Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1861 Page 6
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6 SITUATIONS WATTED? FEMAI.E8. \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OER. J\ ii.mi kH'I, In ;tii Aim-> i' .111 family, iih N. aiimii-i'*-.; uuili'l'. at.hi.!-' 1111111?. an.I 111111>( , < liildren's ami i liithllit. Can l. ln.:liIv l.y her Uht employer. Cull ill'"J W<"< 27tn *t., for threo din?. \ MOST RESPEl TABLE YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A J\ i-liumi .ii m mum' liiM elaaa tanilly an laimilrew; i* fully i'uiii t''ul M (111 llim place, liiniin; liri'u ten yi'iii" In the I1!"' In union. 11 a? (lie In st reference. Can lie auetl till Milled at ]12 2i'ih st,, In ilif vim-, noiir 7th av. AN AMERICAN LADY OF RESPECTABILITY AND iioiiiB mean*, iiriMi'prinu hmmekeeplnf to liourdlna, Would takechnrwe il a private house, where "he could have tli. entire control. Tim hem of i ity references given nnd required. Addrea* T. 11. G., Herald office, for three dnyu. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A SCOTCH GIUL, AS chambermaid urn! waiter or nurse. A| ply at 212 26th ?t., between 8th am) ?ilt av?. A SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSE AND SEAMstri-n?. In h renin .''*!'!" rlii rapuHi' in her capacity; the jeHtdty ivf. . net! tiv. ii. C.iU |Or (In . e dayaat 173 Wcbt SM I., beim 7th and 8th nv*. nr>m ml tlonr. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE yinni(t wiunan. In took, wnnli and iron; the best of city -etrrem e given. Cull at or address lor two duya 333 7th av., eiMiid Hour, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?IIY A RESPECTABLE young woman, at? nur*o and MrAinnireiui; thehoHtof re f'-ii'ii v c.iii i'f j^iveu. Can bo setu for two daysat 21 bib av., In th?* shoe store. A YOUNG, HEALTHY MA KRfEI> WOMAN, WITn A K"od bruaat of Jnilk, u lslirs a situation as wet nurse; c:4ii produce her marriage certificate If required. Can bo aecn for two day* at 2tW 7th av., second tloor, back room. A LADY WOULD LIKE EMPLOYMENT AS AMANU?-Ufit, copyist or compiler tor an editor or publlnhcr, or any kcijicH business requiring education anil intelligence. Address II. 0?? Union square P<wt ofticC. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do p in ml housew< rk in a small private family; it a K <->d washer aud itom-r: bent of reference from last place. Call lur two day * at GO West 18ch ft., near Ctli av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as wet nurse. Call at 11 Wabhington *t. A SITUATION WANTED?BY \ YOUHG WOMAN, TO J\ cook, uuhb aud iron; is a brst ml?* baker; the Im*?! city reference ir<>m last situation, ('all for two day* at 133 East S'Kb st., between \t% xingion and 3d avs. AYOUN'i WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS I'll \Mbcrmaid or to Uike rare of children, or to do potters! housework in a small private family; has no objection to make herself generally useful ; tfood reference from la*t jilaee, ('all ai 2t)l yth st., between av. A aud 1st av, third Uoor, La k room. A YOUNG WOMAN?WITH 1IEU FIRST BABY AND A f rcHli breast of milk, wishes a baby to wet nurse at her ov ii residence. Apply at 2l'J East 18th St., room No. 13, for two day#. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS cook; is an excellent wasber and ironer; b in coodcity reference. Can be seen lor two days at ICO Navy st.. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUation an plain cook; in a good washer and ironer; is willing and obliging; city reference given. Can be seen for two days at 142 Charles st., in the basement. Actuation wanted-bt a steady, capable woman, to work out by the day, to clean nouse, scrub, wash and iron, and make nersclf useful; has Rood recommendations. 'Call at ISO, corner of Kivingtou and Attorney sts., top floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook in a private family; is a good cook and baker, and most excellent washer and ironer; has the best of ?iiv reference Coil at 170 West 31st St., between 7th and 8th avs. A RESPECTABLE MAKRIED WOMAN, WITH A fresh breast of milk, wishes a situation as wet nurse. Call at or address for the whole week 133 Norfolk St., iu the A situation wanted?by an american oirl, It? yeara old, to mind children or do light chambervvnrk and walling; would go a ahort distance in the country : baa the bem <>i <Itv reference from her laat employer. Cull for two daya ut 25IJ Kant 13th at., between lat av., and ar. A, >e* coml tloor, iront n?om. A young woman wishes a situation as good I'luiu rook and an excellent waalier and Ironer; would do houaework in a *mall private family; In willing and obliging. Can be aeen at 1,438 Broadway, corner of 41nt at. ABB8PBCTABLB OIEL wants A SITUATION; CApable of cooking, washing and Ironing: good city reference from her laat place. Can be seen for two day* at 171 Wen 33d at. A situation wanted?by a respectable protea tan t woman, who thoroughly understands her business, aa cook, waah.-r and Ironer in a respectable private family; good city reference given. Apply for two days at 205 Eaa t lOtji ?t. As cook.?wanted, a situation, by a respectable woman, an cook, wlfo thoroughly unticrfttamta V cooking In all tin branchea; l* willing to aaaUt In washing If required; good city reference. Can ne aecn for two daya at j 202 East at, between l*t and 2d ava. AS COOK. A?' - A SITUATfOlf WAlfTEDt? BY A RKapectable young woman, aa good plain cook; 1* n g'?nl t>aker of bread and biscuit and a g*?od washer and ironer; can give the bent "f city reference from her last place. Can In* seen lot two daya at 110 22d at., between 2d and 3d av a., A situation wanted?by a good, respectable ulrl; wmiM lik" to do general housework; In a very good [ lain cook ami washer an>1 ironcr; lias the bunt of city reference. Call at fier employ* r s, Hi West 2tith st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL; iinders'-anilaall kindsof work In a geiitloniaus family. 4 .hi lie swcti lor two days at 110 Kultoti at., Brooklyn, top lli or. A situation wanted?by a young woman, as i'iioiI coi.k, wio-licr ami ironer, or to do gineial housework in a sm ill prlvum family; go - I rity relcrenci' Ironi last ylai i'. fall fur two days at 301> Went 17th At., between 9th nnd 10th av?. * s nurse.?a situation wanted, by a rejrv speciablc woman, an nurse and sisamstretut; Is capable of taking charge of an Infant or young children; no obji-ctioii tn (: In thi' ouniry or to travel wItu a family. Call tor two days nt l.u East 'Juih st., third Uoor, front room. A respectable woman wishes a situation an i i'fik, In a private family or lirst class boarding In use; iimlerslHiKl# ill kinds of cooking, meats, soups, Rami', pastry. Jellies, A Ten yc.irs rltjr reference from lier last place, t all ui 2*2 (Sth av? between )7tb and 19th sis., In the store. AS COOfc, ^Af^RU AND IBONER.-A IJESI'ECTAMe woman wants a Mtuntl?n us good plain conk, or to <1o general liounc work In a stiwill rcflpectable family. Good city refor?wi< <?: lived iu her laat i>iace b?jven ytma.* Cull at 837 Water si., Brooklyn. A respectable young woman wants a situation II - ok, w .Shi 1- ami ironcr; Is willing to do housework In a small family; the la st of city references; can be given. Call at 3C2 7th nve., near 33d st., in the grocery store. Can be seen for two days. A situation wanted-dy a respectable young woman, as waitress, or as chambermaid ami waitress; understands wailing in all its branches. Best of elly reference given from her lust place. Call at 89>i West J8ib st. Akespectable gikl wishes a situation ak waitress, i>r as chambermaid and waitress, or would be willing tn asMst In the washing and ironing. Can give four {ears' eltv reference. Can he neon tor two days iu thu akery, 312 2d ave., between 23d and 24th sis. A SITUATION WANTKD-IN 80MB WH0LE8ALB Iiouko, by u boy who has just graduated from school, ami lias studied French and German a little; salary no object so tiiatthe get* In a 8r?t data house. Address C. T. O., box 213 Herald office. a situation wanted-hv a bksi'eotable JV young Protestant woman, In do general housework, or chamiierwurk. City reference given. Call at tile corner ol Henry atid Atlimtle'sts , Brooklyn, room No, 11, second Moor, <j. er the grocery store, f?r two days. AF! KST OURS cook, pb0tb8tant, wi8bsb a situation; understand* boning and larding, soujib, tpeatu, light l'ustry and jellies; makes good bread and hiscult; good city reterenees. Cau be seen at No. 631st st., between 5th and Madison avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to <!<> general housework In a small family. Uond relerenee given; do objection t<? ro a short distance ftti the country. Call fc>r two days at 125 l orry st., In tin' rear. Ayol'SO FRENCH LADY WISHES TO GO OUT BY the W'k or month In private families rr seaoistross; she cau furnish a sewing machine. Apply for one week at 870 21 av., near 23(1 8t., IIrut lloor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS JV piirM' and (ti iun tress ur chambermaid ?ud seamstress, <t to do tin' housework <il a small family; ha* four years' reference from In r last place. Call (or two daysat No. C2 Wickoflf !., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as up mail servant; understands dressmaking, ?'in; i ", ,i r . and ail kin I* of family Sewing; would do ehainlirrwiirkai'id line wiiMiftig and ironing; Is capable and will. t:> to do any 1 lint ol up -lairs wor'c. Good city reference. Call lnr this week nt 27ll3dav., top lloor. A SITUATION V> VNTED?BY A RE4PECTABLB UJlil.. -Ti Pi do cli..iiit?-r?oik -tint Iiiik wn or rhamherworit n id waiting, ti i lly icfercuce. ?.*n lor l?\> da\ s ui '? West ltitli at., near 6th av. ' A C'lMi'KTESy LAUNDRESS is DESIROUS OF J\ (" ttlng the washing ol a few gentle,ivn or ladies* Is a , lir?l late1 1 r? irorier; and ran give the l.e?t ,,l eh r- I. i rein.'-'. ut UJ 7iii ur., for one week, lUrd lloor back rt>-im. . A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BESl'ECTABLE GIRL, ? J\ IK tmi-e and m IIIIIM!,-.s HUd In IllJJtllg to do chamber- , work; I- kind to <'il i.ii, an. neat Mid tldv hern 11, is 11 ^ttli and sift s's., in tno reai- -i -- . *??BY A RESPECTABLE e \ vonnii " t^n. a:- '1 ftnarw"",I ? -A. '' 'kj '.'no A WSSi'KO'fAHI.I!-ilHL. ? ' >! !- " ..a ?" ' ' > V ?.-< <, If ? ?>, ,p , " ' "do ; ??.. ?. c' jo, < C'MI'. ft'int r.j 'U. A sitl-am^n "* _Jt~?rr. r~ , zh: :;Ji^rrp' , A*i F? ?v A vn-so worn*. AS \ tii 11 anil r ire* t"i. rival? fatally or a ? ? . i, - ; b4M Rtc r?. - t- fcirnop. r . , , hvtvV "? ?" ^ "22f* _ ' A l'UOTESTAKT GIRL WISHES A PolTrrAT,ov ^ A > &> \*XkT"iKora%--u un.t.r?tniuu ?. 1.1 II *?m; UTI'I nil kin;i8iii ,(.? ),,K fn (|?. 1.. ' > : - I. n m ou l?j- 1 ft H.ik' r'h hvwing tn? hlnc; >' " ? t'J ? BOvrmistance lu ibe couutrv. rjj u 7a V. ' J<l>h . \ Amrvrios wanted?by a respectable v.. uian.1 k, ?i. h andiron; In an i vlicui 4<> ?. II i-vjii": lii .1 of city ji-fcrenre frmn ti?r v:.tU .i 1 4' 0' r.btiwem !Wtb and 3l)th ?t?. 4 KIT I ATION \\ ANTi;U-llY A RESPECTABLE J\ :i. l'i i li Hii'.l Iri II, rr to do i;i m I'. I 1.0 ivVl'll-. B' St I. \ 1 . ... r in I:.. | n ,.||. (Irtil for two ill } HI M4th ?t., bctw? II',., - V ,rl I.'j H :,'1!|||: A HITfATlOX ViANTKD-BV A RESPECTABLE .ii y '< ri, t'i'l it iK; ^"I'l pLiln cook, kHHI v he >. .ii.; ,r r .t. Hwrtitiv i"I'crvnee. Call at til >1Uj t'..v . ii Otli a . 1 7t i ..vj. \ NE' ?ITPAT1OT? W\NTED-VKMAIiKN. \ vol 'NO AMKHTCAN QIBL WISHES A SITUATION A "? iiurw and nenmsu<n*. Cau lie seen nl h?r im'Hcnt i in|ilo,ver'?, 11 Lhlimnlun Sluytruant (mrk. AiiiUHLY KESl'EOTAHLK PKOTEBTANT WOMAN ulslirK it niluiiiiiUK nurws and Hi'itmnUvsu; la u ooiu|mit.-nt u aniMitbb. Call al <85 6th avc. ASITCATION WANTID-BT A amnOMBU younn woman, an chain larmald and lnundreit* In a jnlyiiii' family. Can bo ?ceu at tho houao of her emjiluyur. 11 W< ?t 2mh rt. ' ' ' * lUl nu AM ?.11 HAN until WAISTH A H1TIATION TO J\ lake earn of children, or to do ll.lil ehamberwoi k or plain sewing; bus he?t of i lly reference. Cull for Iwo days at fti Adams it,, Brooklyn. V SITUATION wanted ? my a bbbpbotablib youiu' ulrl. nu cook, washer and lioner In u respectable private family: Iwni of illy reference glirn. Can be seen for two (lay* ui ;jii lsi a v., between 'Mill ami 21st ??., lirst tloor, back room. a SITUATION WANTED?by a TRUSTWORTHY WOJ\ man, he grind plain cook; In an excellent washeraiul lroner and good K'iki i ; bus ^ood l ily reference. Cull be Mem until engaged at 119 V> est atitb near 7ib ?v., second tloor, baok room. cii m, w a n t5 Ti ffi a now to do a I n e ral kouaework In a small family, or t" do Iluht chamberwork or take of children; reference trotn her bust place. Cull at 12 Clinton st., rear house, brut iloor. \ TOCNO WOMAN WAN'I'S A SITUATION, TO DO JV the (.'i'IhthI housework of a plain private familyi understands f king, washing und Ironlnit, and Is wilting to make heraelf generally useful; best of city reference. Cull for two days at 161 BaatMth at. A RESPECTABLE OIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS eliatul'i rmald and wuitress. Uood elty reference. Cull at tiri Hast tilb st. 3S A situation wanted-by a respectable girl, tocook, w ash and Iron In u small I'uialL, t'.?u l>e soeij for two days at her last employer's, 14(1 East fcitli st. As COOK.-WANTED, my a COMPETENT WOMAN, a situation as tint class cook In a geutlcmaii'a faintly; uuderstauds lier business in all lis braneni* Befct of cliy relereliefs can till ; lven. Call at SSI tith av. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS a SITUATION as mine and seamstress. Good elty reference. Can bu seen fur two days at 119 Spring St., In the rear. A situation wanted-by ,a hekpectabi.e young woman, to do ebamberwork and walilne, or ebamberwork and sewing: Is exjarteneed In both, willing and obll|<lio, and thoroughly cou>|ielent. Best ot ilty reference. Call for two days at tW Eust l.'th St., between 3d und 41 h uvs., In tlie basement. A YOUNC1 SCOTCH OIRL WANTS A SITUATION. TO DO JY ehuinbei work und wuiilng. or ebamberwork and to take care Of children. Cull for tw.i days at 1?! West 2Uib st., near 7tb uv. No objection to go In the country. t kespectabi.e yor.No wom an wants a siti aiJ. V linn. In a private laiuily, tocook, wash and Hull, o Would do general housework"; Is willing and obiLjinu. Can it n....' = ~. ...... Sri lge at., Bi rookly n. A respectable marribd Woman, who iias lost her baby. witfllCha Hilt) Hit WCt 111'. THi'. Ctili t?0 H'en Ht 186 Went yjlix J?t., near 8th ave.t second lloor. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIHL WISHES A situation as chambermaid and waitress, or as chambermaid and t<> take care of children ami make hcmli w uemlly useful; wane* not so much an object as a good home. Good city reference. Call at 178 West 25th st., betwet u 8th and Uth avs. A SITUATION WANTED? MY A RE8PE< TABLE youug girl, as chambermaid or cook, Jo a -mail private l it ii lily ; good city reference for live and a halt yens, from Jier lasc place, Call at 308 Atlantic St., between Smith and Hoyt, BrookljQ? In tltt store, for two dajs. A young widow woman, ii a visa .so family* wishes a Hituation to go to California with a lady or family; understand* all domestic all airs; best of reference can be given If required. Can be seen any time until suited at ii 6iu st., rear, rot mi (J. A YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS lirst t lass chambermaid and waitress, or w?iuld (to general hmuework lor a small family; i*a *o< d plain <ook and exeelicut washer and ironer: has the beat oi < itv refer, cuce from her lest employer. Call at 103 West ii8tti ht., third lloor, room No. ti. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED youug woman, us chambermaid and waitress, or as iauudrcss and do plain sewing or housework in a small private family; the best of city reference can be given. Can be seen until suited at 135 Court ht., Brooklyn, one door from WyckOil, up stairs. A COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?HY ONE WHO IS a good cook ami a lirst rate baker; underst mdsall kiuds <?l pastry, also ail kinds ol dess? rts; no objection to take part in the washing; the bi nt of city ivlerence irom her last place. Call for two days at 123 West 27th st. i KESPSCTaBLB protectant Young GIRL i\ wishes a permanent situation, in a piivate family, as seamstress; can cut and lit children's dremrH ami do all kinds ol embroidery; has no objection to assist withchatuberwork; good city reference. Can mj seen on Thursday ut 410 6th av., near 2Mb su ** \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Jx. chambermaid andjyaitrrss, or Would take care* of chll good lit/rel ereuee from her last pluoe. Call ut 90 Weil JWUi si., betw i*u (Jth and 7th Jive. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO. tetdaut woman, a* good rook, washer and ironer; would do hoimework for a small private family; good city relcrcnce. CmII lor two days at 185 Vuriek st.,- fit ut Hour. \ SITUATION WAHTBIX?BY A TOUXQ WOMAN, A8 ./V seain>ireHH iifid chambermaid or to lake rare of ciil* du n, or will nfchUt in the washing and ironing; ha* tin? beat of city relerenre. Can be acen tor two day* ut 127 27th st., between 7th and Mtli uva. CROOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY ONE WHO FULLY J uiuit rslaud* her business in ail reapers: b aklutf, pastry, all bramlwH; v\ ould u.-m-i in washing or do tun ki'< t?-:> Work of a email family; inont e*u.ll?-nt reference. Call fur tuo ays at No. I'M Last 37lii mi., between 2d uudiid uvs.; Hout i r green* TjlIUST CLASS BABY'S" NUJJ8E.?WANTED, BY A KE1? speetable middle aaed woman, a niluutl m ns T by'* nurse; she is fully ca panic ot taking entire charge of u baby I mm its Idrtb, and can bring it op by hand, as ??he i< a? uitauM > N<; I .i v i v ut .t |'i tin ?' i r. B4 -i < i n '< n noe trom her la?t place, where she lived three and a ii alt* years. Call tor two day s at 202 Pacldc at., near Smith, South Brook* si- - IADY'8 MAID AND FAMILY DRE88MAKElt'S Sil l'. J ation wanted, by a competent pcrton; und? rsmjuls hair tinging Hiui all kinds of family eewing. Mood leicrence. Call at or address J 20 West 2Utl? hi. SlY&A$i6>! WANTED.?A COMPETENT YOUNG WOlmui^vanta a situation aa cook, washer and I roue r, and | , tuiiiivi jf; ? "" i rvirronrr II ivnuin I. Iiuiujrv |>1 240 Moll ?t., turner ot 1'ilnce, second Uuur, fur two j| QJTl* ATION WANTED.?A VMUKO GIRL WANTS A kJ place, to attend a b:?kery stor?l *<?r as waiier. Call at 4^S0 i?rernwieh, between Canal and tfpringat#., f?r*t floor. QIT CATION 8 WANTED?BY TWO 8ISTEKS; ONE IS A O v?ry good ]>l In cook; makes excellent bread and biscuit; I;* al?o an excellent laundress; the othert.<a veryexperl !? ? .I nurse and *eamstrei?a; can tak<? the entire eh urge ol a l?aby from Its birth; has a tolerable education and liken children; tan (ut and tit ladies' and children's dresses, or would do light chatnberwork and Hewing; both are capable: no objection to ilie country; has the beat ?,f references. Call mt their la^t place, 74 East I fib nt., near 4th ave. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O woman, es chambermaid or waitress; bes no objection to mind children and do plain Hewing; wages no object to a tfood home; baa the bestot reference from her la*i place. Iinjulre for two days at 237 10th av., between 26tb aud 2>)tli *ta. QITITATION WANTED?BY A YOUN O WOMAN, AM chambermaid and waitress; no objection to do general housework. Beat city references. Call for two daya at Clwuli*n >t., raoin IOl SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE O girln, staters, in a private family, together; one as chambermaid, and to <b? up lady's muslins; the other ass* amsitvss, and to wait on a lady. Good city references given, ('ill at86West 19thct,neiroUiAve, onv ATION WANTBD-A8 CHAMBERMAID AND. iO welter Bud to essist in sewing or ss nnrse and plain seamstress; would make herself generally useful; i* willing and obliging. Can be aeen for two daya at her present employer's, JM3 Bridge st., Brooklyn, nnar Johnson. QITt ATION WANTED?BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE H woman, an first class cin>k; no objection to assist in washing and Ironing, ;; -o i city reference. Call for two days at 128 West 8th st., C.i iton place, noar 6th av., lirat floor, back room. rpWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS .WANT SITUATIONS: ONF. j. r.r. fyiiwin f mm iioner; nit* no objection to do gene* r?l himncwnrk In a Muall family; tlx- other a* nurso or oeaniKtrins or rli*inb<.minl.l: no objection to g ' to the romitrv. The beM oi refereum*glvcu. full at Wfctate st., Brooklyn, for tiro duya. * "lirKT NTKSK.-A YOUNG AND HEALTHY GERMAN \\ woman, twenty-one yonrs of ?>." , nmi whom*child U six montin old. * i-hed u trite.n'lon as w < ( nurw. Apply for two tit t o? pi; s ut cmplojer'g, No. ^ Jfcjltord place, Kultoo sr., Brook lyk. "* A1 ""ANTED?A SII CATION, iiY A^ESPf.CTAHI E OJiK> ? luiij) ijirl, w h<? *fvaka Cm timti, h mi. h and English. 7/> d raHn nti All pi ... I imil t la a g h I and go -J vMii Call ai ill Kt*l -<5tli At. lor tureo ua>T. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE IF youfiu girl, to do rh ituhwrwnrk and .insist with the vnflMn^ nriu Ironing, or to uo general housework, In a pinall uivatr JamJly. Has the best of ref?'ivu< ?. Apply Hi Itti Woat 7th st., near U road way. Can be ne?jn fvr f Jitu\fl. ririKTpn_A . ?~ c.iLAUUfl, IIY A til'pJSRIOK L.Vl'N" 1 >> ilr* s?; would Imvp no objecilua Ui do c siting. w??h?n? ml ii iiliur. i r iliiitiil'TiiuiliI ni?'i IIi - tin- l?-n i ,f, Ity refer. me. ran he m Ikt iiurtplact k 31 17t!i i t., l? twcru 5th ami (ilh ?',Si I L\'\NiT.O-A jifl'A'MOK, BY A llKHILY HKSl'Ki'T- ? *" I* R!< chumbcnnnM und ii-amntm** or iiHtnixTiimli] Nsnitrt'MJi; iin<W?<nnti? fine* washing aP ( on it IK. ,l,/i *ootl * ity r i.TcnccM. run l/<* ?ccn for two ifciiya v i?k". \s ' ?tM i Till and Bth a?* |irANTKI)-A KITIWTION AS CHAMBERMAID ? ** n?ii?i?iii wii'lu-r ninl Ironer, or i'in?iai?"? ?* ot tljj'lrui), IJuuU rgl'tue^ifl ii?>"p ikliiBV." . . ,oJild iiml ."est ZM at- ' Apply at 210 ttante***" V> i.t TABLIO PROTESTANT (ilUU ?,'V?kW ? ui"-- -iii'l cli?iii!n'im?ld: 0W?S$'"n, ^ ^.occlty. Qoodre(e?*nccK^'H'. Apply txtawtbd?bt A WPE^ABj-Ejrowo A | \\ BiiuatlontoUikf'cftreofr.lit. irni ituiiMw. willing to a*>i*i In llj;)jt hon*- w??rk. <i"o<t r?-t?'Ikt from her latt j Vice. Can be Bt^'n for iwn >Jm>r at 344 Wefct 16th .?t nr : . i t> - A 81 rtJATlOK, J if K m Bl BCTABLB If youiij: woman, an c<K>k; i* an exclVnt wn*her and lrontr{ woiiid do hooMiworfc* Bid ol reference 11 tn btr laM emj 1 >>y. r. ? all at 12 Acuity place fortwo UT LNTBD IT A 1 3PECTABL8 - A m hit ??n ; * wnltr? a ?>r chamu**! mnl 1 ii> ? ii 1 ^uilly. None need \\ j 1\ but jv sjM'rtaOle i\:iiillit. t til it ii-jr present employer s .04 1. m? 12tn *t. UrA\J 'r- i > 'V, HV \ i> K> r/v TA':'.' ;; t" cook, wnhh . ni i n, or U> d<? general ho?*< work, of i rvv ? ferenu!* gitei. t\m te seen for two i!ay* at M 5 ??t ?t. Url/r Nl'RSJiL?A VOt'NO TTKAI.TIIY WOMAN, WHO i !-;?- .-<t hei* first l-i'y . . ol?l, willies >i sin..iti-n isw.t unra' in a r family; good reference. ! Cull at *117ili uv., bctweeu 24ib uu<\ mMi #u> ' W YORK IIEHALD, THURS llTTATIOy W A \ T10 D_FK M ALES. Wet Ni'ifsi:lady, whose in wand has liirt Willi rcvn ? ?, would unc?|>t ?f th? Hlxive u* a llie.ind (,r rcllivinjt lum, u? v.ftl ? ullnrdlut: ii?:r i 11 for tbt>)?Mh nt lu i , liild. tilic Ik Hilly vei?ed in i-.u? > "I mi tofuut, and haau k):id dlapiisltiun; u?<id ruli reuceif. Addreii k> ihiaii, ChathamiimnFmIom Al'AMliD-A SITUATION. BY A EKSPSCTABIJi TT yuuim ptrl, 'in clmml>?n<mlil and waiti-t-?ts? r ;?* ? humb? pmafd na<l I tun<!r??N?; U fi ly < a pubic to ?!o <*iili* r. Ha* h?iio vaaiV rily reference. Oan U* >fiua for twodayhaidii W?m l^otli >1., between flih and 7tb ava. "lIrANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLB ft young woman, to do chamberwoik ami wnWjin in a vntall private family. Bent of city reference. Call at (510 Jiudnou t>i., betweeu 12th ami Jam: *tn., for one day. TITANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RK8PECTABLE y ? young ' Il l, whocaa ?ive good city refci.nce j?? 1<> capability, to do gcueral liouaework or enumbcrwoik and aahist Ifi washing ami ironing; in willing to make hernelf generally nwl'ul. Call at or address 9U6 naht 17th at. \\r ANTBD-BY A RS0FBOTABLS YOUNG W< If AN. v H Munition as chambermaid ami waitress, or to ?!<> the general housework of a small private family. Four years' recommendation froin her last place. Can be Been fur two days at No. 1 Carrol Turk, Court ht., Brooklyn. WAISTJSD?A SITUATION, JJY A RESPECTABLE PROtestunt airl, ua chambermaid ami sewer, or to take'-are of a baby. Cliy reference. Cull at 304 7th av., between 2Dth ami ,'tonh *U. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH WOMANm an chambermaid and searustrebs or nurse, ban no ob, Joctlon to travel. Cud bo seen until engaged at ?5 West 20th hi., top floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation um nursi'and M-amstrcss; him no objection to travel; the best of city reference can be given. I'anbeaoen for two days oi 73 Went 19th at., six doors west of Oth uve. \\,f ANTED?It V A RESPECTABLE YOUtyJ WOMAN, A 1 f bliiuiiion as ehaiut>crmatd and plain sower; ran do ny pattern i.f embroidery in the neatust stylo. Apply for two tin> . at 329 West 23th at., near 0th ave., where she can be well recommended. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A \ T situation aH first rate cook, washer and lroner; best of city reference. Call at or address 121 East 29th st., thu d flooft WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AtiED WOf f man, a situation to U<? housework; no obj< - ti"ri to do chamberwork. the beat of elty rafereme. Can !" ?? n J? r two days in Clusaon av., middle house between La lyette. av, and Van Buren st., Brooklyn, front room, over the store. TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOuSa WoMAN, A vv situation an conk; lsallrst rate washer and li ii<?r; <un Five good city reference. Call for two days at 171 West 2l)th ht., between 7tb and 8th avs. \Y ANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG UIRL. ? situation us lirst class waitress, or would do cl.uui >erwork or mind children; 1m neat and tidy in her habits; has the best of city rcfercnco from her lust place. Can be seen t??r two dayn at 81 West Wth bt., between ?tl? and 7'h avs. "UTAlfTBD?BT A NEAT Q1BL OF ML,A SITUATION V? as nurse and to wait on a ladv and child ; read# and wiltcs, is ipib kat the needle, makes children's clothes; wages $6. Call at or address 1S4 East 21st st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ytaiim Protestant woman, a native of Sweden, ah nur.-o and seamstress; can take c harge of a baby from Its birth: ??/?* *|/VI *11 / ?? ?< II ||??-. % .ill i?t* K tn lur liold ?t., corner oi Johnson, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SI'H ATloN, BT A RB8PE< fABLB young girl, to do eh.imherwork sud fine wuhhlns or ( l;iIn kt ulnc, or notiKework in a private family; Ik apable ??f doing all; the best of city reference. Call at XU6 7ih av., botww u 21 hi ami 22d ?tf?. \\TANTEI>?A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE I? young woman, um chamliermald and waitrcM*; no objection to go a short distance In the country. B?-?t of city ivlcrt'iicc. Can fie M en untilengaged at K6 East 22; at. \\f anted?a situation as cook amp to a88i8t TT with the washing and ironing; good city reference. Onillt96Wi it 14Jv u m .. third floor, 1 rout room. \t/A?TED?A situation. BY A RESIT.' TABLE f? elderly woman, In a tfmail private family ; U a good j> cook, good baker of bread and biscuit*; it willing to do 1?art of the wiodiiug: good city reference from her U?t place. nquire it 105 VI mi loth at. TITANTED?BY A KESl'Et TABLE PHOTESTANT WOI V man, a tdtttation a* cook iu a private, family; one who 1h willing to ?erve a dinner up neatly ami M not extravagant ; has no objection to aa?Ut in the eoaiwe washing; the best of city reference given. Can be aeon for two dayVat 787 tith av \\TANTED?BY A UESPECTABLE YOUNO <.'IKL, A f 1 situation to do chamherwork and to take care of children, or would do Imnnework in a Hinall private family; ha* the bent of c ity reference* from%her lant place. Can bo seen for two day* at 246 West iMh at". corner of 9th ave. \\rANTED-A SITUATION BY A STRONG, ACTIVE ft and intelligent girl, in an American Jjimily, to an* fst in general homework and take care of children; would go in tie* country; beat of reference given. Call ou or aduj i ha Mary 41 Prankt<<rt hi., ouooslu* Hold. "11TANTF.D?A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSEJ? work; If a Rood wuhir ami Ironer. Hi st of city r* fere nee. Cull lor tw o days at 37 Frankfort at., room 11). 11r A N TB1 > - A SITUATION B v A BI 5T A B LB TI yi'Tjng woman, to do the* housework of a btuall family, or fo take carts of' children; ran give beat of references from lust employer, rail tor two days at.) J tith at., iu the rear. UrAKTBO?BY a B88PBCTABLB YOUNG MKL. A MumtIon to do the general hounework of a small family; be*t of references. Apply at 14'J i'itta st., iu the rear. tttantbd- a srn mion as seamstress ind ?t drewnak rIn 11... to family (cast ul and fitin?ii *' nud children'!* dreBscti and do all kinds of tami'y rttwim'. Best city reference if required. Call fur two day4 at lh5 i fcfulbt. rj tu... Broom* . \\rANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ! if girl, to di> the general housov.-ork of a amull family; , he la n good plaid v^ojv, wash* r and Iroucr, and a n<>o<l , bread and hUi nU baker, Jit Ml city reference. Ca<l for turco daya at 128 Smith hi., Brooklyn, third Uoor. WANTKD-A SITUATION, AH Cl?\MBERMATD AND TJ tvJU'Vfc&i or to do gonend ltou?ewyrk it) r ojiull prl- ! vate family; Tn i\ first rntp washer and Ironer ami a iduitt eotik. toe l>est of city rcivr^uce. Call m 'Sou 7th \\ kmtwetn n 1 And?B torin TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG OIHL, A SITUATION TO ' '? take of children nnd do lijjht ehatuberwork. Can be con for tw< day at li6 Vfiter iL| BnMufii, \lr ANTED?A SITUATION AS FOREWOMAN OR <*f?- t f" t?'r in a <lo:tk ami mantilla establishment. Can furnish ^?>>?d r'-lyft nvea. Address Mlsa Me., Herald ofltoe, "11 "ANTED?nv A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A 1 tt *ituation to do chambertvork or plain sowing, or ^eueral housework In a small privato family; good reference; country preierred. Call,at IH Wilt 21th st. for two dayr. ( \V'aV ffD-HY'A UKKI'ECT VI'I.K V..?tmiE^HUA ! tt situation aa chamberie ?nfl fv.iltn>n. Can l>e seen m by prft?8t jfttfUfopj Ho. a Bedford w,t Brooklyn, B, D? TTTANTBD-BY A RB8PBCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A i M situation aaeook; has no objection to assist iatbe wash- . i ing and ironing* Can be aeen at her last employer's. 100 < West 11th at. \\TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A T situation as r'hatnhennaid and wnHrcgn; ha* goodt liy f rcloreiu'e. Call lor two <la\ s ac 613 6th uvM room No. ft. f \\r ANTKU?A SITUATION HY A V(HN(; WoMAN, TO H do general housework in a small family, or chamberwork and hawing; understands dressmaking; cau brin* ^ood j city reference. Call at '2X7 8th av. \lr ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG GIRL, A }} ?> iiu alio a to do ?oiM>ral house-work Iri a small tamlly; ^ lui?*ly arrived from Irmaud, and haft been in gentlemen s la- c milies thorn; i- willing to take rare of children. Cau be aeon foi (.*0 dftjl 'it 117 Gi<6QWicb at. "II*"ANTIU>?A SITUATION, BY A RESPfiCTABLt t IT youn*,' woman, aacook; la tt tfood washer and ironer; j ha* no objection to go to a respectable boarding house* can give best oi referenw h. fan be seen for two day a at 12b West " lydi at., iN'tween 6th and 7th ae*. TITANTED?MY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION J 1 aschamhrrmaid and waitiess In a small family, or l would take care of children and do plain Hewing; can bo well I rocomm?-nd< d from bet l ist )>lace. Call for turo days at ISO ~ W? ?i 2ttli st., I* tween 8th and 9th avs., flrst floor. ' \VrANTKD?BY A KESI'KC'KABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A v l? situation to do general Uouaework in a small private la- r ndlv; ha* good city reference. Call at 7# (ith av., third Uoor, l1 back room _ TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION C Tf to do general houxework tu n tnlvute family, or to do J> cbnmberwork mid waiting, or to help with the warttlng; 1? ; WUJlDg If "i;ikr> liiTjelt tent'i-ally UH?f ill; tU<- Iwrt utrlty " rolcw-nw, Call in UH 3u av., beiwceu MtU ?ud 13iu bu., 61 the shoe Rto^. *" ? ? Q WANTED?A SlTL'ATl'jy ^ COOK WAHHKR AND S ? Ironer, SrP T.S.nUliFwril mM.<W of ^ ct\ n-trr>?iuT. Cull for two dttya nt 1IW Fucltic ut., Brooklyn. j TirANTED-A PITI'ATiON, UV A YOl'NG WOMAN. A3 = i? Rcnriiil hoiisi; sjf/T/int, lit ? kiuhU private lim ilv. city nnd conntry icivi, nc>?. >'o objection to to i\ ?L rt disjay'lit tho^tmntry. Can 1'* furtive <U^ n n llif ,;^re ^ TL"ANTRD?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, IIY A f U' U,t,> l"rcc ^ i;ir s^tuaigwsgMie g \lrAA'TED--Ii\ A UtsrECTAliLK WOMAN WHO Tf i ike care of nvt! 'l ' ! ' 1 ' I ' * mki'cnW r* i con fit iiinl niiike tinIril"lu>'?; c?ri on ,,?v ' tn.niltH I Irth. or would t k-?*. of ..,1 <1:, ,n' hn i oxpcricnce In the uli ni- r,i; i. Ity ; no HI ,,i , ui" 'IVI> tneclty; call give tins be?t o! r. f?-i. n v, _ Tl"?' '"'H'? i'"'kf ui)n'lf it*i?*c?('lf uinl ob!Uiii(j. fall -? , ,V* art ., near Ail Brooklyo, for thrc? thivn, \ HI]" 1,1116 Hroa lvMiv, t.mi 27lh HI. ' tl' "ll^ANTKIJ?HY A PROTESTANT Y()l\VO WO.VAV A T ?? ?ini.?tlon ?? tuimc and .i?i,utitw. ur to [. ..i lh w. rk mid take cjw# ul i-hilarta; h?? -i I -ir. -? . 4S1w ? CaUwWgfO* - - rti.vicuw* j ^ ' ?'M __ V \\TANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. A SITUATION >> in wMiiicireM, or to ww hy th?? dsv in' nr-k; or ?'< thl "~ take care of ?u; ftnvalM Lutv; would mak<* berftpli gcueraJly UMt ul. < an be ieeii utttll ongageU hi 17U Myrtle ave., Brook* ^ lyn, hall door. | UrANTED?BY A RE6l*Kf*TAHf?B MAKKlKIi WOMAH, * a ?<ul?y to weiriuw ai her ow n . On- U'*& of I " * -* a ??tii i.i r.. \s ui^ ! I OB re tasra iuu "? > 1' ?? ? . ?ri ?-- ?- I In the nor*, from rl^fcuo i-u iAi"c< f?r thr-<i a . 1 WrANTED?A. SITUATION, BY A YOUNO 'iOU,, *S ? \\ til.tin c.-iik; an Pintll^ot WHftiur v\i.>1 <4li t I food . i orw oM4oth( (antral houMWO I In . mmII Mlvnf : ii'iilv. diy reference. Onii >* t'li :l!t <t;I,i tl M? \\ *>ih ?t. top ?? !-, tWM room. ] TIT ANTED?A SIT I \T|i >H AS MOMS AMD 8BAJI- j ; W ' mi Liv m yoiuii: W"Hi?n. fnllv <'?m|?!lcnl to t. ?> 1 ulmK n( mi iiiiRiii or jrmrn ohUdrtn; good <lt? iwmMi t ( in Usuc-i'ii li.r two <l?y? where ?!" bus In < u im|.l ',-4 1 lit pine*, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE | . \V x. in,' \i 111,111, an liret I iU- * " ?h; In fully of t Ukloictiiic ?ftil >ltd{M. B*?t ... dtj rtfwtiin. Cn < in* aeea until ?It?*?f ? Kti*i ____ i S "VV'ANTJ.D-A SITUATION. MY A ItESI'F.l'TAH.E | \ } N, ,, - ; , n' i liiiintn'ri.mi'l ??il * illn -n, or t mm I 1 ItlhiiiMrAorl In u MMfl fintft 1 Jectwniol ' uiw | J li i, ,| ,(:> U'l I from i'.i'r U?l I'.-'- I'ill I' r :i : I f.iV't'A.i 'i.ivs ill 417 71 j uu., tKilwwn 34lll tiuU?WlU?ts., wjcuuit i U.'W, lryui iVW* I >DAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 18 SITUATIONS WjVNTKD-PBMALES. TITANTKO-BY A NEAT, TIDY YOl N<l WOMAN, A "T Hituatliin to do cbamlx'rwork ami walling, uud would be willing 10 .i.-.nut njtb the ttiinUluH an<1 li'utilnK, ami under. HUiuU bur bu?lm'?* tli"r*iiulily. Clly relinmu from brr Ijui [iliwH, Call hi 1U5 lititi 26tb?t., betweeu 2d and 3'1 nve?. IIWATIOBI WAJITEP-MAIiEI. AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN IN T1IE KUK Bl'RIHt s? In ih nlriius of obtuluini; a situation in ibat line; he U thoroughly coiireraaDt in all it* detail*, ami can give ibo ni'iHt unexceptionable rtiforaacos. AddreM B. M., bo* lrtl Ilcrald oUlcc. A STEADY YOCNO MAN OF LONQ EXPERIENCE

In the retail dry goods business lu this oily and elsew here, in open for an engagement. Inquire of William Moore, ofllce of A. T. Stewart A Co., Broadway. A PRACTICAL BOOKKEEPER OP LONU EXI'Erhnca and thorough In business generally, wishes em|>1 lament at no mutter what; lurge Hilary not expected; been engaged Smith for four years past. Bent reference*. Address t). 1'. y Herald office. A YOUNO MARRIED GENTLEMAN, PERFECTLY familiar with the English and German languages, desires a situation in any respectable business; Is iieri'ectly competent to net as general agent, salesman or bookkeeper; lots u large mercantile acquaintance In New England; deFir. s only a reasonable compensation. Referencesgiven. Addrosi Export, Herald ofllue. A YOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS SALESMAN Jv or clerk lo a carpet house, or in any business w here his services may ho required. Salary not no much an object as a situation. Address M. ().. box 191 Herald ofllce. Bookkeeper.?wanted,' a situation in a first class house, as bookkeeper; In svstematic, correct and a good penman, and well iiimlitied. Will give satlsluctory refere mien. Address C., box 150 Herald office. ~\ATANTED?A SITUATION HY A YOUNO MAN AS TV coachman and groom; willing to make himself generally useful; has uo objection to go In the country; best of rufcreucc If required. Address 815 West 27th St., in the rear WANTED?A SITUATION AT ANYTHING, BY A young man of ability; has a knowledge of accounts and Is familiar with the management of uien. References lu city Address Zoy, Herald oIlTre. \irASTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN; IS NOT TT particular at what Ue works at. Can give satisfactory refeiciee from Uls last employer. Call at or address 121 \C West 271h st. "117 ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND TT gardener, by a mi lille aged man. Call givn ten yearn' reference as to honesty, sobriety and capability. Addtess M. D., box 144 Herald oUiee. llfANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, AS 1 i coMeiimnn and groom, and to take care of cows, and make himself generally useful; has no objection lo go to the OOUtltry. Address W. D., Herald otllce. W' AhTKIi?A SITUATION IN TIIE AKMY OR NAVY, AS ff < !*'? k, or secretary. Best of references given. Address for two days Clinton, \V Mliatnsburg Post otlice. \VTANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG" MAN', OF* M k,u ?d business qualifications, u situation an assistant or clcik In a wholesale or retail grocery store; no objection to tlic li [te>r trade. ii?st city re t orenee given and security to u:i) amount. Call ut or address'!'. C., 50 Kim at., t?'i tiirce d.i> h. H K tP W \ s TBDUMALBI. \ (ili.M'S WANTKD-MALi: AND FSJfALB, TO 8ELL J\ the Union Priie Gift Package, an article thai is new and novel, commandinga ready sale in all parts of the country. The package contMns, 1n addition to seventy-five valuable reeipi m, Union envelopes and a superior quality of stationer), a splendidly wrought likeness <*f General Ueorgc H. MeCleflan, " the young giant of the North," an article aloue that ehallenge* admiration tor its beautv of execution and ? lieapnasa. Amenta alive t.? Um Interest of puna and pocket, should addrcs* (with red stamp for our mammoth circular giving full particular*) Rlckarus A Co., 1U2 Nassau street. i Cl.KKK WANTED IN A < .'IK >C! K\ - \ YOl'Ntl iV man, from IS t<> Ul) years of age. Ai>i?ty at the agency, 320 4th av., above 2itb *L A BOY WANTEif-IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE. ADdress C. II. K., Herald offtce, stating name, age, Ac., in the handwriting of the appli-ant. ])OY WANTED?IN A COMMISSION PAPER WARE1J house ; must be strong an 1 active,' strltly honest, a good penman, accurate at figures, of a willing disposition am! reside with his parent*. Address, with references, box &,3o7 Poet oft ice. "I)OY WANTED?ONE WIIO RESIDES WITH HIS PAJ J rent h and can come well recommended, to do errands and assist in an office; v 2A per w eek will be paid. Call at 1 42V Broadway, room 2D, up stairs, alter 9 o'cUh k. (lOACIIMAN WANTED.?MtVT BE ACCUSTOMED TO J driving In the city, and Le able to take care of a stable and a i at;* of horses ana one caw. Apply, with good recommendations, at 118 Chambers st.f up stair*. CORRESPONDING CLERK WANTED?BY A FIRST J class mercantile house; must be thoroughly versed in his duties, iind be able to rend and wrlte'Spnntsn and English tluenily. Tosueh a o ?e a liberal sultry will bo paid. Address, In Spanish ?;*d English. with ftvU name, age and reference, Correspondent^ Journal of Commerce office. No attention will be paid to an;, other. I EMPLOYMENT.?A COMPETENT MAN MAY HAVE A j permanent bit nation and good wares, ns canvasser, deli vn-rr or country agent. Apply to JOHNSON, FRY <fc CO., Publishers, 27 lie e km an ?t. qalesman wanted?in a wholesale hat, O tvp and straw good* store. One who can control ft cash till near by fStalc trade r.wy intdrven tiiate Trade, Herald i.nii*. Salesman wantei>-in a furniture store; one who can loan Id* employer from f.V*) to ?-* ! would find steady employment; wenrlttf 'en on $2,(XW Wjrlh of ?tock In store. Address X. V. Z., Hciftij ofllce. qervant for a colonel wanted ?a jl"y who O can fjjvgk mid SiMuiinh, m.d who u ?m,*? and inLellUrent, t i *T III Walter. A'KreJS Col. Edward E. Vrus?i Contord, N. II. t- - . 'flo farmers.?wanted, a fvrmer and wipe, x without family, to work on u farm. Scotch or German prefern i A . ly at the Mm r*aoffice* \PaxtklEX msumJu A t? iiirin, as porter; Jie is ki Jy^ke himself generally useful; is well ncnmluti'd With tae Address L II. P.. 123 Wert 17th at. .isi1tanted?in a retail stoke on broadway, a ?? youunman aeijuainted with linens and white Hoods, fri! S|jjo i'ya.t uiiiee. J nTAMTBD-A GOOD OYSTSB BOT, FBOX in TO W II years oi t. References required, (Sail at l?i Cham>era street, New JcrstMf Hoi-s W . . itfANTED?A CLERK FOll A STEAMER, 4 ftflFa TO >> learn tribes, t> nvn fnj- jtearVf};, 3 ['oners, clei k tora taw n.lll, clerk for a shipping office, 4 (U'U to travel, bartee; era, coachman and gardeners. Apply at No. 7 Chatham iquare. VVTANTED?C.OOD BUSINESS MEN TO SELL MARTT (elms' Chemical Renovator, for removing urease lluillG Jbn It i,>)ld I<L-?a l?.?f i.?lrnu .< >?! ?..? ? iirnu. Aprl) ui the UuimoiK Hotel, Fulton street, between i ami 10 a. Si. WANTED?TO OO A FEW MILES IN THE COUNTRY, ? ? a coiehmun well experienced In tin' can and the manigeim iii of liorsea. Apply at tbo llerald ofllco, between 11 inil 12 filo'k. * ItrANTED?FOR A YACHT, A SOBER, EXPERIENCED (tewmrd. Apply, with Mod refercnoM, tu Mr. Channel, lerald ollice, between 12 anil 1 o'clock. I1TAKTED?IN A FINE GROCERY t-TORE, A SMART II young man, from It! to 11 yearn of age, well Acquainted villi bustness and wall recommended, lined to horse and wami. Cull at 9116t!i nv. IITANTED?TEN GOOD WOOD CHOPPERS; GOOD TT wagML AltfO ten men of good address. with troiu $10 o $1'*), as s?le?meji; good wages. Cull on or address J. T. uhnson, or Belmont A Colt 11, from I to 3 o'clock. LIT"ANTED.?AN IMPORTING HOl'SE WANTS A YOUNG It man. One who can eune wi 11 n onmni'ii Jed will find Ids a good and permanent situation. Those desiring an in. rview will enclose stamp lor reply. Address Importer, lerald oflite. [VrANTED?A STRONG, HEALTHY BOY, FROM 16 TO II 18year* old: one who has had eiperlence In growing egi-tablea under gluss, and Is willing to make himself goneLilly useful; a good home and am ill wages are offered. A p. ly In K. A A. Wayte, 309 1th St., New York, or Querens, nt'ar a nut lea, L. I. [> m A MONTH A>ffi Al.l "ftWjNSES i'AIDP'tU Local hi>'1 travrliiug Agents u unt?Ml throughout tho 'lilted St:\mid For part loiil nn cull oner ^Jri hS, ouciotfing Htaini), C. M. Iirown A Co., 74 Bleccker i. t,cornel of BfwdwiyiK6W Yovk? 1>ER MONTH MADE BY ENTEHI'KISINO JiOV oxonui selling Dotfnor's HPtWhsT Hud SM.-l l for unit s"w1hk; proterla Ihe lingerand nufcT!? UonniJIul horn, ['''iii'o^way^ u'CMl*'.t.''f ? 4iidr?<w A. .*? Aftfvrncr, thi; tii.\ ^OgrKTEgN WOOL SORTERS vi'ASTElA APPLY TO ' J \s alt??r Brown, wIMne st. ^ ' %* ' *! I 1 OiiJ' CAPMAKERS WANTED AT CO BROADWAY ( r ROLL A II KIN. 1 TVTICF.?SKIRT MAKERS.?AN INOENKU'S ME c ? "T and taste, with live years' a * (,v, hu"4"???. "titii'# tv ciiriiKf Hi I'orr r |'"rl"ii "i In the an,.,. * -* U XiB H J nn. Address, stating where :,:i ,ev. eu., ?4U, n. | { allaoe, Hernid olliee. >J 10 CARPENTERS.?WANTED, A XL'MB BR OF CAR 1 J> ri.tei h, l.> apply a now an t useful inv u In till.- ei;y, x v. hl h money can be lmn,uui it'ly mail.'. A rlvevnv r II N ?-<>ok, between S A. M. i d 0 P. M., ! ' R ft 1 ERCE, 19 Wall street, second story. ' | I l""ANTED?BY "" ' ? r'?, ' . v*.)D KROTUKUS, CARRIAGE M ANI7- ] ,"nn" UK Broadway. New York. ? eonU Ficie b ; 'no Thoroughly understands hi*liu.-ln *?; alco, ;i """ an merlon, who knows the cV.y ind uuderaituids k tract. OOOI'/I HARNESS MAKERS AND STITCHERS v an ?* nt 43 Howard between Mere r mid lli oad*y ; FRENCH ,\l> yBRTHKM BJfTS. ffi FRXNCAlflBDKSIM SB PEA' BRPOtfB U s.>!.;?, i 1 *s si.-.snts "1 pour e nit -. &'iUlrvM"r Mo. 2 V?*?t Uk'i t>t , MUr* l ? -Vti^ ?*i Cmo uvos. r MB PBR inn;-: FRANCAI8B DE811 B SB PLACER U il l'?uno amlHc Atii' tlealne pour c.m.lre el ren li e Iti:? dntu I menace. Eile pent 1 mellle a r"ns,lntirnn S'n'Uvaaor pour denxjouri an No. I An.liy at RK8TAURANT8. MMKD HALIBUT, FRIED POTATOES, ROLL AND I ton*Coffee 13e^T*nder Reefitaak*, CuileU, Ch ^ i I 11. >i'i, T .i'liinri, i,iiun It -urn, IMi'IiIIuek, Sc.; I'li\ 4 ,< ?! I IT? i' :ilv<l Ten, 3*'. l>l"bnitl J Uulou KOotU'llttUt, 23 nit. \-nr A fl \ D IDEA.?A KRI13XD WRITING FROM l.\ Mn??. !imk< tin, nays lie Is mljrvnlile, thmiL'li lie -vrjr liliig liemi run \vl*li, eWSI-l'U Sj i'D.-cr'n 115roc cent Ale. \l' I tin I'll 1 E" nr ofiTlli;. :i>. hi* lunch Couuter. N 2 riUuidl (trees, uoriliweat col uet of UronUwnv. aPKlfOER i>i:stai;h\nt.-tiib imtrn \t. machine that It v .1* )'! <I-'1 .11 i-.\ tin- (cliii .III |- J HI1P5 Steele, offAti A MJft (i ?ra tul < ruJnU i pjx die Foi t lloaroi md lit mm I , e ,,t '!" No. U (arc; i'l;t 11'' 1'i'kei- UJ iluyk wcki ul jfronviway. jAMIid Ii. AVi.i. 61. . j HELP WASTED-FEMALES. Abundance or uood servants ready at the largest institute, Us 11th ht . corner et ?th ?>'.J Uf,a|. capable, civil women, Herman, English, Irish ?tid Scotch j im,,lei-aie wiik.-h (u suit the lime*, for city or couutry. Mm. Floyd lu attendance. At tiie LAlUiF. SERVANTS' institute, cornbr of Hill hi. and titli av.?l-'or German, Bullish, lush Scutch women, capable ami civil; wages moilirate; .'""1 ulacr* always remty. Orders by mall oruiumW attended to. Mr*. Floyd In attendance. AT THE METROPOLITAN INSTITUTE, S3 #TH AV., between llli ami Amity st?.?Wanted, this day, servants, wlili good recommendations; cooks. general houseworkcr*, cbaiulirr maids, nursi > and girls lately landed, to take place* in families returning from the country dally. ANl MHEROFFIBST CLASS SERVANTS WANTED ? Also h French cook, washer and lroner, and a French chambermaid and wullress, In same family; alsosomecook*, washer* and lroner*, In Rood famlllei, at good wages. Inquire at the Large Institute, coiner of 6ib av. and lltb st. (COLORED SERVANTS-FIRST CLASS COLORED J servants can lie procured at TlTL'tP, 247 Thompson si., corner of Fourth street, opposite Washington Parade U round. Only tirst class. COOK.-WANTED, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A FIRST rale cook, washer and lroner; none need como wltliout longHfMwe; l'roteiiumt preferred. Apply at ?(i6th av. \l'ANTED-TWO GIRLS; ONE AS COOK, TBB OTHBB ?? as chiimlieruiatd and waitress; none need apply but tli>'*e that can come well recommended. Apply lor two ilu.vsut SKI) Henrv st.. Brooklyn. "\\rANTED?TWO LADIES TO LEARN THE COLORING ?? of photographic Pictures; employment from $S to $12 the week; easily learned lu twenty-lour lessons. Apply at the Photographic GaUery, 210 Eliu ?t., third Uoor, betwnu tfaiid 1 o'clock. "VVTanted?two useful girls ; one must un" ii dersuuid chamber work; th* other to know sometLipg of eooklng; both must understand washing andironing, and rume W I-.1 rccomuieoueu. At'Piy ai ine A1U100 Motel, corner new Chambers St., anil New liuwery. WANTED-A PROTECTANT WOMAN, AS CHILD'S 11 muse; one who has Iwen iicetistomod to the entire of a young uliild, and can bring tbu beat of city relerenee; none other need upply. Cull lor two days at 50 fth av. TVrANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONEB: ?I one who cu make good bread. Apply ut 12 .Manslield place, (61st si.,) I), lw?en Htli auil Mill avp. WANTED?A SMART, TIDY OJKL, TO DO GENERAL housework In a amaH priviUe family. Must be a ti-?>d ennk, washer and ironer, and have ym>d reference from her late employer*. None need apply unless they understand their business. Apply at 581! Broome at. WANTED?SEVERAL GOOD LADIES' DRESS AND Holt cap linkers; none but llrst rate bands need apply, ('..11 for two days, from !) to 1U A. M. and J lo 7F. M., at 25 East Bleecker at. TIT ANTED?A PROTESTANT <iIKL TO DO GENERAL i' housework; must furniah the beat city reference. Apply ut pj failUto at., teimw 2.1 mm)8d uva. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE HALF GROWN GIRL, to uait upon a lady and he generally useful. Apply from 2 to 3 o'clock on Thursday or Friday afternoou, at WJ Weal Slat at. UTANTED?A GOOD COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS her business ill nil its branches; must eolne well reeonimended from her last place. Call at S2 Weal 47th St., from !> till 12 A. M. WANTED?AN EXCELLENT PLAIN COOK; BEST city reference* reuulred. Apply between the hours of 9 and 10 A. M. at Su. 7 Grace court, lirookl;. u. TITAN'TED?100 FIRST CLASS CLOAK HANDS. NONE 11 but those accustomed to the best work need apply to Lord A Taylor, corner of Broadway and Grand street, "entrance on Grand street. X%TANTED?FIFTEEN SINGER'S OR GROVER A BAIT ker'a sewing machines, with their own operators. Aptly at the Hut Manufactory, comer of Raymond and Wlllniijjhby at*., Brooklyn. "\\rANTED?A NEAT, TIDY, GOOD NATl'RED GIRL, TO IT do the washing and ironing of three persons; must know how to sew and also to take care of an infant; wages ?l p< r month. Apply at 237 Washington si., Brooklyn. "TXTANTED?Ilf A SMALL FAMILY, A RELIABLE 11 American, German or colored woman, to do general housework; none others need apply: city reference from list place requisite. Apply at 06 Weal i7lh at. and 0th uv., upi>er corner. WANTED?AN AMERICAN, ENGLISH OR SCOTCH girl, to do general housework for a small family. Apply nt MO l'a< i:ie ?., Brooklyn. W ANTKD?TWO YOUNG LADIES TO ATTEND BAIL Apply .a l&J Greene at., from 9 to 12 o'clock A. M. Also a pianist. POLITICAL. \ T A MEETING OF THE FIRST WARD UNION CU B, Jx. held i?t 12 Stale street, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:? Whereas, the government of J>ho United Rtat**a i? assailed hv armed traitors, and the Union and the constitution imperilled; therefore, U? s<?lvo<t, That in this hour of national t rial and danger it besom?'ua, the eUctowof tb^Firrt ward of tbt oily of New York; to disregard the dictates of party, and, like patriots, seek to uphold the government, the constitution and the Union. Resolved, therefore. That xve heartily endorse the ticket iila<cd in nomination at Syracuse by the People's and Republican Conventions, headed by that venerable statesman, the Hon. Itonfel S. Dickinson, and believing it represents truly the loyal masses of the Empire {State, we pledge to It our united support. Kesolved, That until this wicket rebellion against the most beneficent government that the world ever saw Is entirely suppressed, and the traitor States are won back to their loyalty mid allegiance to the constitution of the United States, we pledge ourselves to know no party save the Union, no platform save the constitution; and that to the end that these may be restored, we pledge the government all the aid in men and means that we can command. Kesolved, That the Chairman of this meeting appoint a com mitt *e of eleven, such committee to have power to nonoJ,;t snl'-cotnrnittees, to have power to eonlcr with committoes of other wards, for the purpose of nomiualiug city and county ofllcers. The following are the committee.-?Jereml th Fit/patrlck, Lpwft'tice Callanan, B rnard Mullen, Ml> hae) Loftus, W ft? " Andrew Ilanley, Michael Curran. Michael Qeiai&Tfin. mnwi*, pil1'#*Aajmrned to meet at the Battery Hotel, on Saturday 9)'QQr ing. list lust., at 7x/? o'chwk. M'" La WHENCE J. CALLANAN, President. Ds.ixuJ. Dimscoll, Secretary. TAEMOCHATIO rfEPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMITJ " tee.?A special meeting of the above committee will i?e held at Mof art Hall, on Thursday evening. Sept. 1??, at S o'clock. By order. JOHN t OC11KANE, Chairman. Gkorub C. Gkvkt, Vice Chairman. KnwABn TIMPSOM ) ~ 1'. Daily, ' ^ r- ^'' X TO sorpont THE PEOPLE'S UNION TICKET. Whereas. tin- following rcHolutlon, lntroducstl -y iJjj TJ/iTTj OiMjriti' tieddes, of Onondaga, whs adopted in the PeopTus Union Convention, held at Syracuse, Sept. 10and II, 18?il:? Resolved, That the members of this Convention bo requested to take tin' necessary action to procure theassem* tiling of mass meetings of the people in tin' varum* districts for (ho ratification of the prixM'rdinL'B ol this meeting, mid lor such further action as maybe found necessary to the sucues* of the ticket hero nominated? Therefore be It resolved, by the m-mlvr* of the Convention fium the ctiv and county of New York, that tho PEOPLE Of KKW YORK CITY be Invited to meet in COOt'EK INStlTl'TE on FRIDAY, Sept. 20. at half-past seven o'clock P. M , to carry into effect tlie purposes of the people's resolutions at Syracuse. The following distinguished speaker* have beta invited to be present and address the meeting:? iii ti. damel s. Dickinson, n. y. Hon. Lt'OIl'S RO11IN80N, N. Y. lion. WASHINGTON III NT, N. Y. lion. ANDREW JOHNSON, Tenn. Gov. CURTIN, Penn. <iov. OLDEN. N. J. Hon. JOSEPH HOLT, Kv. Hon. WM. M. MEREDITlf, Penn. Hon. LESLIE COMBS, Kk lion. THOMAS FRANCIS MEA011EB. Hon. A. S. DIVKN. j Col. JOHN W. FORNEY. Hon. IK A HARRIS. Hon. LYMAN TKKMAIN'E. Hon. FREDERICK A. CONKLIKG. lion. ROHERT J. WALKER. Hon. SAM. A. LAW. Hon. HORATIO MALLARD. Hon. JOHN K. HASKIN. lion. WM. Dl'Eii. iiiingv iixiiini >?. Jkuuunoi < Col. .tOSKI'll HOX1K. 1 t;KO D. I'RKNTIOK, Ky. HORACE (1UKKI.EY. EKARTl'8 HROOKS. HENRY .T. RAYMOND. l(y tin-C'.mmit ce. n stule Nominations for the city and county <>t Ni'\v York, on Lelwlf of the RKI'UPCICAN!** COSSTITt'TIOSAI, tmiOJf. A. .1 II. DUOANNE. K. A. TA1.LMADGE. TiiOJIA^ S. BERRY. JAMES liKOOK.8. I)E<OCBATIC. A ft JiifAi>K??Rp. Jacob voyJilUES. F. A. TAT*.V/.ru?E. CluUfuiau N. V. Delegates. W E. Khost, So.ToWpyr * ' * *" - .-. nwr-'T't v, vr.n i'M<>v ci.i-h.?at a mektin?, 1 t i, il. -<:n?T?' lull will-,I, held on Tiiivt.lay pv.> I ,1m: > |'t. n<}>* the Ml n !t.? ..m?rs u-.-ri dnh -l-.-i.-d ? * - -1 !.-iii?VVilliiiri I, )?*ra ton, (Union?) SwrelnrloM? I <r,'P"'"i- ii); J<itUa jUrotf, (democrat.) i rrrniMll'ei- PIBffO, tucin^ ] R.-soh-i'd, That d.. h-r-tii eiiir.-M.vir lio.irty approval ( if ill. acts nt the Ooiiveiuimi I. -Id at Sj C8c'i?f {lie ; Hid llili of S-'ptcmlx-r, :.i I pledc to to oitF UnwaVcring aiip. >ort, and we cordially tnvil.-ilic-o-ope'rHil m of ?V '-I'd ri'Kj?- -mid- . I'l.-cn- wh- ire in fin-r.-f auty re raj ?.>veinimnt, l.y withholding ih. ir support from lir.'.ken Vh ^.lltlral hack* who were ImpIftMtca In the Hack ley 1 ,.]ilrn.-1. fc'"1 s,')'Pl.vln>; "i.-li | l i. i s ?ii(j m.'tl yj integrity, . n;,.,,-.- i. i?rd lo pj-.n-joim p"Utl<-?l opinion*. ' ' 1 S. THK feNFoRCEMEST ; U? >a . -The citizens Of the Third ward, lm-M .v" parly, favorable I., Ih'.'J. ,'t. I ??r.i<MiM\ arr invii."u I'nin-vi i-.i-. ... -- . . id. 1801. at the Third Ward House, 272 tlricuwlch utrcet, at r,'i o'clock, to complete tin- orgnnlz 'tion. ' Jolts M. C<>.ST A, Chairman pro tcm. A. W. R. Pohtnek, 8ecretary pro tern. IfVIU WART).?AT AN AO.fOVRNED ME F.TIM J OP J ' citizens of (In- Nineteenth Ward, held at the corner of bud'.tT-lhhM stre?t and Third avenue, on Tuesday evening, Si'fn. 17, '.liv f .'llgwlng preamble and rci>olulion? were ut> mimottsly adopt. d Wheraa*, our national cor.Ttimftnt Is threatened and soudit to be overthrown, an 1 the jm-? )?ot u <ilm of the Union i f the KUtcs destroyed by evil ana designing men f.>r their own seltish end*. It becomes tlie duty of every Individual w i I ves his corntry to uphold and support Its constitution. ally <pp. ?:teJ authorltleiu'tt t'lelrelljrts to present) the Integri': the <"n!n, In Rs'Jilmrg Ihe constitution anil! wn, and I. ' lini! and prol'-eting the government by the military p,,wcr against tin 'rrr/ d reliels at the S Hith endeavoring to clVect its :e?triir!ion. and traitor* at the North lending their aid and comfort in their behalf; therefore Re-olvcd, That laying asidfe all puny differences that have iMjvi ruled us in t;nies j n~t, we will unite our efforts in bus. t iinlnV "tc present government of tho Unltud Stales In resls'lng td utmost, and crushing the rebellious lurces now u rv. d again-.? it. 1; olv. 1, TI1.1t ;,n order the betier to meet the Increased e*pcu'!|-.ure* of t'i* t'lnnii^'- ?? eeon?tnl<.'al administration of o'lreitynnd iSlate ftfl'ulrs Is nry; thai we shall u?" our lw endeavors to nominate rc,*1'1 C4jniidat*v, irresj i|\. of party, at the appr .3' hlng ele lions, whose Ch.'"* a. i"r< for integrity ?111 be a soiled' nt guarantee foran hole-si administration 1 puhlle affairs, ami challenge the npnurt of nt" ry unprclM.'l e.' nnd I >yal ilil/en., rhit f r ilie furthering of the objects embraced ?/ '?" le-o', we (orm ourselves Into an oMo. 11 hi > ; to be styled tlm Nineteenth Ward People's t'nlon Or. gaol 'Hon. ind'o invite all loyal citizens of ihewnd who pn." 'he bl *?ln*s oi our beloved enintry beyond tue aueeoss of parly, to ut,I with us In our rndeavors to ukl and sufUulu ??rcvs'vrnwvn'. In its pre.erit enierg ncv. 001. l>. HAHT, Chairman pro tern. J. R. UiGBtt SfJftlWy P'? l"" *} special notices. ALL WESTCHESTER TAXErt KOK WHICH l'R'JJ'ERTY in the various village* will soon lw hulil. cnn >?? jiil a! tiiu \V? ?k !>?* u-*i Land Oilice. U. W. DITCH ETT, brvwu stone building, corm>rof Chatham and Chamber HUveii Free library.?1the attention of appben* Uaet is invited to tho Apprentices' Library, No. 47J 1 Broadway. This iiiHtltiiiion la well supplied with newspa* per*, review*, magazines, pictorials, atul with convenient I tables and seats for readers. A considerable number of new works have also been recently purchased. It la rwpifred to be ouhu from 2 to 9 o'clock r. M., but la generally open lo the forenoon also. Tkkms.?All persons employed as apprenticea by mechanics or tradesmen, and all females employed by them in thoii business, on presenting a proper cert 1 Acute may have the pri? m!. kciol the II ? v?> without oharfii Jtiurneyineu mechanics or tradesmen, teachers or pupils in schools or academies, young men in tho niUces of lawyers, physicians, artists, Ac., on the presentation of a proper certinea te iimi the payment of one dollar a year. The admission of females to the privileges of this Institution, though not a new feature, has not before been publicly announced. They aire now invited to avail themselves of the opportunity thai offered usefully and pleasantly to employ their leisure. IMPORTANT TO TIIE OWNERS OF IIORSE8.?JAMES MULLIGAN, Horse Shoer and Karrler, formerly of 121 | Grand street, respectfully informs his friends and the pub* I lie of New York city, that he has opened a horseshoeing u( H&' a - 1 - - ^ , ? oovnuu avenue, ueiween Iwouiy-nrai and Twenty-second streetu, whi re strict attention will be i Kivj'ti to the business. It may be remembered thut j. m. i wan awarded a dinloma und medal for his superior specimen! of expansion and interfering shoes, by the American Irastft tutts in 1842, at Niblo's Garden. Government orders receivod and punctually attended to by the Proprietor. The best specimens of cavalry cxpanaiou shoes furniahed to the arm) at the shortest notice. Notice to public caktmgn, expressmen and drivers of the same to rcneu their licenses.?Notice is hereby given that renewals otlicenses to k<ep public cart* and exj u-r-t* wagons, and to be public cart men, will be granted at this office between the boura of 10 A. M. and 2 P. M. daily, commencing on Monday, the 23d inst. The number must 1*? newly painted on each side ot the nuts or wagons, according to law, and the carts and wagons brought to the l'ark, weal of the City Hull, where they will be, inspected, and the old license^ alter being cheeked by the Inspector*, mttat l>? prpm nu d to the First Marshal, for renewal. N?> licenses will bo renewed alter the 31*1 day of October. By the Mayor. J. C. It urn HAM, First Marshal. Mavou's times, Sept 14,1801. The benevolent and social union will give their Second Grand Concert and PUnic on Thursday, S< pLcml*T ly, IStll, at Conrad's Yorkvtlltf*Park, Eiuhiy-slxtb Mr?ett East river. Mndc by Wallace's celebrated band. Ounce i t to eommenre at 2; Dandnu at 4 o*?*l*tck 1*. M. Tickets | &t>?-ruta, admitting a gentlem an and la ilex, to b<? obtained o| the members of the association aud at the Treasurer's, aocx How ry. HOtlll, rooms, ivc., av aatno. ACOMPUtTBLT rUKNISHED HOU8B WANTED? lira miiall luuilly, Willi moderate rent, between Eighth ami T. nlli'tli Mrt'i-M bimI Sovemh and Lexington avenues. A?Uln -? box 1 1'oHt uUh'i*, muting location uml terms. IJMIINISIIED HOU8B (WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, B* 1 a hltflily rwpcctable |iail> ; wmilJ |ieler to | ay part rcul l.i Ini;ii'll, wiili Hi"1 privili-uf or tnklini ? ?i'U ( ui.iriy, now cugAL-i-d, ,ik "litnU'rn; locution n- .\r Broadway, Ui'lweell Bund uml Tweniy.ihlrd strcein, preferred. Call on or add rem Mr. 1'., N". 2 West Tivi'iity-llfili tired, corner of Broudwuy. 1,M RNI8HKD BOI SB W ANTED FOB THE WINTEK? ]' Mum uotbe above Thirtieth xtiwet. Address, stating locution and terms, box 3,%2 1'usi utlu e. blURMSHKD HOUSE IN BROOKLYN WANTED.?THE advertiser wishes to take a furnished ll? use, in un eltgf* bit* locution lu Brooklvn, where the rent would be taken in board. To any one wishing to reduce expenses this in a dent rable opportunity. References exchanged. Adrlress. stating location, terms, ic.t E. 1*., box Post office, Now Yoifc. IpUBNISRXO ROOMS.-tWANTED* IN A <MTHT MUX 1 testant family, for the winter, a Rooui and i?no or two Bedroom*, for a gentleman, \s ifo and three small children, in Brooklyn ??r New York. Term? must be moierate. Addresa C. B. ii., Ueraid office, this day and to-morrow, Please state terms and location. HOUSE AND WVWntVKE WANTED-THKsntsi'ltrber wishes u> purchase about $800 or $1,000 worth of medium quality Furniture for which be will pay cash, if reasonable. W ill also take the House from October J, If in a uood neighborhood. Brooklyn preferred. Call or address f. Colton, 11J Fulton street, near Nathan. n'OUfiE WANTED?IN THE EIGHTEENTH WARD and went of the Second avenue, having all modern im? movements, for which a moderate rent will be paid. Address E. O. T., box 4,575 Post oflice. Rooms wanted.?a suit of six rooms, furDished for housekeeping, in a first class house, between ?c?;ond and Sixth avenue?, &ud between Fifth and Twentyfifth street*. Lafayette place preferred. Kent not toexccwt $500. Address immediately A. S. M., box 106 Herald office. fltanted?an elegant cottage, with orna? M mental grottuds, either In this city or its immediate vicinity. Any one having such a property for sale, and willing to receive in payment an interest in one of the most valuable patents in this country, may find a customer by addressing G. B. A., Herald olhce, fur one week. "1ITANTED?THREE or FOUR ROOMS, FURNISHED, t by a small family, for housekeeping. An American family economizing may find a detdrabl* tenant. References and prompt pay. Terms moderate. Address, with descriptton and location, for three days, W. Wright, Herald oflice. TIT ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, THE f lower r art of a House, containing all modern imnrMm. incuts; situation between Fifteenth mid Twcnu-third streets, ami Third and Seventh avenues. Address, with particulars, ii. Harris, 873 Broadway. TITAN'TED-APARTMENTS SUITABLE FOR A FAMII/T T? of lour, r. <|iiiriu? from five to six Rooms, with all the modern conveniences; convenl nt to the cars ami slaws: wcsi S!de preferred; location between Fourteenth ami Nineleenih sll'i'ets. Rent not to exceed $18 to 9-0 per month. Tlx; best of references required and given. Address M. A. Herald oflW, WANTED?A SUIT OP ROOMS, FlVfi IJJ YY including bath room, with gas ami rJI modern Tin. provemc-ms, below Thirtieth street, and on second or third floor. Address E. C., Herald ollice, XlfANTED?THE WHOLE OR 1'ART OF A HOUSE T' where the owner will hoard for rent, who would not object to a few olher boarders. Location between Franklin fiml fweltth btreew. Address Mrs, Hurt, Station A, Snrinc rtret'i, tvAN^tfT nf^-TiT BROOKLYN, WEST OF Y? Smith street, a Well furnished House, favorably locale I. Address C. A. D., I ox 2,:170 New York l'ost otllce. "WANTED TO RENT?A COTTAGE WITH A FEW YJ acres, on or with a view of the water, w.ithiu 80 miiea of New Yf,rs. .VWregS fcj" J>"? week, stating term* and par. ticulars, Mrs. Foster, SaugaitiCk, Jty^lield county, CoQiifctlcut. Sound preferred. TITANTED TO IlENT-FOR A SELECT DANCING '' academy, a hall, or eonvenient apartments, located between Slxtoenfli and Thirtieth streets, and Fourth and Sixth uvetiucs. Address H. M. M., Herald office. ?? - ~zr.?>rjr . "\\TASfED TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOP,TO, II where a portion or the entire rent will be taken lo> board. Also, a Restaurant, in a pood location down town, URIFF1N A GUUCK, 62 East Font teetith street. ~ ASTROLOGY. Astrology.?professor wilson, the oelbbruted Astrologer, may be eonsulted on the past, present and future events id' life, at Si Eldridpc street, one doorfronx. Gland. Time of birth required. Fee 60 cents. Attendance I t out 10 A. M. to 8 1*. M. A STONIS1HNO.?MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH du'UthUT, has a gift of foresight, tells how soon and often you will marry, and all you wish to know, even your very thoughts, or no pay; lucky charms free; her equal is not to be found; Iter'magic linage (s now in full operation. 184 Ludlow street, beiow Houston. Price 25 cents. Gentlemen not admitted. / lORA A. SEAMAN, INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT. \J Medical and business consultations day ami evening. Thcbcteuce she unfolds so satistm-t ?ry to all. It is unnecessary tonne illustration ot the astounding results, but continues ut '2$lJ Division street. CCLAIRVOYANCE. ? MRS. SEYMOUR'S MEDICAL J Rooms removed to No. 101 West Fifteenth street, corner of Sixth avenue, entrance on Fifteenth street. Consultations on Hiekness, business, absent friends, Ac., and satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. IOOK AT THIS.?THE ONLY TRUE MEDICAL AND J business clairvoyant in the United States. If you wish tc obtain correct Information on events through life?particu larly absent ft I ;nds, lost ??r stolen property, you should cojisuit her. N. K?Mrs. MILTON i* n<? humbug, but gives the greatest satisfaction to nil who visit her. She manufactures a wash that is warranted t?? cur* j>imph>s ami remove freckles, tan ami sunburn, and renders the s'.;in perl'eetly smo>/ihl Ladies, try it. Mrs. MILTON, 351 Broome street, N. Y. Madame ray, m seventh avenue, near twenty-s eve nth street, surprises all who visit her. The sit k, troubled and unlucky should t -st her powers. She tells your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. Ladies, 25 cents; gentlemen, 60 cents. MA?? aw WJCAN tall. She tell, ,,ast nn.Hpn, !,,,1, !' "lsh u"' 11,1111 Ktvfl her a ty. j^kj numbers gjren. ta j^. " ^ celehrateei reels oil. <Miut she has no equal. Sh? t. !l? tlip name o rtiture wilt vr husband, ?n,i of h.r vIsii.t, If r0u*U ruth, give H;'ra??ll, at 251 Third av nu,, abjj TwetuyTlnJ g Urettiicdle*. W cents; fuutamen, It. ' '' * READ T(fT3.--Ar?RE.voLo2rsTAND ASTROLOGIM beats f' for any one nlu nil equal Mini tV .. H},?' iw\ I,V r 11'i""1 to b? In this . 1 | truthfully gives intornuktioj oneruing buses, luirKim?, -'iiT.'i!1friends, love >mtUhlp, marriage, health, v *i1"' ',1'1 ?ho ?ill reclaim Jrnnkcn an.I unfaithful husbands. i ' '"Jo? only per 011 m this c ity who has tin- genuine . "i<l Arabian In, lismnns for love, good lin k ami ail bu^.?"*lrs, ?nU ar? guaranties for life. Del.iv not t . eonsult u* "?"?ullv gift p.l and beautiful young lady. J.ueky nu. lars ti^n. lllgl.lj respectable Hly references ntti be ectu at lier ri sltf? auci, 10, Sixth avi'tjuo. ?. The greatest wonder in the norip is tub ' young atitl accomplished Mndame liVROX. from 7'.iris who can he consulted with the strictest confidence on n\ air..ire of life, etnl.ra. lng love, courtship. business and sick ness; restores drunken and unfaithful husbands; hn? a so cr<t lo mike you beloved by vour heart's ideal, and brine tocothct those l"tig separated. iLadics 25 cents, gentlemen 51 cents. Residence No. 90 Third uveuuo, ah ive TivelftU street "1 BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STREET.?MADAM' JOtJ \\ ID'JEK, Clairvoyant and ifltV ! ?,p.imrh lady, tttt veils the mysteneg of futttnty, !"r*<, ftlsentfriend# s'rktiess; prescribes medtrln'S for 1*11 discuses; telle luckj numbers, property lost or stolen, A'". LKOAIj NOTICES. oiteiuokCourt of the city of new'yokk.O I?aa< Mobpa ami Abraham R. B. Moges against 1'hill] Burrow*.?It appearing by th?* ;i' > >vt- alii Uvtt that a jn<t? tnent has been obtained Against the defendant in the abovi entitled aeiion, an I execution issued thereon, ami that Ed ward Fox the owner of k,U judgment, and that no par* thereof has Kin pai l or satisfied, an 1 that the Chamber lain of the city of New York h.u properly l>elon#in$ to sato defendant, let Daniel Devlin, the Chamtarlaln of the fltj of New York, appear before me, uno of the Judges of thu Court, on (he 1st day of October, 1S<U, nt 10W o'clock In tht forenoon, at the chambers of *.iid Court, and answer con "mff.Jnit wild property. And ii is further ordered that notlet <>( proceeding be kiven to the defendant, Philip Burrows ?'.i mm> a copy of this order in two of the dally mpert nuiiitiibi- <nJl-ie ot New Yojk?to wit: in the World *n4 i ff. v' IT1 laid, once in n- h week for tfix weeks. nlso* bv dri, ??iu'n< {l C'?W ,,f l1,1 nrd<>r in the New Yorl rZt on^Tmt lr, ^ eftlUp Uurrmvs, Florem,-, Italy a'!<1 WlB?lhc 1>U"'"6? ^ t^TlJONir L. ROJJEllT^N.

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