Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1861 Page 7
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^THBS^WAH. _ kWlWUTLdl^hK NAKT AND ORDERLY SEKOEAN1 J\. fa wanted for a cavalry troop. In a rudiment ready to tart. Thoa* only who ai;c capable to glvo the necessary inBtruotioa to the troop, may upoly, with referunoea, to Capt, BAKKON DAVIS, 111 liberty street^ up stairs. /COMPANIES OR PARTS OF COMPANIES, WITH vV officers, wanted, for u regiment now In camp. All ei euaea, including transportation from the country, paid. Call from 10 A. M. till 121 It. or address Edward Cook, 166 South street, New York city. /COMBINATION UNION OA MP CHEST. _ (Patent applied for.) TIFFANY t CO., 550 and ftM Broadway, sole agent*. Invito thr attention of Mrmy and navy oWnera' niimi to this now and Improved UNION CAMP CHE8T. , ,, Which com Prises w.iliiii the dimensions of SI Inches length, 11 Inches breadth and 11 Inches dopth, a portable Pantry, containing all tne culinary and merhamcal appliances for rour oi six persons; a Dining Table of SO by SI inched spread, durable enough for the roughest wear, and a Stove, for IU strength and convenient simplicity, especially lulled roi eamp cooking. This combination of pantry, 8tovk and table, The result of a most careful study of the necessities and Incidents of campaigning, uud of the articles In use by the anuics of FRANCE, ENGLAND AND PRUSSIA, Commends Itwir to the American soldier uliku by Its convenience, durability and capacity. The agents hare had lu their establishment every cuiup chest of note In use at home nd abroad, and do not liesltate to pronounce this one In their Judgment Infinitely superior to any known, for the Justloe or which assertion they court a general examination and comparison. The stove, as the table, is so constructed as to be sold by itself, and can be used with any army chest or trunk In vogue. Price of Union Dump Cheat, $28 to $40, of Table, separate, ?8 to $8; of Stove, $S. Emerald guard, attention)?the members of this company are requested to meet at Smith's Hail, corner of Eleventh street and First avenue, on Sunday evening. September 22, at eight o'clock. Puuclual attendance U requested, as business of importance will be transacted. By order of JOHN COX, Captain. T fEUTENANT WANTED.?A COMPETENT GENTLE U man, on bringing with him fifteen able bodied men, can be uoypted as a lieutenant in a company that muster's In on Tucaday. The Captain Is an educated officer that has been in active service. Address for two days Forward, Herald ullloe, or call at 102 Third place, Brooklyn, to morrow, before II Recruiting agents, attention i-*6o case will be tyid to any one bringing immediately 25 al>lt bodied men to till up a company. Address C. K. A., Herald office, prompt. Seventy-ninth highlanders.?THIS regimen! has moved to the front, and is now on the rhtht wing ol the aruiy. Young men wishing to bee service ait) invited U Join, at headquarters, Mercer House. Capt. david morrison. Sixty-ninth pb's on deck.-the members 01 Company B will niW*t nt corner of Suffolk and Heetei streets at 8)4 o'clock, or at the tent in the Park, opposite th< fount-tin, at 9 o'clock, on Saturday morning. 21 si lust. A few more lively B's wanted to ilU up. Capt. TilOS. LEDDY. Several captains, lieutenants and per MM are wanlud for a ne\vce?lment Hint is BOW lillini up. N"ue but uualllted anil reliable persons need apply, un< enly those who nave got money or elko can unlist men. Thii Is a rare chance for a good tituation. Address or call on th< Colonel, at 27 Bond street, between the hours of i and I o'clock. Third irisii volunteers, company n.?a few good men wanted to fill up this company, which will bt mustered Into service immediately. Headquarters, City Hal Park, fourth tent from Bcokmau street entrance. Any com munlcatlon for the oflloer* of this company may be addresse< to the ofllco of the Irish American. william f. meeiian, Captain. CARROLL O. NOLAN, First Lieut. B. J. O'Dalt, O. 8. The members of company a, first regimeni Irish Brigade,.are notified to assemble at the Comtutu)': headquarters S83 Seventh avenue, comer of Thlrty-fourtl street, st 0 A. M. this day, to be mustered Into the nervier o the United States and proceed to their quarters at Fort Schuyler. By order, THOS. REYNOLDS, Captain. ' Kich'd A. Kjellt, Orderly Sergeant. The enlisted MEMBERS OF COMPANY i, FOURTI regiment, Irish brigade, are hereby ordered to report a the tent In the Park, this (Saturday) morning, before tei o'clock, or be considered as deserters. By order. MAXWELL O-SULLIVAN, Captain. CnABMts J. Clash, First Lieutenant. rphe highest premium of the new york stati ~ PAR^V AMERICAN~CA MP"CHB5T*"FOR ARMY OFFICERS, Patented June 23; 18C1. TbU Chest when open forms a DINING TABLE FOR FOUR persons. ?nd contains besides the necessary stools, all the implement for an olBcers uifH, knives, fork*, plates, cups, cruet xtnnd table cloth*, towels: also cooking apparatus, saw, hntchet, Ac It la made of black walnut, simple in Its construction, whei closed ta S2 Inches lone, 14 wide and 10 deep, and, with It contents, weighs only forty pounds. THIS IS THE bNLY CHEST THAT HAS BEEN PATENTED, ad la highly reoommended by many distinguished persons among whom are PRESIDENT LINCOLN, GENERALS WOOL AND MANS FIELD, MAJOR VINTON, MILLARD FILLMORE, and others. Having heretofore been unable to meet the unexpected!; Urge demand for this useful invention, we now i>eg to inforn the public that we shall hereafter be prepared to execute a) orders immediately on raoolnt. PRICE $X>. on exhibition at MESSRS. BALL, BLACK * co.'8 BROADWAY. Manufactured and for sale by the AMERICAN CAMP CHEST COMPANY, 303 BROADWAY. GEMT8 WANTED'W ALL THE LARGE CITIES. As there la anatfcar chef* advertized, which we believe U be but an inferior Imitation of our'a, wo would rvspcotfull; ask the nubile not to buy any^. before examining ouni, and ti be mruoular to do ao at our office, or at BALL, BLACK J co.'s. as an unfair competition exhibits one of Parr's Cheat In connexion with tbelr'a, which, being ono of the first make used sad disfigured, does not truly represent the style am quality ot our article. AMERICAN CAMP CHEST COMPANY, NO. aa BROADWAY. The war.?wanted, in a first otjlss regimen*. now ordered tor the seat of war, a good Baud Leader thoroughly acquainted with all mlliury instruments, able ti compose or arrange all operatic sirs for a baud; none with out UKunestioeable refer.-neoa need apply; will be atiictly ex am In ad on his competency. Apply for two duys to Lleuteo ant Rouard, M White street. WANTED?A LIEUTENANT for A LIGHT ARTIL lery company already mustored into scrvice; an expe rlenccd artllleilst who has aaen actual service. Apply U Thomas H. Bates, Utlca. "TITANTED?ENGINEER SOLDIERS, COMPRISINC vT mechanics and intelligent laborers, for Sappers nn< Minsrs of the Regular Army. The men must be able bodied not over SS years of age, able to read an 1 write, and under stand the four ground rules of arithmetic; term of enlist ment, three years; pay, from $13 to $34, depending on ran) attained by merit and soldierly conduct; also rations, fuel quarters, clothing, medicr.l attendance and the usual Imunty Apply dally at No, 5 Bowling Groan, third Uoor, between 9 A M. and 12 M. Q. A. GILLMOltE, Captain of Engineers,united States ArmyWANTED?TWENTY YOUNG MEN, TO JOIN THI Anderson Zouaves, now at the seat of war. Call at 8! Greenwich avenue, from 8 to 12 A. M. By order of J. LAFAYETTE RIKER, ColoneL WANTED-A LIEUTENANT COLONEL, MAJOR ANI Adjutant for a cavalry regiment nearly full, in West era New York. Who have had actual experience In cavalry Call at or address Room 20,60 Wall street. 4TH REGIMENT IRISH BRIGADE. T. F. MEAGHER Colonel, Company K, Irish Zouaves.?The members o the above company are requested to assemble for the pur pose of being mustered into the service of the United States at Captain Coffee's, 136 Maiden lane, at VA.M., this day ? <uu jt auric& W. WALL, Captain Commanding. /TQTH REGIMENT NEW YORK STATE MILITIA.I XJ Lieutenant m*thle*on will receive recruit* for tins gal Unt regiment at his headquarter*, Grape a Hotel, 17 Croebj street, and tho Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner Grand ant Xllxabeth streets, anrl the Sixth Ward Hotel. SPECIAL ffOTlCKS. Attention i?"union and liberty."?respon denta to thla advertisement in the Herald of Septembai 10 and 17, will be attended to In the courao of ten day*. UNION AND LIBfcRTY. ?/^H, EVERY ONB THAT THIRSTETH, COME YE TC U the wau-ra."?Oamp Meeting at Ma*perti, L. I., thre< nitle.a from WHliamabnra, continued over Sunday, fitagei and cars run every half hour from South Seventh and Grant atreeta. Refreahmenta on the ground. Free library-the attehtion op afprev lice* la invited to the Apprentice*' Ltbrmr, No. 47! Broadway. Thla Institution la well aapplled with newspa per*, review*, magarlnea, pictorial*, and with eonvenleni table* anil seata Tor reader*. A considerable cumber of nm work* have also been rooentlr purchased. It la required tc be open from ] to 0 o'clock P. M., but la generally open In the forenoon also. Term*.?All persona employed aa apprentice* by mechanic! or tradesmen, and all female* employed by them In theli fcualnoec, on presenting a proper certificate may have Uu> pri liege* of the library without charge. Journeymen mechanic* or tradesmen, teacher* or puplli tn school* or academies, young men In the office* of lawyer*, physician*, artist*, Ac., on the presentation of a proper cor iiSaate and the payment of one dollar a year. The admission or female* to the privilege* of thl* institution, though not a new feature, has not before been publiclj announced. They arc now Invited to avail themselves of th< opportunity thus offered usefully and pleasantly to emploj IMPORTANT TO THB OWNERS OF HOR8B&?JAMBS MULT JUAN, Burse Sheer and Farrier, formerly of Iti Grand street, respectfully Inform* his friends and the publie of New York city, that he has opened s horse shoelna ssU Ml*h stent at 1(B Seventh avenue, between Twenty-Aral and Twenty-second streets, where strict attention will b? given ts lbs business. It may be remembered that J. M. was swarded a diploma and medal for his superior specimen! Of expansion and Interfering shoe*, by the American I nail tut* In IMS, at Nlblo's Garden. Government orQera received nd punctually attended to by the Proprietor. The best specimens of eavalry expansion shoes furnished to the arm) ?t the shortest notice. vroncB to public caktmbh, expressmen ant J.1 driver* of the same to renew their 1 toe usee.?Notice U hereby given that renewal* of licenses to keep publio carta awl express wagon*, and to be publio cartmen, will b? noted at this oOee between the bouia of 10 A. M. and S P. M. daily, commencing on Monday, the 43d Inst. The jwuiuvi iwun w uvwij pwoioa uu vwb wue 01 ua etna 01 wagooa, according to law, and Mm carta and wagon* bronchi toTheFark. west of the City Hall, where they will be tn .apected, and the oM license, rfter being checked by the In mectors, must be presented to the Flrat Marshal, for renewal lie license* will be renewed after the Slst day of. October. Sr theV#?r. J. 0. BtRNHAM, Flrat Marshal. IUvob's Oimaa, 8hpL 14,UU. Tib mbmbbrs or thb wtlliam walsh associ alloc an rrqueaied to meat at the hou* of John McDonKid, M Jaaaea street, on Sunday evening, at half-|?st seven o'clock precisely. It. B.?Punctual attendance Is requested M business of Importance will he brought forward. By order, JOBV McDONALD. President > Fbajtcu BnilPW, Secretary. POUTICAL, rTnTB^VAKD PE^U^^CMOJT^THR OOOD OLE 1U Tenth hangs out her banner for the Union?"No aid 01 comfort to rebels." A meeting of the citizens of the Tenth ward, who are willing to snstaln the governmnat |n |t? effort* to cnish eut the Southern rebellton, aud to aid In the elwtlon of bon?t and capable men. without referenco to pnHii-s <? public office, are resnoctfully Invited to meet at FlumboMi Hall, Noe. SB and St Ki.mvth street, on Tqftsday evening, September 24, at 1% o'clock. John Matthew*. Itoiilien C. Mill, Napoleon LanthlT, B rhomaaBkuac, Chalks B. Lyons and T. 11 W.ih.rlsht. C ,m. 1 W. B. W. CUAllBliliti, Chairman. s HIPPING. STEA?T~ WEEKl,y BETWEEN NEW YORK A1 Liverpool, landing and embarking pa*at-ng"r* at Uuee town, Irelaud. The Liverpool, Ne?v York and Philaue.lp Htcnmriilp Company Intend despatching their full-]>owei' Clyde-built Iron tUMnablm u t'ottowc? city or Manchester Saturday, Bept t KANGAROO.... Saturday, Sept CITY OF NEW YOttK Katurduy. Oel. I BDINBVRO Saturday, Oct. i And every Saturday, at noon, from plor 44, North river. _ . , ?aii? or PAIIAUK. .r *74 ' to Londou HO " Ui Loudou " to Paris 85 " to to Hamburg... H# " to Hamburg Pa??f ngrra alito forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Kolterdi Antwerp, 4c., at equally low price*. Pi-non* wishing to bring out their friend* can buy tick 1 bcre at the following rau-4. to New York:?Prom Ijiverp or Queenalown. llrJt cabin, $75, $86 and $108- Blec-ri 1 rom Liverpool $10. Prom Queenstown $9) These steamers have superior accommodations for pasa i ger?, and carry experienced numHi Tliey ?ro built Watertight Iron Mictions, and have patent Are annlhllators board. Kit further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLI, INMAN, Agent, 22 Water street; in Olasgow to WM. INM/ I 6 St. Enoch square; in Gueeustown to 0. A W. D. SEYMOI 4CO.; In London to EIVER A MACEY, 61 King Willi, street; in Paris to JULES DECOUB, S Place tie U Hour In Philadelphia to JOHN U. DALE. Ill Walnut street, or the oompany's olllces. JOI1N 0. DALK, Agent, i IS Broadwuy, Now York STEAM FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL.?Tl steamship , OREAT EASTERN having fulfilled her contract with the British governtne will aail from MEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL On Saturday, October & I K.vrKg or FASSAGB. In first cabin, $95 a $1SS, according to stateroom acoomi ! dation, all other privileges being equal. , In third cabin, from $36 to $50. . Suits of first class apartment* for families may bo cngaj by S|?cial arrangement. The ORBAT EASTERN will leave Liverpool on her reti trip Tuesday, October 29. Plana of the ?lilp can be seen, and engagementa made freight and paaaage on application to ROWLAND * ASPINWALL, Aflenta, M and 56 South street STEAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON A Southampton. , The Hamburg American Packet Company'H iron steama II AMMONIA, II. K. Sehwensen, commander, carrying ' United States mall, will leave from pier 21 North river, ( of Pulton street. SATURDAY, Sept. 21, at noon, \ for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passenger* for Hai . 1 >1 nil..11, Southampton and Hamburg. ' First cabin, $100; socond cabin, $60; Ntcerage, $35. The steamers of thin II n? will leave every alternate Sat aav, carrying me lulled urates mall. Tim steamship SAXON IA will succeed Uio Hammonia, : October 0. C. B. RICHARD A BOAS. f l.M Broad wai ' rriHE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP VI ' JL VORK, G. Wen Ice commander, carrying the Uitl Stale* mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Chu bens street, on SAT I RDAY, September 28, at 12 o'clock M., f roR 1 BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pavsrngers to ? LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN 5 at the following rate* ? For the IIrat cabin. $100; second cabin, $00?, steerage, 93 For freight or passage apply to r OELRiCHS & CO., 03 Broad strec 1 TTIOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, ON SATIRD. J? Oct. 12.?The United States mail simmer FULTON 1 A. Wotton commander, will Hail from pier 87 North rn foot of Beacb street, nu Saturday, Oct. 12. Tula steamah! unsurpassed for safety and comfort?has double cnnucs der deck, enclosed by water tight compartments, which, sides other results, lend, In the event of collision or sirs ins, to keep the pumps Iree to work, and secure the safoi; P ve??el and passetiuer* For freight or passage apply to 1 GEoUMACKENi^fe, i ASftnU. No- 7 Broadwa; f The stumer ARAOO will sail November 9. F' OR LIVERPOOL?POSITIVELY! THE FIR8T SI leaving,?The splendid clipper ship RICHARD S. E Captain Livingston, naving beaten the DmidnaiKht, 1st [ acknowledged to be the fastest ship afloat, and will haul i t the stream to-morrow. Captain Livingston Is well kne l for his humane treatment to passengers, and has spaied expense in lilting up his ship for their comfort and cot nlence. For pnssase apply on Hoard ship, pier U East Rl' or to JOSEPH MURPHY, SI South street. 5 TJIOR LIVERPOOL? TAP8COTTB LINE-SAILS P Saturday, September 21, the splendid packet I GUY MANNERING; early application should be mnd? secure passage, by applying on board, at pier 3H East rivet to TAPHCOTT 4 CO., &i South atree a fOR LIVERPOOL?OLD BLACK STAR LINE ?T J n*e.ket ship CYNOSURE sails 23d of September; ' CHANCELLOR, 26:h of September; the CULTIVAT i lit or Ortober For passage apply on boird, or to w b LIA*M8 A Qt'ION, <0 Fulton rtreei. Black ball line of packets for liverpooi The splendid fust nailing clipper ihlp YURK8H] i, sails i n Monday, 23<1 September. This ship has beaten Druudnought on three successive vovaces arrows the Ailai For passage apply on board, foot of Bmluuau street, 1 river, or to JACOB WILSON, 106 rionth street. T TJIOR LONDON.?SAILS THIS DAT, SHIP PATR1 ? J HENRY, from pier 19 East river. Passengers take 1 second cabin, state rooms and found in provisloli* at rodi steerage prices. For passage, 4c., apply to TUOS. C. ROC 83 South street. Fob london.-the favorite packet si LADY FRANKLIN, at pier 37 Eaat river, sails Tuest 21th Inst. This ship has a tine second cabin. Apply on boi or at the offlo* of Thompson's Black Star line, 2K Pearl si ! 1?0b california via panama. ' X A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, 1 k and Utt of each month, eicept when these dates fall <>n-.* day. when the day of departure will be on the Monday lowing. J For fringht or passage apply at the only offlre, No. 5 B ling Orccn. D. B. ALLEN, Agcn Australian shippers' line.?for iielbol'n direct. The superior A1 clipper ship CONTINENT unsurpassed accommodation for first and seoooa ela&s | f'neers, and guaranteed llrst ship off. Apply on board, i IS East river, or to FISHER, RICARDri k CO., 84 V street. Australia pioneer line?currying t United States Mails.?The superior A1 British clip ship SIAH Is now loading for Sydney, N. 8. W., and will positively Octob# 15. To first class passengers this ship j sents unusual attractions, having cublns both above and low deck, of unusual size and pcrtecUy ventilated. Shi pi will please bear In mind that she sails under the Priilah 1 thereby saving them the extra rate of Insurance charged American bottoms. For freight or passage apply to R. CAMERON, 90 Beaver street. FOB australia?first vessel TO sail.?T fine first class clipper ship JACK FROST, now load for Melbourne, will be despatched on or about October 1. freight of passage, having splendid accommodations for t an.I second cabin passenger*, :>ppiynn board at pier 101 river, or to MAILLER, LORD A QCEKEAU, No. 108 V street. FOR RIO JANEIRO, LOTA (NEAR VALPARAI; and Sau Francisco.?The Pacific Nail Steamslilp C pany will despatch their new steamship CONSTITUTIt 3.300 tons burthen, from New York for the above ports, oi about 1st to 1Mb November Bext. Cabin passage to Rio ) Cabin passage to Lota. Cabin i itssojee to San Francisco Fir iglit will also be taken for San Francisco if sufficient dneements are offcied. Apply at the otllcc of the oompu 8S Wall street. For HAVANA DIRECT. The United Staien mail stoamship COLUMBIA, Ricnn Adams, U. S. N , (Vimmander, ? Completely armed with riiled cannon, and manned United States seamen, will leave p;er No. 4 North river Tuesday, 21th inst., at 11 o'clo k A. M. precisely. All letter* must pass through the Post office. Passenger* must procure their pasporu before secui passage. , For freight or passage apply to SPOFFORD, TILESTOl 1 Co., 29 Broadway. FOR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P. The British and North American royal mail steams KARNAK, CapL Le Mesurier, will Rail for the above po from the company's wharf, Jersey City, on? Saturday Septcuihei r Monday t'ctolei Monday Novembei Passage money to Nassau ' Passage money to Havana ' For freight or passage apply to ~ E.CUNARD, 4 Bowling Grcc; ' STEAMBOATS. ~ MORNING line FOB PEEK8KILL?THE AURO leaves Jay street daily, at 8 a. H. (Sundays ! JVikskllL Lands at Wnl Tenth and Thirtieth aire Yopkers, Hastings, do'ifcs' Kerry, Tarrytown, Sing 81 I Haverstray, Grassy Point and Verplank's. ON SUNDAY, AND EVERY DAY, POR NEWA1 fare 13 cents, ami Bergen IVInt, fare 10 cents. Steal THOMAS P. WAY, leaves pier No. ?) North river, foo J Dey street, at 10% o'clock A. M. and ifi P. M. SUNDAY BOAT POR YONKERS, HASTINOS, DOB; Peny, Tarry town, Sine Sing, Havrrstraw, Weat Pol Cold Spring, Cornwall and N'ewbtitc.?Steamer BROADW leave* pier root of Jay street, touching at A runs and Thirtl streets, every Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, i leave Newburgat 1 o'clock; Hnverstraw, ; Sing Sing, ! Tarnrtown, 3J(; Dobl?s' Kerry, 4>4; Hastings, 4 25; Yonki ( 6- E?curalon tickets to all landings at reduced prices. SUNDAY BOAT POR KBYPOBT.?THE STEAM GEORGE LAW will leave every Sunday, from pie North river, between Robinson and Barclay streets, at 8 ii I M., landing at Union, Roaavllle, Totten's and Perth Ami ' Returning, will leave Keyporl at 3 P. M., camp meeting Totten's, and Middletown Point. I - SUNDAY BOAT KOB GLEN COVE?LANDING . Whiteatone, Strattonport, Great Neck, City Is,and N Bochelle.?The favorite steamer M A YKLOWEU leaves Rob 1 son street. North river, at 7 U, James street at 0:30, Delan " street at 8:49s Eleventh street at , and Twenty-sixth street | 9:10. Returning, leave* Glen Cove at 3 P. X. STBAMEB LONG ISLAND LEAVES JAMES 81 every day (Sundays excepted) at 3?o?clock P. M , Northport. making the Intermediate landing*. Leaves Noi I port at 3:30 A. M. Pare from Glen Core 20 cents; fr l Sands Point and Great Nook 10 cents. Prelght from O I Cove, Sands Point and Great Neek reduced lo suit the Urn | horse* 30 centa, and all other freight la proportion. ! CL.OTHIWO. ~~ At ecekiel'8 old stand-ladies andges ran obtain the following prices for their eaauo7 We Ing Apparel. From $6 to $25 for utile dinwi; from $S to I for 6?u, and from $1 to S3 for rant*; aim carpet*, jewel Ac. A note by post punctually attended to by EZEIvII 134 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Twenti' streets. Ladies attended to by Mr*. E. A TTENTION??LADIES AMD GENTLEMAN, IF Y( A wl?h to gat the fall value of your caat off Clothing, t ! |M<h and Furniture, the heat thing you can do ia to aeui | note to F. HARRIS, 1M Seventh avenue; there you may convinced you will be dealt with to your satiafuction. Lad attended to by Mrs. Hartia. IM Seventh avcuue, ucarTw tj-firat aire ex. Abetter chance for ladies and gentlemi to diapoae of their cast off Clothicg, Carpet*. Kurnitu I Jewelry.?I guarantee to pay 20 per cent more than unj dr er In the city. Call on or add rest J. Anlialt, 153 Sevei i avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-tirst sued*. Lad i attended by Mrs Anh:i'.t. A great quantity of cast off clothin Furniture, Carpets ?nd Jewelry wanted, to S'toply I , W 's'eni market. I| <y a* folhnvs;?For olHc Drf??ea Tn (Id to 53'>. Coat* fci:i $1 to SIS; 1'nnU trooiSl Mt<i ! i r.ill on or address A. tH'CAS, tl^ Seventh avenue, betwt T? .itv-fourth and T.veuty.iiltli surocts. Ladies aiundcd Mr*. D. rEW YORK HERALD, SATD _ RALES OP R1BU KSTATB. SO A eorNTRY RKSTdENCK TO KXCIIANOK FOIt IIAUJx. l?m lots or other property; home and 9 lots well stock. lila ed with fruit, nUililc, Ai., near MorrisnnU. O. W. DITt'HE JT, L.j We-itchoster Land . flloi , crner of Ol.itbum nod Chamber* ' street*, brown (tone building, second lloor. ;? AfSOOD BAKU A IS.- V l'Kl:SON IIA VIMS A GOOD 5 A Farm In Iowa, uflA) acres ll.-st rute land, mar it comity 11 scat, wo.ilri aril the same low, at $1,000, and lake in eichanuR . a small house and lot, or other ri al cMhM !n this i-tty, RruOKlyn or Williams! iitk, Worth about $2,00& Address Iowa, 90 Harald olllce. S3 : 38 l^ARM FOIt SALE?SITU ATKD IN THE TOWN OF ? HiinUngUin, Long Island. The :ai 111 la m a good utate km, of cultivation, well adaptod for a gentleman's country seat; good buildings, water, Ac.; will be sold lew. pur purlfcttlars eta apply to E. A. CON KLIN, coal and wood cilice, Atlantic ool street, Brooklyn. For sale?house and lot 407 fourth btreet; one of the most convenient, pleaauut and veil built in house* In the city. Will bo sold cheap; only ten per cent la on money wanted, or no mouey it'aeourud. 407 Fourth street. j. woodward'. ir'i TPOR BALE OB EXCHANQE?A BEAUTIFUL COT1 " -I tage, In the village of Dobbs' Ferry, Westchester counlllu ty, with every convenience and most extensive views of tlio *ej river and countrv. Aiiply to C. OLIVER, 51 Litvcrty street, ur 10 COL'ZENS, on the premises. TT'OR SALE OB EIOIIANOE-A LARGE. NEW, DOUi ble brown stona front House, three stories, high stoop, lB projecting roof, with cupola; stairs solid black walnut; the louse contains all the modern improvements, and is built in tho best manner; shunted on Eighth avenue and 1'Mih street, nt, being the pleasure avenue from Central Parlt to McCnrab'c Dam aud High Bridge. There are fuur full lots of ground, carriage house, Ac. This is u very desirable piece of uroporty, and will be either sold or exchanged for oilier city property. Apply to It. S. IIAIOHT, 23 South strcut. 1POR SALE ob TO LET?in HARLEM, on EASY terms, a Cottage aad Lot on 114th street, between First I1'" and Second avenues; the houae has UroUin water, gas, gas fixtures and marble mantels in it. Only $600 down required. >rD Inquire ol' A. J. WALSH, iu the liquor store corner of 123d f(ir street and Third avenue, Harlem. For sale, t$) let or exchange for a farm? One or two line four story brown stone front Dwellings, L'_ between Fifth and Sixth avenues, obniaitiiug all tlio modern inn improvements, and iu good order. For particulars aUdreaa C' box laOHuraldoffice. h'P rno MARKET OARDENER8.-TWENTY ACRES OF 1 arable, level Land, on a plank road, between Jamaica and Hempatead, to lease for a term of years at a moderate rent. Small house, bum ami well on the premises. Inquire of O. W. DITCHETT orOEORUE H. PURSER, corner of ' Chatham aud Chambers streets. ur "\VrANTFD?A PEW ACBES OF LAND NEAR THIS s? ' ' cltv, lu exchange t'orajarm in Wisconsin. Address F. (m C. C., Bible house, station D Post olQee. r. l?OR SALE IN BROOKLYN.?ONE OF THREE BROWN ? 1? stoue Houses I n Portland avenue, between Lafayette ;\y and De Kalb avs., four hundred feet from Washington Park, le.l *lx hundred yards from Fulton avenue. A sphindla location. lm. Price $ii,400. Can be |>ald for bygtnstalments If required. At-ply to T. B. JACKSON, on tho premises. T*'ESTCHESTEB COUNTY.?FOR SALE, A DESIRAm ble Farm uf forty acres. It has two hundred apple trees, one hundred cherry, pears, apricots, grapes, Ac. Build[, tags mostly new. A stream of water before tho door. Inquire of ALEX. OSTBANDEK, No. 1 Park place. a. : TIT ANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL HOUSE AND t. " Lot, some place on this island, not farther up than Kin; Abridge; must bo moderate In price. Address C. B., IV Iicr..Id oilier, stating price, when and where it can be seen , J^ im mediately. ,-er, ' FPU SAI..K. ?S* TJUTCHER SHOP FOR SALE CHEAP?WITH FIX ;' f I) tares and three Joars' Isaac. Apply at the shop, 790 Third u venue. r TiAKERY FOR 8ALE?IK EIOHTH AVENUE, AT A I) bargain, with lease of fixtures and route, now doing a good business, will tie sold for very little money as the owner iIP must leave the city immediately. Apply at the*City Mills, 70 LY We?t Thirty-seventh street. nto PANAL BOAT FOR SALE?ON" FAVORABLE TEBMS, >wn recently rebuilt, and in llrst rata order. Apply to SIMPSON, SNELLlNG A CO., rler 30 East river. rcr* Twining saloon for sale?best location in ' I f New Turk, and will make fortune if properly at ended to; food reasons given for selling. Apply to C. F. CON A NT, 343 Washington street. lh|P p ROCERY STORE FOR SALE CHEAP-ON EIGHTH 1 \JT avenue; good location and low rent. Inquire of MATT~'Lor LACE A BEURMAN, 173 Went street. 1?OR SALE.?SIX YEARS' LEASE OF LONG ESTABHE X lished hotel, with entire new furniture throughout, dothe lag an excellent business. Located west side of Broadway, OR, near principal steamers and railroad depots. Poor health 'IL- cause of selling. 133 Broadway, ri >m 4. ? l?OB SALE?300 TONS MEXICAN AND CALIFORNIA L-? J? Rosewood, Mora Wood and M.'hoirutiy, In quantities to [RE suit purchasers, at low prices, by WM. T. CuLEMAN A CO., the S8 Wall street. Itle. 5ast TTIOR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED SEC Alt STORE, I? with Barroom attached, near the Academy of Music and Wallnek's new theatre: also the second and third Floors [CK u> lrl- Would answer for families, liMlglng or club rooms. A i In g?-jhe:td business man can make a fortune. Inquire In the 1M.<j store, 816 Broadway. ue' t7*or sale?a large corner liquor store, X doing a good cash trade; a large stock; well lilted up; Hp the best location In the Fourth ward. Good reason for i.'lllav "V- Apply at 17V Chatham street. "a; j. P. TRAVBR, Aactloneer. ? ITOR SALE?the cheapest steam enoink8 and J? Boilers in N?iw Yori, new and seootid hand, of three, llth fo'.r, six, eight, twelve, twenty and ninety horse uower, at 3a lun. Gi is-voort street, Iwttveen Greenwich and W:\shlnn l<>u. ful- Ninth avenue cars pass the door going down. J. W^LIE. ow- TTO't SALE?2,700 LBS. JAPANESE LOTAGE ROOT, t. r lWbbls. (ti.260lbs.) California Glue, Gttlos. Japanese Ver 'i ;i U, lti quantities to suit, ai low prices, by WM. T. N-E I'Ui.KMA.N A CU . 88 Wall street. 'IS.4 1?0R SALE-THB STOCK OF CROCKERY AND GLA3SJ*"' JD ware of ft Jobbing house of lone standing, doing a Westrail l rn' Northern and near by trade of $.K),000 to $fl0.(?*r with ft* good will. Stock small and well assorted, at a low tlfiiro for cash. Address box 181 Post oOioe. WOE SALE?THE FIXTURES OF A FIRST CLASS JJ?ji r Oroceiy, un Eighth avenue, now doing a good cash ... . trade. WIM( be sold nrap If applied for aoon. Inquire at MO Eighth avenue, In the butcher s shop. TTIOR SALE-THE LIQUOR STORE, WITH THREE r years' lease of the house and store; house ell occupied If with good tenants; nice accommodations for a faintly at tho hark of the store. For particulars inquire at 187 First avenue, in the tea store. Una T?<>R SALE-A LIQUOR SALOON, I If A OOOD LOCVF?r ? lion, frtM $700; one one $3U0. A e-nteel Otllce irst Business, i.nyliiif handsomely, $330, wish. A Hotel, $6,000, !??t cash. Apply to Oeneral Agency, 40 Nassau (tract. fall FOR SALE-THE LEASE, STOCK AND FUTURES OF the Bowery Fruit Store and Sampl" Rinm, 7S Bowery, adjoining the New Bowery Theatre. Price $300 cash. Inom 1u,re "n t',n premises. TTOR SALE?A DININO SALOON: ONE OF THE BEST J locations in the city. Inquire at No. 00 Vesey street, op. HflO poaite Washington market. TjlOR SALE, THE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF THE 1 in- " two story House and Liquor Store, together with tlio ?y Blacksmith's ahop on the rear of the lot, situated on the " southeast corner of Slity-seeond street and Ninth avenue. The fixtures of the store are worth twice the amount asked. Kor.partlculsrs apply to J. RE I LI AT, corner of Twenty-ninth Ktr -et and Ninth avenue, or to JAMES CU8HINO, Auctioneer, No. 499 Ninth avenue. by 17'OR SALE AT A BAROAIN?A CONFECTIONERY 0n JD Business, well established, with all conveniences Mor manufacturing. A nun that has worked on the premises five year*, and thsrebv understands the business, will stay If ing wanted. Corner of Thompson and Canal streets. Si TTIOR SALE AT A BAROAIN OR TO LET?A FOUR 1? story English basement House in West Thirty-eighth ? street, with all Modern improvements. In perfect order; cfiindeliers, Ac. Apply to JAMES MOORE, No. 5Boormau place, hip West Thirty-third street. rls, _ T7IOR SALE, CHEAP?THE BEST LOCATED DININO r 14 X; and Drinking Saloon down town; the present owner i ll kept ]t for the l:<st i:ine years. Doing a large trade; well r 11 litted up; giod rea3^>n for seillns. Apply to J. P. TRAYER, Auctioneer, 170 Chatham street. IjlOR SALE. CHEAP FOR CASH OR EXCHANGE? 1 A good three story house In South Brooklyn, in firnt rate ? ot jer, with four lots, including garden, and free from all eni smbranee, or would exchauge for a good house and store si: nate ki Bmoklvn, well located for a genteel milllnTy busl?, n> ss. Apply to C. J. EDMONDS, 60 Nassau street, New Vork. N. is.?Xo a.ent n -e<l apply. HARDWARE, STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE. "01 I 1 and tttiiN* to l#?t? Knh?*r fnrmak or Hpnl *?;??? will ? uk'-n, or a Farm will be taken. Apply at 3oJ El,;l. -k avenue, [K at tbe itore. ?of T A ROE IRON PANS OR TANKS FOR SALE CHEAP? XJ Suitable for Oil Manufacturers or Soap Mnk rn, neerly new; also 25 Soap 1'rnmea. Apply at the New York Olive ggt Company'* factory, K'-ut avenue, near Rush atrtet, Bru>kInt, *>"' E eth PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR SALE AT A BARriji X gain?Palace of Art, No. 13>j Bowery, the most exten\u. aire, replete with everything pertaining to the art, elegantly ,Jy fitted up, long established and doing a good bualneui. Apply on tbe premises. ER PETROLIC* OIL REFINERY FOR SALE?INCLID, 2ii -L luz Bullillnga, Stills, Tanks, Steam Engine, Machlnt rr. L A Ac., In fine order, ca|table of turning out on- hundred barrels ?y of oil per week. Apply to W. W. FOWLER, 11 Wall street ! nUARTZ rOOK MILLS AND PATENT FOB SALE. VZ Concedod by miner* to be the very beat for reducing _ r<? k and other nard substances to nn Impalpable (>owder, 41 with hardened ahliilng grinding surfaces easily changed. *w SOUTH WICK * WOOD, 82 Nassau street, iln- ? ?? .??. OTEAM.-FOR SALE, A SIX HORSE POWER PORTA'** O Me Steam Engine, complete and In good order; also two Woodward Steam Pumps; h:?Ye beon used but a short limp. ip Inquire at or address Brooklyn Stoam Boiler Works, 107 ,J_ Water atreet, between Bridge and Jay. X WILLIAM FINNRT A CO. ?m fpo BUTCHERS ? FOR SALE CllEAP, TWO STALLS, len X 17 and 19 Essex market. a; . r CLOTHIERS?CUTnNO TABLES.?TWELVE OR fifteen walnut Cutting Hoards for sale, at a sacrifice, by a bonne quitting businesa. Apply at tbe clothing store, nnder the Trade anien s Bank, corner of Broadway and Rcade atreet, T8 or addreaa box 8*d Post oflice. fLS TTTEST WASHINGTON MARKET.-THE FIRST RATE ry, ?? DouWe Stand, VI and 298 Fulton pier. West WashlncMEEHAn'''?r,a'e Inquire a* above, of the owner, T. F., ? ~A "RfiT CLASS IXTELLIOENCB OFFICE r.rj vOv'Ui best paying In the city, for sale at a sacrifice, the owner having a cummiation In the nrinv. I'ro.'lts from S25 to , j $40 weklv. Addreea g. L , boa 138 Herald -ninp. lea CiQftA WILL Bl;T 0UT A GOOD BOARDING AND ?PO" >\J Porter house, with good Ftabllns attached, and conranlent to lh? Albany, Ronton nail Philadelphia boato. Apply, fur three liny*, at 133 Liberty itrect. GftOH CASH WILL PURCHASE A FIRST CLAS8 v'JvW Oy*ter Saloon, lilted up In good ?tylr, and doln? llh- a : i"l i>u*lnrm, ultimted on one of tlie nrtnuipnl thorouchI rnif -:, on tir*t Uoor. Uood reaaoni for Mlllng. AddrrM A. B., 11-raW oOW*. EXPRESSES. in TJI'RN'HAM'S FUFtN'TTl'RE EXPRESS AND PACKIXQ (J. JJ pMrtliilnliment, 113 W<?t Rli-voulh i-trect, b -Uwc t F;I'tli fa and Sltth nwnne*. Household nirnltnro box.vl nn<l ?hlpj>ed to aii pir.* '-he v\ nl I. Covered * ?i?* fur ra!uj\iu? turuiiurc lato llic ouuutry. Fuiulturv >Wre*. rRDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1 a3huskmkwt8. Wintkb oahden. to-niuiit and rvhhr mronr. TUB BRILLIANT AND BRAITTTKLL COMfcDIBHNE, MIts JOHN WOOD, Will appear in the cliarniiiiu liurlesuue or cinderella. Which lms been produc d wllh nuw Music by the Conductor, Charles Koppltn, liHudlng n new medley overture, and a Flocoh) Flageolet obllmito. ( t KopplU and ijothlun, both ol' Which are alghtlv r -reived with ail ENT1KJ8IAHTI0 ENCORE. New and Mutant aoenury by Ueiz, and u"w and *tartltnij effoc'a. Til# east include* In addition to Mrs. John Wood, Mr*. W. R. Blake, S.;.-rrei, Miss AdaClllU n, Lothian, Messrs. V. If. Davenport, Lewis II,Iter, Harry Pearson, L. 8zollo?y, la Mrs. Wood, in addition to the exqubite music of tho burlesque, ha* Introduced wlihlu the last lewnl^htathu following rare and beautiful morceuux:? Duetto marzlale, Allegro linmoileratocon fusse and feather auo, from the nperu "Olovanue Hullo nello Raggubou Jo." While we're here If they Interfere, Won't we give them a warning. HK.1, JOHN WOOD aud MR. L. BAKER Also the oelcbrated aria andante eon furtu e'tcuerczza, froui the opera II Barbie del Nuove Turku.

What*, rojv dc dow dow, When; waa ( Patterson. MRS. JOHN WOOD. Both of which arc received with unbounded acclamations of delight. 8i>eaktng of tho new Introductions and alterations In the piece tho Hxbald Kays:?The burlesque itself has been very much luproTed since Its Unit representation. As wo suggested, m vera! comic songs. In her old fiopular style, have been Interpolated la Mrs. Wood'a pari, and are received with 'inbounded applause. Changes, slight but Important have also buen made In the dialogue, dresses and stage business; the scenery ha* MTcral lieautllul cflects, and the whole play Is now excellent, amusing ami ai>ro|>og. The Tribune says:?The burlesque "Cinderella" has been greatly improved by the Introduction Into It of Illimitable fun. Mrs. John Wood haaa nightly re-enforcement ol spirits, aiid sins* several comic souk* of a patriotic bearing wltn extreme eloquence. Applause greet* her eO'orta. Where the piece waa weighty It ha* been tilled with light, and the ll'MlAPV. makd ihft IlllialfV and th? Kail At arn /? auJ #ku? II Ilk I capital entertainment. I MELODEON, 339 broadway, the iiall of amet lea, open every night. MELODBON, 639 Broadway, open every night with the LARGEST company in THE world. All the talent In the city couccntrated at the Melodoon. Second week of ANNETTA OALLETTI And Mons. VELARDE, Acknowledged by all 10 be the two best dancers in.the world. First week of a new ballet, entitled LA MAJA DE SKVILLA. The following t itemed arilsts are attached to the MeUxleon, and will appear nlglitlv in the various rjles ? Mr. j. II. oodftn, Ml-s EVA BRENT, Slgnorina annetta oallettt, Mons. VELARDE, Miss ERNESTINE DE FAtBER, Mr. R. HART, Prof. NICHOLS AND SON, Mis* KATE I'ENNOYKR, Mind ADELE CALLA, Miaa J08EPHl.Ni; BERNARD, GUSTAYE BIDAUX, vi8i FANNY CLIFFORD. Miss ADELAIDE MILLEU, BEN YATES, And his ballet troupe of TWENTY riYE BEAUTIFUL YOU NO LADIES. The entire troupe of ihe Mclodeon making a mammoth COMPANY OF ONE UUNDRED STAR PERFORMERS, Appearing In all the various profe clonal specialties over aubmitted to the public. No overtures or ti llnis walta between acta. Admission, 13 cents; orchestra chairs, 25 cents; scatsIn private bnxe*, SO cents. Bryants' minstrels, Mechanics' Hull, 172 Broadway, above Grand afreet. Monday, September 16, and every night duriug the week, TIN PAN-O NI-AN RAW RECRUITS. S. C. Campbell lu hi* popular Ballads and Warbllnga. 1HE STRANGER. Mrs. nailer Eph Horn?The Stranger Dan Bryant CHAMOX or TIKE. Door* open at half past aix; curtaiu rises at a quarter to eight. Tickets 39 cent*. Secession is dead. The Smith lias had enough to do. Wc lire glad ot that; For It's an undisputed Tact that victory is sure and true. HURRAH! HURRA III! IIURRAII!!! The world-famttd Cabinet of Wonders and Anatomy will open lu Broadway. when! next WEEK. Grand union exhibition of the war.-this lathe must timely entertainment of the day. It combines three great attractions:? 1. a splendid nnd accurate Panorama, pointed by eminent artlata and exhibited with dLiramle effects, presenting a moat Imposing and graphic vlaw of the principal places and events connect'-d with the war. 2. a popular Leci ure on the most exciting topic of the times, containing ju-t the Information dctdred by the people. 3. A Muslcul Entertainment, Instrumental and vocal, by that well known plmlst and vocitlUl. (1-o. H. Ru -sell. Ho;>e Chapel (upper hall), 730 Broadway, every evening (Siiiiaya excepted;. Doors opeu at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. Cards of admission, 25 cents; children hall' price. A matinee every Wednesday aud Saturday afterno in * at three o'clock, for the accommodation of families and schools, at a reduced price. Ladies and oentlemen of acknowledged talent, desirous of i-nitauement for the SEASON OF EDWIN FORREST, at th> academy OK MUSIC, BOSTON, Commencing on the SOth inst., will address Immediately james m. NIXON. XI.h.n II.,,..] v..... v'.oV The union, as spring street, between broad. way an J Crosby, Free and Easy Monday and Situr.lajr. Free and Kuty. E. Hardin#, Fred. May, E. Harding, Frea May. Tho best uln^inx, the Iwnt liquors, the best scg.trs, the; beat nln?. Also, the moit convivial coini any, with tho greatest attention to tho comforts of their patroiu. By NED BIDET A TOM DONMELl.Y. A f A AMERICAN CONCERT HALL. 441 444 BROADWAY. THE CELEBP.ATF.D ORK1N FAMILY, THE CELEHRATKD OKUI.N FAMILY, In their classical tiynnutic Groupings. AAA AMERICAN OONCERT HALL, 1't^b 444 441 BROADWAY. DICK MARKS. DICK MARKS. AAA AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, 4r/XZt 441 BROADWAY. THE CELEBRATED ORRIN FAMILY, THE CELEBRATKO OK.'tIN FAMILY, THE CELEBRATED OKRIN FAMILY, In their wouderful performance. CARTER'S VARIETIES. OPENIVO NICIIT, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 31, 1881, With a talented company. pretty waiter girls. l'RETTY WAITER OIRLS. &V4 Broadway, one door I rnm B jnd street. Admittance 6ccnU:.orchestra souls 12 cents. TO MANAGERS, ACTORS AND OTHERS WDOM IT may concern.?By an act of Congriwa. passed for the prolection of anfhors andprorrletors of dramatic composition, Police li hereby uiven that I have purchased from Mr. Charles White the copyright <>f hi* original productions consisting of the following Ethiopian Dramas. Farces and Burlesques, consisting of "Mnffeppa," "United State* Mall," -'The Coopers," "Old Dad's Cabin," "Rival Lovers," "Sham Doctor," "Jolly Millers,'' "Vlllim* and his Dinah/' "Quack Doctor," "Mvstlo Spell," "The Black Sluiue," "Uncle Jeff," "Mischievous Nigger," "Black Shoemakere," "Magic Penny," "The Wreck," "Portrait Painter," "Hop or Fashion," "Thieve* nt the Mill," "Comedy of Errors" and "Is it a Ghost." The above mirthful uegro plays have been published under Mr. While's supervision, and all parties Infringing upon the same will be dealt with according to law. FREDERICK A. BRADY, 24 Ann street. Great expectations.-to managers.?tne dramatic adaptation (In lour acts and a prologue) of DlCkens'last and greatest work, by Madame Juiie Mtrguerttti s. Is now lieing played, with unpurall ded success at the Waluut street Theatre, and Is pronounced by press, profession and public to be the greatest Drama of the age. Managers desirous of producing this piece can obtain copies and street, Philadelphia. Ethiopian performers wanted?three or four good performers can meet with goo I eng.g 'inents by applying inimeUialely at the Mclodcon. 537 Broadway. Minstrels.?performers of acknowledged uilsnt wautlug situations for the full ami winter will arldnss fur a few l.iys J. T. Hl'NTLEY, Manager, Mrs. Matt Peel's Campbell Minstrels, box 195 Herald office. TITANTED-FOR HITCHCOCK'S NATIONAL CONCERT T T Hull, 172 new Cmal street, a go >rt ballad Dinger ; one capibln of doing middle business; a good engagement can be had If a first class performer. Apply this day between 10 and 12 o'clock. WANTED?TWO BALLET GIRLS FOR A CONCERT saloon, at 037 Broadway. Call this day, between 2 and S o'clock p. M. _ XXTANTED?A LADY DANSUE8E, GIRLS FOR THE TT ballet, sentimental and comic singers, men for fnnny business tc., Ac. Apply at the Varieties, 6M Broadwuy. Also, waiter girls. B" owery theatre to let?with scenery, wunlrobe and properties. Immediate possession given. Apply to JOHN S. GILES, Receiver, Ac., 34 Elizabeth street. DRY POOPS. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. E. 8. MILLS A CO. OFFER TO CASH BUYERS GREAT BARGAINS IN CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. AT NOS. 342 AND 344 BROADWAY. DiVt GOODS.?A BANKRUPT STOCK SELLING AT A sacrifice, at 37 Chamber* street. Silks, Laces. Dress Goods, Mcrlnoes, Capes, Hosiery, Buck Gloves, woollen Knit Goods, Ac. Merchants are invited to call. ~~ MILLINERY. A CARD.?MRsT WM. SIMMONS TAKES PLEASURE in announcing to her customers and tbe Udtes thpt she will open fall style* of Paris Millinery of the latest novelties oil n edneaday, September ZS. Mr?. WM. 8IMMON8, <B7 Broadway. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FALL MILLINERY NOW ready for the wholesale trade. I'attrrn Bonnets always on h.ind. Merchant* and milliner* are invited to rail and examine before purchasing. Mrs. W. SIMMONS, 037 Broxdway Fall millinery.?mrs. dayidson, usbleecker street, has the pleasure tn announce that she will open on Tuesday next, Sept. 34, a oholoe selection of Paris Full and Winter MilUnery, the latest modes, at rcry moderate price*. 125 Blceoker street, west of Broadway. J1LOWER8. Some of the fairest trltlea In creation are ornamental flowers. A speciality In BRIDAL WREATH3 AND BOUQUETS, are the perpetual favorites of civilized society. JAMES TUCKER,'739 Broadway. T EXCVBSIORI. C1HEAP EXCURSION TO CAMPS ON STATEN ISLAND. J Kare six centu by Staten Island fert-v, foot of Whitehall street, between the Buttery and South' ferr*. Boats leave every hour from t>A. M. to 7 P. M. On Hne 'Sundays every half hour to 7 P. M. Four days more for starting on PERHAM'H GRAND INTERNATIONAL excursion. For full particulars see i<dvertiaemi-ul in new YORK times TO-DAY. Ci HEAT SPORT AT FORT HAMILTON.?TWO HI NF dred and ten weak flab tnk?n jc?i< rday, by a party of two. In two hour*. Bouts, tackle, liitt, Ac*, in abundance, U,1.1 ..II It,., n. in ., tnm.. I ho Ik.. ... I ber, was cue vi ih** yariy. aPRIaS fiTlljLW'ELL, btutmbotl laaiUng, kvri IlaiuiUoi*. 861. _ AMIT8EMENTS. Laura keener theatre. TUi? popular place ol ftniinu'ment wlU rc-optm oil MONDAY NEXT, SEI-TKMBKK 23, i On whli h oooaalun will jirvn'utfd n now mid lndwribablo duriiiilty of U'crature, comprUing Comedy, Fim, Burlct^iv.', ?iH;cUidi', Melodrama, Op. ru, Ballet, Ac., KNT1TI Kl> TIIK b , , SEVEN SONS. I iiili Im-nmprehendble umKH of dminntlc not .' niii'b b"?:i nungcd in illr.-.* iot?, without the r-IUIiIwit uiu-iiipl ?t CitaR- / ?i. II o! nl ,t,?... ,.il>.iiliu .. . . 1. . . . 1 . 1 1 fiiniUlihiy amusement and provtAluK laughter, T?IB DISTINGU ISHED DRAVlATlbTOl- THE OCCASION f Hopes toi tuivn iorined h constellation of surpassing beauty | ol'tbe follo w I'm liilll|,u,t stars:? MISS LAURA Kl:i NE. MR8. J. II ALLEN. 1 MISS SARA STEVENS. M US. LOTTV FlOCOlf. M US. CHANKKaU. MDI.KS. MAUI A A^NU AUNHS. DILLON. <H STA. MRS. MA It LOWE. MISS FRANCES. ft MISS IONK Hl'RK.E Ml;-s EVKKLTT. MISS ROBERTSON. I N It. J. G. BURNETT, MR. J. H. STODDARD .MR. LEVICK, MIt. DILLON, MR FKTERS, Slit. C. hi ItjiF.TT, Mil. DALY, Mil. IIILIIY, MR. MARLOWE, MR. RICH VRDSON, 4c. THE Ml'SIC OF THIS OLLA VODKIDA, Including A NEW OVERTURE, Introducing * fairy Minuet, c-iinuo* d and arrange! by THOMAS HIKER. Alto the follnwInR enlre'aetes:? A NEW MBDLBY QUADRILLE, or popular melodic* of ihu day, Willi nolo* for all tho princliwl Instruments, Ac. NEW MILITARY GALLOP, NAPOLEON, with solo for b>-lls, Ac. THE EXQUISITE SCENERY I* painted by celebrated artist*, whose names aro appended to their works. TIIB NEW AND ELABORATE MACHINERY BY MR. JOHN M. SMART. Norcl properties and appointments by Mr. Heury and assistants. The piooe will be presented with tho following CAST OF CHARACTERS: Diavoline, an old favorite, formerly one of tho Seven Sister* Mix* Lann Keeno Columl'la Mrs. .1 II. A i Satanella, another of the Seven Sinters. . .Mm Sura Stevens Tartarus, afterwards Ilto, a Yanked h.> I Ilezekiah Feabody, a Yankee peddler M -. Lotty Hoti^h Asmodeua, afterwards Hank, a fast l.oy, afterwards Mile Marie, a French lady Mrs Chautruu Dlavolus, afterwards Tim Toggles, an Imported tiger, afterwards Dr. Dusliaway, au equestrienne Mlwlone Burke Molasses, afterwards Jaek, a sailor Mis; Frances Rtiadamauthus, afterwards Harry, a newsboy... ..Mrs. Dillon Sulphur" urward* Hans, a Dutch boy, alterward." inli"ii pumper neckel Mrs. Marlowe Mephls- .ill , rwan.s a youug man almut town. Miss Robertson Pluto, King of Iladus, afterwardsCull'ee, irrepressible as ever, in everybody's way, continually breaking out 111 a now puce, with a new Union gong Mr. J. G. Burnett Caesar, afterwards Dr. Pussall, special war correspondent of the Thunderer, fuily impregnated I with the hellef that he who don't tight but runs away will certainly have the best cbancc of llv. ing to tight 011 another occasion Mr. Levlc Jake Butt, a New York boy, other than which no desrriptinn is M'-essanr Mr. II. F. Daly Fred. Flutter, an English fop, formerly an officer in the Crimea Mr. Marlowe Mickey MeQitinin, one of the great unwashed, u Sixth WHrd politician Mr. Dillon Machlavelll, afterwards Sleekwit, an unmitigated boUtlonwt Mr. J. II. BtOddMt Alexander, alterwardi Von Slyck, a gentleman of Teutonic origin, who has bum spoiled by lug appetite Mr. C. BurneM Policeman, one of the regular blue auJ pewter.... Mr. W. E. Richardson Imp Mr. J. D. Bilby Mn. Pluto, the mother of the Seven K..ns, as well as the maternal parent of the Seven Sisters (Jt is trusted the excellence of the tiint rendition of this charactcr will apologise for its second introduction) Mr. C.Peters ACT I?SCENE I. a dell in the cats kills?i.j. m. roberts.) Downline and SatanelU who were banished toourth last season, arc still out tn the cold. AIUUVAL OK MRS. PLUTO. subpkisk farty or the seven so!**, As though there were not lollies enough on earth, they let loose fifty more. DANCE OF THE FOLLIES, Those awful boys?llow to eel them buck from Nrw York. SCENE II?THE GATES OF IIADES-^I. M KoniiiiTS. Pluto on Humbug?An Irishman murd'-red?Oil Nick MachlavclU?Revolutions Domestic and Foreign?The Gals?Mrs. P.. where 1* *h." c mcTi-Her husband alter her. SCENE Ill-COLUMBIA S HOME ?M. LEWIS. A HOUSE OF MOURNING. A PICTURE OF ANARCHY?.Uinard Lewis. Sambo?Who shall be lirat In the laud of the fro ??Let me aloue. A FREE FIGI1T AND NO OOUGINO. THE SPIRIT OF '76 TABLEAU. THE BATTi.E OF BUNKER 1IILL-M *m:D LEWW. SCENE IV?A NEW YORK HOTEL. An Important il^er?MochluvelU ut work?l?r. Fjiasall, special correspondent of the Times?Doesn't think siiihU Is er of himself?Toe Fop and the Rowdy?Machiavo'.U's Appeal? Hifalutiu Nigger Daucc?It Won't Wash?Latrps and Rooster"' . THE SEVEN SONS ON EARTH A Brick Out of Place?A How?A Muscular Christian?Glorious One ou the Nose SCENE V.?CORAL CAVE.?J. M. Roberts. The Pearly Palace of Diavoiine, beneath the Crotoit Lake Till? FAIRY POLLYWOOS. FAS DE DEUX OF THE CORAL NYMPHS, MLLES. AUGUSTA AND MARIA. DHs.ttlsfactioiuii the Kaukatid File?An Arrest?Columbia's Sorrow, DRILL OF THE * POLLYW 00 S, By Misses Brerett, Harris. Valentine, Burt, Krvlng, CliTorJ, Scott, Dix, Brown, Smith, Welsh, Jones, GalwMf, l'ltt, Webb, Pratt, Weils, Smart, Yotin*, Black, Baker, Blake, Wuod, Orion, King, Price, Marks, llorton, Arthur, Clarke, Mseker, B. rke, Pond. Parks, Lewis, Leigh. Newton, Matthews, Marfclmtn, Lilile. Jackson. Hall, Hills,Derby, Franks, Lake, Ladd, Brailly, Ludlow and Clay. PLUTO AS A JOLLY fJflKlR, Running tiie Blockade?HI;)iI^ftlgm9Murti(]nrt of Mrs. P?Columbia?A Fishing ExeunkM* JlfiMI's Rights?DUwilue Exert Us* Her l'owt r. * ESCAPE OF PLUTO Al#f COLOMBIA. Mrs. P scrvcit with a lie exaM from GRAND TABLEAUX OF P0LLIW003. ACT 2, SCENE I. Tlt? SkATtKO Pokd.?J. M. Roberts. A frozen fop?Jake on skating machines?Skating on the Shannon.. Tun SEVKS SOWS OCT 0!C THE LOOSB. A female French woman?Young New York and his gal. a private slkighiho party Or one. Mrs. Pinto snow-balled?Jake as the protective of beauty In nwtrfMi?vounn lore?urn. r. as sweet juuei?noiuenouy hurt?Fu*t.ill's instfa again?A mnsical direction?A. Urge number uf nhip?? I nn II ;hU at n discount. r 111 It Bl>T3 AeC I.ANTI UNS, UI, ill, Bit Suug and I) im <; BT rn? BV-l* MlSi"1 VE* * ???. SCENE 2?A STREET IN NEW YORK. Thebojmon the w?l'h?A UiaW-UOr^'h ial*?Out on the tight ?A Utile mistake?A Min of thft tonjuo?Wlut's the un;e of iluvf?A Blight exchange?Porkc your waich and wat< h your uoeket? An M. I'.'un baud *Iien wanted, for a wou?ltr?The Sisters again. niAVOLINK FOKTIIK MOKTH. SATANVI.I.A roK Til* SolrTH. Columbia to l>e enticed from the Lake of Ltllles. The Times special Again?|k'?ie vou erer In the Crimeah? Letters lor Bull-dom. BULL BUN AND FUSSALL'S RUN. A Yankee I'edler?An Aburlcinal Ingir.?tlai.r Dye, Lam pa, A TRUE SOX OF SAM. A YANKEE BONO. SCKSK THIRD. COLUMBIA'S RETREAT. S-nnnMcre I nock in the depths ot' the forest. THE PEERLESS I'OOL OF WATER LILIES. SUMMONING OF COLUMBIA. ASCENT OF TilK Si'lRITS OK THE LAKE. Ac^'Virfrio'' Rcxsrc First?A Federal i'l-kt-L t'amp on the South Bank of the I'otonntr.?Minimi Ia'wI*. Tiie Picket Guard?Fusfall .ind Slcekwlt?Unwarrantable Impertinence?A i\?s?]ort Want ed?A Sentinel who don't know his Business?Brndder Blocker?Another Note?Bad Gunpowder?Wiiat it Docm?An Unexpectol Inquiry. lied, Wnlt" and Blue and the llrttish Lfon. A Dlsturl an e?The Enemy?FiiskuII don't want to aee any More?A non est Wis?Sieekwlt Absquatulates. The Emerald Greens?Onr Raw Recruits. One of the Greens?Bravery of the Irish?An Object to Fight for?Men Soup*. A Double Dnfh Sotir Oration. DRILL OF THE EMERALD GREENS. SCKXK ICCOKD?THE HALL Of JUSTICE I IT THK KLTILAJT FISLM. (Mlnard Lewis.) \r? \r~. ni.,i.-, vi...1;i;. ,, n..? u..~i.i.?Aiit-a Return?Ike?Thu Study of Domestic Pear*'?Over tbe L-ft? Columbia?A Favor?A Quarrel?A Habeas Granted?A Modem Judge. NORTH AMD SOUTH. THE XOBTH'S CIIAItGK AU.ll.NST THE SOUTH. THE SOUTIl'S DEfKMVE. A Trial by Combat?A Momentary Reverso?'The North at a Disadvantage. TH? WORTH ALL RIGHT AUAIW. cue MHAXs nonr COLUMBIA'S APPEAL FOK THE SOUTH. THE OLIVE OP MERCY. Mr*. P. Breaks Out Again?She Becomes a Lamb Again? The Hoys All Home?Mrs P. R'de.ised?Bully for All?A Fete Chainpctre In the Klyslan Fields In Honor of Columbia. THE UREAT WATTEAIT SCENE OK ARCADIAN NYMPHS RECLINING AMONGST T1IEIR FLOCKS Bv the Mountain Torrent of Real Water?(F. M. Robert.) Door* op-n at 6%. Comm?n es at 7% Bo* book nowopen. Seata secured ten daya In advance without extra charge. METROPOLITAN CONCERT IIALL, 600 BROADWAY, will open to-niqht, SATURDAY, September 21, with one of the best organized companies In New York, and will be under the management of thu well known Ethiopian Comedian BOB HART. BOB HART. The public can rest assured that no paint or expense will be spared to make this place the most pleasant and beautiful In the city. Some of the best artists have been engaged, and will shortly appear. OBSERVE THE LIST OF TALENT. MISS AUGUSTA HLAKE, The oharmiug Songstress. Her lirst app-arance la New MISS LIZZIE ROBERTS, Principal Danseuw Her first appearance also. MISS CECELIA WKLLBR, I>*n?euse an 1 Crmu ' Vocalist. MISS ADELAIDE MILLER, Dense use. THE TALENTED VALENTINE BROTHERS, in their wonderful Acrobatic Displays, their drat appearance in tbe metropolis. MR. D. HAVOI.-'EE, Eocentric Ethiopian Comedian. 810. ALPHON8E DE BE11UER. Prim<! Baritone. MR W. DREW The veritable Ethiopian Comedian. PROF. ALEXANDER AMD SON, in their mat Gymnastic Feats. MB. W. BENZAXT, The greatest Comic Dancer living. All of the above and other* will appear on the opening night. Polite and attentive YOUNG LADIES are ensased to wait on v niters. Admlanion 10 renta, which Include*aticket for refraabmenU. Oruhe?tr<i arm chairs 3D ccnta. O ?ora open at 7, commence* at 8 o'clock. AAA AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, i tt4:-? 444 4M nROADWAU. CriARLET WHITE AND L. SIMMONS. CHARLEY WRITE AND L. SIMMONS. AAA AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, tfc'?'? 444 444 BROkWWAY. THE CELERRATEP ORRIN FAMILY, THE CELEBRATKD ORK.N FAMILY, in thoir wonderful bci*. wlitrh hare excited the wonder and adm.ration uf all Europe and America. TO LET?THE SALOON CONNECTED WITH WAL Urk'* new Thrntn\ Bro.idwaf and Thirteenth atreeu1 For particular* Inquire at th" nUigo door, ou Fourth avenue. \\7ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FEW QOOD WRKFORMtf its. In heir. |. i a hau.l ?>f mtn.?tlV? nhout lining' i til. A'MieaaJ. w D Uran'e, ?urtln ? rap.i .Irii . Ac., and i lowTit fiil.irv, or ,>i'; >''' '* pcraonaily, ai S&J l\wl at., Uu- j (wvttu iu? kwor* vi U auU 1 i T * , A.UU8E3IKVTS. *? AHEMY UK Ml flIC-UESERYED SKATiT~ i rtunjar<"iJ".7'' toeommeuc??t K; tocni.:lu<le? LUill&MO.- w CHNJs AUM ISSION M C1>N i n. I MJ'OKTANT NOTICE. ?It?'Jm ll',c..r.'r . e-i'eott .uiv Informed henceforth i? i I 1 any part ol me him**. Tin1/ infli ? had ouly at the Ara >lny of frvu ?to ft wl en-, v ii"'' J* * e woiji and orehe*tm ge*u may I e aeuiind. N-B.?S**U secured three dgy? in wiv nee. I -..-in/fi OU < 6.HB ADMISSION (TEliTR. :KSKUV:;O seats a# CTB. KEM:I.VI?I> M-.VI* 20 CTK Private bnxci fj, in 3t to $i>. m "i .1.i.^ to mimlwr of *< at* ?: l>< ?:ru Malls In (lie Imiueuwu vicu.ity ol Mr. llciruiauu't Uilfi mi, AO ctiiln. TIMS AND EVERY EVENING OF THE WEEK, "bo wonderful peifbrmatMe* of THE (1REAT l'RBOTtDIOITATEVR HE Kit MANN, Th<- ? of HERRMANN ?ro entn.vj original ad novel. The dl?tlni;uli>liiii|i feature!* th> culim AHSKNl K OK ANY APl'ARA I I S, 111 effecia bt fnii k ilolv i?r ''tired bv c\i ^ordinary Manual skill. THE PR< OKAMME WILL COMPRISE TWELVE PIECES, IN TWO PARTS. During the lutarvalii of llomi anir? i r - lainuie, ill! \ND i: > V :EHT HV TUJ-, ORCH! -Tit V OK THE ITALIAN O'ER*. Ticket* M ceu'.a. to I# ti.vt ?l tin" Ai-u-4< my,'H, tlio lu?i ' Siorer, Motels ami at the dour. Tb> public are par Icul.irly riiueited to buy thur ticket* during tlic day, to .void crowding at tlie door. Vf 11. WALLACE l?A Beg* to announce the <*"'iii>l<>l :< ti of l,U NEW THEATRE, irhich will l>c optn?d on WEDNESDAY. 8i-pt *. Particulars of tl>e NEW PLAY PAI,ENTED COMPANY, SCENERY, MACHINERY AND DECORATIONS rill appear In I mure aunoun '-ni'" ' BOX OFFICE OPEN ON MONDAY. 23D INST rom HA. M. to 6 1'. M. MEW BOWERY THEATRE. Ll Sole Proprietor* .M?Mr?._0._L. Fox and W J Lti i;ard. V I I KiJAl, Sfc.1 i. II, INil, bo domestic drama of THE OOLDEN FARMER, ho c4iuilc farce of THE DEAD SHOT, tud Charles Oajlei'fc uiilllarv drima ul Bl'LL RUN; OR, THE SACKING OF KAIK-'AX COURT FfOlrfiR. VJIXOX'S ROYAL CIRCUS, i-> Corner of Fourteenth atrei't ami Sixth areuue, udjoliil.iu I'nlni'K Garden. ATTRACTIVE PILL TO-NIGIIT FIRST BKM:FIT IN AME.IH A. R1GNOR SEBASTIAN QUAULIAN. Thin (SATURDAY) uUht, New and Mill1 an'. i r n i nmc *1 ARBNIC WONDERS, 1111 1 a GRAND PR' H'KSFION in honor of the oecaalou will ?t?rt from the Pavilion at MM (V. M., in whiib MADAil MASON WII.r, DRrVE TEN UORBB8, At'aehe.l 10 ill.- k- ji'ort'i.ii CHARIOT OK FLOWERS. REMEMBER THE ORAND MATINEE Tbl* day, commencing ai Iff o'elo The Learned llnilal ,ei will appear. Ou UuuUav nlclit, ' BENEFIT OK DEN STONE, Ti c nation's tav.itlie humor,at. AdmleMon 25 rent*. Children lj cents. gAl.NUM'S AMERICAN Ml S! M SATFRDAY, SEPT. 21, l.?5J. OR'.ND FAMILY HOLIDAY. TWO SUPEHH DRAMATIC I'BRKORMAHCEH. IN THE AFTERNOON AT 3 O'CLOCK, EVENING AT 7V O'CLOCK. At each of which will h? nroduce.l the ?ion;e?tle Dr.itnn, TIME TRIES ALL, / which i.? full of Interest, ami also the laughable ' tam"' PLEASANT NEIGHBOR, I which hnffnrver failed tocoiivul r the audience wtth merriment. And llila Is THE LAST DAY OP THEIR REPRESENTATION. ' Who will it"-. *re thetn one- moivt Renwmtirr. LADIES, CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. that thta ri .uigemenl enables you to e:;joy thoae Interest In s performance* and return home before dirk Reiromtwr, hIhi, mat In addillun to all tUi.?. ia to b" wen, at all bourn, without extia THE LIVING HTPPOPOTAMU9, OR RIVER I! (RSE. FROM THE FIVE*'. NILE. IN EGYfT. The mo?t extraordinary creature in ihe wbol< animal kingdom. THE ORE \T BEHEMOTH OF THE SCRIPTURES, wlilcli is so gra| 111 -ally describe In the book ol Job. lii' I* strictly an AMPHIBIOUS ANIMAL, living under Wfller or out of It; will Uont >11 the lop of water, WAI.K ON THE BOTTOM i)F A hiVI-R, under water, ami mav be seen ftl tlie Museum In tl.e. ARTIFICI \L RIVER SWIMMING AND WALKING, as If frolicking lit his native i?trei\m, the historic Nile. II" l? crompamuil by SA.LAAMA, HIS ARAB KEEPER. who 1* hlm?ell a eorioatty as a ape :luu-n nf tin.' h'slorle tribe of men. Also, Just nl>'.sln".d at atuat?xp>i) ind now to bftseen swimming Iu the larue tank In the anuui ia, A LIVING SHARK, beside a mi' variety if other llvlu* Ftab, Turtle*, to., Ac. WHAT ts ITT OR, MAN MONKEY. ^ SEA LION. MAMMOTH BEAR SAMSON, MONSTlvR SNAKES. AUUARIA, HAPPY FAMILY, A". Mitt DAW RON, DOUBLE VOICED VOCALIST, MIi?. MATILDA E. TOEDT. The Uileuted Young Violin lit, Ac. Admission toad. 25 con is; children under ten, 13 cents. aAIETIES CONCERT ROOM, !? BROADWAY?OPEN avoir night. NEWLY DECORATED and Improved. The a'love phfe of eutcrtalworat 1? well known for the great amount of BEAUTY AND TALENT placed upon the staff* In addition to tho tariai variety of entertainment*, un extensive BALLET TROUPE, composed of the _ _ * BEST LADY DANCERS In the profession, have been engaged, together with the BEST LADY YOGAUSTS, BEST ACROBATS, BEST LADY VOCALISTS, BEST ACROBATS, BEST ETHIOPIAN DELINEATORS. BEST ETHIOPIAN DELINEATORS. In a word the . BEST OF EVERYTHING ' ran be soon at the Gaieties. Gentlemen will Miaorve WE ADMIT NO BOYS', , thereby rendering It as agreeable u pi.iuw?? if Mated in Ihnli own parlors. It is uoedbim IQ wU'H it a well kuowu fact, that lit*.' ? fR'BtTlBST WAITER OTRL9 PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS PnKTTIRiiT WllTRR (1IRI.S PRETTIEST WAITER U1RLS PRETTIEST WAITER GJRI.S FbIM? SOT m PKETflEST WAITER GIRLS PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS PRETTIEST WAITER OIRLS ip the United Stat-* attend to the oil* of visiter* and snpplt them with the l?n*t of wines, ll'riors and segiua. Admission? Orchestra scats 2Jc.; Gatlorj ls<\ MISS CARLOTTA PATTI BEOS LEAVE TO ANNOUNCE to her pupil* and the public., (hat she hits returned to the city an;! will glre le*son? l? slnginp, elt!iernt the residences of hor pupils or at her own residence, Mo Wwi Twenty-soeond atreet. Broadway music hall, *53 and BROADWAY, hq and ??, One df-or from Broome street, THE LARGEST PLACE OK AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. THE MOST RESPECTABLE. The Best Patr>>nl/ed Place of Amusement In the City, UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION. BRILLIANT AND IMPOSING NOVELTIES. THE BROADWAY MINSTKEI.S, THE BROADWAY MINSTItELS, THE BROADWAY MINSTitELS, THE EROADWAY MINSTRELS, In a Cliolje Selection of Songs, Olees, Chornssea, Ac. BILLY BIRCH AND BEN COTTON. BILLY BIRCH AND BEN COTTON. J. A. HERMANS. { J. A. HERMANN. TIM NORTON. J. MULLIGAN, c. r. BISHOP, T. HAYES. J. PIERCE. The world renownc 1 Negro Comedians. TONY PASTOR. The best Comic Singer and Clown in America. THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, Composed of flr*t el i>? D m-vrs. ROBERT W BUTLER, Sole Leasee. MONS. LA TUoitNK, Suige Manager. N. B. GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATIviiE, GRAND MATINEE. OKAND MATINEE. Thla (Saturday) afternoon, at h ilf-paat two o'clock precisely, for the aocamtno'liUion of LADIES AND CHILDREN. LADIES AND CHILDREN. LADIES AND CHILDREN. CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, ANTEUBURY MUSIC HALL, 5&J Broadway. This day Thla day GRAND MATINEE, GBAND MATIXiiE. GRAND MATINEE, GBAND MATINEE, <;rani> matinee, gr\nd matinee, grand MATrVKE, grand MATIXEE, grand matinee, qrand matinee, grand MATINEE, okand MATINEE, grand MATINEE, grand matinee, wliti itin wh ile alrenglh of the MUjMy.1 Canterbury Minstrel*, Canterbury Mlti?trels, Canterbury Minstreln, Canterbury Mlnitrels, Canterbury Minatreln, Canterbury M!n?treU, Ciaterbury MlitftreU, Canterbury Mlunrela, Canterbury Mtnatrela, Canterbu:y Ninw ln, Canterbury Mlanirela, Canterbury MiualnU, the most powerful c.impany In the world. The Ian opportunity of aceuif the _, GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME GKAND PANTOMIME GRAND PANTOMIME or THE SOUTHERN BEFU1EE. SOUTHERN EKFl'iiKE. SOUTHERN BEPUGEE. SOUTHEBN BEFl'WEE SOUTHERN BE FUG be. SOITHKRN REFl'OEE. HOl/'TllEHN BEFUGEK. SOUTHERN REFGl'iiE. The Inilv great GYMNASTIC PERFORMANCES. GYMNASTIC- FBBFOBMANCEd. GYMNASTIC PERFORMANCES. GYMNASTIC PEBFOBJI ANGEBi GYMNASTIC PERFORMANCES. GYMNASTIC PERFORMANCES. GYMNASTIC PEBFORMANCES. The beaiUtlful IALLCT TKUU l"ft. oauu&I iiu'tio. BALLET TROUPE. BALLET THORPS. BALLET TROUPE. B \ I.LKT TKOI PE. BALLET TROUPE. BALLET TIIotTB. BALLET TROUPE. BALLET TROUPE. Dnori op?? for tfc? Matlaec at two O'clock; |wrform?u<* to Bornmcncir at h*lf-put. A'lMtaoU a to all |?ru of tb? b?uw tie.; chllilroo half prion. Th" (crrat MJnttirl Band now orjmniicrt at thr Canterbury COimlMU of Iho following named nrilsu ? 8AM 8HARPLET, CllAKLKY POX, J. H. BUDWORTII, E. J. MELVILLE. 810. A RBI CO, P. M ANSI.VI. T. LA MONT, PAUL BEItiJKR, W. R'WS, P. 8PE\B. J. BUXNRI. T. TIIORP. In llip orrninfr >1 "m ojvn at wven O'rlook, nnrt In r "i?e. _ . jii.-ii'" ?( i .T.'a!l'?;:n of **? ]> ti'hi i -n<*a Ninniimr pr?*. i?ly at haH'-p.i-o. P'>X it C'URRAN. ProprteUi* Vuaa i'tiry nixuuk la prep?raUyu.

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