'JO a 00%; United States C's, coupon, 1881, !?0% a 90%; United States ,Vs. 1*74, 80 a 80%; Indiana 5's, 77 a 7!); Virginia G's, 51% a 53; Tennessee 6's, 42J^ a 43%; North Carolina G's, 61% a G2; Missouri G's, 43 a 43%; Pacific Mnil,82% a 83; New York Central, 72% a 7'2%; Erie, 25% a 2G; do. preferred, 4R a 47; Hudson River, 33% a 34; Harlem, 10% a 10%; do. preferred,25 a26; IteadiHg35 a 35%; Michigan Central, 42 a 42%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 13%; do. guaranteed, 30% a 30%; Panama, 10S% a 10ft; Illinois Central, 65% a 65%; Galena and C hicago, 69% a (>' *%; Cleveland and Toledo, 2'.i% a 20%; Chicago and Hock Island, 43% a 4"%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 01 a 62; Delaware, 1-ackawana and Western, 67 a 68; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chlen, 17% a 18%; Illinois Central bunds, 7's, 92 a 93; Delaware and Hudson Canal,63 a 83%. The article from the London Times which is copied elsewhere, shows that that journal deems it unsafe to cuntinuc to oppose purchases of our nntional securities in England. Its endorsement of American credit, extorted as it in by the force of the facts, will not be without it* effect iu England. In the coarse of u few weeks the consumption of United States Treasury rvotes will probably be greater in Great Britain than here, though it is possible that foreigner!! may have to pay a premium for them. It would be well lor tho Secretary of State and tlie Secretary of the Treasury to have uu occasional interchange of views, as the recent pro. ceedings of the one are seriously interfering with tiie policy of the otiier. Within the past few days the agents of the Seorctary of State have been constantly running up and down Wall street in chase of Southern money. They have seized $10,000 in one place, $o,000 in another, $20,009 in a third; a box of papers in one bank, a roll or notes in another, a bundle of bonds in another, a trunk of valuables in a fourth?the whole belonging or supposed to belong t?? citizens of' the State# now controlled by the rebels. The consequences of these confiscations are a gain to the United States of perhaps $50,000 a fGO,000, and a loss of several millions to the city of New York; for Use moment it became known that Mr. Seward's agents were on the track of Southern money, every bank and banker made haste to remit all he had to Europe for safety? rightly deeming his duty to his client paramount to every other consideration. The consequence of this sudden transmission of moneys to Europe has been a considerable reduction of the bank deposits here?a rise in exchange to within % per cent of the specie rate?and a general disturbance of the money market which, with other causes, has reduced the popular subscriptions to the national loan fifty per cent. It may be very right and proper, perhaps, to despoil the Southerners who, relying upon our honor, sent ns their money to keep, when they could not trur-t the rebel governments which had usurped authority over theiu; hut surely it is a lata! error to gratify patriotic zeal in this way, when the effort convnlses our money market, disturbs the foreign exchanges and checks subscriptions to the popular loan. The business ot' the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day: ? Receipts f450,440 30 ?For euptomx 6,000 ?x? ?Treasury notes 445.000 00 Payments 1,330.985 83 Ealunco 14,206,752 47 We understand that the directors of the Panama Railroad Comnanv voted vesterdav to invest their surplus funds in 7 3-10 per cent Treasury notes. Thej' have already taken $100,000, and propose to also call home their baldness in London, which, together with what has remained idle here, reach nearly a half ntilliwn dollars. The Binghamton Daily Republican says:? Wo learn that our citizens are nobly responding to th < appeal of the Secretory of the Treasury In behalf'of lie; patriotic loan, ami that already from $15,000 to$20,000 have been forwarded through ttio Broome County an<l Susipiehauna Valley banks, for tho 7 3 10 per cent cerlitl catcs. The Galena and Chicago Railroad earned the second week of September:? 1861 $61,437 1860 64,300 Decrease $1,H72 This is much more favorable than was expected. The following is a summary of the condition of the banks of the three cities as shown by theirlaat wnnlrWr ililAmnli /,r*ni/>. SpeH$. Clrml.i'n. ftrt f1>t'h, N. Yurk, Si'pt. lG.$l?fi.:,?'?.?;37.529,412 8,7</-\<;2U ?7n J!.,.slr.?, s.-pt. lti M ia?) OtKl.'M) G.HB.iiW) Zl.l7 .mi> fUila>l?.,Se|>t. 16. 27.S7I.497 8.046,83# '2,U',Sia lti,'J7ti,Ol7 Total $22-1,729,121 4S?,2M,tf43 I7.>7,4f? 149,M7.HM? Last week ?l,8iiS.#3t 54.5*2.745 1 7,5*8,374 166.t)7U,517 Stork Eichangc. WKKMK-IMY^pt. IS, 1801. $12000 USA's,'81,cou !>0 lOnlts Bink of Bep 8.'< 3000 1? S 6'S,'71, cou hO12 100 N V C'out 1(R 72*,, 200i'0 U S 5's,'74, cou 80 600 do s."50 72', 2500 Tro:\61> c,two y 9S!j 060 do 72?,; 10000 Ohio 6 s,'70... tO 0 do Ti?'t 6000 Virginia 6's.... 62 90 Facitlc Mull SS Co 82 10?0 do 62 X 100 dc U30 82 4OO0 do 63 100 do 81,', r. [\iu\ ,1,, u 1 it r.o ca .1.. til 1000 Tonne 8. '90.. 4.", 100 d> bio M ?000 Missouri O's... 4:;ir.0 i'lic RR 261, 6000 do 815 4:5 50 do SCO 25,', i:!000 do 43',' 7 MirhfKVNlKtvMk Co COOO do., .b30 4.1'* 100 IiiC.niRH3ci)M-30 65 2000 Louisiana 6'm .. 65 150 do 65 60<H) N V Cerilr.ii 6> '.'2 4J <!o 2000 N Y G-n c b Tf. 350 Gal fc Cut 11R . . 69,'j 6000 ERR 3d m b,'93 H4 too do.. . s?7 60', looo UCBpclMin?.tb 08 700 Cle k lol RR 2it;? 3000r,H.V<)RRSb f'.! 200 do t.fiO 29>i 500 111 Cent KK bds 02 2"0 Chi A: Rock Is KK 4:? 8000 1. E&Wl.tmb G6 60 Oil.BfcQRK.blO tilX 1000 N J Ccut lsi id 102>i iW YORK HERALD, TIIUj SECOND BOAKI). $0000 US?'s, '81,reg 90 loo .-.lisraeMSSCo.n.TO ? > 60000 USS's, '74,cou hi) 100 ill) 1)16 N2^ 5000 US-8 8,'62 9.") f>0 (lo X21, 1000 Tr 6 p c 2 year. 0S>^ loo do 82 2000 California 7 8.. 7a 60 do KM) 88 600 dn 78 V l.'O Del .t Hud Cau Co 83 1000 Teiin 8'*, '60... 42?, loo .V Y Couirai Kit.. 72 2000 do 4U 60 Ml So & N I g elk. ">0!4 10000 Missouri 6's... 4:1 10 l'anama BR lotf 2000 N Carolina 6'ti. 0134 60 CK vu Wills RU. Ti 5'Uio do 02 60 tial li Chic BR... J>!)'i 6000 Georgia 6'a.... 04'? lio do on'4 1( 00 Erie KB lm bda 103 loo do stU) 08 2000 do 102Vi I.'pO C'llic & Rk 1*1 Kit. 4?Ji 14 slis l'ac M HS M|| 100 do 43); 56 do 82 CITV CUMMEBClAli RKPOET. Wkummday, 8epl. H?6 P. M. AVIIVJ Thft mtrlrnt ??.?o >*l?u ? at $5 25 lor pots uud pearls. l'KUMTt'M's.?Hour?Tlio market was firm, while prices were without change of Importance. Tin- sales embraced about 18.000 bbls., cloning wlthiu the ralign of the following quotations:? Suprrtino State 70 a 4 SO Kxtra Mat", Kuod to choice ft 15 a 6 B5 Superfine Weetorn 4 70 a 4 so Common to choice Western oxtru 5 10 a t> 10 Kxtra Canada 6 15 a 6 50 Mixed to straight Souther:! 6 25 ft 5 75 Straight logins! extra do 6 76 a H 00 C'hoii e extra family and bakers' brands... . 8 00 a K 50 Rye floor 2 86 a ! 80 Corn mMil, Jersey and Hratidy wine 2 K0 a :i 00 ?Caiuiian Hour ww in fair request at quotations, while the ?alec embraced about 700 bbis. Southern Hour wart in steady demand and prices firm, especially for the better class of brands. The sales footi d up alKnit 2,500 bbls., closing witlim tho range of tbo abovo quotations. Kye Hour was m fair demand ;uid steady at our quotations, with sales of 250 bbls. Corn lueal was quiet, with sales oi 100 Mils, at our quotations. Wheat was Iwsactive and closed ea.'ler et or about le. per bushel dec itie. Tlin i: ,. a -I I... I. I.. ? " $1 31 for Kentucky white (part delivered), $1 28 it $127Vjfor white Obio, $1 30 a $1 31 fur while Canarin, (128a $1 32for white Indiana unit Michigan, $1 17 * $1 20 fur rod rtato, fl 21 tor ambor Michigan, $1 14 a $1 21 fnr winter' rod Western, $ 1 05 a $1 11 for Milwaukee club, $1 02 a fl 00 for Chicago goring. and $1 07 a $1 ot) for Itacine do. Corn wan rather iirmer fur shipping lots, w ith sales of atioul 120,000 bushels at 61c. a 52c. for heated, an 1 Kit-, a Mc. for Knstorn |iorts, and at 64c. a 65c. for good to prime shipping lots of W< steru mixed, Kye way soiling at oric. for W est ern and 70c. f r State. Hurley and bar'. > malt were In active and prices nominal. Oats were (Inn, w ith Bales of heavy Canadian, Western and Stat at 860. Cokkkk.?Tiro market was lirm and ?al?s active, in cludiug two cargoes of 10,88# bug* of Kioat 14\c. a 14 (c > ami 1,000 bugs do. at p. t. Cotton.?Th<v o waa fft little busines* doing :ir scarcely to altord any criterion of the state of the market, ill ! transactions embraced 200 a 300 bales iu small lots. We CMitlnnotoqiii.te middling uploads at 21,V' a 22- ' , ac cording to quality, time Ac. KhK'iatTf.?ltates continued to rule firm, without < h in<{e of inomout in quotations. To Liverpool f>0,oi.0 a 00,000 bushels of grain wt-ro engaged, chiefly in b ilk and leu* at lOJ^d. a lid. for corn and wheat. To 1/mden 6.000 bushels of wheat wore engaged, in ship'* bags, at HI1,1., 180 bb!?. Hour at 3s. 0 I., and 20 U lis of i aril at 4os To llavrc 30,000 bushels of wheat wore engaged, la ship s bags, at 2+'. A vessel of pso 11ins was taken up to 1 a i fur Havre, with wheat, at 24c.; Hour was at 80e. Kn k.?Owing to ?ome government order* being in the market, prici s were llrin and sale! mi re active. ANnd 460 a 500 casks changed bauds at 0>,c. a 7c. Irovi-hi.ns.?I'ork?The matket was stiady, while | s;ui8 caibrui'i d nl/ ut 7oO l?Ws. at a $N i'mlur mews, and (! 75 a $10 for extra, and *) "> 50 g $1( *3 for clear, and (tf 75 a (10 tor prime. M WttUttdM] #d whilo the sales included 300 libls. at $10 'Jft h (11 5o for repa< ked Western mei-H. mid at 112 Ml a (H! 50 for extra. Bew buutrtn firm :>t 91ft a $i.'> .'o. CotbmUwero llrw. A sain of 40 11lids, of shoulders were made at 5c. i I^ard ?a* steady, Willi (tales of 1MW? bids. tit 8ljC. a 9 Butter v\ .ih dull at 12e. a 14"' for 8'ate, and he. ? 10c. for Ohio. Ch ese was at Oc. a 7c. for State, and at Sr. a Oc for Ohio. Sii.ak-" wore tiroi, with hale.-- of fiOO lih>K, i*rt I'orto Rico, nt 8\,e. a0c., and the remainder Cuba niusettviido. at 7.V<'. lor fair to ?'**! relluin^ trader. and nt 8c. a H1 t'c. for grocery Knoda: tiifi salon also embraced 450 boxen, a jM.itlon nt and tho remainder at |>. I., and 12,000 bags Manila at p. t. K*nM< Harpixc?Krrrm/x.?lMllrovklju, on Wcdn^nlay Pep tember t"t, by the Rev. P. J. Yerke*, Mr. .1. W. S. lUunIKU and Uai uklC., youngoat daughter uf Klb?rt Keieham, all <>l llro< kiyr. II: ku?x?II ><>kk.?On Wednesday, Peptemliar IS, at c-t. Paul s chinch, by K"v. K. W. flaiftaunbainar, I'ktbk H. IIkokman, of Brooklyn, to Maria 1,.>iu.?k Mocjbi, daughter ol II. Moure, ol Koi'i Washington, N. V. l.\ti.\a?Marks ?On Wodttc-Mlay, Hcpi -nil?? r 18, liy Rev. Mr. Amkahah i.vins, Jnq., Of thH city, to Mir. WILUKt.MINA makkf.ol fliclunolld, S. 1. Staton Inland papers please copy. Minkr?Korert*.?On Friday ,Sepleinber 6, by thn Hr K. C. 1 lie W son, John U. Mimkk to Miss I1ku..\ M. Rotiun, both of thiH city. Mki.iik?KvrctiAX.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, Septftlllli>r IK T?V iho II I V.?i Lena Mr V* of lambrf ville, N. J., aoil Maru L., eldest daughter of Ell erl Kelcham, of Brooklyn. I'Romm?Smith ?On Tuesday, September 17, at the residence ?>f the bride's father, by the Kev. M. Vetera, Mr. IIknkv S I'ltocroB to Mian MAK"i*i?r e., daughter of George O Smith, Rk) , all of Brooklyn.E. I?. Vai 1IKKVI.KR?Lrr?o.v.?At Now Brunswick, N,J., on Wednesday, September 18, by Rev. .1. I>. Alli^er, Mr. I/ins II Vah Jikrvkkh, of Soinerville, tr> Mis# Mary liRuvx, youngest daughter of the lute William Loisou. Died. AtiAHs.?On Tuesday, September 17, at the residence of Mr T. Bland, Brooklyn, of tyfhn'.d fi vor, I'llARi.m II. Adams, ngi d 'JO years, of the Kirn t/ing Island Vnlun leers, son ?l the late 1'rofossor C. 11. Adaiue, of Atuheist College, Ma.??. The funerul will take place at Amherst, on Friday af temoon, at four o'clock. Barkkr.?On Fourth day morning, after i? lingering ill ni ss, Euzahktu Barkkii, wife of Jacob Barier, aged 77 years,# months ai.d 1ft days. The funeral will tako place M twelve o'clock on I'irsl day, the 221 inst., lioiu her late re Hein e. i>?>t Twenty-Second Btrovt. The friends and acquaintances are re speclfully requested 'u attend without further noli e. BumuM.?On Tuesday, s tptember 17, after a short ill nese, of diptheris, irkna s. hrkxnax, daughter ol' Wil l am tm 1 Ireua Brcuouu,aged 5 years, 8 months aud 17 days. The friends of the family are respectfilly invite.) to at tendthefuuerai,from Uie restdsace "t hef psfcnts, India street, (Jreenpoint, thin (Thursday > nftc:noon,ut hallpast one o'clock, without further Invitation. llowKKh.?At Jamaica, I,. !., on Tuesday, September 17, Gkok'K W. Bowers, in the 49th year of his age l lie relatives an I friends of the family arc respectful } invited to attend the funeral, frt m the rewdeiiuo el his father in-law. JosrphU Jeukms, Esq., ii'i2 Navy street, near Bolivar, Brooklyn, this (Tiiuci.tay) afternoon. at one o'clock, without further invitation. rounsyivauiu pap rs please copy. Ci'HfH.?!n.-tratf r<l,0)nn., on Tuesday, September 17, ftfter a lingering illness, Xaraii, wife of Jabea Curtis, in the 73d year of h"r age. 'l'h s relatives anil friend.* of tlic family aro respectfully invited to attonil the funeral, this (Thursday) &fternoon, at lialf-past iwu o'clutk, At tllO Congregation^ chureh. m Stiatford. ('.its leave New Haven Itopot, Twenty-seventh . troet, at seven o'cloek A. M. ('utyyv.?On Wedw sday, September 1S, Kt 'Kaon Jaxk, infant daughter of Riciuird and Mary Anno Clafl'y, aged 10 months and 1 day. The friends of the family are ruspcctfully invited ta attend the fuueral, from the residence of her parent#. No, 10 Kiatbush avenue, Brooklyn. f'oiiH ?In H.-ool;Iyn,oii Wednesday.September 18, after a .short illness, IIkmhv Coiik, of the parish of Tynan, county Armagh, Ireland. Hisfriotids and th"se of hi* lirotlicrs, John and Patrick, are respectfully invited to Mtenil the funeral, on Friday al'tcrnoon, at half past two o'clock, from his lato residence, Front streot, near Jay, without-further notice. Cox.?On Tuesday night, September 17, after a sli'irt but severe illness, Benjamin Cox, in the 58th year of his age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are resjK-ctfirtly invited to attend the funeral, tins (Thursday) afternoon, at one o'clock, front his late residence, S45 Third avenue, llis remains will bo interred in Tritity Cemetery. Ci ark.?On Tuesday, September 17, of mara-mus, Wi.niki i) S. Clark, only sod of S. Ai(ji?*o and lietlie L. Clark, aged 4 months and 21 days. The remains will bo taken to Tarrytown for interment. Fahv.?On W iuesdsy ,s ptemb"r 18, Julia MakiaFaiiv, :w<'<I 4 v< a . :l iiK/nthH .irl 1 i ']nm'ltf er nf .mini im 1 Julia i'ahy. Tlio friends and relatives of the family arc respectfully itivrt<5d t" attend tho linn nil, fsinn tin- residence of her ; iveuls, 145 Went Thirty fifth ,?ti ect. this (Thursday) a! ternoon,at two o'clock. H?r remains will be taken to the Cemetery of the Holy (T< s?, 1'latrn. -li, K"K>'<ii.? In Hrookiyu, on Ticslay, September 17, <;r. i Of: Woodiu ?, s n of Joh'i and :-arnb 1 reach, In the O'.h year of his age. The relatives an.l friends of llr family aro Invited to ni tend tho tunc, al, tr< in the resident ?f his parei.v?, corner or Clinton mid fc'u.tnn aveuues, i)n>^klyu, this (TUursilaj) afteri.fM n, at two o'elc< k. Oarvky.?Oh Wednesday, Septeoilw ' IS, Kxma .1. Gab vrv, only dBiijjliter of John and JLlizahoth >1. Garvey, ag'-d 9 months and 21 day?. Tho rmoral will take place from tlir* roai.lonco of bei g and parents,123 Kist Twenty-ninth t'.reet, thu (Tiir-'day) afternoon, at two < 'clock. (lAvcNKV.?<'n Wednesday, September IS, th? only son of ( hiliip an 1 Maria Galfno.v. a^etl IS m nth- and IS -layc. The fn n Is and acT'iaint in - . f thcf.nn; y nr r< t-.-t fully tnviud to attoud tho funral, from th r Fidence f 1' father, No. 11- Broadway. this (TTvir :ayj uftcrno u, al two o'clock. His rem in s will oe tik n to Calvary Cemetery. Caiiacian?On tv dnes'ty, Pepteniber IS, I"it <\. i- !< . ton n| TlVimaii M. an I Small Gabagan, a - -i ou yea. Th friend* of the family are ir-peotiuiiy invited to attend th" lunera', from his lnt" r-si h ue , Portland ave mte, near Hanson j/laeo, Urooklyn, on Friday afternoon, al two o'clock. (tii.nKH.siJSKVR.?On We'lin s liy. Feptoniter IS, Amok W. Gil.ori-'-i kevk, bki' ISI year". 7 ni'Mhs mid 12 days. Th fri/iiu'w ithil rn!'?t it'oy nP/t rf ?!if?'H ; llv Ifivitml to attend the fnroral, this (Th'i'rtday; afternoon, at three o'clock, from 167 ,'ny street, Htook'.yn. Tltc members of M'-cbuiiic Husc Comj any are mo=t respeetlnlly invited to attend. Hakiiit?On Wednesday ovn n?. September IS, of dipthtI.i, StWjtx .JoKKrifirs "VVitfTK- daughter of Sotnuvl and ..mandn Haiglit, d i! yfare and 11 moutha. The remains wi' t> t.iken lo ('ntski I fur interment. UcRKiNci.?tm Tuesday morning, September 17, Mrs. llt.nh Mt* Hmihim;. in tlio 84th y>>ar 01 taei age. The rolativi s and friends of th family, also those or her ? ii , John and William, nn l gong m law, .Archibald ilardic and John I'illon, are respectfully invite.1 to attend | the funeral, from the residence of her -onln-law, Arctji HSDAV, SEPTEMBER 19, ] l>ald Harul <, S3 l'r(?|>oot street, Brooklyn, ti'ils (Thursday) ultei noon, at two u clock. IJowbix.?A l.itiOiilolJ.Cona., on Monday, September IB,of conge lu n of th* lungB, Mrs. M>ky 0. Howau., wulow ol Jojiali B. Howell, ol Now Jerwey, ?#ed 61 years. The friends ami relatives of the family are Invited to attend tlio funeral, from ft. John's church, Somervllle, N. J., on Kri'lay afternoon, at two o'clock. K'.kiSJOAXnn?On Wednesday, September 18t Itausow, wife ol' Joseph Kleinjohaun. uml :U want. The frleuds of the family. ait-o ih? members of tho German (jroce is Society, aie resiniclfully invited to attend the funeral, on Friday afternoon, at half past ono o'clock, from hor late residence, No. 90 Hester street. corner of Allen, without further Invitation. Mi u-kn?On f.ioadty, September 17, of disonso of tho heart, John .1 Muixkn, in the 30th year of his aye. Ttii' rolaliv.-rt aii'l ii lends ol tho iutnily, also those of his father, Thomas Mullen, and lux brother in law, Patrick 8. Colli n, (mil tho members of the New York Catholic Library Asit'na!inn, and the St I'atvick Temperance8 cioty, are invited to attend tho funeral, from his late reside toe, 831 Ka.-i Thirtieth strei't.on Friday in irning, at half past nine o'clock. llis roumius will be takeu to St. jstopheu's church, Twenty eighth at reel, wlv;re a solemn mas-a of re.; iiem will bo offered tip for the repose of lut> out. Mt'ki'hy?On Tuesday,September 17, after a lingering tuner's, which she bore with resignation, Mary, daughter of Jiiuiea Murphy. Thu funeral will lako place from the residence of her aunt, Cat harms Murphy,No.27 Morris street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Mvkk.-?On Wednesday, September 18, (Ikokuk, infant on of Georgeuud Deborah Myeis. aged 18 days. The funeial will take place this (Thursday) morning, at ten o'clock, from Adolphi street, Brooklyn. Friends are invited. Maokath ?OnTuesday evening, 8spteraber 17, of bron B, - ?.un.r^ .'IA1.HA1I1, 1 IUIM1UI lUUl lit days. i'lto friends of the deeesiwl aro respectfully invited to attend thi" funeral, Him (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, fruin lit* Into minlonce, No. 296 Madison atreot. Pixjuk?lii Brooklyn, on Tuesday morning, SepUmibcr 17, A?'?tim. I'imrk, iii the 72d yuar of his age The relatives and frionds uf tho family aro invited to attend lite funeral, from liis Inly residence, N<>. 132 Wi!lounldyr. ntLod, .Uns Thursday, at twelve o'clock noon, ftilliout fnr|h.-r notice. SHUT.?< 'n Tues day, September IT, Wtu.uit Y. Sdtt, ageil 2D years, St mouths and 4 days. The n a ives tu>d friends of the family, also the mornbora of Company A, State Uuatd, t'tipl Johnson, Nmth regiment .V Y. 8. M.. aro respectfully Invited to attend Ih funeral. I'loin his late residence,200 V'ariek street.this (Thursday i arternoon, ai tw > o'< lock, without further invitation. lh,-. rein tins will 1m- taken to CJroenwood. Stbinhai's.?tin Wednesday, September 18, Alukkt SrtviMtai s, a^ed a" years. His fr.o.i U are respectfully invited to attend the funeral , from his Into residence, No. 20 Amity street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. His remains will he taken to tireenwood t!emetory. Wai.-h.?tin Wednesday, Seplomhnr 18,afler a short iiluess, M.taiKiTA, aged 1 year, & months ami 9 days. The fi lends of the family are rospectful'y invited to attend tbefuneral, from lite residence of h t parents,No. t>4 Gre nwlch street, this (Thursday) all .uoon, at two o'clock. Ai'OTIIKCAKIES, DKUOOISTU A SI) 1'IUVATE KAMI I.IKS. i.iiANDV IN BDTTI.Rfl, IV HONK or duty paid, various imported cxprasslv for no <ilrnl use. M ADE1 It A S1IKHRY AM) I'OItt WINKS, sun.-very old, St oh II AM) IKISil WHISKEY, IN BUTTLES, **' Imported e\pri'SHlv lor prlvato !M'\ JAMXTt'A AND ST. ( itl)IX KIM. IN BOTTLES. All the a bora nanvil wines and lienors were Imported for m-h .tie and medical use, and are warranted pure and of the Deal quality. I am now sidling off my atoek of old bottled wines and llipioi>, at ;t iniu-li less prlie than tliey can be lin|iortert for

under tlie present high tariff. I'ersoiis who use wines and liquors tdiould give tin1 preferi'nee to the above. t'DOLPHt) WOLK'E, 21 lteavcr street. A I I". S\ I'ASSI'ORTS ISSUED BY EDWARD BIS8ELI*, agent, 271 Broadway, corner of ttliainberrf at. | k T JS?DOl'BI.E SOLE SHOES, AT JONES', 10 *ND J:\. 1J Auu hirer1. at 30. ruiilli'd CJonyuuM it new afyle. ' ~ AT BVERDELL'S?weddino cards ?there ceus Hated engraved card*, Hold only at JfcrJ Hintdwagr, j corner of Dunne street. AMHROTYPE?ANDPWOT( KIRAI'UR.?TWBNTY-POtlU pictures taken for $1; Card 1'lot urea, Ac., ui IIOL&I& Park ti.illory, 204 Broadway. *nRIDrtK#ATETl l'.VlXT, TKFTF.D F.LEVF.N YKAKK, 1/ water Hint fireproof, fltha nn<i iron, indentrufliii h\ Depot 74 Maiden lane. W. W. BETT0, Oeiuoal A?ent. j / 1 < > P K N HAGBB CHERRY (HKERIM'S)-!UtrOETtfD Yj by.foiJN DUNCAN X SUNS, Union square and KotirI teen lb street, nOBK& BtflflOKS, ItfVBBTBD NAIl.s. BNLABGBD \ ) joint*, and all ditfcaac* of the leet, cured vs UUoul p tin or inconvenience to the patient, by l)r. ZaCH AHI!1), Sui^dii Chiropodist, 7ft> Broadway. Kefer* to physician* and nut foona i'11*? ott|. DK H. BMVW10K, AtTTHOR OF SEVERAL MKbT eal work*, will contlnur the practice of tnedleino and attrgery, at 36 Kant Twelf th ntreei, hU dooih west of Broad* way. VAOfB Aiu: M9IK>KN. ~KF.Ak>. % No. 8 Maxtor Street. Nf.w York, July 20, 1.161. DkAK Doctor?I have la-en iillftcted with total deafnexs, and (IiIn morning I wis Induced to pay yon a visit. No one rati Imagine my delight when, sfW one op* -ration at your lmndM, my hearing was suddenly, and without pain, restored to ?e, for w htch 1 fe<-i very grateful. Alter being totally deaf, almost ah tit out from the pbasareof using m? iieeenHjuy a m iihc, 10 have U returned, and to hear mo distinctly, reflecta great credit on you for the tmuW-nae amount of skill you jH*?*f4M. 1 l?e^ u> tnsnk yon for what I can ho truly appreciate. J am, wr, your obedient servant, liX>WAKD TEMl'LB HARRISON. Dr. VON MOSrrrzrsKhU'S oftice for rtirinff the deaf nmt Jhe blind is at lu7 Clinton place, between Fifth and tSutb avenue*. /I BEAT fl BE IB MffBBAT BTtLEMX \T Hkw Yoiut, gepi. 18, 1861. Mr. RorkutM. Patrick ? lh \n Sin-We have tt.N day, at 12 K? recovered our Rale (one of j ninDefianec, from fh*- ruins of No. 4fi Murray Hireet, wihh hmlllug, ?.? ul-* our entire flock of tro .i1*,"were destroyed l?y tire on the nl^Ut of the Oth Instant, i u was lb ci.i off! e.00 the ft nrtn floor AfU r lal I ig mi kill* mh?' heat until thU tlrn?*, on opening wr (taxi the conll-ms?our ItO'tltji, v:i|ltal>!" paper*. fnrtltraitce poll H?H, &<:.? in ? ?< rjj^ui #ood order; not n wonl'written bm what Ik hi |4*rfrct ait l>?*fore th? lire. Al t* r tliia aevi*re ii it with pl<-ar?ure we u< knowledge the < of your Satr* an repp*to iih?Mr? proof t?'*y??nil a doitht.' Vouns retprct fully, ISAAC BKJ'NilAKlV Assijjnre of II. WeliMtoia \ No. */ I'." i.> i'i.? 0?'li?inr? Salamander Safca, with patent powder-proof lu.-k in/1 cr r-M >/.4;*. ?; ?l?o lire and hmv.Ur-prooi Kltl??i? ?ard and I'uilor Safea. No. 03 Murray mr ? , corner ot place. ROB-iikl H. 1 * A'I RICK /TO]J) PLATED SLKEVE BUTTONS, $1 A SET, AT O \T <A LLKN'S 415 Broadway, one door Iwdow Canal *t. 1 roirs powder ami bis pill* J J Aii the intect trila- \v)ii kill. All fti'nuino I,y<d'h M ?nncti.: fntect Powder and Pills hear tln? la- simile of 1%. Lyon. All otln'nmre counterfeit!! or )- ihc imii.i io:m. Ih'u ir< of unprincipled imitator*. Sold hr I>. S. 15AKNI2S, 2U2 Broadway, aiul hy all Wipectablc dealC . H. pAnivTs FOB wm* wvnsnukk M^^r*. MUNN A HOi, proprietor* of the flcicntlfle American, .*{f Park row* Now York, continue to uoilcit Patent* in the 1 nlt.-d Stalra and in all foreign rouuiii'-h% on the most reatonahle t?*rma. Consultations and pamphlets of advice in Lugltoh and German free on application te-tUe oUice. Read what the HON. JOSEPH HOLT, th?' tfr^.it patrhit, Miw/ks. Nuxif A It afford* me mo*!* pi **-4* tire lo bear stii ny to the ibli indi Qii lent man i h h jron bavig th< h'/tfr ot holding thr otlicv of CtJUimi.-'Uii >:rr. Your bualiu'hm wan very 1* rgo, nnd yon Mifctained :ind, I doubt not, juHLly d? tn rvrtl) tin* reputation of fiwfi'iy, marked ability and uucitmproiiiiHlnK /?cl 11l>* in iittrforuuuK your prof<-8Hional Vary rebiMM.UulJy, yemjr vuvdieni wrvant. J. HOLT. M/'Wi. Ml/NN A GO. hiivp hffon fn aolicitjpatents over sixteen years, aiul more Dim a UJtecn thousand pa tenia have been granted through thfiVB ajjunwy* QTBOWKS PATEKT AJttMT TRUKK AND POBTABLfi O Bcdutead combined. Cortwv of Warren atrcet and firoailwuy. Ifrice $17 and $25. 900 BLACK CLOTH TROCK COATS. From the ul a l>n>kcu u-Uolv?ile Uoutr, Worth 110. 6 lltiijf For W 50, U i Al>EVANS', ari'l . Fullon ?tri-ci, n Gold and ClIflTgls 08 ) 1.000 BLACK FRENCH DOKSKIN J'ANTS, l'cuiu tUe Uock ol ii wtiul.aale houno, Worth 3 Sailing For SJ < i>, At * ftl ) EVANS', H!i'l , Fulton mutt, Ix-Uvi i \ anil CLiTkIs. 68 J _ 1.500 BLACK SATIN VESTS. Worth $4 K< I'.'.ng F'jr M. ac \ Ai EVANS', mi I \ Fuiti a stiu't, liitw e . G . ,-1 Cliff ? J NEW Pl'Bt.ICATTO!V?. T IKE <>F OENEKAI. SO M in lAXSFXEtD, Ji lir-?ii(htd?H'ii ui tli" tv ii tm- 'i . ?ii" i. i'lirii'Mit, M i pa anil Cuts. M: 11 .. ? mli'i! I'Vi-rywin-re. Hetiil for ii\ ill u - > > Mil.I KK, No. '.!& 1'Mrk row, n. PA*spVHV< rpo TRAVELLERS ? IN 1TKU TAH J\\-^VoltTS IS 1 'tisjii'dha(>1i' to ail iM'itMtm lowkVH'.'! ;iu? . . . ;i wed w ifhin #h hour*; t)?n Siitlit 1>i*1't-. i< < .? ' K?i* t , I ued I j <; SCHMIDT .? { i c B ?nd Notaries Public, No. I Chambers at reel. MATHIHOfri AL, A GENTLEMAN. UNDER THI t 1 M% 1\_ pcaranon, and cotvtfortnbt** ciivnn!?-<'ujt.a, rv ur< ?poudencc with a lady, not ov? r tw?i> . . i* w t ? WHtrlmony, She must hi* pn |?/ h i J I in ; i', with an amublft disposition. Ai< i?--.> Rtation A Post ofllcfi, Spring at. Oil 1 SHOULD UKB TO MARftY If 1 could only tinil A gentleman of wealth, Tust suited to my inin I. I nm a wii!ow of 24, mn?l wl*h t?? a\. i' *h?!i -H lime* this wluur. Addr*hM Evl'Ivd Gitv. Post otlir.. H -? "ivi. 1861. ^POST OFFICE IVOTirR*. Notice. Host Ornr?, N. V,, Sent. 16,1861, rue uew style of govemuii'nt PljHTAUK HTAMFH ''?w ready, and lor ?.i)b at linn oUli*. Exiluttif<? it'll! lie made of I he new ?tyle lorun <-iinlv.ileiit amount of the old issue during ? period of , . HIX DAYS rrom the date of thi< notice, after whleb stamp* of the old iwtiia will not ha received in payment of uii litter* mat fruai thtsolUce. \VM. B. TAVUlK, P. M. RUiaiOVI NOTIOBI. J. u. IIKAUDNLEE, MISSIONA KY AT TUB XJ Jbland of Jftmuirx, w. |M having ju*t arrived from hu luld ot labor, will deliver an ?ddr< h* in the Christian chapel, Seventeenth atreet, near Sixth avenue. thin (Thurwiay) even, in?:, Mt o'clock. Sub Wot?"The Stilts and Pmgm* ol Vbrltliunfiy in Jamaica, W. I." Bcati free. TOO LATK FOll CLA881F1CATI01V? A T A KIKJULAR MEETING OF THIS PEOl'LK'8 JY Union Olub of the Eighteenth ward, itiHrmlilid ?%t their h adquariera, corni r of Twenty-third aiieet anil liroudnay, E. KnUcraou. Ki<t., In tho chair, tin* following m'nilemett were elected an Executive Committee for the Eighteenth ward;? Win. Drummond, Ed. Marrtner, W. E. Froat, II. F. Manlerre, A. Bell, Win. Kichurdtou, Ja?. M. Thompson, CIihh. <\ Cornell, K. Koberson, E. F. Hull, Kobt. Knucver, (J. McNeill, l'cler McMilen, F. W. klnney, H. Smith, Arron Frank, W. C. O'iirleu, B. W. Wiiinn*. li vv;i? resolved ?I wit h Ma** Convenient of tin- ettlreiih of tb< i.i hteenth wardin fivor <?i n vigprouaprnnwntirn ? ! ihr war be held on Saturday evening next, the time and place to tie he re Kite l designated. E. JCOlSEUSON, Chairman. Kfl llKMiY i, l,i) y. V AT A MASS MEET1NO OF THE ELECTORS OF T1IK Eighth ward, heM pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Peopll-'h Union State Convenlfbn, at Syraeil*e, September 10 and 11, held ut Union llall, CD Yalidum tdreet, on Wediienifay evening, September Ik, the following oihecra were duly elected ?\ permanent ollleeraof the Eh'hth ward People's Union Club:?*tjaaj>er 0. Child*. l^odient; Win. II. Travera and Samuel J. Montgomery, VI o PreaidenU; Win. lleadle dil l iaa.u S. HiaUVelt, See re tardea. VTEW YORK. SEl'T. 19, 1H6I.?COMPANY A, NINTH iy tlegtinenl NtY. S M., tleadouarler* corner ot University Place and Thirteenth street.? fhe mcmOcr* ot the above Cmipmy and ot the regiment in general aie Leieby request* -od*to meet ivl the Annum, this (Thumday) afternoon, at I o'clock, to attend the funeral ot s. i^eatii \\ Ilium F. hrotl. Dark clothe*, latlguo cap an.I ? hid u(..t ... Uv order. JOS. H. JOJlNSOtf, Cuplaln. G. H. UltLBB, Secretary. rrillKTEENTII WARD.?IN PUK8UANCE OF A CALL X tor u meeting of all liLena, lrr? apeeilve of pai ls, ?1 the Thirteenth vrtrd, il Clinton Qurdet, 136 and Clinton street, a large ami euthusluHtic laxly of ri'Uen* there asaem* bled on WeiJueMdiiy i v*'i)lntf. September ltf. After duly or ^anl/lng they were addrcHxed In |M4til<>il?- and Union ajavrhea \\un a < u:nttilit< o u|t|?. inted by the uniting Co report unliable I ui ?u r? - ut ih<> next meeting of ihj.s ataociailou, Id bo held nl tin* above tfarden, uu Monday, September 23, at Ualt-pabt seven nVlm k, ALEXANDER II. l'KOUDFOOT, Chairman. V. J. MuAllkkm, secretary. SHIPPING NEWS. A1MANAC rOU MW VliHR-THIS DAT. si u RISK? 5 4. I MOON K1SKS OVA 5 M BUM HKT.H > '>1 ( HIGH WATKIt Iltnril 8 JI Port of New York, September I*, 1801* CLEANED. Ship W??hin^ton, White, Ltveriwol?W T Frost. hlilf* Manehenter, Trask, Liverpool?Traiik A JVjtrborn. Ship Surinam, Andrew*, Cork aud a m*irkot-~MaiUan<l, Plo'lprf A ( HnrK <) >?-f(Brero), Mnllcr, Bremen-?0 Lnlirg Bark (iM/rlh-, Kho.len, BarluloH?11 Trovvbridgp'b Sout. Pri? H l-'ln-.'K ItoinbaU, One-- K Talbof A <*.?. Hri? bunk-'k, Johnson, M irsci 1 !< -?<*K J Peter*. Hi-.;: Isabella, I)Tarn nn<l a market? K L i'^initlg. S hr l.ulnitii, I'udi"hill, ll.tvrt'ui?T (lilnmrtin. Sehr B? la Pork, Ciardner, Si J iw??1 B tinker. Schr Nev. MrKel;?, Jrr%5l?*?i ?.f S Spinney. S?-hr Anna !>. , \Vwh!?tiiicr ??!?I' Batr?. Sehr W 11 .leitkln*, S- ill, Sn mv Hill?K (i Benton A 8??n? H? hro P Bin<>?f Biirtleu, Km Harbor?F <1 B< Mon A Hon4. SWir I' B I'ur'"!, Dvv^M, N, n I*r?i?NWirk?Mawtor. S? hr WndovI. Bray, KM/.a both port?O I. llateh. Hehr W (1 Tnt'U, Kewell, ramden?J W MeK>e. Solii Xfemur. Parker, llangor? K I' Buek A Co. Sehr 4' B 'ill. Flowera, Della*t?H P Bn.'k A' (' . Sr Harriet Baker, Webber, Portlan I?<5 L llateh. Schr II l?awr<-iiee, Johnson, iliutou?S M May hour. 8<hr Loins, CV<rk, IV -?<tori?<? A K J IVlern. Hcliv HrutiiH, Klvrell, Boston?W S Brown k Co. Sehr Willie, Bt-own, Nrw Unven?Brett, fctou A Oo, Sloop A Miller, "tp? Jt*? ?V ?'-r. SJ/K/| Vtiior;m? Po.J. II irllonl?-II S Hoop (lomi'l, Prove . .-Mmford?Master. .Hirwner Tacouy. Ei . Philadelphia. Aarnvtrn. **aunslto> K ui?ai*o. dir1 i.u ??, Liveriioot, Sept <1. * nf I'M, villi m ine an 1 1KJ pa to JNihn tl i/alr. ttth lust, 73mllPHWof (\ijieClear, sU'uiimhfp Pcrvffl, heor* lor l.fw<prpo(4; 8th, lal M 3D, I ?n pa*A?\l Jtmn Nhip <?i W. Si'mii xiij? New Y ork (Brnn), Wcnke, Biemen, Ker?' 1, via A <'n. r>(fr*fiM<. It f\M, off Stan pummm! m large hark rij. M* 1 Men ???hip hound K; f>rh, lat 4{j '.9, Jon II 27, lii hark Isabella; Till, lat 50 IW. Ion lft'^7, Krachr Kucone, bound T*.. yi1 4 a M, I tit fit) U, I' n Jrt07, a Ut'^i *te*im.hlp Rteerlnu K; 10th, hit /*) .'fo, !"77 .TtSO.IJutto burl: Wuigala, 171 days from Kotterdam f"r New York. Steani-hij> oriental (11? \v), Levy, Philadelphia, to M'.ra Hroh, Navarro A 'To. fa Intended t > p| ? hetv ei n (bin port and Cuba, in roMm?'Hr*n wlfh atteamahln Matan/as. Sl?11? Anna I' Si-i>tikidt (of Keiinenunk ), Mllllken, Havre, 42 day*, in h,:iln?t, to master. Aug 30, lat 46 10, Ion &! 64, Haw fchlpK li IiAiu**, hewe fur Liverpool, The A F.S had W winds most of thn pa*aagn. Ship Klin* A MmtMlde (Brem), Nordtrhrtlt, Bremen, l'.\ days, in halbat, to IfetiH hen A Ir n k?i rf. flth In at, lat I?. Ion f?5,'hp**ke ahjp Tnmwrora, from Philadelphia for Liverpool lStri, lai. 41 21, Ion 65 ol, saw a steamship Meeting K, with red tn IffplN H.trk August (Pros). Wa.u k, Bordeaux. CA> Myw, with mdse. t<> I*'tin* h. Mcimki'l Wrndt. Had heavy weather; 1??M and spill alia, Ac. I'.ark Helen Augusta, litis, Holmes' Hole, 2lours, in bal laM, lo muMer. KriiC \V i! i lark (of Waldoboro), Daggett. Newcastle, 43 days, via Holmes' Hole 2 da> 4, with, to Y.-Uea A Porter fiehl. !?t!i Inst, lat 4': 20. Ion 6.1 .'JU, win k'- Ifr hark Mary Richards, 7 lay.*. j j i>m ?>i John, NH, for Dublin. B'U'Tyni (Hr), HoiiiWH, l.ln^an, ('i>, 10 days, with eoal, to JFWIil'ti-v. Una J it Klne(Fr), CoIDB, Windsor, NH, 7d/-yj? with plaster. t'? I> R !> wo'f. I'riK Kn' l.amn s (Br), DfnKmor*. Tort Morris. S fir i'.lhi tt, Duncan, Liagan, CU, 13 days, with coal, to Mereail A Duncan. t-^t-ht Heorv Klliott (Br), Irtuglas, Lingan.C'B, l$?hiy?. with coal. to .1 K Whitney. S? hr Ilium# Sim, Srn!th, Kft/s bet h port for Boat**. S hr liXilla Catharine, Keller, h,ll/.a'>ethp? rt lor lit>kton. S'hr Arzoo, Torrey, h'll/.abefhport for Cambridge. Jm.'Iii' .Vim M Edwards, Edwards, Riizabethport for Fall River. Selir .1 R Wntson, Vaeker, I%U7a>tetliport for Fail River. Kelir I Men hi, HuK-ison, KU*al?eth|>ort for New Haven. S< hr Turiti, l,rovo^t, Eit/nin'tt p ?rt for Stamford. S' hr II S Roian, ! '< try. KH/nheiliport for Felht aa. ^ 'n M.iry Kniily, Snow, t'iv mouth. >* hr K S/n,:lh, Nt',? r?on. Harwich. i-oiu 1/>LM<-, Taylor. Boston. Schr 1'uy Stut" Halleit, Bo*! on. S''iu Ih ury liihi n, Snow, New Bedford. S'I'i \n^l^i, IW'k.m', W'an listin. Si-lir ( n iTop! n lull Kiv*r. h.ehr.1 .M Ta\ lor, I', n-.o.i, I'rovmrnee. S"Jji 1 ime? ?v Snimi'1, Hnhf, Srw Haven. S l,r I."okout, Sniall, M?*\v 1 iu -en. S< hr I>iarl*'Tn, l.twlhitn, S??ni!>j n. SJ'fip < !inrl?'?, PaJriHT, I*.lluih**tiiport fur Fall H'rrr, Kl??oj) N? w World, Taylor, Kll/abethj-ort for (JutuMpeeir* Landing. HI?a?p SufT-lk. Simofi^on. Klfzahethport for Ilavc*i\4tiaw. Stenmt'r Artiuaii, t'!iunr, Hnltir/rorr. Steamer Km Icon. A?Vm?, Halt imon*, fctcamer iviawat e. Cam.on. I'liladelphia. 17l'.tinW, In the ? i. f jif.M'ct m* a* ?tc.iiiishi)i (h.tmal, tu rn* I'oilaUtiphia f'?r Now York. Ktmmri Sarah.Jonn. Fhllaile'khi*. Steamer Mar*. Frioon. Philadelphia. .v tr.frner 1 reiifon, Wi'*on. 'I Steamer Ospray, Kcniuy, Provhleuce. BELOW. Brig ()rl7aha. from Boston lor Philadelphia?jw* Into the Lower Hay for a harhor. SAILED. 17th?Ship Rutfor A 11 ein, Liverpool} bark Jaw Daf??"U, (JlaK}$?>w; bri^K Aii'lrew IVt< th, <'on<| !f: Maum-n* (Omeh), (juracoa; St Agne.a (Hr), t'ardeiiafc; -Cth (Hi), St John, NH. Wlrxl Murine the flay NK to K. I>1 i seel Itin votH. Souk IIasm.kt?S hr N Kt'!..rk, which aarived at BokIi.u lt? h, had on board 0:?i t U Wilhaw s, sole ?mrv|vorof *cbr Joseph If&nlet, of {'edmr Creek, J'el, foundered at x?-unn the 10th Inst. Three seamen, a paaaengejruad u child of tlie the captain were lost. '1 lie schr vu:; from Stouy Point lor Milford, Del, w fill lime, u w<l on . the ingUt of tilth, o(T (Jreat F:'' I!. rbor, .vpiwig ;i ,rn\; the w.uiier ?/ts Hjually, with a li ?vy sea, and tin; schr f?-.o.i tilled, tell uvtron her sl?! ami vrcui down in twenty mim; ea alter the V.iit,w.;a discovered. Just before she *unk (he >oat whs r?n pared f>ir leaving, n id tbe captain's child was )*+ ed in It, out the Skhr sunk suddenly, taking the boat with her. The capt?j:\,aml pu-sen^er succeeded in gettli g hold <?fa i lank, l?ul tfte others* did not tiso to the surface. J he l<!lon log ny*u t he Plf^efiger, being ex. iausted, was drown d <'a;.t Willia10a clung to the plank for sixty hour", in a heavy wm, and wan flnuHy rewind by the scht S K <"lark. Ti* name.of' lost wcr* Mr Mui-grove, rass.-n 'er, a :ed 21; Daniel Tin inj uw, lJe??ry Cannon and Daniel Steven*, Myuut-.n, aliol Mdluid, Del, and the captain s child. The sehr wits of m .? n?, owned by Wm V Coulter, of Milford, Del, and aotinjured. Vvnmohm Kast* Sept I?The krlg Sontber, Sawyer, from Liverpool for P^tatox is still She continues to make water, and sorniof her hand* <*re unwellIIolthb\n, Aug 31?The Ve?Ui (R), from Waterford for Liverpool, fell iu with and lowed h*re the American brig Samuel Fren jh, Parrltt, frejj Euatportior J'ie>t >n. waterlogged and with loss of foremast, main topmast, bowaprlt, aid bows s'finished In as t?r alias tie- fore channel plates, hu .>13 Upon run into by an Am* rbmn ship (suppi-ed) on the night of 2">ii, about 10 in lit* olf Tuskny. Montevideo, July SI?Tha American shij I^n^ashire, Hazard, fnun Hamburg, arrived lure ye?toruaf in chargo of tho second mate. who report* (hi ht?ip ground>>d on Knj?llsl> Bank J'?ly 2S. The jo.iCer, j art ol lJ??- rrew and gome pa*m ?* gers lei'Vtiw whip to procure ivatatanee; th#? first mute ai.*> loll ?n ano'her i>oat. Alterwnrdu the nee-ind mate h>u w ill otfiery of ttic*' reur itXid ;ji *? n^' rn, but unaN.V > mafcv.hv a^ionst the ?< ? i>" returned on board. when findi/i*' th hIii|> Ail'.ai, stuit. (Ud t/? bringing her to t??is poi t. mul n o-|v. Intf ri^'.'tinco from II M S Forte, anchored with 2 ieet water in hir held. t'jo J.iswio, Am; 7?Toe Walter Lor I, WIIJI*. fr- in the Ciyde for Melbourne, |ihi in here* July SI. with part of crew Kant>1101111. (Theabove *hl;> was not le-tk\. > The ?: tt*po of the American ship J.ux>b Badger will ba for warded by the Anient an -u p Weill!'el. StVi.ncknk (''ape Ven\".w)> Aug 20?Tho IIerii},i/ig'\ Riri?? fr?.m Liverpool lor Dm-uoa Ay res, which nut in hero on Au^B very ft ?v<y, !ia? di^-har^ed about hair hvnargo. Am tl c <1 #f#'idly wormed in her outer |u'<tik*a&d has feevftrat of h? r tin ie t s bitten, a!ie will either <iiv:hnrjpa me rem?lnd?r or pro (.ed. with It tu h r ?! n inaiion, it belt * impossible to repair to ni.iko Ucr Ul to iCbhip that p.?i . shicli hart been landed. The propellers Potom*k* and Wam*ott?, constituting the oM line between thin port and New l'cdf x-d, have been a lit to th L's government on private term*. Wnainghurk Helen Augusta, fit Holmes' Hole, 270 tons, hu* o n sold for $40W, for th? West India trade. i #ti ! ?ard steamship New York, Karri? Hook, September 17, 1301. t!'| UiiiiG \V? nkt?Desr .Sir ?W?* the uuiI'ThI,'n?*d, 1*L--'hn'-i - un (joaru your Map the good atritmvr New 1 ori, at l)i.* t rmin t.on ?f our n *i'4, rom (oyngc from lake li*irvi- ol voi ,m<l jr< ir wtlhnt craft without -Kin^ our jtrat' f?l thank* to a henU.n I'rovldenea, an,l Oil, h" .it;, It oblljMl "1* to TOur?i I', lot (he *nt. ty, intlnfac 1 in atvl eomi'ort we h iv? cnjuyi .1 >| i. in tue lutsuge. Many f h-h ive frp<tiie?llv uvs?eo the ,u1.i; In Mpamahlp* of otiii i- u;i??. but we ?W CQMdMM I I ins nothing but Hi- truth, when wp :-?y that we have i unJer the ' jH fa more K.I'.Uut, gentlemanly i .I'lptmi ctinomtiUer than yours, if \>p nlt.o take grp.:! |l>a?uielu beariug t,,.|m nj to tlir el La V U'O >( J'OUi oflirrH, the juoil or<ler api?in;ttt \a every (lejj:>r',in''lit of the vojaol, 5 ??? In particular ths excellency "? your Ubl'. With our boat wining for your continued hit|<|>? neaa anil wri lfurc, we a?k ih' nrlvlle >e of Having this trail, minilal pnbllnhed, 10 th it our frlenriN who ma/' follow ii?. Hid llir travelling nmmunltv In nuiy reuU.<? ti"? ?dv<uitagea which we have ouractvc* un Intel. Very r inpectfullv, your frlendn?Joliu H I'ltreell.Ar hbH cm of (tjirlmiitU; lunula Teton*. Haivn Hctiritno, Caul t, ,^ah rfcwcomb, '** Wul lack, Mr* IlnVna l? \im I.-r, Mn i. r t D.itiJMweln, I'elcr Wehnea, O I. Smith, l.liia H ,ln-ock, A (' Ocitel ?nit lidt'? Ht* Catherine WICIenrfjrf, M s.lui , Imilj olwltie, Mia It f. O'irton, MrtDllorn'ti, Mcinr Wulijeii, 'it<.>?rt tv. lt, Carl ,v"" Ucnuith, Hermann Iken, Win Iti-n*,,. Udu lloodr>d,;i\ Klw IJeb, Uev M Tohbe, Kev i' llcivlvl, k?, T.I Hntor, I'nuT HcbelUtorih, L II Teaimvuide, Cluiw \\ im ,c,n. A Kbt rl.iriit, Ui-v II 0 A Mar|>e, I. It Kttble!', Kra: Bo?le, <lo> <> A-limeraahl, I. Conrait, Fred Tiiua. Conanl; I' Melin, Uev Janu'K Meli. i, John M Kotb, I' BoHiglielmiv, J II WoltcrH, Marilu Uerdea, II U Mnnk I.aiJM iHD- At Myntle, 14th In*!, from thcyardof fleorgo llrcnumai A Co, a line liark of about 700 tonJ, owneil by M if S?IVll'Ml,?l.,lt "I .1- ' ?# #.?, will in* commanded by Cftpt Jeremiah 11 Sawyer, of M/nilo Bridge. C?. Whalemen* Arr at New lb dford 17th lino, whip J.erJ Sturbuek, J ernegan, Oehot*k S?*it, Honolulu l)e?-9, via Tui tl Hay, C'on?t c?l* California, Taleahuano July fl, l'einainbuco Ana II, with 10(10 bid* wh )il urn! .'ftm N-* bone. Scat homo CicO hbl# ap, 7U0 do wh oil und H 000 1'?m hone. Left ut lVrnnmbueo bark I?nKniuu?* of New Bedford. which had t?e??n condemned and had i ranshipped oil on hour ' Hi brig Mary Ann, to nail in one we k?(he I* win* to be *oM ui anetioo. A I' tui'fwmOipt liowland, of bark Mhitllda, Seara, of l>?i-frnottfh, reports her ofr Juan Kernande* May 30, with 6ft bbU hp oil, til well. Would bo at Tom bet in October# Hpokon, i: S steamer Young Kovi r, Lieut Com John Humphrey, from Boston for Portress Monroe, Sept 16, ??tr Nantucket?by pilot boat Mary A William*, No 19. Ship K F OalMin, ol' ami from Bremen for NYork, Aug 24, lat i'J, Ion 14. An Am dinner ship bound S, nh owing white Hag with black cro?t, i?a*?e<i remain hiico Au? 14. An Am bark Hteerlng H, had abort royalnastn, no name on stern, whs *eeu Aik It*, lat 4 S, Ion ?, itr.g A B Cook, IVrkin*, hence for fet Thonnta, Sept II, lat 31 Ion tf> 4ft. Hehr Starlight, of 1'01-tland, atoerlng H, was seen Sept IS, ofT Montauk Boint. Foreign Ports. IANTWv.Hr, Sept I ?.u r ^.un? n, Kobtnson, Ifornoaandi 2d South Carolina. Kctuptott, Sodarhumn. 11 iti.*Tot. (IMI), A?u 31? \rrTamauH|?aa, Ac k ley, Matancna; I>nvid Chap'n, Tucker, Ulehi onto.W A I'latenlUM, Bennett, < roimrndt; Samuel Watis, Walls, Qtiuhae; Sept 'J. H ekingliatn, Mfh'her, St John. .Ml: Windward, hmernon. i 'roiiauidt: II t'.ion, Chapman, NYork fur (?luuoc?tdr. Sid Hcpt 1, K w Pavlov, Parley, Baltimore. Hkkmikimvkn. Aug'^l?Sid China, fichwarf*. and A?*: ?, Zc?!crlW?tb. NY<?rk; \lbert, klamp; Bremerbeven, lliliten, and Magdalene, ll<nke, Sandv llook. Bordeaux, Aug81?Sid Anwaturn, Mahlman, NYork. But no* Avium, Joly 29?In port harks Balvidere (Ri')? Wr e.Ut, and Monle/um.i (Br), nuaek, for NYork; VJJo*Tame, Auder?mt. from do, arr lH?h, ding; Zeohyr, Sn ail, from Cadi/., an 2Jd, dm/, Cl.e\ niter, Johnnon d|.e; luting* Ion. \V llianiH. from NYork, arr lMth,do; Alexander, Bobbins, and Kit si it e. iierri'-k, uui:; l?rig Mary A Jone*, l.avon b?r, do; rt hrn I aide, Ifo per, from CardiiF, arr 18th, ?1Ihb; tl II Town send, IVillt ? 4 ?, ami Naney, l.eo I., line. Sid July -I, bark Archer, I, wlj, foreign ports. 25th, nrlira (^oa-t Pilot, ilon b kis-J. do; 'J tli, tUieen of the Suilib, Weekn, Valparaiho. IIakia, A?i^ 1<v?|ii pori a Boston whip from Liverpool wlUi c?ni (pr?*babl> the Sin)iida. Nnsoii, from Liverpool via Curdiit'Jun<'8>; bark Heindfer, I'outta, from Philadelphia* fbr Kio Jaui'iio. f'uMK, Amk 31?Arr Nunimer Klu, BroekHh, and ^ihmd 9f th'? Nfthcrlanda, t'laproth, NYork. Ci m. Auk 20? Arr II1 Rotters, Helm no, NYork. SM 29lh, Orofnii, I out, NYork; 30th. Harmon, Buckley, do. l*HOKJ*TAi)Tf Auk 24?Hid K Sherman, llichbbru, Bristol, II V Hii vt i , QWcii, Sodcrh iinn. Cadiz. Ahk2G? An Bin 'i Fi?h, FalrchUd, and Geo Dm by, NYork. Hid 21 wt, Jarucii <\?olc, Airy, Hu'Ivh Ayrct; 24th, Minna SchlfFer, Counnuton Km (Jr. ude, Mary li Kh!rl<lp\ Host on. . S?*pi 3?Arr Achilles, Gallagher, Philadelphia (and hM for London). Duiii.i n, Auk 31?Old II T Voitnavil, York, NYork. 1>ttOi*iiKnA, Anp HI?Avr Flora, Hi? kh. NYork. DcvtiALK, Sent 2?Sid 0 Knox, Small, Hflloth, to loa^f for NYork. l>\NT7it\ Aim 27?Rid bark Oarlbaldi, KamUll, Newport, K. F \f.Mo.ttif, Sept 1? Arr Owborne Howe. Lowe, Havana. (iAKitr<'if a, Auk W?Arr Geo S Hunt, Woodfonry, Mai ^a; Aur.iic, Davla, d ?(and both Hid 2iih for Newport). Giukai/tar, Auk t%?><>tf, Florence, Smith, from the Mediterranean for -. i!>moa, Aiik 1#?ArrNl?l>e, Hotn, Cardiff; 29th, Maverick, Ellin, do. Hi aju.ow, AngSI?SM Mary Glover, flowes, Mtraiulbi. Hrkksovk, Sent I?Ai r I,'nited Kingdom (m), Craift, Que. bee; 2d, S W Ilolbnok, Small, Huelva. <1 At way, Sept 1?Air Role, Brlgg, NYork. Bid 2d, M J Colcord, l'artHdg'\ CardtfT. II wnic. Auk2!??Sid Southerner, Hottle, Newcastle, Genn* and rutted Stale*; Detlhavcn, Freene, llallao; 90th, Charter Oak. Carver, NYork; Oermanla. Tewunend, do;3 lit, Pnloa, UrvU, do; He* pi I, WH Lindaav, Grav, do. t id A?ik3?, France, E)l??, NYork; Lne" nirtbeth, Ntohola, Hetiranort; 3l<<t, llarry HlnfT, ILedman, NVurk; Aran, Dear(Df, Benton; Ida Mclyn.1, Dav'e*, Vict u. NR. !i?.iVi>KT Hept I?Sid Emetine, Pountfoori, NYork. Havana, HMvt lirir Lucy Jjarllnr. Souper NYork. St! i ItHh, brlj? ft ahum f?t t'lifhar . NY 1 * i >>*'" ?. ' r/Hitwi, A* ?rr!' .v?n .?* ??. . ? .*ii; 8epl I. .i William* Hi >; . NB *Wmooo;??-, K.*n. *y, Si .tohfi, NR. 2d, lien (iremi, Fair** ?.*. and /mltv, * iln*"U, <! '; Hw'lc W'nni. Htuh. an t WcW wt, I*>wb *r, NVorkt AtaInnla, Merrill, do; ln??ti^at'|- Carver, Newport, S ft Sent I, Boy no. Mttf*, auJJ Morton, llill?y,NYo',k;8 E Smith, Hates. si John, NB, M*t?tamn?*rk, ('uniting, and A? t*"!'*. jN VnI; HoffrrJno. feudiel/'ii, llefioa. ('Id Auk211, John SjH-ar, Butler, i'orilaud; Jjej)l 2, f9beria dan, Kiifchell, NY??rk. lint nut Auk31. Monarrti of the 8<*a. H|iencert NYork: K O Ser.mton, M^ua, doj I'cn^uti), Wem-nbi-r*.', San Kmncbwo; Sepl 2, Mo!?tK"inery, Nlekaou, Haiti more; (ireat Kast nrn (h), N Voi k . Kohl t'l-nter, Kl?-Ki er, and 1 oni|>r ?mlhe, Caolktoc, do; Mi'tropoHH, Kenney. Hi.Vvbn, Nil. I i.vitnN Hidil % . tn- K?i<L?I ViinSlH nnd Uao'.Htf mm i NYork. I'M Aug SI, .Tame* R Kerler, Pclano, Nfork; Sept 2, Olamott, Stewart ?l?i j VtU.?i 1.111i-u. HuniHoii, (jueU'c; Krunotn I*, InKcrsoU, S nclerland anil Hong Kong (and sld from Gravcsend &l): Lu<-inda, Smith, Boston. I4SB01, Aug J5? Art' Samoset, Koilrr. I'rotistadt. M AUHKif.i.Kx, Arr Lennox, Cole, and H A HtrpbM* Son, ilHy<|pn, NYork. MuftHoriA, Ang2l?Tn port brig Ocaan Eagle, Yates, from N York irr lbth, lor Ca risen and tin* Gaboon. Montmjo Bav, .la, Aug#?KM sehr Treasurer, Fisher, . Mata^as, Kept S*?Sldbrigs Castillan, Marwbk, Portland; 7tb, Howard, Clark, Banuor. Nkwpout, Scpt'i ? Arr e u Barney, Barney, Gloucester far NYork. PKRWAMitrco, Aug IS?Arr Veteran, Drew, NYork. Poutssouth, Wept 2? Put in, part of the crew nb k, bark l?oui~a, Benton, from Antwerp for Havana. Qitkknmowm, Sept 2?Arr Klinhalet Oroeley,flutter,Callao; Ragle Will*.'. Proteus, Klieoro, l.'avalleru Ilnumgartfur. Mag* iioIIh, and Hurricane, NYork. Hid Aug SI. hamuel Kn-nob, Parri:t, Preston face MIktpI)- .M J, Frstik, Haskell, Laltb. QOKKM** Sept 1.1?Arr ship Fawn, .Man-ton, Ln'idon. Uio.l.tM 11:0. ,\n? ll -ln portable* Morning Glory, liobhf, ?!isz; Maid of the Hen, Hian wood, from London, for Kindle* few da>s; Jacob Badi;or, Stapl-'M, from ('alino for liamplon Koidu, t -on dc rimed; Mmy 11u*hHI. Thompson, (or Hast Indies lew daya; .1 \V Clark, kopp?*rholdt, from Cardiff, <1 ; Gallego, Home wood, and Crescent City, Badger, wig ; b.irksTa* Ilsmari, HaUlnln, from Antwern iirrIKh; Abij.a I. Mel'nrland, v\ tg; Indin-, Greene, for New ^ ork 2 orS day. , C Warwick, ( alt, disc; Ann K (Irani. Swain: Fannin Crenshaw, Mnn.^011; Hi ird.lAn in, aud wiibelmlne, Lawn is.wtg; SoptliL Jones, for Baltimore 2 days brig* Virginia, Ik:klev. and M A l orrent, ('ongdon. wtg; LlnriMie. , l'hinno\, do; .1 11 a* ha way, Townsend, fiom NewjKirt, ding; Flying fcanle, Button, fpoiii Bihia, wtg; M lir flanville, Chester, lor NYork 2 rtavH. Sid Nth, biftk Chase, ItaHle, Baltimore; 11 til, schr T 1) Wagner, Kyder, New York. soiMY, Aug81?>Putin wfndboimd, ?blp Thorn** Whitney, Kelly, from I/<ndoo for Boston, with iosn of forcfop.^at! yard. Ht John, Nit, Se ?t I'!? \rr brig Xinhlas. Daniels NYork; selir Venloo, Claus* n. Philadelphia ; 111 li hIi 1 p Wtlllntu Lord, Brown, Liverpool, Cld ISili, ship Levant, Keran, Liverpool; brig Lola, }l? a \, NYork. 'I icon*. Aug so? 111 prr barks Htntlrn, Bourne, for St Stephen. NB, aboiit Sept 5. Dacotah, Besse, for do do. Y 4ic.w0i'Tif, Sept I?OIF, Omega, Morse, from the Battle. sncamsriipEoropa, at haurax?tklegkapiiic] A r f;o 1 N V ?r . 4 a,/. 11, An olr, and Kentwekl-ui. at Havre; Otodine, n; C'llal . O'-orgf Ahtl, Ua'ph Post, atitl Windsor rori-si. .11 Deal, Maria A.igusta, at Falmoutli; Hero, and llHlla", at Kluahifiif; it l< huri", flonrj (-'Icy. H Adams, and I'onstaiitiiie, at Llverpcwd; 11 Gregory, at Queetibtown. (L ile- t via IJueenstown.) Arr fmm NYork, B.'ackHsh. and Geo Darby, at Cadiz. Aiucrlcnn Porta* BOSTON, H??pt li?Ar. s .i <d nfi,j/ Ma?-fic!icisett?, Mat* tlii-wa, Port!, nd; brig Orlando, Savage, Alexandria; Si-bra line ta YLta. Koby: Sar <b K Jone^, J.>nes; George Kdward, W?' ka; J II Ifoyt, Lyon; Bdwin K ?*d, Goodsp.mml; K An:-otr. l,"niio>); M A Sbronablrp. Khropabire, and 8| rar, Pike, Philadelphia. In tli? bay hI?1j? Tran'pebar, from l*lo Janeiro. ( Id IJr -deavntdilp Arabia, S out*. Liverpool vl* HaUfa*; ahlp W"?t Wind, Klllott, San FraneUco; aetira VViiite Small. IIowe'.1; C I< Kdwatda, <Janly; FranrJ* Edward*, Ilii' c ck, Jnrnvi II Stiout, Pouter; Mary K Smith, Smiili; Marietfa Tllton, Tilt* n, and L 8lurl<vant, Corfn, PMiadel* ?.)?:?? J.ijm.s II Moon-, Inu* r*oi), do via iii-idireport; Mary Sla!ikln, 11 mh.T P A > ? * 11, Hroiuc; J'avliion. Hi Kit, and Ml Pilltm re, Chaae, NY<rk. Sid steamer New York; bark Knry; brli( la Hlh?\tr (bv tel) bark If Derrnjr, TalcaAuano; brJ#? Son?''rs, Monrovia; Arab- 1 (Br), St Croix. " IMLTlMoRK. S>j)t 16?Arr nfhrt fridn*, fltokeley, Tnrtcs flow.and, Provldeiicp; (term, WiIhooi St Nil; N ? R*ip, Wright, NYork. Below bark Adelaide, Ktehi erper. Irom Itio Janeiro. ('Id achra Jan Bmter (Mr), Ha l, Antigua; Ifttunuh Martin, S!aiglif, NYork. HKISiOt,. Kept I ft? Sid l>riK California, ? aimn, Havana. UK VERIFY, Sept 14?Arr Rchr Henrietta (not Ilaini ton), I'Jiiliol.lphlji. DJGHTON, Sept 15? Arr*<*brs S Washburn, Thra*h*r, Philadelphia; KS Dean, Cook, Ktl/abet hport. Sid 14th, wchr H W Morse, Phillip*. Philadelphia. KliliSWOHTn, S"pt II?Arr aebr Superior, MoornNTgrt PAST CHtRKNWJCII, B.-pt 14?Arr schr Elwira Rogera* \N luhtman. Elizabeth port. r/ilJ* ftlVKIt, Bept 14?Arr nchr ('onnftvtlctit, Clonk, Snw IU nnftwlf k, NJ; lAth, aebr* Wm D f'arglb', Ifawkin*, I IhUdclplmi; Marietta Hurr, Barton, !) !?* w are City. SI<1 lftth. whr? Crandall, Oage, Philadelphia; Sllas'Wrlglil, Seaman. wild .I Ku'dlng, Coleman, Ell/abcthport. IIAKTKOIM), Snpt 15?ArmehrA Almon Baron. Bacn, and K M Clark, ('lark, Ell/.at?i?ihport; I6ih, M Y Webb, )iu<kin?f n-n.and Cynthia June. U? nuctt, do; J I) Buckal??w. Wavn?# Trenton: L J) Jarrard, I Macd, N<*w BruriH*Jck. Sid JTUi, w:hr N Mialcr, Mali, NYork. MYSTIC, 15?Arrftloop Apollo, Freeman, New York. NKWWCKYPOttT, 8ept ICr-Air *rhr*? S it Itajrley, Koijia* fuin, and A S Cannon, NovvelJ, Philadelphia; J-aia, Colt, do; KoHMii'b. Small. NYork. NKWPOICT, S? pt 15?Arr ?chra Mary E Gnffp, DHhka, Bt John, NB. for Phtladf Iphia (J oat part <if d**rk load of laths in a heavy blow on the llth in*t, off Monhc#?n); John M-Adtun, Phmsoij, Ht George, Me, for NYork; I b?-n Sawv? r. Tiaey, JC i?*i" rf for Philadelphia; Thnn Pag*. Clarke, Honton -?r do; H M Price, Kelley, do for NYork; L" l>, Kraaier, Cimd- n for do. Wontuver. KluridRe, Ronton for Philadelphia; N< i '? em Light, Hall, Yinalhavvn lor NYork; Cha*e, Slllls, Ui>U4 for do; J M TAflor. ?enu\Provlden < for do; :d< ?{< ? T>rle. into. Kay, Nantucket for NYork; W ? Mangum, Tbra?b?j% Ta.mton for do. l(Kti,8 AM?Shi brig John Pierce. Mftfc^or. Havana; whrt T Barkidew, B.jrdlck, Philadelphia. li W Morn*. II.uriet Gardner, Texas, JunjAA McC Ion key, and all others bound So .'.h and Went. PlllLAI>EIiPHIA, Pent 17?Arr bark Ft Jam#**. Oi:?e, N York; brL* (5 II Froat, llj-kins (Viriledab; Jrddo, >! Ivlr:. S?l .lohn ft OonPfTo A nil.a Vil'hnii >siv?pvf?/i?*f If II.''. ? ..r?. lnercu, jinnies, Muyujiw s; H. iiN 1) \V Eldt 'lie*-, Ogd*-n, I> >- I mlniot; Julia Main'*, Preston, Prnvidencs; r M ' nrwr. |vn- / dletoii, 8e.ri.poit; F <' Kmltb, Anderson, Salem. Cld brig / <> o Amu r. nh lioU, Boston; hcIith Sh'-rand'. ih, Candy, N' w port; Van Burt n, Wail, Portsmouth; Blackbird, WttivVr, ~ I I'm; J It .V|i' fc>-ll, Tultle, Bridgeport; Hunt' r, Ra< k- l. N?*v I Lnndon. Evi ittrwa. Putter, Bramtrec; I) To < nwa I, !' wnmuiI; J M Vane#, Burclgc, Adelaide, YotmgjM A Magi-e, Ha.r?; J B Austin, Davis; A Ila'ey, ITriloy. P I fanndirs, Vomers; Village, tfiii'- n, Hawkins, mi.) I) liale, Conklln, | p.nHtnn; B 0 Porter, Wmilh. Danverc; D E Willie, Buckao, ; 0 I (pUen, Drfukwater, rrovidoin'c; S f, l'r?xk< t, I'ri *: r v t?miiuim ; Th.i# Borden, Wrklitin" ri. Kali Kln r. I'Vl'.TlAM), Sent lft?Arr lurk Ar !n r, Lewis, llueno* A.r ?; brig II II M'Ciilvfry, ?':ifTord, Cardenas; steamer I'iic peake, Crovsi il. Work; s, lir ,1 C Brooks (Ira (lam, I'hiladclt'ila. CMbfiik" N W l?ridg?, I^aii*. Havana: Sarah B lisle, Crowthei, Cardenas; <*br Amvlis, Uuoketi, Baltimore. i'UKTfiJlnUTH, se;d h? Arr 8chr? Got Burton, Vln?taor*; Oriciaii, Abbott, and Sarah Loruta, Cranmer, Ptiiia^'i'koVIDEXCK, f*Pt 1ft?Arr sehrs New Haren, Field*; P.cTt n .r. Uanrty; Milic Saunders, .louts; Emetine Che^Vr, Bruwer: Empire, Adams; Cicero, Burroughs, and Charles A. drainer, Young, Philadelphia; Decatur <lakes, Oake*. Kl'rab thtioit; Delpbine, Hons, Tuekerton, NJ; 11 Deputy, Lewis, Bon tout; Era, Nvrtliup, NYork. S!d soln>4okn Pa v tin. Ilall. PhiliuMphLv. Senator, BraiirurrivNY?rk. I*AW rn vr.r, pi-pi ?r-ait ?i.?>p Ann, .narvn, iionn . SALEM, S^.t 16?Arr ?ehr? } D Mci;*rlhj, Smith, Philnd l; J in ? hti(jll?h, Nlckcmon, Jerwy Cuy. SUI,I.IVAN, 8fpl 15?Air bark Sutoin, Moijtrn, Urorppol. WARREN, Scut It? Sid b?rlt Mary 'r*iic??, ltavWu, Mauritius; br>n Coud'n?, Jjhu^-n, I'hllylell'Mt,

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