Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1861 Page 2
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2 FINANCIAL AND QOMMERCIAL. Friday, Sept. 20?6 P. M. The money market is very dull again. There if oo demand for money, either from the brokers 01 from the merchant?; tho rate for call loans la frilling everywhere to 5 per cent. Prime paper, with ?ixty days or thereabouts to run, Bella at C per ccnt, but most people who have money to invest in this way put it into Treasury notes. Foreign exchange is Bteady, but there is very 'ittle doing. Tho bankers are not yet prepared to put down thoir rates; they are asking 109 for sterling and 5.25 a 5.27% for francs, ana are Duytng at 108% a 108% for sterling and 5.30 for franca, rhe recent advance in breadatufl's is said to 'iave prevented tlio execution of heavy orders for wheat and flour for French account, and thus a large amount of exchange is withheld from the market; while, on the other hand, the recent improvement In business is enabling many importers to remit something to the other side. These influences, Uko the flurry created by the remittance of Southern moneys to Europe, aro of course temporary, and muat soon cease tc operate. The course of exchange depends up or the relative proportion borne to each other by imports and exports. When our imports increase, exchange rises; when they declino, it falls. This yoar our imports fall short of those of the same period of last year by oighty millions of dollars, and our exports exceed those of the same period of last year by $27,000,000. During the month of August our imports at this port fell Bhort of our exports by one million dollars. Under these circumstances qo importance can b? attached to temporary pasms in the foreign exchange market, as it is obvious that ou brord general grounds the exchange must rule in our favor. Within the pas1 twelvemonth wo havo received from California and from Europe over eighty millions of dollars in gold, and instead of losing, as usuai, three to foui millions a month by export, have retained the who'.e. We are therefore In a condition to stand the heaviest drain ever known, for fully a year, without reducing our stock of specie as low as it was a year ago, whea it was notoriously abundant. But, as we said, the condition of our export and our import trade forbid the possibility of specie shipments at present or for a long time to come. The stock market was moderately active to-day; prices were irregular. Government securities were in demand at an advance of % per ceutfor the new ?ixes and % for the 0 per cent Treasury notes. Tor the latter there was quite an active inquiry, both in the street and at the board. State stocks were generally steady, except Missouris, which declined %. Among the speculative shares New York Central fell %, Galena %, Toledo Rock Island % and Pacific Mail 1 per cent. Other description were steady. After the board the market stiffened un. mid better Drices worn obtained which las-ted till the closc of bnsincss. The market at the close was steady, and the following were the last quotations:?United 8tate9 6's, registered, 1881, 90% a %; do. 6's, 1881, coupon, 90% a %; do. 5's, 1874, 80% a %; Indiana 5's, 77 a 79; Virginia 6'?, 51% a 52; Tennessee C's, 42% a 43; North Carolina C'a, 61 a C2; Missouri C's, 43% a %; Pacific Mail, 83% a %; New York Central, 73% a %; Erie, 2G a %; do. preferred, 46 a 47; Hudson River, 33% a %; Harlem, 10% a %; do. preferred, 25 a %; Reading, 35 a %; Michigan Central, 42 a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 14; do. guaranteed, 30%* 31; Panama, 109% a 110;' Illinois Central, G5% a?(3; Galena and Chicago, s^; Cleveland atxlToledo, 29% a 30; Chicago and Rock Islazi(kf41% n "i, ' go, Burlington and Quincy, 61% a C2; Delaware, lAckawana and Wostern, 07 a OS: Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 17% a 18%; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 92 a 93. The Sub-Treasury continues to receive a large vim daily from popular subscriptions to the national loan, though, as wasto .be expected, the opeuing of agencies throughout the country deprives it of a great portion of its business. Mr. Morris Ketohutn opens his agenry to-morr. w, aud will doubtless do a lis . The .Sub-Trcanury paid over to the bai.ks to-day $352,000 or account of pojuflnr subscriptions to the loan. The following was the business of the Sub-Treasury to day:? KocoIpU $453.."90 0( ?(iistoms 8,001) OC ?Treasury notes 410.000 ot Payments 810.509 21 Balance 15,913,001 81 A " Bank Officer" of this city has addressed a printed letter to Mr. Chase against the further issue of demand notes. The arguments he uses arc that such issues infallibly lead to expansion and speculation; that tlitsy rue uncontrollable and maj r>nm? back unon the Treasurv for redemntion whet jt is least convenient to redeem tlrem; and thai they interfere with the loan system which is now working so satisfactorily. All this may contair some modicum of truth and yet amount to nothing As the case stands, the loyal people of the Norl.1 have been using in their daily business about $150, 000,000 of bank notes of various kinds. Of thes< about $30,000,000?beinfr the issue of Western bank secured by Southern State stocks, and of Sontheri banks?have gone out of existence. Of th< remainder more than nine teen-twentieths enjo; only a local circulation, are at a discount a has tired miles from the point where they are issued tire not uniformly worth their face, and are ever day the cause of heavy losses through the misrnan -agement or roguery of bank managers, the carc lessness of bank auditors, and the address of conn terfeiters. The question now is whether it woul not be wise and safe to seplaee all this hcterog< aeons paper currency by government notes, r< deemable on demand at the various Sub-Treasurw and depositories and at par everywhere. And th further question is whether it would not bo win and economical to the government to. boi row a part of the money required for th war by issuing demand notes bearing no inti rest. How the people feel on the subject is see in the eagerness with which the demand notes at absorbed wherever they appear. Nor is it vei likely?the "Bank Officer" to the contrary no withstanding?that a reverse in the field woul bring these notes in for redemption in any larji amounts. Wall street bankers and speculatoi operate on BuU run panics, in order to make a pro! of one or two per cent; but the people at large knoi if so improbable an event occurred as a secor defeat of our armies, that the purpose of the m tion would only be the more resolute in cons quence, and its resources only the more freely c listed in the struggle. "A Bank Officer," it strik us, does not do justice to the patriotism the people. That an issue of 1100,000,000 of d mand notes would stimulate trade and can general expansion is very true: but in the fit /.lace the issue of 7 3-10 per cent notes is an e. pansion just as obviously as the issue of demai m notes would be, and, secondly, why should an e: nanainn Kao/xl nn fliA nro/lit r%f IVo a % vwwu v- ?v vivuiv vl ?UV gUICI U&Ul'Ilb I feared? Expansions are formidable only wlien th< rest on a fictitious basis, which insures a collnp. sooner or later; unlets "a Bank Officer" forese that goyorament is not going to pay its notes, it difficult to understand his alarm at the general i viral of trade which their issue is beginning cause. As to their interfering with tho 7 3-10 not* there is no ground for the apprehensions express by "a Bank Officer." Demand notes a not a loan, but a currency. Experien allows already that they will not bo sent for redemption, and that government w not be obliged to keep any undue amou nf gold on hand to redeem them, point of fact they will operate as a substitu for coin throughout large sections of the countr an'! will t?-nd to assist the bonks ef the great citi V.y driving the gold to the financial centres whe it Li mui For our part we cvafess that we si ..... ,.vv.... yip*... 4# "k. / ^ , NE"V ii? objection to the issue of say 1100,000,000 of demnnd notes; and such an issue would undoubtedly prove a great boon "to tbc people by i driviug an equal amount of doubtful and deprc cioted bank notes out of circulation, and would > save the government at lea3t $7,000,000 per annum i 'u interest. In thus dissenting fronf the views of " a llank Officer," we will recommend the writer, i should he again tender advice to Mr. Chase, uot to start with the assumption that the Secretary CAmo here aa a mendicant, in August last, and that the New York banks relieved his necessities out of pure patriotism and liberality, and are hence entitled to lecture him. No one questions the patriotism of the balk of the gontlemen i who, in August last, represented the banks of New York in conference with Mr. Chafe; but it is due to truth to state that, in subscribing to the national loan, they wore actuated as much by a desire to protect their own assets and earn interest on their canita.1 aa bv anv other motive. i Persons interested in railway property will be [ glad to hear that the contest between the Erie and the Central is likely to be adjusted. The foli lowing paragraph from the Rochester Union shows ! that the work of putting up prices has begun:? The railroad and forwarding linos have decided to advauco freights five cents on a barrel of Hour to New York. Tho Control Railroad charges forty-live cauls; tho transportation linos forty cents by canal. Freight is abundant by both rail and boats, and is llksly to continue so to the end of the season. The boatmen hmve suffered somewhat by do'ay, and the Slate baa taken by far tho largest part thoy got for tolls, so that a small margin is left for them. We understand that the banks have about $600,000 more coin on hand now than they had a 1 week ago, though during the week some $7,000,000 have been paid by them into the Sub-Treasury, > and about $2,000,000 by the public. We have received the following card:? > An oxtra of a Dank Note Reporter announces that "the .iovorley Bank is thrown out in Wall street." Tho Be vorley llar.k always lias, still does, and will continue to 1 redeem its uotes in gold at par. on presentation at the bunk. Tho notes likewise huvo been and will contlnuo to bo redeemed by the Atlantic Dank in New York, for ac' count of the Beverley liank, in sealed packages of $500 1 and upwards, at one quarter of one por cent discount; also by Samuol Hallntt & Co., redemption ng >r.ts of tho bank, at tholr office, No. 58 beaver street, New York, in ; whatever amounts presented, at tho same rnte. P. LATIMER, Cashier. Bkvwilky Bank, Beverley, N. J.,Sept. 20,1861. The Chcmical Bank has declared its usual quarterly dividend of C per cent, payable oil the 1st of October; the Hull's Head Bank, its usual half' yearly dividend of 4 per cent, payable ou the 1st ' of October next. The rrovidence Journal say*:? Thirty-five subscribers yestordny took sixteen thou" sand dollars of the national loan in this city. It wil1 bo romemborcil a large sum had been takon by parties in this city before the books w?ro oponod here. The Augusta (Maine) cotton factory, after an interval of several weeks devoted to the repair of the machinery, &c., has recommenced operations, running for the present five-sixths of the time. The company have on hand material sufficient for two months' work, end we arc informed that the mill can be run to advantage even at the present mgn price 01 cotton. The Chicago Tribune of Wednesday says:? r-xchange on tlio street wii3 abundant, and hokieis were glad to get i*ar for it. The banks paid par a V to customers . se!!irg generally at Soma tried to charge but it above the average of the market. Gold is not quite bo plenty?selling rate x 8 >? premium fur currency. Tho receipts of grain yesterday were:? JTcur. Wheat. Cnrn. Oatf. R\'c. B'y. Canal 614 5,282 91.140 38 2,352 ? G.&C.U.RR.... 1,640 37.578 3,492 1,060 ? 375 0. k K. I. RR 1.500 16,450 4.200 ? 350 400 1. C. RR 2.6S7 19.950 45,500 350 360 _ I C. B. & Q.RR....1,067 14,203 10,270 125 ? ? C. &N. W. RR....2,142 10,142 1,280 39 ? ? C. A. & St. L. RR.1,083 4.210 12,950 850 ? ? Total 10,621 107,006 168,812 1,UC2 3,062 775 Stock Eithange. Kkioay, Sept. 20, 1S61. $32000 USA's,'81,reg 90*{ 25 shs Corn Kx Kk.. 80 10C0 U 8 6's,'SJ.cou SOX 10 lJennG>alCo 76 1000 US6 s,'66.... 87 5tj 5 Pacific M Jr-'SCo .. 83 7000 US 5's,'74,cou 80>i 200 do 82K 25060 80 X 100 do 82*i 22000Tr?ai2pcnts. 101 100 N YCen RR 73^ 12000 Trea 6 p c.two y 98>? 200 do slO 7oVi 1000 111 canal bs, 6). 80 100 do s-15 73^ 1000 111 sterling bds. 80 450 do 73>.< 600 Indiana 5's 79 300 do t-5 1-\)% 1COO Virginia 6's... 52 65 Erie RR 26 5000 do sl5 51 25 Hudson Riv RR.. 34 [ KOOO T?nin 6's, '90.. 43 100 do s80 83*? l."0<9 Missouri .. 4BX PsnartiRR...... 1P> 1(000 do 43>i lOOGal JtChiRR.bSO 6';)^ 1 2000 M6'sitoHfcs?tJR 47 18 do 69 1000 Erl" RR 1st mb 103 60 do 6t>>? 2000 Krie RR 4th mb 70 50 do slO 6y 4000N YCencb,'76 lOOJi 50 do c 1000 Hud Riv s f brts 96 50 Clo b Toledo RR. 29?i , 1000 MC8pclPtmsrcb 88 200 do.. 211 { , 500 111 Cent RR bds 03 300 do 29^ , 1000 Gal .t< hi 1st m 100 do l>30 28if [ loco T, K h. W 1st mb 6?>i 250 Chi & R Isl RR .. 2000 J.aO k M 1 (t b.'B 11 100 do 44 10 shs National I tank 89 250 do 43T{ 10 I'nk of Omirasrco 80 50 do slO 4o*i 10 Mer Exchange Bk 78 73 Mil&PduCliien RR 18 5 M. tropolttan Bk. 87*$ 16 New Jersey RR.. 112 20 do 85 ^ ' SECOND BOARD. r $6000 U 8 6's, 1861,rg '.0^ 25 sl>s Pac M SSCo. 83<4' 1000 US 6's, 1867... 90 ^ 215 NY Cent RR 73 1 5000 IT S 6'S, 1862... 95 300 do 73% t 20(H> Mk-hlg.m ? s.... 81K 60 Erie RR 26 \ 1000 Minn 8 p ct bd. 80 COO Clev ft Tole RR.. 2S>?? ' 50 slw I'M M S3 Co 83 luOCh & Roc Is It R. 43 I CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. | Friday, Sept. 20?? P. M. Asms.?The market was quiet and saiee confine.I to sm.iil lots at $j 25 for both sorts. Flotir?The* mirkr.t was asrnin flpww and 3 active, and good shipping brands closed at an advunco of 11 6c. a 10c. per barrel. The medium grades were the firmest. e The !*nl"S embraced about 18,000 bbls., closing within the y following range of prices:? i- Superfine Stite $4 85 a 6 00 I Extra State, good to choice 5 26 a 6 45 ' Superfine Western 4 85 a 6 CO y Common to choice Wop tern extra 5 SO a C 26 Extra Canada 6 30 a 6 50 Mixed to straight Southern 6 30 a 5 SO Stra'ght to gooj^ctra do 5 85 a T 00 i. (hoicn extra fanHy and bak-rs' brands 7 00 a 8 60 . Rye Hour 2 25 a 4 00 Corn meal, Jersey ana Urandywine 2 80 a 3 15 5- ?Canadian (Sour wns in fair demand, the supply light 3- and prices firmer. Tho sales embraced about SOJ a 900 >9 l<to's., closing at quotations. Southern Hour wa.> firmer, ie with a good demand, especially for tho lower grades, lc which were in sti a ly request. The salts embraced about 1,500 bb!s., at llw above quotations. Wheat, in tho abP" since of supplies of moment, was again firmer,and for te shipping qualities from 2 :. a 3c. higher. The sales to ted up.about 115,000 bt:she's, at SI 25 a $1 32 f r white Ohio, fl 32 a $1 35 for white Indiana ar.d Miehin gan, f 1 30 a $1 40 for good to choice whito Kentucky, $1 25 a SI 28 for rod winter Western and rod State, Si 17 e* for amber Iowa, $114 a $117 for Michigan club, and fl 12 y a fl16)^ tt>r Chicago and Racine spring. Corn receipts ? were moderate, ami prices for shipping lots were firmer, with salt* of 160 000 bushels at 50c. a 66c. for shipment Id East, 55)ie. a 5flc. for prime Wostern mixed, ail. at, ai d rC 56c. a 58c. for shipping I ts of do. Rye Wits scarce, and ' limited salts of Western were making at 65c. a 60c., and North River at 71c. Barley and barley malt wore quiet ]t and nominal. Outs were steady and in good demand, and prices were firm, with salts of Western and State at 36c. kJ Comr.?The market was firmer and active. The ?ales embracd about 2,000 bag* Rio, including 900 at 15.\c., ft" and the remainder mostly within tho range of 14\c. a e- I5)jr.;and the cargo of the Cera, t,800 bags do., w is n. sold, to arrive, alp. t.:3JO dp. Lngtiayra ot 17*$c., 200 do. Maracaibo at p. t.4 and 200 mats Java at 20c. CS Cottoji.?'Ihe market was without animallm, and sates of o r.tined to smntflols, making 200 a 300 bales, closing at 21 Sr- a 22c4for midddrg to strict middliug uplands. e* Frkouts.?Tho supplies grain bving light engacew mrnts were quite limited. To Llvorpcol, 10,000 b'tshvls i of grain were engaged. We quote corn at lOd. a 10X I. in i/u ft turn ir n?, ouu ?in u At u xiu. uihu, mm uour x- at 2s? W. asWivJ. Pates to London were firm. Whoutwas , at 13>1. a J- to bulk and ship's bags, an J llour at 3.*. M #J. TV> Havre about 60.000 a 00,000 bjshels of wheal s- were engaged at 23c. a 24c. iu ship's bags. Floor was at 80n. * Hat.?The mark't was steady at 00c. a TOc. 5jr Molasp*-.?Silos embraced 160 hhds. Porto Rico at 85r., 70 do. Oibs at : 200 do., do. at 20c. >Uv.?t. Sir MS.?tales ot 7CO bb's. strained at $4 25, and e* l,?K) gaUona spirits turpentine at $1. >S Pjwvtaiow?.?Ptrt?Themarket was firm, with a good demand from the trade. TLc sales were 400 Ills, at "?* $14 60 a $14 7$ for meps^-ih-- latter for fnll weight barto rets?and at $0 75 a #10 for prime. Beef was quiet, and sali # limited to 100 bbto. at $10 25 a $11 SO for repacked * ? me?g, and $12 60 a $13 50 for extra do. Beef hams w*;n! ed firm at $14 a $15. Cut meat* were In some light request, with ?alt? of 200 pnekag. at 4He.a5c. for shoulders, ai d SH'c a d^c. for hams. Lard was ttrm, with sales of 375 CO bb*. and U-tvcc at 8V?c. a fl^'c. Butter and the se were jn unchanged, and salni moderate. ... Rtcs was Ann, with sales of 200 a 300 casks, ehiefly "1 at 7c. a 7j?c. for good to prime. nt Stqa*.?The market was firm and active, with sales , of about 8,000 hhds. Cub ? and Porto Bioo at 7?^c. for fair 111 to good refining gradis.and 8c. a 9c. for good t<> prime te grocery foods, and 160 hhds. meiado and 8,000 bags Babia were fold on private terms. y? Sni kk.?Sales of SuObags pimento wore sold at 8c. cash, C8 and 4"0 rieula cassia at private term? ? Whukit.?The market was firm, with tales of 300 bt>ls. re at 19c. je \\\ol.?Tbo QUtikot continues quite animate'* natiduU* 0 f YORK HERALD, SATUI nrs are soiling out their storks very fast. Tho diminution of the stock of foreign wools lias created an Inorwaed deumud fur do tuts tic, and inoro attention is paid to flne grades. We havo nothing to report in foreign, the market lK*lng pretty well cleared of all desirable lots. Most of tho wool la now la the hands of tho trade. FAMILY MARKET RBVIBW. For the first time in weeks, almost montha, a change Is to be noted lu tho retail prices of meats, fcc., at Washing, ton market. The variation has been In the upward direction, and the tendency to ris? still continues. Beef?Prlmo pieces for roasting sell at from 10c. a 14c. per pound; porior nouso ateau, iac.; sirioin bicuks, iu\ ; corned piocoB,8c. Vory fair qualities of lamb and mutton do not bring more than from 8c. a 11c. per pound. Pork, salt, la to be had at 10c. per pound, and Que Lama for 11c. In the way of poultry no chango la noticeable, a good stock being on hand, with few purchasers. Salmon, salted, was offered yesterday for 12c. per pound. Vegetables are nut qulte'so chaap aa at our last quotations. First cull potatoes would not bo sold for leas than $2 |>cr barrel, and very small specimens at the rate of $1. Cauliflowers, 12c. a 20c. each. Fralt, buttor, choose and othor articles show little change. MiBcgiiYj Aygcng. _ Boots and shoes at war prices. A general assortment of ladles', genu', boys', misses' and children's wear of soaaonable goods:? Gents' calf stitched Boots (3 00 Gents' ealf peg Boots 2 00 dents' caif stitched Congress 2 60 Gents' patent leather stitched Congress 2 50 (tents' patent leather stitehed Oxford Ties...." 2 50 Oents' calf stitched double sole Balmorals S 00 Gents'pegged Congress Gaiters 1 00 Boys' Brogans, 00 cents. Boys' Boots, f 1. Youths' Brogans, 40 cents. Youths' Boots, 75cents. Call and examine the stock and pitcos. georor a conner, 377 Bowery, Next to Fifth stroet. Brushes of every description at the brush Factory, 329 Pearl street, Harper's Building. All articles at llio lowest factory prices. Paint Brushes of a superior quality constantly on hand. - JOHN K. HOPI'EL. GEN. GEO. B. McCLELLAN AND OUR NEW UNION Prize Gift Parkaces are to be wondered at. Seventyfive cents worth of lnditpansahle articles for 26cents. Agrnis are making from $3 to $10 per day. A^.-nta wantad,male and female, everywhere. Address, with stamp for circular, SUekards & Co., 102 Nwsau street. TCE BOX WANTED.-A LARUE ICE BOX, SUITABLE A for a butcher's shop. Price mutt he low. Apply at 6M Washington street, three doors above Christopher. TIIGHT! LIGHT: LIGIITI-A OREAT VICTORY. 0AM J phene and Uuid exterminated, and Coal Oil is king. The UNION COAL OIL BURNER Gives tha freatest light the world aver saw from ono single 1 lamp, with no danger by explosion, and at half the co?t of 1 anything now in mho. Campncne lamps altered at a small m- 1 pense, and new Lamp*. Coal Oil, Cans, Wicks,^c., always oa hand. Rights for sain to manufacturers only. N. B.?None of these lamp* are genuine without my ntaiup of patent upLlied for in front of the burner, and without which it Is tinLWful to make, sell or use my Improvement. Limps altered at any place in the city, or by express In the country, on notice by letter or otherwise, Delns left at my place of buslness, No. 82 Catharino street. New York City. Satisfaction is guaranteed before payment .s asked. JOHN ML'LVANY. Ladies?if you are any way indisfosed, loose no time, but consult Mrs. WORCESTER, the ex|m*i ienced and successful Physldau and mid wile, 46 Charlton street, near Vailuk. MARHLE MANTELS.?GREAT BARGAINS IN MANtela. Those wishing to buy Mantels at a great reduction will tlnd it to their advvnta|,o to call at A. K LA HE It S marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth street, near Third aveuue. tjaris.? 1 NOTABLE TRADESMEN. Maisox Demsi.e, patented by the Empress and the yi'-t net tu Eiiigianu unu uoimiiu. iso. Di>omevnru ues clucs, racing rue de 1a i'aix. Silks, India and French; Csshmere Sl.awli, Lut, Llncarlo, Mantels, Fancy Goods, Wedding Suits, Court and Bull Dresses. IMikssmakku?Malsoti Fauvet, No. 4 rue Mnnar*. Tit* IIkaddukssks and Millinery of Mile. Boiler, 45 rue Neuvc St. Augustine, represent do truly the type of distinction that several foreign courts, by whom she has bees appointed tho patentee, In the most fluttering terms hare adopted them. L,.\cr. Violasd? Every requisite for Wedding Suits, Promenade and evening dresses, Ac., No. 4 rue de Cbolseul. Jwbllkr to H. M.? Kuajikk, 31 rue NciiveSt. Augustine. MoNimoLAtNK?(lironzo China and Ancient Furniture). The \Yi?rerooms are removed to 19 rue de fielder. Ciikoxoxetkbs and Clocks?Le Roy and Flla, makers to the navy, lalnis Royal, 13 and IS Galerin Montpeusier. Sfvrks, CrystuW, DinnerServices, Douiigny, Pal.iis Royal, Gale.rle Montpcnsler, 21 and 32. Goldsmith and Jkwkllkr?Wlese, 43 rue do l'Arbresec, noar the Louvre. Prices in known figures. PAYING EMPLOYMENT. N. C, MILLER, No. 36 Park row, New York, publisher of Subscription Books for Canvassers, and of poptimr books for travelling agents. Catalogue)* free by mail or otherwise upon application. SAVE TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT ON YOt'R BOOK BINDING, At the New York Bindery, 114 Fulton street, established a quarter of a century. E. W. A SONS, to keep their bindery and workpeople employed during the present depresvd state of business, oiler to bind for the subscribers to Illustrated Biblna, History *>f the Culled States, Battles of America, Life and Times of Washington, Shaksjjere and all illustrated works published in this city, in their Ornamental ar.d Pli-toiial sttles, and allow twenty-live per cent discount on their regular pilses for binding these works. Orders sent to E. WALKER & SONS, 114 Fulton street, will be promptly attended to. \7"ER(JNE9' ELECTRO CHEMICAL BATHS, NO. 119 V Font th avenue, attended by Professor VERflNES, the Inventor, celebrated for the estraction of metallic suostances from the s> stem, and for their success in chronic diseases and rheumatism, Consultation free from 8 lo 13 A. M. Yellow bank tobacco.?goodwin-s purr Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from all Impurities, forsale by all segir dealers, and at wholesale by E. GOODWIN A BROTHER, 807 slid 3.S Water street, New York. XEW PUBLICATIONS. IJ1XTKAOROINAHY FASHION MAGAZINE?BRIL" J llaqt uovalties for the Fall Fashions. Reliable infor' mat Ion. Thru! lar^i mid splendid Fashion Mates. Nearly list linn Engravings, and over sixty cents' worth or three full sl/.e Patterns in the fall number of Mme. DEMOREST'S Quarterly Mirror of Fashions. Now ready. Yearly $1. hlngle copies 2ft cents. Postage J cents. Published at UK.VOIIEST'B Emporium for Pattern* of the Fashions, i'3 Broadway, N. Y., and sold everywhere. COAL. COAL?BEING WHOLESALE AND RETAIL agent for tliu sale of some of the best Roil Ash and Lehigh Coal, I will lull cars-ma nt the lowest possible price, and by retail at a lower price than any other dealer In the city. Yard* corner of King and Greenwich streets, and No. at) Roosevelt street, corner of Now Bowerv. MAtTHEW CLINTON. WYOMING VALLEY C?AL $1 50.?TITE BEST COAL for stove and range use. Free l>isrni?p. full Wiljlit and no dust. LOYD & CO., 323 Eighth avenue, corner Twani.v-seventh street. 8KUAHS AND TOBACCO. SEGAK8 VERY CHEAP.?THE ASSIGNEE, AT NO. 17 Broadway, U closing out the (lock. Grea* indueemrnta will be olfered to cash buyers. Some brands of Havana, Domestic dhd German Segars still unsold. MBDICAL. ~ AN IMPORTANT WORK.?A GUTDE FOR THE MARrleii, or those contemplating it. The afflicted, debilitat. <1 or diseased siuiuld not marry or adopt any treatment till . they h ive informed*themselvesof the truth", only found in Dr. LAKMONT'S Paris, London and New York Adviser and Marriage Guide; mailed for Si by RICHARDSON, No. 1 Vesey street, and ROSS A TOUdEY, No. 121 Nassau street. The doctor cures all suoli affections, recent or of long standing, expeditiously and privately, as for years past, at 647 Broadway, up stairs, from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. x CIONVIDENT1AL MEDIC.VI, ADVICE.?DR. H. A. BA?' ROW, of the Royal College of Surgeons and L'Ec-.ledo M'dicin, Paris, having devoted his exclusive' attention to dis> :.?es arising from imprudences of youth and maturity, has, alter deep scientillc research and'lntcnse study, discovered a guarantied and most wonderful remedy for tin! effectualcure of Nervous and Physical Debility, Depression of Sp rits, Palpitation of the Heart, Weakness of the Back and Loins, Painful Dreams or Incubus, L^sa-of Appetite and Memory, and dedir.o of the natural powers of life. Dr. Barrow thus puollcly evinces his heartfelt gvatilicatinn on accouut of the success that has attended his eifbys during an extensive practice of several yearn. Many thM have been given up as Incurably lost snd past the power of human skill Dr. Barrow has restored to health, happiness and pristine vigor. There, fore those pronounced ine.urahle, or nave been neglected or improperly treated, are particularly invited to pay tuc Doctor a visit. Another gratifying feature of Dr. Barrow's practice are the hnth honors and testimonials he has twelve.I fur ills superior treatment without the use of instruments, mercury, or any other of those dangerous remedl"S which are invariably used by the unskilful. Dr. Barrow's hours of consultation are from 11 till 3 and from t till 8; Sunday! ill i, 194 Bleeckcr street, four d.tors from Maedougal, New York. DR. OOOPER. NO. 14 DUANE STREET. MAY BE CONsuited on all diseases of a certain nature. Tweri'v-eljlit years exclusively devoted to these complaints enable nitn to warrant a cure in all cases. Tbe victims of misplaced confidence in msdi<-al pretenders can call, with a ceriaiHty of being radically cured or no pay. Dr. r. cobrett, member of the new tore University Me<:lcal College, and College of Burgeons, London, can In- consulted privately on diseasesal No. 30 Centra street, IxHween Chambers and Reade. N. B.?8ee Dr. C.'s dtpl.inas In hU olllces. Private entrance at No. (City Hall place. * Dr. hcntbb nas for thirty years confined his attention to diseases of a cerain class. In which lie has treated no less than fifty thousand cases, without un instance or rallure. His great remedy. Dr. Hnnters's Re?! Drop, cures cnruln dlv-nnes when regular treatment and all other remedies fall; cures without dieting or restrict In lu the habits of the patient: cures without the disgusting and sl' kening effects or all other remedies; cures In new cases In less that six hours. It roots out the js lsonons taint the blood Is sure to abaoib unit as the remedy Is used, it Is $1 VljiL and cannot be ebtaiaed genuine any win rs than at the old office, No. S Dlvleloa street. Book lor nothing that treat* of Hie effects ol' early abuse. * " I ? - i - ||"pvR. RALPH, OFFICES ISO CROSBY STREET, COR .*_/ UCI Ul IIVIIBMIU. I" * ?*"U U Uil J I . n. Dr. ward, is laioiit street, would rwpeot." fully cull attention to hia unocualled, ?[> ej y and per niiicnt curei, without intcrru^'iny tiuaineM p'lmiiltii. Dr ward treats all disease-? of females with unparalleled auiveaa. Srmrlhi'ig fur evirv laily? hU (treat Rrn.'lacor. OUire 13 Lai.iht street. Great success of dr. ward. 12 lakjhtstpeet All affections caused by mercury or nlseaae cured In half the usual time an<t at half theYhnrges. Hundreds are disappointed till findino Dr. WARD 8 olDee, IS LaUbt street, and giving bia great remedies a trial, they are lnatantly cured. Hammond on nervous special diseases, mar1 iage, Ac., $1. RICHARDSON, No. 1 Vosey street, N. Y. PROFESSOR RESTEI.L, 16S CHAMBERS STREET, CAN be consulted. as usual, or by letter to bo* 2.1W. lloston uJDuc. No, 9 UarrUou avt uue, LDAT, SEPTEMBER 21, 1 Si THlJPrRP. _ CENTBBVILLE COURSB, L. I.?TROTTINO.?8ATITI. day. September 21. MS o'clock P. M? Match for *280a Hide, milt) heats, beat three la live, 10 wagons. II. Wi. illey names i. g. Tom Sayres. K. Wright nam?> a. g. Boh Ridley. BBV1NS * ClONKUN, Proprietors. /1ENTREVILLE COURSE?TROTTING.?A MATCH 1 \J for two hundred dollara a side, half forfait. James Whelpljy name* Totn Snyers; E. Wright names Bobitldley; tn wajron, mile heats, best throe lu live, on S.iturday, Sept. J 21, at aH o'clock. BKVISa ACONKLIN. C1ENTUEVILLE COURSE.?A MATCH FOR $200; ) half forfeit; mile beats to wnintia; boat three In Ht?. < On Monday, September 23, at3}? o'clock. IX. Woolley names < T?m Savers; S. HoagUud uaiue* a Son el Mart. 1 BEVXNS A COM RUN. " CCENTRE VILLE COURSE.?TROTTINO.-A PURSE ? ) and otaWe of 1250.?On Thursday, September 24, ai 3>? 1 o'clock. C. M. Young names Bullet; E. Warren names Rowdy: Mr. Mall names Jupller, Jr.; Mr. MoU names Young Champion. John Connolly muncs iJidy Bevlns. Mile beats to wagon, best three In live; BEVrNS k CONKLIN. jj lilOR SALE-T11E TROTTING HORSE HONEST PETER. d J1 Apply to HIRAM WOODRUFF. H01UE8, CARRIAGES, 4tC. \ AN ELEGANT ENGLISH PARK PHAETON FOB BALK. J, llan patent mall axles and mall springs, and Is quite i new. Price $500 ; cost $1,100 to import. Apply at stable 53 j West Eighteenth stroet, near Sixth avenue. ( Ahorse, buggy and harness, all complete, \ for sale for $129; sold for want of use. Apply at J. R. t Waldron's Washington stables, Washington street, uear the corner of Second street, Hoboken, N. J. I COUPE FOR SALE?FULL SIZE, EXTRA FINISH, ] built by Wood Bro,'^ coat $800, Is In perfect order, has been run but little, price $250; also, Double Harness. Apply at King's stable, corner of Forty-lirst stroet and Madiaon nv. Tj*>B SALE?A VALUABLE SADDLE HORSE, 15* . C bauds high, rising 7 years, three-quarters bred, color light brown, black legs, long tad, perfectly Hound and gentle, goes in single or double harness. Apply at Dlekel's riding school, Thirteenth street, noar Fifth avenue, or at Mr. Wa- | tors', corner Af Broadway and Thirteenth street i U?OR SALE?A FAMILY COUPE, HORSE AND HAR- 1 r >i*saa? hnron vnnn'a MintlA nnH soiiiirl AIaji b lichL Wagon, without top; sold together or separate cheup, an the owner has no use Tor them. Apply at $19 Canal struct. t Fob sale?two black mare colts, five years old, pound and Inst trotters; by Cotnac Black Hawk by Washington, chim by Washington. Can be wen at the Westrhrster county Fair, Mount Veruon, on the 23d. 24th and 'iiih Inula. WM. H. DEEKK, W'll'awsbt id.-e. t For salk?fifteen round youno horses, .1 tultable for down town carmen, coal carts, trueksor any kind of heavy jrork. Can l>c seen at 17 Leroy street, between Bedford ana Bleecker streets. For sale-a aio, boston style, and in terfeet order; will be disposed of for hair Its value to make ro>m. Can he seen at the private stable, corner Clinton and

1! irrtson Ktruets, Brooklyn. For sale-a pair of bay horses, can be seen at 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City, neur the lor. rv, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 10 to 2. Cine of them is anoicellfcnt saddle horse, aud would be a< Ul separate. For sale-a bay mare, uh hands high; can trot In 3>a minutes; together with a new top Wagon and Harness, nt a bargain. Apply at 78 West Fortieth street, Deal .^ixth avenue. IIOR SALE?A SORREL MARE, FIVE YEARS OLD, 1 about 15 hands 1 Inch hi,;h; can trot inside of three minutes; she is of great endurance, nnd from the best sto k in the State of Maine; warranted sound and kind. Apply at the stable, M East Twenty-second street. For SALE?A dark CnESTNUT MARE; CAN trot In three minutes; together with a new Wagon and Harness. Apply at 38 First street, Williamsburg. For sale?a fine bay charoer. suitable for military horse, he was in the buttle of Bull run. and will stand musl.i op cannon; also a Pony, U hands hi?h; kind and 1 gentle in elthi r stugle or double harueas. Apply lo EDWARD KELLEY, Id \VeBt Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue?. For sale?v fine cp.eam colored horse, witn i long switch tail, Ntldmmc, of gentle disposition, trained i well, au 1 is admirably adapted for n lady's uso; Will be sold cheap. Apply ut st?')io 147 Elizabeth street. For sale?two young horses, six years old," warranted Bound and kind In every respect, fast travellor*, and excellent horses for any business. Inquire at 46 Ludlow street. For .sale?a first class light waoon, suit able for a doctor; built to order for owner's private use, but never used; will be sold cheap for eaab. Can be seen at Siie.iiker's stable, Boetutn street, Brooklyn. For sale cheap?a beactiful saddle horse, well broken for a lady's us i, warranted perfectly sound and gentle; also two fast Ponies. Address for pattieulars, A. it. C., box 143 llerald oBice. J For sale cheap?a superior light wagon j and Harness. Apply at 22 and 24 Wust Thirteenth street 1 Important to farmers.?for sale or ex- ' cbxnse. for alow pried Lorse. a valuable tine young sorrel Staliwu; also two beautiful faintly Horses for sale, and oi.o powerful tire* warranted. Apply at M'Chryauo . street, near Canal. , PRIVATE STABLE to LET?with IMMEDLVTE pos- \ session; alse, for sale low, a seel ml hand Coii|ie, for one or two horses. Apply at 35 West Tweutleth street. STYLB and speed ?one of the prettiest ORAY tnor s in tliia city, Morgan breed, six years old, with j flowing white tall, rloso to 15 hands; can triit In 55; would , make a splendid saddle mare; warranted sound and kind in every respect; alss a gray Horse, cloae on 10 bands higheight years old; will work in double or single harness; wxr, { runted sound and kind. Apply to P. GalTney, rectifying dis tiller, 170 avenue B, corner or Eleventh street, j Stable to let.?at no. 40 west biohtbenth street, room for six horses and carriages?rent ?250. Also, one at 107 West Eighteenth street; accommodations for : four Imrses and carriages. Inquire of J. WALL, 333 Sixth avenue, corner Twcn;y tlrst street. ^ hio let?a stall in the best CLUB stable IN X the city. Apply In Nineteenth street, iirst stable east of Fiflfa avenue. ; T\7"anted HORSES.?ARTILLERY AND CAVAL- , IT rr Horses, for which cash will lie paid, at Noa. 122and 120 East Twenty-fourth slreAt. JOHN CARPENTER. TIT"ANTED?A. SUPERIOR HORSE TO flATCH ONB 1? VV hl^.ii blxid bay, weight about l,15?l. pony shaped, paug, sound, kind, ana - traveller. Address box L470 Fus: office. matrimonial. ^ A YOUNG MAN OF MEANS IS DESIROUS TO FORM the acqiuiutanre of a lady, not over 21, of good size, be ilthy mi l noble appearance, with a view to matrimony. Address J. Ward, box til) Broadway Post olliue, when full particulars will be given. A YOUNG MAN, AGED 25 YEARS, IS DESIROUS OF forming the aaqu ilntan. e of some young Udy. with a view to matrimony. She must he possessed of an agreeable deposition, and not older than tin advertiser. All commitnicutlnns eoniidentlal. Address Edward Lalounette, station A, Spring stp-ct. A young gentleman, under 28, possessed OF a large fortune and hvtdsomc person, wishes, through a corre_H|>oiidence, to form the acquaintance of ji young lady with a view to matrimony. She must bo under 23, very pretty and of respectable lumily. Address Henry t'. Montague, Post office, Newark, N. J. A YOUNG AND EDUCATED BACHELOR, TIRED OF a life of c 'liba y, desires to correspond with some lady, with a view to matrimony. She must be young, anil of a genial disp >:.ltion, possessed of moderate means, and. In short, "a lady lilted for a lady's plane." Particulars w 1.1 bo scut hereafter. Please address box 1U1 Post office, l'liucetoii, Nnw Jersey. _ ^ fine arts. YJIfOTOGRAPHIC WONDERS.?RICHLY TONED AND J. Iwatittt'ully tinislied Caries de Visile, at $2 j -or dozen, snd mammoth Photographs at (1, and beautiful Ambrotype, with case, 50 cents, at the Art Gallery, 411 .Broadway, corner ol Lispcnard stiect. __ahtrci.OGt. A STROLOGY.?PROFESSOR WILSON, THE CELEJtl. brated Astrologer, may bj consulted on the past, prrsent mid future events of life, at SS Eldrldge street, one dnorfrom Grand. Time of Urtli required. Fee 50 cents. Attendance front 10 A. M. to 8 P. M- 1 1 STONTSHIN*G._MA?AME MORROW R'EVFVTn ! iV ilHiivliu r, has a gift of foresight, tells how aoou und often you will marry, ami ail you wish to know, even yo#r very tr.niigi.tR, or uo pay; lucky charms free; her equal Ih not to be tound; her magic bnaze Is now In full operatlon. J8* Ludlo.* sttcet, below Houston. l'rluu 25ecnt?. Ckutlcuiua not admitted. B(WA"KIDE ASTROLOGIST.?MADAME WILSON tells the object of your visit, gives niBgie charm* acil tood lu k for 11 to, free or charge; tells all even is of life?past, precent and future; consultations on business, sickness, marrisge, courtship, travelling, Ac. She fs Iho mofit wonderful aMrolo^iat of tue itgc. Give her a call; you will not regret Ik 1.-0 Allen street, six doors from S anton; name on tho door. Charge for ladle* and gentlemen 90 cent*. Bewaru of imposition. C<'?ltA a. SEAMAN, INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT. Medical and business consultations day and evening. Tloiscienc* aba unfold* so satisfactory to all, it is unnecessary to give illustration of the astounding results, but continues at 23s) Division street. (^LAIRYOYAXCE. - MRS. SEYMOUR'S MEDICAL J Rooms removed to No. 101 West Fifteenth street,corner of Sixth avenue, entrance on fifteenth street. Consultation* on sickness, business absent frlcuda, Ac., and satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. Look at tiiis.-tiik only true medical a?d business clairvoyant lu the United State*. If yon wl*h to obtain correet luloruiatlon on e\ enta through 11.e?partlcularly absent f:l 'ii'l*. lost or stolen property, you should consult her. N. B.?Mra. MILTON la no humbug, but gives the greatest satisfaction to all who visit her. She manufacture* a wash that Is wjrranted to o?re pimples and remove freckles, tar. and suuburn, and renders the skin perfectly smooth. Lh '.I-s. try it. Sol Broome street. Nb.-who has not uiiard op tue celebrated Mme. PRRWSTER, who baa been consulted by thousands in this and other cities with entire satisfaction? She feels confident alift has no equal. She tplle the name of future wile or husbunil. nnd that of her visiter. If you wish truth, give her a eall, at 231 Third avenue, above Twenty .first street. Ladies, So cents; gentlemen, $1. Read this.-a phrenologist and astroukhst that beats tht world, and $5,000 reward for any one who can equal Mis* WELLINGTON, who Is acknowledged to b* the only laJy in tfc!s city who truthfully give* information concerning h.sses, lawsuit*, journeys, absent friend*, lore, emutship, marriage. health, wealth, and who will reclaim drunken and unfaithful husband*; Miss W. la the only purson in this city who has the genuine Roman and Arabian talismans for love, good luck and all btislnees alfalra, and are guarantees for lift. Delay not to consult this naturally gifted and beautiful y'oung lady. Lucky numbers given. Highly respectable city re fere u tea ean be seen at her residenoa, 101 Sixth avenue. Tiie greatest wonder in the world is thb young and accomplished Madame BYRON, from Pari*, who can be consulted with the strictest confidence on all affair* of life, embracing lore, eonnahlp, businesa and sick* ne**; restore* drunken and unfaithful husbands; has a secret to make yon beloved by your heart's Ideal, and bring* together those Rmgseparated. Ladies Ucents, gentlemen 60 cent*. Rcsidcnce No. 90 Third avenue, above Twelfth street -| /} er BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STREET.-MADAMB JLOO WIDliRR, Clairvoyant nnd gifted Spanish lady, unveil* the mysteries of futurity, love, marriage, absent friends, sickness; prescribe* medicines for all disease*; tell*lucky uuiubvia, property lost or Molvc, Aw. / 51, , y , * balksJMP AUCTIOlf. A M. B. cftAi-MaiufcoTXActioneerr <CX. KlnKuut Unit oIhm Iloukehold Furniture, To be peremptorily sold til public auction, On thIk day (Baturiluy), Sept. XI, The pnrertv or a family Waviug the city. lloMwooil Mveu octave Pianoforte. lose wood Drawing Koom Haiti, rosewood and mahogany Bedroom Furniture, oak Dlulnt? Room Furniture, l'alutincH, Statuary, Brontes, U the residence of (ItiHrle* Barer*, E*q? 48 West Sliteenth atrtel, between Fifth mid Slxtli avenuea. Sale at 10K o'clock precisely. DrawlngRooin Suits?Elegeres, Bookcase, Mirror*, Laoe Turtjilns, Vanes, Oil Paintings, Statuary, Volvnt and Brussels 'nrpetn, Extru&lon Tabl?, Bullet, Olilu? Vaiea, Silverware, Pat?le Cutlery, Wardrobe-, Hair and Hpitnft Mattresses, Bedneads, Commodes, Wasbslands. Oilcloth, Htsir Carpets, Iurraln Carpeta, Solas, Rockers, Blank'-la, Bedding, 4c. Alao i large assortment of Basement and Kttcheu l'urulturc. Sale icremDtur* A LBERT L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS tX. day, at I0J4 o'clock, the entire Furniture of a family living m> housekeeping, In tho private residence, 137 Eighth lay6 neBr Bnwdwar- Everything must be removed this A UCTION NOTICE.?ASBIGNEE'S BALE OF MANU CS."1."1".'''1 "d unmanufactured stock, Ac.?Saturday, lept. ?, 1861, at 10)? A. M,. at the agricultural foundry and naclilnu shop, MO awl SOS Water street, between Jefferson ind Clinton streets, New York, the entire stock, consisting of 'loughs, Plough Castings, Pic.ugh Beam*. Handles and iounds, Cultivator Timber Harrow, Corn Shelter, Sugar Mill, irlnd Stone and Truck Frames. Plough Bolts and Wrenches; Jso a lot of Wrought and OiuK Iron, and Sign Board* on and vlthln buildings, together with sundry article* pertaining to he business. And ou the sumc day, at one f at the store I9T Water itreet, one door from Pulton, the Sign Boards within and >utslde the bulldlur; il?o the Plough Yaue on roof, Sheet i'l&nk and Irons, and other articles. Terms rash. GEO. J. S. THOMPSON. Assignee, Ac., of Jno. McNally. A UCTION notice.? A. SPECIAL BALE, THUS DAY (SATURDAY), SEPTEMBER SI. We will sell tills <lay, at 10 o'clock, BOOTS AND SHOES.-**) OASES BOOTS AND 8HOES, ncludlng an unusually desirable a?sortlueut of iroah goods, ecelved direct from manufacturers. EMBROIDERIES.?A full assort meat of new goods just aiuled. All desirable and saleable. LACE VESTS AND KID QLOVK8.-A choloe line. Also, INVOICES OF STAPLE AND VANCY DRY QOODS, o which wo inviU; the atUintion of buyers. Cataloguas and goods now ready. WM. TOPPING A 00., Auctioneers, No#. 9 and 11 Park piaco and No. 8 Murray street. A UCTION notice.?SALE OF HOUSE FURNISHING t\. Articles, Toys, Fancy Good*, Fishing Tackle, Curios!les, Ac., this dav, at 10>? o'clock, by BELLA INORAIIAM, uiotlonccrp, at 314 Spring street, near Greenwich struct, rwout reserve. By order at P. Bchafsr. A UCTION SALE OF GROCERIES.?QEO. r. SOLOtx. MON, jr., auctioneer, wlH sell this day, at 10)jj o'clock, he Sleek of Groceries and Fixtures contained iu the store of '56 Eighth avenue,corner Fifty-third street, without reserve. A UCTION SALE, TO CLOSE ADVANCES.-THIS DAY. i Y. at 103? o'clock, at 63 Nassau street, Household Fumi ure. Fancy Goods, flue Gold mid Silver Watches. Sale ivitlioutreserve. ISAAC D. AARON, Auctioneer. ASSIGNEE'S SALE.?JOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER. JOHN LLOYD <v SONS will sell on Monday, September 13, at 10^ o'clock, al 37ft Broailway, tho entire stock of Boys' clothing, Cloths, Trimmings, Fixtures, 4c. Sale positive, alu or shine. Catalogues will be ready tho day of sale. By /rder of A. D. WKHKLOCK, Assignee BROWNE A NICHOLS, AUCTIONKEItS.-THIS DAY (Saturday), Sept. 21, at one o'clock. In fiont of salesroom 16 Nassau street, a Hay Horse, 0 years old, 15X hands high, lound, kind uud pontic, a good saddle or family horse; also rop Wagon and Single Paruess, the whole to be sold without reserve. also, A superb English Pheatou, with dieky seat, very light and stylish, cloth lined and built by one of the best New York makers. also, An Extension Top Rockaway, for one horse, and one Coupe ;Io ; also top and i.o top Bugsle.t, one very light three-quarter Wagon, and several sets of single and double Harness. Daniel a. matuews. auctioneer. Salesroom 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and John. DANIEL A. MATHEWS will sell, at auction, this day (Saturday) al 1U% o'clock, at his salesroom, No. 79 Nassau street, I large and geneml assortment of handsome Household Furniture, viz:?Rosewood and walnut Parlor Bolts, in Plush; Centre TaUes, elegant walnut and oak Extension rubles, Buffets, Dining ChaTrs. ebonv and gilt Work Tables, Kosewood Bookcases, oiled walnut Chamber 8uits, enamelled do.; walnut and mahogany Dressing Bureaus, Fruuch lied steads, Washstands, Commodes, Wnat-Nots, Lounges, KockenuSofss, Easy Chairs, PLuio Stools, mahogany and irulnut wi.rdrobcs, Soring Mattresses, French China Toilet Sets, Glassware, Window Shades, Oil Paintings, Sofa Beddeads, Ac. Catalogues and goods now reedy for exaralnalion. Edward schenck, auctioneer. CONTINUATION OF ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. By K. if. H. SCHENCK, this day. Jilt Instant, at 11 j'clock, at their salesrooms Nos. 135 and 157 Broadway, the itoek of one of the flnest cabinet maker* in this city, consisting lu pert of elegant suHd carved and plain rosewood Suits, iu sanu and bncatel, plush and reps; elegant rosewood Am 4r. -a lilaee, tiiAgntttcent rosewood round cornered >s< leads and Bureaus; do. In black waluut, finished in oil; rosewood and walnut Secretary, Library Bookcase, elegant rosewood snd walnut Utpgeres, carved walnut and oak Buf- 1 lets, oak and wsinuk Library and Dining Room Chairs and , other ntejprttMrolture. The above Is all of the very best 1 manufacture, uml will be positively sold by order of assignee. Elie particular attention oi those In want of elegant Furniture is respectfully requested to this sale. J. B. FREEMAN, Assignee. For sale?at auction, if not sold before, a two story house, with garden SOxlOO-feet, choice fruit, in Cedar street (Oox house), near Flunking depot, l. l, on Sept. 29, at 12 M., Hi John Mayher's hotel. George cook, auctioneer.?eleoant housbliold Furniture.?'This day, at 11 o'clock, at store 141 Htondway (removed for convenience of wile), a large (lock of llrst class Furniture, consisting of seperb rosewood Parlor Seemary, do. Klegeri: do. Library and Secretary Bookcases, M iislc Cabinets, Bug'ets, Omar Stands Parlor Stilts, Library and Dinl.wRoom SnlM, Chamber Suits of various itvles, EictenKloii Dining Tahh-ll and Chairs, Parlor Bedstead, Toilet Sets, Vases, Lounge*, Ac, a general assortment. Sale positive and well worthy the notice of buyers. x Henry h. leeds. auctionerr.-henry n. LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Saturday, Sept. II, nt l(J>i o'clock, at the salesroom No. 23 Nassau street, Household Furniture, consisting of Brussels and ingrain Carpets, mahojnny Bureaus, Card Tables, Hall Chairs, mahogany Divans and Ottomans, covered In haircloth; oak?Jlllce Table, covered in green leather; oak Dr.tssing Tables, carved rosewood Bedsteads, elegant rosewood Suit, rovered in figured crimson brocatel; rosevco.l Corner Etegere, mahogany Card Table, rose to >d marble top Cuatre Table. Also, the Stock and Fixtures of a segari-.n't sample mom. Wines, y< Porters, Ales aud Segars, Beer Pump, 8creen, Oillcu Railing, ic. Also, a lirfgs lot of oil Pslntlni*, gilt and rosewood Ira.... Kmrravings, Water Colors, Engravings under glass. The entire lot to be sold without reserve. Henry orebn. auctioneer.?qroceries, liquors. Ac.?This day, at 10o'clock, at the auction store, 19* William street 30 Cheese*, 70 boxes Maccaronl, 40 Hams and Shoulders, 75 drums Klgs, Soap, Spices Tea, Brandy and other Liquors Sugars, Ac. Also, at 12 o'clock, a lot of Dry and Fancy CooJs, Clothing, Ac. Joolb, auctioneer. To Milkmen and others. horses, cows, waook8. Ac. JAMES COLE8S' SON will sell on Wednusday, Octobcr J, at 12 o'clock, on the premise* of Win. Kldd, Butler street, between Washington sndClasson avenues, Brooklyn, 16 Cows, all in good health and condition, a number of wiiich are fWhh; two good Work Horses, ;?wo Colts, sired by Major Anderson'(the M irtinee horse); also Wagons, Harness, Tnl.j W. - nil,I PimU' lit a,, ini.mtltv .,f V .nnn. positive; terms cash. JOHN H. BURLY, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, THIS day, at 2 o'clock, at 441 Canal siroet, marlde to;) and other Bureaus, WaslistaiMts, Oumra and oilier Tables, Pier, M int' l an>i oilier Ui.isscs, Sofas, Sofa Beds, Wardrobes, oak marole top Bullet, one ?mjhJ hand Plir.o, mahogany Rocking and otner cU-tlrs, Feather Beds, Uulr and other Mattress* s. Hiaukfrts, Bedding, BrusseK Three-ply and other Carpets, Oilcloths, Lounges, Cooking Stores, Pictures, mahogany and oilier Be Isteads, Kitchen Furniture, Ilatutuuds: everything fur housekeeping. Also, or.c Express Wagon ana one Spring Cart. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEEII?WILL SELL THIS day (Saturday), at 10>$ o'clock,atnalesroom 8ft Nassau street, a large quantity of llrst idasti Household furniture, Oarpets, rosewood Parlor Suits, covei?d In hroeetsl; mahogany do., covered in haircloth, vizTete-a-Tetes, Arm, Se,vkig and Parlor Chairs; marble top Centre Tallies, Bookcases, Oil Pn In tings, Brussels and Ingrain Carols, Oilcloths, Extension Dining Tables, lluMets, Dressing Bureaus, Washstaiids, Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, Lounges, Oillce Furniture, Ac. ML. PHII-Lirs, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL THIS . day, nt 12 o'clock, at the New York Bazaar, 27 New Bowery, a number of Horses, 1 heavy Cart, 1 Pony Wagon and Harness, new and scoond hand light Wagous, Express do., Rockaways, Harness, i.c. MORTGAGE SALE.?DRUO 8TORE AND FIXTURES.? A. il. CRISTALAR, Auctioneer, will sell, un Monday 2J.1 inst., nt 10 o'clock, at No. 331 Ten til struct, the entire well selected stock of Drugs and Medicines, Sohj*, Brushes, Toilet Articles and Fancy Goods, Glass and Chl.m Jars, Bottles, S. al'ca and Weights, Show Cases, C mntcr?, Shelving and a variety of articls* too nunierous to mention. By order of LORENZO OBERLE, Attorney for Mortgagee. MORTOAGE SALE.?WEST A WATTS WILL SELL litis day, at It o'clock, at !H Fulton street, the contents of a confectionery establishment, consisting of Machines, Cutters, Copper C ms, Scales, Ac. CHARLES F. WAITS, Attorney for Mortgagee. St J. BOGART, AUCTIONEERS?TniS DAY, AT I0X . o'clock, at tho auction rooms No. 1 North William street, M'iricic Sale of Household Furniture, consisting of mahogany Sifts, Chairs, Rockers, Card Tables, Ettsy Ch:ut?, lirussol Carpets, Cottage Suit, Bedsteads, Feather Bods and Bedding, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Waahstands, Tables, Chairs, Kltehcn Furniture. Also one mahogany Biilard Table. Also one hay Mat*:, about lf!$ hands high; large Wagon and Harness, one Business Wagon. Ae. JOHN R. FARRINOTON, Attorney for Mortgagee. SHERIFF'S SALE.?WALL PAPER, FANCY GOODS, Ac.?CRAMBBR8 A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneers, will sell, at their salesroom, 113 Nassau street, on Saturday, Sept 21, at 10 o'cloi k, a large stock of Wall Paper, assorted gr idea and styles; Oilcloth, Table and Stand Covers, Window Shades, Straw Boards, together with a quantity of PorMwaomBales, itetlcuies, toys, enow vases, jc. nuuo u.un, ou>uu. SHERIFF'S SALE?HARDWARE. Q CHAMBERS * FAIRCHILD, AUCTIONEERS, will Mil, at their salesroom. 11S Nassau flrwt, on Saturday, Sepu-mbt-r 21. at 10 o'olbck, a large assortment of Slstts, Tacks, Butts. Hinges, Ac., Ac. JOHN KELLY, SherltrT SHERIFF'S SALE.?GROCERIES, HOUSE, AO. CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneer*, Salesroom US Nassau strunt, Will sell on Monday, 8ept. 3S. at U o'clock, at No. 8 Third avenue, a large and Kfneral misortcient of One Groceries, consisting of the usual variety of first class retail store. Also one Hone, Wagon, Harness. JOQtf KELLY, Sheriff. WILLIAM ABBOTT, ADCTtOKBBR.?MC8^ BB 80LD tocioee the business: Carpels, Oilcloths, Rum, Mats, Window Shades, Ae. The entire stock contained in the large carpet store, 11 Bowsry, will be sold at auction, odTueaday, Sept. 24. This Is a rare chance, as tlie stock Is rery large, ooaaisting of Carpets of various qualities, from the Onest English Velvet to a common Ingrain Carpet. All In want of carpets would do well to attend this sala The sale will commence at 10X oNAock. Also a Hone, Wafoa and Harness will be sold at IS o'clock. ~ WATCHES Ain^JKWwLRY. UtHT AM I SELLING GOLD AND MLVER WATCHES IT SOciu-aBf Becnusocash Is scarce and I ain obliged to sell. Silver Watches $6; Gold Wat eke? $10, $1A. $25 and M?>; orilinary prices $30, $3&, $40 and $UU Old gold and silver bought or tskeo In exchange Watclies cleaned and repaired for $1. Gluisvs P.Ucd for U cents. L. JACOBS, 43 Cedar ?treet, ?- ? ?= -? ' f, , ), ,.L. . FIWAirciAI.. ^TLANTIC SAViNOB^BAgKj^OHATHAM^SQUARE Receives Deposits from 25 ct-als to $5,000. SIX PKH CENT INTEREST ALLOWED. Intcfost will commence October I. M. D. VAN PELT, President Jo??rn P. Coormn, Secretory. C11IEMICAL BANJC-RWr YORK. SEPT. 19, UBL-THB . . J President and Director! of this bank have this day d? clared a quarterly dividend of six (6) per cent, payable to th? ttockbolaeri on und after Tuesday, the first day uf Octoboi next. By order of the Board. Q. 0. WILLIAMS, Cashier. Dividend notice.?the board of director} of the Bull's Head Bank have declared a semt-anntia? dividend of four (1) |>er cent, payable to the stockholders o? and after tho flint day of Ootober next The transfer booki will be closed until October 1. New Yokk, Sept. 21, 1861. R. WILLIAMSON, Pres. JOHN B. MURRAY. BANKER, 39 NASSAU STREET, New York. Securities negotiated and|udvanced upon. Treasury notes of all Issues bought and sold. Gas Light Stocks for Bale. NOTICE.-HOMESTEAD INSURANCE COMPANY.-A meeting of tho stockholder* will be held, at their oiDce, 11 Beekmau street, on Wednesday, the 25th Inst, at 3 P. M AU Interested are requested to attend. - PHILO hurd, Receiver. maiRD AVENUE SAVINOS BANK-CORNER OF THIRD j. avKuuu aim iwomy-ium street?*jnanoreu icx>*.?Oil per cent interest aHowedon all deposits, from one dollar tc one thousand dollars. Deposits will draw Interest Xrom October 1. Bank open dally from ten to three o'clock. Also on the evening* of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, from tx to eight. ' SPENCER K. (4KEEN, President. 8. 8. Guilds, Secretary. TTNITED STATES LOAN.U 7 HO TREASURY NOTES. OFFICE OP KETCIIUM, SON A CO.. NO. 40 EXCHANGE PLACE. Nsw You, September JO, 1*61. Pursuant to Instructions from the Secretary ol tbe Tro* sury, a book will be opened on the 21st day of September at the ollloe of KETCUUM, SON ? CO., No. 40 Exchange place, (m subscriptions, under my Buperintendence, for Treasury Nolo* to be iasued under the Act of Congress of July 17,I8M. These Nbtes wilt be Issued In curat of $90, 9100, $300, $1,000 and $9,000 each, dated 19th August, 1861, payable three yaart after date, to the order of tbe subscriber or as directed, and bearing Interest at tho rate of seven and three-tenths percent per annum, payable semi-annually ; such Interest being at the rate ?of TWO CENTS PER DAY ON EVERY HUN DEED DOLLARS. For the convenience of tbe bolder each Note will have Coupons attached expressing the several amounts of semiannual interest, which coupons may be tie taehed and presented for payment separately from the Notes. Subscriptions for such TreRsury notes will be received during HI teen days from the day ot opening the book as aforesaid, No subscription fur less than fifty dollars nor for any framlon of thrft sum can Iks received. Subscriptions of fifty dollars or one hundred dollars must be paid In lawful coin of tbe United States at tbe time of subscribing. Subscriptions of mores than one hundred dollars may be paid atouce;or if preferred, one-tenth at the time of subscribing, and onethird of the whole amount ou every twentieth day (hereafter until tho wilolo shall be imlrt. No payment of less than fifty dollars can be accepted, th.n being the smallest sura for which Treasury notes can be Issued. Certificates granted in duplicate to subscribers for the amounts so paid, the original of which the subscriber wilt transmit by mail to tho Secretary of tho Treasury, when Treasury notes, as aforesaid, will be Usued thereon to such subscriber or his order, carrying Interest ss expressed In such certificate ; but In cases where only a part ot the amount subscribed is paid at the time of subscribing, Treasury notes will be issued only for the payments mods subsequently to the first, which will remain until the whole amount subscribed by such person shall be paid, whan Treasury notes will be issued for such lirst payment also. On payment of each deferred Instalment, the subscriber will pay, in addition thereto, a sum equal to the Interest accrued thereon from the 19th of August to the date of payment, and on final payment like Interest on the amount paid on subscription, which payments of Interest will be reimbursed to the subscriber In the payment of the lirst coupon. The Treasury notes Issued upon such certificates by the Treasury will be sent to the subscribers by mall, or sueh other mode as may be Indicated by them, when they transmit their .. t ....... (A Tin. .0,.,ll..uta Aui-MKrulA, mav I.* r>... Ulued by them tor their own security. MORRIS KETCH ITU. No. 40 Ezohanuk 1'L.ICI, ( N?w Your, September 20,18C1. t To facilitate the object* for which the above agency has been established, we will receive from subscribe! s certified checks upon the basks of this city, and current bank note* our.- j selves furnishing coin to the required amount. Wc will also. If desired, forward the certificates of deposit " to Washington, obtain the Treasury notes and forward tuem to any given address. No charge will be made for the above service*. _ KETCUUM, SONACO. ?o kafi ?wanted, on bond and first mortgaje, for two or three years, on river property (a country seat) worth four times the amount, twenty miles up the Hudson, for which a premium of $300 and seven per C'*nt will bo given. None but principals need apply. Address A. W. 1*., station D l'ost olllce. <*n AAA WANTED?ON GOOD IMPROVED PRO*J>O.UUU perty, in ? Now York.?Those having this amount will lind a good clun^ U> put it out; the property 1? worth four times the amount.' No brokers need apply. Address R. White, box 2t> Herald ogtfr, $10,000, SSffi KB OSJSR K E8& *2,000, $1,200, and three sums of $1,000 each, to loan on real estate in this city or Brooklyn, at the lowest rate of Interest. Apply to A. SERGEANT, IS Wall street. LOAM OFFICKB. Advances made on diamonds, watches, jewelry and other valuables, or bought for cash a* full value, by J. S. COHEN, SOS Broadway, corner of Duane street. Parties visited at their residences if deal red. All business strictly cunildentlal. At 77 bleecker street?monet advanced oh diamond watches aud jcv.elry, silverware, dry goods. stwars; pianos, pawn tickets bought. H. NEWTON, 7? Bleecker street, up stairs. a t amASSAlTsTREET?A HON1GMAN, diamond A broker, makes liberal udvunces on Diamonds, Watches, Jeweisy, Ac., or buys thetn at full value at bis privateoffloe, W Masaa* street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business oonttdeatiaL T 79 NASSAU STREET.?A. R. THOWTHOtf ADvanms on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Besarx. and all kinds of Property, or buvs out. AMOS R. THOMPSON. Auctioneer. Sales attended to In all parts of the city aad Brooklyn. Room No. 3, second H0K tlQ QQQ TO ADVANCE, in sums to suit, OM vlw.vvv Diamonds, Watches,Silver Ware and tine Jewelry, or bought fir cash and the best nrices given. Business strictly oouCdsntial. Apply at Its old established Jewelry stores of L. JACOBS, 43 Collar street. Branch 407 Broadway. *" ~ ~ BILUABDS). _ " Phelam's patent improved billiard TABLE* and combination cushions. Prices reduce!1 to suit the times. I'll ELAN X OOLLENDER, $7 Crosbv street. 1 on fulton street will be opened in a llard Tablet., )>v a 'new proprietor, who fnSSb to do "right by the public. Billiards 13 cents a game; ale S cent* and sandwich 3 cents. PHOPO S AlJ&i PROPOSALS FOK UEVENUE VESSKI^a TKEASUBT DBPAKTJTKIfT, ( WjtSBiKOToir. Sept. 8, 18*11. I The department will receive proposals, accompanied by model*, plans ar.d specifications, until 19 o'clock, Mondav. 10th September, 184>1, lor tbe complete construction and equipment nf two steam screw revenue vessel* ?>f 790 Inns earih, and of three ateam screw revenue vessel* of 6t)0 fcms each, United States measurement. Proposal* will only he considered from successful steamship builder* actually engaged lu that business, and the name of the marine steam engine establishment at which the steam machinery ia to be made inust be sLated, and will hare due weight. The toad draft of /rater of the vessels of 730 ton* muit not exceed ten (10) feet, aud they will be armed with one rifled pivot gun of 8,000 Hi*, weight, two 32-pounder guns of 42 r.wt., and one heavy navy 24-pounder howitzer on the trtp-?allant forecastle. The complement for each vessel to be 120 person*, carrying provision* ror sixty days, and 2,800 gallons of water In tahks; to bo furnished with a condenser for distilling potable water. Tbe vessels to be schooner rigged, with flying galT topsails, square sail, and yard to set flying. The load draft of water of the vessels of (00 ton* must not exceed 8)? l'eet, and they will lie armed, each, with one rifled v pi vet gaii of 8,600 lbs. weight, two 32-pounder* of 42 cwL, and one light navy 24-pouuder howitzer on the top-gallant forecastle. ' The complement for each vessel will be ninety-!!vn pep. sons, carrying pmvtslons for sixty day* and 2,000 gallons at water, in tanks, and to be furnished with a oondenserfor distilling potable water. The vessels to be schooner rigged, with flying gaff topsail* square sail and yard to aet living. The prop* sal mint be for the null, spars, rigging, sails an.I canvass work, mubt coots, awnings, hammocks and bagL boats, anchors and cables, tanks, cask*, binnacle*, bells, fun nluim fur cabin* and niessrooms, cooking apparatus anil utensils complete. *team machinery, spare work, coal bun* kers, filled with Buck Mountain coal, with all the equipment! and outtits of every kind, aud In all respects ready to receive her officers, men. orovisions and armament,-and at onoe pro* ceed to sea. The armaments, provisions, nautical Instrument* ant charts only will be provided by the government IUs desirable to have the highest attainable speed, which must be stated in the offer, together with the length of tlm? . it ran be. maintained and the quantity of coal that can b( carried la the bunkers for that speed, which should not b* leas than for tert days of twenty-four hours each. The apcciUcatlona must describe fully the material to b# used; themanuorand size of fastening; tbe detail of thi *>ze, finish Bnd arrangement of the maehinerv. and of th? various equipments and outfits Included In toe uroDosal. The plans must be working drawings, from which the ve*> sel and machinery can be built, s&owlng the allotment ej room*. iltatKiailioD of coal, and convenient stowage must b? provided. It is to be understood that in the contrapt guarantee wil be Inserted of the fulflhnent of the condition of draft of wa> tor, si?*ii, fuel, nutislkctory working of the machinery, an4 othi r points required, with a forfeiture in oaae of failure. The bidders mnst state the least time from the signing th? contract or aoeeptance of th* proposal within which the* will agree to complete the vessels ready for sea and deliver them at any port* they may name. The total amount for which they will engage to do all that is required in the foregoing advertisement, and to be embraced in their speciticalloni. and plans, must be stated. and the bids mast be accompanied by the gun ran tee required by law that, if awarded, they will execute the contract. Paymens will be sonde at four different Intervals a* Hi* , | work progress's, retaining one-fifth of the whole amount for ninety (90) days after the delivery of the vessel^ to,repair any defects that may be discovered within that time oil trial at sea. The Department reserves the right to tfcenroposela made in conformity with the conditions may consider nv>si to the interests of the government, and. to combine the gisatiet number of advantage*.and to Deject any or all of tike in at iu option. A competent nersoowln be appointed bf tile Department to superintend the oeoatruction and equlpasent-of each, of th* The specifications, plan* and models o# parties, net obtain, ing contracts may be withdrawn by th?a. ? g. P. CHA8B, Secr&ntry of the-tteasary. Proposals for fresh beef by the under.. signed.?Sealed proposals will be received at Fort Schayler for n contract to fnralsh fresh Beef in st.nh qukntlties and at saeh times ut auty be required for treopa at that poet until the ?Kh of J ane, 1961 The proposals will specify the prion per pound for which fresh beef of good and wholrsosas qualtiy will be tarnished, in Quarters, an eanal proportion M?ach; necks and shanks to be excluded. Tha csntrwt will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, who must be prepared In give bonds, with approved, fortbeTsUkfulperfomanfleof the same. The bids will be handed la on or bfetxe 24th Inst., endorsed, "Proposals for Fresh Bonf," and will be opened sad the contract awarded l>y the Commissary of Subsistence, United States Army, si New York. THOa BALDWIN, Act. Asst. Oommts'y Bub's, V. 8. Army, Set* 20, Iflffl. FortSchny t, X. y. r CONTRACTORS.-PROPOSALS WANTED FOR THE construction of a trout pond, about live acres In area, on t'.iSso ith s'.de of Long Island. For further particulars a*. I piy w Mr. A. DUXd??i P?uaw?lut^?. ' t