Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1861 Page 6
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6 Sl 1TATIOH9 WAXTED-FEMAtSS. AVW'Vii i-.a.NCII LADV W1611EH Ol'T BY tiu' ?. < iiinnthhi r iv?ta fuulllis is m-amstn-ii; <U> t'Hit t umiak ? m i-htiic. Apply fcir ou? week at 3.M..I a-.'., near at , urat Moor. AS I'KAaXl.Ilh) MAID. ?SITUATION WANTED BV .?re?|? cui'ih- Sn^lith person: in eoinpeUut, an 1 1'"" illy roit-reuee. fill ai HIS West 2Stli at., between 9th ? ami UHli a. a. Ring bell No. S. t RESPECTABLE UIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS iV k, w.-?i! *r .iud ironer, In a private fuuill.v; UaaHvod for eight years lu her last pluoe. Uood elty n fereuee given. Onn tie '-in for two days >t 2ii<J East l'Jtli St., las twee u 1st ami 2d avea. AKKSl'fcCTABIJS YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WHO li.i* Ui?i her ixvby, with * a Munition as wet nurse; beat tlly reference. cttu found at 11 Washington sL ARRSPBCTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG OIKL wishea ii procure a altnail in as clmml ermaid and uanistresa or seamstress and to take care t?f children :is particularly f?*a ,n', hlidieu. Call at her lust j> *.e, 173 East 36th St., near 2d nv. A NEAT AND TIDY WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION In a private family as Intant'a nurae; take full charge of a baby; would assist with ehamberwork If required. reiu'i:.* ( all al liiSlst ?L, between 7th aud Bilf av?., fu the baSeUieUt. An american (ilul wishes a parmanent situition tu city, iu a small family, as clmm x-i maid and waitress, or will do sewiug. Apply for two days st 366?tli av., top floor. A situation wan ted-by a respectable, healthy young woman, 17 yean of age, us wet nurse, t'au be seen (or three days ut the corner ot Heuiy at and 3d place (Mr. Luqui er's gule house), Brooklyn. A PROTESTANT UIRL WANTS a SITUATION AS chambermaid and seamstress, or to do general IwilKwork and plain cooking; can cut anil wake sliirl* Call at 82 Monroe ?t., near P'.ke. A SITUATION IS DESIRED FOR A IIIflHLY REB(H'Ltable young as chambermaid or as chambermaid and waitress. Beat of recommendations an to caLability will be given by her present employer*', where she as lived fur more than live jear*. Call at 9i East 17th at, AIIESPECTABLK YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU Alion to d I lii'ht i hamberwork and waiting, or to tnke rare i f chUdr< n and sew; ia Milling to make heiself generally tiMpful. Best city reference from last place. Apply ut IU Jthav , between ijili and 20th sta. A middle aged woman, who undkrstands cooking aud all kinds ol family baking, also milk and butter, and is a brst rate laundress, wishes a situation; will so to any part of the country at f?; city family $7 p T month. Cau .ie seen lor two days at GOV Broadway, corner of Houston up stall s. Akespectablb young lady wishes a situatlon as cook, washer c.nd lroner, or to do chamberwork: no objection to ii private boarding house. Gooil refei ence if -equired. Apply for two days at 97 7th av , ooroar of 17th st. Situation wanted?by a neat, tidy young girl, to do general housework; has good references from her mst place, where she cun be seen ull suited. Inquire at No. 2 South 9th st., Williamsburg. SITUATION WANTED-IN A MUST CLASS FAMILY, O bv a respectable girl, as seamstress; no objection to list-lst u chamberwork. (.all at 127 Eldridge St., ucur Drlaucty, eeond ltoor, for three days. WET NURSE.-A YOUNG HEALTHY WOMAN, WITH TV a good breast of milk, wishes a situation as wet uurse. Call at the shoe store, Atlantic St., one door below Vandcrbilt av , Brooklyn. * WET NURSE-A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN, WHOSE baby died during birth a few days since, would take >ue to nurse at her own house; good references given. Call it 113 East 16th st., second lioor, back room. U., . ?si IV'liiu JQAAniDU UALII, ttlll'Mhusband lias met with reverses, having rei ently lost l? r child, would accept a situation la the above capacity. Any Itrsl class family requiring the services of a competent and voikI dl?i>oslitoned person, will iiuJ the advertiser au exception to the class. Good references. Addresa Kendall, Chut- . ham square Post oilieo. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, who has lost her own, a baby to wet nurse at her own residence; the best of reference given. Call at the corner of 111!> street and South 2d., over the drug store, Williamsburg. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WOmun, to cook, \viu<h an 1 Iron, or to do general housework in a small family. Coil at 123 Willow St., Brooklyn, for two days, between the hours of 9 and 12. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, as seamstress; understands cutting and lilting, uud Darting It r, C)aired. Apply at M Madison st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENtiLISH WIDOW, thirty years of age, a situation as hous keeper or lady's maid, or nurse, where there is one child; understands culling and nuking children's dresses; no nbjectioii to travel; die hetlol references can be had. Address S. II., Post ollice, Albany. "IITANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA11 lion as seamstress; can cut and make holy's and cMlilren's dri s?es n;id do all kinds of family sewing; would do li^ht chamberwork or take care of a child; would go to California with a family; good city reference. Can be seen for iwo days at No. 6 loth St., between 5th and 6th aves. WANTED?A BABY TO WET NURSE, BY A RESPECT, atle married woman, who lost brr baby two davs old l'hc best of reference given. Call at 1)2 tfth at., near id av., South Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION A3 WET Nl'RSE, BY A respe. table, healthy woman who has lost her baby, fall at 57 West 15th st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A NICE, TIDY GIRL, 11 as pi tin cook and launares?; 1* willing and obliging; iins 110 objection to do general housework; has two ) ears' referenee from her last place. Call at ikW 7lh av., between Mlh and 35th sis. ' VirANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE BY A 1!E11 spei Utblc married woman, with a good breast of milk. L'an be seen at her present employe) s's, 24 West 3&I st. W AN TED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 11 girl, to do general housework In a small family, or to sook, wash and Iron in a small family; has ge.xl referenee ;rom her List place, where she lived tlx years. Apply at t>J East 32d st. RtiLP WA VTED?MALE.t. AGENTS WANTED?TO SELL MANSFIELD'S LIKE of Lieut. Gen. H,x>tt. Theonlyfnll and authentic edition; Wt) pages. Portrait, map? and illustrations. Price $1, by mini, post paid. A liberal discount to agents. Bend for tlrcuiar. N. C. MILLER, 29 Park r.iw. N. V. Agents wanted-male and female, to sell the Union Prl/.e Gift Package, which eont das 75 valuable recipes, Union envelopes, an 1 stationery in colors, u ipleurtid llkeners (6x10) of Gen. Geo. B. McClellnn, the Nanotenn nf th.? nr.iwnnt wnr .mH n ..Iff t\f I,, , Agents are now making from $r> to ?10 per day. Sand stamp 'or our mammoth circular. _______ RICKARD3 A CO., 102 Nassau strict. A TRAINER.?A THOROUGH HORSEMAN. ACCU8tomed to tlii' breaking and handling of trotting humi's, to be employed In a confidential capacity over some young tork. Address, v iih references aud qualifications, liox 146 New York Post ofUce. Boy wanted-one that can come well recoiumended and Is a good penman. Salary $100 per anHum. Address N. P. S., Herald office. Drug clerk wanted immediately.-apply at 72 West street. Drug cler.K.?wanted, a Young man tho. roughly competent to attend a retail drug store. Apply Vo Win. M. Giles, 159 tith arc., corucr 13tli st. CMIOD BUSINESS MEN WANTED?TO SELL MART CEIXU rf' Chemical Renovator, for restoring velvets, tilk*. woollens, kid gloves, Ac., an I removing grease stains. *c. To active, encrgctic men, great Inducements are offered. Apply at 229 Broadway, room No. 10 from 7 to 10 A. M. I WANT FIVE GOOD ENERGETIC CANVASSERS, FOR the city of New York, to Introduce an article ol great utility and demand; good canvassers can clear $100 per moi.tb. Call at 417 Broome street, two doors west of Broadway, second floor, for a few days. H. R. STURliES. ONE AOENT WANTED IX EACH COUNTY FOR A patent match sale for vest pocket; (latent indellible pencil to mark clothing, patent workholder; coffee strainer; Egvpla cement, Satisfaction given or money returned. Send stamp. RICE A CO., S3 Nassau street. TIT"ANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO TAKE CHARGE IN A II dining saloon. One who <s honest, and has good refer tnre, may apply at 820 Broadway, between 10 and 11 o'clock ljlranted?an active, intelligent lad to at TT tend to an ofll, e business; must write a good hand and be somewhat familiar with mercantile a (fairs. Apply at room No 229 Broadway, to Davison A Dickinson. WANTED?HI.\ MEN FOR STEAMERS, TWO CLERKS two conductors, two brakesmen clerk forn steamer three porters, two boys lor trades, two eipress drivers, four girls to travel, one honsekeeper, one seamstress, lour chambermaids. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. Wanted?an active business man to sell matcr.alsln the steel skirt line. T one well pj?u-d in the trade a fair opportunity will be given. Apply at the ft??tory, South Seventh st.. near Jersey av , Jersey city. 1vanted-a MAN who understands OPENING ?T and looking oysters; nuwi win- well reeuiani ode*!. Apply at 3U8 8th ar., alter eight o'clock A. M. UfANTED-A MAN, TO ASSIST AS PORTER, AO, IN the produce business. On< to irad? only will ?pply after 10 A. M. at 180 Washington st. TITANTEIJ?A CLERK, ANY YOUSO MAN WILIJKO 11 to Invest $300 to $600 ill a merWiandiae business down town, and not afraid to |*aek goods and make himself genelally useful, niax lu-ar o( a good sttHatlou If addressing Wholesale, box 205 Herald oflloc. \irANTED-A VOIN0 MAN WHO Iltf SOMkTTvT'F 11 ledge of the coufecUonerv business, ,vid be willing t make himself useful; or one who wishes io li-arii the t.u? ness; If Uenuan, he must speak and uMderrtanJ Eagtial Apply to J. Plnsent, 570 BOwery. *lr\Nil ! - i YOt SO MAN PROM 14 TO ? YKAK.TT of age, to attend a rest* iratM, ?pen oyrtectf and inaklilius'll generally iim 1 ui, to go to Piu?Uiri.. I. I.. g,>?l references reoiilred. Apply to Wnllaiu tf?nlfcr, at-Joues dinlug saloon, Fulton .Market, Fulton at. TtXTANTEO?A YOCNO MAN* TO~W<K!K IN A PHOTO 11 graph cillery; vaa who understands pi .uung. Ainlv to E Hi ' 1ZJ Bowery W ANTED-A tocxo MAS, IN AN OYSTER 11 saloon, one who thoroughly understands the i n?i uei-e. Apply before 12 oYluek si tS! Broom-- m , eome of Wooster. TT-ANTED-A MAN IN THE PORK BfSlNE-o (INE TT who anderttunds tl.c preparation of in m d I department*. None othsrs need apply to F. A. Hng<* us Myrtle av., Brooklyn, this d-iy, be i wean I aud 3. or on Monday morning. (Jill A MONTH ANU ALL KXPKSSES l AIl> ?1/ sy'x" oal and travelling Aaent* wanted tiimughont the Lnted Stale* and t'anu.las. For particulars rail -morad<lre?s, enclosing stamp, C. M. Brown & 0 7* Bl?*<? k.-r atreet,-v rrter < l Broadway, New York 01 A|\ PER MONTH.-AtiBNTS POSITIVELY MAKE viov tt selling Djdln's Patent II :in Poldei u ; l'i. , t>.tuge, idar'ed for machine or ham! aewti.g, and oiV-r sr ti l< ? t ready sale. Call on or address (em-losing ?t t , .loaepb Dodln, 21 Dunne at. Q1 "v(l ' KH MOUTH MADE r.\ ENTER PI V A<JV/ agents ?< lllng Downer's Hemnvr nnd Shi- hi for liatitl sewing. Protects the linger and ui?ke? a beautiful m. Sample sent on receipt ot 25 Address A 11. .UvHUier, 1U Broadway. NEW SITUATIONS WASTED?III \I<ES. AN Kai'I- SCED SALKS.MAN IN THE KL'tt BI'Mu.iks III doniroiu of obtaining n HltiuitUiii in lliut Ulu; bo is i.'i.'nii.^lil) i- iiivri hi all Ilk detail*, uiiil can give Itio nii'-i uiH .xc'pUoiiable ret'eruuce* AUUicm It. M., box 1S1 Herald olllce. \ YOl'NU MARRIHD OENTLEMAN, PERFECTLY V familiar wlili the EnglU!) and German language#, do ? ?" *1* nil/ rvrjn-i .jimi ui.micaa, 10 iTrillHljr competent to act Ub cenerol agent, salesman or bookkeeper; baa n largo mercantile acquaintance In Now Kngluud; desires only a reasonable compensation. Keferencea given. Address Export, Herald office. a situation wanted?in some wholesale J.V houi-e, bv a boy who ban just graduated from school, and has studied French nod Gorman a Utile; ?alary no object no that he pets In a first clans bouse. Addros C. t. O., box 213 Herald < Hire. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, twenty-one year* of age, an clerk In a wholesale or retail groci'ry (tore: boat city reference given. Call at or uddreaa 232 Elizabeth at. AYOUNI1 MAN, THOROUGHLY ACQUAINTED WITH the driiB business and the manufacture of pharuiaceutic, photographic and other fine chemical*, wlahea an engagement. Unexceptionable reference*. Address J. S., Philadelphia Pott ofllcc, for one week. Drug store.?wanted, by a gentleman, kully compoteut, having bad fourteen year*' experience, a situation aa assistant In a drug store, either as dispenser or fencral clcrk. Addreaa B. B. Berlin A Ben, 57 South Wiliain st. Situation wanted?as light porter, by a genteel young man (colored). Can furuiab unexceptionable referenced an to honeUy and general business qualitiestloni. Can drive or do any other ordinary buaiucaa. Addreaa II ronton, Herald ofllce, for three days. TO WHOLESALE DRY GOODS HOUSES?A MAN wbo has a very large near by acquaintance that he can Influence, 1* desirous of obtaining a situation aa salesman, either on a percentage or salary. Can give satisfactory references. Addreaa E. H., boi 199 Herald office. WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AOED MARRIED MAN. A situation aa waiter In a gentleman'* family; he thoroughly understands his business; has lived In his last place more than eight years. Can give good reference. Call at 180 East 17th at., near 1st av. WANTED?A SITUATION AS BARTENDER OR Superintendent in a llrst class hotel or saloon, (city or country) ; unexceptionable references given. Address Business, Herald olllce, for one week. WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, AGED TWENTy-FIVE having a connection, a situation an coat cutter in a tint clues merchant tailoring establishment, or would not object to Bell or make himself generally useful. Address A. B. C. IHerald oQlce, for three days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young man, as thorough coachman and groom, with good reference. Apply to my last employer, Joseph Algaie, 2S6 Broadway. HELP WANTED?FEMALES. A STEADY GIRL, ABOUT FOURTEEN YEARS OF ;we, wanted, to take cure of child. Apply this day, between the hours of 9 and 12, at 137 East 39th M. Abundance of good servants ready at the largest Institute, 138 11th ?t., corner of tith av.; neat, ua|>uble, civil woman, German, Engl is a, Irish, and Scotch; moderate wages to suit the time*, for city or country. Mrs Floyd in attendance. AT THE LARGE SERVANTS1 INSTITUTE, CORNER of 11th at. and 6th av.?For Gerraau, English, Irish and 1 ScoU h women, capable and civil; wages moderate; good iila vk always ready. Orders by mall promptly attended to. Mrs. Floyd in attendtMiee. A GIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS GENERAL HOUSE- 1 work, and can come well recommended, is wanted by a small family, at a24 Navy St., Brooklyn. COLORED WOJtEN WANTED ?TWO RESPECTABLE colored woumu, with good references; one as cook and tho f.rtier a* chambermaid aud waitress. Apply at No. 6 i East 44th st Hotel housekeeper wanted-an elderly person, and one who has had large ex |>crlenci:: none need reply unless they have had the sole charge of the domestic department of a large hotel; wages moderate. The best of city reference required. Address Hotel, box 200 Herald olBce. T|TANTED?AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL, TO TT do general bouse work In a small family; city reference requited. Apply in Portland avenue, third bouse froin Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, between the hoars of 9 and 12. WANTED.?A WIDOWER, RESIDING IN CHICAGO, desires to find a lady, not over 35, to take the management of his domestic aflalrs; she must be lively, capable of presiding at (able, aud well versed in home duties. Address, with stamp for reply, Chicago, Herald office. \\J AN TED-IN PRIVATE FAMILY. A GOOD PLAIN T T cook, willing to assist in the washing and not afraid of work. Apply between 9 and 1 o'clock, at 115 4th st, between <] 10th and Charles st*. ? } < WANTED-A YOUNG AND TIIY OIRL, TO DO T1IE housework of a small family; must bo a good plain cook and lust rate washt r and ironer; good city referenee required. Apply at 96 West 27th St., basement door, from 9 t A.M. to 2 P.M. | j TIT ANTED?A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIMT i mer, with good cily references. Call at No. 4 Carroll ptooe, Biceckerst. , WANTED?TWENTY GIRLS TO PACK TOBACCO J also, thirty girU to strip tobacco. Apply ut ZU7 an J i-j | Water St. WANTED?A WOMAN TO GO IN THE COUNTRY, ON i a farm In New Jersey; must understand milking; a good home for the winter. Address B. B., box 236 Herald ofllce, for two days. WANTED-A WOMAN WHO IS A FIRST RATE > washer and ironer and good plain cook. None others need call. Apply at 20U West l ji h st. 1 WANTED-TWO USEFUL GIRLS; ONE TO DO CHAM- J beruork, the other to know something of cooking; both c must--understand washing and ironing, and ronie well re- s commended. Apply at tlic Albiou Hotel, corner of Chambers st. and new Bowery. "IVANTED_A RESPECTABLE GIRL FOR GENERAL ( IT housework; must be a good plain cook, wash and < iron well, nnd come well recommended. Apply at 117 Con- s grees st., Brook!) n, between 10 aud 12 A. M. , WANTED?A FEW YOUNG WOMEN, WHO UNDERTT stand gold nnd silver embroidery; noothers need a,>- t pl.V at 121 Varli-k st. f \\7 ANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN, IN AN OYSTER " Tt saloon; one who understands the business and willing J to make hfisell generally useful. Apply r.t 4S2 Broome st., corner or WoosWr. TITANTED?A LADY'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS; ONE TT who can speak SpanUh and Eugltsh nnd understands J lMlldwrt?| Call at the Everett House, toom 100. ( WANTED?A GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND Iron; none need apply but those who thoroughly tinderstand their busiucss. Apply at 246 West 23d St., lrom 8 to t ?A. M. >? J 1 WANTED?A GOOD COOK FOR A PRIVATE FAMILY; TT wnges not over $6. Also a girl to dochamkerwork nnd 1 assist iu washing; wages t4 SO. Must come well recommend ed. A goad situation for good girls. Apply at 35 Greene av., three doors above Adclphl St., Brooklyn. , ] THE TRAPES. ^ CAV MAKERS WANTED.?GIRLS WHO CAN FINISH 1 line work can have constant employment f>.t Scarlett's, ' 117 Broadway. FRENCH ADVEimS^IIENTS. _ A VIS AUX FERSONNES REYENANT DE LA CAM Jx. pague.?Le? ijersonnes qui voudraient ?a procurer lmmcdiateincnt de bonnes doinestlqin'S Franchises, Allemandex i on AnglalaM, Catholl<ines ou Protestnntes, soul invitees a ( passer a Page tire Fraucalae de M. C. GAILLARD, 61 Slxlemc iveuue, ou 1'on trouve toujour* des cuisinieres, femmes de chainbre, bonnes d'enfants, Instltutiices, gouvernantes, 4c., et ilea Uomostlqucs moles, a del prix en rapport avec leg clrcor.stauces. ; COPARTSEK8HIP NOTICES. I GENTLEMAN WITH $4,000 OR $5,000 CASH IS DE6I11 roui ot engaging in gome gate lucrative mercantile or manufacturing business as partner. Answers to this must < suite lull particular* or they will not be noticed. Address C. I L. J., statma C Post office, N. Y. i DISSOLUTION.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO fore existing between the subscribers under the name of Devlin, Hudson & Co., is this day dissolved by mutual con- 1 sent. Daniel Devlin is authorized to sign the name of the late firtn in liquidation. DANIKI. DEVLIN, JONATHAN OGDEN. CHARLES C. HUDSON, STEPHEN W. JESSUP, RIt-llAKD S. ROBERTSON, JOHN DEVLIN. Nrw York. September 14.1861. The business will be continued nv the undersigned under tliu nrui name of Devlin ft Co. DANIEL DEVLIN, JONATHAN OODliN, STEPHEN W. JESSUP. J IIAVE AT MY DISPOSAL PART OF A STORE AND a Show Window, on Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, . l\, and waul a party with some money to Join me in purchasing goods to sell to the army. None but principal* need apply, t ail at 77 Cedar street, room 16, between 1 and 3 0 clock. PARTNER WANTED?AN HONEST, ACTIVE Bl'Sfc nesM man, with $5t*? capital, may hear of a rare ehauoe tocmlwrk In a pleasant, honorable and very profitable business by addressing 11. W. M., Pout office, with real nam-, address und references. TO CAPITALISTS.?WANTED, A PARTY WITH A moderate cardial. to joiu In a new invention, nf mil Importance for naval nnJ military purpose*, for which ? i-iii.-ni hm juat bee* granted. For particulars addrraa in w i Mute It. F , box 676 NVw York I'oat olik-e. "1 \ "ANTED?LITHHK A? SPECIAL OR OENERAL " par tier, a gentleman who can commit ml $2S,<yjO tii SU.OUQ. Tb Imtfnemt baa l>e*n established for a number nf ycnr?; pay* well, and not avustded Mill risk. Beat of refeteiiees given and required. Addreaa H. A. C., Herald utile*. WANTED TO INVKriT.?fl.MO OR $2,0U0 WILL BE * t t lnve?tod l.y a ^uUeman la corns good, safe and pay ing hiMlnnta already established. Aitdrsas Investment, He mill offlw, with real name, particulars and relereuiws. -A M VS WANTED TO RBCE1VE THK MOXEY JpOUv. it ttw door aud .h ire equally In the best cxht bttfnn'.envwu It requires but two person*, and w 111 pay $|iju i' weekly, Profits IfciJed dally. Inquire at 632- Broadway, I third floor, room 4. (21?i nnA -ANY .max haviso this amount, i ?P J. U. V/vf V. who desires bttslnesa, can l?arn bow he i : tay ad.l to it and emptor bin lime with the financial , .tilairs or tliv concern. Addrsts bo* 1,5X4, New York Foai 1 I ofllce. | ' railhoad8. ' IIL'*DSOJ> KIVER RAILROAD-TRAINS FOR ALBANY, I 11 Trt y, lite North and West, leaf* Ci amber* s'roet at 1 hu.iH V.J tad iM, im 10-J* P. h -yEW YORK HAHLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD.? _L> Buotruer a i ra n ge. men I. ?KIpreaa train for A. 'any. Troy, i North and V-' ...uvea Tiventy-*UUi struct Stat: ,it at 11 A. M Foi t; .> > aee time table, JOHN BL'RCHILL, AssistantSuperintendent. spoMika. 4 NEWFOUNDLAND 1>00 FOR BALE?A LARGE AND iV. Ix atttilul imlmal. three years old, hlaek ctuly hair, a j true eoBipiuiIon and tirst rate dog; price fc.*> Apply i i a( IV7 Wialjinpwu street, llobokcii. , ' YORK HERALD, SATU musxcaxi. A magnificent 7 octav* rosewood pianofurlc fop mila?all the modern improv. rner.ta, overall air;: baa*, fall m 'i plate, funjfimnulmd, tm $.*<jo, win i*1 omi lor hit'ituhiii; stool and cover. inquire ul mo. 70 west tweuly-aixtli urcel, near sixth avenue. A soprano sinuuk, who has experience in choir u1?ik1">|i> witheg to make an engagement in an kplmipul or preabyterlan church in new york or brooklyn. aimtvi>ii soprano, box 2,710 n. y. pout olflce. Audy desires a situation to teach music ttiu the laii^'-agea lu a hthool or family. shu has teetlmonlal* and rclerenuea. 1'leaae address tulgmu, hemll oflicc. _ A rare chance?spendid seven octave l ull grit ml concert pianoforte for $3v), cost $900 ; beautil ul rosewood uaite, made by a celebrate i maker, in perfect order. alao haven octave roaewood pianoforte for 490. in per feet order, with all modern Improvement*. MCDONALD 4 CO., ssa Bowery. Gueatest bargain ever offered in new York, for a solid carved rowwuKl double round Piano, buck name :is front, triple mouldings, serpentine bottom, cao; double braced, overstrung baas, full Iron frame; extra wide eouud board, giving great depth and richness or tone; and finally the piano U one of the most olagantly liulshed and beautiful toned ever built in thin country; made to order for the present owner by the best makei in this city, at a coat of $f*VJ, the carving costing $200, but $260 cash, just at this time, will buy II. Teachers uud those wishing tobuy, call earlv.ut.JS8 Henry street, N. V. A stool will go with the piano. Acasn customer cannot find a greater bargain. Boxed and shipped if desired. Must be sold immediately. T IGI1TE A BRADBURYS' NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG -Ij Bans Patent Insulated Knit Frame Grand and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody say* must be true; every body says they are the best, therefore they must be the be (. MUSIC.?WANTED, AN ALTO. BASS AND TENOR Singer, for an Episcopal church choir. Address box 8,i;7 Post ofllee, giving real name ami place of last engagement, None but competent persons need apply. PIANOFORTE WANTED ?WANTED, A GOOD NEW OR second hand Pi ino orte, In exchange for boatd, in a tlrst class hotel on Br >sdwav, at very reasonable prices. Address Benjamin, Ileial.1 ofllce. REMOVAL.-noRACE waters, agent, has RE moved to 481 Broadway, between Grand and Broome streets, where he sells new seven octave Pianos for f 150, and warrunUd. Second hand l'lanosand Melodeons from $23 to 8I30. All kinds of musical merchandise at war prices. Pianos nnd Melodeons to let from 92 to *6 per month; rent allowed if purchased as per agreement; monthly payments received for the same. SIOR. ETTORE BARILI RESPECTFULLY INFORMS the public that he will begin his Singing Lessons on the 23d September next. Address Mr. L. T. Descombes, Hi) Ninth street, near Broadway, or Messrs. Luis <k Scharfcnberg, 769 Broadway. SIGNOR J. NUNO RESPECTFULLLY INFORMS HIS friends and the public that he will give Sinking and Piano lessons this winter. .Orders will be received' at Breusing's Music Store, 701 Broadway, and at 98 East Twentysecond street. WANTED?TO BUY FOR CASH, A SECOND HAND seven octave Piano, In good order, price from $90 to $100. Apply by letter, to Mrs. Napoleon, 181 Clinton street, corner Baltic, Brooklyn. INSTRUCTION. Academy of penmanship and bookkeefingNo. 0 Fourth avenue. Fall classcs commenced for day and evening instruction. New pupils received"dsilv. Prf vale Instruction given. OLIVER B. GOLDS.Nfl.TU. A lady, accustomed to teaching and tiie lion in (ome family from the 1st of October till the l.-t of Anrll. Her qualification! am the English branches only. Call at, or address M. If., 83 Bleecker street, hall door. A YOUKO GENTLEMAN WISHINO TO PROSECUTE V his studios, uinl desirous of some pecuniary aid in di i.ig so, wishes to tind some gentleman or lady of wealth to whom ie can eomniin.ioate bis views and fully explain on interview. Best references given. Please address W., box 133 llerald dllce, for one week. A FRENCH LADT, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING, wishes to And a situation in a school or a {amfly as procimor of French and Spanish. Address A. B., Union square Post office. A FRENCH LADY, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING. IV wUhea to form an cngagem-nt ns professor of piano and >1 the rretkcli language in a school or a family. Address C. 3., Union square Post office. A8 TUTOR.?WANTED, BY A FRENCHMAN, A 8ITDatlon as tutor of the French, Spanish, German innruuget and classics, or will teach a few hours each day in exhinge for board; best references given. Address E. V. J., Jniou square Post office. ITfl 60?WRITING, 20 LESSONS: BOOKKEEPING, fx $10, lessons unlimited; Writing and Arithmetic, Slu per inarter, 78 lessons each, at 62 Bowery, N. Y., and 2S.1 Fulton treet, Brooklyn. As a splendid penman and skilful teacher, 'olonel Paine has no superior.?Newport News. A SITUATION WANTED?AS FRENCH TEACHER, BY a French lady, who also understand* German, and has lie best references from the schools where she has taught. Vddress Miss LaE. L., Ilerkld office, slating terms. A YOUNG lady?TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of AGE, whose home comforts hare been int rrupted by the pi-Klein crisis, desires to contribute to hor own support; beiiig ateliigcut, amiable and rciined, she would be an agreeable ompaniou; she could superintend the charge of a family and lousehold, and give instruction in the Engll-h and French ranch"*; Is partial to children and would traved. None but tonnrnble parties nepd apply. Address for one week M. L 1., Ladies' Boot Store, 7.1 East Fourteenth stiert, New York 4 N EXPERIENCED LADY TEACHER, NATIVE OF lY France, would like a-lew more pupils for French or ierman. Address Mme. Z Z. Z., Broadway Post office, New fork. Boarding school for boys at new rochclie?One hour from the eitv, via the New Haven Ratl oad. Twenty-seventh street apd Fourth a, enue. This school ipen >d its sixteenth fall term on the 2 i I ist., and Is now in mccessful operation. R. lockwood, Principal. Bookkeeping, writing, arithmetic, day and evening, at DOLUEAK'ri Academy, 0OJ Broadway. Stulentsqualified for any business in a superior maimer." Ladles heap class SI. Stationery 60 cents. Apply this day for cheap teats. Bryant, stratton, Packard a pkxn's mercantile College, 13 and 19 Coup r Institute?Open day md evening. Special classes lu Business Penmanship from to 6 and from 7 to 9 o'clock I*. M. DISBROW'S skating gymnasium, Fifth avenue, corner oi Tnii ly-niulh street Open every evening, from S to 10 o'clock Pot ladies and gentlemen. A hand of music will enliven the scene. IdmiMlon (with privilege of skatlnj?) 25". Children (under 12 years ofng-) 13.-. French institute for young gentlemen, no. 4S East Twenty-fourth street ? Boarding and day school, classical and commercial, fourteen teichers?s.'x American, live French, two German, one Spanish. A primary department an 1 a gymnasium. See prospectus for lentils. Professoi ELIE CHAltLILR, Director. Will be re-opened on Tuesday, September 17. Madame c. mears burkiiardt, 222 and 224 Madison avenue, corner Thirty-eighth street. ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA Dili.-!, (Formerly 22 West Fifteenth street ) Will re-open, with the commencement o; the session, September 12. Jladame O. M-. B. will be ct home from the Ist of September. Circulars si Brensing's, 71)1 Broadway; l.oi kwood's, 411 Broadway, and 222 Madison avenue. Madame J. v. cauchols, English and French Boarding and Day School lor young ladles, 268 West Twenty-third street, w ill reopen on Monday, September 9. 1 i. >i.*t tiu 1 .'In,..!.,,.. ..I i< ? ...,,lla la ?,n?.I 1 ,,f Oil l'ainiingand Grecian Art on Saturday*, tamht by Mine. Cauchois. Particular attention given to the primary departme nt. N'AUTICAL ACADEMY, 181CHERRY STREET.?THOSE about to pass the Bnard of Examination lor the naval :ir revenue service, may here receive the necessary preparation In the shortest possible time. Privati rooms if desired. Captain JAS. It. BROWNLOW, Principal. NCOENTS COMMERCIAL COLLEGE AND PREMIUM Writing Rooms, over the Meehanic*' Bank, in Iron I of Use City Hall, Brooklyn. Open d ay and evening for instruction in'Penmanship, Bookkeeping. Arithmetic, Nauticul Astronomy, Navigation, Ac. CJCHOOL AND HOME EDUCATION. - PRIVATE 0 French, German, English and Spanish Classical and Commercial Boarding and Day School, with fine play groundand gymnasium, 47 and 49 West Twenty-sixth street. between Broadway and Sixth Avenue. Mr. LOUIS ERNST taki s charge of a limited number of boys. Re-opens Monday, September 16. Troy female seminary.?this institution oilers the accumulated advantages of nearly fifty years 01 successful operation. Every lacilitv is provided for a thor. ugh course of usef ul and ornamental education, under the direction of a corps of more than twenty professors and teachers. For circulars apply to JOHN H. WILLAKD, Trov, N. Y. WANTED-AN ITALIAN, WHO IS CAPABLE OF ? V teaching hi? own language ami Spanish Apply by letter, stating terms, Ac., to li. T., 112 West Twenty-first street. DANCING ACADEMIES. ADODWORTH 8 DANCING ACADEMIEet, No. 2tX'> Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sl*lh ?., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Toeadays and Fridays lu Brooklyn, Commencing October 1. CLAH8ES?Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York. Commencing October 2. In the new building on Fifth avenue recently erected for the purpoee, will I* found every requisite for such an e?Ubiishmeii'. In addition to the dancing, classes will also be formed for exercises In a uew system of Calisthenics, especially valuable t > ' and children of delicate irame. Mr. Dod worth would l>e clad to make arrangements with seminaries for le#s>n? in Dancing, Calisthenics or Military Drill. CHecuiare for toima, Ac., may be had at either academy. BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY, Ml IHtOOME STREET L*die? meet Tues-dsy* and Friday*. 3 to 8 P. M. Gentlemen. Tuesdays and Fridays, to IdWF. M. Children, Wednesdays and Saturdays. S t? 8 p. M. Private lessons at hours not occupW by clasee*. Ladles pi Imary euumea instnictetl by Mr*. Brookes. The new diuioe* are received, and wiil be produced is rapid SU'*-e?lon. All ioc ihhuiohww aancwn ui'igni in rax? oonraa ai ipwons. In eaBMeMWWtMl the ball ure reoeptlm, drwisini and practlaln* room*. for the free iv-c of OPBNlNtf SOIREE WEDNESDAY ETENWO, SEPT. S5. DANCING AND CAUSTHEXICS.-MR. AND MRS. TRE NOR reojjen Uv>lr w ell kite* 11 Rooms, 65 West Thirty lonr'.h street, on Wednesday, 'Moher 2. 90 8i>uth Eighth i.lrx-t, Brooklyn, E. 1).. ts now opim. While all the fashionable Dance* ere carefully tnynfed, deportment and ttfr phy. elfal tralnitu of their jniplfs are not overlooked. Private l?*son? anl arhonla In the <i>y or country attended to. Sec circular?. Rivers- new acadehy.?oanot-no classes are now forming hi C. H. Rivera' AaaJeoiy, Ko. SS skiver merliurn strict. Brooklyn. A new elms lor g?nUemcn la now forming, and ai*o new classes for ladies, minxes and master*. Application may N' niade n< any thne, or send for a ctroulai A* Schcrini-rhorn sireet, corner of Oourt, Brxiklyn. JIII.IT \ K V. \TETEKANS OF 1812.?YOU ARE REQUESTED Tfi mvft at the foot >>i Roosevelt mreet, nt 1 o'clock P. M. on Sunday, 2&1 inst., to attend Divine worship at the OothU Methodist feplw M il i !u n I'.. <onier Grand ami Ewen streets Williamsburg. Bj invitation of the pasljr, Rov. Mr Bottom N. B.?Ken ia*e and car fare fre< H RAYMOND, Brigadier General. AaKM U, Colonel. 1 DAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 186. MMftDntCI \\i? tOPCWO. Ah .'I ALL PKivATE FAMILY WOULD LET A HAND" T omcly furnished Httlr of Koomu, u rarlor and two Hod- -L iwim, a hiiili room adjoining, ou the tocoud floor, with W Board. The how?** link nit the modoru impru^nieuii and Im Li

plfuaautly tfltiuth d oii Murray 1IU1. Inquire ut 281 Lextiig- rei ion avrnu", third honte above Thirty-eighth atreet. Refurenowa requli'td. J A LADY HAVING TAKEN THK FIRST CLASS HOUSE nil 114 Second avenue, coruer of Seventh direct, hux a Tew sit Suits and also come single Rooms to disp'ise of. Call al ch houiM) or address box 3,'oil New York l'ost ofliee. AKKW VERY BEAUTIFUL SECOND FLOOR ROOMS, I with excellent Hoard, rimy be secured by strictly Mint go class boarders, at (M West NiueUieoth alreet, coruer of Sixth Mi avenue. ? A raw HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO I rent, In suit* or singly, with Board, for the winter; th terms reasonable; houso first class. Apply at 44 Weal Ninth gl' atreet, ueur Fifth avenue. A CHOICE OF A FEW NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, T in a first class new brown stone house, to let to gentle- X. men or small families, with or without Bo.'.rd; also, Parlor nl. Floor unfurnished A few doors west of Madison park. m< Broadway und Filth avenue stages. Apply at 17 West Twenty- go sixth street. ? A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, ? with or without Board, having all the modern improve- nil inents and every convenience, to l<*t to a gentleman and wife cli or single gentlemen; location desirable. Apply at 134 West ? Thirty-eighth street, near Broadway; stages and car* A FINE SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS, ON SECOND Cn lloor, aiso a single Room, having every convenience, to an let, with or without Board, to gentlemen or gentleman and ? wile, at No. hi West Fifteenth street, betweou Fifth and T] Sixth avenues. .E M A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE. oft neatly furnished Room, with gas and privilege of bath, to one or twoslngl- peulieiucn, with partial Board it required, T Apply at 1S4 Weal Twenty-Ursl street. L AT a WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN cai Fifth and Sixth avenues, large Rooms, handsomely fur- Hi nlshrd. In Mill* or single. Also smaller Rooms for gentle- ? men, with Hoard. The house has all the modern improve- T] menu. RMetvnoes exchanged. X] Se A N ELECANT SUIT AND OTHER IIANOSOXE ROOMS, IL with every c mvenlence, to let. with first class Board; thl private tables if preferred; house tilee and private. Apply ? at 19 I'nlveisity plane, corner of Ninth street. p AT 206 EAST TENTH STREET, CONVENIENT TO on Broadway?To let, with Hoard, a desirable Second ne Kijor, together or separately, furnished or unfurnished; also ? a very pleasant back Parlor and lame fourth story Room. J A GERMAN FAMILY, OK THE HIGHEST RESPECTAbility, will let a few pleasant Rooms, with exoellent Board, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives; the house has all modern improvements; location good, In ? Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Apply at TJ No. 1 IS 11 lay street, corner of Broadway, basement. Jj AFt'UNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET?TOGETHER po' or separately, to single gentlemen, In a private French an family. Location most de^iraBlc. Apply at 298 Fourth street, ? Washington square. J A FRONT AND BACK ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, cai to gcmlemt n and their wives, with Bedrcom It desired, re.? furnish. U or unl urnlshud. Only a few boarders taken. A cla Room for a single gentleman. Apply at 61 St. Mark's place, mc Eighth stn et. Dinner at one o'clock. A FEW GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE T] may obtaiti pleasant Rooms where there are but few u , boarders. House has all the modern improvements. Apply at SO West Eleventh street, to-morrow, at 6 o'clock. tb] AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES-NEWLY FUR- ^ nlsheii Rooms, from fl to $2 SO per week, Lodgings M from 25 to 37 cents per night, at the Frankfort House,corner ?_ of Fraufortaud William streets. Open all night. mt A FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON 8EGOND ? lloor, handHomely furnished, to let, with Board, suitable -n tor a gentleman and wife; al?o aceommodatlous for a single |i gentleman; a qul? home realized. References exchanged. m< Apply at 23Urore ktreet, between Bleecker and Hudson. H?, AT 1,133 AND 1,125 BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTT- _ lifth anil Twenty-sixth streets, near Fifth Avenue Hotel, -rj handsome suits of Rooms, with private tabic; all the modern I] conveniences. Also Rooms lor single gentlemen, with ?e. Board. Jls A SMALL FAMILY WILL LET THE SECOND FLOOR, ? furnislted, consisting of three Rooms and pantries, se- -n parately or together, with full or partial Board; bath and Ij gas. Location pleasant, 43 East Twentieth street, near evi L roadway. re, A PLEASANT, NEWLY FURNISHED SECOND STORY front Parlor, with Rooms in third story, for families or single gentlemen, in a first class private boarding house, 63 N East Twenty-eighth street, first brown stone house east of AJ Fourth avenue. References given and required. a"; . Scl A SMALL FRENCH FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDREN, ~Z would let a few nicely furnished Rooms, with or with- |< out Breakfast, to tingle gentlemen. Term* $1 SO to $3. Ap- -*-J ply at 70 Second avenue, between Fourth and Filth street*. tb? cor AT T1IK LARGE FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE NO 127 Blceekcr street, west of and near Broadway, Is a re- _ ally lirst class family Boarding House, with Rooms unsur- U pur.-w l iu size and comfort, lt> suits or single; the cheapest -U plavi In the city for the style and quality of what Is offered. l'ni del A LARUE AND PLEASANT FRONT ROOM ON THE second lion, to let, to one or two gentlemen, In a prlvile family; ni'eiy furnished; modern improvement*. Ap- H ply at No. 52 Amity street. Ko A PARLOR OX FIRST FLOOR, WITH CLOSETS, HOT b,al and cold wultir, Ac.; also Front Rooms on second ond ,tr thin! floors to let, with Board; references given and required. Call ut 21 Scvonth avenue, between Twelnh and Thirteenth TJ streets. Terns moderate. -sJ wli AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR TO ?0< let to a gentleman, with or without breakfast at any n"' hour. Location desirable, being near the New York and _ Lafiirne ii' U'Ih and liio id'.vay?320 Fourth street. TJ A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, OCCU- ii' uying a nrs: class house, very desirably situated at No. _ 20 Wi'St Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, would let a few elofjautly furnished Rooms, with excellent T-l Board, to gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. French and Engln-b spoken. References exchanged. 'J1 A SUIT OF ROOMS AND TWO SINGLE ROOMS ARE J1,?' now vacant at No. 49 Bond street?to let, together or se- ^ ?2*1 _ p A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET TWO ? handsomelyfurnished Rooms, suitable for one -or two }" simile gentlemen. Having no use for the rooms, tbey will be i ' reiu.'d low. Inquire at 111 East Eighteenth street, near Irr- 101 Ing place. References given and requirod. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, CONNECTING, ON jP the s-'cond floor; also, two Rooms oo the fourth Hoor, to ' let, with ty families or single geniieiuen, at 19 Irving 1 place, corner Fifteenth street. ? A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND CHILD (THREE I] years old), desires Board in a private family, where sir there are no nthpr boarders. Loeutiou within ten minutes' ? walk of the corner of the Bowery and Hester street. Address TTI W. P. E., Hetal.t olllfce. Xj wll A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMO- ve) date 1 with haul**taely furnished Rooms, with Board wa for the lady only, by a widow lady occupying a brown stone house, repl -le wfth modern improvements; all home prlvi- T-l leges accorded. A; ply at 63 West Sixteenth street. A SUIT OF THREE ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, together or separately, at 40 East Twenty-fourth street; h.ius nrst class; containing all modern Improvements. -ri References exclmnged. _?l 1 vie ACARD.-HOTEL ST. GERMAIN, FIFTH AVENUE, Broadway and Twenty-second street. The spacious ^xt and elcyant (i.nlng room added to this hotel being now in ? complete ord?r, the proprietor is prepared to make arrange- -r^ menu with families ana single gentlemen desiring Board at H table d'hote. Handsomely lurnlshed suits of Rooms, having all the modern conveniences, can be bad on very moderate terms in this quiet family hotel. * I A N OPPORTUNITY FOR FAMILIES WISHING TO F econ nn vf. ?The proprietor of a-large, comfortable coun- ri. try mansion, b -unt.ifiilly situated on the banks of the Hud- \li B'jn, utiiy forty lainutes by railroad from Chambers street, _ offers to families iuiyc, airy Rooms, with Board, at from $4 f. to $0 par vwck i'ui each person. Tn? location Is unsurpassed 11 for rs, thi- house being within two minutes" walk \p ol t'ie railroad tufton, and accessible hourly by cars, steam- "1 host and stage. For particulars address Hudson river, He- ??' raid oilice. A FINE SUIT OP BOOM8, WITH BATH ROOM ATtacbed, on second tlooi\ front, may be obtained by a ,V party of 11)ivo or four, Board: also single ltooms, at 1% Is tilth street, a few doors west of Broadway. A NICELY FCRXISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET? with or without Board, in a private family; terms mo- Jv derate; house lar^e, well furnished; has gas, bath, Ac., and WullkupL Apply ai 120 (4d No. 68) Fifth street, near 2d av. -J, ASMAIX PRIVATE FAMILY, WHERE THERE ARE i 110 boarders or children, having more room than they vr require, w!U lei a Parlor and Bedroom on second floor, new- , ly ami elegantly liirulshed, with bathing room adjoining, to J* a gentleman without board. Inquire at 97 East Twelfth street. ? 4 LADY RECENTLY FROM MAINE WOULD LIKE TO I' A lot two or thr<M Rjoms to gentlemen and their W U.ues; Bonrd for ladies only; Roomsplraaant; use of Piano; be location delightful. Inquire at 23 Third avenue, near Astor ? piie*'. J A T NO. M LAST SIXTEENTH STREET. NEAR UNION nb j\. square?Kims u> let, with Board, conuected or single. fai AUo .1 Parlor, on>t door. an A GENTLEMAN AND JII8 WIFE, WITHOUT CHIL- T drou. occupying a llrst ehushouse, will lei a choice of L handsomely furnished Rooms, together or separate, with atl full or partial Board, or private table. Apply at No. 48 East Bioecker street, near Broadway. J BOARD.?A SUIT OF RQOMS AND ONE SINGLE nil Room at 66 Fourteenth street, between Fifth aud gr Hi ?th avenues. BO AIU>.?A FAMILY AND ONE OR TWO SINGLE GEN- A licrnen wishing a quiet and genteel resldenue. can obtain Its well furnished Apartments, with Board, at 61 Canton place, tb two doors cu.n uf Fi' th avenue. Reference* gives aud re- H ! quired. ad t BOARD.-a. SCIT OP ROOMS, OK SECOND FLOOR, 1 U> rent, with fuU or partial Board. House first ctaaa, 1* wtih /'.uweru Improvement. A private table if required. tic Relerencea eichvwwl. Apply at 119 Ninth MM, ft few fo door* west of Broadway. W B0^D^-rUi/iA.\Tlib0MB, SUITABLE FOR OE>T- Z tlernen uud their Wtrea or single gentlemen, ma? be | oi>talne<i at No. 404 Fourth street. Looatkm ODbC^alcot to r. Broadway Magna and Pourlh avcnmi em. BOARD.-A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING Z their own houau, wishing to eoonotniae, will let a Suit h M Rooms to a gentleman and wife who are wilting to pay a r. suitable prtoe for lite comforts and advantages wared. , House flint clafw, elegantly fumUhed and Id a raebkoatote > locality. Address Mx 2,174 Post ofllua. _ Board.?a handsome wjit of rooms to let? T To single geutfcroen or gentlemen and their wtrim or famlllna, al 175 West Fourtcoiith street. Alao Rooms on the ?, third Ikxir. References given and WMjulred. Dtuiur at atz p o'ciock. Terms moderate. 0I Board-a private family, desirous to rb- ? dtice expenses, would accommodate two gentlemen and their wives with pleaannt Rooms. with Boanl; horaae brown k. stone, pleasant lylocated between Lexington and Third ave- fl< nues. Address 8. P., Herald oflloe. IteVerences exchanged. gt Board.-thb entire second floor of a h handsomely furnished House in Fifth avenue, above J i Madison park, with Hrst class Board, can be had by address- U Ing S, station G, Poat oflice. i] Board.-a gentleman and WfFE, OR TWO sin- ri trie gentlemen, may oht?in s pleasant Room, with Board, I J In a private faintly, at 48 West Twenty-sixth street, near | H Broadway, House has modem Improvement*. Terms rea | ? ouable. * IV L _____ BOVBDIXO AND M)PQJWtt? > OARD.?A liENTLLMl.N AND WIFE, 01t 8INUU J U'Mitlcmen, can oblilg Kiximx with Board Rt No / est W lubinKloa iilace; also a auit of 1'srlors on flr?t Moor wntkin is vtiy jjltMUAitt, U-iug opposite the square. Relo uce? required. > OARD.?TO LKT, WITH BOARD, AT NO. 137 SECONE ? avenue. Iwt.viH U El&hth ami Ninth streets, a nicely fur ilu-d front Room, suitable fur it gentleman and wife or tw> ??!< funUuinen. Louuttuu very desirable. Rofereuecs ex 4UK''d^_ IOAHD FOR TUE AUTl'MN AND WINTER-A PLEA > SHUt suit of Humus for a family, or uluele Rooms, will ud Board, may bo had ill Klshklll Luudlug by applying k rs. L. Hull. IOAKDIN CITY; OR COUNTRY.?BOARD WANTED, D ? ueiuraoie meiuuies, vn meet preierenevs hi apucantaa e Board Registry, S3S lJr ivdwiiy. N. B?Free diructioni .en to applicant* lor board or dwellings. A. 0. JONE8 A CO. OABD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY.?A OKNTLKM Al* I and wife can bo accommodated with a handsomely fur hhed Parlor and Bedroom on the second floor of 03 Ham jnd street, between Fourth and Bieecker street*. Also ? oil Koom lor a gentleman. References required. KURD IN WA\ERLEY PLACE?NO. 107, NEAK ' Washington square. First clnss.aocommndatlou* for (it Ilea or single genUemeu. Dinner at & References ex anted. OABD WANTED?EIGHTEENTH WABD PHE ' . fT**?'''. f.or "' f. wife and child, to commence la Oototwr mid furnish room If required. Address, staling locatloi d price (views moderate), B.. box 3,<XW Po?t oUlce. >OARD WANTBO?FOB A MIDDLE AGED LADY, Ih a respectable family in the city. Terms not to eiceei per week. Address for two days Richard, Broadway Pos Ice. (CARD WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN WISHES BOARE t In exchange for a new elegant seven octave rosewooi: mo, Iron frame, of the most Improved mak*; a portion li: h and the rest la board for piano. Address Board, box 12! raid office. A good opportunity. IOARD WANTED?FOR SEVERAL YOUNG GENTLE* men, between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets and cond aud Seventh avenues. Apply so THOMAS DEN tM, at the College, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty ird street. (OARDING.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OB single gentlemen can be accommodated with good Board moderate terms at 106 Ninth street, near Broadway. Din r at aix o'clock. References exchanged. IOARDINO.?A QUIET, GENTEEL tfltMILY, WITH out boarders or children, offer two desirable (Rooms th Board, to a gentleman and wife, or two geu tie men ends, at tit and $12 per week; unexceptionable reference! luired and given. No. 103 West Tweoty-ttfth.atreet. IOARDING.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OK SINGLE gentleman, can obtain good Board and Rooms, on rood floor, at moderate terms, by applying at No. 123 Pierre ut street, Brooklyn, within a few minutes' walk of Fulton d Wall street ferries. References exchanged IOARDING?AT 3M TENTH STREET, BETWEEN I First avenue and avenue A Gentlemen and their wives j be accommodated with Board and Rooms on the most wonable terms. A small Parlor, Bedroom and clothes Wt will be let to two, gas Included. The house haa all the tdern improvements; Ta convenient to car* and stages. IOARDING?106 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A suit of Rooms, on second and third Doors, and a single on, with Board; the house is first class, with every com-t, and the situation tbc best on the street, being open rough, front and rear. lOARDINO.?BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH AVE I nues.?A gentleman and wile may obtain a third story int Room and Bedroom, with table unexceptionable on (derate terms. Apply at the first class house 66 West irty-seventh street lOARDINO?PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET, WITH Board, to gentlemen and their wives or single gentlein, on accommodating terms. Apply at 29 Abingdon jarc. References exchanged. Dinner at six o'clock, tuse has all the modern improvements. IROOKLYN ?TO LET, WITH BOARD, A LARGE Room, containing hot and cold water, closets, Ac., to two itlemen, or a lady and gentleman; bath on the same floor; 0 a Room for a single gentleman; dlnuer at 6>i o'clock, iply at 196 Clinton street IROOKLYN.?A FAMILY OR PARTY OF GENTLEMEN * in search of pleasant Rooms, can find the same, with rry requisite of a comfortable home, in a private family iming In South Brooklyn, live minutes from Terry. Termt (derate. Addrcs^P. D. R.. box 775 New York Post o!Hce. IROOKLYN.?TO LET, WITH BOARD, A FRONT 1 Room and Bedroom on second floor, convenient to South d Wall street ferries. Apply at 90 Clinton street, opposite lerrueriioru. ROOKLYN BOARD.?A NICE EXTENSION ROOM, I also a third floor front Room; locatiou desirable; neni ! cars; house first class; family private; In Elliott place, ner of Hanson; house with bay window. Dinner at six. Terences exchanged. OARD IN BROOKLYN.?A HANDSOMELY FURI nished Iront Parlor and Bedroom on second floor, also b or two single Rooms, may be had, with Board, In a morn house, pleasantly located at 106 Clinton street, corner of ite. i OARD IN BROOKLYN.?A LADY- AND GENTLE I man or two gentlemen can obtain superior Board and ouif in a small private family, 83 State street. Hons-' has Lh, Ac.; is within five minutes' walk of South and Wall eet ferries. Dinner at half-past six. OARD IN BROOKLYN.?MARRIED OK SINGLE 1 geutleimu can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms, lb or without Bedrooms attached, In a first class bouse; id neighborhood, convenient to all the ferries. Terms derfttt. Apply at 47 Concord street. OARD IN BROOKLYN?46 SANDS STREET, NEAR 1 Adams.?A gentleman and wife and few single genmen can obtain accommodations on very moderate terms, n.biunt boarders well accommodated. i OARD IN BROOKLYN.?DESIRABLE ROOMS, FUR. I nish<?d or uufuruished, in a small family; hoifce picaitlv situated within a few minutes' walk o( either South Wall street ferry; a desirable home for those who wish me comforts. Apply at 71 Stutn street, between Henry and uton. 'ROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, or two single gentlemen, can obtain pleasant Rooms, full view of the East river, with good table, by applyt at No. 8 Willow street, within three minutes or FuitJn 37 ROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?AT 36 WILLOW STREET, > a gentleman and wife or single gentleman can obtain om.i, with Board, In a small family; pleasant location, ir Fulton ferry. Terms moderate. References exchanged. |ESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, Sl'IT able for famlin-s or single gentlemen, at 33 West Ninth eet," between Fifth and Bhtth avenues. LEGANTLY FURNISHED 8UITS *ND SINGLE I Kootiic, containing all the modern conveniences, to let, ih or without full or panliA Board or private tabic. Terms y moderate. References exchanged. Apply at 910 Broady, between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets. IRENCH BOARD.?MAD. MEYERS nAS NOW READY furnished Rooms for gentlemen, with Board. Cooking ogether in the French style. Alao an office to let, to a doc. Apply at 57 Bleeder street. IURNISHED ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD TO LET.-A mall private family, occupying a tirst class houpe In w of Broadway, desire to let one or two Rooms to single itlemen only. Apply at No. 7 Boud street. Reference! hanged. IOURTEENTH STREET.?FAMILIES OR 8TXGLE gentlemen returning from the country, will find pleait Rooms, with Board. Tabic unsurpassed. Terms reliable. Ap ply at 118 Eaat Fourteenth street. IURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LETIn suila or single, with partial or full Board; location asant;best of references given and required. Apply at i West Forty-second street, near Broadway. IENTLEMEN REQUIRING FURNISHED BOOMS, f with or without partial Board, in a small private family grown persons, house neatly furnished, at low rate* foi accommodations, may find all they desire at No. 47 West en ty-seventh street, near Broadway. References required, IBKMAN KAMiiiH?llf lUW'W.-WAKiiU, BUAKL r for a gentleman. Address, with terms, (moderate) F, E, Herald office. INTERESTING TO CLERKS OR OTHER GENTLEMEN.? Highly respectable Board, with pleasant Rooms, tor twc utlemen, at cheap rates. Inquire of the druggist at SIN venth avenue, nehr the corner of Tweaty-fourthstreet. X THE NEIGHBORHOOD OP CLINTON AND LA fayette avenues, to let, a nice suit of Rooms; also, a smal >om, with Board, to a single gentleman or a lady am ughter, or a gentleman and wife. The attention of partlei invited who value a quiet, tidy home, and am fond 01 isle. Address M. II. M., Brooklyn Post office. f A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE OR SINGLE GENTLE man would like a Due room in a most pleasant Dart ol est Fourteenth street, with a tirtit class Quaker family will plea?.' a ldrexs box 420 Post offloe. ACKSOX HOUSE, 210 ELM STREET.?THE LOWES1 rented and most coml'.riably and conveniently fur ilied Apuiiment* In the city, to meet the wants of smali mlics, with every requisite furniture; linen, cooking range d uuusll*, gas and Croton water. ARUE PL'RXISUED ROOMS, ON PIRST AND 8KCONI I tloora, for $4 60 and (3 40, including gas, at No. 148 Nlntl reet, betwevn Broa<tw?y and Vourth avenue. AROE FRONT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FUHNISHEI J or unfumUMd, at 241 East Broadway, in a private fa lly, suitable for AeMlmaa nnd wile, or une or two aingli oUunien; gas, bath and the comforts of whome. fRS. M. B. BUMXER, Nit. T2 West Twenty-ninth street, is otv suit of Rooms and a hack Parlor not disposed of fo e winter; also, three single Rooms, all elegantly furnished er bouse has baen euluiandaud improvoJ, and a lauudr Ided to it fAISON METBfcEE, TO AND 73 WEST THIRTY JL eighth street ?R-oms elegantly furnished, or wheV Kirs, with kitchen, cellar and yJrd. Holme* new, first class ur story, brown stone; common parlor; meals furnished hole pallor Uoor or Uttaoment for physician's oflioe. lOOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT PARTIAJ Board, for two or three gentlemen, if applied for soon a ftrst class house, in a oentral location for business mei quire at 118 West Fifteenth greet. iOOMS WANTED.-TWO GENTLEMEN REQUIRE t V furnished Parlor and Bedroom, wlthcmt Board, be reeo Fourth and Fifth avenues, attd not above Twelfl' reel. Parties taking boarders need not a(>pty. Addres r two day". PersiMGVt, box 1,101 Post oflioe, stating term IICHLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?IN THE BE81 neighborhood in tbsefty, near Union square; house i trfect order and newiv furnished; My ?rnu>gemeut can fa de In regard to nv-ufe. which If given would be in the be< rench style. Theopporto&ityiaan unusually good one for tw Uirrc BfinUPUiril W il" a*-ri??r w w J^i IUMICIH7 ouu " ?, trtably Jor^ed. AOdreas \*>x 5,601 Pott oflloe. JEVERATsjnole aEVTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN frcL > or par;t.l Board, with Urge Room* . n epond .or tblr jor, at StS East Bruulwuy. Room furnlahcd with gti mlet, Crown witter, and i <rgv rlmieta attached. no AMERICANS VISITING EUROPE.?BOARD ANi L residence lii an Cf -fnui nuuialon In thla healthy an Lshlnnahlc iliuftu< n. Adilroaa 114 Weatbouroe tcrraci [vdo Park, London, England. Term* moderate. pWO OR THREE GENTEEL PINOLE YOt'NO ME L ran tv> aorommniiatnl with fnmt*hed or unfiirntahr looms, with or without Board, in a amall prlrnte famll here there la no other boarder, from Oct.1. Cattail foal Eighteenth ?u ceu * ?: I BOAUDIIfO AND L.OOUIQM3. ; mo obntlkmkn.?two ou tureev plSasant * I 1 Rooms, neatly furnished, to let, with or itUhoqt Board, In a Hiuitll private family. Qui and l.aih In the hoime. Vo. . 63 Lexington avenue, ouo door above Twcuiy-ilhb atroet. mwo r.AU(> K KURNIHHBD ROOMS. WITH BOARD, > A yultshlo l"i,r ulnoU ? V--. . - ? si ?."-j uu uBu m it lamuy re. siding on Klftli avenue. References oxohanged. Address W. ' P. W., US Reade street. TWO FRONT ROOMS, WITH PANTRY?WELL FUR. nlshed with at* and bath, will he let, together ur Nutrittely. In a plain American family, with a plentiful tablo uf * Rood food, nt 70 L light street, near Greenwich. WANTBO-BY A OENTLEMAN, A LARGE BEIX room, furnished. or (wo small Rooms, as si ulna room ' and bedroom, In u good locality up towu, with partial Board, * and where only u few boarders are taken preferred. Ad1 dress K. N., box .1,233 Pout odloe, slating terms, Ac. WASTED?NEAR BROADWAY, BETWEEN EIGHTH and Fourteenth streets, a oomforlable Room, wltb 1 Breakfast and 'l'eu, either In a private family or where there are tint few other boarders; the house muat be neat ami quiet, and the oocu|>ants pleasant and refined; would consek fluently objeet to niostof boarding houses; la willing to pay from $0 to $7 per week If united. Addreaa 8. F., JleralJ ( olUee. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, NEAR FULTON FERRY or a line of care, a auit of three unfitrnliihed Rooma, with Board, for u lady, two childreu and servant. Terms $lti. Address box 3,7(jB Pont oOloe, N. Y. 1 MONROE 'STREET, CORNER OF CATHARINE street.?Furnished Kooms to let to small quiet families with facilities for economtoal housekeeping, Including (as. Croton water, Ac. Also, lodging Rooms for atngle gentle, j men, with or without Board. 1 "I Q ST. MARK'S PLACE.?SINGLE GENTLEMEN DE-LO siring to room together or separately cm have pleasant | accommodation, with )iarilal Board. I f)?* GREENE STREET, IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF ' AU the best hotels and restaurants.?Furnished Rooma to ' let, to gentlemen only. Rooms at $1 to $4 per week. House has a line yard, gas, Ac., and la very tyilel. I l)(\ WEST ELEVENTH STREET ?AtfRENCH FAMILY 1 have nice Furnished Rooms to let. All the modern Improvements In the house. 07 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.?TWO OR THREE , O I families of the first respectability can be accommodated | with stills or single Rooms, In one of the most delightful loca1 lions, situated lictween Broadway and Fifth avenue. Table tlrst class. He* exchanged. QO WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH Oi/ and Sixth avenue#.?One large elegantly furnished > Room to let, with Board; suitable for a gentleman and wife ' or a part^ of single gentlemen. Also a single room on iourtb A'I TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH Ti avenue*.?Very desirable Room*, In suit* or single, i with Board, <*n be obtained for gentlemen and their wnei oraingle lieuilrrnen. The houae contains all the modern i Improvement*. Dinner at ail o'clock. A A WEST TWELFTH STREET?BOARD.?TWO VERY 11 pleasant Front Room* on the third *h>ry Ito let. with i board, at 44 West Twelfth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues; also a Hall Room. References exchanged. A A WEST WASHINGTON PLACE.?ROOMS TO LET " T X with Board. Tbe house is desirably located, containing all (he modern Improvements, and but few boarders are taken. References given and required. ! A ft WEST SIXTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH T?U and Sixth avenue*.? A French family have a handsomely furnished front 81tting Room, Mfo Bedrooms attached; also a single Room, wltn or without Board, to let to > gentlemen only. House flrst class. Term* very moderate. References exchanged. A WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN TU Fifth and Sixth avenues?The entire Second Floor, furnished, with Board. Also, Furnished Rooms, for families or single gentlemen. Terms reasonable. Hp use flrst clasa^ CO ST. MARK'S PLACE, NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? U?I A handsomely furnished front Parlor and Bedroom to rent, on second lloor, with two large closets, hot and cold water, Ac., with full or partial Board; also, two large Rooms on third lloor. Houae nr?t class, and haa all the modern Improvements. Dinner at 1 o'clock. References exchanged. M SEVENTH AVENUE, THREE DOOR8 FROM Fourtceutb street.?Gentlemen and their wive* and single gentlemen can obtain Board in a first class house; Rooms furnished or unforniahed; highest references given and required. | C7 EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET, NEAR . ?J I Fourth avenue.?Dealrabld accommodations for families and single gentlemen, in suits or separately?can be had, with Board, on reasonable terms, on applk?Uon at the above number. References exchanged. ' C 7 EAST TWENTY-EIGHWI STREET, NEAR FOURTH U f u venue.?One or two select families and a few single gentlemen can procure desirable accommodations, in suits or *Rparately, for Uie winter, In a flrst class house, on application as above. References exchanged. 7 O TENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?HANDI Homely furnished Apartments, en suite and single, with full Board, or private tabic If preferred, tolettojcespect, able parties. OA NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE OVS and Fifth avenue.?Gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen can obtain Board In a lirat class bouse, with choice of rooms In suits or single. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Reference given and required. Q|1 SECOND AVENUE, NEAR FIFTH STREET.?A OU large Parlor, neatly furnished: also other Rooms, for single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, with Board. House contains modern Improvements. Location one of the pleasantfst in the city. OA EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, GRAMERCY OU Park.?To let, a suit of handsomely furnished Rooms, suitable for a family, with private table If desired. House flrM class, and beautifully located, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. Park privilege. HO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING?ALSTON (JO House.?Elegantly furnished suits of Rooms, with gas, Croton water and every convenience for housekeeping eco iioinlcnlly; particularly suited for small, respectable families. Rent low. llA MACDOUGAL STREET?RICHMOND HOUSE 18 XXI/ now opened as a private family Hotel, for the reception of single gentlemen, or small families tired of boarding. Parties dextrous of housekeeping can And every convenience at the above establishment. lift BLEECKER STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR XXI/ Broadway.?Pleasantly furnished Rooms to let, with or without Board, single or in suits. Meals served in room* If desired. Transient boarders uocominod&ted. Location pleasant and central. 130 THOMPSON STREET, ABOVE PRINCE -FUR. XOW lilshed Rooms to let ou iirst, second and third floors, at very low rents, with all modern improvements, and at half the usual rents, to quiet, respectable persons only. No others , need apply. ISO Thompson street, near Prince. t~ot twel^tFstreetTnear second avenue.? I tu Rooms on second floor, with Inner Rooms communicating, to single gentlemen or it gentleman and his wife, with Board; family private; a limited number received: . 1 terms $10 90 per week, Including gas, for two; also small Rooms. fKC PRINCE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE ?ELElOU gantly furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, Including gas and Croton wafer, to let to respectable families or single gentlemen. lQOrfLEECKER STREET.'?PARTIES OK RESPECXva lability can find good Board and comfortable Rooms for the winter. Front Parlor or Parlors to let, on moderate terms, to permanent boarders. Also a front Basement, suiti able for any private business. C*A Q BROADWAY (PLANTER S HOTEL).?PARTIES UiO looking tor board for the winter or transiently, will find elpgantTy furnished and liuht Rooms as above; house first class; location unsurpassed; terms reasonable. Dinner attslx o'clock. BROADWAV, BETWEEN EKJHTH AND NINTH I Uu streets.?One large Room, on tlrst floor, and Rooms en the second floor, to let, furnished. House has all the modern Improvements and is in a pleasant location. Terms moderate. Ol fi BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND V?\J Twenty-Unit streets.?Two Furnished Rooms to let, to gentlemen. Terms $1 SO and $2 a week. Inquire in the toy I store, 916 Broadway. I COUKTRY BOARD. ~ COUNTRY BOARD.?A TEW BOARDERS CAN BE accommodated for the autumn and winter months at a desirable location, where all ihe comforts of home win be found, at Cornwall. Easy access by steamboat and railroad. ' For particulars address H. Smith, Cornwall, Orange county. ? N. Y., or apply at M East Seventeenth street. TO FAMILIES WANTING TO ECONOMIZE FOR THE fall and winter months ? Accommodations can be found [ In the country, about thirty miles lrom the city, at the low ' price of 93 per week: healthy locaUon.convenienttochurthe* and schools; of doily access by rail; boating, fishing and r hunting. Addiess W. b. J., Herald ofllce. ; ~ HOTELS. r TTOTEL UOIER.?IIOTEL AND RESTAURANT^ on XI the European plan, at 74 Franklin street, three doora west of Broadway, Furnished k?oms or Boartl by the week; \ Menls served at all hour*. Sc|>arate lunch and barroom. I have just ntede extensive improvcnienia in the restauraut : and barroom, and solicit the continuation of the patronage of ' J my friends and the public in ReneraV > Royal opera colon a de hotel, charlbs street, St. James, London, England.?This new and ' vast Hotel, bnautilully and conveniently situated ta the West 1 End of London, offers uni Ivalled ncc-Kuniodaiion for fatalHe* and geallciiicu at moderate cbargea, and in particularly worthy Ihe attention of visiters from the United State*. > Every comf< rt and ocoomuK*lii" iii ts provided. ? QMITUSONIAN HOUSE, BROADWAY. CORNER HOUB O ton street.?Hotel accommodations on the European plan I'rice* reduced to suit the time*. The be <t and cheapest Ho telinthe city. 8. E. MKAD, Proprietor. T ~ ^ DENTISTRY. 1 iriall and see our indurated caoutchooc \j Plates for Artificial Teeth, the lLthnst, most comfort*. ble and durable, cheapest and best. Warranted. American s Teeth Company, W Bowery. Practical demists. )? FIRJUTI RE. ^ 7 ~ A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE for $24, in all coiova, of warranted manufacture; also i, solid Chestnut Chamber Hilts, plain and ornamental, at H. i. F. FARRINOTON'8, 368Ceual atreet, opposite Wooates. Eatabttahed to 1848. i. ENAMELLED CHAMBER SUITS OF FURNITURE,?IK i. ?i ail colors and Ftvlea, at wholesale and retaiL at>$Vfi and h iinwarte; also, Matui'aaeeaud Palltaaaea. WARREN WARD, e tn Canal street, four doora esst of Bmadway. ! tcir8t class enamelled furniture? i-lainr J decorated and grained; solid walnut and oak Sals, Mat ? tresses. Spring Bed. kv. Suits, from $25 upwards J. W. FISIIER k CO., Manufacturers, 650 Broadway, between 2 BJeecker and Bond Mreets. marble building. . PI KRITX'KB WiBinw-i Aiu-uii, t nftunsn. uinX" log Room Mid Eltchen Furniture, sulUcteut to furnish part or whole of a three sujpr house. Also a Piano wanted. L Fart'o bavins the mine may addreas Cash, box 3,f!U3 New ?1 Yot* t-natotBnf. '' npHB HIOHBS'. PRICE TAID FOB ALL KINDS OF - ll Household Furniture Carpet*. Mirror*. Fianua, Ac., at [? 479 Third aveuue, near Thntv-fourth street. Call at or add dress Furniture, as above, fi. B.?A good assortment of s, second hand Furniture always on hatio. - XTANTBD-Fl RNin'RE, NEW OR IN GOOD CRDER, N ?? for which (lie ow ner would receive tirsiclasa board la d payment. El?it*nt Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with I* Board, In anew modem built hnuse, for families or sinala II nenilempn, near Broadway and Fifth Avenue Hotel. Inuiiira of FEET i THOMAS, 830 Broadway.

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